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, ff uf' W, f y jflvdf. J? .f W A M N - if gym, ,Y5'?"""'fw1,.f rd, 1-W gy , .-' fly- ' figli' ., 49 7 .,, . r . 4 1 1. TL ,, ff,-1 , f f' 5' ff' .1 1 N 5- -' ' f .- X, . .LQ wr-:L f-v"2L 'f f , , 1- 1 4, .- "4-x!"'1-wr". ' 73 1 A an ' ' + ' -r 1 2 " 4 E- ,fag-4 I -110.7731 .P K W pri 'l V. ',,,,x,:. Nga..- e-' Q f '-. 1 4 fx. EP' 4 -. 4' Y rf .pf- Q -w, -2. ww-. . Elf" ff M V pi.- v9,.7-ne x ' " L'-x, , .f " '-' "- y.-an as Q,:w-"yan i ' ' Y . ,J 7 'N 1 ..-ml: ' ,, .,. if. eff J T. I ,, V 1, .Jw - ff M1--QQ. fy- -: 1 ,Aff ? . QW IN' SP 'bb' wx Sf' 1-MMG MMLQI f' .ls ,Iva-s Uolume Q The E es unlinglonian l THE 1942 WEST HUNTINGTGNIAN VOLUME TWO 0 0 0 PUBLISHED BY SENIOR CLASS vlrxlsom HIGH SCHOOL Huntington, W. Va, BETTY MIDKIFF M. O. BRUMFIELD HELEN WICKLINE Editor Sponsor Business Manager FUREWDRD Page 4 ll l111.v !7c'r'll ll 11r1'11l jvl1'11.v11r1' 111 f1r1'1111 tf1g1'Il11'1', I'll il'Ul'lIl,K' llllll f11'1'I111'1', lllt' 1111'111or-V of lfzoxr ll11'1111,v .111 1l1'111' 111 I'1'11,v1111 Ill-ffl! S1'l1r111l. .Huy flllli N1'111'l1'1'11 lf11111f1'1'1l 11111f l"r11'I'y-lfZc'f1 ll'1'.vl ll1111l1'111fIf1111'1111 .v1'r-1'1' 11x Il r1'1111'111l1'r of 'W1111' f111fwjv-V f11'11l1 .v1'f1ool 1f11y.r llllll ln' ll .vr1111'1'1' of 1'.x'lr1'1111' joy -14'f11'11 f1'11f11111 111111111111 llx fv11111'.v I'Il lf11' f11I111'1'. WE no 0:15 c, thc Scniors of I9-PZ, rcspcctfully dcdicntc this, thc second volumc of THE IVISST IIUNTINGTONLIN to Ol'R l',-XRIQNTS xxhosc cH'orts and szlwilivcs have nmzuic possible for us thc 2ldV2lIlf2lQCS oi' an High School Iiducution. Page 5 EWIE AIDIDIQECIATE VVc, thc Seniors of l94l2, apprcciatc MR. BRVIXIFIICLD for his loyalty to Vinson High School, his service to thc school and the class, and particularly for sponsoring this volume. Page 6 STAFF FIRST ROW: Betty Midkift, Helen Wickline, Peggy Waugh, lennie Crank, and Bonnie Ellen Hensley. SECOND ROW: Alice Booton, Esta Smith, Maxine Malcolm, joyce Chapman, and june Hopson. THIRD ROW: Edna lohnston, Mary Frances Waugh, lean jackson, Betty Hutt, and Lucille Peters. FOURTH ROW: Mary Alice Staley, Llda Mosby, lack Davis, Betty Kaufman, and Nellie Black. FIFTH ROW: George W, Shirley, Bessie Steele, Charlene Frazier, julia Thompson, and Fred Bowe. Page 7 Page 8 Puri 3 . f Um' ll7.Xll.N'l.S"l'R.ITIOA I nl I-uw Par! P . f y vv'w f,l,.Al.S.S1z.S Tllrm' .ICTIVITIIQS I nl l"our Puri ,l7'llI,1i7'lCS l"1'1-4' l"1i.lTl'RliS , . Puri .Six .l17l'IiR TISING . Aims. --Administration fa c u ll I ,gn P as Um M. O, BRUMFIELD REBECCA KING HOMER TABOR IEAN PIFER Commerce Music Math. English ROY HATTEN B. D. MCQUINN LUCY CLARK GEORGE SHIRLEY Page IO Science English Social Studies Latin MADGE MATTHEWS OPAL HESLIP HOMER MCCOY VEDA PLYMALE Librarian Home Ec. Coach Home EC. CRETE WARD MAXINE STEWART BETH NICHOLS Math. Social Studies History 5 .J ,cf X34 llf -J? I ,ff L CLASSES tl l L I A Of' 3 EUGENE SMITH I BONNIE HENSLEY Vrcc-Presndent Tri-HI-Y '-ll '42 H.-Y '42 Annual and Vlnsonuan Staffs I-IELE uncrl 'bll SENIOR Cla-XSS Ol9lflt'liRS PEGGY MVALJCI-I Class President Tru-H1-Y 'ell '-I2 VIINSIJIIIKIIW Staft Annual Staff Clee Club '-I2 MAXINE MALCOLM SeCretary,C1loe Club Vnnsonran Stall V42 Annual Staff '-I2 IENNIE CRANK Presrdent, Student Body Tru-l-li-Y '-ll '-I2 Annual and Vlnsonlan Staffs WILLARD COATES Treasurer Senior C ass N WICKLINE Edrtor of Vrnsonlan Business Manager of Annual BETTY MIDKIFF Edltor of Annual '42 Vrnsnnlan Staff :UNE Hopsom MAR Page Trl-H1-Y '42 Annual Stall '-I2 Vlnsonlan Staff BETTY HUFF Clue Club '39-VIZ Annual Stall Y STALEY Baskctluall 'ill -"l2 VIIISKDIWIUIT Stall LIDA MOSBY Annual Staff Cleo Club '-ll -'-I2 Tru-Hu-Y '41-'42 I 2 'J IIE P' I fl 1 1 41' fif',4 ,V 'T Senior C ass BETTY KAUFFMAN Annual Staff, Tri- Clee Club '41 '42 IOYCE CHAPMAN Tri-l-li-Y ALICE BOOTON Annual Staff VETRESS FILLINCJER Tri-1-ln-Y '41 '42 EDNA lOl-lNSON Tri-Hi-Y '41 '42 Annual Staff SARA HUTCHINSON Basketball '41 ELMA PERDUE CHARLENE FRAZIER Annual Staff ANNA LEE GREENE Tri-l-li-Y '41 '42 Annual Staff Vinsonian Staff NELLIE BLACK Cheer Leader '41 Annual Staff ESTA SMITH Cheer Leader '41 - 42 Annual Staff MARY FRANCES WAUCH Cheer Leader '42 Annual Staff MQW -v-all? Senior C ass ,M A Page I 'I I 2 IOAN ALTIZEIQ ELSIE TAYLOR FRANCES YOUNG FRED BOWE President of Hi-Y AnnuaI Staff Vln5Onlan Staff Band '-II '42 BETTY RAYMOND Cleo Club'-I2 IULIA THOMPSON Annual Staff RICHARD MILLER LLICILLE PETERS Tn-I-Il-Y I-II '-I2 Annual Sfaff IACK DAVIS AnnuAISI.1ff IEAN IACKSON Annual Staff CICC CIub '-II '-I2 ELIZABETH WATTS IVIAUDIE COATES R.1QIwtImlI "I I '-I7 '+ACTIVITlIES Q ' QW ' OFFICERS ii 3 3 of f i S'l'l'DIiN'l' COl ' NCIL l9-l2 Don Clark, limmie Withamg Vernard Lemons, Sergeant-at-Arms, Robert Webster, Chap- laing jeanne Warren, Wanda Fosterg Patty Morehead, Mary Louise Hanbyg Fred Bowe, Vice-Presidentg Betty Lo Nease, Secretary, M. O. Brumfield, Sponsorg lennie Lee Crank, President. STUDENT GCVERNMENT Student government in Vinson High School is the name given to three institutions that have control ot all the activities ot the school. These institutions have the power to make rules and regulations in all matters of student activity not strictly academic, subject, of course, to the final authority of the school administration. Student government was organized in Vinson High School in i936 by lvl. O. Brumfield. lt consists of the Student Council, the Student Court, and the Social Activities Committee. The Student Council is the legislative department ot the Government. Each grade of the school has two representatives who make the laws ap- plying to the whole student body. A president is elected from either the junior or the Senior Class of the