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 - Class of 1975

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Vinson High School - Vinsonian Yearbook (Huntington, WV) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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.g 2525 't' . 2433- A+ 5- Q- +--:n.g',,- 1, Fvwvlrv-Uv-fy.-,,,,...,.,..,.,. .-,.,.,,,,,.,,,,,,w , " Q, - ni x K 4 , yi -w- -1 x 1: s.. ,+A-ctr... ,- .1 . 5 -,, D. lg . 5 . J I ' gf Q u -.9 . .- . 2 ' ' - . . Q " ' HY- 7 ' 6 " - ' 1 'Q ' ,- - V Q Q 4 U I -I 1 q s a Q V, eg' u QQ' I ' . N. 0 X ' . Q' ,. .L ,-,,. ,E v' . V . . 'S Q 5 5 1 , 5 'Lg ' . ,- I ,ff 'A . Q-4, x tg, ,in 1-:1E': '1'w'f ' 1 ',5.f2V'ff9"5f'1f Q1if?5::QEEf-. M ' SAlfifzffL:21':5f:'E?',if3t,' 3 71i'3.'.-I1fi.f: .- ' 1 R 1 .5 9 ' '- .. q 4, iff' 4 'l'?i1'liQ'fj - K ., , Q ' Ff M k T ,Q Z X, A 'L---'s?S::-wT 'f-'-fb , 17.51 4191i --.NIE 2'-I-':?xflr1. 5-:1 J: fin 711: -111' .-: - ,- g ......,..- , 1 . .A... ,.. -,... . f ,g,.,1m .. S m ,-,1 ',- 3 :mg ,-Pm m i fi-1f.ii 1-X . X ff G:-.:'1f--.ff-W1-r '-wfasfff L-4,512 rss:-1 , -.,. ,...,-L . . ..,, , , . , ' ' , ' ' ' ' S- QL: :,aQiv5+Ga-ya ,,:QPff11,-:-.- 4pa:::f.:: ":4f21V :L-' - .:1f::'ff.3-21-'vid' -'T-C' PPS- , 'H' fr 1,11'1s.::::-'2'5:L1fiL:if-e,ef?:f:med-:'.2f:sQ 193552523 .OLMA , 23'-f .ff n-br bf , iF' c - .- .1 1 , yn V ay- f' ,-2. Af ,fu ' . 1 , as A1 -YT ' a . O . . . . . iff' - 1. JI.. Q , A U., l ' .4 - I , 1 - , -.'Q. . H X' ur -v . .w .. 1 ,lw-,,,-, -.. 44' 5, .,.., :. .3-, ..,N .. 1 . .1 .- .. -- 'Q 5,: -Y-l, Y .lr .'v1:fJ:r'- gulf, Q., V...4g.,, .M ,, ,.. if . , Ah-A fn:- , , --.5'-gn-Ya-N , 7 - p.w.'a.', 4- ' ,,,g,,,, 4-qw 1. , -af. n.. ff, :A 'wEff I' 'A .. 1grv1' F9 f.w?5i'i7'.':':n?"'. , . :Fi':' inf , -- m fa ' - .,-, -ww . - 3 .5-Q wg-XZ.A'w,a1W' ' 1' 31'-'Jw-' '-TA , 'li k ' M , -X I-.1 . Ei- .f,,5!,gij f .H '1 1' g,' nh. V wtf sig- '.-c '1.7,A.Q- . if L' '-'- 5. .wx -A :M ' ,. f -Qu - i ,A , ' '.,1.V,fhj-'i' 5?,1',""-.'fF2:f'f'-f - ' ' ii"'. A ---'Q-Yfsfif ' ' ""-' 4. ' .W Lg 241' E. I' o " " 'f-'1--.'Z11.""' -L" ,. A "' ' -ffm ' ' " - -' ' " J '7 if, .- .1 . x I- '. ' P., .. lv' x -Mp. , N 'v,: .,v g'?,g5f,,n . 4 hang., f,j.Wfp.s,T4'm. A h . ' ', 'xm- U' . ,.-X, ,. , . , , . ,, a year of happiness and frustration new friends . . . old friends beginnings and endings you wish it was ooer . .., or would last foreoer rnernories and thoughts of 74- 75 VINSCNLAN V1NsoN HIGH sCHooL HUNTINGTON, WV 1975 ,mf J V ,-J,-.i,1 . ,,-- A Qs, .aw ,, 4 l 1 actioities .......... 1 7 organizations ...35 CONTENTS junior high ...... faculty ........ 7 .... fall ................... 49 classes ............. winter ......... 7 ..... 67 seniors ............. spring ............... 79 advertisements T 4 'i mrwffug' W HE DOCTOR happiness is charlie brown cdnterbury nostalgia andPPP ,g.,g... 1 N Epmxftdi to mysebf look into my own soul to others- I look to you.. . ,ix X. f . H 1 nothing great was ever accomplished without enthasiasvn ! f I I f 6' 430 if 1- ,iw X Y'-...v ""'-E1 ...A ' ,L -wr i 13 Y .-. -N M. ,...,n...,X.v .Q-H ff-Yew 1, wTf . . , , N a 1 ur! Y -,?g,'it.LT. k iwgfxl I . .2 'E .1 . gxsxx' X " N y 4 W xx' W , NX x fr V N I .-fa em. 'X 'W 'X W 5 1 w 1 fly, o ' ' 5 t .s,, W Q 5 W, K.. ..v.,, . . A .4 , vcffwff ,fgw W, ' .1 . , , A . f . .af - Huh-2553 f , 1- -f fz,,?:4 1 - ,5,g,1',' , " g+.J:z f"'??i" 'EWS 'f flz 5 4--f. Qflilg A ii ' va-tSsr"' fx " , f- M 0'3"'f :Ewa ,Q " , " 4 fbi- ..'.f' V ' reg hw -'95-"'i4z"fQ,-K.'f".,., '-.1 -2 .wggk-1' ,.. ". . -f-...a M, - .A-, ,,lf1:mk.,- S,.g.f...,,',5 11. 024 . , . ., m v. 5 Q ag, .015 to ev beginning there c an end and to every end there is also a beginning ' . V I I, 'A A" zfagq' ' Q55 V i 'j g ,-,e3g5g, mg,fwwf ,f gwwyg F ,yff at A W ,M nytig5g5,3w4i :Q e',,' if ,W f.-f f wa+f4 i"fa4' W c,.1. 9. 1 1 E' ff 'Q afr'a1f'5'?9i , Q, pi z5"'+Q W -l Aff 2' Y' I w,g,,,e+ ,M Qfam fi g, v ifgf L . , lkx 5! f'e'1u,w 41, 'wiv , Q535 g r Q31 . , QV " , :wig ' "Q A se 5 W,,,wN ,QA A ' -Q '- .?'.i.,..1-eff 2- Q. 'i ff"- '-I' i'i.w',i- 5:5123 A-wx?,, 'Msgs W2 .in ., r ,,,,,. 2, 1 wap. .- f is , , .15 .' " wvfvf lu V wry: :A-341: i-ELA ,at ' af. f , fig, LY ',r! 'Ju f ffwV?1L M 22 5" " a'81,w.,f 5 1 ,- 11. ,M- -ffgl fm. ' , it Y ff ' '-.z ti ' ,ss 7 " giffam- ',.gjws,,gc,gv,v ., , ii, J 'ef Wegmgdkw M- v 2 .,-V w,,.xr A W'i mn3m ' 'MN . fQ?a,5Z'... , fn ' ': ,rg-M f-,Q , ., .. ' A - , fx., ' . . ' , ' '.-x:g1,,.5E,.i:-4 i -W . ,. .....,,,.,. an giiee We Q vf f 3 1 i sf 1 4 -f. sb K r x we 2 if if 'K gf 'Wa 32' 'fit Kiki? ' Z 1 V fe gn 1 145 I "' 'M 'xl it .3 5, W . 592 In 5 V Xl' 1 W V 3 K ' L 'A iY2.V QV! ' 1 Hg K u Q f Q 'I , Ha? ,M ey 2 if 'lax ,, ,W k . E-tw " v ' ""' F' ' 'ff V fl 'K 4 3 4 M 4 1 ,QL ' A ' Zgfai In U A W 2 ff 2' 'ZX K " ' , ,2 ' g ' if ' ' , . . hi v ,Q W 1 h 1 gi?" is i fri af gn? T 1 Q' L? , rr Q X up yt 4 5 f x tix! ,if ff " M L I 4 i fi, 3, 'V , . 6' f' rp 1 it f ' Q nf 4 KW F 59,61 gc , f s ffm, KEQM Sai' K M ,A 'Y - 15 in ' ,Q 'ae 4 , J 3,2935 if f r- 54 N 5,43 'Q Z if 'ff E + X 51 av A Q 1 ,ES nz K+ ir X 59 we Mft, A 16, f it 7 KVA r N 4 2 Q if Sf 'V if J Q? 423 ai 9 . .W K 'av at Y Q4 ,M , . V if fz- 7 A N A ACTIVITIES IDE Pep assemblies encourage the team and inspire the stu dents. A WELCCME BREAK N 1.9 National Honor Society Assembly The Good News Chorus came to sing for the student body one afternoon. 20 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSEMBLY WEN, Winners of the student government election Were: Hoyt Maynard-fpresj, Larry Rucker-Qvice pres.j, Debbie Bai- ley-Csecj, and Roy Compton-Qtreas.j. WEEKI W SHI GTO Iudy Mc Donald and Scott Holliger Alternates: Cheri Bocook and Kevin Lucas BUYS ST TE F I :nu in .fy lv: -kid I Danny Radar Greg Wright GIRLS ST TE Judy Mc Donald Beth Legg Alternate: Debbie Bailey CLASS TOURN EY Tip-off! The Iuniors de- feated the Seniors in the class tourna- mentg but, as usual, were beaten by the faculty. VOICE OF DEMOCRACY Participants in this contest, sponsored by VFNV Post 1064 and Auxilliary, were Peggy Pyle, Judy Hatfield, Torn Hat- ten, Kevin Lucas, and Iudy McDonald. Each had to Write and tape a speech to be presented. Chosen as representa- tive for Vinson this year was Iudy McDonald. Mr. Gibbs sponsored the contest. AWARDS Many awards are given out during the year. We have included as many as possible in this sec- tion. Photos of other award winners were not available. MR. LINEMAN Ir. High Vincent Macri ALL WAC FOOTBALL Bruce Hollis and Buck Conard Senior Football Awards were received by Tony Reed, jim Hardwick, Randy Wiles, jeff jackson Rick Smoot, Buck Conard, and Bruce Hollis. , nw ,. . ..i,. ,...,,c wma 1 W ei,, . , HCM ww -:My--w SPECIAL OLYMPICS Cary Patton Won the County Champion- ship in the 50 yard dash for 12 year olds. Farris Harrington won the county Cham- pionship in the 50 yard dash for 15 year olds. The following team mem- bers received Senior Bas- ketball Awards: joe Evans, Tony Reed Qalso all Tournament Teamj, Mark Garren Qalso All Confer- encej, Sam Wellman, and Barry Mosser. Not pic- tured is Mark Byard who also made all Tournament Team. Below, Tony Reed receives an award from Coach Smith for Out- standing Contribution to Athletics. Baseball team members chosen for All WAC in- cluded Creg Brown and John Lambert. Not pic- tured are Ieff Ratcliff and Chopper Wellman. ,f V7 Cathy Deal, left, was awarded the Ameri- can Legion Citizenship medal. Sam Well- man also received this award. "'l"2L Danny Kauff, above, received the West- moreland Women's Club award for scholar- ship. Louise Jenkins, left, received the Robert C. Byrd Award for academic excellence. Also receiving this award were Ioe Evans and Danny Kauff. All maintained a 4.0 academic average. 29 Mark "Dr. Saxv Paxton received sev- eral awards including All Area Band, the Iohn Philip Sousa Award, and an award from the US Marines as an out- standing musician. Under the guidance of Mrs. Lynch, the following chorus members achieved high honors in the state: Ieff Smith, Ann Watts, Karen Wood, Lynn Dain- ron, Scott Hollinger, Kim Watts, and Vickie Allen. l BICHIE CUNNINC-HAM-Ir. Football, Student Awards, Division Pages CATMY DEAL-Baseball, Majorettes, Homecomin Club, Seniors, FHA BETH LEGG-Mr. Vinsonian, FBLA, Cheerleaders t Government, Sports g, Music Awards, Clee , Victory Dance JUDY MCDONALD-Theme, Christmas and Sweetheart Dances, Drama Club, Graduation, Medical Careers BONNIE RICE-Sr. Football, Track, Vinsonian Sta DEBBI RIGCS-Honor Society, Band, Homecom Voice of Democracy, Prom KATHY SHELTON-Tiger Tales, Ir. Honor Soc Seniors KATHY SLOVER-Vinson Family, Tigerettes, Baseb KIM SMITH-Tennis, Y-Teens, Sweetheart Dance, ff, Spanish ing, Christmas Dance, iety, Ads, Ir. Victory, all, Colf, Prom Faculty Miss Vinsonian DAVID WAIN-Assemblies, Jr. Basketball, Chess, Bowling RANDY WARD-Basketball, Class Tournament, M Special thanks to Cindie Boster, Carol Irwin, Scot who helped with typing. Color pictures in theme section taken at Ethan Alle tographer, jim Ellis. u Alpha Theta t Hollinger, and others n Carriage House. Pho- YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN Charlie Brown reflects on the value of a pencil CAST MEMBERS Scott Hollinger ............. Charlie Brown jim Wilkes ................................. Snoopy Sandra Darby .......... .................. L ucy john Lambert ....................... Schroeder Marshall Hollinger ......... .......... L inus Ann Watts .................................... Patty STAGE CREW Kim jordan, Beth Darby, Mark Pax- ton, Cindy Wright, Steve Finley, Kim Watts Friendship is a girl's best friend. Schroeder "plays it up A TAR I BOR Snoopy revs up. Patty, Linus, and Lucy take a blanket break. QNOOPV Stage crew ik , ,,,f,I,fii .x,,V -A sq v .551 Ve, VVVVVV V ,W V Vw Vu ,QV 'wi ,, V ,VV E. , . 5, .VV VV , ,V , , , , , T . V if VV , ,V V ,,,, 52 VV, - V ,,, 1 V 252 H V2 ,V 5 rf 26? V I. V V, VV MVV,VVV VV VSV .. ' "' V' V W g V 55, V ,, ,,,, . .V 9 , ,,,, . . my Lis , .J . ,fag g , uf.. V V M, ,N , Q ,JV fr . ,... ,, . , ' hr, - aw V-:VL XVV- V, V JV 9 , 3 'V kwa! , Q 'V V , V V -,,- V V ' V 'V 1 , , g V V W' V ' . ,.,. , . . ,. .. - 4 PV ,V .