Vinita High School - Hornet Yearbook (Vinita, OK)

 - Class of 1948

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348 3.9 1 a 1-f1'f rl 1,3 X Q Q i h ' Q G '. .1 ... , , 1 . . H Fifi 1948 published by The Student Qouhcil Of mhita High School Jerry Zumwalt Ilitor Gene Hildebrand Allilflht Illia! Charles Scott Busuuuu lnnngar SADC! le lC6lfl0l1 To the 1947 Vinita High School foothall team Chamnlons of the Annual Staff respectfully dedi cates this annual The sportsmanslip displayed by tne team as well as the victories on the gridiron, brought credit to the school and town gl C U 1 1 Verdlfris Valley Conference, the V I I5 11' ulaerin fenclenf H. C. DeMunbrun is completing his 18th year as Superintendent of Vinita Public Schools. Since coming here in 1930 from Canton, Oklahoma, he has had charge of all elementary and high schools in Vinita. He was graduated with his B. S. degree from Northwestern, Alva, and his M. S. degree from Oklahoma A. R M., Still- water. .x4c!mini:ifrafion ! N f1f""' --nr: rincqaa Vernon L. Barnes, a graduate of Oklahoma University, holds the posi- tion of Principal of Vinita High School. In addition to his admini- strative duties, he teaches a class in speech and is chairman of the athletic com ittee. He came to V1- nita, as principal, from Beggs in 1945. GCN gigs. 43. ',4v 'Q Q-nl uorothy Jacoby Vocal Mus' c Ray Cravens Science Music Wm .,:a Grace DeLay Bob Thomas Commerce Athletics .QF B9 Lf? Q1 ,' :V '- . ,,E:'aliF' A ' +V-w T c all Vllliam Veaver F M1 Science Ma th . Laura Buford Commerce A B Ratzlaff T Er I JK Lois Miller Ann S1113 History Home Economics f . 'J K f' -' W. . lla LJ' ML L - - iv! V - 1 i 5A LJi.f:M: I A 'ti i ff? U ' - 4 , b . -w if - n 'lik . 'S 4 2,5 ' 1 r Q A I t L , b Y X? . , 'x F - A pf- J .. A - ' X uf I N, -f SM, gi I st f c' ,- fx X .K : .N C S . t . . ,, - t, 2 I 2 , Q I A1 5 if f' e ' ' e F ' ' , N in ' . ,' SA, -'iffy' , . A Y- A L - if L Y ji 6lCu ,aggr- Louise Tyler Vernon Muncy English Agriculture Math 1' X 'S-fdvil A G Fhnning Merle Weeks Virginia Hughes Fred Haworth Math History Spanish letel Shop English I Luanna Maher Lynton Williams irgig watson English y Social Science English cl, -4. A VL i I 4 1 f W Jig, X I l K H -91341 Awcvm A L , AJ L, A if , - ."v" gwkgfwaa-'-Af : j:7Tf'T,g -- .- Q -,-. -2:5512 ., x N A ., L 5 G, Q .. 5' I 4 V'-. 1 ' ' re - .R 5,5 4 f I X X W.. 1 L XX . ,M 3 XX. X. --5. . 1 I I A 1 -1 .12 D A I x X l Q c lary Louise Bryant ga Showdown Glee Club F. H. A. Library T. Dee Carrico Football Senior Rotarian Showdown Basketball Junior Play Vice-president of VHS Junior President Sophomore President Senior Play ll Carnes and I. Senior Vice President Junior Vice President David Corbett Football Showdown Basketball Oklahoma Honor Society Lomas Dawson Showdown Jlee Club F. H. O. T and I Frances Rose Fluke Pep Club F. H. O. Joan Lixon Pep Club Glee Club Showdown Clifford Freeman T. and I. Operetta Oklahoma Honor Society Robert Gleason T. and I. Showdown Basketball Operetta Joe Glenn Football Showdown Baseball Basketball T. and I. Football Student Manager -US 2 4: at -7. JJ' . lt? 256 '11 ,-Q if .,, wg, i 1? ..L ??'fjjj5f ifiizxn :Z , ?2"' f is. "A-9 . x ,'.1'--, . ,I l 3'5- -43 41 .2 Lester Green 'J' 'nxt' T. and I. Wilma Hanna Band Glee Club Showdcwn F. H. C. Office Annual Staff Be Jo Harvey Showdown Camera Club Pep Club Senior Play Senior Secretary T. and I. Gene Hildebrand Hornet Editor Annual Editor Band Junior Play Shcwdcwn Camera Club Brass Sextette James Harp T. and I Roy Hart T. and 1. Bobbie Lee Hem Pep Club Office Junior Secreta Cheerleader F. H. O. Glee Club Hornet Staff Showdown Oklahoma Honor Camera Club Senior Play Librarian Twila Jea Glee Club Band Showdown F. H. A. Pep Club National Honor Society Oklahoma Honcr Society Boys' Quartette Gperetta Office Senior Hotarian Student Council Senior Play Valedictorian Steven Henson T. and I. Jim Hollman T. and I Freshman Secretary Raymond Hoodenpyle T. and I. Willis Jones Band Vice Presl Football Senior Rotarian Student Council Showdown baseball Uperetta Brass Sextette John McClintock Student Council Bob Jones Band President Football Basketball Iaaeball Showdown Junior President Student Council Senior Rotarian Mary Lou Land Library Showdown Office F. H. A. V Himona McFarland Band Oklahoma Honor Societycleg Club Senior Rotarian Senior Play Football Operetta Hornet Staff Showdown Cherokee Killer Glee Club Basketball Fl HI Ol Library llry Lou Nigh T. and I. Glee Club F. H. A. Pep Club Camera Club Showdown Junior Play Clarinet Quartette -.,, Band Librarian Gilbert Miller Showdown Football Band T. and I. Basketball James E. Spence T. and I. 