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N 1' l . -..-... 2 W QA 2 llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll he 7-'ff -2 i R I t tt h f 4 , TT:-Ti:-at-auxin ---............ .. ............ .. F , 47 e "" irc Q Q W M0002 3' 15197955 rf, . n." N.-., . Sp QQ f QED Q Q QQ 'Q Q QQY QQ Q Q Q QQQSQQ QQ QQ Q QQ Q , 7. va-.. -If-w ...A,"'i . r '-- -.- X lf, Q 'u ,.7xE- .Q- .-,. 4. Q ,.-4 jf!- I ,,. K ,. -.4 '. ,.l'k, ,Nga V ..n, , . 1 -. -.1 f '.,'1' -.Hi . . ,.'4.. -11. if . 'Q K. i ' .'.. .f. -3, ..', f rr-,l sl.. ,.l .".y .' ,., H, ,. -.'I..Y,, 'c.1l'r'- . .,, . -.N x, ., J , .'..- ..v. , 4 ,-... .,. V, 'f 'ff J- --.- - ,4. 1"- M--r f,.,,.r .'.,, ,L 7-VI. . ,- . I , x" 'c I r..-4 A , ka il 3? .127 U . 'gl J , 1' - '. if. ' "-'- :'-. IA- .h ' 1 1 VO. t ffi I Q -1: J' .-- .1- 4, yu .-,. ' .g.- ' V- '1 ,l1.'?. 4 N t ., 1. -'nr'-...I 'Q ,l '41 , fr NZ' fo, L" 1 -5-. '- . Q.. . --11.1.-"'..m x 'l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I0 ll 12 13 14 I5 16 17 I8 'I9 20 21 f S7-H,-, Es ! I rg ig - 1 ik I ,. ,.,. OJ- I D '44 Q' , A 45,6 4, - UEJI.--if nk - .Img f I I L -' F' ,-'I-tr, Q51 .11--'1. .,4' mv, v -' 1,1 -z I , l,. , 'rf .'- x VINCENNES UNIVERSITY CAMPUS Vincennes, Indiana Administration Office and Class Room Building Isaac K. Beckes Student Union Curtis G. Shake Library Science Hall Ray Beless Gymnasium Green House East Residence Hall West Residence Hall Water Tower Robert E. Green Auditorium Blue Room-:Window Room Auditorium Annex Nursing Office Building Florence Hall Historical Sites English Department Offices Psychological Clinic and Student Financial Aid Office President's Residence V.U. Faculty Residence V.U. Faculty Residence Reading Lab Student Campus Christian Fellowship House English Department Offices Newman Center House Residence Hall N3 V,U. O'Neal Airport Division KApprox. I.8 mi.l V,U. Faculty Offices V.U. Housing Technology Building CATV Building Storage Building Dunseth Planetarium and Museum Maintenance Shop Printing Center Distributive Education and Offices National Buard Armory Auto Mechanics Building Entomology Center Recreation Center Ebner Building Campus Expansion Area n i I i i l Cc' Kelfvir OUR LANDRY VOLUME 17 U15 Krwar YY A . I - Y- -7- -QL - . .Q . .Q " i-N I' . I 6 I I V ' IH IX.. -kmgl 'a as lm ,, 1' gf A Qaxowiomaxo-moz'-acalovawfo-N03 V' . 1 l 1 I " -31'Hi" " cQ'40'f0"-0N0540'N-0N0Y-021-02f0N0'5 E f 5- 1, pl g Q7 sf X wt A ,rfb Ml Himsa I 3 g-N ' ' Al A .L - B lg 'I 'I 54 1'-. N : a ' rl 1 , 'l 2 I 1 H- 3 - 5 5 VINCENNES UNIVERSITY 1878-1953 2 3 The cover of the 1967 LE REVOIR highlights the building which was Vincennes University from 8 5 1.878 until it was destroyed in 1953 when the campus was moved to the present location. 3 8 The three-story brick building on the corner of Fifth and Busseron Streets when completed was one Q 3 of the finest college buildings in the State. For the first time the university was adequately housed. An 3 Q addition was added to the back in 1880. 5 Q The third floor, reached by climbing six flights of stairs, has hundreds of stories to tell. The Cadets E housed all their equipment, including rifles, here, all the convocations, dances and recitals were held 5 on this floor and here were the masquerade balls and proms of by-gone days. S 8 The library was on the ground floor and the walls lined with books were reached by climbing a lad- Q 3 der held by iron braces against the wall. The desk in the library was the beautiful antique desk now in 5 the Terrace Room of the Administration Building. 5 S Spring weather was always easy to tell around this campus, for boys would climb through the win- Q 2 dows into the girls lounge, located on the ground floor, to visit with their girl friends. . .and the girls 5 didn't bother to go out the door when the windows were so handy. E The office of the President and the Registrar were in the same room, just inside the front door. Q E During the summer many professors took their students out and classes were held under the large Q trees on campus. 5 E One Hallowe'en found a small sports car inside the front hall. 3 Q The significant old stone arch entrance was preserved and at some future time it is hoped to be re- 5 assembled on the present campus. 3 The first Chili Supper sponsored by the Alumni was held in the old abandoned building and guided 5 5 tours were taken through the university with many a nostalgic glance from the old grads. 5 When the day came for moving, the classes were dismissed. Students donned slacks and workclothes, 5 brought their cars and trucks and literally moved to the new campus all books from the library, equip- ment. chairs and small pieces of furniture.Under the capable direction and planning of Dr. Isaac Beckes, it 5 was accomplished in hardly more than a day. The "big move" to the new campus brought new life to the university and it has continued to growg but many memories are associated with the old three-story red 5 brick building in downtown Vincennes. 5 006100000065000000000000000000000102f.0420N.0Y-0-'-0N01100'-0210"'10f401'-02 Cable of Houteuts INTRODUCTION PAGE .. . 4 DEDICATION ......... . 6 PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE ........ . 8 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY .. . 9 SENIORS ................... .. 51 LE REVOIR STAFF ........ . . 102 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS . . . .104 FRESHMAN ............... . . 126 SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS. . . .... .163 ACTIVITIES ............. . . 1678.181 ATHLETICS ....... ..... 1 70 INDICATEUR PAGE . . . .. 209 EDITOR'S PAGE .... . . 210 SENIOR DIRECTORY . . . . 211 AUTOGRAPHS ..... .. 215 I ' I I . se .- . 'AN .. .Q F661 fn w e A 1 ' 'fp ,' A, ,A --." I - . am... 1801-1811 I 1 f 1967 Peru! HERB BB .-..mrw""'W"""'w ,.--1' ,AJ ,. -of-w4"g:' ' ,....--"" 'M -anna 1811-1839 1965 "Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is the current: no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too is swept away. " Meditations IV 43 ti,tt W t,,,,, M , irti it H E t I vw-v--0-'CS , ann., Ii- 1853-1875 1962 , . N ,,, , 1, .I , , .E . A,,,,' X gb I Q I f Q , Q mga .gk-g,W: x , if . . -X if N 1 I ' . '5 f'f:.:, "-'KJ , 1 f x if , f- ' ', Z A ' 'Ziyi A 9,31 71 it lil Q! p f , , 3 1 -0 Ex-f 1-ST: gli .1233 N , 'K 1' ' , . V' V 'su 5" -X N , ' 0 W X .0 53412 . -- , , --An -59. .-. . Q5 -Q6 . . -5 . - ,Q kfbl. 1.44 . I, . ,fr -9 g-:guyz X .r, I , I F ff H . . I My H Q -sgfw fn ,Ex -K 11.5 A x r my 1 'E 'ff' "---f A ' ' f.. 4 ' 3 3 5 - - . -:.,,i4:'W. -A ' . W: " . be ww tes" as A - 5727 17 A- 9 1 at 1 1 A 1 -1 . - f 2 sifgif- A . W, K if ' get in 1 3 2' 3? G it H. -me ff?-M. we Q' A I' , Ufu.. 1" 5 1 .' Ai I , E in I: M in E ' fg D Q N ' . I--M ','ifl."551iQ..Z1"'i1 i - -, ...U ' ,,,,,,...-.-' -, .w i , -1 0. w-. I , ' A """""f' A N ni It A ""' if-Lf "if '-AL.. , . ' - .1 N ..,. . H' H' Q, 1---'Q' '95 ff 4 1 'All -A -at- 1856-1870 1878-1953 1953 . -,,w,.,,,-Nu,,a,,,,,,,,,,Lm,n,L .h7,,,n ,mi L., Wm-. ag: Q ,..:-Q.. pf--:...x ......,-.-,.f.,g,:v- -4- ffisfary of V. ll. Buildings LOG CABIN 1801-1811 FIRST BUILDING This primitive log structure was the home of Jefferson Academy from its organization in 1801, until it was absorbed by Vincennes University in 1811. The academy is said to have stood on the South edge of the present campus, near the Harrison Mansion. and to have contained only two small classrooms. It was constructed ofnative cypress logs set on end,after the method used bythe pioneer French inhabitants. The Jefferson Academy sketch was made by William F. Kaiser, from a description prepared from memory by John Brooks Wise, 41854-19331 a native of Vincennes and an alumnus of the University. 1811-1839 In 1807 the Trustees of the University purchased for S200 the tract of land which is now bounded by Fifth, Perry, Sixth and Hart Streets in Vincennes for the use as a college campus. During the same year construction was started on a commoduous two and a half story building but it was not ready for occu- pancy until 1811. Shortly thereafter it was used as a hospital for soldiers wounded at the Battle of Tippecanoe. It was here in 1837 that Vincennes University established the first medical school in Indiana. In 1839 the Uni- versity became embarrassed with debt and was obligated to sell the property which was purchased by the Bishop of Vincennes and used, successively as a Catholic college, an orphanage and by St. Rose Academy. 1853-1875 After selling its property and paying its debts in 1839, the University had a small amount of money left and in 1840 purchased a new site at the northwest corner of Fifth and Busseron Streets for 3500. Meanwhile, the State Legislature had established a new rival institution at Vincennes to be known as the Knox County Seminary, but the county officials did not have enough money to provide it with a building. The Trustees of the University thereupon sold the newly ac quired lot to the county and loaned it sufficient money to complete a building, taking a mortgage for security. The Seminary building was completed in 1850 and in 1853 the University foreclosed its mortgage and took over the property. Thus after fourteen troublesome years, Vincennes University again had a modest home of its own. This was used until 1875 when it was removed to make way for a new building. 1856-1870 After a few years the University outgrew the building it had acquired from the county in 1853 and in 1856 the Trustees purchased the lot diagonally across the street for 35600. By the expenditure of the additional sum of S1700 a modest frame building was erected. Known as the "Female Department" it was used until 1870 when it was abandoned for school purposes. 1878-1953 In 1878 the University contracted for a new three story brick building on the site it owned at the corner of Fifth and Busseron Streets. In 1880 an addition was built at the rear of this building. This constituted the building occupied by the University in 1953 when it was relocated on the present campus. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 1953 Vincennes University moved to the new campus, the former site of Harrison Park, in the Fall of 1953.The new structure was made possible by the public fund campaign. The campus has been under con- stant development since 1953 with new buildings being added almost yearly to keep pace with the stu- dent body growth. EAST HALL 1962 East Hall was the first residence hall and was constructed in 1962 as a single story structure. In 1964 the upper story was added. WEST HALL 1965 West Hall construction was begun in 1965 during the summer and completed for the Fall term the same year. NEW RESIDENCE As the yearbook goes to press construction has begun on the third residence which when completed will house 470 students. ff R Dcdir firm The Staff of Vincennes University's annual, LE REVOIR, takes pride and pleasure in dedicating the 1967 annual to the Indiana Legislature and to all members of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, who recog- nized the significance of a broad, comprehensive program of post high school education in an accredited institution whose doors are open to all the Statejs youth, and thereby expanded financial support for lndiana's one junior college. Indiana Governor Roger Branigin is shown here addressing the General Assembly of I967. He is delivering his speech in the House of Representatives. VINCENNES UNIVERSITY: 'tln 1965, the Legislature for the first time appropriated funds for the support of Vincennes University. The S300,000 was wisely used. The en- rollment of this junior college has trebled in three years. And it today serves 1.939 students. some of whom were in the lower half of their high school class." 'tThe budget committee approved a biennial appropriation of 3S400,000. . . . I recom- mend that you reward the efforts of the institution by increasing the appropriation to S500,000 and an additional sum of SI00,000 for the rehabilitation of some industrial buildings which these frugal people will use for college purposes. I cannot help but com- mend their resourcefulness and fiscal magic." Excerpt from the G0vernor's Budget Message to the General Assembly -1--.'---'-- Left to right: Rep. John F. Shawley, Chairman of the Ways and Means committeeg Rep. William D. Standing under the Seal of lndiana is Le Revoir Editor, Ruclcelshaus, Maiority Floor Leaderp Dr. Otis R. Bowen, House Speakerp Rep. Richard C. Bodone, Royce Mason, flanked by Representative Ben Rickets, and Minority Floor Leader and Royce Mason. Senator Robert Fair. Royce Mason presenting a copy of the 1966 Le Revoir to Lt. Governor Robert L. Rock, President ofthe Indiana State Senate. Other legislators are, from left, Senator Jack H. Mankin, President pro temp Senator Marlin K. McDaniel, Minority Floor Leader and on ex- treme right, Senator Robert O'Bannon, Chairman ofthe Finance Committee. 7 . DR. ISAAC K. BECKES President of Vincennes University The academic year 1966-67 will be remembered as the year Vincennes University's resources were expanded to the limit in an effort to serve the increasing number of young people who sought her ser- vices. In spite of strained resources of all kinds, it has been a good year, indeed, an outstanding year. This year's achievements are traceable quite clearly to an earnest student body, a dedicated faculty, and the continued support ofthe friends and alumni ofthe new Vincennes University. Isaac K. Beckes - ,g ' Jufrnduvfivu 2711 ,4 dminis tration 'iii'3:i3:IEi'i2i-:iiiEI'-A-'IEE'-55?-E2L?:iL"i:i'5I:i'-' "?.'1:1E ."Ii.."E?'.' ' :' E'5.?" 'TE'.'e'..'a-4-..':a.'.':.-..u:'.''..f:-is-.::'.-5-E.5."Ii-'15 L2.1L1.'.!?-E-'2'-'.E'-12-2'-?.5-'2-'.E'-11'.'l'.32.1A."-E1 iE5::5I3:E.'iE2-'5-1?-7E::::E':Ei-3151 X I 55:3 Q 522:32-5' 555i -la:-5-5 'wmv' I f fl .I 'I fl 1 ffl ff ' J ff f 10 DEAN J. HOWARD HILL Dean of the Faculty A.B. Indiana University, l925 M.S. Indiana University, l930 Graduate Worlc at Columbia, Northwestern and Iowa Universities l i qi 0' Gi The Dean of the Faculty serves as chairman of the Curriculum ui Committee, which develops new programs and adapts old programs. The Dean makes the class and examination schedules and chairs gl the Academic Affairs Committee. ol The Dean gives assistance to the faculty in regard to policies SI and procedures. "3 ow ,i i i Admin! mmm T l DEAN CORNELIA CARTER Dean of Women, Director of Student Activities DePauw University, East Stroadsburg State College, Southern Methodist University -A.B., Indiana University-M.S., Denver University, University of Illinois x,w- X wr ,wr f.:.i 7 - - i- 1-A-----1-pi The Dean of Admissions is in charge of the re- cruiting and admissions programs and the policies relating to them. He receives and answers all re- quests for information concerning entrance to Vin- cennes University. Also under his supervision and direction are the activities and policies of the Reg- istrar's office. ..,. . A . 4. Q' . X . 'Q as DEAN STEPHEN A. VIOLANTE Director of Public Relations Wesylyan University, B. A. University of Hartford, M. S. University of Michigan Omaha V4 dmilfzi tration DEAN PRESTON B. ALBRIGHT Dean of Men and Guidance Colorado College, A. B. University of Colorado, A. B. Stanford University University of Minnesota Indiana University Div! im iff ffumauifie Training in the humanities as part of liberal arts is most practical. lt is the fundamental on which all spe- cialization should be based. J. H. H. DEAN J. HOWARD HILL Director ot Humanities A. B., indiana University, l925 M. S., Indiana University, l930 Graduate study--Columbia University Northwestern and Iowa Universities The humanities lead everywhere 1n that they lead into every useful walk of life, into every type of gainful em- ployment. The humanities are interested in the student as Well as the subjects and in opening up for the student the means by which more learning may be acquired. The humanities want to help people become all they are capable of being. They want the student to learn the techniques of knowing and what are the roots of truth and how he may acquire understanding and wisdom. They are interested in values, meanings, and the ca- pacity ofthe student to make distinctions and to form discriminating judgements. They want to develop the capacity for conviction and to stimulate him if possible to dedicate himself to the highest good he knows. - -,Swv -fu-A-.... -if---V v-- - - - vw - -7 - l l MRS. DOROTHY BAILEY MRS. DOROTHY BROWNING Assistant in English Lab Assistant in English Lab Vincennes University Indiana University 1 VAWAIM DR. ROBERT CAGLE MRS. ELISABETH CRAWFORD MRS. JANE GODARE Associate Prof. of Eng. and Speech Associate Professor of English English Assistant B. S., Southern lllinois Normal U., i951 Ph. B. University of Chicago, i927 M. A. Southern lllinOiS Normal U., i952 M. S. Indiana University, i958 Ph. D. University of Illinois, 1966 Graduate work--Indiana U., U.C. L.A, Director of Buffet Theatre Universify of Pennsylvania MRS. BETTY JOHNSON MRS. GEORGI GARNER JOHNSON English Assistant Assistant Professor in English Indiana University, B. A., M. A. i ll Department nf English and ,Cifr aiu 6 The Department of English designs courses to fulfill the common needs of all Vincennes University students, including the respective needs of terminal and transfer students. It makes an effort to provide the skills in and attitudes and understanding of the nature and function of the language and its literature to enable students to perform successfully in other departments and to suc- ceed in the pursuit of the educational objectives. lt provides several courses in English Composition and Developmental Reading, two specialized courses in Communications and five literature courses. Other course offerings include Speech, Theater, Voice and Diction, Mass Communications, and English Grammar. The Department has a Reading laboratory and a recent- ly established Audio-Tutorial English laboratory. The staff, headed by Mrs. Harriette Groscop, is composed of twenty-four instructors who devote full time and three who devote part-time to teaching English. S ti? r MRS. HARRIETTE GROSCOP Chairman ofthe English Department A. B., Franklin College M. S., lndiana State University Graduate work--Indiana University g.i.h:,.... . .4.fs..-M. ,U--fr ----- -e-A 1 - MISS LUCILLE KAUL MRS. JESS KEYSER Associate Professor of English Vincennes University A. B., Bethany College, I926 Indiana University M. A., U. of New Mexico, I953 Universify gf Illinois Eastern Illinois Univers MRS. MARTHA LIBBY MISS AMY GOODHUE LOOMIS English Assistant Professor of Speech and Dramatics A. B., University of Michigan, 1922 American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 1923 Goodman School of Theatre, I929 Northwestern University, 1938-39 ity X pn fr f, ,y 4 , 4 ' f r . MYRON S. MCKITTRICK Assistant Professor of English B. D., Butler University, I955 M. S. Indiana University, I96I Graduate work--Indiana University if" - a 5 . MRS. JAMES MILLER MRS. RITA POTTER English Assistant B. S. Eastern Illinois University l i vvl. JAMES PRINCE JOSEPH RALEY Associate Professor ot English Associqfe Professor of English A. B., M. S., U. ot South CC1rOIir'lCI B, SH Indiana State College, Grdduvte W0YI4"Ge0f9e Pe0I90dY Graduate work--Indiana State C., 1959 College for Teachers MRS. JANE SIDDONS MRS. RALPH SIMON English Assistant Mankete State, Minnesota, B. S. MRS. LOUISE WEBB A. B. and M. A. University of Illinois JAMES WELTQN LAURA B. ZANETIS Associate Professor of English English Assistant A. A. Vincennes University A. B. Indiana State U. M. S. Indiana University Graduate work--S. Illinois U. I Zflzy im! Sdumlivn The Vincennes University Department of Physical Education has kept in stride with the continued progress of the University. This past year more students than at any other time in the history of Vincennes University were taught a wider variety of classes than ever before. New classes introduced this year included. Target Archery, Weight Training Wrestling, Advanced Swimming and Life Saving. and Bowling II. These new classes were well received by the students and this reaction further strengthened the belief by the PE. staff that Physical Education in college should center around ac- tivities that the student may learn now and continue to use throughout his life. Added facilities and an improved intramural pro- gram also enhanced the opportunity for student partici- pation this year. The acquisition of Vincennes Bowling Lanes and the conversion of the old Becker Motors site into a recreation building and area were a great help in making this year resourceful. The intramural program for both men and women were expanded and hardly an even- ing went by thatdidnit offer some student group a chance BEN JOHNSON of our program. is Associate Professor of Physical Education B. S., Indiana State College, I96l M. S., Indiana State College, I962 to I IERNON HOUCHINS to S., Vincennes University, 1963 i. S., Indiana State College, i966 MISS RUTH MEAD Assistant Professor of Phys ical Ed. B. S., Indiana State College, i964 M. S., Indiana State University, I964 to compete and participate. Our PE. personnel are looking forward to next year and hope for new facilities and continued improvement WAYNE WILSON Vincennes Bowling Lanes, Mgr Dilfi im nf Scim 6 and Mathematic The Science Division includes the areas of Life Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Earth Science and Agriculture. CURTIS ALAN DHONAU Professor of Chemistry B. A., DePauw University M. S., Indiana University Mississippi State University Practically every student that attends Vincennes University enrolls in one or more courses in this di- vision. The majority of these are the Pre-Professional Students, Chemistry, Biology, of Math majors, Secondary Education majors with teaching fields in science, Agri- culture and Home Ec majors, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, or Pre-Dental students. The Division also offers General Education courses for the non-science major, specialized courses for stu- dents in the Vocational-Technical areas, and refresher courses for students without the necessary pre-requi- sites for the Pre-Professional courses. T l -1 .1 1 ii 'i 4 U ,i li :I 1. i ii li l ,i I il is li r 1 i ii 1 it ,I 1 I il l U l l l i i il : i i I l i i i i V ...MM T- -, -. ..- , ,--.,. 777 JAY BARDOLE MRS. SHEILA FITES Assistant Professor of Chemistry Assistant Professor of Geography B. A., Grinnell College M. A., DePauw University 'J MRS. KAYE KEPLEY HALLIS LEIGHLY MARIANNE MORGAN Vincennes University Professor of Science Assistant Professor of Biology B. S., Indiana State College B. S., M. S., University of Illinois B. S., Eastern Illinois U., 1964 Good Samaritan Hospital School Butler University M. S., Eastern Illinois U., I965 of Medical Technology ASCP University of Wisconsin - MRS. DOROTHY PALMER WARREN POTTER Science Assistant Assistant Professor of Biology B. S. Eastern Illinois U., 1963 M. S., Eastern Illinois U., l965 RANDALL s SCHORMANN I I Instructor in .Life Sciences JAMES L' SCHURTER , Southern llllnols Unlverslw Assistant Professor of Science Joliet Jr College M. S., Purdue University ' B. A., MacMurray University Eastern Illinois University B. S. in Education ROBERT F. STALCUP G. WARREN STE PHENSON Instructor in Chemistry Assistant Professor in Physics B. S. Indiana State University B. A., Evansville University M. S., Ball State University MISS CAROLYN THOMPSON JOHN WALKER Science Assistant Associate Professor of Biological Vincennes University Sciences Indiana University B. S., Eastern IIIinois U., I950 M. S., University of IIIinois, I95I Graduate work--University of Illi- nois and Drake University Department nf A4 fzflzemzzfic ALLEN L. BRADFIELD Chairman ot the Mathematics Dept Professor of Mathematics and Director of Athletics A. S., Vincennes University, 1948 B. S., University of Illinois, l95O M. S., Indiana University, 'I955 Graduate work--Clark University The Mathematics Department offers courses in three areas. There are those designed for transfer credit, those intended to improve a student's background, and those required in certain terminal programs of the Career Division. The transfer courses are those normally offered at the freshmen and sophomore level of any four-year col- lege. This year an elementary course in Differential Equations has been added to the list for math and en- gineering majors. To supplement the courses intended to improve a student's background and prepare him for taking transfer courses the department has available three auto-tutors, two film projectors., and other audio- visual aids. Additional auto-tutors are on order and a new mathematics laboratory is being planned. The ter- minal mathematics sequence now includes two courses in applied mathematics, one in technical solutions, and one in applied statistics. ' An interdependent sequence of four courses is being developed corresponding more clearly to the needs of the students in the various technical programs. 21 F 'W K' -I MRS. SHARON C. CHIANG MISS LINDA DALE Instructor of Drafting and Math Instructor in Math and Chemistry A. S., Vincennes University, l96l A. S., Vincennes University 1963 B. S., Indiana State University, I963 B. S., Indiana State University 1965 Graduate Work, Indiana State U. JOSEPH FISCHER MRS. HELEN E. H. LEWIS JOHN E. MCGAUGHEY InStrUCTOr in MG'fI'1em0TiCS Director of Dunseth Planetarium Dulce University A- A-I Vincennes UUIVUSITYI 1962 A. B., Swarthmore College Vincennes University A- B-1 I"'dI0l"0 Sfflie College, 1964 M. A., Smith College A. B., M. A., U of lllin M- S-1 Indiana Sfflfe UUIVSVSIIY Harvard U., Rutgers U. Illinois Institute of Technology Graduate study-Trenton State College RICHARD JAMES RUPPEL Mathematics A. B., St. Meinrad College U. ot Dayton, U. of Georgia Butler University, M. S. Ohio State University Illinois Institute ot Technology WILLIAM STEGEMOLLER Assistant Professor in Math B.S., M.S., Indiana State U Purdue University If ia! rim 6 Div! inn I I I I I I CHELSEA L. LAWLIS A. B., Franklin College M. A.,' Ph. D., Indiana University Chairman of Social Science Div. The Social Science Division is designed to make the student aware of the development and the present status of the basic knowledge in the social sciences. Since most of the students in the division intend to transfer to senior college,they are prepared for advanced courses by the two year academic program. Social Science instruction is also given to students in the vo- cational terminal programs. Plans are being made now to introduce some audio-tutorial instruction in the division. More than half of the students in this area are en- rolled in either education or business. Courses offered by the division include General Psychology,Educational Psychology, Child Development, European History, United States History, World Civilization, Indiana His- tory, History of Ancient Israel, First Century Church History, American National Government, State Govern- ment, Sociology, Social Problems, Marriage and Family, Economics, American Institutions, Contemporary Issues, and Political Science Seminar. 23 03 "f""-w ' r f PRESTON B. ALBRIGHT DR. JUNE DOLLAHAN Dean of Men and Guidance Professor of Psychology and Contemporary American Issues English B. Ed., Eastern Illinois U. M. A., University of Illinois Ph. D., Northwestern University 4, ORVILLE F. MOORE RAYMOND J. RALEY Psychology Economics Central Normal C. 3yr. Diploma A. B., M. A. Indiana State U. B. S. and M. S. Iowa State U. Purdue University Ph. D. Indiana University ROBERT SCHULTHEIS FRED WALKER Career Division Government and Journalism Vincennes University QA. AJ TRAILBLAZER Sponsor St. .Iosephvs College A. B. B. A. Indiana University Graduate work--Indiana University .qwm WWWM- MRS. K. HELEN JENSEN Social Studies and English A. B., Nebraska Wesleyan M. S., Kearney State College Denver U., Temple U. Graduate work--U. of Kentucky RON RIDGLEY U. S. History A. B., M. A., Ph. at Indiana University B. G. WEBB History B. A. Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois M. A. University of Illinois Work on Ph. D.--U. of Illinois 24 I ,illiuuilillmll vllnsnvu'-'. vfiw. -a, m m-fwiifit-m.i -1 . in Hzzreer Division THOMAS E. RECKERD Chairman Career Division B. S., M. S., Indiana State University The Career Division consist of four different areas: Technical, Health, Business-Distributive Education, and Home Economics-Institutional Services, whose purpose is to help young people prepare to enter specialized occupational fields. The Division is dedicated to the development of the total society in which man lives. Long range planning with future needs in mind and guidance from industrial and business leaders have helped to provide the Career Division with modern equipment and methods. Programs have been developed and expanded to meet the needs of today's technological society. With the continued leadership and support of Vin- cennes University administration the Career Division will continue to grow and serve the needs of students and community for total education. 