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Virginia Commonwealth University - Cobblestone Wigwam Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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.- ' ■■ v ; c J ft: 1 J f- mmu mmmpi iiM i CM- .VFrgrnIa Commonw.aiff, UnrVersfty Archives 1 Ref . 378.755 R414 194 e.4 £$iGhmon(J Professional Institute Library 901 West Franklin Street Riclimond, Va. RULES 1. Books may be kept two weeks and may be renewed once for the same period, except reserve books and magazines. 2. A fine of five cents a day will be charged on each overdue book. No book will be issued to any person incurring such a fine until it has been paid, 3. A fine of five cents an hour will be charged on overnight books returned after 9:00 A. M. 4. Reference books, such as encyclopedias and diaionaries, are to be used only in the library. 5. Injury to books beyond reasonable wear and all losses shall be paid for. 6. Each borrower is held responsible for all books drawn on his name and for all fines accruing on the same. 7. No books may be taken from the library without being checked. For Reference NOT TO BE TAKEN FROM THIS ROOM ■•■fB -W - ' fi - ' H -4 : • ? uear6oo] orthe wtucfenC oj ofo Ae LoLLeae Oj I I Jean McCabe, Editor Jane E. Jones, Business Maitayer 1 r w Jack Creasy ■ H 4 ' ' :. ' H ' • " i ' ! 4- ' - - ' K -i " ■ ' « ' ■ ' ■ we, the staflf of 1942, have endeavored to preserve in this voUinie the pleasant days at the riehniond professional institute of the college of williani and niary. with words and pictures we ofifer the memories of curricular and extra-curricular activities — to the un- dergraduates who have yet happy school years ahead, and to the seniors, entering into new horizons, who, with the aid of this book, can always look back on 1942. ■ i ' ' ' kWM ' M ' r!i i %. r Jack Creasy ;i •.!»::0 ' ' - ■ ' }. ' ' - -ii ■! ■: -if . ■ ? -iS-. " ? ' ;. ' 4t 3« ' -ik. -?.? " t: •( ' ' -f-f in, ■ . ' ■ ' } ' . :»i.,: ; ' :L..V. .-V. 1- . ... ... :■■ ,. : . . ;,; I. _: ;jr i; -sK ; ■ ' . BOOK ONE THE COLLEGE BOOK TWO THE CLASSES BOOK THREE ACTIVITIES BOOK FOUR ATHLETICS BOOK FIVE FEATURES a genflenian whose truly christian spirit and whose whole-hearted understanding of our prohlenis has given many of us the courage to carry on, to delve more deeply into our fields of study, in these times of stress . . . whose sense of humor and of fairness are an inspiration to all who know him, as a pro- fessor an l a friend ... to you. Doctor S. J. McCoy, we dedicate the 1942 wigwam, with our sincerest appreciation. DR. S. J. BOOKOIE The Richmond Professional Institnte of the College of William and Mary is the teehnical in- stitnlion which condiines professional an l voca- tional preparation with liberal education. The In- stitute had its beginning in 1917. In 1920 the school became affiliated with the College of William and Mary, and in 1925 it became a defi- nite part of the College. The Schools of the In- stitute are: Social Work, Public Health Nursing, Art, and Store Service Education. College life and college activities have a definite part in the en ironnlent of R. P. I. Social func- tions and student activities form a cond ination of a practical and well-balanced life for the stu- dents enrolled at our college. THE COLLEGE - ' ■ mti iSdij s sii HENRY COE LANPHER DIRECTOR OF THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK B.A., University of California ; M.A., T ' niversitv of Chicago, School of Social Work. LOIS M. WASHER ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF CROUP LEADERSHIP B.S., Carnegie Institute of Technology; M.A., College of William and Mary, School of Social Work. CORDELIA COX ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF SOCIAL CASE WORK B.A., William and Mary; M.A., Uni- versity of North Carolina. EDNA JANE NESBITT INSTRUCTOR IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION B.S., New Jersey State Teachers Col- lege ; M.A., Columbia University. VIRGINIA CARTER BALL DANCE INSTRUCTOR B.A., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s Col- lege ; M.A., New York University. MABEL FLORENCE MARTIN ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND MENTAL HYGIENE B.A., Mount Holyoke College; Ph.D., Cornell University. JOSEPH A. WILLIAMS PROFESSOR OF PSYCHOLOCV B.A., Indiana University ; M.A., In- diana University; Ph.D., Indiana Uni- versity. CURT BONDY PROFESSOR OF PSYCHOLOGY Ph.D., University of Hamburg, Ger- many. S. J. McCOV ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH B.A., Wofford College; M.. ' ., Duke University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. RAYMOND T. HODGES ASSOCI. TE PROFESSOR OF DRAMATIC ART A. D SPEECH B.S., State Teachers College, Blooms- burg, Pennsylvania; M.A., Columbia University. MARGARET L. JOHNSON ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF MODERX LANGUAGES B.A., Barnard College; M.A., Colum- bia College; Ph. D., Columbia College. ROSAMOND McCANLESS LIBRARIAN B.A., Converse College ; B..- ., Univer- sity of North Carolina, Library Science; M..A., University of North Carolina. 4i-4?- ' St ' it i-in nmm Ti FRANCES C. MONTGOMERY DIRECTOR AND PROFESSOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING B.A., Colorado University ; M.A., Co- lumbia University; Presbyterian Hos- pital School of Nursing, Graduate. LILLIAN GUIDRY ASSISTANT PROFESSOR IN PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING B.S., Columbia University; M.A., Co- lumbia University. WES WHITFIELD WALKER ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF ADVERTISING ART Kansas State Teachers College (two years) ; Kansas City Art Institute (two years) ; Advertising Artist and Illus- trator (six years). HAZEL PETTUS MUNDY INSTRUCTOR IN COSTUME DESIGN AND CLOTHING Traphagan School of Fashion. 1931- 1935; McDowell School of Costume De- sign, 1937. WILLIAM F. HAVILAND INSTRUCTOR IN INTERIOR DECORATION Student, Bates College, Carnegie Insti- tute, New York School of Fine Art, Richmond School of Art. DOROTHEA SQUIRE CRAM INSTRUCTOR IN ARl ' B.F.A., College of William and Mary; Diploma, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Fon- tainebleau, France. ■? -ifi. ■ ■! -J ' :, -ifc vv ' m[ -. : -?-• ki --si M -ii i ' . ■ - ' -f- -?- ■: ' •■ ' i -♦ " ■«■ - «i -A, ' ' •; ' ■■; ESTHER WORDEN DAY INSTRUCTOR IN PAINTING AND COMPOSITION H.A., Randulph-Macoii. CAROLINE TYLER HINCKS ACTING DIRECTOR OF SCHOOL OF STORE SERVICE EDUCATION PROFESSOR OF RETAILING B.A., University of California; M.A., Simmons College, Prince School for Store Service. KATHERINE E. BELL PROFESSOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND STORE SERVICE EDUCATION B.A., Westhampton College; M.S., School of Store Service Education, Col- lege of William and Mary. nORIS E. PALES ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF BIOLOGY B.A., Mount Holyoke College; M.A., Western Reserve University; Ph.D., ' a!e L ' niversitv. MARY E. KAPP ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY B.A., University of North Carolina; M.A., Duke University; Ph.D., Uni- versity of North Carolina. MARGERY J. MILNE ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF BIOLOOY M.A., CoUimbia Universit ; Ph Radcliff College. iiU LLll HELEN FILL RHODES INSTRUCTOR IN MUSIC (VOICE) Artist ' s Diploma, Cincinnati Conserva- tory of Music. GRACE C. FARNUM INSTRUCTOR IN BUSINESS B.A., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s Col- lege. HOWARD HUNTER DAVIS ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF ECONOMICS B.A., University of Richmond; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University. HART SCHAAF ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION B.A.. University of Michigan ; Ph.D., University of Michigan ; Fellowship, University of Stockholm, 1937, 1939. Mrs. Virgie Chai.klry HOSTESSES BOOK TWO First signs of " D P " s " famous beard . . . two of our South American beauties . . . roof-top scene . . . how do you do it, Sid? . . . lief ore his locks were shorn . . . poise plus personality equals Miss Cooper . . . you ' d ne er guess that she was our gyni teacher . . . no wonder classes never start on time . . . scrub " em hard, Oscar . . . four belles of K. P. I. . . . come on, gang, let ' s go swimming . . . music for relaxation ' tween classes . . . keep ' em smiling, Lenore . . . Dan Cupid and his hoiL- and arroiL- . . . Ii:.n hloiid,- hnmbsliiib . . . i:- ial pir did yon sink lliat thnml in. Cttasy ■:.»-3 ' i ' . i ; »4 7 ' - THE (ILilSSES A salute to goi !. . .central building of R. P. I. ' s campus. . .first to greet freshmen, and last to bid farewell to seniors., .you ' re a dorm, housing the faculty on the third and fourth floors. . .you entice us to study, with your many classrooms. . .you ' re a lounging room, too. . . can you ever forget those who sprawl on your tables, a " Coke " in one hand and penny candy in the other?. . .what your walls could tell of Mrs. Robins ' supervision. . .here, there, and everywhere. . .of faculty meetings behind closed doors, of laughter and hilarity in the Day Students ' Room... of Miss Shain ' s patient cheerfulness behind the office counter. . .of disappointed gestures directed upon empty " Coke " machines. . .of all the campus you are. . .guardian of all of our sorrows and delights. 4 20 y THE SEilOR CLASS ARY Ellex Triaimer Jean McCabe President Vice President Elizabeth Coeey Gladys Steele Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS 1 4 21 m m Jeakie THE NINETEEN FORTY-TWO WIGWAM Ross Akrams RICHMOMI, VIRGIX ' IA Bachelor of Fine Arts Onr of I ' if ' fjbiias outstanditui artists. . .quiet, soft spokt ' n. . .itv firrjiit In ' II i n jar. . . Art Students ' League ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Minority Cluh ' 41. ' 42 Honor Art Achievement Award Jean Lees Adkerson richmond, virginia Bachelor of Science in Nursing Quiet in manner and speeeh. . .heinij eapable as she is, the nursiny profession icill benefit ijreatly . . . Florence Shirley Beasley pilot mountain, north carolina Bachelor of Fine Arts beauty is as beauty does, tlien Flo reeeives another vote for most beautiful . . . Art Students ' League ' 39, ' 40. ' 41, ' 42 Dramatic Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Athletic Association ' 39 Cotillion Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Riding Club ' 40, ' 41 Proseript ' 39 Wigwam Art Editor ' 42 Marie Benkert rarrerton, ohio Bachelor of Science in Retailing Natural flair for ivritimj. . .ambition is to go into advertisirir . . .and lue know Benk will tjet there . . . St. Marv ' s, Notre Dame Cotillion Club ' 41, ' 42 Retail Cluh ' 41, ' 42 House Council ' 41, ' 42 Inter-Club Council ' 41, ' 42 Theater Associates ' 41 Newman Club ' 41 Proseript, Assistant Business Manager ' 40- ' 4i, Editor ' 41 Betty Berry richmond, virginia Bachelor of Fine Arts Sparklinij eyes. . .vivid personality and subtle wit. . .always the life of the party . . . Westhampton College Cotillion Cluh ' 41, ' 42 Art Students ' League ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Honor Art Achievement Award Mary Beth Blaney richmond, virginia Bachelor of Science in Ciroup Leadership Our capable ijroup leader .. .sunny disposi- tion. . .lends a williny hand to any task... College of Wooster. Wooster, Ohio Theater Associates, Secretary ' 40 Inter-Club Council Representative ' 40 THE NINETEEN FORTY -TWO WIGWAM .