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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1954 volume:

E I 1 E i 1 5 3 5 i xl r i t I , . I -Q.: ll! , I' f W L M The Nineteen Fifty-Four ARROW VINTON HIGH SCHOOL EDITORS SHIRLEY HOEPNER CONNIE TYRRELL MOUNTING EDITORS BETH NEWENDYKE CAROL HOWE BUSINESS MANAGERS MARY MOELK PAT MARTIN PHOTOGRAPHER SONJA HELGELAND Vinton, Iowa Student Publication my L 17 Q. Q: Yi' my E f v 4 M.- 3.3 ki WT 1 2 ,l -9 Q .. -1 mi in 3, xx 1 V, dism- v. M' .,..-AN., ,,,,, ,M A , Q- J, mfr- ,X , ,fs'Kf,,,9gQsEwfX',,gi:gg 33.35 53f??h, E Y 'H N lb A 1 1, A G 1 u 1. 1, x - ., ., ., V .1 A L' , H. J. EASTMAN M. A. MAC ALLISTER Supc-rintvnds-nt Of Sfhools H- S- Principal I P I Administration .1 Se-ated! Wa'Ila-:e Newton, Charles Birker, Kenneth Feller, Kathryn Peterson, Myron Inman Standing: Superintendent H, J. Easirnan, Dr, V. L, Wcstphal, Alfred Happel. ,--K 9 X : fi 3 IW :wsu , A, L. if A 4 RAY WESTFALL Mathematics I - ml i CAROLYN CAMPBELL Home E conomics MAURICE TALMADGE Band 'Q 6 :ya m , NJ Mas- ' tbl ,ff " 1 f , ,as :mmf 3.3 t . I VERA WESTFALL JOHN REED Physical Education--Home Economics Athletics--Social Scicncm YW .51- vga: ,I , nas! ,, VALORA OS HE RG Business Education WALTE R FYE Industrial Arts ALICE V. DUNN VIRGIL CHRISTENSEN Vocal Music Vocational Agriculture C 7 CAROLYN SHEW WILLIAM KETCHEN English-Typing Visual Education --Driver Education Y--- E SYLVIA KNIPFE R Library- -Engl ish if? K aqm.--Q REX HESTER HAULLNE FORD CLAUDE LOUDENSLAGER Athletics--Social Science English--Speech Science--Mathematics META BALL OU S ch ool Nurse max ELMO BAXTER Social Science COACH HLS ILR . MAC hm! Q fm Q Facult "1 Snaps MR TAL MADGE Ge MRS, WESTPHAL MISS SCHLOE MAN -. MR. LOUDENSLAGER Q Am, 'vs MQ an-sldiiidllklfifffkf umm "' MISS KNIPFER Q -' Ii . I W ,A .- " uf y,,"- ' ..,, -- ' . N I - bw 5, S M S N' is :mob DE NTEL I . 'W 4 MRS. OSBERG MR WESTPHAI., ,K - xv, - Miss FORD P' MR. BAXTER MISS DUNN COACH REED MRS, BALLOU NIR.FYE i- MR. CHRISTENSEN MISS CA MPBELL MR. KETCHEN Sf S 15 n 1 u , r Q 1 i , REX SKEA ROGER SMITH ' "It's 'Il?rEaBDiFZ:aIE'E:'cMe." 'School Is Just One Of My Activities." "I Was Cut Out To Be An Angel, But 5911194- body Ran Away With The Pattern. -Z: B .I Glee Club 1-Z. PlmG 4: V Club 4: Basketball 3-4-51 I Siecretaogy-Treasurer 1: , Football 1-Z: Baseball 1-3-4:-One Act Ham Adv!! 1-2-3-42 lV?Ce'Pre'm'nt 42' Class President 3-4: National Honor So- Play Zi Cl!!! Pfeli'-'lent Z3 Cl-lll Mixed Chorus 1-Z: Boys Glee Club l-22 3 4 dew 3-4: Arrow Staff 45 student Cgungfl Secretary-Treasurer 3: Class Vice- V Club 3-4: Basketball I-2: Football 1- - - 3-45 fVice-President 41: Operetta Z: President 4: Arrow Staff 43 Student Senior Class Play Zi! C1--' seCfet'rY' 1- Swing show 1- Council Z: Dance Club 2. treasurer 41 Arrow Staff 4iSW11'18 Shllw - All High School Play 3-4: One Act Play 3-4. Seniors Senior Class Histor In September of 1950 we entered the halls of VHS with an enrollment of 83. We elected Shirley Patava as president, Chuck Moody as vice-president, and Bob Stueck as secretary-treasurer. Many of our "stars" began participating in school activities as we became a part of VHS. During the Sophomore year we elected Rex Skea as our president, 'Pat Martin as vice-president, Don Floyd as secretary, and Gene Long as treasurer. This year we became much wiser or at least we thought we did. Our Junior year was brought to a very successful climax by the Junior-Senior banquet-prom. We chose a "Southern, Colonial, Starlit Garden" as our theme. As a wholeour .Tunior year was a huge success under the leadership of Bob Stueck, president: Don Floyd, vice -president: and Rex SkeaQ secretary-treasurer, Our last year of high school has been spent in the new building. It has been a new and exciting experience and we have enjoyed being a part of a great E plan for the future. Our officers this year were Bob Stueck, president: Rex Skea, vice-president: and Roger Smith, secretary-treasurer. 10 BETH NEWENDYKE "Why Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." I Ham Actors 1-Z-3-4: Girls Glee Club 1-2- Seniors 13-41 Mixed Chorus Z-3-4: GAA. Z-3-4: Arrow Staff 4: Operetta Z-33 Swing Show 1, GLENN VAN WE CHEL "Men, Step Aside And Let Me Pass." V Club 3-4: Football 1-Z-3-45 Track 3-4: Boys' Intramurals 1: Atlas Club Z: Sports- men's curb 24 Dance Club 2g r.F.A. 1-2-3 fSentine1 Zl. -42 CONNIIE TYRRELL "Full Of Learning Keen As A Knife: Full Of Pep And Full Of Life." Ham Actors 1-Z-3-4:Gi1'la' Glee Club 1- Z-3-4: Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4: PLrG 3-4: G.A.A. 1-Z-3-45 One Act Play 4: All High School Play Z-31 National Honor Society 3- 43 Girls' lnstramurals 1-Z-3-4g Arrow Staff 4 fCo-editorl: Operetta Z-3g Swing Show 15 Band 1-Z-3-4g Pep Band 1-Z-3-4: Small Instrumental Groups 2: Band Council 45 Instrumental Solos 3: Small Vocal Groups 2-3-4. s 2 E - PAT MARTIN "Talents Galore, Friends By The Score." 