25 I vpn rfmenf of E' clzrzzflogy MARION BLACKBURN Purdue University Ball State University B. S., M. S., Indiana State University The Technical Department was formed to develop programs to prepare the student as a skilled worker in a technical field. These students are well prepared to be- come the technical leaders and supervisors in industry. These courses are developed with the help of industry and give the student the skill and knowledge of today as well as the background needed for additional growth in a changing technological world. The Technical Department is dedicated to serving those students who do not elect a four-year degree but who desired an education in skill development. The rapid technological advances today require that a non- degree student acquire a high degree of skill, theory and manipulation in order to effectively compete in our society of today. ' ' ' zlm:1.a4.mnur-van.:-1 ""' .i- ""'- i - -v zzrxnnru.-...m ulruzag- c .-- , .- f it .Q-1.1-:Lv f .- 55 Z -4 ROBERT N. S. CHIANG GERALD E. DAILY Head Professor of Drafting and Design Career Division B. S., Chu Hai University, i955 Industrial Coordinator lndiana State Teachers College NELSON W. FULLER JESSE VERNON JOHNSON Electronics Department Technical Department Indiana State University, B. S. Vincennes University U. S. Navy Electronics Technician School DAVID BOESCHE MELVIN A. ERNY Laboratory Assistant in Staff in Drafting Dept. Auto Mechanics GERALD E. McC.AIG Technology Department Instructor RICHARD H. MURPHY Drafting Technology Department Oakland City College Indiana State University B.S. Allied Institute of Technology-B. T. E. ARTHUR G. SCHULTZ Career Division Graphic Reproductions Indiana State University, B. S. .lf EDWIN J. STOLL Career Division Printing Instructor Kemper Military College Milwaukee Institute Technology Indiana State University STEPHEN SIMONDS Instructor in Automotive Mechanics Technology B. S., Indiana State Teach GEORGE WHITEHOUSE Laboratory Instructor in Automotive Mechanics Technology ers College Vincennes University - fuf-4-hi I l 31 F! in ii' I I it l l l l I 1 v. um 1-if if.1vu--t.-u,A.nv'.:- ,4 lfiafizfn Cvclzzwlrfgy i fe s Mu. P . . 1 One of the planes used for flight instruction. O Neal A The Aviation Technology Program operates under the direction of Vincennes University's Career Division and is located at O'Neal Airport, one mile west of Vincennes. The program was first offered for Aviation Mechan- ics Technology students in 1965 and was located in the television building on the main campus. In the summer of 1966, the University acquired the O'Neal Airport and moved the mechanics facility to their new location. In the fall of 1966 the Aviation Technology Program added Commercial Flight Technology to its program. Enrollment in the second semester of the 1966-67 school year was twenty-four Aviation Mechanics Tech- nology students and twenty-nine Commercial Flight Technology students. MAJOR HARRY T. WATTS JR., lRet.I Aviation Department Flight instructor USAF Pilot Training School, USAF Communications Officers School, USAF Electronic Cryptographic School, Parks Air College, Mainten- ance Engineering 1 irport is pictured in the background. WALTER M. HOLLINGSWORTH ERNEST R. ROLLER JR. Aviation Department, Airport Mgr. Aviation Department, Purdue University Flight Instructor Commercial Pilot A and P Mechanic WILLIAM D. KING Aviation Dept. Flight Instructor Spartan School of Aeronautics Certified Flight Instructor Commercial Pilot 29 Dfparfmcnf af 1671 in ss FORREST MCGLONE B. S., lndiana State University M. S., l. U. School of Business Fellowship U. of Wisconsin The Business Department of Vincennes University offers: 1. The first two years of education needed for the com- pletion of a baccalaureate degree in business. 2. Terminal curricula intended to prepare students for employment immediately upon the completion of a course of study. 3. Additional education for employed persons enabling workers to be upgraded in present positions, and re- training those who Wish to change occupations. The degree program in Business Administration offers a broader background in the humanities, but the Business Department is convinced that a general education back- ground is necessary in terminal courses. These terminal curricula are designed so as to include as much general education as time will allow in two years of study. The Business Department attracts more students each year than any other department of the University. DAVID BURRALL Instructor in Data Processing Rose Polytechnic Institute Texas Technological College B. S. in Business Indiana State U. Indiana State U. ---Graduate work TOM DOYLE Instructor in Business fn X 1' MRS. MARIETTA CAIN FULLER Instructor in Business ITechnicall GORDON A. GOODMAN Business and Distributive Education Coordinator A. S., Vincennes University B. S., Indiana University M. S., Indiana State University Bradley University MURPHY LAND Instructor in Business MRS. SHERILYN MARSHALL Instructor in Business MRS. EDITH MAY Instructor in Data Processing A. S., Vincennes University B. S. Indiana State University Graduate work--Indiana State U. MRS. PAUL R. SWEENEY Business Department Vincennes University, A. S. Indiana State University, B. S. Attending Indiana State working toward M. S. STEPHEN A. VIOLANTE Associate Professor of Business B. A. Wesleyan University, I950 M. E. University of Hartford, HiIIyer College, 1957 Graduate work, U. of Michigan and University of Omaha MRS. LENA WALDEN Associate Professor of Business A. B. Indiana State University M. S. Indiana University '---1-+vn1 i i i i i i i i i i liRM'l1!.!'J'1l1tYi1Z4' " "'r- ' i,':lul!lll!l 'mNJ'.La..,.i-u- - - --- --A - apartment of ,Nur my Vincennes University established the first Associate Degree Nursing Program in the state of Indiana. In l958, the Program was approved by the Indiana State Board of Nursesl Registration and Nursing Education. The Nursing Program was also selected as one of the twelve schools to participate in the Sealantic Proiect supported by the Rockefeller Foundation and administered by the National League tor Nursing. The purpose of this Program is to provide an ap- proved. formalized educational program that will prepare the graduate to give care to patients as beginning prac- i titioners of nursing in a hospital or other clinical health agencies. They are prepared to share responsibility for the patient's welfare with other members of the nursing and health staff, The Program consists of two academic years and one summer session. This type of Nursing Program provides a means of correlating the philosophy and standards of nursing education with those of general education. After the completion of the Program, the graduates are awarded an Associate of Science Degree from the University and are eligible to write the Indiana State Licensing Examin- ation for Registered Nursesi Practical Nursing became part of the Vincennes University curriculum in September of 1966. The L.P.N. students affiliate with the local nursing homes, Good Samaritan Hospital, and eventually the Daviess County Hospital in Washington The purpose of the Vincennes University Department of Practical Nursing is to provide an approved, formal- ized educational program that will prepare the person to share in the prevention of disease, care of the sick, and restorative nursing within the scope ofthe defined func- tions ofthe practical nurse. . Graduates of this Program are prepared to function as an actively participating member of the health team, They are prepared to give nursing care to patients in situations that are relatively free of complexity under the supervision of the registered nurse and to assist professional nurses in giving nursing care to patients in more complex situations. The Program consists of 12 months of study with 4 months in the preclinicalarea, and 8 months in the clini- cal area. After completion of the Program,the students MISS.LEE GODARE are eligible to take the State Board Examination for Nurslng Department B. S., Indiana University M. S., Indiana University L.P. Nurses, 33 at MRS. LGVETA JUDY MISS ROSEMARY KING Nursing Department Nursing Department B. S., Indiana University B. S., University of Illinois M. S., lndiana University M. S., Indiana University MRS. CAROLINE M. PICKETT MRS. STELLA RISCH Nursing Department Nursing Department Vincennes University B. S., Indiana University B. S., M. S., Indiana University Work on M. S., Indiana U Methodist Hospital School of Nursing MRS. THOMAS RYCHENER MRS. JAMES MILLER Nursing Department Nursing Department Goshen College B. S., R. N., Indiana University Evansville College Western Kentucky State University B. S. degree in Nursing - lovin:-wIs1nmmx!vuaN'xn-""-avant' - ri 'un :ummm-L-y -nnnuuammau4A4mnu.i..i..i4nL. .uu.i..9.nn4.. mr -.1 ' ,...' tnetent Per ennel ereiee Department STEPHEN VIOLANTE As the University has grown, the various Student Per- sonnel Services have been developed to meet their needs. In the past these offices have been more or less independent of each other. Now the offices have combined so that their services may be developed and offered as an over - all program, Included in the Department are the offices of: Admis- sions. Dean of Men, Dean of Women. Registrar. Director of Housing, Student Finance, Counseling and Guidance. and Clinical Psychologist. Through these offices and the department the following services and activities are organized and offered: Veteran Affairs, Orientation, Placement, Student Activities. Health Services, Selective Service, Housing. Counseling and Guid- ance,Testing, Student Finance, Extra-Curricular activities, Recruitment and Discipline. The department is responsible in the following areas to: 1. Develop the objectives and philosophy of the Student Personnel Service of the University. 2. Organize the various services into a total program for recruitment, enrollment, and guidance of students. 3. Make recommendations to the faculty and adminis- tration concerning ways and means of effectively counseling students in the University. 4. Recommend such studies as will be helpful in pro- viding information concerning the background, pro- gress and accomplishments of the students at Vin- cennes University. 35 A G R I C U L T U R E DR. ELLSWORTH P. CHRISTMAS LAWRENCE P. BOHL DR. DANIEL MEADOR Professor of Agronomy and B. S. Purdue University Professor in Agriculture Agriculture M. S. Purdue University B. S. Louisiana State University Ph. D., M. S., B. S., Purdue U. Graduate work toward Ph. D. M. S. University of Missouri Ph. D. Kansas State University KENNETH UMFLEET RICHARD ERTEL MRS. LINDA TUCKER Professor of Piano Assistant Professor of Music B. Mus., Indiana University, 1958 B. M. Oberlin College, I925 B. Mus., Chicago Conservatory of B. Mus. Ed., Indiana University, I958 M.. A.Columbia University, 1932 Music, I952 Graduate work--Columbia University M. Mus., Chicago Conservatory of and Northwestern University Music, 1953 L A N G U A G E MRS. VERA BRENTON HERMAN EINSMAN Assistant Professor in French Associate Professor of Languages M. A., University of Egan, Heidelberg and Normid, Germany Graduate work--State U. of New York MRS. CAROLL DEEM A. S., Vincennes University B. S. Indiana State University M. S. Indiana University Purdue U. and Evansville U. Graphic kcproducfiaus ww RUDY J. MULLIS MRS. KATHLEEN NIEHAUS Graphic Reproductions Dept. Graphic Reproductions Dept. Production Manager ASSiSt0nT Hvmpufer Kanter STEVE BURKHART IBM Computer Center Manager LINDA RUBLE IBM Computer Center Assistant .sz NANCY ORCHARD IBM Computer Center Assistant SUSAN L. WILSON IBM Computer Center Assistant I .J . . 1 'ef-4135 l6'mrd of Zrus ice Former Governor Matthew E. Welsh lsecond from lettl being welcomed as the new President ofthe Board ofTrustees. Left to right, Dr. Isaac K. Beckes, Mr. Welsh Judge Curtis G. Shake and Mr. Clarence McCormick, vice-president of the Board. Mr. Welsh succeeds Judge Shake, who served as president of the Board for many yea rs . Nflr. Matthew E. Welsh., President Judge Curtis G. Shake, President Emeritus Vlr. Clarence J. McCormick, First Vice-President Dr. Nathaniel Ewing, Second Vice-President Vlrs. Florence G. Watts, Secretary Nflrs. Albert Rosenberg, Treasurer D. Isaac K. Beckes Robert V. Bierhaus, Assistant Secretary Nlr. Vlr. Gerald J. Minderman Dr. John B. Anderson Vlr. Glen Bretz Vlrs. Richard Brumfield Vlr. Edson Catt Vlr. Joseph P. Day Nlrs. Richard Dun seth Vlr Vlr Mr 'Vlr Vlr Vlr Nlr Nflr Vlr Mr Nlr Mr Mr Mr S Maurice Gosnell Robert C. Graham Robert E. Green George Hayes William Johnson Curtis G. Kimmell Edward W. Kuhn Byron R. Lewis Adler Lyons Joseph Riley Charles H. Schenk John Snyder . Zella Young Donald Bell, Attorney FOUNDATION BOARD Vlr. Lyman Bell Vlr. Philip Benefiel Vlr. Richard Dunseth Dr. C.P. Fox Vlr. Karl Glover Nlr. Carl Grey Vlr. W.B. Gray Nflr. John R. Miller Nllr. James Prather Vlr. Frank Sargent Vlr. Carl Schaller Nflr. Paul Sweeney Nflr. John Welsh .VIr. Frank Zoll, Executive Director Vlr. Robert Schultheis, Secretary Vlr. Donald Bell, Attorney 1 . ': -A i i f l l I i I i 1. ll il l ll 1 n l l ll 1 E n l l l V in I l - ','.-'L.L..,.-wxalllvx' 5.11W""!' ' ' ' ' , .!:'Ana.1mn.u1umn-ux1ua'aaxng:v-ais..uaunm..1 '-' '- MRS. GAZELLA SUMMITT Administrative Secretory to the President Dr. Isaac K. Beckes, president, looking over plans for the Ebner Building with Pro- fessor Robert N. S. Chiang,ond Mr. Marion T. Goddy, ofthe Hoosier Gas Corporation. MISS REBA WILSON Secretary to Mr. Bottomfield MR. JACK BOTTOMFIELD Assistant to the President B. S., Illinois University M. S., Illinois University .M iiiiwiff 'f V 5 .1,' 3 MR. CARL WEIDNER MRS. DORIS A. DAUGHERTY MR. B. B. MCDONALD Purchasing Agent Controller Chief Accountant MRS. MADGE M. KLEIN MISS JEAN MCCARTHY Assistant to Controller ASSISTGHT to Controller MRS. PAULINE R. LENAHAN MRS. FRANCES IRWIN MRS. MARY LOUISE FAULKNER Cashier PBX Operator PBX Operator !.L'f"f".'l4z" .2Z!A'vmlbL5.rF4'r"'-' - ' . . um.miu1efn1uxrn:'mn!nmauu'nx':smax. fudenf ,4 ids GUIDANCE STUDENT FINANCE OFFICE DR. ROBERT COWGIL Ph.D., Indiana State University MR. PHILLIP M. SUMMERS Indiana University, B.S., M.S. MRS. DONALD E. MASON Secretary to Dr. Cowgill MRS. JUDIE TROWERIDGE RESERVATIONS MRS. RICHARD MURPHY Oakland City College, B.S. ncliana State University, M.S. MISS MARGARET L. BAKER Reservation Personnel kegistrzzr Keep permanent records on students. Issue grade reports at the end of each semester and at mid-term. Issue transcripts to other colleges for students who transfer. Keep up to date file on colleges with current catalogs. Keep in close contact with other colleges on changes in curricula, etc. Help students work out programs to meet requirements for transfer to other colleges. Keep close watch on programs to see if students meet requirements here for graduation. Order diplomas for graduates. Evaluate credits of students who transfer here from an- other college. Issue lists of students for each semester and also on students who withdraw from school. Make reports to the president, state, and government. MISS MEDRITH A. JORDAN MISS DELORES SNYDER Registrar Secretary to the Registrar Public Ke ations MRS. BARBARA DeBOER Public Relations Mrs. Barbara DeBoer joined the Public Relations de- partment at the beginning of 1967. Following her graduation from Vincennes University with an associate in science de- gree, she continued her studies at Purdue University for a year and a half. Her duties in the department include releasing all news items, covering campus events and reporting them, coordin- ating news, mailings and general information from each de- partment,attending conferences on behalf of the University, speaking at functions concerning the activities of the school whenever called upon and helping to publicize the 1- courses offered through writing and distributing brochures to any interested persons or groups. Tours of campus are conducted upon request and information is dispersed to any medium which desires it. One of the important duties of the public relations de- partment is to act as a laison between the Alumni, the Alumni Executive Committee and the Administration, seek- ing to promote understanding and the aid of all alumni in the University's present and future. " " haw, , W MM... .!gg.d'.IJL1k.ziiA'!.?L!f- ' "' 'T in Temporary bookstore in Library wing at opening of 1966 Fall term. MR. JAMES D. MCQUAID Co-manager 'Z WW MRS. MARIE MCQUAID Co-manager Old Pa I l6'wkst1f 5 , 5 iir, MRS. MILDRED BROTHERS MRS. BARBARA MEIER Bookstore Assistant Bookstore Assistant Interior view of Old Post Bookstore In Student Union z 25234 , . , . ,,-.15,a.i-fwzz' 1 X ' ' W -'JZWEDI' MRS. FRANCES BECKES Bookstore Assistant Gigi's "Black Rocket", bookstore mascot. 43 Exterior of Library MR. HUMPHREY OLSON Librarian MRS. ALICE W. PITKIN MRS. JEAN MCKITRICK MRS. GRACE OLSON Assistant Librqriqn Assistant Librarian Assistant Librarian urns G. Shake Library if ...ff MRS. LYNETTE WETZEL MR. RICHARD H. FIDLER Secretary Assi stant Librarian MR. ROLLIN J. ROBB -f Audio-Visual Technician Audio-Visual Department - to Interior view of Reading F and Reference Room in the Library V-MIIQEJE-f"35'f' ' 40, Val ey Advance 4'The VALLEY ADVANCE is a weekly newspaper pub- lished by Vincennes University, lt is not a campus paper but a publication of general circulation. From 200 subscrib- ers in September of 1964 fthe founding date? the VALLEY ADVANCE now has a readership of over 8,000 -- one of the largest weeklies in Indiana. lt nonapolitical and non-par- tisan and is designed to give positive interpretation to com- munity affairs and events in the greater Wabash Valley area. "Another important function of the VALLEY ADVANCE is to serve as a Hlaboratoryn for VU students in the fic-ld of journalism and graphic arts. These students have the op- portunity of gaining practicalexperience by actually partici- ROSS H. GARRIGUS Editor, Valley Advance paung in the publication of The vALLEY ADVANCE under RAY M- BAKER the direction and guidance of professional newspapermenf' Managing Editor ELLEN CRAWFORD Secretory MRS. JEAN LAWHEAD Composing Room Manager SHARON MULLIS Friden Operator W.Zlll.C In December, l966,W.V.U.T.television initiated a series of public service programs aimed at subscribers to the Com- munity Antenna Television Service. These programs., in ad- dition to the educational service, laid the foundation for expanded educational television service to the entire com- munity. Programming expansion plus technical enlargement kept the staff busy literally day and night. Professional personnel with backgrounds in radio and TV commerical broadcasting found a challenge to be met in the fledgeling operation. The addition of a complete array of new equipment was anticipated to streamline the production effort thus affording Vincennes University the use of one of the most modern ed- ucational TV facilities in the area. Mr. David Goodnow, tar right, interviewing Rev. Jack Davis, Mr. Ron Brown and Rev. DAVID C- GOODNOW John DeSanto as Rudy Wittrock and Mark Lett mon the microphone and camera. Manage' 45 L.. - ,-,.... I MISS PEARL A. ELLIS MRS. N. JUDITH HUFF Secretory to Deon Albright Secretory to the Deon of Admissions Sf. A Q MRS. JEANNETTE KARP MISS MARY ANN KLEIN MISS NELLIE M. NIERSTE Secretory to Deon Hill Secretory to Deon Corter Sec. in the President's Office MRS. EARLENE WHITE MRS. VIRGINIA CAMPBELL Sec. to Superintendent of Construction Sec. to Superintendent of Construction Hg ' 11 .'-,.i,-' MRS. VIVIAN MILLER MISS VIRGINIA THORN Secretary in Administration Office Secretary in English Department nam - 'WZZZW MRS. JUDY JO HARTZ MISS MARVA GOINS MRS. VIRGINIA WALKER Public Relations Secretary Secretary in Career Division Secretary to the Nursing Department was I MISS LINDA BOSWELL MRS. C.A. DHONAU , Sec. to the Practical Nursing Dept. Secretary to Mr. Sanders Jones 'I l I l i ,, - 1 ,f A MRS. RUTH SMALL MRS. GERRE McKAY MRS. RHODA GRANGER Mailing and Duplicating Room Mailing and Duplicating Room Mailing and Duplicating Room E 5 MRS. LOIS COYNE MISS JANET JONES MRS. JANET M. BROWN Business Office Business Office Business Office Mlss WINIFRED ARMSTRONG The Log Cabin, known as the Information Center on campus, is the focal point l-09 Cabin Hostess for many historicaltours on campus and is visited by hundreds of students through- out the year. Miss Winifred Armstrong, is the director of the center and of the Dept. of Historical Preservation. 48 " , .,s'2..C ,",i,'.,'N,',L-3.1 ..g-...tug,4..,,4u,,..,- i 1 l s it K L Sfirsf eufury Cfhurch Rev. Frank L. Baldwin Westminster College BA. New York Theological Seminary STB, STM Union Theological Seminary, New York Using the New Testament as primary source, the course seeks to give an understanding of the life and teaching of Jesus, the work of the apostles and the growth of the early church. Some study is made of historical background and of literary and critical interpretations of the written records. Philvsaplzy Rev. Bernard Lutz, Chaplain of Newman Center B.S. St. Meinrad College Graduate work at the University of Innsbruck, Austria Philosophy is an invigorating field of study bc- cause of the vital questions into which it plunges. It can present its students with the capacity to de- velop a comprehensive view towards living and all it.s ramifications. A terrific integrating factor in one's total life picture precisely because it trains students to go into the depths of fundamental reali- ties. clfior IEW I u I ! N! , 1 1 l l 1 1 i7 iq N X 5529 Wfw' 'A X E "'f !7!Y X 1 A U La- 'T :H ,. ' Raunryu-, ,rv L' mint 611155 Officer 'iwpmv mx Buck row: Tom Himsel, Student Council Representativeg Bill Thomas, Presidentg Jeff Stoops Vice-Presidentg Jim Hopf, Student Senate Representative Front row: Greg Karsa, Treasurerg Marty Gunder, Secretaryg Rod Dent, Student Senate Repre sentative DONALD COOPER ABELL Jasper, Ind. University Bowling Team, University Golf Team, Intermural Sports -Foot- ball, Newman Club GEORGE E. ADAMSON Sandborn, Ind. Stage Band, United Campus Christian Fellowship DOUGLAS AGAN Indianapolis, Ind. Sigma Pi, Intramural Footabll STEVEN ROBERT AHLER Fowler, Ind. Football MICHAEL ALBERTSON Jasper, Ind. Karate Club, Intramural Sports DANIEL R. ALLEGA Vincennes, Ind. .IUDITH ANN ALLEN Vincennes, Ind. United Campus Christian Fellowship Secretary, Alpha Theta Chi, Phi Theta Kappa-Secretary, Student Senate ARL ALTMAN Culver, Ind. Gamma Tau, Resident Hall, Football CLARANCE BERNARD ARM- STRONG JR, Washington, Ind. PAUL DAVID ARMSTRONG Wheatland, Ind. Agriculture Club THERESA ANN ARMSTRONG Owensville, Ind. Home Ec. Club JOSEPH ASCOLESE Catham, New .lersey Intramurals 52 ,, If uwififpil tr, W 164' JAMES R. ASTRIKE French Lick, Ind. Mu Alpha Theta -President LARRY KEITH AUSTIN Terre Haute, Ind. Flying Club THOMAS HAROLD AYLING Westfield, New Jersey Circle K, Young Republicans, Dorm Wing Officer, Organist -St. JOI"lf'l'S Cburcb DAVID MICHAEL BAINES Bloomfield, Ind. American Institute of Drafting and Designing, Karate Club BEVERLY ANN BAKER Vincennes, Ind. Newman Club, Home Ec. Club CLARK DAVID BAKER Washington, Ind. Newman Club GEN EVIEVE LYNN BAKER Brazil, Ind. Home Ec., Distributive Educatio PAUL M. BAKER Vincennes, Ind. STEVEN EUGENE BANKER Fairfield, Ill. BRIAN BARLOW Fremont, Ind. Si ma Pi-Vice President Pla bo Liqliam, Presbyterian Feflowsbip President, Intramural Basketball JAMES DOUGLAS BARNES Elizabeth, Ind. Sigma Pi, Treasurer-Pledge Club MARY VIRGINIA BARRETT Carmel, Ind. Home Ec. Club GARNET BEASLEY Oclon, lnd. CLAUDE F. BEDWELL Vincennes, Ind. LARRY ARTHUR BEETY Kokomo, lnd. Sigma Pi, lniromuruls, D Club, Homecoming TOMMY PRESTON BENNINGTON Washington, Ind. JAMES ROBERT B ENSON Gibson Ci1'y,lll. JOHN ROBERT BERNARD JR Evansville, lnd. Agriculture Club, lnframu 0 Bowling lxlvmaa. .,- H. an ' - Y tL.14..s...uL 4- A--Jun fy? f ALAN LEE BIGGS Seomore, Ind. Le Revoir Staff, Sports Editor, Intramurals, First Semester SANDRA .IEANNIENE BIGGS Vincennes, Ind. Secretary -Alpha Theta Chi, W.R.A. THOMAS L. BISHOP Greenfield, Ind Phi Theta Kappa, Karate Club, Intramurals, Football LARRY DALE BERNARDI Leavenworth, Incl. ROBERT C. BETHURAM Indianapolis, Ind. Chairman of Highmen Sports Club LAWRENCE JOSEPH BETTY Rohwcy, N.J. Intramurals, Delta Gamma iota Nfwkw ' it 1 aff' s. ffl. ?b, A f REBECCA ANN BLANFORD Vincennes, Ind. Beta Xi, Newman Club THOMAS EARL BLANTON Union, Incl. PAUL D. BLOOMER indianapolis, Ind. Intramurals, Football, Tappa Key DUANE LEONARD BLACKER Colfax, lnd. KENT BLACKMAN Hamlet, lnicl. Auto Mechanics Club CARLOYN SUE BLAIR Vincennes, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi, Ensemble 1.3, f-' NORMAN CHARLES BOHNERT Jasper, Ind. Intramurals MARY ANN BOHNERT Vincennes, Ind. I.A.N.S. lCorresponding Sec.I, Phi Theta Kappa WILLIAM L. BONHOMME Vincennes, Ind. Auto Mechanics Club CHAR LES JOSEPH BOOE Attica, Ind. Intramural Pocket Billiards TechClub, Intramural football I JOE WARREN BOOHER Muncie, Ind. Sigma Pi, Judo Club, Intramural football, basketball, golf THOMAS M. BOOR Indianapolis, Ind. Sigma Pi, Student Senate Rep. Intramurals JAMES ALLEN BOOTH Fairmount, Ind. Tau Delta Chi -President A.l.D.D. Yearbook ROBERT JOSE PH BOUVY Vincennes, Ind. DAVID J. BOWLING Washington, Ind. Newman Club REX BOY LES Evansville, Ind. Westly Fellowship-Vice Pres., Student Senate, Pep Club, De- molay Club, Young Republicans JAMES STEPHEN BRANDON Linden, Ind. U.C.C.F. house manager, Gamma Tau-Vice President, Dormitory Wing President JERALD LOUIS BRANDENBURG Noblesville, Ind. Circle K, Electronic Teck Club uaxauxmmmumimcm, .fn .--f , KRISTINE BREWER Fowler, Ind. Newman Club CHARLES LARKIN BRIDGES Vincennes, Incl. Ensemble CHAR LES P. BRINER Princeton, Ind. Young Democrotes, Intramural football STEVE BRISCOE Vincennes, Ind. VICTOR BROCKSMITH Freelandville, Ind. Intramural football DAVID EDWARD BROOKER Rochester, New York Intramural basketball WILLIAM J. BROST Osforcl, Ind. Newman Club, Agriculture Club DALE BROWN Shoals, Ind. Intramural Sports JOHN MARSHALL BROWN Vincennes, Ind. Gamma Tau KENNETH RAY BROWN Washington, Ind. Trailblazer Staff LARRY C. BROWN Oclon, Ind. ELAINE BUCHANAN Vincennes, Ind. U.C.C.F. WWW WW ,M I, 4 2. fm JANICE BUESCHER Sandborn, Incl. Public Relations, Home Ec Club ROGER BULLOCK Washington, Ind. Veterans Club, Newman Club TOM LEE BUMGARDNER Largo, Ind. Ensemble, Intramural sports, Judge of Kanagroo Court JAMES ROBERT BUTLER Vincennes, Ind. Intramural Sports JOHN BROOKS BUTLER Columbus, Ind. Intramural Sports, Prom Committ Resident Hall Vice President DENNIS M. CALLAHAN Lafayette, Ind. Karate Club Instructor Student - , Senate, Delta Gamma Iota Sargent at Arms, Veterans Club 1.5 ,, --- JOAN ELAINE BUCHANAN Lawrenceville, lll. JOAN LOUISE BUCHANAN St. Francisville, III. WARNER BUCHANAN Lawrenceville, III. Agriculture Club, Intramur I basketball MICHAEL BURCH Loogootee, Ind. Phi Theta Kappa RANDEE BURKS Sullivan, Ind. Electronics Club EDGAR ALLEN BURR Oakland, Incl. Electronics Club ' PAUL JAMES CARNAHAN Hazleton, Ind. Electronics Club ROBERT CARRICO Loogoofee, Ind. ROGER CARRITHERS Sanclborn, lncl. Track Team JERRY ALLEN CHURCH Petersburg, Incl. Business Club JAMES PETER ClACClA Rocl1es1'er, N.Y. Delta Gamma lata, Karafe Club lntramural Football and Basket RANDY ELIN CLARK Vincennes, lnd. if Q 4' Q az4,"La,'i,,,i 9aQ9'Q4.Q4'q, Q-Y 9 1 Q Qfiq. if 2" ,wi 9 it vgdfgggafi 1 f9D.,,'Qw.i'i NANCY ELAINE coERs sheibyvaiie, ina. A Beta Xi-Pledge Trainer, Resident Hall Counselor MARSHA DELL COLGLAZIER Salem, Incl. Alpha Theta Chi, "The Boy Genius" play, Christmas Queen LINDA LOU COFIELD South Bend, Ind. Vice President 'Alpha Theta Chi, President of Upper Left Dormitorv ' EDWARD KIETH CLAYCOMB JR. Vincennes, Ind. LINDA IMOGENE CLEVELAND Vincennes, Ind. WILLIAM R. CLINE Jasper, Ind. Newman Club - Center Chairman I i A i DEAN THOMAS CONRAD Logansport, Ind. Karate Club, Circle K WILLIAM MICHAEL CONROW lnclianapolis, Ind. Circle K President, Young Republicans lntramura ls DONNA JUNE COOPER Vincennes, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi 60 GENE D. COMBS Vincennes, Ind. e Ban JERRY LEE COLLINS Jonesboro, Incl, Counselor West Hall, U.C.C.F., KATHRYN SUE CONAWAY Martinsville, Ind. I ,I I I I wg Mwfiff i I 3'A-BJ' l ' - -' -20'-' 'rl -' AURE LIO R. CORR EA Los Caobos, Caracas Venezuela International Student Club, Student Senate Representative, Gamma T GARY FRANCIS COTHERN Gibson cny, ui. Student Librarian DENNIS COYLE Bedford, Ind. Track, Cross Country CU , WL Mead' JAN CLARE CRAWFORD Flat Rock, III. Alpha Theta Chi, WRA RICHARD CR EASON AW Markleville, Ind. DENNIS ALAN CRIPE Williamsport, Ind. Karate Club, Intramurals, Phi T Wi Kappa TERRY CROCKET Salem, Ind. Delta Gamma lata JOHN D. CROOKE Worthington, Ind. H -H Club, Agriculture Club SAM CROSS Hammond, Ind. Cross Country, Track, Intramural Basketball SHARON KAY CULLOP Vincennes, Ind. Ind. Association of Nursing Stud t Alpha Theta Chi BILL D. CULVER Robinson, Ill. VU Ensemble, VU Playhouse-V President, Delta Si Omega DEXTER OWEN CUMMINGS Birdseye, Ind. Intramural Sports JOHN PATRICK CUMMINS Vincennes, Incl. President-Pe Club, Vice President- P Newman Club, Student Senate MICHAEL JOSEPH CUMMINS Vincennes, Ind. Newman Club, Pep Club, Intramurals LELAND JAMES CUNNINGHAM Bridgeport, III. Automotive Club PAUL E. CURRY Vincennes, Incl. TERRY MICHAEL CUZZORT Griffin, Incl. Agriculture Club DENNIS MICHAEL DAILY Washington, Ind. Trailblazer ROBERT J. DALLMANN New Albany, Incl. Intramurals, Track Team PHILIP AHERN DAMM Evansville, Ind. VU Flying Blazers JAMES R. DAVIS Lafayette, Incl. Karate Club SANDRA LYNN DAVIS Otwell, Ind. Young Democrats Club LLOYD GLENN DEFUR Wasesville, Ind. JAMES MICHAEL DELANNEY Washington, Ind. 62 I M, c,,,,i Mtn -wr'--' - RODNEY FLOYDE DENT Angola, lnd. WILLIAM KENNETH DERRETT lndianapolis, lnd. Karate Club, Wing President, Naval Reserve JERRY REED DEVONSHIRE Sumner, lll. Dormitory Counselor, Student Senate, Judicial Board Judge, lntramural Basketball ROBERT JOSEPH DICKERSON Gary, lnd. Wing President for Robert Hall JOSE PH ALAN DICKSON Winslow, lnd. WILLIAM EDWARD DIELMAN Logansport, lnd. U.C.C.F., Student Senate -Head Counselor CHARLES ALLEN DILEGGE Peru, Ind. Mu Alpha Theta, Delta Gamma Iota - Vice President, Karate Club WAYNE ANTHONY DITTELBER- GER Jasper, lnd. Phi Theta Kappa CSS Rep.l, Mu Alpha Theta lVice Pres.l, Gamma Tau BRENDA KAY DOLL Vincennes, lnd. CATHY RUTH DONALDSON Vincennes, lnd. JOSEPH DENNIS DONNERSBER GER Wheatland, lnd. lntermurol Basketball, Young Democrat Club GREGORY LEE DRAKE Elwood, lnd. Delta Gamma Iota, lntermural Basketball Wvf F Y as f 'a A ,, My we ck. . XX sh , rn 3131: 2' Q GORDON DUNN Franklin, Ind. Intramural Football NANCY DUNN Franklin, Ind. JIMMIE DALE DURNIL Bloomington, Ind. Intramural Basketball Wy. fs. A , , JOHN FRANCIS DROGAN Rochester, New York Delta Gamma Iota, Intramural Basket- ball, and Baseball MICHAEL LAWRENCE DUCLOS Columbus, Ind. Circle K, lntramural GLENDA C. DUE Sandborn, Ind. JOE MICHAEL EDWARDS Crawfordsville, Ind. "Cam us Current", e i or " a e P dt V II y Advance", Trailblazer staff - Edit Board, Intramurals MARVIN EDWARDS Terre Haute, Ind. Distributive Education Club TIMOTHY MARK EDWARDS Decatur, III. Circle K, Student Senate Represenat e, Wing Vice President 64 orial DAVID EARL DYER Seymour, Ind. Intramurals, Young Democrats, Inde- pendent Student Association, Fire Marshall, Sisson Hall, E. MICHAEL EATTOCK Abcecon, New Jersey Sigma Pi PAUL EDGAR EDDLEMAN Vincennes, Incl. Newman Club 1uma..