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,,, ,--pQ,T,,,,5:- , R - fy- fx., gf- 4. :ztf:,: ' 'ce' .f.:' ,. 4 f A 2 5 I f -:LL 1 w 1 i!-oxmx Q--'-Q--Q-Q 19 - V H S - 41 --Mw- The Vincentian The Proposed Vincentian High School -1 THE ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE VINCENTIAN HIGH scHooL PERRYSVILIJE, PENNSYLVANIA oooooooooooo - V S .- oooooooaoaoo FOREWORD This VINCENTIAN is an annual that is ro us, the Class of 1941, different from all others. We tried to make it a book that we can enjoy even after the years have dulled the sweet memories of our ALMA MATER. At such a time, we hope to peer into its pages and relive in memory our high school days, assuring ourselves that our work has not been in vain. 060909090909 - V H S - 060609060000 DEDIQATIOSN Through MARY, the STAR OF Tl-IE SEA, who has guided our ship safely o'er the sea of life, we dedicate with respectful affection this issue of our High School Annual to our be- loved MOTHER MARY IGNATIA and the FACULTY. May IhC Beaxihfxzl Sic? of ilne. Sea shine radiantly upon them to illuminate their paths of life as a remuneration for their self-sacrificing deeds in our behalf! Class of 1941 GOQOQOQOQOQOQOGOG q V I I S , OQOQOQOGOQOQOQOQO Q 9 Q Q 9 Q To the Graduates: There has been and still is today a strong tendency to banish God and Religion from the schools of our country. Many there are among the educators of our young people who not only deny the right of God over them as their Crea- tor but who question His very existence. Imbued with this pagan spirit, they make every effort to poison the hearts of those entrusted to their care. Under such conditions, it is very encouraging to find schools which not only teach the existence of God but also in which Religion has become the most important subject: i. e. all teaching is permeated by the Spirit of Christ. Thus, the Vincentian High School follows the Instruction of Pope Pius XI in his Encyclical on Christian Education, in which he declares that proper and immediate end of Chris- tian Education is to co-operate with the divine grace in forming the true and perfect Christian. Thus it is up to you, the graduates of this year, who are at the same time the pioneers of the Vincentian High, to set the example for the others. All those who in the future shall go forth from this school will look up to you as leaders. And leaders you must be. For this purpose your beloved teachers have devoted all their energy these past years. Let the name of the Vincentian High always bring back Happy Memories to you. May the Immaculate Virgin, under whose banner you are sailing forth, be your guiding star throughout your life! Reverend Thomas Eichenhofer, C.PP. S. 9060009OQOQOQOOOQQQOGODODOQOOQQ 19 - V I I S - OQ0QoQoQoQvQoDoQoQ4uoQoQo9090949 Reverend Thomas Eichenhofer, C.PP.S. The Chaplain Class Patroness: mm 19-VHS-41 Cl LI QM Lady, Gold d Bl Swv QP We Sed Cl Flower C1 M U L ff Tllfoflfliat 2 fl f vm . gg? 5 X 790 Q X X A ff f' '- X X E xx W MW i wfwzvf Q wr ., ' W. ff 5 ff I A K 'W N VN Y' if Wt f fl Al 1 J ', f 17 K ' F .X Wyffx ,X Af 'I Axx. -XXX-I rKx: V- -, Q 1 1 .. - , f H A ' 7 1.61 5 'e ' . x Uk Wflf Mr F - L6 W' ,Mc My . 01 COQ Q QOQOQOQOQ Q QOQ Q09 ,, V H S - 09060909 Q0 QQDD 0909 Q0 V ery loving are these maidsg H ow noble, fine, and true! S urely we shall miss each one. GRADUATES, farewell to you! Anna Therese Jacob Mary Rose Sedlak A maid that's cheerful, full of fun: M ary is so sweet and small: N eglectful ne'er is she. A t times she's glad and gay. N eighborly with everyone, R eally, she's charming. though A friend to you and me. not tall: Y ou'd like to meet her: nay? Mildred Dolores Verlich, M y! but this young lady's neat I n all her tasks of day. L ike a friend, so true and sweet, D ependable alway. R esponsive to her duty's callg E 'en though it be so small, D elight she finds in all. 19 - V l-l S - 41 ,.,.,.,, Rose Ann Sziich R ather bright, indeed, this lass, O ft showing in lessons a thrill. S uccessfully she leads each class E nlivened by her good will. Marie Bernadette Kmjnik M any hearts are filled with glee A s she strides on her way, R eady to help cheerfully l n times of dull delay. E ver we'll keep this in mind, For she was always kind. H elen Woja kiewicz H ere we have one good as gold, E ndeared by all her mates. L ithesome, thoughtful, never bold E nnobling are her traits N eatly does she do her work, Which she does never shirk. Valerie M awle Befrlich V ersatile is this young girl. A round the school she's been L ike a bright and precious pearl, E nabling all to win. R egardless of just how, or where, I n haste she would be there A friend or foe to help: she'd be In deepest sympathy. QOQ OQVQOQOQOGOQOQOG Anna Marie Ondovcik A bout this girl there's something grand N atural is sheg N imble, kind to lend her hand: A nurse she'll surely be. Mary Irene Kushner W M any are the things achieved A round the school that show R eflection in her way and deed: Y et no one thinks she's slow. Cecilia Barbara Vlha C harm it is that spells her name E tiquette refined: C ivility adds to her fame: I t is a perfect find. L et me just tell you all of this I n hopes that you believe: A rtistic traits she shows and is A clever little miss. Dorothy Cecilia Loskot D orothy and dainty blendg O ur friend has other traits: R eady is she her hand to lend O n any day to mates. T hankful, thoughtful she is e'er H er smile you'll always seep Y ou may be sure it's always there You'll like her certainly. 19-VHS 909090609 09090006 1 9 1 V I I S Au OQOGOQOQOQODOQOQOQOGOQ CLASS WILL We ,the Class of 1941, in full possession of sound memory and understanding, do make and publish this, our last will and testament. As our last deed, we leave and bequeath: To our dear ALMA MATER, our loving memories of days gone by. To MOTHER IGN ATIA, our love and gratitude for making the Vincentian High School available for our education. To the FACULTY, our overwhelming gratitude for their kind and loving help and instruction. To the JUNIORS, our treasured memories and the privi- lege of being called "Seniors". May they follow in the footsteps of the Seniors of 1941! To the SOPHOMORES, our good sportsmanship. May they always put it into practice! To the FRESHMEN, our sense of good humor. Let them al- ways put it into effect! Anna Jacob leaves her position as editor of the "Marillac" to a worthy junior C?l. Rose Sziich and Dorothy Losket leave their stencils to Christine Bernik and Agnes Soltis. Cecilia Vlha gives her position as artist to Anna Kasper. Mary Krajnik leaves her "prattling" to Dorothy Span and Betty Bock. ' Valeria Berlich bequeathes her sympathy to C?J. The rest of the Seniors leave to the interested individuals whatever traits or positions appeal to them. Class of 1941 QOQOQOGVQOQOQOQOQOQODOQOQ ,, V I I S - 099901209 ODGQOQOQODOQOGOGOQ The Freshmen Class FAMOUS FRESHMEN The adjective " famous " has been used to describe us, the " freshies " of 1941. We have acquired this title through pranks and mischief. As you know, all young children are somewhat unruly. But we are not as trouble- some as all that. Oh, no! I would not say that. Another reason why we are so famous is because, when in the Latin Class we do not like the way the Latin words are pronounced, we make them suit us. Among our other subjects, we brave difficult algebra problems and un- pronounceable Slovak words. But, it is fun. If it were up to us, there wouldn't be any Mondays, because they all are "blue". Besides, if you would peep at us during our study periods. we wouldn't appear like "freshies", but busy bees. Saturday in particular is a favorite with us, for we spend a pleasant evening by dancing. It is up to the freshies of 1941 to be the best of seniors in 1944, and to attain this, we must make mistakes and profit by them. So please don't be too critical with us, because you were once a freshman yourself. Cf QoQoQeQoQvQoQoQoQOQo r The Sophomore Class SAGACIOUS SOPHQMORES There is a town called "Don't you worry," On the hill of "Smile", Where the "Cheer-up" and the "Be-gayl' Blossom sweetly all the while. Where the Queen, 'Miss Charity" Rules o'er each worthy page, And her assistant, "Thoughtfulness" Prepares them for life's stage. Where "Forget-me-nots' are plentiful, And violets abound, Where "Know-it-alls" and those "Bad-weeds" Are seldom seen around. It is at V H S, you know, Wh ch opens all its doors, That girls may live in joy, as we, Sagacious Sophomores. Nine months have passed, and we, sophomores, who claim to be so sagacious, are leaving our dear V.H.S., looking forward to our return for the junior year. During our sophomore year, we have met with many adven- tures, not to be forgotten. The door of knowledge was opened to us, and we acquired a better understanding about God. We were enlightened in biology: Latin introduced us to the Romans and their customs, and algebra gave us ooo lin - I I 5 - oueooooovueovuoo.1..oewG0e. ..