Virginia Military Institute - Bomb Yearbook (Lexington, VA)

 - Class of 1962

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Virginia Military Institute - Bomb Yearbook (Lexington, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 30 of 352
Page 30 of 352

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Page 30 text:

1 1 P! P THE ■■ FIRST CLASS y JOSEPH RICHARD ALFONSO " Jose " Abingdon, Virginia Biology, Artillery — Private 4, 3, ' 2, 1; Soccer -t, 3, i; Track i; Rifle 2; Newman Club 4, 3, i, 1; Armed Forces Club 3, 1 : Virginia Academy of Science 4, 3, ' 2, 1 ; Southwest Virginia Club 4, 3, i; Salute Detail 1. In the Fall of 1958, Joe opened his eyes and thought he was in Hell; but actuallj ' he had just walked through the arch of the Virginia Military Institute. Every move Jose made his Rat Year appeared to be the wrong move, such as, in section ranks, in the Rat Line, etc. But by the Spring of ' 59, he had successfully completed the hardships of Rat life and was fully prepared for the duties of a Third Classman. Somehow he managed to do everything wrong that year, too. During his last two years, aside from his pre-medical studies, Joe picked up a few hobbies, of which one interested him the most, making money. Many new life-long friends have been won by Joe during his years at V.M.I., through his true Brother Rat spirit and unmatched personality. ethe it ' s into the Medical Profession or into the Business world for Joe, he will continue to make new friends; for this reason and many others, Joe %vill be a success and a credit to V.M.I, in whichever field he chooses. JOHN CRILE ALLEN •■John " Cl.arksburg, West Virginu Biology, Air Force — Private 4, 3, ' 2, 1; Track 4; .Swimming 4; Basketball Manager 2; Cadet Start ' 4; Armed Forces Club 3, 2; International Relations Club 3; Virginia Academy of Science 4, 3, 2, 1; Monogram Minstrel I. Yhen .lohn came to V.M.I, he traded his Beta pin from West Virginia L ' ni ersity for a Rat Bible. He readily adjusted to the system and became : u active participant in the extra-curricular activities provided by the General Committee and Ofhccr ot the (iuard Association. John will be remembered as the kind of person who will stand up for his right; and those of his friends, regardless of the penalty John is not against enjojdng a good party at the Pine Room or Moose Lodge, but he has never let them interfere with his conscientious pursuit of knowledge in the field of pre-medicine. John has traveled over a great part of the LT.S.A., but he tends to favor Charlottesville, Virginia, and the University of Virginia is not the reason. John is well-known and well-liked by his Brother Rats, and whatever his future undertaking is, we wish him the greatest of luck. DONALD LURTON AREY, .JR. " Don " D. NviLLE, Virginia Biology, Armor — Distinguished Military Student; Private 4, Corporal 3, Sergeant 2, Supply Sergeant 1; Cross Country 4; Indoor Track 4; Outdoor Track 4; Hop Committee 3, 2, 1; Virginia Academy of Science 3, 2, 1; Southside Virginia Club 3, 2; Archaeology Club 3; Intramurals 3, 2, 1; Armed Forces Club 1 ; Block Runner ' s League. It seems like Don always got caught for every little thing in our Rat Year, but when the Institute caught Don in September of 1958, it caught a Tiger by the tail. Don ' s personality, accentuated by his flair for the wild party, labelled him as one of the class ' s " personality boys, " as proved by his guitar picking antics at frequent fraternity parties. Although a very personable Brother Rat, he ex- hibited a serious strain which led him to the top of the ladder, not only in extra-curricular activities, but also academically. As a Pre-Med he strove toward his goal with unwithering zest, and with his record he is a sure bet for success in the Medical field. He seems to be an equally good bet in the family held also. Although many women have tried for this man ' s attention, it looks like a girl named ] Iary Alice has become the final victor. Regardless of any way he goes, Don carries the highest esteem of his Brother Rats and their most sincere best wishes for future success and happiness.

