Virginia Beach Junior High School - Lookout Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA)

 - Class of 1969

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Virginia Beach Junior High School - Lookout Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1969 volume:

N R CH JM Q tv - xr L ' 1' ' as ' f I ' - fl 4 1 1 1. G - - , . r A ' T1 . G Q ' 9 X v o 'U c lv A ' 5 f ,' its -N YN .. -..,--S.,,, . , ,,-,,N , JM- N-1.-- 1 v. - . -- A 375,573 --i1,'3'--xT'g l-.6 - . -L - - " - :L-1---'J-tv-2 " - - - - -N .V -- Q '+ -5 I -r -., x-..---3-,LNB- X 4- - -r - - K, U 'Q .-.. . -'L ' . - I' ' ii- ETQEQI 'fir' If . - :film Stix- I , 1, 14 55 .ti 3---., gf Al V " Y ' ' 7' , , 5 '.-"f- - 4- ,iii Qi"-:' ffl K , . -Ve, ,, '-' , .- --' , ,.. , . .N.:x- . ,,..L.., V - v ' 5 N' fy: -. . -f,-.,'--4-f"-,'- I , , A 4, .4 I.:-' --f-', 4 .f. . ',1'.',5. fi 'g. ' ,..jj, ,' .4 '- Q 'VU'-. 4 '.. ' -n .r-Q., 1 4 5' "L"v.f " L',', ' - Y , ' "E "ff, U . Q . qw , .-5 " . . ,Q 'f I' vnu .'ak::- r., D .-.-, irl, , . . .. '-, 5. , , A 31: I ,' . - 4' ,'. an , . as-. 1 5 '-a 3. , 11. 1 .-. 1 - - -4 -, -.1-, ,rr 1. f 1 0 0 as W M. -if fx., - if' gf 'Fi 1 o'-.-. 4' -4' 'O Q I 4 . I 1 fa- 5 I 1 Q 1 f 4 ' n 1, A m I :gan 'A 1 I I 4' 1 1 9 -'.Qi ' Q D U9 if 0 D 'I ' . I r 5 1 A , n ' I -Q Q A .r Q firm J ,v fi ' 3" C -A .- . wA M -H 1 2' 5 T 77 -- 41,2 Y F ,rn 4, a. , . .uv ,MA4 . 5,-..g,1'fgf-1ff:r' - ' r c' -A A it w X -lr-44. x . .WW iff! www I Q lm ' .Q a Om ' ,, 40 SQ X X X ,I Blix ' we ' 2 .r' ' ... F' V xr BVI 'sf g v .gk N L JN QW J U N 'I N! , ., '5 -' -A li! ' ' , in ku " Cu Q9 N J wiv , ,, GX - X fx lr 'i A In xx ,Q cf' W D QV Q N hqmgi .ww , U Vx 1 J wa f QPR W. ,., E' 'J YP svK qi x fx :QB X54 my 'D ra nJQJ1Q Y. '-, Y fr' Oy Q 4 1-.9 a x.. wx. 1 31- . Q Qu A 1"". 'TL -. , , his ima' ,QS mu ,f r 'Jw , V -.u 'S ,- gh 'R 'WA , -W im rt: -- "-1 ,f -f. , LN' A .-s,,' .N .g,.-, ,--s3' ,-ya trxzr. - . "'1.4"x f -.aa- QN "iii 2555? N' I, pw- ' , f fn svesziasfff ' ' wg . , , EF A H 'XS wwiglf' fa 13.572 , f BSN 4- .Mm H . 'n,, ,Q .' ww .L 3 ,, iiesiffffff- may Q W if-Q ' arg ml fx Y ,. xii? .' f- - W. -4 E. x r' 2-525 " 2 ' Jiiaii' I "gi-Yl.3,?' - . gm, ,ggx ,Q ,,, I . pl... The Seahawks , gil ., wx M 1 , v A Our great name, the Seagwks K Li Keeps JT? We have great power to prove that M If can t5?!5i51 the,5eVe" : e ,. , . ,,k. , , v Our name rings out in praise. It shoufsjwith prige amrdlgloryegigg Our teachers' faces how it, Q Qin: trophies te!! the story. have clubs, games and socialsg oh! that's jgst the gegirmgngg My ff F5r deep xdbivnqiiiibur' hiirts K . 4. ,:,,, was We know that we are winning. sf: , ixgsfgi fr 4535 Our cheerleaders jixst vvon't quifi 5F" Isrnean, they are the best! Until ourf:-Boys haye woriihe game Those girls - they just c:m't rest. wetiove Wie have nothing to hide for shame. Wei only to doigpur best .gfzslf To stand up to that name. I cfose wifH'sincere'trust,l 1 V 5 , And within my heart, no doubt, lim greatlghonoregis to share Gf the School I've'written ,J QLQ : -31, ---wAQmfff' ' f .V :sw ,ie , ex , at NJ .av 8,1-442: ,cw My ., - 1-fx, we o ,Ldv ye pf' W kv' 'J-e. Fi-4 . .Cv Q? ' QW. LUV, r,,-wwq:.fw,ff5f1- A M gw -.451 4.-v 'Q , SK- '. L .- av s 'if ..1'4k Q' .035 - 9-, ,-. 15 I :E ' c .w A ii A gin. 4- 'Q fi' 'x 1-K , flaw- ' ' ,ws . ESX. .A 4 sl -QJ aisif 4- '-sign Q ii ,mn g?fSaE"ii1" . ,,,7-.Wigs , ,.....,---A - . 2, ,kr ,persian ewwgi . Jfegglfi . A . aigggjii jx zg A ',- I- N5 v www TN-v A sk 5- f'.'?' L " .' 3 75 " , .1, ,,.,m, . , ' .2-fvla I' ' 3 'Y'-1 , -4' '5-' 5' P -I ,fl I. :-saw ' 'V L ' , V43-r+ fy Q:-'Thi' rf Us ':-1:23 -' M'-.1 Z. ' VJ .Zi ,V I, yt, ,ragjjr . I' . ' -5' Et' T'- ' V 1221555 W i 1 if X, 155: -v' H 'X at. -' M K iv wg---, u ' 1'gT'-ggi-3' , . I .w 1i1?:fa:i5f! 5 9' 1 3 - .. f 1 r 3' V U3-4 1 I -,Z ' 'JV ' .- JN A I -:fi H751 Q " . -'. u ' ., :I I 4? , . . . -sz. V -. Q "vii 3 , Q , . Gffriar 1' . Um, ' , 'fig " fgigsffae -,-- 'few- . ' T X li' Q o 0 o o 0 Og! Qnffi' '. 1 ,u, f ' ,X - my O , ye, S 3 .,,A. S g 9 M ,nv . w Q 0 . .25 .25 ,, W , ooo: ego owowzgo o oo06l uma' , ,N 1 -az A W 2 515 N '37 f oo0Q00""'.,". Q4 BRIS O O O O 0 O O O O O O O9 Coach Braye, e's Our Man :taht vm: ,su E, the I-.igaf-,4-Q. Willie L It is only natural that we use the word DEDICATION when speaking of a man who gives up his afternoons so that VBJ HS might have a better football and basketball teamg a man who teaches interesting and meaningful classesg a man who has earned the respect of both students and faculty because he is their friend. Like this yearbook he has l ft e an impression on the Lives of many students here at VBJHS. For these reasons we dedicate this 196869 LOOKOUT ' to our friend and favorite faculty member. . . Co ac h B ra ye 4 If He Can't Do It, Nobody Can! 5 j ,,, Q M V S.- Hu QQ.1 EDO-PQQ LLSQJ ew -HNQ WTXQDQ HQLZCS-rciaf. l.OPxczQ- CL Pvczffs TWP IGN, 'WBHLT Fczggfyggcl ' :': - , Gjfwems 4 - , sg .,,, " ' V' ' S5 8 PM l if ' ' l W' - 2f 4-w 4 rn wwe? Q,h'H-XAQBK' ?me-,mm-nbsfx UKGM had E wQL 1N W gums ww-was 1 ww- ORM 'H-YQ H1513 CWYWQN C9 MLN LO' , f9Qml t 'Ennio P' Q .KN f.. , :C 15, N QR Qf,LDg9,3 Ok 0 3 I MQJMRPQ.. +0 Q-Q2 5?-,Hag YYWQ CSN? olwg iff 0 -HNSL lb' -C tg Superintendant Makes Changes it X f iam. 9 2 1 ,,, Mr. E.E. Brickell 'd the foundation for reorgani- Mr. Brickell, after a year as our Superintendant, has lar zation of our system. Through his leadership, we have seen a strengthening in the position of subject area supervisors, a change in the administrative set-up, the beginning of construction of three new junior highs, one of which will be operated on the modular system which is the tirst of its kind in this area, and the redistribution of school districts so that sudents will ' the future. attend the school closest to them in 8 ' :ssl Our favorite pose!!!!!! 11 'W Principal Mr. Charles A. Perkinson In the fall Mr. Perkinson will once again be respon- sible for opening a new school, Kempsville Junior High. He is well-prepared for this role having served as principal of VBJH for the past three years as well as having served in the administration of Kempsville and Bayside High Schools. Those of us who have benefitted from his leadership wish him well in his new assignment. Really, Mr. Perkinson, we didn't do it! I Mr. Robert F. Coulthard ,Q ' -ed 1 EES? uw ii "lisp, Mi N ai , .,s,, i ni ' in 1 mass agar i i ii! S Assistant Principal Mr. Coulthard, having served our administration well for the past three years, will once again return to the classroom in the fall. As our assistant principal he has become a familiar figure with a wide range of responsibilities including the disciplining of students and supervising teachers, We are confident that success will follow Mr. Coulthard when he agains assumes the role of a teacher. Mr. William H. Jeter Administrative Assistant Mr. Jeter, a native of South Carolina, will return to his home- land next fall as an assistant principal. For the past three years, Mr. Jeter has served as our Administrative Assistant. His chief responsibilities have included handling the buses, scheduling, and helping to coordinate lunch activities. We wish him the best in his endeavors next year. School Nurse Our school nurse, Mrs. James, shares a large amount of respon- sibility in our school, Her duties include: accurately checking and recording attendanceg being responsible for passes to