-1 ,- s..-.s.i.,,, .s....s...t4, . GORDON C. ELKINS French Lick, IncI. Gamma Tau, Newman Club, Intramural Sports, Wing Secretary CHARLES C. ENYEART Michigan City, Ind. Delta Gamma Iota, Auto Mec EUGENE B. ESPERSON Terre Haute, Ind. GARY EVERSOLL Petersburg, Incl. Agriculture Club MARGARET FANE Vincennes, Ind. IANS President ANNE THERESE FAULKNER Vincennes, Ind. Phi Theta Kappa, Newman Club WZ i499HWrmngw 4 1 LINDA LEE ESPEY Vincennes, Incl. WRA, U.C.C.F. JOHN B. EVANS Vincennes, Ind. Newman Club, Young Republicans Intramurals KAREN SUE EVERETT Kokomo, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi RONALD KEANE FICKLIN Petersburg, Ind. Varsity Basketball, Intramurals WILLIAM JOSEPH FLECK Jasper, Ind. Newman Federation Board Member WALTER FRANKLIN F LUELLEN Worthington, Ohio Counselor - Ist Semest STANTON LOUIS FORSTER Columbus, Ind. Intramural, Karate CHRIS ANN FOX Arlington Heights, Ill. Newman Club LINDA KAY FOX Vincennes, Incl. Alpha Theta Chi Treasu MICHAEL HEATH FROGGE Gary, Incl. CHARLES SEBREE FULLER Indianapolis, Ind. SALLY A. FUQUA Lyons, Ind. Dorm Officer PETE GALLETTE Culver, Ind. Sigma Pi LAUREL GARDNER Indianapolis, Ind. RON GAWTHORP West Salem, III. Sports Editor -Trailblazer, Intramural Football, Basketball, Track AW 4 4-.. W. RICHARD FUNK Kentland, Ind. Vice President - D.E.C.A., Drstributive Ed Y D I G I t N uca ion, eta amma oo, Club JOHN FURR Fowler, Ind. Sigma Pi, Intramural Football JON ALAN FYE Bedford, Ind. Pep Band, Judo Club, DeMolay I :W MARC GERBER Muncie, Ind. Vice President - Pep Club, D.E. Club, hal of Intramural Football, Fire Mars Carter Hall GAY ANN GIBSON Indianapolis, Ind JAMES PATRICK GIBSON Lawrenceville, III. Newman Club ALAN A. GEE Boonville, Ind. Collegiate 4-H Club, Pep Band ANN KAY GEISLER Griflen, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi NICHOLAS GEORGE Frankfort, Ind. ' ,ff """A"T":e- 'Q '5 i 15 DAVID ALLEN GIDLEY Wabash, Incl. Intramural Sports SUSAN JOY GILLILAND Indianapolis, Ind. Counselor, East Hall - 'Ist Semes Alpha Theta Chi PETER N. GITHIRI Kiambu, Rep. of Kenya V.U. Christian Assn., Internatio Student C lub JOHN HENRY GODARE Vincennes, Ind. ROSCOE GOODWIN Flat Rock, III Agriculture Club, Treasu DANIEL LEE GOSNELL Seymour, Ind. PHILLIP LEE GOWER Vincennes, Incl. JOSE PH E. GRABOWSKI Mountainsicle, New Jersey V.U. Playhouse, Circle K -Secre Young Republicans RONALD JAMES GRANNAN Washington, Incl. SHARON SUZANNE GRANNAN Vincennes, Incl. Ensemble, Newman Club, Concert Chorus , B uffet Theatre JAMES RICHARD GRAVES Vincennes, Ind. PEGGY JOYCE GRAVES Switz City, Ind. iil:mi'4rm:iv.-'i11.i. 1 A f- 1f"'-1-z-HL:-an-r' 1-'A+-1-vw--"-www:-4-'-A-: "1-'M' DONNA LEE GREEN Evansville, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi, Blazerett MICHAEL DOUGLAS GREEN Lebanon, Incl. Karate Club -Secretary, Young Republicans, Sigma Pi - Pledge Trainer, Intramurals DAVID LEE GREENE Camp Hill, Pa. Sigma Pi WILLIAM RALPH GREENE Lafayette, Ind. Tech Club, A.I.D.D., Yearbook Staff Intermural Committee, Intramural Spo t ROGER LOU GREGORY Seymour, Ind. MARTI GUNDER Columbus, Ind. Secretary of Senior Class, Pledge Trainer Alpha Theta Chi, "Lilliam" HOWARD M. GURVITA Indianapolis, Ind. LARRY WAYNE HADLEY Lawrenceville, Ind. Auto Mechanics Club CAROLE LEAH HAGER Vincennes, Ind. V.U. Playhouse, Young Democratics Student Senate Representative, Year book Staff, Faculty Editor WALTER ROBIN HAHN Evansville, Ind. Agriculture Club STANLEY BILL HAINES Flora, Ind. Intramural Basketball, Softball MICHAEL LESLIE HALE New Palestine, Ind. 69 MARY AGNES HALTER Washington, Ind. Newman Club LEWIS MICHAEL HANCOCK Burney, Ind. Circle K SONJA HANCOCK Sandborn, Incl. Mu Alpha Theta DAVID BRUCE HAND Lafayette, Incl. MICHAEL LEE HANKINS Vincennes, Ind. Flying Blazers, Aviation Tec. DAVE HARDER Jasper, Ind. Delta Gamma lata -Treasurer lntramurals PENNY HARDIN Sumner, Ill. Indiana Association of Nursing Students STE PHEN HARDY Washington, Incl. NANCY ELLEN HARWOOD Springfall, Ohio Sec.-Treo. of Business Club, Alpha Theta Chi, Pep Club, Young Republicans PETER ANDREW HASLER Elnora, Incl. Karate Club, Veterans Club LLOYD LEON HASTY Robinson, Ill. CHARLOTTE HATTON Vincennes, Ind. United Campus Christian Fellow sunm:- 4 f ii V. .,..ii.i ,.r .... --W'1"'l-'la'-Le. 41!'!..12LI.Z-.-iai-Y- ' ' wi 0 M329 J BYRON TED HAWKINS Petersburg, Ind. Distributive Education Club JUDITH HAWKINS Vincennes, Ind. Ind. Assn. of Nurs ing Students MARK DELMORE HAwKiNs Highland, ina. ROBERT LOUIS HAWKINS Spencer, Ind. Basketball PAUL DAVID HAYES lnclianopolis, Incl. Newman Club MICHAEL D. HAYES Bloomington, Ind. RUTHANNE HEBERLING Carmel, Ind. Lower Left Wing Vice President, IANS, Alpha Theta Chi DOLORES JEAN HEINZ Vincennes, Ind. Newman Club ELIZABETH DIANE HELMLING Vincennes, Incl. Newman Club MICHAEL HEACOX Greensboro, North Carolina Circle K, Young Republicans JOHN PHILLIP HEAGY Roann, Ind. Intramurals SUE HEALY Vincennes, Incl. Distributive Education Club, Alpha Theta Chi, Social Chairman KENNETH E. HEVNER Birdseye, Incl. LAWRENCE D. HICKMAN Munster, Ind. Sigma Pi, Intramurals, Circle K GERALD DAVID HICKS Washington, Ind.. Chairman -Editorial Board al Trailblazer MARY ELLEN HOLSCHER Vincennes, Ind. Indiana Assn. of Nursing Students RONALD LEE HOMAN Baldwin, N,Y. Delta Gamma Iota, Wing Vice President shake Hall JAMES ANDREW HOPF Jasper, Ind. Sigma Pi, Newman Club, West Hall Counselor 72 DEBBIE HENDERSON Culver, Incl. V.U. Ensemble, Home Ec Club W g President DANNY RAY HENRY Shoals, Ind. JENNIFER HENRY Bicknell, Ind. L THOMAS HIMSEL Jasper, Ind. Karate Club, SS Representat President of Young Republic West Hall Counselor, Sigma KENNETH R. HOESMAN Sullivan, Ind. Tech Club, A.l.D.D. -Treasu DAVID LEE HOLMES Hammond, Incl. Sigma Pi, Veterans Club, Ch Student Judicial Board, Outst d g Pledge Award ll EYW'K 'TGI' PAMELA HOPPER Mt. Prospect, Ill. ARNOLD EDWARD HOROWITZ Stamford, Conn. Circle K, Intramurals, Treasurer of Shake Hall JONATHAN WAYNE HUBBARD Medora, Ind. Newman Club, Judo Club THOMAS J. HULSMAN St. Anthony, Ind. American Institute of Drafting and Design HAROLD THOMAS HUTCHCRAFT Vincennes, Ind. Mu Alpha Theta, United Campus Christian Fellowship Auce Louise ics wheqflqna, una. MIWQB- WWAW' EDWARD LEO HUDDLESTON Vincennes, Ind. Flying Blazer-President HUBERT WELDON HUGHES, JR Bicknell, Ind. Veterans Club JULIE JOAN HUGHES Crawfordsville, Ind. A.l.D.D., Tau Delta Chi, Young Republicans f 5 RONNIE ICE Oaktown, Ind. Tech Club Vice President, A.I.D.D. AMPARO E. JARAMILLO Bogota, Colombia S.A. Ind. Assn. of Nursing Students, Public Relations, International Stu- dents Club NANCY RUTH JENKINS Indianapolis, Ind. Blazeretts, Alpha Theta Chi 5 I 73 af fb", "'iT-.L.lZaIvM "12"""-Hui, .w'5 "'1fY2 CQ ff Mfffyif ff yyzf . f- V .. ' " 1 - 22 W i' 4 - - ' ' ""-'Pi-"5" if " - if ' ', . . azfazzrffvc ,ff 4 4 f ji? ' I ' 2 , ,4 - "' . . . . - ' f" 5' 44" W , ,V.. ,A V I , ffjg v ' grrzf, 4 -W " - , - :f':yr5,,-:-:r- va wwf, WILLIAM A. JENKINS Kentland, Ind. Counselor, Delta Gamma Iota-Sec., Mu Alpha Theta LINDA DIANE JOHNSON Paseyville, Incl. Alpha Theta Chi, Student Senate RANDALL I.. JOHNSON Frankfort, Ind. Sec. of Sigma Pi, Agriculture Club ROSCOE WILLIAM JOHNSON Flat Rock, Ill. STEVE JOHNSON Vincennes, Ind. Agriculture Club, Young Democrat Club, U.C.C.F. MICHAEL ANTHONY JONES Jasper, Ind. Sigma Pi, Tumbling and Trampoline Team, Intramurals TIMOTHY DALE JONES Washington, Ind. STEVEN ALAN JONES Edwarclsport, Ind. WARREN JUDD Miamiville, Ohio Delta Gamma Iota -President LONNIE RAY KAISER Newburgh, Ind. Agriculture Club-Vice President Collegiate 4-H Club GREGORY KARSA East Gary, Ind. Sophmore Class Officer, Newman Club Inter Club Council, Intramurals CHARLES GARY KELLER Washington, Incl. Ensemble l F"IQ5i'l2'!!fZ "' " L. CHAR LES STEPHEN KELLER Vincennes, Ind. Newman Club, King of Sadie Hawkins Day Dance JOHN M. KELLY Fairbanks, lnd. DOROTHY ARLENE KESSLER Ff. Wayne, lncl. Intramurals MARY KAY KIEFER Vincennes, Ind. Befa Xi, Newman Club, Librarian JOHN B. KING Mulberry, Incl. lnframural Basketball and Tennis i SARAH KING Wabash, Incl. DONALD EDWARD KINN Fostoria, Ohio EDWINA LYNNE KIRCHOFF Freelandville, Ind. GARY KIRCHOFF Eclwarclsporf, Ind. PENNEY LYNN KIRK Vincennes, lnd. DOZIER BRUCE KIRKPATRICK 1 Lawrenceville, Ill. ALAN LEE KIXMILLER Freelandville, Ind. 44. 2 Z , f ff- if -.,, f W WW V ' ,. ,I , Aw, , , 4 1-:1-fj, fi"iii37 I if ..,. ., U 517 f ,X f ,X " 7 f ff ' W f ,if I ' .- gf' ff , I, :VL L A K, x 'W' ' awww ,M 1 5 .4612 fm LINDA SUE KNUDSEN Gary, Ind. Pep Club, Business Club JAMES L. KOENIG Eclwardsport, Ind. DANIEL L. KOONS Lowrenceburg, Ind. Sigma Pl, Young Democ t Intramurals LOUIS PAUL LADISLAS Sullivan, Ind. JUDITH ANN LANE Vincennes, Ind. Student Senate, Home Ec. WILLIAM L. LANE Vincennes, Ind. President -Sigma Pi, First S Student Senate-Vice preside t ROBERT L. LANHAM Carlisle, Ind. Newman Club ALBERT MAN-FAI LAU Hong Kong President of International St d t Club MARGARET LEDFORD Corydon, Ind. Business Club STEVE LEIGHTY Loogootee, Ind. RICHARD OLIVER LeMAY Clarksville, Ind. E lectronics Club MARY KAY LENAHAN Vincennes, Ind. Newman Board :"vlm1...32ll,lLw' - .Ass .i inmwfrmswam wh. 2 f ..., ,MM-SW' 5 z fda wif Y X P ,ff 2- ' Ma' ffzi' , rl' ZQZZZZKZQ ffiff i f 1,1523 4261427 f ,z " ' 'Y 1 , I THOMAS DEAN LESLEY Buck Creek, Ind. JAMES PHILIP LEVALL Vincennes, Ind. PAUL LIEBERMAN Merrick, Long Island, Ne York W Sigma Pi -Chairman Swipe Committee Intramurals DOUGLAS W. LINDVALL Culver, Ind. Sigma Pi, Intramurals STEPHEN ROBERT LINN Vincennes, Ind. THOMAS W. LITTE LL Washington, Ind. Student Senate Representat Gamma Tau HENRY ROBERT LONGFELLOW Tipton, Ind. Agriculture Club, 4-H THOMAS ANTHONY LUCCHI Mishawaka, Ind. Intramurals LARRON JAMES LUEGERS Jasper, Ind. Intramurals, Pledge Trainer-Delta Gamma Iota MICHAEL LEE MCALLISTER Vincennes, Ind. Veterans Club, Young Democrats MICHAEL LEE MCARTHUR Speedway, Ind. Sigma Pi, Intramural Football DAROYL LYNN McDONALD Highland, Ind. 77 SARA ELLEN MCCARTER Vincennes, Incl. WILLIAM MCCARTY Lafayette, Incl. resi en EWITIGI1 U P d t-Young Republicans N CI b, lnlerncif lS?uclc-nfs CYNTHIA As MCCOWN Springfield, Ohio 465-667, SALLY McDANIEL Wilkinson, Ind. Ensemble, Young Republican V.U, Playhouse, Buffet Thea THOMAS WILBUR MCDERMOTT Indianapolis, Incl. Golf, lnframural B I g RITA JEAN MCDONALD Wasbingion, Ind. PI1iTl1e1a a Nursing S tud a, n . ssn.o ens Club, fre J I Meow Www' A . My ,f' w. ,4 1. , ,Y If 1 gi Wi ' f I ffg. f 'f'J I iQ?i2,.f , KATHRYN LOUISE MCCOY Monroe City, Incl. Incl. Assn. of Nursing Siudents JACK EUGENE MCCRARY Vincennes, Ind. Young Democratics, United Campus Christian Fellowship JOHN RANDALL MCDANIEL Bicknell, Ind. Tumbling Trampoline Team, U.C.C.F DENNIS McFERREN Attica, Ind. JANET C. MCGOVREN Loogoofee, Ind, Newman Club, Pep Bond, Tech Club American Institute of Drafting and Design -Secretary MICHAEL J. MCMILLIN Sunman, Ind. 4431421-lnueanlkllihflffaniltlk , RONALD MAASBERG Evansville, Incl. JIM E. MACE Indianapolis, Ind. Delta Gamma Iota, Intramural Sports RICHARD CHARLES MAGNESS Lawrenceville, Ill. ROYCE VERN MASON Fairmount, Ind. S ., Yearbook Auto Mechanics Club - ec Editor, West Hall Counselor, Romney VU Playh Hall, Intramural Director, CHARLES EUGENE MAXWELL Petersburg, Incl. HAROLD R. MEAD Vincennes, Incl. , tudent Sigma Pi -First Counselor S Assistant of Intramural . ,unseen agua qu, own., is-WW' '-wanlfg fmrwn TONI CATHERINE MARCROFT Decker, Ind. Newman Club JOHN LAWRENCE MARGOWSKI Lafayette, Ind. Delta Psi Omega, V.U. Playhouse, Newman Club DAVID FRANKLIN MARTIN Lawrenceville, Ill. WILLIAM BRUCE MEAKER Indianapolis, Ind. Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball LEE EDWARD MEFFORD Lawrenceville, Ill. GENE CHRISTIAN MEHNE Jasper, Ind. Phi Theta Kappa, Intramural Sports 79 --..,.,-... -,, -C v CARLA ANN MEIER Vincennes, Ind. GEORGE H. MEIER Hobart, Ind. Newman Club GEORGIA DIANE MEIER Oakland City, Ind. Ind. Assn. of Nursing Students, Phi Theta Kappa LOWELL GENE MEISBERGER Versailles, Ind. NEIL W. MENDENHALL Sheridan, Ind. DOUGLAS KENT MEYER Francisco, Ind. Agriculture Club PAUL PATRICK MICHAEL Washington, Ind. TIM MICHELS Mishawaka, Ind. Intramural Football LARI AYNNE MILLER South Bend, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi ROBERT S. MILLER Franklin, Ind. DONNA KAY MILLS Washington, Ind. Phi Theta Kappa, I.A.N.S. TIMOTHY ELMO MONCRIEF Kettering, Ohio Circle K l l l l I 5 l w l l ll 1 1 i i 4 I 1 I 1 Z i NANCY GLENNA MOORE Lafayette, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi JUDITH ANN MORGAN Vincennes, Ind. Ind. Assn. of Nursing Students LARRY LEE MORGANETT Bloomington, Ind. Judo Club, Young Democrats, Student Senate ROBERT ALAN MORRIS South Bend lnd. Wing Secretary, lntromural Sport BRENDA JO MOUNTS Owensville, Ind. D.E., Alpha Theta Chi RITA RUTH MULLER Vincennes, Ind. V.U. Ensemble EMILIE K. MULLIS Lyons, Ind. MARLIN DUANE MYERS Palestine, III. ROGER E. NAAB Vincennes, Ind. Student Senate President, Newm Club ROBERTA KAY NADRATOWSKI Michigan City, Ind. JOY DARLENE NEESE Brownsburg, lnd. Beta Xi, Frosh Cheerleader, Wing Treasurer ROBERT HENRY NOLOT DePauw, Ind. Newman Club Vice President, Dorm. Counselor JERRY RAY NOLTING Winamac, Ind. JOHN MICHAEL NORDHOFF Loogoofee, Ind. Gamma Tau MARY SUE NOTTINGHAM Griffin, Ind. RONALD ALLEN NULTON Poseyville, Ind. Mu Alpha Theta FRANCES MARION OGLE Wheatland, Ind. Ensemble TERRY WAYNE OPELL Vincennes, Ind. NITA KAY ORCHARD Vincennes, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi, Phi Theta Kapp MARTHA KATHRYN ORGAN Vincennes, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi, Home Ec. Club JANINE HELEN ORR Vincennes, Ind. Newman Club .IANICE SHERREE OWENS Owensville, Ind. Phi Theta Kappa, Internofional Students Club LOUIS JOHN PADGETT Bedford, Ind. Circle K LINDA SUE PAGE Vincennes, Ind. D.E.C.A. -inf!-'T' - "" KEVIN JAMES PANGBURN New Albany, Ind. Intramurals, Newman Club, Gamma Tau, Student Senate Representativ Wing Fire Marshall et LARRY EDWARD PARKHILL Leavenworth, Ind. THOMAS PARR Hudson, Ind. MANARDA KAY PAYNE Shelbyville, Ind. Sigma Pi Sweetheart, Beta Xi DAVID DALE PERKINS Ladoga, Ind. Intramurals, Vice President -Murph , Hall Y I JOHN DAVID PERRY I 4 Indianapolis, Ind. Circle K, Young Republicans, Intramurals, Football, Basketball, Volley Ball, Varsity Track, Cross Country VINCENT LEE PETERS Lebanon, Ind. ANGIE KAY PHILLIPS Mitchell, Ind. Beta Xi, Yearbook Staff, Counselor Lower Right Wing RICHARD LEE PIPER Palestine, Ill. Gamma Tau President I l 3 THOMAS WINFRED PIFER, .IR Palestine, III. DEANNA KAY PITTS Vincennes, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi, Pep Club-Treasur i' JOHN P. PLETCH Frankfort, Ind. Q Intramural Sports I of 8 STEVE LYNN POPE Waldron, Ind. Auto Mechanics Club TERRY DON PORTER Aurora, Ind. Intramurals ALAN ROSS POWELL Wheatland, Ind. Phi Theta Kappa, Mu Alpha Theta LARRY RAY PUGH Lawrenceville, lll. in an American Institute of Draft g d Design .IANINE COLETTE PUNCH Arlington Hdights, lll. Alpha Theta Chi, Ind. Assn. of Nursing Students, Counselor LINDA SUE PUR LEE West Baden, Ind. Ind. Assn. of Nursin g Students .5214 JOHN LLOYD POWELL Linton, Ind. Intramurals, Sec. of Young Republicans BONNIE PRICE Fostoria, Ohio Student Senate, Beta Xi Counselor, Newman Club, Homecoming Queen Candidate EDWARD ALLAN PRICE Indianapolis, Ind. Judo Club, Karate Club WILLIAM CHESTER QUALKEN- i BUSH Shoals, Ind. 4 Electronics Club, Phi Theta Kappa JAMES EDWARD QUATMAN I Indianapolis, Ind. 4 QUENTIN HERBERT QUEISSER l Indianapolis, Ind. I Delta Gamma Iota, Intramurals !W' - l .J .... ,,,.......t... JANET SUE REED Central, lnd. Home Ec. Club, 4-H Club, Counselor- First Semester, Girl's Judiciary Committee BRENDA KAY REHWALD Vincennes, lnd. Mu Alpha Theta LINDA LOU REICHMAN Vincennes, lnd. Phi Theta Kappa- President, Alpha Theta Chi -Scholarship Chairman, United Campus Christian Fellowship QW l t t ROSE ANN RIESTER Lawrenceville, lll. Alpha Theta Chi, Young Democrats, United Campus Christian Fellowship i JERRY LYNN RILEY Indianapolis, lnd. l KENNETH EUGENE RINEY Washington, lnd. KENNETH RAINS Vincennes, lnd. Trailblazer - Editorial Board, Student Senate GARY ICIL RAMSEY Odon, lnd. Track and Cross Country Team MICHAEL LEE RAY Washington, lnd. Gamma Tau-Secretary-Treasu FRED A. REIMERS Vincennes, lnd. Phi Theta Kappa, Electronics Club ROBERT FREDRIC RICE Lawrenceville, lll. ROBERT WAYNE RIDGLEY Lawrenceville, lll. Newman Club, Trailblazer Staff MICHAEL AARON RITCHIE Pinlcstaff, lll. Intramurals, Track Team ROBERT LEE RITCHIE Cloverdale, Ind. CINDA KAY ROBINSON Flat Rock, Ill. Alpha Theta Chi my-A-mmap.. f , .Aw f, ! XXX l JOHN LAWRENCE RODIMEL Washington, Ind. Newman Club JAMES HARVEY RODMAN Salem, Ind. Delta Gamma Iota CHAR LES ALAN ROGERS Princeton, Ind. Track Team, Cross Country Team SUE ELLEN ROMICK Shoals, Ind. Newman Club, Phi Theta Kappa GARY F. ROSS Owensvulle, Ind. GRANT D EAN ROSS Lawrenceville, III. WILLIAM LEWIS ROSS Greensburg, Incl. Intramurals VICTORIA SUE ROTHROCK Parkersburg, III. Pep Club Secretary JAMES FRANCIS RUDOLPH Lawrenceburg, Ind. Track Team, Intramurals, Tech. CI b Golf Team - -A--- -J in... .f,,440llV WILLIAM SCOTT RUMBLE Princeton, Ind. Young Democrats, Flying Club, 4-H Club JERRY RUSK Fair Oaks, Ind. Collegiate 4-H -Vice President, Ag Club, Student Representative, Stude Senate ROBERT EDWIN RUSSEL Springville, Ind. United Cam us Christian Fellowshi P P Executive Board Member MQ" JAMES EDWARD RYAN 1, Indianapolis, Ind. 9 kd'-J 'Qwwww' GARY LEE SA LSMAN ""4i Greencastle Ind MICHAEL JOHN SANDEFER Lawrenceville, III. JEFF sANos Glenview, lu. JAMES F. SANFORD " Indianapolis, Ind. Independent Student Assn. V P Student Senate, Young Republicans, Intramural Committee, Dorm Treasurer LINDA LEE SARGENT Odon, Ind. STEPHEN M. SANDEFER Wheatland, Ind. MARY KAY SANDEFUR Vincennes, Ind. AI ha Theta Chi- President, Student Campus Christian Fellowship, Pep Club, Young Republicans, Homecoming CARL J. SANDERS Shoals, Ind. V, ,ww 45, sw , W i! I, .L,...w1M' Kwik DAVID SARLES New Albany, lnd. Dorm Counselor, Yearbook Staff, Newman Club, VU Playhouse, Vu De- I M.-,Icy Club, u.c.c.F., "Alice of old I Vincennes" Cast 1966, Summer Student l Senate I966 I THOMAS SAT ER I Sullivan, Ind. I Circle K l KATHLEEN LOU SCALES Wheatland, lnd. International Students Club I I I CARL ROBERT SCHANDELEIER lrvington, N.J. ' Tech Club, Electronics Club I I MICHAEL EARL SCHENBECK P Columbus, Ohio !! JAN N. SCHLAMP I Francisco, lnd. Phi Theta Kappa, Mu Alpha Theta j I I THOMAS R. SCHLOOT Crawfordsville, lnd. Intramurals I I PATRICIA ANNE SCHNEIDER Thiells, N.Y. . Alpha Theta Chi, Pep Club, Busines I Club, Publicity Chairman I I I DAN E. SCHRADER St. Francisville, III. Agriculture Club- President l I I JAMES ANTHONY SCHROEDER Jasper, Ind. I Gamma Tau DOUGLAS JOSEPH SCHUETTER Jasper, Ind. p Counselor-Men's Dorm, Newman Club I I CLARKHERBERTSCOTT I Plainville, Ind. ,ll Phi Theta Kappa, U.C.C.F., Young Republicans I I u , .,,,, 1,--vm r 1 .- v 11. muh! ,Alu ...I ,,..v.... ..,, ,- ...M .44 MARK R. SCOTT Greensburg, Ind. Karate Club, Tech Club, Newman Club, Intramural Sports MICHAEL KENT SCOTT Crawfordsville, Ind. Circle K, Student Senate Represent - tive, Young Republicans DAVID MICHAEL SEGER Jasper, Ind. Intramurals Football BARBARA ELLEN SEITZINGER Decker, Ind. Home Ec. Club-Secretary CHARLENE A. SELLERS Loogootee, Ind. DONALD WILLIAM SHARP Vincennes, Ind. GERALD WAYNE SHARP Greencastle, Ind. Residence Hall Counselor, Intramurals MARJORY ELLEN SHARP Anderson, Ind. Beta Xi, Pledge Class President, DE Club LINDA LOUISE SHAW Vincennes, Ind. 4-H Club-Treasurer, U.C.C.F. ROBERT SHAW Knox, Ind. Sigma Pi, Agriculture Club LINDA KAY SHILKETT Sandborn, Ind. United Campus Christian Fellowship LAWRENCE GLEN SHOAF Crawfordsville, Incl. .w1mz' " .... 1 f 4 E D . ,M 01 we 3 5' IZ PAMELA SUE SHOBE Anchorage, Alaska ewman Club, ass icer, u N Senate Representative, Blazerettes, Young Republicans, Chairman -Student Directory, Student Union Committee DALE SCOTT SIBERT St. Francisville, III. Agriculture Club TERRY KEMP SILLS Vincennes, Incl. gr' """99' MICHAEL DUANE SINCLAIR Robinson, III. VU Playhouse-Treasur PAUL DAVID SINGLETON Bicknell, Ind. ALVIN LEON SKOMP Plainville, Incl. Auto Mechanics Club w. 1 ' I gmfdffkfuv ALETA RAE SIMS Washington, Ind. LUCINDA ANN SIMS Bicknell, Ind. ROGER ALAN SIMS Columbus, Ind. Intramurals DeVAUGHN SLONE Greensburg, Ind. GLENN C. SLUSSER Terre Haute, Ind. DONNA KAY SMITH Rensselaer, Ind. Beta Xi Sorority ll A-iarllRs5f1lZsIH.9w51fL ' STEVE DANIEL SMITH Syracuse, Ind. DAVID LEE SNOW Washington, Ind. Editoral Board -Trailblazer WILBURTA ELLEN SODDERS Redkey, Ind. Home Ec. Club, Pep Club, VU Ensemble I Ii' MARY ELLEN STECKLER Vincennes, Ind. Newman Club JAMES DALE STEFFEY Lawrenceville, III. Electronics Club NORMAN EUGENE STEVENS Evansville, Ind. JEAN SMITH Rensselaer, Ind. Beta Xi Sorority, Student Senate Representative PHILLIP LAWRENCE SMITH Vincennes, Incl. Electronics Club ROBERT LOUIS SMITH Indianapolis, Ind. Intramurals, Wing Treasurer 6 , wwf I JOY LYNN SOLENBERG Indianapolis, Ind. Home Ec. Club-Treasurer JERROL SOUDER Indianapolis, Ind. ' LARRY DALE STANSIFER Bloomington, Ind. Karate Club LaVONNE MARIE STEWARD Vincennes, Ind. Ind. Assn. of Nursing Students, R cording Secretary, International Students Club KATHLEEN MARIE STOELT Vincennes, Incl. e. ING Newman Club, Beta Xi, Student Senate JESSE PAUL STONE Indianapolis, Ind. Karate Club, Intramurals JE FF STOOPS Anderson, Ind. Residence Hall Counselor, Delta Gamma Iota SARAH WENDY STOUT Carmel, Ind. Home Ec. Club, President, Colle 4-H, Student Senate Representat V.U. Choraliers, Newman Club ROY LEE STROUD Bridgeport, Ill. ROBERT H. STUDIER Cleveland, Ohio Sigma Pi giate ive, ELLIOTT ALONZO STURGEON Bicknell, Ind. Gamma Tau CALVIN WARREN SULLIVAN Kentland, Ind. Auto Club HARRY BRUCE SUTTON Greenwood, Ind. SUZANNE RAE SUTTON Petersburg, Ind. CYNTHIA ANN TABER R.R. 3 Gosport, Ind. Student Christian Assn., Newman Club Alpha Theta Chi, Phi Theta Kappa ls5Z'QtJL1s"il1if1" " ' ...- ' 9, ,Wa ,,, f mfg! ,rf W 1 is WWUV? HAROLD O. TARGGART Ligonier, Ind. Intramural Football and Basketball Karate Club, President of Murphy Hall 1 RANDY L. TERRELL Vincennes, Ind. Electronics Club THOMAS NOBLE TERRELL Stilesville, Ind. Automotive Club, Yearbook Staff flst Semesterl BONNIE TESTER Vincennes, Ind. DONNA RAE TEWE LL Lawrenceville, III. Ind. Assn. of Nursing Students PATRICIA LINDSAY THARP Washington, Ind. GARY FRANCIS THIMONS Breckenridge, Pa. President of West Wing Hall, Intramurals ALAN MICHAEL THOMAS Auburn, Ind. CANDACE .IO THOMAS Plainfield, Ind. Ensemble, Concert Choir, Counselor TERRY BETH THOMAS Indianapolis, Ind. Beta Xi WILLIAM LESLIE THOMAS , h Indianapolis, Ind. ' President of Senior Class, Newman Club, Student Senate iNews Chairmonl Student Counselor JAMES HAROLD THOMPSON Springfield, Ohio Intramural Sports 93 3 ROBERTA AILEEN THORN Vincennes, Ind. JOHN LEO THORNBROUGH Earl Park, Ind. Delta Gamma Iota AMBROSE HEI-WO TO Kowloon, Hong Kong International Students Club, N EWFHCI1 w. MICHAEL ALLEN THOMPSON Vincennes, Incl. Intramural Basketball PATRICIA ANN THOMPSON Washington, Ind. Newman Club, Beta Xi, Treasu PHILLIP RAY THOMPSON Vincennes, Ind. RICHARD EUGENE TROWBRIDGE Sumner, Ill. Mu Alpha Theta NORMAN RAY TURNER Vincennes, Incl. Distributive Education Club, Member of United Campus Christian Fellowship LESLIE HOWARD TUTTLE Vincennes, Incl. 94 RICHARD TOMASEWSKI North Judson, Ind. Student Judicial Board, Counselor JAMES ALBERT TRAGESSER Shelbyville, Ind. Sigma Pi, Intramural Football, Student Senate KENNETH LEE TRETTER Ferdinand, Incl. 'QfS.".",' 71 L . ..i:'ilfI.4L5fe " ' MAURICE ARNOLD UEBELHOR Jasper, Ind. Newman Club ROBERT C. UPDIKE Indianapolis, Ind. Sigma Pi, Intramural Sports WILLIAM UPDIKE Indianapolis, Ind. Karate Club 7 9 V I 1 I I GEORGE F. VanARSDALE Indianapolis, Ind. MICHAEL JAMES VAN HOY Loogootee, Ind. ROBERT L. VAN LAERE Attica, Ind. t I I DAVID VanLANlNGHAM Terre Haute, Ind. American Institute of Drafting and Designing, Student Senate, Tech GREGG LEE VanLUE Kokomo, Ind. Intramural Sports DAVID M. VanFLEET Vincennes, Ind. GEORGE KONRAD VASH .IR Bicknell, Ind. GEORGE VASSIL Gary, Ind. Karate Club, Delta Gamma Iota, Intramural Football JAMES ERIC VAUGHN Stilesville, Ind. Sigma Pi, Intramural Football DALE MARTIN WAGONER Delphi, Ind. Intramural Sports, 4-H GARY A. WAGONSELLER Lawrenceville, Ill. V.U. Flying Club-Vice President JOHN RONALD WALDROP Vincennes, Ind. STEVEN WALLER India napolis, Incl. Phi Theta Kappa, Intramural Basketball ALAN JOHN WALSH Holton Incl. Karate Club -Treasurer, Student Senate Representative, Tech Club MICHAEL DAVID WALTER Ft. Branch, Ind. JOYCE ANN V Princeton, Ind. ERLEY Vice President-Beta Xi, Young D ocrats, Counselor of Right Wing in East Hall WILLIAM LEO WAGNER Crown Point, Ind. Sigma Pi, Intramural Football, Bowling, Baseball COY WAYNE WAGONER Sandborn, Incl. few 'W-imp? DOUGLAS W. WALKER Loogootee, Ind. Newman Club GLORIA J EAN WALLACE Vincennes, Ind. Trailblazer Staff, International St Club, Alpha Theta Chi, Public Rel t Chairman GARY LEE WALLEN Culver, Incl. HLZ' W' ' L, v. w- JJ-.v' '.1.., .