Page 29 text:

Class Officers JOHN DUKE ANTHONY " John, " " Cheniey " ' Richmond, Virginia History, Artillery — Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; President, Class of lOG ' , i, 3, i, 1; Private 4, Corporal 3, Sergeant i, 1; Baseball 4; Executive Committee 3, ' 2, President 1 ; General Committee 3, i. President 1; International Rela- tions Club 3, 2, 1; Ring Committee i: Episcopal Cadet Vestry 3; Archaeology Club 4, 3; Bomb Staff 4; Intramurals ' J, 1; Richmond Club 4, 3, i, 1; Deans List 2. John Anthony can justly be praised for Ids con- tribution to V.M.I, and the Class of 196-2. Few will dispute his record as a successful cadet. John went through his Rat Year gaining the admiration and respect of his Brother Rats to the extent that he was unanimously elected president of the Class of 196 ' -2. The following year, John strived diligently to arouse interest in the adminis- tration of the Rat Line; few who were in it will deny his success. As a second classman, in a concentrated effort on academics, John was able to make the Dean ' s List. Proof that he continued to lead his class well is given by the fact that it went on pledge. His first class year, John gave many valuable hours to his duties as President. The first semester alone, he received over five hundred status slips. Again he got his class to go on pledge. In spite of the many trips to the Commandant ' s office, however, John never missed a class party or a Hop. With his completion of his cadetship, there is no doubt John . nthony will rise to great heights. % RANDOLPH EDWARD CAMPBELL " Randy " Richmond, Viegini. Civil Engineering, Infantry — General Committee, Vice President; Executive Committee, ice Presi- dent; Ring Committee 3; Monogram Club; Vice President of Class of ' 6-2; Private 4, 3, -2, 1; Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Basketball 4; Indoor Track 3, 2, 1; Out- door Track 4; . merican Societv of Civil Engineers 3, -2, 1; Richmond Club 4, 3, 2, " l. To say that dynamite comes in small packages would be referring to Randy Campbell. Randy excelled in varsity football as a sophomore, often at a weight under 160 pounds. Besides being athleti- cally talented. Randy has excelled in class activities, and has been class vice president for the length of his stay at V.M.I. Randy decided to study under the Civil Engineering curriculum, and he again excelled, always standing well academically. Randy has become a familiar figure at the famous half- hour class meetings that never lasted more than an hour and a halt. All of Randy ' s close friends will remember his favorite record, " Run Softly Blue River, " which was played so many times that his roommates yelled tor life preservers in their sleep. Randy will also be long remembered for the agility he displayed as a V.M.I, track star where his ability to run ON ' er, under, and between the high hurdles is hard to equal. Real dynamite in all fields of endeavor, it is hard to predict the heights to vhich Randy ' s seemingly uiilimited determination will carrv him. JOHN MOTT ROBERTS jN, JR. ■Mott, " " J. Pudge " LyNCHBLIlC, lKGIXIA B iology, Infantry — The John Ryd Bush Award 4; The Paul R. Meyer 124 ' Award 4; Historian, Class of 196-2 3, 2, 1 ; Private 4, Corporal 3, Sergeant i. Private 1 ; General and Executive Committc-e 3, i, 1, Glee Club 4, 3, 2, 1; President 1: Cadet Trainer 3, 2, 1; Lynchburg Club I, 3, 2. 1: Ring Figure Committee 3, 2; Shamrock Association 3. Mott has been one of the great assets to the Class of 1962. He started making a name for himself our Rat Year when he finished first in the Biology Curriculum. His academic powers were to be over- shadowed in later years as he took his pLice as one of our " trusted " leaders. Class Historian. It appeared as though V.M.I, had another Stonewall -lackson when Mott returned our Third Class year as the Second Ranking Corporal in the Corps. Tliis illusion was soon dispelled when Glover found the shamrocks on the sentinel box. Being a Biology major with an eye toward medi- cine, Mott was naturally interested in people, and, after visiting such plac-es as Staunton, Beckley, Wake Forest, and Lynchburg, he decided that small towns had the best people and thereby became the leader of the Farmville Expeditionary Forces. These numerous excursions were momentarily halted during the Second Class year when he dis- covered that civilian clothes and the " Eagle " don ' t mux. With all this activity, Mott has still found time to be a staunch meml er of the Glee Club and the " Little Herb ' of the training room. To Mott we wTsh weU-deser -ed success as he continues his study at either the I niversity of Virginia or M.C.V. He is truly an indindual who can be called a sood friend and Brother Rat.