and from schoolg and, of course, caring for all those who become ill in school. She also, through her warm smile and pleasant personality, aids many of our students with their problems. V - f 1 Mrs. Betty James, R.N. 11 Guidance Department iid' ,,. Mrs. Theresa Cook, Director The Guidance Department, headed by Mrs, Cook, exists to help the stu- dent: understand his abilities, interests and special aptitudesg to obtain infor- mation about educational and vocational opportunitiesg and to make appropriate adjustments and choices. Its responsibilities include: an orien- tation program in the fall for all incoming studentsg the coordination and administration of a standardized test programg supervision and maintenance of cumulative foldersg registration and schedule changesg the distribution of educational and vocational informationg parent conferencesg group guidanceg and counseling. Mrs. Jeannie S. Rickard 12 99" 'US Mrs. Mary Artrip Our oftice staff is composed of Mrs. Artrip and Mrs. Tyndall. Mrs. Artrip is responsible for monthly reports which includes checking registers, correspondence, handling transcrip and record materials, and assisting in the registration process. Mrs. Tynda11's responsibilities include: handling all money transactions in the school, bookkeeping, correspondence, and handling mimeographed materials. Both of these ladies are an integral part in the smooth running of the school. 1 --ll 2- Office Personnel . .I Mrs. Flora Tyndall ,.f1iSil3 w .rr K.. 13 f' J Miss Harriett Gutterman Department Head English 9 B.A. Longwood College Mrs. Mary P. Maddux English 7 Madison, Longwood University of Virginia Mrs. Janet Patterson English 7 Madison College i5n+6Qfp English Department The English Department, under the direction o ' fmilttempts to teach techniques of writing, basic grammar skills, and an appreciation of various literary works. The English classes are grouped into superior, average and remedial sections. Each grouping is taught according to the needs and abilities of its stu- dents. Efkw N . w 1 2 A 'K 35- wiv' 'sa . 9: N i n f , ' A . 7 1 ' - 1.93 I " ?.f4,.,- 2454. Mrs. Suzanne Forehand Mrs. Sherry Quesenberry Miss Anne Van Wagoner English 8 English 8 English 9 B.A. William and Mary B.S. Old Dominion College B.A. N.C. Wesleyan College 14 Mr. James M. Cook Industrial Arts B.S. Univ. of Georgia The Arts In the Arts department are found subjects and activities such as Industrial Arts, Home Economics, Art, the Library, and Music, Our Industrial Arts program, taught by Mr. Cook, includes General Shop, Woods I and Drafting I. The shop course is an introductory course in which students are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the concepts and equipment used in the shop. Woods I is a beginning course in working with wood materials whereas Drafting I is a start in mechanical drawing. Home Economics is a program designed to produce students who will be proficient in the areas of cooking, sewing, budgeting, cleaning and decorating the home. Our Art classes are designed to give the stu- dents a background in the history of art and to teach them the basics of painting, sketching, sculpting, and perspective drawing. Mr. Dorosz's classes also provide the students with an opportunity to explore a possible talent field. The Library, headed by Miss Edwards, is a resource area where the students may come to research topics, to select books for pleasure, or to peruse the wide assortment of magazines and newspapers available there. The Music Department is separated into the Band and Chorus. Mr. Olds, the band director Cnot pictured because of absencej, has created a Beginners' Band, Marching Band, and a Concert Band. The Chorus Department, under the direction of Miss Treakle, has been divided into various groups and presents several concerts each year. In addition to vocal training, the students receive instruction regarding the history of music and training in reading music. Mrs. Faye D. Dekker Home Economics B.A. Greensboro College Miss Betty Edwards Mr. Raymond Dorosz B S Old Dominion X Librarian B.S. Longwood College Miss Gayle M. Treakle Chorus B. Mus. Ed., Madison 15 Mrs. Jean McGovern French, Spanish B.A. Univ. of Okla. V 'F E i. is as is Mrs. Helen Hill Social Studies Old Dominion College 13. Foreign Language Mrs. Georgeanne Londeree English, French B.A. Westhampton College Mr. Harvey Martin English, Latin B.A. Virginia Union Our foreign language department is divided into tive courses: Latin I, Latin II, French I, French ll, and Spanish I. The overall objectives for these courses are very similar. They include the following: to increase the understanding of elements in the foreign languages which are related to English, to develop an elementary knowledge of the general principles of the foreign language structureg to increase the student's ability to express ideas more effectively in Englishg and to develop a cultural and historical background of the countries involved. Student Teachers Mr. Cecil Myers Mr. Eugene White Physical Education Physical Education Norfolk State College Old Dominion College Members of the Health and Physical Education Department, headed by Coach Ingram, have many objectives they hope to achieve each year. In their physical titness program, they are con- oemed with developing certain muscular skills in their students as well as teaching th anatomical and physiological aspects that pro- duce them. In addition to the physical program, health principles are taught through the health classes. In the health classes, the students are taught the principles of sound nutrition, the proper practices regarding communicable diseases, and effective personal hygiene procedures. Through both the physical and health pro- grams, the students are encouraged to spend a proportionate share of their leisure time engaged in fitness or recreational activities. Mi. John A. Ingram Department Head Physical Education 8 B.S. Old Dominion College Health and Physical Education 4 in l Wm-E? Miss Sarah A. Aycock Mr. Willie L. Braye Miss S. Diane Collins Physical Education 9 Physical Education 9 Physical Education 8 B.S. East Carolina Univ. B.S. Norfolk State B.S. East Carolina Univ. 0' 'C X Gigi? W H. H. .- .rg W 0 Mathematics Under the leadership of Mr. Copeland, the Math Department has several overall objectives. In Unified Geometry, the students acquire geometric facts and the ability to think creatively. Algebra I introduces the students to the language of sets and provides an understanding of set relations. Math 8 and 9 attempts to develop the ability to think through a problem and determine what units are needed in developing a solution. ln Remedial Math, the stu- dents are taught to prepare for use of everyday mathematics, and to gain a sense of organization and logical thought which can be extended to other areas. The instilling of the ability to think logically and building an understanding of the principles governing addition, substraction, multiplication and division are but a few of the objectives of Math 7. Mr. Harrell D. Copeland Department Head Math 9, Geometry B.S. Wake Forest M.A. East Carolina is 1. tx . hw Mr. Shade W. Griffm Mr. Larry A. Harmon Miss Judith A. Lockridge Math 8, Algebra Math 7 Math 8, Algebra B.S. Old Dominion B.S. Kansas State Univ. B.S. William and Mary Miss Abby Starke Math B.A. Sweet Briar , Mrs. Janet N. Tyler