year. l-le or she appoints a vice-president, secretary, treasurer, chaplain, sergeant-at-arms, and corresponding secre- tary. Page 16 STUDENT CCUNCIL The Student Council has the power to pass general regulations: to raise money and to expend that money, to fill vacancies in the offices of class presidents. On the whole, it has a broad grant of power to engage in practically any activity not specifically forbidden to it by the school ad- ministration or by the Constitution of the Student Body. The Student Court is the judicial department of the Government. This Court is made up of two faculty members, the principal, and two students appointed by the Student Council. It tries cases and renders decisions concerning all matters brought before it. A department that has the veto power as to whether a certain activity can be given is the Social Activities Committee. This committee is made up of two students and one faculty member, appointed by the Student Council. This committee must give approval to any dance, party, or other school social function before that function can take place. Student government has achieved a rapidly increasing success. lt has obtained a place in the school as an honorable institution. lt is en- gaged in a wider field of activities than formerly and all signs indicate that its scope will widen as more years come and go. Each year the Student Council has many activities. This year we have tried to make an outstanding one in the history of our school. "Sadie Hawkins' Day" was held on November 7, l94l, with a dance that night. On October 28, l94l, we sponsored a Hallowe'en Party-in the school gymnasium. Awards are given for the Council members for their services each year. For the two year members a suitable award is given. For the one year members a standard pin of the Student Council is awarded. The Student Council wishes to take this opportunity of expressing their sincere thanks to the student body and the faculty and the principal for their splendid co-operation and help in making this a bigger and better school year. The Student Council, at this time, wishes to thank lennie Crank, the President for 1941-i942 for her leadership and guidance during this school year. BONNIE ELLEN HENSLEY, Treasurer Student Council. Page I7 Pam- l fl JUNIOR CLASS PLAY COMIN' THRU THE RYE Silas Stonebraker, who runs the American House Libby Stonebraker, his young daughter - Harvey Keyser, in love with Libby - Lily Turner, in love with Harvey - jessie Weatherby, a village "relic" - Sheriff Haskins, the law - james Kearney, an ex-sailor - - Mrs. Humphrey Mearson, from Denver Rosamond Mearson, her young daughter - Trixie Angel, who is fond of dogs - Ronald Tanner, a suspect - - - Rosalie Reed - Monica Morrison - Vernard Lemons joan Newman Boyd jackson Betty Nease Betty Conley joe Williams jack Webster june Stukins Betty Rutherford Edna McCoy Fred Wilkerson Lora Dell Forman Ruth Lucas STORY OF THE PLAY In a little town named Rye, on the mid-Western plains, lives old Silas Stonebraker and his lovely young daughter, Libby. They run the local hotel, Several days before Christmas, the Westbound bus is stalled in a snowdrift at the edge of town, so into the hotel come all the passengers. Among them is a breezy ex-sailor, james Kearney. He has been "every- where," but has never taken any girl seriously until he meets Libby. His feelings in the matter are returned, but a local swain, Harvey Keyser, feels that he holds prior claim upon Libby's affections, having helped financially her father. Some of the more amusing characters are two college girls. Trixie Angel, who has a pet dog, jesse Weatherby, who hopes to become Mrs. Silas Stonebraker, Mrs. Humphrey Mearson and her romantic daugh- ter, who is quite enamored of jim, causing Libby some anxious moments. MAXI NE MALCOLM. SENIOR CLASS OF VINSON HIGH SCHOOL May io, 1942 Presented SEEING DOUBLE CAST or CHARACTERS Gloria and june Wade, identical twins - Aunt Mary, their aunt - - Martha Mason, lune's girl friend - lerry Mitchell, Gloria's suitor - Bob Carlson, lune's suitor - - - Schuyler van Schuyler, New York aristocrat - Mrs. van Schuyler, his mother - Geraldine van Schuyler, his sister - leeves, SchuyIer's valet - Dora, the Wade housekeeper - Miss Arnold, a messenger - TIME OF PLAY-About two hours. SETTING+The Wade living room. lennie Lee Crank Mary Frances Waugh june I-lopson Eugene Smith Willard Coates Fred Bowe Peggy Ann Waugh Maxine Malcolm lunior Bowles Bonnie Ellen Hensley loyce Chapman STAGE CREW AND PROPERTIES: Alice Booton, Fred Bowe, Charles LeMaster, and Norris Lewis. USHERS: Anna Lee Greene, Esta Smith, Elizabeth Kauffman, and Betty Lou Raymond. SEATING: Vetress Fillinger, Nellie Black. DIRECTORS: M. O. Brumfield and George W. Shirley. MAKE-UP: B. D. McQuinn. Page I9 Page 20 DON'T MISS IT! OR DID YOU MISS IT? "SEEING DOUBLE" A Comedy in Three Acts Written by lames C. Parker and Presented by Special Arrangement with The National Drama Co., Memphis, Tenn. In "Seeing Double" you will find the "unpredictable" Wades-two girls who are identical twins yet have very contrasting personalities. Ciloria Wade is interested in city life and brings the van Schuylers, a group of so-callecl aristocrats, to her home. june Wade is a detective story writer, a tact which annoys Ciloria and all concerned. You'll be greatly amused as Schuyler van Schuyler, Cloria's anemic aristocrat, is almost driven to distraction by the antics of june, whom he mistakes for Gloria. Come prepared for two hours ot good wholesome entertainment and you will also be "SEEING DOUBLE" A Royalty Play DATE - APRIL I0, l94Z 8100 P, M. PLACE - VINSON I-IICI-I SCHOOL ADMISSION: Adults .30 Children .20 SENIOR PLAY JUNIOR PLAY CAST