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Text from Pages 1 - 74 of the 1946 volume:

The Senier Class 1 9 4 6 Presents The Arrow li I- ,,.,, We fbecficafe 0144 Nmaw Za llpwll IIBGAU LYMAN OPPELT ROBERT INMAN Our classmates who were killed in action in World War II and to Other Vinton Students who gave their lives in their country's service. ADMINISTRATION I I f-I xi! QM ' X M3 .if is If Nxt' X EARL R. COPE, M. A. M, A. Ma.cALLISTER, M. A. Superintendent Principal BOARD UF EDUCATIUN urill I'0llll4'l', IC. ll, lmw-if, Um-vil Fry, S. l'. lioivs, Hrs, .lzxvli Norris, Earl Vupp, Alf! ll lppvl, Karl Iiotlxs. MRSIJTKEY ll. A. State Tvaclie-l's English NHilhHWES B. S. Stnlo T9klCllPl'S Coach and Phys. Ed. NHSS NEVILLE H. A. State Te-uc'lwi's lilutlxeimltics MRSILULUU R N.-l'liilalx'un's lllvmorial Uliic-ago. Illinois School Nurse NHSSHUHAND ll. A. Ce-11tl'ul College Latin. English MH.MAHANNAH Iowa lVvslvyul1 Ruud. Sc-ivlwe NHSSQWHTTNNDHN 3. A. linivvrsiiv of lowu English. History MR.CREE Ii. S, iowa Statv Collegi- Vovationul Agl'li'lllllll'9 NHHSNMHMATH ll. A. State- Tom-livrs Comnwrvial Elllli'Zlll0ll XIII, l"YI'I Ii. S. Slzllv 'I'vau-Ilvrs IIl1I1lSIl'I1lI .Kris NI ISS IiNlI'I"I'III Il. A, Iowa VW-slvyulx Normal 'l'1'uil1i11g, ICIIQIIISII NIIHH III'NIIiI'I li. A. Univorsily of llulmuquv IIIVIS I'IlYSi1':1I I':1Illl'ilIIOl1 MHS. All-A'I'IfZl'I M. A, I'11ivu1'sity of luwu I.:lIIlI, English If ix V+, ,Ik X A-'Scam xvgtwzgi' Il. A, Slzltv 'I'v:1r'I1vrs Smwiul S1'Il'll1'l' XIII. IL-XX'I'lCII Ilislury XIII, SBIYTII Ii. A. Cm- Unllvgzv I 2 .-Xssisluut to xc I1 MISS I.I'i'.XS Ii. S, Iowa Stalin- wzxlimlall Ilmm-lxlznki MISS I'0I'0I+'l" II, A. Slam- 'I'e-zu-lu-ra SS XVUUI,VICII'I'UY -'sity ol' Imxl Publix- Sm-lmol Musiv 'SIDELIGHTS' nl Ilivk-l':1ls, 2, Yiiyuiuizi, .llhxllll M .lulinilz 3. .Xtllle-licSlzi1's. l. Ilznsllflxl, l"1':luvim-1' 3, Nu l'ill'lilllL1, I-Irruzl 4 :lil x 11 ll ul'.' li.Slilil1-l'wl'lIs, Miss I'uput'f :lull Bliss Schultz. T. lln- will lN'1ll1lllL.L' small. x, XYI14-rl-'s lin-ily llilyllllllllllf ll. Nil lull ills Ill Imlis null Sllirll-y, ll. lm Xtlll rwmwuzllim- ImniiuS.i' 12. Smiling l4'rl-slwimln, lil. Ill'-l :lull ilu- 1-mx ll. Iluw :lid I ull ll lil ilu rl-1' lil, Wgliling fur swim-will-, lXl2ll'1'1'llIl',l Ill. Invz :ind Al1ll'Ll'2ll'4'l, IT. Ilwng un, Iivillli lx l'sl- Ilvalml, 3l:1l'p4:il'1-1 ' ll Intl in will VHS slyll-. 20. lli, Ilia-li! 21. All elm-ssl-el up-sNu place lo un. 22. 'l'll:1liks I'rlml Miss l'upul'l'. it .r Y HIGH SCI-IDOL GIRL' DI RY Sept. 4, 1945 Dear Diary: Jeeps, they certainly started us off with a bang this year. First day, tests, tests and more tests. It wouldn't have been so bad if it had been a little cooler. We did get a few recesses though. The kids started sneaking down town for refreshers so-we don't even get to breathe any fresh air now. Goodnight now. Guess what we do tomorrow. 'l'hat's right, tests! P. S. Some of thc transfers from Mt. Auburn are plenty 0. K. Sept. 10, 1945 Dear Diary: I hope I remember to get a yo-yo and a fly swatter tomorrow. All the kids have them. Miss Wolverton's room is filthy with flies so it was Roger's and Marge's idea to bring fly swatters. A 'bunch of fellows had a contest today to ree who could work his yo-yo the longest. They're really getting good at it .The freshmen even do pretty good. Well, I have to figure out before going to sleep if Drew likes Nancy or Iris best. I've a feeling he's fickle. Sept. 12, 1945 Dear Diary: Now I can have my name in the announce- ments every morning to pay my book fine. The library club met today to elect officers and to make plans for the school year. Mrs. Mc Atee is their sponsor. She's that teacher with a swell sense of humor. After school tonight I conldn't even hear myself slam the locker door. tl always try to slam lt harder than Donna Smetzer when she's mad.l You see, the cheerleaders had their tryouts tonight. If how strong their lungs are counts, we'll really have support. Sept. 19,1945 Dear Diary: We had our first game tonight, against Traer. Wow, you should have seen the shoving around Traer got! Darrell Lockhart and Jim Liebsch are all right. I mean really! Anyhow, the important thing is, we smashed IIl9lll?7-G. l'm in the dog house, I betcha. The folks woke up when I was sneaking in. I won-der if Rosie Thompson and Joyce Gott are home yet.. David Thiher and Bill Thompson took them home. Some girls get all the luck. Oct. 10, 1945 Dear Diary: "Zowie," l'm sure glad I don't belong to F. F. A. Those poor little freshmen boys had to carry stools and milk pails along with them all day and do the darndest things. They threw a big party tonight though, with boiled worms, iced cat eyes etc. So I guess it really was worth it. Oct. 11,1945 Dear Diary: The road was lit by moonlight, the wagon smelled of new mown hay, tonight is perfect, but I wonder why the senior stenos didn't want to in- vite a few boys to go on the hay ride with us. But -Hfsomehow they found out where we were and so we clidn't have to walk to town. Helen Bruch's mom prepared delicious re- freshments for us and it's another