'Q 90 JF 3 4lY'g'IB Q iii ef X 1 X . XJ Lvelyn Fatty beatrico Recd Cleo Club 11UYLFy T. snx I. AU?HEl Staff ifglnkj Lf'fyfCe pep Club Cklahoma Honor Society F, H, A, Salutatvrian Football queen oenirw Flay Showdtwn Harold Robertson Football T. and I. Joan Ross N11 F. H. A. Band Junior Flay Shcwdcwn Pep Club Glee Club Leonard Shoultz T. and I. David Slppy Football Showdown Senior President Basketball Student Council Track Showdown King Baseball James Robertson Football T. and I. Charles Scott Band Annual Staff Student Council Senior Play Operetta Cheerleader Senior Rotarian Office Clarinet Quartette Junior Play Showdown Director Hornet Staff Drum Major Caprillica Simms Gloe Club Band T. and I. Pep Club F. H. A. Junior Play Oklahoma Honor Society Showdown A. D. Snider Metal Shop T and I Basketball James Staley Showdown Senior Hotarian Junior Play Junior Vice-President T. arui I. Senior Play Robert Stephens Football Student Manager Junior Play Showdown Camera Club Office Senior Rotarian Student Council Vice-President of VHS Baseball Track Annual Staff National Honor Soclet Oklahoma Honor Societ Senior Play Mary Alice Waldrop F. H. A. T. and I. Y Y Eladya Taylor T. and I F. H. A. Glee Club Pep Club Office Senior Play Anna Tkompson Library Glee Club F. H. A. Betty Jane Way Band F. H. 0. 1 ,- SJ., Glee Club Glee Club -- Pep Club Showdown " Pep Club Junior Play - Library Office Majorette w Senior Play "" Chaney Way Bob V-hiteaker SYIOWGOYY1 T. and I. Football Student Council 568019811 Showdown -O Q Senior' P185' Vice-Pres. State T. and I. Office Camera Club To and Io Q. 15 0 5 A0 The sneerinf cLarac:er on the left - N I Gene Hildebrand by name, is actually a mild indivldual widxa hirh vrade averare resulting in his belnr named class wahlh ictorlan. lhe l946 salutatorian kareamdce Reed, Muokms devoted much time to school ac- tivities as well as her studies. Elected to the dtle of all-round rirl is Be Jo Harvey. Secretary of the senior class, she ranks blah in both the number and quality of her school activities. Football and basketball letterman,one time VHS vice-president,junior muisenior play cast member, twice elected class president, and an noncr society member, among other activities,Dee Carrico holds the title of all-round senior boy. An all-state player in football, a stalwart in basketball, baseball and track, David Sippy adequately fulfills all the prerequisites of best athlete of the senior class. Sheb blond! She's lovely! She's Eve- lyn Patty, chosen by seniors as thebest- rs' looking senior girl. y B yuh Gail Carnes, popular, affable and Xvqx 'i,JZ handsome, holds the title of bestilook- gg Sfg ing senior boy. David SiPDY Evelyn Patty Gail Carnei f'5 -17' lf? -f L x 1 ' Bill Meadows, nresidentg Sum Friend, vice presidentg Marfuerite foodpaster, sec- retaryg Miss Mabery, sponsorg Mrs. Sllls, cv-sponsorg Jerry Zumwalt, student council representative uniorzi '5 x fx N br: 3 ag K Don Caste Love Vunna Heete M tl T 1 Beverly Williams Myrtle Cook F wYrD,e aygor Goin B111 Showler Jennie Roope Bob Garde Vernon YIOOJJTBD Jung Joyce Taylor 124 fl 4 F' , 49 3 Jerry Zumwalt Bill Meadows Mary Goins Jim Ince Wanda Miller Betty Daugherty Bill Dail Marguerite Goodpaster Norma Kneeland Phyllis Hawkins Rubye Smith Jack Milliser Mary Jo Dupree Darrell Baugh Betty Taggart Virginia Mobley James Giles Vary Alice Clanton John Fry Elizabeth Dunn Buddy Osborn Arnold Dowell Jo Livhtfoot Wilma Thompson I 'in Gloria Maddell anda Styron IiPe Lyne Cha les Foster Barbara Paddock Loretta Rumsey Sam Friend Fern Burns Bill Proctor Ruth Rentle Walter Taylor Joan Abbath - f 2 " , 'Z - A 5 'Q 1 - , I . ,, ' bg ' -. L lfjrf U K l N t W A I Q i- ? '7 - 19 4 f -J , N f, 1 4" A 1 A 1 r . H . hh. K, A I 1 I L J! K4 fQ ia lb J? I' K-17' . , F 2' 'I A w g . g Q 1 y 1, A 5 'h I I A A A l I f 4 . Q . gr ' ' 1 i , .Al Q I I' 4 'E N y , ff 1 Q 4,' ' R Q53 A Q E ,z ., ., A . 'Z J , - Q ., " XX 5 "3 ld A P Elllllllggl itfllgsi i ' 4 . ' ,- 4 ,-I I' Vajne Rhine? art Violet lamilton John Tartar Betty Jean Coopedge Bob Titfield -Y K Lavonda Raul ton hovalee Nail uoris Yarrison Ora Mae Barton Xirvinia Lester Srirley Fluke tary Johnson El ear clnnourk Pixie Martin Ahnawake Garner Garland Miller iuby kallis Kenneth Hemphill Irances Dunn Betty Ceouve J,bi1 Simms Villiam Honey Ivan Long Elmer Lerrv Lorxaine Mathis Fare Farmer Patsy McGuire 'J .. .6 I . 7 1 -er u , A ' -ff ix X - A . I sa fn. s '77 1 3 4 ' 1 . 1- 3 , I 'Q -0 Q ' . . E ,, .-9 Sv r - I , .4 '- "' 1 1 . ,111 :. ' lr - . V , ' 3 , - li " ,' iff-I' ' ." , . a s f . v A A A .1 ifg a. :ah .. v.. 1 'J P 1 . Z b 1 1 ,E --1-X 1 5: 1 I Danny Hanan, Presidentg Beverly Taylor, Student Councilg Bob Thomas, Lois Miller Co-sponsorsg Lois Ann LeForce, Secretaryg Nolan Wells, Vice-president. , .SZIQAOIROIYJ Q ., . ff 8, -' ' 1 y ,- f gs- e 4' 3 fa . ' fx ' 3 - ' o' ' o f . . A L . L A kg? :- X-1-' if xr . 7, 5 ,,, , 1 , 1 - 4 I ,. . "1 -ff foe? ' .5 f'.Y - . .1 lv' iw .A ,Y -1 '4 Ni A 'f ,X A' an Wanda Randall Myrtle Smith Annette Stephenson Arvagene Trickey Leonard Dalquest June Underwood Arthie Moreland Shirley Seigel Patsy Inman Clyde Miller Gerald Dixon Lflwl C0f'!1iSh Peggy Mitchell June Lawson FHSSY Fields Barbara Harvey Franklin Ste:-ner Ll0yd Wilson lpn rl 1 It lk: 4 "5 .Q Fulsey Jumper Billie Brown Florence Osborn Peggy Reed Sally Goodpaster John Nail Sue Willa Heller Robert McCombs Lester Redman Nolan Vells Nola Brumbaugh Roy Shoultz Carole Staubus Jane Blaine Cecil Marks Roger Nail Bob Collins Mary Ince Billie Harmon Bob Smith Rooert wylv Tom Reneard Eunice Duke Carolyn Damrill Virginia Elmore Marilyn Williamson Buddy Corbett Kenneth Lawson Mildred Dowell Betty Claggett Danny Henan Bobov Davis Joan Bell Jack Terrell Lois Green Jeff Davis 53 2 xg 9 f .F ix f fa . 