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.L J Q' 1 w.. -. "r Mk, , X ,V .. 'W f ' 'Q X..V Q' Q fp' W- V QV 1,-'T '.w1 w ,ff 's .+ .. -f 4 , 7-Al.. X ki, ,fm ,- V .. lx 1 k ' xvf, A Y Ve- Vf' vvl Vi 4' K-Y .ff k Aa., -.. ' 3 .Q ,,:-QQ. V HCL fi ' 4 ,-, - ','. X , 1 eq . 3, ., ' ' 3 X' 7. 'vi' 1-.' . ' :N-' V-, V :Him gg-V 4V -x ,, Q... b ,A is-.-3' .V V 1' -:Vi " . rg L .4 J.. 5. u 1 V' - K- I ! H. , . ya. Q - , . yy I -, V 1 '. x ' ' 4 x X N. 'I L! 1' X V V ' If A ' . . I . ' N A V. K N z ., V 1, VM. . , V ,Q , A - X K 'F ' V . ,a g V' A... - r I J V , h k. . V" V Jb--,QV V - fix. ,.. ..- -J. ' EGL..-f W4 ,,, , I .Huw f VE Q-K1 V ,. Vjnfgk, '- f ' V 5 ' X ,xffgj:., 1 u V " I IMD, " ' ' . Q44 , xx ,IEAQ V .. . .Rf-ff, , ...Wy V ff.-2' 'X - .. ' . . .. wa. ' V - Q 1 . - ,, , fm st: .-. K, 5-. i M?. , . V , V I ,, NV V 5' '- n H-an . . ,, ., " , -at AA-fW.,'5Ag ' Q -A 1' g ' ,ffj3-I,f9f- . Lb V .. X , . V l'-'-- . 4 - . . w +- . .-. NW 1 5 6155 Y f. K .Mfg - F V ,A 2 5 1 ' ..kVl.,.,IM.. .N , 4 VV , V , eu . X - ,f V 15--1 uf ,- ., ', ',-:-Q, 'f . ' . V 1. z. , ,. , r M .i'V 1 V V 'ff' if 1 , Q vgfxrmm-1,Lry-,sjni QQ.: K., Q .- k'KV..,p.. ' Aix, If' ' ' V,.,g . -Q. k.57f.ies7ye:,fAVg'. X 4,1 SVS V - .- "A.f?-Q-85,2 -'51 ' ff A , A f N,'V2.1P'!?fSV ' - ,..'-1 ' 1 :Uff '14-Q . :1A'f?T'w-V' ' .,, -fu N, , -:'YVo,:s,V-Q, .451 , f -ni SSE iigfg . , Q -. '- -V 12, wr - , aw, ' ' A ww.: .W . gm.-ff 1 V I-gp 1,-V. ' ., fTV5"' ,.9i.,.,V- "' A . x- 4 , ,. - ' ' V. 5,1-if ' '1 N -rf . A " ' U Y 1 V' . . 1 .nmzf-.'.f f , A 4- -',.V,, 'f-1 L V ff' - Q. -'V' - V 4 , ' -' " 'Q A'-f'v'.w: ' if : I ' . 'A A , . ' L , ez ' f'-19. ' ': ' -' f.,fw.,f,m+f 3. - . af gill' r, ' .,. V. , .V y P F 'd.'2w.f?'-vf.ELLf:'f.Q5c 4V:r5'WN ,",'I"fcT1ff'4V'T54F7'w.X,"'-1 .a?iFFWr"'L"51Z L Y' "i Y: ' Y tn.: .VT 'JJWZWHM 4 Maxi, X I-4 3 . A l he Himzeniiam 194145 'Glyn Qmnual lklnhlirextinn uf Up: 3Hi11r v11fia11 fliiglp Srhnul 1Hvr1'Qs11illv, 13l2I1ll5Qll1EI1Ii6I Most RW. Hugh If Boyle, Bishop ofPi1rfslmrgh UEDICATION We rejoice most heartily at this opportunity of dedicating the VINCENTIAN of 1916 to our beloved Shepherd, the Most Reverend Hugh C. Boyle, on the occasion of his twenty-fifth anniversary as Bishop uf Pittsburgh. May varh day qf swvlffe, whirl: time will yet urgfblrl, He riulmr with hlffssirigs as the silver turns to golfl. FORWARD AROUND THE CLOCK AT V H S For the first time in four years, a Vincentian graduate may step out into a world of peace. Our former high school days witnessed the brutality and desolation of a world at war. We had no idea what to expect next, but finally, through numerous prayers and the mercy of the omnipotent God, victory was won and negotiations for lasting peace are under way. Looking backwards, we see that despite the war, many happy school days were spent amid the serene surroundings atop St. Vincent's Hill. These school days began and ended in prayer - - prayer for the termination of the hostilities and cruelties of war. Finally, in a world still striving for peace, we graduates find ourselves ready to open the door of life and to embark on our future careers. Equipped with the strong principles of a good Catholic education, we lay aside our school texts and look a little fearfully, expectantly and hopefully to the world at large, as we step over the threshold of a new life, wondering what it has to offer us and what we have to offer it. Yes, those blissfully happy days shall be a pleasant memory of carefree schooldays gone by. To almighty God we pray that He may give us the grace to hold steadfastly to our Christian ideals--come what may! Our Chaplain, Rev. Father Thomas Eichenhoffer, C. PP. S. Dear Graduates: This is a time of great satisfaction for you. for Graduation marks a very special moment in your life. You will often recall it as a precious mem- ory. Life is an art. To live well may be the greatest of arts. As children. when you began schooling you memorized without fully understanding it, the answer to the first question in the Catechism: Why did God make me? The purpose of your years of schooling is that you may fully understand and put into practice this first lesson. Although young, you have certain definite assets to bring to the world. You possess real Religious Training. a thorough knowledge of various sub- jects behind which lies a great unseen force. Also you possess enthusiasm. And then you are endowed with another marvelous gift, namely, the power of making friends and drawing others to yourselves. No other class before you possessed this happy faculty in so high a degree. Try to preserve this great gift throughout your whole life. God bless you and may the Blessed Mother guide you. Father Thomas L if Reverend Mother Mary Gregory The beloved counselor, guide, and spiritual directress to whom we turn in all necessities is, Venerable Mother M. Gregory. Despite her mani- fold duties as head of the Community of the Yincentian Sisters of Charity, her interest in our spiritual and intellectual development is not lessened. Mother M. Gregory is an inspiring example for us -- gentle, kind, thoughtful, and charitable. She realizes our need for guidance and is always willing to assist us in doubts and difficulties. Gifted with a lovely and excellent tone quality and intensely interest- ed in music, she seeks to impart some of her knowledge and appreciation of music to us. Each evening under her direction. we tune up and train our voices for a sweeter, more beautiful rendering of praise to our Lord. Through her admonitions and example, many of us have acquired the "little way" of perfecting ourselves. Sister Mary Lucretia Sister Mary Martina Sister Mary Ambrose Sister Mary Eniiliana Sister Mary Celestine Sister Mary Hngoline Sister Mary Ildephonse Sister Mary Mildred Sister Mary Celine Sister Mary Amadea Sister Mary Germaine V H S FACULTY Principal, Religion Il, Geometry, Algebra III, Problems of Democracy, American History, Debates Orchestra, Private Music Lessons Art Private Music Lessons, Music Theory Religion I, English I, World History, Slovak Librarian, Library Science Directress, Religion IV, English IV, Chemistry Biology, THE 1946 VINCENTIAN Latin I and II, General Science, Algebra I, THE MARILLAC French III and IV, Health Religion III, English II and III, Shorthand, THE 1946 VINCENTIAN Typing III and IV, Shorthand, THE MARILLAC Sims if . ALMA MATER Time changes all things including the scenery on our campus. No matter what season it may be, the admiring eyes of Sisters and students feast with pleasure on the beautiful wonders of "Mother Nature". As au- tumn embellishes our campus with the different shades of red. yellow. brown. and green, many interesting activities take place. While heaps of rainbow leaves flare up into huge honfires, wiener, marshmallow. and corn roasts top our list of entertainment. Hay gathering. corn husking, and horse back riding with the wind through your hair, gives you that wonderful "glad to be aliveu feeling. Mr. Winter, full of vim, vigor, and vitality covers our campus with a Huffy, crystal-like blanket. Jack Frost dips the thermometer to 0', pokes his finger into the lake and invites the girls out with their sleds, and ice- skates. Pink cheeks and red noses are an indication of fun and health. In comes March like a lion, out he goes like a lamb, leaving behind Miss Spring, who wears a beautiful pale green dress trimmed wiih sequins of sunshine. Her hair is braided with pussy willows and tulip red lips. This exquisite creature graciously decorates our campus for the beautiful May Crowning ceremony and also for graduation. When the graduates bid their Alma Mater farewell, they will carry with them the portrait of her clothed in the loveliness of the seasons. L 5 IN sv 11 1 10 Z 9 5 4 7 6 5 ORDER OF THE DAY 6:20 Rising time for all 7:00 We honor our Lord at Mass 7:45 Breakfast starts rolling the ball 8:45 It's time to go to class. 