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Virginia Commonwealth University - Cobblestone Wigwam Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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cobblestone ' . i •»; ; «• . ;■ ±i .-M - A ; « ;£. ' ■ ,Ja M Jr It. «■ ' ( ' » ' --•-; ■• • i -ir - ; .t " ■ k « =4 i ■ ' - ■■■■ « -I- ' •; ■• V -K -i- ' t - 7 -iV 2 -i: m %. g •■• - ? ' Y -}i -n. •e t ii. - SHIRLEY VOLAND WILLIAMS Editor WILLIAM MINOR Business Manager NANCY GORDON Assistant Editor ROBERT COHEN Staff Photographer WHITTET AND SHEPPERSON Printers COLONIAL STUDIOS Photographers K ' iL- ' .M. Ja -M :. ., ' ti ■«»■ ' i -ii • : -u. 1961 yearbook of richmond professional institute colleges of williain and mary richnnondf Virginia r. I. The college campus lined with cobblestones and modern cement contrasting the old with the new. Buildings symbol- izing the past, the present and the future, students laughing, studying and meditating ... all bring into focus the lifeline of RPI. jjaa:iaBmitf ' " y ' ■■ " " " - faculty classes 11 23 features organizations 7S sports advertisements senior directory 113 123 126 5-», - ' - -5: " -J Sfl school off business Preparing students for the many occupations of the modern business world is the ideal of the School of Business. Certificates, Bachelors ' de- grees and Masters ' degrees are available. introduction In the next few pages we are attempting to give you a glimpse into the academic life of RPI students. Practical application is the trademark of this pro- fessional school. commercial art A creative and technical application of ideas sur- rounds the student v ho studies in the Commercial Art Department. He is also acquainted with the needs of the contemporary art field. iAi j . ,., school off distribution Composed of many departments, the School of Distribution is the oldest of its kind in the South. Certificates and Bachelor of Science degrees may be obtained. It is a member of many professional organizations. economics department This department offers electives to students major- ing in other fields. It works closely with the Schools of Business and Distribution in their pro- gram planning. retailing department Basic principles in retailing, modern techniques and practical experience in local stores are com- bined in the course of study. Training is available in merchandising, sales promotion, and personnel and store management. dramatic art and speech Training in the theatre, radio and television with courses in speech correction is included in the program of study. Several major productions and one-acts are presented by this department annually. school off music The RPI School of Music is based on the conserva- tory plan which allows the student to spend the majority of time on musical studies. Practice rooms and instruments are available for students. A special building is provided for this school. costume design department The would-be professional and the just personally i nterested student will find courses in this depart- ment to fit his needs. Drawing classes, classes for making clothes and classes in techniques are available. school of engineering The RPl School of Engineering offers either a one- year or two-year preparation for entrance to VPI. Operated on the quarter system, two plans of study are available — the standard plan in which the student does all his work in the classroom and the cooperative plan in which the student com- bines actual experience and classroom work. sociology department This department prepares the student for a Bach- elor of Science degree in Social Science and also for going on to the graduate school of Social Work. It offers many courses required by other departments also. school off applied science This school consists of many departments includ- ing Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Psychology, Medical Technology and Physical Therapy. Two- and four-year courses are available in most of these departments. department off education The RPl Department of Education offers programs of study in many fields of education. It also offers an elementary education program. Student teaching is required in this department. department of journalism A combination of the practical with classroom study is the objective of this department. A weekly newspaper is published by the students in this department. Besides the major courses in Journalism, students are urged to take many electives in order to give them a well-rounded education. photography department Techniques, production and experimentation are the key words to students studying in this depart- ment. A two-year certificate is awarded on the completion of the course. The photography classes are open to all students and are a requirement or recommendation of several departments. IB hilMPt ' W f ' -T! " ' .%r- vv : |v .:- ■• " ' it ' if r r- ■».■ 4 -ic. • ' .. -t, ' advertising department The Advertising Department prepares the student to work in advertising firms and agencies through- out the world. Under the cooperative work-study program, the student is able to receive college credits for his part-time work experience while acquiring " on the job " training. fine art department To become a good creative artist is the main ob- jective of all freshmen entering the Fine Arts field. Drawing, painting and problems in picture structure are stressed in order to prepare the student for teaching or professional artist work. fashion illustration department The Fashion Illustration Department trains the student for positions in department stores, news- papers and advertising agencies. The student learns to analyze the costumes and accessories of each season and to interpret fashion and color trends. school oi nursing The School of Nursing works hand in hand with local hospitals in preparing students for a diploma in nursing and for furthering their education to- ward a degree. The School of Nursing also offers courses for students at several of the neighboring hospitals. psychology department Psychology prepares the student for positions in personnel work, industrial and business psychol- ogy, counseling and similar positions in clinical and applied psychology. This is the first year that a national fraternity for psychology majors has been organized. To be accepted into Phi Chi a student must have a B average. school off occupational therapy Five years are required to receive a degree in the School of Occupational Therapy. Four years are spent in college study and one year is spent in clinical training. A three-year certificate is also available but still requires the nine months of clinical training. • 4- f rsfUl -i vi -;. !f , V- ,?• .J«: - ■■ •■4■:.l - ' - ' .i--i-i - ' » .i- :,vAi- - i-s.i. ' ,4..i-A. ' A.i».-.i -. , ' . ' ' - ' - - ' Bl State Fair Exhibit It must be interesting ' I I ' Cobblestones on sale During the game 10 • ' - • » f » " 1» v " i :» . •; •: . . ' ' . i1- ' «e rti fS : ! the president DR. GEORGE J. OLIVER An expanding campus and better student relationships have marked the two years that Dr. George J. Oliver has been the top administrator at RPI. Dr. Oliver meets each day with a cheerful smile and friendly hello for all he meets. A real asset to the campus, he performs his duties with enthusiasm and skill. 13 : 3- : •:■ ?.»•., ■•. ' ■♦ :- y ' ' jt- ' i -4-.j; ' Director of Admissions CURTIS G. KEESEE, JR. Registrar ETHEL RIEBE Librarian ROSAMOND McCANNLESS Oean of Students WILLIAM R. O ' CONNEll, JR. An always smiling face around campus is Mr. William R. O ' Con- nell, Jr., better known as Dean of Students. Besides the ever-increas- ing duties called for by this posi- tion, he also finds time to help the annual staff, work with the Student Government Association and Honor Council and talk with all students. Dean O ' Connell has worked with RPI students since his graduation from RPI in 1955. His understand- ing and interest in students is well known among the student body. Dean of Women JANE B. GLADDING An always willing helper is Dean Gladding. She is never too busy to talk with any girl seeking her help and guidance. Dean Gladding has been a teacher in the Chemistry Department for several years. She works closely with the Women ' s Inter-Dormitory Council and is anxi- ous to help solve any problems arising from dormitory life. 14 f-r -V. . 4: v • » ' X . ' ■ i ' J... " -f J - ■-- mmmmmmmmm i ' »i -if -IT; »tef Auditor WILLIAM J. COSBY Business Manager ERNEST V. WOODALl Director of Evening College MELVIN E. FULLER Dean of Women JANE BELL GLADDING Assistant Dean of Men RICHARD McDOUGALL 15 COMMERCIAL ART First row: Winston Hough, Leon Bellin, Timothy Whitehead, Carl E. Larsen and John T. Hilton (Department Head) Second row: R. Carlyon, Jewett Campbell, D. M. Merrick, James A. Bumgardner, Arthur C. Biehl and William Bevilaqua fSOi INTERIOR DESIGN Left to right: Margaret Offerman, Robert Hester (Department Head), Dorothy Hardy, Dorothy Hamilton and Jean Kidwell FINE ARTS AND ARTS AND CRAFTS Left to right: Theresa Pollak, Maurice Bonds (Department Head), Charles Renick and Allan Eastman r % %r •;- v - v v «■ , %♦- ' ♦-• r ' r- iri r ,r, T ' ' " T 4 i« i»-. i . rf -. ijv i ,♦ • ,«• , ' f • f. i ' fr .