night worth remembering. Oct. 18, 1945 Dear Diary: It's later tonight because I cut my hair after I got home from the pep rally. I got so close to the bon-fire that I singed it and I thought that that way mom wouldn't he able to tell so easily. It's a swell night and the cheer leaders screamed their lungs out. Coach Everett Davie-: gave the fellows a peppy talk and then we had a snake dance on the way to town. Everybody got to1'n from limb to limb hilt we had lots of fun. Oct. 19, 1945 Homecoming Dear Diary: Tonight I had to soak my feet. I know I taught handsome better than that. I guess I just couldn't move fast enough. We did lose our game with Independence, but the boys had a fighting spirit. The "V" Club chose Phillis Heaton as sports queen and they crowned her at the dance tonight and the pearls they presented her were simply be-you-te-ful! Oct. 25, 1945 Dear Diary: "As we think, so we grow," said Mr. Gates lslliis address today to the assembly in his annual ,a . Elvin NVoods and Marion Du Fresne are "that way" about each other and so are Dale and Vir- ginia. I watched them all in study hall today. I wish "Handsome" would look at me that a way. .lim K. brought Handsome and me home from school tonight andwe went eighty miles an hour. Nov. 9, 1945 Dear Diary: Mom's going to scream when she sees the dust catchers that I won at the Junior Carnival tonight.. It could really be classed as a bigger and better carnival. Why Kenny Winsor sounded just like the real Mc Coy when he advertised the different st.ands. The boxing and wrestling matches were really exciting--no kidding and the refreshments were delicious. I couldn't stay around long enough to nee who took who home. My limit was twelve and the juniors all had to stay and clean up but I bet Patt helped Bud. Nov. 16, 1945 Dear Diary: "Moonlight for Herbert" was colossal with an all-star cast. Bob and Willis Daugherty work well on the stage together. Willis was Herbert and he was supposed to be crazy over Helen Hayes. That wouldn't take much pretending. Oh, I just found out that Cecil Kelly took Francine Kruse home the other night, and "Mickie" Dexter has a new boy friend, I think. They say it is Ted. The juniors chose their class rings today. Nov. 18,1945 Dear Diary: The band had its first concert today and they're O. K. 'They had lots of nice selections and a good turnout, and no wonder. the kids have been working hard on their program. I ' Well, tomorrow is school again. I-must say goodnight. Monday always finds me in ai'daze! Nov..19,19-I5 Dear Diary: Mr. Whittington explained to us today Way?- to keep down inflation and how much the O. P. A. has done for us. Maybe I should save a litt.le more of my allowance. I don't see how I could be caus- ing mnch harm though. Donna was telling me that Tom and Helen are back together again. Oh well, true love never does run smooth. tI'm so thankful for that.J Also Bill Barron and Charlotte Blacksmith trip "the light fantastic" together of late. SENIOR HISTORY I ,. t . - ' '- , t st-tlllv '- ' .' ' ' ' ' ' ,J-, lllSl"'!Hl"llIlQ' lllt' tlwltlltltlllatl tllt-t-l'lt-s tll' "g'l't-t-ll l'I'l'SllIII0II.H wt- t'IItl'l'l'Il Iligh xt-lltltll witll tllt- itlt-tt tllzlt wt- lltlt-w t-vt-l't'tllill--' 'llltl stt tlttt ttl tlltlxt it t'tll lltlx wt tlitlll't .tl-will ttttt Illlltll ltllttwlttl--t lllll ttlt lIIIlX h ttl t 1-tltltl tlltlt NN tlNNlIlIIl ttllxtlllt- wht- lltltlltl lISltIl tll - . t t .. -. t- '- ' j ' ' .' - :lt NIIll't' tltll' I'l-t-slllllatll t-lzlxs wats tht- SllliIllt'Nl III .Vt'iIl'N lNlXl'Y-Illlllxl wt- t'UII4'ttIlll'2Ilt'tl tlll Itllillltj' illstt-zttl txt' ttllilllllty. Iittut-r .tlltt-rt, lit-tty Sllllttllw illltl liill l4ttl'l't-ll wtlll lltmlltlrs illllllt-tlitltt-lv its t-lttss tlt't'it-t-rs witll llt-ttx' tltttllr- liltu' :lx I'llt'l'l'lf'iI1lltl' with at tl'itt tll' st-llittl' girls.. A ,Qtltltl start :tll't-zttly. Nlttl-y .lt-:tll l'tll'ltl:ltt-t' ltttltlt- ht-t' tlt-hilt :ls :tll SlI'll't'NN :tx lt-tttl ill tllt- :tll lligrll st-lttltll ltlzty "-ltll1-- Al2lIl.u All flII'IIlIgl'lI tttlt tllt- yt-tll' wt- :lvl-l'ttg't-tl t-ight t-ll tllt- lltllltll' l'tlll, at littlt- llt-Ililltl tllt- tttllt-l' vlttsst-N, lllll ttlwztys ll'ylIIgl'. l'0llt-t-ll 'llilj'ltlI' illltl llttlt lll-l'llt-l-t, Ntt-tttly IlilI'TIll'I"i t'trl' yt-:tix wt-l't- t-lt-t-tt-tl ttl tht- Stlltlt-llt t'tlllllt-il. , Vit-gillitl lit-t-tl, t'latl'l-llt-t- Sl'llit'lI ttlltl llttvt- f'I't'XY slltlwt-tl III! :ts t-hiss tDllt'lI'l'I'S ill tllt-il' stttllltlllltwt- j't'2II' with llttgt-l' .Xlllt-rt illltl l':tt Nlilrtllx' sltltt-tl t'tll' tht- stlltlt-llt t'0llllt-il. Nltl'lllzll'x'llt- Slllitll ztlltl llill l1:ll'l'tlll wt-l't- t-lttt-l't-tl :tx ttlll' lvttltlllttl'lt.x' t'iIIItlItl2llt'N I'tll' tllt- .lllllitlr l'2II'IllX'2Il. litlll llillitlrtl shtlllt- tm tllt- tlt-llzltt- llltllll, WIIIIIIIIQ' at l't-I-tlttltlt-lt Ittl' his iII'g.!'lIIIIII 2IllllIf.V. littgft-V .Xlllt-rt tlitl IIN IlI'IlIltl with :t ttllt- tlll tllt' t-l:tl'illt-t ill tht- . D St.ttt- Nlllxitf t'ttlltt-1-t ttlltl Ilttll ttttllq tilllt- tlt't' I'l'tllll his tlt-ltzttillgr :lt-tivitit-s tt- t-ttl'll at tlllt- till his lllllil sltlt-. tltll' .lIIIIlUl' 'I't'2II' wtls mit- tll' tltlt' lligrgrt-st. 1xltlt'Il Kltll-ristmll. lltlgt-l' .Xlllt-l't. :llltl l':tt Nlilrt-iv XYI'I'l' t-lttsx tit'- l'it't-lw tllltl litlh llilliztrtl illltl llttvt- llI'l'W vtttt-tl ttl Stlltlt-llt t'tlllllt'il lltlsititllls. l'll.Ylixs llt-:lttlll wats tllt- tllllj' -llltlittl' :tttt-lltlttllt t-lt tllt- SIIIIVIN Qlll-t-ll ltttrtttlt-. Ill: ltttg'tllllttl't-illtt Zllllj' tlilt-t-tt-tl tllll' t-I'I'ttl'ts ill ttluttlliziltg: tht- -ltlllit-l' I'ttl'llix':tl, 4llI,I'lIIg' whit-h l'hyIiss llt-:tttill wats t'l'tIWIIt'tl t':tl'llii'zll Qllt-t-ll. lYlIlIIS wt-l't- lN'L1'llII ill Nl2II't'll tt-l tllt litlllttlltl. lllt- lltlllttllt-t tllt-lllt- wats II Illjlllf Ulllll tlt-t-tml'zttt-tl with xl-lllitt ttllttIN ht sllttw. -' ' ,Q ' -:ttl wzlitt-l's :tlltl l'ltltml' tltll' st-llltll' .Yt'2Il' wt- wt-l't- -ttIIllt'tl hy stlttlt-llts t'l'tllll Klt. gxlIlIlll'II illltl twtt t-X-st-l'vit't-lllell, "Willtly" lilllIZ :llltl "lit-tl" lAtl'lilI:Il'l. Wt- t-lt-t-tt-tl liill ll2Il'I'tIIl. -litll Kl'llSt', :llltl .ltlttll tltltrtlt-ll :ls t-hiss 0t't'it't-rs illltl lit-tl ltlt'lill2II't Iltllt lliIli:ll'tl 'llltl l'ttt Nlill-tux' tt- tht gllltltlll I'tttllltil Wt ll ' ' t . t . . - . - ' . - :ttl tlIllj'fXVIIL1'II'lS III tht- vtwttl tll'lI1lI'l- tllt-tlt l-llt llt-Itl six t'il-st t'll2lll'S ill tllt- llillltl. Sixtt-t-ll t-letss llIt'lllllt'I'S t-ttllll-tl ltatrts ill tllt- lllilf' "Sltl'illgtiltlt-" Wt- I-llltlixltt-ll tht- illlllllill ltt-l' Nt'lItWllllt' with tllll' vt--4-tlit'01's Blzltll'it't- tlilrtmy illltl l':lt AlIlI'UY, Vt-ry tlt-lwtltlsllx' wt- u'l':ttlll:ltt-tl Klsty IT. I't'JItl.X' ttl tt-'V tllll' t'lll'tllllt- ill tllt- witlt- wtlrltl, 4 Qt A"",-tv'-IE'-Q-A tmp: -mv V . 4 ya I 3 QW M 5,12 6 - l'l't-sitlt-llt Nt-t-.-'l'l't-tts. Vim- l'l't-Nitlt-llt IIM IQIIVSIC, tlt'llI'I'Ill "I'ltt ttlwztys t-Illlsillu 1-ttilll-t-ws'."' Iiztskt-tltttll II, I-'tltltllztll I, 'I'l'zlt-Ii Il-I, l.1lllIII'lIllr I-3, I'. N- 42, Zi, ,XI'l'lHY Qlzllli I. Vlzlw l'l'--sittt-til I, lit-55 ttIt-t- tllllll I, Mixt-tt t'Iltll-tts I, Iiztnttz Mzttwltillg, l'tlltt-t-rt, Stlltw, St-xl--t, I-3-IZ-I, Intllvt- llilllll -I. IMAX litltllvl-II.It. tmllllltt-l-t-iztl "'I'ht- wt-l'ItI In-ltmllgis ttl tllt- t-llt-lxtt-tit-." Stbtillltlll I-2421-I. Ytlllt-yltttll I-Z-Z!-I. tl, .X, Y, I, Ililiiltu I. I'-p t'IllI- I-2-II-I. II:tlll .Xt'ItlI'S I, t't-ltllllt-rt-itll f'lIIll I. .Xl'I'4lNY Stuff t, Sports ljtlt-t-lt .Xltt-lltlttllt I, Hllt- .Xt-t I'I:lys IL, tlirlr: tilt-t-1'Illlt I-'l, Alixt-tl Vlttlt-tlh I, Altttlrigttl IZ, Musicztlt- t, Millstrt-I Il. I-ll.l. l!.Xl-IIIIPN. tit-llt't':ll -"I'lt-:tSt- tlt-ll't stty "Nu," stty 'tMttyItt-." liztskt-tllttll I-2, I"tltl Il: Il- , "'ttt'li JI ': " Q ' ' - t tll I Il . Illtllllllll.tI. I, X tllll I 4 I.tN Xlt-t- lrt-5, I, at-tx Allltl 'I'l't-tts. I, I!:tl1tI: l'llIH'I'I'l, Xl2II'l'lIlI1H', Solos, Sax I.2tl:ll'tt-l, I-2-JI-I, Ilatlwt- Iizttltl Il-I. V! FRANKLIN 'l'lIlMlil,l'I A Ut'llt'l'ill "I'm so busy uith other things I just don't huvt- tiniv t'or st-hool. aww liltlli-Nlltlt'lC t'tl'l"l'lilClil. l.tlllllllt'l't'l2lI "Watch out! I still might do something gre-ut." Library Club ll-4 UUIIIIIIPITIZII Club 4 P K G B . rf' on in 'V C ' 'QAOJAJQ-0061 f' . L-LAJLAJ I I litll ll SPH X'l"l'l" "A close-tl niouth in-vor lost an ur- guuit-ut." 'l'rz1l1st'er from Mt, Aub- uru for Svnlor Your. MANY ,IIGAN l'AIl3l.X'I'l'IlI UCllt'l'2ll l-2 "litigated individuulistf' Pep Club 1-2-3, Hunt Ac-tors 1-2-3--t, Norniul Training Club 3-4, P. A2 G. 3-4, Arrow Stuff 4, Une Art Plays 1-2-4 All Iligh School Plays 1-2, Baton Twirlvr in Mart-liing Rand 1-2-3-4, Girls Glen Club 1-2, Mix- ed Chorus 1. h- iug. Couvvrt Solos, Quurtvt, l-2-Z! 5- NIAIIIAN Ill' IVIIICSNIC Normal Training: 33-4 It' I vould but touvh tho stars with my finger tips." 'I'runsl'e-r from Mt. Auburn for Senior Your. I'lI.NtlllA KING tl:-m-ml Normal Tl'ilIllllllI 'I fnay bo quiet, but I got around." Normal 'Frniniug Glub 'I-4, 'I'runst't-r t'ron1 Central City for Junior Ye-ur. DONNA IIAIINIUN f1tlllIlllt'l't'lill "Sopl1isti4':1te-tl Lady." Pop Club 1 2-J!-4, Latin Club l, llnui Actors I-13-3--l. Coiunis-rt-iul Club 4, P. Al G. 1-2-I!--t. Arrow Stuff 4. One At-t Plays 1-Z3--l, All lligh School Plays 1-2-Il, Pluy 4, lluud: lVlurc' .IUIIN IIICIUIICII f1tlllllllCl'CIilI "Suporumn did it. why cz1n't. I?' Basketball 1-2-Z!