12:00 Noon time is lunch time 1:00 Our first afternoon lesson ' 3:30 Orchestration - - time for musical rhyme 4:15 Various clubs are now in session. 5:00 Recreation -- have your fun 6:00 Supper -- now we dine 7:00 At Choir Practice we sing as one 7:45 Benvdiction - - Girls! Keep in line. 8:l5 Ali! S'udy and let the brain be fed 9:15 We wash the day's dirt off, and 10:00 At last we find true comfort in bed. Resident students find "boarding school" a good deal of fun. Despite the early rising, one does not tarry in the dorms, because it is a mad rush to the wash-room where the maxim, "first come, first served" predominates. Never a dull moment for the academy students, be- cause eavh one follows a full schedule. Under the guidance of our faculty. classes prove most interesting and hold the attention of all. Open air recreation tends to stimulate the appetite considerably: hence, meal times become an important hour of the day. After class time, study periods are not neglected, as one can readily judge by the earnestness of the students during these periods which are supervised by various mem- bers of the faculty. With towel, soap, and toothbrush in hand, once more there is a dash for the wash-room, where the rules of health are faithfully observed. The most welcome time of day, however, is bed-time, when after a scheduled day of studies and recreation, one may truly appreciate a comfortable bed. COME LET US ADURPI HIM! At any time of fi the day, the students X steal softly into the chapel and up to this lovely altar to have a few words with llim. Who dwells in the Tahermu-le. I Q L Une Could not hope to find a better way In Start the day, than to :ipprozwli the Tzthle nt' th Lord. Thus armed with llis graces, we gn fm ward to meet the day's trials and temptzititms. LORD, I AM NUT WUHTIIY . . . Q 1 O zo 2 5 7 s 4 GRAPEFRUIT IN YOUR EYE! Immediately after Mass, the girls' refectory becomes a beehive of activity. When a short reading from Character Builder is over, dishes and silverware start their musical clatter. One hears snatches of conversation such as: "Guess what I dreamed last night?" or "Please pass the butter," or "Would you mind aiming that grapefruit juice at someone else?" lt's really at breakfast that the girls start to perk up and don their "fresh as a daisy looks." AMERICANS IN THE MAKING Without a salute to our flag and the singing of the National Anthem, the day's schedule would he considered incomplete. .lust before the morning's busy classes begin. we assemble to pay homage to this great land of ours. 3 ,X School days school days, dear old golden rule days. FRES H M EN Religion I English I Latin I Slovak I Algebra I Gen. Science Civics Health Art Music J UNIORS Religion III English III French I Slovak III Algebra II American History Typing I Shorthand I Art Health Music Glee Club Marillac Club Music Club i I X 9 7 COURSES OFFERED AT V H S ACTIVITIES Debate Club Dramatics Dancing Orchestration SOPHOMORES Religion II English II Latin II Slovak II Geometry Biology World History Health Art Music SENIORS Religion IV English IV French II Slovak IV Chemistry P. O. D. Typing II Shorthand II Art Health Music N Calisthenics Swimming Year Book Club Ruth Rosemary Dorothy Ruth Marie Brandenstein St. Kilian's Parish Box 256 Mars, Pa. Enrolled in VHS as a senior, this newcomer has spent the year getting acquainted with boarding school life. Ruth seems to think it's rather nice. and her many friendships indi- cate that the feeling is mutual as far as she is concerned. Her leisure is divided into periods for reading, dancing and swimming at which she is an apt pupil. Because of her friendly but coy ways Ruth has had many happy school days. In her search for further knowledge She intends to go to college. Rosemary J. Colucci .,St. James Parish 808 McDonald Street Sewickley, Pa. Rosemary is about the only senior who manages to attain high speed and accuracy in typing when her fingernails are long. Her main interests lie in sports and dancing which she can do well, especially jitterbug. A loquacious person, she likes to laugh and even more so, wise-crack. As an asset to popularity and lasting friendships, this quality has added to Rosemary's lovable personality. Rosemary, as her name implies, ls as fair as a summer flower. In her "Bangs" the attraction lies, Causing her popularity to tower. Dorothy Marie Kracunovsky St. Michael Parish 1226 Ravine Street Munhall, Pa. Loyality to her Alma Mater and her classmates is emphasized in every phase of Dorothy's school life. Holding the oiiice of the president of the Student Council, she has exerted her influence in enforcing its principles. Effectively she has performed her duties as treasurer of the SODALITY. As proof of her captivating personality and virtuous character, "Dot" was chosen May Queen. God certainly has something special in store for her. Her sparkling eyes and cheerful smile Illumine her Winsome face. Alert of mind, pure of soul, This makes the perfect base. f A V , gi V ' ' 5 i 256, V . g up gf g , ,s l . ph Eleanore Florence Rita Eleanore Marie Kuban St. Michael Parish 143 Marigold Street Munhall, Pa. Next, into the spotlight ofthe senior line-up, steps this intelligent honor student, who is loads of fun. Although Eleanore isn't a second Kriesler, she does play the Violin fairly well. "Kubie" presents a refreshing contrast to the studious type of scholars, for she likes dancing and all socials. Because of her fair tresses, she is referred to as "Blondie" with a congenial personality. As a student she does excel, And at a dance she is a belle. lf beauty and brains did not mix, Then "Kubie" would be in a fix. Florence Elizabeth Marcinko' St. Michael Parish 155 Mitllin Avenue Whitaker, Pa. "A friend in need and a friend, indeed!" - that's Flo. The cheerfulness of her smile radiates the love that infiames her heart for her fellowmen. Her helping hand indicates her charity, Ranking in the upper bracket of her class, Flo's ability also extends to the intellectual phase of her life. Active in extra-curricular activities, she has illustrated her willingness to co-operate by her outstanding "Ad and Patron" contribution