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ii .. .2 :FE , X f f E -:ef 'X' -. 1 ,. .VF g g . , Q --ff -g 1g-i . L . , . . " ' ' 4 15.1 'e , ui x - " f ' md -A s5.:'.,,N , V ,- ' 1, , ,,.., ,,,:f,g,, f- az J QQ . .1 5"-E ' Q5 bg? J ' X 'pf " 21"- I ' - 1, ,Z , Cf' Q. 1 'L .Qi .5153 We iii ,551 ,iii 'H' 4- ,, . ii. - ,f fl ' :iv al , , n I ' z " ,ae X Yyij 2' M 'dn K bv-- 5,53 " X ,! ' 4. ,K . Iifgf U51 'hw shi 1 f-Q' .,, "lu Si il 'V W 'ees L ,155 A muy K 1 Is .xr gui: 2 .sw :. I-f'!'l. 1, , Q 1 if ,., LE , . E The Eimzentian 1945 The Annual Publication VINCENTIAN HIGH SCHOOL REV. ADALBERT KAZINCY, A MAN OF ACTION l At no other time can we pay a more fitting tribute to Rev. Adalbert Kazincy than on this, the fiftieth anniversary of his ordination to the holy priesthood. Many years ago, as a young stalwart priest, he was assigned St. Michael's Parish in Brad- dock, Pa., Where a great number of Slovak immigrants had settled. Like St. Vincent de Paul, Father Kazincy realized that his spiritual children needed not only the solicitude of a father but also the love of a mother. V With determination and perseverance his voice echoed across the ocean again and again until finally his call was answered by five Vin- centian Sisters of Charity who came to Saint Michaelfs on November 13, 1902. To this great man of,action belongs the grat- itude of thousands of boys and girls who have grown up under the direction of the Vincen- tian Sisters of Charity. Without his undaunted courage and noble perseverance, there may have never been a "V S C" in U S A. Q66'caz'L'on We, the Senior class of '45, do most gratefully dedicate this book to those who made possible the excellent Catholic education we have received during our years at V H S. To Reverend Adalbert Kazincy through whose efforts our teachers, the Vincentian Sisters of Charity, were given an opportunity to labor for souls in the United States, as Well as to our dear parents to whom we owe an enormous debt of love, fidelity, and gratitude, we dedicate this publication of THE VINCENTIAN. TRIBUTE T0 MOTHER M. EMERENTIANA Foundress of the Vincentian Sisters of Charity Death. canlnever separate those who are bound together by the ties of pure love. A full decade has elapsed since Mother M. Emerentiana had passed away, and yet her spirit lives and moves in the Community which she has established and whose destiny she had guided for thirty-three years. Among the many virtues which graced her holy life, the Sisters love to recall her great piety and devotion to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. It was, no doubt, during these 'sacred com- munes that she learned so well from her Di- vine Spouse how to live holily, suffer valiantly, and die peacefully. Gentle and kind in all her ways, Simple and upright to the end Qfher days. Strong and noble in heart and mind, What a beautwd example she left behind! l GZWEZ We. the graduates of '45. hope' that this year's VINCENTIAN reflects in some small way the thoughts, hopes and aspirations that have played so great a part in our lives. - Four years ago, we were rollicking freshmen starting up the path of knowledge: today, we are graduates, and the lofty ideals which our beloved Alma Mater has taught us are so deeply rooted in our minds that neither time nor age shall ever erase them. Our years here 'have been exceptionally happy onesg however, we cannot deny there had been shadows also. Scarcely had we begun our high school education when, war like an ugly phantom forced itself upon us, bringing with itself new problems, new heartaches, new outlooks on life. For us graduates, the publication of this annual marks the termination of our studies and the commencement of a new life -- for we must now go forth and bravely accept the challenges that a world at war offers us. And, because we realize that, the happiness of our fellowmen, who are worthy of our greatest efforts, now depends to some extent upon us, we pray God that our efforts may be equal to their expectations. ga!! Hatton . . . Catherine Brunner? 1,198 Towers Terrace St. Theresa Parish Perrysville, Pa. VIRTUE - - Humility AMBITION - - To be a good V SC PHILOSOPHY - - "Speech is silverg silence, golden. " A quiet, gentle soul who sought bo do the Mast,er's will. She chose to aid the sick and poor, Whom God has left us still. Anna Belle Gumbert P. O. Box 17 North Apollo, Pa. VIRTUE - - Meekness AMBITION - - To be a practical nurse PHlLO5OPHY - - "Lend a hand to the needy." Patience is her middle narneg ' Kindness and charity guide her ways. Her meekness and charm have won for her, ' The ld ' ' ' go en warmth of frlendshlp s rays. Cecilia Geraldine Klein 422 Miller Street St. Mathias Parish VIRTUE - Generosity AMBITION - - To be an eiicient stenographer PHILOSOPHY -- "N Youngstown, Ohio othing without Divine Guidance" Both genial and kind, this Youngstown lass Has won for herself, the esteem of the class. She is known for her mischievousness, As well as for her cheerfulness. ' " Excelled in Ad Campaign IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Marie Louise Krstyen' .488 lfigg Street SS. Peter and Paul Parish Johnstown, Pa. VIRTUE - - Piety AMBITION - - Becoming a religious PHILOSOPHY - - "Trifles make up perfection, but perfection is not a trifle." Q Though Marie may have a serious nature, She is as gay and happy as can be. V Her Hrst and greatest ambition is To serve God as a V S C. I N Dorothy Mae Leritz Box 48A Crestas Terrace St. Helen Parish McKeesport, Pa. VIRTUE -- Diligence AMBITION - - To be a successful secretary PHILOSOPHY - - "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Neat, humorous, and gay Is this black-haired lass. Just one quick glance reveals That she is smallest in her class. Mildred Marie,Minoslfy" 633 Ninth Avenue St. Michael Parish Mimhall, Pa. , VIRTUE - - Charity V AMBITION - - To serve God as a V S C PHILOSOPHY - - "God's ways are not our ways." Her words were flavored with kindness, Charity ,marked her ways. It was plain to see that as a V S C Peace and joy would fill her days. a' Excelled in Ad Campaign -Si B xx fn 54 fan Z-few. . . Rita Arme Moran , 4 A Artnunciatian Parish N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. VIRTUE - - Industry ' AMBITION - - To become a laboratory technician PHILOSOPHY - - "Twenty-four hours in a dayg time to do everything you want to do. " Chemistry is her favorite, - Debating her specialty too, , Industry, her watchwordg' ' ' For she has been studious the whole year through. Agnes Mary Pavlikf- 3022 Mary Street St. Matthew Parish Pittsburgh 3, Pa. VIRTUE - - Piety AMBLTION - - To serve God as a V S C' PHILOSOPHY - - "No life is a failure which is lived for God She left to become Christ's chosen one, All eager and willing to serve, A So that on some grand and glorious dawn Victory's crown, she might rightly deserve. Neueda Perrrick 170 Frank Street St. Rita Parish Whitaker, Pa. VIRTUE - - Generosity . AMBITION - - To be a good secretary ' ' ' PHILOSOPHY - - "A thing is bigger for being shared. "' Trim and neat with model poise, ' Neveda 's a girl one always enjoys. With manner gay, this fair haired lass . Is quite a favorite in her class. "' Excelled in Ad Campaign BLUE fAND WHITE Irene Phillip I P 4719 Jacob Street Stf Laclislans Parish ,i . Wheeling, W, Va. VIRTUE - - Charity, , A Q l - , AMBITION - - To be a religious of V S C PHILOSOPHY - - "Do your best and God will do the rest She is so very lovable, . I 'Traveling along Contentment's Way. ' Her cheerfulness and happiness - Are growing day by giay. -Helen Pribila X 4325 Irvine Street St. Joachim Parish Pittsburgh 7, Pa. VIRTUE - - F riendliness , ' . , AMBITION - - To become a snccessful dietitian PHILOSOPHY -4- "Experience is the best teacher." Helen, petite and lovable, Is a kind and gentle lass. 4 Her Winsome ways have endeared her to Eaeh member of the senior class.