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H iig"'f 750691-, MMM- WT? ,"'7"'W' f fffwf M WW MAMA 7'ga"A"4"" 0' oew.4.,-vvn. 406444 'maj' Cfffwfvfv fx. ,4,g,,,,k gag - M E - wkwtjiwlf-44 f'xZ,,fm,c,z?m.,,,,,,4, M96 dwg 7"f"'f-fM,dc91M4a.. JM . ,A 2f5,.1.,fMffw,,m4.,u,,,,,,,-mg aim . me wha AM M4 my ,-f . 5: WQMJAG7! we fjmmfpdohmwaxi Mafjpaa V361 4- jt'-Q'McA,gj4f6Z'zA4a,an4KD!2,,,a,0,40?ig:,560t.,,Li -40:41 rv-. ja! jun ' al dawn Z JZ""'f afvrwllwjlvi- 4nz.,7mw,LW.g,l,5Mw066., fd 464, ZW, biwysf YWM 4o'v1-nf:-n,,,ZL., Z4 ntermont 1956 lgugfiagaaf Ly lfAe .Spaniard of Virginia lntermont College Bristol, Virginia C0 VL tg VL 56 Administration and Faculty O Classes 0 Departmental Activities 0 Qrganizations 9 Life at College Features A ,gznior ,Jga Jigrary gwifjing gzwlf Page 8 ejicalfion To tlie person who greets us with a sinile eaeli dayg to the person who gives freely of lier time and lier talentsg to the person wliose Chief interest is in helping otliersg to tlie person wliose kindness, gentleness, and friendliness is never for one, but for allg to the person who is both friend and Motlierg to the person wlio is so clear to our hearts, we, the Seniors, gratefully and lovingly cleclieate tlie 1956 IN'1'131nx1oN'1' to Mrs. Dwiglit VVillett. wfglff VW eff if 2? Page 9 minvfsiraiion ana? gacujiy ,-un-QL.. W... . .. ,Q Q., "',f-.Ji 5 xx u I Nwuw"9--. .-.Q , Our iirst encounter with our friendly president was at the annual tea given for the girls at his home. Since tl1en we have eo111e into Contact with l1i1n very often, both i11 the chapel and on tl1e campus. Dr. Brantley shows a great interest ill the welfare of the students, and he is tl1e first to congratulate us or give us constructive criticism when we need it IHOSt. VVC are very proud of our presidentls work i11 educational circles, for i11 1947 he was elected the President of the Southern Association of Innior Colleges, a11d in 1948 he served as President of the Southern Association of Colleges for YV on1e11. Now he is Chairinan of the Iunior College Coni- inittee of the Soutl1er11 Association of Colleges. Dr. Brantley received his AB. degree and MA. degree from Mercer University, and his Ph.D. from Ceorge Peabody College. He was Professor of English a11d JOl.l1'112'lllSl11 at Mary-lflardin-Baylor. At Bessie Tift College, in addition to being i11 the English a11d lournalisin Department, he filled the post of Treasurer. Our president has also served as Dean of the University of Georgia in Atlanta. Page 12 Dr. Rahun L. Brantley fyrwiafenlf Miss Marguerite Pflug Zan of Our very capable Academic Dean, Miss Pflug, carefully guides each girl's curriculum. She pre- pares our schedules from the vague future plans that we present to her, and often seems to "work wonders." During the year she presents many invitations for visits to her beautiful cabin, Rockynook, in Holston Valley, thus showing her individual in- terest in the various clubs who are so honored. As a French and German teacher, Miss Pflug is exceptional. She received her education in Europe, studying at the University of Berlin, and the University of Geneva. I-ler Ph.B. and A.M. degrees were acquired at Iohn B. Stetson Univer- sity and Columbia University respectively. Page 13 E has East naar-is an-fan -'EEE . an is ass ,Sam Nag., .Wagga wnggs wggss was-.nag , SEQW ag-H H W daring nnmnegm BW 55' Egsmnzzg snfggmrmnsng asian magna sa E issmggg ,sa nu M-an XSS HSE nf ,, Being Dean of VVomen isn't just a career for Miss Billingsley, it's a Way of life. She is noted for the keen interest she takes in her girls' prob- lemsg no matter how trivial they seem, they are always large enough for her complete attention. Our love for Miss Billingsley shows in our appre- ciation for all she has clone for us. She attended Judson College in Marion, Ala- bama, and completed her education at the Uni- versity of Alabama, where she majored in Soci- ology and English. Miss Billingsley is an enthusiastic member of V .lfs staff and will long be remembered for those "after hour" talks in which she patiently listens to our romance problems and "pet peevesf' Page 14 Miss Katherine Billingsley I Qalfl, O! WOIWZIQ Mrs. Grace Seay ddidlfdfbt lean, of Women l Q il 1 Mrs. Grace Seay, endeared to all by her sweet, helpful ways, is better known as "Munisie." For twenty years "Munisie" has been helping her girls and has loved every minute of it. She has no hobbies in the true sense of the word, but she considers her work at V .I. her hobby. XVe all know Mrs. Seay by the pretty red shawl that she wears, the lovely Southern charm she exudes, and the spirit of kindness that walks with her. A4ML111lSlC,, claims that there is nothing special about her, maintaining that she is average. VVe know differently. There just couldn't be another lKMlll11SlC,, in the whole, wide world. Page 15 .V..A , ,v ,xi s ,gi V, '11 ,wg gel, if Eu ' Page 16 Mr. S. O. Snodgrass zadilfremi anager Mr. Snodgrass is symbolic of so much here at V .I. He is the man in the Business Oflice who talks to us when we have overdrawn our bank accounts, the one who keeps us in suspense while we await the announcement of the Winner of the annual Song Contest. Mr. Snodgrass received his A.B. degree from Emory and Henry College in 1932. He served as a teacher and principal in VVashington County, Virginia, schools until he came to V.l. in 1943. Being very versatile, Mr. Snod- grass is active in civic affairs: the Civitan Club, the First Baptist Church, and the Boy Scouts. Among his hobbies are photography, boating, hunting, and fishing. Mrs. Walter Crockett jfwmnae .gzcrelfary ana! lirecfor 0 P14466 p8!6lfti0l'L5 Mrs. VV alter E. Crockett is the Alumnae Secretary for Intcrmont. Her job includes keeping in touch with 4,600 former V .l. students, handling publicity, planning pro- grams for various civic groups in Bristol, and many other extra-curricular activities. Besides her work in the college, she is President of the Bristol Democratic VVomcn's Club, a member of the Vir- ginia State Tuberculosis Board, and active in church work. She is completing her tenth year at Intermont and has edited three Cauldrons annually for the Alumnae. Mrs. Crockett's interests include her daughter and her two darling grandchildren, Bobby and Vicki. As a hobby she loves Working with people and carrying out her duties at V .l. with enthusiasm and zest. MISS ADAMSON, librarian, received her A.B. from Milligan College and B.S. and L.S. from Peabody College. Last summer she acquired her MA. from Peabody. I ler hobbies are reading, movies, and double crossticks. MISS GATES attended V. l. College and received her B.S. degree from Duke University. She teaches in the Nursing Departm en t. MISS CLARK is the college mathematics instructor and sponsor of the Beta Club, the Y.YV.A., and the Areannes. In addition to taking pictures for the lN'1'IiRlXl0N'I' and the Cauldron, she photographs birds and flowers for her slide collection. A - wonderful teacher who thoroughly imparts knowledge, Miss Clark is treasured by all hcr students. At the University of Richmond, where her B.S. was received, she was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity. She attained her M.S. at the University of Richmond. MRS. IIOVVARD CRUMLEY came to lntcrmout first as f ff L ext.-is 3 5 i Is ri 9 its aux, 5 . a student and then in 1932 to take the job as Secretary of Ad- 'O ,gag E Em iii!! missions. From the look at the constantly growing student body, she has proved to be competent for her position. Mrs. Crumley has as her hobbies three very important items: her husband, her children, her home. FACULTY - ' 4 - fa ' ...,.:.,......., , , X V E a a aa--5--.:::-:-:.-: - fa Q- wi 8 as zgw. Q a w Mgwa- if B Niggas sri gg a. was i- iz... - ss .mu was me a is E . ir MR. BROXVN, representative for Interniont in North Caro- lina and Virginia, completes his second year with us this spring. Ile received his A.B. degree at the University of Alabama and his MA. at Boston University. MRS. FEATHERS is Mrs. Crockett in the Alumnae Office. Mrs. Feathers takes Religion and English in addition to her office work. Iler hobbies are her two lovely children. MISS NOBLE, who attended the New York Institute of Dietetics and received her B. S. in Ilome Economies at East Tennessee State College, is our dietitian, and what a task she has undertaken! However, she certainly does an excellent job- cspecially on those Thursday night dinners and the scrumptious holiday banquets. MRS. FRITSCIIE-what would we do without her! One is seldom, if ever, turned away from her Book Shop. She keeps it stocked with everything from perfume to stuffed animals. Mrs. lfritsche received her education at Simmons in Boston, and has been at V. I. for the past sixteen years. Page 17 XVLI S MRS. DANIEL, gay and gracious instructor in the Biological Science Department, studied at Appalachian State, V .P.I., Van- derbilt, and George Peabody College. She is a member of Beta, Beta, Beta, honorary biological fraternity. Mrs. Daniel's hobbies consist of hiking, swimming, animals, and plants. DR. MARION, the head of the Chemistry Department, re- ceived his A.B. degree from Roanoke College, and his A.M. and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University. Known for his pa- tience in class, Dr. Marion is one of the most understanding teachers on campus. His hobbies include woodworking, cabinet making, tools, and working in his chemistry laboratory, which is the garage of his beautiful, ranch-type home on the Blount- ville Highway. MISS MEADE, who teaches college English, received her A.B. degree at Martha VVashington College and her M.A. in English at Columbia University. Since she came to us in l943, Miss Meade has taken an ardent interest in student activities, in addition to being on Honor Council and the Rules and Regu- lations Committee. Poetry, good music, and the theatre are among her favorite pastimes. For recreation, she likes reading, dancing, horseback riding, and walking. MRS. MILNE, our teacher of College Iunior English, a Phi Beta Kappa at Randolph-Macon VVomen's College. At the University of Temiessee, she was a member of Pi Lambda Theta and Phi Kappa Phi. She loves painting, making braided rugs, and interior decorating. ACULTY MR. PEARCE, who teaches Sociology and Psychology, at- tended Milligan College and George Peabody College. His many hobbies include hunting, fishing fabove alllj, golfing, and teach- ing in a girls' school. DR. LOUIS H. TAYLOR, a newcomer to V.I. this year, teaches Religious Education. He received his A.B. degree at Georgetown College and his B.D. and Th.D. at the Southern Baptist Tlieological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Taylor is a co-sponsor of the Iunior Class and he has really made a place for himself by his show of enthusiasm in all campus activi- ties. Ilis hobbies are bowling, fishing, and golf. 'l'hc delightful teacher of History and Civics in the Prepara- torv Department is none other than MRS. DXVIGI-IT VVIL- LETT. She was graduated with an A.B. degree from George- town College and received her M.A. from the University of Tennessee. VV hen she is not occupied with her duties as B.S.U. sponsor and associate sponsor of the high school, she enjoys listening to radio mysteries, traveling, and reading historical novels. MR. IOHN ATXVOOD came to Intermont this year as Voice teacher and Glee Club director. He received his B.M. degree at Houghton College and his M.M.E. at Oberlin College. Mr. Atwood's hobbies include playing the cello, the Kingsport Symphony, and listening to his Hi-Fi phonograph. Page 18 . ..:. . 1 - z 5 ilfil 42.3-sis, W .. -is 31 ll - I . M L wifi' . ' c . ,V ., 1. fm at - is : 2 f K f - 3-E' ' O tit' i t :xp L J V,.. .A at MISS ELLIZR, who teaches piano and organ, was graduated from the College of Music at Cincinnati. Cooking and traveling irc her hobbies, and she loves painting, music and good plays. MISS ERICKSON, who teaches in the Music Department, attended the VVoman's College of University of North Carolina, where she received her B, M. degree in violin. She was a member of Pi Kappa Lambda. IIer interests include reading, biking, and talk singing with the guitar. MRS. IIODCE, who teaches art, attended Sullins College, Columbia University, Ceorge Peabody College, and the New Hork School of Fine and Applied Arts. Being artistically in- clined, she produces beautiful paintings, ceramics and hat designs. MRS. REIFEL, who teaches in tl1c Business Department, re- ceived her B.S. degree at the Upper Iowa University, LL.B. at Houston Law School, M.A. at Drake University, and P.H.D at The American University. Mrs. Reifel is wellrknown the cam' pus overg her hobbies are hiking. sewing, and writing music. FACULTY MR. OSTHOFF, head of the Music Department, was graduated from Kansas City Conservatory and received his M.M. degree at Converse College. His hobbies are cooking, playing with clogs, and driving his first car. Mr. HO" lists his pet peeves as lazy students, and snow. MR. STATHAM, head of the Drama Department, re- ceived his B.A. degree from McMurry College and his M.A. degree from Northwestern University. The Barter Players have been fortunate in having Mr. Statham design several sets for them, and they are proud of the vibrant enthusiasm hc has for the dramatic activities of the Barter Tlieatre. MISS HARTLEY, a newcomer to V. I., is a member of the Secretarial Science Department. She was graduated from East Tennessee State College where she received her B.S. degree. The hobbies she most enjoys are reading and traveling. MISS MAXEY, better known to her friends as Betty, is also a newcomer to Intcrmont. She teaches Secretarial Science. She received her B.S. degree from Southwest Missouri State and her M.B.A. from the University of Deliver and while there was elected a member of the Delta Pi Epsilon. Iler hobbies include reading and visiting with people. Page I9 MR. I. H. BARKER, IR., is in the Admissions Department. He has been the Northern Representative for several years, and from all indications he has done very well. Girls who come into contact with Mr. Barker remember him as being a wonderful person to know. MISS SMITH, head of the Secretarial Science Depart- ment, received her A.B. from YVest Virginia Business College, her M. A. from Flora McDonald College, and she also attend- ed Penn State. Much of her time is taken as sponsor of the Canterbury Club and Alpha Pi Epsilon, but in her spare moments she enjoys playing bridge, working crossword puzzles, and collecting antiques. MISS LOVVMILLER, better known to her many friends as Bobbie, teaches Physical Education and dancing. She received her B. S. degree from the VVOman's College of the University of North Carolina. As sponsor of the ILO Club and the YVesley Foundation, she plays an active role on the V. I. campus. VVhen not breezing about in her Model A, she can be found indulging in her favorite hobbies: camping, painting, traveling, and listening to music. MISS MOORE, our fun-loving Art teacher, attended Ringling School of Art, Meredith College, and Mars I-Iill Iunior College. Her hobbies include playing golf and fishing. FACULTY MISS SKEI-IAN, who directs the School of Nursing at V .I. and Bristol Memorial Hospital, is a native of New Jersey and a graduate of the Yale University School of Nursing. MRS. RUNNION is Intermont's teacher of the Funda- mentals of Nursing. She is originally from Honaker, Virginia, but she now makes her home in Bristol, MISS DO'l"l"IE IEAN HOUSER is another one of those indispensable secretaries found in East Ilall. She attended V .I. for her two years of college and has been working on the secre- tarial staff since her graduation in 1953. This vibrant, young redhead enjoys group singing and music in general. MRS. DONALD C. PEARCE is the secretary to Dr. Brant- ley. She