• 4 M i s i , y Margaret Budina richmond, virginia Bachelcir ni Fine A|■t Sandy hair anj a inisi liifTous look in her ryes. ■ .such arc the unfon il ah r fia iins of Pe,j... College of Wiliam and Mary, W ' illiamshiiri Art Students ' League ' 41, ' 42 Elizabeth Cobey albany, georgia Bachelor of Fine Arts Cohma ' s (harm, la aliility and friendlinrss make her .lll-.l nur ' uan Senior for IQ4.2 . . . Art Students ' League ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Vice President ' 42 Cotillion Club ' 41, ' 42 Senior Class Secretary Prosrript ' 41 Ann Neblett Cha.miu:r.s blackstone, virginia Bachelor of Science in Retailing A charming hostess at Cotillion fornuils . . .i c iviU remember ancy for tier t hecry smile, u-it and pep. . . Blackstone College Cotillion Club ' 39, ' 40, Treasurer ' 41, President ' + Sophomore Class May Court Representative Inter-Club Council Representative ' 41 Riding Club ' 41 Junior Marshal ' 40 Retail Club ' 41, ' 42 Phil Lattimer Chapman richmond, virginia Bachelor of Acuence in Laboratory Technique .S7; - likes thinijs to be riff lit . . .and that ' s the liay she docs them .. .friendly, efficient .. .a fine technician . . . Secretary Newman Club ' 41 ' arsity Club ' 41 Frances Cosby grottoes, virginia Knoii-n to all as Tuijie . . .Iter unforijettable roles in all dramatic productions .. .destined for the stall e . . . Barnstormers ' 39, ' 40 Theater Associates President ' 41, ' 42 John Will Creasy roanoke, virginia Bachelor of Fine Arts Ingenious ideas at all times .. .outstanding student leader. . .one whose talents icill be especially missed next year. . . President Inter-Club Council ' 42 President Student Government Association ' 42 Prescript Business Manager ' 39, ' 40, Editor ' 41 Art Students ' League ' 39- ' 42, President ' 40, ' 41 Theater Associates ' 41, ' 42 Boys ' Glee Club ' 41, ' 42 Minority Club ' 41, ' 42, Vice President ' 41 Boys ' Basket Ball Captain ' 41 Wigwam, Assistant Editor ' 42 Flonor Leadership Award THE NINETEEN FORTY -TWO WIGWAM Mary Louise Evans richmond, virginia Bachelor nf Science in Sociology ' I ' d! , dark and lovely .. .our iliarminij IQ4J May Queen. . .enviable simplieity combined ivit i good taste in clothes . . . Hollins College Theater Associates ' 41, ' 42 International Relations Club ' 42 Inter-Club Council Representative ' 42 Shirley Goldsmith I ' KTERSliURG, VIRGINIA Kachelor of Science in Sociology .1 mbition personified. . .efficient and conscien- tious. . .never fails iv ien ivork is to he done Duke University International Relations Club ' 41, President ' 42 Proscnpt ' 41 Mieater Associates ' 40 Helen Fulp richmond, virginia Bachelor of Fine Arts Si!. ' eet disposition. . .quiet and unassuniimj . al ' u.ays lends a lietping hand . . . Blackstone College Art Students ' League ' 41, ' 42 Theater Associates ' 41 Cotillion Club ' 42 Maybelle Gary richmond, virginia Bachelor of Science in (iroup Work Capable, efficient .. .quiet, but a friend to everyone. . .outstanding day student leader. . . W ' icvvAM Advertising Manager ' 41, Circulation Manager ' 42 President Junior Class Junior Marshal Inter-Club Council Representative ' 40 ' ice President Inter-Club Council ' 42 ' ice President Student Ciovernment ' 42 Hockey Team Assistant Manager ' 39, ' 40 Basket Ball Team Manager ' 39 Assistant Chairman May Day ' 40 Theater Associates ' 41, ' 42 Student Co ' ncil Representative ' 41 Honor Leadership Award ' iRGiNiA Elaine Hale CHERITON, VIRGINIA Bachelor of Science in Sociology Never a minute ii:asted — Ginny ' s theme song . . .abundaiiie of personality .. .nlivays smil- ing . . . Theater Associates ' 39, ' 40, ' ice President ' 39 Cotillion Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, ' ice President ' 42 Basket Ball ' 40, ' 41 House Council ' 41, ' 42 Athletic Association ' 41, ' 42 Sophomore Representative May Court Junior Class Marshal Inter-Club Council Representative ' 41, ' 42 Senior Representative May Court ' 42 I Iar Elois Harris iRiARS point, Mississippi Bachelor of Science in Retailing Hails from Tennessee . . .loves to dance, vacious. . .alixays gets ichal she wants. Cotillion Club ' 41, ' 42 House Council ' 41 Riding Club ' 41 Inter-Club Council Representative Newman Club ' 41 THE NINETEEN FORTY-TWO WIGWAM " ». •. %. ■■ %: t ». %. , V ♦ « •■ 1. ■ V. ■■ ,■ , , . • ;f% -Jii ' " » i ' s», -isv: ; ' 5 " - f- ' ' . ■ • ' ■ - -I ■ ' ' ' ■ ■J -St -wf -i ■• ' •? -e? -y ' U • -• -m " f Eleanor L. Haslegrave neverlev, massachusetts Bachelor of Science in Retailing Bostonian dignity .. .Iwbby is sleeping .. . subtle sense of humor. . . Nasson College House President Hickok House ' 42 Honor Council ' 4.2 Student Government Representative ' 42 Business Manager of the Proscript ' 42 Theater Associates ' 40, ' 41 Cotillion Cluh ' 41, ' 42 Retail Club ' 41, ' 42 Jane E. Jones erie, pennsylvania Bachelor of Science in Retailing .4 personality vje ' d all love to liave . . .abound- ing ivitli energy, vitality and irhat it takes to get places. . . " .4rt " •will take over in June. . . Lasell Junior College Retail Cluh ' 41, ' 42, Vice President ' 41, President Proscript Staff ' 41, ' 42, News Editor ' 41 International Relations Club ' 41, ' 42. Secretary ' 42 WIOWAM Staff ' 41, ' 42, Feature Editor ' 41, Busi- ness Manager ' 42 Beta Kappa Pi ' 41 Cotillion Club ' 41, 42 Honor Scholarship Award Phyllis Knight west trenton, new jersey Bachelor of Science in Retailing Flip goes places and does things zL-ith a real flourish . . . enthusiastic life of any party . . . President of Freshman Class Representative to House Council ' 40 Cotillion Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, Secretary ' 41 Inter-Club Council ' 42 Alyce McAfee r ichmond, virginia Bachelor of Science in Sociology Ativays knittin ' . . .quiet, sincere. . .a modesty that is becoming . . . Jean Y. McCabe GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK Bachelor of Science in Psychology Accomplishes more than any three people... sincere. . .quiet modesty singles her out... Secretary of Sophomore Class Barnstormers ' 40 Cotillion Club ' 40, ' 41 Junior Marshal ' 41 ' ice President of Junior Class ' ice President of Senior Class Junior Representative to Student Council Proscript Staff ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, General Editor ' 40, Associate Editor ' 41 Wigwam Staff ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, Feature Editor ' 40, Associate Editor ' 41, Editor-in-Chief ' 42 Honor Leadership Award Alma Monroe McCann walkers, virginia Bachelor of Science in Group Leadership Mat ' s nimble fingers at Sjfs piano. . .her nricked tango. . .have and popular gal. . . lade her a li ' ell-knoii ' n Farmville State Teachers College Cotillion Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Student Government Representative ' 42 House President Founder ' s Hall ' 42 Theater Associates ' 41 Riders ' Club ' 41 Wigwam Staff ' 41, ' 42, Circulation Manager ' 41 Feature Editor ' 42 • : ;■ • ♦• THE NINETEEN FORTY-TWO WIGWAM Florence Garxi;r tampa, florida Bachelor of Science in Medical Technique .In iwci ' lli-nt tiiliniciaji. . .faciny the dra t at iiriiduation . . .is:arm smih . . .i ood felloiu, «■,■ met... William and Mary Cotillion Cluh ' 41, ' 42 Riding Club ' 41, ' 42 Beta Kappa Pi ' 41 ] I ARC A RET Ann Mlse VINTON, VIRGINLV Bachelor of Fine Arts . Vin inia hrllf . . .t irmc iiiiii . " It ' i ' ri llu- Navy Koic " . . .a tiui- fririid. . . Roanoke College Mav Court Representative ' 41 ( ot ' illion Club 41, ' 42 Sidney Otis Orr big stone gap, virginia Bachelor of Fine Arts I ' irsalitc, abounding li.-ith idras. ainhilinns .. one of our outstanding Minoi iliis . ■ ■ Sid has a spot in all our hearts . . . Art Students ' League ' 39. ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Representative to Inter-Club Cninicil ' 42 Minority Club ' 41, ' 42. Treasurer ' 41, President Boys ' Glee Club ' 41, ' 42 Bessie Swineeord Peterson hopewell, virginia Bachelor of Science in Group Leadership Ca itained R. P. I. ' s hoekey team througli a successful season. . .ivon our confidence and admiration witli lier cheerful ways... Mary Washington College Treasurer of Junior Class Basket Ball Team ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, Captain ' 42 Hockey Team ' 41, ' 42, Captain ' 42 Tennis Team ' 41, ' 42, Manager ' 41 Archery Tcairi ' 41, ' 42, Manager ' 42 President Athletic Association ' 42 President Athletic Coun cil ' 42 Sports Editor Prnsni ' l ' 42 Maxine Rolph sparta, virginia Bachelor of Science in Group Leadership Sparta ' s belle. . .makes debut at R. P. I... acclaimed social and scholastic success. . . Art Students ' League ' 39 Varsity Basket Ball Team ' 39. ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Hockey Team ' 39, ' 40 Vice President Athletic Association ' 42 Inter-Club Council Representative ' 41 Cotillion Club ' 40, ' 41 Junior Representative to May Court Athletic Association Council ' 42 Frances I. Robinson PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Kaihelor of Science in Psychology R inii ' lo f n...hii s fur " The " .Iriiiy. till it y plus. . .bridije fiend. . . Harrisonburg State Teachers College Cotillion Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 ■s i:ifi ' i{ 4v-i i Gladie THE NINETEEN FORTY -TWO WIGWAM Mary Edxa Rowlett richmond, virginia Bachelor of Science in Sociology ll ' here did she get those dreamy eyes ' ? . s eet and even-tempered. . .outstanding me her of the Glee Club... Glee Club ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, Pre ident ' 42 Dorian Society ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, Secretary ' 42 Junior Marshal ' 41 Carolyn Lol el Smith danville, virginia Bachelor of Fine Arts .aliuays hiihhlinij over Small, bill. oh. i:. ' ilh enthusiasm Stratford College Art Students ' League ' 41, ' 42 Riders ' Club ' 41 Cotillion Club ' 41, ' 42 AIar Lou Saunders richmond, virginia Bachelor of Science in Psychology Neatness personified .. .al ways a friendly smile. . .seen behind the desk al all our danees. . . May Court Representative ' 39 Sophomore Representative to Student Council Manager Hockey Team ' 41, ' 42 Athletic Council ' 41, ' 42, Secretary ' 42 Chairman Athletic Point System ' 42 Assistant Basket Ball Manager ' 42 Advertising Manager Wigwam ' 42 Thelma Silburger norfolk, virginia Bachelor of Science in Nursing .llicays on call . . .sympatlietie and undrr- slandinij . . .a friend in need is a friind in- deed. . .that ' s Thelma. . . St. Vincent ' s Hospital, Norfolk Cotillion Club ' 42 Gladys Steele brookville, pennsylvania Otherivise knoivn as " Happy li " . . .enerijclie . . .full of fun. . .R. P. I. ' s financier. . . Pennsylvania State College Cotillion Club ' 41, ' 42, Financial Manager ' 42 Treasurer of Senior Class International Relations Club ' 41, ' 42, Treasurer ' 41, Vice President ' 42 Honor Scholarship Award Mar ' ' Kllen Trimmer old church, virginia Bachelor of Science in Sociology .1 miability, a ivinnina smile .. .as our class president, a ijallant leader, . .ahcays busy. . . ace pholo jraphic editor. . . Secretary of Junior Class President of Senior Class Junior Marshal ' 41 Barnstormers ' 39, ' 40 Vice President of Athletic Association ' 40 Varsity Hockey ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Photographic Editor of the Wigwam ' 41, ' 42 Honor Leadership Award W«-,5«W»««« liltM I — I ,r.i{ ki U : 4 -4 ' THE NINETEEN FORTY-TWO WIGWAM ' .•■•|.» ' ,, ' » ,V f •«■:■■»• •. ' ? • ' ■■ ' f ; ' f -f Margaret Tucker lovixgstox, virgin ' ia Bachelor of Science in Sociology " Tuik " . . iilii-ays sans liiit atiA loat. . .enjoys s ' orts . . . just ask Iter ahout ilic ii ' i lil!!i . . . N ' irgiiiia Intermont International Relations Cluh ' 41, ' 42, Treasurer ' 42 Basket Ball Team ' 41 AiDA Lesley Christiansox WHITESTOXE, XEWYORK Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy -7 ; of Xor ' u:f{ ian sunslntw hroutjht he mind and heart R. P. I. liay . . . Westhampton College Cotillion Club 41, 42 Vice President Beta Kappa Pi ' 42 Tennis Team ' 41 Zelma Walsh DECATUR, GEORGLA Baclielor of Science in Laborator I ' echnifiue One of our Georgia peaehes. . a subtle sense of humor .. .ij;e envy her ease ivith li-hieh she pulls down those ffood grades. . . Cotillion Club ' 41 Beta Kappa Pi ' 41, ' 42 Newman Club ' 41 Rachael Blythe Glann annapolis, maryland Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy l[ ' e eniy her poise, graeiousness .. .admire her energy ... miss her, one of our fa-vorite elass mules . . . Freshman Representati e to Ia Court Barnstormers ' 39 Literary Editor of Prosertpt ' 40 Beta Kappa Pi ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, President ' 42 Inter-Club Council Representati ' e ' 41 Cotillion Club " 40, ' 41. ' 42 International Relations Club ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 mm ii piciuRED Hetty Brodie Helex Burroughs Elizabeth Cavax Ulysses Desportes Marcia Freemax Elizabeth Frey Mary Fry Alice Garabediax Elizabeth Gardner Lucille Harvey ALargaret Kaufman ALary E. O ' Briex ALarie Pietri ' irgixia Axxe Sauer Elizabeth Talman Evelyn Wells ] Lary E. West Bessie Lamb Woolfolk i 35 )C it » ' ' -l Jack Creasy Leadership I V :- . t:-e. r. ' t. ' f ? ' -i Maybelle Gary Letitlership Jeax McCabe Leaiieiihip uun Mary Ellen Trimmer Leadership Ross Abrams Jrt Hettv Brodi Siliolnrsliip Jane E. Joxes Scholiirsliif ' LEADERS Gladys Steele Srlinliirship Betty Berry Ulysse Desi ' ortes 1942 WlfiWIl . -r v - ' . ' : f i- ' ' r-t-?» ' : ' i- ' H--f- ' :-r -: -:i: ' . --f- Hail to our historic Hickok House! The glorious atmosphere of our stately yellow brick with its dignity and charm, accentuated by our sweet and understanding housemother, imprints an unforgettable memory on the 36 girls who keep the telephone ringing at " 821. " Alarm clocks at 7:40. . curlers and kerchiefs dashing to breakfast at 7:44. . then back to room we live in, the one with the views, " Vic " and " jam sessions, " where we scramble for " Dagwood, " watch for the mail man and chit-chat between classes. Week-ends. . .the Victorian living room, giving its formal touch to tails and corsages. . .hats, gloves, suitcases, cabs, fiancees, late permissions. . .then. . .crammin ' . . .lights till 4 A. M. Four years! College... It was a phantom of delight. .. Friendships. . . " better than all treasures than in books are found. " 4 38 } a yv ■«« --fK ••; THE mm tim Winnie Trock Jackie Wheeler President J ' ice President Beryl Smith Cynthia Mason Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS 4 39 )Cf i t -m 4 e5 - ' -i- ' 4 ' - ' 4i -k ' -:, ■?