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7AMl3?GlLlfXN 1956 mezwxrzww WWW fzlwivwwz, EQZL14KH4L41J j223,1 21 JgL,,4g4,L, O 6 .:' mnrron co-EDITOR ART EDITOR LITERARY ED1Ton . -001 Bus Ess MANAGER SPORTS EDITO LM M TER Beneath the hills of V1rg1l Our school stands proud and fa1r Ever symbollzing falth and honor true As we stand w1th1n her portals, The love and frlendshlp there, We remember and agaln our pledge renew To the school of our hearts, To our comrades falr, Hail! Hall! Ha1l! To the teachers we know, And the Joys we share, Hail! Hall! Hall! Hall, Alma Mater, we Slng to thee Strong in our love we will ever be Loyal and brave to eternity, Hall! Hall! Hall! FUREWORD Here we are near the end of another school year, and, as always, our happlness at the thought of graduatlng is tlnged w1th sadness at haV1Hg to leave the place where we have enjoyed ourselves so much and where we have made so many friends bra everythlng from Engllsh literature to baklng a cake But we've learned other things, too responsib1l1ty, 1nitiat1ve, and cooperation, through extra currlcular activities, such as muslc, athletlcs, dramatlcs, and clubs We've held offlces in classes and organlzatlons learnlng to govern ourselves, and we've competed with others for honors And, then too, there have been all of those lmportant l1ttle things, the gab fests, the bus rldes, noon hour strolls, golng to basketball games, to band tournaments, and to proms The past four years are a kaleidoscope of faces and scenes and events The 1956 V1rg1l1an will try to help you relive the past year and en able you to recall, we hope with nostalgia, familiar scenes and faces of Vlrgll Central School . 7 7 High school has meant studying - history, chemistry, shorthand, alge- .. . . . . , DEDICATIO We, the Senior Class, dedicate our yearbook, the 1956 Virgillan, to Mrs Helen McKibben Even though she is not a high school teacher, she has shown great interest in us all through our h1gh school years We wish to express our deepest thanks for the help and advice she has given us -we . 1 K' xi I I w S w E vu lg +2 f"'5 -x, XP' 4 N TRXPIO 53 41 f ' Q-Qi? W J .--f PRINCIP L'S MESSAGE Dear Seniors, My past twe years have been very pleasant ones I hope that your graduation will truly be a Wcommencement' and not the end of your education al plans that you now commence a profitable and an even more enjoyable por out and develop to their fullest extent We need your talents desperately in our swift moving and complex economy I wish to quote, from an author who is unknown, a thought that I would leave with you W Whoever acquires knowledge but does not practice it, is like one who plows a field but does not sow it W with warmest regards and best wishes for your future success, I am Sincerely yours, Ray F Wilcox tion of your life. Each ef you have special talents which you must seek - B0 RD of EDUC 'l'l0 Row 1 Mr C Smith, Mr K Pond, Mr A Goodale, Mr D Cory, Mrs E Dalley Row 2 Mr C Lacy, Mrs M Mahar, Mrs D Kimmich, Mr R Wilcox TUBE T COUNCIL Row 1. L. Griswold, B. Scott, Mr. Ames, C. Congdon, J. Hutchings How 2. S. Stage, C. Oaks, R. Burleigh, B. Sherman, C. Bennett, A. McCall - 1 ' 'vi X f .png e e 0 o o o a q g I O O O O I l D U O O FACULTY Rev 1 Mrs McKee, Nurse, Mrs Kelly, Comm , Miss Swsuger, English, Mrs Welcett, Home Economics Rev 2 Mrs Wilcex, Art, Mr Seither, Physical Education, Mr Ames, Azriculture, Mr Andersen, Science and Math , Mr Freeman, Music Rev 1 Rev 2 Mrs Warren, 7th and 8th Meth and Science, Mrs Shurtleff Kindergarten, Mrs Griswold, hth, Mrs Vincent, 5th, Mrs Hclibben, 7th and 8th English and History Mrs Severance, Kindergarten, Miss Foss, 6th, Mrs Sisco, lst and 3rd, Mrs Wilcox, Art, Mrs Gingrlch, 3rd, Mrs Cary, lst, Mrs Brown, 2nd D e o u O I Q O 4 O O . Q e O e e e s n e 0 0 , . - o e O O O c e e e g Q O n a Q e e e Q ' a O O 0 o I 0 O ax ,, ,, fW5Q,. QQ' S I 0 w? g5E .Q 'F cv V , A, 9 . - , 5 ,:,, , W, -,f .L fm , . - XA E, XR ...WV , W ,-..,,,.....M M., .Vw 5 . K, . iw., .I T..- , ff? T? X "F...,'7r' I X X X .WWW M QXX was NS 'N ,.. ffx .:f,.2Sf ' xx X X R X Activities Holler Nickname ' Peggy' Ambition, Accountant Pet Peeve Neil Name Jane Elsie Davis Nickname 'Calamity Jane' Ambition Nurse Pet Peeve Clase Meetings Favorite Song 'Autumn Leaves F H A Songleader 4 F F A Peaker 123 Yearbook Staff 4 Co Editor Chorus 1234 Band Favorite Song 'Shifting, Whispering Sands' Activities Peaker 123 Class Secretary 12 4 F H A 1234 F H A Secretary 3 F H A v President 4 Library Club 123 Class Plays Cheerleader Activities Name Allen Robert Kryger Nickname Al Ambition Electrician Pet Peeve Betty Favorite Song 'Seventeen' Activities F F A 1 4 J V Basketball 12 Bb Yearbook Staff 4 Yorker Club 123 Name Norma Ann Inman Nickname Norm Ambition Practical Nurse Class Plays 34 Yorker Club 123 Cheerleader 234 F N C Archery Club Library Club 123 Pet Peeve Lovers' quarrels in school Favorite Song '16 Tons' Chorus 123 F H A 1 4 Class Plays 34 Yorker Club 123 Peaker 1 3 Student Council Yearbook Staff Business Manager F N C Varsity Basketball 4 Baseball 1234 Soccer 1234 Chorus 123 Class Plays 34 Class President 23 Class Treasurer Peaker 23 Co Editor 3 Yearbook Staff 34 : z U O e e e ""'l+ e e e "3" -- .- --3 - - --- '--4 " --3 --su ::,,, - Junior Prom Queen --3- F-F-A- "3- : : fl N . . . 23- - - --B- ---I+ ---4 ---Q . 2 : ll If ' . . . 23 C I 113 1--Z Activities Name Arthur Lloyd Parker Nickname Art Ambition Automotive Engineer Pet Peeve English Favorite Song '16 Tons' J V Basketball 12 Varsity Basketball Chorus 123k F F A l b Baseball 23h Class Plays Class News Reporter Activities Name Duane Walter Lang Ambition Make a mlllion dollars Pet Peeve Stingy people Favorite Song 'Ain't That A Shame' Basketball Soccer 3b Baseball Track 2 A Class Plays 3 Peaker 3 Yorker Club 3 Yearbook Staff A Name Neil Frederick Reynolds Nickname 'Honey' Ambition Automotive Engineer Pet Peeve Peggy ' --an --3h N : 2 ll I! 0 0 . . . 23 -- - --3- -23- :: W U Favorite Song: nTh9 Longest Walk' Activities: . . . 23 -2-- - ---b -- - --3- ---h : II ' . . . 