- Theresa Eveline Rechtorik' P. O. Box 37 - St. Pfrocopius Parish ' New Salem, Pa. ' VIRTUE - - Gentleness D AMBITION - - To become Christ's chosen spouse PHILOSOPHY - - "God's mill grinds slowly but surely." This tiny lass with sparkling eyes Has answered the Master's callg Life's fancies and frills mean little to her, She has chosen the best path of all. ' Excelled in Ad Campaign gd!! ,Mafia . 4' . Dolores Susce' ' .594 Broadway'Ext. SS. Peter 85 Paul Parish ' E. McKeesport, Pa. VIRTUE - - Humility I AMBITION - - To be a dress designer PHILOSOPHY - - "Man's greatest victory is to , conquer himself. " Dolores is both genial and true, Friends as fine are always few. Her generosity and helping ways Have brightened all her classmates' days. Claire Elisabeth Slevin Greene County St. Mary Parish Nemacolin, Pa. VIRTUE - - Cheerfulness . AMBITION - - To become a nurse PHILOSOPHY - - "Charity covereth a multitude of sins." Joy and cheer her constant friends 'She laughs away each care, For Claire our kindly Irish miss ls as gay as she is fair. Therese Marie Sziich' 3917 Naritasket Street St. Joachim Parish Pittslmrgh 7, Pa. VIRTUE - - Thoughtfulness, D AMBITION - - To further her education PHILOSOPHY - - "The darkest part of night comes ' before dawn." Friendly, 'thoughtful and demure, Prim, neat and nobly pure, A girl whose heart is very kind, - Gentle in nature, wise of mind. " Excelled in Ad Campaign W NN ws..-.N .M TO BUILD CHARACTER NECESSITATES A CONSTANT WATCH UPON OURSELVES Olga Talflat .40 Spencer Street St. Mathias Parish Natrona, Pa. A VIRTUE - - Geniality AMBITION - - Scientific Research - PHILOSOPHY - - "Life is made up of little things." A scientific mind has sheg This dark-haired, genial lass. In chemistry she does excelg Through halls of fame she'l1 pass. Mildred Patricia Terelf' 301 W. 5th Avenue Holy Trinity Parish McKeesport, Pa. VIRTUE - - Reliability AMBITION - - To be an air hostess PHILOSOPHY - - "Speak kind words and you will hear kind echoes." d kind, - She is a maiden sweet an With very pleasi-ng face to mind. tures, smiles, and graceful motion aise and our devotion. Her ges n our pr Have wo Veronica J ndith Tnrocy 7804 Lloyd Avenue St. Anselm Parish Swissvate, Pa. VIRTUE - - Forgiveness AMBITION - - To become an artist PHILOSOPHY - - "Faith is the stone on which all other virtues are inscribed. " literature and art success, htful share To her, Are pathways to That will win for her a delig ace and happiness. Of pe 5' Ex celled i nAdC ampaig Il Ms. yxwllf 4 If -s A- Q M l J l m.v.Wr,....J 51 I K , X 3, S 'I' k K . M if w 1 h 9 . , L,LL x . Q3 L .LA,. N W 3 X , 3 5 3 ,, 7 ,QF , fl, Q 3 A I .V 3. Fi .3 . M ,.h, Q3 . sg In ? an Q . A 4 gifiii - W. , f R ' .V '- - - h-YY' A as , ,V .U. 3, A V A Q X , ig . i 2- , . .I 2 .L 5 - W i il Ig 5 3 Q 5 - E 4. , 5 ,E 3 I it 5 K X , W5 K x W f-A 'bfwfwesfea-V:WM K QW, A 'Q ' as 3, f f ' M -fmmxm . Q OIMOZZZ5 l 4 nf u First Row - Lois McGuire, Margaret Kuchta , Gertrude Honeygosky , Mary Baksi, Helen McCann Second Row -- Irene Kensic, Louise Krispinskyf Annette Bakes', Irene Kostelnik, Leona Gambol, Clara Slifka, Madeline Vellano Third Row - Violet Hayden, Theresa Hornick", Margaret Vo-jtko' Evelyn Tolini, Genevieve Stjm thot on pictuveb l Exe-elled im All ll2lIlIl?2llgI'Il I . Xi has "L ' u ..-I' Y 'E 1-ff SWE S33 Wm sf N 2, 3 S-'ii if F, 9 . 4 K 1 1 X: 1 . ,SX . A .g-4L - .. f X , I 1 ' k E ini.. ,. .f . -We ., X mf . Y Q , N. in 33 .Q I . I i I Q, H Q x 5505 45 -1 3 W 5?.f:f W ,f f al ,K 4'-X . sf fs- 2515 CX we 3 ' if I "' Q ik :XB Q im W -k ,K wk it 'R J '3-qxfq N4-2 K 2 X. YK 1 M -'-Q' V , wv AA X kiv'.1A.X' R K. tu H 15 M . i. 4. Mi ' 441 A 1' V, "+'fQEi -, ' Ai K, 'J ,- . H, VQR "QA - r ' H ' A X M, 1-Q ., A' Q1-42, x W W 'W ' Y 1- ggi ' ff' ' A 1, A , " 1 'lwmi' ' uk 'Y X' ,, my . I 'NX -, -f 1 Q r 1 3 if S . A 3 I 5 I I ' :cv LINES TO A DEPARTED PRESIDENT By REVEREND TIMOTHY J. MULVEY, o. M. 1. Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Born: January 30, 1882 Inaugurated: March 3, 1933 Re-elected: 1936, 1940, 1944 Died: April 12, 1945 Dear Mr. President: It is, indeed, strange that we, who never had the privilege of speaking to you face to face in this life, should address you, directly now. For while it is the high intent that a Chief Exec- utive should be intimate with the citi- zenry, it is the unfortunate necessity that he should be removed from the citizens. We are not removed from you, now, Mr. President. When your heart stop- ped beatingg when you relaxed to that level which is the inevitable inheri- tance of pauper and prince, peasant and president-- in that sad and historic moment, you were a child once again, stricken to that helplessness which is the sign of our mutual frailty, and the badge of our common humanity. So, you are dead. But, we can speak to you, now. LINES TO A DEPARTED PRESIDENT We can speak to you, Mr. President, by the three convictions of Faith, Hope, and Charity. By Faith, because it is our belief that your soul, even as the souls of all men, is immortal, by Hope, because it is our common prayer that you have attained that final end for which you, and all men were created: and by Charity, because love is the Law and the Prophets, binding us to you as brother to brother, in life' and in death. Dear Mr. President, it will be no exaggeration to say, now, that few men of this or any other age have realized better than you how turbulent are the tides of this life. It will'be no exaggeration to say that there have been few men of this or any other age, who have been called upon to guide the Ship of State through more perilous waters. It is significant. now, that you loved the sea and ships. We have a strong recollection of you, leaning on a rail, looking out over the waters with the sun and wind in your face. You were a Sailor at heart. Dear Mr. President, it is in the nature of things that man, entrusted with a national responsibility, should be willing not only to attack but to suffer counter-attack in this arena we call political government. For it is both the process and the 'privilege of democracy to agree or disagree. You have been agreed with, heartily. You have been disagreed with, violently. This was not surprising, for a glorious predecessor of yours said, once: "lf I tried to read, much less answer all the criticisms made of me, and all the attacks leveled against me, this office would have to be closed for all other business. I do the very best I know how, the very best I can. I mean to keep on doing this to the very end." That was the way 'Abraham Lincoln expressed it. That was the way you lived it, Mr. President. And you were not afraid. For when the last shot was fired, all America knew in its heart and soul that you had "stuck to your guns" to the very end. You were, also, a Soldier at heart. LINES TO A DEPARTED PRESIDENT Dear Mr. President, and we say this now with the sympathy and affection of friends, the physical space your body required could have been circum- scribed by the dimensions of a single wheel-chair. The flesh was weak. But your heart, Mr. President, was ranging solicitously not only from the Atlantic to the Pacific seaboards, not only from the Halls, of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli, but to every lake and island and hill-- whereverldes- potism raised its ugly head, and wherever the crying of oppressed humanity lifted its voice to ears that wanted to hear. You heard. You were, also a Marine at heart. But. dear Mr. President, this is what we really want to say to you, now that a new twilight is hanging over the Hidson that you so dearly loved, and beside which your spent body is resting for the first time, tonight. They escorted you all the way from Warm Springs, Georgia. The escort is only a casual incident for the page of some future historian. , They allowed you to rest for a few hours in the East Room ofthe White House. This is the remembered detail of a journalist. But, Mr. President, between the coming and going. a monument grew so large and spontaneous in the hearts ofthe 'people as to challenge the best eforts of a grateful posterity. They prayed and sang for you at