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2 55 K, 1 I ? 2 2 ? ? 3 2 2 2 3 5 ii 2 M2 "W-M., -.W N. V-...,. ., W ,QM - H..,,Nh ... N.. m M'-f'...w.,.. W , 5, , wg , uf 4. ' ,.w W A f Mn. ' gi.. I -A as Aw A ' K 1 ' 5, If ' if 'E .' 33 f ' 4,.: 'fi-'W' I V ' 1 ,WM V A was xx 4 jflf 5 Cllafw 'ff ajfle Qfs ' ' N Alma Mater Beneath the hills of Virgil Our school stands proud and fair, Ever symbolizing faith and honor true. As we stand within her portals, The love and friendship there, We remember and again our pledge renew. To the school of our hearts, To our comrades fair, Hail 1 Hail 1 Hail I To the teachers we know, And the joys we share, Hail I Hail l Hail I Hail, Alma Mater, we sing to thee Strong in our love we will ever be, Loyal and brave to eternity, Hail 1 Hail I Hail l Vmou. CENTRAL. SCH VIRGIL - New Voax OL 1 We the senior class, wish to dedicate this, the 1955 Virgilian, to Miss Shirley Druckenbrod, who has shown a deep interest in our problems, given so freely of her time and patience, and joined in our fun and laughter. News w B 04 RD UF EDUC. 'I' 10N Row 1. Mrs. B. Lang, hr. A. Goodaleg Pres., Mr. C. LSCY 3 Supt. Row 2. Mr. C. Smith, Mrs. D. Kimmich, Mr. D. Cory, Mr. R. Wilcoxg Prim., Mrl, M. Mahar. Mr. K. Pond- 'U 1 7 Y 1 S TI DL A C0 U NC I L Row 1. A. MacLeod, Mr. Ames, M. Rorapaugh, L. Griswold, J. Hutchings Row 2. J. Fisk, T. Saltsman, D. Pond, C. Congdon, N. Inman PRINGIPAL -Q' Po the class of '55s My sincere congratulations to the students of Virgil Central School, especially the Year-Book Staff of '55, for the splendid whole-hearted effort they have given to produce this fine book and to make it a success. with advancing years memories of people, places, and times have a way of becoming more and more elusive. This book will long serve as a pleasant reminder of the many good times that might To the graduating class of 'S5- my best wishes success. May the success that you have attained in be only a small preview of what the future holds in otherwise be forgotten for your continued Virgil Central School store for you. Mary Mahar Ray F. Wilcox Clerk PI'i1'lCipB.1 Row 1. Row 2. Miss Druckenbrodg Com ., Mr. AUdeTS0U3 V355 and Science Miss McBrideg Music,. Nr. Caslick' History and French, Mrs. F0W19P5 English, Mr, Amesg Agriculture, Mrs. Wolcott: Home Economics, Mr, Seitherg Physical Education. Row 1. Row 2. MPS' Vincent? 5th, MPS- M0Kibben- 7th and Str E 11 h Egg History. MPS. Shurtleffg Kinaergarten, Mrs,ngro:ng Mrs. Griswoldg hth, Mrs. Wilcox, Art Mr w d. 6 Mr. Ludwig' 71:11 and 81:11 Math. d s i S' oo ' th' richg 3rd.,Mrs. Caryg lst. an c ence' Mrs' Ging- I 1 , v gf -g,1T'?wi - f Aw' 2ifff,,1 ,.,r" 9 AWG? '....... I l I I I U I 4 P WMJW n j' Course: Agriculture Activities: Basketball 1, 2,.3. Soccer 1, 2, 3, M. Junior Prom King 3. Senior Play M. Class President H. Fo Fe AQ 1, 23 3? I+' F. F. A. Vice President 2. Yorker Club 3,M. Yearbook Staff M. Track 1, 2, 3, H. Chorus 2, 3, M. Select Chorus 3, H. School Fair Vice President 2. Peaker 31 Ll-0 Band 2. 5., Course: Non-Vocational Business Activities: Athletic Club 1. Peaker 2, 3, M. Library Club 1, 2. F, H. A. 1, 2, 3, M, Yorker Club 1, 2, 3, u. Archery Club 3. Yorker Club Play 1. Class Vice President 3. Junior Prom Queen 3. Red Cross Representative M. Red Cross Treasurer M. Yearbook Staff M. Senior Play A. J. V. Cheerleader 3, M. 1 Course: Homemaking Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, M. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, u. Peaker 3, M. co-Editor 3. Editor 4. Chorus 2, 3, M. Select Chorus N. Archery Club 3. Yearbook Staff 3, H. Class Secretary M. Junior Prom Queen's Attendant 3. Senior Play N. Yorker Club 3, H. School Fair Secretary 3. Captain Magazine Sales H. D. A. R. Award N. Library Club 1 J. V. Cheerleader M. Course: College Entrance Activities: Band l, 2, 3, H. Select Band A Library Club l F- H- A- 1, 3, U- F. H. A. President A Peaker Staff 1, 2, 3, M. Society Editor 3, M. Chorus 2, 3, M. Select Chorus M. Archery Club 3. Yorker Club 3, M. Yearbook Staff 3, M, Yearbook Editor M. Class Vice President 3. Senior Play U. Student Council M. .'PierceyN 7f.a..o1' X114 37060-M Course: Agriculture Activities: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, L. F. F. A. Sentinel h. Class Vice President 2. Basketball 1, 2, 3, h. Track 3, L. Socceer 2, 3, L. Senior Play L. Yearbook Staff L. Peaker 2, 3, h. Peaker Art Editor 3, h. 1 1 011-4-01 wAl1ey Oop' Course: Agriculture Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, L. Band Treasurer b. Chorus 1, 2, 3, L. Select Chorus 1, 2, 3, L. Yearbook Staff L. Peaker L. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, L, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Senior Play L. H. M. S. Operetta 1. Christmas Flay L. Baseball 1, 2, 3, L. Track rl, 2, 3, L, adm! Ofvfbuf nozzle., Course: Agriculture Activities: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, M, F. F. A. treasurer 3. F. F. A. president L. Senior Play M, Soccer 2, 3, M, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Q, Basketball 2, 3, Q, Student Council 1. Yearbook Staff 3, M, Track 3, M, Band 1: 2: 3: uv Select band Q, Boys State delegate 3, Yorker Club 3, M. Yorker Club vice president M, Peaker M, Sports Co-Edltor M. ...,,.,Z.... Course: College Entrance Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3, M. Select Chorus N. Band 2, 3, M. H. M. S. Operetta 1. Archery Club 3. Varsity Cheerleader 3. Library Club l, 2. Peaker 1, 2, 3, H. Class Secretary 2. F. H. A. 3, M. F. H. A. Corr. Sec. M. Yearbook Staff N. Senior Play M. Course: College Entrance Activities: Band ln 2: 3: uv Select band 3, M. Chorus 2, 3, M. Select chorus M. F- H- A- 1. 2, 3, U- Peaker 3. U. Peaker business manager M. Archery Club 3. Yearbook Staff M. Class treasurer 1, 2, 3, M. Senior Play h. Student Council 2, 3, M. Student Council secretary 2. Student Council president M. Yorker Club 3, M. Yorker Club treasurer 3, M. Library Club 1. nConnie' may A 'Peanut' Course: Agriculture Activities: F. F. A. l,2, 3, L. F. F. A. Secretary 3, L. County F. F. A. Treasurer 3,L. Class President 3. Basketball 2, 3. Band 3, L. Soccer 3. Peaker L. Yearbook Staff L. Yearbook Co-editor L. Junior Red Cross L. Magazine Sales Manager L. Senior Play L. Il 2 M "Momma" Activities: Fo H o -Ao 3g LI-o Chorus 1, 2, 3, L. Peaker M. Library 1. Yorker Club 3, I+. Yearbook Staff L. Senior Play M. Archery Club 3. H. M. S. Operetta 1. P19 " Barb" Course: College Entrance Activities: Archery Club 3. Student Council 3. J, V. Cheerleader 3, Chorus M. Select chorus M. Senior play M. Yearbook Staff M. Yearbook Circulation Manager L, F- H- A- 1- 3. 