CAST DRAMATICS HI l t TRI-HI-Y Page Flrst Pow: Mr, B, D, MeQuunn, sponsor. Second Row: Bob lones, Tom Malloney, Elnley Cfraham, Cllttord Plymale, lack Vxfulkerson, Bull Adkins, Boyd Earl lackson, lack Lewis, Eenene Eranklrn Smltb, Bull Roberson, and lack Welvster. Third Row: Herbert Blain, Russel Rucker, Samuel Bowles, lr,, lack Wlweeler, Claarles Eskew, Fred Bowe, Rlehard Muller, and Merlun Tucker, CLUBS Furst Row, seated left to flglill Bonnne Hensley, loan Newman, Mrs, Warcl, lune Morehead, Ruth Brammell, and lean lackson, Second row, lett to rrglwtj Maxme Malcolm, Martha Wlwutely, lenme Crank, Betty Nease, Betty Blair, Iune Hnpson, Lucille Peters, Anna Lee Greene, Betty Raymond, lune Stuckuns, loyce Chapman, Peggy Wattgh, Lorda Delle Forman, and Edna Bowe. Tlatrd Row, lett to rnglat: Edna lobnson, Betty Kaufman, Vettress Eillinger, Iudy Ellns, Betty Rutherford, Lnda Mosby, Peggy Berry, Betty Bradley, Betty Whttt, Edna Pollard, and Mary Frances Vxfaugla. TRI-HI-Y The Tri-Hi-Y Club of Vinson l-ligh School was organized by its pres- ident in the year of l94O. Since that time it has been very important in school activities. This year its president is Peggy Waugh, the vice-president is Edna Roxie johnston, the secretary is Ruth Brammell, and the treasurer is Betty Lo Nease, and the corresponding secretary is Anna Lee C-reene. The club has two meetings a month. One at home which is consid- ered as a social and one at school which is strictly a business meeting. There is also some sort of social activity each month. There are thirty active members in the club, and it is sponsored by Mrs. Crete Ward. The Tri-l-li-Y Club has taken active part in knitting for the Red Cross. Several of the girls knitted sweaters. The social for October was a covered dish luncheon held at the home of Lora Dell Forman. A theater party was attended Thanksgiving as the social for the month of November. Mrs. Ward entertained the members of the club at a Christmas party in December. Mrs. Roland Patrick in- vited the club to have a covered dish luncheon at her home for the social event of january. In February the Tri-Hi-Y Club and the Hi-Y Club had a sweetheart ball. At the first of the school year the Tri-Hi-Y and the Hi-Y Club had a joint induction of the two similar clubs at Mason City, West Virginia. They chartered a bus to attend. There were forty members of both clubs who vvent. HI - Y CLUB Mr. B. D. McQuinn is the sponsor of the Hi-Y. The Club consists of 20 members for the first semester of l94l -l942. The President is Frederick Bowe. The vice-President is lack Wheeler, the secretary is Eugene Smith, and the treasurer is Frederick Wilkerson. The club is composed of three committees - the Devotional, the Program, and the Project. The chairmen of the committees are: Devotion, lack Wheeler, Program, Frederick Wilkerson, Proiect, Charles Eskew. The club has an executive committee made up of the officers who have to consider and pass excuses for absences from meetings and who plan the general procedure of the club. The club has organized three basketball teams for recreation. In November the club was invited to Mason City, West Virginia, to conduct an induction of members into the Mason High School Hi-Y. Late in November the club had a spaghetti dinner at the home of Clifford Ply- male, a member. On the sixteenth of December a banquet was given at the home of Mr. McQuinn, the sponsor. The club also attended a dinner given at the Y. M. C. A. and a dance given there later on. The Vinson Hi-Y is progressing and expanding rapidly and will do bigger and better things in the future for the school and community. We hope to increase our membership to 30 for the second semester. 11 Page 23 Page 24 jUNIOR - SENIOR PROM 1941 Thursday, May 29, l94l, in the ballroom of the Hotel Governor Cabell members of the junior Class were hosts to members of the Senior Class at a banquet and prom. The banquet which began at 7 o'clock was enjoyed by everyone. A delicious course, which consisted of fried chicken, dutchess potatoes, green beans, fruit cocktail, salad, and strawberry sundae, was served. At the speaker's table were seated the guests of honor, Miss Ruth Staley, assistant superintendent of schools in Wayne County, Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Lloyd, member of the board of education, Mr, j. H, Bowling, our principal, Mr. M. O. Brumfield, the Senior sponsor, Mrs. Beth Nichols, the junior sponsor, Nancy Winchester, president of the Senior class, Elizabeth Kauffman, pres- ident of the junior class, Fred Bowe, vice-president of the junior class. After the dinner course was finished a few words were spoken by each of these. The prom, which was a semi-formal dance was one of the many given in the city during the closing weeks of school to celebrate the adjournment of the school year. lt was a warm evening, so the girls wore their summer formals, and the boys wore sport coats, slacks, and campus suits. Fred Becker and his orchestra played many a lively tune and jitterbugs took the floor. As a highlight of the evening Miss june Morehead, a member of our school, entertained us with a few songs and dance numbers, The conduct was very polite and couples exchanged partners by programs which were made in advance. Mr. Bill Estler and his photographer, Mr. W. T. Chambers, took several pictures of this big event for the l-lerald-Advertiser. More than one hundred young people were present and paid proper respect to the chaperones who were faculty members and their wives or husbands. At l a. m. the orchestra played its goodnight tune and the happy, flushed couples streaked for all night cafes to down hamburgers, coffee, and milk. This junior-Senior Prom was enjoyed by