Math 7 Science The Science Department under the leadership of Mrs. Long has two prime objectives: to develop in the student a greater interest in the world in which he lives as well as an interest in the other living things of the worldg to aid the student in acquiring a scientific method for interpreting that world. The program is divided into three courses including Science 7, Life Science 8, and Introductory Physical Science 9. Science 7 is designed to develop in the students understandings of scientific principles and to stimulate an interest in the various branches of science. Lif Science 8 is developed as an introductory course for Biology and is well-suited for those who have had no previous exposure to Life Science. Through developing lab skills, Introductory Physical Science 9 trains pupils to think and develop skills in problem solving. Miss Linda Bolam Mrs. Ann C. Joynt Life Science 8 IPS, Physical Science B.S. Longwood B.S. Longwood Mr. Edward G. Holmes Mrs. Julia G. Sweeney Science 7, Math 7 Science 7 B.S. Frederick College B.S. Longwood College Mrs. Elisa J. Long Department Head Life Science 8 B.S. Radford Mrs. Suzanne Thompson Life Science' 8 B.S. Wake Forest College Mrs. Cynthia C. Walker Science 7- B.S. Va. State College l if i 'jig fy 1 . 'Ai . .J Social Science The Social Science Department, with Mrs. Smith as its chair- man, is interested in creating an awareness in the student of his heritage and the conditions of his present world. This is taught in relation to history's effect on the student himself. The department is divided into four courses: History 7, History 8, World Geography, and World History. History 7 is an extensive investigation of the history of the state of Virginia and its relation- ship to the rest of the United States. A study of the history of the U.S. from its inception to the present comprises the History 8 course. World Geography is a study of the geographical conditions affecting the histories of the various countries in the world. World History, designed for the college-bound student, is a review of the course of the history of the world. Many new approaches, such as the inductive approach and the Harvard Project method, are used in the teaching of these courses. im, i 1 1 i 1 i Mr. Herbert T. Bailey English 7, History 7 B.S. East Carolina Univ. Mrs. Judith M. Murray History 7 B.S. East Carolina 'N fi' 'US vl - ,- Mrs. Sharron H. Smith Department Head World I-listory, World Geo. B.S. Longwood Mr. W.K. Stow, Jr. lf? Math 8, History 8 B.S. U.S. Naval Academy Miss Patricia L. Vakos History 8, World Geo. B.A. William and Mary Mrs. Mary M. Winslow History 7 Purdue University Mrs. Anne Henry Corrective Reading B.S., M.A. Longwood Miss Catherine Shesso Special Education Our Special Education program consists of two Special Edu- cation classes, a Corrective Reading program and a Speech Therapy program. Miss Shesso and Mrs. Gross, our two Special Education teachers, specialize in teaching each of their students on an individual basis according to the abilities and needs of the students. Our Corrective Reading program has been designed to diagnose reading problems and set up a program on an individual basis to correct the problem. Mrs, Henry is our full-time reading teacher who is aided on Monday and Wednesday by Mrs. Mary Ann Williams. Mrs. Peggy Sheets, who comes every Thursday, is our speech therapist who works with those having speech diffi- culties. Mr. Cheryl Sheets Speech Therapist Special Education B.S. East Carolina xx. Mrs Loretta Gross Special Education B.A. Rutgers il iv yi M.A. Columbia A Mrs. Janet Harrier Dicticizm Staff Members if if Mr. Luther Olds Mr.Floyd Allen Custodian Maintenance Staff ..- ....- ' ,As The cafeteria in operation at lunch time. 22 l 1' A nf-it H., A 'Rx , . up 1 Sgqw. . ,,.A is 1?-f-.B if 1 -g1Q.i.:,!W -s R NL"f'f if-J 'E' W! X 2' as f"'-fffi" - 'gn ' .5 ,iijlflii ' 5.29.5 , . ....,. ,A 'K 5 r, M HAZ. f 14- -,yy-. 4, .gf 1 5-:Q -L - 1-'MJ xy-IW iffy- . '-'Q 1 ,I--ff. :H ggn ' ' ., wh . , - . .' J ak ff , '32 fx "'51!?'N IW gg ,Q -, ny' , '1'if'4.QN r,iA':3.4-.- . fx - T11-ff ' '- N747 1 -- 13 X ff " f il E - - .1 A -- V 1 V. E ,, . .r - " ' " . L1 '. .. 5 X rg.-4? 'Assign . ','-5' . Q- . 1' -' Z a3'..1 " gf , .gfl-'-Q".if-175, K- 9, ,, g gi '-J -- 'jg LN- ' -' 'tw 7 5 ' -' 3, W A .,-- If 7' '12 ' ' ' -5- "Fw" -as.. 4.1 'va I" " -.1---4"-Q, .4,,:-,ygyrx 199 -.3 xi -:--Lvl 1 .nk , ,Q v.. jx fx V A 'Q' '. A? , s - ' 4 -A " . ,.,. 1 - I .., .K Z x fl' P 'L 5 3 W1 ' 9 1 'gl ' 'F se-ivy ' 9 ' 1- . 'W' ' - 5. KQJ . ,L - . -N E J ,B A X1 .43 I N YA .- Nr- . AA Q, ' -. Qi A E QM, --,gn -4, ,.,I: if- 'E -jg F -. , - 7 5-eff ii gg S - h " 'H ' if P . J , V- r 4' Q? Q l Yffww , - Mit -1 1- u - . . -- . vs S-g E: 4 ii 1.:'f 'f i . what "Q , 'fl' f' " x I , pi , '- .gg-, y i - M -.IL 2 :KI 4' V b x -V I-P.. , v xxx--1 4, V' V? JTFLA' P 'ff LF -Q .,--N " 'r . ' '- f fm' ' TQ-fed-iii IVV? STL-. ff, N ' 'ti ' mg 5 , F 44-,4'Y'.,,g-1-S., ,, W, . .eg-g ,-gf. ' 'flff ',-'53-2.3 - A - F ' ., -0. rlwll fti. -li .J ' 'V' -r ' 'K , fx v u "ua, x .M .- . - X . A . 1 , -:U .-gl, . in 1 4 - Q inth Graders Get Top Billin Pam Abel Sarah Adams Ginny Ailstock Gail Alderman Becky Allen Margaret Allen Pat Allred Julie Anderson Scott Anderson Melodie Appleton Pauline Arellano Eddie Arrington Parks Atkinson Maureen Ayvazian Richard Bailey Donna Banton Left to right: President, B. White hurstg Vice-President, T. Fanneyg Sec retary, K. Whiteg Treasurer, P. Webb Gene Bratcher Janice Brown Pat Brumley Don Burford John Burford Sandra Burks Frank Burton Somry Butler ui QT? Michael Barber Jan Barco Steve Barfield Bloyce Barnard. Herbert Barnes Susan Barnes Carol Barton Linda Beasley Charlotte Beckett Richard Boggs Jerry Boguess Gwenn Bohanon Laura Boice Johnny Bond Neil Boucher Sandra Braswell Dottie Butts Jeannie Cagle Audrey Casey Rose Cauley Jimmy Chalkley Heather Chase Clyde Cheatam Bobby Churchwell Jack Claypool Brenda Cooley Pinky Cook Janet Cooke WHL.- 'Sn xp l Robert Copeland Katherine Cotten Linda Cournoyer Dennis Cox Rita Cregar John Cromwell Tony Curtiss Gary Darby Ethel Davis Joyce Davis Rhys Davis John DeBeasso Mary Ann Dee Clinton Dekker Skye Dennis Chris Devine Claire Doyle William Dozier Tracy Drumheller Mike Dudley Cindy Dunn Sammy Eaton Robert Ellis Debbie Elwell Leigh Ann Entwisle Willis Epps Brenda Eskins Jane Eure Pierce Evans Tommy Evans Dana Fairchild Tom Fanney Alfred Fasano Mike Fauber Ewing Fears Barbara Felton Tina Fersing Butch Fiore Nancy Flanagan Debbie Forrest Suzanne Fox Venie Garrett Robert Gaflin Bill Gibbs Steve Gibowski Rebecca Gist Susan J emigan Carlton Godfrey Zoe Goranson Mary Graham Cheri Gray Diane Gray Debbie Harmon Larry Harmon Cheryl Harris James Henderson Greg Hickey Ceil Hillegass Dallas Hinton David Hinton Jo Anne Hitchcock Michael Hodgson Cindy Holland Larry Holloway Nancy Hubbard Mena Hughes Paula Hughes Lonney Humphrey 19 Margaret Greer Clay Grifiin Gary Griffith Deborah Grimstead Rex Gurley Jeff Hallock Mike Hamil Tina Hancock xxw 3 Robert Jennings Lynn Jernigan Hilda Johnson Mark Johnson Kelly Jones Marshall Jones Chris J uel Mark Keener Kevin Hurst George Hutchins Maura Lemmon Luther Ives Charlotte J amell Barbara James Vickie James Lynn Jarrett John Keller Sherry Kenyon Ann Kiley Pam King Maureen Kirk Cynthia Kovach Gordon Kreck Jimmy Kunkler J on McDonald Dennis McLaughlin