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7 in cHca " MdCtantf n tttutc New Market Charge THE 1944 WAR BOMB VOLUME SIXTY-ONE FEBRUARY, 1944 PUBLISHED BY THE CORPS OF CADETS VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA RICHARD C. NIESS AND EDWARD C. BRANDOW, Co-Editors JEAN EDENS, JR., Business Manager ecUc tcoK This Sixty-First Volume of the Bomb is respectfully dedicated to the man who has done the most to preserve the traditions and uphold the standards of V. M. I.; to the officer whose outstanding record and brilliant achievements have been a constant inspiration; to a gentleman whose sincerity and firmness of purpose have won our undying admiration; to a real friend and a true Christian; to our Commanding Officer, FOREWORD . HIS has been a unique year in V. M. I. history, a year in which the Institute has been profoundly influenced by the present world conflict. The reduction of the Corps to approximately two hundred fifty cadets, most of whom were Fourth Classmen, and the introduction of an Army Specialized Training Unit have necessarily altered many features of barracks life, and have produced conditions foreign to the V. M. I. of previous years. The principal aim of all of us, outside the war effort, has been to preserve as much as possible of the essential and time-tested character of the Institute. And so, in accordance with the tradition of the Bomb, which has pictured sixty consecutive years of life at V. M. I., we have determined to produce a " war year " volume which we hope will picture a V. ' SL. I. that, though changed in aspects, is not changed in spirit. Obvious reasons have limited our talent and space, and we have been prevented from issuing a book of the scope of those that have appeared in former years. We have, therefore, been compelled to satisfy ourselves with this smaller volume which we offer, in all modesty and sincerity, as The War Bomb of 1944. CONTENTS CLASSES THE CORPS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS A. S. T. OUTRAGE Stonewall Jackson Guards Barracks INSTITUTE THE BOARD OF VISITORS OFFICERS OF THE BOARD President: Robert W. Massie — Died January 1, 1944 Lynchburg, Va. Succeeded by Lawrence W. H. Peyton Staunton, Va. Secretary: J. Harry Ebeling Lexington, Va. MEMBERS OF THE BOARD Jay W. Johns Charlottesville, Va. GoLDSBOEOUGH Serpell Norfolk, Va. W. Irvine Whitefield Roanoke, Va. Joseph Button — Died November 10, 1943 Richmond, Va. Succeeded by A. Willis Robertson Lexington, Va. James S. Easley Halifax, Va. James R. Gilliam, Jr Lynchburg, Va. John M. Camp Franklin, Va. MEMBERS OF THE BOARD EX OFFICIO S. Gardner Waller, Adjutant General of Virqinia Richmond, Va. Dabney S. Lancaster, Stiperiiifendent of Public Instruction Richmond, Va. It was with great sorrow that the Corps and faculty learned of the deaths of Captain Massie and Colonel Button, both of whom had been invaluable servants to the Institute over a period of many years. Administrative Staff Brig. Gen. Stewart W. Anderson Academic Executive Colonel John M. Fray Commandant of Cadets Colonel George A. Derbyshire Military Executive Colonel William Couper Business Executive DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Seated: Col. German (depf. head). Col. StHeman, Col. Ritchey. Standing: Maj. Willard, Mr. Turley, Maj. Thomas, Lt. Judd. DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Seated: Col. Mann, Col. Marr {dept. head). Col. Hatie.i. Standing: Capt. Wilson, Lt. Wheat. Not in Pictire: Lt. Drake, Col. Boy kin. DEPARTMENT OF LIBERAL ARTS Seated: Col. Dixon, Col. Hundley (dept. head). Cot. Head. Standing: Maj. Tiitwiler, Dr. Velte, Col. Carrol, Col. Welh, Col. Towne.s ' . Not in " Pictihe: Col. Ftdler, Col. Moseley, Col. Edwards. DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Seated: Col. Trinkle, Brig. Gen Anderson (dept. head). Col. Jamison. Standing: Home. Mr. Ecbind, Maj DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS Seated: Col. We(H ' er,Col. Heflin (dejit. head). Maj. Foster. Standing: Col. Blain, Capl. Reeves, Lt. Love, Capt. Denton, Mr. Peters. Wm I Rt 9SI j M T : ' ' ■■ ' ■ ■pf •p H ■ i h ' ' , H • ' aK f f ' I ' d m ■n JM ' 1 DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS Seated: Col. Byrne, Col. Mayo {dept. head). Col. Knox, Col. Clarkson. Standing: Capt. Wilson, Col. Bates, Mr. Shoivalter, Col. Milner, Lt. Daher. Not in Pictiue: Lt. Carr. TACTICAL OFFICERS Left to Right: Lieutenant Wheat, Lieutenant Goolrick, Liei tenant Cilpei ' Peh, Lieutenant Love, Captaix Ellerson, Captain Barksdale, JMajor Ax, Lieutenant Colonel ' EA •ER, Colonel Fbav, IIajor Foster, Captain Litthell, Captain Curley, Captain Wilson, I Ieutenant Ingle, Lieutenant Dr- ke, Lieutenant Judd OFFICERS OF THE U. S. ARMY Left to Right: Lieutexani Guoluu k, Jjeutenant C ' uli ' eptek, Captain McCombs, Captain Bauksuale, LvJOH Ax, Colonel Fray, Captain Curley, Captain Ellerson, Lieutexaxt Cambrelexg, Lieutexaxt Ingle AIR VIEW OF BARRACKS BARRACKS FROM THE PARADE GROUND THE PARAPET PRESTON LIBRARY NICHOLS ENGINEERING HALL CLASSES 1 WA History of the Class of 1944 The Class of ' 44 has indeed come a long way. On September 9, 1940, two hundred and thirty-eight men, from twenty-eight states and three possessions, reported to the Virginia Military Institute for matriculation. We can hardly remember anything more than walking into Washington Arch until two weeks later, when we began to live again. During the first month, drills, parades, inspections, daily " finning out, " and regular company room kept us busy and miserable. But there were pleasant events, too. How could we forget the Corps trip to Charlotte and the V. P. I. game, through which we were free for three days! It did not seem long before Christmas furlough came, and on December 21st, we were out for four- teen enjoyable days. When we returned, most of the cadets were unhappy, especially the rats. Cramming the examinations, more " finning out, " plus " resurrections, " made us feel that our " rat year " would never end. The 157 days had almost gone before we realized it. Then came our first finals and we became old cadets. The summer furlough ended, and we came back Third Classmen. To us, the " rat system " was not at all a part-time job. We did our best to assume the privileges that had been denied us the previous year and to enforce the rat rules that time had laid down. INIost of us found the courses to be more difficult than last year, but we were well represented on the Honor List and in the extra-curricular activities throughout the year. Ring Figure was undoubtedly the most important and thriUing event of our Second Class year. Our Christmas furlough was slashed down to 10 days, and we had to spend Xew Year ' s Eve in barracks. The successful performances in the Second Class Show, the Cadet and the Turnout proved our participation in the school activities. During the second semester we were granted First Class Privileges, and we took over the companies at drill and went on guard as O. D. ' s and 0. G. ' s. A large part of our class was called into the armed services in June, with the exception of seventeen, who returned to the Institute. In November, 1943, we, the Class of 1944, gathered at V. M. I. once again. But before Christmas, the Cavalrymen were sent to O. C. S. at Fort Knox, and now the Field Artillerymen and the Infantrymen are going to Forts Sill and Penning, respectively. Best of luck to everyone of them. They have done a splendid job in keeping up the traditions of V. M. I. here and in the field. Through them, these words will again take on an important significance — " The Institute will be heard from today. " 0MB 1 FIRST CLASS Robert Q. Marston President v T fe WAR Crescent Frank Balmenti YOrXGSTOWX, OHIO Pre-Medical Cavalrij (3, i); Yankee Club; Lieutenant (1); Rat Fencing; Fenc Virginia Academy of Science; Cadet (4, 3, i). Associate Editor (2); 1943 War Bomb Staff (3). " Cres " is one of the more serious of " Doc ' s " boys — a diligent worker, and the proud possessor of those little gold stars. The source of many happy moments of laughter, he is a sincere and valuable friend and a shining example of the merits that accompany diligence and hard work. Burton Paul Beatty BROOKLYN " , NEW YORK Civil Engineering Field Artilleri Regimental Supply Captain, S-4 (1); Football, Wrestling (4); Varsity Football (3, 2); Yankee Club; ilonogram Club (3, 2), President (1); American Society of Civil Engineers; Manager Foot- ball (1). " The Bear, " a staunch Brooklynite, is the barracks Sinatra, caretaker of the flypaper, wrestler extraordinaire, and able manager of the football team. He fought " Buzz " ilarr ' s crew for four ye ars, but finally pulled through with a bang. We will all remember his jokes and cheery personality. ' 4 BOMB Vicfor McKinley Bowers, Jr. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Pre-Medical Cavalry Corporal (3); Sergeant (2); Captain, Regimental Adjutant (1); Virginia Academy of Science; Second Class Finance Committee; Hop Committee (1). Here ' s a Yankee that we may feel sure will become a red-hot medic. Vic " has well proven his title to efficiency this year as adjutant. A .stupendous party man and a flash with women, Victor has scored well with all the major feminine concentrations in and around Lexington. Edward Carpenter Brandow, Jr. . LE. NY, NEW YORK Pre-Medical Infantry Corporal (3); Sergeant (2); Swimming (4, 3); Yankee Club, President ( ' 2); Virginia Academy of Science; Cheerleader ( ' 2); Co-Editor, War Bomb (2); Presbyterian Club. " Ted, " a real Yankee, is known for many things, . mong them are his co-editing of the War Bomb, his cheerleading, and his swim- ming. Though a Brother Rat of ' H, " Ted " tried a year of Yale before realizing that . ]M. I. was the only school for him and on his return fell behind a year. A source of an unusual amount of humor, he was characterized by his jovial chuckle. 