received her A.B. degree at King College and began working in East I'-Iall in 1948. In her spare time, which she insists is a rare thing indeed, she enjoys curling up with a nice thick novel before her. Page 20 MISS MILLER, an instructor in the Home Economics De- partment, was graduated from Iowa State College where she received her B. S. degree, and Columbia University where she was awarded her M, A. degree, She enjoys watching her favorite television programs in her leisure hours. MRS. AMIS teaches Latin, French, and German in the V. I. Preparatory Department. She was graduated from the University of Louisville, where she received her A.B. degree, and she did graduate work at the University of Mexico. Antiques hold her interest as a hobby. MR. COBB, the teacher of Espanol, attended Copiah Lincoln Iunior College, Peabody College for teachers, and Ilarvard Uni- versity. Besides sponsoring the Little United Nations Club, he enjoys poetry, writing, playing the guitar, and weight-lifting. Photography is also one of his favorite pastimes. Mr. Cobb and his friendly satire are known to all the girls, who think of him as their big brother. MR. C. ERNEST COOKE teaches English literature and Ilistory of Art. Mr. Cooke's chief interests are art, music, and drama. His hobbies are collecting works of art and recordings. Twenty-six years ago he started the Art Interest group. He also started the Annual Regional Exhibition for contemporary painters. This has brought many paintings and artists to the campus of V.I. Mr. Cooke has an active part in Integrated Cultural Pro- gram which harnionizes the special fields of art and music with the classes. He has organized nine trips to New York and has toured Europe ll times. Ile has written two plays and he also FAC paints. ew, awk Kin. ULTY MISS CLAIRE COHEN is the tall attractive teacher of History who hails from Kentucky. Her warm smile and her talent for playing the organ beautifully are known by all. She is a graduate of V.I. and received her B.A. from Ceorgetown College. She likes the friendly Christian atmosphere here at Interment, meeting people, clothes, and she often thinks of touring Europe some day. MRS. CANTVVELL, our textile expert, teaches in Ilome Economies Department. Iler charming personality won for her the love of all the Ilome Ee. girls. MRS. BOVVERS, our peppy Physical Education instructor, is often called "Reno," She received her B.S. degree from East Tennessee State College, and she serves us well as sponsor of the Athletic Association. The hobbies that claim much of her spare time are the designing and making of her own clothes, and cooking. MISS PHILLIPS is our teacher of horseback riding. the has She attended V. I. College. Miss Phillips enjoys riding, art, bridge, and sports in general. Page 21 was ,t 1 1 s za ask S5524 :VWWZZYK soma MRS. PAINTER has completed her twelfth year at V .I. as housemother of second floor Main and second and fourth VV est, Administration, and Hodges. She received her education at Randolph-Macon VV 011161115 College and raised a time family be- fore coming here. "I'Ier,' girls and her grandchildren she places before her hobbies and interests. MRS. TOMPKINS, "Mama T" as we all know her, is the residence counselor for third Main, YVest and Administration, and fourth Main. She received her education at Sullins College and has been at Intermont now for Hfteen years. Among her interests are sewing and cooking, but we shall always remember her for her skill as a painter. MRS. CAREY, affectionately known as "Mom Careyf, is the housemother for East Hall. Acting as co-sponsor for the Iunior Class this year, she contributed much to the wonderful spirit of the class. In her spare moments, "Mom Careyl' enjoys reading and handiwork. She is completing her second year at V .I. this spring, and she is already very well known and dearly loved by all the girls. MRS. MARY N. BREXVER, before becoming secretary to Dean Pflug, was a member of the V .I. student body, She be- gan her job as secretary in 1953, the same year in which she was graduated, and she has proved herself very competent for the position. Mrs, Brewer loves music, and as hobbies she en- joys reading and sewing. FACULTY MRS. HARPER is the manager of the Tea Hole and has been for the past twenty-seven years. XVhen not in our little snack bar, she can more than likely be found in an antique shop pricing glassware. VVC shall always remember her for her un- tiring efforts to please us and her willingness to help us any- time we need her. She is truly a wonderful friend to us all. MRS. RAYMOND COSE completed her Hrst year as a bookkeeper in the Business Office at Intermont this year. All in the office know her as "Dot" and as being one who loves bridge and sewing. MISS ROE, our llouse Supervisor, is always ready to help us with our rooms, store our trunks, and just everything. Her kindness and helpfulness are known the Campus over. MR. ROBERTS is our No, 1 maintenance man. VVhenever we find ourselves in a tight spot while decorating for one of our dances, we run to him, and he never fails to offer his much needed services. One of the special things he does for us each year is adorn our school with Christmas decorations. VVhat a splendid job he does! Page 22 DR. EDXVARDS has been a faithful member of the Inter- mont Home Staff for many years. As college physician, he spends regular hours in the intirmary each morning checking all our aches and pains. llis air of gcntleness and his sincere smile make him a father to all. MRS. IUDKINS, the Florence Nightingale of the intirmary, is a wonderful friend to us all. She has been nursing in Bristol for the past thirty years and at Intermont for the past four. She and her husband are very proud of their two daughters and their families. Mrs. Iudkins makes "her girls" her hobby, and we'll have to agree that we keep her hands full. RITA IO RIVERS is in the Admissions Department at V.I. She attended V .I. as a student for two years, after which she H., received her B.S. degree from Radford State 'l'cacliers' College. Miss Rivers is the representative in Kentucky, Tennessee, and XVest Virginia. She is certainly a real addition to our Admis- sions Staff. MRS. BILL 'l'Al4"l' is one of the head bookkeepers here at Interment. She attended V .I. for two years of college and re- turned in 1948 to work in the Business Office. Mrs. Taft lists bridge as her favorite pastime. MISS IO-ALICE IONES, our Religious Director, came to us from Howard University, where she majored in English, Speech, and Drama. VVl1ile there she had the distinction of being elected to "VVho's YVho in American Colleges and Ullie versitiesfl Being wellftraveled, she has lived in nearly every part of the United States, The love Miss Iones has for her work at V. I. is reflected on the girls who come into contact with her. FACULTY XV e, the students of Virginia Interinont, wish to thank our wonderful Faculty for all that they have done for us . . . not for just teaching us in class, but for their participation in extra-curricular activities such as teas, ball games, and concerts. Again, We say, "Thank you, Faculty," for your never-ending Willing- ness to be teacher, companion, and friend to all of us. Page 23 I Page 24 Firxt raw: M. GIVANNI, D. HARLOXV, C, GEIPEL, A. HERNDON. Serum! ww: M. POPE, J. SPRY, M. STADLER, O. HALL, S. EDMONDSON, B. STONE, M. MOORMAN. Third row: N. WILSON, P. ALEXANDER. STUDENT OFFICERS OCEILE HALL ...... ..............,.,.,. ...,,..... P r csidlerzt MARION STADLER ...., ..........,. V ice-Pwsirlcnz' SARAH EDMONDSON ,...... ....,... S UCl'Cf!lVjl-T1'L'dS1l1'Cl' GovERNMENT The Student Government is composed of the students of Virginia Intermont College Who pledge themselves to develop the prin- ciples of honor and self-reliance. The three- fold object of the association is to represent and further the best interest of the student body, to promote responsibility, self-control, and honor among its students, and to secure cooperation between different campus organi- zations. Ofhcers are elected each year from the stu- dent body, the primary offices being held by seniors. These representatives function as a legislative and judicial organization. The Student Government Association was introduced to the new students during orienta- tion Week. The week was filled with teas, dis- cussion periods, and campus tours. The tradi- tional "So This is Intermontn program was given, and the Week was climaxed with a candlelight service in the amphitheater. The outstanding projects of the year were Charm Week and the Valentine Formal. Svalvrl: MISS BILLINGSLEY, MISS MEADE, MISS PFLUG, MISS COHEN. Sfnmling: P. BAKER, O. HALL, C. DAVIS, MR. COBB, M. B. VENABLE, J. PHILLIPS. ldONOR The Honor System is a tradition well- established and well-loved at V.I. Each girl is responsible for her own conduct and actions and for those of her fellow students. The sys- tem produces ideals which last while at V.I. and in later years. Mature Christian judgment must be used in making decisions that will up- hold the high ideals. COUNCHJ The Council is composed of the following: the Academic Deang the Dean of Womeng three other faculty members-appointed by the college presidentg the presidents of the Senior, Junior, and High School classesg one other Senior class memberg and the Student Government president. These members have jurisdiction in cases of major offenses. Page 25 l S58 R mike mf: 'f-'gawk A . J, Ta E wr-1 . 9. Pm fuer- L L,f4i3Qiw:1X.Ng M4 ws: ' - f : ffrqwg fafm ig ' wmv af F' nfl! ijajxggy. , RQ? sdvwb J Y f w .. Q2 arp! X JANET BERRY Secveiarial Science PORT NORRIS, NEW JERSEY President of Wesley Foundation, 195 5- 19 5 6g Secretary of Y.W.C.A., 195 5- 19565 Religious Planning Board, Alpha Pi Epsilon. O REBECCA BISHOP M usic' MOUNT STERLING, KENTUCKY Boots and Saddle Clubg Glec Club, Dorm Councilg Modern Dance Clubg Phi Betag President of Junior Class, 1954- 19565 Song Contest Leader, Honor Coun- cil, May Court, Torchbearerg H20 Clubg Sports. Page 28 MARGARET ELIZABETH ALEXANDER Gcflzeral Cnliu rc' BRISTOL, TENNESSEE President of Phi Theta Kappa, 1955- 1956, Student Government, INTERIvIONTg Arennnes. O DOROTHY JANE ARMSTRONG Home Economics MILITORD, CONNECTICUT Canterbury Club, Treasurer of Home Economics Club, 1955-19563 Tip 'n Run Club. JANET BORST Home Economics HOLLIS, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK Home Economics Clubg L u t h e I' a n Clubg Sports. ANNE WIDENER BOWMAN General Culture ABINGDON, VIRGINIA Areannes, 19 54-19 5 6 VL BETTY ANNE BRIZENDINE Secretarial Science HOWERTONS, VIRGINIA Dorm Councilg B.S.U. Executiveg Tip 'n Run Clubg Y.XV.A.g Fire Wardeng Y.W.C.A.g May Court. BETTY BRUMFIEL General Culture POTTSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Feature Editor of C'aulrl1'011g Journal- ism Clubg Boots and Saddle Clubg Sports. Page 29 8 VL PATTY COLE General Culture ROANOKE RAPIDS, NORTH CAROLINA Wesley Foundationg Boots and Saddle Club. 0 JEAN MARIE COLEMAN General C ulture I-IYANNIS, MASSACHUSETTS Vice-President of Westminster Clubg Glee Clubg Tip 'n Run Clubg Secretary of A.A.g Y.W.C.A. Councilg Sportsg May Court. Page 30 PAT BULLOCK Nursing BRISTOL, TENNESSEE President of Nursing Club, 1955- l956g Arezmnesg May Court. GLADYS VIVIAN CARMACK General Cnlfzufe BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Alpha Pi Epsilong Areannesg Chairman of House and Grounds Committeeg Mem- ber of Hut Committee. CAROLYN B. CROOKS Pre-Retailing HANOVER, PENNSYLVANIA Boots and Saddle Clubg H20 Club. GAYLE DAILEY Fine Ari Course ACME, NORTH CAROLINA Boots and Saddle Clubg Vice-President of Art Clubg Westminster Fellowshipg Y.NV.C.A. Councilg Art Staff of INTER- MONT. eniord JOYCE ANN DETRICK Gene-ml Cultznfe TOWANDA, PENNSYLVANIA HQO Club. O SUZANNE CRANE DONNELL Geffzeml C ul ture WINCHESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Dorm Councilg President of Fourth Maing Student Governmentg President of Boots and Saddle Clubg H20 Clubg Art Clubg Feature Editor of INTERMONTQ May Queeng Sports. Page 31 PATRICIA ANN EADS Secretarial Science POCAHONTAS, VIRGINIA Wesley Foundationg Modern Dance Club. 0 SARAH MARGARET EDMONDSON Medical Secrefarial POWELL, TENNESSEE Secretary of Student Government, 1955-19563 Greater Council, 1955-19563 Y.W.C.A. Couneilg B-.S.U. Page 32 E LOIf':5 BOBETTE DRYSDALE Medical Secretarial WESTERLY, RHODE ISLAND Dorm Councilg President of Canter- bury Club,1954-1956, 1955-19565 Presi- dent of Nostrae Filiae, 1955-19565 Reli- gious Planning Boardg Featuresg Alpha Pi Epsilong Copy Editor of INTERMONTQ Boots and Saddle Clubg Modern Dance Clubg Vice-President of Senior Hall. JEAN CARYL DUFF Nursing CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA Westminster Clubg Nursing Clubg Dorm Councilg Basketballg H20 Club. I'- DOLORES GARRETT Secretarial Science BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Areannes, 1954-1955, 1955-1956. CAROL ANN GE IPEL Secretarial Science LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Dorm Councilg Student Governmentg Portrait Editor of INTERMONTQ Athletic Associationg Alpha Pi Epsilong Tip 'n Run Clubg May Court. ZVL SUE OAST GEORGE Applied Art PoRTsMoU'rI-I, VIRGINIA Canterbury Clulbg Art Clubg Y.W.C.A. Councilg Religious Planning Boarclg Dance Decoration Committees. SANDRA MAE GILLIAM Secretarial Science LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Wesley Foundationg Y.W.C.A. Coun- cilg Caulclrong May Court. Page 3 3 PATRICIA GRAYSON Music SPINDALE, NORTH CAROLINA Secretary-Treasurer of Phi Beta, 1955 19563 B.S.U.g Glee Club. LINDA GAYLE GRIFFIN General Culture WALHALLA, SOUTH CAROLINA President of Westminster, 1954-1955, 1955-19563 Religious Planning Boardg Dorm Councilg Glee Clubg Sports. Page 34 nior MARCIA GIVANNI Liberal Arts TORRINGTON, CONNECTICUT Dorm Councilg President of Third Maing Student Governmentg Newman Clubg Religious Planning Boardg Vice- President of Phi Theta Kappa, 1955- 1956g Boots and Saddle Clubg May Court. PAULINE GONZALEZ Secretarial Science HAVANA, CUBA Dorm Councilg Student Governmentg Tip 'n Run Clubg Torchbearerg Y.W.A.g Home Missionsg Little U.N. Clubg B.S.U. Council. SALLY GAY GUSHEN General Culture BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Glee Clubg Swimmingg Voice. 0 OCEILE HALL General Culture SALEM, VIRGINIA President of S t u d e n t Government, 1955-1956g Phi Betag Honor Council Rules and Regulations Committee Y.W.A.g Glee Clubg May Courtg Reli- gious Planning Board. DORTHYE MAE HARLOXW General Culture ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Student Governmentg President of Hodges Hall, 1955-19565 Dorm Coun- cilg Boots and Saddle Clubg Y.W.A.g Y.W.C.A.g Home Economics Clubg Sports. ANNE BRADLEY HERNDON Home Economics CHILHOWIE, VIRGINIA Dorm Councilg Student Governmentg Wesley Foundationg Tip 'n Run Clubg Curry Clubg Home Economics Club. Page 35 BETTY JEAN HUNEYCUTT Secretarial Science APPALACHIA, VIRGINIA Editor-in-Chief of 1956 INTERMONTQ Miss Pinafore, 1954-195Sg Tip 'n Run Clubg Dining Room Hostess, 1955-19565 Westminster Clubg Y.W.C.A. Council. MARCIA ANN JEFFRIES Liberal Arts MJLLVILLE, NEW JERSEY Curry Clubg Y.W.C.A. Councilg Wes- ley Foundationg Glee Clubg Feature Ed- itor of Cauldrong INTERMONT Staffg Dance Committees. Page 36 BETTY HUDDLESTON Nursing ALLISONIA, VIRGINIA Secretary-Treasurer of Wesley Founda- tion, 1955-19565 Nurses' Club. CLAUDIA HUME Pre-Elementary Education CHATHAM, NEW JERSEY Dorm Council: Student Governmentg Dance Committeesg Secretary-Treasurer of Newman Club, 1955-19S6g Sports. GAIL JOHNSON Nursing BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Arezmnesg Nursing Club. 0 GOKSEL KALAYCIOGLU General C1LIfZl1'C' BURSA, TURKEY Dorm Councilg Vice-President of Little U.N. Club, 1953-1954i Arr Clubg Torchbearerg Fire Wardeng Sports. 