5 " W I - fa ' , .a -4 ' i ' J . Q35 Lai j B X C K Q . n la 11 I ' V' - 1 4 3 " -3 A l -:D , 1 . E ' 1 .f .B I I Q xx L- Q A . l I Ei 4 -Q ' I S- 2-SQ E - v A 1 ' - "T , .- l? , I Y l A 1 fx- 4 J, 2' 9' ' - 3 , 3 I ,3 J Y' . 1 1 i q P . , Q' x C ,el ' ll' f 1' ! . '-if ff 4 J " '- ,, v K X - K AF' 4l JL D Edwa d Baker Alice Ann Johnson Dmmmdw iobert Icenberper lmo ene Newland -.5 417 ,Ft f 4 I 1? Anna Lee stevens Beverlv Ta lor Tommy hbbott Hosie Yallam Gerald Cass Lee Miller 'Y 1 f'F? .3 Edward Dresher Clyde Willard Marilyn Chiles Bob Waldrop Ruth Robertson 6 Bob Sturdivant Carol Shields herbert Clouse Uelene Xaqmund Jack Neff Lois Ann LeForce Janet Newland Mildred Chiles Charles Suffal Roy Smith Frank Wright Samuel Britten Cooweesta Martin Bill Bivins Edith Green Martha hart Pat Neff Leon Ford 5 ? ' 1:3 4 V 3 F 0. A Q ,AQ C' ' 1, ' 5 - ,JL f'-X 2, Q' A -V an L1 N it H 4 " Y' 'au 2 'A 'a 42 A V- , - I K' - . X X K , I, ' fd if a ,C Y - 1 C 3 C, an l 5 'if' ' 1' ' A X . gn ' , 4,-. f 'Vi ', fi" 6- - -A' I' . Z 5' 9 A - g x K W C C C ' X ' xx lx , ' J E A l - , -6- - "",'1 'Y , 4 ' , , .5 . K C A ' f I C g . 5. 1: '-3 "' r C l f L' lx. Q 'L As a gfeifklflell erry Rooerfs-K, 'yosinrntg Jan tnerrlnoton vice-nros'dontg Tre. VUTCF- VW- UUHC' U. ocnsorsg Men Lf N v, .... f KJ ilonn, 0... , i .- 4 3 - 4 E 'f V ti. i H- S A 0 4- if '.S" 194 ""? . JF .CF ' it Qv ,Q - , 1, IQ! . at Q do 1 , , iay Howie, student rowrP'l. --. 'Q K .Q 1 as if 1, " -5 E! iz- Q2 fa' H 23 an .21 Q Q, 'K ff P 5 K 'X as 3 "' . -0 " X .. .1 X A lx Margaret Grogan Melvin Kaup Jpal Moreland Lgon Abbgtt Doris James Iimmy Hatcliff Edna Fry John Underwood Phillip Bryant Janet Dougherty Jerry Dixon Faye Lathrop Ysmes Stephenson Joan Dow Douglas Lyne Marva Carrico orothy O'Neill Tuanita Osborn Melvin Clouae Winona Wells Betty Farris Richard Herndon Mary Berry B111 Davis Yvonne Kallam Jim Honey Fred Cowardin Dorothy Inman Robert Polson Patsy Powell James Woolum Sharon Moore lite wilson William Raulston Mary Wedel 9 was it X 11 Q! I I - , Norma Suffal Stanley Martin Margie Wilson Joe Brooks Charles Hamilton Clifford Collins Calvin Parks Patricia Wynn John Hayes Donnie Lowe Buddy Fleming Collis Snider x 5' Gladys Lester Francine Harding Danny Foster Charles Gearin Patricia Paddock Ella Bingham Bessie Broaderick Patsy Kitchell Carlene Newland Betty Vogel LeRoy Witt James Whitwell James Yost Melba Burns Lester Redman Wanda Cannady Alan Cathey Howard Mahanes Maxine Terry Edith loolman Bobbie Poe Jack DeArmon Wilda Praytor Mary Coppedge Billy Melton Robert Taylor Joan Harp I fn' 1 in 4 2, 4 MA' V xl - 1 rw" I Sag. ,Q , idf I ,f If A 'A D JA. r A 1 A, H 1 1- 12: ' 4 2' C A 'Q iz. Ti A - fx 7' -is 1, -A f 'Y A- ' 3 -9 -3? :E 'IJD .f Y y fx K Q' Ill- ww, 7 A J A, I 1 1 x V v ' A 3 I W.: ' , -v as 'in 4- ' , . K Y j it I .lr if xx ' . - ,f X " 1 H ri ' I 1? Y' .S ,- 2 3 W la . I' 1 1-Q 4 x J 'Q s - X 1 P IT' ff ,W J " i1 f E .H 5 5 'B ixiakr i v ,ff Dennis hoolman Jack Melton Ye t Sanders Joe Scott Cra .ae Rhodes Lagine .ctombs Jack Donovant will Bicknell Johnann Teforce Joyce Griffith Henn Dixon Betty Sue Klethley Mary Jo Cotton Lucile Smith Eurene Hardinr Vatie Hutchinson Leonard McCombs Robert Averill Betty Blaine Kathryn lost Sammy Looney bob Mobley Carl Vrlrrt Leanne tanislaus Barbara Wynn 'eorpe netckum Charles Crisman Herbert Henderson Ietty Lou Johnson Minnie Lae Newland Be tw Hood Brent York Shirlev Smit? Bobbv Cibbs , Faye Eooth Prank railey 40 wwf' I I I .A fx' Barbara Terrall Oliver Shoultz L D alrxrn Ldna Jo Raulaton LeRoy Dail Roberta Looney elif Patricia Moore Sylve ter Spurreon Aletha Yetchum Franklin McDon ld James Dresher Martin Wlll8PG Gene Hemphill Dene oarroll Elizabeth Bingham Graeme farmer Dennis Goins Euvene box Beverly Carnes darbara Howell Vilma Jones Willard Jones Jimmy Sippy Jack Williams IK Z' I teve Mires Luana Lomax alter Rouse Donald Wells Dorothy Whillock Ross bo O Sandra Staley Jimmy Wills Bonnie Lewis Larry Cason Bill Smith Ira Anderson 2 . " 3 , 7 :D , . 4' 'hs ' W' ' .U S' ,-.IA 6 Q -A ' ' ,, I 3 " L 'Q U 1 75 H ff F5 f, 3 N . D ML, J Q , .A ' - Kkyr 'v Xl . Q , ' '4fTl, 1 ' -ifQ' A w' SE I X W.. - , ,Q f -v y" . ,'9 Q ' -Ii .a L yer ' gif , .5 . -. W I f f . , N , ,. , - A . A D X e a F ' , .Q V ni ! ,. 5, 0 5 4 V..- , ,J Q iw 1 fx "',f- 'J , li . ' -iii ' X 1 il ,X ,K K' r' . A ffl L K v- 'Y9 of was 4' D+ 5 - 0 . ' ' . - N L ' I E- w ly Jnr BN - S ,Q3,:. A .5 f L j if X L v -'L . tx XX' E i sl: Jxl YP "A-xXx Ll .L X Se uenfA nay bryan, secretary, Je Ann Stanislaus, president- mr. Milliams, Mrs. Watson, sponsors, Allen White, vice-presidentg Tommie McDougal, student councilg ,Pf . Q ' ' s vx ' A, ' A- 1 if t Q , 4 kt V " 1 ' 'f 4vi5' -H ig! f Z" 42 A A 45 a . ,- . I - h ey Q n A F J J ' z K -Y 4' 17 :A . . S 4- 4 X g Q X 'ev aa HI 'fig f -11s 5 4 :PT K ' ' .x Hi T 4 A 3 in ' rd? 4' I 'Q 4.2-'i-Q. Qty? .fd .U ' I '4, ,E 'K x . K J Na KX I ' .. I fl ,. 