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-f ' f' 1 . ', V m ' , . X, f- Ar . ',' - . ' v 4 ' ' . ' a . t . . Published by the SeQi 'a1pi f l3l,m Vineland High Sdhui-lnll vaneland, New9JBfSey lditqplgvgtislar IIXX iii' vi , W 2'- u' 'E 1. X LU 0l"lZ0lflJ FOREWORD Oh the four bnef years of hxgh school On the fleehng wmqs of time Bear us on to helds of v1s1on Where we scale new helghts subhme Yes we the graduatmg class of l952 leave Vmeland Hrgh School wmth great asprratrons and face a drvxded and uncerta1n world Uncertarn 1t seems as 1f that word has been wrth us for years Iust four short years ago we entered Vmeland Hrgh School as fresh men uncertarn of what lay before us and what our hrgh school days would be llke Now as we say good bye to V1neland Hrgh School we g1ve the 1rnpress1on of o1l seekers uncertam of what we shall drscover 1n our severed world as rt now rs We are certaln only of one th1ng that we are a generatron of youth who has known nothrng but wars destructrve and horrrbly devastatrng Only through our background of learnlng and our knowledge of understandrng can we have peace once agarn The englneer drllls and drrlls to frnd hls prec1ous o1l and so we by torlrng and strrvxng w1ll attarn somethrng DIGCIOUS to all of us peaceful futures' Before we can set up our drrlls to begln our quest for orl we frrst must attaln th1s knowledge of understand mg and then rf that IS realrzed our pursurt for mate rral wealth w1ll surely be fulfllled Matenal wealth to us s1rnply means successful and brrght futures whlch w1ll eventually stand for peace to all on earth But 1f thrs knowledge of understandlng cannot be acqutred then the search for black gold contmues maybe, rn defrmtely W present rn thrs our yearbook the hrghlrghts that rnacle our senlor year 1n h1gh school a year that wrll never be forgclten U u . . I . , . .H , I 4 as fr f f ' ' A A r r - X l ,M 4 l ,-,-.,I I 94 . . ah - I ' I 1 . . 1 I ,Q ' f , W n 1 A Z I tv N-L - 1 ' ' ' Y - "1 I '- A .x ,- -' 4 l I f V - - -UQ 512 . ' . ! i -' - P flglgnx ,L ' W ,fl K' . r! t Ar f of e.:t.we Jf - f r. r r r r ' 1 -411 4 ' '- T . . . .. - , . . I I . I I I I I ' . I . I , I . . ' I ' I I I H H . . I .3 - Q . . . . 5' I I 1 5 M-W. , f' 441 45' 4 v ,- I --..-.NN - vdi in-""'s.1f +'i,' f' -1-.xij-.....'1' 'W 1 "--: "qv - rr- . fr. ., . 3 , i'Q, 3' f "TLT" 1-. inf! -.K x',Q Q v-. -W Q "7 1"'xg . Mn. f 4 vvvfaf. ' ,fu f . 'f ,', j,1 , -, , , . t, - I 1 A1 I ., v ',4',', ,'.,-, Y,-rv. g'N,.,,,3 I, I A , K l , -n Zin Memoriam 1912 1952 But oh for the touch Of a vamsh d hand And the sound of a vozce That IS stlll Antonio N. Cerniglicxro cc ' 2 2 - ' n Q 0JlCatl0l'l fo 54' M Illl MISS Rrta Cresct to whom we the semor class of 1952 dedrcate thrs yearbook has meant much more to us than an rnstructor or teacher at Vrneland Hrgh School She has been our semor class advrsor and bestdes gu1d1ng our class for four years MISS CIGSCI has been a true frrend to each and every one of us Those seek1ng advrce explanatrons or help knew that they were berng treated wrth alacrrty by M1ss Cresct no matter how busy or engrossed 1n her work she was Her tnendly and engagrng ways are a famllrar part ot her personalrty Born rrght rn Vmeland M1ss Crescx was a graduate of Sacred Heart Hlgh School She then attended Chestnut H111 College for four years and recerved her Bachelor of Scxence degree tn Enghsh She later came to Vmeland l'l1gh School and has been teachrng rn the Eng hsh department ever smce M1ss CIGSCI has worked drllgently w1th many students durmg our four years 1n htgh school As a member of the gurdance depart ment she has helped us 1n selectmg a college school or professron and she has gu1ded us 1n electrng the proper sublects rn hrgh school She has been our class advisor tor four years has headed the candy selhng and greetlng card campcngns and has also dxrected the magazme sales M1ss Cresct was the advrsor for our Sophomore Party and our Rmg Dance she worked asstduously toward makxng our Wash 1ngton tr1p a never to be forgotten expertence Wlthout M1ss Crescts undlvrded counsel and upervlslon ID these matters many of our class proJects would not have proved a success No amount of words can serve as an expresslon of our appreclatlon to you MISS Crescx but tn our small and humble way we the class of 1952 WlSh to thank you tor the mfluence that you have exercrsed upon us 1n cur four years stay at Vlneland Hxgh School We are very proud to dedlcate thrs 1952 Record to you our tnencl M1ss Brta Crescr fl . . . L9 ' . ,NA 5, . 5 f g , 1 , .3 M :ij . ' fx I I ' - , , , , I 1 I I I I 1 4 I I - , . S , I ' I I 1 1 , I I ' '-ubf--b-- 3- BOARD OF EDUCATION SEATED L to B Mr S1dweIIB Thomas Dr Kenneth Corson Mrs Wllllam Brooks Mr Dane Barse Mrs Stuart Taylor Mr I C Schwarz man Dr Anthony Mcxgolda STANDING L to R Mr Rocco Lxparhto Mrs Margaret Thom Mr Adolf Stern Mr A L Donley l'l'lll'll1ltl"Cl tl0l'l THE BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board of Educatron IS an admtrus tratrve body orgamzed tor the purpose of see tng that the Vmeland Landrs Townshtp schools are run eftlcrently lt goes wrthout saymg that the group of men and women now servmg wrth the board have more than tulftlled thts alm Under the competent leadershrp of Mr Dane Barse these CIVIC mtnded people hove unsel flshly contrlbuted much to the betterment ot our commumty s schools The sentor class reallzes the rmportance of a smoothly run school sys tem for a good educatton and extends w1th great s1ncer1ty appreclatton to these Board members and the tme Job that they have con ststently done ff l 0 Our supervrsrng pnncxpal Mr Donley IS an tmportant factor tn the growth and well belng of our school He IS responsrble for many of the advances made ln the school system ln the past few years Hts contrlbuttons to the Semor Class are many No matter how busy Mr Donley has always been wtllmg to gtve freely of hrs trme and wrsdom for worthwh1le causes For these reasons Mr Donley s noble efforts shall always be held IH the h1ghest esteem by the graduatmg class of 1952 13' 1 Miss Mary l. Rossi The students of Vineland High School are greatly indebted to Miss Rossi, our prin- cipal, for her unfailing guidance. She is al- ways willing to help all of the students all-of the time. Mr. Pennino, our Dean of Boys, is always available to the students for friendly and wise counsel. The guidance counselors have made it possible for the students to plan their future by assisting them in this important choice. This service is sincerely appreciated by the students. czrud! fgzziadzrzce , , . , V lil 41- , T V Mr. Jack Pennino i COUNSELORS STANDING. I.. to R.: Miss R Stemberq. Miss R. Cresci, Mr I. Pennino. Mrs. M. Donaqhay SEATED: Mr. A. Cerniqlicro ! lx l X il Clfflfl A Refining llnit WWf'Vl"' 'IP'-r it-al. Florence C Adamo Commercxal Antonio N Cerniglraro Languages Anna Dallago Enghsh in "ll" ' S-...., Florence M Adamo Languages Clanon M Cosh Ph B Physrcal Education Nello I Dalloho Science 'AQ 'iii iw- .. on ff. 41945- Bernrce S Apprendr Commercxal Rrta Crescr English Rosemane Deluttr Home Economxcs Edward B Amade Franklm Astor Socral Studres Musxc Iulla H Cummmgs Charlotte Czaplxclu Muslc Commercxal Anthony I D1Tomo Mxldred D Donaghay Physxcal Education Languages if? ' Z' Q VSVW "N guawgfum' A vii 75 4:37 ' if ik mis.,- Dons B Epstem Ed M M Ed English Ioseph P Homxak O Socxal Studles 'Wil hr 5.,,' 40--" img- Q? 9-Q. f l Zvi' ts" MGIQUIGY Fwmmqo Wrlliam Gardella Robert M Goodler Theresa F Henzr MUlhEmUflC! Commercral Agrxculture Mathematics Mxlton H Kammer Norman Krapf Mm-lm P Krause Nmq C Lqgcqn English Science Scrence Home Economics SERV N6 lHl NAIIIIN Bl HJUCAIING IIS YlllIlHHIl CIIIZENS Edgar A Leeds Iohn A Lehocky Charles E Ltpartxto Industrxal Arts lndustrxal Arts Englrsh Helen C McMxck1ng Gllda Mendlco Cosmo T Mmlirx Languages Languages Social Studies ...ff Z .I Anna C Markham B C S Commercial Elrzabeth Arm Multord Mathematics www QW, Mae Marufh Social Studies Floyd N Nasser Industrial Arts M -te-tu l4" S' - .. h gl can Q., t - g 2-5 f ff- as Y , I L N' 7 g S A A fe " . Iv " ', A K 9- 5: v' V G, gs, 9' - ' V fI5,. , x!5 S 12 K Alll. . .U . . Mfs. B.Af -Afli. l Min. yn". Aj. ' M..A. Mn. is. M.s. f . .h B.s. Ima. n.s. Mix. ms. ns. if 'X ' x ' 4 l Xnlhhxs , vw se ,hy J:L tx Estelle G OKane MEd English Ioy Shorten Commercial awww? 9905+ i fs!!! ,qw 5 T'-Q. .avi ad- '55 'c'- Anne E Ostrander Georgette Rxeg Socnal Studies Industrial Arts Charles Spercher I Albert Starkey Science Sclence in '45 Ralph W Robmson Soclal Studies Marlon M Starkey B S L S Llbrarxan fx W B. '--. QW! Robert Schell Englxsh Beatnce Stern Physxcal Educatxon AIMINB Al lllICIlNl PRUDUCIIUN Ul HIGH 0UAlIll SlUDlNlS Rose H Sternberq MEd Enghsh Barbara Bowden Office if-AN fig, M Nx Danrel Testa Physxcal Education Lou W Capner Olhce fifty! CQ 'Q bv gn-we iiih v Norman F Walsh M Ed Mary H Doerr Othce Bessxe Weylman MEd Home Economics Rebecca C Wade Olhce Nancy I Wrsswaesser Physxcal Education ,g-.., i "Sf 1...- Inf rv-'s elzlbw 'S-'W X 1 V , E 3 . . 4 . C11 5.3 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS L. to R.: D. Keen. Sec.: Miss Cresci. Advisor: I.. Cullen. Trees.: P. D'Arrigo. Pres.: M. Tomei. Vice Pres. THE RESPUNSIBHJIIIS UF llADfRSHlP. Uur Senior Year We had struck it rich! At last that long- awaited time had come, and our class was united in the auditorium as the Senior Class of '52. We all prepared to put forth every effort to make this our most successful and enjoyable year under the careful guidance of our class advisor, Miss Cresci, and the other senior proc- tors. Our first job in the auditorium was choosing the people we wanted to lead our class. We felt that our choice was the best ever to lead a senior classy Phil D'Arrigo, Mario Tomei, Diane Keen, and Lou Cullen steered us in the right direction toward a very profitable year. It wasn't very long before we had a chance to prove that we were on the right track and ready to go all out for our class by selling magazines and leading the school in the re- sults. Still going strong, we went forth selling cards and candy and certainly showed that we were capable of great accomplishments. Now, as seniors, we were really working very hard. It was time to begin work on the Senior Class Play, Men Are Like Streetcars. a delightful comedy about teenagers and their "important" problems. The cast did a wonder- ful job in staging this successful production for hundreds of people. Once again our class had been successful. The school year was certainly speeding by. Already Christmas had arrived. A funny feeling was in the heart of every Senior who realized that he would not be back next year to see the big tree in the hall, the assembly, and most of all the annual Christmas dance. All these things will be enjoyed by students for years to come, but we shall not be among them. But, like everything else, the holidays passed us, and it was down to work once more. The time was rapidly approaching when that all important term paper had to be completed. After this, there was the Work of preparing for final exams. These exams were really final for us. We were looking forward to the prom with the eagerness which is typical of all seniors, and we anxiously thought of what was to follow-Our Washington Trip. Now we were making the final efforts in our high school days-baccalaureate and grad- uation exercises. Hard practice was put into making these events something for us to carry forever in our memories as each of us traveled in his own path, remembering the Senior Days at Vineland High School. GENE H. ADAMS "Guzzeler" Whatever is worth doinq at all, ls worth doing well Spanlsh Club 2 3 4 Physrcs Club 3 Football 2 3 Base ba 1 2 Track 3 4 LORRAINE T ADAMS Lorry She s beautiful and therefore to oe wood Shes a woman therefore to be won Homeroom Treasurer 2 Dancing Club l Dramatic Club 1 Bowling Club 2 Italian Club 3 4 Home Economics Club 3 4 Vice President 4 Riding Club 3 Secretarial Club 4 MOLLY IOSEPHINE AGOSTINI Aggie Along lifes road its tun to go But never 1n a hurry slow Bowling Club 1 Music Club 2 3 Drum and Bugle Corps l 2 Honor Patrol and Traffic Squad 3 4 ltalian Club 3 4 Spanish Club 2 3 4 JEAN A ANTONELLI Jenny Worrying was never worth while So pack up your troubles smile smile smile Homeroom Treasurer l Honor Patrol and Traltxc Squad 3 Italxan Club 3 as 'th Y""'X W TF" inf FRANK ANTHONY AUSTINO Pancho The ladies call him sweet President ol Homeroon 2 Spanxsh Club 1 2 Glee Club 4 Secretary 4 Baseballl 2 4 Footballl 2 Basketballl PAYE ANNE BARBER A sweet song wlll outlive All sermons in the memory Glee Club l 2 3 4 Muslc Club l 2 3 4 Twlrler 2 3 Dancmq Club 1 Student Council 4 Dance Band 2 3 LILLIAN BARNABEI Diamond Lil All that qlztters is not qold Sometimes its Diamond L11 Homeroom V1cePres1dent 2 Home Economics Club 3 4 Dancing Club l 2 Treble Clet Club 3 4 Music Club 3 4 Italian Club 4 KATHERINE V BARRACLOUGH Kay The clever qirl who knows the answers All too often is never asked Spanish Club 4 ll , : . . I K . I I r : - . 7 I 4 , ' , : . : , il 1 The stars, as he treads upon them, kiss his feet. Y . it , f ' ' V ' ' ,l', Y 3 , ' ,J , , . SONYA T. BARSKY "Sonny" The most difficult character in comedy is that ol the ioolg He must be no simpleton that plays that part. Dramatic Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Honor Patrol and Traiiic Squad 4: Orchestra 2, 4: Dance Band 2: Music Club 2: Spanish Club 2. 3. 4. Secretary 3. 4: lunior Town Meeting oi the Air 3. 4, Treasurer 3, President 4: Hi-Spots 2. 3, 4: Senior Record 4: Senior Play 4: National Honor Society 4: French Club 4: Latin Award 1. 2: Spanish Award 2. 3: Iersey Girl's State 3: Spelling Award 3: Math tournament 3. NANCY M. BASILE "Nan" Little deeds of kindness, little words of love, Help to make the earth happy, like the heaven above. Library Council 4: Dramatic Club 1. 2: Dancing Club l, 2: Honor Patrol and Traffic Club 3. 4: Senior Record 4: Chem- istry Cluh 4: Student Council 4: ltalian Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Latin Awards 1. 2: Italian Award 3. IULIA M. BASSETTI " ulie" Smile and be qay The livelonq day Student Council 3 4 Iunlor Town Meeting 3 4 Bowling Club 2 Honor Patrol and Trarhc Squad 3 ALBERTA IANE BATTERSBY lame Blithe and merry she goes her way With a laugh and a smile each day Music Club 3 4 Glee Club 4 Treble Clef Club 4 Dancing Club 1 2 Italian Club 4 Bowling Club 2 5- Klux. PR 1 Q'-u VNHANII SlIHlIlll lx 42" FIN GLORIA SHIRLEY BATTISTINI Tootsie A me ry heart goes a long Way And a friendly smile follows Home Economics Club 3 Italian Club 3 4 Treasurer BARBARA ANN BAUER Babs Thinqs dont turn up in the world Until somebody turns them up Bowling Club 2 Italian Club 3 4 Dramatic Club 3 Honor Patrol and Trafhc Squad 4 Secretarial Club 4 ADRIENNE NANCY BECKER Port as a schoolgirl well can be Filled to the hrirn with qirlish glee Honor Patrol and Traftic Squad 1 2 3 4 Vice President 3 Spanish Club 3 4 Dancing Club l sith GISELLA RENATE BERG 1 A light heart in hor prevfils Which no darkness ever curtails Dramatic Club 2 3 4 Honor Patrol and Traffic Squad 2 gif 3 4 Spanish Club 2 3 4 , I fn i ' : ' I . : ' -X, ., . ., sf' l 4 g I: .,: : 2, I I ' X xg, J l llllill M: for Q i l ' ' 4' ' Q 'K T' Q . get H ,.A,, 'W is Y A y 1 Y."1'11" 'gv 1'-:1if':'?f1: :A 1, pf '?5Qf2fi'f5" 'Y ff ' s 'Q' 3' if- 'E7 H 9 UBC A GLADYS R BONATO A qul on whom you may depend And one who mlkes o loyal friend Glee Club 3 Treble Clel Club 3 Italian Club 3 SHIRLEY IEAN BOWERS Shlrsh A Cute oppeolinq charming qirl Tall cmd well dressed that s Shirl Class Treasurer 2 President of Homeroom 3 Secretary ol Library Council 3 Riding Club 3 Secretarial Club 4 Dancing Club I Student Council 3 MARY GRACE BOZORTH Bozzle l could live without boys But ld rather not Dramatic Club 1 2 4 Iunxor Town Meeting 4 Drum and Bugle Corps I 2 Dancxnq Club l Italian Club 4 Senior Record Stall 4 Senior Play 4 Chemistry Club 4 Glas Club 3 Thalia 4 Riding Club 3 Music Club I 2 3 IOHNI BRAIDI Iohnny A friendly smile. 1 friendly H1 The loci is he s o friendly quy Future Farmers ol America 2 3 Treasurer 2 Secretary 3 Italian Club 4 IOHN IOSEPH BILLICK und.. To be easy in livina is much of the joy of life. LUCILLE MARGARET BIONDI ..Lou.. A quiet disposition tends to C1 hlqher position. EUGENE BODENSTEIN Bodey His quiet ways are liked by all A lriendly guy who will not fall Spanish Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 South Jersey Band 3 Music Club 2 3 4 DOLORES ELAINE BONATO Cookie Sugor ond Spice And everything nice Home Economics Club 3 4 Italian Club 4 Secretary 4 fi 50' st' ia' iv" if QQ 3' 4" it- i A x I .I s it 1 Q U - V ' ' if . : , . SENI l SS 0ll952 I : l 4: I .4. 1 4 Plomeroom 2: 'Boivlinq -Club 1, 2: Italian Club 2. 3. 4: I I l l , , "f , IO' Fvf1Z',?n'i'1,Yv' L . ' 3: I' :: N ' 'IQ' V, 5- BARBARA MAE BRAUNSTEIN Barbie One whos co operotlve one who ns kmd A truer lrxend youll never hnd Dramatnc Club l 2 3 4 Honor Patrol and Tralhc Squad 21 3 4 Secretary 4 Rxdmg Club 3 Spanish Club 2 3 French Club 4 Iumor Town Meetxng 3 4 Semor Record 4 Senior Play 4 H1 Spots 2 3 4 Latm Award l flyer ""'-f Norms mm anon: Although she seems so very shy She wxll manage to get by RICHARD BROOKS Rxch RlCh the 1nv1nc1ble unconquerable ln math Nary cz problem can sur up h1s wrath Physxcs Club 3 Vice President 3 Cbemxstry Club 4 Prem dent 4 Basketball 3 Tenms 2 3 4 K7 DOLORES ANN BRUGE Dee Theres not o fellow that doesnt lxke Dee Could xt be her personc1l1ty7 Romeroom Treasurer l 2 3 Sophomore Class Secretary Honor Patrol and Trafhc Squad 3 4 French Club 3 Musxc Club l 4 Drum and Bugle Corps l 2 Semor Play Danc mg Club l Rndlng Club 3 Glee Club l 4 AND lill SID Mnmoms LOUISE nnuunncl-: ,E-HL Margie Wxthout musxc The day would never end Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestral 2 3 4 Musxc Clubl 2 3 4 South Iersey Hxgh School Band 1 2 3 4 Dramatxc Club l French Club 3 4 Dancxnq Club l 2 Honor Patrol and Trathc Squad 3 GLADYS ANN BRUNER Gladie Her cheerlul word or fnendly smlle Can make a dreary day worlhwhxle Art Club 4 Biology Club 4 Bowling Club l Dancing Club l Honor Patrol and Trafhc Squad 3 4 Library Councxl 1 2 3 4 Awards 2 3 4 Riding Club 3 www? DOLORES I BRUNOZZI Dee The httle that she has to say Is spoken m the mcest way 7-. Homeroom Presldent l Student Councxl I Italia Club 3 4 '52 'IO' MARILYN BUGLIO Manland Good lhlnqs come to those who woll But my txme xs runmnq out Dancing Club 1 French Club 3 4 Honor Patrol and 'l'ral'hc Squad 3 4 Library Counc1l3 4 Awards 3 4 Sen lor Record 4 Latin Awards l 2 W . , 11 11 ' 1 7 , 1 1 1 I 1 1 I I 1 7 , 7 1 7 7 1 7 ' 1 1 I . ., Li 114' V sl I . 1 11 . 11 1 1 1 1 1 ' 7 1 ' ' ' a o ' f L, 1 1 1 1 1 fi . ' Y . 'W V 1 1 11 11 .1-envy . - :Wg , V 1 1 I I 1 I I 1 I 1 I I ' . 7 I 1 1 11 11 1-1,11 31143-ff, 1 1 My y 1 1 1 Z 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 7 1 1 1 7 1 7 1 7 1 I - 1 , 11 11 E I 7 7 - ' 7 1 7 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I - 1, ' 31.1 ' 'fr '1 1 m-1:13.11 .751-1-1-fr a - 1 51,11-11.-4 . Y,,.h,.., A y 11 11 1 7 I ll 1 1 11 . 11 7 1 I ' 1 I 1 1 1 7 ' 3 Hg : 1 . , - noustrn nunmcx ' 4 Don ' He may be quiet, But remember "still Water runs deep" Chemistry Club 4 French Club 4 Iunior Town Meetlng 4 Physxcs Club 3 Senior Record 4 Latm Award l Tennis F'-v lg DONALD LEROY BURRIS Donme The trmes he speaks are very rare But when he speaks we lxst wlth care Hifi! IOHN ANTHONY CALABRESE Bug John The fewer the words The brqqer the man Secretary Treasurer Homeroom 1 ltalxan Club 2 3 Band 1 7-4' W IUANITA CARINI Skeets Leave trouble alone Untll lt comes to you Homeroom Secretary 2 Homeroom Vxce President 3 Bowl mg Club 2 Dramatrc Club 3 Honor Patrol and Trathc Squad 3 Student Council 1 ROSALIE PEGGY CAHNEY The world s no better xt we worry Band 3 4 Chemistry Club 4 Choral Club 2 Dancing """' Club 1 2 Musxc Clubl 2 3 4 bf 2 1""" HELEN T CASACCI fl If you re naturally mce Why not be l'lGlUYGl7 Art Club l Secretarial Club 3 WW IEAN DOLORES CASELLA leanie Good thmqs come rn small packages So does dynamxte Homeroom President 2 3 Junior Class Treasurer 3 Bowling Club l 2 Dancxnq Club l Ridmq Club 3 Secretarial Club Qu T' arm c CASTELLANI xv Bee Her qr CIOUS ways and smllcs smcere Wrll Rua to her lrrcnds endear Homeroom Vice-President I Band 2 3 4 Head Twlrler 4 Honor Patrol and Trathc Squad 3 Music Club I 2 3 4 Treble Clet Club l Secretarial Club 3 4 Secretary 4 Iersey Grrls State 3 National Honor Society 4 Senior Record Stott 4 2. 3.'4. : ' l : 1 ., '- ' l I ' , : . 5 : : I ' . : I I , SENI MASS 0ll952 f I V K4 ' V M4 A I I Uno!! ,A l Life's no shorter if we hurry. I A, -r Q my . : I ' : 1. : ' ' . Q fin' . : . . . . . ' 1 'I' , V 4 'lil - P .. .. 3. 4. I : l : i I f ,f I x , ,-95 . .4 'ix " " '5 G , , A ' . I7 GLORIA CERIONE Never let your studies interfere With your hiqh school education. Homeroom President 1, 2: Student Council 1. 2: Art Club ly Danclng Club 1: Treble Clel Club 2: Bowling Club l. MICHAEL D. CERRATO "Mike" From Mike you'll seldom hear a peep: Remember "still water runs deep" Baseball 2: Track 1. IOSEPH A CESARE IR Beds ln the halls as on the streets He speaks to everyone he meets Future Farmers of Amerlca 3 Football l Baseball l FRANK CHODNICKI Fntz You should see him dash around that track Ono scarcely sighs and there hes back Sophomore Class Presrdent 2 Homeroom Secretary 2 3 Student Council 2 Monogram Club 2 3 4 National Ath letlc Scholarshrp 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Cross Country uv- vw ha- Y"""'n' AND 3- 4' SM' SCH00l IULIA I CHROSCINSKI ulie Whether in Class or on the basketball Court Her whims and her thoughts show her great love for sports Homeroom Treasurer 2 3 4 Home Economics Club 3 4 President 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 in-v "Q""I" IACK C COFFIN 'X' ilk J Cathsh Ho has talent yes talent galore For draqqinq his mates from the mat on the foor Wrestling Manager 2 3 Cross Country l PAULINE C COLA Paula hver willing ever true 'lhats a littmg name for you Honor Patrol G Trafhc Squad 3 Danclnq Club l Italxan Club 4 Secretanal Club 4 ROBERT W COLE Bob His sparkling surface and stature and height Reveal to .is a man both with looks and with mtqht Bowling Club l 2 Biology Club 2 3 Riding Club 2 ., ,. : : . 1 . ' : . : : , . : ' - I 1 I 1 1 I 7 l. 2. 3. 4. Y , . - ., f . t ' , to is ..- X , . g f f f HI . ,, F Hp 7 f 'Ng ' 1 I . 7 I I 1 , 7 . . , . , W ' r 5- 3 5 V - 5. 'L n . 1 ll , fi gs ri , ., ' A 5 ' ff , f,w:'2iQ- 5 C 1 - , ng . - - :,.f"', neilf' .' Fish- . . I LKV., 1. , , . tr: -, W ww-,. V. J ,f-.,-e -t 1, ' ' L, 5 Us X I 4 I f f- gs K , jx - .: ,:,..-gm of l. f.,s5Sii ' 1 .2 . X if ' : : ' LI' "s I s ' , . . 4 - is 'E 7 1, 1.1 V . . . ,A . : , : ' ' . 'ng 559 mf QI" N.. 'V' ELEANOR CONSALO Blondle Why worry about tomorrow When today IS pleasant? Homeroom Treasurer 3 Secretarxal Club 4 Home nomlcs Club 3 4 Italian Club 3 4 Eco ELSIE MARGARET CONSALO s Els as sweet as sweet can be l-ler laxr complexton xs a beauty to see Italian Club 3 4 Home Economics Club 3 4 ANDREW THOMAS CORRADO Andy Touchdown touchdown here comes Andy On the football held hes really a dandy 0 Homeroom Secretary 2 Monogram Club 2 3 4 Italian Club 3 4 Footballl 2 3 4 Basketball l Wrestlmq 2 3 Trackl 2 3 LOUIS T CULLEN Irish God w1ll not love thee less Because women love thee more Treasurer Senior Class 4 I-lomeroom Treasurer 2 3 ltallan Club 3 4 Basketball 3 Baseballl 2 3 4 SINIIHIII A S0 ANGELA LEONA DA GHASSA Angle She looks most shy But theres mlschlef m her eye Dancmq Club 1 2 Glee Culb 3 Music Club Club 4 Spanish PATRICIA DALESANDRO Patty Bhthe and merry she qoes her way Wxth a laugh and a sm1le for each day Italxan Club 3 4 Secretanal Club 4 Dancmg Club MARY RITA DANNA Its mce to be natural It you re naturally mce Dancing Clubl 2 Italian Club 2 3 4 Glee Clu 2 3 Music Club 2 3 4 Bowling Club 2 PHILIP DARRIGO Phi l awoke one momma And found myself famous Clas Presldent l 3 4 Natxonal Honor Society 4 National Athletxc Society 3 4 Pegasus 1 2 3 4 Student Council 4 Monogram Club 3 4 Latin Award I Italian Award 2 Football 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Tennisl 2 3 4 WWW 5' 1 1 tv-"'-' L... 5 .. ., if -- , KN .. ,X . HEI n 4 5' . I ' , - 5- 5 N . : , . . : 7 ' , , , 4: . . , 4. if ?5,igmN o,,. Q L f' ,'.. Agri? A u ' n ut, : , : fry' 5 . : : . , , . - u - u giizijs l K I ' , : : ' 3: ' 6 N ll I1 I ' . : ' : ' 1, 2. 