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NOT T© BE REMOVED FROM LIBRARY iSaCofnmonweafih Uni ■■ LIBRARY ] For Reference Not to be taken from this room NON-CIRGULATINa. Library of the COll[G[OfWiUIAMANDMARY 901 West Franklin Street Richmond, Va. Number. Copy. l eT. 378.755 -R-4-14y- — 1931 LIBRARY Ciil ' ' of Wm f4 ' Vf Cyyt e c . .. yL V - 1 r v -fe r-t- , .. 2 2- ' i ' ' i- ' iK •{. -f. ' i-H-S-i i- v).S -Vj- v J? ' ? ' -; - } ' •% - ' :-V V-;-.,, ■V ' vU " m ' .V ' • ' !(■ I Li-,„_„-. itjilv,. ,-. ' Ti i I A . A . A NM) E R SO r: A 1. L h R ' i ¥ A R T-HE WIGWAM NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE VOLUME ONE NUMBER ONE Published by the Senior Class of the Richmond Division of the College of William and Mary, School of Social Wor and Public Health r •: ■ ' f•y ' ■• M A 1 CARET SYCLE Editor-in-Chief MARGARET REDWOOD Business Manager [4] y:. ' ,v ' f r t r? f i ' t f-ff ' ?T ' ' }i R E W O This, our Hrst annual, has been created with the fervent hope o£ being a perpetual me- morial to our college. Within these pages we have gathered those elements that make memories sacred to ourselves. However, we desire our annual to be more than memories and a record of events — we wish it to preserve the atmosphere, traditions, and inspirations of our college, and to this end we have endeavored to edit this book. [5: U J :. DEDICATION We, the Class of ' 31, dedicate the first issue of The Wigwam to Dr. Henry Horace Hibbs, Jr., whose broad vision has made for the tremendous growth of our college, whose life reteaches what life should be by the richness of his experiences, whose sensi- tiveness to the individuality of his students shall help to make their goal a reality, and who sends the Class of ' 31 on with a greater understanding to adapt themselves to living. [6] Dr. Henry Horace Hibbs, Jr. Director and Dean oj the Richmond Division uj the College of William and Mary, School oj Social Worl and Puh ' x Health [7 RUTH KENNON YEAMANS Sponsor of Senior Class To Our Sponsor ' We, the Class of ' 31 , loved the mind coura eoiis ivhich no dread Of failure ever daunted, whose control Of gentleness all opposition stole: We loved herself and all the ;o ' she shed. " •i-?f i -..Hf , f? ' H? f Colonel Abraham A. Anderson Distinguished New York and Paris artist and donor to the College of the new art gallery which bears his name. This building, one of the finest small galleries in the country, was opened to the public February 18, 1931, with an exhibition of forty-eight paintings of Colonel Anderson ' s. M 1 ! ■■ r K 1 1 II N BUILDING FOUNDER S HALL THE DORMITORY The Wigwam THE FACULTY The V igwam • ■.■ ' !)?:aa F A C U LTY Julian A. C. Chandler, Ph.D.. LL.D. President, College of William and Mary Henrv Horace Hibbs, Jr., Ph.D. Dean of the School of Social Wbrk_ and Public Health and Director of the Richmond Division of the College Llella Townley, A.B.. M.A. Franklin Johnson, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Social Worl{ Professor of Sociology Robina Kneebone, A.B. Professor of Public Health Nursing Mrs. ' ircie A. Chalkley Social Director of Women Ailekn Shane, A.B., M.S.S. Professoi of Social Case Worl{ Ruth Kennon Yeamans, A.B. ... Instructor, Academic Dwision Margaret L. Johnson, A.B., A.M. Instructor, Academic Division and Director of the Glee Club Helen D.aCosta, B.S.. A. f. Instructor in Recreation and Physical Education Alice Whiteside Jorg, B.L.I. H. Aurelia Gill, A.B., A.M. Instructor in Dramatics and Oral English Instructor in Theresa Pollak, B.S. Instructor m Drawing, Painting and Composition J. V. Guenther Instructor in .Idrertismg Art Anne Fletcher Instructor m