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Contents Government and Publications 10 Organizations 20 Athletics 48 Features 72 Academics 86 Underclassmen 114 Seniors 142 Advertisements 174 Index 200 1966 VIRGINIAN VIRGINIA HIGH SCHOOL BRISTOL, VIRGINIA BRISTOL PUBLIC UBRARY 701 Goode Street Brwtol, Virginia 24201 f VHS — growing greater Students change classes In newly constructed Social Studies wing. in size In the spring of ' 65 VHS began to grow ... As workers noisily expanded Bearcat territory, teachers tried desperately to hold the attention of students who watched the day-by-day progress. Construction contin- ued steadily through the sum- mer and in September, the an- ticipation of the first day . . . the disappointment in each de- lay .. . until at last, we entered the new halls and classrooms for the first time. Students watched as workmen added to VHS in the spring and waited patiently for the building to be completed in the fall. Seniors enjoy the privilege of eating in a new Se- nior dinette. research papers. As our building grows in size, so must each student grow in knowl- edge . . . the freshman slowly grasps the meaning of x - y = 4, the sophomore tries his skill at dissecting, the junior relives the Civil War, and the senior compre- hends Shakespeare’s genius in reading Macbeth . . . each in itself a step toward a true knowledge of the world. In a new classroom. Coach Watford discusses an assign- ment with a World Geography class. Growing greater in knowledge and in leadership In the fall of 1963 Mr. Kovacs left Junior High School to be principal of VHS . . . While serving as administrator, he was also a student . . . And in June, 1965 Mr. Ko- vacs became Dr. Louis Kovacs . . . thus giving the stu- dents of VHS the advantage of more skilled leadership. Growing greater in understanding To have a true knowledge of the world, one must have a true understanding ... of his fellowman, of his world and of himself . . . This understanding he gains from reading the words of great masters, and from association with his superiors and his equals. As he exercises his understanding so does his knowledge of the world grow. Bi III BPI Students view an Art Exhibit, project of the Art Club. The art work is produced by VHS students. The Library provides the quiet atmosphere needed for reading and research. Mrs. Daniel helps her Latin students understand the civiliza- tion created by the Ancient Romans. 7 The Virginian staff feels that we express the sentiment of the entire stu- dent body with this dedication. We have chosen an outstanding man who has helped to prepare us to meet the challenges of the f uture . . . His un- derstanding, his humor, his devotion to his students and to education have endeared him to each of us. Holmes once said, “The World ' s great men have not commonly been great scholars, nor its great scholars great men. " Because you are a great man and a great teacher, we do proudly dedicate the 1966 Virginian to you — Mr. I. B. Moore 8 Mr. Moore conducts a Mechanical Draw- ing class. Growing greater with the example of a dedicated teacher 9 Government and Publications VHS students learn by doing . . . by governing ourselves . . . reading the Little Virginian to keep informed . . . recalling last year’s shining moments, re- corded in the Virgin ian forever . . . Some of us are leaders . . . most of us are followers . . . but each one with his dem- ocratic freedom of choice . . . With each spring, each election . . . we grow a little older, a lit- tle wiser, and more interested than before . . . S.C.A. President, Larry Harrison, serves Key Club sponsor, Mr. Howard Cummins, at Club Council meeting. Alice Sweeney delivers Honor Council cam- paign speech as other candidates look on. President Larry Harrison prepares to make an an- nouncement. Officers President • Vice-president ■ Secretary Treasurer • Reporter Holston District Representative . Larry Harrison . . . Molly Fields Carol Robinette .... Ted Hicks . Randy Grizzle Genie Hamilton .C.A. promotes better student government Co-sponsors: Lester Hall and Jack French, I, I Genie Hamilton, Ted Hicks, Carol Robinette, Randy Grizzle, and Molly Fields. 12 1 Molly Fields sells supplies to Joyce Carter. Ronnie Hurley gives a report to his homeroom on S.C.A. meeting. The Student Cooperative Association functions as the student government. Representatives from each homeroom compose the student govern- ment. S.C.A. REPRESENTATIVES: FRONT ROW: Sherry Winters, Can- dy White, Randall Smeltzer, Mike Hodgson, Carol Ste A art, Joanne McQueeney. SECOND ROW: Paul Fleenor, Chris Feath- ers, Anita Cris well, Sue Knipe, Ellen McDaniel, Terry Mays. THIRD ROW: Challen Walling, Dean Whitlow, Billy Canter, Su- The S.C.A. strives for improvement of school clubs and links the students with the faculty. Op- eration of the S.C.A. bookstore provides funds for the organization. zanne Gilmer, Veda James, Sherry Haber, Jimmy McNew. BACK ROW: Ryland Musick, Gary Salyers, Jerry Cross, Charles Parks, Dale Rucker, Leon Bass, Ronnie Hurley, Dickie Thurston. 13 FRONT ROW: Rodney Mullins — Civltan, Carolyn Drinkard — Tri Hi-Y, Joanne Counts — Spanish, Jane Crumley — French, Larry Harrison — S.C.A., Diane Phillippi — Delta, Elizabeth Bailey — F.T.A., Nancy Keller — Alpha, Tyler Franklin — Science. SECOND ROW: Phil Hamilton — Mixed Chorus, Mary Gong — Girls ' Glee Club, Susan Williams — Latin, Frank Hub- bard — Key, Toni Wheeler — F.H.A., Wanda Little — Bible, Brenda Curtis — Art. BACK ROW: Barry Pittman — Mono- gram, Genie Hamilton — Drama, Scott Bullock — Interact, Terry Smith — Band, Mike Hodgson — Hi-Y, Tommy Johnson — Beta, Carolyn Collins — Beta Foundation, Linda Tauscher — Y-Teens. Club Council coordinates club activities Mr. Hall confers with club presi- dents, Barry Pittman, Frank Hub- bard, Tommy Johnson, Larry Har- rison, and Mike Logan. 14 Honor Council candidates: Joanne McQueeney, Tommy Johnson, Frank Hubbard, Gene Denton, Kathy Buck, Benny Grigsby, Leon Bass, Mary An- derson, Martin Adams Neal Salyers, Jack Cartwright, Ronnie Hawkins, Al- ice Swiney, Terry Mays, Carol Stewart, Gene Johnson, Larry Harrison, Gary Salyers, Marilyn Levy, Betty Cooper, Charlie Parks. Honor Council decides disciplinary measures HONOR COUNCIL: SEATED: Jack Cartwright, Alice Swiney, Joanne McQueeney, Terry Mays, Gary Salyers. STANDING: Gene Denton, Larry Harrison, and Neal Salyers. 15 Carol Robinette, editor, looks over her work. Assistant editor Judy Koltunski and business manager Carol Grizzle pause from work to pose for the camera. THE VIRGINIAN STAFF Glenna Parrott and Judy Koltunski check daily quota while Kay Barker prepares her layouts. Freshman, Linda Brumet, poses for camera while classmates look on. i I 1 1 16 Dora Dettor, Glenna Parrott, Connie King, Janet Jackson, and Genie Hamilton prepare advertising for subscription drive. Annual staff strives for better coverage of school year STAFF: FRONT ROW: Linda Brooks, Jerry Cross, Kay Barker, Parrott, Janet Jackson, Susan Williams, Dora Dettor, Mrs. Co- Terry Smith, Ellen McDaniel, Billie Jean Bolling. BACK ROW: penhaver and Miss Brown, sponsors. Genie Hamilton, Connie King, Charlotte Valiant, Glenna 17 Little Virginian provides record of the news Joanne McQueeney and Neal Salyers, Co-editor; find an amusing note in a back issue. EDITORIAL STAFF: SEATED: Jane Gillenwater, Joanne Counts, Molly Fields. STANDING: David Miller, Joe Combs, Dennis Floback, Justin Adams, Bill Kell. 18 REPORTERS: SEATED: Elizabeth Blake, Alice Sweeney, Lottie Allison, Carol Stewart, Carol Fagan. STANDING: Lily Buck, Sherry Haber, Sandy Salyers, Kathy Buck, Frank Hubbard. Co sponsors: Mr. Lester Hall and Miss Nancy Whitely. Marilyn Levy and Dennis Hoback prepare a newspaper for circulation. 19 Organizations Here at VHS the days are often long and always full . . . club meetings after school to plan for that long-await ed banquet, hours of drilling to perfect a new marching routine in band, chorus rehearsal for that final concert. But when the time for reflection comes . . . when one is alone . . . when friends are no longer there and the days activities have come to an end, you realize that, had it not been for the activities outside the classroom, “that shining mo- ment in youth known as high school " would have sparkled less and less. Girls’ Glee Club members concentrate on their singing. Mrs. Williams receives an apple on Teacher Appreciation Day from D.E. Club members, Carolyn Nelson and Linda Morris. The Big Orange Band purchased new uniforms this year; Carlina Tuell wears the concert uniform while Terry Smith wears the marching uniform. Beta Club encourages scholastic achievement The Beta Club is a club open to all Juniors and Seniors with an overall B average. The club promotes better character, higher achievement, and greater leadership ability. Some of its activi- ties include the sale of paperback books, and awarding out- standing students with medals at an assembly at the end of the year. Genie Hamilton and Dennis Hoback sell term paper booklets. Terry Mays buys paperback book from Tommy Johnson. FRONT ROW: Dennis Hoback, Vice-president: Tommy John- son, President. SECOND ROW: Judy Koltunski, Treasurer: Kay Barker, Reporter: Jane Gillenwater, Secretary. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Bailey, Carol Gibson, Linda Burke, Nancy Kegley, Joanne McQueeney, Connie Bailey, Janet Jackson, Glenna Parrott. Molly Fields, Genie Hamilton, Carol Stewart, Susan Williams, Alice Swiney. FOURTH ROW: Charlie Parks, Dora Dettor, Carlina Tuell, Martha Groseclose, Carol Robinette, Car- olyn Drinkard, Susan Mellett, Linda Brooks, Ann Hackley, He- len Miekle, Candy White. BACK ROW: Marcia, Kinkead, Susie Gordon, Benny Grigsby, Larry Harrison, Gene Denton, Terry Smith, Tyler Franklin, Lily Buck, Ellen McDaniel, Lynn Cun- ningham. 22 Science Club Reorganizes For the first time since 1960, Virginia High has a Science Club. The club encourages students to do their best in the fields of science, and em- phasizes the many fields one can enter as a science student. To be a member of this orga- nization, a student must have an A average in General Science, a B average in Biology, and at least a C average in Chemistry and Physics. Since the club has just been reorganized, its t wo main projects are setting up the Science Fair and presenting the Science Award to an out- standing science student. KNEELING: Tyler Franklin, President; Jack Cartwright, Coor- dinator. STANDING: Anita Criswell, Secretary; Mr. Diamond, Sponsor; Benny Grigsby, Vice-president; Mr. Cummins, Sponsor; Diane Chandler, Treasurer. Tyler Franklin presents Gene Denton with the Science Award while Dr. Kovacs con- gratulates him. 23 FRONT ROW: Andrea Shipley, Reporter; Connie Bailey, Secre- tary; Nancy Keller, President; Dale Rucker, Sweetheart; Janice Perry, Vice-President; Gail Sexton, Chaplain; Alice Hawkins, Sergeant-at-Arms. SECOND ROW: Anita Criswell, Cheryl Clear, Joanne Counts, Terry Mays, Janet Jackson, Cheryl Leonard. THIRD ROW: Jackie Hawkins, Jane Gillenwater, Phyllis Clark, Brenda Curtis, Veda James, Vicki Turner. BACK ROW: Barbara Brumet, Connie Cain, Brenda Trivette, Miss Whitely, Sponsor; Linda Hayes, Suzanne Gilmer, Linda Barger. Emblemed sweaters unify Alpha " All right you guys, STICK’EM UP!” The purpose of the Alpha Foundation is to better its school and community. Among its varied activities are bake sales, car washes, and serving the teach- ers during mid-term work days. During the Christ- mas Holidays, the club works on the Dime Board, sponsored by the Salvation Army; during American Education Week, the members gave the teachers a tea in appreciation of their work. Mrs. Stidham and Mr. Edwards receive delicious refresh- ments from Andrea Shipley and Alice Hawkins on Teacher Appreciation Day. 24 FRONT ROW: Coach Burton, Sponsor; John Roe, Secretary- Treasurer; Randall Smeltzer, Vice-President; Becky McNew, Sweetheart; Barry Pittman, President; Mike Hodgson, Phil Hamilton. SECOND ROW: David Miller, Pete Miller, Tommy Johnson, Neal Salyers, Dennis Hoback, Bill Thomas. THIRD ROW: Dale Rucker, Dickie Davis, Ronald Johnson, Larry Harri- son, Ronnie Glover, Lynn Leonard. BACK ROW: Mike Logan, Duke James, Benny Bailey, Greg Gibson, Larry Campbell, Frank Cash, Jerry Cross. Lettermen honored in assembly The Monogram Club promotes good sportsmanship in all activities, both on and off the athletic field. During the school year, the club conducts a letterman as- sembly and recognizes the lettermen of all varsity athletics. Interact Club promotes friendship The Interact Club is a service club whose pur- pose is to promote cooperation and friendship among the members in school and community activities. Its Goals this year are to recognize and develop constructive leadership and person- al integrity. The club also provides opportunities for gaining increased knowledge and under- standing of community, national, and world affairs. FRONT ROW: Scott Bullock, President; Gene Denton, Vice- President; Brenda Curtis, Sweetheart; Challen Walling, Sec- retary; Dickie Sanderson. SECOND ROW: Frank Distefano. Tyler Franklin, Bill Stover, Mr. Pearson, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Bruce Coleman, Steve Bullock, Ronnie Shipley, Harry Wright, BACK ROW: David Kerr, Terry Smith, Bill Bowman, Tommy Johnson, Billy Canter. 25 FRONT ROW: Betsy Hambnck, Chaplain; Kay Barker, Treasurer; Car- ole Grizzle, Vice-president; Rodney Mullins, Sweetheart; Diane Phillippi, President; Julia King, Secretary; Mrs. Hostler, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Carol Stewart, Linda Brooks, Carol Robinette, Dwanna Tenpenny, Cartha Eller, Susie Gordon. THIRD ROW: Kathy Carrier, Debbie Carl- son, Phyllis Booher, Genie Hamilton, Patsy Cumbow, Becky Grose- close. BACK ROW: Donna Powell, Peggy Stewart, Chris Modrzejwski, Peggy Sutherland, Kathy Sheets, Sara Dunn, Lolly Anderson. Linda Brooks pins football pin on Kathy Sheets during V-T Week. Sarah Dunn gives inspirational message over P.A. Weekly Devotions given by Delta The main purpose of the Tri-Delta-Tri-Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend, throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. This year its activities include devotions over the P.A. system, bake sales, and programs in the regular meetings consisting of guest speakers, slides, and panel discussions. 26 Maxie Slack and Frank Hubbard look on while Mr. French and Mrs. Hostler seem to have money problems. The purpose of the Key Club is to serve our nation and God and to combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions. Among its many activities this year were sponsoring a fall dance, being guides for College Day, and selling programs at football and basketball games. They also sold V-T corsages, and sponsored Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem in the morning. Phil Hamilton supervises work on the annual Key Club Christmas tree. Key Club has busy year FRONT ROW: Larry Harrison, CISR Committee; Neal Salyers, Secretary; Frank Hubbard, President; Maxie Slack, Sweet- heart; David Miller, Treasurer; Zoi Slack, Sergeant-at-Arms; Phil McFarlane, Vice-president. SECOND ROW: Bobby Harri- son, Sam Oakley, Charlie Parks, Phil Hamilton, Tommy King, Jack Cartwright. THIRD ROW: Alan Gilley, Dale Rucker, Gary Salyers, Benny Grigsby, Charles Buchanan. BACK ROW: Bobby Knox, Jimmy Baxley, Ryland Musick, Buzz Kell, Jay Wright, Jim Worrell. 27 FRONT ROW: Carolyn Nelson, Mike Logan, Treasurer; Brenda Curtis, President; Jane Crumley, Vice-president; Candy White, Secretary; Steve Bullock, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Freddie Jett, Susan Smith, Sandy Salyers, Pat Brewer, Druscilla Wart, Becky Maiden, Jeanine Carrier, Laticia Wade, Maxie Slack, Bobbette Preston, Jeanie Ralston, Mrs. Copenhaver, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Nancy Jones, Nancy Hill, Lottie Allison, Jane Gillenwater, Suzanne Gilmer, Becky Stigall, Carol Slaughter, Suzanne Fields, Helen McQueeney, Randy Grizzle, Claude Roe, Dennis Cox, Jerry Rymer. BACK ROW: Mike Reid, Joe Francis, Duke James, Jimmy Kessee, Steve Plyler, Frank Cash, John Roe, Dale Rucker, Ernie Viers. The Art Club promotes spirit and culture among students Helen McQueeney keeps in the V T spirit by purchasing a corsage from Becky Stigall. The Art Club promotes interest in many different fields of art. This year the Art Club sponsored the Art Mobile, made paper corsages for V-T Week, decorated for the Spring Festival, and sponsored a Spring Art Show. Art Club members wait anxiously to see the Art Mobile. Drama Club members apply last minute touch ups before per- formance. The objectives of the Drama Club are to promote interest and participation in dramatics and to create a higher ideal of culture in the school and community. This year the club will present a one-act play and participate in the production of the Junior Play. It also sold tickets to “Inherit the Wind’’ put on by the Dogwood Players. Helen McQueeny receives ticket for upcoming performance of Drama Club. Drama Club Joins National Thespians FRONT ROW: Debbie Carlson, Treasurer; Mary Andersen, Vice-president; Genie Hamilton, President; Anne Hackley, Program Chairman; Carol Stewart, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Carol Gibson, Cheryl Clear, Vicki Turner, Susan Strickland, Jane Fagan, Linda Hayes, Carolyn Drinkard, Brenda Trivette, Sandy Salyers, Julia King, Jeanie Ralston. THIRD ROW: Debbie Moore, Debbie Necessary, Sue Wiley, Barbara Myers, Kathy Sheets, Diane Campbell, Janet Jackson, Glenna Parrott, Linda Brooks, Sherry Haber, Alice Swiney. FOURTH ROW: Ann Fades, Donna Powell, Elizabeth Blake, Susan Williams, Becky Stigall, Becky Thurmond, Susan Mellett, Nancy Kegley, Suzanne Fields, Barbara Little, Helen McQueeney, Helen Miekle. BACK ROW: Ara White, Susan Johnson, Robin Ryan. Billie Bolling, Debbie Williams, Susan Sartelle, Cathy Buck, Ellen McDaniel, Lily Buck, Betty Cooper, Sandy Ellis, Mimi Tilley. 