7+-' F. H. A. vice president Atheletic Club 1. Band 1, 2, 3, L. Library Club 1, 2. Peaker 2, L, Senior Yorker Club 3, M. Harry Stewart One of our classmates who left us in January to join the Armed Forces Activities: F. H. A. M. Chorus M. Select M. Yearbook Staff Senior Play M. nRosie' 6x0-umvMgR.4,vv-4. Course: Homemaking M. Best All-Around Boy Best A11-Around Girl Boy Most Likely to Succeed Girl Most Likely to Succeed Most Co-Operative Senior Richard Osbeck Delphene Pond Richard Osbeck Phyllis Vincent Robert Carpenter I: Ia! Sn' III-S' 'OR ' One bright sunny September day in 1943, Mrs. Cary welcomed Barbara Hauck, Phyllis Hauck, Helen Holler, Elywn Kentch, Alison Munson, Constance Munson, Richard Osbeck, Delphene Pond, Marian Rorapaugh, and Phyllis Vincent to first grade. Mrs. Gingrich, Mrs. Blayda, and Mrs. Vincent taught us the fundamentals we needed to learn. Sixth grade brought us two new arrivals to our class, Robert Carpenter and Robert Pierce. In the seventh grade Harry Stewart joined us from Cortland High School, That year we visited Cooperstown and started to raise money for our Albany trip. Eighth grade found us with four different math and science teachers during the year. The event of the year was our trip to Albany where we toured the Capitol buildings, state office buildings, and Howes Caverns. June found us participating in our own graduation on Class Night. Helen Mary Seager was our valedictorian and Alison Munson our salutatorian. Ne started off our freshman year by electing Miss McBride as our advisor and Richard Osbeck as president. That year we had a cafeteria supper, a movie, and we also sold gold and maroon school pennants. During our freshman and sophomore years the boys' and girls' homerooms were separated, During our sophomore year we had a cafeteria supper, a movie, and we rented the skating rink. We enjoyed a happy year with Miss Walters as our advisor and Harry Stewart as president. cont. on next page Our junior year started off with the arrival of our class rings on the Y t third day of school. This year we helped raise the amount in our treasur by holding a spaghetti supper and a movie, nH1t the Hayu but the big even of the year was the Junior Prom, nEvening In Parisn, complete with a side- walk cafe. Robert Carpenter and Helen Holler were crowned king and queen by the previous years' king and queen, Julian Elliott and Hilda Hutchings. Phyllis Vincent and Alison Munson, runners-up, led everyone in the Grand March. In June we had a junior-senior picnic at Chenango State Park and a class picnic at Otisco Lake and Suburban Park. Our senior year brought us Rosemary Reeve from Cortland High School and Bruce Hollenbeck. The fall of this year found us selling magazines and presenting a play. The three-act play, nShoot The Worksn, directed by Mrs. Fowler was a success. These two activities helped our treasury total as well as gave everyone much fun. A supper was also given. During the year we prospered well under Miss Druckenbrod as advisor, and Robert Carpenter as president. As the morning of Good Friday dawned, it found eight girls and six boys getting ready to spend four wonderful days of fun and adventure on their senior trip in Washington D.C. All too soong however, the year had sped away leaving behind twelve years of fun, and now it is almost time for us to graduate and seek our way in the world. As we turned to say, nGood-byn, our memories drifted back with thanks to the parents, teachers, and friends who had helped us prepare during twelve years for this final night of graduation, Glass Colors: Maroon and White Class Motto: nNot on the Heights, but climbingn Class Flowers: Maroon and White Roses l E1 IIBDIBER ? 