«; 4i ■ m m Marjorie Hrixtox aiontgomery, ala. Sarah Brock en brough richmond, va. Ira Custis Brooks richmond, va. Margaret Buhr ANN arbor, MICH. Lii.LiE Burns goldsboro, n. c. Jessie Cato richmoxi), va. Jane Cole richmond, va. Shirley Collins norfolk, va. 4 40 » Catherine Curtis richmond, va. I ' .iA IRA De Biasi RICHMOND, VA. Anne Dokrschuk BADIN, N. C. Jerr- - Field richmond, -a. X ' iRGINIA Fl ' OL ' A CAPE CHARLES, VA. MaRV ' iRGINIA CiIHSON KL I ' ER, . VA. Esther (joldkark richmond, va. Dorothy Graves richmond, va. WICWAM 1942 • ;{«}■ g z .sagg aatjr . .j, ■: y yi Vi-ltti ;-« • - ■ .fc ■•• ' . - JIIIIORS Lucille Guthrie richmond, va. Josephine Harvey havnesville, va. Frances Hoffman culpepper, va. Jane Hilhish i ' inev river, va. Lucille James richmond, va. Ida Krapin richmond, va. Cynthia Mason norfolk, va. Mary Morrison richmond, va. ■4i2} . jfK 4i = ! -fc -r: " ? -f •s ' « • ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ' ' ■ ' ■■, ' -ii ■ - - -uU U -U ' »■■ " fe 4 ' . fc -H W •»■; ' h i Scotia AIo .ixgo IIAR I.IN ' CTOX, s. c. Constance Pitch ford richmond, va. Ann Powell blackstone, va. Sally Powell richmond, va. Mary Jane Quinn roanoke, va. Josephine Roane richmond, va. Madel n Rose MILLSRORO, DELA. Marion Rosser CRIGLERSVILLE, VA. f= — ir-i m WKiWAM 1942 43 wnfwnMrvFmamstaitMiimrm imummtnmtmtaKii m m Kenneth Rowe heathsville, va. Mary Frances Rutherford RICHMOND, VA. Ethel Saville richmond, va. Harriet Scott orange, va. Florence Shapiro richmond, va. Mary Gene Shelby portsmouth, va. Emily Shockley SNOW hill, md. Louisa Ann Simpson summersville, w. va. 4 u } •J - - ■ ' ■ iJ4 ; « «;. -M •« •V ' J " 0: ' -U. ■• • f ' " Si; «? ' .. -iiv ' i! ' ' » -!c -T- " " V? •• " « -fi? ««. -. ' .■ t ' : •• ■ ' •: ■ ;•■ ' 4s -wf - 5 4ir 4-?4f U ■■U • ■« - ( ' ¥■ • ' ! - ' ' Beryl Smith RICHMOND, VA. 1 Farri:i.i- Stubs RICHMOXD, VA. ;! Jean Schwab • 1 TEANECK, N. J. i 1 Winnie Trock i MATTITUCK, N. V. 1 1 Rettie Tucker i WINSTON-SALEM, X. C. Ann Van Inwegen huguenot, n. y. Mary Catherine VanSant FULTON, MO. Ann M. Walker FORT DEFIANCE, VA. WlliWlH 1942 ■ 45 } -irrTTT-niMi i iIM ' tiv :AiMiMa..- .j« - , m m Mary Ann Walker charlottesville, va. Betsy Williams richlands, va. Regina Williams norfolk, va. Hope Wold moxtvale, va. Grace Worrell richmond, va. Madeline " ' olng gloversville, n. y. 4 i6 i t(1 Kathleen Bakeman richmond, va. Mar- Kavhoe richmond, va. Betty Blair richmond, va. Helen McCauley richmond, va. Mary Elizabeth Cole flushing, n. y. Edgar Mallory richmond, va. Zelene des Champs spartansburg, s. c. Elfie Lee Meredith lawrenceville, va. Mary G em m illy richmond, va. Lucille Penny richmond, va. Ann Gentry richmond, va. Louise Roberts richmond, va. T ' dith Goldstein mobile, ala. Jacqueline Wheeler freeport, n. y. June Joy Holse richmond, va. ' IRGI ■IA Rowe RICHMOND, VA. 47} Stately wall of S27...1ong, last looks of the babes of the school (Freshmen) .. .short-lived gloats of the grown-ups (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors) .. .tales of week-ends. .. romance. . .un- ceasing laughter... 4 A. M. fires. . .teas. . .class receptions. . .defense activities. . .solarium (roof) ...dancing lessons. . . " bull sessions " . . .the kind counsel of Mrs. Chalkley. . .congeniality of the house residents. . .sleepy heads and an almost empty dining room the morning after dances. . . i 48 } . - if j« ' ! ■:?Sf -m -, ■ ; ' -ti «:: •«« - r - v. ' Jt %r %-■ ' . %: ■C ' : i: ' SOPHOMORE CLilSS K.ATHER1NE FlAXAGAX Phyllis Goldalan President Vice President Dorothy Burrill Betty Roberts Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS ■ Si 49 S: ii-ifi -AJ c Polly Axx Adainls Emilla Amador Alice Anderson Nancy Angell Carol Bob be Dorothy ' Bi rrii.l Virginia Lee Carter Shirley ' Collins Eliza Cox Mary Cross Douglas Denniston Tom Dobyxs Dorothy Dodd Ann Edge Maria Eh ringer i 50 } ■«■ s - »• - v. =:? . -iPs ' ? X -fc. -r: « V »0 « ' ■ «; i: ■ c •;, .L .U iJ .-.. ' ' M " IKf -ijit .»- ' 5f .tr? if f . ' t ' " f -f? ' .M R ' iRGixi.A Ericksen A NX Field Katherixe Fi.axagax Doris Fraxcis Alice Fuxdhrhl rk Elayne Goldman Pm llis Goldman ' i iANE Grant Doris Greexblrg Margaret Greene Frances Cjregory ' Charlotte Hall Helen Hall -Martha Homes Garland Hughes WlliWill 1942 •( 51 )■ I ammit u.imj i fci2rt9SrSH BKa it ■» ■ ' l-» " »- - ' ' » ' i•;•• ■!f tyt y ' -:-wy«- ' .:t- ' i- ' f ' ' ' i- J. i i. " it 9 -a M Sankie Hutchinson Doris Johnson Mary Frances Jones Helen Jonscher Sarah Kime Shirley Kocen Katherine LaRruce Iris Lacy Kathleen Lamb Louise Leath Frances LeFaivre AL ' ry Frances Lipscombe Lois L ' ldeis Alleyne McDowell Verna McDowell { 52 )■ ■ ' iSi. ■ ! - " S " c, ■ ' «i »? - :: -f- = ? -f " iK «« : 4 i ' ' ' t ' -t H ' fff ' f if f " " M Cjtladvs Moody Catherixe Murphy ]?ARBARA Peterson- Mae POHLIG Margaret Reixhardt Jean Richardsox Jeax Roberts Ir ' ixg Schexcker ' ic-toria Shako Shirley Shapiro Dare Shirkey Frances Shoos.mith Dorothy Smox IvOiiSA Simpson Alice May Sixxott WIGWAM 1942 ■ st53} m SOPHOMORES ] IAR Frances Terrell Naxcv Tignor Roberta Trow Louise Tlrxer Mary Tlrxer Theodore Tlrxer Mary N ' irgixla ' axxi Marian Welch Ruth White Lois Whitley- Faith W hittlesey ALary Lee Villiams ■t 54 1;. r. ■■ i;- .«! ■rfii. -m ■ ' jW -m -M »■: ■ « - r ' -J«. ' IV «f -K ' -«-- r.- ? -fv sc ck J .i . :.: ; idh,, h.! " !■ :;j. i ;i. ;- ; .i :u ij ■; ;.r :; j. :; . So|ihoiiiuiT$ i ut Pictured Marguerite Cartwright MiRTA Mora Lucille Cosry Josefixa Morales June Goldsmith An ' Morgan Harriet Glmexick Dorothy Price Marshall Hawthorne Elizabeth Roberts Agnes Houtman Bettv Scheer Jeanne Kirkhuff Hattie Tabakin Robert Kirsch Katherine Trigg Arlette Leary Janet Wheeler Margaret Lorraine Winifred Wilson Wi P— — WW Nancy McCutcheons ;55)i ■■ ■ ■ f ' i. i ■ ' ■ i ■•■ ' i ' i- v y - ••-ii--- -j i-y 4i ?. - ;: -;k Though not officially named thus, we fondly refer to the above stately mansion as Hodges Hall. . .filled to overflowing with happy-go-lucky girls. . .Mama and Papa Hodges are the family counselors. . .plus one cutie, Barry ... Hodges Hall is the smallest dormitory and houses the ma- jority of transfers tii R. P. T. this year. . .excitements, joys, and tears are shared by all these lassies. . .Zee, Marge, Jackie, Ann, Lois and all the others. . .third floor ivith Sankie ' s voice... second floor ' s famous " vc are seven " . . .truly a lively hou ' -e, with the motto, " Life can he beautiful. " i 50 ' }• m FRGSHMM CLiISS 15l.AXCHH (il.hNX iRGIXIA CoLl-s President lice President CoxxiE Browe Axx Lawrence Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS 4.51t- FRESHMP :«S Shirley Ammons Betty Axx Austin Grace Bambacvs Margaret Barbre Caroline Baylor Eleanor Beach Frances Bell Margaret Benedict Lenore Berk Helene Berz Marilyn Blum Sarahel Booth Constance Browe Jean Buck Clyde Burnette June Carpenter Elyria Christian Frances Clayton Eleanor Cohn Virginia Coles 4 58 } „-Arf ..-iif .jia • ' i.-nt. H-ip T-i €iikB Mildred Cridlix RoWEXA CrII ' I ' EX Fraxces Daxto Elizabeth Darhaxian Doris Dickersox HHTT-i ' DOXAHIE Doris Doiglas Ellex D- er Carlvx Elsxer AEary Ferebee X ' iRGINIA FlaNNAGAN fiAZEL F ' ORD 1rgixia fusco Hlaxche Glexx Patty (juerraxt Dorothy Hammoxd Elgexia Hardy AEasox Harmox AxxE Harris AEary Harvey WIGWAM 1942 4 59 } FRESHMEI Frances Helm Edith Hoffman aIildred Howard Charlotte Imblrg Elizabeth Jameson Ann Johnson Jane Parr Jones Joyce Jones Lorraine Jones MozELLE Jones Harriet Kelly ' iRGiNLA Lancaster Anne Lawrence Anita Leibowitz ALargaret Lewis Louise Lord Ann Macon Jane M oore LARV Sl ' e Moore Gwendolen Morrissette 60j 4? f ' i ' - H ' r - ' ? it f ' ' f ' fft ' tT ' " ' fW ' -i Oscar Nelsox Mary Northcutt Betty Parks Helex Parrish Naxcy Parsoxs EuLALAH Peck Doris Pierce Haseltixe Potter CAROL •x Putxey Betty Juxe Roystox Marjorie Scales EIVELYX S.MAl.I, Naxcy Smith Miriam Strai s Lexore Sussmax Margaret S dxor Bethel Tarris Cordelia Tazewell Dorothy Texxett Lucille VHITEHEAD 1942 WlliWill 4 61 t M- " V OJ, ' ILLIA I WlATT MaR " ! ' W ' lGGIXS Freslinien iol Pictured LuisE Albersheim Beryl Bakeman Ei.izARETH Beck Marie Boecherer Doris Brandon Jeanne Brent MlI.TOX BuRNE FImIIA- BlRTON Patricia Butterfield Catherine Cobb Alice Cook Harriet Cooper Lawson Davis Jeanne Dee Barbara Lee Drixakd Jane Carter Green Lucy Lee Howell Margarita Landrau Raleigh Luter Jacqueline Lyons Susan Noble Shirley Ross Ernestine Scott Lucy Sxellinc. Audrey L llman • 62} ;-« «:; is ■ ' fir-! :m ;i ' . -l-, «V; -i.i - -V •■•; . =•;- . -K «! ; ■■! ; ' . . fS ' ' i? - ■ 4-5 ' -ii ■-•sf vjs " ' -iHf M 4i 4i 4 Calendar of Events for 1941-4 September i v20 Registration Septk.mhi:r 22 (Opening Convocation OcToiUiR 3 Student ( " lovernnient Opening Dance OcTOKER 20-24 DlkIv AVeek OcTOUKR 24-31 Sophomore Formal OcTor.ER 30-31 " Ladies in Retirement " — Presented by Theatre Associates October 30 Convocation — Alerritt Ruddock, Speaker November 7 Cotillion Formal November 28 I. R. C. Dance Decemhir 12-13 I. R. C. State Convention with Max Fastnian, Speaker December 14 Feast of Carols December 18 Annual Christmas Banquet — Wigwam Formal Dece mber 20-Jaxl-arv 4 Christmas Holidays Iaxuarv 9 Athletic Association Formal Ian ' uarv 19-29 First Semester Examinations January 30-31 Registration Febri AR ' S ' 13 Senior Class Game Party " Fresh Fields " — Presented b - Theatre Associates February 20 Junior Sport Hop February 25 Convocation — Clement A ' ood, Speaker February 28 Cotillion Defense Informal AIarch 6 Mother Goose Ball Ai ' Rii, I Convocation — Tajiping Ceremony Ai ' RlE 2-? " Pure as the Driven Snow " — Presented h ' Fheatre Associates April 4-13 Spring Vacation April 18-20 Art Students ' League New ' ork Trip ] I - 2 Cotillion Formal L Y 6 " Furlough P ' ashions " AL Y S May Day Freshman Formal Ma It Junior-Senior Banquet — Senior Dance June 7 liaccalaureate Jlne 8 Senior Class Limcheon and Reception June 9 Ciraduation ■»3f 63 } i ntTZTTS qsntflKaB DEirS RESIDEICE t 64 f .•? ' f -;tr? A ' ' f f-« -f -! - ' - nnu HEALTH illRSES Mrs. Faxxie Seamoxs Mrs. Josephixe Moore President f ' jee President Miss Kitty Simpsox Chairman of Honor Council OFFIOERS 65 } PUBLIC HEALTH MUU Caroline Braden Mrs. Newman Brovvx Anna Evelyn Caisipbell Mildred Castlebury Bertha Coles Nell Davidson Mrs. Betty Dickson Ruth Hutchinson Ann McDaniel Mrs. Edna Murdock Catherine Painter Mrs. Lucille Phillips Deborah Roberts Cloris Smith (ieorgia Sojourner Elizabeth Sturt Jewell Wilson Mary Wilson Ann Ugiansky NOT PICTURED Mrs. Elizabeth DeVoto Mrs. Bertha King Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Pearson " - i ' : «?■■■ « " f- V; " •; •■ ' .■ ■ 4;. 4 ' « JME fUSS PUBLIC HEALTH IRSES CLASS OFFICERS RuBYE Rose Tinker President Elizabeth Proctor Overby J ice President Ann Louise Ugiansky Secretary-Treasurer Rubye Wallace Honor Council Jean Adkinson Edith Alston Ei.FiE Brovvder Helen Rrugh Stella Cain ' ILLIE Guthrie ALarion Guthrie ALargaret Hanson Elsie Harrison CLASS MEMBERS Frances Haskett Rosamond Homer Bertha King Tallulah ALarkham Catherine Meinberg Edna Nelson Elizabeth Overby Maxine Pentecost Harrie Elizabeth Pou Mildred Richards Ilene Rogers Lola Smith Thelma Silberger Rubye Rose Tinker Ann Louise L giansky Rubye Wallace Jane Watson Evelyn Williams ■ 67)- BOOK THREE Baskiiiu; ill the sun . . . camera study . . . just Vanni . . . h») » altout a game of tennis r " . . . always l usy . . . one we ' ll never forget . . . will he hite, Jean? ... it must he interesting . . . two cute gals . . . students relax . . . seen on the rooftop . . . remem- her this, kids? . . . round-tahle discussion . . . late to class, Maxine? . . . going our way? . . . what are you fishing for, Sid? . . . I ' m working my way through college . . . On ilic i ay to (nnvntaUnn . . .dnn ' t they mahc a cutf roii ' i ' . . .tJi,- ll ' usln-r ' s on the run. , ' ,,jp-a 1 i ii ' ill ilCTlflTlES THE STUDENT COlIiCIL The Student Council is one of the t o ih isions of the executive department of the Student Govern- ment Association. The president and vice president of the Student Council are also president and ice president, respectively, of the Inter-Club Council. The members are representatives of each class organ- ization and each dormitory. The functions of the Student Council are those which pertain to the gov- ernment regulations. Jack Creasy Prrsultnt Dr. Margaret Johnson ' Sponsor i ro }c- Mavbelle Gary (■(• President Beryl Smith Secretary Katherixe Flanagan Treasurer Eleanor Haslegrave House President Alma McCann House President Ann Powell House President Mary Lolise Evans Senior Ref resentative (iRAci: AVorrell Junior Representative Dare Shirkey Sophomore Representative Mason Harmon Freshman Representative 1942 WIGWAM swBsszassi iHa Bsaisj ■- .. - - l•■i• -4«-t -v} i ' k i- s4{-ki IITERCLllB fOll CIL Maybei.le (iARV ice President 1 he Inte r-Chib Council Is the other division of the two divisions of the executive department of the Student ( io ernnient Association. T he membership consists of repre- sentatives from all student organizations; the president and vice president of the Stu- dent Council also ser e in the same capacity on the Inter-Club Council. The body ' s main function is to coordinate student activities. It performs such other executive functions as do not pertain to its governing regulations. The Inter-Club Council is the main business bod ' of the school. 