'Ke , 3, Ham Actors 4: Girls Glee Club 1-Z-3-44 r-21 R Mixed Chorus 1-Z-3-4gP81G 4g G.A.A 1-2- 3-43 All High School Play 3: Class Vice- CAROL HOWE President Z5 Girls' Intramurals 1-Z-3-45 "Just Breezing Along" Arrow Staff 4: Student Council 1-43 Operetta 2-33 Swing Show lg Band l-Z1 Small In- Ham Actors I-4: Girls' Glee Club 1-4: strumental Groups l-Z5 Instrumental Solos Mixed Chorus 4g PhG 4g c.A.A. 1-2-3-4: 1-22 BBW' Twifling 1-2- All High School Play 41 F.B.1..A. 3-4: Girls' Intramurals l-2-3-4: Arrow Staff 4: Pep Club Z: Swing Show l: Dance Club Z. - a 'AX S - -'F' if SHIRLEY HOEPNER "The Gal On Wheelsf' Girls' mee Club 1-2-3-4: Mixed chorus 1-2- 3-41 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4: Girls' lnnnmursls 1-2- 3-4g Arrow Staff co-Editor 4g Oper-em Z-3: Swing Show 11 Band 1-Z-33 Pep Band 3: Small Instrumental Groups Z-33 Small Vocal Groups 3-4. ' 'Q .r i 1, M .1 a 'git s ' C fi' 2 ' ,Q 2. X1 1 N xt DEROLD HAPPEL "ln My Merry Oldsmobile." Mixed Chorus 4: Boys' Glee Club 4: Atlas Club Z-4: Band 1-2-3-43 Student Conducting 21F.F,A. l-Z-3-43F.F.A State Band Z-33 Small Vocal Groups 4. MARY MOELK "As We Wander Through Life, Let's Have ' Jokes Along The Way," Gir1s'Glee Club 1-Z-3-43 Mixed Chorus Z-3-43 G.A.A. 1-Z-5-43 Girls' lnstramurals 1-Z-3-41 Arrow Staff 4: Operetta Z-3g Swing Show 1. Q- 1' . Qfng-,. , . I ,M J X al .1 -4 yy 1 4 is N 1 l 4 1 l . - f -,lffi , - sl 5, ,Ee -:R - v- n .Ju is' sc. ,fe V Hi We M ., 'S it r ll Q35 'kr 1 ,, i 6 L X h 3m?'Eii:q.a, 2 gli ' x l i - fallen., ls: '+ ' DUANE MEHLERT "All I Know Is That I Know All I Need To Knowf' v Club 4: Football 1-Z-3-4: Boys' Intramurals 1-Z-31 Atlas Club 1-Z-3-43 Sportsmen's Club 1-Z1F.F.A.1-2-3-4. , 2 V New as f I ,fi S: Seniors RONALD FLICKINGER "My Kingdom For A Pair Of Scissors, I Love To'Ci1t Up." Basketball 15 Track Z: Boys' Instramurals 1-23 Sportsmen's Club Z: Audio Visual Club 1-Z9 Dance Club Z:F.F.A.1-2-3-4gfTreasurer Z, Vice-president 31. f - A . JOYCE TALMADGE A . K "Mrs, Harry James--Vinton Style ." . Ham Actors 13 Girls' Glee Club 1-Z-3-4: itzigl Mixed Chorus 1-Z-3-4g P8iG 3-49 G.A.A. ..,: .. ., -- l-Z-3-4: All High School Play ag Girl's ' :K 7 .-" I V,-h K if , lnstramurals 1-2-3-45 Arrow Staff 43 Student V .. l I I W Council 1-23 Operetta Z-3: Swing Show li 5 XX Band 1-Z-3-4: Small Instrumental Groups 1-Z-3-45 Band Council Z-3-4: Instrumental - Solos 1-2-3-45 Baton Twirling 1-2-3-4. ,. li 4 GLADYS Ll-:YDEN "Her Brilliant Smile Flashes 'heechrlul-:ei-- ing Lashes." Library Club 2-3: PSLG 4: G.A.A. l-Z-3-4: F.B.L,A. 4: Girls' Intramurals 1-Z-3-43 VERNE MCCLURG "Hs was A Boy scour Till He was 16,Now He's A Girl Scout." PMG 3-4: Track 1-39 Baseball Z: All High School Play 3: F.B.L.A. 3-4: Band 1-Z: Pep Band 1-Z: Small Instrumental Groups 1-25 Instrumental Solos lp Student Conducting Z. DORIS LAPHAM "Hear Much, Speak Little ." Personality Plus Club 2. SHIRLEY PATAVA "Liked Here, Liked There, Liked Every- where." Girls' Glee Club 1-Z: Mixed Chorus l-Z3 P8iG 4 IProduction Manager 4l: G.A.A. l-Z: Class President 1: F.B.L.A. 4: National Honor Society 3-4: Girls! Intra- JACK SELLERS murals lg Student Council 1' 3: Swing Show "1've Got It Au planned," lg Band 14-Z-3-4: Pep Band 3: Small In- Btfumenthl GTOUPS 1-2-3-43 B81'1d COUDCU Ham Actors 4: V Club 47 Basketball Z: Foot- Z-3,-49 Instrumental S0108 2-3. ball 2-3-4: Baseball 2: Boys' Intramurals 1- Z-35 All High School Play 4. G LE NNA NE VE "1-'ull Of Fun? You Beti As Fine A Girl AS You Can Get." Girls' Glee Club l-4: Mixed chorus 4: PMG 4: F.H.A. Z: Girls' Intramurals 3: Student Council 1: F.B.I.A. 3-4- Senlors SONJA PELGELAND " I Think I Need A Chaperone." Transferred from Fairfield in Sophomore Year. Ham Acters Z-4: Girls' Glee Club Z-3-4: Mixed Chorus 2-3-4: Library Club Z: F.H.A. Z: Girls' Intramurals 2-3: Arrow Staff 4: Operetta 2-3: Small Vocal Groups 2-3-4. 73'- :: K BILL SELLERS "He Sits Up Nights Trying To Find Out How To Get More Sleenf' Basketball 1: Boys' Intramurals 1-2-3: I-'.F.A.1-2-3-4. l 7 at li q s .i NN ,IK 1 1 ..... 1k A w h. ,K x." , 1 iiYfr-QilX"f- Y I 0 .sf I-.K . ui yi? , S" 1 r , , V, ,s LE ONA WORTHEN "Never Trouble Trouble, Till Trouble' Troubles You." Ham Actors 2: Mixed Chorus li Libl'f1l'Y Club 3:F.H.A. 1-Z1F.B.L.A. 3-42 Per- sonality Plus Club Z: Swing Sh0W 17 Art Club Z. RUTH ALCORN 'Tashion Right Figure, Classy Clothes, That "Mam'selle Looli' From Head To Toes. Ham Actors l-Z: Girls' Glee Club 1-2 3-4' fPianist Z-31: Mixed Chorus 1-2- 3-4fPianist 2-3-43: Boys' Glee Club Pianist 4: PkG 1-Z-3-4fEditor 41: G.A.A, Z-3-4: All High School Play Z: Girls' Intramurals Z-3-4: Arrow Staff 4: Oper- etta Z-3: Swing Show 1: Band lg Small Instrumental Groups 1: Homecoming Queen 4: One Act Play l. K V SHE RMAN A BBOTT DORTHY CLANG "Fun Is The Spice Of Life And I Like Plenty Of Seasoning." Ham Actors 1-4: Girls' clss club 1-2 3-4: Mixed Chorus Z-3-4: PKG 1-3-4: F.H.A. 2: G.A.A. 1-Z-3-4: All High School Play 4: F.B.L.A. 3-4: Girls'In- tramurals l-Z-3-4: Cheerleader 3: Arrow Staff 4: Operetta Z-3: Swing Show 1: Band 1-Z-3: Small Instrumental Groups Z: Small Vocal Grouns 3-4: Tap Dancing Z-3-4. "I'm Plumb Sure Of My Future." Basketball l-Z: Track 1: Atlas Club 3: Arrow Staff 4. gl A AQ. . VIRGINIA POTTHOFF "She Smiles Just For Fun, But We Know There Is Only One ." Transferred from Shellsburg in Sophomore year. Girls' Glee Club Z: PMG 3-4: G,A.A, Z: F.B.L.A. 3-4: Girls' Intramurals 2: Pep Club Z. if . gn, 314 , . s , 'us ' A 'S f L We Y' 11 I . f JOHN WENNER Get Thee Behind Me Satan-And Push. 1-'.F.A. 1-2-3-4. Seniors CONRAD MEYERS "All Great Men Aren't Tall." Bays' clee Club 1-2: sporlsmel-l'e Club 2 WINIFRED RATHBUN "Don't Be Telling Me Your Troubles, I Got Troubles Of My Own." G.A.A.1-Z-3-4:F.B.L,A. 4: Girls ln- tramurals !-2-3-4: Pep Club 2. BURNETTA WORTHEN "What Have You Got To Eat." Ham Actors 1-2-4: Girls Glee Club l-2-3-4: Mixed Chorus Z-3-4: F.H,A. 1-2-3: G.A.A. 3-49 Operetta Z-3: Swing Show 1. ' DICK WOOD "He Sees A Joke Where Others Miss lt. V Club 4: Football 1-Z-3-43 Sportsmen's Club 2: Audio Visual Club 1. YVONNE HEALY "Just Me And The Fellows." Ham Actors 1-Z-3-4fSecretary-Treasurer 41 Girls' Glee Club 1-Z-3-4: Mixed Chorus 1- , P8161 2-3-4,G.AA. I-Z-3-4. Act Play 4: All High School Play 4: National Honor Society 3-4: Girls' Intramurals 1-2- 3-43 Arrow Staff 4: Operetta Z-35 Swing Show 1: Band 1-Z-3: Vocal Solos Z-3-4: Small Instrumental Groups 1-Z-3: Small Vocal Groups Z-3-4. ' ' JEAN HILLISHIEM "My Aim In Life ls To Be someonds Wife." Transferred from Waterville in Soohomore year. Personality Plus Club Z. .TACK BURKHART "To Work Or Not To Work-- That Is The Qu8Bti0X1:I Boys' Intramurals l: Atlas Club 2: F.F,A. 1- Z-3-4. MARGE TRIMBLE "You Should See Me After School. F.H.A. Z. . 