■ . . ' . : »- ■ ••». -Xt .1» - it - A Jr A .. 16 nffiBBH Seated; Albert Rogers, Gertrude Bunzel, Lois Washer (Director), Nancy Alexander and Pearl Burford COSTUME DESIGN AND FASHION ILLUSTRATION Left to right: Betty Vitsky, Jean Gilliam, Lena Spencer, Hazel Mondy (Department Head) and Otti Windmueller SCHOOL OF APPLIED S C I E N C E — B I O L O G Y Seated; Peggy Watts and Margaret May Standing: Lewis Goldstein and Walter Richards SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY Seated: Donald Ogdon and Aloysia M. Gorman Standing: Edwin Thomas (Director), Alfred L. Brophy and John Blake 17 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Seated: Dorothy Lee, Mary McGinty, John Lambert, Etnora Overley Standing: John R. Mathews, Jr., William O. Edwards, Jackie Williams, David Willis and Woodie Tucker SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Peter Miller, Clinton Ferguson, Kenneth Zimmer (Director), Paul Umberger, Russell Johnston and Marvin Ingram SCHOOL OF DISTRIBUTION Left to right: David Dolan, Jim O ' Donnell, Ray Siegert, Leroy Buckner, Kay Brown, Ralph Rush (Director), Dorothy Fierst, Barry Frazee and Mary Lou Wellman 18 ■■ % ¥ ■ ; w 4 -ik ■ SCHOOL OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Eleanor Wolfe (Director) and Anna Doudlah SCHOOL OF REHABILITATION COUNSELING —GRADUATE Keith Wright and Wade Stalnaker (Director) SCHOOL OF NURSING Left to right: Marie Osterman, Lillian Long, Margaret Brackman and Olive Faulkner (Director) Absent from picture: Kathryn Newcome and Ruth Childs 19 DEPARTMENT OF DRAMATIC ART Thomas Holloway, Agnes David, William Francis and Raymond Hodges (Department Head) ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Left to right: John Bosworth-Fling, Gertrude Curtler, Betty Lloyd, C. W. Griffin, Juliet Woodson, Miles Woods, Elizabeth Smith and E. A. Brown (Department Head) SCHOOL OF MUSIC Left to right: L. Wayne Batty (Director), Leslie Beadles, Jean McConnell, Donald Tennant, Volney Shepard, J. Lawrence Robinson, Milton Cherry, Edward Mirr and John A. O ' Bannon 20 » »; r % ' " ■ C % f 1- » » % • V K - r, T , , - J t ,♦•• jr. • f-. .1 V " iT ' r ♦ ' ' ? ■ V ■ ' ' •• ' • ' « • " ' ?■■•«.- •. « • - i 4 |i f, v ' «i ; : ' i : . ■ V-. .. . »i •. ■ SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Left to right: Benjamin Litten, Malcolm Murrill, John Morgan, Ralph Green, C. A. B. Foster (Director) and George Kennedy SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY Seated; John Ankeny (Director) Standing: William Sparks, Robert Cooper Bailey and Leonard Hoadley SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCE- CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT Seated: Barbara Holland, Mary Kapp (Director), Sheila Fling Standing: Terry Morrison, Jane Bell Gladding and Roderick Cary ' d r ; i t : • SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK— GRADUATE First row: Joseph Bunzel, Lois Washer, Betty Davis Second row: Ruth Boyer, Anne Fischer and George Kalif (Director) Absent from picture: Elaine Rothenberg in memoriam MISS ELIZABETH AAESSICK Director School of Occupational Therapy MEMBER OF THE RPI FACULTY 1949-1960 22 •■ r- .«.- -rv % ■ • - r ♦ ' ft f , vf » - r -tr. •i H i» ' J,t £ c ' - ■ ■ c■ ' r ' r.■ ' ' ' ■ r-f? : « • • •.; » ' ;• ' . ».• ' . -i- t ' BILLY AYERS, S.G.A. Representative MARY ANN BELTON, Treasurer FRANK DuPRIEST, President BETH MASSEY, Vice-President FRANCES GRAHAM, Secretary 25 Vlfll3t direction will you RPI graduates will come in contact with all types of climates as they pur- sue their chosen professions. They may choose one of the two extreme climates shown on this page or they may prefer something in between. Whatever their direction, they are sure to have success. Good luck, Graduates of 1961 . 26 «■ ■ IT ' %■-, r- tf r - ty. •.♦ • J»i -A ' -w .i t ' ♦; -ri- r .»,- ■. « . - -. ' -• ' -■ . M U - • ? - • 4 -ii -. ■. ■ ■ •■ ' ' •Jfe " - % i r3 ■v OZELL EDWARD ARD, JR. Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Business DAVID LEE ARMISTEAD Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Business NATALIE REA ASHTON Norfolic. Virginia B.S. in Social Science GEORGE WILLIAM AYERS Portsmouth, Virginia B.S. in Social Science PATRICIA ANN BEACH E»more, Virginia B.F.A. in Fashion lllustraHor MARY ANN BELTON Raleigh, North Carolina B.F.A. in Art Education KAY BENDHEIM Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Social Science EVELYN SUE BERGER Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Occupational Ttierapy JAMES DALE BIMSON Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Social Science ELIZABETH MARSHALL BOWLING PATRICIA LOU BOYD Ale,,andria, Virginia Tronl Royal, Virginia B.S. in Social Science B.F.A. In Fine Arts GERALD SAGE BRADSHAW Richmond. Virginia B.S. In Retailing 27 1 i- ' i f ' »-;i- f is-Uiv i ,i-U i ■[•■t i } irvi- ' - ' - ' -i- ' i- ' : i, ' i.. ' .»i..-i.i.i,. ' t ii. ' Ai-.- !.,»;. ' . ' i " ' -i - - • • - ' ' - — -i ' ■•• THURMAN YATES BRICKHOUSE MARJORIE LEE BRUCE THOMAS JAMES BRUCE DAVID WILTSHIRE BULLOCK Richmond. Virginia Richmond. Virginia Richmond, Virginia Rutner Glen, Virginia B.S. in Social Science B.S. in Occupational Therapy B.S. in Social Science B.F.A. in Cotntnercial Art CAROLYN ARDEN BUNDY ROY EARL BURGESS, II CYNTHIA SUE BURKETT MARION WESLEY BURNETT Ricn ond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Arlington, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Cerliflcale in Fashion llluslratisn B.S, in Business Cerlircale in Relailing B.S. in Applied Science JOYCE McClURE CARDOZA SUZANNE CARTER PHILIP LEE COLTRAIN LEONARD DUDLEY COOK, JR Rlchf ond, Virginia Hampron, Virginia Richmond, Vlrgln ' a Sandston, Virginia e.S. in Social Science B.F.A. in Commercial Art B.F.A. in Commercial Art B.F.A. in Commercial Art 28 ■ v a »-.i»,- iiiiiiniinm—Biw .-H kfy , ZEB BRISTOL CONLEY, JR. Andrews, North Carolina B.F.A. in Commercial Art ROBERT STERLING CROWOER Brodnax, Virginia B.S. in Business ANNETTE HAWKES DAY Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Applied Psychology BEVERLY THORNTON CRAWFORD Richmond, Virginia B.S. In Applied Psychology JULIANNA DUKE Pllr an, New Jersey Certificate in Secretarial Science BERTRAM LEE DUNNAVANT Richmond, Virginia PATRICIA FAY CROUCH Elierson, Virginia B.F.A. in Fashion Illustration JOHN FRANKLIN DuPRIEST Fentress, Virginia B.F.A. in Commercial Art GARLAND R. ELLINGTON, JR. Richmond, Virginia LEROY DOWNER CROWDER Surry, Virginia B.S. in Social Science JAY MERVIN FOSTER Danville, Virginia B.S. in Business ANN KAY GARDNER Richmond, Virginia I.S. in Applied Psychology ' J. i .;-••: li ;.L i ■._. BARBARA ELAINE GARDNER Roanoke, Virginia B.F.A. in Interior Design GARY NELSON GARNER Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Business STERLING M. GIANNOTTI, JR. Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Business NITA McNUTT GIBBS Richmond, Virginia B.F.A. in Art Education FRANCES KATHERINE GRAHAM D.nn, North Carolina B.F.A. in Fashion Illustration WILLIAM GRAFTON GREENLAW Harlwood. Virginia B.S. in Business BRUCE McCALLUM GREGORY Tunslall, Virginia LOYAL CLYDE GROOVER, JR. Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM MAPHIS HANSELL, JR. Richmond, Virginia RANDOLPH WAYNE HARDING Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Business ELIZABETH GORDON HARMAN Waynesboro, Virginia COLE HARRISON Roanoke Rapids, North Caroll B.S. in Business 30 ' Sr Srv j CLAUDE EMERSON HART, JR. BILLIE SPIVEY HAWKINS JEAN LAWSON HAWKINS LYNNE HAYS Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Sistersville, We t Virginia B.S. in Advertising B.S. in Social Science B.S. in Occupational Therapy B.F.A. in Interio r Design GERALD CONWAY HEADLEY, JR. ROBERT EDWARD HELMINTOLLER MARILYN LINDSAY NIGHT NANCY ANN HUDLEY Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Crew. Virginia B.S. in Busine chclor of t usic Education B.S. in Applied Psychology Certificate in Secretarial Science LARRY MALLORY JONES Lawrencevllle, Virginia B.S. in Business PATRICIA RAE RAMSEY JONES Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Social Science ANN LOWRY KANE Newport News, Virginia B.F.A. in Costume Design EDWARD JAY KESSER Norfolk. Virginia 31 MILES EDWIN KING, JR. Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Retailing ROBERT LEE KNIGHT, JR. Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Business VICTORIA ANNE LUNDBERG B.S. in Applied Social Sc KARILENE ANN KRUSE Wei ' Poin!, Virginia B.S. in Social Science LEWIS VERNON LANHAM RlchT-ond, Virginia B.S. in Applied Social Science SHARON LEA MacFARLANE Kailoa. Hawaii B.S. in Distributive Education LINDA GRACE UNION Columbia, Sooth Carolina DONNA CLAIRE LINZY Hampton. Virginia B.F.A. in Art Education CECILIA MANSFIELD Rlchrr.ond. Virginia B.S. in Social Science DONALD EUGENE LLOYD Richmond. Virginia NANCY GILDNER LONG Richmond. Virginia B.F.A. In Interior Dasign LUNOI KARON S. MANSFIELD Richmond. Virginia B.S. In Social Sclanc 32 % ' 4 ' r % ' . « " . w- ■%- i r » • r ;-■ »♦: T ' r- • % iT- i- •• ' r i " •.