4. 72 JC ' iRi;iNiA Hai.k I ' lu ' titrt ' Assofiatrs Katherive Curtis .Ithletic .1 ssociation Phyllis Kmch; Calillion Cluh Makjorie Brintox Store Srrvice Ann Walker ll, hok Haus, Marv Harris Senior Class X ' lVIANNE CrANI ' Dorian Society Verna McDowell Prescript Esther Goldfarb Junior Class Sankie Hutchison ' Hodffes Hall Kenneth Rovve Minority Club M i)Eline Young Wigwam Margaret Benedict Freshman Class Sidney Orr . ; Students ' Leo Helen Hall Supliomore Class M R(; kei Bi iir Ihuiyes Hall Elvira De Biasi Glee Cluh Louise Turner Beta Kappa Pi Carol Bobbe Riders Club m niGWM -|« -Itv s-s? • ■BilWiil l I M- s - THE 1942 Jfan- McCabi Editor Jane E. Jones Iliuiiiiss Manaijrr Edilorial Staff Jack Creasy Assislant Editor Mary Ellen Trimmer Photographic Editor Catherine Curtis .Issisliifit Photographic Editor Alma McCann Feature Editor Florence Beasley- Art Editor Dr. Margaret Johnson Sponsor Beity Ann Austin Typist WIGWAM Business Staff Madeline Young .Assistant Business Manager Mary Lou Saunders . Id ' cerlisino Manayer Mavbelle Gary Circulation Manager Paiiv CiUerkant Phyllis CJoldman Emily Shockley Elayne Goldman Helen Jonscher Doris Douglas ViviANNE Grant Mary Kathkkink ' nSam Editor-ln-C It ' ll f Under two editors this year. The Prouript has carried on its work of reporting news of the campus. Marie Benkert, who was elected last spring, served until November, when Mar Katherine nn- Sant took over for the rest of the year. Throughout the year, The Proscript has carried accounts of important happenings on the campus and has offered to students interested in newspaper writ- ing a chance to develop their talents. THE Eleanor Hasi.kgrave Utisim-ss Manaiirr • 76 PROSlllPT Sla[f Marie Benkkrt F.Jilnr (194.1) Versa McDowell .Issnciate Editor Bessie Peiersos Sf nrls EAilnr Katherine I.aBrlice Feature Editor Kenneth Rowe .hi Editor Mary CiEne Shelby .hsistiuit Business Mantit e Mary Gibson .Issistant Business Munaii 4 " } lMWg» " oii ' i. »mK ' ' Kj fv RETillL aU The Retail Club is in its third year of existence and practically every fjirl majoring in this field is a member of the club. Speakers who are prominent in the retailing field are invited to attend meetings and this provides an excellent opportunit for the students to meet these people and receive the advantages of outside contacts. The Retail Club is not an all work organization, as it conducts various social functions throughout the year. OFFICERS Jane E. Jones PnsiJi ' iil Mary Catherine VanSant rice Presuient Carol Bobbe Secretary LiLLiE Burns Treasurer Peggy Brixton Inler-Cluh Council Representative Mary West Marcia Freeman Nancy Chambers Phy ' llis Knight Virginia Sauer Eleanor Haslegrave Grace Worrell MEMBERS Alice Funderbork June Goldsmith Marshall Hawthorne Mary Kayhoe Nancy McCutcheon Emily Schockley Jean Schwab Maxine Seidenberc Lenore Sussman Jackie Wheeler Madeline Young Nancy Angell Regina Williams Mary ' Harris Harriet Gumenick •=5f 78 =- BETA Wn PI Beta Kappa Pi was organi .t-d at R. P. I. in 194(1. It offers iiienibersliip to all stu- dents who have had at least one ear of science. It aims to further the mutual interests of its members through guest speakers, field trips to various centers of medicine and discussions on the advancement of science in the world of toda . OFFICERS Rachael Glaxk Pnsidnit AiDA Christianson- I ' ice President Charlotte Hali Seerelary-Treasurer Hope Wold Inter-Cluh Counril Rrfrrsrnlalk ' e MEMBERS Jane Hilbisii Roberta Trow Martha Homes Hope ' old Jaxe Qul - Marv Beth Cole Nancy Tignor Zelma Walsh Mar ' Frances Terrell Uare Shirkey Charlotte Hall Lucille Cosby Alice Anderson Jane Roberts Marion Rosser Elayne Goldman Louisa Simpson ROWENA CrIPPEN Katherine Flanagan Winnie Trock AiDA Christianson Betti ' Ann Austin 79!S - .,«i MIIORITY 1]LUB A tribute to the few, but e er-increasiiig band of men, is the Minorit) Club. The name of this club implies the diminished predicament for which purpose it was designed of making known the voice and opinion of the men ' midst such beautiful and over- whelming odds, etc., etc., etc.. . . (may Heaven bless ' em all). Back ill the da s of yore (1940), four neglected buccaneers, Asa atkins, John Garber, Jack Creasy and Leon Bear first laid the keel of the X. M. P. P. (Neglected Men ' s Progress Project). Bow, stern and decks were then applied in the form of a goal and constitution. The latter essentials of the ship were to dispense with guerrilla tactics and to form an organized men ' s voice to cope with the fairer sex in political, scholastic and social matters on the campus. Truly a seaworthy craft, this good ship minority, with her crew of thirty, par- ticipates in weekly meetings, discussions, inter-club council, informal dances, parties and other social activities. ■ 80)£ - UW GLEE OLUB Organized in 1 94 1, the Boys ' Glee Club has won honors on and oft the campus in the short time that it has existed. Rehearsals and outside appearances have provided fun and pleasure tor all those who participate in this choral group. MEMBERS Ira Custis Brooks Jack Cre.asy THO r.AS DOBYXS Jerr ' Eiei.d Herbert M.ack Oscar Nelson Sidney Orr Kenneth Rowe Irving Schenker Ted Turner Asa Watkins i 81 je • ' :i- ' ?:4- ' i-: i ' -:; -;s ' ' - -; ' ' H COTILLIOl fLllB The Cotillion Chih is the " hub " of the social vhirl at R. P. I. Attractive girls, who like io party, join Cotillion. The initiation, early in the fall, is an impressive ceremony with swishing gowns amid candlelight and laughter. The reception immediately following the initiation remains one of the top functions for Cotillion members. This year " tails and white ties " were not as prevalent as in former years because of the con- scription but, as usual, une |ualed Cotillion atmosphere filled the ' irginia Room at the Hotel John Marshall. Mrs. Chalkley gave a Diamond Jubilee Tea in Founder ' s Hall supporting the Infantile Paralysis drive. The following month we gave our first Defense Hop in the g m. Only men in service uniforms were invited. The " hop " was " girl break " and we supplied the " cokes, " peanuts, popcorn and candy. (And we loved it, too!) OFFICERS Nancy Cn-fiMBERS President ' iRCiMA Hale Vice President Phi-llis Kmght Secretary Phvxlis Goldman Treasurer Verka McDowell Represenlaliir to Inter-Club Council Mrs. Vircie Chalkley Sponsor MEMBERS Polly Ann Adams Jane Cole Frances Gregory Ann Lawrence Emily Shockley Shirley Ammons Shirley Collins June Goldsmith Frances LeFaivre Maxine Sidenber Alice Anderson Harriet Cooper Harriet Gummerick Ellen Levy Thelma Silberge; Betty Ann Austin Eliza Cox Virginia Hale Margaret Lewis Dorothy Simon Martha Baker RmvrN % (i-n-rr n Dorothy Hammond Peggy Lorraine Louisa Simpson Margaret Barbre H, , i i I i m . " -, Eugenia Hardy Ann Macon Louise Simpson Elizabeth Barder l,,,.iln Mason Harmon Kitty Mallory Alice Sinnott Ellen Beach Zi i i . i I m .1 ,i amps Mary Harris Cynthia Mason Betty Sitterding Florence Beasley 1),ik,ji ,n 1),,i,i. Io Harvey Aem» r -,• Caroline Smith LenoreBerk Ann Doershuck Elly Haslecrave Hl . i . M, ( . i i y Nancy Smith Betty Berry Doris Douglas Marshall Hawthorne i ... n I, i i i . hi ..n Adelaide Snead HeleneBerz Barbara Drinard Iesse Hibbs i h . Mi I n.u i ll Gladys Steele Betty Blair Ellen Dyir IaneHilbish Eihe Lee .Mi reditu Marion Strauss Carol Bodbe Ann Edgi Edith Hoffman Jane Moore Lenore Sussman Jeanne Brent MaryFerii.ii LffHovmel Mirta Mora Dela Tazewell Peggy Brinton Marcia Fki i man Sankie Hutchinson Io Morales Katherine Trigg Connie Browe DimmFkhman Betty Ann Jameson Ann Morgan Winnie Trock Sarah Brockenbrougii HiiinI ' ih ' Ann Johnson Gwen Morrissette Roberta Trow IeanBuck Aiic I F, M.iKHi rk DorisJohnson Ann Muse Betty Tucker MarjobieBuhb ih.iMi I ■ ,.i a Iane E. Jones Susan Noble Louise Turner BooTsiE Burton ih. M»h Mary Frances Jones MozELLE Jones Mary Norte Nancy Pars jnT ' Ann Ugiansky MarvKatherineVanSant Dorothy Bush Mm IhilM GlBSON Helen Jonscher Barbara Pet ERSON Jackie Wheeler Elizabeth Cavan Km 111 t . 1 N N Mary Kayhoe Doris Pierc Ruth White [I Evelyn Campbell l-.EA ■NE Goldman Harriet Kelly Connie PiTc hford Lois Whitley Jesse Cato Phy LLis Goldman Iean Kirkhuff Ann Powell Mary Wiggins Nancy Chambers Edit h Goldstein Phyllis Knight Jane Quinn Betsy Williams I ■ AiDA Christiansen Dor 3THY Graves Kathleen Lamb Ethel Savil LE Reoina Williams 1 Elizabeth Cobey Cari ER Green CORINNE LaMBORN VLES Hope Wold 1 Eleanor Cohen Dor sGreenberg Marguarita Landrau { 82 ■ - Harriet Sco TT Grace Worrell Muu an The Rider Cliih, a new vell-e tablivhed organization at R. 1 ' . I., has afforded man de- lightful rides, parties and shows during the past year; its members will long cherish the pleasant memories of those delightful canters amidst gay autumn colors out at Deep Run Hunt Club; the once-in-aw hile tumbles which some of us took ; the biting, cold, yet spicy weather during the winter months; the long Sunday rides with Dean Hibbs; the sometimes painful aftermaths occasionally experienced; the special steak dinners at Murphy ' s or Wakefield following those working-up-an-appetite trots through the trails, and the final, glorious days of spring and early summer riding. OFFICERS Ruth White PrrsiJent Dorothy Tenxent Secreiary-Tnasunr Doris Dougl. s Rrporler Carol Bobee Inler-Club Council Representative Dr. Henry H. Hibbs Sponsor MEMBERS Betty Axn Austin Frances Danto Lucille Guthrie Bettie Tucker Carol Bobbe Doris Douglas Mozelle Jones Ruth White Jessie Cato Ann Edge Barbara Peterson Sarah Brockensrough Harriet Cooper Phyllis Goldman Louisa . . Simpson Shirley Ross RowenaCrippen Margaret Green Dorothy Tennent Mary Sue Moore HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. H. H. Hibbs Mrs. Constance Smith Miss Edna Jane Nesbitt 83 )■ GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB riic CJlcc Club is open to all stuilents interested in music and singing . C ' onvucations, Christ- mas Carol Service, radio appearances and guest appearances are conducted by this club during the ear. Nancy An ' gell Eleanor Beach Dorothy Burrill Elyria Christian Mary Cosby Elveria DeBiasi Ann Field Alice Garabedian Vivianne Grant MEMBERS Mary Grigg Elsie Harrison Garland Hughes Jeanne Kirkhuff Cynthia Mason Nancy McCutcheon Elfie Lee Meredith Gladys Moody Elizabeth Parks Helen Parrish Sally Powell Dorothy Price Josephine Roane Marion Rosser Mary Rowlett Ernestine Scott Margaret Sydnor Mary Turner Mary Ann Walker 4 84 THEITRE ASSOCIATES a iSmmin 1 ' • ' • T mt ' M This is the college dramatic organization open to all students interested in Dramatic Art, and it is this group which is directly responsible for the public presentations. The association sponsors many social functions during the year. Outstanding events of 1942 have been: The faculty reception, teas for visiting dramatic groups, and the trip to New York. Meetings of the Theatre Associates are held in the Studio Theatre, opened this year purposely to provide an activity area for the dramatic group. Plays given this year included: " Ladies in Retirement, " ' Fresh Fields, " " Pure as the Driven Snow, " " Ghosts. " MEMBERS Ellen Beach Elizabeth Gardner Mary Sue Moo Mary Beth Blayney Mavbelle Gary Ann Morgan Marilyn Blum Elayne Goldman Mary Morriso Sara Bell Booth Phyllis Goldman ScOTTY Mozing Jean Buck Margaret Green Susan Noble Margaret Bukr Dorothy Hammond Helen Parrish Dorothy Burriel Marshall Hawthorne Ann Powell Betsy Cole Frances Helm Jane Quinn Frances Duncan Cosby Jane Hilbish Kenneth Row Jack Creasy Lucy Lee Howell Mary Frances Frances Danto Sankie Hutchinson Margaret Syds Douglas Denniston Shirley KocEN Roberta Trow Zelene DesChamps Ida Krapin Betty- Tucker Betty Donahue . nita Leibowitz Virginia Vann Ellen Dyer Ed Mallory Ruth White Mary Louise Evans Alma McCann Betsy Williaj Jfrry Field EiriE Lee Meredith ■ 85} m STUDMTS LEIGIIE U 1 ' V 1 C !