'ff ' :J .- ll fe: 'el 13 4' Q . if HARVEY WEISS "Cupid Wasnlt Content To Get One Shot At Me, He Used Both Barrels." Mixed Chorus z-3-4: Boys' Glee Club 3-4: Basketball 15 Atlas Club Z: Operetta Z-3: Band 1-Z-3-4: Small Instrumental Groups l-Z-3-4g Instrumental Solos 1-3-4: Student Conducting Z-3-4: FIA. 1-Z-3-43 Drum Major l-Z-3-4. MARY ELLEN GEATER "Here A Giggle, There A Giggle. EVENI- where A Little Gigglef' Girls' Culee Club 1: Library Club l-2-3-41 F.H.A.2:GA.A.1-Z-3-4:F.B.L.A.3-4: Personality Plus Club 2: Girls' Intramurals 1-Z-3-4: Pep Club Z: Swing Show I: Secre- tary to Hot Lunch Program 3-4: Dance Clut Z. Seniors JOHANNA RIHA "She's A Regular Teakettle ----- Always Bubblirrg over," PQG 4g F.B.L.A. 45 Personality Plus Club 25 Pep Club Z: Band I-Z: Girls' Glee Club 1-Z: Vocal Appreciation Z. Amer, PAT DRISCOL Very Studious And Very Good: Always Does Just As she Should." Pep Club 2. go LYLIT NIILLFIR "I Do The Best I Can When I Can." Mixed Chorus lg Boys' Glee Club lg Basketball 1: Boysl Intramurals Z: Atlas Club Z: Sportsmen's Club Z: Swing Show 1: Audio Visual Club l-Z-31 F.F.A. 2-3-4. If - me wmv BETTH HESS "This Tall Gal, Is Every lnchA Pal." G.A.A. 1-2-3-4: F.B.L,A. 45 Girls' In- tramurals 1-Z-3-4: Pep Club 1-Z: Dance Club 2. JEAN OREN "Silence Is Golden, But Who Am I To Make Money? Girls' one Club 1: Mixed Chorus 11 Library Club 3: P8zG 3: F.H.A. 2: G,A,A. 3-43 F,B,L,,A 35 Girls' Intramurals l-2-3-4: Arrow Staff 4: Pep Club Z: Operetta 1: Music Appreciation Club Z. A Seniors ge .2 ff., 5 RICHARD WIEDITZ LARRY WALKER "Fm slumped, 1 ought To Be A Tree. "Everyone Has A Constant Longing---His Mixed Chorus 2-3-4: Boys: Glee Club 3-42 Is For The Farm." Basketball lg Boys' Intramurals lg Atlas Club Z: Sportsmen's Club 2: Operetta 2-3: Basketball 1-Z: Football I: Boys' Intramurals FIA. 1-2-3-4. 3: Amee cmb zg Sportsmen's club 25 111-',A, 1 2 3 4 EVELYN FERGUSON "l Love To Live, And I Live To Love." P8zG 4, F. H,A. 2. G.A.A, l, F.B,L.A. 3-4 fEditor of F.B.L.A. State Newspaper 4:1 Girls' Intramurals 19 Arrow Staff 4: Pep Club Z: Dance Club Zg Secretary to Princi- pal 4. HELEN MCNEAL BEVERLY MUSSMAN "She Is Just The Quiet Kind Who's Nature "Pocket-sized Edition Of Fun." Never Changes." Girls' Glee Club 1: Mixed chorus 1g Pac 1- Transferred from Urbana in Freshmen Year. 2-3-4: F.H.A. Z lPresidentj: One Act Play P816 4:F.H.A. 2:1-".B.L.A. 3-4: Personality 4: F.B.L.A. 3-4 fState Secretary-treasurer 415 Plug Club 2, Personality Plus Club 2: Swing Show lg Secretary to Principal 4, HARRISETTA THARP "Don't Let That Innocent Expression Fool You. Hem Actors 2: G11-ie' Glee club 2: FHA, 1 F.B.L.A. Z-3: Pep Club Z: Operetta Z. CAROL HOOTMAN JEAN BOLTON "Even Ministers Have A Mischievous "ln Her Eyes The Mischief Plays, Like The Momentf- Breeze On Summer Days," V Club 43 Track 3: Atlas Club Z-3-4: Sports- G.A.A. 3-4: Girls' Intramurals 3-4: F,B,L,A, men's Club Z: Dance Club Z. 3-43 Aft Club 2. r Seniors KETHELLA GARDEMANN JANE ROTH "What Lieg Beneath Her Quiet Nature 7" " A Kind Hand Is What Makes Life Cvrandf' Transferred from Shellsburg in Junior Ham Actors 1: Girls' Glee Club 1-Z: P8iG year, PHC 4: G.A.A. 3-43 Arrow Staff 4, 3-4: F.H.A. Z: F.B.L.A. 3-4fSecretnry- Treasurer 41: Personality Plus Club Z: Pep Club 25 Operetta Z1 Swing Show 1, BARBARA BUTTERFIELD "She May Seem Quiet But '? 7 ? ? ? ?" Transferred from Cedar Rapids in Sophomore year. Library Club 3: F.H.A, Z. 1 o,o. .9".5.' E A . LARRY POWERS JIM SEAVY "I Can Capture Anything But The Women-- "Little I Think, Little I Do: Isn't It Funny Doggone 'emi' I Pull Through?" Mixed Chorus l: Boys' Glee Club l: Basketball 1: Boys' Intramurals 1-2-3g Atlas Club 4: Track 1-2-3-4: Sportsmen's Club Z. Sportsmen's Club Z: Science Club Z. JEAN UNDE RWOOD "Gaze Into Her Eyes See A Little Angel, Gaze A Little Further See A Little Devil." Ham Actors Z-3-4: Girls' Glee Club l-Z: Library Club 1-2-3g P816 31 F,H,A, Z5 All High School Play 3-4: Personality Plus Club 2: Arrow Staff 4: Operetta 2: Swing Show MARY HURST 1- MARCIA CAMPBELL "That Famous Vinton Smile." "A Good Sport: Good At Sports." Library Club 3:13815 43 F.H.A. 2: G.A-.-A. P8zG 3-41 G,A.A, 1-Z-3-4 fSecretary- 3-45 F.B.L.A, 3-4: iReporter 32: Girls' Treasurer Z-President 4l: F.B.L.A. 3-43 Intramurals 1-3-4: Pep Club 2: Dance fPresident 41: Girls Intramurals l-Z-3-4: Club 2, Arrow Staff 4: Pep Club 2: Dance Club 2. Senlors JOHN EDWARDS DON MOODY "Where Would This School Be Without Me?" "Why Study When I Can Read A Book." PhG 4: V Club 2-3-4 QVice-President 312 V Club 42 Basketball 1-Z-4: Football 3-4: Basketball 1-Z-3-4: Football l-2-3-4: Baseball l-Z-3-4: Boys' Intramurals lg Baseball I-2-3-4: Arrow Staff 4: Student Atlas Club 2: Sportsmen's Club l-2: Audio Council Z-3-4 fPresident 41. Visual Club 1'2- M98 DON FLOYD DAVE GALLAHER DICK CRISMAN "lt's A Long Road, But I Drive A.Ford," "A Quiet Man But Quite A Man." "A Girl Needs A Fellow ---- Like Me." V Club 3-4 fPresident 41: Football 1-Z-3: Basketball 1-2-3-4: Football l-Z-3-4: Track I-Iam Actors Z-4: Mixed Chorus l-Z: Boys Track 1-Z: Class Treasurer Z5 Boys' ln- 1-2-3-4: V Club 3-4. Glee Club 1-2: V Club 4: Basketball 1: tramurals 1: Sportsmen's Club Z. Football 1-4: All High School Play 3-4: Swing Show 1. W GENE LONG RANDAL MAHURIN 2'IeL1AvvE:ute Among Men, But A Lamb "I'm Learning A Lot But School lnterferesf' m g men' v Club 3-4: Basketball 1-2: Football 1-2- V Club Z-3-41 Fsketball 1'Z' Football 3-4- Tl-uk 1-z-s-4- student Council z 1'Z'3'4 fcaptam 471Tm" 1'Z'3'4i ' ' ' Class Secretary Z: F.F.A. 1-2-3-4. 