2 ,, 1 ,V :sig it .V I , . : . , : b , , 4: , . , : . . .- 4 I ' t 'A rl Ill: 'ng r ' . . : ' ' : W - . . ,ff 1' . . ,,.. , W - : , : : ' 2 'f l ' A 1. , : . . . : . . , . V wk , x .. LEONARD I. DE MARCO "Deacon" Here-'s to the land we love And the "love we land." I-'.F.A. 1, Secretary 1: Italian Club 3, 4: Riding Club 3: Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4. HELEN MARY DEOLA One of the quiet souls Who are the salt of the earth Homercom V1cePres1dent 1 Homeroom Secretary 2 3 Itahan Club 3 4 Honor Patrol G Trai-hc Squad 3 Secre tarial Club 3 4 Shorthand Award 2 THOMAS LOUIS DE ROSSI Ozzxe A ltttle mxschtel by the way A ltttle fun to splce the day Itahan Club I 2 Band I 2 Orchestra 2 VlcePres1dent 2 Musxc Clubl 2 Baseballl 2 Track 3 4 Q'-V' EARL WILLIAM DE ZUTTI Dezoot Heres a guy what a line' One whos better 1S hard to fmd Homeroom Vtce Presxdent 3 Student Councxl 2 3 4 Danc mg Club 2 Physxcs Club 3 Iunlor Red Cross 4 Treasurer 4 Tennis 2 3 4 ANII li SIE FRANK DI PALMA IR A boy on whom all can rely One who s never very shy Span sh Club 3 Physics Club 3 Football 2 CAROL ANN DONLEY Kay roll Dont trouble w1th trouble T1ll trouble troubles you Honor Patrol 6. Traftxc Squad 1 2 3 4 Muslc Club 2 3 4 Drum 6 Bugle Club I 2 Treble Clef Club 3 4 Dancing Club 1 Rtdtng Club 3 Spamsh Club 2 KATHRYN ELEANOR DONN Kitty To be easy m hvmg Is much of the Joy xn hte Glee Club 1 Music Club I Ltbrary Councxl 4 MARGARET DONZOLA Margie In sxlence she moves around Her wtllmgness IS eastly found ' - ' : . : ' . : ' : - . : . , t , : . : . ' - ' : K . : , : . . .. ,. ' - ' : ' , . : - . : . : . I : ' , . . , . ' 2 . ' . fm A , . I, , ,, I ' . . . : ' . , : ,V - - ' . ' ' . ' ' YQ 7 7 - ,E ' QQ 1 .,t, , 0 1 ' ' . IOAN DOLORES DOUGHERTY rlsh She s quxte a gal wrth a heart of gold And as a frlend her loyalty holds Homeroom President 1 Student Council 2 3 4 Dramatic Club 3 4 Play 3 French Club 3 4 Secretary 4 Dancing Club l 2 Honor Patrol 6 Tratttc Squad 3 4 Treble Clel Club 2 4 Muslc l 2 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Chemistry Club 4 Senxor Play 4 Senior Record 4 Rxdrng Club 3 Dance Band Vocalrst 4 BARRY DOUST One who s qulet But capable of great thmgs FLORENCE LORRAINE DOWNIE o Its mce to be natural I1 you re naturally mce Dancing Club I Drum 6 Bugle Corps l 2 Muslc Club 2 Spamsh Club 3 Secretarial Club 3 4 Treasurer 4 Dra matic Club 1 2 3 4 Honor Patrol 6 Trathc Squad 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Hi Spots 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 IOAN C DUFFY Dui! A lxttle work a httle thought A lot of lun and the day IS done Dancmg Club l Spanish Club 2 3 4 Biology Club 2 3 4 Dramatnc Club l 2 3 Muslc Club l 2 3 Rldlng Club 3 Twrler I 2 3 Illl SS 'i iv' QN -fa ,Q 5 ROBERT VERN DUSZ Bob Esqurres always on the Job Because rt takes tts styles from Bob Football 2 Wrestlxng 2 3 4 Monogram Club 3 Club Vice Pres 3 Nat Athletic Society 3 4 Riding CHARLES A ESPOSITO Charlie Always to hrs camera falthful For hrs wrt were truly grateful l'llSpots Photographer 2 Dramatic Club 4. ELEANOR ELAINE EVANGEIJSTA Ell Chart and Sweet Always Neat Glee Club 3 Music Club 3 Bowling Club l Honor Patrol 6 Trathc Squad 3 Danclng Club I IEANNETTE M FABBRI an ls she so quxet and ciemure7 Maybe but dont be too sure' Secretarial Club 3 4 President 4 Honor Patrol 6 Traffic Squad 3: Senior Record 4. Natronal Honor Soclety 4: Glee Club l, Music Club l: Bowling Club 2. 2I 2 l . ,: li' ll V 12 -Q f : 1" 7 X , .I fQ-, . . "Fl" , ffl? ' D . .lf : ,, : - : .... T R i 'I I h. . : ' , . : : L! Slllll Clk M1952 My I ...I I In .42 I ll . .. Y.. Y . :l : : I : V -' x 1 x s I Ill Al. , .1 A , 'h ' W5 l . . l ' : ANTHONY PHILIP FALASCO "Tony" 'l'o know him is to like him. Glee Club 2. 3: Bowllnq Club 2. 3: Rldlnq Club 3: Baseball I. 2. 3: Football 3. FRANK C. FANUCCI "Lucky" On the football field or the dancing floor, Our boy Frankie is sure to score. Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Monogram Club 3. 4: Italian Club 3. 4. Vice President 3 4- Boy's Chorus 3 4 Presldent 3 4' Baseball I 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Track I 2 3 4 Basketball I 3 4 MAURICE DAVID FEINBERG To work is to play To idle is to give life away French Club 4 Football 2, 3 4 Track 2 ROBERT B FENYVES Bob 'lhe lazy man gets around the sun As quickly as the busy one Spanlsh Club 3 Chemistry Club 4 Football 2 - K. -34.2521 ' . M ,- , Mr 'km '5s...J"l N-uv 'br- ANII SIIHIIIH Q5 U0-' gr-v K i GLADYS R FERRARI Cutie Theres quiet determination hidden In her quiet ways Italian Club 2 3 4 Honor Patrol 6 Tralhc Squad ROBERT I FERRARI Bob A quiet disposition Tends to a higher position Italian Club 4 Future Farmers ol America 1 DONALD LEWIS FINCH Don My silence is deceiving For there is no limit to the things I can achieve Band l 2 Chemistry Club 4 French Club 3 Monogram Club 4 Music Club I 2 Physlcs Club 3 Football 3, 4 PHILIP I FINGER Ph Necessity lor the best ol men I a little nonsense now and then Homeroom Vice President 1 2 Homeroom Sec 3 Chemls try Club 4 French Club 3 Physics Club 3 Sec 3 Rldlnq Club 3 ' I I I I I I . . . : . . . : . . . z . . . 3 . I ? 1 I I . i : . : . Q , ldv' : : . Q S537 - - . . : ' 3. 4. for : . 2. 4 so.. r J ,Q .Q .f 12 . I ll ll 1 . : ' : : 'Q : ' . : : . . K l ll .ilu . Y ' : : . . : lk-N, RITE VIOSEPHINE FIOCCHI "Beet" Life to her is lots of fun, Cares and troubles, she has none. Bowling Club 2: Dancing Club l. 2: Glee Club 2, 3. 4: Italian Club 3, 4: Music Club 2. 3, 4: Treble Cle! Club 2, 3, 4. ROBERT A. FLAIM unch.. Handy with cr qirl, handy with a car, This boy ought to travel far. FJ' A. 2 3 Report 2 Italian Club 4. ANGELINA FRANCHETTA Ann Why take lrfe serxously? Youll never leave 1t alive Dancmq Club l Italian Club 2 3 4 Sec Club 4 EVELYN IOAN FRANK Eve A quret dlsposrtxon Soon brmqs forth a hugh posmon Library Counclll 2 3 4 Sec Club 3 llll MASS 9 GARY FREEDMAN Bagels Srlence rs great But speech rs qreater Chemxstry Club 4 Dramatic Club 1 2 Spanish Club 2 Latm Award l Basketball 1 PHYLLIS TOBYE FREEDMAN Dnnples Theres nuscherf m her eye Danclng Club 1 2 Dramahc Club 2 4 Honor Patrol 6 Trafhc Squad 2 3 4 Musxc Club 1 4 Treble Clel Club 1 4 IOAN ADELE FURLONG Sxlence IS golden But who wants to be rush? Chemlstry Club 4 Dramatic Club 3 French Club 3 Hlspots 1 2 3 Honor Patrol 6 Trafhc Squad 3 Library Councll I 2 Award 2 IOYCE ANN FURY OY One of the quxet souls Who are the salt ol the earth ltalxan Club 4 '-""'! 'srl 'hai 'Ut'-f fxQif, Vg 2 ff' 1 I X lu 3 1 ' : , : . 3: ,N ' ' " Even though she's sometimes shy. g ,, if 5' nl ., Q V V I . ,r Y iw' its I , 4 1 ELMER W. GALBIATI The world knows little Who are its greatest men. Italian Club 3. 4: Physics Club 3: Chemistry Club 4: Senlor Record 4: ltalian Award 3. iQ"'-sr RICHARD EDWARD GARDELLA "Dick" He's full of lite, he's full of fun, 'Twould be hard to find a better one. Italian Club 3, 4. ROSE MARIE GARRISON "Babe" She never has much to say, But says all in the nicest way. French Club 4: lunlor Red Cross Club 4. LOUIS IAMES GIERCYK Lou Although one thinks him very shy Look out' Theres a twinkle in his eye Spanish Club 2 3 4 ANII li SC EUNICE E GIULIANI Eun A witty gal with Cr heart of gold The kind o gal who never grows old Mount Saint Ioseph Academy 1 2 3 Spanish Club 2 Secretary 3 Latin Club 2 3 Basketballl 2 3 Vineland High School 4 Spanish Club 4 President Treble Clei Club SYLVIA V A GRAIFF Sylzr Heres a lass whos neat and trim So lull of grace shes sure to wm Homeroom Secretary 3 Bowling Club 1 2 Secretarial Club 3 Vice President 4 Treble Clei Club 1 2 Music Club 2 3 4 Italian Clubl 2 3 4 Twlrlxng 2 3 4 BARBARA GRIGGS Babs Eyes of hazel heart ot gold Always carefree never bold Spanish Club 1 2 Dancing Club 2 Library Council 3 Secretarial Club 3 4 MICHAEL FRANK GUIDA Mike Despite hlS countless buddies and his air conditioned den' Spanish Club 2 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 4 Dance Band 2 3 4 Music Club 1 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 .. ,. ,K A , ' , ' - , . : . 3, : ' . : . . . , ' - : . 4: LI I I ' A : . : ' It . - ' : . : , - . . . : ' . . . : ' ' . . . ., .. - L 1 ' . : ' : ' ' . 4: 1 I U . u " ' A 4 'emma Without his loving music the day would never end, X QR . . : . . . : , . . , , 24 fi-'WH jymgi EVELYN M HARRIS Evle Dont trouble wrth trouble T111 trouble troubles you Homeroom President 2 Library Councrl 3 4 Treasurer 4 Home Economrcs Club 3 4 Spanish Club 2 4 Dramatic Club 2 Student Councrl 2 SUZANNE HEARNS HGPPY The answer to a teachers plea To have a dozen as quxet as she Germantown l-hgh School I 2 3 Journalism Club 3 Lmqurst Club 2 3 Swimming Club 2 Vrneland Hlqh School 4 Spanuh Club 4 CLAIRE HEIMANN Wrtty 1est and frequent smlle Make a lrrendslnp well worthwhlle Honor Patrol 6 Traftrc Squad 2 4 Dramatic C Spanish Club 2 3 4 REINIER HUMAN Oh Phrlosophy' Thou qurde of Irie and dxscoverer of vzrtue Homeroom Secretary Treasurer 2 3 Spanish Club 3 4 Physrcs Club 3 Chemistry Club 4 Secretary 4 lunlor Town Meetmg 3 4 V1cePresrdent 4 Senior Record 4 Natronal Honor .aoclety 3 4 Tenms 2 3 4 -if-...f 1-" rfb EDWARD IOHN HIRSCH Eddle ls there a man who hkes Somethmq better than woman? VHS-Class treasurer 1 Paradxse I-hgh-Class Presxdent 2 Basketball 2 Germantown Hrqh History Club 3 President 3 FRED I. HURBAN Flalhy I regret that I have but One heart to qlve to the gxrls Spamsh Club 2 3 Physics Club 3 Chernlltry 4 Club 4 Baseball I 2 4 Football 3 4 HARRY CLIFFORD HYSON IH Lover If I had the wings of an angel Over these prison walls I would have tlown. Glee Club l President 1- Football 1 2 Track LORRAINE IACOBUCCI Lorry Without music The day would never end. Music Club l 3 4- Treble Clel Club l 3 4- Glee Club I 3 4- Secretarial Club 4 Dancing Club 4- ltallan Club ANGELINA BEVERLY IANETTA "Angle" A bard is known by its note- woman by her talk! DOROTHY IRENE IENNINGS "Dottie" A good thing to know how lrttle we know Glee Club 1 Honor Patrol G Traitrc Squad 3 4 Spanish Club l 2 Music Club 1 ETHEL IOAN IOHANSEN Ioanre Be s11ent or say somethmq Better than srlence Honor Patrol 6 Tral-hc Squad 3 4 SANDRA YVETTE JOSEPH Sandy I love l1fe And hvznq ts my ambrtron Dramatrc Club 1 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Honor Patrol 6 Trathc Squad 1 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Presrdent 4 Orchestra 3 Iunior Town Meetrng ol the Arr 3 4 Musxc Club 3 French Club 3 HlSpots1 2 3 4 Edrtorlm Cluel 4 Thalza 1 2 Senior Record 4 Dramahc Club Award 1 Latm Award l Basketball 1 ,Ms .., ., , . NYJ .wt 41 60", gnu- ANII Slllllllll "W'e-04 1 X QV' ,- l 'X SHERMAN KARP Hes no angel but who wants To be one anyway' New York Latm Club 2 Math Team 3 Vineland High School Physxcs Club 4 ANNA M KASHUBSKI Pudgle Blond harr eyes of blue Dancing Club 1 Bowltnq Club 1 Secretanal Club 2 Baseball 2 3 4 DIANE KEEN The hand that hath made you faxr Hath made you good Homerocm Secretary 1 2 3 4 Class Secretary 3 4 Danc mg Club 1 Drum G Bugle Corps 1 2 Twrrler 3 4 Secre tarxal Club 4 Honor Patrol 6 Traflrc Squad 3 MARILYN NAN KOITZ Koxtzae Years may come and years may ao But Ill talk on forever Homeroom V1cePres1dent 1 Homeroom Secretary 2 Dra mahc Clubl 2 3 4 Thallal 2 3 4 Presrdent 2 3 Vxce Presldent 4 lst Prrze winner l 2 3 Honor Patrol 6: Traffic Squad 2 3 4 Spanrsh Club 2 3 V1cePresxdent 3 Chemxs try Club 4 Iunxor Town Meeting ol the Atr 3 4 Secretary 4 H1 Spots 2 3 4 Senior Play 4 Semor Record 4 Na tional Honor Socrety 3 4 Presxdent 4 Latm Award l 2 Math Tournament 3 IS . . wk 'Q' if 5 ,M I K ,. ' by K I , ' if W ,. . .. t'TT53 And she's got personality, too. R fi' . - . I I V tj . 1 1 gqxf' A I A gd. S, UDY' I fl AA ,L ,Q 1 1 W-Y j xl t I 1 'K fi on-f' 'T' is.-5. M Ill! HAS ADAM E KROELINGER a One who 1011s not but has no wornes Because of 1t SHIRLEY M KROELINGER Shlrl ls she so shy and demure'? Naybe but dont be 1oo sure Bowlmq Club 2 Rxdmq Club 3 Treble Clel Club 3 4 Musxc Club 3 4 ARTHUR l KRONFELD r We wonder how lhe weather IS Above cur heads where bla Art llV9S Basketball l, 2, Track 3, 4, Monogram Club 3. 4. Spanish Club 1, Z Physxcs Club 3 Chemxslry Club 4. V1cePres1 dent 4 ROBERT GARY KRONHEIM "Mutt" lr bma or orchfstra we d1d see Thls soy playlnq fauhfully Music Club l 2, 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3. 4, Orcheslrcx 3, 4. JOHN O KOLIBABA ls one day of ease too much to borrow? Rxdinq Club 3 Track 2 Baseball 2 3 .----- CALVIN THOMAS KOLVA Ca One whos sxlent but one Whos capable of great thmqs Homeroom Presxdent 1 Homeroom Vice President 2 3 Secretarial Club 3 Tenms 1 MARION IEAN KOUHOUPT Doosie A buqht smlle and a wmmng way Help to pass the txme away ,pf Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Dancing Clubl 2 Musxc Clubl 2 me 3 4 Dramauc Club 3 Senior Play 4 Secreianal Club STEPHEN I KREINCES Sieve Sober but not se-nous Qu1et but not 1dle Spamsh Club 3 2 Pegasus 3 4 Semor Play Music Club 4 'fbi in---v 1""'i 4119 6 1.44 Band .i ,A 3' ap- -S ,. ,.. ., A isxw J f - . B 4 'ysl 1 C gym' . ' ' ' e ' ' , - , - .-.. H H if A l' . : , : I X A 4 ' SEN I S Ill I 9 5 Z V ."P t" 1 5 CLAIRE MARIE KRUCK If worry kllls lll never dle Dancing Club l Drum 6 Bugle Corps 1 2 Bowling Club 1 2 Honor Patrol 6 Traftnc Squad 3 4 Music Club 1 2 Glee Club 2 Home Ec Club 2 Library Councrl 1 DOROTHY MURIEL KRUYSMAN o In basketball games or m class Dots a brrqht and skrllful lass I-'Iomeroom Secretary 1 3 Dancmq Club 1 Spamsh Club 2 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Lxbrary Councxl 2 3 4 Secre tary 3 V1cePresrdent 4 Honor Patrol 6 Trafhc Squad 3 Honor Socxety 3 4 Secretary 4 Chemistry Club 4 Art Club 4 H1 Spots 2 ISRAEL SAMUEL LAMNIN Youll have to hve for many a day To tmd thus lad wrth nothrnq to say Dramatic Club 1 2 3 4 Pres1dent3 Spanish Club 2 3 4 Counctl 3 4 Honor Patrol 6 Trattrc Squad 3 4 Iumor Town Meetrnq 4 Bw ELAINE LA ROSA Heres a g1rl who does her share Quretly and wxthout arr Homeroom Presrdent 1 Dramatic Club 1 Dancing Club 2 Musxc Club I 3 4 Treble Clel Club 1 4 Band 3 4 French Club 3 Honor Patrol 6 Traffrc Squad 3 4 DONALD P LAURY Don Donrue wxns the golden shrllmq Because he s always very wrllmq Baseball 4 ELEANOR GLADYS LETTS Ellre Smqmq vorce dancmg eyes Her comments rare, qrve a surpnse Dancing Club 1, Bowlmg Club 1: Muslc Club 3. 4 Vice Presxdent 4 Home Economxcs Club tary 4. Drum 6 Bugle Corps. GLADYS E LEVARI "Glad1e" Nerthor too careless nor too sad, Sometlmes studrous, sometrmes bad Italxan Club 2, 3, 4, Lrbrary Councll 3 28 1. Art Club 3, 4 Secre in-'P Hur-' WILLIAM IOSEPI-I LAND 1 'lhouqh he passed thrs way but once He shall not be forgotten Homeroom Pres1dent3 Bandl 2 3 Orchestra 2 3 Dance Band 2 3 4 Italxan Club 3 Music Club 2 3 Student Councxl 3 Trumpet Trro 2 3 AND SC gulf"-R -lim 'Qx X Wx I 'f I 11D in KXHNW 1 In 5 E V V : , .1 : - 7 46 Physics' Club 3:' Band 2: -Music lClub l. 2. 4: Sludenl ff' s ' ' ,,B.u., VINll HIGH H00l X sw- . - ' l rl ' I . - ' -ff' NOREEN MAE LINDQUIST "Blondie" Tall and fair, outstanding in the mob, Ready and willmq on the job. Dramatic Club 4: Honor Patrol 6 Traflic Squad l, 2, 3: Library Council 1, 2: Riding Club 1: Spanish Club 1. RONALD IRWIN LITWACK "Ronnie" Some think the world was made for fun and frolic- So do I. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 3: Baseball Manager 1: Chemistry Club 4: Senior Record 4 Dramatic Club Play 2. BARBARA ANN LODGE Bobble Wo k appeals to some people People appeal to me Bowling Club 1 Dancing Club 1 2 Glee Club I 2 3 4 Italian Club 4 Music Club 1 2 3 4 Treble Clel Club ROBERT P LORENZINI Larney Why hurry today? Theres strll tomorrow Italian Club 3 4 Riding Club 3 ,fr an-4' if ,moist 5 My if' so-"' ,,,,s,,.,., ,.V,A ,i . ,, 3 jx-M W .aff . Q27 Ls t 'A I 1 I all , , 'ZS' 3 '- 1 s XM-g' 4' 3,34 Ll, .- faux X in 'Q"""""7 llll S ROMONA I LOVE Creampuli She may seem qu1et and de-mure Maybe but dont be too sure Bowling Club 2 3 Glee Club 3 Honor Patrol G Trafhc Squad 3 4 Library Council 3 4 Music Club 3 MARY MARDAS Mardy Her merry and contaqtous qrm Reveals her happy heart w1th1n Chemistry Club 4 Dancing Club 1 Dramatic Club l 4 Drum 6 Bugle Corps l 2 French Club 3 4 Honor Patrol G Traftrc Squad 3 4 Library Council 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Music Club I 2 Senior Play 4 Senior Record 4 Thalxa 3 4 Latin Award I IOSEPH F MARGHELLA oe Royalty doesnt need a crown Its whats msxde that counts Homeroom Sec Treas 2 Chemistry Club 4 Dramatic Club 3 Italian Club 3 4 Senior Play 4 t--" i ARTHUR MARTINELLI Ar It work interferes wlth pleasure One must awe up work Italian Club 3 4 Riding Club 3 29 r ,. 2. ., N 3 - . I ,: - l . I. :. : I I I : 5 1, 2. ra. 4. I , .495 'Q' I .V i I O' . w.. .. ,. Vg ' : ' U : ' , : F . . 1- 7 I I 7 .11 : ' - , : . ' : ' : ' M f 1 N I I ' 4 1 I V I .. t.. ' . gf A' ' , : ' U . " ' ' Dottort-tv M. tvutttrmt ' HDMI. She says little But thinks much. Drum G Bugle Corps 1, 2: Italian Club 3, 4- Music Club . CAROL MARX Why worry about tomorrow when today is so pleasant New York Central Commerctal :HI3 Glee Club 1 Honor Patrol l MARIE IACQUELINE MASELLI Martetoo Ltte mstde ts the thing that bores Its much more lun to be out of doors Homeroom Prestdent 2 Vice President 1 Danctnq Club 1 Bowling Club 2 Italtan Club 3 4 Rtdtnq Club 3 Student Council 1 Library Council 3 Secretarial Club 4 RICHARD EDWARD MASILOTTI Dick A popular guy with an Olds 98 Youll find htm ne er tn need ol a date Freshman Class Vtce President 1 Iumor Class Vtce Prest dent 3 Homeroom Prestdent 1 Student Council 1 4 Vtce President 4 Nattonal Honor Society 3 4 French Club 3 Treasurer 4 Pegasus 4 Senior Play 4 Record Staff 4 Iersey Boys State 3 French Club Award 2 ANI! SIIHIHH NATALIE MAZER Na Life to her ts a lot oi fun Cares and troubles she has none Homeroom Vtce President 3 4 Homeroom Treasurer I 2 fm matic Club 1 2 3 4 Bowling Club 1 Spamsh Club l 'rw 1' N..-V THOMAS E MAZZOLA Tommy Nauqht but tennis can keep htm tied down All see htm smile and never see htm frown I-lomeroom Treasurer I Band 3 4 Secretary 4 Mustc Club 3 4 Monogram Club 3 4 Physics Club 3 Treasurer 3 Chemistry Club 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Tennis 2 3 4 ALICE HELEN MCMICKING Stone walls do not a prison make Nor tron bars a cell 'Q 'FP -w Treble Clei Club 3 4 Mustc Club 1 2 3 4 Drum G Bugle Corps 1 2 'li' Qt, We-nv RUDOLF MECKEL IR Rudy Always ready to help a friend And rlways on htm you can depend x Chemtstry Club 4 French Club 3 Basketball 1 2 Tenms 3 4 , 1 7 ,M Pl 1 . . j 5 : i ' : t ' , . ' - , A : . : , 4. X : : ' : : I -' ' . : I R 5 it V Thx I A H lu its-f, 1 N - A 2 gl Q . - I n I : . I : I it Honor Patrol 6 Traffic Squad 2. 3, 4: Dancing Club 1: Dra- :J LA V . .V L HAY. 5 as ' ' . ,gtg V, 'ig U- ,IQ , , . . . , Q , , . w Q . ww, E34 , I l 4 , W ' 1 A 'Q A ' : : . : ' . vt I ,www :ig stliffq f' ' If -'HW qv.. 'Qu K.-T 'UN SLN SENIIIII KATHLEEN IOAN MILLER Mxlkmans Daughter Her head is h1qh But her thoughts are not rn the clouds Homeroom Vice-Prestdent 3 Home Economics Club 3 4 Treasurer 4 Treble Clet Club 3 4 Riding Club 3 Musxc Club 3 4 Bowlmg Club 2 Basketball I 2 3 4 BEATRICE A MULEIRO Beebe lf I have to tell them who l am Then I a1n t' Dancing Club l Drum G Bugle Corps I 2 Music Club 2 Honor Patrol 6 Trattrc Squad 2 3 4 Spanish Club 2 Secretarial Club 3 4 Hi Spots 4 Library Council 3 Dra matic Club 4 Basketball 1 3 WILLIAM It MURPHY Murph Lets have wme women mrrth and laughter s and soda water the day alter Sermon Spanish Club 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 4 Vice-Pres1dent3 4 Glee Clubl 2 3 4 V1cePres1dent3 Dance Band 2 3 Music Club I 2 3 4 PATRICIA MARY MUSACCHIA Pa With eyes that twmkle mernly To happlness she holds the key Homeroom President 2 3 Student Council l 2 Italian Club 3 4 President 4 ADELE A. MBLLOR "Blondie" Why take lite seriously? You'll never get out of it alive. Treble Clei Club 2. 31 4: Music Club 21 3. 4: Home Eco- nomics Club 3, 4. RALPH MENDELSOHN "Mendie" If late does not his future mar. Ralph is bound to travel far. French Club 3: Chess Club 1: Iunior Town Meeting 3. 4: Physics Club 3: Chemistry Club 4. Treasurer 4: National Honor Society 3. 4: Monogram Club 3, 4: Tennis 21 3. 4. VIVIAN RITA MERIGHI Vw The lun of hte Just comes her way Shes always ln a mood thats gay Honor Patrol 6 Traffic Squad 3 Treble Cle! Club 1 Bowling Club 1 Music Club I 3 Secretarial Club 4 GLADYS ANN MESCHI Gladie Live as lonq as you like Have all you 11ke as long as you hve Music Club 1 2 4 Treble Clei Club I 2 4 Dancing Club 1 2 Honor Patrol 6 Trafhc Squad 4 Dramatic Club Student Council 3 Shorthand Award 2 S0 WV 4"" an E' S 11 IWW ht' qv'- Si 51.-1-.f I i .ijgtfbf W' ' RJI - 11 . .1 1 LN 7 ' 37 I 4 . : I : . . 4 , 11 .1 , A . , I if 1 ' , 1 1 : 1 1 : k V 1 : ' : 11 2: : . 11 . 1 11 . 7 ' 1 1 7 1 2 ' I 7 I 1 7 . 7 1 1 1 1 f '-3 pu., , ' 1,1 ll ll I . 7 I : . : . ' 1 1 : ' : V j' 5 x, 1 : - : ' ' : - 4 ' : 1 . Y f. ' Hn M 3. f ' f Qfff 41 . ,X , V , 11 11 U , . . 1 . ' S I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 is X 4, 1 1 1 1 - 7 1 1 4: 1 1 1 . 4 2' 11 '11 ' 1 : 1 : ' I I . 0 If l in Vx 'nur fm.. 12" ji Wo LOIS HELENE MUSER Good better best Never let lt rest Unt1l the good lS better and the better best Honor Patrol 3 4 Dramatnc Club 4 ELAINE IANET MUSTO Mustard Why take hfe SGflOLISlY7 Youll never get out ahve Homeroom Vice Presrdent 2 Italian Club 4 Honor Patrol 6. Traflxc Squad 1 Dancmg Club 1 Basketball l 2 3 4 ALEXANDER M NALETKO Shootle It talk were money l-led be called Iohn D Monogram Club 4 Track 2 3 4 Behmd an Monogram Amerrca I I Football lANIl lill Sli IOAN ELIZABETH NUTT The worlds no better lf We worry L1leS no shorter 1f we hurry Musrc Club 1 2 3 Brology Club 2 Dancmg Club I BARBARA LYNN OSBORN Bobbie Some people hke work I lxke people' Drum G Bugle Corps 1 2 Musrc Club l 2 Home Economlcs Club 4 Italian Club 3 4 FREDERICK L OSBORN Ozzxe A happy smlle for every day He qmves to all who come hrs way French Club 3 Physxcs Club 3 Chemistry Club 4 Mono gram Club 4 Cross Country l Baseball 2 Football 2 3 4 RUSSELL IOSEPH PACE "Russ" Happy 15 he from worrles he's free, Cannot be found another hke thee Cross Country 1. 32 IAMES NICHOLAS rm able man Club 3 4 Treasurer 4 Future Farmers of 2 3 4 Vxce President 3 President 4 Baseball l 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Hr' .gr- ini iv 215. It ' . , - ' , , : ' . H ivy 4, Y -1 A ll ll - ' 7 : ' : ' : , , . . H ll . ll , I : . . . tw A ta. A f ' 1 I There are often able men. at if If . ' .f . : . , A K . . . . - . : "'r tg, f ,ty gsiefg' : , . . : . , . 1 In ' . , : ' : ' . ,, .. L .sf I 5 . . : ' . : ., . .. . 1 X l 7 - ' 7 . 7 - 4' . , . . . . Y rr... , ORLANDO S PANICO Landy Nexther too careless nor too sad Nor too studxous not too had Hon-Aercm Secretary Treasurer 3 Spanlsh Club 3 Club 4 Track 3 ALMA PATERNO Eat drmk and be merry For tomorrow we shall dxe Italian Club 3 4 Baslretball l 2 3 RUTH ELIZABETH PERRY Ruthxe Omet and demure she IS at school But what IS she away from rule? Bowlmq Club l 2 Dancmg Club 1 Lxbrary C Musxc Club 2 Drum 6 Bugle Corps 1 ROBERT V PERUGINI Bob Handy wrth a qxrl handy w1th a car Thxs boy should qo very far FFA 3 Vxce President 3 Football 1 2 Monogram ouncxl 3 4 Q..