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 - Class of 1955

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if iii EL l , 1 it A M xi- , mf m3 vw H' 1 ge , Y'-B' V, U x f. K o , Q0 X I . ' X. . 'X F. I ' H , ja , : x .- X . .tl V N , 'f '. ' .. I X' ' WM is 'N , , 5,1 Pa J fb FN N ., xii Qi HM W W if V7 A ff Q' Wfiwwf A gd fwff W Q WMM? M in f--JW' Off!!! ff 62 my 2.1 353 U 153551 by '53 C93 850 JJ My Z W w . 59 M! Y? E YL x 9' W U U W Q Y x . y , YY ,-X 4 WMM V 1 U U PU 9 X 4- UW' M 5 N .. ,1 ,, MIP , , J n"A"n"" 4, Chr Daragun Dress 1L...,,..., ., .L ,. .... N ,' WM S fi Q iq K 5245 ,J N Wx ,azfggfgafz Q N ry EQ S , W 5 Wx Q W 2 fs 5 HS' E f 1, UMM A A0 auf V. 4 Gp 2 1., , m, , Af we 'N , WE SAY, t'GOODBYE" OLD BUILDING The old building shown above, a landmark on the corner of Fifth and Buntin Streets tor over a haltfcentry, is to be torn down this spring to make room for a new and more spacious building. It is with sadness that we say, "Farewell," to this old yellow brick structure, for it will always remain in the memory ot over l0,000 graduates as their high school. This old building has served well, tor its gradu- ates have done well tor themselves and their tel- low men in the world. ' Dreams ot becoming senators, doctors, Iow- yers, teachers, ministers, and a thousand others, some fulfilled, others thwarted, have had their inceptions in these hallowed walls. Lincoln High School, whether housed in an old building or a new structure, has always and will always attempt to prepare its graduates for a happy and usetul life. In this preparation for life, Lincoln High School attempts to train the entire individual-the mind, the hand, and the body. The social aspect of training too has never been slighted. The mind is trained in academic classwork, the hand in vocational work, the body in health, gym and athletics, while the social training takes place in all these activities as well as in the many clubs, parties, dances and functions sponsored by the school. INCOLN HIGH TRAINS FOR LIVING That each student may realize his greatest potential for good in our society is the princi- ple upon which our great free secondary school system is founded. In fulfilling this principle the entire person must be considered. The graduate of Lincoln High School must be prepared to earn a living or continue higher academic training, to lend his support to worthy causes, to participate in politics, and, in short, to be a well rounded citizen in our Democratic society. Lincoln High adheres to this worthy principle. Academic training, vo- cational training and social training are all offered at Lincoln. Our dial The spiritual training, although left pri- marily to the fine homes and churches of our community, is encouraged at all times by ex- ample and deed of the faculty. Students learn the rudiments of mathematics in .lohn L. Adams' class The training of hands in woodworking takes place in John Briscoe's shop class Good sportsmanship, character, and strong bodies are the results of our sports We live together and have fun at one of our school sponsored dances IN PREPARATION FOR LIFE LINCOLN HIGH TRAINS rWqI3W Mig www 55' M gif L! in " QW? 53 Hfviwtsetsxew awk ai 43" 'ww new Wigs mf 6 Stl fi -' ts ., , , ..,. Q?- , 5 1,5 Ma" - W - f-15 1 ' "" 2s" ':'wr--Q 'Life ' .Mi If-":',- --:.k,'1"' I, ' " 5 IQ , ' 4' 5 -,.:. 1 5 51 s, '45 .'i'i'fi,.... 4 ' L ,Q 1, H EA, .... x ., H ,-GE,-I : " 'A ' tt., -. 1 a s t 'ww W ' .. fa! - I .N THROUGH SOCIAL SCIENCE Although the above photo may appear humorous at first glance, it is symbolical of the major source from which much of our knowledge of man and his environment is imparted to us. From many books students of Lincoln High, guided by their faculty, glean information which will aid them in attaining a more useful and meaningful lite. Through Social Sciences students learn about man, his environment, and his accomplishments in his struggle throughout the ages. F I ew BAKER, WYANT BURNETT, HOWARD CANNON, ALBERTA INMAN, GEORGE Vincennes University A.S,, Indiana University A.B., M.A. indiana State AB.: lndianfl Centra' A-5- lndiana State B.S.- lndiana University M.S. Indiana University M.A. THROUGH LANGUAGE ARTS Language Arts encompasses the broad field of communications. Through an intensive study ot English grammar, Literature, Speech, Drama, and the various other media of Language Arts, the students ot Lincoln High School attain skills and un- derstandings which will better tit them to enioy the drama, reading, and speaking-the main purpose of this area ot study. BEESLEY, RICHARD Vincennes University A.S., Indiana State Teachers' College B.S., Graduate Study - Indiana State Teachers' College DAVIDSON, RUTH De Pauw University A.B.p Graduate Study - North western and University of Wisconsin JACKSON, DAVID KATTERHENRY, LEONA Indiana University B.S., M.S. DePauw University M.A. FTER HOMliCUMlNLig Ck TO THE GRI D Here tis .qw We Lan Dream fir' 'El NU? Cast we-1 .ony pi-nr ,Mists Through the Old Post Sentinel and the Lincoln Log the students of Lincoln High School gain valu- able knowledge in the field of journalism and creative writing. Q0 Evaluation of various points of view and criti- cal evaluation of news is also taught in the various classes of English and Journalism in Lincoln High School. The ability to arrive at a logical con- clusion from factual information is also stressed. KENSLER, KENNETH DePauw University A.B. MILLER, ELWOOD DePauw University A.B.f Graduate Study - George Peabody College: St. Peters- burg Junior Collegeg Uni- versity of Colorado POLK, HELEN RISCH, MARlE Indiana University A.B., M.A. Indiana University B.S., M.S THROUGH Lincoln High School through the study of science. ln Physics the students learn the peculiar mathe- matical relationships of nature. In Chemistry the students find the chemical structure of both organic and inorganic matter, while in Biology the students learn the classification and structure of the flora and fauna. Secrets of nature are revealed to the students of ' i ALWOOD, FRED FINKE, OSCAR VAN WEY, CARRIE University of Illinois B.S., Indiana State A.B.g Vincennes University A.A.7 M.S. Indiana University M.5. lI1diGf1CI 51076 B-3- Ao TI-IROUGI-I MATHEMATICS The rudiments of mathematics, an asset necessary to every individual in every walk ot life are taught in Lincoln High School. Mathematics for every level is taught. Simple arithmetic tor the individual who has no talent for numbers to advanced algebra for the student who desires a career in mathematics is offered in Lincoln High School. COUTS, EMERY MARUTZ, IRVIN SCHULTE, RICHARD SMITH, HARRY Oakland City College A.B.g Indiana State B.S., M.S. Indiana University A.B., M.S. Indiana State A.B M A Indiana University M.S. IN PREPARATION FOR LIFE LINCGLN HIGH TRAINS ,, ,Jn 1 , y A . r-ir IX x t Y " ' X 'F K AY- W , E ' THE HAND Vocational training as the name implies prepares the student with the basic tools of earning a livelihood. Metal lc, h'ld", dk'N, ',t- VQCATIONAL SUBJECTS TS 'Sid mbeiofkiiiing Ollfgsilfilis Vfllefloi Sfflg will rounded curriculum. Lincoln High School, adhering to the principle of train- ing the entire individual, has attained a happy balance between the academic and the vocational. ADAMS, HERBERT F. BRIDGES, CHARLES BRISCOE, JOHN CROUCH, OLA FAY Indiana University B.S., M.S. Franklin College A.B.p Indiana State B.S. Indiana State B.S.y Iowa State College M.S. Columbia University M.A Graduate Study - Cincinnati University P'-vs. ti Art, in which the student learns to appreciate form and texture as well as a greater apprecia- tion ot the world of art, is taught at Lincoln High School. The student also enjoys the opportunity of creating original pieces using most of the modern media of artistic creation. In typing, bookkeeping and accounting the student masters fundamental skills and knowledge which will prepare him for a iob in the future. In Home Economics, the girls of Lincoln High School learn sewina and dress design, which will add greatly to their enioyment by allowing them to create their own original fashions as well as saving them money as future homernakers. GROVE, CLAUDE HILL, ROBERT Manchester College B.S,f Vincennes University A,S.f Graduate Study 3 Indiana State B.S. University of Chicago: University of Cincinnati PATTERSON, MARION SCHVVARTZ, HELEN Indiana State B.S.g Valparaiso University Master of Fine Arts 3 Graduate of Bradley lnst University of Syracuse University of Wisconsin IN 'bw .4 The training of the body is not neglected at Lincoln High School. Each student participates in gym classes where intramural activities are stressed. ln athletics Lincoln I-ligh's Basketball, Football, Track, Cross-Country and Baseball teams are out- standing in Southern Indiana. Proper care of the body is also stressed in the health classes. ADAMS, JOHN l. CONRAD, FRANK Fl2ANClS, CHESTER WELCH, JULIA Indiana University B.S,, MS. University of Notre Dame indiana University B5-7 lndlGf1CI Uf1iVGI'SiTy 5.5-, M5- B.S. Drake University M.S. X0 WORTHY USE OF LEISURE 44' TIME THROUGH MUSIC .1- :' gf . AND READING 5- Q: Although the library is often thought of as a place where must references are found, such is not the case at Lincoln High. Here over l0,000 volumes are stored and catalogued. The greater percent are volumes intended for enioyment in reading. Through perusing the many books and magazines, the student attains a better under- standing as to how to use his leisure. The joy of playing a musical instrument in harmony with others is revealed to students in the Lincoln High School Band. To create professional musicians is not the primary aim of Lincoln High, but rather to instill in the student an appreciation of music and the ability to work together with others. BIERLY, VAUGHN KIEFFNER, DELBERT MEURER, HAL Indiana University A.B., M.S. Indiana State Teachers' lndiqnq State B,S,, M,S, College B.S., M.S. k .... E I 2 T " I 1 .If ,l 1 N, W ,A -. t , ,, X 7, X .-. 'l f un- .g I Q sk Jglf X L , 41 55 'wi Es i f ,nf?3,Wm 5 M4 wk. ' -- .wmff ,ir w .Mw?xs,.,: , 3. Agia My-fw aw: L, .. 1 M fl Mm. hm 1sm.ff.wffM, Mr-w 5. , w w we X 1 1 .. , :'jf-i'5"', 'wa E-"Q .':E if Pi-2"F' ' ,'j':....',1',:gfffas.- .gr --'-- ' .' 5'-,, H ag. Maw. i...'a,..':,,: lgyl, :ff wr X x 5 M if 2 V' 11 f 1 ,,,, i 1 .gy 4? 3 ' ,- Y b s .M M Q1 af ,Q ef 2 Qggygk :q,g3Q?.j,.? xx- f My xy x ,Sams 39'-S--WI' ,X avi ,--- 3 'Qlffwl Bly .. ff , if ai, f V J- Q ' a sf , ik 1 A V Xyvgivg, . 'R N 'iiei -: - K 2 wg, Y ,wal J fm -53151 Qs: ' z ., iid, , ' " la , r ' 336' M M ESQ? X X K M B A ,. . M- .... , f- - f14aQ,W.,rfff Q' V, E fx it 1" 6551 A Q 4 . 4. , 5 Mun .Md-A N MKS.-LI, 3 N5 Q' N. x ' ' -5ii'2i'f5 ,V X 5 x 3 f 5 ADAMS, CHARLES JOHN Golf I ALSOP, PATRICIA JOAN Bond I, 2, 3, 4 ISSC.