•: KS Marie Pietri Pi sidrtit Elizabeth Cobev ;,(■ Pn ' suinU Betty Berry Sicntary Edgar Mallory Tn-usun-r Sidney Orr Ri[ ri-sinliilivr to Inter-Cluh Cniuuii MEMBERS .EN FULP ' LLIS GOLDMA FH GoLDSTtlJ TER Greene Elizabeth Cobe Eliza Cox Ann Doers Doris Dou. Carlyn El Mary Jean She iSE Lord AR Mallory NA McDowell E Moore tY Sue Moore HER.NE Murphy AR Nelson iY NORTHCUTT Dela Tazewell Dorothy Tenne Ted Turner Ruth White Asa Watk Cele Whi Lois Whit 86 )■ ■■taMMriMKa. ' . The Art Students ' League, one of the school ' s largest and most active organizations, began its twelfth year of existence in 1942. For the purpose of forming a greater tie between the student and the successful artist, the League sponsors a well-rounded program of lectures, student exhibitions, extended trips, an annual costume ball and an auction sale as well as many other activities from which the members derive much benefit and pleasure. WW IITERMTIOML REUTIOIS CUB The International Relations Club, siionsoieii by the Carnegie Endou nie nt for Peace, functions as a study group on world affairs. Host to the annual X ' irginia State Conference of International Relations Clubs, the R. P. I. chapter brought the following speakers to the campus: Max Eastman, J. Raymond Walsh, of Williams College, and Willmore Kendall, of the University of Richmond. The declaration of war the week before the conference gave impetus to the debate and round tables on " Americas at War and the Future. " OFFICERS Shirley Goldsmith President Gladys Steele lice President Jane E. Jones Secretary Margaret Tucker Treasurer Betty Blair Beity Brodie Dorothy Burrill Mary Elizabeth Cole MEMBERS Ann Doerschuk June Goldsmith Josephine Harvey Margaret Lorraine Constance Pitchford Emily Shockley Ann Walker Grace Worrell 88)5 - n ■ . i - i ' ■ i •; : - ' ' i; ' ' - f • ■« • ? .?■? ' -.W 4 " : -iKf -fi ?■ 4 : ■ ?? - • ■■ « ' • ■« J • ' ' -H ■ k «.• .iv , ■ ' j(4»i ' m. . »;. ' , -. f ' , ., ; ' •iri ' ,-k ..jf« -kf -.if- -ryf. .Ill- -ise - Jir. = » ' J. ' -, --i-f -jwi .is -iJ, -i-A nr -is.- .Jii ii The Old Road 1776-1942 Go iloicn the hu liiotid thiit liny trotl. It ii ' ds no lion tliiiii ivilderncss , And yet lliiy l-iiiir it made by Cod, For i l its diint er and distress. They cleared and stiinified and ploughed the field. And brought the harvest to the bin. Serenely certain that the yield M oiild be something they could flourish in. They laughed until their bellies shook At tyranny or dictator ; They read a chapter in the Book, And went and smote him in a ivar. And ivhen they spoke of liberty. It ivas a thing as real as bread. They breathed it. and they offered it free. Till all ivho came near ivere comforted. That highroad leads from shore to shore. From lakes to gulf, from then to now. We walk it, as they did before. And it is their cleared fields ice plough. And ive ' ll remember constantly The eucharist on which they fed: That breath of God called liberty. As W ' ide as air, as real as bread. — Clement Wood -sisalse- -4«- ; ' -i( i-n4 ' : BOOK FOUR Biff it, Jean ... a game of darts . . . wonder what she ' s elimhing for? . . . our ace shooter, Flanny . . . equestrienne with poise . . . one of the hockey team . . . strenuous exercise, girls, no? ... is this nice, Clyde? . . . reveling in our annual snowfall . . . Scotty gets her man . . . watching the hall game . . . our athletic leaders . . . are they heavy, Joyce? . . . I shot an arrow into the air . . . just before the game starts . . . don ' t forget Uncle Sam . . . another ringer . . . The team praciitrs. . .heliceen innintjs. . Jhr I ram in action. . . i: l- - - -,- 4.. » ITHLETIfS -i? - ' -A? " ? f -n 4i - t ' »- ' ■ ' i; - .. «w ilTHLETIC COUNCIL Bessie Peterson Preside?! Maxine Roli ' H J ' iee President Mary Lou Saunders Seereteiry Mary ' irginia Vanni Treasurer Katherine Curtis Inter-Club Council Helen Jonscher Bethel Tarris ViRGiNn Hale Joyce Jones Ann Edge Ruth White Cynthia Mason Dorothy Tennent Jackie Wheeler I 92 f m uw iunu Marv Lou Saunders Bessie Petersok Maxine Rolph ATHLETIC ilSSO(]lATIOi Every student is a meniber of the Athletic Association. Many sports are offered, including hockey, basket ball, tennis, archery, bowling, volley ball, hiking, horseback riding, and swimming. Equipment is also provided for badminton, ping pong, shuffle- board, deck tennis, and paddle tennis. The Athletic Association has been fortunate in having as its two new faculty members in 1941-1942, Miss Edna Jane Nesbitt, instructor of Physical Education, and Miss Virginia Ball, instructor of Dancing. It is now possible for students to major in dancing. There has been a stronger effort this year to create a greater interest and partic- ipation in the Athletic Association, chiefly by enlarging the Athletic Council to include not only the officers of the association, but also representatives from each class plus the manager and captain of each sport, and by enlarging athletic activities. Special events sponsored by the Athletic Association during the year have been the Freshman Party, Athletic Association Dance, Boy-Girl Basket Ball Game, the Recreational Game Night, held for the first time this year one night a month in the gymnasium, and a special event planned at the end of the year to include all the active members of the Athletic Association. Letters are awarded in hockey and ba.sket ball on the basis of skill, sportsmanship, interest, and attendance at practice and games. 493 " ■«»»««a5«IBi» -.! »rfMli-AJ VlRSITl H0(]RE1 l?r?« , " -a-.r ' The Hockey Squad had an enjoyable season with Bessie Peterson as Captain, Mary Lou Saunders as manager, and Miss Edna Jane N esbitt, coach. Outstanding were the games with the Villiam and Mary Reserves at Williamsburg, John Marshall, and Farmville. ' " IS " ! Bessie Peterson Captain The entire squad participated in the ' irginia Woman ' s Field Hockey Association, held at Westhampton College. • 94 Miss Nesbitt Coach Mary Lou Saunders Manager Bessie Peterson Riyht Inner Katherine Flanagan Left Full Back Mary Ellen Trimmer Right IFing Faith Whittlesey Left Half Dare Shirkey Left Inner Ann Edge Left Wing Anne Lawrence Center Foriranl Nanc Tignor R!, ht full Back Farrell Stubs Left Half Connie Browe Goal Guard 4. 95 } UUm BiSKET BILL This year the varsity was surprisingly hard to choose. However, the following girls were selected : Foniards Bessie Peterson ' (Captain) Anne Lawrence Katherixe Flanagan Mary Virginia Vanni Jackie Lyons Guards Maxine Rolph Ann Edge Caroline Baylor SCHEDULE OPPOXENT R. P. I. John Marshall 31 21 Thomas Jefferson 23 26 Norfolk Division, W. M 23 17 St. Catherine ' s 16 18 St. Catherine ' s (2d) 42 40 Westhampton 6 22 Westhampton (2d) 23 Fairfax Hall 11 OPPONE.VT R. P. I. 26 Fairfax Hall (2d) 7 Fairfax Hall 30 Farmville 35 William and Mary 16 Westhampton High School.... 19 Westhampton High School (2d) 11 William and Marv 23 Rebels " . 20 Bessie Peterson was chosen as captain, Katherine Curtis, manager, and Mary Lou Saunders, assistant manager. The squad consisted of 27 girls, who displayed wonderful cooperation and team spirit. 96 pi Vfwj ' iS i - ! -■ ■ ■■■t ' t ' ' P ' ' ' - 1 " - - ' ' i ' ' - - ' ' " ' " ' " ' : ' ' " V " - ' ' v " ; " V ' ■ " ' ' ' ■ ' ■ " " ' ' ' ' ■ ' " ' ' 1 T- n %ip%i%i% t ' ' - % . % M 4i-MM- A 4 4- -U M 4- 4 ■ ' -¥: -H - •? L : i,. .: 1. Va . =. V A.; .!i;; h ' !. a i Jjk J . : t Ji « ' ! .k .i. 4f, -i-i -4i k --f-i k -s ' i Bessie Peterson Captain Catherine Curtis Manager Mar ' i Lou Saunders Assistant Manager Ann Lawrence Forward IVIaxine Rolph Guard Katherine Flanagan Forivard Jackie Lyons Forivard ; L rv ' irgixia ' ann ' i Forivard Ann Edge Guard Betty Donahue Guard { 97 -■ •: ' : - ■; • ' ' , .j -i? -t .A? - t •« ■■ BOOK FIVE Between classes . . . having fun, gals? . . . looking mighty eonifortahle . . . who is that man? . . . Benk and the hride . . . perfect fit . . . time out from work . . . four from 821 ... . when Kansas gets together . . . why don ' t you put it on? . . . trying to get a tan? ... I want to play, too . . . the gang . . . have you been through the receiving line, yet? ... on the old camp grounds . . . you won ' t get a tan that way. Marge . . . winter scene . . . spring has sprung . . . going to the library? . . . Tiventy-minutr f rriod. . .li io arr you makinij il for. Mudyir. ' . . .so this is ml? . you ' ll (Id your jcrt ili-I. i irts . . .is; iy don ' t you usi the front door. .huk . nM rt r - t ' t:f ' .- . FEATURES J. f:- -k. -4? s; •-?? - ' h i v-y 4i-i;i u mm Alary Louise Evans, 194 May Queen Maj ' Day, one of the outstanding events of the year, was held on the campus this year on the plot of land recently acquired by the College. This neiv site made possible a more elaborate and beautiful May Day than of previous years. The Queen and her Court ruled for a day over the students and administration. The program was under the direction of the May Day Chairman, whose work, and the co- operation of committees, proved that it was worth its while by presenting to the public a May Day never to be forgotten by those of R. P. I. 100 1942 Florence Bhasley Srnior Represintatwi Virginia Hale Srnior Riprcsentaiive Jacqueline Wheeler Junior Representative Beryl Smith Junior Representative Jean Richardson Lolise Turner Edith Hoffman Jean Brent Sophomore Representative Sophomore Representative Freshman Representative Freshman Representative 4 101 )S - J: WHO ' S WHO Catherine Curtis Miss R. P. I. Helen Joxscher Personality Plus Jack Creasy Mr. .Mumrity Ulysses Desportes The R. P. I. Wit 15i!s.sii; Pktersox Florence Beaslev Ciiicty Gal Belle of R. P. I. Sii)xi; Orr Vi -: " Y Hrodii: huk-nj-Jll-Trades llooklKJllll of R. P. I 1942 WKJW i-i -4? -jsif -rf " if i ■ ; ■ r . Senior Class Prophecy Place: Goldman ' s Siamese Theatre. The West Coast, U. S. A. Time: May JS, Jq6 . Event: Premiere of Madam Frances Cosby ' s neiuest picture, " A Real Professional Insiijht. " The announcer in the lobby of the marvelous new theatre is appropriately and strangely enough, Jack Creasy. Jack is vith us tonight in the capacity of news announcer for station H.I.B.B.S. " Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and people of my radio audience. I am here tonight by the popular demand of the people to bring to you the highlights of this premiere. As I entered the lobby, I passed the box ofhce and whom did I see but someone that everyone knows. There sat Jean McCabe — she is, as you all know, that famous statistician, who is doing voluntary work in the box office tonight — I bet you could never guess what she is doing. . . She ' s correlating the number of complimentary tickets to the number of ones pur- chased. Miss McCabe certainly deserves credit for do- ing this job, that no one else to this day has undertaken. And I also noticed a familiar face at the box-office window — it turned out to be Gladys Steele, doing vol- unteer work. Miss Steele, as I recall, is treasurer for the People ' s Community Bank. " A page boy just handed me a letter, to put it mildly — for it is truly a manuscript — which is marked PER- SONAL. However, I ' ll tell you the essence of its con- tents — the signature is that of Elizabeth Cobey. Miss Cobey — excuse me, the name is now Mrs. John Morris — has undertaken the tremendous job of painting murals at the newest government building in Washington. Mrs. Morris always did lose all track of time while en- grossed in her work, and now she finds she will be unable to attend the premiere. However, I am extendiTig her best wishes and Congrats to her old friend, our star. " A car as long, almost, as the block just rolled up in front. Quite a rugged looking individual just stepped out and came into the lobby. Oh, my gosh, it ' s Senator Ulysses Desportcs. I forgot that I read in the paper that he just finished a seven-day filibuster and Hew out right from the Senate. The Senator has a muffler around his neck — and his famous VanDyke has become a plain old beard. " Here comes a lady in a nurse ' s uniform, with three small children and a man at her side. It ' s none other than Zelma ' alsh. She is dietitian at the new Georgia Memorial Hospital. " Do you know who this beautiful young lady is com- ing toward us? Her face has appeared on magazine covers from coast to coast — it is Alma McCann, and with her another famous model, Aida Christiansen. Both are Mrs. now, but the names slip me. " The photographer ' s camera is mighty busy tonight — and it ' s now pointed toward another familiar face. This, my friends, is Nancy Chambers, who has opened the " International I5ancing School " in Los Angeles. The studio is one of the finest I ' ve ever seen and she is surpassing the school of Arthur Murray. " My goodness, who can this be? Of all the dressed- up people here tonight, this one surpasses them all. Why, it ' s the Countess Ogelthorpe, better known to us as Florence Beasley. After her first trip abroad she came home as a countess and, strangely enough, her husband is with her tonight. " Tonight is bringing forth more of a variety of peo- ple than I ' ve ever seen. The nation ' s Buyer Number One just stepped briskly up to the box office and dis- appeared into the theatre — it was Mam ' selle Marie Ben- kert. Since her start in the field of buying she has made two trips annually to Paris for furthering crea- tions in America. " Say, look at this — a cigarette holding sway in mid- air. Wait a minute, here comes its owner. It ' s the mother who put her state on the map. . .Marcia Freeman (and I can ' t ever remember her wedded name) whose quintuplets are enrolled this year as Freshmen at R. P. I. " Here comes ' irginia Hale and her husband, the Reverend. She and the Mr. are timidly looking around, wondering if the show will be ' all