-4, Football 1-4 J Tram-k 1-4, Intvruiuruls L-3, Hum At-tors JI-4. Ono ACI Pluys 2-4, All High Svhool Plays 4. HW? fffw ICAIII. IJIILIN 1xgl'l'It'IIl1lIl'2lI "Iflcy! I do11't belong lie-rv." Intra- l11lll'lllS 4, F. F. A. 1-2-II-4. DONNA IIAIC .IUIINSON Nornlal 'I'rai11i11g "Where did yo11 get thosc big brown nyc-s?" Softball II. lla111 Actors Il, Norinal Tl'2llllIll1LZ Club 3-4, Library Club Il--I, Arrow Staff 4, Minstrvl Il. .DALE IIIIAIICII Co111111c1-4-iaI "If at first you don't silt-ce-od, try. try, again." I". lf. A, 1, llani Act- ors 3-4, P. Sz G. Staff 4, Ono .Xrt Plays Il-4, All lligli St-l1ooI Plays II-4. lXIAIl.ItlIlII+l IIICIIAIIIDSON U0lll'1'21l Q "Emily Post tauglit me all I know." Basketball, Softball, Yol- leyball, Tennis, Hiking, 1-2-3--I, Pep Club 1-2-4, Latin Club 1-2. Hunt Acto1's 1-2-4. National Ilon- or Society 3-4, P. M G. 1-2-4, .tr- row Staff 4, Cheerleader 4. One- Aot Plays 1, Plays 4, Girls Glec Club 1, Musicals l Minstrel 1. Pres. ot' fl. A. V. 4, G. A. V. 3-4, Pres. Latin Club 2, Pep Band 1- 2-3. . ,.. . -.w+:1'41 - EQ! 9.14 ' ' of 1 xlimm.. I . ir, W is wg? Q' ' tv VIIIIIINIA Illtlltlll 1'0IllIllt'l't'l2lI I-2 11l'IltIl'2lI Il--I "WordsI VVo1'ds! Words!" Bask- etball, Softball, Volleyball, 1-2-3- 4, G. A. V. Il-4, Tennis 1-2, I-Iikinpg 1-2-Cl-4, Latin Clllll 1, Ham Actors l-2-Sl-4, Library Cl11b 1-2-3-4, P. K: G, 3-4. Class Pres. 2, One Art Plays 4, Girls Glec Club 1-2-3, Mixvd Chorus 1-2, Musicals 1-2 Minstrel Il, Student Council 2. I'l'lAIlI. IIIIIIIN AgII'lt'IIIIlII'il1 "I knew you'd put tl1is picture i11 tho wrong plan-v." IllII'ilIlllll'2l1S 3, F F X 1 2 'I 4 INICZ BI I'lllCIIAN'I' 11tIIlIIlICl'l'IIlI "lVlcct nu- Illll a t'rar'tion of an inch, I'll ronn- tho rcst ot'tI1o way." Softball Il-4, Library Club Il, 1'0lllllIt'l'CIill CI11b 4, l'. Ak G. 4, Girls Glcc Club 1-2-II, Mixed Cl1o1'- IIS 2. Musiralc 11, Miustrcl II. IJAIIICICLI, IIAKIC 11t'lll'l'2lI "VVc've hoard tl1at things work be-st iicareu' thc ground." Hain At-tors Il-4, One Plays 3-4. NANVY Nll'Kl+ZVl'I"I' Ht-in-rul "Yinlon's Own Atom Bomb." Iiaskvtlmull l-2-Il-4. Softball 1-2-33- J I -I. Volle-ybull I-L-3-4, G. A. V. 3'--1, I1-nnis l-J. linking: 1-.2-.l-4, Pt-p t'lub Il, lluin Avtors 2-Il, Lilll'2ll'Y Il, Ruud: lilurt-liing, t'onrvrt, Solo I Z.-Il, Minstrel Il. AI.llI'IN NIHIIIIISUN I'llIlllll1'l'1'I2ll "All This! And Ilvuvm-n 'I'ooZ"' Buskvtlmll 1-2, Football 2-ll-4. Iutruniuruls Il-4. V Club Il-4, Clusw Prvs. Il, Hand: l'onc't-rt, lVIurc'hin,sr. SOIOS,1-2-:I-4,D2lIll'0 Band Il-4, Youth t'+1nt+-r Pre-s, Il, V Club Pros. fi. I N DNNA SKI l'I'l'Z IC II tlvm-rail "I burn my lwirlge-s be-hind nie, for tlie-rv is no ne-1-cl to i'vti'vut," Husk- 4-tbnll l-2-Z!-4. Softball I-2-3-4, Il. A. V. Il-4, Hiking Il-4, I.ibrary Vlub 21-Sl, Miustrvl Il. l'A'l' RHIICS livin-r:ll "Worry nvvs-r inside people- great. so-why should I worry?" Bask- etball 2-3-4, Softball 2-Sl-4, Vol- lvyball 3-4, Tennis 2. Hiking Il, Pep Club 2-Il, P. K: G. -I. Library Club 2, Uonm-rt and lliarvliiuu' Band 3. 'I'ranst'9r from Woodward, Ia., in sophomore your. 3 S .S if aww ww- 02.4, Q,.,,f,,,, MARION IIARIIISON Hvtwml t"I'lie- only re-uson I would 1-hvut is to ,ate-t an In-ttv1'gt'aclv." Rusk:-llrull D I --.I-I. Ifootbull I-Z.-II-4. V f'Illb 4. t'4lI.I.lCI-IN 'l'AYlAlIl Ht-nt-ral "I luugli lwc-uilsv my jokvs uri- fuuny." llziskvtlmll l-2-Il-4, Soft- ball Z2--I. Vollvyball 2-Il, G. A. V. Il-4. Te-nuis 4, Pop f'lub 1-2, Latin Club 1, Ilum Ac-tors 1-:I-Il-4, Il. IQ G. Il-4 Arrow Stzlft' 4. Ulie-vi'l+-:itll-1' 2-3-4, Sports Quve-n Atte-nduut -I. One- Act Plays l-2, All High S1-hool Plays 2-Il-4, Senior Class Illuy -1, Ilanrl: Baton. Twirler, Solos, Woodwind Trio I-2-Sl--4, Pep t'Iub Pros. 2, Studi-nt t'ounc'il l. l+1VlCl.YN Mt' lN'l'YlIIC tit-m-rail "I wish I rould writt- povtrvf' Huskvtbull II. Soflbull I, Yollvyliaill 2. Hiking 2. Librairy Club l-IE. l'l.AliENi'l'l SIQLKICN 1 i'1-iivrul "I only plun to be Vivo-llrvsidt-lit." Basketball l-2-ll-4, Softball 2-ll--I, Volleyball 1-2-Il-4, Il. A. V. fl-l. Library Club 2-Il, Minstrr-l Il. A . ROSELLA GUNN I Commercial "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Volleyball 1-3-4, Hiking 1-3, Latin Club 1, Ham Actors 1-3-4, Commercial Club 4, P. 8: G. 4, One Act Plays 1-3, Plays 4. IitGl4lfllt'l' llll.lll'ARlJ General "WVhere's Gilroy? I want to argue." Basketball 1. Football 3-4, Intramurals 4, V Club 4, Debate 2-3, Band: Marching Concert, So- los, 1-2, Boys Glee Club, Mixed Chorus 1, Minstrel 3, Student Council 3-4. MANY 'PGISIN Gem-ral "Mury! Mary, Quite Contrary- " Basketball, Softball 1-2-3-4, Vol- leyball 2-3-4, G. A. V. 3-4. Hiking 2-3, Pep Club 1-2-3, Latin Club 1-2, Hain Actors 1-2-3-4. P. lk G. 4, Arrow Staff 4, Interpretive Reading 3, One art Plays 1-2-3-4. Baton'I'wirler1-2-3, Girls Glee Club 1-2-3, Minstrel 3. lllfl li N A l J l+1'l"l'lC SKI l'l'll i1Glll1ll0l't'iili "Aren't You glad Y011'l'9 Y0U?" Hain Actors 4, Library Club 3-4, Commercial Club 4. P. 8a G. 4. . V QM .wr Q C, .mgmfifaal ,Q . mms 'Nata- a.LuQZa-L 5 4 '.. WILLIAM ESDERTS General "I'm so busy with other things I just don't have time for school." Football 3, Track 2-3--1, Intramur- als 3-4, Ham Actors 1-2-3-4, De- bate 3, Interpretive Reading 3-4, One Act Plays 1-2-3-4, Plays 4, Boys Glee Club 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Musit-ale 3. Transfer t'ro1n St. Paul. DORIS WAllKl'lR Normal Training: "The world is so full ot' a number of things. I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings." Ham Actors 3-4, Arrow Staff 4, One Avt. Plays 3. IIICIIARIJ WIlll'l'Iil'l t'ounner0ial "Touf.rh-- but, oh, so gentle." Basketball 1, Intramurals 2-3-4, Hain Ac-tors 3-4, Arrow Staff 4, Class Ser. 62 Treas. 