29 Bible Club hosts guests from Chile FRONT ROW: Robert Worley, Chaplain; Bruce Lyttle, Treasurer: Wanda Lyttle, President: Ronnie Sams, James Lane. SECOND ROW: Janice Page, Wanda Lasley, Edna Sharrett, Secretary: Brenda O’Neal, Rachel Tate. BACK ROW: David Church, Miss Brown, Sponsor; Nancy Hill. Wanda Lyttle, Nancy Hill and Rachel Tate review interesting items while Mrs. Toms from Chile looks on. The Bible Club promotes Christian fellow- ship among its members whose meetings alternate between a business and program meeting. Outstanding among it many ser- vice projects is recognizing the faculty for their instruction and help at Thanksgiving; another is to provide the entire student body with pocket calendars which contain Scripture verses. Brenda O ' Neal and James Lane present special program for club meeting; “FLIGHT F-LN A-L”. ! ' 30 Future Business Leaders observe F.B.L.A. Week The purpose of the Future Business Leaders of America Club is to develop business leadership and to create more interest and understanding in the choice of a business occupation. Some of its money making projects are bake sales, rum- mage sales, selling charms, school pins, and ob- serving F.B.L.A. Week. F.B.L.A. members participate in a ‘‘Rummage Mark Down " and Bake Sale. FRONT ROW: Charlene Stanley, President; Debbie Canter, Vice- President; Linda Stallard, Secretary; Kitty Jackson, Treasurer; Eula Hawkins, Pam Galliher, Chaplain; Julia Johnson, Histor- ian; Mrs. Martin, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Barbara Canter, Jewel Wolfe, Eddie Kessee, Karen VanHoy, Ruth Jackson, Mary Anderson, Shirley Yarber. THIRD ROW: Nancy Snodgrass, Linda S huttle, Carol Slaughter, Jan Forgey, Barbara Rachel, Betty Collins, Myra Kemp. BACK ROW: Dorothy Thomas, Linda Belcher, Charlotte Davidson, Linda Holdway, Joy Smith, Cath- leen Collins, Trula Page, 31 F.T.A. officers travel to Richmond for convention The Future Teachers of America Club is an or- ganization for young people in high school who are interested in becoming teachers. Its purpose is to present every aspect of the profession, even those which may discourage them. Some of its activities for the year included a faculty tea for the teachers during American Education Week and sponsoring the Baby Picutre Contest. FRONT ROW: Linda Burke, Secretary; Estelle Carter, Vice-presi- dent: Elizabeth Bailey, President: Diane Campbell, Historian: Jean Ellis. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hubbard, Sonsor: Penny Hernen- dez. Parliamentarian; Jem Ager, Chaplain; Alice Young, Judy Ross. BACK ROW: Linda Hayes, Joanne McQueene y, Carolyn Drinkard, Linda Sampson. Jem Ager holds the door for Mrs. Hubbard while Linda Burke. Estelle Carter, and Elizabeth Bailey look on before leaving for F.T.A. Con- vention in Richmond. Elizabeth Bailey and Jem Ager prepare a snack in appreciation of the teachers. F.H.A. sponsors “Miss Football” contest The purpose of the Future Homemakers of America is to pro- mote the idea of homemaking and leadership in the school and community. Some of their activities include an annual Mother- Daughter Banquet, fudge sales, and sponsoring V.H.S.’S first Miss Football. Diane Campbell presides over voting in the " Miss Football” contest. Becky McNew, a senior, is Virginia High’s first " Miss Football. " FRONT ROW: Sandy Salyers. Treasurer; Carolyn Holbrook, Vice-President; Toni Wheeler. President; Vicki Wheeler, Secre- tary. SECOND ROW: Diane Campbell, Linda Sampson, Andrea Shipley, Paul Johnson, S «eetheart; Brenda Trivette, Martha Griswold, Eula Hawkins. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Manley, Sponsor; Jeniene Carrier, Rachel Tate. Nancy Kegley, Brenda Acuff, Barbara Little, Margaret McVey, Ann Stevens. BACK ROW: Nancy Snodgrass, Kathy Collins, Barbara Wells, Janice Page, Jane Ellis, Linda Smith, Marilyn McConnell. 33 FRONT ROW: Mrs. Daniel, Sponsor; Linda Burke, Reporter; Chris Andersen, Treasurer; Lynn Cunningham, Vice-president; Susan Williams, President; Susie Gordon, Secretary; Candy White, Sergeant-at-Arms; Connie King. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Bailey, Eddie Seaver, Susan Stickland, Lolly Ander- son, Susan Johnson, Susan Mellet, Cathy Lane, Julie Powell, Michele Tollie, Martha Sue Rutherford. THIRD ROW: Frank Hubbard, Gene Johnson, Mark Finley, Meredith Mitchell, Anne Hackley, Helen Miekle, Jeanie Hendricks, Mary Andersen, Bet- ty Cooper. BACK ROW: Mark Lawson, Robert Cooper, Michael Garret, Leon Bass, Charlie Parks, Ronnie Hawkins, Tommy King, Lily Buck. J.C.L’ers play Santa for teachers The Latin Club promotes interest in the learning and speaking of Latin to all its members. Taking a trip to Richmond to the Virginia Junior Classical League Convention and sponsoring a Christmas cart for the teachers were only two of their many projects during the year. Latin Club really gets into the Christmas spirit. Betty Cooper sorts books for the annual Latin Club book sale. 34 French Club FRONT ROW: Miss Green, Sponsor; Lottie Allison, Sue Oliver, Susie Gordon, Becky Thurmond, Secretary: Jane Crumley, President; Jeni Ager, Treasurer; Carolyn Drin- kard, Marcia Kinkead, Joann McQueeny, Vice president: Diane Jordon, Ara White. SECOND ROW: Sidny York, Jessica Woody, Peggy Cartwright, Terry Mays, Toni Wheeler, Glenna Parrott, Judy Koltunski, Linda Brooks, Janet Jackson, Molly Fields, L ynn Cunningham, Candy White, Maxie Slack, Alice Young, Suzanne Jessee. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Booher, Connie Bailey, Robin Ryan, Sherry Winters, Barbara Wells, Ann Malinay, Genie Hamilton, Peggy Stigall, Sherry Haber, Suzanne Fields, Helen Mc- Queeny, Donna Powell, Cartha Eller, Sandy Ellis, Suzanne Bryant, Betty Carruthers. BACK ROW: Ellen McDaniel, Billie Bolling, Kathy Buck, Sandra Harman, Lily Buck, Gene Denton, Benny Grigsby, Victor York, David Henner, Justin Adams, Steadman Adams, Martin Adams. members take gifts to Hicks Nursing Home The French Club, open to all French students, holds as its goal to promote a better under- standing and knowledge of French customs of living. At Christmas, the club took small presents to the Hicks Nursing Home. Other projects include the purchasing of Paresian magazines for use both in the club and French classes. Spanish Club members observe Columbus Day Learning about the language and customs of Spanish speak- ing countries is the main objec- tive of the Spanish Club. Mem- bers hear from guest speakers and fellow members who have visited Spanish countries. They observe two Spanish Holidays; Columbus Day and Pan Ameri- can Day. At Christmas, gifts are presented to the patients at the Hicks’ Nursing Home. Another project is to recognize out- standing Spanish students with certificates of merit. FRONT ROW: Dora Dettor, Secretary; Joann Counts, President; Marcia Kinkead, Vice- president; Sandy Salyers, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Ricky Nelms, Penny Hernandez, Ginny Schlipf, Rachael Tate, Nancy Keller, Susan Mellett, Estelle Carter, Diane Camp- bell, Vicki Turner, Cheryl Clear. THIRD ROW: Pejie Burnette, Ann Hackley, Betty Law- son, Debbie Carlson, Mary Anderson, Mimi Tilley, Sandra Green,- Jane Fagan, Debbie Williams, Karen Fields. BACK ROW: Jack Lee, Grant Phillippi, David Kerr, Benny Bai- ley, Phil Johnson, Phil McFarlane, James Lane, Harry Wright, Ricky Phillips, Jack Ca rtwright. 35 FRONT ROW: Billy Bowman, Vice-president; Carolyn Nelson, Reporter: Chris Barker, President; Paula Moad, Treasurer; Edna Sharrett, Parliamentarian: Nancy Hill, Secretary; Linda Morris. Chaplain: Buddy Mabe, 2nd Vice-president. SECOND ROW: Mary Eller, Lilian Hawk, Dyan Taylor. Patty Daughtery, Mary Corum, Linda Widner, Janet Large, Ben Vernon, Eddie Reisler. THIRD ROW: Louise Robinson, Kitty Jackson, Debbie Canter, Carrie Molenaar, Darlene Mullins, Betty Murray, Joyce Murray, Brenda Murray, Joan Burnette, Betty Ross, Patsy Montieth, Darlene Blair, Diane Cox, Penny Warren. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Ferguson, Jerry Harrison, Kenny Campbell, Philip Baltis, Jimmy Nave, John Tolbert, Myrtle Morris, Linda Robin- son, Eva Bailey, Willette McKamey, Patsy Cumbow, Pam Smith. BACK ROW: Benny Ashley, Robert Dunn, Randall Thompson, Billy Canter, Steve Hotter, Von Kistner, Tommy Sproles, Charles Johnson, Gary Cumbow, Charles Caruthers, Larry Keesee, Ronnie Bishop, Mr. Jack Cummins, Sponsor. D.E. Club ends busy year The purpose of the D.E. Club is to prepare a student for work outside his school life. Each year, the club compiles and distributes a student directory. The directory contains a roster of names and phone numbers of all the students, teachers, and school board. Other activities include a tea for the teachers. Linda Morris and Chris Barker serve Mr. Jack Cummins and Miss Cooper at taculty tea. Come on Patsy, take the directory, please! Tony Stout and Eddie Sims enjoy using the new lamp in the reading room donated by the Library Club. Mrs. Booth reviews book brary Club Tea. Library Club renders services The Library Club encourages the reading of good books, and is helpful to those who might be interested in library work as a career. The members of this club render daily service to the school as they carry on routine duties involving the processing and circulating of books. Some of their projects for the year in- clude donating books to the library, giving a Christmas basket, and helping with the March of Dimes. They also gave a tea for the teachers during American Education Week. during Li- FRONT ROW: Elbert Ely, Chaplain; Robert Worley, Vice-Presi- dent; Eddie Sims, President; Bruce Lyttle, Reporter; Susan Smith, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Miss Cooper, sponsor; George Grant, Sandra Bell, Ann Stevens, Barbara Lowe, Judy Houser, Mary Ann Gong, Mrs. Dawson, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Bobby Galliher, Brenda Pippin, Larry Williams, Bernetta Shaz- or, Nancy Hall, Judy Crusenberry, Faye Scales, Wanda Coch- ran. BACK ROW: Tony Stout, Richard Bishop, Billy Bise, Ed- die Keesee, Ronald Johnston, Freddie Harrison, Pejie Bur- nette. 37 FRONT ROW: Mr, Wilkinson, Sponsor; Randall Smeltzer, Vice- president; Mike Logan, Treasurer; Carolyn Drinkard, Sweet- heart; Mike Hodgson, President; John Roe, Secretary; Dennis Cox, Chaplain. SECOND ROW: Ronald Johnston, Steve Camp- bell, Ricky Nelms, Bill Anderson, Johnny White, Alvin Neces- Boys Hi-Y sponsors Mr. Basketball The purpose of the Boys’ Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the school and community. Some of its many projects are working on the Dime Board, the March of Dimes, and sponsoring Mr. Basketball. sary. THIRD ROW: Bobby Dunn, Ricky Kistner, Eddy Seavers, Ted Hicks, Eddie Sims, Don Holbrook. BACK ROW: Grant Phillippi, Allen Proffit, James Lane, Billy Bise, Duke James, Bill Thomas. Y-Teens get new sponsor The members of the Y-Teens Club are girls who be- long to a world wide fellowship of women and girls of every race, creed, nationality, and occupation in the Y.W.C.A.’s in more than seventy countries. Some of their projects for this year include bake sales, and making Thanksgiving and Christmas Baskets for needing families. Their main project for the year was a potato chip sate to raise money to send their officers to conference. FRONT ROW: Miss Acuff, Sponsor; Diane Cox, Treasurer; Chris Modrzejkwski, Reporter; Linda Tausher, President; Pam Randolph, Secretary; Peggy Sutherland, Vice-president. SECOND ROW: Jen- ine Carrier, Rita Moore, Judy Houser, Debbie Fine, Paula Carrier. BACK ROW: Linda Day, Brenda Pippin, Brenda Shortt, Sandra Harmon. Linda Campbell, Carol Slaughter. TRI-HI-Y works on Telerama The Tri-Hi-Y is a religious organization. Its main purpose is to create, maintain, and ex- tend, through the home, school, and com- munity high standards of Christian charac- ter. Some of its projects for this year in- clude reading to the children at Janie Ham- mitt Home, decorating the gymnasium for the V-T Basketball game, and helping on the Telerama for the March of Dimes. Tri-Hi-Y members proudly display their emblem. FRONT ROW: Molly Fields, Chaplain; Joann McQueeny, Vice- president; Carolyn Drinkard, President; David Miller, Sweet- heart; Lynn Cunningham, Historian; Jane Crumley, Secretary; Marcia Kinkead, Reporter; Miss Reeves, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Sidney York, Rebecca McCulloch, Charlotte Valiant, Sus- an Mellett, Diane Miller, Becky McNew, Sherry Haber, Su- zanne Fields, Helen McQueeny. THIRD ROW: Barbie Hayes, Connie King, Vickie Wheeler, Susan Williams, Mimi Tilley, Becky Thurmond. BACK ROW: Linda Burdette, Cris Andersen, Meredith Mitchell, Jeni Ager, Debbie Hayes, Mary Clayton An- dersen, Maxie Slack, Candy White. 39 The goal of the Beta Foundation is to promote growth, character, friendship, and cooperation through the members of the club, the school, and the community. Some of the projects of the Beta Foundation include visiting an elderly lady and chil- dren at the Tri-State Baptist Children ' s Home, and during Christmas, working on the Dime Board for the Salvation Army. Eddie Smith supports the March of Dimes by purchasing a balloon from Phyllis Hamilton. Beta Foundation supports the March of Dimes FRONT ROW: Mrs. Manley, Sponsor; Billie Bolling, Historian; Phyllis Hamilton, Secretary; Phil Hamilton, Sweetheart; Caro- lyn Collins, President; Judy Koltunski, Reporter; Marilyn Mc- Connell, Vice-president. SECOND ROW: Linda Burke, Elizabeth Boiley, Linda King, Linda Sampson, Judy Ross, Linda Saul, Pam Smith. THIRD ROW: Susan Smith, Dotty Wil- son, Carolyn Holbrook, Patty Brooks, Sandy Green, Ann Stevens, Patty Mason. BACK ROW: Martha Groseclose, Janie Sharrett, Kathy Hawks, Ellen McDaniel, Judy Lawson, Becky Maiden. 40 FRONT ROW: Lois Cantrell, Judy Crusenberry, Patty Vesel- osky, Secretary; Billy Frye, Larry Jackson, Treasurer; John Terry, Charles Reedy, Vice-President; Joe Smiley, President; Bobby Fleenor, Reporter; Jerry Ralston, Pat Rhymer, Jimmy Kaylor. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Boyd, Sponsor; Jackie Mays, Elizabeth King, Daphne Statzer, Debbie Fine, Debbie Jones, Janice Shearin, Judy Lawson, Vivian Henson, Peggy Worley, Ricky Murray, Ronnie Brent. THIRD ROW: Wayne Cole, Larry Smith, Stan Hill, Glen Blaylock, Paul Rothen, Clifford Cox, Bill Faust, Wayne Trivette, Harold Kistner, Janie Sharrett, Connie Townsend, Dwanna Tenpenny. BACK ROW: Danny Jessee, David Peltier, John Daniels, David Gullion, Ronnie Glover, Frank Keller, Paul Shaffer, Jerry Hale, Ronnie Clark, Joe Swiney, Jackie Blaylock, Nathaniel Wells. D.O. Club readies students to meet the Business World Diversed Occupations promotes the development of proper attitude and lead- ership qualities. It provides a part-time, paid, vocational, on-the-job training for high school juniors and seniors. Civitan Club sponsors Mr. Football Contest The Civitan Club encourages its members to be leaders of tomorrow. Its many activities include car washes, sales of fruit cakes at Christmas, and spon- soring the annual Mr. Football contest. This orga- nization cooperates with the school, the Senior Civi- tan Club, and other civic organizations for the im- provement of the community. FRONT ROW: Claude Roe, Steve Rainero, Rodney Mullins, President; Bill Trump, Joe Smiley. SECOND ROW: Stud Nidiffer, Bill Thomas, Jim Rainero, Butter Helton. THIRD ROW: Chris Horner, Tim Smith, Mark Saddler, Alex Todd, Ricky Dunn. BACK ROW: Billy Keesee, Dickie Davis, Benny Bailey, Steve Stone, Tommy Childress, Carter Baker. 41 FRONT ROW: Chris Feathers. Shirley Pratt, June Grace, Linda Fraley, Anne Mays, Debra Fury, Birdie Shazor, Darlene Blair, Drucilla Wart, Sylvia Bailey, Betty Collins, Julia King, Brenda Smith. SECOND ROW: Myrtle Morris, Mary Campbell, Doretha Cross, Karen Hayes, Nancy Willis, Patty Moore, Brazil Hunt, Judy Thomas, Brenda Shortt, Carolyn Collins, Barbara Myers, Suzanne Jessee, Carol Gibson. THIRD ROW: Becky Davis, Jewel Wolte, Barbara Wells, Kathy Foote, Shirley Booher, Deb- bie Draper, Susan Johnson, Brenda Curtis, Gail Sexton, Patty Mason, Patsy Monteith, Elizabeth Blake. FOURTH ROW: Linda Burdette, Terry Mays, Diane Miller, Laverne Brown, Jean Ellis, Veda James, Betsy Hambrick, Carol Ross, Phyllis Booher, Debbie Hayes, Ruth Jackson, Elizabeth Bailey, FIFTH ROW: Gary Salyers, Darrell Smith, Phil Hamilton, David Browning, Herbert Peak, Donnie Branson, Steve Boyd, Ricky Nelms, Al- bert Campbell, Kathy Trivette, Brenda Saddler, Cheryl Clear, Donna Powell. SIXTH ROW: Ted Hicks, Ricky Kestner, Gene Booher, Mike Renis, Joe Gong, Dickie Thurston, Mark Law- son, Lannie Rutter, Freddie Wilkinson, Patsy Cumbow, SEV- ENTH ROW: Danny Large, Eddie Kessee, Mike Carter, Gary Maiden, Mark Kovacs, Jimmy Moore, Perry Stanley, Charles Nelson. James Hartsock, Ronald Johnston, Sherry Winters. BACK ROW: Charles Trivette, James Banks, Harold Hartley, Larry Moretz, Richard Bishop, Bruce Lyttle, Mike Hill, Eddie Kessee, Gene Fades, Paul Fleenor, Tab Baxley. Mixed Chorus grows in number . . . OFFICERS: SEATED: Sherry Winters, Pianist; Brenda Cur- tis, Vice-president; Phil Hamil- ton, President; Veda James, Reporter; Gail Sexton, Report- er. STAN DING: David Browning, Secretary-Treasurer; Herbert Peak, Librarian. 42 GIRLS ' ENSEMBLE: STANDING: Suzanne Jessee, Patty Mason, Carol Gibson, Elizabeth Blake, Julia King, Elizabeth Bailey, Brenda Curtis, Gail Sexton. SEATED: Brenda Shortt. . . . and talent Mrs. Stidham directs chorus during Christmas Concert. This year, the Mixed Chorus numbers over one hundred, the largest in the history of Virginia High. During the year, the Chorus lived up to its purpose of entertaining. During the Christmas holidays, they recorded for two ra- dio stations and participated in a special program pro- duced by WCYB-TV. All through the year, they enter- tained civic clubs and sang at school for their classmates. All-State members FRONT ROW: Julia King. Brenda Curtis, Gail Sexton. BACK ROW: Phil Hamilton, Harold Hartley, Ronald Johnston, Bruce Lyttle, Darell Smith. GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB: FRONT ROW: Sharon Kaylor, Cathy Wil- lis, Betty Jo Puckett, Debbie Kent, Alice Stanton, Eve Lawson, Carol Hensley, Becky Maiden, Phyllis Cox. SECOND ROW: Bar- bara Lowe, Paula Carrier, Mary Ann Gong, Brenda Cross, Ger- aldine Bridgeman, Pam Miller, Jackie Bridgeman, Sonya West, Rita Helbert, Myra Kemp, Charlotte Davidson. THIRD ROW: Diane Collins, Reba Robinson, Brenda McGlamary, Lan- is Wart, Donna Miller, Betty Lawson, Ginny Sclipf, Katherine Pace, Brenda Pippin, Jane Ellis, Joyce Greer, Kathy Helbert. BACK ROW: Nancy Hall, Penny Hernandez, Judy Houser, Ven- is Chafin, Patty Hill, Diane Melvin, Pejie Burnette, Kathy Ar- nette, Debbie Shaffer, Debbie Settle, Joy Smith, Norma Jean Van Hoy, Sandra Roark. Hard work yields first-rate Glee Club OFFICERS: STANDING: Joyce Smith, Secretary-treasurer; Mary Ann Gong, President: SEATED: Brenda Cross, Librarian; Barbara Lowe, Vice-president; Becky Maiden, Reporter. 44 High-stepping majorettes lead the Big Orange Band The Big Orange Band is very fortunate in having seven high- stepping majorettes to lead the way into their many perfor- mances. This year, under the leadership of Connie Cain, Head Majorette, they have worked tirelessly to perfect their many difficult routines. Other veterans are Connie Bailey, Carlina Tuell, and Suzanne Fields. Also this year, the Big Or ange Band has acquired a new drum majorette. The old saying “good things come in small packages” fits Linda Burke perfectly. With Linda in the lead, the Pride of V.H.S. — the Big Orange Band, keeps its reputation of being one of the best bands around. Linda Burke, Drum Majorette MAJORETTES: Connie Cain, Head Majorette, Carlina Tuell, Connie Bailey, Suzanne Fields, Kathy Carrier, Jessica Woody, Diane Vance. Under the leadership of Mr. Richardson and Mr. Seward, the Big Orange Band has grown, not only in number, but in quality. During their many years with the band, they have worked endlessly for the perfection of the band which has brought to the organization many out- standing awards. Mr. Hamp Richardson Director Mr. Rolland Seward Associate Director The Big Orange Band brings on spirit Every year, the Big Orange Band starts early by attending band camp to work out new routines and drills for the opening of school and football games. Throughout the year the band partici- pates in many activities. This year, they re- ceived the Division I rating for the band. During the year, the Big Orange Band is very active in school events such as football games, pep meet- ings, Spring Festival, and many concerts. Also, the band sent 12 representatives to All State Band. The Big Orange Band is an organization to be proud of, and we are! Big Orange Band members in pose before Christmas Concert. 