■». . r ■ ; V - . i rjm r.s Bnr.VTOBMga O ' lTi VEl JOHN ALLEN MARTIN Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Business HARRIET EVELYN MORRIS Hot Springs, Virginia B.S. in Social Science BILLY LOUIS MUMPOWER Beaumonr, Virginia ELIZABETH STUART MASSEY Fredericksburg, Virginia B.F.A. in Art Education BARBARA JEAN NEESE Richmond, Virgmia B.S. in Applied Psycliology JOYCE MARIE NEWSOM Weldon, North Carolina B.S. in Social Sc JOSEPHINE ANNA MISTR Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Elementary Education DOMENICO NOVELLI Colonial Heights, Virginia B.S. in Business CARROLL WALTER OBAUGH Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Business " •P R CARSON NEAL MORRIS Danville, Virginia CAROLYN Virg PERDITA nia Beach OWENS Virginia B.F.A in Commercial Art FRANCIS RAY Richmond PALMER Virginia B.S. in Advertising 33 : : N .i -J» If A ;: V i - I ' t- ' i • - ' iif - MARGUERITE ELSIE PETERS R ' cnrr.ond, Virginia B.S. in Social Science ELIZABETH MARIE PRITCHETT Richmond, Virginia B,S in Social Science CAROLYN JUNE POLUS Calumel City, lliinoi; B.F.A. in Interior Design FRANK GILBERT PURYEAR Hcpewell, Vi-ginio B.S. in Adverlisina CARLETON BRANCH POWELL Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Business GRACE ELIZABETH REID Rlchburg, South Carolina B.F.A. in Interior Design JOANNE CAROLE PRICE A- ' " ng-cr Virginia B.F.A. in Fashion lllustralion CONSTANCE ANN REVELLE Conway. North Carolina B.S. in Occupational Therapy PATRICIA ANNETTE RIED Portsmouth, Virginia Carlificale in Commercial Art DIANE RANDOLPH SADLER Charlottesville. Virginia B.F.A. in Art Education » ». » t. , , , , MORRIS HENRY SCHIFF Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Social Science JO ANN SCHWALLENBERG Sa lem, Virginia Certificate In Interior Design 34 JAMES LEONIDAS SEABORN, JR. Richmond. Virginia SALLY MADELINE SHEALY Alexandria, Virginia Bachelor of Music Education SALLIE ELIZABETH SHEARER North Charleston, South Carolina B.S. in Occupational Therapy MARY ELIZABETH SHEPHERD Richmond, Virginia B.F.A. in Interior Design LESLIE CLYDE SIMMONS Walden, New York B.S. in Occupational Therapy LOUISE MARIAM SINSHEIMER Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Applied Psychology NANCY SJOSTROM Elkln. North Carolina B.S. in Psychology MABEL PATRICIA SKIPPER Virginia Beach, Virginia B.F.A. in Costume Design ESTHER ELLEN SMELKINSON IS. in Occupational Therapy ELIZABETH ANNE SMITH V akefield, Virginia Certificate in Costume Design ARCHIE JAMES STEIN, JR. Camden, South Carolina Certificate in Commercial Art JAMES HUNTER TALBOT Dillwyn. Virginia B.S. in Physical Education 35 .i.-i. ii. ' j,.li.-!..i,i . ' ' t .i. ■ .••At. HELEN MARGARET TOMPKINS S ' ua-fs Drafv Virginia B.S. in Occupational Therapy WARREN ROOSEVELT TURNER Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Advertising VIRGINIA TYACK Winston Salem, North Carolina B.F.A. in Fine Art ROBERT LEE WALZ Jefferson Cilv, Missouri B.F.A. in Interior Design LOIS RUTH WEINTROB Baltimore. Ivlarylana B.F.A. in Costume Design LOIS MARGOT WETZLER Baltimore, (vlaryland Certificate in Fastiion Illustration WILLIAM VALENTINE WHITE, JR. Roanoke Rapids. North Carolina BETTY RUTH WHITENACK Front Royal, Virginia B.S. in Business Education SHIRLEY ANN VOLAND WILLIAMS Richmond, Virginia LUTHER RYAN WRIGHT Richmond Virginia 36 • i ' »: % ' i. ' i f v ' V-- - i ,« i ' . ' . ••«: -M .M ■« . M .♦., -V • i»:n •• .. i ' - PENNY WETZLER, S.G.A. Representative LEWIS SCOTT, Treasurer MARY BETH ANDERSON, Secretary BOB NITCHIE, President BRENDA WHITEHURST, Vice-President junior 37 Ht MARVIN ALDER m MARY ANDERSON m ' f m-i i ANN BLONDIN MARILYN BOGGS BARBARA BAKER jjj Kj i CHARLENE BARNES Kf — w B »- -« ■• Ki " 5:;- ALICE BOXLEY RAY CARMINES ' " M DARLENE BELCHER JOEL BENNETT v- fc T BARBARA COX ■T DIANE DAVIS rii RICK BENSON fh BOB BISHOP — - rfj DEAN DOWDY JIM DUNN . JAMES BLACKWELL LUCY BLAIR %r " k WILSON EPPERSON DAGMAR GOMEZ fe TJ , y .-%» . . . JANE GRUBB itM MARSHA LAUDERBACK DAVE LIMERICK ■tH NORMAN HALL JOANNE HARRIS ROBERT MADDEN RICHARD MANLJEL . ' . dtm SMITH HENRY ELLEN HEVENER BETTY MATKINS PRIS McANENY m mm MARGARET HEWITT ROBERT HOLLOWAY DIANE McCOMBS LYNN McGRATH SARAH HUNTER MEREDITH JONES LINDA MESSERSMITH CHARLES MILLS i J .- . ' til. ■• . ' li-. - i, 5. ; .S »,.i-. ' l ? -V»-l£ - ' 0 L .. i. 4iM M HOWARD MINOR JANE PEARCE PAM RICHARDSON CHARLES SMITHERS LANCE STRICKLAND d .k : MARX MITTLEDORFER BARBARA PEATROSS PAUL RODRIGUES LEW SNEAO CAROLYN THOMAS MARY MURCHERSON MARIANNA PROCTOR MARVIN RUSSELL HOMER SPRINGER JOHN TILLER LINDLEY MURRAY ROBERT RELINE LEWIS SCOTT ROBERT STEELE BECKY TROUTMAN PAULA NORDBY CARLA RICE MAE SMITH ROBERT STONE 40 » » » 1 • V : »7 » -. ■ ' f ' - - A . J% . . £Ji ' NEWTON PRINCE, Presid ent RICKY HEIDLOFF, Vice-President MARGARET ZIEGLER, Secretary BARBARA JENKS, Treasurer DEE DEE BISHOP, S.G.A. Representative 41 CHRISTINE ADAMS RONALD ADDISON RALPH CELLI WILLIAM CHAPMAN FRANCES BAILEY JOE BAILEY RUTH CHRISTY DOROTHY COBB PAUL BARNES f l RICHARD DENNIS fM GENEVRA BELL MARGARET BISHOP RICHARD DUFFNER r ' k M ROGER BLANCHARD MARVIN BROWN - . V WOODY ENEY NICK EUBANK drk dtM 42 •• i f ' •f t ' : ■• ■ i ' ir ■ -s JULIA FIELD PHIL FLEMING ROSE GRECO SANDY HAAS REBECCA HAWKINS RICK HEIDLOFF JACKIE HEISLER WILLIAM HENDRICKS PAT HENSLEY CAROLYN HODGES DAVE HOLCOMB KATHRYN HOLLER JETHRO HURT LEE INMAN BARBARA JENKS GLORIA JORDAN KAY KENT ALICE KING SUSAN LANSPERRY MARLA LEHMAN ■ i . ■ ' .Ai. - i,4i. ' .i..i-.i -]4i ' -jci- ' i! --4-i I I ELAINE LENNON SUZANNE LLOYD JAMES MARSHALL BESS MARTIN BETTY MASON EMMY MASON BARBARA MASSENGILL BARBARA McGEE GAYLE McKENZIE SUSAN MEADE NANCY MILNER JOAN MOODY BARBARA MUELLER MARSHALL MURDAUGH PAM MURRAY ROBERT NORRIS JUDY DATES LEONITA PAGENHARDT ANN PATRAM WALTER PENDLETON TERRY PHELPS ELEANOR PHIFER SUSAN PLEMMONS JULIA POINDEXTER BARBARA PORTER 44 ttiTm Ifl (m NEWTON PRINCE LELLIAN ROBINSON WALLACE SAVAL T r LANA SHAPIRO BRIDGET SHERIDAN BYRD SLEDGE GAYLE SMITH H l H T H tk KENNETH SPRUILL JAMES STEVENSON LINDA TAYLOR LYNNE TAYLOR BEVERLY TEACHEY DONALD THORNE BARBARA WEIRICK DANA WEALTON JOANNE WHITE DICK WHITEHEAD ROBERT WHITTINGTON CAROLYN WILLIAMS 45 ' ' »•if- f• •U■ift ■ ' ) ■ J»lf i--it -j - . ' j -:4-i KAY WILLIAMS FRED WINNER WORTH YOUNTS MARGARET 2EIGLER SUSAN WOOLF SUSAN ZIEGER BEN WOOLSTON 46 • % ' » - 1 v ' ; •» " ■. .. • ? ' -. ■ . • • •h ' tt, U ' m ■ ' : ' .♦»■- •:■; 1 ;- STEVIE HUSS, Treasurer DEE DEE KNOX, Secretary NANCY GORDON, Vice-President JOE PELLICANE, S.G.A. Representative HARVEY HENNIS, President 47 ■ • " - ' S - ' JIMMY ADAMS MARY ANDERSON SANDY BALL GLEN ALEXANDER HERBERT APPEL LUTHER BARDEN ANN ALFORD EUGENE ARRINGTON TONY BARNES TERRY ALLEN JERRY BAILEY AL BARRETT MERLE ALLEY GLENDA BAKER BILL BARRON JOHN BELLOWS BONNIE BERKOL WILLIAM BLAYLOCK BEN BOOKOUT IRIS BERKET ROBERT BOOTH DON BLACKWELL AMELIA BORYK THOMAS BLAYLOCK BARBARA BOWIE JOHN BOWLES MARY BOWMAN DOROTHY BOYD EDWARD BRADSHAW i M d MIKE BRADY TROY BRASWELL JUNE BREAKSTONE JERRI BREEDING MARTHA BROWN BOB BROWNELL JUDY BRYANT MARY BURTON CAROL BUSHNELL WILLIAM BUSKELL MAXINE CALAMOS THALIA CANAWAN k EUGENIA CASEINO LUCY CASKEY BILL CASS LINDA CHAPPELL 49 SIDNEY CHOCKLETT AAARY CHRISTIAN MALCOLM DAVIES ANN DAVIS MARGARET COCKRELL ROBERT COHEN JOHN DAVIS NETA COLLINS SHARON COMBS ERVIN DEHN PETE DELOHERY JERRY COOPER BARBARA COURTNEY WAYNE COVINGTON SHIK EY CRITZER NANCY DAMERON JEAN DANIELS PAULITA DILLON EDWARD DIVERS SANDRA DOBSON SUSAN DODD MARY EGGBORN MARY ELLIS n ki - i • .■:. 4t LINDA EMSWILER SUSAN ENOCH NANCY GORDON SUSAN GORDY REBECCA ENOS GARY EVANS JOAN GOSIS MARY GRAHAM MARGARET EWING RICHARD FOLTZ JERRY GROSS CLAUDI GUINN ELIZABETH FURMAN ARTY GLADSTONE MARY GUTRIDGE DIANE HALL ANN GLAZENER CAROLYN GOOD WILLIAM HANKS ADELINE HARCUM KAREN GOODMAN BOBBY GORDON JUDY HARRIS BETTY HELMS HARVEY HENNIS CAROL HEYLER MARTIN HOLLOWAY DONALD HUGHES LINDA HUNTER MARTHA HUMMER STEVIE HUSS REID ICORD LARRY INGALLS BARBARA JENKINS LEE JOHNSON MARILYN JOHNSON VERA JOHNSON SANDRA JOHNSTON PATRICIA KAISER ELIZABETH KELLER MARGUERITE KE LLY MARGARET KNOX MARGIE KOENIG GINNY KRABBE DOROTHY KVASNICKA JUDITH KYTLE ELEANOR LANE LILLIAN LEE f a O f5 52 MILDRED LERNER DENNIS LOG KENNETH MARSHALL NORMA LINDEN ANNE LOWKIS BETTY MARTIN m MARVIN LIPES GEORGE LUFSEY CHARLOTTE MARTIN MARLENE LITTLE PATRICIA LYMAN MARGARET MARTIN DOUG LOFTIS BARBARA LYNCH SHIRLEY MARTIN ANN McCOY HELEN MITCHELL ROBERT McELFRESH LINDA MITCHELL S ROBERT McGUFFIN LINDA MOUNT WILLIAM METZGER SHERRI MUELLER BIRDIE JO MINOR LINDA MURPHY M - MB m mtm If ' ' % i- if i. ...• SUZANNE NEWELL GAIL MUSENKO EDWARD PERNELL NANCY PERRICELLI ROGER OAKES NANCY O ' BERRY MARILYN PETERSON GEORGE PEYSER TERRY PARKER GWEN PARKS BARBARA PHILLIPS BARBARA POLA ANN PATTON CONNIE PAUL STEPHEN POPE JAMES QUINN PATRICIA PAXTON JOE PELLICAN€ WILLIAM REED MARTHA REYNOLDS NANCY PENNINGTON DORIS PULMAN ANN RHODES SUSAN ROGGMANN IAN ROSENFIELD BONNIE ROUNTREE ROBIN RUFFNER CHRIS STOKES TISH RYLAND TED SANDLER EDDIE SALESBY ik dM FLORENCE SAUNDERS DALE SCHERMERHORN THOMAS SCHLAUNDECKER ANN SCHWARTZ MARIE SEDANO HERSHEL SHACKELFORD GINGER SHERRILL ROSE SHIELDS IRENE SIEGLE 1 NANCY SNIDER JOANNE SLOCOMB BONNIE STEPHENSON tm PATRICIA STORY DONALD SUTTON Axk MARILYN SUSKIND STAN SWEENEY Mb ESTHER SWEITZER ' .i, i-U ' T ■V ' i- i. i.s.;-! ' ■ ' ■■ -« ■■? -t, - . ' f: ■: DEANNA TANENBLAH EARL TAYLOR VANN TRAYNHAM DOUGLAS UTT ELIZABETH TAYLOR VIRGINIA TEAM PAM VAUGHAN BRUCE VELSOR LOUISE TIMBERLAKE JERILYN TIMMONS ANNE WADDY LESLIE WALKER GLEN THOMAS GORDON THOMAS THOMAS WALTON DAVID WARREN GAYLE THOMPSON RUSSELL THOMPSON GEORGE WASHINGTON JOHN WATERS MARY THORPE KATHY TRAINOR ELBERT WHITE 56 JANE WHITFIELD FRED WILHELM REBECCA WILSON KAREN WIMPFEN CAROLYN WINDSOR STEVE WOJNICKI DOUGLAS WOOD BOB WOODARD PATRICIA WOOLFORD STEVE YEARICK CLYDE YORK GAIL 2ARCHIN DOUGLAS ZERKLE 57 • i. ' l. ' .i. ' A.ii.