right ' and I think I can assure them that it will be. " And here, ladies and gentlemen, comes the authoress of the day, Eleanore Haslegrave. Have you read her latest — ' Tales from ' 901 ' ? It ' s a second Hemingway. " How tiny and shrinking this lady looks! She is turn- ing her head this way — would you believe it? — it ' s Carolyn Smith, and excuse that remark about shrinking — Miss Smith has married a tobacco auctioneer and they live in constant hub-bub. " Another telegram — but short — has come to my atten- tion. It ' s from the former Jane Jones, who is Vogue ' s new ' fashion advisor. ' Sorry work delayed me stop will make the second show stop Congrats stop. ' Signed, Jane. And I think this work angle is really right. Miss Jones has increased the circulation 100%. Continued success, Jane. " A few of the better known stars just walked in. In their midst was the blues singer — who has taken the nation by storm. It ' s Mary Harris, and she ' s really swell. " A flashy naval uniform introduces the Rear Admiral an d his wife, the former Phyllis Knight. They are now living in Hawaii amid orchids and luxury, which is fitting for Miss Knight. " Florence Mackler settled down when she married, at Key West, and forgot all about her career. Florence and her husband have a beautiful home. Miss Mackler is looking better than ever. " Here comes a representative from the Army, ' tis Captain Sid Orr. He ' s retired now, and owns his own yacht in which he sails around the world now and then, so as not to get homesick. " Friends, this lady who is approaching us, yes, the one wearing the turban, is Frances Robinson. Miss Rob- inson is voted the first woman psychologist to do work with army testing. While at her work Frances married her ' present. ' " I ' ll bet you will recognize this damsel by merely glancing at her — tall, blond, and ah, well, very much OK. It is the woman reporter of all times — her column, ' On the Sly, ' has her by-line, Maxine Rolph. I am serious when I say that even Winchell would read it with approval. " . n here comes the former Ann Muse. She is very much the home body, except when acting as secretary and receptionist for her husband, the doctor. " The war certainly led us to recognize some of our nurses. One who did such splendid work, and was given the title of honor, ' Lady with the Smile, ' by all the boys in the war who had the good fortune to have her nurse them, is Miss Thelma Silburger. " This dynamic individual who just hurried past was Margaret Tucker. Her latest book, ' The Rise and De- cline of the Japs, ' is acclaimed the book of the century. Miss Tucker is working like a volcano — thus explaining the fact that she explodes like such in various chapters. " The Music Hall in Radio City now boasts the talents of Miss Annette Talman on the organ. Miss Talman, ■{ 104 jji- ■ -iw .. ' »+ -jf . .i .-Af ., ». vhom I see coiniriK in the doors, is giving a short con- cert before tonight ' s show. " The photographer is now snapping Mary West, who is this city ' s only lady dog-catcher. Incidentally, from hearsay and her say, the lady really loves her work. . nd, from what I see, the lady catcher not only catches dogs, hut the handsome man at her side is the groom. " The gentleman over in the corner, with portfolios and paintings under his arm — who does he remind ou of? Why, it is Ross Abrams — prominent artist of the day. " Our modern Florence Nightingale just came in — celebrating the occasion by appearing in public. Her name, we all remember, is Jeanie . dkerson. She did a splendid job in the second World War, receiving nation-wide recognition for her und ing sacrifices for the duration. " The glamorous, stunning individual who just walked in looks familiar. Betty Berry, now happilv { and profitably) married — looks younger than ever. " Have ou ever seen such a crowd of well-beha ' ed children as this group standing in the lobby? In the midst is a tall, stately person who seems to have a per- sonal interest in each child. It is Mary Beth Blayney, with ' her children ' (she used always to talk about them when we knew her at the Richmond Professional Institute). She ' s now in full charge of the Children ' s Home in Washington, D. C. Miss Blayney flew out to the coast with a group of her kiddies for the premiere. " My goodness, who is the lady over in the corner? She has a baby in one arm and books under the other arm. At her side stands General Knowledge, and now I can see her face — it ' s Betty Brodie — still keeping up with the times. " In the premiere tonight we ' ll see some of the most gorgeous costumes that the coast has ever witnessed. The stylist, who has just gone into the theatre, is Mar- garet Budina. As you will remember, she has taken over most of the work of Adrian and others of the former stylists. " The name on one of the telegrams I ' ve just re- ceived causes me, at this point, to pause a moment and read this to you — ' Duke University. Durham, N. C, Mr. Creasy: Please extend my heartiest congratulations to Miss Cosby stop unable to attend stop have important faculty meeting. Helen N. Burroughs. ' Dr. Helen Bur- roughs, now Sociology Director at Duke, is really mak- ing the nation appreciate the value of social workers. " Am I seeing things — or did I just see two horses and three ponies gallop up in front? Wait a minute — it is the famous horsewoman, Elizabeth Cavan, with her husband and offspring. Did you read about her horse, ■Rip, ' winning the Kentucky Derby this year? Had a nice price on him, too. " Tonight we have another great honor — Dr. Phil Lattimer Chapman has come all the way from the Mayo Clinic to be with us. Phil, who got her start in .he State of ' irginia. climbed to fame ([uickly. She started on the hard road to success by being a Laboratorv I ' echnician. " Miss Cosby just sent out one of her many letters from friends. This one was from one of her classmates in college. I ' ll read the part that has been encircled by our star: ' You can ' t imagine the struggle I ' ve been through trying to make the premiere on May 15 — but as the situation stands now it doesn ' t look as if I can make it after all. I have such a large kindergarten this year, and you know how I love the children; I don ' t think I could bear to leave them for a week to a substitute whom I don ' t know. ' The Utter is signed ' Conway Burgess. ' " John Power ' s models are well represented tonight — and the most beautiful eyeful of all is that tall, luscious- looking Mary Louise Evans! " Another one of the social workers of the day just walked by and spoke. Her name is Mary Rowlett, who is doing active social work to better conditions in New York ' s famous lower East Side. " Incidentally, did you know that the Metropolitan star, Alice (Jarabedian, is making her appearance be- fore the King and Queen this week ? I thought I would mention it since she was originally scheduled to make her debut here on May 10. " Oh, by the way, I read in the papers tonight that the Department of Education has had (juite a shake-up. Maybelle Gary is now Director in the field. The storv went on to say that Miss Gary is the youngest director that the U. S. Department of Education has ever employed. " Shirley Goldsmith, prominent diplomat of trdav. just entered the theatre. She is the newly appointed Secre- tary of State! Things of wonder never cease. " The adorable set of twins who keep walking around the lobby staring at the pictures belong to Mr. and Mrs. Sweeney (she is the former Lucille Harvev). Thcv confided in me that they left their other three childre:) at home in Texas. " A lengthy letter just arrived. I think I ' ll read just a little — ' Dear Frances, I ' m so awfully, awfullv scrrv that I can ' t make the premiere. But you just can ' t i.-n- agine what a terrific job I ' ve undertaken. You know my own three little tykes have to shift for themselves, so to speak. I ' ve been made the " mother of Sing-Sing " ! It ' s too, too wonderful. However, I wish you loads and loads of your much deserved success and happiness. Sincerely, Margaret S. Kaufman. ' " One of the quieter looking beauties just came over to the microphone and handed me a note. The young lady was the former Alyce McAfee, reminding me that she has been married again. Remember, back in the days when the much-married woman was the Hop- kins woman? — well, McAfee is sure running her a close second. " Whose sweet, smiling face is that I see through the crowd? It is quite familiar. It ' s the ever-pleasant Bessie Peterson — beside her is another handsome gentle- man. They look so content. She is married to her com- panion — Ross Miller — and they own the Ritz-Astervilt Hotel (six branch hotels) that boast all the famous stars of stage and screen as entertainers. " Did you notice the cute little page girl inside? Did you guess at once who it was? I know you did; it ' s Marie Pietrie. She teaches the art of being a page in May Courts all over the world. " The owner of the Sauer Stores, Inc., is with us to night! Miss ' irginia Anne Sauer, take your bow — I know you rightly deserve it. " Well, look who ' s here. It ' s Dr. Mary Lou Saunders. She finally found that ' made-to-order ' man and mar- riage took her away from her career. However, she is still practicing psychometry in her spare time. " Have you seen the lady in the corner with all the elaborate cameras? Well, it ' s Mary Ellen Trimmer. For a while there everyone was mighty worried about her. She started snapping pictures of people climbing up walls, crawling under tables and other places — pic- tures she posed — but now she ' s getting along fine. Margaret Bourke-White turned over all of her famous clients to Mary Ellen. " I bet you would never guess who I just saw at the 106 Club! It was Bessie Woolfolk. Yes, sir! She puts ■Texas ' Guinane to shame with her behavior. " The famous ' Hollywood School of Drama and Glamour ' is under the direction of Miss Evelyn Wells. They say she really puts the kids through a tough edu- cation. She became so interested in the subject that she even gave up her social work — and that ' s going some! " ' ell, the curtain call has sounded and I think I ' d better rush in to my seat. I have a seat down with the critics, and I ' d hate to disturb more than ten people getting in! " 4 10.5 » ■»i -fri: -4? -fr; •?} ' " it 9 -J. Last Will and Testament We, the famed of ' 42, the illustrious seniors, bequeath and relinquish our most cherished possessions, namely, our inimitable traits, our certain talents and our re- nowned title to our successors, the present junior class. May you keep your rich legacy ivell. We have gra- ciously consented to state our wishes in a style befitting and becoming to our newly-found worldly status in keeping with our. . .hum-m . . .dit;nity . . .hum-rrp ! WANTED The assurance that Cotillion dances will always have that certain air of fineness. . .A ' ano ' Chambers. Someone to volunteer to be the life of 82 1. Must be qualified. Preferably someone with an adventuresome spirit. Address: Reijina ICilliams, " Mon Homme " Hall ...Attention: Dorothy Dndd. Two capable people to whom to leave our mutual interests in the army and in the museum. . .apply to either Carolyn Smith or Marie Pirtri. Jackie U ' lieeler to carry on frankly and candidly. For further information contact. . .Mar; !fl Freeman. The quality of omnipresence iti It ' innie Trock to re- main a part of 827. Consult the legacy of Elizabeth Cobey. Elfie Lee Meredith to investigate some lost Thespian tendencies to go along with that beautiful voice. The owner will relinquish them reasonably. . .See Frances Cosby. Some proud successor to leave my May Queen crown ...Valuable tradition and a true collector ' s piece... Mary Louise Evans. To contact I ' iri inia Fuqua for a consultation on the appreciations of cadaver capers. . . Anyone knowing the whereabouts of the above, not i . . .Racliael Glann, •■Muffie " Hall. A successor to listen to telephone rings... Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mary Gene Shelby. . Call Thelma Silberger, Health Division - 5-9418. Someone to be at the front desk twenty-minute period . . . Attention : Kalherine Curtis. Kindly contact Mary Ellen Trimmer. Some of the intelligence of Betty BroJie. . . The Less Fortunate. LOST Ross Abram ' s art recognition... Claim by Kenny Ro ' we. Some Southern " oomph " to Man arel Reinhart and Lana Turner. Owner relinquishes title. Signed, .Mary Elois Harris. All her charm to the Nnyy .. .Phyllis Kniijhl. Phil Chapman ' s day student gossip to Grace Il ' orrell. Ulysses Desporles reports the disappearance of his " eagle. " Anyone knowing anything let Custis Brooks in on it. The title of well-groomness and some blond locks to . ' Inne Doerschuk. Owner: .