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1 ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s . s 1 e 2 S E i 2 E i i 11 PMA ig ,W M f mf',l' ,Ak 5 i , z gf .",,, ' , gi? X W X ,MMV ar , XWWQWMJ Mrgfl Gentral QSjCllOOl m.fgl'L ncfxv york Cglze Virgifi MIRIAM SEYMOUR, Editor OI'9WOI' We are now ready to take one of the big steps in our lives. This step of graduating from high school is mixed with joy and sadness. ln high school we have learned to study, take responsibility, and to cooperate with other people. These steps, we feel,will be of great value in all that we do in the years to come. In this book are memories of events familiar to all of us. Our time spent in high school is so brief, but it will dwell in our memories forever. We offer this book as a souvenir of our four years of high school spent in Virgil. nnual Staff Editor Assistant Editor Miriam Seymour Carl Con9d0f1 Business Editor SDOTTS Editm' Anna Kohne IGYYY BOUQNOI1 Art Editor Lawrence Griswold .. .35 M., MARY MAHAR - MR. WILCOX . 9 rlnczkoals eaetter To The,Class Of 1957: Now that you have completed your preliminary preparations and are ready to assume the responsibilities and role of an adult, it is only fitting that you should pause for a moment to gain perspective and chart your journey. In retrospect, your journey thus far has been comparatively smooth. Distance has leveled many of the spots that seemed rough while you were passing over them. Perhaps you should take note ofthis and when you feel the grade is too steep remember that you must gain distance to see it in its proper perspective. I sincerely hope that, as you separate at this point in your journey, each of your respective plans have room for more education thereby fitting yourselves for even more responsible roles as adults. As a parting thought, I would leave you this quotation by Elbert Hubbard: "Go as far as you can see, and when you get there - you'll see farther. " : F ' I 4 5 'D Eealica tion, The Senior Class is very pleased to dedicate their yearbook to Miss Esther Swauger. Miss Swauger is our Senior Class Advisor and was the director of our two class plays. She has also struggled to teach us the fundamentals of English Literature and has shown much enthusiasm in helping our class to succeed. -W4-rf. ya--ev.-ffc.,',w-nf Y:-1 ROW ONE: G. Taylor, L. Griswold, L. Griswold, I. Hutchings. ROW TWO: P. Stillman, G. Dunn, R. Burleigh, D. Blatchley, C. Congdon, I. Fisk, Mr. Ames. W. Asher Goodale Kenneth Pond ..... Dorothy Kimmich Mary Mahar ..... Elizabeth Dalley Robert Sayer Cornelius Smith Ray F. Wilcox ,. Chester A. Lacy . oarcf of gcfucation . .... . . . President . . . . Vice-President . . . District Treasurer Clerk Principal . . . Superintendent of Schools Cgtucfent OUfLCl 9 r MRS. LINEHAN MISS SWAUGER MR. AMES History, Latin English Agriculture MR. PHASE MR. SEITH ER C h MR. LUCHS Commercial oac Math: Science MR. SADLER MR. FREEMAN MRS. MCKIBBEN Music Iunior High Iunior High MRS. ROSE