everyone and marked the climax of the many pleasant social events of the high school year. JUNIOR - SENIOR PROM OF l94I CHAPERONES, STUDENTS AND GUESTS , S Page 26 MISS VINSON HIGH SCHOOL 1941-1942 Peggy Hickman, Queen, and Nancy Winchester, Attendant BAND First Row: Mr. B, D. McQuinn, Mildred Kennedy, Edna Mae Pollard, Lora Dell Foreman, Marshall Blaine, Bob Webster, loan Newman, Charles Lloyd, Ioyce Lee Plymale, Nadine Blain, Maxine Malcome, Bill McMullen, johnny Walker, Edna Bowe, Wanda Foster, and john Damron. Second Row: lack Lewis, Bill Adkins, Duane McCoy, Charles Osburn, Ralph Craig, Buddy Caldwell, Betty Campbell. Third Row: Bob Adkins, Herbert Blaine, Russel Rucker, William May, Charles Eskew, Betty Lou Smith, Richard Tuft, Louise Ekers, and Fred Bowe. The Vinson Band in Orange and Black is at it again with their band instruments. New members have been added and several old ones have graduated. Those who are graduating this year have already received their letters so that they could wear them all the school year. The Band Booster's Club has been working tor several years now to keep the band in the top ranks with other leading bands as tar as instru- ments and uniforms go. Many new instruments have been added since they have been organized. The Band attended football games this year both at home and away. They really had a good showing with four majorettes, a mascot, and we are really proud of them. The time when the band shines is always at the annual Band Festival held every year in Huntington. This year our band won approval again. Page 27 THIRD ROW Lontus Malcolm Charles Osborne Alma Billman Ralph Craig Norma Clark Betty lo Carey Tudelle Davis Mary Ellen Hunter SIXTH ROW Billy Williams Delores Queen Lucille Nease Earl Smith lane Carey Rosalie Brumtield Frances Jesse Bob Webster Page 28 THE WEST HUNTINGTONIAN STUDENT BOOSTER CLUB FIRST ROW Charles Wickline Kathryn Wheeler Russell Rucker Charlene Secrest june Morehead Maxine Artrip Edwin Fitzpatrick Betty Craig SECOND ROW lohn Clark jimmy Witham Dolores Fitzpatrick Iames Blankenship Billie Sue I-lopson luanita Tomblin Eva Booton Herbert Bocook FOURTH ROW FIFTH ROW Marybelle Eggleston Russell Campbell loyce Plymale Clifford Plymale Clara Roach lack Wilkerson Cynthia Perdue Herbert Dawson SEVENTH ROW Murvel Hutchison Leatta Hunter Betty Conway Frank Caster Phyllis Rutherford Richard Bing Dorothy Artrip Eileen lohnson Floyd Chapman Mary Louise Hanby Bill Neal Eddie Lee Hensley Eleanor Dean Richard Tufts Frances Baker Patty Morehead EICHTH ROW Iames Caldwell Naomi Smith Bob Booth Duane McCoy Betty Lou Stewart Annabelle Fillinger Mildred Fuller Edward Norris THE VINSONIAN "To faithfully present the news of the news of the school . . . both fairly and without partisan feeling," is the policy and goal of the Vinsonian, Vinson's student publication. The staff of this paper is chosen by the student council composed of students, and with faculty advisor, Mr. M. O. Brumfield, head of the De- partment of Commerce, acting as a mentor in difficult situations, complete- ly operating under the hands of students. This year, Helene Wickline is the editor of the Vinsonian, She is ably assisted by Betty Midkiff, Peggy Waugh, lennie Crank, Bonnie Hensley, and Anna Lee Greene. The Vinsonian Staff wishes to take this opportunity to thank the stu- dents for their patronage. THE VINSONIAN GOES TO PRESS Page 29 THE WEST HUNTINGTONIAN ln the production of the i942 WEST HUNTINCTONIAN, as is the case of any business, the will to succeed is of a prime importance. This spirit has been the guiding hand of the Seniors that have put in countless hours in producing this book. They did not stop when they were dis- couraged, but worked on with the blind hope that they would succeed. The Student Body has co-operated with us more this year than eve before in the history of the school. By using an installment plan, a hun- dred students were able to buy this book. Enough sales have been mad to insure publication, and the i942 WEST HUNTINCTONIAN comes to ' hes you with our best was . THE ANNUAL STAFF OF 1942. I' 6 The West Huntingtonian S at work Paint- 30 l taff --ATIIUETICS Page 32 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE I94I - I942 VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON ROME CHESAPEAKE ST. 1osEPH PORTSMOUTH EAST NEW BOSTON CHESAPEAKE ST. IOSEPH PORTSMOUTH EAST WAYNE CUYAN VALLEY WINFIELD ROME PORTSMOUTH C WINFIELD BUFFALO HAMLIN HURRICANE CUYAN VALLEY FT. GAY HAMLIN NEW BOSTON PORTSMOUTH C FT. GAY WAYNE BUFFALO ENT ENT W,- ' N La U 'Q ,. , .4. ,. . ,, L 21 " f-xg A f' 35051 x " '-Iiiaita ,.,- :S .K - skim? ' -Kin' Y 3 lf' 1 55' X ,ix, I 4? ge .... W 4 ,. R . .... 3 10 w , S -. 'Xf:?'.,yf'Q ' :5,.: ,. " ' z J' uf W if Ea . 2 W im . x 1 .-: -.- - . 'J ,l mg a Wafiv . 4 Q . '. V if '1 Page 33 Page 34 BASKETBALL The Vinson "Tigers" were really the Tigers this year in basketball. The boys improved as the season went along. They worked hard and had the respect ot every team that they played. Larger crowds were attending the games this year which is a scale to go by in the strength of the team. Herbert Stephens was the star of many games. jimmie Patterson, Norris Lewis, Everett Fannin, Charles Eskew, Irvin LeMaster, Eugene Sal- yers, Dick Midler, Bobby Waugh, and jimmy Lilly make up the squad. Everyone says this is the best team at Vinson for many years. 