Frank Malbon Roy Mann Donna Martin Everett Marsh James Masters Mark Maund Judy LaGrade Celeste Lassiter Frank Latham Janie Lee Scott Leonard Susie Litchfield Thelma Lockamy Donna McClurg Mary Meagher Kenneth Messer Vicki Milam Charles Miles Phyllis A. Moore Phyllis M. Moore Harvey Moy George Myers g Peter Peters Marilyn Phillips Linda Plumeau Mary Poindexter Paul Pokorski Allan Poole Dan Price Renee Preston Johnny Myers Booker Nase David Nelen Jeff Nicoll Mary Niegro Tim Nixon Martha Owens Tony Owens Mary Parker Ella Palmer Iris Parker Don Parnell Vicki Parsons Robin Paull Deborah Payne Jeanne Pendleton Mary Purvis Judy Ramsey Mark Ramsey Steve Ratner William Reed Mike Reich Monte Reitz Cathy Rice David Riggs Raliegh Rigney Marlene Roberts Mike Roberts Ted Rogers Rick Romano Melvin Rouse Dotty Rowe Steve Rowe Ricky Runion Herman Sawyer Sue Scarborough Mark Schaper Linda Schmidt Ricki Schnapka Mike Schriver Will Sessoms Jackie Sharp Ricky Sibert Ann Sidwell xl Michelle Skaggs Chris Skinner Brenda Slaton Carol Strickland Chris Small Bonnie Smith Danny Smith Hugh Smith Bobby Smithson Terry Snyder Suzanne Sotield Peggy Sparks Pat Stapleton David Steele Gray Strong Debbie Sudhoff Sheila Sullivan Deborah Talley Elizabeth Taylor Albert Tebele Martha Thomas Billy Tillery Carol Tinney Hank Travis Karen White Bill Whitehurst Karen Whitehurst James Whiteley Freddie Wiggins Blanche Wilde 36 Rod Trotman Lex Troutman Dora Tucker Sandra Vakos Keith Vanture Barbara Walton Bruce Washington Marshall Wetmore Pam Webb Robert Webb William Weston Anne Whidden Ar Carol Wilde Peyton Wilhoit David Williams Evalena Wilson Fred Wilson Larry Wilson V- fy Marjorie Wise .' Wendy Wood 5 Tyler Woolridge 'A L H Debbie Young kfgggf 12, KX i .',. -Cliff. 1' Wig l,y' li. 7232. 'W e i " Eight Graders Plan For Future Left to right: President A Yeatts Vlce-Pres., V. Bums, Secretary H Baker, Treasurer, V. Tatum Carter Adams Susan Adams Rebecca Ailstoek Donna Akins Ted Allen Priscilla Altec Kim Altz Mary Lynn Ames Paszuale Arcese Roxanne Arnold Garland Atwater Kathleen Ayvazian Catherine Babcock Donna Bahlman Susan Bailey Holly Baker Walter Banks Wesley Barbour Steve Barnes Jean Barnhardt S Sue Buftin Val Bums Carl Butler Steven Butts Betty Caffcc Shelja Caffce Walter Caglc Katherine Caldwell Patricia Cason Tom Cason William Cason Ginny Cauley Tom Claypool Peggy Cljne Forrest Coilc Eugenia Combs Michael Beck Margaret Beilcr Laurie Bennett Pat Bishop Denise Blount Eddie Boettner Mike Boettner Susan Borland Dawn Boucher Bonnie Braithwaltc Billy Britt Delena Browder Hugh Brydges Keith Bryant John Buchanan Nancy Conner Sheila Conners Annie Cooper Minnie Cooper Otis Cooper Nancy Cotten Michael Cox Elizabeth Courain Michael Cowell Stewart Creuse James Crumble Yvonne Davis John Dean Ronald Dean Sandra Dennis Gavin Dineen Kathleen Dineen James Dixon Susan Doss Edward Douglas Deborah Doxie Ginny Drewry John Duncan Jean Dunn LeAnn Dupree Becky Durham Richard Dyer Robert Eagon Wendy Easton Debbie Ellis X N. 1 :IF -XX Marc Foiles Renshaw Fortier Cam Fox Mark Freeburn Frank Gallagher Cindy Gardner James Gary A1 Gillio Maxine Gray Kit Gregory Candy Griffm Anthony Griffith J an Hafling David Hamil Daniel Hannon Janice Harmon Julia Harmon Wills Harrison Wissie Harvey Katherine Haubold Jeanine Elswick Belford Emanuelson Jimmy English Sue Erhard Erica Gaddy Phillip Farrar Robin Farrar LeVern Felton David Ferebee Kitty Fitzgerald Debbie Hubbard Kevin Hudson Minnie Hughes Norman Humes Sandra Husted Mark lnsko Elizabeth Jackson Robin James Ronda James Mary Jenkins Annie Hayden Fonatine Haynes Katherine Henderson Steve Hacroux John Hill Randy Hilton William Hobbs Jeffrey I-Iocl Edith Hoggaxd Russell Holland Charles Howard Evelene Howard ll ai f H '-FW 1 5" 5- gar ,- W? Hs 4 H252 W' 'Qi' M u 3 L l LP NAA Pearl Jenkins Jerry J ones Ronald Johns Anne Johnson Chris Johnson Claudine Johnson David Johnson Mary Johnson v , J '1 -1 t '- .5 V .ffl ' . v Qlrfffffrevmi U Paulette Jones Susan Johnson Betty J ones Julie Jordan Velva Jordan J oy J oy ner Christine Karcher David Karvalo Joyce King Terry King Susan Knudson Doug Koch John Lawson Jibbie LeCompte Delbert Lewis Janice LoBel1os Allan Lott Sidney Lowe Gordon MacArthur Suzanne Mace Diane Kostopulos Joan Krause Scott Laine John Lake Donald Lamb Karen Land Keith Land Minnie Lassiter Willie Latham Ricky Lavrischeff Cindy Marshall Donald Martin Lynn Mason Bill Mauch Rosiana Mayfield Bobby McCoy Dale Mclnytre Thresa McKee Rick McKee Philip McQui1ken Annette Mitchell Pat Moore Patricia Morgan Edna Mosley LeAnne Moss I 'xx X . ll M Brian Murden Daniel Muse Margaret Myers Paul N ystedt Timothy Newbern Debbie Nelson Laura Napier Nancy Niel Herbert Olds Judy Osborne Chris Owens Neal Owens Steve Pallette Duff Palmer JoAnne Parker Leanne Parker Robin Pownall Keith Preston Albert Price Eugene Rainey Robin Rann Barbara Redd Rexford Rouse Ernest Rhodes Patricia Rhodes Judy Riggs Dean Ritter Kim Rogers Vicki Rogers Mark Roush Terry Runion Deborah Sawyer Patricia Parker Sharon Parker Sustheeaner Parker Steve Parnell April Parsons Dana Parsons Barbara Partin Larry Partin Mike Pasquale Ellen Patterson Susan Peabody Sherry Peele Oliver Pitt Martha Poindexter Margo Powell N XA Vera Spencer Dennis Steele Gail Stevenson Devin Sullivan Susan Swinson Bobby Taliaferro Kim Taliaferro Victor Tatum Buff Taylor Tommy Taylor Frank Schmitz Anzella Shaw Janet Simmons Anthony Simmons Patti Snyder Bobbi Skinner Robin Solomon Joan Small Betty Smith Cynthia Smith Myrna Smith Sharon Smith James Smithson Cleveland Spellman Almer Spence 46 53 Diana Thcmidcs John Themides Dickie Thomson Yvonne Thrift Robin Turner Lydia Tvede Greg Tyndall Ramona Veasey Charles Viecellio Deborah Voliva Barbara Wade Ian Wade Wendy Walthall XXX Patti Walton Sally Warren David Waters Rita Weigger Gwen White Katlu White Sylvia Wiggins Bryan Williams Denise Williams Juel Williams Shirlene Williams Arlene Wilson Bill Wilson Eddie Wilson Joan Wilson Robert Wilson Kathy Winkler John Wise Robert Wood Phil Woodfall Brenda Woodhouse Larry Woodhouse Lavall Woodhouse Steve Wray Hallowed Wright Abby Yates Library Assistants First Row: V. Whidden, D. Denmark, R. Cauley, G. Bratcher, R. Hilton. Second Row: J. Ramsey, S. Adams, B. Walton, J. Anderson, K White, P. Stapleton, M. Gilliam, C. Lassiter, Miss Edwards, Librarian. 