MRS. IEBBETT Kindergarten 151 5, 2nd MRS. CARY First MRS. SISCO MRS. GINGRICH Second Third MRS. VINCENT MRS. CIANCY Fifth Girls' Phys. Ed. 1-qnw MRS. GRISWOLD Fourth MRS. HALLENBECK Sixth MRS. WILCOX MISS DOBRIS MRS. McKEE Art English School Nurse Cadet Teacher I. C. MR. STAHL MR. AYRES Diver Ed. Speech BUS DRIVERS M. TIMMERMAN B. SEYMOUR W. CUTLER P. VAN GORDER B. VAN GORDER R. BAYS This Page Sponsored By CONNOLLY'S GROCERIES AND OLDS 8: FULMER ,-q,J-1 . nn Il!-l, Staff MRS. SALTSMAN MRS. TIMMERMAN MRS. INMAN Head Cook Caf. Worker Caf. Worker MRS. WOLCOTT Homemaking: Caf. Manager MR. TIMMERMAN MR. TRIM Janitor Ianiwf This Page Sponsored By HARRY ALPERTS AND WINTERS QNN NYS. Glass gastory MIRIAM CAROL DAVE g sf KKKZQ5 . kz z , .,,,: m A , . Q N g A lg i 5 'S,, ,J ll V. MTA V- 'W sl at 'f . I 2 J gh. L, A gy 'X MARGARET l , M A ANNA LARRY "U W AU DREY SHIRLEY IERRY In September 1945, five very happy and excited children entered Mrs. Cary's First Grade. She had quite a time teaching us those boring ABC's. Carl -Congdon joined us in Third Grade otherwise our life in grade school was uneventful. In Eighth Grade Carol Wilson and Ierry Boughton joined us. We sold Christmas wrapping paper to raise money for our trip to Albany. This was the high point of the year. We visited the state education building, state office building and of course the state Capitol. On our return trip we stopped off at Howe Caverns. We had a very exciting graduation. Luther Baker was our salutatorian with Anna Kohne our valedictorian. We started our freshman year with Coach Moore as our advisor and Anna Kohne as our president. Audrey Baker joined our group. We had a supper and also sold jello as our money making activities. X In our Sophomore year we elected Miss McBride as our advisor. Mrs. Wilson replaced her in mid-year when Miss McBride left. Anna Kohne again was president. Donald Hafler, David Mack and Miriam Seymour were the last to join our happy group. 17 Mr. Caslick was our advisor in our Junior year with Bill Doak as our president. Our class rings arrived the last of November which proved to be a happy occasion. Two other great events were the Junior play entitled "The Whole Truth" and our Junior Prom, "Star Dust." Jack McHerron and Audrey Baker were crowned King and Queen with Jerry Boughton and Anna Kohne as runners-up. Miss Swauger was our Senior advisor with Shirley Pond as our president. Some of our activities were a ham supper, an indoor circus, magazine sales and our Senior play entitled "Our Girls." On Good Friday, April 19 twelve very excited Seniors left for Washington. We spent four wonderful days at the nation's capital. ROW ONE: S. Pond, A. Baker, A. Kohne, M. Van Dee M. Seymour, C. Wilson, Miss Swauger. ROW TWO: D. Mack, W. Doyle, G. Boughton, L. Griswold, D. Hafler. 