to the year- book fund. As the president of the Wicks, this postulant plays an important role in fos- tering religious vocations. All in all, Florence is a young lady of whom her Alma Mater can well be proud. At her birth the stars shone brighter And illumined her face. llark-haired Flo makes hearts lighter With her kind and cheerful grace. Rita Alyce New St. Jerome Parish R.. D. 71451 Charleroi, Pa. The skill of her fingers is an indication of Ritafs proficiency as a seamstress. Crocheting, weaving, and dressrnaking are but a few of her abilities in this regard. Her housekeeping habits in boarding school life further reveal her domestic competence. Rita's ambition soars a little higher, however, as she prefers to be an air hostess. "Quiet but pleasant" best describes her personality over which a love of fun predominates. All of us have been given some skill, As an asset in the life ahead. Rita has a special place to fill - - Lucky is the man she will wed. "' Excelled in Ad Campaign M arie Lorraine Agnes Marie Eileen Pisarchek St. Sebastian Parish 908 Henry Street Belle Vernon, Pa. As vice-president of the Student Council and a member of the Marillac stai, Marie has executed her appointed duties with fidelity. In the WICKS and the SODALITY she is getting a religious foundation for the nursing career to which she aspires. Being eiiicient and reliable, this young lady will surely be a success. Kind, honest, truthful and charitable Are the qualities of our Marie, Whose ambition is to become a nurse And do her work faithfully. Lorraine Rose Rninero St. Raphael Parish 757 Chislett Street East Liberty 6, Pgh. Lorraine's skill as a typist discloses a burning ambition. It is this quality which some day will make her a fine nurse. As assistant librarian, she had helped others to recognize and love books as true friends. In the capacity as secretary of the student council, Lorrie contributes to the maintenance of the school discipline. Her sparkling eyes disclose the alertness of her mind, a quality indicated by her scholastic ability. Always ready with a helping hand, Grateful for all others do, Lorraine is one of the best in the land. We echo, "Merci beaucoup." Agnes Marie Rakocy' St. Matthias Parish 912 Cornell Street Youngstown, Ohio Welcomed into VHS as a junior, Agnes had endeared herself to the hearts of her fellow classmates during the two ensuing, happy school years. As secretary of the WICKS, this devout aspirant labored to foster religious vocations. Her cheery disposition will be an asset in surmounting the crosses and enjoying the pleasures of a Sister's life. Gentle Agnes heard the Saviour's call To serve Jesus as His bride. ln a nun's habit in Heaven's Hall She'll stand by her Bridegroom's side. "' Excelled in Ad Campaign Isabelle Dolores Dolores Isabelle Margaret Rayner St. Matthias Parish 2400 Wydesteel Avenue Youngstown, Ohio The most outstanding fact about this belle is her scholastic ability. She has been on the honor roll every semester for ber entire four X years at VHS. Proving herself capable of holding important positions, she has been elected president of the Sodality and Editor of the MA RILLAC. With all these responsibilities, she has found time to participate in many other activities. Issy spends her leisure time reading novels, listening to semi-classical music and just getting into mischief. Issy is a happy lass Of our merry Senior class. With her eyes and hair of dark brown She's got a smile that lights the town. Dolores Emily Schramm' St. Therese Parish R. D. if 1 Allison Park, Pa. As vice-president of the Senior Class, Dolores has displayed a cheerful and co-operative temperment. Gifted with a yodeling talent, she is fond of music. She has served us faith- fully as our librarian, and it's been a pleasure watching her smile as she busies herself. By her usual quiet, charming ways, Dolores has endeared herself to the hearts of her fellow students. Our "Dolly" will quite steal your heart away With her kind and friendly deeds. ln the library she plants ev'ry day Fiction and biographical seeds. Dolores Jane Slifka St. Matthias Parish 2554 Taylor Street Youngstown. Ohio That good things come in small packages can well be said of Dolores. Her cheerful face tops a height of 5' 3". Dee who loves sports heads the list of eager participants in the recently organized dancing and swimming classes. Her friends all think "Slim' is rather nice because she's got the cutest personality. It is just the natural plane of things For joys to quickly Hee. That's why it seems like yesterday We were saying "Hello" to Dee. "' Excelled in Ad Campaign Catherima Bernardine Ann Catherine Angela Torisky St. Matthew Parish Apt. 79 3058 Zaruba Street Pittsburgh 10, Pa. Since her Freshmen year, Cathy has been an active member of the Debate Club and now in her Senior year has earned the distinguished title of "Our Best Debater" of '46, As president of the senior class, this young miss strives to be first in every undertaking! Her love of the various sciences will benefit her in her pursuit of a successful nursing career. Cathy is petite but mighty, V ' ' ' In her work she's never ilighty. When dancing with a lilting grace, She always wears a laughing face. Bernardine Ann Vojtek' Holy Rosary Parish Y Box 53 Republic, Pa. Bernardine's joyous school days on St. Vincent Hill became happier still upon her entrance into the Novitiate. Turning to her scholastic ability, we find she excels in shorthand. With her frank ways and sporty nature she has won many friendships. This small young miss of the senior class i As a shorthand student does surpass. But she has heard the Savior's call - - - Surely her life will not be dull. Ann Elizabeth Wandzora' St. Michael Parish Box 417 Terrace, Pa. Welcomed by her Alma Mater in the latter part of her freshman year, dark-haired Ann has spent a little more than three fruitful years on St. Vincent Hill. Her face, wreathed with smiles, emphasizes the fact that she loves to laugh and her witty words incline others to do likewise. In the beating of the drums which she plays efficiently, her musical talent is expressed. A display of her initiative and fun-loving nature is found in the feature page of the MARILLAC. "Personality plus" is an apt sum total of Ann's Winsome ways. Because she loves to laugh and smile I i A popular lass is Ann. When she leaves in a little while All High School Books she'll ban. i' lixcelled in Ad Campaign JUNIORS E i S 1 F i E E L 5 x ws. 4 N First Row: Mary Baksi, Rosella Barretti Leona Gambol, Gertrude Honeygosky Second Row: Therese Hornik, Josephine Hrbal, Therese Komara, Irene Kostelmk Third Row: Louise Krispinsky, Margaret Kuchta, Helen Mc-Cann. Lois Mclluire Fourth Row: Clara Slifka, Margaret Vojtko' A' Excelleri in Ad Campaign QF we A SOPHOMORES 9 , 5 First Row: Rose Adamek, Katherine Barani Irene Dobrick", Marian Dudas Second Row: Anna Marie Gemerr-hak", Mary Jane Fitzgerald. Beatrice Hromey Victoria Jurcik Third Row: Susan Lepovsky, Jane Paluga, Betty Soltis', Dolores Tomlin' Fourth