46 FLUTES: Pam Smith, Linda Crosswhite, Brenda Osborne, Connie Bailey, Karen Fields, Jeanne Hendricks. DRUMS: Bobby Cross, James Banks, Eddie Smith, Steve Carruthers, Dewey King, Sue Wyatt, Joseph Birdwell, Larry Williams. SAXOPHONE: FRONT ROW: Jessica Woody, Margaret Hunt, Mar- garet Alexander, Greg Gibson, Ken Kroft, Gwen Fulp, Connie Cain, Karen Wright. BACK ROW: Sharon Roberts, Verdia Boyd, Robert Worley, Darrell Smith, Hermida King, Martha Groseclose. Six sections compose Big Orange Band TRUMPETS: FRONT ROW: Mike Lampkins, Mickie Sue Brewer, Herbert Peak, Wayne Smith, Janie Robinson, Terry Smith. SEC- OND ROW: Bobby Fleenor, Rita Sword, Mike Tuell, Shelby Icen- hours, Charles Ware. BACK ROW: John Kistner, Nancy Davis, Freddie Wilkerson, Jim Myers, Pete Redman. LOWER BRASS: FRONT ROW: David Church, Steve Tausch- er, Robert Gullion, Mark Hoback, Cathy Carrier, Karen Gre- gory. BACK ROW: Paul Brittle, Elbert Ely, William Brittle, Mike Hill. CLARINET: FRONT ROW: Carlina Tuell, Linda Sampson, Greg Gilbert, Linda Burke, Debbie Williams, Peggy Davis, Marilyn McConnell, Susan Smith. SECOND ROW: Linda Smith, Rhonda Duncan, Suzanne Fields, Jim McNew, Char- lotte Newton, Wanda Cochran, Connie Wolfe. BACK ROW: Carolyn Vance, Diane Link, Sue Hawkins, Wanda Redman, Diane Banks, Carolyn Owens, Joanne Tolly, Linda Carter, Rita Fulp. 47 Athletics Bearcat spirit grows stronger with each new student . . . From the pep rallies in the gym to the big game in Lynchburg, spirits burst rocket-high . . . Fans knew the ' Cats were ready for action . . . We were no strangers to victories or disap- pointments ... yet through them all, the cheers were strong . . . “Beat, beat, Tennessee! Beat, beat, Tennessee! " Dennis Vine tries his skill in the broadjump. Football team receives wreath before meeting the Trojans. Jimmy Stringer scores against Battle High. Brenda Curtis Head Cheerleader “We’re with ya’, Virginia High!’’ Peggy Stewart Diane Miller Susie Gordan 50 Veda James Phyllis Clark It is a major undertaking for seven girls to stir the spirits of more than 1000 students. But somehow they manage to instill Bear- cat spirit into the heart of each student and faculty member. From the freshest freshman to the oldest graduate, Bearcat spirit will never die . . . It is an evasive quality . . . one that is hard to define, but we all know it is there. Janet Gemmell Cheerleaders smile before bursting into action. FRONT ROW: Freddy Wright, Mike Hill, Jerry Wright, Tony Muller, Gene Fades, George McCloud, Bill Thomas, Bill Ander- son. SECOND ROW: Billy Keesee, Hugh Griffin, James Nidiffer. Dale Rucker, Benny Bailey, Paul Brittle. BACK ROW: Coach Bailey, Jimmy Stringer, Tommy Johnson, Mike Hodgson, Landon Mumpower, Jimmy Farmer, Larry Harrison, Wayne Trivette, Ronald Johnston, Frank Cash, Warren Yarber. Baseball team shows progress Jimmy Farmer rounds third base to score. £ ’65 Scoresheet V.H.S. 0 Marion 2 V.H.S. 1 Tennessee 3 V.H.S. 11 Saitville 10 V.H.S. 4 Abingdon 6 V.H.S. 8 Battle 2 V.H.S. 7 Abingdon 7 V.H.S. 4 Univ. High 15 V.H.S. 2 Univ. High 3 V.H.S. 0 Marion 1 V.H.S. 12 Gate City 3 V.H.S. 5 Saitville 0 V.H.S. 1 Battle 2 52 Landon Mumpower scores against Battle. Dale Rucker lines one to left. Farmer, Hodgson, Rucker place on district team; Farmer wins S.W.D. batting crown Mike Hodgson digs hard for first base. 53 ’65 Scoresheet Coach Watford instructs Sam Oakley before teeing off against Ten- nessee High. V.H.S. 8V2 Marion 31 2 V.H.S. 81 2 Abingdon 31 2 V.H.S. 9 Saitville 3 V.H.S. 6 Marion 6 V.H.S. 81 2 Richlands 31 2 V.H.S. 5 Abingdon 7 V.H.S. 5 Tennessee 7 f Golf team wins district crown WENT TO STATE MEET: Jim Worrell, David Miller, Coach Watford, John Terry, Dickey Davis. 54 V Jim Worrell John Terry Dickey Davis After winning the district title, the golf team headed for Virginia Beach, Va. to the state meet. There they placed 17th. Dickey Davis had the lowest score of the four with a total of 166. David Miller Four go to state meet 55 FRONT ROW; Mike Kovacs, Ronnie Young, Albert Moretz, Em- ROW: Schuy Ferrell, Don Creger, Allan Elliot, David Kerr, Den- ile Martin, John Tauscher. SECOND ROW: Larry Crosswhite, nis Hoback, John Roe, Dennis Vine, Phil Hamilton, Lynn Martin, Pete Miller. BACK Tracksters led by spirit and desire i i ’65 Scoresheet V.H.S. 58 Battle 42 V.H.S. 30‘ 2 Ketron 69V2 V.H.S. 82 Marion 18 V.H.S. 58 Saitville 60 V.H.S. 53 Abingdon 82V2 V.H.S. 34 Tenn. 66 V.H.S. 78 Saitville 34 Ronnie Young strains to win mile. 56 Emile Martin places first in 100-yard dash. KNEELING; Larry Campbell, Greg Gibson, STANDING: Coach Marshall, Jerry Cross, James Stevens, Bobby Musick, Lynn Martin, Landon Cross, Donald Smith, Kenneth Calhoun, Dennis Vine, John Roe, Robert Meade. FRONT ROW: Joey Curcio, Wade Tate, “Lightning” Wilson, Thomas Washington, Jim Green, Johnny Parks, Miles Steph- enhaver, “Thunder " Wilson. SECOND ROW: Mike Vaughan, Joe Gong, George Radler, Phil Rutter, Randy Gordon, Wilbur Woods, Larry Brock, Alex Todt, Gary Crow. BACK ROW: Larry Moretz, George Thomas, Lannie Rutter, Fred Montgomery, Bil- ly Slagle. Johnny Holdway, Tom Harmon. Stanley Rhea, Danny Large. Freshman Team Wins City Championship ’65 Scoresheet V.H.S. 0 Johnson City 27 V.H.S. 26 Ketron 0 V.H.S. 26 Ketron 27 V.H.S. 6 Kingsport 7 V.H.S. 33 Tennesse 0 L I Captains Larry Brock and Alex I Todt discuss game plans with Coach Spangler. I I I 58 FRONT ROW: Schuy Ferrell, Alex Todt, Larry Moretz, Tom Har- Thurston, Pete Miller, Larry Brock, Phil Rutter. BACK ROW: mon, Danny Large. SECOND ROW: Danny Gemmell, Dickey Warren Yarber, Lynn Martin, Bill Slagle. B-Team Plays Rugged Schedule ’65 Scoreboard V.H.S. 0 Gate City 19 V.H.S. 14 Battle 0 V.H.S. 7 Tennessee 13 V.H.S. 8 Marion 7 V.H.S. 6 Tennessee 7 V.H.S. 0 Gate City 14 Co-Captains Billy Kessee and Bobby Ellis review the season with Coach C. A. Burton. 59 FRONT ROW; Jerry Watford, mascot, Bill Thomas, Johnny White, Schuy Ferrell, Bobby Ellis, Billy Keesee, Larry Cross- white, Marshall Stewart, Tim Gudger, Warren Yarber, Lynn Martin, Danny Gemmell. SECOND ROW: Dickey Davis, Jerry Cross. Robert Duff. Curtis Saul. Pete Miller, Claude Roe, Tim Smith, James Nidiffer, Mark Saddler, Charlie Jones, Mike Smith, Harvey Montgomery. BACK ROW: Randall Smeltzer, Dale Rucker, David Miller, Phil McFarlane, Zoi Slack, Paul Johnson, Larry Campbell, Mike Hodgson, Phil Hamilton, Duke James, Buzz Kell, Benny Bailey, Mike Logan, Barry Pittman. Bearcats hindered by inexperience Duke James Quarterback Jerry Cross Quarterback Phil Hamilton Fullback Dale Rucker Halfback 60 James Nidiffer Fullback David Miller Halfback Mike Hodgson End Paul Johnson End The 1965 Football season was one filled with ups and downs. In the first game of the season, the Bearcats edged out a 16-0 victory over John S. Battle. The ’Cats then traveled to Lynchburg, marking the first time a Virginia High team had played a team from the tough Western District. The ’Cats lost a bruising 21-33 game to the Lynchburg eleven. After leading 20-6 at halftime, the Orange Marauders lost to Grundy 26-39. Next the Bearcats defeated Abingdon 20-7, but lost to Richlands, the Conference Champions, 7-56. The Big Orange then tied Saitville 14-14 in a hard fought game. On the road again, the ’Cats lost to Tazewell 13-27. Graham of Bluefield came to town to defeat the Virginia High eleven. In the city championship game, probably the team’s best game of the season, the Orange Marauders lost a hard fought 13-27 game to Tennessee. The team of ’65 was over all a very good team, but due to lack of experience and depth it had its troubles. As usual, their sportsmanship was very commendable. Larry Cambell Tackle Buzz Kell Tackle Mike Logan Center Dickey Davis Guard 61 MANAGERS: Barry Pittman, John Roe, Randall Smeltzer. Coach Watford gives Duke James instructions. Managers are indispensable Barry and Randall clean up after a game. Duke James carries the ball for a first down. i I Phil Hamilton goes for yardage in Graham game. Bearcats in action! Dale Rucker rambles for a touch- down. Larry Campbell blocks for Cat touchdown. 63 Seniors: FRONT ROW: Paul Johnson. Mike Logan, Dale Rucker, Duke James, Phil McFarlane, Larry Campbell, Charlie Jones. SECOND ROW: Harvey Montgomery, Claude Roe, Jerry Cross, Bobby Ellis, Phil Hamilton, Mike Hodgson, Buzz Kell, David Miller. Seniors and coaches provide leadership Coaches: Line Coach Phil Marshall, Head Coach Jerry Watford, Back Field Coach C. A. Burton, Fresh- man Coach Larry Spangler. 64 KNEELING; David Browning, Coach Outlaw, Coach Spangler, Mike Logan. STANDING: Mike Reid, George McCloud, Tommy Johnson, Benny Grigsby, Mike Hodgson, Jim Ross, Greg Gib- son, Phil Johnson, Larry Harrison, Bobby Walker, Duke James, Charlie Parks, Chuck Haynes. Cats win Southwest District Championship 65 Greg Gibson screens as Duke James scores. Champs show form in Action ' Cats hustle down court to stop fast break. Tommy Johnson pumps for two. Mike Hodgson passes off to set up scoring play. Jim Ross shoots over his opponent. 67 Greg Gibson Coach Timmy Outlaw, only in his second year of coaching the varsity, led the Bearcats to a 17-4 record and a trip to the State Tournament. The Bearcats won their first four ball games, defeating John Battle 70- 48; Richlands 48-46; Graham 70-54; and Abingdon 49-28. After the Christmas break the Cat’s traveled across town to play Tennessee High. They were upset by the Vikings 51-61. After this loss the Bearcats got back into the winning column by trouncing Grundy 102-63; then the Bearcats won their next game beating Marion 45-44, a real close game down to the sounding buzzer. With first place at stake the team traveled to Tazewell where they lost a close game 55-58. The Orange Marauders marched on to win the next four games, defeating Graham 82-66; then for the first time in five years the Cat’s defeated Tennessee High 77-61. Traveling to Grundy they defeated the Golden Waves 73-50. With a Dis- trict tie at stake they defeated the Scarlet Hurricanes. In their second meeting with Tazewell the Cat’s lost a close game by the small margin 72-73. Still retaining their fighting spirit the Bearcats bounced back to win their next three ball games; the scores were 58-47 over Battle; 70-54 past Richlands; 61-47 over Abingdon. The rest of the season was com- plete success. The Bearcats defeated Tazewell for the District Champi- onship and triumphed over Marion and Tazewell to win the Southwest District Tournament. They were defeated in the State Tournament by Woodson 48-63. Charlie Parks Larry Harrison Chuck Haynes Phil Johnson 68 Mike Hodgson passes off to set up scoring play in the championship game with Tazewell. ' 65 Scoresheet Won- 17 Lost-4 V.H.S. 70 Battle 48 V.H.S. 72 Tazewell 73 V.H.S. 48 Richlands 46 V.H.S. 58 Battle 47 V.H.S. 70 Graham 54 V.H.S. 70 Richlands 54 V.H.S. 49 Abindon 28 V.H.S. 61 Abingdon 47 V.H.S. 51 Tennessee 61 DISTRICT PLAYOFF V.H.S. 102 Grundy 63 V.H.S. 59 Tazewell 47 V.H.S. 45 Marion 44 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT V.H.S. 55 Tazewell 58 V.H.S. 73 Marion 62 V.H.S. 82 Graham 66 V.H.S. 48 Tazewell 40 V.H.S. 77 Tennessee 61 STATE TOURNAMENT V.H.S. 73 Grundy 50 V.H.S. 48 Woodson 63 V.H.S. 89 Marion 66 Benny Grigsby Mike Reid Bobby Walker Rodney Mullins 69 Baby ‘Cats have successful season Coach C. A. Burton sends Lynn Martin, Bobby Knox, Danny Donnelly, Skip Mitchell and Ryland Musick onto the floor. ' 65 Scoresheet V.H.S. 51 Battle 34 V.H.S. 30 Richlands 31 V.H.S. 25 Graham 20 V.H.S. 34 Abingdon 36 V.H.S. 48 Tennessee 33 V.H.S. 53 Grundy 29 V.H.S. 30 Marion 23 V.H.S. 37 Tazewell 34 KNEELING: Coach C. A. Burton. STANDING: Ernie Viers, War- ren Yarber, Lynn Martin, Bruce Coleman, Ryland Musick, Bobby Knox, Danny Donnelly, Steve Stone, Bernard Birdwell, V.H.S. 34 Graham 52 V.H.S. 43 Tennessee 47 V.H.S. 48 Grundy 37 V.H.S. 39 Tazewell 29 V.H.S. 33 Battle 34 V.H.S. 44 Richlands 23 V.H.S. 33 Marion 38 V.H.S. 46 Abingdon 43 Jim Baxley, Allen Gilly, Skip Mitchell, Sam Oakley, Earl Curtis, Steve Campbell. 70 FRONT ROW: Johnny Holdway, Gary Salyers, Dennis Henner, Coach Spangler, Mike James, Dudley King, Larry Brock. SEC- OND ROW: Wilbur Woods, Howard Hall, George Radler, Randy Gordon, Jim Myers, Kenneth Stewart, Freddy Wilkinson. BACK ROW: Danny Large, Dickey Thurston, Tom Harmon, Mark Finley, Mike Quisenberry, Jeff Evans, Gary Crow, Tab Baxley, Rickey Dugger. Freshman ' Cats enjoy winning season Coach Spangler talks over pre-game plans with start- ing five. 65 Scoresheet V.H.S. 48 Marion 20 V.H.S. 40 Abingdon 29 V.H.S. 31 Tennessee 24 V.H.S. 32 Marion 26 V.H.S. 32 Abingdon 21 V.H.S. 24 Ketron 40 V.H.S. 23 Johnson City 39 V.H.S. 37 Tennessee 38 V.H.S. 28 Johnson City 53 V.H.S. 25 Ketron 47 71 ; — Features The school year’s featured events make it memorable, dis- tinguish it from the year before and all the years following . . . Cheerleaders made V-T Week the “bangiest” ever witnessed by the ’Cats ... No girl can forget the nervous condition she developed while debating “should I or shouldn’t I’’ when the little yellow Twirp bird swooped on VMS . . . Juniors prided themselves on their pre- sentation of My Sister Eileen . . . And all the beauty and ma- jesty that Bristol’s northside stu- dents could muster highlighted the year with our most tradition- al tradition, the Spring Festival . . . As the myriad events change from one to another, the student experiences a new sensation. ... A growing awareness of the real impor- tance of activities, and of the proper place for each event in the student’s heart. The Bear- cat eventually realizes the true significance of his school’s spe- cial occasions . . . and he takes pride in them, cherishing their memory. Members of the Class of ' 66 admire the selection of class rings before choosing. Cheerleaders head V-T Week ' s " bang ' em up " car parade. Spring Festival King Mike Logan Queen Susan Smith Contestants FRONT ROW: Eddie Sims, Susan Smith, Barry Pittman, Becky McNew, Mike Hodgson, Betsy Hambrick, Benny Grigsby, Marcia Kinkead, Tommy Johnson, Kay Barker, Steve Carru- thers, Willette McKamey. SECOND ROW: Bobby Harrison, Lanice Warf, Larry Clark, Rita Sword, Bobby Knox, Diane Mil- ler, Justin Adams, Joanne McQueeney, David Miller, Joanne Counts, Mike Logan, Carolyn Drinkard. BACK ROW: Curtis Saul, Linda Sampson, Billy Canter, Brenda Curtis, Allen Alli- son, Phyllis Clark, Buzz Kell, Janet Gemmell, Dean Roe, Linda Holdway, Dickie Sanderson, Candy White. 74 Court David Miller and Joanne Counts, first runners-up; Allen Allison and Janet Gemmell, fourth runners- up; Veda James and Lanny Rutter, third runners-up; Lean Goodpasture and Fred Wright, second runners-up. Contestants FRONT ROW: Lynn Cunningham, Terry Smith, Connie Bailey, Neal Salyers, Molly Fields, Ted Hicks, Genie Hamilton, Phil Hamilton, Cheryl Leonard, Larry Brock, Linda Brumet. SEC- OND ROW: Nancy Keller, Frank Hubbard, Maxie Slack, Dicky Davis, Linda Brooks, David Kerr, Dora Dettor, Larry Harrison, Elizabeth Bailey, Fred Wright, Lean Goodpasture. BACK ROW: Dennis Cox, Suzanne Gilmer, Lanny Rutter, Veda James, Paul Johnson, Andrea Shipley, Jerry Cross, Carol Grizzle, Charlie Parks, Mary Clayton Andersen. 75 ( Tulips and Dutch girls always come with springtime. The “Tulip Girls” are: FRONT ROW: Brenda Cross, Linda Dowell, Jessica Woody, Patsy Silcox, Judy Large. SECOND ROW: Linda Drinkard, Dianne Link, Debbie Stevens, Diane Chandler. BACK ROW: Mary Gong, Polly Robinson, Sandra Hawk, Kathy Nelson, Kathy Trivette, Janice Stapleton, Brenda Pippin, Linda Widner. Master of Ceremonies, Ronald Johnston and Mrs. McNutt converse after the suc- cessful performance. Weather’s Magic Wand The annual Spring Festival at Vir- ginia High School was directed by Mrs. Laura McNutt. Ronald Johns- ton acted as the Master of Cere- monies for this spectacular event in which five hundred students par- ticipated. The theme, “Weather’s Magic Wand,” was carved out in several skits with mu sic provided by the Big Orange Band and the Virginia High Chorus. The gym- nasium was filled to its capacity. Everyone enjoyed the night’s per- formances, highlighted by the crowning of the King and Queen. With patches, dusty shoes, and freckles, Carol Gibson and Phil Hamilton entertain with “Pass Me By”. Clouds, ram, and thunder- storms remind everyone of “Stormy Weather.” Our " Stormy Weather” dancers are; FRONT ROW: Diane Campbell, Sandy Ellis, Charlotte Newton, Carlma Tuell, Connie Cam. SECOND ROW: Sherry Haber. Helen McQueeny, Debbie Carl- son, Suzanne Fields, Trudy Jelf, Glenna Par- rott, Billie Jean Bolling. " April Showers " and May flowers just go together. The Alpha girls in this skit are: FRONT ROW: Barbara Brumet, Anne Eades, Anne Mays. SEC- OND ROW: Terry Mays, Alice Hawkins, Connie Bailey, Dora Dettor, Barbara Little, Sylvia Bailey, Anita Criswell. BACK ROW: Chris Feathers, Jackie Hawkins, Cheryl Leonard, AndreaShipley,JoanneCounts, Janet Jackson, Phyllis Clark, Nancy Keller, DeloresCarmack, Jane Gillenwater, Suzanne Gil- mer, Vicki Beattie, Linda Barger, Vicki Turner. “Isn ' t love wonderful, even during ‘April Showers ' ,” surmise members of the Girls Ensemble and the Alpha Foundation. STANDING: Gail Sexton, Brenda Curtis, Eliza- beth Bailey, Carol Gibson, Patty Mason, Suzanne Jessee, Elizabeth Blake, Brenda Short, Julia King. SEATED: Brenda Trivette, Dale Rucker. Harold Hartley tells of hard times through the song — “That Lucky Old Sun " . Cheryl Clear brightens Alpha skit by singing “Singing in the Rain " . 