- ' - L .V.i,, ' ' £ 4», ■• Ai-,- L,».i.-,4..A-A. ' A.i -.i ,..f . ' . ' jr. ii. ' A-.i-i, - " WMmiWWm may day parents ' weekend »4 4» ' « •r-f.-: proscript H m c r ■1 fP ■T ' 1 T-r ' ' ' H v % ltm hlj h ■ III L V jfl B •r ; ' | ' .- H| i " f K B - ' - ' Jhp PV n . ' • £j | W - r l H m mmm .. jL H H || - r M« •v. 1 ■ ' k 1 3 ■ 1 ' ' " - y - j« H On I w 3 ilfSH ■ i 1 R n ;_ m 1 imV h 1 p If gM?- --i -S W 1 ■ ' ' i n HH ( N Km E BPI B PW t! ' .h| H ' B 1 C j0E| H IHII Ir _ R l l Front row (left to right): Barbara Corbett. Pattle Jo Absher, Virginia Gibson, Kathy Pennington. Alberta Llndsey, Betty Martin, Linda Murphy, Dave Burton, Susan Smith and Nolan Kegley. On the second row; Carole Sandy, Larry Prentice, Bill Jamerson, Charles Bryant and Nick Wise. The Proscript, an intimate part of student life at RPI, serves as a workshop for Journalism majors and an extracurricular activity for others. The RPI paper is published v eekly in either four- or eight-page editions. Working on the Proscript gives the students the opportunity to learn the practical side of newspaper publication. They are responsible for all news, features, photographs, editorials and make-up. Several trips a week are made to a local printer to put the contents together. SUSAN SMITH, Editor JACK E. HUNTER, Adviser 61 ■( .»• ■ - i- i. ' .4..i-. " i,- ' vUi»V-i. fC -i: - -a -v. " -?••■. : MR. WILLIAM O ' CONNEL, Adviser SHIRLEY VOLAND WILLIAMS Edlfor-in-Chlel JOAN MOODY and DOUG LOUGHRIDGE, Sports Editors CHARLES MILLS, Art Editor BEHY WHITENACK. Faculty Editor and BESS MARTIN, Feature Editor 62 This publication was created — we don ' t know how — for your enjoyment. It was hectic and time-consuming, but lots of fun. We gathered here together to say: " Hope you like it. " ANN PATRAM, Advertising Manager WAYNE HARDING, Senior Editor NANCY GORDON, Assistant Editor BERT DUNNAVANT, Organization Editor KATHY TRAINOR Features BOB COHEN, Photographer LEE INMAN, Subscription Manager 63 may Kb, nn y m ay queen MARY ANN BELTON RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA 64 apple blossom representative GRACE ELIZABETH REID RICHBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA T " f maid of honor ELIZABETH STUART MASSEY FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA y » ' " ' 65 il-lfja Vr-Vtlk % ' ch ' ■ ii ' W - ' -% ' ' 4- i. H t » 0.4 I , . i seniors MARY ELLERSON Sweetheart FRANCES GRAHAM Attendant ANNE GARDNER Attendant may BETSY SMITH Sweetheart LINDA MENARD Attendant MARY CARTER Attendant 66 i« 4.. T , . - s , Y J- :.- r -y . ■. - • ' . - k .- i - iS- y • • " » ■•■ M 1.1 i J.t it- sophomores BARBARA J EN KS Sweetheart EMMY LEE MASON Attendant MARGARET ZEIGLER Attendant court freshmen KATH Y TRAINOR Sweetheart BARBARA JENKINS Attendant LILLIAN KNOX Attendant 67 K. f . t t • ' . K • ; - ii -,, Senior Awards during the past years have be- come a major highlight of a student ' s college life. On these pages are the recipients of the 1961 awards. Our congratulations go to them. senior T GERALD SAGE BRADSHAW RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Leadership Key y ELIZABETH GORDON HARAAAN WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA Leadership Key Academic Key Alumni Award 68 .V ; 4: .«»; y. -v .ti .5 ' • f-- -U 4 fi. ROGER WRIGHT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Art Achievement Key LYNNE HAYS SISTERSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA Art Achievement Key s S: ' - J{-if.•wA 6; ♦ ■; «. . ' -ir r ' » ■ : ' • ' :-ti major productions Murder in the Cathedral The Defender Look Homeward, Angel Plain and Fancy 70 ♦ € % ' % % ' i ' ■■{ ' ' Y t ■ i " i ! ■» ■ ' - y " • ' ; ' • ' « ; : -V . . -it .4 .-. ■ , V . -. « r- ;-, ;,..: t. -i Gently now! Be careful! mid- winters ' He hasn ' t stepped on my toe yel! The floor !s vibrating! A Maynard Ferguson twosome Watch that tone! ' ' ■ ' f ' - ' -f- ' ' ' - ' - ' ■■■ f - ■ ' ■ti- - f •■ . :.: «. tfir t ' u K •: -i ' v r« No freshman ' s life is complete without par- ticipating in the fun of Rat Week. Supervised by the Junior Class, Rat Week has become an anxiously awaited event at RPI. rat week V " ♦ " % ' r tf = 4 .V . . . .« . . A U . , , t« ■f .- PORTRAITS BAKE SALES SOCK HOPS SLAVE SALE CONTRIBUTIONS tisoo 1200 week 9(jy HAWAIIAN LAUA 600 300 100 50 BASKETBALL GAMES ONE-ACTS MAGIC SHOW 73 rpi band rpi chorus 74 ♦ » 1 1 " ! •%• ' ; " •, ' r t- . • t . i.; -v;t f ' .•: ., I ;:-j- ' i5 ;aJ3?fs»ss?»«si5J??J ' ' •« " " 5f ; f S1533 : : tf-:.: t«»gp i " . . • .. - ;?»■ . v " • • - LARRY PRENTICE, Treasurer JERRY BRADSHAW. President MARIE GABLE, Secretary BETSY HARMAN. Vice-President Student government The Student Government Association of RPI directs the general welfare of the school and gives the students training in citizenship and leader- ship. It is the duty of the SGA to strive for the betterment of the school in both academic and extracurricular activities. 77 JB i -Jfi . f Mf.-- " . , «• --:- ■ v.- ; ..■. ; . Seated (I. to r.): Beth Massey, Betsy Harman, Marie Gable, Penny Wetjier, Maragret Bishop. Standing (I. to r.): William Ayers, Rick Heidloff, Frank DuPriest, Jerry Bradshaw, Larry Prentice, Bob Nitchie and Newton Prince. honor council The objective of the Honor Council is to promote honor and integrity among the students at RPI. executive council Composed of four Student Government officers and the presidents of the Senior, Junior and Sophomore classes, the Executive Council acts as a steering committee for the SGA. Left to right: Betsy Harman, Newton Prince, Larry Prentice, Jerry Bradshaw, Bob Nitchie, Frank DuPriest and Marie Gable. 78 C K ' f ♦ " • « " ' • • ' ■ ♦ • ' ■■ • ■ ' ' » ' ' » : ■ " " ■« ' • ' f ' " ' - ' " ■ ' ' ' ■ student council First row (left to right): Birdie Jo Minor, Penny Wetiler, Smith Henry, Ann Kane, Betty Whitenack, David Stone. Second row: Elizabeth Waller, Billy Ayers, Nancy Milner, Stanley Soble, Eleanor Lane, Lynn Leisure. Third row: Bob Reline, Doug Loughridge, Margaret Bishop, Ray Carmines, Susan Meade, Don BlanJcenship and Linda Taylor. The Student Council, composed of members from all clubs and classes, bring to the Student Government Association all suggestions and griev- ances of their organizations. Here they attempt to work out these ideas for the benefit of the school. Good training in citizenship and leadership is also an accomplishment of the Student Council. 79 JBaia»5 j iJa!i MgigKaH Jg5 JBi 828 park avenue The " dorm on the corner " finds its girls participating in all activities. The girls in 828, known for their warnn hospitality, have a way of making a dormitory seem like home. The friendships made here will last a lifetime. MRS. NICHOLAS Hostess Left to right: Alice Boxley, Vice-President; Maria Lehman, Treasurer; Shirley Critzer, Freshman Repri sentative; LaRhue Nettles, Secretary, and Betty Whitenacic, President. 80 K . f. -w; vs .,., - ' .- . . . .. . . . ,« , i J : : y. ■• -tx .i» .«• ' .:♦■ 1.1 .• The Family Portrait ± A il Hallway to Mischief park My! How Santa has Changed! Angels and Bongos? 81 » ' .S- i-U ' -i v )i » . • ■■- " ?■■!; - ■ ■ ■ •• ' ;■ ■■. ' ■ . ! .A. ' .A,i«k. .l., mereditli house Noted for its dormitory parties and the Christmas time skits, Meredith House is a real center of activity. Interests range from academic greatness to the formal dances. But the girls in Meredith put all these interests together and come out with very harmonious living conditions. Carolyn Polus, President; Mary E. Mutchler, Vice-President; Margaret Vaughn, Secretary; Barbara Jean Massengill, Treasurer; Betty Helms, Freshman Representative. 82 vv Jt informality at mereciitli house 83 Mrs. Mary Carter, Hostess; Vicky Lundberg, President; Ruthan Christy, Treasurer; Delores Campbell, Freshman Representative; Virginia Gibson, Secretary, and Lynn Hays, Vice-President. lee house Devotion to duty, devotion to friends and devotion to the school are the by-words in Lee House Dormitory. A building loaded v ith closeness and cooperation, Lee House would be a star on any campus. 84 t » 4 4 . . . Seated: BETH MASSEY, Vice-President SHARAN MACFARLAND, President BETTY LOU MATKINS, Secretary Standing: NANCY PERRICELLI Freshman Representative THERESA SHEPPARD, Treasurer The largest dormitory on campus, Founders Hall also houses the cafeteria and the nurse ' s office. This eliminates any unnecessary traveling for these girls in bad weather. In warm, sunny weather the girls in Founders like to walk around campus like the hundreds of other RPI students. 85 t- ¥. t. f- • -t -V -ii ■ ■ ' -•-!». • . ' Left to right: Pat Henslay, Secretary; Jane BritI, Sue Carter, President; Emmy Lee Mason. Treasurer and Annette Ferguson, Vice-President In the dormitory characterized by the large white columns on the front can be found a wide variety of activities going on. Anything from the doing of homework to the fixing of hair may be carried on at any time of day. ritter- hickok 86 i-i -;-f-U.;i: j- f.