7 Barb Conn Peanut D81 Helen D1 I , w Oonie Carpy Phyl ilu-st will ann' Eeshznmani, 15 2 -the class of ms.-s of +L.: Sch..L.,,:W9al in me Comfy o-fCov"flend.,emJ Sfafe. of Nev-:Y.wk , being of salma, mind and Yh0M0Y7,do1nalte,p'-lilisfl and declave 'Hhs our L-55-L will 3l!h5'PSf'8lil1Pl1'l', in manner following : We , We , We , I: In I. I, I, I. Ia I. I, the senior class, senior. the senior class, successful Junior the senior class, will to will to Prom. will to in high school three more the Junior class all the joys of being a the Sophomore class the hope of having a the Freshman class the pleasure of being years. Robert Carpenter, will my ability to get along with the Doak, who seems to be doing all right by himself. Barbara Hauck, will my golden waves to Helen Strickland. Phyllis Hauck, will my tininess to Tom Van Gorder. Helen Holler, will my high marks tn American History to Elywn Kentch, will my devilish ways to Carl Congdon. Alison Munson, will my dark, wavy hair to Leon Rounds. ' Constance Munson, will being able to go steady for such to Jane Davis. Richard Osbeck, will my ability to play basketball to Arthur Parker. Robert Pierce, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Fowler to Margie Ferguson. girls to Bill Neil Reynolds. a long time I. Delphene Pond, will my thinness to Norma Inman. I, Rosemary Reeve, will my calmness to Betty Scott. I, Marian Rorapaugh, will my Whappy-go-luckyn ways to Bill Sherman. I, Phyllis Vincent, will my laugh to Peggy Holler. We, we , we, We, We, we, We, we, the senior class, minded pupils. the senior class, the senior class, working typewriters. the senior class, History class. the senior class, the senior class. the senior class, art class. the senior class, chorus. will to will to will to will to will to will to will to will to Mr. Anderson a homeroom full of serious Mrs. Fowler quieter senior play rehearsals- Miss Druckenbrod a typing room full of Mr. Caslick a more talkative American Mr. Ames a class of well mannered boys. Mrs. Wolcott a clean and Quiet cafeteria. Mrs. Wilcox a quiet and peaceful minded Mrs. Wilson a more co-operative band and if-it withtss wb2f2Of,wc have hefeuniv Subscribed our name The 27"Cia7 of June in ihc year, Nineieen. Hundred and .fi,dy-.pvC- Q: '41 S -Q l'llll l'IllZCI ' Helen Holler decided on a business career, Now she's riding in Wwhistlen gear. At last she found a real nice boy, Who has made her life full of joy. Robert Carpenter, our oldest member, Hates like heck to do milking in December. He and his spouse settled down by the sea, And now they have children numbering to three Phyllis Vincent, a nice young Attended a beauticians class, Now she is curling everyone's In hopes that money will come Ro Bu Al No Delphene Hond, 2 nice lass, lass, hair, from there. bert Pierce, a constructor was he, ilt a house for you and me. though he likes his work so