48 Pix. L ,nf -XL Q 4 PQ' iw Faculty At Work ES ix . Seventh Graders Prepare For High School Aaron Appleton Pam Altee Janice Altizer Thomas Arcndts Maria Arcese Lisa Aydlett Marica'Aydlette Jay Babineau Kathy Barcalow Nancy Barnes Larry Barnes Ray Beasley Anne Beckett Saundra Belanga Lisa Bishop Gary Bobbitt Robin Bond Keith Boucher Billy Boyd Kate Boykin Left to right: President, G. Pontes Vice-Pres., J. Charlton, Secretary, M Devine, Treasurer, B. Tcbele. Robert Bradshaw Annette Bristol James Brothers Bradley Brown Paul Buck Kim Burns H.K. Butler Mark Butts Lisa Cairns Russell Callas ffm . Deborah Cantrell Glen Cantwell Hope Capps David Cason Pat Cartwright Rebecca Cauley Jeff Charleton James Chastain Danny Chase Richard Clark Brenda Claypool Jeannette Claywell Steven Cole Susan Coleman Tootie Conroy Robert Cook Peggy Cookson Carey Copeland Dwight Cowell Sandra Cowell Becky Cover John Crawford Ruth Crews David Crosby Ashley Crosswhite Kathy Dailey Roxanne Daisey Rlchard Dancy Jeff Danforth Glorla Davis J emfer Davis N. K Beverley Dee Chris Deford 'I ., Mlke Devme Tom Downing David Dupree Courtney Dyer Charles Easter John Eaton Sabrina Edwards Krista Engstrom Jerry Evans Susan Farley Clarice Fasano Allen Fears Jacques Drumheller Frank DuBois Lisa DiBella Kelly Kineen Daniel Diselrod Robert Donaldson Dorothea Dozier Amelia Drewry Gregory Dunn Paull Dunn Kathy Gleason Carl Gotts Peyton Gregory Horace Grimes Danny Hall Brad Hamlin Kelly Hamlin Kenneth Hart Doug Haycox James Hayden Oi Mark Hays John Hines Molly Hodges Honey Holland Janice Holland Nancy Holland Robbin Holmes Jerome Honeycutt l. Teresa Hudgins Cathy Hyatt Elizabeth Flacomio Malia Fox Michael Freeman John Galloway Lynn Gallup Desiree Gardner Jessie Gatlin J anea Ghi Mitzi Gibson Robin Gilbert N. e3 John Irish Aubrey James Fronnie James Beth Jones Sharon Jones Mark Jonson Sterling Johnson Wilbert Johnson Diane J uel Robert Karcher John Kell Robert King Aubrey Kitchins Michael Knudson Victoria Krake Mary Kreck Nancy Laine Susan Laurence Nancy Lavriseheff Gary Lawver Linda Lee Mary Elizabeth Lewis Vincent Lilley Robert Lindsly Karen Lipscomb Veronica Little Karen LoBello Kenneth Lyle Barbara McDonald Julie Mace Colin Meredith Lee Messer Richard Midgette Sam Midgette Darlene Miles Herman Miles Margaret Miller John Mitchell Tracy Moon Deborah Moore Wayne Moore Gail Morse Q" Andy Marcos Amy Martin Chris Masterson Larry Maund Wayne McC1anan Nancy McDaniel Curtis McDonald Joyce McKean Joanne McKnight Mark Medlin gn Rosanna Mortenson Mary Myers Tracy Nelson J. Reid Newbern Kiel Norris Laura Oaksmith Margaret O'Gorman Dean Owens Jim Owens Wanda Owens Janice Parker Rosalyn Parker Ricy Partin Tim Pawlowski Linda Payne Barbara Peckham vb 2.4 6. l 'mlb 'Q-wr, , Matthew Price Robert Purvis Andrea Randall Stephanie Rayburn Tazewell Reed Karen Reitz Tony Rose Melleta Riggs Grace Roberts Robert Robinson Shirley Robinson Cheryl Rousch Michael Russell Lynn Saunders James Sevier Sheril Pendo Carolyn Penny Robin Perez Sandra Peterson Billye Phillips Cindy Poland Gerald Pontes Beth Poole Richard Potter Deborah Powers 56 Jeffrey Sheppard David Shoemaker Donald Sibert Ronald Simpson Ray Skinner Bill Slattum Andy Smith Debbie Smith Tim Talbert Mary Taylor Robert Teachout Benny Tebele Dale Tester John Thompson VWl1iam Timmerson Margaret Travis Tony Trotman Steve Troutman Eva Troxell Delores Tucker Judy Turner Tom Turner Clifford Tvede John Underwood Robin van Nostrand Shirley VZSIIC Richard Ward Katherine Wetmore Ciirtis White Atvanna Whitehurst Willie Wiggins Barbara Williams Linda Williams ba 'M 'ff I Patricia Woodfall Cynthia Wyatt William Wyatt 58 Marc Williams Vernince Williams Frances Withers Mary Woolridge Q.. V' A .414 265 3 , -v-" X X X 'x U any ,F s X , , K N L 1. 1- 1. - - 1 ' Y ff ig , .33 if 4 x ' A - - b G .Ay - x -- ultagfxh I ..' l E A ,A ' - ' :L . sl , an - V ,gif 3 "' ' A' :D 'v I. .aw 15 ' 5 - 3 f.:. ' .w : 'S' '-.R 1 -F ' 1 W gf' ff' h- ' 3 S ,N 1 YPPT F- - ' '3-N ?'!3a1 Q' V, .gg . , l t if , , 5 ' 1, -1 mr 3 -' f 6 . J ' N - ' Q ' 5 ff! :qu . " 'J -4 Y , p ft V . 115: rl-, Q' ? . 1 ffl' Ayr. , ' A u . - 'M - 1 ' . , x .q f 5 .. L 4- . , NJA' X. , al: ff- ,' - fi fq -I 1- . X E1-,115 ' f , " 1 vb- -A 'g.ifv- A I ... ...V-kvxxx A t H W: ' "' ' Q. M ' ' - N, " .my '- I ' A ig W-5-xg'-,'5 1gA ? x XM: sf" I1 ff- P Aw xx ,Q X f ,p A 'N Ky M. -Int' "5 V , A ' Xg, . N 'Q f. in ' 2 'Q ,I f 'ff 'Z N.-iw -' V - if - -5' Am X I 1 . 4' . . REX L 'V . s X-X i ' fg,s Q. ,- ' 'X F. 9 '-10' Q 1 ' Q5' . ' - . V : - A -- 4..A , K --at V . , ,.., - X L, L ' i U - - 5, ,.' -1 . ' I V-, Qrgani fn Q., -,I-wx-1RlIa2u2,. QTY!!! . , I f W K: , ' . - f ' V 1 K -- . 1 A- . . Q 5 ' pg , f .. . I9-S 'vi' , 'Fig ' , , . .-YZYV JQ - Q' figglff .S - ' 'V 1 - V-, 2 :. xg 1: ,T ng NL. 1 ,. ff., -'ffzg-M, .2 . .nal my jf.. .- '24, .1 ' K' aw ' H in lm.. , el . 1-Q LH- 5' -. Pzygg- ' X Q -'V-Q'-' .ft ...df "- ffff' 'N 5 Jr, rj 1 W' is -I J CA gi, Ceil Hillegass V - 1 , y President Frank Malbon Vice-President - .H ,fwfr :A 22 + "' "' , 5- M. .'.A."" ' ekigiifi' is ' fr 4-51. -U . . -5 ','-'iffy fi!! , .W -. A? Mig, . , '. . .L . , , . 1. r. Dana Fairchild ,Q Qij-,nfl ., J 'f Secretary ,QQ A ' Mrs. Sharron Smith Sponsor The Student Cooperative Association is organized for all members of the student body of Virginia Beach Junior High School. The duties of the SCA are to regulate better relations between students and teachers, to establish an honorable relation among students, and to contribute to the school's welfare. This year the SCA, under the guidance of Mrs. Smith, planned school dances, sponsored a food drive for Christmas, decorated our Christmas tree, and conducted assemblies on worthwhile topics. First Row: Mrs. Smith, B. Williams, F. Malbon, C. Hillegass, D. Fairchild. Second Row: B. Tebele, M. Freeman, J. LaGarde, Dupree, J. Jordan, A. Yates, S. Erhard, N. Neil, B. Taylor, Rhodes. Third Row: J. Pendleton, S. Burke, M. Ayvazian, L. P. J. l Brian Williams Treasurer E Cooke, H. Bakery Z. Goranson, K. Burns, A. Martin, J. McKnight. Fourth Row: J. Dickson, L. Moy, J. Cromwell, F. Burten, T. Talbert, J. Davis, B. Phillips, A. Bristol, S. Patterson. .l it m- ff. r '- Y es' La dl Inter-Club Council The InterClub Council is composed of the vice-presidents of all clubs. ICC led by Frank Malbon, under the direction of Mrs. Smith, approves all social, financial, and recreational activities sponsored by the clubs. ICC at Work in other areas! ! !!!!! 'mr -. N.. ' ' l - 1. Mo. 1 1, 1 , Y 1 ii H fag w V - .,,,.,vM- i ., . M . ii .M .nag 2 I First Row: K. Rice, F. Malbon, P. Alred. Second Row: S. Cole, J. Cooke, M. Gilliam J. Jordan, J. LaBello. Third Row: W. Terry, A. Sidwell, A. Butler, P. Cooke, J. Harmon, Mrs. Smith. 61 Lookout Staff Mrs. J oynt Sponsor The Lookout Staff, with a relieved sigh, is said to have achieved their goal. Their goal was to please the students of the present even more tl1a.n the students of the past, by way of "creating" an everlasting memory of a school to be well respected. The Annual this year is a symbol of the Seahawk Spirit which we all hope will be shown by the students wherever they go. The Lookout x W. :,-lg '-'T Staff is proud of their annual, a reminder of Virginia 3 F Beach Junior High, and we hope that the student body EV ,f if- qzzu HHE. ? uzlzh I 2 is also. For the third successive year Mrs. Joynt and Mrs. ,Y ' "ii, if Rickard have contributed their time and effort to fulfill - :-: -V " ' " the needs of a successful annual. The annual staff would Z 'T' i l' 3 ' I 'N l.ike to thake this opportunity to again express their t '- X' thanks, and hope that they may take pleasant memories of this school with them wherever they go. Jeanne Pendleton Tina Fersing Edit01' Feature Editor Peyton Wilhoit Business Manager lv' ik , ' u F-. if ' FV- are 2.45" if First Row: Z. Goranson, K. Rogers, S. Scarborough, S. Cole, M. Gilliam, P. Wilhoit. Second Row: J. Davis, P. Moore, P. Walton, S. Erhardt, A. Hillegass, T. Conroy, K. Burns, C. Strickland. Third Row: R. Preston, S. Litchfield, M. Dee, D. McClurg, G. Ailstock, L. Flacomio, K, White, T. Fersing. 62 Creates a Yearbook Mrs. Rickard Sponsor . h ',4 A it ' J? . X ' if ' ' .., f ' n Ns. J -. -+ V . 'Y .- i" 15i'fi .:.. A "' ' if' Q3 ' ,v . 