18 SHIRLEY POND "Shirl" Class Secretary 1,27 President 4: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3,4: President 4: Yorker Club 1: Red Cross Representative 3: Peaker Staff 1,2, 3: Peaker Circulation Manager 3: Yearbook Staff 3, 4: Junior and Senior Play 3, 4: Chorus l ,2, 3, 4: Select Chorus 3, 4. GERALD BOUGHTON "Ierry" Class Vice-President 1: Treasurer 2: Student Council 3: I-'.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: County Sentinel 3, Secretary 4: LV. Basketball 1,2: Varsity 3,4: Soccer Z, 3, 4: Captain 4: Baseball 1,Z, 3,4: Track 1,2, 3,4: Peaker Sports Editor 3: Annual Staff 3,45 Ir. and Sr. Play: Ir. Prom King Runner-Up: Band l,2,3,4: Dance Band 4: Chorus 2,4. AUDREY BAKER "Aud" Vice-President 1, 2,47 F.H.A. l,2, 3: Secretary 3: Historian 2: Shorthand Club 4: Cheering LV. 3: Varsity 4: Peaker Editor 3: Yearbook Staff 3,47 Iunior and Senior Play 3,47 Iunior Prom Queen 3: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Select Chorus 2, 3,4: E Lf K 'aff v k Lw Q-war'-'W X , -5 y- - we- -- fe-fi'-yvvg-qfql17'laafv, M , CARL CONGDON Student Council 1,2,3,47 F.F.A. 1,21 Basketball 1: Soccer 27 Peaker Staff 37 Assistant Editor of Yearbook 47 Chorus 1, 2. MIRIAM SEYMOUR "F099v" West Union, Ohio 17 Class Treasurer 3,47 News Reporter 1,21 I-'.H.A. 2, 3,47 Secretary 47 Smorthand Club 47 Eeaker Staff 2, 37 Yearbook Editor 47 Iunior Play 37 Senior Play 47 Chorus 1 , 2, 3, 47 Select Chorus 1, 2, 3,4. WALTER DOYLE 'Walt' P.F.A. 1: Soccer 3, 47 Track 2, 37 Basketball 3,47 Senior Play: Yearbook Staff 47 Peaker Staff 3. ANNA KOHNE "Anna Lise" Class President 1,27 Representative 37 Secretary 47 F.H.A. l,2,3,47 Senior Yorker Club 1,27 Cheering I.V. 1,27 Varsity 3, 47 Peaker 1 72, 37 Yearbook Staff 47 Ir. and Sr. Play7 Ir. Queen Runner-Up7 Band 1, 2, 3,47 Chorus 2. LAWRENCE GRISWOLD "Griz" Class Secretary 37 Student Council Secretary 17 President 47 Senior Yorker Club l7 Basketball 2,3,47 Soccer l,2,3,47 F.F.A. 1,2,3,47 Peaker Staff 2,37 Yearbook Staff 47 Ir. and Sr. Play 3,47 Chorus 1, 2, 37 Band l,2, 3,47 Dance Band 47 Select Band 4. CAROL WILSON "Hot Rod" P.H.A. 1,2,3,41F.H.A. Treasurer 3: F.H.A. News Reporter 47 Red Cross 2,41 Senior Yorker Club 1,27 Archery Club 17 Peaker Staff 2,37 Yearbook Staff 47 Iunior Play 37 Chorus 1,2, 3,4. 'iewfxqj ,- Ly Wig A 3 'Wah Y' 7 4 .. 4 :,',,, ' , ' N, L 3 MARGARET VAN DEE DAVID MACK "Marg " "Dave" News Reporter 15 F.H.A. l,2 ,3,45 Peaker News Reporter 47 F.H.A. 152, 3, 45 Peaker Staff 35 Yearbook Staff 35 Senior Play 45 Staff 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Iunior Play 35 Star Salesman, 5100. pm. Semor Play 4. DONALD HAFLER LEON ROUNDS .. Don.. F. F.A. l,2,3,45 Peaker 35 Yearbook Staff 4: Iunior Play: Senior Play. I ass We the Senior Class of 1957, of Virgil Central School being of sound and disposing mind and memory do publish and declare this our Last Will and Testament in the manner following, that is to say: To the Junior Class, we leave all the fun of the Washington trip in their Senior year. To the best of the Sophomore Class, we leave a Junior year. To the Freshman Class, we leave the opportunity to arrive at our pinnacle of success