7 WAR Leonard Oswell Fears, Jr. LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Pre-Medical Field Artillery Sergeant (3); Second Lieutenant (1); Wrestling (i); Lynchburg Club, Secretary-Treasurer ( ' 2), President (1); Vice President Metho- dist Club (1); Virginia Academy of Science; Business Staff The Cadet (3, 2); Assistant Manager Wrestling (2); Intramural Manager (1); Methodist Choir. A Pre-]Med from Lynchburg, " Ozzie " takes life slow and easy. Always jovial, he kept the Third Stoop quarters smiling. A great help in " A " Company ' s intramurals, he was always on the job and out to win. His live personality will carry him a long way. ' Roanoke Bomb-Shell ' Marvin Layman Gillum M. N. SS. S, IRGIXIA Pre-Medical Field Artillery Corporal (3); Sergeant (2); First Lieutenant (1);- Wrestling (4); Northern Virginia Club; Glee Club; Virginia Academy of Science; Baptist Club; Second Class Finance Committee; Hop Committee (1); Intramural Manager (1); Assistant Manager Basketball (2). The " Roanoke Bomb-Shell " is probably the most popular of " Doc ' s " boys. Well liked for his friendliness and constant good humor, Marvin is nevertheless a hard worker. His other abilities were a big asset to ole " A " Company ' s intramural accomplish- ments. Although saddened at losing him to the Medical College of Virginia, we are certain that in Gillum we have an up-and-coming man in dental surgery. BOMB Andrew Wentworth Harg roves, Jr. PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA Pre-Medical Field Artillery Sergeant-lVIajor (1); Norfolk-Portsmouth Club; Virginia Acad- emy of Science. " The Portsmouth- Lover " kept the girls in a continual whirl. He was the quietest man in the Pre-Med section, but astounded everyone by bringing two, not one, girls down to " Doc ' s " Lab one Hop Week-End. Says nothing unless prompted, or spoken to. Photography is his biggest hobby, and he spends most of his time in the dark room. Good luck, " Bunny. " ' Mister Fii ' e-by-Fire " ' ' Bunny ' Loftus Hengeveld, Jr. LAFAYETTE, NEW JERSEY Pre-Medical Cavalry Second Lieutenant (1); Wrestling (4); Yankee Club; Presby- terian Club; Virginia Academy of Science; Assistant Manager Swimming ( ' 2); Second Class Show Stage Manager (2); Business Manager and Leader of V. M. I. Commanders (1). V. M. I. ' s own " Mister Five-by-Five, " " Lofty " is the happiest soul in our midst. His red hair reflects the congeniality which is apparent in him. He did fine work in managing the " Commanders, " and is a fine Yankee. He helped greatly in keeping up the morale of the Pre-Meds and " A " Company, and was always a hand for intramurals. 7 WAR William Freeman Lindsay LEXINGTON " , " IRGINTA Civil Engineering Field Artillery Corporal (3); Sergeant (-2): Football (i): Basketball (4, i); Baseball (4, 3); Monogram Club (3, i); Shenandoah Valley Club (i); American Society of Civil Engineers li). " Freeman " was somehow misguided into the Institute. Being from Lexington, he should have known better. He is a Monogram man, featuring in both baseball and football. Aside from being an invaluable help to " B " Company ' s intramural standing, he is a dependable guy, and is well liked by those who know him. ' Freeman " Robert Queries Marston TOAN ' O, VIHGINIA Pre-Medical Cai ' alry Corporal (3); Regimental Supply Sergeant (i) Captain, " A ' ' Company (1); Football (4); Class Historian (4, 3, -2); President, Class of ' 44 (1); Secretary, Virginia Academy of Science (3), Vice President (2), President (1); Episcopal Vestry (1); Honor Court (2, 1); General Committee (3, 2, 1); Hop Committee (1); Academic Stars (4, 3, 2). The presidency of the Class and captaincy of " A " Company serve as a brief illustration of Bobby ' s versatility and ability. Be- hind it all, one finds a deep and logical thinker who enjoys the serious side of life. He will go far as a member of the " reserved ' " profession. He is also one of the selected few who carried those little gold stars on his lower sleeves. (22) BOMB John Housfon McClung LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA Pre-Medical Camlry Wrestling (4); Shenandoah Club (1); Virginia Academy of Science (1); Floor Committee (1); Intramural Wrestling Champion (3). " Johnny, " a Lexiiigtonian, should have known better but didn ' t. Although a profound supplicant at the shrine of the " Body Beautiful, " his main hobljy is eating. He resided in the select Third- Stoop Pre-Med quarters, and was always struggling hard with his academics. His love life keeps him in constant turmoil. Earl Arden Miller NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Electrical Engineering Field Artillery Corporal (3); Sergeant (2); Captain (1); Wrestling (2); Norfolk- Portsmouth Club (1); Presbyterian Club (1); American Institute of Electrical Engineers (1): Honor Court (1); General Committee (1) ; Second Class Show (2); V M. I. " Commanders " (3, i, 1); Manager, Basket Ball (1); Academic Stars (4, 3, 2). A true " brow " in the Electrical Department, Earl came back to us after a stay in the Army. He has won stars easily since he has been at the Institute. Wrestling has been his specialty, and he has done a fine job of managing the basket ball team. His bj ' - lines are lots of fun and laughs, plenty of jostling, and a hearty yell. O , 7 WAR Richard Charles Niess EAST ROCKAWAY, NEW YORK Civil Engineering Field Artillery Corporal (3); Captain (1); Yankee Club (1); President, Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers (1); President, General Committee (1); President, Honor Court (1); Associate Editor, Cadet ( ' 2); Co- Editor, Bomb (1); Academic Stars (4, 3, 2, 1); Cheerleader (1). A Yankee tried and true, " Dick " has ever shown himself industrious. He excelled in the academic as well as the military fields this year. Not the least of his contributions, besides com- manding " B " Company, was that of heading the cheerleading section. New York should be proud of him. ' Dick " John Burr Piggott WASHINGTON, D. C. Pre-Medical Cavalry Corporal (3); Second Lieutenant (1); Treasurer, Second Class Finance Committee (1); President, Hop Committee (1); General Committee (1); Honor Court (1); Virginia Academy of Science (3, 2, 1), Secretary (3), Vice President (2); Glee Club (4); Episcopal Choir (4); Episcopal Vestry (2, 1); Second Class Show (2); Am- bassadors Club (2). Quiet and nonchalant, " Burr " will long be remembered for his good nature and happy-go-lucky attitude. A favorite target for " Doc " Carroll ' s jokes, he will be forever missed from the ranks of " A " Company. Piggott is a natural woman-killer and an extremely successful party man who will long be remembered. His work with this year ' s Hop Committee was highly commendable. si BOMB Glenn Hickam Richmond NORTON ' , VIRGINIA Pre-Medical Infantry Corporal (3); Sergeant {i) Battalion Commander (1); Presi- dent, Methodist Club (1); Student Steward, Official Board of Methodist Church (1); Virginia Academy of Science (1); Southwest Virginia Club (2); Academic Stars (i). " Mr. Eager " is the word for Glenn. He has been an extremely capable military leader, and has not let " eagerness " interfere with his many friendships. Always ready for a session at " El Patio, " Glenn is a great consumer of the Stuffus Rationalum. He is serious at the right time, and yet can jump the other way easily when the occasion demands. ' Stripes ' Walter Haines Smartf LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA Pre-Medical Infantry Corporal (3); Sergeant (i); Second Lieutenant (1); Cross- country (■).); Deep South Club (1); President, Baptist Student Union (1); Honor Court (1); General Committee (1). Quiet, modest, conscientious, Walter is one of a type uncommon to the Institute. Aside from his innate ability to always get back together the doo-hickeys he has dismantled, " Waldo " will always be remembered for his Ring-Figure mishap, when he spent fifteen minutes looking for that ring under the arch. An active member of the Baptist Student Union, he kept it humming this year. 7 WAR Andrew White Townes ORLAXDO, FLORIDA Pre-Medical Carahij Corporal (3); Sergeant (-2); First Lieutenant (1); Cross Country (i): Florida-California Club (i); Lynchburg Club (1); Second Class Finance Committee ( ' 2); Hop Committee (1); Virginia Academy of Science (1); Business Staff, the Cadet ii). Andy carried on the tradition by being the laziest First Lieu- tenant in years . . . but since he hails from Florida, that is fairly excusable. How can we forget his tantrums in the Chemistry Lab, and his week-end escapades? V. M. I. " s gift to the women, " Andy " is the confirmed Wolf of the P re-Med set. ' Andy " Patrick Ha-Hsiung Wen SHANGHAI, CHIXA General Science Field Artillery Captain, Regimental S-3 (1); Yankee Club (1); General Com- mittee (1); Honor Court (1); American Society of Civil Engineers (1); Academic-Stars (2). About the smallest thing that ever came out of China, " Pat " never minds telling you about the " great City of Shanghai. " He has, at one time or another, tried to teach everyone the art of speak- ing his native tongue, but to no avail. He is " eager, " and an inde- fatigable worker in everything he undertakes. BOMB Morton Collowhill Wilhelm HOANOKE, VIRGINIA Pre-Medical Cavalry Corporal (3); Sergeant (i); Second Lieutenant (1); Wrestling (4); Track (■ , 3, 2); Second Class Finance Committee (i); Hop Committee (1); Virginia Academy of Science (1); Monogram Clul) (2, 1); Baptist Club (1). A serious-minded Pre-Med, " M. C. " has shown himself a good business man in his careful handling of the Hop Committee funds this year. An ardent track man, he won the Cross-Country intra- mural run, and continually helped " B " Company in the other intramurals. His diligent work and serious attitude are admired by all those who know him. 7 WAR History of the Class of 1945 It was May, 1943, when brother rats parted two years too early. Following the fare- wells were a hectic two weeks of trying to get everything civilian life had to offer before climbing into a G. I. uniform, instead of grays. Most of us did just that, but fourteen of us miraculously found our way back to the Institute when it opened June 9, or soon thereafter. Talk about change! Regular G. I. suntans instead of blouses and ducks; rats and upper- classmen at a ratio of four to one; rooming on the first stoop a year early; every brother rat a sergeant; barracks overflowing with A. S. T. cadets; parade once a week; full first-class privileges including one week-end a month; more dykes per room than were needed or even wanted. That ' s the way matters stood. Later in the summer another Forty-Fiver came rolling back to barracks from the Army: he was followed at length by another. Then in the fall a couple of the brothers came back in the guise of A. S. T. cadets. Most of the Class of ' 45 still at the Institute are Pre-]Meds; eleven to be exact. Of the others there are four Civils, one Electrical, and no regular Chemists. The Pre-Meds became cross-eyed from looking through microscopes so constantly, and developed a haunted look from " finning out " in the Chemistry Building. The Civils and the Electricals had troubles all their own since they went to class with the A. S. T. The main result of such classes was the limiting of their Christmas furlough to three days. The entire class comprised the Second Class Finance Committee. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun, too. We undertook some mighty enterprises, little caring how much like warehouses our rooms looked. In December our all-officer class reverted to the old tried and true system of " haves " and " have-nots. " We are again at a crossroads; a repetition in miniature of May, 1943, in that more mem- bers of our class are leaving the Institute for armed service, while still fewer than now will remain to represent us. We laughed when Colonel Couper told us to look at the man on our right and on our left, since they wouldn ' t be there at the class graduation. It ' s a good thing a few of the fellows sat by themselves at that moment, so that they can carry on for ' 45. BOMB THE SECOND CLASS OFFICERS Tracy H. McCarlet President Charles E. McKay Vice President John C. Wilkinson Historian 1 WAR James Taylor Adams shreveport, louisiana Viril Engineering Field Artillery Corporal (3); Color Sergeant (•■2); Wrestling (2); Assistant Manager Track (3); Second Class Finance Committee; Hop Committee {i) Floor Committee (i) American Society of Civil Engineers; Deep South Club. SiGMoxD Aarox Bear WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Chemistry, Pre-Medical Cavalry Corporal (3) ; Sergeant {i) ; Second Class Finance Committee, Vice President; Business Manager of Keydet (i) Virginia Academy of Science; Carolina Clul); Hop Committee. Verne Edward Chaney, Jr. fort wayne, indiana Pre-Medical Infantry Corporal (3); First Sergeant (i); Track (4, 3); Basket Ball (i) Virginia Academy of Science; Yankee Club; Episcopal Club; President, Second Class Finance Committee; Editor, 1944 Keydet {i); Episcopal Vestry. Jacob Lynn Cornwell PrRCELL%lLLE, VIRGINIA Pre-Medical Cavalry Sergeant (i); Golf; Second Class Finance Com- mittee; Hop Committee (2); Business Staff, Forty- Fiver; Virginia Academy of Science; Xorthern Virginia Club. William Burdette Crawford, Jh. Crawford ' s corners, Virginia Pre-Medical Field Artillery Corporal (3); Supply Sergeant (2); Varsity Swimming Squad (3), Captain (2); Intramural Manager (i); Second Class Finance Committee; Hop Committee (i) Business Staff, Forty-Fiver; Monogram Club (3), Vice President (i) Northern Neck Club, Vice President (2); Virginia Academy of Science. John Reid Davis hilton village, virginia Civil Engineering Field Artillery Sergeant (2); Second Class Finance Committee; Hop Committee (2); . merican Society of Civil Engineers. Jean Edens, Jr. dallas, texas Civil Engineering Infantry Private (4, 3, 2); Second Class Finance Com- mittee; Hop Committee (2); Business Manager, Bomb (2); American Society of Civil Engineers; Texas Club. Joseph Roddy Jones norfolk, virginia Pre-Medical Cavalry Corporal (3); Sergeant (2); Wrestling (4, 2); Floor Committee (2); Virginia . cademy of Science; Norfolk-Portsmouth Club; Glee Club; Methodist Club, Vice President (2); Presbyterian Choir. BOMB Robert Magruder Lewis, Jr. columbus, georgia Electrical Engineering Field Artillery Corporal (3); First Sergeant (2); Wrestling (4, 2); Cross Country (4); Second Class Finance Committee; Cadet (i, 3); Turnwit (3); Bomb (2); American Institute of Electrical Engineering; Georgia Club; Deep South Club. Tracey Holland McCarley, Jr. mcalester, oklahoma Pre-Medi-al Field Artillery Corporal (3); Sergeant ii); Fencing (4); Swim- ming (3); President, Second Class ( ' ■ ); Honor Court (2); General Committee; Second Class Finance Committee; Virginia Academy of Science. Charles Efohd McKay greenville, south carohn.a Pre-Medical Field Artillery Corporal (3); Sergeant (i); Vice President, Second Class; Honor Court (2); General Com- mittee; Floor Committee (2); Virginia Academy of Science; Carolina Club; Baptist Student Union. Philip Allen Read lynchburg, mrginia Pre-Medical Field Artillery Sergeant (2); Cross Country (4); Track (4, 3); Second Class Finance Committee; Floor Committee (2); Cadet (4, 3); Monogram Club, Secretary (2); Lynchburg Club, Secretary and Treasurer (2); Presbyterian Church Club; Virginia Academy of Science. JosiAH Frederick Reed Pre-Medical Cavalry Sergeant (2); Swimming (2); Second Class Finance Committee; Hop Committee (2); Business Staff, Forty-Fiver (2); Virginia Academy of Science; Yankee Club; Hunt Club; Glee Club. " Clyde Vaughan Staxley, Jr. STANLEYTOWX, VIRGINIA Pre-Medical Cavalry Corporal (3); Supply Sergeant (2); Second Class Finance Committee, Treasurer (2); Hop Com- mittee (2); Southside Virginia Club; Virginia Academy of Science, Secretary (3), Vice President (2); Methodist Club, Vice President (3), Secre- tary (2). Walter Lowrie Tucker sandiges, virginia Civil Engineering Field Artillery Sergeant (2); Honor Court (2); General Com- mittee (2); Second Class Finance Committee; Hop Committee (2); American Society of Civil Engi- neers; Methodist Club. John Cecil Wilkinson hillsville, virginia Pre-Medical Field Artillery Sergeant (2); Manager Swimming Team (2); Litramural Manager, " A " Company (2); Virginia Academy of Science; Southwest Virginia Club; Second Class Finance Committee; Hop Committee (2); Business Staff, Cadet (4); Business Staff, Forty- Fiver (2). 7 WAR History of the Class of 1946 On September 14, 1942, two hundred and forty-four well-dressed and hopeful young men registered in J. M. Hall. They were to become the Class of 1946 of the Virginia Military Institute. The time passed quickly for us as " rats " because there was so much for us to do. The football games, the hops, and the Christmas furlough added pleasure to our new life. Our greatest thrill came on February 15, 1943, when we were let out of the " rat line " and were officially made a class. However, this was followed shortly after by the sorrow of giving up half of the class to the Army E. R. C, which was called to active service on February 25, 1943. After having two weeks at home at the end of our " rat " year, we returned to the In- stitute for our third class year. There were only thirty-six of us left, but even then we were the largest class in school. We experienced the pleasure of giving to the new " rats " that which we had formerly been accustomed to receiving. During the early part of the summer and in the latter part of the fall, we lost more of our " brother rats " to the armed services. In all, our ranks were reduced from thirty-six to twenty-seven. October 30, 1943, was Home-Coming Day. This was a happy day for the Class of ' 46, for it turned out to be a reunion with many of our " brother rats " in the service. We shall remember the joy of having those men with us again. The greatest thrill of our third class year, however, was receiving our class rings and having our Ring Figure. AVe wish to thank Hart Sweeney, because without his untiring efforts our dream might never have become a reality. This has been a good year for the Class of ' 46. We are now sorry to see it drawing to a close for we know that we shall soon lose more of our " brother rats. " We have enjoyed this year, and it will always remain among our fondest memories. Those of us who will return after February will continue to uphold the standards of the Class of ' 46 so that all of our " brother rats, " no matter where they may be, will always be proud of it. BOMB THE THIRD CLASS OFFICERS Malcolm B. Lacy, Jr President Edmund P. Gaines, Jr Vice President James L. Taylor Historian 7 WAR Benjamin Norwood Anderson, Jr. Pre-Medical traveler ' s rest, south CAROLINA Robert Wright Bedinger Pre-Medical fort sill, oklahoma Zachariah Courtney Dameron, Jr. Chemistry BAYNESVILLE, VIRGINIA WiLLi. M Allen Doyle Pre-Medical lynchburg, virginia Frank Thomas Dresser Electrical Engineering appomattox, virginia Marion Patton Echols Civil Engineering LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA William Everett Fitzpatrick, Jr. Electrical Engineering lexington, virginia Samuel Alexander Furcron Civil Engineering the plains, virginia Edmond Pendleton Gaines Civil Engineering WASHINGTON, D. C. John William Giesen Pre-Medical radford, virginia Richard Carr Gordon Cliem istry toledo, ohio Elmon Taylor Gr. .y Chemistry WAVERLY, VIRGINIA Jerry Abbott Isear, Jr. Electrical Engineering chase city, VIRGINIA Thomas Jeremiah King. Jr. Civil Engineering roanoke, virginia Ialcolm Baker L. cy Pre-Medical south BOSTON, VIRGINIA BOMB Edgar Allen Massexburg Civil Engineering hampton, virginia Thomas St. Leger Moncure Civil Engineering WASHINGTON, D. C. Morton Claire Iumma III Electrical Engineering BERRYVILLE, VIRGINIA Robert Roy Murray, Jr. Pre-Medtcal D. NVILLE, VIRGINIA Thom. s Edw. rd Powers Chemistry bogalusa, louisian. Philip Lewis Reitz, Jr. Pre-Medical OLEAN, new YORK Thomas Connally Shelton Civil Engineering atlanta, georgia Hartwell Townes Sweeney Pre-Medical portsmouth, virginia James Lawrence Taylor, Jr. Chemistry RICHMOND, VIRGINIA William Edward Watson Electrical Engineering SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA James Edward White Chemistry scottsville, virginia Nathanial Sullivan Wilson Electrical Engineering HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA 7 WAR History of the Class of 1947 June 9, 1943, was to us a day long to be remembered; it marked the beginning of a new era, an era which, for a time, would be hard and tedious but, in the end, would bring its full fruits of reward. After we had entered Jackson