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COPYRIGHT, 19 BY MARIAN CAHILL Editor STEPHEN LINK ROSEMARY MLYRTAU Buxiness Jflanagm 37 C 'J -I ESTATE Ill BF l L!! ' M " 1- 3 55 if' 4 V NPI? 1' EH. HQXZEEM I W any 937 K lk QTMMS mmm RQ Hxufeufx an .iusfriuie . .. -, - Ill x ' 5 .-nn. , H '- 1 1 'A Y I C' , J v Q 5 , A bl 1 N fN it 1? r 'A ,AVL t-I ,, ,Qu , ' ' -1 fe- WCW , ' f er" , Q K E n lm' Pi Q .. has 1,1949 ' fry 1 1 I g Ag mgdmffiia, jab. A L - 'I F 'vfmiv r 5 1 A- ,J 1 X- xf f Hg? ' V ' X Y L Q Ll , V ' if TO OUR LADY AND QUEEN MARY IMMACULATE To Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, we, the class of ,37, consecrate our fourth edition of the CROSS- ROADS. May her purity servo as a mirror for all Catho- lic Youth. Behinatiun To our Faculty-sympathetic in their understanding steadfast in their guidance, and unfailing in their inspiration, We, the Class of 1937, gratefully dedicate our g'CRossRoADs.', E l f 2 'Wintentian ilnstitute Every Albanian is acquainted with the large building on the corner of Madi- son Avenue and Ontario Street-Vincentian Institute. This school has three distinct divisions within its curricula: moral, mental, and social. The moral guidance of the youth is aptly cared for and inspired by the religious instructions given throughout his twelve years of training and awe- inspiring examples of charity and obedience set forth by the Reverend Principal, Sisters of Mercy, Brothers of Holy Cross, and that of the persevering lay faculty. Another factor which plays an important role in the promotion of the pupills religious character is the chapel. The tranquillity which reigns within the Grotto of the Lady of Lourdes is a true inspiration to non-Catholics as well as Catholics. Few schools enjoy the privilege which we have of living and studying under the same roof with the Blessed Sacrament. Another of Vincentian's main distinctions is its exceptionally high scholastic rating. Such colleges as Saint Rose, Saint Bonaventure, Saint Michael, New Rochelle, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Duke University, Niagara, and Mount Six Saint Mary's have presented to members of the various graduating classes scholar- ships as a reward for the outstanding intellectual ability of Vincentian students and Vincentian graduates. Each year Vincentian has participated in the winning State scholarships. It holds the unique distinction of winning eight out of fifteen allotted to Albany County. Every opportunity for the development of one's abilities is afforded by this school. Three types of diplomas are awarded by the school: College Entrance, Academic, or Commercial. The College Entrance diploma includes such subjects as foreign languages, sciences, and mathematics-a background for the liberal arts course offered by many colleges. The Academic diploma gives the student a general background for either college or business, whereas, the Commercial diploma is awarded for a course which consists only of commercial subjects. The third phase of Vincentian life is its social well-being. This phase is expanded in such affairs as sports, extra-curricular activities, dances, culture classes, and dramaticsvsall of which will be discussed individually in the following pages. OUR LADY OF LOURDES, GROTTO Seven N r :Forsmark The staff of the CROSSROADS of 1937 wishes to extend its unlimited gratitude to the faculty, to its patrons, and to all the organizations which have in any way given benevolent assistance for the promotion of this annual. ' t ,I I D f-x. f N I fx V iffx am if CL? ig L Zllibe russruahs Qhministratiun FATHER CHARLES Principal We cannot express adequately our thanks and loyalty to this benign priest who has done so much to advance education throughout the State in general and in particular in Vincen- tian. Here is to one of the best and most understanding friends we shall ever have. BROTHER JOHN English Progressiveness ! Personality ! Kindness ! These are but a few of the attributes which have helped to make Brother John one of the outstanding members of our Faculty during SISTER MARY BORROMEO English In our Sister Superior we have a loyal friend and staunch supporter. In addition to her duties as Dean of the girls, Sister guides us through the realm of literature with the ease and grace of a most lucid teacher. av' the two short years we have known him. Ten MR. J. EMMETT WALL A truly patient gentleman! Whenever our flag of distress was waving we Houndered out- side the office door or leaned upon the radiator awaiting our entrance into the office where we always received help and understanding. FATHER LAWRENCE RYAN Ghz Qllrussruahs jfanultp FATHER JOHN FITZGERALD Religion Father's kindly manner and his interests in all branches of Vincentian activity have him to us endeared. Under a shy and reticent exterior we have found an abundance of wit and humor. Relzgion Here is one of our more recent additions to the staff of Vincentian. His personality and the zeal for work which he has shown as boys, instructor in religion have already endeared him to the student body. FATHER JAMES MINEHAN Religion Great in zeal and generosity as Paul of Tar- sus, Father Minehan as Director of the Sodality and Instructor in Religion has won the hearts of the V. I. boys and girls. FATHER RICHARD WALSH Religion In addition to his regular parish work, Father Walsh takes an active interest in our Sodality as its Director and guide. We always knew that Father was never too busy to give us advice or aid when we sought him. Eleven The Ctirussruahs 'fllw W R BROTHER XAVIER English, Mathematics Twelve BROTHER EMIL English-Latin On the road to success! This may easily be seen by Brother's invigorating lectures on one's career' and his unsurpassed ideals of gentle- rnanship, which he is constantly placing before us. These are the laudable ambitions he places before his Vincentian boys. Brother Xavier's popularity is great because of his understanding of boys and patience in solving their problems. Always kind and co- operative, Brother Xavier will hold a cherished place in the minds and hearts of the boys. BROTHER MAJELLA Latin The gentle nature and cheery aid of Brother Majella have made him most attractive to all the boys who are under his direction. A true friend and a fine master, Brother Majella has, in both word and deed, admirably proved his worth and talents. illibe Ctirussrnahs BROTHER JOEL History, Political Science Ultra modern is the most explanatory adjec- tive that may be applied to Brother Joel. His unusual manner of instruction, as well as his calm, collected personality and pleasing smile will long be remembered by Vincentian. BROTHER ALPHONSUS French, Science It is diificult for any person to be loved and admired by a large group of persons but Brother Alphonsus has earned this distinc- tion. A gay spirit and a serious mind enable Brother to be both a Companion and a counselor to his boys. . BROTHER ADELBERT Mathematics, Science The boys of V. I's lower classes have no better director than Brother Adelbert. His kindness, fidelity, wisdom and perseverence, plus personality have helped to endear Brother to all his pupils. Thirteen 013132 Qtrnssruahs SISTER MARY LOURDES Science Here we present our kindly and beloved faculty advisor for this Year Book. In addition to teaching competently several branches of science, she finds time to aid and counsel us in solving our perplexities and difficulties. F. SISTER MARY HELENE Latin, Political Science Sister teaches the social studies most effi- ciently. Her hearty and cheerful manner will be remembered by all our students. SISTER MARY BEATRICE Ffench, Mathematics We have found a deep fund of patience and loyalty which makes Sister Mary Beatrice one of our favorites. Her ever present smile and sparkling eyes contribute to the charm of this brilliant Mathematic teacher. V. I. pupils know that they have a friend and counselor in this nun. Fourteen SISTER MARY BONAVENTURE A History, French A combination of wit and seriousness makes this teacher a favorite. Her sense of humor makes her charming, her severity makes her admired and her brilliance in teaching history makes her 'fthe tops". 1115132 Qlrnssruahs SISTER MARY BERENICE Latin One of our popular teachers is Sister Mary Berenice. Her zeal for our spiritual well-being in the Children of Mary Sodality is praise- worthy and appreciated by us. SISTER MARY GERVASE Science, Commercial Sister always has a cheerful smile as she goes through the halls or in her classroom. Her knowledge of business methods would make her successful in any line of work that she might choose. SISTER MARY CARMEL English Here is where we have an example of quiet efficiency. Sister makes an amusing and in- teresting period out of any English class. Her talent for keeping people interested and her novel ideas for work are very effective. SISTER MARY ALMA History, Latin Here is a quiet and retiring but altogether charming teacher. Her thorough knowledge of the Held of history and languages is quite evident from the results she achieves. Fifteen 1113132 Qirussruahs SISTER MARY EDWARD Latin, Mathematics One of the comparatively new additions to our faculty, Sister has proved herself thoroughly competent to perform her assigned tasks. In a short time she has made many loyal friends among the student body. SISTER MARY GERALDINE English, History In Sister lXIary Geraldine we see a mixture of fun and seriousness. Her good nature is refreshing and appreciated when the tedium of the school day hangs over us. MRS. CHARLES GALLAGHER Commercial In the head of our Business Department we have a staunch friend and efficient teacher. Mrs. Gallagher puts forth all her best efforts to advance Vincentian students and graduates in the business world. MISS NIARY hIeNIELLY Librarian Our Librarian is possessed of a distinct charm. Her fund of patience must be inex- haustible as is her good nature. Our literary tastes have been carefully cultivated under her direction. Sixleen --i-- be Qlirusrrnahs MRS. ALEXANDER SMITH Culture Our Ladyship teacher is one of our most Charming instructors. Her eagerness to help us solve various problems of etiquette is gratefully received and appreciated by us. MRS. GERTRUDE DELANY Mrs. Delany, our home economics teacher, is a trust-worthy and benevolent guide for the girls which she directs. Besides her immediate students, she is well liked by all students who have the pleasure of her acquaintance. MR. JAMES LAYDEN Band Director The spirit of our Vincentian lies in its band, and the spirit of the band, in Mr. Layden whose untiring work has made our band one of the snappiest, peppiest in the city of Albany. No words can express the gratitude we owe to you, Mr. Layden. MR. DONALD STEWART Orchestra Director To you, Mr. Stewart, Vincentian offers a vote of thanks for the most generous and em- cient assistance which you have placed at our command. ' Seventeen 9 Eighleen 1115132 flllrussruahs Zlhsentez jfacultp SISTER MARY EVANGELIST Sister Mary Evangelist is the Captain of our Ship, for it was during our Sophomore year that we, the present Senior Class, received the council and good advice which has aided us through our entire remaining years at Vincen- tian. Great was the disappointment of our class the next year to learn that Sister Evan- gelist had been assigned to Saint Paul the Apostle's Convent in Troy. We had hoped, on returning as Juniors to Hnd that we would continue under her guidance. Two years have now passed since Sister Evangelist left, yet in our memory she will always remain. The little things that seemed so burdensome to us she gently lifted from out shoulders. She cared for us as though she were a member of our own family. Nor can we close this article without men- tioning her sense of humor-it was something that was both refreshing and witty. Especially in homeroom, where many an informal discus- sion was held, peals of laughter could often be heard because of a remark Sister had made. The Seniors recall vividly the incidents that we mean. We cherish her memory and hope she will be with us at graduation. At any rate we know she is thinking of us in prayer. SISTER MARY VERONICA Although we had Sister with us for only one short year, everyone who came in contact with her learned to admire and respect the strong traits of sincerity and genuine goodness in her character. Her unfailing patience and spirit of helpfulness were a source of aid to every one of her pupils and associates. SISTER MARY JOAN OF ARC In her short acquaintance with our class as freshmen, Sister Joan of Arc instilled in the hearts of all who knew her an untiring zeal for accomplishment and an aspiration for effi- ciency. She will always be remembered by the class of '37 as an exemplar of the finest Catho- lic womanhood. We wish her unlimited success and happiness. The Qlrussruahs MISS MARY E. WARREN Miss Warren came as a practice teacher to Vincentian seven years ago. Her pleasing personality and ability to make Sciences in- teresting won our admiration at the first. When Miss Warren resigned, we realized that we had lost a teacher whom we held in high esteem. We wish her success and happi- ness in her field of Science teaching in the Schuyler High School. MISS HENRIETTE ARCHAMBAULT During her several years sojourn at Vincen- tian, Miss Archambault showed herself not only a capable teacher, but also a true friend. Her personality and her fine Catholic example will never be forgotten by the hundreds of admiring students whom she so ably instructed. MISS MARY PATTERSON Miss Patterson taught at Vincentian for five years as a teacher of commercial subjects and geometry. Her friendly smile and attractive manner won for her many true friends. There was not one in the school from pupil to faculty who did not regret her departure, but we wish to congratulate her on her successful appoint- ment in the State department. MR. RAYMOND C. HENRY Mr. Henry was a member of the faculty at Vincentian for six years before resigning to teach in the McKinley Junior High School in Schenectady. During the years that Mr. Henry taught us, we learned to respect and admire him, not only for his teaching ability, but also for his excellent advice and sympathetic under- standing. Mr. Henry sacrificed much of his time to remain after school in order to help us with extra workg his efforts can never be fully appreciated except by those who took advantage of his generosity. ,We shall never forget the enjoyable hours spent in the Art Room, for our Senior year has not seemed quite complete without them. Nineteen Twenty Cllllass oem By JACK DOYLE Therels a smile on the lips of Seniors, A beat in their merry feet. Each one seems gay, and yet- Within their eyes Small cheer and laughter! Joys and pleasures and happenings Of four years, recede into the past. Four years-so few! True, now we depart-nay, stay, Lingeringly, so! Too soon we go. Farewell! With triumph in heart and fearless fr With sincere regret-and strong. Banners high and stout resolve. Oh, how oft shall we recall Four years-and Vincentian! OI'1t K I F7 KU, 4? 