Painting Eleanor C. Burruss Instiuctor in Handcraft [15] am THE ALMA MATER Harl{, the students ' voices swelling, Strong and true and clear; Alma Mater ' s love they ' re telling Ringing far and near. William and Mary, loved of old, Har upon the gale; Hear the thunder of our chorus. Alma Mater — hail! Iron-shod and golden sandaled Shall the years go by; Still our hearts shall weave about thee Love that cannot die. All thy sons are faithful to thee Through their college days; Singing out of hearts that love thee Alma Mater ' s praise. God, our Father, hear our voices, Listen to our cry. Bless the college of our fathers. Let her never die. 16 Wi Thi igwam H; i ' j.t.f,; THE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Miis Catherine Harahan ' Mrs. Edn Garrett Miss Elizabeth Stoneman Mrs. Margaret Pitcher . President Vice-Piesident Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Mary McConnell Trt To the Class of 1931 The Alumnae Association wishes to congratulate the Class of W31 on its initiative in starting an annual. For many years we have hoped that such a book would eventu- ally be published. We felt that it would hold each graduating class closer to its Alma Mater, would give information concerning the school and its activities to outsiders, and would act]uaint us of the Alumnae with the names and faces and accomplish- ments of our fellow graduates. The Alumnae Association also wishes to extend a most sincere invitation to each of you to join its ranks upon graduation. The Association is as old as the school itself and counts within its ranks case workers, recreation workers, and health workers. In the past it has tried to uphold the standards of the School, to secure employment for its members, and to assist worthy students with loans. It stands ready to help you in the same way, and it hopes through you to stand ready to help all future classes. Catherine Harahan, President I IS I The Wigwam WigWi am ' i-- ' • ' Susan Willis Dickinson B.S. FREDERICKSBURG, VA. ■f ' ice-President of Student Government As- sociation, 1930-31; Student Council Repre- sentative, 1929-30; Secretary of Athletic As- sociation, 1929-30; Atlas Club, 1929-30; Treasurer of Adas Club. 1930-31; Editor- in-Chief of Adas Paper, 1930-31; Ath- letic Reporter, 1929-30; Varsity Basketball Squad, 1928-29-30-31; Varsity Soccer Team, 1929-30-31. Helen Taliaferro Drinker B.S. RICHMOND, V.4. i President of Student Government Associa- tion, 1930-31; Secretary of Student Govern- ment Association, 1929-30; President of Junior Class, 1929-30; Adas Club, 1929-30- 31; Glee Club, 1928-29; Varsity Basketball Squad, 1927-28-29; Captam, Basketball. 1930-31; Varsity Soccer Team, 1928-29; Manager, Soocer, 1929-30; Captain, Soccer, 1930-31; Track Manager, 1929-30; Archery Team, 1930-31; May Queen 1931. Marguerite Watson Farmer B.S. RICHMOND, VA. 20 warn The Wigwam Lily Mae Freeman B.S. RICHMOND, VA. f;iee Club, 1930-3!; Atlas Club, 1930-31; Basketball Manager, 1930-31; Wicwam Staff, 1930-31. Emily Lee Gill B.S. KENBRIDGE, VA. Cotillion Club, 1929-30-31; May Court, 1931. Margaret Meredith Gill MALVERN HILL, VA. House President, 1930-31; Student Coun- Lil, 1930-31; Cotillion Club, 1929-30; Vice- President. Cotillion Club, 1930-31. [21 ' Vv -! f :v- ' ?i -Vi?- ' " ■; • v)«, f -ii- Edith Armington Higgins B.S. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Secretary and Treasurer Senior Class, 1930- 31; Wigwam Staff, 1930-31; Cotillion Qub, 1930-31. Emma Holman A.B. Lee, Va. Emma W. Leary B.S. RICHMOND, VA. Atlas Club. 1930-31; Atlas Staff, 1929-30- 31; Class Reporter, 1930-31; Treasurer, At- las Publication, 1930-31; Dramatic Club, 1930-31; Varsity Soccer Team, 1929-30; Manager, Soccer, 1930-31. 