-I-l'EGS.lI, Girls Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Lincoln Ploy Shop 2, 3, 4 ISecretoryI, Lincoln Log 4 ISr. Ed.I, Student Asst. I, 2, 3, 4, Boosters 2, 3, 4 lVice Presfl, Sponsors 2, 3, 4, Sen- tinel I, 2, 3, 4 ICIul:J ond Soc. Edt, Class Otticer 3 IVice Presfl, Homecom- ing Oueen I952, Signoture Queen 4 ANDERSON, EDITH KATE Student Council 2, Girls Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, E.O.A. 3, 4, Good Cheer 3, 4 BAILEY, ROSALIE ANN Stud. Asst, 2, 3, Boosters 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Chorus 3 BARMES, MARVIN LEE BARNES, NILE ROBERT Boys Hi-Y I, 2, Footboll I, 2, 3 BASS, EVELYN ROSE G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 BECKES, BENJAMIN PIERCE Lincoln PIc1y Shop 2, 3, 4, Lincoln Log 3, Boys Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross I, 4, Football 3, 4 BERRY, WANDA PAYE Good Cheer 3, 4 BLAKLEY, LOWELL WAYNE BLEDSOLE, JANICE LEE Good Cheer 3, 4 BLUBAUM, TRESSA F.T.A. 3, 4 IHistorionI, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 BOWEN, VIRGINIA ELLEN Lincoln Ploy Shop 3, 4 IHistorionI, Lin- coln Log 4 lHeod Typ.I, Girls HifY 4, Monitor I, 4, Student Council I, 2- F,O.A, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 4 1 BROLJGH, ELIZABETH BROWN, RONALD GENE Boys Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross I, 4- Footboll I, 2 1 1 i I 1" ,rfeaili ,gow Q 'fab- Qu-A BYERS, DAVID R. Boys Hi-Y 1, 2 CAIN, LARRY Boys Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4 CANNON, GAYLORD EVAN Boys I-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3, F.O,A. 4, Boslcetboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Trock 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 4 CHANDLER, CAROLYN Chorus 1 CLARK, PATRICIA ANN Bond 1, 2, 3, 4, Lincoln Log 4, Girls Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel I, 2, 3, 4 CLARKE, BETH BEVERLY Chorus 3, 4, F.O.A. 4, F.T.A. 4, Student Council 1, Lincoln Log 4 CLAYCOMB, LARRY LEON Boys I-Ii-Y 1, Student Council 1, 2, F.O.A. 3, 4 IPres.1, Footboll 1, 2, Bos- ketboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Troclc 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, Closs Officer 3 ITreosurerI CLINE, SANDRA SUE Girls Hi-Y 3, 4, F.O.A. 2, 3, 4, Boosters 2, 3, 4 ISec.1, Trock Queen Attend CIVII COFER, AMELIA JANE Jr. Red Cross 4, Good Cheer 4 COMBS, PATTY ANN Chorus 1 COMPTON, WILMA JOAN Girls Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 COOMER, ROSE ELLEN Lincoln Log 4, Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 IPres.1, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4 IVice Pres,I, Good Cheer 4 CROY, JAMES HERBERT Bond 1, 2, 3, 4 IPres.I, Lincoln Ploy Shop 3, 4, Lincoln Log 3, 4 IEdI, Boys Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Assistont 3, 4, Chorus 1, Sentinel 2, 3, 4 DAILEY, LARRY AL Boys Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Lincoln Log 4, Jr. Red Cross 1, 4, Sentinel 4, Trock I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4 DAVIDSON, THOMAS WALTER Bond 1, 2, 3, 4 IVice Pres.1, Ploy Shop 4, Lincoln Log 4 ISports Ed.1, Student Council 1, 2, 4 IPres.I, Sentinel 4, Truck 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 1, 2 DAVIS, LARRY CRAIG Lincoln Log 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Foot- ball I, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4 DAVISON, JOY JACQULYN Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross 4 DEEIVI, RODNEY LYNWOOD DEHON, JIM FREDRICK Boys Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4, Cross Country I, Basketball I, 4 DEISHER, BlLLlE JEAN Girls Hi-Y 3, F.T.A. 2, Jr. Red Cross 4, Good Cheer I DELISLE, BERNARD F.O.A. 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Foot- ball 2 DOSER, DONALD R. Jr. Red Cross 4, Sentinel 4, Football 2, 4, Baseball 3 DUKES, BARBARA JEANETTE Girls Hi,Y 2, 3, 4, F.O.A. 4, F,T.A. 3, Good Cheer 4, Chorus 2 DYHOUSE, CAROL SUE Jr. Red Cross 4 EDGIN, WAYNE FARMER, JACK NORMAN FELDMAN, JOHN Lincoln Log 4, Student Assistant 2, 3, 4, Boosters 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, Q, 3, 4 FISHER, DORIS RUTH Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 lSec,l, F.T.A. 3, 4 lVice Presfl, Jr. Red Cross I FOSTER, DONNA LOUISE Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Monitor 3, F.O.A. I, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross 2, Cadet Teacher 4 FOX, LARRY EUGENE Boys Hi-Y I, Jr. Red Cross I, Track I, 2, Cross Country I, 2, Baseball 3 'eil ll . FOX, SHIRLEY JEAN Girls I-li-Y I, 2, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4, Good Cheer 3, 4 GALLAGI-IER, BARBARA ANN Lincoln Ploy Shop 2, 3 iVice Presl, 4, Lincoln Loo 4, Girls Hi-Y 2, 3 iVice Presm, 4, Boosters I, 2 iTreos.l, 3, 4, Sponsors 3, 4, Sentinel I, 2, 3, 4 iEeo- ture Edi, Troclc Queen 3 GEORGE, DONNA EARLENE Girls I-li-Y 2, 3, 4, F.O.A. 2, 3 iSec.l, 4, Good Cheer 4, Trock Queen Attend- ont 3 GIBBS, JAMES ALLEN Boys I-Ii-Y 2 GOODMAN, JAMES JEFFERY GOODWIN, BUDDY LEO GORDON, ESTLE CORNELIUS Jr. Red Cross I, Q, 3, 4, Troclc I, 2, 3 4, Cross Country I, 2, 3, Yell Leoder 3 GOWDY, CLAUDETTE JO Lincoln Ploy Shop I, 2, 3, 4 l'Pres.l, Lincoln Log 4, Student Assistont 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 GRIDER, LINDA FRANCES Girls Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, F.l'.A. 3, 4, Good Cheer 3, 4, Chorus 3, Sentinel I, 2, 3, 4 HAND, JAMES I-IANSON, LOIS RAQUEL Lincoln Log 4, Girls Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 lChoploin1, F.O.A. 2, 3, 4, Boosters 2, 3, 4 lSec.I, Sentinel 4 HART, SHARON MAE Girls I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Student Assistont 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross I, Q, 3, 4, G.A.A. 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 I-IARTZBURG, Joe I-IARTZBURGI-I, EVELYN SUE Girls I-li'Y 4, F.O.A. 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4 HAWKINS, WILLIAM HEBERT, JUDITH ANN Band 4, Girls Hi-Y 2, Student Assistant I, Student Council I, Sentinel I HENSCHEN, RITA S. Lincoln Log 4, Girls Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Student Assistant 4, Good Cheer 3, G.A.A. 3, 4, Sentinel I, 2, 3, 4 HESHER, MARY MARLENE F.O.A. 2, 3, 4 IVice Pres.l, Jr. Red Cross 4, Good Cheer 4 I-IILL, MARY JANE Girls Hi-Y 2, Jr. Red Cross 4, HOCKER, JOAN Band l, 2, 3, Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Stu- ,.,. dent Council I, Boosters 4, Sponsor 2, 4 3, 4, Sentinel I, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 3 lSec,I, Yell Leader 4 HOLLEN, HELEN LOUISE Lincoln Log 4, Girls Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Good Cheer 3, 4, Sentinel 4 HOLLOMAN, JOSEPH LEON - Hi-Y 2, 3 ' HOOVER, CLAUDETTE -,'r 2 Lincoln Play Shop 2, 3 IHist.I 3 IVice ' . Pres.I 4, Lincoln Log 4, Girls Hi-Y 2, Boosters Q, 3, 4 iSec.I, Sponsors 2, 3 lSec.I, 4, G.A,A. 2, 3, 4 IPres. 3, 41, Sentinel 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 4 ISec,I, Student Assistant 4 3 Q , I. gf Q in l' I , I M HUDSON, MARILYN JUNE Chorus 3, 4, Lincoln Log 4, Girls Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4 HUGHES, HUBERT WELDON Football I to-S Nh-M HUNTER, NANCY Lincoln Play Shop Q, 3, 4, E.T,A. 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, Sentinel I, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Assistant Q, 3, Girls Hi-Y 2, 3 A HUTCHCRAFT, CLINTON EDWARD Football 3, 4 JACKSON, LINDA M. Girls Hi-Y 2, F.O.A. 3 JACOBS, JOHN RICHARD JOHNSON, RICK Lincoln Log 4, Boys Hi-Y 2, 3, Boosters 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 4, Football 2, 3, 4, "" " Basketball I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 wel 3 1 gQ,""'1-s anew-""i"' e 65, Q77 May' JONES, KATHLEEN SUE Bond 1, Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, F,T.A. 4, F.O.A. 4, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Good Cheer 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 KEHL, FRANK WAYNE Student Assistont 1, Student Council 1 fPres.I, Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, Footboll 1, 2, Bosketboll 1, 2, 3, 4, Trock 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 1 KIRK, WAYNE Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Trock 1, 2, 3 KIRSCI-I, MYRA LEE Girls I-Ii-Y 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Good Cheer 3, 4 KLEIN, RUTH F. F.O.A. 4 KOLNIG, DANNY MAYFIELD KOLEHOUSE, DONALD EUGENE Trock 1, Bciselooll 1, 2, 3, 4 KUNKEL, SANDRA LEA Girls I-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Lincoln Log 4, Good Cheer 3, 4, Chorus 2, Sen- tinel 4, Homecoming Queen 4 LAMPTON, ROGER DAVID Bond 1, 2, F.T.A. 4, F.O.A. 1, 2, Foot- boll 3, 4 LANCASTER, WILLIAM H. Jr. Red Cross 3, 4 LEACH, JOHN WESLEY IDeceosed September 2, 19541 LEWIS, ROBERT DAVID Lincoln Ploy Shop 3, 4, Lincoln Log 4, Boosters 3, 4, Sentinel 1, 2, 3, 4, Foot- boll 1, 2, 3, 4 ICo-Coptoint, Closs Of- fice' 4 Ipres.I McCARTER, LINDA LOU Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, F.O.A. 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Good Cheer 4, Chorus 2 MCCORMICK, SHARON SUE Lincoln Log 2, 3,, Boosters 2, 3, 4- Sponsors 2, 3, 4 lVice Pres.I I MCCRAY, LARRY Lincoln Log 4, F.O.A. 4, Chorus 1, Bos- lcetboll 2, 3, Trcick 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country I, 2, 3, 4, Closs Officer 4 Nice Pres.I MCFETRIDOE, ROBERT E. MCOAVIC, BARBARA ANN Hi-Y I, 2, F,O.A. I, 2, 3, 4 MADDING, RICHARD E. Trock I, 3 MADISON, RICHARD E. MADISON, PATRICIA ANN Jr. Red Cross 3, 4, Good Cheer 3, 4 tVice Pres.l, Chorus I, 2 MAGRUDER, OLIVEANN HI-Y 2, 3, 4, Student Assistant 3, 4 MATTINGLY, FRED MEMERINO, CAROLYN SUE Hi-Y 2, 3, Boosters 2, 3, 4, r'TreosurerI Sponsors 3, 4, 4SecretoryI O.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3 MILLER, MARILYN KAY Hi-Y 2, 3, Student Assistont 2, 3, E.T.A. 3, 4, Old Post Sentinel I, 2, 3 ' MILLER, LINDA LEE Hn-Y I, 2, 3, 4, FTA. 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4 MILLER, MARSHALL E. Bond I, Hi-Y I, Chorus I, FoOtbc1II 2, 3 MINDERMAN, PATRICIA JEAN Hi-Y 3, O,A.A. I, Chorus I, 2, 3 MISCHLER, PAUL VV. Hi-Y 3, Boosters 4, Yell Leoder 4 MISNER, JIM C. MONTGOMERY, SHERRY ANN Student Assistont I, 2, Student Coun- cil I, 2 rSec.I, 3, F.O.A. I, 2, 3, lVice Pres.I Boosters 2, 3, 4, Sponsors 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3. 'UQ' 'TH R ff: . A, . W5 .. J PALMER, DONALD THOMAS Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Lincoln Log 3, Student Council l, Old Post Sentinel 3, 4 REA, BETTY JANE Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chorus l PETERS, NORMAN DALE Jr. Red Cross 4, Footholl 3 REOEE, FRANCES FAY HifY l, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4 RHlLLlRRE, SHARON SUE Jr. Red Cross 4, Good Cheer 4 PHlLLlPS, SHARON RAE Hi-Y 3 PlRHER, LAWRENCE JOSEPH Lincoln Ploy Shop 4, Lincoln Log 4, Hi'Y 2, 3, 4 lTreosurerl, Old Post Sen- tinel 3, 4 PITTS, TOM Bcosters 2, 3, 4 tPres.l, Foothctll T, Bctslcethctll l, 2, 3, 4, Trock l, Junior Closs Treosurer POST, ROBERT EUGENE Boosters 3 RAMSEY, ROBERTA ANN Hi-Y 4, F.O.A. 2, Good Cheer 2 RAY, NORMA Hi-Y 4, FTA. l, Jr. Red Cross 3, Spon- sors 2, Good Cheer l, Chorus 3 REIMAN, JAMES LEEDS Lincoln Ploy Shop l, 2, 3, 4, Lincoln Log 4, Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4 rVice Presw, Student Assistont 2, 3, 4, Boosters Q, 3, 4, Old Post Sentinel l, Q, 3, 4, Eootholl l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, Trock l, 2, 3, 4 REITMEYER, LEROY L. F.O.A. 3 REITMEYER, SUSAN KAY Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Lincoln Log 4, Student Assistont 3, 4, Student Council 4, F.O.A. Q, 3, 4, Old Post Sentinel 4. REYNOLDS, ROBERTA RAE Bond 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Student As- sistont Q, 3, 4, F.T.A, 3, 4, Sponsors 3, 4 lPres.l RIDGLEY, ORVILLE B. Bond I, 2, 3, Chorus I, 2, 3 ROBINSON, BARBARA ETTA Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4 tTreosurei, RODERICK, DONALD ROGERS, DIANE RYAN Lincoln Log 4, Lincoln Ploy Shop 3, 4, Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, Boosters 2, 3, 4, G,A,A. I, 2, 3 4 iVice Presl, Old Post Sentinel I, 2, 3, 4 ROSE, CARL GLENN SAGER, CAROLYN SUE Bond I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 4, Jr, Red Cross 4 SCHEIDT, RUTH DOROTHY Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 iPres.i, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4 Nice Pres., Lincoln Log 4 SCOTT, JUDITH MAE Girls Hi-Y I, Student Assistont I, Jr. Red Cross 2 SEXTEN, DAWN GEORGIANNA Bond I, 2, 3, 4, Girls Hi-Y I, Future Teochers 3, 4, Chorus I, 4 SHOEIVIAKER, ELIZABETH JUNE Bond I, 2, 3, 4, Girls Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Future Tedchers 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 SIIVIRSON, DAVID JOSEPH Lincoln Log 4, Boys Hi-Y I, 2, 3 IVice Pres.1, 4, Lincoln Ploy Shop 3, 4, Old Post Sentinel 4 SMITH, HARRY RAY Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 4, Trock I, 2, 4 SNYDER, GARY WAYNE Boys Hi'Y I, 2, Student Assistont 3, Student Council 3, Trock I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. ol Jr. Closs 3 STALEY, GARY Boys Hi-Y I, 2, Student Assistont 2, Student Council 3, Boosters 2, 3, 4, Old Post Sentinel I, 2, 3, 4, Bosketboll 2, Trock I, 2, 4, Cross Country I, 2, 3, Foctboll 4 STALEY, JOHN MAURICE Lincoln Ploy Shoo I, 2, 3, 4, Lincoln Log 4, Boys Hi-Y I, 2, Student Assist- ont I, 2, 3, 4, Future Teochers 3, 4 IPres.l, Boosters 2, Old Post Sentinel I, 2, Footboll I, 2, 3, 4, Bosketboll I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3, 