'vm '41 ' 'F NG- F 'aa 5 'A " 7' . '9 1 . fp, '3' " 'Q ' A , , K 'Q , ' W A x 1: R ,IQ 'O A' , ,S I 5 ' 1 A - x z , Q . wanna Pee Preston Shirley Montfomery Rosemary Wright Betty Farmer Bobby Hutchinson Mary Rhlnehart Conaly Heed Paul Staubus Carlene Huihes Bobby Parnell Virginia Pryor Billy Martin Thelma Thompson Gladys Armstrong John Kapp Ruth Kallam Barbara Walsh Le.t5e James Mildred Anderson Paula Hogue James McDonald Joyce Harrison Harold Waldrop Sharlene Sanders Billy Elmore betty Cook David Kentner Wanda Whitfield Jimmy Guinn Hubert Ioster VENUS Rush Jerry Straw Glenn Dougherty Virdil James John Paddock 1 ,f ,, Ilfuill 4 10 F' IM4 'T Jimmie Loo e Shirley Glenn lerry lajna d Joleen Velton Joe McDonouvh bhl ley 'oo e aonny vans Jerry Ann Doss Ielen Punt Uerbert ltchell Charlie Miller lla Jean Smith sandra ltrritt Fancy Dar ou r Harry Lee Wedel Laura Leckllder lcmmy Larnell Gene Mayberry Virginia Daniela Zane Clanton Margie Powell Doyle Inman Della Parnell Carole Ann McMillan Sue Farris Gene Hanes John C Campbell Norman Donaldson Sue lelle lust Ma v Gall Futts Carolyn Ratcliff Robert Sanders Frankie 5000 Charles Coffman Jacquelyn Holland Juanita Nelson Frances Flint Ramona Iobley Christina Criffea J! . A 'Ira Q HQ. at V - . 1 'l. gil 1 f 5, - f - h . u . x . . --. is ' X 1' . 1 -x ' , .Q Q K ye, ? , , .a Q 3 I 0 v Q . C :"r6 M QQ, 2, V - A ir ,t ' - .r ', T C xx . Q . 'Q E -T In . A f' A 0 'Sd' xg .2 .1 ess "". A ? f ? C ' 49 w 'fi N 2 C 1' ' i3 2- ' - o ' , x ' fkiiak C I' Y .1 f ' 1, 's P 1 C 1 'f e if I A 3 C ' , L i 'ff M Y r .. rc 2 Q BOOL jwo .X4CflUlh 5 .zdflzdfzca Ofganl atl0fl1f N o 0 oe A oz 0 First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Bob Garde, student manager, Darrell Baugh, Jerry Zumwalt Robertson, Roy Shoultz, Joe Glenn, Kenneth Hemphill, Frank Y Joe Brooks, Bobby Whitfield, Bill Davis student mana er H . Bill Dall, Bill Meadows, Bill Breedlove, lobert Stephens, Don W. D. Goins, Bob Jones, Chaney Way, James Robertson. Coach Bob Thomas, Dee Carrico, Mike Lyne, Bob Wyly, David David Corbett, Kenneth Lawson, Jim Ince, Vernon Woolman, James Willis Jones, Assistant Coach Vernon Muncy, Sloofdaf Vinlta High started Mm most successful season sincel912 by defeating Picher 12-6, scoring the.winnlng touchdown on a 30 yard pass from Don Casto to B111 Breedlove in the last 30 seconds of play. The Hornets won their first conference game the next week by smashing Claremore 27-6. Broken Arrow broke the winning streak by holding Vinita to a 19-19 tie in a non-conference game. On the home field Vinita defeated Nowata by the close score of 13-6 on two long scoring jaunts by Bob Jones. The following week the Hornets had an easier time defeating Miami, 21-6, aided by Casto'a two touchdowns. Pryor was defeated 6-0 be- fore a crowd of over 5,000 people, the largest ever at a Vinita game. Playing at Paw- huska, the Huskies and Vinita battled to a 13-15 tie. Vi- nita's offense was sparked by David Sippy. Dewey, who later became the State Class BChamp- ions, was the next team to be defeated by the Hornets. Vinita, featuring Kenneth Law- son's running and passing, won over Dewey 19-13. At Sand Springs the Hornets cinched the Verdigrls Valley Conference title by a score of 18-6. Vinita suffered its first loss of the season on a muddy rain-soaked field at Bartlesville. They were de- feated by a score of 20-14. In the Regional play-offs, Ponca City defeated Vinita 13- 6 ln a thrilling Thanksgiving Day game. Lawson's passing and running was an outstanding feature of the game. Vinita was represented on the All-Conference first team by Robert Stephens, center, Bill Breedlove, back, and David Sippy, back. David Cor- bett, end, and Bob Jones,back, were placed on the second team. David Sippy and W.Il Goins, tackle, made the Tulsa World's A11-State squad. On the Okla- homa City Times All-State squad B111 B eedlove was placed on the first team with David Corbett receiving honorable mention. , Harold Ylfht Casto Simw. Yost, ,I . Q3 Ag 2 al gf 423 im: gr Q ,X 42? I! 3" 12 Ns I i mf NSI' 64 fs 55"-591 L A' , -i 7: , ' ,vnz 4. V . V in Sfo 58,1 First row: Bill Davis, student manarerg Danny Henan, W. Q, Goins, Joe Glenn W Breedlove, Don Casto, Roy Shoultz, Bob Jones, Lloyd Milson, Lee Miller Bob Garde, student manager. Second row: Buddy Corbett, Bob Collins, David Sippy Kewneth Lawson, David Corbett Cecil Marks, bob Smith, Bob Lyly, Dee 'arr1co, bob Thomas, coach Earfefgaf "gs 'Rf ' '15, 'H gunman ' 1 -1 4 . , Y- Rl, I, 1 A ' 1 'V ia 2 - J + H fl 1 bf ' . , . Mis . ' L I A Y Q ' ' '-. .,..3 'i ss' . ,Zh Q ' F X -' '3 .,. V ' ' Rfk ,. ', 245 ',. 1 ' ,g . .TK K t .Y , . Q I 'f . ff 4'-. . - 'Inf ' -,V .- 5 ' 1 , Q " ' - " hu ' 'fb :'f' .2-we 4,1 . .1 3 ' 3 1 1 4 1 1 J- ' 'Q' L H 3 W Q 2 aux 4 Y . 1 3 L, .1 it '.w, Pi F ' ' -fa ' 4' . ,j, I 1 - Q ' ' L " 1 ,- ur ' EA Ag' Ha- V f" A f 5 ,H,, .J 2 J h -- :ve '."- 'f.."