633 Modern design in football and basketball has developed these games tar beyond the ability ot teams a decade ago. More knowledge ot the game is necessary by the coach, the player, and the spectator. Drastic rule changes each year demand study, practice. performance, and extensive training. Training is so necessary that the athlete himself realizes his part in the training schedule. The slogan YOU MUST TRAIN TO WIN, has put our nation beyond all others in phy- sical fitness. lnductees and volunteers in Uncle Sam's vast war time Army and Navy are ready to go, because THEY HAVE BEEN READY TO GO. The Vinson "Tigers" ot the season, athletes who repre- sented the teams ot l94l, 1942, have shown a spirit to win by training to win, which is the spirit ot the day, HOMER MCCOY, Coach. GIRLS BASKETBALL First Row: Geraldine Huffman, Nellie Black, Wanda Foster, Alma Billman Second Row: Sara Hutchinson, Esta Smith, Mary Staley, Maudie Coates BOYY BASKETBALL BASKETBALL First Row: M. O. Brumfield, james Ross, Coach l-lomer lVlcCoy. Second Row: lvan Pemberton, Danny Patton, james Lilly, Eugene Salyers, Erwin LeMaster, Richard lvledler, Norris Lewis, james Traylor. Third Row: Robert Waugh, james Patterson, Fred Bowe, Samuel Bowles, jack Webster, Charles Eskew, Robert jones, junior Chapman, William Neal, Uwe Page 36 ATHLETICS The Vinson High School "Tigers" played very good football this year. They won four games, tied one game, and lost four games. There was only a small squad of boys which was more reduced when two key boys became injured and could not play the remainder of the season, Members of the team were: Richard Midler - RE Eugene Salyers LE jack Webster RT Everett Fannin Covey Smith - RC Charles White Charles LeMaster LC Charles Eskew Vernord Lemons LT lrvin LeMaster Pontie Black - - LC Ivan Pemberton Buddy Isabell - - RT Fred Bowe - - FB Boyd jackson - - Center The victories of the Vinson "Tigers" included Man, Chesapeake, Fort C-ay, and lronton St. joseph. The tie was with Russell, Kentucky, At Duvall there was a 6-7 loss. We also lost to Portsmouth Central. The best game of the season was at Ceredo-Kenova. We lost that game 20-13. Ceredo-Kenova had a very good season of football or we would have beaten them. lack Webster and Charles Eskew were injured in that game so that they could not participate further in football. Vinson looks forward to a very successful season next year. We are only losing three boys due to graduation. The football team was well trained and performed better than any at Vinson High School for some time. I'S Salye gene Eu ddy Isobel, Bu OHS, FT1 Le nard el' V F1 ackso l Lemaster, Boyd harles C ebster W lack Medler ck :Di Row First Ross. 65 I'T1 8 lack, 1 e B LeMaster, Ponti Irvin kew, Es nnin, Charles Fa BH hite, Ever we, Charles W Bo Fred wles, Bo FY1 Willia Row cond Se augh. W ebb, Bob W d b jones, Leonar Bo Wilkerson, tfen, Fred Pa army augh, D W key O I- 95 N Bill nson, Hufchi oy, Mervill CC M el' I'1"l Ho Row Third Page 37 Page 38 FCOTBALL SCHEDULE I94l - I94 VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON VINSON Score I4 S I 3 C: 6 6 6 I3 6 7 6 CHESAPEAKE MAN ST. IOSEPH WAYNE RUSSELL CUYAN VALLEY PORTSMOUTH CENT. CEREDOVKENOVA BUEEAL0 FT.C-AY DUVALL 2 Score 6 O 0 34 6 33 25 20 I 3 O 6 FEATURES Page 40 MISS WEST HUNTINGTONIAN IENNIE LEE CRANK-MISS WEST HUNTINCTONIAN IUDY ELLIS, BETTY SIMMS, ATTENDANTS SENIOR CLASS WILL OF i942 We, the Seniors of l942, realizing the uncertainty of this cruel world, do hereby feel it necessary to write a will bequeathing our traits and honors to the faculty and the underclassmen, who will follow in our footsteps. First, to our Principal, we leave our best wishes for a long and happy life, and may he find many more pleasant hours among the students of Vinson High School. To our Faculty we leave our love and gratitude for all the fine things they have done for us, and for their untiring effort in teaching us the knowledge that we have so graciously received. Third, to the juniors, who will follow in our footsteps, who leave the fine record of our Senior Class, and may they enjoy their last year as much as we have. Fourth and last, each individual wishes to leave something to a lower classmate or to some member of the faculty: joan Altizer wills her beautiful hair to Edna Mae Pollard. You won't have to worry about curlers now, Edna. Nellie Black wills to Mr. Richard james lvlidler, jr. lDick to usl a razor blade that is too dull to cut thumbs. Also some first-hand inform- ation on how to clean a razor. lBut now with thumbsll Sam Bowles wills to jimmy Patterson his cute mustache. Fred Bowe wills to Mr. George Shirley a magic pencil and pad so that he won't have such a hard time making out detention lists. Nellie Black wills to june Morehead her position as Cheer Leader. Alice Booton wills to lvlr. Roy l-latten a large chest of tools and a lot of chemicals to make an artificial cow. joyce Chapman wills to Bob jones her ability to give American History reports. jennie Crank wills to Betty jo Conley part of her tinyness so that she may reduce her height. Eileen Conley wills to Doris Rice her way with Mr. Shirley. Maudie Coates wills to Edna McCoy her ability to skate. jack Davis wills to june Stukins some of the Senior dignity. Vetress Fillinger wills to Ruth Brammell one stick of Beech-nut chew- ing gum so she won't have to ask her Sunday school teacher for some. Charlene Frazier wills to Mrs. Clark a new pair of glasses so she can catch the students copying. Anna Lee Greene wills to Dan Peters a package of Red-Horse chewing tobacco. june Hopson wills to her sister, Billie Sue, her ability to become a mathematician. Page 41 Page 42 SENIOR CLASS WILL OF l942 Betty Hutt wills her musical talent to Mary Louise Hanby. Bonnie Ellen Hensley wills her ability to jitterbug to Mary Scott. Edna lohnston wills to Mrs. Ward an extra set for her ring in case she breaks hers when calling the attention of her students. Elizabeth Kauffman wills to Mrs, Matthews a machine saying "Be quietl Be quietl" for her study