- V ,V,VV . -.Jgwm -EVM, 15, VNU , L ,, MM, . k ., I , .V . , V wx VV VVVVVV, V V V . , .23 VV 1 V, A 'V EYV'f2EVL!?fVyViVi'W11 12-EV :gt VV VM - 3 ,w ks ::"' Vg, 5"'f V"' " I' V rf' 4" V? f- Lx 5 1:-,if " V f " 55' V1V ,i 1' " ,lb Q ,,,..,i,:V 'Q 1,igV,,gVfg,VLW1 VV VgV.g:,V,, 5:.:gg::. V heqi:VVsmgVVsmMs2QaVsVV2pg95g'g V .V,g, V ' M V, if EMT? 1-2? 5-9519. Vt g.V , me V I , V Wx j iV " gV V V . 5, , VVffV?fs. V r I W :f1'.IiV V1QMweV2nfV- Vs V an . gs, ,pw + ' . VV. , VV f 5 ,g V Q VV ' m emes V ig 5 V V ,V V M V V , ' A' " V - V V , V A 1 ' V ,, ,, , , V . ,V -V V , V ,,,, VV , V, V ., V. ,V V V Vna'EaM 5,.g ?Aiigiiij 2: s' , N 3l" ..,i.:3g:Vcig3g mfifliilis ,gg QQI' ,, . b A Zjf?ZQkf. V l . ., ,,..,, 1 My ,, i, ff g"' VV V , , . V V V h--- -V : VV V V , ,f t eg g ', V N V Q-4 VVL' -V -if 'Vs X V V., VV 1, - V Viv V VV ,VW ,NV-V-VVg.V:mV.V:f1VfVVVV -V . f s ? V V V V V V 1- 5 V ,V VV VEFYWW 'V ff-'wa' gg .. -. V-3 Sm -V Na? ff' V idfwgg Q VVV L V- L 'V N?-V-" V 1 "'- ' ' V V -"" V V V ,M 2 n Vi if . ,ww V ' J - - - V V V V V VV VV V -V V.:wV:Vau -f,f,1..,zf V A V - V. fm, Vw - V ,' 1 Y VV VV ,V V21 , ti ..... ,. S , ,.q,,5..,. .... . .... 0 ..,. . , .. . . ,.,,. . .. VV ----- -, ----- , ---' VV wa , fy V , Z,VV2fJi94?7 If-.Vf,VV, , l A KVA V -1 U5 -:'E:5"i' xi QI Q, M, , 3, 5 11 -5 LZ' X wMgg4fJ ' kz ,V 'E:gQ5Qjig5ZfiiVi1+ mayk:5:,5:kgV,,g,,,y 953' VV ,,,:, V ' av V' 4 . 5-rf ' - " i1gqVaVV2,f.Wqfk,sV V11 :,,V, , ' 1 'V . . . MQW-' Y J V V , , ,,,,, ,, . , . . , V V V V V V V fP"'2V"V:i 11 V?"iV'V'55W75f5W 51425 A a V.VAEV- .LSV If 1.65 Sii g r A g2VV4: k5 :?5ff Mi, V1 flffii.. Wgqyf gf gm My 553 gg-g5g55,Mg55g,giV5,1Vk,,L,,bV,, ,gn mggiggg Vzikkail 5WV,,V,, MEWW, Q V , . .. V V ,. .,.. . V , , V. ,V ,,V ,F JW wi, f":'if"V51'q2i , szVgVl4",3N,, Q I , .ff .,-fn: V V ' V fkifiklxwfw :Va + V 'Zzfwz'--msamasw M VV ,Q sqgf, - fl ,f 155 9 n z , .win 3' W ,V Q ' - as Q VV V M ' f' QV QV ' ,VVVVVV f rVVVVmVwVV:f, - VVVV N, V , V 3 ,. ,.E, 5v. P, ,, V H gg -g, Q , ,V , if fV A VV . V, an . , ,, eg, rf 5: V V, VL V QM-Q Hu- V- , 'V , .1 vs, V V V .. VV V V ' VV . V " ' , , VV VV ' d ,, A VV ' ,,,V VV 2 an "" ' HS ' j 'V V7"'5":5:m:'W4'f"V 'VV?f5f?ff'f!153'1ii5i.V.f.! V IV ,V ?7i3VV?M3Wi'3VlfQz! K'9ff?21?:"5sV!1'fV' 5' -" 5 V 15' V 3.-P J - - V s g K 5? S, V , WV Vliigg p g' ,Q , 5,2 V, V5 - V V 35,4 V. 5, .ggigiqr N2VgS..3V,,V,g,,,, .MQ Hyggiwgtim M' 'V "mars V- 'V bf- 'V V A gg ., VV, ,, V5 ,V VVVVQV V V ,, V 51 ,.., V VV f?, 5E 5fk5 :V 3? fu iv' ' V V ' ' VV: V :Vg 5 V sf Qiiif' 5 VV V' V -V V' . I VV V V QW " f,'1'V5:S 5?fV V, ,iil - fbi W ,,,, . ,g,,.,mg.5,E3g.5 VV, V ' V' -' ' ' " ' " .. V Vif iy . QW - VV iw- 5 I' V VfV V ' 3 I - W' 'Wu jeff? ,K ,'V?W, 9! ,Q ,, i. ' V5 , ' . 'vi U QV ,iff '!?O!5?hf5' ' ff Miki ',,'9V3r?i N :f-K Fiilwiilizeiifiif353555395 xsi91V',VEif5i252EV2ii?VVVVnzVfwiijpegi55qEi:QZggiQ55:iQfL,VVVVVVVgVV,' V"VVV,- M, V,,kV,,VggV ,,,, V, 5,3 ggg,gg::A2,p,,V,g VVV, V.VQ,g2VgV flTWV1?',,ll,ZQI7f7 VVVVJ ,,,,,,,,,, Vp f V S iw fi ZWS V VV V .V , fill, g,,,,V,,, Nghg, V. ,, ggi QQ i, ,, 5. ,I aV 14V 3' . V " fi? gi, EI V . N V 1 V VV mg: , QV , ' - . 32 54 v l N V 4 V, W' N"' V VV . ' .Ma ii V 5 ' V V 5 I .EVZXLXVE V 5 . - V : W ,V V -s a V ' - .HE s w - gw' jiVV,V?j ' 2 'V X 2 XSSQQVVV VWVV . V, . em , ue.. Q V, e,V.,,,VV ,VV MA 3 1 L 5 V g Vial! VV EA V : V' H ' fV 1zg1:2,..:VE 2,,VQg,, ffl """ - M -51 60 ' PM -- Wi , ' , , 1 'fPV Y 1 1 'V V55 V, ,TW " L5:5 i3F:Vffi"'95f5g2?55PE?? 3?Vi?,Vffii?'f5i5i?9VV:fV V. "5 if T 1153 :SV-: A F M S ' V 9' ?f:'fbtS5, ,," 'iff gl 3351 ilUf9221i4'V1i "fini"2VUH'EV5i5V59V15L'iT,J'i5?SLTzQ'Q,V':A1::1:'. 'V ii V15 '1 wk Mg, ,. ,V fV,1f,L,' A ,,,w,5jWgL k,X,,,L:7, gggkkjjmj55.,,giL,,Mg' V X V V 7 V N . FH? V A ' 5 , V' V ' V '53 Y ' ' V FH, 5 ,V VV VV ,V , ,,gi,l5 A - FV' : ' I "' V k ' w if VV , V V p, ' if VV ff: SV V' V ' V, V. V I , 1 V ' VVVVVV ss: V- 'V Vw VV m- 0.4 1: -22 V V 'T -f , 22 V V V ' S , , W VV V V if VV V k VVV V1 ':':i.:'53.1Vi5'5", 1 V VVV V VVVSV? V:ffV:Vf.5V 5 V VV " H55 - Q V 'V ' V, V,,5 , ,, ,, ' g V JU gf V . . 5 ffia wg iii. AV EW , gig? kt,Ym,ggV ,V, ,i , ,V s QV" 'W' V V , F 1-, V f2V -V V V YHV . :H , 'M V ,V 5 V, V, Q V 4 2 , V 2' ' ' VM VVVV Q QF V V ,,V , ,,,,, .V ., , ,V . M ,,,, , , za ,, , E3 VVVV ,V .VQVV . V . , V 5+ A Q 3 , A, E, Li VV V 5 95" , ,, , , VQSVVVVXV Ml'iiw,VVii V.sVVg,,V,,g,'V rgggii VsV.2255-7f'VVii4'7'f'Inf Vilylgiiggiipfk VQ'V?5s5EE:ii.5iLVV.,Va2V:2V'VisVi5iVEiiWL79' 'ii2ff3S12i??2:J2V,' 0 Q 'f 53155519 L , iff ,SV V QVVVVZVV if 54.55.f5:2EE5.?S.V3V,-'VVVV S KVVVEEVHEVEL,ii'VVVVV,V'EV V1 an VVVV 'ii '5 1' V fe 'VV-LV,"f'.i1.:lV.V5EV:1.gAVf 7 5, Ki . , ,W , j VV V- VV V K ,,: V, " A 1 4 'N . F F J , P I e 32 lx! 3 . 1 Q ORGANIZATIO TUDE T COVER ME T The student government is made up of elected officers from each grade level and also representatives from each homeroom. This organization promotes school activities, is a soimding board for problems and carries out various projects for the benefit of the stu- dents. This year money Was raised to help pay for a Walk from the main building to the annexes. This year's officers were Dianna Dixon, President, lim Wilkes, Vice President, Karen Eastham, Secretary, and Blackie Sto- wers, Treasurer. FUTURE HCMEM KER Beverly Tufts janet Dean Denise Mc Collister Lisa Walls Peggy Pyles Beverly Conley Natalie Rodefer Chrystal Ekers Colleen Robinson Cathy Plummer Jennifer Tardy Teresa Williams Iulie Neal Carol Boggs Becky Mc Creory Debbie Cumutte Michele Maynard Marsha Cooderham Pam Dickerson Debbie Hampton Iudy Hatfield Kathy Mc Callister Becky Ellis Ann Boss Andrea Bodefer Kim Edwards Patty Wilson Karen Eastham Leigh jackson Suzanne Penland Cathy Robertson Jane Patrick Lori Bias Maria Muncy Tabbie Morrison Lisa Smith jane Eastham Becky Houk Cathy Deal Norita Lawhorn Diane Darling Lea Mc Coy Kim Watts Angie Reger Vicki Conley The FHA was involved in such activities as President-Cathy Dealg V. Presidents-Karen Eastham, the FHA-Y-Teens ballgame and sponsor- Debble Cumutteg Secretary-Pam Dickerson ing the Sweetheart Dance. n BIBLE AND PRAYER Members of the Bible and Prayer Club are: Mary lane Wilcox, Kevin Lucas, Lynn Hackathorn Qpresj, Debbie Hagley, Becky Hagley, Mike Lewis, Adam Davis, Marsha Gooderham, Lenna Davis, jeff Smith, and james Cut- right. Mr. Hodge is the sponsor of the club. The Bible and Prayer Club meets every Thursday at noon. They have devotions and discuss the passages and teachings of the Bible. They occasionally have a guest speaker. 38 MEDICAL CAREERS CLUB f fb af 3 Members include: Susan Sebastiani, Peggy Smith, Diane Darling, Judy McDonald, sponsor Mrs. Talbert, Beth Lynch, Alice Colburn. This year they sponsored the Cl1l'lSt1H3.SxDHllCC. Below are the ,75 officers: Kitty Spence, Cathy Fulton, Lynn Damron, and Cheryl Bradley. AN ISH CLUB Tammy Adkins David Wain jane Harless Suzanne Penland Lisa Clevenger Donald Rutherford Kim Hollis Stephen Finley Denise Hicks Laura Adkins Cheryl Evans Beth Lynch Scott Harris Gina Tyson Larry Rucker-fV.P.j Judy McDonald Susan Cebhart Mellanie Lykins Eddie Davis-QTres.j Ann Watts-fPres.j Susie Beard Caryn Conley Lynn Damron Beth Darby Peggy Pyle Randy Rardin Tammy Maynard Scott Hollinger-CChapj Angie Reger Liz Blevins Debbie Bailey Carol McMullen-fSec.j Karen Eastham Debbie Riggs MU ALPHA THETA Mu Alpha Theta math honorary members must have completed the required number of math courses with above average grades and show an interest in the field. Members this year are Clifford Messer, jeff Smith, Teresa Williams, Joan Wheeler, Danny Rader, Shawn Ray, Beth Lynch, Greg Wright, Mark Paxton, Iohn Lambert, Scott Hollinger, Mark Carren, Ioe Evans, Sam WVellman, Carol McMullen, Tom Keeney, Jennifer Tardy, Karen Wood, Karen Eastham, Buck Conard, Diane Adkins, and David Wain. 41 HO CR OCIETY The National Honor Society as well as being a scholastic-oriented club, is also a service club. This year they collected for UNICEF. Pictured below are new members and various speakers from the Honor Society initiation assembly. New members are: Debbie Bailey, Cheri Bocook, Mark Byard, Scott Hollinger, john Lambert, Beth Legg, Beth Lynch, Judy McDonald, Danny Rader, Shawn Ray, Debbi Riggs, Gloria Sandon, Kim Smith, David Wain, joan VVheeler, and Greg Wright. Old members: Ioe Evans, Louise jen- kins, Danny Kauff, jeff Smith, Ka- ren Eastham, Karen Wood, Iim Wilkes, Mark Garren, Teresa Wil- liams, Mark Paxton, Danny livi- den, Sam Wellman, Cathy Deal, Bucky Conard, Kim Sowder Watts, Ioe McGlothlin, Ienlfer Tardy, Clifford Messer, Carol McMullen, Tony Reed, Ann Watts, Sandra Midkiff, Dianna Dixon, Kitty Spence, Karla Hunt, Lynn Damron, Linda Thompson, Cindy Berquist, Vicki Allen, Diane Adkins. BO LI G LEAGUE X.. fp fel? Zi- , A J , ,ggi .A g 5,5 , if ., L , ,s as-v s fl i ,,. , . ., , .f P' fi gigs , fvi is I Vi H , ' 'Y l t- ,, .,,f',,,3,,:Mi, 1 11 ,ss A f1jgaff1f.iQ W' A .1 T . i Photo of Bowling League not available due to no one showing up when called. Members are: john Adkins, Vicki Adkins, Marlena Asbury, Paul Beach, Mark Bergquist, Terry Berry, Tim Blair, Iames Chinn, David Compton, Randy Edrington, Steve Finley, Lynn Hackathorn, lane Harless, Alvin Hill, Donna Hill, jeff jackson, Janice lessee, Robin Kelly, Steve Larsen, Clarence Malone, Sherl Malone, Brenda Morris, Kathy Neal, David Nicholas, lessee Owen, jimmy Owen, Scott Owen, Robert Pack, Charles Palmer, Greg Palmer, Derrow Pfeifle, Mike Plybon, Mike Pyles, Steve Pyles, Charlie Ramey, Shawn Ray, Angie Reger, Kirk Reger, Karen Ripley, Don Rutherford, David Wain, and Dale Weekley. The First Place team is David Wain, Angie Reger, and Steve Finley. 43 FBLA From left to right, the members of this yearls FBLA are: Gary Dick, Debbie Ward, Michele Maynard, Terri Ross, Carol Boggs, Kathy Burns, Mrs. Lafferty- sponsor, and Tieyawn Hamilton. a s ' is PWM U T U R E USINESS EAQAERS MERICA Q Officers from left to right are: Treasurer-Terry Ross, Secre- tary-Kathy Burns, Vice President-Tieyawn Hamilton Pres- Mrs. Lafferty is the sponsor of the club this year ident-Carol Boggs. Not shown are Leigh Ann Iackson-His- Regular meetings were held each mgnth, torian and Robert Pack-Reporter. 