in their Senior year. To Mr. Luchs, we leave all the angles of the Senior Class. To Mr. Pease and his law class we leave the right to decide whether this is legal or not. To Miss Swauger we leave a box of Kleenex to wipe away her tears of parting grief. To Doc Ames we leave aspirins to cure the headaches the Seniors have caused him. To Mr. Freeman we leave more girls to sing alto. To Mrs. Wilcox we leave the artistic temperaments of the Seniors. To the cafeteria workers we will a hungrier Senior class. To Mrs. Wolcott we leave more cooking experiments so the Ag. boys will be well fed. To Mrs. Linehan we leave a larger following of Democrats. Anna Kohne wills her flirtatious ways to Lesbia Coons. Gerald Boughton wills his bevy of girl friends to George Ely. Carol Wilson wills her position as transporter of footweary Seniors to Dave Kryger. Carl Congdon wills his shy ways to Dick Barnum. Shirley Pond wills her infectious giggle to Pat Sherman. Donald Hafler wills his ability to sleep through classes to Pat Burleigh. Margaret Van Dee wills her quietness to the entire Iunior class and hopes they make use of it. Walter Doyle wills his speed to Linny Griswold. Miriam Seymour wills her innocent ways to Ada MacLeod. Dave Mack wills his driving ability to Rowena Haskins. Audrey Baker wills her ability to go steady to Mary Kohne. Leon Rounds wills his snazzy convertible and the girls that go along with it to Ray Burleigh. Larry Griswold wills his imagination to George Brown. We hereby nominate and appoint Mrs. Mary Mahar, sole executrix without bond, of this our Last Will and Testament. Class of '57. President ' UML Clerk SWL weaves! This Page Sponsored By W OORTLAND LINE CO. Miriam Seymour is quite a girl, Boy did she give Syracuse a whirl. But she quit her ramblin' life, And settled down to be a wife. Carol Wilson turned out to be a shutte But shelstill knows how to cut a rug. With a Ford that really peels, She gets pictures for all newsreels f.mI'Opll8Cly r bug, Iohn Val. , whose alias is Anna Kohne, Turned out to be a real phony. We all thought her heart was set, But found she was just a coquette. David Mack known as the Iudge From his farm would not budge. He's making money hand over fist But look at all the fun he missed. wa jerry Boughton straight and tall, Didn't want to work at all. The girl he married is tall and slim And now she is supporting him. LJ QZZQ Carl Congdon had his day, When all he did was sleep and play Now he leads a busy life, Caring for his kids and wife. a9'o-nf o 4 Audrey will be a singing star, Proclaimed by many both near and far. But will this always be her life? I hear She'll be a farmer's wife. Shirley Pond worked in town, And tried to turn it upside down. Because she's really not that mighty Now she's pinning a droopy didie. You have to watch the quiet kind, Margaret is the one in mind. She'll be married before the rest, And take her family away out west. dns-Q Larry Griswold, known as Griz, Still, as always is a