halls. Richard Miller wills to Mr. George Shirley a large size bottle of Doctor Miles' nerve tonic to aid his nervous system. Lida Mosby wills to Nadine Blaine a pack of love letters from Tom Maloney. Maxine Malcolm wills to june Stukins a package of juicy Fruit gum to pop in Mr. Shirley's class only, next year. Betty Midkift wills to Doris Henderson a compass so that she won't get up from her seat and get lost. Lucille Peters wills to lack Adkins a stogie. Elma Perdue wills to Mrs. Pifer a package of chewing gum or bicar- bonate of soda lwhichever she prefersl to aid her indigestion. Betty Lou Raymond wills to Vernord Lemons some of her pep. Now isn't that appropriate? Esta Smith wills to Charlene Secrets her position as cheer leader. Bessie Steele wills a book on "Love" to Nellie Almekinders. This will come in handy during her last years in high school. Mary Frances Waugh wills to Martha Ann Whitely her position as cheer leader. Helen Wickline wills to Mrs. Beth Nichols her sunny disposition. Frances Young wills to Mr. George Shirley her ability to keep her mouth shut. lulia Thompson wills to Mr. B. D. McQuinn a chest of tools so that he will be able to invent his sensitive radio to pick up conversations of historic people centuries ago, especially Cleopatra's love affairs. Because ot his great ambition to be a United States soldier, Peggy Waugh would like to will Mr. George Shirley a B-B gun and a Hudson Bomber so that he will be prepared to meet the enemy. We do hereby solemnly swear this to be our last will and testament, on this day, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty-two. THE SENIOR CLASS OF l942. ELIZABETH KAUFFMAN. REUNION OF SENIOR CLASS OF '42 HELD AT HOTEL PRICHARD Huntington, W. Va., May 13, 1962. A class reunion was held throughout last week by the Vinson High School graduating class of 1942. Peggy Waugh, president of the class, presided over the meeting. Miss Waugh and Miss Bonnie Ellen Hensley, another officer of the class, are now connected with the staff of laboratory technicians of the Mayo clinic in Minnesota. Others who attended the class reunion were: Mrs. William Brammell, formerly Miss lean jackson, who is now throwing rolling pins. Mrs. Lee "Buddy" Isbell, formerly Miss Mary Frances Waugh, who is also throwing rolling pins. Miss Betty Huff, who in private life is Mrs. lack Davis, found it very hard to get away because of her contract with the Metropolitan Opera Company. Miss Nellie Black, who is now superintendent of nurses at St. Mary's Hospital. Miss Lucille Peters, who is assistant pianist in Mrs. Atkinson's Hall of Music. Miss Charlene Frazier, a teacher of high mathematics at Vinson High School, who has replaced Mr. Homer Tabor, who is now teaching at the Cimlet Hollow High School of higher learning. Many skilled operators of the Comptometer were present including Miss Maxine Malcolm, Miss june Hopson, and Miss Mary Alice Staley. Mr. Fred Bowe, proprietor of Camden Park. Mr. Charles LeMaster and Mr. Charles White, now professional foot- ball players with the famous Yellow Streak Squad of Skunk Hollow. Edna Iohnston, who is now Mrs. Don Willis and resides in Kenova. Page 43 Page 44 REUNION OF SENIOR CLASS Betty Kauffman, a telephone operator of the C. and P. Telephone Company. Miss Ioyce Chapman, Znd. Lt. Army Nurse with the U. S. Army. Mr. jack Davis, now in the employment of the R-Kay Studios. Eugene Smith, U. S. Army engineer. Miss Elizabeth Watts, Miss Elma Perdue, and Miss Emogene Tomblin are connected with the F. B. I. Intelligence bureau in Washington, D. C. Miss Eileen Conley, famous dancer from the popular Club Continental. Miss Betty Raymond, "Town Cryer" reporter. Miss Maudie Coates and her brother, Willard, are now the proprietors of the Arena Gardens. Miss Frances Young and Miss Bessie Steele, bookkeepers for the Huntington Veterinarian Hospital. Miss Vetress Fillinger, an Army Air Hostess. Mr. Sam Bowles and Mr. jack Diamond, famous trapeze artists with the nationwide George Shirley circus. Miss loan Altizer, Miss Esta Smith, and Miss Anna Lee Greene, models for the Model Laundry. Miss lennie Crank, manager of the Teddy Bear Department of Hunt- ington Dry Goods Company. Mr. Richard Miller and Mr. Norris Lewis, now hoboing on the C. and O. Miss julia Thompson, secretary for the Ackerman Lumber Company. Miss Helene Wickline and Miss Betty Midkiff, foreign correspondents for the New York Times. Miss Alice Booton, technical adviser of the Home Loan Organization. IOYCE CHAPMAN. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY l942 Dear Classmates: As I sit here before the fire day-dreaming, my mind wanders back over my school days. Come with me down the lane of memory to a warm September morning in the year of l93O. On this memorial morning four frightened little girls in gingham quietly slipped into seats in Miss lennie Crum's room. They were Lucille Peters, Mary Alice Staley, lean jackson, and june Hopson. These and five others, who were double-promoted into our class, were the only ones who com- pleted their high school work at Dear Ole' Vinson. Our first five years were uneventful. Then came a great change to our little group. Nellie Black, loyce Chapman, Peggy Waugh, lennie Crank, and Charles LeMaster entered Vinson from other schools. Betty Huff, Betty Lou Raymond, Catherine Frazier, Betty Midkiff, and Helen Wickline were double-promoted into our class. Also at this time, due to a change in mid-semester promotions, Maxine Malcolm, Frances Young, Lydia Mosby, Elma Perdue, and Richard Miller joined the "gang" We continued on our merry way through the sixth, seventh and eighth grades, We passed from a world of safety and security into a land of wonders-HIGH SCHOOL. On