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Virginia Commonwealth University - Cobblestone Wigwam Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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cobble tone 1971 Virginia commonwealth university introduction pase 1 administration page 13 activities and sports page 29 m W ? ' i .i 5 -• ■ :: •-i X i M i : 5 v: ' r ' ' - " .r ' .ti? ■. ' - ' - Sx: ' :T , - ' jf:--- ' ' ' -r-.. ' - ' . introduction cobble tone 1971 richmond, virginiQ photography slenn strock SOUTHERN MAN Southern man better keep your head Don t forget what your good book said Southern change gonna come At last! Now your crosses dre burning fast Southern Man. I saw cotton and I saw black Tail white mansions and little shacks Southern man when will you Pay them back? hHow long? hHow long? Lily-Belle, your hair is Golden brown I ve seen your black man Comin round Swear by God I ' m gonna CUT HIM DOWN! I heard screamin ' and bullwhips cracking How long? How long? photography glenn strocl; Neil Young " After the Gold Rush " . . . The best among the people who enter (college) must for four years wander aimlessly much of the time questioning why they are on campus at all, doubting whether there is any point in what they are doing, and looking toward a very bleak life afterward in a game in which all of the rules have been made up, which one cannot really amend. It is a bleak scene, but it is all a lot of us have to look forward to. Society pro- vides no challenges . . . The most exciting things going on in America today are movements to change America . . . Mario Savio photography pdul belote 10 v .i • ■::V_V - ' ■ N . ' , .■ ft ■. , H ' i .■ - ■ ' il ■ - yffWm NhA ' L . . Am Id Eau . . Ji IBm. IP- •■ Pl aJH lik. ' BR ' ' (■ Smi S • - . - - _ ■■ - ■•■■►• ♦- ' -■ P m " ■ " - " -wr ftH - 11 12 administration arnold, m. m. dss ' t director of institutional research benson, major t. r. chief of vcu pohce 14 blanks, edwin e. director of computer center Doling, harold e. university registrar brandt, warren w. president brooke, francis j. vice president for academic affairs cioiek, Joseph p. director of registration and systems control coppedge, waiter r. assistant vice president for academic affairs 15 cosby, William j chief dccountant dvis, o. alien supervisor, student accounts 16 dean, It. d. m. patrol commander, vcu police dunn, James I. director of alumni activities edwdrds, david n. director of Institutional research gladding, jane bell associate dean of student life hdley, c. wrenn personnel officer holmes, raymond t. vice president of finance 17 18 assistant professor o education lenton, Stephen assistant dean of student life dean of student services mann, bernard a. director of housing, west campus i mdtthews, alfred t. dean oF student life mc cdbe gerald b. director of university libraries mc canlesS rosamond assistant to tfie director of libraries mc leod, charles admissions recruiter 19 parker, osborne B director of counseling price, captain a. deputy chief of vcu police 20 rebich, elizabeth student fiealth services rhone, henry g. director of student activities tdlley, gloria j. supervisor of payroll santucci, edward o. purchasing officer smith, roger I. vice president for planning and operations Stephenson, anne m. director of scfieduiing director of physical plant ware, ralph m., jr. director of development 22 wheatfdil, earl e. director of special services (opportunity scholars) Wilson, richard i. vice president for student affairs WITHIN you WITHOUT YOU We were talking — about the space between us all And the people — who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion Never glimpse the truth — then it s far too late — when they pass away We were talking — about the love we all could share — when we find it to try our best to hold it there — with our love With our love we could save the world — if they only knew. Try to realize its all within yourself no-one else can make you change And to see you re really only very small, and life flows on within you and without you. We were talking — about the love that ' s gone so cold and the people, who gain the world and lose their soul — they don t know — they can t see — are you one of them? When you ve