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,1.. 'W '. 1 I , 4 1 1 41 'A 1 4 ' 1 K1 1 1 M ' n, 1' Y ' 1. - 21- , ' -1 , ,+, 1 11.11 1 ', . -, '1:1,og,1' 1 I ' -, ' . ' - ' ',. . 1 - 1.1. '1 1-'f 1 4 r ,J V511 . 1 .41 J . --1 ' 1 , . W 1 I 1 . N. 11, 1 14 l 1 , - 1 . , V Ei 1 11' 1. 1 1 "11 U I X1 . F . 1 . . 1 'flu ,. 5 Y -I V-1. u .1. , 1 '. . . .11 sf 'ldf' . 1 l vi ,-1. 1 . 1 . -1 1 5 W , ' -'xg W . W 1 1 A 1. I 11 1 4. 1 1 1 1 1 ,ff . , 1 Q f 11. 3 A 1 .xl 1 1 . W .5 L". V. 1 I' 1-, 1 ' 1 E af 4' 1 ,Ifx , .11 . fu 1. T- -N, 1.1 1. 1." 1 , 1 una 111 L- E' I 1" I ' -1 ' , .' Q1 n ' 1 , A , 1 -A 1- 1 ,1-- -1 A1 . .. -J-E1:'i"..f-f.,Qj1.!..g" 1 5 .Q-Q n ' 1 11i1 ':. X '1 1 1--.1 1 -. 1 ' AL' "-HA' L A ' 19.-W3 1' 1 '. - , ' .111 .r -.1 1 1 'J' 111 -T' ' if " ,y'.:j1fu :--:-1.-- 1 711' 1- 1, .. . 1 - 1- ' ,- , 1. -- w w - N 1' 'S 1 1 1 ,. -1 -2 - rf 1-.1-'fa f- .1 - -- .1-1 - 1, 1' X ' 11- 1 . - A 'HU 11 2 1 1 In 15. f' ' 11- - . ' ' -1:11 A 1 1 yq 1 . 1-' ,J ' -'1 1: .-4 TI-IEANNUAL STAFF OF VIIZDEN OOMMUNITY I-IIGI-I SOI-IOOL VIIZDEN, ILLINOIS PIZESENTS TI-IE IGENNEL-1958 VIIZDEN OOMMUNITY I-IIGI-I SOI-IOOL DEDICATION BUSINESS AREA BUSINESS AREA We, the Kennel Staff , are happy to dedicate our i958 yearbook to the merchants and businessmen because of their splendid co-operation with financial aid and whole-hearted interest in Virden Community High School You will always stand as an excellent example of interest, assured guidance, and good citizenship. Tl-Ha IGENNEL IQ PQIUQAYED IN 4 ACTIVITIES QPOIZTQ OIZGANIZATIONQ ADMINISTRATION GLAQQEQ WE i-lON0i2uk H. D. Allen, Jeweler L. W. Allgood Auburn Clinic Auburn Flower Shop Bert Kiers P. J. Berta Bill Beasley's Drug Bob Berry E. O. Bowman Burris and Riffey Carney's Service Station Howard Cox Roscoe Cox Daviclson's Drug Store Don's Drive Inn Edgar Clause Company Farmers 8. Merchants State Bank Flower 8. Gift Shop Herman Folkerts George Fuiten, Jr. Garretson Lumber Co. Wilbur Gholson Gibson Shoppe Girard Home Oil Co. Girard State Bank Goody Shop William Hall Dr. Walter G. Hedrick Joe Hendricks Henry Typewriter Co. Huegley Elevator Co. Jule's 8- Dave's Karaffa's Store Dr. Krueger Ed Las Dr. J. B. Lee Lee's Cleaners 8- Launderette H. J. Liggett Long's Motor Service Macoupin Elevator Richard Mann Virginia Martin Thomas R. McKemie Meadow Gold Dairy Moore's Market "We wish to offer apologies to may be inadvertently omitted from Lucile Murphy Murray Studio Narmont Machinery Co. Nehi Bottling Co. Nicholls and Sox Pippin Grocery Dr. Robert Prentice Mary and Howard Ramey Richel'sl Shell Station Schneider's Cabinets John Seyton 8. Co. Dr. Sharp Smith's Insurance Agency Snell Bros. Sport Brase Chevrolet State Bank of Auburn Typewriter Exchange Cleaners Dairy Virden Vi rden Virden Greenhouses Vi rden Recorder Recreation Virden Wilson Shoe Store Wrightsman Service anyone whose name the list. l 6 ! A IV S --- if 1. Mi' "' Activities BAND LEADS V.C.H.S. ON TO VICTORY A SRM, S - I Elway! " 3495? i',".,?"' f EW' if f Si - SENIOR CLASS FLOAT--FIRST PLACE FRESHMAN CLASS FLOAT--SECOND PLACE mah: -gg mf V, ' 3 " JUNIOR CLASS FLOAT SOPHOMORE CLASS FLOAT Good Luck from Compliments of WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY CARNEY'S SERVICE STATION Wilbur Gholson 8 Virden, Illinois Virden, Illinois X. QUEEN CANDIDATES Marlene lmhoff Carol Barr Rosie Alvey Dorothy Bruley MAJORETTES Carole Bumpus Sue Mayernick Rose Mary McCormick Judy Bumpus Betty Seifert - . X ,nl s if s SPEECH CLUB FLOAT--FIRST PLACE IN ORGANIZATIONS HOME HOMECOMING QUEEN, MARLENE IMHQFF Each class selects a candidate For Homecoming Queen. Several days before the dance the student body chooses the Queen from the four candidates. Compliments of Best Wishes from STATE BANK QF AUBURN NlCl'lOl.l.S AND SQN Auburn, Illinois 10 Auburn, Illinois OMING V is 'W Crowning of Homecoming Queen, Miss Marlene Imhoff Marlene Imhoff and Tom Zillion W Carol Barr and Richard Marta Patricia Tate Best Wishes BEASLEY'S DRUG STORE Virden, Illinois Rose Alvey and Leon Baker Dorothy Bruley and Robert Hunter JwaofvoQaf,sPQa5 Standing Left to Right: Seated: BROTHER GOOSE Sherry Wainwright , , , Student Director Don Kime . . . ..... Jeff John Hunsley . . Truck Driver Linda Smith . . . . . Eve Loren Cowdrey . . . . .Props Connie Johnston . . .Carol Leon Baker , . , Karen Voyies . . Jody Hendricks , , , Paula Brubaker , , , Mrs. Boehm . . . Betty Sommer . Ann English . . Judy Kime . Pat Kerns .......... ....Wes . Mrs. Trimmer , , , ,Props Student Director . . .Director . Peggy . . Lenore . . Hyacinth . . . Helen The doctor says it's POISON IVY," I Curtain C311 Good Luck From FARMER'S and MERCHANT'S BANK Virden, Illinois iwtmf diuiiies 13 . I 4 -45 is 1- NO-BALL Roger Bradley escorted by Judy Rutherford Congratulations from VIRDEN DIARY Virden, Illinois Mike Smith escorted by Margie Yasinski Gary Gholson escorted by Marlene Imhoff Crowning of the King Mary Williams and Craig Neighbors fish 1 KAMM .fm Archie Wilson escorted by Judy Kime Compliments of VIRDEN RECORDER Virden, Illinois QWEETHEAIZT liitlil-T'f!5k...-,.. I Mory Ford - Sweetheart Queen Four candidates for Sweetheart Queen are selected by the members of F .H .A. ond F.F.A. The Queen is then chosen by the people who attend the donce. WILSON SHOE STORE GIBSON SHOPPE Compliments of Congrotulotion from the Virden, Illinois Virden, Illinois si 914. DANGLE Carol McCready and Georgia Van Winkle Mary Ford escorted by Tom Ford Crowning of Sweetheart Queen l l Mary Ellen Ford i 9 4 l Q 1 :,, sl S .U sig -- is f if 1 Judy Rutherford escorted by Roger Bradley L Congratulations From LUCILE MURPHY Virden, Illinois Judy Kime escorted by Bob Lomelino Nancy Snell escorted by Joe Hendricks "Ju ! va K' 5 Q 4 I ,N W . I t Carol Bumpus escorted by John Van Winkle Best Wishes From ED LAS Virden, Illinois Qpwng Aofivifies AlN'T LOVE GRAND RICHARD MANN ROSCOE COX Central Television Virden, Illinois 18 Virden, Illinois COME OUT OF THE CLOSET" Cast Mrs. Malone. . . . Betty Neighbors Hilda Hawkins Carole Bumpus Jenny Potts . . Betty Seifert Irene Gleason .Judy Hulcher Mr. Cutter . . . .Bill Baker Sweeney . . . .Harry Rowell George Hanson Larry Johnson Hercules Jones Gary Gholson Miss Abby . . Betty Robey Amonia . . . . Joyce Dain Mr. Rosewater Richard Rucker Student Directors . . . Judy Grounds Rosemary Mayernick Director ..................... Mrs. Betty Boehm Don't you dare hit my George! The Lineup 'I 9 Keep her feet higher than her head' Pfwww President of the Junior Class, Leon Baker, welcomes the Seniors to the Banquet Leon Baker, representing the Junior Class, gives the Junior Mothersa token of thanks for providing such a wonderful meal PROGRAM Toastmaster . . Archle WIISOH Welcome. . . ..... Leon Baker Response .......... Tom Zillion Senior Class Will . . Mike Smith, Nancy Hannah Senior Prophecy . . Betty Sommers, John Roth Vocal Solo . . . .... Dale Garrison Address . . . . Mr. McMu1lin "Sayonara" . . . . . . Lotus Blossoms "Our Best To You" ...... Lotus Blossoms Judy Kime, Bettie Parker, Linda Smith, Lana Sartoris, Cheryll Wainwright Junior Mothers Honored 20 Junior Mothers Thanked TOASTMASTER Archie Wilson RESPONSE Tom Zi llion .ef 'J hgh- s' SENIOR PROPHECY John Roth and Betty Sommer SENIOR CLASS WILL Mike Smith and Nancy Hannah ADDRESS Mr. M.O. McMu11in, Principal Compliments of Best of Luck from RICHARD MANN L. W. ALLGOOD Central Television Virden, Illinois Juuiofv ' Pwvw A FINE DINNER ENIOYED BY ALL BANQUET MADE POSSIBLE BY JUNIOR MOTHERS "X , EVERYONE ENJOYED THE MUSIC OF THE BLUE NOTES JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM THE CLIMAX OF THE SCHOOL SOCIAL ACTIVITIES 22 I-IONOJZ SPEECH CONTESTANTS The District Speech Contest was held in Virden in February. Leon Baker received a first place in After Dinner Speaking: Betty Neighbors, a first in Extempore Verse Read- ing, and Paula Brubaker, fourth in Oratori- cal Declamation. Carol Murphy, Wanda Helmericks, and Tom Zillion took part in the contest also. The contest play, "Blessed are They", received a second. Members of the cast were: Richard Rucker, Judy Hulcher, Betty Neighbors, Leon Baker, Wanda Sims, Tom Pickett, and Gloria Hamilton. Betty Neighbors, Leon Baker, and the play were eligible to compete in the Sectional Speech Contest held in Jackson- ville. BAND SOLO AND ENSEMBLE CONTESTS A large number of band members took part in the District Solo and Ensemble Con- test held in Bunker Hill and the State Con- test Held in Effingham. Those who went to contest were: Barbara Bowman, Barbara Otten, Gary Gholson, Carol Bumpus, Wayne Adcock, Marlene lmhoff, Betty Neighbors, Jim Yagow, Janet Hulcher, Carol