the way- stations. They wept unashamed all the way North. And above the hoof beats of the white horses, and the rumbling of the caisson that carried you up Pennsylvania Avenue, thousands of men and women called out "God bless him." That is what we to say. "God bless you." For you did speak of God, Mr. President. And you believed in God, Mr. President. And the last magnificent effort of your life was dedicated to the prin- ciple that men - - all men - - should be free and equal under God. This is the precious ideal you left us. We won't forget it. We will work for it. We will'Hght for it. ' But, in the meantime, "God bless you, and keep you eternally, Franklin Delano Roosevelt." Printed with' the permission of ' ' THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC MEN, VVASHINGTON 5, D. C. N- 1,1 ff-7 l PROGRAM OF STUDIES Freshmen Religion English Latin General Science Algebra Civics Slovak Juniors Religion English American Geometry French or Typing Shorthand Seniors Religion English Problems of Democracy Chemistry French or Slovak Art - Music - gg Sophomores Religion English lizitin Biology Geometrv World History Slovak History Slovak Seniors Typing Shorthand Bookkeeping Advanced Algebra Library V 'x --J ik .1 .ff Q -'T Qui' , XJ jfla rr 0 o ffqgfjl lilf .,dL,1Jdzf.15uQjfce3 F-!A1?I 5,3 g g , ff g p F if M1117 all Ilaijf our fz'an ffjyl QXCAOOIX JM?-X71-eeffflee our flma Q9 !'fa2'Er 5311-. Z ae are c' c' u 'fear JI! .rule :tj I J X74 1i7a7'2Jaf?s af :afg- fevcre. J fn' IQ ,realm Ijrofefgn can c can ' IIA'-'ue jen e Z f J, J sc C M Jcafmznj Zu:-ezraif. if a jf: a ' 'lffaiogfdfufraj-ZSCJ5 .r J J 0 Z 6 affoufike Qfgad Oaaij Z J H . C .Vi QQ gn-X.:-,ff A-Qx Virtue glows on happiness' path: Hnitiative guides our ways. Nobility rules each tiny act: Qharity brightens the days. Eagerness lightens the harder. tasks: Neatness is everywhere seen. Truth and tact are guiding lights: Iintegrity's a benevolent queen. Ambition, too,' calls to our attention-- Noteworthy objects for contemplation. Honesty and honor are recognized: Iindustry develops and exhibits skill.' Qenerosity and gratitude fill the air: Happiness each youthful heart does fill HAIL, ALL HAIL, OUR DEAR WE GREET THEE, OUR Eagerly we pass within the portals of our Alma Mater into her classrooms if learning, her halls of study and atmosphere of thought. She stands as a guiding angel, holding out to us the golden rule of life. We measure our leeds and actions by this rule: it stands for Her - - OUR ALMA MATERl' VINCENTIAN HIGH SCHOOL! ALMA MATEB DEAR IH is for VIRTUE, that which is instilled in the hearts of those who pass through these portalsg H for HONOR. solidly upheld by students and teachers alikeg 5 for SCIENCE, the study of all things visible and invisible the science of God, the science of nature, the science of living rightly. For these IH ZH 5 stands. v ,gs SAFE ABE WE, EVER Rev. Thomas L. Eiclienhofefr, C. PP. S. Sister M. Rosalia, Principal Father Thomas' zeal on our behalf can hard- ly be summed up in one statement. He has been a true guide, ever willing to stretch out a helping hand, ever eager to spur us onward. As director of our Sodality, he has partaken wholeheartedly in our projects and activities and brought us nearer to Mary's throne. As our Raligion teacher, he has spent long hours expounding the great truths of our faith, while as chaplain and confessor, he labored zealously for our sanctification. To us he has become a symbol of kindness, charity, and perseverance. Little wonder then, that we shall never forget our chaplain, who through his unceasing efforts, has so endeared himself to us. A Through the untiring eHorts of our direc- tress, Sister M. Rosalia, the arduous road to successful achievement has been smoother to climb. As each new day begins and ends, we are guided by the gentle thoughts and deeds she affords us. Each week a period is set aside during which time she renders valuable in- structions so necessary in building a sturdy character. Aside from preparing us for the uncertain future, Sister takes pleasure in ac- quainting students with the French language. The pleasant moments we have spent with her shall be cherished as golden memories. GUIDED BY THY RULE No one can deny that liturgical music is as important today as it was during the early days of the Church. Realizing this. Mother M. Gregory has spent long hours with our choir. She has incalculated in our hearts an ardent love of the rhythmical and inspirational Gre- gorian Chant which is the "supreme model for sacred music" and the only ,chant proper to the Roman Church. Her patience, kindness, and endless perseverance have been a constant source of help and encouragement and have enabled us to strive toward vocal accomplish- ment. ' Who can boast of a more noble task? Surc- ly, teaching the human heart to participate joyfully in music, to appreciate it in all its beauty, to find peace, contentment, and hap- piness in its sweet, flowing melodies is one of the greatest tasks a teacher can desire. Because Mother M. Gregory has done this and so much more, she has deserved and won our sincere gratitude. With the dexterity of Spitalny and the patience of Beecham, Sister M. Martina, mis- tress of our diminutive orchestra, labors un- tiringly over notes, melodies and tones at the V H S. Her aim is perfection in instrumental music. We also meet her every morning- at High Mass, where she fittingly accompanied our Kyries and Agnus Deis with her magic touch on the organ. Sister M. Martina has our deepest appreciation for her constant help and guidance. Mother M ary Gregory ' Sister Mary Martina THY MANDATES WE Sister Mary Lucretia Geometry, Algebra I - II, Social Sciences Sister M arf! Leonard Religion II, Latin I - II, Slovak, General Science Sister Mary Emitiana Music Theory, Piano Lessons Sister Mary Rose Art GBATEFULLY REVERE Sister Mary Hugoline Library Science Sister Mary Germaine Religion 1, Shorthand IV, Typing III - IV Sister Mary I ldephonse Religion IV, English III -- IV, Biology, Chemistry 2-'S Sister Mary Amadea Religion -III, English I - II, Shorthand III Bookkeeping IN THY BEALM, PROTECTION ln thoughtful silence we pass daily into the presence of our Divine Saviour. To Him we come for guidance each morning when we attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. and each evening when we come to pay tribute to Him at the close of day to receive His heavenly benediction. He is our Source of strength when the going is rough: consolation when the soul tires of plodding! ever onward. The Divine Teacher has much to tell, and we have much to learn. The knowledge He imparts to all humanity is invaluable -- "LEARN OF ME, POR I AM IVIEEK AND HUMBLE OF HEART." MARY HELP Mother Mary, clothed in blue, Rapt in beauty of wondrous hue, Hear thy children, calling, pleading. . . Mary, help! We are weak, s thou our strength, Throughout the world, its breadth and length, Helpless mortals, sobbing, grieving . . . Mary, help! The sin is ours, the fate ours too, We need thy aid, what shall we do? Go on with ceaseless calling, crying? Mary, help! We cannot fight, we can but pray, And under your ' protection stay, Q Students, laughing, working, praying. . . Mary, help! Through darkness comes a redeeming ray Of hope for peace, a peace to stay. Thy Son will grant it if you ask . . . Mary. help! His mercy through His Mother sends, A wandering flock with care He tends. With hearts uplifted, hear our plea . . . Mary, help! CAN BE FGUND Mime . . . 