Page 31 text:

ROBERT ASHBY ARillSTEAD " Butch " Roanoke, Virginia Physics, Artillery — Distingiiishecl Academic Sti dciif 4, 3, i; Deans List i, 3, 1: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Unirersities: Monogram Club 3, i, 1; Private -t, 3, ' 2, Sergeant 1; Football 4, 3, i, 1; Track 4, 3; American Institute of Phvsics 3, i, 1. Be as it may, one could not help from laughing when ol ' Butch took over the center of attention. A smile, a joke, and a hearty bit of advice is always available from the one who believes in the basic freedoms of life, liberty, and the happiness of pur- suits. Ah, and pursuit he always did; no girl was safe when she entered upon the hallowed grounds of V.M.I. Destined to be first Captain (so he said), Butch ' s plans were cast aside by the M. S. department. But now he has contented himself with the stripes of a sergeant, giving him plenty of time to retain his high academic standards and to test his roomies ' sense of humor with his quick wit and knack of knocking things over. Hours are spent admiring himself in the mirror (this he heartily denies) — much to the dismay of his fellow matriculates. By not being content with second best in anything that he wa nts to accomplish, whether in the class- room or on the football field, he will always be respected and admired for his competitive spirit. CHESTER ALLAN BAMFORTH, .IR. Norfolk, Virginia Ci ' il Engineering, Marine Corps — Distinguished Academic Student 3, 2; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities: Southern Conference 147 lb. Wrestling Champion: Honor Court President 1; Private 4, Corporal-Private 3, Private-Sergeant i, 1st Lieutenant 1; Wrestling 4, 3, ' 2, Co-Captain 1: Monogram Cluli 3, -2, Presi- dent 1; Tidewater Club, 4, 3, -2, 1; . merican Society of Civil Engineers 4, 3, -2, 1. In September 1958 a walking hat came through Jackson Arch and it wasn ' t long until ' .M.I. Iiegan to learn of the tremendous talents of the Big " B " who was the man under the hat. It took a little doing for Chester to pass the minimum height requirement at V.M.I., but after doing so he promptly began to set the place on fire. The three most important phases of cadet life are academics, athletics and the military. It is rare for a person to excel in all three of these phases as Allan, driven by his desire for perfection, has done. Allan ' s accomplishments on the mats arc well known to everyone, but his great love for sports does not end here. He is an avid golfer and on any summer day may be found skiing in the vicinity of the famed Bamfortli beach house. This same beach house has been the site of many rip- roaring parties accompanied by plenty of brew, women, and song. THOMAS ROCHELLE B.VNTjV, III " Tom " KlXGSPOKT, TENTfE-SSEE Biology, Infantry— Private 4, 3, 2, 1 : Ffx.tball 4: Swimming 4: Track 4, 3, 1; Cross Counlrj ' 3, i, I: Bo.MB Staff 1; Cadet Staff 1: Virginia of Scienct 4, 3, -2, 1: . mateur Radio Club, 4, 3, i: Southwest A ' irginia Club 4, S, i, 1: Archaeologj- Oub 4, 3: Intraraurals 4, 3, i, 1; Armed Forces Club 1: Block Runners League. On September 10. 1958, the " Kingsport Flash " arrived at the Institute and became a person des- tined to leave his mark on V.M.I. Right away Tom seemed to adapt to the V.M.I, way of life. One can never forget his casual manner in the Rat Line, nor can one understand how he always managed to escape getting caught at any of his antics through- out his cadetship. How could anyone ever forget his hilarious imitations of some of V.M.I. ' s more notable characters. Many times he has been seen walking the streets of Le.xington. disguised as a " mink, " undoubtedly headed for the nearest fraternity party. Tom has always had a way with the women, shown by his frequent excursions to nearby girls ' schools. lilitary prowess has never been one of Tom ' s ambitions at .M.I. Instead, Tom ' s energies have been directed toward athletics and academics. A medical career is Tom ' s dream, and with his unusual ability to think out problems and reach a logical solution, we are sure that nothing but success lies in his path. THE BOMB

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