'Q VL L 0 lf' fl MARY ANNE KEARNEY Secretarial Science PHOEBUS, VIRGINIA Newman Clubg Sports Editor of Caul- dron, 1955-19565 Journalismg Dance Committees. ADDIE LEE Religious Education GLADYS, VIRGINIA Tip 'n Run Clubg Vice-President of Bv.S.U.g Executive Council of Y.W.A.g Dorm Council. Page 37 SALLY MASON Secretarial Scien ce PEARISBURG, VIRGINIA President of Wesley Foundation, 195 5- 19 5 63 Nostrae Filiae Secretary, 195 S- 19564 INTERMONTQ Y.W.C.A. Council 0 MADELYN MCCARTY Nursing DANTE, VIRGINIA Areannesg Nursing Club. Page 38 VL HELENA LEE General Culture HONG KONG, CHINA B.S.U.g Little U.N. Club. I SANDRA JANET LIMBACHER Secretarial Science STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT Business Staff of INTERMONTQ Wesley Foundation. PATSY MCCROSKEY General Culture BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Areannesg Glee Club. . SUSAN MCGOWAN Pre-Retailing CARTERSNVILLE, GEORGIA Westminster F el l o w s hi p g Cd1lllfVIIl1 Stuff. lk lfl LOIf'f5 PHYLLIS MEADE Secretarial Science BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Areannesg B.S.U.g Day Student sentativcg Y.W.C.A. Council. I JOAN CATHERINE MICHAEL Secretarial Science WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Wesley Foundation, 19 54- l 9 5 6. Repre- Pagc 59 JOREEN MORTON Nursing BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Secretary of Areannes, 1955-1956 Hut Councilg Nursing Clubg Sports. DOLORES MULKEY N u rsing RICI-ILANDS, VIRGINIA Nursing Clubg Wesley Foundationg A.A.g Sports. Page 40 enllora JUDITH ANNE MILLER Drama GAYLORDSVILLE, CONNECTICUT Secretary of Curry Club, 1955-1956g Director of Delta Psi Omega, 1955-19565 Tip 'n Run Clubg Vice-President of S.C.F., 1955-19565 Modern Dance Clubg Dorm Councilg Glee Clubg Cauldrong Sports. JOAN MORRELL General Culiure BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Areannesg Hut Councilg Orientation Committeeg House Party Committee. I l l fm, N11 MARY LIDDLE NARDI Drama SANDS POINT, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK Vice-President of Curry Club, 1954- 19555 President of Curry Club, 1955- 19565 Delta Psi Omegag Dorm Councilg Areannesg Y.W.C.A. Councilg Sports. SARAH NEBLETT Gene-ral Culture BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Areannesg Hut Councilg Nostrnc Filiac. SY Mia' l' ' elaiora X' 'R I JOYCE E. NEILSON Secretarial POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK Editor of Caulzlrong President of Alpha Pi Epsilon, 195 5- 1 9 5 63 Home Economics Clubg Dorm Council. O BETTY JOYCE NUCKOLS N uirsirz-g XVAYNESBQRO, VIRGINIA A.A.g Tip 'n Run Clubg Wesley Foun- dationg Nursing Clubg Sports. Page 41 LILY PAN General Culture FORMOSA, CHINA Little U.N. Clulng Y.W.C.A. Musicg age 42 GAIL PEARCE General Culture DOVER, NEW JERSEY C21l1fCl'bLll'y Club. SHIRLEY ODHAM I Nursing I BRISTOL, TENNESSEE I Areannesg Nursing Club. 0 GLORIA LEE OLIVER M ea' ical Secreiarial RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Greater and Executive Councils of B.S.U.g President of Y.W.A.g Religious Planning Boardg Glce Club Sextct. 1fLi01f'5 JEAN M. PETERSON General C1Ll1fu1'e New BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT Dorm Councilg Vice-President of Hodges Hznllg Home Economics Clubg Cauldron Reporter. JOYCE PHILLIPS Liberal Arts OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY President of Senior Classg Honor Coun- cilg HgO Clubg Boots and Saddle Clubg Art Clubg Glee Club: CH1lI!f'f!J77 Stagg Sportsg May Court. Qpnlr xv VERA LOUISE PIKE Secretarial SUDBURY, MASSACHUSETTS Vice-President of Boots and Saddle Club, 1954-19565 Y.W.C.A. Councilg XVesley Foundationg C'd1lllI,1'017 Staff. MARY NELL PIVER Applied AVI' WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA XVestminster Fellowshipg Art Club. Pwqc 41 ?r ' g-ISN MARTHA LOUISE ROBINSON Retailing GALLIPOLIS, OHIO Assistant Editor of Cd1llfIT01ZQ Boots and Saddle Clubg Student Governmentg Wesley Foundationg Sports. SANDRA ROWLAND Liberal Arts LEWES, DELAWARE Canterbury Club-5 Business Staff of INTERMONTQ Boots and Saddle Club. Page 44 nlord BETTY RICHARDSON Secretarial B'RIs'roL, TENNESSEE Areannes, 1954-1956. 0 MARILYN RINGLEY Secretarial Science BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Arermnes, 19 S4-195 S. L I BEVERLY ANN RUSH General Culture ABINGDON, VIRGINIA Areannesg Hut Councilg Historian of Nostrae Filiaeg Secretary and Reporter of Phi Theta Kappa. 0 FRANKIE RUTI-IERFORD General Culture BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Arcannesg Glee Club. VL ,9- ' 15 L0l"f5 :?"'4 i NANCY STEWAR RUTHERFORD Liberal Aris BRISTOL, TENNESSEE ry., , T Areannesg Treasurer of Phi Theta Kappag INTERMONT Staff. 0 RITA SCHMID Secretarial Science MANHAssET, LONG ISLAND, NE W YORK Vice-President of Lutheran Groupg Phi Beta Fraternityg Sports. Page 45 NANCY CAROLYN SHELL Geneml Culture BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Treasurer of A rea n nesg Advertising Manager of INTERIWONTQ A.A.g Hur Council. HELEN MATLACK SHERWOOD Scimvvc' MAGNOLIA, NEW JERSEY President of Y.W.C.A.g President of Religious Planning Boardg Vice-President of A.A.g Secretary-Treasurer of Alpha Pi Epsilong Editor of group pictures of INTERMONTQ Cu11lzlr011 Reporterg Sportsg May Court. Page 46 JOSEPHINE SHAW Medical Secwetarial HADDONFIELD, NEW JERSEY Vice-President of Y.W.C.A.g Curry Clubg Tip 'n Run Clubg Wesley Founda- tiong Dorm Councilg Janie Hammitt Homeg Caulclron Staffg Sports. I PATRICIA JANE SHELBORNE Home Economics CHRISTIANSBURG, VIRGINIA Home Economics Clubg Art Clubg Modern Dance Clubg Wesley Foundationg Treasurer of Hodges Hnllg Dorm Coun- cilg May Court. 5 "fri: .335 W ,, V H f ff CAROL LEE SI-IEXWBRIDGE Gefmral Culfure BETHESDA, MARYI.AND Vice-President of Second Mning Dorm Councilg H20 Club: INTERMONT Staffg Cauldron Staffg Sports. BETTY SITGREAVES Liberal Arts KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE President of Areannesg Chaplain of Phi Theta Kappag Hut Councilg INTERMONT Staff. v l lpn. lik CLAUDIA SMITH Pffe-Retailing ENGLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY Boots and Saddle Clublg Home Eco- nomics Clubg Y.W.C.A. Councilg Wesley Foundationg INTERMONT Staffg Crmlrlron Reporter. I MARIANNE SMITH Fine Aff LANGDALE, ALABAMA Art Clubg Art Editor of INTERMONTQ Editor of B.S.U. Razv, 19 5 5-19S6g Y.W.A.g Glee Club. Page 47 JEANNE HARRIETTE SPRY Merlical Secretarial HICKORY, NORTPI CAROLINA Vice-President of Alpha Pi Epsilong Dorm Councilg Treasurer of Senior Hall, 1954-19553 President of Senior Hall, 1955-l956g Student Governmentg Treas- urer of Y.W.C.A.g Y.W.A.g Business staff of INTERMONTQ B.S.U.g Sports. MARION STADLER Home El'0l7077ZlL'S SCARSDALE, NEW YORK Vice-President of Student Govern- mentg Secretary of Home Economics Club, 1954-l9SSg President of Home Economics Club, 195 5 -1 9 5 6 5 Dorm Councilg A.A. Councilg Photography Ed- itor of INTERMONT. Page 48 VL CONSTANCE ROBERTA SMITH Pre-Eclucatiorz COVINGTON, VIRGINIA Boots and Saddle Clubg Wesley Foun- dationg Y.W.C.A. Council. 0 PEGGY ANN SNODGRASS Liberal Arfs IB'LOUNTVILLE, TENNESSEE Areannesg A d vertising Staff of the INTERMONT. lv EY JANE ANNE STEPHEN Medical Secretarial WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS Dorm Councilg Secretary-Treasurer of Westminster Fellowshipg Treasurer of Senior Classg Tip 'n Run Clubg Y.W.C.A. Councilg Photography Staff of INTER- MONTQ Typist for Caulzlrong Senior Class Editor of INTEIxMoNTg May Court. BARBARA STEPHENS Secretarial HARIKISBUIKG, PENNSYLVANIA President of A.A.g Boots and Saddle Clubg Cauldron Staffg Portrait Staff of INTERMONTQ Sportsg May Court. Q ' I0 'Ax 'xp 'Q f , gy? ,v x N3 - ,-,IX Z5 , X Q1.f,'Vtg'?0aflF4',Lg5H53?' ig fm' KEN I5 xp ax ici. in -Ng, Ol 1 ,ey fill" ,k9"?. I C if xyijrll 1:9 Luxe' .S ' RQ? Pao' .Q .Q p 5' xb 'LQ' 05 'K ' df 'S Rf. S, XX Kp was VL L 0 If 5 BARBARA STONE Nursing . BEAVERDAM, VIRGINIA President of East Hallg Dorm Councilg N Student Governmentg Nursing Clubg De- votional Chairman of Wesley Founda- tiong Secretary-Treasurer of Religious Planning Boardg Tip 'n Run Club. GARA ANN STROUPE General Culture FALLSTON, NORTH' CAROLINA Fashion Editor of Canldrong Sports. Page 49 BEVERLY TATE N ursmg MONTEAGLE, TENNESSEE Secretary of Canterbury Clubg Nursing Club. Q PHYLLIS ANN TERRY N ursin g KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE President of B.S.U.g Religious Planning Boarclg Y.W.A.g Secretary of Boots and Saddle Clubg Nursing Clubg May Court. Rage S0 JOAN MARIE SWXIAT EK Pre-Retailing CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY Newman Club-g Y.W.C.A.g Janie Hammitt Homeg Cll1lll!l'011 Reporterg Sports. CHRYSTYNA SZYPAJLO Medical Secrefarial ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Little U.N. Clubg Glee Clubg Newman Clubg Laboratory Assistantg Sports. BARBARA THOMAS Nursing BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Areannesg Nursing Club. I SYBIL TRENT N ursing DUNBAR, WEST VIRGINIA Secretary of the Senior Classy Nursing Clublg Dorm Councilg INTERMONT Staffg Cauldron Reporter and Typistg Sports. NANCY TRUJILLO Secretarial Science HAVANA, CUBA Dorm Councilg Student Government President of the Little U.N. Clubg New man Clubg May Court. I MARY BABB VENABLE M usic BEDFORD, VIRGINIA Dorm Councilg Vice-President of Sec- ond Maing President of Junior Class President of Phi Beta Fraternityg Boots and Saddle Clubg Glee Clubg Honor Councilg Maid of Honorg Sports. Page S1 MARTHA PIERCE WILSON Liberal Arts RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Tip 'n Run 'Clubg Fire Wardcng Vice- President of Y.W.A., 1955-19S6g Exten- sion Chairman of B.S.U. MARY JAYNE WILSON Liberal Arfs RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S.U. Greater Council, Executive Council, and Treasurerg Y.W.A.g Y.W.C.A.g Treasurer of Junior Class, 1954-19553 Torchbearerg Modern Dance Clubg Art Club. Page S 2 VL VIRGINIA XVARREN Nursing PINEY FLATS, TENNESSEE Areannesg Nursing Clubg Y.W.C.A. Council. ALICE WILSON Home EC011017'liC'S KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Vice-President of Christian Clubg Home Economics Clubg Assistant Nurse in Infirmary. NANCY WILSON Liberal Arts DENVER, COLORADO Boots and Saddle 'Clubg President of Art Clubg President of Modern Dance Clubg Tip 'n Run Clubg Y.W.C.A. Councilg President of Fourth Maing Dorm Councilg Student Governmentg Historian of the Senior Classg May Court. DOROTHY ANN WOOD General Culture NORTON, VIRGINIA Dorm Councilg Treasurer of Second Maing Tip 'n Run Clubg B.S.U. Executive Councilg Y.W.A. Councilg INTERMONT and Cauldron Staffs. 'RMQH Q Emwam ,-ip 111555535 ff 4-um lfl, Lord PATRICIA YOON General Culimfe SEOUL, KOREA B.S.U.g Greater Councilg Y.W.A.g Little U.N. Club. O JANE MORRISON Geueml Culture BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Bookkeeping in the Business O ffice. Page S3 SE IORS Page OFFICERS JOYCE PHILLIPS ...,. ....,.. P rcsizlenf MARY NARDIM, ....A. Vicfr-Presirlczzz' SYBIL TRENT ...... ...,... S erretary JANE STEPHEN ...,, ...,,,,. T 1'L'tlSll1'C'l' enior Zfddif cJ41!i5lf01f'y It was Wednesday, September 13, 1955, that ended our summer fun. We Seniors arrived at Intermont, got settled, and made ready for our "Little Sistersf, The following days were devoted to helping a wonderful Junior Class become a part of V. I. Orientation Week was full of picnics, teas, and parties. Before we knew it, classes began and the year was truly underway. With Joyce Phillips as president, Mary Nardi as vice-president, Sybil Trent as secretary, Janie Stephen as treasurer, Nancy Wilson as historian, Oceile Hall as Student Government president, and Mr. Cobb as our class sponsor, we knew a wonderful year lay before us. Our class was united then, and we vowed we would remain thus through- out the year. October brought our first dance, an afternoon informal which aided in meeting boys from the surrounding schools. This dance led to many dates, especially to Fall Formal given by the Day Students. The fellowship of the townspeople came into being when the Kiwanians took us on a grand picnic. Rat Day, a day dreaded by the Juniors, loved by the Seniors, came and went with sportsmanship shown by all. November brought forth one of the highlights of the year, Song Contest. Under the superior direction of Becky Bishop, the Seniors began two weeks of ardent practice. On the night of November 5, the proud Green and White, and an even prouder Becky, accepted the plaque after the three classes presented their love for V. I. through music. A few weeks later the Y.W.C.A. presented the Harvest Carnival. December brought forth Christmas gaiety. To the strains of Dean Hudson's band and amid beautiful decorations, the school enjoyed a tremendous Christmas Formal sponsored by the Seniors. We all showed our true Christian spirit one Saturday afternoon. It was certainly our pleasure to put on a Christmas Party for the orphans of Bristol. December 16 was a most happy day for all of us. Christmas vacation-at last!! S4 January brought forth a very busy month. Class spirit prevailed one Saturday with the traditional Effigy Hunt, followed by the Junior-Senior basketball game. A week of secrets came, too. Peanut Week always proves so much fun, doing favors for your Peanut and wondering who your Shell could possibly be. The Valentine Formal and colorful Water Pageant made February a very eventful month. March brought to our minds that graduation was not far away. Our "Little Sisters" showed their devotion and their thanks to us by putting on a most memorable Junior-Senior Banquet. Mr. Statham's girls showed their talent by present- ing their big play of the year. The Publications Formal was beautiful. April brought forth a much-needed vacation. We came back to warm weather and sun bathing. The Drama Recital exhibited two long years of studying by Judy Miller and Mary Nardi. Yes, their work had been most rewarding. May, our final month at V. I., consisted of picnics, banquets, and the Spring Formal. Graduation activities began in earnest with the Annual Horse Show. Torchlight Ceremony was so very beautiful. Tears flowed as we realized that our last days at V. I. were here. May Day was most impressive as our lovely queen and her court filled the amphitheatre. The Drama Department again put their talents to work and presented a commencement play. The following day was Alumnae Day, and the alumnae of Intermont outdid them- selves to add to our commencement fun. Our Baccalaureate Sermon was Sunday morning at the First Baptist Church. That afternoon we accepted our diplo- mas under the proud eyes of our families, friends and faculty. Our hearts are sad as we leave V. I. The friends we have made will be 'treasured throughout our lives. The going was not always easy, but we did learn to cope with the many difficult situations we shall have to face throughout our lives. Yes, "Strangers we came, now friends we part," all of us stronger and more ready to take our places in the world. fifii L +55 ,,ilM 9 wg. u i W xg? VR wr .J 'Q Q Q 0. 1 WX. A Wim 53 pw., , 3311: gg-K-M gin-K my,-X .Mhz C: ' TBI ,. 