23 --3- ---A Name Leon Percy Rounds Nickname 'Leona' AmbiU10D Farmer Pet Peeve Teachers Favorite Song 'Love Is A Many Activities F F A 1 L Chorus Yearbook Staff Peaker 1 J V Basketball 1 F F A 1 A News Reporter Treasurer 3 Vice President Soccer 123A Baseball 123A J V Basketball l Varsity Basketball Track 1 3A Volleyball 23h Class President l Class News Reporter Red Cross 3 Junior Prom King Yearbook Staff Peaker 3 Chorus 1 3 Splendored Thing b 2 Name Doris Ruth Russell Nickname Abe Ambition Ranch1ng or join the Navy Pet Peeve People that gossip Favorite Song 'Cement Mixer Activities Archery Club Chorus 123 Yearbook Staff Art Editor F F A Name Lucy Mae Saltsman Nickname Luce Ambitlon Teacher Pet Peeve 'Bossy' People Favorite Song He Activlties Cheerleader 23h Yorker Club 12 F H A Peaker 123 Band 123k Co Editor Ch0I"-15 1231+ Library Club 123 Yearbook Staff A C1335 Plays 3 Literary Editor Name Ellzabeth Rosalie Scott f Nickname WBetty' Ambition To travel and to be a secretary 1n A H work Pet Peeve People wh0don't answer questions in letters Favorite Song WDaddy OW Activities Class Treasurer l Band 123k Chorus 123 F F A gigtgriai h Student Council Yorker Club 123 President Secretary 12 Red Cross Presldent Red Cross Cortland Rep Peaker 123 Library Club 123 Cheerleader 123 Name Clyde William Sherman Jr Nickname 'B11l' Ambit1on Automotive Engineer Pet Peeve Getting up in the mornlng Favorite Song 'Oh, How I Hate To Get Up' Activlties Student Council A Boys State Delegate Class Plays 3 Band 2 Chorus 23h Yorker Club 123 Yearbook Staff Editor A : : H Y' : : N - --B- ---1+ ---1+ e A n "3" : 2 V1 IV : : U YI - 3- o o o ""'l+ V - -.,3- - -- 4, ---1+ A M FQFQAI ""'3' F N C ---I+ A u s e "B: F e o e 1+ "' - ---1+ --SZ . --B- o "3 ' I . ' . 0 ' --3 --3- -- 1. - 3b Z-su Name: Helen Louise Strickland Nickname: 'Hel' Ambition' Secretary Pet Peeve Grouchy eqple Favorite Song '16 ons' F H A 1 L Chorus 23h Peaker 23 Yearbook Staff Class Plays Library C lub Activities Name Charles Richard Timmerman Nickname Dick Ambition Engineer Pet Peeve English teachers Favorite Song 'Memories Are Made Of This' Activities FFA 11+ News Reporter Band 23A Chorus 123 J V Basketball 12 Varsity Basketball A Soccer 123A Track 123k Name Thomas Arthur Van Gorder Nickname Tom Ambition Farmer Pet Peeve Studying Activities F F A 1 A Y Track A Baseball l23b Soccer 2 h Name Carole Jeanne Wilcox Nickname 'Willie' Ambition Teacher Pet Peeve Snobs Favorite Song 'Memories Are Med' Of This Activities F H A Treasurer Peaker F F A Yearbook Staff F N C President Chorus BL Select Chorus 3 Favorite Song 'Why Don't You Shave?' Class Vice President 1 3 Sentinel 2 Student Council Peaker 3 P giggidggsident Yorker Club varsin Basketball zauclass P1aYS b Chorus Basketball Manager l : e e e ' ' --31+ --3- : : U H . . . . 23 '-3b e e -:-3 : : Il W 0 e e - - -2-- - --3-. -- - --. - -....1, - I -3 --3 --B- - 3 : H ' . . . --34 --3- --3- e e e "3" ---1+ ---A ---4 SENIOR CLASS HISTO RY In September of l9hb, eight of the most excited and energetic children started school to become part of the class of '56 These eight children were Lucy Saltsman, Peggy Holler, Jane Davis, Betty Scott, Norma Inman Leon Rounds, Tom Van Gorder, and Dick Timmerman ABC's were very bor1ng to these eight youngsters and all of us won dered when we were g01Dg to start learning something In the second grade one new member joined our little group, Bill Sherman Mrs Gingr1ch had some trouble