'size . , k X N, W y 1' is e -' A 'L ,gi A I ,vm -Q. ,....- Y... K . 134 M w ff wi J, 431 L' M x 1 1 it X nf 'P' f MS. M1 4, jpgga 'Yi' Ly 15-Q. M 'fr l - ,.,,- ., 3,1 ' i ' , ' g Q51 , , , ,,.' fa :WWA ' " A Q, . , D 'W i J l. ' . ...- 2 g A,-wi I V -Vw. '. r '.vv4-4 " K .6 . r i I . A Q Q ix W . X ,Q -, ,17 f 2 Lf! 1. David Gallaher, Z. Verne McClurg, 3. Carol Hootman, 3, Jack Burkhart, 5. Beverly Mussmar., 6. Jean Oren, 7. Helen McNeal, B. Harrisetta Tharp, 9. Glenna Neve, 10. Marge Trimble, ll. Lyle Miller, 12. Evelyn Ferguson, l3, Yvonne Healy, 14. Harvey Weiss, 15. Barbara Butterfield, 16. Virginia Potthoff, 17. Richard Weiditz, 18. Jean Bolton, 19. Marcia Campbell. 20. Connie Tyrell. Viz 19 Mx, X 3 i f""""xi u6Q" v ,ig lAXi WM J7.. - N ,If 5? fi, E, . I, .. msn N. i .. .,., I- ,, ,- mf 4' . Q . . ' vs- Y: ,,..z-- ' . I H U ' K K i Us - 1 Q .. Q , rl, e " aah... ,L i I ' V V V ir.. ha. HQ y ff gi. U' .. ., ,LVV 1 , . .2 --V,k' , y e r B-3 f Q h y K 1 5 W f .ag A' 2 ' K K . ? " -X .M . st.,.i,EYKa Ek 1. Roger Smith, Z. Shirley Hoepner, 3. Johanna Riha, 4, Winifred Rathbun, 5. Ruth Alcorn, 6. Mary Moelk, 7. Derold Happel, 8. Ronnie Flickinger, 9. Jean Underwood, 10, Jane Roth 11. Rex Skea, 12. Joyce Talmadge, 13. Kethel1aGardemnn, 14. DonFloyd. ll n U E rx 5 1- A S J ' qi - Q-. w e sw 1 A R ,H .Q t b - ., , ar' H K iv 4 'J Ray Cantonwine-P Edward Whitehead-V.P. .Toe Woodford-S.T. Jack Phelps -S.C. Pat Kelly-5.6. A 'I " vw.- : 5 "iffy A sr C l 6 is C X . . . ,fi f ' S! y W R l- M M 5 David Hite Janet Freernan Joe Paiava Barbara Seavy Bob Senft M3I'i1Yl'l Pollock ' 1 y .C W C 'Qi if , Ronald Smalley Carol Figge Marvin Hite Vest.: Scalf Laird Spaulding Marge RiPP1e 'B 6 R R 5 in , - u .fe M 'R l Keith Windsor Margaret Brown Charles Spicher lPhy1lis Mahurin Carol Halva Mary McAndrews 'L y ' is Y R 4. " - C R r. X . l V f- - Ilt F Q. k S 'LL : if W 1 l C 1 R ' -X . 'f lea , yn."-ii X A Buzz Currey Rosie Warner Bill Kray Carolyn Noeller Ronnie Off! Eleanor Gimln S 5 L, n -: 'iv i' K in , gt K Xl X "hp rv' 4' -- if X- f Bob Cottrell Thurla Healy Bill Kenney Hannah Hibbs Robert Simnafher Mary Lou Goff Merlin Martincg Fi every yg ' Q ' , , 13' N 'Y' H ma V H Susie Wilson Tom Geater Mary Y' s Bill Reddington Jeanne Ferguson Darel Kerkman Pat Karr 2 M C . W, N , X 2, .iq 5. ,. 5? A 'vi e- 59' K N S12 1 ' ' W C If Q M' 1' l.. W 'VX .h it 5 N '+ :'17 X ' Carl Johnson Shirley Cherveny Gilbert Cronk Donna Neve Richard Williams Roberta Weir Duane 5-3 'L 2 L55 gy ,N 6 7 , . 5, Q- ,x W Us E .W X .Q Q ' y W - ' e QA M ' f - or X . if I . K .' ff , L. e' -ra ' A , ' . l fe H1 . Wanda Nielsen Curtis Ruhl Marlene Moubry Byron Knupp Carol Stueck Bill Lindsey . LQ :hf ' , x .A 6 ,QT ir Uv 6 V. A ' 11 lv , in aa' 'V K ' , . . A 1. .n e . ' -e ff-ez 4. e N b it VJ, AJ-,i ,. A:- Ioan Abbott Tom MC-Andrews Barbara Geiken Don Randall Vivian Krause James Carlson WA h , W M ' "f 'E' M ' A x ' X six! W. if-A' . ' it , Janis Mathias Bill Karr Luella McNeal George McClurg Virginia Pelley Robert Roberts ' Q '15 5 r o- ', Q1 -x , Qi., K K K .i if X. C , ,,, A or ,, ag Q Marilyn Wallace Tom Kearns Janice Long Carl Zienier Dorothy Kutouc M . 2 2 ew y Q, F, Y I... Donald Culver Betty Wycoff Gary Moubry Bonnie Hurst Robert Sand J' ,K w i - f. 1 V N ,S ' Q ,, 4 W W z, Beverly McVey Fred Wulzke Mary Rowe Burdell Marlin Sheila Wright v f . X Ripple , LeRoy Huegli, P sl. Katherine Riha li ur 'W lx K I 47x ffl J X X f . Elk.. ' Richard Long Janice Randall A 2 L, s final 4 Robert Jaeger e v 3, 1 ga ., 'E A . Marian Karr J F . Gary Se avy Z4 Wayne Demmel, V.P. Warren Strong 13234, fain Joan Merchant I, fn. :'.,,, Z Jack Berry sl ' L N J Rachel Alpers ' -A 1 5' ? L Lyle Noeller 5 x z Bonnie Walke r Sophomore Class Lyle Dake , S.T s R355 44 L , ge. ij mr ' 4 .Tanet He nkle 5 1 , m -.. , . Z -- I . ' ig! 1 1? S' Xsiy, 'al ' 5 sigh f 5 ' . .I . .Tack Spencer Karen l-loefle Gary Hilmer , ax I 'X 'L I . Sharon Metz '. 4 gh., , . 1 - -H. , R ' x - " ' - 5 1' Loren Klopping Barbara Mar tin, S.C K' as Z 1 3 , John Prinius 2 f i , ,. , .W A ff- , Waneita McElroy :.E.g::iYi,,' .V 1 , at if 3. Larry Hoppe r June Biran S' X- G .f 1 K he n Leslie Greenleaf 3 y if . ,,, mmf? Carol Randall 1 Q Dwight Belknap, S.C. 3: ff' ' ' 2' fi 1 Karen Flickinger 3 G W' use 2 X Roger Abernathy P Ruby Floyd George Joens V Louise Ziemer , "f G ' il G J N' 1 ' I 8,1 : 9, A n is Darlys Williams Jim Tetrick . J J Walt Shaih Alice Stevenson f f ali tal' v Q -.v ,li .. f- - Q V' " 5 s"'ul x ' s Kay Crisman gc X f R obert Ziemer Carol Miller J Us ' 1 ,az Q 'fl I Ronnie Hanneman 1 " E Alice Sellers GB Keith Moody if I A Jane Roths 1' M ' John De Bates Judy Primrose 'ls 1 Billy Leyden 'Q' Phyllis Faber f L Richard Roth x E fn 4 " . S , S S Suzie Baird Jerry Reifenstahl Ruth Floyd cr. M mf sz' 1 ,A K vit in SL ig. C X K gy . i x - C . W JJ: Cortland Butterfield Charlene Meredith i Jw .Tohn Neve Dorla Coots Q W is Y Mi I Phyllis Lewis James Hanson fi F 6- ' ' , x Charles Barth Charlene Geiger my 9 A Marion Salger Q-'T' 1- is-a ,ef Janice Kemp Lee Schulze Martha Bearbower S " f - fin f .,. . I G ,Q .N , .