whiz, At dreaming up an easy way, To have his fun and still draw his pa Walter Doyle was a ladies' man, To be a chemist was his plan. All he drinks is HZO, But how could that affect him so? I Donald Hafler, the sleeping beauty, Always sure to do his duty, Has a farm all his own, Still works his fingers to the bone. This' Page Sponsored By LATIMERS AND TICKNORS Y umoerzemos R. BARNUM L. COONS uniors D. KRYGER ......... President M. KOHNE ..... Vice-President P. SHERMAN ......... Secretary ' L-fx K e i ei , 425 L,L' il. QF . E. HAREN DORF f D. REEVE R. BURLEIGH C. GLPASON -Q D. KRYGER ff' A. MACLEOD " j V' ,, A ' A221 1 - 1 gif ff , V Y 1, -f assfifji LM- f-f7L zf 'ff m E .l- ,L 'mf f.,1.z,gw,..,,.w1w,, igkkrsyl-M 3 ?5.xiE4w,,. - . . , 2 P31 12355 -.' vwe?' L: ..""' ' .. . f'i?fws1f w a igsggs - . , Q wwf 1 , ' ,. ' T. SALTSMAN J' G. ELY R. MACLEOD GRISWOLD R. HASKINS M. KOHNE R. HASKINS ........ Treasurer T. SALTSMAN-L. COONS ...... News Reporters P. SHERMAN P. BURLEIGH N . q , A A A 3556. G. BROWN 1. ELLIOTT This Page Sponsored By WKRT . g . V+ me if we C. BENNETT L. BRISTOL R. KIMBALL R. IANG 6 'G Q 'R .S Si' . f I .. 1 M- BARNUM E. REEVE I. I-'ISK Csyoplzomores R. NEAL ........... President QM. BARNUM ........ Secretary L. BRISTOL ..... Vice -President " 4 1 R. KIMBALL .......... Treasurer .. I. REYNOLDS. . . . News Reporter 1 495 B. STEVENS .. og 3: T: Q: L W H ,rw V - . MX ,pf ' I f, 'S 3' - ,J fl 1 1 11,52 si' W - f' 'w e' 1' -s L, 5, , ., I. HUTCHINGS P. ROUSE I. REYNOLDS fi , X, ,JI -V kiin. .V Z ,. - ' f gf' Af Y W R. NEAL G. PRICE D. ROOD B. WARNOW This Page Sponsored By WKRT . ' if No Picture Available: D. BLATCHLI-JY F. CARRIER ll ' R. MASON I. KRYGER I. MARVIN nav: T. HORNER L. IANG llfkv x - 'w kv .ar - M. ELY G. DUNN D. PISK G. WARN OW G. DAVIS C9329 171811 D. BLATCHLEY ...... President G. DAVIS ...... Vice-President D. PISK . . . ..... Treasurer I. WILK .... ..... S ecretary G. TAYLOR .... News Reporter Q 'Wn, vu ii ., x U is . I-'YU . 3 Y s X Q M N ua, S. STAGE G. TAYLOR I. WILK W U x Mb., Y WM r 1 A i QV ' ' "z, k ,,'. ,fair iq , W 'K 2 Aw 3 Y C- 01-IN L. PIERCE I. PRICE This Page Sponsored By G. H. WILTSIE 'T I NWNES' ROW ONE: D. Price, H. Kimball, M. Horner, C. Cole, C. Doyle, I. Strickland, I. Goodale, P. Stillman. ROW TWO: Mrs. McKibben, S. Severance, C. Oaks, D. Carrier, P. Apgar, L. Lang, D. Van Gorder, R. lngrahm, K. Swanson, I. Harendorf, S. Griswold. ROW THREE: S. Endler, K. Cory, B. Butler, I. Ingrahm, C. Elliott, L. Davis, R. Wilcox, D. Sayer, D. Warnow. ROW ONE: D. Rew, I. Pierce, R. Ingrahm, D. Ford, S. Cole, C. Sherman, C. Stillman, I. Peterson, I. Holler, L. Price. ROW TWO: P. Holmes, D. Allen, I. Davis, D. Russell, I. Allen, S. Sherman, W. Pierce, D. Allen, I. Deasy, D. Russell, B. Rosecrans, Mr. Sadler. ROW THREE: E. Lang, W. Dunn, G. Gleason, D. Olmstead, W. Congdon, M. Burleigh, D. Warnow, M. Wilk, K. Sayer. This Page Sponsored By CORTLAND STANDARD AND CORTLAND BOWLING CENTER e ven tlz Qracfe giglztla Qracfe , x ROW ONE: -F. Butler, K. Carrier, R. Stevens, R. Montesano, T. Rew, L. Carrier, R. Cole, ROW TWO: S. Sherman, C. Totman, R. Kenyon, T. Short, L. Olmstead, D. Moore, L. Horner, Mrs. Hallenbeck. ROW THREE: P. Wood, E. MacLeod, I. Knapp, E. Apgar, E. Ender, I. McDuffy, R. Hammond, S. McGuinness, K. Smith, S. Horner. , I ROW ONE: S. Van Donsel, C. Norton, E. Endler, I. Swanson, S. Trim, P. McNeal, C. Kenyon, L. Mo . W ' ' ran, I arnow. ROW TWO. I. McKen'on, L. Ingrahm, L. Sherman, I. Cutler,R, Whnftley, R. DuMond, W. May, XL Apgar, I. Vinnedge, E. Smith, I. Austin. ROW THREE: I. Congdon, F. Gleason, I. Harrison, M. Blatchley, G. Seymour, I. Searls, L. Ingrahm, R. Goodale, M. Fisk, G. McCall, L. Price. This Page Sponsored By BAKER LUMBER AND ALPERTS IEWELER C5136 Qracfe amz. V-w---if - - -.---.vvrt . ......Y.. .. . we , ,H ROW ONE: A. Knecht, C. Mahar, K. Lang, V. Blanchard, D. Russell, I. Cory, D. Goodale, S. Clark, D. Dunn, D. Cornelius, T. Kimball. ROW TWO: B. Price, R. Renz, M. Stevens, R. Trim, L. Hollenbeck, P. Ingrahm, R. Bennett, H. Horner, S. McDuffy, C. Eaton, S. Pond, M. Moran, A. Totman.. ROW THREE: D. Utter, G. Vaughn, K. Deasy, R. Burleigh, G. Kryger, G. Hayes, G. Fisk, S. Elliott, T. Umland, G. Oaks, S. Eaton, V. Whirtley. 1 r . , X . 3 ROW ONE: E. Theisen, B. Norton, L. Hollenbeck, R. Corvin, C. Mahar, D. Teeter, F. Stebbins. ROW TWO: D. Utter, R. Doyle, S.VIngrahm, S. Cincotta, J. Rice, J. McGee, B. Apgar, L. Park. ROW THREE: K. Oaks, B. Warnow, B. Rook, I. Hoy, N. Price, R. Trim, D. Blatchley, A. Stevens. This Page Sponsored By H. C. MUNSON AND PAYNE BROS. Ourt ra e fd? lt cglzird Q ROW ONE: D. Shilen, L. Hollenbeck, I. Timmerman, T. Deasy, C. Rochat, P. Eaton, R. Olsen, D. Teeter, I. Cole. ROW TWO: I. Connolly, I. Ingrahm, G. Griswold, S. Stewart, I. Rice, K. Horner, C. Dalley, A. Andrick, G. Renz. ROW THREE: I. Totman, I. Moore, L. Umland, B. Olmstead, D. McConnell, G. Apgar, A. Goodale, I. Sherman, L. McGuinness. 2 1 ROW ONE: R. Utter, A. Apgar, V. Packard, L. Kenyon, K. Van Donsel, E. Lynch, T. Oliver, B. Puderbaugh, K. Maxson. ROW TWO: E. Baurle, M. Corvin, L. Knecht, I. Cornelius, R. Potts, I. Cincotta, I. Horner, D. Russell, D. Rice, V. Kingsbury. ROW THREE: R. Searls, S. Saltsman, L. Park, K. Wildman, M. Wood, I. Whitford, B. Warnow, P. McConnell, I. Eaton. This Page Sponsored By FIRST NATIONAL BANK QCOH, Qmf. C72rst grade ROW ONE: I. Stebbins, F. Eaton, L. Oliver, I. Rook, M. Gleason, L. Pierce, M. Pierce. E. McNeal. ROW TWO: L. Cutler, S. Ingrahm, R. Van Gorder, M. Short, M, Lang, V. Whirtley. ROW ONE: I. Park, D. Packard, S. Fritts, V. Bays, C. Stevens, I. Norton, I. Rew. ROW TWO: B. Cutler, D. Deasy, R. Smith, R. Price, D. Griswold. ROW THREE: R. McCall, W. Whitford, T. Eastman, A. Stevens, K. Bays, C. Puderbaugh. This Page Sponsored By PATCH BROS. AND GRANTS BAKERY C72rst an econcf Qracfe gfin cfergarten ANNUAL Advisor Editor MR. PEASE MIRIAM SEYMOUR , e I I ROW ONE: S. Pond, A. Baker, A. Kohne, M. Van