- 4 l ' 4 anderson lious The girls in Anderson House reflect the feelings and ideas of all the girls at RPI. Their tears, their happiness and their anxieties help make up the atmosphere in their home away from home. Left to right: Jane Whitfield, Freshman Representative: Mary Virginia Revere, Secretary; Ann Kar President, and Jan Halter, Treasurer. 87 sctierer tiall The dormitory at the corner of Franklin and Harrison is always bustling with excitement. The elevator in this building causes quite a bit of anxiety as it strands 15 girls per day between floors. You ' re never sure whether to take your pillow with you when traveling between floors. Le(t to right: Carole Sandy, Vice-President; Karilene Kruse, President; Carolyn Spangler, Treasu Judy Duke, Secretary; Mrs. Maxie Huddleson, Hostess, and Mrs. Orange, Hostess. women ' s inter-dorm council The inter-dorm couricil is made up of the presidents of each of the women ' s dormitories. They provide rules and regulations and promote interest in and enthusiasm for dormitory life. ANN KANE, President KARILENE KRUSE, Vice-President CAROLYN POLUS, Secretary BETTY WHITENACK, S.G.A. Representative VICKY LUNDBERG, S.G.A. Alternate Seated: Betty Whilenack. Ann Kane Suzanne Carter and Viclcy Lundberg. nd Karllene Kruse. Standing: Carolyn Polus, Sharon Macfarland, 89 men ' s dormitory association ft Standing (left to right): Tommy Mistr, Don Hughes. Bill Buskell, Jii Ashburn, Don Blanltenshlp. Ray Carmines, Bill Reed. Sitting (le(t to right]; Don Pictured above is the executive committee of the Men ' s Dormitory Association. The association is composed of the residents of 712 and 312 dormitories. The purpose of the organization is to promote better cooperation between the tv o dormitories and also coordinate regulations and social functions between the dormitories. 90 Although a busy, hectic place, Lafayette Dormitory has not lost its friendly atmosphere. The hallways and the rooms are usually teeming with excitement that spreads down the main hall and out the door. laffayette dormitory Left to right; Jim Shaw. Vice-President; Don Hughes, Secretary; Bill Buskell, President, and Tommy Mistr, Tn Don Ashburn, President; Don Blankenship, Vice-President: Ray Carmines, Tr. and Bill Reed. Secretary. 712 dormitory One of two dormitories for men, 71 2 is located on Franklin Street across from Monroe Park. It is characterized by its annual Dooley ' s Frolics, at which time the whole building rocks with excitement. We ' re here . . . too! I if ' r % . {-: - r %r r • •■ r r f-. - Seated: Penny Wetzler. Vice-Presidenf, and Lois Welntrob. President. Standing: Gail Musenlto. Treas urer; Nancy Heller, Secretary, and Susan WooK, S.G.A. Representative. Iiillel foundation The Hillel Foundation, an organization for Jewish students, offers a variety of programs through which members learn more about their religion. Students this year have participated in services and a mock Passover Sedar. 93 Burrler, Vlce-Presldenl; Nancy MMner, Secretary, and Chris Adams, President. canterbury club The Canterbury Club is for Episcopal students at RPI and meets at Grace and Holy Trinity Church Sunday evenings. This year the group is par- ticularly interested in finding out more about their church and faith. Individual members lead group discussions on some phase of this topic. 94 %- • ♦•« • 4- Left to right: Walter Pendleton, Mn. May. Dan Altman. Margaret Ewing, Theo Baugh, Judy Duke, Jim Cluff, Libby Walker, Marie Claypool, Connie Revelle, Birdie Jo Minor, Sally Shearer and Betty Mason. baptist student union SALLIE SHEARER, President RUFFIN WINREE, Vice-President JUDY DUKE, Secretary DAN ALTMAN, Treasurer ELIZABETH WALKER, S.G.A. Representative The Baptist Student Union is an organization designed for students of the Baptist faith. They meet regularly to get a better understanding of God and their church through discussion. Social events are also planned by this group. 95 Ray Car Mrs. Barbara Sandl Joan RIgney Rev. Donald Stanton Stan Sweeney Dot Cobb Mary Beadles Wesley foundation JAMES MARSHALL, President PAM MURRAY, Vice-President JACKIE HEISLER, Secretary and Treasurer LINDA TAYLOR, S.G.A. Representative REV. DONALD STANTON, Adviser The Wesley Foundation for Methodist students meets Sunday evenings at Pace AAemorial Church. Discussions are held by the students on various subjects. Dinner is also served. 96 Seated (left to right): Charles Van Natta, Tommy Hudgins, Connie Bron Eugene Pickett, Minister: Paul Mill er, Charles Streat, Dorie Derlman Lilliston, Dr. Bob Johnson, Carolyn Atkinson and Morris Schiff. Adviser. and Lynn Leizure. Standing: Sonny Montagna, Lawrence unitarian club TOMMY HUDGINS, President CONNIE BRONN, Secretary and Treasurer LYNN LEIZURE, S.G.A. Representative CHARLES VAN NATTA, Alternate S.G.A. Representative Composed of liberal minded students, the Unitarian Club, new to campus this year, meets weekly at the First Unitarian Church. ' Discussions are held each week on new and ancient concepts of the world around us. Many well-known speakers conduct these meetings. 97 Front row: Jo Ann Schwallenberg, Mary Anderson, Grace Reid, Lynne Hays. Carolyn Polus and Clara Still. Second row: Bob Reline. Richard Taylor, Pat Scott, Elizabeth Shepherd, Ethel Lewis, Gloria Jordan, Lynn Lerzure and Harry Hlnson. Third row: Robert Walz, Lew Snead, Molly Eilerson, Alice Boxley, Tom Oalley, Worth Yonts and James Smith. american institute of decorators O ■ til MR. ROBERT HESTER. Sponsor ROBERT WALZ, President PATRICK SCOTT, Vice-President MARY ELLERSON, Secretary LYNNE HAYS, Treasurer BOB RELINE, S.G.A. Representative The American Institute of Decorators sponsors student art work displays, field trips and special project studies during the year. They also work to bring the students in this professional voca- tion closer together. 98 in action " TrrFT Phi Beta Lambda is composed of business students who are interested in furthering their knowledge of activities in the business world. They coordinate with various high schools in the Richmond area, helping them to organize business clubs. Phi Beta Lambda became the first club on campus to bear a Greek letter name. This year ' s activities include the publication of the Student Directory, the Slave Sale, the Christmas card sale, a formal dance, and a booth at the Spring carnival. They closed the year with a banquet, dances and a picnic. phi beta lambda Seated: PRIS McANENY, Secretary BILL GREENLAW, President BETTY WHITENACK, Vice-President Standing: PAUL GOFORTH, Treasurer FRED WINNER, Historian Left to right: Nancy Shaver, Secretary; Betsy Srrlth, President; Carol Otto, S.G.A. Alternate; Lucy Anne Blair, Vice-President; Anne Kane, S.G.A. Representative; Mrs. Hazel Mundy, Sponsor, and Mrs. Otti WIndmoeller, Co-Sponsor. fashion club The Fashion Club was organized for the purpose of creating interest in all phases of the studies of Costume Design and Fashion Illustration, and in keeping abreast of fashion trends and related fields. Social activity and community service are included in the program. 101 First row (left to right): Donald Tennant. Sponsor; Jo Ann Mistr, President; Barbara Anderson, Vice- President; Marguerite Peters, Secretary-Treasurer; Joan Hash, Program Chairman, and Wilson Epperson, S.G.A. Representative. Second row: Betsy Harman, Margaret Angelo. Jane Grubb, Betty Broaddus, Arlene Orlove, Diane Sears and Betsy Green. Third row: Betsy Saunders, Marie Spencer and Mary Jane Kelley. Student national education association An organization designed for future teachers, the Student National Edu- cation Association promotes interest in the teaching profession and helps members of the club gain more efficient methods of conducting a class. Several social events are also planned by this organization. 102 v iT-, . ■♦.• fine arts club An annual project of the Fine Arts Club is the auctioning of students ' work. Half of the receipts in this sale go to the artist whose work was purchased and the other half goes into an art scholarship fund. The club also promotes a better understanding between art students and students in other fields. RICHARD KEVORKIAN, President BRUCE KOPLIN, Vice-President VIRGINIA TYACK, Secretary-Treasurer DIANE SADLER, S.G.A. Representative Left to right: Bruce Koplln, Mr. Charles Renick, Adv Lynda Pleet. Richard Kevorkian, Virginia Tyack and KJ y MR. MILES WOODS, Adviser The Day Students League is an organization made up of ofP-campus students. The purpose of this club is to have a voice in student govern- ment as a body and also bring about a feeling of unity betv een day students and dormitory students. It also enables an off-campus student to become more familiar with the various activities taking place at RPI. Seated (left to right): Denny Putt. President: John Hardy. Corresponding Secretary: Marguerite Peters. Recording Secretary; Kenneth Sprulll, Treasurer, and Ann Patram, Historian. Standing (first row): Linda Menard. Bert Dunnavant, Pat Woolford, Lucy McAleiander, Marie Spencer, Vera Johnson and Penny Painter. Second row: Tommy Hudglns, Donald Armstrong, John Meli. Wayne Harding. George Bllley and David Me»2. 