1, All High School Plays 3-4, Plays 4, Band: Convert, Marching. Pep, Solos, Quartet, Sextet, Trio, 1-2-3-4, Boys Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus 1, Madrigal 1, Minstrel 3. THOMAS LOCKIIART General "Isn't Red a sign ot' danger?" Football 1-2-3-4, Intramurals 1-2- 3-4, Pep Club 1, V Club 2-3-4, Business Manager of Arrow Staff 4, Dans-e Band 4, Boys Glee 1-2-3, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3,, e rigal 2-3, Musirale 1-2-3."' P -11955 lll'Il.l'IN lSRlTCll Coninwrvial "Sho gives lwr best to 4-vc'-ry thing she- attolnpt:-t." Latin Club 1 Ilain At-tors Il. Library Club Il-4, Pres- irlc-nt of Library Club -l. Connuer- vial Club 4. P, Nz. tl. -1. Band: ll1at't'lti11,L:. Solos, Quarte-t Conn-+-rt 1-2-It--1. Minstrt-l Il, Pu-11 lland -l. IltlNAl.ll CAHIINIAN f'tillllllt'l't'l2lI "'l'o bv or not to bv a lawye-r." l Latin Club l. llain Actors I.--4. All High School Plays Sl-4, Boys tllw- Club l-It--l. Mixt-d Chorus 4. 3lAltttAltl'l'l' CROW Nornml 'l't'ainingg' "A kind hand is what niakvs lift- g'rand." llam Avtors l-Il-4. Lib- rary Club il-l. Arrow Staft' -l. All Hrhool Play l. RAYMOND l"l'llllil'StlN tlvnvral "Wltat's up. lion-?" Intramurals Il-4, l-lam Actors Il-4, Ono Act Plays Il-4, All lligh School Plays -I, Plays 4, 'l'l'2lllSft'l' from Slwlls- lntrpg. - L A . gm 1 QW 9 WWW ,,lx P' 1 401-v-..-.1 QMM A 9!Mfg.wA'.,44..f Jn AlAl'HlCl'l HILHUY 15 tlvm-ral is Ok " 'ay Hilliard, what will wo arg- .' aff 4, ll:-batv 2-Il. VIINIINIA IEIHCIINI totnntvrt-tal l-2 Normal Tl'2lllllllgI Il--l "Gt-lllll9lllPl'l pre-t'vr Blondvsf' Soft- ball 1-2, Pe-p Club l-2, Latin Club 1. Hain At-tors 2-Sl, Normal Train- ing Club Sl-4 Library Club 1-2 P. G. 4. Arrow Staff 4. All High Svltool Play il. HAYNIHNIJ IDAKIC Aj1'l'lt'lll1lll'2ll "I 1-at tllrew- nn-als a day." Football D Il. Tram-k il, Intramurals 2.-It, F. F. A. l-:Z-It-Al. llain At-tors Il-vt. One- Ac-t Plays Il-4, All lliglt St-hool Play -l, Plays 4. lltllHl'l'llY Ctll.S'l'tlN , . 4 tlllllllCl't'HlI "I vat "WIN-atie-sl" Ham Avtors -1. Coninwrvial Club -4, One- Act Plays 4. Plays 4, Rand: Cont-wrt, Marvhing. Solos. tl-4, 'l'l'2lllSfCl' from Van llornt- il--1. ut- aboutf' IIlll'2lllllll'illS Il-At, Na- P A tional llonoi' Soi-it-ty 2.-tl. Arrow f 5 sr L l'A'l'4Y NI ll Ill H' lil-lll'l':ll Nut lull sllllrl alllll lllll loo lzlll lllll just Illillll swllll :lllll llllvd in lll." lizlslu-lllalll 1-II-Zi, Yulll-yllalll X l, ll. A. X. .1-4, llllllllg l, I,:l1lll 1 Ulllll 1-2, Nll lllllill llulllll' Sm-illty .--l, PMG l-J-Cl--1, llldilnl' PMG V1 llzlllll: Uulll-lll'l lxl1ll'l'lllllg, Solos 3 Sax Qllalrll-I l-2-Z!-Al, Nlillslrl-l I! l'l'lss 'l'l'el'ls l., l. v n. S'l'l'IXX .X Il'I' l l.XNN.l lil-ll:-lull l lllilf In-vllllsv l xxnllldll'l 1ll'lll'll.'v' ul lJllIl, lIlll"lllllll"lli "-l llly olll- 'l xl'l'0W Slllfl' l. X . ..ll I'IS'l'lllCll .NNN SHlJlClllll.U1 Ml llK'lll'l'ilI l llull'l :lvl llllv il Dl't'kll'llQ'l" - 1 s kid." I.:lllll l llllm I ' ll llll .Xl'Illl's 2-II--l l HGH. Il, llllv .-Xvl I' lllys .., I.llll.ll3 l'lllIl II-rl, Al'l'llW Slllfl' Al llll'll.Xllll l'.I,llllIlDlll'I xQ.fl'lt'll lllll'l' "l'zlIl mlks l'I'0lll lillll- 1ll'l7l'llS ,.,l'llw." lllll'i lllllll Avturs ..-.3-4 ,'Xl'I'1lXV Slillul. 1, Ulll' Avi l w w lllllll'illS 5 1, lf. ll. .X. 0- 'lzlys " J. Qyfly 4- if H-a0w.4,,.OxAyM,,,q,JQf3Ll3UliZ l i ffwm My l , V l l 2 ll HHIKIJHN ll. KVNZ lil'lll'l'ill "Wl- lll'l' glad that yllll ill'U willl liuskl-Ilulll l-2-Il, Flllllllllll l 2-Il, 'l'l'all'k 1-2, lllll'illlllll'illS 4, N 1 .3 -r lllllr 1-..-.I-ll, All lligll Svlllm !'lalys 2. .XIlI.l'INl+I Hllll'l' ' Hl'lll'l':ll x-' Girls Kiln-1-Ulllll l. IIIVIIAIIIJ INN IAN .Xg'l'il'llltlll':lI "l l':lll'l will ful llallll .x4'lUl'H Ii. ILXYIIJ l'lll+IW .lllllgl-." lillskvl llvllvlwll l Ulll ' lllsillgf' 'l'l ll-li l lllll'Elllllll'2llS, I, F lf' -X 1" 'l l "ills Wil llllll lllllllol' lllzlkv llllll llalll 1-Il, Fllllllllll I!-1, Illll'1llIllll'2llS 4, X Ullllm 4 Class Vive l'l'm-s. 2, Band: Mari . r , lvl, 1-2-3--4, Illllll-el lilllld .1- slrl-I 33, Arrow Stuff Al. mg, lUIlCBl'l, f.2llill'lPl, Solos, Su: 4, Mill SENIOR CHARACTERI TICS Person Nicknames Pet Expression Hobby llugvi' Allai-i'fs Wliilvy lliililm lliililni lliililm tlii-lg llill llsiiimi 1'lizii'lr-y lliililizi lliilmlizi Hirls .loliii lli-i-gri-i- Vlll'l'll'Y Yilcv Hiiimlwi' l':i1 lloii-s l':i1 flli wit iii tlii- liiivlci-1 Vlii-wiiiu' gum Yirgfiiiisi Iiri-liiii .limiy flli Hush llolvs llvlvll lgl'll4'll lllwwlis flew' Xvllll S1'l'2IIbll1HlliS llmizilil Vsisliiiiaiii limi Ulu Hliiivlcs Nlzirgiii-vi Xlziiw-vllii Vliziliipslcy Vliziliipsliy li-Haul Sports llulwbllllv Vulxlull llur Oli llvgii' Xlipyii-g l5vi'iiiw-i- Vulliw-ll Vliiiiisy flomliivss Vollwtiiig' in-iii-ilm llsiviil l'i'vii' llzivi' 'l'lizil's liill' lll'l'lll'Nll'il Nl:ii'g1:1i'i-t 1'i'mv lllrnimliv llli lui' Vorii Suki- liwllvi- slciiliiig' llzirri-ll llaiki- llziki- Criiiiiiiy Skiing' llilyiiimiil llailu- llaiy llmi'T Izilu- illlj' wilmli-ii llllllllllg iiivklvs .laivk ll:-lrivli Spit Ilaill llziiiily .Xiimly XVuiiii-ii Klairiziii llii l"i'i-siiv llii l"i'm-sm-iii' Hoi- Wliiz Nlovii-Q liairl llllllll -luliii Uli Yl'2lll llllllllllg' l'ii:ii'l