Memorial Hall to sign an endless group of papers and to meet an endless line of interviewers, we walked out " brother rats, " students of V. M. I., to learn what grossness " finning out, " company room, general committee and resurrections were to mean to us in the near future. We had all heard rumors to the effect that the " rat " system was to be abolished partially, if not entirely. As a result of the rumor, we entered barracks to find the " rat line " a thing of the past. Something had to be done to improve this deplorable state and we, the " rats, " voted that we were willing to go through and face what all the other classes had faced. The Fourth Classmen had spoken today in a strong voice that was definitely to be echoed back and forth for years to come; we were the saviours of an old tradition. There were only two times when we found relief from this treasured tradition. The Corps had spent a week-end bivouac at Goshen Pass, and immediately upon our return Sun- day night, we heard the joyous news that we were to be released from the " rat line " until reveille the next morning. The second time was after our team, composed almost en- tirely of " brother rats, " won a glorious victory over the Davidson eleven. Because of their efforts, we were again released, but this time for a whole week-end. These were the two occasions which constantly reminded us of the happy days ahead. Examinations had come and gone. It was at this time, we first lost a few of our number, and sadly we were forced to continue without them. Suddenly one day, as a surprise to everyone, all Fourth Classmen were required to meet in Jackson Memorial Hall, where it was then announced that we were to be permanently out of the " rat line " on November 24th. From then on we were to be spending our time learning and making turnouts. The notorious " Bloody Sunday " was soon arriving; a day also to be long remembered. On November 24th, we were required to run the gauntlet, after which we were given the old yell by the First Class. We were at last old cadets and the Class of ' 47 had been born. Our number will soon be diminished, for many of us will be called into the armed service of our country. We have borne many a hard knock together. Those days are over now, for it is evident that we will be together no more. Regardless of wherever we are — on land, sea, or in the air, in service on foreign fields — the holy words, " Class of ' 47, " will forever remain dear to each and every heart. BOMB THE FOURTH CLASS OFFICERS Ben p. McCaeley President Maclin p. Davis Vice President William C. Rudolph Historian 7 WAR William Bridewell Adams ilalvern, Arkansas George Davis Akers Appomattox, Virginia George Barrv Ashby 1] ' inston-Salem, North Carolina Thom s Young Awalt, Jr. Xeic Orleans, Louisiana Jack Barklev, Jr. Xeic Orleans. Louisiana . rBREY Jefferson- B- ssett, Jr. Macon, Georgia John Olix Bates, Jr. Fort n ' orth, Texas Walter Egbert Beverly, Jr. Rock-ij Mount, Virginia Frank Michael Bosworth Scranton, Pennsylvania James Pearce Brice Roanoke, Virginia Phillip Karl Briel Pauiucket, Rhode L land WiLLARD Marshall Brittain Oreensboro, North Carolina Preston- Reaves Brown- .lohnson City, Tennessee Walter Chester Brown Rocky Mount, ] ' irginia William Cavett Browx Beaumont, Texas Albert Vickers Bryan, Jr. Alexandria, Mrginia Peter Talmadge Burks Charlotte, North Carolina John- Fourqureax Burton Richmond, ] ' irgi iia Harold . l -ix Butterworth Hopewell, Virginia Robert Gamble Cabell V Savannah, Georgia William Ernest Calhoux, Jr. Glasgow, J ' irginia William Currexce Carper III Buckhannon, West Virginia Fraxk Allex Cavedo, Jr. Richmond, Virginia Carl Xicholas Cimixo Richmoiul, ' irginia Joseph Phillip Cimo Waco, Texas James Roi.axd Clement?, Jr. Hamjiton, i ' irginia William Francis Collins II Richmond, Virginia Leonard Hodges Conger Bainbridge, Georgia BOMB James John Crolev III Plymouth, North Carolina John Stoaklie Choswell, Jji. Hampton, Virginia Lucius Bryan Dabney, Jr. Vicksburg, Mississippi Alvis Thoy Davidson, Jr. Faber, Virginia Charles Hurd Davis, Jr. Martinsirille, Virginia Maclin Paschall D.wis, Jr. Nashville, Tennessee Thomas Moore Davis Jackson. Mississippi Richard Read Davison Marlin, Texas WiLLi. M Burns Dennis Grundy, Virginia M. R.SHALL EdGAH DeKRVBEHRY Nashville, Tennessee Donald Tr- ux Doherty Dallas, Texas Joseph Pembroke Dorsey Berryville, Virginia Charles William DrBnnen Birmingham, Alabama Samuel Lewis Duff Lebanon, Virginia Thomas Eugene Duncan, Jr. Grundy, Virginia Charles Edward Early, Jr. Sarasota, Florida Paul Xavier English, Jr. Washington, D. C. Claire Le Roy Erickson Hudson, Wisconsin Guy Rajah Evans Arlington, Virginia John Francis Ewell Charlottesville, Virginia Edward Le Roy Faddis Water Mill, Long Island, Nei Bruce d ' Este Flagge Norfolk, Virginia Paul Stockton Fleming Hamdeti, Connecticut Rives Fleming, Jr. Richmond, Virginia George Fred Floyd, Jr. Bridgetoum, Virginia Daniel Henry Forsyth PikeviUe, Kentucky John Carl Garrison, Jr. Alexandria, Virginia George Vaughan Gelly- Los Angeles, California 7 WAR Ray Albert Gibbs New Rochellc, New York Samvel Slemp Gillespie Rocky Movnt, Virginia Pattesox Gtlliam Peiersbtirg, Virginia William Gohdox Glass Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Bernard Whitehead GoDwax Chuckatuck, Virginia Berr iian " Green IV Alexandria, Virginia John Edward Taylor Gregory Richmond, Virginia Monroe Meade Gregory Richmond, Virginia Samuel ilcCABE Hairstox Nettle Ridge, Virginia William Alexander Hallett, Jr. Cheriton, Virginia Eiclid Murdex Haxbury ' , Jr. Portsmouth, Virginia RiFus Alfred Harmax, Jr. Grundy, Virginia Donald Post Harris Scranton, Pennsylvania William Sa age Hathaway Portsmouth, Virginia William Graham Haughton Kingstreet, South CaroliTia William Thomas Hawkins Lynchburg, Virginia William Estox Hensen, Jr. Berryrille, Virginia Wade Bryant Hicks Florence, South Carolina . lphevs Hyatt Hodgdox Washington, D. C. Richard Dunkley Hudson Stuart. Virginia Louis Reams Hundley Charlotte-nnlle, Virginia . lfhed Gardner Huttox, Jr. Lexington, Virginia William Bolling Izard Roanoke, Virginia Ted Barry Jacobsex Cranford, Xew Jersey Joiix Wexster Jamesox, Jr. Alexandria, Virginia Edwix . llex Jarrett Richmond, Virginia Jeruy Johxsox Arlington, Virginia Catesby Brook Jonks Washington, D. C. BOMB Martin Joseph Katcher Napanoch, Neiv York Edmund Mackall Key Marshall, Texas Joseph Albert Kovarik Chattanooga, Tennessee Maximilian Lamont II Waterford, Virginia Walter Cornelius Land Madison, Georgia Frederick de Saugrain LeBlanc, Jr. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Harry Gravely Lee Richmond, Virginia Robert Claude Little Greensboro, North Carolina John Rutherford Maggard Larchmont, New York- John Edward Maier, Jr. Rochester, New York William Herbert Mann Richmond, Virginia N.ASOR John Mansour, Jr. La Grange, Georgia William Marshall, Jr. Norfolk, Virginia Robert Philip Maul Norfolk, Virginia Ben Pushmataha McCarley McAlester, Oklahoma Harry John McDargh III Atlanta, Georgia Raytmond Garrett McGehee, Jr. Clifton Forge, Virginia William Howard JIendlow Pittsburgh, Pen nsylva n ia John Francis Monroe, Jr. Milwaukee, Wisconsin John McKay Morgan Alexandria, Virginia Samuel Howard Morrow, Jr. Wilmington, North Carolina Charles Francis Murphy Union, New Jersey Dana Andrew Murphy, Jr. Norfolk, Virginia John Walton Murphy Halifax, Virginia James Holt Newsom, Jr. Portsmouth, Virginia Ridley Thom Niciiol Atlanta, Georgia iloRRis Banks Nix Waterford, Virginia Cornelius Willum O ' Leary, Jr. Pensacola, Florida 7 WAR Charles Wesley Peebles, Ju. Lmrrenceeille, Virginia FjVros Demahest Peterson-, Jr. Norfolk, Virginia William Causey Phillips Lynchburg, Virginia William Reese Phillips Scranton, Pennsylvania PexDell Pittman " , Jr. Dallas, Texas George Lynwood Price, Jr. Newport Neios, Virginia Kenneth Lee Rawlings Warerly, Virginia James Edwin Rayhokn: Richmond, Virginia John Reardon Brooklyn, Neir Yorh Joseph Jo.nes Reynolds II Waynesboro, Georgia Baylor Riddell Peoria, Illinois . rGrsTrs Robbins III Hopeicell, Virginia Alfred Sage Robertson Richmond, Virginia S.amvel Latiian Roddey, Jr. Sumter, South Carolina Roger Pfeifer Rosenfield Jackson, Mississippi Ivan Lee Ross Covington, Kentucky William Caffey Rudulph Montgomery, Alabama Donald Cameron Rutter Warwick, Rhode Island John Jones Salley Richmond, Virginia Jorge Fernando Sarmiento Lima, Pern, South America Carl Lucian Sails, Jr. Tampa, Florida Howard.Watkins Saunders III Hampton, Virginia Isaac Scher Richmond, Virginia Charles Edward Catasauqua, Pennsylvania Henry Chatard Scott IV Clarksville, Tennessee Calbert Trent Seebert Lexington, Virginia Thom. s Darrington Semple III Armonk, New York John Findlay Shearer New York City, Neic York BOMB Carl Simmons, Jr. Stavnton, Virginia Howard Johnson Simpson Xorfolk, Virginia James Burnet Sizer III Chattanooga, Tennessee Martin Vaughan Slageh, Jr. Orand Rapids, Michigan Albert Cromwell Smith, Jr. Norfolk, Virginia Joseph Lansing Smith Wilmington, North Carolina Robert Norman Smith Bhiefield, Virginia Richard Thomas Spencer, Jr. Waco, Texas Thomas Bahnson Stanley, Jr. Stanleytown, Virginia William Mann Stapleton Albany, Missouri John Albert Steel New York City, New York Allan MacLeod Stewart Rochester, Netc York Allan Thorndyke Syl ' ester Norwalk, Connecticut William Bruce Taylor Big Island, Virginia Fensky Conroe Tehzia, Jr. Monroe, Louisiana Charles Albert Thomas Lawrencemlle, Virginia Howell Garrone Thomas, Jr. Washington, D. C. Franklin Carlyle Tiller Richmond, Virginia John Wood Timmins, Jr. Dallas, Texas Norman Mandell Tonkin Atlantic City, New Jersey John Tillman Trotter Houston, Texas Robert Kean Turner, Jr. Richmond, Virginia Willis Boykin Underwood, Jr. Greensboro, North Carolina James Wilmer Valliant Centerville, Maryland Henry Carl Vandervoort Fort Worth, Texas John Davis Mowbray Velte Princeton, New Jersey John Garnett Walker Marion, Virginia Gerald Le Roy Waterman Apalachin, New York 7 WAR James Albert Watkins Hiintsrille, Alabama William Forbes Watkins, Jr. Farmrille, Virginia Richard Marian White Norfolk, Virginia Charles Segar Whiting Hampton, Virginia Dan Hugh Williamson, Jr. Winder, Georgia James Alexander Willson III Little Rock; Arkansas Thomas Hardy Wiison Hampton, Virginia Frank Quindy W ' ingfield, Jb. Richmond, Virginia Phinehas Earle Wood, Jr. Richmond, Virginia Fred Boyer Wright, Jb . Roanoke, Virginia Jack Allen Wright Portsmouth, Virffinia BOMB 4 ( McUd ( toKce Hop Week-End ' ' Doc ' and his Cat-Skinners. " ' Palm Beach, I ' irijinia. " 3. " In the Grey Hours of the Dawn . 