44 CHESS TEAM W S ST TE AP' The 1975 Chess Team won first place in the VVest Virginia High School Chess Team Championship. They also took first place again in the Cabell-Wayne Tournament. The team members are: Danny Kauff and Paul Harlessg David Wain and Cary McCalisterg and Mark Bergquist and Sherl Malone. Coaches of.the Chess Team are Larry Rucker, Miller H. Life, and Mark Williams. 45 WY-TEEN Top left: Dianna Adkins, Cheryl Mc Dowell, Kathy Shelton, Mary jane Wilcox, janet Dean, Bottom Left: Iudy Mc Donald Kim Smith, Debbi Riggs. This years Y-Teens sponsored the Sweetheart Dance and helped tri- state nursing homes. CLUBS PROMOTE MANY ACTIVITIES A FRIE- D What is a friend? I 'll tell you. It i.s a person with whom you dare to be yourself Your soul can go naked with him. He seems to ask you to put on nothing. Only to be what you really are. He does not want you to be better or worse. When you are with him, you feel as a prisoner feels who has been declared innocent. You do not have to be on guard. You can say what you think, so long as it is genuinely you. He understands those contradictions in you nature that cause others to rnisjudge you. With him you breathe free-you can avow your little vanities and envies and hates and vicious sparks, your meannesses and absurdities, and in opening them up to him they are lost, dissolved on the white ocean of his loyalty. He understands-you do not have to be careful. You can abuse him, neglect him, tolerate him-Best of all, you can keep still with him-It makes no difference. He loves you. He is like fire that purges all you do. He is like water that cleanses all you say. He understands-You can weep with him, laugh with him-pray with him- Through and underneath it all he sees, knows, and loves you. A friend, I repeat, is one with whom you dare to be yourself. 48 f' 7 . . . . MINUTES secunnss 'W W fvwfik, . ' 6 3 A . ' ' 6 0 Q ,i - ' DME ii'i?V'5'TURi FALL i new Classes .... football . . . . . class rings a time for beginning TIGERS SEASON Greg Rash's run against Fairland for 76 Yards. Vinson Vinson Vinson Vinson Vinson Vinson Vinson Vinson Vinson 6 Wayne 27 Williamstown 20 Poca 0 Milton 7 Fairland 0 C-K 14 Buffalo 30 Ft. Cay 7 Chesapeake Tigers offense challenges F airland s defense 50 gg g GOE and 4 lst. Row jim Hardwick, Rick Smoot, Bucky Conard, Bruce Hollis, Tony Reed, Randy Wiles, jeff Jackson, jeff Ratcliff, David Brown. 2nd Row Eddie Davis, jack Kelly, Hoyt Maynard, Chopper Wellman, Greg Brown, Greg Rash, Eddie Noble, Les Iordan. 3rd. Row Clarence Malone, Bob Keeney, Charley Steffey, Richard Black, Bruce Mosser, Barry Ellis, I Shawn Ray, Tim Maynard, Carl Burns. 4th Row. Doug Artrip, Doug Mays, jimmy Williams, jeff George, Greg Burton, Charley Ramey, Alan Tufts, Steve Larsen. 51 cE W! FOR VVINNING EASGN uarterback Tony Reed passes for long yardage. The Season Has Come to An End. THE 1974-75 SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Pwr. 4 , ' ' , ,. -W-, myzfq 5, :ra i HMM if x ff X fu X ,l r 6 V if I I 31 e. above left above right Captain-IENNIF ER Co-captain-CAROL TARDY MCMULLEN 'ff M M -., , Senior-3 yrs. Senior-3 yrs 'Z me ,Rf 4- ,. E R ...,-- DISPLAY EMGTION S left DIANNA DIXON Senior-2 yrs. ' ht ng LYNN DAMRON Senior-3 yrs. EQ Xq above right CHERI BOCOOK CINDY PARKS junior-2 yrs. Iunior-2 yrs. 54 'x I DURING LONG SEASONS e A BEVERLY CONLEY Sophomore-1 yr. right SUSAN DEAL A Sophomore-1 yr. above left AMY CHANDLER Sophomore-1 yr. left KIM EDWARDS Sophomore-1 yr. THE 1974 75 .f"" M' 'T 4 an? fi. Rlght n S 56 IORETTE !2,x,N2.'.. ' Nr ' H 1 P: t .lil silltfx' -my nn- ,1- I ..J. - 1 From left to right are Treva Handley, Cathy Deal fhe-adj, Kim Watts, Cindy Wright, Ioanie Wheeler, and Terri Ross .w fg is V F . -9 . ,W ., X A' 1 ' W ..4. r fl' K W H 'lf A "'."'f' ill, ,, ,ef , rg,,Li, f."E7 1 ' Q-l'-'z A 'QQ lt. ,L -.-, V 1 N- , .Q 5 HEI - H it A .- . , . 9 W.-V i Q 5 FE V ,,-J'., ,4..... .- C3 . - ' Q ! K . l A , ,, - , , , v - y 'QQ A m f Xi . Q ' e' 3 ie. sr! 5' .'-C P. Q Hwy. Y .u f V N V t . S , 4 i ' - 5' '-f , xv G ' x ' G 5.44 4 FC - 0 X Q Q X " X f sf X f 1 Q. 4 . - 6 "1 " "' s ' L ' ll f 1 ,Q n. 4, f .7-, A , , ,Q 1 -,K I e ' .'u:.g'M x- . , .- " . A ' 'j,.',.'-1,-5. 4 K X- ,, ?5!FvbfPf ' 1 'Z ,L :XX esnafiz -221 A, . - , 533 ' 's ift' .. A A V' - . '52 la-if x 1 -1 4:34 9 ' " . -Q Pi' l X W .I -r' W 'hit il 55,311 X V A f ' ' , ' 435-f '- ' 541' fi . s. 5 . ' -t ' L .gi ' 1: ' - - ,E . j, L -'F 33.35 1 ir , ni.. 1 - Q5 'f"5f' "fi:-'-'fE. ,' fp, 3 1' "'7t?,", '- .511 A - M g ' if'Z.s' fir ' l wt ' 4 .fi L 57 H LF-TI E ,, V ,v The band and majorettes Worked together dur ing the summer to provide half-time entertain ment. Top left are Scott and Penny, drum ina jorsg and below is Mr. Webb, the band director. W w I E TERTAIN ME T Top right are the majorettes and below is Debbie Brown, twirler. V 59 -fvgl, f W4 +,, ,Q ve ,, 13331 . ,ax ., , Mm VV' : Q mf' . I. , MARCH 0 lc f' - .Q 'H " w A , -. .nv-...f'1 'If"4'w 'V r 'S xy: - The Vinson band is led down the football field by its director Mr. Roy Webb, drum major Scott Holli- nger and drum ma- jorette Penny Stone. They have traveled to such places as Knoxville, Tennessee and participated in the King Coal Festi- val at Williamson. They perform in both marching and concert season. r 'J-,c- ., iff fi t . ' may A t lfjg ..p. gp W ig, I 1 ww fry iw' ,. 1 ggiiirml nity, J V .pez A Mes -y i , . l ,M -wmv - t -I ' -' A ni - ,aj js! " , A 5 f Q Zeb, K x 'Q . , ., Q W'-.4 Ma-x 1 A 1,1 Q -f 1' it -'-c:- ,A at lg 1 r. ws'- . .iff .. m ,, 1 - V h J ,, e ' 'N 'N ' ' , ,, ' "1 . .. , ll-1 - if ,M -1-,, ,, yi 1 ,, rr , Ar , 5- , -L-,, 5 , . K- to pf' fix-Q ff 1, ,I ,,,..g',, 5'lfgfJtgffsgi'-',2'rgfiicraps, .TMA flifi-Y"-Ev -S tiff, .I ff? , - if 1-521535 F" - " ' HY-arf'-fwyvf .c H" ' 4? 'tggi wafm.5'?t:'??.Q rj 3,'5'117i?m,QQf7ff-r1.1 ima.. ' Q31 A i.QEi-A-.Steak-Q.. a4ig,,Li..a1?'+:ffs1 DONT LET THE SUN A GO DOWN ON ME HOMECOMING GAME W' 5 1 S i Terri Harris junior Kim Edwards Sophomore Queen Becky Ellis and escort E jamie Martin Seventh 64 Hi wwf if HIGHLIGHTED BY DANCE Princess Trina Perry and escort Spirit week . .. Fifties' day Vinson vs. Buffalo Zachadah ...S61XJa Ucket . . . "Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me" . . . Trina and Becky Sheree Parks Eighth 2.25 E ICR HIGH VICTORY DANCE The selection of Tony Reed as Mr. Football and Lynn Damron as Victory Queen was announced at the Senior High Victory Dance. Mr. Football is chosen by vote of the football team and Victory Queen by vote of the cheerleaders. 66 WINTER exciting games . . . some not so exciting classes . . . and sometimes a little snow 23-3 Matewan-W St. Ioe-W C-K-L East-W Buffalo-VV Wayne-W C 1' K-W Milton-W St. Ioe-W Russel-W Fort Gay-W Williamson-L Barboursville-W Matewan-W Buffalo-W Wayne-W Milton-W Chesapeake-W East-W Fort Gay-W Tournaments Buffalo-W C ' K ' -W Guyan Valley-W Lenore-W Montgomery-W Warwood-L TIGERS WIN MORE 61 -49 69 -53 57 -50 66 -44 63 -41 68 -47 49 -44 68 -57 54 -33 79 -41 83 -47 44 -40 51 -50 48 -43 53 -52 66 -49 52 -50 77 -64 79 -48 100-46 84 -34 66 -48 54 -52 57 -53 50 -48 53 -48 lQfKl"F "" 5 W 68 TPLLXN EVER BEFORE 'Win ,-,.,..---- W'11aTZ,,,f l, , j' i 1 3 45 Q7 57, 69 HICH KICKS AND BRIGHT This year Mrs. McCallister devoted much of her time as sponsor. 70 This year's captain, Vickie Allen, has been a Tigerette for 3 years. From L to R: Beth Lynch Debbie Riggs Iudy McDonald Rhonda Maynard Kathy Catens janet Dean julie Neal Angie Reger Kathy McCallister Kathy Slover Carol Irwin Connie Adkins Fickie Henzmann Tabby Morrison Cathy Robertson Carolyn Hensley Sharon Spurlock Vickie Allen Carla Hunt Diane Adkins Kitty Spence wage 1 V3 133: V 1 I I S The Tigerettes were instructed Marsha Smith, whose efforts W greatly appreciated. by CTG SMILE DD TO fx 2 5 ,J' L n ' X -ty f ' .m,. "" . lvffx . Seniors Vickie Henzmann Rhonda Maynard Kathy Gatens Co-Captains Carla Hunt Kitty Spence Diane Adkins N 2 ? 5 n S 2 E L-it Mi A wa 4 fb SNOW' Q, l 2 J 7 s 1 73 .N K . . x A I fQ X I., Y QR AVK 4 I- - 9 is ,-. ,av-,y A. JJ QP 1 ' xt kk J, ,,: -v ,. x vi if YY Y 52 .9 Gi waz i fsiwzizmi JW of X Vi r CHRISTMAS DANCE 775 Attendants for Holly Queen Dianna Dixon were Kelly Ilearkl hdary jane lNHlcox,IDeb- bie Bailey, and Carol McMullen. Attendants for Snowball Queen Lynn Damron were Cindy Berg- qumt, Susan SebasUanL and Peggy Pyles In n NN n afiart x wel as 5 was xr sn ull Eli 218:53 QUIK IL' ,J 1 gi'-' in-u li 1.11 Hlllll KIKIKKI '75 SWEETHE RT The ,75 Valentine Queen was Senior, Vicki Conley. Her court from left to right is: Mrs. Cindy Chambers, Tabby Morri- son, and Debbi Riggs with their respective escorts. The 1975 Sweetheart Dance was l held February 15th at the V.H.S. Gym. The Theme was LOVE IS . . . i 76 The ,75 Sweetheart Queen was Senior, An- drea Rodefer. Her court from left to right is: Patti Wilson, Regina Skeens, and Diane Darling with their respective escorts. ANCE This year's Sweetheart Dance was sponsored by the Y-Teens and the F.H.A. 77 PEP BAND The pep baind, under the co-operative direction of Mr. Webb and Scott Hollinger, provided music for the Tigerettes and entertained the fans at the home bas- ketball games. 'Nm .1 E SPRING Q Baseball . . . Tennis . . . the Pram . . . Graduation . . . the end of another year VINSON BASEBALL 'K if 4, wfiim sr " K - f .. , A ':. ,Z fa," :'.r:.,""5i?-51255, f gg k., .-51 453451 V ' --'Jr HL +- a ti: sf.- ', V, ' ma M,g-rj. I ,Q- -f y .5 4 A ' ,fr . , rpg -'+ L'- .- -1 -f H1 ,-ge , -'f V - -I ,V . e Q, ya gig V.. , M A V. 1-A .A . 1... , M, ,Lp.r, ,as 1, L, ,V A, L ,Y L. ,...W. M ,L.. AV , K ip Y , ,, .A,, A ig! A N ,' , N L K ' 1 Wf'eMf'mL. Aff'- Q, ' r.: ,, , L, we. an --5,,1-mv' - 1 'V 'I' '4 -4, n17h.ifk,'Jfif ' T4-'ff -in ' 11:51 1 fa -: ss. was + K in .f,?3L+.,.t. 1- .za,,.,,- ,rv , ., 1 , A, Mfea.,,155w,i.,.as,, '- A' ' 'KK' bE':,-we-M'-is 1 rr 1 fvfr . . in A 1 ,lf 9?- wf' 5 'ttf W 4' A 3,..ikg,1g:1g' WS,-,,faA, lr , L p 571, 5 I yirfjlf ,311 fasfyaipfvxik . , I ? -f',,g,-Ifrg-1531 - Qj'ff'lfJ Q-?e!9311'S.,t,niw, ,W , at gan' :ra-A ,Q . -My Q , l Q4:w,f3,.1 53 L igleq ww ri -LL' M' !"Q"g,,f'Y.:35gxe,4Q L ff1gf1'iDf'y-M'f14?'Ffh "5gf5,1,,,"rfv-m. ,fa'i:i"'l'4Siva,Qid!YQ,-Xie A ' ' Above is captain, Bruce Hollis, warming up. At right is the 1975 schedule. 