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 - Class of 1927

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THE STAR CF THE NORTH Published by SENICR HIGH SCHOOL Virginia, Minnesota 1927 EEE EEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEE EE 'EE FOREWORD N PREPARING this yearbook, We, the class of 1927, have endeavored not only to review for you the activities and life of the past school year but also to link our part With the past. If you, dear reader, find any pleasure in reading these pages, We shall feel that We have filled our niche in the ever-growing history of our school. S3 it Ei Ni if? 'I ' I V -!i1'?2g. 1 X bl S 'l V if ' E ie E E E in as 35 is E Se E EERE EEEEEEEEH EEE EE 5 E E E E HERE mam u4:..f . -.",.., . nnunmize-an mmsv.a..m,n1uxm ' LORENA M. MACFARLANE DEDICATION To one who has labored faithfully and with untiring efforts in our institution, who has always been willing to give us a Word of encourage' ment, and who through our contract with her has endeared herself to us, to Miss Lorena Macfarlane, adviser of the Senior High School students, we dedicate this annual of the Star of the North. -ix . -- W 'Sxx . N X 'Y,-QT' TSX' - ,4:::::::1 I -A-,ES-a S sw, . is -X .,.., ...J 35 Q TTPSJQ , FW'-K.. ' ,, Nm:-N 2. A 0., K. ab 1. ll 'itil . 'NM'-, RQ, :NSR J f l. , X h A SM, ' .Q .i, ' Q-,QSN 3 f A K JV", 'N f -4 ,,'f'ff3f' , J i! k" Qff:5Ef 3,2 N YS-3 'gif .. Eff sy .lx Pi :img if L f 'IP ' ,. N " -2 IFEW, '....- -. , -his Q --Mx M ' ' .,'-m .- 5: -f .. XTI- 1 -wi NN.. .. , , X L ig: -if N x Ji., ,. 'N' -'fx' fy! 2'f,v.' N... Q 55' -N-+:,,, :asian-'N ff. . . 6 f N f-,i,, f .F .Qian 'NH' " K Q R X SfgF'f3::ff'? ' f , .4 0 3' ' "" ""' S55 '14 'Q ' - zi..- ......,. Q. ..,, -M.--',...,,-L L ig? 'YNE1' -gs V , H --,,,. , isis X ,- - ' .1-.1- 'ezgijjy -..c::1'IIf""N..1 I' ., - use-Q V-S Q ff'L"':-7:'X - 4. '.12'11:::::-QT w Q li L Y' M P , , " ,,---1 Jf. A ,K ,z 5 .,,, w ' " if - QL" J ,.. , if i xg Q - 3 I --Q. 73,5 Y' i. ' K Eff' f ' . i -w , : QV ms., 3 - , "" x y ,sbsxgggi Rx gt - Nix -231451 X 5 tg 5- I. ,. VX ' 9+ If ,:...,::1gf:55,3 N- ' M' NN, :N l fi ' QF- fif yr -' Inv- Y N if ,A .1 xvw QQIQEHQ .Qi K 5-if l'II TO M, .x,imfa:1u1m:51z?mmswmerwszmi,si:'Am 'ua-mcenzxam e uwwn ' 'xt , X, . Aff' uf- ,,,1' I . xxx' fi, M'?r,:ccit--,....QTI't It WMHC Ng Mi A A 'V ' ' A iiii A A iiiii W V I R G I I A Northern City with a Southern Name As we consider the history of the City of Virginia, the first question which arises in our minds is under what circumstances the name was selected. "Humphreys" was the first name suggested in honor of Mr. A. E. Humphreys, President of the Virginia Improvement Company, the Company which sold the first lots of the original eighty acres. At a meeting held in Duluth on July 10, 1892, David T. Adams, one of the promoters and a pioneer prospector on the Range, proposed the name of "Virginia," stating that the town was platted in a vir- gin country surrounded for miles by virgin pine and also honoring Mr. Humphreys because he was a native of the State of Virginia. The first settlers arrived here in the spring of 1892. Because of iron ore de- posits all through this region, it was seen that a town so centrally located would form an excellent site for a center of the ore mining industry of the Range. 1 ,. Y , .. - anis, Y, 7,1 Vin- . . l K MISSABE MOUNTAIN On July 12, 1892, the plat of the town and the name of Virginia were adopted. Following a petition for the incorporation of the City of Virginia, made September 12, 1892, and signed by forty-four inhabit- ants, the Board of County Commissioners on November 12th of the same year voted to incorporate Virginia as a village. During the fall and winter of 1892 the little city was greatly hindered by the lack of facilities to transport goods and equip- ment. The Duluth and Iron Range Rail- road ran from Duluth through Mesaba and thence to Ely, but it was too far east for Virginia.. On the west the Merritt Broth- ers Railroad-now the Duluth, Missabe, and Northern Railway-came to Mountain Iron to remove iron ore from that vicinity. The passenger service was of the very best for that day. Stage coaches connected points on the Duluth and Iron Range with the IN OLDEN TIMES Duluth, Missabe and Northern. But in 1893 a spur was constructed from Wolf Junction to Virginia, aiding greatly the now rapidly growing village. In 1895 the Duluth and Iron Range also reached Virginia to aid in the ore industry. The mining interests were centered in two mines, the Sauntry Mine and the Lone Jack Mine, which were the first to load ore in Virginia. They were operated by the .,..... ff , , -... . .a , 3-...f,L'fff""f' 'Q VW W'A""?,,.,,,,,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,.W.,i..,s,,WM.W..,,,MM,,.,, ,,,,, . ..,,...,...,, N ,,,,.,,..,,.,,,.,,,,,.M.a.WW, A f ...... ffvf ,afff-1aniAf"f-.L.gag,fff'--..'4y14111114110f,,L..:,.:,,4a,ff.L:g:::25z4F1'ff21:z, i"'f"7ff'f' f-ff Jwfvififf' W'---li?--f.::,L3' "-ffvM2v:.p:2f '-.-.--f2:w21'f:f0'-an ,.... ,.,.,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., ,,.,,,. ,.,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, .W , ,,,,,,,,.,,,. .,,,,. . , - - - ,,,fff,,.. .W..aM-.-Ww:5g,m-v-f-wwf--m--,--f- W- f-f----f-f f 1-.-1f -, W. ,,,,....,. WM, ,,.,., N, ,.,. ,7 ,N x X-a..M r,,,f V5 WLM .,,.... Q21 IIII ""h-, 1111111 ,v111 11, 111 , 11, ,gf,Q:x1 11111 ,111111 Y-,1:11 1111 11111 ....... '-'-"- ' "" ' '--''-"-------------------- - ---- '-f'--f f - .1 "'-""'ff H f""' ffff---"------------"'-- ry ---- "'--f- f ------ - ---'--' - -----v----f'-'-'-" V - 'f-f-f--v"' '-vf'-v--' --f"- V V --f--'v-- X THF 1:7 THE OLD CITY HALL AND JAIL Oliver Iron Mining Company which still operates here. In 1917 these mines were taken over by the state interests and the name of Missabe Mountain-the Indian name for "big hill"-was given to them. Mining was not long to be the only indus- try in Virginia, for late in 1892 the Finlay- son lurrrber mill was built. Proximity to the source of lumber, housing facilities for workers, a natural mill pond, and fire pro- tection all contributed towards making Virgina an ideal lumbering center. Virginia in 1893 was progressing very rapidly. Water pipes were laid, forming a -W ' THE CENTRAL SCHOOL source of water for the residents and an aid to the volunteer fire department. A police department had been organized before this. Fate was not kind to the little city, for at noon Sunday, June 18, 1893, the mill whistle gave warning of a menacing fire. The mill became a raging inferno which spread to the town. By noon the next day Virginia had been completely destroyed. Immediately the people formulated plans and in two years Virginia had become a greater and a finer town than ever before. In 1895 Virginia was incorporated as a city. Electric lights were installed in the homes and on the streets during that same year. The Virginia school district number 22 was organized in 1893. This later became THE LINCOLN BUILDING known as the Independent School District of Virginia Number 22. The Central School on the corner of Third Avenue and Second Street South was one of the first schools and was built in 1893 following the iirst fire. The Primary School, dedicated in 1898, stood Where the new Lincoln School, erected in 1923, now stands on First Street North and Third Avenue. Where the fire hall now stands on Fourth Avenue between Chestnut Street and First Street North, there was erected in 1895 a frame building to house the volunteer fire department, the police department, and the City Hall. This building was replaced by the present structure in 1908. Increasing operations in the ore mining industry and in lumbering had caused the population to increase so rapidly that by 1900 the census report showed five thousand people. 07! , ,..,,,..,,.,, .,...,. ,.,,.,. , , .....,,,,,.,,,,.,,,., ..,,, ,,,,,,,,...,,.,,,,...,.,,,.,,..,,...,,,,,,,,,,,... . ..,, . . W.- ,,,,....,.,,, ,WW..WWW.., ? f f an ,vli AWA333333V.lZ 'LD Zzlf:::1gl',I My L H4,x,,.7,, ,,.,,. Vllill X ,..,,,,v.,:::,f,,mg,p,k'Xx2 .-,L ,..,,, .,....., , .,...,....,,,,,,.,.,.,,.. W ..,,,, ,.,,, ......... , WN, .,..,.,, ....,.. N .................. N N.....N,.w,W, .....,..... ff, .,,, - ,ffr 1 ,,fff,ff, ff.ff rfrr . . ,,f-f f,-, W mf -ffff fm 2 ffi' ,, ,, , 7 9'-Z X f Aff 'f41f2yQW , 'Z' 'W kr--. Among the founders of Virginia were Captain M. L. Fay, who came in 1898 and who in 1903 was elected mayor, Captain John Gill, captain of the Norman Mineg U. S. POST OFFICE and J. H. Pearce, superintendent of the Commodore Mine. These men together with others too numerous to mention, all con- tributed greatly to the Virginia of today. On Thursday forenoon, June 7, 1900, a warning was sounded to all the people an-' nouncing another very destructive fire. Again Virginia, for the most part but not completely, was reduced to ashes. Even this second fire was not enough to cause the residents of Virginia to give up. On the contrary they decided to make Virginia a real city with all the improve- ments that any city could have. Work be-- gan immediately rebuilding the fire-eaten buildings and removing the charred re- mains. In 1902 the Fay hotel was erected on Chestnut Street at Fifth Avenue. -The Fay Opera House, erected the same year diago- nally across the corner, served as the scene THE JEFFERSON BUILDING of entertainments until the High School Auditorium afforded a better place. In 1905 the Oliver Iron Mining Company moved their headquarters to Virginia from Mountain Iron. One of the original build- ings of the Mountain Iron headquarters was what is now the Mohami Club building on Eleventh Street North and Sixth Avenue. The educational needs of Virginia were ever increasing and led to the obtaining of THE ROOSEVELT BUILDING THE WASHINGTON BUILDING ,, ,,,,,,..,,, ,... ,I ,.,,......, ...... s...7,...,ZZ ,..... S --., :,..f+ff" .Z , W' ZZ,.M.fZa7.T.Z...,.,,.....Z.::: ..,. W. .,.....1T....1...W-.,:.,.....:.., ,,,,,,., .T ,..v . Z1 ,.,.. ..... . I r f ' ' f ..,.,...........,..,,...,,,.,,,....,........,.,,,,, M .....,..,.. WM- .,.,.,, ....,..,,.M-M-9.-Mr:-ww ff'f' N W 'fff ff f I , W M., .,,.,,,,.,,,,.,. .4 ww, MW., M., .,... -.., .... W., ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, f K 1: 7 ' Q05 .2 iii' , T11 , vm jg: "h,. W VVVV VVVVAVVAAI- V VVVV VVVVVVVV VVVVVVVVA.-A-A I I I mu IVVVVVVVVVVVVVIAAAAAA .-4......AV.. 1 V W V mm-mm r , i1i better equipment to maintain the educational system. In 1903 the Roosevelt building was erected, followed in 1906 by the John- son school. The former has this year been razed to make way for a new Junior High School building. Until 1909 there had been lacking the proper facilities for a high school education so in that year the Techni- cal High School was erected, and in 1914 enlarged to its present size. By 1912 the Virginia northside was so settled that to take care of the needs the Jefferson school at Eighth Avenue and Fourteenth Street North was erected, and in 1923 the Washington school at Eighth Avenue and Ninth Street North was con- structed. In 1924, after the necessary addition to the Southside School, built in 1914 at Tenth Street South and Fifth Avenue, had been completed, it was named the Horace Mann Building. The latest acquisition to the educational department of Virginia was the James Madison Building. With these well equipped institutions of learning Virginia offers its youths every opportunity possible for their life work. HORACE MANN BUILDING Virgina gradually took on a new aspect more nearly as it is today. The first paving was on Chestnut Street in 1906 and re- mained until two years ago when it was repaved and replaced with concrete. In 1908 a municipal fire department began to protect our homes, replacing the faith- ful volunteer members. In 1910 the First National Bank Building,-Virginia's tallest structure--was erected. The post-office, formerly housed in a frame building on l VIRGINIA AND RAINY LAKE MILL Chestnut Street, in 1911 entered a new building which stands at the corner of Third Avenue and First Street South. In 1913 the City of Virginia bought the Water and Light Department. In 1918 municipal gas entered the Virginia housewife's kitchen, and two years later municipal steam. which now heats eighty-four blocks, replacing the furnaces in many of our residences and public buildings. SCHOOL GARAGE AND BUSSES Virginia has risen, as we believe, to be the finest city of its size in the State of Minnesota. Her present population is num- bered at sixteen thousand people. During the last twenty years, her streets have all been paved, and during the last five years ,,,.,,,,.,. ..,,,.,,,,,., N, ,,,,,,,,. , .,,,, M. ,,,. 1.1-1 ,,,,,,,,, ,N ,,,.,,,, -, ,,,.,. ,,,,..,,.,.,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, M ,'f1C11f"' ""' ' ""' """" 'f'fff"f"N""C'7'TLC"' """"" 3 f f f ,,,.., , ,, , K, fffygg-g1,,, ww'-fvffqyf f'-- ffm' ., W 1, fw WM.: 1' ? Ava Z 2 21159, ':55.f:7fg, 're--3446 .'f"'amiv5'1ff'f"'4,,zetsewfffw gf' "" 5 ff'.'i6Zf7 "" ?H,.,.:f'-ff ...fray w,,,5:za:1: 'H,,i,,,m:::,'L9e,1,2f'5z I ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,M ,,,,, ,WMW,,,MN ',', ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ........,, , , ,M ,,,,,,,,,, H ,,,,,,,,, MW ,,,, WWW, .,,, f .,.. --f---',,f,... W ,N ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, fffff ,M WW, ,,,,,, ,,,, M ,,,,,,,,,,, W ,W M ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, y A4 N ,.., ,ff 4 N1 her alleys also. Her city streets are a net- work of cement sidewalks, boulevards, and shade trees. Virginia is the home of the largest cork pine sawmill and planing plant in the world, the Virginia and Rainy Lake Company mills, number two and three. All roads, mostly paved, lead to Virginia- the Queen City of the Iron Range. She is afforded excellent steam, electric, and motor bus transportation facilities. Virginia, in the heart of the Arrowhead Country of Minnesota, is the gateway to the summer playground of America in the land of the ten thousand lakes. K - H, . . ,lag SCHOOL FARM CITY HALL 1 ZL'1Li?M'Z15Li:iM'iiziiizrwitfiir "" 1 :r:1z11:gi'W"3f':1::f1f:7"f2211z1ff "" :pre r11111:'M''iiiiitq:::g"N'N"11i:':, ""' fi "" iiiix .,,, f.c,,,,,c.MM ,,,, qw, ,,,,.,,....,, ,,,.,.,, 1 ..,,,,,. l..g,41..,,W,i,: .,,, ,,,,, f , .me ,,,,,,,.,...,.,, gff411:rg1:11,,, ' ""h fgpizgiaxpzzzizfgii ,,,,, 111: ,,..,,, 4.4 f if .ff"f,', ,G ""'-. fum ,WA,,,,,,..,,,.,,fy,,m y"""'1 ,f I .,, ,M .,, X' ,, .. 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"-fir:-w : - J-Vw -' .. ,' 9 S' sfo' g, X X A - f -.ii3:.-Qiiygg ' 'S 'x "" ik ' " ,f Ml' .