-.5 Q an-fr' lsnivf Baseball 1 2 UR Cll Www 'GST' M24 an T' .ai 1' Tx FRANK A PETTISANI e Some thmk the world was made For fun and frolxc and so do I Homeroom Vrce President 3 Physrcs Club 3 ltalxan Club 4 Chemxstry Club 4 Baseball 2 4 DIMITY ELIZABETH PHIFER Drm It s mce to be natural I1 you re naturally mce Lnbrary Councrl 1 2 3 4 President 4 Art Club 2 3 4 Treasurer 2 4 VlcePres1dent 3 Chemistry Club 4 Music Clubl 2 3 4 Treble CleiClub1 2 Band 3 4 Dramatic Club 2 3 4 Bnoloqy Club 3 Iunior Red Cross 4 Honor Patrol 6 Traflxc Squad 3 French Club 4 Senior Play 4 SAMUEL! PINDALE Sam Works hard when he pleases Relaxes when he feels hke 1t Homeroom Secretary Treasurer I Spanish Club 3 4 Bale ball 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 ALMA M PLACE Her qracxous ways and sm11es smcere VV1ll Alma to her frlends endear Music Club 3 Rrdmq Club 3 l 33 : .I I U: l l -Q I 4 wr' i , 2 , . : . . .I 2. V . . my an sv " 5 3'.i.. : '- ' : ..4: ,. V VVAL SENI SS 0ll952 s lc I - F . I U . . hz ll. ll I IR. . 'N A I 'I B Y:- flq , 1 t - V S. ' : l I ' ' . ALVIN BURTON PLACE Weed Lxfe IS so easy When you Just s1t back Rxdlnq Club 3 Future Farmers of Amenca EDWIN WINFIELD PLATT JR Winnie Well never forget the ime way I-le portrayed Father m the senror play Music Club 2 3 4 Boys Glee Club 2 Band 3 4 Orches tra 4 Bowlxng Club I Track 1 Dancing Club 2 Basketball 1 Senior Play 4 RONALD DEAN PRESTIS Foo A hkeable fellow certamly He rates hrqh m gallantry Baseball 2 3 4 Basketball 4 Riding Club 2 3 Bowling Club 2 IEAN BERNICE PRICE A frrendly qunet qlrl 1S Ie-an Never norsy never mean Italian Club 4 YW' 'pour '51 1 lm scuunl QW? jug. 'Nur Queeg. kg in 1 . ROSALIE PROVENZANO Rosle Rosahe always tnes to please Domq all her work wrth ease Home Economxcs Club 3 4 Italxan Club 3 CHARLINE DORIS REBER Do one day of ease too much to borrow? MARY KATHLEEN REED "Nancy" Life is so easy When you just sit back. Drum G Bugle Corps 1, 2: Music Club 1, 2. IOHN F. REHM Iohnny would walk many a mile Ii he could dress in the latest style. C Qu N... 'Aff' QW Q""""" 'us-1 ELIO RIDOLFI 11El11 ln the struggle lies the glory: An old but real story. Homeroom President l. 2. 3: Class Treasurer 1: Physics Club 3, President 3: Student Council 11 2, 3. 41 President 4: National Honor Society 3. 4: Chemistry Club 4: State President N.I.A.H.S.C. 31 4: Baseball 2: Senior Play 4: Senior Record: Delegate-N.A.S.C. ALBERT M. ROBINSON "Bill" A leader of men, A follower of women. Spanish Club 3 Football 1 2 3 4 Wrestling 4 MIRIAMI ROHRBACH Mm Neat and refined ln appearance and mind Dramatic Club 2 3 4 Honor Patrol 61 Trafhc Squad 2 Spanish Club 3 4 Art Club 4 ROBERTA ROMAN Bobbi I can l1ve wrthout men But ld rather not Bowling Club 1 2 Chemistry Club 4 Dancrno' Club 1 French Club 3 4 Glee Club l Honor Patrol 6 Trattic Squad 3 4 Music Club 1 Riding Club 2 Twlrlmg 2 Latm Award l 2 NatronalLat1n Award 1 2 Ill! MASS 9 FRED E ROSI Hotrod Hrs road ot lrfe will extend far As long as he can own a car Band 1 2 Bowling Club 1 2 Boys Glee Club 2 3 Italian Club 3 Music Club 2 3 Baseballl Track 2 3 Wrestling 3 ROBERTA RUBIN Bobbie Merrrly she goes her way Smiling and laughing every day Dramatic Club 2 3 4 Honor Patrol 6 Traffic Squad 4 Library Council 3 4 GEORGE DONALD SAUL Bottles My regret rs that I have but one heart To grve to the grrls Monogram Club 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Football 3 SARAH IANE SCARPA Sari Musrc hath charms So does Sarah Homeroom Treasurer 2 Bowhnq Club l Music Club 2 3 4 Secretarial Club 4 Twxrlxng 1 2 3 4 eegsgwre' 'CN M 'l:"""' "ttf ii' ,fx jr? 4:7 -it : 1 1 1 : . ll. n all E . ri ' 'x ' , , 7 I 1 31 47 'ix ' 1 : . l. -- earn .fn I ' 1 1, ' , , h 1 f 'f f 1 : : , : Q 1 : : ' K I : . : . : . . F . 1 : ' ' 1 . ' , v1?V?7iif'5? 'f" ' f 1 1 ' 15,4 - I In u I 1 1 1 : 1 : 1 : : 1 : : 1 : ' . ,. "T, 11 . 11 W-1,11 V 1 I f ' -V 1 1 1 I I V ' 5,5 , , V, i fl A fr AEE . 1 . .1 . -1 . M' L, V , A :faq 1, A, 1 ll ll l. ' 1 0 : 1 1 : 1 4. ' 10 11 11 A ' : 4, Z . 1- . - . 1- ft' V' ,7---fr '. . 7 ' ' ' f fjf' 1 AW' if if 137' THOMAS EDWARD SEVERS Lulack A hght heart wxthm prevalls Whlch ne er by darkness IS curtalled Football 2 3 4 STANLEY SHAPIRO Shap A little nonsense now and then ls relished by the best of men. Snyder High School-Debating Club . Vineland High School-Spanish Club 2 3. MAUREEN H SHEPPARD Reenle Everything comes to those who wait But who wants to wait? Treble Clef Club l 2 3' Music Club 1 2 Drum 6 Bugle Corps l 2 3' Ar Club 1 VALERIA I. Sl-IIELDS Va A smile she has for one and all Enjoying the game of volley-ball. Egg Harbor High-Glee Club 1 2- Spanish Club 2- Volley B l 2 3 36 IOHN E SCHELDT ack Good nature shxnes 1n hrs face Because of thls he ll Wm l1fes race LEE C SCHNEIDER Schmdt A qunet lad Whose nature varles httle Homeroom Vlce Presldent 2 PAUL EDWARD SCHWARZE Blaclue The better of thxs person quret and kmd ls someone very hard to hnd Future Farmers of America 3 4 MARTHA SEABROOK Reds Wxth tanr haxr of qleamlng red Rest assured shell get ahead ANII Slllllllll 6992581525 7 nj-, 1 D Treble Clei Club l Music Club l Spamsh Club 2 Italian 'U ALBERT IAMES SICILIANO "Slick" Slrck rs not the type to shrrk From anythmq except homework Futura Farmers ol Amenca 2 3 4 Vxce President 4 Treas urer PEDRO SILVA Pele ln the held of sports he made hrs name No doubt hell do so rn L1fes Game Spamsh Club 3 Maonoqram Club 2 3 4 Basketball l Football 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 BERTHA IOSEPHINE SMITH Bert Quret amrable good at sports Twrll be recerved at any port Treble Clet Club 3 Musrc Club 3 Home Economics Club 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 MILDHED S SMITH Mxdge Sweet Grrl our Mxclqe cr trxed frrend true I-las ever a smcere smrle for you Homeroom Presldent 2 3 Student Councxl l 2 3 4 Sec retary 4 Natronal Honor Society 3 4 French Club 3 Dramatic Club 1 Treble Clel Club 1 2 Music Club 1 2 3 4 Chemlstry Club 4 Dancmg Clubl Twrrlmq 2 3 4 Semor Record 4 Semor Play 4 Representatrve Grrls State ff""" fl SENIIIII Slll We ff-fs. fb- 'ffi Gp. i"""b new 0 GLORIA LORRAINE BERNICE SNIPES Snxp Snap Suqor and sptce and very mce Thats Smpes Italian Club 3 Glee Club 3 Music Club 3 Basketball IOSEPH H SNYDER IR rm An angel srnqmq G hymn Would sound rcrspy next to Irm Boys Double Quartet 3 4 Boys Glee Chorus 3 4 Muslc Club 3 4 DOROTHY ELNORA SPONG Do Eyes of blur hnrr of blond A pleasant plcture to gaze upon' Lxbrary Councxl 4 Secretarial Club 4 ELAINE STILL wr r rms de from El me theres not or p Music Club 2 3 Treble Clef Club 2 3 Club 3 4 All State Basketball 1 37 - ' I ' I, . - I : U .X Q . tr I 1 if t I ' 7: I I . . . : 7 1 X K , l ' u ' I q 1: . : , I , , . I z - if , Uv- ' I 2 . l 1 1 1 I ' lV7..f 3. . 2 . : . . . J j r Q, g .f 1. 2. a. 4. 7 : 7 J.. N ,T .. A I : . . : I I . : 2 4 K4 ,. in o""'a I :,- I , ff IIE!! , Sttll - 6 te L -ep, f' y T C 1 , ' eep. ' , : . . 4: . RICHARD STILL "Dick" May all his future victories, Be as honorable and skillful as his past. Homeroom Vice-President 1: Music Club I, 2: Monogram Club 3. 4. Vice-President 4: Football 1. 2, 4: Track 1, 2. IOHN STOPA Life may be a bowl of cherries But guess who always gets the pits I-Iomeroom Vice President 1 Music Club I 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Vice President 4 Orchestra 4 President 4 Na tional Afhletlc Society 3 4 Spanish Club 3 Wrestling 1 2 4 Basketball 4 Track 3 4 Baseball! 2 RONALD WALTER SWANSON Ron Beware of the man who does not talk And the dog that does not bark French Club 3 Physics Club 3 Dance Band Band President 4 Tennis 2 3 4 TUNE LOIS THIERRY l have two ears and one tongue In order to hear more and speak less Dancing Club I lAND iv'-'W' J.,-6, .pf 'wtlvqr' 15 E if Q'-1-lv' Q' No- ,. Maisy Lkk, WT., 1 ,M ,W u:f"""' SBHUUI IOHN PAUL THORNBORROW The woods are full of trees the sea of fish The thmg I want is women Thats a manly wish 1-Iomeroom Secretary 2 Treasurer 3 Cheerleader 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Library Council 3 4 Music Club MARIO IOSEPI-I TOMEI Mot honor is not won Senior Class Vice President Homeroom Vice Presrdent 2 Secretaryl Bandl 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 Musrc Club 2 3 4 Vice President 4 Dance Band 2 3 4 Student Council 3 4 Chemxstry Club 4 National Honor society 3 4 Vice President 4 Italian Club 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 GREGORY V TORCHIO John L A football man hes noted for Plus winning ways that top his score Treasurer Horneroom 1 2 3 Honor Patrol G Traffic Squad 4 National Athletic Honor Society 2 3 4 Monogram Club 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball I 2 3 IENNIE TRAPANI en l silence is worth gold She is richer than the kmgs of old Dancing Club 1 2 Italian Club 1 2 ' - ' : ' . . 1 : 5 . 1 1 1 - ' : : ' : - l ' ' ' . : ' : ' . 1 : : 1 : 1 . 1 ' 1 41 a. 4. It : ' 1 1 . Ly X' 1 i - -5 yiig K 1 ' I I 1,r.y . 1 1 : ' ' 1 : ' " erm... ,ee I - A 1. 2, 3, 4. I V is M Honor is purchased by deeds we dog 1 'i . - J . . - . : . - . I ' ,f : 1 1 1 : 1 : ' 1 , ,,L- S he K Q t ,IQ iz y 1 1- . 1 1 1 - 1 f 1 F 7 : ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 2 ' : ' ' ' 1 1 : 'N - tr' C I t ' f ' ' 'Li 'KW f"' 2 var" llll EIA MARION C VALLERO Mar Well say for her wxthout decett Shes qentrle kxnd and always sweet Homeroom Vice President 3 Treble Clef Club I 3 Music Club 1 4 Dancxnq Club 1 French Club 3 4 Honor Patrol 6 Trai-hc Squad 3 4 Natxonal Honor Socxety 4 Latxn Award I 2 ANGELINA A VALLETTA ee A httle nonsense now and then ls relxshed by the best of them National Honor Socrety 3 4 Treble Clel Club 1 2 3 4 Musxc Club l 2 3 4 Secretanal Club 3 4 Dancxnq Club I 2 Honor Patrol 6 Trafhc Squad 3 Student Councxl Bulletxn Chairman 4 CHARLES VERDEROSE Chick Wxtty Jest and ltke-able smrle Make a man whos well worthwh1le Monogram Club 3 4 Football l 2 3 ANNA MARIE VEHRA Anne Precxous thtnqs from Small packages come Home Economxcs Club 3. 4. ltaltan Club 3. 4, Secretarial Club 4 PHYLLIS ELIZABETH TRIVELLI Phyl She rs full of lrfe and lull of lun Twould be hard to hnd a better one Homeroom Secretary 1 Homeroom Treasurer 3 Honor Patrol G Trattrc Squad 3 Spamsh Club 2 Library Council 2 3 Secretanal Club 3 4 Senior Record Secretary 4 Usherette 4 Commencement Usherette 3 ANTHONY TRONGONE Tony One whos happy and carefree Whose frtendly ways are llkecl by me Homeroom Presxdent 1 Homeroom V1cePres1dent 2 FF A 1 Preszdent 1 Monogram Club I 2 Football 1 2 3 Wrestlmg 1 2 Baseball l ANGELE P TRUCANO ello When one has pep and vxm One cannot help but Wm Homeroom Vxce Presxdent4 Cheerleaderl 2 3 4 Captain 4 Musnc Club 1 Italian Club 2 3 4 Riding Club 3 Dancing Club 1 Bloloqy Club 4 NANCY UPHAM Nancy Wxth such a grace shes sure to Wm Spanish Clubl 2 Basketball 1 2 3 bf' 1-"" Q-.,.., Wwbv' 4y""Q at-4 inf 5' .. ., 7 2 ' : l lf F ' I : if V .. .. I I la' 1 I . Q , ' g - 2 . . I -' g , I I 1 I , ww ' ul. u if ' l w 'wi' ' K : ' : ' . . : " : W 7' ' : ' . ., ., I-Iere's a lass as neat as a pin? ' . : . , . I i . : : 9 UL .ll ' . : . , . : ' V' . . . : ' . : ' . I ' 'V,' 4 ,Q g, X , ., . ,. . : . . Q, 4. " U If sv . 'T' if J? 'eu---' Zi SHIRLEY IUNE WELLBROCK Shirl From Oregon she came one day And we hope shes here to stay Dramatic Club 4 Music Club 4 Orchestra 4 Secretary 4 LOIS WIGGLESWORTH Always quiet always klnd I-ler better would be hard to Imd Glee Club l Music Club 1 H1 Spots 2 3 4 French Club 2 Honor Patrol 6 Trafhc Squad 3 4 Dramatic Club Chemistry Club 4 THEODORE ROBERT WINTERBURN Ted never argues' He Just tells you Homeroom President l French Club 4 Vice President 4 Monogram Club 3 4 Student Council 4 Treasurer 4 National Athletic Honor Society 3 4 Art Club l Latin Award 2 3 Wrestlxngl 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Baseball2 3 29" AND H GH S0 EDWARD L VIANO Eddie Eddie s a boy who s lots of fun I-Ie makes lite gay for everyone Vice President Ir Homeroom Bowling Club I Italian Club GLORIA JOYCE VICK Shes bhthe friendly cooperative gay In other words shes OK Dancmg Club 1 Bowling Club 1 Drum 61 Bugle Corps 1 Secretarial Club 4 Music Club l EDWARD WALKO Eddie A good thing to know I how little we really know Future Farmers oi America 3 DORRIS IANET WARREN Dodo All great women are dymg I feel Iamt myself Dramatrc Club 1 2 3 4 Honor Patrol 6 Traffic Squad 2 3 4 Vice President 4 Band l 2 V1cePres1dent 2 Orchestra Honor Society 3 4 Treasurer 4 Thalra l 2 3 4 Honor able Mentron 2 3 Secretary Treasurer 3 4 Iunxor Towr Meeting 3 Hr Spots 2 3 4 Spanish Club 3 4 Chemist Club 4 Senior Record Staff 4 Ed1tor1nChie! 4 Senro Class Play 4 Latin Award 1 2 Manager Girls Basketbal Squad 2 3 4 CATHERINE E YACOVELLI "Kitty" I Itnd getting into mzschlef easy, But its too hard to get back out Italian Club 2. 3. 4. Glee Club 2 Dancing Club 1. Drum G Bugle Corps 1. Music Club l, 2, 3. 'mu-rg, S'-asv." gi 2: I-4. . . 7 . : . . VA , it - : : I :. : 334 u ll irg ivy 1' . 'I u . l.".2,I".-. : 1. J r.., V, I 3, President 3: Music Club l. 2. 3. Secretary 1: National ' fy 5 yy. .::?f' ll:-,.':15: :.j ,f-y I V .: VINII I H00l Xa if : D I ' I - . : I I I' 3, 4: I mred.. . : ' , . , : I : . . : : . 4 PATRICK H YACOVELLI a Hrs smrle Charmmq Hrs manner Drsarmmg Band 1 2 Spanish Club 2 3 Baseball 1 Football 3 DORIS ROSE ZANI Ducky Eat drmk and be merry For tomorrow who knows? Homeroom Secretary 1 Dancmg Club 1 Home Economics Club 4 RUTH ZARGE Ruthre Sober but not serxous Qu1et but not zdle Dramatrc Club 4 Honor Patrol 6 Tralhc Squad 4 VIOLET ZATZARINY These form a team thats hard to fmd Actxve body and actrve mmd Bowlmg Club 1 2 Dancmq Club 2 Honor Pa Squad 3 Basketball I 2 WWW qvvvf 'LR vc. trol G 'I'raH1c llll S GEORGE R ZORZI Zudo Beware of those we thmk to be The mild and quiet souls. Band 2: FFA. 1 2, 3. 4 Secretary 4. FRANCES CHAMPION DIANE KAR? ,f"' we-W' Ph A' ff' av, I 1 4' i.' ff? Zlnak cfm g'il Junior Uffloors LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Sesdelli. Sec.: Mr. Krepl. Advisor: R. Filippi. Pres.: F. Spicer. Vice Pres.: E. Lemenne. Trees. Z2 x,. Sophomore Ufhoors LEFT TO RIGHT: W. DeWinne, Sec.: D. Dendree. Trees.: E. Wheatley. V. Pres.: Mr. Robinson. cless advisor. freshmen Ufhcors LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Como, Pres.: B. Mikytuk. Trees.: A. Peitiseni. Sec.: Mrs. Adamo. cless advisor. '17 uniord ADAMO L. to R. Row 1: R. Filippi, Sec.: R. Abati, Pres. Miss Adamo: A. Copesticlr. V. Pres.: B. DeBiaso. 'l'reas.: Row 2: R. DePalma: V. Paladino: C. Ober: G. Sonnerield: G. Montana: R. Capabi- anco: I. DeMaio: Row 3: F. Basile: B. Bress: K. Florentine: R. Brooks: R. Scavelli: E. Adams: I. DePalma: Row 4: A. Cerione: H. Curley: F Belli: B. Castiglionl: R. Donato: I. Collins. Though the boys ol Mlllvllle High School Love the orange and the blue: And the sturdy lone of Brldgeton To the red and white are true: We will cheer for dear old Vineland. The school we'll love lor aye. For all her Ions are loyal To her colors. Red and Gray. ARNADE L. to R. Row 1: H. Masilotti: F. Fremanis. Sec.: C. Forbes. Pres.: Mr. Arnade: I. Abramson, V. Pres.: F. Hornaclr: I. Vassallo: Row 2: B. Mayer- ield: E. Kahn: P. Minor: R. Tolscer: F. Reaves: E. Menxoni: B. Merlghi: H. Marx: Row 3: M. Plonshak: G. Pollex: R. Noon: I. Neirton: G Iames: G. Melich: F. Kershner: Row 4: H. Atkin son: I. Mader: E. Schaper: R. Meyer: M. Novarin HBNZI L. to R. Row 1: I. Trapani: I. Sanger: F. Spicer. Pres.: R. Smith, Sec.: M. Rizzo: Row 2: K. To- masso: N. Mohan: A. Fresne: R. Belmont: K. Smith: H. Ravitz: E. Steelman: E. Castellani: P. Weinberg: Row 3: T. Wernicofl: E. Webster: M. Tepper: C. Underwood: R. D'Ottavio: E. Taor- mina: M. Silva: Row 4: I. Schmutz: B. St. Aubyn: G. Lapaire: E. Riley: F. Taylor: D. Sarnoil: B. Keen. 45 XRAPF L. to R. Row 1: W. Lyons, Sec.: E. Boston. Pres. Mr. Krapi: M. Martinelli, V. Pres.: D. Brunozzi Treas.: Row 2: I. Vannelli: R. Constantine: D Santaqata: I. Abriola: D. Kornbluh: I. Hannum I. Andersen: I. Halterty: Row 3: G. Cosh: W Iaggers: A. Lilla: R. Brunetta: D. Lewis: W Cavagnaro: B. Danslry: A. Santaro: Row 4: E R. Donato: L. Aldrich: I. Greiner: R. Boston: P Bennett. McMICKING L. to R. Row 1: I. Lambert: R. Robinson. Sec.: B. Johnson, Pres.: Mrs. McMicking: R. Lisi. V Pres.: E. Devlin. Treas.: R. DeStefano: Row 2: I. DiPersia: S. Liberati: I. Cavagnaro: A. Fras- nelli: I. Martin: L. King: M. Mills: R. Smith: M. Russell: Row 3: R. Otto: I. Silvidio: F. Hines: W. Mulder: S. Agrons: S. Hoytash: A. Bricolo: V. Cesare: I. Viana: Row 4: I. Mozitis: F. Golden- berg: S. Wainwright: A. Hammerstedt: C. Garri- son: I. Ward: I. Bagliani: L. Goldhatt. MARKHAM L. to R. Row 1: C. Wisswasser, Sec.: V. Sapello. Pres.: Mrs. Markham: C. Dutra. V. Pres.: P. Lan kin, Treas.: Row 2: A. Vicari: I. Kolibaba: M. Taminini: E. Bardfeld: M. Hertzman: I. Iohnson: P. Zimmerman: M. Green: Row 3: B. Montgomery: M. Wright: P. Tomasso: D. Rudnesky: l. Hose: G. Perry: A. Vassalotti: A. Diehl: I. Brunetta: Row 4: I. Hart: P. Monoca: G. Gamba: B. Briggs: I. Creamer: M. Smith: M. Folina: M. Fleishner. MULFORD L. to R. Row 1: J. Girone: L. Carlson, Sec.: M. Conto, V. Pres.: Miss Muliord: B. Nani, Pres.: M. Kelley. Treas.: D. LaValle: Row 2: A. Scarpa: D. Leopold: H. Gottney: D. Weinberg: D. Oliver: R. Ayres: R. Costello: D. Lederer: I. Quigley: D. Matalucci: Row 3: I. Berti: M. Desiere: B. Bonanno: I. Green: L. Hardie: C. Dubivsky: M. Van Note: R. Whitman: P. Smead: I. Kagan: L Temple. 1 DeVelde: M. Binstock: G. Martinelli: R. Schmickel- 4 7 .SOIQA OIT! orefi EPSTEIN L. to R. Row 1: P. Green: K. Donato, Treas.: I. Cascarella. Pres.: Miss Epstein: A. Kaplan, V. Pres.: G. Hai-mer: A. Priest: Row 2: P. Buglio: D. Procaccino: D. Steelman: B. Still: N. Szeur- zenko: L. Puccio: M. Abruscato: I. Nanone: Row 3: I. Volke: M. Tonetta: I. Meckel: A. Koenig: I. Shapier: S. Bullock: B. Ewing: B. Ioseph: S. Sirott: S. Scribner: Row 4: M. Von Reuter: D. Rossi: L. Ploucher: S. Emmanuel: L. Roshnowa: C. Smart: M. Smaniotto: L. Sayres: P. Basehove: E. Scalfo. O'KANE Belrier: R. Ordile. WEYLMAN Mrs. Weylrnan: B. Hartsell, V. Pres.: I. Donoflio Treas.: Row 2: Rothschild: A. Kumfert: M WCY2 I- Musdcchiar C. Derechinsky: Row 4: C Arpino: S. Babbitt. Oh. the four brief years of high school On the fleeting wings of time Bear us on to fields of vision. Where we scale new heights sublime: Mid our pleasures. cares and sorrows As we toil from day to day. Let us cheer for Vineland High School And her Colors. Red and Gray. L. to R. Row 1: M. Wolff: M. Sasdelli, V. Pres.: Mrs. O'Kane: I. Galan. Sec.: S. Kupslry. Treas.: Row 2: R. Lynch: I. Provenzano: B. Tabor: E. Sicilisno: S. Angle: I. Cook: E. Lamanna: R. Werder: Row 3: L. Freimanis: P. Schroder: I. Brown: I. Bergamo: I. Pinotti: H. Hnidowicz: H. L. to R. Row 1: C. Girard, Sec.: S. DeMatte. Pres - -1 Barbaglia: D. Bisaquino: R. Branch: I. Cathro: M. Lonzetta: Row 3: I. Goldenberg: G. Pierson: H. Seeds: E. Brostman: S. Campbell: M. Hgllq. LIPARTITO I.. to R. Row 1: I. Peek: R. Vernal: I.. Tramon- tana: E. Wheailey. Pres.: Mr. Lipariiio: F. Dan- drea. Sec.: L. Lamnin: V. Torchio: Row 2: C. Frank: C. Grace: G. Carini: R. Sayell: B. Thomas: A. Schmickel: B. Williams: Row 3: D. Rudolph: P. Grossi: G. Richmond: M. Zirin: I.. Moraielli: C. Micheleiii. MARUI-'FI I.. to R. Row l: M. Kambcm: M. Sbrana. Sec. W. DeWinne. Pres.: Mrs. Marulii: D. Dandrea V. Pres.: B. Vaughn. Treas.: I. Tirrell: Row 2 I. Meriqhi: G. DeGroot: V. Marandino: N. Rial: C. Verderose: M. Clark: I. Sasdelli: P. Doust: B. Rubart: Row 3: B. Sieelman: G. Russo: I Zaak: M. Malench: K. Lelli: M. Nanni: M. Salotti: C. Sponq: M. Rogers: Row 4: C. Medio: M. I-lamil ion: T. Zatzariny: I. Wagner: H. Swili: I. Tro- varello: B. Reed. 48 GARDELLA L. lo R. Row 1: I. Malatesia: E. Musto. Sec.: F DiLeonardo. Pres.: Mr. Gai-della: I. Greenblait V. Pres.: G. Levari. Treas.: C. Carano: Row 2 R. Moss: I. Leanzo: D. Giacomoni: I. Fiocchi: S. Marcucci: E. Thomson: R. Lenton: W. Harker: W. Walsh: Row 3: A. Kershner: L. Grotti: E. Hunt: M. Marcus: R. Freda: R. Kouhoupt: B. Biuni: F. Champion: Row Ii: R. Finch: G. Kou- delis: E. Nordberq: D. Keen: A. Perino: C. Mar- cus: C. Hennis. LASCARI L. io R. Row 1: S. Kruclz: R. Perretii, Treas.: M. DePasquale, Pres.: Miss Lascari: S. Oliva, V. Pres.: A. Eckel. Sec.: V. Fleming: Row 2: B. White: E. Mallesi: C. Sciarretla: P. Koheler: B. Buck: R. Ferrari: M. Marino: Row 3: L. Regenelli: V. Goiiredi: C. Drogo: D. Keepier: O. Kemenash: G. Donoflio: N. Iohnson: H. Priicheti: Row 4: I. Bucklekamp: G. Buckholz: B. Garton: B. Musto: J. Derr: B. Cruver. 1 RIEG L. to R. Row l: G. Stiqnani: C. Martinelli, Treas.: K. Bracco, Pres.: J. Clark. V. Pres.: R. lppolito. Sec.: S. Welch: Row 2: S. Baer: I. Matlin: I. Arthur: F. White: R. Scott: E. Smith: l. Anderson: Row 3: I. Dea: H. Westog: I. Burdick: P. Serrian: A. Battersby: L. Alvord: V. Whiting: Row 4: D. Giddinqs: D. May: R. Dreyer: I. Caletuii. ROBINSON L. to R. Row l: R. Becker: R. Krause: B. Bineri Sec.: Mr. Robinson: B. Feltes, Pres.: A. Rolando: R. Mastrangelo: Row 2: I. Feltes: F. Pruno: A Monostra: I. Schwarceberq: P. Ottenheimer: H. Mathews: E. Ross: Row 3: G. McKee: C. Ciraoli: I. Cohen: W. Chamberlain: I. Marino: P. Rasmus- sen: Row 4: A. Cotler: M. Pender: H. Dyess: C. Schubert: I. Corsiqlia: A. Corsiglia. MINIFRI L. to R. Row 1: M. Bower: I. Dibiaso: D. Seel- man. Sec.: R. Bascone, Pres.: Mr. Minifri: I. Braun. V. Pres.: M. Caprice. Treas.: Row 2: E. Gerg: E. Durham: R. Gleisberg: P. Ardito: D. Deola: P. Deola: R. Brooks: A. Kasko: H. Grit- tith: A. Benvenuti: Row 3: I. Berman: R. Capo: R. Faqotti: G. Bear: K. Stratton: F. Bosco: S. Ruqa: I. Battaglia: S. Erriclrson: Row 4: F. Baker: M. D'Addato: R. Brown: F. Barrale: I. Casella. OSTRANDER L. to R. Row 1: E. Cervini: G. Gruccio. Sec.: C. Tarabbif. Pres.: Miss Ostrander: R. Vernal V. Pres.: L. Wright: V. Strozylc: Row 2: L. Zulker: S. Campanella: R. Parenti: P. Vicari: I. Rose mont: B. Densten: I. Scarpa: S. Pokorny: Row 3 L. Robbins: P. Usyk: C. Vastano: V. DeLuca: I Sciaretta: H. Marciano: I. Stevens: R. Robinson: Row 4: W. Horris: A. Rehmann: I. Wozunk: R Maychak: R. Wyckoff: R. Kassner: I. Farrow gfedklnen ADAMO L. to R. Row 1: C. Oliva: M. Baker. V. Pres.: R. Conto. Pres.: Mrs. Adamo: C. Barrett. Treas.: I. Edwards. Sec.: M. Gorgo: Row 2: R. Romeo: E. Parker: B. Kroelinger: R. Garofalo: M. Sileo: C. Harris: I. Van Kraanen: E. Moore: E. Noon: Row 3: B. Smith: G. Nitsche: M. Scott: E. Swyder- sky: I. Gatto: E. Koenig: P. Finch: I. Ziegler: B. Souders: D. Henry: Row 4: P. Coenen: B. Pettit. M. Vit: E. McSherry: G. Litwaclz: R. Botbyl: A. Evans: L. Franks. 