-. ' JOYCE SUE WALTON Loogootee, lnd. STEVEN WESLEY WALTON Linton, Ind. Intramural Football JAMES M. WARNER Washington, Ind. DAN WEBER Fort Branch, Ind. Newman Club- President JOHN STEWART WEBSTER Paris, Ill. Science Club -Treasurer, Intramural Basketball JOSEPH LEONARD WEGG Oaklawn, Ill. Karate Club, Intramural Foot Delta Gamma Iota JAMES BLAIR WARRICK Jasonville, lnd. Young Republicans, DeMoIay Club STEPHEN ANTHONY WATHEN Evansville, Ind. Newman Club DAN A. WATKINS Middletown, lnd. Intramural Sports TRUDI SUE WEILAND Indianapolis, Ind. Beta Xi l WILLIAM TIMOTHY WEIR Terre Haute, Ind. Collegiate 4-H President, Ag Club Secretary, Office Decorations GARY LEE WELLS Aurora, lnd. Yearbook Staff, Intramural Sports 97 REE ANN WELTON Wheatland, Incl. Ind. Assn, of Nursing Students RICHARD DOUGLAS WESSEL Bruceville, lncl. Flying Club CLETUS J, WESSELER Vincennes, Incl. Veterans Club -Treasurer, Zeta Ps Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa DONALD BERNARD WESTEN DORF Teutopolis, Ill. Basketball Team .IILLAINE GAY WETZEL Spencer, Ind. CAROL ANN WHITEN Indianapolis, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi, Home Ec. Club, Concert Choir Ensemble DAVID EDWIN WILKEN Earl Park, Incl. DONALD R. WILLIAMS Ft. Branch, Ind. Ag Club, Collegiate 4 -I'I, Intramural B Ii tb ll GSE CJ LAWRENCE EDWARD WILLIAMS Vincennes, Ind. Newman Club, Student Senate, Ag Club, Intramural Basketball ROBERT EUGENE WILLIAMS Vincennes, Ind. TERRILL EARL WILLIAMS Vincennes, Ind. Ag Club, Collegiate 4 -H, Intramural Sports MADALON DARLENE WILLIS Washington, Incl. International Student Club l 98 f ."WE 'I' 1 ,' .1f,4.J:,.H f. .. .. - " 4 T l i PAMELA SUSAN WILLIS Vincennes, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi, Ind. Assn. Nursing Students ANDREA WILSON Vincennes, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi, Young Republicans COLLETTE O. WILSON Washington, Ind. Newman Club JOHN PHILLI P WILSON Franklin, Ind. Student Senate, Young Republicans, Dorm Counselor KAREN LYNN WILSON Carlisle, Ind. Sophomore Class Officer, Student Senate Representative, Alpha Theta Ch MARTIN GREGORY WILSON South Bend, Ind. Intramurals STEPHEN DON WILSON Carlisle, Ind. Ag Club TONYA ANN WIMMER Pendleton, Ind. Distributive Education Club RANDALL A. WINDELL Corydon, Ind. President -D.E., President -U.C.C.F., President-Men's Resident Hall Counselors, Member of Sigma Pi CAROL M. WISE Elkhart Ind. Beta Xi, Phi Theta Kappa, President, Vice President Commissioner of C lubs HURSHEL EDWARD WITHY- COMBE Linton, Ind. SUE LLYN WITTMAN Vincennes, Ind. Alpha Theta Chi-Scholarship, Chair- man, Phi Theta Kappa-Treasurer, United Campus Christian Fellowship 99 DONALD LEE WOLSCHAG Madison, Ind. Track Team, Intramural Sports, Vice P d t fSh H ll resi en o erman a SANDRA K. WOODRING LaMar, Ind. U.C.C.F., I.A.N.S., Alpha Theta Ch S t fSt d t S t eCI'e QTY O U eh EDC! 9 SUSAN K. WOODRING U.C.C.F., l.A.N.S., Alpha Theta Ch Secretary of Student Senate DOUGLAS YOR K Akron, Ind. RONALD H. ZELLER Shelbyville, Ind. Sigma Pi -Treasurer, Ag Club JAMES ZINK Indianapolis, Ind. Ensemble, Concert Choir 100 ! 44'-'wr-Uriah X l Wm wwf' WILLIAM J. WORSTELL Lawrenceville, Ill. Judo Club RONALD FRANCIS WRAY Washington, Ind. MARY LOUISE YARBROUGH Washington, Ind. Newman Club, Beta Xi, Sergeant at Arms wlldxnlw 0-mf JOHN J. ZEIGLER Intramurals, Captain -Bowling Team, Newman Club, Sigma Pi -Social Chairman, Assistant Pledge Trainer miors - 0 Pictures ,4 milalfle Acheson, Donald Jameson Anderson, Michael George Anton, Mike Francis Baker, Keith Charles Ballard, David Reed Barnett, Carl Edward Beebe, Larry Thomas Berndt, Thomas Griggs Bezy, James R. Blair, Mary Alice Boesche, David Charles Both, Carol Lynn Brooks, Bonnie Belle Brown, John Marshall Buchanan, Nellie Elaine Capua, Ronald Edward Chapman, Gary Roger Chapman, Judy Lynn Cockerham, Michael A. Conner, John Alton Cooper, Linda Kay Cooper, Thomas Edward Corcione, Michael Guy Cottrell, Jacqueline Sue Cramer, John Stanley DeBaun, Terry Alan Dehl, Carolyn L. Dix, Gary Del Enmeier, Richard A. Erbacher, John Alfred Erny, Melvin A, Fredrick, Joyce Ann Frogge, Michael Heath GeJarden, Joseph Gordon George, Nicholas Miller Gibbs, J. Stephen Gillie, Armon Charles Gilmore, Bryan Allen Good, James Robert Graves, Dixie Sapp Halter, Vernon Paul Harris, Frances Imogene Harris, Mary Kathleen Hart, Phillip Cecil Hatt, Guy Dale Hatton, Bessie Winitred Haynes, Ronald Wayne Headlee, Ronald Eugene Hefterman, Jerry Robert Helvie, Richard Dean Henderson, Carl B. Henderson, David Douglas Henderson, Debbie Louise Henry, Danny Ray Henry, Jennifer Diane Henson, Judith LaRae Hevner, Kenneth Eugene Hewitt, Bruce Gordon Hickman, Lawrence Dee Hicks, Gerald David Himsel, Thomas E. Hoesman, Kenneth Robert Hogle, Donald Joseph Holscher, Mary Ellen Homan, Ronald Lee Homan, William Arthur Jr. Hopper, Phyllis Ann Hurst, Michael D. Hutsen, Linda Katherine Irwin, Edmund Ray Jackson, Norman Wayne Jacobson, James William Kemper, Jackie Dale Kirchner, Dennis Ray Kiser, Terry E. Kixmiller, Daniel Paul Klein, Mary Ann Klein, Victor Jay Kolb, Michael J. Kulchar, Fredrick Joseph Laue, Kathy A. Liechty, John E. Little, Jerry Stephen Love, Richard Gregory McAbee, Charles Evans McAnulty, Patricia Ann McCutchan, Garry Dean McDowell, Donald Paul McGuire, Richard Leo Marron, David Paul Martin, David Robert Meter, James Joseph Moore, John Alan Moreno, Andres Mudd, Steven P. Oien, Daniel Wesley Padgett, Louis John Parker, Thomas Wayne Perry, Jerry Lee Petty, James Robert Purcell, Georgena Sue Quinett, Philip Anthony Ramsey, James Warren Randolph, Raymond Richardville, Carl Wallace Risch, John Edward Robbins, Daniel Leon Rogers, Alexander Paul Rybicki, Richard Allan Schroeder, James Anthony Singleton, Paul David Sisson, Jacquelyn Rae Sparling, Linda Barnes Speedy, Glenn Earl Steimel, Samuel Dale Stemm, Dolores Anne Stout, Stephen R. Stoelting, Stanley Errol Sullivan, Jerry Robert Sullivan, Joseph L. Thiel, Gloria Ann Thompson, Arthur Kimbal Tougaw, John Robert Tretter, Kenneth Lee Trotter, Autry Wayne Underhill, Wayne Leon Utterback, Ronald Warren Vaughn, James Eric Wagner, Benjamin William Waldroup, Larry Lane Wallace, Gloria Jean Warner, James Michael Wesco, Ed Allen White, Richard Lee Wood, Steven Rex Zeigler, John Joseph Zellers, Raymond Carson Zimmer, William Gary :Av -Q-v-my ,-,- Q ""i2:+4, fi' fwmw 'A A "Nw W , 51 lv 4 y 9, ff' I The staff at The Christmas Party. lk' kewir Sf ff W ., 5 1 ROYCE MASON, EDITOR 102 K 41.6 W J, M, 1 -M' -if 03 3.3 ,-f x 4,7 V ' i .u: .',?:1,f..,. , V. J Q f Haag, ff "",, jZ,:.::' fn ' -.'- wwf " ' E' - V . QW ' . "- ,...-'- A "y a " ' wif, ,I GARY GRAVES, PHOTOGRAPHER M 1 jf . ff V . , I Tum Edwards .lim Booth, Lay-out Part of Le Revoir tamily with Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. James McQuaid Back row: Royce Mason, Tim Edwards, Peggy Louden, Larry Beedy and Gary Graves The Editors are grateful to other students who as- sisted in many ways in the assembling of the 1967 annual at V.U. They hope that in future years you may look back and recall the happy and fruitful years spent at Vincennes University with a touch of nostalgia as you glance at these pages. A bientot' Ralph Vermillio, Student pictures Larry Beedy, Sports ,:,7"' , X! K F X rm- - --T .. - --- -f- Agriculfure gfllb HISTORY: The Agriculture Club was founded in 1965 for the purpose of promoting and maintaining an interest in a riculture. It also affords the a riculture major an op- s Q g portunity of meeting, on a social basis through club sponsored social events, other students. The Club has obtained speakers, on agriculturally related subjects, for coffee hours and sponsors an edu-- cational tour of the Purdue agriculture facilities each Spring. OFFICERS: Dan Schrader .... President Lonnie Kaiser . . . Vice President Tim Weir ...... Secretary Roscoe Goodwin . .Treasurer Jerry Rusk ..... Student Sen. Rep. SPONSOR: Dr. Ellsworth Christmas I I I I I I American Institute far Drsign and Drafting I OFFICERS: Melvin Erny . . . . . . President Jerry Perry .... . . Vice President -1 Janet McGovern .... . . Secretary I Kenneth Hoesman ...... Treasurer I David Vanlaaningham .... Student Sen. Rep. Harry Koontz ......... Student Sen. Rep. I l I I SPONSORS: I Prof.. Robert Chiang . .Dept. Of Drafting Sz Design Asst. Prof. Richard Murphy . Dept. Of Drafting Sz Design J ti AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR DESIGN AND DRAFTING The purpose of A.I.D.D., is to study technical in- formation, drafting techniques and other related facets I of design and drafting so as to improve the science of graphic communications. It will also serve as a channel I of communication and provide a more unified spirit among technology students and industry. This will be I done through the participation in group and national activities. MEMBERS: I Thomas Hulsman Robert Carrico 1 James Booth Larry Pugh Ronnie Ice William Green I Robert Brown Steve Catron ' James Doane Randall Sims Robert McCloud Mike Baines Keith Robb Thomas Houdashildt Julia Hughes Dana Detty Suzanne Windell Monica Jones Terry Marshall Cheryl Lacefield Grace Paul Ava McCall Sandy Biggs Lindo Colfield Marsha Colglazier Jan Crawford Sharon Cullop Anne Geisler Donna Green Marty Gunder Sue Healy Ruth Heberling Linda Johnson Nancy Moore Brenda Mounts Nita Orchard Deanna Pitts Jan Punch Linda Reichman Roseann Riester Cinda Robinson Mary K. Sandefur Patricia Schnider Cindy Taber Gloria Wallace Linda Fox Sandy Woodring Suzy Woodring Suellyn Wittman Lari Miller Judy Allen Cindi Rinehart Elaine Loesch Meredith Hanson Pam Willis Andrea Wilson Vicki Chase Diane Kernes Jenny Pegram Kelley Beckes Joan Clayton Judi Goben Kathy Organ Andrea Wilhite Sherry Sanders Nancie Parker Terry Wisler Karen Belcher Karen Wilson Nancy Jenkins Carol Whiten Donna Holdash Diana Dalton Joyce Fredrick Donna Cooper Susie Gilliland Carol Both Mary Anne Ade Karen Branscome Linda Stair Mary Ellen Cutshaw Stephanie Martin V4 lplm Uzcfa Hifi Alpha vated HISTORY: Alpha Theta Chi was formed to combine several womenis organizations that were on the campus. It was first known as the HGir1s Clubf, but officially became Alpha Theta Chi on February 16, 1950. Over the years, the sorority has been mainly concerned with service. This year the emphasis moved to its being a social sorority although it still serves both the campus and the community. SPONSORS: Mrs. Harriette Groscop, English Professor Miss Sheila Fites, Geography Professor Theta Chi house acquired in early I967 and being reno- and furnished by members of the sorority. OFFICERS: President ..... Vice-President .... Secretary ......... Recording Secretary . . Treasurer . . Pledge Trainer ...... Student Senate ..... Alternate Representative . . . Mary K. Sandefur Linda Colfield Sandy Biggs Nita Orchard . Linda Fox Marty Gunder . . Linda Johnson . Nancy Moore Scholarship Chairmen . . . . . Linda Reichman Suellyn Wittman Publicity Chairman . . . . Gloria Wallace Program Chairman . . . . Sue Healy Parliamentarian ..... . . . . . . . Cindy Taber Officers left to right: Mary K. Sandefur, Linda Colfield, Nita Orchard, Marty Gunder, Suellyn Wittman, Sue Healey, Cindy 105 Taber, Linda Johnson, Linda Reishman, Sandy Biggs, Linda Fox MEMBERS Sue Baron Nancy Coers Gay Gibson Mary Kay Kiefer Joy Neese Manarda Payne Angie Phillips Bonnie Price Donna Smith Jean Smith Terry Thomas Pat Thompson Joyce Verley Trucli Wailand Carol Wise Mary Ya rbrough PURPOSE: Beta Xi Sorority was founded on May 20, 1966. This so- rority is to promote good will between the surrounding com- munity and the women of Beta Xi by rendering dependable and beneficial services to contribute to the improvement of the social environment of Vincennes University. The purposes are to create an organization with .spiritual ena thusiasm and good will of which the community and mem- bers will be proud and to induce perpetual sisterhood. Donna Green Cindi Rinehart Katie Anderson Sherry Sanders Nancy Jenkins Cindy Benson Patty Powell Jane Holsapple Pam Shobe Pat McAnuIty Jane Eclmundson Chris Sobilo Sara Black Linda Greenwell Connie Beach Vicky Morris SPONSOR: Mr. Phillip Summers COST UM ES: The Blazerettes costumes are royal blue. turtleneck leotards. trimmed in gold sequins and blue fringe. White boots complete the costume. 106 Kata Xi OFFICERS: President ...... . . . Carol Wise Vice-President . . . . . Joyce Verley Secretary ..... . . . Gay Gibson Treasurer . . . . . . Pat Thompson Sgt. at Arms . . . . Mary Yarbrough Historian ....... . . . Manarda Payne Pledge Trainer ..... . . . Nancy Coers S. S. Representative . . . . Mary Kay Kiefer SPONSOR: Miss Ruth Mead. Director of Physical Education From left: Terry Thomas, Donna Smith, Sue Baron, Nancy Coers, Gay Gibson, Mary Kay Kiefer, Pat Thompson, Mary Yarbrough, Joyce Verely, Angie Phillips, Joy Neese Klazcrcites HISTORY: The Blazerettes were first organized on September 12, 1966 and began to practice at that time. Their goal and purpose is to entertain during Mhalf-timew of the basketball games and at other functions on campus. Captain, Miss Dody Stemm Eheerlmdfrs BEFORE SCHOOL Left 'fo right Connie Click Pot Heudly Jennifer Dowd Vicki Lorrison Peggy Milch Edye Clark FIRST SEMESTER PURPOSE: Circle K is dedicated to the task of provid- ing service to the campus and communitv. It is a leadership-building group. It is not a social fraternity and in no way devaluates the importance of social activity. The V. U. chapter of Circle K was the first chapter founded in any Indiana college or university. OFFICERS: President . . . . . Vice-President . . . . . . ' 'J Treasurer ........... Secretary ........... Senate Representative. . . Sponsor . .......... . .Mike Heacox llst sem.l Tim Edwards 42nd sem.l Michael Conrow Louis Padgett Joseph Grabowski Tim Edwards Dean Albright Back row: Tim Edwards, Louis Padgett Front row: Michael Conrow, Mike Heocox, Joseph Grohowski MEMBERS Kircle IC CIBC Sherman Wolloce Tim Edwo d St Louis Padgett Tim Monc I B B y Joseph Grcibowski Art Dunco Ch I C Y David Brown Rick Price Mike Heoc T S 1 Jerry Brand b g J B I1 1' 43 mv sw' ' SPONSOR: Mr. John McGaughey. Professor of Applied Math Dalia Gamma lata Larry Betty '67 Dennis Callahan '67 Terry Crockett '67 Allen DiLegge '67 Richard Funk '67 J. Steven Gibbs'67 David Harder'67 William Jenkins'67 W. Warren Judd '68 Larron Leugers '67 James Mace '67 Michael O'Connor'67 James H. Rodman'67 John Thornbrough '67 Gregg VanLue '67 Matthue Berg'68 George Bryans'68 Edwin Burgin '68 James Ciaccia'67 Mark Cronk'68 Larry DeLong'68 Rick Evans'68 Charlie Enyeart'67 Ronald Homan'67 Dick Lapilusa '68 Dick Minnick'68 Terry NichoIson'68 Fred Parker'68 Dick Pasco'68 Mike Peters '68 Quenten Queisser'67 Gus Sevastianos '68 Larry Shoaf'67 Steve Strachan '68 George Vassil '67 David Wagley '68 William Weaver'68 Joseph Wegg '67 Bill Winship'68 OFHCERS President ..... . . . W. Warren Judd Vice-President. . . . . Allen DiL.egge Secretary . . . . . . William Jenkins Treasurer .... . . . David Harder Pledge Trainer . . . Larron Leugers Sargent at Arms . . . . . Dennis Callahan Ritual Chairman ..... . . Terry Crockett Scholarship Chairman . . . . Larry Shoaf HBTORY: The idea of Delta Gamma Iota Fraternity was initiated by Preston B. Albright. Dean of Men and Mr. Gregg VanLue in the Spring of 1966. Mr. Vanliue picked 14 other men of Vincennes University to form the first Active Body of the Fraternity. These 15 men officially founded Delta Gamma Iota Fraternity with the passage of its charter consti- tution bythe Vincennes University Student Senate in May 1966. Delta Gamma Iota became an officially recognized V.U. Social and Service Fraternity. The Fraternity started its Alpha Pledge Class the next VOCATIONAL UNDERSTANDING .fn w 865, elf' 1 I e I V2 Q X Q X LEADERSHIP S' N ' CIVIC DEVELOPMENT ' T 'P CONSCIOUSNESS 0 o ,gf Q 1 tx XV ' N 5 ' X QQ v. fc' SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE PURPOSE: The purpose of this organization is to develop future leaders for Marketing and Distribution. In addition, they hope to develop a respect for education which will contribute to vocational competence and to pro- mote understanding and appreciation for the respon- sibilities of citizenship in our free, competitive en- terprise system. OFHCERS President . . . . . . Randy Wendell Vice-President. . . . . Dick Funk Secretary . . . . . . Mary Ellen Cutshaw Treasurer . . . . . . Terry Carney Historian . . . . . . Chris Sobilo Student Senate Student Senate SPONSOR: . .L Cynthia Hinkley . . Kent Mahnersmith Mr. Gordon A. Goodman, Assistant Professor Distributive Education I08 school year in September 1966. Distriaafiaa aaaaliaa 61116 Peggy Albright George Andros Larry Beety Jock Bennett Carol Both Patty Bullard Richard Burns Terry Carney Harold Cavender Mary E. Cutshaw Tom Dean MEMBERS Dave Dickerhoff Marvin Edwards Terry Foley Richard Funk Marc Gerger Dave Harder Ted Hawkins John Heagy Cynthia Hinkley Edmund Irwin Robert Jeglum Cathy Lane Patrick Lenahan Larron Luegers Kent Mahnersmith William Meaker Steve Mills Brenda Mounts David Oeding Linda Page Ted Ream Max Rusk Jeff Sands Connie Schmitz Ardith Shaw Tom Small Christine Sobilo Phyllis Spencer Phyllis Sullivan Norman Turner David Uebel Mark Webster Edward Wesco Tonya Wimmer Randall Wendell emma C1111 OFFICERS: Pre s ident Vice-President ...... Secretary -Treasurer Student Senate Representative. SPONSORS: Mr. James Schurter Mr. Warren Stevenson ACTIVES Ari Altman Left to right: Michael Ray, Richard Piter, Thomas A"d'ef" CIW Linen Aurelio Correa James Brandon Wayne Dittelberger John Brown Thomas Littell Amdres Moreno John Nordoft Richard Pifer Michael Ray Elliott Sturgeon U..-.--. . . Richard Pifer . . James Brandon . . Michael Ray . . Thomas Littell PLEDGES Jim Petro John McGowan Jim Donner Terry Bradberry Kenny Cain Wayne Hilr Terry Stucky Fred Wyman Bill Killian Jett Nole James Schroeder H ISTO R Y: Gamma Tau is a national fraternity composed of students enrolled in an engineering curriculum. It was organized in 1959 as a local fraternity and in 1965 became a national fraternity with chapters in five other states. flame comfmics 61116 OFFICERS: President ..... . .Wendy Stout Vice-President. . . .Linda Smith Secretary ..... . . Barbara Seitzinger Treasurer ..... . . Joy Solenberg Student Senate Judy Lane Representatives. . . .Connie Beach Public Relations . . .Janice Buescher SPONSOR: Mrs. Carol Deem, Associate Professor of Home Economics First row: Barbara Seitzinger, Connie Beach, Joy Solenberg. Back row: Linda Smith, Janice Buescher, Judy Lane and Wendy Stout. HISTORY: The Vincennes University Home Economics Club was organized shortly after V.U.,s move to its present campus. Although it is primarily for Home Beverly Baker Ginny Barrett Ginny Baker Doris Baute Rickie Bays Connie Beach Ruth Blann Janice Buescher Cindy Cooper Linda Greenwell MEMBERS Debbie Henderson Donna Holdash Nada Huron Cheryl Judy Judy Lane Vickie Larrison Marsha Maxton Judy McKinley Marsha Meyer Janet Reed Linda Schmitt Barbara Seitzinger Kay Sites Linda Smith Peggy Smack Wilburta Sodders Joy Solenberg Wendy Stout Jeannie Wagoner Delores Waggoner Patty Wilson Economics majors it is open to all who are interes- ted in this field. The purpose of the club is to pro- mote teamwork and friendship, to develop leader- ship and to encourage creative arts and activities. The Home Economics Club directs its efforts toward any problems of the University related to Home Ec- onomics. The club, under the direction of the spon- sor. planned and served the French Supper to nearly 100 guests during the 1966 Wabash Valley Folk Festival on campus. 'I09 fnfermzfizfmzl Students' 611111 HISTORY: The International Students' Club was organized as an of- The aim of the Internat.ional Students' Club is to foster good and constructive relationships between International justment of newly arrived international students in the campus. ficial club of Vincennes University in September, 1961. students toutside of the United States? and American stu- dents. It is also the intention of the club to aid the ad- Vienna Wong, Winnie Chu, Arturo Quintana. Front row, left to rightp Andrew Chu, Back row, left to rightg Albert Lau, Ronald Bennet, Aurelio Correa. SPONSORS: Mr. Robert N. S. Chiang, Professor of Drafting and Design Mrs. Sharon C. Chiang, Instructor of Drafting and Mathematics Miss Amy Goodhue Loomis, Professor of Speech and Ronald Bennet Carol Both Andrew Chu Winnie Chu Aurelio R. Correa Hector Fernandez lbraham Fraih MEMBERS Peter Githiri Janice Owens Amparo Jaramillo Arturo Quintana John Kay Patrick Rooney Albert Lau Sheila Sparenberg Phillip Martin Shirley Sparenberg Ava McCall LaVonne Steward Andres Moreno Ambrose To Dramatics Victoria Von Behren Virginia Von Behren Gloria Wallace Reeann Welton Madeline Willis Vienna Wong OFFICERS: President . . . .Albert Man-Fai Lau Secretary . . . . .Vienna Lai-Wah Wong Treasurer .... . . Patrick Rooney Student Senate ,,,-'. u 'Aurelio R. Correa Representatives Ronald Bennet Co-Chairmen of the Printing and Design Committee . . Winnie Man-Y ing Chu . . . .Andrew En-Chai Chu Karate Klub Left to rightg Allen Dilegge, Dennis Callahan, William Updike, Alan Walsh HISTORY: Ron Autrey David Bains Tom Bishop Jim Ciacca The Vincennes University Karate Club was organized in 1965-66 by Dennis M. Callahan. lst Degree Black Belt and Director for the State of Indiana Chung Do Kwan Tae Soo Do cKorean Government Karate Associationl. The club is connected with the United States Karate Association and the Jhoon Rhee Institute of Tae Kwan Doo. The club will give as part of its activities, demon- strations on the art of Karate. . S The goals of the Karate Club include the establishment of a Karate Club on every college campus., the develop- ment of Karate into the P.E. program and the learning of ""' Q Karate as an art of self defense. The purpose of the organization is to advance and en- courage Karate as a sport at V.U.:to promote and develop physical fitness, mental discipline. moral well-being. and sportsmanship among the student body. ll0 N 'I f .SXSQLS OF F IC E RS: President ...,. . . Allen Dilegge Vice President ,. . ,. , Victor Klein Secretary ..... . . William Updike Treasurer . ....... . . . Alan Walsh MEMBERS Michael Green 4th Brown Quenten Queisser Mark Scott Larry Sausaman John Efboohof 47h Bfown Joe Sullivan Steve Jourdan Steve Kendall Mike Hurst 4th Brown joseph Wogg Edward Lay Jeff Young Mike -Io"'e5 47h Bfown Dan Robbins Darrell Yochum Larry Stansifer Allen Dil-9999 4th Brown Harold Taggart James H. Diltman William Updike Alon wolsh 3"Cl Brown Dan Meyers Stanton Forster Robert Updike Jomos Asfflko oil' Gfoon Pete Hasler Al Velope Larry Shoaf Je""Y I-lille ofh Gfeen Rod Linkaus Jeff Richardson Ken Derrett Tlvm Hlmsel 67h Gfeen Bill Rybolt Jim David Kenneth Seidl -hm Merle' oil' Green Jesse Stone Danny M. Sloan Bob Halter Deon Confod od" Gwen Jeff Stoops Angelo Franceschina Donald Piffmon Mike Albertson William Johnson Victor Klien John Skodo Howard Spelman Edward Price Dean Owsley Lou Matthews Michell Parrish Dennis Cripe SPONSOR: Mr. Ben Johnson Stephen Grant Andy Moreno SPONSOR: if 'QS' it it '19 Qgfe? i E 2:5 :.,4:,5- .X 5- .41 E Z9' .M -: i - 3 ' qv ov 'ug ' 5. - Q V " -we gf ', Q 'iw .if ' 'O' Q 3 ' . , 4 L - , 's fs 41.192 Phi Zflzcfa Kappa All Judy Allen Sally Bateman Thomas Bishop Mary Ann Bohnert Mike Burch Dennis Cripe Sandy Davis Wayne Dittelberger Linda Espey Anne Faulkner Tom Hutchcraft MEMBERS members are second year students Rita McDonald Gene Mehne Georgia D. Meier Donna Mills Nita Orchard Sherree Owens Alan Powell William C. Quallcenbush Linda Reichman Fred Reimers Sue Romick Mary K. Sandeiur Lindo Sargent Jan Schlamp Clark Scott Robert H. Studier Cynthia Taber Victoria Von Behren Steve Waller Cletus J. Wessler Carol Wise Suellyn Wittman OFFICERS PM President .... . . Linda Reichman Q Vice-President.. . . . Carol Wise Secretary .... . . Judy Allen Seated, left to right: Judy Allen, Linda Reichman, TI.QaSul.m. ' . t n u - ' SUCHVH Wittman Carol Wise, Suellyn Wittman Student Senate ' Representative .... Wayne Dittelberger Phi Theta Kappa's sponsor is Joe Fischer. a mathematics teacher at Vincennes University. He is quite capable to be the honorary's sponsor because he was a Phi Theta Kappan when he attended Vincennes University. He also graduated magna cum laude from Indiana State University with a 3.8f4.0 grade point index. HISTORY: Phi Theta Kappa was organized as a national scholarship so- ciety for junior colleges in 1929. The choice of the name was influenced by the fact that the name of the honorary society for senior colleges is Phi Beta Kappa. Vincennes University was granted a charter in 1949 and became the Zeta Psi Chapter. Chapters are now found in thirty-seven states as well as the Canal Zone. Chapter with Mr. Joseph Fischer at tar right. C1111 Delia Zhi Ken Hoesman, Royce Mason, Melvin Erny, Ronnie Ice, John Lane , Raymond Kline and James Booth SENIORS James Booth Melvin Erny William Greene Ken Hoesman Ronnie Ice Carl Schandlemfir Alan Walsh Larry Waldroup Royce Mason MEMBERS FRESHMEN Michael Baines Walter Behrenos Bill Chanley Rex Chattin Ron Cobb Richard Craw Tom Empson James Gerking Stephen Helms Thurman Jones Raymond Kline Harry Koontz Eddie Lee Bruce Lake John Lane Alan Mayhaw Bob McCloud Bryan Pittman John Roberts Michael Williams OF FICERS: President ....... James Booth Vice-President .... Ron Ice Secretary ....... Ken Hoesman Treasurer ....... Larry Waldroup Bob lVlcCloud'Freshman Student Senate Representatives. . Alan Walsh- Senior SPONSORS: Mr. Robert N. S. Chiang, Head Professor of Drafting Mr. Richard Murphy. Professor of Drafting PURPOSE: Purpose of this organization is to aid in the development and growth of the individual student by fostering good cite izenshipg to stimulate among students oftechnology courses interest in and understanding of the programs and activities of technology organizationg to afford the technology student opportunities for making definite contributions to this. his organizationg for becoming an integral part of its growth, for realizing his importance thereto. and for developing in his growth as a professional person, as a person, and as a member of society. Ill l gig . -v is ,e .Vee pri :X gg, , ' , PS ex. . My , at - , , Q .' ,gyms X vi A f NS' ...,. ' s - N'-1'3,,xQq sg- L f- tl it -Q - as . -JY ' X sv . i-i f .ff-iii l ,S : Sain 'ia , .1 .P lus r . diy' ails, at film-it tfr-i"5m?'f?k':i?f5? i' '. , if ,f W- " 92' xyi',.1-"TWT ' X my K ' .HN P S' W it is sw, 5, . - at N X L . 1. ,Z N as , ,- 1 Qts.,-gi .X ,. 5 S. ACTIVES Dave Archer David Dodge Bruce Hewitt Mike Jones Jerry Little Jim Ryan James Vaughn Bernie Armstrong John Furr Larry Hickman Mike Kolb Mike MacArthur Gary Salsman Tony Vitelli Brian Barlow Peter Gallette Tom Himsel Dan Koons Harold Mead Forrest Schinbeckler Randy Windell Jim Barnes Michael Green Jim Hopf William L. Lane Stephen Miller Robert Shaw John Zeigler Larry Beety David Greene Randall L. Johnson Paul Lieberman Doug Padgett Robert Studier Ronald Zeller Joe Booher Carl Henderson John Jones Douglas Lindvall Tom Rhea V James Tragesser igmfz Pi , lily' W4 FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS: SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS: sage ............. William Lane A Sage -.--.--...