Row: Dorothy Torisky "' Excelled in Ad Campaign FRESHMEN tr I' vm A Q.. wx. - Q I First Row: Geraldine Baytosh, Helen Fergelec, Lucille Hornyak. Rita Huber Second Row: Mary Kascak', Mary Koban, Betty I.uthern', Loretta Pe-trick' Third Row: Shirley Sahel, Dorothy Sabol', Gwendolyn Susce', Grace Tress' Ruth Matthews, Mary Lou Smith tnot on picturel "' Exe-elled in Ad Campaign RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION FROM OUR CHAPLAIN Many of these young ladies will go on to college or nursing schools. They will find it nec- essary to spend long hours of research in the library, where the training in Library Science which they have received from Sister M. Hugoline, will serve a good purpose. No matter what they choose, however, this training will aid them im- measurably. LM A PRACTICAL VIEW OF FRENCH Religion, the real reason for our being at V H S is the most. im- portant subject in our curriculum. We are not only taught the doctrines and the theories of our Catholic Faith, but also encouraged to live up to it. Rev. Thomas Eichenhofer, our Chaplain. conducts a religion period every day with each of the classes. UNTANGLING THE INTRICACIES OF LIBRARY SCIENCE To speak French requires ear- nest endeavor, and Sister M. Celine, the French instructress, has made it her duty to see that we do so. Learning a foreign language tends to cultivate a person. With this idea in mind, we have plunged into delicate French with typical Amer- ican zest. Consequently, the Yankee speech of the girls is peppered with humorous French phrases. Our chemistry classes are most interesting whether we are conduct- ing the latest experiment, or work- ing the tried and tested equations. lt is a good idea to learn all about the things around us, what they are composed of, and the changes that they undergo. That chemistry will inspire one ot' us to hecome another Madame Curie is one of Sister M. lldephonse's fondest dreams. A KNOWLEDGE OF CHEMISTRY IS ESSENTIAL Every girl. Freshie or Senior, must study English. This subject, ranking high on the curriculum, has been familiar to every student since grade school days. Neverthe- less, it must he gone over again and again. if we are to he familiar with all the changes in English. Sister M. Amadea seems to he accomplish- ing this task. LEARNING THE TECHNIQUE OF GOOD VVKITING Concentration and practice. that is the only way to make pro- gress in typing. Sister M. Germaine, our typing teacher, guides both the .luniors and Seniors from an awk- ward apprenticeship to skilled and speedy mastery of the art. CONCENTRATION ON THE KEYS "Pwr-fl 1 ,X Ll MAIL CALL fl The most welcome and anticipated moment of the day is mail time, when everyone is sure to he punctual. All is quiet as the letters are distrib- uted: eager smiling faces await the ring of familiar names. Letters are anxiously torn open and .ioyfully read over and over. After receiving a letter from home. the lucky girl capers off to class a hit happier. DINNER TIME Highspot of a busy day is dinner time. Since we are a group of "Busy Bees," it is not surprising that there are no sickly appetites at Vincentian. l l f 'x ' X THE MERRY CHASE FOR BUGS There is no keeping this Biology class indoors after a period of if "Bug-Chasing". The time? One o'clock and it's a contest to see which one will be the first one out in the grove. Of course this is just when the weather permits! Sometimes we find fine specimens. Even when we don't, there is always a tale to relate after class. THE ROCKS OF AGES Time, heat and pressure have converted sand into rocks, so the freshies tell us. On their research periods in the General Science class, they file out to the recently excavated ground ..,1.,...,. nm., smflv fha r-nmnneitinn nf rocks. So mir Freshies march rm to new riisr-nvprine HUIJIIING ARTISTS Under the direction of Sister M. Ambrose, we aspire to the Finer things of life. After listening to a talk on Art Appreciation, we begin put- ting our time into fashion ilesigfiing. still life, model drawing and pen and ink renclering. We also work on landscaping, printing and figures. Some nietliuins iiseil in drawing: are pastels, ternpera and water uolors. WE U'l'll,lZl:1 OUR SPARE TIME Study pt-rimls are few anti far between, so we use every spare inu- ring' for next ciafs assignments. This is the time wben we pack away the knowlerlge glaineil for that day and cimcentrate on that wliivb iist be known for the next ilay. Gab sewions are set aside anel we buckle ment pre-pa ni flown to a periuil of hard work. MM A I I V The purpose of our Music Club, under the supervision of Sister Mary Emiliana, is to increase and advance music appreciation. llur freshmen, under the careful direction of Mr. Wen- ceslaus Klimek, B. M. are tak- ing the first step to become professional musicians. s IO 9 3 6 lj-4 4 ' 6 ,f Music is the one medium through which the highest de- velopment of the mind, body and soul may he most quickly and surely reached. These young ladies know that music elevates, and spirit- ualizes: therefore, they ap- proach it with reverence. At the same time they derive much pleasure from these prac- tice periods. Sister M. Marti- na's unceasing ell'orls in fur' thering' the orchestra's ad- vancement is much appreciat- ed. THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, after having existed somewhat dormantly for several years, was revived during the past term by our Principal, Sister M. Lucretia. Representatives of the council were sent to a convention, where they studied the methods used in other schools. Returning to Vincentian, armed with new ideas, they imparted most of them to the newly elected officers, who proceeded to formulate plans for various activities. The Junior class, under the direction of the Student Council, is working on a school handbook. With an eye to many future, fruitful years, the Student Council is building' for itself a strong foundation. DISCUSQING THE NEXT ISSUE At 4-15, Monday afternoon. V. H. S. literally vibrates with activity. Why? Well. the staff of the Marillac has gathered to put the finishing touches to the bi-monthly issue of the paper, or to start planning the next issue. Pencils skim over reams of paper, fingers dance on typewriter keys, and artists scan the newspaper files for interesting pictures to decorate the pages. Newspapers entail time and labor, and a school publication is not an exception to the rule. This publication has quite a history behind it before it reaches its eager readers. A general staff meeting decides what the paper will contain. Next. reporters and feature staff writers rush out to gather news and items of interest. Each one of the pages is carefully planned and finally stenciled. Long lists of the subscribers names and addresses are typed, and soon, the Marillac. with the ink hardly dry on it. is on its way to let you know what is happening at Vinceniian High. A 1 by sf' ,fi L I THE DEBATE CLUB An organization which demands from its members long hours of hard work is the Debate Club, coached by Sister