104 .♦ i» _♦• » ' ' .« •• • ♦; •■ theater associates A closely knit organization, the Theater Associates sponsor many well- known speakers from the world of dramatics for the entertainment of the members. Promotion of their common interest — the stage — and better techniques in acting are prime goals of this club. JAMES DAVIS, President GARY LEE KING, Vice-President JULIA ANN FIELD, Secretary DIANE HORD, Treasurer STANLEY SOBLE, S.G.A. Representative MISS AGNES DAVID, Sponsor Front row (left to right): Stanley Soble, Julia Fields, Miss Agnes David and James Davis. 105 First row (left to right): Paul Golorth, James Seaborn, Priscilla McAneny. Robert Knight. Gary Garner and Mr. William Edwards. Second row: Roy Burgess. Wayne Harding. Luther Wright. Howard Sherman, David Armistead, S. L. Cochran and Jerry VanAusdall. Third row: William While. Norman Hall. Bert Dunnavant, Lewis Newell, Ann Gardner, John Martin. Bruce Gregory. John Martin, and Reggie Stanfield. society for advancement of nrianagennent The Society for Advancement of Management aims to conduct scientific studies of principles governing industrial and economic life. A newly- organized club, SAM has started this year with a bang. The highlight of the semester ' s activities was a banquet. Seated (left to right): Priscilla McAneny. Secretary; Jame s L. Seaborn, President, and Paul Goforth, Treasurer. Standing: Robert Knight, Vice-President, Mr. William Edwards, Adviser, and Gary Garner. Vice-President. 106 " ' % " . « " V " % r ' » • r •» " • w - ' occupational therapy club HELEN TOMPKINS, President PEGGY VAUGHN, Vice-President CONNIE REVELLE, Secretary GAYLE SMITH, Treasurer SUE MEADE, S.G.A. Representative Since its organization in 1947 the Occupational Therapy Club has pro- vided a well-rounded program of activities, including keeping a bulletin board and making posters. The year is highlighted by the annual spring banquet. Closer contact with the professional world and better understanding of their profession is a main objective of these students. Seated (left to right): Gayle Smith, Peggy Vaughn, Helen Tompkins and Connie Revelle. Standing: Sharon Combs, Marjorle Burce, Dr. Louis Goldstein, Adviser: Sue Meade and Theresa Sheppard. 107 Left to right: Mr. David Willis, Co-Sponsor; David Stone, S.G.A. Representative; Howard Sherman, Treasurer; James Hill, President; Randolph Nemecek. Vice-President; Ben Blanlcenship, Secretary; Charles Wood, Business Manager, and Mr. Russell Johnston, Sponsor. german club Promoting unity and school spirit is just one of the goals of the German Club. They also plan many activities, including formal dances, informal affairs, picnics and sports events. An organization for men students, the German Club usually works with the Cotillion Club to provide one joint event a year. 108 109 GERMAN CLUB SWEETHEART MARGARET " DEE DEE " BISHOP AAARIETTA, GEORGIA L QA A Q ( a ' a a fik Sfc 9i cotillion club The Cotillion Club, an organization for all women students at RPI, pro- motes friendship and fellowship on and about campus. Highlighting this year ' s activities were the Christmas Dance, the Hawaiian Laua for the scholarship drive and the annual hayride. no i ' -r " . ' cotillion officers Karllene Krose, Treasurer Beth Massey, Vice-President Cecilia Mansfield, President Linda Coleman, Recording Secretary (not pictured ) Joanne Schwallenberg. Correspondence Secretary Sue Carter. S.G.A. Representati 111 accidental club Seated (left to right): Ruthan Christy, Sandy Haas, Robert Helmintoller, Glen O ' Connell. Sandy Eley and Bill Edwards. Standing (first row): Barbara Mueller, Ann Cherry, Betsy Cole, Mr. Milton Cherry. Sandy Johnston. Dorcas Cambell, Mary Gentry, Betty Mason and Sally Shealy. Second row: Shep Trevvelt, Mike Brady, Howard Hall, Keith Edding, Charles Eddlng and Frank Coffey. ROBERT HELMINTOLLER, President GLEN O ' CONNELL, Vice-President SANDRA HAAS, Secretary SANDRA ELEY, Treasurer RUTHAN CHRISTY, S.G.A. Representative BILL EDWARDS, Program Chairman MR. MILTON CHERRY, Faculty Adviser The Accidental Club is open to all music students at RPI. During the year social activities such as bowling, picnics and a Hallowe ' en party are held. The club ' s main purpose is to promote musical activities at RPI. In previous years the club has sponsored concerts by many well-known performers. 112 Kneeling (left ro right): Dough Loughridge. Coach Ed. Allen and Gene Bourne. Standing: Sieve Peeples, George Shaheen. Donald Hayes, Marshal Vaughn, Bobby Muse. Bill Woodson, Mile Mc- Donough and Jimnny Jones. The Green Devils ended the season with 12-11 record which is the second best season on record. The Devils played good hard basketball and rolled up some very impressive scores. George Shaheen won the most valuable player trophy, Doug Loughridge received the Bigger Sportsman- ship trophy and Gene Bourne took the Dean ' s trophy. 116 «-■ % € . w- rv -v rr ' strategy at work 117 i . L ;H = ;J; Front row (left to right): Joanne Harris, Lynn McGrath, Joan Moody and Carol Heiier. Second row; Pam Vaughn, Susan Plemmons, Pal Woolford and Carolyn Hodges. (Several players not pictured.) Under the guidance of Mrs. Gwen Donohue and the leadership of Joanne Harris and Carolyn Hodges the girls played fast-moving, highly- spirited and good competitive basketball. Although not one of the best years for the girls, much was learned and a lot of fun was had. The Bigger Trophy for the most valuable player went to Carol Heizer. 118 r- f V . « " ■ •%• ' i " - tT- % " " r V " » : r Le(t to right: Sammy Freeman, Pamela Vaughn, Joanle Gross, Glenn Thomas, Linda Ivlenard, VIrgi Team, Dagmar Gomez, Carol Heizer, Julia Brown and Joanne Harris. tennis team The RPI Tennis Team, although plagued by inexperience and injuries, came through with some fine tennis playing. Not an extremely success- ful season for the team as far as winning goes, the hard work put into developing this team should prove its worth next year. Under the coaching of Miss Nancy Alexander and with the leadership of Virginia Team and Joan Gross optimism for a winning season is run- ning very high. TENNIS SCHEDULE April 14 — Bridgewater May 2 — Longwood April 19 — William and Mary May 6 — Lynchburg April 22 — Suffolk May 8 — Thomas JefFerson April 24 — Lynchburg May 10 — Bridgewater May 15 — Westhampfon 119 M- %%W ' ip, Le(t to right (first row): Charles Hall. Bill Davis, Butch Woolston, Jimmy Jor.ei. Joe McNamee, Bob Norrls, Jimmy Jett, Tommy Wright and Pete Bowden. Top row: Jerry Brewer. Steve Peeples. Paul Stafford. Bud Reid, Coach Allen, Marvin Russell, Mike McDonough, Bill Woodson, Gene Bergh and Tom Fudala. i The RPI baseball team with several returnees is very optimistic about its future this year. With the ability of the players pictured above they should have no problems in conducting a win- ning season. SCHEDULE Ma ch25 New Bedford |2| May 2 Randolph-Macon Ma ch27 Bridgewaler (2) May 4 Newport News Apr 1 13 Lynchburg May 8 Norlolk W M Apr 1 15 Hampden-Sydney May 12 Lynchburg Apr 1 18 Randolph-Macon May 15 Hampden-Sydney Apr 1 21 Norfolk W M May 18 Pembroke Apr 1 29 Newport News May 19 Pembroke 120 Left lo right: Paul Stafford. Don Hayes, Gen Wrlgtit. Doug Lougfiridge. Bill Wagne monogram club GENE BOURNE, President DON HAYES, Vice-President BILL WAGNER, Secretary TOMMY WRIGHT, Treasurer DOUG LOUGHRIDGE, S.G.A. Representative The Monogram Club is composed of boys who have won letters in ath- letics at RPI. The main goal of this group is to promote better athletics and good sportsmanship in all competition. 121 Front row: Frances Bailey, Captain. Second row: Jane Waddel, Marie Gable and Carol Heilor. Third row: Susan Wooll, Jeanne Casino and Helen Mitchell. With enthusiasm and high spirits the RPI Cheerleaders support the Green Devils throughout the season. This year pep rallies were held in the Rotunda which aroused the interest of the students. 122 i IT ' " f %• ' f " . %•• k ' ■ » - » • , " ' • V WELCOME to thi BOOK STORE and SNACK BAR ART SUPPLIES BOOKS STUDENT SUPPLIES SANDWICHES NOVELTIES REFRESHMENTS 125 senior directory OZELL EDWARD ARD, JR. GERALD SAGE BRADSHAW PHILIP LEE COLTRAIN 907 Floyd Avenue 501 North Boulevard 3106 3rd Avenue Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Business B.S. in Retailing B.F.A. in Commercial Art German Club. ■56. ' 57: D. E. Club . ■58- Vice-Presiden ' Westminsier Fel Owshlp. DAVID LEE ARMISTEAO ■61 S.G.A. Representative, ■60: F.B.L.A., ■56;57: President, S.G.A., ■59. 6I: Presl ■55-56, President. ■56- 57. S.G.A. sentaiive. ■57- ' 58: Photography Cobblestone. ■55- 57: Secreiar Repre. Ed or. 3447 Howard Road dent. Ex-Officlo, Honor Council, ■ 59.41; y and Rlchrrond, Virginia President, Executive Council. ■59- 6l ; Par. Treasurer. Lafayette Dorm. ■56- 57; Art liamentarian, S.G.A.. •59- 60: Cha rman. Students League, ■S7- 58: Presiden t. Com. B.S. in Business Rules Committee. ' 59- ' 40. mercial Art Club. ■57. 58. S.A.M., iO. ' tl THURMAN YATES BRICKHOUSE ZEB BRISTOL CONLEY, JR. NATALIE REA ASHTON 2605 Brampton Way 6o. 155. Aquone Road 271 LouvertSireet Richmond, Virginia Andrews. North Carolina Norfolk, Virginia B.S. in Social Science B.F.A. in Commercial Art B.S. in Social Science German Club. Assistant Manager. 