- Q QDDOCPWQOQUQOQOQOQODUQODOQ 1 - I I S - ,411 99999509OQOQOGOGOQOQOQOQO problems and puzzles to sharpen our wits. In our English class, we studied George Eliot's famous "Silas Marnerf' which aided us in enlarging our vo- cabulary. It was also through English that we learned about the Catholic Press and helped to promote it. Among these various subjects we were also taught home economics which will help to prepare us for our future lives. We were fortunate enough not to burn our biscuits, toast our bread black, or meet with many of the other misfortunes that happen in the life of a cook. We are surprised also at the improvement of our sewing, even though we did sew the material to our dresses at times. We have made progress in music, which will remain with us a lifetime, for it has helped and will help us in the more cultural and refined ways of life. Particularly this year, we have advanced in this field with as much zeal as possible. Art, with its intricacies. is to some people very uninteresting. But, realizing that there is much beauty in God's creation, we devoted some time to this study. As regards Slovak, while we didn't do strict justice to it, we did our best to pronounce the difficult xx ords correctly and learn the rules of gram- lllar. The past year has provided us with ample opportunity for training, moral, mental. and physical, as the latter of which includes skating, dancing, outdoor games, etc. fiTrue ease in writing comes from art." 9 V H S 41 1 - 04293990 J O L L Y J U N I O R S The junior Class olly and ambitious, n the go all day: caving, lithesome, lively. earning on the way, et eager to obey. olly to be climbing pon the road to fame: ever' shirking, slacking n a hearty game. nward, willing, cheerful, early for all trials, uch you'll find each junior Amidst her famous smiles QOGOQOQOQ oQoQoooDoQ0909oD 19 - V I I S - QQQQQQODOQQQOQQQQQQQOQQQ JUNIOR JINKS Frances Jane Stefko is our number one joker, whose never failing ef- forts are to make us laugh. She, as well as we, hope that the next year will bring her success in telling jokes. Eleanor RUth Temperante is a student of our group who studies, but I'm not saying what. Anyway we hope that " that subject " will be includ- ed in her schedule next year, or else there are no hopes for..? AgNes Demko is a junior whose violin is her favorite armful. Let's hope that she will continue this in poise and all the glory with it. Agnes Soltls is our loyal classmate whom we will always hold in respect and who will never forget her days as a junior. What made her popular was one of the three R's, and that was reading. She always read for the Sodali- ty. We express our hopes that her pleasant voice will last till the end of the senior year. Margaret VargO - With each share of happiness comes a double share of hardships. We're hoping that 1942 will bring the reverse. MargaRet Wayda is a poetess as well as a sportswoman. Though a lover of sports and poetry, she wishes to become a tromlonist as the years roll on. Christine Jean Bernik's spare time is spent in playing the drums. Her one desire is to follow Jackie Cooper in the line of drumming. Bernadette Kostelnlk's one aim is to know Slovak as well as she knows English. " Dobrel " HeleN Marconyak - Shorthand goes hand in hand with short people: at least that's the case with her. Anna Kasper's heavenly playing of the viola was so inspiring that she was promoted to the violin section. Helen AdamS - What women won't go through to be slim! But in Helen's case it's essential to her health. A DAY WELL SPENT When the juniors hear the first bell ring. They know it is their time to sing. They leave all else and march in file Into the study's center isle. They vocalize and sing their best And leave reports to tell the rest. A bell then soundsg it seems too soon: They were just then in perfect tune. Next in turn is the " Science of God "3 His love and works they learn to applaud. Questions answered, doubts come clear, The time for the bell is oh! so near. 09990999 1 It's typing that is next, they know: 'Tis here their speed and skill they show, They've just begun: must they now go? That bell again - - I Could it be so? In English class they learn to speak: 'Tis here they sell their thoughts, unique. The time is up and they do quit, It's time to rest the mind a bit. A hearty meal does them await: So rarely does one dare come late. Then out of doors for sport and fun, With minds off books till five to one. Then back to school in grand array To finish up their tasks today. In history class there's much to learn: Inventions, progress, and world concern. And then comes chem: they like this best: Each Thursday brings a lovely test. Just one more class and they'll be done. Study hours??? Well, they have but one. This comes on Monday, the first school day: They start out well, have nought to say. On Tuesday and Thursday, it's Slovak class: They study so much: they're sure to pass. Tuesday after class they dance, In culture and in art advance. Wednesday brings Music, and Friday, art: Each one tries to do her part. Musical instruments all do play: Rehearsals do come each Friday. And so speeds on each precious hour. To us, a priceless valued hour. 'Mid laughter, sorrow, work, and play, Thus ends a junior's busy day. Until so soon the end is near: So short a time completes a year. V I I S A-f OQOQQQOQOQOGOQOQOQ OQOQOQOQ QCQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQQQOQOQ - I I S ,, OQOQOGOQOQOQOQOQOGOQOQOGOQOQ if' " IN THE OBSERVATION TOWER Yes siree, the seniors are quite a group of jolly girls, as they appear from here in the "Observation Tow- er 7! Look! there goes Rose Sziich, run- ning down the walk with skates over her shoulder. Sometimes, I wonder whether or not she would ever sacri- fice eating for the sake of sports. It seems to me that Dorothy Los- ket will one day win a prize in a danc- ing contestg but maybe then there won't be any jitterbugs, and she'll be out of luck. Ah, there's Mary Krajnik eating again! Sh-sh! don't say anything, but she's trying to gain weighty and if she doesn't, I don't know who will. Turning to the study room, I can observe that studious Cecilia Vlha stu- dying again. Such ambition!! Let's peek over her shoulder to see if it's a- rithmetic. Umm, I thought so - a sto- ry book! Behold, there stands our own Florence Nightingale, Anna Ondov- chik, like a rock against a storm in the chemistry lab, trying to figure out some "chemical puzzles". 4096 of ???: 3800.00 ?? That's what's puzzling Mary Kushner's "rus- ty " mind these days. It looks as though Business Arithmetic had put her mind back into functioning after that glorious Easter vacation. Don't tell me that's my watch ticking away so loudly. No, it couldn't be: it must be Helen Wojakiewicz typ- ing. Of course. it is Friday, and that is Helen's day of work in the typing room. Just listen to that deep, solemn music!! Maybe bass fiddles have no charm to you, but I'm sure if you could hear'Anna Jacob's sonorous tunes, you would soon change your mind. I wonder why Mildred Verlich has lately been looking for a mail order catalogue?? I can take a guess, though: I'll bet anything that she's looking for a wagon to pull around the classrooms for the benefit of her books. It seems to me that she's been carrying the whole library in her arms. Although Mary Rose Sedlak is short, she surely has enough energy in herself to play that trombone, which affords her a favorite pastime. You may ask her if you don't believe. Oh, my! is that the bell ringing already? Yes, there's Valeria Berlich ringing that cow-bell away. A faith- ful time keeper is she. Every minute of the seniors is making their history more complete. Don't you agree with me when I say the seniors are a jovial group? But, I must add the adjective practical, too. 9909OQOQQGOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOD - V I I S 1 oQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ GLIMPSES OF THE PAST In the library of life lies a book of untold interest. whose origin is not hidden in the obscurity of antiquity. The contents reveal a record of the progress of the V H S from its cradle days to the present time, As the read- er pages the leaves of this great man- uscript, he fades into a world of by- gones. It was the year 1937 A. D. The pi- oneers, full of enthusiasm and ernest- ness, started on their journey to the peaceful haven of Saint Vincent's Hill. Their first encounter was the unfamil- iar environment, that holy silence that reigned throughout the building. As they journeyed farther, they met with the difficulties of algebra, Latin, Eng- lish, and history. This was only the beginning. ' They persisted in their battle of the sophomore year, struggling along with biology and Latin II. After two years of hardships and perseverance, they were at peace for a few n.onths. They had to contend with " hieroglyphics " in the form of shorthand, and also typing, bookkeep- ing and mimeographing. However, this did not alter the progress of these hardy laborers. They had the consola- tion of the kindly nuns. They .must go on. Only one more year, and they would reach their goal. They wouldn't let their hunger for pleasure and their desire to "give it all up" get the best of them. No! they would plod on- ward, onwardl They had only a few more months. During the senior year, their days were varied with school trips to the Buhl Planetarium. to Phipps Conser- vatory to the museum: movies, at- tendance at the concert in Ambridge, the May Festival. and the school pic- nic at West View Park. They did not however. stop too long to participate in these activities. They were eager, still persistent, still yearning for the goal, for which they had begun their journey. There were not many new encounters: now, they had but to con- tinue. So with confidence in their hearts. and loyalty, honesty, and per- severance in their souls, they saw the light of day for which they had foguht so ardently. They "dismounted their horses" and thanked God for