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0 iK,a l w 7 ipl 7 X rrv— — (C . v y i- r - " V i pp P y {fp t " ixi- x PJsP ' p?UtP " £u z € r? 5 4 ANNUAL YEAR-BOOK T9 _t n Published By The Senior Cl ass Of VIRGINIA HIGH SCHOOL BRISTOL, VIRGINIA VIRGIN A BOOK OF MEMORIES FOR presenting this twenty-ninth edition of The Virginian we, the members of the Annual Staff and Class ot 47, are conscious or its faults, but we hope it will serve as a reminder of the many happy days spent at Virginia High School. YEARS mwi " tk ' M. |r %, v r v I w ■f " Wl tf ’ I H 1 ■ s V. ' ■ i i Mk 1 ,, m ,, t. Jl iffiwi _ s s, j i -jyjt J K fgj J, n sincere appreciation for her constant and tireless efforts to help each of us along the road to greater knowledge, and in admiration and respect for her untiring ef- forts, sweet disposition, and an ever-ready willingness to help us when in need, we, the Class of 1947, dedicate this, the twenty-ninth edition of The Virginian, to Mrs. Margaret McClelland. MR. JOSEPH B. VAN PELT Superintendent Miss Mary Ankeney Home Economics Mrs. L. B. Boatright Mathematics Mr. Merrill S. Cook Band Director Mrs. Rosa Baldwin Seventh Grade Mrs. Frances Boyd Diversified Occupations Mrs. Merrill S. Cook Music and English Miss Martha Baxter Home Economics Miss Janette Breeding Physical Education Miss Leone Cooper Librarian F A J L T Y Mr. T. J. Countiss Physical Education and Seventh Grade Mrs. Edith DeBusk Mathematics Miss Eleanor Curtin Piano and Expression Mrs. A. J. Eaton Mathematics Miss Betty Davis Secretary Mr. W. H. Edmondson Seventh Grade Mrs. W. W. Fillinger English Mrs. T. O. Francis Seventh Grade Mrs. Helen Furlow Commercial Subjects Mrs. William Gaut Supervisor Lunch Rooms Mr. Homer Harris Physical Education Mr. W. O. Kaylor Government Physical Ed. Miss Emma Good Art, Speech, and English Mr. I. B. Moore Shop and Printing Miss Evelyn McClellan Latin, Spanish, and English Mrs. Lorraine Guinn Seventh Grade Miss Mary Betty Huff Civics Miss Jeanette McCroskey Biology First Row: Mr. Neil A. Merrill History and Seventh Grade Miss Emma Smith Science Third Row: Miss Mildred Rust Commercial Subjects Miss Eloise Vance English and Government Second Row: Miss Etta Hillman Mathematics Physical Ed. Miss Virginia Thomas English Miss Lois Wilson English and Spanish NOT IN PICTURES MISS BII.LIE BAXTER, History and Government MISS ANNABETH CASH, English MR. RALPH J. CORRIN, Seventh Grade MRS. NORA DeBUSK, History and French MISS EMILY GILMER, History and Art MRS. MARY A. KISER, Seventh Grade MR. RAYMOND F. KREINER, Glee Clubs Director MR. EDGAR B. LANDERS, Chemistry and Physics MR. LESTER MARION, Seventh Grade MRS. MARGARET McCLELLAND, English MISS EVA PIPPIN, Secretary MR. W. C. RASNICK, Mathematics MISS KATHERINE ZIRCLF., Bible W endell Graham Dap H ne Marshall Sail Y Wilson T ed Barb ' ' Hok E ” Jackson Buddy E A rp Betsy C ox P El yllis Warren Gl E n Jordan Ted Ba R ker Pat S y Bowers T ammy” Farnsworth Landon El U rley Addeline Ma R tin Ju N e Mink La Verne G ross Elvin Ca R mack A nita Cohen Nanc Y Keesling W ilson Boatrig El t Bo Y d Coo P er F U rlow P ippin F I llinger L anders Thoma S DeBu S k Smi T h H U ff Bal D win McCroske Y SENIOR CLASS POEM As we come to the parting of the way It’s hard to say good-bye, It’s hard to leave the dear old friends We’ve known at Virginia High. We’ll never forget that football game That brought us added fame When we held them in the end zone To preserve our glorious name. The gay times on our outings, The banquets every year. The teachers, too, who worked with us. They all now seem so dear. And as this year draws to a close Best friends must part at last, But well we know the future holds Fond memories of the past. — Jeanette Feathers SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS LaVerne Gross President Beverly Canter Vice-President Beattie Hearst T reasurer Bob Combs Sergeanf-at-Arins Jack Stoots Sergeant-at-Arms (Not in Picture) Jeanette Feathers Secretary SENIOR HAROLD AKERS " A full rich nature, free to trust, Faithful and always sternly just.” RUTH ALMANY " Her air, her manner, all who saw admired, Courteous, tho’ coy and gentle, tho’ retired.” JACK ARNOLD " When he starts to think, Trouble is brewing.” TED BARB " He is a very good sport, so they all say, And greatly ensnared in the feminine way.” CHRISTINE BOOHER " I am happy, from care I am free; Why can’t all girls be like me?” CONRAD BOOHER " A quiet boy, minds his own affairs. Is not burdened with a world of cares.” WILLIE KATE BARHAM " Modest, simple and sweet.” TED BARKER " Silence is as deep as eternity; speech is as shallow as time.” HELEN BOOHER " A willing heart, both good and kind, A truer friend is hard to find.” FRANCES BOWERS " A girl whose studies may be slow, But one who will always make a go.” WANDA CANTER " A maiden she is of dignity and poise Just the same with the girls and boys.” CAROLYN CARLSON " A pretty girl, a witty girl, A girl so full of fun, A happy girl, a carefree girl, A thousand girls in one.” ELVIN CARMACK " Lew may know him — he seems mild and meek. He just drops around about once a week.” HAROLD CHESTNUT " He goes through school in the easiest way, And never lets work disturb his play.” hi CLASS PATSY BOWERS " Where she is, there’s lots of fun, Troubles from her will always run.” BILLY CAMPBELL " He is a boy of smiles and laughter, We predict for him a happy hereafter.” BOBBY CAMPBELL " Happy am I, from care quite free, Why can’t they all be content like me?” DONALD CAMPBELL " Would you know his qualifications? He’s a lad that meets well all occasions.” EARL CAMPER " He lives apart from the rest of the world,” And does not bother with the social whirl.” BEVERLY CANTER " It’s easy enough to be pleasant When life flows on like a song, B ' Ut the man worth while, is the man who can smile When everything goes wrong.” SENIOR CAROLYN CLARK " Willing she is, and eager to please, What other virtues are better than these?” ANITA COHEN " Cute faces are those that show Happy thoughts that lie below.” BOB COMBS " So well he declaims, plays ball like a breeze, And has gone through school with the greatest of ease.” BETSY COX " Divinely tall — divinely fair, Possessing grace and charm so rare.” NADINE COX " A maiden never bold, of spirit still and quiet.” MAURICE CRAFT " In the fall a young girl’s fancy lightly turns to basketball.” BOBBY CREGER " Oh, why should life all labor be?” PEGGY CROCKETT " With gentle yet prevailing force, Intent upon her destined course.” MILLARD M. CRUMLEY " A quiet, unassuming chap of sterling worth.” HOMER CUDDY " Better be small and shine, than large and cast a shadow.” CLASS RUTH CUNNINGHAM " Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eyes. In every gesture dignity and love.” R. M. DILLOW, JR. " Not too serious, not too gay, A real good pal in every way.” BOB ELKINS " Much study is wearisome to the flesh.” RICHARD TALMADGE FARNSWORTH " He’s good in athletics, he’s good in classes too — His manhood is unquestioned, great things in life he’ll do.” IMOGEAN FARRIS " Self possessed and quite worth while, With carefree manners and an upright smile.” KATHRYN FARRIS " To the best of life does Kathryn tend, To all who know her she is a friend.” JEANETTE FEATHERS Thou hast no fault, or I no fault can spy; Thou art all beauty, or all blindness I.” JACQUELINE FERGUSON " That which is worth doing at all is worth doing well.” SENIOR G. A. FULLER " Time, I dare you discover Such a youth, and such a lover.” BOB GILLEY " A star in athletics — he plays like whiz, He’ll make his mark wherever he is.” BEVERLY GODSEY " Smile and the world smiles with you.” FREEDA GOODMAN " The happiest heart that ever beat.” LOUISE GOODMAN " Of soul sincere, in action faithful, And in honor clear.” BEVERLY GRAHAM " Unique and unusual in feminine charm, She flirts with the boys but does them no harm.” w.. WENDELL GRAHAM " A rare compound of oddity, frolic and fun. Who relished a joke and rejoiced in a pun.” LaVERNE GROSS " Just a good fellow with a mind supreme; Nothing impossible is LaVerne’s theme.” FRANCES HAGA " Good humor only teaches charm to last, Still makes new conquests and maintains the past.” GEORGE HAMRICK " He hath a wisdom that doth guide his valor.” CLASS HELEN HARDIN " Her air is so modest, her aspect so meek, So simple her charms and yet so sweet.” CHARLES HARKINS " Gay, sincere, and liked by all.” JACK HARKINS " Oh, blessed with temper whose unclouded ray Will make tomorrow as cheerful as today.” RUTH HARRISON " When it rains, let it rain; Make the best of everything.” BEATTIE HEARST " Few things are impossible to diligence.” C. T. HOLMES, JR. " Black detraction will find faults where are not.” HENRY J. HOLT, JR. ' He’s loyal and true and just can’t resist The feminine charms of a certain young miss.” MORRIS HOOVER " Rich in good marks.” EMMETT HOOVER " Good beginning maketh good ending.” RALPH HOUSER " Quiet and watchful he kept his eye.” WILLIAM C. JESSEE, JR. " A good nature is stronger than a tomahawk.” MARTHA JOHNSON " An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow.” FRED JONES " He has a mouth for every matter.” MINNIE JONES " A constant friend is rare and hard to find.” SENIOR DONALD HURLEY " Hitch your wagon to a star.” JACK HURLEY " All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” LANDON HURLEY " Lots of pep, sincere in mind.” DOROTHY ANN HUTTON " Neat in dress, cordial in manner and a likeable person.” DOROTHY T. HUTTON " Beautiful faces are those that wear The light of a pleasant spirit there.” ORGEL JACKSON " My only books Were women’s looks And folly’s all they’ve taught me. CLASS GLENN JORDAN " Happy the man and happy he alone Who can call today his own.” JAMES SANDS KELLY " Argue, if you can — If not, dispute it like a man.’ EVELYN KEESEE " Good humor is goodness and wisdom combined. NANCY KEESLING " A cheerful heart, a cheerful smile, A charm of friendship all the while.” HARRY KINGSOLVER, JR. " If I cannot do great things, I will do small things in a big way. JEAN KISTNER " Kitten on the keys.” HELEN LAMBERT " Silence is golden.” MARY ALICE LAMBERT " Good humor is goodness and wisdom combined.” PEGGY LEONARD " Kindness is wisdom.” JEAN LILLEY " I am happy, from care I am free; Why can’t all girls be like me.” SENIOR MARILYN McCAULEY " Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low — an excellent thing in woman.” richard c. McKenzie " When studies and pleasures clash, Then let studies go to smash.” joe McKenzie, jr. " What care I when I can lie in rest, Kill time and take life at its best.” ROBERT McNALLY " A most excellent young man.” BETTY McNISH " There are wonders in true affection.” BETTY WAYNE McNUTT " This girl who is very tasty, Will never get a bit too hasty.” DAPHNE MARSHALL " Joy rises in me like a summer’s morn.” ADDELINE MARTIN " A maid of few words but many thoughts.” PEGGY LIMBURG " The deepest rivers have the least sound.” KATHRYN LOWRY " Do you not know I am a woman? When I think, I must speak.” CLASS FRED MILLARD " Ambition has no rest.” JUNE MINK " Nor hope to find a friend but what has found a friend in thee.” BETTY MOORE " A good mind possesses a kingdom.” BETTY MORETZ " ’Tis good-will that makes intelligence.” JAMES M. NEBLETT, JR. " He gave with a zest And he gave his best.” JAMES FREDERICK NEWLAND " Far may we search before we find A friend more willing and more kind.” VIVIAN MULLINS " ’Twas the loveliest hair in the world.” JACK E. MUSGROVE " A happy lad is Jack, indeed, Who ne’er the command of silence did heed.” JOHN WYNDHAM NICAR, JR. " Frank and independent — that’s me all over.” RUTH ODUM " Quietly she worked away, faithful to each duty.” SENIOR SUSIE ODUM " Nothing can disturb her good nature.” IRVIN PERRY " A new world leaps out at his command And ready nature waits upon his hand.” HERBERT G. PETERS, III " Put your troubles in the bottom of your heart, And sit on the lid and smile.” STELLA POE " Once a friend, always a friend.” EDWARD J. REYNOLDS, JR. " One of great possibilities.” JONNA RUTH RIVERS " Her eyes are bright, her laughter cheers the world.” MARVIN ROWLETT " The world belongs to the energetic.” EVELYN ROE " It is better to be wise than to be otherwise.” NORMA GAY ROSENBALM " A joyous disposition and a purposeful earnestness.” FRANCES SAUL " A quiet demure and studious lass, So different is she from most of the class.” CLASS BARBARA SAWYER " Quiet and modest in manner and speech.” DOROTHY SENTER " The blush is beautiful but it sometimes is inconvenient.” MARY SHANKA " Speech is great, but silence is greater.” DORIS SHEFFIELD " You can live without music, You can live without a book, Eut we know who cannot live without a cook.” EDWARD SMITH " I often regret my speech but never my silence.” PAULINE SNYDER " I am as I am, and so I will be.” JOHN SPURGEON " Not ever serious, not frivolous, but a rare good fellow.” DOROTHY STIGALL " A magnificent spectacle of human happiness.” JOAN STURGILL " I’ll be merry. I’ll be free, I’ll be sad for nobody.” BILL THOMPSON " Patience is a remedy for every disease.” I £jgB£T • SENIOR RUTH ANNE WEAVER " Quality, not quantity is what counts.” DORIS WEEKS " Music is the universal language of mankind.” HELEN WHICKER " She’s little, she’s wise, She’s terror for her size.” GARLAND EUGENE WHITE, JR. " Handsome he is and quiet.” LUCILLE TRIPLETTE " Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm.” WILLIAM TROXEL " What a sweet delight a quiet life affords.” CELIA VAN HOY " Her frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are.” BETTY RUTH WADE " Everything worth doing is worth doing well.” MYRTICE WAMPLER " Anything for a quiet life.” PHYLLIS WARREN " We tire of those pleasures we take, But never of those we give.” CLASS ROY WHITE " A good heart is worth gold.” ROBERT WILLIAMS " When we build, let one think that we build forever.” JANIS WILSON " Kindness is wisdom.” SALLY TUCKER WILSON " Happiness is cheaper than worry, So why pay the high price?” VIRGINIA WORLEY " To know her, is to love her.” NED WORRELL " Of their own merits modest men are dumb.” 4 BETTY WYGAL " When hearts are true Few words will do.” JOAN ZIMMERMAN " Sweet are the thoughts that savor of content, The quiet mind is richer than a crown.” CARYL PERRY " I love tranquil solitude and such society as is quiet, wise, and good.” NOT IN THE PICTURES Cowan Canter Paul Gunning Billy Sharrett James Edward Earp James Lane Jack Stoots Richard Lee Gainer Mary Roe Bill Whitman JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Gordon Stuart President Vance Heaberlin Vice-President David Livingstone Treasurer Tom Kistner Sergeant-at-Arins 1 Mary Neblett Secretary JUNIOR W LILA ALLISON BETTY ALMANY f ' ' CONLEY BAKER EMMETT BANE JEAN BAUSELL _EDITH BARB R. C. BLANKENSHIP CHARLES BOOHER JEAN BRAMLETT PEGGY BRANSON RALPH BRANSON BETTY BRAY JIMMY BROCK BILLY BRYANT DOLORIS CARRIER ROXIE CHURCH JANET CLINE GENE COFFEY KENNETH COLE HOWARD COMER RICHARD CRAWFORD HAZEL CROSS V CAROL CRUMLEY BECKY CUNNINGHAM BILLY CUSAC - ' ' PATSY DUNN LESLIE DYE BETTY EARP CLASS NADINE EDWARDS ‘-RUTH ESTEP FARRELL FARMER EUGENE FLEENOR HAROLD FLEENOR MARIE FOSTER NANCY FOSTER w DOROTHY FOULK GENE FOX DOROTHY FULLER JUDY GALLIHER TOM GARDNER 1 CURTIS GOINS MARY LOU GOUGE MILDRED HAGA ROSCOE HARRISON MARY FRANCES HARTSOCK CAROLINE HASSINGER t VANCE HEABERLIN FRANCES HICKS JOYCE HILLMAN AGNES HOPKINS PATSY HOUSTON BOB HUTTON EVELYN ISENHOUR CLARENCE JESSEE HAROLD JOHNSON HUBERT KELCHNER JUNIOR Regina kelchner HAZEL KENNEDY BARBARA KENT HUBERT KING TOMMY KISTNER WINTON LACKEY GENE LAWSON BETTY ANN LeGRAND JOYCE LEONARD TOMMY LESTER BETTY LINNEN GRACIE LITTLE DAVID LIVINGSTONE PHIL LONG COY McCALL ann McDaniel JACK MALONE BETTY MARKWALTER BOBBY MARKWALTER HERBERT MILLARD HERBERT MILLER JACKIE MILLER ELLIS MOORE LAURA MORTON BOB MUMPOWER NORMA MUMPOWER MARY NEBLETT ANN NICAR CLASS KENT ODUM HELEN OLIVER k. 1 1 no n oki ii i n N A N ( ' i “oSBORNI Uann PEAVLER JAMES PIERCE TERESA RAINERO DON RICE 1 BOB RICHARDS w MARY ANN RIVERS BESSIE ROBERTS LULA RUTTER BETTY WAYNE SANDERS HUGH SAUL HOP SCOTT SHIRLEY SHIPLEY E. G. SMITH THELMA SMITH NANCY SNYDER MUNCEY SPRAKER PEGGY STOOTS BOB STRICKLAND ALICE STEWART GORDON STUART LOIS STEWART ROY TIPTON TOM TOLLIE JERRY TROXEL JOHN VENABLE NANCY WADE JO ANN WEAVER BILLIE JEAN WHICKER PEGGY WHITE BETTY WHITMORE BOBBY WHITSON PEGGY WILLIAMS CAROL WRIGHT JUNIOR CLASS Not in Pictures : Harry Dutton James Edwards Charles Everett Roy Finney Gordon Fleenor Johnny Glass Cecil Grasham John Harrington Howard Heath Jerry Hensley Bob Holloway Billy Jackson Douglas Keller Eugene Leonard Harold Leonard Billy Milsap Bob Montgomery Cecil Ritter Samuel Saul Dan Seneker Sam Stevens Jimmy Trammell Boyce Warren Charles Watkins Bill Wood SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Erwin Saltz President Jimmy Moore Vice-President (Not in Picture) Jimmy Brumit Secretary Jack Arrants Treasurer Lloyd Lilley Sergeant -at -Arms f SOPHOMORE Row 1. ( . to r.) KITTY AKARD HAROLD ALMANY JACK ARRANTS JOAN AULT CARL BALDWIN VIRGINIA BALDWIN JEAN BALL Row 2: MARGARET BARKER BETTINA BASS CARLOS BELLAMY KENNETH BLAYLOCK ' GENE BONDURANT BETTY BOUTON FRANCES BRADLEY Row 3 : JEFF BRAMLETT JIMMY BRUMIT KITTY BURNETTE CHARMIE CADLE WILLIA CAIN CECIL K. CARRIER JOHN CASS Row 4: GENEVA CHESNUTT TORKY CHORBAJIAN JACK COLLINS ROLAND COUNTISS BETTY COWAN EVELYN COWAN HARRY COWAN Row 5 : CHARLES CROSS GLADYS CROSS JEAN CROSS MARVIN CROSS RUTH CROWE JACK DUNLAP [F-SSF-E DUNN Row 6 : EVELYN EMMERT BILLY ERWIN MARY A. FERGUSON PATRICIA GANNAWAY MILLICENT GARDNER FRANCES GOBBLE HENRY GRAHAM CLASS Row 1. ( . to r.) RUTH GRASHAM ELIZABETH GRAY BEN GRIFFIN BARBARA GROSS BETTY HARDIN JOE HARKRADER CLAUDE HAWKS Row 2: Row 3: JOE HAWKS C. W. HOLT BOBBIE HAYNES MARILYN HUDSON GEORGIA HICKMAN 1 - BETTY HUNTSMAN WANDA HILLIARD BOBBY HURLEY FRIEDA HILTON BILLY HUTTON VIVIAN HINES RACHEL HURT BUDDY HOLLOWAY MINNIE HYLER Row 4: BILLY JOE JAMES JOYCE JEFFRIES CHARLES JONES FAYE KENT GENF. KENT JOAN KINGSOLVER KARL KREINER Row S : WANDA KYLE VIRGINIA LeSUEUR LLOYD LILLEY MILDRED LILLEY LUCILLE LINNEN BETTY LITTLE GEORGIA LIVINGSTON Row 6: PAUL LLOYD BETTY LOGAN HELEN LUCHINI SIBYL McCULLOCH ALBERT MELVIN PEGGY MILLER FRED MOORE Row 1. Left to right: Row 2: BOBBY MORTON STELLA PENDERGRASS JOHNNY MORTON - JEANETTE PRUETT MARGARET MUMPOWER [UNE REUNING WILETTA NASH EUGENE ROE KATHERINE NEBLETT JOHNNY RUSH HUBERT OLIVER ROBERT RUTTER LOUISE O’NEIL ERWIN SALTZ Row 3 : DOUGLAS SAUL RUCKER SAWTELLE BETTY SAWYER RUTH SHAW RUTH SMELTZER LOGENE SMITH PEGGY SMITH Row 4: DOROTHY SNODGRASS ROY STIGALL MARY STUART MARY G. STUART SHIRLEY STURGILL DAVID THOMAS ELSIE THOMAS Row 5 : SALLY TILLEY DOROTHY TIPTON OCIE TRIPLETT ELIZABETH TRIVETT GLEN TRIVETT LOUISE TRIVETT BETTY TURNER Row 6. Left to right: GORDON UNDERWOOD DORIS WADE IRENE WALDEN JOAN WARREN JACK WEIKEL BARBARA WHEELER SYLVIA WILLIAMS HELEN WRIGHT VIRGINIA BARR STELLA BASS NATILEA BLAYLOCK ALLEN BONDURANT BOBBY CARR BILL CARRIER JUNIOR CLARK DAVID CRUSENBERRY, JR. DOTT DANCY BILL DUNN Not in Pictures: ANNIE EADES LAWRENCE FRANKLIN GLENNA FREEMAN WEBSTER HAMILTON BERNICE HEDRICK EMORY HICKS BILLY HOLLOWAY BILL HOOVER ERWIN LEWIS BILLIE SUE McGLOTHLIN DOROTHY MALCOLM FRED MANESS SAMMY MILHORN JAMES MUSSELWHITE ROBERT NEHERAN BILL SHIPLEY ROBERT STOUT JAMES TRIVETT MARY WIDENER KENNY WORLEY O OI SUB-FRESHMEN SUB-FRESHMEN E ■ == ■ m i MN-k . , KkvM , ' LJ “ m .|’ j y «■ ' JE • IE n5%£ jH i •fl ' ■ mn » w SUB-FRESHMEN WALLACE ABELL BILL ALLEN BILLY ALLISON C. J. ALMOROAD DONALD ALMANY FAYE ARRANTS perry McKinley bacon DELORAS BARKER JEANETTE BARKER RONALD BARNS BETTY JUNE BARRETT JEAN BAUMGARDNER MARJORIE BAYS BETTY BELL MARY BEVINS WANDA BIVENS RUBY BLANKENSHIP CECIL BOOHER BOBBY BOWERS LEE BRANTLEY RUBY LEE BROOKS RALPH CAMPBELL HASKELL CANTER BARBARA CARRIER EVELYN CARRIER LONNIE CARRIER CHARLES CARTER GERALDINE CASH ROY CATALADO NANCY CHAMBERS JIMMY CLARK THELMA CLARK DAVID COFFEY NANCY COLE BETTY CONLEY CHARLES COUNTS SHIRLEY COX DONALD CRAFT MARY ELIZABETH CREASY HOWARD CROSS MARY CROSS EDWARD CRUSENBERRY PEGGY DAVIS WADE DAYTON DAVID EDEN ANNIE FADES J. T. FOUCH MARY FOUCH JOHNNY FRYE JACKIE GAKING CAROLYN GIBSON BOYACE GOODMAN BETTY GRAHAM NORMA GRAHAM DONALD GREEN LOWELL GREEN EULA GROSECLOSE HARVEY GROVES BARBARA GUNNING CORNELIA HAGY MARY HARKINS JEAN HARRIS LOIS HARRISON MYRTLE HASH BETTY HAYNES BUDDY HAYTON MARILYN HECHT SHIRLEY HENSLEY PEGGY HICKS LELAND HODGES CLARA BELL HOUSER BOBBY HUTTON JACK HYDER PAUL JACKSON BETTY JAMES GARY JESSEF. BETTY JOHNSON EVELYN JORDAN ROBERT W. JORDAN PEGGY KESSEE CHARLES KEESLING SHIRLEY LAWSON BOBBY LEONARD FRANCES LEONARD MARIE LEONARD MARGARET LEONARD RUTH LEONARD PATSY LILLEY ROBERT J. LOGAN JOE LONG JIMMY LEE LUCHINI MARIE McCROSKF.Y bill McKenzie MARGARET McNEER ELSIE MAINE RUBY MAINES GRACE MANN EARL MARTIN BOBBY MEADE SYLVIA METTETAL BOBBY MILLSAPS JOE MILNER JOE MACK MINOR ROY MITCHELL JEAN MOORE BILL MUMPOWER LINDY MUMPOWER WILMA MURRAY MARGARET MUSSLEWHITE LUCILLE NEAL PAUL NEWTON DORIS NORTON JAMES NORTON GLENNA O’DELL LORRAINE ODUM WILLIAM OLIVER BRUCE PATRICK AVILDA PETERS BENNY PHILLIPPS ANN POINDEXTER FRESHMEN EVELYN BRYANT DALE CARTER, Secretary MARION COOPER DAVID DAVIS GEORGE DILLOW DOROTHY EADES PAUL FLEENOR JIMMIE GRASHAM HARLEY HOPKINS, JR. SUE KAYLOR HAZEL LAMBERT canie McDaniel ROBERT MOORE ROBERT MORTON ARNOLD RANDALL BILLY ROBERTS THOMAS F. RUTHERFORD MONA PRICHARD LYMAN REYNOLDS ELVIN RICHARDS ALICE ROUSE PAUL ROWE, JR. CLARENCE ROYSTON BOND SANDOE MYRA SELFE JOHN SENEKER JAMES SHEAFF BILLY SHUTTLE GRAY SMITH SHIRLEY SOUTH RICHARD SPARKS MARY JOANN STAPP MARIE STARKE PHIL STAUBER CHARLES STEWART ROY STIGALL MARY STOOTS BENNY STOUT BERTHA THOMAS SAM THOMAS EDNA TOLBERT EARL TOWNSEND RICHARD TRANUM REBA TRANUM EARL TRIVETTE WARREN VANCE, JR. PATRICIA VAN HOY JAMES VESTAL JIMMY WADE RACHEL WEBSTER IMOGENE WELCH JANICE WHITE NORMAN WHITE OAKLEY WILLIAMS BOBBY JEAN WITT JAPLEE WOLFE PHYLLIS WRIGHT JOHN L. SHAW, President LYNN TRIVETT LOIS VENABLE REVA YORK MRS. FURLOW, Sponsor SEVENTH GRADE LOIS ADDISON JACK AI.MANY THURMAN AMMONS NANCY ARNOLD JOHNNY BAILEY HUGH BAILEY CHARLES BARKER ROSE BARLOW RUTH BARRETT JIMMY BALTHES HUBERT BENTLEY GEORGE BLAYLOCK DANIEL BOOHER LORETTA BOOHER CHARLES BOOHER NORMA BORDWINE DEWEY BOWERS JAMES BRAY MARY RUTH BREWER ESTELLE BREWER SHIRLEY BRINDLE WAYNE BROWN DOROTHY BROWNING MILDRED BROILES SHIRLEY BUTTERWORTH JULIA CALHOUN DAVID CAMPBELL GEORGE CAMPBELL