seen beyond yourself — then you may find peace of mind, is waiting there — And the time will come when you see were all one, and life flows on within you and without you. G eorge Harrison We d like to know a little bit about you For our files. We d like to help you learn to help yourself. Look around you. All you see are sympathetic eyes. Stroll around the grounds Until you feel at home. " Simon and Garfunkel " Mrs. Robinson " woodall, ernest v. bursar wright, Vincent f. assistant dean of student life 23 26 27 28 activities and sports 30 31 32 33 photograph d. r. white 34 photograph d. r. white 35 36 37 39 photograph d. r. while I nMMV " ' ' - " 42 - Mj 44 poco 46 alien sinsbers 47 homecoming queen karen murph 48 cobble tone 1971 Virginia commonwealth university school of the arts visual arts page 49 performing arts page 121 music page 140 visua I arts 49 " I am for dn art that is politicdl-eroticdl-mystical that does something other than sit on its ass in a museum. I am for an art that grows up not knowing it is art at all, an art given the chance of having a starting point of zero. I am for an art that embroils itself with the every- day crap still comes out on top. I am for an art that imitates the human, that is comic, if necessary, or violent, or whatever is necessary. I am for an art that takes its form from the lines of life itself, that twists and extends and accumulates and spits and drips, and is heavy and coarse and blunt and sweet and stupid as life itself. I am for an artist who vanishes, turning up in a white cap painting signs or hallways. I am for art that comes out of a chimney like black hair and scatters in the sky. I am for art that spills out of an old man ' s purse when he is bounced off a passing fender. I am for the art out of a doggy ' s mouth, falling five stories from the roof. I am for the art that a kid licks, after peeling away the wrapper. I am for an art that joggles like everyone ' s knees, when the bus traverses an excavation. I am for art that is smoked, like a cigarette, smells, like a pair of shoes. I am for art that flaps I ike a flag, or helps blow noses, like a handkerchief. I am for art that is put on and taken off, like pants, which develops holes, like socks, which is eaten, like a piece of pie, or abandoned with great con- tempt, like a piece of shit. " Claes Oldenburg 50 robert hester assistant dean bruce koplin director of foundation program dean, dr. Herbert j. burgart 51 52 " Dear Friends; From the Bay Area to New York, we are suf- ferins the greatest depression in our history. Peo- ple are taking bitterness m their coffee instead of sugar. It ' s a common problem, not an individual one, and people don t talk to one another too much any more. . . . America proved deaf, and our dreams proved innocent. Scores of our brothers have become in- active and cynical. . . . This has happened slowly- not the way many paranoids expected, the knock on the door, and concentration camps for thousands of us. . . . With Love, Jerry Rubin ' 53 7r ., ' s " 1 mm jjf f - RjB ihERcijli ' HHHk _ ---- - |- 1 X ■-•■..i painting and printmaking 56 jim bradford phil whetton jack Solomon ron jdckson jim bumsardner richard carlyon jewett Campbell ddvid susec bernard martin ■ m 57 frank cole 58 59 ANDY WARHOL: " I think everybody should hke everybody. jnet dc mike mcqonck red stdrsardt susan tyree mike trower richard mansfield karen turner 62 Hi d V 63 doug and ladonna hessler communicdtion arts and design 65 66 67 liz downey 68 69 70 glenn strock bob furr art stdcy Tdrk and martha thacker 4 t t Steve wdl 73 B susan elkins Ikins doris dorsey Steve mott robert martin 76 78 im gregory )AK S-AFETV FILM 26A Steve mickle seorge norwood anne powell marty pociask KODAK TRI X Pfi - 18 KODAK TRI X P AN F i LM barbara cadmus thomas e. planer F I LM KODAK S ' AFETY F I LM curedfrom... KODAK S ' AFETY F I LM 30A udrey binder ancy lunsford ndd difilippantonio avid purdam ddvid lee hellane Stephen brooks dixon brady nancy thysell fashion design pipits ' . 