-- James E. Ryan lst Counselor . . . . . Harold Mead i"'f lst Counselor . . . . . James Tragesser Vice-President . . . . Brian Barlow of E 5 f,,",, Vice-President . . . . Dan Koons- Treasurer ..... . . Ronald Zeller gftftfi Treasurer ..... . . Forrest Shinbeckler Secretary ..., , . . Randall Johnson 4 , ,S "" ' " I Secretary .... . . Randall Johnson Herald and X 'il ' r' Herald and Historian . . . . Robert E. Studier X it . Historian . . . . David Dodge SPONSORS: f J Dr. Robert Cagle ' X Z Mr. Ben Johnson ee v i J, ' E r 'E ,aallfig it HISTORY: Sigma Pi National Fraternity was born here at Vincennes University on February 26, 1897 under the name of Tau Phi Delta. In 1918 Sigma Pi was admitted into full membership by the National Fraternity Conference under the name of Sigmp Pil In 1913 a tragedy mars the picture. Under the strain of growth and the burden of war, the decline of Vincennes University was rapid and the enrollment decreased at the University, and consequently AlphaChapter lost her life. On February 26, 1965, after sitting idle for over a half a century, sixteen VU students were formally initiated into the ranks of Sigma Pi. At this point the Fraternity's mother chapter was officially reactivated, making Vincennes University the only junior college in the U.S.A. to have an active national fraternity on its campus. In 1966 Alpha Chapter acquired a fraternity house, located at 505 N. 6th Street and is now doing a complete job of remodeling it. The new fraternity house was formerly the old Baynard home, virtually the birthplace of Sigma Pi Fraternity. It was the home of Sigma Pi's first two initiates -- Maurice Baynard and Samuel Baynard. It is also the place where the Fraternity's Ritual, Constitution and By-Laws were written. James E. Ryan, Sage of Alpha Chapter, making presentation to Judge Curtis G. Shake at the Founder's Day dinner. H2 llnifed Hampus Ehristim Qellvwship OFFICERS: President .... . . Randy lltindcll Vice President . . Tum llutchcraft Secretary . . . . Judy Allen 'l'reasurer .... . Nlick Little Student Senate Representative . . . Steve Studley Alternate . . . . , Handy Windell MEMBERS George Adamson Judy Allen Kelley Beckes Karen Belcher Cheri Brandon Jim Brandon Elaine Buchanan Skip Burcham Stephen Carey Sue Clements Bill Cline Jerry Collins Dean T. Conrad Dick Criswell Mark Allen Day William E. Dillma Randy Donaldson Linda Espey Daniel Frame James Gerking Hank Gody Gary Graves James Graves Roger Gregory David Hamilton Meredith Hanson Gerald Hicks Tom Hutchcraft Steve Johnson Monica Jones Becky Kerns Janet Libby Mick Little Ava McCall Jack McCrary Sally McDoriels Douglas McKinney Linda Reichman Roseann Riester Jane Rivers David Renner Bob Russell Mary K. Sanclefur David Alan Sarles Clark Scott Linda Seifert Linda L. Shaw Linda Shelkett Sheila Sparenburg Shirley Sparenburg Rex Stovall Stephen Stud ley Candy Thomas Ralph Vermilio Randy Windell Suzanne Windell Suellyn Wittman Teresa Wood Sandy Woodring Suzy Woodring W' SPONSORS: Mrs Woodford Lawrence tThelmal. Director. li.C.C.F.Center Rev Al J Widener. Jr., Campus Minister Dr. June Dollahan. Professor of Psychology Mr.lVlyron Mcliitriek. Asst. Professor of English Director of Chorus Mrs. Virginia Hebert. House Mother - West Hall Mrs. Thelma Lawrence visitin with Mr. and Mrs. Myron McKitrick and Mrs. Virginia Hebert tbacii. Students visiting at other tables in the newly decorated basement Coffee House. I1 HISTORY: The United Campus Christian Fellowship was officially started on the Vincennes University campus in September 1966 and eight denominations cooperate to make it possible. Monthly meetings are held. and the group has participated in many campus activities such as Christmas lighting and cooperated with the Newman Club on several campus events. In February, 1967, a t'Coffee House" was opened in the basement and students and their friends are encouraged and invited to come and visit. PURPOSE: Purpose of the organization is to provide the opportunity for Christian growth on the campus through religious. social and intellectual activities. Guests coming from the Open House of the Center held in March 1967. Ralph Vermilio at the door. 19' it Wang kepuhlicaus OFFICERS: President . Vice President . . . . Secretary . Treasurer . Student Senate Representative . . . . SPONSORS: Tom Himsel Steve Moore Jennifer Dowd Jeanne Edmonson Phil Wilson Miss Fites, Instructor of Geography, Miss Thompson, From the Chemistry Laboratory PURPOSE: The purpose of' the club is to get those in- terested in politics with a party. It always helps to have a party in which to work. It can also help to prepare the young people for the future. We usually try to make the meetings interesting. sometimes having outside people talk with us. Dave Renner Don Knockell Marc Shultz Richard Piper J.B. Warrick Dave Fisher Bill McCarthy Mark Reed Tom Himsel John Evans Jeff Youn g Edward Grieger Rebecca Hardman Steve Moore Phil Wilson Ann Bailey Jennifer Dowd Richard Houpt Wayne Stiffer Leonard Hoffman Henry Donselman Elmer Stewart Larry Jenkins Jim Kirkpatrick John Snodgrass John Jones Clark Scott Don Cole Sally McDaniel George Kirkman Jeanne Edmonson Rex Boyles tudcnf nuns!! Front: Sandro Woodring, Bonnie Price, Susie Woodring Back: Harold Mead, Carol Wise, Roger Naab PURPOSE: Students on campus are organized into an associa- tion which has as its purpose to promote democratic thought and actiong to encourage the growth and de- velopment of college life: to foster spirit of' unity in all student activities and co-ordinate college organ- izationsg to better school community relationsg to assert and to claim for ourselves and our successors the fullest degree of self government., academic free- dom and the sacred right to discuss and to formulate our policies: to demonstrate our concern for the University. ll4 OFFICERS: President . Secretary .. Treasurer . Commissioner of Activities Commissioner of Athletics Commissioner of Clubs . . SPONSORS: Dean Cornelia Carter, Dean P.B. Albright, Mr. Phillip Summer Roger Naab Susie Woodring Sandra Woodring Bonnie Price Harold Mead Carol Wise HISTORY: illl c o R , 5 Q Milli, 0, I , . Q , KWIWIHI1 6 1112 hzlerafirflf L' f ' 6 41 se 7 A 1, ,s 9 U 1 0 0 ,QQ 13" OFFICERS: President tseatedl. . . . . Hector Fernandez Secretary .....,. . . .Cindi Lau Treasurer ..... . . Steve Keller Student Senate Representative . . . . .Bill Cummins Vice President . . . . . Kem Thomas Newman Center was founded at Vincennes Uni- versity in the 1930's by the late Msgr. Paul A. Deery then pastor of the Old Cathedral and a former national Newman chaplain. The organiza- tion was served by local priests on a part-time basis until last August when Bishop Paul Leibold named Father Bernard Lutz chaplain. The Catholic student movement is named for John Henry Cardinal Newman, the great English church- man of the nineteenth century whose life was so closely linked with Oxford University and whose book Idea of a University, is still a standard work in the field. On September 25, 1966 the Newman Center on campus was dedicated by Bishop Paul Fl. Leibold, Bishop of Evansville. , 'ZH I V N. f V aa. ' v V' u jf' ,c 1 . N ff' QQ.-f ,' Je pl .6 - . ff 1 Ayn' " Y ,vi 5 s in 7' Q' . Y 'Q 1 f A il 'Y -4-1-'Q-'-"""'-'4"' Ja 5 4.33, 15,-.ami ,,,,, .. 1"?lr Shi Pracfzml Nurszug Program ? X SPONSOR AND DIRECTOR: Mrs. Marjorie Miller HISTORY: Practical Nursing became a part of the Vincennes University curriculum in September of 1966 following a survey showing a need for L.P.N. in the Vincennes area. The first class opened with 20 students who were admit- ted following testing and personal interviews. The program consists of 12 months of study with four months in the pre- clinical area and eight months in the clinical area. After completion of this program the student is eligible to take the State Board Examinations for L.P. Nurses. PURPOSE: The purpose of the Vincennes University Department of Practical Nursing is to provide an approved,formalized educational program that will prepare the person to share in the prevention of disease, care of the sick and res- torative nursing within the scope of the defined functions of the practical nurse. Wvmeu ls' lfecreafirfu .Assaciafizw PUR POSE: OFFICERS: President ...,. Vice President . . Secretary . . . Treasurer .... Corr. Secretary . . Sports Chairman . . MEMBERS Bauer, Mary fMrs.J Brough, Lynn fMrs.I Doyle, Roberta IMissI Goffner, Patty fMrs.I Halter, Mary A. lMissI Johnson, Wanda fMrs.I Martin, Eileen KMrs.D Morgan, Phyllis fMissJ Newkirk, Mary fMrs.J Shots, Mariorie tMrs.J Smith, Doris lMrs.D Smith, Ethecl IMrs.J Smith, Mary fMrs.D I I I . . .Terry Thomas . . Alice Ice I . . .Dotty Kessler . . Jan Crawford . . Roberta Thorn I . . Karen Belcher I SPONSOR: Miss Ruth E. Mead, Assistant Professor of I Physical Education i MEMBERS: ' Participants are all women who wish to take part in 1 intramurals. All sports both intrainurals ind extramurals. The girls compete in volleyball, basketball, bowling, and track and field against Butler University, DePauw, lndiana State, lndiana University, lndiana Central, Anderson College and Purdue University. ,llufa JM erlzanics John Baudouine Dave Buchanan Pat Clark Chuck Cochran Don Cole Larry Collett Lee Cunningham Jim Davis Ted Earleywine Tony Gahimer Hershel Goodson Bill Hamilton Pete Haralovich David Keith Danny Kixmiller Vic Klein Tom Lemons Jay Long Royce Mason Tim McNelis Tim Moran Jim Parker Rick Salts Dave Schinbeckler Bernie Sievers Alvin Skomp Jay Spray Jim Thiery Roger Thompson Dan Towe Keith Baker John Begeman Kent Blackman Bill Bonhomme Gary Chapman Gary Dix Charlie Enyearf Dick Love Steve Pope Calvin Sullivan Ron Utterback 1 1,947 My ,f f 1 , , A, mi W' Y W, e ' Seated: Vera Sfoelfing, Clefa Edmondson, Jane Edmondson Back: Jerry Rusk, Linda Shaw, Tim Weir PURPOSE: The purpose ol' the Auto Mechanics Club is to hold money raising projects and sponsor school activi- ties. We plan to award a S50 scholarship to some boy who is interested in entering the mechanics course. but not financially able to do so. SPONSOR: Mr. George Whitehouse. Instructor OFFICERS: President .... Vice President . Secretary , . . . Treasurer . . Sgt. at Arms . . . Public Relations Gary Dix Dave Schinbeckler Royce Mason Larry Collette Keith Baker Bill Bonhomme Lfvllegiafc 4-ff Klub OFFICERS: President T ..,., . Vice President ., , Secretary . r. , . Treasurer . , SPONSOR: , .. Jerry Rusk 6 Cleta Edmondson . Vera Stoelting , Linda Shaw Miss Marjorie Dierdorf, Home Demonstration Agent Jnetinnn ,flsseeitztien ef Nursing Stnetents l.A.N.S. members at their Christmas Party in Florence Hall Sally Bateman Judith Hawkins Mary Bohnert Ruth Ann Heberling Sharon Cullop Mary Holscher Margaret Fane Phyllis Hopper Penny Hardin Amparo Jarmillo Deborah Dee Carlisle Shiela Kay Carnahan Edith Clark Martha June Corn Myrna Sue Hager Marilyn Ruth Houchins Connie Frances Johnston SENIORS Rita McDonald Georgia Meier Donna Mills FRESHMEN Candace Keen Kemper Marsha Lee Knowlton Donna K. Laughlin Janine Colette Punch Joyce Ellen Shepard Susannah C. Skaggs Patricia Ann Sottong Veterans Zine Edwina Kirchoft Judith Morgan Katheryn McCoy Linda Purlee LaVonne Steward Donna Tewell ReaAnn Welton June Marie Trabant Judy Kaye Tracy Rosemarie Williams Pamela Susan Willis Teresa Kay Wood Sandra Kay Woodring Susan Karen Woodring OFFICERS: President t....... Ist Vice President . . 2nd Vice President . . Corr. Secretary . . . Recording Sec. Treasurer ........ Senior Student Senate Re presentative .,... Freshmen Student Senate Representative ..... SPONSORS: Susannah Skaggs Candace Kemper Sheila Carnahan Edith Clark Sharon Cullop Deborah Carlisle Edwina Kirchoff Marilyn Houchins Miss Rosemary King, Nursing Instructor Mrs. Stella Risch. Nursing Instructor PURPOSE: The purpose of the Indiana Association of Nursing Students shallbe to aid in the prepa- tion of nursing students for the assumption of professional responsibilities. OFFICERS: President. . Clarence B. Armstrong, Jr. HISTORY: The Vincennes University Veterans Club was founded on campus in September, 1966 and now has forty three members. During the year the group has co-ordinated Home- coming and the transportation for the English Con- ference on campus.They have sponsored dances and other fund-raising activities and have served as ushers for all convocations. MEMBERS Hugh King Vice President . . Secretary . Treasurer ....... Student Senate Rep. . SPONSOR: Mr. John McGaughey 1966-67 Bylaws . Robert Campbell fist semester? Larry Faulkner 42nd semester? . . Rick Irwin Terry Opell Ron Kelley . . Cletus Wessler . Ray Andrews Bob Campbell Richie Mabley Ed Co0leY Mike McAllister -lim COZY James McPheeters Dan Duffey J,D, Mugg Larry Faulkner Chet Henson Thomas L. Hoffman Donald Hogle Ken Hudson Rick lrwin Warren Judd J.D. Mugg, Sgt, Bruce Munts Terry Opell James R. Petty Jim Sullivan Cletus Wessler Elliott Wilkins William Wint Ron Kelley at Arms, Terry Opell, vice-president, Lawrence J. Faulkner, Presidentg Ron Kelley, Secretary l ,iff , , SPONSOR "LILIOM" I966 Sally McDaniel Mike Sinclair Susie Brochin Don Acheson Bill Culver Larry Poole Sheila Wilkes Marty Gunder John Margowski Mike Hale OFFICERS: President . . . . Bill Culver Vice-Pres. . . . Don Acheson Sec.-Treas.. . . . Mike Sinclair Miss Amy Loomis John Margowski and Bill Thomas V. ll. Playhausr Donald Acheson David Barker Brian Barlow Dennis Callahan Bill Culver Martha Gunder Carole Hager Amparo Jaramillo Royce Mason Sally Ann McDaniel John Margowski Teddie Mehler Larry Poole ,. Wally Richarclville Cynthia Rinehart Susie Ryder David Sarles Jill Seidler Michael Sinclair Rex Stovall William Thomas Richard Tomasewski Dee Traylor Douglas Voyles Tim Weir Susie Willard 4555 Cast of "Boy Genius" VINCENNES UNIVERSITY PLAYHOUSE The Vincennes University Playhouse is the oldest organized extra-curricular activity on the campus, dating from the late 19th century. Records are extant of productions like Shakespeare's 'tMidsummer Nights Dream" and Sheridan's "The Rivals". During the early 1950's the Playhouse was reorganized under the leader- ship of Mr.Clarence Stout and in 1954'it passed into the direction ofthe present sponsor, Miss Amy Loomis. The Playhouse presents two major productions annually under the auspices of the Community Series. Informal play readings, one-act plays and spontaneous improvisations have been used as part of the organizations community service. Members of the playhouse constituted a large proportion of the cast of the play t'Alice of Old Vincennes", during the summer of 1966 and 1967. Delta Psi Omega is a national society for junior college students of drama. Each year a few playhouse students qualify for member- ship in this distinguished organization. The most recent addition of the Vincennes University Cast of Delta Psi Omega are Carol Hager, Bill Culver, Mike Sinclair, and Sally Ann McDaniels. Mem- bers-elect are Donald Acheson and Stephen Meeks. L Kaffe! Chmtrc "Bronc" cast with St. Vincent orphans I I 4 "LET'STRY THIS-" c Dr. Robert Cagle and Fran Ogle 1. -. V- W., - S. PURPOSE: The Pep Band performs for various school functions such as convocations, basketball games, and special concerts for the surrounding community. A possible trip or two is also in the planning stage. Those who pass the auditions, even though they may not receive a scholarship are certainly welcome and encourage to become a member of the band. U16 fnsemlf 5 Pep Hand Linda Adams George E. Adamson James E. Bertschl Gene D. Combs Mark A. Day Jon Alan Fye Alan A. Gee Rebecca L. Hardman Phillip W. Kibler Glenn A. Lawson Janet McGovern Lloyd D. Voyles David J. Wagley Thomas S. Williams Shelia Sparenburg Shirley Sparenburg Robert Horseman Donald Sweatt William E. Pettitt Georgena Purcell Henry Godby Steve Burkhart Phil McGlothlin Dave Harriman SPONSOR: Mr. Richard Ertel David J. Wagley Linda Adams Carol A. Whiten Rosemarie Williams James R. Zink Gary Keller Carolyn Blair Kelley Beckes Cynthia L. Cooper Wilburta Sodders Sarah Glenn Rex Stovall Steven Bolden Gene Combs Cynthia Jo Laue Cynthia McCown Sarah Stout Lloyd Voyles Max Brandt Ruth E. Adams Charles L. Bridges Thomas Bumgardner Robert T. Campbell Bill Culver Stephen R. Curry James A. Davis Sharon Grannan Rebecca J. Hawes Debra L. Henderson Marsha T. Marshall Sally A. McDaniel Frances M. Ogle Shirley K. Powell Rita K. Muller Candace J. Thomas SPONSOR: Mr. Richard Ertel President . . . . Gene Combs Secretary . . . James Davis PURPOSE: Twelve partial scholarships are offered each year for singers in the Ensemble and anyone may audi- tion at the beginning of the Fall semester. If ac- cepted, they may join the Ensemble as a regular member without a scholarship so long as they a- gree to attend the rehearsals and performances the same as regular members. The group provides pro- grams for school functions as well as for clubs and organizations in the area. 120 , CHILI SUPPER The Annual Chili Supper is spon- sored each year, since 1953, by the alumni and is attended by hundreds of students, faculty, staff and alumni as well as towns- people. Each campus organization is given an opportunity of having a fund raising booth and Green Auditorium is turned into a verit- able "market-place". Lfhili upper 'li Yi' unafgzlj- . A PM, Overall view of the auditorium on the night of the supper Festive booths can be seen in background The chili, made out of doors, is stirred by faithful pledges of organizations l The slot race, sponsored by the Yearbook Staff was Dr. Beckes tries his hand at slinging a cream pie set up outside Old pictures for sale at one booth Alpha Theta Chi slave auction block with Eric Vaughn as auctioneer v l I' Jnday's student convocation andTlast Thursday's l li all H 0 . 4 instraton have served at least one useful purpose: ' have made us aware of the problems caused by i University growth. t, as Dr. Beckes, president of VU, has pointed the primary purpose of this institution is the ation of its students, and the grievances expressed 'oth the demonstrators and the sttident grievance nittee have bordered outside the realm of educa- r-v..-.f..-.f-- c., J.......v- yes---foe, uv4.vJ.Al6 Lang, g,ALL.L.l.k4 uuuuva X The Indiana General Assembly has recognized this growth and service by its 900 thousand dollar appro- priation to VU for the 1967-69 biennium. Significantly Q99 thousand dollars is for capital gislature has not only recognized e last biennium, but it has also - vvrfvekuvu For .U ..... anticipated growth of VU. the 1965-67 biennium the General Assembly l matters. e grievance committee is hoping of communication with the administi felt the communication line that or the students, the Student Counci . The committee, two members esentatives in Student Council, fee cil is something of a farce. t whether or not this is the ca: , and the students particularly w ing the loudest, have not endeavor 'wise. The Student Body must aDD'l"OUTl2fP'fl Tl'tf1IlQQY'lfl rlhllnvc Frxv XIII Since then The Vincennes University campus newspaper. the Trail- 39 TQSPIOUSQ blazer, became a weekly publication for the first time this 'f0Pf1aU0llS- year. And for the second year in a row, it won the highest et the needs rating offered by the Associated Collegiate Press, "All- the Geflelfal American." The Trailblazer won perfect scores for editorials, leads, editorial page make-up, sports, creativity, standing heads and mastheads, speech and interview stories., treatment of copy and vitality, and writing style. :tical reality 2 legislature i problems, . service to :sembly has to the state Dear Editor: We, the active m of Alpha Theta Ch like to thank th or parties concer displaying our corn in the city cemetery We are sure I family of the dl person enjoyed fini cornerstone on the After all, a grave something that a "s, college student" wh spect, or think of 2, sacred, so we all they understood co ly. We would likei our pledge class f-Q fI'S half Way- The Trailblazer is run on an editorial board system, under Sgraduation ing the Stone and I-E lch Of the guilt DGIOHSS F9 the 93ml the direction of faculty adviser, Mr. Fred Walker, Jr. member the it befere Such a , Wl'l1Cl'1 have been 13X 1I'l Sl'l0W1l'lg ..-- --....,-.,..,.. ... -iv-I V, Uv--vi ui nooeiuuiy ocnniuu wiui bpecial appfe- act was djscgvere. :nt Council. Many campus activities promoted ciation. e Council have suffered because of this. And. with special recognition we will remember the In the future, W e faculty cannot escape some criticism. As attention to VU's interests by Governor Roger D. appreciate it jf th. BGQCKGS 1ll3S said. Vll is l'l0T like 5-'mv nthor' ineri- Rrnnicrin Crm-D Con, Robert P. O'Bar-mon, Princeton, Sons involved Woull i in Inc ite Finance Committee, State Rep. Sgmeplace Othe, ty .shou :higan City, chairman of the House the Cemetery, in nt intere Jmmittee, and locally, State Rep. for families who ha Confmlglig lead-and, and State Sen. Robert J. ones hurried there, . ents a 1 I the We, EDITORIAL BOARD ally . Xamllleff' .GI Chairman of the Board ..... . . Jerry Hicks 'Ol-lldl U0 9 ' o you lalrlts. Board Members has , 3 attack . . I nt activi Ken Rains, David Snow, fliigr who 1 Joe Edwards, David Marron S hz , , ,Carter Y 1, Associate Board Member i - the del to A Seni' vpen of 131 the Gloria Wallace i Jegoatf' H121 --"""'i. iwkward PGS, Y het def of Ulf REPORTERS: ....,Q ijority - , --I jaivel-Sit ie 'yea Jeanne Edmondson, Bob Sheaks, John Hoff- ENTE io establg 2111011 man, Ron Gawthorp, Dennis Daily, Donna Ades Suid-91196 325 Duncan Twila Terrel and Charlene Lane 5 . 9 s y ml grant Staff members work on their stories in the Journalism Laboratory in the Television hey C . ,, U1 Lucy autunlatica ' Some Building. From left are Joe Edwards, fb0Ck9f0U"ldl, membef ofthe edif0l'i0lb00I'd Gnd Pllched US Wlth the eXCI'l,lCIl.2ltQlng Come HP-.U lflg too editor of the Campus Current of the Valley' Advance, Dave Marron, member of the akg of our ambassadors to the l ie food Zdifogiob brig' KT Reins-hmensbef of :"eHfd'g,0"f1IL:'0"'df.?:3'1f'j fnfflgxtffg Through this coverage we are. ALL STUDENTS ance Con r., re a er, r., acu y a viser o e ran azer. u upport to our team when it needs last day to withdrir student se"""s' M ,,--,,-,,,W ma, me U,,,,e, My -heer it when it needs it the most. a class with a "W"Ii dergoing such an increase in Student Body that WAOV has gone beyond covering the Blazers because day, March 17. I nevitable that such problems will occur, they are an integral part of the Vincennes community. 5 tudents feel their complaints are legitimate, They limo 'o""' H 'Arcana' interns' in 'hc 'Mm The A' ' """'D'TNTSi, my Sensible answer is the Student Council, not Statloli TT Weff icat committee, or a spring fever demonstration. blazer l 5 they say . .. have sometimes said to myself that the one I was determined to do was to make 'journalist, d word. And today it IS a good word." f! X- x ls ry he editors iof Time Magaziney recognize that lete neutrality on public questions and important is probably as undesirable as it is impossible are therefore ready to acknowledge certain dices. tAmong themgb faith in the things which V CEWHOI buyas a respect for the old, particularly rnners, an interest in the new, particularly in Henry R. Luce, founder of Time, Life Fortune ports Illustrated magazines, who died three weeks it 68 years old, in Phoenix Ariz TRAILBLAZER tklstablished 19241 ci bf larer s published ' Q Qt mb is ,prmg semesu:-s y studen Typ Coloi This for p and ali target I open as Jaci board The over de heave t I1 W porters detest Page make up work is done on light tables in the lournalism Laboratory Working from left are Ron Gawthorp reporter and sports columnist Jerry Hicks chairman of the editorial board David Snow member ofthe editorial board and Gloria Wallace asso v l l tl I i l I l 9 I :tern Cra at s eagu, ren enfoi Stl :ISIC CC01 crate member ofthe editorial board a 1 li , I 3 Q l , . 1 I P ' T ' f ' - r. I H. - H . . . . . 6 . 3 . . 4 ' - .U i " I . . ' i I ' ' ' D L 1 5 T i ' 1 ,' C-grfaci In e ' 9 YM 5 TW22 ay daring the ran A I 527 X5 ' Ui' 1?QDU"fD WML LCPUUC15 In another instance this summe. U . U -- . . . ..- U . gs I L ,..... . . .e...e...... -,a..:.. 1 e. L -- - ' -- 1 . -.-. - .-. 4- -, 5- ' Q ,,,-,-,, - l a - T ' A ig A'-'T srl? 1 0 I I seeing in print and what sub le 1 hls , l I l Q fli .ll Il' lf' f A ll' ,rt . F' ,gl 1' ,.l MR. FORREST WAGGONER MRS- VIRGINIA HEBERT Director of Residence Halls Assistant Director of Student Activities, Housemother Kesidcncv J-fall Persannel MRS. RUTH STIEFLER MRS. MARY ELIZABETH JONES MRS, THELMA L, NORRIS Housemother Housemother Housemofher MRS. NANCY KAY POWELL MRS. MARTHA HART MISS PAULA BROTHERS Health Nurse Housemother Secretory to Director ' ---3 dzfcferizl Persauwl ,uiqnnsii MRS. LILLIAN LACEFIELD EUGENE J. PETELLE Office Manager and Catering Hostess Food Sel'VlCe Dlfeclof i. ,ff ,Q TED JONES MISS ELLA TAKASH Night Cafeferid MGFIGQBI' Food Service Office Personnel MRS. JO ANNE CARIE Food Service Office Personnel 124 63 , - E Left to right? Willa Moon, Bert Williams, Vera Moyer, Linda Hatfield, Madora Green, Susie King 1 r i i 1 K 'Q , , 4 ' 4, s.: l I I l l Front row, left to right: Florence Gilmore, Cecelia Bolles, Leona Lamar, Mildred Althoff. Bock row, left to right: Janice Hagger, May ,Q Barnes, Willard Bormes, Don Turner ' 4 i i i l, l my i x I ,I I . X , 4 i l r.,:: i 5, First row: Alma Goble, Mary Blair, Mona Neans, Jean Althoff. Second row: Georgia Ravellette, Rosemary Purcell, Willa Reynolds, Renne l Q Hocking. Third row: Ronnie Sumner, Tom Turner, David Boyll in i X x Q Q X 5 4 .V . 4,r.,x -lg. : ,. 'ge-,g:,q ,5 First row: Jo Small, Eugenia Hamilton, Lillie Pride, Joan Eddleman Second row: Jo Miller, Harold Turner, Lueonna Brown, Viola Lichte x W I 7 , f f I f V I f I W ff ff! ,f f f X 9 W X 2 jf , DAY SHIFT NIGHT SHIFT - SNACK BAR Front, left to right: Eloise Burke, Violet Gates, Helen Lett to right: Bessie Hager, Helen Campbell, Betty Riclgley Phillippe Back row, left to right: Marilyn Hobson, Gladys Pemberton, Alice Lucas, Pat Wright, Loretta Boyer , 4 f -' 1 , ' 'H 7 wfM,N 2- f , W ,- , Jw MRS. EFFIE GAYER HOSTESS MRS. RUTH CARTER HOUSEMOTHER 8K HOSTESS NIGHT SECURITY CHIEF SECURITY OFFICER NIGHT SECURITY 4 f ', Mwldiliduiag, ,Wf n,....... 1- ffff 125 4 I 1, 2 f ,f ff, Z f f Wcslzmclfz 5 15 f 5 4 i r I 9 If I 1 3 J '4 a ?resl1mc14 Hlass Officer it' 552 K' ,. ,Q sg 3' if wif , Front Row: Kelley Beckes, Secretaryg Linda Greenwell, Student Senate Representative: Sue England., Treasurerg Virginia Pegram, Student. Senate Representative Buck Row: Steve Strackan, Vice-Presidentg Jerry Wilson, Student Senate Representative Fred Parker, Student Senate Representativeg Quentin Emerson, President ,714 Jlfl emzfrium EDWARD TRULL Teoneck New Jersey From January 5 lssue of TRAILBLAZER We grleve for Ed Trull freshman Journallsm student who d1ed December 21 The xerv nature of Journallsm may brlng the reporter to brush all forms all levels all cond1t10ns of exrstence and one of the lnescapable aspects of exlstence IS that It IS temporary Ed Trull who wanted to be a newspaperman dled before he really could begln the Chrlstmas Vaca and the hlgh expectatlons of returnlng to the refreshment of fam1l1ar places and rellably frlendly faces What desperate ncvxs 1tW'lSl A good student Ed faced a h1ghly promlslng career We gllewe for Ed Tlllll I K ' 7 7 a ' 7 a 1 I I , un i . D - tlon that we all awalted wrth, at once, temporary rellef from the pressures that college inevitably forces, , C 1 . E X lj . L - A 7 ' .x I . MICHAEL DEAN AARON NANCY ACREA GILBERT F. ADAMS LINDA GAYE ADAMS RUTH ETTA ADAMS MARY ANN ADE PEGGY ANN ALBRIGHT CHARLES AMOS ALLEN ROGER EARL ALLEN JOSEPH FRED ALTOMERE KAREN KAY ANDERSON KATIE ANN ANDERSON MICHAEL J. ANDREWS RALPH V. ANDREWS RAYMOND D. ANDREWS GEORGE ANDROS, JR. PAUL LAYMON APPLE DAVID C. ARCHER STEVEN W. ARMSTRONG WALTER WAYNE ARNETT JOHN R. ASHTON RONALD L. AUTREY RONALD LEE BABCOCK ANN A. BAILEY JAMES KEITH BAKEIS GREGORY L. BAKER JUDITH ANN BALES DAVID E. BARKER JANICE ANN BARNES DANA ARLENE BARTON I Z 632 V, . N55 I 4 527 Bils- 341, :gf 'ZX ffzfi ' 2 : 5" .wi , , W fl: +p,..ufy YK Q ,YQ fi? 55- 1? '- """'44sq.. f Y .W 4 fff 7 ' 1 f' iw 130 JOHN CHARLES BAUDOUINE JOELLEN BAUER MARY L. BAUER JOHN BAUMGARTNER DORIS ANN BAUTE RICKI LEE BAYS CONNIE JOANN BEACH GRETCHEN GALE BEARD CHRISTINA JEANNE BEAVER KELLEY LYNN BECKES WALTER HERMAN BEHRENDS HOWARD J. BEILBY DANIEL PATRICK BELL GARY LEROY BELT LEE BENJAMIN ALBERT CLAYTON BENNER JACK ROGER BENNETT RONALD DAVID BENNETT LUCINDA GRACE BENSON LESLIE ANN BENT MATTHEW ALOYSIUSI BERG WAYNE E. BERG ALAN WILLIAM BERRY JAMES REUBEN BERTSCH CATHY BEZY GREGORY ALAN BIDLE DAVID ALAN BIGGS KEEVIN WYNN BIGGS BRUCE JOHN BIERY CHARLES ELDON BILLINGSLEY if I '46 ,addy ww' if 1 Q71 , '3?""'9U5 4 'CV' af' Quang,- 2' x 9 wig Glu-DY" DIANA LYNN BISHOP MICHAEL DAVID BISHOP SARA BLACK SHELDON STEVEN BLACK RITA MARIE BLAKE BONNIE BLANFORD KENNETH BLANKENBERGER RUTH ELLEN BLANN MICHAEL ALAN BLINES JOAN CECILE BLOME PHILLIP BLAKE BOHLING STEPHEN RAY BOLDEN JAYNE ANN BOLLINGER DALE WAYNE BOONE THOMAS JOSE PH BOSWELL CASSIUS MARK BOTTEMA WAYNE RICHARD BOWER DAVID MONROE BOWERS STEVEN MICHAEL BOWMAN STEPHEN CARL BOYD TERRY LEE BRADBURY DENNIS LEE BRADLEY HELEN MARIE BRADLEY CHERYL BRAND CHERI KAY BRANDON MAX ALAN BRANDT KAREN RUTH BRANSCOME ROBERT HOWARD BRENNER DIANA SUE BRIGHT LYNN ORA BROUGH 131 DAVID GARIN BROWN DAVID WILLIAM BROWN JAMES ALLEN BROWN MICHAEL LEE BROWN ROBERT E. BROWN ROSEMARY BROWN JAMES MEREDITH BRUST GEORGE DAYTON BRYANS GERALD LEE BRYANT DAVID LEE BUCHANAN SUSAN LOIS BUCHANAN RITA CATHERINE BUCK PATRICIA LYNN BULLARD MARION GOULD BURCHAM THEODORE OTHMAR BURGER EDWIN ALLEN BURGIN FRED P. BURKE STEVEN EDWARD BURKHARDT TIMOTHY LEE BURKS RICHARD KENT BURNS JOSEPH STEPHEN BUSH RONALD BRUCE BYRD KENNETH JOSEPH CAIN MARVIN CALDWELL STEPHEN LEE CALVERT MARVIN M. CAMPBELL PATSY ANN CAMPBELL ROBERT RAY CAMPBELL ROBERT THOMAS CAMPBELL CURTIS EDGAR CAMPBELL I I32 . I A . ff I gg ,aff 424-f' . , - ,,.. , ,.,, , , If ..'V,,V,., -- IA: Z I , ' I f ff ff? 'Z' Z 41' I af ?' ,ff , Z 'f 'fA- RUSSEL WAYNE CANADAY STEPHEN CHARLES CAREY DEBORAH DEE CARLISLE SUSAN ELIN CARLSON SHEILA KAY CARNAHAN TERRY M. CARNEY PAMA LA CARR BYRON BOONE CARREL GRETA GAYE CARRELL FREEDONNA CARRICO PAMELA LOUISE CARROLL BARRY PATRICK CARTER CHARLES CARTER DAVID WARD CARTER MICHAEL GENE CARTER WANDA LOU CASSELL MICHAEL DAVID CATRON STEPHEN LYNN CATRON STEPHEN LINDSAY CAYLOR BRUCE EDWARD CAZEL BRENDA LEIGH CHAMBERS BILLY JOE CHANLEY LARRY RAYMOND CHANSLER REX DAMON CHATTIN MICHAEL CHRISTIE WINNIE M. Y. CHU BOB E. CHURCHWELL KALE WAYNE CLARDY EDITH CLARK RICHARD B. CLARK I33 I ,XMI if 4+ ,Af--wg, ...J ' I . 'A ,ew-sf -,.