teaching us the fundamentals of the three R's Our group was getting larger by the time we reached eighth grade Neil Reynolds, Doris Russell, and Allen Kryger Joined us in the third grade Arthur Parker joined us in the fifth grade and Duane Lang in the seventh grade The big moment of grade school was comlng soon But before graduated from eighth grade, we took a trip to Albany, New York visited the State Education Building, State Office Building, and The State Capitol Build1ng On our return tr1p we visited Howe Caverns We had a very exciting graduation with the high school seniors We started off our Freshman year by electing Mr Gregory as our advisor and Neil Reynolds as our president We had a very successful year with our movie, five cent supper, and our jello sales One new member, Helen Strickland, J01D8d our group Our Sophomore year we elected Mrs Wolcott as our advisor and Allen Kryger as our president Our activities for the year included a dance and two cafeteria suppers elected Mr Caslick as our advisor and Allen Kryger as our president Our class F1ngS arrived the third day of school Our activities in cluded a very successful spaghettisupper, and two of our biggest e vents the Junior play, 'Finders Creepers' and our Junior Prom 'Moonlight Serenade' Peggy Holler and Neil Reynolds were crowned queen and king Lucy Saltsman and Bill Sherman were the runners up Thus ended a very successful year Our Senlor year included many exciting activities with Neil Reynolds as our president and Misa Swauger as our advlsor We start ed off our year with a very successful cafeteria supper Next came our Senior play, 'A Pair of Country Kids' It was a fun packed comedy Our donkey basketball game was very funny The Senior boys played the Virgil Firemen There were a few aches and bruises the next day We also had a Saint Patrick's Day dance Finally on Good Friday sixteen very excited pupils, eight boys and eight girls, started on the annual Senior trip to Wash1ngton, D C Four very happy days were spent in the nat1on s capitol But, as all good things do, our Senlor year has come to an end After graduation all of us will be on our own out in the 'big wide world' We leave with some regrets, but with many fond memories ' . we . We Our Junior year brought us a new member, Carole Wilcox. We "' v SENIOR C ASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1956, of Virgil Central School being of sound and disposing mind and memory do publish and declare this our Last V111 and Testament in the manner following, that is to say To the Junior Class, we leave the headaches and Joys of put ting the V1rg1l1an together To the Sophomore Class, we leave a good money making Junior year Class mediate often year Jane Dick to Audrey Neil the Freshman Class, we leave the quiet ways of the Senior Mr Anderson, we leave a smarter and a more alert Inter Algebra Class xdss owauger, we leave the right to have English 12 more Mrs Kelly, we leave a more attentive bookkeeping class we leave a smaller American History class leave a general science classto teach next Caslick, Ames, we Mrs Drs Wolcott, we leave a larger Homemaking III Class we leave a quieter general art