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77 THE VIRGINIAN 1931 jc ' BRISTOL PUBLIC LIBRARY 701 Goode Street Bristol, Virginia 242U1 J. 2. Published by THE SENIOR CLASS sf VIRGINIA HIGH SCHOOL BRISTOL, VIRGINIA SS7 Foreword e 0 I T IS the sincere purpose of The Virginian Staff to show in this volume something of the spirit which is the very life of the school; to present a picture of school life; and to preserve a rec- ord of the days which we have spent within the walls of Virginia High. 2 77 Contents © 0 Book I — Classes Book II — Organizations Book III — Society Book IV — Athletics Book V — Jokes and Ads. 3 m Dedication ( 2 0 W E, the Seniors of ’31, dedi- cate this thirteenth volume of The Virginian to our senior teacher, Miss Jennie Buford Han- son, in grateful appreciation of her untiring efforts toward our success . 4 f77 Miss Jennie Buford Hanson 5 77 I Mr. Roy B. Bowers, Superintendent 6 77 Mrs. Virginia Parrish, Principal 7 77 I Staff Roll Helen Sheen.. Editor-in-Chief Karleen Rush Assistant Editor Julia Eaton ... Business Manager James Hall Assistant Business Manager Mildred Cline. Society Editor Ruth Kearfott Art Editor Katheryne Lavinder Snapshot Editor Tom Burns Sport Editor Nell Payne Baumgardner Joke Editor 8 vvv ALLtN SHELLS LDITOiO JULIA LATOW B05INE.S3 f lANAGrCR— ' 9 Faculty MISS MARGIE ROBERTSON English, History MR. CLAY EASTERLY Industrial Arts MISS RUBY CRUMLEY Commercial MRS. BALDWIN 7-A, 7-B MISS MARY CLAIRE OGLESBY Mathematics MR. C. W. BRALLEY Industrial Arts MISS PHILBECK Domestic Science MISS ELEANOR CURTIN Music, Expression MISS JENNIE BUFORD HANSON French, Latin MISS EMMA SMITH Science MRS. FILLINGER English, History 10 77 Faculty MISS ANNIE AARON Librarian MR. PORTERFIELD Coach MRS. ERNEST AKERS Reading, Spelling MISS NELL GRAYBEAL English MISS BLANCHE SHOUN History MR. JOHN GRAYBEAL Mathematics, History MISS RUBY MORT English 11 Faculty MRS. OTIS SAUL Music Director MISS ETTA HILLMAN Mathematics, Girls ' Coach MISS MARGARET FERGUSON Physical Director MISS ILIA MILLER Principal Junior High MR. E. A. GOBLE English MISS EMILY GILMER History, Geography MISS ANNIE BUTLER Commercial MR. T. S. KING Biology MRS. L. B. BOATWRIGHT Arithmetic, History MISS ELLA BURROW History, Latin 12 JX. UM- ft CLASSES XENICCS 13 f77 Senior Class Riley Miles... President Lyle Flannagan Vice-President Herbert Miller Secretary Nell Payne Baumgardner Treasurer Colors Blue and Silver Motto “ Nil Nisi Per Aspera” Flower Iris Class Honors Dorothea Palmer Valedictorian Kathleen Darter . Salutatorian Katheryne Lavinder... Historian Mildred Cline Prophet Beatrice Morrell Poet John Sanders .. Musician Helen Sheen.. Legator 14 77 HELEN RUSSELL SHEEN “Helen " Jeffersonian Literary Society. Public Speaking Club. Editor-in-Chief, Virginian. Legator, Senior Class. President, Glee Club. Honor Roll Club. Dependable, attractive, capable, and al- together versatile is our dignified Editor- in-Chief. JAMES LEALAND HALL “Jim " Assistant Business Manager, Vriginian. Public Speaking Club. President, Boys’ Glee Club. Football. We can’t tell how lucky we are to have Jim in High School. His talent as a speaker and writer are combined with an abundance of pep and wit. KATHERYNE HAYNES LAVINDER “Boots” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Historian, Senior Class. Secretary, French Club. Glee Club. Snapshot Editor, Virginian. Honor Roll Club. Impulsive, irrepressible, irresistible but lovable withal, is this dependable pert little lass. RILEY STEPHEN MILES “Dory” President, Senior Class. President, Public Speaking Club. Vice-President, Glee Club. Monogram Club. Jeffersonian Literary Society. Football. Our handsome president is one of our best students. And — well, we know that he is a target for many pairs of vampish eyes, but he notices only one. JULIA WINGFIELD EATON “Judy” Public Speaking Club. French Club. Business Manager, Virginian. Jeffersonian Literary Society. Glee Club. She is an expert at starting things and making them go. One of those rare people who is eternally busy, yet has the time to be the best kind of friend. 15 NELL PAYNE BAUMGARDNER “ Payney” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Treasurer, Senior Class. French Club. Glee Club. Basket-ball. Joke Editor, Virginian. Honor Roll Club. She’d keep you amused for hours; It’s great to think a lot of her fun is ours. Though her teachers may fuss and scold, They admit “Payney” is worth her weight in gold. THOMAS MARTIN BURNS “ Tom ” Sport Editor, Virginian. Manager, Football. Monogram Club. Witty, good-looking, jolly and popular Tom. All the boys like him and all the girls, too. And especially— who? S-s-h! — a secret. MILDRED PAULINE CLINE “ Mimi” Vice-President, Jeffersonian Literary So- ciety. Prophet, Senior Class. Society Editor, Virginian. Public Speaking Club. French Club. Glee Club. Basket-ball. Captain, Class Basket-ball. Honor Roll Club. Permit us to present this young lady in a few brief, but effective words. A capable, likable, brilliant, jolly and active Senior. DONALD AUGUST MORRIS “ Donald ” Glee Club. Football. Jeffersonian Literary Society. Monogram Club. Donald likes a life of ease and he usually gets what he wants, but he supports every- thing in school that is worth while; and, of course, we know his football record. RUTH HUNTER KEARFOTT “ Ruth ” Art Editor, Virginian. Secretary-Treasurer, Jeffersonian Literary Society. Vice-President, Public Speaking Club, First Term. Vice-President, Glee Club. Treasurer, French Club. Some of us can dance, some of us can sing, but Ruth can do both, as well as paint and draw. Here’s to her, may she have great success. 16 77 ELLA I ONE COUCH “ Cricket” Y V Jeffersonian Literary Society. French Club. We don’t know much about her ’cause she is always out of sight, but we can tell from the way she recites that she studies every night. WILLIAM EAGER KELLY “ William ” Public Speaking Club. French Club. Jeffersonian Literary Society. Next comes William, that quiet, thoughtful boy who is so interested in science. We predict that he will be another Einstein. KARLEEN WILSON RUSH “ Karleen” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Public Speaking Club. French Club. Glee Club. Assistant Editor, Virginian. Class Basket-ball. Karleen’s all that a girl should be — chic, peppy, pretty and lots of other adjectives. Enough to say that she has a place in the hearts of everyone at Virginia High. JOE CLARENCE GILES “ Shortie” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Football. Clarence is quiet, steady, faithful, and dependable. He paddles his own canoe, and shoulders his own responsibilities. His good nature keeps for him many friends. MARY HAZEL CUDDY " Hay” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Glee Club. Hazel, in her quiet way, has been one of the most dependable students of the Senior Class. 17 HAZEL LENORA WRIGHT “Bantam” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Assistant Treasurer, Glee Club. Pretty, small, dark-haired. But those features and that hair are not just to look good — underneath is a good pair of brains. JOHN RASNICK “John” John was with us for a while this year, but he departed for parts unknown early this spring. MARGARET ADALENA DERRING “ Monnie” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Treasurer, Glee Club. Margaret is known over the entire school as the girl with that wonderful line, and hair. She hasn’t been with us very long, but she has made a name in this school that will last a long time, among the boys as well as the girls. WILEY ODELL FLEENOR “ Stoney” Captain, Basket-ball. Football. Glee Club. Jeffersonian Literary Society. Monogram Club. Among those who are always having a good time you will find our friend “Stoney.” Wiley is a good student and also one of our best basket-ball and football players. VIRGINIA HORTENSE NOBLITT “ Hortense” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Glee Club. Honor Roll Club. “She came, she saw, she conquered” friends, teachers, grades. 18 77 MARGARET BALCH RADER “ Barney ” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Glee Club. Class Basket-ball. Margaret is rather loquacious and assertive; studious enough, but not a book worm. Often a knowing smile and a twinkle ' of the eyes reveal a keen sense of humor, which is appreciated by all. CARSON HAYDEN FURROW “ Carson” Football. Jeffersonian Literary Society. Class Basket-ball. Monogram Club. Virginia High abounds in athletes who have attractive personalities. Here is another — Carson, the football wizard. ELIZABETH MILLER GOETCHIUS “ Liz” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Public Speaking Club. Vergil Club. Glee Club. Elizabeth is vivacious, active, independent, happy-go-lucky, capable, but indifferent. She likes a good time better than study — a jolly Senior. I. RAY HOWARD “Boss” President, Jeffersonian Literary Society. Football. President, Public Speaking Club, Second Term. Monogram Club. Honor Roll Club. This young man shines so brightly in civics that we think he’ll be a diplomat or some- thing big one of these days. Do you suppose studying has caused the lack of hair? HAZEL LOUISE HINES “Hiney” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Captain, Girls’ Basket-ball. Cheer Leader. Athletic Council. There are few who can have personality, pep, host of friends, and still be Virginia High’s best basket-ball player. 