-W' I ff: if I ' 1 I LUCINDA MARIE CLAUSS , JOAN DARLENE CLAYTON I CoLLEEN suE I CLENENTS I HERBERT A. CLEVELAND CoNNlE SUE I CLICK I I LEWIS WAYNE I CLINE I RONALD D. I Cosa ' STEPHANIE ANN . COCHRAN LOWELLEDWARD I CoCKRuM I MEGAN COKE I DONALD DeWITT g COLE I I LARRY JULIAN I CoLLE1'T I LARRY BURL COLLINS EDWARD EUGENE COLVIN CAROLE 'I COMINGORE I I II II SALLY EMELIE If CONRAD I I I JAMES ERICK COOK EDWARD JOSEPH I COOLEY CYNTHIA LOUVONNIf COOPER I TERRY MAUCK 5 COOPER I I I CHARLENE KAY I CoPELAND I NORBERT CI-IARLEs1 CORBEILLE I CARoLYN JEAN I CoRNELIsoN I I RosLYN KAREN I CoRRALL i ALAN ERVIN I COSGRIFF I I I CAROLE LORRAINB COTA CHARLES L. I cox I STEPHEN EMMETTI cox CONNIE .Io I CRAIG I CONSTANCE LOUIS? CRANE I I I JAMES DOUGLAS CRANE MARY SUSAN CRANMER RICHARD LEE CRAW BARRY ARTHUR CRAWFORD HOWARD JOHN CRAWFORD LLOYD CRAWFORD DICK CRISWELL MARK THOMAS CRONK KEITH ERROL CROSBY DONALD GENE CROSS JOHN ROARK CULVER WILLIAM JAMES CUMMINS LEON KENT CUNNINGHAM STEPHEN ROLLIN CURRY MARY ELLEN CUTSHAW CARTER ALAN DAILEY DIANA LYNN DALTON HAROLD GORDON DAUM BRUCE HARRIS DAVIS DON MARK DAVIS JAMES LEE DAVIS JOHN P. DAVIS LINDA DIANE DAVIS VE LMA K. DAVIS MARK DAY RONALD LEE DEAN TOM TRUMAN DEAN RICHARD GARY DeBLASIS JAMES LYNN DECKARD ROBERT LERoY DeGRAFF, JR. 4349 W? AQW4 'ilrmbn 'wav "52""W f wyq, ,J ,Mau ,ix 'Wm ,WW . Q I, ' V 97, 5 I ifiifi.-'I Z , X922 4 f f 3 "1 'g U . Qdux A 4 lf .V ,7 , I , I R- .A 'f 'Lf " W , 'fd .-E.. A..-.J--I-vw 'af:ga.:::,g-lzzmgaal - 4 , ,AQ " A f 'Jaw ,A,,. I 53,4 5 5 F' , ' IIf - ' 1 f'U'f'U-1 .f AGusTIN MARRERD JEIBERN, JR. BARBARA JEAN DELANEY MICHAEL BRUCE DeLAPP DALE NOLAN DENNEY DANA EDWARD DePREZ JAMES CRAIG DePUTY DANA KEITH DETTY DAVID EUGENE DICKERHOFF JOHN MILTON DICKEY T ' STANLEY EUGENE DICKISON MARK ALLEN DIEKMAN I HERBERT I DILLON, JR. LARRY CON DIPPEL JAMES HENRY DITTMAN JAMES WILLIAM DOANE I1 RICKIE MAuRIcE I DREIMANI I MICHAEL GREGORY DOBSON DAVID DODGE 4 RONALD GENE DODSON I DANIEL ALOYSJ I DoI.I. I I I BRENDA SUE I DONALDSON 1 RANDY 1 DONALDSON . I JIMMY T DONNER I I 4 HENRY MARTIN DONSELMAN I JAMES LARRY DOUGLAS I JENNIFER DOWD I ROBERTA LOIS I DoYI.E SANDRA LEE DRNEK ARTHUR L. DUNCAN DONNA LEE DUNCAN I I SANDRA MARLENE DUNKER SHERRY LYNN DUNLAP LINDA GRACE DUNN THOMAS MICHAEL DURR RICHARD EARP MARGARET G. EARSOM CHARLES STEPHEN EASTRIDGE JEANNE LOUISE EDMONDSON CLETA HELEN EDMONDSON JANE ELLEN EDMONDSON DUAYNE HAROLD EDWARDS RONALD LEE EDWARDS BRAD EIZINGER WILLIAM J. ELMER, JR. KENNETH ELMORE STEVE RICHARD ELSEA QUENTIN BRENT EMERSON THOMAS EMPSON MARY ANN ENGLE ELISABETH SUE ENGLISH RICHARD HOWARD ERNSTES JAMES PERRY ESAKSON DAVID EVANS RICK LYNN EVANS ROBERT EVANS STANLEY WAYNE FARMER STEPHEN DARWIN FARRINGTON PAUL MORRIS FAULK LAWRENCE J. FAULKNER STEPHEN MICHAEL FAULKNER .442 l U Agfa ..,r,.W., ,ry pf ay JAMES WALTER GERKING NEIL R. GIFFORD BRUCE ALAN GISPANSKI JOHN GLASSBORN SARAH DIANE GLENN JAMES GLOVER JUDI GOBEN HENRY GODBY MARY ANN GOFF WANDA GOFF PATTY ROSE GOFFNER CLARA ANN GOINS LARRY JAMES GOODNIGHT PHILLIP RUSSEL GOODPASTER GAY ANN GOODSON HE RSHEL RAY GOODSON CATHERINE JEAN GOODWIN WAYNE ALLEN GORDON DAVID ALAN GOULD JOHN GRABBE DANIEL RAYMOND GRAFTON BRENDA GRAHAM STEPHEN LOUIS GRANT GARY WAYNE GRAVES DONNA GRAY RICKY WAYNE GRAY JUDY GREEN LINDA GREENWELL ELWOOD DALE GRIEGER PATTY JEAN GRIGGS I39 MARTHA GUY JAMES RALPH HAAG ARTIE HAROLD HAASE MYRNA SUE HAGER BRUCE WAYNE HALBERT FRANKLIN DEE HALL PATRICIA ALLETTA HALL ROBERT JOHN HALTER ROBERT LEE HALTER DAVID WAYNE HAMILTON SUE ELLEN HAMILTON PAULA LEE HAMM RONALD LEE HANNA JAMES A LFRED HANSON LLOYD GEORGE HANSON MEREDITH EILEEN HANSON PETER HARALOVICH MICHAEL WILLIAM HARDESTY REBECCA LYNN HARDMAN LeANN HARMON DAVID NED HARRIMAN SHARON LOUISE HART THOMAS RICHARD HART ROBERT LEE HARTMAN III DARRYL MICHAEL HARVEY RHEA DAWN HARVEY OSCAR DAVID HAVENS II REBECCA JANE HAWES RONALD HEADLEE PATRICIA ANN HEADLEY I40 hwy 'finds M: ,. mm -Q-AMA fffff IQ? 4711, 1 Hqwgf KATHRIN ELISABETH HEITKAMP STEPHEN THAINE HELMS JANN LARYANE HEMPSTEAD MARK L. HERBOTH CHARLENE MARGARET HESSEL BARBARA ANN HICKS CAROLYN JEAN HIGHFIL ROGER DEAN HILL ENBERG WAYNE LEE HILT CYNTHIA HINKLEY PATRICIA ANN HINDEL STANLEY LE E HOCKEMA DONALD JOSEPH HOGLE STEVEN JEROME HOKE DONNALEE MARIE HOLDOSH SARAH ESTHER HOLLAN JANE ANN HOLSAPPLE RUSSELL ALAN HOPEWELL GEORGE S. HOPKINS MARY A. HOPKINS ROBERT BRUCE HORSMAN EDWARD ALLEN HOSAFROS NANCY MARIE HOTTLE MARILYN RUTH HOUCHINS RICHARD ALAN HOUPT GARY DAVID HOUSE DALE EUGENE HOWARD WILLIAM ALBERT HOWARTH WILLIAM J. HOWARTH RICHARD MELVIN HUBBARD 141 ff 'r"'f"" man? fan .,.,' 32? STEVEN RICHARD HUDSON LEONARD WILLIAM HOFFMAN JOE STANLEY HUGHES TIMOTHY BRYAN HUGHES VICKI RENEE HULL DOUGLAS JOSEPH HULSMAN PHILLIP STEVEN HUNTER DANNY JOE HUNTINGTON NADA CHRISTINE HURON ALAN LEE HUTCHENS GERTRUDE FLORENCE ILMONEN SHIRLEY INGRAM FRANKLIN JAY IRICK RICHARD DALE IRVIN GRACIA KATHLEEN IRVINE I LLOYD ALLAN ISRAEL JOHN ERIC IVERS RONALD HARVEY IZSAK I ROBERT McKINLEY I JEGLUM WILLIAM L. I JENKINS I I EARL JOHN II JERGER I I IDI-IN BILL I JoI-IANNINGSNIEIER Il BILL LEE JOHNSON I I DAVID MARQUIS If JOHNSON I I LARRY D. JOHNSON 1 I I. I I I :IQ I MARILYN SUE JOHNSON II MICHAEL ALAN I, JOHNSON I I wANDA LUCILLE I JOHNSON I WILLIAM CRAIG I JOHNSON I WILLIAM EDWARD ,I JOHNSON 2 I I I I CONNIE FRANCES JOHNSTON DON G. JOHNSTON DAVID LEE JONES GLEN ELVIN JONES HOWARD EUGENE JONES HUGHIE WAYNE JONES JOHN L. JONES MONICA FAYE JONES RODGER ALAN JONES RODNEY CHRIS JONES SANDRA SUE JONES TERESA JANE JONES THURMAN EUGENE JONES CARL STEPHEN JOURDAN KATHLEEN MARIE JOYCE CHERYL LYNNE JUDY WILLIAM NELSON JUDY DAVID BERNARD KAVANAUGH JOHN PAGE KAY BRENDA ANN KAYS DAVID W. KEITH RONALD DEAN KELLEY SUSAN DARLENE KELLY BRUCE ALANE KEMPER CANDACE KEEN KEMPER MERRILL STEPHEN KENDALL WILLIAM MICHAEL KENDALL JOHN HUGH KENWORTHY LINDA DIANE KERNS REBECCA KERNS K it 47.44 QR I 112 ef-az I A-bw xv-H-w"j'Z1' 'Y .sf A .. I JAMES RICHARD KERR DARREL LYNN KIEFNER WILLIAM HARLEY KILLION CARLIN LESTER KINDIG BRUCE KIRCHOFF GEORGE ALLEN KIRKMAN WILLIAM MICHAEL KIRKMAN JOY DELL KIXMILLER SUSAN RAY KIXMILLER KENNETH DOUGLA! KLAMM RAYMOND DWAIN KLINE GEORGE KNIES GARY LEROY KNOBLETT DONALD WYNN KNOCHEL JOHN RICHARD I KNOCK W I I I I I, RONALD KEITH I I I KNOWLES MARSHA LEE I KNOWLTON I A, I MARC ARvIs 5, KNOY I JILL I KOBY I CARL KOENIG I I ,I I I, SHERRY JEAN I KoLEsAR I I HARRY J. I KooNTz, JR. I PAMELA J. KOPP RAY J. I KoTARsIcI I I STEPHEN CHARLI KRESEEN I I I WALTER JOSEPH: KRIEGER I I MELVIN MICHAELI KRousE I STEVE f KRUEGER I WALTER JOHN I IcRvszAIc I I WILLIAM CRAIG I KUHLMANN LAWRENCE LEROY KUPCHIK CHERYL ANN LACEFIELD RONALD A. LACIAK ROBERT THOMAS LAGNEAU BRUCE ALLEN LAKE FRANK ALBERT LAMBERT REG W. LAND CATHY SUE LANE CHARLENE MARIE LANE JOHN STEPHEN LANE JAMES TAY LOR LANHAM PAMELA SUE LANTIS RICHARD FRANCIS LQPILUSA ALICE JEANNE LARKIN VICKI LYN LARRISON DAVID ROBERT LARSH RICHARD WAYNE LARSON JACKIE DEAN LATTA CYNTHIA JO LAUE DONNA KAY LAUGHLIN EDDIE LAY ROBERT VINCENT LAYDEN EDDIE LEE EMMA LOUISE LEEKS DON JEFFREY LEINENBACH DAVID G. LEMON LARRY LeMOND PAT LENAHAN DANIEL LEWIS JANET LIBBY 'g ff , gy, yrfwzz fy"-f,f'3:i ,, .4+.. .g:'z-91527, V- I .,., I ' " ' Y "" Q, ff H4 ,W , , M , -- ' 1 f -4'-my ,. f 1, f Z 1 X f I X ! ff , XZ W Za, ,bf f f ja, M-.49 IQ QA. 444019 A I ,Q Awhpi 1 ' ff!! ,KWWL ,W WMC , 3, , " w qiz ffgft ' if " , , J J IN ,W , , I VN .,... f - f . 1- -f w, IZA ..,4..,,.!,b Ml , -,Aw , JW 61, .... M7 .ii my vm, My, 'UW 4--onqa ,W mf, in 4556 'sq 'H' Y WILLIAM O. LIKE JOHN WILLIAM LILLIE ROBERT WALTER LINDENMEYER RODNEY KEITH LINKOUS SANDRA K. LINN JOHN MICHAEL LITTLE JOHN ROBERT LOCKRIDGE HELEN ELAINE LOESCH MARTHA LOUISE LOFTON EUGENE EDWARD LONDAK PHILLIP LEON LONE JAY ROBERT LONG JOHN ROBERT LONG JANE MARIE LORD PEGGY LOUDEN JOHN C. LUDLOW MARK ALAN LUPTON KATHLEEN LOUISE: LUX INIS PEARL LYNCH PATRICIA McANULTY NANCY JANE MCCAIN AVA LOUISE McCALL DENNIS JAY McCALLIAN JAMES PORTER McCORMlCK ALAN KENT McCLELLAN ROBERT LEE McCLOUD THOMAS LYNN McC LUNG JAMES MARKERT McDONALD PHILLIP WAYNE McGLOTHLIN BETTY JO McGOVERN 44410 mf, f W' 1 I ywwm JJ, 44' 9, ,Wm .YW rw-W 'Q-unuib JOHN MICHAEL McGOWAN ROBERT JOSE PH MCGUIRE MICHAEL GEORGE McINNIS RONALD L. McINTYRE DOUGLAS EUGENE McKINNEY JUDITH M. McKINNEY KENNETH LESLIE McKINNEY FRED KEITH McNAIR BERNARD TIMOTHY McNELIS JERRY WILLIAM MABE ALBERT LEE MACKEY COLONEL JEFFREY MACKEY WILLIAM JOSEPH MACY LINDA ANN MAHRENHOLZ MARILYNN JOAN MAISH PATTSY ANN MALONE VIRGINIA RUTH MADABACH MICHAEL LEE MARKLAND JAMES WILLIAM MARSHALL MARSHA TERRY MARSHALL STEPHANIE LARIE MARTIN EILEEN MARCE LE MARTIN DONALD EUGENE MASON ALAN WAYNE MATHEIS MICHAEL MATHEWS LOUIS JOSE PH MATTHEWS SARA ANN MAUNTEL MARCIA MARIE MAXTON WOODROW L. MAYFIELD ALAN TERRY MAYHEW 147 CHARLES TODD MAYS RONALD WESLEY MEADOWS BRUCE WAYNE ME ENTS TEDDIE MEHLER DUANE HOWARD MELLONCAMP STEVEN ALFRED MERKEL GERALD KEITH MESSMER BARBARA JANE MEYER DAVID LESLIE MEYER MARSHA KAY MEYER RAYMOND L. MEYER BYRON GERHARD MICHEL BARBARA SUE MIKESELL TERRY LEE MILLARD PEGGY DIANE MILCH DALE RAY MILLER JENE ALLEN MILLER PATRICIA ANN MILLER GAYLE ANN MILLIGAN LYN MILLS STEVEN JOE MILLS JAMES MILNE SAMUEL LEE MILTON JAMES RICHARD MINNICK GREG MISCHENKO MARSTON RUSSEL MISCHLER CATHEY FRANES MISNER BETTY JANE MIZE JOHN TANNER MONGOLD STEVEN JAMES MOORE I48 we L 42 ff fff pill., My if :KW if , f- X7 ffm- I Y , '-5 1' ' ":':f:-'fig :'f1ff1 f ,H , , Q. 2.1-V f ,-.' 4 , W fb 'Swan Ww- gn 'ZW 9' WJ, Wugafb Maw JOHN EARN EST MORGAN PHYLLIS A. MORGAN TED RALPH MORGAN VICKI MORRIS KAREN MOSELEY JAMES STEPHEN MOSIER WILLIAM RAY MOULDEN JERALD RAY MULLENS DEBORAH SUE MUNK RONALD OWEN MUNSON RICHARD PAUL MURNAHAN COURTNEY GENE MEYERS DANIEL MYERS MARK DOWNER MYERS DAVID EUGENE MYERS RANDALL MYERS REGEAN LEE MYERS LINDA JANE NALKER JOHN MICHAEL NEILL STEVEN KAY NEUENSCHWANDER MARY PAULINE NEWKIRK JAMES JOSEPH NEWTON JOYCE A. NICHOLS TERRY S. NICHOLSON LOUIS FLETCHER NIMNICHT JAMES STEVEN NOEL JEFFREY ALLEN NOEL WILLIAM EUGENE NOEL MICHAEL JOSEPH NOGGLE MICHAEL LARRY O'CONNER 149 ,N if CHARLES ALAN ODELL DONALD BRADLEY OEXMANN VIRGINIA JOYCE O"HARA DARYL DUANE OIEN CHERYLE OKAMOTO MARTHA ELAINE OLIVER BECKY BENNETT OLSON ERIC SCOTT OLSON ROBERT RANDALI ORDNER JERRY LYNN OVERTON VICTOR R. OWENS STEWART DEAN OWSLEY FRANKLIN H. PADDOCK DANIEL PADGETT JEFFREY ELLIS PADGETT KATHERINE L. PAGE FRED ELLIS PARKER NANCIE BETH PARKER MICHAEL EMERY PARKS DAVID WARREN PARISH TIMOTHY HUNTER PARRISH RICHARD JAMES PASCO ANTHONY STEVEN PASKEVICH GRACE ANN PAUL TERRY BENNETT PEABODY ROBERT MICHAEL PEEK VIRGINIA LOU PEGRAM CHERYL ANN PEMBERTON TERENCE DAVID PERKINS MICHAEL RICHARI PETERS ILLIAM EDWARD PETTITT ICHAEL LEE PHEGLEY DHN MICHAEL PHILLIPS HARLES WILLIAM PIERSON ICHAEL J. PITCHER YRON LEE PITTMAN ONALD GENE PITTMAN AREN ANN PLACE ILLIAM MICHAEL POGUE ATHLEEN PONDER ARRY AUSTIN POOLE IHN R. POST ARY PATRICIA POWELL IIRLEY KAY POWELL CHARD LEE POWERS JNALD CLYDE PRESSNALL CHARD DOUGLAS PRICE JUIS LAWRENCE PRIMUS JRTUS E. PRUITT, JR. JBERT DAVID PRUITT REGORY DONALD PURCELL ILIA ANNE QUERRY AVID BERVIN RAAB AROLYN JOYCE RAINS INET SUE RAMSEY AWRENCE McNORTON RAMSEY ILLIAM DEWEY .RAY HOMAS EUGENE REA ED REAM ARK LEO REED . , f f' I S 23, 44 bg,-MM I -4,149 'f 4 X If , , via 2 NY I I 152 f 2 ,g, wh SONNA MARIE REINTIES CHARLES F. RENFRO DAVID LESTER RENNER JAMES ROBERT REYNOLDS PHYLLIS SUE RICE THOMAS LYNVAL RICH DAVID DODGE RICHARDSON JEFFERY LEE RICHARDSON MARK EDWARD RICHARDSON HARVEY RICKER, JR. GEORGIA KAYE RIDGWAY CARL CLIFFORD RIESTER DONALD H. RIFE CYNTHIA ANNE TTE RINEHART ESTHER JANE RIVERS PAUL A. ROBARE KEITH ROBB THOMAS EDWARD ROBBINS CHARLES EDWARD ROBERTS JOHN ROBERTS WILLIAM LEE ROBERTSON DANNY JAMES ROBINSON DONALD JOE ROBINSON PATSY LEE ROBINSON ELLEN ELIZABETH ROBUCK TERRENCEJOSEPH ROGAN BILL ROGERS LUCINDA ANN ROGERS SALLY ROHRER THOMAS GERALD ROLAND I I I II, I I I I I I I I I I QI Ir I if ,, I II I II . I I I I I II II I1 II! Iyi I I :IG I I II II- I II U I I I I. II I V, I I I I I I y V II' I, IV I I 1. , 2,231 Z, ,, RUSSELL TED SCOTT ROBERT SEGER KEN L. SEIDL JILL Q. SEIDLER LINDA SEIFERT CHE RYL L. SELBY GUS G. SEVASTIANOS DENNIS EDWARD SHAPPARD GLORIA SHAPPARD ARDITH L. SHAW ROBERT L. SHEAKS EDWARD E. SHEETS LINDA K. SHOPOFF RANDALL LEE SHORT MARJORIE E. SHOTS HAROLD G. SHOULDERS JOYCE MARIE SHOULDERS GARY LEE SHULL SONDRA E. SIAMAS RAY SIEBRASE CARL SILVERTHORN O'NEIL SIMMONS RANDALL SIMS STANLEY SINCLAIR PATRICK J. SINNOTT JOHN KEMP SISLER KAY E. SITES SUSANNAH SKAGGS THOMAS SKIBBA BERNARD L. SIEVERS RANDYA. HEVERS MARY G. SMNNER NEDM. SMNNER RONALDM. SLATER DANNY M. SLOAN I I WCHARDE. SLUZEWSKI DAVHJE. SMALL TOM LEE SMALL RONALD DUANE SMELSER DAVW I SMILEY I BARRON SMWH BRENDA SWTH SMHH ETHELW. SMITH I I KENTG. SMWH UNDAS. SMWH MARY SMWH PHILLIP SMWH RALPH SMWH RANDEL SMWH MCHARD SMWH TERRY SMHH PEGGY SMOCK BRENDA SNELLENBERGER I DAVID R. I SNIDER I I i JAMESDALE ! SNODGRASS CHRISTINE 5 soBILo I CHARLENE SOLLMAN DAVDE. SONNER i I P PATRICIA ANN soTToNc Ig I1 155 J DORIS M. if BRUCE DALE SPALDING JANET CAROL SPARKS HOWARD TAYLOR SPE LMAN PHY LLIS ANN SPENCER ROBERT M. SPOWART EDWIN DEE SPRAY REBECCA ANN SPRINKLE DANNY R. STAFFORD LINDA NE LL STAIR RICHARD STALLCOP ROBERT STALCUP LARRY STANSITER MARY ELLA STECKLER JOHN EDWARD STECKLER JAMES STEFFEY SUSAN EILEEN STECKLER WAYNE RAY STEFFEN LARRY CRAIG STEPHENS WARREN STE PHE NSON ERIK JOE STEVENS NORMAN ST EVE NS ELMER L. STEWART LAVONNE STEWARD HOWARD J. STILES FRED KIM STILLIONS JAMES JOHN STIVER II LARRY EDWARD STOCKTON VERA E LA INE STOELTING EDWARD STOLL SHIRLEY SPARENBERG 156 JOSEPH STONE REX STOVALL ROBERT STRACHAN JAMES STRANGE LAWRENCE STRANGE EDWARD STROHL SHELDON STROTHMAN TERRY STUCKEY STEPHEN STUDLEY WCHAEL SULLIVAN PHYLLB SULUVAN PHYLLBJEAN SUTHERLAND NORMA SUTTON WKE SWEENEY BEVERLY SWIFT WCHAEL TAFT UNDA TAGGART JOYCE TALLEY THOMAS TALLEY,JR. IRENE TAYLOR LORETTA TAYLOR REHARD TAYLOR TWLA TERRELL DAVW THACKER REHARD THACKER JAMES THIERY CHRISTINE THOMAS LEE THOMAS WLLMM THOMAS ROGER THOMPSON 157 L, 2 GWNY THRUGOOD JOANN THURSTON RONALD UCE STEPHANIE UEK MADONNA TOLUVER ROBERT TONCHEFF CHARLES TOPPER STEVEN TOTH DANNY TOWE JUDY TRACY CARMEN TRAYLOR JACK TRAYLOR JOHN TROTTER BRUCE TUCKER DAVW UEBEL RNHARD ULANDEK MCHARD UUCNY JAY VunDYKE JERRY VAUGHN G.ALAN VEDOPE RALPH VERMILIO DEAN VOEGERL LLOYD VOYLES CHRBTWE WADE MCHARD WADE NORENCA WAGGONER DELORES WAGGONER DAVE WAGLEY MEHAEL WAGONER NEALA WAINMAN JEANNE WAGNER PAT WALKER UNDA WALKER THEODORE WALKER SHERMAN WALLACE KENT WALTERS PATRICIA WALTERS JOE WAMPLER NANE WATERS HENRIETTA WATKWS CYNTHM WATKINS JOHN WEAVER JOHN WEAVER UMOTHY WEAVER WHJJAM WEAVER MARK WEBSTER CHARLES WEBSTER NANCY WEEMS WLLMM WEHR MARY WERKER ALEE WERNER CRAIG WESTLAKE STEPHEN WESTMEYER NLLY WHALW CHARLES WHEELER BARBARA WHETHNE CODY WHITE TERRY WHITE WHJJAM wHlTEHousE I GARY WHITENACK xy ii? A-W Z 4, 7' 'Ji WHJJAM WOOD MCKEY WOODWARD DALE WORKMAN DANEL WORLAND FRED WYMAN JACK YEEND DARRELL YOCHUM CHARLOTTE YORK JEFF YOUNG MCHARD ZENTARA FRED ZIPP BRUCE ZITKUS BARRY FENNIG UMOTHY FOSTER KEN FREY CARLA PARDECK CLEMENTWE THOMAS SHEILA SPARENBERG KATHY CORTS JOANN THURSTON ill ' www W? ' ' . -- rang-if -fi i i ' -- t... -g.,....-,,. L . . Arford, Carl Rex As erger, Edward E. Bacinec, Kenneth John Bakeis, James Keith Baker, Don G. Bales, Judith Ann Barker, David Earl Barnes, Janice Ann Barth, Doris J. Barton, Dana Arlene Bateman, Stephen Paul Boudouine, John Charles Bauer, Joellen Baumgartner, John Baun, William Michael Baute, Doris Ann Bays, Ricki Lee Becker, Thomas M. Bell, Edward R. Berry, Patricia Ann Benzy, Catherine Elaine Biddle, Gertrude Mine Black, Cheryl Ann Blevins, Billy Bob Bonaventura, Anthony Lee Booher, James Thomas Bowlsby, Michael Dennis Brockman, Daniel Edward Brown, Brown, John M. Kenneth Ray Brown, Mark Edward Brown, Maurice Eugene Buntin, Chris E. Burns, William Joseph Bussem, Richard Lee Campbell, Curtis Edgar Candler, Randall Alan Carr, Pamela Theresa Carrie, George Michael Chansler, Hazel Montogmery Chase, Henri Leon Chestnut, Connie Jean Christie, Michael David Claeys, Beverly Kaye Clark, Patric C. Clauson, Steven Michael Clendenen, Martha Jane Cochran, Charles Anthony Conner, William Stuart Conrad, Gregory Russell Corn, Martha June Craig, Connie Jo Craney, Louis Joseph Crawford, Theodore Scott Criswell, Dick Melvin ll Cunningham, Velda Fake Cunningham, Leland James Custred, George Ferderic Daily, Rosalind Francis Dardeen, David Louis Dartz, Jacqueline Jean Davis, James Andrew Davis, Paul William Davis, Sandra Lynn Day, Jim W. Day, William Jay Dearing, Gary Ray Denton, Thomas Earl Dees, Ernie Maurice DeLisle, Suzanne Alice DeLong, Larry B. DeTar, Anthony David Dick, Philip Bruce Drew, Charles Martin Duffey, Donnie DeWayne Earlevwine, Ted Michael Edmondson, Jeanne Louise Erler, David Thomas Esperson, John Charles Etherton, Robert Thomas Fennig, Barry Lynn Fisher, Michael Grant Qrcshmcn - 0 Pictures ,4 wzilablc Fitzgerland, Timothy Maurice Fleenor, Jeffrey Forney, William Scott Fouts, David Lee Frame, Daniel Franceschina, Angelo Fredrick, Michael Edward Gemmer, John Wade Gilbert, Frederick Michael Gillooly, Martha Ann Gleason, Lorna Goins, Grigory Lee Goodwin, Roscoe Gosnell, Daniel Lee Gott, Robert L. Green, Edison Lee Thomas Griffith, Michael Austin Guthrie, Carl William Halbert, Bruce Wayne Hale, Ronald Ray Hall, Gregory Eugene Halter, Richard 0'Dell Hamilton, William R. Hart, Brett Ann Hart, Delvin Royce Hart, Sharon Louise Hatton, Bessie Winifred Hawn, John Randal Hays, Michael D. Henderson, Mark Steven Henson, Chester Dean Heerman, William John Hoffman, Thomas Lee Hornby, Gregg Bryan Houdashelot, Thomas Dale Houlihan, John Patrick Hudson, Thomas Bradley Huges, William L. Hustedt, Joseph Richard Huther, Paul Michael Hyde, Mary Johnson Johnston, Connie Frances Jones, David Lee Jones, Michael Duane Kaiser, Anthony John Kauffman, Gregory Alan Keith, Verlin Dale King, Hugh Norman Knowles, Thomas Reed Kramer, Michael Lawrence Krause, Betty Jane Ledford, Gordia C. Leinenbach, Don Jeffrey Lewis, Edmund Crowell Ludlow, John C. McCaig, Gerald E. McClure, James Elden McKinney, Timothy Norman McNeal, Catherine J. Madtson, Jeffrey Ricks Magnus, Vicki Ann Mahan, James Daniel Mahnensmith, Kent Wayne Mason, Royce Vern Mason, William Lee Mattingly, Nancy Lee Memering, Steven Joseph Micklen, Michael Commett Miles, Richard Gyles Moore, Michael Dean Moran, Timothy Joe Moyer, Charles Draim Mueller, Barbara R. Myres, Clyde William Neff, Linda Mae Nesius, Donald Cecil Nottingham, Mary Sue Oakley, Patrick Gene Oedina, David Henry Olsen, James Richard Padgett, John Michael Pardieck, Carla Joann Parker, James Lee Parr, Terrance Edward Patterson, E. James Petro, Paul James Pittman, Robert Ward Platt, David Arthur Quintana, Arturo Lara Redmond, James Michael Ritterskamp, James Robert Robbins, Scott Maxwell Robertson, Larry James Robertson, William Lee Roe, Stephen Eugene Rowland, Jack Douglas Sater, Thomas Michael Schaeffer, Rebecca Susan Schinbeckler, David Dean Schriek, John H. Seese, Terry Leroy Shaffer, Stephen Douglas Shaw, David Pressley Sheckell, Terry Ross Sheffer, John Daniel Shepard, Joyce E. Simmons, Malcolm W. Singleton, Don Ray Skoda, John Philip Smith, Charles Edward Smith, Craig Allen Smith, Roger Wayne Smith, William A. Solenberg, Joy Lynn Sparks, Daniel Earl Spray, John Ralph Sproat, Stephen Lynn Squibb, Peter Edmund Staats, David Mark Stephenson, Robert Earl Stevens, Charles Lyle Stiles, Steve Lee Stout, Robert White Sweatt, Donald L. Swift, Dean Herbert Talarek, Robert Andrew Tarr, Charles Ray Tarr, Gary Lynn Taylor, Floyd Douglas Terry, Jerry Stayton Thomas, Clementine Marie Thompson, Philip Ray Tolbert, Sandra Kay Trabant, June Marie Trgovich, Joseph James Underwood, Ted Alan Varns, George W. Vetrano, Carl M. Walker, Evan Patrick Walker, Gary Robert Waller, Dennis Michael Walters, Roscoe Joseph Ward, James William Ward, Thomas Martin Warner, Richard Kenneth Watkins, Larry Wayne Watson, Larry Allen Waugh, Robert Franklin Webber, Robert Gene Weyer, Kenneth Lee Wheeler, Charles Richard Williams, Brenda Diane Williams, Peggy Ann Wilson, Wayne P. Windell, Suzanne Wisley, Mark Edwin Wofciecowski, Richard Edward Wolfe, Mary Lynn Wong, Vienna Lai-Wah Wright, Wallace Eugene Yates, Richard Morris York, Douglas Adair York, M. Sue Zimmermann, John Michael George Bennett Linda Blonn Janet Boyd Phyllis Bruce Ellen M. Douglas Linda May Dowclen Pofricia Early Linda Joan Fike Robinson Adobe ew eww! emesfcr fudmts Connie Sue Anderson 'UI XM 2, VW? Linda Harper Carolyn Hadley John J. Hoffman Brenda .lines 4 fi, WWW Karen Carter Gary Cofhern James Daugherty David DeBoer Russell Lee Fleelwearty Linda Lou Gibson Gwendalyn Godlove Daniel Gr annan John Kemper Renew Krfeheu Ilona Lahman Jenef L Qnnq rd Raberr Maxwell David Mayhew Jeffrey D. Mitchell Jahn M. Mitchell E 1 f i--HE' ixmlf " W' SA, , ConduceJol1nson Surah Heller Steven H. Hulh Kenne?l1 Lee Hudson Orville Ingram, Jr, Daniel M. Kelso Robert A. Lounsbery Kathleen Lux Carol Ann McNeece James Mc Pheeiers Sfurr Morgan Keith Moore Kenr Moore Joy Neese William Peterson Pamela Russell James W. Sundifur Lewis Safterflwwaite Donald E. Seen Roxie Ann Pittman Susan Polich Mike Pomatto Ill Richard F. Roehl Janet Rumble Victoria TeWalt Frederick Ulery ll Victoria VonBehren Virginia VonBel1ren Steve Sims David R. Str-ner James E. Sullivan Gilbert Summerville Francis Wagonseller Russell Warren John Wesner Phillip Wood .-r Vs- -f's:'-ff'-qw -'--ef--Q --Q-:ef-ef' wi- ,,............,, , Seeeml Semester Alton, James Edward Bailey, Dorothy G. Baize, Donald Wayne Baskette, Brian Gregg Becker, Julius H. Bevers, David Lee Black, David Bissett Boggess, John Robert Brothers, Paula Jane Brown, Janet Marie Brown, Vicki Margo Brownell, John Clark Browning, Dorothy Burd, Alan F. Catt, Gordon John Chalk, Roger Dale Cohen, Harvey William Copp, James Michael Corts, Mary Kathleen Daily, Jerald E. DeLaney, Robert Lawerence Diem, Ronald Wayne Dillon, Clarence Eugene Dillon, Mary Hannah Dollohan, June Easterly, Miller Einhaus, Douglas Lee ' Gee, Fred Dean Geiman, Joseph Adam Gillespie, Larry Eugene Hale, Joe Stephen Hartigan, Jack Raymond Hazelwood, Carl William Holt, Larry Gene Howard, Frederick Lee Hudson, Kenneth Lee Jacobs, Terry Wayne Jolliff, James Albert Jones, Janet Mae Kelso, Daniel M. Keyser, Norma Jane Kukuschkin, Walter Lawrence, Anthony Quentin Layden, Robert Vincent Lewis, Larry Howe Liechty, Joseph Allen Linkon, Lynn Sara Liscinsky, Susan Andrea Luttrell, Charles William McMullen, Michael Alan Marks, Maurice Brent Martin, Philip Alan Mayer, Danny David fueieuie - e Piefure Available Miller, Virginia Jane Mobley, Archie S. Jr. Morgan, Ted Ralph Mouzin, Thomas Eugene Mugg, J.D. Myers, Jeffry Alan Nagle, John Henry Nelson, Robert Frazier Owen, Stephen C. Patrick, William E. Jr. Perucca, Steve N. Jr. Peterson, Ruth Ann Pierce, William James Pirtle, James Fair Pittman, Roxie Ann Randpour, Farhad Reed, Michael Walter Richards, David William Roberson, Nancy Jean Roberts, Walter W. Rodeen, Gerald P. Schultz, James Russell Shanklin, Martin Ora Siebe, Bruce Wayne Sine, Robert Lewis Smith, Donald Robert Snyder, Gregory Charles Snyder, Laura Dolores Speicher, Roger Dale Stewart, Ronald Eugene Taylor, Michael Eugene Thacker, Robert Bruce Thrasher, Michael A. Von der Leith, Linda Clark Welch, John William Wilkins, Elliott Alan Willet, James E. Williams, James lvol Wineinger, Barbara Ann Wright, Don Clifford Yates, Robert Royce York, Susan Jane Zanetis, Laura L. Zeiler, Richard Duane Brown, Nancy Griffith, Otis Michael Henry, Edmond Hichman, Janet Clair Keith, Neal Howard Lace, Charles Robert Maloney, John Rupert Nowaskie, Joseph Randall Stephenson, Robert Earl vmmencemeuf Kaccalaurvaff s nn , ' , -f ffl, wh ff ' - A qiziyli X ,mg 4. N f7 , if ! V . ll A 5 f-,. X li ommencement for i966 in outdoor ceremonies, the conferring of degrees by Graduating class during Baccalaureate ceremonies in Green Auditorium r. Beckes The faculty and audience in the beautiful outdoor setting of Commencement exercises Academic procession of faculty 1 W K 1,4 -Q 1. , s 7. . xi" 'Y' ' 5 fkfl ' 5 ,.-'P le fudcuf Nurses ' Z7i1114i14g Procession of nursing students Director of Nursing Miss Lee Godare pinning a student lmpressive row of nursing students at their Pinning nurse as Judge Shake and Mrs. LeVata Judy look on Ceremony f Wm e lf 2 'f, qw. .,- " -fffi"ff?'!9 " .v :gr I Y -, "'1.if,, " . 1- X , , 1 A 2, -' 1, , ' -K vw Q. ' ' Y. a 9 r ,Pj 'tt , 'Ni ' , , ., Q x , i -A-.,,.5L,-4: CLETA AND JANE EDMONDSON CHARLES AND WILLIAM UPDIKE SHELIA AND SHIRLEY SPARENBERG THESE VIRGINIA AND VICTORIA VonBEHREN CHRISTINA AND CLEMENTINE THOMAS I SANDRA AND SUSAN WOODRING 44, 'A f, 4' Kicyclc Kava 3 ff P! 4 2 E x WV?ay, ff 5 fx 1 ff . , .Q ,. 9 Q N fx - X N- XX c 'Nw Winning Smile From Sigma Pi Queen, Manarda Payne Don't Just Stand There, Do Something!!! And The Winner -- Sigma Pi Catch Me If You Can . ' ,if Y A f w. tc ,M 33,'. 2 ' 4 Q 1 -'C wx ,af an The Decision Makers The Right Combination ls The Key To Victory And The Race is On Dr. Beety 8. Bernie, The Mascot L-J.L .:,Ag., - ALLEN BRADFIE LD Head Coach ri-is MIGHTY nuizsns Kaskefball OPPONENT HOME OPPONENT Jefferson 72 60 Southeastern Christian 89 60 Lincoln 118 72 Canton 77 67 Danville 121 66 Southeastern Christian 95 65 'Lindsey Wilson 71 78 St. Louis Baptist 98 54 Canton 84 69 Lindsey Wilson 89 56 'Hutchinson 72 93 'Coffeyville 61 85 "Pt. Huron 92 67 Joliet 89 86 'St. Louis Baptist 63 71 Lincoln 77 69 Danville 89 58 Moberly 70 58 'Lindsey Wilson 62 88 Hannible-LaGrange 88 67 'Jefferson 75 77 Northeastern Oaklahoma 85 68 Mineral Area 61 51 'Moberly 68 90 Hannible-LaGrange 98 75 """Delta 80 65 "Alpena 84 68 "Pt, Huron 78 70 "Flint fovertimej 78 76 "Ranger Texas 61 72 ""'Hiwassee 63 51 "Trenton 70 59 H'Dodge City 73 64 " Host U' NJCAA TOURNAMENT JERRY REYNOLDS Assistant Coach WAYNE CANADAY O'NEIL SIMMONS ALAN HOPEWE LL if BOB HAWKINS BILL ROGERS BOB CHURCHWELL JAC K TRAYLOR I JOHN TROTTER :K sTALcuP RON FICKLIN f MARK CRONK DON WESTENDORF BILL JUDY STEVE MERKEL STAN FARMER 171 I lt takes two io tango! lf's o fumble Get'em ch ickenheart fa VP -1 ,eq cus., 'S KM -' Not quite enough! lt takes skill I a A : Just boost me a little higher This is myfavorite shot Q N ' 54 . . X, K w f JL?-Q fx Q , lu. um V "vw ,AM . E A ry.-A S. V 5' ' 2 my f J Rf 1 any S., Q mv' 1 ii ,J X. www' " ' WY' wr P ig iff if-In :lf . 1 1 5 . if - s" ,ff .... X 1 In ,. J If-' Ss iw, W . s 'Q g , xxg .- , .4 .Si .x ly. 5-rf: xx - Q gg Qxyxffj w 'YS Wir, ' ' '5- XY X4 Q 3 SEN , ?-. - wwe 3 , V ,x iXNx xiiliniz I lx' ki Q 2: - - - - A I LTL! vxdggev' ' - -T .-g:-4-4f--- Lfhamps Home Sfrrfm Win! Students say M0n to Hutchm Congratulations, Coach! Thinking about Kansas! Wm Another trophy BLAZERS' N EW BLAZ ERS Dick and Judy Trowbridge sparked a fund which raised sufficient money to outfit the Trailblazers with beautiful new navy blazers before leaving for Kansas and the tourney. Many students as Well as fans contributed to the fund and travelled to Hutchinson Where they backed the team all the way. v Nefwamm A winner's speech l i ll i I l i 4 1 Trying them on! .M rpg , x wsu.- , ,X- Cool, calm and collected! I l ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 i . The team looks sharp! V. Thai's not fair Where Coach Bradfield hoped to reclaim the NJCAA title One handed iump shot ll. is' Crip Z7 K' 11145115 mimi, T90 bad ygu missed The is OVGI' here The big city V Axwhngwzlvk ..,v y. 4 use EE!! in this building Only I can do this Two handed iump shot gs-r gh - .14 Y,:. :,KA-,, L-VA A D-ini! ,A . Y Q A ,M emmzble canes A! Kansas 'S . ' ' K wif: 17: , ' elf' fs Q, Q xg 5 5 V H if ,,,. . sf if- 1 " X .1 5 si' l K CX s 'I 'fix ifzffg ,fl 1, 52' X - as ref gig, 1, . 'T . ,. at V.U. Student Senate president, Roger Noob, The final game speaks to students at Kansas A long wait before the game I I I I C1593 I l I I I I I I I I I Out of my woyl Blazerettes showtime l have it and not you I I I l I I if ' w I 1 I I Their first meal in Kansas The meal before heading home I 176 j I Avfion an 1111.19 Own HH. flfllff Simmons up for two Hey, no fair pushing Check my defense oh no' 'nm ,oo close 3 on 1...fhu1'S bo T"UVelin9'--i7'5 OU' bell Crazy's like cz hot pofoio A- fe in 1. - .- . .4-7-H A V. ll. Krrfss Hvunfry Dennis Coyle I D Junior College All-American V' U' F'n'5he's Practice makes perfect . . . The Vincennes Lhnvershy Cross Counuy Teanmagahihad a successfulseason behind Coach Ben John- son.'Phe Tranblazemslost onhftwo meets whik2they won thhteen. They fndshed fHth nithe sune of Indiana and thnd hithe Nathnud Meet atl3ensaccHa. Flomda. Dennis Ccgde and Henriflhase rancdose all year but Coyle flashed the headlines of many newspapers when he finished third in the National Meet to make JuniorCloHege fXH-AnMwican.lien Elmore was thnd on Hueteam in ponds, whikethe Hannnon twins, Sam Cross and Richard Warnerfnnshed Hnnth and HfU1respecUvely.Ii0ward Tichencm again had a successfulseasonzdong widianotherseniou Garyliamsey.Fkonnsinglteshmen showing suengthiwere Daveluemon,hhwvinljampbelh and BcdiStouL The mosteventhd day ofthe season was when Eve TraH- hlazemacrossed Uuafhnsh Une hokhng hands.each placing HrstfThis was October5. 