7 f Af MM f ff fifyffyf I V WW X X X 2 X ' A X my ff? f ff X XWWW ff My ffnWM7i7wf fffiiffyfff W ff 1 ZZWMff7Wjff4ff!7 f ff x4 ff X W X X fjfj W f I 71 'ff , If 4 f fy!! N ff 'Z - QQ, f fff RK T 7 . "fff'fI1 iff m f1fffVf47QZ,7 I 'X ll I W!" I If X ' ff ff , 0ff Q? 7Jff jf y ,. a ' fZJ' fi 17 ' f ff 'X fff f, if f f fX f k X f if Lf? ff X f , X 17 f' X 5 If f XJ N L f jf f in 'l:.w,,x 4 I f f 1 f0MQWWMWiQMwMW7w The Qllrussruahs -i RUTH CATHERINE ALDRIDGE Always ready to work hard for the promo- tion of any school affair, Ruth has done much for many undertakings of the school. Her gracious manners and tact make her well liked. Cor 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Girl President of the Senior Class. Year Book Staff. Senior Dance Committee. Senior Plays. DOROTHY BEATRICE BAKER Dot's popularity is due to her consideration of others and her great interest in Vincentian. Always willing to lend a helping hand, Dot is indispensible to the smooth running of many school affairs. Cor 3, 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, Persident 4. Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4. Dandylion Staff 1, 2, 3. Senior Dance Committee. EDWARD JAMES BANAGAN Because of his alert interest in school affairs, Ed has won the title of President of Cor, which is indeed a distinction. He is a favorite of both students and faculty. Cor 35 President 4. Vice-President of Senior Class. Hockey Captain. Tennis 3, 4. Nocturnal Adoration Society 2, 3, 4. Debate Club 1, 2, President 3. Finance Manager of Year Book. GABRIEL ANN BECK Gay is a pleasing mixture of fun and serious- ness. The Splflt of cooperation is dominant in her make-up. Chairman of Ring Committee 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. l Y i Twenty-two Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 4. ---l The Qllrussruahs VERA AGNES BESSE Verafs apparently inborn ability to worry has never made inane her sense of humor. Her fine sense of rhythm carries her through her studies as well as it carries her gracefully across the dance floor. Cor 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. "Vincentianl' Staff. Vice-President of Commerce Club 4. Marion Messenger Stall? 4. MATTHEW JOSEPH BOLOGNO Matt is by far the most zealous worker the Commercial department has. We are glad his ambition is an estate in fee simple and so may be passed on to the most deserving heir in the class of '38. Cor. Dandylion Staff. Nocturnal Adoration 4. Commerce Club 3, 4. Vincentian Staff 4. Senior Plays. tinction. Baseball 3, 4. Track 4. JOSEPH BOSSERT ,loc is one of our most likeable seniors. His mind works faster than his tongue. He some- times gets too hasty, but this only makes him the more enjoyable. LEONARD AUGUST BORNHORST Leonard is about the finest example of what a true, good natured friend should be. His ever present smile is given to all without dis- Nocturnal Adoration 2, 3, 4. Twenty-three ELIZABETH BEVERLY BRUNS Beverly is a quiet, reticent type plus genialty and helpfulness. Sodality 4. Glee Club 1, 2. Choral 4. Twenty-four 013192 Cllrussrnahs ------ J ENN IE ELVIRA BRENNENSTUHL Jennie is brand new this year, but that has not prevented us from realizing what a fine addition she is to the class of '37. We are sorry, Jennie, that you were not with us sooner. RITA MARIE BROWER Rita's calm, quiet disposition has won for her many loyal friends. Rita's linguistic ability in French and Latin has saved the day for us in many an embarrasing moment. Cor 3, 4. Sodality 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Christian Doctrine Teacher 4. KATHLEEN AGNES BRUSO Due to her unassuming manner and her friendly attitude toward all, Kay has earned a host of friends. These qualities have made Kay one of the school's best liked girls. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Dandylion Staff 4. Choral 1, 2, 4. Senior Plays. The Qhfussrnahs ERNEST DAVID BURKART To Ernie we owe a big debt of gratitude for his aid in financing our Year Book. De- pression hung over us but Ernie came forward and put over a "Big Deal". His Athletic ability and kindly manner make him an outstanding Vincentian. Cor 4. Football 3, 4. Track 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Nocturnal,Adoration Society l, 2, 3, 4. Debate Club 3, 4. Secretary of Varsity Club 4. MARIAN ALICE CAHILL Initiative and high rank in studies are only two of Marian's attributes. She possesses a unique personality all her own. A model stu- dent, a good housekeeper, a loyal friend, are synonymous with Marian. Cor 4. Editor-in-Chief of Year Book 4 Quill and Scroll 3, 4. Glee Club 2. Dandylion Staff 4. Sodality 2, 3, 4. Senior Dance Committee. Senior Plays. friendly and co-operative. Glee Club. ANITA ADELE CHASE We were very happy to have Anita resume her course at Vincentian. She has the good fortune of being able to appear before an audience without embarrassment. Cor 4. Glee Club 1, 4. Sodality l, 4. Choral 1. Senior Dance Committee. Senior Plays. Senior Dance Committee. W LILLIAN MARGARET CARLIN Lillian is of a rather retiring type but Twenty-hue . The Qlrussruahs --l An HELEN TERESA CLARKE engaging smile, sonality. Helen's gentle are a boon to her nobl and an engaging per- manner and enthusiasm e character. A genuine friend-who can say more! Cor 3, 4. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. Dandylion Staff 4. VINCENTIAN Staff 4. Year Book Staff. Sodality l, 2, 3, 4. Secretary of the Senior Class. Commerce Club 3, 4. Law Contest 4. EDWARD STANISLAUS CONWAY Although he maintains the dignity of his office as President of our class, Ned is very congenial and popular with all his classmates. His school spirit is well worth imitating. Cor 3, 4. Basketball 2, 35 Varsity 3. Golf 2, 3, 43 Captain 3. Tennis 3, 4. President of the Snior Class. Varsity Club 45 Treasurer. Student Council, President. Senior Plays. MARY ELIZABETH CHARTRES Her sincerity and depth of character are but a part of her true make-up. Her light hearted humor is a delight to her friends, and as she goes along the way of life, her charm will always aid her in climbing the ladder of success. Cor 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4. Dandylion Staff 4. VINCENTIAN Staff 4. Sodality l, 2, 3, 4. Commerce Club 3, 4. Art Club 1, 2, 3. Christian Doctrine Instructor 4. Law Contest 3. ROBERT EMMET CROWE Bob's genial smile, ever ready wit, and irre- sistable personality, have made him exceedingly poular. He is one of those whom we just can not help liking. 'Twenty-six Glee Club 1, 2. Hockey 4. Track 3. Varsity Club 4. Football 2, 3, Nocturnal Ador Basketball 3. Debate Club 2, Senior Plays. 4. ation Society 2, 3, 3. 4. Ghz flirussruahsa EUGENE DAMM No one knowing Gene can help feeling as though they have made an acquaintance worth maintaining. Commerce Club. Football. MILDRED CATHERINE DOMSER Mimi is possessed of vivacity and mischief in abundance, but her tricks are all in a spirit of fun. Sodality 4. class affairs. Cor 4. Sodality l, 2, 3, 4. FRANCIS EDWARD DONOHUE Franny's bubbling vitality is always an asset to him. His friends appreciate and love his gay and nonchalant manner. Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Cheerleader 3. Nocturnal Adoration Society 3, 4. Debate Club 2, 3. ,Y l Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. Choral Club l, 2, 4. MARY AUDREY DONAHUE Audrey is a valuable mernber for any class. Her loyalty and co-operation can always be depended upon to be used when needed in Twenty-Jeven The ftllrussruahs CATHERINE AGNES DYKEMAN Catherine seems to accomplish a great deal without talking much about it. Here greatest asset is the fact that she is willing and eager to learn. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. Sodality l, 2, 3, 4. Twenty-eight Varsity Club 4. Senior Plays. MARJORIE GRACE EGAN Margie's quiet charm has endeared her to many of her classmates and friends. Her per- severance has won great admiration, Glee Club 2, 3. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Dandylion Stall 3. JOHN CARROLL DOOLEY Jackis dry humor is invariably welcomed by all who know him. He is possessed of a dis- arming smile that would drive away all cares. Nocturnal Adoration Society l, 2, 3, 4. Speaking Contest 4, Winner. Baseball Manager 2. Debate Club 1, 2, 3. Year Book Staff 4. Shorthand Contest 3. Basketball Manager. JOHN STAUNTON DOYLE Yock is possessed with an exceptional apti- tude for dancing. In fact, he is undisputedly acclaimed as "Vincentian's best." Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Nocturnal Adoration Society 3, 4. Varsity Club 4. I . The Qllrussruahs MARJORIE CATHERINE ELLIOT Marj. is popular because of her friendliness and sense of humor. She is a true Vincentian if ever there was any. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES JOSEPH FEELEY Unexcelled in sports, Jim has kept his same shy manner and friendly co-operative spirit. Doesn't he remind you a little of Gene Ray- mond? Football 2, 3, 4. Nocturnal Adoration Society 4. Commerce Club 3, 4. Dandylion Staff. Basketball 3, 4. Varsity Club 4. Baseball 2. him a CHARLES FRANCIS fi l- DANIEL SMITH FLINN Dan possesses the rare combination of being scholastically eflicient and socially prominent. His dependable character and generosity make true friend. Cor 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Nocturnal Adorati Debate Club 2, 3. 4. on Society 3, 4. FROMMA Charlie is a very ambitious boy. Although possessing much reserve, when Charlie can help V. I. in anv of its activities, he is one hundred per cent responsive. Glee Club 1. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Nocturnal Adoration Society 3, 4. Debate Club 2, 3. Baseball 25 Manager. Twenty-nine RUTH ELIZABETH GONYEA illibe Qllrussruahs MARJORIE VIRGINIA GALVIN She has often been discouraged but has always been ready to start anew. Her likes are strong but seldom do her dislikes come to the surface. They are concealed by a kindness deepset and true. Glee Club 1, 4. Dandylion Staff 4. Year Book Staff 4. VINCENTIAN Staff. Sodality 2, 3, 4. Commerce Club 2, 3, 4. Public Speaking Contest 3. JOHN EDWARD GOETZ Ed is obviously possessed with the art of acquiring friends easily. He, unlike the modern male, is chivalrous. Glee Club 1, 2. Nocturnal Adoration Society 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 3. Debate Club 2, 3. Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. Art Club 1. Biology Club 2. Basketball 3. Her unsurpassed ability to draw has made our publications enjoyable. Her ever-ready store of jokes have enlivened many a dull moment. Thirty Cor 4. Gite Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Commerce Club Art Club 1, 2. Dandylion Staff Year Book Staff. VINCENTIAN Staff 4. Sodality 2. 3, Qi. 4. PAUL EDWARD GRATTAN Paul's wittiness is always enjoyed by his friends. The class of '37 thinks that salesman- ship would be a successful career for Paul. Cor 4. Nocturnal Adoration Society 1, 2, 3, 4. Debate Club 1, 2, 3. Track Manager 2, 3, 4. Speaking Contest 3, 4. Year Book 4. Senior Plays. ----- 115192 firussruahs ELIZABETH LOURDES GRIFFIN We shall always remember her delicate vivac- ity. She is a true pal and a real sport. Betty will succeed in making many friends by her gay smile and gracious manner. Glee Club 1, 2. Sodality 4. Year Book Staff. MARGARET MARY HANDERHAN Here is a student liked by everyone for hcr rehnement, friendliness and nice disposition. Anybody who has made her acquaintance ap- preciates her fun and sense of humor. Sodality 4. Glee Club 4. Choral 1, 2, 4. Cor. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Speaking Contest 3. Basketball 2, 3, 4. Varsity Club 4. Baseball 3, 4. , Nocturnal Adoration Society 2, President of Sophomore Class. X Year Book 4. ROSEMARY THERESA HANLON Rose is one of our very popular Seniors. Her cheerfulness, nonchalance and pep make her a leader in her set. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. ' Cheerleader 2, 3. Glee Club 1, 2. ROBERT WILLIAM HANDERHAN Bob has more than once shown his coopera- tive spirit and aptitude for leadership. "Known and admired by allu, suits him to perfection. 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 President. 3, 4. Thirty-one ELIZABETH MAGDALEN HARPER Betty has a smile for everyone and carries her own store of jokes and puns. Her con- vincing speech makes debates. Sodalit 1 2 3 4 Y 7 3 3 ' Commerce Club 3, 4. Glee Club 1. Choral 2. Thirty-two Zllbe Clirussrnahs Choral 1, 2, 4. her indispensible in RUTH AGNES HARTIGAN ANNE WANSBORO HARDIE Anne is an ardent Sodality worker and ever eager to advance Vincentian interests. Her activities have been varied and valuable. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. GERTRUDE MARY HARLFINGER Gert is always there for a good time Her love of fun and enjoyment, along with her pleasing manner, deep sense of loyalty, place her as one of our Class' best. Cor 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Science Club 2. Year Book Staff 4. Senior Dance Committee Ruth is simply glowing with a unique per- sonality and suppressed energy which appears at necessary times to make her work successful. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. VINCENTIAN Staff 4. Dandylion Staff 4. Commerce Club 3, 4 Shorthand Contest 3. The Qlirnssruahs MARCELLA ANNE HEIN A tiny parcel making true the old adage, "Good things come in small packages." Ad ditional words could not add to this descrip- tion. Cor 4. Shorthand Contest 3. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Commerce Club 3, 4. Sodality 4. VINCENTIAN Staff 4. Dandylion Staff 4. Senior Plays. - MARIE ELIZABETH HERBINGER i l Marie is another one of those rare persons who accomplishes much without telling anyone about it. Marie has earned a lofty placc in the minds and hearts of all Vincentians Sodality 4. Commerce Club 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2. 1 I Glee Club 3. MARY MAGDALEN E HESSION Her all around good sportsmanship and friendliness makes Mary a popular Senior Her courage and dramatic ability are always - ' ed. enjoy Dandylion Staff Speaking Contest 3, 4. Glee Club 4. Sodality 4, Choral 3, 4. Senior Plays. HELEN CATHERINE HIGGINS Helen is an all around and sensible type, a staunch friend and we must not forget to add has an insatiable interest in History. Dandylion Staff 1, 2. Thirty-three The Qrussrnahs CAROLYN ANN HINMAN Duty calls-Carol answers. Indispensible as a friend and worker, she is an important part of our class. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Dandylion Staff 4. VINCENTIAN Staff 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Commerce Club 3, 4. Marion Messenger Staff. Christian Doctrine Instructor. DENNIS JAMES HURLEY Dennis has a gift of oratorical powers These, we trust, will lead our Dennis to fame Nocturnal Adoration Society 2, 3. Debate Club 2. 1 MARGARET ELIZABETH JONES In Margaret, one finds an unusual person- ality and co-operative spirit. The merry twinkle of her eye and little chuckles tell us that Mar- garet possesses an enviable sense of humor and fun. Glee Club 2, 4. Sodality 4. Thirty-four RUTH MARIE KILLIAN Ruthieis power of mind and other attractive qualities rank her as one of our best liked Seniors. She has the essential characteristics for forging ahead to success. Cor 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Editor of the Marion Messenger. Commerce Club 3, 4. Class Secretary 3. Art Club 1, 2. Assistant Editor of Dandylion. Winner of Shorthand Contest 3. Year Book Staff. Senior Plays. 1 Ghz Qllrussrnahs EDWARD JOHN LANG Ed is the quiet, dependable type who never shirks any duty. We expect to hear that Ed has become a great Research Chemist. Lucky is the person who gains his friendship. Glce Club 2, 3, 4. Cor 4. Debate Club 2. Nocturnal Adoration Society 3, 4. l STEPHEN JOSEPH LINK Shades of Steinmetz! Steve is the schoolls most eminent scientist. His generosity, kindness and loyalty have marked him a model student. Cor 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Vice-President 4. Biology Club President 3. Secretary of Senior Class. Year Book Staff 4. Debate Club 2, 3. Nocturnal Adoration Society 4. 1 1 L vivacity. Glee Club 4. Sodality 4. Year Book Staff. ANNA MARIE MADIGAN Anna's ability to appreciate the humorous things in life is communicated to all who read Dandylions. Glee Club 1, 2. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. ' MARY LOURDES MACK Here is one of our most popular classmates She has a divine sense of humor and her greatest charm lies in her nonchalance and Thirty-five ZEDB known 1 Grnssruahs NATALIE VIRGINIA MANNING Natalie's sense of humor makes her company desired by all. Her talent in music is well from her participation in so many of the musical programs at Vincentian. Accompanist of the Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Accompanist of the Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Organist 4. Accompanist, Choral 1. Junior Speaking Contest. Senior Speaking Contest Winner. Senior Plays. JOHN JOSEPH MARTIN Jack's attributes are not all outwardly mani- fest. Their presence, however, has often been brought to the surface by his skillful com- panions. Nocturnal Adoration Society, 1, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Club 4. Baseball 2, 3, 4. Football 4. Hockey 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. MARIE THERESA MAYHEW A cheerful disposition tends to make Marie a good companion, although she is at times reticent. She is most co-operative in her quiet way. Sodality 4. Senior Commerce Club. Thirty-six STEPHEN JAMES MCARDLE Steve has earned students because of assigned duties. He s Commerce Club 4. Nocturnal Adoration Society 1, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Club 4. Baseball 2, 3, 4. Basketball 3, 4. Hockey 2. the respect of his fellow his faithfulness to his eldom tries to shirk them. 1 Cor 3, 45 Vice-President 4. JOHN ,IOSEPH McDONALD Jack's manner is nonchalant to a pleasing degree. His ready smile has often proved a ray of sunshine to man a y . p dct that he will prove a rival' to Fred Astaire in later years. Nocturnal Adoration Society, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Club. Glee Club 2, 3. Basketball 2, 3. Baseball 2, 3. Debate Club 2, 3. Speaking Contest Year Book Staff. libs Qlirossrnahsv ELLA AGNES MCCORMACK Ella has a lovable spirit all her own. She combines wit with friendliness in a very pleas- ing manner. classmate We rei 3. JEAN MARIE MCENROE Jean is most definitely of an artistic nature. Her remarkable talent in this line of work should serve her in good stead in later years. Choral Club. VIRGINIA ROSE McENTEE ,Iinnie's sense of duty and her natural sym- pathetic disposition will make her outstanding, we predict, in her chosen profession of nursing. Cor 3, 4. Glee Club 3. Sodality 3. Sodalityv 1, 2, 3, 45 Secretary 1. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4. Art Club 1, 25 Secretary 1. Dandylion Staff 4. Marion Mexsenger Staff 4. Year Book Staff 4. Thirty-:even IRENE GEORGIA MCGOWAN Irene possesses a pleasing manner on all occasions. Her calm lacid attitude is adm1red . , P and even envied. Cor 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Choral 2, 3, 4. Thirty-eight Qlibz Qlirussruahs Sodality. Glee Club. 1 l THOMAS CORCORAN McGRAW "Mac" is well known throughout the school for his inexhaustible pep in cheer leading. He has done much to insure a sizable att at all our games. Nocturnal Adoration Society 2, 3, 4. Cheerleader 3, 4. Track 2, 3. Year Book Staff 4. Dandylion Staff. MARY VERONICA MCEVOY Mary's pleasing personality and engaging smile have been a constant source of pleasure to all who have known her at Vincentian. MARY ELLEN McFERRAN Mary's exhuberant personality and hearty laugh make her a jolly companion. These characteristics should greatly aid her in making new friends and in keeping her host of old ones. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Dandylion Staff 4. endance The Qlrussruahsa ELIZABETH AGNES McLEAN Betty has the which, we feel, she will never allow reverses or sadness to overshadow. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Commerce Club 3, 4. OECCI' of Sophomore Class. MARJORIE JANE MCMAHON Mar ie is a verv zealous worker g . ' 1 couples with her zeal a love for real fun. Cor. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2. Commerce Club. freshness and vitality of youth t - ' but she JOHN JOSEP many times have been Nocturnal Adorat Cor 4. Cheerleader 4. Dandylion Editor WILLIAM GERALD MEANY Bill's frequent recitations in Ethics Class are enjoyed by all, because of his pleasing drawl. He shows an exceptional amount of grace in his dancing. Nocturnal Adoration Society 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4. Debate Club 2. Football 2, 4. Track 4. Senior Ring Committee. H MCMANUS Without Johnny's sense of humor and elli- cient leadership, the Dandylions Staff might shipwrecked. He is un- surpassed in the ability to break "specks". ion Society 2, 3, 4. 4. Class President 3. Track 4. Debate Club 2, 3. Art Club 1, 2. Glee Club 1. 1 Basketball Assistant Manager 1, 2. Thirty-nine is e Clirussruahsa ELIZABETH JULIA MINNOCK A keen mind and modesty in regard to its attainments are both possessed by Betty. She a shy, quiet person, but is liked and wel- comed by all. Cor 3, 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Treasurer 4. Class Vice-President 3. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Art Club 1, 2. Year Book Staff. Senior Plays. ROBERT FRANCIS MONAGHAN Bob's artistic taste is shown not only in his choice of clothes but also in his ability to deco- rate. Golf 4. 'Track 2. HARRIET AGNES MORRISSEY Harriet's sunny nature is welcome in all classes. Possessed of a splendid singing voice, she has been most devoted to Glee Club affairs. Forty Cor. Glee Club 1, 2, Sodality l, 2, 3, Dandylion Staff. 35 President 4. 4. THOMAS Tom is endowed with the ability to amuse people, not only by his jovial manner, but also - by his hilarious English compositions. Nocturnal Adoration Society 3, 4. Quill and Sc Track 3, 4. Basketball Manager 3. Debate Club Senior Plays. JOSEPH MURPHY roll 3, 4. 3. Zllibe Qllrnssruahsa ROSEMARY ANNE MURTAUGH Rosels ability to manage school activities make her an asset to her class. Her cheerful manner makes her a bigger hit with her friends and classmates. We have never had a better sport in V. I. Cor 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club l. Year Book Staff. Senior Speaking Contest. Senior Tea Dance Committee. Senior Plays. GERTRUDE MARY NEWMAN Although appearing to be shy, Gert has a fun-loving and interesting personality. She can be depended upon always to be in on a jolly good time because of her very much alive school spirit. Sodality 4. Glee Club 1, 2. Choral 4. Year Book Staff. MARCIA NORWOOD Marsha's quiet and reserve manner has made her distinguished throughout her four years in high school. She has a personality which is reserved yet distinctly appealing. MARGUERITE THERESE OTARRELL Peggy came from New York two years ago to Vincentian. She has proved herself one of us by doing active work in the Sodality and in charitable works. One of her outstanding features is her delightful New York accent. Cor 4. Sodality 3, 4. Chairman of the Eucharistice Committee. Chairman of the Senior Tea Dance. ' Junior Speaking Contest. Choral Club. Senior Plays. Forty-one LOUIS JOSEPH PANTUOSCO Louie's apparent aloofness is a mistaken im- pression. Having once one finds a jovial friend. Nocturnal Adoration Society 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1. Debate Club 3. Track 4. Forty-two Ulibe Qllrussrnahs -- MICHAEL THOMAS O'HARE During his senior year, Mike overcame his quiet nature, in fact, he is extremely enter- taining. Cor 4. Debate Club 3, 4. Basketball 4. Nocturnal Adoration Society, 1, 2, 3, 4. .Assistant Manager of the Football Team. JOHN JOSEPH OLANDER He plays football as well as he dances, and no greater compliment could be paid to any- one. He is a possessor of a happy disposition and he has an infinite capacity for work. Cor 4. Football 2, 3, 4. Track 3, 4. Commerce Club 3, 45 President 4. Dandylion Staff 4. VINCENTIAN Stalf 4. Varsity Club 4. Nocturnal Adoration Society 4. Senior Plays. J made his acquaintance, THECLA MARY ROSE POLAK Thecla has an enviable capacity for work. Her quiet manner has led far toward success in school. Cor 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Commerce Club 3, 4. The Qlrussrnahse VIRGINIA MARY POWERS The phrase, "Small in stature but great in mind", describes Virginia accurately. Small, however, does not apply to her character, which is beyond reproach. Virginia is unique in that she adores Latin. Cor 4. Dandylion Staff 2. Sodality 2, 3, 4. Quill and Scroll 3, 4. Literary Editor of Year Book. Glee Club 2, 4. Senior Plays. NELSON RICHARD QUACKENBUSH Dick is a genial favorite in the class. He is much admired for his success in Athletics and his clean-cut manner. Football 3, 4. Baseball 3, 4. Nocturnal Adoration Society 3, 4. Varsity Club 4. Senior Plays.. 1 JAMES THOMAS QUINN Jimmie has the essence of a gentleman. In fact, Jimmie is our living "Manners for Mil- lions." His sense of humor, especially in Ethics, class, adds one more note to Jimmie's popu- larity. Cor 4. Debate Club 1, 2, 3. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Golf Team 1, 2, 3, Captain 4. Hockey 3, 4. Basketball 3. Tennis 3, 4. Year Book Staff. Speaking Contest 3, 4. , Senior Plays. CATHERINE ELIZABETH RAPP Kay holds her place in public speaking and may be found at any time bouncing around the Commercial rooms always busily helping others. Dandylion Staff 4. VINCENTIAN Staff 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1. Commerce Club 3, 4. Public Speaking Contest 3. Senior Plays. Forty-three ADELE PAQUET RONAN Adele is one of our best artists as our Year Book will show. Her versatility and good nature make her a good companion. Glee Club 1, 2. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Dandylion Staff 4. Year Book Art Editor. Class Historian. Art Club 1, 2, 3. Quill and Scroll 2, 3. Marion Mexsenger Staff. Forty-four . 017132 Qlrussrnahs X-l Cor 4. Sodality 3, 4. Senior Plays. DAVID THOMPSON RONAN Dave's generosity and willingness to be of assistance have made him everlastingly popular with his class. Glee Club 3. Band 4. Orchestra l, 4. Political Science Club 3. Nocturnal Adoration Society 4. FRANCES HELEN REIDY Although Frances did not come to us until her Junior year, her inviting personality and cheerful disposition won her as many friends as there are bees in a hive. Junior Dance Committee. ELIZABETH MARIE ROGERS A combination of sincerity and school spirit help to make Betty a good pal and a loyal Vincentian. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Choral 1, 4. Ghz Ctlrussrnahse ELEANOR RITA SANO El knows everyone who is anyone and works tirelessly for every cause she fosters. She enters into all her activities with the same skill that she shows when she dances. Glee Club 2, 3. Dcmdylion Staff 4. VINCENTIAN Staff 4. Sodality 2, 3, 4. Commerce Club 2, 33 Treasurer 4. Marion Messenger Staff 4. Law Contest 3. Year Book Staff. THOMAS DOMINIC SCALZO Tomis ability to get along well with every- one has made it possible for him to acquire a vast number of steadfast friends. His magnetic personality has made Tom the center of much humorous activity. Cor 4. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-captain 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3. Baseball 1, 2. Commercial Club 3, 4. Nocturnal Adoration Society 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 2. Varsity Club 4. Tennis 2. his ine sense of humor. Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Captain 4. Commerce Club 3, 4. Varsity Club President 4. Baseball 2, 3, 4. Track 3, 4. Dandylion Staff 4. VINCENTIAN Staff 4. "All-Albany Football" 3, 4. MARJORIE EILEEN SCHAEFER Marge's lady-like manner and active partici- pation in extra-curricula activities are well known to all. Her charm has attracted a host of friends. Cor 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Year Book Staff. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Senior Tea Dance Committee. Senior Plays. Nocturnal Adoration Society 4. NUNZIO JOSEPH SCARINGE Nunzie proved his mettle on the gridiron and carried the same spirit into all his work. But nevertheless, he always had time to exercise Fortv-five DORIS ANNE SHEARY Doris possesses a rare combination of a pleasing personality and a brilliant mind. Her classmates have found that she is a true friend and a good worker. Dandylion Staff 3, 4. Cor 2, 3, 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Year Book Staff 4. Choral 1, 2. Vice-President of Senior Class. Senior Dance Committee. Art Club 1. Fort y-six Ulibe Qltnssruahs ONNA MARIA SCHMIEDER Her fingers tap the keys of the typewriter as her toes tap the musical rhythm, combining work with pleasure in a delightfully relieving manner. We shall always remember her bouy- ancy of spirit and her enthusiasm. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Sodality l, 2, 3, 4. Commerce Club 3, 4. HELEN ROBERTA SEMPLENSKI Accuracy and perseverance top her list of characteristics which make her far above the average. Her welcome smile brightens every group she joins. Commerce Club 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 3, 4. RUTH MARJORIE SPALT Ruth is our most likable funmaker. Her laugh is infectuous and upon hearing it one smiles in spite of one's self. Sodality l, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, 3, 4. Year Book Staff. Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Ciba Qlrnssruahse ELIZABETH MARY SPELLACY In Betty you find a rare union of vivacity and dignity, and a knowledge of how to use both. Although humorous and spirited, she never permits herself to lose the dignity which makes her such a lady. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Sodality l, 2, 3, 4. Senior Tea Dance Committee. DOLORES MARY TOMPKINS Co-operation, initiative and sticktuitiveness are only a few of Dolores, characteristics. Her true Vincentian spirit is shown by her extra activities. Cor 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Christian Doctrine Teacher 4. Year Book Staff 4. to his circle of friends. Cor 4. Glee Club 1. WILLIAM FRANCIS TOOLE Bill may be quite a jokester, but he meets his Waterloo in mathematics class. His diploma might well be written in terms of X and Y with a squared seal. Debate Club 2. Nocturnal Adoration Society 2, 3, 4. Nocturnal Adoration Society 2, 3, 4. Debate Club 2, 3. JOHN THOMAS TOOLE Johnis quiet manner has made him an asset Forty-seven KATHLEEN LOURDES WALSH Here is a personable young lady. Her happy- go-lucky disposition is as well known as is her sense of humor. Glee Club 4. Sodality 4. Senior Ring Committee. Tea Dance Committee. Year Book Staff 4. Christian Doctrine Teacher. Forty-eight 05132 Clllruss Choral 2. 1 VERONICA CATHERINE WEINLEIN Veronica is full of that elusive charm which draws friends like bees to honey. Cor 4. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Commerce Club 3, 4. Christian Doctrine Instructor 3, 4. Marion Messenger Staff 4. Apostolic Committee Chairman. Recording Secretary of Diocese C.Y.O. VINCENTIAN Staff. Dandylion Staff 4. Shorthand Contest 3. rnahs PATRICIA ANNE TURNER Pat is noted for her dimples and cheery smile. Let it never be said that anyone ever spent a dull time with Pat. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. KATHERINE ANNE WALLACE In Kate we have an ever-ready helper. She has an unselfish nature and she is appreciated for it. Glee Club 1. Sodality 1, 2. Commerce Club 4. MARY GRACE WHITE Laughing her way through life, what place The Cirnssruahs FRANK JOSEPH WELNHOFER Every one likes Frank because of his cheerful disposition. This spirit seems to animate his feelings at all times, but when occasion de- mands, Frank can be as serious and straight- faced as any sphinx. Cor 3. Art Club 1, 2. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Treasurer 4. Commerce Club 3. Biology Club 3. Year Book Staff 4. Debate Club 2. has sorrow in May Gay's joy-filled days? She is a comfort and a consolation to those who seek relief from the monotony of too much seriousness. Commerce Club 3, 45 Secretary 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 3, 4, Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4. Dandylion Staff 4. VINCENTIAN Staff 4. Art Club 1, 2. Marion Messenger Staff 4. Winner of the Musical Prize 2. Speaking Contest 3, 4. Senior Plays. ROSEMARY MARGARET WINKLER Roseis timid approach at Hrst does not catch the eye, but she soon wins the friendship of those about her. Her loyalty, natural discre- tion, and tact closely unite her to everyone. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Sodality 4. Commerce Club 3, 4. F 0 rt y-nine Memoriam With sincere sympathy and regret we record the death of our classmate, JOHN HOFFMAN-3 true friend and a worthy classmate. Q ,X L 213 XJR K.. uv-3,-if 13211525 Slillfli 0 I The QErnssruah5 Fifty-two I 9 3 7 JUNIOR GIRLS Moderator.vwS1sTER MARY BERNICE, S1sTER MARY LOURDES The Clllrnffruahs BOYS R IO 1937 21 E JUN F The Glrussruahs Fifty-four SOPHOMORE GIRLS SISTER MARY BON AVENTURE SISTER MARY GERVASE, Mode1'ators4S1sTER MARY BEATRICE, 1937 A Zllibe Qlrussruahs 1937 BOYS OPHOMORE 21 Tr' ? Th Q W s ZICIJR Qlrnssruahs 1 F ift y-six 1937 FRESHMAN GIRLS 4 MARY EDWARD MARY HELENE, SISTER ARY ALMA, SISTER MARY CARMEL, SISTER M Moderators-SISTER The Cdlrussruahs '1937 YS AN BO FRESM '31 N: .. Ke The Qlrnssrnahs -i--- Iaisturp of the freshman Bear Dear Diary: We remember well those days so long ago when we were freshmen striving to make our place among the best Vincentians. Although we were termed the "greenies" when dismayed by the number of rooms and people in Vincentian, many of us made early appearances into the chief societies of the school-The Children of Mary Sodality, Nocturnal Adoration, and the Art Club. At the end of October in our civics classes time was spent for a mock pro- cedure of nominations and elections. The class was voluntarily divided into parties. Campaign posters filled the Freshmen homerooms. Speeches were delivered with pomp and ceremony. On Election Day, John McManus, the Republican Nominee, was elected mayor by an overwhelming vote. Although financially embarrassed because of his great expenditures for bribes of candy cigars, Mayor McManus took his oath of oflice amid the good will of all. Soon after this, Mother Evangelist, who, although with us a short time, had readily found and maintained a place in our hearts, left. Sister Bonaventure came to fill her place. Our first retreat in Vincentian took place in December. The daily talks and conferences were beneicial. The one lingering thought left in our hearts after this retreat was, "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of." Under the supervision of the P.T.A. the Saturday night dancing classes fol- lowed by dances were begun. Although gracefulness was not our outstanding char- acteristic, many happy hours were passed in the gymnasium learning new and intricate steps. Our first impression of Vincentian as a school where athletics were outstanding were augmented by the winning of the Knute Rockne Trophy for excellence in football. Although the Freshmen boys active in sports were not numerous, we were glad that our school had won. After the Christmas holidays, we began to dig in order to pass our first exam- inations in Vincention successfully. During the vacation week following examinations, we made use of the deep snow. Under the supervision of Miss Warren, the Freshmen class had a sleigh ride. We rode for several hours around the city and then returned to the gym where hot dogs and cocoa were served. After the Easter Holidays, our strenuous preparation for examinations was delightfully interrupted by rehearsals under Miss Kenny for a musical demonstra- tion and tea. For the most part, we went through the ordeal of examinations very well. With the completion of school work the class decided on an outing to Lyon Lake. We decided to make the affair a great time for all, so members from all classes were invited. Several Sisters accompanied us and they showed themselves as capable as we for making the day a success. At Lyon Lake there was swimming, games, boat- ing and picnicing. This event ended our Freshman Year so well begun, with the final note of joy and harmony with the school. JEAN MCENROE. Fifty-eight I 9 3 7 Zlllbe Cllirussruahse Supbnmnre ear Dear Diary: Alas and alack! vacation days are now a mere memory and the school year begins as the class of ,37 advances to the position of Honorable Sophomores. Sister Mary Evangelist, though the only new member of the faculty, is an old acquaintance and is enthusiastically welcomed by her old as well as new pupils. With the Uwelcomen mat on the doorstep, a cry of joy on our lips and with open arms, we greet the latest members of the class. Who? Our Hlibustering candidate from Gohoes, who is known as just plain Ed Conway. Two more out- of-towners have entered our midst this year. Margy Galvin from "ye olde Bostone" and Bob Trulan from New York. Both our classmates will retain the characteristic accent of their home towns. Margy with her 'SKwan't', for can't and "dawg" for dog, and Bob with his ufothn for fourth and ufareigni' for foreign are ever a source of pleasure and a challange to our imitative powers. Another young lady joined our ever increasing class of '37, Marian Cahill from Glens Falls. Marian with her friendly manner and cheery disposition is fast becoming popular among the boys and girls. Also, Dear Diary, one other member has entered our class to make it complete, but she is from our own city. Eleanor Sano left her abode at Hackett High School and has come within our "hallowed', walls to be of invaluable serv- ice to Mrs. Gallagher in the Gommercial Department. Yesterday, Dear Diary, was a red-letter day in the lives of the Sophomores, when the election of class officers took place. The president, Bob Handerhang Vice-President, Betty McLean, Secretary, Jack McDonald, and Treasurer, Tom Toohey are all capable members of our class, who, we feel certain, will fulfill the duties we have assigned to them. But, Dear Diary, great grief has come to our class on this day, our beloved classmate and friend, John Hoffman, has departed to eternal happiness. In the midst of our sorrow we have the consolation of knowing that although it is God's Will to deprive us of -Iohn's friendship and loyalty, he will live forever in our memory. We feel that he is now in Heaven praying for us as we are now praying for him and we realize that he will be with us in spirit at graduation even though he cannot receive his diploma with thc class. And now, Dear Diary, the June exams are coming, but we rather welcome them because vacation days are drawing near