lliiliii Iwo Say lliiil lliiiitiiig: llivliniwl lililriilgi- llivli Ari- You liiilmliiiu' Noni- Willisiiii lisili-rls llill liiltll'l'l"V lslzisliy iii-1-lclii-N liz:-viiiuiinl l"m-i'g:iisimii lim' Hmnl llmll XVmiim-ii Al2llll'l4'l' liilruy Nlorliiil 'l'li:lt's loiigxli lloiiig' iiutliiiig' .lnsiii liimilvll -lmly flli 4'i'iiiiiii.v Sports limi-llai llllllll llosvy Ari- you lciililiiig llm'xi'lvzivlc rimliiig' l'lNlll1'I' llziaivk Sin-4-ml Hli no lm- sliaitilig Slt'W2ll'l llziiiiisi Sin-4-il 'li-u Wliiz llllllllllg' llmiiisi llaiyi- llzwiiiuii llmiiiii' Ili-zivviis l'ull4-vliiig' 1-li-lvliziiils Al2ll'lllll llziwisoii Sliziiiglizii llosli lliiixi-lizii-li riiliiig' l'liyllis ll:-aiioii ln-l'fy flli lsli lliwsi-liiivlc riiliiig' lioliwt llilliairil Hilwry Nlmni llv svz liulillvrii-liiilg: Ambition AlllSll'l2lll lim-tm' lllo ln' il 'mol Nll:ll'lC flwii il giiiii l':ii-toijx' Hu in l':llil'. Hi-4-i'0t:ii'y 3l:ii'g:':ii'i-1 Nolliiiig' ili-l'iiiitv l.o:i I vi' Nvviwt ai rx' , . l'illg.l'Illt'1'l' liiiiili-i'g'zii'ti-ii lviivlivi' Navy , . l' 2ll'Ill mg' .xX'l2lllllll llvziilty iipoiwitoi' Wimiziii Noi liiiig Nom- Wurlq iii iii-vlciiv l'zivtm'y r w ' ' laixi ilriwi' Ho lo Soiilli .Kim-i'ii':i Si'4'l'0l:ll"V Sl'1'I't'l2Il'.V Nltl1ll4'ill lll'UllK'SSllblI l'i-ui-luis!imitimi H1-I il juli l"oi'vs1i'.x' llii-lik will- 'llu lu' il lll'm'l':lsllll:l1u1- Person llnh- llihnor iiit'il2ll'ti lnninn Dtbllllil Hin- .lulinsnn lCInm':i King lit-ith linnnvlc .lim Krnst- ttmwltm linnx 'l'lnnn:ns limwkhnrt i'iYt'i'YIl Nlvliit-vrt' Ninn-5' Mt-Iwrltt Int-Z Nlvrm-lnint l':ltsy Nl ilroy Shirlvlv Nltmrv Ahh-n Nlurrismi l'hylIis Nviting .Xrh-nv Uhrt Maury i,2ll'lll0it'I' Virginin lla-ml . . ,. iXi2ll',lUI'l1' iXlt'ilil rits t'l:ii'vin-u Svlkvn llnnnn Snn-tm-r Rt'l'll2lti0iil' Sniith l'IstIn-1' Ann Smltililmnn lilnyal Sprnttu Vullm-ii 'l'nyhir Hairy 'l'nImin l"rnnlelin 'Prinihh' Doris Wnlkt-r Hit-hnrtt Whip ph- SENIUR CHARACTERISTICS Nicknames Short X llit-If llonniv lirmrn lflyt-s lcllthllgjil Pussy NYintly th-tl Klan- Han' llnrlc lflyvs l'nt Shirt Stiwii' lim' 2-' . Phil -lt-nnniv .I vu nn in lmgs Ut'l'Ti0 lint t-h Snwtz Burney Sally 21 t'm'0:l 'Pohl i"l'2lllii H21 ppy lillhhlvs Pet Expression Hobby Ambition n clon't rnnlly wnnt tn I n'nnhln't tvll Iilvtlit-illv know? Yv Hosts Svc hon' lzitv I vain stny ont th-t Hnrrienl Wt-ll what mt'y:1 think Fishing' Uwll gl hilt glmp Uh llvnvt-its lltmggwiiiiit Hutt-lni Iizihy lling:-how llntt-lin Iizlhy Uh tlvv Uh l'rp ,lvnpt-rs Diner lrnst it 1 tmml llvzlvvlis Unnio zihvt- knl Yun 1 liithtingr Uh Shin-ks 1 It s Awtnl Uh lhirn it tlosh llnly Vow .I vopers Eft lads An' Shin-ks I"or pity szilu-s Johor Uriniiny Uh von tiollx' XVOIIIUII ytlil llmst-hzn-k rnllnn' II0llStWX'lit' ' .H Itnllviskntnig Snilm- ,.. I' ltllljl' nhl WI't't'ifs Nlziriin' Slmrts i,t'2ll'l' 0t't'it'vr lJ:nn'ing' ' Uhvnnst Siiililllg' Nnrsv 1 . . Swiinnnngf 'l'u trnvt-I ont ot this vmlntry Hogs l'. 'l'. tvnvin-r i:'l'lYlllQ.l' vnrs lhrlitiwail svit-ntist t'nlh-1-tin-1' things H . li0llSl'XViiit' tloin-" tu tht' 1-nnntrv Uni' n nvn' vnr Elllti wntvh ont tnr vnnhn-ts tint-ss l"niInrt- Sports Nlllsim' it'2lt'ilt'l' l'4n-try IM smnvtliingr g'rt-nt Nlvll NVull'1'ss Vnllvvtiiigg' 4-hinn shin-s l'. 'l'. tt-an-ln-r .Xthh-tit-s t'uzn-h ltolh-r skating None Smwzlplvonk Nothing: Vinnn playing' Nllrsv t'oll4-1-ting grnns .Xnytliiiigf Init n I'nrnn1r Sports Writvr llursvs lilIj't'l' :intl til'Sig.Ellt'l' lit-nmlitig' Snilnr Sports 'l'vnvln'i' Pnrtitls S2li0SllIllll H! if ri Sw Q la l Dum: Schmidt Hold! Prlmmu Walk! Sha Mnlvln Hallock as . . Gonldins . Din! MJ' Auf sg, A 5 an Collnu , John Mmm. P- Gwduu. V.-P. Human. sxr. 'vc' 7? L. Juno Rolllnlon 0 , 5 ,md I . Dunn: Elvin Cu-ol Hgppg Wwdl H370 -88-A 'W 'Pi 'T' ,MQ an sn can Lonsuo om Furman Wlhm 2 Shirley Bot!! Mnxloris ' Josephine F ry Hocfh Adams ' PIIHQQII Q Q, .. .As W ,. va... . - 1 .. Bernice Tumor 3? 1 pr. 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Il'fIl'Ilill!' ill Ilu 1111.11 Nl Iuuvlu 111 XYill4I III' il 111'11f'i111l1l1- .Y1-111' ul' 1'XlN'l'il'll4't'S. l'l1iu1u1I11- lux! g'l'211lll11l111g' 1-lzlsg III' N111'11111I 'l'l':l?!l:!IQ', lu-1-11l1x1-111'1-1111I'l11-ling'NIHI1- l1111's.s11 il N --111111 1111 Ill :111 111'g':1111x:1Ii1111 Il1:1l is x111'1- 111 lu- 111isu1-1l ill Y, ll. S. N l F Wt w n ,uw V HIGH SCHGOL GIRUS DI RY Nov. 28, 1945 Swing Show Dear Diary: Oh, swoon, swoon! The vocal department had their annual swing show toight. It was super duper. La Vonne Robison portrayed Carmen Miranda, hubba hnbba! Colleen Gordon, Iris Dav- is and Carol Harper did a swell job with their solos and I've decided that Keith Johnson is just all right. Dec. 12,1945 Dear Diary: An ex-grad talked today. Mmm. He was easy on the eyes an-d interesting too. He was Keith Mossmau. Ile reported on his work piloting planes from the United States to South America. All the girls are trying to hang on to tl1eir ready steadies with Christmas just around the corner. Dec. 21, 1945 Christmas Dance Dear Diary: V. Il. S. sadly said goodbye to Miss Hogard today. Aldie's "Rythm Masters" dedicated a song' to her on their Truth or Consequences program. parting is so sad. Feb.1R,1946 NV. P. A Week Dear Diary: Well, believe it or not, it is here at last- W. l'. A. week. From the way dad growled when I asked for a loan, I dou't believe he appreciates my big moments, but. oh brother, I do! 