Dee, M. Seymour, C. Wilson, M. Kohne. ROW TWO: Miss Swauger, D. Mack, W. Doyle, I. Boughton, L. Griswold, R. MacLeod, D. Hafler, C. Congdon, D. Reeve, Mr. Pease. This Page Sponsored By KELLOGG AUTO SUPPLY AND L. F. LETTS earboo Staff QWQCJ GIUSS ROW ONE: L. Coons, I. Davis, J. Reynolds, D. Olmstead, H. Kimball, B. Stevens. ROW TWO: P. Burleigh, I. Fisk, J. Hutchings. ROW THREE: C. Wilson, M. Kohne. ROW POUR: C. Gleason, A. MacLeod, E. Harendorf. ROW FIVE: L. Griswold, D. Blatchley, R. Haskins. ROW SIX: G. Davis, Mr. Pease, P. Rouse. giltllff' umes 81146 'fx ROW ONE: I. Kryger, L. Griswold, R. Haskins. ROW TWO: P. Sherman Mrs. McKee, E. Harendorf. This Page Sponsored By SARVAY'S SHOES AND WILK DRUG CORP. i li ROW ONE: I. Reynolds, I. Davis, S. Stage, M. Barnum. ROW TWO: L. Price, P. Stillman, D. Dunn, L. Swanson, C. Oaks, B. Stevens, S. McGuinness. ROW THREE: D. Rew, D. Price, K. Cory, L. Lang, I. Hutchings, R. Wilcox, A. Kohne, I. Wilk, H. Kimball, D. Russell, ROW FOUR: R. Kimball, D. Rood, C. Bennett, D. Blatchley, I. Price, L. Lang, I. Ingrahm, Mr. Freeman. ROW ONE: I. Pierce, D. Allen, D. Allen, M. Barnum, B. Rosecrans, I. Reynolds, C. Sherman, P. Holmes. ROW TWO: A. Baker, S. Stage, R. Kimball, R. Mason, G. Price, D. Fisk, S. Pond, F. Carrier, M.r. Freeman. ROW THREE: I. Hutchings, R. Burleigh,D. Rood, G. Warnow, I. Price, M. Seymour, P. Elliott, A. MacLeod, C. Wilson. This Page Sponsored By HARRINGTON BROS. AND ITALIAN KITCHEN Ol'US 2 A A ROW ONE: P. Sherman, C. Wilson, M. Kohne, S. Pond, I. Fisk, A. MacLeod, T. Taylor. ROW TWO: I. Reynolds, S. Stage, R. Haskins, E. Harendorf, M. Seymour, C. Gleason, M. VanDee, A. Kohne, Mrs. Wolcott. ROW THREE: B. Stevens, P. Burleigh, I. Wilk, M. Barnum, I. Hutchings, D. Fisk, L. Griswold, F. Carrier. 1 7 . ROW ONE: L. Pierce, C. Olin, G. Boughton, R. Lang, P. Elliott, D. Reeve, R. Burleigh, E. Reeve. ROW TWO: Mr. Ames, R. Mason, G. Davis, D. Mack, D. Hafler, P. Rouse, W. Warnow, D. Blatchley, C. Bennett, L. Bristol, L. Griswold, G. Brown, L. Lang. This Page Sponsored By 40 y SEVEN VALLEY GLASS SHOP AND WESTERN AUTO a M. Van Dee, C. Gleason, R. Haskins, A. Kohne, M. Seymour, A. MacLeod, A. Baker, C. Congdon, L. Griswold, M. Kohne, S. Pond, W. Doyle, D. Mack, R. Burleigh, G. Ely, Mr. Stahl. Mr. Pease, M. Seymour, A. MacLeod, A. Baker, M. Kohne. This Page Sponsored By CORTLAND AUTO SUPPLY AND REYNOLDS 9 a M vers ra in ing Cgyzortlzanal lui, ROW ONE: Holler, Price, Price, Stillman, Sherman, Holmes, Pierce. ROW TWO: Griswold, Allen, Sayer, Wilcox, Davis, Sayer, Carrier, Davis. ROW THREE: Mrs. McKibben, Kimball, Horner, Goodale, Cole, Doyle, Harendorf, Oaks, Severance, Allen, Pierce, Stillman. ROW FOUR: Peterson, Lang, Cory, Ingrahm, Burleigh, Endler, Apgar, Ingrahm, Swanson, Deasy. ROW ONE: M. Pease, A. MacLeod, ROW TWO: I. Reynolds, M. 