class leave more boys for the chorus we leave more cooperative gym classes Wilcox, Freeman, r Seither Davis wills her noisy ways to Carl Congdon Timmerman willshis brush cut to Lonny Griswold Baker Reynolds wills his position on the Varsity basketball squad to Jerry Boughton Peggy Holler wills her ability to go steady to Anna Kohne Leon Rounds wills h1S short hair to Charles Cooper Norma Inman wills her laughing ways to Margaret Van Dee Duane Lang wills his ability to study to David Mack Carole Wilcox wills her Wen to Carol Wilson B111 Sherman wlll his qui t ways to Jack McHerron Helen trickland wills her calmness to Sheila Bernier Allen Kryger wills his ability to flirt with Elfl to Walter Doyle Betty Scott wills her shortness to xlriam oeymour Arthur Parker wills his ability to get along with girls to B111 Doak Doris Russell wills her seriousness to Shirley Pond Tom Van Gorder wills his ability to go steady to Art McColl We hereby nominate and appoint Mr Ray Wilcox, sole exectrix, withgut bond, of this our Last Will and Testament rincipal President .To ' ' To . . - To V C , O ' Io . ' ' . To Mr. ' ' ' . To Mr. ' .To . ' . To I . ' ' . To Mr. we . To M . ' , I A . Lucy Saltsman wills her position on the Varsity cheering squad SENIOR C ASS PROPHE Jane, our llttle redheaded nurse, who spent four years at Keuka College, Keeps patlents from riding 1n a hearse, Because of all her knowledge Lucy, our teacher of history, who chose Cortland State upon the hill, Solves for her puplls the myste Of famous people and thelr skill Peggy, our falrhaired, pretty accountant, who spent a yearat C C B I Of her boss's knee is a steady 0CCUPant We knew she d end up like this, me, oh, my Tom, a handsome lad, A farmer he will be As marriage is the fad, He and Audrey will soon be parents three Al, the tallest of our crew, Went to Morrisville to study electronics Now for the Air Force he explores the supersonic Betty, the shortest of our clan, Planned a future bright To travel far was her plan Her plans were satisfied all right Leon, a member of our clan Is a guy with many a farm To marry a girl fair was his plan Now has a baby 1n each arm Carole, the latest arrival in our class Studied to be a teacher at Cortland State If you Wkidsn behave, you ll pass, But better watch out Ithe pr1ncipal's her mate Art, our oldest member, Did go to Morrisville 1n September, To study Automotive Tech Now he repairs h1s own wrecks Neil, the president of our class, Went to Morrisville He learned all about engines and gas Now is an Automotive Engineer will great skill Norma, Norma,, our blondest blonde Walked her post w1th a uniform on To the aid of her country, she Came To become a nurse of world wide fame This girl roams from port to port, And thinks the Navy is gulte the sport Plus this Doris thinks of a man And she plans to get married as soon as she can . l ry ' O of He was a top-rate engineer when he got through. I D ' I O Oh, look I we see a secretary, Sitting on the boss's knee. Who is it? Take a guess! Take two! It's Helen, a graduate of Virgil Central School. Duane said he'd never marry, But would buy a business and have no worry Now all his dreams have come true, And you've guessed it---he'smarried, too! Dick, Dick, who is quite a trick, Went to Morrisville and met a nice chick. Now a faithful engineer is he, And he's married as you can see! Bill, the redheaded lad of the class, Went to Morrisville at last. Now an Automotive Engineer is he, And lives happily with a family of three ,B .1 4 . 