4. " Virtiie is its own Reward. " 5. " And call me Jim ... " " Alexander and Ccesar. " " The Outcasts of Poker— Flat. " " WHOA, Misto! " " Jive, Jive, Jive. " " Bring it up in th ' middle ... " " Drunk Last Night . . . " " Captain Curley, aged four — Sweet? ' " Preview of Tonight ' s Broiled Steak " Is EV ' rybody Happy? " " Thrilling, isn ' t he!! " " High Sirategi of a Resurrection. " 9 " Whole Damn Team. " " ME. " 10 " Sliding down the Hill of Science " Charlie ' . Dairy — Fre,ih Eggs. " 11 " New Market Warn ' t Like This " The Old Refrain. " 12 " Sir, the Guard is Formed . . . " " There, hit for the grace of god. stands god ... " 13 " Bear in the Courtyard! ! ! " " Lemonade, no doubt? ? " 11 " Bad Hors-ies go to Crozet Hall . " One Way To Do It. " 15 " Home, Su ' eet Home. " . " All Quiet on the Western Front. " 16 " Next Week ' s Room Orderly . . : " Dream Come True ... " 3 " Out At Last ... " " r ie Major and the Minor. i " toot. ' There ' s Junior! " 0 ' - 5 " Bee—aat RICHMOND! ! ' (k: 6 " Heaven Forbid! " 7 " Tiz. " S. " Only Picture of ' J6 ' I ' niy Figure. " 9. " Gentlemen of the Fourth Class . . 10. " The P. E. Boys. " 11. " The First Rat Sentinel. " U. " More, Mislo! " 13. " The Friday .Afternoon Stroll. " H. " Utulcr the spreading chestnut tree 1. " Beavty and the Beast. " 2. " Poison Ivy. " 3. " If J achson Only Kneio ... " 4. " Guides Out. " 5. " Ed ' n ' Mart. " 6. " Mvsic Soothes the Savage Beast. ' 7. " Cannoneers Have Hairy Ears . . 8. " School ' s Out. " 9. " Metropolitan II. " 10. " Second Class Sugar Report. " 11. " A7i Honor to their Country and their State 12. " Dan ' l Boone. " 13. " Florence Nightingale. " 14. " And this ain ' t A. M. either . . . " L P H A TAU MEGA 1 " Alpha Tail O ' Maggard. " 2 " Theirs not to reason why ... " 3 " Sleep, My Pretty One, Sleep . . . " 4 " They also serve ... . " 5 " Seven Five. " 6 " The Wages of Gin is Breath . . . " 7 " Three of a Kind. " 8 " Jam Haui ... " 9. " Trot . . . Hooo! " 10. " Spot on tie, DRC. " 11. " Sooper—DOOPER—Soop, 12. " Travel in Style. " 13. " Blue Monday. " 1-1. " Pass in Review ... " 15. " ' 700 Gentlemen ' . " 74e CORPS A Normal Corps at a Garrison Review 7 WAR The Staff G. H. Richmond Battalion Commander V. ]M. Bowers Battalion Adjutant B. P. Beatty Captain S-i P. H. YEN Captain S-3 1. . ' (k BOMB A. W. Hargroves Sergeant Major J. H. McClung Supply Sergeant J. T. Adams Color Sergeant 7 7 WAR COMPANY A STAFF R. Q. Marston Captain M. L. GiLLUM First Lieutenant J. B. PiGGOTT Second Lieutenant L. O. Fears Second Lieutenant L. Hengeveld Second Lieutenant V. E. Chaney First Sergeant C. V. Stanley Supply Sergeant R. Q. Marston, Captain SERGEANTS Bear, S. A. Wilkinson, J. C. . McKay, C. E. Cornwell, J. L. ilcCARLEY, T. H. Jones, J. R. CORPORALS Massenbirg, E. a. Taylor, J. L. Lacy, M. B. Gray, E. T. MUMMA, M. C. Bedingeu, R. W. Wilson, . S. Watson, W. E. Echols, M. P. FiTZPATRICK, W. E. Shelton, T. C. Stuart, J. G. W. Gillum Fears Piggon Hengeveld BOMB PRIVATES Doyle, W. A Gordon, R. ( Murray. E. Reitz, p. L. Fourth Class ASHBY, G. B. Bates, J. 0. Beasley, T. H. Beverley, W. E. Briel, p. K. Brittain, W. M. Brown, P. R. Bryan, A. V. Burks, P. T. Calhoun, W. E. Carper, W. C. CiMINO, C. N. Clmo, J. P. Collins. E. G. Croley, J. J. Dabney, L. B. Davidson, A. T. Davis, C. H. Davis, T. M. dorsey, j. p. Duff, S. L. English, P. X. Erickson, C. L. ElVELl, J. F. Flagge, B. E. Fleming, R. Forsyth. D. H. Garrison, J. C. Gellv, G. V. Gibes. R. A. Gillespie. S. S. Gilliam. P. Godwin. B. W. Green. B. Gregory, M. M. , S. M. ,D. P. , W. S. Ha: Ha ' Hawkins, W. Henson, W. E. HODGDON. A. H. Hudson, R. D. hutton. a. g. Jamison. J. W. Jarhett. E. a. JOHANN. E. G. Jones, C. B. Jones, G. L. Land, W. C. LeBlanc, F. S. Little. R. C. Mann. W. H. Mansour, N. J. Morgan. J. M. Murphy. C. F. Murphy, D. A. McCarley, B. 1 Nelson, M. G. WSOM, J. H. Nd , R. T. Ma , R. P. OXea ... Peebles. C. W. Rawlings. K. L. Eayhorn. J. E. Reardon. J. M. Reiman. G. R. Reynolds. J. J. robbins, a. Roddey. S. L. Rosenfield. R. P. Ross. L L. Rudolph, W. C. Rutter, D. C. Seebert C T Semple T D Shearer J F Simmons C Spenper R T Stapleton M Steel J A Sydnoh J A Thomas C A Tiller R C TONMN N M Trotter J T Turner R K Underwood W B allunt J W elte J D M Walker J G Watkins J A White R M WiNGFIELD F Q Wood P E Ti WAR COMPANY B STAFF R. C. NiESS Captain A. W. TowNES First Lieutenant M. C. WiLHELM Second Lieutenant W. H. Smartt Seco72d Lieutenant C. P. Balmenti Second Lieutenant R. M. Lewis First Sergeant W. B. Crawford Supply Sergeant R. C. XiESS, Captain SERGEANTS Brandow, E. C. Lindsay, W. F. Davis, J. R. Reed, J. F. Tucker, W. L. Read. P. A. CORPORALS WiLUAMSON, R. B. D.tMBRON, Z. C. Powers, T. E. Allex, M. J. White, J. E. GiESEX, J. AY. Dresser, F. T. Gaines, G. P. moncure, t. s. Allen, E. H. Sweeney, H. T. FrucRON, S. A. Townes Smartt Wilhelm Balmenti BOMB PRIVATES Secotid Class Burton J F Hallet, W. a. Monroe, J. F. Slager, M. G. Bitterworth H l HANBrRV, E. M. Montague, P. N. Smith, A. C. Eden, J, Cabell R G Harman, R. a. Morrow, S. H. Smith, J. L. Caibdo F a Haughton, W. G. Murphy, J. W. Smith, R. N. Third Class Clements J R Henzel, H. Nik, M. B. Spilman, A, W, Anderson, B.N. Conger L H Hicks, W. B. Osborne, H. H. Stanley, T. B. Croswell J =; Hundley, L, R. Peterson, F. D. Stewart, A. M. ISEAR, J. X. Kino, T. J. Dams M P Izard, W. B. Phillips, W. C. Sylvester, A. T. DuisoN R R Jacobson, T. B. Phillips, W. R. Taylor, W, B. Denms n B Johnson, J. Pittman, p. D. Terzia, F. C. Fourth Class Derhiberri M E Katchee, M. J. Price, G. L. Thomas, H. G. Di R H Key, E. M. Robertson, A. S. TlMMINS, J. VV. . d.1M3, W, B. DOHERTl D T KOVARIK, J. R. Salley. J. J. andervoort, H. C. . kers, G. D. Drennen C W Lamont, M. Sarmiento, J. F. Waterman, G. L. . WALT, T. Y. DiNCAN T E Lee, H. G. Sauls, C. S. Watkins, W. F. Barkley, J. Early C E Maggard, J. R. Saunders, R. W. Williamson, D. H. Bassett, .4. G. E ANs G R Maier, J. E. SCHER, I. Willson, J. A. Bosworth, F. M. Faddis E L Marshall, V. Schneller, C. E. Wilson, T. H. Brice, J. P. Fleming P S McDargh, H, J. Scott, H. C. Whiting, C. S. Brown, William C. Floyd G F McDonough, T. E. Simpson, A. D. Wright, F. B. Brown, W. r. Glass W G McGehee, R. G. Simpson, H. G. Wright, J. A, Gregory J E Mendlow, W. H. SiZER, J. B. 7 WAR Cadet Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers VIRGINIA AIILITARY INSTITUTE Lexington, Virginia June 19, 1943 General Order No. 3 1. All appointments of officers and non-commissioned officers in the Battalion of Cadets, heretofore in effect, are revoked. 2. Upon recommendation of the Commandant of Cadets, the following appointments are announced to take effect from date: TO BE CADET CAPTAINS G. H. Richmond, Battalion Commander R. Q. Marston, Company Commander, " A " Co. R. C. NiESS, Company Commander, " B " Co. P. H. Wen, Battalion Plans and Training, S-3 B. P. Beatty, Battalion Quartermaster, S-4 V. M. Bowers, Battalion Adjutant, S-1 TO BE CADET FIRST LIEUTENANTS M. L. GiLLUM A. W. TowNES, Jr. TO BE CADET SECOND LIEUTENANTS M. C. WiLHELM W. H. Smartt C. F. Balmenti J. B. PiGGOTT, Jr. L. O. Fears, Jr. L. Hengeveld TO BE CADET BATTALION SERGEANT MAJOR A. W. HARGno Es TO BE CADET FIRST SERGEANTS V. E. Chaney, Jr. R. I. Lewis, Jr. TO BE CADET BATTALION SUPPLY SERGEANT J. H. McClung TO BE CADET SUPPLY SERGEANTS W. B. Crawford, Jr. C. V. Stanley, Jr. TO BE CADET COLOR SERGEANT J. T. Adams S. A. Bear E. C. Brandow, Jr. C. E. McKay, Jr. J, R. Davis TO BE CADET SERGEANTS T. H. McCarley, Jr. W. L. Tucker, Jr. J. C. Wilkinson W. F. Lindsay J. L. Cornwell, Jr. J. F. Reed, Jr. J. R. Jones P. A. Read E. A. Massenbuhg R. B. Williamson, Jr. M. B. Lacy, Jr. Z. C. Damekon T. E. Powers E. T. Gray T. J. King, Jr. M. C. Mumma, Jr. Colonel G. A. Derbyshire Executive Officer TO BE CADET CORPORALS R. W. Bedinger N. S. Wilson III M. J. All n J. L. Taylor, Jr. J. E. White W. E. Watson M. P. Echols, Jr. W. E. FiTZPATRICK, Jh. J. W. GlESEN T. C. Shelton F. T. Dresser E. P. Gaines, Jr. T. S. Moxci RE E. H. Allen H. T. Sweeney S. H. FuRCRON By Command of Lieutenant General Kilbourne BOMB ACTIVITIES Running the Gauntlet lU ' ikXi. 7 HONOR COURT The Honor Court and the Honor System are the proudest possessions of the V. M. I. Corps. Its members, taken from the officers of the three upper classes and additional First Classmen, deal with actions pertaining to the honor of any cadet or any action that might reflect on the honor of the Corps. 7 GENERAL COMMITTEE The General Committee is an organization formed by the Corps of Cadets to enforce class privileges, uphold the wholesome traditions, customs, and general appearance of the Corps and further protective measures for ca dets in barracks. BOMB 7 HOP COMMITTEE These men are responsible for the presentation of V. ' SI. I. " s dances. They handle all the necessary details for each. It is to this committee, and especially to its president, Bert Piggot, that we owe the success of this year ' s hops, which numbered six and included two two-night sets. The colorful week-ends which accompanied each dance were typical of the hop week-ends of past corps. v I 1 ) ' i; I Ml I . i 1 IJ ! I t. I • ' ! . . ' v - ' iK |. M! AND aiADY If ! LVLt- r MMt 7 SECOND CLASS FINANCE COMMITTEE The function of the Second Class Finance Committee is two-fold. It serves the cadets by selling them useful merchandise, such as corsages, newspapers, magazines, and stationery, and it helps to finance the V. M. I. dances. This year ' s committee, under the capable guidance of Vern Chaney, has functioned very successfully. 7 WAR American Society of Civil Engineers Virginia Academy of Science ■■ys ' , ? ' iMi. mil ' . ' I ' . ' ..11 li ' I ■» ' ' ' ' ii ' . TACU: AN HONOR " lO (jVi- ' ■ ' •- ■ v-hin i.N Ol HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR, IHSTRy " , M ' l . .V.lNs 0 CITIZEN- SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIF rRO D OF HER FAME AND • READY ' 11 ■ EVERY Tl ME OF DEEPEST PERil. IGHTS R. C. NiESR Presiden THE HEALThF.. ,„■ . ,--.