50 SHORTEN I.. to H. Row 1: P. Hines: A. DeFelice, Sec.: I. Sasdelli. Pres.: Mrs. Shorten: M. Hofstetter. V. Pres.: M. Irons, Treas.: E. Fromm: Bow 2: M. Senise: A. Yore: T. Wood: M. Grillo: C. Per- nazza: E. Porreca: A. Antonelli: P. Cione: Row 3: D. Miler: G. Salla: H. Albrecht: C. Kalma- nowitz: B. Foote: C. Roth: M. Mead: M. Morgan: DeBellis: P. Weber: S. Goldblum: M. Camp. SPEICHER Willis: I. Schwartz: M. Rohrbach: Row 3: I Verdorose. When the dreams oi youth are over. And our race is almost run: When from life all care we've banished. Finished what we've here begun: May our fondest memories wander To the place we love always, That is dear old Vineland High School With her colors. Red and Gray. Row 4: H. Wheeler: M. Silver: P. Behling: M. L. to R. Row 1: G. Beale. Treas.: A. Unsworth. Pres.: Mr. Speicher: D. Testa. V. Pres.: F. Win- held, Sec.: Row 2: W. Newcomb: A. Trivelli: I. Mahoney: R. Ridgway: H. Still: L. Sartori: W. Troxell: T. Fox: F. Cline: I. Woschenko: R. Swanson: J. Beller: R. Shaw: R. Paterno: E. CZAPLICKI I.. to R. Row 1: E. DePalma: B. Ferretti: I. Haars. Sec.: R. Oqbcrn. V. Pres.: Miss Czaplichi: L. Feinberg, Pres.: R. Guidetti, Treas.: I. Hoivs: M. Darqan: Row 2: B. Bowman: I. Fischer: G. I.aManna: H. Campregher: K. Lilley: B. Thomas: V. White: S. Wonq: I. Dawson: B. Brode: Row 3: M. Hiqbee: I. Pace: S. Cheeseman: M. Tobolslzi: V. Mazzola: P. Pacher: R. Miller: I. Lonzetta. Row 4: K. Prospero: I. Bisacquino: S. Tobolslri: L. Pandollo: R. Myers: D. Wichner. DALLAGO l.. to R. Row 1: P. Testa: P. Droqo: P. Cline. Sec.: R. Sabbatino. Pres.: Miss A. Dallago: L. Koch. V. Pres.: R. Goldberg. Treas.: Y. Irion: M. Vas- saloili: Row 2: K. Gallo: L. Desiere: L. Westcott: D. Mato: C. Oronato: I. Leonetti: M. Trongone: I. Tonielli: M. Pace: I. Foss: A. Ronchetti: Row 3: E. Botterill: K. Munn: D. Maselli: A. Dougherty: C. Sayell: N. Still: I. Reisman: P. Morro: G. Robinson: Row 4: M. Graham: L. Smith: G. Hau- ser: E. Laboda: E. Joslin: K. Smith: I. Merlock. DONAGHAY L. to R. Row 1: B. Hamburger: A. Pettisani. Sec.: C. Knaub, Pres.: Mrs. Donaghay: N. Turner. V. Pres.: B. Castelli, Treas.: A. Bechtold: Row 2: C. Lammin: R. Stien: M. Freimarlt: C. Berkowitz: I. Silver: A. Caterina: N. Whitman: C. Farside: H. Finberg: Row 3: M. Nuttal: C. Van Lier: D. Temple: I. Ioseph: S. Bardleld: P. Wyckoff: E. Fenili: S. Houck: A. Nicholson: M. Sinclair: Row 4: R. Ney: P. Shafer: L. Lihn: I. Newman: N. Korii: N. Baardsen: M. Spiesz: I. Piccioni: I. Wilson. GOODIER L. to R. Row 1: L. Careqnato: E. Figueroa, Sec.: D. Fagan. Pres.: Mr. Goodier: H. Pio, V. Pres.: E. Creamer, Treas.: E. Berg: Row 2: V. Maurice: E. Esposito: G. Robinson:iW. Barsuqlia: E. Fox: B. Iohnson: I. Bieriq: S. Merloclz: R. Lewis: Row 3: E. Seelman: I. Chrzanowslzi: I. Bresciano: S. Papush: A. Weinerman: P. Lorentz: X. Wied- mann. KROUSE L. to R. Row 1: I. Jacobshon: A. Friedman: P. Reed. Pres.: Mr. Krouse: R. Mikytuck, V. Pres.: G. Cavaqnaro. Treas.: A. D'Ippolito: Row 2: R. Labriola: F. Popp: W. Burch: S. Lindsey: G. Bartmer: D. Iohnsion: F. Fry: Row 3: R. Slanley: B. Zaak: G. Kohn: I. Dallett: R. McMahan: Feder: B. Wilson. NASSER L. to R. Row 1: V. Archetto: E. Harper. Treas.: G. Roth. V. Pres.: Mr. Nasser: T. Kolva. Pres.: L. Stiqqle, Sec.: W. Walter: Row 2: H. Clark: E. Beres: R. Flieschner: D. Harmon: I. Taylor: W. Ravior: M. Thompson: R. Shadinqer: Row 3: C. DuBois: G. Sharwell: F. Bagliani: I. Pace: I. Shield: C. Curcio: M. Mininberq: Row 4: U. Cru- dele: W. Sahms: C. Clark: R. Burrows: R. Miller: R. Davidson. SCHELL I.. lo R. Row 1: F. Graham: V. Prisinzano, Treas.: R. Buck, V. Pres.: E. Rush. Pres.: R. Vernal: F. Capabianco: A. Di Grigorio: Row 2: G. Coyle: R. Reynolds: I. Molino: B. Cuilla: R. Vai: H. Harris: E. Wilson: D. Tomasso: Row 3: G. Herlz: R. Davis: A. Whiiaker: O. Bennetl: R. Parsons, F. Varallo: W. Loudance: R. Pindale: I.. Lash- ley: B. Markman. STARKEY L. to R. Row 1: E. Rimann: F. Russell. Sec.: R. Ruberli, V. Pres.: Mr. Starkey: I. Shaw, Pres.: N. Marniero: G. Pitel: Row 2: A. Scarpa: R. Tamanini: R. Cedams: R. Rosenberg: A. Trevar- ihen: A. Waldinder: T. Magor: F. Tudisco: F Granato: Row 3: T. Uber: M. D'Pasquale: C Spong: E. Davis: D. Charlson: B. Kupilian: R Muser: I. Kaiser: I. Leislner: I. Fairhurst. LZ J - irifi FIRST ROW--Left to Right-M. Conto, Bulletin Ill.: T. Winterburn. Treas.: R. Masilolti. .gjfuclenf Counci V' Delegates Mnsilotti, Smith. Dougherty. Ridofi. and Miss Stemberg depart for New Brunswick. V. Pres.: Miss R. Sternberg: E. Ridolii. Pres.: M. Smith. Sec.: A. Valetta. Bulletin Chairman. SECOND ROW-G. Meschi: N. Basile: K. Bracco C lr R S bbatino: F. Barber: I. Sasdelh: V. M. DePasquale: B. Iohnson: R. Conto: C. Knaub: I.. Feinberg: I. oo : . a Sapello. THIRD ROW-P. Reed: E. Boston: R. Bascone: R. Abati: D. Masilotti: B. Feltes: C. Tarabbio: M. Tomei. E. Wheatley. D. Fagan: T. Kolva: E. Thomas. FOURTH ROW-F. DiI.eionardo: A. Unsworth: S. Lamnin: S. DeMatte: h C F b P D'Arri o: I. Dougherty: G. Cascarella: F. Spicer: R. Smith: R. Filippi. A. Gregory: E. Rus : . or es: . q The Student Council is one ot the most use- ful and respected organizations in Vineland High School. Its members are elected annually and each homeroom is represented in the Council. The Vineland Student Council is under the capable direction of Miss Rose Sternberg, who has been very active in all Student Council activi- ties in both Vineland and throughout the state. The meeings of the Student Council are held each Thursday morning and at this time, any problems which have come up are discussed in an informal manner. Each person at the meeting may present his own opinions and ideas to the group, and a reasonable conclusion to the prob- lem at hand is always a certainty. After the dis- cussion, the ideas presented are put into the form ot a bulletin which each homeroom receives on Monday morning. In this way, the entire school is always in close contact with the work of the council. The bulletins are then discussed in all homerooms and ideas are taken to Student Coun- cil by the representatives in the form ot sugges- tions and proposals. By this student representative system, Vine- land High School has been able to maintain one of the finest student government organizations in the state. The Student Council began its activities with an assembly in October, at which time the officers and representatives were introduced to the student body. The next major activity was the sale of booster buttons, school emblems, and plas- tic book covers in the school colors. Elio Ridolfi, president of the V.H.S. Student Council, was also the 1951 president of the N.I.A.H.S.C., and he conducted the two main con- ferences at Pemberton and New Brunswick. After the conferences, the council started a safety and a clean-up campaign which proved very successful. The Red Cross, T.B., and March of Dimes drives were met with great enthusiasm by the entire student body, and a very substantial sum was collected. From the above, we can readily see just how full the yearly schedule of the Student Coun- cil is, and also the great job which the Council is doing. Angie and Margie get together on the bulletin Our Editor mf., Iiilllllill Before attempting to drill tor oil, the serv- ices of many technicians must be emploved TO study the situation and to make plans. So it is with the Record Start. Mr. Milton Karnmer, the chiet engineer, must employ a staft who will decide on the theme ot the book and work on the layout, the balloting, the photography, the advertising, and the Writing. Many hours are spent by the start, each committee on its own specialized area, so that the drilling may be more successful. Ot course, the organiza- tion would not be complete Without the services oi Mr. Iohn Lehocky and Mrs. Anna Markham. Mr. Lehocky must schedule the pictures of the seniors and all other photography so that the photographing does not interrupt the school schedule, and he must see that everything runs smoothly. Without funds, a yearbook would be an impossibility. Mrs. Markham very cap- ably handles all financial transactions, and it is Mrs. Markham's staff who sell ads tor the yearbook. It is not an easy job to publish a yearbook, but with the excellent cooperation aiiorded by the Record Staff, the 1952 drilling is sure to be a success. RECORD STAFF FIRST ROW-Left to Right--R. Masiiotti: D. Warren: Mr. Kcmmer: S. Bcrsky: E. Ridolii. SECOND ROW-M. Koitz: S. Ioseph: M. Mcxrdas: M. Buglio: R. Castelluni: M. Bozorth. THIRD ROW-P. Triveili: J. Dougherty: B. Brcxunstein: I. Fabbri: M. Smith. FOURTH ROW-R. Litwuck D. Burdick: E. Galbicxti: R. Hiiman: T. Winter-burn. 1237 Q? 'H-if Wi f ' .. 09 2.3 1:2 S ii! A A gf - n '7- :W I. X t -if 1.04 RECORD Editor ............ Feature Editor .... Literary Editor .... Sports Editor ..... Senior Section .... STAFF O F 1952 Warren . . .Sonya Barsky Richard Masilotti ........E1io Ridolfi . . . .Nancy Basile Business Secretary ..... ..... P hyllis Trivelli Business Manager . . Rita Castellani Advertising Manager. . . . .... Ronnie Litwack Art ................. Typists ..... .Ted Winterbum . . . .Ieanette Fabbri Mildred Smith B. ,NNQ pf X'-, X X LZ J" , We need more money. Our advisors x is 'Q' FM-1: -sq What do you think? Working overtime 57 R 'Qi S5 wwf ,dw X 1952 f jf, ,ffl G j. of? 7 xx X I FL FY S5110 SRIESQN? S R MEN X APEX ST UKE 5515 Ps ai NZV 295 MGD DEQ ' ffgspm +I I Y 1 14 ff V ,CQIQX 3 -mf, 31, ' N .J xy WN "- T l x C77 i TOP ,,,,,,,,y X .LJ FIRST ROW-Left to Right-E. Bardleld: I. Cook: S. Angle, Co-Editor: Mrs. O'Kane: Mrs. Shorten: S. Ioseph. Editor in-Chief: I.. Carlson: P. Schroeder. SECOND ROW-S. Scribner: I. Sasdelli: S. Barsky: D. Weinberg: B. Muleiro: E. Thomas: F. Downie: E. Lamanna: M. Sbrana: M. Koitz: D. Warren. THIRD ROW-S. Liberati: R. Werder: M. Hertz man: B. Ioseph: E. Brotmcm: L. Goldhaft: L. Wigglesworth: I. Donaflio: I. Iohnson. FOURTH ROW-C. Wisswaes ser: C. Dubivsky: I. Wagner: A. Gregory: I.. Temple: B. Braunstein. III-SPIIIS Hx-SPOTS AND VlNEL ws?- l951 ' The best news first! That's the motto oi the school publication, Vineland Hi-Spots. EDU095 Y Joseph Each day staff members of Hi-Spots are 50n'l'o Aggie seen listening attentively here cmd there so as SYMO OR to give the students an accurate account ot the NEWS EDS-orlSOh happenings Qt V.H.S. Linnea Y Was it the announcement of the class PHOTOGRAPFGMQ plaY cast that you were anxious to know, or Esthe' LO QR . . . N EDU did you wish to be informed oi the new books URCULATl0 ede, in the library? Whatever the case may be, you Pauline Schro R can be sure to read about it first in Hi-Spots. CHANGE EDUC This monthly publication also serves as Exjeon Cook a liason between the V.H.S. students and local ESS MANAGER townspeople, who patronize the newspaper BU,-3:9 Thom0S R through means of advertising. SWG MANAGE Hi-Spots is published completely by the ADYF-Pjlaofdfetd student members who freely give up of their F-mor time to write articles, solicit advertisements, TYPVST5 Downie and snap prize winning photographs. The pub- Fl0'e'li'2 Muuero lication is under the advisorship of Mrs. Estelle Beam ORS O'Kane, editorial, and Mrs. Ioy Shorten, finan- pAGE Egllgonyo B0'2l:Zyd cial. Without their endless assistance we Could Poge 2,,Etir10' Bizseph not do! E032 3fe50"df Temple Senior members of the staii include page Afwrm Dorris Warren, Sonya Barsky, Marilyn Koitz, Shorter: Barbara Braunstein, Lois Wigglesworth, and Aaxiliiiit-'Mg' Salle Omaha Editor-in-Chief Sandra Ioseph. Read all about EclitorlGlZMr' it in Hi-Spots! AV iv fs ov 1. 5 gg? r ' Q Q if FIRST ROW-Left to Right-R. Werder: H. Lisi: B. Iohnson, Sec.: D. Kruysman. V. Pres.: Mrs. Starkey: D. Phiter. Pres.: E. Harris. Treas.: G. Bruner: M. Buglio. SECOND ROW-B. Castelli: P. Packer: R. Ayres: M. Conto: I. Hoins: M. Clark: M. Karnban: I. DeGroot: V. Marandino: S. Kruck: B. Griggs. THIRD ROW-N. Turner: M. Mardas: E. Fenile: I. Ioseph: S. Bardteld: K. Donn: R. Hamburger: M. Higbee: R. Love: N. Basile: G. Vetter. FOURTH ROW- R. Perry P. Monaco: D. Spong: G. Berg: E. Frank: P. Baseshore: R. Ney. W UBRARY EUUNCH This organization has tor an advisor our' librarian, Mrs. Marion Starkey. This is a service organization which keeps the students ot V.H.S. supplied with books and a nice, neat library. The members are girls from all classes, who go into the library during their study halls and help Mrs. Starkey in the library. They attend state conven- tions each year in various parts ot New Iersey. Their work in the library includes keeping the library clean, circulating books, typing, and filing. HUNUR PAlR0l AND IRAFHE SUUAD It you've wondered why the halls of Vine- land High School are so quiet during classes, the Honor Patrol can tell you that they allow no loiter- ing in the halls. This organization is composed ot students with higher scholastic averages who have proved themselves capable of assuming re- sponsibility. Their sister organization, the Traffic Squad, enforces a smooth and orderly flow ot traffic between classes. FIRST ROW-Lett to Right-G. Bruner: A. Becker: C. Heimann: B. Braunstein, Sec.: S. Joseph. Pres.: Mrs. Marufli. D. Warren. V. Pres.: E. Lamanna: M. Rohrbach: G. Berg: I. Matlin. SECOND ROW-S. Lamnin: M. Lonzetta: B. Tabor: R. Lynch: S. Kupsky: D. Weinberg: C. Lamnin: C. Berkowitz: B. Ioseph: C. Verderose: A. Kaplan I. Doug- herty: S. Barsky: L. Carlson: C. Donley: J. Ioseph: M. Mardas: D. Henry: G. Torchio. THIRD ROW-D. Bruge: D. Iennings: N. Basile: R. Roman: A. Koenig: G.'Meschi: S. Sirott: I. Newman: l. Ziegler: M. Koitz: I. Silver: I Cavagnaro: G. Ferrari: R. Werder: G. Harmer M. Sbrana: I.Wilson: M. Von Reuter. FOURTH ROW-I. Volke: R. Otto: M. Buglio: M. Vallero: R. Ayres: C. Dutra: P. Smead: I. Pinotti: S. Angle: E. Bardfeld: P. Wycoti: D. Leopold: P. Finch: M. Baker: E. LaRosa: I. Iohnson: I. Rothchild: P. Freedman. FIFTH BOW-R. Rubin: C. Barrett: H. Muser: R. Zarge: M. Aqostini: E. Guiliani: N. Lindquist: S. Campbell: C. Dubivsky: C. Wisswaesser: I. Ward, A. Gregory: E. Brotman: P. Lankin: B. Muliero: F. Downie: B. Bauer: E. Siciliano: G. Litwack: L. Lihn: R. Gartalo. IHAHA Thalia, one of the oldest organizations in Vineland High School, is under the capable supervision of Mrs. Bessie Weylman. The organization consists of girls who are contestants in the annual Public Speaking Contest as well as girls who wish to attain a greater understanding and appreciation of the dramatic arts. Each year the girls prepare their selec- tions in friendly rivalry, and vie for top honors on the night of the contest. Marilyn Koitz, first prize winner for three years, Dorris Warren, who has received honor- able mention for two years, and Elayne Brot- man, a second prize recipient, are some of the recent contest winners. f Q' My FIRST ROW-Left to Right-I. Greenblatl: R. Cohen. Pres.: Mr. Cerni- qliaro: F. Basile, V. Pres.: I. Abramson. SECOND ROW-R. Musi- lotti: F. Austino: P. D'Arriqo: S. Kreinces: T. Wernicoff. FIRST ROW-Left to right-E. Bardield, Tracts.: E. Bro! man, Pres.: Mrs. Weylmcn: M. Koitz, V. Pres.: D. Warren Sec.. SECOND ROW-I. Wilson: S. Burdield: M. Mardas C. Verderose: D. Rudneski: I. Silver: Cavaqnaro. PEGASHS Pegasus, the Boys' Public Speaking Club, is Thalia's brother organization. Boys from all four classes are welcome to join whether they are aspiring to be con- testants in their annual contest or not. The contest consists of eight boys, who are most ably coached by their advisor, Mr. Antonio Cernigliaro. Each boy competes for prizes, and their varied selections provide for an evening of entertainment enjoyed by all. After this year, the organization will lose a consistent member, Phil D'Arrigo, who has Won second prize for three years straight. Whether they Win or lose, the boys feel that they have attained a certain assurance and poise which results from this type of training. NAIIIINM HIINIIII SUIZIHY Our chapter ot the National Honor So- ciety has long been under the capable leader- ship of Miss Mulford and Mr. Nasser, who have done much to make the society what it is. The Honor Society exists to encourage and recog- nize outstanding scholarship, character, leader- ship, and service, the tour main requirements for membership. Fifteen percent ot the senior class is eligible for membership upon quality- ing, thereby making five percent eligible at each oi the three inductions. This year began with ten members, but the December induction added six more and several were admitted in the spring. Every student would like to have the honor ot being a member ot this organiza- tion. . . 1:51. wi.. . 15157 'f . iff '- ,. W, FIRST ROW-Left to Right-lim Nicholas. V. Pres.: F. Fanucci, Pres.: Mr Minifri: G. Torchiog F. Chodnicki. SECOND ROW-R. Flippi: T Winterburn: I. Di Palma: A. Cerione: I. Stopa: T. Muzzolu. THIRD ROW-I. Woxunk: P. D'An'igo: E. Schaeffer: A. Kronield: H. Men- delsohn: D. Finch: R. Swanson. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-D. Kruysmun, Sec.: M. Koitz Pres.: Mr. Nasser: Miss Muliord: M. Tomei, V Pres.: D. Warren. Trees. SECOND ROW-S. Barslry: R. Castellcxni: I. Fcbbri: A. Vulletta: M. Smith: I. Ccxsella. THIRD ROW- R. Masilotti: P. D'Arriqo: R. Mendelsohn: E. Ridolli: R Hiiman. NAIIIINM AlHlHIlI HIINUR SIICIHY The National Athletic Scholarship Soci- ety, an organization whose purpose is rec- ognition for those lettermen who maintain a SChO1C1SfiC CIVGIGQG of 80, welcomes a new sponsor this year in Mr. Minifri, our Iunior Var- sity football coach. The group began the year with seven members, but the membership in- creased with the induction of new members held early in the new year. To become a mem- ber of this organization should be one of the aims ot every athlete, as membership is based on scholarship. FIRST ROW-Left to right-F. Champion: R Adams: P. Vicari: F. Tudisco: I. Fairhurst: E Ross: T. Uber: Mr. Astor. SECOND ROW-R Muser: A. Cotler: W. Chamberlain: R. Shaw: I Anderson, Treus.: I. Hannum: H. Still: E. Thomas V. Pres.: THIRD ROW-W. White: H. Hyson: P Thornborrow: W. Murphy: F. Fanucci. Pres.: I I. Griener: R. Finch. Hatierty. Sec.: S. Lamnin: G. Lapaire: D. Sarnoit: BUYS' Glll Elllll Only through hard work and much prac- tice has our Boys' Glee Club attained the good name which has developed during the past three years. One year previous to this, it was strictly an extra-curricular activity but for the past three years, sixth period has been set aside for it and credits are offered toward graduation. These boys supply the male portion oi the ever-appreciated Mixed Chorus ot which we are so very proud. Since it is increasing not only in volume but also in importance, this organization will uphold its good name and gain much recognition for our school, thanks to Mr. Astor and "The Boys". huii: G. Meschi: M. Vallero: E. LaRosa: A. McMiclrinq: G. Snipes: A. Antonelli: Iacobucci: G. Gamba: A. Harnmerstedt: berg: P. Freedman: M. Sheppard: I.. B. Musto: H. Wheeler: B. Bonanno: S. L. Barnebei: R. Fiocchi. J llllllll Elll Clllll Fourth period just wouldn't be the same without the resonance oi female voices from the auditorium. The Girls' Treble Clet Club, under the direction of Miss Iulia Cummings, is approached by numerous service clubs ot our community to perform annually: the Annual Spring Concert is a traditional "must" ot the year which is appreci- ated by young and old alike. Twenty of the mem- bers ot this organization supply the feminine voices for the Mixed Chorus. Our school was hon- ored tor the first time in its history this year when the Chorus was requested to perform at both the State Teachers' Convention and the Eastern Arts Association meeting held in Convention Hall in Atlantic City. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-C. Barrett: F. Barber: P. Monaco. Sec.: S. DeMatte. Pres.: Miss Cummings: V. Sapello. V. Pres.: S. Kupsky, Treas.: M. Irons: G. Vetter. SECOND ROW-I. Pace: M. Danna: P. Green: J. Arthur: R. Ippolito: F. White: A. Vicari: D. Bruqe: R. DiStetano: D. Oliver: G. Lambert: D. DePalma: M. Kouphout: D. Mata- lucci. THIRD ROW-I. Galar: M. Holloway: I. Dougherty: I. Creamer: B. Thomas: M. Desire: I. Baqliani: I. Cale- C. Donley: A. Mellor: D. Temple: E. Smith. FOURTH ROW-I. Ccrthro: P. Cline: A. Valetta: K. Miller: I. Battersby: E. Giuliani: M. VanNote: L. A. Dougherty: M. Russell: E. Devlin: L. Temple. FIFTH ROW-I. Golden- King: M. DeBellis: I. DeGrott: G. Russo: R. Garatola: D. Spong: D. Miles: Kruck: I. Girone: A. Bricola: V. Cesare: D. LaValle: I. Brown: B. Lodge. .7 - Q1 4.1 P',.- sy U- YT .01 K' N1 s... .M V PN :Ma 7 in a- .rs 0 V. ,, pw V X' r " .' X MIISIII lllllll When one thinks of the Music Club, the first thing that pops into his mind is the Christmas Dance. The Music Club also sponsors the Spring Concert fthe Treble Clef Club and the Orchestra taking partl and the Band Concert as well. Mem- bership in any other musical organization in the school entitles one to membership in the Music Club. Guests for all meetings are chosen to enter- tain the members constructively in the field of music: these guests are always thoroughly en- joyed by each and every member of the club. Needless to say, the students owe countless hours of pleasure to the work of this club, one of the largest and most worthy organizations of the school. Its directors, Miss Cummings, Mr. Astor, and Miss Stern, though kept continually occupied with classes, have still found ample time to make this organization one of the most popular extra- curricular activities 'of the school. MUSIC CLUB OFFICERS FIRST ROW-Left to Right-V. Sappello, Treas.: Miss Cum minqs: I.. Temple, Sec. SECOND ROW-M. Tomei. V Pres M. Martinelli. Pres. THIRD ROW-Mr. Astor. BAND Tubas, bass drums and trombones . . . this could be none other than the V.H.S. Band. Foot- ball games wouldn't be the same without the Band: especially outstanding this year was the animated version of the "Syncopated Clock" which hardly any of us will really forget. The director, Mr. Astor, really has his hands full every eighth period during football season and during rehearsal for the Annual Band Concert . . . yes, it's lots of hard work, but when the night of the performance rolls around and a well-polished pro- gram is the outcome of all of the work, that's proof enough that it was all worth it! as 1 7 X FIRST ROW--Left to Right-M. Guida: M. Tomei: I. Stopa. V. Pres.: I. Braun: A. Becktoldz D. Philer: M. Brundage. SECOND ROW-E. Bodenstein: R. Krause: K. Florentine: A. Caterina: C. Irons: W. Platt: 'I'. Mauola. Sec.: M. Sil- ver: R. Parenti: L. Moratelli: G. Kronheim: P. Lankin. THIRD ROW-V. Paladino: E. Harper: G. Cavagnaro: P. Reed: R. McMahon: F. DiLeonardo: A. Unsworth: E. Wheatly: M. Rohrbach: M. Silva: R. Buck: E. DeVelde. Treas.: F. Granato: V. Prizenzano: R. Bascone. FOURTH ROW: A. Weinerrnan: A. Puccio: M. Graham: D. DeVelde: M. Thompson: R. Swanson. Pres.: D. Laury: D. Charlson: R. Folscer: A. Waldinqer: E. I.aRosa: l. Wagner: V. Strozyk: K. Stratton: S. Kreinces: G. Montana. STANDING-Mr. F. Astor: R. Carney: I. Ward: C. Dubivsky: H. Swift: F. Varalo: D. Lewis: W. Castiglioni: I. Scarpa: A. Kershner: I. Sciaretti. N21 X M"W' i ,Q it Q. CV asm K R1 Jil , M f ,. I .WMM six' HA.-XX W V ' Ill Ili i +l MM., i W.-2-'U 2' ' :-.-. 1--" li 'E-E31 ir"lf if:-'Y f f '- 2, ........... 1 W ' ' ' ' ' W A -W 311'-'x, X , if f - ' I W 'mfs Y ,, -v-' N ""' x -an . - K Y v l - s x . ?,, X f xifr , 's Xfy ' Y , I vy. ,, I e A ' f f" llls 1 ' :.u.1W V 75' s ., ,, , , y M.. , L 5 X f'1.,j'g'i 3 'IQ yh L K , , Vi ,lg .. . M ' W -espn fp-sr l an fl-W 1 5 W M.