19 77 I LYLE PRUNER FLANNAGAN “ P runer " Jeffersonian Literary Society. Vice-President, Senior Class. Secretary, Glee Club. Athletic Council. Lyle believes that variety is the spice of life, for she has cleverly avoided pinning down her affections to any one man. DAVID MILLARD COOPER “ Coopy " Jeffersonian Literary Society. Football. “Coopy” is the high school comedian. He can think of more jokes “per square minute” than any other three fellows in school. We predict a brilliant career for him as a star performer in a New York vaudeville. MYRA FRANCES PHIPPS “ Mike " Jeffersonian Literary Society. French Club. This good student is a helpful person; she does everything in an efficient way, quietly and quickly. JACK LAWRENCE WARREN " Jack " Jeffersonian Literary Society. Jack is a boy whom everyone likes. If he continues to make friends like he has in V. H. S., we know he will be a success in life. DOROTHEA ELOISE PALMER “ Dorothea ” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Public Speaking Club. Vergil Club. Valedictorian, Senior Class. Blest with sweet ways and good common sense. She can do many things well and is always happy. 20 m MILDRED VIRGINIA PIERCE “ M illy” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Public Speaking Club. Glee Club. Capable, efficient, with just enough fun, is Mildred. CLAUDIUS SWANSON MAINES “ Claud” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Claud is popular with both students and faculty. His faithfulness certainly shows that he has the school spirit at heart. ELNA VIRGINIA MUSICK “ Elna” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Glee Club. To some she is quiet, but they don’t know her. JOHN WILLIAM SANDERS “John” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Musician, Senior Class. French Club. Treasurer and Accompanist, Glee Club. Knowledge, ability, loyalty, and willing- ness make him a valuable student. Success will surely be his. KATHRYNE HELEN RAY “Kitty” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Kathryne is one of the most helpful friends of the Senior Class. We wish her all the success and happiness in the world. 21 77 LOUISE BROWNIE THOMAS “Louise” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Basket-ball. Vergil Club. French Club. Glee Club. Rather quiet and demure, but when you want someone that must have pep, tact, and a good disposition — she’s there. THOMAS ARNOLD KING “ Arnold” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Football. Arnold is one of those quiet, easy-going, nice fellows, that we like to have around us. Arnold, we wish you success. NITA LILLIAN ZIMMERMAN “ Blushes ” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Glee Club. Things could be said of her in length, but she has the brains and strength of mind to help all the things about school that are worth while. JOHN WESLEY SLATERY “Johnnie” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Glee Club. John is small of stature but original of manner; rather abrupt on occasion, droll, smiling, good - natured, and persevering. Among the Seniors he occupies a singular place — different, but liked by all. DOROTHY RUTH COUCH “ Ruthie” Jeffersonian Literary Society. French Club. One of the best friends that anyone could have, and everyone seems to realize it, because they all claim her as a friend. 22 77 WINNIE CAMPBELL FOSTER “ Winnie " Jeffersonian Literary Society. Public Speaking Club. Vergil Club. Honor Roll Club. We find few girls who have a real purpose in life. Besides this Winnie is attractive, jolly and extremely clever. WILLIAM GRAYSON WERTH “ Bill ” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Boys’ Glee Club. Class Basket-ball. Everything he did he did worth while and he did everything — a good student with a powerful liking for girls. MARGARET AILEEN SHIPLEY “ Aileen”’ Jeffersonian Literary Society. Glee Club. Basket-ball. See by her activities, she can sing, play basket-ball, and she is intellectual, topped by the sweetest sort of friendliness. PAUL ALLAN RUTH " Paul " Jeffersonian Literary Society. Class Basket-ball. One of our sheiks, but by his love of fun and his good-will he has won for himself a place at V. H. S. that will be hard to fill. RUBY VIRGINIA COUNTS “ Ruby” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Vergil Club. Glee Club. She is tall, she is smart; the questions she can’t answer aren’t to be answered; unob- served yet noticeable. 23 SS7 BENNIE ELIZABETH WOLFENBARGER “Benny” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Glee Club. Class Basket-ball. We know Bennie by her smile. That smile that turns into a tantalizing giggle, and makes everyone else smile. Take our good wishes with you, Bennie. HERBERT GRAYSON MILLER “Abe” Secretary, Senior Class. Football. Jeffersonian Literary Society. Monogram Club. Herbert is another one of our loyal Seniors. Besides taking an interest in all the school activities he is always cheerful and as we say, an “all-round good sport.” MARY HELEN WHITE “ Helen ” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Glee Club. There are some monopolies, but Helen surely has her share of charm, pep, and brains. CHARLES GRANVILLE SASHER “Sonny” Captain Football Team. Glee Club. Basket-ball. Jeffersonian Literary Society. Monogram Club. One of the few who gets these things: admiring glances from the girls and a hearty handshake from the boys. KATHLEEN FAUST DARTER “Kay” President, French Club. Class Basket-ball. Giftorian, Senior Class. Public Speaking Club. Jeffersonian Literary Society. Glee Club. Salutatorian, Senior Class. A brilliant student and hard worker has made for herself an enviable reputation in her four years at V. H. S. 24 MARJORIE BILL BRUNER " Bill " Jeffersonian Literary Society. Quiet and unassuming, but always ready to help. Here are the best wishes for your future, Marjorie. ROBERT TALBERT Robert hails from Tennessee. He reported for a few classes the first of the school year, but we haven’t seen him since mid-term exams. BERTHA EPPERSON EDENS “ Shorty ” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Small in stature, though she may be, she presents a smiling countenance to her many school friends. HERBERT BURRIS PETTYJOHN “ Burris " Jeffersonian Literary Society. We have often wondered what Burris is going to do after graduation, but we have decided that whatever it may be, his ready smile will win him a place as it has among all who have associated with him. I BEATRICE BROOKS MORRELL “ Beatrice " Jeffersonian Literary Society. Class Poet. Public Speaking Club. A rare combination — sweet disposition and brains. 25 77 MARY ELIZABETH DUNN “ Mary Liz ” Jefferrsonian Literary Society. Public Speaking Club. Vergil Club. French Club. Librarian, Glee Club. Basket-ball. Dignity, poise, but lots of pep. Whatever she may do after graduation, we know that she will make a success. DELMAN WILEY HITE “ Delman ” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Delman is the quiet sort of boy that does not continually remind you that he is here. But in his own solid and substantial way he has been getting things that others have overlooked. DELLA MAE YOUNG “ Della Mae” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Della Mae is one of our best students, known for her sweet ways and gentle manner. HARRY LEE SEACATT “Pete” Jeffersonian Literary Society. He’s a boy who says little but thinks a lot. And we’d give all we own to know the plot he is hatching when he smiles that odd smile; for all the ones we know well, there isn’t one who can tell a thing about Harry. ELIZABETH MADISON PRESTON “Lib” Jeffersonian Literary Society. Glee Club. Elizabeth is the kind of girl that after you meet her you wonder where she has been all your life. The more you know her the more you want to know her. 26 77 Class Song (Tune: “Look for the Silver Lining’’) High School for us has ended And out into the world we must go; Our paths will soon part, Yet every true heart Will e’er be loyal to our old Virginia High. So here’s to friends and classmates true, Where’er we wander we’ll always love you And cherish fond memories of you. Long years we’ve toiled and struggled, And now it seems like only a dream; We’ve had our glad days, we’ve had our bad days, But just the glad days are all the ones that we remember. Goodbye, dear Alma Mater, With all your joys and all your strife; All kinds of weather We’ve pulled together; Your memory will stay with us thru life. — John Sanders. 