-... ' - - . - -- YOVTHSPRESSINC VPTHE HILLOFSCIENCE WITH NOBLE- EMVLATION A CIIATIFYINCSPECTACLE: ANHONORTOOVilCOVNTRY ANDOVR. STATEOBJECTSOFHONESTPWDETOTHEIRIHSTRYCTORSAND FAIR- SPECIMENS- OF ■ CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR- NATIVE STATE PROVD OF EEPEST PERIL TS R. Q. Marston President BOMB im% 18 ISf ' ' ±J v.. C. Brandow President J. Eliens, Jr. President W. H. Smartt President Yankee Club Texas Club Deep South Club v Baptist Student Union Methodist Club Y H 1 ' I? Iff -|) n. r .,, , . -■ 1 7 WAR W. H. Smaktt President G. H. Richmond President ' 4 BOMB THE 1944 BOMB Brandow NiESS Eden ' s Co-Editor Co-Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Shelton, Assistant Editor Business Manager MiLLEU Nix WiLLSON Wilkinson Adams Beatty PiTTMAN Godwin BUSINESS STAFF Lewis, Assistant Business Manager Beau Saunders Spenceb English Watkins Halleit McDargh Vandervoort 7i WAR MONOGRAM CLUB •• J 1 x t i It M jiy X rxiii. First Row: Wilhelm, Crawford, Beatty (President), Lindsay, Reed. Second Row: Gibbs, Jones, McCarley, Stewart, Harris, Vandervoort. Third Row: Stapelton, Little, Collins, Simpson, Davis, Smith, Hudson, Jarrett. si BOMB 74e BEAUTIES ' 44 Ring Figure 7 WAR ' Tftc Betty Hamnet ' Mc Peggy Nagel Wc Memory Jo Wallace BOMB Wc Dolores Moutier 7Ht hAox Ellen Fogarty %« Toni Willock 7 fe WAR Wi Jane Kilpatrick 7Hi Nancy Buie VCi Billie Doss ' 4 BOMB 7 tc44 Carolyn Willson T tcdd Nancy Clarke " c Jane White Wi Lucy Cabell to Marguerite Cornwel 1 WAR BOMB 7 ATHLETICS On leave from the Marine Corps, Lieutenant Joe Miiha, star of previous years, gives points to two of this year ' s gridmen 7 WAR FOOTBALL 7 t943 SeoiMt The 1943 football season, though perhaps not the most illustrious in the history of the Keydets, will live forever in the hearts of the men who were in the Corps during the fall of 1943. For the first time, the varsity was composed almost entirely of rats. The average weight of the team was one hundred and sixty-one pounds, and the average height was only six feet. The team was composed entirely of 16- and 17-year-olds. The score board on the opposite page looks rather lopsided, but the following facts should be kept in mind. The Keydets were always the underdogs. They encountered such teams as Temple, Richmond, Wake Forest, and Georgia, all of which had lettermen and had a weight advantage of thirty or forty pounds. Against these teams the story was ever the same. A light team battered itself to pieces against a much ■rf r • ! » jf i ji ibiaM; THE LINE IT Line; Davis, Hicks, Smith, Janett, Little, Harrix, Stajteltoii B. ckfibld: Collins, Allen, White, Jones BOMB heavier and more experienced one. However, when the hist whistle blew, our hearts always filled with pride at the mag- nificent fighting spirit our team had inevitably displayed. It was always more than was asked for. It was the true V. : I. I. spirit. Maryland, Virginia, Cleni.son, and Davidson were also the conceded victors before the first whistle had blown, but the sportswriters missed their guesses on the games with Clemson and Davidson. Both of these teams were in much the same class as V. M. I. eleven as far as w ' eight and experience went. Here, for a change, the Keydets were able to rely upon their skill as well as upon their overworked determination, and to show that they could play real football when gi en nearly equal opponents. The men of the Corps of li)43, such young men as Garvin Jones, 145-pound quarterback; Billy " Killer " Collins, 167- pound all-state halfback; Mac Davis, 160-pound end; and Bryant Hicks, 191-pound tackle. Space prevents our men- tioning others who distinguished themselves. Let us say that we are proud to claim everj ' one of them as V. M. I. ' s best. The men " behind the scenes " who made the 1943 season po.ssible were Lieutenant Colonel " Blandy " Clarkson, Dir- Davis scores a toiichdoint against Maryland rector of Athletics; Colonel Hernando M. Read, Director of Publicity; " Pooley " Hubert, head coach; " Russ " Cohen, backfield coach; " .Toe " Daher and " Sara " Heflin, assistant coaches; " Herb " Patchin, trainer; and Burton Beatty, cadet manager. The true success of the 1943 season lies in the unceasing efforts of these men. THE COACHES ' Sam " Heflin, " Joe " Daher, " Pooley " Hubert, " Rns SCORES V.M.I. Sept. ' 24 Temple at Philadelphia Oct. ' 2 Davidson at Lexington 13 Oct. 9 Clemson at Roanoke 1 ' 2 Oct. 16 Richmond at Richmond Oct. 23 Wake Forest at Lynchburg Oct. 30 Virginia at Lexington Nov. 14 Georgia at Atlanta 7 Nov. ' 25 Maryland at Roanoke 14 Director Clarkson Manager Beatty 7 WAR FOOTBALL Bottom Row: Litlle, Jarrett, Harris, Stapelfon, Collins, Daris, Smith, Hicks, Buttenrorth, G. Jones, McCarley. Second Row: Simpson, Hudson, Lee, Vanderroort, Gibbs, Burton, C. .lones, VHiite, Allen, Walkins, Broun. Third Row: Murphy, Gregory, Spilman, Hodgilon, Henzel, Steicart, Cabell, Haickins, Huttnn, Maicr, Taylor. FouHTH Row: Burhs, Glass, Fleming, Phillips, Eliason, Semple, Croley, Schneller, Underuood. Top Row: Cadet Manager Burton Beatty. BOMB BASKETBALL Front Row: McCarley, Dai-is, M. P., Rohhins, Schneller, Henson, Hutton Second Roav: Semple, Broun, Hicks, Chaneij, Roddey Third Row: Miller (Manager), Carper, Watkins, Glass, Monsour, Lieutenant Daher (Coach) Sea tut V. M. I. opened its ' 43- ' -14 basketball season with one of the hardest fighting little teams that the Institute has ever seen. Under the guidance of Lieutenant Joseph G. Daher, who came to V. M. I. from Manhattan, the squadron confronted its opponents with a seemingly endless series of offensive plays and a charging defense which served to baffle all comers. The starting line-up was composed entirely of freshmen, and the spectators were impressed by the youth and slight stature of the players. Opening the season against Woodrow Wilson General Hospital, the squadron, following the lead of Bill Henson, had piled up an 18 — 9 lead by half time. During the second half, however, experience triumphed, and the Medicos man- aged to nose out the Keydets by three points. Following this, the V. ]M. I. cagers played the University of Virginia at home, the University of Maryland at College Park, and then journeyed to Lynchburg for their only con- test with the L niversity of North Caroli na. In the Tar Heels, who were reinforced with V-12 ' s, the Keydets met their outstanding opponents of the season and were hope- lessly outcast by a team which easily triumphed over all comers to win the Southern Conference crown. This was followed by a return game with the L ' niversity of Virginia, a home game with our traditional rivals, V. P. I., and a game with Emory and Henry in which the play of Mac Davis was especiallj- brilliant. After a return game with V. P. I., the squadron dropped two in a row to a team from Ashford General Hospital in spite of some shooting by Ben McCarley, which made the fans think of Emil Sotnyk. After a contest with Woodrow Wilson General Hospital, the Keydets lost one which was a heart-breaker to the Uni- versity of Maryland, 29 — 31. This particular game was marked by our seeming inability to sink free throws, usually a strong point with the Big Red. The following afternoon the team, with only two more games scheduled, left for Newport News. After playing the Newport News . pprentice School, the squadron returned to Richmond to close the season against the University. All in all, the youthful Keydets and their coach deserve much praise for their work. Coach Daher 7 fe WAR WRESTLING A Iv .1 At what would normally have been the beginning of the V. M. I. wrestling season, it was found that there were quite a few " rats " but only four or five upperclassmen out of which to make a team. The team went on pledge and continued to hold regular practice sessions under coach " Teddy Bear " Heflin, but because of its inexperience and small size it did not schedule any matches. Matches were held in the halves of several of the basket ball games, though, between boys on the team. This gave added impetus to the practices during the week and accustomed the team to wrestling before crowds. POLO Toward the latter part of the fall, a group of enthusiastic horsemen were organized into a polo team. _From a group of inexperienced polo players, Coach-Captain Watt EUerson, hard work, and persistent practice soon developed an able team of twelve men. The first hop week-end in January availed these men a chance to display their abilities in an intra-squad game which proved very suc- cessful and was enjoyed by the audience and the players. War conditions prevented the attaiiuneut of a regular schedule; but a game with West Point was slated for sometime in April ' 4 BOMB Intramural Council SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR. NATIVE STATE PHOVD OF Hm FAME AND ■ READY- IN ■ EVERY TIME OF J EEFESHSERIL Cadet Intramural Managers ;4 7 WAR CHEER LEADERS •T ' heFIaME AND- ' REAWTITfV ' Il ' triviE 07 " L ' - iO VINDICATE HER HONOR. OR DEFEND HEP. Pj | COL ,(| L P.|bN Bhandow, Niess, Isear, Willson, Hallet BOMB 7 eARMy SPECIALIZED TRAINING PROGRAM V The Original A. S. T.