Mateer, Carolyn Pickett, Judy Hulcher, Roger Smith, Harold Bruley, Roger Bradley, PaulaBrubaker, Judy Rutherford, Betty Sommer, Darrell Braden, Janice Pollack, Richard Marta, Rachel Hoeflin, Judy Stauffer, Don Miller, Judy Moffitt, David Miller, Kathleen Ray, Wayne Cinotto, John Lawson, Roberta Boyd, and Judy Hendricks. AWARJDQ Betty Crocker Award Winner Betty Jo Robey received the high- est score on a test given to all the girls in the senior class. By doing this she won the award. The test covered the subjects of the home, home pro- blems, and homemaking in general. Good Luck from WRIGHTSMAN SERVICE D.A. R. Award Winner Nancy Hannah was selected by her classmates and the members of the faculty for the D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award. The selection was based on the following qualifi- cations: Service, Dependability, Leadership, and Patriotism. Nancy is sponsored by the Springfield Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Best Wishes from HOWARD COX Virden, Illinois 24 Virden, ll linois --r E3 x V 2 2 ,I w K n x 35 Footbaw A K Q.: f A as if fa-R 3 , 1 J 'Y' , .var v-Q' Q Z ,,,, A:-, in we' wi T355 'W v , L F, . is ,, , 'J R V A R S I T Y ROW ONE: Randall Owens, James Hannah, Darwin Shores, Carl Ferrero, Albert Fuiten, Wayne Cook, Michael Smith, Donald Kime. ROW TWO: Coach Innis, John Alexander, James Yagow, John Clinton, Jack Castleman, Roger Smith, William Dodd, John Hasara, Coach Morrison. ROW THREE: Leon Baker, David Wright, Fred Lynch, David Roemer, Robert Hunter, Larry Dean, Darrel Braden, Robert Dodd. FRESHMAN TEAM ROW ONE: Robert Hart, Roger Smith, Fred Lynch, David Mcllwaine, Robert Dodd, Robert Hunter, David Roemer, Larry Anderson. ROW TWO: Jack Cox, James Snell, Wayne Cinotto, Richard Zillion, Charles Lomelino, Thomas Pickett, Coach Henry. ROW THREE: Thomas Gibson, Tony Strukely, Dan Spooner, Warren Owens, John Castleman, James Lynch, Fred Wood. 26 Football Plmjw Bob Dodd Darrel Braden John Hasara Buddy Fuiten Fullback Tackle Quarterback Fullback Don Kime Larry Dean Dutch Cook Guard Fullback Wingback Bill Dodd Carl Ferrero Mike Smith Darwin Shores Tailback Guard 27 End Center F-ootbam Plmjms Fred Lynch David Wright Bob Hunter David Roemer Tackle Guard Tailback End Leon Baker John Alexander David Mcllwaine Wingback Quarterback Tackle Randall Owens Jack Castleman Jim Hannah Jim Yagow Center Tackle 28 End Center FOOTBALL Co-Captains Cook, Fuiten, Coach Morrison The football team, led by co- captains Bud Fuiten and Wayne Cook, and coached by Robert Morrison, tried to beat or at least duplicate the record they set last year. After being beaten by three points in the Franklin game, the Bulldogs scored heavy upsets on Girard and Waverly. However, when the boys went up against Auburn, they didn't fare so well, although they put up a game battle. The season ended with Virden in a tie for second place in the M.S.M. Conference. Virden Vi rden Virden Virden Virden Vi rden Virden Virden Virden Games Games FOOTBALL S UMMARY Kincaid Carl invi l le Pawnee Feitshans Northwestern Franklin Girard Waverly Auburn Coaches Morrison, lnnis, Henr Baslwtbaw Arthur Fuiten Most Valuable Player 0 KINCAID Virden got off to a good start this season by defeating the Kincaid Ponies in the opener by a score of 7-6. Bill Dodd and Carl Ferrero were named stars of the game. PAWN EE A large crowd was on hand to see the Bulldogs take a 14-12 win from Pawnee in the Home- coming game. Bill Dodd again starred with Darwin Shores. FRANKLIN Virden was nosed out by Franklin in a close 25-23 game. Buddy Fuiten, Bill Dodd, and Wayne Cook were the scorers in this game. Franklin scored the winning touchdown with four minutes to go. Virden worked the ball 60 yards to the four yard line before the final gun. WAVERLY The team's best game of the season was the game in which Virden beat Waverly 33-13. Bill Dodd scored four touchdowns and Bud Fuiten scored one for Virden. At a special meeting for all football players, Co-Captain Buddy Fuiten was chosen as Most Valuable player of the year. David Mcllwaine was selected as the most improved player. The Quarterback Club chose Darwin Shores as the Back of the Year. CARLINVILLE The Bulldogs suffered their first defeat at the hands of the Carlinville Cavaliers by a score of 33-20. Bill Dodd and Buddy Fuiten held scoring honors. The stars of the game were Bill Dodd and Don Kime. FEITCHANS The Feitshans Flyers tromped a fighting Virden team by a score of 39-6. Don Smith scored Virden 's lone touchdown on a 10 yard run. Bill Dodd starred for the fourth time along with .lack Castleman . NORTHWESTERN An upset was scored against Northwestern by an injury riddled Bulldog team. Bill Dodd and Wayne Cook scored for Virden. The game was close with Virden in a 19-18 lead. AUBURN Virden fought hard with a chance to tie for first place in the M.S.M. Conference only to be beaten 26-13 by a superior Auburn team. Bill Dodd scored two touchdowns for Virden, one on a 56 yard run and the other on an inter- cepted pass. Jim Hannah ran 62 yards on a pass lay, only to find that a penalty had nullified his run . Compliments of VIRDEN GREENHOUSES Virden, Illinois vom., John Roth, Bernard Combs, Mike Smith, Bill Dodd, John Alexander, John Roemer, Jim Yagow, Jim Garrison, Wayne Cook, John Hasara, John Van Winkle, Archie Wilson, and Coach Morrison. John Clinton, Ronnie Gazda, Mike Laughlin, Jim Roth, Charlie Gazda, Joe Garrison, Coach lnnis, David Miller Bernard Combs, John Alexander, Richard Matta, Bob Hunter, Lynn Berry, Dave Roemer. cowl FIRST ROW: Russell Patton, John Castleman, Fred Wood, Bob Hart, Tom Pickett, Tom Gibson, Bruce Billing- sley. SECOND ROW: John Etter, Jim Snell, David Wright, William lngrum, John Lawson, Mr. Boehm, Coach, David Bogart, Mike Laughlin, Bob Dodd, Wayne Cinotto, Carl Baines. 31 aiu Dodd John Roth Guard Guard John Hasara Forward Mike Smith Center Block It! Arch Wilson Jim Yagow Guard Center Wayne Cook Forward John Van Winkle Guard John Alexander Center Basketball John Van Winkle Free Throw Award Virden's team this year was a small but quick and determined crew. With no height to work on, the boys played very good ball all season. The team won T3 of 25 games including tournament games. Virden lost the M.S.M. to Franklin by a score of 76 to 63. Virden played a tall Springfield High team in the Regional Tour- nament. The boys in purple and white put up a good battle and it was a close game until the second half when the superior height be- gan to tell. The Bulldogs finished a rather discouraging season as far as the M. S.M. was concerned but have hopes that they will cap the M.S.M. Conference next year. A rough game! Virden 46 Springfield 59 Virden Virden Virden Vi rden Virden Vi rden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Virden Games BASKETBALL SUMMARY 56 Carlinville 62 Mount Olive 53 Kincaid 43 Auburn 70 Divernon 55 Glenwood 64 Farmersville 57 Girard 53 Carrollton 80 Greenfield 64 St. James 60 Northwestern 52 Morrisonvi Ile 83 Waverly 76 Pawnee 56 Franklin 50 Girard 51 Auburn 63 I. S. D. 44 Roodhouse Woverl Tournament over y 45 Franklin 44 Carrollton County Tournament 53 Bunker Hill Re ional Tournament 46 Springfie won---13 Games lost 33 BASEBALL BASEBALL TEAM A fighting Virden nine took the field this year, hoping to win the M.S.M. title for the third consecutive year. The Bulldogs came up with a 7 win and 4 loss season . St. James failed Virden's plans by taking the M.S.M. by a score of 4 to 3. Virden beat Girard in the District by a 4 to 3 score and so earned the honor of going to the Regional Tour- nament where they received second by beating Chandlerville 5 to 2 onl to loose to Jacksonville 3 to 0. Bill' Dodd came up on top in batting. Compliments of TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Carrollton, Illinois Vi rden Virden Vi rden Vi rden Virden Vi rden Vi rden Virden Virden Virden Virden Games Games BASEBALL SUMMARY 6 2 4 2 14 5 5 3 4 5 O WOD lost Girard Franklin Pawnee Girard Franklin St. James Pawnee St. James Girard fDistrictD Chandlerville2 iRegional Jacksonville 3 fRegional ----7 -------4 TBA C K1 sua-A Y fi-rg' Coach Innis, Jack Castleman, Bill Dodd, Bernard Combs, Lynn Berry, Fred Lynch, David Bogart, John Roemer, Bob Hunter, John Clinton, Dave Roemer, Darrell Taylor, John Roth, Arch Wi1SOI1, Jlm Hannah, JOB GEIHISOH. Larry Dean, Leon Baker, Joe Hendricks.. TRACK SUMMARY The Bulldogs had but one thought in mind this year as they started the track season . This was to repeat the performance that the had given last year. The boys knew that they would not sweep the field events as they did llast year. The scoring' would be low and it was estimated that 35 to 40 points would win the M. S.M. track meet. Virden took only two first place ribbons. Bill Dodd won first in the low hurdles and the 880 yard relay team, made up of Bud Fuiten, John Clinton, Fred Lynch, and Bill Dodd, took a blue ribbon. Girard came out on top, beating Virden by one-sixth of a point with 42 2f3 points. Virden came in a close second with 42 V2 points. Waverly was third with 35 lf3, Auburn was fourth with 42 if2, and Northwestern was fifth with 26 points. Earl Voyles of Girard set a new M.S.M. high iump record with a leap of 5 feet 9 lf2 inches, one half inch over the former record. 