4 sy vs 0195, gi Uf"""' ,um I 'M' S ,af We 'Mtg Tux, an tag if FEI' STEFFEY, BONNIE ROE Girls Hi-Y 4 STEPHENS, VIRGINIA Foundotion ot Americo 2, 3 STRONG, ELIZABETH INGHAM Lincoln Ploy Shop 3, 4, Boosters 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3 SUIVIIVIERS, HELEN PALJLINE Girls Hi-Y Q, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Jr, Red Cross 4 SUTCH, CAROLYN SUE Lincoln Log 4, Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Eu- ture Teochers 3, 4 fTreos.I, G.A.A, 3, 4 ITrec1s.I, Old Post Sentinel I, 2 SWITZER, BRENDA LYNNE Bond 4, Lincoln Ploy Shop 2, 3, 4, Lincoln Log 4, Girls HIAY 2, 3, Student Assistont I, Q, Foundotion ot Arnerico 2, 3, Boosters 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, Old Post Sentinel I, 2, 3, 4 THAIS, WILLIAM JOSEPH Lincoln Log 4 THEOBALD, TOM ADAIVIS Lincoln Log 2, 3, 4, Bovs Hi-Y Q, 3, 4 IPres.1, Boosters 2, 3, 4, Old Post Sen- tinel I, 2, 3, Eootboll I, 2, 3, 4 TOWNSEND, JUDITH ANN Student Assistont 4, Good Cheer 3, 4 iSec.I TRENT, JANET Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Boosters 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 fPres.l, Old Post Sen- tinel I, 2, 3, 4 VAIJGHN, JOANN Lincoln Ploy Shop I, 2 ISec.I, 3, 4, Hi-Y Q, Student Assistcmt I, 2, Student Council I, Boosters 2, 3, 4, Sponsors 2, 3, 4, G.A,A. 3, 4 rVice Pres.I, Old Post Sentinel I, 2, 3 4 VOLKMAN, SARAH KATHERINE Good Cheer 4, Chorus I, 2 VOLLIVIER, MARCELINE Lincoln Loo 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 IVice Pres.I, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4, Good Cheer 3, 4 ITreos,I, WAGONSELLER, REITA LOU' Bond I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 WALKER, EUGENE DALLAS Boys Hi-Y 2, 3, Boosters I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Old Post Sentinel 3 WALTON, CHARLES CRAIG Boys Hi-Y I, 2, Old Post Sentinel I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball manager 2, 3, 4 WELTON, GLORIA ALICE Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4, Good Cheer 3, 4 WESTERN, JACOUELINE ANN Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, Student Assistant 4, Good Cheer 2, 3 tPres.l, 4 WHITFIELD, DAVID LIEWIS Lincoln Log 4, Boys Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Foun- dation of America 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country I, 2, 3, 4 WHITTAKER, RICHARD WADMAR Lincoln Play Shop 4, Lincoln Log 4, Boys Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 tSec.l, Student Council 4 tTreas.l, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country I, 2 WIKLE, DORIS Girls Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 ISec.l, Student Council 2, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4 IPres.J WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE MAY Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, Good Cheer 2, 3, 4 WILLIAMS, NELVIN PAUL WILSON, BARBARA JEAN Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 tTreas.i, Good Cheer 4 WILSON, LARRY GLENN Jr. Red Cross 4 WILSON, RITA KAY Lincoln Log 2, 3, 4, Foundation of America I, 2, Sponsors 3, 4 WILSON, SARAH JANE Band I, 2, 3, 4 tLibrarian I, 2, 3, 4,l, Jr. Red Cross 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 WINTER, JON RAY Band 2, 3, 4, Boys Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3,4 WIREY, JERRY ANN Lincoln Log 4, Girls Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Foun- dation of America 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4 YOUNG, MARY MARGARET Student Council 4, Foundation of America I, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, Good Cheer 4 4 , Wifllt' Junior otticers ond Sponsors plonning for better soles in their concession venture ot the Coliseum. Miss Polk ond Mr. Kensler ore shown ot end ot tobie. Around the toble from lett ore: Lorry Pitts, President, Ronnie Hughes, Vice Presidentg Sharon Cotter, Tieosurer, Jockie Kehl, Secretory. CLASS OF 195 Allernang, l'larry Allen, Roberr Anderson, Dwaine Arthur, James Barrnes, Harold Bearnon, XA!illiarn Bedford, John Belcher, Merrill Bell, Bertha Beltz, Patricia Bollz, Wciyfrie Blico, Jerry Bluebaurn, lXlOrrna Bovvnian, Beverly Boyle, Barry Brovvinglor, Nancy Briner, Mae Briner, Sue Brines, Hazel Brirtain, Rosalie Brock, Alberta Brown, Rila Burke, James Byrd, Linda Caniplin, Dean Cannon, David Cc riir ion, James Cardinal, Tony Carior, Sharon Caskey, Beiiy Jo Cazzell, Gary Cazzoll, Roger Chanley, Sue Chosser, Donald Clark, John Clenimons, Robert Cline, l.aVerne Cobb, Joan Conrad, Larry Daugheriy, Phyllis S 1 is ' as-3 WF' ,laik S , . vfyvfy +-"f i ' 2 J 1 E ,, Milf 9 ? 3 .,,,. Q -'11 9 " A .fe-Eg wr 'mn'-Af A 'fr -LI? 'K -i 4. Q4-H ' l. r we 419 on Am' .Q-wr X M ss yi... :.s,, W -El L ' A . nf? .' .' 472 Davison, Verle Decker, Wallace Snapp, Lanny Difsler, Leo Dixon, Shirley Dooley, Phyllis Doison, Lois Edgin, Donna Edwards, Anita Eisenhui, Charles Ellerman, Frances Emmons, Murl Fahey, Jacklyn Fees, Robert Fidler, Richard Fields, Cleias Finke, Carolyn Fox, Julia Fox, Sam Fredrick, Carl Gordon, Dianna Graham, Charles Gray, Carman Greenlee, Betsy Grider, Sharon Grigsby, Nancy Gulley, Mildred Hall, Janice Harrision, Charles Horisock, Jean Hawkins, .lanifh Herr, Jack Hiii, Jack Hoffman, Ray Hoke, Michael Hollman, .loe Hughes, Roland Hulen, Margaret Hunsdon, Neva Johnson, Myron Junkins, Leroy Karp, John Kehl, Jaclyn Kelso, Marvin Kelso, Susan Kennedy, William Kimmel, Willioni Kirnrnell, Joy Kimmons, Gerald Kinnion, Robert Klein, Charles Klein, Patricia Kolehouse, Melvin Kopp, Richard Lane, David Langford, Pairicia Lawrence, Carolyn Like, Margcref Litherland, Larry Hendrixson, Paul lXfCCar1er, Byron McClure, Larry McClure, Nancy MCCorniicl4, Della McCormick, Rely Modding, Larry Melon, Anhur Manning, Patricia Marchino, Judith Marston, Judith Martin, Shirley Marlin, Sondra Meier, Ruth Messe-l, Charlotte Miller, Larry Mincey, Louis Mitchell, Harriett Moon, Nancy Morgan, Anna Mae Moyes, Berfanna 2 Q '11'Q , f -1 ,-an Pl Moyes, Kenneth Nullins, Wanda Nash, Carolyn Sue Nickless, Kenneth Niehaus, Paul Niemann, Fred Nunley, Carolyn Olsen, William O'Neil, Marianne Painter, Carolyn Parrett, Frances Parrish, James Petts, Carol Phillippe, Larry Pitts, Larry Provines, Vern Ray, Donald Reichenbach, Gloria Reitmeyer, Herbert Richardville, Carol Richardville, William Roche, Marilyn Rodarmel, Susan Rooney, Judy Rose, Robert Sandeter, Janet Scheidt, Ted Scott, Barbara Seal, Nancy Shappard, John Shappard, Shirley Shields, Linda Shoultz, Nancy Simons, Gerald Simpson, Tom Smith, Murrel Smith, Norman Snyder, Frances Spradling, Claude Stafford, Beth Ann Stephenson, l.ora Stone, Gerald Studley, Mary Teising, Charles Teschner, Vllilliam Tubby, James VanMeter, Charles Vollmer, Marvin VonBehren, David Waggoner, Sandra Warner, Kenneth Waymire, David Westfall, .lack Whitlock, Lynda Williams, Joy Williams, Linda Ellen Williams, Linda Lou Williams, Margaret Williams, Nan Williams, Susan Wiliamson, Sharon Wininger, Mary Wolfe, Kathleen Wyatt, Robert Yochum, Kathleen f, Q' ' " 1 1. ' g:Q5:,w-VQEZ.: ' , mmm I, - W, .f Na an CLASS GF 1957 -wp- QV Q, rj H Ms. 1 ""' Q we J .,., T fx , "A':q QA if .ff ZZL' W 7 --'1'Q ': " ' gy .Rf A N , M ' Adams, Rosa Lee Alifl, Wilma Alniy, Carolyn Alrny, Sara Anderson, Dorothy Anderson, Ronald Arbogasf, John Argenia, Riia Arierburn, Eaiih Arthur, Dora Baker, Bonita Baker, Bruce Ballard, Carolyn Bass, Carol Beamon, Beverly Beaman, Evelyn Beaman, Roberi Beaman, Ella Biggs, Sharon Bilslqie, Charles Bledsoe, Evelyn Bembe, Kay Bonhomme, Jo Banevvifz, Mike Bovven, Barbara Parr, Warren Bovvman, Doris Bridwell, Larry Brandon, Shirley Briner, Donefia Briscoe, Judy Burch, Robert Burke, Judy Burkey, Rachel Burlchardi, Judy Jo Burnside, Tony Campbell, Ellen Cannon, John Carie, Shirley Carson, Barbara Case, Virginia Chambers, Jo Ann Chanley, Ronald Churclwwell, Donna Claycomb, Anna Clayton, Mike Cline, Jim Cline, John Cline, Ronald Ccmlas, Mary Cooper, Helen Corbett, Harry Craig, Gary Crews, John Crutchfield, John Cummins, Paul Cunningham, Donna Custred, Glynn Daflron, Esco Dardeen, Larry Davisson, Joann Deisher, Betty De Lisle, John Dellinger, Pat Dierk, Gloria Dillon, Sondra Dixon, Leroy Donaldson, Jana Datson, Jim Dowling, Joy Dean Dukes, Sharon Dyhouse, John Edwards, Richard Edwards, Tom Eisenhur, Henry Emmons, Carol Emmons, Robert Evans, Donna Evans, Herb Evans, Shirley Feldman, Sol Fields, Larry Foi"ner, Dick Faq Nancy Frederick, Jock Frederick, Kay Glass, David Godfrey, Imogene Goldman, Arba Goodman, Donald , I ig T Alll 7 N. k 'n 'V f , .,...-: 'Fig .,,.g 352 1' 1 "'l: F ' it eie r s 4 if ,,, if ' ' :.+ ,S i n l A . , '-'." ,Q 'lat ,,.., ififzflis s ,Www is f' E 'ik Q45 J fd Q 2 6 ,M '15 X 4, .... , , W:-'g .i '1 in Jff g. ., ig, . 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Goodman, Donald W Goodnow, David Graham, Terry Gray, Myrna Grimes, Gary Grover, Lee Hagemeier, Robert Hanlcinson, Deanna Harms, Stephanie Harness, Norma Hartsock, Flossie Hays, Jean Helderman, Mildred Helderman, William Helming, Linda Hendrixsan, Tom Hoffman, Allan Holder, Rosalie Hopper, William Horner, Karen Huff, Jonathon Hunley, Ronald Hunter, Robert Hutcheson, Dick Irvin, Sandra ., E5-:E,E-: Q Johnson, Beatrice Johnson, Byron Johnson, Darla Johnson, DeWayne Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Sondra Jones, David Jones, Harry Jordan, Michael Justice, Jere Kelso, Nancy Kerns, Carol Kimmel, John Kimmel, Morris Kimmons, Doyle King, Rosalyn Kitterman, Dick Klein, Fred Klein, Sue Kocher, Anthonette Koenig, Donna Kopp, Mike Korb, Kenneth La Marche, August Lay, William Leedy, Anne Legg, Jack Ligier, Larry Like, Pat Lindsey, Jerry Lockhart, Larry Longest, Barbara Longest, Cecil Loudermilk, Ruby Fox, Ada Luthe, Carl Lynch, Clara Lynch, Mike McCormick, Charles McDowell, William McGlone, Kent McGregor, Phyllis Madison, William Magruder, Harlan Marchino, Stephen Martin, Bruce Martin, Lida Merriel, Rachel Merriel, Seth Michael, Keith Mikiska, Larry Miller, David Miller, Harold Miller, Millicent Minderman, Michael Moyes, Jerry Muench, Max Naile, Pat Nickless, Harley Niernann, Julie Nighiingale, Lois Nightingale, Rose A O'Conner, Sean Orr, Rollena Owens, Don Owens, Tom Page, John Zinser, Alice Patterson, Judy Patterson, Patty Fhillippe, Max Q Y nc .Mm M. ., 3 if , it ,..-K :G "' ii 35? fi ,gg 4 ,-. . ,, si W' k'v N , fs ' J it 6' we Q., PQ ,c A .:,: 1 7' J! f A is Y' 2 ,aff A ! ii Ei , 423' , M ' - 5- ., J, sr W . 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I tn' .lf ' V px Q i , , " Fhillippe, Phyliss FhiIlippe,S1eve Pinlrstalf, Larry Pittman, Ronald Post, David Fotli, Beverly Prrssloy, Rifhard Vrefusz, Janice Pruitt, Jerry Quarterman, Karen Radford, Jessie Ralston, Susie Ramsey, Larry Rc'niy, Carolyn Rayellettc, Sherry Ray, Danny Reel, William Rs-cl, Vera Reevc, Jack Reitnieyer, Joann Reitnzeyor, Leroy You li, Janet Ridglrry, James Rippeetco, James Roatli, Leonard Robertson, Virginia Robinson, Arthur Ruse, Joyce Rose, William Sahrlers, Mildred Schuler, Wayne Schutter, Betty Seals, Ida Seals, Kathryn Sell, Bernie Sexton, Gerry Shake, Patsy Shappard, James Shelton, Shirley Shields, Jerry Simisoii, Loretta Simnick, Judy Smith, Harry Smith, Larry Smith, Tom Snlic-r, Betty Snyder, Barbara Soufhorland, Susan Sparenburg, Eddie Spurgeon, Gordon Stachuro, Judy Staley, Deanna Staley, Jack Stangle, John Starrett, Ethel Stephens, Mary Dee Stuart, Beverly Sullivan, Janet Swope, David Thompson, Janice Thorne, Mary Ann Tincher, Ronald Titterington, Tom Tolbert, Tom Trimble, Helen Vollmer, Carl Wallem, Lanny Wampler, Larry Watt, Nora Webber, Chester Webber, Cloud Western, Ronnie Wheeldon, Floyd Whitaker, Bob White, Jim White, Joe White, Robert Whitlock, Judy Wilhite, Joy Whilite, Peggy Williams, Jack Williamson, David Wilson, Don Winstanley Ralph Wilson, Jim Wirey, Rick Woodfork, Jerry Waodfork, larry Young, Jim Zimmerman, Marilyn A , J i kg? I i I, i ,,., an, Q ? 5 1' '01 ., i 5 at nga. X 'bw 4 1 ...- .fu ,.. It 'el 9 1 ' -, 4 , if x 3 7+ is fl '- f at if Q xi av' XZ- f N ka Q t is .. ,y J ,W 'Nw V 6 '15 w.. , Ax 1 qi, iii wi F ' Q .A . ',:'- El: Fl f fl .: J Y S 5: " M i J , J 'Fifa' J Q.. Q 'rl' 5, 55- v KZ K jf .i , J t, ii: ,b i it .: 1"t2 3 it fl R i ' fi?