-t Lg i - . f S f E 4 ' 5 John Schoettmer Wanda Van Wechel Steven 101105011 e Jzxnet McGowan , lx X S Q L Russell Lindberg Sondra Primmer FT Don Shaw Mardene Mehle rt Ke nne th Smith Lx- ga 1 af 1 Carole Beatty I Q GH Q .Q lf f P John Potthoff rt" X . X Claudette Stover Q 1 Billy Spencer Edith Thompson Clarence Long , I f we 31 'lx W 1 L ' , if t A :,,, I Phiannn Shockley Duane Gustafson so rr Q 2135 Charles Stickels I Beverly Geiger Nancy Mullane 4 . fi. .. ' Wil' . ,A 5 A . J ame s I-lite .Inf K i V, .f . 7 rj. 3 NW ,gs Sylvia Kohen F s 15' E , Bob Quackenbush Sophomore Class f f- N i I Judy Fee sp it-. Dick Howe ff .Till Greenley ., ,. , f lo o - Franklin Kruse zgi- Ar , ew, by 4 A gg ,A,, .fx Carlton Root 151 Kenneth Horning an if 'av' l. , ' v K E333 V .Tohn Smalley 6 is yy , " -1 xt George Peterson r ir H Donna Scalf W Q fl? , x. Y al 3 ,D Ronnie Long A -I Patricia Lassen 5,1 I is i Roger Inman lisiii John Ehlers V . L F, ,,gZ.,.g.s oi 3? Ke ith Lubbock F ix . ,fi l rooss D Mary Primmer Richard Tharp 1 J V l ,1 fm s, , Si RX .f A wi, Bob Bantz Mary Noeller S ' V ? 4,- 9 gf D 4 "' ,V -X 5 so-.,, Marcia Anderson S' V Lee Schirm -1 1 Kenneth Parker Deane Fennern Freshman Class cj l' T X E' Q 1 S P F i K Sl ' J 2 if Q X L. it Dick Bolton-P. chuck Radcliff-v.P. Donna Ehungef-s.T. V bf -Q 4 gl 'S' EJ 'Q J -Qi f. f ' X I + x Ruth Ehlers Lyle Geater Cherie Done ls L Q Freddie Berger S K A X Sharon Nordstrom Marian Phelps Jim Reider XB Barbara Pelley 5' 5 4 V Buddy Tharp Karen Powers Ronald Pauley 'Darlene Abernathy Carolyn Robeson P , 5 3 dx fs e f . us 41" Bob Geiger i N i pi Marlene Wood Howard Lane Pat Usher Roger Vest . isps' 'N ' N. fy l 2 ,J Q f :fx 1 f Von Elbert-S.C. Mike Baker-S.C. s-La ' 5 ' is F5 ' ie-glfski xx David Happel Dorothy Weiss 5 ,N Q, s . 5 , l . Q 41 Betty Covington Raymond Smiitkamp :- '57 i fxr ii' f get rift, , Donald Prirnus Doris Haack rf 1' ll Barbara Feller Bob Whitcomb Pat McNeal Ronnie Gustafson Arlene Abernathy Stanley Uthoff Betty Downing Jack Brown Sharon Caldwell C raig Hoepner 9 , - .61 if X J. W Judy Anderson ' ' x my V 1 fu X sa L if Q s x 3 1 3.-nl J IS-Ax I L ,L Q 7 ,V .. W K -sw, M Qs W . ,- x LeRoy Hopper Betty Koopman fi Ernestine Player Charles Martinec it it w I L45 'V 'K W. 'f"' X' TQ Russell Alpers Nancy Leyden ' F , J. L We ' L Karen Johns on R oger Von Volte nburg lx J Marian Fueher W W K Louis Gardemann Mi x ll X Judy Fischer Jim Steepleton KZ' X ",. -N , Darlene Mehlert Bob Vest E Q- : ., Ziff L an s., .Q 4 ' 5 Shirley Schoettrner Wayne Wetzel x M . Carol Thompson Warren Holst Janet Leach Y X 'F' - " : - if g il i'f. If Glenn Healy Janet Walters Victor Sealy W f Faye Peterson Bob Campbell Marilyn Cross 1 2 ..,x h 'V ,G 4 , x a . -25:1 -: ., 'qu I Y K. X 5 E 'il , .L 3 Bob Hamilton. Pat Porter John Kueny m f q Doris Rouse Gus Wyckoff Tim Edwards Aletha Kirkpatrick L . Q 'F 'H I awe l I ,Ni -'N ,, ,a f. Bonnie Simnacher Larry Kersten fc.-1 Gwen Rabe S: Edward Kaut Ruth Ohrt ,J-' sf, fri? K K at Law son Little ii ,ii H George Lindsey Sharon Kammerer 5 5 f ,L S if .. . 9. Jerry Easter Karen Hurst f 1 3 ,S 2' - J 3 R J 1 xi 'ar , Jerry Kemp Maxine Butterfield Betty Bantz Donald Gregory 'V ' M W J , K - L xlk Roger Wutzke Barbara Bower Margaret Goodell Bob Usher N M. ,Ei K. 5, 4, A . f :Xi i ,QA Otis Anderson Carol I-lensing Zelda Geafer Wayne Simnacher it x , Mary Holub Juanita Koehn Martha Geater W. 9 5 Q ., J G y X , Q nxt., in fgk , H Carol McVey Donald Duncklee Neva McFarland G in K, 1 Fin 1. .Tim Henkel 5' 5 fe. Q , ELS! ,.- L. K if Ruth Stull Donna Schirm 11 ', ?' c t"'. 'CY' Richard Krause Pat Katzenrneyer ., 9 . ' I E' V is ax U' Roger Wenner 'Q K- -yr' wi : . , ,- .f .TonnDaily M ' Y??4,,,. gf 4 rzgigivw , ,V 1, A. . M. 5 as fc. A s rl VI 2 E - fffifiifif 1 Am, f -.V w- Q 6 ,w,,w73f,lxAa 1 ggmwf l 1 ,.,,,,,m . 4, S as f J A ' WE 4 M A If fi A, , NWN K . lb Q .. ,.,., lil B ft A .Km Av Mahurin. rn, Marlene Moubry, Phyllis CO th A1 Wright, Ru Sheila Vesta Scalf, lt ROW in C apta Gene Long, Football Z: ROW W. Tag ,A ski JHSH ' , QNUEIVER iR7ggHE f .. -- n .W Q FUR THE W H 0 M E I ,. . -4' ,, 'A ' 35 I f infix. . K . ,,s I I ' l ,,..,a .,,,-' s I . 9 r' XDUR' mamma, ,..n.mus5f J Egwgummw 'Q HUEUHL EDTDEEHT. '-EEE? E FVUDYYHTNC lyk f???iV'7"' U fig, ' Q -W ,gm Q - . K 1, , .-" ,, X 41-fi , 3552 23,4 V, -.., Wm Y mfs -X "gm, , MLQM iZN.BUT DZ-KC? LL4, MQ? A' ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW I 1 3 4 5 6 Mike Baker, Bob Whitcomb, Chuck Radcliffe,'Craig Hoepner, Louie Gardemann, John Kueny, Bob Vest, Glenn Healy, Jim Edwards. David Gallaher, Glenn Van Wechel, Dick Crisman, Roger Smith, Gene Long, John Edw-ards, Don Moody, Jack Sellers, Duane Mehlert, Randy Mahurien Coach Reed, Wayne Demmel, Carleton Root, Larry Hopper, Charles Stickels, Jerry Reifenstahl, Bob Bantz, Warren Strong, Dick Woods, Keith Moody, Coach Hester. Leroy Huegli, Dick Long, Leslie Greenleaf, Joe Patava, David Hite, Tom Geater, Dick Howe. Nlarvin Hite. Gilbert Cronk, Laird Spaulding, Bill Kenny, Ronald Smalley, Buzz Curry, Charles Spicher, Gary Moubry. Walter Shain, Don Martin, Leroy Hopper, George Peterson, John De Bate Ronald Long, Steven Johnson, Kenny Smith, Bob Zienier, Bob Jaeger. Sept. 11. . .Vinton. .13 . . . Belle Plaine. .24 Sept. 18 Vinton . . . .Monticello - - Sept. Z5 Vinton TiPf011- - - - Oct. 2 Vinton Anamosa . . . Oct. 9 Vinton Independence Oct. 16 Vinton Manchester. . . 7 Oct. 23 Vinton M2iql10k6ta - - Oct. 30 Vinton Mari0H - - - - 5. Football l. Z. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. RAMP' .gg-lx "' sf M .41 S wx ,Y , .lr .4 .xr ' ,Nh , .. ,far -HY , Marvin Hite Laird Spaulding Duane Mehlert Glenn Van Wechel Wayne Demmel Dick Wood Don Moody Sv VINTUN s X an as le? D .xi ' .U up S, K iQ! A f Q... 40 ' 22' rf '35 iw - K. . i is " if Z. X 5 'X Q3 Y 8. 