ROBERT CANTER BILLY RAY CARMACK RICHARD CARTWRIGHT PEGGY CASH PAULINE CHAPMAN BOBBY CLARK MARTHA CLARK I RED CLARK HOWARD COFFEY ADA COMBS HAROLD COMER CAROLYN COCKE MARGARET COX MELVIN CRANE DAVID CRAWFORD FRANKLIN CROSS FRANCIS CROSS BILLY CROSS WILLIAM CROSSWHITE ANNA DAVIDSON MARY DAVIS BETTY DILLOW BEVERLY DUNN PAULINE EADS WILLIAM EARP WILLIAM EDWARDS TOMMY FARRAGHES PAUL FLEENOR EVERETT FLICK BILLY FORAN JOAN FORTNER GORDON GALLIHER BARBARA GARDNER JACK GLOVER DARYL GRIFFIN ROBERT GODSEY JAMES GOODE BETTY GOODMAN RALPH GOODMAN JAMES GOSE RANDAL GRAHAM WANDA GRIMES ZOBEDIA HAMILTON WALTER FIAMILTON BETTY HAMM TOMMY HARDIN DOLORES HARTSOCK JACK HARRISON KENNETH HASHBARGER FRANCES HAWK IMA JEAN HAWK REGINA HAWKS HORACE HAYTON AUDREY HERFER OTIS HICKMAN GLENNA HILTON JANE HOLMES DOUGLAS HOLT RUTH HOUSER WANDA HOWARD BARBARA HUDSON WANDA HUDSON ANN HUFFMAN EUGENE HUTTON HASKELL ICENHOUR BOBBY JESSEE WALDO KEISTER MARY KELLER CORNELIUS KELLER DONALD KEYT DOUGLAS LANE CARL LEAB EDWARD LEONARD EUGENE LEONARD ELDRIDGE LONG BETTY LOWE GEORGE LOWE SAMMY MARNEY WILLIAM MARSHALL RICHARD MARSHALL BENNY MILHORN LAVERNE MILLER PEGGY MITCHELL DORIS MONTGOMERY CARSON MOORE ROBERT MOORE HELEN MOORE DONALD MOORE FIAROLD MOREI.OCK MARIE MORETZ JULIA ANN MORRIS EDWARD MORTON DOTTIE MORTON ARTFIUR MULLINS HOWARD MUMPOWER GLADYS MURRAY HELEN MURRAY ANNA McCRACKEN JOHN McGLOTHLIN robert McKenzie NORMAN McMURRAY CHARLES McNEER BOBBY NASH JOAN NEBLETT ELIZABETH OWENS DOUGLAS PENLEY JANE PHILLIPS JANE PIERCE PATSY PIERCE MARGARET PIPPIN BETTY POORE SHIRLEY PRUETT JAMES REPLOGLE VIVIAN REYNOLDS THELMA JEAN REGALL FRED RICHARDSON ANNA ROBERTS BILLIE ROBERTS HELEN ROBERTS MARGARET ROBERTS PEGGY ANN ROWE ALAN RUTHERFORD CHRISTINE RUTTER MARY SENEKER BLANTON SHARRETT RICHARD SHARRETT DANIEL SHEPHERD BILLIE JEAN SHORT ROBERT SHUTTLE ED SLUDER CHRISTINE SKEENS DONALD SMITH G. C. SNODGRASS HELEN SNODGRASS MARY STANT GORDON STEVENS HAROLD STEVENS ELEANOR STELL ROBERT STEWART BYRON STURGILL THELMA TEASTER CONWAY TESTER JOHN THOMAS CHARLOTTE THOMPSON JESSEE THOMPSON BARBARA ANN TRAYER ANNA TRINKLE ANNA LEE TRIVETTE ROY TRIVETTE BEATRICE TROXEL WILLIAM VANCE BILLY VENABLE JIMMY WALLING MARY ELLEN WAMPLER BILLY WARREN PHYLLIS WARREN JACK WATSON FRANK WELLS ROSEMARY WHICKER PATSY WHITE CAROLINE WHITSON MARIE WILLIAMS NANCY WILLIAMS JIMMY WILLIAMS WALTER WILLIAMS SHIRLEY WILLIS SAM WRIGHT DONALD WORLEY ELIZABETH WORLEY JAMES YOUNG SEVENTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE FRESHMEN OUR ALMA MATER How sad ’mid the joy that gladdens this scene, Comes the thought that today we must part; That the bond which affection has ever kept green, Must be severed today in the heart. But fondly our thoughts will return to our school, On the wings of remembrance borne, And our hearts shall rejoice to recall the glad time And forget all the sorrow that came. i i f l N iH ■.AiSSm j 1 Staff Nancy Keeslinc Editor-in-Chief Phyllis Warren Business Mgr. Sally Wilson Assistant Editor Ted Barker Snapshot Editor Betsy Cox Asst. Business Mgr. G. A. Fuller Snapshot Editor Carolyn Carlson Society Editor Bobby Williams Snapshot Editor Christine Booher Typist Ballard French Snapshot Editor Frances Saul Typist Orgel Jackson Sports Editor Miss Hillman Sponsor THE VIRGINIAN 1947 + + Beattie Hearst, ta Associate Editors — Carolyn Mary Neblett Clark, Sports Editor John Spurgeon Society Editors — Kathryn Lowry, Wayne Sanders, Virginia LeSueur, Daphne Marshall Circulation — Joan Zimmerman, Jack Arnold, Wynd- ham Nicar, Ruth Harrison Joke Editor Herbert Peters Feature Editors — Jimmy Kelly, Ballard French, David Livingston Make-Up Editors — George Hamrick, Joe McKenzie, Tom Lester Photograph Editors — G. A. Fuller, Jack Musgrove Reporters — Doris Weeks, Betsy Cox, Dorothy Senter, Marilyn McCauley, Joyce Jeffries, Betty Mc- Nish, Jeanette Feathers, Joan Sturgill, Roscoe Harrison, Gordon Stuart, Betty Huntsman, Lyman Reynolds, Betty McNutt, Sally Wilson, Anita Cohen, Sylvia Mettetal Typists — Helen Whicker, June Mink, Christine Booher, Freda Goodman, Ruth Weaver Sponsors — Mrs. Fillinger, Mrs. McClelland, Miss Vance THE LITTLE VIRGINIAN Editor Business Manager Jimmy Newland Peggy Crockett |r 1 v - 1 % 4% «, a •r, Ey, I 4 ' A L ' flfl , i ... | i ■ 1 B5 Ji OFFICERS Jimmy Neblett Mary Neblett Virginia LeSueur Gordon Stuart David Livingstone President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sponsor SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Mrs. W. W. Fillinger JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION OFFICERS 1. 1 i. Brantley President Sammy Marney Vice-President Anne Poindexter Secretary Jimmy Goode Treasurer Joe Long, Gary Galsing Sergeant -at- Arms Mrs. Kiser, Mr. Merrill, Miss Good Sponsors BOYS ' Hl-Y OFFICERS E ' Eattie Hearst Jimmy Kelly Jimmy Neblett Carolyn Carlson Jackie Arnold Harold Johnson, Eddie Reynolds Mr. Countiss President Vice-President Secretary Sweetheart T reasjirer Sergeant -at -Arms Sponsor MEMBERS First Row, left to right: Jimmy Neblett, Eddie Reynolds, Carolyn Carlson, Beattie Hearst, Jimmy Kelly, Jackie Arnold. Second Row: Jimmy Brumitt, John Spurgeon, Harold Johnson, Roy Tipton, Millard Crumley, Tom Gardner, Wendell Graham, G. A. Fuller. Third Row: Mr. Countiss, Wyndham Nicar, John Harrington, Phil Long, Conley Baker. GIRLS ' Hl-Y President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sweetheart Sponsor OFFICERS Betsy Cox Ruth Harrison Carolyn Carlson Dorothy Senter Jimmy Kelly Miss Emma Good MEMBERS First Row, left to right: Ruth Harrison, Betsy Cox, Jimmy Kelly, Dorothy Senter, Carolyn Carlson. Second Row: Anita Cohen, Mary Neblett, Ann Nicar, Joann Kingsolver, Dale Carter, Daphne Marshall. Third Row: Miss Good, Carol Crumley, Peggy Williams, Jeanette Feathers, Dorothy Hutton, Joan Sturgill. Jeanette Feathers, Sweetheart ami Secretary Phil Long Bev Canter, Treasurer Bob Combs Buddy Earp " Tammy” Farnsworth Bob Gilley Jack Harkins " Hoke” Jackson Glen Jordan David Livingstone Irvin Perry, President Dick McKenzie Bob McNally Lobby Mumpower Gordon Stuart, Vice-President Ned Worrell Mr. Homer Harris, Sponsor JUNIOR CIVITANS " Builders of Good Citizenship” ■ JUNIOR PARRISH-VANCE FOUNDATION OFFICERS Carolyn Clark Wayne Sanders Phyllis Warren Marilyn McCauley Miss Etta Hillman President Vice-President Secretary T reasurcr Sponsor J. Top to bottom : Wayne Sanders, Peggy Crockett, Betty McNish, Nancy Keesling, Phyllis Warren, Marilyn McCauley, Virginia LeSueur, Carolyn Clark. F. June Reuning, Joan Zimmerman, Kathryn Lowry, Ann Peavler, Kitty Akard, Betty Huntsman, Caroline Hassinger, Sally Wilson, Miss Hillman. BETA CLUB Irvin Perry Joan Zimmerman Mary Neblett George Hamrick Miss Eloise Vance OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Sponsor MEMBERS First Row, left to right-. Harold Fleenor, Tom Lester, Herbert Peters, Ballard French, David Livingstone, Hugh Lee Saul, Ted Barker. Second Row: Caroline Hassinger, Betty Moore, Lula Rutter, Mary Neblett, Mary F. Hartsock, Irvin Perry, Betsy Cox, Miss Vance. Third Row: Phyllis Warren, Carolyn Clark, Teresa Rainero, Betty Wygal, Jimmy New- land, George Hamrick, Joan Zimmerman. SCIENCE CLUB Charles Harkins Fred Jones Betty Moore Mr. Landers Harold Akers OFFICERS President Vice-President Secrctary-T rcasurer Sponsor Sergeant-af-Arms MEMBERS Left to right : Fred Jones, Betty Moore, Charlie Harkins, Harold Akers, Junior Ho ' t, Mr. Landers, Wyndham Nicar, Jack Musgrove. BOYS ' MONOGRAM CLUB OFFICERS Rob McNally Billy Sharrett Jack Stools Irvin Perry Buddy Earp Mr. I Iarris President Vice-President Secretary T rea surer Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor MEMBERS First Row, left to right: Spurgeon, Jackson, Moore, Farnsworth, Gross, Tipton, Creger, Mumpower, Saltz. Second Row: Sharrett, Neblett, Earp, McKenzie, Canter, Barb, Barker, Gunning, Jordan. Third Row: Harkins, C., Combs, Comer, Heaberlin, Harrington, McNally, Booher, Worley, Kingsolver. Fourth Row: Johnson, Stuart, Saul, Gilley, Kelly, Harkins, T.. Graham. Milsaos. Perry. Fifth Row: Edmondson, Countiss, Kaylor, Harris. GIRLS ' MONOGRAM CLUB OFFICERS Nancy Osborne Jonna Ruth Rivers Edith Barb Hf.i.fn W hicker Miss Janette Breeding V resident Vice-President Sccrctary-T rcasurcr Reporter Sponsor MEMBERS First Row, left to right : Virginia Worley, Edith Barb, Joan Weaver, Jonna Ruth Rivers, Miss Breeding. Second Row : Evelyn Keesee, Christine Booher, Betty Whitmore, Helen Whicker, Frances Saul, Nancy Osborne. BAND During the football season, and until after Christmas the officers of the band were as follows: Fred Jones Bobby Whitson Judy Galliher Jimmy Trammell Roy White Manager Assistant Manager Secretary Librarians Since only the manager had been doing the designated jobs entailed by the officers, it was voted to change the arrangement, and upon the resignation of the above officers, the following were elected: Ted Barb Bobby Whitson Ray Stigall Tom Gardner Kent Odum Gene Fox Kenneth Blaylock Norma Mumpower Betty Markwalter Mary Harkins Captain Lieutenant Sergeant ( Secretary ) Sergeant ( Librarian ) Sergeant (Master-at-Arms) Corporals of The aim for the band this year is to obtain balance and to improve the playing the indi idual members. Merrill S. Cook, Band Director DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS Dick Gainer President Carolyn Carlson Vice-President Carolyn Clark Secretary Marilyn McCauley Treasurer Miss Eleanor Curtin Sponsor MEMBERS Beverly Canter, Dick Gainer, Dick McKenzie, Jimmy Kelly, Jack Flarkins, John Spurgeon, Buddy Earp, Tammy Farnsworth, Bob Gilley, Orgel Jackson, LaVerne Gross, Jim Neblett, Flarold Johnson, John Harrington, Kent Odum, Gordon Stuart, Roy Tip- ton, Carolyn Carlson, Carolyn Clark, Marilyn McCauley, Betsy Cox, Jean Lilley, Kathryn Lowry, Daphne Marshall, Dorothy Senter, Jonna Ruth Rivers, Phyllis Warren, Joan Zimmerman, Celia Van Hoy, Carol Crumley, Mary Neblett, Ann Nicar, Caroline Hassinger, and Betty Wayne Sanders. Y-TEENS SENIOR CLUB OFFICERS Jean Kistner President Betty Wayne McNutt Vice-President Ruth Anne Weaver Secretary Dorothy Ann Hutton Treasurer Dorothy Foulk Reporter Marie Foster Serge ant -at -Arms Members: Edith Barb, Jean Bausell, Peggy Bransoi} - Dolores Carrier, Nadine Cox, Hazel Cross, Nancy Foster, Marie Foster, Ju dy Galliher, Freeda Goodman, Peggy Limburg, Helen Lambert, Norma Mum- power, Martha Johnson, Betty Whitmore, Joanne Weaver, Janis Wilson, Regina Kelchner, Carol Wright. JUNIOR CLUB OFFICERS Rachel Hurt President Mary Alice Ferguson Vice-President Margaret Barker Secretary Betty Logan Treasurer Dorothy Tipton Reporter Miss Jeanette McCroskey j sponsors Miss Lois Wilson i Members: Jean Ball, Mary Ferguson, Rachel Hurt, Sibyl McCulloch, Rachel Webster, Barbara Wheeler, Margaret Barker, Betty Logan, Dorothy Tipton, Clarabelle Houser, Betty Bouton, Evelyn Carrier, Betty Barret, Shirley South, Joan Warren, Betty Johnson, Doris Wade, Ton- nie Sheffield, Peggy Davis, Jeanette Barker, Deloris Barker, Logean Smith, Carlon Gib- son, Glenna Odel, Joan Ault, Marylin Hudson, Mary Jane Stoots, Darcy Hahn. LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS Peggy Crockett Helen Whicker Ruth Harrison Emmett Bane Miss Leone Cooper President