1 v 1 ' N i k Q - ' A 1,5 E 5 ' -1.2 i Kim Burns Margaret Gilliam Art Editor Asst. Editor Susan Cole Asst. Editor Jeanne Pendleton Margaret Gilliam . . . Susan Cole ..... . . . Peyton Wilhoit .... . . . Kim Rogers ...... . Carol Strickland . . . Zoe Goranson . . . . T1naFers1ng ....... . . . Sue Scarborough Renee Preston . . . . . . . . . . . .Editor . . . . . Asst. Editor . . . . . Asst. Editor . Business Manager . . .Faculty Editor . . . . Class Editor . . . . Class Editor . .Activities Editor . . . . Sports Editor Advertising Editor The members of the Annual Staff cover a wide range of activities for the yearbook. The Sandpiper Kneeling lift to right: Ricky Romano, Tom Fanney, Frank Malbon. Standing left to right: Chiis Small, Linda Schmidt, Pinky Cooke, Pam Webb, Ann Sidwell, Lynne Jarrett. Neal, The Seal VanWagn0e1' and Mrs. Quesenberry ,fd I ll , . ll W -nfl' film p Q 64 Leads the Field in News and Views Our school newspaper, the Sandpiper, was a complete success this year. The sponsors, Miss VanWagoner and Mrs. Quesenbcrry, have worked hard and brought out the true qualities of a great newspaper. They have designed a paper filled with information interesting to all members of the student body. It contained such things as interviews, sports scores, comical features and satires. The art work was exceptionally good this year and added to the great spirit of the mighty Seahawks. i fi iz " "ling S ' ............. Pam Webb . . . . Pinky Cook 8t Sidwell ...,....Lynnc Jarrett .. . . .Chris Small . . . .Lynda Schmidt Sports Editor ...... ................. F rank Malbon . . . Tom Fanney 8a Ricky Romano Editor ........... Assistant Editors . . . Feature Editor .,... Clubs Editor ......... School Affairs Editor .... . . . . Art Editors ....... Photographer ............................ Scott Anderson Reporters ....................... Ceil Hillegass, J. Cooke, W. Terry, E. Fears, B. Wade, B. Tebele, M. Graham, S. Ratner, P. Evans, S. Fox, S. Gibowski, L. Plumeau, J. Barco,J. Anderson, S. Warren, C. Holland, R. Arnold, D. Martin, A. Tebele, M. Kirk, M. Appleton, A. Peters, B. Whitehurst, S. Rowe, I. Wade. 1 . ...if .,,.s,,. Q, W X , ff .... .s l Z First Row: left to right: Miss VanWagoner, C. Small, L. Schmidt, L. Jarrett, A. Sidwell, P. Webb, P. Cooke, E. Fears, Mrs Quesenberry. Second Row: J. Barco, C. Holland, D. Martin, C Hillengass, W. Terry, J. Cooke, J. Anderson, P. Allred, M. Graham -L. Third Row: P. King, M. Kirk, S. Fox, B. Wade, S. Warren, R. Romano, T. Fanney, I. Wade, S. Rathner. Fourth Row: P. Evans, F. Malbon, A. Perers, B. Tebele. X aflf. is W uf.: gy. K2 K P Q3 sa A X Cf? is - out '-v, +- QE? X? Pep Club Seahawks Lr- C X. This year's Pep Club was a great success. The club's main purpose was to help the cheerleaders promote school spirit. Q Besides signs and victory pins, strong voices were also a part of this w"'f"'l' .e spirit. Throughout the 1968-69 football and basketball seasons, X .5 A ' the Pep Club came through with buses or carloads to some of the ' away games. Aside from school spirit, the Pep Club also sponsored ms , F Z a spring dance which turned out territically. Miss Shesso, sponsor ' " f' K ',.A v, lm ,x Martha Owens Janice Harmon Margaret Gillian Mary Meagher Celeste Lassiter mfgmn .tt V f ' . V ,Ni. qi V Q f ,T ... K, ' in Lv' :X g "' ' ii. 'ff as 741 ' A l ' Qa -a- ' V. v ryr f '- N ' fl J VA, V . P I! President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Director Members of the Pep Club ' ' iii. g,,:jI ,fy x ,y y ,wt , . BE! Y-Teens Love Life ,f The Y-Teens is a girls' club under the direction of Vakos. It has been one of the most active clubs in the school. Along with helping the needy and having money raising projects, the members of various clubs in Virginia Beach joined each other in having a mid-winter semi-formal dance. Miss Vakos Sponsor Sue Scarborough Kathy Rice Pat Moore Celeste Lassiter President B Vice-President Secretary T1'eaS111'Cr Y-Teens Members QQ? A 'fi A 4. Q Q ls hw 1 Art Club - 0 O o O Mr. Raymond Dorosz, Sponsor ' Left to right: Mr. Dorosz, M. Poindexter, J. Jordan, K. Rogers, M. Poindexter. The Art Club, though small, plays an active part in the school also set up displays in the library and enlightened us with the life at V.B.J.H.S. During the year, the Art Club has been Christmas spirit. It is under the direction of Mr. Dorosz that the responsible for the decorations seen in our hallways. They have members of the Art Club develop talent. . ' , K , First Row left to right: Mr. Dorosz, M. Poindexter. Second Row: Gregory, K. Burns, N. Holland. Third Row: J. Bond, R. Beckett, K. Haubold, S. Fox, K. Caldwell, K. Fitzgerald, M. Myers, K. P. Nystedt,I.Wade,C. Hawk,J.Claypool. 68 Science Club - afi Holly Baker Miss Bolam President Sponsor ' J The Science Club, sponsored by Miss Bolam, had several field trips this year among other projects. The club was organized to further increase the students' knowledge of science by observation and experimentation. Janice LaBeuo Vice-President aff" . Margaret Myers Secretary-Treasurer rs First ROW leff to right: Helly Baker, Janice LaBe1l0, Margaret Row: D. Cournoyer,B. Braithwaite,S. Mace, P. Altee, J. Haf1in,P. Myers- Second ROW: Chr1S Karcher, R- Farrar, L- Bennett, R. Abel, A. Hayden. Fourth Row: R. Amold, R. Laurischeff, B. Turner, B. Read, M. Hus, D. Nelson, C. Gardner, T. King. Third Dean, R. Holton, J. Dickson, C. Hawk, J. Brown. 69 . was Future Homemakers .J v Mrs. Dekker Sponsor Windy Wood F F F Pat Allred President Vice-President gsm' w '- it I X M 'P--" .rx lg if '4 if f Iii! V un H i vm ew i",1j,...1gii,,.. .N ,, xj. . . iz, " .Q 'E 2534:-. 5325254 . In Q -Eff: A in . ...1-9 Judy Riggs Janie Lee Secretary Reporter The Future Homemakers of America is an organization for students taking home economics. The FHA was organized to promote better skills in homemaking, such as cooking, sewing, better grooming and child care. First Row: J. Riggs, P. A1lred,W. Wood, J. Lee. Second Row: J. Cauley, D. Themides, Mrs. Dekker, H. Baker, B. Durham. 70 M 1 7 , -ffezysygf . 25 1 M i Q1 Teamwork ,isa . F5 m it H. .. H . 1:73. Mfr? 'L ..- H 1 " u' '5 - ez?-wju'!u -i K . it :sais N2- ,semi-.'2 ' if--mi: First Row: W. Wood, Rosemary. Second Row: J. Smouse, S. Doss. Third Row: D. Bowdcr, M. Allen, G. Alderman, K. Henderson. Head Majorettc Wendy Wood and Mascot Rosemary. I - - Q A .M I The Marching Band poses in full uniform with their instruments. 71 The Band, under the direction of Mr. Olds this year, is divided into the Beginners, Band, the Marching Band and the Concert Band. The Beginners Band is for those with little training in band, while the Concert Band is designed for those who are skilled in music. The Marching Band usually performs in the Oyster Bowl parade as well as in the Armed Forces Day'pa1'ade. For All .ew .afEgfgifzmgzw , H gles 1' W lv MW, 'N H uf? T The Band officcrs include: First Row: S. Butler, P. Moore, M. Allen, Mr. Olds, Director. Second Row: P, Hughes, B. Copeland, D. Payne. First Row: C. Cheatham, G. Alderman, C. Hawk, A. Woodies, B. Churchwell, A. Price. Second Row: W. Wood, P. Roman, E. Boettner, H. Olds, J. Hughes, E. Marsh, T. King. 73 TreakIe's Team Members of the Seventh Grade Chorus are pictured Above. r '55 5, .L ggi- K , .as f The members of the Concert Chorus are: First Row: M. Wise, S. Patterson, B. Barnard, D. Talley, R. Weiger, C. Hoggard, D. Rowe, Laine, E. Gaddy, M. Skaggs, C. Griffin, B. Felton, V. Barrett. Second Row: J. Osborne, L. Jarrett, R. Felton, P. King, M. Graham Boice, R. Fortier, R. McKee, C. Howard, S. Vakos, C. Gardner, L. Dupree, T. Fersing, S. Borland. Third Row: D. Butts, S. Litchfield, Preston, M. Roush, T. Curtis, J. Bond, A. Plumeau, C. Karcher, K. Preston, R. Rann, M. Purvis, D. Grimstead. S. , L. R. I H5 W I 74 tg. ' J' , ls!