22 Wigwam Margaret Redwood B.S. RICHMOND, VA. President of Athletic Association, 1930-31; Business Manager, Wigwam, 1930-31; At- las Club, 1929-30; Secretary, Atlas Club, 1930-31; Treasurer of Atlas Publication, 1929-30; Varsity Soccer Team, 1929-30-31. [ .,, ... - ; ys. ' sj ism f. i The V igwam Hazel Sarah Roman B.S. DANVILLE, VA. House President, 1929-30; Student Coun- cil, 1929-30; Vice-President of Senior Class, Catherine Virginia Sponseller B.S. CUMBERLAND, MD. i Cotillion Club, 1929-30-31; President, Cotil- lion Club, 1930-31; May Court. 1931. 23 Helen Stacy B.S. ELBERTON, GA. Alice Edwards Stone B.S. RICHMOND, VA. Margaret Virginia Sycle B.S. RICHMOND, VA. President of Senior Class, 1930-31; Student Council, 1930-31; Editor-in-Chief, Wig- wam, 1930-31; President of Adas Club, 1930-31; Adas Staff, 1928-29-30; Student Government Reporter, 1929-30; Secretary and Treasurer of Junior Class, 1929-30; May Court, 1931. [24] Helen Sublett Woodall B.S. RICHMOND, VA. Treasurer, Freshman Class, 1927-28; Atlas Club, 1927-28-29-30-31; Basketball Varsity Squad, 1927-28; Vice-President of Sopho- more Class, 1928-29; Assistant Editor, At- las Publication, 1928-29; Secretary, Adas Club. 1929-30, Vice-President, 1931; Ad- vertising Editor, Wigwam, 1930-31. Mav Court. 1931. Indie Knight Whitehurst B.S. NORFOLK, VA. Cotillion Club, 1929-30-31; Glee Club, 192c)-30. Mildred Frances Williams B.S. RICHMOND, VA. [25 ' ■■ ' ii ' ' |:V - " WHO ' S WHO? " sponsored by the Atlas Club VOTED BY THE STUDENT BODY i Best AU-Round Girl Helen Drinker Most Intellectual Girl Margaret Wilson Prettiest Girl Emily Chenault " Greenest Due " Charity Anne Neustadt Most Popular Girl Helen Drinker Best Athlete Mary Repass Umberger Most Original Girl Mary Bliley Most Dependable Girl Susan Dickinson Most Lively to Succeed Margaret Sycle Best Dancer Virginia Martin Most Popular Professor Miss Yeamans i i i DID you KNOW ? " T hat our school was first organized in 1917 by a group of Richmond citizens as an in- dependent institution under the official name of Richmond School of Social Work and Public Health, Inc.? That it was the first training school of its kind in the South? That it became affiliated with the College of William and Mary in 1920 and in 1925 be- came a definite division of the College? That Dr. Hibbs has been Director of the school since its founding in 1917? T hat the enrollment in the day school in 1925 was 52 while the present enrollment is 220? T hat we now have five departments — the Department of Social Case Work, the Depart- ment of Recreation, the Department of Public Health Nursing, the Academic De- partment, and the Art Department ' That five degrees were conferred in 1922 and that there are sixteen applicants for degrees in 1931? That we have more college graduates enrolled than any other similar institution in the South ? That Miss Townley is Senior member of the Faculty, having been with us seven years? That the rapid growth of the School since it moved to its Franklin Street location in 1925 has necessitated the addition of three other buildings? That the graduates of our School are holding important executive positions as well as being members of various staffs throughout the country? [261 r ie S5] The Wigwam mm JUNIOR CLASS Officers MABLE BESECKER President MARY REPASS UMBERGER SARAH FORSTMANN Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer MISS HELEN DaCOSTA Sponsor i Class Roll Mary Bartlett Mabel Hamner Louise Belcher Dorothy Hardy iVLible Besecker Virginia Martin Mary Bliky Winnifred Meade Margaret Ruth Brock Norma Overstreet Irma Brooks Nannie