4 45 lvx Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 X f nf' W FW Pond C Wilson, M Van Dee, A Kohne, A Baker Cong on, S Bernler, B Doak, M Seymour, D Mack Hafler, W Dovle L Griswold, J Boughto J McHerron, McCall Presldent Bill Doak Vice Presldent Jack McHerron Secretary Lawrence Griswold Treasurer Jerry Boughton News Reporters Audrey Baker Anna Kohne Advisor Mr Caslick Student Council Representatives Carl Congdon Art McColl Red Cross Representatives Shirley Pond I N -ff X : S: A ' . -' . '. ' . '. , D. e n e 0 ni ' A. - 1, .' 'f Qi 'f 1 '- xii' '.--txff. A 0 , I X xyx I, X W Q X . 2 A X - 3 ' 'R ' M. X f -e.L' .! . OPH UMURE Q' fr' , ,. Af A A. 119 "" E , 4 f- Q .P if' 1. 1 2 :. ,my ff' fx Q -' M Row l P Sherman, L Griswold, E Harendorf, M Kohne, P Burleigh P Cooper Row 2 C Gleason, R Haskins, A MacLeod, Mrs Kelly, D Reeves, R Burleigh, T Saltsman Row 3 J Elliott, D Barnum, G Ely, G Severance, D Kryger, R Mac Leod, G Brown President Ralph MacLeod Vice President John Elllott Secretary Rowena HaSk1nS Treasurer Patty Sherman Advisor Mrs Kelly Red Cross Representatives Ada MacLeod Linnette Griswold Rowena Haskins Student Councll Representatives Linnette Griswold Ray Burleigh 55171545 FRE SHM fx K' ., df P' Q,-Q1 ,X 'HM ,wgkww 1 5 L i Wm 'ik A, fm .rum xifx 'CJ' WV-.,...,,, NN Row 1 M Barnum, B Stevens, P Parker, J Fisk J Wilbur, Row 2 D Martln J Hutchings, Mr Seither, I eelow, Row 3 R Kimbal , C Bennett, P Rouse, B Lang, W Warnow, Bristol, G Price President Donald Martin Vice President Larry Brlstol Secretary Patricia Parker Treasurer Richard Kimball Advisor Mr Seither Red Cross Representatives Phillip Rouse Judy Reynolds Student Council Representatives Chauncey Bennett Janet Hutchings X Q, I 41 lvfg 7 J Reynolds eal L --gp .,J I l f I 'i f 'J . ' .5 ' n.N '. ' an 4 'J P H6 ox X N 99 ,fx ef ., 0 'Pu EIGIITH DE Row 1 T Taylor, F Carrier, D Fisk, G Peake, M L Ely, V Butler S St Row 2 R Hagar J Kryger, C Smith, Mrs McKibben, G Dunn, C Olin, J rvin Row 3 L Lang, G Davis, J Ingrahm, R Ames, D Bletchley, B Warnovr, T Horner, L Pierce, C Cole SEVE TH GRADE , , c an , S Severance P Stillman S Griswold Rev I Grossman, C Oliver, M Genson, C Oaks, B Hackett, D Carrier, J Harendorf, K Swanson, Row S Cole, H Kimball C Doyle, D Van Gorder, A Genson, Mrs Warren, R Wilcox, Ingrahm, D Cole, J Goodale Row I+ M Smith, P Apgar, B Butler, D Warnow, R Carson, L Temple L Davis, K Cory, L Lang, B Hackett, D Van Gorder, D Sayre, S Endler . , g e e e e 0 I e a . ka e 0 0 ' Rev 1. D. Price, J. Burdorf M. Horner J. Stri kl d . , 20 : , S .O C 0 O 3. C : I . I I O O il l I O SIXTH GRADE Rew l D Rew, R Ingrahm J Holler D Burdorf, L Price Row 2 P Holmes, C Stil man, D Allen, D Russell, J Davis, C Sherman, J Pierce Row 3 D Ford, D Russell, R Carson, D Warnow, Miss Foss, D Allen K Sayer, J Peterson, R