35 ' OwuTemwT0f VKMORU CHEERLEADERS Linda Smith Ann English Betty Parker Wanda Sims Betty Qualls HELP THE CHEERLEADERS BACK THE TEAMS Betty Qualls Linda Smith Wanda Sims Ann English Betty Parker E V, Q' Q 1 . E 17? We-f vi Carol Garrison and Judy Kime helped back the teams by a Stunt at the Pep Meeting. Congratulations from KARAFFNS STORE Thayer, Illinois S il 1. w. E . f I llnnlulmln ----1 -1,-,- i ? National i-lowu Qooietg Last spring the National Honor Society elected the following officers: President, Gary Gholson, Vice-President, Carole Bumpus, Secretary, Judy Hulcher. Our adviser is Miss Gilmore. Five new members were initiated on October 24, 1957. They were Nancy Hannah, Betty Qualls, Rosemary Mayernick, Judy Rutherford, and Betty Neighbors. Nancy Hannah was elected Treasurer, and Betty Neighbors was elected Reporter. The Honor Society decorated the halls for Christmas this year. Our main project was the fifth annual Sno-Ball Dance, which was held January i8, 1958. The crowning of Mr. Virden High was the main attraction. This spring two more students were initiated. They were Judy Kime and Archie Wilson. Members in the National Honor Society must be in the upper third of their class. They are chosen by the faculty on the basis of Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service. Qtudewff Council The Student Council is made up of a boy and girl representative from each class and one representative from each organization. This organization helps to promote more student in- terest in the problems of our school. It sponsored several activities during the year, such as the American Education Week, Red Cross, Care, and Polio Drives, redecorating the rest rooms, and decorating a Christmas tree. The last activity was an all-school party. Each class put on a skit, and two groups of girls sang. This year the officers are: President, Mike Smith, Vice-President, Arch Wilson, Sec- retary, Nancy Hannah, Treasurer, Betty Robey, Reporter, Gretchen Hannah Our adviser is Mr. Ronald Boehm. Good Luck from Compliments of AUBURN FLOWER SHOP LONG'S MOTOR SERVICE Auburn, Illinois Girard, Illinois The following students acted as librarians at some time during this year: Thomas Gibson, Ann English, Wanda Helmericks, Rosemary May- ernick, Gary Gholson, Patricia Boudrie, Dwight Smith, Cheryll Wainwright, Betty Qualls, Wanda Sims, Regina Combs, Betty Seifert, Betty Parker, Betty Sommer, Car- olyn Long, Rosemary Carlton, and Kathleen Ray. Some of the librarians attended the Spring Conference of the South Central Students Librarian's Asso- ciation at Carlinville High School on April, 17. The program included discussion groups. One was led by Dwight Smith, "The School Library in the Scientific Age", with Miss Gilmore as his consultant. Betty Sommer acted as recorder for the group working on the Constitution . Youtlv Bowwb Youth Board is made up of eight members, two elective ones from each class. lf, for some rea- son, these members fail to attend three meetings, they are replaced by others. This year Mr. Broughton was sponsor. We elected Marlene lmhoff president. At Youth Center we played games, and had square and round dancing. Our main fea- ture was the bonfire and snake dance at Homecoming. Another feature was the Cerebral Palsy Telethon, with Judy Stauffer the main leader. Members on Youth Board are: Marlene Imhoff, Wayne Adcock, Judy Stauffer, Rachel Hoeflin, Roger Smith, Ann English, and Bill Butler. P J B TA SMITHSINSURANCE AGENCY Vlrden lllrnols Vlrden llllnols Congratulations from Congratulations from . . ER ' I I swims Thespians On May l5, four mem- bers were initiated into troop 898 making a total of 26 members. The new members were, Rosemary McCormick, Richard Ruck- er, Larry Johnson, and Carole Murphy. February 3, at 8:30, ten new Thespians were initiated. They were: Linda Smith, Judy Rutherford, Don Kime, Ann English, Betty Sommer, Judy Kime, Dwight Smith, Wanda Hel- mericks, Tom Pickett, and Leon Baker. Thespians also sponsored a play, "Blessed Are They". Betty Neighbors was chosen as the outstanding Thespian of the year. Officers of Thespians: President, Tom Zillion, Vice President, Betty Neighbors, Secretary, Wanda Sims, Treasurer, Commie Johnson, Scribe, Rosemary Mayernick The Speech Club is composed of fifty-one members this ear. The group attended Anastasia at the Springfield Theater Guild on February 25. They presented a one act play, The Fantastic Mr C at Christmas time. Members of the group also did very well at contests Leon Baker and Betty Neighbors received first ratings in the llllnols State Hugh School Association district speech contest held in Virden. Our one act play, Blessed Are They placed second, which entitled us to go on to sec- Good Luck VIRDEN RECREATION l'l. J. l.lGGETT Virden, llllnols Virden, Illinois awk!-I F. H .A. The F. H.A. organization got off to a good start this year by electing as their officers Carole Bumpus, President, Judy Kime, Vice-President, Mary Ford, Secretary, Judy Hulcher, Treasurer, Judy Moffitt, Parliamentarian, Judy RUfl1eff0fGl, 5eC0nd Vice-President, and Nancy Snell, Song Leader. .Also, we chose Mrs. Ferne Snell and Mrs. Blanche VanBuskrrk as our Chapter mothers for the year. Our main activities this year were the Sweetheart Dance, Daddy-Date Nite, and entertaining the eighth graders. Our F. H.A. was very honored when Carole Bumpus was elected President of Section Six, MTS- Feme SUCH Mrs. Blanche VanBusk1rk F.F.A. KEEPS BUSY The F.F.A. started the year off with the following officers: President, John Van Winkle, Vice- President, Bob Lomelino, Reporter, Edmond Rees, Sentinel, Don Otten, and Parliamentarian, Dale Garrison. Mr. Corgan was adviser. Some of the main activities included a square dance, basketball games, a livestock iudging con- test, and a visit to the Purina Farms in Missouri. One of the highlights of the season was the annual Parents and Son Banquet on February l7. ln a sectional Public Speaking Contest held at Franklin on April 25, Tom Zillion received a sec- ond place in extemporaneous speaking. Leadership training meetings were also held at Beneld. Tom and Jerry Hartsook both participated in these meetings. Edmond Rees took first place in the livestock iudging contest held April 26 in Virden. The Vir- den team placed fifth. ln Dairy Judging, Virden placed ninth. So ended one of the most successful years for the F.F.A. PGP The Pep Club was organized this year to back the teams ancl to boost school spirit. The following officers were elected: Presiclent, Cheryl Wainwrighty Vice-President, Pat Boudriep Secretary, Della Allenp Treasurer, Carol Garrisonp Reporter, Peggy Dalby Congratulations from Best of Everything GARRETSON LUMBER COMPANY BURRIS AND RIFFEY Virden, Illinois Virden, Illinois 'swrb SEATED IN FRONT ROW: R. McDonald, J. Castleman, M. Smith, D. Smith, K. Copelin, C. Fererro, D. Otten, W. Cook, D. Kime, J. Van Winkle, B. Lomelino. SECOND ROW: W. McCarty, R. Owens, A. Fuiten, J. Roth, A. Wilson, L. Baker, D. Mcllwaine, Coach Morrison. THIRD ROW: J. Hendricks, W. Adcock, G. Gholson, J. Clinton, J. Garrison. FOURTH ROW: J. Karaffa, D. Shores, D. Wright, J. Alexander, L. Berry, J. Hasara, D. Braden, J. Roemer. T .,n F If Held in Carlinville Baud! Qcmwe dub Officers of the Science Club this year were John Karaffa, pres- ident, Robert Castleman, vice- president, Kathryn Parker, secre- tary, Judy Stauffer, treasurer, .lack Cox, reporter, and John Alexander, librarian. Sponsors were Mr. Clark and Mrs. Campbell. In February the club sponsored a Satellite Dance in the gymnasium. Four members of the Science Club entered exhibits in a science fair in April. Charles Gates received afirst place award here and another at a state science fair. This year the V.C.H.S. band marched at the home football games and played during half- time at the basketball games. They took part in a Christmas musical and presented a spring concert in March. The band, seven ensembles, and several solos received first ratings