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Olin, I. Price, R. MacLeod, W. Warnow, D. Blatchley, R. Lang, P. Rouse, W. Doyle, G. Ely, Coach Seither. ROW ONE: T. Horner, C. Bennett, L. Pierce, G. Price, D. Kryger, G. Ely, R. MacLeod, R. Kimball, R. Neal, L.Griswold. ROW TWO: R. Mason, L. Lang, G. Davis, G. Warnow, W. Doyle, D. Blatchley, Coach Seither, W. Warnovv, P. Rouse, G. Boughton, L. Bristol, C. Olin. This Page Sponsored By PENNEY'S AND A. LOUIS OCCQI' JW.. in ' W., www, K - Q, .M 3 .Sf WW , Q.'1"0J 4 iH 'i Nw 55 .jqlma ater Beneath the hills of Virgil Our school stands proud and fair, Ever symbolizing faith and honor true. As we stand within her portals, The love and friendship there, We remember and again our pledge renew. To the school of our hearts, To our comrades fair, Hail! Hail! Hail! To the teachers we know, And the joys we share, Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail, Alma Mater, we sing to thee Strong in our love we will ever be, Loyal and brave to' eternity, Hail! Hail! Hail! ijrrgll Cgiglzt Song We 're loyal to you, Virgil High. We'll always be true, Virgil High. We'll fight man for man And we know you can stand 'Gainst the best in the land, Virgil High Rah" Rah" We 're cheering for you, Virgil High. We know you'll come through, Virgil High Our teams we will all remember.: They're our brave defenders We 're all for you, Virgil High! Rah! This Page Sponsored By MCNEIL MUSIC AND STAUBER DRUGS FM Q X 3 s 3 ,. I! A T gums: 5' F -5 ' - Qi ,. X Qi5?fEw 3241 f T ? I J QNSYQQ .. -1 7 . fu if-ffkfil xxf . fi, .iw ,, w. 'f 551 K ff "ISU, fflgf-if ', ...J 4 .ff -1 W Q55 X N .. . ,.: gn, . J' S , 4 ,L This Page Sponsored By BURGESS CLOTHING CO. AND GLEASON BUICK x x. 5.51 itjbg' xi! 9 is E v T 11611. ,p vA...L,.,,.L.., i my 1 Q 1 i ,ao A K J .- 1' XA' ' X K ' Wxxwm Wd Y' vi? Q35 ZX Q00 list 41,0 I 0110 so 60 Look At The Legs On That Fellow! Yes, Darling. Suntan, Wind-blown. NO Comment . Would You Care To Dance, Madam? H H e"e W' :.175"+ , 'T T A h ' , Voo,, 5 I1 of 4' This Page Sponsored By VIRGIL IGA AND AMES CHEVROLET Which One Had The Toni? .wir This Is A Hayride? He's lust Resting His Eyes. And He Iust Ate Supper Boy Shortage we e 050 S39 'ixxeeiyl 9' ' The O X O omoixvroee Z 14,6 'yy O Pk O91 lr, as KJ' ., ...,. 3: M W ' 6,0 flu, t , Y T17 .-H: M V' Sz A O96 Pac ,4 ' ,5 Stfo xx US- This Is No Ioke. This Page Sponsored By 54 FABRIZIO'S MEN'S SHOP AND MULLENS AUTO sw f cqufog 'zafzgi QL Cf: , rf -Ef- ARTHUR MCCOLL In Service This Page Sponsored By B. T. IONES AND GORDON DRUGS gn 77fZ0ll1 OfIICll71 x f H T -1 ' x 'E 4 Nw 1 sw Q91 'Fw If no .r ,N QS' .W 4' I r an 553531 swag .f 1 F4 ,gg1'.,:rQm"?:. 1v. ,W N Aw '1- - ., ,. f 4 ,KIA , . , fx I I , 5 , NN' fl W f I .. M. X , Haw K X Wxfagi y A if 5: QW! Exe KVI 39, ix 55: K g F, mm 5 A ,Q x ,L , W 1135! 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Suggestions in the Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) collection:

Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 8

1957, pg 8

Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 7

1957, pg 7

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