Kenyon Row L J Allen, G Gleason, E Lang, M Burleigh, W Congdon, D FIFTH GRADE Row 1 L. Carrier, T Rew, R Cole, H Wood, R Stevens, V Clark Row 2 F Butler, L Horner, V Apgar, S McGuinness, K Smith, E MacLeod, K Cresemsn, K Carrier Row 3 D Moore, S Horner, I Ingrehm, Mrs Vincent S Wood, R Hammond, C Totman Rel 4 F Gleason T Short, J McDuffee, R Temple, E Endler, E Apgar, J Knapp, T Keeler, T Olmsted : I . O 1 . D . O . O . . Olmsted, W..Dunn, W. Pierce, S. Sherman. D . F0 RTII GR DE Row Row Row Rew Tallani, J Cutler, C Norton, J Wsrnow Van Donsel, E Endler, E Smith, L Sherman, J Vlnnedge, Trim, K Genson Ingrahm, J Swanson, J Harrison M Fisk, Mrs Griswold, Ingrahm, J Austin, A Congdon, R DuMond y Tlllllll GRADE Rew Row Rev Row 1 2 3 1+ SKU!!--llbv-3 Kimball, B Greenway, J Cory, D Russell A Totman Knechu, s Pena, s Mu-ein, B P1-ic., c fisher, n Cornelius, Ingrahm Clark, S McDuffee, D Ingrahm, G Oaks, K Deasy, G Kryger, Balzer, N Stevens, V Blanchard Mrs Gingrich, D Goodale, R Trim, D Bennett, R Burleigh, G Hayes, T Umland D Ingrahm H Horner, G Eaton 1. W. ' . . . . 20 Se O O O I . Se I I 30 ge e Q , e I A. J: Congdon, C: Kenyon, G: Seymour, J: Searls: G. Keeler, R. SECOND GRADE Row Row Rew Row PPCWKIPIIP-J Clark S Cincotta, J McGee, N Kenyon, D Greenway Stebbins E Thiesen, R Copp, S Ingrahm, L Park, Norton, Mahar Doyle, R Apgar, C Johnson, D Blatchley, E Warnow, Oaks, W Rice, D Utter Stevens, S Kunesh, R Stevens, J Rice, B Rook, R Trim, R Cornelius, R Ingrahm FIR T GRADE ew Rev Row Rev Deasy, S Ingrahm, L Pierce, D Teeter Dalley J Gilbert, J Meere, L McGuinness Grieve d Short, R Van Gorder, L Umland, N Balzer, Ingrahm, Andrick, Sebring, Sherman Johnson, Connelly, R Tester, G Apgar, D Mergan, A Goodale, Olsen, R Luken 'n 6' w Nl-'1 O O U. J r- vi naw O l DO COOICOU X 000.00 . e O Q xcum , .O OOO 'ch' . O I H. O D ll O . . Ol O O I I I Q I I Q O . . O ' e O . O I I ' w e e w l I . . w lst' 3rd GRADES Row 1 P Eaton, J Grossman, Y Olmsted, D Shilen Row 2 J Cole, J Tinmerman, K Horner, M Gleason, C Copp Row 3 S Eaton K Lang, G Fisk, Mrs Sisco, N Price, D McConne1 , J Rice KI DERGARTE Grossman, T Bldwe 1 Row 2 S Copp, J Stebbins, J Sebring, V Kingsbury, Mrs Shurtleff, B Puderbaugh, F Eaton, K Maxson, M Pierce Row 3 E Bourle D Russell D Rice, L Knecht, L Park, M Lan Mrs Severance, S Sa tsman, M McConnell, G Darling, K Van Donsel, V Packard, J Cornelius Row A. J. Eaton, R. Searls L. Oliver, J. Rook, R. Potts, K. Wildman R. Whrnow D. Connolly, J. Horner, D. Ingrahm, J. Cincotta R. Goodeli. o o i o. . 0 s , 9 Row 1. R. Utter, A. Apgari J. Gilbert, T. Oliver, L. Kenyon, S. O .o p n 1 o ' o o o gg D I BUS DRI ERS AFETERIA S AFF Mrs. Kryger, Mrs. Inman, Mrs. Wolcott, Mrs. Saltsman, Mrs. T1mmerman Row 1. M. Timmorman, W. Cutler, J. Saltsman. 4 G,jFlVfIf,I'I Q 'fi Q . 