27 77 Class History The task of the Historian is, at best, tedious, and often proves tiresome to the recorder of events as well as his readers. However, the annals of any group over a period of time must necessarily have within its pages some flashes of color and interest whose perusal will always cause a thrill of happy or wistful reminiscence. Such colorful leaves we shall attempt to detach from the voluminous record of the distinguished class of ’31 and offer them for your pleasure in the future. As Freshmen, the class of 1931 achieved an honor that is very rare for a Freshman class. We had a larger percent of students on the honor roll than any other class. Thus we distinguished ourselves early in our career and rose above the dark obscurity that is the usual lot of Freshmen. Our triumph as a class, however, was somewhat marred by the fact that for the first time in six years Virginia High met with defeat at the hands of Tennessee in the annual football game. During our Sophomore year, school spirit reached its highest peak. The Athletic Association, for the first time in many years, had a highly successful year. All the old organizations and activities of the school received the entire support of the student body and several new ones were undertaken. Among these were the school Orchestra and the Dramatic Club. Altogether our Sophomore year may be truthfully called one of Virginia High’s best and we like to believe that we had part in making it so. Our Junior year was one in which accomplishments and progress had nu- merous obstacles to overcome. We were fortunate in having Mr. Goble’s sympathetic cooperation in all our undertakings and yet we missed the never- failing solace of Mrs. Parrish’s presence. The fall term was shadowed by Beattie’s illness, and our failure to win from Tennessee High in football; our similar loss in basket-ball did little to dispel the shadow. And yet the spring was not without its bright spots. Our class handled the financial affairs with great efficiency, and won much praise by its manage- ment of one of the most attractive Junior-Senior banquets in the history of Virginia High. Perhaps the feature of our Senior year we shall remember the longest will be our Annual. In the face of opposition on account of the period of de- pression, we elected a Staff whose diligence and ingenuity vanquished every difficulty, and it is with no little pride that we present the 1931 edition of The Virginian. So, through sunlight and shadow, joy and gloom, success and disappoint- ment we trace the memories of a class whose achievements must bespeak for it a lasting place in the proud records of Virginia High. - — Katheryne Lavinder, Class Historian. 28 77 4 Class Prophecy Quite a few years have elapsed since I sat under the eagle eye of Virginia High Faculty. I am now a reporter for the Bristol Buzz, a daily paper, and so keep in touch with most of the news. No gossip misses the ear of a reporter, so I will impart some of the latest news concerning our “Class of ’31.” Here are some ads brought in by our advertising manager, John Slatery: “At the Cameo tonight, Dorothea Palmer and all-star cast in Kolorado Kisses. Also special comedy with Morgan Smith.” According to the society column, Mrs. Hazel Hines Francis has just re- turned from Abingdon, where she has been visiting friends. Misses Helen White and Hortense Noblitt, famed radio singers, have returned to their home-town to give a program over station WOPI (owned and operated by Donald Morris). They will be accompanied at the piano by John Sanders, WOPI pianist. Elizabeth Preston, by the way, is manager of the owner and operator of WOPI. Needless to say, her last name has ceased to be Preston. Helen Sheen is editor of the American Magazine. She learned the art of editing so well from her experience as annual editor that she is now quite famous. Her editorials are widely read and commented upon. Mary Elizabeth Dunn is a teacher of foreign languages at V. I. Winnie Foster also teaches English there. Tomorrow night there will be an art exhibit in Virginia High School gymnasium. Among the collection may be found masterpieces by such artists as Ruth Kearfott and Sir Joshua Reynolds. Coming soon, the Avon Players in Romeo and Juliet, Shakespearean drama. It will perhaps be of interest to note that Riley Miles and Julia Eaton, former Virginia High graduates, will play the leading parts. Karleen Rush has just moved to Pulaski. She is quite a fashionable young lady and society columns always mention her name. There is a rumor of her engagement now and then, but who can tell? Harry Seacatt, a detective, accidentally shot a cow belonging to Clarence Giles, farmer. Clarence is bringing suit against Harry. Paul Ruth, a very good lawyer, will take the defendant’s part. Katherine Ray is content as a spinster. She conducts a florist shop. Neil Martin and Bob Kilgore draw cartoons for the Associated Press. Ray Howard and Herbert Miller are on the All-American Football Team this year. 29 S7 Class Prophecy — Continued Kathleen Darter is poetry editor of a well-known woman’s magazine. Mildred Pierce is an aviatrix, and delights in frightening people with her daring feats. Her pet hobby is flying across the Pacific. She is always accom- panied by Jack Warren, mechanic. William Kelly is a second Einstein and his name is a house-hold word. David Cooper and Wiley Fleenor are comedians in a medicine show. Bennie Wolfenbarger is a nationally famous tennis star. She plays tomorrow at Forest Hills, and our newspaper contains a big write-up about her. Carson Furrow is called the “Sheik of the Movies.” Lyle Flannagan and Tom Burns are getting their third divorce. Katheryne Lavinder and Nell Payne Baumgardner own a prosperous tea room and dance hall, much visited by the younger generation. Music is furnished by an orchestra led by William Werth, with Arnold King as saxo- phone player, and Claude Maines with a trombone. Elizabeth Goetchius and Robert Talbert often dance as an extra attraction. John Rasnick is a prosperous farmer. Myra Phipps is a foreign missionary in China. Hazel Cuddy and Marjorie Bruner now own the Style Shop. Della Mae Young is chief hat-maker. Margaret Derring is in Zeigfield Follies in New York. Burris Pettyjohn is firmly established errand-boy at Virginia High. His trusty Chevrolet is still active. Beatrice Morrell is happily engaged as a school teacher. Louise Thomas is girls’ basket-ball coach at Emory and Henry. Aileen Shipley is her assistant. Charles Sasher is a school teacher, preferring that profession to others. Delman Hite is Bristol, Virginia, juvenile judge. Margaret Rader is a nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She has discovered several new medicines, and is really quite famous. Ruby Counts is a proverbial globe-trotter. She has written many books of her travels. Ruth Couch is a librarian in New York. Not long ago, we published an article by her in our paper. Hazel Wright, Nita Zimmerman, lone Couch, and Bertha Edens are happy housewives, ably wielding the rolling pin, no doubt. Now that all my classmates are accounted for, I must return to the news- paper; and may I shine in the reflected glory of our “Class of ’31.” — Mildred Cline, Prophet . 30 77 Class Poem The darkness of the waning night Yields to the dawn of day; the brightening In the eastern sky shows that night has Crept away. When somber night has Almost passed, the shadows Start to clear, foretelling to a waking Earth that dawn is near. The rising of the morning sun Brings gladness to all, but with Each happiness attained a mass Of duties fall. The heralds of the Coming light that ever do Appear do summon us to meet The day since dawn is near. The darkest hours of high School life have almost passed Away. Now may we with the Truest hope look toward the Coming day. The long-awaited Senior sun that now to us appears — O may its dazzling rays be cast O’er all the coming years! And with the dawning of this Day may we new tasks begin, with Greater zeal that yet we in Shown endeavor, still to win the Victories that always wait the Loyal and true. May all That’s best of life’s awards Unto us be due. Oh! May the knowledge we Have gained while we have Lingered here enhance our Lives and greater grow with Each succeeding year! The goal of yesterday is Reached. May now new Hopes appear. ’Tis time to Plan the coming day, When dawn is near. — Beatrice Morrell. 