77 Candy White boasts the Grand Award in the 1966 Science Fair. The winning pro- ject is behind Candy and Mr. Warren Sanders of the Bristol Herald Courier. Scott Bullock, winner of the Science Fair’s Special Achievement Award, explains his project, the Laser. l| LASER Honors and awards commend VHS students Kathy Buck and Gene Denton proudly accept recognition from Dr. Kovacs for their high scores on the National Merit Scholarship Exam. 78 Avid sportsman, Mike Hodgson, is selected to be Mr. Basketball in the contest sponsored by the Boys’ Hi-Y. Phil Hamilton, rugged footballer, wins the Mr. Football contest, sponsored annually by Junior Civitans. The following varsity football players were selected to the All-District Football team: Dale Rucker, first team; Mike Hodgson, honorable mention; Buzz Kell, second team; Phil Hamilton, second team; Mike Logan, honorable mention; David Miller, honorable men- tion; Duke James, honorable mention, and Paul Johnson, second team. 79 Charles Carruthers receives the honor " D.E. Student of the Year. " Elizabeth Bailey, president of the E.T.A., presents Jeneine Carrier with the first place prize for the Baby Picture Contest. D.O. Student Danny Jessee is chosen as this year ' s " D.O. Stu- dent of the Year.” Mrs. Coleman presents Kathy Buck the Betty Crocker Award while Mrs. Manley looks on. These ten Big Orange Band members were selected to the All-State Band: FIRST ROW: Peggy Davis, Marilyn McConnell, Greg Gilbert, Car- Ima Tuell, Linda Burke. SECOND ROW: Jean Hendricks, Martha Grose- close, Paul Brittle, Karen Wright, Sue Wyatt. Seniors boast new rings A class ring is a symbol of all the triumphs and tears of that moment in youth passed as a high school Senior. The Virginia High 66’ers were chosen to initiate a change in the traditional ring of VHS. Late in the Junior year planning was begun; class officers met with the principal and a represen- tative of L. G. Balfour Company. Various sugges- tions were considered and decisions were finally reached: to the left of the stone would be the year, school seal, and date of establishment; to the right of the stone would be the date repeated, the word Bearcat, the face of a Bearcat, and two blossoms of the dogwood, Virginia’s state flower; the stone would have a solid backing of gold and around the stone the name, Virginia High School, in raised letters. No student feels like a Senior until he wears his class ring, and since the day of arrival VHS 66’ers, the first to wear the new ring, have worn their rings with pride. 81 Cheerleaders head a “Bang ' em Up " car parade. Janet Gemmell displays smug confidence in “Blz- zy Buzz ' s” powerful guarding. 82 From the bunkhouse in the main hall to boothill in the science wing, the western theme of “Bang ’em Up Bearcats” inspired spirit and en- thusiasm into school life. Blasting horns and blowing streamers were the signs that the traditional car parade was well on its way Thursday afternoon. That night, by the blazing flames of the bonfire, school spirit reached a peak as cheers soared from every person. The Snake Dance proved to Bristolians that VMS was behind its team all the way. Friday’s pep rally was just the beginning of the thrilling clash for the city championship. The curtain fell that night when the Bearcats were finally overpowered, but vowed to rise again next year. western style The Bearcats are victors of a showdown with the Vikings in the Alpha skit. Viking dummies are victims of a Bearcat lynching. Billy Faust ' s horn echoes school spirit 83 FRONT ROW: Herbert Peak, Becky Stigall, David Kerr, Delores Carmack, Becky Thur- mond. SECOND ROW: Steadman Adams, John Pawn, Leon Bass, Susan Mellett, Anne Hackley, Eddie Smith, BACK ROW: Tyler Franklin, Danny Gemmell, Mike Hill, Eddie Seaver, James Lane. ■ ' I ' ll bet you ' re plastered after a day’s ironing. Wreck!” observes Ruth. That great city of New York often attracts no- vice writers and actors seeking their fortunes. Such was the scene of this year’s Junior Class Play — “My Sister Eileen’’. The two naive Mid- western girls who came to the big city to “make it big’’ were played by Delores Carmack as Ruth and Becky Stigall as Eileen. Appopolus, known to us as David Kerr, was their sly swindling land- lord. The Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech, alias Dicky Davis, slept in the girls’ kitchen. Vio- let, the stripper, played by Becky Thurmond, tried to find jobs for Ruth and Eileen. Thanks to much hard work and the marvelous direction of Mrs. Marianne Post, the play was a great suc- cess. Junior Play draws capacity crowd No-o-o-o!” is Eileen’s answer to Violet’s " Ever take ’em off?” Appopolus points out the charm of the basement apartment to Ruth. Billy Bise. Neal Salyers accepts his punishment from Kan- garoo Court with a smile. Twirp Week turns tables on tradition Mr. Twirp’s (Mike Hodgson) wings seem to be out of order. “Catch that boy!’’ Probably you heard a girl yell this through the halls of VHS during the week of February 14-18, and then caught sight of flying heels. Puz- zled, you may have wondered what had happened to the age-old custom of boy chases girl. If you worried about the sad state of society when you saw the girl dish out the money, order the Big Jacks, or hold his coat, you should have remembered that this is all in the tradi- tion of that topsy-turvy custom — Twirp Week. Academics In our quest for knowledge and for ourselves, our achievements many times prove greater than our own expectations. Were it not for our leaders, those who guide our learning, we might become accustomed to fumbling in darkness. Indeed, it is our good fortune that so many of these have chosen the course which allows them, if not to make history, to inspire those after them to do so. Mr. Dugger instructs Gilbert Freeman in working with electronics. Mrs. Whitaker, school secretary, carries on her daily routine of service to faculty and students. Growing needs leadership Dr. Lo„,s Kovacs, Pr,r,„pal: Mrs. Ralph Whiflahar. Secretary; Mr. Cecil Rasnick. Assistant Principal. 88 LIBRARIANS: Mrs. Ireta Dawson, Miss Leone Cooper. GUIDANCE COUNSELORS: Mr. Roscoe Hall, Mrs. Laura McNutt. DEPARTMENT HEADS: Dr. Louis Kovacs, Principal. FRONT ROW: Mr. Ray Hooper, Business Education; Mrs. Laura Mc- Nutt, Guidance; Mrs. Tom Daniel, Eoreign Language; Mrs. Mildred Copenhaver, Art. SECOND ROW: Mr. Howard Cum- mins, Science; Mr. Cecil Rasnick, Mathematics; Miss Leone Cooper, Librarian. BACK ROW: Mr. Allen Jennings, Physical Education; Miss Irene Brown, Social Studies; Mrs. Doris Booth, English; Mrs. Frances Boyd, Vocational Education. 89 Superintendent Dr, Joseph B. Van Pelt Dr. Joseph B. Van Pelt is the connecting link bet A een the school board and other school em- ployees. He and his staff administer and operate the schools under the direction of the School Board. He is responsible for strictly enforcing the Board of Education Policy in all matters. He explains the school system and gives information about it on all suitable occasions. He inquires about all matters relating to the management and courses of study, of the school, and gives special attention to its con- dition and wise use. 90 SCHOOL BOARD: SEATED: Mrs. Jane Grigsby, Member; Mrs. Vice-Chairman; Mr. Mac King, Chairman; Mr. J. F. Tolley, Violet Grimsiey, Clerk. STANDING: Mr. Claude Crockett, Mem Member, ber; Dr. Joseph B. Van Pelt, Superintendent; Dr. Floyd Turner, SUPERVISORY STAFF; Miss Thelma Wright, Visiting Teacher; Mr. Bruce Chandler. Supervisor of Instruction; Mr. T. T. Hammack, General Supervisor; Mrs. Helen Ruth Ogle, Dietician. 91 I PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION: SEATED: Mrs. Joe Adams, Vice-President; Mr. Robert Croft, President; Mrs. Alex Ander- sen, Secretary. STANDING; Mr. Allen Hoback, Treasurer; Mr. Dean Hodgson, Member; Mrs. Carl Meade, Member; Mrs. Fred Jackson, Past President; Mrs. L. R. Young, Room Represen- tative Chairman. Growing needs assistance CUSTODIANS; Mrs. Madeline Freeman, Mr. Paul Ashley, Mr. James Goodell. Mr. Clarence Keith. Mrs. Effie Meegan Visiting Nurse 92 Mrs. J. N. Criswell Mrs. C. R. Hurt Cashiers CAFETERIA STAFF: FRONT ROW: Mrs. Ester Collier, Mrs. May Berger, Mrs. Gladys Duty, Mrs. Oleta Collins, Miss Vir- Francis Walden, Mrs. Nellie Sauls, Mrs. Mable Patton, Miss ginia Derey, Mrs. Pearl Hicks. Blanche McCrosky. BACK ROW: Mrs. Maude Holmes, Mrs. 93 Mr. J. P. French English 9 Government S.C.A. Co-Sponsor Growing in literary knowledge Carolyn Drinkard admires her trophy won in the “Voice of Democracy " contest. Christine Feathers explains a sentence diagram to Sylvia Bailey and Mike Quisenberry. 94 Miss Reeves assists Sammy Anderson in revie A ing his English home- work. Journalism students pour over past issues of " The New York Times " . Miss Helen Reeves English 11 Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor David Kerr delivers his impromptu speech on " Chalk” to students. Mr. Lester Hall English 12 Journalism S.C.A. Co-Sponsor " Little Virginian " Co- Sponsor Mrs. Marion Post English 11, 12 Speech Forensics Sponsor Drama Club Sponsor Miss Nancy Whitley English 10 “Little Virginian” Co- Sponsor Alpha Foundation Sponsor Mrs. Caroline Williams English 10 Spanish 1 Junior Class Sponsor Spanish Club Sponsor 95 md Spanish students go through the routine of learning vocabulary. Mrs. Tom Daniel Latin 1,2, 3, 4 Foreign Language Dept. Ftead Latin Club Sponsor Miss Linda Green Spanish 1,2,3 French 3 French Club Sponsor Mrs. Elizabeth Flubbard French 1,2 F.T.A. Sponsor Mrs. Flubbard listens to French conversation between Linda Sampson and Victor York. Men install electronic classroom equipment for Miss Green assists her students with Spanish translation, language classes. Growing in communication of foreign places Mrs. Williams points to Spanish words relating to pictures to help students with translation. 1 f TT ' ' 1 1 " TTT T y I 97 " Sometimes Algebra problems get you down, " ponders George Mc- Cloud. Lolly Anderson holds compass taken from the neatly ar- ranged " mathematical tool board.” ■ 9 r Mr. Wayne Edwards Algebra 1,2 General Math Freshman Class Sponsor Mr. Wayne Fretwell Business Math General Business Typing 1 Cen tral Treasurer Miss Nina Garrett Geometry Magazine Sales Co-Sponsor Mrs. Martha Ann Hostler Algebra 1,2 Business Math Tri-Delta-Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor Mr. Wilkinson’s general math class watches as he explains the measure of weight. 98 Mrs. Hostler explains a difficult Algebra problem to Bobby Harrison as other students work on their assignment. Growing in mathematical reasoning Mr. Edward Hurt Algebra 2 Advanced Math Physics Civitan Club Sponsor Mr. W. C. Rasnick Trigonometry Assistant Principal Math Dept. Head Mr. C. A. Wilkinson General Math Algebra 1 Boys’ Hi-Y Sponsor Mr. Rasnick checks the progress of his trigonometry students as they struggle through their test. 99 Mr. Howard Cummins Biology Advanced Science Key Club, Sponsor Sophomore Class, Spon- sor Science Club, Co-Spon- sor Science Dept. Head Mr, Thomas Diamond Biology Science Club. Co-Spon- sor Mr. Spangler lectures a class as a part of General Science. Growing in fundamental knowledge Carol Gibson measures out a substance needed for a chemical experiment. Mrs. Val Manley General Science Home Economics Beta Foundation, Sponsor Mr. Larry Spangler General Science Biology Freshman Basketball Coach Freshman Football Coach Mr. Eugene Woodby Chemistry 100 Dr. Barr, S. E. Massengill Co., instructs Margaret McVey in Microbiology. Science students prepare to leave on a tour of the King College science department. 101 Mr. Watford points out locations of current events. Helen McQueeny, shows her history project to Carolyn Holbrook, and John Tolbert. Growing in knowledge Mr. Burton helps Paula Nelson with her government time line. Miss Irene Brown U.S. History “Virginian " Co-Sponsor Bible Club Sponsor Social Studies Dept. Head Mr. C. P. Curcio Government Athletic Business Manager Mr. Jerry Watford U.S. History World History Geography Head Varsity Coach 102 Claude Roe runs the projector for the weekly current events filmstrip. all around the world U.S. History students tabulate the National Citizenship Test scores. Miss Brown receives DAR essays on “George Washington’s Advice’’ from Jane Gillenwater, Joanne McQueeney, and Carol Stewart. 103 Mrs. Creger checks the progress of her typing students. Mrs. Frances Boyd D.O. 1,2,3 Business Math D.O, Club Sponsor Vocational Education Dept. Head Mrs. Mildred Creger Typing 1,2 Shorthand 1,2 t Mr. Jack Cummins D.E. Club Sponsor Robert Kegley gives a talk to Mrs. Boyd ' s D.O. class. Growing in Mr. Hooper points out the importance of machines in bookkeep- ing. 104 Mrs. Martin reads to students as they take dictation. Nancy Hill and Edna Sharrett run off a stencil. Mr. Ray Hooper Bookkeeping 1 Record Keeping business leadership Mrs. Katherine Martin F.B.L.A. Sponsor Typing 1 General Business Shorthand 1 Office training students work during extra time. i Mr. Marion Dugger Shop I, II Mr. I. B. Moore Mechanical Drawing I. II, III Mr. Robert Pearson Mechanical Drawing I Shop I Girls’ Shop Interact Club Sponsor Gilbert Freeman connects wires of television tubes. Growing in Harry Pippin scales a drawing as Mr. Pearson observes. Bill Stover and Jody Birdwell work together on draft ma- chine. 106 Mechanical Drawing students wait as Mr. Moore checks a drawing. mechanical talents student teacher, Mr. Cross, helps shop students with their projects. Sonny Hobbs and Harry Pippin solder equipment. 107 Mrs. Mildred Cophenhaver Art 1,2,3 “Virginian " Co-Sponsor Art Club Sponsor Dennis Cox puts highlight touches on his oil painting. Jimmy Dowell helps Suzanne Fields straighten displays of art work shown in the teacher’s lounge. Growing in culture Art students practice lettering which is an important part of art. 108 Captain Ernest McDaniel distributes certificates earned from Civil Defense course on Personal and Family Survival. and domestic skills Ftome Economic students «ork diligently on their sewing pro- jects. ‘‘Practice makes perfect”, is a familiar quote of Home Economic students. 109 Mrs. Louise Bowdoin Physical Education 2,3,4 Cheerleader Co-Sponsor Intramurals. Co-Sponsor Miss Priscilla Pastes Physical Education 1 Intramurals Co-Sponsor Cheerleader Co-Sponsor First Aid student, Dorthea Cross, treats Suzanne Gilmer’s " broken arm " . Health students Larry Moretz and Joey Curcio study the skeleton of the hu- man body with the help of Mr. Marshall. Mr. Allen Jennings Physical Education 1,2, 3, 4 Boys ' Intramurals Sponsor Physical Education Dept. Head Mr. Phillip Marshall Physical Education 1 Drivers Training Football Line Coach " Ready! Aim! Fire!” fitness and safety skills Marshall Stewart throws up the ball to begin a game of crab ball. Ill Mr. M. H. Richardson Big Orange Band. Director Mr. Roland Seward Big Orange Band, Assistant Director Mrs. Nancy Stidham Trumpeters run through a practice drill. Mixed Chorus, Sponsor Glee Club, Sponsor Growing in musical talent I Glee Club members practice for Christmas concert. 112 Writing term papers involves daily research in the library. Underclassmen Slowly you begin to feel a part of VHS. All at once you are not just a number, or another stu- dent on a crowded campus. You quickly fall victim to the all- enveloping conpetition; it makes you nervous, it makes you laugh, it makes you cry . . . but to all it brings that intangible feeling of belonging . . . you are oneof us. Sophomore Class Officers Freshman Class Officers Candy White, Molly Fields, Delores Carmack, and Genie Hamilton. Class of ’67 Officers PRESIDENT — Candy White VICE-PRESIDENT - Molly Fields SECRETARY — Delores Carmack TREASURER — Genie Hamilton 116 Steps toward the future directed by Junior officers Martin Adams Stedman Adams Lottie Allison Mary Andersen Lolly Anderson Sammy Anderson Doug Arnold Linda Barger Chris Barker Cindy Barker Leon Bass Vicki Beattie Ronnie Bishop Joe Blackburn Elizabeth Blake Glen Blaylock Kathy Blaylock Billie Bolling Pat Brewer Linda Brooks Laverne Brown David Browning Barbara Brumet Lily Buck Steve Bullock Joan Burnette Lynn Byington 117 Connie Cain Diana Campbell Mary Campbell Debbie Canter Lois Cantrell Debbie Carlson Delores Carmack Steve Carruthers Sally Carter Jack Cartwright Tommy Childress Dennis Clark Lena Clark Jerry Clarke Cheryl Clear Kellie Cody Leo Coffield Kathleen Collins Gary Com bow Jackie Connell Larry Crosswhite Lynn Cunningham Randy Cunningham Betty Davis Dicky Davis Eunice Dowell Jimmy Dowell Dora Dettor Sandra Dillon Glema Dillow Mrs. Williams advises Juniors Vernell Dixon Sarah Dunn Mary Jane Dutton Gene Eades Cartha Eller Billie English Doug Ewing Jane Fagan Molly Fields Suzanne Fields Debbie Fine Bobby Fleenor As class sponsor, Mrs. Williams helps Juniors with class projects and plans. Woody Fleenor Kathrine Foote Jan Forgey Thelma Fraction Tyler Franklin Bill Frye Linda Garrett Danny Gemmell Carol Gibson Greg Gilbert 119 Nancy Glover Susie Gordon Sandra Greene Benny Grigsby Becky Groseclose Martha Groseclose Barbara Brumet and Molly Fields, high salesmen for the magazine drive, admire two poodles which were given as prizes. David Gullion Sherry Haber Ann Hackley Larry Haga Genie Hamilton Larry Hartsock Eula Hawkins Ronnie Hawkins Charles Haynes David Henner Ted Hicks Bobbie Sue Hill 120 Mike Hill Stanley Hill Steve Hotter Carolyn Holbrook Linda Holdway Fred Hunt Ronnie Hurley Eula Isom Janet Jackson Danny Jessee Magazine drive is yearly event Freddie Jett Phil Johnson Susan Johnson Ronald Johnston David Jones Debbie Jones Billy Keesee Eddie Keesee Nancy Kegley David Kerr Ricky Kestner Tommy King Marcia Kinkead James Lane James Lauman Marilyn Levy Ann Malinay Betty Sue Martins Gayla McClellan George McCloud 121 Juniors exercise democratic policy in elections Ellen McDaniel Willette McKamey Helen McQueeney Margaret McVey Robert Meade Helen Meikle Susan Mellett Nancy Miller Carrie Molenaar Benny Mullins Darlene Mullins Betty Murray Brenda Murray Gene Murray Barbara Myers Judy Nelson Charlotte Newton James Nidiffer Jon Osborne Trula Page Charlie Parks Glenna Parrott Arthur Patrick Herbert Peak Ronnie Peak Lee Pen ley Paul Phelps 122 Mary Clayton Andersen, candidate for the Honor Council, delivers her speech before the student body. Grant Phillippi Ricky Phillips Cathie Plaskie Steve Plyer Donna Pov ell Danny Price Dianne Pritchard Allen Proffit Jeanie Ralston John Rawn Wanda Redmon Mike Reid John Rhoton Paul Rhoton Calvin Rhymer Pat Ritter Deborah Roberts Jane Robinson Betty Ross Carol Ross Teresa Rutherford Robin Ryan Mark Saddler Sandra Salyers Paul Shaffer Linda Shuttle Susan Smith Dickie Sanderson Ray Shatter Eddie Sims Tim Smith Susan Sartelle Vicki Shankle Brenda Smith Nancy Snodgrass Linda Saul Janice Shearin Eddie Smith Bill Snow Eddie Seaver Kathy Sheets Larry Smith John Sparger Brenda Shatter Jackie Shortt Patty Smith Sammy Stephenson Ann Malinay, Barbara Wells and Barbara Myers talk with Mr. Pauley, representing King College. Debbie Stevens Carol Stewart Peggy Stewart Becky Stigall College Day provides opportunity for consultation Tony Stout Alice Swiney Allen Tauscher Bill Thomas Judy Thomas Conley Thompson Mimi Tilley Becky Thurmond Anna Todt John Tolbert Joyce Tritt Carlina Tuell Vicki Turner Hoye Vaughn Earl Venable Bobby Walker Vannie Ward Penny Warren Diane Washington Barbara Wells Betsy Whicker Candy White Johnny White Bobby Williams Debbie Williams Janet Williams Susan Williams Dottie Wilson Peggy Worley Alice Young 125 Sam Oakley, Connie King, Diane Miller, Steve Stone. Class of ’68 Officers PRESIDENT - Sam Oakley VICE-PRESIDENT - Diane Miller SECRETARY - Steve Stone TREASURER — Connie King t 126 Jeni Ager Danny Alexander Allen Allison Chris Andersen Mary Anderson Kathy Ault Mike Ayers Carter Baker Jim Baxley Linda Belcher Sandra Bell Richard Bishop James Black Darlene Blair Jackie Blaylock Phyllis Booher Bobby Bouton Sharon Bowman Tony Brown Brenda Browning Suzanne Bryant Carol Buchanan Linda Burdette Pejie Burnette Linda Campbell Robert Campbell Steve Campbell Lolita Cannaday Kay Canter Kathy Carrier Eddie Carter Estelle Carter Joyce Carter Linda Carter Mike Carter Alice Cash Frank Cash Diane Chandler David Church Brenda Clark Frank Clay Debbie Cloyd Wanda Cochran David Cole Bruce Coleman 127 Betty Collins Charles Collins Patsy Combow Lynn Combs Betty Cooper Mary Corum Donald Corvin Diane Cox Marjorie Cox Anita Criswell Ken Croft Brenda Cross Doretha Cross Landon Cross Linda Crosswhite Earl Curtis Johnny Daniels Patty Daughtery Charlotte Davidson Donald Dishner Frank Distefano Danny Donnelly Robert Dorton Donald Duckett Robert Duff Jimmy Eades Stewart Eisenhower Sandy Ellis Schuy Ferrell Karen Fields Judy Fleenor Rita Fulp Bobby Galliher Alan Gilly Suzanne Gilmer Mary Gong Jane Grace Ava Grady Johnny Greeson James Griffith Randy Grizzle Frank Gullion Holly Hale Jerry Hale Mike Hale 128 Math exams test sophomores’ abilities Barbara Hall Bobby Hall Kip Hall Sandra Harmon Beulah Harris Larry Harrison Sandra Hawk Jackie Hawkins Charles Hawks Barbara Hayes Debbie Hayes Jeanne Hendricks Carol Hensley Mike Hill Jack Holbrock Sonny Hobbs Sammy Howington Shelby Icenhour Charlie Ingle David Irwin Ruth Jackson Barbara Johnson Brenda Johnson Charles Johnson Julia Johnson 129 Junior Johnson Jackie Jones Margaret Jones Larry Keesee Sharon Kaylor Frank Keller Jimmy Keller Myra Kemp John Keyt Connie King Dewey King Robert Knox Ricky Koltunski Mark Kovacs Janet Large Judy Large Alesia Lawson Jack Lee Kenneth Lee Anita Lester Sophomores participate in honor council elections Barbara Little Barbara Lowe Deborah Lowe William Luttrell Bruce Lyttle Bobby Marshall Lynn Martin Johnny Mathews Terry Mays Rebecca McCulloch Brenda McGlamory Alvin McNutt Diane Miller Enic Miller Jake Miller Meredith Mitchell Willis Mitchell Christine Modrzijewski Richard Molenaar Patsy Monteith 130 Paul Moore Sara Morton Joyce Murray Ryland Musick Ricky Naims Kathy Nelson Randy Nescomb Larry Neston Sam Oakley Sue Oliver Brenda Osborne John Osborne Bobby Otey Linda Page James Pender Brenda Pippin Harry Pippin Larry Pippin Charles Plemons Debbie Porter Shirley Pratt Judy Pressnell Bobbette Preston Jerry Ralston Marvin Randall Terry Mays delivers her campaign speech for the Honor Council. 