80 March Louisa March Ironton St. joe March Buffalo March Russell March H.H.S. April Milton April Chesapeake April C-K April Barboursville April Poca April H.E.H.S. April Chapmansville April Wayne April Louisa April Ft. Gay April Chesapeake April Buffalo April Ironton St. joe April Huntington St. joe April Scott QMadisonj April Chapmansville April H.H.S. April Milton April Bussell April C-K April Barboursville April Ft. Cay April H.E.H.S. May Poca May Wayne May Scott fMadison May Huntington St. Ioe Sectional Toumament May 12 17 Regional Tournament May 19-24 State Tournament May 26-1 mm' . .,-J: ., .-.- 5 ml' 1- J. V 4 V, A " M uf - 13' Y 'Q .:g.m:Sq, gf, A K ' i, .Mn ,E W L V Y A 53945 'l,,9?FTi.?Y 73? a 213215 1 1 ' 1 fi: ' :XX ff zmvgz w vfsi. ' H i? Wx . ef-YZF , .N I , L , M A EW '- H F ' sw ' wi ' 'V- K ':fS ' f,,m:-'zartmg 1, 5' .- 2-ggi K , m rf, . 1, gt ., -- -X ' Nw 91- 'uv-JH w.--Q.. , Q 'mn' V.-vw ' 41-. fu-f --H f.5JX' 1,. '25 ,f.'sQ-in 5 5, M ,5y5'fw,5.:.1j . 1-ii -f.: :Q ...Aiwa-'a A . Sw v J:-55 1"-wi" .kms 3 gf S3351 q 'i""'fi:,,fi"aQL,f. wig .. .. 4 1,1 ' 1 .-x 1, :fi r 1 wife' 'j mm. 4 A 1:1 445162 . 8" - .,,, 5 ., K me pf- X .., 5 , 2. -Li-gg" 3, ,- ' 29522 -135541 ' ' Q , L . , , W Ja 41 Q 5 1 9 X 3 'KW 5 ff 5 ,Y Q 1 P ... N 4.1553 V Q . if f, , ar 5' Q . ig' 1 , P--V A 4 -:iff 35 4-al ' .. ,X W ,K 4,3 . , F- 5, 'fin t fm ff ' ' , M ' ' ' Mi' Wifi. ' ' 1 R ig w..QX-4 N , W," x TIGER H VE Dirt, sweat, grime and a lot of muscle are important elements of a successful ball team. SUCCESSFUL SEASON CLUB WINNERS MOST IMPROVED PLAYER GOLDEN GLOVE CLUB TRIPLE CROWN CLUB BURN' EM CLUB BULL PEN CLUB Charley Bmmfield Bruce Hollis Shawn Ray Tony Williams jeff Ratcliff Greg Brown Sam Wellman Chopper Wellman Nw is I SR. HICH TRACK Team members are, Beth Falkner, Debbie Legg, Lisa Arthur, Suzanne Penland, Denise Clark, Kelly Hearld, Rhonda Wiles, Kim Hollis, Angie Reger, Tereasa Wilson, Cheryl Hathaway, Lea jackson. f L , Senior High Track picture not available. Members are: Greg Rash, Mike Waugh, Rick Hammond, David Howerton Cary Boggs, Eddie Davis, Les jordan, Bob Keeney, Allen Tufts, and Barry Ellis 84 'I A5-lu!! GULF flllie Pictured is the golf team from left to right: Mike Hall, Robbie Kaiser, Greg Wright, Tom Wilkes. Not pictured are Senior mem- bers Tom Keeney and Joe McGlothlin. GIRL, TENN Carol McMullen Senior-4 yrs. ,. 1 Teresa Williams Senior-4 yrs. Kim Smith Diane Adkins Iunior-3 yrs. Senior-4 yrs. Not pictured are Beth Legg and Patti Wilson who served as alternates. Peggy Smith Lea Ellen McDowell Iunior-3 yrs. Sophomore-1 yr BUY, TEN N David VVain junior-1 yr. V,-, Z.. ,gi-if if , . L M...,gf'-l..1f,,W,5 ,, K ,. . ,,,. M 5 . r - 35.5. zL.,.1fs,L,:v.Jwzwf.,,., ...Ms 'wz.,.,.., af Randy Ward Richie Cunningham Ioe EVHIIS Senior-3 yrs. Senior-3 yrs. Senior-3 yrs. Iim VVilkes Mark Carren Wayne Phipps Senior-2 yrs. Senior-3 yrs. Senior-1 yr. This year Richie Cunningham Won no. 2 singles in the re- gional tournament. GLEE CLUB PRESENTS This year, under the di- rection of Mrs. Lynch, the Glee Club Presented '4Sing a Rain- bowf, The show was high lighted by several specialty acts including singing, dancing and group numbers. An overflow crowd attended. 88 l IG RAIO Among the singers were John Lambert, Kim Sowder Watts, dancers included Cindy Wright, Iudy McDonald, Leslie Fletcher, and Blackie Stowers. PROM '75 H u l The junior-Senior prom was held on May twenty second. The couples were treated to a buffet at the French Tavern first. Then came the dance at the Student Union with the crowning of the queen, Cheryl Bradley fabovel, who was escorted by Tony Reed. After that was the bowling party at Emperial Lanes and a movie "Harold and Maudeu. It was a truly a night to remember for everyone. 90 Pictured is the queen and her Court from left to right jane Hamer, Mike Kinnard, Cathy Fulton, Paul Kent, Bobbie Swann CProm Queen '74j, Bob Angelo, Cheryl Bradley, Tony T951 at f X, A hx "manga, I "THE BE T GF MY LO V Ev .1 gulf V ya -vi up N U r n g 1 'V L' - 4 r i wi J: F, , if 5 2 --V, V. . , ,f 1? , ' EL 5 'fm x, ,L lm in -,lf a W 6 1 ' ll W- lv I , , A , p ' 'V ' z f -Q " ' v ff Y , ' . fi f ' - E - , l f ' 'i 5 i va T r ' -e 1 Q K - -y I ,gy . - Q .A f K . - V Q gl - . , H .aw M xr , ' ll? fn " 5 in 2. a xelx K Reed, Sharon and Larry Clark, Pam Taylor, Rick Smoot. v ' T V riff .xi 1,51 'fd ,. Er 4 rms .e V. .5 at " f-f -J' To the Seniors: Another year goes passing by Another prom is here To some this brings a joyous smile To others, brings a tear For four years you have tread a path From dawn to setting sun But now the path gets steeper And the climb is just begun. We're very glad to know you We'll miss you when you've gone And to the class of '75 We dedicate our Prom. The juniors xx 91 THE FIR T FOR O n A4 Everyone enjoyed the dance, including the chaperones 92 , ,EH Q. , AV. XV, 2 THEI,'TFOR ,L OTHERS X? X 'I 4 93 ALL-SPQRTS BANQUET Members of the baseball team were at the Sports Banquet, which was held at the Airport Armory. As Well as other teams, football players were honored at the Banquet. 94 Cheerleaders are enjoying the Banquet. Tennis team members and basketball players also attended. ju 1011 HIGH ,,,,.-1 IR. HIGH Kim Hgllig Rhonda Wiles Co-Captain Co-Captain 2 Years 2 Years The 1974-75 Ir. High Cheerleaders roused their tearn's spirit to Win the Wayne County Championship. CHEERLEADER Vickie Chandler Freshman 1 Year Q Laura Painter 8th Grade 1 Year Denise Hicks Freshman 1 Year A 4 Gina Lf-:Master 8th Grade 1 Year 97 UPPORT TEAM Patty Diehl 8th Grade 1 Year Deanna Beckner Sth Grade 1 Year 1- TI TIGERS RO R O I Q TIGER EN 0-0 'jig lst Row: Brent Caldwell, Paul Hamer, Willy May, Scott Smith, john Conley, Bob Maynard, Steve Simmons, Tim Thompson, Bob Martin. 2nd row: Vince Macri, Buth Dudding, Scott Devore, jim Owens, Harvey Blankenship, Gary Black, Marc Lucas, Dennis Artrip, Brent Maynard. 3rd Row: Bret Lloyd, Larry Nelson, Randy Edrington, Scott Wil- liams, Steve jenkins, David Hall, Steve Ellis, Scott Owens, John jones. 4th Row: Ricky Wilkes, Marc Oshel, Tim Pelfrey, Gary Black, Robert Lowe, Iim Scaggs, Andy Cooper, Farris Harrington, Darren Maynard. 5th Row: Ricky Davis, Randy Merritt, Ieff McClure, Coach Griffin, Paul Beach, Scott Ross, john Kelly. VINSON-20 VIN SON -20 CRUM-6 FT. GAY- 0 VIN SON-16 VINSON-6 COLES-8 C-K-14 VIN SON-6 VINSON-8 BUF FALO-8 SOUTH POINT-6 VINSON-6 VIN SON-8 WAYNE-0 WAYNE-6 99 .af W IR. HIGH VICTORY DANCE The following people were honored for out- standing achievement: Clockwiseg Victory Queen, Kim Hollis, Mr. Basketball, Steve Mor- rison, Mr. Football, Iohn Conley, Co-Linemen, Vincent Marci and Tim Thompson. JR. Ninth grade team members are: Bob Maynard, Paul Hamer, Steve Simmons, john Conley, Larry Gill, Scott Smith, Tim Blair, and Robert Martin. Absent members are David Keefer, Bob Persun, Brent Caldwell, and Steve Morrison. .g.,,,, HIGH B KETB LL ,. f,.,, ,mwwvt K. w fif' GER? :ffl -s all ? ,ri '7'lt"""l'5 si am., e l "N-1. te! ' x Q I rf ,U LH 1-A j M! fur! 5 , Eighth grade team members are: john jones, Brent Clevenger, Terry Steele, Brent Maynard, Brett Llovd, Larrv Nelson Barry Stanley, Steve jenkins, jeff Spurlock, jimmy Scaggs, john Kelly, Steve Pyles, Scott Boss, and Scott Ovvens. 101 JR. HIGH TRACK f,,.J Team members are Barbie Nelson, Felicia McLin, joy Ripper, Debbie Holstine, Cindy Holstine, Sonya Arthur, Becky Evans, Katrina Dowis, Lisa Hutchinson, Dianna Ward. .QQQX r 'K Fl"4:UlI,l ' 'B' 44" if-Z - , . Ai? X' HK a "-v ff 1 'lx' I ? sly 'S if Zi' y - Ir. High Track picture not available. Members are: Ioey Dingess, Dale Ratcliff, Mark Damron, Brett Lloyd, Terry Steele, Larry Nelson, Tim Hardwick, jimmy Scaggs, Steve Pyles, and jeff McClure 102 t .-'-:'ff-:'r-r-f-My-W -A ,.m,..,,,, -,,, ,, ,..4k,,-dia - ,...,.. EH REPORTS, LIBRARY WORK, AND SOMETIMES THE OF- FICE BENCH . . . SCENES FROM JUNIOR HIGH LIFE If , 103 jR. HIGH HO OR SOCIETY The junior High Honor Society consists of those students maintaining a high average. They are also required to achieve high standards in citizenship, scholarship and lead- ership. This year's sponsor is Miss Riggs. The officers are Mike Dudding, Lisa Clevenger, Denise Hicks and Vickie Chandler. Members are Tammy Adkins, Tonya Akers, Lisa Arthur, Elizabeth Bevins, Lori Bias, jennifer Bocook, Beth Campioni, Denise Clark, Mark Conard, Rhonda Davis, Che- ryl Evans, Susan Gebhardt, Larry Gill, jane Harless, Kirn Hollis, Susan Lawman, Debbie Legg, Kathy McCallister, Gina Milum, Stev Morrison, Carolyn Oshel, jimmie Owens, Trina Perry, Penny Pyle Michael Pyles, Angie Reger, joe Smith, Gina Tyson, Keith Vass, Kevin Vass, Teresa Wilson, Vanessa Wilt, Delores Brown, Amy Clark, Brent Clevenger, Clyde Copley, Mark Dainron, Terri Dent Patty Diehl, Mary Dillon, joey Dingess, Cindy Gibosn, Kim Gooch, jeannie Gooderham, Alecia Graham, Marshall Hollinger, Cynthia Holstine, Debbie Holstine, Teresa Huff, Mary Ingham, Steve jenkins, Kathy johnson, Patty jordan, Shawnda Kauff, Con nie Lackey, Gina Lemaster, Robert Lowe, jeannie Lucas, Anita Mayo, Lisa McCoy, Felicia McLin, Vicki McCormick, Teri Mor1'ison, Laura Painter, Sheree Parks, Tim Pelfrey, Michelle Perry, Steve Pyles, Sharon Radcliffe, Cheri Ray, Keith Rood, Toni Ross, Barbara Sliger, Cheryl Snyder, Leslie Spence, jeff Spu rlock, Virginia Stover, Kim Stewart, Troy Stone, Marsha Taylor, Cheryl Thompson, joEllen Tinsley, Harley NValden, Bob Williams, Kim Wood, janie Perdue. JR. HIGH YQTEE 1' Hr g hug- me.,,,. 'N-r-qv-" .tistlffiig if The Ir. High Y-Teens is a new club at V.H.S. It is a secondary form of Y-Teens. They may assist the Y- Teens in their duties. In a few years these girls will perform regular duties: Pictured aside is Jeanie Gooderham directing a meeting. 5 31 NIOR HIGH The Iunior Band consists of those students pre- paring themselves for entry to the Senior March- ing Band. This year there were 93 total members, with the eighth graders meeting sixth period and the seventh graders meeting first and seventh pe- riods. Fifty-tvvo outstanding Iunior Band students have been chosen to participate in Senior High Band next Fall. 106 EXCELS IN MUSIC s I The seventh graders joined with the Clee Club to present a very enjoyable Spring Program. The theme for their part of the show was "Hope For The F utureu. 