- " K- ff " ' " ...x ul x F, , ILERQQ ' ' ' 5 ., f Xxx 5 -5 1 V-. ,...pd-- xxxw ADHIHISTR 'no Oliver Hole. Clerk Fx J. I. Frasa f f WXX A. E. McKenzie Chairman BOARD OF EDUCATION Virginia, Minn. J almer Johnson Frances Johnson, Treas. J. H. Hanson W. cg. BOLCOM Superintendent of Schools E. H. BOSSHARDT Principal of Senior High School EM I P '6'7""4Wf"'ff , RUTH AMBROSE O. E. ANDERSON H. M. BOARDMAN Science Physical Education Swimming U. of Chicago Des Moines U. U. of Minnesota "I would like for you to-" "Hey, you!" "Holy Smoke! " L- J- BROWN CHARLOTTE R. CURRAN ANNA M. CURRY Ch9m!5U'Y Physical Education Commercial Hamline U' U. of Minnesota Business College, Hamline U "Y0l1'!! get them tomorrow-" "Oh, yes, you can if you want "Oh, how lovely! " to." KATHRYN E- DARKE c. A. FLAGG EDNA GIESEKING Public Speaking Drafting Latin Columbia College of Expres- Stout Institute Colorado Teachers College Sion "Boys, get to work." "Hello, Hon !" "Let's be diiferent 3" BESSIE GULBRANDSON JEAN M, HEALY PAULINE HOLL English Swimming Home Economics St. Olaf College Northwestern U. Agriculture College, Fargo, N. "Let's try it over again." UI would suggest, H Dakota EDNA S. HOLMBERG RUTH E. HENNING L- G- HURST Art Mathematics Physical Education Homecraft G u i ld, Normal Huron College, South Dakota. Wesleyan U- School of Art, Mpls. HAh-ye3, but-" "Don't stand with your mouth "Sit down and get busy." openg be agressive. ' ' f' i LUELLA M. JOHNSON V B. LEDAHL J- A- LAMPE Sewing fbfo Science SCleIlCe U. of Minnesota U. of South Dakota U- Of Chicagf' "Now, girls," "I can see even if-" "Can YOU elucidate OH the subject?" O. J. Mc ILLVENNA LEOLA L. MARKUS History Mathematics Albion College, Michigan U. of Minnesota "How about this absence?" "Therefore it is obvious-" CORA MELGARD NORMA C. MILLER History English St-0l2fC011ese U. of Minnnesota and Iowa "Rise, please, and give it State Teachers' College again-H "Aw, gwan, really?" IE- A- MUELLER H. P. NORDSTROM Pflfltlng Electricity Dunwoody Institute Dunwoody Institute ' 'Noweis that nice'I' ' VERNON MALONE Band and Orchestra Texas Agriculture and M chanical U. "All right, boys, let's go. S. G. MOONEY Automotive U. of Minnesota "Tend to your own job, boys. IRENE PAULEY English Indiana U. "Good, gracious!" W. A. PIKE Commercial Business College, Stevens Point, Wisconsin "lf you work hard, I'll give you an A." BEATRICE RUTHVEN History U. of Chicago "On the continent-." ELISABETH STIENING English U. of North Dakota "Aber Deutsch." CONRAD RAPS HAZEL R. RUNNELS Physics English U. of Michigan Carleton College "Wornan! Woman!" "Granted, but-" P THRESA SMITH C- 0- SMIT Commercial Study Hall Upper Iowa U' Stout Institut wfhe lesson for tomorrowwvf "Please remember, the bell is a signal to me." HULDA SWEDBERG MARION G. THOMPSON Physical Education S0031 Science U, of Minnesota U. of MIHDSSOIZB, "Don't play the piano during "Claw The gong has rung-" class time. " ' S. K. WICK H. J. WIELAND PAULINE WILLFONG Machine Shop Director of Shops Music Stout Institute Valpraiso Institute C0ll1mbia School of Music "Silence-" "Oh, I should do it this way." "P-1-e-a-S-e, keep quiet." sf .K :ik 55253 Sxisifjsggbx ijgxg '.5lS..1N iff?--A:tf:::-x 'fffliw A 'x f iii - NNW-.,, ik .-,, --:R V N.. . W5""NN N ' W .. 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' ' - N- - . " ---- 1 - ' 2. '- X .'-xi 1 ,1.,,.f,:,: Q2s:s5:3W 9 ,N qjaf -'-- ,N -- 1 s . gf 0 X , 5, I f ' NSN ?i??'i5Q 51 W QXXQX :-5 sly My N5 4 xi K SE. IOR REQ if ,. I N 52 f UNE SEN IORS Motto: He Who Labors Conquers. Flower: Tea Rose. Colors: Purple and Gold. FOUR YEAR HONOR ROLL Josephine Kriser, valedictorian, Anne Glumack, Inga Abrahamson, Margaret John- Gabrielson, salutatorian, Gudrun Mobroten, son, Ruth Bloomquist, Anna Rosman, David Richard Fox, Bertha Mattila, Arthur Bailey, Farrington, Charles Keranen, Vienna Maki. Gordon Bowers, Florence Buboltz, Julia Harry Edwin, and Ellen Porter. ff In .,,,,, .,,,. , F v""'x ,..,,,,Wfff'4 W, w,,.,Z M ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,F,w,,,,,,,,,,,m,,,M,,NM,,,,,N ,,,, WNW,,m,,,,N ,,,,,,,, F,,,,,,,,,M,,,,,,,FM,, ,,,,, 2 . ,I .,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,N,,,.,WW,.,,., WQEEIJZ, '02 F V 'fWZ3LLLj"-'-. W1?i2Y,,5' WY? 7, ffm, K ? 't'fFg444jfL,C',,'f"' "vgff'fLz'z3ff:'wF, W ..., F X ,... . ,gm2,,f"'N.gA,5,x111:g,,,4 .... J,,,lg,f2f7' """' ?"""57W' "'3'3'3f'335 9"'t"x'f"""J""2 rrrrr rrrrrr F F FF F F :FFFF FFFFFFF F FFFFFFFFF, F FFFFFFF FFFF FFFF .,F. F F FFFFFF W to Q, ,fy z 11 'i 1 Z 1 5 1 5 2 E 2 1 i i 3 1 Z lit :MMM V,,f 47- 1' ' 5 , x g fi A np lv, 'tx ,,n f 1. , .Z ,,,,,., -L...a.,,-1, WWA ,,,,,,, :1.m,,.. ,,,,,,. -WMLA ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1, W , ,M A-Q"-Q. 'A'-, aaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa ' aaaaaaaaa ff aaaaaaa L ,Ei 1111? 111 L 11 111 11 1 11111 xA, M, . ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, 1 ,O 111 1 111 1 , ef A -ef W xg! . 2 Z " laws ,ff 2 1 5 INGA ABRAHAMSON . ulngrv 2 Sweetness IS to do and say 2 The sweetest thmgs 1n the sweetest 5 . Way- eni, f 1 me YOLANDA AGAMENON1 uLaa1 l To be liked by all, this age and day Is the highest compliment we can ?, if 1 ANN ANDERSON "Ann" . mf A speaker she has trled to be And fame some day she hopes to seep E i iff 5 ,. ., ii WU NORMA ANDERSON Q uskinnyn 'f if . . Her a1m IS to be a stenog fast, A member Oi an 05,109 vast. 5 ,,f,,z 2 ARTHUR BAILEY Ready to Work and ready to play, X Ready to help whenever he may. 222512 i 1 A-2 5,4515 ORAL BAKER 12433 A wonderful dancer, a smger too, What is more, a frlend that's true. '2'Mi',f 5 , ' ' ,231 25 3 l ! 5 ELIZABETH BLOCK . . . is I Fluffy halr and falr of face ,y Always in her proper place. A 1, 'bw A 2. ,VWM 4' f' 1 O ,lx 1 ' .:.,,.:,::,: ,,,,,,,, , , ,A1. , .,,,,,,,, Z ,,,f,, , ,,AjZfi,,, ,,,, i 1,,,,,, ZZ, ,,,,,,,. ,,--, We , , ,MH A OOOOOOOO Q,, 1 Q H f ' eff' --'--- ti' 4N,...:w,' ,f 'MQW , h :gm H G' . .,,, xii? f if is , 'S--.,M":. ,!,f' .,, .,., -I4 "gi f 1 f 3 1 2 " 1 l,,,,, ,,,,.,, A... ,,,., ,A ,.,,. .,a.,,,,..,..,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,.2 ,,L:L1fff"' rr, , W y y g,,,,,,,..,,,.,a,,,,,.,.,.,,..,..,,,.,, If fo f f i ,WWW f.,. 'jg ,I ., 1 f ""f.Ja,.ff 'wmfpf Wfffafffi'""'""""i"7f:::z1vfiQ141 . "HMG ""' H ' ""'-'- 1 """"""" W """" """""" ' ef-,,y'f RUTH BLOOMQUIST "Swede" A certain young lady named Ruth, A most capable lass in all truth. URSALINA BOCCHI "Ursal" She is little, she is wise She's a terror for her size. JosEPH BOHO HJOGP! Shortness and bashfulness combined Make a man we rarely find. GORDON BOWERS lCBud7, A leader among leaders is Gordon B. The most honored president of our class was he. STELLA BRADISH "Stell" Life is a jest and all things show it Stell's the one who'll always know it. ANN BRINTZ CCAnn97 Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind, Quiet and busy all of the time. MOLLIE BRITTS c4M0l1yy7 Beautiful, vivacious, and jolly To know-is to love our Molly. 1' nz ,vt M7 .X il 9 i .ff Q . 4 xl ,J ,f 52 A' X, zfial IZ' 2 7, A A W fail 2. l 5 1 XI fy- ? 59' . :X hs fi Q Oiii A li? XX? i 2 1 ff XXKQ, If gba . . 1 -W 1 ,f ,f -.rm W X W,,,u" ,Ja , f ' if M." " 'ff M2 V Zh y--m..,.,.1fg.,,,,,,,,,,,,...,.t.,,.,,...,,.,.. rw., ,, ., fa- ' ff , .,W,k . ..,,,,,,,-- ,,.. ,,,, M f4,,,, ,J-ff fffff f .,,, , . CLEDO BRUNETTI iCCled99 A boy of our class is Cledo Brunetti Always steady and ever ready. FLORENCE BUBOLTZ "Flossie" A real student full of spirit Whose laugh is contagious when once you hear it. MYRTLE BURRIS KKMyrt9? With a laugh ever ready. In her work, always steady. CARL CARLSON cccuuyn Silence and common sense make a man And to many a task does Carl turn his hand. ELEANOR CARLSON Dignity was in her step Of pleasantness never bereft. JOHN CECH "Satchell" We grant although he had much wit, He was very shy in using it. VIRGINIA CODE sxcodyaa Live to love, to laugh, to learn, Always . . happy and never stern I .SK-MEX A z N """"""' """ """ W """"" """"""""' ' 'Wziff ALICE COOPER From the city of Chisholm this maiden came To Virginia in search of honor and fame. CLYDE CROSSLAND "Stub" Nature tried to conceal him by making him small That it didn't succeed, can be seen by all. KATHERINE DEVICH ClKiki,! A friend who knows and dares to say The brave sweet words that cheer the way. ALLEN EDBERG "Pluck" Although six foot five Every inch of him's alive. AUDRA EDDY Howard thinks she's very nice But We won't sell her at any price. HARRY EDWIN Happy go lucky, full of fun, Never play until work is done. MARIE EGAN "Tootsie" Always jolly, always kind, That's the kind We like to find. if Q . , :ff f 1 .fel f. 4. ' z 1 35 ff !ffW,,,,,f-' 5? lllllllllll lm llllll jfj E jff Jj A llll A A j I 5' VV11:V:111 1T1- A ----mv, -- --f-fff atflM,g,jflM,,,.144qxf .11V V,,,,,,.,, gf, ,,,, ,LL ,,N,,,,,j53g1',QZ7,,,j53g15 2151 VN he ELIZABETH ENGDALL uLiZsv wg gn . . , 2 Attentlve to her own affalrs Free from other haunts and cares. 6,2 JOHN ERICKSON 1 "Johnny" Every school day IS torture for me For learnlng and lazlness cannot agree. 52 all 0 Z 93 1 il E LAURY ERICKSON V "Lauryn Thou hast no tlme for glrls nor fame 1, it , . . . 33 A mere dl loma IS th alm. J ,... x 1 fi N, LENNART ERICKSON 3 "Swede" An honest man, close buttoned to E9 ff 2 7 '-.' 1 . the Chm Broad cloth wlthout and a warm heart withln. ...V DAVID FARRINGTOIN "Dave" .,,A To be a speaker 1S D3V1d,S alm And we're sure that he'll Wm fame. When a lady's 1n the case, '33 You know all other thmgs glve lace. ,. wwf ANNA FLECK , 5 She argues early, she argues late, If a llne were crooked, she'd argue It straight. ffl rely 2' ' 2 ifzilifzi. , :W was, 12:22:21 1 "" 'f,,f::f::ff"' . V s::,1yf4zrg::21':,z W2 ffffe frf fff 4 e'fefsf ---if ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:,,, ,,,,V,,,,, , .,.,,,,,, ,,,,r,1 1-, - ffg 1A,,,,,,,, 5 ::: ,f,fff:f:: Wjilp: ' flhfuk, y eeeeee j " W Aff' e-ee 'i , ltu.rtr E g-gss I "" M3 .... I.'2fIIII"' faiiff-?"""J4f:'s.. M 11-.- I W4 , Z , , 'M :,:4W6.iig,f,,M,MM f ' ...-t' " 3267" FRANK FORTUN "Forchie" Our Frankie is a diver great Who breaks the records of the state. GERTRUDE FOSTER "Gertie" A merry heart that laughs at care A girl like that is very rare. RICHARD FOX "Dick" In true goodness unsurpassed With perfect students is he classed. ANNE GABRIELSON As a student you shine, As a friend you are fine. JULIA GLUMACK "Jule" A Winning way, a friendly smile Julia is a girl you'll find Worth While. ANNA GORDON 6lAn17 Of our class is Anna G. A girl Whom We seldom see. FRED GORHAM "Freddie" He had not time to sport away the hours, All must be in earnest in a life like ours. 'L V, gf .4 1 iii if ax, i ,-,, I 2,5 I 5 I I I 3 A Ia., f 5 ,.x vi XXXL f fff""' A img ,,, , ,,,,,,,,, L L., ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, L ,,,,,,,, Mw..,.... W ,,,.,,,-u,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,Mm,,,,,,,,,m,m MQ, ,ga ,,,, - - ,,,,, - ,,., ,,,,,,,,,., , d d ddddddd dddd sy, 'A ,Y,,Y:f1YY:,Y -- f:f J ff- -----....,fY:vf.v.. J Z frrf ,5,, ,,f-11115512 ,1,,,,,,,,, , ,,Y, iiffmaam ,,,, 1'1"L,,,,,,,g1fgffgQ'fQ,5n,,,g2??Q5 '-I4 wgyf' Zrzfy ,ji lt-.22 finf MARCELLA GUSSMAN "Marce" E We can't tell why We love you, i ani gg B d , 1 . .5 iw ut We o t1S true. . 14? if H ,ff f EDITH HALVORSON "Jin" Seek and you will never find Another typlst of her kind. 521' f WILLIAM HAUTA 1. ,, if-fx' as ' ya B111 For life's adventures he now is set, For he has mastered the alphabet. I gf-, gi IMPIE HEIKKINEN I 575-2 1: 1 XV" 7 . Irnple Jolned us th1s last year ?f'9 5 ' To graduate wIth our class so dear. '-'-., ROGER HICKOX 1 "Roger" f I And he hlmself was tall and thln, Wlth hps where smlles Went out and In. MALVIN HILL I There 1S a boy named Hlll, Who has a right good wlll. ,fn I ,K OLIVE HILL "Kid" jf' It If Full of Wit, full of fun, VM, ,f ii!! 1 ,f X v,,' 71, . . Does Kld H111 reet every one. 4 .i,,. ,,,. I 255 ',', if fm, 1. 'ff 2 .,,,,. L ....., L ....., .,,, , I - ...,,... . .,,,, L ,,,, . ,,, .,,,.,,,,,,.,..... ..,,,,,.,..,,.... 7 . 3. ..,,,,...,....... ,,,,,,,. .... ....., .......,,. , in lllnl ' L' '---. 4 . 4"""ff5f ' dddddddd ' dddd dddddddd1dd': 'dddd 'W ii?" ' ' ,YYV fwf:-52355:-,wh'Qm,fj"'x--f- IIIA ,,..., 4 "'3..,,,,f'j'i ff WC "" "" M' .---,,1 ...,,. ,4... xy.. .. .., if 39Z,,,QC2W M ' 151 f' xx LIN X i X, . X f ,f Rmb ,QM nil' .,., , ,- ,,,,,,,...M...f mm"""""' ,, , , OFTEEMOHTH ,,,411,,,,, g f111111f. - ffffffffff.. Q .:::::::: 5? WILLIAM HILL uBi11yn Ah! Why should life all labor be? ETHEL HOAGLAND A quiet maiden intent on her work Her duties, we know, she never will shirk. CURTIS HOLDRIDGE uspeedn Trained for either camp or court Ready for each manly sport. MATT JAKSHA UI-Iunkyu If foot ball were music, he'd be a brass band, That would cast its rhythm all over the land. ALYCE JARVINEN 4 Grieving is folly Come let's be jolly. MARY JENIA Though her hair is black as night There was never a spirit as bright. 7 ELLEN JOHNSON Love came into her heart one day Just for a visit-decided to stay. .SSI Q Hx 'f,,,ff"", 5 1.34, HAROLD F. JOHNSON "Patski" Harold free-styles in the pool, And brings honor to our school. MARGARET JOHNSON What mischief is hidden Within her we'll not tell, For it has not been our lot to know her well. RUBY JOHNSON KlH2OH She that was ever fair and ever proud Had tongue at Will, and yet was never loud. ELLA JYLHA My doctrine is to lay aside Sociabilities and be satisfied. JAMES KEARNEY "Jimmie" Ireland's contribution now Is always here to show us how. NONA KENNEDY Small and petite With a manner that's sweet. CHARLES KERANEN "Chuzzy" This boy's fast-sh! on skates- For when on ice he beats all gaits. .up .W dfffz Q 4 . ,. li , i 1 .wi ff N, :If Lf f 14 fm 3 WMMWM ,,... MY ssiss so 's ff ' ' ,J ,,., I -,,, !,1f4:'?1V,: ,,,,:,: ,,,,,,,,, 5LLzf1f?..,,NQ --V1V11-- igxzx I A , 1 Q 45, 1 AMY KIERY i csAmyvy ix EI: I might be better if I would: pf But it's awful lonesome being good. ETTA KINGSLEY Q Gentle in manner but resloute in If A girl, you'll find, who is a friend in need. 3? ALICE KNUTSON We know her by her jolly air, X Her brown eyes and curly hair. ' Rx DOROTHY KONOP acDOtSsr 1 She steals through life in her own Qgzji quiet way if I Happy and content from day to day. f JOSEPHINE KRISER HJO9! xx Flaxen hair and eyes of blue, A comely girl and a smart one too. STANLEY KROG A jolly good fellow is he Always smiling and always will be. TELLERVO LAPPALA "Tillie" Full pleasant and amiable of port, A girl who is generally known in every sport. 