- -, t, 1 '. . -4.. a - ,A , .,- '- -A - 5 H Q M: Q ,JI h -V Q 74' ' . ' ' ,N,-' . ', lg- I ' - . , ci ' l '.-jr' - . .1 nr, f 4 X .. . Q : ' A , N. 4, . X U "' 0 V, .,, 1- . , 1,5 A , 1 . V. I 1 . ,,, .h, x ft f A H V .-.- ' V, mu 4 -, yr., , .L z ' ' Q- -1 ' 3' ' " 'Iii' --.4 ,LE if 1 ,. 4., I ' ' . .I . , e3'. 3 - ' x,, - ,I -J, r' ,, ' ' 1 ' ff-ff - M 'bee ,errioo Lawn, M-9 fl?-V TILL E- - ' ' . Standing: Gene Hildebrand, Bob Whiteaker, Danny Hanan, Jimmy Sippy, Dee Carr co David Sippy, Charles Scott, Vernon Woolman, Jerry Zumwalt, Bill Meadows Mr lille, Ray Garde Seated: Jo Ann Stanislaus, Jerry Robertson, W. D. Goins, Robert Stephens, mom y McDougal, Beverly Taylor Robert Stephens, vice president, K. b. Goins, ?YCSiGCUi3 Beverly Taylor, secretary, Jerry Lvmvait, 'a:-1ement1r1an. .SQuJ f ' ell OUNCL Responsibility for student government lies in the hand of the Student Council, an organ- ization composed of represent- atives of each class and of the various school organiza- tions. Purposes of the Student Council include sponsoring the annua1,deve1oping closer coop- eration with the facu1ty,keep- ing the campus clean, and car- ing for the trophies. Presiding officer of the Student Council is studentbah' president W. D. Goins, elected from the junior class at the beginning of the year. Senior Robert Stephens was elected vice-president. W. F. Mills is faculty sponsor. r if s I ll ,,,. 5 f rg, FQ fl Cl 'P , .. , ,155 Flute: Barbara Terrall, Ola Belle Goodpaster. Qbgg: Ramona McFarland. alto Clarinet: Betty Hood. Clarinet: Roberta Boatman, Charles Scott, Leonard Da1qu6EE Glenn fiugherty, Sue Willa Heller, Shirley Smith, Robert Averill, Stanley Martin, Donna Ratzlaff. Alto Saxo hone: Sally Goodpaster, Barbara Harvey Bob Garde. Tenor Saxo hone: ane our erty, Wanda Randall. Baritone Saxo hone: Willis ones. ss arinet: Brent York. Bassoon: John Wartar , ness: ames Giles, Danny Foster, Defayne Wells. French Horn: Jim y Ratcliff, Betty Blaine, Jimmy Moore, Frank Bailey, Jack Neff. Barltone: Buddy Corbett, Hubert Foster. Cornet: Bob Jones, John Nail, Jerry Dixon, Ray Garde, Gilbert Miller, Douglas Lyne, John Kapp. Trombone: Gene Hildebrand, Darrell Baugh, Jack Terrell, Roger Nail. Tymganiz Wilma Hanna. Snare Drum: Leanne Stanislaus, Ruth Robertson. Bass rum C bals: Jack Dehrmon. Bells: Caprillica Simms. Twirlers: Betty Way, far yn es, Betty Daugherty, Eove Vanna Heater, Mildred CEIIes, Wanda Ran- dall. Color Guards: June Sippy, Betty Taggart, Jane Blaine, Joan Bell. Mascot: Dianne Waller. gall! Qi . ,.,.. Officers: Bob Jones, presidentg Willis Jones, vice-president, Charles Scott, drum majorg Roberta Boatman, librarian, Wilma Hanna, secretary-treaaurerg Gene Hildebrand, business manager, Darrell Baugh, James Giles, quartermasters. P 'Lt With rerular practices held five hours a week, the V. H. S. band Uqpn rehear- sals September 2,under Dir- ector Ray Cravens. The band started 8 a.m. marching drills durinv the second week of school, and made its first public ap- pearance on September 26, at the Vinita - Claremore football game. First home appearance was at the No- wata-Vinlta fame. Regular activities of the band included marching appearances at home foot- ball ga es, as well as trips to the Claremore,rawhuska and Ponca Cxtj football BML? The band marched in the Will Rogers celebration parade atClamnwre on 'ov ember 4 and in the iami Chr'stmas parade lovember I g-S E' ." WP '57 - 1 X u Ra, Cravens Director ,,,.-.qw-Q 5 Two secondary bands, the fourth hour "feeder" group of junior and senior high students, and sixth hour junior hmuiof grade school gnpUs,ra1se the complement of Vinlta schools instru- mental students to approx- imately 100. Through fund-raising act- ivities of the band mothers' club,as well as the organ- 1zat1on's ticket selling campaigns, a bassoon, 12 clarinets, two pedal tym- pani,and several other in- struments were purchased. Miss Sally Goodpaster, blond blue-eyed sophomore candidate was given the blue and gold cape,symbo1 izing queen, nation concert, held April the title of band at the ninth coro The band participated in Tahlequah district cmtesta held April lO -'PS LL ,fe of A ?Q2-E gg.. ,Q xi e J-qu 36 H-llim ig eu asxn a5'E -Siwlq., v X 1 1 . ' I 3 v Z., - , . M - -. W 2. , All . .L I n 24 0 - f va --- yi. K it V 'ax -T.. '.- q u' I ' ' '. '- QFJ?Wr:'Ff 'All A i -' A W - . 1 " I Q I ,I . . . ' 5 A FV., .Q n. I J I f H 1 ' V F - "---3 Q ' A Q , , ' I I 1 . Q 'YI ,gb . f Q an 4 43 f , W I ' . I , v A . " ' " 1 Hn A , M 'if ' Q- Q" y - w Q 1. , V 'y , 4 4 'Q LH - .. F ' '. 'v - - t , , ' 4, f 1 as-A e , -re -.- -1 fl a ' -- l-I ' 2 n s J X as kg 8 - I FYr,..E'1-ag. ,,:wg. -h--X ' 1 A A iwfy-Vi,VA,s,EjNy Zap.: J . Q x , s W- -1. M -e e .Zyl 2 'a1. f'44 't J ' 4jf..f . Y 'A w1"f,.ifi . -2 v , " , - p K 1 KH 'Av ,V Q .J 1 , .uf -. sew... -' ' wine., 5- . ,. , 1 . -.Je -- 1 . Q . 'af ' A ' . f 'i use 1 . . 'kg- 'N - ,,. ,.-.f. 1 . f Q ,Y , - all . 1 'AQM ':,. p' u -V -J, . - - Pr" . -, -- fi L L- x 1- - 1 x 1 "Y-y. nfl. sf l gg, ,- ,, -V 1- ' 3 , , , ... r. L' A ,. ,a ,,. ' . P' 3 sw,-J ' - Q, ,Z tx.. JSM Y. L y iY,..VA ,A Y. p . V, . 