'We really had a big time at the box social and you should have seen cute Jim Christy and Sanky. Feb. 19,1946 Dear Diary: Supposed to go ice skating tonight but no ice. We just had to take in the movie. It would have been cheaper to ice skate. ' Feb. 20, 1946 Dear Diary: What. do you know? Study night--f-and be- lieve me I really learned a lot! So did Colleen. She vowed never to date Aldie again. Feb. 21, 1946 Dear Diary: Jeepers. we went to the show again tonight. PIII nearly flat. After the show Iris ordered a coke hoping Duane would do the same. but I guess boys can never take a hint. Feb. 22,1946 Dear Diary: What a let down! I managed to just scrape up enough for the dance. tI took a little from Jr's bank.l And then we didn't have it. The phonograph broke. The game was exciting any way. even if we didn't win. March 10, 1946 Dear Dia1'y: The folks are at church: so all's peaceful i11 t.he household. The glee club concert was this afternoon. Jeepers, now. I can't. decide among Bing. Frankie and Mr. Baxter. He is simply wonderful! The whole concert was super. I only wish I could carry a tune. March 19, 1946 Dear Diary: Handsome thinks he wasted a good R0c to- night, cause by the time we got down to the Arrow show the building was bulging. Oh well, he must admit it was for a good cause. But- -fnow I have to pay his way to the show come tomorrow night.. This man shortage is getting the best of me. Well, must dream of a way to catch a more dependent man. March 28, 1946 Dear Diary: You know if I but had a little ability I,could have gotten out. of school at three today as did the play cast to make their debut at Iowa City. The play "I Shall Be Waiting" went and it is bound to bring us honors. March 30, 1946 Dear Diary: Well-they did! Colleen Taylor and Helen Hays received certificates of recognition. It was all because of their outstanding reading ability at Iowa City. Helen about had a "college man" at her heels. It seems as if he heard her telling of her liking for college freshmen. He was one. Church again in the morning so goodnight. April 5 and 6. 1946 Dear Diary: I didn't write Friday. You see I got out of school to be in tl1e music contest that was held here and I was busy all day and tired at night. I just got home from it now and we did all right both in instrumental and vocal. April S, I9-Hi Dear Diary: A few senior classes missed the silly T. N. T. girls today. They are conducting the Three It's in the country this week. No doubt they'll have some interesting things to relate at the termina- tion of this. I bet they at least will have a little 1no1'e sympathy for their teachers the remaining four weeks. May 3, 1946 Dear Diary: My flowers are a wreck. My formal is fright- fully dirty but. oh. what a perfect night! My last Jr. Sr. banquet and honestly those juniors know how to entertain. It's frightfully late but tonight was something extra special. The end of a per- fect day. Ho Hum! May 10, 1946 Dear Diary: "A Case of Spring" fitting enough for our play and an all-star cast that was equally as fit- ting. I'1n sure the heap big crowd was well pleased. They couldn't help but be! Another thing looked forward to went off with a bang but I'll always remember it. It was colossal! I mean really. May 12, 1946 Dear Diary: Tonight was rather quiet. We had our bac- calaureate services at the Methodist church and everyone looked so solemn in their caps and gowns. The wasps and fire flies flitting in the windows added to the scene, somewhat. It doesn't seem possible that Friday is the end of high school. I11 a way I hope Friday takes a long time getting here. This week is senior week. The week when all seniors spend most of their time at school. In a way I wish I were a freshmanhbnt it's too late now. March 29, 1946 Dear Diary: Now I'm no longer a school girl. I'm both glad and sad. I must admit I cried a little. We seniors held class day today and got the deluxe edition of the '46 Arrow. It is worth llly 92.50. I love it! We had commencement tonight and its so dIff6l'6lII being a part of the audience. Or being the audience, reason for being there. I walked off the stage for the last time as a student i11 V. H. S. with regrets. I'll look at my diploma once more and then I'll say thanks for the memor- ies. I told the girls I'd cry and I am. Goodnight I9 w 1 .Wa ,YI I uv Illws Ylvllrntll Ylru. lhlllnll .. , uh-n mul Wllsu lfllil I. Ylisy XXUUIX1- 9. YI Iii WIN D if FACULTY APSHOTL .rf-"""""" rtnn 2.5lr. ylIlll!lllllllll 3l.Wll'. Nlm-.Xllistn-I' 4. Ninn Ilogrurql 5.!lr, frm- li.Wlr. Snnth T.Wllsu l'Illth-lnhfll r. lhuh-r I0. Wll-s Luvzw ll. Wlius linlpfor l2.8lisn l'opnff IIi.WIr. l'npA-. His, Skung lI.!lru. I.u1-kv! as Illllllkl' IT. Tlr. WI1-Ullsivr IS. Miss Yvvllle ISI Wlrs. WlvXlv0 20 Ylr. lluxlcs nlul Ulr. I-'po 2I. Nlism Vhi! fs-r 22. Wilma l'npul'l' und Miss Ilumkv. I1 ln ARRUW TAF F 'Pup Ill!!!