- Sings Out HHHH H slim 5 . B' .full ,.r team. 'f' Miss Treakle, Chorus Director Choms Officers include: First Row: M. Arcesc, L. Jarrett, C The Chorus, under the direction of Miss Treakle, have had the Strickland, J, Hmmons D. Hubbmd. Second ROW: N. Bames, C Pleasure Of learning IWW 5011255 P15 WCU US UIBOYY- Their Winter Gardner, R. Preston, L. Dupree, R. Cregar, C. Caldwell, T. Fersing Concert was said to be a delightful collection of well-learned songs. After class periods of work they hope that their Spring Concert will turn out even better. Even though they work to achieve their goal-chorus always seems to bring pleasure to the students. The music Department also hopes to put on another play this year, for their success in the play "Oliver" last year has left encouraging ideas. Chorus Ensemble members are: First-Row: C. Karcher, K. Haubold, B. Wade, R. Preston, S. Litchfield, K. Caldwell. Second Row: S Jones, B. Barnard, L. Schmidt, L. Jarrett, R. Solomon, D. McC1urg, C. Strickland. 75 ,, kk "ip, "iv" " .3 1. ve mf-'i'fu5f"'WTf:r"2f 'ff'firy?'fm4vrw'1 "N:-swat? - ' H' 5 1 ' ' '1'-15' .' " si... ji' 1'2" '51 'Pf.lQgl,1'j'Q!3,,E' . 4: 5135 ', 2.Q::V:'5"i5l'.L:- 'if'-IS., MXZ .i,,.,,'jL.iif.g..::" 1 W ' . I V. M4MlfmTw 'f V - ' ' ' " M HZ- ' if " 'Mg . 1 W. s kim .wifi wwgfrksxvs'ifif3ii"E?W"-:f':'. -' "' ' .. ' - . 'Q - . 1- W J s3a'F':fT2.fg'I'-'E " KQff'f-ff' 51:lgigxgi--.15fif:E?1ga'f.-fir12, - " ' Q. f ' .EL fra! j,.ff:'i NJ Wi' V151 "Gui-QQ .21-135' - ' ' ' - ' :H .lslllfgsifgi j'g4Qpfiff17g:2 Q. H -. ,' U 51.5 ,' '--'2'?S-We-.g?5a?!7JL'eff'-1:3 Ev'-3' F5-'IS 7714-:.:f .1 -+365 H .84 -3- -.'1f51fLff.,1L ' . ef 1:--E 23,.xq?i'-.J.-TLS-.ayi'nlL19 ',AgY33?U1,i H ' . ' f2.:f:'f'-4z:1f1f2?fTm f - , ' L?-FL" -v"'.I-"'J":-. r- '-a nd 1531555 V. . ,-313, i.,,v,.V .A ,.::Fi, 1:.. - -.J :Y ,. -fi' J H. ' 21 ' L ' V ' ' Af5'1:.-wffZ57ifw-ful?rxfiil-LE . .,-"iiF.5Q'i"'.' 'd.""'t' -2 ' iPf:f"g'Y' 2-:..'.L:4 + if, 51:4 1:Q::1' S. Q 21' - ' ' . 1' flrrf-5 'TUE-Lf" ix f M21 is , ' ' .'-Q1,2.,,- A. A . 42. , 3 ,- V zyiaey 54255 V ' "IME .ff -jqv,-' T- +i'l 'l H V 3 1 '. ' 5 ff ai ' V 'ff " " -.Sf if i"I -aiggx ggi - fi f j gn' W' - . . ,Eg -. fi' - 4515 . H I rm -ali: gsifgssismzfssf . is-za .- X21 232213 ' - , mQg2sihVM ' ' -., ,5 X1 Egg! - .:?fg." 5,Q5f., ? 522' 2fzs1,,fga.gc,'ng7f-:Qpgv .... v . .1 " ' , -:S w Q Hg- W :Hr s-524.1 .N . W., ,x , 525 - 2- .M Q-'i fn .. ' H' . H Q Q.Z -f - 5 . ,,..,,:n. . W,L.W, " " ' - '21""'?':52 'vMT" f 'n 5. rw f2QEfEW2?1E'? f R?-5 1, 232-1 Exp-" ' Gaim M mf m,x5?'m.. 'fgpff - mm, 1 ?'2-555-SQ'- f . H 'H - , . - 3' 'Q nfzezfm ' f ' ' ' ' ' ' 'Wwzggizf ' A' sf 2:-:-HM ' , Q5 N 'gzip' ' ffsfvfsflkmwliggmi.. .. C - i ,L . rf .4 Ln E , Y 42 g .,.A X . x.. .31 j F .957 -La ' f -: Qi N , ' 1. Z: L -9 H Q is. 5 . f' r: 2' 2 ?A:.5.,,,., M ,ci ., V gg. 1 . xfs ' .32 .,..... , -' 51 7 X . Q- X "M "" 195, , .W . 1-ww.. wggw mg, H, fi: Ag-EQQK1: 1 .ya-1-1 F . . 'iiis-iisesgisfk? :1"lzf 122125 .?5Em"" ' gm. zzgz' it. , ' ,,1,,,,' P5 41- I-f ...M .. ww , ww . fslfisf-214 ,. 1 LE-,w r ' if ?-fit' f-.famfigafzz-ge-.125 ge .. xzzgbzzrzwrna's.S'Q.Hes.:ffLffw Mg' My-Ef'gs1sfzf.:f ' w U- 1-w5g:g,wi '-: '-:'- f:'f::.'e.fsie-f's,+'s, f sex' x ff-'Q CM -, ' Y ,mx " T ' .iq JT gi' 927' X ' 3751351-Emffm:X, 5 TW fizgw' K Q13 1' ,V ' w -. .3 F "Qw,, M VQEQW- ' ' "' 'im :. I E,5f5i-Qjfjvegy 3 "'k H 'f , ' M V wx a 1 5 'i ,. : A: .. ' Q ui.-45 - 5 "zu: Lifmft ,M .... M' his Q Jia- , -.., . .. X. 0 Q. - 4 ' Q Q K 1 Ml ' U f ' ,,,1,, W Z , Al I E ' . W Q t. -we 7' .cy-gp , A In v '- -. - ' L 1 1 4 15.34 1 - ji-fl - X' I N I . x gL'15"'-flagad i - ' ..::: -'-- f 1 Tp! . 1., . 5 4 ggi ' , f f - aim ., W 'E b P : : A , , ""' , 5" if -Q 4171 , '7 . 'm mf "" ' f j :LL q5k9'52Z'Qz. , t Q A A , . , ffm-shi' 1.13 f ,x .5 " -1 ' 1' at , I '- 1 , ' ' ' 'lA ' L , 'ff' ' A - ' , - P a . QAVE l, - Q . ,:fg , ,ffr 1 -- ', . 1 A ,A 1 A 'I A ' " ' Lia. Q25 . ,- , -' , H . +L' w,.z:.- , - ,' ' . W ,, .... 1 . , 54 N M WL 1 ,E Y il ' L . , VL ,... 5 , d f ..,. I. Wm V ...,, V K A, -' ""'- ' ,Q 7 -N Law . , x ' .N - -ng, , Va.. 'QF Q, Wu. R!!-, XY .,-I SE xl iw 'Lv JT' 9 LWV ' xl, ' i .,,,-1' 1 ' :ix EN ' ,ANN -E' ffv Er ,- w Q F6 irrrr 1 5111L E753 ,aw . ri? ' f ,,L. 'P' Q., 3 g if aw Swv 1 .m f U!-. , WS e .1 A .1 3 : Ll IZA 1 4 ' - 5 . ..,, .,1,k,. , nip? 5 , I .. . V it ,,e,.1, E -1'Ani I .ing ,N EEE.. - , ,A - ' ' ' 1' P 25 Offensive Team First Row: S. Wright, B. Washington, R. Romano, B. Fiore, S. Anderson, T. Rogers. Second Row: R. Lavrischeff, K. Jones, I. Williams, M. Schriver. Defensive Team First Row: l. Williams, B. Fiore,J. Burford, R. Romano, D. Hannon. Second Row: M. Schriver, G. Myers, B. Washington, L. Troutman Third Row: R. Lavrischeff, K. Jones. 80 IM! Seahawks' Successful Season Football Managers include: F. Malbon, C. Goffigan, M. Freeburn, H. Barnes, T. Fanney, D. Parsons. Got him . 'rg P ,t 'T at ww . : Q-He, , .gfolf V. I , E A of 2 sl , v . E 1 E. The 1968 VBJ H Seahawks had a very suc- cessful year with a record of 5-1. The Seahawks started off the season with a victory of 6-0 over Bayside. A week later we won in a drenching game over Princess Ann. The score was 13-0. In the following three games We continued to remain undefeated. We beat the Braves of Kempsville in a 13-6 game, Norfolk Catholic for a 14-7 game and then we stomped Kellam in a 21-0 game. It was in our last game that we lost to the older players of Norfolk Academy. Led by Coach Bgaye and Coach Ingram we succeeded in improving our record. The Annual Staff and the entire stu- dent body Would like to congratulate the team, led by Ricky Romano, George Myers, and Bruce Washington. Head Coach Braye and Coach Ingram watch the game. QU'-'2 . ' .rr f L ' -'I MF, I r- 1 1-1 ls 's'l Q, T 5,1 gg H 1 " i 1' A. ,1 M .Ms .11 wzwwiiii Q .. ,E .LD,X L, I X nm I in W Hia' 'l ive xiii V' X iii? f 5 W fa '-L , V 3 fa. , . VK! - ""jpf vw-- , ' 2.5 M f f w E' A A 'z 5" 1 lgflf' ,, ..,',-?WT.'fQ','5 ' . ' 9 I l . L, lip! 5, 3 53151, V' GL'- i?4f 1x.?.Yf' , I 1 'is if -1-. 11 , W: 31-zf .2 Lff' , hug ',i Q' 9: will 5 LW fi x' .' . i L 5 M A , ,I 5 , W , ful? ml. ' 10 r Fi' 1' fbi! ,N . nf... r. . i gf' a v' F. I .h in N 5. In u iff ' ,...f:- First Row K Vanture C Gofligan, P. Atkinson, T. Fanney, C. Juel, J. Galloway, J. Cromwell. Second Row H Travis D Smith C Miles C Johnson W Sessoms F. Ma1bon,J. Henderson,Coach Braye,M. Fauber. Seahawk Cage Team The 1968-69 Cage Team, under the leadership of Coach Braye, has suffered the pains of a building year this season. Although our scoring record does not indicate it, our boys have improved tremendously as the season has progressed and we of the Annual Staff are very proud of the showing they have made for our school. Some of our outstanding players have been Toby Miles, our leading scorer, Tom Fanney, Spencer Goffigan, Parks Atkinson, Will Sessoms, Larry Diettrich, James Henderson, and Frank Malbon. The Seahawks will once again participate in the Norfolk Invitational Tournament to be held in March. 