-lida Christiansen. Ten pounds and anxious look. Will EAijar Mallory please return the former and keep the latter, Jaik Creasy. My place in the Day Students ' room to Mary Kay- hoe. . .Maybe lle Gary. A frown and many responsibilities to .Lnn Powell . . . owner ' s only reward is her blessing. . .. ma McCann. The reputation as a whipper-snapper to Zeeleen Des- Champs and Lillie " If ' eeksie " Burns... Reported by Bessie Peterson. Maxine Rolph ' s sweetness and light to Mary Gibson. For further instruction, see any resident of 827. All second desserts for 1942-43 to Jane Ililbish... Frances Robinson. FOUND In the person of Shirley Collins, someone to leave my " never-bat-an-eye " composure. . .F orcnrc Beasley. Two qualified persons to whom to give my advisory capacity and dissertations on " Mice and Men. " Will the two " lucky " persons claim their prize? Katherinc I ' anSant and Jo Harvey, see Marie Benkerl. Elly Haslec rai ' e ' s nonchalance and that certain warm spirit by Edith Goldstein. Pec ffy Brinton to merit .Mary Il ' est ' s shiny coiffure and sense. Someone who also has " breeziness in wintry blasts. " Will Scotia Mozinijo please call for title? Margaret Tucker. In the person of Mary .Inn ll ' alker, a worthy heir to my tired brain and unwrinkled sheets. . .Jane E. Jones. A beautiful and expedient bride, .Jnn Muse Loving. Flo Mackler ' s Organic Chemistry book. . .Owner may get the same if needed from Mary Beth Cole. Jessie Cato to carry on Eirginia Sauer ' s determination and femininity. . steady Chelf supporter to carry on in the person of Lucille Guthrie. Discoverer, Betty Berry. Jane (Juinn. the heir to Mary Beth Blayney ' s gentle wa ' s and friendliness. Sid Orr ' s interests to Lucille Penny and we don ' t mean just pertaining to wood-carving. DEDICATIONS Gladys Steele dedicates her long-distance telephone calls from the " one and only " to Sue Nobel, who can ' t wait for the next one. Eirginia Hale dedicates a hard-earned nickel to put into Chelf ' s nickelodeon to Marg Buhr. A " page " costume is dedicated to the school by Marie Pietri. It is indeed a museum piece, and its legendary ' alue is judged to be four years. TRADE NOTICE Notice is hereby given that a certificate was duly filed for record in the office of the College of William and Marv on June 9, 1942, canceling as at the close of school on June 9th the certificate of partnership of the firm of McCabe d- Young. Duly signed, sealed and sworn to by Jean McCabe of the firm McCabe Young, 827, second floor front. j( 106 jC V -; -■ ' ' h ' i ' t " ' r " i r ' v;- ' " - " ' ? " • ' ■• " - " ' - ' vi. ' .■ ' " V " " - - ' ■ ; i ?fi : V - 4i-M d:i.yi -«i 4f ■ ■• -J? -i -H - ■ « » ' ■ - Abrams, William Ross Senior 2624 Kensington Avenue, Richmond, Va. Adams, Polly Anne Sophomore Danripple, Va. Adkerson, Jeanie Senior 1012 W. Franklin Street, Richmond, Va. . lbersheim, Luise Freshman 3018 Patterson Avenue, Richmond, Va. Amador, Emilia Sophomore Box 37, Hatilla, Puerto Rico Ammons, Frances Shirley Freshman 3129 W. Franklin Street, Richmond, ' a. Anderson, Alice Sophomore Midlothian, Va. . ngell, Xancy Sophomore 3816 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond Va. . vsTiN, Betty Ann Freshman 19; Hempstead Avenue, Lynbrook, Long Island, N. Y. Bakeman, Beryl Freshman 4000 Montrose Avenue, Richmond, Va. Rakeman, Kathleen Junior 4000 Montrose Avenue, Richmond, Va. Bambacus, Grace Freshman 3007 Park Avenue, Richmond, Va. Barbre, Margaret Freshman 4003 Park .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Baylor, Caroline Freshman Swoope, Va. Beach, Eleanor Freshman 64 Grove Street, Bloomfield, . J. Beasley, Florence Senior Main Street, Pilot Mountain, N. C. Beck, Elizabeth Regena Freshman 403 W. Franklin Street, Richmond, Va. Bell, Frances Louise Freshman Westbrook San. Box 15 14, Richmond, Va. Benedict, Margaret Elizabeth Freshman East Palatka, Fla. Benkert, Marie Senior 187 Norton .Avenue, Barberton, Ohio Bernstein, Florence Helen Freshman 713 Byrd Park Court. Richmond, Va. Berk, Lenore F ' reshman 500 Eastern Avenue, Rocky Mount, X. C. Berry, Elizabeth Senior 3326 Grove .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Berz, Helene Freshman 4412 Bromley Lane, Richmond, Va. Blair, Elizabeth Junior 1 2 10 Park Avenue, Richmond, Va. Blayney, Mary Beth Senior 3208 Garland Avenue, Richmond, Va. Blum, Marilyn Freshman 235 Sherman Avenue, New Haven, Conn. { 107 }: itectatii BoBBE, Carol Sophomore Penn Alto Hotel, .Mtoona, Pa. Boecherer, Marie Freshman Francestown, N. H. Booth, Sarabel Freshman 2915 Seminary .Avenue, Richmond, ' a. Brandon, Doris .Anna Freshman 3223 First . venue, Richmond, ' a. Brent, Jeanne Freshman 512 Radnor Street, Harrisburg, Pa. Brinklev, Jane Sophomore 7814 North Shore Road, Norfolk, Va. Brinton, Marjorie lunior loi South .Adams Street, Montgomery, VV. ' a. Brodie, Betty Senior 3317 Patterson Avenue, Richmond, Va. Brockenbrough, Sarah Junior Pump House Road, Richmond, Va. Brooks, Ira Custis Junior Gordonsville, Va. Browe, Constance Marie Freshman Route 12, Richmond, Va. Buck, Jean _. . Freshman 122 Florida Avenue, Portsmouth, Va. Budina, Margaret Senior 123 Matoaka Road, Richmond, Va. BuHR, Margaret Junior 1608 Shadford Road, . nn . rbor, Mich. BuRNETTE, Clyde, Jr Freshman Inman Route 3, Inman, S. C. Burgess, Conway Senior 2412 Grove .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Burns, Lillie Weeks Junior East Elm Street Extension, Goldsboro, N. C. BuRRiLL, Dorothy Sophomore 55 Churchill Avenue, Richmond, Va. Burroughs, Helen Senior 2707 East Broad Street, Richmond, Va. Burton, Emily Freshman Country Club Drive, Rocky Mount, N. C. BuTTERFiELD, Patricia Sophoiiiore 25 Prospect Street, Watertown, Conn. Caldwell, Daniel, Jr Sophomore 1617 Westbrook .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Carpenter, June Elsie Freshman Sandston, Va. Carter, Virginia Lee Sophomore 45 Burton .Avenue, Akron, Ohio Cartwright, Marguerite Sophomore King George, Va. Cato, Jessie Junior 27 Clark Road, Richmond, ' a. Cavan, Elizabeth Senior 2402 Hawthorne Avenue, Richmond, Va. Chambers, Xancy Senior Blackstone, Va. Chapman, Phil _ Senior 307 Albemarle Avenue, Richmond, a. Christian, Elyria Mary Freshman 2903 Northumberland Avenue, Richmond, Va. Christiansen, .Aida _ _ Senior 147 14th Avenue, Whitestone, N. Y. Clayton, Frances Lee _- Freshman 314 Maple . venue. Richmond, Va. Cobb, Catherine Ann ■ ■ • ■ Freshman 3317 Second . venue, Richmond, Va. Cobey, Elizabeth Senior 510 North Jefferson Street, Albany, Ga. CoHN, Eleanor ■ ■ Freshman 4508 Monument .Avenue, Richmond, ' a. Cole, Jane 226 Patterson . venue, Richmond, a. Jun Cole, Elizabeth Westmoreland Place, Richmond, ' a. Cole, Mary Elizabeth ; ■ _ ■ Junio " ' 148-9 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, N. . Coles, Virginia ; ■ ■ ■ Freshman 3020 Letcher . venue, Richmond, ' a. Collins, Shirley Junior 1506 . shland Circle, Norfolk, Va. Cook, Alice ■ ■ Freshman 3426 Garland .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Cooper, Harriet Sophomore 45 Park Terrace West, New York, N. Y. COPENHAVER, ROBERTA MaTILDA ' ; Juuior Crab Orchard Farm, Marion, Va. Cosby, Frances Senior Grottoes, ' a. Cosby, Lucille Sophomore 2101 South Marshall Street, Richmond, Va. Cox, Elizabeth Sophomore Route 4, Goldsboro, N. C. Creasy, John : ■ ■ ■ Senior 161 1 Patterson . venue, S. W., Roanoke, V a. Cridlin, Mildred June Freshman Fern Avenue, Highland Springs, Va. Crippen, Rowena Freshman Vienna, Va. Cross, Mary ;• . .Sophomore 1903 Grove . venue, Richmond, V a. Curtis, Katharine Junior 2703 Hanes . venue, Richmond, Va. Danto, Frances Freshman 46 Harris .Avenue, .Albany. N. Y. Darhanian, Elizabeth Routell . .Freshman 6227 Lakeside .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Davis, Robert Lawson Freshman Williamsburg, Va. Dawson, Betty Ann ■ Junior 1322 Oakwood Court, Lynchburg, Va. De Biasi, Elvira Mary Junior 2 North Robinson Street, Richmond, Va. Dee Crescenzo, Jeanne Freshman 120 Norris Avenue, Springfield. N. J. Denniston, Douglas Sophomore lOIO West 42d Street, Richmond, " a. DesChamps, Zelene Junior 124 Sunset Drive, Spartanburg. S. C. Desportes, L lysses Senior 106 High Street, Winnesboro, S. C. DicKERSON, Doris Jeannette Freshman Bo. 903 South Dell Street. Gainesville, Fla. Dobyns, Thomas Sophomore Dublin, Va. Dodd, Dorothy Sophomore 208 Virginia .Avenue. Roanoke, a. Doerschud, .Anne Louise Junior 48 South Henderson .Avenue, Baden. N. C. Donahue, Betty .Ann Freshman 14 Dikeman Street, Waterbury. Conn. Douglas, Doris Mae Freshman 320 Wasena .Avenue, Roanoke, a. Drinard, Barbara Lee Freshman 3404 Park .Avenue, .Apartment 10. Richmond. a. Dyer, Ellen ' irginia Freshman 3024 Barton .Avenue, Richmond, a. Edge, .Ann Sophomore 361 1 Chamberlayne .Avenue, Richmond, a. Ehringer, Maria Sophomore 318 North Fifth Street, .Albemarle, N. C. Elsner, Carlyn Louise Freshman 4414 .Monument .Avenue, Richmond. V a. Erickson, Mary Virginia Sophomore 191 1 Rose .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Evans, Mary Louise Senior 3507 Seminary .Avenue, Richmond, a. Feneher, Mary Fanant Freshman 1336 Westover .Avenue. Norfolk, ' a. Ferebee, Mary .Freshman 1336 Westover .Avenue, Norfolk, a. Field, .Ann Elizabeth Sophomore 2010 Evelyn Byrd Road, Richmond, " a. Field, Jerry Jewett Junior 2010 Evelyn Byrd Road, Richmond. Va. Fitts, Ruth Morton Freshman Drewry ' s Bluff, Va. Flanagan, Katherine Stuart Sophomore 3413 West Franklin Street, Richmond, Va. Flanagan, Virginia Ross Freshman 4007 Wythe .Avenue, Richmond, a. Ford, Hazel ■■ ■ Freshman 1018 North 35th Street, Richmond, Va. Francis, Doria Cecilia Sophomore 3010 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, Va. Freeman, Denise Isabel Junior 21 15 JefTerson Avenue, New Orleans, La. Freeman, Marcia Senior Madison Heights, .Anderson, Ind. Frey, Elizabeth Stoneman Senior Varina Plantation, Richmond, ' a. - s( 108 )s» Fuller, Robert Peyton Freshman 3300 VVoodrow Avenue, Richmond, ' a. FuLp, Helen Senior 2028 West Grave Street, Richmond, ' a. FiQiA, ' iRGiNiA Mayfield Junior Baj ' Avenue, Cape Charles, ' a. FuNDERBURK, Alice Junior 122 North Maple Avenue, Richmond, ' a. Fusco, ' iRGiNiA Deanne Freshman 4010 Fauquier Avenue. Richmond, ' a. Garabedian, Alice Senior 2 North Meadow Street, Richmond, ' a. Gardner, Margaret Elizabeth Senior 1014 Fifth Avenue, Hendersonville, N. C. Gary, Maybelle Senior 3222 North Avenue, Richmond, ' a. Gemmill, Mary Geneva Junior 2828 Dunn . venue, Richmond, ' a. Gentry, Anne Junior 3335 Kensington .Avenue, Richmond, ' a. Gibson, Mary Virginia Junior 33 South Main Street, Keyser. . a. Glann, Rachel Senior ICX3 Lafayette . venue. .-VnnapoHs. Md. Glenn, Bessie Blanche Freshman 3319 Grove .Avenue, Richmond, ' a. Goldforb, Esther Junior 532 North 1 8th Street. Richmond, ' a. Goldman, Elayne Ruth Sophomore 171 Linwood . venue, Buffalo, N. V. Goldm. n, Phyllis E Sophomore 171 Linwood .Avenue, Buffalo, N. V. Goldsmith, June Sophomore 216 North 15th Street. Hopewell. ' a. Goldsmith, Shirley Senior 216 North 15th Street, Hopewell, ' a. Goldstein, Edith Junior 1016 Government Street. .Mobile. .Ala. Grant, Vivianne Marcelle Sophomore 4007 Stuart Avenue. Richmond, ' a. Graves. Dorothy Junior 3426 Ellwood .Avenue, Richmond, ' a. Greenberg. Doris Marion Freshman 2304 Lakeview ,A ' enue, Richmond, ' a. Greene, Jane Carter Freshman Delaplane, Va. Greene, Margaret IjACY Sophomore Nathalie, Va. Gregory-, Frances Brown Sophomore 3 1 10 Linwood Road, Grove Park, Roanoke, Va. GuERRANT, Patty Freshman 17 North Union Street, Petersburg. ' a. GuMENicK, Harriette Sophomote 4107 Hermitage Road, Richmond, ' a. Guthrie, Lucille Edwards Junior 1302 Lakefront .Avenue. Richmond. ' a. Hale, Virginia Elaine Senior Cheriton, V ' a. Hall, Charlotte June Sophomore Zuni, Va. Hall, Helen Lee Sophomore 2008 Powhatan Street, Richmond, Va. Ham.mond, Dorothy Sophomore Laurinburg, N. C. Hamrick, Marjorie .Allen Freshman 1411 Grove .Avenue. Richmond. " a. Harman, irginia Mason Freshman 2404 Hawthorne Avenue, Richmond, Va. Hardy, .Mary Eugenia Freshman Kenbridge. ' a. Harris, Anne Elizabeth Freshman 310 South Cherry Street, Richmond, Va. Harris. Mary Elois Senior Friars Point, Miss. Harvey, Josephine Junior Haynesville, ' a. Harvey, Lucille Senior Laurel, a. Harvey, Mary . Freshman Drewry ' s Bluff, Va. Haslegrave, Eleanor Louise Senior 86 Dodge Street, Beverly, Mass. Hawthorne, Mary Junior 2019 Eye Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. Hel.m, Mary Frances Freshman 805 Edgehill Road, Richmond, ' a. Hilbish, Jane Junior Piney River. a. Hoffman, .Adele Edith Freshman 4804 West Seminary . venue, Richmond, Va. Hoffman, Frances Junior Culpepper, Va. Homes. Martha Sophomore Bowling Green, Va. House, Mrs. June Joy Junior 3206 Grove .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Holt, Bartlett Que F ' reshman 727 North 24th Street, Richmond, Va. Hautman. .Agnes Freshman Hill Crest, Enka, N, C. Howard, Helen Mildred Freshman 2107 Ginter Street, Richmond, Va. Howell, Lucy Lee Freshman Cherrysville, N. C. Hughes, Garland Junior 5722 Cole -Avenue. Richmond, ' a. Hutchinson, Susie Sankie Sophomore Bladenboro, N. C. Imburg, Lottie Charlotte Freshman 2003 North -Avenue, Richmond. ' a. James, Lucille Junior 3023 North .