4 sv m.K,,"1- fl ' V1 'P' ' H' r 3 Y f"-?'f-'tQ -". 1 "'t R ,,Q, ,L ,t . A ,L .K t WS ' . U , vn- A sw 'T " ,-241-'z Q, ' - 1 ' V . -3' t A 'Q rv lf! 1922? vi -wx -. fm 'E' Be -,avril Fred. lr 'H W E 'A X Vlmla The VII Ll' yu Clw L rf NIA Fl' x ml 11 nf-C 'I 1 fuelllr s D6 L if Aiw- ml ken? 'Nus N" hlllllllkli H1 4l ri YH r. .J S YY h fl Nev- S ' - ..... , . K if 'A INT . nzllfj' .'."11,-'X-. '- "F .z A ,V Y l L, 1, V , , V "lair R V 'A f" " I' ' ' VQ ff V W 1- V z 4 51 ' ln arms Lu '.- A - . 'm',am. .grzz-H111 ,, A A . K - ' l my M -' - V ' .'g from Talala L In the eight gym- ' 1" ' ' ' ' . ' A ' -Z :-I nm mari illmher fonncz- '1"' Lag . -, ' I V' ' A ' ' kg ' - I ir l 34 1 F I Y 58meonV1ni? rmlyi. ." 'Q' ', -" ' 'fl 7" .' ' ' 1" SIMS. who 1-merm! ' ' Qrt Academy, gm' -V ' Q-p's membership. - . class. Charles lin J 8 ' I U V . . 4 . , . 6' .IV J. .A ,., ,L Jrf. -wg V 1 Q 1, . , , , . - , . A Ssembly I mg: if f iven Rehearsa T ,Practice is underway fo , Christmas aQ:,r-nmly, Lu rated xx: the audlborlum m- pw- l,x.lL' ,.v..,.,, Frlday. .. . L., , ' '! f., 'I ,,, 'wwegf ' l.u,.u,.. new ruff U' 'll Qfjivmz Fax .-1.l,:1 I...'!.lf,:x. !.f,:fV-.f ,. , , . s F' "- fii it. 5 - J. ' VKVVLL. f',1"'f' K ' 'J' --Iv.i lp.1P,. .llu' "ISV" . llfhiii 1 , . v -..... -.V .1..........-Q V H ember m by me Girls' me-Q club.fLvSff'r, Sfawivx' Maffill Jflvlwl HH' Lost And Fflllhd ccording ul Mus Dorothy OCRI u1'3Y.I'Hl'i,1'JI' The program czoznposed ll! filmst- as songs. will :Hnure tml: glzluor d senior high school give- Vllibx Jacoby. I ing in one gruup. say n.:-mbrrs,2lHf' - the organlzatxan About 75 girls I participate tri the charm. Practxm are being carrird on . g regular third and sxxrh hour l: -. sessions of the girls' glee club. e Gravitation. divided uno f 2. .:1. .1 N: 'x'lf.' 1114-if IW' .jfijnl f' hm' .Department Grows 5 Eiglml P11511-:t'w!'l. Fi ...l.....' V V my P,v.1u:l, umm- llw mnrr- mmwr-Q 5U'F'B"W'fh'Cf11'1'f SYN' 53- MG" nan, pf-'lrxlr TE:-x xwafx num cfm:- .sy lizumnm TL-:'r.1l'l H.-11, W. muh 4V Dololhg, Vlhlhluk, fwfr gl 3 graders arc Mxldrl cl Arldmslm, .fulmx from zu book nl bone-Hrvl NU. take-I1 from an nlzurzvmmli 1,11-. EGIP-dY5 Afmsfmflii- JUN ANI DWF- lr paper rlc'puSitvci Ill Llze- lon .md 'Sue Farm. Chrismm Gfiffp-' Mfr' fry. ld f2e,,:ll'trz1f-Hr ref Hu- :nll. Amlkl ' l Hutts. Virgxma Pryor: Hzll'l,l,:m,,1:1,,,. , Q Walsh, and Harry, We-url. A Umm' nm Q 'U bp ,Wd Llhlvlll l V -'- . ,hm-...-- V ll. 1' 1 A f c E.V. bill A Cf1:u,: Fw HfwrmVlV. 59112 lm, '12, Ulu' A 1 ,- ., PM ' f 'f pa14M'- ii 1 vrv v' ' lzavr bv l to Uno r-llgraxl ldzmlr W F' 1- 'f V, 1 , 1 -lmtrnv' 1J2xjIll9Y - A 1 .l-1' ln ' B .,,, Il.v:L1,l :E 1'.l':1 'mf The- - -. T'lf'f'l:1L'. lfww- "z I?lf.l:: lj'-V cll- villx .XT 'rx :Nw ..l lui' fl! l"l1 L71 kr' ietflacv l:.xx1wfg1YJ111lo'll ffl Aw :fr Vvrzzfll will lx lc'- 1,' ,. ., .'. 1 , 'ACN . v num :atv .Jill V ' 10:1 ul :1:1:..f1E may .l1Vrl'v Zum rm, haue? hem: Lul H i 'almnsl Your lifvtfl: mon' SFUHVYY Y'Q'C7l'IIUY Url up ,. l'1fl.hC'1l'aC'l.nlht'5 l'f-1 us 4 'nua1. Annual xwzaff ty Reed. who ls mmpilln 'ix-aus sm: rw-L:1h ul- au :Mr-rugs' H! -,xx ex! -V . Fna.-txvillrs with ntllletlt. L. uni f , Pm. il, appvnrlnsg nmsr Trek ll- dxrv' tn il""m '-'l' "wf'h' """'h""t'4" M.mca. Mc- yu, lu- zfi."f.r:r'2l vm 'vu us LM- x':x":x11.j.'. .xml WUH1' Flares Rings Fa. th jaxmnr' tr-zxnx- ni 1-Ach L ,L L fQfQQfQ .I uniors Vhusv ",llI?i'F!1i'f'v Jumm. V.. S W. wwf, . A , . -. :X - 3, lk ,Ji E, , V . ' . gg 1:1 ' f,r..ii.-5 i U QS. ' - .' 1 : .2 5 fl 'rf k - , 7' z a I - " -lA' A ' .i ff 4- w 'r Q. 5 -' 5 ,ag . ' 3. I Q' - . ' .af 3- ' 1' g .2- 11- .. - Ui... ' . , . I f' U if A X -. - . an sigh Q - 1 V - P 'i - A Q? - , ..P5,.5.f. " wi 235 r 3. In .Emma E-.sri .VxrE3!?i9iE5lii'is sf Y :VV W' H iw: : v 3 1-if if' P-Y-'ff Q ff Q U :D I 14: ij K V 1 A E 3 Oi I i . .E .V Z - . - 2 mu sw? " '. .--mm vrmsl 5 l V - 73 - 3 rfsfflf -fl f - ' - - wg Q, g x Q-Hd I wif-1m'.: .,"1' - ,. V. vw Vw- V 0 .f . . , fi I .',UQX V M f.. V gf f IIYTL1 'l ..,.. 1 w - 1 , , 3 ' ' K' I xf' I1'l L: ,. , :M : - , O 'V-- --- -- ---W -- Q H . V Are Turne J..:. l V V J: aff - I. l D 1 - .. A , . z L.: ifxl 'L , l ' ' , 1 V - . Y.. k EQIYJ- 1. ' 1 s 'i W . -- Ll' F11 ' 'f - A' , . - . 1 . retirv 24 " .1 V V V upazz .1 V. V V . . l. . , , . imtic. ' ,. V , -- : V - ,luliz 'ix 1. - 1 " ' ' '1'.:f. ' ' I . ' AA A" I H rw-1 :Q ' I ' .sq ' 1 V A f w:-.V , r 4 1 vi I If 1 Y Q iezuz s.1.' . V r Y . L. W 1 Q H I ' f' fiillfialrii- ' 1 f U 511 U 1 :V V ' fra. 1? ' ' 5 -' X Q ,f ' A V Tu: i lf' 'LV' I , .. M4 fi l - . V xx A " I T .::-. vnff, t , V . F H ' V, V -uma' N 6' -xi l l . lla.. . ' V . . A r O C lf, Q an Q 1 mr? rl x N, ffl . 4 ' P4 r s ' H if .lf ll w 1 1 mf' t if 1 l 1 'VI fl 5 a " I f 5 A l. f .1 A f X f nl P f.,..4 'EN gs' lf' all "' ry ' P1 . 