at the district contest in March. In April the band re- ceived second and two ensembles received first ratings at the state contest. As the school year came to a close, the band played for com- mencement. l Judy Hulcher - Co-Editor A Big Job Completed! Wanda Sims - Co Editor I 958 Co-Editors . . . Assistant Editor .... Senior Copy Writers . . Junior Copy Writers . . Photography and Snapshots Layout ....... Business Assistants . . . Advertising Assistants . . Sales Assistants. . . . Qfallr . .Judy Hulcher, Wanda Sims . . . . . .Carol Garrison Carole Bumpus, Marlene lmhoff, Judy Grounds, Nancy Hannah . .Betty Sommer, Judy Kime, Frances Megginson, Leon Baker . Judy Rutherford, Mary Ford, Judy Moffitt, Pat Boudrie Paula Brubaker, Sandra Fielder, Dorothy Gall, Mike Smith, Dorothy Royer, Kay Hines Betty Neighbors, Patricia Kerns Betty Ann Qualls, Betty Robey, Betty Seifert, Linda Smith . .Della Allen, Betty Parker, Connie Short Typsits. . . Staff Members Adviser . . .V. C. Griffith ,--Q Editorial Staff Business Staff 44 FACULTY .nina -- emu, Mrs. Anita Seymour, Ernest Laugheim, Clarence McKennedy, George Van Winkle, Everett Brubaker, Joseph Anderson fPresidentj, M.D. Clinton. ABSENT: Allen Mortimer fSecretaryJ. EEO BOARD PROJECTS During the school year, some of the projects the Board of Ed- ucation undertook included a new bookkeeping system that enables the bookkeeper to tell immediately the exact balance in all accountsp improvement of teacher's salary schedulep improved transportationp the formation of a citizen 's ad- visory council to help do long range planning for school needs. Mrs. Bickel, Unit Treasurer Congratulations from BOB BERRY Compliments gf Pontiac and Buick HENRY TYPEWRITER CO. Virden, Illinois Springfield, Illinois 46 MRS. R.T. ALLEN Secretary to the Superintendent MR, M.D. CLINTON Superintendent of Schools MR, M. O. McMULLIN Principal Best Wishes from WILLIAM HALL Virden, Illinois Q .,.,. 1-.- 4. MRS, R.S. SMITH Secretary to the Principal Best Wishes from MARY and HOWARD RAMEY Virden, Illinois Gish-Tlw FMAUU FRANCES PATTERSON English I B.Ed., M.S.g Englishg Freshman Class Sponsor. English IV BETTY BOEHM A.B.g English, Dramaticsg Speech Club Sponsor, Sopho more Class Sponsor. WILLIAM MONTGOMERY Latin A.B., B.D.g Latin. Good Luck from Good Luck in the Future H D ALLEN JEWELER VIRDEN CLEANERS Q 1 I . . . 4 s a Q Vlrden, Illmols 8 Vlfdenf HI'n0'5 Qwialoecmwef - Pwswvundwtfmdzug offOweewbPwblems World History RONALD BOEHM A.B.p Social Studiesg Student Council, Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor, Freshman Basketball Team Coach. 'gg L Thomas Innis World History Q Q Congratulations from Besf Wishes from JULE'S 8. DAVE'S DR. W. E. KRUEGER Senior Problems Virden, Illinois 1 l Girard, Illinois MILDRED GILMORE B. S.g Library, Senior Prob- lems, Counselorg National Honor Society Sponsor, Sen- ior Class Sponsor. Qcient1sfsaudfM ' olflw Futww Chemistry EUNICE CAMPBELL B.S. , M.S.g Science, Math- ematics, Senior Class Sponsor Science Club Co-Sponsor. ROBERT CLARK Biology B. S., Scienceg Senior Class Sponsor, Science Club Co- Sponsor. M, O, McMULLIN Physics B. S. , M. A. g Mathematics, Science, Principal. Umm mk- ROBERT MORRISON Algebra B.S. g Athletics, Mathematicsg . , Coach, Freshman Class Spon- COmpllmer1I'S of C0rl1pllmer'lI'S of sor. VIRGINIA MARTIN DON'S DRIVE INN Virden, Illinois I I Springfield, Illinois FuhuwBusiuessLeadmAo6 '? Bookkeeping E. DALE BROUGHTON B.S.g Commerceg Youth Board Sponsor, Sophomore Class Sponsor. Typing Secretarial Practice 5... pVap,,Va X . 5 l in .I VEIVA GRIFFITH B.s., B.A., M.Ed.g com- merceg Kennel Adviser, Freshman Class Sponsor. Shorthand Congratulations from Best Wishes from DR. J. B. LEE DR. WALTER O HEDRICK Virden, Illinois 51 Virden, Illinois BARBARA LICHTENBERGER B.S.g Homemakingg Junior Class Sponsor, Future Home- makers of America Adviser. Homemakers of Tomorrow ff? PETER PERETTI B. S., M. S. g Industrial Artsg Senior Class Sponsor Future Home Builders Good Luck from Best Wishes from SCHNEIDER'S CABINETS LEE'S CLEANERS 8. LAUNDERETTE Virden, Illinois Virden, Illinois 52 ""f'--..,,,,t JAMES B. S. 3 Agriculture, Drivers' Trainingg Future Farmers of America Adviser, Sophomore Class Sponsor. 1 - 4 R A 7" Q , I s--' C 5' , . Q 'Zig . - r CORGAN Agriculture Features Farm Mechanics I Bob Lomelino on the job. Drive Safely - The Life You Save May Be Your Own Good Luck from Compliments of STANDARD STATION RISHEL'S SHELL STATION George Fuifen, Jr. Virden, Illinois Virden, Illinois 53 AfutandfMuswAddfCuEh4w GEORGE STANLEY Bachelor of Musicg Band Band S Q 1 W SHIRLEY WHITE Bachelor of Scienceg Art. Art COI1Ql'CIfUIGfi0l'1S fI'Om Best Wigheg from NEHI BOTTLING CO. THOMAS R. MCKEMIE, D. D. S. Virden, Illinois Girard, Illinois Plujsfcalb Education, FMAUE JANE REDFERN B. S.g Physical Education, Chorusg Junior Class Sponsor, Pep Club and Cheerleader Sponsor. Girls P.E. THOMAS INNIS B.S.g History, Physical Educationg Assistant Coach Boys P.E. Best Wishes From Best Wishes From FLOWER 8x GIFT SHOP DAVIDSON'S DRUG STORE Virclen, Illinois Virden, Illinois Buelah Connally Della Wargo Clara Boyer Mildred Beasley Hannah Gall Mary Ann Moffitt Ilene Walkington CAFETERIA STAFF Buelah Connally, Della Wargo, Clara Boyer, Mildred Beasley, Hannah Gall, Mary Ann Moffitt, Ilene Walkington. Lunch Time MAINTENANCE MEN Nelson Fouts, Harry Lindley, Warren Lair. Bus Dfdvms Bill Sneyd Dick Morgan Henry Loafman Albert Fuiten Bud Motrershaw Al Skeens Besf Wishes from Bus DRIVERS GIRARD HOME OIL CO Bill Sneyd, Dick Morgan, Henry Loafman, Albert Fuiten, Bud Mottershaw, Girard, Illinois Al Skeens. 56 6 gpm.: 5, ,Q lla 1 'Q Q 9. 4F ' ' P -4- "T""""' g Fwslummu FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Hart, Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Griffith, Rosemary Carlton, and Bob Hunter. FRESHMEN FLASHES August 28, 19571 This was the day that eighty-three scared little Freshmen entered Virden High School for the first time. We were feeling more at home after the first day, and before long we were electing our class officers. Those elected were Bob Hunter, president, Bob Hart, vice-president, Rosemary Carlton, secretary-treasurer, and Roberta Boyd and Jack Cox, Student Council representatives Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Griffith, and Mr. Morrison were our class sponsors. Dorothy Bruley was chosen as our Homecoming Queen candidate. Our float "We'll Whip'em", received second place in the parade. The Freshmen participated in many activities around school. We had a record dance and a doughnut sale which were both very successful money making projects. We also had a nice class party in the spring. We as Freshmen tried very hard to contribute to our school so that V.C.H.S. would be proud of us. --Carol Hulcher Compliments of THE GOODY SHOP Good Luck from ROSCOE COX Auburn, Illinois Virden, Illinois 58 J six Q. E ,ss 4 iw H-1. tri 1- e l im 'wifi g? YS. I -T' , A Q11 '--f - ,f-l r ,V Ffwslwww Mary Alvey Gary Asher Carl Baines Ruth Ann Bartz Judy Beniach Richard Bettis Sandra Bickel Roberta Boyd Pauline Branson Danny Broaddus Carolyn Brown Dorothy Bruley Judy Bumpus Rosemary Carlton Richard Carney John Castleman Barbara Centko Wayne Cinotto Joseph Charles Patricia Conder Pauline Conder Robert Dodd John Dowson Richard Edge sm wane: Elliott f f ' J 'vlargie Emmons ohn Etter J y John Cox Jack Evans A J as I ' H Carla Davidson Trudy Evans Linda Deweese K ly ' ,,,o'.. Thomas Gibson Robert Freeman Nancy Gibson James Garrison N Dorothy Glenn ' 'Q m, Phyllis Grounds 'J 1' Robert Hart 9 4 1 , Ronald Hatalla .W Congratulations from HERMAN FOLKERTS Virden, llllnols f-vwi ss. my-1 -.1-lg ,-, -1 ,l Freshman Glenna Hays Larry Hays Andrea Karaffa Della Lair Robert Lowder Frederick Lynch Barbara Mays Marsha McDonald Judy Hendricks Carole Hulcher Robert Hunter Nancy List Charles Lomelino Carolyn Long James Lynch Carole Mateer Sue Mayernick David Mcllwaine Donald Miller Sue Nerone Warren Owens Katherine Parker Edward Patton James Snell William Snow Dan Spooner Sharon Spicer Inez Summers Kathleen Tarr Haroldene Quarron David Roemer Judy Stauffer Ronald Strukely Constance Traylor Edna Violet Good Luck from Richard Z11l1on Lawrence Whalen Fred Wood Girard, Russell Wallace L. z, ,,,, , .M Z ..', . . I, H lg 1 . M sl --.:- I 3-Ti-ff K f,1, - YN so , CRES Qop dass SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Boehm, Barbara Bowman, John Clinton, Richard Matta, Mr. Broughton, and Nancy Snell. SOPHOMORE SUMMARY Eighty-seven sophomores started off the The class party on January 6 provided year by electing Richard Matta, President, John Clinton, Vice-President, Nancy