5 if :1.,. - A -ff i ' s k' 3 ,, y ,t ' Top -- Faithful sodalists attend monthly meeting, directed by Father Thomas, our director Center -- "F'airest Mother, Purest Maiden, we. thy humble servants crown thee." Bottom -- Post-Coronation Poses taken in Our Lady's Park. Janet Vance '44, May Queen with her attendants Bottom Center -- Three sodalists become Christls chosen brides SO DALITY ACTIVITIES The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary has for its primary purpose the personal sanctification of each member's soul through the advancement of devotion to our heavenly Mother. Under the protective mantle of Mother Mary, we invoke her aid to help us keep pure and holy, that we may truly be worthy of the title "Children of Mary." The following is a brief sum- mary of our activities during this past year: ' October: The initial Sodality meeting of the year '44 - '45 was held oh October I, 1944. Under the guidance of our moderator, Sister M. Leonard, the student body elected officers for the coming year. Cecilia Klein, president: Olga Talda, vice president: Veronica Turocy, treasurerg and Theresa Sziich, secretary. l November.' i Marian Action - - Sodalists made plans to send copies of "Knight of Our Lady" booklet by Father Lawrence Lovasik, S. VQ D., to friends and relatives in the armed services. . December: Monthly reading 'and explanation cf character building was con- ducted by Sister M. Leonard, for the benefit of each sodalist. January: Students set aside oneday each week on which they will pray for their adopted missionaries. Newcomers were introduced to this practice and todk missionaries in far away Brazil under their wing: ' . February: Catholic Press Month. All out drive to propagate the faith through Catholic books and periodicals. Practice of the Daily Six during the season of Lent. 7 March: Special prayer for the month: "In behalf of the Prisoners of i War. is' Question box answered by Father Thomas, our director. April: Sodalists elected May Queen from the senior group. Cecilia Klein, our prefect, was the honored one. May: ' Oflicers for the coming year were elected from the junior class. The Sodality pays tribute to Mary, Mother of God, at close of annual retreat. Prefect Cecilia Klein bestowed upon Our Lady a crown of blossoms. June: Sodality activities terminated for the year with the installation of the new officers. cfm ce . . . GENERAL SCIENCE PLAYS AN IMPORTANT PART IN EVERY STUDENT'S CURRICULUM These young scientists have learned to look forward to their general science classes with no small amount of enthusiasm. As the picture clearly indicates, these classes have become not mere- ly a source of fact, but rather a well spring of true knowledge, pleasure, and enjoyment. CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENTS- THIS IS HOW GREAT CHEMISTS ARE BORN. Chemistry spells experimentation in any student's language, and these are certainly no exception. Here we find them eagerly probing its depths for some additional information. UBUGSOLOGYH CLASS PROBES MYSTERIES IN BIOLOGY Bugs! Bugs! and more of these creepy little di- minutives These students are learning that "It's a Buggy World." "Nature certainly is marvelous!" These and similar remarks may be heard from students after an interesting class in biology. TRIANGLES, CIRCLES, ANGLES Just a few Geometric terms, but there are a great deal more . . Propositions, axioms, scalene triangles. and straight angles, all pleasantly meaning- ful to the industrious student. eamin . . . With grim determination, the seniors strive to achieve their goal in typing. In shorthand, it's the little things that count. Because the new dawn can come only after the War's termination, the students have so dedicated themselves that nothing short of untiring efforts to help hasten that day shall be their goal. Each week they fall in line to buy their war stamps, but their contributions do not end here. They have given generously to the Red Cross, packed boxes for children of war-torn lands, excelled in the Community Fund Drive, collected tin and waste paper, knitted for our armed forces, and elven put their hearts and souls into victory gardening. They are "all out' for victory and do not in- tend to stop for one minute. Surely, the New Dawn is worth waiting and working for. WORKING TOWARD THE NEW DAWN The seven sagacious seniors at the left are examining certificates which they received from the Business Education World for their entries in a recent bookkeeping contest. Though the class is rather small, we have al- ready taken note of their accomplishments. All year long, they have given us proof of their progress and interest. Truly, they are tomorrow's business women in the making. BUSINESS WOMEN IN THE MAKING VIBTUE, SCIENCE, OUR SENIOR ORCHESTRA Center - Mr. Wenceslaus Klimek, B. M., our orchestra professor First Group f Clara Slifka, Irene Phillip, Veronica Turocy, Therese Sziich Second A Anna Wandzora, Irene Kostelnik, Margaret Kuchta Third Cecilia Klein, Madeline Vellano, Louise Krispinsky Fourth Center Gertrude Honeygosky Second Row Anna Belle Gumbert, Agnes Pavlik, Helen Pribila Last Row Mary Baksi, Dorothy Kracunovsky, Olga Talda, Marie Pisarchek, Eleanore Kuban, Margaret Vojtko, Mildred Minosky LEARNING PBEVAIL MUSICAL HAVEN Each member of the orchestra has acquired the subtle art of coaxing music out of her in- strument by practice. Yes, in our V H S or- chestra, that is an important Word. Under the able direction of Sister M. Martina, we pro- duce either a Chinese Temple overture or a Sousa march. A lT'S FUN TU PLAY THE PIANO Especially when you have a smiling teacher to help you along over those "bumps" Then the joyful realization that you can make music, and oh! what enchanting notes float from the Dllfilllh. MAY THY PRAISE THROUGHOUT Seniors and freshmen reporters busily Working on news items. THE HISTORY OF OUR Staff members discussing articles for publication. Artists and typists preparing stencils for mimeographing. HESUUN ALL AGE SCHOOL PAPER "THE MARILLAC' Seniors duplicating copies of "THE MARILLACU. D First issue of this year the Sith ool paper ewpaper Students prepare n circulation. X . T L15 E-"K 1 1157 f' K jg Xxx 1 K V ,V k in Q XX , ,ifuf 5 V -71 ,ff ":' Rf f:,fg,:, X ,fi 4 H j"', ' 'X i 215 N , X -5-H -,'4?..w2f X N' U X e Um X5f:"'f fi ' J 'W . i WLNR5 1 QNX ,,f,,,.,, . " igfxqjffxiif Sxjxgiifi ' X i A ,fm ' .. "0 - '03 E xfffw,t,ef V ,A i flxcmyjiiiifbfwg 51553 , -in V i WS KW iji,,:-guifr Xxx f I W WS , . Q1 ii , h j ,gM,f!. gf .irt ' i X i f X' -x pr-xii K , for NOBLE QUEEN, As pure as the immaculate clouds that fill the azure sky, our Blessed Lady lovingly spreads her protecting mantle and outstretched hands over our school and campus. Indeed, she has become for us a gentle, ethereal star that brightens up each darkened night and guides us safely onward. Truly, what better beacon light need sustain us as we journey o'er life's trouble- some path? . THEE, WE HAIL! FAREWELL TO MY ALMA MATER I like the crooked trees and the sad way they look at me When the deep frosts touch the bareground - - I love them when they wear spring's first offering, Oh Lord, I am glad I found - - This haven of peace and of rest, Where the soul of man is lost in the world's emptiness. And refound again like a long lost child In the power, the will, and the courage of the mild. I shall hate to leave: I would like to take, Some portion of this hallowed earth with me, Perhaps - - that exact spot where my soul found itself in God... Someday hence, you may choose to ask - - "Are you sorry you left, wouldn't you like to go hack? And suddenly like a huge golden ray of light, Memories will assault my mind. And an answer for your question I shall find - - It shall be - - Yesl. A Gr "The Vincentian's" Busy Bees aduate MEAL TIME IS A HAPPY TIME V A cheerful refectorv, well-prepared food. friends, and a thousand happy incidents to relate - what more is needed to make meal time the most pleasant time of the day? Wholesome. tantalizing meals have a way of winning a hun- gry sIudent's herrt. Is it any wonder then, that at exactly five minutes before meal time, neat, smiling waitresses hurry to the refectorv for the vita- min filled plnters that supply our daily energy? The-ir's is a pleasant and enviable task which makes them a favorite with every one in the group. HONORABLE MENTION FOR, FRONT LINE WAITRESSES 19-VHS-45 RUSTIC LIFE See that happy grin on Flo, our plaid shirted harvester? She and the other girls are all set for fun on a hay ride. Just as are the young, fleet- footed lassies who have designs on those succulent apples. Others seem to prefer water, while two young ladies are out for gymnastics. 