9. 10. ll. IZ. l3. I4 15. 16. 17. Dave Gallxher Roger Smith Leroy Hut-ghi Warren Sirong John Edwards Donald Smalley Gcnc Long Dick Crisman Jack Sellers Randy Mzxhurin 35 Varsity Basketball Squad ROW l: Dwight Belknap, Rex Skea, Dave Gallaher, Coach Hester, John Edwards, Don Moody, Da,rel Kerkman. ROW L:. Wayne Dammel, Buzz Currey, Jack Phelps, Ray Cantonwine, Leroy I-lueghi, Marvin Hite. ROW 3: Tom McAndrews, Raymond Smittkamp, Carroll Halva, Joe Patave, Bill Kenny. WAMAC STANDINGS STATE TOURNAMENTS Sectional District Won 6 Won Lost Lost 8 Belle Plaine 54-51 Independence 54-41 Laporte City 72-59 Freshman-Sophom are Basketball Squad ROW 1: Von Elbert, Chuck Radcliff, Ronnie Hanneman, Lee Schultze, Bob Zeimer, Warren Strong, Dick Long, John DeBates, Mike Baker. ROW Z: Jerry Easter, Craig Hoepner, Gus Wyckoff, Marian Salger, Kenny Smith, Ronnie Long, Dean Fennern, Jim Hite, Bob Campbell Chuck Barth, Coach Reed. ROW 3: David Happel, Don Primus, Charles Stickels, Howard Lane, Steve Johnson, Jim Edwards, John Schoettmer, Richard Krause, .Tohn Primus, Don Martin. l. Z. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1:-'X Bill Kenney Ray Cantonwine Wayne Denmel Rex Skea Don Moody Marvin I-lite Dwight Belknap -, ,.. lbw- A '25 ,. Ill 1. . Q Q f x .fb gunnsvllllllf ,iq 4 ga. E Q S mr it -f fv Q? -w l If f l L v v . S I4 N1 ,- l-M7-'Dfw ,Q U' My ar l fa 1. S. A K I Q. 1 43 Q 4 Www if 51 . John I-Iclwnrds . LeRoy Huvgli . Darel Kerkmsin . Gilbert Crunk . Buzv.Cur1'ey . Dave Gnllnher . .lark Plmlps . Joe P-'xi.1v.x 37 ,, x. 7 , prp '- - Vi ' 3 . - f ,f,, I 'LV1. mf., Y I O O it K if .fi q ' 1 ,rei R feliy it Y if O L ' s 11 T Q I 7 fr, - L if N s 'O 5 fa' 1 ' D O - ' I L-L ,lx5'9QQi ,LZL ' OO V iff i t r O Q :: -"sei, ' 1 wg 5"X is B' ' it it ' Mim i Q 5 if , L L V 4 A W H " , e , y e W w , , A pw y , A 1 ,Q wk ,,., S .-5,5 A V ,., . 51, . fl ag., ,YLA V.w .,. V .. r i ii 1 ia . p , jf - Qs g 4 ,: " NM LS T04 Q3 701 Tal, A 0 S 5 4 M me "' i ,mr T- ' S i L K Baseball Team ROW l: Dave Gallaher, Jack Sellers, Rex Skea, Roger Smith, John Edwards, Don Moody. ROW Z: Kenneth Smith, Charles Stickels, Carlton Root, Buzz Currey, Dick Long, Don Martin. ROW 3: Chuck Radcliffe, Bill Kenny, Stephen Johnson, Joe Patava, Don Shaw. -mv 'Z .H Track Squad ROW 1: Walter Shain, Chuck Barth, Tom McAndrews, Gus Wycoff, Raymond Smittkamp, Otis Anderson, Don Primus, Jim I-lite. ROW Z: LeRoy Huegli, Bob Zeimer, Dwight Belknap, Glenn Van Wechel, Dave Gallaher, Ronnie Long, Gene Long, Warren Strong, Wayne Demmel, Marvin Hite. ROW 3: Ronnie Flickinger, Richard Krause, Dave Hite, Tom Geater, Ronald Smalley, Keith Moody, Larry Powers, Carroll Halva, Jack Phelps, Leslie Greenleaf, Joe Woodford, John Schoettmer. ROW 4: John DeBates, Bob Jaeger, Larry Hopper, Dick Howe, Bob Banse, Jerry Reifenstahl, Chuck Radcliffe, Bob Vest, Bob Whitcomb, David Happel, George McC1urg, Charles Spicher, Laird Spaulding. X MIM! lwmgggllll I G, Eiga? E EEQQESW s - 'A :fx E x E x,., Zr, V.x.- --r q i A 4 '- f - - F2 ff? , L' " X fgfvgf E Q ' , M ' A A 1 ' ' E . 1 XX R xx E TO, , X , Q TO E i f Q J : ,:., -,.- ' A..-. , E i , 2 MT Y M' Q aJf 4 f3 a E a a Maki DON . ",1 2 Q JOHN ,fi E BILL A REX Baseball if fiffr, ,gel W1 GLENN WARREN RONNIE DWIGHT Track ROGER JACK Snaps GENE Snaps ,Nga- WAYNE JOE LEROY BUZZ 51 331 in awvif f.. wa Q W 1 1,401 I N h-M I . I ' MARVIN - DAVE G. A. A. -as l""7 ax, UID!-A Freshmen ROW l: Pat Porter, Carol McVey, Pat Katzenmeyer, Shirley Schoettmer, Carol I-lensing, Janet Leach, Donna Ehlinger. ROW Z: Joan Daily, Karen Powers, Bette Downing, Barbara Bower, Neva McFarland, Maxine Butterfield, Carolyn Robeson ROW 3: Judy Fisher, Barbara Feller, Doris Haack, Donna Schirm, Betty Bantz, Ruth Stull, Zelda Geater. Sophomore-S ROW l: Phyllis Lewis, Donna Neve, Mary Noeller, Darlys Williams, Jill Greenley, Mardene Mehlert, Alice Stevenson. ROW Z: Dorla Coots, Jane Rotns, Wanda VanWechel, Judy Fee, Charlene Geiger, Suzie Baird, Karen Hoefle. ROW 3: Bonnie Walker, Karen Flickinger, Janet Henkle, Louise Ziemer, Janet McGowan, Janice Randall. ao , 9 9 9 1 Juniors ROW 1: Jeanne Ferguson, Pat Kelly, Margaret Brown, Marlene Moubry, Sheila Wright, Carolyn Noeller, Janet Freeman. ROW Z: Phianna Shockley, Beverly McVey, Janis Mathias, Hannah Hibbs, Mary Powers, Carol Stueck, Marge Ripple. ROW 3: Nancy Mullane, Kay Crisman, Betty Wycoff, Barbara Seavy, Susie Wilson, Rosie Warner, Mary McAndrews. , , Seniors Sdjfflcers ROW l. Connie Tyrrell, Phyllis Mahurin, Barbara Martin, Marcia Campbell, Ruth Alcorn, Dorothy Clang, Carol Howe. ROW Z. Yvonne Healy, Burnetta Worthen, Beth Newendyke, Mary Moelk, Pat Martin, Gladys Leyden, Mary Hurst, Betty Hess. ROW 3. Shirley Hoepner, Joyce Talmadge, Jean Oren, Mary Geater, Winifred Rathbun, Jean Bolton, Kethella Gardemann. G. A PRESIDENT E4 . I J 2 E , sew SECRETARY-TREASURER VICE -PRESIDENT ? ROW l Randy Mahurin, Glen Nan Wechel Leroy Hueglx Warren Strong BuLz Currey Wayne Demmel, Ronnie Smalley Tom L eater Bill Kenny Carlton Root ROW Z Coach Reed, Dick Crxsman Roger bmxth Don Moody John Edwards Gene Long DBV1d Gallaher, Dick Woods Rex Skea Don Floyd Coach Hestl r ROW 5 Dwlght Belknap, Jack Sellers Ronnle Long Laxrd Spauldmg Marvln l-hte Don Martm Caroll Hootman, Walter Sham Steve Johnson Pom Mcfkndrevss Duane Mehlert N ,:,,. . . 1: lfr+. '1ss- .N- tv' , if," 'A ' ,va k . - A f, , .V , .. . , W 1' ,.,,A' fy W: J' '. HMM " .I . J ,V K .3,,:fk":.f9.' Q, !..J9l,,,a' ,i,.g- ,il :WML flfv L1?gy Xipl. 5:1 i.,i?"J,,,i? gk , . Vwffqii ik,5.qgf,s7 VE 5g 3S,,is, Aw . .5 P ,V If ,3 . W A' . " '--4 4151, I, x 35,7 vb ' r", wk .:L'l!Af' !.'