M. Lucretia. You need only to speak to a girl who has competed in a real debate, however, to know that the thrill of open competition and perhaps a victory afterwards is ample re- ward for those grueling sessions of research and preparation. This year, in the tournament sponsored by the Federation of Catholic High Schools of the Pittsburgh Diocese, Vinc-entian was represented by a Negative and an Af- firmative team. The Negative lost two and won one debate, while two victories and one loss were chalked up by the Affirmative. I X i X l Recreation. plenty of fresh air, and sunshine are essential factors to the growth and well-being of budding youth. Our good Sisters realize this, because at 4:55 a bell summons us to the great out-doors. With the changing seasons, we enjoy our different sports. In autumn, haseballs. bats, and catcher's mitts are eagerly carried out to be put to use. Baseball just would not be base- ball if one did not hear such conversa- tion as, "She's out!" "That was not a strike." However. this hour passes all too soon. and a little reluctantly, the bats and balls are put away for the day. The coming of winter does not mean the termination of sports, by no means. The lake just doesn't freeze quickly enough or the snow doesn't seem to fall fast enough in order to provide more skating, coasting, and snowballing. Once more, we look forward to warm. sunny days, for spring is just around the corner. Tennis rackets are inspected, walking shoes are taken from hiding, and roller skates are oil- ed. and we are ready for more fun in sports. Thus, through good, clean fun, we hope to emerge from V H S healthy and better American citizens. 4 5 6 5 CHOIR PRACTICE Promptly at seven, the choir bell rings, summoning the girls to a half hour of singing practice, Mother M. Gregory conducts these sessions while at her side Sister M. Martina presides at the organ. On the occasions when Mother M. Gregory must be absent, her substitute is the capable Sister M. Tharsicius. Several times weekly and on special feast days the chapel resounds with the beautiful two-voice Masses and hymns which we learn along with the inspirational Gregorian chant. WONDER WHAT WEYLL SEE? "Movie night," which occurs on the average of once a week. seems to possess a magival power, for no other words can produce brighter faces more quickly than the words "movie to-night." Thus, with a candy bar. we settle down comfortably and wait for Sister M. Anaclete to start the projector. The name of the picture is usually kept a secret which makes it all the more intriguing. 0 75 1 1 it X NIGHT PRAYER l if Night shadows lengthen: stars timidly steal from behind dark cloudsg sounds of life are hushedg and God looks down from His ehony sky upon a tired world seeking respite and renewed energy in peaceful slumber. It is at this hour that we thank our Heavenly Lord for permitting us to live another day in His Love and for drawing us one day closer to our true destination. The good we have done in that short space of now declining daylight cheers us: neglected charity rebukes us: the sins of the day prod our conscience to sincere sorrow and a hundredfold repeated act of amendment. Before the Sacrament of Love we bid our Lord a sweet "good-night" and, satisfied with the work accomplished for the day, retire to refreshing sleep. S uk fi 2 ,,-, 21, ,-Z 5 ,z ,W 'Qu t. li. FQ Q 57 , Q gi9iz'1Jf" " I, fs. 6'lvL-V ,P ME , , fi K , ,, e1 ' 35.4" .3 45, N 1 Q9 M My Lij F5 ! 19'-Q 'YY . 'V-'P M' J, I' 5, -IX. M f V1 'Q rs. J' A. - W, .5 .Wx W. Wu.. ffm yy? X '7 ,wi , 1 "1-J' L' " e .14 W.w'k 1' H ,, V, iw? 'WWA ff 2 , -A , . . 11 ,L x X' K . , ,, .V . , V My ,L .Y 7 X2 t' . 7 V .QW 1 . , . W I S m f . . L. f 5 v , "ii, I W .' ' ' ' AA :ff-551 J Q 3- ' 4, ' Q Q ' 'll' , K X Wg - nfl' ' , , ,., . , A A. MM A " -. , K, . muff, asf, 1, Q' W: '-. A , I ' as me 1 vm Kg' -ea JM ' 3 Ti' me ik -2 f-1 :fa limi , ,mg J 'Vfiiik fi V + , ,I "5,fgQf'Ei5f Q , Qfiwlki A I l p Y A g h Q EQ l 1 " W 'fimz IQL ,-y, X. . 15' 'v 11 5 s 1 A , 6. I - J. M, , x 'if 3 I, 2 f f 1 ,L 'i"f'. I' ., 4 . WN , x""i'5x SODALITY NEWS Suppose we page through the Sodality secretary's notebook, and find out what the Viiwentian Sodality was doing during the past year. When the school bells rang out last Semptember, back flocked the sun-tanned and eager students. Pencils were sharpened, books dusted, and the clubs began to make plans for their activities! However, the Sodality did not start its wheels rolling until November. On the fourth day of that month, the new Prefect's gavel sounded and brought the first Sodality meeting for 1945 - 46 into session. Looking ahead, the Socialists formulated plans for Advent projects. Christmas baskets and Christmas carols to go with them were to be the Vincentian I-lome's present from V H S. Thus, the first meeting was recorded in the secretary's new notebook. December brought an addition to our Sodality, for during a colorful and an inspiring ceremony in the Chapel, twelve girls promised their love and fidelity to our Lady and her Sodality. The New Year also brought new ideas. "A skating party," someone mentioned during the course of the January meeting. "Good idea," was the quick response, and the iioor was open for suggestions. With much "gusto" we carried out our plans with Father Thomas as our chaperone. A merry time was had by all. February 2nd was an important date on the Sodality Calendar of Events, because four of her loyal members answered the Master's Call and entered the Vincentian Sisters' novitiate as Postulants. Red hearts were in full view on February 14, which marked the date of the annual Sodality party. In came March with all its winds and along with it, more plans for Sodality's spiritual and temporal projects. A Kiddie Party. at which we raised money for the purchase of a Savings Bond for V. H. S., was the last Sodality pre-Lenten social. Lent brought an oppor- tunity to put into practice those little penances and prayers which we had been putting off for that season. Festal greetings were expressed to our dear Mother Mary Gregory through the medium of Father Lord's vocation play, IN LIFE'S GLAD MORN. April showers brought an abundance of lovely May flowers for our Heavenly Queen's Crowning on May 19. We prepared our hearts for this momentous event, during a three day Retreat beginning May 17. June -- and the election of new oflizers to fill the positions left vacant by the Graduates. Now, the time has come to close the notebook for 1945 - 46, and breathe a fervent prayer of thanksgiving for the graces and joys we received this year as members of Our Lady's Sodality. THE WICKS This organization, which was founded in our school early last year, is one of the finest we have. Its purpose is to foster vocations. and its title, which means "WOMEN IN CHRIST KINGNS SERVICE" hears evidence of that purpose. Officers of the WICKS are nominated from the group of aspir- ants of the community of the Vincentian Sisters of Charity. The body of the Club, however, are the high school