19-VHS-45 TIME FOR PLAY Do you like to rocket into the sun? Perhaps then, you would prefer a ride on one .of the swings. If this does not appeal to you, then the pleasures of a hike are all yours. And, if you like nature, fun and stuff - - then you are left to your own choice. 19-VHS-is GET THAT BALL! A cry that arnuses any amateur athlete to immediate action. Eager hands reach for the speedy little hall of rubber. A miss? Too had! But, you did have fun trying, didn't you? That is what counts most in any game. "Come on, let's try again." A 19"VllS'45 l WE JUST CAN'T HELP SINGING AND DANCING Will you waltz? Or perhaps cut arug? Mayhe you would prefer just sitting a few out, and singing or humming the strains of a popular ballad. Whatever you do, you will discover a happy mixture. 19-VHS-45 "PRAY FOR ME AT LICAQT YOU MY FHIl'INlJS" Un the live of All Souls Day. huge houquels of golden chrys- anthemums are placed at the tornh stones of the faithful de- parted and in their field of pure yellow, they nnock the hare winds of November. FUTURE F'I,ORICUL'I'URIS'l'S In spring, lovely little violet heads capture our hearts. ln early summer. the first blush of a rose increases our love for the Creator: and in the fall we marvel at the full gay blossoms of the mums in our greenhouse. 19-VllS-is First Row -f Bound for :1 holiday vacation. A brisk stroll with Father Thomas refreshes and eases the mind. Second Row f- "Where art thou? lRomeo in disguise! At thelovely shrine nt' our Lady-e Alif delicious and Lanlalizing Third Row -- AL Lliv sur dial with the seniors as tiinekeepersf -- reading enjoymeni Fourth Row - Senior lassies at leisure with plenty of vim and vigor Fifth Row 4 Smiles depict freshrnen's delight. -- A memorable V wmmuniora Vnder the nzwternnl mare of St. Vincent de Paul Anideal :pot for day -- First Holy 1944- DIARY 1945 September v ' 6 All girls return to dear V H S. This meant happy reunions and new friendships. ' ' 7 School days, school days, dear old golden rule days! Once again, we dusted our textbooks and prepared for a hearty and successful year. 9 g We spent a Wonderful evening enjoying our'first movie of the school year- "lt Started with Eve" starring Deanna Durbin and Robert Cummings. 19 We had an unusual visitor on our campus-- a carrier pigeon which had strayed 'from his course. , , 20 Sophomores are truly- living up to the original -meaning of their name, "wise fools." They went about investigating every nook and corner of the Carnegie Museum. t ' 28 Our Activity Room was transformed' into the ,"Inner Sanctum" as we witnessed the eerie movie, "Chandru of the Magic Island." 29 A great day for the Seniors, but the contrary for the Freshmen. After the initiation, they were proclaimed full-Hedged students of V H S. 30 The officers of the Sodality of Our Lady were elected by the usual pro- cedure, private ballot. ' A . A October Q , 1 ' 2 The tolling of the bell announced the death of our Sister M. Vincent. 34 Jane Paluga was taken to John's Hospital with a case of appendicitis. 5 Sister M. Vincent was buried. ' 8 Today we had a double share of excitement. During our Wiener roast, Betty Soltis was rushed to the hospital- -another case of appendectomy. 9 The W1CKS,'Women in Christ the King's Service, under the guidanceiof Sister M. Jerome, held their first meeting. The purpose of this organi- 'zation is the promotion of religious vocations through prayer. 10 A little recreation on the side was provided by Joan Blondell and Bing Crosby in "East Side of Heaven." 16 Lieutenant Maguda arrived to tell us of his experiences with the Army Air Forces over Germany and surrounding areas. A hero iri our midst! 24 The student body put on their Sunday smiles and prepared for the comin of the photographer. , ' 26 "A Gentleman from Arizona" paid us a visit via the screen. 27 Navy Day! The Junior class obliged us with an interesting performance concerning the work of the men in blue. 9 ' 29 Feast of Christ the King! Student body dressed in white marched in procession to honor His Majesty. . November - Q . 1 We attended a Fashion Show at a neighboring girls' school showing the latest on fall and winter fashions. I 9 Student body enjoyed a movie once again, "When Johnny Comes March- ingiHome" with an all-star cast. ' ' 17 Our best vocalists prepare for spring gayeties. They attend Festival practice for the Hrst time. F 19-VHS-45 I A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE! In song and pantomime, an old story is retold magically! Young voices and young hearts are reliving the spirit of Christmas. Presents under the tree are for good juniors and seniors as well as, for mischievous freshies and sophomores. 1944 DIARY 1945 November Familiar faces brightened the campus once again - - the Alumnae held their annual meeting at Alma Mater today. ' Father Thomas dined with us on the eve of Thanksgiving Day. We danced off our satisfied appetites afterward in the students' lounge to the tune of all-American orchestras - - a record is a wonderful thing. Time-tables, bus schedules, street car checks come out of hiding. Thanksgiving vacation - - everyone is happy at the prospects of home again. B ack in harness again. It seems that schoolwork is an ever-patient friend - - eagerly awaiting our return. We met little Margaret O'Hrien and got- to know her well through the delightful role she played in 'iLost Angel." December , A Debate club participated in annual debates and discussions at Pitt. A wonderful bit of experience was gained. . Saint Nicholas arrived on his annual round bearing gifts for all the good little girls. New sodalists were accepted into the Sodality today, the feast of the Immaculate Conception. A movie on modern etiquette was a part of the recreation on this day. ' We found a beautiful new tabernacle adorning our altar today. Photographer came today for pictures of the Christmas Cantata. 'I'he juniors got their rings today -- solemnly. Due to the army draft, Santa Claus was not availiahle. The Infant Jesus sent us two little angels to distribute our Christmas gifts. Oh joy! Christmas vacation begins today. . We returned to school and found the Christmas spirit still prevailing. Today brought the talented Mr. Klimek for our first orchestra lesson this year. George Washington Carver was honored by the juniors in the form of askit, "One Man Revolution." V The newly elected officers of the senior class take a bow. It's the moral-that counts in the playlet performed by the seniors entitled, "It's the Little Things That Count." Brain teasers and memory testers make their way through today. tMid examsl Despite the continual firing of questions, we looked forward- to the "Adventures of Tom Sawyer," a movie we had this evening, Honors are due to the sophomores who helped make a "Happy Feast Day" for Sister M. Martina. ,.MuggMm1 1-Y . fx,.erm ss,1wv:s ..-fel J- mmm S mswsm h 1944 DIARY. 1945 February 1 2 8 12 15 I9 26 March 4 7 10 11 15 25 28 April 3 4 5 7-8 Vocation play and dance proved to be a gala farewell party for our senior aspirants. Six joyous aspirants took .the uniform of postulants today. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello gave us hilarious laughter at a movie tonight "In the Navy." The annual "Vincentian Valentine for Victory" party was held. It was a red letter evening. Sister M. Ida left us today to join her Heavenly Spouse. Funeral of Sister M. Ida. Girls went to North Catholic to hear the Pittsburgh Symphony Qrchestra. Nine girls took part in the fourth annual debate tournament sponsor- ed by the Catholic Federation of High Schools. Seniors witness a fashion play displaying the latest spring styles. This evening we had an inspirational movie on "The Life of the Little FlUWel'.H Festivities soar to new heights. Student body presents festal pro- gram in honor of Mother M. Gregory. Students perform "Round the Clock with Claire" and "Thursday at Home" for the lncurables at the Vincentian Home. . Debate club witnessed a debate tournament at North Catholic with section winners striving for first place. Delicious Easter dinner was awaiting us at school. haster vacation days are here. Need we say more? The halls are once more echoing with the carefree laughter and chatter of the girls returning from their Easter recess. New honnets are very much in evidence. Once more we enjoyed that lovable, laughable pair-- Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in the comedy production "Hit the Ice." Another surprise by way of the movie "Pennies from Heaven" starring Bing Crosby. With a screech and a shuffle of cinders the school bus bearing a group of happy girls rolled down the driveway. By invitation we had given a repeat performance of Mother Gregory's feast day pro- gram on each of these days in Holy Trinity School at Duquesne, Pa. - . fg1i.wm swm April .12 15 19 '20 22 24 25 29 May 3 6 7 10 13 18 20 Z4 27 31 June 5 10 1944 DIARY 1945 ' The sudden and unexpected death of our president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. filled our hearts with sorrow and reverence for this truly great man. Due to all arrangements made previously, the festival could not be postponed, but it was presented as a tribute to the Commander-im Chief who was buried today at Hyde Park, N. Y. . The results of the typing contest held today were: Cecilia Klein, speedg Neveda Pernick, accuracy in the Senior class: Betty Lou Gray, speed: Anna Wandzora, accuracy in the junior class. Ronald Colman and Madeline Carrol brought to life the adventure in the late 19th century in the "Prisoner of Zendaf' "A Good Moral Builder," expressed in these words, our play was again presented at St. Mathias School at Natrona, Pa. A great piece of news reached Therese Sziich today. She learned that she has won a half scholarship to Duquesne University ' Feast of St. Mark, The Litany of the Saints was sung today with a petition for liouniiful crops. ' Rev. F. X. Schillo, C. S. Sp. National Secretary of The Holy'Child- hood Association presented a very colorful and highly inspirational movie on the 'work done by the Association. It made us happy to know how much good our pennies are doing. We ransomed eleven pagan babies this year. Another .one of those movie thniiei-S,' "A Little Bit of Heaven" with Gloria Jean. , "Music to Our Ears" It's the spring festival at V H S. A fine dis- play of musical talent. ' Rogation' Days and processions are here again. School Girls' Retreat opened today. the Feast of the Ascension. The corridors resounded once again with hundreds of footsteps hurrying to and from devotions. Rev. Bertin Roll, O. F. M. Cap., Retreat Master. Therese Sziich took part in the May crowning at St. Paul Cathedral. Annual Reireat opened for sodalists. Retreat Master was Reverend Edward Stoehr, O. F M. Cap. Cecilia Klein, our sodality prefect crowned our Lady at the close of retreat. ' The long awaited day for Betty Lou Gray has' Hnally come. Today she receives into her heart her Lord and Master for the first time. Play togs are donned now. as the girls prepare for their annual school picnic at North Park. ' - The "Les Hepburnsn' traveled to Clairton to stage for the last time "Round the Clock with Claire" and "Thursdays at Home." The devotional and. inspirational Corpus Christi procession filled our hearts with spiritual joy. Once again we rumniaged to the back pages of our texts. lixams- - cramming and headaches. ' The seniors' hopes were realized at last -- Graduation Day. We leave our Alma Mater reluctantly, but we are eagerly looking for- ward to the unknown future. Newly gowned postulants, Dorothy Seman and Mary Frances Bires, pose with their senior classmates of the Class of 1944. lnset - Mamie and Dorothy in their little black bonnets. Novices of the classes of '42 - '43 near the shrine of St. Joseph Sister Georgine before and after Rose Sziich '41, prefect of St. Joachim's Sodality, Pgh. Pa., after crowning Mary, Queen of heaven and earth Lil Hromey, '44, her spring outfit and the cherry blossoms Dorothy Seman, '44 bride of Christ, clothed in her white gown and veil before receiving her habit as a V S C. Gloria Round '44 and blossoms - Aren't they lovely? Two of our Alumnae have been honored with the privilege of crowning our Lady. Here we have Mary Kushner, '41, prefect of St. Joseph's Sodality, W. Aliquippa, Pa. 5 ' This year's VINCENTIAN, despite war time limitations and restrictions, has surpassed our greatest hopes. Credit for this achievement, however, rests not with us: but rather with those who so willingly contributed toward it - - OUR PATRONS. Indeed without their kindly cooperation, ,there could have been no annual. We, therefore, take this opportunity of thanking them for their kindly assistance. The part they have played in bringing about this publication is so great that we can only say again and again, "THANK YOU AND GOD REPAY YOU." VILLA DE MARILLACI Nursing and Convalescent Home 5300 Stanton Avenue Pittsburgh 6, Pa. Telephone: Hlland 6200 NOTHING IS TOO MUCH TROUBLE Our deepest desire is to make each service of the greatest possible benefit to each patient. In attaining this goal nothing is too difficult - - nothing is too troublesome -- if it will add to the physical and spiritual comfort of those we serve. VINCENTIAN SISTERS OF CHARITY Rev. Adalbert Kazincy Pastor of St. Michael's Church Braddock, Pa. Rev. George Barlock Pastor of St. Matthew's Churr-h S. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Rev. Edward J. Duwell Pastor of Holy Trinity Church McKeesport, Pa. Msgr. George Michayla St. John's Cathedral Homestead, Pa. Rev. Joseph Kostik Pastor of St. Elizabeth's Church Youngstown, Ohio Rev. William Pisarchek Pastor of St. Michae-l's Church New Castle, Pa. Rev. Eugene Harkins Pastor of St, Sebastian's Church Belle Vernon, Pa. il Very Rev. J. Kushner, V. F. Pastor of St. Dominic's Church Donora. Pa. Rev. Martin Rubicky Pastor of St Joseph's Church R Clairton, Pa. Rev. John Blazic Pastor of St Mary's Church Uniontown, Pa. Rev. Stephen J. Valko Pastor of Stn John's Church Akron, Ohio +1 l 1 1 at Compliments Q f Rev. John P. Sedlak, Pastor Rev. Valentine G. Sedlak, Assistant SS. Cyril Sz Methodius Church Charleroi, Pa. Compli rn ents of Rev. John A. O'Connor Pastor of St. Clare's Church Clairton, Pa. l fl Compliments ff Rev. William Bigos St. Theresa's Church Hellertown, Pa. L C'Il'l'?7,17H'I'I'lf'7'l.fS of Co m plimma fs o f Rev. Joseph Herdegen, O. S. B. Rev. John A. Stofcik . , I . Pastor of St. C21SlI'IllI',S St. M1chael's Church Catholic Lithuanian Church I Braddock, Pa. East Vandergrift, Pa. Compliments QI Rev. Stanislaus Moravek 'Pastor of St. John Evangelist Church Connellsville, Pa. Compliments of Rev. Stephen M. Nyiri Pastor of St. Margaret's Church Homestead, Pa. ,Compliments of Rev. Michael Sziich Pastor of St Michael's Church Frederickstown, Pa. CflITIlllI'll167lifS fy' ' WXO John R. Vojtko Bergstrom Field Austin. Texas Compliments of Rev. Joseph Novak Pastor of SS. Peter Sz Paul Church Johnstown, Pa. WILLIAM PAPPERT SON Est. 1861 Funeral Directors 600 Nash Street N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone: Cliflar 0202 JOHN J. FUNK 621 East Ohio sm-et N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone: FA1214 I Rev. Clement Hrtanek Pastor of St. Ann's Church Homestead, Pa. Rev. Jonn G. Hamrak Pastor of St. Matthias Church Youngstown, Ohio Rev. Paul Udelga Pastor of St. Rita,s Church Whitaker Pa. Rev. Joseph P. Straka Pastor of St. Matthias Church Natrona, Pa. Compliments of Mr. Sz-Mrs. John Bakes Youngstown, Ohio 1 ' Compliments of Misses Dorothy SL Pauline McKeesport, Pa. Terek Campbell City Market i . 