1966 atl3vansviUe LhHversNy.'Fhe teanixwas acconnxuned aH season by Assistant Coach BiH Stegenudlen TTainerlJHNy RobeNson,and Managerlledne DiHon JL SCHEDULE September l7 lndiana State University 19 36 September 24 Atterbury Job Corps 50 l5 Greenville College 58 September 28 Butler University 76 17 Marian College lOl Ricks College October 5 Evansville University 48 15 Glendale Community College Purdue Unlverslfy 75 Vincennes University October 8 Taylor University 22 45 Allen Coumy Community College Evansville University 108 Delhi College, New York October 12 Wabash College 64 Oakland City 61 15 October l5 Evansville University 48 15 October 22 University of Louisville 41 20 October 25 Indiana Central College 28 27 November l Bellarmine College S0 15 November 5 Big Little State Meet - Vincennes University placed Sth November 12 Nationals - Vincennes University placed 3rd Crack Spring of 1966 Ron Gawfhorp Spring of 1966 Push-ups do help Down lncllclnupolls Avenue Sam Cross-Track man from Hammond, Ind, Mr. Johnson gives on example! 1 ew: 1 I . Q- ',w9.r': - ,L X X X X W5 X X 32 , I, . X , 4..m14. SQ -'N X xx N 0 N :X Q X N x xx 1, my X WEN xxx? X XXxX Q XX9 5 , , 5 . ' 33M.f.x.n5s .. ,NFQQQ-R11-. '- x -1'QlQk'..-'jig Q-tgitzm Nz.-'ar . , 353.4 Q , mx. 4:3 Nwxq -x .9 -A xx X A X W A -5-.Q X QE K SSX xx x , X . , xx X XXX 'X' X X Q Rm x X6 N W mxi K QQ IX s x13.t-.-,- "SNZ'f . , X , X Nw N ., ,.., N x xxvix X x , 5. N Q 1 S? N ISQN x V .. N 5. X N X15-qgix: N xx N X , x Q i .vcwgxx Y 55 XX 4-Tix i Xgvu ' ' X HN' 'iwixv X? X A Km f 'Q X:- .N iifg-X x XX X ' X . Y, I " Ax. .NH X 9 Wm. ,V ,X-4-SLN-ww-N x . A, 5 .. Q-Xxx .S X-ik NS parts and ,Arlivififfs where wan the bans full? Anofhef V-U- swf? ff ,ff ,iz B I' r r he the 0 huns. ow mg eum ect S rp Pain is only a step away- Wait till I wake up! Now The giI'lS fry if- "Catch me if you can!" Two bGllS?? Another Wayne Canady? Two great guards 181 nn .nsumxm-um.: 1 n L: tr' ., .- .4 win.-nn-1. wfrrrr4M1-- 4, . :r - - In and flbvuf the Zampus if Q,- b , 3 . x X3 Are we both Greenies? U15 Many Ways to Kide nz Hike -nu-p 'wed xx A x -- Q .wo we W, . ' -of Ng 'N . I -ig? is X xx '35 .2 'Ti M .- .. Q Electric Chair for You Look at those mean Seniors I love Upper Classmen 7 A new brand of horses ampus A-bomb on Campus? "fm, What a Dance! Wwwfq ,3aR'!"5 Peanuts and V.U. ,4 ciizfrf W1 IBEW' , .-f., 'www' Mmmqmwq A 9 X and their famous Rock Where are the Guys? 183 VICKI LYN LAR RISON H500 " 955511111 Princess Vincennes University's representative in the court of the L'500" Festival princesses is now one of the final five from whom the "500" Queen will be chosen Miss Vicki Lyn Larrison was selected after a full day of judging in Indianapolis on Saturday, March 25, 1967. Miss Larrison was sponsored in the court by Mr. Rexford Early, formerly of Vincennes and now of Indianapolis, who serves as a director of the "500', Festival. Each director chooses one Hoosier girl, who must also att.end an Indiana college, to be a candidate and appear in the many features leading up to the Memorial Day classic. From the original thirty-three girls, five finalists were chosen by a panel of outsof-town judges. These young ladies with one serving as "500' Queen will grace the Festival Parade floats and be on hand at the activities which accompany the"500".They also appear before the race in the Parade of Celebrities. The Queen presents the Borg-Warner trophy and the victory kiss to the winner of the race. Miss Larrison is majoring in Home Economics and plans to transfer to Purdue University upon her graduation from Vincennes.She has also served as a varsity cheerleader for the champion Trailblazer basketball team this season. Mr. Early said, HMiss Larrison was certainly a fine representative of Vincennes University. During the judging, her poise and sincerity were evident to the judges. It was really no surprise when she was chosen as a finalistas she was very outstanding in the group of thirty-three girls." The final judging will be done by a different panel of judges with the final announcement of the queen and her princesses being made at the Queen's Coronation Banquet which will be held at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in April. The thirty-three "SOO" Festival Queen candidates. The five finalists are seated in the center with Miss Larrison second from the left. B. M. 0. C. Ely M an lfl ampus ll' Our Leader Let's see, who's he?? Dr. Beckes Speaks 1 ..,.'. ,- W How did she get on this page? He never come back after registration Well, Try it!! Don't dispute his word Get me out of here!!! Author of V. U. March 5 ' 185 0Uf Grew Team A Studious Man He gets our name I inw in the papers. l l l s i l Homecoming 26 6 '6 Gamma Tau's traditional bonfire is all set with Student Body in Beless Gym for Alumni Citation "icing" on the top ' lawns.. PROGRAM November ll Student Senate Breakfast Freshman Convocation i Senior Convocation Alumni Citation Bonfire and Pep Rally Queen candidates presented Blazers vs. Jefferson, Mo. Ml'loosier Fantasy" Bull November 72 Senior vs. Freshman footlaall Parade Open House Trailblazers vs. Southeastern lnformal Dance Judge Curtis G. Shake addresses the convocation gffbflfilflf ?L':ll:g:'Qi1g::llS:loE:x2'r':osjapllgelzfggyf '33 One of the participating bands in the Homecoming Parade Queen Susie Woodring rides ID the parade W 14 5 I Z 4 Z Float of Student Nursing Group ,Q X f 4,1 ' 2 424 f X ff! 1 ' 4 352: 45" ' , Entry of U. C. C. F. Alpha Theta Chi entry in Parade QUEEN Gnd HER COURT Left to ri ht Mary Kay Sandefur, Stephanie Martin Queen Susie Woodring, Stephanie Cochran, Bonnie Price -.' -.- " ,"' r . 111' f Senior Class entry and winner of Presidentls Trophy ,,,,,,,.,Q5.Z, I fff- . f if 4-we ff - , ffrfmewmiug ?cs!ivitic's The traditional bonfire burns brightly! ,, ,,m,,,,,V.,Z 187 igma Pi initiates New ,Members Front l-r Steve Wildridge, Forrest Schinbeckler, Doublas Padgett, Larry Beety, Dave Dodge Back I-r Mike Kolb, John Jones, Jim Barnes, Tony Vitelle, Dave Archer, Tom Rea DEFERRED PLEDGES Front Ed Colvin Greg Baker Bill Wa ner Jim Quat u,.,,..s.-+- ,.5 .J I . , AVR fno i ANY Q? A SL lx - , , 9 , - Sigma Pi slave auction mon Back row- Dave Fouts, Mike Eattock, Doug Agan, Mike Johnson if xON will Eric Vaughn as auctioneer of auction PLEDGES Front- Terry Brodburg, Dick Zeiler, Charlie Carter, Alan Hutchens Dave Whitesell, Rick Hustedt, Gary Whitenack, Jim Deckard 2nd row-Royce Mason, Kent Moore, Mike Mclnnis, Jerry Rogan, Ralph Vermillio Mike Heacox, Ed Loy Back row- Bill Ross, Harvey Ricker, Rich Rybicki, John Schroeder, Dave Ren ner, Rich Wojciechowski, Keith Moore i f- ,f nv' Wabash Valley Qalk Qasfiaal Folk Mass sponsored on Sunday afternoon of the festival weekend by the Newman Club assisted by UCCF and attended by several hundred people. The Cripple Creek Folk Singers from St. Meinrod College furnished the music and Rev. Bernard Lutz, Newman moderator, was the celebrant ofthe Moss. The first Annual Wabash Valley Folk Festival was held on campus during the weekend of October 13 - 15 and was opened with John Jacob Niles, dean of American balladeers. Programs were given by visiting singers from the surrounding area and several colleges, St. Joseph, St. Mary of the Woods, Indi- ana University and Southern Illinois University. A French Supper was served by the Home Economics major at VU and exhibits of Arts and Crafts were throughout the campus. A Workshop on Folk Music and Folklore was held on Saturday attracting many young people as well as an older group of folk singers. Because ofthe success ofthe festival it will become an annual event on campus. Charlotte Daniels, well known felksinger and John Jacob Niles and his famous 8-string dulcimer Anne Grimes, delightful follcsinger and o member of coffee-house entertainer the American Pen Women who delighted her audi- ence with folksongs ofthe Northwest. 189 x Y NN 5 1 Y x 4. x Q gm hw BEM R Q 5: . 'i :lik . ff' Wi -Alu WWW n xii 1 1gp,w::::N:-,x..,,,,,,,,,,,, jr: 1 Li 1:-55 ' ,Q b 1 s , o ' L -Q M.w+.-Q-. , . my wx, mv ,,,.,.f- ,,,- J 'li 7, ,. ,m 1 .47 .. Qs f 1 ,A 1 ,, . K 2 5 ,," H ....v,.., ,, AEK' 44 M f,. ,, , 4 f 0. , fl: . .1-fffffkff 7 . 3159651-Z, " ff H47 wg. if WZ45 iff Z' J ,mv Zifb f 1. Q 4 AN , - mm ,, ,I 'vw---...., ""'M. .A ,, , ..-wif?-M .,., ...-xwmbf.. sm-x , .qgiyqf ,,- A rw ' 'ewan' 'W 1 fv x .fl X an .wr y A 4.5 ,. f M f., 1 fff ymf, .,- ,M , I , f z,-,A I f .WW mg! ' 7 5, ' , 525137 : '4 , Q f,1- W W My 1 5 f gff , 1 f 1 Q if '33ws,-If, V517 ,gf if 5 -, 2 '39 . f Q . '- v,', M , . W, , My 1 ' , H44 K ,Z , gf , 1, f f' ,ff if ,AWG .f f , , ,, ,, N10 9 , E52 -w 4 ,f 4. my f 2 ., Am Z if 'a' ff sw V - 4, f' A ,Lag ,44nnn,,,, gf? J 2' 5 4 , Q I Qaculiy Hhrisfmus Party Santa's sleigh is full of gifts. .C is 594591111044 The faculty enioys some Christmas cheer. The choir does it again--and beautifully. Mrs. Helen Lewis, director of Dunseth Planetarium, explains the stars to students in the dome room. sr" ar' M ' Grand March Becky Schaffer, Queen Steve Keller, King adic' Hawkins Day Www ' Q, fi Q 7-24 ww The "Dogpatch Girls" ain't as fast as they used io be ,Ca Vega A-gn-gn .Q Qfx as if qw, - 4-. , V, I 1- 's Q ' Q ' ., z ' X Xifgfri-L-'fE.Ig-X isisii. ' ' ffif fi '2""r:'2'-xa"'xiqs.9 .,- 5.-:Y-SV X- Q: E1 ,ik --' 1 ., fd sig! 5 . . , ., .Q M ,V x . . . ,K . . . f ' f . 'Qi fd. as-1 my 6 9 V, ..., Q xt b , .,.. Q Q rg , as X QLQQZQ b 1 ., Q S, Y ax -fs xx.. is E 4' r A . ,, 3 X. l 3 l Dody Stemm, Go-go-girl Dem' Cane' C'-'75 0 'U9 Crowd takes a break, but the beat goes on! .faa' fa-"IRQ n-ff . W "'Tlw?' ' 5 Impressive entrance to the "One Thousand and One Arabian Nights" For the first time, the prom was held under the stars. X: Queen Janice Latshaw with her escort, Queen Janice and Dave Queen Janice, her court and their escorts i i 1 i I l Dave Smith The Royal Throne ' 194 Dody Stemm Alladin's Lamp Dancing under the stars I i H 1966 Prom yi 1 i 1 it i 321' Efllilltlll gh!! if 6l!Y'lIllf'5 N?!lllkff!1l6f!! I, ZIQMZIQ yank-4 mm M life cwmuzf I Z1-eifzzzalzcxnzbn ,Ween "pile cwzvmazzd and me MA" -Z77fll'l'J04y, fff -Zclzqfjlfdf If My xi .fhilelrezfslzlzzzhffrl amf fxtq.-:felt ii ggylfizilkfgy 01 Eff-f ohfoaf c.4.L 3 Mahh zz gl-IYAVIJ Ed! nmf jgzzfubvfz xwrfa Ami Qin Lgrbnnf, Vflhilzzi amf Qf1feJb111 I I ui Hank Sfair 1966 alule 270 U16 Arts ALM-' .sn N,., Q18 , , ,,,. ,,,7,, I 'SJE X 4,,.,, qs :I ,G Lots of Books W "' r 4 .7 1 Something for everyone Tim Weir, VU student, designing door decoration Children love to paint on stage filled with pictures on display f f f Z I 1 Q 4 ? ,i 3 if W '2 . , ? 1 4' i 'Z f,.,,,,,,, ' ' Az 1 , 12 V ,f511l ,I I fff rvbqllu WMV 'Ax Four days they looked and browsed Interesting floral pieces The Coochmen, o folk singing group , my Humor ond Education 195 4' 4 Christmas Carolers Dr. Beckes with Fran Ogle, Manarda Payne and Angie Phillips at tree lighting Queen candidates-before the big night Manarda Payne, Kelley Beckes, Stephanie Coch- ran, Mary Kay Lenahan and Marsha Colglazier. Wzrisfmas i 1 Professor Richard Ertel and members of ensemble l l ff J ii L B lqillq if 014 1 ampus Formal presentation of Queen candidates Queen Marsha Colglaz ier i i l ,Q "----. oguf-'D 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 'Cwas the ight Before Khristmas at V. ll. Twas the night before Christmas and all thru VU Not a creature was stirring except one or two. The campus was colored with bright twinkling lights, And snow had been falling for the past several nights. All of the students from near states around Were spending this Christmas back in their hometown. So only those students who had to stay here Would see Christmas happen on campus this year. The faculty and staff and employees too. . . Were all at home waiting for old "you know who". Even DR. BECKES spent this night at home Hoping Santa would bring him a government loan. By nine in the evening this chill Christmas eve All campus was quiet, Would you believe? All was in ready and each locked his door, The only one stirring was OFFICER ORR. On a rooftop he stood his laugh as a snicker He knew Santa's sleigh didn't have a car sticker. MR. PHILLIP SUMMERS of Student Finance Was having a nightmare 'bout the Christmas Dance. X51 :OV He dreamed he phoned Chicago and ordered Billy May, Q, The man misunderstood ftsand sent us Sammy Kaye. HQ , Q l . Some of the faculty weren't content to leave All the work to Santa this Christmas Eve. They'd been doing some research on old Mr. C To see if he's really what he's cracked up to be. They'd reached their decision and had to confess They couldn't see why Santa was such a success. He didn't own a sports car or have a movie role, And spends each and every summer making toys at the North Pole. They say DEAN CARTER went into a coma When she learned Santa didn't have a high school diploma. DEAN P. BAILEY ALBRIGHT drew up a plan For giving some learning to the jolly old man. He'd give Santa a TV with only one station So Santa could watch him on Orientation. At the desk by his chimney DEAN VIOLANTE took his stand. Waiting for Santa, IBM cards in hand. DEAN HILL know exactly what he could do to get Santa to register her at VU. But if he should fail 402105101102 He'd give Santa a present, not a pipe or a razor. But the latest copy of the VU Trailblazer. 101101402101 COACH BRADFIELD was dreaming of VU's next game Watching the action inside his brain. 101102102401 His team had new players from schools near at hand. Of course there was CANADY, now VU's shortest man. A visit from Santa is not a surprise, It's a yearly occurance on December 25. 102 But the welcome Santa got at VU that day, Made him wonder why he ever got out his sleigh! 101 402101101405 A thousand dumb questions -- and lang endless forms, The conflict of classes, no room in the dorms. It was well after four before Santa took leave. He would tell his wife something she would never believe. 401400 Santa would come back to VU next year. But it would be for to study, and not to spread cheer. He might lose his temper or turn into a meaney . . . 'Cause his red and white suit d09SH,l', match his new beanie. 101 With a good education, rw... .. and Saint Nick decline, He could always give him a five dollar fine. Our friend ROGER NAAB was planning too of something he thought he'd like to do. and a new sense of poise, In two years Santa will to back to his toys. We may not know everything, but one thing we do. Santa will never forget, that NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS when he stopped at VU. YW 2 A " ' ' A 197 Kilt' Old and U16 ew NM U- f"' , 39 ,-2?ff:.-'::,,:,,,.,,4,,- H - , , ...., ., , , Signs don't always tell the truth Valentine decorations "On the Line Dave Goodnow can't wait to try Mighty Wurlitzer LU U1g"" Watch the birdie, boys! Progress on the new dorm The complicated printing machine A Bird s eye view 198 Outside looking in bookstore The beautiful new Charter Lounge ,4 IK!! 0' Chis! ,A l6'ii 0' Cha!! The Marching Salukies from Southern Illinois University opening the Community Series Rory Calhoun, better known as "The Texan" visited V. U. campus early in the fall. He is shown with Dr. Beckes. MIGHTY WURLITZER ORGAN Mr. Richard Ertel, shown with the new Mighty Wuliflef 0"90n Hoisting the "insides" into the loft over Auditorium entrance being installed in Green Auditorium NEW .iz , 'YWNXQ New faculty all wearing "freshmen" beanies at the opening meeting Members of Alpha Theta Chi and Sigma Pi with Boy Scouts attend- ing the kick-off "coffee" as guests of Mrs. Roger Branigan at the Governor's mansion MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS DRIVE FACULTY I, , ,.,,a, ,z .Q iiwftl-.I-3 Jim McQuaid with the M. S. Wishing Well which V. U. organizations helped to fill WISHINCI Y li l 1 'l ll, A e Intramural ,wrt Get set 'X X - -LX.. -. AX X . L,., X X -. X .X X' , f X' ' f -' -L- 4- fm t X XX.. ,XX X5 'Ni' X Q X . '- X X- Q X -X x . ' XX -X ,.. -S: A -X -:X . '- - - - ' -Xi: Q X SL .X X. -. X . -K X.-, X X Xe- N 1-X,-'.. 5. 5 s -'K-,gag-::Ng3X.X .ag 5 X. XX ff, - XXKX . we -Hg., Xv -- X. U.: ,-X, vX...e.Ns.--X. A-X we - I .i-1- 'X 'Ns' Y- ' N' -' XX sX"X'+- Q, 'wS::NQS4'si'-z:s92'-:.-vp-wrwsizs-.:m:5:5Xg "ff.,,5:f. .S -e:X.5.sX.j:'xg -- f '-X sg.. ix '- T1--.i'sf'1:'If".f:1S'-ff:XI25'-15:.'-SE'-5'?3"'-X4X3--'ff' --iievifiifz' ' .X f:"'f:X. .SX , J??'17-E2 'WV' X' 65 " NJ" ' ll 3 : " :mf ' " Q .W-'Xi NX-Q' -.'-:':,:Xf: 3-4-t3g:L..':X-sr-?.Qq.g.S':, --5,1 -xg? .33 'Fri' Q., e .TX.!::8..25:11:2Ip,rx-1:2-is-1:-:gf-r,.x.,'-+:g 'y'-fx' -'-.-:XIX-N 'F ",4+'."g'5 132223,-I ji-.,s,2g1512iQf'4gg:5,1!:I',1,Q24.2:X:gqL1g.3- I, ,X I. .-X A .4 X ww---:X-XX K. X- .. .X X-vs - XX X XX X Of ?-- ' X' sf X - .s X 339 1 X- XWXSNYX X ?i371'iY 53 . .'T9fXS.i' X 'W WV WXXQQX'-NQK FSSXXQ XQNRSQQQQ X " '.'- 'X 'X XXX' XXX X ' .XX XX',.i:,-XXXXfg-wg: -"' .ggfXXXX - ' X X-XXX ifwxfwe- X9 . .X X233 .ag-sux. 5- XRS. - NX --nz 1 X XX XXXXQXQX XXX ge K-XXXX-if. - . XXXXXXX- X-Qykkwx XX-X -YQ - h...X.,:::r-1-g-:gg.XX-X.--::.' '- '- " X - ' - i XXX wXXkX'ai1S"XfWw1Sr XX X A A Q 4 't H- ' - h d h d XXQXX X .XXX X Xs X N. X ,XX XXX X it em ago In or er or er Q Xs3,gXmX,xX.X.g mXaXX ,XNwXXgs"X ' XXX gi. XX NM' N-'Wav ' ' "-'? . UX Yi x 5 3, ' X is XX. wg.-"Q W X' Xxqgvjg XXX :XX RX , XXX , Mx 2 'Q .XX .sfwkgxlwqg ,X X 'AX-.Q .X ,XX-X ' 1 "1 XX. X-fXX:-4:52,---X.:g: 'X EI ' XX ,XXX-iNrs'X'iXxQX X' - XgXX X Hg Xrivrzrxw -2 X-:Sm--.X .X... sw " Q ,- ,X 'S. ' 'X.'-me X ' . X' X K '-X X 'Ni sz X X X X 'XXX X. 'X gg, 'X X ,XX r W-wx'-a.X-f..., . XX WS X i - - X-up X X .X Xz,'XXXXf -1 -X'XeXvX ..X:Q:'-':-rsw. XS -X X, . X X X .5 N X X 'XX-X -X..---Xxx:-XXX...,., . .X X X , JX.X,X.X y . .X ix .X . S X' X X, 1. ., NQQQ. X:-4 I-'if -:, ' V 'X X XX X Hg.- IXX - -. .g .ali .2 Q3 1 '- 'F "T X- X5 . qX, gs - X .1 : XX XM XX'.X:? .- .s XX X FX X X. X. -Q SNQ X --f P1-' .wp X X X PX " 1 'I' ' qv mx - A X' 5-X 3 f . XX XE A X, , 9 f X -f K ---- '-'-' X X -"' 2 'X ' i - X XX X X -A ' XX -X - .X-:+wXX:::ssa:?1 .. 33-3, -X " -X X - 'llfz-M' if fXf:X , '-f-ff H- - 221551-22551:-2:12 X XQX WXSQQAXX. .xX. X X.-a. Q. XX . X.. , X ,X X I, X Q is X, .,.X.. XX,,A Q -I -X Pass to victory All Alone Hieman wins it all Ebner takes tug y. ' X XX gs , Ni XX 1 X X INTRAMURAL BOWLING Af X wax. LUU 'nn l'M getting this one Don't touch him X. First, a little exercise Somebody else hit it! He'd better not hold on me like that! 'X N, :jr Q Q i Someone help me ,pf-'f Physical We We Educatirfn A little higher Hurry and hit the birdie A liffle lower ampus ,4 ffizfifies John Olsen receiving tl-me 15th Annual McQuai.:l Trophy Bill Simmons receiving the 12th Annual Civitan Award from Jim McQuoid l l Coach Bradfield presenting Dan Sparks with 3rd Annual Beless Judge Curtis Shake presenting Walter A. Davis Citation Award to Mr. Clarence J. McCormick for outstanding service to the community 1967 CAPPING CEREMONY A 4 ' '95-' .5 '552 i Nurses carrying Nightingale Lamps at ceremonies Capping Ceremonies Getting used to new caps during reception in Blue Room following ceremonies Misflefoe Goal? Just call me wincly Dance Let me out! Sons of the City Ditches Mdde fOr eCICl1 Ofhef Sweethearts turn it on! ff Do it like you did last summer Your autograph, Judge? Goob and Skip lead the way Carl challenges the go-go-girls The moonshine was strong Everyone tries it slow for once Follow the yellow brick road-- lcon walk a straight line! Dr. Beckes Tipping again H What happened to the tea-Hick! t t 204 Potpourri On target! Four sets missing! A line-up . . . for Bocculaurecte that is! 4 I I E Dr. Lawlis' Summer lndicno history workshop A busy office in the Union A i i i i HOPPirleSS is Cl kiss ff0m MC-vm Gnd Brother! The International students have fun at the Christmas party mm- V -any Q. W. . ,ggm ...Q Q-sffefsilxrwf-' ' -- Q . 4 x -s.g:xwx3W Y' 1 l ff .- 1' fi! xwcf' if 'G . I I . .. X, .Q , Y , f ,Q ""'N .- !,f' 'b xiii, 4 as Jw, 12,22 f ' I "4 'af 1?- , 4 Y4 V .W 91 lb in A 4 mg fr: " W, 5. " 6 f , ff . f fi Z ,f W . Q 5 f nu 4 dsl, trff. ' V ' iw 14 ff ',V L' ff , ' i 4 ' ,f xwvwammwi, f . 1 -wr V ,.. W4 if 5-21411 , ma, W ,WV My , fx ,,,f, ,Q ,,, ,Q , W4 4 ,Qfq may ,- a. , L 5 N., sr, Z' if 1 1' f . 4 5 Aw 4 5 , 'gf "I ., J- 21,775 "Wai" ' 2111 : ' , ff 4. in y, 'fit ar Q eg, W fi, , , Q' 7,21 4, 9: LH uf!! fl! fat, l .4 7 271 ,,7 V if K 5, tg ,Z , , 43, I ,J V W If 'fl -'fm Q ' af' H 1. '--. , ff f,.z,f1f if ff 1 j M5 gt -,MZ if . I-9, - , 1 " , 4' ff 4, A f , " , X ., X V , 'Wu 4' 'N 2 Q, 'Y' iw 'Wil '72 'W ' f f Z? , , Q ' 'J Q, . 1 "' Eff? ,, 4 9' 1 yi 1 f ff , i ,lf ff A l 1 if ,ff , M, " , Q mf 57755 ' z X , 7 f ' Yf .. , 2, M 6 ,..-1" N il F, lr f , N7 2 ff - W . I X a . ,,. I X as-A' , X .-.,-, , N Q A I , Ln X N.. , kg '-1.Q.,1.g -xii I'- . a 'ww X K . . s, , . Q,-,N .. f ,N X N x. Q, Nw is N-Tm SX A xx A Q vxwx K, ' .:.g.x- H. ,ex fygigs. ,jg .. mmm: X . , s ,I n Y' fpifaih These few words are to reveal our feeling for those who have lost their heads and bodies for the sake of others. 1 A Bikini, Boys!! Like Father - - Like Daughter A Real Queen lt's so easy even a Girl can break her footl i 'XNORX4 y WE Q QQQU l ixfgiw- l , The Real Sigma Pi N But, I don't like to wear a tie ,i M 'i , A Mr. Hawkins, if you can't stop talking in class, l'm going to let you teach it. , f 206 A good actor can always play the part Putting up the lights 'v Lfheerleadvrs Workslwp The first Cheerleaders Workshop was held on eampus ol' Ylf during the summer oi' 19643 and was attended by almost 500 girls from throughout the state of' ludiaua. Fhampiou cheerleaders were hrouglit in to teach the girls and as shown by the pictures, they really acc-omplislud 1 great deal. A similar Workshop will be held during the summer of l9li7. ir' rx 3 An impress ive group. The girls worked out of doors. MW ia Junior College N'7f-W :Nikki Can You top this? Who wouldn'f cheer? Wonderful! Champions alll The Staff. -...., .wu......-..U.-s...u......-...n... Us ...... ...Jn . . , ,. I' l I l A l l ii J il i,! l l T l 1 l I i 1 1 6 i ill ltr. itll .W Orrlrr out nf Khrzos -- .N Ava McCall, Sheila Sparenberg and Cathy Corts help move the bookstore from Union Temporary location. fgffkiizw. Paul Eddleman work-study student help- All the racks had to be filled in the I 1 0 rl Pos! Kavkstorr y These Work-study students did a wonderful iob in helping to move the thousan' of items. ln July the Old Post Bookstore was moved, with help of work-stul students and maintenance department, to temporary quarters in the H6 wing of the Library so some space and air conditioning could be addrl to the bookstore in the Union. It was a momumental task accomplish-' only by much hard work, carrying of heavy boxes which had to be al packed and unpacked as well. The bookstore was ready for the openil of school in the Fall. The task again undertaken about two weeks aftl the opening of school and the bookstore was moved back to the Unic? Thanks for a job well done to all who assisted in this task. Hrrmmulrily Series Program The Singing Hoosiers from Indiana University, Folk Singer Karen Duke is greeted by Mrs. lsaac Beckes and Orvall Moore following her concert in Green Auditorium. 208 The Singing Boys of Monterrey gave o thrilling concert. Mrs. 53 ,,, .dn I? 5. .f ,As I III ATE II gi, of I Vincenne Univer ity indent and Faculty This issue of the INDICATEUR is Vol. I No. land was assembled by members ofthe Student Senate. Approximately 2200 names are listed in the directory ond many uses are Found for the book. W, V64 Marg Iniiarw Iigmfgkg I Igymfigf Hang Kong , Aygslta Lang -v""'-....,':-M 2 5211131 he front cover ofthe INDICATEUR is soft blue with gold for the seal of the Dr- Beckes accepting fhe first Copy of the INDICATEUR as Roger Naab, PfeS incennes University Student Association, designed by Melvin A. Erny. The ident of Student Sem-,fe shows Q copy to Mr. James MCQUGICI, f0CUlfy CICIVISOF- ntire cover was the design of William Greene, a member of the yearbook staff. 209 ra f , T0 THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF VINCENNES UNIVERSITY The school year of 1966-67 has been a good year. The enrollment increased and grades went up with the larger enrollment. I am sure many students learned how to study this past year. This, in a way, was true of the yearbook staff. Not in studying mainly, but in working together to get something done. At the start of the year when the yearbook staffers were selected, very few of us knew anything about putting a yearbook together. However, we knew it had to be done and that we were the ones who had to do it. We worked together and learned together and this book is our result. The yearbook staff hopes you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together. We owe thanks to many people. The McQuaids, who are the advisors to the staff, helped us tremen- dously. Without them, I'm sure many of us wouldn't have known where to start. They invited us to their house many times so we would have a place to work on weekends. They placed ideas in our minds with- out giving us the feeling they were telling us what 'to do. I believe they deserve many many thanks. Mr. Bottenfield deserves much credit for his help. He made all the arrangements for our trip to the Indianapolis State Legislature. He was always glad to help when it was asked of him. The employees of the bookstore deserve credit for their diligent help in arranging names for picture taking, sorting pictures, typing, and running errands. Without them we would probably still be behind. Mr. Kramer, the printer, was very considerate and understood our problems. He gave us some ideas on the type of paper and print, how to layout pages, and he cropped our pictures for us. Many thanks also go to him. Sincere thanks are also due to Mr. Horton and Gary Graves , our photographers. Without their assis- tance and wonderful cooperation in being ready on short notice to take pictures, we would not have the many memorable ones you will see in the book. Most of all, I wish to express my sincere thanks to those students who stayed with the job all year and gave their best so we could turn out this example of our work. I sincerely hope all of you will enjoy LE REVOIR of 1967. It may not be the best in the world but due to all the hard but stimulating work it took to put it together, it surely isn't the worst. Sincerely yours , THE EDITOR 1 N f 'X ...f J .H fjf M ,,, A I ff F X If j af! . ff 000000000- Donald Cooper Abell Donald Jameson Acheson George E. Adamson James Douglas Agan Steven Robert Ahler Michael Lynn Albertson Judith Ann Allen Arl Arthur Altman Michael George Anderson Mike Francis Anton Clarence Bernard Armstrong, Jr. Paul David Armstrong Theresa Ann Armstrong Joseph Ascolese James R. Astrike Larry Keith Austin Thomas Harold Ayling David Michael Baines Beverly Ann Baker Clark David Baker Genevieve Lynn Baker Keith Charles Baker Paul M. Baker Steven Eugene Banker James Douglas Barnes n Richard Edwin Barnes A 15 7 , Carl Edward Barnett 17119 Mary Virginia Barrett Sue Ann Barron Sally Louise Bateman James Michael Bates Garnet Elaine Beasley Claude F. Bedwell Larry Arthur Beety John Carl Begeman Karen Sue Belcher Andrew Charles Benner, Jr. Tommy Preston Bennington James Robert Benson John Robert Bernard, Jr. Larry Dale Bernardi cniar Dircclvry 1415 Newton St., Jasper, lnd. 4852 Graceland, Indianapolis, Ind. R.R. 1, Sandborn, lnd. 7998 Westfield, Indianapolis, lnd. R.R. 3, Fowler, lnd. R.R. 2, Jasper, lnd. 108 Pine View Dr., Vincennes, lnd. 619 Olispost, Culver, lnd. 2705 N. 6th, Vincennes, lnd. 502 S. 3rd, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 4, Washington, lnd. R.R. 2 Wheatland, lnd. R.R. 3, Owensville, lnd. 40 Parrott Mill Rd., Catham, N.J. R.R. 1, French Lick, lnd. 1800 N. First, Terre Haute, lnd. 126 Ludlow PI., Westfield, N.J. 227 West Main, Bloomfield, ln. 424 N. 4th, Vincennes, lnd. 809 New, Washington, lnd. R.R. 4, Brazil, lnd. 401 E. Clearwater, Robinson, Ill. 1424 Vigo, Vincennes, lnd. 502 N.W. 9th, Fairfield, Ill. R.R. 3, Elizabeth, lnd. 936 N. Arlington, Indianapolis, lnd. 817 S.E. 1st, Washington, lnd. R.R. 2, Box 369, Carmel, lnd. 2531 Thayer Ct., Anderson, lnd. 511 Lincoln, Washington, lnd. 927 N. Seminary, Princeton, lnd. 417 S. Grove, Odon, lnd. 405 Shelby, Vincennes, lnd. 1715 W. Walnut, Kokomo, lnd. Sandborn, lnd. P.O. Box 265, Monroe City, lnd. 480 Lambourne Ave., Worthington, Ohio R.R. 1, Washington, lnd. R.R. 2, Gibson City, Ill. R.R. 2, Box 152, Evansville, lnd. Leavenworth, lnd. Thomas Griggs Berndt 5-yy J,.'gf.O. Box 67, Vincennes, lnd. Robert C. Bethuram 1 5637 Kingsley, Indianapolis, lnd. Lawrence Joseph Betty Sandra Jeanniene Biggs Thomas L. Bishop Duane Leonard Blocker David Bissett Black Kent Edwin Blackman Carolyn Sue Blair Mary Alice Blair Rebecca Ann Blanford Thomas Earl Blanton I4 Paul Dewight Bloome f' David Charles Boesche f Mary Ann Bohnert Norman Charles Bohnert William LeCIeade Bonhomme Charles Joseph Booe Joe Warren Booher .1"7l'Q.'fffl Thomas M. Boar ' 3504- , James Allen Booth Carol Lynn Both Robert Joseph Bouvy Daniel Joseph Bowling Rex W. Boyles James Stephen Brandon Jerald Louis Brandenburg Kristine Ann Brewer Charles Larkin Bridges Kurt Warner Briggs Charles P. Briner Victor A. Brocksmith Bonnie Belle Brooks William Joseph Brost Dale Eugene Brown John Marshall Brown Larry Craig Brown Joan Elaine Buchanan Joan Louise Buchanan Nellie Elaine Buchanan Janice Ann Buescher 2' "' wi 1 Us ,J lvfff 1023 Jaques Ave., Rahway, N.J. R.R. 2, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 2, Box 715, Greenfield, lnd. R.R. 1, Colfax, lnd. 1008 Rt. 67, Vincennes, lnd. Box 174, Hamlet, lnd. R.R.1, Vincennes, lnd. 1339 N. 3rd, Vincennes, Ind. 717 Upper 11th, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 1, Hazleton, Ind. 7811 Meadowbrook, Indianapolis, lnd. 6006 Kingsley, Indianapolis, lnd. 1421 Busseron, Vincennes, lnd. 1535 Leopold, Jasper, lnd. 1703 Broadway, Vincennes, lnd. P.O. Box 37, Attica, lnd. R.R.1, Muncie, lnd. 4280 E. Kessler Ln, Indianapolis, lnd. R.R. 1, Fairmount, lnd. 4214 Coleman, Ft. Wayne, lnd. 907 Emison, Vincennes, lnd. 906 St. Rd. 57 N., Washington, lnd. 2801 S. Court Dr., Evansville, lnd. P.O. 24, Linden, lnd. 1482 S. 16th, Noblesville, lnd. 1005 E. 5th, Fowler, Ind. R.R. 1, Box 120 B, Vincennes, lnd. 1406 Vigo, Vincennes, lnd. 330 E. Walnut, Princeton, lnd. Freelandville, lnd. Maple, Oaktown, lnd. R.R. 2, Oxford, lnd. R.R. 1, Shoals, lnd. 37 E. St. Clair, Vincennes, lnd. 425 N. West, Odon, lnd. R.R. 1, Lawrenceville, lnd. R.R. 1, St. Francisville, Ill. 106 Meadowlark Lane, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 1, Sandborn, lnd. Earl Roger Bullock Tom Lee Bumgardner Michael Edward Burch Randee Hermus Burks Edgar Allen Burr James Robert Butler John Brooks Butler Dennis Michael Callahan Brent R. Cannon Paul James Carnahan Robert Leo Carrico Roger K. Carrithers Harold Ray Cavander Gary Roger Chapman Crystal Elaine Childress Andrew En-Chai Chu Jerry Allen Church James Peter Ciaccia Randy Elin Clark Edward Keith Claycomb, Jr. Linda Imogene Cleveland Michael A. Cockerham Nancy Elaine Coers Linda Lucille Cofield Marsha Dell Colglazier Jerry Lee Collins Gene Dewey Combs Kathryn Sue Conaway John Alton Conner James Michael Copp Dean Thomas Conrad -'Rd William Michael Conrow ' -..