323.23 -3 ,6 wnju U T7 x-31:15. .N W M Q W .B f, ii., 4: T3 E JJ 555,41 F gr' -MwQeZaf5':gf? M YQ 5 QQ, m W ,f .X . XML wfg ,Ma - fi Du , .ir Q ,Q-FQ , ,. L Zi".1.'i M JR 32 A551392 5,4- 22 .,?,.57WLl?f 'fx-1:-sa mil' Wmfimamv M Q 1 W any HH + ' We Q: T., W ,HW W M :L 73 f ' A: N ZW., N 1? X X 7 N x -km x x 1 , i' , -www W .xf 13.3 -1 M Lx iw-frmwag ,- ag. : is T ,, .W ., wnior Kiowa .JQZZA for? Our first year in college is over. But where did the time go? It seems that we arrived at Intermont with mixed feel- ings of anticipation, hesitancy, wonder and bewilderment. Everyone knew where she was going and what she was doing, except us. After standing in the sun for what seemed hours, our Big Sisters took us up to our rooms. Now began the tedious task of un-packing and making a "home" out of a room with four bare and very lonely walls. For the next few days, every moment was full of some- thing new and different, whether it was wandering around campus, meeting new friends, or just talking with our roommates until all hours of the night. But then, we began our studies in earnest and with them came the realization of some of our responsibilities at college. From 'then on, we became better acquainted with V. I. and its surroundings. Thru teas held by various campus organizations, the afternoon dances, and other activities, our list of acquaintances grew. Why, in no time, we felt com- pletely initiated into life as college juniors. B-ut we had reckoned without Rat Day. Whenever this memorable day is mentioned, chants of "On our knees we go . . . ," and visions of dust pans, Dutch cleanser, and brooms flash through our minds. This was all overcome, though, by the remem- brance of the wonderful cheers given for us by the Seniors at the end of Rat Day. Thank-you, Big Sisters. The days went by full of studying and talk. However, the sub-ject of Song Contest began appearing prominently in conversation, and being new at V. I. we had no earthly idea as to what it meant. In our class meetings, we selected a very capable song leader, Verna Lee Miller, and work was begun on writing and learning our Pep and Proclamation songs. As yet, we were still in a haze as to what it was all about. As 'the long and tedious hours of rehearsal went by, the louder the protests rose. All the solace we received was the vague promise, 'iWait until Song Contest night and then you will understandf' Soon the night of November the fifth arrived, and as we prepared to present our song a feeling of pride and humility came over us . . . pride in our accomplish- ments, and humility as we realized that we were but another part of the long procession of juniors that had gone before us, taking part in one of the most outstanding and memorable events at V. I. When the judges had made their decision and the Seniors had won, we realized that we had won something priceless for ourselves . . . a closeness and deep sense of un- Page 56 ICR CLASS OFFICERS CLAIRE DAVIS ..... ,..,. P rrxiclcnf Liz HOLT ..,,. .,..,. V it'e-President MARY BUTTERXVORTH ..., ...,. S ecrefary EMILY Posr ...... ,...... T reasilrcfr derstanding with our classmates that had come from the long, hard hours of rehearsals. Before we knew it, Thanksgiving was over and Christmas was just around the corner. Spirits rose high, as the favorite of all celebrations drew nigh. Christmas gifts were given and the flurry of packing began long before the day of departure arrived. In the rush and excitement of going home, though, we had neglected a little to remember the true meaning of Christmas. That is, until the Seniors and Student Govern- ment came Christmas caroling late one night and brought the true spirit of Christmas into our minds and hearts again. Finally, on December 16, we left, many of us traveling 'to various points all over the United States and South America to be home for the Holidays. The days of vacation flew by and soon we were back at school with the ominous threat of semester exams facing us. Many long hours of studying and burning 'the midnight oil were spent as we prepared for the big tests to determine what we had accomplished in our four months at college. Finally they were over and we were able to relax again. The Junior-Senior basketball game came and with it the traditional effigy hunt. The search for the green and white doll was carried through many pipes, up high places, and in every possible and impossible location on campus. Needless to say, the best team won the game. Soon after the effigy hunt, hard work was begun on preparations for the Junior-Senior Banquet. But the long hours of planning were well worth itg when the evening arrived the Banquet was enjoyed by all. March came in traditionally and, as the days went past, bids were sent out for Publications Formal to the very special "ones." What a beautiful and wonderful night it was . . . with the members of the Cauldron and THE INTER- MONT, in their white gowns and flowers, forming their tradi- tional figure. It was a night we will never forget. Some of us went home for Easter and then came back again with only fifty-five more days to go 'til school was out. The days passed so quickly with the Spring Formal, the annual Horse Show, Torchlight Ceremony, and, of course, May Day. The last week of school was filled with the seemingly endless job of packing our clothes and the amazing amount of things we had accumulated from only nine months at college. On May 24, the majority of us left for summer vacations. Those who stayed to watch the Seniors receive their diplomas, looked forward to September when thev would return to V. I. as Seniors and in a short time would be re- ceiving their diplomas as graduates of Virginia Intermont. 1fL1fLi01f'5 SHARON ALLEN XVINSTON-SALEM, N. C. MARY SUE ALTIZER RICHLANDS, VA. CAROL ANDERSON MILFORD, CONN. . MARSHA ANDERSON BRISTOL, TENN. SUSAN BAILEY LYNCHBURG, VA. VIRGIE ANN BAKER INDIAN SPRINGS, TENN. ELIZABETH ANN BALLARD PETERSTOWN, xv. VA. BETTY BARBER RUSSELLVILLI5, KY. MARILYN BARRETT FT. LAUDERDALE, FLA. MARY BARTI-I ROCHESTER, N. Y. BECKY BASS GORDONSVILLE, TENN. BETTY .B-ALTHIS BRISTOL, VA. BETTY JEAN BERKLEY INDIAN SPRINGS, TENN. FLORENCE BICKNELL MANLIUS, N. Y. JOHNETTE BISHOP I-IEBRON, CONN. DIANE BREEMAN KONA, N. C. ANN BRIDGES LYNCI-IBURG, VA. DONNA BRITTON PORTSMOUTH, VA. Page 57 . JD? iw, ,EQ Qi Page S 8 lfLlfLLOI":5 PEGGY BROWN JACKSONVILLE N C MARY BUTTERWORTH RICHMOND VA ANNETTE COLVIN TOWSON MD MARY CAMPBELL SIERRA BACATETE MEXICO CAROL CAMPBELL WINCHESTER VA. CAROLYN CANTRELL POUND, VA. CAROLYN CARLTON JACKSONVILLE, FLA. DOT CARRIER BRISTOL, TENN. SARA CASANOVA ORIENTA, CUBA DOTTIE CATON CONCORD, N. C. JOYCE CHICERELLI ALPHA, N. J. BERNICE CI-IILDRESS BRISTOL, VA. MARY ANN CI-IRISTENSON GLEN ROCK, N. J. BETTY CLARK BARBOURSVILLE, VA. FRANCES CLARK ABINGDON, VA. JUDITH CLEARY PINEBLUFF, N. C. CELIA CONE GAINESVILLE, FLA. SALLY COOKE WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. nniord CLAUDETTE COOPER ST. PAUL, VA. CLAIRE DAVIS CAMILLA, CA. FAYE DAWSON CHATHAM, VA. ARDETH DEEKE WOOD-RIDGE, N. J. MARCIA DEFLAUN TOWANDA, PA. PHYLLIS DIEHL BETHLEHEM, PA. LYNDA DENTON BRISTOL, TENN. KAY DORRIS GOODLETTSVILLE, TENN. MARY ELIZABETH DOUGHERTY WESTFIELD, N. J. KAY DOUGLAS MT. JACKSON, VA. HARRIET DRURY PITTSBURGH, PA. JUDY EDWARDS WOODCLIFF LAKE, N. J. LOIS ELLIOTT BLUFF CITY, TENN. SHIRLEY EUBANK SALEM, VA. ANNE FAIRBANKS BERMUDA MARIA FAS CABOROJO, PUERTO RICO CAROLYN FERGUSON BRISTOL, VA. ELEANOR FOX WINCHESTER, KY. Page S9 '- H. 'Q T vim 5 , ...4..A-l-.. ...Y ,Q ff? HL. n. 'Q K I1 i H X W ,A,. ' V HU x 1 rv- I , L Q f I , . .,, " I . Ir.-iw L" E23 4 I A. f Page 6 0 nniord ADELINE FRAZIER MAX MEADOWS, VA. MARY FRY AMBLER, PA. MARY ANN GARDNER COS COB, CONN. ELIZABETH GROENEWEGEN RALSTON, N. J. IEANNIE GROLLJOHN DANBURY, CONN. MARIE GUADAGNINO RICHMOND HILL, N. Y. MARY LYNN HAGY BRISTOL, TENN. EVELYN HALL STEPNEY, CONN. PATRICIA HARTER MATHIAS, W. VA. JANE I-IARTLEY BRISTOL, TENN. MARY KAY HEVEN ER SWOOPE, VA. ANNA I-IOFF MERION, PA. GAY HONAKER BLOUNTVILLE, TENN. LIZ HOLT BRISTOL, VA. JANICE HORSLEY PULASKI, VA. CAROLYN HUGHES BRISTOL, VA. PAULA HYATT MACON, GA. MARILYN JACKSON MONROE, GA. zfwazlozw CHARLOTTE JEWELL SALEM, VA. ALLEENE JOHNSTAN ROANOKE, VA. LYNN JUSTUS BRISTOL, TENN. PATTI KANE AUBURN, N. Y. KYUNG I-II KIM SEOUL, KOREA CELESTE KRAEMER ELMONT, L. I., N. Y. SHIRLEY KYLE PHOEBUS, VA. GLORIA LANE BRISTOL, VA. SUSAN LANKFORD LYNCHBURG, VA. MIRTA LEON GUATEMALA CITY, CENTRAL AMERICA NANCY LIVESAY ROGERSVILLE, TENN. MAUREEN LYONS PUTNEY, VT. JANICE MAY OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. SY.B-LE MAYNARD BELMONT, N. C. SALLY MCEVOY COS COB, CONN. LINDA MCLIN HARRISBURG, PA. LORETTA MIDKIFF HALIFAX, VA. MOLLIE MILLER CHRISTIANSBURG, VA. Page 61 sr:.rL- ,. .- 7 .J 1 H-5 '-. G ,A 1.-I Page 62 wniord VERNA LEE MILLER HANOVER, PA. MARGARET MOODIE SPRING FIELD, MASS. CYNTHIA MGREHEAD OOOKEVILLE, TENN. JOAN MORRELL BRISTOL, VA. SANDRA MONFORTON SANFORD, FLA. SONJA MONFORTON SANFORD, FLA. MARCELLA MOORMAN ROANOKE, VA. PERNETA MORRIS RICHMOND, VA. PHYLLIS MULLINS COALGOOD, KY. SHIRLEY MANN BRISTOL, VA. PAYE MARQUIS MARION, VA. SHIRLEY JEAN NELSON FLAT RIDGE, VA. DOMINI NICHOLS ORLANDO, FLA. AMINTA OCHOA ZUILA, VENEZUELA MONICA OCHOA ZUILA, VENEZUELA IZEGGY. ,O:D.ELI. BRISTOL, VA. INEZ ORELLANA CAMAGUEY, CUBA SUSIE PARK PUSAN, KOREA wniord JEAN PETRUZZI HAMMONTON, N. J. JANE PHILLIPS BRISTOL, VA. EMILY POST FAIRFIELD, CONN, JOANNE PROUDFOOT GRANTSVILLE, W. VA. BARBARA QUARLES ASHLAND, VA. KAY QUILLEN GATE CITY, VA. CATHERINE RASH ' WESTFIELD, N. J. JANET RASNAKE BRISTOL, TENN. BARBARA REED PRESTONSBURG, KY. BOBBIE REGNIER FT. MEADE, MD. SALLY RENN FREDERICK, MD. BARBARA REUSS WESTPORT, CONN. CAROLYN RHODES BLUEFIELD, W. VA. SUSAN RICE PITTSBURGH. PA. SYLVIA ROGERS PORTSMOUTH, OHIO JUDY ROLLINS CLINCHPORT, VA. CATHLEEN SANFORD TRENTON, N. J. SELMA SATISKY FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Page 63 BP' D. E' ww I. In II I., I. . I. ' L, Li. EER? Page 64 wniord LOUISE SCHAIBLE WEST SAND LAKE, N. Y. BARBRA SCHAPERO WINTHROP, MASS. LOIS SCHUTT WESTFIELD, N. J. PAULA SCOTT RICHMOND, VA. BEVERLY SEDWICK MADISON, N. J. NANCY SERGEANT CRANFORD, N. J. BETT SHEORN LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENN. PATT Y SHRADER LEBANON, VA. JO ANNE SHROEDER FREDERICK, MD. BARBARA SUMMERS OCALA, FLA. JEAN SKOLD NEWARK, DEL. JUNG HI SONG SEOUL, KOREA MARGARET STECK DANBURY, CONN. NELLIE STEVENS BRISTOL, VA. PATSY STEWART BRISTOL, TENN. JEAN STIDHAM BRISTOL, TENN. RUTH STOPHEL BRISTOL, TENN. MARIANNE STRICKLAND SANFORD, FLA. 1fL1fz,i0r5 ROSEMARY SWANN BRONXVILLE, N. Y. PATRICIA SWANN COLUMBIA, S. C. SYLVIA SWARTS FORT SCOTT, KANSAS GILL TAYLOR CLIFTON, N. J. NINA TAYLOR Cos COB, CONN. CAROL TOMASSONE I-IAMMONTON, N. j. BETTY SUE TRENT BRISTOL, VA. JUDY UTTERBACK ERIE, PA. MARY KAY VANCE BRISTOL, TENN. SHIRLEY VAUGHAN LYNCHBURG, VA. MARIA VILLAVERDE CIENFUEGOS, CUBA MARY GAIL WALKER TAZEWELL, VA. EILEEN WALLACE BALTIMORE, MD. PAT WEAVER RICHMOND, VA. B-ARBARA WEETMAN ARLINGTON, VA. LINDA WEIST EUCLID, OHIO VIRGINIA MAE WHITE LYNCI-IBURG, VA. IACQUELINE WILLIAMS CHICAGO, ILL. Page 65 Page 66 vnniolm JOAN WILLIAMS EDGEWOOD, R. I. PAT WILLIAMS GATE CITY, VA. KAY WINKLER LENOIR, N. C. MRS. DOROTHY WINTERS BRISTOL, TENN. BOBBY JO WOLFE APPALACHIA, VA. CHARLENE WOLFENBARGER BENTONVILLE, ARK. SUSAN WOMACK FORT CARSON, COLO. MARY LYNN WORLEY BRISTOL, VA. MARTI WOOLEDGE BLOOMINGTON, ILL. 9 I i ,xv MN' if September, 1955, rolled around rapidly, and soon the members of the class of '56 were once more together reminisf cing old times and telling their experiences of the wonderful three .months of fun and sunshine which were now behind them. The fourteenth of September was a day of excitement when the Juniors arrived. The Seniors met their "little sisters" with pride and enthusiasm and soon found that they put forth all their efforts and talents in the activities of the Blue and White. The class officers were soon chosen and there was busi- ness to be taken care of and work for all. We could not have done it though without our wonderful sponsors. Thank you, Mrs. Willett and Miss Cohen, for being so helpful and un- derstanding. Those informal get-togethers which you made possible were just wonderful! Before we knew it, November had arrived and the annual Song Contest was the main event. The spirit of the Blue and White was never more evident than when Jane Robinson started us off with "On Your Mark!" No sooner had we recu erated from the Thanks ivin P 3 3 festivities than we realized that the mid-December rush of preparing for the Christmas Holidays at home had come. What excitement there was! During the first week in January the High School enjoyed a series of social get-togethers. These informal gatherings helped us to get over that occasional homesickness, which everyone feels after the good times of Christmas. Page 68 59 Scdoof idfory The Junior-Senior Banquet was a never-to-be-forgotten event. The Juniors certainly put forth all their efforts 'to make the evening a huge success! Thank you, "little sisters." from the bottom of our hearts. It was a night that will always be remembered. This year, for the first time, the Senior Class took a trip to points of interest in Virginia, including Williamsburg, Richmond, Charlottesville, and Lexington. A good time was had by all, and we hope that this will become a tradition for the Blue and White. The High School really shone on "their day", which began before dawn and ended with many weary girls. Not only could we wear bermudas to class, but our teachers treated us like Queens! Our Chapel program was a success, too, and the Seniors had a lot of fun planning what they would "will" to the Juniors. May was upon us before we knew it, and we realized that soon it would be time to leave Intermont. The Senior break- fast and May Day, in which the High School representation was well taken care of with four of our loveliest girls in the May Court, were occasions never to be forgotten. Torchlight, Baccalaureate at the First Baptist Church, and Commencement in the amphitheater were events that will always be dear to us. As we were leaving Intermont, we knew our cherished memories would always be with us, and "the friends that we had made would be our friends eternally." HIGH SCHCDOL SE IORS GFFICERS PAT BAKER ........ .4.....,,. P rexirlenf JAN MOCK .,.,....... ....,... X ficc-Presirlrrz-I PEGGY BERNARD .,,..... , ..,. Treasurm' GI G1 SIVIITH ........ , Secretary OFFICERS I I I I I : I I 0 0 I MARIQIE BERRY ,....,.. .....,..,.., P 1'f'KillClZf PI-IOEBE DUKE ....,..,. 