-sus MW wk i I 1 , if-Q 2 1 .Q J D . .5 .Ze F3 -A H' .A ' if " ' 3 ,, - ' X it M ' .. " J .4 ig, Era. , 5 ' in ri? i .,- gg, ,Ffa xx tj, i X jg1'?' ,I" gli U eg- Ze C .Q exe? ll ,Sie 3 CLASS or 1958 . 1 'ss ' if , A... 3' J? M Ahh li 4 15 fm Z f .. A 25+ an D. ss ss , , a ww? X s , N.. .- 2' s X L swl ., mi J .. S,,f,,, vis" Ts E 4 3, W E 'A l ' If 'lv' F' X si rs Q W 4 Q i 1 5 -. W, 1 5 -19' an Q 2 -. 9 ffl l ,tl F: Q , -if i B is W H 'N ml, 'f' -nf 'E ss.. 2 'ff in Abel, Margaret Abel, Melvin Adkins, Clay Anderson, George Andis, Gretchen Anspotch, Jerry Arney, Don Arney, Wayne Arnold, Joann Ashbey, Dick Bainum, Elizabeth Baker, Kenneth Banks, James Barmes, John Barmes, Peggy Beamon, June Bell, John Beltz, Florence Bennett, Dick Benson, Roger Bible, Louis Bible, Patene Biggs, Eugene Bland, Sharon Bluebaum, John Bluebaum, Larry Bonhomme, Carol Boswell, Phyliss Bowman, Bill Boyer, Charles Young, Phyliss Braziel, Jean Braziel, Dick Bridwell, Larry Briner, Fred Brooks, Jack Broihers, Bill Brown, Stella Burke, Sharon Broady, Tinie Burnside, James Burnside, Jim Butler, Lester Butler, Linda Byers, James Candler, Harvey Carey, Edna Sue Carie, Richard Carrel, Herbert Carrie, Diclc Caskey, Kcy Chanley, Rosa Lee Chapman, George Chester, Opal Clapsaddle, Joe Cline, Rita Cobb, Tom Cockrum, Jackie Codgle, Ida Mae Coleman, James Combs, Biel Corbett, Jean Cornwell, Charles Cornwell, Devidice Crowe, Harley Cheek, Tom Custred, Sandra Daily, Magaleen Davis, Leroy Decker, Nina Lou Deckard, Walter Deisher, Jim Donovan, Judy Dswell, Deanna Dukes, Peggy Durkntan, Jerry Eclc, Phillip Edgin, Joanna Elles, Delmar Emntons, Madeline Emmons, Max Evevns, Larry Feldman, Fay Jo Fergus, Fred Fishlnack, Don Fisher, Norma Fcssmeyer, David Fox, Ada Fox, Linda Fravel, Steve x if I til ig. 4.5. ,X 4 1.-ii NA A is is ? .. , 8 wh 'Q W ff: j .- X ,4M. 4' J ' p H ii " ' if 3 AAIA ua A -3: 53 , 4 "i.i 1 ., ,, J :JIIE .Zn f H 4 .: V 5 . ny Q! 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Q. , .. is X 2 is S1 Alf' ,Qi l 8 1 1:,:: , "" , i :-' ii A' 5 in Frederick, Royce Freeman, Harry Frey, Greg Gilbert, Elsie George, Eddie George, Kenneth Glading, Ruth Goodman, Richard Gordon, Floyd Goss, Karl Graham, Betty Graves, William Gray, Judy Grayson, Boyd Grider, Gloria Hagemeier, Carde Hall, Harold Hamilton, Carolyn Hamilton, Jack Hamilton, Richard Harlow, Jack Harris, Daryl Hart, Harold Hartzburg, Bernardine Hawkins, Charles Haze, Patty Hedden, Deanna Hedge, Janice Hedrick, Roberta Henderson, Chester Hendrix, Rita Hendrixson, Dan Henriott, Rex Herr, Julia Hettick, Don Higgins, Vicki Hill, Patty Holder, Janice Hollingsworth, Mike Hosea, Iris Houk, Hershel Howerton, Larry Hudson, David Huland, Marilyn Hunley, Connie Ivers, Carolyn Johnson, Judy Johnson, Ronda Johnson, Saretta Johnson, Wesley Jones, Connie Jones, Stephen Junkins, Dan Keevin, Thomas Killams, Harold Kimmons, Doyle King, Bill Kirk, Mary Ann Krewitt, Mary K. Kolehouse, Tom Lackey, Mike Lane, Larry Lankford, Guy Lavellette, Marvin Leeliy, Ronald Leggx, Larry Legg, Richard Levenhagen, Judy Longest, Shirley Wriglir, Larry Lowe, John Lowe, John H. Works, Vonna McCoy, Sylvia McGregor, Clyde McMullen, Lou Ann Manning, Arthur Marston, George Mathias, Clifford Meeks, Linda Memmering, Janice Messell, Sam Miller, David Miller, Kenneth Mellor, Melinda Mincey, Betty Mindi-rman, Mike Moore, Georgeann Moore, James Morgan, Betty Morgan, Charles Morris, Judy Mountz, Robert Movre, William Moyes, Donna Mullins, Robert si L , ""' ".' -... , "': -v.- f , ,,.,, 5 is C 5 r Q9 Nga' ix X 'ifixx A . ":' ' L R "' ,- . if ' fi I - SX U x 75 V XX : E X Q' W M M 4 , M 15 .4 if J "' A 4 s s L E 'W ' S J is S g f P J ,,.,. f ' Q, 4 i A X ix if . 'Q' 1, 9 fix? ills, , k . W , l'1:'- - - ' Qijif .f , K Q-. 'H fi 5 A --., J V xx fl 1 saw . 'fx A' if ' - ' . fr H I Q... Q x X X .M r Q f k Q9 MN N , HMM, E' .A as 4 X ar f , at-l ,ff ii -5: . , . . S' if .. if -. '-"' J Q fx .R x'::-Iv ' X A mf ii X ' max Q , .1 F' W sl 'ms 'M i J P it Mutchmore, Gail Nasa, Joseph Newman, Kay Niblaclc, David Nyhouse, Connie Oakes, Janice Odell, Dannie Offult, David Olsen, Bud Onlxen, Charles Orndorfi, John Orr, Becky Ostendorf, John Parrish, Jeannette Farrish, Larry Woodford, Gary Peters, Charlotte Phillippo, Judy Phillippe, Lyndon Phillips, Ralph Pitts, Denny Pond, James Pond, Karen Provines, Cecil Winkler, Wilma Reel, Larry Richardson, Ralph Richardsvillc, Ronnie Ridgley, Raymond Ridgley, Sara Rinehart, Ronald Roach, Mary Robb, Carol Sue Robb, Dorothy Rose, Harold Rose, Karen Ruerschneck, Donna Russell, Jerry Sanders, Phyllis Schlomer, Harold Shelton, Daren Smith, Charles Smith, Larry Smith, Robert Smith, Violet Snyder, Norma Snyder, Pete Souther, Herschel Sparenberg, Beverly Sparenberg, Jerry Spore, Jerry Stafford, Dolores Stangle, Louis Yosowitz, Mary Sue Starkey, Catherine Stephens, Mary Alice Sullivan, Byron Sutton, Emma Swettenam, Pat Tabler, Jack Taylor, Morvelline Taylor, Pat Taylor, Shirley Taylor, Wilma Thorpe, Mavelene Thompson, Beverly Thompson, Ray Thompson, Robert Thorne, Charlene Tisdale, Elmer Tislow, Bob Todd, Donna Tolson, Mary Alice Townsend, Mason Tumey, Doris Un, Bill Wogonseller, Jackie Walker, Bob Wallace, Sandra Walton, Bill Wcmpler, Bill Watts, Jo Webber, Claude Young, Marie Wheatley, Danny Wheeler, Paula Widdows, Roberta Wheeling, Juanita Wilkerson. Rosemary Wilkes, Brenda Wilkes, George Wilkes, Larry Wilkes, Sue Willis, Pauline Wilson, Fred Wininger, Wanda if fi, ig? l j I . gs T, . M A ,ro it A T , p A' ' ii, 3, s ' - -. A -ii,,,: 5 Y W .yd l ulluu Z PAVH., ..,. , Z AA, s an ,AW 6 Q -us. , . Q , X X X v 1, H. V' 'im I -J' T . QW! r',i' j f W' J 'A ' it ,,. .-. i n-Lili ,l T QA, ? h X 1. f. 1 4 lu .. ' . A ga i,J X. 1 1 XD. ' l x a re T' Q r-,:. 'I -2 ' ' A , 1 K? 2 f X x l - 'J " ,QA 1 X r , , if 'L ,,"' " fi ' Z ' 1 T ""' ,TW s ,,,,- I f , ra B Tl err M Vt , -ffl MJ Q gg,-, I 5 A --., E 17 A I V W 15? ml-,Mi N l E 'tm R Q, V' W v iw! aw if M pp Ktfi Wm MEMBERS are: Roger Benson, Evelyn Bledsoe, Betty Caskey, Tom Davidson, Samuel DeLisle, Chester Henderson, lris Hosea, Fred Klein, Sue Klein, Ray McCormick, Bill McDowell, Kenneth Miller, Melinda Miller, Max Muench, Denny Pitts, Susie Reitmeyer, Susie Rodarmel, Shirley Shelton, Charles Teising, Janice Thompson, Lanny Wallem, Dick Whittaker, Nan Williams, Wilma Winkler, and Margaret Young. S T U U D E N T L C O C I OFFICERS and SPONSORS labovel left to right, Susie Reitmeyer, Secretary, Mr. Decker, Sponsor, Ray Hoffman, Vice President, Miss Eppert, Sponsor, Richard Whittaker, Treasurer, and Tom David- son, President. Under the guidance of Mr. Decker and Miss Eppert, student council members receive valuable train- ing in self-government. One representative is elected to the student council from each homeroom. Aside from its governing functions, the council sponsors a sock-hop, decorates the Christmas tree, and assists other organizations in various ways. The council member receives excellent training in leadership. ,N x x,--qw MEMBERS OF THE EDITORIAL STAFF: David Simpson, Robert Fees Jr,, Torn Davidson, James Tubby, John Staley, Ricky Johnson, Nancy Seal, Diane Rogers, Tom Theobald, Rita Argenta, Carolyn Lawrence, James Cray, Johanna Bonhomme, Pat Alsop, Claudette Hoover, Larry Pipher, Rita Wilson, Patsy Shake, Virginia Bowen, Phyllis Johnson, Gloria Reichenbach, Judy Burk- hardt, Mike Jordon, Brenda Switzer. JIM CROY Editor Claudette Hoover Tom Theobald Assistant Editor Lay-out Editor Iifyig - Ji' LINCO EDITORIAL STAFF BOB LEWIS Business Manager David Simpson John Staley Tom Davidson Larry Pipher Art Editor Assistant Sports Editor Sports Editor Assistant Lay-out Editor Ap.- MEMBERS OF THE BUSINESS STAFF: Beth Clarke, Rita Henschen, John Feldman, Susie Williams, Pat Klein, Larry McCroy, Jerry Wirey, Jackie Kehl, Susie Reitmeyer, Pat Clark, Jim Reiman, Lois Hansen, David Whitfield, Claudette Gowdy, Helen Hollen, David Von Behren, Dick Whittaker, Tom Simpson, Marcia Vallmer, Sandra Kunkel, Ruth Scheidt, Carolyn Sutch, Brenda Switzer, Rose Coomer, Jon Winter. OG BUSINESS STAFF SPONSORS: Mr, Jackson and Mr. Grove Diane Rogers Jerry Wirey Pat Alsop Rita Wilson Jim Reiman Virginia Bowen Copy Editor Circulation Sr. Class Editor Circulation Advertising Head Typist A portion of the huge crowd that filled the coliseum for lost spring's Signature dance. Although the yearbooks did not arrive as scheduled, everybody enioyed himself. "SIG" DANCE Seniors dancing with Freshmen was not an uncommon sight ot the Signature dance. The Signature dance is sponsored by the Lincoln Log. The purpose is to give an all- school dance when the yearbooks are dis- tributed. Fortunately the dance is scheduled soon after the Junior-Senior Prom. This allows the entire student body to enioy the gorgeous deco- rations prepared at great expense and work by the Lincoln High School Juniors. Last spring over 800 students attended the Signature dance and danced to the music of Jackie Vaught's orchestra. The local musician's union furnished the orchestra free. The Lincoln Log staff is grate- tul to the local union for its splendid coopera- tion in making this social event successful. MEMBERS are: Pat Alsop, Jo Bonhomme, Donna Cunningham, Jackie Fahey, Barbara Gallagher, Betsy Greenlee, Mildred Gulley, Janie Hall, Stephanie Harmes, Joan Hacker, Claudette Hoover, Phyllis Johnson, Jackie Kehl, Susan Kelso, Pat Klein, Sue Klein, Carolyn Lawrence, Carolyn Memering, Sharon McCormick, 'Sherry Montgomery, Susie Ralston, Norma Ray, Roberta Rey- nolds, Judy Rooney, Ruth Scheidt, Nancy Seal, Shirley Shappard, Patsy Shake, Mary Dee Stephens, Judy Stachura, Mary Ann Thorne, Jo Ann Vaughn, Rita Wilson, Sharon Williamson, Kathleen Yockum. SPONSORS Sponsors entertaining the freshmen girls at their Christmas Party. OFFICERS AND SPONSORS labovel left to right: Pat Klein, Vice President, Carolyn Lawrence, Treasurer, Roberta Reynolds, Pres- ident, Carolyn Memering, Secretary, Miss Eppert, Sponsor. The main responsibility of the Sponsors is to serve in aiding the freshmen girls become adiusted to high school life. Each sponsor is assigned from three to five freshmen girls for whom she is responsible. A sponsor must have a good scholastic re- cord, must exhibit leadership as well as good citizenship. The club makes its money by selling Senior invitations and cards. Each year the Sponsors give a Christmas party for the Freshmen girls. The Sponsors give each year to the out- standing freshman girl an award. This award is presented at commencement. MEMBERS are: Harry Allemang, Edith Anderson, Bill Beamon, John Bedford, Virginia Bowen, Rosalie Brittain, Merrill Belcher, Gaylord Cannon, Roger Cazzell, John Clark, Beth Clarke, Larry Claycomb, John Cline, Sandra Cline, Phyllis Dooley, Bernard DeLisle, Barbara Dukes, Sharon Dukes, Carol Emmons, Cletus Fields, Nancy Grigsby, Donna George, Gary Grimes, Lee Grover, Robert l-lagemeicr, Jim Hand, Lois Hansen, Sue Hartzburg, Marlene Hesher, Jonathan Huff, Myron Johnson, Kathleen Jones, Carol Sue Kerns, Freddie Klein, Ruth Klein, Kenneth Korb, Roger Lampton, Linda McCarter, Larry McCroy, Barbara Mc- Gavic, Larry Madding, Ruth Ann Meier, Louis Mincy, Kenneth Moyes, Roberta Ramsey, Leroy Reitmeyer, Susie Reitmeyer, Carol Richardville, Nancy Shoultz, Brenda Switzer, Charles Teising, Tom Tolbert, Charles Van Meter, Kenneth Warner, Jack Westfall, Dave Whitfield, Linda Whitlock, Linda Williams, Mary Rita Wininger, .Jerry Wirey. FOUNDATION OF AMERICA AM The FOA stresses loyalty and patriotism. ii M ' Keeping flags in all the classrooms, and sending "Jess" looks mighty thirsty Old Post Sentinels to alumni in the armed forces are two of the primary functions of the FOA. FOA Members working on their homecoming float, OFFICERS AND SPONSORS labovet left to right: Sondra Cline, Secretary, Mr. F. H. Adams, Sponsor, Harry Allemang, Treasurer, Larry Claycomb, President, Mrs. Davidson, Sponsor, Marlene Hesher, Vice President. MEMBERS are: Carolyn Almy, Bonita Baker, Benny Beclces, Nancy Brewington, Rosalie Brittain, Ronald Brown, Larry Cain, Laverne