-1yIIlIll'it'1' liilruy. 'I'um l.o1-kluwl. .lim Iirusv. Rivlmrd xxllilllillh l'Iul'1-ll1'1- S1-Ikon. SIl'lY!ll'l llllllllil. Zlrnl Ihnw--I-Islln-r Soul:-l'InI1mm, Iloris Hnlkvr, Wlllrm-4-llxl Vllallllpskp. Nix-lmrul l':I1II'i1IlLl', Ifll'IlllI'll llllllxlll. Slnirh-3 Yloorq-. .ltlllll liumlq-Il. 2ll1l Hun-l'hplIls Nh-ling, l'oIl4-1-n 'I' A . . Ist Ikon-llrglniu lll'1-Inn. Ylurg 'I'nhin, Phyllis II1-uloll. Wllss linipfa-r. Pxllsp Wlllrnp. Vlurgn- llif-lmrnlrum. I1lIl'ilIl nplnr, YIlll'H,'Ill'l'1 Frou, Ilnnnu JOIIIINIIII, Nlurx I':ll'm:lI1'r llounn Ilan-mon I.lll1Isu-3. , . , . . . , . .., . -v.,,, .1. ,1..,, . .,..-,. . ' .1 1 . .1. - 1 1 1 1. 1 '11 11- . luznrllx' 111 II11- lull Nllxx lx111pl1-1'. s111111sm', :xml H11 N11-Allim-1', :11IN'is1-1', UI"!l'illllfllll II11- .X1'1'11x1' sl:1l'l' xxiill ll.1l11i11 Hillm llltl l'11 llillm ls 11111lit111x 1111l Vlllllll l111l1I1 111 1xl111x1111v1111111--11 Q'11111l111IIi11g' I'il111 11111l 1111111-1' sl1111't:1g'1-s ll11- shall' 1-11111-:1x'111'1-1l 111 llllllil' 1l11- .xl'l'llXY :lx luig' :xml :ls i11l1-1'- i'Nllllp1' 115 111ms1I1I1-. l'l111I11 1-1l1t111's 1-1111l1l 111- N1-1-11 lll'l'lll'l' 111111 ill,ll'l' wI11111l x11-11111111--' -i111111x ul' 1 , . , 1 , I ' IIINIIS- ' '5lllllllllN 'l'l1 -l11111-- 1 ' ' ' ll0l'llllg' .' 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Miss liIlillfl'I', Nh-unrl Ilnunu. yl2llII'il'l' nil After eight months of hard work and horseplay. we've completed the "Arrow." We wish to thank everyone who helped to make our annual possible. The "Arrow" Staff Y , CHA BER OF CO MERCE vINTo , I0 A KICN Fl'IllI.l4Jll--Presitlent t'I.AlltI-I IIONlCI.S-Yicv-l'rt-s. YtIl,Nl'IY i'Al,MFil-Sccrotary t'HAlll.l4ZS li, IEAIIIIHN-'I'rt-asuro FIIANK IIIAIUKIGI!-liircctor FIIIGII WI:ltill'I'glIlIll-It"l'uIt KAIII. tl. IlU'I'llS-llirector ICAIIL l'IltVlN-lriroctor lill. I-I. lb. LUVI'I'l"I'-Director HARRY KIQAY-liirvctor W. I.. FUN!IMI!-Ilircctor SAM IIUISIG-lriroctor xnsfltnluvl-HHS IJULLAR S'l'OlllCS IMl'Ill-IMlCN'I'S .Q lll4II'AlllS ' IL ft- Kmlm, .Q Sung Ht-n Franklin Store Uantonwino ltttpair Shop Knapp Ahstrzwt t'o. A'l"I'tlllNl'lYS Iiotltlivkcr' M Iialifti Louis Uontcr llugrh Mossman I. .l. II. Milroy " 'l'ol1in anal liortlcwick RANKING ANI! FINANUIC lit-nton County Hank Ak Trust Co. lionton Uounty Finam-o Fo. F Stott- Rank ot' Vinton ' IKAIIIHGIQS 1 ltohison Ilarbvl' Shop IO, XYootifortI Ii:i!'IN-I' Shop lIIfll'Ill l'Alll.0llS llitws lit-or 'Favern Iliolmclt liver Parlor I, Pett-rson 'l'ap llooin Ill'lAU'l'Y SIIUPS Ilorraint- In-:titty Slloij 'l'ht- Vinton llcauty Slit IiICN'I'tJN l'tJllN'I'Y I-'ARM BVIIICAU P t'AI1'I'IS .lot-'S t':ifv Fe-llcr's 50 to 51.00 Storc l'ILl+Itl'l'lllUl'l'Y Ii I" X . 4.:. Iowa Ifllcctric Light K l'owt-r t'o Ill4IC'I'lilt'AL AI'I'I.IANt'l'IS llowd Appliance Fo. Ilitc Ifllcctric Shop Prescott lillcctric Shop Nick tlavalas Applianct- Storc Ill'IVA'I'tJltS Froning' Coal and Grain t'o. Farnwrs lilovator ICICI! S'l't1lll+lS MQVQ5' Food Store Vinton Farmt-rs Supply Alcorn k Farmvr Ifeml Stott- UNICIIAL IlIRI'X"'I'0IlS Fry anti Holland Miller and Alcorn ,U FIIIINITUIIIG Barnes anti ttrccn Furniturv t'o LOIIIST First AVI-nue Flower Shop I'alacc t'ot'ft-c Shop GAIIAGICS PANNING Iowa t'anniny,:' t'o. t'I.l+lANl1lIlS Motleru t'lt-ant-rs Iflrvin Motor t'o. Caxnbicr-Yan Wcchcl Motor t'o. tlellhorn Motor Co. Herman Fuehrer tlffciial tlaragc Walters lin-pair Shop t'IAl'I'lIlN4I fiII"'I' SIIOI' t t t'ann-ron 4 lothing' to. IvAlllll-IS I7 'l'ht- Vinton llairy lrI'ZN'l'lS'l'S Ilr. I'I. II. ITUWIIUII Ilr. Ilihhs Ihr. lloustlr IttIt"l't1llS, M. ll. '. Ilylc Koontz '. lil. ll. Lovett In in lir. Woodhouse- t'lllIlUI'llAt"I'tuIlS or. lint-rio H lbr. Martin US'I'IGOI'A'l'll llr. t'. tlwt-n Stookcy llI"I't iM I'l'I'l!lS'I' Ilills M Son ll IPF. 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AFFlIlIA'l'lfIli Ml'IlXIliI'IIlS I'IuI'I litllll' Ye-riic 'Fliotnpson .lack Norris Leslie Hays Harold Hartman SCHOUL ORGANIZATIONS ' AS A SENIOR ARTIST SEES THEM Col S'ln1'b7.Il .,..-- T,.1:f'fl.'."g1'.1L""' .. .. ..-3: M- ... Q..--.5 ffm . ...- -Q ...-4. Q. A - I V, '1Ax - 1 ,4 a I m x ' X Q 'f ,ja If I 'JI v x y' X! I flzj' . Url 'EI .XJ f em" 'L STUDENT COUNCIL 5 QV I I7 I I I I I I , ' ,r 1 t'l gfg LATIN CLUB L ' fe 9 9 y Q 2 4 r K' , lIQ l1 7 2 f ff' .,'5F52n 51.243-.-7. 1 .tru 4 f-1-: PUDPLE AND GOLD XX .ff x ix ,f ,f ' ans I -x 'N ' X4 v V , CONCERT BAND IAQ' BFE. JlE.L'Jl'.i'l-15 .41 fl fx Q fl X C-XA!-EA N : f X B, xj X ,V M .gig f "' K XZ! P, xl . 'E ff S A I s , 4 h 4 fffffflf , ? z .l7.3'L'Z:f.3l:7 I' HAM ACTORS I ToMoRRow's NEW TEACHERS kqT5f7 0 B W X , A I A kd: I I XX XS I '. fl xx N! . 'Il I .1 Il I lf' " 'f, , W Foo'raAu.1. SQUAD x I , X ff .-0 lsfcf ug f II , Il 9 - I ' Q-I' xx --0"-924' y -r,,,'-Aly-- :z ,' l2?7W7i'3::ZI L I B R A R Y C I. U B Wi' U51 J gx jj E . Q7 J3 s44fe FUTURE FARMERS 2606 64801 i I I i i I i i I I I i I . i i I I I I A

Suggestions in the Vinton High School - Arrow Yearbook (Vinton, IA) collection:

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