-V. M. I. • 7 WAR Class of 144 Appelget, C. p. AXJXTER, p. M. Bahm, a. H. Baker, J. T. Barabutes, T. Barkoot, M. G. Basham, J. L. Baskin, J. B. Bednarczyk, J. Bedrick, M. L. Bleiman, L. W. bogert, j. h. BoiGEGRAIN, G. F. BuESCHER, B. E. BURKE, R. F. BUKNETT, C. A. Freeman, B. L. Gelt, S. I. Gessner, J. F. GoETZ, F. W. Guy, G. I. Hadley, J. A. Halberstadt, H. L. Handal, a. E. Harenberg, G. Harnack, W. p. Harper, R. M. Haupt, C. F. Hennessy ' , C. p. Heylmun, N. F. Holland, J. F. Horen, M. G. ]Meisner, p. Merryman, C. I . Mewherter, J. L. MiCHALSKI, B. T. Miller, R. W. ♦Miller, W. F. MiTCHEL, R. F. MOLCHAN, H. Mueller, R. E. Myzel, ?. Nessl, J. D. Peirce, T. F. Pershina, C. R. Perry ' , K. G. Porter, H. Ramsey, J. N. SWANN, J. J. SWEBT, D. A. Tanfry, S. Teubner, G. J. Thompson, J. E. TiNGLER, L. L. ToBiAS, AY. L. Trupe, T. W. Wagoner, W. L. Wangerin, C. J. Warshaw, M. P. Whitmire, R. M. Wilkerson, W. D. Villiams, R. M. WiLLNER, R. H. Wilson, W. J. Cannatella, R. C. Chapin, W. E. Cochran, P. R. corbett, w. h. costain, t. s. Crompton, E. E. Crozier, T. J. Gushing, A. F. Damtoft, D. S. Danese, a. E. DeFrancesco, H. F. Dettner, H. W. Downs, T. A. Dreisbach, R. J. Durling, H. R. Dusenberry, R. F. Ensley, H. E. Esterly, W. a. FisK, L. W. Flicker, R. A. Frech, W. a. " Those who have returned to troops. Hougendebler, C. W. HOYER, W ' . E. Injayan, a. JUROWSKI, C. p. Kelly, J. F. Keys, G. W. KOMIN, T. J. Kunetz, J. E. KvAM, E. L. Lampert, J. G. Levine, R. L0DGE, E. C. Long, S. G. LuDwiG, M. K. Mack, G. E. Maggs, R. J. Maguire, J. R. Manning, W. B. Mason, C. W. McDonnell, J. L. Remmey, D. B. Richardson, C. W. rohrer, w. ' si. Rufenacht, E. H. Saari, V. J. Sabo, F. M. Sacks, A. A. Sagendorf, J. B. Savitz, L. Saylor, R. T. schmeyer, m. c. Shafer, W. G. Shapiro, H. I. Shelley, H. W. Shoemaker, B. R. Snider, G. H. Snyder, L. E. Stewart, H. M. Stire, R. G. SOFIAN, M. WOODARD, A. H. Yellix, S. Zabelxy, E. L. TERM II MEX Baitzel, W. H. Bloss, R. E. Bruggeman, R. G. Burkhart, J. H. Fabrikaxt, B. Hallowell, F. W. MacGillivray, R. D. Moses, S. a. Perla, D. Pierce, V. R. Schwartz. J. K. Smith, D. V. Smith, M. O. Stroup, R. a. Walter, H. A ' Waters, C. J IB BOMB Bernard R. Shoemaker EdUor STAFF R. F. DUSENBERRV C. P. JuROWSKI J. N. RaMSEY R. A. Flicker B. T. Michalski A. A. Sacks S. Myzel Class History of fhe ' ' Mighty 144 TERM I On May 7, 1943, one hundred forty-four Army lads left Georgetown University for the Vir- ginia Military Institute. We were men from the Third Service Command training centers, who were destined for college training under the Army Specialized Training Program. Being G. I. lads and mostly Northerners at that, we found V. M. I. and its Southern traditions quite confusing. We conversationally resurrected the Civil War to hold our own at first. The Southern accent — " La-a-ay-uff — Hace! " — and V. M. I. idioms — " Hut, two-o-o, thrip, fo-o-o-r! " baffled us. We soon got used to the bugle alarm clock system, rolling our hays, luxurious tablecloths, waiters, and private basins. Not exactly G. I. were formations returning from chow or t he saluting in buildings. When we were well started, V. M. I. offered us the chance to form a class organization and our own Honor Code. We responded quickly to the first offer, but more cautiously to the second. Class officers and an Honor Court were elected. Later, a class constitution was adopted to facilitate class activities. We joined, at their invitation, the V. M. I. Hop Committee in putting on the Summer Hops. Blind dates with local girls were arranged for the soldiers and the G. I. trucks saved walking. A good time was had by all. Our identity as Yankees came to the front when we discovered the " Federal " cannon ball adorning the parade ground. As our hallowed symbol, it accepted our salutes, and on Gettysburg Day, it received fullest homage. The long summer even- ings were happily spent with devil-may-care Stoop Parades, frequently led by our banner — a pair of dainty step-ins. By mid-July, we shouted our count of the remaining days, cheering " August, ' 43. " Term end brought those G. I. and V. M. I. tests. We received our reward though — a week of happy furlough away from V. M. I. TERM II— Original 143—1 Gone Upon return from furlough, we had a large group of new Army classmates, both basic and advanced. We were also " blessed " with 150 ERC ' s. Since they had to be indoctrinated with Army discipline and training, the task was given to us. Remember those muggy nights when we tried to study but the bugs wouldn ' t let us alone? Some of the boys put up cloth screens and claimed it helped, but we think they were just modest. Downing the final exams again, we were ready to move into the mystic land of calculus and electricity. TERM Mi Ninety-seven men out of the original group were here to usher in the third term. Any joy or happiness we may have had was quickly superseded by dismay after three lessons in calculus. In two weeks, the dismay had turned to utter confusion. Public speaking in English provided amusement for all, stage-fright for some, and leisure for the glib. Those murderous physical screen- ing tests almost gave the medics their chance but, fortunately, the tests came after Christmas and New Year ' s. With one more hurdle to leap, finals, we will become men of rank (Pfc ' s.), and leave on our hard-fought-for furlough. Who knows what then? 1 WAR Trorm Here From Thii To This " Yankee Doodle Went to Town " Charming A ngel The Mighty Eleven- Remember That Scrimmage? Staunton Lost! My Poor Gettysburg Obserrance Pink Panties. Hm-m-m! A Furlough ' Yeah, Man. ' A. S. T.-V. M. I. Officer Center Where Ya ' flcadin ' . Son? " Oula the Window, Second Stoop " BOMB Has It Wings? No, It ' s Superman Don ' t Put Out that Forest Fire- the A. S. T. is Coming Troublesome Job, Isn ' t Iff Pin-Ups? You Bet! SECOND TERM BASIC ENGINEERING Abbamowitz, S. Ahlborn, R. W. Bedger, R. C. bohrer, d. d. Boyle, J. T. Craft, C. G. Dake, J. L. Davis, C. W., Jr. DelGiudice, F. p. Dice, D. T. DiTTMAR, R. H., Jr. Doty, C. A., Jr. Dunn, J. Meumann, G. J. Patillo, H. F. DiDRIKSEN, R. G. Elliott, W. D. Fields, C. Frydryk, E. . Goldberg, L. Goolsby, H. B. Greenfield, . S. Hyczewski, F. J. Hyland, J. R. .J ohnson, S. W. k ashman, m. j. Kirk, A. M. Krebs, a. J. Lesker, K. J., Jr. Latwin, L. E. Odioso, R. C. Vance, William J. KURETZKT, P. Lappa, A. S. Leininger, C. E. Loveman, H. J. Maleski, L. a. Mangano, C. X. MoREss, D. R. Orluk, M. Pacapelli, R. a. Padgett, J. C, .Jr. Parlato, T. a. Peterson, P. E. Piekenbrock, T. C. Preskienis, .J. J. Pridham, J. W. Ellinger, W. a.. Ill Romano, N. J. rothrock, t. a. m. Shoob, M. H. Shuklis, T . T. SosciA, . . E. sotkowitz, s. Vetter, E. Wahl, T. a. Wahrhaftig, N. Warner, W. D. Webster, A. L. Wilson, W. J. Wischmeier, R. H. Woleschok, M. Yarborough, J. L. Childress, W. I. Clark, G. M. Coffey, D. F. Cohen, J. A. Harris, G. S., Jr. Harhis, J. R. Hartixg, W. a. Haupt, D. a. Hellinger, B. Hock, C. W. Marshall, J. P. McKeon, F. G. Metz, J. C, Jr. Spalding, J. C. Stephan, J. F. Thompson, J. W. Turner, I . E. THE HEALTH FVl AND PLEASANT ABODE OF A CROWD OF HONOR ABLE YOVTHS PRESSING VP THE ' HILL OF SCIENCE WITH NOBLE EMyLATiON A GRATIFYING SPECTACLE : AN HONOR TO OVR COVNTRY ' AND OVR STATE OBJECTS OF HONEST PRIDE TO THEIR IISSTRYCTORS AND- FAIR SPECIMENS OF CITIZEN SOLDIERS : ATTACHED TO THEIR- NATIVE STATE PROVD OF HER FAME AND READY- IN ■ EVERY Tl ME OF ■ DEEPEST- PERIL ro VINDICATE HiR -HONOR CIR DEJ£ND ER LIGHTS , ■J(B.L; 1. Don Kinzle. fi. Don Havpt. ' 2. Free Period Siesta. 7. Just " G. I. Joes 3. Moress — " Der Fuhrer. " 8. Gas! J 4. Evening Study. 9. The Boys. 5. Weekly Road Run. 10. P. I. Run. fcm% mum scma m s 1 dejMdes, v; f es reduces % ' ? OUTRAGE Editors: Johnny Wilkinson, Morris Nix. Artists: Bill Adams, Joe Kovaric, Bob Dussenburry, Bill Underwood. l e WAR Aroording to my roommate, virgin wool comes from the sheep that run the fastest. She: " Doctor, I need an operation. Doc: " Major. " She: " o. Lieutenant. " She: " There are a lot of couples that don ' t pet in parked cars. " He: " Yes, the woods are full of them. " — Record FooTB- LL Rat to Roomm. te: " Don ' t you think I ' m a Sampson. ' " Roomm. te: " Could be; you slew my box of cookies with the jawbone of an ass. " " A rat. Sir? What rat? " Here lies the body of Archibald Rummy, He tackled Pooley instead of the dummv. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Lilly ' s are pink, I saw them on the wash line. ' Who ' s a dirty bore? " BOMB " Who ' s responsible for the hay? " A sailor was cast away on a desert island where he languished for nine years. One morning he awoke to find a beautiful young woman floating in toward the beach on a barrel. The barrel washed ashore, and the woman approached. " How long have you been here. ' ' " she asked. " Nigh onto ten years, " he replied. " Ten years, " she exclaimed, " and alone? " " Yes, alone . . . " She smiled. " Then I ' ll be able to give you something you haven ' t had in a long, long time. " " Good God! " exclaimed the sailor. " Don ' t tell me you ' ve got beer in the barrel. " ;4 ' Love ' s Labor ' iest Rewarded The young couple came into the dining room on the fifth day of their honeymoon. The waiter approached them for their order. " You know what I Hke, honey, don ' t you? " asked the bride. " Yes, I know, " stammered the blushing young husband, " but we have to eat sometime. " Sub: " What ' s your name on the first stoop without a hat. ' " C. det: " Pltzsko wizchy , M. X., Sir. " Sub (Putting away his pad and pencil): " Well, don ' t let it happen again. " The modern wall flower is the girl who dances all the time. First ClassM. n: " There are some 10 odd subs in school Guys who trust their gals implicitly Are true examples of male simplicity. " I ' m forgetting women. " " So am I. I ' m for getting a couple as soon as possible " -But clirliia,, v. To SCC.f 1 " W SOMB Butch: " Having completed the study of benzene, tomorrow I will take carbolic acid. " Posted on the Bulletin Board: If the one who stole the jar of alcohol from the biology lab will return the appendix therein, no questions will be asked. Doc Carroll Sub (triumphantly holding a bottle of whiskey): " I thought you said this locker contained nothing but clothes. " Bert the Bear: " I did. That ' s my nightcap. " The vintages of France have caused more embryology than anything else I know of. " tol ' you to wait ' til the damn thing stopped ' " I shall now illustrate what I have in mind, " quoth a certain Colonel as he erased the board. " Have a sip? " " Sir, I am a V. M. I. graduate! ' " Pardon me; take the jug. " Another time when a man likes to see a girl stick to her knitting is when she ' s wearing a bathing suit. Mary Jones, here lie her bones: For her death hath no terrors. Born a good girl, died a good girl; No hits, no runs, no errors. McC. rley: " Is the parking problem tough in Richmond. ' " Collins: " No, it ' s the problem after parking that ' s tough. " Webster says that " taut " means tight. I guess I ' ve been taut quite a bit