well, Will soon be at the head of her nurse's class And now she has her R. N. degree, She's a good nurse, don't you agree? gg A 1 , - ,wmfw t much was good enough to sell. Alison Munson, tall, dark, and handsome was he, Soon one of the Navy's top men he'll be. Who will someday own a farm, And build many a barn. Constance Munson, a friendly lass, Is the head of the mother's class. Of course she married long before, And now has children numbering four. Richard Osbeck, to Morrisville did go, And learned to be just like a pro. Later on with all his knowledge, He started a first-rate farmers' college. Marian Rorapaugh decided to teach, She got herself a nice job down by the beach. She lined little children by the score, And soon after we found her the mom of four. Phyllis Hauck, the smallest lass, Went into work with the grocer's cash, AUG now by the fire she sits, Knitting sweaters for two bits. Cont. on next page Elwyn Kentch, a friendly chap, Is now traveling with the use of a map. Later on he will meet a girl, who will put his head in a whirl. Barbara Hauck, the blonde of the class, Will soon be among the swithchboard mass. :mmgi o,E, And then to her door did come, G LL1 4 ' The man who was to be her lifelong chum. Rosemary Reeve to work did go, To save her money by the score. One day she took a vow at the minister's house, To become the perfect spouse. S SN 011 POL . Wittiest Boy of the class Wittiest Girl of the class Prettiest Girl Best Looking Boy Nicest Senior Nicest Senior Girl with the Best Mannered Most Talented Most Talented Girl Boy Prettiest Hair Boy Boy Girl Boy with the Nicest Smile Girl with the Nicest Smile Boy with the Prettiest Eyes Girl with the Prettiest Eyes Alison Munson Barbara Hauok Phyllis Vincent Richard Osbeck Delphene Pond Richard Osbeck Phyllis Vincent Richard Osbeck Richard Osbeck Constance Munson Robert Carpenter Phyllis Vincent Elywn Kentch Rosemary Reeve ' ' VET? ,ig , a i V if fxfx ,-N 4 IN N! if if M' .za- 'IU Row 1. Kryger, P. Holler, B. Scott, J. Davis, A. Parker. Row 2. Horner, B. Sherman, N. Inman, Mr. Caslick, D. Russell, Tim erman, H. Strickland. Row 3. Lang, L. Saltsman, L. Rounds, M. Ferguson, N. Reynolds, Wilcox, T. Van Gorder. President- Allen Kryger Vice president- Tom Van Gorder Secretary- Bill Sherman Treasurer- Margorie Ferguson BURR V Advisor- Mr. Richard Caslick mn 9,5 Red Gross Representatives- Neil Reynolds Betty Scott i Student Council Representatives- Norma Inman Bill Sherman Q Q f-it B af , ,... f 51471545 k X nnnnf uldlf 0 HQ 0353 K .-fnw4"""" Q33 Niillillmumm g g Row 1. L. Griswold, D. Hafler, B. Doak, C. Wilson, A. McCall, M, Van Dee, C. Congdon Row 2. Miss McBride, D. Palmer, G. Boughton, A, Kohne, M, Seymour, A, Baker, S. Pond, W. Doyle President- Anna Kohne Vice president- Audrey Baker Secretary- Shirley Pond Treasurer- Jerry Boughton Advisor- Miss McBride Red Cross Representatives- Arthur McCall Carol Wilson Student Council Representatives- Lawrence Griswold Carl Congdon , ff ., ESQ-SX. Wa! rv If 2 T-x U J 1 AA ,lltx f Z Qld-4l'LQX W A - 1 f 1 ff" 1:5-.:-Rf 4 M Q lN,,L VM' ,'A Rx 5 ia 'k Wg 'K fi U A ,lffvf V gp -, F ,y Q ff,Q'XNVh . . 'Sh . fig, 24 6 X N, ,aw-ag, A145 ' V. N ii- ,sm I, 1: ,, A f F mr Li, .K Q. kb Y fl 'L"gw,f ' Ji v n'f,3"fi7' V' ' m M43 4,Q-wks' , iz?" Q' "'tA3,'.", gin H -.fa ft Ah J: 4 ? AY. ,. , . A Nl, ff ,W flrwff Sf? 