107 IR HICH CHESS TEAM This year the Iunior High Chess Team came in Fifth Place in the West Virginia junior High School Chess Team Championship. Members of the team are: Shayne Brunson, Robert Lowe, Leskie Pinson, Tim Saunders, Clyde Copley, and jeff Spence Qnot picturedj. Leskie Pinson Won the title of West Virginia Junior High Champion. I FACULTY talking . . .testing grading . . . listening teachers are people, too ADMINISTRATION The Administration works hard every year to keep the students in line and the system running smoothly. Mr. Iohn Oshel, top left, is head of ad- ministrative activities. Mr. Ronnie Riggs, top right, is Assistant Principal in charge of films, ITV, absences, tardies, and disciplinary actions. Mrs. Ioyce Adkins, center left, is the Secretary, in charge of all financial and clerical matters. Below are the office assistants, who deliver mes- sages and run other such errands for the administration. GUIDANCE LIBRARY Mrs. Donna Miller fleftl sees that the library is in order so that many stu- dents may use it in their school work. Being school librarian is a much bigger job than most people think, and she fulfills her duties Well. The assistants fright? help her with small jobs around the library. af Our guidance counselors are Norma Brooks ftop leftj and Louise Bash lbottom leftj. Mrs. Brooks devotes her time to sophomores and their cred- itsg helps college-bound juniors with tests, career plans, and decisionsg and struggles with seniors in their last year in high school. Mrs. Rash, on the other hand, handles Vinson's majority-the junior high. She helps them through trials and tribulations, problems, teachers, classes, grades, and prepares them for high school life. They are always there to greet any lost or lonely student with Warmth and friendliness. Their assistants Crightj help them with clerical work, filing, and taking messages. 111 MATH Mr. Mike Fullerton ftop leftj and Mr. Luther Wallace ftop right? teach general math classes. Mrs. Williams Ccenter leftj, who teaches Algebra, and Miss Martha McVey fbottom leftj Who teaches Algebra and Geometry, deal with the higher mathematics. Mr. Phil Lucas Qbottom rightj attempts to get the Seniors to understand Physics and Trigonometry. SCIENCE Mr. Don Smith Qtop leftj and Mr. Charles Well- man ftop right? teach general science. Mrs. Ka- ren Talbert Qcenter rightj puts up with squeam- ish girls during dissection in Biology While Mr. Arthur Fuller fbottom rightj teaches the prin- ciples of Physiology. VVhat is that strange odor in the halls? The Chemistry class strikes again. VVhile there is nothing Mr. Richard Hodge fbot- tom leftj can do about that, he does manage to keep the school from being blown up. XML-W , 1 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE ENGLISH PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE l Mr. john Griffin Qtop leftj, Mr. Kent Williams Qtop rightj, Mr. Gary Norris Qcenter leftj, Mrs. Ventru Pelfrey Qbottom lefty, and Miss Donna Riggs Qbottom rightj constitute the English De- partment of Vinson. They teach the fundamen- tals and structure of English grammar and spice up the year with literature. SOCLKL STUDIES Mr james Case ftop rightj Mr Thomas Gibbs center right, and Mrs Carol McCallister fbot- tom rightj teach general Social Studies and Freshman and Sophomore American Studies. Mrs Deborah Demmler ftop leftj teaches World Cultures and also devotes much of her time to LANGUAGE Our Spanish teacher is Senora Rutherford Cleftj. She projects her knowledge and fluent Spanish-speaking to her stu- dents. Mrs. Elizabeth Full- erton frightj brought to Vinson a new language-French. She also teaches Speech to those who Want experience in public speaking. , Mn., ,,,,,,r,,.f , 115 ART AND MUSIC The art and music departments Work together to expand and refine the talents of the students. Mrs. Trilby Lynch Qtop rightj leads the Clee Club in many assemblies and special activities. Mr. Roy Webb Ctop leftj directs the band all through marching and concert seasons and in many contests. Mr. Bill Long Qcenter leftj is di- rector of our fine arts department. The physical education department is headed by Mr. Ivan McClone fbottom leftj, who works with the boys, and Mrs. Ioanne Jackson Qbottom rightj who works with the girls. PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUSINESS There are many subjects to choose from in the business department. Mrs. F redda Salmons Ctop leftj teaches Bookkeeping I and II and Typing. Carol Hannah Qtop righty teaches Shorthand I and Office Machines and also teaches English. Mrs. Helen Lafferty fcenter rightj teaches Typ- ing, Office Machines, and General Business. Home Economics consists of a wide variety of classes. Sewing, Consumer's Education, and Child Development are taught by Shirlene Hi- rosky Cleft? Foreign Foods, Cooking, Family Life, and Bachelor's Cooking are taught by Arthetta Taylor frightl. HOME ECONOMICS is zg2i'f5,i, 12 L f fl I Q I. t F' Q l ., S 2 a 117 Mrs. Elizabeth Six Qrightj teaches special classes here at Vinson. She teaches remedial reading and basic education to those with learning disabilities. In the afternoon one may look in the parking lot and find a student frantically trying to get a car in the space between two barrels. He finally man- ages with the help of Mr. Adr- ian Sullivan, Crightj the Driver Education Instructor. He teaches his students road laws, behind-the-wheel training, and how to utilize common sense while driving. He also teaches Latin. Miss Peggy Byard Qrightj, who teaches Social Studies has brought Mass Communications to Vinson. Her students learn the basics of television, radio, newspaper, and movie busi- ness. The Tiger Tales Staff is very appreciative of her efforts as their sponsor. 118 SPECDXL Education is . . . I am not a teacher, but an awakener. Robert Frost The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil. Ralph Waldo Emerson The great difficulty in educa- tion is to get experience out of ideas. George Santayana Knowledge is Life with Wings. Kahlil Gibran CLASSES 7 through 12 800 students 7 periods sit still, be quiet, listen notes, labs, tests, films' some good, some not so good maybe next year CLASS OF O LEARN Debbie Adams Belinda Akley Larry Aldridge Ion Auvil Ieff Ball Melinda Barr Steve Bentley Ion Bergquist Mike Bird Mike Black Bryan Blake Sherrie Blankenship Sharon Blizzard Todd Boggs Robin Bowen Mary Bryan Mary Burton Tim Calhoun Cindy Chandler Mark Christian Bobby chafin Cary Colburn Larry Colburn Francis Crockett Iames Cutright Adam Davis Curtis Davis Ricky Davis Thorn Davis Richard DeHart Ricky DeVore Pam Dickerson john Dickson Roger Donahoe Katrina Dowis ling ABOUT HIGH GHCOL LIFE Jeanne F oose Jill F ortner James Gayheart Greg George Vincent George Medita Gregg Adam Gregory Richard Hager Ronnie Hampton Tim Hardwick Lisa Haney Rhonda Harris Jon Harvey Teresa Hatten Carolyn Hay Tammie Hazlett Deetra Henderson Brenda Hensley Amy Herbitter Mike Hinchman Lisa Hutchinson John Jackson Tommy Jackson Teri Jeffries Richard Jones Becky Joy Leslie Kilgore Selena Lambert David Laney Excited Seventh Graders cheer Tigers on t VICTORY! Obs Kassandra Lewis Iamie Looney Beth Lucas Allen McClure Scott McCoy Phillip Macri David Mahon Charles Marcurn Iamie Martin Mark Maynard Mike Mayse Emie Meadows Randy Merritt Chris Moore Darlene Morrison Mary Morrison Yvonne Mullens Ronnie Myers Barbara Nelson Keith Napier Kevin Norris Cathy Osbome Donna Pack Tammy Parker Mark Parsley Kenny Partlow Lori Patrick Rudy Peters Laura Phillips Becky Pittsonberger David Prince Sandra Raines Tanya Rainwater Ricky Ratcliff Kirk Reger Troy Rodefer Mike Ronk Carolyn Rosewall Brett Rowe Loretta Runyon Susan Rutherford Teresa Rutherford Debbie Stanley Debbie Saunders Richard Ripley 122 I Judy Sexton Charles Shy Jean Sliger Bonnie Smith Daphne Smith Becky Snyder Lloyd Sowards Shelli Staten Paula Stone Trent Stone Patricia Sturgill Carla Tirone Mike Tumer Tony Valencia Gaylene Watts Ruth Watts Charles Whisman Rod Wiles Ricky Wilkes Scott Williams Becky Woodyard 21:1 Linda Yeager Tina Trent Kathy Smith 't""""'f'----y-.,,,, ,gt fx. '-.. s 7th Graders on their way up! , , ' The Boys like gym. The girls like it too 123 EICHTH CRADPER BIDE Darrel Adkins , ,- . B if Q. 'sf -fflilifffifi M if u J. ' .-. 'E' f-Q -'Rv ll i f ' x c X , W . Nh, 124 Vickie Adkins Clifford Akers Rhonda Allen Sonya Arthur Paul Beach Deanne Beckner Carey Black Gary Black Allen Blakley Eric Blakley Tammy Blankenship Randy Blatt Mark Blevins Barry Braden Gary Braden Delores Brown ' Brown Shayne Brunson Eddie Bryan Mike Christian Amy Clarke Brett Clevenger Andy Cooper Clyde Copley Don Corn Angie Cutright Mark Damron Bob Davis Thomas Dehart THEIR TIME U TIL I9 9 Terri Denning Pattie Diehl David Dillion Mary Dillion Joey Dingess David Edwards Sherry Ellis Mary Engham Becky Evans Mark Evans Meleine Fletcher Patrick Foose Scott Fuller Cindy Gibson Kim Gooch Jeanie Gooderham Libby Hager David Hall Bemadine Hampton Farris Harrington David Hetzer Alvin Hill Marshall Hollinger Cynthia Holstine Debbie Holstine Teresa Huff Steve Ienkins Kathy johnson jay Iones Shawnoa Kauff john Kelly Lisa Kessell George Keys Roger Kilgore Beth King Bob King David King Becky Kitts Connie Lackey Brent Lawhorn Gina Lemaster Brett Lloyd Patti Long Robert Lowes Ieanie Lucas Yi FACE TELL THE TORY Mark Lucas Tina Lucas Iane Lykins Brent Maynard Danny Maynard Darren Maynard Anita Maynard Tammy Maynard Vicki McCormick Bruce McCloud Lisa McCoy Felecia McLin jeff McClure Brenda Morris Terri Morrison Harley Nalden Lawrence Napier Kathy Neal Larry Nelson Robin O'Bryan Mark Oshel jesse Owens Scott Owens I. Pack D REF LECT THE YE R Laura Painter Charles Palmer Sharee Parks Karen Partlow Tim Pelfrey Steve Pyles Ienny Perdue Sharon Ratcliff Cheri Ray Bryan Raines Ianet Ripper joy Ripper Steve Robertson Keith Rood Scott Ross Toni Ross Clyde Runyon jimmy Scaggs Barbara Sliger Cheryl Snyder Ieff Spurlock Cheryl Stapleton Barry Stanley Mary Starr Teresa Steel Terry Steele Pam Stone Kim Stewart Troy Stone Virginia Stover Debbie Summers Marsha Taylor Mike Taylor Cheryl Thompson joEllen Tinsley Teresa Troutner Wayne TLu'ner Charles Walters Diane Ward Carla Watts Berta Wells Mike W'hite Bob Williams Tim Wilson Kim Wood 3 . 