having so mercifully spared them. As they stood before the altar on Graduation Day, they prayed for patience and grace to cope with the greatest work of life, their Vocation. And so, with fondest memories, good wishes, and sincerest gratitude to Mother Mary Ignatia, the faculty, and all their fel- low-pioneers, they commence their work of " blazing the trail " of their new careers in life. 5 OGDOQOQODOQOQOQOQOQOQ 1 9 , I I S ,., OQOQOQCQOQOQOQOQVQOQ PEEPS INTO THE FUTURE Years of travel gave me ample opportunity to contact many personalities, but none have aroused my interest as much as my friends from the Vincentian High School. I first met these girls during my senior year. Since then our paths have crossed through mutual interests. Often we recall our desires for particular posi- tions after we left school. Some desires were fulfilled, and others are still seeking means 'oo achieve their end. Valeria Berllch wanted to become an interior decorator but is now a dietitian in the local hospital. Anna Jacob recently gave an organ recital at the Carnegie Music Hall. Mary Krajrzik is composing operettas and encouraging prom- ising "Starlets" to lake part in them. Mary Kushner has already written a few books in which she employs her extensive vocabulary. Dorothy Loslcet craved for a position in the musical world. Now she has mastered the clarinet and is leading her own orchestra. Arma Ondovchnllc has attained the highest peak of success that one could desire. She is walking in the footsteps of Florence Nightingale, serving humanity to the best of her ability. Mary Rose Sedlak, R. N., is also successful in her sphere of nursing. She is reaping much experience as a private nurse. Rose Szilch, singled out as the one most likely to succeed, as- pired for a position as secretary. but fate intervened and made her a professor in a well-known college. A wish came true for Mildred Verlich, for now she has a class of students under her care. Cecilia Vlha was to be an administrator in a business firm, but she is exercising her executive ability as governess of children in a good home. Helen Wojakiewicz is doing her part in the slums, carrying on social work successfully. A devoted alumna l QOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQCQOQOQ 19 1 V I I S nr OQOQOQCPCQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQO ENGLISH IN ACTION Action! that's the keynote of success. Without action, classes would be boring: they would hold no attraction for wide-awake people. Action also ac- counts for the reason why we enjoy our English classes. What can be interesting in an English class? Why, many things, floor talks, the preparation of our monthly publication. " The Marillac " and our annual. "The Vincentian ", also the "Junior Newsette ", besides dialogues, interviews, panel discussions. and debates True, all this requires work and thought, but we can have nothing without putting forth an effort. Contrary to what many people think, the " Marillac " is a high school publication in which all classes participate. Every month one English pe- riod is devoted to the discussion, of the news topics, features, and personals for the paper. The debate, the issue of which was "Resolved: That our forefathers had agreater opportunity to make life at success than the youth of to- day ", required plenty of research on our part, affording us much infor- mational material. Our themes proved to he an outlet for our thoughts and ideas. Naturally, these were used in the "Junior Newsette " and the " Marillac". lt was al- ways a thrill to see our work in print. 6' .sift IN THE COMMERCIAL XWORLD It seems that the Commercial class of 1941 secured positions in the same company after graduating from the Vincentian High School. We will now peep through the keyhole of the main office to see Cecilia Vlha pre- paring her tablet for dictation. In lhl rear of the office is Rose Sziich, straightening out her accounts while near by is Helen Wojakiewicz, operating the adding machine. Atadistance is Dorothy Losket, getting ready to attack a stencil at her best. Now we leave this key hole and walk down to another door to peep in. There is Mary Krajnik, rolling off the monthly paper, and Valeria Berlich is typing addressess for its subscribers. These girls seem so contented with their work that it is really a pleasure to observe them. Their success and progress is largely due to their fine commercial training at the Vincenlian High School. The whole class has made quite a success of what they have undertaken, - the use of what they have learned in the business classes - typing, shorthand, business arithmetic, and the operation of various machines. Q 2629605 OGOQOQOGCQOQOQOQ OQOQOQOQ 19 - V I I S - 41 9QOQOEOQOQOQQQOQOQOQOQODOQQQOQOG Above: Office Practice Below: Busy Minds and Busy Hands Jw axaq Sc ug ogsnm 9111 .. '-Q9 Ai ? 2:6 QQ fp A-LS-RK QQQOQQQQQOQOQQDOQOQQQOQQD -, V I I S -, OQOQCQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQCQ FINDINGS OF AN EAVESDROPPER Music has been defined as the language of the emotions - a description of its properties which fits the art better than to term it the language of sound, and thus class it, as did Dr. Samuel Johnson, among " the least dis- agreeable of noises ". Agreeable or disagreeable, - music is a specialty with the Vincentian High School students. At rehearsals, sounds are produced which may be termed by the occupants of the house as disagreeable: but at times the orchestral music is so inspiring, so vivifyirg. " Then from the gentle stir and fret Sings out the melting clarinet." This is typical of every instrument played. Harkl I hear the beautiful strains of the " Blue Danube Waltz". How smoothly it flows as the blue w aters! :lf 1? Ill li S' Ik The Vincentian Orchestra, I understand, plays not only for culture and self-improvement but also for entertaining audiences in different places. The Music Festival, held on May the twenty-fifth at the Soldiers' and Sail- ors' Memorial, under the direction of Dr. Rauterkus, requires special men- tion, for then this orchestra joined representative groups of other schools to demonstrate the progress achieved by the school orchestras of this diocese. Ik Sk It 4 13 ik Now, heavenly music is heard from the direction of the chapel. Sweetly and solemnly do the girls sing the praises of the Lord for which they pre- pare themselves during regular rehearsals. It is so soothing in its solemnity. ill JS i Pk Pk Pl! In the different programmes presented during the year. songs of vari- ous moods and temperaments were sung. portraying the ability of the girls to learn how to give vent to this " universal language ". And what do I hear now? A vocal solo. Who dares to imitate me so With a song that goes up high, then low? Ahal I heard her called Marie, And I'm a bird that is so free. Q9QOQ9Q 9Q9Q9Q9Q JCDOQOQUQPQOQOQOQ 19 - U I S - OQOQODOQOQOQOQOQOQOGOQOQOQOQOQOB Lej7 to right: Frances Pribila, Margaret Evans, Christine Bernik, Helen Adams, Anna Ondovcik, Dorothy Losket, Irene Granchay, Lillian Hromy THE STUDENT COUNCIL What is democracy? To define this term, we would say that it is a form of govern- ment in which the people rule themselves. Believing in this principle, we, the students at the Vincentian High School, under the guidance of the Sister Directress, organized a Stu- dent Council. Its purpose is to give us an opportunity to live in an atmosphere which resembles that of our government. We firmly believe that hereby the school has helped us to live successfully and happily as actual citizens of this miniature democracy so that we may more easily and smoothly slip into place as worthy members of a democratic society. This organization found its beginning in the election of officers. Two girls were se' lected from each class to serve as representatives for their particular class. The results of the election were: from the Senior Class, Anna Ondovchik and Dorothy Losketg from the Junior Class, Christine Bernik and Helen Adamsg from the Sophomore Class, Frances Plibila and Margaret Evansg from the Freshmen Class, Lillian Hromy and Irene Granchay. From this group the follovl ing were elected as officers for the Council: Anna Ondov- chik, presidentg Helen Adams, vice-presidentg and Dorothy Losket, secretary. lt is the hope of the students that this practice in democracy will enable them to be- come better citizens in the future. Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QOQOQOQOQOQOQOQ - V I I S ,, OQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQ QOQ OOD Q Q09 Q BITS OF INFORMATION SENIORS AT THEIR BEST Valeria Berlich . . . best . . . . cook Anna Jacob . . . composer Mary Krajnik . . . singer Mary Kushner . . . . critic Dorothy Losket . . clarinet player Anna Ondovcik . . chemist Mary R. Sedlak. . . seamstress Rose Sziich . . ice skater Mildred Verlich . pianist Cecilia Vlha . . . artist Helen Wojakiewicz . . . . . . typist JUNIORS ALWAYS Helen Adams ...... studying Christine Bernik dancing Agnes Demko . . reading Anna Kasper . . . . crocheting Bernadette Kostelnik writing shorthand Helen Marconyak . . . smiling Agnes Soltis . typing Frances Stefko . . joking Eleanore Temperante talking Margaret Wayda ..... printing SOPHOMORES INTERESTED IN Gloria Anderson ...... art Dolores Clarchick . violin Margaret Drop . . assignments Margaret Evans . . Latin Anna M. Foster . . music Anna Grosko . . . books Gertrude J oscak . piano lessons Frances Pribila . new ideas Dorothy Rock . . camera Dorothy Span . . teasing Bertha Vargovich ....... trumpet F RESHIES' FAVORITE RADIO PROGRAMS Mary Frances Bires .... "Jack Benny" Elizabeth Bock . . . "Mickey Ross" Ellen Dull . "Life Can Be Beautiful " Irene Granchay . . . 