'lv kwylf ,, E 1 , ,Y if iv-f--X -vs ' K, 'A' . 'M' Q Q S 5 'J '1 if f Kg . if f. Q.: '1-X , 'M f Y K I K L K 1- Awe, fn 2 ry f. -vip R vwfx sf z 74' 'A I , f - ? Sf jf, i .,, N A wi L1 , 5 X i Q, iffv kg gf 1 MX 9 5 ,X I A , I if .1 ., S Y 1 3 J M X , . . 4 . ,x if If if -an f ' 'W si Q K. D Horner T Saltsman Row 1. D. Reeve, M. Kohne, . , . . Row 2. P. Sherman, D. Kryger, P. Cooper, Mr. Anderson, E. Harendorf, G Brown, C. Gleason. Row 3. R. Mac Leod, L. Griswold, J. Elliott, R. Haskins, R. Burleigh, A Mac Leod, G. Ely, P. Ferguson, G. Severance, P. Burleigh R Barnum, Y. Dries. 'ff " 774714 0 .3 5 Af' .QA LCD- ' Q , -4 President- Pat Sherman Vice president- Ralph Mac Secretary- Pat Ferguson Treasurer- Rowena Haskins Leod Advi sor- Mr. Anderson Red Cross Representatives- Ada Mac Leod David Kryger Student Council Representatives- Ada Mac Leod Tom Saltsman -v WZ, X 0 1 f' of' , I 1.3 0 ' 'fs fax, f Q I I K K X. ,, 1 I ,- f .N - .9 NIJ asf. Z4 We ii C 'A J ,gil E IG HTH 1 ' , ix f ' - Q M -2 ROW 10 ROW 20 ROW 3 0 Kimball, C. Olin, F. Miner, G. Price. Miner, M. Barnum, R. Martin, R. Lang, L. Bristol, J. Reynolds, Davis, V. Butler. Stevens, F. Genson, P. Parker, C. Bennett, J. Price, W. Warnow, Rouse, J. Hutchings, E. Terwilliger, J. Fisk. SEX ENT! Row 1. Row 2. Row 3. Carrier Genson, Kryger, , B. Butler, S. Stage, D, Fisk. R. Ingrahm, N.L. Ely, D. Bletchley, G. Dunn, O. Searles, J. Butler. Ames, T. Horner, J. Ingrahm, C. Elliott, Mr. Ludwig, R. Carson. Warnow, L. Pierce, L. Lang, R. Hafler. S XT!! Row 1, S, Griswold, J. Burdorf, D. Price, J. Hafler, S. Severance, M. Searles, M. Horner. Row 2, J, Gggdglg, w, Pierce, C, Doyle, Mr. Milham, N. Mattoon, R, Wilcox, D. Van Gorder, H. Kimball. Row 3, P, Stillman, A. Jenson, D. Sayer, C. Oaks, D. Warnow, D. Van Gorder C Row Row Row . Cory, L. Davis, L. Lang, M. Smith, S. Endler, J. Harendorf, D, Carrier, C. Swanson, I. Grossman, J. Strickland. F I FTII 1. J. Davis, D. Allen, C. Sherman, D. Rew, K. Sayer, D. Ford, I. Searles, D. Eurdorf, R. Carson, C. Stillman, P. Holmes 2. D. Allen, D. Russell, D. warnow, D. West, Mrs. Vincent, J. Peterson, D. Russell, J. Holler, J. fierce 3. L. Price, R. Kenyon, J. Allen, D. Olmstead, J. Holsinger, E. Lang, M. Burleigh, W. Congdon, W. Dunn, S. Sherman, G. Gleason, J. Deasy, R. Ingrahm FUI RT Il I Row 1. K. Carrier, L. Horner, F. Butler, K. Grossman, E, Mac Leod, R Ham ond, Row 2. S. Horner, L. Carrier, K. Smith, R. Stevens, S. McGuinness, T. Rew, S. Sherman. Row 3, W. Hafler, F. Gleason, W. Crosby, C. Totman, J. McDuffee, J. Knapp, E. Endler, W. Lang, D. Moore, T. Olmsted, T. Keeler, D. Francis. 'rn 1 ll n Row 1. S. Button, B. Rorapaugh, M. Bletchley, E. Endler, L. Mattoon, L. Ingrahm, L. Ingrahm, A. Congdon, M. Fisk, J. Harrison, Row 2. J. Swanson, S. Trim, E. Smith, K. Genson, S. Van Donsel, J. Vinnedge, S. Eaton, L. Sherman. Row 3. R. Rice, W. Rook, J. Congdon, B. Goodale, G. Fisk, J. Searls, A, Price, G. Keller, B. May, G. Seymour, J. Cutler, C, Norton, T. Francis, J. Warnow. B. Talisn. SE C 0 ND Row l. N. Price, A. Kneokt. R. Renz, D. Utter, J. Grossman, S. Martin, C. Eaton, L. Bowman, K. Lang, C. west. Row 2. B. Tinkham, A. Totman, C. Mahar, T. Kimball, B. Price, B. Greenway, S. Mac Duffee, J. Cory, D. Cornelius, D. Russell. Row 