?9l.' ,Wg -'Q vT""s an vx r-MK Betty Covington, Sheila Wright, Nancy Mullanc, Janet Freeman, Phyllis Maliurin, Kay Crismsn. C eerleaders .PW 'L Connie Tyrrell, Cherie Donels. Cliarll-5 Spiflwr, Mary ,lane Dickson, Laird Spaulding. Pep Ba nd S X 'if Student Council ROW 1. John Edwards, Barbara Martin, Pat Kelly, Pat Martin, Mr. Baxter. ROW Z. Von Elbert, Dwight Belknap, Leroy Huegli, Bob Stueck, Ray Cantonwine, Jack Phelps. ROW 3. Dick Bolton, Mike Baker. v- SECRETARY- IREASURER ,E . 9 K Q, me PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT ROW l: Connie Tyrell, Shirley Patava, Mary Markland, Carol Utterback, Irene Lewis, Yvonne Healy. ROW Z: Don Martin, Miss Dentel, Eleanor Geiken, Connie Cottrell, Fleur Healy, Tom Adams, Whealen Koontz. ROW 3: Ed Thompson, Ronnie Dowd, Bob Stueck, Dick Wiesner, Dick Meyers DUNN LL YVONNE ational Honor Society 'A S SHIRLEY BOB Arrow Staff ROW l. Shirley Hoepner, Connie Tyrrell, Kethella Gardeman, Rex Skea, Sonja Helgeland Pal, Martin, Mary Moelk. ROW Z. Miss Knipfer, Bob Stueck, Yvonne Healy, Joyce Talmadge, Dorothy Clang, Carol Howe, Evelyn Ferguson, .Tohn Edwards. ROW 3, Ruth Alcorn, Beth Newendyke, Jean Underwood, Roger Smith, Sherman Abbott, Jean Oren, Beverly Mussman, Marcia Campbell. 5 neo f Arrow Staff -r: I fl -uw CO-EDITORS MOUNTING EDITORS A GUIDING HAND '. "J '01 BUSINESS MANAGERS .rn- ...-4 ix Purple .3 Gold Staff Yvonne Healy, Beverly Geiger Verne McClur John Ed , g, wards, Ruth Alcorn, Shirley Patzxva, Dorothy Clang, Rex Skea, Keith Lubbock, Johanna Riha, Mrs. Osberg, Pat Martin, Barbara Martin, Marcia Campbell, Beverly Mussman Connie Tyrrell, Gladys Leyden, Mary Hurst, Mary Geaier, Kethella Gardemann, Mrs. Shew Pai Kelly, Sharon Caldwell, Shirley Schoettmer, Janet Leach, Sheila Wright, Evelyn Ferguson, Jane Roth, Helen IN1cNeal, Virginia Pottoff, Glenna Neve. N. Purple 84 Gold Staff XX 'vnu C O L MAN AGE? be 5 in N PA Paonuffxlo ROW 1: Russel Lindberg, Jim Carlson, Ray Cantonwine, Bill Kray, Kennth Parker, Roger Inmen, Mr. Christensen. ROW Z: Byron Knupp, Richard Williams, Ronnie Flickinger, Glenn Van Wechel, Jack Burkhart, Duane Rippel, Robert Sand, Gary Moubry, Duane Mehlert. ROW 3: Harvey Weiss, Larry Walker, Derold Happle, Robert Simnacher, Lyle Miller, Richard Weidtz, Bill Sellers, John Wenner, I o I o AQ ROW l: Victor Sealey, George Peterson, Lee Schulze, Dean Fennern, Lawson Little, John Kueny, Ronald Pauley. ROW Z: Ronnie Gustafson, Roger Wenner, Lyle Geater, Warren Holst, Larry Hopper, Cortland Butterfield, Mike Baker, LeRoy Hopper. ROW 3: Wayne Wetzel, James Hansen, Loren Klopping, Don Culver, Kenneth Horning, Gary Hilmer, James Reider. NF' ROW l. Miss Campbell, Sharon Nordstrom, Donna Scalf, Kay Crisman, Sanda Van Wechel, Claudette Stover, Carol Thompson, Darlene Mehlert, Betty Covington, Suzie Baird. ROW Z, Sharon Metz, June Biram, Dorla Coots, Edith Thompson, Janet l-lenkle, Alice Stevenson, Mardene Mehlert, Charlene Geiger, Marcia Anderson, Karen Hoefle, Janice Randall ROW 3. Carol Beatty, Judy Primrose, Martha Bearbower, Alice Sellers, Phianna Shockley, Donna Neve, Phylis Faber, Nancy Mullane, Bonnie Walker, Mary Noeller, Sondra Primmer, Marian Karr. F.H. . ROW l. Karen Hurst, Margaret Goodell, Karen Johnson, Marian Fueher, Darlene Abernathy ROW Z. Letha Kirkpatrick, Betty Covington, Dorothy Weiss, Betty Kockman, Gwen Rabe, Pat Usher. ROW 3. Sharon K.ammere.r, Faye -Peterson, Ruth Ohrt, Bonnie-Sirnnacher, Marlene Woods. ROW l. Mary Holub, Sharon Metz, Bobbie Jo Weir, Pat Kelly, Marilyn Pollock, Marge Rippel, Neva McFarland. ROW Z. Rachel Alpers, Phyllis Lewis, Carol Miller, Mary Geater, Karen Hursi, Mary McAndrews, Barbara Bower ROW 3. Aletha Kirkpatrick, Alice Stevenson, Donna Sralf, Zelda Geater, Phyllis Faber, Sondra Primmer, Pat McNeal, Library lub ..."L,, 'N -.zulu Emu.. CHIEF LIBRARIAN PRESIDENT ,ns Mg VICE-PR ESIDENT 1 K W' gm 1 ROW ROW ROW ROW I C1ro1 Howe Glenna Neve Jane Roth Marcla Carnpbell Beverly Mussrnan ROW Z Mrs Osberg Evelyn I-erguson Cladys Leyden Marv Hurst Mary C cater ROW 3 Shlrley Plhva Dorothy Clang Verne McClurg Wxnxfred Rathbun Betty Hess Y PRESIDENT F. H. PRESIDENT 0 Bo O O fu... VICE - PRES IDE NT I i 5 4 'E SECRETARY fm r ff VICE -PRESIDE NT V'ICE-PRESIDENT PRESIDENT 5.2 I o I o Q -un. an I iw, TREAS URER 65 5 'X STATE SECRETARY fi? Ham Actors ROW 1: Howard Lane, Mahlon Phelps, Warren Holst, Jim Henkle, Roger Wutzke, Bob Quackenbush, Keith Lubbock, Jack Brown, Kenneth Smith. ROW Z: Richard Krause, Sharon Caldwell, Barbara Bower, Karen Hurst, Sharon Kammerer, Gwen Rabe, Charlene Geiger, John Debates . ROW 3: Jane Roths, Phyllis Lewis, Darlene Abernathy, Marian Fueher, Ernestine Player, Marlene Wood, Karen Johnson, Susie Baird, Pat Katzenmeyer, Carol McVey. am Actors ROW l: Miss Ford, Dick Crisman, Roger Smith, .lack Sellers, Yvonne Healy, Keith Winsor, George MCClurg. ROW Z: Dorla Coots, Carol Miller, Judy Primrose, Burnetta Worthen, Dorothy Clang, Carol Howe, Beth Newandyke, Sonja Helgeland, Thurla Healy. ROW 3: Phianna Shockley, Barbara Martin, Connie Tyrrell, Margaret Brown, Jeanne Ferguson, Pat Martin, Jean Underwood, Marge Rippel, Marilyn Pollock. Sheila Wright. -11 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREASURER EW ,wsvzz 5- tg XT? is ggi hw NM One Acts SHAKESPEARES LADIES Q THE BARRETTS OF WIMPOLE STREET THE BOOR NARRATOR ROGER JOHN DON BURNETTA M4 Me QW? YVONNE RUTH XX fi: 'fs- -mb JANE pAT JOYCE DOUBLE MIXED Q UA RTETTE MADRIGAL RUTH TRIO Q UA RTET'1'E SEXTETTE Vocal Snaps s 1 V x Y 5 R l , Q 'l v 1 THURLA YVONNE GARY LYLE JEANNE 's -3 , .. 