1, ni f '-V " 4 ., J ,. ig Y if j S -if Y', x W' E ,sa. , ev T., N ,. fi A rf' 'Q' "V' 1 9, V , ,. N W ., T ryaay , R ,. Al 4' L , " ' if ' 3' my I ' A I A 'Tay l . A-QQ J, up T X L 4. K . . . k . i . 'V - kv, ' fi V up kki -if f K, V,-E SX K ' 'X' , K. I ' .. ei., ' , L T f ,yf',m,1:a rn: I fig: , 4 f - gi ,f cf- lv A 1,1 ,D ' " "' l'54,,,,,gif,l,i1fj2itfQ'e'e'lyL2 six it . if iii' .,,A g r i t K, W W Q :EFL we H L r i g, .., , y x T ., up N sm all P -R5 . T ft ,, -r , I +L: S it 7 if ZW ' . ' ' , T. :mn . V , ' 4 tp ' i n 'I ,4 I , '-w A ' Y .uw - i f-Q -- ... is... X Q 1 A . .3'U"i5" r .arf - 5 - R 1 A 5 ' . rv' ' gill s f .. M, 'IM fr at 4 Q- sst' " T T if R 'if' iii . ' ' i.y ix 1, T, as X ' Al M ff fr f 1: ff 3 r .L -1 Q . s " ,il A, .A A K 4 "I 'wf , ' ' ' v 5 I ,y R A wg it K, Q , y I, S - 'A " X T at R 1-Q C' c . D xwfirk--N.....,h 'g fp - I' ig Y wr, V- -A ,W " '3,f.f..,:gt- K V6 V5 rome .-,A , I F ,p5:,,.,wae5ngfgg,?g-1 , ,W V .5 ., , K " ' ' t . - . our .-.. . Y ra ey aia 'Wi "t 127 3 john Adkins Robin Adkins Tammy Adkins Tonya Akers Lisa Arthur f-55? lf kg in Q an 1 Dennis Artrip Danita Asbury Marlena Asbury Robin Asbmy Kathy Ayers Susie Beard Liz Bevins Lori Bias Danny Bicknell jeff Bird Tim Blair Harvey Blankenship Tim Bledsoe Iennifer Bocook Mike Bolling Charles Braden Kate Bryan Eva Burton Brent Caldwell Beth Campioni Vicky Chandler Denise Clark Lisa Clevenger Alice Colbum David Compton Mark Conard Chetywn Conley Iohn Conley Lenna Davis Rhonda Davis Ronnie Davis Sandra Deering Scott DeVore Arthur Dixon Michael Dudding PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE 78 LEARN S Butch Dudding Randy Edrington Marla Ellis Otis Ellis Tammy Ellis Cheryl Evans Marie Fain Angie Frye Susan Gebhardt Larry Gill Paul Hamer jane Harless Iackie Harrington Scott Harris Sharon Harris Cheryl Hathaway Kelly Hearld Denise Hicks Kim Hollis Ianice lessee Dee Anna Keating David Keffer Robin Kelly Charles Kilgore Norita Lawhorn Debbie Legg Iohnny Lewis Kevin Looney Diane Lucas Melanie Lykins Kim Lyons Vincent Macri Clarence Malone James Marcum Robin Marcum Robert Martin William May Danny Maynard Ieffry Maynard Robert Maynard ABOUT E IOR Kathy McCallister Ralph McClure Stephen McComas Becky McCreery Melinda Meadows Patricia Mellert C. Kevin Midkiff Greg Miles Gina Milum Steve Morrison Ierry Myers Carolyn Oshel jimmy Owen Suzanne Penland Trina Perry Robert Persun Leskie Pinson Penelope Pyle Michael Pyles Danny Raines Dreama Ray Angie Reger Karen Ripley Cathy Robertson David Robertson , Puowo Noi AVAILABLE -wie 'O PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE i . fwgqrvffue-isfsf Lf. A 5, , g .fr HIGH LIFE T PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Iohn Robinson Bob Runyon Tim Saunders Wayne Schumacher Steve Simmons Dale Sinkewitz Dennis Smith Glenda Smith Scott Smith Tammy Sparks Kellyn Spears Yolanda Spears William Spurlock Kathie Sturgill Tim Thompson Dreama Topping Beverly Tufts Gina Tyson Cecil VanBeenen Keith Vass Kevin Vass Kim Wells Rhonda Wiles Teresa Wilson Challis Workman OPHOMGRES GET INVOLVED Laura Adkins Lonnie Aldridge Bobby Allen Doug Artrip jeff Asbury Sherri Barbour Gail Bennett Rick Black Bryan Bond Brenda Bottoms Donna Burton Greg Burton jane Campioni Amy Chandler Chuck Childers Rosemary Clifford Keith Cline Beverly Conley Debbie Cumutte Sandra Darby Paulette Davis Susan Deal joe DeHart Gary Dick Pam Dickerson Rodney Dunfee jane Eastham Kim Edwards Chrystal Ekers Ban'y Ellis Roy Estep Barbara Fain Bethann Faulkner David Fitzpatrick jeff George Trina Gilkerson Carl Gooderham David Gossett David Hale Debbie Hampton Treva Handley David Hansen 132 , IN ACTIVITIE THI YEAR Andy Harbart Kim Harris Judy Hatfield Ralph Hatton Donna Hill Rick Hemann Becky Houck Leigh Ann Iackson Kim jordan Les jordan Ianet Kauff Wanda Kaylor Bob Keeney Peggy Landnun Mike Laney Greg Looney Michele Maynard Steve Maynard Tim Maynard Doug Mays Gary McAlister Denise McCollister Kevin McCoy Lea Ellen McDowe Mike McKee David Mellert Jimbo Meredith Richard Miller Okie Mitchell Albert Moretti Becky Morrison Tabby Morrison Bruce Mosser Teresa Mullens Stella Mullenix Maria Muncy Teresa Myers Bill Naylor julie Neal Mike Norris Greg Palmer Kathy Partlow ll Tammy Olsen Jane Patrick Debbie Pennington Cathy Plummer Peggy Pyle Charlie Ramey Randy Rardin Greg Rash Brian Ray Natalie Rodefer Matt Rohrbach Peggy Ross Donald Rutherford Greg Shy joe Skeens Cindy Smith Lisa Smith Vickey Snider Lisa Spurlock Donald Starkey Charlie Steffy Kevin Stone Denise Taylor Debbie Terry Danny Thompson Allen Tufts Alan Turikian Mike Valencia Sharon Walden Lisa Walls Kim Watts Denise VVhisman jeff White Mary Jen Wilcox Tom Wilkes Jimmy Williams Debbie Wilson Patty Wilson Tim Wise Wyatt Wise Cindy Wright Class of ,77 enjoys their sophomore year. They work hard in class and are active in sports clubs and other school activities IU Ion REMEMBER CGCD TIME l 1 ? 3 z i S , Z a 136 A Regina Adams Connie Adkins Marissa Asbruy Debbie Bailey Tony Barbour Keith Bash Kim Beard Mark Bergquist Terry Berry jeff Blair Kermya Blankenship David Bledsoe Cheri Bocook Cindie Boster David Brown Debbie Brown Greg Brown Charlie Brumfield Carl Burns Mark Byard T.L. Calhoun james Chinn jean Coder Cheryl Colbum SEN IORS caps and gowns announcements tbe last game dances and parties? the time of your life maybe . . . maybe not it,s over-an ending . . . and a beginning 143 W mi if ,:Q:. 7 SUPERIOR SENIORS VIN SON This year the faculty voted Ronnie Rice the Vinson Family Award. This award is most important as it includes service of the community, churches, and school activities. It is based on the character, leadership and service in memory of Mary Vinson Clark. Ronnie could always be depended on to give up his time to help out around the school. He was school electrician, I.T.V. direc- tor and worked with other audio vi- sual aids. He also did such things as help with the football team and work on the yearbook staff. FAMILY SERVICE ld MR. VIN SON IAN joe Evans was noted for his leadership and school spirit. He played on the basketball team 3 yearsg his senior year he was All-WAC and captain of the team. He was also on the tennis team 3 years. He was a Midget League Coach 3 years for both football and basketball. joe was a member of Mu Alpha Theta and the National Honor Society and took bacheloris cooking. His junior year he was Week in Washington winner. He maintained a 4.0 grade average all through high school. 146 MISS VIN SON IAN L Nx- .r ' lf? XXL-L jennifer Tardy has been very active in school activities dur- ing her high school years. She was both junior high and se- nior high cheerleader and captain her se- nior year. She was a member of many clubs including Na- tional Honor Society and attended Girls' State 147 PRACTICE! Walk Slowly-Smile- Look Dignified-Get it ll d f a own or Graduation. 44hQi:swlE I ZH p1eM Apueg ugem ppxeq '-PPWS WDI JQAOIS Ampeg uoqaqg Aqyeyl S3391 agqqaq aopd aguuog PIUUOCIUW APHI B39 9 'I IP H 1290 411129 unaqiuguung qopd it-IV.LS NVINOSNIA DIHOAA .LV CIHVH :IJIVLS SlEl"IV.I. HEIDIL THE TEPI TOfHHZ Diane Darling Amelia Davis Brenda Davis Eddie Davis Ianet Dean Larry Dick Chris Dudding Marita Dygert Stephen Finley Leslie Fletcher Sharon Fowler Marsha Cooderham Debbie Hagley Mike Hall Rick Hammond Teresa Haney Paul Harless Terri Harris Tommy Hatten jackie Hearld Carolyn Hensley Scott Hollinger Mark Hoover Tim Hopkins David Huff Frank Hutchinson Carol Irwin Jimmy jackson Ioyce jackson Tena Johnson Richard jordan lack Kelly Paul Kent Robbie Kiser Sandy Kizzee Iohn Lambert FUTURE PHOTO NOT AVMLABLE WEAREFRIE D FORE ER PHOTO NOT AVMLABLE Mary Landrum Steve Larsen Beth Legg Dottie Lett Iackie Lewis Mike Lewis Steve Lewis Sandy Lockhart Kevin Lucas Beth Lynch Tom McCormick Judy McDonald Cheryl McDowell Sherl Malone Hoyt Maynard Connie Messer Kim Mitchell jerry Morrison Diane Muncy Darlene Napier David Nicholas Eddie Noble Sam Overby Robert Pack Cindy Parks Teresa Parsley David Pittenger Mike Pitsonberger lean Preston Mike Plybon Danny Rader Shawn Bay Cindy Reger Debbi Riggs Ramona Robertson Darlene Ross Terri Ross Larry Rucker Gloria Sandon Susan Sebastiani Kathy Shelton Kathy Slover Debbie Smith Kim Smith Peggy Smith Suzanne Snyder David Spurlock Sharon Spurlock Tammy Staten Penny Stone David Wain Debbie Ward Chuck Watts Mike Waugh Charles Wellman Tina Wells Ioan Wheeler Teresa VVhisman Mike White Scott Workman Greg Wright Tammy Maynard Jeff Ratcliff 17 RQ. N'w s Y Q lx " PIRIT OF ,76 77 VU '54-ar Q i of 4' SEN IGR AWARDS ,,...... ... W Tom Keeney won the Betty Crocker Award, Carol McMullen won the Myra Fairfax Award, David Taylor won the Best Chef Award, Karen Eastham received a scholarship from Ashland Oil, Ann Watts won the Westmoreland Woman's Club Homemaker Award, Becky Ellis 'EXW won the Crisco Award, and Mark Paxton re- cieved the john Philip Sousa Award. Many other awards were given out. 149 GRADUATION 75 Don,t copy the behavior and customs of this World, but be a new and different person with a fresh newness in all you do and think. Then you will learn from your own ex- perience how His Ways will really satisfy you. Romans 12:2 VVHAT CAN YOU SAY? Remember: Herby and Ralplfs Raid- ers? Our 8-point loss to C-K? Fiftyls Day? Hall passes? Senior Skip Day? The Glee Club Concert? The Prom? Graduation? -lf 1o, a vi P Q ai Nagin W V CQ 1 SEN IORS ff' Dianna Dixon Ann Ross Karen Easthem Carol McMullen Cathy Fulton Lynn Bass Diane Kaylor Terri Ross Cora Burton 152 IN ACTION . ly Q. JM, 5 f' ' W x if Q 'L 1 Mindy Blatt Tieyavvn Hamilton Kim Partlow Becky Ellis Richie Cunningham Ioe McGlothlin Rick Smoot Mike Raines Russ Rucker Karla Bennett Cindy Bergquist Andrea Rodifer Vickie Conley Ronnie Rice Mike Garrido Iim Hardwick Ben Gilbert Tina Blizzard ,, Mark Paxton Danny Ilveden jim Wilkes Sandy Midkiff julie Watts Beth Darby Susan jesse Caryn Conley Ieff Smith E553 . A 1 , X Ai 5xQ,Wg ,. 