31 f77 Class Will We, the graduating class of 1931, Bristol, Virginia, High School, being of a quality of mind variously estimated as sound, unsound, and hopeless; pos- sessing more than average physical resilience, and having every justification for classifying ourselves as partly responsible, do hereby declare this our last will and testament to be carried out as follows: To the under-graduates we do will our brilliant intellectual powers, lovely manners and general popularity with the faculty, hoping that they may be perfect students as we have. To the Juniors, in a burst of munificence not often indulged, we bequeath our Literature and Life Book IV’s with the sincere hope that we may be de- veloping their moral growth by presenting these books as voluntary instead of involuntary gifts. We do make the following personal bequests with the hope that they may be accepted in as kindly a spirit as they were given. I, Tom Burnes, being of sound mind and bad judgment, do leave to Joe Cooper my privilege of going to classes once a week and lurking in the dressing-room the rest of the time. I, Hazel Hines, do hereby will and bequeath to Landon Feazell one West Electric hair curler so that he may have one wave in his lovely locks on rainy days. I, Carson Furlow, do will to David Akard one jar of sheik grease for his hair. I, Mary Elizabeth Dunn, do will to Russell Johnson one cake of Palmolive soap so that he may keep that school-girl complexion. I, Ruth Kearfott, being of sound mind, do will and give Pat Meaney to Edith Curry, in order that he may be taken care of after I am gone. I, David Cooper, do give to Mary McCary one cake of mechanics’ soap so that she may remove that green Freshman look which has been hers for so long. I, Hortense Noblitt, being as sound of mind as any others in this great institution, do will to Madeline Brown one vanity case to be used to the best advantage. I, Mildred Cline, do will to Mr. Goble a private memorandum in which to jot down sayings, original, clever or otherwise, to remind him which has been used in each class, so that none will be either overworked or slighted. I, Mildred Pierce, do hereby will and bequeath to Frank Brown one girl doll so that he will always have a girl and not have to use his car as an attrac- tion to get one. 32 77 Class Will — Continued I, Margaret Rader, do will to Mr. Porterfield a Ford truck for the use of the football team in case of a breakdown. I, Julia Eaton, do hereby will to Margaret Rogers and B. D. Slaughter my art of writing love letters, with my best wishes for their success. I, Louise Thomas, do will to Thomas King an alarm clock, so that he may get to school on time next year. I, James Hall, of doubtful mind and questioning disposition toward women, do hereby will to any one who will have it, my trials and tribulations as Assistant Business Manager of The Virginian, hoping that he will grow fat and rich as I have in the service. I, Hazel Cuddy, do hereby will to Ophelia Brooks one green ruffle, which is to be applied to the bottom of her skirt to make it longer. I, Elizabeth Preston, supposed to have a sane and sensible mind, do will W. S. Jessee to some good-looking Junior. I, Winnie Foster, do will to Miss Aaron one bottle of ink for public use in study hall — Freshmen will not be allowed to use it. I, Karleen Rush, being of sound mind, do hereby will to Mr. King one bottle of Hair Grow, so that the flappers cannot use his head for a mirror. I, Riley Miles, do will to Sidney Everett a book entitled “Secrets of Love,” and do hope that in the future he may have the success that I have had. I, Nita Zimmerman, leave to Sam Davis the valuable gift of silence, feeling that he needs it more than anything else. I, Nell Payne Baumgardner, being generously endowed with brains, leave a few to Kate Salyer, who is in dire need of them. I, Lyle Flannagan, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Bralley one whistle with which to call his classes to order, so that in the future his desk will receive less rough usage. I, Katheryne Lavinder, leave to Mr. Goble one person to take my place in helping him keep in trim for argumentation. We, Wiley Fleenor, Donald Morris, Herbert Miller, Charles Sasher, and Ray Howard, do will to Mr. Porterfield one carton of Red Horse so that he may keep his team in chews. I, Helen Sheen, having at last realized that I must depart from my relieved friends of V. H. S., do hereby leave my position as school giraffe to Nettie Fleenor. Witnesses: Signed, Riley Miles, President of Senior Class. Helen Sheen, Legator. Miss Etta Hillman, Senior Teacher. 33 :sb to§ ' » Senior Class Snapshots 34 JUNIORS 35 36 Junior Class Dorothy Jones.. Russell Johnson Ophelia Brooks David Meaney Colors Blue and Gold Motto Paul Asheley James Boyd Madeline Brown Perry Cartwright Juanita Comer Edith Curry Robert Davenport Aubrey Dettor Ruby Ellis Dorothy Fugate Dorothy Griffin Haynes Hardin Thelma Jessee Dorothy Jones Alma Keesee Margaret Ketron Garland Leonard David Meaney Dorothy Mumpower Thelma Mumpower Walter Simpson Mary Jane Warren Paul Wyatt Paul Barnes Robel Baumgardner Dolores Bousch “Nihil Nisi Labor o” Catherine Bowman Paul Branson Ina Bell Bridgeman Ophelia Brooks Shirley Brown Rena Sue Bruner Woodrow Butterworth Elizabeth Charles Paul Combs Edna Comer Mae Corvin Sam Good Virginia Edens Sidney Everett Landon Feazell Nettie Fleenor Beatrice Garrett Virginia Ghee Sam Davis Douglas Grubb Homer Harris Virginia Hutton Mary Johnson Helen Jordon Elmer Kelly Edith Ketron President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Flower Iris Frazier King Thomas King Virginia Price B. D. Slaughter Herbert Wilson Willie Mae Wright Russell Johnson Gladys Montgomery Beulah Mumpower Lena Ruth Owen Ottie Rachel Leno Renario Margaret Rogers Kate Salyer Violet Sanders Mary Smith Katherine Snodgrass Ina Bell Sira Louise Stigall Margaret Starke Margaret Steppe Bobbie Trammell Marie Venerable Mona Weatherley Claude Williams James Wygal Herbert Wilson 37 77 Junior Class Snapshots 38 J ' CPHCMCEEJ ' 39 Yewell Harris President W. S. Jessee Vice-President Walton Musick.. Secretary and Treasurer Colors Flower Green and White Lilly Motto “ Aemulus Studiorum et Laborum” 40 It £9 Sophomore Roll David Akard Charles Barnes Evelyn Brown Gladys Bowers Lillian Compton Joe Cooper Helen Dobyns Samuel Faust Hazel Fleenor Virginia Groseclose Mattie Gose Lloyd Hall Francis Kearfott Robert Lawson Lucille Leonard Mary McCary Howard Musick Bill Pippin Louise Pippin Kathleen Roe Franklin Shankle Henry Smith Vergie Turner Alma Urps Francis Wagner Lassie White Arthur Whitlock Jack Lowe Evelyn Combs S. C. Beard Jewel Bowers Ward Burton Rachel Carper Dale Carter Charles Clendenin Hester Cothron Frank Countiss Ruth Crumley Lucille Cunningham Peck Daniels Gibson Dew J. R. Warsham Blanche Edens C. L. Emmert Beverley Furrow James Gemmell Virginia Goble Charles Griffin Ruby Griffin Hugh Hagan Mavis Hannum Yewell Harris Dick Horner W. S. Jessee Robert Kiely Harold Killinger Louis King Edna Leonard Isabell Lovell Frank Brown Irene Counts Tom Hammer Donald Martin Vivian McClallan Dorothy McQueen Evans McReynolds Charles Meade Thelma Mercer Vivian Mercer Jack Miller Walton Musick Julia Pepper Ireland Powell Virginia Powell Eugene Rush Greaver Sanders Sam Schroetter Joe Stover Maxine Ward Gladys Weatherly Thelma Wells Henry White J. J. White Frank Wright Ollie Baker Orville Barger Junior Barker Louise Barker Glenn Barrett Mary Blaylock Cecil Bolling Mildred Bondurant Claude Bowman Pauline Brown Dawn Boush Elizabeth Bush Billie Caldwell George Calhoun Evelyn Campbell Arrietta Childress James Coalson Norman Collins Karlene Cook Earl Cooper E. B. Cox Mary Elizabeth Cox Harry Crowe Marguerite Crumley Paul DeArmond Sinclair Dewey Gordon Dishner Ernest Dixon Virginia Duncan Adam Dunn Thelma Allis Iris Fleenor Alice Fugate 41 77 Sophomore Class Snapshots 42 FEEJE HEN 43 44 Freshman Class Susan Goetchius President Jeanne Warren Vice-President Charles Greaver ... Secretary and Treasurer Colors Flower Blue and Gold Goldenrod Motto “ Conquer or Die ” Margaret Almany Billy Stewart Mary Ashley J. J. Stone Barton Barker Frank Thomas Billy Brinkley Charles Turner Douglas Cooper Jeanne Warren Pearl Cooper Hazel Weddle Kathleen Countiss Bascom White Louella Edens Elizabeth Wood Lamar Feathers Ruth Faidley Aileen Feathers Louella Fleenor Coline Grogg Ethel Flincham Marshal Jessee Warren Fleenor Annette Johnson Conley Galliher Lillian Ketron Freda Garrett Dorothy Keesee Orville Green Rosa Leonard Clarence Gibbs W. S. Logan Eloise Godsey Larue Miles Susan Goetchius Ariel Moneyhun Morgan Goodpasture Annie Mae Moore Nancy Jane Goodpasture Lucille Pettyjohn Charles Greaver Gwendola Phipps Leon Hagy Elinor Roberts Edward Haun Arthur Rush Herbert Hawkins Ethel Salyer Margaret Holt Stuart Sharrett Mildred Hobbs James Stergios Mabel Hudson Robert Phipps Paul Hudson Milton Hudson Irene Price 45 Freshman Class-Continued Pauline Hurt Woodrow Hutton Fred