and next year we will be happy Juniors. BETTY GRIFFIN F ifty-nine 1937 The QIZ1fu55irnah1s---- Ilaisturp nf Ziuninr ear Dear Diary: September 8, 1935-Today we came back to school to enter our Junior year. We discovered various changes in the faculty. Our beloved Vice-principal for the girls, Sister Borromeo, has been replaced by Sister Veronica, formerly of Catholic Central High School, in Troy. However, we find that we are not to lose our dear Superior, for Sister Borromeo is to remain at Vincentian. We welcome to our community here, besides Sister Veronica, Sister Carmel and Sister Gervase and we find their presence among us most enjoyable. We also Hnd an addition to the faculty which will be most beneficial to the boys of Vincentian, namely, the Brothers of the Holy Cross who have come to us from Notre Dame. Notre Dame's loss is the gain of all our boys who will come in contact with these Brothers, and of Vincentian in general. Mr. John Sullivan is entering our school as athletic coach for the boys, and, also to do his part in intellectual teaching. However, Mr. Sullivan's arrival is the result of the departure of the former coach, Mr. Anthony Cousins, and this causes the athletes much grief. Therefore, it is with a mingled feeling of joy and sorrow that we receive Mr. Sullivan. The students of Vincentian deeply regret to learn that Sister Geraldine and Mother Evangelist have gone to other sections of the diocese, but, regard- less of our unwillingness to lose these two nuns, who have been enshrined in our hearts, we sincerely wish them much happiness in their new life. September 9-Today, Dear Diary, we who are entering our third year, look with pleasure upon the two proceeding years of high school, and with confidence and anticipation we view the coming year. We realize that our work is not to be easy, and that perhaps we may feel discouraged at times, but we deter- mine not to shirk the task that is before us. We greet our old friends and classmates, and joyfully accept the new additions to the Junior class. Among these is Marguerite O'Farrell CPeggy to her friendsj, who tells us that she is a former resident of New York City. Also, among our new students are Bill Beaumet, who come to us from Albany Boys Academy, and Dick Quackenbush, who hails from Albany High School. October 3-Today, Dear Diary, was the first important event of the year, the elec- tion of class ofhcers. As a result of the election we find that John McManus is president, Betty Minnock, vice-president, Ruth Killian, secretary, and Vera Besse, treasurer. October 30-Tonight, Diary, being eager to assist the senior class of 1936 in rais- ing the much-needed money for their year book, we gave a Hallowe'en dance in the gymnasium, the proceeds of which will be given to the Seniors for the year book fund. This venture proved to be most successful and was appre- ciated deeply by the noble seniors. January-Today, Dear Diary, the Junior girls had the first ladyship class under Miss Sheeran. We enjoyed the lesson immensely and feel that this course is to be Inost profitable to the school. 1937 --1 Qlibe Cllirussruahs --1-- April-After an enjoyable Easter vacation, Diary, we returned to school today. We realize that it is time for us to begin to work in earnest and that vacation days are over. May 4--Of course, Diary, our Junior year has not been uneventful but among our most important activities was the junior Speaking Contest which was held tonight at Karlsfeld. The victors were Marjorie Galvin and James Quinn. June 19-Well, Dear Diary, we are happy to tell you that today is the close of examination week. We have all worked hard and have done our best to pass according to the standards of Vincentian. June 20-Now that examinations are over, Dairy, the Juniors feel the urge to view nature, consequently, we are sponsoring an outing which is a bus ride to VVhite's Beach. June 22-The final gift of the Juniors to the graduation class of 1936 is the decorat- ing of the casino at Karlsfeld for the annual June dance given in honor of the graduates. We spent three days, Diary, in hard work for this benefit. June 23-Tonight, Diary, we attended graduation and later went to the dance. It was a happy occasion for both the Seniors who have graduated and for us Juniors who will be in their place next year. And thus, Diary, comes a pleasant end to our Junior year which brought us much joy and happiness combined with work. GERTRUDE NEWMAN Q 1 9 3 7 Sixty-one eillibe Qlrussrnahs ieniur Spzaking Qliuntest In the beginning of March the Seniors held their annual elimination contest to choose those who should represent Vineentian in the Diocesan finals. Chosen as winners for their excellent presentations were Natalie Manning, whose topic was "The Healerf' and John Dooley, speaking on "Munitions Raekateerf, Others who eapably presented selections were Mary Grace White, Mary Hession, and Rosemary Murtaugh representing the girls. Other boy speakers were James Quinn, Robert Trulan, and Paul Gratton. sixty-:wo 1 9 3 7 ----- 015132 Culrussrnahs ----- Iaistnrp uf Senior fear September 10-We have finally come to the last lap of our high school career. Our Senior year, crowded with joys, troubles, and anxieties has come and gone. When we, all-wise seniors, returned to take up our duties in September, we again found changes throughout the school. Although we lost two of our Brothers, Brother Edmund and Brother Joel, we added five to the remain- ing two, making a total of seven. We were glad to End Sister Mary Bor- romeo once again in her realm as girls' superior and Sister Mary Geraldine back as English teacher. However, we regretted the absence of Sister Mary Veronica, Miss Henrietta Archambault, our former French teacher, and Mr. Raymond C. Henry, our Art director. The girls joyfully received a newcomer, Sister Mary Edward from the Mother House on New Scotland Avenue. There were also a few changes in our Senior class. We welcomed a new girl, Jenny Brenensthul and were happy to find Anita Chase once more en- rolled as a Vincentian. We lost Muriel Wagner, Bill Beaumet, and Anne Kalinski. Soon after entering school, we settled down to hard work with the determination to make the class of '37 the best ever on the school records. Of course, the fact that we are the thirteenth class to graduate might have something to do with the dampening of our spirits in the middle of the year, but we leave that to your imagination. September 30-Early in September we had the usual class elections, but this year, we decided to do things a little differently. Instead of just one group we decided to appoint two-one as head of the girls-the other as head of the boys. The results of the girls were: Ruth Aldridge, President, Dorie Sheary, Vice-President, Helen Clark, Secretary, and Betty Minnock, Treasurer. Among the boys, Ed Conway came out victorious as President with Ed Banagan as Vice-President, Stephen Link as Secretary, and Frank Welnhofer as Treasurer. October 1-Before I place my weary head, crammed with Latin, French, history, on my pillow, I must enter a few thoughts. One of the first accomplishments of the Class of '37 was the beginning of a Sodality Newspaper, The Marian Messenger with Ruth Killian as Editor. In October the whole high school rallied forth to attend a Mass in unison to show our antagonism for Communism. Father Charles gave a fine talk on the evils of Communism and urged us to prevent its spread. November 1-On Hallowe'en night the Seniors had their chance to show that they could put something across successfully. Our dance of that night was cer- tainly a success. However, we could hardly mention one successful dance without giving due credit to the plucky Sophomores who gave the seniors a dance at Thanksgiving time. Sixty-three 1937- Zlible Qirnssruahs January l-My New Years' Resolutions! Even you, dear Diary, will not know them. When Christmas time rolled around the senior Commercial students de- cided to drop the custom of the past few years to have our Christmas Vin- centian printed, and with the help of the entire school, a Mimeographed Vin- centian was once more put out. During the Christmas Vacation, the Juniors gave one of the loveliest dances ever given in Vincentian. It was the Semi-formal Junior Prom. Our successors should be proud of the memory of that dance. January 14-Just before we faced our mid-year exams, the Senior Class of Lady- ship gave the first social event of this year's class. The occasion was a Tea Dance, which, although it had caused much anxiety to most of the girls, turned out favorably for all. In the midst of all this gayety the January exams were thrust upon us and we were forced to forget all social events and put our minds down to serious work. February 8+Exams over! However it was not long before we again began to think of ways to raise money for our year book, and in February we found ourselves with tickets, tickets, and more tickets. The occasion this time was a raflie, with the prize a trip to New York. We were fortunate in having one of our own Senior girls, Mary Mack, come out victorious. March 17-I must tell you of the good time we had tonight. There was another St. Patrick's Social given by the Seniors. This party included Bridge, Dancing, and entertainment, and was, as all former parties of the year had been, a tremendous success. April 1, 1937-It was at this same time that our basketball team came through for Vincentian and won the Saratoga Trophy in a series of games at Saratoga. As a result three of our players, Ed Crummey, John Deickelman, and James Engle were chosen to play on the Saratoga team. When the time for the Senior Speaking Contest arrived in March, we found Natalie Manning and Jack Dooley to be the orators of the Class of '37. Now Dear Diary, I close you for the school year in dear old V. I. Some of us have been sheltered by your walls for thirteen years. Oh! dear, a tear splash on you! Well, you wonit mind. It is a mark of affection. Such good times and occasionally such trying times but we know that sunshine and shadows make life. You will bc locked in a few minutes with our secrets, suc- cesses, and failures fonly a few we hopel. VALE Class of '37 ADELE RONAN Sixty-four H 1 9 3 7 2115132 Qirussruahs 1937 iii-' In A on-sror FLIGHY OVER TH DLE ,J ' N BOB ,K :W nouns Lg 7 vga, AU 34433 , , , 1' . x v ex, Wm:!' 8 X Q 0 M,,,,m.lww 4, 'llwf W W ,,, M uw., , M If ,, Q gpg? I jiybfq vi 'Q fqi r"0M.l'Qrs ' f , I 4 JIM' SHMMY QUINN ss o 0 TOM c EAVY P g,33y, JOHNEY MCNANUS E n I TOR NEW YORK BUZZ CRUMNEY CH OF 0.K. COLLEGE 999 9, , ,, vw sg' ' 0.491 ----- 1115132 Qlrussrnahs Qilass Brupbecp ALBANY EVENING BULLETIN MAY 29, 1945 SOCIETY PAGE Last evening Ernest Burkart, proprietor of the Royal Pines Hotel at Karlsfeld, and his wife, the former Gay Beck, entertained the class of 537 of Vincentian In- stitute at a party to welcome the celebrated dress designer, Doris Sheary, Marjorie Schaefer, her private secretary, and the famous traveler, Helen Clarke who arrived yesterday at the Albany Airport from Paris on the plane "Gullflight,', piloted by those famous round-the-world fliers, David Ronan and Dennis Hurley. Receiving the guests were the Honorable Edward S. Conway, Governor of the State of New York and Presidential candidate for the campaign of '48, and Mrs. Conway fthe former Kathleen Walshjg James Quinn, well-known prosecuting at- torney for the State of New York, Stephen Link, President of R.P.I. and his wife fthe former Betty Chartresj who before her marriage was Secretary to Governor Conway, Miss Ruth Aldridge, famous novelist and author of this year,s best seller, "Gone with the Breeze? In charge of amusement for the evening was Tom Murphy, that genial master of ceremonies at the notable Diamond Gem Night Club which is owned by Jack McDonald. Entertainment was furnished by that world-famous dancing team, John Olander and Ruth Killian, Hollywoodls golden-haired songstress, Eleanor Sano, Harriet Morrissey, lyric soprano at the Metropolitan, that renowned com- poser and pianist, Natalie Manning, those two masters of the violin, Mary Grace White and Helen Semplenski, Jean McEnroe, elocutionist of the air waves, Onna Schmeider, the Broadway tap dancing sensation, and Peggy O'Farrell, the darling of the Silver Screen who presented scenes from her latest screen-play. Other members of the class of ,37 present were: Dorothy Baker .......................................................................... Head of a school for girls Edward Banagan ......... ............................. P resident of the Telephone Co. Vera Besse ........,........ ........ T eacher in the commercial department at V.I. Matthew Bologno ........ .............,..................................,.......... B ank president Leonard Bornhorst ......... ..,............. C ivil Engineer Joseph Bossert ........... ..................,......................,................... M otorcycle policeman Rita Brower ........ ....... M istress of ceremonies for the children's radio program Beverly Bruns ...... ................................................................................ M anicurist Kathleen Bruso ......., .......................,................. K indergarten teacher lVIarian Cahill ........ ................ Society editor of Albany Evening Bulletin Lillian Carlin .....,.........................................,.................,........,............. Professional model Anita Chase and Jennie Brennenstuhl ........ ......... P artners at law 9 Sixty-seven I 3 7 Robert Crowe ....... Ulibe Qlrnssruahs ........Professional football star Edward Crummey .................................................................. Professional basketball star Eugene Damrn and Mrs. Damm fthe former Helen Higginsj ................................ Bridge Experts Mildred Domser... Audrey Donahue.. Admiral Edward Goetz ........ .................................Dietician ,........Secretary to Mr. Quinn ...........OfHcer in U. S. Navy Jack Doyle ...................... .......... C hampion prizeiighter Katherine Dykeman .......... .........................,...... S inging teacher Marjorie Egan ................................... .............................,............. H airdresser Margie Elliot and Betty McLean ........ ......... M anagers of exclusive dress shop Dan Flinn ........................................ ................................................... S cientist Charles Fromma ........ ......................................................... G -man Margie Galvin ............. ,........ P ersonal director of department store James F eeley ....................................... ............................ F amed acrobatic star Ruth Gonyea and Anne Madigan ....... ......... C ommereial photographers John Smith ...............,....................... ...............,......... H ollywood Star Paul Grattan .................,.... ....................... ......,. R e presentative in Congress Robert Handerhan .............................................. ................... O lympic track star Rosemary Hanlon and Margaret Handerhan ......... ......... D aneing teachers Anne Hardie ......... ...............Court stenographer Gertrude Harlfinger ........................ ............................... A uetion bridge expert Betty Harper and Marcella Hein ......... ......... O wners of dressmaking establishment Ruth Hartigan ................................. ......................... S tunt aviatrix Marie Herbinger ........ Carolyn Hinman. .. Margaret Jones ....... John Kirby .......... Edward Lang ...... Jack Martin ......... Marie Mayhew .... Gertrude Newman and Betty Griffin ......... Marcia Norwood ,.... ...................... ,...... Michael O'Hare ........ Louis Pantuosco ...... Thecla Polak ....... Virginia Powers . ...............Stylist .........Tennis Star .........Librarian Stunt flier .......Owner of construction co. ........Explorer of African jungles V ..........,............. Noted traveler ,.......Famous poets ...............Cosmetic expert .....,...Swimming instructor ............Holy Cross Brother ................Famous horsebackrider Literary editor of newspaper Richard Quackenbush and his wife fthe former Mary Mackj ............................ .Manager of department store Katherine Rapp ..... . ....... ............. ..,...... H o me economics teacher Sixty-eight Jack Dooley ...,... Frances Reidy ....... Betty Rogers ...... Adele Ronan ......... Stephen McArdle ....,... Ella McCormack ....,. Virginia McEntee ......, Mary McEvoy .......... Zllibe Cllirussruahs Mary McFarran .................................. Irene McGowan .....................,...................... Thomas McGraw and John McManus ........ Marjorie McMahon William Meaiiy .............. .......News commentator ......................,....Playwright .........Olympie swimming star ........Writer of popular songs Superintendent of hospital dancer .......Superintendent nurse ...................,Journalist ..,....Radio comedians ........Dancing instructor ..............Forest ranger. Betty Minnock ..........,...............................,.....,........................,............ Commercial artist Robert Monaghan and Mrs. Monaghan fthe former Rosemary Murtaughj .... vaudeville team Honorable Thomas Scalzo ....... ........... J udge in city court Nunzio Scaringe ................. ....... C oach at V. I. Ruth Spalt ............. .,...... G olf champion Betty Spellacy .......... ......... M agazine editor Dolores Tompkins ........... ......... F ancy ice skater Major William Toole ........ ............ A rmy ofhcer Dr. John Toole ................ ......... N oted surgeon Patricia Turner .............,.................................................................................... Air hostess Dr. Francis Donahue, MD. and his wife and assistant fthe former Mary Hes- sionj ................ .............,............................................................... . .......................... Katherine Wallace ..............................................,..... Advertising manager of newspaper Frank Welnhofer, stock broker, and his wife fthe former Veronica Weinleinj .... Rosemary Winkler .................................................................................... Cooking expert 1937 DoR1s SHEARY HELEN CLARKE Sixty-nine J luk Qosm-may MURTAUGH NATIONAL., TENNIS CHAMPION MC ENROE ART STUDIO :mms , FRANCE un: Q93 1 U0 RUTH KILLIAN PRIVATE SECRETARY STANDARD OIL COMPANY WE PRESENT THE SONGBIRD OF V ELEANGP S A N0 ACCOMPANIED NATALIE MANNING 4-X9 x KK' ' 14.05 AV, T T f W T Ease YZ. li llllll - QF S 5' E15 .l. f UY M T 4 -1 -v-vh y"l 4""V ""'l fl 5 1.14 IT Lt' gm A-1 fy-an tflniffew ' cz: ---The firussrnahs 1937 ----l iliibe firnssruahs ----i "GEM" "Cor" is the highest honor in the gift of the school and is conferred only upon students of superior rank in industry, scholarship, originality, initiative, special talent, co-operation, and school spirit. The members of this society have been approved by the faculty and by the Reverend Principal. Membership in g'Cor,' is an honor for which every student aims during his high school career and he who attains the distinction cherishes the memories con- nected with it all through his later years. EDVVARD BANAGAN . . President JEAN MCENROE . Vice-President ANN LIZOTTE . Secretary NVILLIAM ROBERTS Treasurer Seventy-three 1937 The C!lZru5srual1s-l- Svnhalitp nf nur Ziahp uf Eluurhes or Qeniur Members uf the QE. E. Q. The motto of our organization is, S'Youth for Christ and our Countryf, We are bound together by the twin bonds of Prayer and Good Works. Our special prayers consist of the Daily Memorare and three Aves to our Blessed Lady, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every Saturday, monthly Com- munion in a body, and the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Among our good works we have Distribution of Christmas baskets and litera- ture, entertainment for the orphans and the sick, and the saving of stamps, coupons, and tinfoil for the Missions. DOROTHY BAKER . . . . Prefect RUTH ALDRIDGE . . Assistant Prefect MARY H1ass1oN - . Secretaries JEAN MCENROE Seventy-four 1 9 3 7 -+-- Zllbe Qlirnssruahs -i--- gautturnal Qhuratiun Every Thursday evening preceding the First Friday, the boys of the school attend adoration for one hour in the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. Our Principal, Father Charles, is director of the services. The OHSICCTS of this society are William Meany, Paul Mailloux and James Madigan. The service is divided into nine so called nocturns. Originally in the liturgy of the church one of these was said every hour. But now the boys recite the nine in one hour and then attend Benediction. This Nocturnal Adoration Society is an outgrowth of what was formerly the custom among the men of St. Vincent's Parish of holding services all during the night before each First Friday. Seventy-give 1937 ---l Zllibe Qlrnssruahs -1-1 Stuhent Qlluunnil The Student Council is the official body of the school, By tradition, the president and vice-president of each year of high school are the members of this organization Q the President of the Senior Class is the presiding officer. This group, under the guidance of their moderator, Reverend Father Charles, guides the school spirit and morale of the student body. Seventy-six 1 9 3 7 A -L.i.l 015131: Clllrusssruahs - Qliummerce Qiluh The Commerce Club was formed in Vincentian in 1934. The aims of this club are: to improve the work of the commercial studentsg to create a cordial re- lationship among its membersg and to make the graduates truly representative of Vincentian in their life work. The activities of the Commerce Club are both educational and social, and function under the directorship of Mrs. Charles Gallagher, commercial teacher. This year the Juniors, as well as the Seniors, have their own officers. In former years the olhcers have been elected from both groups. The officers of the Senior group are: JOHN OLANDER . VERA BEssE . . MARY GRACE WHITE ELEANOR SANO . The officers of the Junior group are: ROBERT LEWIS . MARY MEEHAN . ANN MUDDLE . JOHN HASELTINE . 1937 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Seventy-seven l-- The Qlirussrnahs --1 Glen Qiluhs The Glee Clubs of Vincentian consist of both boys and girls. Under the direc- tion of Miss Anna E. Gardner the glee clubs render selections at the annual novena in Saint Vincent de Paul's Grotto, Vincentian Baccalaurate and Graduation. Their magnificent renditions, accountable to the untiring efforts of Miss Gard- ner and the club members, have been lauded by expert musicians. The Glee Clubs broadcast over the local station WOKO annually. The pro- gram is sponsored by the C.D.S.P.A. HARRIET MoRR1ssEY . . President Doizoruv BAKER . Vice-President JEAN MEENROE . . Secretary BETTY CHARTRES . . Treasurer Seventy-eight 1937s ---- 05132 Qlrussruahs ----- 36up's Glen Qiluh Under the supervision of Miss Anne Gardner, the Glee Club continued to carry on the splendid work as done in the past. After each performance, nothing but compliments were heard, which should be an incentive to the members of next year. The Glee Club has made several successful appearances this year. They gave creditable renditions at the Senior Speaking Contest, Demonstration Sunday, The Cor election, Commencement and the Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes. After listening to the soft music of some of the numbers sung by the Glee Club, we can easily appreciate the beauty and inspiration the music of our fore- fathers offered to the world and how meaningless is the music of today. The Glee Club should instill in the hearts of youth today a love for better music. ROBERT HANDERHAN . . . .... President STEPHEN LINK . . Vice-President FRANK WELNHOFER l . . . . Librarians DANIEL FLYNN . L Bos HANDERHAN Boyis Glee Club Editor p 1 9 3 smniy-me 013132 Qirnssruahs CRCHESTRA BAND 19 3 7 Ghz Cirussrnahs Bearhnuk Sbtaff Faculty Adviser . . Editor-in-Chief . Literary Editor . Assistant Literary Editors Photographic Editors . Art Editors . Business Managers Financial Editors . Copy Editors . Society Editors . . SISTER MARY LOURDES MARIAN CAHILL VIRGINIA POWERS HELEN CLARK MARY MACK DANIEL FLINN BETTY CHARTRES DOLORES TOMPKINS MARJORIE SCHAEFER THOMAS MCGRAW MARJORIE GALVIN PAUL GRATTAN BETTY MINNOOK ADELE RONAN RUTH GONYEA JEAN MCENROE STEPHEN LINK ROSEMARY MURTAUGH EDWARD BANAGAN JOHN DOOLEY JAMES QUINN EDWARD CONWAY ELEANOR SANO VERA BESSE RUTH KILLIAN DORIS SHEARY BETTY GRIFFIN 1937 Eighty-one x V Y M.. YL, 1 Y NW .NN X V! Q K X XX ,jx -. XYX ff x f J rf B 1-vi Q 1065! frg If KWMDKB J ff' ,X f I X ' N Q 1 M ' N MM '1 Q75 xwx S, .WHEN 49 x' GEIJ.-z Qllrussruahs MR. DANIEL CUNHA Athletic Coach Spirit of Rockne! Due to Coach Cunha's untiring efforts V. I. has come once again to the front in sports. No laggards or slackers are tolerated these days among Cunhafs men, Wide awake, alert, and effervescing with Vin- centian spirit are the only type that Dan Cunha tolerates. TENNIS Under the guidance of Brother Edmund the V. I. netmen showed themselves to advantage last season. The record shows three wins to overshadow two defeats. The return of three lettermen gives us the right for a still more successful year to come. l Eighty-four 7 I 9 3 7 01132 flllrussruahs Basketball 1936-37 Vincentian has just completed a vcry successful basketball season under the capable leadership of Coach Dan Cunha. In the Catholic league, Vincentian was a very successful team winning eight games and losing six. In outside competition, V. I. won nine games and lost one. This shows what a strong team Vincentian had with an average of .708 at the close of the season. The squad consisted of Edward Crummey, Thomas Scalzo, John Dieckelman, James Engel, Stephen Batory, William Roberts, Robert Trulan, Robert Handerhan, Joseph Delaney, John Rehfuss, and Michael O,Hare. This year in the Catholic league, V incentian showed a fine defensive team inas- much as the opposition's average was only 24.4 points per game. Vincentian was by far the best defensive team in the league. In regard to offensive playing, Vin- centian was also among the first. Out of seventy men scoring in the Catholic league circles, Vincentian men came in a group formation in the upper half of the individual scoring. This shows a well developed five-man offensive- team. Vincentian's greatest success was in the Saratoga Invitation Tourney held at Saratoga during March. Here, the team displayed championship basketball during the tournament and came out the victor. It defeated Rutland High School of Vermont 33-31 in the first game in the tournament. In the second game the follow- ing night, Vincentian trounced St. Joseph's Academy of North Adams, Massachu- setts 37-15. In the final game in which Vincentian met Holyoke High School of Massachusetts, Vincentian was rated the underdog but had a great deal of confi- dence and turned the tables on Holyoke, which is rated one of the strongest teams in Massachusetts, with a score of 23-19. Credit must be given to every member that participated in this tournament, but special honor should be bestowed on Ed Crum- mey, John Dieckelman, and James Engel who were named as members of the all tournament team. JACK MCDONALD Eighty-fi e 1937 The Cllrnssruahs Come on Blue! Come on White! JOHN MCMANUS, FRANNIE DONAHUE, TOM MCGRAW, ED. GOETZ E igh t y-six FOOTBALL 1 9 3 7 The flllrussruahs Jfnuthall Vincentian opened its 1936-37 athletic season under the guidance of Coach Dan Cunha who replaced Jack Sullivan. The football team won three games, lost three, and tied one with Phillip Schuyler. The boys did well considering that most of them had been taught the Warner system by former coaches and then this year had to learn the Rockne type of play endorsed by Coach Cunha. Next year, the boys will be familiar with this type of play and should improve V. I.'s record. Vincentian was not a team with stars, but rather a team working together and fighting hard for victory. Credit must be given to Nunzio Scaringe, who was elected honorary captain at the close of the season, and to Eddie White who was high scorer. Nunzio was selected for the All-Albany team during his Junior and Senior years at V. I. Eddie White was a valuable triple threat man and should "go places" next year if he has a line in front of him which will provide good blocking. In his first year of varsity football, Ed was chosen on the All-Albany second team and let's hope for greater success in the future. Members of this year's team who will graduate are: Ends, Jim Feeley, Dick Quackenbush, Tom Scalzog Tackles, Bob Crowe, John Olanderg Guards, Nunzie Scaringe, Halfbacks, Bob Handerhan, Jack Martin, Ernie Burkhart. Those who will report next year are: Phil Gary, john Dieckelman, Joe Stellato, "Red" Mur- phy, Tom Toohey, Art Weisenburger, Frank and John Zickas, John Rehfuss, Toar Delaney, Bernie Polinski, Bill Nolan, Joe Campion, Eddie White, Jim Branche, Lorenz Longo. v.1. 