74.4, , W f X XE' I , r 7,3 ,br V . V , -www H Danny Kauff Sam Dudding Paul Albright L nn Hackathorn Y Terilyn Fitzpatrick Linda Thompson Margaret Persun Robin Stewart Rebecca Hagley .1--f' 5 in Kathy Gatens Diane Adkins , Carla Hunt E Danette Fuller Teresa Williams l Karen Wood -l ' Mark Williams Mike Smlth -1 N- 2 s Ig, Q ...-f-5!hmHiw"""f N 'WNY- 'Mf v ,r V .Ag , ,xx 1 v-ww.. 5 V1 -, -'.f,i..-Q .,-1-A s WC -.Y r X ,gifs-1' QLXQ f' i X Os., X , .an fy ' f- , . sn r"" uri- s -EET s -.1-il..--.---,f. Mark Garren Sam Wellman Barxy Mosser Randy Wiles Ioe Evans Randy Ward Bruce Hollis Bucky Conard Tony Reed 158 jennifer Tardy Lea McCoy Cathy Deal Ann Watts Lynn Damron Pam Taylor Pat Cole Art Colburn lack Kincaid in Cheryl Bradley Kitty Spence Kathy Ball Kim Watts jeff jackson Tony Williams David Taylor Cliff Messer Donald Taylor Celia Owens Carol Herbitter Emily Carter Sandy Moreland Vickie Allen Vickie Henzmann Rhonda Maynard Tieyawn Hamilton Danita Bias Mitch Reger Mickey Elmore Nuw..,.WW Tom Keeney Blackie Stowers Wayne Phipps Io Ann Erdmann Kathy Burns Sharon Clark Patty Blankenship Leonard Arthur Bill Carter Tony Barbour Rick Mead Jayne Hamer Dallas Bowen Bob Shrader Tom Bolling Kelly Bradshaw Louise jenkins David Stone Debbie Maynard Tom Bottoms Corky jordan This years' Seniors enjoyed the many facets of their last year. EI IIDPK. , 4 A "Ks-.-2' ur-' ,s .4 ...1!'J',? 3 . g,,,,,:5q5,,g+E: 4 f. Nw ,J ,sy-,iw Q. vw, :VX!,1?'9 -. .f r -s V5 ff o ' 2 4 ,122 f 4? : 1 A 1 " .V 4 '45 .w 'r ' ',. Cb li X : JV:-QV. W y ,Lf A 1 'Q 1 f 51? 1 1 Y . 1 45" 'H fffff fn 1 'u' ii-'Aki ""' , f Q" if 3' " Q , :sf 41, x -, L 'Eff' U 17' Crass sklrts, rollar skates, funny Q, " x '-I Q 1513057 1155-I ,QQ " eg -" L. ' '-' .Y' ,1' -, ','5 glasses, and other garb go together to 4 ,ff I , Sa Y X - , V us. x s as V ,-1 ..,,, .X ., ,F .N A Q make a Successful Senior Slop Day. ik . : V x I f 'JSA :, ' 5 Q 4 -1 ff N' -V Alix 1- -A + J .I 1 5-uf ! 4 .L-ig F K A: f la . J '9 6 ' , ei . "ii Q- fief4f ' X25 --vi- .ass s 1 ff--sf..fw-Q. Q Jw , L. u x ' ,, ' , "' ,. -j ' .4 Hw- LJ+ ,rff,vsswfa sfo r , eff '- . e. f v.v . -, ' .. 4. W a,: . -W Q ,, w I I as 'lx' -051. S M ' ' 1-Z'rf5ff?rfZ51?g311if, 'L,A -T. fH.s.vA. 54 " Q., n- . M- .rf-M' La- 'Y-.' if . Q ' F Sk 514' H, mrf-Q-JS' I ' 2 r. v 42 6 L.-1" rf 'r ,s:f.f? 'K' .. . , , .,,. y V , .,.. ., .V A ',t,' gg' A-4.-xgfvwvf V 'W' v - 4 .r 1. 5 r Q . Q . ., , .. - ,L As . ll 3, , - -:J fk 3' A le of ' .. ..,. -wg J ,,.l V 1 T.. " "' ' f,.Z ' ' - rs gm r vii:-W 21- f- A ' X' . ' U s Qfllf' Hows fi " - 'A ' ' .rg 1 -feng, -1 . , g A . 4. 4,12-V bl 'af . my ,, if 1. X V -A V N, .A V Wan ii! b ,h - .,, li Sl ,E .ai r ,af hiv . -,i V' W 1 ' - 'v --1 -4, 1 ' Nmfg . A -'-,af 165 DIANA GAIL ADKINS "Diane" Tigerettes 2,3, co-capt. 4, Tennis 1,2,3,44 Tiger Tales Bus. Manager-44 Y- Teens 1,2,3,4 Secretary 2,3,44 Pep Club 1,2,34 FHA 34 Glee Club 2,3,44 Mu Al- pha Theta 4, Honor Society 4. VICKIE GAIL ALLEN "View Tigerettes 2,3, Captain 44 Tennis 2,34 Bowling 1,24 Y-Teens 1,2,3,44 Pep Club 1,24 Glee Club 1,2,3,4. KATHY LORRAINE BALL "Kathy" Glee Club 1,3,44 Pep Club lg Tigerette 24 Student Government 4. MELODY LYNN BASS ..Lym,, Glee Club 3,4. KARLA RENEE BENNETT 4 "Karb', Glee Club 2,3,44 Office Assistant 44 Tennis Team 14 Student Govt. 1,2 CYNTHIA ANN BERGQUIST "Cindy" Tigerettes 2,3Q Honor Society 44 Y-Teen 44 FHA 14 Pep Club 14 Glee Club 1,44 Tiger Tales Staff 4 Medical Careers 44 PATRICIA ANN BLANKENSHIP "Patti" FBLA 2,34 Library Asst. 1,44 Glee Club 24 Y-Teens 4. TINA MARIE BLIZZARD "Boom-Boomv Majorette 2,34 Band 1,2,3,44 Glee Club 4. CAROL LEE BOGGS "Boggsey,' Glee Club 34 FBLA 3, pres. TOMMY BOLLING "Weedho ern Chess 2,34 pp THOMAS H. BOTTOMS, JR. "Tommy,' Band4 Stage Band4 Glee Club4 Key Club4 National Honor Society. SHARON LYNN CLARK "Shari,' Glee Club 2,34 Library Asst. 4g Pep Club 24 FBLA 2g FHA 3,45 FTA 34 Y- Teens 3,44 Student Council 2,3,4, ROBERT PATRICK COLE "Pat,' Sr. High Football lg Glee Club 3,4 GEORGE DENNIS CONARD, JR. i'Buck" Football 1,44 Co-capt. 1,44 Basketball 1,24 All WAC Conference 44 Track 34 Pres. Fresh. Class4 Ralphs Raiders 4, QVP 41 Mu Alpha Theta 4g National Honor Society4 Spanish Club. CARYN LEIGH CONLEY "Crip" Band 1,2,3,4Q FTA 142,34 FHA. 3,44 Glee Club 44 Tiger Tales 44 Art 4g Spanish Club 2.4. VICKI ANN CONLEY "Big Vic" Sweetheart Queen 44 Y-Teens 1,44 FHA 4g Glee Club 1,3,44 Tigerette 24 Guid- ance Asst. 44 Bowling 14 Tiger Tales 44 Cheerleader 3. RICHARD ALLEN CUNNINGHAM "Richi,' Basketball 14 Tennis 2,3,44 Captain 24 Yearbook 3,4Q Glee Club 4g LYNN MARIE DAMRON "Lynn', Cheerleader 1, co-capt. 2,3,44 All State lChorus 4g Victory Queen 44 Snowball Queen 44 Glee Club 1,4 Spanish Club 2,3,4Q Medical Careers 3, Pres. 44 Pep Club 1,44 Tiger Tale 4g Y-Teens 1,24 Na- tional Honor Society 1. MARY BETH DARBY "Bethy', FTA lg FHA 14 Pep Club 14 YFC 1,2, Pres. 3g Spanish Club 2,3,44 Glee Club 4g Tiger Tales, 3,4. CATHY ELLEN DEAL "Cath" Majorette 2,3,4, head 44 Baseball statis- tician 1-44 National Honor Society 3,44 Honors Band 34 All Area Band 3g Hon- ors Chorus 3,44 Y-Teens 1-4, Chaplain 2, Treas. 34 FHA 1-4, Pres. 3,44 Pep Club 1,24 Ralph's Raiders 44 Band 1-44 Li- brary 24 Office Asst. 44 Glee Club 3,4Q Tiger Tales 4g Medical Careers 4g Drama Club 1,24 Thespians4 Six Plus Two 4. DIANNA LYNN DIXON "Banana,' Tigerette 24 Cheerleader 3,44 Holly Queen 4g Glee Club 3,44 Y-Teens 1,2,3Q Pep Club 24 Tiger Tales 44 Student Gov- ernment 1,2,3, Pres. 44 Honor Society 4' Spanish Club 2,3. KAREN ANN EASTHAM "Karen" Class Secretary 24 Class Treas. 4g VVho's VVho in Am. High School4 National Honor Society 3,4, Sec. 4g College Day Co-Chairman4 FHA 1,2,3,44 Student Govt. 1,3, Sec. 4g United Students 4g Glee Club 1,2,3,4Q Y-Teens 2,3,44 Span- ish Club 2,3,44 Pep Club 1,2Q Ralphis Raiders 44 Library 4g Tiger Tales 4. BECKEY LYNN ELLIS Homecoming Queen 44 F HA4 Student Government4 Office Assistant4 Glee Club. LAMECH ELMORE JR. "Mickey', Glee Club 4 JO ANN WISE ERDMANN "Jo Annn FHA 1-34 Pep Club 1,24 Y-Teens 14 Glee Club 1,2, JOSEPH EDWARD EVANS .joey Football 1,24 Basketball 1,2,3,44 Tennis 2,3,44 National Honor Society 3,44 Spanish Club4 United Students4 Week In Washington. TERILYN FITZPATRICK "Terri" All-American Hall of Fame Band Honor4 Library Club 1-43 Band 1-4: Pep Band 4. DANETTE LOUISE FULLER "Deen Y-Teens 1,24 Pep Club 1,2,34 Glee Club 1-4. CATHY LYNN FULTON "Pip Squeak" Smart Shop Youth Board4 Y-Teens 1,2,34 Pep Club 1-44 Ralphis Raiders 44 Medi- cal Careers 1,2,3, Vice-Pres. 44 Office Asst. 44 Glee Club 2,3,44 Tiger Tales 4g Student Government 1. MARK LEWIS GARREN "Hanky Football 14 Basketball 1,2,3 Co-Captain 4g Tennis 1'4Q Most Valuable Player, Basketball 1g Jr. National Honor So- ciety4 National Honor Society, Presi- dent 44 Student Government. MICHAEL LEE GARRIDO "Mike" Bowling lg Glee Club 4g Student Gov- emment Staff. KATHY LYNN GATENS "Kathy,' Tigerette 2,44 Spanish Club 1-44 Pep Club 1-44 FHA 1,24 FTA 2,3,44 Glee Club 4. KAREN LYNN HACKATHORN ..Lynn,, Bowling 44 Bible and Prayer 1-44 Jr. Honor Society 1. REBECCA SUE HAGLEY "Becky" Youth for Christ 2-4. JAYNE SINNETT HAMER "Jayne" Pep Club 2-34 Glee Club 2,3,4. JIMMY CARROLL HARDWICK "Hard Rock" Football, Baseball. VICKIE LYNN HENZMANN "Bic Clicv Tigerette 3,44 Band 1-4. "Week In Washington"4 Certificate of Merit. Y- Teens 2-44 FHA 2,3Q FTA 34 Student Government 2,34 Ralph's Raiders 4g Guidance Assistant 44 Glee Club 3g Pep Club 2-4. CARLA SUE HUNT "Carla" Tigerette 2,3, Co-Capt. 44 National Honor Society 4. Glee Club 1,24 Spanish Club 1,24 Exec. Committee 3,44 FHA 1- 34 FTA 34 Pep Club 1-4. JEFFREY RAY JACKSON "PussycatU F ootball4 Bowling. LOUISE ELLEN JENKINS "Louise', Honor Society 1,3,4. SUSAN DIANNE JESSEE "Kawasaki,' Spanish Club 2,3,44 Pep Club 1,24 Glee Club 3,44 Guidance Asst. DANNY RAY JIVIDEN "Dan" Student Govt. Senate 3,44 National Honor Society 44 Tigers Tales 3,4. CHLORETTA RICKMAN JORDAN "Corky" CAROL ARTHUR JORDAN 'KCarol" DANIEL ALAN KAUFF DIANNA LYNN KAYLOR "Diane" Glee Club 2,3,44 THOMAS EDWARD KEENEY "Tom', DEBORAH ELLEN MAYNARD "Debbie,' Glee Club 2,3,44 Pep Club 1. RHONDA LYNN MAYNARD "Horse', Tigerettes 3,44 Pep Club 1,24 Library Assit. 4g FTA 2,34 Sec: FHA 24 Y-Teens 4. Glee Club 3,4. JAMES WILLIAM MILES "J.W." SANDRA LEE MORELAND "Sandy" Jr. High Cheerleader4 Band 1,2,34 Glee Club 3,4. WILLIAM BARRYMOSSER .CMOU Basketball 1,2,3,44 Track 34 Certificate of Merit4 U.S. 44 Pep Club 14 Student Gov't 14 LEA ANNE McCOY "Lea" Smart Shop Youth Board 3,44 Student Govit 1,24 Medical Careers 4g Spanish Club 1,2,3Q FHA 1,2,3,44 Library Assit. 3g Office Assit. 4g Band 3,44 Glee Club 1,2,3,44 JOSEPH CRAIG MCGLOTHLIN "Mac" Basketball 14 Football 14 Golf 1,2,3,44 Class Pres. 1,24 Jr. Honor Society 1g Na- tional Honor Society 3,44 Glee Club 44 Office Assit. 34 Student Gov't 1. CAROL ANN MCMULLEN "Mad, Cheerleader 1,2,3, Co captian 44 Tennis 1,2,3,44 Honor Society 1,3, V.P. 44 Stu- dent Gov't 1,44 Senator 44 Spanish Club 2,3 Sec. 44 Mu Alpha Theta 44 Yi Teens 2,3,44 Tigers Tales 4g Library Club 4g MARK ALAN PAXTON "Dr. Sax" Band 1,2,3,44 Stage Band 1,2,3,44 Pep Band 1,3,44 Band Basketball 2,3,44 Area Band 3,44'Tri State Honors Band 3g Honor Society 1,3,44 St. Gov't 3g Tiger Tales 3, Editor-in-chief 44 MARGARET MAE PERSUN "Pudge" Honor Society 14 Glee Club 3,44 WAYNE ALEXANDER PHIPPS ..Wap,, Football 14 Track 1,24 Glee Club 34 Of- fice Assit. 3,44 MITCHELL HENRY REGER "Mitch" Glee Club 3,44 A RONALD DALE RICE "Ronniev Library Assit. 2g Office Assit. 2,3,44 Yearbook 3,44 ANDREA JANE RODIFER "Andy" Jr. High Cheerleader4 Sweetheart Queen 44 Y-Teens 2,3,44 FHA 44 Tiger Tales 4g Glee Club 1,2,3,44 Pep Club 1,24 Office Assit. 44 LOLA ANN ROSS "Lola Rola" Jr. High Cheerleader 14 Tigerette 2: Sweetheart PYIDCGSSQ Glee Club 1,2,3,44 Y-teens 1,2,3,44 FHA 4g Student Govit 4g Class Sec. 14 Library Assit. 44 ROBERT LEE SHRADER "Shrader" HARRY JEFFREY SMITH ajeffn Teenager of the Monthg "VVho's VVho in American High Studentsng Glee Club 44 Band 1,2,3,44 Youth for Christ 2,3,44 Mu alpha Theta 44 U.S. 44 Honor Society 1,3,44 Ralf's Rader's 4g RICHARD H. SMOOT "Smoot" Football 2,3,44 Key Club. KITTY LYNN SPENCE "The Katl' Tigerette 2,3, Co Captian 4g Honor So- ciety 44 Y-teens 44 FHA 24 Ralf's Raders 4g Student Gov't 2,3,4Q Medical Careers 2,4Q Guidance Assit. 