girls themselves. These girls correspond with other, younger WICKS in the various parishes where our Sisters teach, each girl corresponding with about four WICKS. In this way we hope to encourage vocations in those girls who are timid about following the dictates of their hearts. THE WICKS "If you love Me, come follow Me," is the invitation that our Lord is extending today to many young women. Not many girls have the courage to resist the tinsel and glitter of the world. The Wicks are praying earnestly that more young ladies will choose the better part, as Mary Magdalen did, and follow the Master. DIARY September 5 6 7 11 12 13 14 19 25 26 27 29 V H S students return to the campus to resume former school activities after ten weeks of summer vacation. Ding-dong went the school bell. First class day was completed with a movie "Kidnapped," No students left the campus for the weekend. Regular classes began in full swing. We swing our partner around in the first dance held this year. That homesick look was fast disappearing. "Are your instruments tuned, girls?" Mr. Klimek was here to resume regular orchestra activities. The girls were entertained by Shirley Temple in "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm." "Hurry or you'll miss the bus!" Students left the campus for their first weekend at home. What's this? "How Green Was My Valley" starring Walter Pidgeon was presented 10 the student body. Since the new students had adjusted themselves to academy life, permanent dorms were assigned to all. "Destry Rides Again" at Vincentian. Miss Wise, Red Cross Worker, began Nutrition Classes with Junior and Senior students. Remember your "Basic Seven". Seniors had a ubang up" day. The morning was spent at the photographers the afternoon, at a movie. and the evening at a corn roast at Schramm's farm. STUDIOUS CATHY October I down. Was it sabotage? We wonder. - festival practice at Duquesne Universiiy. Wrath", was enjoyed by everyone. honor "Christ the King". ball was held. 4 The entire student body hustled oif - - homeward bound' This improrntu vacation was pronnpted by a furnace break 8 "Come on girls, get your mind on school work. Your four days' vacation is over." e 9 Initiation - that long awaited and dreaded event 19 Six members of our high school orchestra began attending 24 Tonight's entertainment, the screen version of "Grapes of 28 The sodalists, attired in white, marched in procession to 30 A traditional amateur performance complete with witches and goblins, and all other creatures was given in the school auditorium. Following this entertainment, a masquerade DIARY November 3 Everyone exclaimed, "Those lucky girls!" The reason for this was that a few students managed to attend the Notre Dame - Navy Football Game at Cleveland. How they got the tickets is a mystery. 7 In Memoriam - Mr. Dull, our school engineer and friend of the students, passed away. His death grieved us all. 8 Henry Fonda is fast becoming the academy's favorite actor. We saw him again in "The Immortal Sergeant". 9 Fancy this. Our nutrition class enjoyed a field trip to the Equitable Gas Co. in Pittsburgh. Mmmm, the food prepared was delicious. 10 A Requiem Mass was sung by the school choir for the repose of the soul of Mr. Dull. 21 Happiness radiated from the faces of the students as they left the campus to com- mence Thanksgiving vacation. 29 Just think! Our last movie before Advent was, "So Proudly We Hail' . WANT ATTENTION! December 5 Come one, come all! St. Nick was quite generous with the good students of V H S. For :he evening's entertainment, the student body played 'Bingo". 6 Field trips to the Press and Sun Telegraph proved very instructive. Every studentcamr- back with a souvenir of this momentous day. 8 A solemn reception of the new Sodalists took place at our chapel today, in honor of our Blessed Lady. 13 Music lovers attention! Rubinoff entertained the students with his violin at North Catholic. 19 The annual entertainment for the patients at the lncurable Home took place after a rousing welcome. The students are always glad to do an act of charity for these poor shut-ins. ' 20 Hurrah! Vacation time had finally begun. Christmas was not far off. Yes, here is alittle Miss all propped up in bed, but not because she wants attention but, because sheris in need of it. To her assistance comes Sister M. Celine with a willing hand to ease and soothe the pain. DIARY January 6 The conclusion of our Christmas vacation brought a bevy of hap- py students, all willing and ready to start work again, despite the lingering thoughts of the holiday season. The one and only, Bing Crosby, recalled our memories of the for- mer holiday season in "Holiday Inn". Father Thomas, our beloved chaplain, was honored with a per- formance given by the students in celebration of his 10th anni- versary as school chaplain. 23-24 Red Letter Days! Mid-year exams found students busy with last minute cramming. That day of days, "JUNIOR TAKES A SENIOR" will be long treasured by the Senior Class of '46 in their book of fond mem- ories. February We bade farewell to our school mates, who heeded the call of the Lord. Do your sides still ache? "Charlie's Aunt" certainly had the school in an uproar. We were practically on the verge of darkness. Through some un- known miracle, - the scheduled Electric Strike did not aifect V HS. Once again we found ourselves in the world of drama and fairy- like enchantment. Yes, "The Enchanted Forest" left us spell- bound for many days, "Grab your partners - swing them 'round for our Vincentian Valentine Party." We congratulated the debaters for their victories and the losers for their sportrnanship. "Your dancing is improving, girls". And no wonder with Mr. Griffith and his aide to teach us. Every Tuesday, the girls are found busy learning the art of dancing. Thrilling, exciting, romantic, dangerous, daring - what was it? Why our latest movie "The Mark of Zorro" starring Tyrone Power. irch Once more the students donned the clothes of their childhood to take part in one of the annual festivities, namely, "The Kiddie Party". To signify that we are but dust and that into dust we shall return, we received ashes on our foreheads, thus beginning the first day cf Lent. A High Mass oifered for Mother M. Gregory on her Feast Day was sung by the high school choir. A big day for students, because they presented a play entitled "In Life's Glad Mom' to celebrate Community Day, the feast of St. Louise de Marillac. 4 DIARY 19 "Come join the Juniors on Ring Day," when the Seniors present- ed each Junior with the symbol of their loyalty to the Alina Mater - The class ring. 20 Don't drown girls! Learn to swim gracefully! Join the Swimming Club! 31 Members of the Student Council attended Federation Meeting. AprH 1 Music loving students attended a music session presented by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at North Catholic. 6 Several Juniors attended a Student Council C invention at Latrobe, Pennsylvania. 