6 schuyief 6 V.I. 21 Coeymans 0 V.I. 19 Cathedral 0 V.I. 6 La Salle 12 V.I. 14 Lansingburg 2 V.I. 0 C.B.A. 24 V.I. O Albany Academy 4-3 Bon HANDERHAN Sports Editor Eighty-seven 1 9 3 7 What? Mo split 1 fiUfiBi2iV2 Always- N0 HiatQr DSM Emilia' at we y? mth Smm Jack? Three Musketeers 0 Any news? 4.5. Emilia' wicrcbs 3-.., aunt Gut mf tune? QHEYTZ . - m-1 wi ,iw 1 .. ,L3.AJ,. izyifiiil 'if if Lf T my .al R V353 'aku Jf W. viii.: 371 335 fl Pila After the Schuyler Game C213 Marian? A.....MVM,,W.,,,,,,4 out far eats Facul Holiday glam cut! wig? 3' 1 ww., 4.1 -Y ,QQ .vp . .lu me 6 fl.. .M sing Hurry Wardal im 3 Eha's basis? Glibe Qlirnssrnahs Wrath We hesitate to say that Vincentian had, as usual, an average team this year, that is to say, the team has not been exceptional or poor. Last year some valuable men, Bob Herrick, Jim Sullivan, Ray Fahey, and Ted Fitzgerald, graduated and therefore left some very important gaps to be filled. However, the candidates who reported for practice on April 6, seemed en- tirely capable of upholding the school's standard. Among these were Jack Doyle, one of the cities fastest four-forty men, Frank Zickas, a good half-miler, and Tom Murphy, who has been running the mile for the school for the past two years. Among the weight men there were John Olander, who weighs in at 185 and has great possibilities for the shot-putt, and Nunzio Scaringe, his team mate who also is a hefty of one hundred eighty pounds. ERNIE BURKART .Ninety 1937 Ulibe Clirussruahs BASEBALL GOLF 1937 The fllirnssruahs C Tllibe Varsity Cliluh Following the football season of 1936, Coach Dan Cunha called together all his varsity men and put before them the suggestion of a club for all those who had received a varsity letter for any of the major sports of football, basketball, baseball and track. The players liked the idea and began to work upon it. Before long officers were appointed to the positions of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, a constitution was drawn up and regulated meetings got under way. The requirements for membership in this club are as follows: First, the can- didate must receive a varsity letter in any major sport named above. Secondly, the candidate must undergo an initiation. The activities of the club are many, some of which are: the giving of dances for the benefit of the club, helping the Vincentian's School Men's Association in any way it cang attending Holy Communion in a body on first Fridays and the membership in the Nocturnal Adoration Society. Club dues are taken up by the treasurer four times a year and this money is set aside for the buying of awards for those senior members who will leave school at graduation, and for the buying of any equipment that may be needed by the NUNZIO SCARINGE . . President EDWARD CRUMMEY . Vice-President ERNIE BURKHART . . . Secretary RICHARD QUACKENBUSH Treasurer ERNIE BURKART Nineryawo 1 9 3 7 Class Girls. Boys: All: Boys. Girls: All: All: Ulibe Ctlrussrnahs Ulibe flirusahers By NATALUL MAN NING Song We are the crusaders of V-I-N-C-E-N-T-I-A-N I-N-S-T-I-T-U-T-E We are the Crusaders of V-I-N-C-E-N-T-I-A-N I-N-S-T-I-T-U-T-E Graduation day is here Parting time comes too near Wfhen our V. I. days that are so dear VVill be a memory clear On to Victory we will go Loving faith, home, and right The cross will be our guiding star Shedding eternal light Class of nineteen thirty seven Crusaders of Vin Cen Tian Will be faithful to the blue and white And to the faculty. To the Sisters who worked for us, thought for us, always cared for us And to Father Charles we owe so much-Thanks a Million-A million thanks to you Sol, la, ti, do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do Three cheers for Miss Gardner and Mrs. Gallagher too Memories of Mr. Wall will linger on like melodies. March! March! March! Here we go Trusting in God with faith and fear To help make our way clear llarchl March! March! Here we go. 1937 Ninety-three QQf:- - - . 1.1 l l A 7, . 332 2 FJ e r Q Q a i n ww 4 U e was a r Z n n Bi UI U e 3 f r f R nz Mrs. Shepherd Elsie' Louise l her Katherine Mr. Shepherd Miss Waller Mr. Price Mrs. Price friends Davis Swanson Scotty Tony Smitty jack Cocky Driscoll . Miss Hayes Miss Curtis Sally Muriel Ethel Elise Lillian . Madge . Alix . Mr. johns Austin Bevans Grace Lou Kate Ann Fran june julie Abby . Belle Dot .Nell Midge . Grace Helen Peg Zllibz Cllrnssrnahs Senior flaps NEVER AGAIN THE WAR ZONE THE STRIKE 1937 . Mary Hession . Marcella Hein . Marjorie Schaeffer . Ruth Killian . Thomas Murphy . . Anita Chase . John Olander Rosemary Murtaugh . . John Dooley Richard Quackenbush . Robert Trulan . Matthew Bologno . . Paul Grattan Edmund Grumrney . John McManus . Robert Crowe Marguerite O'Farrell Natalic Manning Ruth Aldridge Virginis Powers . Katherine Rapp Mary Grace White . Marian Cahill . Rosemary Hanlon Betty Minnock . Edward Conway James Quinn . Ruth Spalt Kathleen Bruso . Ella McCormick . Betty McLean Gertrude Harlfinger . . Gabriel Beck . . Doris Sheary Margaret Handerhan . Frances Reidy . Irene McGowan Jean McEnroe . . Mary Mack Dolores Thompkins . Marjorie Elliot Verenica Weinloin Ninety-five Ulibe Qllrnssrnahs A burial Zlaigbligijts nf the Qllass uf '37 Our social career was not really launched until the beginning of our Junior year when we supported the Senior Year- book fund by giving a Halloween Dance -' in the gym, which was gaily bedecked with skeletons, huge pumpkins, and orange and black crepe paper. A merry group of boys and girls tripped the light fantastic to the music of the Albany Academy Rhythm Cadets. Under the capable chairmanship of Rosemary Mur- taugh, our Hrst venture into society was a huge success. iiiiiiiiii z Feeling that a little enjoyment was J :""--- needed after a hard yearls work, on a , A bright day in June we packed lunches 3 a, iq and proceeded to White s Beach. There, - B I various activities such as swimming, boat- f - I A Q V ing, golf, horseback riding, and dancing - 'M . fq ,MMM 2 ll 'N 4 sent us home tired but happy and carefree., ,WM Q K 1 X W 4 nw, hfx MA 'L -QA I1 NMA uMMg14MmLIw,3,ff':M,.f Upon returning to school the following September in the role of Dig- nified Seniors, we were faced with the task of raising money for our yearbook fund. As a good beginning, we sponsored a Halloween Dance 0 in an artistically decorated gym, A laughing crowd of young people f danced to the tunes of Gene Strope's orchestra, the novelty of the eve- ning, the dancing of the Paul jones, by everyone present, aided in mak- ing this dance as highly successful as last yearls had been. Ninety-six 1 9 3 7 The Qlrussrnahsa On a Saturday afternoon, January 9, to be exact, the Senior Girls of the Ladyship class gave a tea dance under the chairmanship of Peggy O,Farrell. Mrs. Alexander a Smith, Mrs. Frank Sheehan, Mrs. Florence Burkhart, Mrs. Lawrence Baker, Ruth Aldridge, Doris Sheary, Helen :-- 1 Clark, and Betty Chartres acted as hostesses. One can 1 hardly imagine the scene which greeted one uponientering q 32, !'1' the gym which was decorated with blue and white crepe Q 1 G paper. Surrounding the dance floor were tables for four 4 7 containing small candlelights. The orchestra surrounded 7 f by palms rendered a swanky touch to the lovely setting. f As evening drew near and the nooks and crannies of our Lf! fy "make-believe ballroom" were darkened, the candles were lit and tea, tiny sandwiches, and cakes were served by girls from the underclasses. To add a novel touch to the affair, dance programs were used. As the saying goes, ua good time was had by all" and that afternoon will linger in our memories as most enjoyable. St. Patrick's Day rolled around to find the whole class engrossed in plans for the annual Senior Party and Dance. Shamrocks and green crepe paper were the decorations used to de- clare our Irish ancestry. Members of the vari- ous classes furnished entertainment with our genial master of ceremonies. Tom Murphy, at the microphone. One of our own colleens showed us how the Irish jig is really danced. n Then, a charming young lady from the grades, a sister of one of our classmates, entertained us with toe-dancing. These and other enter- -4' i '- tainers together with a congenial group of young folks attending the dance aided in making this affair, which was under the chairmanship of Kathleen Walsh and Jack Dooley, one of the most fascinating social events of the year. These social highlights together with dances, sponsored by the underclass for our yearbook fund, and the'eagerly anticipated June Prom, which will conclude our graduation activities, will long remain in our memories as reminders of our pleasant years in Vincentian. DORIS SHEARY BETTY GRIFFIN J Ninety-seven A 1937 Gigs Cllrnssruahs library In September, 1932, Mrs. Matthew Carey resigned the office of President and was chosen Honorary President with Miss Mary E. Lanigan as active President. At the same time, Father Charles appointed as Secretary to succeed Miss Lanigan, Miss Mary T. O'Connell. Upon Miss Lanigan's resignation, in 1934, Miss Anna Lyon was chosen Presi- dent, and still holds that oHice. The office of Director has since been held by the Reverend James B. Bren- nock and is at present under the Reverend James Minehan. The Library Association, the Hrst women's organization of the parish, is com- posed of Volunteer workers who hope to continue this, their share of Catholic Action, even now when the reference and main libraries have been combined. ANNE M. MCCANN ANNA LYON . . . President MARY T. O,CONNELL . Secretary LORETTA CRAVEN . . . . Treasurer MRS. MATT1-IEW J. CAREY . . Honorary President l Ninety-eight A1937 011132 Qirussruahs Brantice Mathers Once a "VincentianH always a "Vincentian.', This tradition is wholly sup- ported by the fact that six of the St. Rose College practice teachers who have classes at Vincentian are graduates of our school. These six students are Mary Louise Weber, teacher of Germang Mario Spalt, instructor of Commercial subjectsg Anne Mary Gallagher, who teaches History B3 Betty Markham and Catherine Sherritt, General Scienceg and Kathleen McKiernan, who teaches English. Each member of this group is a representative of the graduating class of 1933. 