'Gene Krupa" Lillian Hromey . . "Henry Aldrich" Elizabeth Metrovich . "Edgar Bergen" Helen Mikus . . . "Hit Parade" Gloria Round . . "Phil Spitalny" Helen Yesensky . "Gene Autry" 2090602OQBQOQOQOQOQOQOQCQOQOQOQ - V I I S - .Q,gQQ.g,Q,Q.Q,:.:,:,:.Q.:.g.g,: BOOKS - REMINDERS OF OUR GROUP Age of Innocence . Alone . . . . Angel in the House, The Anne of Green Gables . Beloved Friend . Chances . . Chart for Happiness . Chemistry Triumphant . Choir Invisible, The Chum . . . , Circus Rider's Daughter Clear for Action . Code of the West Conquest of Fear . Cop and the Anthem, The Courageous Companion Dance of Life . . . Ellen ofthe Plain's Country Everyday Girl . . Guardian Angel, The . Heir of Dreams . Here I Stay . House of Fame . Huckleberry Finn . Lady Bird . Lady of the Hall . Little American Girl Newcomes, The . Only Anne On the Run . Perfect Tribute . Portrait ofa Lady . Problem, The . Rose in Bloom . . Rose ofthe World . She Shall Have Music . Two Career Girls . . Understanding Heart Winged Mystery . . With Trumpet and Drum . Mary Frances Bires Anna Marie Foster Bernadette Kostelnik . Anna Grosko Agnes Demko Gloria Anderson Helen Wojakiewicz Eleanore Temperante . Margaret Evans . Mary Kushner . Frances Stefko Helen Marconyak Helen- Yesensky . Lillian Hromey . Agnes Soltis Anna Jacob Mary Krajnik . Ellen Dull Betty Metrovich . s Erances Pribila Dorothy Rock . Anna Kasper Dorothy Losket . Bertha Vargovich . Dorothy Span . Valeria Berlich . Margaret Drop . Gertrude Joscak Anna Ondovcik . Gloria Round . Mildred Verlich . Cecilia Vlha . Elizabeth Bock . Mary Rose Sedlak . . Rose Sziich Dolores Clarchick Helen Mikus and Irene Granchaj . Anna Sedory Margaret Wayda Helen Adams and Christine Bernik GOQOQOQOGOQOQOGOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQ - V I I S - OQOQOQOQOGODOCNGOQODOO Q CND Q Q Have you ever heard this before? "Oh, goodnight!" as Oh, nutsl' ' as Ah, go 'wayl" Oh, no, sir!" "For cryin' out loud!" Oh, gee!" 'Get out!" That's for the birds!" Go 'head!" 1 Mmmmrnmm!" Girls!" sl u 4 u K4 " Hel KG What would happen if - Dorothy Losket wouldn't have anything to play wi class? Rose Sziich wouldn't read during class sessions? Anna Jacob Mary Kushner Mary Rose Sedlak Mildred Verlich Mary Krajnik Valeria Berlich Cecilia Vlha Dorothy Losket Rose Ann Sziich en Wojakiewicz Anna Ondovcik th in the English Valeria Be rlich concentrated on what she was doing? Helen Wojakiewicz took part in a discussion? Mary Kushner would stop being so critical? Cecilia Vlha would forget that fashionable figure? Anna Jacob would stop playing the bass viol? Mary Rose Sedlak would grow a few inches? Mildred Verlich didn't have her glasses? Mary Krajnik wouldn't have to study that shorthand? Anna Ondovcik couldn't answer those chemistry Can you remember when - Mary Krajnik spilled those buckets of water? Anna Jacob gave that impromptu speech? Mary Rose Sedlak was all "trilled"? fthrilledj Mary Kushner was a newcomer? Rose Sziich started to dance? Valeria Berlich was getting that social training? Cecilia Vlha was on a diet? Helen Wojakiewicz first started V H S? Dorothy Losket's hair was not a "strom"? Qtreej Mildred Verlich fell off her bed? Anna Ondovcik didn't lend a helping hand to som questions? eone in need? GOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOGOQ 19 1 V I I S nf OQOQOQOQCQOQOSOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQ MEMORIES When comes our time to bid "Farewell," To say our last "Adieu," Our minds will linger here a bit, To picture scenes anew. We'l1 think of days of happiness, Our joys and little fears, Our hardships and our victories, Our climb through four short years. We'll think of loving schooldays, And memories so true, Of all the little pranks we've played, Of things we used to do. Do you remember " when you and I were young Maggie" and we were stu- dents at V.H.S., we shared its memories? Can you recall - - - - our horseless sleigh ridesg that shorthand class in the bedroomg lemonade and jelly partiesg fruit picking in autumng last "mousie" affairg 1 our orchestra visits in different townsg choir practice and processions? And you must not fox-get ---- the school picnicsg parties and treatsg our First Sundaysg those delicious traditional holiday suppersg movie nightsg preparations for the great playg our swing ridesg the planting of our rock gardeng our first fishing expedition with hair netsg times we were caught in mischiefg our evenings spent by the Christmas tree. But here we have come to a turn in Memory Lane. Our reminiscing has left us with a wish to be back in the "good ol' school days". 909090909 SQOQOQOQGOQOBOQO 19 "' V I I S 1' 41 09969909 OQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQ9 FROM A PORTFOLIO YOU'LL FIND OUT ..... Y A HANDFUL OF STARTS . BUSY AS A BEE . . I HEAR A RHAPSODY . I'D KNOW YOU ANYWHERE I'D LOVE TO STAY . . LORD I'M WAITING . MAYBE ..... MY RESISTANCE IS LOW . . . ORCHIDS FOR REMEMBRANCE . . . PLEASE TAKE A LETTER MISS BROWN . OUR WITH YOUR CHESTS .... SAYITOVER AND OVER AGAIN . THERE I GO ..... SO FAR SO GOOD . . THE WORLD IS BIG TO ME . . . TICKLED PINK ...... IT AIN'TNO USE TO WORRY ANYMORE . IT ALL COMES BACK TO ME . . . A SONG IS BORN . . . . WE'LL PRA Y FOR YOU . GOODNI GH T ANGEL . . LET'S PRETEND . . HEAVEN ON A HILL TOP . IT'S MY TURN NOW . . TWILIGHT ON THE TRAIL . TRYING ....... YOU'RE THE MOMENT OF A LIFETIME LOLLIPOP LANE ..... ou're going to miss us . For the freshies . . Seniors Music practice . A V.H.S Chum . At school . For my vocation We'll meet again . . . Colds On Graduation Day . Shorthand class When you boost VHS . Play parts Into mischief again Enrollment going up . A graduate . Exams are over . School is over All the wrong I did Our music melodies . . . Faculty Directress' Lullaby . We're freshies . Our school . To mimeograph . Chasing the mouse . To be good . Study period . On movie nights Q oooooooooaooooooneoeoeoeo -' V I I S 1 sooo 6 Q QOQOQOQOQOQODOGO BL UE ECH OES . . Through halls after graduation BL UE RAIN DROPS . . . . At parting time EASY AS PIE . . . . . . Exams THOSE HAPPY OLD DA YS . . When we were freshies ALL OVER THE PLACE . . . . . . Happiness LET A SMILE BE YOUR UMBRELLA . . Our motto THAT OLD GANG OF MINE . . . . Is breaking up WALKIN' THRU MOCKIN' BIRD LANE . . Walks through grove GO FLY A KI TE ..... . . After school BIRDS OF A FEATHER Freshies O HAPPY SCHOOL DAYS "Farewell," O happy school daysg 'Tis " Farewell, " we must say, For greater tasks await usg We must be on our way. "Farewell, " to faithful playmates, " Farewell, " dear friends and booksg " Farewell, " to jolly schoolmates, " Farewell, " to cozy nooks. u Farewell," to patient teachers, " Farewell " the year is done. " Farewell, " we know we'l1 miss you, Yes, each and everyone. QOQOQOQOQOQOQOGOQOQOGOQOQOQOPOQ - V I I S - OQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQ SCHOOL CHRONICLES SEPTEMBER: 5 On this day we did return To our Alma Mater proud That some lore we now may earn, 'Mid the happy, friendly crowd. 6 Received our books and schedules, new, And answered freshmen's "What to do?" 9 Classes resumed A hard we did try With every want and wish comply. 13 First lesson in the "Art of Tone"g Each one did try her skill alone. 14 The death of Sister Thecla, dear, Caused many a one to shed a tear. 15 To the Ursuline Academy went Four seniors, all to represent. 19 A Birthday Party, movies, toog We sang and laughedg not one was "blue". 21 A warm and sunny afternoon Gathering fruitg it passed so soon. 22 A student, new, arrived this dayg Would "39", the number, stay? 26 Had movies and laughed merrily With the Middletown's famous family. 27 Girls departed for a week-end stay, Returned and had so much to say. OCTO BER: 3 Poor little freshmen, bashful, "scared", Thought us mean if laugh we dared. It was a partyg they were dressed In clothes that "fitted" them the best. A Wiener roast in the still of nightg A fire glowedg 'twas a lovely sight. 9 "Let's Sing Again," we did enjoy A story of a singing boy. 11 A free day cameg they are so rareg In frolic We all had a share. 16 Five days of work, then time to restg Again with a free day we were blest. QOQOQOQOQBYQOQOQOQOQOQGQOQOSGG 1 Nl U I S 1 OQOQOQOQOQOQOQQQOQOTQOG9Q9Q9Q9Q 20 Of course, that number wouldn't stayg Another student came today. 23 Our hours of work and worry today The report cards this did portray. 25 A handsome character we did meet In a movie, called "The Boy of..-the Street." 28 On the Feast of Christ, our dearest King, In solemn procession we did sing. 30 With Hallo we'en a party came, With gladness we were all aflame. N O VE M BE R: 1 The Feast of all the Saints today For us meant a whole free day. 2 A visit to the Conservatory, Where flowers we saw in all their glory. 5 A visit from Father Quigley - and Movies went just hand in hand. 13 The Feastday of our principal, dear, 4 Each greeted her with wholesome cheer. 17 Our seniors went to Duquesne U5 In a Stamp Festival they shared, too. 25 The seniors learned at A. B. Dick's How to handle stencils, and other tricks. 27 A program for Thanksgiving Dayg And each one parted home her way. DE CE M BER: 1 To school again we did return, Again to pick up books and learn. 