Vice-President Secretary T rcasurer Sponsor MEMBERS Helen Lambert, Joyce Hillman, Ruth Harrison, Betty McNish, Georgia Ann Hick- man, Betty Wygal, Freeda Goodman, Frances Saul, Emmett Bane, Gene Kent, Betty Cowan, Virginia Barr, Betty Wayne McNutt, Dorothy Malcolm, Jonna Ruth Rivers, Peggy Crockett, Sibyl McCulloch, George Hamrick, Betty Moore, Herbert Peters, Betty Sawyer, Dorothy Senter, Coy McCall, Claude Hawks, Tommy Lester, Roscoe Harrison, Jimmy Newland, Kathryn Lowry, Teresa Rainero, Carol Wright, Janis White, Sylvia Mettetal, Dorothy Tipton, Betty Little, Patricia Gannaway, Rachel Hurt, Eloise Swan, Alice Rouse, Marie Starke, Marilyn Hecht. DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS CLUB OFFICERS Jimmy Lane Bob Holloway Earl Camper Fred Millard Bob Williams Mrs. Frances Boyd P resident Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Chairman Sponsor MEMBERS Earl Camper, Bob Elkins, Ralph Houser, Fred Millard, Ellis Moore, Cecil Ritter, Dan Seneker, Betty Wade, Mary Roe, Bill Campbell, Cowan Canter, James Edwards, Ople Flick, Bob Holloway, Jimmy Lane, Herbert Miller, Muncey Spraker, Bob Williams, Maurice Craft, Frances Haga, Helen Hardin, Betty Moretz, Stella Poe, Norma Rosen- balm, Nancy Wade, Hubert Kelchner, Eugene Fleenor, Jack Malone. SAFETY PATROL OFFICERS Billy Jackson Jimmy Trammell Donald Campbell Joyce Jeffries Mr. Countiss Bob McNally } Billy Sharrett j First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Captain Sweetheart Sponsor Assistant Sponsors BOYS ' GLEE Ned Worrell Gordon Stuart Jimmy Ballard French Henry Graham Joan Zimmerman Mr. Raymond F. Kreiner OFFICERS CLUB President Vice-President Secretary T re usurer Librarian Pianist Director MEMBERS Bob Gilley, Wendell Graham, Dick McKenzie, Tom Gardner, Roscoe Harrison, Kent Odum, Emmett Bane, Tommy Lester, Gordon Stuart, Henry Graham, Fred Maness, Malcolm Cocke, Jack Arnold, Conrad Booher, Donald Campbell, G. A. Fuller, Eddie Reynolds, Ned Worrell, Gene Fox, E. G. Smith, Jimmy Trammell, Ballard French, Beattie Hearst, Ted Barb, Jimmy Kelly, Jack Musgrove, Jimmy Newland, Jimmy Neblett, Millard Crumley, Tammy Farnsworth. GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Joan Sturgill Pauline Snyder Jeanette Feathers Nancy Snyder Joan Zimmerman Dolores Carrier | Daphne Marshall j Mr. Raymond F. Kreiner President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Pianist Librarians Director MEMBERS Jean Ball, Frances Bowers, Jean Bramlett, Pegg Branson, Judy Galliher, Beverly Godsey, Betty Hardin, Mary Hartsock, Patsy Houston, Jean Lilly, Addeline Martin, Daphne Marshall, Laura Morton, Jeanette Pruett, Teresa Rainero, Lula Rutter, Nancy Snyder, Doris Weeks, Billie Whicker, Dolores Carrier, Ruth Cunningham, Anita Cohen, Kathryn Farris, Jeanette Feathers, Imogene Farris, Ruth Harrison, Freda Hilton, Agnes Hopkins, Dorothy Hutton, Evelyn Keesee, Joan Kingsolver, Martha Johnson, Mary Alice Lambert, Betty McNutt, Billy McLathlin, Kathryn Orfield, Jonna Ruth Rivers, Doris Sheffield, Polly Snyder, Dorothy Senter, Virginia Worley, Marion Wampler, Peggy Williams, Lila Allison, Beverly Graham, Kathryn Lowry, Betty McNish, Ruth Odum, Frances Saul, Joan Sturgill, Lucille Triplett, Myrtice Wampler, Peggy Limburg, Ann Eades. SPANISH CLUB. Marilyn McCauley President Betty Wygal Vice-President Kathryn Lowry Secretary Jimmy Neblett T reasurer Miss Evelyn McClellan Sponsor LATIN CLUB ’ Harry Kingsolver President Tommy Lester Vice-President Torky Chorbojian Secretary Teresa Rainero T reasurer Miss Evelyn McClellan Sponsor FRENCH CLUB Carolyn Carlson President Bobby Creger Vice-President Carol Crumley Secretary Billy Bryant T reasurer Don Rice Sergeant -at -Arms Mrs. Nora DeBusk Sponsor THE VETS CLUB OFFICERS Joe McKenzie President Jack Walling Vice-President Garland White, Jr. Secretary Emmett Hoover Treasurer Herbert Johnson Sergeant -at -Anns MEMBERS Left to right : Hubert King, Emmett Hoover, Joe McKenzie, Herbert Millard, William Troxel, Eugene White, Marvin Rowlett, Charles Harkins, LaVerne Gross, Bob Mc- Nally, Jimmy Moore, John Shaw, Cecil Grasham, Billy Johnson, Donald Hurley, Morris Hoover. Not in Picture: Herbert Johnson, Jack Walling. 1 n n u j wm WgT i ' M A MB 1 i Left to Right — Daphne Marshall Tommy Kistner Bobby Combs Marilyn McCauley Landon Hurley Carolyn Carlson Carol Crumley Eddie Reynolds Phyliss Warren Tom Gardner CHEERLEADERS FOOTBALL SQUAD First row, left to right: Gilley, Kelly, Jackson, Moore, Graham, Jordan, Gun- ning, McNally, Allison. Second row: Sharrett, Canter, McKenzie, Earp, Stoots, Farnsworth, Spurgeon, Boohcr, Barb. Third row: Cross, Stuart, Saltz, Neblett, Cuddy, Worley, Lilley, Heaberlin, Blankenship. Fourth row: Allen, Creger, Pierce, Bryant, I Long, Roe, Arrants, Bramlett, Mont- gomery. Fifth row: Clark, Holloway, Morton, Akers, Countiss, Thomas. PRESENT V.H.S 1 1 C ' v : D 1 J Graham Farnsworth Heaberlin Gunning Kelly Stoots ERWIN VS. VIRGINIA Playing its first game of the sea- son Virginia High’s team journeyed to Erwin on September 6 where a sluggishly played contest with a strong team ended in a score of 25-0 in favor of Erwin. WISE VS. VIRGINIA Striking with stunning speed for three touchdowns in the first pe- riod, the Orange team scored a convincing victory over a battling Wise team, which grew stronger as the game progressed. The game ended in our favor 26-6. JOHNSON CITY VS. VIRGINIA Virginia scored in the first few minutes of the game on a forward pass to lead 6-0 but after that the Hilltoppers proved too much and won 20-6. Spurgeon E ' Arb Sharrett Neblett Earp Creger LETTERMEN SALTVILLE VS. VIRGINIA Virginia, with its offense and de- fense clicking, scored a 26-0 vic- tory over a battle air minded Salt - ville eleven. The game ended with several players breaking into the scoring parade. ABINGDON VS. VIRGINIA Traveling 51 yards for the only score of the game on a cleverly executed forward-lateral passing pi iy, Virginia edged out Abingdon 6-0. Perry scored the lone touch- down. GRUNDY VS. VIRGINIA On October 11, Virginia took on the Grundy Golden Hurricane and came out of the hard fought game 19-19. Long runs and fine defensive work of the lines featured the con- test. Gilley made several beautiful runs throughout the game. Moore McNally Canter Perry Jackson Harrington McKenize Booher Jordan Gilley Saltz Stuart ' ‘V FUTURE V.H.S. Rowe Thomas Holloway TAZEWELL VS. VIRGINIA A hefty, hard-driving Tazewell eleven edged out the Virginians 19-18 in one of the hardest fought games of the season. The Orange team was outweighed, but played staunch ball to hold the Bulldogs. Allison, W. Allison, B. Holloway RICHLANDS VS. VIRGINIA Richlands, one of Southwest Vir- ginia’s top teams, had to settle with a 6-6 deadlock with the fighting Orange clad warriors. The game ended with the Bearcats on Rich- land’s 4-yard line heading for pay- dirt. COEBURN VS. VIRGINIA Showing its best offensive form, Virginia ran over a fighting Coe- burn team 20-6. Most of the scor- ing was done in the last six min- utes of play. Grayson Montgomery Akers Bryant Arrants Long a LETTERMEN Virginia lost a hard fought game to Norton, district 8 champions, by a thin margin of 7-6. All the scoring of the bitterly fought game was packed in the second period. Stump’s accurate placekick proved to be the winning point. TENNESSEE VS. VIRGINIA (City Championship) A valiant Virginia High eleven, beset by the breaks, but refusing to yield when the chips were down, fought a heavier Tennessee High team to a scoreless tie, as a crowd of over 7,000 watched the gridiron classic. The contest, bitterly fought and tensely played from whistle to whistle, wrote a new chapter in city championship annals, as for the first time a tie was recorded. Six members of the squad — Capt. )im Kelly, Tammy Farnsworth, Buddy Earp, Bob McNally, Gordon Stuart, and Pete Booher — were chosen on the All-City eleven. " Hoke” Jackson, Bramlett Allen Countiss Morton Clark Cooper Pierce Worley Cuddy Cross Sports Editor f . sjKSML £ ' ; j o 1 i I 1 ill 1 A j Lilley Blankenship HfeCjC ' Of m V I i I I Jack Harkins Captain Mr. T. T. Countiss Coach Not in Picture: Mr. Ralph J. Corrin Assistant Coach Harry Kingsolver Hop Scott Managers 1 Front Row, left to right: Jack Harkins, Jack Walling, " Hoke” Jackson, Bob Gilley, Charles Harkins, " Bev” Canter, LaVerne Gross, Jimmy Kelly. Second Row: Bob Combs, " Tammy” Farnsworth, David Livingstone, Kenny Worley, Dooney Jessee. BASKETBALL LaVerne Gross Beverly Canter Orgel " Hoke” Jackson Jack Walling Bob Gilley Jimmy Kelly Charles Harkins Tammy Farnsworth Bob Combs Jack Harkins Kenny Worley Hugh Lee Saul D. Jessee First Row: Neblett, Blankenship, Long, Saltz, Cuddy, Pierce, Hurley. Second Roic: Bramlett, Livingstone, Hutton, Tipton, Arrants, Leonard, McCall. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES AND SCHEDULE FOR 1946-47 By Orgf.l Jackson Virginia 45 ■ ' Abingdon 15 Virginia . 25 " Graham .. 35 Virginia . 29 " ' Tazewell .. 43 Virginia 54 Holston Valley Norton 45 Virginia . 33 .. 40 Virginia ... 33 Pound 45 Virginia 31 Tennessee 61 Virginia 46 :: Salt ville 21 Virginia 29 Holston Valley .. 22 Virginia 45 " Abingdon . 33 " Conference games. Virginia 42 " ' Pocahontas 19 Virginia 27 Johnson City 29 Virginia 30 Tennessee 36 Virginia 32 Pound 43 Virginia 38 " ' Graham 36 Virginia 44 Johnson City 39 Virginia 23 Norton 31 Virginia 49 " ' Tazewell 47 Virginia 33 " Pocahontas 42 Virginia 60 5: ' Salt ville 12 CITY CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES With several regulars out because of sickness, the 1947 City Championship basketball series between Virginia High and Tennessee High took place on the Viking floor on January 4th, 1947. Due to this severe blow the Virginians lost by a score of 61-31. The second game was also played on the Tennessee floor on February 28th. Although the Virginia team had met a terrible defeat in the first game, the team staged a wonderful comeback, and it seemed that the Vikings might sink. However, at the final whistle the Tennesseans won by a small margin, 36-30. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Winning seven and losing three conference games, Virginia traveled to Marion to compete in the District Seven Tournament held on February 28th and March 1st. Virginia opened its tournament play by soundly defeating Graham High of Bluefield, Virginia, 56 to 32. In the semi-finals the Bearcats, play- ing good ball, edged out Marion 47-42. Displaying a fast brand of basketball, Virginia lost to Tazewell in the finals by the close margin of 44-40. 