Cline, Rose Coomer, Larry Dailey, Larry Davis, Joy Davison, Jim Dehon, Betty Lou Deisher, Jean Deisher, Don Dcser, Sharon Dukes, Carol Dyhouse, Frances Ellerman, Donna Evans, Shirley Fox, Estle Gordon, Nancy Grigsby, Marlene Hesher, Mary Jane Hill, Karen Horner, Marilyn Hudson, Carol Sue Kerns, Myra Kirsch, Bill Lancaster, Pat Madison, Linda McCarter, Linda Miller, Frances Ffoff, Sharon Phillipoe, Norman Peters, Carol Richardville, Dorothy Robb, Marilyn Roche, Karen Sue Rose, Danna Todd, Jack Westfall, Joan Reitmeyer, Barbara Robinson, Norma Ray, Carolyn Sager, Mildred Sortdefs, Rvth Scheidt, Judy Scott, Linda Shields, Nancy Shoultz, Susan Southerland, Judy Simnick, Loretta Simison, Harry Smith, Mary Studley, Marcel- line Vollmer, Reita Wagonseller, Eugene Walker, Gloria Welton, Roberta Widdows, Linda Lou Williams, Larry Wilson, Sarah Wilscn, Mary Rita Wininger, Margaret Young, Doris Wikle, Anna Mae Morgan, Bernard DeLisle, Kathleen Jones, Helen Sum- mers, Sharon Blond, Virginia Bowen, Phyllis Boswell, Jean Brazil, Jennie Broady, Rita Cline, Lola Mae Codgle, Jane Cofer, Wilma Compton, Jean Corbett, Madgeleen Dailey, Norma Fisher, Dianna Gordon, Sharon Grider, Carole Hvgameif, Robert HO9C1I'neif Daryll Harris, Sue Hartzburg, Janice Hedge, Rita Hendrix, Sylvia McCoy, Carolyn Orndorff, Don Owens. JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross is a na- tional organization. The local chapter in Lincoln High School is the largest organization in school. The Junior Red Cross has its main obiective the bringing of hap- piness into the lives of unfortunate people. In fulfilling this obiective they make favors for hospital patients, rebuild toys for the Sal- vation Army, send food parcels to the poor and the needy, ma ke scrapbooks for the enjoyment of the younger child.en who are hos- pitalized as well as for the orphans. OFFICERS AND SPONSORS labovel left .to right, Doris Wikle, President, Miss Von Wey, Spon- sor, Rose Coomer, Vice President, Barbara Robinson, Treasurer, Norma Ray, Secretary. MEMBERS are: Gary Staley, Editor Ja Ann Vaughn, News Editor, Barbara Gallagher, Feature Editor, Bob Lewis, Sports Editor, Pat Alsop, Assistant News Editor, Joan -Hacker, Circulation, Brenda Switzer, Exchange Editor, Charles Walton, Business Manager, Dan Palmer, Advertising Manager. FEATURE STAFF: Richard Edwards, Linda Grider, Mildred Gulley, Jeannie Hays, Phyllis Johnson, Jackie Kehl, Jim RSIYTWGYM Brenda Switzer, Betsy Greenlee. CIRCULATION STAFF: Pat Alsop, Johanna Bonhomme, Jim Cray, Jackie Fahey, Barbara Gallaaher, Betsy Greenlee, Nancy Grigsby, Bruce Martin, Larry Pipher, Rita Henschen, Marianne O'Neil, Diane Rogers, Judy Rooney, Patsy Shake, Jan Trent. TYPISTS: Jan Trent, Sandra Kunkel. PHOTOGRAPHER: James Tubby, Robert Fees, Jr. OLD POST SENTINEL I The OLD POST SENTINEL is one ot the oldest organizations of Lincoln High School. Founded over thirty years ago by Miss Mary Harsha, former iour- nalism teacher now retired, the OLD POST SENTINEL has served as an instrument wherein aspiring young journalists received their first experience with dead- lines, copy, news writing, and all the other facets of iournalism. The OLD POST SENTINEL is supported solely by subscription and advertising. The paper has a subscription list of over 800 students and faculty members. Miss Taugher acts as sponsor for the Junior High School page. SPONSORS: labovel left to right, Mr. Kensler, Mr. Jackson. Cs: 'Qu 'es or D' 1 -'wr Wk csc f MEMBERS are: Mike Bonewitz, Shirley Brandon, Judy Burke, Betty Jo Caskey, Mary Combs, Donna Cunningham, Rachel Burkey, Jana Donaldson, Jim Dotson, Dick Edwards, Frances Ellerman, Steve Fravel, Gregory Frey, David Goadnow, Lloyd Gor- don, Bill Graves, Gary Grimes, Jack Harlow, Rex Henriott, Vicki Higgins, Allan Hoffman, Stephanie Harmes, Ann Leedy, Judy Marston, Bruce Martin, Keith Michaels, Deanna Staley, Lee Nickless, Sharlene Thorne, Mary Sue Yosiwitz, Judy Whitlock, Beverly Poth, Judy Patterson, Susan Southerland, Gerry Sexten, Millicent Miller, Bill McDowell, Mike Clayton, Rosemary Wil- kerson, Peggy Wilhite, Julie Niemann, Tom Owens. PRESS CLUB The members of the Press Club, undercloss members of the Sentinel, have as their activities distribution of the Sentinels to advertisers, as well as writing at least three stories a semester for the paper. These stories consist of one definite as- signment and tvvo free lance art- icles. OFFICERS are: Dick Edwards, Secretory, Mr, Jackson, Sponsor, Beverly Poth, Pres ident, Mary Combs, Vice-Presidentg Judy Burke, Treasurer. MEMBERS are: Pat Alsop, Rosalie Bailey, Jo Bonhomme, Dave Cannon, Bob Clemmons, Sandra Cline, Harry Corbett, John Feldman, Barbara Gallagher, Lee Grover, Lois Hansen, Claudette Hoover, Ricky Johnson, Susan Kelso, Bob Lewis, Bill M Dowell, Nancy McClure, Sharon McCormick, Carolyn Memering, Harold Miller, P. W. Mischler, Sherry Montgomery, Fred Niemann, Tom Owens, Tom Pitts, Bob Post, Jim Reiman, Diane Rogers, Barbara Scott, Tom Simpson, Gary Staley, Lara Stephen son, Becky Strong, Brenda Switzer, Tom Theobald, Jan Trent, Jo Ann Vaughn, David VonBehren, Gene Walker, Susie Williams David Cannon absent from picture. BOOSTERS OFFICERS are: Lois Hansen, Secretary, Miss Polk, Sponsor, Rick Johnson, Vice-President, Tom Pitts, President, Carolyn Mem- ering, Treasurer. The Boosters, known throughout the school for their untiring efforts to arouse and maintain a strong school spirit, have worked hard this year, conducting a slogan contest, planning rousing pep sessions, mak ing colorful and eye-catching posters, and present ing an enjoyable convocation program. This organization also enters into a magazine subscription drive each year in order to secure funds for its varied activities such as, a float in the Horne- coming parade, putting up posters, and skits which it presents at pep sessions. The students selected for membership are thought to be people who will best endeavor to build and maintain the wonderful school spirit which our school has enioyed in the past. MEMBERS are: Rosa Adams, Rosalie Bailey, Beverley Beamon, Evelyn Beamon, Florence Beltz, Carrol Bonhomme, Judy Briscoe, Shirley Carie, Opal Chester, LaVerne Cline, Mary Combs, Jana Donaldson, Donna Evans, Jackie Fahey, Carolyn Finke, Claudette Gowdy, Stephanie Harmes, Norma Harness, Jean Hartsock, Linda Helming, Rita Henschen, Claudette Hoover, Rhonda Johnson, Saritta Johnson, Sondra Judy Kelso, Pat Klein, Anne Leedv, Judy Marston, Phyllis McGregor, Lou Ann McMullin, Ruth Meier, Janice Memering, Carolyn Memering, Donna Moyes, Carolyn Nash, Julie Niemann, Carolyn Nunley, Pat Manning, Judy Patterson, Patti Patterson, Beverly Path, Susie Ralston, Vera Reel, Mary Roach. Diane Rogers, Janet Sanderfer, Elizabeth Shoemaker, Beverly Sparenberg, Beverly Stuart, Carolyn Sutch, Jan Trent, Jo Ann Vaughn, Susie Williams, Sue Klien, Ann Magruder, Shirley Shelton. GlRL'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The G. A. A. is an organization created with the purpose ot encouraging girls who are sports-minded to participate in such organized activities as: Basket- ball, Baseball, Volleyball, Swimming, and many others. While these girls are earning points for their pins, class numerals, and sweaters, they are also building good health habits and strong characters which will keep them in good stead for their lives in the future. OFFICERS AND SPONSORS: from left to right, Carolyn Sutch, Treasurer, Jan Trent, President, Miss Helen Polk, Sponsor, Diane Rogers, Vice-President, Jana Donaldson, Secretary. MEMBERS are: Roger Benson Virginia Bowen Betty Jo Caslcey Tom Davidson Chester Hendrixson Helen Hollen Claudette Hoover, Iris Hosea, Ray McCormick Bill McDowell Steve Marchino Harold Miller Kenny Miller Pat Minderman Max Muench Denny Pitts, Tom Pitts, David Post Susie Reitrneyer Susie Rodarmel Ruth Scheudt Shirley Shelton Charles Teising Sondra Waggoner, Larry Wallem, Wilma Winkler Dick Whittaker Margaret Young Wherever a stranger or a stray freshman may wander, there is always a monitor close by to direct him to his destination. These monitors are also stationed through- out the halls so that they may be near by to perform any task which a faculty member may ask of them. They per- form these duties with will- ingness and a cheerful smile. This is one of the many helpful monitors of our high ischool. A 5 s T s U i D s E T N A N 5 T AA T Q'- s,,,.4P" S STUDENT ASSISTANTS are: Pat Alsop, Ruth Meier, Deanna Staley, Oliveann Magruder, Claudette Gowdy, Marianne O'Neil, Susie Reitmeyer, Susan Lelso, Jackie Kehl, Dianna Gordon, Sharon Grider, Judy Stachura, Carolyn Lowerence, Roberta Reynolds Patsy Shake, Shirley Shappord, Janie Hall, Rita Henschen, Judy Scott, Ann Western, Carolyn Sutch, Barbara McGavic, Jerry Wirey, Jim Reiman, Jim Cray, John Feldman, John Staley, Sol Feldman. Many students aive of their time and abilities placed on these offices. Some of these jobs con- to help carry out me necessary functions of the sist of: guiding strangers to the correct rooms, school and athletic offices. These boys and girls and the performing of errands for the office and do many jobs which help to lighten the burden faculty members. 1 MEMBERS are: Edith Anderson, Wanda Berry, Bertha Bell, Janice Bledsoe, Nancy Brewington, Rosalie Brittain, Alberta Brock, La Verne Cline, Jane Coter, Rose Coomer, Jean Deisher, Shirley Dixon, Barbara Dukes, Frances Ellerman, Shirley Fox, Donna George, Dianna Gordon, Linda Grider, Nancy Grigsley, Marlene Hesher, Mary Jane Hill, Helen Hollen, Neva Hundson, Myra Kirsch, Sandy Kunkel, Pat Madison, Linda Mcflarter, Charlotte Messel, Nancy Moon, Anna Mae Morgan, Sharon Phillippe, Norma Ray, Roberta Ramsey, Mary Studley, Judy Townsend, Sarali Volkman, Marcelene Vollmer, Gloria Welton, Ann Western, Charlotte Williams, Nan Williams, Barbara Wilson, Mary Rita Winniger, Lynda Whitlock, Kathleen Wolfe, Margaret Young. GOOD CHEER Whenever a student or faculty member of to know that they are being thought of while they Lincoln High is ill, the members of the Good Cheer me ill' This club, sponsored by Miss Helen Schwartz, has asked for little outside financial help. This organization truly deserve their name patient on to recovery as it gives a worm feeling "Good Cheer," club promptly sends them a gay card with a cheer- ful verse. This card does much to speed the OFFICERS AND SPONSORS: iobovei left to fight, Edith "HGH Off to the AIMS" was the Good Cheer Anderson, Sqrgeqnt-gt-grmgy Pop Madison, Vice president theme for their homecoming float. Miss Schwartz, Sponsor, Roberta Ramsey, President, Mar- celline Vollmer, Treasurer, Judy Townsend lnot shownl Secretary. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA MEMBERS are: Morlyn Hudson, Dawn Sexten, Elizabeth Shoemaker, Roberta Reynolds, Marianne O'Neil, John Staley, Carolyn Sutch, Susie Rodormel, Ruth Scheidt, Linda Miller, Tressa Blubaum, Linda Grider, Jean Deisher, Ruth Fisher, Nancy Hunt- er, Kay Miller, Norma Ray. The F. T. A. is truly an organization with the future in mind. This club has steadily gained in recognition through the four years since it was first organized. The boys and girls belonging to this organization have learned up to date ideas on education as it is today and have put this knowledge into action by cadet' teaching in the grade schools of Vincennes. Not only does this experience benefit the cadet for their later profession of teaching, but it also re- lieves some of the grade school teacher's burdens. Cadet teachers: Beth Clarke, Joan Hacker, Nancy Hunter, Ruth Fisher, Donna Foster, Marilyn Hudson, Kathleen Jones. OFFICERS AND SPONSORS: labovel left to right, Carolyn Sutch, Secretary, Ruth Scheidt, Vice-President, Miss Eppert, Spon- sor, Elizabeth Shoemaker, Treasurer. Joan Hocker lshown abovel assisting first grade students in Clark School. MEMBERS are: Larry Pipher, Charles McCormick, Lanny Wallem, Ricky Wirey, John Cline, Bill McDowell, Benny Beckes, Dave Simpson, Tom Edwards, Bill Hopper, Steve Phillippe, Don Palmer, .lim Hand, P. W. Mischler, Allan Hoffman, Harlan Magruder, Rodney Deem, Bill Rose, Tom Theobald, Dick Edwards, Dave Whitfield, Jim Croy, Gary Staley, Dick Whittaker, Jim Reirr-an, Fred Niemann, Carmen Gray, Bill Olson, Lee Nickless, Harry Allemang, David Swope, Gary Grimes. BOYS' HI -Y OFFICERS AND SPONSORS are: Gary Staley, Chaplin, Dick Whittaker, Secretary, Tom Theobald, President, Mr. Tolbert, Sponsor, Jim Reiman, Vice-President, Larry Pipher, Treasurer. Senior Hi-Y is an organization of many varied activities. lts purpose is to "Create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character." lts slogan is "Clean Speech, Clean Sports, Clean Scholarship, and Clean Living." l-li-Y has an excellent advisor by the name of "Tab" Tolbert. Hi-Y offers many in- teresting programs for its members during both semesters. GIRLS' TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS AND SPONSORS are: Rose Coomer, President, Mar- celine Vollmer, Vice-President, Doris Wikle, Secretary, Barbara Wilson, Treasurer, Lois Hansen, Chaplain, Mrs. Ray Beless, Spon- sor. MEMBERS are: Edith Anderson, Beverly Beamon, Evelyn Bledsoe, Virginia Bowen, Alberta Brock, Judy Burke, Rachel Burkey, Ellen Campbell, Shirley Carte, Pat Clark, Sandra Cline, Mary Combs, Rose Coomer, Donna Cunningham, Betty Jo Caskey, Betty Deisher, Jean Deisher, Jana Donaldson, Lois Dotson, Frances Ellerman, Susie Finke, Donna Foster, Myrna Gray, Linda Grider, Nan- cy Grigsby, Lois Hansen, Sue Hartzburg, Rosalie Holder, Jeannie Hays, Sandra Johnson, Beatrice Johnson, Kathleen Jones, Myra Kirsch, Sandra Kunkel, Margaret Like, Linda McCarter, Linda Miller, Pat Minderman, Nancy Moon, Britanna Moyes, Julia Niemann, Rollina Orr, Judy Patterson, Patty Patterson, Betty Pea, Beverly Path, Sherry Ravellette, Norma Ray, Vera Reel, Joan Reitmeyer, Susie Reitmeyer, Roberta Ramsey, Marilyn Roach, Barbara Snyder, Ruth Scheidt, Shirley Shelton, Judy Stachura, Deanna Staley, Helen Summers, Bonnie Steffey, Jan Trent, Marceline Vollmer, Judy Whitlock, Doris Wikle, Susie Williams, Barbara Wilson, 'Jerry Wirey. C3 The Girls Tri-Hi-Y has been kept busy throughout the Mrs. Beless, the sponsor of the Tri-Hi-Y, deserves much of year with such activities as: solemn initiation or induction, the credit tor making this club into the fine organization potluck dinners, sock hops, and skating parties. that it is today. Many delightful programs have been presented by the Lincoln High School Chorus, not only tor con- vocations at school, but also for various civic organ- izations and churches. The chorus, having won three firsts in the Solo and Ensemble Contest at Evansville, went on to In- dianapolis for the state contest where they made a wonderful showing ot their abilities. Due credit should be given to Mr. Hal Meurer and Mr. Delbert Kieffner who have given of their time and talents to make the chorus the success that it is. HAVING A BALLI CHORUS SINGING AT CONVOCATION MEMBERS are SOPRANOS: Evelyn Beamon, Bertha Bell, Carolyn Ballard, Rachel Burkey, Wilma Compton, Gloria Dierk, Sandra Dillion, Lois Dotson, Phyllis Daugherty, Carolyn Finke, Stephenie Harms, Norma Harness, Marilyn Hudson, Nancy McClure, Charlotte Messel, Pat Noile, Julie Niemann, Janice Preusz, Norma Ray, Dawn Sexten, Elizabeth Shoemaker, Nan Williams. ALTOS: Carol Bass, Tressa Blubaum, Beth Clarke, Jackie Fahey, Donna Kaening, Ann Leedy, Clara Lynch, Judy Marston, Lois Nightingale, Karen Quartermcin, Carolyn Sager, Lora Stephenson, Reita Wagonseller, Peggy Wilhite, Sarah Wilson. TENORS: Dick Edwards, Gary Grimes, Bill Hopper, John Kimmell, Larry Lockhart, Steve Phillippe, Ted Scheidt, Eddie Sparenberg, John Strange, Jon Winter. BASS, Larry Conrad, David Goodnow, Lee Grover, Robert Hagemeier, Ray Hoffman, Jerry Moyes, Lee Nickless, Don Owens, Dave Swope. ACCOMPANISTS: Joy Kimmell, David Cannon. I T - Q 1 Come on down to the Hoe Down! YOUIVS UO' Seeing Cl0Ul9le- The combined chorus of Lincoln High School pre- sented one of the most colorful musical shows seen during the school year. All twelve months of the year were cleverly de- picted by various musical and dance numbers. 3 ii MUSIC CALEhI-ISAR 1954 E M1 . IJ . 322 Grand final of the Musical calendar show. Over lOO students participated in this show. LINCOLN PLAY SHOP MEMBERS are: Pot Alsop, Gretchen Andis, Rita Argenta, Benny Beckes, Vifgiriio Bowen' DOM Common' Joe Clopiaddle Bobby Clemmons James Cray, Tom Davidson, Barbara Gallagher, Eddie George, Claudette Gowdy, Betsy Greenlee Jac Horn ilton, Stephanie Harmes, Claudette Hoover, Nancy Hunter, Pat Klein, Carolyn Lawrence, Robert Lewis, William McDowe Melinda Miller Tom Owens, Larry Pipher, Donald Ray, Jim Reiman, Dianne Rogers, JUCJY R00'l9Yf PGYSY Shflke DGWCJ Simpson Tom Simpson, 'Judy Stachura, John Staley, Becky Strong, Brenda Switzer, Tom Tolbert, Joan Vaughn, David Von Behren Dick Whittaker. One of the busiest organizations in Lincoln High is the Lincoln Playshop, sponsored by Miss Miller and Mr. Charles Bridges. Even though it may not sound as it there is too much work involved in presenting two three act plays and one one act play a year, there is more to pre- senting a play than the average student of Lincoln High realizes. Many months ot hardwork, practice, late hours, and fun go into these productions. As has been their custom in the past, a three act play is presented in the tall and in the spring, and a one act play which is given for convocation in early February. The fall three act play, "Arsenic and Old Lace" proved to be one of the best comedies ever presented by Lincoln Playshop. It would be impossible for anyone to think that Abbie and Martha Brewster, por- trayed by Barbara Gallager and Rita Argenta, were capable of murdering nine men, tor they seemed such like such sweet old ladies who wouldn't harm a hair on your head. Abbie and Martha, aided by Teddy Roosevelt, David Cannon, kept the wh ole household in a state of confusion while Mortimer, John Staley, endeavored to retain his senses. "Easy, Chonny." Curtain cull "Gown of Glory HOMECOMING 1955 fd as f ., -1 fr Jed., vs .9 if Q 8 f- K 3 I , , fx R s., ., if it I W ? . j ' Q 35 f' ' 'M' J 1 ed i ,nf ff-.. af' 'it 5 L' A , if 'V 'E' 6 V, s ff L . .. -'Q r: :,g,fei,::g1,p-rr , . .g..,,. . .,.., -gk-B . .- , .,,M::5, , A f- , -,,A . :vff ..., : fs: ,,-:gg - -' .-A, .,.,, , . , ,:g- '- ',,,.g , ,.':: H ,Q gy-gg - ge , gi QUEEN SANDRA reigns over the homecoming festivities. Shown obove with her ottendcints Pot Dellinger, Rita: Wilson, Pot Klein ond Donno Cunningham, Queen Sondra Kunkel stands before her white throne. v A David Von Behren is shown above producing sound effects and Another scene is rehearsed for keeping the producer informed out front. The next play that was presented tor both the Teachers Federation din- ner on February l7, and the Convo- cation program on the l8th was the one-act play, "Three On a Bench." This play, which centers on a bench in the park, portrays the typical lovers' quarrels and their difficulties which they bring to the young couple, Betty and Harry. A very sentimental widow, Mrs. Moore, has as her main goal in life the uniting ot young couples. Mr. Brody, the policeman of the neighborhood, is in love with Mrs. Moore, although she is unaware of this fact. "Arsenic and Old Lace" ea OFFICERS AND SPONSORS, Left to Right: Mr. Bridges, Sponsor, Miss Miller, Sponsor, Virginia Bowen, Historian, Claudette Gowdy, President, Claudette Hoover, Vice President Pat Alsop, Secretary. Not Pictured: David Cannon, Treasurer, Bob Lewis, Sergeant-at-Arms " . . and iust a pinch of arsenic." SANDRA KUNKEL Our Lovely Homecoming Queen The day was filled with anticipation, not only for the pretty Homecoming Queen and her court, but also for all the students who had looked forward to the coming of this fabulous event. Sandra Kunkel and her lovely court of attend- ants: Rita Wilson, Pat Klein, Donna Cunningham, Mr. L. V. Phillips crowns Queen Sandra and Pat Dellinger reigned over the exciting festivities of the students and alumni of Lincoln High. Not only the student body of Lincoln High participated in the homecoming activities, but most of the local business firms as well. W 'niiQi'.. Our Senior Float- Emblematicol of Our Graduation gms ni T T Junior Class Float Sophomore Class Float "Harping On To Victory" Drumming Up Victory These picTures show only a few of The ingenious Tloats which were part ot the gala Homecoming parade. Much time and effort was spent in order to make This Homecoming the best ever. The bright colors of The Tloots, the sTirring music ot our Lincoln High School Band, and the an- ticipation of the coming football game and dance made this Homecoming of ours one that we will remember in years To come. Sponsors, Float Freshman Class Float IIARGYIS :L SOK :EMU Alice Tame That Tiger! Juniors preparing stars in preparation for "Stairway to the Stars" Juniors placing the paper sky over the coliseum floor JUNIGR PRCJM The Junior-Senior Prom has become a tradition of long standing in Lincoln High School. Each class vies with the previous class in attempting to make the coliseum more beautiful than the preceding class. Juniors begin preparing and planning for the Prom months in advance. Money is raised for this gala occasion by selling candy, ice cream and cold drinks at the basketball games through- out the season. And Finally Our Big Night- Our Junior Prom Their reward for the many months spent working at the concession stands, making and selling crepe paper shakers, and sponsoring sock hops was their one glorious evening, Prom night. All of their endeavors had been co- ordinated to Transform the Coliseum into a heavenly fairyland. W T The Juniors Working Hurd for Their Prom Fred Dale and his fourteen piece orches- tra furnished the music. After the formali- ties of welcoming the Seniors, the prom began with the Grand March lecl by Gary Snyder and .loan Hacker. Dancing con- tinued from 7:30 until ll:3O. Claudette Gowdy and Dave Whitfield at the Foot of Our "Stairway To The Stars" Step Lively to the Grand March! LINCOLN HIGH MARCHING BAND "V" Formation on Memorial Grounds Head Drum Maiorette: Pat Alsop. Maiorettes: Relta Wagonseller, Jackie Fahey, Phyllis Johnson, and Jackie Wagonseller. MEMBERS: Faith Arterburn, Jerry Blice, Phyllis Boswell, Sharon Burke, Rachel Burke-y, Judy Burk- hardt, Dean Camplin, John Cannon, Betty Jo Caskey, Carolyn Caskey, Pat Clark, John Cline, Rita Cline, Larry Conrad, Jim Croy, Donna Cunningham, Tom Davidson, Leroy Dixon, Joann Edgin, Frances Eller- man, Delmar Ellis, Jackie Fahey, Fay Jo Feldman, David Goodnow, Myrna Gray, Boyd Grayson, Gary Grimes, Mildred Gulley, Carol Hagemeier, Jack Hamilton, Daryll Harris, Joan Hays, Judy Hebert, Ray Hoffman, Iris Hosea, Neva Hunsdon, Larry Howerton, Sandra Irvin, Myron Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Wesley Johnson, Mike Jordon, Carol Kerns, John Kimmell, Joy Kimmell, Rosalyn King, Fred Klein, Kenny Korb, Guy Lanktord, Lerry Ligier, Larry Modding, Judy Marchino, Clifford Mathias, Kent McGIone, Millicent Miller, Gail Mutchmore, Kay Newman, Marianne O'Neil, Carolyn Orndorft, Carol Pets, Lyndon Phillippe, Beverly Poth, Gloria Reichen- bach, Roberta Reynolds, Ronald Rinehart, Karen Rose, Carolyn Sager, Dawn Sexten, Gerry Sexten, Eliza- beth Shoemaker, Susan Southerland, Ed Sparenberg, John Stangle, Mary Dee Stephens, Brenda Switzer, Mary Ann Thorne, Sharlens: Thorne, Torn Tolbert, Mason Townsend, Jim Tubby, Sandra Waggoner, Jackie Wagonseller, Rita Wagonseller, Richard Whaley, David Wheeler, Paula Wheeler, Roberto Widdows, Rosemary Wilkerson, Wilma Winkler, Ralph Winstonly, Jon Winter, Sarah Wllson. BAND DIRECTOR MR. HAL MEURER The Lincoln High School Marching Band is made up of eighty-eight instruments, All four classes of Lincoln High School are represented in the band. Aside from playing at halftime at the home foot- ball and basketball games, the marching band par- ticipates in parades and marching contests. This fall the marching band participated in the band festival in which the famous marching "TOO" of Indiana University was honored guests. This band festival was sponsored by Vincennes University. Funds to support the band are raised by the sale of band booster