84 Sidney a. schatzky Vickie 3. hale Sophie saleh charles o. sisler chairman otti y. winmueller m 85 phyl lineberry 87 89 bruce clyborne royal pudding davis dee nichols charlie boone, jr. mike trower 90 mary mattingly 91 93 scu Ipture 94 chdirman harold north thomas silver jose puig charles rennick lester van winkle 95 Susan tyree oan bdllou shelly bill whitley interior design 98 chairman ben d. gunter john drmstrons John long jerry fields dorothy hamilton dorothy hardy 99 howie hershey beck burgess dennis russell susdn mcgee kdren comer keith bell henry Jenkins Jill cutro 102 marianne palascz Barbara sivarz Patricia robertson kathleen brooks davyd hood 103 sdlly morgan nette kohne barbara sowe howie hershey bob belcher scott boyer dee white marthd I. crawford elissd conway 9 B B y||p2; m. •- ■ ' V, ' . H ' - - ii . e i te uIh IB ffi8 sJ lv ' 3 5 IQSvC SSbH Vt BIHHfllBB H BSlu i ' - ' ' mm 105 barbard cowan indd nelson sandy green pauld cole pessy moore elizdbeth potter kdthy dtkins anne birindelli ■• : 106 107 108 I K SPQl S ■ wHHft i ' ' ' - i , K„ li rU 3 L ' ' iVi h T ' H ■ P fttLiii tt ' ' ik l H iLHnB 1 ■ Wi % t wi jj M ' C |HH| ■S mSPt jj jeff reed chairman richdrd butz Kenneth winebrenner allan e. eastman nancy thompson regina medley 109 110 jim perkins barry lubman jee idsduce 111 barbara porter gerry cirillo ddvette pitts Joseph and ca thy chapman 112 ■■I V r susdn dark debbie honeycutt nancy cauble 113 art history 114 mdUrice bonds chairman shdron gallasher bruce koplin patti snyder William lumpkins John lyle waiter nehalsingh dlan ross katharine gilbert dlice deal eldine harri art education H-J 2S drdwing gina skelton 116 barbara murphy 117 brendd cook alice simon susdn debari ingrid Idurell ' jU ' lindd Jeffries charles j. eldridge 118 wayne t. wright lee corey Joan hdrvey carol rosinus John haab Cynthia erickson 119 susan burke 120 performing arts .■A ' ' Mme. Martin: Quelle est Id morale? le Pompier: C ' est a vous de la trouver. Eugene lonesco, La Cantatrice Chauve 121 gene poe marc ramsey charles woys torn guthrie ginger kipps ginger montague angie dahmer chris clarens dr. kenneth campbel 123 Oh What d Lovely Wdr 124 . IF • • 1 jkm . J M 125 mo mc Sweeney 126 chdrles woys 127 marc ramsey 129 " They 90t so hunsry they all besan to attack each other And even try to eat each other and many did eat each other Even the war and the moon were not enough for them They got so hungry it was not |ust big ones eating Small ones some very lit- tle ones attacked big ones And managed to swallow them alive it was crazy really Crazy because it wasnt a year of famine there was Plenty of food around with the war and the moon plenty To eat but the more they ate the more they wanted. J. Laughlm 131 132 R i K " V fej . K Q P J fTi ' ».- ?S !r " -i?.. : " ■ ' , -- ' -i up b neil freund marc ramsey ndtdlie new Jamie mac farlane ken I. smith linda christmas bill Jones ddvid owens 133 M ' . Jm " " 136 137 dr. chdrles campbe chairman 140 carlton dickerson georgid lee nance 141 142 143 cobble tone 1971 Virginia commonweakh university school of arts and sciences P S 145 school of education P S 209 school of arts and sciences 145 % dr. dean edwin whitesel After three thousand years of explosion, by means of fragmentary and mechanical technologies the Western world is imploding. During the me- chanical ages we had extended our bodies in space. Today, after more than a century of electric technology, we have extended our central nervous system itself in a global embrace, abolishing both time and space as far as our planet is concerned. Rapidly, we approach the final phase of the ex- tensions of man — the technological stimulation of consciousness, when the creative process of knowing will be collectively and corporatively extended to the whole of human society, much as we have already extended our senses and nerves by the various media. " 146 Marshall McLuhan biology chdirman dr. lewis c. goldstein kdth ryn d. seeley 147 f j» .•:«•;;♦, D ti y- - ' ' «p» 4 -■ f ..J ' A , - " ' ■ . 1 V ' T - m John f. smith ernie watkins John denson kdthleen shifflett 9L- ' ' l 150 John t. troup englis h gon pedroso forrest anne Harris hil melinda cutchin gmny miller 153 154 155 bruce c. ahrons frank sherman mark robbins 156 ? g ' K ii:; - ' i- .€S 157 oreign languages chairman 158 history and political science 159 160 ' . — dick campbel bob blackburn robyn chamberldin shdron nolan terry lehew gina klotz-umphlett beth wooies donn le Conner " ' iF . 