- I0 E. Walnut, Washington, lnd. Box 225, Largo, lnd. R.R. 4, Loogaotee, lnd. R.R. 3, Sullivan, lnd. Box 23, Oaktown, lnd. R.R. 4, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 3, Columbus, lnd. 1026 Dubois, Vincennes, lnd. 1614 Canbro Dr., Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 1, Hazleton, lnd. 203 N. Oak, Loogaotee, lnd. Sandborn, lnd. 801 Hart, Vincennes, lnd. Box 7, West York, III. R.R. 3, Lawrenceville, Ill. 3 E. Robinson Rd., Hong Kong 610 S. 7th Petersburg, lnd. 75 Hewitt, Rochester,.N.Y. 621 S. 6th, Vincennes, lnd. 309 Scott, Vincennes, Ind. 1221 E. St. Clair, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 1, Vincennes, lnd. Cooper Rd., Shelbyville, Ind. 123 Irvington, S. Bend, lnd. 905 S. Main, Salem, Ind. R.R. 1, Jonesboro, lnd. 1830 Hart, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 4, Martinsville, lnd. 2719 Lafayette, Columbus, lnd. R.R. 3, Linton, lnd. 501 W. Miami, Logansport, lnd. 5956 Rosslyn, Indianapolis, lnd. Donna June Cooper V, 'MV' ii'5"fl31 E. Eberwine, Vincennes, lnd. ' -i Linda Kay Cooper '25 A 'Acid Thomas Edward Cooper Michael Guy Corcione Aurelio R. Correa Mary Kathleen Corts Gary Francis Cothern Dennis Lee Coyle John Stanley Cramer Jan Clare Crawford Dennis Alan Cripe Terry L. Crockett John D. Crooke Samuel Anthony Cross Sharon Kay Cullop Bill D. Culver Dexter Owen Cummings John Patrick Cummins Paul E. Curry Terry Michael Cuzzort Dennis Michael Daily Robert J. Dallmann Phillip Ahern Damm James R. Davis Sandra Lynn Davis Terry Allen DeBaun John David DeBoer Lloyd Glenn DeFur Carolyn L. Dehl James Michael Delaney Rodney Floyde Dent uf, -,X William Kenneth Derett ,DM fjtf Jerry Reed Devonshire A' I ' Robert Joseph Dickerson Q -A rg.. 1536 Mentor, Vincennes, lnd. 1325 State, Vincennes, lnd. 1305 Walnut, Wawamossa, N.J. Ave Bogota Res Marisol 5. Los Caobos, Caracas, Venezuela 214 South Fifth, Vincennes, lnd. 410 N. Wood, Gigson City, lll. R.R. 2, Bedford, lnd. R.R. 7, Bloomington, lnd. R.R. 1, Flat Rock, Ill. 10 Gregory, Williamsport 906 N. Shelby, Salem, lnd. R.R. 1, Worthington, lnd. 1045 Ames St., Hammond, lnd. Old Terre Haute Rd., Vincennes, lnd. 804 N. Howard, Robinson, lll. R.R. 2, Birdseye, lnd. 503 S. 3rd, Vincennes, lnd. 612 N. 10th, Vincennes, lnd. Box 362, Griffin, lnd. 107 John, Washington, lnd. 2807 Colonial Dr., New Albany, lnd. 408 York Rd., Evansville, lnd. 2121 N. 20th, Lafayette, lnd. R.R.1, Otwell, Ind. 510 Scott, Vincennes, lnd. 1215 Oak, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 1, Wadesville, lnd. 1005 Austin, Lawrenceville, Ill. 64 Lynwood Dr., Washington, lnd. R.R. 2, Angola, Ind. 925 N. Franklin Rd., Indianapolis, lnd. R.R. 3, Sumner, Ill. 5565 Van Buren, Gary, lnd. Joseph Alan Dickson 's 97.,25Q,,R.R. 2, Winslow, lnd. William Edward Dielman 7 Charles Allen DiLegge Anthony Henry Dittelberger Gary Del Dix Brenda Kay Doll Joseph Dennis Bonnersberger Gregory Lee Drake John Fransic Dragan Glenda C. Due Gordon Davis Dunn Jimmie Dale Durnil David Earl Dyer Edward Michael Eattock Paul Edgar Eddleman 912 Hawthorne Lane, Logansport, lnd. Box 98, R.R. 1, Peru, lnd. R.R. 1, Jasper, lnd.' R.R.1, Robinson, Ill. 603 S. 10th, Vincennes, lnd. Wheatland, lnd. 1520 S. "R", Elwood, lnd. 3 Belmont Rd., Rochester, N.Y. Sandborn, lnd. 101 Center Ct., Franklin, lnd. R.R. 7, Bloomington, lnd. 444 Veshlage Rd., Seymour, lnd. 300 Pine, Absecon, N.J. R.R. 5, Vincennes, lnd. ,.. .. , - i.-.-. .. Wrvfliuwwztrrmwrnwrrr-1vr.:'a. wr: .smmavuaiunwfusu -. .f-.M f - .sf-f ss... ...A l i I ! ll l if l fe 3 ...JC Y' Joe Michael Edwards Marvin Walter Edwards Timothy Mark Edwards Douglas Lee Einhaus Richard A. Enmeier f' Charles C. Enyeart John Alfred Erbacher Melvin A. Erny Eugene B. Esperson Linda Lee Espey John Byron Evans Karen Sue Everett Gary Ray Eversoll Margaret Ann Fone Anne Therese Faulkner Ronald Keane Ficklin ' William Joseph Fleck 1, William Alva Fogleson 1 i.l.' ' f, f Q.. Cosden Allen Foland L73 ffiw Curtis Cordell Folmnsbee Stanton Louis Forster Linda Kay Fox lbrahim S. Fraih Joyce Ann Frederick 1 404 Tinsley, Crawfordsville, lnd. R.R. 6, Box 670, Terre Haute, lnd. 65 Phillips Dr., Decatur, Ill 205 E. Catherine, Batesville, lnd. 1434 Loretta Dr., Indianapolis, lnd. 2205 Maryben, Michigan City, lnd. Main St., Poseyville, lnd. 752 W. 8th, Jasper, lnd. 440 S. 24th, Terre Haute, lnd. 710 Perry, Vincennes, lnd. 102 Swartzel, Vincennes, lnd. 1637 Grand, New Castle, lnd. R.R. 3, Petersburg, lnd. 207 S. 9th, Vincennes, lnd. P301 Dubois, Vincennes, lnd. 1201 E. Main, Petersburg, lnd. 1421 Franklin, Jasper, lnd. 4946 E. 18th, lndianapolis, lnd. 405 Depot, Vincennes, lnd. 544 Gray, Bridgeport, lll. 40 S. Hinman, Columbus, lnd. 1417 College, Vincennes, lnd. Saudi Arabian Educa. Mission, N.Y. 2 E. Reel, Vincennes, lnd. 830 Emison, Vincennes, lnd. L14 Diana Jean Freeland , '- Charles Sebree Fuller' J W. Richard Funk 'i Jon Alan Fye Peter J. Gallette Larry Gene Garrett Ronald Allen Gawthorp Alan Anderson Gee Joseph Adam Geiman 'iff' 747 Ann Kay Geisler ,Fx-7 L" Marc Arnold Gerber David Allen Gidley Armon Charles Gillie Bryan Allen Gilmore Peter N. Githiri John Henry Godare Gwendalyn Kay Godlove Roscoe Goodwin Phillip Lee Gower Joseph E. Grabowski Ronald James Grannan Sharon Suzanne Grannan David Lee Greene Donna Lee Green Michael Douglas Green William Ralph Green Roger Lou Gregory .,. , If f-",. ,fy . , . Martha Ellen Gunder, ., 111 'J : Howard M. Gurvitz il' ,f Larry Wanye Hadley Carole Leah Hager Walter Robin Hahn Michael Leslie Hale Vernon Paul Halter Lewis Michael Hancock Sonia Leone Hancock David Bruce Hand Michael Lee Hankins David Lee Harder Penny Hardin Stephen Lloyd Hardy Linda Ruth Harper Mary Kathleen Harris Phillip Cecil Hart Peter Andrew Hasler Carolyn Lynn Hartley Carl William Hazelwood Lloyd Leon Hasty jyf Q7 fe Guy Dale Hatt Bessie Winifred Hatton Charlotte Elaine Hatton Byron Ted Hawkins Judith Faye Hawkins Mark Delmore Hawkins Robert Louis Hawkins Michael Aron Heacox Ronald Eugene Headlee John Phillip Heagy Margaret Sue Healy Ruthanne Heberling Dolores Jean Heinz Sarah Jane Heller Richard Dean Helvie 1.35 ig 8330 N. Meridian, lndianapolis, lnd. Dunlap, Kentland, lnd. 127 Lincoln Ave., Bedford 772 West Shore Dr., Culver, lnd. R.R. 2, Owensville, lnd. Box 141, W. Salem, lll. 215 E. Sycamore, Boonville, lnd. 6014 School Wood Dr., Speedway, lnd. Box 311, Griffin, lnd. 2400 White River Blvd., Muncie, lnd. 41395 Glenn Ave., Wabash, lnd. 205 W. 5th, Bicknell, lnd. Box 182, Monroe City, lnd. 704 N. 9th, Vincennes, lnd. 1304 McKinley, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 4, Monticello, lnd. R.R. 1, Flat Rock, Ill. 407 Depot, Vincennes, lnd. 1434 Dunn Parkway, Mountainside, N.J. 616 W. Vantrees, Washington, lnd. 17 N. 9th, Vincennes, lnd. 4 Cedarhurt Ln, Camphill, Pa. 806 Vann, Evansville, lnd. 224 W. North, Lebanon, lnd. R.R. 8, Lafayette, lnd. 1023 W. Jackson, Seymour, lnd. R.R. 5, Columbus, lnd. 3436 E. 38th, lndianapolis, lnd. 1407 Locust, Lawrenceville, lll. 121 W. Swartzel, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 2, Box 278, Evansville, lnd. 22 W. North, New Palestine, lnd. R.R. 5, Vincennes, lnd. Box 342, Burney, lnd. R.R. 1, Sandborn, lnd. 1702 Centre, Lafayette, lnd. 1228 Weed Lane, Vincennes, lnd. 1516 Vine, Jasper, lnd. R.R. 3, Sumner, lll. 404 N.E. 5th, Washington, lnd. 17354 Cherrylawn, Detroit, Mich. 916 N. 9th, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 1, Bicknell, lnd. Box 11, Elnora, lnd. R.R. 6, Greenfield, lnd. 2954 N. Olney, lndianapolis, lnd. 806 Orlando Dr., Robinson, lll. R.R. 1, Petersburg, lnd. R.R. 3, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 3, Vincennes, lnd. 418 N. 6th, Petersburg, lnd. 311 S. 8th, Vincennes, lnd. 3243 Eder St., Highland, lnd. 770 Indiana Ave., Spencer, lnd. 804 Kemp Rd., W. Greensboro, N.C. Box 41, Greensburg, lnd. R.R. 1, Roonn, lnd. 312 N. 10th, Vincennes, lnd. 1314 W. Main, Carmel, lnd. 1401 N. 3rd, Vincennes, lnd. Brownstown, lnd. 1206 W. Cross, Robinson, lll Carl B. Henderson Debbie Louise Henderson Danny Ray Henry Jennifer Diane Henry Kenneth Eugene Hevner Bruce Gordon Hewitt Gerald David Hicks Thomas E. Himsel Kenneth Robert Hoesman Donald Joseph Hogle David Lee Holmes Mary Ellen Holscher Ronald Lee Homan William Arthur Homan, Jr. James Andrew Hopf Pamela Jo Hopper Phyllis Ann Hopper Arnold Edward Horowitz Jonathan Wayne Hubbard Edward Leo Huddleston Hubert Weldon Hughes Julie Joan Hughes Thomas James Hulsman Michael D. Hurst Harold Thomas Hutchcraft Alice Louise lce Ronnie Lee lce 11'-' ft' Edmund Ray lrwin James William Jacobson' Amparo Elisa Jaramillo Nancy Ruth Jenkins .M William A. Jenkins Linda DianeJohnson Randall Lee Johnson Roscoe William Johnson Michael Anthony Jones Steven Alan Jones Timothy Dale Jones William Warren Judd lll Lonnie Ray Kaiser Gregory Terry Karsa John J. Kautz ,L f Charles Gary Keller Charles Stephen Keller Jackie Dale Kemper Dorothy Arlene Kessler Phillip Wayne Kibler Mary Kay Kiefer John B. King Donald Edward Kinn Edwino Lynne Kirchoff Gary Ray Kirchoff Penny Lynn Kirk Dozier Bruce Kirkpatrick Terry E. Kiser Alan Lee Kixmiller Daniel Paul Kixmiller Victor Jay Klein Linda Sue Knudsen James L. Koenig Michael J. Kolb Daniel Lee Koons Judith Ann Lane Robert Lee Lanham Albert Man-Fai Lau Margaret Rose Ledford George Steve Leighty Richard Oliver LeMoy Mary Kay Lenahan James Philip Levell Paul Lieberman John E. Liechty Douglas W. Lindvall Lynn Sara Linkon Stephen Robert Linn Susan Andrea Liscinsky Thomas William Littell Jerry Stephen Little Henry Robert Longfellow Richard Gregory Love Thomas Anthony Lucchi Larron James Luegers Charles Evans McAbee Michael Lee McAllister Sara Ellen McCarter William Morris McCarty Cynthia Ann McCoun 2811 Crescent Ave., Ft. Wayne, lnd. 129 College Ave., Culver, lnd. R.R. 3, Box 151, Shoals, lnd. R.R. 1, Bicknell, lnd. R.R. 2, Birdseye, lnd. 1400 Park Dr., Lebanon, lnd. 1608 Cosby Rd., Washington, lnd. R.R. 1, Jasper, lnd. R.R. 2, Sullivan, lnd. R.R. 2, Washington, lnd. 402W S. 10th, Vincennes, lnd. Monroe City Rd., Vincennes, lnd. 740 Lakeside Dr., Baldwin, N.Y. 57 S. Kensington Ave., Rockville Cen. N Y R.R. 2, Jasper, lnd. 419 S. Elmhurst, Mt. Prospect, III. 115 S. 10th, Vincennes, Ind. 16 Weil St., Stamford, Conn. Box 211, Medora, lnd. R.R. 5, Vincennes, lnd. 312 E. 8th, Bicknell, lnd. R.R. 6, Crawfordsville, lnd. Box 86, St. Anthony, lnd. 17 Rolling Hills, Effingham, Ill. 1815 Washington, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 2, Wheatland, lnd. R.R. 1, Oaktown, lnd. 2118 Fisher, Speedway, lnd. 7305 Whitehall, lndianapolis, lnd. 916 N. 2nd, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 17, Box 359, lndianapolis, lnd Iroquois, Kentland, lnd. Box 222, Poseyville, lnd. R.R. 2, Box 28A, Frankfort, lnd. R.R. 1, Flat Rock, lll. 1006 Main, Jasper, lnd. R.R. 1, Edwardsport, lnd. R.R. 2, Washington, lnd. Box 124, Miamiville, Ohio R.R. 1, Newburgh, lnd. 2898 Elkhart, E. Gary, lnd. 4203 Williams Creek Dr., lndianapol R.R. 4, Washington, lnd. 507 S. 10th, Vincennes, lnd. 1127 S. Stout, Princeton, lnd. 3106 Bowser, Ft. Wayne, lnd. R.R. 3, Paoli, lnd. 524 S. 6th, Vincennes, lnd. Box 135, Mulberry, lnd. 1041 Gerlock Dr., Fostoria, Ohio Box 131, Freelandville, lnd. Edwardsport, lnd. 621 S. 12M St., Vincennes, lnd. 311 Lewis Ave., Lawrenceville, III. R.R. 1, Sumner, lll. Box 188, Freelandville, lnd. Freelandville, lnd. 720 N. 7th, Vincennes, lnd. 924 Club Crest, Gary, lnd. R.R. 1, Edwardsport, lnd. R.R. 2, Duesner, Evansville, lnd. 541 Tannier, Lawrenceburg, lnd. 204 S. 21st., Vincennes, lnd. Box 3, Carlisle, lnd. 310 Barnett, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 1, Box 139, Corydon, lnd. 105 "A" St., Loogootee, lnd. 902 Longfield, Clarksville, lnd. 1421 Main, Vincennes, lnd. 1232 N. 11th, Vincennes, lnd. 1348 Bruce Ct., N. Merrick, L.l. 875 Columbus, Berne, lnd. R.R. 1, Culver, Ind. 1409 E. Sycamore, Vincennes, lnd. 319 Bayou, Vincennes, lnd. 1434 Warwick, Whiting, lnd. 402 E., Washington, lnd. 209 Richardson, Lebanon, lnd. R.R. 1, Tipton, lnd. R.R. 3, Robinson, lll. 330 W. Grove, Mishawaka, lrid. 1324 Wilson, Jasper, lnd. 104 N.E. 8th, Washington, lnd. 17 S. 20th, Vincennes, lnd. 851 Ridgeway, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 10, Lafayette, lnd. 370 Terrace Dr., Springfield, Ohio is, ln Kathryn Louise McCoy Jack Eugene McCrary Garry Dean McCutchan John Randall McDaniel Sally Ann McDaniel , f Thomas Wilbur McDermott"5 5 .3 1 Daroyl Lynn McDonald Rita Jean McDonald Q Donald Paul McDowell Dennis Dee McFerren Janet C. McGovern Richard Leo, McGuire Michael J. McMiIIin Michael Alan McMullen Ronald Glen Maasberg Jim E. Mace Richard Charles Magness Toni Catherine Marcroft David P. Marron James Wendell Martin Philip Alan Martin Royce Vern Mason Charles Eu ene Maxwell Harold R. dead William Bruce Meaker 3, , 2 Lee Edward Mefford L Gene Christian Mehne Carla Ann Meier George Henry Meier Georgia Diane Meier Lowell Gene Meisberger Gary W. Menke James Joseph Merter Douglas Kent Meyer David Walter Michel Timothy Stephen Michels Lari Aynne Miller Donna Kay Mills Jeffrey Dale Mitchell Timothy Elmo Moncrief John Alan Moore Nancy Glenna Moore Andres Moreno Judith Ann Morgan Larry Lee Morganett Brenda Jo Mounts Rita Ruth Muller Emilie K. Mullis Marlin Duane Myers Roger E. Naab Roberta Kay Nadratowski John Henry Nagle Joy Earlene Neese Robert Henry Nolot Jerry Ray Nolting John Michael Nordhoff Ronald Allen Nulton Frances Marion Ogle Daniel Wesley Oien Terry Wayne Opell Nita Kay Orchard Martha Kathryn Organ i. I V Janine Helen Orr I Q 1,3 ' Stephen C. Owenfi 5 Janice Sherree Owens Douglas A. Padgett Louis John Padgett Linda Sue Page Kevin James Pangburn Thomas Wayne Parker Larry Edward Parkhill Thomas B. Parr David Dale Perkins David Michael Perry H0 John David Perry ' I Vincent Lee Peters James Robert Petty Angie Kay Phillips Richard Lee Pifer Thomas Winfred Pifer, Jr. Deanna Kay Pitts John P. Pletch Steve Lynn Pope Alan Ross Powell John Lloyd Powell Bonnie Jane Price Larry Ray Pugh Janine Collette Punch Linda Sue Purlee '75, William Chester Qualkenbush, Jr. R.R. 1, Monroe City, Ind. 1537 Vigo, Vincennes, Ind. New Market, Ind. 301 W. 7th, Bicknell, Ind. R.R. 1, Box 112, Wilkinson, Ind. 6162 Ralston, Indianapolis, lnd. 2650 Martha, Highland, lnd. 204 N.E. 8th, Washington, lnd. 121 Rose Lane, Greenwood, lnd. 110 Sherry, Attica, Ind. 407 Third, Loogootee, lnd. 400 S.E. 11th, Washington, lnd. R.R. 1, Sunman, Ind. 250 Parkside, Lawrenceburg, Ind. R.R. 7, Box 355, Evansville, lnd.. 2079 E. 109, Indianapolis, lnd. ,- 1106 8th, Lawrenceville, Ill. R.R.1, Decker, lnd. 802 E. Coolspring, Michigan City, Ind. 815 Vigo, Vincennes, Ind. 3810 Goshen Rd., St. Wayne, lnd. R.R. 1, Fairmount, Ind. R R 1 Petersbur Ind ' inn? 1,861 'N.'15m, vanCfAnes,'ina. .sayin li' Vw. X 18015 N. Graham, Indianapolisf lnd. ' R.R. 7, Lawrenceville, III. R.R. 2, Jasper, lnd. 1114 Wheatland Rd., Vincennes, Ind. 1109 Garfield, Hobart, lnd. R.R. 3, Box 136, Oakland City, lnd. Versailles, lnd. R.R. 2, Oaktown, lnd. R.R. 5, Jasper, Ind. R.R.1, Francisco, lnd. R.R. 2, Ft. Branch, Ind. 510 W. 15th, Mishawaka, lnd. P.O. Box 763, S. Bend, lnd. R.R. 2, Washington, lnd. 409 S. Adams, Boxwell, lnd. 300 Highland Terr. Kettering, Ohio 209 E. 10th, Auburn, lnd. R.R. 7, Lafayette, Ind. Avenida 6, i?25N80 Cali, Columbis, S.A. Box 90, R.R. 1, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 9, Bloomington, Ind. 518 W. Brummitt, Owensville, lnd. 411 N. 6th, Vincennes, lnd. P.O. Box 252, Lyons, Ind. 401 E. Market, Palestine, Ill. R.R. 5, Vincennes, lnd. 125 W. Warren, Michigan City, lnd. 7310 Lakeside Drive, New Augusta, lnd. 28 Seumin, Brownsburg, Ind. R.R. 2, Box 173, DePauw, Ind. R.R. 2, Box 1, Winamac, Ind. 213 N. Oak, Loogootee, Ind. R.R. 2, Poseyville, lnd. R.R. 1, Wheatland, lnd. 1651 Douglas, Lebanon, lnd. 1707 Willow, Vincennes, Ind. Old Bruceville Rd., Vincennes, lnd. 1173 DeWolf, Vincennes, Ind. 916 N. 8th, Vincennes, lnd. 5122 Sunnymeade, Indianapolis, Ind.',- Ivy Lane, Owensville, lnd. Ireland, lnd. R.R. 5, Bedford, Ind. 415 Buntin, Vincennes, Ind. 2604 Larkwood, New Albany, Ind. 3 Clause Ave., Vincennes, Ind. Leavenworth, lnd. R.R. 1, Hudson, Ind. Box 42, Ladoga, lnd. Harrodsburg, Ind. 4109 Royal Pine Blvd., Indianapolis, lnd. ' R.R. 2, Lebanon, Ind. 342 Church, Bridgeport, Ill, 714 Brook, Mitchell, lnd. R.R. 2, Palestine, Ill. 306 S. Pike, Palestine, III. 1116 Short, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 5, Frankfort, lnd. Box 126, Waldron, lnd. R.R. 1, Wheatland, lnd. 260 "K" St., N.W., Linton, Ind. 540 N. Union, Fostoria, Ohio R.R. 3, Lawrenceville, Ill. 1204 W. Euclid, Arlington Hgts., Ill. R.R. 1, West Baden, Ind. R.R. 3, Box 66, Shoals, Ind. J .1 L. f,7N'r James Edward Quatman Q2 I Philip Anthony Quinett Kenneth Wayne Rains Gary Icil Ramsey James Warren Ramsey Michael Lee Ray Janet Sue Reed Brenda Kay Rehwald Linda Lou Reichman Fred A. Reimers Robert Fredric Rice Robert Wayne Ridgley Rose Ann Riester Jerry Lynn Riley Kenneth Eugene Riney Michael Aaron Ritchie Cinda Kay Robinson John Lawrence Rodimel James Harvey Rodman Alexander Paul Rogers Charles Alan Rogers Sue Ellen Romick Gary F. Ross Grant Dean Ross William Lewis Ross Victoria Sue Rothrock James Francis Rudolph William Scott Rumble Jerry Alan Rusk 171 Robert Edwin Russell 'J A53 James Edward Ryan 'fl Ld., -f Richard Allan Rybicki Gary Lee Salsman Michael John Sandefer Stephen M. Sandefer Mary Kathryn Sandefur Carl J. Sanders - Jeff Barry Sands N , Fi, James F. Sandford A Linda Lee Sargent 5 David Alan Sarles Kathleen Lou Scales Carl Robert Schandelmeier Michael Earl Schenbeck Jan N. Schlamp Thomas R. Schloot Patricia Anne Schneider Dan E. Schroder James Anthony Schroeder John Charles Shroeder Douglas Joseph Schuetter Clark Herbert Scott Donald Edward Scott Mark R. Scott Michael Kent Scott David Michael Seger Barbara Ellen Seitzinger Gerald Wayne Sharp Mariory Ellen Sharp Linda Louise Shaw Linda Kay Shilkett Lawrence Glen Shoaf Roger Alan Sims Michael Duane Sinclair Leton Earl Sines Paul David Singleton Alvin Leon Skomp DeVaughn Slone Glenn G. Slusser Donna Kay Smith Phillip Lawrence Smith Robert Louis Smith Steve Daniel Smith David Lee Snow Wilburta Ellen Sodders y , Jerroll James Souder I, Glenn Earl Speedy " fic! I 1 L 'H its , A. Ll 1 1218 E. Kessler, Indianapolis, Ind. ' 2714 41S., Vincennes, lnd. 1214 Vigo, Vincennes, Ind. R.R.1, Odon, Ind. R.R. 2, Box 81, Robinson, Ill. 4001 N.E. 2nd, Washington, lnd. Central, lnd. R.R. 4, Vincennes, Ind. 1409 N. llth, Vincennes, lnd. 3107 N. 3rd, Vincennes, lnd. 507 Dubois, Lawrenceville, lnd. R.R.1, Lawrenceville, Ill. R.R. 3, Lawrenceville, III. 5826 W. Morris, Indianapolis, lnd. -f 519 Sunset Ave., Washington, lnd. Pinkstaff, lll. R.R.1, Flat Rock, Ill. 511 E. Pearl, Washington, Ind. R.R. 2, Salem, lnd. 25 Hisleah Ave., Middletown, N.J. R.R. 1, Princeton, lnd. R.R. 2, Box 184, Shoals, Ind. Owensville, Ind. 1311 9th, Lawrenceville, Ill. 307 E. 5th, Greensburg, lnd. R.R. 1, Parkersburg, Ill. 812 Tanner, Lawrenceburg, lnd. R.R. 3, Princeton, lnd. R.R. 1, Fair Oaks, Ind. Springville, lnd. 3951 N. Pennsylvania, Indianapolis, Ind. ' 7621 Maryland, Hammond, lnd. R.R. 5, Box 91, Greencastle, Ind. 1611 9th, Lawrenceville, III. Box 164, Wheatland, Ind. 2117 Washington, Vincennes, Ind. R.R. 3, Box 290, Shoals, lnd. 1321 Cariann Lane, Glenview, Ill. 6058 Deckson Rd., Indianapolis, lnd. ' R.R. 1, Odon, Ind. 1931 Silver, New Albany, Ind. P.O. Box 134, Wheatland, Ind. 25 Laurel Ave., Irvington, N.J. 114 Woodcliff Dr., Columbus, Ohio R.R.1, Francisco, Ind. 1208 Washington, Crawfordsville, lnd. Box 1001, Thiells, N.Y. R.R. 1, St. Francisville, Ill. R.R. 2, Jasper, Ind. 507 Roosevelt, Evansville, Ind. 1537 Vine, Jasper, lnd. R.R. 1, Plainville, lnd. 3225 W. 71st, Indianapolis, lnd. - 730 E. North, Greensburg, lnd. R.R. 2, Crawfordsville, lnd. 613 E. 13th, Jasper, Ind. R.R.1, Decker, lnd. R.R. 2, Greencastle, Ind. 725 N. Shore Blvd., Anderson, Ind. R.R. 1, Vincennes, Ind. R.R. 1, Sandborn, Ind. Ladoga Rd., Crawfordsville, lnd. 1614 Forest Dr., Columbus, lnd. 908 N. Madison, Robinson, Ill. R.R. 4, Box 89, Delphi, Ind. R.R. 2, Bicknell, lnd. Box 95, Plainville, Ind. 35 W. Main, Greensburg, Ind. R.R. 1, Terre Haute, lnd. R.R. 3, Rensselaer, Ind. 925 Barnett, Vincennes, lnd. 5830 Dearborn, Indianapolis, Ind. " R.R. 2, Syracuse, lnd. R.R. 2, Washington, lnd. R.R. 1, Redkey, Ind. 9900 Westfield Blvd, lnd'pls, lnd. ,, .. 1011 S. Gibson, Princeton, Ind. Larry Dale Stansifer "' '6R-R- 5, Vincennes, lnd' James Dale Steffey Samuel Dale Steimel Dolores Anne Stemm Norman Eugene Stevens LaVonne Marie Steward Stephen R. Stout Kathleen Marie Stoelting Stanley Errol Stoelting Jesse Paul Stone -ff" f ',' Jing ' 305 Lewis Ave., Lawrenceville, Ill. R.R. 1, Bruceville, lnd. 1809 Jorlinda Dr., Columbus, Ind. 200 Lincoln Park Dr., Evansville, lnd. 24 S. 20th, Vincennes, lnd. 1009 Bristol, Salem, lnd. 32 E. Portland, Vincennes, Ind. Westphalia, Ind. 9837 E. 14th, Indianapolis, Ind. 4 yy I , KSN-I M' .cm 3 Jeffrey Eugene Stoops Sarah Wendy Stout Roy Lee Stroud Robert Harry Studier Elliott Alonzo Sturgeon Calvin Warren Sullivan Harry Bruce Sutton Suzanne Rae Sutton Cynthia Ann Taber Harold 0. Targgart Randy L. Terrell Donna Rae Tewell Patricia Lindsay Tharp Gloria Ann Thiel f. Alan Michael Thomas 719 Norris Dr., Anderson, lnd. R.R. 1, Box 605, Carmel, lnd. 524 Gillispie, Bridgeport, III. 14404 Washington Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 912 Ohio, Bicknell, lnd. 130 W. Graham Kentland Ind 4f'vf'7 Randall A. Windell Carol M. Wise Suelleyn Wittman Donald Lee Wolschlag Steven Rex Wood , Sandra K Woodring R.R. 3, Box 3311, Greenwood, .lnd. 5.7 till?-Susan Karen Woodring S- Pefel'SbUfg, lnd. l A J. wofsfell R-R. 1, G0SP0"f, lnd- -'I 4 Ronald Francis Wray R.R. 3, Ligonier, lnd. ,U 'T-6 1915 Lake Dr., Vincennes, lnd. P' ' 5 1510 8th, Lawrenceville, lll. 1804 Memorial, Washington, lnd. S1609 13th, Lawrenceville, lll. 704 W. 7th, Auburn, lnd. , , r is Gary Francis Thimons M 91088 9th Ave., Brankenridge, Pa. 561 1 'L' 1 Candace Jo Thomas 'A' f Terry Beth Thomas ' i,,':'li William Leslie Thomas i 1 , James Harold Thompson "Ig Michael Allen Thompson l,f.,f 1 Patricia Ann Thompson fi' Roberta Aileen Thorn Howard Ray Tichenor Ambrose Hei-Wo To Richard Tomasewski John Robert Tougaw James Albert Tragesser Kenneth Lee Tretter Autry Wayne Trotter Richard Eugene Trowbridge Norman Ray Turner Leslie Howard Tuttle Maurice Arnold Uebelhor Wayne Leon Underhill Robert Charles Updike William Edward Updike Ronald Warren Utterback George E. VanArsdale Michael James Van Hoy Robert L. Van Laue David M. VanVleet George Ken Vassil James Eric Vaughn Joyce Ann Verley Anthony Leonard Vitelli Victoria Fay VonBehren Virginia Kay VonBehren Benjamin William Wagner William Leo Wagner Coy Wayne Wagnoer Dale Martin Wagoner Gary A. Wagonseller John Ronald Waldrop Larry Lane Waldroup Douglas W. Walker Gloria Jean Wallace Gary Lee Wallen Steven Scabee Waller Alan John Walsh Joyce Sue Walton Steven Wesley Walton James Blair Warrick Dan A. Watkins Daniel Ray Weber John Stewart Webster Joseph Leonard Wegg Trudi Sue Weiland V William Timothy Weir Gary Lee Wells Rea Ann Welton Richard Douglas Wessel Cletus J. Wesseler Donald Bernard Westendorf Jillaine Gay Wetzel Carol Ann Whiten ' David Edwin Wilken Donald R. Williams Lawrence Edward Williams Robert Eugene Williams Donna Jo Willis Madalon Darlene Willis Pamela Susan Willis Andrea Sue Wilson Collette 0. Wilson John Phillip Wilson Karen Lynn Wilson Stephen Don Wilson Tonya Ann Wimmer ,- 614 Sunrise Dr., Plainfield, lnd. 8414 Spring Mill St., lndianapolis, lnd. 8946 E. Fall Creek, lndianapolis, lnd. 1720 Fulton Ave., Springfield, Ohio R.R. 1, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 3, Washington, lnd. R.R. 1, Vincennes, lnd. 1223 Perry, Vincennes, lnd. Hong Kong 406 High St., N. Judson, lnd. R.R. 1, Box 62, St., Francisville, lll. R.R. 6, Thompson Rd., Shelbyville, lnd. R.R. 2, Ferdinand, lnd. 1407 Cumberland Ave., Evansville, lnd. R.R. 3, Sumner, lll. 1702 Main, Vincennes, lnd. 308 Pine St., Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 5, Jasper, lnd. 303 S. 7th, Vincennes, lnd. 3455 Wallace, lndianapolis, lnd. 3455 Wallace, lndianapolis, lnd. Box 8, West Union, III. 5017 Dundee Dr., lndianapolis, lnd. 472 Kentucky, Loogootee, lnd. R.R. 5, Attica, lnd. 1422 Parkinson, Vincennes, lnd. 330 W. 53rd Pl., Gary, lnd. R.R. 1, Box 166, Stilesville, lnd. R.R. 2, Princeton, lnd. 4833 Olcott Ave., E. Chicago, lnd. 819 Perry, Vincennes, lnd. 819 Perry, Vincennes, lnd. 4617 Johnson, Hammond, lnd. 808 S. East, Crown Point, lnd. R.R. 1, Sandborn, lnd. R.R. 3, Delphi, lnd. 1417 9th, Lawrenceville, lll. R.R. 2, Vincennes, lnd. Maple St., Daktown, lnd. 204 Washington, Loogootee, lnd. 1703 Buntin, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 2, Culver, lnd. 3533 Arthington, lndianapolis, lnd. R.R. 2, Holton, lnd. 916 N. Line, Loogootee, lnd. 484 S.W. 4th, Linton, lnd. R.R. 1, Box 365, Jasonville, lnd. R.R. 1, Middletown, lnd. R.R. 2, St., Branch, lnd. R.R. 2, Paris, III. 4836 W. 98th, Oaklawn, lll. 5151 Carvel, lndianapolis, lnd. R.R. 2, Terre Haute, lnd. R.R. 1, Aurora, lnd. Wheatland, lnd. R.R. 1, Bruceville, lnd. 513 Church, Vincennes, lnd. 607 W. Walnut, Teuropolis, lll. 391 Lovers Lane, Spencer, lnd. 119 W. High School, lndianapolis, lnd. R.R. 1, Earl Park, lnd. R.R. 1, Ft. Branch, lnd. R.R. 4, Vincennes, lnd. 1718 LaPlant, Vincennes, lnd. 332 White River Ave., Bicknell, lnd. 4 Edwardsport Rd., Washington, lnd. 508 S. 11th, Vincennes, lnd. 1714 N. 12th, Vincennes, lnd. 1005 New, Washington, lnd. Methodist Home, Franklin, lnd. R.R. 1, Box 69, Carlisle, lnd. R.R. 2, Carlisle, lnd. 232 N. John, Pendleton, lnd. Mary Louise Yarbrough Robert Royce Yates John Joseph Zeigler Ronald H. Zeller William Gary Zimmer Aleta Rae Sims Terrill Earl Williams Hurshel Edward Withcombe R.R. 3, Corydon, lnd. 1601 45th, Elkhart, lnd. 1120 McKinley Ave., Vincennes, Ind 411 E. 4th, Madison, lnd. 6120 Primrose, lndianapolis, lnd. LaMar, lnd. LaMar, lnd. 1209 6th, Lawrenceville, lll. 900 Brett Cable, Washington, lnd. St., John's Rd., Washington, lnd. 108 Eberwine, Vincennes, lnd. 816 N. 2nd, Vincennes, lnd. 126 W. Washington, Shelbyville, lnd. Elm Tree Ct., Greenwood, lnd. 109 N.E. 9th, Washington, lnd. R.R. 1, Vincennes, lnd. R.R. 3, Linton, lnd. Aufvgraphs AJJV Lisxfvwx ww X ig-f M W, S V wwx M W 5 1 W W W Ng W MJ gf Um X L' GA "' , ' W HW jr K E45 V, A XJJHEW f L If 1 Z LJJN Af Dj A Lf' - .q wxhz I t Qy-f fl 35, C ,flu ...ff CV Gi? if iiwffffigl We We 10 ww 'WF . Yikigffwwmi I jp QQ? EQ? W, UV lv A N of 'JN , A , bf! 79 can fi O Om C-Z9 Ci f ' C, '7 Cl ' f, J 5 Q I X ff ,Autographs X X M SMWQNWEM SL Q , N 15236-V' W , X JYLQx4wWffw.j65,,g,fX jQT9. 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