2 'ff,W,N',,,r' gf 72255 ARMAS LAMMI If he has a fault, he's too serious. WILLIAM LACKRIE lKBi1l77 Wise in his mind Wisest of his kind. LILLIAN LEHMAN No time has she to sport and play For at a round of duties she works all day. ARNOLD LENCI Arnold and Alice, two names that agree, For where one is, the other we see. IRENE LEPPALA llRe.ne77 Burdens become light when cheer- fully borne, So be happy as she is and Welcome each morn. MURIEL LERCH She is a damsel of delicate mould With hair like sunshine and a smile like gold. MILDRED LEVIN It's the song you sing and smile you Wear That's making sunshine everywhere. N 3 I k"+.f1 ' ffl! MM, ,fff THE, ?130?fT,z.f HELMI LINDGREN Conscientious retirin and wise- ! gi In Helmi's brain learning lies. WILLIAM LOFBACK KCBil1y7Y Thou bringest valor and also wit, Two things that always make a hit GENEVIEVE MCCABE , She is pretty, she is neat, Not very often to be beat. JAMES MCKENZIE "Jimmie" Just like any other boy Taking life as if a toy. KATHRYN MCMAHON ccKaddyss A brown-eyed personality Full of pep and originality. SABA MEWVETTIE caBObn We know a maiden fair to see Who IS as nice as nice can be. MARGARET MAGNUSSEN Quiet girls are often best Excell their compiers in the test. N. f MM.,-f SAIMI MAHONEN She has a heart chuck full of glee As most everyone of you can see. VIENNA MAKI She's modest of mein With a mind very keen. ELVE MAROSTE Because she did a good turn for her sister dear, She had to stay over for an extra half year. ELEANOR MARWICK Stately and tall is she Always has time for courtesy. HELEN MATSON Good nature sparkles in her eye And kindly deeds doth in her lie. BERTHA MATTILA "Berts" A sincere friend-a student rare A happy violinist with dark brown hair. PAUL MITCHELL HISh77 To have some girl's compact, ring, or pin Ish's ambition has always been. N if ,M y 5 4 ,,, , BORGHILD MOBROTEN "Keep busy to keep happy," Her motto must be. GUDRUN MOBROTEN A quiet, demure young maiden Who with very much learning is laden. FREDERICK MOILAN "Fritzie" He's full of pep from head to toe, He's got a rep to make things go. ' ESTHER NELSON What the World is for us, they say, Depends on what We are each day. ALICE NYBERG She is a girl with a smile and song When every thing goes dead wrong. ELMER OLSON clTugglevy He can swim with the best of them, And study with the rest of them. HAROLD S. OLSON Hath more than he showeth' - Speaks less than he knoweth. Dx W 1 3 J i xl fm fi" El 7 . xox, :Fl l 54 , QVN if Qi Z4 Qlxs X W ,-. gy : YN y si I L? ffl O aaa , 1 ,-f-1- W zz- 4:3 ,if T2 if ts? 1 :, M: L 7.. , 5 us we Z,. yt! sxxjj f f!! .W ,.,. u,..mM,M.,.,.a ,,Y,,,,.,,,,,,., , ,,,,, ,,1,,V, , .,,,, ,,,,, L-, .,,A,,,, W, , , ,,1A,A,,1,, V ,i,, 1 KKKKK, 5 r ,rr ,,P, Z1m., 2 ffwff-., ,,,. ., ,,.. .... M. ---- A 2 f ,Hz ,. if f"N f' ,MX " -V., fa,'-,Q45'1',rffi1j'r-.K 5 M'-fwfw-......,, ,, . ,,,,, 5 CLARENCE OSLUND Long and likeable and lean- ,fif He's a kind too rarely seen. ERNEST PALO i The harder the task we undertake The greater achievement we will make- JOHN PETERSON 1 "Johnny" In Johnny's com an 1t,S fun to be Z' "1 ME, 2 . . . . . To share in his originality. X if as Q7 . ALMA PERALA ifljf A face with gladness overspread Soft smiles by human kmdness bred. ELLEN PORTER A girl who has music in her heart Has something with which tb make a start. f is i HENRY POUPARD : 1:1 5 4,-5, . . He IS the mildest mannered man With the grand old name of "Gen- f tlemanf' 2? f E ,K 2 yi if VIENO RANKINEN ,' , -.fa Her quiet Ways are ways of pleasant- ! f 1, f f 12, 4 if L , l 537724-. 5 1 9,. 1 -'Z : - 7 A girl who is tidy and neat in dress. Mf1Q'7f" 7 I ff , , if - X, v fa! g? is Z xy '32 sy' .,, x , W' at ff f M ' eeeieeeee iiiiiiiiiii iiii. . ,fffff!"-32352325 ' fri 0 f , ' , .1 is , ,,,,,, ,Mm ,,.,, W .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, W,:m,,.. .,:,:,r:: ,,,,,, w.,,,W ,.,,, ,?g,'2if+1" f g1Wf,.:0 "May, MH""W"W'M"'--Mwvmwggb' M 1 V,-V,-af. , , ,, ,,,. , 15' " wfffifi .ff ,cf-, , ff- 1' ' Y ff ' ,VYVVV egg : .,,,m V, ,ggffflg-'5z::::::'j4455g3g239,21 ff'wMg,L.g 1:53, gh 1,3 ,,. . I ,Z U---fggfzgf ff- 1..,,n.'f-8.5, 'I M sm fy '44 'W-ff-1'--ff,f4f25m5w""-a."i Af,-:'v-,1f"',f?'9,?Q'?'Zf-fflffd' 11-- .-'fnfif' ' i"'4"N"if24" K 6' f"' ff2'ffZ1:fi'45""Wa,glZ4.,., fzlifffiifff-Qifffffh 'af' 7 ,fffff I - ,,,. ,,,,,,.,,.,,,,wW,,.,,,,M41Lg 'Q '2"r W WMM, " ,,y""-"""'f"M f'f'w,,,.,. wyfah, ,xg KW? Mir' -fqf "fQ',.nf,,i,,,1:t,i.i,.ffQ255 ws: , MZ-. - WALFRED RANTA "Never speak a Word unless there is a need." This seems to be Walfred's creed. JACK RIDDELL A little mischief, now and then, Is relished by the best of men. PAUL RING A merry heart that laughs at care His pep takes the savageness out of a bear. JEWELL ROGNESS uJ'eI,ryn At work or at play Her jollyispirit finds its way. ETHEL ROSE A little girl with a little name But we like her just the same. ANNA ROSMAN Behind her bright and shining eyes, A sunny disposition lies. JOHN ROWBOTTOM "Johnny" Or light, or dark, or short, or tall, He sets a spring to snare them all. ,,. w X? wi lt it J Q H Si 2X if zkf 1 ..r, X 3 1 Qi? ' 2 I "nfs: 5f 11X Z3 x V E X ,QV 'x J A HZ' 235 hi? lg K L NM z M, s"s'i 'me " 41, y xi ff! X 2 ' "Ma, .Nun 1 'X ,,, MM f uf v,l 1 5 ggi s i M ""' ,,,,,, N ,,,,,,,,,,,u ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,, ,,,,, WW ,,,, , WW ,.,,, ...A gym .,,.,..,,,,,,, Wm .,,,, 4 lg, JOHN RUSSO I-Zi gg yy ,f fa Johnny 571 . . A handsome valiant young man IS Z Ziff R use' . . . To keep a straight face is to h1m of no use. WA1No sALo He's short and stout and round , about, And as to Worth there IS no doubt. mei MERVIN scHRoEDER "Nookie" To hear him, one Wouldn't thlnk he ggji was small, But sounds are deceiving sometimes, z wie We after all. VERA SCHROEDER Here's to the girl with a heart and Who makes this bubble of life worth while. l MARCELLA SIGEL "Ce1la" A smile for all, a welcome glad, A jovial coaxing Way, she had. i 2 MARGUERITE SISEL Always ready-never late gi First she smiles and then you Wait. ,W 221135 Z 'fl STORM SOLBERG . mimi !,.v P, 4 ' ' ,E v"""f ' Z BEE fs sidiiinewe' ""'-. 'Wea 2 ,UW 41222 71 riff f' "Cyclone" Clever, peppy ful of fun One Who s known by everyone. -'Wi ,xv-'37 ,,w""y 4- M i 53 4Y' M 'MM, :,f,QVf.,."M2.fZ?iiQi i ,gp- dw 'G Xm ""'1-'Nw-444,11 MPV' 'X'-..n'-M, Nix-sg i .. 5 f 5, , x f? J f , y 'S W aw 5 .. " ,443 ":ee1"' ,, f - . . - 2 f ?ZZli5?if2?l2',f' "" WW, fg213', n" x , ff a,,vf,.4, 0 V -'.... ,.. , ,.- ., ' mf' "' ,V I-::::M'v::: YI! , -1:11-':1. wx' - , "W" ni, ' ,,:511ff5f1Z13f" 1 Z 55 2111, """'Z7": N 1 Y! --,:,g:g5:,, f, ,,,. ,, 1 s sf - , ,ff f Q...,f., , ,, V ,, 1 f 3: , ,WJ .5 411. M. , f 1 , ,, . f ,gg -fu nn! f' 5 - ,w ' , ' lg 2 ' W ,,,,,i,, , ,,,, , ,,,,, , 1 A.,. ,,,,,, V ,,W...hi 'Hg gilfgfff 7 A ., N j"""' 'h -1, ' ' mf" - ff' " . 4:11, 5 3 QE , my . , , 4.1 1 - 1, I ,+ 4,,5:f.g.f f , ,,,,,,,, V VVVV ffr- 11 ,V v. ',.,, - u,,gjj, ..,. , ,, we iff Lv ,fl ', 'Z 97 ,,,gg3:::1'1::i"'ff1:5i52i31,'," "Zin: .,,f,'fZ5,f i'!,,:-1122237.21-" ' if f:f'Z3'L4'. "" I 7 , , , , W' 'v',,:m1Cl1jfLfff"":1421322 W an M ' 1:2111 fgjfzifrff' N. in Qi:-X mmmwxioi 1 f ,,f ",E,,,4.i.f GERTRUDE STUKEL She spreads around that silent spell That makes all spirits love her Well. PAULINE SYMCAK Of our pupils there are few, Who know the treasure hid in you. ROY TAMTE A hockey player is our Roy, Is he fast-Oh! Boy! PIERPONT TRYGG ccperryvy Whenever girls are 'round he's shy, But he'll get over it by and by. OLGA TUOMI Happy is she, from care she is free, Why aren't they all as contented as she. HAROLD TOUSIN Another Harold in our class have We, Whom We know by his persistency. RALPH TWITE This young gentleman who comes from Cook Is a very handy lad with any book. Q! .xg SELMI WALL usauyu She was born to swim, and swim she must, And while she swims we never lose trust. RAY WESTBY Strength of limb and choice of mind, A merry heart to all mankind. CLARENCE WESTERLUND "Clare" He's bonnie, blooming, straight, and tall His music has been heard by all. HAROLD WIEN Harold is a quiet lad, Who's not too good nor yet very bad. CATHERINE WOOD Happiness has she Won For enemies has she none. WILFRED YOUNG K6Bud!7 Bud is jolly and full of fun A popular pal to everyone. 9 1 f -ii i ,ff W 1 .... ff' Q ., f fmt f 5 ,,,,,, ,,,.,, , ,,.,,...,., WV. .,., , ,, f' . ,...,Zf,,,,,-ff' .Wh a . ww' ----- , v -y , ,Q f f wa W., 41-fffwfwf-ffwwww--f-lffffwwfa ,. ,, 1 "1 M if nfffff Z f 214 ..wwHh ,iW,,.,M , l ,,,,,,M ,,,,,,,,,h W,4...,,A.b wi, ,fi fra W, , 4 fi , iv, ggi, t,,,,,7:,.M ,, f ff""" 5 4 if , f ff , ,,,,, , ..... '-W, 'mf 'lvl 9 Left to right. top row: Glen Onkka, Arthur Milavetz, Chester Martin, George Rabideau, Alver Olson Glen Tyler R xle ugh Buss Franklin Gill, Leona Olson. Second Row: Elinore Schochow, Lila Bettulla, Florence Engstrom, Pernadette Coffey, Allan Guild Allie Vnta Tauri Sdlml Helvi Soine, Sadie Nylund, Toine Ahlgren, Josephine Johnson, Harold Kratze. Third Row: Ruth Shandeling, Martha Manniko, Carol Bieclerman, Elwood Hopper, Mildred Hill Bernice Hill Lillian Fabric-l son, Lorna Lakosky, Ailie Pelto, Amelia Devich, Adeline Hoffman, Manuel Stein. Front Row: Catherine Fleming, Ina Haatja. Margaret Sampson, Anna Karpensky, Rae Freeman Frank Jammski laura Hyrkas, Ted Stebbins, Estella Johnson, Virginia Risberg, Elizabeth Hedican, Leona Vertin. JANUARY SENIORS Rae Freeman, President Frank jaminsk., Vice Prtsiduit Ted Stebbins, Secretary Laura Hyrkas, Treasimr Motto: Determination u ins succvss. Colors: Jade green and silver. HONOR ROLL Manuel Stein, Valedictorian Martha Mannikko, Salutaronan Rae Freeman Virginia Risberg Mildred l-lill Amelia Devich Adeline Hoffman f f'iQZQf1"""" "" l f1i'jTfI1f""'Z'23"''Iff'"'QQQQCT'Qff"""ZZTi71i2Qlfff""'7f'7QfQf77fff"'?Z?'ZlQ"""' ,,,, .,., ,,,,VV W, .,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,..,,,,, ,,,, ,, ,.,,,e,,,,,,, ,...,.,,.,.,.,.,.,,,.,.,,....,......... N ,.....,..,, W, ,, ,.,,,.,,. . .,...,,. .. ,. .,,.,,,.... f 4,.,, , ,7f4:,,..,. 'yn' X 'Ill z , f Laura Hyrkas Ted Stebbins Frank laminski Glen Tyler Leona Olson T , Z, 7 ,,,,,,,,,..,,.,,, ' f f X 'XX Ziff . ..... - ..... . .... - -9 11 THE Nf3RTE,,,,f:f'i r t . -':f f . ' f is . X CLASS HISTORY Listen my friends and you shall hear The history of our class so dearg In nineteen hundred and twenty five, Our class commenced to grow and thrive, We were all just Sophomores then, And I can't describe by Word or pen, The feelings of pride we entertained Because so much we had attained. We didn't do much but go to school ' And live according to the rule, Our teachers we greatly did admire, To stay away we had no desire. We did a lot of good and bad, We made our teachers glad and sad, But we worked hard to please them though, Just ask them if it isn't so. There isn't much you'd care to hear Of what happened in our Sophmore year, But as Juniors We had more to do Both outside and in classroom too. We had charge of the Senior Prom, fThey say its the best Prom that's been on.J We had our picnic in McKinley park, That picnic certainly was a lark, We had lots of fun and plenty to eat, Oh, those wieners and buns just couldn't be beat. After having our summer vacation, We were raised to an even higher station, At last we had gained our height of glory! The last chapter of this historical story Shall now be about ourSenior year, Which I am sure you'll like to hear. We organized our class quiet early, Our President with hair so curly Is "Gordy" Bowers, our class play shiek, A better president you need not seek. When Gordon is absent Storm takes his place. Which I must say is seldom the case. - Arnold Lenci, our worthy treasurer, Guards our money with very much pleasure. And Anna Fleck, so gay and merry, Is our valued secretary. After our class was organized And all our duties were realized, We were able to do - oh so much more, And we really accomplished work galore. When We got our rings the school went Wild, That they were jealous, is putting it mildg Because when We went down the hall, To every body we would call And say, "Oh, have you seen my ring, Isn't it a pretty thing ?" We never have had a minute to spare To be idle in class we never dare, For if We do our teachers say, "If you haven't plenty to do to-day, I can give you some extra reading to do, Which certainly would be good for you." All our teachers know their stuff, So it's rather hard to bluff, But none of us are just the kind Who will leave pleasure all behind Just to study day and night: No, we do not think that's right. But now we can not stay here longer, For our future's waiting yonder, So our class must say goodbye Q To our dear Virginia High, Where we've spent so many hours, Now, only memories are ours. For four long years We've gone to school Living under law and rule, For four long years we've toiled at desks Studying lessons and taking tests. Now we will be free at last, Our school days will be in he past. Those Freshmen days of awe and joy. Bring memories that we all enjoy. As Sophomores we were quite superior, Freshmen were. .oh so inferior. Our Junior year was full of work Our duties we would never shirk. Last but not least we've come to be Seniors, To look at our intellectual demeanors One would think hat our knowledge ranks very high, But that look will wear off as time passes by. sky? abgqwi ....... ..... . . ......., ..... . ,,....... . .......... . . ....... .... , . ,.,... .... . I ....... . .......... ,......., . ...... 4 ...., ' "':?Efff1,-'f77'fZE11-. ff ' 'M fi' ..v7ff'i"wff11c'e:"1"f'fffwf1efffifilfff"'f'w1c12f"'f'f'f'f'wff1:1'71ff'f" ,g NN 7,-f' l " ' """' ' """' " " ""' ' " """"""""" ' """""" """"""""""" ' """"""""' :""'ef4 """""""" " " ' " """""""' "" ' ' UNDER COVER A spell bound audience was held awe stricken amid chills, thrills, laughs. and shots at the June Senior class play, "Under Cover", given May sixth. According to public opinion, it was one of the best plays ever staged by amateurs in Virginia High School auditorium. This plot centered around the smuggling of a 35200,000 string of pearls, and until the close of the fourth act we were kept in the dark as to who was the mysterious R. J. The close of the play was most unusual and unexpected. Great credit must be given the minor characters, as well as to the leads, for their interpretation and portrayal of their parts. Gordon Bowers, the lead, made an attrac- tive prince charming and kept the audience ignorant of his identity. May Jenia had a very difficult part and handled it well. Curtis Holdridge portrayed Taylor, the crook, in a most excellent manner. Betty Block made a cute ilapper with her coquettish mannerisms. And Oh! how charming was Clarence Oslund with his attractive little moustache. Anne Anderson, the deaf and dumb smuggler, would make an excellent double for Clara Bow. Marie Egan certainly convinced us that she could weep. Virginia Code had the air of a modern married women and made a win- some little wife for her very much respected husband, Mr Harrington, played by Arthur Bailey. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the wit of William Lackrie and John Peterson. Henry Poupard and Carl Carlson were good butlers. We owe the success of the production to the fine direction of Miss Kathryn E. Dark. . SENIOR AMBITIONS Gordon Bowers Tellervo Lappala Paul Mitchell Gudrun Mobroten Richard Fox Kathryn McMahon swim the English Channel chew gum tease the girls teach history in Mac's place be a professor in Sociology be a good house- keeper James Kearney Irene Leppala Roy Tamte Mary Jenia Harold Tousin Yolanda Agamenoni William Lofback Marcella Sigel Lennnart Erickson Vera Schroeder Fritz Moilan Anna Fleck John Rowbottom Olive Hill Clarence Oslund Julia Glumack John Peterson r Marie Egan Stanley Krog Betty Block - Jack Riddell Inga Abrahamson Curtis Holdridge Florence Buboltz Harold Johnson Jewell Rogness Charles Keranen Ruby Johnson Storm Solberg 73 W..-w lf" have straight hair be Henry Ford's private nurse fall gracefully on the ice be an actress be a doctor learn to play a uke be chief street cleaner on Broad- way reduce carry my right arm in a sling be a personal friend of a movie actor count railroad ties fight with James Kearney choke the guy who nicknamed me "Jack" love and be loved know a predicate noun when I see one live and be happy win an argument from Miss Run- nels supply Mr. Raps with cake graduate in June 1927 be an artist for the funny paper be a "he" flapper be a steeplej ack be water-boy for the swimming team be mayoress of Cook own a Turkish bath be a fat lady in a circus establish a Finn bath in Egypt go to the Philli- pine Islands spend the rest of his life in College 1 ..... -Z .... 1. ,,.,,,AA,A,.,, H A, , ,.,,.,,,,, V VVVVVV AVVVVVVVVVVVV IVAV I I iijQjj,,f1lf"qQ Q C" f"""""hf4f.Z3 A rg .... .M 5fiifffln..QLQQQQ,,ffffQQQQlQgfQ321f..,,, f fQ2QQ,TlIA"fQ.Qfflf2Qf, Mi ' ,MW " Pm 'Lx .... t -.--... .. .... , ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ... .., , - , .......... . . 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N ' 1 N N 1 Y V , 1 W , 3 , , ' W 1 Y w 1 , , X 5 Q ' 1 1 , , 'L l ' ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 W ' W i 1 1 1 X X ' ' g ' , V X 1 1 1 w 1 , , ' I g 2 X W ' 1 1 1 ' 1 X , , , V , 1 y u ' oo ' w cooswd www cm kwa 2-mlemefc-ara wfSc1 -f Efjzjfizgw 01:12-93,52 N EQUFEEO S 'E--E2 g 51113 59, 129.5 5.-f agol--...c-Q-,2-,c',:3 Mm --3: 51,,N-1 ,gow ...X K-,J ,zgn cn Gio lymmtg' lmpxi-gsm' mm 5 5' 'Q Q' 5' F073-I ' w , 1 "cl , 1 ' X , N 'cw ' i 1 ' N ' . 1 W X 1 W D w 1 ' 1 N f w ' N w W W l K W i W v Eg I 3 y , , N X 1 , 1 , N X x nl 1 W 1 W Z V Qa95+Qfgkz1m5a:: sg 5 g4e:, g552229:59gg gi:5P::1,5f25 5 '1"' .'Z1oCDNC"Nrrg4w!"' ' 'W 1103-Uo' - ra--19' --wE"'N 'U' 10- wx 99 . W, , No er, oglrm N G wpm 0.-' Qrbwfffftb, ,pa g1::I..:5N'4 Wm! 11-+4 1 ,12o,:,Qw4'5iNw:1 '4::!44-rp-pr, 4... 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UQ fm l 1 A in ' sw x W Xe , N N 1 , i , 1 I 'Du W 35 R 1 , WH' 1 1 , I W W W y , W X 'Q 1 5 in X W ' i 1 i 1 W N x W 'CBN x ' u ' , W ' , ' ' 1 . w Y W 1 1 I W ' W 1 3 A5 + W + 5 1 Y N ' Y Y , W im cf H. whom wc: -- M- raw I "NU. f.m 2U Q?jg1Zw:-EgoPNF'?-3512:-5g? 'b0 :l?,131Sn?2S,EQ Q g, ?,5o- G iM:J2 5"S 2'1E ef-Ew2 5'EF'2'QEQ1E'm5.ff3F 2:g s 5:-SW' Q2-S SG - W E 'cU'55"Omv Bi!D?OYO!""mv--10 pw, 2'-ZW W1 :Q'gSiP+-4 ,pw mx' ISHW 3 Xzinw WH' lgwlffb OEBR W W 'MQ' 5'SlQ5Q'gU"m- F!! 1::10N25"'Nm mm 1"f,gwg23.if,U3.'vqj M-fizga-,ss 11752221 m+13m",0mN '-gj2o.'g,,E. 'S .J 1 5,1 o'13-- 1.-4.-....H,w' ,9'fD...N g ,gjggxm , 1 mx 3 '-QU , y F5451 .-'fi' g',5g,5 :.4 Sig' Q Q. E, S-Q fa.:'53US2g 5 , ,mga ,...l 97 N me CD, '41-f W W X 0,5 NN B P1 ng Cb gl , 1 lst X I Wi gi N 1 E- ' ' N I !1..,'nl W scxc.. Bzgqw I N3' F1 g i VD gg' fig! ,0,m1"2 1 N ' l X N X , 1 1 R I ' Q-' N X "'Ws:' 'U' " I ' B 1 ' ' x 1 , WD! ' "UN ,g W 2, w ' l+!' M "Nf2,w-M ' w i,"3'f ? 1 ' ' 1 f 1 ' X 1 1 ' , 5 N5 1 E ? ' 1 ' 1 w . 1 1 Y 1 Imx 1 1 I W 1 W ' 1 1 ' I CHL O E-I'I'I 'DE-I LZGI HOLE H! -S-fc N4- Sin ,, .X , in TLC, CTIQITIE 'Q 1 5 :N A u r Q f W ,,.,,, E XX, Cx Y ,,,f" ffl, ,,,,,. t ,,,. ,... X ,,,, , if -M--mf' fff1fffff1 f -- ffff ' 'v'r',-jar' f""7'm,,, """j,f1iff,...ffrwf--,,., fr'jfW"'f-.,,, 7""""s-., ""fi,f""'-.,, ff? 952 4 ,f Ziff' 2 , Wyfilfil'""""'ngff::-5I 'Q """ f ,. ,,,, ,,,v , ,,,, , ,,,, ,, , ,,,, , ,,.. 1 ,,,,, Wa. ,,....,,. nw., ,.,,.,.. , ,,,W,W,,,,W, M l The Lass of Limerick Town The Wearing of the green was advantage- ously displayed on St. Patrick's day in the clever operetta "The Lass of Limerick Town," given by the boys' and girls' glee clubs under the direction of Miss Willfong and Miss Darke. The curtain opened on a colorful chorus dancing and singing outside of a sunny Irish Inn. The opening number, "Lads and Las- sies", was executed with so much pep that the audience immediately absorbed it. How can We ever forget James Kearney, the romantic lover, and his feature song "Molly Mine"! I'm sure that many an Irishman was thrilled at the sight of him. It is no wonder that James sang so melo- diously when he had such a charming sweet- heart as Agnes LeBlanc. We all enjoyed the hospitality and jollity of the inn-keeper, Pat. The part could not have been better portrayed than it was by John Peterson. The audience sympathized with Justin O'Flynn, David Farrington, the lovesick lover, and with his mother, Jean McKenzie, who mourned the failure of her son's love affair. Captain Worthington, the dashing young hero, so ably played by Clarence Westerlund. fell in love With Betty, a pauper. played by Rochelle George. Many complications arose throughout the operetta because Betty had, for the sake of money, changed places with Rose. her Wealthy cousin, so ably played by Bertha Mattila. Betty and Rose were wards of Judge Hooley, Wm. Lofback, who sang his bass solos in a very pleasing manner. Clyde Helmer, the cheery farmer with the spondulix, came in just in the nick of time to unravel the muddled affair. All ended hap- pily. The money was given to Betty, who married Captain Worthington, and Rose was left to marry Justin O'Flynn, her ardent lov- er. The audience appreciated the dainty min- uet danced by Mabel Rorvek and Dorothy Kelsey, and the Irish lilt by the chorus and Clyde Crossland, both of these were coached by Miss Curran. 4, , ,,,,,fff' ,W We Wa, "--f waz.-4 , ,,,,,,... ,..,. N ,,..,,...., ,, ,,,.,,,,,,....... , ,.,,,,,,,,,,....,. ,.., ,,.,. N ..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. N . , .,.aN..a,..aM,N ,,,,,. ,W-ff -4 gi X 2 ,,,,, W. M,,..,,, ,,,., ,,WW,W,,a ,.,,,.,, ,,,,,,N,,N. ,,,,,..,w, ,.,,,,, , wfzjf' f0'f',?w-- ffm i W"gj"Z"-,.ffwjgiiif'---, 7'fi2Q1Z1,f.-fffii Z 33? X 2"'tf:f'f7J? 1f"."l'fjfQ'if, """ ' i.3""!!,fJY5L 'Q-'ff'j1'2ff"""w1"'7f"ffLf""xZH gf" L:":'f-if ,Unfit I7 ..,. i.,,,,1.Zi:f ' ,,,, L ,,v,,yz,p2 '-.,a,, ,,,,, 1a1::,,, -.,,,,,,,,,,,:.:,':,n.h2-'Ab ,,,,,,,,, my ,,,, ,W n,M,,,,,,,,,M,W ,,,,,, W ,mr ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,.,,N,,,,,,M ,,,,,,,, ,,,M,,,,,,,,,,,,,xZg,v4, ,,,,, M, ,.,, .,W,.,,,..W, .,,, ,.,,a..:."4,.L ww.-M- --.-.- W,-W..-.,N.,a,W.,, ,,,,, ,,,.,...,. 1.1 X K ff' I, W --1 QW ,,,L,,,,,,,M...,,,n 1 1 ....... ggiggg gggg fig "f . ' .,::1,.., f M.. ff',.f:a:f.., rftgfzfzaa. ff Z' 3 fi fi 25 Z iff 'if' W ,ffmw M-Wg: We , ,wx " f-'f" 'ff f ---- f -------"-' 'W-71 """ ini' 1111? vvYY-v---- 1 111-H - 53?-'-H ----- 1 11111111222211--271222 .'1:11111f1:2ZE?g' ---41111111111-11111 ---------v 5 12Z22r::Av:4 ..... 1 qi-:::,l 112212: ,.,.VY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 1 . . ,,,,,,,,, 1 1,411 ,,,,, ' ,,,,, , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , , , ,1,,,11,,Yzz,,,7i, - l X OUR BAND Nine years ago our High School Band was organized under the leadership of Mr. Malone. At first rehearsals were held only twice a Week but in 1925 Band was made a vocational subject. From the time that our band was organized Virginia High School has graduated a great number of talented musicians and according to present indications the future musicians will not spoil the record. Since Band is a vocational subject, many boys have become interested in it and the membership will increase in the future. The names of the members of the band and their respective instruments follow: Cornet: Armas Tainio, William Kajanus, Elmer Ahlgren, Orlando Wood, Clyde Hel- mer, Russell Miller: Horn: Armas Lammi, Archie Nikka, Stanley Krogg Baritone: Maurice Guild, Charles Keraneng Bass: Rus- sel Guild, Alfred Trebilcock, Clifford Hinch- liieg Drums: Ingvar Iverson, Fredrick Tramz, James Reedg Saxaphone: Joe Cucich, Ormando Papone, Ralph Johnson, Joseph Stukel, Tauno Tapanig Piccolo: Vincent Viezbickeg Eb Clarinet: Richard Foxy Bassoon: Lloyd Symoniakg Bb Clarinetsg James McLeod, Russell Johnson, Kenneth McGhee, John Peterson, Norris Johnson, Freedolf Mattila, Edward Kostainsek, Alan- son Rienke, George Anderson, Paul Seeke, James Grigg. ,,.,. , ,N-5, ....,... , .........,. . ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 4 f ..., zmzrffffvaa ,,,. ff ..... , H 5"-Viffffff X 'H'7"if'ffM2M W, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,... , . .,,..,, ,,,,,,,,, , , .r.. M ,,,,.....,,.,,.,,,,, M ,,,..,........,.,,,,,,,..,,,,,,.., , ,,.-.,,.,. . , .,,,, , ,,. ,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, M ,,,,,,,. W ...., ... . ,,,,,,,,, , , , ,, W XR 'ff' x ,ff ff, ,Q-.. """' f I ' """' Q """ N 2 .'.... PEL "" ra' "'i?'?" ja .ffm ,,.. W- J, N' "" r 1 5 A. HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA We may well be proud of our high school orchestra. From an orchestra composed chiefly of beginners, it has developed, under the skilled direction of Mr. Malone, into one of able players. The names of the members of the orches- tra and their respective instruments follow: First Violin: Bertha Mattila, Ina Hietala, Blanche Lowe, Orlando Menozzi, James Mc- Leod, Vincent Viezbicke, Edward Kostainsek. Freedolf Mattila, Kenneth McGhee, Edward Suo: Second Violin: Virginia Nelson, Ingrid Matson, Daisey Hinchliffe, John Joyner, Earl Johnson, Abe Feldman: Piano: Ellen Porter: Flute: Grace Halliday, Florimal Karvala: Clarinet: Paul Cundy, Russell Johnson: Cello: Joe Cucichg Bassoon: Lloyd Symoniak: Trumpet: Sigurd Swan- song String Bass: Clifford Hinchliffe, Alfred Trebilcock, Russel Guild: Saxaphone: George Cucich: French Horn: Sune Johnson, Milton Lippman. ,,,,,,,,,M.,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,.,...,,.,,.,,.,.,.,,,..,,,,....,.c.MM.,.,.,,,Ma,,,...,M,,.M.t,M ..,. 'N"""'4"l ..,. ,,.,,W,M.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,w,M,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,..M,,,N,,,,a, "f?ii?1gf, ffmzrg,--.., fWjjg.:5j"-fy, We f M fw- mvz44jCW1'tmqffccjgfzfiif'-'W-f:q5f"W " :1gz'ff"Wx,5f1'se:'a:Hrf, ,,,,ff':f':7 """""" 1 Tlirzf-... gyM,f'm.w,u5,f:ff m:,.5:m, -fafff'-,w.M:wfa1-hah' - ,,, rrrrrr rrrr L L - rfrr or L, rrcrr :,:: ,,:,:,::,,.,:,,, .L -L ,::::. ,.::,: ::,,: . L rrir lrri , Q 1 fi 1 ,,,1 W , f""f .4 ., 4' :ffl Hyun, Y V I I 'fuf,,,,'m'1,04f: W,,,,,,,WW,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,W,,,N,,H,..NW,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,...,,,,j11"h'g" yyw f fm 4 M, , ., ,, Q,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. ,.,7,,,,, ,WW ,W fm, ,,,,,,,., WW, 1 fem gw W zzjfzgffz U 9... ,,W,,,,,0 ,W.,,,.,,,, ,, ., ..1:,-',"m ,,ggg:'g?f'f'fff'2 4 He f 2 2 4. 'Hn f H 'v Wffffzfm i'V4zf??zff7' YH X I WW ..., ,,,, 1 ..-....-.. . .... M,-qs, ' fa Top row: Rae Freeman, Mildred Hill, Leona Olson. Martha Manniko, Ted Stebbins. Second row: Manuel Stein, Glen Tyler. Arthur Bailey, Ruth Bloomquist, Gordon Bowers. Middle row Florence Buboltz, David Farrington Miss Gieseking. adviser, Richard Fox, Anne Gabrielson. Next row: Roger Hickox, Charles Keranen, Josephine Kriser, Margaret Johnson, William Lackrie. Bottom row: Genevieve McCabe, Vienna Maki, Bertha Mattila, Gudrun Mobroten, Ellen Porter. The Lafayette In 1925 the Lafayette Bliss Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized. Not more than fifteen percent of any Senior class may be chosen as members. In order to be a member of the society a student Bliss Chapter must rank in the upper quarter of the class scholasticallv. The council then considers t h e t h r e e characteristics-leadership, character, and service-in determining the choice. ,,.,,,, ,.,. "-' ! ...,., , 32.33 ...,,,,:..:.:...., .,... Z ,,,ff?E?Z5f- .f:5f,'?'v "7 . ff ' i'f:?f??f!'2 "2:f111Cif12'L 2:1122 wan! .... 11nf'.i,5,m "'- ,,,,ZzZjj7" ,,,.' g.,:,1.Wfff'2f..,,2,g:ffffff ,.,.:m:,f7 ww f ...,p,,1.1f,,,w.z ........ , N ............................ . .... ,........... . W. ................... .... , .......,.......... ,,,, , ,,,, .A XXX if 11111,.. 111. A1i1,1,,: ,,, 11 . . . .... 1111111 . 11i111 . 111 1.. ...... . 11 1. . 11 ,2ll ,!, .,.... 111 ,1 .1 ,...., 11 1x . , A A 111 11 1 ,, - 1111111 ,.,.,, r Y.. -W ff' fff' f fffff 'N STAR OF THE NORTH The on November 5, 1920. For the first three or four issues of the paper there was no name. Finally a contest was held and Violet Hansen won the honor of naming the paper. Besides the regular four page issues the January seniors publish a small book of memories and the June seniors pre- Star of the North was first started f i' ,,,ff""' pare the annual. Through these six years the adviser and staff of the paper has changed from year to year. By the last change of advisers we lost Miss Runnels, who had guided the work for three and a half years. Miss Norma C. Miller is the new adviser and We wish her success with the paper. "-'f Q fo ff Z .,,. Wa. fre 1 , Y' wW'Wf'L'i...,,.,...,W..V,,,.,,M,WM..M.W, ..- ,W ,, ,....,.,,., , ,,,,..,,,,,, N M ,,.,,,, N ,,,,,,.,,,,,, N ,,,.,,,,,,,, .. ,,,,,,,, , W.,N.,,M .,,. M.. ,.,,, , M ., ,,,,m,,,,N,,, W. Mzff "'- gf ""' 1 -..f4,,f""-3-1,,5.fffmiff-L: ,.,. 12 ,,,,,f2f5",'7 """" ""f"Q'-gf,,..,,mM " ,, ,.,, 2, ::::.7,b,,l H , M MMM, , ,W.,,,,,,,fz,,,1,,N4.,,,W . ..,,.,:n-Q,..,+. , I M 4 ff' ,, ..,,,, ff! A 4 r--.xx 7 11111' '111'11A""1'-A'''11111111-----1111111'11'YV V V '1""1--1'111"" it " 1' V. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, Yvvrr. -Y'V,,, . ,,,,, , ,,'- 1 W. ,,,.::1::z ,. ,,,.1,,,::,..zV:::........