3. N. Stevens, L. Hollenbeck, J. Predmore, R. Francis, P. Crosby, H. Horner, G. Hayes, G. Oaks, R. Burleigh, K. Deasy, G. Kryger, R. Trim, P. Ingrahm, D. Lang, S. Elliott, D. Bennett, V, Blanchard, D. Goodale, S. Pond, Mrs. Brown. FI R S' ' i I E i Row l. N. Kenyon, R. A. Copp, A. Oliver, D. Teeter, K. West. S. Ingrahm, D, Utter, C. Mahar. Row 2. L. Parks, D. Greenway, E. Theisen, S. Cincotta, F. Stebbins, J. McGee, B. Norton, S. Francis. Row 3. J. Rice, H. Cornelius, N. Moss, R. Trim, D. Blatchley, W. Rice, B. Warnow, B. Rook, K. Oaks, A. Stevens, R. Stevens, R. Doyle. ICI ND E RGA RT EN WWF! . Ingrahm, A. Tinkham, L. Cutler, J. Sherman, J. Totman, C. Copp . Rinz, J. Ingrahm, E. Cussan, M.L. Gleason, L. Pierce, T. Deasy Row 2. G. Griswold, R. Olsen, J. Rice, L. Oliver, J. Predmore, T. Oliver, S, Fish, K. Sebring, J.A. Tim erman, G. Hackney, C. Dally, R. West Horner, D. Teeter, S. Stewart, W. Olmsted, M.L. Short, P. Eaton, Van Gorder, D. McConnell, L. McGuinness, D. Morgan, J. Moss, Row 1. S G Row 3. K. R. J. McConnell, A. Andrick I ll'l'00N.' 61, 4 up L , - ,F 5 J - , :Qfi ,J 5, 4 Q' I.. :ABQ N " 'Mx K-, sy , 'EYB4 v I'-A 'Q eeff L L if fd' tx ' M... .QQ X' QI: i L fiit FSS wg, 1 Y- N' ? mmllluf lglqg 4,,f, R aaa T7 T F951 ' XXX ns l! 1' yy, xfi - --J 'G Q M.. ,- Y . 'J ri "Vex:- L ,ur gp. Lex .:::' -3:--n-.., J .5555 .!j::5E55-Qgggqf 'W' n...n':. 0 ' gll:::5---2:52553 " 'UU ' A--.,..'lll' L Mrs, K. Bays, Mrs. I. Timmerman, Mrs. C. Inman, Mrs. M, Wolcott S TA F F - ,, 4 A ,,,. Mr. G. Severance, Mr. R. Bays, Mr. M. Tim erman, Mr. P. Van Gorder, Mr. S. Deweesee, Mr. W. Cutler ,lik PEA! lil S' 'KFF " - - M...-nn Row 1. Row 2. Row 3. A s C. Wilson, N. Inman, Mrs. Fowler, P. Vincent, A. Kryger, L, Saltsman, D. Pond, M. Roranaugh, R. Haskins B. Hollenbeck, P. Hauck, B. Scott, L. Griswold, P. Holler, H Strickland, A. Kohne, J. Horner, J. Davis, C. Wilcox, cf Munson, B. Hawk, s. Pond R, Osbeck, H. Stewart, N. Reynolds, A. Parker, C. Cooper, G. Boughton, T. Van Gorder, M. Ferguson, M. Seymour, A, MacLoed, H. Holler, R. Carpenter NNUAL S' ' FF Row 1. R B Row 2, P A J Osoeck, R. Pierce, D. Pond, Miss Druckenbrod, E. Kentch, Hollenbeck Hauck, H. Strickland, P. Vincent, C, Munson, H. Stewart, Kryger, H. Holler, A, Munson, R. Carnenter, N. Roranaugh, Davis, H. Reeve, B. Uauck, B. Sherman h ' . RH. S.. Row 13 B. Scott, D. Palmer, A. Baker, A. Kohne, M. Kohne P. Sherman Row 2: P. Vincent, P. Hauck, H. Holler, D. Pond, Mrs. Wolcott B, Hauck, C. Munson, R. Reeve, M. Rorapaugh Row 3: D. Horner, S. Pond, P. Holler, C. Wilcox, M. Van Dee, Row Row Row Row M, Seymore, D. Russell, C. Wilson, J. Horner, N. Inman, H. Strickland F.F..4 . 1. Mr. Ames, E. Kentch, N. Reynolds, R. Osbeck, T. Van Gorder, D. Timmerman, R. Pierce 2. B, Scott, P. Holler, D, Russell, L. Saltsman, C. Wilcox, J. Davis 3. J, Elliott, D. Reeve, G. Severance, D. Barnum, A McCall, R. Mac Leod, G. Brown, G. Ely, R. Burleigh M. R. Carpenter, H. Stewart, A. Munson, A. Kryger, A. Parker, B, Doak, J. Boughton, C. Congdon, L. Griswold, D. Kryger S ENIOR 7 0 ll Row 1. P. Sherman, N. Reynolds, R. Sherman, A. Parker, M. Row 2. Row 3. Rorapaugh, A. Kryger, R. Osbeck, P. Cooper 1 L M. Kohne, C. Gleason, P. Hauck, N. Inman, C. Wilcox, B. Scott, J. Davis, D. Holler, L. Griswold, E. Harendorf