this glad day we find added to our gang Anna Lee C-reene, Edna johnston, Mary Frances Waugh, Elizabeth Watts, Elsie Mae Taylor, Maudie Coates, Bonnie Ellen Hensley, Eileen Conley, Emogene Tomblin, julia Thompson, junior Bowles, Willard Coates, and Fred Bowe. Our sponsors were Mrs. Ward and Mr. Tabor. By the beginning of the tenth grade we were well on our way to glorious high school careers. We had for our sponsors Mr. Tabor and Mr. Shirley. Page 45 Pano 46 SENIGR CLASS HISTORY Then came our junior year, opening a land of opportunity to a group of starry-eyed students. This year Elizabeth Kauffman entered Vinson and became our class president. We gave our class play, "Pigtails". Mrs. Pifer and Mrs. Nichols, our class sponsors, directed it. Remember? On Febru- ary 22 we gave a dance at St. Cloud's Common which was one of the most colorful events of the year. Our next big occasion was the junior-Senior Prom which was held at the Hotel Governor Cabell. Pictures of this event were featured on the front page of the society section of the l-lerald-Ad- vertiser on the following Sunday morning. This, indeed, was a night that will not be soon forgotten. We entered our Senior year with the hope that we would be the most outstanding group ever to be graduated from Vinson. Esta Smith joined us at this time. Mr. Shirley and Mr. Brumfield, our sponsors, have devoted both time and talent to help us reach our goal. Most of us received our class rings for Christmas which bore our class motto-Respice Finem, which means "Onward to the Coal." On April ll our Senior play was given. lt was "Seeing Double" and was a great success. Chosen as Valedictorian and Salutatorian from our Senior class of i942 were june Hopson as Valedictorian and Charlene Frazier as Salutatorian. May lO to May i5 was Senior's week. Baccalaureate was on Sunday, lvlay IO. Commencement exercises were on May l2 and 38 students re- ceived their diplomas. And so, dear classmates, as we approach the end of our Senior year, let us keep in mind that the past i2 years have only been the foundation on which we build a house-our lives. Let us always remember our motto, "Onward to the Coal"- be it great or small. IUNE HOPSON. OLD GRADS ,: -c 2-:Y 'B f Eir,ix X,x35Q?i iiQff X 'Q 'fl if rx -Q? 2 X W E' Q gs 5 1' Qi g . ff 1 X , O xy Hs ff' my J i' X. tp, 1 : Q . " ,.-fi' - ' iiiggk Fziyf V X .Q 'X 'Nw k, ,,,..m ,, Panv 47 CALENDAR i942 Basketball Game lan, I6 Theatre Party lan. 28 Student lvlix lan. 30 Skating Party iS. C.l Feb. 5 Theatre Party Feb. ll Basketball Came Feb. l7 Student Mix March 6 junior Dance March l3 Student Mix March ZO Senior Play April lO Student Council Luncheon April I5 Senior Play Cast Party April l6 junior-Senior Prom May 8 Senior Class Night May ll Commencement May I2 Last Day of School May l5 Page 49 556. 711, ' AUTOGRAPHS DVERTISING.-.-.-. Page 52 Dear Advertiser: The West Huntingtonian Staff extends its hearty thanks to the Advertisers who have placed their confidence in us by adver- tising in our annual. The courtesy and co-operation shown to us is deeply appreciated. Sincerely yours, THE ANNUAL STAFF Best Wishes TO The Senior Class of 1942 PIEDMON T GROCERY CO. 01 PIEDMONT POAD PHONE 21497 PHONI 1137 "YOUR CREDITS O. K." COMPI,IlllICN'I'S IFIIIIII- "F W WELLMAN - o'sl-IEA ANYTHING IN JEWELRY 9,1-I Fourth Ave. Phone 29161 KENOVA, W. VIRGINIA HUNTINGTON, W. VA. PHONE 23037 3202 Piedmont Road HUNTINGTON, W. VA. WESTMORELAND FLORIST Wholesale and Retail FLORIST Florist Telegraph Delivery -l- OUR SINCERE BEST WISHES FOR A -1-- HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL CAREER THROUGHOUT LIFE mine Gounfxl pfzess KENOVA, WEST VIRGINIA Page 54 Mofavxvs uyw Uma .... GNT SHE Kam ? . AMERICA I0 keep tht scf4oolg17'ffom4', cool! amfrun your Muse Dpfecfrica y .... .. nu- s ,..i. fl N T UUR Xow rank-5, be-hung to - ax-rs of Ann-rica ax 1 run ' Kenny. . N0 wr- N - ELEM: Bonn in K your homo h g 'e hot slow H f gl k d I' 1 "K N h f h X k h i ' A ' ow - mn 1 . ron: 11 b I z K g l KN X ' h I g... N ishrhol N : f h d ltudgvry that may hail bm-in good i he smd, but was hard on looks and N A dispo hion. N -ii' , X I N APPALACHXAN C POWER 6 'D 1 A f W Euzcfm COMPANY LLELEDTY-W wily,-fdlimwl TREND!! 100 B UV THE Lf.SS H' G0 .1..,, V, is M' c'oMP1,1,w:NTs rw: Con1PL1zuENT YOU OF C. M. LOVE 8: CO. KEITH - ALBEE AND HARDWARI1Z-- smzos Phone 2.93.15 HnNT1Nc:ToN, WEST VIRGINIA mm Third Aw. Hunnmgum, W. vu. H. A. POISSON Jeweler KI+IICI'SAKI+IS --l- DIAMONDS Pllgill - VVA'I'UHICS -- IIUIUYZI Crosley Radios ANYTHING IN .lEIVEl,IBI' 7'I'l'IllN To Sui! YUM I"iI'teen Years in the Same Location KICNOVA, W. VA. N. SL W. -- Inspector - IJ. SL O. IIEST IVISHES TO THE CLASS OF 19-I2 LUCIAN P. WATTS Sales: lzrl nfor Hudson Cars Acme Motor Co. HUNTINGTON, W. VA. Phone 9177 -- A-Tm Holm ofClH'1'1'fHl CI'I'l1I'fH 1 Fon Fnnsn FLOWERS CAPITOL FURNITURE CO. m""'C cwoMr1.1s'1'14: HOME FURNISHINGS 23512 DIAL 8165 FLORADALE FLOWERS 7-16-7-18 Fourth Avenue HUNTINGTON - WEST VIRGINIA 83-1 Adams Avenue HUNTINGTON - WEST VIRGINIA Page 56 COMPLIMENTS of The Modern Beaufy Shop 32752 Ninth St. Phone 24479 HUNTINGTON, W. VA. COMPLIMENTS of WAYNE THEATRE "GN Ilelzinrl The Man Ifvhiml flu' Gun" WAYNE, W. VA. Phone 25536 4501 Piedmont Road The Best Wishes WESTMQRELAND GROCERY EARL N AN CE USTAPLE AND FANCY GIJUCICIIIICSH Prop1'ieto1': John A. Evendoll Compliments of ROLLINS FUNERAL HOME Kenova, WP. Va. Phone 4531 1822 Chestnut Street Page 57 WHO'S WHO IN SENIOR CLASS OF I942 130 Y Willard Coates GIRL BEST ALL AROUND lennie Lee Crank MOST APT TO SUCCEED Eugene Smith Eugene Smith Eugene Smith Charles Le Master junior Bowles Bonnie Ellen Hensley MOST AMBITIOUS Peggy Waugh MOST STUDIOUS june Hopson MOST ATHLETIC