4 ..,.... Viva-P1-vxizlcrzf I ' N I Q R S JUDY CHAPPELL ..,..... ...,...... S ecrafary MARY JEWELL ..,,.,.. ,..,,.... T l'L'!lS1l1'f3l' Page 69 EJQ!igfz .SJCAOUK Cgyeniozw -IFN 'Q Page 70 SHELBY ASHFORD KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE PATRICIA ANN BAKER WINTER PARK, FLORIDA President of Senior Class, 195 65 Vice-President of Junior Class, 19555 Secretary of Wesley Foun- dation, 19553 Vice-President of East Hall, 1956, Y.W.C.A.g Dorm Council, High School Editor of INTERMONTQ Honor Council, Sports. MARGARET JANE BERNARD NEWTON, NEW JER SEY Secretary of Senior Class, 195 6g High School Editor of Cauldron, Debate Club, 195 5g Art Clubg Westminster Fellowship, Fire Warden. MARY JO BERRY NEW CASTLE, KENTUCKY B.S.U.g Y.W.A.g Greater Council of B.S.U. RITA ELENA BURRELL PANAMA, REPUBLIC OF PANAMA Little U.N. Clubg Newman Club, Y.W.C.A.g Sports. DIXIE LEE CAYTON MORGANTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA HQO Clubg Art Clubg Wesley Founclationg Y.W.C.A.g Sports. ZQA 3400! Lgjelfaiolw LINDSEY CI-IAPPELL TAMPA, FLORIDA HQO Clubg Dorm Councilg Sports. BARBARA CHOI 2, SEOUL, KOREA Little U.N. Club. ELLEN PRATT CLARE KING GEORGE, VIRGINIA B.S.U. Greater Councilg Y.W.A. CATHERINE COX BUCKS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA Publicity Manager of Canterbury Club, 19563 Modern Dance Clubg Sports. KATHLEEN YVONNE FLOYD NICHOLS, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S.U. Executive Council. BETTY ANN FOSTER WASHINGTON, D. c, 59A Lgjcltoofgggyeniord .1 , , nw , gi Page 72 ADELE GAY WAVERLY, VIRGINIA Jo LEE GENTRY WATERFORD, VIRGINIA Boots and Saddle Clubg Art Clubg Westminster Fellowshipg Treasurer of Dorm Councilg Fire Warden. PAM GIBE SMYRNA, DELAWARE Art Clubg Y.W.C.A.g Wesley Foundation. HELEN GREMMELS LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA I NANCY ELLEN HARRIS GLASTONBURY, CONNECTICUT Boots and Saddle Clubg Y.W.C.A.g Sports. LYNNE ANNE HORTON BEDFORD, OHIO Debate Clubg Westminster Fellowshipg Fire Warden. Lyla Sclaoof Seniord JOAN JAFFEE WESTFIELD, NEXV JERSEY Tip 'n Run Club. LAURA ELIZABETH JUDY PARIS, KENTUCKY Art Clubg Modern Dance Clubg Westminster' Fellowshipg Sports. I CARYL KANTOR NORTH TARRYTOWN, New YORK DIANE KEFAUVER NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Westzninster Fellowshipg Vice-President of Tip 'n Run Clubg Y.W.C.A.g HgO. 0 MARDELL DIANA MAIN NAPA, CALIFORNIA Secretary of Debate Clubg Tip 'n Run Clubg Curry Clubg B'.SIU. Greater Councilg A.A. Coun cilg Glce Clubg Y.W.A.g Y.W.C.A.g Orchestra INTERMONT Staffg Sports. MYRNA CARLEEN MAIN NAPA, CALIFORNIA Treasurer of A.A., 19563 Tip 'n Run Club B.S.U.g Y.W.C.A.g Y.W.A.g Glee Clubg Orches trag Sports. I I' ai' I I :' 1: IIII I! I I i i HW" ' I 11 III. ' I Wfff I f: JL 'Q HSI.. ' . :s -i Page 73 Page 74 QA Solano! egyeniozw ATLANTIC, VIRGINIA Debate Clubg B.S.U. Greater Councilg Dorm Council. JAN MOCK DAMASCUS, VIRGINIA Secretary of Junior Class, 19553 Beta Club' 1 Senior Class President, 19565 President of S.C.F., 1955-19565 Y.W.C.A.g Religious Planning Board. FRANCES MORRIS DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA Treasurer of Junior Class, 195 S 5 Wesley Foun- dationg Cauldron Staifg Sports. LYNN MURPHY XENIA, OHIO Boots and Saddle Clubg Glee Clubg HQO Club. 0 ELEANOR POLLARD COLUMBUS, OHIO ning Boardg Debate Clubg Cauldron Staff. MYRNA ELIZABETH POPE MIAMI, FLORIDA cilg Sports. I Canterbury Clubg Art Clubg Religious Plan- ' Representative to Student Governmentg B.S.U.g Boots and Saddle Clubg Little U.N. Clubg Y.W.A.5 B.S.U. Executive Councilg Dorm Coun- igA, CSJc!L00!,SJe1fLi0r5 JANE ROWE REYNOLDS CHATHAM, VIRGINIA Boots and Saddle Clubg B.S.U. Greater Coun- cilg Y.W.A.5 Sports. JANE PARKER ROBINSON WARRENTON, VIRGINIA Vice-President of Dorm Council, 19S6g Curry Clubg Boots and Saddle Clubg Y.W.A.g Y.W.C.A.g Glee Clubg A.A. Councilg B.S.U. Greater Councilg i 1" , 15534 vi i Swv l l ' , ,.' i Q ' ,,..isffvfHf'mf Song Contest Leaderg Caulrlron Staffg Sports. VlA SHARON ROTTIER ATLANTA, GEORGIA NANCY SEXTON FOUNTAIN CITY, TENNESSEE Tip 'n Run Clubg B.S.U.g Y.W.A.g Y.W.C.A. GI GI SMITH PULASKI, TENNESSEE Treasurer of Senior Class, 19565 Boots and Saddle Clubg Y.W.C.A.g Wesley Foundationg INTERMONT Staff. SANDY SMITH HAMILTON, OHIO Art Clubg Westminster Club. Page 7 5 1 , 5522 JQLQA ,SJc!L00!,SDe1fL1f01f'5 i-. 1, 1 , 1:i1'i5a..f-2 ' l'l'f-- " L, , l 1 i l I 1 1 1 w , L L iaaa......,,.,. ' fs . ..l,,x....L.....-- -. MARY ANNE THOMPSON PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Canterbury Clubvg Y.W.C.A.g Boots and Saddle Clubg Sports. VIRGINIA GAIL THOMPSON LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Westniinster Fellowship R cp re s e n t a tiv e' Y.W.C.A. LOUISE THOMS CARACAS, VENEZUELA Little U.N. Clubg Y.W.C.A. SANDRA VOSBURGH AUBURN, NEW YORK President of Newman Club, 1956g Vice-Presi- clent of Newman Club, 19553 Modern Dance Clubg Dorm Councilg Religious Planning Boardg Sports. O PATRICIA WATROUSE Page 76 STANFORD, CONNECTICUT Boots and Saddle Clubg Y.W.C.A. ANN WILSON KING FERRY, NEW YORK Art Clubg Westnuinster Fellowshipg Y.W.C.A. GRETCHEN YOST DALLAS, TEXAS , rfggifl 'T LYNNE ALEXANDER MYRA AYRES MARKIE B-ERRY KINGSTON, JAMAICA MANILA, P. I. NEW CASTLE, KY. SANDY CLENNY LINDA COFFMAN PHOEBE DUKE WANTAGH, L. I., N. Y. WINTER PARK, FLA. ALACHUA, FLA. ANGELA FERNANDEZ MIRIAM GONZALEZ MERRY HULL HAVANA, CUBA HAVANA, CUBA GORDON, NEB. JOYCE LEDBETTER AMANDA MCCOY ROSA PALAU CARTERVILLE, Ill. MONTGOMERY, ALA. SANTIAGO, CUBA I f 'I A wx . ' Y , TI Uqlr I Nl:-M',lm N.,' NANCY BROWN JUDY CHAPPELL MCMINNVILLE, TENN. TAMPA, FLA. MARGARET EVERSOLE DARLA FAULKNER BARBOURVILLE, KY. JUDY KNISKERN COOPERSTOWN, N. Y. HARLAN, KY. MARY JEWELL KENNEBUNK, MAINE JULVLEOP6 I-IILDA SEGRERA I-IAVANA. CUBA VICKI TURNER HUNTSVILLE, ALA. JUDY VAN SCHOICK ANDY WARD BAY HEAD, N. J, BALTIMORE, MD. Page ej5a1fZ1f1fLe1fLZaZ Qiciiviiies l !l'S,'4'5 Hz. ,. fy Vai, B8 K' wg, fm ,wwf jimi sum my Q :gf , i . 3 ,QL-,HQ rm n-M 2 sem new enema sea wmwenew' e mx- -3 f sn in w Z z s U n w w xx w nm 4 xew x X 2 rx 1 n may an 5 rs. E, ,Pi ,2- X F-1 me Us :ns f H ,. wee, M m use naman vex- an K s s x u new me H ees a me me Kees? m m me an e was ganna swam! Eg KK E SEEN W 'mEem fieem 'f'mnum.nw was ees asses me - a me sw ax me sw E me ease X EB mass mxgw Kress seems WSE Emir me me as Begg H2168 me me www was new e Maia mkmms Hman, zsdfmw? use e SL :ei- s ,. H . ,,, ,. Secretarial Department ecrelfariaf Science Secretarial majors at Virginia Intermont are offered excellent opportunities to obtain positions in almost any business ofhce as a clerk, typist, stenographer, or secretary, with a wide knowledge of the business field which she has acquired in the Secretarial Depart- ment. Head of the department is Miss Mary Lou Smith, assisted by Dr. Beulah Reifel and Miss Maxey. Accounting, business correspond- ence, shorthand, filing, typing, economics, oiiice practice, and business law are the sub- jects offered. Wealicaf jzcrefaria 0M,I"56 The Secretarial Department also offers spe- cial opportunities for girls studying under the Medical Secretarial Course. They have practical experiences in local doctors' ofhces and in the Bristol Memorial Hospital, during which time they apply their secretarial Work and become familiar with medical assistance. Their medical terminology is obtained from their required courses in science, biol- ogy, anatomy, physiology, and microbiology, under the direction of Mrs. Harrison Daniel. I. ffofg, nzissed that word!" 2. "Tbat's rumzzing! I was rigbf floe first fi1710.v 3. The souml effects for "The Typewriter Song." 4. "Smitty" showing Inez how fo do it up righf. Page 80 Social Studies .JQi5forg Mrs. Dwight Willett and Miss Claire Co- hen teach American History and World His- tory, respectively, on the Intermont campus. These classes are designed to develop in each student an understanding of the conditions of the United States and the entire world today, and exactly why such conditions exist. This influential study pattern pre- pares each girl to accept a place of respon- sibility in the town of her choice. In religion, under the direction of Dr. Louis Taylor, courses are offered in Old and New Testament History and in comparative religion, which gives each student an insight and understanding of the philosophies of re- ligions other than her own. First semester study includes the major world religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Mohammedanism, Shintoism, and Confucian- ism. Second semester is devoted to the study of the major branches of Christendom. The main emphasis and goal of the soci- ology, under Mr. Donald Pearce, is to teach the girls to think clearly and objectively as they review problems. In addition to local surveys, many outside reports are assigned throughout each semester. Mr. Pearce also teaches classes in general and child psychol- ogy. Emphasis here is placed upon the rela- tionship of man to his heredity and environ- ment. Economics and law, taught by Dr. Reifel, enables the girls to see how our country stands in relation to production of the other countries, and it also instructs them on the topic of business law. I. Dorff we look intelligent?" 2. NYOII-,I-'C' S015 I1 poinf there, S'ur'." 3. "Wlanf a chuckle, judge!" 4. "You -mean you zilovfl know zulamf this is Mrs. Rc'ifc'l?" fPanf0mimc' of "On Top of Old S'moky'."j Page Sl .ETFJMM -am,-,W-,ear - - .a-1sg,w't.,i:s:i if r- - i E553 este? as-M E-if! mga EEE' SKB seems .iss na s an X we mms ia Q. x 2 A is 3. was an E., x an is was is an nm as as si , mn QQ-Q meagre ,ss i 5 A Q s r 2 si .if is me swam me is mn magnum swans ss wwe.-as -amen n use an slim wmqw wana is 'in wm- Rum si -s ws H558 E - - s sv 1 fx uses it-1 i we as was-A-ef :Lim in .. 2 ., , . .-w-4---earner ' x i i X mail, ' ' v- 1 e ffm 1 W Ns H Q . . mme X, Zgipipswsxi i i .E is we: ec L .. ...i fit ii ' 5. 5 , s i Qfa X we - ---ig 2 a gigfg Q 5 gg 5 is -gags s e as .,M,. 115 ii s ep: 1--1 -i -Q s- Y. r was is r an ry,- i a is .lg i,aF were was ms ir xii an sms an-is me xr new :fn new me su is n me as -is Z 32 Mathematics Department The college and high school mathematics are taught by Miss Marion Clark. For the college level, algebra, trigo- nometry, analytic geometry, and calculus are offered. High school girls may choose from plane geometry, solid geom- etry, trigonometry, and algebra I 85 H, for their math courses. In addition to regular class periods and assignments in parallel readings, each student completes a colorful, in- teresting math project which is placed on exhibition. Miss Clark, Head of the Mathematics Department, presents the assignments, principles, and theories in a factual, interest- ing Way which enables each girl to learn and remember the idea faster and for a much longer period. I. "Init float pzzrtzfttiy, Betty!" Z. "That kind of szfmfy looks like fun!" ursmg Department The Nursing Department is Linder the direction of Miss .B-ernice Slcehan, Mrs. James Runnion, and Miss Phyllis Gates. It is one of the pilot schools of Cooperative Re- search in Junior College Education for Nursing. Academic courses are conducted on the V.I. campus, and clinical experience is given at the Bristol Memorial Hospital. The program consists of two regular school ses- sions of nine months and one eight to ten week period of clinical experience in the intervening summer. This in- cludes approximately ten weeks of vacation at Christmas, Easter, and in the summer. After two years the students will be eligible to take their R.N. examinations and receive an Associate of Arts Degree. 3. "Wc'll, it 'll11lSf bf' in here somewhere!" 4. "What in the world is Mal!" Page 82 Science Department An extensive course is offered at V.I. in the scientific field under the direction of Dr. S. J. Marion, Miss Marion Clark, and Mrs. Harrison Daniel. Under Dr. Marion, assisted by Betty Sit- greaves, the courses of high school chemis- try, and general chemistry, and qualitative and quantitative analysis for the college level are taught. Physics, taught by Miss Clark, is designed to fit the needs of those who wish to understand the physical world, and who wish to learn about the operation of many common, practical, mechanical, and elec- trical appliances. Botany, zoology, micro- biology, and anatomy are taught by Mrs. Daniel. All of these branches of science are made interesting by frequent field trips and detailed laboratory work. 1. Look, Mrs. D. g it 171'0'l!ESl,, 2. "The life you save may be your own." 3. "Why those sick looking faces?" 4. Ioyee and Gayle getting a kick. out of frog legs. Page 83 ws , -ff c vs we E55 'W we was a i an w is is .-. as E e in an Bi sm -ver V . 1 an wan Hamm ms' um 1 X, mar, an HN we in if sm' is E at me mums EQB Em me ax an an is an as . isa me is as aa Music Department Intermont's Music Department, as a member of the National Association of Schools of Music, offers instruction in piano, organ, voice, violin, wood winds, and theory. An outstanding attribute of V.I. is the Alpha Beta Chapter of Phi Beta, national professional musical fraternity. Mr. john Atwood, Voice Director, has led the V.I. Glee Club to new heights of fame this year. Piano instruction is offered by Mr. Ralph Osthoff, Director of Music, and Miss Frances Eller, who also teaches organ. Miss Louise Erickson handles the violin and wood wind sections along with the direction of the orchestra and the string quartet, Music students a ear in concerts at V.I. and PP other places. Radio appearances are also scheduled to give the girls a well-balanced musical program. Classes are offered in music a reciation histor of PP s Y music, introduction to music, and theory I Sc II. 1. Our V.I. quartet tuning up. 2. Becky, displaying ber skill at the "Little Pal Party." 5. "Lc'i's get fogeilaerg wax if funny or sad?" 4. Kay, in thc' confusion of all those keys. Page 84 an Languages In the English Department four courses of study are offered in the high school and college sections, consisting of grammar, composition, and literary types. Exhibitions are given in connection with these courses to further acquaint the students with the great literary masters. The foreign language department includes French and German under Dean Pflug, Spanish under Mr. Cobb, and Latin and French under Mrs. Amis. Each first-year course deals with pronunciation, grammar, reading, composition, and conversation. The second year involves a review of grammar, with selected readings from modern writers. The third year is a study of literature of the particular language. Z. Haw! ai work Uisfeiiing fo recorrlsj. 2. "You mann fbafs me!" 3. Ami a Merry Clarisfnms fo yon, foo! 4. "How abou! cz trmislazfion, Susan?" 5. You might know zuzfa' cnfcb Shirley mm' fzmice looking through a Yale book." Page SS ,,.,,n, m Qs ss we ww mimig amass Xbwimma Ewing s igwwxg, E 15 limi em new mem new li me BS SEEKS mmm is ixxx 1' B. BSS 'images 881588588 gi wi .mama iw- an was wwe seam emi wma mega sms sr B55 ww H mme my m sf we me m a new sm n w is mme is me e. Dx mem amz mms ag- "few-V.. as a e. ie ,M -gm? f , '-:F nm een me am EB me 882824 SEWER we New was sliimnu msssmss KHHFBSE' News M me is new I we me me me E n w are its was-ss .4 mm is SSE KE ummm mam me n sexe va 55 EWS Drama Department The Drama Department, under the direction of Mr. C. Mack Statham, included in its calendar of events for the '55-'56 session the presentation of three major plays and three one-act plays. This Department of Speech and Drama is organized and administered with the personal develop- ment of each student as its prime objective. The courses offered in the two-year major program are numerous and varied - acting, radio, history of the theater, speech, directing, stagecraft, make-up, and play production. The year's activities have included attendance at pro- ductions of the Barter Theater in Abingdon. 1. "What zz frmilc-up you got, Sel11za!', 2. "Lights, Action, you have it all, Bobbi and Indy." 3. "Oh, Selma, wlont cz horrible Llzredirtionf' 4. Paint them 2111 jzrezffy. 5. A 1uc'lI-dr's'e1'1.fc'd C'Il1'f!7f7'l call for "Wo11zc1z' in White." Page 86 K Xwlirx' 4 Neges 1 ti M. mga, U T s-wwe we exam :men : is me H"' salew -ez-'E m ,r -. Q E EERE amen Q if mania . ..,. -Es aunmsmxxssx-X-gm miie-e meseneie-e-1-5 waxes E 1 E M, gigs mesxg-assesses? W . , 4 miss W mx as Xa: ev trim Wg . , ma -1 sesame is new si is sam-as :Q-is E . - A x 1 : Home .E Econonucs as mam: 1: The purpose of the Home Economics Department is to , train for right living - for better standards in homc-mak- ing. With the supervision of Miss Dora Miller, a wide va- riety of interesting subjects is included in this department. Under the general headings-Nutrition and Foods, Tex- tiles and Clothing, and Home Management-classes are incorporated in marketing, meal planning and preparation, cost of meals, eitquette, child care, selection of clothing, designing, hand and machine sewing, fitting, and fabrics. Luncheons, teas, and a fashion show are given to illus- -1 trate exactly what is learned in home economics as well as to encourage better work and recognize achievement. 1. A .vfitrb in fimzf saves 7IilIl'.,, .1 S. .1 X if W 2. "lf I knczu jfflll lUl'l't' rwlzing, Pd luzzfzf balzcwl a rake." if we 3. "Tbni's flat' lifc, Tuckyf' 4. These girls kmnu that flu' "way fo ll mmfs heart is through his siwlz-ack." 5. Wfhrzt zz sjzof for zz mviclnight raid. Page 87 -nh! ix Wh WM wif ff si -gay-M Lwief . 1 Si!! X if 'lgif ZHEWA " Q fx X gmt .: x i -, r as ffm ---wr Q wwgqsxifi 'W W, ig.: 5 ff: 'O D , 5 A W W k ..,... V 5 f 'DHLM 'QW eq , . nikki! W - .,..b...-.W pi . 455: X gig ig S v W '. .V 4 W . .. A X V Q L JZ .,........