in this school after all. ' Gawd! Whai ' ll Btrtch say? ' -UVo ' s Yes ponsiUe ofOw w»Ter " 5n1he floor p " .v Compliments of Hamric Smith JEWELERS Lexington, Virginia Boley ' s Book Store Lexington, Virginia Books - Stationery - Supplies Pictures and Framing Eat " Clover Brand " Ice Cream ill Lexington at State Co., Inc. in Buena I ' ista at Seay Drug Co. Sig7i of Quality ' (jVgR. Since 1898 Compliments of Mildred Miller ' s Gift Shop 8 West elson Street Lhxington, ' irginia PRINTING RULING BINDING ENGRAVING A COMPLETE SERVICE o(?o THE STONE PRINTING AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY 116-132 NORTH JEFFERSON ST. DIAL 6688 (3 TRUNK LINES) ROANOKE, VIRGINIA W. L. CROSS 1903 Grove Avenue Richmond, Virginia THE BEST IN BRICKWORK CAPITOL HOTEL Fireproof Inexpensive Central 8th and Grace Streets RicHisioxD, Virginia Compliments of Dixie Sand and Gravel Corp. Petersburg, Virginia Century Sprinkler Corporation Automatic Sprinkler Systems H. C. Seibold President- Treasurer 305 Graham Street Richmond, ' irginia WARNER BROS. STATE and LYRIC THEATRES LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA ' The Pick of the Pictures — From All the Major Studios ' Ralph Daves, Manager The V. M. I. Post Exchange IS EQUIPPED AND READY TO SERVE YOU FROM 9 A. M. TO 10 P. M. Complete Breakfasts — Hot and Cold Lunches Steak Dinners — Sandwiches and Short Orders Complete Fountain Service — Cigarettes Toilet Articles, Novelties ASK PETE — HE KNOWS ALLEN J. SAVILLE Incorporated ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION Law Building RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Boswell and Curtis Insurance Surety Bonds American Building Telephone 7-0729 Richmond, Va. M. R. MILLS, JR. 210 East Franklin Street Richmond 19, Virginia Goulds Pumps Centrifugal — Reciprocating — Rotary The Duriron Co., Inc. Corrosion-Resistant Mechanical Equipment Builders-Providence, Inc. Shunt Meters — I ' eniuri — Control Proportioneers, inc. Chemical Feeders Wallace Tiernan Co., Inc. Chlorinators Glamorgan Pipe Foundry Co. J. jr. JF. A. Cast Iron Pipe PHONE 7-0743 A. E. Tate Lumber Company Rough and Dressed Lumber Kiln Drying - Siding Pine and Hardwood Flooring Office, Yard and Mill Westwood Ave. and R. F. P. R. R. P. O. Address Box 5162, Saunders Station Richmond, ' irginia Compliments of Tol ley ' s Hardware Company Lexington, Virginia NOLAND COMPANY INCORPORATED WHOLESALE Plumbing, Heating and Industrial Supplies 122 South Eighth Street RICHMOND, VIRGINIA J. CLIFFORD MILLER, JR., ' 28 LEWIS N. MILLER, ' 32 Miller Manufacturing Co. incorporated Sash, Doors, Blinds, Interior Finish Millwork - Wooden Boxes - Lumber RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Conip inients of The Young Men ' s Shop 3107 Washington Avenue Newport News, " irginia Best Wishes, Class of ' 44 from NACHMAN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Newport News, Virginia Compliments of Benson-Phillips Co. Incorporated COAL BUILDINC; SUPPLIES FUEL OIL Newport News, ' irgixia Phoxe 4- 1 36 1 LEON ' S SHOPPE LEON BLACKMAN, Proprietor Smart Apparel for Smart-Looking Women 3306 Washington Avenue (Next to Paramount Theatre) Newport News, Virginia We are showing a complete line of Suits, Coats and Dresses — all colors and sizes. The First National Bank Newport News, Virginia • DEPOSITS OVER TWENTY-FIVE MILLION Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Compliments of Cheyne ' s Studio 106-108 East Queen Street Hampton, Virginia Compliments of Rountree Furniture Company Hampton ' s Progressive Home Furnishers Hampton, Virginia BEST WISHES To the Class of 1944 and All That Follow The Citizens National Bank of Hampton, Virginia ] Iember Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Compliments of T. H. WILSON CO. FEED AND FUEL Since 1888 • HAMPTON, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Loyalty Always If you live in town, we welcome you always . . . If you are visiting, we hope you have enjoyed being here and wel- come you again . . . Steve ' s Diner Established 1910 24-HOUR SERVICE Lexington and Waynesboro Virginia Conip inients of Citizens Marine Jefferson Bank Newport News, Virginia Compliments of Spatley-Rogers Motor Co. FORD DEALERS Hampton, Virginia Compliments of Tabb Lumber Company Hampton, X ' irginia Virginia Asphalt Paving Company Roanoke, Virginia AND Petersburg, Virginia Compliments of John Twohy II Norfolk, Virginia Compliments of Maclin-Zimmer- McGill Tobacco Co., Inc. Petersburg, Virginia U. S. A. Compliments of Vincent G. Thomas Norfolk, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF RALEIGH CIGARETTES PHILIP R. ROPER PAUL ROPER PHILIP R. ROPER, JR. President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer (V. M. I. ' 34) Compliments of Roper Brothers Lumber Co. incorporated PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Blackwell Smith Drug Store " The Best of Everything " • Corner Washington and South Sts. Phone 575 Petersburg, V irginia After She Says " Yes " SEE US FOR THE RING Mark E. Holt optometrist and Jeiveler 2i8 North Sycamore Street Petersburg, Virginia CARRY ON BUY WAR BONDS Virginia Lens Co. Incorporated Rlaiiiifacturcrs Petersburg, Virginia Compliments of The Citizens National Bank of Petersburg Petersburg, Virginia • Assets Over $8,500,000 IMeniber Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and Federal Reserve System The Military Department of the A. N. Trading Co. SALUTES V. M. I. LUCK GOLDBERG 8th and D Streets, N. W. Washington, D. C. " Correct Military Outfitters " R. L. Hess Bro. Jewelers Lexington, Virginia SOUTHERN INN Restaurant Main Street Lexington, Virginia Cadets, bring your parents and friends to the Southern Inn. We specialize in sizzling steaks and seafoods. Compliments of Lexington Pastry Shop Lexington, ' irginia Phone 790 FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION DOYLE FLORIST LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA boWTn 813 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments Conner Produce Company J. A. FLOWERS, Proprietor Fresh Fruits and Vegetables • Phones 183-184 Lynchburg, Virginia Distributors of the Choiv Oranges OFFICERS J. D. Owen President J. T. Noell Vice President J. L. Jones Vice President J. L. Nicholas Cashier L. W. Horton .... Assistant Cashier S. D. Morrissett . . . Assistant Cashier • The First National Bank of Lynchburg This Bank is a jMeinber of the Federal Deposit Insurance (Jorp. CAPITAL ONE MILLION DOLLARS LVXCHBURG, VlRGIXI. The Virginia Peninsula ' s Finest Store for Men Wertheimer-Conner Company Hamptox, Virgixia Compliments of Bryant Nelms Newport News, V ' irgixia State Company Incorporated luxcheoxette Complete Fouxtaix Service Tasty Sandwiches Stop in Before and After tlie Shon 1 7 West Nelson Street Lexixgtox, " irgixia J. A. HICKMAN, Manager Compliments of J. V. BICKFORD Incorporated Hampton, Virginia IN LYNCHBURG It ' s mhmEM.% f THE SHOPPING CENTRE •) for AUTHENTIC FASHIONS Buy Jncctry with Confidenic AVatches — Diamonds — Silver Ryland-Henebry J ewelers 809 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Best Wishes to the Class of ' 44 Harris, Woodson Co., Inc. Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of ATLANTIC HOTEL NORFOLK, VIRGINIA J. K. WYATT Piles for Docks, Piers and Sundry Use in Oak, Pine and Cypress GATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Telephone 46-1 P. O. Box 252 COMPLIMENTS HIGHWAY MACHINERY AND SUPPLY COMPANY INCORPORATED Sales and Rentals — Service and Parts DISTRIBUTOR " Austin-Western " Road Machinery ' Cletrac " Crawler Tractors — " Heil " Earth-Moving Equipment " Northwest " Shovels and Cranes " Worthington " Air Compressors — " Leschen " Wire Rope " C H E " Pumps and Hoists — " Winslows " Truck Scales " Chicago Automatic " Portable Conveyors " Ransome " Concrete Mixers and Pavers Phones 6-1567-6-1568 1724 Altamont Avenue Richmond, Virginia Compliments of LUCK and BLACK LUCK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA SC £ Me V —the morning after I ' hese captured members of The Master Race are bitter and broken in spirit. H " pnctized by promises of power and glory, the_ ' gave up every human freedom to follow a fanatic paper-hanger. They fell upon the world and almost crushed it. But not quite. The " decadent " democracies rallied their " contemptible " forces around the banner of liberty. Free peoples applied the dynamics of free enter- prise to the grim business of war — and accomplished production miracles. The sullen slaves of the swastika have (Drawn from actual photograph) come up against a force they cannot master and scarcely comprehend. It is indrpendencc — the common heritage of Americans. Freedom of religion, speech, thought and individual enterprise. The right and opportunity ' of every American, within reasonable limits, to enjo} ' the re- wards that his own mind and energy may bring. This is the force that made America great. It is devoted today to the needs of all-out war. musi not he lost luhen the tvar is ivoii. • Don ' t Waste Electricity Just Because It Isn ' t Rationed VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER CO. Comp I i men ts of SEGAR COMPANY, Inc. NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Compliments of MORRIS HUNTER Electrical Contractor • 111-113 North Eighth Street Richmond, Virginia Compliments of Norfolk Printing Co. Nottingham ' s Hauling Company Taylor-Parker Co. Hagan Supply Co. W. P. Johnson V. M. I. ' 07 Tabb, Brockenbrough Ragland Insurance — All Lines Richmond, Virginia iioi East Main St. Dial 2-6546 Compliments of Howard W. Saunders General Agent First American Fire Insurance Co. Lexington Agents WISE WADDELL E. A. STUMPF, JR. Secretary and Treasurer Southside Brick Works, Inc. Manufacturers FACE AND COMMON Richmond, Virginia OFFICE: Builders Exchange BIdg. Phone 3-8240 PLANT: Barnes Siding, S. A. L. Ry. Richmond, Va. Phone 2-4494 CHAMPION FOUNTAIN PENS Smooth Writing for Less Money Graduate to Sauer ' s Pure Vanilla JJ ' inner of l8 Gold I Iedal Aii ' ards Duke ' s Made Mayonnaise BEST BY EVERY TEST THE C. F. SAUER COMPANY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA

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