20 Robinson Road Campbell, Ohio U Meats 8z Groceries Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew May Farrell, Pa. Compliments of Mr. KL Mrs. John Paluga .Y0ungstown, Ohio Compliments of First Catholic Slovak Ladie Benwood, W. Va. s Union DELEY QUALITY STORE Groceries 155 South 18th Street Pittsburgh 3, Pa. HE 9742 Complfinzents of Mrs. Mary Ellias Youngstown, Ohio Compliments of ' SEXTET CLUB Braddock, Pa. Margaret Chuha ' Margaret Lipovsky Margaret Grega ,Margaret Pendro Mary Kresic Anna Strednak Compliments of Mrs. Susan Kostelnik Homeville, Pa. Compliments of D GRESS MEATYMARKET 1 Homestead, Pa. WALTER J. SPERLING Funeral Home Enlarged, Remodeled Completely Modern Funeral Chapel Ambulance Service Fairfax 1998 , ' 622 Lockhart Street at Nash, N. S. Pgh. Res. Telephone: Perrysville 1780 H. P. BRANIJT FUNERAL HOME Perryville. Pa. Richard L. Brandt. Director Phone: WE 1002 ' PE 1002 In Loving Memory of Jake J. Davis Jos. A. Prokopovitsh FUNERAL HOME J. KL W. SOLTIS JEWELERS 431 Ninth Avenue 2272 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue Munhall, Pa. , ,Q Phone: no 2267 Mllwaukeff 7' Wh- Amhulance.Service SHeridan 0357 Private Chapel JOHN F. MQEVOY, Inc. 30 Park Place New York 7, N. Y. Telephone: Barclay 7-3966 I Cable Address: "Yuhlin" N. Y. Importers of Serges, Veilings, Linens, Cashmeresg Habit Cloths. Albs. Surplices, Church Laces Best W1'sh es ROSE MARTINKO'S BEAUTY SHOP 942 Philadelphia Avenue Youngstown, Ohio Phone: 27589 Expert Operators BACHA FUNERAL SERVICE ' 23 River Avenue Natrona, Pa. FULLERTON FUNERAL HOME 450 Reed Street' Clairton, Pa. Private Chapel Ambulance Service Phone: Clairton 631 J Com plimen fs ff Mr. Sz Mrs. M. P. Turocy Swissvale. Pa. S Phone: Perrysville 1400-M CHAPELS GROCERY A Quality Groceries and Meats FISCHER'S GARAGE Gasoline and Oil Portable Welding 2903 Shady Run Drive . . for your convenience Youngstown, Ohio P Phone: 20611 Route 19 Perrysville, Pa GAREETINGS i, fe 2 E 2 iw 1 for .i wea r r 4 .L JN . 5 nm-l , ,J was 1 'ik W N H m W -A " Wi Iii iili' ijf? 535 Fifth Avenue Corporation Compliments of Mr. di: Mrs. Andrew Kracunovsky Munhall, Pa. Compliments fy' Compliments fy' Peg, Jim, Audrey, and A usty Blanche. and Pete Rose, Mary, Edith, Kay SUE'S RESTAURANT 3938 East 93rd Street Cleveland, Ohio Phone: 9517 Proprietors: Sue Sz Oscar Dana Com plimeu ts of The M. J. McCanns Allison Park. Pa. CompI1'mf1nfs qf The Rosary Society St. John's Church Akron, Ohio STAR SUPER MARKET STORES Thru out Pennsylvania C om pli in an ts of Mr. and Mrs. EDWARD W. GRAY Youngstown, Ohio Cornplifizmifs ry' Master Sgt. Edward D. Gray Yoimgrstown, Ohio DELEY QUALITY STORE Compliments ,Ui- Groceries G 155 South 18th Street Mr' QQ Mrs' BAKSI Pittsburgh 3, Pa. Homestead, Pa. HE 9742 JOHN J. SPISHAK Funeral Director 213 S. Eighth Street Connellsville, Pa. Com pli imew ts Qf 'Mr. Sz Mrs. Andrew Minosky Munhall, Pa, Compliments of I Compliments QT' Mr. SL Mrs. Michael Barhalich A FRIEND Munhall, Pa. Compliments Qf Cormplinzewts Qf Mr. Sz Mrs. Michael Yohman Mr. Sr Mrs. Raymond Swanick New Brunswick, N. J. New Brunswick, N. J. n 1- Cv0I7IjIl2-IWFi71fS Qf BOOK 'S SHOE COMPANY 211 Third Avenue Pittsburgh 22, Pa. WINTERHURN PHARMACY Prescriptipn Service 5246 Greenfield Avenue . Pittsburgh, Pa. Chas. J. Prokopovitch. Ph. We deliver HA 3915 Cnm,pli,nP1rts Qf Mr. Albert R. Bereznav Clairton, Pa. Co nz pli nz en fs Qf Mr. Sz Mrs. Stephen Kovach Youngstown, Ohio Compliments fyt' Cpl. 81 Mrs. Stephen Uhrin Youngstown, Ohio 1 Complinaents Qf St. Matthias Sodality Natrona, Pa. Compliments Qf INSTRUMENTS PUBLISHING CO. CIDTHQII?-7YIf07I,fS ry' A FRIEND NENOFFUS BAKERY 531 Greeniield Avenue , HAzel 2295 I Pgh. P Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary Sz Banquet Cakes Made to order 21 Edward J. Lovrencic Funeral Home 860 Lockhart Street N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone: CEdar I282' Com pl? wi 071 fs of , Mr. John J. Bodnar Pittsburgh 7, Pa. E. C. FINNEY Sz A. J. BEKAVAC Funeral Home Clairton, Pa. . Ambulance Service Phone: CL 57 I Com,pZiwLents of JOHN KOLLAR LITERARY Sz LIBRARY SOCIETY 3226 Jane Street Pittsburgh, Pa. .CRESTAS KENNELS Registered Chow Chows Sz English Bulldogs Owners: Mr. Sz Mrs. Joseph Gunner Box 48 East Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone: Valley 1445 J ... COFFEE THATIGRACES THE TABLES OF AMERICA'S FINEST EATING PLACES- ssxrows Hom S A anno SFXTON'S QUAIITY FOODS 1 Compliments ry' Mr. and Mrs. E. F. ROUND Pittsburgh, Pa. f"UIlI1Yl1'fill'7'I fs fy' Com jill-IIlf'71fS qf Mrs. George F. Butko Miss Olive Davis Pifwbufghv PH. Babcock Boulevard I NORTH HILL DA.IRY McKnight Sz Seibert Roads Phone: PE ,1000 WE 2600 GLen 684 R. D. 4 Pittsburgh, Pa. Deliveries to 'All North Boroughs Visit North Hiil Dairy' Store for a Tasty Snack Complfiments of JOSEPH HAKY 62 SON Funeral Directors Uniontown, Pa. PENTRACK'S FUNERAL HOME 621 Broad Street Johnstown, Pa. Phone: 63 - 40i JANOSHCS PHARMACY "The Prescription Drug Store" 104 - 6th Street Monessen, Pa. Cpl. Frank Re-chtorik Asn. 33261836 Btry. A. 571 - AAA li. N. S P. A. P. O. 654 P. M. New York. N. Y. -- ...Y1-nfl -Q-H , Acknowledgment to GIM BEL BROS. Pittsburgh. Pa. pomm,-m ,,mS Qf Compliimwfts of Pfc. Edward Kostelnik 33776188 Cpl. Vincent G. Kostelnik 33431831 Co. C 346th Inf. D-3-2 F' A' R. T. C A. P. o. 448 ' Fort Bragg, N. Carolina P M. New York, N. Y. AMERICAN-SLO VAK WELFARE ASSOCIATION Corner Arch and Peter Streets Uniontown. Thomas J. Kralovich, Pres. Andrew A. Stefanik, lst Vice Pres. Michael Knapp, 2nd Vice Pres. Jos. J. Strojny, Rec. Sec'y. Mary E. Kruper, Fin. Sec'y. Max Plichta, Sr. Treas. V Michael A. Lipay, Stewart Pa. ' BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jos. R. Vilscek, Chairman Stephen M. Duke, Edward Kubichar Andrew Brzach George Zavatchan Andrew P. Pollak Stephen R. Haky Michael Medvetz, Rec. Sec'y. Serg. of Arms Compliments Qf SCHRAMM'S FOUR MAPLE FARM Allison Park, Pa. Liberty Equality Fraternity NATIONAL SLOVAK SOCIETY Assembly No.- 775. At. Anthony Uniontown, Pa. Anthony Kovac. President Andrew Balas, Vice President John Markovic, Secretary John Krupa, Treasurer Joseph Baran, Recorder WILLIAM FISHER'S SONS Dealers in Flour, Grain Mill Feed 805 East Street NQS. Pittsburgh, Pa. WHITE FRONT RESTAURANT 427 St. Clair Avenue Clairton. Pa. Fountain Service ' Spaghetti Our Specialty ,J 1 1 Compliments of Mr. 8L Mrs. George Susce Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments fy' Mr. Eli Tsvetanoff 9 Short Street Campbell, Ohio Compliments ff ' Mr. NICHOLAS PERNICK Whitaker, Pa. NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY 267 Coolspring Street Uniontown, Pa. Phone: UNiontown 726 Royal Crown, Port, Pak, Nehi Beverages Joseph Sulc, Proprietor 1 -NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY Phone: 652 Washington, Pa. 45 Forrest Avenue A Bottlers of ' N ehi Royal Crown Cola Par-T-Pak Quality Beverages lr Always a Good Show at the GERARD THEATRE Q West View, Pa. Students' Admission - 254 including tax Get Your Student's Pass from Mrs. Nash J. RUTH-Sz CO. 1247 Reedsdale Street Pittsburgh. Pa. Ifloor Cleaning Specialties Waxes, Paints Com plii ments of Mr, Stephen Rakocy Turin Alberta, Canada Complim en ts fy' FASHION HOSIERY SHOP, Pittsburghx Pa. We wish you success in all your undertakings JEAN'S DRESS SHOP Republic, Pa. JOSEPH J. BENDIK General Contractor Uniontown, Pa. 1 ,H Complivrtents of SLOVAK CATHOLIC SOKOL Branch 16. S. S. Pittsburgh, Pa., Com plimlfmfs Qf PHILLIPS GRoci:RY Connellsville, Pa. FASHION DRERS SHOPPE Q 31852 - E. 8th Avenue . Homestead, Pa. Mrs. Margaret Kuzma: Prop. KRUPAR'S MARK ET 178 llowner Avenue Uniontown, Pa. Modern Barber Shop 808 Miller Avenue Clairton, Pa. John Sk varna, Prop. f'ompliirm'nfs of lngomar llarliar Shop Andrew Hughes, Prop. 