- H 1 , f ' -2555 '53, LL 1..Figi9'Y Fi. 8 3 W L Q 34 ' E :,:. f 1 B flag 551525 QL j W wg 95- W i 'ififif r19f,.TimK1fL3I'U.CU?Z . , ., kg 3'..fL3?iM5,,'L91mW l W M in B5 Q- 1 2 ' igliikyikxflgggggmiitg: -kit 3-:-in at I, i 5 . Zifzifisupmgwz-Qi ' 'e -- t in W 'Y,E'3,,f if was 1 i V7 an Lrfw X. -3--' L- g . if. " : - -x , ' Tv 'fx-311.1 ' , ,, M .4 , ,I ,... M W ' 'i..1- V , J I ii fl z 1 A .5 1 1 Q hifi, Es B avi.: -, s we twang-W: we .3 m Q t sawn s, x in is Xmwm H A 1 ,wi NE: is he me nm gi' EXE 5355-PW ggzTgg9izms m E i HBAKE Msgrgwt... E223 Eiimssam t is 5?!9wssS1.:a.sf - Nga? H H. :Q S S Q Sillmgii Qigmggnsfa AXQEFESZ 5 BE ms Emi A mgm ax ' nina ms awww sway :ffm ' gmxmaz Swami ' M a sm mx ,STE ew F5335 W' wav iigsmss Hiaimw WEEEQEEQ sam! 55 Eiiiifi 95' E 222235 'mgww 5 5 H555 .N Q-Ewa QESWTMQF mm :www -:EES sim Nlifgnm gamma mm, 3 3 Bm-xx in 'awgxx Lani' RWEQQ: Q 22-W gt-2555? gg wwe-- wwwmwn.-: Wm im vw 91 W T ,-:wt Wzfa:xf:x: aim SEER -1 .- ,. .MWA z- V NME! mx' ' Wagga? Qggui ,HWY Um!! A V H 1 X, ,XX-Si H ,MH R.,-.K ,Mm ww: HW Hilda: :iff-was-. 54-55: fggxgxfm zx fa X., Q - Q :Q if: 95532 2 5 E 2 5 Q 5 'KET T52 WI x-2 5 E H Pi if HQQE -xx mi we ,,f:.. Lxlzmwn Xwlmnm X-mm ww -Vim 2 ww Us W H H: Mm Nw .Mu ll M.. QM X wg .B fvfggmgf usgwiif Q: -gm QEQQA ,aw m nm. Q 152-1:41-E 'i :W gm W, E 3-9 :xxx 555 ,ws E-. , iiiiizii 'H'?sfx?i Psy-, W3 A WMS mf 2-1.-.gym Maman fam,-W :ss-nw 1 Vw M-Y, Wm ,na .Sit 'si' Q ,. ,,., ,M 5535 E35 mg Q: :mg 'Ev ,iss-vm? Vwfxg-my fvgmf .ma U ff- Vai N54 25,2 , 2 WSETEQ f-,Zi yum F game Esmr M 1: if Q -W xx -aww 2-MM -in use-f' fxgig-1, 'ii' ZEQVEW Nami 95,853-QLQ WQQEQ gyms-: 3511 sw ggssznf mymu- mgms W ngms 'XE E Q w wg-pq Q B if-Q5 L W 9' S5221 KSA ms 52555525 - 5 E E M is 12355 15 1-343-Q ml T-mmf E gimsw fs M SSW EWS wana 5 Ea Aw SEER vigil: 1 :.: . ss Siva iii! E, M QEEEA M Numan n X Avg aww f, W R mums Q-,Viv AW mmm mmm ,ww EMR H M S NH Ei, EB ss Fields of specialization in the Art De- partment are everyday, fine, and applied art, with instruction in introduction to art, drawing and painting, art structure, art appreciation, and commercial art. Miss Anne Moore and Mrs. Luther Hodge are the instructors in the depart- ment. The history of art class is under the direction of Mr. C. Ernest Cooke, who also frequently presents Sunday afternoon art exhibits for the enjoyment of the stu- dents and to acquaint them with out- standing figures in the field of Hne arts. Another feature is the Sunday evening art interest group conducted by Mr. Cooke to stimulate 'the students' appreciation of art. Left: I. How would that fit in your rrzodcrn homes, Ioan and Rita? 2. Dig the crazy skctchcrs. 3. Have you ever seen such interest? 4. Sitting pretty, hard at work. 5. Why all the xmiles for such a sad picture? Right: 1. They make it, You name it! 2. Conrerztration is what counts. 3. "just our second childhood." 4. "Fd never have gzmesvea' it!" Page 89 B iw is is Q wie may , H W M E as is-:Ewa i H an Q . N W .W M -W H n, W. 3, a, it sewn m masks ,wi was met Q- qi Hewxggig W ' - . . 5 zayaagwgta gwgwge se new wawmwiaa guise ww ez ' is Q as m g E Q eta? H time vii Ee M its A an E at i we sa an it an mi we mmm m an me mp M92 ,S W Sigma Emu xmngimwm Wmggww is me . Hr ,W Q Emjw F asm? faaiia an -is an we hams?-w ls?-m SES. M f nsmsmnmuf ' axmwgmng N -me nm mamma in gg. m henna as Hum is 5:55-fam Kansas m' ia iwas 'uma time in ia., iw Baumann Kms ' , W if M rmux ,smv?w.sfgnw:Em:fa? fggg ai-:gina Hass' we Wsaviawegwfaw lifes ws7m'smEmmi mam R SEWQHKBE QE: sa 9 R- as iwnezf M,Em,,ExWm 'E is?.m'RBm5said 'if umgim nm mae E is . 'W was :wa ewwegrweit, e as H E .1 ,M Bam g,EmnlE'EBs?szzn M L Hmm ma- args: my .. . ,E WWE -as B-an Knees feewla .EM -KE! Q? m B B mmm K .E it is as an at i it as E Him i ami masses me 2 gal,- .. gs Ri . is - E Em is 'mlm r-otha HS Q E .' 1. s?H .- an -1 emi H snag -' 1 E' ' ' -Q if . -ga ii magag ' M5235 avgawpfl unsung E is B i E B 5 Bmnlsmnl i E H mi magma X i Hamm: wgmgja s B 3 any i B nl Haw BN x time mn in in is is was it E is is it was mama B B B i sms is is suns in is mi me sims is is it mi it it i is as ni time it X is in mn in was Maasai sms i B B i-um an an 'mn i is E E mass ans' na ssl E sims memes may nm s mstagq , ,tene-:wh Wm- K rant mi-:E Qfmgtgi mea-Ego? as W W Q at nagii- H E the .wx-S mfs 55 'izgimggr Eifksg Www rm: B we gg? Witt, as ,Em ii if M ., 5 . K X'Xe?tg '. get i-x wx sau 5 -. - .L 'W-isriiiil 51, .ww 2 ia, -imma m B NXBB:-A H5585 vw -wewgt, H ,Mimi . M5at'aWts'1 fi -tMussi 1' arM.f1,a..e.e SS ESS-A Bi .e...w,,.H5? 7 BENE- iia is was is E an a W E W H awaits: :few safest :aiming ,K swim as. BAKE E B Siam SEEKERS , H M HI ms nl H E is a it as Ju Zuma E E E H mls is 2 a H Kms E E HE me i 5 ESS E w B i i H N 5 H asm E an FIBRE H SS H H an E H E ME H 1 H H an E gi H B xi an H , nm if mama W A H as .H .Q an H l E HE H as H H ga E as My E as swap My E a 1: We issuing H an uname" animal wing.. at . ea ml an Engaging as 5 X K EEZHLW ,X mam Mg! EHBBEBX is Ye S WEE mg!! sg. gicilftifafion One of the largest divisions under the Physical Education Department is the Equi- tation Division under the guidance of Miss Gwen Phillips. An opportunity is offered to all girls who are interested in riding, in the three classes-beginners, intermediate, and advanced. These girls learn all phases of horsemanship and enjoy the trail-riding and the facility of Z1 large riding ring. Throughout the year the girls work up to their annual Horse Show in May, which is the climax of the year. I. Wbiz'b looks more sfar'l1z'rl, Miss Phillips or flu' horse? 2. Lady, really gvffiug fbe work over. 3. The Horse Slaow wax n zuonrlerfnl F1ill1tlA' for the Boots um! Srlzfzfles. 4. Rfmly for a ride on fbc frail. 5. Lime up for flIS!JC'L'fi0I7. Page 90 raw mn WWW .3.,.E X x 2-1 K Q -Zn X 3 snags ggsm HHH HERE Sugars Em was 3? Hin mx ara Bm an -I as Ea is ml mx swf-in n..nai-.Bn E - is - as 'W 'B H 5 I M sam mfrxgjwsn 5255 EN Tm SMA ,gg as ,, nag- gms time W Y sum E in 5 ez Q W M m in mn H in Woalemz ance The Dance Department, under the direc- tion of Miss Barbara Lowmiller assisted by Dottie Caton, is one of the most popular on our campus. Ballet, tap, folk, social, and modern dance are the principal types in- structed. The extensive practice and study done in these various classes is climnxed at the May Day festivities when an annual program is presented. The theme of this year's May Day is the "Bristol Centennial" in honor of the city's 100th anniversary. 1. Tlmxz' 1U0l7lll'Yf1ll jnlzlns for May Day. 2. What vcmlfl be jzrufficr flmn- ll May Day in Bl'iglIlI00lI.' 3. "Oh, my avlving back." 4. Tf1I!l'lIl', Pmlrly mf. 5. Our bilge balls! Class. Page 91 at - E :fa T- L 5 iiaisgil as ., -,. . pf iffiiiie is 'QF is -Efwliqi sf - t.wi.fQ2f'- K , 1 www? ww wwwm ww-www ww i ww ,Us ml w x w 1: w Kvffiwwww wwww gee www- H wwww E624 ms B MW, wwww wwww B Smwwww ww , gt X w gww Bmw www w Egg, H www wwww ww w w www-w www w,w w w-ww www www B w BH Emmy www :www www E Heel? w, ww E .ww ,, , 1 www, ms BHK gswgwww ww 1 lm?" ww: ww w ww ww-YW www wwww www ww www as www X w w wgww wwwww www w www www w wwww w wwww www B www ws www wimming The swimming division of the Physical Education Department offers courses for beinners, intermediate, advanced, life saving, and instructors. This division is headed by Miss Barbara Lowmiller with the assistance of Eleanor Fox. During the two years at V.I., each student is required either to pass a swimming test or to take one semester of swimming. The students who are good swimmers and enjoy swimming may become members of the H20 Club, which presents a water pageant each year in March. This year the theme of the pageant was "The Fisher- man's Son," a tale from "A Thousand and One Nights." I. The lc'aJc'rx of that 'lUIl11'd!'l'-fill j1r01l11crIio11 of "The Arabizm Kniglafsf, Z. Our IlIi7litZf7H'L' A1'las's. 3. A revision of fha Three NIIlSk,C'f!'f'7'X in 1770 form of zz mi, cnt, and flag. 4. Sfop, look, and bit fha! ball. 6. The bvazliifzll 71N1illlf'77S of fbc' wafer show. Page 92 z""A w ww'- TEX www Bw w 'FEZEW w YU ii w.w Ur: we ww w x w w w www iw ww era: wiww w ww :EMM www Egg: wwww wwww ww :gg wwww E Mm W wwww 1Miw KWH wwB W w iwwlm wwwww w ww E wwwww www W www Pie ww w 3 w " www B wwww ww ww w w ww .wlw ww w ,,,,f--P""" 1' XXX .X an -ss. - XXX: XXQ Y- XXXXXX me E XXX ww XX X ag ,L az. WE 'ESQ sm sms XX XXX sms gn ssmssww 5 me XXXX mx XXXX XQXX au. X XXXXQ n wfX.XX X X. XX X XX Xa X gg XXXNX Sixismwnl B B HEX XWXWX E H .XXX E A 'ws x XX XX QX m XX tXXX XX X XX XXXXX S-XXXXXX.. H XXXXX M XXXXXX X X EPKHX XXXX XX WRX X XX.. W wx XX- mga I BEN H .m X 3 a yW1.n,ce5fic5 Under the capable leadership of Mrs. Howard Bowers, the Physical Education Department has been an impor- tant part of our college life. One of the aims of this department is the development of the organic and neuro- muscular systems-to build a strong, well-developed body. This division includes gym classes for team and individual sports of basketball, volleyball, softball, hockey, tennis, archery, tumbling, shuffleboard, and ping-pong. Each girl who goes out for an after-school activity automatically becomes a member of the Athletic Asso- ciation. I. "I-Iey, 3101! all! Sit up amz' lisfenlv 2. Our heads together for A.A. jzlrms. 3. If looks like a score for fhe Seniors. 4. Those lbepjny Senior cheerlemlers. 5. Those leisure hours at shujflehoard. 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V 1 1 w 5 w V I v W I- fig 5 7, , !,, f zf-ff'J,f fggfgf ,ze aww 37 Wfw'M fm 'ffm 1 QM? dafrnfdcwvfue, JFJZ biql -I ! fl: in? Gm7,c?j!Z7,4fm!Qw-411. f2.,Q,.f,-f4:.,,,,i,,,4,.,agf-m?f , V. ..-Q:-is , . H f., if 2ff,,,.5'Q',,.,f'., 23. ZW, Q 6.5 me V LC. JLWWWMW7? J J U 2 ',1,,'41 r , ' JU 'LIEWVN . . r., NNW-v4 -if Vgamizafioms .- aww mx ls Q uswwswn Q -.uh Q in .- qu Page 108 THE 1956 lntcrmont STAFF ' .rf .-5 Editors BOBBY SCHAPERO BOBBETTE DRYSDALE MARY ANN SMITH HELEN SI-IERWOOD CAROL GIIZPEL Business Staff SANDY LIMBACHER MYRNA MAIN MARY NELL PIVER BARBARA GORSKI MARDELL MAIN We Of THE INTERMONT Staff, proudly present a pictorial review of life and activities at Virginia Inter- mont. We wish to thank all who have helped us, especially our spon- sor, Mr. C. Ernest Cooke. We hope that in the years ahead you will en- joy the yearbook and recall the Won- derful memories of your days at V.I. with the many friends you have made. Editor-in-Chief BETTY JEAN HUNEYCUTT it is vw- Copy Szfajf LOIS SCHUTT DOTTIE CAYTON BARBARA SIMMERS Aa"zferiise111e111f Staff PEGGY ALEXANDER BETTY SITGREAVES' LIZ I-IOLT PEGGY SNODGRASS CAROLYN HUGHES T- w'P Class Eciifors PAT BAKER AIANIE STEPHENS CLAIRE DAVIS Picture and Art Staff MARCIE JEFFRIES DOT GAYLE DAILEY WOOD LYNN DOUGI-IERTY SALLY MASON CAROLYN CANTRELL Page I09 Page 110 THE19 6CI El1ifO1'-il?-ChiEf JOYCE NEILSON STAFF The Czzzzldron, V.I.'s monthly newspaper, gives the students a complete, Written account of school activities. The Canld V011 is sent to all prospective students to give them I1 better idea of life at V.I. Mrs. W.l ' C' l '1 tei ioc cett edits the three alumnae editions, which are sent to the alumnae h W ose names are kept on file. Mr. C. Ernest Cooke is the faculty adviser, with the staff composed of journalism students and others interested in Writing. Fealfmfcfs BETTY BRUMFIEL MARCIA JEFFRIES PEGGY BERNARD MARY ANN KEARNEY MARION STADLIER MARTHA ROBINSON GARA ANN STROUPE C!lllI61I'0lZ Typisfs PHYLLIS MULLINS VIRGINIA COXVAN SUIT MCGOXVAN JANE ROBINSON SANDRA GILLIAM JANET BERRY Rcporfers MAURIZI-IN I.YONS JOSIE SHANW JOYCIY PHILLIPS BOBBI REIGNER JOAN XVILLIAMS HARRIET DRURY BARBARA STEPHENS JUDY ROLLINS SUE BALLARD JEAN PETERSON JOAN SWIATEK PEGGY BROWN BARBARA SIMMERS Page 111 Phi Theta Kappa I 1 I Scutul. M. ROBINSON, B. SITGRIIAVES, P. ALEXANDER, B. RUSH, N. RUTHERFORD, N. WILSON. Slumliug: D. BREEMAN, B. J. BALTHIS, C. PULLIAM, E. GROENEWEGEN, L. MIDKIFF, S. BALLARD, B. SIMMERS The first chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the national scholastic fraternity for fully-accredited junior colleges, was established at Virginia Intermont College in 1926. The requirements for membership are similar to those of Phi Beta Kappa in the senior colleges. To be eligible for the Nu Chapter at V.I., a student must carry a full course including at least 13 hours of liberal arts with an average grade of 90 and none below 85. Character, service and leadership are also considered before a member is pledged. The faculty sponsor is Miss Marguerite Pflug. OFFICERS PEGGY ALEXANDER ...... ,..., ........,,.,..... P r esizlenf BEVERLY Rusl-I ...,,,..,..... ,....,,. S em'efary-Rcjnorter MARCIA GIVANNI ........ ,..,........,.,..,.,.,.. V ict'-Prc'sidc11f NANCY RUT1-IERFORD .....,.,, ........,.,,..,... T reaszzrer BETTY SITGREAVES .........,... ......,..,...,,......,....,... C lmplnin Page 112 Sfllllllillgl J. H. SONG, B. BISHOP, M. B. VENABLE, P. GRAYSON, O. HALL, K. H. KIM. SUIIILHII L. MIDKIFF, B. BASS, M. LYONS, R. SCHMID, A. HOFF. The Alpha Beta Chapter of Phi Beta, national professional music fraternity, was chartered at Intermont in 1939. The establishment of this chapter gave Intermont the honor of being one of only two junior colleges in the organization. Alpha Beta's members are recommended by the music faculty, and after an audition are elected to membership on the basis of scholarship as well as musical ability. The members of Phi Beta are inspired to strive for the best in all Ways-for highest achievement in their chosen fields, for fine scholarship, and for outstanding service to their fellow students and to the school. Mr. Ralph Osthoff is the very capable sponsor of this fraternity. OFFICERS MARX' BABE VENABLE .,....,.,..............,...... Presidf'-nt PATRICIA GRAYSON, ............ .,.... S ccretary-Treasurer BECKY BISHOP ...,.,.....,...,,. . ,.,,..,..,...,........,., Hzsiormn Ph Beta i ational Beta The high school department has a chapter of the National Beta Club to recognize its students Who have made outstanding achievements. The qualifications for member- ship are an average grade of 90 with no grade below 85, :md outstanding qualities of leadership, character, and service. Lefl lo rigbf: P. BAKER, P. WATROUSE, N. HARRIS, D. FAULKNER, M. POPE. Page 113 Page Firxl row: P. Bernard, G. Griffin, J. Cole- man, J. Stephens, -I. Duff, J. Proudfoot li. Sheorn. Srroml row: G. Dailey, J. Schroeder, B. Sedwiek, C. Kraemer, C. Shewbridge, K. Kim, F. Marquis, S. Lankforcl, D Kefauver, C. Carlton. estminster Club The Presbyterian girls on the Intermont campus form a denominational club whose object is to promote fellowship among the girls of that faith. These girls are also very active on the campus as they contribute much to the religious program of the college. Under the sponsorship of this club, Dr. Thomas Fry of the First Presbyterian Church has spoken many times to the V.I. girls. Wes ey Foundation The second largest denominational group on the Intermont campus is the Wesley Foundation. This organization consists of all the Methodist girls. Several projects have been sponsored by the Methodist group, including several vesper programs at V.I. and the sale of home-made cookies over the Thanksgiving holidays. The most outstanding project was Bristolis Christ- mas gift to flood-stricken Unionville, Connecticut. Most of the money was raised by the sale of Christmas candy. 114 First row: M. Strickland, M. Jeffries, S. Mason, j. Berry, B. Huddleston, B. Stone, P. Backer. Saconrl row: V. Miller, N. Livesay, P. Duke, M. Robinson, S. Swartz, B. Bass, S. Snider, S. Maynard, J. Michael, S. Gilliam. Tbirrl row: C. Rhodes, S. Monforton, S. Monforton, S. Berry, K. Quillen, D. Breeman. C. Wolfenbarger, M. Hevener. Fourila row: D. Cayton, G. Smith, E. Groenewegen, K. Reed, L. Holt, S. Rogers, J. Skold, S. Kyle. Fiffb row: K. Winkler, S. Rice, C. Smith, P. Shelburne. 9 OFFICERS JANET BERRY ...,................ President SALLY MASON .,........ Vice-President BETTY HUDDLESTON- Secretary-Treasurer Canterbur Club First row: J. Armstrong, C. Christensen, M. Altizer, B. Tate, P. Diehl, B. Drys- dale, M. Wooledge, E. Pollard, S. Bailey, M. Ayres, A. Bridges. Svcoml row: S. George, I.. Thoms, S. Clenny, S. Woxnack, M. Campbell. Tbirll row: J. Cleary, N. Sacler, C. Camp- bell, Chappell, M. Butterworth. Fozlrila row: G. Pierce, A. Dean, J. Van Schoick, P. Swann, P. Scott. 9 OFFICERS BOBBETTE DRYSDALE ........ President PHYLLIS DIEHL ........ V ire-Prrsiclenzf BEVERLY TATE- Sccrcfary-Trcas111'er gf. A ' , l . An active club on the Intermont campus is this group of Episcopal girls. This year, the club sponsored Vesper programs that featured panel discussions pointing out the differences and similarities among the Christian groups. The panel consisted of local ministers representing various denominations. Also, several parties were held for the club members. Newman Club The Catholic girls at Intermont organized in 1950 to strengthen the lives of each girl. This year, the club presented a Christmas pageant in the form of a pantomime of the Christmas Story. These girls form an important link in the Intermont religious program. Firxl row: D. Nichols, J. Petruzzi, M. Kearney, A. McCoy. Scwuzrl row: C. Tomassone, J. Chicher- relly, M. Givanni, S. Vosburgh,, K. Rash, C. Hume, M. Oehoa, K. Sanford. Third row: B. Swann, A. Colvin, M. Tou- zalez, A. Ochia, I. Orellana, M. Leon, N. Trujillo, T. Fas, S. Casanova, G. Fernandez, H. Seyera. 0 OFFICERS SANDRA VOSBURGH .......,.. Presizlent KATHERINE RASH .... Vic'e-Presirlenf CLAUDIA HUME-- Serretary-Treaszzrw' Page 115 Page Glee Club l Iiirsl row: P. Grayson, S. Monforton, S. Rottier, M. Main, S. Monforton, S. Vaughn, P. Duke, M. Jeffries, K. NVink- lcr, O. Hall, M. Hull, S. Swartz, Mr. Atwood. Scrum! row: F. Marquis, L. Midkiif, J. Robinson, M. Strickland, J. Song, M. Main, L. Waist, F. Rutherford, P. Mc- Crosley, V. Miller, S. Berry. Tbirrl 1'0lUI B. Bishop, J. Phillips, B. Reig- ner, L. Murphy, B. Reuss, G. Oliver, N. Sader, S. Rogers, K. Kim, M. Venablc. The Glee Club this year has presented many programs to the lntermont family, to local churches, to local schools and or- ganizations, and assisted in the Youth Night choir during Preaching Mission Week. Mr. John Atwood has led the girls to a high level of performance. The Glee Club performed at the District Meeting of the Federation of Musicians in Marion, Virginia. Later, the federation requested the club to perform at the state convention at Hol- lins College. Radio and TV programs were added. ln addition, attractive new robes were purchased for the group. And lastly, the num- bers used this year were in Latin and German as well as in English. Delta Psi Qmega The Virginia lntermont chapter of Delta Psi Omega, the national honorary dramatic fraternity, was established for the pur- pose of stimulating an interest in dramatic activities and to reward worthy students for outstanding achievement in the dramatic Held. Qualifications for membership are based on scholastic record, participation in the casts of one full-length play and two one-act plays, work on the crews of a one-act play and one full-length play, and nomination by Mr. C. Mack Statham-head of the Drama Department-as a person worthy of membership. w HSV? ""h'siA'xsaa Eg fl-l.E..srsssgee,j . W 1 65' .. M. s is 5 was ,waeaawa Q an X eeaasfwsa - N, ,, Bsmsmnmwnxxim News I ,Hs as as sss ix HRXWTE lm.. , 3. W.. law W as VSSBXQ4 we S H S 116 Mary Nardi and Judy Miller O JUDY MILLER ...., ........,... D irccfor MARY NARDI ..,....,..., Sfagc Manager Alpha Pi Epsil O H Firsf row: J. Spry, L., B. Rcuss, J. Hartly, J. Shaw. Secourl row: J. Berry, C. Cantrell, G. Carmac. Third row: J. Neilson, G. Layne, H. Sher- wood. Q OFFICERS JOYCE NEILSON ........ ....... P resident JIEANNE SPRY ...,......., Vice-Pmviclent HELEN SHERWOOD- Secretary-Treasurer The national honorary secretarial fraternity at Intermont is the Alpha Pi Epsilon. Students enrolled in the secretarial science field, including the medical secretarial students, are eligible for membership if they maintain an average of 90 with no grade under 85. The girls chosen for membership in this organization must be students of superior scholarship, personality, and character who will promote a high standard of ideals and achievements. urses, Club Virginia Intermont is a pilot school in the Cooperative Research Project in Junior College Education for Nursing. Students receive academic courses on the campus plus training and clinical experience in the local hospital. Worlcing with Columbia Uni- versit this ro'ect is to establish a two- ear nursin ro ram which is satisfactor . At V.I., the irls have or anized and now yu P 1 Y g P 8 Y S S hold regular meetings. First row: B. Tate, B. Stone, M. Hevencr, D. Mulkey, V. Warren, P. Bullock, S. Maynard, S. Trent, P. Terry, B. Hud- dleston, B. Thomas. .Svroml row: P. Harter, B. Swann, M. Al- tizer, B. Nuckols, J. Morton, G. John- son, M. McCarty, S. Allen, J. Duff, S. Odham, P. Shrader, C. Anderson, J. Cleary, B. Wolf. f l Q n OFFICERS PATTY BULLOCK .....,... ...... P resident SYBIL MAYNARD ....... Vice-P'residcwf SHARON ALLEN- Sec1'c'fa1'y-Trc'ax1u'c'r 1 Page Page Student Christian Fellowship R. Schmid, M. Fry, QI. Mock, J. Edwards, M. Jewell. P. Carter. OFFICERS JAN MOCK ..,, ......,.,. 1 lrmidenl JUDY MILLEIK, .....,,.. Vice-Prcsidrmt MARY FRY ,,..,.. Sr'c'i'c'N1r'y-Tr1':1s11rm' .-c.,- If . f. ,W M NEW, V s , , .. M ,W -ami W .JIQ 'sl-efsils :iffy ' M . f ,.'---ffiiiij-4rgg'fi All Lutheran, Christian, and Congregational girls on the campus compose the Student Christian Fellowship. The club has contributed much to the religious program of Intermont, although it is comparatively new. Baptist Student Union The connecting link between the college and the local church for the Baptist girls is the Baptist Student Union. The Inter- mont B.S.U. has attained the recognition of First Magnitude by the Department of Student Work. Various projects sponsored by the club, including Bible study, mission study, and Join-the-Church Sunday, help each girl grow and develop spiritually. The activities are not confined to the Intermont campus, however. Delegates are sent to various conventions and retreats throughout the state. si E tetris? 1 I E . 'gi 2. 'E' is j ,- s gl QQ 11- Firsf 1'0lUJ D. Faulkner, S. Ballard, G. - .T '., if If , I 5-I-:----isiiwf - 2 ' Oliver, P. Gonzalez, C. Hughes, P. Yoon, , . ----M.. - , ,gl if' o. Hall, M. ivnin. Scroml row: B. Reuss, N. Stevens, M. Pope, Q A P. Terry, A. Lee, C. Davis. vi' +1 Lkwif Third row: M. Berry, J. Robinson, M. Smith, M. Wilson, P. Morris, D. Wfoocl, P. Shrader, S. Edmondson, E. Fox, B. Brizindine, S. Mears, M. Main. ' 0 OFFICERS up PHYLLIS TERRY ..,.,..,......., Presideni fi ADDIE LEE ,.,., ........ Vice-Pi'eside11f NELLIE STEVENS .............. Sccrcftary MARY JAYNE WILSON ...... T1'eas1zrr'r 118 Religious Planning Board First row: B. Stone, H. Sherwood, C. Davis, M. Givanni. Scroml row: E. Pollard, C. Hughes, S. Vos- burgh, B. Drysclalc, P. Terry. Third row: AI. Berry, G. Grifiin, G. Oliver, Mock, O. Hall, J. Edwards, Miss jones. O OFFICERS HELEN SHEIIWOOIJ , ...Pr'esi1lz'11f CLAIRE DAXVIS- Devozfiolzal Cblliflllllll BARBARA STONE ,,..,, Sem'1'fa'1'y The activities of the religious organizations on the Intermont campus are coordinated by the Religious Planning Board. The president and devotional chairman of each denominational group, along with a Day Student and Student Government represent- ative, are the members of the Planning Board and the officers are elected from these members. The Planning Board sponsors morning, evening, and noontime devotions for the student body. This year it undertook the new project of having a Religious Focus Weelc, under the leadership of the campus chairman, Phyllis Terry. The denominational groups represented are the ,Baptist Student Union, Canterbury Club, Newman Club, Student Christian Movement, Wesley Foundation, Westniiiister Fellowship, Young Women,s Auxiliary, and the Young WOl11CH,S Christian Asso- eration. The Y.W.A. is the missionary training organization for girls of the Baptist faith. It works with the WOIl1SU,S Missionary Union of the Southern Baptist Convention. The field of concentration of this organization is in the home and foreign mission work. Each girl can receive practical training in the mission field by helping at the Goodwill Center, the Janie I-Iammitt Home, and the Katie Lockett Home. In community missions, the girls stand ready to help in any need which might arise. The girls dis- tribute Thanksgiving baskets, and treat the Goodwill Center children to an Easter Egg Hunt. s' 3 D-if J liirxl row: O. Hall, P. Gonzalez. M. NVil- r 2 1 son, C. Hughes, C. Davis, A. Lee, M. E Zyl Main. I -3 Srroml row: j. Robinson, D. Wnotl, B. Brizendine, G. Oliver, M. Wilson, S. Ballard, M. Main. , Tbirzl row: S. Mears, H. Lee, P. Yoon, E. Fox, D. Faulkner, S. Edmondson, N. Stevens, M. Pope, P. Schrader, B. Reuss, M. Berry, M. Smith, P, Terry, P. Morris F. Dawson, L. Midkiif. 0 OFFICERS GLORIA OLIVEII ...,... ..,..,. I 'rcxirlmf MARTHA WILSON ...,Vicc' - Presizlcffl SUE BALLARD,...Secretary-Trmx11rw' Page 119 Page Y. C. Firxl row: J. Berry, J. Spry, J. Shaw, H. Sherwood. Svroml row: J. Schroeder, R. Smith, J. Coleman, J. Stephens, P. Baker, M. Jeffries. 0 OFFICERS HELEN SHEKXVOOD ,... ....,. P rc'xidc1zt JOSIE SHAW' ...,. First Vice-Prcsielcnf LIZ HOLT ,.... Second V ict'-Prexizlwll JANET BERRY ..,... ,.,.... S ecrelrzry JEANNE SPRY. ..,. ...... T reas11rc'r J l This versatile organization serves many purposes on the Intermont campus. It functions socially through sponsorship of the Little Pal Party, the Harvest Carnival, Exam Week Snacks, and Peanut Week. As an agent for the World Student Service Fund, it makes annual drives for funds to support overseas students. The Y.W.C.A., the oldest organization at V.I., has as its major project the sponsorship of 'the Janie Hammitt Home, a local orphanage. The proceeds from the Harvest Carnival go to the home, and the children are also given a Christmas Party each year. Curry Club Students enrolled in the subjects of the Dramatic and Speech Departments and those students who wish to participate ac- tively in dramatic programs compose the Curry Club. Each member is given frequent opportunities 'to appear before an audi- ence. However, the deep, significant purpose of the club is to unite the members in a more intelligent interest in the art of reading, speaking, and acting. This club is the oldest on the campus and it possesses the minutes of the original meeting, which are now very valuable to the club. Firxl row: M. Nardi, P. Duke. Srroml row: D. Caron, J. Miller, A. Fair- banks. Tbirrl row: M. Main, B. Bass, B. Schapero, A. Ward, A. Lce, F. Clark, S. Satisky, J. Robinson, S. Swarty, J. Skold, L. Schaible. 0 OFFICERS MARY NARD1 ,...,.., . ....,.,., Prcszdent DOROTHY CATON .... Vice-Presidmt JUDY MJLLER ,.... , ,..,,. Sc'cr'ehu'y PHOEBE DUKE ................. Treasurer ANNETTE FAIRBANKS, ..... Historian 120 Art Club 1 ' Slnmling: L. Dougherty, S. George, N. Wilson, B. Sedwick, M. Scidcn, S. Mc- Evoy, C. Moorehead, S. Mann, K. Doug- ipz las, M. N. Piver, Miss Moore. Sratcrl: E. Wallace, J. Phillips, N. Taylor, fn. V B. Sheorn, M. Villaverdo. fi vm. 9 OFFICERS NONIE WILSON .,... ........ P rcsizlent GAYLE DAILEY ......,... Vice-Prrsia'e11t SUE GEORGE ........... ......, S crrrffary JONIE SCHROEDER ......,..,., Treasurer Any student who wishes to participate in extra-curricular art activities may join the Art Club. Aside from projects 'that are characteristic of the club's name, the club sponsors a dance each year. All students anticipate this dance, for it is always un- usual and outstanding. In addition, club members have several parties during the year. ostrac Filiac Club Girls, whose mothers or grandmothers are aluinnae of Virginia Intermont, are members of the Nostrac Filiae Club. The club plans various social activities during the year under the direction of the alumnae secretary, Mrs. Walter Crockett, who is the sponsor. Firxi row: L. Denton, J. Rollins. Secoml row: B. Rush, S. Mason, B. Drys- dnlc, Sl Ballard, C. Cooper. 0 OFFICERS BOBBETTE DRYSDALE ....... Presizlwft SUE BALLARD .....,...... Viva--Prcsidwzf SALLY MASON .,.,. ..... S r'm-cffary CLAUDETTE COOPER .,...... Treasurer Page 121 Page Little United ation Club Firxt vow: A. Ochoa, M. Ochoa, N. Tru- jillo, G. Fernandez, K. Kim, H. Seycra, M. Campbell. Srroml row: P. Gonzalez, P. Yoon, M. Leon, M. Gonzalez, T. Fas, S. Casanova, I. Orellana, L. Alezander, K. Kim, S. Park. O OFFICERS NANCY TRUJILLO ..,......., President KYUNG H1 KIM ,.,..... Vive-President MONICA OCHOA- SeC1'z'hzi'y-Trc':zs11fer The foreign students at Virginia Intermont compose the Little U.N. Club. This year, girls came to V.I. from Turkey, the Ukraine, Venezuela, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Columbia, Korea, Hong-Kong, China, Formosa, and Bermuda. Throughout the year, various members travel to nearby towns and present programs that display the music, costumes, and traditions char- acteristic of the girl's country. Bristol, too, benefits from 'these programs, for the girls are frequent guest artists at banquets, TV and radio programs, and club meetings. Various chapel programs are also presented by foreign students. Areannes The Day Students, girls who live in Bristol or in the surrounding areas and who commute each day, compose one of the largest single organizations on the Intermont campus-the Areannes. Many of these girls spend much of their time in the extra- curricular activities and also hold important positions of leadership at V.I. It was this group of girls who presented the first formal dance this year, the theme of which was "Shower of Starsf, The Hut is the scene of the Day Student Peanut Week Banquet, daily devotions, a Christmas party, and a few gab sessions in front of the open fireplace. The group entertains senior girls from Virginia and Tennessee High Schools at a Christmas party in the Tea Hole. First row: J. Morton, P. Alexander, B. Sitgreaves, N. Shell, L. Holt. Second row: D. Garrett, C. Hughes, G. Carmack, P. Meade, B. Rush, S. Neblett, J. Morrell. Tbirrl row: B. Richardson, G. Lane, V. Baker, M. Worley, V. Warren, B. Trent, A. Hicks, P. Odell. Fourfb row: B. Balthis, C. Pulliam, J. Rasnake, R. Stophel, B. Thomas, S. Odliam, M. McCarty, G. Johnson. Fifth row: J. Hartley, L. Elliott, L. Den- ton, B. Grecver, F. Rutherford, M. Nardi, G. Honaker, M. Greer, F. Clark, P. MeCroskey. Sixfb row: L. Justus, M. Vance,, D. Brit- ton, B, Berkley, N. Rutherford, J. Phil- lips, F, Bass, D. Carrier. Ji i WK fe -, ,WM3-t .. V A-7 0 . .KA OFFICERS BETTY SITGREAVES ..,,,......, Presirlemf JOREEN MORTON ...., Vice-Presirlcnf LIZ HOLT ,.,.,.. .,.. .....,.,. S L 'Crefary NANCY SHELL , .... . ..,,, Treasurer N-ii :EDT 'M r 1 122 l-lome Economics Club Seroml raw: J. XVilli2ll11S, J. Armstrong, M. Stradler, M. Jackson. Tbirrl row: S. Rcnn, L. Wcist, P. Shel- buI'ne, C. Smith, Sl. Lankford, A. Frazier K. Rash, L. Schaible, A. Bridges. 0 OFFICERS M-AIKION STAULER ......r....,. PI'CXi!ll'lIIi LYNDA DENTON ....,. Vice-Prrxidmzf JANE ARMSTRONG ....,..... Tmzsurm' ANNE IBRIDGES .,..,. ...,., S t't'rc'fary Although girls come away to college to obtain an education, they always maintain a constant interest in Home Economics. At V.I. there is a club open to all college or high school students who are interested in Home Economics, the Home Economics Club. The members often participate in various programs where they display the clothing which they have made or other things Tip 3 Run Club Who makes the atmosphere in the dining halls very pleasant with courtesy and an occasional smile? Yes, the waitresses fill this description, as they move neatly and efficiently from table to table. The waitresses at V.I. compose the Tip 'n Run Club. which they have learned. Each year, on St. Patrick's Day, the club presents a banquet for all students. The highlight of the evening is the crowning of Miss Pinafore, who has been chosen by her fellow club members for her cheerful attitude, friendliness, co-operativeness, and general disposition toward everyone during the year. Firx! row: K. Rush, M. Main, M. Main, 5321592 25 fi W - ,Q K. Winkler, A. Herndon, C. Gcipel, D. :i': 2,3 ,g,j'i-il Q.. ,I I JT'-Xi' . Q 4- 5 Kefauver. 