Jackson Marie Jenkins Virginia Jones Albert Kelly Billy Kilgore Theresa King Jack Knight Cleva Leonard Ruth Logan Lara Lewis Edna Lollis Gladys Lytz Hazel Fleenor J. W. Leonard Edna Long H. P. Loving Ivil Lytz Lucile Markwalter Nora McChesney Donn Miller Joe Moore Margaret Moore Arthur Mumpower Irma Mumpower Lillian Mumpower Roy Mumpower Dalton Musick Jack Musick Gertie Lee Owen Nancy Patterson Virginia Penley Virginia Pippin George Pitts Gladys Price Fred Rader Lewis Regan James Roberts Norville Smith Eugene Smith Jack Smith Maurice Stevens Fred Sutherland Viola Rutherford Claud Scyphers Norman Shelburne Lucile Shipley Catherine Sira Claude Smith Virginia Stinnette Buford Talbert Billy Tauscher Margaret Teaster James Tilly Robert Torian Julian Trivette Ernest Wade Frank Walling Hunter Waterman Ardith Weatherly Mary Weatherly Baylor White James Whitten Emory Wolfe Irene Worley James Wright James Young Louise Young Robert Ray 46 ORGANIZATION Virginia High Public Speaking Club Riley Miles President Ruth Kearfott Vice-President Elmer Kelly Secretary and Treasurer Mildred Cline. . Critic Riley Miles Ruth Kearfott Elmer Kelly Perry Cartwright Elizabeth Goetchius Julia Eaton Mary Eliza. Dunn Lloyd Hall William Kelly Sam Davis Eugene Rush Thomas King Dorothea Palmer Mildred Pierce Frazier King Edith Curry Virginia Hutton Francis Kearfott Beatrice Morrell Jean Warren Ariel Moneyhun Sidney Everett S. C. Beard Bob White Russell Johnson Winnie Foster Mildred Cline Robel Baumgardner Dorothy Mumpower Ophelia Brooks Kathleen Darter Dorothy McQueen Ray Howard Karleen Rush Helen Sheen James Hall Annette Johnson Dorothy Jones Mary Jane Warren 47 48 77 Jeffersonian Literary Society Ray Howard... President Mildred Cline. Vice-President Ruth Kearfott... ... Secretary-Treasurer Colors White and Yellow Motto “ Aude Aspere” Flower Lilac Lee Literary Society Frazier King Margaret Starke Russell Johnson.. President .Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Colors Blue and Gold Flower Rose Motto “ Life Without Learning Is Death ” 49 50 77 Virginian Literary Society 3 S. C. Beard President Yewell Harris.. » Vice-President Rachel Carper......... ... Secretary and Treasurer Colors Flower Pink and Green Trailing Arbutus Motto “ Per Aspera ad Astra” Boys’ Hi-Y Thomas King.. Henry White Joe Stover. .. Sam Faust. Perry Cartwright Leno Renario Claud Williams Bob White Sam Good Sam Davis Lloyd Hall President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Yewell Harris Charles Barnes Thomas King Henry White Joe Stover Sam Faust 51 52 77 Monogram Club Herbert Miller Aubrey Dettor B. D. Slaughter Donald Morris Ray Howard W. S. Jessee Herbert Wilson Tom Burns Frank Brown Charles Sasher David Meaney Wiley Fleenor Carson Furrow Robert Lawson Riley Miles Homer Harris Honor Roll Club Seniors Nell Payne Baumgardner Winnie Foster Katheryne Lavinder Hortense Noblitt Helen Sheen Ray Howard Juniors Dorothy Mumpower Ophelia Brooks Elmer Kelly Sophomores S. C. Beard Freshmen Susan Goetchius Lamar Feathers Coline Grogg Ariel Moneyhun Elinor Roberts Jeanne Warren Mildred Bondurant Mary Elizabeth Cox 53 ■»V»V 54 77 Vergil Club Ophelia Brooks Margaret Starke Dorothy Mumpower Dorothy Jones Mary Elizabeth Dunn Winnie Foster Dorothea Palmer Elizabeth Goetchius Louise Thomas Ruby Counts President Vice-Presiden t _ v Secretary Treasurer Mary Jane Warren Robel Baumgardner Margaret Starke Ophelia Brooks Dorothy Mumpower Dorothy Jones $ French Club Kathleen Darter . President Nell Payne Baumgardner Vice-President Katheryne Lavinder Secretary Ruth Kearfott Treasurer Ruth Kearfott Nell Payne Baumgardner Katheryne Lavinder Mary Elizabeth Dunn Mildred Cline Kathleen Darter John Sanders Julia Eaton Ione Couch Myra Phipps Louise Thomas Ruth Couch Karleen Rush William Kelly 55 56 77 Girls ' Glee Club Helen Sheen President Rlth KeaRFOTT Vice-President Lyle Flannagan .... Secretary Margaret Derring Treasurer Ha ZEL WRIGHT Assistant Treasurer Mary Elizabeth Dunn. Librarian Jane Bowers Assistant Librarian Kate Salyer Accompanist Nell P. Baumgardni Katherine Bowman Jane Bowers Ruby Counts Edna Comer Hazel Cuddy Mildred Cline Lillian Compton Mary Eliza. Dunn Kathleen Darter Helen Dobyns Margaret Derring Julia Eaton Dorothy Fugate Lyle Flannagan Nettie Fleenor Beatrice Garrett Douglas Grubb Elizabeth Goetchius Virginia Groseclose Virginia Hutton 1 Ruth Kearfott Frances Kearfott Lucile Leonard Lena Ruth Owen Elizabeth Preston Karleen Rush Margaret Rader Mildred Pierce Katherine Snodgrass Ina Bell Sira Katheryne Lavinder Helen Sheen Kate Salyer Aileen Shipley Margaret Steppe Bennie WOLFENBARGER Mary Jane Warren Hazel Wright Louise Thomas Nita Zimmerman Boys’ Glee Club James Hall .1 President Riley Miles Vice-President Charles Sasher Secretary John Sanders Treasurer Paul Barnes Assistant Treasurer Sam Davis 1 Librarian B. D. Slaughter Assistant Librarian John Sanders Accompanist David Akard Lloyd Hall John Slatery Charles Barnes Dick Horner Charles Sasher Paul Barnes W. S. Jessee B. D. Slaughter Paul Combs Louis King John Sanders Sam Faust Garland Leonard Bob White Wiley Fleenor Donald Morris William Werth Yewell Harris David Meaney John Miller Homer Harris Riley Miles Don Miller James Hall John Rasnick 57 77 58 Domestic Science Dorothy Griffin Mary Weatherly Ardith Weatherly Margaret Moore Irene Price Virginia Stinette Irene Worley Gladys Lytz Irma Mumpower Marie Jenkins Theresa King Mabel Hudson Arrieta Childress Ruth Logan Herbert Hawkins Lena Leonard Pauline Brown Evelyn Campbell Dawn Boush Elna Musick Beatrice Morrell Beatrice Garrett Margaret Rader Mary McCrary Hazel Cuddy Mechanical Drawing Paul Branson Ina Bell Bridgeman Harold Combs Norman Collins Frank Countiss Irene Counts Evelyn Combs Edna Comer Mae Corvin C. L. Emmert Warren Fleenor Carson Furrow Aileen Feathers Erby Feathers Lamar Feathers Howard Fleenor Nettie Fleenor Aubrey Dettor Leon Hagy Mavis Hannum Edna Lollis Jack Miller Donald Morris Jack Musick Dorothy Mumpower James Whitten Charles Barnes Conley Galliher Ray Howard W. S. Jessee Carl Killinger Harold Killinger Claud Maines Nora McChesney Elna Musick Hortense Noblitt Elizabeth Preston Paul Sage Charles Sasher Helen Sheen Robert Talbert J. J. White Virginia Ghee Orville Green Dick Horner Annette Johnson Mary Johnson Dorothy Jones Virginia Jones Elmer Kelly Louis King David Meaney Robert Lawson Ariel Moneyhun Dalton Musick Walton Musick James Sturgis John Rasnick Frank Thomas Charles Turner Mary Jane Warren William Werth 59 Orchestra Violins Keys Buchanan Edward Rollins Elmer Hammer Clarinets Perry Cartwright Jack Smith Jimmy Buchanan Cornets Jim Dick Kid Talmadge Buchanan Piano Frances Shankle Base Horn Sidney Everett Saxophones Robert Davenport Eugene Rush Oboe Tom King Drums Dan Parrish Xylophone Sam Good Trombone Eugene Worrell 60 Hold. |t OCIETy 77 Football Banquet According to the usual custom at Virginia High, the football banquet was held December 1, 1930. The lunch-room was attractively decorated in orange and black, and at six-thirty the gay crowd entered and found their places by attractive place cards. A delightful five-course dinner was served by the P. T. A. Miss Frankman’s orchestra furnished music throughout the evening. Mrs. Parrish acted as toastmaster. The following toasts were given: Katheryne Lavinder To the Team Homer Harris.. .. To Mrs. Parrish Julia Eaton To the Captain Riley Miles To the Cheerleaders David Meaney To Tennessee High Margaret Rogers To the School James Hall To the Mothers By vote Herbert Miller was elected captain of the 1931 football team. 61 77 Who’s Zoo A ' josf r°f L,LnT Zffoy Lj LE FLRfl n Tf r Qih — J 1 i ip 057 - opuLf fj Mi LTTffJD Curie - — , ■ MpSJ ' OfjiiyiHRL C(l fft— Tpi-f v est Looifi rj( oy 62 7T Who’s Zoo 33e n tRicb tfoRKE- ll ftjosT STuV ouS l-fR2-£L Jifi ES Af osr FlTHLETJC. yos T athletic Hoy RHP Best fill 7?ouhp ™ S 63 77 “Oh! Kay ” “Oh! Kay” is a very exciting and entertaining mystery play; it was presented November 18, 1930, in the Virginia High auditorium. It was sponsored by the Parent Teachers Association and ably directed by Miss Louise Brewer. Much credit is due to the excellent acting of the cast. Nell Payne Baumgardner Edith Wharton Ruth Kearfott Evelyn Whitman Tom Burns __ Arthur Whitman Riley Miles Captain George Whitman Margaret Rogers “Gram” Pembroke Katheryne Lavinder Alice Borden James Hall The “Black Terror” Wiley Fleenor “Gramp Pembroke” Charles Sasher Jim Hayes Julia Eaton ... Kay Willis David Meaney Fred Alden “CAPTAIN APPLEJACK” “ Captain Applejack, ” a comedy in three acts, was presented by the Emory and Henry Dramatic Club, October 21, 1930. It was a very clever performance and the audience was well pleased with it. SHAKESPEAREAN PLAYS Two Shakespearean dramas, “The Merchant of Venice,” and “Romeo and Juliet,” were given in the Virginia High Auditorium, December 8 and 9, by the Avon Players. We were very fortunate in securing these players, and their presentations were much appreciated. “SAILOR MAIDS” “Sailor Maids,” a clever little operetta under the direction of Miss Helen Corneilson, was presented February 5, 1931, at Virginia High. The cast was composed of talented Bristol and Johnson City Players. “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS!” “Girls, Girls, Girls,” a program by the Girls’ Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Saul, was presented April 24, 1931. It was an enjoyable evening of classic, character and toe-dancing in costume with classical and popular music. 