162 iSsS-- w , .. 4UI t ' W sue slate donaldson 163 v willidm Wallace sa nford lark g. emick david r. bott louise hoppe 3thy pr cdthy prilldman 165 166 shdwn jane clarke 167 168 peter I. dunmore michael s. stiebel nils a. hanson art spencer wayne melton betsy weiss James a. arnold dennis mccausland fulton 169 journalism dctins chairman jack r. hunter ray smi 171 idd I. darby hdrold cdstleman and family 172 174 ellen Hawthorne mathematics chdirman dr. William a. glynn bill lipscomb 175 dollie hugsins 176 psychology chairman dr. edwin r. thomas 177 178 " - arthur william ritter barry wall Steve chioccd Joyce e. coles 181 182 helen pauline schiFfman ruth solinkin 183 peggy watts iim belsches 184 betty anderson 185 186 Tdrion bowyer richard voit willidm I. rountdin, jr. julid pdtterson bl dir powel ' ' tlllfJtiiiiiir f i . ' :ii-»«v ' ' %. ' .vi;,::v.- •■ .!!« n bah dllison baker 189 susan k. Jenkins 190 Cecelia stone 191 sociology chairman dr. lewis diana ma ry leas 192 paul brusman 193 anitd gail brown kdthy hite ' asivss! 194 196 pdtt ward bdrry s. isenberg daniel r. kitchen :Jt 3U ernie angstadt Janet love James b. spansler dondid bra louis weissman neil szczygiel ody brodie 198 e. g. floyd, iii janie hastinss 199 200 vedd brann ronald Joyce 202 " Every life is many days, day after day. -We walk tfirough ourselves meeting robbers, ghiosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothiers-in- law, but always meeting ourselves. " James Joyce 203 ddvid raybin barbara j. holland brendd clarke » 205 •• mth . 207 e competition. Mdhabhardtam school oF education 209 " The mass movements, upheavals, and wars which are a by-product of change indicate that the pro- cess involves the deeper layers of man ' s soul. After all, change such as the world has seen during the last hundred years is something wholly unpre- cendented in human experience. It would be legitimate, therefore, to assume that there is in man ' s nature a built-in resistance to change. We are not only afraid of the new, but convinced that we cannot really change, that we can adapt ourselves to the new only by getting out of our skin and assuming a new identity. In other words, drastic change generates a need for a new birth and a new identity. And it perhaps de- pends on the way this need is satisfied whether the process of change runs smoothly or is attended with convulsions and explosions. " Eric hHoffer dean dr. arnold p. fleshood dssistdnt dean dr. richard s. vacca robert fleming 210 elementary education 211 thdrp paulette dark 212 213 nancy cauble mary m. caine tanya domagalski gayle ligon inda hagy inda rinehart edith janney 214 215 iS :. 216 217 218 227 220 louise burnstein ann white lindd estep patty embrey carol cope darlene brinkley susan dark maylen morrow 221 222 " idncy savage oonnie mccreary linda filicky margie h. smith Virginia gray gencarelli 223 lois patricid love 224 mathematics education Virginia ann sharpe dr. michael lohr 225 physical education dr. george b. dintiman rachel anderson elizabeth royster didne bowling 219 228 Suzanne mcwilhams John morris James r. hoover Jamie hubbard billy youns peter walker robert e. gary Judith s. lund sherry newman John t. anderson Stephen goldsmith James e. anderson 229 woody robertson John Collins 230 kdy turner Eldridge Cleaver: " We want education for our people that explodes the true nature of this decadent American society. We want education that teaches us our true history and our role in the present-day society. 231 business education dr. woodie tucker 232 Catherine gray brendd Williams Harris spindle swendolyn p. vaushan 233 distributive education dr. h. g. ball mary lynn barksdale 234 235 sammye bragg patty sawyer ann willis 237 history education 238 torn berry shdyne racker larry beatty William r. rosers english education 239 cobble tone 1971 Virginia commonwealth university school of business page 241 school of community services page 289 school of occupational therapy page 318 organizations page 323 school of business 241 " Automation ' s greatest consequence to busi- ness will be the enormous social change resulting from it. The entire role of business, its relation to human wants and its way of satisfying those wants depends upon society. Fundamental