- -X E 1 ART CLUB FIRST ROW-Lelt to Right-E. DePalma: C. Dubivsky. Sec.: G. Pierson. Pres.: Miss Rieq: E. Letts. V. Pres.: D. Phiifer. Treas.: Y. Irion. SECOND ROW-M. Dargan: D. Kruysman: P Morro: M. Van Note: F. DiLeonardo: B. Meyer: I. Greiner: S. Campbell: M. Rohrbach: M. Wollie: L. Wescott: G. Bruner. Alll Illllll The Art Club, under the capable direction of Miss Georgette Rieg, is a very important activ- ity in Vineland High School. Anyone having an interest in art will be welcomed by this club. They specialize in making attractive and outstanding posters for the special events in the school. The most important project for the Art Club is the annual football banquet. The members are responsible for all the decorations, and they usu- ally plan something very unique. The Art Club members also take a trip each year to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Miss Rieg and her junior artists are always "glad to help," and they deserve recognition for their part in helping the class of "52" to have an outstanding senior play and in assisting with the Sophomore Dance and the lunior Prom. DRAMATIC CLUB FIRST ROW-Left to Right--E. Thomas: B. Mayer- feld: E. Bodenstein: A. Gregory: S. Campbell. Treas.: B. DiBiaso. Pres.: Miss Epstein: C. Wiss- waesser. SECOND Downie: Bardfeld: rell: D. Sec.: S. Lamnin: I. Matlin: R. Werder. ROW--F. Fry: F. Basile: S. Barsky: F. E. Fenelli: R. Conto: A. Pettisani: S. I. Ioseph: L. Desiere: K. Munn: E. Tir- DiPalma: R. Rubin. THIRD ROW-P. Reed: M. Von Reuter: I. Vollce: S. Ioseph: N. Mazer: M. Bozorth: M. Rohrbaclc: P. Freedman: C. Heiman: I. Ziegler: D. Leopold: D. Weinberg: I. Iohnson: S. Welch: I. Sasdelli: R. Zarge: I. Shapiro. FOURTH ROW-B. Bress: E. Devlin: M. Graham: C. Van Lier: M. Mardas: R. Otto: I. Dougherty: Berg: B. Braunstein: D. Philer: C. Dubivsky: I.. Hardie: L. Carlson: E. Bardteld: H. Westoqqi E. Lamanna: I. Rothchild: D. Lederer: C. Kalmamowitz: S. Emmanuel. FIFTH ROW-S. Wellbroclc: B. Lyons: I. Kagen: I. Wag- ner: A. Frasnelli: E. Siciliano: B. Bonano: G. Pierson: P. Monaco: I. Newman: S. Sirrott: M. Fleischner: M. Desiere: A. Kaplan: C. Verderose: B. Ioseph: E. Brotman: M. DeFelice: C. Dutra: C. Dutra: D. Sarnofi: A. Koenig: S. Angle: P. Doust: I. Cook: M. Sbrana: H. Swift. SIXTH ROW -G. Cascarella: M. Sasdelli: B. Cohen: I. Martin: I. Silver: C. Roth: I. Cavagnaro: A. Bricola: G. Litwaclz: C. Lamnin: I. Wilson: I. Greenblatt: C. Esposito. IIRAMAIIII lllllll The Cap and Dagger Dramatic Club, spon- sored by Miss Doris Epstein, offers opportunities for students to display their natural talents on the stage, as well as backstage. The club takes trips to Philadelphia each year to see professional productions. The out- standing project of the Dramatic Club is its play. This year it was "Paper Plates for Papa," a huge success. Also, this year, the Dramatic Club spon- sored a contest among the students to see who could write the best two-act play. There were three awards given. We're proud to say that a senior captured one of these awards. Winners of the public speaking contests re- ceive their prizes from the Dramatic Club, also. The Class of '52 is thankful to this organiza- tion for the hours of pleasure it has brought them, and for the experience it has given to its members. Blllllllll lllllll FIRST ROW-Left to Right-I. Matlin: M. Rohrbach, Sec.: A. Unsworth. Pres.: Mr. Speicher: Mr. Krouse: I. Sasdelli, V. Pres.: G. Cascarella, Treas.: Merighi. SECOND ROW-I. Volke: E. Tirell: T. Wood: E. Porreca: I. Meckel: W. DeWinne: C. Kalmanowitz: D. Dandrea: K. Donato: I. Clark: C. Martinelli: P. Doust: B. Rubant. THIRD ROW- M. Hamilton: S. Sirott: H. Wheeler: I. Buckelkamp: T. Buchholz: H. Swift: I. Wagner: A. Kaplan: D. May: B. Ewing: M. Sbrana: L. Puccio: A. Loenig: I. Sasdelli. FOURTH ROW-W. Harker: P. Ottenheimer: I. Braun: M. Marcus: I. Greenblatt: R. Thomas: L. Lamnin: I. Scarpa: W. Willis: P. Vicari: G. Levari. CHEMISIRY lilllll FIRST ROW-Left to Right-T. Mazzola: R. Mendelsohn. Treas.: A. Kronield. V. Pres.: Mr. Starkey: R. Brooks. Pres.: R. Hiiman. Sec.: R. Litwack. SECOND ROW-M. Tomei: N. Basile: R. Roman: D. Warren: D. Phiter: M. Koitz: M. Smith: M. Mardas: I. Dougherty: G. Freedman. THIRD ROW-F. Hurban: E. Ridolii: D. Finch: F. Osborn: E. Galbiati: D. Burdick: P. Finger: F. Pettisani. sv 5' YO Q-1 X , cr sv Bl PHYSICS CLUB FIRST ROW-Left to Right-R. Abcrti: A. Diehl. Treas.: E. Taormina. V. Pres.: Mr. Ki-apt: C. Forbes. Pres.: D Lewis. Sec.: E. Kahn. SECOND ROW-C. Dutra: L. Freimanis: I. Cook: P. Schroeder: M. Fleischner: Linda Gold hah: M. Hertzmann: D. Lederer: R. Whitman. THIRD ROW-B. Bress: M. Martinelli: W. Cavcxgnaro: P. Weinberg: R. Cohen: T. Wernicoff: B. Mcryerield: F. Spicer: R. Smith. FOURTH ROW-M. Tepper: E. DeVelde: M. Binstock. G. Pollex: W. Lyons: R. Schmickel: S. Greenblatt: G. Mcrtinelli: S. Harp. CHEMISTRY Slllll One of the more active clubs in the way of experimenting is the Chemistry Club. If a mem- ber were asked why he liked the club, a ready reply would be because of the experiments done. The planning and carrying out of the program and experiments are done by the students. Mr. Starkey, the advisor, is ready to give assistance whenever it is needed. Some other interesting highlights are the trips and excursions taken throughout the year and the movies shown at the meetings. A recent demonstration was given by the glass plant showing the ways in which glass may be made into different objects. PHYSICS Slllll The Physics Club enjoys a more varied agenda concerning experiments than does the Chemistry Club. Mr. Krapf, our tennis coach, is also the sponsor of the Physics Club. The students are in charge of the programs and movies, and Kem x"Pe's guest speakers are sometimes presented. A visit to the local ice plant is a well-remembered excur- Rlllllllil lllllll The Biology Club, under the leadership of Mr. Krouse and Mr. Speicher, offers a further and closer study oi biology over a wider range. Many everyday occurrences go unnoticed by the ma- jority, but the lover of nature gains an infinite amount of knowledge from them. This club was started with the nature-lover in mind. The club's sion. programs tor the year include discussions and ' movies. Hikes are of special interest because they bring the members closer to Mother Nature and so enabled them to study her from a close-up view. Physics Phun FRENCH CLUB FIRST ROW-Lett to Right-S. Bcrrsky: R. Masilotti, Trees.: I. Dougherty. Sec.: Mrs. Doncxqhuy: W. Lyohs, Pres.: T. Winterburn. V. Pres.: I. Iohnson. SECOND ROW-R. Roman: M. Buqlio: R. Werder: C. Dutra: E. Lamana: E. Bardield: M. Hertzrnan: M. Mardas: I. Roetschild: S. Angle: R. Whitman. THIRD ROW-I.. Goldhali: I. Cook: H. Otto: M. Vullero: M. Brundcxge: C. Dubivslry: A. Gregory: M. Fleischner: B. Braunstein: E. Brotmcrn: S. Campbell: M. Lanzetta. FOURTH ROW-K. Floretine: R. Smith: W. Cavugnaro: M. Tepper: I. Burdick: M. Feinberg: E. Thomas: P. Weinberg: B. Reeve: M. Martinelli: I. Abramson: P. Minor: E. Forbes: R. Meyer: M. Binstoclr: G. Mcrrtinelli. v Tout lo monde crime la clone de trcmccxls Kuhn. FIFTH ROW-E. Develde: B. Cohen: C. FRENCH One of the leading language clubs is that which is sponsored by Mrs. Mildred Donaghay and known as "Le Cercle Francais." Monthly meetings are held at the homes of various mem- bers who are second and third year students. Many enjoyable evenings have been' spent in this way, permitting the students to practice speaking French in a more informal manner by means of plays, songs, conversation and games. This has been a most enjoyable and profitable year for the group led by President Bill Lyons. SPANISH Upon entering the Spanish Room, 108, one cannot help. but notice the colorful decorations which adorn the walls. These present an appro- priate setting for the meetings held here the sec- ond and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Under the capable leadership of Miss Adamo, this group provides the school with much activity through- out the year: the highlight is the annual T Dance, which is enjoyed by a great number. Other club activities include the Christmas party and spring picnic which is the closing project of the club for each year. llAlllN Headed by Miss Mendico, this club meets the last Friday of each month during activities period in the cafeteria. Italian recordings and films provide entertainment for the group. At Christmas, a party is held and the members, who must have completed at least one year of Italian, exchange gifts. ln the spring, the club awards medals to the students of lst and 2nd year classes who have attained the highest scholastic average SPANISH CLUB FIRST ROW-Leit to Right-A. Becker: I. Berg: I. Cavaqnaro. Treas.: E. Giuliani. Pres.: Miss Adamo: M. Sasdelli. V. Pres.: S. Barslry, Sec.: M. Rohrbach: E. Siciliano. SECOND ROW-C. Heimann: K. Barraclough: I. Martin: M. Wolff: A. DeFelice: I. Shapiro: M. Irons: S. Hearnes: D. Leopold: L. Carlson: D. Henry: R. Goldberg: I. Reisman. THIRD ROW-T. Maior: S. Hoytash: S. Aqrons: R. Robinson: P. Schroeder: M. Aqostine: I. Merlock: C. Wiss- waesser: E. Harris: I. Ward: M. Mead: P. Finch: C. Kalmanowitzz I. Ziegler: M. Morgan: E. Wheatley. FOURTH ROW-F. Freimanis: B. Mayerield: L. Geirych: B. Murphy: B. Bress: I. Steven: R. Litwaclc: G. Pollick: P. Rasmus- sen: C. Verderose: R. Shaw: F. Basile: T. Wernicofi: B. DiBiaso: M. Rohrbach: G. Chamberlain: R. Hiiman: H. Griffith: G. Adams. ITALIAN CLUB FIRST ROW-Leit to Right-L. Cullen: A. Trucano: G. Battestinei, Treas.: P. Musaccia. Pres.: Miss G. Mendico: F. Fancucci. V. Pres.: D. Bonato, Sec.: F. Spicer. SECOND ROW-G. Snipes: I. Fury: M. Tamanini: L. Adams: E. Musto: M. Bozarth: M. Danna: E. Consalo: E. Consalo: A. Verra: D. Procaccino: C. Yacovelli: A. Franchetta: P. Dalesandro: G. Bonato: S. Graiif. THIRD ROW-V. Nesi: A. Vassolotti: D. Brunozzi: N. Basile: I. Provenzano: R. Costello: B. Bonanno: M. I. Barbaglia: D. Bisacquino: I. Girone: I. Cavaqnaro: G. Ferrari: L. Barnabei: B. Ladqe: R. Fiocchi: I. Silvedio: I. Brown. FOURTH ROW-I. Demaio: R. Branca: I. Pricel: I. Kagan: H. Deola: I. Musac- chia: S. DeMatte: D. Martini: B. Osborn: G. Levari: I. Trapani: A. Paterno: I. Viano: H. Hnidowicz: M. Agostine: B. Bauer: V. Cesare: L. Iacobucci. FIFTH ROW-R. Gardella: R. Ferrari: M. Tomei: D. Brunozzi: E. Galbiati: I.. DeMarco: R. Bonato: L. Aldrich: A. Corrado: I. Braidi: I. Marahella: R. Scavelli: R. Fraim: F. Pettisani R. Abati. A IYIII X! Kill F. H. A. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-R. Provenzano: E. Letts, Treas.: I. Chroscinski. Pres.: Mrs. Weylman: Miss DeZutti: K. Miller. V. Pres.: E. Harris. Sec.: A. Verra. SECOND ROW-D. Zanni: P. Hines: A. Mellor: E. Consalo: I. Proven- zano: E. Consalo: P. Koehler: A. Antonelli: D. Bonato: S. Kruck: G. Vetter. THIRD ROW-L. Barnabei: M. Hol- loway: B. Osborn: B. Hartsell: E. Scalfo: B. Smith: I. Bergamo: M. DeBellis: D. Rudnesky: R. BeKier: L. King. The Future Homemakers of America is one of the largest all-girl organizations in V.H.S., and it is growing in membership every year. Under the capable direction ot Miss Lascari and Mrs. Weylman, the girls of the club sell red and gray souvenir dolls and hold their annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. The mothers are the honored guests, and the refreshments are made by the girls themselves in their home economics classes. I. I. A. The Vineland chapter of the Future Farmers of America, under the direction of Mr. Robert Goodier, Works in conjunction with the agricul- ture classes of Vineland High School. Most ot the members of this organization either live on farms or are studying agriculture and are able to put into practice all the valuable scientific information which they receive at the regular F. F. A. meetings. F. F. A. FIRST ROW-Left to Right-I. Chrzanowski: G. Robinson: I. Nicholas. Pres.: A. Siciliano. V. Pres.: Mr. Goddier: I. Corsiqlia. Sec.: W. Newcomb. Treus.: W. Barsuglia. Reporter: P. Lorentz. SECOND ROW-L. Caregnato: R. Lewis: V. Maurice: A. Weinerman: E. Creamer: D. Deola: A. Corsiglia: L. Aldrich: G. Zorzi: I. Abriola: V. Torchio. L. Key: S. Merloclc: I. Leanzo. THIRD ROW-E. Esposito: K. Wiedmann: N. Mohan: E. Seelman: F. Bosco: E. Cas- tellani: I. Schwartz: D. Kornbuluh: G. Reale: P. Grossi: R. Perugini: P. Ottenheimer: I. Cesare: I. Vassallo: E. Figueroa. FOURTH ROW-I. Nordberg: B. Iohnson: H. Ravitz: E. Fox: P. Deola: C. Frank: E. Adams: I. Bresciano: R. Donato: I. Bieriq: S. Papush. FIFTH ROW-B. Feltes: H. Merciani: I. Farrow: R. Kouhoupt: E. Riley: P. Schwarze: warze: R. Wyckoff: E. Schaper: I. Wozunk: H. Pio. IUNIOR TOWN MEETING FIRST ROW--Lett to Right-M. Bozorth: E Thomas. Treas.: S. Barsky. Pres.: Mr Lipartito: R. Hiiman. V Pres.: M. Koitz Sec: D. Warren. SECOND ROW F Spicer: E. Kahn: A. Gregory: P. Schoeder B. Braustein: S. Ioseph: B. Mayerheld: T. Wemicofi. THIRD ROW M Bienstock: R. Mendellohn: R. Cohen S Greenblatt: D. Buidiclr. IUNIOR RED CROSS FIRST ROW-Left to Right-I. Wagner: Earl DeZutti, Treas.: R. Robinson. Pres.: Mrs. McMicl:ing: A. Gregory. V- Pres.: E. Brotman. Sec.: D. Rudnesky. Reporter. SECOND ROW-P. Cione: I. Hoins: E. Lamannu: D. DePalma: P. Cline: D. Mato: E. Porreca: C. Dutra: G. Bruner. THIRD ROW-I. Iacobson: H. Goliney: S. Wong: I. Shapiro: B. Buck: A. Trucano: I.. Carlson: C. Kalmcmowitz: G. Pierson: P. Schoreder. FOURTH ROW-H. Ravitz: F. Frei- manis: A. Batersby: D. Miles: C. Wisswaesser: I. Ward: D. Philer: S. Wellbrock: R. Otto: I. Bollre: E. Ross: H. Griffith. JIINIIIII RHI IIRIISS This year, the Iunior Red Cross made its debut at Vineland High School under the capable advisorship oi Mrs. McMicking. Led by President Carol Dubivsky, Vice President Anne Gregory, Secretary Elaine Brotman, and Treasurer Earl DeZutti, the members have worked diligently stutt- ing toys and making other contributions to those less fortunate than themselves. This past summer, Carol Dubvisky and Herb Gritiith attended the Red Cross Summer Camp at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. There, they leamed how to conduct a lunior Red Cross Chapter Worthy of the name. Follow this club! They're destined to help make Vineland a better place in which to live. JIINIIIII IIIWN MHIINII On Monday evenings at 7:30, students of Vineland High School have the opportunity to meet with pupils ot other schools ot South Iersey on the lunior Town Meeting of the Air. Besides giving the participants valuable radio experience, it enables them to meet members of other debat- ing societies and obtain their views on the cur- rent local, state, or national problems. Under the excellent guidance oi Mr. Lipartito, the juniors and seniors who make up this organization are taught the art of speechmaking and debating, and cer- tainly a long neglected interest in current events by teenagers has been stimulated. lllll V Hllt I-'IRS'l' ROW-Leit to Right-D. Keene: I. Casella: F. Downie, Treas.: S. Graiif, V. Pres.: Miss Czaplicki: I. Fabbri, Pres.: R. Casiellani, Sec.: V. Meriqhi: A. Verra. SECOND ROW-A. Frasnelli: B. Bonanno: A. Kashubski: B. Muleiro: M. Kouhoupt: B. Griggs: B. Bauer: P. Cola: E. Consalo: A. Vicari: A. Scarpa: R. Lisi. THIRD ROW-M. Como: I. Donoilio: R. Ayres: P. Smead: I. Pinotti: A. Valletta: I.. Iacobucci: D. Sponq: I. Baqliani: I. Mozitis: E. Devlin: I. Galar. FOURTH ROW-M. Maselli: S. Scarpa: H. Deola: I. Green: P. Monaco: C. Derechinsky: D. L' Valle: A. Kumlert. Slllllllrllllll lilllll The Secretarial Club is open to girls who are taking the commercial course and who, some- day, hope to be secretaries. The club's purpose is to prepare the girls and help them get a good idea of what's ahead of them in their chosen career. Their meetings include an induction of officers, an annual party and monthly meetings with guest speakers who tell them about grooming and other things of interest and help to the girls. MllNll0IlAM Clllll The main idea behind the planning of the Monogram Club is to have all the boys who have participated in sports belong to one organization. The only requirement which a boy must have is that he must have won a letter in some varsity sport at Vineland High School. MONOGRAM CLUB FIRST ROW--Leit to Right-P. Silva: G. Torchio. Sec.: L. Aldrich, Pres.: Mr. DiTomo: R. Still, V. Pres.: I. Nicholas. Treas.: F. Chodnicki. SECOND ROW-W. Robinson: O. Panico: B. Reeve: T. Mazzola: I. DeMaio: D. Kornbluh: I. Abriola: S. Stopa: R. Peruqini: A. Trongone: R. Filippi. THIRD ROW-T. Winterburn: P. D'Arrigo: I. Hal- Ierty: R. Dusz: F. Fanucci: F. Hurban: M. Feinberg: D. Saul: I. DiPalma. FOURTH ROW-I. Wozunk: A. Cerione: A. Corrado: E. Severs: F. Osborn: D. Finch: R. Swanson: R. St. Aubyn: R. Mendelsohn. FIFTH ROW-I. Schmuiz: A. Naletko: A. Kronield: C. Verderose: E. Shaper. BWIX XX .- Om M6 Gan! 5, 5' K w W vw f- -'vp' I Q N N' .JW ..s,..r 99 as V. y ,V ' W 4 . lm 'yr- ' 429. ,H .t .f ij Ag J., 'ff'-. . .a A" 'I --., e 'F ss it V if Oops! ! lU0lBAll Despite a disappointing season, Vine- land's football men gave many loyal support- ers lots of thrill and excitement. The record show that the Red and Gray won two games and wound up on the losing side in six others. But the records don't reveal the whole story of this past season. Our boys showed plenty of fight and spirit and, with a slight helping hand from Lady Luck, could have had a wining season. In their second game, after opening with a win over Haddonfield, the Red and Gray suf- fered a shock from which it never quite recov- ered. With less than a minute remaining in the Collingingswood game, a desperation pass gave Vineland a touchdown and a 19-18 lead. But on the ensuing kick-off, a Collingswood back lugged the pigskin 95 yards for a touch- down to give his team a 24-l9 victory. Vine- land fans were petrified by this turn of events, and the team spirit sagged considerably, re- sulting in the loss of the next few games. Against Bridgeton, a nullified Vineland touchdown cost us a victory and enabled Bridgeton to gain a l3-6 win. Then a 32-13 tri- umph over Woodrow Wilson aroused the Vine- land fans and prepared the team for their annual Turkey Day Classic versus Millville. With Millville leading l8-l3, Lady Luck again frowned on the Poultry Clan. Dick Still, who had already scored Vineland's two touchdowns on long runs, raced ESU yards, only to be tackled lU yards short of the goal as the final gun sounded, ending another season of football. FIRST ROW-left to right: T. Winterburn: D. Finch: M. Feinberg: D. Saul: G. Torchio: A. Corrado: F. Osborn: C. Verderose. SECOND ROW-P. D'Arriqo: R. Still: E. Severs: P. Silva: F. Hurban: W. Robinson: F. Fanucci: R. Peruqini: I. Nicholas. Sat Sat Fri. Fri. Sat. Sat. Sat. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1951 Sept. 29 Oct Oct. Oct. Oct. 27 Nov. 3 Nov. 10 Thurs. Nov. 22 Haddonfield Collingswood Pleasantville Camden Atlantic City Bridqeton Woodrow Wilson Millville LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. T. DiTomo. head coach: Mr. N. Walsh: Mr. C. Miniiri: F. Guaciaro. FIRST ROW-I. DeMaio: FI. Robinson: F. Pruno D. Saul: I. Bbriola: B. Peruiqini: I. Nicholas: D Santagata: I. Abramson: M. Feinberg: T. Winter burn. SECOND ROW-B. Iohansen: A. Cerione: I. Wozunk: A. Corrado: I. DePalma: G. Torchio: F. Hurban: F. Fanucci: P. D'An'igo: P. Silva. THIRD ROW-D. Brunozzi: I. Schmutz: D. Still: B. St.Aubyn: E. Severs: F. Osborn: H. Curley: H. Atkinson: D. Finch: E. Schroeder: C. Verde- rose: L. Aldrich. ' U15-'I I .f ,-1.. .xikii . Mp 1 ,Juli I i 9 li SKHBAH Despite the fact that they started the season rather poorly, the Vineland High bas- ketball team captured both the city and Cum- berland County championships and finished the season with a fine record. The Pied and Gray did not show much promise in its first two games, but then Coach Cosh began to employ a new zone defense, and the Poultry Clan started to Win with con- sistency. Captain Phil D'Arrigo was the sparkplug and high scorer of the team. His fighting spirit, drive, reliability, and all-around brilliance held the team together throughout the season. Other seniors on the squad were Frank Fanucci, a deceptive ball-handler and consistent scorer: Mario Tomei, Coach Cosh's number one re- placement until a knee injury forced him out of action in midseasonp and Tom Mazzola, a sec- ond stringer who saw limited action. The other starters, besides D'Arrigo and Fanucci, were a pair of juniors, Larry Aldrich and lohnny Mader, and Chuck Schubert, a sophomore. Next year appears certain to be another fine one for the Bed and Gray since four jun- iors, Kenny Tomasso, Carleton Forbes, Fred Belfi, and Glen Cosh will be back again for another season. LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Mazzolu: M. Tomei: K. Tomusso: F. Belii: F. Y-.xyau NA! 'fy 1 fym. 5 ,ff 'Mx SENIOR BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL F. Fanucci: P. D'Arrigo: I. Stopa: T. Mazzolu: M Tomel Fanucci: G. Cosh: P. D'Arrigo: I. Stopa: I. Mader: C. Forbes: L. Aldrich: C. Schubert: Mr. Cosh, Coach. IQ U K Two more for Phil' Tight spot. Frank? aunts' nlsknnlu The lassies of Vineland High School have shown outstanding ability, as evidenced by this season's fine record. An exciting and memorable time was had by all who saw this unpredictable team in action. Under the capable guidance of Miss Beatrice Stern and Miss Nancy Wisswaesser, the V.H.S. girls have become a threat to all sextettes in South Iersey. Those seniors who will be missed by next year's team are Dorothy Kruysman, Kath- leen Miller, Bertha Smith, Iulia Chroscinski, Elaine Musto, Gloria Snipes, and Florence Downie. GIRLS' VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Kumiert: D. Kruysman: P. Hines: C. Bcxrret: K. Lelli: I.. Alvord: I. Sasedelli: W. Mulder: G. Snipes: P. Lcxnkin: I.. FIRST ROW-left to right: R. St.Aubyn: R Ruberti: D. Luisi: W. Quigley: A. Pedulla: P. Silva: D. Saul: I. Petrini. SECOND ROW-E. Gerg: E. Massuro: DLewis: R. Menzoni: I. Testa: G. Torchio: L. DeMarco: L. Nunziato: R. Peruqini: F. Fanucci: I. Schmutz. The 1951 baseball team had a very suc- cessful season under Coach Nello Dallolio. This team was able to defeat Collingswood twice and in the county series it won three out of four games, defeating Millville twice and Bridgeton once. The record of games won and lost is a good one and the total runs scored by our team for the season, compared to that of Il Sfllllll BASEBALL 4" . :JA WllfSlll IS This year's wrestling season started out under the guiding hand of a new coach, Mr. Robert Schell, who came to us from Mt. View, Wyoming. The team, last year, compiled an ex- cellent record, placing second in South ler- sey by losing to Paulsboro by the narrow score of 25-28, and second in Cumberland County by losing to Millville 45-48. In state competition, Dave Kornbluh and Finest Reaves were in the finals. The team, this year, experienced a good season with Bob Dusz and Ted Winter- burn, two of the outstanding seniors, and Dave Kornbluh and Finest Reaves, the out- standing juniors. The team was exception- ally well balanced and maintained the same excellent record set by last year's team. VARSITY WRESTLING FIRST ROW-left to right: G. Robinson: M. Caprice: R. Dusz: F. Reeves: S. Reaves: SECOND ROW-M. Schell, Coach: G. Torchio: I. Collins: T. Winterburn: I. Wozunk: A. Corrado. our opposition, is much in our favor. These sta- tistics speak well for our team defensively as well as offensively. Last year's graduation was felt keenly, leaving many positions open to new candi- dates. In spite of lack of experience the team is looking forward to a very successful season. XXI 7 f.,-ij T' ' .M 1 V"SxeLll NkEL4ll ,vita-A , 'k.fl.4,Q Q 3 42 we Aw M T" If I ww - A '.-f , I 2 ns- s rg 1 1 . - s,. - Y i t I X 3 . ,. ' ' ...,,.