St. Clair Eunice Christian Anne Thompson Virginia Crooks Lillian Shepherd Sarah Forstmann Katherine Totten Mary Catherine Griffith Mary Repass Umberger Dorothy Halligan Mary Elizabeth Winn Wigwam 29 SOPHOMORE CLASS Officers BETSY BRITTON President i ANNIE MARTIN EDITH HOGAN Vice-President Secretary EMILY CHENAULT Treasurer MRS. ALICE WHITESIDE JORG Sponsor ■f Class Roll Evelyn Askin Mildred Hatcher Gainelle Bailey Edith Hogan Mary Baker Ella Killinger Pauline Bourdon Fannye Krapin Betsy Britten Ellen Lewis Linda Mae Brown Grace Marlin Claudine Burkholder Fanny Martin Emily Chenault Polly Moss Mary Clark Lucy Paddison Eugenia Clayton Mae Shelburne Carolyn Davis Marian Waters Dorcas Edmister Margaret Youngblood Wigwam FRESHMAN CLASS Officers NATALIE KOLLINER MARY ANDERSON President Vice-President MARGARET WILSON Secretary LUCY LEE CLAYTON MISS LUELLA TOWNLEY Treasurer Sponsor Marjorie Aiken Mary Grey Anderson Genevieve Thelma Becker Beulah Binns Gladys Bowles Virginia Bowles Grace Browning Marguerite Childress Margaret Clarke Lucy Lee Gayton Evelyn Conway Ella Davis Virginia Eberley Margaret Christie Edgar Katherine Eilers Margaret Elizabeth Delaney [321 Class Roll Alice Farrell Eva Lucille Graete Katherine Harris Bertha Harrison Ruth Hebditch Barbee Humphreys Bertha Kessler Natalie Kolliner Mary Roberta Kuyk Mary Elizabeth Lambert Helen Lassiter Ella Latham Alice Loving Hilda Margaret Mavs Helen Meyer Louise Mifka Charity Anne Neustadt Virginia Parkinson Emily Louise Roye Ann Shue Frances Smith Margaret Smith Pauline Smith Elizabeth Strother Gladys Taylor ' irginia Thornton Ethel Watts Margaret Weisiger Virginia Willi ford Margaret Wilson Vesta Odell Young 7 ie Wiqwam NURSES i Officers of First Semester Lydia B. Rice President L. W. KiRKLAND Vice-President E. Walton Hammock Secretary Hazel Allyn Treasurer Ruth Anderson C rt« Representative RoBiNA Kneebone Sponsor Officers of Second Semester Hannah A. Jeter President Clara Christlan Vice-President Katherine Gary Secretary Ruby Wood Treasurer Irma Rogers Class Representative Robina Kneebone Sponsor Edith Evelyn Gordon E. Walton Hammock Hannah A. Jeter Leonora Jobe Mrs. Leiirie W. Kirk ' land Estelle Evelvn McNausjhton V igw am Roll Mrs. Hazel Trenary Allyn Mrs. Ruth Jackson Anderson Cora A. Bensley Clara Christian Elizabeth Daniels Katherine Gary Margaret Sabina Neel Mrs. Frances Pinner Perry Lydia B. Rice Irma Laura Rogers Lena Bruce Swimm Ruby V. Wood 4; .IS 4s • . ' -! -Ji. ; .: . ••»? -i -s ' , •■»«■ GRADUATES CLUB EUNICE MINTON President Officers BETTY INGLES Secretary ANNA GROVE Rrepresentative LILLIAN KELLY MISS AILEEN SHANE Reporter Sponsor i Roll Inez Raker, Cartersville, Va., A.B. William and Mary; Sallie Cowell, Washington, N. C, B.S. Randolph-Macon; Margaret Draughon, Whitakers, N. C, A.B. Duke; Marguerite Farmer, Richmond, Va., A.B. William and Mary; Katherine Germany, Macon, Ga., A.B. Mercer; Mamie Grant, Richmond, Va., A.B. Mary Baldwin; Anna Grove, High Rock, Penna., A.B. Southwestern; Pearl Helm, Goldsboro, N. C., A.B. Flora Mac- Donald College; Betty Ingles, Richmond, 34 Va., A.B. Hollins; Lillian Kdly, Augusta, Ga., . .B. University of Georgia, M.A. ' an- derbilt; Elizabeth Lacy, Elkins, W. ' a., A.B. Davis and Elkins; Eunice Minton, Palatka, Fla., B. A. Florida State Women ' s College; Elizabeth Lee Valentine, Richmond, Va., A.B. Sweetbriar; La Verne Waters, Brevard, N. C, A.B. Salem; Margaret Wingo, Spar- tansburg, S. C, A.B. Converse; Martine Wright, Richmond, Va., A.B. North Caro- lina College for Women. r ie Wigwam HhLHN DRINKER President of the Student Body The highest honor attainable by a student at the hands of her fellow students is that of the President of the Student Body. The attributes and qualities essential to this preferment are a strong and attrac- tive personality, scholarship, interest in athletics, sympathy with student activities, elements of lead- ership, and righteous ambition. igwam The Wigwam iv; V i :W: «!