changes in society fundamentally change the role of busi- ness. Buying patterns, consumption habits, and other social attitudes will be radically affected by the technology, and they, in turn, will produce decisive changes in business operations and methods. " John Diebold " Beyond Automation " dean, school of business dr. j. Curtis hall 244 r j tim smith 246 247 248 Steve cooper regsie hdmmond betty glisson jim baker 1 pdtty nayes jdn mcinturff 251 252 % - brendd wingfield robert m. Jennings sheri gibson philip h. moore, jr. bess smith 253 254 Howard sheble larry maxwell jim butler Steve maxey malcolm pryor robert k. burrell chris alien ben pleasants t. noble mcclellan jay mansan chic rodgers larry murphy thomas c. hauser, jr. James f. palmer 255 ilu I _7_ 256 chdrles m. mccav ' Joseph h. fuller, leonard a. thomasson douslds f. brewsterl liz baczkol robert c. suleng, alan h. buckmanl 258 roy budd 259 260 raymond w, brewer michael neal kerby charles r. taylor tho mas r. mack jon boisclair ed maynes 262 andrew sluiter 263 264 elise brown Virginia johnson sharron parsons martha wood leo dudley John p. bugnar John t. lee barbara gillespie Jennifer Jung carrie knighton jean m. beverley pam towner peter r. d ' ambrsio emery s. hite mario I. cavezza sharon sizemore richard w. lewis bud j. munnelly watkins m. abbitt, jr. ted hower jane spetland gayle w. culp sandy p. gannaway marsi sivdrz mel reynolds mary beth park richard todd gaynelle vega ■• ' . " - ' ' •: : • 268 rharles lambert DlinKTMKM OK iHSlM:sS. l) fIMv|R !l() I) MA . (,I MI.M 269 j. southdil stone eddie hegamyer rondld lyles gilbert g. barlow carol I. anderson iohn Hudson linda b. robson lee Simpson bob wentworth 270 John h. viverette John neal meredith " doc " freeman cdthy toohill nancy eilington robert I. dyer sherman parker Seorge snider carl geimecke warren dickenson, jr. 275 Stephanie merwin m 273 cdthette busbee melvin j. harley, jr. albert s. archer, jr. robert h. hawthorne Valerie j. richardson k. norman campbell m. ben jackson, jr. linda tuck guy m. thrift earle g. morrison charles hawthorne ben pleasants mary sue short denison staples macdonald danny ross robinson, sr. John warren roberts 274 276 michael donnelly bob weaver rich n scotty r. boiling Wur janice casner clous shackelford 277 278 7 J I I jean warren warren juibe h. r. o ' dell richard bourgesis John r. seibert 280 281 rosdiie kruzewski betsy golden John tyler ken fuller robert stoudt Stan ddams michael I. luczkovich robert parker j. p. dark j. michael sisk donnie anderson harvey lindsay barbdra glass Janet woodruff sammy woodruff johnsie I. Williams robert nelson torn wieber norton f. smith ronnie boyles 283 rebeccd r. bryan 28A ken black bruce parker ' «• 285 :ai .: . ddvid dejesus p. michdel rodne 286 ■■ ' aittlSi0 I ' A .i : - 287 barb ard partlow school of community services 289 dean, community services dr. harldnd w. westermann chairman, law enforcement department Carroll hormachea chairman, social welfa re department lois washer chairman, recreation department marion hormachea 290 Community services: Now, there are two different attitudes towards learning from others. One is the dogmatic attitude of transplanting everything, whether or not it is suited to our conditions. This is no good. The other attitude is to use our heads and learn those things which suit our conditions, that is, to absorb whatever experience is useful to us. That is the attitude we should adopt. " Mao Tse-Tung Quotations social welfare iUSici-i ■■%3 . " - j; fr :u. 1 f ' 3b 7 • ...._. .jg 3S ' -- " VT " . j:- ' •■■ it - •i .-- sir ■ Cr X. i - ' ' " _ ' ' ■ ' -■- ' ■:, ' •-.vlM george a. koger wdyne carter 291 292 I 293 ann mabe ' -¥ ozd j. bradshavv ' bernardine mallory carter h. bel 296 mary deborah kenney 297 mary k. ansus Connie kade karen e. lutz Carolyn mills Janet corson deborah g. fogg don c. hall nancy stetter 300 F regena g. Harris pat packett carol palmieri m. lawrence burnette paula mccoy 301 marshd bullock jdbo wilkings ' . glynes cheatham i " Samuel hui 302 J nancy juanita jackson edna jackson yvonne randolph nda barrett 303 Can you imagine us Years from today, Sharing a park bench quietly? hlow terribly strange To be seventy. Old friends, Memory brushes the same years. Silentlysharingthe same fear. . . " Simon and Garfunkel Old Friends " 304 I law enforcement The streets of our country are in turmoil. The universities are Filled with students rebelling and rioting. Communists are seeking to destroy our country. Russia is threatening us with her might and the Republic is in danger. Yes, danger from within and without. We need law and order or our na- tion cannot survive. " Adolph Hitler, 1932 305 306 307 308 309 willidm t. dyer 310 John e. tomlinson recreational leadership • V r(t . . . «if " ' «i ™. ' iv ' ;. 