5 Saint Nicholas made his yearly callg Bestowed his gifts, then left us all. ll Movies we all did enjoy, Saw who is in Heinz' employ. 13 This afternoon a puppet show: What makes them work we now all know. 15 A Christmas program we preparedg Its outcome fairly well was faired. 17 At the Vincentian Home we entertained The patients, as some ease they gained. 20 Vacation days now had begung Home we went for loads of fun. QOQOQOQ QOQOQOQOQOQOQOQ QOQOQOD - V H S - JANUARY: Again to school we did return 'Vo let our books be our concern. Movies made the day completeg They were indeed a splendid treat. Reverend Edwin Heyl at his call Spoke of Liturgy to us all. We started today to worry and cram, Hoping and praying we'd pass each exam. Just two daysg after many a sigh To the exams, we bade "good-bye". Three aspirnats did with us partg A new life today they did start. Again reports we have receivedg We can proudly say that no one grieved. Reverend James Burke did well define Apologetics, which is in his line. FEBRUARY: Reverend Thomas Quigley did well his sh On Democratic Life, beyond compare. It was indeed an ideal day: At Central High we saw a play. Sick patients we did entertaing Perhaps our program eased their pain. Exciting movies we did seeg They pictured life a reality. To festival practice students wentg To acquire skill there they were sent. To Ambridge some of us took flight, Where the concert was a real delight. Father Faidel brought to our memory Some Saints of the 19th Century. MARCH: Father Rubicky from Clairton came OQODODOQ OQOQOQOQC QOQOQOQ OQOQOQOQ are To speak for the good of the Slovak name. Musicians we all wanted to be When "Symphony of Living" we did see. QOQOGOQOQDQOQOGOQOQOQOQOQOQOGOQ 1 V I I S 1 000909090QQDQQQDQDQQQQOQQQQQOQQQ 22 Again for practice girls did leaveg That they have talents we believe. 26 Father Fialko his talk did give On how the Church and Democracy live. 27 Today the girls did go awayg They heard a concert - had a free day. 29 A very lovely Saturday, Some girls have left for the Passion Play. APRIL: 1 In the April "Mari1lac" there was placed Fun of the girls, on nonsense based. 3 Seniors took the Democracy testg They worked indeed with earnest zest. 6 In the procession we took part, Praising the Lord with voice and heart. 8 Students left for holidays, All were ready without delays. 16 The student body to school returned, 'Bout the play and annual concerned. 25 Feast of Saint Mark, the fields were blessedg In the procession all did their best. 27 After much preparation for the play, May 4 Students held it at Homestead each day. MAY: 22 Ascension Feast meant a day of joyg This day we did well employ. 25 The Music Festival was a success, Bringing joy and happiness. 29 Old and new friends here did meet, For a young ladies' three day retreat. .I U N E : 1 From the retreat each did depart With an easy mind and a lighter heart. 2 We studied hard, and we did cram To pass the final June exam. 6 Today exams did finally end, Farewell to you, old book, my friend. 8 In spotless white the graduate, proud, Left the school 'mid praises, loud. "Farewell" we bade to every friendg And so another year did end. o eneooooaofeoooeneoooenooeo - V S -' oooooooooooooooooooooooooo :sooo NAJRADOSTN E.JSi MESIAC Mdj je vel'mi radostnym mesiacom, s dobrych priein. Krzisne ueinky prirody nes osvieiujli v mfzji. Vtzici sa zas navratili z juhu a zas pocfuf ich ve- sely spiev. Slnko jasnejsie svieti, dni Sfl dlhsie, a sim elovek inaksie sa citi kecf majovy vietor zaene flikaf. Mij je vel'miobveseluj1ici. Ci nie je mzij mesiac Marie: mesiac ktory je venovany Kril'ovnej Kvetin? Myslienka 0 Marii, krisnej Panny, rozveseli kaide kresfanske srdce. Vtedy mime zvlzistne cez ten mesiac preukizai ilctu ku Pannej Ma- rii s modlitbou, a maj me v nej d6veru, lebo Ona di nim 60 od nej prosime. Milka Verlieovzi IV TO VYZNACENIE ZENY Co je ten krizsny a znamenity znak v iene? J ej krisne blyskave oei, a- lebo jej Eervene lica, alebo jej hodvdbne saty? Ano, to je vsetko vel'mi kri- sne, ale pre mnohych z nes je to vecou nemeinou. Nemame moc si preinaksit nase nosy a bradyg nemfmieme si zafarbif vlasy, oei, ani lica, iba s upotrebe- nim strojnych veci. Nad tymto ostatnym vel'a l'1idi sa zamraeia. Ale jest jednix vec nad ktorou mame moci - a to je nes hlas. Kaidzi ien- ska m6ie si osvojiti prijemnv hlas, aizprave neni je "prima donna". M6ie si to nadobudnuf cvieenim sa v zdvorilosti a tichosti. Nezaleii na tom 60 hovori, ale jako hovori. Ked' schvzimlenie alebo odo- prenie je vyslovene jemnym hlisom. to nie je neprijemne, ponevai taki hlas mis povaibi. Hoci i je nie6o prisne. prijemnjm hlasom sa to zmierni. Jak Easbo mis hlas je prostriedkom s ktorym dimvame na javo nes karak- ter. Pre td prieinu sudime najsamprv po hlase vsetkych teraz i vidy. Hlas obracia pozornost. Studentky v nasej skole majfl tli prileiitost cvieif sa v tejto kultlire. Kaidy defl dieveatzi obdriia ponaueenie ako si osvojit prijemne hlasy v spie- ve a v rozhovore. Anna Jakubovzi IV oeneoeooeooeoeoooeoooeoeo - V 5 - oQoooooooooooooooooooooooo Q 'G S BOI-IOM! " Mile prislovie, "S Bohom ostavajte, " je krrisna obyciaj medzi naiim Slovenskym nirodom. Je to vyluiinym, ale iste aj zaujimavym znakom zboi- nej povahy slovenskeiho Gloveka. Ten kaidodenny zvyk je chvalitebny, lebo s tim sp6sobom l'udia vel'mi Easto uiivajd Meno Boiie vo svojom sukrom- nom, rodinnom, i spolo6nom iivote. fPravda je tiei ie to sv2it6 Meno Easto i zneuiivajfi, najmii v prudkom hneve, kliatbou, zlorecienim, a hreSenim.J Tak na priklad navitevnika vyprevidzajil s poznaimkou, "S Bohom si chod- te!" Z navitevy odchzidzajilci hovori, "S Bohom ostavajtef' Pracujflceho Eloveka pozdravujfi, " Pin Boh pomahaj! " Viade si pripominajfi Boha a je- ho pomoc. A zdzi sa mi ie na tfito obyiaj nepotrebuje sa pou6enie v Skole. Tato 0- byciaj je u mis tak samozrejmzig v nej sme su zrodili. A dobre je tak! Ved' dobry Spasitel' pripomina nim: " Bez mia ni6 nem6iete vykonaf! " Opai- nym smyslom znameni to tol'kog "So mnou vSetko vykonatef' Preto je az- da uzakonenym zvykom ie niektorfz Stity svojcf: zakonodarnei shromaidenia zapo6inaj1i modlitbou. I iistavy niektorych Staitov zapoiinajfi sa tymto li- vodom v mene Boiom. Nui, tak by to malo byii viade. NajlepSia a najistej- Sia ziruka bezpe6nosti, pokoja, a blahobytu nirodov spoiiva na milosti a poiehnani Boiom. Ked' zakon6ujeme ityri roky naicfzho Skolskciho iivota, tak sa luciime tiei touto sQta1'okresfanskou slovenskou oby6aj0u. "S Bohom!" V tomto slove je shrnutnf: vietko 60 pri takej prileiitosti srdce l'udsk6 citif m6Ze. Znamenim ono hlavne podakovanie sa za obdrianli Boiiu pomoc aochranu: dalej vrlicnu Zia- dosf aby nas tato Boiia milosf i nadalej sprevidzala, a napokon vyjadruje i nzildej aby nais Boiski lzilska volakedy znovu - ked' nie na tomtu svete, - ale v tej druhej, ve6nej riii nerozlu6itel'ne spojila. V mene graduantov, hovorim vim, "S Bohom! " v tomto poslednom Skolskom roku: piiem tak trochu so Zalostnym srdcom, lebo sa liidime Z na- Sou drahou Alma Mater. Preto, naposledy, podzivame si ruky v rozlu6e- ni. Ufame Ze sa v nebeskej vlasti stretneme, "S Bohom! " Maria Ruiena Sedlakovi IV 9,o,o,9,9,9,9,g,o,9,Q,9,g - V S - oooooooooooooo o ooaoooooo , DOM PRE NEVYLIECITELNYCH Jako ui z mena vysvita, je to dom pre tich chorych ienskeho pohlavia ktore su nemocne ui za dlhsi eas, a boly lekarom vyhlaseny za nevylie6itel'- nych. Rozmanite chorobv sa tu najdu. Niektore trpia na hostec. ktori im sp6sobi mnohe bolesti a tiei mnohe maju vytknute kosty. Su tam take 60 ma- ly poraiku, a teraz su celkom nevladne Sestrieky musia ich umif, obliect, aj krmit. Zas ine su ktore vyzieraju zdrave, ale ked' pride na nich ta strasna chvila spadnu na to miesto kde stoja: za niekol'ko minuty nie su pri sebe a potom su slabe: je to epilepticky zapas. Ten dom je pod opaterou Milosrdnych Sestier sv. Vincenta, ktore tak o- chotne a laskave opatrujil tych sedemdesiat iien rozliinych narodnostiach a vekov. B01 vybudovany v roku 1924 skrze stedrost a milodarov dobrych l'udi. Aj teraz je m6ino pokraciovat tu slachetnu pracu len skrze dobrfl vol'u a milodarov sebazapierajfzcich l'udi. My tiei z nasej skoly sv. Vincenta usilovaly sme sa tohoto roku urobit radost tymto ubohym nemocnvm z navstevami, kaidu nedel'u so spievom pri poiehnani, na sviatky s dareekamy a tiei prileiitostne s predstavenim, hrou a hudbou. Valeria Berlieova IV POVOLANIE K MISSIONARSKEMU ZIVOTU " Z nasej strany ", hovoril Pius XI C blahej pamiiti J v jeho dojimavom Encyklike na Missiach Q " Rerum Ecclesia ", February 1926 " J, "jak dlho Boiska Prozretelnost hude chranit nas iivot, ua praca Apostolatu bude nasa zvlastna povinnost ked' si pomyslime ie pohanov jest viac nei billion." S tou istou horlivostou, nas terajsi svati Otec, Pius XII. iiada aby sme sa mndlili na ten flmysel. Mnoho ui bolo vykonane pre missie. Svetlo viery zasvitlo v dusiach ui million pohanov. Ale este je mnoho praci na vinici Pana aj ked' by povulania k missionarskemu Zivotu stonasobne boli rozmnoiene. " Zatva je sice vel'ka, ale robotnikov malo. Proste teda Pana iatvy, aby si poslal robotnikov do iatvy ". C Matus 9, 37 J Z nasich katolickych kollegiach a vyssich skolach vychadzaju mladenci a panny ktori su enostni, maju vlohy a zdravie. Z tychto Kristus, hl'ada pracovnikov na missie. Kol'ko sa prihlasia? Ktori rodieia budli povziiovat si za uctu a vyznaeenie pestovat missionarske povolanie vo svojej rodine alebo mat syna alebo dceru na missionarskom poli? cnoooaooo aoovooceogaeooo - V S 3- ooooooocnooooooooooaooooo