- 9.3 y IRACK With the beginning of spring, one may walk out into the stadium after school and find Mr. Cosh putting this year's prospective track team through its paces, in preparation for future meets between other schools in South Iersey. These grueling practices-consist of running, jumping, vaulting, throwing the discus and iavelin, and shotputting. In spite of track's being one of the few sports in V. H. S. that doesn't receive much recognition, each year's team grows larger and larger. In order to pop- ularize this sport more, a field day or Red and Gray Day, as it is called, was inaugurated in V. H. S. Much preparation is given to this day. The school is divided into two teams: each team makes banners depicting its theme and marches into the stadium. Here, contests be- tween both teams are held, with the name of the winning team inscribed each year on a plaque that is placed in the lobby of our school. TENNIS This year's tennis team, under the watch- ful eye oi Coach Norman Krapf, again com- pleted a successful season. Phil D'Arrigo, who was also top man of last year's team, received much competition with the return of Tommy Mazzola, Ronald Swanson, and Ralph Mendel- sohn-all varsity players who tried for first place. Tennis, unlike most sports, is played by the individual rather than the team and is a sport in which skill can be acquired by con- stant practice. This game teaches the player how to think quickly and demands coordination of all parts of the body with split-second tim- ing. It is a game in which many hours of pleasure can be held by anyone who, with some practice, can become an acceptable player. I A. vu 5 slit' 4 TRACK FIRST ROW-Left to Right-F. Chodniclzi: F. Fanucci: O. Panico: M. Caprice: S. Marcucci: L. Johnson: F DiLeonardo: I. Hallerty. SECOND ROW-Clarion Cosh Coach: I. Buglio: R. Boston: A. Sherma: H. Krause: G. Adams: M. Binstock: I. Wozunk: A. Naletko: M Tirelli: L. Aldrich: I. Stopa: A. Kronield: I. Nicholas: A. Woschenko: E. Schaper: I. Distefano: R. Filippi: R. Donato. Manager. TENNIS FIRST ROW-Left to Bight--T. Mazzola: D. Tirell: R. Swanson. SECOND ROW-D. Cline: M. Dougherty: on . Mr. Krapf, C ch. P. W2 'ff q Q, ef Q ec-5, 5'-ft A 152.5 l ' f .!,, freaky- r .QM XZA 'ig ,A- 'fijif' 'mir'- lWIRllRS The twirling corps was headed this year oy the head majorette, Rita Castellani. The corps under the supervision of Miss Stern has come up with many new routines this year. They led the band at football games and performed at half time. They also marched in parades in various towns in this area, winning a prize in one of them. Their syncopated clock routine was a favorite of many spectators who saw them do it. They have done a wonderful job, and they are a credit to our school. CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW-Lelt to Right-B. Castelli: A. Trucano. Head: I. Tirell. SECOND ROW-P. Thornborrow: S. Campbell: E. Boston: G. Stiqnani: C. Micheletti. A fo 4 ' '.,' ZF l Ne-,iffy- 'gil "'s,JY -'-N-X, L'.,.f ,ao nliQ',,f4 ., 1Vg,,6- TWIRLING CORPS R. Castellcmi, Head Maiorette. FIRST ROW-Lett to Right -M. Conto: K. Bracco: I. Clark: S. Graifi. SECOND ROW -D. Keen: R. Ayres: W. Dewinne: F. Barber. THIRD ROW-E. Siciliano: I. Andersen: D. Dandrea: M. Sasdelli. FOURTH ROW--I. Quigley: M. Smith: K. Donato: C. Wiss- avaesser: R. Robinson: N. Rial: S. Scarpa. EHllRll DERS Without this peppy group of guys and gals, there would definitely be something lacking at all the sporting events in Vineland High. Under the sponsorship of Miss Nancy Wiss- wasser and captained by Angele Trucano, this squad of cheerleaders takes part in all the Red V-Day assemblies, all the pep rallies, and espe- cially the annual Red cmd Gray Day. Of course, they are a feature at all basketball and football games, both home and away. tx. Wg 4+ ' , 'Q' ' out 15x s 1:1 .hiatt A tig wil EEiilh: ,yd ,L ..,. , :Q- gs? C., 'int V XX 6 9 -Q I Zaialw iw, ,SQQG iakmmuu gm3'lI3w liw1,,,,,, WWW swf' if ,W I A Anna Kashubsln and Lou Cullen are cute Manlyn Kogtz and Dxck Masxlottx are qood actors .24 COI1'll9!ete cane -- Sonya Bax-sky and Elm Rldolh wxll Kathleen Mlller and Dlck Shll are good succeed athleles Sarah Scarpa and Eddxe Hu-sch are 104111 DOUQHENY Gnd Ted wlnlefbufn good lookmg are onqmal 339.3 mf S3135 kgdms WS Q32 im Mm ml-6 me ggi- Iean Casella and Frank Fanuccl emoy Iuumta Canm and Alex Naletko are SonYU BUTSICY Und Mike Guida have G dancing congenial B0nq ln lhell' hearts 84 le ,. . My K f,Z ff gb K H ,,,W,,,,,, V Q, ' I k ,, If ff ' ' .. iff f ,Xl l Q f Q W "W2'A' f gf K msc X. - l l , of sv V i X 2 . KK WI ii 1,52 v,,L I X wig Q re 3 Y Q QQQQQ ,K e f A k- ' fgfoclucla Dol Kruysman and Greg Torchlo are a Dorothy Spong and Lou Cullen have Angle Vallelia and Andy Corrado co cute couple outstandmg personalllles operate '55 Mary Bozorlh and Frank Austmo are lean Casella and Mxke Guxda dress Mxldred Smith and Frank I-'cmuccx are the class lhrls well popular R. Glorxa Cenone and Ted Wmlerbum are typxcal semors l 1 l , ffl, -5 l N-.2 5 as em inidcing In September, of the leap year l948, Vineland High School received a class of fright- ened and bewildered freshmen-Our Class. That first day at high school is one that will linger on and on in our memories. Do you re- member that uneasiness down deep inside? We didn't dare let the upperclassmen know that we didn't know where we were going! Very proud, we were, to refuse those elevator tick- ets . . . , The "Cresci Girls" quickly sprang up, and their song was being heard everywhere . . . The girls never expected those coral-colored gym suits . . . Miss Wiss was also new at V. H. S. . ., . Phil D'Arrigo was our freshman president, Rich Masilotti helped out at V. P., Elio and Ioan Cheli were Treasurer and Secre- tary, respectively . . . Mr. Minifri's history class was a different experience . . . Mike Guida will never forget Mr. Homiak's World History class . . . We were always on our toes for Algebra I . . . The first Student Council meeting was an exciting event . . . Do you remember that class-room scene assembly that a few freshman girls gave? The "perfect" students were Gloria Cerione, Marilyn Koitz, Gladys Bruner, Sonya Barsky, Sandra Ioseph, and the teacher was Dorris Warren . . . We had a great class of athletes already -Ted, Tony Trongone, and Iohnny Stopa were good in wrestling . . . Phil was an outstanding tennis player . . . Nine freshmen represented girls' basketball . . . Andy and Dick Still played football-Phil was a little small then, remem- ber? . . . We were also outstanding in cross country and track . . . Out for baseball that year were Lou Cullen, Frank Fanucci, Don Saul, and Greg . . . And, of course, Phil played bas- ketball . . . Remember when the history classes went to see the Freedom Train? Wow, was it cold that day! . . . Angele Trucano was selected as a cheerleader . . . Don't forget Mr. Merli who took Miss Mendico's place while she was traveling in Italy . . . Much to everyone's sur- prise, Truman was again elected President . . . The Vineland-Millville football game was a thriller . . . Among the top song hits were, "It's Magic," "Again," and "Buttons and Bows" . . . T. V. was becoming popular . . . Honors were brought to our class in public speaking when Marilyn Koitz captured first prize and Phil D'Arrigo won second place in the contest . . . Many from our class were seen in "Gym Night" . . . Poor Sonya was con- fined to her bed with measles that night . . . Didn't we all used to envy the seniors when Mr. Arnade joked with them during fourth period lunch? . . . The boys remember "Augie" Fioc- chi's jokes . . . Also the early morning basket- ball practices . . . Were we relieved when the T. B. patch tests were over! . . . The first Red and Gray Day was held-a truly exciting ex- perience marching around to the stadium . . . The Grays were victorious that year . . . When we had completed those first never-to-be-for- gotten exams, we realized that one of our high school years was now behind us, and we looked forward to the following September when we would return as "Sophs" . . . We were Sophomores now-We sud- denly felt like a more important part of the school and we made our presence known . . . When we attended the football games, we saw Andy Corrado bringing glory to our class on the field, and Rita, Midge, Sarah, Raffia, Sylvia, Roberta, "Duffy," and Faye strutting their stuff in the twirling corps . . . We had loads of fun selling elevator tickets to the freshmen and di- recting them to classrooms such as ll4, 301, etc .... And now we even had enough courage to enter the "Rec" . . . There were lots of new faces, expres- sions, and events . . . Mr. DiTomo was'a new gym teacher, and introduced the gruesome game called "Miami murder" . . . Mr. Lipartito was among the new English teachers and took charge of room l09, a soph homeroom . . . Miss Dallago and Miss DeMaio were practice teachers in French and Spanish, respectively, and were well liked by all . . . A new comedian on T. V. was incomparable, Milton Berle, and some of his jokes and expressions became favorites-especially with Miss Stern . . . That was the year when the annex burned down . . . remember all the excitement over the fire, and the crowds that gathered around the ashes to see their burnt instruments and uniforms . . . Those who took College English that year had a rough time keeping track of who their teacher was . . . We really had an assort- ment, didn't we? . . . lt seemed as though the flow of substitutes would never end until Miss Scott, or "Scotty" as she was known among her students, came along . . . Remember her flame- red hair and her favorite expression-"Great SCOttl" . . . About the beginning of December, 1949, we picked our new sophomore officers . . . Frank Chodnicki surprised all by winning the election and becoming our new Pres . . . Midge became our new Veep, with "Dee" Bruge as Secretary and Shirley Bowers handling our finances . . . Remember how silly the girls from 205 looked when they failed to sell as many Hi- Spots subscriptions as did Mr. Lehocky's men, and had to wear their clothes backward for a whole day . . . Embarrassing, wasn't it, girls?. . . Phil brought honor to our class by his fine playing on the varsity basketball team . . . And Frank Fanucci proved his ability on the diamond . . . There was also Bob Dusz, a new- comer to our class, who showed his skills at wrestling . . . Then there were the Public Speak- ing Contests, too . . . Marilyn won first prize in the girls' competition for the second straight year, and Dodo gained honorable mention, and Phil came away with second prize among the boy orators . . . The class was also proud of Elaine, Dot, Iulia, Kathleen, Bertha, and Snip- Snap for their fine appearance on the girls' basketball squad . . . At the annual Semi-Formal that year, our own Sarah was crowned "Oueen," and made the front page of the Times Ioumal . . . And while on the subject of dances, remember "Cabaret Night" -the last accomplishment of the Drum and Bugle Corps . . . One event that will always be unforget- able is our Sophomore Party-a huge success indeed . . . Remember Midge's famous Hula Hula dance . . . And lohn L's men capturing the "Oscar" with a hilarious rendition of the "Light- house Keeper's Daughter," starring "Happy," Phil, Ronnie, and Don Tirrell . . . When Don crossed the river and forgot to get in the boat first . . . Then as the end of the school year ap- proached, the annual Red and Gray Day was held, amid all its excitement and rousing dis- play of color and team spirit . . . When the Grays won for the second straight year . . . Finally Iune rolled around again and we departed from our school and our friends for another summer vacation . . . Looking forward to returning as upperclassmen . . . The fall of 1950 welcomed the class of '52 back to Vineland High School on a more serious note than the previous year. During the summer, the Korean War had begun and many more fellows in uniform were seen about . . . The coming of the junior year also started us thinking about our own futures and the many books and catalogues in the Guid- ance Office along with the Headliner were put to good use . . . We chose to mastermind our Junior year Phil, who sat in the driver's seat with Rich as Vice President, Diane was Secre- tary, and Iecrn, our Treasurer . . . Diane was also selected as a twirler . . . Bewildered boys were emerging from the Physics Lab . . . Mr. Krapf was collecting quite o bit of money by catching qum-chewers and over-talkative students . . . Mr. Kammer's Eng- lish classes started to compare his art to that of Picasso . . . The magazine sales resulted in Cresci's Girls winning "Oscar" and not long after that, the cards began to inundate us . . . The measurement of rmgs ra1sed the quesuon of whlch one to buy Along about that trme a few of the more popular tunes were If Too Young Tennessee Waltz and My Heart Crres for You Dean Martrn and Ierry Lewrs started to attract attentron on T V E11o was elected pres1dent of the state assocratron of stu dent councrls One of the greatest of all showmen A1 Iolson passed on Marrlyn won f1rst prrze and Dodo honorable ment1on 1n the Pubhc Speakmg Contest whlle Phll won and grrls too became hot rodders as soon as the r1pe old age of seventeen was reached The Spot opened at the east end of town and became a new hangout for many of us The Math Tournament found V H S berng rep resented by Art Marllyn Sonya Ralph Relnler Bobbt and Brooks as they Journeyed to Temple Unlversrty Consolrdatron fever began to become notrcealole rn town Senate Cr1me Investtga tron brought about the popularrty of Senator Kefauver as they were shown on TV for the frrst tlme You know rt was the most com mon expressron heard about school General MacArthur s removal from Korea and h1s return to the U S started a new controversy between the Repulolrcan and Democratrc factrons Honor was brought to Vrneland Hlgh when the Grrls Basketball Team came home wrth the South lersey Champlonshlp Was the llttle ed hat the cause of th1s'? The Spanrsh Club p1cn1c was dampened slrghtly by ram As an mnovatron and rn place of the Jumor play the f1rst R1ng Dance was held at V H S Results of the Student Counc1l elect1on showed Elro as Presrdent Rrch as V1ce Presldent Mldge became Secretary and Teddy was the of'f1c1a1 money holder lnductron of Honor SOC19lY lncluded Dodo E11o Manlyn R1Ch Ralph Mrdge Mano Dot Rermer and Angre as new members One of the marn hlghlrghts of our Junror year was the lumor Senror Prom and 1ts Clnderella Theme whlch was qulte cute Ted Dodo and Don had qu1te a blt of trouble fmdrng a pumpkrn for the centerprece Frances Genovese was crowned Crnderella Bob and some of h1s buddles had a httle trouble wrth the car Frank Fanuccl d1s played outstandrng athlet1c abrhty by w1nn1ng our letters and Phrl prcked up three For the frrst trme rn qu1te a few years the weather rnter fered w1th commencement exercrses and 1t was eld the followrng nrght Durmg the summer some of us worked or went on vacatrons some travelers of our class were Sonya Mrdge and Rrta who repre sented V H S at Grrls State R1ch and Lou drd 11kew1se at Boys State E110 went to Massachusetts to attend the Student Counc1l Conventron We worked and We played Wllh one common goal 1n mrnd to return to V1ne- land I-lrgh School as Senrorsl I How proud we were when we walked tnto our new homeroom the audrtorrum We knew that thrs was to be OUR year and we were determmed to make OUR class the best hat had ever graduated from V H S As we glance back at those days somehow were a brt nostalgrc Do you remember those f1rst days of school? Nancy surpnsed everyone wrth her new shape Sarah s suntan was beaut1ful and those engagement rtngs the grrls were wearrngl We couldnt wart for the f1rst assembly so that we The Senrors of V H S could walk up the arsles ahead of the underclassmen Many of the 11tt1e thmgs rematn so V1V1d Shootre Naletko and h1s uke at the magazlne assembly The day brg Dolores Bruge pulled the 1nd1cator out of place 1n the drrver trarnrng car The day Mr M1n1fr1 walked 1nto the grrls gym class and couldnt walt to leave the gym could be that he was embar rassedl The spectacular Collrngswood foot ball game when we were defeated 1n the last tif I - ,fi M - ' I ' ' h ' A . . . 'V 1 ' ' 7 '- xx , , ' 3 . . . I I - - - . . l A I ' 1:5 ' -xx I . . I - u n n n I ' ' ' ' I I l l I I D , l I . ' I I . . ., . ' ' ' of second rn the Boys' Contest . . . A few boys ffl our Inffnds ' ' ' The Svfpflse appearance. ll Il V ' I I . . . I I j ' ' ' , . I I I I I . I I W 1 - A - l 1 l ll I ll . ' T ,, . . , J ' 1 I I I I I l I I I I I I ' , , seconds . . . Dick Still's terrific run for a touch- down which almost won the Thanksgiving game for us . . . The songs we were singing- "Unforgettable," "Tell Me Why," "Sin," and "Cry." This was the year that Iohnny Ray, The Four Aces, and Les Paul were in the limelight . . . When Ioe DiMaggio announced his retire- ment . . . VVhen the truce talks in Korea lasted for months and months . . . Vlfhen the girls or- ganized the SOR . . . When the Sigma-Smoka- Recka Sorority was formed . . . The New Year's Eve parties, especially Marilyn Buglio's . . . Nancy's parties and the delicious spaghetti dinner she prepared . . . When the "Shrimp Boats" made their debut . . . Mr. Starkey's visits to his closet that spelled T-E-S-T, and we knew itl . . . Ted's escapades in French class that were so hilarious. The day the boys gave Madame Donaghay apples, and Ted gave her a can of apple sauce . . . The day the yearbook pictures arrived-such commotion and cries of agony in the auditorium! They say that the camera never lies!! . . . When we took College Boards . . . When Dick got his "Olds 98" and Mike his Hairconditioned den" . . . When E1io's Packard made so many Student Council trips . . . When the boys were initiated into the Mono- gram Club and wore such outrageous outfits . . . When we almost didn't have a Semi and Miss Stern answered our SOS . . . Vtfhen Sonya Bar- sky, Phil D'Arrigo, Marion Vallero, Ieannette Fabbri, Rita Castellani, and lean Casella were accepted in the National Honor Society . . . There was lots of work attached to being a senior . . . Many hours were spent at year- book meetings, discussing and writing, so that ours might be the best Record ever published . . . There were days when the work just piled up, but somehow everything worked out, and we were mighty proud of the book . . . Will we ever forget our senior play, "Men Are Like Streetcars?" . . . Deep in our memories are Mr. Arnade's piano playing, 5 Mary Bozorth's constant munching on an apple, Marilyn and Dick and the spanking scene, Sonya's laughing at her own lines, and how Dodo and cues never got along . . . Finally our play was presented for so many people and we were a success, Mr. Arnade had helped us to make a fine name for the Class of "52 . . . At last spring rolled around and before we knew it, there were exams and the prom . . . The prom with all its lovely decorations and the wonderful time we all had. Somehow, when we left the gym, there was a lump in our throats when we realized that this was to be our last high school prom . . . Then there were com- mencement rehearsals and our Washington trip . . . We'll never forget the aching feet and tired bodies at the end of the day, but somehow there was still enough energy left in us to keep us awake practically all night-laughing cmd joking. With bags under our eyes, we returned home happily saying that the trip was one of the best times of our lives . . . At last the day to which we'd been look- ing forward for four years arrived-commence ment! Somehow it wasn't so happy as we thought it would be, because we suddenly realized how completely wonderful our four years at Vineland High had been. As we tumed our red tassels, a little tear sparkled in our eyes, but we quickly wiped it away because We had faith in our classmates-the future Mr. and Mrs. America-the Class of l952! ,-.ffffg f O s I .' t 1 ,ll ' K Q v 5 s fwf I I , 4-Ja tw AL' n E X ' ' 4 . ff X Q N-,Z WN Kali 00 fr, Cx-xavx aww as Q4 .' QYQQQNP 455 N , QA K V VW K Qs THMUS A- p NEW TEACHILQ SW N 5 O 5559? 'MQ ff ER oy5 Home E Q XZ w H mm WANN A EE A IBOOSTQAR KYB '? 5' Qmg. mums ...J Fog E me 3 THE NEW Home TAN 'J V gif if 1 A I J i s ,lf ' zen 3 ' ' A ' 9 Abatl R. Abati R Abatr Rrchard Abrrola Ioseph Abnola Joe Abba Mary Abramson Ierry Adams Bobby Adams Dorothy Iane Adams Edgar Adamo Mrss Florence M Adams Mrss Florence M Adams Adams Adams Adams Adams Adams Adams Adams Adams Adams Gene H Harold M Mr Harold Llda Mrs Mrs Myrtle Robert Robert I Rose Vrrgrnxa A Mr 6 Mrs Welhngton A Fnend Agostml I Agoshnl Ioseph Agostrm Ioyce Agostrm Mrs E Albano Anna Albnght Harnet Aldrich Larry Alexander Elberta Alexander Ellen Alexander Mabel Allenburg Lours Altrmarr Raylxeld Alvmo Iennre Alvmo Ienny Amadex George Amadre George Amadex Gorgre Ir Ambrose Dolores Ambrose PaulI Ambrose Mr G Mrs Thos Andersen ane Andersen Anderson Agda Anderson IohnE Andreolr Mr 61 Mrs Andrews Helene Angle Ida Angle Sylvia Antonellr Mr 61Mrs Angelo Antonellr Mr 6Mrs Amerlco Antonellr Anna Antonellx Basll Antonelll Mane Arata Iack Archetto Vrncent Ardrto Mr 61Mrs joseph Ardrto Marxe Aronl Mr 6Mrs A Arpmo Celeste Arpmo Catherxne Artre s Service Station Ashlmger Mr GMrs H A Atkrnson Rev L G Atklnson Ronald Aulen Mr 61Mrs WalterE Aultlo Paul Augustin: Iohn Austrno Mrs Angle Avenr Torn Ayers Mrss Dolores Ayres Drck Ayres Roberta Babbxtt Sharon Baclgalxupo Irene Bacrgalxupo Rxchard Badarracco Helen B00 Baglxanr Ianet Baldwin Mr 6Mrs Ierone Baldwin Paul Baldwln Phyllis Mae Baletto Marie Ballrn Mr Jack Ballurlu M Irm Ir Ballurlom Mr Iun Ir Balsamo Mr Arthur Balsamo Mrs Betty Barbaglra Mary Iane Barbaglra Samuel Barbarotto Ioan Barbarotto Ioyce Barbarotto Mr 6Mrs Nlck Barber Mrs Ieanette Bardleld Elmer Bardteld Sandra Barnabel Lrlllan Barnabel Mrs M Barrett Brll Barse Mr GMrs Perry Barsky Donald Barsky Mr 61Mrs Sol Barsky Sonya Barsky V1ctorFranklm Barsuglra Walter Baruth Mr 6Mrs Albert Barullx Anxta Baruflr Mr 6Mrs Gmo Baruffr Mary Bascone Ronnre Bashore Pat Basrle Frank Basrle Nancy Bassano Don Battelrnr Mr 6Mrs Aleslo Battersby Mr Charles Battersby Iane Battestelllna Peter Battrstmr Mr 6Mrs Domrnrck Battxshm Gloria Battxshnt Ioseph Bauer Davrd Bauer Brll Ir Beabes Mrs Mrnnxe Beat: Elaxne Becker Adrxenne Becker Iulla Becktold Anne Behlxng Pat Bell Leo Bell Mr W Belli Fred Belen Mr 6Mrs I E Bellamy Mr 61Mrs George Bender Rev 6Mrs Gordon Bennett Elrzabeth Bennie G Txllxe Benvenutr Andy Berg Egon Berg Mr 81Mrs George Bergamo Mr GMIS Albert Bergamo Corma Bergamo Irene H Berkowrtz Dlane Berkowitz Mr 6Mrs George Berkowitz Mr 61Mrs Israel Berkowrtz udy Berkowrtz Myer Berman Marilyn Bernard Russell Bernx Mr 6rMrs Allred Bern: Vince Bernr Mr GMIS Wilbur Bernoscom Irene Bertx Iean Bertolla Louxs Bertolla Danrel Bertonahlu Ellen Bertuzzr Anita TERS Bertuzxl Claude Betino Mr GMrs Dom Blanco Mike Blanco Dommck Brehl Eddre Brllrck Mr 6Mrs Edward Bmtz Clara Brntz Paul Bmtz Rae Anne Brnoco Irene Blondi Mrs Anna Brondr A W Brondr Mr 6Mrs Ioseph Brondr Theresa Brrd Mr 6Mrs PaulC Blsacqumo Iean E Brsblng Edwm Brerrg Allred Bishop Betty Francis Blakesley Forrest A Blarr Brll Blmn Lennore Blxzzard Ruth Blick Phyllrs Blunt Benny Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Mrs Elxzabeth R Harold rm oan oyce Lrllran Browne Dave Brudrck Iune Bruge Larry Bruge Mr 61Mrs LaurenceL Brundage Mr 6Mrs Paul Bruner Mr 61Mrs Earle Burdick Iune Brunetta Rita Brunozzr Anthony Brunozzx Domrmck Brunozzr Helen Brunozzx Mengo Brunozzr Rrclu Brunozzr Samuel Buclrholz Trudy Bucky Buglro Pauline Bugllo Buglxo Mr Cono ohn Boarman Ronald Boccxellr Pat Bodenstern Bodenstern Bodenstern Bodenstenn Bodenstexn Mr GMrs Abe Beth Lynn Mr G1Mrs Sam Steve Mr 61Mrs William Bonanno Iames Bonanno Iohnny Bonato Mr G Mrs Iohn Bonato Iohn Bonato Mr 6Mrs Pete Bongrorno Santo Bonnano Ixmmy Bononcrm Mr 6Mrs Ned Boorman Ronald Borden Edward Bosco Frank Boston Mr GMrs Eugene Boston Rrchard Botbyl Margie Bowden Mary Bowers Mr 6Mrs Ernest Bowers Marty Boyce Mxss Mezzre Bozarth Irmmy Bozarth Mr 6Mrs Frank Bozarth Mr 6Mrs Frank Bozarth Mary Grace Bracco Louis Ir Bracco Mr 6 Mrs Lours Bracco Kathleen Brardr Mr 61Mrs Iohn Brarnard Charlie Ir Buglro Lucy Bugllo Mane Bullock Sallxe Bullock Sally Bundohuh Carolrne Burch Woodrow Burdrck Donald Burdick Mr 61Mrs HarryI Burns Betty Butterworth Charlotte Butterworth Stephen Caccaro Ioe Calabrese Alexander Ir Calabrese Art B H S Calabrese Iohn Calabrese Mr GMrs Sam Calta Tony Campbell B111 Campbell Ed Campbell Eddre Campbell Sally Capebranco Rocco Camino Mr Ioseph Capellr Anna Mane Capellr Gibbs Capellr Paulme Caprzola Mr 61Mrs Angelo Campregher Helena Campregher Mr 6Mrs Michael Carano Carl Cannx Leroy Carrru Mr GMrs Raymond Carlluzzo Mr GMrs Sam Brcnnard Mr GMrs Charles Braxnard Mary Ann Braxnard Robert C Branca Rose Braunstem Mr G Mrs Bress Mr Brrggs Barbara Brode Barbara Caprxse Carlson Mrckey Linnea Carney Mr 61Mrs A G Carney Dorothy M Carney Rosahe Carol and Ioe Carpenter Brll Carpenter Elxzabeth G Brode Brode Brode Brode Brode Brode Helen Helen Lawrence Norma Mr 6Mrs Raymond Mr 6Mrs Theodore Broeren Peter Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Bob Mrs C E Mr 6Mrs H Rxchard Mr GMI! Wxllram Brosh Mr 61Mrs Robert Brotman Elarne Brown Anne 93 Carpmettr Mr Frank Carr Dor1sS Casaccl Mr 6Mrs Paul Casaccr Ir and Daughter Mr 61 Mrs Paul A Cascarella Gerry Casella Angle Casella Ioe Casella Mr GMrs Pete Cassxsl Mr 61Mrs Joseph Cassrsr Mrs Manetta Castellanx Edward Castellam Mr SMrs Ioe Castellanx Rrta Castellani Velxa A . . . . . ' 1 1 1 I , 1 1I I ' 1 . a I ' - 1 1 . . . . . - 1 . . . . . ' 1 1 1 . .. 