10 Two Seniors, Cathie and Lorraine represented V H S at a typing contest at North Catholic. Gertrude also participated in the Annual Oratorical Contest sponsored by the S'in"1'e!egraph. 17 Vacation days are here again. What more can one ask?'?? 23 Echoing throughtout the school corridors were heard the voices of returned vacationists, attired in their best Easter outfits. 25 The Federation of Catholic High Schools held its convention and awards were distributed. Father Schot was the guest speaker. May 17 Annual retreat opened for the Young Lady Sodalists. The retreat master was Rev. Andrew Pauley. 19 The event of the year - the crowning of Our Lady closed the retreat. Dorothy Kracunovsky was May Queen with the senior class as her court. 24 Opening of the first retreat for the 7th and 8th graders. Rev. Cyril McGuire was the retreat master. 26 A big day for the Youngstowners. Vincentian High's Orchestra participated in the program celebrating Father Hamrak's 25th anniversary as a priest. 30 Wicks' Day. This was the day when one became acquainted with her unknown correspondents at a picnic sponsored by the Wicks. It was also the day set aside for the Music Festival. 31 Opening day of the second retreat for the 7th and 8th graders. The retreat master was Rev. Bertin Roll. June 10 Those final exams are here again. What a headache! 12 What a relief, especially for the Seniors who won't have to worry about any more exams. We set aside our books to let the dust gather until another semester. 16 GRADUATION DAY - the realization of the Seniors' dreams. We left our Alma Mater reluctantly as we thought of the happy school days that are gone forever. AU REVOIR! We leave our books and pencils And schooldays all behind, And though they're lived and over, We'll keep them in our mind. We'll miss the bells and chapel too, And classes through the day,' We'd like to live them all again, But we must be on our way. Now as we seek our goal in life, Wherever it may lie: We'll stand with strength and confidence, Cause we're from Vincentian High. And now to our dear classmates, farewell We surely will miss each one of you. We'll think of all the fun we'Ve had, And hope you'll miss us a little tool The Seniors of Vincentian High School wish to extend their appreciation and thanks to all who have made the yearbook possible by their generous contribu- tions. l - Compliments of Rev. Martin Rubicky Pastor of St. Joseph's Church Clairton, Pa. C 0 m,pl1'rn ents of Rev. George Barlock Pastor of St. Matthew's Church S. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. 4 - 1-- Compltm ents ry' Rev. Clement Hrtanek Pastor of St. Ann's Church Homestead, Pa. Compliments of Rev. John G. Hamrak Pastor of St. Matthias Church Youngstown, Ohio Cotmpliments of Rev. Joseph Kushner Pastor of St. Dominic's Church Donora, Pa. Compliments of Rev. William Pisarchek Pastor of St. Michael's Church New Castle, Pa. Complzfments of Rev. John Blazic Pastor of St. Mary's Church Uniontown, Pa. Compliments of Rev. Joseph A. Novak Pastor of SS. Peter XL Paul Church Johnstown, Pa. 1 ii 1 1 Compliments of Rev. Edward J. Duwell Pastor of Holy Trinity Church McKeesport, Pa. Compliments fy' Rev. Eugene l-larkins Pastor of St. Sehastian's Church Belle Vernon, Pa. Compliments of Rev. Paul Odelga Pastor of St. Rita's Church Whitaker, Pa. Compliments of Rev. Fabian G. Oris St. Mary's Church Brownsville, Pa. Re Compliments of Rev. John P. Sedlak, Pastor v. Valentine G. Sedlak, Assistant SS. Cyril cQ Methodius Church Charleroi, Pa. Compliments of Rev. John Stofcik St. Michael's Church Braddock, Pa. Compliments of Rev. Michael Filipcic Pastor of St. Cecilia's Church Grindstone, Pa. -'1 1- n Compliments of Martha Berg Rirnhach Allison Park, Pa. r--.-5 l l l MITRO FUNERAL HOME 463 Reed Street l Clairton, Pa. Phone: CL 490 Compfifrnerits of James H. Horvely Allison Park, Pa. NORTH HILLS QUALITY MARKET I 483 Perrysville, Rd. West View, Pa. Complifments of Michael Baksi 85 Family Homestead, Pa. LESTER J. GALLAGHER Q Funeral Home Cleveland, Ohio FAESSEUS DRUG STORE Reliable Prescription Service Perry Highway Perrysville, Pa. Phone: PE 1411 KNAUS BAKERY I Where Quality Is Remembered Long A jter Price Is Forgotten 450 Perrysville Rd. Perrysville, Pa. l Phone: We 1857 J ?1 Compliments of A. FRIEND Compliments of Mr. Joseph Gadus Youngstown, Ohio L: --..., -- ---' f-V - -- - A- Phone: 8-2029 ALOIS J. KLEIN Contractor Kr Builder Home Modernizing Garage Building 442 Miller Street Youngstown, Ohio BRANDT FUNERAL HOME Richard S. Brandt, Mortician Perrysville Road Perrysville, Pa. CLIFFORD H. KUMMER Meat Market Perrysville, Pa. Phone: PE 1012 -,,, -..arfrrrf 7-WY Phone: WE 1057 RUK'S SERVICE STATION Matthew Ruk, Proprietor Rochester Road West View State Inspection Station-511 I West View 2, Pittsburgh BARON COAL COMPANY 812 Franklin Avenue Grain Sz Feed Roofing Material Kentucky, Champion, Montour, Pittsburgh Youngstown, Ohio Phone: 39718 Compliments of Raymond Connolly SL Family Allison Park, Pa. -1-111 Compliments of WEST VIEW HARDWARE 650 Center Avenue West View, Pa. Phone: WE 2182 Compliments of AMERICAN SLOVAK WELFARE ASSOCIATION Corner Arch and Peter Streets Uniontown, Pa. BOOK'S SHOE COMPANY WHOLESALE Shoes and Rubbers 209-11-13 Third Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments of VILLA DE MARILLAC NURSING AND CONVALESCENT HOME Pittsburgh 6, Pa. Phone: HIland 6200 FULLERTON FUNERAL HOME 450 Reed Street Clairton, Pa. Private Chapel Ambulance Service Phone: CL 631 J Compliments of JOSEPH POLI COMPANY 1704-6-8 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. I Compliments of J. P. MARTIN Food Distributor Allison Park, Pa. THE GARDEN SPOT OF AMERICA JOSEPH HAKY Kz SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS UNIONTOWN, PA. ,il li 3' , l Compliments of M r. 62 Mrs. Lepovsky North Bessemer, Pa. Compliments of Co m pli m en ts fy' . Dr. S. E. LYONS Susan Kostelnlk l' t Eye, Ear, Throat Specialist Homevllle, Pa. Brownsville, Pa. Compliments of Compliments Qf Davis Family Cpl. Edward Kostelnik Allison Park, Pa. Homevillei Pa- Compliments of Compliments Of Quality Meats Sz Groceries SLOVAK CATHOLIC SOKOL JOHN NOVOTNY, Prop. Branch 16 1426 E. Indianola Avenue 3, Pa. Youngstown, A REAL HOME OF THE SL QVAKS Phone: 40077 Compliments of Compliments of F. J. Santora, M. D. Dr. H. D. Graham, Dentist Brownsville, Pa. Compliments of Elizabeth Tomlan gl Anna Butko Hornestead, Pa. E. C. FINNEY 8z A. J. BEKAVAC Funeral Home Clairton, Pa. Ambulance Service Phone: CL 57 LUDWIG BAUER, Jr. Clover Farm St ire 248 Woodvale Avenue Johnstown, Pa. Phone: 65M621 SAVE YOUR MONEY ROSE MARTINKO'S BEAUTY SHOP 942 E. Philadelphia Avenue Youngstown, Ohio Phone: 27589 l 4 Compliments of Dr. C. R. FUNDENBERG, Jr. West View, Pa. Compliments of YOUNG LADIES' SODALITY St. Mary's Church Uniontown, Pa. Compliments of ROBERT B. FLAIG Painting Contractor Perrysville, Pa. EVERGREEN GARDENS "Pleasant Atmosphere" Babcock Blvd. Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone: Perrysville 2346 V . SCHRAMM'S FOUR XA, '- Maplefafms 417 Ringgold Street McKeesport, Pa. Phone: 8400 Day or Night - YH- - M..