---11111-- wf, 1111 '--2 1 '1"'1' 1 111 '11" 1 '11' 1 1 -1'-1--- -1111 1 1 1 1 ' 11 11 11 1' 1 I 1 THE VALUE OF LATIN On Friday, April first, the Latin classes of the Senior and Junior High Schools pre- sented an interesting assembly which we all enjoyed. The first number was a fashion show, showing how the well dressed Roman ap- peared in Cicero's time. This was followed by the marriage of Cicero's daughter, Tul- lia, enacted by first year Latin students under the direction of Miss Johnson. The unusual and elaborate play, "Roma Expurgattav, in which the conspiracy of Catiline against Rome was presented by students of the Caesar and Cicero classes. was the main part of the program. David Farrington took the part of Cicero and Rich- ard Fox, the part of Catiline. Miss Darke was in charge of the speaking parts. The play was written by the members of the Cicero class from the four orations of Cic- ero, which are studied in third year Latin work. Miss Gieseking and the class deserve much credit for it. The next number was a pantomine of the Poem "'Pyramus and Thisbe", with Fern Nathanson as Pyramus, Carmen Schroeder as Thisbe, and Orlando Wood as the lion. The poem was read by Settima Cannossa. Fanny Abrahamson then presented to the Latin classes the statues of Hermes, Mer- cury, and Cupid. These statues were paid for by a voluntary contribution given by Latin students last Christmas. Last on this excellent program came a a short act, "In Gallia", which showed the value of knowing Latin in a foreign land, because many foreign languages are derived from the Latin. I ,,,., .M M fm. ........ ...... . ..... . .... , .... , ..,... ,.., ....... .... rr.. ..,,,, ffvfzaezzgf.. W'fZf??jfff,. WY? ? ffm J 525:44 f .,,,,,,,,, M ,,,,,., -MW ,,,,. rrrrr ,,,, , , - ,rrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrr r A ,rrr .,,..,........... . ....... , ..........,.. 175 N. ..AA ff, X2 , iiiiiiiiiii iiii 'ff"' M ,4,4A A AA A A C iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii C A A A A 4 A Q A Av cccccc gm Ti? z2Ei3f?wff """ ,gi .,' ccccc c ccccc c cccccccc cccc ccccccc cccccccc as ' ' ccccccc cccc c ccccccccc ' c' cccccccccc DEBATING TEAM The Virginia High School is a member of the State High School Debate League. The subject of debate this year was: Re- solved that a department of education should be established with a secretary in the president's cabinet. Virginia held two debates in the league series this yearg the first was with Coleraine here but by a close decision, two to one, Coleraine returned with the honors. The second debate was held at Grand Rapids where another two to one decision placed Virginia in the loser's class. Those comprising the debate squad were: Clarence Westerlund, Iola Lenci, and Rich- ard Fox. Although Virginia lost both de- bates by close decisions, great credit is due to the coach, O. J. Mcllvenna, for the team represented Virginia in a truly excellent manner. They worked hard and zealously to place V. H. S. in the place of honor in debate. K' """' 7 MW W ,,,. WW... ,.,,.....N- - -W M.,,,MW.- ,,,,,,,,,,,, . ,.,,. .,....,.,,,w...,,M..... ..,.,.,,.,, -.WW,.,N7.,--- ,,,,,, E , 6 M Z X 5,7 M ':.-,,,.,, N..-..,,,,,,,.N M. ...W N. 4q475,:.,Z ff f'ff MW, ,,,,, Wjfg5y,.,,,v fyfigxgvgf-.,!wjg.5v5., ,egg Z if am 4 ?.t744gy,y .,V. wg ,.,, ,ffcfi "'f.Q,,,r,,yi,, .yyyff f'ff' ff 4 49-1ii.L "" I ,.,, " "" ""'1'f7f1:y-N ..... .wwf ,mf ...Ly ,,,,, :Lf 1,131 ,, ,,,, 2, ,.'f' f if ,X Q' H1142 '-.Lf X Q ff-...A ,,,,, .f .,,,, ""' ' ,,,,,, S .TT .,,V1,11..,.1 N 2, ..,, s , V111 ,,, TWT. ,,,,, Z ,,,, Z ,,,,,,,,,,,,., M M ,Wil ,,,,,,,,, . I VVVV VVVVVYV111 1 .,,,,, , .M-.mei ,:,,,,,' M, ,,,,n'V ',,v , ,,., ..,, ,4..A 7 i !,,...-3, ,,1,,,VV ,M , I M, ,M ,Z , ill, ..,.,i....,qw,W.,.,,Xq,6,,,Z,.,.k:E "" ' """ " C f , ff ,W .,,,,,, N ,,,, . iiv , 11L- . .,.,,, , ,LLL1 ---., ,111111-- L f---- - ,..,,,,,, ...., , ...., , fu. ixffi A I y .f , , aj' Back row: Richard Fox, Clarence Westerlund, Edward Pierce, Hugh Watson, William Lofback, William Lackrie, Frank .lamin- ski. Arnold Lenci. Front row: John Rowbottom, Frank Fortun, Kauno Lehto, Gordon Bowers, president, James McKenzie, John McKinney, Frederick Tramz. HI-Y CLUB graduating. Club meetings are held every week. At the beginning of each school year the Club forms its program for the coming year. The chief features of this program are lec- tures, social affairs, and athletic contests. The outstanding event on the program is the annual High School Lettermen's Banquet. At this banquet the Hi-Y entertains all High School boys who have earned letters in ath- The Hi-Y is a national organization for High School boys. The Virginia Hi-Y Club was organized in the spring of 1920. Alex- ander Reid, Jr. was elected president for the first year and Mr. C. S. Chase was chosen as adviser. Since that time the Hi-Y has been a permanent organization in Virginia High School. The number of members varies between fifteen and twenty. New members are se- lected by the Club at the end of each school term to take the places of those who are letics during the past year. At the present time there are eighteen members of the Club and two advisers, Mr. J. O. Bergeson and Mr. C.B. Simpson. ft ,,.., G ,, ,,.,., ..,,, L .,..,,, ,," Vll V g , y,......,8 ,,,, ,,,. M .,.,,,,.,,,.., .N .,,, .,...,,, .,,,., ,,,, .... .. . ,,- .,....,...,.,.,. -, 'fff ,,,, .,,.,, . ,,,,,,, . ,. , .,.,.., f an X X .. 1. mfg, ,f ,,,y,,,...,,uA ,V V5.5 JQM, ,W 3 ,JJ J Z, ,,W,,54,AV A. W, .... ffl... .,,fp,f . f.,41::.' .... f-.. """" ,"v' 5.22" ff'f,f ' f-Vff'2wff1RZ ....... ................,,., ,,.,. .,..,...,,.,., ,.,,.,,,,,, WM, , , .,.,,....,,,,.,..,,,,,,,..,,r,,.,.1,lZ9,,,,4:. ,..,. ,. ,,,. N. ..,,.,,,..,,, ,,,.,, W ,,,, ,, ,,-,-,-.,-W,,.W.W...vW, ..,..,, ,,,,,,, fa.-3 ,f X53 if .nf il Irma Martin WINS STATE DECLAMATORY CONTEST Irma Martin won a great honor for her- self and her school when she was successful in winning state laurels at Minneapolis on Friday, April 15. Giving the reading "Peter and the Angels", she placed at the head of all contestants coming from all parts of the state. Coming forth victorious from our own local contest, Irma entered successively the sub-district and the district contests, com- peting with the various range schools. Placing first in both of these contests, she represented Virginia in the regional contest held at Duluth. Again she carried away first honors, and her next reward was received at the state declamatory contest held at Minneapolis. This is the only time Virginia has had a first in the State contest, four years ago Pauline Nickerson placed second with her selection, "Madame Butterfly." Virginia students and faculty are indeed proud of Irma, and in our praise of Irma, they do not forget Miss Kathryn Darke who coached Irma to victory. The District Commercial Contest The District 4A Shorthand and Typewrit- ing Contest was held at the Virginia High School on Saturday, May 7, 1927. There were three different events, Ad- vanced and Beginning Typewriting, and Advanced Shorthand. The typewriting contests were held in the morning and at noon a delicious luncheon was served in the school ,cafeteria for all the contestants. alternates, and teachers. Mr. Bolcom gave a short address of welcome to all the schools. After the shorthand contest, immediately after lunch, different committees withdrew to the designated rooms and at five o'clock the results were announced as follows: advanced typewriting-Jack Morrison, Int. Falls. first, Edna Johnson, Virginia, second: Beginning typewriting-Joanne R o h n e, Eveleth, first, Edward Kostansek, secondg advanced shorth and-Hulda Heglund, Eveleth, first, Hilda Carlson, Eveleth, second. Although Virginia did not Win any firsts this year, she may win next year, for she has some very promising pupils in this work. Out of the schools on the Range. there were nine represented in the contest. Win- ners of first three places in each event are eligible to go to the State Contest at St. Paul on May 21. Mr. Beal of Hibbing, who dictated for the shorthand contest, is to be congradulated for his good work and also Miss Theresa Smith, Miss Anna Curry, and Mr. Pike, our commercial teachers, who worked very hard and splendidly for the contest. Credit Due To Mr. Pederson, local photographer, who furnished the many pictures gratisg to Miss Holmberg, high school art instructor, who supervised tl1e art workg and to Eino Seeke, Francis Cabocel, Elizabeth Block, and Marguerite Sisel, who worked under Miss Holmberg's supervisiong and to Mr. Mueller and his force who worked so faithfully to produce a good book, we express our sincere thanks and appreciation. Without the help of each of them we could not have done what we have. ............... 1 .... ......... ..... ,,,....,..............,... ................. . - . D ,,,,,..,.,. . ...... ..,... ,,...... ,., ............. , ............ ...,...,... ,.,,. - ,,,1f4M7"' ""' S Tifrz...-......,,V,Zf'?5Q1f77t as Ezziiif' hm,,:2LiZ122Z9" fw.A?i::?57 .... ,. .......,,,,,,,,................. M..- ................. , .... 1 ...... N .,... ,,,,. .............. ......... M ,.. . , ,gg .... A ..f. W, Y,Y.... L ......,.,,... ,im --fr..-W....WM-M--.WW.HMNM.,W.M.,.....,.W..........,.,,......s.-,.W.M.-.g-....,...2,,,.., 3. fi! K., 'asm I ,,,.,x'.Vxa if ,!,,,l,,ff ,,,,ff' AW? ""-.mi " .ff ,f I Q, .. ,,., .... , ,,, 1 .... fW1,y:ff,.,, f"'Wf"a fV"'f'sfff,., W2 Zigi? 5 , 922 ici ff' Aff! ""'M,,,,fffza'"uw, H..7,time--g,,ueee,M,,,,,e,m-11ee YYVYY sw,aae111e1-ee-J:weewfs::emm1,m,-a1--xrrrefeffwy- ,,,, 1 1w111e--wwe:1111111111-mffaeaee2144111327M-mwwae1-1-M--f -----'--- mm,.w,,,:,,,,,,..ewfefffe ,e-meaff-3--mmeuaewmee '--'--- Back row: Arthur Bailey, John Cooke. Vincent Viezbicke, Clarence Westerlund, John McKinney, Kauno Lehto, William Lofback, John Peterson, Clarence Oslund, Joe Harvey, Ray Westby. Next row: Theodore Hill, Ernest Palo, David Farrington, Clyde Crossland, Hugh Watson, Wiliiam Lackrie. Middle row: Marguerite Hamland, Dorothy Trimble, Irma Martin, Oral Baker, Marguerite Nicholas. Virginia Peterson. Next row: Agnes LeBlanc, Bertha Mattila, Alyce Nyberg, Miss Willfong, director. Josephine Kriser, Gerda Fleming, Hulda Woods. Olga Jensen, Antoinette Jaksha. Front row: Florence Coombe, Alice Sandberg, Iola Lenci, Ellen Thuren, Nellie Paul, Ethel Stapleford, Esther Lundstrom, Kath- ryn Ebmer, Anna Fleck, Teresa Rodby, Jean McKenzie, June Krogdahl. THE MIXED CHORU The Mixed Chorus won second place in the state contest held in Minneapolis, May twelfth ad thirteenth. Our chorus had to compete against mixed choruses composed largely of trained voices. If the mixed chorus had had a chance to sing its optional piece, "Go Down Moses", they would have ranked higher than they did. Because of the numbers competing and therefore the short time to be alloted to each contesting school, the required number was in each contest the only one sung and judged. The judges, decisions could not be secured but one of them did say that the Hrst place was a toss up between West High, Minneapolis and Virginia, so that we need not feel badly over the fact that we were given second place. The trip itself and the mere fact of con- testing with other schools was of such great value to the student that the effort was not lost. To Miss Willfong goes the credit of training the group who made such a good showing in the subdistrict and district contests and also in the state. This same group of people helped put on the very delightful operetta "The Lass of Limerick Town." ...... , 4,ZYZff""fQ' fc' W2 , ......,,... , ,.,..,,,,. 4 Z if .......,..,,,.,,. ....,. ., W f A ?'cf4'5Wf" "Mfr-1155117 X i""f"5t""ff4V!""t""f'ff575'f 2'M57f':' "'f"W5"'W'f'Z , ,,,,g,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,m...,,,., ..,,. H ...... ., .W .,..... , ....... , ......,,,,,,,,,. . ,,,,,., ..... , ,4,.,,,,,,:1fac,V--,.,..,,,,,,,ee ..... ...fff f , .... , .......... . ..... .,..,, , , ,,,,,. Zim 1" "' 66 Qi! 'WST MTW .,,,. . A 1i 'fi' "'111 1 iii ,jf 'fffff-' 1h4.:g,g.g,,,g 4 .,,, ,,,. , ,,.,. 1 ,, t111- 17 111 H -,,, , ,:,,.aT ,,,, ,,,, 1111Y V V ,,,YY"' --,,,, ,,ffL1111 ,,,,ff:G11 F , , 111?,, -,-1Y, , 1111,f,,,,,Y,, 111111111 e 11111?f -mae: -1111 T ,::f: ------ 7 11:v'.4,Z,,ye-M-3 ::.T :ma-ef f:ff: f ----- -----1:111111 T fgiigzzzzzzz 1111v, '-ff::f L 1111 : , .f.f.:f1--1-"-- ---- AU. -.. i " Clarence Westerlund The two contestants against whom Clar- ence sang in the state contest both had trained voices. Clarence's personality was pleasing and he sang to his audience instead of over their heads, that meant much in his placing third. His rendering of "The Horn" by Trimil, the required piece, was most pleasing. His chosen piece, "Duma" by McGill, won for him a high place in the subdistrict and district contests. S' is . W.-MQ. at Hulda Woods Hulda Woods, our piano soloist. won third place in the state contest. Hulda won in the subdistrict and district contests with a very high score. She too was deprived of playing her optional number, which was "Mar Left Un Einmal" by Straus-Tausing. Her rating in the first two contests led us to believe that she would place high in the state contest, her techinique was very good, but not playing her chosen piece and having many good contestants gave her third place. National Recognition. In another part of the annual mention has been made of the Latin play. "Roma Expurgataf' which was written by the ad- vanced Latin students under the direction of their instructor, Miss Gieseking. Just as the annual was being completed Word was received that Miss Frances E. Sabin, directory of the classical bureau in the teachers' college of Columbia University, had recognized this work as very outstand- ing and well Worth using in arousing interest in Latin. Two of the Senior boys, David Farrington and Richard Fox, starred as Cicero and Cataline, respectively, in the original production. f """1 ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,....., vw'---.,,. 5 W4 M,,,fff' MW J .,.. ...,, AML2 ,....,.,....,,,,, ,, ,,,.,,,......,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.......,,., W ..,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,..,,.,,,.,.,..,, ,,,., .,,,,.,, , I MMM 4 KW f , W ,,,.... Z f mf, .-.. ,ff-e:za,,,4ffff.p:pm,,f,,f::4ziq,fg """ W, .,.,......., ....,.,,.,,,,,,,,,. . ,.,,,,..,,,, , ,,,,,,., ,,,,,,.... ............................, . ......,, . ,.,. . .............,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, , 4 , g,,,M:,,. ..,..........,.. , ,,,,,..,...,,.,, , ,.,........, 1 aw. ,.,. ,,., .4 ,,.,...,. , " """"? Nan -w, . sm1 'mn 5?-::.- -1-2'--.... 