1945-46 BASEBALL TEAM 1945-46 TRACK TEAM GIRLS ' SOFTBALL BASKETBALL PING Minnie Jones Shufflehoard Champion Miss Janette Breeding Director Girls’ Athletics JUNIORS (Champions) First row, left to right-. P. Stoots, H. Oliver, E. Barb, A. Stewart, E. Icenhour. Second row : J. Weaver, N. Osborne, B. Sanders, M. Rivers. SENIORS First row, left to right: B. Godsey, P. Warren, N. Cox. Second row: L. Triplette, F. Saul, V. Worley. Not in picture: M. Jones. JUNIORS First row, left to right: B. Whitmore, A. Stewart, E. Barb, N. Osborne. Second row: M. Foster, C. Wright, P. Stoots, J. Weaver. ATHLETICS PONG BOWLING Nancy Osborne Horseshoe Champion VARSITY First row, left to right : B. Turner, B. Godsey, L. O’Niel, J. Harris, R. Smeltzer. Second row. E. Barb, N. Osborne, M. Jones, P. Stoots, N. Cox. Not in picture: P. Warren. SOPHOMORES SUB-FRESHMEN First row, left to right : C. Cadle, F. Bradley, J. Warren, R. Smeltzer, L. O’Niel, B. McGlothlin, V. LeSueur. Second row: G. Freeman, R. York, T. Bass, E. Thomas, R. Grasham, B. Hardin, J. Ball. First row, left to right: D. Barker, T. Sheffield, L. Neal, F. Arrants, R. Blankenship, J. Harris. Second row: J. Barker, P. Davis, R. Leonard, M. Harkins, G. Cash, E. Groseclose, M. Selfe. HT ' fcs SNAPSHOTS WHO ' S WHO IN Jimmy Kelly Betsy Cox Most Attractive G. A. Fuller Jeanette Feathers Handsomest and Prettiest Jack Harkins Carolyn Carlson Most Popular Wittiest Boy Beattie Hearst Beverly Graham Wolf Wolverine George Hamrick Jean Kistner Boy Most Likely to Succeed (Tie) Girl With Best Personality (Tie) Irvin Perry Carolyn Clark Most Intellectual Most Ambitious Boy Typical Senior Girl (Tie) Ballard French (Tie) Betty Wygal Most Likely to Succeed Bob Gilley Jonna Ruth Rivers Most Athletic THE SENIOR CLASS Jimmy Neblett Daphne Marshall Best All Round Most School Spirited Girl (Tic) Eddie Reynolds Anita Cohen Best Dressed Tammy Farnsworth Nancy Keesling (Tic) Typical Seniors Phyllis Warren (Tic) Landon Hurley Most School Spirited Wittiest Girl Dick McKenzie Jean Lilley Best Personality (Tie) Bev. Canter Joan Sturgill Cutest Jimmy Newland Peggy Crockett Most Dependable Kathryn Lowry John Spurgeon (Tic) Most Talkative Herbert Peters Joan Zimmerman Most Talkative Boy (Tic) Most Ambitious Girl LaVerne Gross Ruth Cunningham The Long and the Short of the Senior Class RUNNERS-UP Patsy Bowers Wolverine " Hoke” Jackson Wittiest Virginia LeSueur Typical Sophomore Dick Gainer Most School Spirited (Tie) Susie Odum Wittiest Vance Heaberlin Typical Junior Marilyn McCauley Most Ambitious, Typical Senior Ted Barker Most Likely to Succeed Imogean Farris Most Athletic (Tie) Bob Combs Most School Spirited (Tic) Minnie Jones Most Athletic (Tie) LaVerne Gross Best All Round Celia Van Hoy Most Attractive NOT IN PICTURE Buddy Earp Jean Kistner Most Athletic Best Dressed (Tic) Kathryn Lowry Best Dressed (Tie) Prettiest Carolyn Clark Most Likely to Succeed Best All Round Most Attractive Handsomest, Most Popular, Most Talkative (Tic) Carolyn Carlson Best All Round (Tie) Most School Spirited Peggy Crockett Best All Round (Tie) Jeanette Feathers Most Popular Eddie Reynolds Jimmy Kelly Jimmy Neblett Most Dependable, Most Ambitious, Best Personality Betsy Cox Best Personality George Hamrick Most Intellectual Betty Wygal Most Intellectual Beverly Canter Best Dressed Dick McKenzie Cutest, Talkative (Tie) Daphne Marshall Cutest John Spurgeon Typical Senior Nancy Osborne Typical Junior Jimmy Moore Typical Sophomore G. A. Fuller Senior Wolf Joan Zimmerman Most Dependable TYPICAL SOPHOMORES JUNIORS Erwin Saltz Joyce Jeffries Mary Neblett Gordon Stuart SEVENTH GRADE Bobby Stuart Jane Holmes SUB-FRESHMEN Evelyn Carrier Charles Carter FRESHMEN George Dillow Dale Carter I U5 u JriaL, IX Miss Betty Huntsman Court of Miss Virginia High MAIDS OF HONOR Joyce Jeffries Kathryn Lowry Mary Neblett Joan Sturgill SOCIETY NEWS The first social event of the year was a Boys’ Hi-Y Date Night. Those lucky enough to be invited had a very good time. Of course it was a big success! November 22! The time has finally arrived for that " big night”. The Annual Football Banquet given by the P. T. A. was held in the cafeteria. Our orange and black school colors were carried out beautifully in the decorations and place cards, and the food was superb. This is always one of the most anticipated, and largest affairs of the year. After the banquet a dance, sponsored by the Y-Teens, was held at Hotel Bristol. It was truly a wonderful evening and a memory we will cherish always. Next on the social calendar comes a Civitan Outing, given on December 7 at Mas- sengill’s. Signs of winter in the air and Christmas spirit made things exciting and so much fun! December 18 th, a day we all looked forward to — the day of the Christmas Plays. Under the able direction of Miss Curtin, the Dramatic Club gave three plays entitled " Don’t Open Until Christmas”, " A By-line for St. Luke”, and " Along Came Christ- mas”. They were very good. February 14! Yes, and a Valentine Dance given by the Girls’ Hi-Y and Junior Parrish-Vance Foundation highlighted this day. The dance was given at the Twin- Teen Tavern. Decorations of the day were used. It was a lovely dance and everyone had fun. As this, the 1947 Virginian goes to press, we still have many exciting social ac- tivities to look forward to. I can hardly wait for: the Beauty Contest, Junior and Sen- ior Banquet, the Spring Plays, Senior Play, Club Outings, Date Night, Senior Outing, Miss Curtin’s Piano and Expression Recital, Speech Night, Class Night, and last but not least Graduation Exercises on June 4. Carolyn Carlson, Society Editor SNAPSHOTS CLASS HISTORY Our history began way back in the year 1942 when we were tiny tots starting on a four-year journey to the port of Graduation. The gangplank of the good ship, V.H.S., was lowered and on clamored a large crew of excited, and very much frightened seventh graders. Our captain, Betsy Cox, guided us safely to our first port, Freshman. Here our journey really began because we were beginning to grow up and were starting to high school. Then, on to our next destination, Sophomore. Jimmy Reuning was our leader for that part of our voyage. There were the storms known as " Tests,” that shook the ship and left us pretty giddy, but most of the crew fared well. After we reached Sophomore we were beginning to feel more at home way out on the high seas. We never got seasick then. Well, maybe just a little, if there was an exceptionally large storm. G. A. Fuller, as captain, led us to our next port, Junior, and our journey was half way over. Upon reaching Junior, we were hardened seamen ready to face anything that roved the seas, we thought, but there came the huge hurricanes known as Exam- inations which came twice yearly and struck terror into the hearts of the crew. We were sure that when the " Exams” struck the ship all aboard would sink beneath the waves and never be seen again. However, the ship would emerge and sail away with only a few washed overboard, the more hardy being able to cling to the ship until the danger was past. Our survival that year was due to the untiring efforts of the higher officials (teachers) and Captain Jack Harkins. Then to the next destination, Senior, and we are on the last leg of the journey to the port of Graduation. We have chosen LaVerne Gross as our leader for this last and most important part of our voyage. Land has been sighted and now the good ship, V.H.S., is being tied up to the dock of the port of Graduation. The gangplank is being lowered and we are ready to descend and embark upon our journeys into the future. Dick McKenzie, Historian SNAPSHOTS CLASS PROPHECY Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is Walter Winkie bringing you news and views of the world, and let’s go to press. A scare was thrown into the nation when " JOJO” JACKSON escaped from his pen at Ringling Bros, and Barnum and Bailey Circus. Trainer HERBERT JOHNSON says that he hopes to find him at the home of ADDELINE MARTIN, and he shall bring him back alive. Valley Institute: Professors BOB COMBS and JACK STOOTS state that they have developed a chicken that lays chocolate eggs. Science crawls on. The pawn shop of JAMES LANE and FRED MILLARD was entered late last night. Everything was missing from the shop but the wall paper. Officer DICK McKENZIE says that he suspects thievery; he was aided in his investigation by Sheriff TED BARB. Virginia High School: Great plans are being laid by Principal JAMES NEWLAND and Mrs. Newland. Mrs. New- land is the former Euclid Avenue playgirl, BETTY McNISH. And what is the occasion for the plans? A farewell party for G. A. FULLER. JIM NEBLETT, senior English teacher and nationally known grammarian, just passed him. The pool room of MILLARD CRUMLEY went up in smoke about 5:30 A. M. this morning. Fire Chief EDDIE REYNOLDS tried hard, but not a single cue stick could be saved. The insurance agency of HERBERT PETERS and GEORGE HAMRICK, which is run by BETTY MOORE, said that everything was covered, and that a new one can be built in a few months. Meanwhi le the home address of WENDELL GRAHAM and " DOC” GILLEY will be in care of the Salvation Army, where General BALLARD FRENCfA is commander-in-charge. New York: DAPHNE MARSHALL, known to all of her friends a s " Fe Fe”, will open her Paris Dress Shop in a few days. RUTH CUNNINGHAM ai d IMOGENE FARRIS are selling the dresses, while BEVERLY GODSEY and JACQUE- LINE FERGUSON are modeling them. Good luck, girls. Vogue, the magazine of fashions, has a most divine picture of JEANETTE FEATHERS. Jeanette as you know is the new Raleigh girl. The picture was taken by JACK " CLICK” MUSGROVE. Washington: Senator LA VERNE GROSS has done it again. This time he has exposed the muscles building racket of HARRY KINGSOLVER. PEGGY CROCKETT, the editor of the Washington Post, has a wonderful article in Life this week. It deals with the fine work she has been doing at Boys Town. Representative CAROLYN CLARK heads a new move in the House to make Yankees carry a passport in the South. RUTH ALMANY, WILLIE BARHAM, and NADINE COX are just back from Italy. There they found a new way to make Italian spaghetti. This recipe will be found in the next issue of Better HOLMES (JUNIOR that is) and Gardens which is published by JEAN LILLEY. If you have nothing to do tonight, why not go down to see DICK GAINER put on a billiard exhibition at the Night Club of " POLLY” SNYDER, CELIA VAN HOY, and CHRISTINE BOOHER? BETSY COX and KATHRYN LOWRY are co-starring in the hit (Boy Crazy) at the National Theatre. It looks as if they are still at it. Why don’t you give up, girls? RUTH HARRISON is opening another King’s Department Store this week with CAROLYN CARLSON as the manager and EMMETT and MORRIS HOO- VER as floor walkers. Nothing will ever get by those two boys. RUTH and SUSIE ODUM, assisted by STELLA POE, are writing a book, the title " Our Lives As Chorus Girls.” I just can’t wait. JOAN ZIMMERMAN and SALLY WILSON are going into their ninth week at Carnegie Hall. It’s a great performance, kids. Shagway, Alaska: The Socialist Party has announced that Comrade JOE McKENZIE will be its candidate for Presi- dent in 1968. Oh, well, it’s a Democracy. Oxford, England: BETTY WYGAL and BETTY McNUTT have just explained Einstein’s theory, and are now writing one of their own. And now for the sports across the Nation: BUDDY EARP has just signed with the Green Bean Packers to play pro ball next season. Sullins College: Coaches " DOPE” and CHARLES HARKINS will take their undefeated basket ball team into Madison Square Garden tonight. DOT STIGALL is still trying to make the team. And over at the University of Kentucky Co-Coaches TAMMY FARNSWORTH and JAMES KELLY are warming up their team to meet U. T. Farns- worth and Kelly use a new system. They pick out a first team, seat its members on the bench, and star t the substitutes. Let’s