Pravdaze veriaci Cirkvi Kristovej nedaju sa zahanbit' v horlivosti ked- ze hezboznici su tak oduievneni v prace, t. j. v ni6eni duii pre veeny zivot. Mi m6zeme pomahaf v rozSirovani apoitolatu missionarov hmotne i s vrlic- nou modlitbou za povolania k missionarskemuizivotu. Anna Ondoveikova IV SKOLSKY FORUM Ako jeden predmet Katolickej Akcie mame tu v naiej Skole zalozeny takzvany "Skolsky F6rum" fEduca1ionaI Foruml. Neni to nic? noveho, ale zaluzenie tohotn sdruzenia napomaha velice v Skolovaniu jednoty. Tento "f6rum" bol zalozeny vldp. Michalom Faidelom. Pomocnici na vybore su vldp. Tumai Quigley, diocezalny dozurca Sk6l, vldp. Martin Rubicky, a Sesira M. Stanisluva. Kazdu druhu a Stvrui stredu v mesiaci niektory knaz re6nil 0 katolickej liturgii alebo o katolickom obeianstve. Prvy reenik bol vldp. Edwin Heyl. Predmet bol vel'mi zaujimavy. A preen nie? Veak hovoril k nam o Obete Omii svatej a pritom ukazoval piwhyblive obrazky o svatej omii. Druhy reenik bol vld p. Jan Burke, ktoreho predmet bol "Apologetika". Ked skoneil, veetke Qtudentky sa pytaly otazky Stklhlljflc sa na predmet. Na 12-ho februara vldp. Tomae Quigley recinil o Zahrnutie Katolickeho Vzdelanua v Americkej llemokracie. Porovnaval naiu slobudnu vlast s kras- nou mozaikou. Ree Lino Sludentky budu vzdy pamatali. Vldp. Michal Faidel reenil 0 predmete ktory bol nam zaujimavym a mi- lym, a sice o "Niekwrych Svatych z devafnasteho Stoletia". Najsamprv spo-i nmenul slovenskych svatych a potom inych svatych z rozlienych stavoch. 'Slovaci medzi Budovatel'mi v Amerike" bol predmet vldp. Martina B. Rubicky, Poueil nas v 60m naii predkovia sa vyznamenali. Mnohe z nas este nepoeuly 0 take rozlidne triedy do ktorych patria naii verni Slovaci. Pusledny reenik bol vldp. Michal Fialko z Unity, Pa. Predmet jeho bol "Katolictvo a Americka Demokraciaf' Z tychto vietkych reei m6zeme sa vel'a naueiti. Ked' nie sme po tychto reezich vzornymi katoliekami a Studentkami, to je n:31Sa vina. Cecilia Vlhova IV QOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQ 1 V I I S - 0302 9090609090909 30302 Q NASE SESTRY V ALABAME V mojej vedomosti, najvicsia a najmilosrdnejsia pr:-ica je osetrovat a vyucovat inych, obzvlzistne ked' sd oni z Eierneho plemena. Taklito pricu vy- konivajfl nase Sestricky z Rehole sv. Vincenta Paulanskeho v Alabame. Na prosbu osvp. hiskupa Toolen, sedem Sestry odcestovaly ku tim ubo- him cernochom juznej ciastky Spojenich Stzitov. Je to ziadost Sviteho Otca aby sa l'udia po celom svete zaujali vsem6z- ne tohoto odstrkovaneho plemena, ktore zije v pohanstve a malo alebo nic este nepoculo 0 Pimu J ezisovi a Jeho svitom uceniu. Pomery ich six vel'mi zle, a hydliska jejich Sfl tiez vel'mi necisbo drzane. Sestricky usilujti sa ul'ahcit im traipenia, nasytit ich, pocistit domy kde sa nachzidzajil chori, a vyucovaf dietky a i odrastlych kde m6ino. Tiez ich ucia rozmanite veci: na priklad, varit. sit, heklovat, a osetrovat nemocnych. Ti prica Sestrieiek, viem, je Bohumilai, lebo kazdi pracuje z celou dusou a ce- lou silou. Ui za kritky cas co ucinkujli na tych missiach m6zeme vidief hmo- tnv pokrok: ani nesmieme zabudnut na dusevny pokrok. Maja ui pekny Dom pre nevyliecitelne zeny, if-Iome for Incurable Womenj a. vel'kY pocet diet- kov vo skoleg a kol'ki ui boli pokrsteni a privedeni nazpiili do lona Cirkvi! Vsetko to stoji nzimahy a obety, Sestricky z ich stranky cinia 60 len m6iu ale mi, drahi citatelia. m6zeme im tiez obl'ah6if tlfl tazkli prixcu ked im pom6zeme z nasima modlitbami a hmotnou podporou. Kristus Pin hovori: "Co ste ueinili jednemu z tychto najmensich Mne sLe to u6inili." Dorota Loskotovzi IV POKOJ " Nech pokoj prebiva s Vimmi ". U2 prvi kresfania takbo sa pozdravova- li: pokoja si priali jeden druhemu. Osvojii si m6zeme dvojjaky pokoj: vmitorny pokoj ktoreho sidlom je srdce a mysel', a zovmitorny pokoj, cili pokoj s nasim bliznym as mirodmi. Ako mbzeme obsiahnuf tento zovnlitorny pokoj? Cvicenim sa pokojnym a potesitel'nym, Vniltornym pokojom mysle a srdca. Ked mr-ime pokoj, ten bude vyvieraf z mils a bude mat vliv na vsetkich s ktorymi mime styku. Sme podlzni svojmu bliznemu zivot svoj tak usporiadat aby sme s nim v pokoji zili. Ked v takich pomerach zije priatel' s priatel'om, cesta pokoja pre nzirodov je otvoreni a krzixcanie po nej je ul'ahcene. 909099909 IQOQOQOQQOQOBOBO 5 V I I S 3 99999309OQOEOQOQQQOQCQOTS V tych nespokojnych Easov Ei sa nezda ie " pokoj " je len slovo o kto- rom vel'a sa rozprava a len malo Einnosti sa berie proti rozpore a nestalosti? Pan Boh stvoril svet a vsetko 60 je na svete aby sluiilo Elovekovi k do- bremu ale Elovek zneuiil til vysadu a stal sa otrokom sveta. Skrz Eloveka vsetko stvorenie je rozdelene s vojnami, zburami, a vsetkym 60 k pokoju nesmieruje. Tie mile svazky braterskej a krestanskej lasky sli roztrhane, a svet sa nachadza zaplieteny v okovach neznaboha. Kedf vykrik "Niet Boha" je pravdivy, teda nikdy viac sa nezbudime z boho znepokojneho spanku, a pokojne rano kreslianskeho fcivilizedl sveta nesvitne nam. L'ud, sam na se- be sa spoliehajxic, moie len tien dosiahnuii ked' sa jedna o pokoj. Pre mno- hych ui viac nejestvuju zakony spravodlivosti medzi l'udmi a narodmi, ktore Pan Boh vtlaeil do srdc Elovedenstvag tie Sli ui v nich posliapane, a na miesto driia sa porekadla, " Kaidy sam pre seba." Darcom opravdiveho a neskaleneho pokoja je Pan Boh, lebo On povedal: "Pokuj moj vam davamg nie ako svet ho dava ja vam ho davam". Poveda sa ie viera vsetko m62e. To iste je aj pravdou o pokoji. Ci nepo- vedal Kristus, "Pok0ja milovani zemou vladnuf budu"? Chudobny tak jak rubotny Elovek m6ie najsf Darca Pokoja - Boha svojho. On je p6vodom a pudporovatel'om pokoja a bez Neho mali by sme len supinu pokoja. Prosme Knieia Pokoja ieby nam udelil ten vzacny dar. Ruiena Siieova IV VOJNA AKO UCITEUKA NARODOV Co uei nas vojna? Taiko by to bolo len tak nahle vyratat. Tu hl'a napo- rxidzi mame sporivost! Sporivosti nas tiei len vojna zaeina ueitl Smutno, ale je pravda. Musela. vojna pristi aby sme navykli ku gazdovlivosti, sanovlivos- ti, spnrivosti. Kedby nie vojna, nikdy by sa l'udia nenaufzili umenim spori- vosti: veru, umeniu. Schvalne menujem sporivosf umenim, lebo mlidre sporenie je skutoene umenie, a faike umenie. Niet veci na ktorej nedalo by sa kol'ko - tol'ko usporif. Vel'a usporime na pokrme a potravinach. A vezmeme - li do ohl'adu ie jednoduche jedla sd aj zdravsie neili vseliake paskrtyg naozaj, Zelatel'ne je aby sme si aj na pukrme uskromnili, ako len m6ieme. Znaena Summa vy da sa do roka i za odev. Moino je zgazdovaf hodne ked sa prestaneme fintif. Treba sa teda satit' dlla putreby a nie dl'a mody. Sporiva gazdina dokaie i tu rozumnou ienou. Gazdovlnva a sporiva iena je pravym pokladom pre kaidli domacnosli. Maria Kraj nikova IV O9 osooooaoooooooooooooooooo - V S - '9'9'9'9'9'909'9'909'909 SLOVENSKl APOSTOLOVIA Jako Irsky Ndrod mi sv. Patrike, Anglieania sv. Augustina, Nemci sv. Bonifaica, tak aj mi, Slovzixci, uctievame si sviitych Cyrilla a Methoda, jako missionzirov, 6ili vierozvestoch Slavianskeho Naroda, ku ktorym prisliicha- jd aj Slov:-ici. Svziti Cyrill a Method, apostolovia slovanski, pochidzali z vysokeho rodu. Ich otec, Grek, menoval sa Lev. Bol velitelom cisairskeho vojska v Solune. Matka menovala sa Maria. Bola ona Slovanka, a vel'mi nziboini kaestanka. Sviiti bratia dostali vel'mi peelivu vychovu. V rodine bolo sedem synov, ale z nich najnadanejsi boli najmladsi Cyrill a starsi Method. Cyrill narodil sa v roku 827. Bol vychovanv na cisirskom dvore v Carihrade, a vzdelanv vo vsetkjch vedich, zvlastne v mudrovede-filozofii. Cyrill bol vel'mi bystre- ho rozumn, a vynikal nad vsetkymi spoluiiakmi. Za kritky 69.5 osvojil si tiei mnoho jazykov. Znal grecky, armansky, iidovsky, sirsky a porozumel hned vsetke slavianske reei. Vo dvore ciszfirskom hola vel'kzi zkazenost, ale Cyrill sic ozbrojeny do- brou krestanskou vychovou este z domu otcovskeho zachoval sa Gnostne. Este v mladom veku odisiel do kleistora a stal sa reholnikom. Tam sa pri- pravoval zvestovat vieru Kristovii pohanskym nimrodom, skrz modlitbu, roz- jimanie, a verejnfl przicu, aby sa Lak ozbrojil ku vel'kemu boju so svetom O mladom veku sv. Methoda nevieme tol'ko ako 0 Cyrillovi. Bol tak ni- hoine vychovany ako i jeho mladsi brat, Cyrill. Ul'a iiadosti otca, Method venoval sa preivnictvu. Bol pot-im povjsenv za najvyssieho sprzivcu v kraj- ine Strumskej, kde hyvali Slovania, ktorych jazyk dokonzile znal. Tam stal sa potom nielen vodcom Slnvianov, ale i vel'kym dobrodincom a radcom. Ale tento vvsokv iirad zasteival len za desat rokov. Svet sa mu zosklivil ked' vi- del kol'ko krivd, roztopasnosti, a zloeinov sa stziva v hom. Zamilujlic si prav- du Kristovu, vstupil do klzistora sv. Basileja na vrchu Olymp. Tam iil slu- iiac Bohu v poniienosti. Red Eitzizval sv. Pismo, a pestoval tiei maliarstvo leho Method bol vytecinym maliarom. Y Roku 839 poslany bol sv. Method aby kr51l'a bulhirskeho, Borisa, na vie- ru Kristovu obretil. Tenkrit stzivat dal pre seba palic, ktoreho izby nzidher- ne vymal'ovat rozkzizal. Poeuc ie mnich Method je vyteenym maliarom, po- Ziadal ho aby aspoh v jednej izbe vymal'oval nieeo takeho, 60 by eloveka pohnut mohlo. Sv. Method namal'oval obraz sudneho dba a vsetku hrlizu pekla. Kril' bol tak dojatv, ie hned prosil o sv. krst. Nato pokrstenv bol ce- ly dvor kr:il'ovskv a mnoho l'udu. QQ 9090609 5 QOQOGOQQOBOBOGO " v I I S 1 99050909OQOQOQOGOQOQOQOQO Ratislav, panovnik Moravskych Slovanov, chcel aby sa ucenie Kristovo Sirilo i v jeho riii. Preto