1 , I ' f 3 'H 1 Q , 1 'r T' v 1 Him l,,, mp .1 'I V l 1 ' A Q H 3 1 l , e , 1 ' 1 Y Q V ' V Y l lil Gene Hildebrand, assistant editorg Charles Scott, business manager? Jerry Zumwalt, editor Vilma Hanna, Mr. Mills, Marguerite Goodpaster linda! Publishing the best HORNET, official V. H. S. yearbook, yet prepared, is the intended duty of the annual staff. How close this book comes to that sim is due to the staff and the spon- sor, W. F. Mills. The staff is deeply grateful beatrice Reed, Pixie Martin, Robert stephens wx for the assistance rendered by Ray Cravens, who took the majority of the pictures for the annual. Editor of the 1947 HORNET is Jerry Zumwaltg Gene Hildebrand, assistant editor, and Charles Scott, business manager. Ill w Left to right: Bill Meadows, Wilma Thompson, Beverly Williams, Jerry Zumwalt, Mike Lyne, Pixie Martin, Nova Lee Nail, Sam y Friend, Bob Garde, Bill Showler, Marguerite Goodpaster, Patsy McGuire, Vernon Woolman, Gloria Waddell, Ahnawake Garner, Miss Luanne Mabery, John Tartar, Darrell Baugh, Joan Abbath, Betty Jo Daugherty, Shirley Fluke, James Giles, Jack Milliser. unior way Two performances of the an- nual junior class play, direct- ed by Miss Luanna Mabery, yere presented December 13 in the high school auditorium. The play, The Nicht of Jan- uary 16th, wh1T:H ran on-BE way, took place in a New York courtroom. The play was based on an actual trial and follow- ed courtroom procedure closely. Jurymen for the two perform- ances were chosen from the aud- ience, and turned in one guilty verdict and one not guilty ver- dict. Bill Showler was cast as the judge, Bob Garde as the court clerk, Sam Friend as bailiff, Patsy McGuire as court stenog- rapher, Wilma Thompson as pris- on matron,Jerry Zumwalt as dis- trict attorney, Pixie Martin as his secretary, and Jim Ince and W. D. Goins as court policemen. The witnesses were Nova Lee Nail, the murdered man's widowg Mike Lyne, her fatherg James Giles, county medical examinerg Joan Abbath,a negro scrubwomang Darrell Baugh, private detect- iveg Vernon Woolman,rook1e pol- icemang Gloria Waddell, hand- writing expertg Ahnawake Garnen Swedish housemaidg John Tartar, bookkeepergBetty Daughtery,dan- cerg Don Casto, extortioniet. Stage manager for the play was John Tartar,with Jack Mill- iser as his assistant. Prompt- ers were Shirley Fluke and Wanda Styron. Fii X YK? - --Jie.-1,115 Left to right: Bobbie Lee Hemphill, Roberta Boatman, Be Jo Harvey, Robert Step- hens, Beatrice Reed, Gladys Taylor, John Robert McClintock, James Staley, Betty Jane Way, Charles Lee Scott, Gene Hildebrand, Dee Carrico. enior lgfay After one and one half months of hard rehearsals,the twelve sen- ior play cast menbera presented the 3-act comedy nJust Ducky' on Fri- day, March 19. Playing to a full house at both afternoon and mnning performances, the dozen seniors -- 6 girls and 6 boys -- under the direction m'fac- ulty sponsor Virginia Hughes, in- creased the senior memorial fund by more than 5190, after tax and expense deductions from a net take of approximately 8250. nJust Ducky' was the tale of one Mr. Maxwell, per Gene Hilde- brand, small-town family man of great aspirations and greater con- ceit. With his stage wife, Betty Jane Way, and family of three,Max- well's struggle for social posit- ion could be anybody's story---but thank heavens it 1sn't. The Maxwell children were James Staley, Bobbie Lee Hemphill and Be Jo Harvey,as W1lbur,Betty Lou, and Connie, respectively. Wilbur's bosom pal, Hercules, was played by John Robert McCl1ntock,axiConnie's boy friend, Craig Moore, by Robert Stephens. Roberta Boatman,tagged with the simple name of Bernadine Sm1th,was cast as Betty Lou's boon companion in various and sundry minor plots which adied t1otheplay's complexity. nJust Duckynhad two busybodies- Mrs. Maxwell's Aunt Mary QBeatrice Reedb, and Gladys Taylor, cast as Miss Blayne, alarmist editor of a love-lorn column. Influential businessman of the play was Charles Scott, playing Mn Moore, chairman of the controversial c1t1zen's com ittee, and Cra1g's father. Dee Carrico phqed Del Marshall, a newspaper reporter who came to interview Maxwell, and stayed to gasp at all the hullabaloo. Stage manager was Chancey Way, with Harold Robertson as his as- sistant. A . ina ore "H. IT, b. P1nafore," a Ull- bert and bullivan operetta was d b ' 1 1 ' '1 presente y the e r s f' ce dubmnderhdss Dorothy Jacoby's direction on Monday, November 10. A bhjnr satire of the quib- bles and squabbles of British social rank in the ninteenth century, the ooeretta flrur- atlvely took place on board her Iajesty's ship Pinaiore, a docked british man-obwar with a bons' chorus crew of l2. As fawnlnf sisters,cousins, and aunts of the Ltnorable Sir Joseph Porter,the rirls' chor- us included billle brown, Tcl- ba Joan Burns Zola Jean Lrum- haurh, Lrmal Cornish, Vary lou Glenn, Far'aret Cretan, Car- lcne Iewland, Shirley 3cl'el. Anna Lee Stewens, Gloria Faddell, Uelene Lasnund, Var- ilyn Chiles, Mildred Chiles, Ahnawake Garner, Mary lnce, Patsv Powell Perry Reed, Sy- -. ! ' bil Simms, Patricia lynn, Nar- ilyn iilliamson, Rita Wilson, Roberta Lratman, and Virrlnia Vobley. Manninc the Pinafore, after Leinr drafted fror the ranks of V. I. S., were Le.nard Lal- quest, Lrent York, John Camp- bell, Jack Terrell, Hqwm Hall, Jtrry