5 :,:'n'."'K , T... ' .QQ . . BA R BA RA JOAN 57 no vs' an 'Q' C' ,Q is ' . J f L -am fm ROW l: Phyllis Lewis, Ruby Floyd, Dorothy Weiss, Betty Covington, Darlene Mehlert, Barbara Feller, Beverly MeVey, Kay Crisman, Nancy Mullane. ROW Z: Marlene Wood, Bonnie Simnacher, June Biram, Karen Hoefle, Sheila Wright, Sonja Helgeland, Mary Moelk, Pay Martin, Donna Scalf. ROW 3: Karen Flickinger, Janice Kemp, Carol McVey, Pat Katzenmeyer, Carol Figge, Ruth Floyd, Judy Fisher, Barbara Geiken, Bobbie Jo Weir. ROW 4: Beverly Geiger, Darlys Williams, Jill Greenley, Judy Fee, Mary Noeller, Indy Anderson. 0 was I ,sir 3 i fs 2 ROW l: Beth Newendyke, Marilyn Wallace, Jeanne Ferguson, Connie Tyrrell, Yvonne Healy, Shirley Hoepner, Cherie Donnels, Phyllis Mahurin, Margaret Brown. ROW Z: Sharon Nordstrom, Carol Hensing, Carol Miller, Thurla Healy, Joan Merchant, Jane Roths, Barbara Martin, Claudette Stover. ROW 3: Virginia Pelly, Wanita McElroy, Sharon Kammerer, Carolyn Robeson, Doris Haack, Joyce Talmadge, Mary Rowe, Judy Primrose. ROW 4: Janet Leach, Sondra Prinimcr, Mary GoL1., Vivian Krause, Wanda VanWechel, Charlene Geiger, Suzie Baird. '-VJKIOUU U5CIl"G l'1'1l'1'1F" ROW 1: Glenn Healy, Ronnie Gustafason, Don Shaw, Keith Lubbock, Von Elbert, John Neve, Craig Hoepner. ROW Z: RiCl1HrCl Roth Warren Holst, Franklin Kruse, Ronnie Hannernan, John Primus, Duane Gustafason, Richard Krause. ROW Dwight- iw Belknap, James Hanson, Gary Moubury, Eddie Whitehead, Ray Cantonwine, Lyle Dake. ROW 4: Harvey Weiss, Richard Weici 1 58 Darolrl Happel, John Schocttmer. - N-1. if - ' 7 l 1 N W1 ZW ii 1 ' -was Q I ROW ROW ROW ROW . ,, V . v. We , Mixed Chorus Connie Tyrrell, Barbara Martin, Jane Roths, Joan Merchant, Judy Primose, Wanita McElroy, Carol Miller, Doris Haack, Joyce Talmalge, Mary Rowe. Marilyn Wallace, Beth Newendyke, Cherie Donels, Yvonne Healy, Shirley Hoepner Sharon Nordstrom, Virginia Pelley, Carolyn Robeson, Thurla Healy. Mary Lou Gott, Burnetta Worthen, Phylis Mahurin, Margaret Brown, Glenna Neve, Sondra Primmer, Judy Fee, Wanda Van Wechel, Donna Neve. Jeanne Ferguson, Vivian Krause, Keith Lubbock, Richard Roth, Don Shaw, Dwight Belknap, Gary Moubry, Glenn Healy, James Hanson. ixed Chorus x. 4 R X Y ROW ROW ROW ROW 1 ' 1 -- 1 Donna Scalf, Janet Henkle, Lyle Dake, Raay Cantonwine, David Hite, Edward Whitehead, Derold Happel, Harvey Weiss, Richard Krause. Karen Flickinger, Patsy Katzemneyer, John Primus, Ronald Hanneman, Duane Gustafson, Richard Williams, Von Elbert, Beverly Geiger, Barbara Fellcr. Jill Greenley, Carol Figge, Sheila Wright, Mary Moelk, Sonja Helgeland, Darlene Mehlert, Beverly McVey, Roberta Jo Weir, Janice Kemp. Darlys Williams, Pat Martin, Richard Weidtz, Robert Schottmer, Judy Anderson Barbara Geiken. .Vx N, Z...- Baton Twirlers STANDING: Janet Fruernan, Phyllis Mahurin, Joyce Talmadge, Jane Roths. Barbara Martin. my SAX QUARTETTE CORNET DUET MIXED CLARINET QUARTETTE BRASS QUARTETTE BARITONE TRIO JANET 'Di' V Q1 - ,ww'2F4li!Q , V .. fzmmgg Lf-v1n I pin A wwemwwwik , 1 'J y I mmnuvwuahww 5 tv 2, J ,wW,,,,,.mvMMwm , K 5 1 U 4 1 we J, il CHARLES BARBARA , zmwmn Wmzwaiw , f-Wwe I A' 'WANN5 . .MW-ml I K M xkk.. H , A I Mmm '1 " 5 x .fi HX, , Xu -..A-' """- 2' JOYCE I'HYl,L,lS Ly LE LAIRD ,, - ,,-.. -Q 9. JOHN f C O -an was JANE bw ,JM Wa 1, 1- , , H 1 ,mul 'Z' U!! i i M x.: W .Q i ' UI x . A 5 A RONNUE SHIRLEY DW IGHT Ml shi! w!Hs':xQw1e.vg6nQ. ,x:..fszmw..msam -umannqln means-unan- ,lv wma-uvq1..42 W' """""' ..-w....+,.wawfL ' """""" ,Muamw .Cin N T E S CHE RIE HARVEY V f 4 T fl' 'N M' X . Q ll R OW R OW R OW ROW ROW KAT HE RINE . Sfw- DARLE NE : Shirley Patava, Margaret Brown, Barbara Gelken Barbara Martm 1 Jane Roths, Judy Anderson, Marlene Moubry Bob Senft Kathryn Rlha Sharon Nordstorm : John Primus, Darlene Mehlert, Judy Fxscher Carol Thompson Joyce Talrnadgr : Ronnie Hanneman, Dwight Belknap, Janet Freeman John Neve Derold Happel 1 Ernestine Player, Victor Seeley, Russell Alpers Barbara Feller ,Www Mmnmlm , me-wsu .wwwex DORIS ROW li ROW Z: ROW 5: ROW 4: ROW 5: M, ,m,L use DON PAT P. Janet Henkle, Donna Sfhirm, Jim He-nl-cle, Pat Porter. Ruth Ohrt, Owen Rabe, Roger Wutzke, Franklin Kruse, Don Primus, Phyllis Mahurin Jerry Kemp, Don Shaw, Doris Haack, Jerry Easter, Mary Jane Dixon, Dorothy Weiss, Walter Shain. John Kueny, Ronald Pauley, Charles Spicher, .Ioan Merchant, Dick Bolten, Pat Lassen, Von Elbert, Cherie Donels, Betty Downing, Lyle Dal-se, Mary Rowe, Mr, Talmadge, Connie Tyrrell. si?5a' 'Q 92332541 ::- f iw! A Band we CAROL Q in ie 4 , ' PAT L. WOODWIND DUET M IXED CLARINET QUARTETTE Z -r in al ani on-all .,....--.m Www' JOHN P. DEROLD -nn-. .l,.,...1.-L.. --1. --.3 JOHN K. 63 Snaps X S 1'l A P S in W J Rf, i,:,gk W 1 1 W I I xx 5? 1 A Q W. A ,-. mu:-X fs, Sify! 'M W I I E L , v X A, , a Cl I I' l P A S K 2 H1 .vm x M.: "4-I 3 1 .. '13 ' xx X , 'S' 3. K' X an ...e c 0 fl WHS. if 'HP S N A P S SHIRLEY PATAVA BETH NEWENDYKE YVONNE HEALY PRETTIEST EYES PRETTIIEST HAIR BIGGEST FLIRT MARY M0151-,K PAT MARTIN RUTH ALCORN BEST SPORT BEST PE RSONALITY BEST DRESSED JOYCE TALMADGE BEST FIGURE V3 T BOB STUECK PRETTEEST EYES JOHN E DWARDS BEST SPORT RANDY MAHURIN DICK CHISMAN PRETTLEST HAIR BIGGEST FLIRT 9 9' N T 'LS QE, REX SKEA ROGER SMITH BEST PERSONALITY BEST DRESSED ,, DAVE GALLAHE R BEST PHYSIQUE Congratulations T 0 THE SENIUR CLASS Nineteen Fifty-Four Vinton Chamber of Commerce Lf' f it C WA L 5 W 0 R T H Lnhoqng und by IALIWOITI idflllll -nw vw fr- V w.qr,-..,-..,44,,.-- .Vu . rf' WH-u. 1, . 'fvvrgv ,mm-.,w-uw' W. 4 5,

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