5 -h 1. X A ax' 3 -rv a V-X f- X Il 453' sts ANNUAL STAFF Row 1 T Van Gorder, J Davis, B Sherman, D Russell, L Saltsman Row 2 Miss Swauger, N Inman, C Wilcox S Pond, H Strickland, A Baker, B scam, P Holler, Miss kelly Row 3 L Rounds, D Lang, J Boughton, A Parker, A Kryger, N EWSPAPER STAFF Row 1 J Houghton, S Pond, C Wilson, A Baker, A Kohne, Miss Swauger Row 2 M Van Dee, C Gleason, S Bernier, B Doak, M Seymour, A McColl Row 3 D Hafler W Doyle, L Griswold, J McHerron, D Mack ' Reynolds, J. McHerron, D. Timmerman. . . F.H. . Row 1 J Davis, B Scott, S Pond, H Strlckland, P Holler, Baker, C Wllson Row 2 J Wllbur, N Inman, A Kohne, I Seelow, Mrs Wolcott, Saltsman, C Wilcox, J Reynolds Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 McHerron, T Van Gorder, Mr Ames, N Reynolds, A Parker MacLeod, A McColl, D Mack, G Brown, B Doak, D Timmerman, Elloitt, R Burleigh, D Neal, D Reeve G Severance, D Hafler, G Ely, J Boughton, L Rounds, A Kryger, B Lang, L Griswold, C Bennett, D Barum, D Kryger 0 A: . : . . . . - 0 ' Lf ' . ' . ' , ' . Q l I JQ . U Q . Q O Rl O ' I O f J, o 0 0 0 Row 1 Inman, C W1lCOX, L Saltsman ow 2 Pond, Mrs McKee, J Dav1s Y0 KER CLUB Row Row Row Row Nba Goodale, H K1mba11 , P Stlllman, I Grossman, C Oliver, J Harendorf Stage, T Taylor, S Severance, J Burdorf Swanson, D Carrier, F Carrler, P Apgar, K Cory, C Smlth, Fisk, C Oaks, M Genson, Mrs McKibben R Wllcox, G Davis, T Horner, R Ames, D Blatchley, G Warnow, J Ingrahm, C O11n, L Lang, D Van Gorder Griswold Lang, D Ingrahm, Q . E ,Q fir, Q , if - as . 1 .- ,,,. -e,, .. Q 5 ,, gmwsf ' X , 4 S . N. . ' , . R . S. , , ' . D 5 E V 14 . :V do frii,J ve S D 4 ,, Q 5 ' ' 1 M A , r -f K " K ,A w. V ,Q ' Y, .. A 'X ... 10 Jo O I I 2. Sl O . C U I , S. . . . . 3. K. . . ' . . . ' L. . . . . . lbs Ro 0 I 0 l 0 0 s Row Row Row Row BA A MacLeod, M Barnum, S Stage, J Davis J Reynolds, M KGTIDO P Stillman, M Genson, S Cole, D Russe 1, D Rev, T Short, H Kimball, K Swanson J Hutchings C Cory, L Lang, B Stevens, R Kimball, J Ingrahm, R Ames, L alteman, B Scott Mr Freeman, D Timmerman, B Sherman, L Griswold, C Bennett, D Bletchley, J Boughton, J Davis, A Kohne HORUS Rev l J Burdorf, P Stillman, S Severance, T Ta lor, S Stage, J Harendorf, B Hackett, D Carrier, J Strickland, I Grossman M Horner, S Griswold, Miss Foss Row 2 C Doyle, S Endler, A Genson, S Pond, D Sayer, G Peake, M Smith, A Baker, D Van Gorder, M Genson, S Cole Row 3 Mr Freeman, C Wilcox, L Saltsman, C Wilson, J Hutchings, M Seymour, C Bennett, B Sherman, A Parker, B Doak, A McColl, I Seelow, C Smlth, B Butler, J Davis, H Strickland, 3 Kim ball le e e e e e e ' 20 e e e e 1 Q e e 3. : . 5 . .I . . I U he o u e e e e Y ' O . ' , A x is X. 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DRUGS Phone sm 7.5 71 LC -lii,p,-ERS asp inny ti Cor'-rl-ahd New y VK SK30Bl2 OUT W:'l'l'1 Cu.:-19 LOV A LEIQQ Bea.u+v SaL0n Virgil New YorK Phone TE 5-356,21 C tl d N Y SK-6-7o31 We are t y S i e when you Need good cleaning n ressing. R. A. Stauber, Pharmacist ' ' Clean HE Co' an oc a Cor and I 0 n - Come an guns and Q0 ' .. - ' Hx I - - u f f M IIE, a EQ J NN..,f INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS FACTORY Kansas Cnty 1,1 E H vxffl: ,Q :Qu xg Publmhels Cover Munuhlrlurers Book Bwndem HOMF OFFICE

Suggestions in the Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) collection:

Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 75

1956, pg 75

Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 87

1956, pg 87

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