Maudie Lee Coates MOST TALKATIVE Betty Raymond Best Wishes COMPLIMENTS OF Rucker, Billups and Fowler, Inc. FROM INSURANCE AND THE FIRST HUNTINGTON IIONIJING smsvlcw I,o1'ufc'fl uf 815 First Huntington National Bank HUNTINGTON, W. VA. . . Building Page 58 Cash In Bank Is A uick Asset In the truest sense of the word. Whether your reserve is for business or personal use, whether carrying in a checking or savings account, or both, it gives you a sense of personal security not otherwise obtainable. This bank invites your deposits. Mefmbw' Federal Deposit Insfrrllnce Co1'por1Ltzfo'1L --- BUY lf. S. DEFENSE SAVINGS BONDS AND STAMPS-i- and "KEEP 'EM FLYINGW' FIRST NATIONAL BANK CEREDO, WEST VIRGINIA I n STYLE LEADERS - and not only leaders in style but also leaders in value as well. . . And in our enormous displays, which fiill four big floors of space you will find designs to please your taste and prices that will please your budget. When the time arrives for planning your happy home - remember to see the - STAR FURNITURE COMPANY 839-41 FOURTH AVENUE "MAKERS OF HAPPY HOMES" Terms to Suit You Up to 18 Months to Pay , Page S9 PHONE 27815 WHICN IN KICNOVA CLARK BROS. INC. A S.,-01. A'l' Groceries, Meats and Feeds Williams Drug C0. KICNOVA, W. VA. WE DICIIIVICII Drink ...- EMM -. In Bottles ' THE CHICKEN SHACK Compliments or Southern Fried Chicken A. F. THOMPSON FAMILY STYIIII: Am- IIP HulltiHgtOn, W. VH. CHILI --.ti SPAGHETTI W1 0 VIRGINIA COUNTRY HAM Pg O A ttwzrl the HUNTINGTON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Cor. Fifth Are. and Tenth Sf. CHESTER A. RILEY, Pres. Fully Ar-1-rerliferl by flu' lN'al1'onaI Assoc! ation of AC!fl'f'lll'f0l1 Schools. SWAN -MORGAN CO. COMPLETE OFFICE EQUIPMENT 1026 Fourth Avenue Congratulates you on your accomplish- ments. Individualized Beauty Service S pvci rr l 1.31.7111 in PERMANENT WAVES AND HAIR STYLING ARBRA LOU'S BEAUTY SALON Phone 25556 628 West 14th St. Huntington, West Virginia Dial 5175 Minter Homes Corp. "Where the Glwlfesf Numlwr Buy Their Lunzboff' 340 Third Avenue Huntington, W. Va. O THE SHOP OF Youthful Fashions BELLEQS INC. O "The Old Reliable" Wayne County Bank Forfy Years of Sat1'sfur'to1'y S0 rv '1'1'r'.w Surplus - Undividod Profits HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA and Reserves - 541,685-51 WAYNE, WEST VIRGINIA 0 o Page 61 WHO'S WHO IN SENIOR CLASS OF' 1942 110 Y Fred Bowe Willard Coates Willard Coates Fred Bowe Charles White jack Davis Norris Lewis MOST TALENTED MOST PLEASINC PERSONALITY MOST ACCOMMODATINC MOST POPULAR BEST LOOKI NC- BEST DRESSED TIGER AND TICERESS GIRL Betty Hutt Helen Wickline Betty Midkiff lermie Crank Edna johnston Maxine Malcolm Mary Frances Waugh COMPLIMICNTS ,,, STANDARD O C O I Richardsonvs Prlntlng 81 Pllbllbhlllg Pharmacy COIHPHHY Phone 27752 5111 Camden Road 'i'f"""?ff"l"'W FO" fha OW" HUNTINGTON, W. VA. 910-914 Fifth Ave. P. O. Box 1710 AtPI'1'.9l'l'l.fIfl'U'Il,S Our S1211-i11lfy" HUNTINGTON, W. VA. All Work Gllarallteefl C' Ii' All Clothes 1118111011 PEIIMANENTS - 952 AND UP Phone 5911 DRY CLEANERS 5111 Fourteenth Street Kenova, W. Va. H. M. Smmders, Prop. G1'3Nl'3VA STUMP' Mgr' 1307 Chestnut St. Kenova, W V1 Page 62 COMPLIMENTS OF Dean 81 Barry Paint Company PAINT - WALLPAPER Compliments of Beger Funeral Home AMBULANCE SERVICE 1242 Adams Avenue Phone 22031 HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA BEST WISHES from Tri - State Cleaners EXPERT CLEANING, PRESSING AND DYEING KENOVA, W. VA. Congratulations to THE CLASS OF 1942 Doc Porters p Drug Store WAYNE, WEST VIRGINIA Compliments OF BUD F BY'S GARAGE Compliments P. B. Dawson 81 Sons GENERAL CONTRACTORS South Point, Ohio - HELP WIN THE WAR BY DOING YOUR BIT RIGHT HERE - Save Rubber and Gasoline LEAVE THE FAMILY CAR AT HOME RIDE SAFE - DEPENDABLE - i PLEASANT Ohio Valley Bus Company 10 TOKENS FOR FIFTY CENTS Don S. James, President and General Manager Page 63 WHO'S WHO IN THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1941 IIOY Carlyle Lewis Eddie Lee lack Brammell Harry jackson GIRL BEST ALL AROUND Irrna Watts MOST POPULAR Peggy Hickman BEST LOOKING Nancy Winchester BEST ATHLETE lean Dingess Compliments OI IIICST WISHES from I The Yates Drug Store Maynard L. Turner KIQNOVA, WEST VIRGINIA SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS COMPLIMFINTS lo 014' ALI. OF YOU Amshary 81 Johnson The W. W. Payne Co. MENS WEAR Mmluf'aCtu,-el-S of 2321 Tenth St. Frederick Hotel RADIO I"I'II'IDS HUNTINGTON, W. VA. IIEST WISHES TO The Class Of 1942 RAY SMITH'S SERVICE STATION Page 64 nr GCD. HUNTINGTON I :shriek 20,1-Q 'HAQ tv" , D 'U-' A LMA - W V :-,, :-q,g - f -',, - . - ' u f-Lf ' K .l A . .1 K - - 3 nay-1 I- '. Q , 'M V vb-41- I - ,,-'L J ig, X K? ':. 1552 - jar, if 4 , Knut.. ., 5, W ...-1.1. A Y -V K -.--ka, . ,, .Y Q K, - ,, ,L - f , P 5' 5 -- .i-11.7--J, ,, gr- . -i"'9'f, fx-, f. . .IXJ . .- A g A r -4 w L X x 393 M A , x L x x x ,M ..,,' X Q sw., L Cv. lil 1'-2 AQ, r 7 19 fig jkn. ,. 6 'Hx .- S' 2. 4 -Y 15+ 1 'x .V '51 ,Fi 6, ,, ,U . ff. E . A fi r. . - in ,fy 1 rf' ., . IS: , ,. .TL 41 .Ti 3,3 92" In .1 ' ,r in I .., .., , ,-, va --,,xf- U fir!" 1:45, , fp ,gg ,ff .-- - I-. 7.2.1, . 12.5 35. R. 1 X , . l s , , . . - 7 . Q f---:- .-5 - L H.. ' v , . ' ' If A .4 ,, W, ft, 1 fwf-dvfwzrsffifwif' ' ' f "' 5' ' ' ' "R 5' J f , . . L , . . V .e--f-2 1 . f lf '- '.:fTf' "- :mi-. ' 1 f" 4 ' f- 'X k 'P W .. - fc. wav - .1 -' Vx . 1 .,"5.f' - 5 " ,r ' 4- ' ,fs 1- --u . f-f"f'.f'ff-2 -' ,N -' f , f--. 11.--A." 'f f- lf 'ff--- ' f -, W, f-f 14 gg M 5 Q if . . . . r " ' ' A - , A V 7 , ,,,.,.5- V Vw- , 1 ,. .- , ,- .., -2 ' v A A- .- -- -,..,, , '12,-,j i-7 P -,v ,wxw--L -.m--in L as W , fr ---- ka' - 2: 1

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