4g Pep Club 2,34 ROBIN BETH STEWART "Robin" Band 2g Glee Club 1,34 Spanish Club 24 WILSON H. STOWERS "Blackie" Jr. Basketball 61 Track4 Pep Club 14 Stu- dent Gov't Treasure 4g JENNIFER KAY TARDY "J,T." Jr. High Victory Queen dk Cheerleader4 Varsity Cheerleader 2,3,4-captain4 Honor Society 1,3,4Q Girlis State 34 FHA 4g Y-teens 4g Mu Alpha Theta 4g Pep Club 2,3,4Q Library office Assit. 44 Class vice-pres. 1,24 Yearbook 3g Glee Club 1,2,3,4g PAMELA ANN TAYLOR "Pam,' I Library Assit. 4g Glee Club 44 Spanish Club 24 LINDA ANN THOMPSON ANN MARIE WATTS ..Ann,, "VVho's VVho in American High School Studentsi' Band 1,2,3,44 Glee Club 2,44 FHA 1,2,3,44 Spanish Club 2, Vice-44 pres. 4g Y-teens 1,24 Pep Club 1,44 U.S. 44 Ralf's Raiders 4g Tiger Tales 4g Pep Band 44 Honor Society 1,3,44 KIMBERLEE GAYLE SOWDER WATTS "Kim" Honor Society 1,3444 Jr. High 'Cheer- leader 1g Class Sec. 44 Spanish Club 1,24 Y-teens 2g Glee Club 1,3,44 Pep Club 14 SAMUEL DAVIS WELLMAN JR. "Sam" Basketball 2,3,44 Baseball 2,3,44 Math Club 4g Honor Society l,3,44 JAMES RICHARD WILKES "Arndog" Tennis 3,44 Golf 24 Vice of Student Gov't 4g Thespians 3,4Q ANTHONY WILLIAMS "Tony,' Football 14 Basketball 24 Baseball 2,3,44 Spanish Club 14 TERESA LYNN WILLIAMS "Tee-Tee" Tennis 1,2,3,44 Yearbook 34 Honor So- ciety 1,3,44 Drama 14 Glee Club 2,44 I HA 14 Spanish Club 1,24 Library Club 2,34 Pep Club 2g Tigerettes 2,34 KAREN DENISE WOOD "Woody" Tigerettes 34 All State Chorus 44 6 plus Two 44 FTA 1,24 vice-34 Bowling 1,2, Sec. 61 Treas. Mu Alpha Theta 44 Honor Society 3,44 Glee Club 2,3,44 Student Gov't 2,34 Pep Club 1,34 K'L.T." 167 Library Assit. 34 Compliments of TODAY' Air Forceq TO EWAY Complete Interior Home Decor Rt. 60 Ceredo 453-3231 Phyllis Bt Dale Stone KENOVA Box COMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLIES 'Wifi aagrj 5 .Giga 4 6 4? EA c ' A I 7+h sex and U.S. 60 - Phono 453- I 36l ' VISIT OUR NEW MODERN HARDWARE STORE Sfofo Hours: 7 a.m. fo 5, p.m., Weekdays Noon on Sdurdeys PLENTY oF FREE PARKING FOR STORE AND C-K FOOTBALL GAMES Phone 523-8741 W FITZPATRICK FURNITURE STORE NEW AND Useo FURNITURE CALL us to suv OR sm 735 I4th St. W. Huntington, W. Vo. 168 FOODLAN D Complete Line of Fresh Baked Pastries and Bread OPEN 7 A.M. CLOSE II P.M. 425 Camden Road s C. M. LOVE 81 CO. HARDWARE HARDWARE - PAINTS - YOOLS - GARDEN AND LAWN "Qualify Hardware Since 1910" IOO2 3rd Avenue - 525-5128 IACK DIAL Sporting Goods Inc. Exclusive Team Outfitters Quality Brand Lines Mon.-Sat. 9-5 Call 529-4448 1518 4th Ave. CUSTOM FRAMING, FINE MOULDING D. E. ABBOTT 8: CO. VIRGIL NAPIER f Owner and Operator Phone 522-IOI I I406 Washington Avenue, Hunfington, W. Va Greal Looks For Guys Allll Gals Happen At AMSBARY JOHNSON 321 10th Street Street Downtown Huntington WISE JEWELERS INC. "HunIington's Qualify Jewelry" 917 Fourth Downfown 406 NINTH STREET PHONE 523-7852 Huntington, W. Va. 170 FLANACANS PHARMACY 8th St. and Oak St. Kenova, XY. Vu. -153-l-1-ll BOYD A. BOGG'S INS. AGENCY 2916 Piedmont Rd. 'SCongratulations Class of 75" 429-3751 SPENCER PHARMACY Serving XVest Huntington Since 1967 Geary Spencer lst Street Plaza Owner Huntington. WV. 25701 L-'30-ll 429-5521 SHOP STARS AND C5l.lCK'S for l'l1e largesl' display of Fine Furnifure and MUSICAL LNSTRUMENTS Appliances 375 c. sffeei TI . Phone: 453-1153 X ri .Q X in A-lL'1 , , ,., , gq .Ll H ' , I, 1 "Your Home Enfortainmen! Cantor ET- ' t, '--4-Szirm-"Z"" X I lQ,,-Q1 n ,r- FRIGIDAIRE MAYTAG ,, - L+' RCA vLcToR WHIRLPOOL L f" . sg i i ' ,X ig ' - is5:'!7-4. ,L s"3IL3e Xp! Home Furnishings and Appliances ? 90I Oak S+ree+ Kenova, W. Va. CO. GLlCK'S COLONY HOUSE 171 BEN N ' Waffle Iron 1669 washington Ave. 429-1062 J. S. LATTA, INC. SCHOOL SUPPLIES AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENT I502 Fourth Avenue Huntington, W. Vo. :V ' 2:-1' ,: nf 45:1 -ei' wh- ' '-: 'M " 5 V5. 3 ,SSR , , v,,. ., ,, K' ,,.:-.?.A,L:,,,. Wg ' 01466114 X AUTO PARTS 1' A 'X 5 f Q .,,A4 ., I I 9 4 , . 2 S NEW 6. usED PARTS WE SPECIALIZ! IN LATE MODEL REIUILT CARS TRADE WHERE YOUR DOLLAR HAS Mom: ssnss KX . X Q. fx LATE Moons fggiz-E535 we nuv All MAKES I cARs s. mucus ERZTS A -I REGARDLESS UF CUNDITION 522-8203 439 30 IVE.. WEST M BAIl.EY'S CAFETERIA FOR OVER 30 YEARS ONE OF THE TRI STATES MOST POPULAR DINING PLACES FlSHER'S HARDWARE I 3233 PIEDMONT ROAD 1 HUNTINGTON, w. VA. 25704 410 9th Street 522-3663 I 1 Phone 429-4421 N J, C, FANNIN RDBA.-'E OFFICE HOME 525 T586 I 1 RDSALIE'S FLnwERs 86 Gu-'rs INC. if pquag. 7:14. 535' 5"""TH STREET M MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS Huwrmavnn. W. VA. 25701 1 PIPING FABRICATORS 3 STEEL EFIECTORS EQUIPMENT RENTAL ,T T P o am 1566 JEFFREY ET, Hoon 213 2I9 menu A-.11 Pr-mu: 523-9469 VICE Passuqsm HUNTINGTON.W VA 25.':6 T h 172 . -1'JUST FOR FUNl'1- ff' .' . -1- 'X 9 ' ,,i:: H , 'fly fr, is - .A I 4754- 5 'l ' - :Z -B -..Q x AX SA'-.-, V 1 A -5 XF: . Us . V 4 -. I 2 w " O 1, Q , 'Q I Q 'Nui - '1 0 f V A i' f X ' 1 0 I L X X N '1 9""5N 9 X U' T '24 FUN-Fll.lED RIDE 5 'Wm Amusement euaes 'mmnunn col.: Z noun sxumc , 4 T IWW 4110! Sly w T :Loma 'rlcmc enounos W 'I A munvs - FREE PARK'NG - IXCIPT HOLIDAYS HUEETEQ LS.Dll!EllgiP!:-I !T.'1 EZYETHOIIC Ll! cfdllkxlll Llqflau ROUTE 60 - JUST WEST OF HUNTINGTON A BiII ard Jean Evans Across From Hayden Ford Enterprise 9+h Sfreei and RI. 60 in Kenova Sunday Thursday ii AM ll PM mia., i smfaay ii AM 2 AM 41' ri 2 J P13 to 49 ri 595 'Zi in 5 9 X' O in Q 'le' Q ' J' . P K Ni PIZZA Baked To Your Order All Inqredienrs Processed In Our Kifchen AND NOW! Submarines - Roasr Beef Flalred Ham and Sfealr Sandwiches "TASTE THE DIFFERENCE" Eat in Our Air Conditioned Or New Fireside Dining Rooms Or Pick Up Your Order At Our Drive-Up Window QJC-2163395 'TBUS CQEIGU Sales and Installations 209 Washington Avenue - Phone 523-0111 HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA 25701 RlCHARDSON'S PHARMACY al voun PROFES-SIONA. MARNACV IN Q WESTMORELAND - ,' ruricis M FOOSE PnAm.Acisr . nam Dari, 9 AM ra v PM I ' V C-and On Sw-asv i PRESCRIPTIONS 3 nsi refs osiivfnv iw wfsmonfimo' . sim nooM suvviizs - WHEEL CHAIRS TW - numic News - YHUSSRS CPUVCHES 64 . Mor-in onosns . :Lune svocxiuc-S S 4 n M huntuniunn D- .'f,.. ,,,,n'.,, cAMo:N 1. PIEDMONT no SPRING VALLEY THRIFTWAY 1401 Spring Volley Drive 174 Num E L. u N PAINT MART CORPORATION 629 Firsi' Sfreei' PHONE 522-7338 Qex Mccovmich Chevrfolef, Inc. 121:-4 8: FDPLAR ST. KENDVA, W. VA. ' h qpf I , f ,NICK S NEWS The Rose Tree Boutique 35? sez: AND Dress Shop X ' CARD SHOP 433 9th Street Downtown Huntington, W. Va. Open Evenings and Sundays Phone 696-9817 C Street Ceredo, W. Va. Finest in Teen Age 81 Ladies Fashions. Phone 453-3685 175 Kenneth Adkins 84 Son Ins. Agency LILY'S AMOCO SERVICE . 721 Burlington Road H t' , W. V. 3257 Piedmont Rd. un mgton Huntington, W. VA. phone 429.2933 V I See Us For All Your InsuranceqNeeds. Remodeling - Service and Repairs NEVV CONSTRUCTION 0ll'42nd Your First City Auto Sales 522.2420 522-2426 IEDNA EJ Tri-State's only Datsun Sales and Service FERGUSQN . PLUMBING 8: HEATING Complete Se'ection Office antIcgIi2TvD:o:nTg3z.??f' A of M O IYSOII VO. Used Cars You, ,,,,su,, BYARo's FAMOUS MEATS Award 32354 A and INSTITUTIONAL or "74" 610 F0005 All new Lil Hustler 'Datsun B210' 1523 Spring Valley Drive Huntington, W. Va. 25704 Ph. 429-1131 Or 1160 I r . I , I ,,,1L'.I-MTA' A 1009+ mc. ufaduuu of Cknunaataf and dfounfofd fgulp 37I6 WAVERLY ROAD 0 P.0-BOX YI57 HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA 25722 Tri-State Headquarters for: ELEGANT KITCHENS BATHROOM EQUIPMENT l QUALITY UPHOLSTERY FORMICA TOPS PANELING Hllllf STERLING SUPPLY HIGHEST BANKING SU PPL' ES TRADES FINANCE We Carry: Cutting Tools Power Transmision Equip Fasteners Saw Blade Material Saw Blade Material Grindling Wheels Mechanical Seals Phone-529-6227 850 7th St. West Huntington, V. Va. COLONIAL LANES "We Support Vinson YBA Leagues" 626 West 5th Street CHARLES DANIELS, INC. GOOD CLEAN CARS "lt's tho Doal 'Ihot Counts" 3,830 Waverly Road Phone: 429-4632 COMPTON OFFICE MACHINE CO., INC. P.O. BOX 1572 449 ADAMS AVENUE HUNTINGTON, W.VA. 25716 ff "COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES TYPEWRITER RENTALS-Rental may be applied to purchase price of machines. - WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS - COFFMAN'S FLOWERS 3208 Piedmont Rd. fiowsns ron EVERY OCCASION Phone:429-5131 Huntington, W. Va -x +11 k get the R treatment at guaranty! Q, 'QRS I Vickie's Patience 'ff N 'X ' v"X-.5 MH, W?" ' tx 1. 4Df1ve-tnwmdows f Marshallis Optical arge Parking Lot tor Yom Convenience W g' ?1 Lown Cost Auto Loan ie? "T T' ff' :K F N-Y U -gg- Midway Drive Inn ""t"':""':'W' .X ., V T -5:E1 1.Ji.j-' jj: Cd I I F3 itglgfgliidsstiittiii If..." 1 - I , . X T R BUCK CONARD MOTORS, INC. NEW AND USED CARS 530 FOURTH AVE. PHONE 522-7388 HARLEY-DAVIDSON ,m, III: HUNTINGTON hz 12 A pd A .Qin HOMER mcicsow . NEWWMLISIEI? Z' Y-,Ziff .aJu1vf..f at' - FINANCING , 6 A I- di' Bijvaittl f Au. Moons on msouv ' "LC" E TRA " o TRADE-INS ACCEPTED GLIDE I HARLEY-DAVIDSON I smfsti TZYEEEFHZMTS Kali 429-2 5 7 5 HUNTINGTON WEST VA. 25704 CLOSED MON DAYS TELEPHONE 429-2997 Betiy and CaroI's Hair Fashions, Inc. 4322 HUGHES STREET OPEN 8:00 AM TO 8:00 PM TUES. Thru FRI. 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Suggestions in the Vinson High School - Vinsonian Yearbook (Huntington, WV) collection:

Vinson High School - Vinsonian Yearbook (Huntington, WV) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Vinson High School - Vinsonian Yearbook (Huntington, WV) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 41

1975, pg 41

Vinson High School - Vinsonian Yearbook (Huntington, WV) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 73

1975, pg 73

Vinson High School - Vinsonian Yearbook (Huntington, WV) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 68

1975, pg 68

Vinson High School - Vinsonian Yearbook (Huntington, WV) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 71

1975, pg 71

Vinson High School - Vinsonian Yearbook (Huntington, WV) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 6

1975, pg 6

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