312 jean m. Johnson kdthleen m. alien Judy marshall douglas r. stel 313 314 ' 1 f » ■ ' ' , ' ' ' - ■ ' ink -.:- ' - ' ■ ' -J : f I dorothy avery pat sheal ■■1 E H u? 1 Bmk I A ' a jB S " i :; :- 315 Carolyn I. wright school oF occupational therapy 318 photo dee white Occupational therapy; Out of the sad mistaken behef that as a man I must behave as all men do, I ' ve turned my back a time too often. God, help me keep a resolution that I make today: not to vvalk head high even one more time past someone I can help. " Rod McKuen Caught in the Ouiet " I georgette twine 2 M Frances p. graffeo barbara e. brown 319 nancy coyne A v oV tVf •% ' vnp • 320 elaine longsderff ddlene ransone christine hazen sharon bell jane kast to. ' ;- 321 carol mdier leslie gould marcid rothrock 322 orsanizations 323 1 II I cotillion club 324 I 1 •V ; i 325 • i»--.f ,- ' — i |j|p. .|| r f- t ffm- i -i I - , delta sisma theta 326 student education associdtion 327 ■ % phi beta lambda 328 chi delta sisma 329 alpha epsilon p 330 kappa sisma 331 sigma phi epsilon 332 advancement of manasement 333 sigma chi omega 334 vee-cettes drill tear 335 thetd delta chi 336 » tdu kappa epsilon 337 wjrb 338 -; i ' ' ir5-«iK ■■ :3i % - r-f-f= ' r Zi-j-a 339 student sovernment executive branch 340 c-quo 341 commonwealth times 342 cobblestone staff editor: ida darby business manager: buck brooks copy: sue francisco, advisors: r. sfiade wilson, cfiarles magistro 343 Put another dime in, Liz,— Elaine, Sue and the three Anns are waiting to hear some music in the Day Room. " 344 What, no homework tonight! Nancy, Pessy, Joan, and Margaret go to the Lee 345 Winston, Pessy, and Ginny are doing some last minute cramming at The Drug. 346 Just having a snack at Eton ' s are Reide, Joann, Sunny Preston, Helen and Sara. 347 ' 348 349 350 Dedicated to the sixteen pelicans left in the world 351 cobble tone 1971 art directors: chuck deafenbdugh joel fuller c. brownie harris claude skelton design and photography: chuck deafenbaugh, school of education, community services joel ful- ler, school of business c. brownie harris, school of the arts claude skelton, school of arts and editor: Ida darby business manager: buck brooks copy: sue francisco, cobblestone staff advisors: charles magistro, r. shade wilson typography: harlowe typography, inc. stock: 80lb. enameled stock printing: taylor publishing company " And then all wars ended ■ Arms of every kind were outlawed and the masses gladly contributed them to giant foundries in which they were melted down and the metal poured back into the earth The Pentagon was turned on its side and painted purple, yellow and green All boundries were dissolved The slaughter of animals was forbidden The whole of lower Manhattan became a meadow in which unfortunates from the Bowery were allowed to live out their fantasies in the ' sunshine and were cured People swam in the sparkling rivers under blue skies streaked only with incense Dourinq new factories, provided free heat and light World health was restored An abundance of organic vegetables, fruits, and grains was growing wild along the discarded highways National flags were sewn together into brightly colored circus tents under which politicians were allowed to perform harmless theatrical games The concept of work was forgotten ' Terry Riley tJ. A BOOK SO HOT ITS COVERS SHOULD BE MADE OF ASBESTOS! LONELY NIGHTS OF THE LOVE STARVED COEDS . - ' 28?- ' - -4 4 .-i. y • DO Q o o o " Q «■ • K k y i k ' . i» :- ' " ' f I I.

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Virginia Commonwealth University - Cobblestone Wigwam Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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