84 Coach Braye Does Its Thing Seahawks 45 . . . .... Norfolk Chlistian 63 Seahawks 29 . . . .... Norfolk Catholic 85 Seahawks 29 . . . ..., Norfolk Academy 34 Seahawks 72 . . . .... Portsmouth Catholic 56 Seahawks 45 . . . .... Frederick Military Academy 74 Seahawks 36 . . . .... Norfolk Academy 45 Seahawks 56 . . . .... Norfolk Catholic 94 Seahawks .32 . . . .... Carolton Oaks 67 Seahawks 5 7 . . . .... Portsmouth Catholic 67 Seahawks 45 . . . .... Barry Robinson 59 And Toby sinks another one for two!!!!!!!! I968-69 Starters ' ww - T- 'qi Chris Johnson Parks Atkinson Tom Fanney Will Sessoms prank Malbon Toby Miles 8 6 Perform on the Floor Basketball At Its Best EWG Jump up, jump up, get it, get!!!!! Can you find the difference? , . Q -alfb . S .L , X3 Eig gg, 88 l96 -8 Baseball Team Dave Rnnn Bob Batchelor Clay Manson '5S'::-if Tom Cason George Myers Frank Malbon lui- Rick Lavrischeff Bruce Washington Chris McGill Coach John Ingram John Peters Vuvu H , - :if...,,.,H be J! -"1 V Lee Pontes Mark Freebum Beau Killen 'kr-Y Tom McGill Bob Ricks Pat Moore Val Bums Janet Cooke, Co-Sponsor I968-9 Cheerleaders Lead Windy Terry, Co-Sponsor Abby Yeatts 90 Kit Gregory w l Patti Snyder The Way To School Spirit Jeanne Pendleton Cell Hillegass Chris Small 91 1 .. Miss Lockridge, Sponsor The cheerleaders this year have cheered the mighty "Seahawks" on to victory in the 1968-69 sports season. With the help of the Pep Club, the cheerleaders have distributed posters throughout the halls and have pro- moted school spirit and enthusiasm throughout the stu- dents at VBJ H. The cheerleaders are under the direction of Miss Lockridge. Miss Lockridge explains a cheer to the girls. 1 i , The cheerleaders perform at half-time. The cheerleaders watch from the sidelines 93 r P 3- K, mix u ff? ang-, .,, , ay W QCULL, 1 x.0Z3"JQ s .wc ah Gfx!'7CLQ4Q JLQ qw we wc O U 0050, My , VME cjagcogvaom 215 cmfLQCwZ12. , 'fa CL - 6eZd,:Jo v 's ' V. Ailstoc rs. a es Ailst ' , r Mr. 81 Mrs, J.W. Ailstock, Jr. Barr's Rexall Pharmacy Beasley is Atlantic Mr. 8: Mrs. W.H. Cole Dime Laundromat Miss Pattie Halk Imperial Bakery Joy Talley Psychic Research Dr. 81 Mrs. H.T. Kennedy Naivette Shop Oceana Feed and Hardware Pine Tree Inn Plaza Bakery Mr. gl lVlrs. Fred B.'SI1'ick1and Virginia Beach Federal Saving and Loan Association Mr. 81 Mrs. F.B. Wilhoit Cp, 96 GARDEN 8 3661 A If Steve Yee'-f Rowe AND LONG MUSIC COMPANY ,E Go1.D1sN.DRAcoN, sf' ca fm: 5 rr . " mu, Q, ou 5 5 15" Selmer, Back, King Band Instruments 2914 PAClF!C AVE. Onosns PRE Anzo o TAKE OUT VIRGINIA BEACH. VA. BOOKS Com liments of PAPERBACKS AND HARDCOVERS P CI-IILDRENS BOOK DEPARTMENT GREETING CARDS - POSTCARDS BOB RICE REALTY FIRESIDE NEWS 8: BOOK SHOP 208 Laskin Road Virginia Beach, Virginia Phone 428-3013 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The members of the 1969 Lookout would like to express their sincere appreciation to the following people for their contributions to the third volume of the Lookout. To lVlr. Richard Dyer and his son Courtney for their outstanding photography, and also to Richard for his delivery work. To lVlr. John Perry of Hunter Publishing Co. for his aid in designing. To Delmar for the individual class pictures. To Mr. Martin for his invaluable assistance. To Mr. Ray Dorosz, Kit Gregory, and Ronald Dean for their art work. To Mrs. Harrier for procuring advertisements for the yearbook. To the faculty and administration for their unfailing cooperation. To the husbands who put up with the wives during the production of this book. 97 JERONA PAVING COMPLIIVIENTS OF CORPORATION M a I bo n ca n cl G resh a m MALBON AND GRESHAM Complimcn ts of the malbon and gresham MALBON AND GRESHAM SEAHAWK MOTEL ullniqueil , INTERNATIONAL CHINCHILLAS, INC. Notable Collection 425-6319 Q VIRGINIA BEACH 203'26th Sim BOOK SHOP V. . . . . . , , lfglllla Beach, Virginia Sylvia Carpenter Meyer 23451 25th amd Pacific Avenue Chamber of Commerce Building Virginia Beach, Va. Telephone - 425-6502 Flowers for Telephone H A R V E Y ' S all occasions 428-0245 EVELYN BOWEN' FLORIST BARBE CUE Authentic Colonial Virginia Arrangements 25th and Pacific Evelyn Bowen 713 First Colonial Road Cherry Bowen Virginia Beach, Virginia 98 fl Compliment of f ,L A 1 7 ' 1 I 9 JRESORT MOTEL Z . PICS 31511 CLEANERS Oceanfront at 40th St. Virginia Beach, Va. NAPOLEON'S, LTD. ,lack W. Brothers Hlradilional clothing for thc man fdladyji' C,F, Mm-kg 970 Luskin Road VIRGINIA BEACH FLORIST Virginia Beach, Virginia Telephone 4,28-7180 993 Laskin Road KELLAIVI EATON INSURANCE COMPANY Tidewalefs Leading Dairy E. FLAVUR FRESH 428-3206 from the home of quality HOWELL 81 MCNAMARA, INC. Prescription Opticians 974 Laskin Road fNext to Peoples Drugj Virginia Beach, Va. 99 INGRAIVI PHARMACY, Inc. BEST WISI-IES 207 - 25Lh Su-cet E. T. QNEDJ CATON, III Phone 248-6363 Virginia Beach, Va compliments of SMITH 81 HOLLAND SURF SHOP Dealer for 5 of Californians R O S E S S T 0 R E S I N C' Finest Surfboards: Bing, Harbour, Hobie, Gordon SL Smith, , 1 and Windansw. Princess Anne I lazu 28 h8rP 'f',A '. Vhiginia Virginia Beach, Ba. BOICE STUDIO YARDARM RESTAURANT 209 25th St. Virginia Beach, Vu C0mPlim'm1S of BRINKLEYS SHELL SERVICE The 409 Luskin Road Virginia Beach, Va. 100 Wwwjgw gffijwffw Jw 'yfijfgg gf? M D JKIUMQ t0 Qhfdpilmvwgm f QM Mmmgm M A f, QQ Q4 AUMQ 00114 JWMU CUWCS SML Lpjpiwwp TQQQLQQ QCJUVLOQ iff-'biwmww WHIP W Q52 QK MW. 1'g5 ' X r ,J k,LKf Yi ' 1 1 f ' 'm 1 .,... l X ,ww , A .. N " -,, -Q. .. rx T L, -Y Y' xt, H X 1 1 'fm m R -V z, , X62 kgmjf J .L --- -N' 1,1 'R' x Hmvx, 0 Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY 0 North Carolina N JOHN G. PERRY, VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA S35 is 5 S X CH M2 5 .. I . V 1 -- +1 , . ' - L . ., P 1 ' . og h . s. ' 0 p . I 0 .. ' Q I' ' 'A Q Q' .- , - 1 . H . l 1 I' - .- ' un Q ' v X 's' in Ox V ' 0 Q - " A 2 M - ' , , ' ' ZF- ,7T'v'1r--...RQ , , . ' ,, YJ " '-Tl -'Lgglxig---f.."'f., - N----f+-.T' f-QL:-,f.i 'ST-'L---Wx , ' u - is - 'g-- -, - -.-igs1- .1-g --1.-l.+:- -1 - . ', -n::- HM- -1.1l-::g-45- , Y ' . -..,,- ,, g-all : 0 x ' V-,Q Nm- " - , X . ----i -? . f. .l- . g 31-3 :rg-T4 I I ij Ek., , ..-.,,,.3- :mg , L J - I 1f'1.:'?'V 74' If ,"' - Y , -: - :' v - I I . . . Q i -H , --wi- 1111: ' .I ', r 4.-. 1 -' -----. v Q 7 R , '1'. 1 . - , ' .- . 'ggzfg -- : -J...-', --,:' .-fe. -11 V ,, , .' " , V- -1- - " 31 " A '1' ' v-'2"5' A . , V ,-., ., A ,.-.,,,,, . W . , Q, ,W ' , ' Y 0 1 J 1' Ig. 1, A '-,,. xg A g.'.:"::.: mffvm'--' - .-.- ' . .v P n 0 . ' . ,A L -I ,I I -,U 55.3 . .,.,-fagm. .a .. in '- ,-...Q ' - ..' ' 4 ' ' ' Q Q . - 'f' 41, I - ' - 11- .x"Z':T. 1 ' 9' 'B' . , " "'-'-23, 5 '- - ' ' . -. 1' ' 121. ' ' --352 i., 'th . lffib' , -. L, 1591-' V' -QQ' . .....Fj,,', '-'JL 1 I I rr' - , . .1 1 ' . --,,-5-ff? , , .mix . W ,.,.-', , 'U 1 I. f 4 . W ' .1 ' 1 K ' ". k' 1 1 4 ., - '31 '. . , , . , u - 1 b ' . A 1 'V , ' 7 r ' ' A o f ' ' .. , -, " rx A ,A NIVQQ . ' , , 'm' .. 'A ' Qffly, 4,--v A-g . , ., - I - ' ' 131' "',W1'g'?- ffpg,f - , -,'.t A , ,..gim.Jb,,.a L.L- cj! P B O u ,r . . s.? 'I' . if 4 5 l 'f 84' 'f ..Q s ' .gr 0 s " vr "' ' , ' Q 1 1 I F fl-' , Y 9 ' io.. ,Q . o ?- W , QV' 0 n I i YI' ' .,, , f ' ' 1 n ' 'A , 9 -' pl I ,, 5 , A r W l ' 0 . . 1 . W I - ff 5 A- f" . ' " -4 .151 G ' . ...Q at lil. O 1 ' ,Q 4 ' Q V ',! '.f'J on I .Ti ,,.. 1 '22 1. ' A .- 419' 5140 up --77 nfl D C rx., X 1 3141, .-44, ,a1v'-H! l-.-...Q ',1.p F-, nu ahhh safe-ra TQ " 'qigvnswzne . 1' if

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