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Jameson, Elizabeth Anna Freshman Box 96, Merritt Island, Fla. ■ 109 )■ Jeffreys, Lucille Cliborne .Sophomore 919 West Franklin Street, Richmond, Va. Jervey, Elizabeth W. (Mrs.) Sophomore 4600 Augusta Avenue, Richmond, Va. Johnson, Ann Wingfield I reshman 3812 Seminary Avenue, Richmond, ' a. ToHXSON, Doris Sophomore 507 Colonial Drive, High Point, X. C. Johnston, V ' irginia Lee Sophomore Huntor Hall, Madison, Va. Jones, Jane E .- ■ Senior 212 East 26th Street, Erie, Pa. Jones, Jane Parr , Freshman 3202 Woodrow Avenue, Richmond, a. Tones, Joyce Agnes ■ _■ • .Freshman 3210 Enslow . venue, Richmond, a. Jones, Mary Frances _■ • • Freshman 3202 Woodrow Avenue, Richmond, a. Jones, Mary Mozelle Freshman Piano, Tex. loNES, Thelma Lorraine ... Freshman 2804 Floyd . venue, Richmond, Va. Jonscher, Helen M. y .• . .Sophomore 112 Dundee .V venue, Richmond, Va. Kaufman, Margaret Sheild _ Senior 413 North Belmont Avenue, Richmond, Va. Kayhoe, Mary Ellsworth ■ Junior 332 Greenway Lane, Richmond, Va. Kelly, L rgaret Harriett - .Freshman 1208 East Beach Street, Goldsboro, N. C. Kelly, Mary Freshman 405 East Street, North Wilkcsboro, N. C. KiME, Sarah Virginia • .Sophomore 3220 Barton , venue, Richmond, Va. KiRKHUFF, Jeanne D Sophomore 445 Residence Park, Palmerton, Pa. KiRSH, Robert _■ - Sophomore 404 Cleveland Avenue, Richmond, Va. Knight, Phyllis Lorette Senior Grand and Summit . venue, West Trenton, N. J. KocEN, Shirley Rena ■ . .Sophomore 511 Louisiana Street, Richmond, Va. .Junior Krapin, Ida Shirley ■ • 211; Venable Street, Richmond, Va. LaBruce, Katherine Sophomore ' 75 Queens Street, Charleston, S. C. Lacy, Iris Gay Sophomore West Point, Va. Lamb, Kathleen .Sophomore mo Floyd .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Lancaster, Virginia Cary . . Freshman 309 Albermarle Avenue, Richmond, Va. Landrau, Esther Margarite Freshman City Hall, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Lawrence, .-Vnne Warinner Freshnjan Route 12, Richmond, Va. l.EARY, Lelia Arlette • . Sophomore 1305 Nottoway Avenue, Richmond, V a. Leath, Myrtle Louise Sophomore 301 1 Griffin Avenue, Richmond, Va. Le Faivre, Frances .Vllaire Sophomore Bon . ir, Va. Leibowitz, . nita Freshman 727 North 27th Street, Richmond, Va. Lewis, Marg.iret F " reshman 3321 EUwood . venue, Richmond, Va. Lipscombe, Mary Frances Sophomore 5208 Devonshire Road, Richmond, V a. Lord, Louise Sophomore Woodberry Forest, Va. Lorraine, Margaret Sophomore 2606 Grove Avenue, Richmond, V a. Luter, Raleigh Owen Sophomore R. F. D. 3, Suffolk, Va. Lyons, Jacqueline Sophomore 213 West Grace Street, Richmond, ' a. Mc- fee, . lyce Senior 1006 Edgehill Road, Richmond, V a. McCabe, Jean Yvonne Senior 29 Saratoga Boulevard, Gloversville, N. Y. McCann, .Alma Monroe Senior Walkers, Va. McCauley, Helen Anette Junior 5107 Stratford Crescent, Richmond, V a. McCutcheon, Nancy Campbell Sophomore 54 Burtis -Avenue, Hamilton Square, N. J. McDowell, .-Vllyne Boyd Sophomore 2611 The Terrace, Richmond, ' a. McDowell, Verna Sophomore 709 Buchanan Street, Minden, La. M ackler, F ' lorence Senior 821 South Boulevard, Tampa, Fla. Maco.n, . n. Freshman Warrenton, N. C. Maldeis, Lois Sophomore 3125 Edgewood . venue, Richmond, Va. M. ' VLLORY, Edgar Howard Junior 2213 Park -Avenue, Richmond, V a. Mason, Cynthia Jewell Junior 800 Redgate .Avenue, Apt. 12, Norfolk, ' a. Meredith, Elfie Lee Junior Lawrenceville, a. Moody, Gladys Virginia Sophomore 218 West 33d Street, Richmond, V ' a. Moore, Jane Fergerson Freshman 164 Granville Road, Newark, Ohio Moore, Mary Sue Freshman 713 South Main Street, Laurinburg, N. C. Mora, Mirta Sophomore Box 312, . recibo, Puerto Rico Morales, Josefina Sophomore Box 2602, San Juan, Puerto Rico Morgan, . nne Phillips Sophomore 1504 West 41st Street, Richmond, a. Morrison, Mary Moore Junior 2204 Second Avenue, Richmond, V a. Morrisette, Gwendolyn Goode Freshman 4500 Broad Rock Road, Richmond, Va. ■«5(110) - ■i -k- •«.. -i ' . -i-i f ' . -iv • ' fs ■•ia. ' MoziNGO, Scotia Carolyn 112 Mclver, Darlington, S. C. Junior , Sophomore Murphy, Catherine 3325 West Grace Street, Richmond, a. K-SE, Margaret Ann • ; Senior 301 East Cleveland Avenue, Vinton, V a. Nelson, W. Oscar - ■ ■ ■ - Freshman 309 Harris Street, Blackstone, Va. Noble, Susan Freshman Gloucester, V a. Northcutt, Mary Lucille . ■ ■ ■ Freshman Upton Carrcroft, Wilmmgton, Del. O ' Brien, Mary E „ ' ' V . ' r " ' ° ' ' 622 Broadview Terrace, Hartford, Conn. Orr, Sidney Otis ; Senior Big Stone Gap, a. Parrish, Helen Elizabeth _; . .Freshman 2624 Seminary Avenue, Richmond, a. Parsons. Nancy White ; Freshman Route I, Box 297, Roanoke, a. Peck Wynona Eulalah Freshman Fredericks Hall, Va. Penny, Lucille Rosa ,. J " " ' " " - 3001 Fifth .- venue. Richmond, a. Peterson, Barbara ■ • • - Sophomore Lawrenceville, Va. Peterson. Bessie S • -, Senior 2319 Atlantic Street, Richmond, a. Pierce, Doris Belle ;-■■■ . - Freshman 2205 West Main Street, Richmond, a. PiLTRi, Marie Louise ; Senior Route 2, Ashland, a. PiTCHFORD, Constance Mae _ Junior 4500 Monument Avenue, Richmond, a. PoHLiG, Mae Carlton Sophomore R. F. D. 13, Richmond, a. Potter, Haseltine Wattson Freshman Prestwould . pts., Richmond, Va. Powell, Anne Elizabeth ■ ■ Junior 707 Main Street, Blackstone, Va. Powell, Sally , - ■ -. . ' " " ' ° ' ' 931 West Grace Street, Richmond, a. Price, Dorothy ■ ■ ■ ■ ,■ ■ ; 4026 Northrup Street, Richmond, V : Pi!TNEY, Caroly; Route 7, Richmond, Va. QuiNN. NLxRY Jane • • • ,; i " ' ' ° ' 1716 Mercer . venue, Roanoke, Va. RiNEHART, Margaret Sopliomore 418 Highland .V venue, Roanoke, V a. Richardson, Jean . Sophomore Masonic Home, Richmond, V a. Roane. Josephine ■ • ■_ Junior 3222 Second . venue, Richmond, V a. Roberts, Elizabeth M .Sophomore 3105 Woodrow . venue, Richmond, V a. Roberts, Jean Lee - .■ ■ .Sophomore 309 Lancaster Road, Richmond, V a. Roberts, Louise _ Junior 2415 .Maplewood . venue, Richmond, V a. Robinson, Frances - Senior 1690 Monticello .Avenue, Petersburg, Va. Robinson, Elizabeth Junior 1839 Berkley . venue, Petersburg, Va. Rolph, L XINE Senior Sparta, Va. Rose, Madelyn Junior .Millsboro, Del. Rose, Robert • Freshman 318 .Augusta . venue, Richmond, Va. Ross, Shirley Freshman 3402 Park .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Rosser, Marion Junior Criglersville, Va. RowE, Kenneth Sophomore Heathsville, ' a. RowE, Virginia Junior 4010 Dunstan .Avenue. Richmond, Va. RowLETT, -Mary Senior 204 West 32d Street, Richmond, Va. RoYSTON, Betty Freshman New Market, Va. Rutherford, Mary Frances Senior 3507 Enslow Avenue, Richmond, Va. Sauer, ' irginia -Anne _■ Senior 1827 West Grace Street. Richmond, Va. Saunders, Mary Lou Senior 1604 Nottowa - .Avenue, Richmond, ' a. Saville, Ethel , Junior 3028 Kensington .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Scales, Marjorie ■ Freshman 161 3 Laburnum .Avenue, Richmond, ' a. ScHEER, Betty .Ann - - Sophomore 2009 West Grace Street, Richmond, Va. Schenker, Irving Sophomore 216 West Cleveland Street, Richmond, ' a. Scott, Ernestine Freshman .Amelia, Va. Seales, Marjorie _. . .Freshman 613 Laburnum . venue, Richmond, Va. Shako, Victoria Freshman VVesthampton Beach, N. Y. Shapiro, F ' lorence ■ Junior 2320 Stuart .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Shapiro, Shirley Sophomore 615 South Sycamore Street, Petersburg, Va. Shelby, .Mary Gene .Junior 445 Grayson Street, Waterview, Portsmouth, Va. Shirkey, Frances Dare . .Sophomore 2409 Stuart .Avenue, Richmond, Va. Shockley, Emily Junior Snow Hill, Md. Shoosmith, Frances Sophomore Centralia Road, Richmond, Va. Shwab, Jean _ Junior 276 Grove Street, Teaneck, N. J. ■i5(lll) - ■•».■ -k -a • " ••« t -if i -r ' ■f - .-mu ' SiDENBERG, Maxine Sophomorc 2026 Rosewood Avenue, Richmond, Va. SiLBERGER. Thelma Senior 526 West 56th Street, Norfollc, ' a. Simon, Dorothy Sophomore 3752 Jocelyn Street, Washington, D. C. Simpson. Loiusa Ann Junior Summersville, W. Va. Simpson, Louisa L Sophomore 217 Hanover Street. .Annapolis. .Md. SiNNOTT. -Alice -May Sophomore 2407 Maplewood . venue. Richmond. " a. Small. Evelyn Freshman Bo.x 215, Monroe, N. C. Smith. Beryl Junior 2701 Fourth .Avenue. Richmond. ' a. Smith, Carolyn Senior 144 ' irginia .Avenue, Danville, ' a. Smith, Nancy Freshman Bewdley Road, Richmond, " a. Snelling, Lucy Freshman Boydton, Va. Steele, Gladys Senior 128 Main Street. Brookville, Pa. Straus, Miriam Freshman 16 Roslyn Road, Richmond, ' a. Stubs. Frances Farrel Junior 4529 West Seminary Avenue, Richmond, Va. Sussman. Lenore Sophomore 471 Berely Road, Teaneck N. J. S YDNOR, .Margaret Freshman 1707 South Boulevard, Richmond, ' a. Tabakin, Hattie Sophomore 324 South Pine Street, Richmond, ' a. Talman, Elizabeth Senior 100 West Wichham Street, Richmond, ' a. Tarris, Bethel Freshman R. F. D. 12, Richmond, Va. Tazewell, Cordelia Freshman 420 Fairfax, Norfolk, Va. Tennent, Dorothy Freshman 612 North 37th Street, Richmond, ' a. Terrell, Mary Frances Sophomore 2207 Second .Avenue, Richmond, Va. TicNOR, Nancy Ann Sophomore 613 Roseneath Road, Richmond, ' a. Trimmer, Mary Ellen Senior Old Church, Va. Trock, Winifred Junior Westphalia Road, .Mattituck, N. Y. Trow, Roberta Sophomore Box 184, Warrenton, Va. Tucker, Margaret Senior Lovingston, ' a. Turner, Mary Sophomore 4203 Stuart .■ venue. Richmond, Va. Turner, Louise Sophomore East Falls Church, Va. Turner, Theodore Sophomore Frederick Hall, " a. 112 : Ullman. . udrey Freshman 113 Lancaster Road. Richmond. ' a. Vanni, Mary Virginia Sophomore 3010 Woodrow . venue. Richmond, " a. Van Inwegen, .Ann Junior Hugenot. N. V. Van Sant, Mary Katherine Junior Fulton. .Mo. Walker, Mary .Ann Junior 940 Locust - venue. Charlottesville. ' a. Walker, .Anne Moorman Junior Fort Defiance, V ' a. Walsh, Zelma Senior 71250 McDonough Street, Decatur, Ga. Welch, Marian Sophomore 600 West 25th Street. Richmond, ' a. Wells, Evelyn Senior 806 West Franklin Street, Richmond, ' a. West, L ry Senior Clearwater. Covington, ' a. Wheeler, Jacqueline Junior 18 West Dean Street, I- ' reeport, N. Y. Wheeler, Janet Sophomore 18 West Dean Street, Freeport, N. Y. White, Ruth Sophomore 22 Willingham Avenue, Kissimmee, Fla. Whitehead, Irving Junior 716 West Franklin Street. Richmond, ' a. Whitehead, Lucille Freshman 323 Roslyn Road, Richmond, ' a. Whitley. Lois , Sophomore Stantonsburg. N. C. Whittlesey, Faith Sophomore 29 Vandeventer .Avenue. Princeton, N. J. Wiatt, William Freshman 25 Osprey .Avenue, Hampton, a. Wiggins, Mary Elizabeth Freshman 915 David Street, Tarboro, N. C. Williams, Betsy Junior Richlands, a., Mary Lee Sophomore 1000 Jannej ' s Ijane, -Alexandria, ' a. Williams, Regina [unior R. F. D. 1, Lynnhaven, ' a. Wilson, Edith 1815 Burlington . enue, St. Petersburg, Fla. Wilson, Winifred Virginia Sophomore 1 21 2 Laburnum .Avenue, Richmond, ' a. Wold, Emily Hope Junior Montvale, Va. Worrell, Grace Junior 245 Franklin Street. Petersburg, Va. Woolfolk, Mrs. Bessie Lamb Senior Monroe Terrace. Richmond, ' a. Young, Madeline Louise Junior 26 Highland Terrace, Gloversville, N. Y. •hf -v- ■■! ' -ilf-- ? ■■ ' ■ ■■fi ■ ' • •i ' i •» " ! 4i Vf, M: -s - ■»« ' . ' . 4 -k -i. ' ' U. -i-f. -ii k -U y -M ■! • ,t r? i ' ' .f ' it ?♦•■ t ' " ' ' Y: ' DINE AT LYNCH ' S INN Home Coohing ana liakiiiff Immediate Delivery Phoxe 5-9407 HARRIS FLIPPEN CO. SPORTLNG GOODS Richmond, ' irgixia RIDING IIORSKS FOR HIRE Individual and (Jroup Instruction Fontaine Maury Thraves Stables (Constance Moore Smith, Mgr. ) DEEP RUN HUNT CLUB Telephone 4-15 1 1 NELMAR BEAUT SALON Nellie U ' right — Virginia CJoodman Proprietors 412 North Harrison Street Richmond, Virginia Dial 4-0925 Browse — ' Borrow — 7iny at the HIREE B ' s LIBRARY GIFT SHOP 900 West Franklin Street Dial 6-2805 COMPLLMKNT S OF R. YS 5c AND lOc STORE 927 West Grace S TREET NOLDE ' S AMERICAN MAID BREAD AND CAKES At All Good Dealers FOR THAT Appropriate Corsage or Bouquet CONSULT •PALMORE THE FLORIST " 10 East Grace Street Phone 3-0138 H lia , T orit " Depend on Eros Here ' s hoping that e er - alumna of R. P. I. may, in good season, " middle-aisle it " a vell- to-do and devoted spouse who will surround her with dependable, life-long security. 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Suggestions in the Virginia Commonwealth University - Cobblestone Wigwam Yearbook (Richmond, VA) collection:

Virginia Commonwealth University - Cobblestone Wigwam Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Virginia Commonwealth University - Cobblestone Wigwam Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Virginia Commonwealth University - Cobblestone Wigwam Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Virginia Commonwealth University - Cobblestone Wigwam Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Virginia Commonwealth University - Cobblestone Wigwam Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Virginia Commonwealth University - Cobblestone Wigwam Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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