131 Pam Randolph Jim Rainero Eddie Reisler Randall Richardson Charles Robinson Reaba Robinson Mary Rosenbalm Tyron Rosenbalm Judy Ross Ronnie Sams Butch Sanderson Fay Scales Joyce Sharrett Bernettna Shazor Ruth Shazor Larry Shearin Brenda Shortt Patsy Silcox Pam Smith Pamela Smith Sophomore class sponsor, Mr. Howard Cummins, showing his interest in botany, examines a potted plant in the front hall. 132 Mr. Cummins sponsors sophomore class Peggy Sutherland Joe Swiney Linda Tauscher Steve Tauscher Dyan Taylor Bill Thomas Dorothy Thomas Joe Thomas Sam Thomas Dean Tillison Charles Trivette Charlotte Valiant Diane Vance Ernie Viers Lloyd Walden Vickie Wheeler Diane Widner Linda Widner Cheryl Winters Jessica Woody Bobby Wright Donna Wright Fred Wright W. L. Yarber Sidney York 133 . 7 Gary Salyers, Christine Feathers, Ann Mays, and Martha Sue Rutherford. Class of ’69 Officers PRESIDENT — Gary Salyers VICE-PRESIDENT — Christine Feathers SECRETARY — Martha Sue Rutherford TREASURER - Ann Mays 134 Gordon Adams Melba Adder Betty Allison Cathy Arnet Kay Ashley Sylvia Bailey Susan Ball Richard Barnes Barbara Barr Barbara Bass Gwen Bates Tab Baxley Bobby Blackwell Carolyn Blaylock Gene Booher Shirley Booher Joyce Bowers Phil Bowman Wilma Bowman Steve Boyd Don Branson Geraldine Bridgeman Jackie Bridgeman Richard Brittle William Brittle Larry Brock Linda Brumet Paul Bryant Butch Burnette Albert Campbell Butch Canter Paula Carrier Betty Jo Carruthers Peggy Cartwright Dennis Caywood Mary Bruce Chandler Owetta Chapman Donna Clark Larry Clarke Diane Collins Tommy Collins Johnny Combs Robert Cooper Junior Cox Phyllis Cox Sharon Cornett Gary Crowe Linda Crusenbury Joe Curcio Linda Day David Davenport Rebecca Davenport Oliver Davidson Becky Davis 135 Peggy Davis Ronnie Dowell Debbie Draper Linda Drinkard Ricky Dugger Rhonda Duncan Ricky Dunn Ann Eades Kylene Easterling Jeff Evans Christine Feathers Jack Feazell Mark Finley Bobby Fleenor Donna Fleenor Paul Fleenor Darlene Fortner Linda Fraley Mike Garrett John Gemmell Brenda Gilliam Jackie Gilmer Joe Gong Lean Goodpasture Sharon Goodson Randy Gordon Billy Gore Jane Grace George Grant Phyllis Grant James Green Marty Greeson Joyce Greer Karen Gregory ‘‘Oh no! It ' s another one of those days, " groans Ara White. 136 Martha Griswald Bobby Guinn Donna Hackley Carolyn Hall Howard Hall Nancy Hall Gary Hardoby Charlotte Harlow Gary Salyers competes for Honor Council. Salyers campaigns for honor council Tommy Harmon Bobby Harrison James Hartsock Danny Hawk Sue Hawkins Karen Hayes Charles Head Kathy Helbert Linda Helbert Rita Helbert Butter Helton Nancy Helton Dennis Henner Penny Hernandez Bobby Herndon Louellen Hickson Patty Hill Tony Hill 137 Mr. Edwards advises freshmen Howard Hines Mark Hoback Bobby Hobbs Kevin Hoffer John Holdway Bobby Horne Chris Horner Judy Houser Linda Hutson Frank Jackson Lonnie Jackson Michel Jackson Mike James Suzanne Jesse Carolyn Johnson Gene Johnson Janie Johnson Jennie Johnson Pat Johnson Carol Jones Patricia Jones Larry Keen Helen Keller Debbie Kent Eddie Kessee John Kestner Dudley King Basil Kistner Sue Knipe David Kotunski Cathy Lane Richard Lane Danny Large Maudie Lauman Betty Lawson Eve Lawson Mark Lawson Robert Lawson Nancy Leonard Arvil Lester Diane Link David Littleton Ann Mays Jimmy McNew Chris Melkowski Diana Melvin Pam Miller Louise Minor 138 Ernest Mitchell Sharon Monahan Debbie Moore Jimmy Moore Norman Moore Patty Moore Larry Moretz Hardy Murray Joyce Murray Judy Murray Jimmy Myers Charles Nelson Judy Nelson Leroy Nelson Allan Oliver Billy Oliver Carolyn Owens Janice Page Johnny Parks Larry Patrick Larry Poore Julie Powell Neal Presley Wayne Pullon Betty Jo Puckett Mike Quisenberry George Radler Mike Raines Charla Rash Doug Reedy Mr. Wayne Edwards, Freshman Class spon- sor, prepares a little surprise for his Algebra student s. 139 Senior court — a trap for Freshmen Stanley Rhea Mike Photon Sandra Roark Polly Robinson Martha Sue Rutherford Lannie Rutter Phil Rutter Jackie Ryan Brenda Saddler Gary Salyers Jeni Schlipf Bobby Scott Debbie Settle Debbie Shaffer Jessee Shaffer Lois Shaffer Hope Shankle Mary Shepherd Wayne Shipley Larry Shortt Doug Sims Victor Singleton Billy Slagle Teddy Slagle David Smith Howard Smith Joy Smith Kenneth Smith Ricky Smith Frank Snieder Mike Lampkins warns Mike Tuell, “Don ' t cross that line!” 140 Kerry Stanley Perry Stanley Janice Stapleton Linda Steele Miles Steven hagen Debbie Stevens Kenneth Stev art Marie Stewart Alice Straton Shelia Sullivan JoAnn Sweeney Rita Sword Roxie Sykes Rachel T ate Wade Tate May Terry Randy Thomas Cheryl Thompson Dickie Thurston Wayne Thurston Alex Todt Gary Tolbert Patsy Tolbert Pansy Turner Carolyn Vance Karen Van Hoy Norma VanHoy Mike Vaughn Charles Ware Kathy Wann Lanus Warf Sonya West Ara White Dean Whitlow Sandra Widner Sue Wiley Carol Wise Connie Wolfe Jerry Worley Jim Worley Kathy Worley Evelyn Wright Howard Wright Ronnie Wright Bill Yarber Ralph Yarber Shirley Yarber Michele Tollie Joanne Tolly Jimmy Trent Kathy Trivette Mike Tuell 1 — 141 Seniors Just as our school has expanded this year through physical addi- tions, so each student in the graduating class has expanded emotionally, academically, and socially through attending Vir- ginia High. Each Senior has neared the completion of a four year period of growth and transition . . . teachers, studies, activities, and friendships have added to his completeness. Elizabeth Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer Brenda Curtis, S.C.A. Representative Gene Denton, President Joanne McQueeney, Vice-president Dale Rucker, S.C.A. Representative Brenda Kay Acuff Benny Ross Ashley Thomas Philip Balthis Justin G. Adams Elizabeth Yvonne Bailey James Banks Margaret Alexander Eva Mae Bailey Cindy Barker William Rhea Anderson Mary Constance Bailey Linda Kay Barker Senior class of 1966 Ellen Birdwell Joseph Birdwell John William Bise Mary Evelyn Blaylock James William Bowman Verdia Boyd Mickie Sue Brewer Patricia Sue Bridgeman Grows in size and quality Paul Brittle Kathleen Adair Buck Kendell Dewayne Campbell Patty Brooks Scott Allen Bullock Robert Allen Campbell Margaret Brown Carol Linda Burke Barbara Lee Canter Charles Buchanan James Larry Campbell William Sager Canter Faculty selects outstanding seniors tit ] . yn itMa Jit: ! .:)•’ . ■’I’.. Larry Harrison, Mike Hodgson, Joanne McQueeney, Gene Denton, David Miller, Elizabeth Bailey, Caro- lyn Drinkard, Phil Hamilton, Linda Burke, and Barry Pitman. Each year faculty members, who have taught at Virginia High for at least one year, are asked to nominate at least ten seniors who have achieved scholastically, who have shown characteristics of good citizenship and who have demonstrated qualities in leadership in class and school activities. After the nominations are re- ceived, the final vote is taken for SENIOR SUPERLATIVES. This is one of the highest honors that a student can receive. 146 Jeneine Carrier Charles Caruthers Bernard Carter Maria Carter Edith Cawood Venis Chafin Phyllis Jean Clark Ronnie Louis Clark Anthony Wayne Cody Wayne Cole Carolyn Sue Collins Joe David Combs Ronald Clark Combs Thomas Forest Cornette Joanne Gray Counts Margaret Rebecca Cowan Clifford Cox, Jr. Dennis Ray Cox Herman Wayne Cox Jerry Haynes Cross Brenda Sue Curtis Larry Gene Denton Ronald E. Cruise Kathy Louise Davenport Carolyn Lee Drinkard Jane Akard Crumley Joe Allen Davison Robert H. Dunn Judy Claudett Crusenberry Hazel Rosecila Denton Barbara Edwards Billy Eller Robert Bruce Ellis III Bill Wayne Faust Mary Ruth Eller Elbert Ely Karen Faust Jane Elizabeth Ellis Deborah Eury Philip Felty Jean Ellen Ellis Carol Fagan Bruce Douglas Ferguson Philip Lloyd Fleenor Joseph Michael Francis Gwen Fulp Jimmie Fullwood Pamela Joan Galliher Janet Warren Gemmell Gregg Scott Gibson Marina Jane Gillenwater Ronald Lee Glover Elizabeth Carole Grizzle Elizabeth Ellen Hambrick Philip Thomas Hamilton Phyllis Angela Hamilton Freddie Lane Harrison Jerry Ray Harrison Larry Harrison Thomas Harold Hartley James Ralph Hawk Mane Lillian Hawk Alice Irene Hawkins Kathy Louise Hawks Most Athletic Phyllis Hamilton Duke James Best Personality Mike Hodgson Linda Sampson Linda Ruth Hayes Nancy Catherine Hill Paula Beth Heath Dennis Allen Hoback Vivian Louise Henson Michael Dean Hodgson Danny Glenn Hicks Donald lr win Holbrook 151 Most Likely To Succeed Joanne McQueeney Larry Harrison Kenneth Hopkins Helen Isam Frank Pierce Hubbard Kitty Jane Jackson Brazil Hunt Larry Allen Jackson Margaret Huntley Tommy Lee James 152 Veda Joyce James Charles Thomas Johnson Paul Lewis Johnson Brenda Sue Jones Charles Jones Nancy Keller Hermida King Nancy Lewis Jones James Kent Judy Ann King Jimmy Kaylor Von Kestner Julia Annette King Jimmy Lynn Keese Elizabeth Gail King Linda Sue King Patricia King Dwight David Kirk Harold Dennis Kistner Judith Ann Koltunski Roy Michael Lampkins Wayne Lawson Billy Lynn Leonard Cheryl Darlene Leonard Paul Ernest Leonard Philip Michael Logan Wanda Marie Lyttle Benjamin Franklin Mabe, Jr. Rebecca Elizabeth Maiden Patricia Lynn Mason Jacqueline Mays Marilyn Jean Mays Marilyn McConnell Wittiest Most School Spirited Nancy Keller Neal Salyers Brenda Curtis Barry Pittman Jerry McCracken Joanne Theresa McQueeney Truman Landon Mitchell Rudy McCray Francis Meade Paula June Moad Philip D. McFarlane Mary Katherine Miles David James Montgomery Rebecca Carol McNew James David Miller Harvey Montgomery Rita Elizabeth Moore Myrtle Jane Morris Linda Lou Morris Rodney Barry Mullins Best Dressed David Miller Joanne Counts Fredrick Murray Brenda Lou O’Neal James William Nave Kay Orebaugh Alvin E. Necessary Katherine Pace Paula Jean Nelson Charlotte Faye Patrick 156 Best All Round Veda James Jerry Cross Most Intellectual Scott Bullock Carol Robinette David Peltier Janice Maria Perry Barry Lynn Pittman Barbara Ann Rachel Diane Phillippi Steve Rainero Gary Vole Pippin Frances Rawley 157 Charles Mitchel Reedy Carol Arnetta Robinette John P. Roe Jerry Dewane Rhymer Linda Louise Robinson Gary Rosembaum J.S. Roberts Louise Stella Robinson Sharon Roberts Claude Samuel Roe Best Looking Dale Rucker Janet Gemmell 158 Dale Lee Rucker Meritta Scott Willie Neal Salyers Patricia Gail Sexton Linda Ann Sampson Edna Louise Sharrett Curtis Ray Saul Jane Marie Sharrett Jerry Wayne Shelton Sammy Ray Silcox Andrea Louise Shipley Harvey Gene Silvers Ronald Stuart Shipley Tommy Lee Sproles Roncie Oaines Silcox Linda Susan Stallard “Miss Virginian” Brenda Curtis Head Cheerleader chosen “Miss Virginian” i| For the past five years a “Miss Virginian” contest has been sponsored by the an- nual, THE VIRGINIAN. Any senior girl wishing to enter in the contest submits her senior picture to the staff. From these, Virginia High’s most photogenic se- nior is chosen to be “Miss Virginian.” This year twenty-three girls submitted their pictures to be judged. Coach Casto Ramsey of Emory Henry College, Emory, Virginia, was asked by THE VIRGINIAN staff to shoulder the respon- sibility of choosing “Miss Virginian” for this year. 160 1st Runner up Veda James 2nd Runner up Cheryl Leonard 3rd Runner up Carolyn Drinkard Coach Ramsey chooses winners Frank Slack Maxie Cox Slack Lana Carol Slaughter Randall Smeltzer Joe Wayne Smiley Linda Ellen Smith Mary Susan Smith Terry Michael Smith Lannie Charlene Stanley Daphne Delores Statzer Susan Kay Strickland Dwanna LaRue Tenpenny George Benny Thurston Connie Townsend Majorie Ann Stevens William Stover John Terry James Randall Thompson Brenda Sue Trivette Virginia Odette Trivett Thomas Wayne Trivett William Tyler Trump Kathy Underwood Dewayne Neville Vaughn Patty Veseloskey Leticia Ann Wade Challen Warren Walling Drucilla Mavis Wart Nathanial Wells Je wel Dean Wolfe Jay Walter Wright Toni Lee Wheeler Robert Worley Karen Wright Sally Jane Widner Jimmy L. Worrell Sue Wyatt Brenda Kaye Winters Brenda Sue Wright Victor York Senior achievements ACUFF, BRENDA KAY — Transfer Student 3; Drama Cl ub 3; F . H .A . 4. ADAMS, JUSTING. - Latin Club 1,2; Key Club 1,2, 3, 4; Vice-President Fresh- man Class; Tennis 1; Football 2; Spring Festival 2; French Club 4. ALEXANDER, MARGARET - Transfer Stu- dent 4; Band 4 . ANDERSON, WILLIAM R. - Football 1; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Boy ' s Hi-Y 4. ASHLEY, BENNY ROSS BAILEY, ELIZABETH YVONNE BAILEY, EVA MAE - Art Club 2; D.E. 3,4. BAILEY, MARY CONSTANCE - Band 1, 2,3,4; Majorette 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Alpha Foundation 2,3, Secretary 4; Beta Club 3,4;Art Club Vice-President 3; French Club 4. BALTHIS, PHILIP THOAAAS - D.E. Club 3,4. BANKS, JAMES — Transfer Student 4. BARKER, CINDY BARKER, LINDA KAY - G.A.A. ' s 1; Spanish Club Treasurer 2; Spring Festival 2,3; Tri- Del ta-Tri-Hi-Y 1 ,2,3, Treasurer 4; Drama Club President 3; Cl ub Council 3; Beta Club 3, Reporter 4; Junior Play; S.I.P.A. 3; THE VIRGINIAN STAFF 3,4. BIRDWELL, ELLEN B. — Transfer Student 4. BIRDWELL, JOSEPH — Transfer Student 4; Band 4 . BISE, JOHN WILLIAM - Track 2,4; Ju- nior Play; Pep Club 3; Library Club 4; Boy ' s Hi-Y 4. BLAYLOCK, MARY EVELYN BOWMAN, JAMES WILLIAM-Band 1,2, 3; Library Club 2,3; Interact Club 2,3,4; Junior Play; D.E. Club Vice-President 4 . BOYD, VERDIA MADELINE - Transfer Student 4; Band 4 . BREWER, MICKIE SUE - Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2; G .A .A . ' s 1; Band 1,2, 3, Vice-President 4; Band Council 4. BRIDGEMAN, PATRICIA SUE - Library Club 4. BRITTLE, PAUL BROOKS, PATTY BROWN, MARGARET — Transfer Student 4. • BUCHANAN, CHARLES - Transfer Stu- dent 4 . BUCK, KATHLEEN ADAIR - Latin Club 1,2,3; Drama Club 3,4; Pep Squad 4; LIT- TLE VIRGINIAN STAFF 4. BULLOCK, SCOTT ALLEN - Radio Club President 2; Interact Club 2,3, President 4. BURKE, CAROL LINDA - Band 1,2,3, Drum Major 4; All-State 3; Junior Class Reporter; Latin Club 1,2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3,4; F.T.A.3, Secretary 4; Beta Founda- tion 4, Historian 3; Girl ' s State 3. CAMPBELL, JAMES LARRY - Football 1, 2,3,4; Track 1,2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3,4. CAMPBELL, KENDELL DEWAYNE - Li- brary Club 3; D.E. Club 4. CAMPBELL, ROBERT ALLEN CANTER, BARBARA LEE - F.B.L.A. 4. CANTER, WILLIAM SAGER - Football 1, 2,3; S.C.A. Representative 1,2, 3, 4; French Club 1; Interact Club 2,3,4; Track 2; D.E. Club 4. CARRIER, JENEINE CARRUTHERS, CHARLES W. - Transfer Student 3; D.E. Club 4. CARTER, BERNARD CARTER, MARIA — Transfer Student 4. CAWOOD, EDITH — Transfer Student 4. CHAFIN, VEANIS - F.H.A. 1,2; Art Club 3; Glee Club 4. CLARK, PHYLLIS JEAN - Latin Club 1; G.A.A. ' s 1; Alpha Foundation 1,2,3, Treasurer 4; French Club 2,3,4; Spring Festival 3; Drama Club 3; Cheerleader 4. CLARK, RONNIE LOUIS-D.O. Club 4. CODY, ANTHONY WAYNE COLE, WAYNE - D.O. Club, Reporter 3, Assistant Business Manager 4. COLLINS, CAROLYN SUE - Beta Foun- dation 1, Chaplain 2,3, President4; Mixed Chorus 1,3,4; Spring Festival 1,3; Spanish Club 2 . COMBS, JOE DAVID - Radio Club Secretary-Treasurer 1,2, 3, 4; Drama Club Reporter 3; LITTLE VIRGINIAN STAFF 3, Circulation Manager 4. COMBS, RONALD CLARK CORNETTE, THOMAS FOREST - Spring Festival 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2; Football 2; Junior Play; Baseball 4. COUNTS, JOANNE GRAY - Mixed Chorus 1; Spring Festival 1 ,3; Alpha Foun- dation 1 ,2,3,4; Spanish Club Historian 2, President 3,4; Pep Squad 3; Junior Play; Clu b Council 3,4. COWAN, MARGARET REBECCA COX, CLIFFORD, JR. - D.O. Club 4. COX, DENNIS RAY - Track 1,2,4; Art Club 3,4; Pep Squad 3,4; Boy ' s Hi-Y Chaplain 4. COX, HERMAN WAYNE CROSS, JERRY HAYNES - Track 1,2,3, 4; Football 2,3,4; Alternate S.C.A. Rep- resentative 3; B-Team Basketball Manager 4; THE VIRGINIAN STAFF 4; Monogram Club 4; S.C.A. Representative 4. CRUISE, RONALD E. CRUMLEY, JANE AKARD -Latin Club 1, Secretary 2; F.H.A. 