tickets, the sponsoring of a sock hop, and from donations from supporters. The Band-Parents Club made up of the parents of band members acts in an advisory capacity to the band. This club also directs the various fund raising projects. LINCOLN HIGH CONCERT BAND CLARINETS: Davvn Sexten, Jean Hays, Joy Kimmel, Judy Marchino, Kent McGIone, Jackie Fahey, Susan Southerland, Phyllis Johnson, Rachel Burlcey, Mary Dee Ste- phens, Gary Grimes, Carolyn Orndortf, Ray Hoffman, Judy Hebert, Neva Hunsdon, Joy Williams, Betty Jo Caskey. CORNETS: Leroy Dixon, David Wheeler, Sandra Irvin, Mary Ann Thorne, Millicent Miller, Wesley Johnson, David Goodnow, John Kimmel. DRUMS: Larry Conrad, Fred Klein. OFFICERS: James Croy, President, Tom Davidson, Vice President, Pat Alsop, Secretary. Sergeants: John Cline, Sarah Wilson, Elizabeth Shoemaker, James Tubby, Jerry Blice, Marianne O'NeiI Roberta Reynolds, and Jon Winters. OBOE: Sarah Wilson. BASSOON: Gerry Sexten. BASS CLARINETS. Mary Anne O'NeiI, Reita Wagon- seller, Rosalyn King. BARITONE SEX: Kenneth Korb. FRENCH HORNS: Jon Winters, Roberta Reynolds Judy Burkhardt, Karen Rose, Pat Clarke. BASSES James Croy, John Stangle, Larry Ligier, Tom David- son, John Cline. FLUTES: Elizabeth Shoemaker Carol Petts, Gloria Reichenbach, Sandra Waggoner Faith Arterburn, Beverly Poth. "QUEEN PAT" DONNA GEORGE SANDRA KUNKEL Pat Alsop, a vivacious 5'6" blonde with spark- ling green eyes and a cheerful smile, known to all of Lincoln High School for her friendliness and charm, will reign as Queen of the Signature Dance. Pat is quite an ambitious girl. Her goal is to become an attorney at law. She plans to attend Gulf Park College in Mississippi tor two years and then complete her education at Indiana University. Pat has fun too, her hobbies -are' dancing, collecting miniature vases from foreign countries, and baton twirling. Her hobby of baton twirling turned out to be more than iust a hobby, she has been a maiorette in the High School Band for quite some time now. We wish her success in the years to come. The lovely Court of Attendants consisting of Donna George, Roberta Reynolds, Sandra Kunkel, PAT ALSOP ROBERTA REYNOLDS RITA WILSON and Rita Wilson also have high hopes and ambitions. Donna, who is 5'4", weighs ll5, and has brown hair and blue eyes, hopes to become o secretary. In her free time she likes to dance, play tennis, and go horseback riding. Roberta, who is 5'5", weighs 122, has brown hair and eyes, is planning to be a nurse. Sandra, who is 5'5", weighs ll2, has dark brown hair and eyes, desires to become an air- line hostess. Rita, who is 5'6", weighs ll9, has black hair and brown eyes, wants to be a housewife, which is really quite a job. FADS OF FIFTY - FIVE New 9' Qs. Middies harking back to another era were trying to make a comeback this year Senior skirts were introduced on a large scale this year Senior girls wore them each day preceding a game. Bermuda shorts were popular outside of school this year Strings of pearls, the longer the better were popular this year Footwear for girls this year consisted of the ever popular saddle oxford and loafer. Knee-length stockings in place of anklets marked a change. i Q imiiik 1 1 Y'N""H , ri gil? f Xt -2, tg i X g lah of FIRST ROW Left to Right: Assistant Coach Wyant Baker, Ed Hutchcraft, John Staley, Tom Theobald, Rfcky Johnson, Jim Reiman, Bolri Lewis, Benny Beckes, Gary Staley, Larry Cain, Charles Walton, Don Doser, Coach George Inman. SECOND ROW: Bryon McC:rter, Ronnie Western, Bfll Olsen, John Karp, Bob Mountz, Bob Hunter, Sol Feldman, Larry Mikislra, Harlan Ma- gruder, Ray McCormick, Larry Fields, Bob Kinman, Tom Owens, Leo Ditsler, Bill Rose, Gerald Kimmons, Tony Cardinal, Jim Dotson. OUR '54 GRIDIRON SQUAD The Alices started off the season with wins over some highly touted football teams. ln the course of the season they showed the determination and "never give up spirit' which has always dominated Alice play. Though their record of three wins, five losses and two ties wasn't particularly impressive in the winning and losing column, not a single game was settled until the final gun was fired. The high point of the Alice season was holding the Princeton Tigers to a O-O tie in the homecoming game. This tie cost the-"Tigers" the S. l. A. C. Con ference Championship. We are looking ahead to next season when the Alices will again prove themselves as a football power. HEAD CO WXMAN LINE COA CH WY E H GEORG P-C ANT BAKER CO-CAPTAINS "T-BO" AND "LOUIE" Th' ear's football team made a wise decision in their choice of lea ders. is y Outstanding in school activities, as well as on the gridiron, these two boys are certainly among the "Cream of the Crop. "T BO" t r his winning of a place on the A special honor goes to - o All-State team. . ,Z , Q, N. 33 565366 X ,L Qfgizk 5k k,15Ea:fn fi-fk em M E 3115 Pwe:v?ff!' -' 7 ,,. A Mg , M J . 'fx .4-. . 5, ,, ..., . . :" 'W.WV,wb7 1 M' : - 5 f wiiff wamk W wmv Qs M A .33 5 wx .:,..'Q, ""fl53i I Y -fx as J -nh , J H25 Y, , ,if J gf i , r .M v W 2 U 1 :if ,v l M., ,, W ' A 'u 2' A-1 6' .1 .v Q "A Y f fl V. A gi- 4 4 V r , A 31124 'Q Q WV M w " ERN Aw. H, - ,vp K' r fl' 1 N 2-' 2 nh n JUNIOR VARSITY - FROSH in "PINK" FRANK JUNIOR VARSITY - TOP ROW, Left fo Right Clay Adkins, Kenny Miller, Jerry Anspcuqh, Eddie George Bill Hopper Jerry Woodfork, Dave Offutt, Butch Sullivan, Steve Mcrchino, Glenn Cuslred, Bob Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Charles Onlcen, .lim Wilson, Harvey Chandler, Kenny Baker, Harlie Crowe, Dave Miller, Jock Harlow, Don Goodman, Ralph Phillips, Tom Cobb, ond Sieve Farvel. :..:,:,. ,Auf KNEELING, Left to Right: Lee Grover, Manager, Estle Gordon, Bfll McDowell, Bill Helderman, Barry Boyle, Harold Miller, Gary Snyder, John Cline, Leonard Roach,.Leroy Davis, David Nibluck, Roger Benson. STANDING: Chuck Buyer, Pete Snyder, Bill Minderman, Allen Clark, John Bedford, Bob Fees, Gaylord Cannon, Larry McCroy, Larry Dailey, Larry Davis, Bud Olsen, Gail Mutchmore. THE ALICE HARRIERS - T954-55 Kirk wins again in fine forml N This year the Alices' Harriers won the S.I.A.C. cross country meet for the sixth straight year. They won by a wide margin over a seven team field at the Cascades Golf Course at Bloom- ington. The Harriers won the sectional meet, giving them the opportunity of participating in the state meet run at the Southcourse Golf Course in indianapolis. The Alices, running in almost freezing weather, placed fifth among the twenty teams partici- pating. Although beaten by Shortridge, Anderson, Ha- bart and Marion itiedi, in that order, Vincennes placed Wayne Kirk first after the individuals had been scored. Individuals placed as follows: Kirk T, Cannon l3, Snyder 43, Fees 50, Roach 55, Gordon 60, and Claycomb 63. This picture was taken al the Sfale Cross Country Meet af So ull: Course Golf Course. The Harriers placed fifth in this meel. Seniors on lhe Cross Counlry Team are: Eslle Gordon, Allen Clark, Gaylord Cannon, Larry McCroy, Larry Dailey, Larry Davis, and Gary Snyder. 10:20 P.M. 10:25 P.M. THEY'RE OFF! COAC H McCORMACK TRACK The I954 track season was an outstanding one for the Alice cindermen. This year's runners were of rare ability, and under the leadership of Coach "Mac" McCormick irated tops in the Hoosier high school track worldi, developed into southern Indiana's finest runners. The Alices' high spots include victories in three of four dual meets, losing only to Wiley's perennial speedsters. Later this loss was avenged with a victory over the Terre Haute club and fifteen other teams in our own Old Post Relays. The Alices also won the Paris Relays over thirty other teams, and finished second in a field of eighteen schools at the Indian Relays. Another outstanding performance was a second place at the sectional with twenty-seven schools competing. RECORD-BREAKING PERFORMANCES Meet Event Old Record New Record PARIS .... ..., 4 -MILE RELAY .,....... I9:5O,6 I9:24 lCannon, Biester, Snyder, and Kirlcl PARIS .... .... 5 PRINT-MEDLEY ,,..... 3:5O.4 3:49.5 lStaley, Reiman, Kolehouse, and Cannonl OLD POST, .. .... MILE RUN ............ 439.8 489.8 ltiel lVVayne Kirkl Yi TRAC SEASON'S RECORD K DUAL MEETS: ALICES 75 EVANSVILLE CENTRAL 34 ALICES 36 TERRE HAUTE WILEY 73 ALICES 84 JASPER 25 ALICES 65 WASHINGTON 49 PARIS RELAYS ............ lst PLACE ........ ,.., I 3l Teomsl INDIAN RELAYS ,..... . ,. 2nd PLACE. . . ,... Il8 Teomsl LINTON RELAYS ..,...,.... 3rd PLACE .... .,.. I 23 Teomsl PETERSBURG RELAYS ....... 5th PLACE .... ..,. I I8 Teomsl S. I. A. C. MEET ...... 5th PLACE .,.. ...IIII Teomsl OLD POST RELAYS .... . lst PLACE .,.. .... I I6 Teomsl SECTIONAL .... .... . . 2nd PLACE. ,, .... I24 Pointsl REGIONAL ........ .. 7th PLACE .... ..,. I 7 Pointsi STATE ...,... .,.. 2 5th PLACE ...,...,. ..., I 3 Pointsl INDIVIDUAL RECORDS IOO YARD DASH ..... JIM REIMAN .,.,......... lO.8 220 YARD DASH ...., JIM REIMAN ,....... ,... 2 3.8 440 YARD DASH ..,.. JOHN STALEY .......,.. 54.0 880 YARD DASH ..... GAYLORD CANNON ....,.. l:59.7l' MILE RUN .........,. WAYNE KIRK ........... 4.36.7 HIGH HURDLES ...,.. FRANK KEHL ........ l6.6 LOW HURDLES .,,.... FRANK KEHL ,...,... ... 22.4 HIGH JUMP ..,...,.. GERALD KIMMONS.. 5 ft. - 7.0 in. BROAD JUMP ........ FRANK KEHL ..,,,... ,,.2O ft. - 8.5 in. SHOT PUT ,...,..... MERT SWEENEY ..,. .... 4 3 ft. - 4.5 in. POLE VAULT .......,. MERT SWEENEY .... ..., I O ft. - 6.0 in. A New Lincoln High Record Qaylord Cannon, Alice's only scorer in state meet placed third in the 880 with l:59.7, breaking the school record. Alice Mile Relay Team also set school record for that event with a 3:35 time at the Regional. BASEBALL STANDING, Left to Right: Dick Floerke, Bill Olsen Tom Pitts, Paul Anderson, Don Doser, Ronnie Hughes, Byron McCarter, Art Malott, Ottie Pitts, Bobby Clemmons, .lack Hert, Tom Ewing. KNEELING: Bob Kinman, Larry Fox, Herb Evans, Ed Cardinal Kenny Fortner, Bert Kolehouse, Leo Ditsler, J. D. Clemmons, Ricky Johnson, and Tony Cardinal. Hit the Dirtl THE SENIORS OF THE '54 TEAM Paul Andergan, Kenny Fortner, Bert Kolehouse. Ed Cardinal, and J. D. Clemmons. Baseball is a fairly new sport to Lincoln High School, but nevertheless it is becoming increasingly popular. A fine job of coaching the baseball team is done by Chet Francis. Many baseball games are played during school hours, and students are not able to attena them, but it will continue to be an outstanding sport at Lincoln. A BASEBALL 1954 ViNCENNES WHEATLAND VINCENNES PRINCETON VINCENNES EVANSVILLE CENT VINCENNES WASHINGTON VINCENNES HUNTINGBURG VINCENNES BLOOMINGTON VINCENNES BEDFORD VINCENNES WASHINGTON VINCENNES ST. FRANCISVILLE VINCENNES BOSSE GOLF aim time ball. asm The Lincoln High School Golf Team has steadily gained prestige under the very efficient and able coaching of John L. Adams. The team is com- posed of boys who are extremely interested in golf as a competitive sport as well as a stimulating recre- ation. MEMBERS: Lee Nickless, Don Weidner, Bill McDowell, Jack Staley, Dick Londhrey, Chuck Adams, Max Muench, Bob Lewis, Steve Phillippe, Dave Wayrnire, Bob Wyatt, and Art Robinson. "9 ' J QP! yy CLSQES 3 Hg it THE ALICES-STANDING, Left to Right: Hzad Couch Chet Francis, John Bedford, Leo Ditsler, Frank Kehl, Larry Claycomb, Larry Pitts, Art Malott, and Assistant Coach Oscar Finke. BACK ROW: David Lane, Gaylord Cannon, Ronnie Hughes, Tom Pitts, John Feldman, Jim Dehon, and Larry Davis. PITTS . . . HITS? COACH CHET FWWCC AssisTAtsn CoACH osCAi2 Finial Coaches Chet Francis and Oscar Finke have Combined their skill to produce a basketball team whiCh will Certainly go plaCes. Although There has been Times when they have laced rough going, the team has rapidly be- come the best in years. V-fe are expecting great things from our team and Coaches, and we know that they will not let us down. The Junior Var- sity players make up a very promising team and they have played their games with a great deal of tight throughout the year. Gm 3' SE? I 1 3 it S gi .Jw W I My 'W N iw Mis- 5 Ogg "Alice Men of Distinction" Student Managers Bob Ctemmons, Chuck "Shorty" Walton, and Bruce Martin. These are the boys who keep