712 Dorm Manager, 60. ■61. ■59-60. GEORGE WILLIAM AYERS 617 North 7lh Avenue MARJORIE LEE BRUCE 1801 H.lllard Road LEONARD DUDLEY COOK, JR Route 1, Box 7 Porlsmouth, Virginia Richmond, Virginia Sandston, Virginia B.S. in Social Science B.S. in Occupational Therapy B.F.A. in Commercial Art Executive Council, ' Sa- ' S?, 59- ' 60: Fr esh. man Class Vice-President, ' 58: Ger man Club ' BS- ' il- Junior Class Pr ■59- ' 60: Student Council. ■57- ' 6l: sident, S.G.A. THOMAS JAMES BRUCE BEVERLY THORNTON CRAWFORD 1 2810 Kenwood Avenge 1 Treasurer, ■58- ' 59. 3 Upham Drive Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia PATRICIA ANN BEACH B.S. in Social Science B.S. in Applied Psychology E .r ore, Virginia PATRICIA FAY CROUCH B.F.A. in Fashion Illustration DAVID WILTSHIRE BULLOCK North Mayflela Lane Fashion Club. Ruther Glen. Virginia B FA, in Commercial Art E lerson, Virginia B.F.A. in Fashion Illustration MARY ANN BELTON Fashion Club, ■57 5e- 1513 Sunrise Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina CAROLYN ARDEN BUNDY 4126 Hillcrest Road LEROY DOWNER CROWDER B.F.A, in Art Education Richmond, Virginia R F.D. 1 Cotillion Club, ■57. ' 58: Cheerlead er. ■58- Certificate in Fashion Illustration S r-v, Virginia ' 59- Fashion Club, 57- ' 58- Fin Arls Club ■57. ' 60: Freshman Class S» eet- Cotillion Club. B.S. in Social Science heart for May Court, ■57. ' 58; R.P.I Or eam Girl, ' 58. ' 59; Sophomore Class S» eet- heart ' 58- ' 59; Sophomore Class T eas- ROY EARL BURGESS. II ROBERT STERLING CROWDER urer ■58- ' 59- Junior Class Treasur ■60- Junior Marshall; Rat Court M em ■5?. ber; 9000 Mlchaux Lane 6-odnax. Vlrglna Advisory Board Treasurer, ' iO- ' il Se nior Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Business Cass Treasurer, ■60--6I. B.S. in Business Phi Beta Lambda: German Club S.A.M . KAY BENDHEIM F.B.L.A.: Day Students League: man Publicity Committee S.A.M Chair. .. ' 60. ■60- 6l. 6 Greenway Lane ■41. ANNEHE HAWKES DAY Richmond, Virginia 1506 Cedar Lane B.S. in Social Science CYNTHIA SUE BURKETT 878 North Longfellow Street Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Applied Psychology EVELYN SUE BERGER Arlington, Virginia 936 Carver Street Richmond, Virginia Certificate in Retailing JULIANNA DUKE Cotillion Club; D. E. Club. 528 McKinley Avenue B.S. in Occupational Therapy Pitman, New Jersey S.G.A. Representative. Westminster lowship; S.G.A. Representative, O Fel- T. MARION WESLEY BURNEH Certificate in Secretarial Science Club. 917 West Franklin Street Richmond, Virginia BERTRAM LEE DUNNAVANT JAMES DALE BIMSON B.S. in Applied Science 3132 Idlewood Avenue 1800 Fenton Street Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia JOYCE McCLURE CARDOZA B.S. in Business B.S. in Social Science 2404 Marrolt Road Cobblestone Staff; Day Students League: Richmond. Virginia Phi Beta Lambda: S.A.M. . ■60- ' 4l. | ELIZABETH MARSHALL BOWLING B.S. in Social Science 807 Enderby Drive Alexandria, Virginia Day Students League. JOHN FRANKLIN DuPRIEST Route 1. Box 146 B.S. in Social Science SUZANNE J. CARTER Fentress, Virginia Canterbury Club: O. T, Club. 2411 East Pembroke Avenue Hampton. Virginia B.F.A. in Commercial Art President, Sophomore Class. ■SB •59; Ex. PATRICIA LOU BOYD 16 North Royal Avenue Front Royal, Virginia B.F.A. in Commercial Art S.G.A. Representative, Cotillion Club: ecutlve (touncil. ■5e- 6l: Honor ' 58 6I- Freshman Advisory Boi ■40: Student Council. ■59- ' 40: P Council, rd, ■59. resident. President, Ritter-Hickok Dorm; Inter- Senior Class. ■40. 6I: Junior Marshall B FA in Fine Art Dorm Council. •59-40. 126 HOUSE — ■ — Hi OF FORMALS FORMAL WEAR TO RENT AND ACCESSORIES 16 No. 8th Street • Between Franklin and Main Phone: Ml 8-0533 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA STUART CIRCLE CHESTERFIELD PHARMACY TEA ROOM Phone EL 5-1 773 900 W. Franklin St. Richmond, Va. 1601 PARK AVENUE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Rucker Richardson REALTORS Loans • Insurance 1 1 8 North 8th Street Visit Our Drug Store RICHMOND, VIRGINIA PRESCRIPTIONS Phone Ml 8-4741 127 GARLAND RANDOLPH ELLINGTON. JR. RANDOLPH WAYNE HARDING PATRICIA RAE RAMSEY JONES 23(M Delrio Road 3203 Grant Street 1006 Pa-k Aven.e Richmond. Virginia Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Business B.S. in Business B,S. in Social Science Cobblestone SlaH. ' 60- ' 6l: Day Students S.G.A. Representative, BS.U., ■56 ' 57; JAY MERVIN FOSTER League: Phi Beta Lambda. ' 60- ' 6l ; Vice-President. B.S.U.. ' 59. ' 60. no Lanier Avenue S.A.M.. •60 ' 6I. Danville, Virginia ANN LOWRY KANE B.S. in Business ELIZABETH GORDON HARMAN 335 Rosser Avenue 41 F-anklin Road Newport News, Virginia ANN KAY GARDNER Waynesboro. Virginia B.F.A. in Coilume Design 4200Sprlnghlll Avenue B.S. in Social Science Fashion Club Officer: President of Dorm; Richmond. Virginia Dean ' s List. ■58- ' 60: Executive Council. President. Inter. Dorm Council: Student B.S. in Applied Psychology ' 60- ' 6l- Honor Council. ■59. ' 60. President. ■60 ' 6I: Junior Class S.G.A. Representa. Council. Cheerleader- May Court Aitenda t: Psy. tlve ' 59. ' 60- S.N.E.A. ■59- ' 61- Secretary. chclogv Club; S.A.M., iO- ' 6l, 828 Park Dorm. ■59- ' 60: Vlce-Presiden ' . S.G.A. EDWARD JAY KESSER 249 Forsythe Street BARBARA ELAINE GARDNER Norfolk. Virginia 3576 Mudlick Road COLE HARRISON B.S. in Business Roanoke, Virginia Route 1, Bo« 491 Day Students League: Hlllel: Lambda: S.A.M. . ' 60- ' 6l. Phi Beta B.F,A. in Interior Design Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina S,G.A. Talent Show; American 1 nslitute B.S. in Business of Decorators: Interior Design Clu b: Co- MILES EDWIN KING. JR. lilllon Club- Activities Chairman Coiil- Lafayette Dorm Manager. Hon Club: Alternate S.G.A. Rep 5536 Walnwrlght Drive live. Senior Class. CLAUDE EMERSON HART. JR. Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Retailing O.E. Ci.-b. GARY NELSON GARNER 2321 Nunally Avenue 6211 Forest Hill Avenue Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia B.S, in Business B.S. in Advertising ROBERT LEE KNIGHT. JR. 6604 Prospect Roaa Phi Beta Lambda: Vice-President, ' 60- ' 6l, 5,A,M., BILLIE SPIVEY HAWKINS 3315 Parham Road Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Business STERLING MAURICE GIANNOTT , JR, Rlchrr.ond, Virginia Day Students League; Phi Beta Lambda, 3422 Keighly Road B.S. in Social Science ■40- ' 61; Vice-President. S.AM., ■60- ' 61. Ricnmond, Virginia B.S. In Business JEAN LAWSON HAWKINS 4202 Potter Street KARILENE ANN KRUSE 1807 Lee NITA McNUn GIBBS Richmond, Virginia West Point, Virginia 2M Roslyn Hills Drive B,S, In Occupational Therapy B.S, in Social Science Richmond. Virginia Vice-President Treasurer, Cotlll on Club; B.F.A. in Ar» Education LYNNE HAYS Dorm President; Intramural Spo rls. Fine Arts CUb. 311 Chelsea Street Slstersville, West Virginia LEWIS VERNON LANHAM FRANCES KATHERINE GRAHAM B.F.A. In Interior Design R.F,D, 5, Bo. 104 Route A Richmond, Virginia Dunn, North Carolina GERALD CONWAY HEADLEY. JR B.S. in Applied Social Science B,F,A. in Fashion Illustration 171 Cox Road Baseball Team, ' 57- ' 6l; Monogr am Club. Secretary, Riiter-Hlckok, •59. ' 60: Secre- Richmond, Virginia ' ary. Senior Class, ■60 ' 6I: Fashlo May Couf Aitendan ' , ■59- ' 60, Club; B,S. in Business F.B.L.A., ' 59 ' 60, LINDA GRACE LINTON 6029 Northrldge Road WILLIAM GRAFTON GREENLAW Columbia, South Carolina Hartwood, Virginia ROBERT EDWARD HELMINTOLLER BF.A, in Commercial Art B,S. in Business 1136 West Avenue DONNA CLAIRE LINZY F.B.L.A.. ' 57- ' 60; President Ph Lambda, ■60- ' 6l: S,G,A. Represe Beta Richmond, Virginia Bachelor of Music Education 7 Harris Creek Road ■59- ' 61: Freshman Advisory Boar d, ' 60 ' Hampton, Virginia ' 61: Editor of Student Directory Westminster Fellowship ■60- ' 6l- Aciivltles Fee Committee. ' 59- ' 60: ■59- ' t0: S.G A. S.A.M, MARILYN LINDSEY HIGHT BF.A. in Art Education Art Club; Dorm House Council Modern ■60- ' 6l. 2403 Libby Avenue Richmond, Virginia Dance Group. BRUCE McCALLUM GREGORY B.S. in Applied Psychology DONALD EUGENE LLOYD Tunslall, Virginia Psi Chi; Secretary-Treasurer. Psychology 6804 Horsepen Road B.S, in Business Club. Richmond, Virginia SAM., ' 60 61 NANCY ANN HUNDLEY B,S. in Business LOYAL CLYDE GROOVER. JR. 614 East Carolina Avenue NANCY GILDNER LONG 3510 Garland Avenue Crewe, Virginia 1415 Chamberlayne Avenue Richmond, Virginia Carlificat in Secretarial Science Richmond, Virginia B,S. In Business LARRY MALLORY JONES BF.A, In Interior Design WILLIAM MAPHIS HANSELL, JR Lawrencevllle, Virginia VICTORIA ANNE LUN06ERG 2423 Columbia Siree- B.S. in Business 620Kitiredge Drive Richmond. Virginia F.8.L.A.: Phi Beta Lambda, •60- ' 6l: Orlando, Florida B.S. In Builntis S-A.M. ' 60- ' 6l. B.S. in Applied Social Science 128 129 Inter-Dorm Council, S.G.A. Allernaie, ' 60 ' 4I: President, Lee House. ' 60 ' 61: Secretary, Dorm House Council. ' 59 ' 60. SHARON LEA MACFARLANE 1280 Makulua Drive Kahlua, Hawaii B.S. in Distributive Education D.E. Club; President, Founders Hall. CECILIA MANSFIELD Route 8. Box 368 Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Social Science President Cotillion Club; Vice-President. Dav S ' Ldetits Leagte, LUNDI