not be bitter, boys. New York University: TED " SPEEDY” BARKER just set a new world’s record for the 220 low hurdles. V. M. I.: Governor IRVIN PERRY made a great speech tonight, defending College sports, him in this country. We need more men like The Amazon River: The missionary team of BEVERLY GRAHAM and BEATTIE HEARST say they have discovered a new race of women. When last seen Mr. Hearst was swinging through the trees. CLASS PROPHECY Bristol, Va.: The grand opening of the BOWERS Drug Store, FRANCES and PATSY that is, will be next Monday. HELEN BOOHER is selling cosmetics, MARTHA JOHNSON is jerking sodas, with ROY WHITE as delivery boy. A great staff? The funeral of JOHN SPURGEON will be held tomorrow. Poor John, it seems that the girls got together. We might as well give up, boys. They will have union in a few years. Bristol Again: And again another tragedy. ROBERT " BALDY” McNALLY has met his fate. His favorite horse, Lover Boy, ate Baldy’s wig. The only trouble is the fact that Mr. McNally was in the wig. We hear also from Bristol that V. H. S. should have the best ping pong team in the state. MINNIE JONES is the coach and also the defending National Champion. _ Florida: The Miami Date Bureau of the DOROTHY HUTTONS will open again soon. This season the dates will be JOAN STURGILL, DORIS WEEKS, VIRGINIA WORLEY, and a lot more good looking girls. If any of you boys are down that way, drop in. All official Bristol will be at the Paramount Theatre Saturday night to hear the music program to be given by the Virginia Creepers, who are: BILLY, BOBBY and DONALD CAMPBELL, tenors, with DONALD, JACK and LANDON HURLEY singing bass. EARL CAMPER is the baritone, and they are ably accompanied by JUNIOR HOLT on the mouth organ. The Paramount, as you know, is owned by PAUL GUNNING and GLEN JORDAN. They got mad at the Colum- bia, I hear. Dr. MARILYN McCAULEY, the head chemist at Massengill’s, says she has a new vitamin pill. She gives a lot of credit to her secretary, LUCILLE TRIPLETTE. A new idea is sweeping the nation, a diaper laundry, and one of the South’s best has been opened in Bristol by PEGGY LIMBURG, PEGGY LEONARD and JUNE MINK. Their best customers are Mr. and Mrs. ARNOLD. Mrs. Arnold comes from that fine old Southern family of Senters. Atlantic City: BARBARA SAWYER and HELEN WHICKER are in the finals for Miss America. The War Department: The new Secretary of War, GARLAND WHITE, says that he has appointed NED WOR- RELL and WYNDHAM NICA R on a mission to Moscow. It shouldn’t happen to a dog, and those Russians are such nice people. And now for the questions that the time will allow. EVELYN KEESEE and HELEN LAMBERT, in answering your letter I don ' t believe Congress will pass a law making all men over 21 marry. Mr. and Mrs. Jessee have asked me to send their plea to FRANCES HAGA. “Please bring BILL JESSEE home.” He is all they have. HELEN HARDIN, I believe your idea for a Mr. America contest will go over big. I also have a few tips for the papers. DORIS SHEFFIELD, MARY SHANKA, and VIVIAN MULLINS are trying to get to Holland. They hear that there is a woman shortage there. BEV. CANTER is just back from a Huntsman trip into Canada. BOB ELKINS was his guide. To the New Orleans Papers: NANCY KEESLING and JEAN KISTNER will be in that city to give a piano concert. Kansas City: OPLE FLICK and LOUISE GOODMAN will be with you on Monday to talk on the evils of drink. Denver Star: MAURICE CRAFT and KATHERINE FARRIS will unite with FREEDA GOODMAN and JANIS WILSON to open a new Y. W. C. A. Richmond Times: The Barter Theater will give " State of the Union” at the Mosque next week. JONNA RUTH RIVERS and BILL THOMPSON will take the leading roles. Others in the cast are: FRANCES SAUL and BETTY MORETZ. The Papers in Texas: The world premier of “My Little Texas Rose” starring HAROLD CHESNUTT and PHYLLIS WARREN will be showing in Dallas tonight. Others in the picture are R. M. DILLOW, COWAN CARTER, ELVIN CAR- MACK, and BETTY RUTH WADE. Tonight over N.B.C., MARY ROE, under the sponsorship of NORMA ROSENBALM’S Dairy, will tell stories for the kids. Also heard tonight will be a very interesting talk on Cameras by ROBERT WILLIAMS, the owner of Kelly, Green and Williams. Nashville, Tenn.: CONRAD BOOHER will be heard in the place of Roy Acuff tonight over the Grand Ole Opera. This is sponsored by the HAROLD AKERS and RALPH HOUSER Tobacco Co. WILLIAM TROXELL is the announcer, and MARVIN ROWLETT plays the banjo. France: MARY ALICE LAMBERT, MYRTICE WAMPLER, and RUTH ANN WEAVER are in Paris to study art. And that, ladies and gentlemen, winds up the news for tonight. This is your reporter with notions of love, saying good night. SENIOR MIRROR Nickname Hobby Harold Akers " Harry” Collecting guns Ruth Almany " Ruth” Riding in Convertibles " L Jack Arnold " Jackie” Dorothy Ted Barb " Cedric” Being a Wolf Willie Barham " Billie " Day dreaming of E. J. R. JTed Barker " Speedy” Photography ChrjshnE- ' Booher " Cricket ” Typing Conrad Booher " Zeke” Fiddle Helen Booher " Helena” Talking Frances Bowers " Franky” Movies Patsy Bowers " Spin” Shootin’ the Breeze Billy Campbell " Bone " Reading Bobby Campbell " Star” Love ’em and leave ’em Donald Campbell " Zebe " Guitar Earl Camper " Shark” Driving Beverly Canter " Bev” Girls Cowan Canter " Canter " Movies Wanda Canter " Wanda” Driving Fords Carolyn Carlson " T ootie” Boys’ Hi-Y Elvin Carmack " Specks " Loafing Harold Chestnutt " Ches” Coins Carolyn Clark " Carolyn” Driving the Car Anita Cohen " Nita” Boys Bob Combs " Robey " Sports Betsy Cox " Betsy” Collecting records Nadine Cox " Butch” Flying Maurice Craft " Mert” Reading Bobby Creger " Bob” Football Peggy Crockett " Crockett” Collecting plates Millard Crumley " Mort ” Pool Homer Cuddy " Pidgeon” Cutting class Ruth Cunningham " Chicken” Collecting bracelets R. M. Dillow, Jr. " Rim” Skating James Edward Earp " Buddy” Athletics Bob Elkins " Giamo” Loafing Richard Talmadge Farnsworth " Tammy” Camping Imogene Farris " Jean” Collecting odds and ends Kathryn Farris " Kat” Chewing gum Jeanette Feathers " Smoky” Junior Civitans Jacqueline Ferguson " Jackie” Movies Ople Flick " Flick” Reading Ballard French, " B. D.” Photographv G. A. Fuller ' ' Vitamin’’ Girls Dick Gainer " Fish” Trying to catch Celia Bob Gilley " Doc” Loafing around Beverly Goosey " Kitten” Dancing Freeda Goodman " Butterball” Ping pong Louise Goodman " Lou” Radio Beverly Graham " Bev” Doin’ what comes naturally Wendell Graham " Wen-del” Loafing LaVerne Gross " Vent” Love ’em and Leave ’em Paul Gunning " Paul” Sleeping Frances Haga " Frankie " Collecting snapshots George Hamrick " Ham” Girls Helen Hardin " Shorty” Collecting salt and pepper shakers Charles Harkins " Mr. Basket Ball” Dating Jack Harkins " Dope " Basketball Ruth Harrison " Goosie” Collecting Spike Jones records Beattie Hearst " Curly” Euclid Avenue and Piedmont Junior Holmes " Jr. Schmit” Airplanes Junior Holt " Holt” Trains Emmett Hoover " Emmett” Reading Morris Hoover " Morris” Mechanics Ralph Houser " Mac " Sports Donald Hurley " Don” Radio Jack Hurley " JigX s ” Loafing at Bradley’s Landon Hurley " Wilb ” Girls Dorothy Nit-HwTTON " Hazard” Eating ’ " Dorothy T. Hutton " Dotsy” Flirting Orgel Jackson " Hoke " Girls Bill Jessee " Bill” Dating Fred Jones " Buddy " Arguing Favorite Expression " You arc so right " c W hl Root Cream Oil, Charlie” " You dumb bunny ” " You drunk, too?” " Have you seen Eddie?” " Don’t get on your ear " " Let’s go, girls” " Hou dy, Zebe” " T hat’s ' tuff’ ” " Heaven forbid” " Aw, honey” " That’s right” " Wait ’til the sun goes down” " Howdy, folks! " " Hey, Mac, come here” " B-E-T-T-Y!” " That’s a big deal " " Come off that stuff, Babe” " It’s immaterial to me” " What Cha doing? " " Hey, Stuff!” " What’s your trouble?” " Got a letter " " I can’t fight that” " Oh! That’s stupid! " " This is a full country” " I’ll buy it” " What time is it?” " Isn’t that disgusting?” " About nine times” " Boli-gots " " Let’s eat” " Ladies, you too, boys” " Borrow a pencil " " Kilroy was here " " When did you get back?” " You did? " " Beat it, will ya?” " Oh! Goodness” " You bet” " Get out o’ here” " Yus” " Not particularly ’ " Shoot” " Have you seen Dav-id?” " Well, Fat-ther” " How do you like that? " " Got your bookkeeping?” " I ain’t proud” " I don’t know” " Oh, my aching back " " Hey, Jordan” " I don’t know” " I wouldn’t doubt it” " Jeepers creepers” " J-U-L-I-A A-N-N” " B.T.O.” " I’m going to take my paper dolls and go home” " Hello, Honey” " Hey!” " Now, I wouldn’t say that” " Not bad” " Oh! Just anything” " Tiny Earl " " Kilroy was here” " I haven ' t got anything” " Yo got a point there” " Mu Cow !” " Who do you think?” " You are? Any how?” " Defter” " You’ll be sorry” SENIOR MIRROR P3- Nickname Hobby Favorite Expression Minnie Jones " Cotton” Loafing " Heavenly days” Martha Johnson " Mert” Always chasing rain beans " Oh! Honey " Glen Jordan " Shotgun” Art " I’m a man of mighty few words” |imm y Kelly " Kelly” Jack of all trades but master of none " May the best girl win ” Evelyn Keesee " Indian” Dancing " Ou-la-la” Nancy Keesling " Nancy” Trying to find my Ideal " And then what happened?” Harry Kingsolver " Gooch” Girls " Natch” |ean Kistner " Jeannie” Boys " Ah, don’t be like that” Helen Lambert " Dimples ” Reading " Well for goodness sake!” Mary Alice Lambert " Cookie” Dating Tennessee boys " Well forever more!” James Lane " Jimmy” Being a wolf " Oh! But I do” Peggy Leonard " Peg” Movies " Goodness” Jean Lilley " Jeanius” V. H. S. Band members " Ah, come on now” Peggy Limburg " Peg” Collecting snapshots " Oh, honey!” Kathryn Lowry " Kitty " Pothead " Isn’t he darlin’!” Marilyn McCauley " Mac” Collecting men " I know what you mean” Betty McNish " Kathy” Editor of Little Virginian " Jeepers” Betty Wayne McNutt " Nutty” Hedy Lamarr scrap book " Oh, fudge!” Richard C. McKenzie " Dick” Messin’ around " By Gosh, Howdy!” Joe McKenzie " Rabbi” Losing week-ends " Yeah! " Bob McNally " Skinny” Horseback riding " All right, Gargles” Daphne Marshall " Dap” Perfumes " What can it be?” Addeline Martin " Add” Talking " Roger” Fred Millard " Fred” D. O. " Bull feathers” June Mink " Junie” Shorthand " His Hair!” Betty Moore " Boopy” Parties " How you doin’, buddy?” Betty Moretz " Shorty” Collecting poems " Oh, honey!” Vivian Mullins " Blondie” Dancing " 1 can’t think, now” Jack Musgrove " Mole” Airplanes " Meats Be” Jim Neblett " Nesbet” Riding S. C. A. bicycle " Let’s see” Jimmy Newland " Jimmy” Telephone 2324 " I don’t know” Wyndham Nicar " Windy” Developing films " I didn’t do it” Ruth Odum " Rupie” Dating " Let’s go to Joe’s” Susie Odum " Sue” Movies " You don’t say” Caryl Peery " Shanghai " Art " See?” Irvin Perry " Squire” Football " Good night!” Herbert Peters " Pete” Loafing " That Life” Stella Poe " Shorty” Movies " Are you kiddin’?” Eddie Reynolds " Blondie” Girls " O, these women” Jonna Ruth Rivers " Johnnie " Collecting stamps " Gee!” Mary Roe " Mary” Bowling " Who said?” Norma Rosenbalm " Butch” Loafing " You tell me " Marvin Rowlett " Butch” Women " You kiddin’ ” Frances Saul " Franie” Talking " Holy Hannah! " Barbara Sawyer " Bobby” Reading " You old thing” Dorothy Senter " Senter” Collecting records " Oh, my goodness " Mary Shanka " Shorty ” Movies " Oh, murder " Doris Sheffield " Cherry ” Going to Tennessee High " Spied a sailor” Edward Smith " Ed” Collecting stamps " I think so” Pauline Snyder " Polly” Riding in a black Studebaker " Good deal” John Spurgeon " John Hugh” Vesta " Notch” Dorothy Stigall " Gussie” Dating " Had a wonderful time” Jack Stoots " Jack” Shooting pool " Nine ball in corner pocket " Joan Sturgill " St urge” Skipping class " Buddy-O” William Thompson " Bill” Girls " Hubba, Hubba” Lucille Triplett " Sally” Shootin’ the Breeze " Yeah, Daisy!” William Troxell " Son” Girls " Bet your life” Celia Van Hoy " Celia” Radio " Who did he take? " Betty Ruth Wade " Betty” Reading " 1 wish that bell would ring " Myrtice Wampler " Myrt” Reading " What, go to King?” Phyllis Warren " Immy” Driving the car " That’s stupid " Ruth Weaver " Peanut” Dreaming " Pete’s Sake” Doris Weeks " Weeks” Making forward passes " Let’s do that again” Helen Whickejj " Beth” Swimming " Who ' s that boy? " Garland White " Gene " Electronics " No-o-o-o " Roy White " Buddy” Band " Let’s go” Robert Williams " Bob” Airplanes " Come now” Janis Wilson " Jennie” Collecting pictures " Did we have any homework?” Sally Wilson " Sally” Music " Gol-ly " Virginia Worley " Vi” Dating Tennessee boys " O, my achin’ back” Ned Worrell " Worrell ” Photography " So!” Betty Wygal " Betty” Collecting records " I ain’t talkin’ ” Joan Zimmerman " Jody” Music , " l got lost in the rush’ CLASS WILL We, the Seniors of Virginia High School, City of Bristol, County of Washington, State of Virginia, in the Year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty-seven, being of sound minds and good health, do hereby make and publish the following to be our last will and testament: To the members of the Faculty we bequeath our sincerest gratitude for their untiring efforts, and our undying apprecia- tion for bearing with us these many years — To the Juniors we will our pleasing way with the teachers and our ability to talk them out of a lot of work. We only hope they do better than we have. Our personal bequests follow: I, BOBBY COMBS, leave my country ways to KENNY WORLEY. I, HOMER CUDDY, will my big mouth to " BUNNY” SALTZ. I, PAUL GUNNING, bequeath my Captain’s star to BILL SHARRETT. I, BEATTIE HEARST, leave my short hair to JOHNNIE RUSH. I, JACK STOOTS, bequeath my gorilla ways to BOB MUM- POWER. I, MILLARD CRUMLEY, will my knowledge of English to any one who wants it. I, GLEN JORDAN, bequeath my brain work to JERRY HENSLEY. I, " HOKE” JACKSON, bequeath my name of " Jo-Jo” to some fortunate Junior. We, BOB CAMPBELL, CONRAD BOOHER, DONALD CAMPBELL, will our hillbilly band to BILLY ALLISON, BILL MILLSAP, and GENE LEONARD. I, BEVERLY CANTER, bequeath the Lawrence Ave. girls to some less fortunate Junior. I, CHARLES HARKINS, leave the Colleges to JIM BROCK. I, DICK McKENZIE, will my driver’s license to ROY TIPTON. We. lWYNDHAM NICAR BALLARD FRENCH J and NED WORRELL, bequeath our photography to tLie coroner. We, IRVIN PERRY, JIMMY NEWLAND and HERBERT PETERS, bequeath our " A’s” to anyone who studies hard. I, JUNIOR HOLT, bequeath my ability to argue in Gov- ernment to GORDON STUART. We, TAMMY FARNSWORTH and BUDDY EARP, will our All-City positions to the next in line. We, EDDIE REYNOLDS and G. A. FULLER, bequeath our cars to GORDON UNDERWOOD and BILL ROBERTS. I, FRED JONES, bequeath my Physics grades to whoever may take the stuff. I, ROY WHITE, bequeath my knowledge of History to DAVID LIVINGSTONE. I, JACK HARKINS, bequeath my position as football man- ager to HOP SCOTT. I, OPLE FLICK, bequeath my ability to work to HAROLD JOHNSON. I, WENDELL GRAHAM, will my ability to talk about others to BILL ALLEN. I, BOB CREGAR. bequeath my laziness to JOE RIGOR- MORTIS. We, JIM KELLY, JOHN SPURGEON, and JIM NEBLETT, bequeath our brown shoe polish to anyone planning to do this kind of work. I, CAROLYN CARLSON, bequeath my position as Head Cheer Leader to TOM GARDNER. We, RUTH CUNNINGHAM and JEANETTE FEATHERS, will our friendly ways with everyone to any two Juniors who will accept them. We, BEVERLY GODSEY and FRANCES BOWERS, will our way with the boys to DOROTHY FULLER and BETTY BRAY. We, LOUISE GOODMAN, JANIS WILSON, JACQUELINE FERGUSON, and PEGGY LEONARD, will our quiet ways to PEGGY WILLIAMS, PEGGY BRANSON, CAROLINE HASSINGER, and ANN PEAVLER. I, " BEV” GRAHAM, bequeath my " Wolverine Influence” to CAROL CRUMLEY. I, NANCY KEESLING, will my position as Editor of the Annual to any Junior that wants it. We, FRANCES HAGA and MARY SHANKA, leave our bashfulness to WAYNE SANDERS and BETTY EARP. We, JEAN KISTNER and DOROTHY T. HUTTON, will our positions in the Band to BETTY HUNTSMAN and KITTY AKARD. We, MARY ALICE LAMBERT, BETTY MOORE, and BETTY WYGAL, bequeath our red hair to any Junior who wishes to dye hers. We, DORIS SHEFFIELD, POLLY SNYDER, VIVIAN MULLINS, will our peroxided hair to NANCY FOSTER, DOLORES CARRIER, and JUDY GALLIHER. I, DOT STIGALL, will my ability to fall out of love to JOAN KINGSOLVER. I, DOROTHY ANN HUTTON, leave my pretty complexion to some " " Lucky” Junior. We, RUTH ODUM, VIRGINIA WORLEY and BETTY McNUTT, will our love for the boys to anyone who likes disappointments. We, RUTH ALMANY, KATHRYN FARRIS, ADDELINE MARTIN, and CELIA VAN HOY, bequeath our friendship to any Juniors who can agree. CLASS WILL We, RUTH WEAVER, MINNIE JONES, HELEN LAM- BERT, R F. ITY RUTH WADE, and STELLA POE will our quiet manners to JEAN BAU! ULL, JANET CLINE, FRANCES HICKS, AGNES HOPKINS, and REGINA KELCHNER. I, FRANCES SAUL, will my back seat in History Class to ANN McDANIELS and hope she learns as much as I did. We, JUNE MINK, SUSIE ODUM, and NORMA ROSEN- BALM, will our Shorthand books to whoever wants them. We, LUCILLE TRIPLETT, and MYRTICE WAMPLER, bequeath our places in the Glee Club to some Junior girls who think they can sing as well as we did. I, HELE N WHICKER, will my place in the Library before first period to any Junior who will accept it graciously for the good of the Library. I, HELEN BOOHER, will my first row seat in English class to LULA RUTTER, and hope she will learn as much as I did. I, BETTY MORETZ, will my books to ELIZABETH PEOPLES with the hopes that her Senior year will be as happy as mine. We, CAROLYN CLARK and JOAN ZIMMERMAN, will our brains to anyone who wants them. I, ANITA COHEN, bequeath my clothes to a fortunate Junior. I, BETSY COX, will my attractive ways to ANN NICAR. We, PEGGY CROCKETT, PHYLLIS WARREN, MARILYN McCAULEY and SALLY WILSON, bequeath our ability to get tickled in Spanish class to anyone who is not afraid of miss McClellan. We, RUTH HARRISON, BETTY McNISH, and DOR- OTHY SENTER, will our ability to keep our man to anyone who will take the trouble to learn the art. I, JEAN LILLEY, will my innocence to all Junior girls. We, JOAN STURGILL and DAPHNE MARSHALL, will our " cuteness” to MARY HARKINS and VIRGINIA Le- SUEUR. We, PEGGY LIMBURG, NADINE COX and CHRISTINE BOOHER, will our polite and courteous manners to anyone who needs them. I, WILLIE KATE BARHAM, will my devotion to EDDIE REYNOLDS to no one because I want to keep it. We, JONNA RUTH RIVERS, WANDA CANTER, MAU- RICE CRAFT and IMOGEAN FARRIS, will our athletic ability to EDITH BARB, NANCY OSBORNE, MARY ANN RIVERS, and BETTY WHITMORE. I, DORIS WEEKS, bequeath my love for music to TERESA RAINERO. I, ELVIN CARMACK, bequeath my ability to tell jokes to VANCE HEABERLIN. I, EDWARD SMITH, bequeath my bashfulness to GENE COFFEY. I, BOB McNALLY, bequeath my ability to get the women to ROY TIPTON. We, BILL THOMPSON and BILL JESSEE, bequeath the State Guard Truck to BOB STRICKLAND. We, WILLIAM TROXEL, MARVIN ROWLETT and EMMETT HOOVER, bequeath our service uniforms to anyone who wants to " join up”. I, BOB GILLEY, bequeath my kicking ability to PETE BOOHER. I, JACK ARNOLD, bequeath my " Senter” position to anyone. I, LA VERNE GROSS, bequeath my position as President of the Senior Class to the next in line. We, HAROLD CHESTNUTT, R. M. DILLOW and RALPH HOUSER, bequeath the country to the Junior that lives as far out as we do. We, BILL CAMPBELL and LANDON HURLEY, bequeath our shop ability to COY McCALL. We, COWAN CANTER and BOB ELKINS, bequeath our ability to stay out of school to WINTON LACKEY and E. G. SMITH. I, DICK GAINER, bequeath my pool shark ability to KENT ODUM. I, JACK HURLEY, bequeath my ability to win an argument to HUGH LEE SAUL. I, FRED MILLARD, bequeath my excess height to HAROLD LEONARD. I, TED BARB, bequeath my senior line to HASKELL CANTER. I, JOE McKENZIE, bequeath my dependability to JIMMY TRAMMELL. I, JIMMY LANE, bequeath my ability to loaf to any Junior who wants to try it. I, HAROLD AKERS, bequeath my angelic ways to JACKIE MILLER. I, GARLAND WHITE, bequeath my pleasing personality to GENE FOX. I, BOB WILLIAMS, bequeath my business-like attitude to JACK MALONE. I, JUNIOR HOLMES, bequeath my cigarettes to anyone who smokes. I, JACK MUSGROVE, bequeath my voice to HENRY GRAHAM. I, EARL CAMPER, bequeath my ability to be quiet to BOYCE WARREN. I, MARTHA JOHNSON, will my flirtatious ways with BOBBY CREGAR to my sister. I, PATSY BOWERS, will my ability to " get around” to anyone with nerve to do so. We, FRANCES BOWERS and MARY ROE, will our fond- ress for Tenn. boys to JOYCE JEFFRIES and CAROL WRIGHT. I, FREEDA GOODMAN, will my love for Benhams and Blountville to anyone who likes them as well as I do. JACK HARKINS, Legator WITNESSES: MISS HILLMAN FRANCES SAUL reciation . Before we make our " Grand Finale” we, The Virginian Staff, wish to express our sincere appreciation to all those who have had any part in making this book possible. Espe- cially do we wish to thank The King Printing Company, Mr. Crandall, our engraver, our photographers, Mr. Daniel and Mr. Willard, and last but certainly not the least, our advertisers, without whose financial assistance we could not publish an annual. Please patronize them, dear readers. Congratulations Class of 1947 Universal Moulded Products Corporation BALL BROTHERS, Inc. Established 1905 Fine Furniture — Hot Point Electric Appliances 506-510 State Street Bristol, Tenn.