'flfig I '1- ALMMH .17 R ff mf 6 WW HARVEY ROBERT FLIEHR 3111 illllrmnriam Harvey Robert Fliehr, a graduate of the Virginia High School in the class of 1915, met with a fatal accident on November twenty-second 1926 while on a hunting trip in the north woods. Harvey was born at Camden, New Jersey, October 6, 1898 and with his parents came to Virginia when he was twelve years of age. Here he attended the public schools and finished high school in three years. During these three years Harvey was active in school affairs and played the violin in the school orchestra. His sense of humor carried him far and helped to make him popular with the students. In 1916 he entered Macalaster College in St. Paul, Minnesota, which he attended for only one year. At the end of that time his plans were interrupted by the World War. He enlisted in the Navy as a seaman on March 21, 1917 and gradually worked up through the ranks until he became a commissioned officer in the engineering department. Shortly after leaving the service, he gained a Second Assistant Marine Engineer's license. In the spring of 1919 Harvey left the service and returned to Virginia where he entered business with his father as vice president of the Central Auto Company. In 1921 he was married to Mildred Sigel of the class of 1914. At the time of his death, he was director of the Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Royal Arch Masons, the Tall Cedars, the Rotary Club, and an organizer of several athletic clubs. Harvey was a lover of the great out of doors and had done much in helping to build up Camp Sigel that the youth of the community might have a place to enjoy the nature he loved so well. The fatal accident occured while he was on a big game hunt in the north woods near Cusson, Minnesota. Harvey was leaving camp with one of his friends to enjoy the early morning hunting, when, in some unknown manner, the gun in the hands of a companion accidentally discharged as he was handing some cartridges to Harvey. Shortly after the accident he lapsed into unconscoiusness from which he never rallied. Mr. Fliehr was taken to Virginia where he died the following day. At the time of his death Harvey was one of Virginia's most promising and best loved citizens. He was a man of sterling character and at all times ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. His untimely death was a loss dee ly felt by all who knew him. The class of 1927 and the alumni of Virginia High Slchool extend this tribute to his memory. -Morris Finstad, '15 DAVID NORMAN LAURY ilu 1lIHmnnriz1n1 Dave Norman Laury, reporter of the Enterprise and known to all sport lovers as "Dee Enn EH," passed away January 7, 1927. After graduating from Virginia High School in 1921, Dave attended Virginia Junior College for two years. As an athlete, an outstanding student, and a true friend to all Dave will remain long in the minds of the people of Virginia. His spirit in his Work sets forth the ideal that the test of living, the Worth- whileness of life, is not to live easily, but to live usefully-to mean some- thing to somebody. For he was a man, and a friend to all That's plucky enough to try To help a pal when he hears him call, When the goal he's set is nigh. "Dee Enn Ell" is a chain of gold Each link a smile, a laugh, a tear, A grip of the hand, a Word of cheer, As steadfast as the days roll Binding closer soul to soul. No matter how far or heavy the load Sweet is the journey on "Dee Enn Ell's" Road. XX if -2 TX I i s , 2 i ii i i 1 C C C... . ........ - it 6 OLD FRIENDS During the winter frolic Arline Olson, '20, city visiting nurse, won first place in the fancy skating contest. Arline was dressed in a costume of red satin trimmed with white cotton, representing the American girl of 1927. Inez Olson, '23, in a many-hued attire of Norway was awarded second place, and Mrs. Elton Thayer, nee Mildred Olson, '24, as a maid of colonial days was given third place. Emma Lostrom, '20, and Glen Lerch, who were married at Hollywood, California Feb- ruary 8th, have spent the spring in southern California. Lenore Wiren, ex mid-year '24, was mar- ried May first to Dair Davidson of Sacra- mento. Lenore left Virginia for California in the summer of 1924 and graduated from High School and Junior College in Sacra- mento. Marguerite Lenot, daughter of Dr. C. B. Lenot, and Emerson McNeil, '20, were mar- ried at the home of the bride on the even- ing of January twenty-fifth. Mr. and Mrs. McNeil are making their home in Virginia. Sarah M. Wall, '17, was recently married to Edwin W. Faulkner of Alton, Illinois. Mr. Faulkner works with a company in the cen- tral states painting ofiice buildings and fac- tories. Richard Busch, '26, is finding life quite different in Twin Falls, Idaho from what he found it here. Richard is his own cook and housekeeper, works as a bell hop or handy-man, and says he is enjoying life. We hope so. George Milavetz, '22, will be graduated in June from the dental college of the Univer- sity of Minnesota. Temple Eaton, '20, has been working for some time with the General Electric Com- pany in Schenectady, New York. Margaret Reed, '22, is now working in the County Library at Cleveland, Ohio. Doris Fox, '25, will be graduated from the Superior Normal in June. According to a letter from President Gillette, Doris has, because of her scholastic standing, been elected to the Owl and Serpent club, the membership of which is made up of the fif- teen seniors who have the highest averages. Ben Finn, '26, is working in Boston and studying at night. Mary, who should have been a member of the present graduating class, will graduate in Boston in June. Esther Rogness, '20, will be graduated from the Agriculture course of the Univer- sity of Minnesota in June. Wheelock Sherwood, '18, in now Assistant County Attorney of St. Louis with his office in the court house at Virginia. Gustave Johnson, '23, will be graduated from the University of Minnesota in June. Some time ago Gustave refused a very wonderful offer to go on with his music. He is now working with the Northern States Power Company in Minneapolis and finish- ing his University work at the same time. The engagement of Hildegard Busch, '19, to E. J. Halstead of Minneapolis was recently announced. The marriage will take place early in the fall. Miss Busch since her grad- uation has served as secretary to the super- intendent of schools. Nicholas Furjanick, '22, has made a most remarkable record for himself. While still in high school, Nick appeared on many school and town programs as a violinist. Almost a year after his graduation Nick left America for Europe where he has studied, worked, and played for four long years. He has accomplished two years of work in each twelve months and his home friends are anxiously awaiting the announce- ment of his concert in Prague and with greater eagerness are they awaiting his return to America. His professor, the noted Sebcik, predicts a brilliant future for this alumnus of Virginia High School. ff-A-,V W,,,,,,N-1--.,.Ml -.. ................ ...... . ........ . .,..,..... .M .... ....... . .. .., ,,,,. , .. ....,. ,,, . ... tinffffwii 62 f?7"""'M , ..,..f -,,,,,,, .. ...... . ,f - ...L gggg 2 2. J ............ . .........,, .,....,,,,,,... . - L, ..... . ..,.... . ... ... . , ...,...,..,. .. W . A ,...... C , ,JJ L ggggg r .,..,... .CZ , ....,..... A-an N.-. has x N -N.. is !XH-ILE Z TI 5 xN Wm ii Ii wazszx TETO GIANLORENZI Teto's career as a football player was very colorful. Playing for three consecutive years with V. H. S. he has been a shining light each year. Teto as pilot of this year's team made an ideal captain. He had the fighting spirit which is needed to make a winning team. No one could ever accuse him of poor sportsmanship, for he played hard and clean. He was liked by all his team mates and they were ready to do as he said. We are very fortunate in having Teto back with us for another year. FOOTBALL REVIEW The V. H. S. football team closed the sea- son of 1926 with a good record of two wins, two losses, and three ties. When Coach L. G. Hurst called the first practice, only a handful of veterans reported. These vet- erans were Captain Teto Gianlorenzi, Louis Marketti, and William Kishel. With the opening game only nine days away, a team had to be selected immediately, thus, our team was forced to enter the Mt. Iron game with only three plays. The team displayed the proper fighting spirit in the Mt. Iron game which they won in the second half with a handicap of thirteen points, in the Gilbert game, which was virtually a victory, and in the Hibbing game. The members of the team who deserve honorable mention are Matt Jaksha, who turned out a performance par excellence all season, William Kishel, who turned out a season of dependable kicking, Gordon Bow- ers, who in his first year of play was a great asset to the blue and white, and Cap- tain Teto Gianlorenzi who was a conscien- tious and painstaking leader throughout the whole season. Other members of the team who deserve mention are David Hill, Wilton Salmi, Hugh Watson, and Louis Marcketti. ,,,,,.,.m-f 4 M me , ...... ........... . .,........ ..... . . .... .......... , . .... . . .... X3 Xxx, Zdrffff' ff? tw.. A' if From left to right. Top row: Coach L, G. Hurst, Arnold Lenci, Hugh Watson. Wm. Kishel, John Peterson, Gordon Bowers, Curtis Holdridge. Russell Mattson. Wm. Lackrie. Ass't Coach O. J. Eide. Second row: Wilton Salmi, Paul Bonicatto, Mike Gaeloski. Teto Gianlorenzi, David Hill, Matt Jaksha, George Horne, Arthur Olivanti, James Kearney, Louis Marketti. Bruno Cuppoletti. ' Front row: Harold Tousin, Ralph Carson, John Fleming, Lawrence Reed, Secundo Gentilini, Edward Skarp, Lauri Erickson. Joe Agries- ti, Jaclfc Rgddell, Mike Starkovich. Edward Peterson. fRenado Agamenoni. John Cech, and Lyle Staff were missing when the picture was ta en. Season's Record F7 F mm no cu E E"' F14 H o '15 I-I or V.H. .. ..9 Ely ...... . ..0 V. H. S. . .. 0 Nashwauk ,. .. 0 V.H.S.. ..0 Gilbert... ..7 V. H. S. . .. 0 Eveleth .. .. 26 V. H. S. . .. 0 Int. Falls .. .. 0 V. H. S. . .. 0 Hibbing .. .. 0 ,,,,, .,..,.. - fe. .'f' ,,,,, 5521 .e.,Q ,,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, - ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, - ,,,..... . .,.. ,...... , ......, . .- ....,.. , ..,.,. .,..... . . .... . ........,..,...,..,... .... .,,.. ..,...,. .......... - .. ,,.,,,,. - .,,...,...,,. ,,,,,,,,,, XX 'Ziff 2 S- ROY TAMTE The V. H. S. Hockey team was captained by one of the most colorful and illustrious players of the Range High School Hockey teams-Roy Tamte. Roy kept the team together and by playing a steady, brilliant game all season, instilled into our players a fighting spirit. Captain Tamte will be lost to the V. H. S. through graduation. HOCKEY REVIEW The V. H. S. puckchasers handed in their battle scarred uniforms after enjoying a fairly good season. Our team won three games, lost four, and tied one When Coach O. J. Eide sounded the call for hockey can- didates, Captain Roy Tamte, a regular, and Charles Keranen, James Kearney, and Wal- fred Ranta, substitutes of the last year's squad, and a host of eager aspirants an- swered his call. Then, after a careful con- sideration and many practices, our hockey mentor, with the aid of Tamte, Peterson, Gentiline, Marketti, Keranen, and Wolner with Riddell, Ranta, Kearney, and Hanson as substitutes. This team, though practi- cally green, must be given credit for the showing it made especially in the Duluth Central and the Hibbing games. The most colorful and valuable player on the team was Captain Tamte, who played center and was the mainstay of the offense and defense. Little "Doc" Wolner and Charles Keranen, who occupied the wing positions, teamed nicely together. "Doc" Wolner played brilliantly in all the games and is captain-elect for next year. Peter- son and Gentiline worked together at de- fense like siamese twins and time after time they stopped the advances of the enemy. Marketti and Riddell, our two goal guards, deserve honorable mention for their splen- did work at goal. The substitutes chiefly Kearney, Ranta, and Hanson must be given credit for their playing in relieving the tired regulars. I 'jf' ln, ,,,..,,,,.,., L W ' Z4 M X If W 9, ......,.., M, ...Ma .,,,, - ,,., ..M..-.-,,,, ,, ....... . ,.,,..,.. --...,.. ,.... . ...a....,,.s. ,,... , .... . ,.,.. . ..,,,...,,..,,, fa W2 W ffm 1 . fr'ifsffr"'-V 'WIFE wi9311.I."VfYi "ww ,", ..,.. x,,,,4?zi?L'7"""""'Y1j7f:1-X 5-.g..:1,Q ,, ....-..4,,..,,g,z9 Q , ,....,..--::,,1wf2. u.?aa.,,r. ..... .... .,,WW,a,,s...., W .. .,...... - ---- . .. . ........- - - jg, Mx y V xxx'-.. EZ' 1 lff,ff",' ' Af ' 'jllf V...,j'A' ,,,,w ,,, 4 ...R MLM ,,,. , .... Q :.,,, f""2 ........ -A ...... ....... . . . .AA.A.......... . A AA ............. - .......... - .........A.A.,.. .. : M .....A. . . . .A.......... .. - W ,.,. X . ...X-p. ,:1,,,:-.f., IIII 1 W., ..,,,. 3, H3511 ,,,,55g-1. Z. i ,,, , , I.. 4' ff 2 ',,,1:,,,,,aV Uf,Z.,E,,,, 'Wf,,.g,?.h 0,653,514 ,V 'w,f5c'v, .,,,,.,,, lf! i,ffffZz1ti9V""'""""Qi::v: Nfl'-,.2n,1,?ff 2 uw!! .M-buff ,m::fMfff..,,,,2f 'wwf' ll' , ..,,.,. ,... . , . .,,,,,, .. ---,,f-- --------- e ff V,,,,ff,,V,v.vfY,v,,,,,,.,V,,V,,,, ,....-- .Vvv,vv,,,------........... ,,,,,,,,,Y....,.Y.Y,,,,,, . .,.........,,, M vvv. . . ,,., . . www... ..,, 3 W ,,,,, ,:,,,,,,,,,,,,A . . am.. , . ff Back row: Coach Eide, Joseph Walters, Walfred Ranta, James Kearney, Leslie Rice. Jack Hanson, Norris Johnson, Stanley Gill. Front row: Herbert Wolner, Chester Peterson, Jack Riddell, Capt. Tamte, Louis Marketti, Charles Keranen, Secundo Gentilini. Season's Record V. H. S. .. . . 16 Chisholm . . . . . 0 V. H. S. .. . 2 Hibbing .... .. 5 V. H. S. .. . 3 Duluth Central 2 V. H. S. .. . 0 Eveleth .... .. 8 V. H. S. . . . 4 Chisholm . . . . . 1 V. H. S. .. . 0 Duluth Central 1 V. H. S. .. . 0 Eveleth .... .. 6 V. H. S. .. . 1 Hibbing . 1 ,,,,,,, , f 3 A 1, i i 111111111 V 11 Q ffmw, f? T W RT - RUOTER KINGS AND QUEEN - W ,,,,,,,,,:,A,,f ff,f,,,,,,,,,,, , .,,,,,, , , ,,,,,, ,,,,,, V ,, ,,,,, V , ,, we Nix Xigivaff' 1-fffvwijfll 4 iii .ii11,11 11 , i 11 11 1iii ,, . . , 1 . . , f1 , , 1, i ii11111 A A . ... 1A1 . 1 11i11111i1111 1ii4iii1 A.... , ...... - Ai44 4 . .A4 A A .41 .... . . .. .. ,,,, y ,, ,, , y o W, y y ,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,, , , ...... , . . H Coach L. G. Hurst. If Mr. Hurst thought when he finished the foot- ball season that all he developed was a good foot- ball team, he would con- sider himself a failure. Mr. Hurt's ideas are far above that. What he Wants is to develop: first, a good char- acter in every man, and second, a football team. In both, Mr. Hurst has had a wonderful record. All men who have ever been under him do nothing but hold him in their high regard. 