Diron,Danny Foster, nob- ert Averill, Frank bailey, pcb Gleason, Killls Earl Jones and Clifford freeman. Solo parts were taken by Sally Goodnaster as Josephine, lol: Ann LeForce and Vary Jo Dupree as poor little Butter- cup, and Joyce Taylor and Vary Jo Dupree sinclnr Vousfn Kobe. John Robert McClintock was the honorable Sir Jtscrh lor- ter, Clifford Freeman res cast as Ralph Rackstrav, Captain Corcoran was sung by Gene Lil- debrand, Willis Larl Jones played nick Deadeye, and Leon- ard Dalquest nm the P1nafore's boatsmain. Charles Scott was starfe man- afer for thc nroduction. if ' 11 LQ oof Cl!! Qllfffll 00lUC'0JfCl CU' U1 Vlnita High School Vinita, Oklahoma Dear Ubrie, The past year here at V.H.S. has really been full of activities. You'd like to hear about some? Okay, here they are....... Enrollment here started on Aupust 26-27. However, school itself began four days later, after a pause for the annual Will Rogers Memorial Rodeo. The high school band, under Ray Cra- vens' direction, played for the five performances. Hot weather caused classes for the first two weeks to be limited to 45 minutes. September 18 was the date of the Hornets' first football game, played against Picher. Vin1ta's 12-C win there was followed by a 27-C massacre of Claremore's Zebras. W. D. Goins, candidate of the jun- ior class, won the office of pres- idency of the student body in a heat- ed political battle involving ballons, posters, and painted sidewalks, over Robert Stephens, senlor candidate. On October 7, SO girls joined to- gether to form the pep club, with Miss Laura Buford as sponsor, and Bobble Hemphill, Ahnawake Garner, and June Lawson as cheerleaders. Three days later brought the end of the first six weeks, and with that the first report cards of the year - some received joyfully and others not so. The Homecoming football game was with Pryor October 30. Cooweesta Martin, sophomore, was crowned foot- ball queen by Buddy Corbett, Be Jo Harvey, senior, Beverly Williams, junior, and Sharon Moore, freshman, were attendants to the queen. A convention of the Future Home- makers of America from this district was held in the V.H.S. auditorium November 8. On November lO the glee club pre- sented "H. M. S. P1nafore", an oper- etta, under the direction of Miss Dorothy Jacoby. The following Friday the Hornets defeated Sand Springs 18-6 to win their first V. V. Conference title ln 22 years. The band participated in the Will Rogers Celebration parade at Clare- more on November 4 and the Miami Christmas parade November 24. School was dismissed November 27- 30 for the Thanksgiving holidays. The band, pep club, about 300 fans, and the football team traveled to Ponca City for the Regional Champion- ship game, which Ponca City won 15-6. The Night of January l6", junior class play, was presented December 12 under the direction of Miss labery. ,?.. '1'T ftvi' A-"""q '11 s"'1T 5 Qi- .P 1 A , 42' lldil li',ng n - .-.'4 3 'fl' f - E---,s2sE?'!'!?!z dug! ' . h 2f,r5,t D fx 2,20 fx 1--kflfjx fs' 'v H. . , , 'lhvnni NU' N ufgflxp film -- 3-Q 'HX'-. -al S Y ly w - , - , , , . e D ci r JJ J' .6' 'ttf' -47' 4vl'f ob Af 6 .AAA .FJA i X rf 4 Jiili 5 K, X ,F -,.. 5 I4 x -,WL -X. l.,....... I ' 1 I 1, , 'X ,,4' On December 15 the V. H. S. basketball team won their first home game of the season from Afton. Christmas vacation started December 2O and lasted until January 5. On December 19 the girls' glee club presented an ass- embly program of Christmas music to the school January 17 brought the end of the first semester,with its exams, grade cards, and a two day vacation Unrecuperate fTOH1Cmm- ming. V1n1ta's Invitational tournament was 21-24, and the Hornets were Pryor. ln the Regional Pawhuska, March 2-6, Vinita in the finals by Pawhuska, held January runners-up to tournament at was defeated after beating Blackwell and Bartlesville. Junior class rings finally arrlved on February 25, and were very ecstatically received. "Just Ducky," senior class play under the direction of Virginia Hurhes, was presented March 19. Vinita's baseball team won the first game of the season from Miami, 6-5, on March 26. On April l, the annual senior hobo assembly, panning the faculty and junior class, was given. The V. H. S. band coronation concert was presented S1mms,Beverly Goodpaster or April 2. Either Caprillica Williams,Joan Dixon, Sally Gladys Lester was crowned queen by band president Bob Jones. The glee club was presented in formal concert on April 6, in the high school auditorium. The band and glee club traveled to Tahlequah April 9 and lO for district contests. Activities that took place after the annual had gone to press included the band production, Showdown, presented April 23. The junior-senior banquet, the theme of which was a dude ranch, was held May 14. The Baccalaureate service was May 23, and Commencement, with its diplomas, speeches, and farewells, was May 27. We hope that you, Ubrie, have enjoy- ed this annual. Sincerely yours, The Annual Staff , o l? I14l---, 1.1-1 I..

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