prosil greckeho cisira, Michala III, aby mu poslal u6itel'ov nziboienstva, ktorych by l'ud porozumel. Cisizr poslal mu dvoch hratov, Cyrilla a Methoda, ktori znali slovensky jazyk, a predtym ui boli kzizali slovo Boiie v Rusku a Bulhirom. Tak priili sviiti Cyrill a Method medzi l'ud slaviansky roku 863. Dali sa do przice, chodili medzi l'ud a vykladali slovo Boiie slovenskim jazykom. Aby l'ud Bohosluibu lepiie rozumel, i ui konali v Slovencine. Pin Boh kor- unoval ich przicu vel'kym zdarom a prospechom, zvlaiite medzi Slovaikmi. O Cyrille a Methode, orodujte za nes! Maria Kuineroviz IV ENCYKLIKY Encykliky, cili pisma od svziteho Otca v latincine pisane, po celom svete sd rozposlane. Ich predmet je o nejakich katolickych zzisadach. Dosiahnu vietke ciastky sveta skrze biskupov, kbori ich potom vydzivajli svojim kna- zom a veriacim v rod nich recach. Nie len katolici, ale i protestanti, iidia a. kommunisti citajli a preskumajli tieto encykliky. Robotnici ich citajli a riadia svoje pracovnicke spolocnosti podI'a nichg kommunisti ich citajfl len s limy- slom aby ich mohli kribizovat a napdaati. Je to iiadcst svi-iteho Otca aby sme lepiie poznali a porozumeli katolicke spolocenske zisady a aby sme obratili to co sme sa naucili na osoh v naiom kaidodennom iivote. On je ten Duchovny Straica ktory straii nad mimi, a ked predvidi nebezpecie, dzi nim tie encykliky aby sme zachranili naie duie. S11 mnohi jednotlivci ktori len dbajfl sami o seba a zabudnu celkom na bliineho. Mnohi panovnici su zntvrdlivi v jejich nemudrjch a nespravodlivich jednaniach. Potom, ako starostlivi otec, Papei posiela tie napomenutia ktore volame encykliky. 9 Q QOQOQOQOQOQOQODOQOQOQ - V I I S - OQOQOGOQCQOQOQOQ0202020693 9.6 9 KNIHY A NOVINY Azda eite nikdy nemala tlac? tak vel'ky vyznam ako za naiich Easov. Kaidy Gita dues: diefa, Student, slflika, rol'nik, a chori. "Povedz mi E0 eitai, a ja ti poviem akv si!" Tlao ma vel'ky vplyv na karakter a naboien- ske smyilanie Eloveka. Dobra tlae ma vaeii vplyv na Eloveka ako vitahy najlepiich kazni. Knihy majd vel'ky vyznam v iivote kaideho jedneho Eloveka. Knihy nas moiu povzniest a pou6i15, ale nas aj pokazit. Dneskajsii l'udia nevyberajli knihy, ale Gitaju vSeLko 60 im do ruky pride. Katolici musia si ui raz uve- domiti ie cez dneinej kniinej zaplavy nemoino Eitati vietko. Kabolici musia si vedieti vybrai tie knihy ktore ich nielen pobavia, ale aj poueia a povzbu- dia. Ktore sd to knihy? Knihy podI'a svojho obsahu moiu byt' trojjake: 1. Knihy s naboien- skeho stanoviska bezchyhneg 2. Knihy proti-naboienske a chybneg a 3. Kni- hy nahoiensky indiferentne. Zla kniha je otravou pre duiu Eloveka. S6 viak aj take knihy ktore sd Katolikom vyslovne zakazane: boly dane na "index". Tieto knihy nielenie neslohodno Eitaf, ale ich bez zvlaitneho cirkevneho povolenia neslohodno ani vydavaf, ani prechovavat, ani predavat, ani pre- kladaf. ani poiieavat. Priatelia! Posluchajte Cirkev, ktora vam chce len dohre! Nekupujte, neeitajte. a neberte do ruk knihy zakazane a zle, ale ich radiej hodte tam kde patria - do Ohfla. Dobre knihy viak dajte dalej, ahy aj medzi inimi ko- nuly Svoju apoitoiskli pracu! NASE PREDSTAVENIE Na 26-ho a 27-ho aprila a 4-maja, dieveata z naiej Skoly maly divadelne predstavenie v Carr egie Library. Homestead, Pa. Kaida z nas sa usilovala podI'a moinosti tak pracovaf aby sa tato hra vydarila. Cisti osoh z tohoto predstavenia pojde na naiu novli Skolu, ktorli v blizskej budlicnosti mienia vybudovat. Pri kaidej predstavke halla bola preplnena. Program bol boha- tv a zaujimavy, a vieme ie sa paeil obecenstvu, lebo niektori priili i po dru- hi raz. Program bol nasledujflci, " Privitanieg Spev ALMA MATERg Hry " Dve Matky ", a "Women Must Talk "3 Tance, slovenske, hollandske, Spa- nielske, kolonicke, a vojenske: spevy a nai orkester. Dakujeme vietkym ktori nas pouctili svojou pritomnosfou: vietkym ob- chodnikom za ich vysluhu, a tiei jednotlivcom ktori nam pomohli hoc jakym sposobom. Z hlbin naiich srdc volame eite raz, " Pan Boh zaplaf a Vam vy- nahrad' ". OQOQOZOBODOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQQQOQ 1 9 - V I I S - OBOQGOTOQOQOSOQOQGDOQOCOQOQOQOQ Privykanie k Prici Practice in Home Economics 996090506 QOQOGOQQOQOBOQO F V I I S A1 OQOQOQOQ OQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQO DUCHOVNE CVICENIE " Kto m62e a ma vykonat duchovne cvieenia? " Vel'a razi sa pytame a- lebo mis sa pytaju td otazku. L'ahko dai sa odpovedati. Kaidy Elovek, star? i mlady, hrieinik i svity, otec i matka, dedo ibaba, brat isestra, ujkoitetka- slovom, kaidy m6ie vykonat duchovne cvieenia. Vidy sa starame o naie te- lo a jeho potreby. Tak tiei isto mime sa postarat 0 naiu duiu, lebo je stvo- reni na obraz a podobenstvo Boiie. Mime len jednfl duiu, a ked tai je ztra- teni, nadeji ui viacej niet. Nezabudnime teda na mimi duievny blahobyt. OBYCAJ E Obyeaje, alebo zvyky, Sli tie kolaje, po ktorich krimiame poEas tflzem- skeho iivota. Tie podl'a slidu m62u byt dobre alebo zle. Dobry zvyk vedie ku vzneienemu a blaienern Zivotu. Zly obyeaj ale mirni iivot, a je prekii- kou blahobytia-veselosti. Veetek zjav je vyjudrenie iivotnej sily alebo energie. Zly zvyk je ten 60 mimi tj silu, a tym sp6sobom tiei i iivot eloveka. Dva zle zvyky, odyeaj- ne marnia dva riz t0l'ko ne-2 jeden. Vel'a zlych obyeajne nieia tol'ko naiej iivotnosti ie skutoene ani neiijeme, ba len mirnime viieiiu Eiastku Easu a iivota. Dl'a naiich zvykov sndia sa aj naie myslienky. Dobrzi myilienka Iitvori v DQS dnbry zvyk, alebo ui rovmi kolaj, ktorzi nzim pom6ie dostat sa k nai- mu ciel'u o vel'a rychlejiie nei si to predstavime. Tento prejav je zdravie, blaienost, a zdar. Vsetko 60 je prekaikou tomu, a v tom ked' pokraeujeme, slane sa zlym zvykom-ohyeajou. V Zivote. rovne smyilanie je najkratii chodnik od Eloveka k Bohu, a od cesty na ktorej sme, po ceste na ktorej by sme mali cestovat. Cesta pravdy, spravedlivosti, a sluinosti vidy vedu k iivotu radosti a zdaru, a Sli nam vel'mi na penn ci, k osvojeniu dobrych zvykov. Pohnutky sli tie iskerne Stopliky, ktore nes nutia ku Einnosti. Skutok viac krit opakovany, stane sa obyeajom, ktory 60 skoro opanuje Eloveka. Ten ale musime riadit rozumneg to jest, podl'a zzimkonov prirody. Prestupok tychto zzikon prinesie nim len neitastie, trimpenie, a nepokoj. Dobrovol'n5? prestupok je trestuhodny hriech. Casto nevedomost je prieinou vSeho zle- ho, nepravosti, a hriechu. Zle zvyky sd Easto znakom nevedomosti. 002060909OQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQ - V I I S , OQOQOQOQOQOTQOQ090909059 STUDENSKA RADA J edna z najdoleiitejsich schodz Vyssej Skoly sv. Vincenta bola zvolana v stredu 8-ho januara pooas ktorej uradnieky Studentskej Rady boly zvolene ako zastupkyne svojich tried. Zo seniarkoch boly zvolene Anna Ondoveikova a Dorota Loskotovag z trefo-triednieiek, Kristina Bernikova a Helena Ada- movap sofomorky si zvolily Margaretu Ivanovli a Frantisku Pribilovflg fres- manky Irenu Graneajovli a Lillian Hromy. Sludentska Rada hola zaloiena ohzvlastne aby studentkam bolo umoi- neno brat podiel v riadeni a samospravovani nasej skolskej disciplini. Vsetci sme sflhlasily iii pod demokratickymi pravidlami. Do teraz slistava je zdar- na, a podl'a zdania diktatori nikdy nebudu mat pristup medzi nas. HUDOBNA SLAVNOST Vsetke nase namahya tiaikosti boli odmenene ked' na 24-hoa 25-ho maja v Soldiers' Memorial Hall, Pittsburghu, odbavila sa jedna krasna, hudobna slavnosf. Bolo ro po prvy raz 60 studenti a studentky z vyssich skol Pittsburghskej Diocezii predniesli tak skvelv, hubobny program. Pod vedenim lloktora Rauterkusa, znameniteho to sbor majstra, slavnost tato vvborne sa vydarila. Z kaidej vyssej skoly vymenoval asi sest studentov aleho studentky, ktori hrajli na rozlionych nestrojoch. My sa velice tesime ie z nasej skoly vymenoval dvanasf dievoat. Okrem tych, vyznaoene boly este osemnasf dieveata, ktore spievaly v tom spevokolu. K tejto slavnosti 2l162StIlill sa vo vel'kom mnoistve rodieia, plibuzny, priatelia, a milovnici hudby. IDEAL QVZORD Keby l'udia boli svedomite a uisi spojene s knazom ako modlitby omso- ve to vyznaeujli, a keby knaz a veriaci l'ud spojili sa v obetovani sebas Kri- stovym obetovanim, Kristovo Kral'ovstvo muselo by prist na zem, ponevae sv. Umsa je Hpramenom vsetkej svatostif' Papei Plus X fblahej pamatil shrnuje svoje ueenie v tymto idealu ked odporlioa nam aby sme sa Hmodlili svatu omsu: aby sme iili svatu omsu". Ked povieme Umodlit sa svatu omsu", tym znaftime odriekati moblitby Mi- salu, alebo modlltby rovne nim. To je riadny sposob spojif sa Skfl2Z0m pri oltari. Nemame si myslet ie oas sviitej omsi, je prihodny Eas odriekati roz- liene privatne pohoinostig jako Cnoveny, kriiove cesty, litanie, atd.J Ako lidovia Cirkvi, mame brat Ginny podiel na Svatej Obete, kborli Cirkev, jako spoloenosf, obetuje Najsvatejsej Trojici, skrze Krista, s Krisbom, a v Kristu. EF " " "IE MON VALLEY BUS COMPANY Bus Service Clairton, McKeesport, Monongahela For information Phone: Clairton 640 TAILOR Mike Staropoli Cleaning - Pressing - Altering Repairing 420 Waddell Avenue Clairton, Penna. SNEE BROS. DAIRY Pasteurized Milk 430 Waddell Avenue Clairton, Penna. Phone 100 Comp! if m en ts of Holy Rosary Society United, Pa. TEPER'S Distinguished for Fine Diamonds, Watches, Jewelery, Radios and Home Appliances Complete Optical Service FRIENDLY CREDIT TERMS Clairton, Penna. BAKERY John Radosevich 411 Waddell Avenue Clairton, Perma. Com pl imen fs of YOUNG LADIES, SODALITY W. Aliquippa, Pa. Com pliments of