-Va. KING COLLEGE Bristol, Tennessee • Liberal Arts Program for Men and Women • Character and Scholarship Emphasized • Thoroughness in Instruction • Friendliness on the Campus • CHRISTIAN Character and Scholarship Emphasized For Information Write: R. T. L. LISTON, President King College Bristol, Tennessee SMITH FLORAL CO., Inc. " Say It with Flowers " Member F. T. D. Phone 523 BRISTOL 714 State St. TENNESSEE Van Dervort’s JUNIOR ROUT SHOP BRISTOL GIFT SHOP 707 State St. Bristol, Virginia 10 t t« «T«et» ★ ★ ★ " Gifts of Distinction " (MUD AT THE FOOT TV (( PROPERLY FITTED Paramount Building H ALLID AY ' S Unusual Store ★ ★ ★ Unusual Values BRISTOL MOTOR COMPANY, Inc. Phone 287 BUICK CARS — SALES — SERVICE INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS — U. S. TIRES Sycamore and Lee Streets Bristol, Virginia DIXIE COAL YARD Phone Number 6 COAL — clean and hot AND Warmest Greetings to Our Friends of Virginia High School Compliments of WjuKins Je we ie r$ Watches - Diamonds - Jewelry REPAIRING and ENGRAV ING " Certified Watchmaker " Next to Bunting ' s e rie nee Daniel Studio Annuals are built upon years of experience as specialists in the field of school publications. DANIEL STUDIO 510 Cumberland St. Bristol, Va. Compliments of COLE DRUG STORES I. C. PENNEY COMPANY Bristol, Tennessee WARREN WILLARD Photographer KOTY ' S GARAGE Studio 412 Park Phone 2719 Bristol, Virginia Commercial, Group, and Portrait Willard Batteries Compliments of Compliments STERLING of JL HOUSE THE BABY SHOPPE Compliments of MEADE GROCERY You Are Always Welcome Quality Meats - Fruits PRODUCE Phone 9187 We Deliver — Thank You AT MINOR ' S SULLINS COLLEGE Is fully accredited and offers thorough preparation for remunerative position or for admission to Uni- versity. The advantages in Music, Art, Expression, Dra- matics, Home Economics, and Secretarial Science are in keeping with the high Literary Standards. Confer with us at Sullins College for information in reference to any courses desired. W. E. MARTIN, President Compliments of Tanners - Belt Manufacturers Bristol, Tennessee VIRGINIA INTERMONT AN ENDOWED JUNIOR COLLEGE Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and all other agencies that accredit junior colleges, including the University of the State of New York. STANDARD COURSES: 1. Classical two-year courses admitting to Junior Year in Senior Colleges and Universities (Pre-nursing and Pre-medical). 2. General Cultural Courses (largely elective) for those not planning to spend more than two years in col- lege. 3. Home Economics. 4. Business and Secretarial Courses. 5. Art. Fine and Applied Art including Costume Design, and Interior Decoration. 6. Speech and dramatic art. 7. Physical Education. 8. Music: Piano, Organ, Voice, Violin, Theory. 9. High School. 10. Library Science. Sports for every student: Archery, basket-ball, field ball, gymnastics, hockey, horseback riding, riflery, swimming, tennis, track, tumbling, volley-ball. Beautiful new Day Students Social Center building constructed in 1940 contains study room, locker and powder rooms, large club room with knotty pine paneling, pegged floor, large stone fireplace and comfortable furnishings. For Catalogue and Full Information Apply to R. L. Brantley, President Virginia Intermont College, Bristol, Virginia H. P. KING COMPANY OBVIOUSLY THE BEST PLACE TO SHOP ★ ★ ★ ★ WARRENS SANDWICH SHOP 42 Piedmont Street Phone 113 Bristol, Virginia SHORT ORDERS SANDWICHES SOFT DRINKS ★ ★ ★ ★ Jas. F. Young Electric Co., Inc. Electrical Contractors 1900 Euclid Avenue BRISTOL, VIRGINIA CENTRAL CLASS COMPANY OF VA. Incorporated Affiliated with Central Glass Company Factories and Warehouses Located at Louisville, Ky. - Huntington, W. Va. - Charleston, W. Va. - Evansville, Ind. BRISTOL, VA. Manufacturers of MIRRORS Jobbers of GLASS Fire Proof GENERAL SHELBY HOTEL Bristol ' s Largest and Finest Hotel George W. Summerson, Manager BRISTOL, VA.-TENN. Every Room an Outside Room, with Radio, Bath and Circulating Ice Water W. B. Ford L. G. Ford FORD FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. 23 Sixth Street BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Branch Store — Neon, Ky. " Take the Royal Road to Success " TYPEWRITER SALES SERVICE COMPANY Phone 746 R. L. Fleenor, Mgr. SALES — SERVICE — RENTALS — SUPPLIES ROYAL TYPEWRITERS 34 Moore Street Bristol, Virginia ¥ ¥ ¥ — DeVAULT’S, Inc. Compliments Athletic Equipment — Sporting Goods of 14 Lee St. Bristol, Va. TELEPHONE 3568 GIRLS’ Hl-Y ★ ★ ★ " " BLACK DIAMOND TRAILER COMPANY. Inc. Manufacturers of COMMERCIAL TRAILERS Bristol, Virginia Compliments of BOSTON SHOE STORE AND REPAIR SHOPS UEL ROSS, Owner MAIN STORE— 702 STATE STREET Telephone 1768 BOSTON SHOE SHOP BRISTOL SHOE SHOP AMERICAN SHOE SHOP Johnson City, Tenn 138 East State St. Kingsport, Tenn. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments KING BROTHERS SHOE CO. BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Compliments of Red and Stump i e ' s Confectionery 1 6 Lee Street Bristol, Virginia PHONE 1180-LM Owned and Operated By ROBERT " RED " McCULLOCH — VHS, ' 37 and CHARLES " STUMPIE " STUMP — VHS, ' 40 WHERE FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS MEET • Best Wises to the Senior Class Compliments of NICKELS MANUFACTURING CO. from • BRISTOL CIVITAN CLUB Excellent Facilities for □ Banquets and Parties Compliments Compliments of of HOTEL BRISTOL FAUCETTE CO. □ INSURANCE REAL ESTATE DICKEY INVESTMENT COMPANY GORDON GARMENT CORP. ERNEST H. DICKEY Underwear Manufacturers Phone 90 8V2 Front St. Bristol, Va.-Tenn. Goodson St. Bristol, Va.-Tenn. RALPH ' S • GIBSON CANDY COMPANY, Inc. CONFECTIONERY Confectioners Bristol Bristol Virginia-Tennessee • HOME TRADE STORE We Sell WAYFARER SHOES for the Entire Family Marion Cowan, Mgr. T. S. BOOHER GROCERY Staple and Fancy Groceries Texas Ave. Phone 372-L Compliments of BRISTOL STEEL 5, IRON WORKS During current shortages, be kind to your harrassed dealer. He ' s human, too. DIXIE COAL YARD THE JEWEL BOX Compliments " Your Friendly Jewelry Store " of 529 State Street F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Compliments of BRISTOL DRY CLEANERS DYE WORKS BOB YOUNG SHOE SHOP No Job Too Small to Be Appreciated • Our Service Will Help You to MOORE’S Make a MANUFACTURING GOOD APPEARANCE COMPANY Potato Chips - Peanuts - Popcorn TROY Peanut Butter - Sandwiches LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING Candies Bristol, Virginia • ★ ★ ★ TERRY’S Potato Chips, Peanuts, Popcorn, Your Entertainment Peanut Butter Sandwiches Is □ Our Business B. L. TERRY CAMEO and COLUMBIA 1611 W. State St. Bristol Virginia-Tennessee THEATRES ★ ★ ★ □ Compliments of HUNTSMAN BROTHERS g?il Wholesale Grocers □ " a Aea tA rfoot • ★ ★ ★ ReMINE-GOBBLE, Inc. W. I. BOLLING MOTOR CO. Corner of Water and Cumberland Bristol ' s PHONE 316 Smartest Men ' s Shop DeSoto and Plymouth • + Compliments of Compliments of HARKRADER ' S SERVICE STATION INTERSTATE BODY WORKS Compliments CHAPPEL-HAMRICK BRISTOL DRUG CORP. OPTICAL CO. Drugs — Prescriptions Dr. M. G. Hamrick Dr. J. D. Miller 633 State Street Phone 5143 Optometrists Optometrists PHONE 991 Compliments PHONE 406 VANITY BEAUTY SALON 811 State Street BRISTOL, VIRGINIA BRISTOL PAPER BOX CO. Incorporated The Beauty of Our Business Is FLOWERS Manufacturers of PAPER BOXES Bristol Virginia-Tennessee BRISTOL FLORAL CO. 934 State Street Oldest and Most Complete in Every Detail PHONE 716 • MOORE-EARHART CO. WHITSON ' S State St. Bristol, Va.-Tenn. DRY CLEANERS □ Phone 2255 1 1 Seventh St. Bristol, Tenn. ATHLETIC GOODS • and LUGGAGE ★ ★ ★ Compliments of FRED REUNING CO. □ PIGGLY WIGGLY A Mutual Insurance Agency Piedmont Street Phone 2443 ★ ★ ★ □ 58 Piedmont Ave. Bristol, Va. JONES WHOLESALE COMPANY. Inc. 32 Moore Street BRISTOL, VIRGINIA 5 d In v y cr ft m .v ' vY J y L f i jC n _L ? 0 LlTj J ' ' ? F " ' ? f S ) , 4i .• -y . , - Compliments of A V Ml H 1 WATT ' S BAKERY : j r y • Bread and Cakes V ' lo r w ' . V H J J . ) r tf f 1 HOME DRY CLEANERS Quality Cleaning and Quick Service 16 Front Street Bristol, Virginia PHONE 1704 Cash and Carry — Delivery KEMBLE-COCHRAN COMPANY Booksellers, Stationers, Engravers and Office Outfitters Bristol, Va.-Tenn. Compliments of ANNORA BEAUTY SHOPPE PARAMOUNT DRESS SALON Exclusive Dresses Paramount Theatre Building Bristol, Tenn. B. K. BARB FRUIT GRO. STORE 612 Oakview St. Phone 2342 Bristol, Va. " Learn it right " BRISTOL COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Bristol, Tennessee Fully Accredited Compliments of HAMILTON-BACON-HAMILTON Complete Household Furniture Phone 2160 Commonwealth Avenue YOUR THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. WESTINGHOUSE DEALER □ □ Paints - Wallpaper □ THRIFT SUPPLY CO., Inc. 511 State Street Bristol, Va.-Tenn. Lee State Sts. EASTON ' S Equipment for Sportsmen Hotel General Shelby BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Phone 1795 ★ ★ ★ Compliments of C. B. KEARFOTT SON Architects ★ ★ ★ Compliments of BLEVINS FUNERAL HOME SERVICE WHOLESALE GROCERY, INC. Wholesale Grocers Bristol, Virginia PHONE 2906 ★ ★ ★ Compliments BUNTING ' S DRUG STORE of r RAYLASS DEPT. STORES, Inc. Delicious Soda and Ice Cream ★ ★ ★ Kodaks and Film Finishing " We Furnish the Home Complete " BRISTOL FURNITURE CO. " It pays to buy the Ryland kind " Store Out of the High Rent District Corner of Sixth and Shelby D. B. RYLAND CO. PHONE 750 Bristol, Tennessee Jewelers — Silversmiths Compliments Compliments of of PARAMOUNT and STATE FULLER BUS LINE, Inc. THEATRES Bristol, Virginia " Where You Find Entertainment, Happiness and Friends " PHONE 5206 Compliments of RED, WHITE BLUE BARBECUE INTERSTATE HARDWARE COMPANY, INC. Jobbers of GENERAL HARDWARE ELECTRIC. RADIO AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES HEATING AND PLUMBING GOODS Bristol, Tennessee-Virginia PAUL COOK FUNERAL HOME Bristol, Tenn. Ambulance Service Compliments of GEORGE P. KISTNER □ TAILOR THE COX COMPANY Wholesale Grocers 30 Fourth Street Bristol, Tennessee THE BEAUTY GARDEN Cor. State and Fifth Sts., Bristol, Tenn. Compliments of PHONE 118 □ THE DARLING SHOP Expert Beauty Service Compliments Ladies ' and Men ' s Suits Made-to-Measure of THE QUALITY TAILORS EATMORE CAFE 16 Moore Street Bristol, Virginia FURROW ELECTRIC CO. S. H. KRESS CO. Modern Methods of Correct 5-10-25c Store LIGHTING Where you will find the " Scholastic Line " 408 State St. Phone 162 of Supplies Compliments of Compliments NETTIE LEE SHOPS of 523 State Street UNCLE SAM ' S LOAN OFFICE PHONE 1921 ReMINE BOYS ' SHOP Compliments of Central Buildings Sixth Street McCRORY ' S STORES CORP. " Clothes Like Dad ' s " 528-30 State St. Bristol, Tenn. YELLOW COACH COMPANY Owned and Operated By Earl Penley BRISTOL ' S OLDEST AND MOST DEPENDABLE TRANSPORTATION SERVICE Office Phone 2600 Terminal Phone 2541 BRISTOL, VIRGINIA-TENNESSEE Compliments Compliments of of GLENWOOD- | ACK TR AYER MOUNTAIN VIEW CEMETERIES Compliments of ‘Food As You Like It” PIEDMONT SERVICE STATION rfefNSHEia BRISTOL OFFICE SUPPLY CO., Inc. Office Supplies, Equipment and Since 1910 Sporting Goods KELLY GREEN P. O. Box 174 Phone 200 514 Cumberland St. 28 Moore St. Bristol, Va. Compliments PHONE 1999 of FLOWERLAND, Inc. ☆ BARR ' S SPORTING GOODS CO. " Designers of Distinction " ☆ 14 Seventh St. Bristol, Tenn. Cor. Sixth and Shelby NNUAL CRAFTSMEN tt it i it a i cat — I a a L C BUILDING OF A SUPERI- OR YEAR-BOOK REQUIRES THE CLOS- EST COOPERATION ON THE PART OF THE STAFF, THE PHOTOGRAPHER, THE ENGRAVER AND THE PRINTER. OUR CONNECTIONS AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE ENABLE US TO RENDER A COMPLETE SERVICE. IF YOU WANT TO PRODUCE AN OUTSTAND- ING YEAR-BOOK, LET US HELP YOU. OUR EXPERT SERVICE WILL MINIM- IZE MANY OF YOUR PUBLICATION PROBLEMS. 1 (7 THE KING PRINTING CO. Iptlnteti • C ncjtavetA • J ' eoLliiicletA BRISTOL, TENNESSEE y A yapns tLl )L. cJ. w cS2 ffllOGj . (ftuuol. Ute, CLAjL JLUbcfy, t Ja U O L umi£ mj®otr frvk vUgJJj JoeUo U Jkav£ ' cA Aia rt Jln o ot Jjiokfyin ypwv AfpiM JfatoC JuL W Qwvab JiOA 6 Juub Qs iiwjb jtoO ' (QoU q ' J llc£ Qdkjjoufip ' o „ 2 _y4u toqraph uZlA - k V ? t U ■ £ft -« ( ; »- + ■ » - w . rw -t-n i ft- ilJT i . U) w — 7T Zsu M t w— r " ' V‘ ) (fb.°0 tty For Reference Not to be taken from this room V ? " -7 fadj ajbA4 it[ fA . - K7 „ ‘ F X • (r, m 3

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