KARON SANDERS MANSFIELD 6508A Dorset Road Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Social Science JOHN ALLE N MARTIN 3025 Parkwood Avenue Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Business Phi Beta Lambda; S.A.M.. •60- ' 6l, ELIZABETH STUART MASSEY 1116 Prince Edward Street Fredericksburg, Virginia B.F.A. in Art Education Transfer from College of William and Mary; Secretary Cotillion Club, ■58- ' 59. President ■60- ' 6l; Junior Marshall; Secre- tary of Dorm, ■59- ' 60; Vice-President. Senior Class ■60- ' 61; Honor Council. ' 60- ' 6l; Vice-President. Founders Hall. JOSEPHINE ANNA MISTR Route M, Box 18 Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Elementary Education Transfer from College of Vi llliam and Mary; Corresponding Secretary. Day Stu- dents League. ' 59- ' 60. S.G.A. Represent- ative. ' 60-61; S.N.E.A. President. ' 60- ' 61- CARSON NEAL MORRIS 733 Grove Street Danville, Virginia B.S. In Social Science HARRIET EVELYN MORRIS Box 63 Hot Springs, Virginia B.S. in Social Science CotlPlon Club Recording Secretary. ' 59- •60, Corresponding Secretary, ' 60- ' 61; PH Beta Lambda; Senior Variety Show. BILLY LOUIS MUMPOWER Beaumont. Virginia SAM.. ' 60 ' 6I. BARBARA JEAN NEESE 2305 Kenmore Road Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Applied Psychology JOYCE MARIE NEWSOM 706 Elm Street Weldon, North Carolina B.S. in Social Science DOMENICO NOVELLI MO Archer Avenue Colonial Heights, Virglnla _ CAROLL WALTER OBAUGH 5408 Gillespie Avenue Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Business Transfer from University of Richmond; S.A.M.. ' 60- ' 6l. CAROLYN PERDITA O ' WENS 1121 Anchor Road Bay Island Virginia Beach. Virginia B.F.A. in Commercial Art Junior Class Attendant for May Court; German Club Attendant to the Swee ' FRANCIS RAY PALMER 390-4 Plnallo Drive Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Advertising D,E, Club, MARGUERITE ELSIE PETERS 2929 Clarendon Drive Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Social Science Basketball Team ' 57- ' 59; Basketball Team Manager, ■59- ' 60; Secretary-Treasurer, S.N.E.A.. ' 60- ' 61; Secretary. Day Students League. ' 60- ' 61. CAROLYN JUNE POLUS 569 Douglas Avenue Calumet City, Illinois B.F.A. in Interior Design CARLETON BRANCH POWELL 515 North Boulevard Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Business F.B.L.A.- German Club- Phi Beta Lamb da; S.AM, ■60- ' 6l. JOANNE CAROLE PRICE 802 South Barton Street Arlington, Virginia B.F.A. in Fashion Illustration Cotillion Club; Fashion Club; Vice- President of Dorm. ELIZABETH MARIE PRITCHETT 2818 Floyd Avenue Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Social Science Day Students League FRANK GILBERT PURYEAR 2503 West Broadway Hopewell. Virginia B.S. in Advertising GRACE ELIZABETH REID RIchburg. South Carolina B.F.A. in Interior Design Transfer from Ersklne College; Cotillon Club, ■S8- ' 59; May Court Attendant. ' 58- ' 59; Secretary Interior Design Club, •59- ' 40: Secretary, Junior Class; Junior Marshall- Rat Court Member ' 59- ' 60- American Institute of Decorators ' 59- ' 60; Apple Blossom Princess. ' 60- ' 6l- CONSTANCE ANN REVELLE Conway, North Carolina B-S. in Occupational Therapy Basketball Team •58- ' 59; Baptist Student Union ' 58- ' 61: d.T. Club. ' SB- ' tl; Tennis Team. •58- ' 69. PATRICIA ANNEHE REID 12 Emmons Plac« Portsmouth. Virginia Certificate in Commercial Art DIANE RANDOLPH SADLER 1616 Jefferson Park Avenue CtiarlotteivlI.e, Virginia B FA in Art Education MORRIS HENRY SCHIFF 2900 Idlewood Avenue Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Social Science JO ANN SCHWALLENBERG 1150 Forest Lawn D ' i.e Salem, Virginia Certificate in Interior Design JAMES LEONIDAS SEABORN. JR 2407 Grove Avenue Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Business SALLY MADELINE SHEALY 2701 Central Avenue Alexandria. Virginia Bachelor of Music Education Accidental Club Secretary and S.G.A. Representative ' 59- ' 60- Accompanist for R.P.I. Chorus; Vice-President. Westmln- ster Fellowship; R.P.I. Concert Band; Social Chairman. Baptist Student Union; R.P.I. Madrigallsts. SALLIE ELIZABETH SHEARER 101 Bulst Street North Charleston. South Carolina B.S. in Occupational Therapy MARY ELIZABETH SHEPHERD 1626Claremont Avenue Richmond, Virginia B.F.A. in Interior Design American Institute of Decorators. LESLIE CLYDE SIMMONS 139 Wes ' Mam S-ree Walden, New York B.S. in Occupational Therapy LOUISE MARIAM SINSHEIMER 3233 Condle Stree- Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Applied Psychology Corresponding Secretary. Psychology Club. 130 ♦ i ♦• • »•• -» i BOWLING IS FUN It ' s Great for a Da+e! Willow Bowl, Willow Lawn Plaza Bowl, Southside Plaza Sunset Bowl, 6308 W. Broad Azalea Bowl, Norwood Ave. Brook Road 3» « HOUSE OF STEAKS _ fjjinina f lace of tJUiilinclion STEAKS -SEA FOOD -CHOPS -CHICKEN A SELECTION OF FINE WINES EL 5-5677 1808 STAPLES MILL RD. Just South of Broad Complimen+s of . . . UKROPS SUPER MARKET 3111 Hull Street Jiw i! PPI BPW_ ' |tf n_PiP SI mm Atlantic Life ' i new Home Office building, in Richmond, ' ir inia Building on Wheels... COMPANY ON THE GO! INSURANCE HOME office: RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 131 NANCY SJOSTROM 357 South Streei Elkln, North Carolina B.S. in Psychology MABEL PATRICIA SKIPPER 1309 Bal ' k Avenue Virginia Beach. Virginia B.F.A. in Costume Design Cotillion Club; Fashion Club. ESTHER ELLEN SMELKINSON 3716 Yosemite Avenue Baltimore, Maryland B S. in Occupational Therapy ELIZABETH ANNE SMITH Wakefield, Virginia Certificate in Costume Design President Fa-.hlon Club ■60- ' tl ARCHIE JAMES STEIN. JR. Gardner Street Camden. South Carolina Certificate in Commercial Art JAMES HUNTER TALBOTT B.S. in Physical Education HELEN MARGARET TOMPKINS Box 163 Stuart ' s Draft. Virginia IS. in Occupational Therapy WARREN ROOSEVELT TURNER 2321 Brady Street Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Advertising Baseball Team: Monograrti Club. VIRGINIA TYACK IBOOBuena Vista Road Winston Sa ' em. North Carolina B.F.A. in Fine Arts Secretary. Treasurer Fine Arts Club ■60- ' 61, ROBERT LEE WALZ 113 Swift Highway Jefferson City, tylissourl B.F.A. in Interior Design Transfer from University of Missouri; President. American Institute of Decora- lO ' S ■59- ' 61 LOIS RUTH WEINTROB Baltlm.ore. Maryland B.F.A. in Costume Design Fashion Club; Recording Secretary and President. Hlllel Foundation; Steering Committee. Religious Emphasis Week. LOIS MARGOT WET7LER 6607 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore, Ma ' v ' and Certificate In Fashion Illustration S.G.A. Reo ' esen ' a ' lve Fashion Club ' 59 Religious Emphasis Week Committee ■59.-6I; S.G.A. Representative Junlot Class; Honor Council. ■60- ' 6l ' Activity Committee. S.G.A.. ■60- ' 6l- Hll ' el S.G.A Representative. ' SB- ' S? Vice-President ■59- ' 6l. WILLIAM VALENTINE WHITE, JR. 811 West Second Street Roanoke Rapids. North Carolina BEHY RUTH WHITENACK Route 2 Front Royal. Virginia B.S. in Busii i Educatii Cobblestone Staff. ■60- ' 6l: Inler-Dorm Council; Dorm President- Newman Club; Student Council; F.B.L.A. ■57- ' 60, Secre- tary •59- ' 60- Vice Preslden- Phi Be ' a Lambda, ■60- ' 6l, SHIRLEY ANN VOLAND WILLIAMS 705 Gladstone Avenue Richmond, Virginia B.S. in Journalism Editor of Cobblestone. ■60- ' 6l; Cotillion Club; Day Students League; Managing Editor. •59- ' 60. Feature Editor. ' SB- ' 59. Prescript. LUTHER RYAN WRIGHT 104 East Laburnum Avenue Richmond. Virginia B.S. in Business F.B.L.A.. ■57- ' S8; S.A.M.. ■60- ' 6l. 132 133 134 i ' %•-. «• ' . % tf •■ V r • " • •• • V- " » -: . ' 135 • i -H-%vit Thought for Food.... Slater is proud to number Richmond Professional Institute among the 142 leading colleges and universities it serves. SJater plans, prepares and serves meals designed to provide enjoyment and nutrition. GOOD LUCK, CLASS OF ' 61! = SLATER Baltimore • Philadelphia Chicago • Los Angeles • New York • Atlanta • Danville, Va. Phone BE 3-3275 RUSSELL HOLMES Headquarters for . . . • FLORSHEIM SHOES • SPALDING • RAND RANDCRAFT SENSATIONAL SOUTHSIDE PLAZA WONDERFUL WILLOW LAWN MEADOW Laundry Cleaners Cleaning • Wash ' n ' Dry • Flafwork Finish Alterations • Shirts Finished 410-412 N. HARRISON STREET BETWEEN GRACE AND FRANKLIN L. G. Balfour Company Attleboro, Massachusetts Manufacturers of: CLASS RINGS • CLUB PINS MEDALS TROPHIES Represented by: Charles G. Motley Walter B. Anderson 41 I I Kensington Avenue Richmond, Virginia PET ICE CREAM " TASTE THE FRESH CREAM 136 137 SanDor ' s Book Store 937 W. GRACE Has " Hallmark Cards " Galore 138 nl 139 140 intrannural 142 143 )44 to, Dean William O ' Connell for answering the many questions at all times of the day for the staff and also for the many suggestions and ideas which helped put this annual together. Mr. Bellin and his Thesis class for a great layout job. And to the many others who have helped us we say, " THANK YOU. " 145 ;. -.- v ■:f ' i ' ,i.- ' - -i-t. 1 147 148 i ' C- % i % ' r - i 4 r% ' ' ,« " .%-v- " •» • ••»•■

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Virginia Commonwealth University - Cobblestone Wigwam Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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