64 VIRGINIA HIGH MINSTREL The Virginia High Minstrel was given this year by the Monogram Club, March 20, 1931. The boys were highly commended for their excellent pro- gram. Mr. Bralley acted as interlocutor, with the following as end men: The annual entertainment, tendered to the Seniors by the Juniors, was a banquet given in the gymnasium of the Virginia High School on the second of May. The gymnasium presented a picture of color and beauty. The Junior and Senior Class colors were used in decorating. Vases filled with beautiful shades of iris were placed on the tables. During the menu, served by the Parent Teachers Association, Dorothy Jones, president of the Junior Class acted as toastmistress and introduced the speakers, who gave appropriate toasts. The various class songs were sung throughout the evening. At the conclusion of the banquet great fun was derived by the participants from throwing serpentine balls and confetti. “Scot” Jessee “Sonny” Sasher “Pat” Meaney “Smokey” Slaughter “Swede” Harris “Stoney” Fleenor V. P. I. SCANDALS— May 2, 1931. JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET Final Examinations June, 1931 65 77 COMMENCEMENT 19 3 1 T May 22 — Senior Class Play — a delightful comedy. May 29 — Reading and Declamation Contest— in which ten boys and girls read and declaim for two medals presented respectively by D. B. Ryland Co., and the Bristol, Virginia, School Board. May 30 — Recital — Miss Curtin’s piano and expres- sion class. May 31 — Baccalaureate Sermon — a vesper service including special music by the school and a sermon by Dr. Ralph Brown, pastor of the Windsor Ave- nue Presbyterian Church. June 1 — Class Night — an informal gathering of the Senior Class for reading the History, Prophecy and Will of the class; with addresses of the Valedictorian and the Salutatorian. June 2 — Commencement Night — awarding of di- plomas to the graduates, also the awarding of special prizes and medals. 66 UM f ATHLETICS S77 Cheer Leaders — Hazel Hines, Sam Davis, Margaret Rogers, Landon Feazel Coaches — Porterfield, Hillman 67 k 77 68 k v V 69 77 Football Squad Charles Sasher. Tom Burns Joe Cooper Mr. Porterfield Mr. Easterley.. Captain Manager Assistant Manager Coach Assistant Coach Herbert Miller Aubrey Dettor Ward Burton B. D. Slaughter Donald Morris Ray Howard Howard Fleenor W. S. Jessee Herbert Wilson Frank Brown Arnold King Charles Sasher James Hall Gordon Dishner Jack Miller George Calhoun Barton Barker Clarence Barker David Meaney Wiley Fleenor Carson Furrow Robert Lawson Riley Miles Homer Harris Erby Feathers 70 77 s..__. s. . s..__ . s..__ . s.___ . s . s..__ . s.._ . S.__ . s..__ Summary of Football Games 0 Marion 7 Princeton, W. Va. 25 Jonesboro 7 Johnson City Emory Rats 7 Mountain City 0 Saltville 0 Morristown 7 Abingdon 0 Tennessee High.. 13 26 18 32 0 12 71 O NO S7 Virginia- Tennessee Game The “high gods” of football, in amiable mood, provided a perfect autumn day, and a corresponding enormous crowd as back-ground for the Virginia- Tennessee 1930 edition of city championship football. It was one of the most heroic struggles in the history of these contests with Virginia High dis- playing all the traditional “fighting spirit” against a heavier and more ex- perienced Tennessee team. From start until finish it was a great game, with the Virginians playing consistently in the Tennessee territory, and marching to the shadow of the Maroon goal line five times during the game. After carrying the opening kick-off to the forty-one (41) yard marker, Tennessee kicked to Lawson; the ball went over. On the fourth down Wagner of Tennessee passed thirty yards to C. Phipps for the first score of the game. Before the first quarter ended the Virginians were hammering futilely at the Tennessee goal and registered a first down on the Maroon and White twenty (20) yard line as the period ended. Again in the second period we had an opportunity within our grasp but failed to hold it and the ball went over. Virginia had another scoring chance when Sasher and Wilson blocked Tankersly’s punt on the Tennessee twenty-eight (28) yard line. Again the Virginians failed to take an advantage of this lucky break. Tennessee’s second scoring came when Wagner in two off-tackle plays carried the ball over after a brilliant dash by O’Dell. Three plays later the game ended. Pat Meaney, Virginia High fullback, was one of the best men on the field, playing both a good offensive and defensive game. Lawson brought the spectators to their feet many times during the game by his runs and returns of Tennessee punts. In the Virginia line “Pug” Wilson, “Abe” Miller, and “Sonny” Sasher were probably the best performers. The game ended with Tennessee holding the larger end of a 12-0 score. This was the fourth straight defeat for Virginia. I’m no prophet, but I have a sneaking suspicion that- O well, just come and see the game next fall. Tommy” Burns. 72 vvv Juniors Freshmen Seniors 73 Sophomores Sub-Freshmen 74 77 Boys’ Basket-Ball Squad Wiley Fleenor David Meaney Warren Fleenor Homer Harris B. D. Slaughter Herbert Miller Captain Manager Yewell Harris Ward Burton E. B. Cox Robert Kilgore Girls’ Basket-Ball Squad Hazel Hines .. Captain Virginia Hutton ... Manager Hazel Fleenor Louise Thomas Mary Elizabeth Cox Aileen Shipley Thelma Jessee Gladys Montgomery Nell Payne Baumgardner Mildred Cline Mary Elizabeth Dunn Robel Baumgardner Katherine Snodgrass Margaret Moore Blanche Edens Freeda Garrett Virginia Price 75 77 Summary of Games BOYS’ RECORD Virginia High 15 Gate City , mmm 22 Virginia High 20 Blountville 9 Virginia High 35 Abingdon 6 Virginia High 35 Appalachia 5 Virginia High .... 35 Erwin 24 Virginia High .... 11 Elizabethton 15 Virginia High 23 Blountville 17 Virginia High 23 Johnson City. 22 Virginia High 16 Emory Rats 13 Virginia High . 27 Gate City 32 Virginia High 6 Appalachia 12 Virginia High 13 Tennessee 24 Virginia High 26 Tennessee 27 285 728 INDIVIDUAL SCORING Homer Harris 101 Warren Fleenor 60 Wiley Fleenor 83 Yewell Harris . 34 B. D. Slaughter .... 60 Herbert Miller 11 GIRLS’ RECORD Virginia High ... 29 Shoemaker 6 Virginia High 30 Blountville 9 Virginia High 17 William King 10 Virginia High 21 Appalachia 24 Virginia High 13 Erwin 19 Virginia High 26 Blountville 5 Virginia High 19 William King 16 Virginia High 11 Erwin 16 Virginia High 14 Tennessee. ... 21 Virginia High 23 Appalachia . . 28 Virginia High 21 Tennessee 22 Virginia High 23 Shoemaker 20 247 196 INDIVIDUAL SCORING Field Goals Fouls Total Hazel Hines 32 17. 81 Hazel Fleenor 26 17 69 Thelma Jessee 16 10 42 Mary Elizabeth Cox 8 11 27 Mary Elizabeth Dunn.. 3 2 8 Katherine Snodgrass ..... . 4 8 Louise Thomas (Guard) 6 12 247 76 il ML Jt JOKEI AND ADX SS7 HOLSTON SMALL LOAN COMPANY Incorporated BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Loans on Personal Property up to $300 Phone 1884 12 Sixth St. We need your head in our business “Suave, adroit service” is our motto Hotel Bristol Barber Shop Quality Service Stores HOME OWNED Dollars Do Double Duty at Q. S. Stores Not by occasional spasmodic price reductions on a few items, but by day in day out lowered prices. The Quality Service Stores have earned their reputation for lowering food costs, and in addition, you can enjoy the many service fea- tures of this great organization. Martha Washington Beauty Shoppe Permanent Marcel Waves — Special $5.00 EXPERT OPERATORS Hairdressing with us is not just a vocation; it is an Art. That is why Martha Washington Shop is always first with the newest style of coiffure . . . and best with all modes. Our Beauty Service is Complete General Shelby Hotel Phone 1802 77 77 Jokes KxV Speaking of education — it used to be expressed as the three r’s, readin’, ’ritin’, and ’rithmetic. It still is the three r’s — rah! rah! rah! Katheryne L. — “Daddy, what do you call a man that drives a car?’’ Mr. Lavinder — “It depends on how close he comes to you.” Jane Bowers — “How could you fall in love with Mr. Bralley before meeting him — did you see his photo?” Mavis Hannum — “No, but I saw his auto.” Chemistry is a lot of fun, Mix some things And then, just run. Pat Meaney — “I never knew love was like this.” Katherine Bowman— “Neither did I — I thought that there was more candy and flowers in it. ” Mr. Denton — “What’s that odor in the library?” Hattie — “That’s the dead silence we keep in there.” Mr. Graybeal — -“In what battle was General A. S. Johnson killed?” Margaret Derring — “I think it was his last.” Senior dignity Still a myth, Except for Mary ’Lizabeth. Tom (reading a newspaper account of a fire) — “One woman escapes down a water pipe at the back of the house.” Lyle — “How lovely to be as thin as that.” Miss Smith — “Now can any of you tell me how iron was first discovered.” Wiley Fleenor — “Yes mam.” Miss Smith — “Well, explain it to the rest.” Wiley — “Well, I understood my father to say that they first smelt it.” There was a fearful crash as the train struck the car. A few seconds later, Mr. and Miss Graybeal crawled out of the wreckage. Miss Graybeal opened her mouth to say something, but her brother stopped her. “Never mind talking,” he snapped, “I got my end of the car across— you were driving the back and if you let it get hit it is no fault of mine.” 78 77 For Good Service Come to ROY AND WILL We Specialize in Ladies’ Hair Bobbing 13 Sixth Street SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. Phone 626 712 State Street Singer Electric Sewing Machine, Singer Two-Speed Air Brush Vacuum Cleaners, Repairs, Accessories, Hemstitching and Pleating Eat MOORE’S SANDWICHES, PEANUTS and POTATO CHIPS made by J. W. MOORE, Moore Street Compliments of LIVE AND LET LIVE” SHOE REPAIR SHOP Bristol, Virginia ANNORA BEAUTY SHOP Proprietor Balcony Colonial Arcade Building Phone 1251 Bristol, Virginia BRISTOL GROCERY COMPANY, Inc. Wholesale Grocers “House of Quality” MOORE-EARHART COMPANY Athletic Goods 647 State Street, Bristol, Virginia RED TOP TAXI Phones 694 — 137 “We Take Spe cial Care of Children” 79 m MX HOTEL BRISTOL Radio in Every Room “The Only Hotel Away from the Noise of the Railroad” USE WHITE SEAL FLOUR for All Baking The Best Made Manufactured by Shankel Mill Company Compliments of FRED REUNING € =- Mutual Insurance Company RED BAND FLOUR SPARGER MILL COMPANY “On Bristol’s Schools Depends Bristol’s Future” =o=- BRISTOL, VIRGINIA-TENNESSEE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 80 S7 k BECK’S BREAD IS GOOD BREAD Beck’s Best Bread, Incorporated 00 Sevier’s Steam Laundry Phone 44 Phone 44 COMPLIMENTS ®be Vogue Apparel Bristol, Virginia 81 Jokes Mildred C line Julia Eat O n Katheryn E Lavinder Margaret D erring Helen S heen Customer — “Chicken croquet, please.” Waiter (shouting to kitchen) — “Fowl ball.” The street car was slowly starting off when a feminine voice was heard to say: “Wait just a minute ’til I get my clothes on!” Fifteen eager young men stuck their heads out the window just in time to see a negro woman climbing up with a basket of clothes. Margaret Rogers — “Daddy, you are a lucky man.” Dr. Rogers — “H ow is that?” Margaret — “You don’t have to buy me any school books this year, because I am taking all of last year’s work over.” Says Emily Post: Never break your crackers or roll in your soup. Teacher — “To m, does this world of ours move?” Tom — “When my father says for it to.” Teacher — “Heavens, what is your father?” Tom — “A cop. ” The following verse is intended for Seniors only. The Freshmen are requested to pass it on when reading the annual. It is reversed in order that no mistake be made. •33S o} ajns aj.Aaq} 3uiqi 3qi ;snf si uiaq} joj }UB3iu } ( usi }eqi §uiq} y !aq uauiqsajj qsqooj Moq Moqs ox An§ anqi e }snf si asj3A siqx Lives of great men oft remind us We cannot make our lives sublime Just by asking foolish questions During recitation time. Miss Aaron — “W ill you join me in a bowl of soup?” Miss Ferguson — “Do you suppose there is room enough for both of us?” 82 S77 Compliments of McCRORY ' S 5- and 10-Cent Store BRISTOL, good place to live CREOLE BLEND, Good Coffee to Drink Patrick-Eads Coffee Co. Compliments KELLY GREEN PEERLESS PRINTING COMPANY BtStinctibe printing 418 CumberlandJStreet, Bristol, Virginia Compliments Compliments HUGH BUCK J. B. DENTON Compliments JOHN C. GILMER Compliments HECHT’S BAKERY Compliments A. G. MORRIS FAUCETTE CO.,inc. 806-810 State St. Wholesale and Retail China, Glassware, Hosiery nr is “ Always Your Money’s Worth” 83 77 ' k MONEY TO LOAN HOME LOANS Virginia and Tennessee — 10, 13, 15 Years Make Loans for $5,000.00 and Get $5,000.00 No Expenses No Commissions HENRY L. 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Liggon MORELL GROCERY COMPANY “Cheapest Store in Town ” SHOE REBUILDING “ Old Shoes Made to Look and Wear Like New Ones” UNION SHOE SHOP 14 Front Street MONTGOMERY WARD 8s CO. 801-805 State St. Phone 1900 CANDYLAND Home-made Candies and Ice Creams Daily Compliments BRISTOL LUMBER DEALERS Bristol Builders Supply Company Bristol Door 85 Lumber Company Dominion Lumber 85 Supply Co 85 77 Jokes This bird Kipling knew something, when he said, “I’ve taken my fun when I found it. ” She — “Y our lips are nice.” He — “ I warn you not to talk about anything that will be used against you later. ” David Akard — “M y father is an old Southern planter.” Ruth Kearfott — “A planter? What kind?” David — “An undertaker.” And don’t you feel sorry for the Scotchman who spilt iodine on his finger and then had to cut it so he wouldn’t waste the iodine? Miss Burrow— “B. D., who wrote the greatest war song in the world?” “ Smoky ” — “Mendelssohn. ” Miss B. — “What was it?” “Smoky” — “Here Comes the Bride.” Mr. King — “W here do all the bugs go in the winter?” Pug Wilson — “S earch me!” David Cooper was sent to take inventory on a house to be insured. When he did not return in three hours, Mr. Whaley went after him, and found him asleep on the lounge in the living-room. He had made a brave effort, how- ever; he had written down: “Living-room — 1 table, 1 piano, 1 full bottle whiskey.” Then the “full” had been crossed out, and “half full” substituted. Then this was overlined and “empty” put in its place. At the bottom of the page, in wobbly writing, was written: “1 revolving carpet.” There are only three kinds of milk — condensed, evaporated, and bottled — why four faucets on a cow? Donald Morris — “There’s been something trembling on my lips for months and months, dear, and — ” Elizabeth Preston — “Yes, I know. Why don’t you shave it off?” Riley — “Father, what’s a highway?” Mr. Miles — “T he space between the bill-boards, my son.” Sam Good — “Why do cows have horns?” Sam Davis — “T o call the calves, you dummy.” 86 77 vSV Science is Knowledge; Knowledge is Economy Frigidaire A scientific development for better home economics East Tennessee Light and Power Company Phone 5111 Bigger and Better for Economical Transportation I CHE VROLET j — Drugan Motor Company Saving is a habit of the Mind as is foolish Spending. Start saving here on thrift club plan. Your money will earn 6% compound interest. Franklin Industrial Bank 29 Sixth Street Bristol, Tenn. Compliments Keefe Hutcheson BRISTOL TYPEWRITER COMPANY Incorporated Office Outfitters Bristol, Tenn. 87 77 STERCHI BROS. STORES, Incorporated Furniture MAJESTIC RADIOS PIANOS It Costs Less at Sterchi’s D. B. RYLAND COMPANY, Inc. JEWELERS GIFT SHOP “A gift from Ryland’s means more.” DRINK Compliments of Kenny’s Coffee And Be Satisfied Dickey Investment Co. C. D. KENNY CO. Troy Laundry Co. 715 State Street Phone 213 Launderers and Dry Cleaners Free City Delivery Bristol, Tenn. KING COLLEGE, m,STO k m Rated by the State Boards of Education of Tennessee and Vir- ginia as a fully standardized four-year college and approved by Southern Association of Colleges as four-year non-member college. Courses lead to degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. Graduates of local high schools especially wanted. Splendid advantages are to be had in a small college with a well-trained faculty and individual opportunities for develop- ment of capacities for leadership. For catalogue or other information, address President Tilden Scherer Drawer 395, Bristol, Tenn. 88 77 Your Greatest Asset in Life Is Health Protect it by using Dairy Products from Holston Creamery Phone 349 Cor. Moore and Sycamore Sts. Compliments of Bristol Steel and Iron Works Bristol, Va. A good appearance is essential — For that smart outfit, see Smith-Blakley Co. 608 State Street Compliments of Goebel’s Cameo, Columbia, Isis Theatres Each of these theatres are owned and operated by Bristol citizens. Early Bird Matinees every day at Cameo and Columbia Theatres from 1 to 2 P. M., adults, 25c. DARTER CREAMERIES, Incorporated Lily Butter “Spread It On Thick ” 89 77 Jokes Margaret Starke — “Why are people reading this?” Bobbie Trammel — “Because they think it is a joke, and they think all the rest are too. ” Philo — “Human beings are all alike.” Sopher — “Yes, after all a