0. E. Anderson Mr. Anderson came to Virginia High School as a coach in the fall of 1923. Under his leadership our basketball team developed into one of the strongest of the district. In the fall of 1925, Mr. Anderson was made head of athletic and gymnastic Work through- out the school system. Coach 0. J. Eide. Through the efforts of Coach O. J. Eide our hockey team has enjoyed a creditable season. To Coach Eide must be given the credit of developing a good team from only one regular as a basis. He is the kind of coach that attracts boys thus increas- ing the number of candid- ates for a team. Let us hope that Coach Eide will be as successful in produc- ing good teams in the future also. liz , ,,,,,,.,,,,,,, W.. .,.,,, ,,,. , I ,... 2 an .--..-. ...... .......... , .......... ,,,2-..a!Jf1ff"'f Wa ff W" iW'W""f,. VVVA ,, 4 1 pf- f1,,4:::::5gg1zfg,gflfhlzwl,Ap4:p::gg5,,lf1fff2gf,,rm ,,,,ffm:f7" "" ,-.y,,:Q2:1f f ., ,,.. ,:m.:y::,a,,,.Z U.. . . ----- . ....-..... - -- - - --Z. - --eefff ------ - ----- -------- - -- ff!!-f f1'1 4: -::-:::f:-------- ..-,.,.f::------WW--,,,,,, 1 "" W H """""-" """"' ' """"' " ' W ' ' ' - " ' " ' ' '-qui' 3VM4f' W NN ff jf ,Sl - f-i- ii ----1---- -frrr - - - --Z f1,,,,1, , ,,,,i,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , Idrirrrr ,,1i .:A, H Q .,.i,..,, T, , . . ff- , ..... 5 t 9332, ii l is R W ..... , , , ...... . . ... . .... ......... . Coach Jean M. Healy. Miss Healy has been with the girls' swimming team for several years, and has turned out a champ- ionship team every year with the exception of this one. Miss Healy came here from Ironwood, Michigan the first year we had the pool and we feel very lucky to have had her so long. Miss Healy has done much to put the Virginia girls in the lead and many of her former charges are making names for them- selves in the swimming world. Coach Harry M. Boardman. A good portion of the praise for the success and brilliant swimming the boys have done for the past four years goes to our honorable coach, Harry M. Boardman. He is small but mighty. With his contin- uous drive and conscien- tious work he established the sport whose light was almost out. He took the saying "Where there is light there is hope" and produced flame that made Virginia grow in the aqua- tic world. During these four years he has turned out two teams that won a State Championship and one that tied for a North-- western Championship. Long may his success con- tinue to grow! f 1 ffflgf . IYQZE' """' Charlotte Curran Miss Charlotte Curran, the new assistant gymna- sium instructor, joined the faculty of Virginia High School in September. 1926. Miss Curran has done some very noticeable work in getting the Virginia girls interested in athlet- ics. Last fall she organized a girls' field hockey team, the members of which were given badges. She al- so coached a girls' basket ball team during the win- ter months. f. iff' .,. ,.,....i-fNa.M..-....,fff"'1.,.,.. ..,, 1 .M -i-:kim p , , ,.,, ..,,,,.,,,,.. ..., . ,,,. M.. . M W ..,,....,..., .M ........ 5 ,.,.. - I ,gfffrx ,m1q1554':":f.-ff-..q.,.f,,5:7' -'ff' . c f A -W. ffflwfiazzir' X: 121 ff" 'f ' H.. 'N .2 N: -U- Wm" "" " ..... . - .... - ..... r . WILLIAM HILL 'XR if fi 3 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIII I I IIII III" H "'IIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII I I I I I IIII I IIIII IVII I I IIIIIIIIII'IIIII'IIIIII I IVIIIVII IIIIIIIIIII Ng K l Billy Hill closed his long playing career for Virginia High School by piloting the Virginia High School Basketball team through a successful season. It Was mainly through his efforts that the team was con- sidered one of the best in the history of the school. The team entered every contest decidedly outweighted by their opponents but overcame this handicap by the fighting spirit which was instilled in the players. Billy will long be remembered by the basket- ball fans of Virginia for indomnitable courage. ' BASKET BALL REVIEW The V. H. S. Basketball team made a very impressive record this season. Up to the tournament our team won eight games and lost only two. In the first round of the tournament our fighting basketeers lost to Gilbert only through a break of the game which was hard to take. When Coach Hurst called for candidates for the basket ball team, two veterans, Captain Billy Hill and Matt Jaksha, reported with some forty-five others. From these candidates was chosen a first squad which remained practically the same all season. All the members of the team deserve the highest honors for their Work during the season. First of all, Captain Billy Hill is entitled to honor, for he stamped himself premier of all forwards in the district, es- pecially in the tournament game with Gil- bert. Matt Jaksha achieved merit by his steady game at guard and by his ability to shoot baskets. Vincent Viezbiscke and Jim McKenzie are justly entitled to praise for their constant playing and fighting spirit. At center "Bags" Oslund and Mattson merit mention because they gave their best for Virginia. Through their honest efforts the substi- tutes, namely, Horne, Fox, Kishel, and David Hill, also deserve honorable mention. .W...M,.s..,,, ,,.., i. WM ,,.,,., -,,Wa..W,W ,,., N ,M,,,,,,,.......,..,.-...-,.,, ,.,,, W fe 'f Z ' - ------- fagwyw ,,., YW.. ,IAI . , fwjgg:3,'j-..!z7ggu'gL77:22 Z fl ff.2,g4e'W' .Mfggggagff-4.., ma? 'hazmgf''44:Azi,1pg::::.m1,f--1-4,3zz!-Nxzzmrffiifffr-:am3 !?if1-W "i'rMf"W'W'W'2 Zz ,,,,,,,,,.. , ,,,,,,,,,,,, , ..,.., , ..... .,,. M ,,.,,,,,, r . ....., M ,M , , , ..,, - ,.... ...... - ...,.... - ......,.,,,.,,. --,.. ,,,, , 'ii' Q44 , QW l I Mm .,-1 4 "" I ffffffff"""" ----- 2 ------------------- --------A-------------- f f f.,.mm... -- -----YYY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4' ' M Q 1 " ""'42 --V-Y ,,. V V .... ....V..... . .... . ..........VVVVVVV.VV.. V AV.VV.AVVV ......V . V .A- ',,,y4g,,g 'tzgggggj' 5,,,,Q,.,,,.'75?2igjj' ,f '? p w Mjj:,,g312,211"N"jgtg:g::4,g,Q'j,gp1p:z1p, ,gzgzgzgg ,filly b ,mn 3 'V ,,215,:"'f a , 'f 1 , f 1 f ff Q -am, f Wai-1-fe, :c'.,:f, :'ff1:,,Q 'N-51,4 1-:lf Z-Af 'qefwff f,,,,ffkL1iZ2W'n""""""e:f,, .... U4 H I ,,,,u,:wf'0 'w,,..,:m1,2fff",.,,,,,,,f5m1ff5"w.,,.M,,f'!fff-'f"'-,,,.,..f34:nff'x u::::::f1-111114-Luau-v11111,,.,11:111,, ew, , ff w...:.:m111, ,feeeuuewezz--1-,,z':zzz ,,,,, 1 ,zzzzzw-1-:111v4:,,QZ2?,'1iz:z:::z::JT11111 ----f .::.:4:,Qv,,Q?fZi ....... 11111ff--11111-,u-,v::1e1, ,,,z,z,,,::-f.:1,111,,, --11 ------- ,ffffffff.-..f4:,-nffff,.H..Zn,Nf.. Q EF 0 F' 5 ug.. 3 cu is ES- is '1 SP?- Tia? ES- E5 5,-'Q- 53' 21234 F2 EE in HB 5-5 pf' so 'Fa Bm Ibm M- gg 05 EF svn nn: gi' :E , ,EG E2 '15 DD F?- SO 35 .- Si' F. QE "n. an 770 F. :- 22 5 57 IJ F' 44g44g44g F. W. S S S S . S S S S S . S Season's Record . ...... Ely.... 30 . .. .. 21 Mt. Iron ... H18 Gilbert . . .. .. 53 Int. Falls . .. .. 14 Hibbing .. . . .. .. 40 lnt. Falls . .. .. 21 Biwabik . .. .. 27 Hibbing . ...... 21 Eveleth . Tournament Game . ...... 18 Gilbert . X 2 N f N xi ix N1 f Q..-N1 ,.ee 1 F.-xx YQ gg.,-f 1: 1 :Hf E l' Q5 SE! g.i,,.,x,:,mf 5 e ft' E 3 2 3 SE E x MSX: 1. XX Wx 2 X fs ers f WH at W a GORDON BOWERS Judges and timers ready? Swimmers ready? The gun! They're off! Down and back, down and back, and down again. Brute wins by a yard. If it were not for Gordon, Virginia would not have the team it has. He has the characteristics that make a good captain who can get team work without a swimmer's complaining. At the same time his build is such that together with the honors he has won in the past, it makes' him the logical, as well as the actual, captain. BOYS SWIMMING REVIEW Although not so successful as in the last two years, the boys' swimming team turned in a card that is the envy of many a school on the range. When the team turned in their suits at the end of the season, they had run up a string of six victories to two defeats and nnished second and third respec- tively in the northwestern and state meets. Hibbing, defeating us twice in dual meets and twice in championship meets, proved to be the only stumbling block for our boys in their quest of of a third state championship. In the first meet, they defeated us by the small score of 33 to 26. In the second meet, they were more successful when the team, swimming without the services of her first string breast strokers, Loftback and Person, fell down to the tune of 44 to 15, their worst defeat in four years. At the beginning of the year, things looked bright for Coach Harry Boardman when seventy-five men turned out for prac- tice. But after four long months of training and numerous cuts, the squad was narrowed down to twenty-five, the majority of whom swam the entire season, ineligibility and illness claimed a few. Mr. Boardman is looking forward to a much more successful season next year, although he is losing four letter-men through graduation this June. With .a wealth of material in view he is already predicting a third state championship for Virginia. After looking at his past record we can rest assured that the team will come out safely on top when the season of 1928 closes. ff--f,.,V ,,,?.,,,,Z: ,,,.,w H ,""'.,l 1 , ,V,,,,ff' fm 0 WM 'MHmmf.f, VVVVVA V VVIVAVV .... , V,,.,,,,:V,VMWM , ,,,,, ,,,. MV, ,,,,,,,, 3 4 lj ff ,,,,,., , H... - W: X A V,,',C..xZZZ,m.,26 zZ! ,f J',,,!Z21g7""' """ I i - 14--:,.,,,v,?a..M-....,,11..14,.,f , ,lfgfgggrrfffrbgw my VVZZZV 1 V VZYVVVI ,,,,,,,,V,,,,,,:::...! WN VVVVVVV VVVV V VV VV Vzr, V VV,, , ,,,,, . .,..,,,,,........... . ,..., , ,,,,,,,,,..,, .. ,, VVVV,V VVVVVV V V,.,, , 'Q 7f XR if ,553 yr. QQMW-W "A', W dk Back Row: Coach Boardman, Eino Wall, Melvin Person, Wilho Hyrkas, Kauno Lehto, Reno Maki. Front Row: Frank Fortun, Harold F. Johnson, Gordon Bowers, William Lofback, Francis Cabocel, Arne Enberg, Hugh Watson, Harold E. J ohnson, Ted Stebbins, manager. Season's Record V. H. S. ...... 26 Hibbing ...... 33 V. H. S. ......q 42 Chisholm ..... 12 V. H. S. ...... 43 Gilbert . .. . . 13 V. H. S. ...... 39 Ely ..... .. 20 V. H. S. ...... 34 Eveleth ...... 25 V. H. S. ...... 37 Ely ..... .. 22 V. H. S. ...... 15 Hibbing ...... 44 V. H. S. ...... 34 Eveleth ...... 25 State meet: Virginia-Third-12 points Northwestern: Virginia-Second-26 points Season's Total: Virginia-270. Opponents--194. .,,.. ,,,,,,,,,.,.,. ,,,......... ......,.... . ........ ...... ............ . f 1 . . ....,...... . . .W .... .,.,.. . ... ...... . "ff::Z?EE53 ffffmezgl-V. W'f!???Zf15:f4 Wikis" W7 f Z AM' M4175 "'fmff:zz,.':W ,.... 1 """ AQ.1.JLffkf...Z.,::s5:f!fAw:lMiw IK X' - ,,, ,,,,... yffeeff . ,,VV V V ,V ,,...,..,.1V,, ,,..,..,, ,,,, ,.- .., , ,,,,,,:,,,,,, M , W . ,,,,,,, .,,, M... .,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, .... , N ,,,,,,,,,,. .,,., V , V v Yvrr: ,V,v V f .wjf 3-1. i 1l1,11111111111111 . few iifi 5 5 J a CAPTAIN SALLY! ! Oh! What a girl was Sally! Captains may come and captains may go, but a better captain than Sally, would be hard to find. She was a very industrious worker, and, as far as captaincy was concerned, was always on the job. As for sportsmanship, she believed in fair play. She was self- sacrificing-always willing to give the other fellow the credit. She never reproached anyone for losing, because she believed that to lose wasn't a disgrace. Sally was our shining light in the breast stroke, and was supreme in the state until the advent of Ellen Lewis of Eveleth. GIRLS SWIMMING REVIEW After holding the title for three consecu- tive years, the girls' swimming team sur- rendered the fourth annual state champion- ship to Eveleth in March. The girls went through the entire season Without a defeat but in the state meet many surprises and single honors kept the title from Virginia. Four of the team's first squad will be lost through graduation this June. Captain Sally Wall, star breast stroke and Ellen Johnson, breast stroke of equal rank, will leave vacancies that will be hard to fill. Bertha Mattila, whose work as free styler has been noteworthy, will also be greatly missed. Lorraine Coleman will take the place of Genevieve McCabe, second in dives in the state meet in 1926. Bernice Jacob- son will fill the other vacancy on the diving team. Both of these lassies are in Junior High and have great possibilities of be- coming the future diving champions. A few of the team members will also be lost next midyear. Among these are Mar- guerite Ketola, free styler and member of the relay, and Eunice McKenzie, plunger. Although Marguerite will not be on the relay next year, it is expected, that, with a little more practice, the girls will take more honors next year than they did this year. Ailie Mikila, Agnes Belaj, and Marjorie Mott will be used in the back stroke events. Since all three have been swimming for the blue and white for two seasons, much is expected of them. Miss Healy has worked hard breaking in new material all this year. The junior high school girls are showing remarkable ability and in a year or two a few of them will develope into first place winners. On the whole the blue and white is facing a bright future. W WMM, linh ,mb M47 K ,P .. .. 'Maw me f 4 'il'f:f4?ZWf Zf'f'f'-ff:ffzfffzfziff'f"'mc4f? f'f'2,1mf1'L'4'f'fmwffff2wf'f"'-Q. faztffaiff 2...,',,27,2:fancy2,f,,,,,ff::.:::,f .-,an:.acf'-,i,..,,w::::::-mm ,,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,::::,, N W ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:J:::,,,,,...... , , ......,.,.,,.,, V , ,,,, -------.- - ,, ,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,, , 7 7 , H , ,,, M ,,,,, L ZZZZZ Z I ,,,,,,1 W ,,:,VV,, Uf XX Wm .iff Cx at Back Row: Marguerite Ketola, Agnes Belaj. Ailie Mikkila, Regina Richards. Sally Wall, Ellen Johnson, Julia Ahlstrand, Eunice McKenzie. Front Row: Marion Kenny, Alice Brude, Catherine Ebmer, Genevieve McCabe, Bertha Mattila, Lorraine Field, Marjorie Mott, Bernice Jacobson, Coach Jean M. Healy. Season's Record V. H. S. .. .. 48 Biwabik . .. 38 V. H. S. .. .. 51 Gilbert .... .. 35 V. H. S. .. .. 63 Chisholm .. .. 23 V.H.S... ..60 Ely ..... ..26 V. H. S. .. .. 44 Eveleth . .. 42 V. H. S. ...... 50 Gilbert . .. 36 State Meet Eveleth, 35wg Biwabik, 203 Virginia 16. 5 ,,f""'Z""""ff"""""'--....2,,,gg f. ,4 Nl' ,ZZ 52 7 rw ' M ...... 