1 . . . . . .. . . 1 ' 1 1 I I ' ' u , , , 1 . . . ' 1 1 . 1 . . . . 1 . . . . . , , . ' I 1 0 a I . . . . . 1 , 1 . . 1 . 1 1 - . . . . . 1 . . . . . . . 1 I ' . . . . . . . . 1 1 1 . . . . . 1 . . ' ' ' 1 I I 1 1 . . . . ' I 1 1 1 - - . . . . . . . 1 , . .. . . .I I l 1 1 ' 1 , . - . . . , . . 1 , . . - , . , , , . . . . . 1 I ' . . . , . . . . . . . . , , 1 ' 1 u - - . . . . . . C . . . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . . ,r . . . , , . . . 1 . . . . . 1 I I Bauer. Annette 1 1 - Camp, Mxllre 1 s 1 s 1 ' ' , . . .I - - 1 I 1 a ' ' ' ,I1m . . - , , 1 . . , - . . 1 ' I ' I ' , . . . .Ir. , ' , 1 . . ,Sr. . . . ' ' ' 1 1 . , . 1 ' 1 1 0 1 1 1 I 4 1 0 ' ' 1 . . 1 1 1 . ' ' ' I . I 1 1 1 , . . 1 ' 1 1 1 , . 1 ' ' ' 1 . . ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 , 1 a s 1 ' 1 1 I I ' ' s . 1 1 1 - ' ' ' 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' . , . 1 1 s e 1 1 ' 1 I 0 s ' ' ' I I 1 s 1 s e ' ' - ' - - 'J . , . . .Sr. I Q ' , . 1 -1 ' I ' 1 1 4 1 Q 0 I . . , 1 . . . 1 , . , 1 1 1 1 I , 1 1 I I .1 e 4 - 1 1 u l I ' ' I I 1 u 1 a I ' ' B , , . . , , , . . . , , 1 1 1 I ' ' I I I ' I I ' I Castellr Barbara Caterma Mr 61Mrs Caterrna Arlene Caterrna Mr 6Mrs Gene Caterrna Manon Catenna Russ Caterina Sue Cavagnaro George Cavagnaro George Cavagnaro Ieanette Cavagnaro Walter Cavalier Anthony Carbonero Paul Cecero Tony BOOSTERS Costa Ioseph Cook Mrs L D Cosh Glen Coupler Mr GMrs Courter Iohn Wrlson Cox Dolores Cox Lorraine Creamer Alrce Creamer Ioyce Crescr Andrea Crescx Mrs Anthony Crescr Denrse Crescr Rrta Crescrtelh Mr GMrs Ioseph Cerrone Mrs Carolrne Cerlone Mr GMrs FrankC Cenone Mr 6Mrs George Cerrone Marlon Cerrone Rose Mane Cernlgharo Antonio Cerrato Anthony Cerrato Mr 6Mrs F Cerrato Michael Cerrato Nrcholas Cesare Ioseph Catalano Frances Casaccr Helen Cesare Mr GMrs Ioseph Cesare Mr Steve Capner LouW Cessennr Louxe Cesserrnr Mano Chamrnrngs Mr Theodore Chrnnlcr Anthony Chmnicr Bart Chodnickl Mr GMrs Stanley Chroscrnskr Mr 6Mrs Edga Chroscmskr Marie Ciancarelh Mr GMrs S Ciarlante Anthony Ir Crarlante Salvator Crtalagho Mrchael Crmarosse Tony Clark Carl Cinottr Rudy Clone Pearl Crraolo Charles Crstanzo Mrs Charles Clark Clark Clark Clark Clme Clme Clme Cheryl Lynne Ianet Lyman M Marlon Donald Freddie Patty Cocclo Ray Codone Lou Coffrn Mr 6Mrs Cottm Grace Cohen Robert Cola Cola Cola Cola Donald Irene Mr 6 Mrs Nrcholas Pepsr Compataro Dom Compatare Margie Confalone Mr 6Mrs Samuel Conan Patrrcra Consalo Mr 6Mrs Frank Consalo Elsle Consalo Frank Ir Consalo Maurrce Consalo Ronald Cont: Mrs Rose Contnno Mr 6Mrs Anthon Conto Margre Cook Iean Coreen Mr GMrs A Cosseta Carolyn Cook Kemp Cosseta Mr 61Mrs Charles Cosseta Mr GMES Ioseph Crust Iean Cross Mrs James Crown Market Crudele Bea Cucrnotta Iosephl Cuprnr Ioe Cuplni Mane Cupini Norma Cupinl Vrrginia Curclo Charles Curly Harry Curliss Iohn Curlrss Sarah Curry Mrs Marry Cullen Lou Cunnrt! Willram Cutler Allen Dale Mr 6Mrs Lou Dali Robert E Dalesandro Mr 6Mrs Dom Dalesandro Frank tMcCoyl Dalesandro Mane Dalesandro Thomas tSonnyl Dand Tootsie Dandrea Dolores Dandrea Frank D Angelo Antoinette Danna Mr Solve Darprno Anthony D Arrrgo Art D Arrrgo Mr 6Mrs Thomas Daugherty MlchaelA D Augustrne Carman Dave and Shirley Davenport Teresa David Eddie Davidson Raymond Dawson Iesse Dae Oscar Dean Watson Debbr Mr 61Mrs Mrchael Debellrs Margaret De Brase Mane De Brase Mane De Drllo Mrldred Loxs DeFel1ce Brmbo De Faclo Mr Andrew De Gregorro Mane De Gregorro Phyllis Deliope F E De Leo Anthony D lorlo Dons DeLuca Miss Anna DeLuca Mrss Anrornette DeLuca Vrnce DeLua1o Mrs Louis DeMatte Shirley DeMatteo Ioe De Matteo Dave Deola Damel Deola Iohn Peter Deola Mr 6Mrs Paul Deolar Paul Ir De Palma Robert De Pasquale Mary Derr Iane Desrere Dee Dee Deslere Louise Desrere Mr 61Mrs Phrllp Dessaner Kurt De Stefano Albert De Stetano Ioe De Stetano Frank Develde Buddy Develde Dan Daver Iack DeWrnme George T De Wlnme Wray De Witt Eleanor De Zuttt Anthony A De Zuttt Mrs Lene De Zuttt Mrs Lourse De Zuttt Rose Mane Drcken Pat DrDomenico Lester DrDomemco Mary DeG1ovacchtno Mr GMrs Danny Dr Leanarco Frank Di Matteo lda Dr Matteo Sarah Dr Matteo Theresa Drnshah Noshervan Dinshah Sarosh Dt Pace Mr Vmcent D1Pasquale Mrke D1Persla Iean D lppohte Mr 6Mrs S E D lppolito Albert Drppohto Rose Marne Dxllrbas Mr GMrs Ralph D1 Stefano Steve DrTomo Anthony II DrTomo Mr 61Mrs A Drzutti Ioseph Donato Kathryn Donato Ioe Donato Ralph Doerr Buck Doerr Connie Donley Carol Donley Mr 6Mrs A L Donn Mr 6Mrs Charles Donn. Paul W P F C Donotllo Donotllo Donzola Donzola Donzola Donzola Ianet Pa Butch Eddy Ioseph Ir Mr 6Mrs Ioseph Dorr Harold E D Ottavlo Ronald D Ottavro Susan Dougherty Alrce Dougherty Mr GMrs Harold A M Dougherty Mr G Dougherty Ioan rs Harold I DeLuzro De Malo De Malo Olga oe Shirley De Marco Clara De Marco Mr Lours De Marco De Marco De Marco De Marco en Mr 6 Mrs Paul Sam DeMatte Mr 6Mrs Dave Downie Arlene Downie Florence Downre Iaclr Dowme Mrs ohn Downs Rrch Drxve ln Stewarts Drogan Stevre Drogeo Phyllrs Drogo Carolyn Dutty Ioan 94 Duffy Clarre Duliy W1ll1amI Durham Elmer Durham Rose Dusz Mrs D Dutra Carolyn Dutra Iohnny Dyess H Eckle Mrllte Eddre and Dolores Eddie and Shrrley Edelsteln Eddie Edelstem Mr GMrs Nathan Edelstem Mr 6Mrs Stanley Edge Evelyn Edwards Ianlce Egxzx Clara Elbeut Mr 61Mrs Ioseph Elbeut Mr 61Mrs Peter Elie Rose Lee Ellenbrock Mrs C Elhs Mr 6Mrs RobertW Ermgholz Mr 6Mrs E Entrrken Judy Errckson Spencxer Errrckson Kathryn Errrckson Spencer Evangehsta Evelyn Evangehsta Mrs P Evangehsta Rrta Ewing Betty Fabbn Mr GMrs Albert Fabbri Mr GMrs Henry Fagan Damel I-'arrbairn Mr 6Mrs FranlrC Fatrhurst Iackre Farrlla Mr GMrs Ioseph Falasco Anthony Falasco Grace Falasco Mr 61Mrs Falasco Phrlrp Faletto Natalie Fanuccr Mr GMrs Frank Fanuccr Mane R Fanuccr Mr 6Mrs Paul Fanna Bermce Farms Millsxde Farsrde Iulia Farsrde Vrctorra Femberg Iacquehne Femberg Lorraine Femberg Mr Robert Feinberg Mrs Robert Felten Mrs L H Feltes Iack Felter Mr 61Mrs Er1cW Felter Rae Feltes Bruce Feltes Iohn Fenerh Emmy Lou Fenrmore F I-'enxmore Mrs I L Ferrante Ioseph Ferran Damel Ir Ferran Gladys Ferrarr Mr 6Mrs Iohn Ferrarr Rlta Ferrarre Mrs I I Ferrarle Susan Ferrarre Vrnce Fxlrppr Delmo and Ioanne Frlrppr Rlchre Fmch Beverly Flnch Mr GMrs I B Frnger Phxhp Frocchr Augie Fxocchl Emrly Frocchl Ioe J Fxonelh Iohn , ' 1 1 I I 1 1 .A. I I I I I I I 1 I I ' ' , ' l , I 1 1 1 1 1 ' I I ' I ' , 1 1 1 I ' , 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' I ' , 1 1 I 1 1 1 r I I I I E ' .1 1 I ' ' .1 1 ' 1 ' I I I I u u , ' I . .1 1 1 1 I ' ' ' - I . - I I I I n 1 I 1 I I ' I' I ' I I I 1 1 1 1 I I .I I I I 0 ' 1 ' ' ' 1 11It. 1 1 1 1 1 I ' I I I I I ' I I ' I I1 1 1 1 ' I I I I I I I I I ' I ' . ' 1 1 I I 1 1 ' I ' 1 ' I I 1 I I I I ' ' 1 1 I I I ' ' 1 1 1 u ul I ' , I I I . a u n I - I 1 I I' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I I ' ' 1 1 1 I I ' I ' ' '1 . . r I - ' ' , , , ' 1 ' 1 ' .1 1 1 1 I 1 1 ' I I I 1 1 1 I ' 1 l I ' ' I ' 1 I I I 1 1 1 1 1 - ' I ' f. ' 1 ' I ' 1 1 I ' I ' Dargan, Mr. G Mrs. Robert DIIPPOWO' Rochelle, Ff1lCi0ni1 LUCY I I I ' . 1 1 1 'I I ' 1 1 1 'I I I ' ' I - 1 1 1 I ' 'I . ' I I . I . -I i o 1 ' ' I I 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 I 1 ' I 1 I ' ' ' , 1 I ' I ' , 1 I I , . I I I I 1 1 ' I I . I 0 I ' ', . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' ' ' ' , 1 1 1 1 I ' I ' 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 ' ' , ' 1 1 ' I ' , ' 1 1 1 1 I 1 I I I ' 'I ' I , ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 ' ' I 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 I ' I I' ' , I . 1 .1 I 1 1 1 1I 1 I ' I ' 'I I I ' , I ' ' 1 1 1 1 .1 - ' I' ' I ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 - 1 I 1 I ' l 1 1 1 ' , ' 1 .I ' 1 ' , . ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 IL - I I I I I I I . ' v' ' ' ' , , ' '1 1 r. ' ' ' 1 . . .Ir. 1 1 Fisher Ioan Frsher Ioyce Frsher Mark Frsher Mrs Paul Flarm Mr 6Mrs Anthony Flanagan Manon Flerschner Peter Flemxng Vrolet Florentxne Ken Follno Martha Folrno Santrno Foote Bea Garotalo Garrtson Garrison Garnson Garrrson BOOSTER Rlta Chrrstrne Harry Mrs Rose Wayne Garton Bernice Garton Bessle Garvey Mr 6Mrs Francxsl Gaskxll Mr GMrs Albert Gauqhran Iackie Geaban Mrs 'l' Geckle Carol Forbes Carlton Forcxnlto Irmmy Forclmto Rxchard Forgnonr Bert Forlan s Formento Iohn Foster Ierry Foss Ioyce Fox Thomas Franchetta Albert Franchetta Albert Franchetta Ann Franchetta Ioseph Franchetta Mr Rose Frank Billy Frank Carl Frank Clara Frank Dorthea Frank Kathleen Frank Kenney Frank Mr 61Mrs Rob BH Frank Mr 6Mrs Wllllam Franks Mr GMrs GeorgeS Franzol Robert Fred and Roberta Freda Ralph Freedman Allen Fregone Mr 6Mrs Louls Frelmants 'I' Freimark Mxrlam Freudenthal Gus Fromm Erna Fry Frank Furedr Ioan Ruth Furedr Mr GMrs Walter Furie Eddxe Furlong Fred Fury Charlie Fury Corme Fury Garry Fury Marlon Fury Mr 6Mrs Gabage Leo Gabordl Ruth and Iohn Gabriel Rose Gardosh Bobby Gardosh Ianet Galdosh Ioseph Galbratr Mr GMrs Lours Galbtatr Louxs Ioseph jr Gale Mr Charles Gale Mr and Mrs Louxs Gall: Helen Galha Carol lean Gallia Thomas Gallo Kathryn Galzerano Al Gamba Germaxne Garcra Bob Gardella Gardella Gardella Gardella Gardella Gardella Gardner Garotalo 1 Miss lrene Rtchard Mr 6 Mrs Richard Wtlham Wrllram E Meg loseph Gentrlxm Ioseph D Georgxo Mr 6Mrs Nrcholas Georgro Theresa Geri Dave Gerx Rrchard Gernce and lack Genovesr Robert Gxacomellr Mr 6Mrs Eugene Grsco Mr GMrs Fred Gtovinazzi Ed Grovtnazzl Rose Glovlnazzi Wrllxam Grrone Ieanette Grulianl Alice Giuliani Mr GMrs Amerrco Gtuhani Mrs Eugenia Gtullani Eunice Gladle and Freddie Gotiredl Mr 6Mrs Americo Goltredl Mrs Ehzabeth Goltredl Mr 6Mrs George Gottredl Mr 61 Mrs Herbert Gotlredi Mary Lou Goitredl Primo Gottredi Mr 61 Mrs Raymond Goldberg Rosahe Goldblatt Sy Goldhatt Indy Goldhalt Linda Goldman Adele Goldstein Henry Golla lean Goodwrn RalphE Ir Goodwin Mrs Ruth Gordon M Gorga Dolores Gorgo Mary Gorman Cookie Gosman S D Dr Gots Lois Gould Mickey Gove IoanneK Groban Mrs Paul Graban Rev Paul Gradla Mr GMrs Angelo Graf Mrs Ann Graham Tony Grail! Primo Gratlt Mr 6Mrs PrrmoS Granato Russell Grandr lane Grassa Allred Grasso Anna Green Mr 6Mrs A Green Berton Green Dolores Green Iackre Greenblatt Mr Bemarnxn Greenblatt Mr Maunce Greenblatt Stan Greene Margre Greene Mr GMES RalphT Gregory Ann Grtggs Barbara Griggs Mr 6Mrs L W Gross: Pete Grosso Frank Grottx Lou Gruccxo Jerry Grucclo ohn Gurdettr Rosale Gruhler Barbara Gubrtosr Chetty Guxda Mr 6Mrs Ielf Gyetvan Mr 61 Mrs Andrew Hagen Chet Hallton Marque Halterty Ioe Hall Wrnnxe Halverson Vxctona Hammerstedt Arlene Hammerstedt Mxss Laura Hannum Iames Ir Hannum Ixm Hardxe Lmda Harker Btll Harkm Mrs Regma Harmer Glorxa Harmon Dave Harper Eddie Harris Mrs Alt e Harrrs Walt Harrs Ieanette Hart Iackxe Hart Mr 6Mrs Walter Hartsell Betty Hartsell Bobby Hayes Charles Hayes Sherry Healy Dot Hearing Harry Hearns Mr Rudoph Hermann Mr GMrs Ioseph Helig Mr 6Mrs Iacob Hennrs Henry Delmo Henry lean Herrrng Mr GMrs Nathan Hertzman Mananne Htbsman Mrcky Hxgbee Mable Hlpman Relnler Hxll Mr 6Mrs Iames Hill Patty Hines Pat Hrrsch Mr GMr1 Edward Hirsch Edwardl Htrsch Mrs Elsie Hxsr Mr GMrs A Hoffman Mr Dan Hotstetter Mr GMrs Clayton Hofstetter Myrtle Hogan Paul Holdcratt Tom Holland Potato Chrps Holloway Mr 6Mrs Robert Holt Fred Hoppekotte Shrrley Houck Sandy Howell Albert Howell Albert B Howell Marranl Hubbard Evelyn Hubbard Laura Hughes Mtss Ida Hughes Mrs Mrnme Hughes Mr 6Mrs Walter Huntsmger Mr 6Mrs S L Hunter M1ssL Hurban Eddle Hurban Ma Huson lezzx Warren P F C lngraham Mr 6Mrs Horace Inman Barbara Irons Margaret 95 Iacob Nancy Iacobsen Marge Iacobucci Bobby Iacobucci lack Iacobuccx Loutse Iaggers Lawrence Iames Grlbert Iane Sara Ianetta Angle Ianetta Beverly Ianetta Ioseph Ir Iannette Frank Ianson Sherla Ianson Tommy lean and Pudge Iennxngs Mr 6Mrs Ienrungs Edwrn Iennmgs Iames Iohansen Bob Iohansen Mrs Johnson Bruce Iohnson ean Johnson Kung Iohnson Russell Iolles Mr Iones Mr 6Mrs Henry Iones Ralph Iordan Betty Ioseph Beth Ioseph Iay Ioseph Mr GMrs Sol lost Mr G1Mrs Paul Iuda Sylvia Kaenzty Rose Kagan Ioan Kahn Ernest Kahn Mr Iultus Kalmanowltz Cella Kaplan Steve Karp Karp Kash Kash Kash Aaron Sherman Margaret Pauhne Vrrqtnta Kashubskr Mr Edward Kashubski Mrs Edward Kassner Hamel Kassner Richard Katxenstem Mr GMrs Werner Keen Elarne Keen Mr Iohn Keen Lots Keepfer Dale Kelley Marlene Kelly Mr 61Mrs Iames Kemp and Rxta Kenerson Miss Karol Kepelran Bob Kershner Aubrey Kershner Franklm Key Larry Krer Mrs I N Kung Loretta Knxpe Mrs Edythe Bud Knobb Carolyn Koch Mr G Koch Percy Koemg Ann Koemg Mr 6Mrs Kortz Mr 6Mrs Israel Kortz Manlyn Nan Kortz Shirley Elarne Kolva AbbreE Kolva Bxll 61 Dot Kolva IuneK Korti Nina Konus Iames H Kornbluh Dave 1 . , y 1 I 1 I 'I ' 1 I 1 I I ' I I 1 1 1 1 " ' ' I 1 1 1 I 1 1 - ' , 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , 1 . .E. , , 1 .Ir. 1 1 - ' . . I ' 1 1 1 1 ' ' I ' 1 I ' ' ' 1 1 Ir. 1 1 I ' I 1 1 C 1 I ' 1 1 , ' ' I 1 1 - ' I 1 I 1 1 I ' I 1 I ' 1 1 ' 1 1 s 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I 0 s ' ' ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' ' 1 s s I I I , 1 1 1 ' I 1 . . f ' - 1 I 1 1 , . , ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 I ' I 1 I ' 1 1 e I r A 1 ' H 11 1. F8556 l'lDOl'l ef! ef SIIOIG ' Goldsby. Mr. Frederick W., lr. , 9' , KUFP- SGYHIOUY 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 , ' 1 1 01 1 1 I . . ' . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 0 I ' 1 I 1 I I . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' I I 1 ' I 1 11 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 I ' I 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 ' G 1 . 1 . 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 I ' ' ' I 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 , ' 1 1 ' , ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' , . I ' . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 I 1 . ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' I I ' I ' I . ' ' I ' I I 1 1 0 1 I ' . , I ' . ' 1 1 1 , B ll , U U ' . v l ' 1 1 1 1 I ' . . . ' , I , 1 1 I, 1 1 1 1 I 1 I ' Kornbluh Murray Koudelis George Kouhoupt Mr Lynn Kouhoupt Robert Krause Rrchard Kreinces Mr 6Mrs Max Kroellnger Mr 6Mrs Adam Kroellnger Beverly Kroelxnger Bobby Kroelmger Iudlth Kronherm Ioan Kronheim Mr 61Mrs M S Kruck Sheila Kumlert Alda Kupslry Edward Kupsky Shtrley Laboda Emily Labnola Lena 6 Sandra Lacloppa Ioe Lafferty Kathryn Lalierty Sylvra Lamanna Esther LaManna Glorxa Lambert Geraldine Lamnln Charlotte Lamnln Mrs G Larnnin Mr G Lamnm Leslre Lancaster Iohn Land M Land Mr 6Mrs P Land Anne H Land! Frank Lankin Phyllrs Lapalre Gilbert Lallosa Mr 6Mrs LaRosa Elaine LaRosa Mr GMrs lack Larro George Lashley Roy Laszewska Charles La'l'orre Frances LaTorre Rosalxe Lauria Saul Laury AnnB Laury Donald P Laury Heating Co Laury Kenneth Laury PaulR Lawrence W H Lawry Mrs L Leandn Mr Iames Leasure Done Leasure Mr 6Mrs D Lechner Alice Lechner Mrs Rosetta Lee RobertM Lees Percy Lelh Paul Leltans Randy Le Grand Elnorah Lehman Lora Lerberman Davxd Lelster Betty R Lelstner Iohn Leistner Robert Lelll Iames Lelh Kay Leonelll Mr 61Mrs Ed Leonettl Agnes Leonhardt E Lera Bernie Lera Charles Lera Nxck Lerner Mr GMrs Harry Lerner Mr 6Mrs Letts Mrs C Letts Dolores Letts Eleanor Leuman lun Levarn Bobby BOOSTERS Levarr Gladys Levan George Levarx Kenny Levarx Lena Levarx Peter Levy Mrs Garllrrs Levy Mr GMrs H E Levy Ianet Levy Stanley Lewxs Bob Lxhn Lois Lrhn Lots Lnlla Albert Lrlley Charles Lxlley Kathleen Lxlley Mrs Vlcl: Lmdemexer Mr Herbert Lrndqutst Mr 61Mrs Lrndquxst Noreen Lindsay Mrs G Lmton R Lrpman Mr 6Mrs Mxchael Lnppner Betty Lis Rachel Lxttle Dr Manon Lrtwack Gloria Lrtwaclc laclzy Lrtwack Morrxs Lrtwack Ronnie Litwacl: Sharon Lttwaclr Suzanne Lodge Danny Lodge Mrs I Lodge Mr I Lombard: Franlne Lombardt Lorrame Lonzetta Ioyce Lonzetta Mary Loper Mr Kenneth Lorentz PaulE Lorentz Mr 6Mrs Raymond Lorenzmr Mr GMrs Dom Lonto Sue Loughclnn Larry Love ohn Love Ioseph Love Mr 61Mrs Manyard Love Mary Ann Love Mrs Ohve Love George Lucchesl Paul Luciano Mr William Madeley Mr GMrs AlbertH Mader Iohn Magolda Lucille Mahes Mr GMrs Ronald Malchamy Frank Mazaraze Bob Manascalsco Gerry Mamscalco Marnetta Mank Mr 6Mrs Don Mann Blanche Manno Mrs Ioseph Mantapoll Pxenma Marandlno lean Marcmno Henry Marcxano Maggie Marcus Charles Mardas Lorraine Mardas Mary Maresco Ralph Marqhella Mr 5-Mrs Ioseph Markum Mr 61Mrs Stanley Maraccx Marte Marshall Mr George Martmelli Martxnelh Martmellx Martmelh Martxnellx Martmelh Ar Cathenne Mr 6Mrs Dante George Ioseph Mr 61Mrs Ioseph Martxnelli Michael Martlnelli Mlke Martmx Mr 6Mrs Dom Martmr Dorothy Martmx Loretta Martxm Mano Martuccx Mr 6Mrs Dante Marx Herbert Marx lane L Masclarella Marlee Mascola Iames Mascola Sam Mascola Tony Masellr Mr 61Mrs H Maselln Mr 6Mrs Wrllxam Mastlottl Donald Masxlottr Hugo Mason Mr 6Mrs George Mason George Ir Mason Mr 61Mrs Iames Massarr Anthony Massarl Frank Doodle Mataluccl Dolores Mathew Mxss Elaine Matxsta Ray Matlm Mr GMrs Harry Matlm Iames Matlm Leonard Matlm Stephen Moto Dolores Matttolx Mrs Clarence Mattxoh Enas Mattxolx Genxeve Rose Mattrolr Lorraine L May Dorothy Mayerleld Barbara Mayerteld Bernard Maytrott Mrs Warren Mazer Barry Mazer lrwxn Plc Mazer Mr 61Mrs Samuel Mazom Mr 6Mrs Bruno Mazzola Charles Mazzola Louis Mazzola Mr 6Mrs Louis Mazzola Margaret Mazzola Mr GMrs Thomas Mazzola Vxvran Mazzolr Archie McCaffrey Mr GMrs Wrlham McClain Mr G Mrs Iames McDermott Mr George McGill Ednal McGill Mrs Mane McMaham Mrs Thomas McMxclung Mr 6Mrs Charles McM1clung Mr 6Mrs Herbert McMmn Brll McTamany Mr GMrs McVaugh Betty Mead Marilyn Mealoclr Irene Meckel Dorothy Male Meckel Ioan Meclrel Mr GMrs Rodoli Medio Wally Mellets Mr Moms Melletz Mr Davrd Melletz Roslyn Mellor Mr 6Mrs A A Melim Betty Mendelsohn Ralph Mendelsohn Mr 6Mrs Walter Mendrm Mr 61 Mrs Peter Menz Mildred Merer Mr 6Mrs H Menght Ben Merxghx Charles Mertghr Iosre Merlghx Vxvlan M rrxl Robert Merrlt Lenny 96 Meschx Loretta Meschx Mr 61Mrs Louis Meschx lohn Sr Meyer Hermlna Meyer Russell Mxchelettx Carl Mlchelettl Caro Mtchelettx Pete Mxhalecz Ioe Mxhalecz Iohnny Mxhalecz Mr 6Mrs Stanley Mxkytuck Robert Mrlanesx Mr 6Mrs ohn Mxles Dolores M Muller Bob Nxch Hazel Mrller Eddle Mxller Mr 6Mrs ElmerL Mlller Kathleen Mxller MlssMarg1e Mxller Rhoda Mrllsxde Farms Mmer Calvm Mmxnberg Michael Mitcham Mr GMrs Frank Mxtchell Dxck Mobarx Matthew Moria Betty Ann Moglsh Loretta Molmelll Bernice Molol Mrs D Monaco Patncra Monarx Mrs Ester MOhlC!dlhl Anna Monlardxm Mr 61Mrs Louxs Momodts Anthony MOhl0dlS Mr 6Mrs Peter Monostra Allred Montesanto Grace Moran Ioe Morattl Mano Morellom Mr 6-Mrs Moresco Ralph Morgan Iames T Morgan Nancy Carol Morgan Mary Morvay Dorothy R Moyer Mr T Muccxrellx Mr Iohn Mufla Betty Ann Mulder Wrlma Mulexro Beatnce Muletro Mr Emxlxo Mrlhgan lack Mundxe Margaret Murray Ronme Muser Herbert Muser Leila Muser Muser Muser Musto Musto Musto Musto Myers Myers Myers Ralph Vxrglnla Wxllram Eugene Marxan Mrs Mary Mrs Viola Mr GMIS Henry Rrta Robert Nagy Mr GMrs George Nam Barbara Negn Lou Neletka Alex Nelson Anna Nelson Mr 6Mrs Ioe Nerx Mr GMrs DomE Nesx Vmce Neston Iohn Newmann Mr Hans Newman Iudy Nicholas Arnold Nicholas lean Nicholas Wxlham 1 I1 I 1 I I1 1 II I I I I1 1 n I I 0 I1 I II I n II 1 I 1 I1 I I1 1 I 1 I1 I I I1 1 I I I I I I I 1 II n Q I II Y I I I II I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I a I I I s o I 1 I 1 I I . ' . . ' '. . .I I I I II I u I I 1 n I I I I1 I u I I I 1 1 I 1 , I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I , I I I I I l I I I I , 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 , I 1 I I 1 1 1 I1 I , , I I I I I I U 0 I I 1 I I , ' 1 I , 1 I 0 ' I I1 Q l' 1 u o I ' I II ' . - ' , , 1 1 1 ' 'I ' 1 I, 1 .1 1 I I, , I I 1 1 1 I I -I ' I I I 1 I I 1 I 1 I I 1 . .A. I . ' I I ' I I ' I o I ' ' I ' I I ' I I I o ' I II 0 o I' I . I I I ' I I I 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 1 8' " ' , 1 l ' ' 1 1 ' 1 1 " 1 I 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I I . ' I 1 o o ' I I u 1 I I ' - I s I ' ' 1 I . . ' I 1 I 1 I 0 I 1 I I I I 1 I I I I 1 U u ' . 1 e I o 0 I I 1 o c ' 1 1 1 I 1 I ' I - I. I I I 1 I I s I I , 1 1 I ' ' s I , I 1 1 1 ' ' I o II I I I O n I . I I , I 1 I 1 ' 1 I I I I I I 1 1 N 'I , , 1 1 1 I1 Q u e I I I l I I I ' , I II ' I I I I ' , I 1 1 . 1 1 1 I , , 1 1 I I1 1 1 I ' ' I ' ', I , 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . .M. 1 l . 1 I I 5 I Il I I ' I 1 I 1 I c I I ' I I II I ' II I I1 1 l I ' Nxcholson Alman Nlckerson Carollne Noon Rlchard Norton Robert Norwell Miss Iulxa Novarla Mr 6Mrs D I Novasack Walter Nurdberg Enc Nuttall Margy Nutt Mxss Marllyn Nutt Mlss Patrtcxa Nutt Mr 61Mrs Phrlxpl. Ogborn Mr Clxnt Ogborn Rosemarie OKane Mrs Estelle Olrva Anthony Olrva Eddie Oliva Shirley Oltver Carol Yvonne Olxver Dolores Ollvlerl Berme Olsen Olson Olson Mr A BIOIIGIBG Rxchte Eddxe Ordxle Roberta Osborn Alice Osborn Charles P Osborn Franklin Osborn Mr 61Mrs Frankhn Osborn Robert Ottenhexmer Paul Ottenhexmer Mr 61Mrs Sxmon Otto Mr 61Mrs Ioseph Otto Rosalie Pace Pace Pace Pace Pace Pace Pace Mr Ioseph Marlon Mrs Mary Mrs Mrldred Mrs Mollle Russell Mr Samuel Pacrlrco Pic 6Mrs Anthony Pactllco Mr Ioseph Pacrtto Mr Patnclc Pacttto Patrick Pagano Mrs Iohn Paqlrughr Mr GMrs Ear Paladtno Vtto Pamer Robert Panachello loe Pangburn Fred G Panrco Mr 61Mrs E Panlco Mr 61Mrs F Pamco Mr 61Mrs S Pancoast Lorraxne Parent: Mr 61 Mrs Dante Parentl Iarnes Parent: Ioseph Geno Parentx Richard Parhlwe Everett Parreco Blame Parsell Mlnam Mrll Papalardo Ioyce Paterno Alma Paterno Mr 6 Mrs I Paterson Mr GMrs lulllam Pearl 6 Bill Peet Mr 61Mrs Nlcl: Pellaclr Ioan Pender Melvxn Pendola Mr Frank Pennlo lack Pemnno Ioseph Penno Allred Perlman Mr GMES Ioseph Peronl Emil Perry Perry Perry Perry Gene Mr 61Mrs Gus Marianna Ruth BOGSTERS Pernazza Charlene Person Gall Peterson Mr6Mrs R Peruglm Mr Richard Peruglni Mr GMrs Peruginx Pat Peters Brll Peters Larry Peterson Harry Petruccx Aldo Petruccx Marsilxa Petrucct Mengo Petruccx Rrggs Petruccr Ronald Pettlsanx Anrta Pettlsanl Mr 61Mrs C Pettlsanx Frank Pettrsam Louxs Petht Barbara Ptaehler August Phtler Drmtty Phtier Mr 61 Mrs Phxlltps Hazel Prccone Inn Pxccone Ioyce Prlla Mrs Frank Pmdale Frank Pmdale Mr 61Mrs Nlck Pmdale Robert Pmdale Rose Pmdale Mr 61Mrs P1nott1 Ioan Place Mrs B K Platanra Charles Platt Mrs EdnaE Platt Mrs lean Platt Mr W1llmerH Platt Wmlreld E Plonchak Harold Plumlme Mrss Iustme B Pokorny Mrs A Polhamus Fern Polrzzr Dot Pollex Gary Poper Mrs Hilda Popp Harold Pontzcello Rose Porkorny Steve Prescot lack Presmzano Mr Vmcent Sr Preston Donald Prevost Rocky Pnce Carol Ann Pnce Elarne Pnce Elsa Pnce Harry Pnce ohn Pnce Mrs Katherine Price SamuelS Sr Pnce SamuelS Ir Priest Alxce Proccaccxno Dorothy Provenzano Mr 6 Mr Ioseph R Puccto Leona Pudgy 61 Anna Pudgy 6 lean Purcell Brll Purdy Allce Purtficato Albert Purlhcato Antonia Qutgley Bill Quigley Ioan Quinlan Georgette Qurnt Rhoda Raeelnnllelr N Ratio Mr GMrs Leo Sr Ratio Mr 6Mrs Leo Ir Raxmbalt Emtlxe Rainbaull Mr E Ralph Olm Ir Rannalll Mr 6Mrs Harry Rasmussen Paul Ravltz Mr 61Mrs M Reale George Reback Mr 6Mrs Iacob Reber Ierry Reber Norman Reber Mr 61Mrs Walter Reed Mr 6Mrs C Reed Francis Reed Thomas C Reeve Barbra Regnellx loe Regnellr Lucy Rersenlvxtz Mr 6Mrs IohnE Reisman Iewel Rhodes Iohn F Rxal Iula Rral Nora Rlccl Mr 6Mrs Archre RICCIO Penny Rice Mr Kurt Rlchter Ioseph Rrchter Mrs Rose Ricketts Mr 61Mrs 1 Rxclretts Mrs N Rxdgway R Rrdollx Mr GMrs Rldolh Elmo Riley Eddxe Rrta 61 Kemp Rrta 6 Tony Rxtondaro Dom Rrzzo Mr 6Mrs Anthony Rxzzo 'Lours Rrzzo Mr GMrs Louls Frzzo Mickey Robbins Gordon Robmson Robmson Robmson Robmson Robmson Robmson Rogers Ia Bob Eleanor Pvt Iohn H Mr 61 Mrs Rho-ia Mr GMrs R mce Rogers Iudy Rogers Maxine Roqes Mr GMrs Furman Rohrback Mrs Emma Rohrback Mr 6Mrs Fred Rohrback Mlchael Rohrback Mmam Rolando Al Roman Bobbr Roman Mr GMrs Harry Romanlnx Ioseph Ronchettr Bull Rose lrmgard Rosemont Ioe Rosen lrwln Rosenburgh Ralph Rosenburgh Mr 6 Mrs Walte Rosentelder Mr 6Mrs B Roshowa Tatiana Ross Eddi Rossi Sgt Anthony Ross: Mary lane Roth George Rothschild Iacqullrne Rubart Betty Lou Rubertl Fred Ir Rubertl Ronnxe Rubin Ianet Rubin Sandy Rubin Mrs S Rudneslry Dot Rudolph Glorxa Ruga Samuel Ruggeri Mr GMES George Ruggerl George Rush Eddte Russell Franlrhn 97 Russell Mary Ruth Ioan Sabbatlno Roslna Sabul Mr 6Mrs Sacco Dorothy Salama Mr 6Mrs Mxke Salter Max Ir Sanders Clldton Sanger lack Santagata Dannre Sapello Vrvxenne Sarcellettz Andy San Mrs Roy Sarton Louis Sasdelli Mr 6Mrs Sasdelli lrene Sasdelli Madge Sasdelli Mr 61Mrs Marxono Sayell Connie Sayres Linda Sbrana Amella Sbrana Mrs Anna Sbrana Marlene Scallo Eleanor Scalfo Henry Scarborough Susan Scarpa Annette Scarpa Charles Scarpa Mr G Mrs C Scarpa Esther Scarpa Ioseph Scavellr Raymond Schaper Everett Schaser Mr Robert Scheldt Mr zSMrs Edward G Scheldt lack Schlllmger Mrs Katherma Schmutz loe Schneider Harry Schnerder George Schoenlng Barbara Schrveder Pauline Schulz Mr Mrchael Schwabe Mr Carl Schwagel Gerry Sclaretta Iohn Sclarretta Carmelo Scott Mildred Scott Mrtzr Scott Regma Schull Elsie Seabrook Mlss Vlola Seeds Edxth Seeds Hazel Seelman Davrd Selva Morris Senec Arlene Seno Ioseph Senokossofl Andy Senokossott Michael Severs Cltllord Severs Mr 6Mrs Wrlllam Shafer Phylhs Shaplro lean Shapiro Mrs M Shapiro Stan Sharwell George Shaw Gordon Shaw Mr GMrs P H Shaw Robert Sheppard Mr 6Mrs Clarence Shields Iaclz Shields Valena Shrndler Mrs G Shrpton Earl Shorten Mrs Ioy Slchort Andrew Slchort Mr WalterA Slclllano Elhe Slklung Cornelius Slllr Mr 6Mrs David I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 , . . . . ' , . . . 