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Chaplain 3; Secretary 4; Spring Festival 2; French Club 3, President 4; Pep Squad 3; Art Club Vice-President 4; Club Coun- cil 4. CRUSENBERRY, JUDYCLAUDETT CURTIS, BRENDA SUE — Secretary Fresh- man Class; Alpha Foundation 1,2, 3, 4; Spring Festival 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3.4, All-State 2,3; S.C.A. Representa- tive 2,3,4; Art Club Secretary 3, Presi- dent 4; Treasurer Mixed Chorus 3, Vice- President 4; Cheerleader 3, Head Cheer- leader 4; Sweetheart Interact Club 4. DAVENPORT, KATHY LOUISE -V . O . T. 3.4. DAVISON, JOE ALLEN - Radio Club 1, 2,3,4; Science Club 4. DENTON, HAZEL ROSECILA - Library Club 4; V.O.T. 4. DENTON, LARRY GENE DRINKARD, CAROLYN LEE - Latin Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3, Historian 2, President 4; French Club 2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Pep Squad 3; Junior Play; Spring Festival 3; F.T.A. 4; Sweetheart Hi-Y 4; Club Council 4. DUNN, ROBERT H. - Boy ' s Hi-Y 4; D.E. Club 4. EDWARDS, BARBARA — Transfer Student 4. ELLER, BILLY - Band 1,2; D.O. Club 3,4. ELLER, MARY RUTH - D.E. Club 4. ELLIS, JANE ELLIS, JEAN - F.H.A. 1; G.A.A. ' s 1; Library Club 1, Treasurer 2; F.T.A. 2,4, Treasurer 3; Glee Club 3; Pep Squad 3,4; Mixed Chorus 4 . ELLIS, ROBERT BRUCE, III - Football 2, 3,4; Art Club 4. ELY, ELBERT EURY, DEBARA — Transfer Student 4; Mixed Chorus 4. FAGAN, CAROL FAUST, BILL WAYNE - Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Track 2; D.O. Club 4. FAUST, KAREN FELTY, PHILIP - Art Club 2. FERGUSON, BRUCE DOUGLAS - Track 1,2; D.E. Club 3,4. FLEENOR, PHILIP LLOYD - Golf 1,3,4; Latin Club 1 . FOSTER, JERRY — Transfer Student 4. FRACTION, JOSEPH A. - Transfer Stu- dent 4 . FRANCIS, JOE — Art Club 4; Baseball 4. FULP, GWEN — Transfer Student; Band 4. FULLWOOD, JIMMIE — Transfer Student 4. GALLIHER, PAMELA JOAN - Band 1,2; Tri -Del ta-Tri -Hi -Y 2,3; F.B.L.A. Chap- lain 4. GEMMELL, JANET WARREN - Latin Club 1,2,4, President 3; F.H.A. 1; French Club 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, Treasurer 4; Beta Club 3,4; Cheerleader 4; Civitan Sweetheart 4. GIBSON, GREG SCOTT-Band 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Mono- gram Club 3,4. GILLENWATER, MARTHA JANE - Latin Club 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Alpha Foundation 2,3,4; All-State Band 2,3, Band Council 2,3; Art Club 3,4; Drama Club 3; Beta Club 3, Secretary 4; LITTLE VIRGINIAN STAFF 4. GLOVER, RONALD LEE - Track 1,2; Monogram Club 4; D.O. Club 4. GRIZZLE, ELIZABETH CAROLE - Les Beaux Art Club 1; Tri-Delta-Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2,3, Vice-President 4; Spring Festival 3; VIRGINIAN STAFF 3, Business Manager 4; S . I . P.A . 3; Junior Play; Drama Club 3 . HAMBRICK, ELIZABETH ELLEN -Y-Teen ' s 1; Les Beaux Arts Club 1; Tri-Delta-Tri- Hi-Y 1,2,3, Chaplain 4; Drama Club 3; Mixed Chorus 3,4. HAMILTON, PHILIP THOMAS - Mono- gram Club 1,2,3 ,4; Spring Festival 1,2,3; Varsity Football 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Al l-State 2,3, Presi- dent 4; Junior Play; Key Club 4; M r. Footbal I 4 . HAMILTON, PHYLLIS ANGELA - Beta Foundation 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3,4; President Pep Club 4. HARRISON, FREDDIE LANE - Library Club 4. HARRISON, JERRY RAY HARRISON, LARRY E. - Monogram Club 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; President Sophomore Class; Beta Club 3,4; Honor Council 2,3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; President Junior Class; Presi- dent S .C .A . 4 . HARTLEY, THOMAS HAROLD - Mixed Chorus 1 ,2,3,4; Al I -State Chorus 3; Cheer- leader 3; Art Club 4. HAWK, JAMES RALPH HAWK, MARIE LILLIAN HAWKINS, ALICE -G.A.A. ' s 1; F.H.A. 1; Alpha Foundation 2,3, Sergeant-at- Arms 4; French Club 2,3; Junior Play; Spring Festival 3; Drama Club 3. HAYES, LINDA RUTH HEATH, PAULA BETH HENSON, LOUISE VIVIAN - Pep Club 3; D.O. Club 4. HICKS, DANNY GLENN HILL, NANCY CATHERINE Art Club 1,2, 3, 4; Bible Club 4, Vice-President 1, President 3; F.B.L.A. 3; Club Council 3; D.E . Club Secretary 4. HINES, BETTY JEAN HOBACK, DENNIS - Track 1,2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 1,2,3 ,4; Junior Play; LIT- TLE VIRGINIAN STAFF 3, Business Man- ager 4; Beta Club 3, Vice-President 4. HODGSON, MICHAEL DEAN - Basket- ball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Interact Club 1,2; Monogram Club 1,2, 3, 4; Boy ' s Hi-Y 2,3, President 4; All-District Honorable Mention Basket- ball 3,4, Baseball 3; All-City Football 3; Spring Festival 3 . HOLBROOK, DONALD IRWIN - Transfer Student 3; Library Club 3; Spanish Club 3; Pep Squad 3,4; Spring Festival 3; Boy ' s Hi-Y 4. HUBBARD, FRANK - Spring Festival 1,2; Football 2,3; Latin Club 3,4; Key Club 3, President 4; Junior Play; LITTLE VIRGIN- IAN STAFF 4; Science Club 4. HUNT, BRAZIL CHRISTINE - Transfer Student 4; Mixed Chorus 4. HUNTLEY, MARGARET - Transfer Stu- dent 4 . ISAM, HELEN — Transfer Student 4. JACKSON, KITTY JANE - Y-Teen ' s 1; F. B.L.A. 3, Treasurer 4; D.E. Club 4. JACKSON, lARRY ALLEN JAMES, TOMMY LEE - Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Football 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4; Base- ball 1,4; Hi-Y 1 ,2,3,4; Spring Festival 3. JAMES, VED4 JOYCE - Y-Teen ' s 1; G. A.A. ' s 1; Alpha Foundation 1,2, 3, 4; Spring Festival 1,3; Spanish Club 2; F.H.A. 3; Mixed Chorus 3, Reporter 4; S.C.A. Representative 4; Cheerleader 4 . JOHNSON, CHARLES THOMAS - Foot- ball 1; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Interact Club 1,2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Spring Festival 3; Beta Club 3, President 4. JOHNSON, PAUL LEWIS - Football 1, 2,3,4; All-City 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Honorable Mention All -State Football 3; All Southwest District 3,4; Monogram Club 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3, 4; F.H.A. Sweet- heart 4. JONES, CHARLES FRANKLIN - Transfer Student 4; Football 4. JONES, BRENDA SUE - F.H.A. 1; Li- brary Club 1; D.O. Club 3. KAYLOR, EDWARD JAMES - D.O. Club 3.4. KEESEE, JIMMY LYNN - Art Club 4. KELL, WILLIAM — President Freshman Class; Footbal I 1,2, 3, 4; Key Club 1,2,3, 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; S.C.A. Re- porter 2 . KELLER, NANCY - Mixed Chorus 1,2; Alpha Foundation 1,2,3, President 4; Spanish Club 1,2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1; Pep Squad 3; Drama Club 3; Spring Festival 3. KENT, JAMES KESTNER,VON — Mixed Chorus 1; D.E. Club 3, Treasurer 4. KING, ELIZABETH GAIL - Library Club 4; D.O. Club 4. KING, HERMIDA — Transfer Student 4; Band 4 . KING, JUDY ANN - Mixed Chorus 1; F.H.A. 1,2; Spanish Club 1; Girls Glee Club Librarian 2; Drama Club 2; Pep Squad 2.4. KING, JULIAN ANNETTE - G.A.A. ' s 1, Sergeant-at-Arms 2; Chorus 1,2, All- State 2,3; " Sextet " 2; Girls Ensemble 4; Tri-Del ta-Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Secretary 4; Drama Club 3,4; Junior Play. KING, LINDA SUE - Band 1,2; Pep Squad 3; Beta Foundation 3,4; V.O.T.4. KING, MARILYN PATRIC lA - F . H .A . 1, 2,3; Spanish Club 1; F.B.L.A. 1; Bible Club 2; THE VIRGINIAN STAFF 2, Busi- ness Manager 3; V . O . T . 4 . KIRK, DWIGHT DAVID -Track 1,2; Bas- ketball 1,2; Art Club 1; Monogram Club 3,4. KISTNER, HAROLD, JR. - D.O. Club 4. KOLTUNSKI, JUDITH ANN- F.T. A. 1, 2, Historian 2; Library Club 1 ,2, Secretary 2; Beta Club 2,3, Treasurer 4; French Club 2,4; Beta Foundation 3, Reporter 4; THE VIRGINIAN STAFF 3, Assistant Editor 4; S.I.P.A. 3; Drama Club 3; Pep Squad3; Junior Play. KRISTOFEK, JACQUELINE KAYE - F . H .A . 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Library Club 1,2; Beta Foundation 2,3; D.O. Club 4. LAMPKINS, ROY MICHAEL - Band 1,2, 3,4. LAWSON, JUDY CAROLYN -F.H. A. 1; Beta Foundation 3,4; D.O. Club 4. LAWSON, WAYNE LEONARD, BILLY LYNN - Track 1,2,4; Monogram Club 3,4. LEONARD, CHERYL - G.A.A. ' s 1; Alpha Foundation 1,2,3,4; F.H. A. 1,2,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Spring Festival 1,2,3; Pep Squad 3; Junior Play; DramaClub 3,4. LEONARD, PAUL ERNEST - Transfer Stu- dent 1; Track 2,3; D.O. Club 3; D.E. Club 4. LOGAN, PHILIP MICHAEL - Football 1, 2,3,4; Track 1,2; Baseball 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Basketball Manager 3, Score- keeper 4; Boy ' s State 3; Boy ' s Hi-Y3, Treasurer 4; Art Club Treasurer. LYTTLE, WANDA MARIE MABE, BUDDY - D.E. Club 4. MAIDEN, REBECCA ELIZABETH - Beta Foundation 1,2,4, Vice-President 3; Art Club 4; Girls Chorus Secretary-Treasurer 4. MASON, PATRICIA LYNN - Spanish Club 1,2; F.T. A. 2, Vice-President 1; Beta Foundation 3,4; Mixed Chorus 3,4; Pep Squad 3,4. MAYS, JACQUELINE - Transfer Student 4; D.O. Club 4. MAYS, MARILYN JEAN McConnell, marilyn - Band 1,2,3, 4, All-State 4; Beta Foundation 2,3, Vice-President 4; F . H .A . 4 . McCRACKEN, JERRY McCRAY, RUDY McFARLANE, PHILIP DRAYTON - Bas- ketball 1,2; Key Club 2, Vice-President 3,4; S.C.A. Representative 1, Vice- President 3; Spring Festival 1,2,3; Foot- ball 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Junior Play; Beta Club 3 . Me NEW, REBECCA CAROL - Freshman Class Treasurer; S.C.A. Representative 1; F.H. A. 1,3, Secretary-Treasurer 2; Tri- Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, Secretary 1; Spring Festival 2; Drama Club 3; Junior Class Treasurer; Sweetheart Monogram Club 4; Miss Football 4. McQUEENEY, JOANNE THERESA - Transfer Student 1; State and District " Voice of Democracy Contest " winner; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Vice-President 4; French Club 2,3,4; Junior Play; Spring Festival 3; Secretary Junior Class; F.T. A. 4, Sec- retary 3; Treasurer Drama Club 3; District and State One-Act Play 3; LITTLE VIR- GINIAN STAFF 3, Co-Editor 4; S.I.P.A. 3; Vice-President Senior Class; S.C.A. Representative 4; Honor Council 4. MEADE, FRANCIS — Transfer Student 4. MILES, MARY KATHERINE MILLER, JAMES DAVID - Football 1,2, 3,4; Golf 1,2, 3, 4; Spring Festival 1,2,3, 4; S.C.A. Representative 2,3,4; Boy ' s Hi-Y 1; Key Club 2,3, Treasurer 4; Mono- gram Club 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y Sweetheart 4. MITCHELL, TRUMAN LANDON MOAD, PAULA JUNE - G.A.A. ' s 1; Y-Teens 1,2,4, President 3; Latin Club 1, 2; Bible Club 1; Library Club 2; Beta Club 3; D.E. Club Treasurer 4. MONTGOMERY, DAVID JAMES -Trans- fer Student 4 . MONTGOMERY, HARVEY - Transfer Student 4 . MOORE, RITA — Y-Teen ' s 4, Secretary 3; Pep Squad 3,4; F.B.L.A. 3. MORRIS, LI NDA — F.H.A. l;Junior Play; Drama Club 3; Spring Festival 3; D.E. Club Chaplain 4 . MORRIS, MYRTLE - D.E. Club 3,4; Mixed Chorus 3,4. MULLINS, RODNEY BARRY - Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Football 1; Civitan Club 1,2,3, President 4; Spring Festival 4; Baseball 4; Sweetheart Tri-Delta-Tri-Hi-Y 4. MURRAY, FREDRICK NAVE, JIMMY — Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; D.E. Club4. NECESSARY, ALVIN - Football 1; Hi-Y 4. NELSON, PAULA - Library Club 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1,2; French Club 2,4. O ' NEAL, BRENDA - Bible Club 2,4, Vice-President 3 . OREBAUGH, KAY PACE, KATHERINE — Transfer Student 4; Girl ' s Glee Club 4. PATRICK, CHARLOTTE - F.B.L.A. 2,3; French Club 2; Y-Teen ' s 4. PELTIER, DAVID - D.O. Club 3,4. PERRY, JANICE MARIA — Mixed Chorus 1,2; F.H.A. 1,2; Spring Festival 1,3; Art Club 2; Alpha Foundation 1,2, Chaplain 3, Vice-President 4 . PHILLIPPI, DIANE -G.A.A. ' s 1; Y-Teen ' s 1; F.H.A. 3; Drama Club 3; Spring Festi- val 3; Beta Club 3; Junior Play; Tri-Delta- Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, President 4. PIPPIN, GARY VOLE PITTMAN, BARRY —Football 1, Manager 2,3,4; Track 1,2; Monogram Club 1,2,3, President 4; Junior Play. RACHEL, BARBARA ANN - Y-Teen ' s 1; Beta Foundation 2,3; D.O. Club 3; F.B.L.A. 4. RAINERO, STEVE - Civitan Club 1,2,3, Vice-President 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Spring Festival 1,2; S.C.A. Representative 2; D.O. Club 3; Science Club 4. RAWLEY, FRANCIS L. — Transfer Student 4. REDMON, PETE — Transfer Student 4; Band 4 . REEDY, CHARLES MITCHEL RHYMER, JERRY DEWAYNE - Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Art Club 4. ROBERTS, J. S. - Football 1,2; Radio Club 1,2. ROBERTS, SHARON B. — Transfer Student 4. ROE, JOHN — Track 1,2, 3, 4; Football Manager 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Art Club 4. ROBINETTE, CAROL ARNETTA -F.H.A. Reporter 1; S.C.A. Representative 1,3, Secretary 4; Tri-Delta-Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 3; Junior Class Vice-President; THE VIRGINIAN STAFF 3, Editor 4. ROBINSON, LINDA LOUISE - D.E. Club 3,4. ROBINSON, STELLA LOUISE - D.E. Club 3,4. ROE, CLAUDE ROSEMBAUM, GLEN EDWARD ROSENBAUM, GARY WILLIAM - Civi- tian Club 1 ,2,3; Spanish Club 2; Basket- ball 2; French Club 3. ROSS, JIMMY LEWIS - Transfer Student 4; Basketball 4. ROUSE, JANICE ELIZABETH -BibleClub 2; F.B.L.A. 2; Y-Teen ' s Treasurer 3. RUCKER DALE — Hi-Y 1,2; Secretary 3; Key Club 4; Art Club 1,3,4; Monogram Club 1 ,2,3,4; Footbal I 1,2,3, Captain 4; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1 , 2, 3,4; Senior Class Representative 4; Spring Festival 1, 2.3. SALYERS, WILLIE NEAL - Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1; Latin Club 1, Historian 2; Spring Festival 1,2; S.C.A. Representative 1,2; Basebal T 2,3,4; Key Club 2,3, Secretary 4; LITTLE VIRGINIAN STAFF 2,3, Co-Editor 4; Spanish Club Historian 3; Honor Council 3,4; Monogram Cl ub 3,4; S . I . P .A . 3; Senior Class Com- mittee . SAMPSON, LINDA ANNE - G.A.A. ' s 1; Band 1,2, All -State 3,4, Secretary- Reporter 4; Library Club 1; Historian 2; F.T.A. 3,4; F.H.A. Reporter 4; Beta Foundation 4. SEXTON, GAIL — Chorus 1,2, Reporter 3,4; All-State 4; Sextet 1,2; Alpha Foun- dation 2,3, Chaplain 4;Art Club 3; S.C.A. Representative 3 . SHARRETT, EDNA LOUISE - Bible Club 2.4, Secretary 3; D.E. Club Secretary 3, Parliamentarian 4. SHELTON, JERRY - Basketball 2, Foot- ball 2; baseball 4; Track 4. SHIPLEY, ANDREA LOUISE - Y-Teen ' s 1; G.A.A. ' s 1; F.H.A. 3, Parliamentarian 1, Historian 4; Spring Festival 1,3; Span- ish Club 2; LITTLE VIRGINIAN STAFF 2, 3; Alpha Foundation 2,3, Reporter 4; Art Club 3; Pep Squad 3; F.T.A. 4. SHIPLEY, RONALD STUART - Library Club 1,2; French Club 1,2; Interact 2,3, 4; Spri ng Festival 2 . SILCOX, RONCIE SILCOX, SAMMY — Track Manager 1,2; Monogram Club 2 . SILVERS, HARVEY — Junior Play; French Club 2. SLACK, FRANK SLACK, MAXIE COX — Spring Festival 1; Spanish Club 1,2,3; French Club 4; Tri- Hi-Y 2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Art Club 4; Pep Squad 3,4; Key Club Sweetheart 4. SLAUGHTER, LANA CAROL - G.A.A. ' s 1; Bible Club 1,2; F.B.L.A. 2,3,4; Y-Teen ' s 3,4; Art Club 4. SMELTZER, JACK RANDALL - Football 1; Hi-Y 1,2,3, Vice-President 4; Spring Festival 1,2,3; Football Manager and Trainer 2,3,4; Secretary Monogram Club 3,4; S.C.A. Representative 4. SMILEY, JOE WAYNE - Civitan 1,2,3, Vice-President 4; Spring Festival 1; Golf 1,3,4; Baseball 2; Vice-President Sopho- more Class; D.O. Club President 4. SMITH, LINDA ELLEN - Band 1,2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 4. SMITH, MARY SUSAN - Band 1,2, 3, 4; Y-Teen ' s 1; Beta Foundation 3,4; Art Club 4; Library Club 4. SMITH, TERRY MICHAEL - Band 1, Chaplain 2, Reporters, President4; French Club 2; Junior Play; THE VIRGINIAN STAFF 4; Beta Club 4; Club Council 4; Interact Club 4; Science Club 4. SPANGLER, STEVE — Transfer Student 4. SPROLES, TOMMY - Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Junior Play; D.O. Club 3; D.E. Club 4. STANLEY, CHARLENE -F.H.A. 1; Span- ish Club 2; F.B.L.A. 3, President 4; Pep Squad 3 . STATZER, DAPHNE - Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3; F.H.A. 1; Library Club 2,3; D.O. Club 3,4. STEVENS, ANN - Y-Teen ' s 1; French Club 2,3; Beta Foundation 2,3,4; Pep Squad 3; Spring Festival 3; Library Club 4. STOVER, BILL — Interact Club 4; Science Club 4. TENPENNY, DWANNA - Tri-Delta-Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4; Spring Festival 2,3; Drama Club 3; D.O. Club 4. TERRY, JOHN - Golf 1,2, 3, 4; Football 1,2; Boy ' s Hi-Y 1,3, Chaplain 2; Spring Festival 1,2; D.O. Club 4. TRIVITTE, BRENDA - Library Club 1; Latin Club 1; French Club 2; Alpha Foun- dation 2,3,4; Spring Festival 3; Drama Club 3; F.H.A. Chaplain 4. TRIVETT, THOMAS WAYNE - Baseball 2,3; Band 3; Spring Festival 3; D.O. Club 4. TRIVETT, VIRGINIA ODETTE - Mixed Chorus 1 . TRUMP, WILLIAM TYLER UNDERWOOD, KATHY VANOVER, CONNIE — Y-Teens Reporter 3; F.B.L.A. 3. VAUGHN, DEWAYNE NEVILLE VESELOSKY, PATTY - Transfer Student 4; D.O. Club 4. WADE, LETICIA - F.H.A. 2; French Club 2; Art Club 4. WALLING, CHALLEN WARREN - Spanish Club 1,2; S.C.A. Representative 2,3,4; Interact Club 2,3, Secretary 4; Junior Play; Science Club 4. WARF, DRUCILLA MAVIS WELLS, NATHANIEL — Transfer Student 4. WHEELER, TONI — Spanish Club 1 ; French Cl ub 2,4; F . H . A . 1 ,2; President 3,4; Pep Club 4. WINTERS, BRENDA KAYE WOLFE, JEWEL DEAN - F.H.A. 1; F.B.L.A. 3,4. WORLEY, ROBERT L. — Transfer Student 4; Band 4; Bible Club Chaplain 4; Library Club Vice-President 4. WORRELL, JIMMY — Basketball 1,2; Key Club 1,2, 3, 4; Golf 1,2, 3, 4; Spring Fes- tival 2; Junior Play . WRIGHT, SUE WRIGHT, JAY — Basketball 1; Key Club 1,2, 3, 4; Junior Play; Spring Festival 3; Golf 4. WRIGHT, JAY — French Club 1; Band 1, 2,3,4. WYATT, SUE - Band 1,2, 3, 4, All-State 3, Band Council 3,4. YORK, VICTOR -Art Club 1, Parliamen- tarian 2; French Club 3,4. Finale The Tree, known by all who have attended VHS, stands as a symbol of our growth for the four years we have spent on this campus. Standing erect and tall, its arms strive to reach the heights . . . and show us what heights can be reached. As humble freshmen we stood beneath its awe-inspiring form . . . and now as mature Seniors we feel once again its ever-present majesty. Though we are not all the same, we gaze at VHS in earnest now. Could we have been freshmen such a short while ago? . . . Nearly forgotten are the sleepless nights, the searing sameness of routine . . . And suddenly we realize that the things we want to remember often hap- pened so quickly and simply that we are not certain afterwards that they happened at all ... A thousand, thousand years ago they asked us, “What are you going to be?’’ . . . And now in our silent, serious moments together we wander . . . now that the time is upon us . . . and strive now that the be- ginning is in sight . . . AKARD FUNERAL HOME A FUNERAL HOME THAT IS A GARDEN SETTING BRISTOL ' S NEWEST AND MOST MODERN FUNERAL HOME COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED Private Family Room — Hammond Organ and Chimes Private Chapel — Four Private Slumber Rooms • PERSONAL SERVICE • Ovv ' ner and Employees All Graduates of Virginia High WE INVITE YOUR INSPECTION David W. Akard President TRAYER’S RESTAURANTS and HOLIDAY INN DINING ROOMS You Don’t Have To Start At The Top If you’re thinking about career opportunity, you might think about Burlington, the world’s leading manufacturer and mer- chandiser of textiles for every purpose. Why not start at the top of the textile ladder? Why not investigate a ‘Svorld of opportunity” at: voluDteer Textiles a unit of -Durlindton i NOVJSTRIES, INC. EXECUTIVE OFFICES: GREENSBORO, N. C. nurliH), ion BASSETT’S DAIRY PRODUCTS MONROE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Manufacturers of Machines for Business CALCULATING — ADDING — ACCOUNTING MACHINES Factory: Sales Service Valley Drive 2003 West State St. Bristol, Va. Bristol, Va. Tel. 669-1 161 Tel. 669-7021 RANGE WHOLESALE MEAT CO. “MEATS CUT TO ORDER” Range Wholesale I ■ t MEATR CO. 1 ! ■1 ' MEATS CUT TO ORDER " m 1 133 McNEIL ST. BRISTOL, VIRGINIA CUSTOM MADE DRAPERIES RESIDENTIAL - C0N1MERC1 L " PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION " A Cof hy A Full Line of Fomouo Name i oh jeting 501 _ CARPEl momo OUR SPECIMJV We Bind Old or New Corpets While You Wait 669-2342 Sample 3 hoivo n Home FREE b - Get yuet (knte i J H WATERMAN • OWNfB KING COLLEGE Let Us Help You With Your College Plans e e FRANKLIN SAVINGS BRADLEY’S DRUG STORE AND PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS LOAN CORP. 18 MOORE ST. Dial 669-4143 Financing and Loan Specialist 32 Years Service to Bristolians 29 Sixth Street BRISTOL, VA. Phone 764-2161 r First (’hoico ’ l()i- Home Loans = First Federal ' im SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN. jW of Bristol },, 1 -IIQ PIEDMONT ST_n BRISTOL, VAs ! -• sa ( 4% vilha , A% purpose! mt Jk Noah W. Bowman HOLIDAY ESSO SERVICENTER Bristol, Virginia Phone: 669-7241 The Best Your Money Can Buy Refreshing remembrance PLUS DIXIE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, INC. Bristol, Virginia the finest” WALLACE OLDSMOBILE 320 Volunteer Pky. Bristol, Tenn. 764-1145 PAUL COOK S. K. M. AGENCY, INC. A. Kyle Morison, Manager FUNERAL HOME GENERAL INSURANCE 101 Pennsylvania Avenue Shelby at Sixth Street Bristol, Tennessee P. O. Box 466 — Dial 764-4154 Bristol, Tenn. — Va. WEAVER FUNERAL HOME If 630 Locust Street Bristol’s Great Department Store Phone 968-2111 Serving P.O. Box 324 Southwest Virginia Bristol, Tennessee and East Tennessee for more than 77 years HATCHERS CLEANERS AND FURRIERS CASH AND CARRY AND DELIVERY SERVICE Garland Avenue Sub-Station — Holston Ave. PIEDMONT LAUNDRY 764-5242 I Tiokel D NEON - PLASTIC - OUTDOOR AD VERTISING - PLASTIC SIGNS Telephone 968-1451 Fifteenth and Shelby Streets Bristol, Tennessee Malcolms Meat Service Wholesale Meats— Sea Foods —Poultry— Portion Control— Phone 764-9233 SERV-ALL, INC. 928 West State Street Bristol, Tenn. — Va. Compliments of a FRIEND INSTITUTIONAL WHOLESALERS Catering to — Schools, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Hotels, Hospitals, Etc. Distributors MAXWELL HOUSE HOTEL RESTAURANT COFFEE New Campus of GRAHAM BIBLE COLLEGE Bluff City Hy. at Sperry Road B.A. DEGREE One-Year BASIC BIBLE What is a BIBLE COLLEGE as opposed to a liberal arts college? (1) Emphasis on Biblical studies in contrast to secular studies. (2) Christian atmosphere for study and fellowship. For Additional information write; REGISTRAR Graham Bible College P.O. Box 3050 Bristol, Tenn. 37620 TRI-STATE DISCOUNT CENTER The Tri-cities First Discount Dept. Store 209 Pierce Street Bristol, Virginia Open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday thru Saturday EAST TENNESSEE APPLIANCE McClure motors Sales — FRIGIDAIRE — Service CADILLAC, CHEVROLET, CHEVY II, 24 Fourth Street AND CORVAIR Phone 764-5164 Compliments of a Friend BURROUGHS SHOES 626 State Street Ladies and Childrens Shoes “For those who like the finest’’ Compliments of HOLSTON STEEL STRUCTURES INC. 21 Third Street Bristol, Tennessee Custom Mode Metal Buildings SOUTHERN FURNITURE CO. Bristol, Vo. BRISTOL - LINCOLN MERCURY - COMET 2033 W. State St. 669-8196 509 523 527 STATE STREET Bristol RALPH’S WASHMOBILE SERVICENTER Newton and Douglas Sts. 669-8331 5 MIN. AUTOMATIC CAR WASH EVERY CAR RECEIVES VELVET GLOVE TREATMENT WHOLESALE HARDWARE — MILL PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Established 1880 REMINEQE?GDBBLE MITCHELL-POWERS HDWE. Men ' i S tqP COMPANY Incorporated P.O. Box 3229 Bristol, Tennessee 37623 Paramount Building Bristol, Tenn. NATIONAL FABRICS " TRI-CITIES LARGEST SELECTION " 1504 Euclid Ave. Bristol, Vo. COURTESY ICE CREAM Manufacturers and Jobbers Soecial Orders. Wholesale Retail Dial 669-9131 317 Piedmont St., Bristol, Va. BUNTING’S DRUG STORE COMPLIMENTS OF HOLLINGSWORTH CANDIES HENLEY GILLESPIE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS H. D. CONNELLY ESSO STATION VERIFIED ESSO LUBRICATION MILK ICE CREAM Bristol, Virginia VALLEY DRIVE DRUG ENTERPRISE - BLACK DIAMOND 38 East Valley Drive 669-0101 CORPORATION Compliments of GILLESPIE and ROBINSON Compliments of a FUNERAL HOME Bristol, Virginia FRIEND COWAN BROS. INC. WHOLESALE ' 809 State St Compliments of KERN’S BAKERY Phone 669-2167 Compliments of . . . D. B. RYLAND CO. WHITTEN ELECTRIC SUPPLY, INC. Bristol ' s First Name in Piedmont Edmond Sfreet Bristol, Vo. Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry “HOUSE OF LIGHTING FIXTURES” Silverware 531 State Street Phone 669-6821 J M Wholesale “Created to Save You Money’’ Growing with the Progressive Tri-Cities and Surrounding Area! Serving you from 3 great locations, with all Nationally Advertised Famous Name Brand Merchandise 16 Commonwealth Ave. — Bristol, Va. 600 So. Roan St. — Johnson City, Tenn. 1775 Ft. Henry Dr. — Kingsport, Tenn. ALL 3 LOCATIONS REDEMPTION CENTERS FOR WORTHMORE GOLD STAMPS Worth 25% More Now Than Ever Before OPEN 9 to 9 Mon. thru Fri. 9 to 6 On Sat. yj piiBi 1 i(Worthmore Worthmore) Worthmore Worthmore [ Worthmore 3 PROFIT fc SHARING V, TRADING L STAMP 3 PROFIT SHARING , TRADING STAMP s i PROFIT SHARING TRADING STAMP 3 PROFIT ISHAR1NG fj TRADING STAMP i P ' JOFIT MSIW ' NG L TRADING L M STAMP kIGolO Stamp GoiO Stamp g GoiP Stamp GoiO Stamp LOW, LOW EVERY DAY PRICES REDEEM STAMPS AT J M WHOLESALE WHERE THEY ARE WORTH 25% MORE NOW THAN EVER BEFORE. “TWIN SAVINGS FOR TWIN CITY CITIZENS” AUTOGRAPHS Sullins College Extends Congratulations To The Class of ’66 MINUTE-ETTE FOOD MARKETS Compliments of a Bristol Abingdon FRIEND All Your Shopping Needs All Your Shopping Hours DeVAULTS INC. PIEDMONT LAUNDRY Athletic Equipment — 309 Piedmont St. Phone 669-3332 14 Lee Street Sporting Goods Bristol, Virginia Telephone 669-7521 PETER PAN PASTRY SHOPPE, INC. Home Owned Your Specialty Bake Shoppe Bristol, Vo. Compliments of BLEVINS TIRE CO. 1 1 22 Ookview St. Phone 669-8171 507 Cumberland St. 669-6033 VALLEYDALE PACKERS INC. BACON SAUSAGE WIENERS HAYES REYNOLDS FURNITURE COMPANY " THE COUNTRY STORE THAT SAVES YOU MORE " Highway 421 Bristol, Tennessee SOUTHERN MOTORS, INC. Abington Highway VOLKSWAGEN DANIEL ARTS Always Welcomes Students EASLEY INSURANCE AGENCY INC. MOORE-EARHART CO. Harness and Saddles Athletic Equipment and Luggage Bristol, Virginia Compliments of SEDGEFIED SHOP Twin City Federal Building Bristol, Tennessee — Virginia Jeanie Sportswear 218 19th St. Bristol. Va. BULLOCKS DRUGSTORE 50 Euclid Ave. Lee Garden Shopping Center 669-3136 Your New Y.M.C.A. will soon be ready. Compliments of Fred Reuning and John Ed. Faucette IMPERIAL READING CORPORATION Formerly BIG JACK MANUFACTURING CO. DICKEY INVESTMENT CO., INC. DUNN’S PHARMACY Professional Bldg. “The Best Insurance 340 Woodlawn Ave. For Every Purpose.” Bristol, Tenn. Bristol, Va. Drive-In Window Service REG. Phone 669-1116 7934 Phone 764-2185 POTEET COMPANY EDMONDS BROTHERS Ready Mix Concrete Building Materials Bluff City Highway Bristol, Tennessee 814 Broad Street Bristol, Tenn. Phone 764-3941 Chrysler Mercedes-Benz Imperial Compliments of Compliments of EUCLID PIGGLY-WIGGLY BRISTOL STEEL and IRON Bristol’s Cleanest WORKS, INC. and Most Complete Bristol, Virginia Food Market Corner of Euclid and Pierce Streets Bristol, Virginia BRISTOL BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. BRADLEY’S DRUG STORE Dealing in Quality building Materials, at prices you can afford PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 18 MOORE ST. Dial 669-4143 BRISTOL, VA. THE S. E. MASSENGILL COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF FINE PHARMACEUTICALS SINCE 1897 Bristol, Tennessee Chicago Dallas Kansas City New York San Francisco Robert C Boswell, Inc. 51 Piedmont Street Bristol, Vo.-Tenn. Complete INSURANCE Service YOUR PROTECTION IS OUR BUSINESS — Telephone: 669-5131 Go First Class with a new Buick — Pontiac or Opel CRABTREE BUICK - PONTIAC AND OPEL, INC. Compliments of give your home real wood beauty JOE RAINERO TILE with WELDWOOD®the LIFETIME PANELING Piedmont at Rebecca Bristol, Va. WELDWOOD ® UNITED STATE PLYWOOD BRISTOL, VA. — TENN. FAUCEHE’S 515 STATE ST. Bristol, Va. — Tenn. PIPPIN FLORIST 202 Maple St. Dial 764-7922 Bristol, Tenn. FAMOUS FOR FINE FLOWERS MINOR’S DRUG STORE 8 Sixth St. Bristol, Va. — Tenn. VAN DERVORT’S, INC. Smart Styles Quality Shoes Properly Fitted Paramount Theatre Building Bristol, Tennessee THE JEWEL BOX WEDDING BELLS " Perfect Diamonds " School Charms from $ 1 .50 529 State St. Bristol, Va. Southside Shopping Center Bristol, Tenn . FULLER BUS LINE Bristol - to • Saltville " LOCAL SERVICE FOR LOCAL PEOPLE” 325 Piedmont Street 669-5522 Bristol, Vo. JESSEE COAL CO. RELIABLE QUALITY SERVICE WEIGHTS 232 Piedmont Ave. Phone 669-8642 Compliments of BALL BROS. FURNITURE Bristol, Vo. — Tenn. Compliments of WAMPLER BROS. CARPET 1 13- 17th Street Bristol, Tenn. Bill Wampler — Class of 1943 R. L. SHIPLEY AGENCY Real Estate General Insurance R. L. Shipley 17-6th Street . Robt. G. Faucette 764-4106 MODERN HAIR STYLISTS 4 Operators 1506 Euclid Avenue Next Door to National Fabrics Open 6 Days 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. HECHT’S BAKERY, INC. SwibctM ' ' Publisher — AMERICAN YEARBOOK CO. Photographer — GRAHAM STUDIOS GREENE TRIM SHOP ROGERS JEWELRY COMPANY We Cover Furniture JEWELRY 607 Randolph St. 514 State Street Bristol, Va. Phone 669-7852 FASHION SHOP BILL KING CLOTHIERS Smart Apparel 604 State Street Bristol, Tenn.-Va. Complete Menswear — Ladies Sportswear P. Lijnn Fleenop PRESIDENT C S AUTO PARTS Auto Parts Accessories COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS 605 Randolph St. 032 State Street Phone 76-4-31S1 Bristol. Tennessee Bristol, Va. Phone 669-3822 When You Think of Clothes Think of . . . CARMEN’S DRESS SHOP HULSEY FLOOR SERVICE, INC. Southside Shopping Center 2005 W. State St. Bristol. Tennessee bristoi GURLEY’S HOMESTEAD HOUSE, INC. BELL BROTHERS SHOES " Home of Ethan Allen Furniture " Carpet — Draperies — Accessories Volunteer Parkway — Bristol, Tenn. Kingsport Bristol Johnson City Tenn. Va. Tenn. Delco Batteries Gates Hose JVe Giye S ' S H Green Stamps t ' utcli S iJexaco tcition THE RECORD SHOP EUCLID a COMMONWEALTH AVES • BRISTOL, VA 63 Commonwealth Ave. Road Service -dutch” buskell MANAGER t resi07ie 1 ires Phone 669-9919 Bristol, Va. Compliments of MORETZ CANDY COMPANY Manufacturers of NICKELS MANUFACTURING " RED BAND CANDIES " COMPANY, INC. 1534 Euclid Avenue Bristol, Virginis RILEY REAL ESTATE 502 State St. Bristol, Tenn.-Va. Phone 764-7151 J. H. SOURBEER, INC. Grading, Shovel, Bulldozer Telephone 669-7432 Pan Service Night Call 669-4085 Land Cleaning and Land Draining 817 Gate City Highway Bristol View Drive Bristol, Virginia Congratulations and Best Wishes to each Virginia High Senior of 1966 If you wish to specialize in business education, come to see us. Complete Courses of study in: Secretarial — Stenographic Gregg Shorthand Junior Accounting Rounsaville ABC Shorthand Clerk — Typist and other courses to fit your IBM Card Punch individual needs A most cordial invitation is extended to you to visit our college and see first-hand our modern equipment and observe our methods of training. BRISTOL COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Bristol, Tennessee Telephone 968-1442 Free Placement Service “BETTER SECRETARIES OUR SPECIALTY” A Cordial Welcome is Given Bristol Girls at Virginia Intermont SEATED: Ruth Ann Burnette, Martha Horner, Dotty Ross, Ann Hurt. STANDING: Penny Vermillion, Janet Anderson, Betty Barger, Becky Feathers. VIRGINIA INTERMONT COLLEGE Bristol Dr. Floyd V. Turner Virginia Pres. General Index A Acuff, Miss Annette — 94 Acuff, Brenda — 33, 144 Adams, Gordon — 135 Adams, Justin — 18,34,144 Adams, Martin — 15,34,117 Adams, Stedman — 34,117 ADMINISTRATION — 88-91 ADVERTISING — 174-198 Ager, Jeni — 32,34,39, 127, 133 ALBUM— 114-163 Alder, Melba — 135 Alexander, Danny — 127 Alexander, Margaret — 47,144 Allison, Allen — 127 Al lison, Betty — 135 Allison, Lottie — 19,28,35,117 Andersen, Chris — 34,39,127 Andersen, Mary Clayton — 15,29,34, 39, 117, 123 Anderson, Bill — 38,52,144 Anderson, Laura — 26,34,98,117 Anderson, Mary — 31,35,127 Anderson, Sammy — 95,117 Arnett, Cathy — 44, 135 Arnold, Doug — 117 Ashley, Benny — 36, 144 Ashley, Kay — 135 Ault, Kathy — 127 Ayers, Mike — 127 B Bailey, Benny — 25,35,41,52,60 Bailey, Mr. Bob — 52 Bailey, Connie — 22,24,35,45,47,144 Bailey, Elizabeth — 14,22,32,34,40, 42,43,44, 143, 144, 146 Bailey, Eva — 36,144 Bailey, Sylvia — 42,94,135 Baker, Carter — 41,127 Ba 1 1 , Susan — 135 Balthis, Philip — 36,144 Banks, James — 42,47, 144 Barger, Linda — 24,117 Barker, Chris — 35,117 Barker, Cindy — 117,144 Barker, Kay — 15,17,22,26,144 Barnes, Richard — 135 Barr, Barbara — 135 Bass, Barbara — 135 Bass, Leon — 13,15,34,117 Bates, Gwen — 135 Baxley, Jimmy — 27,127 Baxley, Tab — 42,135 Beattie, Vicki — 117 Belcher, Linda — 31,127 Bell, Mrs. Carole — 94 Bell, Sandra — 37,127 Birdwell, Ellen — 144 Birdwell, Joseph — 47,106,144 Bise, Billy — 37,38,144 Bishop, Richard — 37,42,127 Bishop, Ronnie — 36,117 Black, James — 127 Blackburn, Joe — 1 17 Blackwell, B obby — 135 Blair, Darlene 36,42, 127 Blake, Elizabeth — 19,29,42,43,117 Blaylock, Carolyn — 135 Blaylock, Glenn — 41,117 Blaylock, Jackie — 41,127 Blaylock, Kathy — 117 Blaylock, Mary — 144 Bolling, Billie Jean — 17,29,35,40, 1 17 Booher, Gene — 42,135 Booher, Phyllis — 26,36,40,42,127 Booher, Shirley — 42, 135 Booth, Mrs. Doris — 4,37,89,94 Bouton, Bobby — 127 Bowdoin, Mrs. Louise — 110 Bower, Joyce — 135 Bowman, Billy — 25,36,145 Bowman, Philip — 135 Bowman, Sharon — 127 Bowman, Wilma — 135 Boyd, Mrs. Frances — 41,89,104 Boyd, Steve — 42,135 Boyd, Verdia — 47, 145 Branson, Don — 42,135 Brent, Ronnie — 41 Brewer, MIckie Sue — 47,145 Brewer, Pat — 28, 1 17 Bridgeman, Geraldine — 44, 135 Bridgeman, Jacqueline — 44,135 Bridgeman, Pat — 145 Brittle, Paul — 47,52, 145 Brittle, Richard — 135 Brittle, William — 47,135 Brock, Lorry — 58,59,135 Brooks, Linda — 1 7,22, 26, 29, 35, 1 1 7 Brooks, Patty — 40, 145 Brown, Miss Irene — 17,30,89,102,103 Brown, LaVerne — 42, 1 17 Brown, Margaret — 145 Brown, Tony — 127 Browning, Brenda — 127 Browning, David — 42,117 Brumet, Barbara — 24,117,120 Brumet, Linda — 16,135 Bryan, Paul — 135 Bryant, Suzanne — 35, 127 Buchanan, Carol — 127 Buchanan, Charles — 27, 145 Buck, Kathy — 15,19,29,35,145 Buck, Lilli — 19,22,29,34,35,117 Bullock, Scott — 14,25, 1 17, 145, 157 Bullock, Steve — 25,28,117 Burdette, Linda — 37,42,127 Burke, Linda — 22,32,34, 40,45,47, 145, 146 Burnette, Butch — 135 Burnette, Joan — 36, 1 17 Burnette, Pejie — 35,37,44,127 Burton, Mr. C. A. — 25,59,64,94, 102 Byington, Lynn — 117 c Cain, Connie — 24,45,47,118 Calhoun, Kenneth — 57 Campbell, Albert — 42,135 Campbell, Diane — 29,32,33,35, 118 Campbell, Kenny — 36,145 Campbell, Larry — 25,57,60,61,63, 64, 145 Campbell, Linda — 38,127 Campbell, Mary — 42,118 Campbell, Robert — 127,145 Campbell, Steve — 38,127 Cannaday, Loleta — 127 Canter, Barbara — 31,145 Canter, Billy — 13,25,36,145 Canter, Butch — 133 Canter, Debbie — 31,36,118 Canter, Kay — 127 Cantrell, Lois — 41,118 Carlson, Debbie — 26,29,35,118 Carmack, Delores — 116,118 Carrier, Jeniene — 28,33,38,147 Carrier, Kathy — 26,45,47,127 Carrier, Paula — 38,44,135 Carruthers, Bette Jo — 35,135 Carruthers, Charles — 36,147 Carruthers, Steve — 47,118 Carter, Bernard — 147 Carter, Eddie — 127 Carter, Estelle — 32,35,127 Carter, Joyce — 13,127 Carter, Linda — 47, 127 Carter, Maria — 147 Carter, Mike — 42, 147 Carter, Sally — 118 Cartwright, Jack — 15,23,27,35,118 Cartwright, Jack — 35, 135 Cash, A I ice — 127 Cash, Frank — 25,28,52,127 Caywood, Dennis — 135 Caywood, Edith — 147 Chofin, Veanis — 44,147 Chandler, Diane — 23,127 Chandler, Mary Bruce — 135 Chapman, Owetta — 135 CHEERLEADERS — 50-51 Childress, Tommy — 41,118 Church, David — 30,47, 127 Clark, Brenda — 127 Clark, Dennis — 118 Clark, Donna — 135 Clark, Lena — 118 Clark, Phyllis — 24,51,147 Clark, Ronnie — 41,147 Clarke, Jerry — 118 Clarke, Larry — 135 Clay, Frank — 127 Clear, Cheryl — 24,28,35,42,118 Cloyd, Debbie — 127 Cochran, Wanda — 37,47, 127 Cody, Anthony — 147 Cody, Kel lie — 118 Coff ield, Leo — 118 Cole, David — 127 Cole, Wayne — 41,147 Coleman, Bruce — 25,127 Coleman, Mrs. Halen — 109 Collins, Betty — 31,42,128 Collins, Carolyn — 14,40,42,147 Collins, Charles — 128 Collins, Diane — 44,135 Collins, Kathleen — 31,33,118 Collins, Tommy — 135 Combow, Gary — 36,118 Combow, Patsy — 26,36,42,128 Combs, Joe — 18,147 Combs, Johnny — 135 Combs, Lynn — 128 Combs, Ronnie — 147 Connell, Jackie — 118 CONTENTS — 1 Cooper, Betty — 15,29,34,128 Cooper, Bobby — 34,135 Cooper, Miss Leone — 36,89 Copenhaver, Mrs. Mildred — 17,28,89, 108 Cornett, Sharon — 135 Cornett, Tommy — 147 Corum, Mary — 36,128 Corvin, Don — 128 Counts, Joanne — 14,18,24,35,147, 156 Cowan, Becky — 148 Cox, Clifford — 41,148 Cox, Dennis — 28,38,108,148 Cox, Diane — 36,38,128 Cox, Junior — 135 Cox, Marjorie — 128 Cox, Phyllis — 40,135 Cox, Wayne — 148 Creger, Don — 56 Creger, Mrs. Mildred — 104 Criswell, Anita — 13,23,24,128 Croft, Ken — 128 Cross, Brenda — 44,128 Cross, Dorthea — 42,110,128 Cross, Jerry — 13,17,25,57,60,64, 148,157 Cross, London — 57,128 Cross, Robert — 47 Crosswhite, Lorry — 56,50,118 Crosswhite, Linda — 47,128 Crowe, Gary — 58,135 Cruise, Ronnie — 148 Crumley, Jane — 14,28,35,39,148 Crusenberry, Judy — 37,41,148 Crusenberry, Linda — 135 Cummins, Mr. Howard — 11,23,89, 100,132 Cummins, Mr. Jack — 36,104 Cunningham, Lynn — 22,34,35,39,118 Cunningham, Randy — 1 18 Curcio, Mr. C. P. — 102 Curcio, Joey — 58,110,135 Curtis, Brenda — 14,24,25,28,42,43, 50,143,148,155,159 Curtis, Earl — 128 D Daniel, Mrs. Tom — 7,34,89,96 Daniels, Johnny — 41,128 Daugherty, Patty — 36,128 Davenport, David — 135 Davenport, Kathy — 148 Davenport, Rebecca — 135 Davidson, Charlotte — 31,35,44,128 Davidson, Oliver — 135 Davis, Becky — 42,135 Davis, Betty — 1 18 Davis, Dicky — 41,54,55,60,61,118 Davis, Nancy — 47 Davis, Peggy — 47,136 Davison, Joe — 148 Dawson, Mrs. Ireta — 37,89 Day, Linda — 38,135 DEDICATION — 8-9 Denton, Gene — 15,22,23,25,35,143, 148 Denton, Hazel — 148 Dettor, Dora — 15,17,35,118 Diamond, Mr. Thomas — 100 Dillon, Sandra — 118 Dillow, Glema — 118 DIRECTORY — 164,171 Dishner, Don — 128 Distefano, Frank — 25,128 Dixon, Vernell — 118 Donnelly, Danny — 128 Dorton, Hobert — 128 Dowell, Eunice — 118 Dowell, Jimmy — 108,119 Dowell, Ronnie — 136 Draper, Debbie — 42,136 Drinkard, Carolyn — 14,22,29,32,35, 38,39,94,146,148,161 Drinkard, Linda — 136 Duckett, Don — 128 Duff, Robert — 60,128 Dugger, Mr. Marion — 87,106 Dugger, Ricky — 136 Duncan, Rhonda — 47,136 Dunn, Bobby — 35,38,148 Dunn, Ricky — 41,136 Dunn, Sarah — 26, 1 19 Dutton, Mary — 119 E Eades, Ann — 29, 136 Eades, Gene — 42,52,119 Eades, Jimmy — 128 Easterling, Kylene — 136 Edwards, Barbara — 148 Edwards, Mr. Wayne — 24,98,139 El ler, Billy — 149 Eller, Cartha — 26,35,119 Eller, Mary Ruth — 36, 149 El liot, A I Ian — 56 Ellis, Bobby — 59,60,64, 149 Ellis, Jane — 94,149 Ellis, Jean — 32,42,113,149 Ellis, Sandy — 29,35,128 Ely, Elbert — 37,47,149 English, Bi 1 1 ie — 119 Eury, Deborah — 42,149 Evans, Jeff — 136 Ewing, Douglas — 119 F FACULTY — 94-113 Fagan, Carol — 19, 149 Fagan, Jane — 29,35,119 Farmer, Jimmy — 52 Faust, Bill — 41,75, 149 Faust, Karen — 149 Feathers, Chris — 13,42,94, 136 FEATURES — 74-85 Feazell, Jack — 136 Felty, Phil — 149 Ferguson, Bruce — 36, 149 Ferrell, Schuy — 56,59,60,128 Fields, Karen — 35,47, 128 Fields, Molly — 12,13,18,22,35,39, 40,116,119,120 Fields, Suzanne — 28,29,35,39,43, 47,108,119 FINALE — 172-173 Fine, Debbie — 38,41,119 Finley, Mark — 34,136 Fleenor, Bobby — 41,47,119,136 Fleenor, Donna — 136 Fleenor, Judy — 128 Fleenor, Paul — 13,42,136 Fleenor, Phil — 149 Fleenor, Woody — 119 Foote, Kathryn — 42, 1 19 Forgey, Jan — 31,119 Fortner, Darlene — 136 Foster, Jerry — 87 Fraction, Thelma — 1 19 Fraley, Linda — 42,136 Francis, Joe — 28,149 Franklin, Tyler — 14,22,23,25,119 Freeman, Gilbert — 87,106 French, Mr. J. P. — 12,27,94 Fretwell, Mr. Wayne — 98 Frye, Bill — 41,1 19 Fullwood, Jimmie — 149 Fulp, Gwendolyn — 47,149 Fulp, Rita — 47, 128 G Galliher, Bobby — 37,128 Galliher, Pam — 31, 150 Garrett, Linda — 119 Garrett, Mike — 34,136 Garrett, Miss Nina — 98 Gemmell, Danny — 50,60,119 Gemmell, Janet — 51,74,150,158 Gemmell, John — 136 Gibson, Carol — 22,29,42,43,100, 119 Gibson, Greg — 25,47,57, 150 Gilbert, Greg — 119,47 Gillenwater, Jane — 18,22,24,28,103, 150 Gilliam, Brenda — 136 Gilly, Alan — 27, 128 Gilmer, Jackie — 136 Gilmer, Suzanne — 13,24,28,110,128 Glover, Nancy — 120 Glover, Ronnie — 25,41,150 Gong, Joe — 42,58, 136 Gong, Mary — 14,37,44,128 Goodpasture, Lean — 136 Goodson, Sharon — 136 Gordon, Randy — 58,136 Gordon, Susie — 22,26,34,35,50,120 Gore, William — 136 Grace, Jane — 128,136 Grady, Ava — 128 Grant, George — 37,136 Grant, Phyllis — 136 Green, James — 58,136 Green, Miss Linda — 35,96,97 Greene, Sandra — 35,40,120 Greer, Joyce — 44,136 Greeson, Johnny — 128 Greeson, Marty — 136 Gregory, Karen — 47,136 Griffin, Hugh — 52 Griffith, James — 128 Grigsby, Benny — 15,22,23,27,35,120 Griswald, Martha — 33,137 Grizzle, Carol — 16,26,150 Grizzle, Randy — 12,28,128 Groseclose, Becky — 26, 120 Groseclose, Martha — 22,40,47,120 Gudger, Timothy — 60 Guinn, Bobby — 137 Gullion, David — 41,120 Gullion, Frank — 128 H Haber, Sherry — 13,18,19,29,35,39, 120 Hackley, Ann — 22,29,34,35,120 Hackley, Donna — 137 Hale, Holly — 128 Hale, Jerry — 41,128 Ha le. Mike — 128 Ha 1 1, Barbara — 129 Hall, Bobby — 129 Ha 1 1 , Carolyn — 137 Hal 1 , Howard — 137 Hall, Kip — 129 Ha 1 1 , Mr . Lester — 12, 14, 19, 95 Hal 1, Nancy — 37, 44, 137 Ha 1 1 , Mr . Roscoe — 89 Hambrick, Betsy — 26, 42,150 Hami ton, Genie — 12 14,17 ,22 29 ,35,116,120 Hami Iton, Philip — 14, 25,27, 40 43 ,56,60,63,64, 146 , 150, 1 52 Hami Iton, Phyllis — 40 ,150, 1 51 Hardoby, Gary — 137 Harlow, Charlotte — 137 Harmon, Sandra — 35,38, 129 Harmon, Thomas — 58,59,137 Harris, Beulah — 129 Harrison, Bobby — 27,99,137 Harrison, Fred — 37,150 Harrison, Jerry — 36,150 Harrison, Larry — 11,12,14,15,22,25, 27,52, 146, 150, 152 Harrison, Larry — 129 Hartley, Harold — 42,43,150 Hartsock, James — 42,137 Hartsock, Larry — 120 Hawk, Danny — 137 Hawk, Jimmy — 150 Hawk, Lillion — 36,150 Hawk, Sandra — 129 Hawkins, Alice — 24,150 Hawkins, Eula — 31,33,120 Hawkins, Jackie — 24,129 Hawkins, Ronnie — 15,34,120 Hawkins, Sue — 47, 137 Hawks, Charles — 129 Hawks, Kathy — 41,150 Hayes, Barbara — 39,129 Hayes, Debbie — 39,42,129 Hayes, Karen — 42,137 Hayes, Linda — 24,29,32,36,151 Haynes, Charles — 120 Head, Charles — 137 Heath, Pou la — 151 Helbert, Kathy — 44,137 Helbert, Linda — 137 Helbert, Rita — 44,137 Helton, Butter — 41,137 Helton, Nancy — 137 Hendricks, Jeanne — 34,47,129 Henner, David — 35,120 Henner, Dennis — 137 Hensley, Carol — 44,129 Henson, Vivian — 41,151 Hernadez, Penny — 32,35,44,137 Herndon, Bobby — 137 Hicks, Danny — 151 Hicks, Mrs. Elaine — 113 Hicks, Ted — 12,38,42, 120 Hickson, Louellen — 137 Hill, Bobby Sue — 120 HIM, Mike — 42,121 Hill, Mike —47,52,129 Hill, Nancy — 28,30,36,105,151 Hill, Patricia — 44,137 Hill, Stanley — 41,121 Hill, Tony — 137 Hines, Howard — 138 Hoback, Dennis — 18,19,22,25,56, 151 Hoback, Mark — 138 Hobbs, Bobby — 138 Hobbs, Sonny — 107,129 Hodgson, Mike — 13,14,25,38,52,53, 60,61,64, 146, 151 Hoffer, Kevin — 138 Hoffer, Steve — 36,121 Holbrook, Carolyn — 33,40,102,121 Holbrook, Don — 38,151 Holbrook, Jack — 129 Holdway, Johnny — 58,138 Holdway, Linda — 31,35,121 Hooper, Mr. Ray — 89,104,105 Hopkins, Kenneth — 152 Horne, Bobby — 138 Horner, Chris — 41,138 Hostler, Mrs. Martha — 26,27,98,99 Houser, Judy — 37,38,44,138 Howington, Sammy — 129 Hubbard, Mrs. Elizabeth — 32,96 Hubbard, Frank — 14,15,19,27,34, 152 Hudson, Linda — 138 Hunt, Brazil — 42,152 Hunt, Fred — 121 Huntley, Margaret — 47,152 Hurley, Ronnie — 13,121 Hurt, Mr. Edward — 99 I Icenhour, Shelby — 47, 129 Icenhour, Stewart — 128 Ingle, Charlie — 129 Irwin, David — 129 Isom, Eula — 121 Isom, Helen — 152 J Jackson, Fred — 138 Jackson, Janet — 17,22,24,29,35, 121 Jackson, Kitty — 31,36,152 Jackson, Larry — 41,152 Jackson, Lonnie — 138 Jackson, Mike — 138 Jackson, Ruth — 31,42,129 James, Mike — 138 James, Tommy — 25,28,38,60,62,64, 151,152 James, Veda — 13,24,42,51,153,157, 161 Jennings, Mr. Allen — 89,111 Jessee, Danny — 41,121 Jessee, Suzanne — 35,42,43, 138 Jett, Freddie — 28,121 Johnson, Barbara — 129 Johnson, Brenda — 129 Johnson, Carol — 138 Johnson, Charles — 36,129 Johnson, Gene — 15,34,138 Johnson, Jane — 138 Johnson, Jennie — 138 Johnson, Julia — 31,35,129 Johnson, Junior — 130 Johnson, Pat — 138 Johnson, Paul — 33,60,61,64,153 Johnson, Phil — 35,121 Johnson, Susan — 29,34,42,121 Johnson, Tommy — 14,15,22,25,52, 153 Johnston, Ronald — 25,37,38,42,43,121 Jones, Brenda — 153 Jones, Carol — 138 Jones, Charles — 60,64,153 Jones, David — 121 Jones, Debbie — 41,121 Jones, Jackie — 130 Jones, Margaret — 130 Jones, Nancy — 28,163 Jones, Patricia — 138 Jordon, Diana — 35 K Kaylor, Jimmy — 41,153 Kaylor, Sharon — 44,130 Keene, Larry — 138 Keese, Eddie — 42,138 Keese, Jimmy — 28,153 Keesee, Billy — 41,49,52,60,121 Keesee, Eddie — 31,37,42,121 Keesee, Larry — 35,130 Kegley, Nancy — 22,29,33,121 Kell, William — 18,27,60,61,64,82 Keller, Frank — 41,130 Keller, James — 130,138 Keller, Nancy — 14,24,35,53,155 Kemp, Myra — 31,44,130 Kent, Deborah — 44,138 Kent, James — 153 Kerr, David — 25,35,56,96,121 Kestner, John — 138 Kestner, Ricky — 38,42,121 Kestner, Von — 36,153 Keyt, John — 130 King, Connie — 17,34,39,126,130 King, Dewey — 47,130 King, Elizabeth — 41 King, Gail — 153 King, Hermidia — 47,153 King, Judy — 153 King, Julia — 26,29,43,153 King. Linda — 40,153 King, Pat — 1 54 King, Tommy — 27,34,121 Kinkead, Marcia — 22,35,39,121 Kirk, Dwight — 154 Kistner, Basil — 138 Kistner, Harold — 41,154 Kistner, John — 47 Knipe, Sue — 13,138 Knox, Robert — 27,130 Koltunski, David — 138 Koltunski, Judy — 16,22,35,48,154 Koltunski, Richard — 130 Kovacs, Dr. Louis — 5,88,89 Kovacs, Mark — 42,47,130 Kovacs, Mike — 56 Kroft, Ken — 47 L Lampkins, Mike — 47,140,154 Lane, James — 30,35,38,120 Lane, Kathy — 34,138 Lane, Richard — 138 Large, Danny — 42,58,59,138 Large, Janet — 36,130 Large, Julia — 130 Lesley, Wanda — 30 Lauman, James — 121 Lauman, Maude — 138 Lawson, Alesia — 130 Lawson, Betty — 35,44,138 Lawson, Eve — 44, 138 Lawson, Judy — 40,41 Lawson, Mark — 34,42,138 Lawson, Robert — 138 Lawson, Wayne — 154 Lee, Jack — 35,130 Lee, Kenneth — 130 Leonard, Cheryl — 24,152,154,161 Leonard, Lynn — 25,154 Leonard, Nancy — 138 Leonard, Paul — 154 Lester, Anita — 130 Lester, Arvil — 130 Levy, Marilyn — 15,19,121 Link, Diane — 47,138 Little, Barbara — 29,33,130 Littleton, David — 138 Logan, Mike — 14,25,27,38,60,61, 64,154 Lowe, Barbara — 37,44,130 Lowe, Debbie — 130 Luttrell, William — 130 Lyttle, Bruce — 30,37,42,43,130 Lyttle, Wanda — 14,30,154 M Mabe, Buddy — 36,154 Maiden, Becky — 28,40,44,154 Maiden, Gary — 42 Malinay, Ann — 35,121,144 Manley, Mrs, Val — 33,40,100 Marshall, Bobby — 130 Marshall, Mr. Philip — 57,64,110,111 Martens, Betty Sue — 121 Martin, Emile — 56,57 Martin, Mrs. Katherine — 31,105 Martin, Lynn — 56,57,59,60,130 Mason, Patty — 40,42,43,154 Matthews, John — 130 Mays, Ann — 42,134,138 Mays, Jacqueline — 41,154 Mays, Terry — 13,15,22,24,35,42, 130, 131 McClellan, Gayla — 121 McCloud, George — 52,98,121 McConnell, Marilyn — 33,40,47,154 McCracken, Jerry — 155 McCray, Rudy — 155 McCullogh, Rebecca — 39,130 McDaniel, Ellen — 13,17,22,29,40, 122 McFarlane, Phil — 27,35,60,64,155 McGlamary, Brenda — 44 McKamey, Willette — 36,122 McNew, Becky — 13,25,33,39,138 McNew, Jimmy — 47,155 McNutt, Alvin — 130 McNutt, Mrs. Laura — 89 McQueeney, Helen — 28,29,35,39, 102,122 McQueeney, Joanne — 13,15,18,22, 32,35,39,103, 143,146,152,155 McVey, Margaret — 33,101,122 Meade, Frances — 41,155 Meade, Robert — 57, 122 Meikle, Helen — 22,29,34,122 Melkowski, Chris — 138 Mellett, Susan — 22,29,34,39,122 Melvin, Diane — 44,138 Miles, Kathy — 155 Miller, Dana — 44 Miller, David — 18,25,27,39,54,55, 60,61,64,146,155,156 Miller, Diane — 39,42,50,126,130 Miller, Nancy — 122 Miller, Pam — 44,138 Miller, Pete — 25,56,50,60,130 Minor, Louise — 138 Mitchell, Meredith — 34,39 Mitchell, Truman — 155 Moad, Paula — 36,155 Modrzejkwsk i, Christine — 26,38,130 Molenaar, Carrie — 36, 122 Molenaar, Richard — 130 Monahan, Sharon — 139 Monteith, Patsy — 36,42,130 Montgomery, David — 155 Montgomery, Harvey — 60,64,155 Moore, Debbie — 29,139 Moore, Mr. I. B. — 106,107 Moore, Jimmy — 42, 139 Moore, Norman — 139 Moore, Patricia — 42,139 Moore, Paul — 131 Moore, Rita — 38,156 Moretz, Albert — 56 Moretz, Larry — 42,58,59,110,139 Morris, Linda — 21,36,156 Morris, Myrtle — 36,42,156 Morton, Sara — 131 Muller, Benny — 122 Mu I ler, Tony — 52 Mullins, Darlene — 36,122 Mullins, Rodney — 14,26,41,87,156 Mumpower, London — 52,53 Murray, Betty — 36,122 Murray, Brenda — 36,122 Murray, Fred — 41,156 Murray, Gene — 122 Murray, Harding — 139 Murray, Joyce — 36,131,139 Murray, Judy — 139 Musick, Bobby — 57 Musick, Ryland — 13,27,131 Myers, Barbara — 29,42,122,124 Myers, Jimmy — 47,139 N Nave, James — 36,156 Necessary, Alvin — 38,156 Necessary, Debbie — 29 Nelms, Richard — 25,38,42,131 Nelson, Carolyn — 21,28,36 Nelson, Charles — 42,139 Nelson, Judy — 122 Nelson, Judy — 139 Nelson, Kathy — 131 Nelson, LeRoy — 139 Nelson, Paula — 102,156 Newcomb, Randy — 131 Newton, Charlotte — 47, 122 Newton, Larry — 131 Nidlffer, James — 41,52,60,61,122 O Oakley, Sammy — 27,54,126,131 OI Iver, A I len — 139 OI iver, Billy — 139 Oliver, Sue — 35,131 O ' Neal, Brenda — 30,156 Orebaugh, Kay — 156 ORGANIZATIONS — 20-47 Osborne, Brenda — 47,131 Osborne, John — 131 Osborne, Jon — 122 Otey, Bobby — 131 Owens, Carolyn — 47,139 P Pace, Katherine — 44,156 Page, Janice — 30,33,139 Page, Linda — 13 1 Page, Trula — 31,122 PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION — 92 Parks, Charlie — 13,15,22,27,54 Parks, John — 58, 139 Parrott, Glenna — 16,17,22,29,35, 122 Patrick, Arthur — 122 Patrick, Charlotte — 156 Patrick, Terry — 139 Peak, Herbert — 42,47,122 Peak, Ronnie — 122 Pearson, Mr. Robert — 25,106 Peltier, David — 41,157 Pender, James — 131 Penley, Lee — 122 Perry, Janice — 24,157 Phelps, Paul — 122 Phillippi, Diane — 14,26,157 Phillippi, Grant — 35,38,87,123 Phillips, Ricky — 35,123 Pippin, Brenda — 37,38,44,131 Pippin, Gary — 157 Pippin, Harry — 106,107,131 Pippin, Larry — 131 Pittman, Barry — 14,25,60,62,146, 155, 157 Plaskie, Cathie — 123 Plemons, Charles — 131 Plyer, Steve — 28,123 Poore, Larry — 139 Porter, Debbie — 131 Post, Mrs. Marianne — 95 Powell, Donna — 26,29,35,42,123 Powell, Julia — 34,139 Pratt, Shirley — 42,131 Presley, Neal — 139 Preston, Bobby — 28 Price, Danny — 123 Pritchard, Diane — 123 Proffitt, Allan — 38,123 Puckett, Betty Jo — 44, 139 Pullon, Wayne — 139 Q Quisenberry, Mike — 94,139 R Rachel, Barbara — 31,35,157 Radler, George — 58,139 Rainero, James — 41,132 Rainero, Steve — 41,157 Raines, Mike — 42, 139 Ralston, Jeanie — 28,29,123 Ralston, Jerry — 41,131 Randall, Marvin — 131 Randolph, Pam — 38, 132 Rash, Charla Jo — 139 Rasnick, Mr. W. C. — 88.89.99 Rawley, Frances — 157 Rawn, John — 123 Redmon, Pete — 47 Redmon, Wanda — 47,123 Reedy, Charles — 41,158 Reedy, Douglas — 139 Reeves, Miss Helen — 39,95 Reid, Mike — 28, 123 Reisler, Eddie — 36,132 Rhea, Stanley — 58,140 Rhoton, John — 123 Rhoton, Mike — 140 Rhoton, Paul — 41,123 Rhymer, Jerry — 28,158 Rhymer, Pat — 41 Richardson, Mr. M. H. — 46,112 Richardson, Randall — 132 Ritters, Patricia — 123 Roark, Sandra — 44,1 40 Roberts, Deborah — 123 Roberts, J . S . — 158 Roberts, Sharon — 47,158 Robinette, Carol — 12,16,22,26,157, 158 Robinson, Charles — 132 Robinson, Janie — 47,123 Robinson, Linda — 36,158 Robinson, Louise — 36,158 Robinson, Polly — 140 Robinson, Reba — 44,132 Roe, Claude— 28,41,60,64,103,158 Roe, John — 25,38,56,57,62,158 Rosenbaum, Eddy — 158 Rosenbaum, Gary — 158 Rosenbaum, Mary — 132 Rosenbaum, Tyrone — 132 Ross, Betty — 36,123 Ross, Carol — 42,123 Ross, Jimmy — Ross, Judy — 32,40,132 Rouse, Janice — 158 Rucker, Dale — 13,24,25,27,52,53, 60,63,64, 143,158,159 Rutherford, Martha — 34,134,140 Rutherford, Teresa — 123 Rutter, Lannle — 42,58,140 Rutter, Phillip — 58,59, 140 Ryan, Jackie — 140 Ryan, Robin — 29,35,123 S Saddler, Brenda — 42, 140 Saddler, Mark — 41,60,123 Salyers, Gary — 13,15,27,42,134, 137,140 Salyers, Neal — 15,18,25,27,155,159 Salyers, Sandy — 19,28,29,33,35,124 Sampson, Linda — 32,33,40,47,96,151, 159 Sams, Ronnie — 30,132 Sanderson, Butch — 132 Sanderson, Dicky — 25,124 Sartelle, Susan — 29,124 Saul, Curtis — 60,159 Saul, Linda — 40,124 Scales, Faye — 37, 132 Schlipf, Virginia — 35,44,140 Scott, Meritta — 159 Scott, Robert — 140 Seaver, Eddie — 34,38,124 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES — 146 SERVICE WORKERS — 92-93 Settle, Brenda — 140 Settle, Debbie — 44 Seward, Mr. Roland — 46,112 Sexton, Gail — 24,42,43,159 Shaffer, Brenda — 124 Shaffer, Deborah — 44,140 Shaffer, Jessie — 140 Shaffer, Lois — 140 Shaffer, Paul — 41,124 Shaffer, Ray — 124 Shankle, Hope — 140 Shankle, Vicki — 124 Sharrett, Edna — 30,36,105,159 Sharrett, Janie — 40,41,159 Sharrett, Joyce — 132 Shazor, Bernetta — 37,42,132 Shazor, Ruth — 132 Shearin, Janice — 41,124 Shearin, Larry — 132 Sheets, Kathy — 25,29,124 Shepherd, Mary K. — 140 Shelton, Larry — 159 Shipley, Andrea — 24,33,159 Shipley, Ronnie — 25, 149 Shipley, Wayne — 140 Short, Brenda — 38,42,43,132 Short, Jackie — 124 Short, Larry — 140 Shuttle, Linda — 31,124 Silcox, Patsy — 132 Silcox, Roncie — 159 Silcox, Sammy — 159 Silvers, Harvey — 159 Sims, Doug — 140 Sims, Eddie — 37,38, 124 Singleton, Victor — 140 Slack, Frank — 27,60,161 Slack, Maxie — 27,28,35,39,161 Slagle, Billy — 58,59, 140 Slagel, Teddy — 140 Slaughter, Carol — 28,31,38,161 Smeltzer, Randall — 13,25,28,60,62, 161 Sm ley , Joe — 41,161 Sm th. Brenda — 42,124, 161 Sm th. David - - 42,43,47 , 140 Sm th. Don — 57 Sm th. Eddie, — 40,47, 124 Sm th. Howard — 140 Sm th. Joy — 31,44 Sm th. Ken — 140 Sm th. Larry — - 41,124 Sm th. Linda - - 33,47 Sm th. Mike — - 60 Sm th. Pam — 36,40,47, 132 Sm th. Pamela — 132 Sm th. Patty — 124 Sm th. Richard — 140 Sm th. Susan - - 37,40,47 161 Sm th. Susan — - 28,124 Sm th. Terry — 14,17,21, 22,25,47 161 Smith, Tim — 41,60, 124 Sm •th. Wayne — 47, 132 Snodgrass, Kathy — 132 Snodgrass, Nancy — 31,33,124 Snow, Bill — 124 Snyder, Frank — 140 Spangler, Mr. Larry — 64,100,133 Sparger, John — 124 SPORTS — 52-71 Sproles, Tommy — 36, 149 Stallard, Linda — 31,159 Stanley, Charlene — 31,162 Stanley, Kerry — 141 Stanley, Perry — 42,141 Stanton, Alice — 44 Stapleton, Curtis — 132 Stapleton, Janice — 141 Statzer, Daphne — 41,162 Steele, Linda — 141 Stevenhagen, Miles — 58,141 Stevenson, Sammy — 124 Stevens, Ann — 33,37,40,162 S tevens, Debbie — 124 Stevens, Debbie — 141 Stevens, James — 57 Stewart, Carol — 13,15,19,22,26,29, 102, 124 Stewart, Kenneth — 141 Stewart, Marie — 141 Stewart, Marshal I — 60, 111,132 Steart, Peggy — 26,50,124 Stidham, Mrs. Nancy — 24,43,112 Stigall, Becky — 28,29,35,124 Stone, Steve — 41,126,132 Stone, Tommy — 133 Stout, Tony — 37,125 Stover, Bill — 25,106,162 Straton, Alice — 141 Strickland, Susan — 29,34,162 Straton, Alice — 141 Stringer, Jimmy — 49,52 Sullivan, Phyllis — 133 Sullivan, Shelia — 141 Sutherland, Peggy — 26,38,133 Swiney, Alice — 11,15,19,22,29, 125 Swiney, Joan — 141 Swiney, Joe — 41,133 Sword, Rita — 47, 141 Sykes, Roxie — 141 Tate, Rachel — 30,33,141 Tate, Wade — 58, 141 Taucher, Allan — 125 Taucher, John — 56 Taucher, Linda — 14,38,133 Taucher, Steve — 47, 133 Taylor, Dyan — 36,133 Tenpenney, Dwanna — 26,41,162 Terry, Cal lie — 141 Terry, John — 41,54,55,162 Thomas, Bill — 41,60,125 Thomas, Bill — 25,38,52, 133 Thomas, Dorothy — 31,133 Thomas, Joe — 133 Thomas, Judy Kay — 42,125 Thomas, Randy — 141 Thomas, Sam — 133 Thompson, Cheryl — 141 Thompson, Conley — 125 Thompson, Randall — 36,162 Thurmond, Becky — 29,35,39,125 Thurston, Dicky — 13,42,49,141 Thurston, George — 162 Thurston, Wayne — 141 Tilley, Mimi — 29,35,39, 125 Tillson, Dean — 133 Todt, Alex — 41,49,58,141 Todt, Anna — 125 Tolbert, Gary — 141 Tolbert, John — 36,102,125 Tolbert, Patsy — 141 Tolley, Joanne — 47,141 Tollie, Michele — 34,141 Townsend, Connie — 41,162 Trent, Jimmy — 141 Trent, Joyce — 125 Trivette, Brenda — 24,29,33,162 Trivette, Cathy — 42,121 Trivette, Charles — 42,133 Trivette, Virginia — 162 Trivette, Wayne — 41,52,162 Trump, Bill — 41, 162 Tuell, Carlina — 21,22,43,47,125 Tuell, Mike — 47,140,141 Turner, Pansy — 141 Turner, Vicki — 24,29,35,125 U Underwood, Kathy — 162 V Valiant, Charlotte — 17,39,133 Vance, Carolyn — 141 Vance, Diane — 43,133 VanHoy, Karen — 31,141 VanHoy, Norma — 44,141 VanPelt, Dr. Joseph — 90 Vaughn, Dwayne — 162 Vaughn, Hoye — 125 Vaughn, Mike — 58,141 Venable, Earl — 125 Vernon, Ben — 36 Veselosky, Patty — 41,163 Viers, Ernie — 28,133 Vine, Dennis — 49,56,57 W Wade, Letticia — 28,163 Walden, Lloyd — 133 Walker, Bobby — 125 Wallen, Challen — 13,25,163 Wann, Kathy — 141 Ward, Vannie — 125 Ward, Charles — 47,141 Warf, Drucilla — 28,42,163 Warf, Lanice — 44,141 Warren, Penny — 36,125 Washington, Diane — 125 Watford, Mr. Jerry — 4,54,60,62,64 Wells, Barbara — 33,35,42,124,125 Wells, Nathaniel — 41,163 West, Sonya — 44,141 Wheeler, Toni — 14,33,35,163 Wheeler, Vicki — 33,39,133 Whicker, Betsy — 125 Whitaker, Mrs. Ralph — 87,88 White, Ara — 136,141 White, Candy — 13,22,27,34,35,39, 116,125 White, Johnny — 38,60,125 Whitley, Miss Nancy — 19,24,95 Whitlow, Dean — 13,141 Widner, Diane — 133 Widner, Linda — 36,133 Widner, Sally — 163 Widner, Sandra — 141 Wiley, Susan — 29,141 Wilkinson, Mr. C. A. — 38,98,99 Wilkinson, Freddie — 42,47 Williams, Bobby — 125 Williams, Mrs. Carolyn — 21,95,97 Williams, Debbie — 29,35,47,125 Williams, Janet — 125 Williams, Larry — 37,45,47 Williams, Richard — 163 Williams, Susan — 11,14,17,22,29,34, 39, 126 Willis, Cathy — 44 Willis, Nancy — 42 Wilson, Dottie — 125 Winters, Brenda — 163 Winters, Sherry — 13,35,40,42,133 Wise, Carol — 141 Wolfe, Connie — 47,141 Wolfe, Jewel — 31,42,163 Woodby, Mr. Eugene — 100 Woody, Jessica — 35,45,47,133 Worley, Jerry — 141 Worley, Jimmy — 141 Worley, Kathy — 141 Worley, Peggy — 41,125 Worley, Robert — 30,37,47,163 Worrell, Jimmy — 27,54,55,163 Wright, Bobby — 133 Wright, Donna — 133 Wright, Evelyn — 141 Wright, Fred — 52,133 Wright, Harry — 25,35 Wright, Howard — 141 Wright, Jay — 27, 163 Wright, Jerry — 52 Wright, Karen — 47, 163 Wright, Ronald — 141 Wright, Sue — 163 Wyatt, Sue — 47,163 Y Yarber, Bill — 141 Yarber, Ralph — 141 Yarber, Shirley — 31,141 Yarber, Warren — 52,59,60,133 York, Sidney — 35,39,133 York, Victor — 35,96, 163 Young, Alice — 32,35,125 Young, Ronnie — 56 if t £ 1 ' it t I ■b I

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