Snell, Secretary, and Barbara Bowman, Treasurer. For Student Council represent- atives, we chose Gretchen Hannah and Charles Gazda. Our Youth Board members were Mary Boletto and John Hasara. Our Sponsors, Mrs. Boehm, Mr. Broughten, and Mr. Corgan helped guide us through the year. For Homecoming, Carol Barr was elected as our queen candidate. All of the class participated in making our float, "We'll Clear the Field." Our money-making proiects all proved successful. These included a doughnut sale that netted over S80 and a record dance after a Football game. a variety of entertainment for the enjoy- ment of all. One of our class members, Nancy Snell, was honored when she was chosen as a Sweetheart Candidate. At our last meeting, plans were made to present a skit for an all-school party. --Barbara Bowman, Rachel Hoeflin, Carol Murphy, and Janice Pollack. Let's have more hands! QUP John Alexander Linda Algood Larry Anderson Bruce Billingsly David Bogart Mary Boletto Katherine Brubaker Harold Bruley Beverly Clevenger John Clinton Thomas Combs Shirley Dodd Paul Gardner Joseph Garrison Ronald Gazda Gloria Hamilton Gerald Hartsook Wanda Helmerichs Janet Hulcher William lngrum Class Kathleen Gasen Charles Gates Charles Gazda Gretchen Hannah Betty Hannon John Hasara Barbara Hinkle Rachel Hoeflin Orville Huffines Linda Jones Sandra Jorgenson Michael Kerns Carol Barr Lynn Berry Barbara Bowman Darrell Braden Judy Butler Jack Castleman Larry Dean William Dodd Best Wishes From GAMBLES Joe Hendricks Vlrden, llllnols Richard Matta Frank McCoy David Miller Carol Murphy Donna Nerone Barbara Otten Gary Otten Mary Page Russell Patton Lloyd Peacock Carolyn Pickett Tom Pickett Janice Pollack Kathleen Ray Edmond Rees Walter Robinson John Roemer James Roth Wilma Royer Dwight Smith Patricia Smith Roger Smith Nancy Snell Donna Sneyd Tony Strukley Luther Swagerty Patricia Swaringer John Tarr Connie Van Buskirk David Van Winkle dass Marjorie Kindall Barbara Kuhar Mike Laughlin John Lawson Ronald D. Lomelino Best Wishes MACOUPIN ELEVATOR CO. Virden, Illinois Marilyn Virden Kenneth Whisler David Wright James Yagow Marjorie Yaskinski Lois Young 64 JUNI JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Sommer, John Roth, Frances Megginson, Mr. Boehm, Mrs. Redfern, Leon Baker, and Miss Lichtenberger. JUNIOR JOURNAL The Juniors started this year by electing the following class officers: President, Leon Baker, Vice-President, John Roth, Secretary, Betty Sommer, Treasurer, Frances Megginson, Student Council representatives, Archie Wilson and Rosemary McCormick, and Youth Board representative, Ann English. Our counselors were Mr. lnnis, Miss Lichtenberger, Mr. Boehm, and Mrs. Redfern. Rose Alvey was chosen the Junior candidate for Homecoming Queen. Sadly enough, our float, "We'll Swing to Victor ", did not place. ln November the Junior cl,ass presented the humorous three act play, "Brother Goose." Judy Kime and Archie Wilson, members of the Junior class, were chosen for membership in the National Honor Society in the spring. Of course, the biggest event for the Juniors this year was the Junior-Senior Prom, "Sayonara", held on May lO. ssiti J A V , .., Q 3 --, J , ' i i rf ' J F as Q " A f A J' is , I K V- ,.,,' Q '-: ,rr , ,L gi .... V 3 if S Q ' rr rr . S Wayne Adcock Rose Alvey Leon Baker Compliments of SNELL BROS, Good Luck from PIPPIN GROCERY Virden, Illinois Virden, Illinois n 1.45,,.-wwf, - Compliments of E. O. BOWMAN Virclen, Illinois Good Luck from DR. J. R. SHARP Girard, Illinois if -W.. -v J l li Robert Baker Roy Bartz Robert Boyle Paula Brubaker William Castleman Lola Combs Loren Cowdrey Ann English Carol Garrison Dale Garrison sandra Glenn Kenneth Greff James Hannah Carl Hannon Joseph Hendricks William Hohimer John Hunsley Warren Jennings Connie I ohnston Patricia Kerns Donald Kime Judy Kime il , 3 C ,.,. W is Y . Is it heavy, Judy? Shirley Love Rosemary McCormick Richard McDonald Frances Megginson Kent Mendenhall Sonja Miller Orville Owens Randall Owens Bettie Parker John Roth Lana Sartoris Robert Schott Connie Short Linda Smith Paul Smith Virginia Snow Betty Sommer Sharon Traylor Karen Voyles Cheryll Wainwright Archie Wilson Clinton Wolfe l Compliments of MOORE'S MARKET Virclen, Illinois Besf Wishes from HUEGLEY ELEVATOR CO Virden, Illinois in SENICRS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Clark, Tom Zillion, Miss Gilmore, Nancy Hannah, Mr. Peretti, Carole Bumpus, and Mrs . Campbell. SENIOR SAGA As the Senior Class entered Virden High School this year, everyone realized it was the beginning of the end. Election of officers and Student Council representatives was one of the first things done. Our President was Tom Zillionp Vice-President, Mike Smith, Secretary, Nancy Hannah, and Treasurer, Carole Bumpus. Student Council Representatives were Judy Moffitt and Gary Gholson. We appreciated the help of our sponsors, Miss Gilmore, Mr. Peretti, Mrs. Campbell, and Mr. Clark. We were proud to have Marlene lmhoff elected Homecoming queen. Our float, "We'II Scratch Them Off the Record," won first place in the parade. Members of our class gave a three-act mystery- comedy play "Come Out of the Closet." Betty Robey won the Betty Crocker Award and Nancy Hannah won the D.A.R. Award. May 27 marked the day for our trip to Giant City State Park. Everyone enjoyed the trip that had been eagerly awaited a long time. Our saga ended this year when fifty-two boys and girls were presented their diplomas on Wednesday, May 28. has E tirstii M W"'i"""i"i"""i is Tom Z.i11ion and his prize project -st DELLA MARIE ALLEN "De11" WILLIAM BAKER "Bu1l" LOUIS EDWARD BARSTOW "Bardau1" Favorite Saying: "Come on you kids, Favorite Saying: "Hi ya, sweetheart-still Favorite Saying: "I give up dad." 1et's go." Weakness: Food, food, and love me?" Weakness: Goodlooking Girls. Weakness: "A Chevy that goes so slow more food. Activities: F. H. A. 1, 2, Activities: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3,4: Letterman you can walk faster than it. QKaraffa'sj 3,4: Speech Club 1: Kennel staff 3,4: Club 2, 3,4: Football 2, 3: Track 2, 3: Jun- Activity: Football l,3. Pep Club 4: Chorus 4: Junior Play. ior Play: Senior Play. PATRICIA ANN BOUDRIE "Patrick" Favorite Saying: "Oh! You silly thing, don't be so stupid. Weakness: Tall, dark, and handsome dancers. Activities: F. H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep' Club 4: Student Council 3: Kennel Staff 4: Cheerleader 1: Chorus 1, 2: Chorus Contest 1,4: Student Librarian l, 2, 3, 4. ROGER DEAN BRADLEY "Brad" Favorite Saying: "Ain't that nice?" Weakness: My car. Activities: President 1: Speech Club 1: Mr. Virden High Candidate 4: Basketball 1: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 4. CAROLE JEAN BUMPUS "Bumpie" Favorite Saying: " Huh!" Weakness: Talking and John. Activities: Treasurer 4: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3,4: Speech Club 2, 3, 4: Thespians 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Student Council 1,4: Kennel Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3,4: Sweet- heart Candidate 4: Homecoming Candidate 1: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Play: Christmas Plays 2, 3: Student Librarian 2: Senior Play. WILLIAM ALLEN BUTLER, JR. "Bil1" Favorite Saying: "Hi ya sweetheart-still love me." Weak- ness: Goodlooking Girls. Activities: F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4: Lettermen Club 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3: Track 2, 3: Junior Play ROBERT LARUE CASTLEMAN "Cass" Favorite Saying: "Well, that's life." "Gina" Weakness: Gir s from Springfield. Activities: Lettermen Club 2, 3: Pep Club 4: Science Club 4: Baseball 2, 3. REGINA ELENE COLMBS Favorite Saying: "Anybody got a K1eenex?" Weakness: Auburn Boys. Activities: Pep EDGAR CLAUSE Compliments of COMPANY WAYNE RUSSELL COOK "Dutph" Weakness: Cars and Mary. Activities Speech Club 4: Lettermen Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4: Baseball 1, 2 3: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, Club 4: Student Librarian 4, 3, 4. PEGGY SUE DALBY "Peggy-Do" Favorite Saying: "Wel1, I'll be darn!" Weakness: A cer- tain farmer. Activities: Secretary 2: Treasurer 2: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3,4: Speech Club 2, 3: Pep Club 4: Chorus 2, 3: Junior Play. LOUIS CARL FERRERO "Freak" Favorite Saying: " What do ya mean?" Weakness: Girls! Girls! Activities: Lettermen Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Student Council 3: Football 1, 2, 3,4: Basketball 1, 2: Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Best Wishes from VIRD INN RESTAURANT ond GIFT