- -4----- 1 -za Allison Park, Pa. Compliments of Olive Davis Allison Park, Pa. ADAM SCHWERHA 8: SON Funeral Director 800 Fifth Avenue McKeesport, Pa. Phone: 21602 Open Day and Night JOSEPH A. PROKOPOVITSH Funeral Home 431 Ninth Avenue Phone: HO 2267 Ambulance Service Private Chapel Compliments of V. PIERRE VIESLET, M. D. Charleroi, Pa. G. G. KL Company Bonded Locksmiths 244-246 Diamond Street Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone: ATlantic 2467 Compliments of CENTRAL DRUG STOR Republic, Pa. Proprietor: Ben Snideman Compliments of Mr. 62 Mrs. L Vance Akron, Ohio Conv plifments of Joseph gl Mary Hrbal Johnstown, Pa. I1 Compliments of Anna SL Catherine Puskar Youngstown, Ohio A. W. MCDONALD Funeral Director Mars, Pa. 5 Compliments of JANOSICK'S PHARMACY The Prescription Drug Store 104 - 6th Street Monessen, Pa. Phone: 402 Compliments of I VINCENTIAN HIGH SCHOOL Q nyngnini-si 7 Y l Y, l' Compliments of MR. RALPH COLLINS 306 Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. Q1-V W: Compliments of MR. JACK FRAU 220 - 18th Avenue Homestead, Pa. When Better Pictures Are Made, Thomas Studio Will Make Them. Charles J. Gavsh Compliments of Mr. Sz Mrs. Joseph Baran THOMAS STUDIO Republic, Pa. Phone: 5261 Uniontown, Pa. Compliments of RUDOLPH R. SCHWERHA Compllm ents of John Kollar Funeral Directors Literary gl Library Society Donora, Pa. 3226 Jane Street , Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments of Michael Dudas Girard, Pa. Compliments of Mr. gl Mrs. Louis Kuban Munhall, Pa. Compliments fy' Miss Margaret Lepovsky North Bessemer, Pa. MALLIN'S Credit Jewelers Sz Opticians 729 E. Ohio Street Pittsburgh, Pa. Andrew N. Sabol Fine Painting Sz Decorating 165 Easy Street Uniontown, Pa. TONY'S SHOE SHOP Tony Savini, Prop. "Always At Your Service" Republic, Pa. Phone: 6361 WELLINGTON PHARMACY John W. Noone, Ph. G. 644 Center Avenue West View, Pa. Phone: WE 0230 TONY TASSONE General Merchandise and Fresh Meats Republic, Pa. Phone: 6211 -, Compliments of Mr. 62 Mrs. Louis Hornyak SL Family Cleveland, Ohio C omplomen fs of CH ECK BROTH ERS Monessen, Pa. CHECK FUNERAL HOME Joseph F. Sz Edward C. Check Funeral Directors 1009 Fifth Avenue McKeesport, Pa. Phone: MC 23124 Compliments of Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Lucas Brownsville, Pa. Complfments of Mr. Joseph Craciun Siizcew and pleasant greetings to all the Vlncenfiarz, Sisters and pupils jbr their continlued success. J. F. Kicak, Attorney Youngstown, Ohio STEPHEN FERGELEC Plumbing di: Heating 4231 Talbot Avenue Braddock, Pa. Phone: BR 4571 Compliments of A FRIEND 1 n l Compliments of Mr. 452 Mrs. George Stofcik Webster, Pa. Compliments of Mr. KL Mrs. Mary Chalfa Petrick McKeesport, Pa. Compliments of Mr. John F. Petrick SL Family Mclieesport, Pa. Compliments of Mr. gl Mrs. John Bornak Munhall, Pa. Compliments of Dr. Edward McCarthy, M. D. First National Bank Building Canonsburg, Pa. Compliments of W. H. NORRIS Compliments of Joseph L. Maruskin Youngstown, Ohio Compliments of NAHI'S SHOE STORE X-Ray Shoe Fitting Monessen, Pa. Clairton, Pa. Monongahela, Pa. Compliments of MR. RAYMOND TRESS Sz FAMILY New Brighton, Pa. Compliments of MR. SL MRS. M. LUTHERAN 3301 Main Steert Homestead Park, Pa .lil 1 lvli , WL: l Compliments of NORTH HILLS DAIRY Highest QUALITY Dairy Products McKnight Sz Seibert Roads R. D. 4, Pittsburgh 9, Pa. I PE 1000 WE 2600 l Glen. 684 Compliments of Mr. Sz Mrs. PAUL SABOL Munhall, Pa. Capt. Compliments of di: Mrs. HAROLD SANDFORD Republic, Pa. Compliments of FREDERICK'S MARKET Fresh Meats 8z Groceries 2126 Whitaker Way Munhall, Pa. - lg l ZLYn I l J Rev. Rev Rev Rev. Rev Rev Rev Joseph Altany A. J. Balok George A. Kurutz James R. Lovelle William Maher Michael Rapach A. Schoppol A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Adams, Helen Antonoff. John Avgel, John Baksi, Mary Barrett. Gertrude Baytos, Helen Rita Barrett, Capt. Thomas Ben ke Grocery Store Bergen, Frank Bernik, Christine Bergen, Pfc. Bernard Biroscak, Mrs. Breznay, Mary Bright, Harry Brindlinger, Hettie Bucutelli, Lecomuno Capuzzi, Rose Churilla, Charles Connors, Loretta UeCara, Walter M., A. Lobrik, John Dropcik, Joseph Dudas, Helen Dudas, John Uudas, Dr. Joseph Ekoniak, Michael Ekoniak, Agnes Fagan, Patrick T. Farro, Francis Marie Farro, John Farro, Mae Finnikin, J. B. Fred 62 Leona's Confectionary Fudala. Anna Gahles, Dr. KL Mrs. E. M. Gambol, Frank Geissler, Louis Nl. M. M. 3fc PATRONS Gennaro, Mrs. Giocandi, Albert J. Glagola, James Grunick, Mrs. Michael Guttman, Aaron Gress Meat Market Haky, Joseph Hleho, P. Hirko, Michael Homrocky, Joseph Hornyak, Dolores Hornyak, Louis Hook, Anna Hudson, Mr. Sz Mrs. Hrbal, Mary Hricik, Andrew Hromey, George E. Hromey, Lillian Jenkins Jesensky, Helen Jim's Place Johnstown Sodality Kalasky, M. Klein, Cecilia G. Klimek, Andrew Klippich, John Koban, John Kefler, Elizabeth Kolakovich, Mildred Komarg John E. Komara. Cpl. J. S. Fomora, Michael Komora, Stephen Kostelnik, Michael Kracunovsky, Andrew Kr Mary Kracunovsky, Helen Kristofcik, John Krysten, Mary Kuchta, Joseph Kuchta, Margaret Mary Kuchta, Mrs. Kuchta, Rose Ann Kurinka, Mary Kurta, Stephen Kushner, Mary Kuzbel, Joseph Kuzma, Margaret Kvortek, John Lacza, Anna Lenefonte, Rose Lenore's Beauty Shop Leskovsky, Michael Loscar, Martin Lozaw, C. B. Macko, George Sr. Mantick, Gertrude Marcinko, Cpl. J. Marcinko, Paul 8z Elizabeth Marcovitch, Mrs. Stanley Maruskin, Joseph Mascowts, Anthony Massik, John Matey, Judy Miller, W. T. Minosky, Andrew Miske, Paul Modic, Mrs. Monok. Helen Mottas, Peter Jr. 5 aborhood Market Nacny, Michael Nahay, Mary Neff. Mr. Nicols Novak, Anna Novotny, Joseph Ott, Sherman Palus, John Pavlik, Andrew Pearlman, Dr. I. R. Penn Baking Company Perko. Ur. A. J. Per:-y's Service Station Piredda, Gabriele Pisarchek, Anna Pisarchek, Joseph Plisko, Andrew Potokar, John Potokar, John Pribila, Andrew Pudleiner, Mary Punzak, Anna Rakacy, Andrew Rakacy, Stephen Jr. Rayner, Kathryn Rechtorik, Mildred Reuchko, Anna Richardson, Dr. PATRONS Rimbach, Richard J. Roman, Anna Sabel, Hazel Sandala, Pfc. James Schramm, Eugene H Schramm, Felicia Schramm, Robert Sedlak, John Sefcik, Michael Sejko, E. Semeniak, Michael Seyko, Helen S. 45 S. Shoe Store Skladany. A. Slifka, Anthony Smorado, Louis Smorado. George Smorado, Joseph Stafford, Rona Stanko, John Stein, Lewis Sullivan, Paul Surak, Ann Swinglish, Joseph Swopa, Mary Szatkowski, Dr. A. A Telgrasky, Paul Terek, Mildred Thompson, Dr. Traski, John Tress, Raymond Trzeciak, Norman Vavrek, John Vernick, John Voytek John Voytek, Joseph Voytek Joseph Voytek, Martin Voytek Stephen Wasko, Mary Yencsik, Andrew Yencsik, Michael Zahorsky, John Zahorsky, M. J. Zamiska, Charles Zawada, Mr. Zboyorski, John Zoltun, Michael

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Vincentian High School - Vincentian Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Vincentian High School - Vincentian Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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