'Quality Meats Sz Groceries John Novotny. Prop. 1426 E. Indianola Ave. Youngstown, Ohio Phone: 40077 HI SPEIQD Joe Purpura Independent 'Dealer 3705 E 116th Street Gas - Oil - Grade I Tires See Us For Serifice BARON COAL CO. 812 Franklin Avenue. Grain Sz Feed Roofing Material Kentucky, Champion. Montoui Pittsburgh You ngstow n, Oh io Phone: 39718 Q Complimffnts of Mr. Sz Mrs. Joseph Wandzora Homestead, Pa. Co mplim ents Qf Mr. di- Mrs. Kensic Clarksville, Pa. Compliments of Dr. A. A. Szathowski Homestead, Pa. I I- HOOK'S PAINT Sz GLASS fAnn A. Hookl 517 - E. 8th Avenue Homesteadf Pa. Phone: HO 0385 Compliments of Dr. Michael Gaybdosh Wheeling, VV. Va. R. V. HAEFNER Farm Implments Repairs Full - O - Pep Feeds Phone: Wexford 56 Complimeints cy' THE PINES Perry Highway Perrysville, Pa. Vg . HIEBER'S STORE Groceries - - Feed Hardware Sz Paints Perrysville, Pa. Phone: PE 1080 I MILBERT'S GARAGE Perry Highway Perryveille, Pa. Phone: PE 1427 T. J. landa. Ph. G. DRUGS 739 East Ohio Street N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments of J. P. MARTIN Food Distributor Allison Park, Pa. The Garden Spot of America Phone 8-4647 ' ALOIS J. KLEIN Contractor SL Builder - - Home Modernizintq Garage Building 442 Miller Street Youngstown, Ohio Compliments of Mr. E. A. BORN . Allison Park, Pa. WELLINGTON DRUG STORE Mr. John W. Noone, Ph. G. 644 Center Avenue West View, Pa. West Homestead Baking Co. 467 W4 Eighth Ave. Homestead. Pa. Phone: HO 1296 K SL S SHOE STORE 1814 Carson Street S. S. Pittsburgh, Pu. Clairton Baking Co. THE BEST IN BAKERY GOODS 296 State Street Clairton 326 I JACK'S MARKET 16th Street North Apollo, Pa. GRAEF STAIN WINDOW CO. Youngstown, Ohio Com pl? nwnfs of Mrs. Otto Stephans Youngitown, Ohio Compliments of FREDERICICS MARKET Fresh Meats SL Groceries 2126 Whitaker Way Munhall, Pa. Compliments of Mr. MICHAEL DUDAS Girard, Pa. Compliments of Mr. Sz Mrs. JOHN DUDAS. Girard, Pa. ti Compliments of Mr. 81 Mrs. Stephen Rakocy, Sr. Youngstown, Ohio Compliments of Mrs. Anna Durica M,unhall, Pa, , Compliments of Mrs. Mary Krispinsky Youngstown, Ohio COWI,171'l-7Yl,9'VlfS of HLEBCYS MEAT MARKET 520 Eighth Avenue ,Munhall, Pa. Compliments of Mr. J. Clarence Gumbert Vandergrift, Pa. Complzhrzenfs of Mr. SL Mrs. Wilbur Gumbert Dravosburg, Pa. Cleaning, Pressing Sz Remodeling Done S. Miller, Prop. 2844 Carson Street S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments of Keystone Picture Frame Co. 640 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh , Pa. BEST XVISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF 1945 FROM TH E 4 FOLLOWING ALUMNA E Olive Davis '39 Mary Jane Repasky '40 Cecilia Vandzura '40 Cecilia Tajc '40 Mary Kushner"41 Hose Sziich '41 Merced es I lerlich '42 Helen Adams '42 Agnes Demko '42 Helen Marconyak '42 Margaret Evans '43 ' Annamarie Foster '43 Frances Pribila '43 Dorothy Rock '43 Mary Barnhart '44 Ellen Dull '44 Lillian Hromey '44 ' Gloria Round '44 Janet Vance '44 Compliments of Mr. Sz Mrs. Frank Pribila Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments of Mr. Sz Mrs. Michael Prihila Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments of Mr. SL Mrs. Peter Piibila Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments of Mrs. Berniek Allison Park, Pa. Cfomplifmrwats of Mr. Sz Mrs. John Krstyen Johnstown, Pa. Compliments QI SS. Peter 8: Paul Junior Sodality Johnstown, Pa. Compliments of Mr. Sz Mrs. Michael Ekoniak Youngstown, Ohio C om lJl1tIIll'7'l,fS QI Mrs. Anna Puskar Youngstown, Ohio Oflice: Established 1890 Residence Atlantic 9037 Everglade 8187 JCSEPH POLI COMPANY Manufacturers of Ecclesiastical Statuary Marble Altars, Railings, Fonts, Etc. Church Interior 1704 - 6 - 8 Fifth Avenue Decorating Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments of CAPUZZPS BIG STORE Republic, Pa. Compliments of Mrs. William Check 955 Allison Avenue Washington, Pa. Com pli ments of Joseph Zubak Fresh Meats 8L1Groceries Adah, Pa., Compliments of Nick Verhanic Meats Sz Groceries Merrittstown, Pa. ' Compliments Qf Mrs. Elisabeth Tomlan Pittsburgh, Pa. Complfinmnts QT Mrs. Stephen Bishof Johnstown, Pa. Complfimenfs of Mrs. Anna Butko Pittsburgh, Pa. Compli nmnts QI- Miss Jennie Spotti Carnegie, Pa. Compliments of WEST VIEW HARDWARE 650 Center Avenue West View, Pa. Phone: WE 2182 Compliments of .OSCAR Sz SUE DANA Cleveland, Ohio ZOSCAK'S FOOD MARKET 319 Ann Street McKeesport, Pa. Phone: McKeesport 8831 Compliments of Mrs. Kathryn Rayner Youngstown, Ohio - Compliments of ' The Young Ladies Sodality St. Mary's Parisn I W Uniontown, Pa. l U 1 Penn Baking Inc. Com plimenfs ff Ted Doehla, Pres. We specialize in MAL1-IN'S Biernimxfsz WEDDING CAKE 729 E, Um., Street 418 PWS' Highway .Pittsburgh iz Pa. west View, Pa. , , - Oliver M. Wright Compliments of Real Estate Ilr. Shrack - Perrysville. Pa. S. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Farms K' Country Homes Phone: Wellington 1066 Watko's Food Store 630 Miller Avenue Clairton, Pa. Phone: Clairton 406 Com plinmnts of Francis "Benn Grivalsky s. s. Pittsburgh, Pa. Complinyents of THE WASSACK FAMILY Swissvale, Pa. CrHH1JlI.H'IP'l'Il'S Qf TH E MANIK FAMILY Braddock, Pa. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. Rev. A. J. Balok John L. Doerfler Emil Dunn, O. F. Greiner John Liska - , Rev. Michael Rapach Rev. August Schoppol Rev. Schramm Rev. George Winca Pvt. Joseph Leyland Cpl. J. Marcinko Pfc. Albert Ragan Pvt. Peter G. Schramm Pvt. Albert M. Talda Pvt. 'Phillip Vennehush SfSgt. M. E. Yensuik Adam:-k, L. Anna Adan.ek, Joseph Adamek, A. Mary Balok. George Banick, Mary Bishop, George Bash, Homer Bergen. Cecilia Betty Beauty Shop Biroscak, Elisabeth Biroscak, Sylvester Blasko, Paul Block, W. F, Blazo, Stephen Borsch, J. Braszo, Mrs. Brunner, J. Anthony Brunner, J. .L Walter Irene Bragdon, Buchina, Bucko, Mrs. Buckovich, Victor Capuzzi, Sam Charney, Paul Cinprick, Stephen Con-rad, O. W. DeGregory, Ann Demevhko, Catherine Deucker, Dr. Diacin. Michael Dora. George Dressler, J. Dropcik, Mrs. M. Cap. PATRONS Duckstein, Mrs. Dudas, John Evans, A. , Fait, Joseph Fedorek, Helen KL William Fernadel, Joseph Fudala, Anna Gajdos, Helen Gayer, John Gemerchak, Paul Gemerchak, Margaret Gemerchak, John Gribar, Margaret . Gulassa, Mrs. Haky, Mrs. Hegyes, Agnes l-lof'I'mann,'J. Horgos, Michael I Irlbacher Family Ivak, Andrew - Jurnak, John Klein, Dorothy Klein, Joseph Jr. Klimcak, Michael Kolakovich, Emily r Kostelnik, Mary Kostelnik, Eleanor Kostelnik, Margaret Kovdich, Amalia Kr Betty Kuba, Ferdinand Kundus, Mary J Kunik, Julia Kurta. Stephen Kuzel, Nicholas Laca, Mrs. Langland, James Larsons, Gust The ' Leskovsky. Anna Letzus Grocery Store Loscar, Martin Mr. Loscar, Martin Mrs. Maco, Mary Macko, Anna Jr. Macko, Anna Sr. Macko. Frank - Marcinko, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Mayzel, Joseph McGuire, John Milsom, R. C. Montour, William Morgan, John D. D. S Nemeth, Joseph Novorolsky, George Novotny, Martin Nypaver, Stephen Ogurvnak, William Olah, W. George Patanzi, Pat Parlak. Agnes Patrick. Edward Patrick, Joseph Paylik, Anna Pavlik, John , Pavlik, .Joseph Pendro. M. Anna Petrek. Joseph Pisarchek, Joseph Platt, Mr. Pollack, Andrew Pollock, Kathryn Pribila, Josephine Pribila, Emelia Pribila, Paul Prokopovitsh, Joseph Rakocy, Marie Agnes Rakocy, Julia Rakocy, Stephen Rakovsky, Joseph Rattay, Andrew Rayner, Isabelle Rechtorik, Mildred Reel, C. C. Renne, Dr. Repovsky, Stephen Rosko, George PATRONS Rosko, John Roytos, George Ryan, C. C. Dr. 8zMrs. Sandala, Michael Schramm, Dolores Schramm, Felicia Sefcik, Mary Seman, Michael Sepesy, Alex Shuster, Stephen Sikra, Anna Sitterles The Slater, Bertha Slifka, Anthony Slevin, Claire Slezak, S. Socash, Alex Spotti, Josephine Stanley's Market Stanislaw, Jean Dolores Suhy Anna Swinglish, Joseph sziich, Michael' Tomlon, Dolores Tomlan, Marie Torisky, Catherine Thompson, Bill Trun, Julia Uriani, Renata Valko, Andrew Vehec, Michael Voitasefski, Constantine Vojtko, Anna Wagner Family Shoe Store Wasko, Mary Yankulak, Stephen Zawada, Mr. , -- I: 1 J u 5 E +125 Q.-,uamvqww-..,VG.r.2. W2 M., xr ,,--Mr .1,m..,, vm if -.-,W .. , f -, -..-..v.1.Awmp-,.M,.1...,.1,,.nw,.w,xm.. uwwu1..,m..-: -MX.-H Q., M., J -Mn.-1. my-1--,nwumnmv - V 1 -Tiff'-' -' -:V-1 . " Y ' . , , , ... A , Aw ' - -- " ' H '.-.9-f,5, . 3 - - ,, f L K 5. - , nj wtf, .. i ' . , , ,V 7, "' .THUQ5 af. , 1

Suggestions in the Vincentian High School - Vincentian Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

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