5 1 I .1 1 ' 1 , ' I ' ' 1 1 1 . . , . . . , , , ' 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 .1 1 ' , ' .1 l 1 1 , ' 1 1 1 1 ', ' , I ' ' 0 , ' '. ', 1 1 ', ', 'I . I l ' .1 I - I 1 1 1 1 .I ' I I .1 1 1 , ' I I ' I 1 1 1 ' I 1 I .1 1 1 I , ' 1 ' , . .L. D. ' . . , ' 1 1 1 ' ' , ' , I . I I 1 ' - 1 1 , , ' . ' . . .El' , 1 ' 1 1 . 1 1 1 , I - 1 ' 1 1 , 1 I 1 l -1 ' , ' ' ' ' - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . . . .S. ' , 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' , ', ' ' ' ' . 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' , ' , , P - - ' . . . ' . . . . 1 1 1 1 ' . ,' I ' , 1 1 1 ' , , 1 1 ' I 1 I ' 1 ' , ' , 1 1 1 1 1 - I , , - , ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' .1 . , , 1 1 1 1 1 , ' , , ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 I 1 l I I I ' ' . I ' 1 1 1 1 . . 1 I , I , I 1 1 I 1 , , . . 1 1 1 1 1 , ' , ' . 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 ', , ' .1 1 1 1 1 . , , .1 . 1 11 1 , , ., I 1 11 1 , , .1 . ' 1 I . 1 . . . r . ' 1 ' 1 - S- 1 , . . . . 1 . ' ' 1 1 . I . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 'I . , 1 1 1 I 1 , 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 . I , 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q . . . . 1 . 1 , . 1 1 1 I l . I l 1 I . 1 I 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' . R , ' . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 -I 1 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' Silva Cookie Silva. Manuel Silva Mr 6 Mrs. M. Silver. Marcia Sine. Mr. G Mrs Marvin Sirott Shella Skvarcek. Mr. Andrew Slack Mr. G Mrs Franklin H. Ir Smith Bertha Smith Bob Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smlth Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Small Calvin Mr. 6 Mrs. Charles B. Mr. G Mrs. Clarance Courtland Elliot Mr 6 Mrs Eugene Gertrude Gordon Mr 6 Mrs oan Mr G Mrs Mr 6 Mrs Mr 6 Mrs Kenneth Louis Mr G Mrs Peqsy Mr G Mrs Ressle Rlchard Ernest Henry Iestin C Jestin C Oliver Rayrnone Mr Walter Benny Smaniotto Louis Smanlotto Smanlotto Mary Smantotto Smaniotto Rita Smart Claire Snell Roland Snipes Miss Beverly Marilyn Joseph Wolfe Bobby Snipes Mr 6Mrs Eugene Snitch G Marte Snyder IoanC Snyder Tex Solazzo Dom Soracco Alice Sorracco Richard Sosh G Elaine Spada Peggy Spatatore Edith Spatatore Mr 6Mrs Pete Spexcker Mr 6Mrs Spence Dr GMrs GeorgeS Spicer I-'rank Spiese Maryanne Spiesz Mr 6Mrs Joseph Spinosl Grace Spinosl Mr John Spong Rev 6Mrs Norman Stanker Lamarr Starlite Trlo Steelman Bob Steelman Steelman Steelman Eddie Stern Stern Stern Stern Stern Andrea Barbara Louise Marc Rona Sternberg Miss Rose H Steve 6 Bea Stevens John Stewart Mr 6Mrs Roy Stiggle Leon Sttgnani Gladys Str Mrs Creola Str Mr Edwm Str Elaine Sh Mrs Ella Mr GMrs Henry Mr 6Mrs Merton BOOSTER Still Mr Gilbert Still Mr Joseph Still. Mrs. Viola Stopa, Johnny Stopa Maria Jane Stopa Paul. Ir Stopa Sophie Stopa Stanley Stopa Tony Strahen Mrs. Lydia Strang Alma Strang Rodnew W Stratton Keith Stringari Marty Strong Gertrude Strouse Lou Strozyk V Suheck Madeline Swanson Barbara Lee Swanson Bob Swanson Richard A Swanson Robert D Swartz Mrs Ines Sweet William G Switt Helen Swydersky Edward Swydersky Elisabeth Ann Swydersky Mr 6Mrs Frank Swydersky Mrs John Swydersky Walter Szenwezenko None Tabor Barbara Talisman Mr GMrs Arthur Tarnanlni Paul Tamanlnl Clarence Tamanlni Marie Tarquino Joe Tate Edna Tate IamesV Taylor Frank Taylor John Taylor Johnny Teasdale Ruth Temple Lynne Temple Walter Tepper Martin Testa Rose Marie Tharp Alice Thierry Mr RobertG Thomas Mr A Thomas Bob Thomas Edward Thomsan. Morty Thompson Shep Thompson Shep Jr Thornborrow Esther Thornborrow Mrs Margaret Thornborrow Paul Thorp Marvtn G Alberta Ttassa Mrs Angela Tiller Betty 6 Dick G Family Timko Mike Tirrell Ivy Ttschler Mr GMrs Anthony Tobalslu Catherine Tolcser Paul Tomasello Frank Tomassello Evelyn Tomasso Charles Tomasso Pearl Tomer Mr GMrs Tonetta Alex Tonetta Myra Tontellt Lena Tomelli Mr 6Mrs Thomas Torchto Edith Torchxo Mr 6Mrs Torchlo Mrs M Torchlo Ray Tramor Raymond Tramontana Luigi Trapani Joseph Trips" Travaglia Matthew Travaglia Phyllis Traverse Louis Trexler Tri-Hi-Y Tripley. Trivelli Trlvelli Tronco Grace Typical Teens Mr. G Mrs. Frank Helen Mr 6 Mrs. Philip Louis Tronco Mr.6Mrs Sal Trovarelll Linda Trovarella Mr 6Mrs Julius Troxell John Trucano Mr 6Mrs Michael Trucano Mrs M Turpin Al Jr Tuthill Mr Ralph Tuthlll Mrs Ralph Uber Ted Ulbel Mr 6Mrs GeorgeH Ullmann Robert Unsworth Arthur Upham Mrs Emily Valla William Valante Phil Valentrne Eugene Valentine John Vallero Mr John Vallero Mr GMrs Thomas Valletta Mary Valletta Mary Ann Van Dyke Helen Van Kraanen Janice Van Noord Lenny Van Noord Pete Van Note Manan Van Reuter Marlene Van Steyn Bernard Varallo Frank Vassallo Dominick Vassallo Jim Vassalotti Alice Vassalotti Marlene Vassalottt Oraclo Vassolottt Danny Vendtttx Lena Vendrasco Marie Vetter Gloria Vrana Joyce Vtcarx Anne Vlcart Paul Viola Concetta Viola Frances Vick Glona Vick Mrs Ray Volke Joan Volpe Daura Voltaggto Mr GMrs James Wagner Mr 6Mrs Wagner Ingrid Wainwright Shirlee Walascuk Stephen Wallace Henry Wallace Mane Waldtnger Ding Waldorf Mr 6Mrs Philip Walker Mr 6Mrs Howard Walko Sharon Faith Walko William! Sr Walko Wrlliaml Jr Walko Mrs William Walsh 1 Walsh Dorothy Wandland Josephine Ward Betty Ward Mr 6Mrs Burtonl-I Jr 98 Ward Joanne arren Doris Janet Warren Mr. 6 Mrs. E. Warren. Irene Joyce Watkins Watkins Bobby Watson Mr. 6 Mrs. Stanley Wayburn Ned Weber Helen Webster Robert Weinberg Debby Weinberg Pete Weinerman Allan Wemsheck Wlllxarn Welch Sally Wellbrock Mrs Paul Wendels Henry Werger Kenneth Werger Loretta Werder Renate Wernicofl Sonya Weston George Westoy Helen Wheeler Helen White Betty White Kenneth White Lauretta White William White William Whitmore Peggy Whttman Roberta Wtftle l'lermanK Wrgglesworth Mr 6Mrs John Wilbur Eleanor Wtlde Mr 6Mrs Russell Williams Mr 6Mrs JamesO Wllhs William Wilson Anna Wilson Earl Wilson Joanne Winslow Mr 6Mrs William Wlnterburn Wxnterburn Wmterburn Wtnterburn Wxnterburn Wolf Inga Allred Sr Alfred Jr ohn Theodore Robert Wolff Mmam Wood Texra Woschenko Cadet Alexander Woschenko John Wozunk Joe Wozunk Mike Wright Charles Wnght Mance Wronock Mr 6Mrs Zagarl Alvtra Zanghl Dom Zarge Martin Zarge Mrs Sarah Zatzarxny Edgar Zatzarxny Mr 6Mr ack Zatzarmy Teena Zatzanny Timothy Ziegler Ida Zimmerman Patty Zippel Lucy Zinn Morton Zorzl Mr 6Mrs A Zorzl Carol Ann Zorzi Ester Zorzt Vincent 6Mrs Albert 6. Mrs Dom 6 Mrs Earnest 6 Mrs Peter L G Mrs Peter Zucca Zucca Zucca Zucca Zucca 4 , . Ir, , . , . I . I f - U ' I . . . I. T. 1 - . I . . . .. Jr. ' - . . . . I . . . .. Sr. ' - . I 2 . . - ' ' v . ' I . 'r , ' . . ' - ' ' ' f I ' ' . in ' ', Z Q .1 Soulders, Barbara Thierry, Mr. 6 Mrs. George W. Vastano. Dominick Wolfe' IQAUUY , . . I. . . Z I I . I I I . . W . I . , . . ' . . . . F. V. ', ' ' ' , ' :I . . . . Z I . ' , , 3, I . ' I . I ' B.u ' I xt I 'll. . ' . . . . ' f- ' -HI I - ' I I I I ' , Mr. . -HI I ' I I . Mr. . . '11, , ' , , . . ., . . Mr. . PATRONS M1ss Anne Oslrander Mr Gus Mmlln M1ss N1na C Lascan M1ss Georgetie M Rleg Mrs Florence C Adamo M1ss Anna Dallago Mr Charles N Spelcker Mr Ralph W Robmson M1ss Charlotte Czaphckl Mr Floyd N Nasser M1ss Bee Stern Mr Norman E Krapi Mr Marhn P Krouse Mr Edward B Arnade Mrs Ioy Shorten Mr Clanon Cosh M1ss Dons B Epstem M1ss Florence Adamo Mr Mllton H Kammer M1ss Rose Mane DeZutt1 L SHEARD 6: SON FEED GRAIN PQULTEY SUPPLIES Manufacturers of SHEARDS POULTRY FEEDS Mrs. Helen C. McMicldng Mrs. Anna Markham C O 99 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF FROM THE CLASS OF 54 COMPLIMENTS OF VINELAN D POULTRY LABORATORIES COMPLIMENTS BEST WISHES FROM CLASS 0F 55 COMPLIMENTS OF M E N N I E S Men s Wear VINELAND NEW IERSEY 1 0 617 Landis Avenue COMPLIMENTS VINELAND NATIONAL BANK 8: TRUST COMPANY CDF M d S I Fd ' C ' Compliments of THOMAS STUDIO IDGETON N I DeMARCO MOTORS e 1 a La a A VINELAND NEW nansm coMPL1MENTs or 'I'I-IE MARCUS SHOP coMPL1MENTs or S POGUST and SONS ART CARVED DIAMOND ci WEDDING HOROWITZ Watch 6: Clock Shop L d VINELAND N I WATCH S SILVERWARE RINGS Over 500 Scxtlsfred Customers D IPPOLITO OIL COMPANY FUEL OIL KEROSENE Phone Vlnelomd 7 1000 BR , . . W s cm n is venues ' ' I I Oil Burner Soles ond Service cm 524 an is Avenue ' E - I04 THE TRADE SMENS BANK 8: TRUST COMPANY or VINELAND N I EOR OVER I-IALE A CENTURY FAITI-IEULLY SERVING TI-IE PEGPLE OE VINELAND AND SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES I I l Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporclti 'IQO 959 ,,.v1 155 325' J Z5 .,g-322' x aff -6' WWW 5 EWWQH ffm" im ' MW swiss 4, Q Q5 QuA1.IT,v co M K IACOB RUBINOFF CO BETTER FEEDS FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS VINELAND CLAYTON WOODBURY 106 -'. ,- rug- -1' 'M' ' ' "'f-r Fifi: 251-- -,E ga-1: -P' ' ' eifgi- Ni- if . 45,7 I XX giff' 1 ul g : fgx ,kc U1 . - , CQ 1 f x ' . AQ: --Pj-gi -1 :?.:'2 X' fxw' 1 f, 4QXx' f lxmxx h "5 -, XX N M . ,. -A 1. . Q ,- Q KX5 5 ., 'L - LL M ,1 ., XSL - , P x 'f S -ITT, ' -AXE ,, 'Q.. ' - ' ' ,'-?5:1vj.A . ' PM 1.1 , , Q 'Sl' Q ssh- ,af 'J-Z f:Ff?"'k Q-. Nw- f 5 V- 'Q' ' 3' M1 Aw'-l 3 ' ' ' '11 5-fwgf-:':qE?f3 1 - X -- V ' - "fi - :55EV,?gE?j: -5, E, ,F WJ, ,gi-' gf, :'k'- : ' ' i ' - L:-. - .- v g. :. - 19' " - E' - -. - - ff -4. - X ,"' -NX-Qh. ' '44 :,'. - ffax E 3 1 - li - SRX X - 2--. .c- iff NX .X - Q-NN 'D " "5 .- Q,N f2W4LDfr . 4' - s 6 :L5,..1o, '15 X ' 'tv ' ' ' L77 - A , - -. -, U ' - I V -:- -0' " - - Z:':1.L,T? ng ' .1'f ,.'1" E . , - h , "Frm, ' ,L .2 -- ,I vi, KA. 'E Z - ,X wifi:-.. , ,, , 1' - 1-f,-Di' ff ,, 1 a K , ! "N, Y" Es A 'X I' . ' f K' 4 N II I," -1 Q, f' 5 A u X 3 ' 1 - I ll If EASTERN PARK CLUTIIES INC VINELAND NEW JERSEY ALBERT GUILIANI LOUIS FEIT 1 Sixth 6: Montrose Streets C COMPLIMENTS OF TOP O' MART STMIIIHBD CUM. CUMPMIY DEALERS IN ANTHRACITE AND BITUMINOUS COAL Hecrtmg ESSO 0115 VINELAND NEW IERSEY Ph VI 7 0991 'Q' Boulevard and Chestnut Avenue one: - Vuwlmrh firmes glnurwal 9 th C1 h h 0 ' C., C ratulates ass of 1952 cmd Wis es T m Every S Congrcrtulatlons and Best Wlshes to the CLASS OF 1952 from STIIHTTIIIIS MITO SERVICE 210 LANDIS AVENUE SGIVICE Department 215 WOOD STREET Studebaker Sales and Serv1ce Serberlmg Tues Dlrect Factory Dealer South Iersey D1str1butor SOUTH IERSEYS OLDEST AND LARGEST TIRE RECAPPING ESTABLISHMENT Smce 1929 7 Cars and Trucks Thermoeweld Recapping CONCRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TOOI Now those long study per1ods over book ond pen ore over You re torcmg the future w1th drnbltlous plans env1s1on1ng your own world ot tomorrow Swell groduc1teI The Not1on ond the Communrty depend upon young men dnd women Ilke you to morke Arnerlcd ond Vlnelotnd grow 1n chdrdcter 1deo1Is ond ldeds Moty the best become yourst GROWING GROWING GROWING 515 South Seventh Street VINELAND N I Phones VI 7 1757 7 1370 II2 For "QUALITY FEEDS" PouItrymen Depend On D 8: M FEED MILLS BEST WISI-IES FOR THE GRADUATING CLASS sdhwka, mg: FITS pfCDl 8cOkR d VINELAND NEW JERSEY SEARS ROEBUCK 8: CO 727 Landls Avenue VINELAND NEW IERSEY Phone VI 7 3900 II3 V - I C, O p i ' ' D esea Drive a oa , , , . . CHTEBINH HARDWARE C0. VINELAND NEW IERSEY HOT POINT APPLIANCES HOOVER CLEANERS Comphments of DAVID ROSENTHAL Inc: 6th and Qumce Streets VINELAND N I H4 1 I , l - I 1 - CROWN CLOTHING CO B09 Paul Street VINELAND NEW IERSEY phone VI 7 0343 Compl ments Phone VI 7 1389 G MORELLO S SONS MEATS cmd GROCERIES 7th and Cherry Streets M ZUKERMAN 51 C0 VINELAND N 1 5 i 2 - of ir Phone: VI 7-0996 EXPERT FLEET SERVICE Compliments of ZUCCI-YS BAKERY + "Since 1896" VINELANDS OLDEST BAKERS STB-AUSS BRQTHERS BETTER BREAD and PASTRY Boulevard and Park Avenue VINELAND NEW IERSEY 7th and Cherry Streets COMPLIMENTS OF MR and MRS I C SCHWARZMAN Phone VI 9 3247 ALEXANDER LUMBER COMPANY Inc SPECIAL MILLWORK TO ORDER From Poundcmon Thru Decorohon SIMON T AIEXANDER Pop N E Boule ard and Oxford Street VINELAND NEW IERSEY H6 OP , I I l LUMBER CS BUILDING SUPPLIES . I , r . . . V 1 Y c"Enn'nG C0mpnn"' 'nc ITSLIKEIIEIII' IIIIIEO' IIIEPE TIIIW i BETTY ANNE CAN DIES 126 Mount Vemon Avenue HADDONFIELD N I CLYDE G HITCHNER INSURANCE SERVICE REAL ESTATE APPRAISALS 640 Land1s Avenue VINELAND N I Phone VD 7 1033 MAX MAYERFELD REAL ESTATE BROKER 43 Oak Road VINELAND N I VI 03016 omphments of GARDEN STATE FLORIST FEORGE CAVAGNARO Prop KOppos1te Hlgh Schooll R10 e VI 7 2040 I I I ' I I I ,N . XJ XJ , . I - - West Landis Avenue .Q 'r 1 - II7 H952 FARMERS UNION COOPERATIVE OF VINELAND Inc NORMA NEW IERSEY MANUFACTURING JEWELER oPToMETR1sT CORP WdSt Pct VINELAND N I KEENCO POULTRY EQUIPMENT HIITIBQLLHPRIHCE LUITIBER compnn Congratulations Class o C 1' t f Omp lmen S O Compliments of K E E N H. s. ENTREKIN . I . , I 729 oo reet The ra lcal Lme of Y phone 7-0580 Compliments of S. I. MCMAHAN UN SWORTI-I MOTOR CO SEA FOOD MARKET DESOTO - PLYMOUTH 716 Landis Avenue VINELAND, N. I. 234 Landis Avenue ENDICOTT SUPPLY COMPANY PLUMBING HEATING and INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES Boulevard and Pear Streets VINELAND NEW IERSEY Telephone VI 7 0682 Phone VIneIond 7 0235 Cofnphments Comphrnents of EAST END MOTOR CO NEVVFIELD WOOD An Orgamzatlon of SQFVICG Smce 1909 NEWFIELD N I VINELAND N I IOHN B POSSUMATO Pres AND II9 2 - . ' of CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH STERN BROS. POULTRY FARMS LONGEVITY LEGHORNS NEW HAMPSHIRES ROCK HAMP CROSS SEX LINKED CROSS N I U S Approved Pullorum Clean SOUTH VINELAND NEW IERSEY Co phm nts of SOUTH IERSEY PRODUCE CO OP ASSN INC EAST VINELAND NEW IERSEY CQMPLIMENTS HOLLAND FURNACE CO BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS FROM IOFFE LUMBER COMPANY VINELAND DRUG CO 7th and Landls A enue VINELAND N I lpoeVI7 U m ' e OF B. GIACALONE, Reg. Ph. ' v Tee h T1 2 -274 I20 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS MR and MRS HARRYROMAN MICHEL S COMPLIMENTS 'K SM EAD 'IJ 1osEPHs MOTORS A BROTHERS KAISER cm d HENRY I 'V N v' PETER LEVARI IR EGG HAULING South Mcun Road VINELAND TO NEW YORK Phone VI 7 5321 Cargo Insured IZI CF OF I qgbnag for Every Q, ca' OF 5 A21 'S Q ' Y Q ' R I . QA. r 4' 6 0 4-1 35' H D, E ' 1 I I O C BERKOWITZ FEED MILL Manufacturers of GOOD LUCK QUALITY FEEDS ALWAYS FIRSY QP UALITY NORMA NEW IERSEY 9 FERRARA S COMPLIMENTS REFRIGEBATION SERVICE 75 W Landls Avenue VINELAND N I COMMERCIAL AIR CONDITION AUTHORIZED CROSLEY DEALER MORI BROS. Phone VI 7 2191 I22 9 VI -8910 I OF O PONTIAC Runs your errornds Meets your guests ond does both superlortlvely Well F EARL RICKERD 122 LANDIS AVENUE Your Dlrt I My Money WOODY BURCH GENERAL HAJLING TREES REMOVED For Qurck P Iloble SYVICS Coll VI 7 6492 43 0 Plum Street VINELAND NEW IERSEY Courteo s Qerxlce Phone 7 2654 QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES CROWN MARKET 602 Chestnut Avenue VINELAND NEW IERSEY I VI PALACE BAKING COMPANY WHOLESALE and RETAIL Speclol Att Ptlon to BANQUETS ond PARTIES Sondwrcn Rye Pumpermckel Banquet Rolls French Loaf nelond 7 0175 429 Plum Street coMPuMENTs A F R I E N D COMPLIMENTS WAINWRIGHT FUNERAL HOME I I I I I ' .2 ' S ' - OF i , I OF I23 BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF '52 BRENTWOOD UPHOLSTERING CO Manufacturers of Eme Living Room SUIIGS Remodeling Repamng and RGI11'11Slf11I'1g Custom Made Slip Covers ALL WORK GUARANTEED S W Boulevard and Grape Street Phone Vlneland 9 8063 7 I FEDROV CLEANER dDYER d R rv p L d 4 VI 7 l208 A MATALUCCI PAINTER h VINELAND N I KOTOK S MARKET st W B MOYER CO P UMBIING HEATING INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES SILVERMAN S MENS dBoYS STORE L d VINELAND N I C19 MANGINO S SHOE STORE FAMOJS NAME BRANDS B NEWI-'IELD N I PHILIP S GARAGE NEWFIELD N I 9 8688 coMPL1MENTS OF GOLDSTEIN DELICATESSEN ' I I I Phone: - an . Alterations an e airs Our S ecialty 434 Cm is Avenue E. C estnut Avenue -141 . . . Compliments of . . . ' L ' , and 6th reet and Landis Avenue A VINELAND- N- I- Boulevard and Cherry St. Compliments of Phone: VInelan -3241 I I ' an ' I Samples and Cancellations 507 Cm is Avenue N. E. oulevctrd cmd Arch Street Compliments of one: VI - IZ4 NEWELL CLOTHING CO. Seventh and Qulnce Streets VINELAND NEW I ERSEY COMPLIMENTS OF Cornplrments of NEWFIELD FOOD MARKET NETJFTELD NEW IERSEY FREEDMAN S BAKERY 529 Plum Street BE T IN HOT GOODS Phon 93832 RALPH IVIEAT MARKET 643 Lcmdxs Avenue VINELAND NEW IERSEY Phone VI 7 U7C7 Walter H Lawrence LAWRENCE S GARAGE 22 Columbm Avenue VINELAND N I MELINI BROS GOODYEAR TIRES RECAPP JG A SPECIALTY 8 h and Lcmdxs Avenue VINELAND N I 7 52 9 Salem 660 DAVES TELEVISION SERVICE 86 W Landxs Avenue VINELAND N I ENIOY THE BEST Co nplxmente of STRINGARIS CI'I'IES SERVICE CNexi to Hlgh Schooll VINELAND N I Pon VI9339 Aff H Taylor Stuart D Taylor ALEX M TAYLOR G SON ERAL VJSURA CE REAL ESTATE MORTGAGES 545 Landxs Avenue VINELAND N I I VI - f VY - Bruno Melini Phone' Vlnelcznd 7-0581 IN RADIO ENTERTAINMEIQT ' ' . lf, T , ' ' , h .e - Z . . . l25 Compliments Of SOUTH IERSEY IOINT BOARD AMALGAMATED CLOTHING WORKERS OF AMERICA Manager PHILIP RUDICH Secretary Treasurer SOLOMON FRISS Bus1ness Agents IOHN GUIDA CARL GIORDANO IOSEPH OLIVA BERNARD IARGOWSKY ANNA BERTINO MARINO BLRNARDINI COMPLIMENTS OF EDWARD WARREN 'I'HE ROSEBUD SO VINELAND N Y DELICIOJS RAVIOLI DINNERS BE KELN d BUY TEENS GARDEN STATE CLEANERS and DYERS GAY HOSIERY ANTHONY EIORE Q1 EUGENE BERTACHE MINOTOLA VINELAND N VI 9 8209 BUZZIE TARQUINIO THE SPOT MEAT MARKET PRODUCE MEAT GROCERIES FOUNTAIN SUBMARINES C1 SANDWIORES MINOTOLA N 1 VI 9 9822 POND COAL COMPANY R RIN To 6 OLD COMPANYS LEHIGH REAL ES AT-TIgX5FSURC1i,NCENM RC? ANTHRACITE c 1 T O TG GRS ANTHRAc1TE HARD COAL W B G GULF FUEL OIL WOOD VTNET-HND N Y VI 9 3660 VI 7 1994 I26 O Compliments of .. .. Cm ,. AT an 7ih and Landis Avenues . . I. - ll ll Central Avenue f an , . . Phone' - Pennsylvania - - oa ' A ' 12 S. . oulev rd Y Phone! - . Branches Canner1es Matn Olttce PROGRESSO FOOD PRODUCTS Spaghettl Sauces Cooked Spaghettt Spaghettt Wrth Meat Balls Roasted Peppers Caponata GSO T1t1na Flag Gtardlntera and Mt Beauty Brands Manufactured by UDDO G TAORMINA COMPANY 527 Chestnut Avenue VINELAND N I Phone VI 7 1565 Cable Address UTA Vlneland N I COMPLIMENTS OF BLOM BROS FURNITURE STORE Fme Fum1ture C 6. S SERVICE ARTHUR cosLoP d LEE PANCHERI GAsouNE on. GULF PRoDUc'rs VINELAND N I VI 7 4159 9 9797 B E C KE R S CH NA d GLASSWARE L d VINELAND N I I NEWBERRY CO 631 Landms Avenue VINELAND N I R DICK GARDELLA BUILDING CONTRACTOR ROOFING and SIDING Valley Ave and Sharp Rd VINELAND NEW IERSEY Dral VI 7 5574 l27 I I ' , . . .I H - . ' . , , . . an Seventh and Elmer Streets I Phones: -- VI - I I an 542 an is Avenue ll ll I I COMPLIMENTS OF SHAPIRO CLOTHING CO VINELAND NEW IERSEY Comphments VINELAND FAIR ARMY NAVY GOODS CANVAS TARPS Wes! and Landxs Avenues Complxments OI VINELAND ELECTRIC SUPPLY Chestnut and East Avenues VINELAND NEW IERSEY Phone VI 7 1267 Comphments of I-IERMAN S'I'ERN DEALER IN LIVE POULTRY South Mum Road VINELAND NEW IERSEY Compllments of RUDOLPH MECKEL CONTRACTOR 14 No Delsea Dnve VINELAND NEW IERSEY Phone V 7 2311 Corrxplunermts OI CIRCLE BEAUTY SALON 16 North Delsea Dnve VINELAND NEW IERSEY C A P P Y S QUALITY MILK and CREAM Arbor Avenue VINELAND N I IOHN GANIO PLUMBING HEATING AIR CONDITIONING SHEET META WORK 560 N Delsect Dnve VINELAND N I Tele-phon VI 9 8058 REAL ESTATE VI 7 5525 INSURANCE 1901 Our 1:'IIt1eth Armmversciry 1951 BRAY 6. MGCGEORGE LEWIS D De-MARCO 634 Lcmdxs Avenue Vmelcm dNI I I . of . CO. ' : I A I . I Phwer V1 9-7085 Phone VI 9.7749 - L :za FF! C. M. LAURY P. R. LAURY G. B. LAURY President Treasurer Vice President LAURY HEATING COMPANY COAL - OIL - GAS HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING 511 13 Plum Street VINELAND NEW IERSEY Phone Vineland 9 3861 CARNEGIE S GARAGE c 1 AAA SERVICE VI 9 8014 VVILSON S STA'I'IONERY STORE L v1N1-:LAND N I DOM IVIICHAEL I VINELAND N I LIRIO CHEIVIICAL CO sa d P VINELAND NEW JERSEY RICHLAND FEED CO PAUL FANUCCI P p FREND S SHOE STORE L VINELAND N I d7 VINELAND CHEESE CO FRESH RICOTTA d LATT1c1N1 B VINELAND N I GREGAN'I'I S POUL'I'RY MARKET I VINELAND N I VI 7 1672 I ' Compliments of 31 o umbia Avenue ' 541 cxndis Avenue Phone: - . . . Compliments of Compliments of S S ree! and Landis Avenue 7th reet an ark Avenue Phone: Vlnelan -lU93 Compliments of Manufacturers of - an , ro , S. E. oulevurd and Walnut Road A To please your family and your friends, get a goo Compliments of Chicken at I 1 I Ches nut Avenue Near Main Road 612 andts Avenue . . . Phonez - I29 CQMPLIMENTS CAP 8: GOWN OF NATIONAL ACADEMIC CO. In K B d le CylzndrN 20060 K mbl NURMAX P ers n Gradual d Cyl dc No 20026 I001nI LOOK FOR THE KIMBLE K" the V1S1blC guarantee of 1nv1s1ble quallty Kimb " H ran Hy!lTU7llf r ' e 0. 5 f z 'C ' " r i in e ' in r . , 5 z -in " 'l e c as . , . Cf O Q U C I . 0 Kimble "K" brand ungraduated Kimble "NORMAX" is Science's No. Kimble Blue Line "EXAX" Retested l ' ' l . . . . Ml' 1 w l ' . , glassware has been first choice among laboratory techmclans for mam years It IS accurately made from mold blown blanks and maclune drawn tubmg retempered for maxlmum durabllxty 1 PRECISION graduated glassware callbrated retested and certlfled to meet requlrements ofthe lNat1onal Bu reau of Standards NORMAY IS the symbol of utmost accuracy Blu I e EXAX RclsldFl k.Nu 28015 200ml IS the most wldelw used graduated ware Its accuracy IS assured by expert crafts manshlp and zndzvzdual retestzng Tol erances are suflicrently small for most laboratory procedures YPFIIFI KIMBLF FOR ASSIRJACE OF QUALITI KIMBLE GLASS INOLLDOI OHIO DlNlSl0ll ol Owens Illmols Class Company Q SNIXQQNNN SIXXLNNG .. ,ez zwzzm ww, GAAAPUS PUBLISHING INDIICIIDIIIAIEIZED 'RBIIIIIIS ESENIAIIVES SERVICING GIIIIEGES ANU SGHIIIIIS IRIIM MAINE III VIRGINIA N Q .

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