_. . 1. H ; ;:■■ ;,■ 4 « - i:; jK- ' ■I ie-M • ■ - r • ■■: pM -s- Thi igwam Wigwam £ S S S |t S 1 £ i - ' - -N • - A ' THE COTILLION CLUB Officers CATHERINE SPONSELLER LOUISE BATTE President Chairman of Publicity WINNIFRED MEADE MISS H. AURELIA GILL Secretary and Trea: - nrer ■f Members Alice Farrell Sponsor Marjorie Aiken Dorothy Hardy Lucy Paddison Gainelle Bailey Edith Higgins Mary Beth Purcell Irma Brooks Barbee Humphreys Ann Shue Christine Burke Laura Belle Jackson Lillian Shepherd Margaret Childress Ella Killinger Margaret Smith Margaret Clarke Lillian Kelly La Verne Waters Carolyn Davis Mary Elizabeth Lam bert Indie Whitehurst Katherine Eilers Ella Leens Latham Margaret Wilson Emily Gill Helen Meyers Mary Winn Margaret Gill Julia Nance Martine Wright [39] 1 r ie r Wigwam m Baasas mmmm WILLIAM MARy GLEE CLUB RICHMOND DIV i Officers ISION MARGARET L. JOHNSON Director DOROTHY HARDY ELLEN LEWIS President Treasurer MARGARET WILSON Accompanist ■f Members First Sopranos Polly Moss Mary Umberger Mary Bliley Lucy Paddison Altos Beulah Binns Margaret Smith Eleanor Burruss Eugenia Clayton Second Sopranos Virginia Bowles Eunice Christian Margaret Clarke Dorothy Hardy Ellen Lewis Lucy Lee Clayton Alice Farrell Winnifred Meade Natalie Kolliner Gladys Taylor Virginia Martin Julia Nance Margaret Youngblood [«: Thi WigWi am •I -.;.«»■ •;, ' » ,»■ ff •• The Wigwam . - » i ' - fi -r ' . ARET RED Presicfenfj THY HA DY ATHLETIC COUNCIL • Margaret Redwood President Marv Umbercer Vice-President Ellen Lewis Secretary Dorothy Hardy Treasurer Margaret Clarke Reporter Winnifred Meade Tracl{ Manager Mary Bliley Baseball Manager Lily Mae Freeman Basketball Manager Alice Farrell Tennis Manager Emma Leaky Soccer Manager Eleanor Burruss -irchery Manager Miss Helen DaCosta Coach 42 The Wigwam r r v_ V V . _ - V V.,. -, i; -,. . j .,i ,.,• ;; j :j .. . y, r, .t; , f . . ' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Top Row Mabel Besecker Edith Hocan Erit Miley, Mascot Mary Bliley Llcy Paddison Middle Row Miss DaCosta, Coach Margaret Weisiger Mary Umberger Alice Farrell Lily. Mae Freeman, Manager Bottom Row Gladys Taylor Helen Drinker, Captain Susan Dickinson [« Wigwam iMr. ARCHERY i CLUB Team Members Lucy Paddison Mary Umbercer Edith HOCAN Alice Farrell Mary Bliley Natalie Kolliner Helen- Drinker Mary Elizabeth Lambert Eleanor Burruss, Manager 44 1 m Wiqw am VARSITY SOCCER TEAM Top Row Emma Learv, Manager Carolyn ' Davis Margaret Redwood Mable Besecker Beulah Binxs Mary Bliley M ry Umberger Miss DaCosta, Coach Bottom Rolu Margaret Weisiger Lily Mae Freeman ErcEMiA Clayton Helen Drinker. Captain Susan Dickinson Gainelle Bailey Ellen Lewis 45 V igwam •i- ' A-vMfH i-!- -!»i:V ' f ' ? -fH ACKNOWLEDGMENTS T J_HE Staff of the 1931 Wigwam wishes to express our indebtedness and our appreciation: To Miss Ruth K. Yeamaxs for her untiring interest and expert advice; To Mr. Stirling King, of Whittel and Shepperson, for his careful guidance and wilhng co-operation in mak- ing our annual a success; To Mr. Holladay, of Homier and Clark, for his constant patience in taking the photographs portrayed herein; To Our Advertisers for their financial support; To EniTH HiGGiNS, our staff stenographer, for her zeal in volunteering long hours of service to us, in such a gracious spirit; To Ollie Stabler, of our office, who ceaselessly contrib- uted necessary messages, calls, etc., throughout the year ; To THE Entire Student Body for their faith in us and their loyalty to an inexperienced staff; Lastly, to Our Faculty, whose keen interest and one hundred per cent support has helped to make for our success. 