5,53 fffkgg iffy rg i ' at S is i " K Sc'1'nl11l' row: Mrs. Foster, C. Cox, J. Shaw, fini., A N 4 A. Frazier, L. Midkiff, C. Campbell, M. I gig i W. , H i Thompson, M. Lyons, S. Kyle, B. Hun- mei- S' F W neycutt. Tbirrl row: J. Jaliiee, S. Nelson, M. Wil- son, P. Gonzalez, P. Moody, J. Miller, X N. NVilson, C. Morehead, A. Lee, A. Huff, B. Sedwick, N. Sexton, A. Gay, F. Dawson, P. Morris, M. Fry. 0 OFFICERS CYNTHIA MOREHEAD. .,.... P1-vsizlv111f DIANE KEIJAUVER ...Vice-Presirlcrzi MIKS. CAREY, BETTY JEAN HUNNEYcUTT-- H 0xtc'sxr's Page Page Athletic Association - , . 1 E ...N k. . . . W M :,: ,H , :, W . M ,,,,.,., ,:.:,,.:-. is 1 1 1 E if Q13 i 5 i 'ii 5. Qs i: sam -.. 'W ,, . ., W ... ..,,,,.. . N .. .. .. Y ,. -if .. .,.,.,.,. E-P M EE E2 4 ff.. ,gshefiaw K fs... Wig5N'i., 5,25 'lei E , - 2 '-s .K Q " " .:.:f::j-"'q?55,: . W E :::: .::: ":3:5i:2:-:,:-:Q mg, 'Wa ---,- Q -j..:g,: ig . i K jr' W Y' ' X . I-: .:- E K. L ig sg Wg a v Ty '. :5. Q :- ' 1 'HL' . . W N OFFICERS --:-' -V . az A ' ' .M 5 if a 2 rx . ::- H s. . BARBARA STEPHENS . .,....., President HELEN SHE1uvooD .. Vicc'-Prcsidmzf JEANNE COLEMAN ,.,, . ...., Secretary K . MYRNA MAIN ...,., ...,.., T rcasurcr M. MAIN, B. STEPHENS, H. SHERNVOOD, J. COLEMAN. The Athletic Association, whose purpose is to provide opportunity for participation and leadership in sports and to promote good sportsmanship between classes, coordinates all the activities of the Physical Education Department. The leaders in this association are the members of the Athletic Association Council, which is composed of the four major officers, a manager for each sport, a representative from each class, and a member of each of the following clubs: Boots and Saddle Club, H20 Club, and Modern Dance Club. This active organization sponsors the Song Contest, the Eifigy Hunt, the Junior-Senior basketball game, and team and indi- vidual tournaments. The Song Contest is an all-campus event in which each class, led by a song leader, competes for first place on the basis of originality, presentation, appearance, and formation. Team tournaments include hockey, basketball, volleyball, and softball, while individual 'tournaments offer keen competition in badminton, tennis, shuffleboard, and ping-pong. The year is climaxed with the A.A. Banquet in May, at which time special awards are presented. Frrmi: H. Sherwood, M. Stadlcr, G. Cowan, J. Robinson, B. Bishop, M. Main, M. Main. Buck: B. Stephens, QI. Coleman, J. May. 124 Boots and Saddle Bacltgrouml: M. B. Venable, B. Quarles, J. Reynolds, A. McCoy, P. Terry, J. Willianiis, L. Pike, R. Smith, S. Donnell, P. Hyatt, D. Harlow, C. Kraemer, J. Van Sehoick, P. Duke, J. Robinson, L. Murphy. In wagon: P. Watrouse, M. Pope, S. Ballard, L. Mc- Lin, P. Brown, N. Harris, B. Schapero, Wallace, K. Douglas. 9 All students who ride are eligible to be members, but this year another qualification was added. Only after the girls withstand an initiation ceremony and prove their knowledge of the art of riding can they be- come members. The main project of the club is the Horse Show, which is presented during Commencement Weelt. 0 OFFICERS: SUI5 DONNELI,, l'rt-.viflmlg Louise PIKI2, Jlifi'-Pl'L'Xill!'llfQ PHYLLIS rl-IERRY, SI'rrr-laryg DOT HARLOXV, TrvasIn'r'r. H20 Club First row: M. Gardner, C. Christensen, J. Phillips. B. Bishop, G. Cowan, B. Regnier, H. Sherwood, D. Kefauver, C. Shewbridge. St't'0I1tl row: J. Schroeder, J. Ledbetter, J. Duff, J. Williains, L. Chapell, D. Cayton, C. Crooks, M. Ayers, J. May. O The members of the H20 Club are chosen after they successfully complete a difficult audition. Usually, the members are the best swimmers in the school. The club practices many months to prepare an annual water pageant which is presented in March. The synchronized swimming routines and dazzling scenery make this an outstanding contribution to the social activities at Intermont. 0 OFFICERS: GINNY CONVAN, Pwsiflwitg BECKY Blsl-1011, ViL'C'-127'ESi!llUlIfQ JOYCE PHILLIPS, Sc'cI'eI'aI'yg Bonzai REGNIER, TI-wixurcr. Club odern Dance Club S. Bailey, K. Sanford, N. XVilson, J. Miller, M. Wilsoli. 9 The Modern Dance Club is composed of girls who are interested in expressing them- selves by motion. One of the major events on the Dance Club calendar is the annual trip to the dance seminar at the Woman's College of the University of North Carolina. The main duty of this organization is to as- sist in the choreography of the May Day Celebration. C OFFICERS: Nome WILSON, Pravitlrulg PATTI KANE, Vice-PI'rsit1rl1Ig JUDY MILLER, Sccrclary. Page afmvfe 5 W Aww, ,L W, Jim-Eg H ,QU ew my : ff W- ff afglufggnfsr gym 2 y-.wmfmw .H A , N, M gfiggmb., 'JJSQLJNN "' .fm 1 'Eu ,.,w"" Q .1 . M X ,H W nv 1 an g 4 5 4 ai Em n 3 V Page 128 ERS JOHN ROBERT POW ncsucy c o tz P . 247 Plum Avenue New Yomc Cin l7 February 5, l956 Miss Betty lean Huneycutt, Editor-in-Chiet THE lNTERNONT virginia lntermont College Bristol, Virginia Dear Miss l-luneycutt: it was a pleasure to judge the beauty section ot the i956 lwtennoht. The contestants were all extremely attractive and l only wish tirst place could have been given to each ot them. However, as l'm sure you realize, it is very ditticult to be a 4-air judge ot a glrl's true personality from photogranhs alone. lt l had been able to see and talk with the contestants, l would have been better able to npprai se their potentialities. Nly choice of the seven winners is based on Qui the teatures and contours ot their taces, tbi their acparent intelligence and alertness, and ici their teminine charm. NATURALNESS, not glamour, is my criterion of a young lady's attractive- ness. lt any ot the contestants are ever in New York, l hope they will come in to our otficez l would like to meet and tells with all ot them. C0nqratulations to youg to the beauty contest- ants and to alt the members of the lNTEGMCNT stat? -- with kindes anal regards. Sincerely, Otlli ROBERT POWERS bers J ounce ffm Woolfmcan Roanoke, Virginirz Pug 1 mama mm a mn mn xm 5 Bwmf ke: mam 5 A V 5 E naw N B mls? ,m K B vm mags ,E,uMf. -w 4 5 : wx www mms mm gms W W M:MT - T E M H. mmmn -M5:L mmnm- f'f3 NWN MWMlS:QM www, Qui5.:. MWMWMGMW 5W555H'555:,' ' ' M 1f!'Qg5g,g,g,,,,, mx nmnmqx-g,n-X, K. WMWM .2 23QQiiWMWMW mm 1W:m,:.:.M: . . AWMW :.1T.UlLM M 5 my EHn,B zwlwqu z MW :5f,X, mavsmkmnwgn- -u- - H M mill, - mammw+m-mva- - W - A-MWMY4 mx nMnm,mi,.m.w. . ZH .!. LM.L. Em, Egnmmmw, Rz.. ,X .- 5 1.H2 BHK !!ff!iSiBm-WBX- Si'Si Z' . -I -if ZX:: 55555555 5mMHW"iSiiiQZ,5MM?f MM - XL gimwmsw5'zz55H-'xnxx ' 7' WNW MWMfMW- - - HBH Qiwmwbsaggsaasiwuw: an '5f",'A ' M MWMWM MMMMMM::3:LMLMW mammmwmxxgggngwum-mmfn 2-m 1 NWN Wi EEmm155555?55ggH55 5jLg5jHjgi WMQ. , . .W wanna nm- M M M M - . 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W 1.1322 HH rmzh 1-vu , N . , Y ,A 1 ,S f. 5 1: Z I. ss x 5. x Sue Donnell Wa y Q14 e e VL Mary Babb Vcnablc ma lf cf 0 ! A 0 VL 0 if 61, Nancy Trujillo Pat Bullock Betty Brizendivze Barbara Stephens H elerz Slaerwoocl X . fm, ' is-r's, , . X M .. V -X 1 -: .. ' A ' . 'Ui WW ' 1 ,. N ---- . - 1 H , ' -2. :.: ,.: P '- 4 5 L' -,a., .wh ' . JM WM Page 138 "'?'iA1lf+':- ' Left lo right: BECKY BISHOP, JAN MOCK, MARCIA GIVANNI, PAT SI-IELBURNE, JANE ROBINSON. wwf Phyllis Terry Pa! Baker Myrna Pope I 67172706 Colemarz lane Szfepben Left to right: NANCY WILSON, OCEILE HALL, SANDRA GILLIAM, JOYCE PHILLIPS, CAROL GEIPEI.. Page 139 E .. : 7 - mn - nsingxx QB? 2 : Vegas was W ...mga xvz:MiJ .,, H e ss- -:mn w-is ..,,,,, H , I mga- QMWE Xiu a sg B SARAH EDMONDSON . . . Typ- ical V.I. student. Quiet, sincere, and dependable, Sarah is certainly one who is most likely to succeed. Loved by all. She is a member of Student Government, B.S.U. Great- er Council, and Y.W.C.A. Council. HELEN SHERWOOD . . . Gener- ous, trustworthy, one who gets things done. All these add up to Helen. Her cheerfulness and love for V.I. will always be remembered by her many friends. She is a mem- ber of the May Court, Alpha Pi Epsilon, President of A.A., Group Picture Editor of THE INTERMONT, President of the Y.W.C.A. and the Religious Planning Board. 140 OFC BECKY BISHOP . . . When any- one wants to know who is always full of pep, the answer is always Becky. A natural-born leader, Becky has been Song Contest leader for three years and won! She is a member of May Court and Phi Betag loves music and sports. SARAH NEBLETT . . . A quiet but glowing personality, Sarah is a favorite of all who know her. She is particularly noted for her grace and poise in ballet. She is a member of the Areannes and Nostrae Filiae, and is in the Feature Section. BETTY JEAN HUNEYCUTT . . A generous, Winsome, vivid person- ality has won for Betty Jean many friends and many honors. But she deserves even more, for she has lived up to every duty and responsibility of the high positions she holds: Ed- itor-in-Chief of THE INTERINIONT and dining room hostess. -in .4 8 ."" it . 0Llf'8I".'5 CINDY MOREHEAD . . . Fun- loving, personality plus. Cindy has won the hearts of all Intermonters with her ready smile and her will- ingness to help in any and all ac- tivities. She is a member of the Tip 'n Run Club, Art Club, and future president of A.A. LORETTA MIDKIFF . . . Who is the girl that has received honors all year long? That's Loretta. She is industrious, capable, and talented. Always there to help. She is a member of Tip 'n Run Club and Phi Beta. CLAIRE DAVIS . . . Fully burst- ing with charm, Claire displays all the qualities of a true Intermont girl. Noted for her beautiful red tresses. She is a member of the May Court, B.S.U., Y.W.C.A., and Presi- dent of the Junior Class. Wiley.. 1. was 5 s JAN MOCK . . . Blonde, blue-eyed Jan is the personification of South- ern Charm. Never says "no" to anyone. She is Il member of Y.W.C.A., Beta Club, President of S.C.F., and Vice-President of High School Senior Class, and is in the Feature Section. PAT BAKER . . . Pat is the girl with a vivacious personality. A smile for everyone and her willing- ness to help others have won for her a place in the hearts of all. She is a member of the May Court, I-Ionor Council, President of High School Seniors, High School Class Editor of THE INTERMONT. Page 141 jae Qrfraifd in wid Janna! mm Wade Ag Tom Daniel Studio 510 Cumberland Street Bristol, Virginia jine porfraifd N 3 09 HECHT'S BAKERY Corzzplimczzfs Energy Packed of Il vi SNFICNID llllP 4 SHER W IN - W ILLIAMS - :si gr, 51 l State Street Bristol, Virginia 50 51535 Siivgglalitjl Royal Typewriters Victor Adding Machines Complmlwlfs of Typewriter Sales and Service CO. McClure Motors, Inc. 832 State Street Bristol, Tenn.-Va. Chevrolet and cadillac Phone 746 Shaw-Walker Furniture Mosler Safes Bristol' Term'-Va' Complimelzfx of The Cox Co. Wholesale Grocers Bristol, Tenn. MOORE-EARHART COMPANY Athletic Equipment and Luggage-Outfitters of School and College Teams Bristol, Virginia BILL HENRY 39 Moore Street Bristol, Virginia Magazines Cigarettes Candy J. B. DENTON 6 CO. Staple and Fancy Groceries Fresh and Cured Meats Phone North i350 Bristol, Virginia THE NETTIE LEE SHOPS Johnson City BRISTOL Kingsport Phone Bristol l92l C0112 pliinzents of STERLING HOUSE C077117li17ZCl1fS of FAUCETTE COMPANY Pg 143 Mft 'V 0 9, 4 ' ugmffz lior ,Q Ifbe 0,7 Qjq, NJ? f eIN HRM T ,QC , if a wa s ts h rds of exc le as a Xl Y ' aolle annual lplgjlli PX! t I A ' A g ' I 1 , pl l ne of ten represent tive J lf or '- 4 Q in America" my B' P . 1 . 9 yi X 0 lc 6 Compare PET DAIRY PRODUCTS with any others 1 - Q - - lllllllY PRODUCTS G0. 2 Grade "A" Pasteurized 81 Homogenizecl Vitamin "D" Milk PETER PAN PASTRY SHOPPE, Inc. HOME OWNED Your Specialty Bake Shoppe Phone North 3650 507 Cumberland St. Bristol, Va. DeVAULT'S, INCORPORATED Athletic Equipment-Sporting Goods Phone 3568 l4 Lee Street Bristol, Virginia Conzplimenfs of R. C. HORNER CO. "Taste the Fresh BETTY GAY Cream in Pet ICC, Crmmv 625 State Street Bristol, Virginia Smartest Apparel for Women Pg 144 Ride a YELLOW OR CHECKER.CAB Phone North 3000-Day or Night Moore and Cumberland Bristol, Virginia MOORE? Manufacturing Company V. Ig BOOK sHoP Virginia lntermont College Established in 1943 Profits used for books in our college lib1'a1'31. BUNTING'S DRUG STORE Exclusive Agencies Hollingsworth Candy Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics KELLY 61 GREEN Photographic Supplies Silverglo Photofinishing 5l4 Cumberland St. Bristol, Va. BARR'S SPORTING GOODS CO. lO-l2-l4-'l6 Seventh St. Bristol, Tenn. C011zj1Iimel11fs Of THE JEWEL BOX 529 State Street KEMBLE-COCHRAN COMPANY Booksellers, Stationers, Engravers, and Office Outfitters l907 Bristol, Va.-Tenn. i956 REMINE-GOBBLE Bristol? Szmuftest Mc1z's Shop C011zpli11zc11zfs of COWAN BROTHERS C0172 jJli11zemfs of D. B. RYLAND JEWELRY P3145 nnd BRISTOL'S GREAT DEPARTMENT STORE Scfifiuilzg Soufhwesf Virginia and Easf Tefzncxsee for More Than 67 Years. Q Q, FASHION SHOP Smart Apparel State Street Bristol, Tennessee BRISTOL LINCOLN-MERCURY SALES 2033 West State Street Bristol, Virginia Colrzplimenzfs of RUTH ERFORD FREIGHT LINES, INC. Bristol, Virginia Best Wishes THRIFT SUPPLY COMPANY State and Lee Street Bristol, Virginia S. S. INTERMGNT THE TEA HOLE Sf? Profits Used for Scholarships Pg 146 OQLQMMM Lili JACK TRAYERS BEAUTIFUL SHOES mx Xb ACCESSORIES VALLEY "Smart fashions for the smart miss CARMELLETES I2 Moore Street Bristol, Virginia DEBS Phone 5I66 TROTTERS COVER GIRL O Q Bnslol 0IIu:e Su I Co. For those who like floe Finest y Incorporated Zazzaagga Office Supplies and Equipment in Bristol Sporting Goods Ps 7 C om plimelzts of STUCKEY'S PECAN SHOPPE Fine Pecan Candies, Nuts, Tropical Jellies BRISTOL GROCERY CO., INC. Gifts and souyenhs Bristol, Virginia Abingdon-Bristol Highway VAN DERVORT'5, INC. COMPLIMENTS Quality Shoes OF Paramount Theatre Building Bristol, Tennessee A FRIEND Arthur Cummings ABINGDCN, VIRGINIA + fglaolfograloim O! iZ51I6fi1fLcfi01fL fEditor,s Note: Mr. + Cummings made the color picture and the May Court pictures.j YZ Vulcan Engravers, Inc. 216 WEST 18TH STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK + .gpoeciadzing in gngrauinga of me .A4gAe5If Qnaagfg in, anal! miie, in jour 620610, anal in fAe Mew jAree-Kokr procedd + fEditor's Note: This firm made the three-color print in the front of the book.j Ps EOMZI' of .SDflfl,6!8lfLf5 ALEXANDER, PEGGY, 1129 Carolina Ave., Bristol, Tenn. ALLEN, SHARON L., 1931 Leight St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 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WOOD, DOROTHY, Norton, Va. WOOLEDGE, MARTFIA, 912 S. Mercer St., Bloomington, Ill. WORLEY, MARY LYNN, Route 3, Bristol, Va. YOON, PAT, 212-214 Song San Dong, Taegu, Korea Page 153 .!4lfLf09I"6LlOA5 UA-M Aw. .1 " , 'QW View-had XQJHA..-M r slug! sdaddf J 3 , 44-dfwmocj A . 5 iiimw. "2"?S . I- jlij :LJ 133533,-Biidlf g?:3I ?f Q Qifzfzlim M1134 '6l!L64-A-s4"1 "a4,,'L " ,Q MW fm :J'CL7'gLMl4i:J644f- L-aLegZ',3.vfv-M1-t43f04"-I Loaf-wwf-If-1.4541 ffbv f0""'f-H--I fn.,c4,4'C 42,1-uv. """"-"""6 Ni,4.fu1,L.. 64, ZA-0-4, 764444, f""""' Q . QWW 04544 977 Q! -5' ADMM- le ep? 19 0' 'SZ-45,1 Kg,-faftdy I VCE -64146 fha, ' yan 'MQ7"'fA4"-'GMC Q646'-ff 1? J 7f.f!4!6Q9,Qq 4474 4? 'S 'Cai L4-Q-Q Q Aff f , Lim! Zack? qfmfddffj ' JW' ww-7,6 A, Q 'MM ffadm. I ,,4. if amd!! M06 5252 Mag , ,, , ka! Jigga? wo I ! ,W lfdbz-vgykazju A 432 Z fflfbyx ffgfedi , UV , ' if "Ji f ,asf fgsax. 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