B. Hauck, C. Congdon, P. Vincent, R. Carpenter, L. Saltsman, J. Boughton, C. Wilson, B. Doak, H. Holler, T. Van Gorder, D. Pond, H. Stewart, A. Mac Leod, L. Griswold, R. Haskins, A. Kohne, J. Horner JUNIO ll R Row 2. Row lo Row 2. Row 30 3, Stage, J, Reynolds, P. Darker, M. Genson, Terwilliger, Mrs. McKibben, J. HUC. M. Rarnum, G. Price, L. Lang, F. Shriner, J. Fisk S. Stage, J. Reynolds, V. Parker, M. Genson, Terwilliger, Mrs. McKibben, J. Hutchings, B. J. Fisk, F. Carrier R. Kimball, R. Ames, C. Olin, L. Bristol, J, Lang, W. Warnow, D. Bletchley, R. MBPLIH, R. G. Warnow, G. Davis, L. Pierce 1 ! I E. Miner, D. E. 1: Stevens, Price, C. Bennett, Row Row Row Row B ND 'Kohne, J. Reynolds. M. Rorapaugh, B. Scott, B. Hauck, L. Griswold, B. Stevens, L. Saltsman, J. Davis, D. Bletchley, P. Vincent, D. Pond. A. Kohne, J. Boughton, R. Kimball, L. Bristol, R. Osbeck, E. Kentch, B. Sherman, D. Timmerman, A. Munson. D. Palmer, L. Lang, J. Hutchings, C. Bennett. A. Kryger, C. Munson. C IIO RI S Row l. J. Davis, S. Pond, C. Munson, C. Wilcox, P. Sherman, H. Strickland Row 2. B. Scott, B. Hauck, N, Inman, D, Pond, M. Seymour, D. Russell. J. Horner, J. Hutchings, L. Saltsman, R. Reeve, A. Baker Row 3. Miss McBride, C. Wilson, P, Vincent, M. Rorapaugh, P. Hauck, R. Kimball, H, Stewart, A. Parker, A. Kryger, A. Munson, D. Tim erman R. Caroenter S NAP S II OT S Ax I f I Ni- , V, W L xi' IN LE QS fl im 14 'Al . e Sis 5 D 5, ,. sw K, vuv M 4 ef' 4' ,..1.fl' A411- ,akin 1.-'I Q .1-"" iff ' .sr-nw g 32'- Row 1. D. Timmerman, N. Reynolds, R. Osbeck. Row 2. B. Hollenbeckg Mgr., A. Munson, A. Parker, A. Kryger, T. Van Gorder, Mr. Seither, H. Pierceg ab. B RSI ETH KLL Q Row 1. L. Parksg mascot Row 2. P. Sherman, M. Kohne, L. Saltsman, J. uavis, P. Holler Row 1. Row 2. Elliott, G. Ely, R. Mac Leod, D. Kryger, J. Boughton, Brown. Hollenbeckg Mgr., R. Burleigh, L. Griswold, B. Doak, Lang, H. Barnum, Mr. Seither. ll RSI ETB SLI. A. Kohno, A. MacLeod, H. Holler, P, Vincent, B, Scott 7 'A L :uc 4: le. ll Row 1. L. Pierce, A. McCall, R. Burleigh, G..I:21y, D. Timmerman, J. Elliott, G. Severance, D. Reeve, P. Rouse. Row 2. Mr. Seither, G. Brown, D. Kryger, J. Boughton, H. Stewart, A. Krygex' T. Van Gorder, N. Reynolds, D. Osbeck, R. Pierce, D. Lang. ,Mr ,..x,,. 4 A- . ws 'B xv' ' IS if x .srl-,A 1 F .H . , -x ,,-- O V -,4,f'5 .1f??izM' -"r, I - :fb .uw ,'-'fri'-w ' 1., , .M .4.. ,Z .,,s.XNA, .gg V, Y ,A if s , .,,,J":g'.x' Q K l. ix.. U., ,I .x,5,g:g Y Y-it ,-,K-A .iiykff-,?n Pvfsmwxc , A, . ' .vs-A "2-rf!-1..' . f K U W-,.f .. .' w ,,aw.:. Q-zwrf-M -Q., Xl 4, K: frgirl' .,. ,L-A My V-. kA.X".. MLK 'iv ,,H2,,,+:AixvA4Sx,. iq, A 1 -1, 4 :V x. ...A :nfl ,M..,- Jig? W! -. X f. tiifxrx JA. a. ,V f:.wsA.k'l 4, J Q"""Y-. ,-R. 5 L' sf' 'L ssh. 3 A 1.19, 'lj .l.1Q" -S .-Y"-ig j,QFM"ff 2' 7'-14146. s ' ,, K , G? ' -X .,. -,A H,,k ' . W-A krg , f 41 ting,-xl. ,I , ,QL -5 Q' 'ff ""- 9' 'f.'fIQ,.1, fi" f,4.-.'f.,,XfS,4,'f'," .,15,-8 N, '."s'. 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Suggestions in the Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) collection:

Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 90

1955, pg 90

Virgil Central High School - Virgilian Yearbook (Virgil, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 55

1955, pg 55

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