H OLY NAME SOCIETY Saint Florian's Church United, Pa. EBL .. - 1 I l 1 l i ig 1 l i l PRVA KATOUCKA ZENSKA JEDNOTA A JEJ PANENSKY ODDIEL VOLA Vietkych do przici za v216Siu Zenskli J ednotu a jej P. O. Starajme Sa O Stzily vzrast Elenstva naSej mohutnej, podpor- nej Organizicie, ziskavajme novci Elenstvo pre hu. Heslom naSim je kaidi katolicka iena nech je Elenkyfnou Prvej Katolickej Slovenskej zenskej Jednoty a jej dcfera nech je Elenkyiou V Panenskim Oddielu. Ked budeme sliviti naS6 ZLATE JUBILEUM V ROKU 1942, CHCEME MAT 100,000 CLENSTVA. SUI-IRNY MAJETOK ZENSKEJ .IEDNOTY OBNASA S10,212,655.22 - ma 70,000 CLENSTVA. SOLVENTNOST ZENSKEJ JEDNOTY NA ROK 1941 je 124.9290 SOLVENTNOST PANENSKEHO ODDIELU NA ROK 1941 je 237.3390 ZENSKA JEDNOTA ZAROBOK INTERES NA INVESTI- CIACH ZA ROK 1940 -- 4.0396 PANENSKY ODDIEL MA ZAROBOK INTERES NA IN- VESTICIACH ZA ROK 1940 -- 4.6593 PANENSKY ODDIEL MA PRE DIETKY .IAKO I ZENSKA JEDNOTA MODERNE SPOSOBY ZIVOTNEHO POISTE- NIA. MATKY A DCERY SLOVENSKE TO JE ORGANIZACIA VASA PRE VAS A PRE VASU RODINKU. CHOEME ABY NAS BOLO STOTISiC CLENSTVA DO ZLATEHO JUBILEA. PRIHLASTE SA DNES VO VASOM MIESTNOM CIS- LE ALERO PISTE I HNED O POMIENKY A JAKEKOL'- VEK INEORMAOIE DO HLAVNEJ URADOVNE: 3726 LEE ROAD, CLEVELAND, OHIO QF I" W Cwnpliments Qf K-LIL BOTTLING CO. Distributor of Squirt 1309 Webster Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone: CO 1619 HOOK'S PAINT Sz GLASS CO. lAnn A. Hookl 517 - E. 8th Avenue Homestead. Pa. Phone: Homestead 0385 Compliments of Michael J. Zahorsky Director of Youth First Catholic Slovak Union W. Aliquippa, Pa. JOHN CEASE Funeral Director and Emhalmer Pleasant Unity, Pa. Phone: Kecksburg 25 R13 Compliments of CITY BAKERY 321 State Street Clairton, Pa. Phone: 365W or 15 Clairton fSlovakJ JOHN BRASZO Funeral Director and Embalmer 430 Eighth Avenue Homestead, Pa. M. J. VARGOVICH Predseda Katolickej Jednoty 140 Seventh Avenue Mc Keesport, Pa. Compliments Of M. J. SHAUGHNESSY Funeral Director Duquesne, Pa. W THOMAS G. GMITTER Funeral Director Private Chapel 2323 Carson Street S. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone: HEmlock 1029 Compliments Qf Dr. Theodore B. Stem 526 Donner Avenue Monessen, Pa. Phone: Free Delivery JOSEPH SEPESY Meats Produce Groceries 1102 Braddock Avenue P Braddock, Pa. Phone BR. 4224 Phone: FAESSEL'S DRUG STORES Reliable Prescription Service Perry Highway Perrysville, Pa. Perrysville 411 B. V. HAEFNFR Farm Implements Repairs FULL-O-PEP FEEDS Wexford 56 Res. Tel. 1183-J Business Tel. 3525 GRESS' MEAT MARKET Established 1902 Homestead, Pa. Compliments Of HOLY ROSARY SOCIETY Glassport, Pa. -1 1 1 1 v i FEED SUNSIDE POULTRY and DAIRY FEEDS "FAMOUS FOR THEIR FINE QUALITY" P. J. OESTERLING Sz SON, INC. CASH FEED STORES CINDERS SLAG Mc Sheehy's Pharmacy WILLIAM L- HELD 311 E. 8th Avenue Contract Sz Domestic Coal Homestead, Pa. General Telephone Phone: HO' 1515 Hauling Perrysvllle 1009 CHARLES J. HIEBER HLEB05 MARKET Groceries, Feed, Hardware and Paint if FI'6Sh and Smoked Meats Perrysville, Pa. Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables Phone 1640 520 - 8th Ave Phone: Perrysville 1080 Munhall, Pa. Compliments of Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter Pribilla Pittsburgh, Pa. Compliments Of Mr. 81 Mrs. Round Compliments Of A Friend COMPLIM ENTS . , .. . A- Holy Rosary Society Holy Trinity Church M clieesport, Pa. MILBERT'S GARAGE Electric and Acetylene Welding Perry High Perrysville, Pa Phone: Shop ......... Perrysville 1427 Residence.. Perrysville 2140 Comp! 11 m ein ts of LOUIS HAHN and SONS Babcock Boulevard Millvale, Pa Compliments Of SCHWERHA Funeral Home SLOVENSKY POHREBNlK Ambulance Service Phone: 7 Donora, Pa H. P. BRANT FUNERAL HOME Richard S. Brant, Director' Perrysville Road Phone: Wellington 1002 Perrysville 1002 Com pliments Qf A Friend FISCHER'S GARAGE Portable Welding For Your Convenience Battery Service -- Expert Repairing At Keown Station Perrysville, Pa. Phone: Perrysville 1400-M JOHN J. BODNAR Cafe - Refreshments Greenfield Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. DUQUESNE TRANSFER Nick Williams Jr. Mgr. 72 N. First Street Duquesne, Pa. Phone: 24200 WELLINGTON PHARMACY John W. Noone, Ph. G. 644 Center Street West View, Pa. Phone.' We. 0230 SPOLOK SV. JANA KRSTITELA Cislo 287 I.K.S.J. V West Aliquippa, Pa. Andrej Oros, Predseda Jozef Tomko, Pod. Pred. Jozef Dolnack, Tajomnik George Pado, Pokladnik Jan Zbojovsky, Zapisnik M.J. Zahorsky, Dozorca Jan Zahorsky, Starosta M.O. l l Notary Public ANDREW KVASNAK Real Estate, Fire and Auto Insurance Money Loaned on Mortgages 324 St. Clair Avenue Clairton, Pa. Phone: 233 i Compliments of SAINT JOSEPH'S HOLY NAME . SOCIETY I Clairton, Pa. ALIQUIPPA SANITARY BOTTLING WORKS "YAKY'S BEVERAGESH 209 Main Ave. WEST ALIQUIPPA, PA. SLOVAK CATHOLIC SOKOL Branch 199 8z 224 President: Steve HCl7'77Gf71, Sr. West Aliquippa, Pa. FASHION DRESS SHOPPE tMargaret Kuzmaj 318 - 8th Ave. Homestead, Pa. ESCOVITZ I' URNITURE COMPANY Better Furniture at a Lower Price 59N. - lst St. Duquesne, Pa. F51 PAUL ANESKO'S CONFECTIONERY 507 Ann Street Homestead, Pa. Phone: Homestead 9305 JOSEPH A. PROKOPOVITSH Funeral Director 457 - Fifth Ave. Homestead, Pa. Phone: Homestead 2267 ALEXANDER'S SUPER MARKET 28 West Grant Avenue Duquesne, Pa. Phone: Duquesne 27440 NAHPS SHOE STORE X-Ray Shoe Fitting 508 Donner Avenue Monessen, Pa. 544 Miller Avenue Clairton, Pa 5' " E Compliments I Qf SPAN'S DRUG STORE Next to corner 2nd 8: Schoonmaker Avenue Monesson, Pa. The Rexal Store Compliments Of PLODNAR'S FURNITURE STORE West Aliquippa, Pa. KLIPPICK FUNERAL HOME John J. Klippick and Alexander V. Klippick Funeral Directors Day and night service 430 Shaw Ave. McKeesport, Pa. Phone 3634 Compliments of I A FRIEND ADAM SCHWERHA 8z SON Funeral Director 800 Fifth Avenue McKeesport, Pa. Phone: 21602 Open day and night Lie- --' 3- A. E. KATILIUS Westinghouse - Gibson Refrigerators Maytag Washers R.C.A. Victor, Zenith, Motorola Radios All Musical Instruments 505 - E. Sth Ave. Homestead, Pa. CITY PLUMBING and HEATING CO. 421 St. Clair Avenue Clairton, Pa. George Balobini CLAIRTON TRANSFER Moving--Storage Phone: 657 at 6 Compliments of SALADNA'S Clover Farm Store Fredericktown, Penna. 4 ' I I NORTH HTLLS QUALITY MARKET I 483 Perrysvillel Road - Tel - WE 1661 West View. Pa. 'l J E. Born Proprietor I- SLOVANIC AMERICAN CITIZEN CLUB Clairton, Pa. THOMAS L. MCKARNEY Funeral Director 242 Fourth Avenue Rankin, Pa. Phone: 0264-BR Compliments of GAY R. BROWN Bookbinder 2030 South 18 th Street Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone: HE 7936 JOSEPH C. PARIS Funeral Director 115 Hawkins Avenue Rankin, Pa. Phone: Brandvwine 2458 JOHN HARVAN Building Contractor General Repair Work a Specialty Work Guaranteed 2427 Waverly Avenue Swissvale Pa. Phone: BRandyWine 3884 l Ee JE if ' am Vincontian High School Boarding Sz Day School For Girls Babcock Boulevard Perrysville, Pa. at , JE ? - 1. - MARTIN TERESCIK General Merchandise Fresh and Cured Meats 5th Ave. 8r Baltimore St. Brownsville, Pa. Phone: 939 219 Market St. Compimems 0 ANDREW J- SKIRPAN ooULT13R HARDWARE STORE Funeral Director Your Brownsville, Pa. General Electric Dealer Phone: 8 Brownsville Wire-O Binding Patents Pending The Philadelphia Bindery, Inc., Pittsburgh Branch. Ea: .. . r Q-Q-Q19-VHS-41 PATRO N S A Friend Rev. Joseph Altany Rev. Martin B. Rubicky Rev. A. P. Sabados Rev. Michael Sziich Dr. C. W. Dittman Dr. Milton J. Eger Mr. and Mrs. Adams Mr. John F. Adams Mr. Andy Basista Mr. and Mrs. George Bires Mr. Adolph Buffalini Capitol Cleaning and Dyeing Mr. C. R. Cepull Mr. Morris Chotiner Mr. and Mrs, C. Ciccone Mr. J. A. Darroch Mrs. Stephen Dupkanich Mr. John Dzama Meyer I. Grinberg Mr. W. J. Harper Mr. Joseph Hughes Norman Ilkuvitz Mr. A. L. King Mrs. Elizabeth Kushner Mr. Ernest Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mihok Mr. and Mrs. Andy G. Oros Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oros Miss Elizabeth Poiorkoff Mrs. John Sabol Mr. Paul Smerigan Mr. E. Homer Thompson Mr. George Veligdan Mr. John Wiegle Mr. and Mrs. John Zahorsky Mr. John Zavoda OQOQOQOQ OQQQQQQQOQOQQDQQOQQQOQOQ 19 ,, I I S - 411 OQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQ Au lm gfa P 5 . 9. , 'V alle ' , ex 8 , 1' ,,. 7 ...L I . 1' X Tsai-WS. 1 . 1 ,,w,,.!" ,, D MIM. ,Al V 1 .5 w " ' .,..".f 4- ,. 1' " sm.. ,V Q 4 1 'Mf. t . + . 1 5 ,, , .S Q 1 ' V V .1 x , W 4 11.-1 -Q , '.- 'uf J- H14 L " ' .fx -- 1.11 ' ,1 , 1' ig, I .k Q 51 V1 ' 1' 1 - ..,,- 3- , .el .. 4 -1 , K1 W, ,J , PMYVK ',' '- , . fu, -. A g! is , , 41 . ,. ., ,f Y-3 W L 1' ,L ':..g1j ' Q ,.Y -"' . 'ap J.. 1 ru , 111 ., .. ,- P. K 5 , A ,. , A . ,, . sr! ' 4 ' vm. , 1,--A ' ' f. ff " A 1-,., 0 '13 u'1' . - . M.. 9, , . .4-A - W- . 1 , , . -. ,W J' -' ' V r ,Q . 4 .1 A-1. ,,., .,,! ,,,.q,x -1, , f X. ff,-' 1. . QV W by ., M- ,. QAM, 4,4 ., ' ' , . . ,1 51 v 'H -11-.A W . . r,. mf. 1 VW - J . ,, 1 '-,.21.I1 A .J w A"' ' f ' 4 , ' 'A' ' Vg. .F ,sf . , . , . , 7. . , W 31... , . fv"f V' 1 L' A M ' " ' -Y :M Q . X t 'P X. YL . , lf . 1 ff' .M T u . -'zif iyff , It 11.wrL,a:"1r '9'1!'L11'e.Jim.1lhmf2zQ'E.f-1L!flE1,C5-!zbf1n'kA wil :1 v 1 1, 1 ,, ' 1- m 4 F s , f 'J 1: , , X whfx' Q' 'v - of , "' 1-. . ., . 11 .,, ,, f K 5 ,N . -,X.K..,, . . : 1, - ,M 115.3-f gg? f1l.Q"7 .w1'.m4,,-,,,-m1.z, fs+,-,1 '- , ,,.:'5"""Q?"f My

Suggestions in the Vincentian High School - Vincentian Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

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