truck driver is just an ordinary motorist with sound effects. ” “She was a maiden of twenty summers — how many winters?” “None, she lived in Florida.” Mr. Penny (coming to dinner with wife and daughter) — “Please announce Mr. and Mrs. Penny and daughter.” New Butler (in a loud voice) — “Three cents!” Teacher (in study hall) — “What do you think would be the first thing the missionaries should teach the cannibals?” Julia Eaton — “I know they should teach them to be vegetarians.” Stone-Age Poet — “See here! About three months ago I sent you a poem. It was chiseled on a granite slab and had my name and address in the corner. Why didn’t you send it back if you didn’t want it?” Stone-Age Editor — “I threw it in the waste chasm. After this, if you want your stuff back, kindly enclose an elephant for return postage. ” Mr. Goble — “My idea of heaven is a perfect home.” Mildred Cline — “Home may be heaven, but my sisters aren’t angels.” Carson F urrow Smoky SI A ughter Wiley F L eenor W. S Jessee Jam E s Hall David Me A ney Ri L ey Miles David A kard Tom Bu R ns D. M Cooper Sonny S asher Miss Hanson— “James, give me the present, past, and future of the verb ‘lay’.” James H. — “Past, lay; present, set; future, hatch. ” 90 Compliments of Bristol Candy Company 201 Eighth Street “ House of Quality Sweets” Bristol, Tenn. People’s Service Drug Store Virginia Intermont College An endowed Junior College and High School for young women, founded in 1884. Accredited by Southern Association. Large bluegrass campus high among the mountains surrounding Bristol. Graduates enter Junior year of Universities. Outdoor sports, gymnasium, pool, beautiful buildings, private baths. Two-year college course, Music, Art, Dramatics, Home Economics, Secretarial courses, and Teacher Training course qualifying for the Normal Professional Certificate. Select Patronage from thirty states. Due to endowment Intermont has a limited number of scholarships to offer Bristol girls. Over 150 students from Bristol and vicinity the past session. For full information apply to 643 State Street Bristol, Va. BRISTOL’S Y. M. C. A. The Great Friend to Boys and Girls Member of the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States. H. G. Noffsinger, President 91 f77 Compliments of Harry E. Loving Dentist Mahoney Bldg. State Street Smith Floral Co., Inc. M. H. Smith, Manager “Say It With Flowers’’ Bristol, Tenn. Day Phone 523 Nite Phone 1602-R 704 State St. Member F. T. D. THE Bristol Insurance Agency General Insurance 8 Sixth Street Phone 1495 Bristol, Tennessee “ Learn It Right” Bristol Commercial College Compliments of A FRIEND Thorough Instruction in Book- keeping, Gregg Shorthand, Touch Typewriting, English, Spelling, etc. Fully Accredited. Catalogue sent on request. Write to T. Hamrick, President, Bristol, Va.-Tenn. When in Need of Shoes You Will Find “Better Values” at Bristol Store MARION COWAN At Proprietor 92 77 MINOR’S DRUG STORE For Service G. M. G. C. STONE Architects and Engineers BRISTOL, VA.-TENN. New York Shine Parlor New Equipment Installed -O’- Hats Cleaned and Blocked Made like new by factory experts Compliments of C. B. KEARFOTT Architect of Virginia High School Mitchell-Powers Hardware Company Bristol, Virginia HARDWARE Davis Paints, Varnishes, Enamels, Lacquers. General Tires Purchase your table needs at the SELF SERVICE STORE Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables The Best of Everything for the Table Phone 284 801 Russell Street, Bristol, Va. 93 Jokes Margaret Derring — “I was out on a party last night with a boy and he asked me to kiss him.” Lyle F. — ‘‘What did you do?” Margaret — ‘‘I told him ‘no,’ and went home. What would you have done? ” Lyle — ‘‘The same thing you did, but I wouldn’t lie about it.” Miss Burrow — “Sam, who discovered America?” Sam Davis — “O hio.” Miss Burrow — “Ohio! Why, you’re crazy. It was Columbus. ” Sam D. — “Oh, I know, but I didn’t think it was necessary to mention his first name. ” Miss Hanson doesn’t know a thing about cars. She asked if you cool the engine by stripping the gears. Scott Jessef — “What have you there?” Sonny Sasher — “Insect powder.” Scott — “Good heavens, you aren’t going to commit suicide?” Kathleen Darter — “Well, well, a professor’s meeting.” Margaret Rader — “Yes, just a little for-get-together. ” We sympathize with this guy Nobly who is always being done. We could tell you lots of other jokes, but what is the use? You would only laugh at them. 94 77 Sullins College is fully accredited and offers a FREE SCHOLAR- SHIP to every girl who graduates in the Bristol High Schools. Arlington Hall offers to Bristol girls at “Special Bristol Rate” the advantages of accredited courses combined with all cultural features of Washington. Both schools offer superior advantages in Music, Art, Expression, Dramatics, Home Economics, and Secretarial Courses. Confer with us at Sullins College for information in reference to either school. W. E. MARTIN, President THE CHAS. H. ELLIOT CO. Seventeenth Street and Lehigh Avenue PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Stationers anti etoelers The Largest College Engraving House in the World 95 I 77 rigSSGJSh 4 SS® , J IRSfib ctiSB h TMSpp ‘’(©gSDf 4 8®© FOR Good Photographs GO TO Boy’s Studio 403£ STATE STREET JsSflSStSbt JsSBGZsit 4tS$Sfc d Ws JiSM 3ft, $ ($? ' s 1 96 Compliments of P5lebtns 2lkarti Jfuneral ome R. LESLIE BLEVINS J. B. AKARD D. W. AKARD CANDIES KODAKS and FILMS Compliments of BUNTING’S DRUG STORE Delicious Soda and Ice Cream W. R. Trammell Grocery Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fresh and Cured Meats Phone 701-J 405 Piedmont Avenue HEDRICK BROS. COMPANY Where Men Go for Clothes and Shoes 523 State Street Bristol, Virginia 97 77 Goble ' s Lectures Now, listen, children, You shall hear — I’m not scolding, Never fear. Please don’t talk Or whisper loud, Your behavior I Am talking about. Your conduct Is undignified. You pass notes, My rules defy. You eat candy And chew gum, You jump around And make things hum. Your English grammar, It is bad — Your slang’s as modern As can be had. Your themes, let’s see, Right here is one, Your construction’s Just half-done — I understand That you can’t spell. Dear me, my gracious, Is that the bell? I suppose so. Now please wait, I’ll assign the lesson; You won’t be late. — “Tuggy.” 98 S77 J. T. CECIL, President R. B. MITCHELL, Vice-President J. D. MITCHELL, Vice-President C. T. WOLFE, Sec. and Asst. Treas. H. E. JONES, Treasurer J. A. SLAUGHTER, Mgr. Sup. Dept. Capital, $300,000.00 Interstate Hardware Supply Company General Hardware Mine and Mill Supplies Electrical Supplies, Plumbing Goods Automobile and Garage Accessories BRISTOL, VA.-TENN. 99 King’s Is Obviously a Good Place to Shop — and will continue so It isn’t the size of a store that always counts for the most .... not always the range for selection, as im- portant as that may be ... . not always the ease with which you may buy .... it’s the satisfaction you get in what you buy over a period of months and years. Add all those advantages and you have the reason for King’s wide-spread prestige. THE H. P. KING COMPANY H. H. Worrell Co. PIGGLY-WIGGLY Compliments of S. H. KRESS CO. Compliments Fresh and Cured Meats COMPLIMENTS OF 100 77 COWAN DRUG COMPANY Phone 1 Corner State and Moore A Bottle of Milk Is a Bottle of Health PRESTON DAIRY THE W. H. SCATES MFG. CO. General Contractors for Tin, Sheet Iron, Tile and Copper Work Dealers in Furnaces, Stoves, Ranges and Enamelware We are Sales Agents for Johns-Manville Roofing Materials Estate Heatrola, Round Oak Furnaces FAUST MOTOR COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS Reo Cars and Speed Wagons Corner Lee and Cumberland Streets Bristol, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF Cox Wholesale House The Cash House 32 Moore Street, Bristol, Virginia 101 77 420 Cumberland St. STEWART ' WARNER PRODUCTS Flexo Piston Rings Vacuum Tank Parts Speedometer Service Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycles H. HAMMER CO. Bristol, Va. OUR HOBBY— Fresh Flowers Bristol Grown Bristol Jfloral Co. 418 State Street T. T. McKAMEY’S Cl Cl Rebuilders and onoe onop Makers 38 Moore Street, Bristol, Virginia 102 THE KING PRINTING COMPANY Printers of this Annual BRISTOL, TENN. 103 Autographs Autographs Autographs 107 77 Autographs AV 108 FOR REFERENCE Do Not Take From This Room ■ ' ; V - ' BRISTOL PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 0650 1002 2813 5 • ' L : ’ : ' s i • i ' s : ■ ! ; ' •- . l ' ■ ' ' ( ‘ ■ ■ t . V •, ■ . ■ ' : . ■ - ? f ■ ' , ■ • ' : «; {: • ?. ’ r • J y l .« V , v f ; , 7 • v , J ■ - - : • ' ' . i , s . ' ' ■ • • . 4 . . . V | - ■ c-. b i-, ' i - ■ . • ■ ■ • I v v • ■ ■ . • , ■ f,.. . ■ .. • it vf ' • ; : ‘ ' ; J- ;•% if

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