2 X ,, ,wif '2"m,,,h ,... ,IIII ----' ,,., 771, ,,,,., yfzlg E .....,,,,, ,,,,,,. ...,...t. 455112, 'QQg2:5S??!Zf-- "5 , 101 ' 2 ze 4- 'A Y' 2 5957 qtzffxffi!:l'fj"0"f-41145547 "mvI4fxf7'f2"M""k-':::gM"Wc .... , , ,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, . . ,,,,,,,, , , N, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. ,,,,...,,,,, ,,,,,,, , , ,W .. W ,V-,f,,,,, ,,,....... ,,,,,,,,, . . ..,..V -'- P - """"""""' ' ' ' ,.,V . , ,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, , , 1-5,3-io 1, jf, Back row: Margaret Benson, Gladys Oas. Marie Furjanick, Anne Matkovich, Sophie Glumack, Yolanda Agamenoni, Marcella Sigel, Patricia McDonald. Coach Charlotte Curran. Front row: Mildred Hansen, Tellervo Lappala, Anna Fleck, Virginia Code, Mary Jenia, Julia Glumack, Charlotte Pearsall. GIRLS' BA KET BALL REVIEW The Girl's Basketball season started with a bang. Almost fifty girls reported during the first three weeks but because of the inconvenient practice schedule the squad diminished to about twenty. A class tournament was held and the sophomores and seniors tied by winning three ,qames each. The two teams played off the tie and the seniors defeated the the sophomores by a score of 22-5, the senior team composed of Eveline Cowan, Anna Fleck, Virginia Code, Mary Jenia, Tel- lervo Lappala, Yolanda Agamenoni, Mar- cella Sigel, and Julia Glumack won the girl's new basketball cup awarded by A. E. Spald- ing and Co. The senior team also defeated the all-star team which was picked from the remaining members of the squad. 'Wg N,,,,,, ,,,. ,. ,.,. ,III I .I ff?- W4f'22'w, wmfzfhvf. W ff'f?4--:Fw W Wiz f af! ffm J f' tf:f447Z4'w 1'-1c4f2' f' 1 .'ff,i'4! Aff''Hff.2,4f"'4L,gf,:,,Wif'-L.,,j4Q,4Qzp:::fifZ5A?11.::J4f'4?311:i1Q5i1fff4zfiyg "" ,,,l M 5-,,1:y::fa:ff' ,.,, Q'a,'.Iffii7! ,:,,.,,:1:,1g:2f7 f..,,...,,:4:::::::fww ,W ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,, , ,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , ,,,.,f,:z?iaa...,,,,,,, V ..,,,,,,,,.,,,,,:e-5-iQ,h...-I ............. .M .... 1-ff:mffff.ff Y--YYVYYYA- W-I-,,,,,,,,.., N, ,,,,,,, , ...,.,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,. XX xg, A' xfl, f ,Mr 'Q 1, ,jf 'Tom ,AM ,,,, - s.Lz,,,,,, , ,,,,,,, Z A,-.- 1 .-..AAA " . ffm ' ...lib '?'m, g 'J ,.:1ifff7fff"- "W ff' 43-' - U i. 2' I 'I 4 411, 'T ' ,ff??f1:f'Wf,W"" f!:?: 'wimiw 'fum .f5'Li""'x, 2j.iw'ZAci1s" """ ':'h"Q::71W,:..f ' .lM.1fffiiu9f,,'2.ywfafff7' w,,fZ2:,zi2fx1-,,,Jf,:2:swf"-,,WJJW-2f'f"-l,M.ZeLwf9w..,2 -1-111- ,,,,, ---- 1- ,,,,,,,,,,, 1 -111,,,1111111 -111 T -11-11 , ,zw ---1 ,,1,111f- Queue, --11-f 11,,11:m.,gr-,eW- 'zz' :zz-' ':nzzzzzf':zzz.::ae?:l1 ":111zzz,,, ,,1::11:.::,:,,,1z:, zzzfz ,,,,,, 1 1231.1 ,.,.,...:.... ..,..,..,1,Y , Back row: Catherine Woois, Gladys Oas, Marie Furjanick, Flormila Karvala. Amanda Vukelich, Charlotte Pearsall. Irene Mattson, Berzha Mattila, Coach Charlotte Curran. Front row: Mildred Hansen. Ursalina Bocchi,Virginia Code. Nona Kennedy, Anne Matkovich, Sophie Glumack, Anna Fleck. FIELD HGCKEY REVIEW of Vir- School For the first time in the histor ginia the girls of Virginia High hockey teams were organized from thirty girls who reported and who among played through the whole season. The girls rapidly learned the fundamentals of the ga considering the shortness of the season, did very well. Those who were on the squad and received emblems are, Ursalina Bocchi, Nona Ken- nedy, Sophia Glumack, Anna Fleck, Florimel Karvala, Catherine Wood, Charlotte Pear- sall, Bertha Mattila, Irene Mattson, Mildred Hanson, Gladys Oas, Virginia Code, Anna Y participated in supervised athletics. Field me and, Matkovich, Belle Doane, and Marie Fur- janick. The Hockey season began too late to hold a tournament, never-the-less in the mud and ice the high school played two games with the college girls defeating them in both games by scores of 3-0 and 2-0 respectively. Much credit should be given to Miss Curran, the athletic coach, who from the beginning gained the interest of the girls in athletics and who is trying to develop girls' athletics within the school so that every girl may be able to participate in at least one sport of her choice during the year. , Wf""""N-MM, 1 J ,,,,..M,. . ,, ,,,.,W,,,cM ,... . N, ,,,,, ,,.. v..,2,,Mff.g fW My W' '4"'g,,,,WM,.M.,m..,.,,,M.,,,.W.c,N.,,.,,,,,, W ,,..,,, ,,,WW,W,,,,... M,,,k,,W W,,,',,,,M.,,M. ,,,,,, , ,,,,,, , if X V wp' ,wa fev. , gg :WU f7fA3,,fu'-aff!gmffg-. 41:35 f ,jf am. , g -274434, .5 -1 f-" 11:41, .4-"ZQf.jh.J4j4.,', Eiffel .,,. : ofwll. ,.,, ,,,,,62:'f,'4 "" """" f "" WJ' V'-i""'3-ffff " "'1"""""'l"'WM afh ,,4,,i ,,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,, .,,.,,, , ,,,, ,,,,,.,,,..,,, V --f -A-:f-f f f VVV.,V.V.,....v-:.. T '-..YYY ,.,-v 1 bugs' W- --'----'- -- - -- V - -- ---fff- fwmq-fmwzgvwf , xx 'ggi f "Q, 1.5 . ' f" af' ff" -.H ,fr M... R my --H. If--. 5' M ., W4W'H"t'M Jify 11111, A Q .1.1.1......... n 11,1111 . Wffagigg' 5-,ZT7i?'LW .111. A fs f'7ff7 2-W M-11-T1-f'a -ffm- x fffffff ----f---f'fff-fff-ff-,,, ffff - - --------- - - ffff - ---------f, ,, fffffffff --------- fffffffffff,-,,',-',Y'------'--f-f- gy Eb! fa Frank Fortun Melvin Person Here is a veteran of four years on Vir ginia's swimming team, who, besides mak- ing a name for himself, has done much to help put Virginia on the swimming map. Two state Championships in four years is certainly an enviable record. He is proba- bly the best all around swimmer in the state and will be an asset to what ever team he joins. He has worked hard in his swim- ming and would have made a name for him-- self if it had not been for a couple of strokes of bad luck. Here is a boy that does no know when he is licked. We can all remember how Purdy got a start of a yard, in the meet with the U. of M., but Melvin would not quit and he was defeated by only a foot, making the best time of the year 1:12.9 while the national championship was won in 1:1-1.1. Mel is just a sophomore and can be expected to do wonders in the next two years with the right coaching. Genevieve McCabe Genevieve has made the regular four year High School course in three and a half years, and has been on the team for three years. In her first year she was a team- mate of Evelyn Peterson and Harriet Rosenberger. Harriet is now one of the leading performers at the Northwestern University. After the graduation of these two star swimmers, Genevieve was unde- feated until Roxie Loney took the title from her in the tournament in 1926. li.-.1 ,, ,,,. . .... M .. ,,.,,..., ff ""' ' Q. ,M ,,,, M ,,,,,,,, N W ,,,,,,,,, .,,,,., - ,,.,... N ..,,,,.,..,,, , ,,.,... , ..,,,,,. M ' -fr?-1. , ' .11-. ff? i , ?f W 7Y"1 ,,,,,,, gf ,,,.,f,g: 45' 4Zf'KfWf4Z'Jf"T!,,Z1'WLX' ..... N ,,,, W ffifa 53 if SM .W,.,a,,. ..,.,...,,., W,,,,, ,,,,r ,qgyifg -..,. ... . .......... -,,.,,.,,..,-: , ,,.,.,,, : ..,...... ,. .,,......,.,,,.,,...... ,,,M...,N..,..., wma, W -v-an M- x X...- ' N-35' 'N' L'--.... -:?4:x kna- J KE S u ' xN Wm -. if ,ZH 1e:,1,, ,,,,111l...,Y..1'1,1, ,,,,,,,,,,111111",,,,,,,,, T J f-11111,1-- 1 Qztzzz -11,1111111:1: 7 as 111' 1 ,,,,,111,11: ,1111A1A N--2 1111:T 1 A1,11-111'A12 1 111111v.,: A 2 ,,1,11 --'- A T 111A . ,1,,, A -:-1: L -:exe-sexe-1,,,1,,,, s " JOKES SIRLOIN The term sirloin fSir-Loinb was originated by Henry VII of England, who was so pleased at a dinner in which that cut formed the main item that he conferred the honor of knighthood upon the steak. Beware the Sign As a man grows older and his muscles softer There's a spot he thinks of very ofteng As his lot grows easy and his burdens lighten He notes with dread that his trousers tighteng As there's less of fighting and more of feeding, Comes a threat of nature he can't help heeding For it's there Success puts her approbation On that properous growing corporation Down where the vest begins. A tip for a Scotchman is "The 1927 Cal- endar will be good in 1938? vi A , l 2 'Q ', ff l K I ' ew W' Q' if is I 2 9 5 G aim 3, lf- 1 L I I . 6 ntl- Aerial Attack p-ensue., Time-Ten bells, the day of the tour- nament Place-Miss Macfarlane's office P. K. M.-Can I get oif at 10:45 to go to my aunt's funeral? Miss Macfarlane famusedl--Oh! I guess so, but be sure to tell me the score. Exit Paul in huff. Curtain. Dick Fox was intending to buy a sheep ranch after he got out of school, but now since he has had Wooley, he has completely changed his mind. Most of us are in the same Ford with him. He Has a Harp "What became of that hired man you got from the city?" "Aw he used to be chauffeur and the idiot crawled under a mule to see why it Wouldn't go. George Washington is found to have been of Swedish ancestry. He didn't live late enough to move to Minnesota. iff! ,,, rr,r,crr.crclrrr rrrrc. c,, ,,, ...f,,, r,:f,f,fff g .r.r r,,r.r.f,g .glgi.g , ,,,,, ,..,.,:::,,,. , 4' .Lifes 1' 514. V'9"7?ff5-., ff ' "f.:EZe:,..' , 77f2Z:.ijj' fit? ig 01 7'H3q467Z77f "f ""' ' 2,-3551? "" n,f'ZE1w:.f""--. "'f-" "" -M -M'-H-' '--f--' fff "W f f ff-" f A H ""' ' ' f xv ' ""' NX ya. , Y W ,ff ' ,fff 'N :::::A' 111111 -f '------A--- 111 .11.1., , , H" VVVVVV""""11""'Z'ZZ1"""'i1:1 '1211111 ':A'A'iiA' M Azti 2 Tx 'cf M -H 't f f fv- K T Nffw . is NNT ' P '- ex r 11 EW 4-Q fx 1 L4 Wi l iSh! !"' P- mfikf I '25 7 ' . -. " N 1 1 fm ,,,.1"""'f N 'v' . . .pq - Xb ' -12 'E' I 7 H -'J f Hfxxi---'Milk :S .M h NV l V X -my' Wx Y XX' .QI 4 mp MHZ Al. X Q53 - 0' " 4 fx' sigxrai 2? h N mr X 1 '02 V I L I W 2 if 5 5 vqrw ' if. ASX' 'CVS fA,,g,'-522:50 .yn . ,X X xx gh J!V,r p x 'Yo XX'- X Q Qeogfggsfi-Xe:A+ 2 A W. W V Q. 4 V' w ---mr-' 1 fggygoh X40 A O1llfA!rNBQg1T ATMOSPHERE X ,A I K 1 1 -w,'1Hx.x 1" MQ? IQ- ,, Q QP W N Gly 5 X' 4 WW xx E C x x an, , 0 x W t xg ll X ,Hx Y", ,, h JIQX X ' 'I if I X ' Nl xv -7 X 'x l N . 'H ' XX ".' 'Z A 1219" M 1352?-.1 X ' if wi x xx xx: ' f x D W' 'H P , , H- x J liqf :X-N xl 4 alxwl ,J lbw ' xx, 9 ' ' '-M , s ' H 3 fx NW " N S3035 Q? Q X 301:- 'l"AxLcE:'iT ,,...-ix , -Mx-. x 9 x "1 1 sa 3 . Akxf , , iii- -,X X 1 Y f, -2.9 ?, -gil?-f S H t W f ' xmxnf Q J 1 D' -Szfiffxx N"Wxx, 'EEKE4 t x -1, Jibgigff Nw. ,.-W x -f , Nix W' ' " E Q X' 0 S? ' . OHBABY: x 2 41 x xxxx xxxxx ' xxxx 'Z,,,,,f" ,-ff Tw, ., 1,,11 ,,,,,1,,,.V..VV1 ,11, ,,,,,, V V V ,VVV,11V111,11VVVVV ,,,, T , ,11,,1g,., V11111..L,1x,11,1 T , , VVV,V11l1 , 111,,1. ,, "" 1T. - :,, J -,,-i- A ,:, '-'f11- - :,, 2 . . .11,,,-, ,ffr L ,,5v:,,,-,, --11 a -W-. f:-,',1',' . -Q f::,, ...W ---A----,:,,. .,,...,,,,,,11AA 111 111v, . 1T,,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,, 11. 111v . . .- , ,.,,..., ,, . , , ...,.,,,,,....,.. , , ,..,,,.,.,......... , ,..... . .......,W,W,. ,W .,. -..M ..... . , , ,....,,,......,..,.... . .V W , . , . . V................ ., . - An Irishman and an Englishman were -We waiting for a train to come in. It was in ' North D. The Irishman said, "Each of us F will ask a question and if the one who asks A 'ELWS-- it can not answer it, then he must pay the 2. 0 fare of both. "Agreed," said the English- man. c.T'..-..l o "See that ground hog out there. Now FII! how is it that he can dig a hole without 0 leaving the dirt up around the hole." o "Answer it yourself that's your question," said the Englishman. Clio "All right he starts from the bottom and digs up." l-'lm "But how does he get to the bottom!" exclaimed the Englishman. "That's your question: answer it your- self." Dumb: Do you know where I got my hat? Dumber: No, where? Dumb: Why, on my head, of course. It seems that there is more than one way of playing hookey. A young student at Harvard desired very greatly to attend a Christmas party given by a girl friend of his but the party was in a neighboring town and two days before his vacation began. In his desperation he hit upon this plan. He wired his father, "Shall I come straight home or go around by St. Louis ?" Immedi- ately came the answer, "Come straight home." Showing this to the Dean, he received his excuse and successfully attend- ed the party. A district visitor once went to see an old Scotch woman who was dying. Noticing that her talk was about herself and the minister, he said: "Well, really, Jennie, I believe you think there will be nobody in Heaven but yourself and the minister." "Ah, weel," said the woman. "An! I'm no' sae sure aboot the minister." A fly and a flea in a flue Were imprisoned, so what could they do? Said the fly: "Let us flee." Said the flea: "Let us Hy." So they flew thru a Haw in a flue. 0 lo 0 -f lf' v- Llllll-IL 1 Advice! A messenger boy was delivering a pig. He took him by the hind legs and made it walk on its front ones. Suddenly the pig broke away and started running as fast as he could. In the meantime instead of running after the pig to catch it, the messenger boy sat down by the road and began to laugh merrily. Presently the manager came along and questioned the boy. Upon hearing the story of the pig's escape, he asked the boy why he didn't run after the pig and catch it. "Hal Ha!" laughed the boy, "he can't find the place anyhow: T've got the address." Vera: Oh! look! Jack had a hair cut. Jack: No, I had 'em all cut. The only known method of making a Scotchman swim the English Channel is to build a toll bridge over it. A Dirty Joke! Dad fell in the mudpuddle. 4? Mi... ......,, . .. ..,.,.,,,, A . w!.rcc4:v7 ""' , 1 .4f:f:::.-:x,'m..zR, M.. ......., , , A W W 795 ....., ..,, ,. ,.,... - M, ..,, N W.. ,,,.,.., ,,, .,., ............, Z .,.,.,,.,,., , K K. Xl X "f?51??E?9 'W.ZZGz:1!"'f.!1!frz,. If ,.:?5?-:- W "7 WY! 3 6' W jg, ..., . ..,.. 1 f,,,,,.,f2g5j Q, , V ..,.,,,,,,,,.........,...,.,,.,,,,.,. N ,,,,....,,,,, ...WMM ,...,....... - ...,.,.,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,.. MM .,..,, ,,,,, MM .... , I 44.1 "V F'?"ijP'g':xg r!a1gw,m.,.,...,, .. .I 'w mg- H'iiwZ"T'i"P9,i1g'g,,'vf2gf,lgf5,-4gn.5,,5m,A ,. , , Q, .1 ,L , ,t.,..,,....J,,.W-g5lg55w,,g,,?,gR,, . . , L , NV, V ' f ,ww-p,w.f. ww... Jn. ..,, ls' I YI' issu- W ' x ' ' ' Q1i"iYS?,"?v'L , .,,. A fw.. ff . I may - 4U'V0GRAPHs ff f s k up gh i 'W K M ,V . V N , I l' g'M"""L9VJM,ifLZ sh 'f"""'kuqg, , 1 16, - X , pg , fc ,fall lv lf 3 Ln, V 3 7. ' 2,2 f ' ,rg '79 ff " j L lf ' X CMM,-u W'Za.fe,k'LMx,Lg2fA'J L21 V "gr - Yffrr , I ,X 75 3 fl 117 f ,, V X A ff7ZuLd f Q Q no VQN , A 'X -450,14 ' 'A ' T-'jf' ,1,,.g.L, A , if-'Aff-"g,44, Lf' . , Ln MKL l .V K, I ' ' ' I . ., ' I 0. X iyffv .Ny ,ff N b Mi, gl . 1,4 ll . 6.4 IAA g Q 2 H A df" 1,,f,4,,, c..,,',,.4c H Q,dVuLL4wj ide!! ' If l fmt! lc. ,X n dm,M,, . QEVLZ A if I X ' f4, fq mm M! M W EX, .ffflij .7lf,ffCfc2' ,acl vzfyi f ' ' , Qu! . I A I xg' 1 ' I V ' ? V"',? J Q ,Pj ' M X-ff' 1' -,,,1". NA.,, 4 .,,. -3,3 C--W 0 Numb 1, I , I 'Q' A 14, q .f E 1 .f I' V h .J if I j7!Z"7t'7f'f o-ac-gy' U d,LgfLqj21af1Lfm.4 Z A - W A y , ,'V.b4. if 1 , 1 dlqv AQ A 1' fflfv-Au " ' ' ' f Q4fW'f"+- ff Q R in I 9 D,L,,JMC.Xx 5,J1JWf5.4y-'rv fjcl hfiv I W x A ,ff ,.,,. ,-Q, A mmiljwgglintiwul VV 5 -, MAIJHGL gf xf"7??.4-zffiff, . C., ,' ,-m- 1, 7. 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Virginia High School - Star Of The North Yearbook (Virginia, MN) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 9

1927, pg 9

Virginia High School - Star Of The North Yearbook (Virginia, MN) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 75

1927, pg 75

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