SHOP Cynthia ond Jock Bert and Sarah Virden, IIIinois KENNETH THEODORE COPELIN "Cope" Favorite Saying: "Come on Ann Babe." Weakness: Ann. Activities: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3,4: Lettermen Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Football 3: Basketball 1,2, 3,4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4. JOYCE MARIE DAIN "Joy" Favorite Saying: "Oh flip!" Weakness: Rich Marsaglia. Activities: F.H.A. l,3,4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus Con- test l, 2, 3: Senior Play. 0 off 1958 ALBERT BRUCE FUITEN "Bud" Favorite Saying: "Suzie Baby." Weakness: Sue. Activities: Football 4: Pep Club 4: Track 4: Basketball 1, 2: Mist Valuable Player 4: Student Council 1, 3: Vice-President 1, 3. DOROTHY ANN GALL "Dot" Favorite Saying: "Wish Bob were coming up." Weakness: A tall, dark haired boy from Gillespie. Activities: Secretary 1: Treasurer 1. SANDRA LEE FIELDER "Sandy" Favorite Saying: "Donnie's coming up tonight if he doesn't have to work. ' Weakness: Cattle trucks headed for St. Louis. Activities: F. H.A. 1, 2, 3: Speech Club 1: Pep Club 4: Kennel Staff l, 2, 3,4: Band 1, 2: Band Contest 1, 2: Chorus l,2: Chorus Contest 1. MARY ELLEN FORD "Dreamboat" Favorite Saying: "You're a Stinker!" Weakness: Spaghetti and Fried Chic en. Activities: F.H.A. l,2, 3,4: Speech Club 1,2, 3,4: Thespians 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Kennel Staff 4: Sweetheart Queen 4: Chorus 1: Christmas Plays 1,4. Judy Cootie GARY GENE GHOLSON "Wilbur" Favorite Saying: "It only hurts for a little while!" Weakness: Hopped up cars. Activities: President 3: F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4: Lettermen Club 1,2, 3: Stu- dent Council 2, 4: Kennel Staff 3: National Honor Society 3, 4: Mr. Virden High Candidate 4: Football 2, 4: Band 1, 2,4: Band Contest 1, 2,4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Student Librarian 4. JUDITH ELAINE GROUNDS "Groundsie" Favorite Saying: "Oh, I forgot to write a letter today!" Weakness: Trips to Marion. Activities: F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4 Speech Club 2, 3: Kennel Staff 4: Band 1,2, 3,4: Band Contest 1,2, 3,4. NANCY LEE HANNAH "Nan" GARY LEE HATALLA "Hat" KATHLEEN LYNN HINES "Kay" Favorite Saying: "Oh, for pete sake!" Favorite Saying: "Aw nuts!" Weakness: Favorite Saying: "Whatcha thinkin' Weakness: George. Activities: Secre- Girls. Activities: Band 1,2: Band Contest 'bout?" Weakness: Owner of a certain tary 4: F.H.A. , 2, 3, 4: Speech Club 1, 2. '54 all white, 2 door Ford. Activities: 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Student Council 4: Kennel Staff 4: National Honor Society 4: Sweetheart Candidate 2, 3: Home- coming Queen 2: Chorus 4: DAR Award. LARRY ALAN JOHNSON "Skidsie" Favorite Saying: "Did you bump your head?" Weakness: Night lights of the city cars. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Speech Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN PHILLIP KARAFFA "Herk" Favorite Saying: "Well, thats life." Weakness: Dot, arkin and S rin fields ni ht li hts Activities Pe P S, P 8 S , 8 - 1 P Club 4: Letterman Club 3, 4: Science Club 4: Baseball 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2. F.H.A. 1,2,4: Kennel Staff 4: Chorus 1, 3: Chorus Contest 1, 3. JUDITH KAY HULCHER "Hu1ch" Favorite Saying: "You're a witch." Weakness: Pizza and Strawberry Shortcake. Activities: Treasurer 3: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Speech Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Student Council 3: Kennel staff 1,2,4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3,4: Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2: Chorus Contest 2: Junior Play: Christmas Plays 1,4: Speech Contest 4: Senior Play. MAY MARLENE IMHOFF "Mar" Favorite Saying: "Gee!" Weakness: A certain Eureka College Student. Activities: F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4: Kennel Staff 4: Homecoming Queen 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Con- test 1,2, 3, 4: Chorus 1: Chorus Contest 1: Youth Board 3, 4. A 'tl 1: 'waz sn- ,sflev-:f1:s+.sff,:. '.s::-1Minn. uf nf, to:-sa JOSEPH ANTHONY KARAFFA ROBERT EUGENE LOMELINO "Fagg" ROSEMARY MAYERNICK "Rosie" "Chewey" Favorite Saying: "Get with it woman!" Favorite Saying: "I wonder if I got a Favorite Sa ing: "Think he will run Weakness: A certain girl in Auburn. letter today." Weakness: A certain that Ford, george?" Weakness: Connie Activities: F.F.A. 4: Letterman Club 1,2, college boyl. Activities: F.H.A. 1,2, and a hot Chevy. Activities: Pep Club 3,4: Pep Club 4: Football 1,2,3, 4: Track 3,4: peec Club 3,4: Thespians 3, 4: 4: Baseball 2. 1: Junior Play. JULIA CATHERINE MOFFITT "Moff" Favorite Saying: "O 'Darn." Weakness: Tall boys with crew cuts. Activities: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3,4: Speech Club 1,2, 3,4: Thespians 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Student Council 4: Kennel Staff 4: Band 1,2, 3,4: Band Contest 1, 2, 3,4: Junior Play: Christmas Plays 1, 2. BETTY LOUISE NEIGHBORS "Bet" Favorite Saying: "I don't know." Weakness: Certain Girard farm boy. Activities: F. H. A . 1, 2, 3, 4: Speech Club 1,2, 3,4: Thespians 3, 4: Kennel Staff 3,4: National Honor Society 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Contest. 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2: Chorus Contest 1: Christmas Plays l, 3,4: Senior Play: Speech Contest. Pep Club 4: Kennel Staff 3: National Honor Society 4: Chorus l,4: Chorus Contest 4: Junior Play: Student Librarian 2, 3, 4: Senior Play. I .5 ff 2: ff , , . WILLIAM LOWELL MCCARTY "Mac" Favorite Saying: "I don't know!" Weakness: Women, food, and automobiles. Activities: Letterman Club 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3. ROBERT CALVIN MCDONALD "Mac" Favorite Saying: "So's mine: it must be the salt water." Weakness: oney. Activities: Letterman Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 3: Track 1. Congratulations from MURRAY STUDIO Jacksonville, Illinois DONALD EUGENE OTTEN "Bud" Favorite Saying: "You'd better believe it. " Weakness: Girls with straight dresses. Activities: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Letterman Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Basketball 2, Football 4, Track 2, 3. BETTY ANN QUALLS "Bet" Favorite Saying: "How About That!" Weakness: Black Flat-Tops. Activities: Secretary 3, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3,4, Speech Club 1, Speech Contest 4, Pep Club 4, Kennel Staff 1,2, 3, 4, Virdenite 1, 2, National Honor Society 4, Home- coming Queen 3, Cheerleader 1,2, 3,4, Chorus 1,4, Chorus Contest 4, Student Librarian 4. Bottoms up, Nancy. WANETA QUARTON "Hunny" Favorite Saying: "You're so quiet." Weakness: Someone with brown eyes and hair, and the cutest dimple on his chin. Activities: F.H.A. 1, Chorus 1, Chorus Contest 1. HARRY SHARNEY ROWELL, JR, "Sharney" Favorite Saying: "Ain't that a shame?" Weakness: Sixth BETTY JO ROBEY "Jo" hour study hall. Activity: Student Librarian. Favorite Saying: "Well for cryin out loud!" Weakness: Darrell. Activities: F. H.A. 1, 2, 3.4: Speech Club 1,2, DOROTHY LUCILLE ROYER "Motor" 3, 4, Speech Contest 1, 2, 3, Thespians 3, 4, Pelp Club 4: Favorite Saying: "Nothing much." Weakness: Wayne's Student Council 4: Kennel Sraff1.2.3.4: Vir enire 2: Waves. Activities: F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4, Speech Club 1,2, 3 Band 1, 2, Band Contest 1, 2, Chorus 4, Betty Crocker 4, Kennel Staff 4, Band 1, 2, 3,4, Band Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Award, Junior Play, Senior Play. Christmas Play 1. asus.avf :fy was RICHARD JOSEPH RUCKER "Rich" Favorite Saying: "Doggone kids." Weakness: Girard Gir s. Activities: F.F.A. 1,25 Speech Club 45 Speech Contest 45 Band 1, 25 Band Contest 1, 25 Junior Play5 Christmas Play 45 Senior Play. MICHAEL MYRLE SMITH "Mike" Favorite Saying: "Can I have my allow- ance?" Weakness: Money. Activities: Vice-President 2,45 Letterman Club 1, 2, 3,45 Student Council 2,45 Kennel Staff 45 Mr. Virden High 45 Football 45 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3. IUDITH ANN RUTHERFORD "Judy" Favorite Saying: "I'll never tall." Weakness5 sking questions. Activities: F.,H.VA. 1, 2, 3, 45 Thespians 45 Student Council 35 Kennel Staff 45 Sweetheart Candidate 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Band Contest l,2, 3,45 National Honor Society 45 Christmas Plays 1,4. BETTY JEAN SEIFERT "Bet" Favorite Saying: "That's life." Weakness: Boys and Food. Activities: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3,45 Speech Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 