'AW Wi 1 9 3 7 .Ninety-nzne A 'UHJB Qlrnssrnahse The 71l?Humen'5 Parent Ulieacbers Qssuciatiun The Women's Parent Teachers Association is now in its seventh year. The progress has been so rapid that there is, at present, an enrollment of over four hun- dred members, composed of mothers and friends of the school. These diligent women manifest a keen and unselfish interest in the betterment of the school. The activities of this organization are both social and charitable. Among its charitable enterprises are the sewing and knitting classes in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades, and the Charity Sewing Group which meets every week to sew for the poor. The social committee conducts fortnightly dancing classes under the instruction of a talented dancing teacher, this committee also supervises informal dances. The orchestra leader and the ladyship teacher for girls of high school age are sponsored by this organization. Another very commendable work is the service of First Friday breakfast in the cafeteria. All this work receives the co-operation and whole-hearted support of the Rev- erend Director, the Reverend William R. Charles. MR. LAWRENCE BAKER .... . President MRS. C. FREDERICK HOFFMAN . Vice-President MRS. JOHN 0,CONNELL . . Treasurer Miss ANNE WILLIGAN ....... Secretary l l One Hundred 1937 A W The Qllrussruahs 013132 'Wincentian btbuul 5H1Ien's Qssuciatiun In 1932, the Karlsfeld Association, one of the auxiliary organizations of the Vinccntian Institute, was founded. This group of men are responsible for the sponsoring of the sports of the school, they furnish the coaches, uniforms, and player awards for the various sports. ln September, 1937, this group changed its name to Vincentian School Men's Association. The loyalty of this comparatively small group of men has been out- standing. They have not only continued the work of the Karlsfeld Association, but also put into effect many new schemes such as the Employment Bureau, new hockey rink, the partial sponsoring of the Students Activity Dinner. The main aim of this group is to improve the school and to make life at school more attrac- tive and agreeable. The ofhcers are: D:XVID J. ROACH, JR. . President ROBERT J. TRULAN Vice-President THOMAS F. HOULIHAN . Secretary HENRY T. GORDON, SR. Treasurer One Hundred One 1 9 3 7 F?ienda Stored Krmwz edge Von 2 A Hinmenburg ?rinciVal and President We'11 slay ge I am scrry bu it is out Peek-a-boo Bevy of smi Qs what? Big Boss Quackie W Table 0 Scienc Obiefs , Irish Rose ?a2s Yea Pio 5 All angiss but not angeis F' PW SZ? f W Wk f x 5wM,.x K fxmgix' I X M WK IU X- E! K N' xi' y f Z D 4 If Vx sf 2 F ff IDU? RCISW1 N X Y- f K KX f X X , ,af . .5 ,Vg ' X - , . X A Q ' w fi ". 7 xl "' :'m.Fy '1 x qw I x XXX PVVYSE- -. f ,f X: x -Mx T- 521511 U A . ' ' .x 1 f X 1, TQ ' Y fy 'AZN , xl I, 'X M, L f, , , - , , ANY 'X " ' xv tw ' M ' N v ,A '- U2 KX ' Xe,-.ff ., ' Q Wff QHJZA . X FWHM? 2Q M '+ Qsgmx. 43 . - 'X . gdw fkig S y X KL 3 T-'Qi'-'iilfi - Q-I' ' TZ f -5-. Aw f xf ix! 1 W ff" " ' sq f H.-,vu rx 43,1 L ' f v 14 QL '- ' . IQ3'-'L w rv , YV, ,f zfljiq E 3533 W .Wff'ES 'N Iii! N4 5, fam vig. lx l A V,44 ,Qyva , b ' fw If , I -' f' , XY 1- ' P A - O " f' -, 5 V ' ff' T 1 ,,Q 7gTfj1, , Y, u , A XX , X XX f we if . Lg Q " -A-f .1 -' ' 'Miz X N ' 2- I f' Q, i f - Qf I I f -x , , 44 K X . rv- ?, 4-rx , V 7 , N f N X R 'Cf QEf?Q ff , 1 Xp?f K 5 ff X 5 ' 1 ' ,h D fix A 4 L x X. E 'X H ' X N , ff V 5 W HM I fd f f H Lf 1 x ,,.x O Hun C TO THE CLASS OF 1937 OF THE VINCENTIAN INSTITUTE I EXTEND CORDIAL GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES FOR HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS IN THE YEARS THAT ARE TO COME. JAMES A. FARLEY POSTMASTER GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES CQDQXCD fired Four BEST WISHES and CONGRATULATIONS to the SENIOR CLASS OF 1937 from THEIR FRIEND AND REPRESENTATIVE IN . CONGRESS WILLIAM T. BYRNE L30 H d d D CONGRATULATIONS and A BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1937 and to the FACULTY of VINCENTIAN INSTITUTE from EDWARD G. ROGAN Surrogate QQECQD X A' FORDHAM ' FORDHAM ROAD AD-IOINING BRONX PARK NEW YORK CITY UNIVERSITY .. FOUNDED IN 1841 Conducted by the Jesuits algyl... Fordham College - - Fordham Road School of Law - - Woolworth Building also Fordham Road College of Pharmacy - - Fordham Road Downtown College - School of Social Service Graduate School - Teachers College - School of Business - Summer School - - - Fordham Preparatory School - Woolworth Building Woolworth Building Fordham Road YVoolworth Building also Fordham Road Woolworth Building Fordham Road Fordham Road .Sg...1..fS:Q.i.... ADDITIONAL FACILITIES FOR RESIDENT STUDENTS WRITE FOR BULLETIN SPECIFY DEPARTMENT One Hundred Seven 'Q NIAGARA UNI V ERSITY I I -,----.-.g.-.------ I I COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES PRE-PROFESSIONAL COURSES SCHOOL OF EDUCATION SCHOOL OF BUSINESS GRADUATE SCHOOL 3 SEMINARY ,, ..,... .-.g.-. ...... I I I Address: THE REGISTRAR Niagara University Niagara Falls, New York ?355:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: One Hundred Eight ST. BONAVENTURE COLLEGE AN IDEAL CATHOLIC COLLEGE CONDUCTED BY THE FRANCISCAN FATHERS Courses Offered in Languages, Philosophy, Education, Sociology, Commerce, Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Law, Finance, Petroleum Chemistry, R.O.T.C. Ample Opportunities for Athletic and Social Activities Golf Course on Campus For Further Information Address THE REGISTRAR :I S : : I a 1 1 l .. 1 ST. BONAVENTURE COLLEGE ST. BONAVENTURE, N. Y. ::E5555555E555EEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE One Hundred Nine : Q Y x-" FM Mildred Elley Private Business School Trains High School Graduates for Success in Business and Helps to Secure Positions for its Graduates Secretarial and Business Courses and Business Machines Send for Catalog 227-229 Quail street, Albany, New York Registered with State Board of Regents Telephone 2-1694 ,,.wiH5lI55llI!llll3IlIl211Illllllilllh... I ..-IIIIIIIGSIIEIISIIIZIZIIL One Hundred Ten .3-SL QYYDCYQ-9 Success To the Class of '37 Class of '38 Class of '39 Class of '40 Ceyfisoxa QRQCLNZS Compliments of W0men9s Parent Teacher Assweiauiiion QRQCLZ iIDCllS Compliments of C U R DCYi'9 Hdd WQAD MR. DAVID ROACH PRESIDENT STEVEDORE COMPANY PORT OF ALBANY Luci? fit KJ BEST W1s1-IES and CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1937 from The Massachusetts Indemnity Insurance Company 632 Beacon St. Boston, Mass O Hundred Fzf Paradise Taxi, Corp. lNe have placed an entire brand new fleet of Plymouth cabs at your service "We Aim to Please" MODERN TRANSPGRTATIDN Safe Day and Night 7-Passenger Cars Service I At Your Request Reliable Dependable For Special Rates on Weddings, Trips, Call the Office Funeral Cars 35.00 5 By Hour . . 81.50 We have a sub-station right in your Schenectady 32.50 neighborhood T S1 50 roy . . . . Our Out of Town Rates Yvill Make You Smile at Miles Dne Hundred Sixteen PAUL MARTIN HADLEY C. RASMUSON Phone North 1003-R Phone North 710--I RAYMAR Athletic Goods Distributors 516 SECOND AVENUE TROY, NEW YORK Gleason Wallace Co., Inc. MANUFACTURING .IEWELERS AND STATIONERS Class Rings, Pins and Engraved Commencement Stationery Cups, Medals and Trophies 683 BROADWAY ALBANY, NEW YORK One Hundred Sevenfeen 1916 SALES AND SERVICE NEW AND USED CARS ORANGE MOTOR CO., Inc. 1937 NY, N. Y. 430 CENTRAL AVENUE ALBA BODY WORK AND PAINTING CHARLES H. TOUHEY, President PHONE 2-3361 End Federal Savings and Loan Association of Albany West 854 Madison Avenue ,BPMNES Q or YOUR K S1 INVESTMENT 9 Lu 7 L INSURED 3 Q uPTo S '94 ssooo. QQ? 'VCE cn?-Q Albany, New York One Hundred Eighteen Compliments of A IF R 11 IE N D Established 1893 Phone 5-2616 USE COAL IT'S SAFE ANDREW KLIEN 51-53 QUAIL STREET COAL WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WM. I. HILLS 679 Clinton Avenue Albany, New York Phone 5-1134 ALIVAYS THE BEST in MEATS AND GROCERIES Eastman's Market 285 New Scotland Avenue Service 'With A Smile Telephone 2-0180 Edward Banagan, Jr. Tennis Raquets Restrung and Repaired Reliable Work :: Reasonable Prices if 920 Park Avenue Albany, New York ::: THE BEST LUNCH FOR THE V. I. BOYS AND GIRLS Walter's uality Bake Shop I 293 Ontario Street :: :: : Albany, New York Telephone 2-231 1 ANDREW J. RONAN TRUCK BODIES :: REPAIRING AND PAINTING 400 North Pearl Street ALBANY, NEW YORK One Hundred Nineteen JAMES F. MARTIN Plumbing, Roofing, Steam and Hot Water Heating Jobbing Promptly Attended to Estimates Cheerfully Furnished PHONE 2-0370 875 Madison Avenue Albany, N. Y. Albany Building Maintenance Co. NO. 1 DEAN STREET JANITORS' SUPPLIES Phone 4-4166 IEEEEEEEEEEE!!EEEEEEEEEEiEEEEEE..... O Hundred Twenty .loe's Food Shoppe, lrc. 851 MADISON AVENUE A. SOTTOSANTI SHOE REPAIRING ff 850 Madison Ave. Albany, New York Phone 2-6802 MARTIN'S BARBER SHOP LADIES' GENTS AND CHILDRENS HAIRCUTTING A SPECIALTY 273 Ontario Street, at Hamilton ALBANY, NEW YORK TOYS, PARTY FAVORS, NOVELTIES AND FIREWORKS Central Toy Xa Novelty Store 303 CENTRAL AVENUE Dial 4-1414 QUALITY CLOTHES for Men and Young Men at low prices HATS FURNISHINGS Savard SL Colburn 53 state street Albany, New York age Oculists Prescriptions Filled :R LOUIS J. BERBEN DISPENSING OPTICIAN 36 Maiden Lane Albany, New York 3 Doors Below North Pearl Street Phone 3-0566 I I HENRY 1. EVANS Moderate Prices :: :: Convenient Terms Optometrist Eyes Examined Optician 78 North Pearl Street, Kenmore Building ALBANY, NEW YORK Telephone 3-1707 JOE G1ANETTo SHOE SHOP 250 Ontario Street One Hundred Twenty-one Compliments of W. E. DRISLANE CU. C. J.cHoLAK1s OH Compliments of A FRIEND ldT y John G. Burch SL Son Coal and Coke Established in 1867 EDWARD HALPIN, Proprietor 663 Central Ave. Albany, N. Y. 'Telephone 2-0031 Compliments of C. J. DAILEY Eye Glasses BUCHHEIM'S QUALITY SINCE 1883 CLEANERS DYERS 432 Central Ave. Albany, New York Dial 2-4431 ADAM THE FIRST MAN TO SEE For Your WINES and LIQUORS 435 Central Ave. Albany, New York Adam Gander, Proprietor Telephone 2-2886 Spalt Fixtures Have Built and Held Good Will for More Than Half a Century Our reputation is built on long and intel- ligent service in manufacturing and de- signing Better Fixtures for all classes of stores and shopsgat prices that are no more than are charged for the ordinary. Restaurant and Bar Equipment, Soda Fountains, Fixtures, Interiors Geo. Spalt SL Sons, Inc. 904 Broadway Albany, New York Factory and Showrooms Madison Avenue Pharmacy FLOYD H. GRAVES, Proprietor 845 Madison Avenue ALBANY, NEVV YORK Drugs and Pharmaceuticals One Hundred Twenty-three ----Q-,-- L. gl R. BRANCHE DRUG C0., Inc. LUNCH :: DRUGS :: TOILETRIES 3 South Pearl Street ALBANY, NEW YORK ----43,---- FOR MORE THAN 1884 FIFTY YEARS 1937 We Have Been PROVIDING FINE BAKED GOODS for housewivesg are still maintaining our original policy of QUALITY FIRST For House to House Service Phone 8-2226 A. Hagaman SL Co. ALBANY TROY Compliments of the Ernest Smith Funeral Service Madison Food Market BEST QUALITY Meats, Poultry and Groceries FREE DELIVERY 783 Madison Ave. Albany, New York Phone 8-2273 Compliments of JIM BURNHAM One Hundred Twenty-four Compliments of A FRIEND EiiiiiiiiiEiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz: Madison Avenue Pharmacy FLOYD H. GRAVES, Proprietor 845 Madison Avenue Albany, New York Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Albany-Cohoes Bus Lines, lnc. Fred Bohl, President, Latham, N. Y. 55 TOURS and EXCURSIONS BUSSES FOR CHARTER PLEASURE TRIPS WEEKLY Latham, N. Y. Albany 4-1802 CONGRATULATIONS T H 12 to C o M P L 1 M E N T s THE CLASS or 1 9 3 7 0 F T H E , from JOHN E. HAYES MUHICAN MARKETS Assemblman 310-312-314.320 Broadway Second Assembly District One Hundred Twenty-live COMPLIMENTS of Redmond SL Bramley Oil Co. RENSSELAER, NEW YORK Ideal Food Store Wm. H. Weisheit, Proprietor CHOICE MEATS, GROCERIES AND DELICATESSEN EEE FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 143 western Ave. Phone 5-2341 GUILFOIL BROS. 555 STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES RENSSELAER, NEW YORK One Hundred Twenty-xix TRY OUR DELICIOUS CORNED BEEF Scheib1y's Cash Market 1615 Fourth St. Rensselaer, New York FULL LINE OF FRESH VEGETABLES AND F RUITS Dial: 4-9171 Donated bv A FRIEND The Lourdes Shop Established 1927 ECCLESIASTICAL GOODS AND GREETING CARDS 187-A Quail Street ALBANY, NEW YORK. S. M. Ellis, Proprietor Phone 2-7723 IHI2:2221IIIIZIIZZIZZIIIIZIIIIIHI A A tml. W A rlslllf-ln Illgff. lg' All I M kWfhJZ275CK85ONSj , I. IT 1 LII sig Lg! L +L 'g V ,-'ezvwm ,ri 111 , '- 'W er Lima vrfff ' 1,' - lv '5l2'EEQtllt ?4lll. -1 ZWACK SL SONS MORTUARY 184 CENTRAL AVENUE ALBANY, NEW YORK Albany Hardware SL Iron Co. COMPLETE SPORT EQUIPMENT Outfitters for all sports . . . specializing in line equipment for Schools and Colleges priced consistently. Gym and Athletic Equipment . . . Bas- ketball Supplies . . . Sports Clothing . . . Kodaks, Cine Kodaks, Film . . . Parker Pens and Pencils. 39-43 State Street Albany, N. Y. Phone 4-3154 " EEEEEEESE5555EEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEE Alling Rubber Co. ATHLETIC AND GYM SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS Individuals and Teams Outfitted Headquarters for WILSON SPORTING GOODS 529 BROADWAY One Hundred Twenty-seven 'Q 3 Compliments of Central Dair 822 LIVINGSTON AVENUE I Albany, N. Y. I I To all our advertising patrons we should like to express our sincere appreciation. It is our sincere trust that the readers of "Crossroads" will give their patronage to the business enterprises advertised. 711IIIC:HHH:II12:32:22::IIIZZIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIZIHIIZIIII One Hundred Twenty-eight Honors Awarded the L. S. M. A. Sabre All American Honors," National Scholastic Press Association University of Minnesota, 1931-1932-1933-1834-l935-1936 Highest Honors," Columbia Scholastic Press Association Columbia University, l930-1931-1932-1934-1936 "All Catholic Honors," Catholic Press Association, Marquette University, 1934-1935-1936 YOUR school Year Book will some day become one of your most cherished pos- sessions. Each time you thumb its pages memories will return to give you ioy and pleasure. You will see the faces of old friends and chums-of campus sports and dozens of other pictures which will recall fond memories. These mementos should be preserved in an attractive cover, beau- tifully bound and printed. Annuals by Fort Orange Press, possess a certain beauty and distinction that experience alone can give. Scores of beautiful and attractive illustrations are available to help you create your own designs. FORT ORANGE PRESS, Inc School Annual Publications A L B A N Y , N . Y . PRINTING 0 ENGRAVINGS O COVERS 0 BINDING One Hzmdafd I zztj 11111 Qutugrapbs Zlutugraphs Zlutngrapbs

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