46 Thi Wigw am ' ■•! -U-M -ti- ■ ? -W -n 4 - ■• ?. k V ' ' . re probably reading this because color attracted attention to the page. is a powerful Force and when intelligently used adds greatly to the effectiveness of the printed page whether it be an annual or an advertisement, a catalog or a Christmas card. It is our business to use color effectively on the printed page. WHITTET SHEPPERSON Printers of Better Annuals RICHMOND, VIRGINIA THE HOMEIER-CLARK STUDIO Superior Portraiture Commercial Photography Copies, Home Portraits i 1 307 East Broad Street RICHMOND, VA. RICHMOND DAIRY COMPANY For MILK AND ICE CREAM Guernsey AA Grade AA Grade A W. L. BURRUSS Branch Manager Shenandoah Life Insurance Co., Inc. 619 Central National Bank Bldg. Richmond, Va. • y PHONE DIAL 2-0556 r Modified Lite Premium Age 35 — $12.42 per M. Coiuplnucnts of W. B. MURPHY I ' Harrison and Grace Streets Compliments of THE OCCIDENTAL RESTAURANT 212 North 8th Street PAUL ' S Ice Cream and Sandwiches Are the Best i i " ONCE A CUSTOMER— ALWAYS A CUSTOMER " i WE DELIVER Q39 W. Grace St. Dial 4-0159 C o m p 1 1 m c n t s of S. R. BRAME WAITT AND GLASS Artist Supplies Exclusively i i 523 East Main Street igwam .j : 4 -i i -X ' v . ' -.1? ••i M «« ' ■ t: :4fi - 4v - " i " THE ADDISON WAY IS BEST " f f FOR Cleaning — Pressing — Dyeing ■f 1 ADDISON CLEANING CO., Inc. 5-7 South Stafford Ave. :: Cirace-Arcade Building RICHMOND, VA. " Sa]e and Courteous Motor Coach Service " EAST COAST STAGES SAFETY TRANSIT LIXES. INC.. VIRGINIA SAFETY TRANSIT CO.. K. C, THE SAFETY TRANSIT CO. OF MD. Connecting with the Colonial A. P. Stages EAST — NORTH — SOUTH Bases for Everywhere MAIN BUS DEPOT, 422 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia Dial 3-58.38 and 3-4.S27 YOUR LUGGAGE — TO OR FROM COLLEGE CAN BE MOST CONVENIENTLY SENT BY RAILWAY EXPRESS SERVICE It includes Call and Delivery Service in all cities and towns ?nd in the districts where vehicle service is maintained. One reliable company renders the entire service — Door to Door, in most cases. The charge for through service by express compares favorably with cost of transpor- tation by other service. Charges may be made Prepaid or your trunk may be sent with charges to collect when delivered. CALL, WRITE, OR PHONE OUR NEAREST OFFICE RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY (INCORPORATED) { For Y o It r INVESTMENTS CONSULT WITH Grace Securities Corp. Dial .vl.S4S GRACE at THIRD RICHMOND, ' A , V igwam r VIRGINIA ENGRAVING CO., Inc. Engravers of plates in THE WIGWAM Telephone 2-0776 101 Governor St., Richmond, Va. lAUIFOIMT BrY ©ME Sop ILiia© s T© Anotkiir Dr. Hibbs: " Your studies are suffering, my dear. Do you need a coach. ' ' " ' Jessie: " Thanks, Dad, but a roadster will do. " " Bill " : " Have you given your order. ' ' " Mary Clarke: " Yes, but please change it to an entreaty. " Cop (anxiously): " Have you been hurt. ' ' Are you ill? " Bliley (from her seat on curbstone): " Certainly not! I ' m saving this park- ing space for a friend. " In the days before the five-cent collection system. Mrs. Jorg: " What can I do to develop the conversational abilities of my Oral English students. ' ' " Miss Yeamans: " That ' s simple. Take them to Chapel. " [49] The Wigwam tf U ' %-:-k- k: M ' H-h taiiggiM»»n M(g«aj VY ,; ' ' ! 4 4i- - ' i ■ ' ' ■ - ' ■- lIlBT . aR jlieta« ° " '

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