45 Thespians 3, 45 Kennel Staff 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Sweetheart Candidate 35 Chorus Contest 2, 3, 45 Junior Play5 Christmas Plays 2, 35 Stu- dent Librarian 3, 45 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play. JAMES DARWIN SHORES "Pee Wee" Favorite Saying: "Anybody going West?" Weakness: Fran. Activities: Letterman Clu 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 15 Football 1, 2, 35 Track 15 Lineman of the year. WANDA FAYE SIMS "Windy" Favorite Saying: Ho Hum. Weakness: Banana Splits. Activities: F.H.A. 1,2, 3,45 Speech Club 3,45 Speech Contest 45 Thespians 3, 45 Pep Club 45 Kennel Staff 3,45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Chorus 1,45 Chorus Contest 15 Student Librarian 3, 45 Christmas Play 3. Best Wishes From MEADOW GOLD DAIRY Springfield, Illinois GEORGE HENRY STELLE "Rabbit" Favorite Saying: "Cope's happy as heck." Weakness: Thayer's teen-age queen--Mary. Activity: Baseball 2. DARRYL WAYNE TAYLOR "Goose" Favorite Saying: "You cotton picker!" Weakness: Connie. Activities: Letterman Club 1, 2, 3,4: Football 3: Track 1, 2, 3. This ls Physics? ??? ESTHER GENEVA VAN HUSS "Pony Tail" BONNIE ANN WALACE "Bon Bon" Favorite Saying: "My Cow!" Weakness: Work. Favorite Saying: "Sure do wish Keith was here!" Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Chorus Contest 1, 2. Weakness: A certain Navy boy from Carlinville. JOHN RICHARD VanWINKLE CHARLES THOMAS ZILLION "Reverend" Favorite Saying: "Want to try'em Kime?" Weakness: Favorite Saying: "Where's Fagg?" Weakness: Finding Carole. Activities: President 2: F.F.A. 2, 3,4: Letterman what things are made of. Activities: President 4: F.F.A Club 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1: Football 1, 2: Basketball 1, 1, 2, 3,4: Speech Club 3,4: Thespians 3, 4: Pep Club 4: 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Junior Play. Band 2, 3: Band Contest 2, 3: Junior Play: Christmas Play. t.ZF'.,e"'!!"' 1- . F n Quran-775-4-1,lLq2'urI g 'I N9 I ClassPwp!ec5 - rosa DELLA ALLEN has taken her automatic typewriter to the new planet Virdenia, due to the lack of secretaries. BILL BAKER has finally reached his life-long ambition. He is the world's fastest typist--miracles never cease! ED BARSTOW is now Governor of "Poodock" , the newest state of the Union, and has accepted the nomination for President of the U. S. PAT BOUDRIE'S latest literary masterpiece, "Snipe Hunt- ing", has Vg!-ained many honors for her. One is getting her name in o's Who in Africa. ROGER BRADLEY, pilot of the latest Sputnik, hasn't been heard from lately. Reports are given that Carney's gasoline doesn't work wit out gravity. CAROLE BUMPUS is now using her F. H. A. talents wisely. She has a modern, deluxe home plus eight little VanWink1es. BILL BUTLER has built his own Palamino ranch and is giving Roy Roglers horse Trigger much competition. The fis avoided BOB CASTLEMAN or so many years that, in self-defense, he has started his own fish hatchery. REGINA COMBS, owner of the Men's Beauty Salon, has be- come so famous that Yul Brynner has hired er to design his tou ee. WABYNE COOK'S tragic struggle for recognition paid off. He started as floor sweeper and worked his way to head chef at the "Coca Banana" in New York. After years of hard work and a lot of help from Ann, KENNY COPELIN has obtained the largest farm in Illinois. Posing as a singer in a Paris night club, JOYCE DAIN really is a . S. Secret Service woman. She takes her orders from Richard. PEGGY DALBY and Norman have certainly proven that "practice makes perfect." They can now change all 24 babies' diapers in 10 minutes and 2X3 seconds. After six years' research on Susan B. Anthony, CARL FERRERO can be seen touring the country encouraging women's suffrage. SANDRA FIELDER has managed to add to her sterling silver set some more little "Spoons" . Nurses' training taught MARY FORD the importance of ex- ercise. She trained or 10 years and swam the English Channel. She reallyl believes in high-powered exercise! BUDDY FUITEN, w o started as a ineman, is now superin- tendent of Bell Telephone Company. It costs less to call Sue, too. DOROTHY GALL'S experience in the maternity ward at the Sprivfield hospital has come in hand since she married Bob. GAR GHOLSON is very successful as Head Forest Conser- vation Officer because of his liquid spray invention that keeps trees from burning. JUDY GROUNDS runs her own X-Ray laboratory in Carbon- dale, most of her patients being Larrly's P.E. class. As owner of Beasley's.DrugkStore, N NCY HANNAH has branched all the way to Pe in. Her best branch is right next to Cox's Auto Supply. GARY HATALLA'S wonderful sense of humor and his ability to draw has led him to be top cartoonist in the Walt Disney Studios. KAY HINES got a job as secretary to the Governor of Illinois and did so well that she is now secretary to the President. JUDY HULCHER, a famous speech correctlonist, has given up her career to marry a certain farmer whose initials are kyle Hunsley. ARLENE IMHOFF, the famous model, has been selected Miss Universe of 1968. We think there was some prejudice-- Jim was one of the judges. LARRY JOHNSON, editor of the Virden Recorder, drums up the news weekly. P. S. To all you beautiful girls- -he's still available! JOHN KARAFFA has made the "Wright" choice and become a famous artist. His latest painting, "Mama's Wisha", is hanging with Rembrant's works. JOE KARAFFA has added a new department to his grocery store. lt's nothing to eat, unless you like duel glass pacs and lakers .- Headlines of last week's paper read, '1968 Kentucky Derby Won B Jocke BOB LOMELINO Riding 'Doodlebug"'. ROSEIXARY NYAYERNICK is the only one who enJoys St. Qkobertj Patrick's Dacy every day of the year. BILL McCARTY has yed his hair black and taken Elvis' place in the singing world. BOB McDONAL has joined the Army to replace Elvis so the public can be relieved of Bill McCarty's voice. JUDY MOFFITT has taken a little walk down a short aisle to the library where she is still tieying to finish her book, "How to Grow Six Inches in Six asy Lessons. " BETTY NEIGHBORS has gone into hibernation with her clarinet and a huge supp y of reeds, after which she plans to replace Bennie Goodman. DON OTTEN has taken extensive training at the U. of I. as top PROF. In case you are wondering what PROF stands for, it is Personal Reporter of Female news. ' BETTY QUALLS now leads all the little Maguires to Dick's games, so they may learn his secret techniques. s chief examiner of the Civil Service, WANETA QUARTON has spent lots of money on stamps for her husband Dave's letters. BETTY ROBEY must have a knack for winning awards. This year she received the "Boston" award for Mother of the Year, 1968. Due to his terrific ability in shorthand, HARRY ROWELL is the most demanded court reporter in the United States. DOROTHY ROYER, as public stenographer in the Conrad Helmericks Hotel, has a busy office on the main floor. Because of his role in "Come Out of the Closet", RICHARD RUCKER has become a leading actor and received an Oscar for his performance in "Ramp Over the River Cry" JUDY RUTHERFORD is assistant band director at Bradley Universitty, and chief cook-and-bottle-washer at the Bradley househol . BETTY SEIFERT hit Hollywood several years ago and the other movie queens haven't had a fan letter since. Dale likes the fact that his wife is an actress. DARWIN SHORES, boss of the Fammie Megginson Candy Co. , has seven of the fattest, sweetest children you could ever hope to see. The former WANDA SIMS and her husband Warren are traveling throughout the country demonstrating how economic, cozy, and convenient a trailer can be. MIKE SMITH has been many things: football hero at Notre Dame, member of the Forei n Legion, husband, father, friend, and foe. Altogether Ee has been a pretty busy person. Stellettes, something like sack dresses fonly must ti hterj, are the latest creation of GEORGE STELLE, leading grass desginer of the African Jungle. DA YL TAYLOR fAdmiral Byrd ID has just returned from Alaska. He becameivery discouraged and cold, because every time he would build a fire, is igloo would melt. The VanHuss Greenhouses are world-famous for their Rainbow Orchids. ESTHER VanHUSS is now working on a special display for the turn of the century. JOHN VanWINKLE, Secretary of Agriculture, has threatened to resirgn unless the farmers get hig er prices. Eight mouths to fee costs mone ! After Keith's final hitch in the Army, he and BONNIE WALLACE settled down in a glass house. They don't worry ablouti privacy, because they are well equipped with little "S a es". TOM ZILLION, chaplain in the Navy, was stranded on an island when his ship sank. He didn't send out and SOS though. The island was lovely, and the girls lovelier! 79 ""'!Ir 'Pix Qeuimfwzlrr, DELLA MARIE ALLEN, will my ability of getting the car to anyone else who thinks he can get one. WILLIAM EDWIN BAKER, will my pens to John Hunsley because he doesn't seem ,to have enough. LOUIS EDWARD BARSTOW, will Elvis Pres1ey's sideburns to anyone who wants them. PATRICIA ANN BOUDRIE, will my ability to work and keep quiet in the library to "The Little Blue Man, " Freddie Wood. ROGER DEAN BRADLEY, will my world history grades to Gretchen Hannah who needs them. CAROLE JEAN BUMPUS, will my long fingernails to any girl who needs them for protection. WILLIAM ALLEN BUTLER, JR. , will my curly hair to M.O. McMullin, because he looks like he could use it. ROBERT LaRUE CASTLEMAN, will my curly hair to Archibald Cunningham Wilson. REGINA ELENE COMBS, will my weakness for Auburn boys to Betty Sommer. WAYNE RUSSELL COOK, will my part of our clock to Mr. McMullin. KENNETH THEODORE COPELIN, will my false teeth to Joe Karaffa. JOYCE MARIE DAIN, will my ability to pass algebra to Bob Dodd. PEGGY SUE DALBY, will my first hour Monday morning rounds to Ann Grounds so she will be able to get her lunch ticket before noon. LOUIS CARL FERRERO, will my Goutee to Ron Hatalla who wishes he could grow one. SANDRA LEE FIELDER, will that long walk to school to Margie Kendall. MARY ELLEN FORD, will my height to Kathryn Brubaker. ALBERT BRUCE FUITEN, will my ability to drive to Orville John Owens. DOROTHY ANN GALL, will my ability to "hook" an out-of-town boy to anyone who needs one. GARY GENE GHOLSON, will my ability to keep out of trouble to David Mclllwaine. NANCY LEE HANNAH, will my good job at Beasley's Drug Store to Frances Megginson. KATHLEEN LYNN HINES, will my ability to stay out of trouble?? to Margie Emmons. JUDITH KAY HULCHER, will my taxi cab service to the next senior girl who has a car. MAY MARLENE IMHOFF, will my job at the drug store to Paula Brubaker. LARRY ALAN JOHNSON, will my ability to stay out of trouble in band to Pork Lawson. JOHN PHILLIP KARAFFA, will my rock and roll shoes to Bob Boyle. JOSEPH ANTHONY KARAFFA, will my motor scooter to.Mr. McMullin so he will be able to catch hooky players. ROBERT EUGENE LOMELINO, will my mercy grades in typing to Luther Swagerty. ROSEMARY MAYERNICK, will my new tennis shoes to whoever took them. WILLIAM LOWELL MCCARTY, will my ability to fix Mrs. Griffith's typewriters to Bob Baker. ROBERT CALVIN McDONALD, will my ability to graduate in four years to my brother. JULIA CATHERINE MOFFITT, will my ability to get a ride home after school to anyone who can figure out how I do it. BETTY LOUISE NEIGHBORS, will my first stool in band to Barbara Bowman. DONALD EUGENE OTTEN, will my height to Betty Parker. BETTY ANN QUALLS, will my position on the cheerleading squad to Mr. McMullin. WANETA QUARTON, .will my ability to keep my own bad thoughts to myself to Patty Kerns. BETTY JO ROBEY, will my talking ability to Beverly Clevenger. HARRY SHARNEY ROWELL, JR, , will my mathematical ability to Connie Johnston. DOROTHY LUCILLE ROYER, will my band stool to any person who has a good back. RICHARD JOSEPH RUCKER, will my seat in second hour study hall to Joe Charles for a pretty little reason. JUDITH ANN RUTHERFORD, will my stool in band to Sonja Miller, poor Kid! BETTY JEAN SEIFERT, will my eating ability to Lola Combs, who needs it. JAMES DARWIN SHORES, will all my football equipment to Don Kime, so he will not have to steal from all the freshmen. WANDA FAYE SIMS, will my ability of losing my car keys to Mr. McMullin, who is always finding them. MICHAEL MYRLE SMITH, will my big feet to Bruce Billingsly. GEORGE HENRY STELLE, will my good pinochle game to Robert Boyle. DARRYL WAYNE TAYLOR, will my ability not to get eight hours to Joe Charles. ESTHER GENEVA VanHUSS, will my seat in English IV to anyone who wants it. JOHN RICHARD VanWINKLE, will Arch Wilson my Slush Glide "six." BONNIE ANN WALLACE, will English IV to anyone who likes English. CHARLES THOMAS ZILLION, will Jim Hannah and Kent Mendenhall my mercy grades in Senior English.' 80 EQAULUSQS JUDY HULCHER MR, M,O, MCMULLIN DOROTHY GALL Salutatorian Principal Valedictorian Virden Community High School COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM May 28, 1958 Processional .... High School Band Invocation . .Reverend H. C. Albright Music ------ High School Band Address ------ Dr. H. J. Long President Greenville College Music -------- Flute Trio State Contest Winner Graduation Exercises ,,,,,,, Benediction , , Reverend Joseph Peters CLASS MOTTO: Our glory consists not in falling, but in rising every time we tall . CLASS COLOR: Lavender and White CLASS FLOWER: White Carnation DR. H..l. LONG President Greenville College Commencement Speaker E 0 M,D, CLINTON M,O, MCMULLIN Superintendent of Schools Principal "The easiest way not to fail is to determine to succeed." 83 iw Ap ' School Patrons and Friends The i958 Kennel Staff wishes to thank all subscribers who made it possible to produce this book. Again we wish to express our appreciation to all our advertisers, both old and new. If any advertisers purchased an ad and it does not appear, please contact the advisor, Mrs. Griffith, and a refund will be nven . 9 Our thanks also go to Mr. McMullin, other faculty mem- bers, the photographers, and individuals who helped us in any way in the production of this book. 84 Lp' 5 . . v 'J .A 1. iff w a wa k V 1. . 6 'Lv' " H- . J 1. 11 T' 1 ur t1 n . x Q x 3- s I' - . - .1 ,r 41 '!flq.iiZE,-"1I'.- . Q fi-" vegg- .. . A , . , N I . .- M fl-. FWS.: 4- ,531 -Qfag, xi, 1. ,5L.E'.. '..,- 'flgfi 'uf -. 'r 'I . . ' 411' il 'L' T A' ' 1-y A ff. Wit: . N V.. ,- '1 ', Ai .1 5' . '51, , I A S ,, f' f:iT2".I' N H lx, . .'4.' .Q 5 .. wi, ' WL, Q ' fl C X , . . . Y . M 'Q . aw: r .Ng-.1 k ., .. , mr' - -JS: fx 1 nffizv 1, Q -T if -,+.qi,1 A. . 'F..,?' J ! .V-I f 6 M I 1' . f',f, 3 x, 'rf U P' , 1 9 5 V 1 J, p ,Y .wg . ,xl I . 7.5 ,V ,I rs. ,N- ...E J 'x 1 u n , mn. Q1'1 ..1. li ff 4 s J' rf ,, 5 1 .fm ' J A v Y. . ,f. I 4 V 'uwfms v ' 0 fa if 151' ,,. Y. gui., m,,q,.N. '1 .5 r r 'Q x, 34 -if 2 . if in 4 . ' ,' ' iff fr: bmi, t,.,.,... 1 , ,. ml. -:!w:.'nf : -'ffl is 2 49 , -firi- - sf, V V Ph- - Elf. -ai A. ,, X 1 'Ai 1 '.f 1.mz1u.4. w-saivgn-Y .ukilag-.l1., .4,-gx..v.,4ALm1.-. X,a.L-.,.1..,14:Arp...fAk.1.uzmu..1 f - : , 1, .uv A H. .-fl x Q -4, ,WU -fy ,Ai IK .5 .4 f '-Q,-fl. L31 ,E 7 .Q 'lf' "0-115, X ,0g.f '! - 1 'fri'-1+-' 'Ir 11- Fl YV' J , ,,., , , ,, . -Le'-,gf .ings ig., ' ' 1.-Wil'fE1"f1".fl!:af1e 1"--?",gAl' V, I it A , 2. ,. , 1 -fr.. ' - ..:,l,A. , 4 , . . -NL . - '-'.iJii'X - 1.,L AA,- eg-+ ' ,P 3144, 4- na il jy'ff5' fizrii 54' '-'L 0 , . A 'X -Eff , Q - ,j ,, . . A 5 ,fish .wlw .. .:.. 'L ,N :X lr' 71, -Z7-w .rv rf 1 -AI 15- -,-I 125: - 4 - 'L :'1,'i., ' . : :L :- X . . A Q ff? '- ."!1,r. E ,il " , --wma f , -,-.A:.3.f,: ,, ' 1-EMM' ff, u 'Lg I-12: 4-5 1 V , , 1 :J H '.F51,sQ.',,.fT,L ,tif 2 . X -A' 4 1 Zfjjwjz' .gffngfx f.- A V f. , ., gill-Eff-P - A '. +- ,. S : cg-s1,' susli-'I 'H 1 51 . 1, gmga vi, ,. ,Q-1 'f'effF"i, 7fi,' ifr- 'K f 3315! f V A' , ly, , . .3,1,H,k Vi ,-v-- iq - -I5 1 , ,jp - ' 1.11 ,-,V . I .I I ' . 4 , .. fn, V 1 ,, U A 5 1, - if 'uf 5,3 "f?",,v 4 f ,g 1 W 1 x'1"54' 'SQ' " 4 ' 2 ' f,,Y,.i . T' ' TI 3-'SEQ' . ' .4 1 QQ, A 5 52, ' -4,f2Q'.:,-11,7 A .xs -Y, 4-nl' '27 ,Aw ' ,uf '- "Q, , ,, , jgz- -agptf , W ' - ff. Y 3 -CL' ' ' " ' " L ' '-'FW' -5'Hli:m'f.5J?'f'1!'L7 ' - 1 1 ,, 3 -wh. . .5 -I,:5.,',.- - . W .' 1 ' ' s , Q .Aa...u:p'..s:. '.f :'r1:ai ' -11, ?-,Til -. A H' 0 I 2 A 1 rf, 1 'ffl wa 4 , gr, .fl . J. ry: - ' .J Je 'Q ul ffil: .rs ni H' 'v PH , 3, ' + ,, J. n v 'v ,. ' x L V 4 J -r f 3 -. 'v L . . . fi ,' I' 1 . 1 . V .Ns A- - .'-1 1 ,JE .5 p H, , Lf .. I B . ' v . 3 - .. . ,, , - .- f - - -: ,Q ' , ,. T . , . Ny, 2 L I v X8 E, x n l . 1 i L. l . 4 . N 1 1 l , W , . w 5 , F ,1 x., w. I ,, l , - 1 I , J Ll I f u. -zfuaigmi .. .Lu ma 5, len.:-TL. .i:.u..L4..4,Ax.-'.:-,4Li1.2ieauur . 3151-Elf , gun M 6 vnnoous o IVV ,tm ' X 1 . . 2...- 'mmMiAf..m. ....1-.,.miK6L.44I v U ,1 ., 1 1 '45, J it m'4-44-3Qg'4l.'-,.-.lug -L: 1 E :':a1+.Q' by- " " Q" 4 ' "" 5- - 'I' - - -4.- . xv 'pi-fb., 1 4 4 4 1 w, 1 'E W J 1-F 4 1X1 .4 4 .r A 1 J 4 i , . W ,T W ' 2 N ,L .gl-' .t""-1 .Wg X 3-14 155 Ml, 45433 4 -F 4 . ,, 4 4 4 4 4 11 4 . 17,3 X 24-EH . 14 ' 1 I 4 4 . v , 4 " .3 ,i Qf . '12 W4 ,- ,, vw" ,. ,W :il-j' lf! r n L , 'ff . - I 4 'iff ' '. 'El' Z 1 in-u'-4 "qv 'Hi "4LV.4,' 'iffy ff - l Q11 6.

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