the team running smoothly. They are held responsible for all equip- ment that is needed in practice as well as the game. Another important job these boys carry out is the compiling of all records on every game. muses ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES ALICES 1954-55 Season's Results 47 LT. Hy GERSTMEYER COTJ 74 WASHINGTON 67 CT.H.l OARELELD 58 BEDFORD LOTJ 64 SULLIVAN 7l NEW ALBANY 49 JEEEERSONVLLLE 62 PRINCETON 46 JASPER 40 MADISON 63 WASHINGTON 58 MLJNOE CENTRAL 42 DLOOMLNOTON 52 RELTZ CEVANSVILLEJ COTJ 52 JASPER 63 EVANSVLLLE CENTRAL 63 BOSSE CEVANSVILLEJ 69 HUNTINGBURG i LITTLE ALICES - 1954-55 FRONT ROW, Left fo Right: Rex Henrioh, Manager, Denny Pitfs, Charles Boyer, Frank Conrad, Coach, Roger Benson, Kenny Baker. BACK ROW: Harley Crowe, Harvey Chandler, Jerry Spore, Gregg Frey, Bud Olsen, Gail Mufchmore, Jerry Sparen- berg, Bob Mounfz, Gene Henderson, Ray Ridgley, Jerry Durham. "It's u Tiel" "SCENES OF MY CHILDHOOD" "How dear to my heart are the scenes of my childhood, When fond recollections present them to view! Unfortunately it is impossible to capture on film all the feeling and emotion surrounding the community in which we grow up, however, the The old Lincoln High School building. Torn down in the summer of 1955. The halls of Lincoln High. We've walked down these halls many times. The first capitol of Indiana Territory pictures shown below represent scenes and places which we believe are typical and representative of our historical city. The bright days of summer along the Wabash, the youthful ioy at the ball games at the Coliseum, the happy days spent at school will surely bring back a thousand memories of our youth spent in Vincennes. .fT ,f"'r'-Q-f rf Q - The Coliseum, built in 1926, where we attended gym classes, but best remembered fbr many basketball games seen here. The Wabash which flows by our town. Sometimes she is peace ful, sometimes she is angry, but always beautiful. The home of William H. Harrison, Grouseland, still stands gracefully along the Wabash. gg L, K Mx Q .' 'X ng , " . l:,,,h,.J?-J.?M5L"" Mi lffgggge ,. i , I 311- V ' S Y gig, if My 1 Jw "J'f"""E""L,NI!i UIQMEEWEL 4? 5' 5 -Le 3-fi as as JS." if " J, XYH' fi3YfW V ir? kr fb 'Qggfsl EVE wk L: -:Miz x"'...1inll5""'f Q 4 'W li -'I51r34f'?Q: 'J' 12255-aff-E km!! if iE'3ig'li15EM TE is IEW , M M hx, L5 fx 35 i:'r.,,Lg-'E 154 sl 9.4! -SQWJS t wggvfilg W f ,. -- N- , 1' ,Q 2, P ,ffm Q -V , ' f ,M 'Lf' " Lf? Li 'I'Lg"L ET., 6 'ii .flnfa -2 W ,1af :.'5 diff Q -,gm 'Ln Y, dj QL .. , Ag ...Q . -fx 1-, Wg , 3 1135! J new 1 LQ, if , N J -3 9 A V :iw af Q-'Mfg --- "W - i'Ef'3-Q? fp Af' ,v W s,5. ,Q -9 X up X . K, xx W , 'px S, K' . , . 4 fx" Q .. , ' ' ' 'L 1 'Q' K. ' ff36tj?21m'T 'Q fkqflxg "f' I3'-iz' Q5 ' b J., K .1 . A 1 TTA, P- M wrt, ., - N' f , Q-bv Fw , y ' 'fjqigyxkrb 'K ff -L13 Juixt' lv l,C'.j'4 gf ffm-,RQ 1 ,,ff' A , k V ' 13Tsk , 5. - , Q 3' 4 f f Q ' ' we ' ' x 'f- ' ' 1 5 UQ ' fix' sf wi Q D T 'sm K U QV af' fy S 'X A' vv L' . 'J 6 .8 Q 1 -Vx N' i7"'1r1QLiA A 4.-01' 1 X' ' ff M1549 xi X1 -riff 5 cfm, ' Pl 5-,iv 1 vyf' 5 ' "' n' :H-.ff-Q A av V ' ,'1'i M-. wfA 15' K w -4 N , Q A ' aj ? "X'm!L.4 A V ' - M' , A , ,N ,Q ':, 1 x - ' .,,.,..k W' W an W A I is ADMINISTRATION The people shown on this page are responsible for the operation of our school. The various activities shown on the preceding pages of this book could have never been had it not been for the leadership and planning of our able administrators. Class schedules, program planning, and individual coun- selling are only a few of the many tasks performed by our able administrative staff. . Mr. Decker, Dean of Boys, also teaches several classes as well as acts as Junior counsellor. Miss Eppert likewise acts as Senior counsellor along with her classes in Home Economics and Health. if-X' MR. ROY R, SNYDER Principal CDeceased1 April 5, I955 's,,,..-5, MR. WILLIAM DECKER MISS NELLE EPPERT MRS. MARTHA KLEPFER Dean of Boys Dean of Girls Secretary A ...- 'A" f A, ' Q' .f-i X. .V y . ' SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS-Left to Right: Mr. Harold Klemeyer, Secretoryg Mr. Glen Allen, Treasurerg Mr Ralph Banks Superintendent, and Mr. Maurice Boekmann, President. Without the assistance and leadership of the men shown on these pages the many activities shovvn in this book could have never been possible. The School Board, working with Mr. Banks are responsible for the splendid leadership we enjoy in our school system. We, the student body and faculty, wish to take this opportunity to say, "Thank you." MR. RALPH BANKS Superintendent '1 Vincennes-87 Claycomb, I.. Hughes, I., . . T. Pitts, c.. . . Kehl, g. .... . L. Pitts, g.. .. Cannon, I.. ,. Feldman, C.. Bedford, g... Ditsler, g.. . . Total .... Fritchton-62 Ice, I. ..... . Stultz, I. Martindale, C. Utt, g. .... . McClure, g. . Patterson, I. Clark, I. Lee, I. .... . Total ..., By quarters: Vincennes ..,.,. pI 3 3 4 4 2 I O I O 30 pI 4 5 4 5 3 I I I 23 Ig It-a I 0-0 3 0-I 7 I-4 7 3-8 7 2-6 4 4-7 I 2-2 I 0-0 I 0-0 35 I7-34 Ig It-a 2 2-3 I 4-5 7 4-5 4 3-7 4 9-I I 0 0-0 0 O-0 2 0-2 20 22-23 I3 32 Fritchton .,..... I2 28 59 48 ROUTE TO VICTORY Vincennes-58 Claycomb, I. Hughes, I. .. T. Pitts, C. . , . Kehl, g. . . . . L. Pitts, g. .. Cannon, I. . . Davis, I. . . . . Totals ..... I9 20-30 I3 Sandborn-38 Carmichael, I. Yagle, I. .. . Bowman, c. . MCEIravy, g. Norris, g. .. Shake, I. . . . Anderson, I. Banks, c. . .. Blackwell, g. Cargal, g. .. Ig It-ci pI O 3-4 3 4 3-7 I 2 6-7 I 3 2-3 I 8 I-3 2 I 5-6 2 I 0-O I Ig It-a pf I 5-6 5 3 O-I 3 0 3-5 3 O 2-2 O 0 O-O 0 0 I-2 2 0 0-0 O 0 I-2 2 I 0-O I O 4-6 I Totals ..... II I6-24 i I IP 2 6 I7 I7 I6 I2 4 2 2 87 IP 6 6 I8 II I7 O O 4 62 87 62 IP 3 II IO 8 I7 7 O 58 IP 7 6 I5 2 0 I O I 2 4 38 STATE TOURNEY - I955 -Sectional- WE CAN DO IT! Vincennes--48 Ig It-a pI Claycomb, I. . 0 4-7 2 Hughes, I. ,... 0 3-5 4 T. Pitts, C. ..... 4 6-6 0 Kehl, g. ...... 4 I-2 3 L. Pitts, g. .... 3 2-3 0 Cannon, I. .... 4 2-2 2 Davis, I. ...... 0 0-I 0 Totals .,.,. I5 I8-26 II Central Cath.-46 Ig It-a pf Fleck, I. ,..... 4 2-3 4 Schenk, I. .... 3 2-2 4 Carie, C. ..... 3 2-4 3 Haag, g. ..... 4 4-5 2 T. Deem, g. .... 2 2-3 2 P. Deem, I. O O-O O Totals ..... I7 I2-I7 I5 By quarters Vincennes .,.... I-3 24 35 Central Cath. . . . 8 I9 3I Pitts Hits TO HUNTINGBURG Vincennes-57 Claycomb, I. .. - Hughes, I. .... I 5-6 2 T. Pitts, C. .... 2 4-5 I Kehl, g, ...... 5 4-7 2 L. Pitts, g. .... 4 I-2 3 Cannon, I. .... 6 0-I 2 Davis, I. ...... I I-2 0 Feldman, c. . . 0 0-0 0 Ditsler, g. ..... 0 0-0 O Bedtord, Q. . . . O 0-0 0 Ig It-a pf 2 00 I Totals ..... 2I I5-23 I I Freelandville-51 Ig It-a pf 5 0 2 3 Julian, I. ..... - B. Clinken- heard, I. . . . I 2-2 5 KirChaII, C. . . . 6 3-4 3 Dunkerly, g. ,. 4 I-4 0 Stewart, g. . . . 4 I-3 I J. Clinken- beard, I. .. 0 4-4 O Totals ..,.. 20 II-I9 I2 By quarters: Vincennes ...... I2 29 37 Freelandville .... I4 27 38 VICTORY REGIONAL AT HUNTINGBURG He Earned It They need no Introduction. Vincennes-62 tg ft-a pf HuQlwes, f. .... 6 O-O 1 L. Pitts, f. ..,. 7 2-5 3 1. Pitts, C. ..,. 3 2-2 O Claycornb, Q. . O 1-2 2 Kelwl, Q. ...,.. 3 4-10 5 Cannon, t. .,,. 7 1-2 O Feldman, C. . . O O-O O Totals .,.., 26 10-21 11 Washington-60 tg ft-a pf Murray, f. .... 8 O-1 2 Gray, f. ..,... 6 2-3 1 VVininQer, C. .. 3 8-8 1 Turk, Q. .,,.,, 3 2-3 1 Reed, Q. ...,. 3 O-O 2 Carlson, C. .. . O O-O 1 Williams, Q. .. O 2-2 4 Totals . 23 14-1712 By quarters: Vincennes ...... 10 27 42 Washington .... 16 26 40 TO BLooMiNGToN -D Vincennes-54 fg ft-a pf 1 O Cannon, t, .... 2-2 HuQl1es, f. ,... 5 1-2 2 T. Pitts, C. .. 3 4-5 2 Kelil, Q. . . 7 5-7 2 L. Pitts, Q. .... 1 4-4 2 Davis, t. , .... O 2-2 1 J. Staley, f. ... O O-O O Feldman, C. .., O O-O O Claycornb, Q. . 1 O-2 1 Bedford, Q. . . . O O-O O Totals ..... 18 18-24 10 Huntingburg--45 fg ft-0 pf 2 Blernker, t. 11 2-2 O Singer, t. .,... 4-5 4 Fierst, C. ...,. 2 2-5 3 Henderson, Q. . O 5-7 3 Elshott, Q. .... 3 O-O 3 Stetter, t. ..... O O-O O SCl'1urz, Q. ,... O O-O O Totals ..... 16 13-19 15 By quarters: Vincennes ..,,.. 13 21 38 Huntingburg .... 16 28 30 WE ARRIVE AT THE SEMI-FINALS '?'l'!n---mm -w V , WE EAT AT THE SEMI-FINALS WE WIN THE FIRST GAME '- KehI's Winning Sho! Evans. Reitz-52 fg ft-a pf Ip Corroll, I. ..,, 3 2-4 2 8 Sprinkle, I. ... I O-2 5 2 Thurneck, f. . . I 2-7 2 4 Cornol, C. .... 7 3-6 3 I7 King, Q. ,l..l. 0 o-o 3 0 Holbrook, g. .. 5 8-IO 5 I8 Moore, g. .... I I-4 I 3 Totals ..... I8 I6-33 2I 52 Vincennes-53 fg ft-u pf Ip 2 4 6 Hughes, I. .... 2-4 L. Pitts, f. ..... 3 3-6 5 9 Dovis, I. ..... O O-I I O Sloley, f-. .... O O-O O O T. Puffs, C. 8 4.5 1 20 Cloycomb, g. .. O O-2 5 O Kehl, g. ..... 2 I2-I5 2 I6 Cannon, 9. I O-O 4 2 Tofols ..... I6 2I-33 22 53 By quarters: Evans. Reitz. ..., II I3 I3 I5 Vincennes ...... I5 6 I6 I6 Officials: Charles Meode ond Maurice Criswell. TOP EIGHT IN STATE CONGRATULATIONS FROM HOME WE'RE PROUD OF THEM! We FinuIIy Lost New Albany-86 Ig ' 3 Swift, I. ..... . Speedy, I. ..,, I Mater, I. ...,.. IO Solomon, I. ..., O Owen, I. , , . . . O Johnson, C. .... 6 Seitz g. ...... 4 Henry, Q. ,..., IO Tucker, g. ..... O TotaIs ...... 34 Vincennes-58 Ig L. Pitts, I. ..... 4 Hughes, I. .,... 3 Staley, I. . . . . I Davis, I. ,,.... I T. Pitts, c. ..... 4 Feldman, C. .... I Claycomb, g. . . I Kehl, g. ....,. 2 Cannon, g. .... 5 Bedford, Q. .... I TotaIs ...... Q3 By quarters: New AIbany .... 28 Vincennes ...... I I It-a 5 O 4 O O 4 2 3 O I8 It-a I O O O 4 O 3 3 I O I2 QI I7 ADVERTISERS ll ,1 .Q ,,.,..,db- "fp . Ni M, ww Many advertisers will recognize the two stu- Susie Williams and David Von Behren proved dents shown above, for they probably sold them themselves to be the outstanding salesmen in their ad in the LINCOLN LOG. selling advertising space in the LINCOLN LOG. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs Mr. 8. Mrs Dr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs Dr. 8. Mrs. Dr. 8. Mrs. Mr. 84 Mrs PATRONS L. 0. Campbell Ray C. Beless Frederic I. Ruehl Norman E. Denny John R. Davis H. O. Chattin Richard M. Kerlin Carl Jewel Mrs. Ainslee Chenoweth 8. Mrs. Stanley Thomas Mr. Harley VV. Summitt Mr. 8. Mrs. P. A. Dora Dr. 81 Mrs. Herman B. Wolte Mr. 8. Mrs. Glen F. Cullison Dr. C. L. Kelso Dr. 81 Mrs. James F. Reilly Mr. 8. Mrs. Jack Western Mr. 8. Mrs. Gene Wilkerson Curtis V. 81 J. W. Kimmell Mr. 8. Mrs. George S. Sexten Mr.8i Mrs. Don Hollis Mr. Chris Zaratonetis Mr. 84 Mrs. M. C. Groscop Gilbert' 8. Ralph Alsop Mr. lra Smith Mi. 8. Mrs. Leroy Vaughn F 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Mr. 1. 11 1, Mr 1 1 1 11 Mr 11 1 1 ' Mr 1 11 1' Ml' 1 11 1 11 1 11 1 1: MY' 1 11 1 Dr. 11 11 11 tl Mr 11 1 1 1: Dr. 1 11 1 11 Dr. 1 1 1: Mr 11 11 1 l 41 11 11 1 11 11 11 11 L-::::- PATRONS 81 Mrs. F. Albert Reiman 8rMrs. Chester Gates 81 Mrs. Richard Wendling 81 Mrs. Ralph B. Studley 81 Mrs. Henry E. Mackey Jack81 Bob Johnson 81 Mrs Joseph Lyle E. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. F. W. Studler Ostendorf Miller Nathaniel Ewing William Von der Liet George Feagans 8. Mrs 81 Mrs. 8. Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. Wm B. Harold 81 Mrs. 8. Mrs. 81 Mrs 81 Mrs 81 Mrs Gilbert Shake Curtiss G. Shake Ralph O. Smith Elsworth W. Beckes Robert S. McCormick Anderson E. Avra Maurice S. Fox J. L. Johnson Joseph A. Meurer Dewey Shepherd James F. Harlow James J. Lewis 81 James W. Funk Y' " "" "E-?"" :J4':.reet: :::.1-:: ADAM C0 FEC'l'l0 ERY ACROSS FROM THE COLISEUM K. T. BENSON PHONE 693 ,Jv:----9oc-:-J1--Jvt-v-,--Joot AAAAA"-A "Style Begins ot ALBERTS The Store For Young Men 218 Moin Street ------ - --------A 4 T GERIIARD BERGMAN Xt SUNS ESTABLISHED 1889 STUDEBAKER - PACKARD 4' J Congrotulotions to Closs of " '55"! NELSUN BAKING CUMPANY 304 South 13th Street PHONE 807 :::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::t:::: LENAHANS Q KUNEN. INCURPURATED CENTRAL MIXED CONCRETE WASHED SAND ond GRAVEL me South Fifteenth stteetf Phone 2959-Pat 3212 Vincennes' newest store soys congrotulotions to Vincennes' newest seniors-we feel thot in your honcls is the future of Vincennes-with your support we con succeed ond grow. We pledge ourselves to constontly strive to give you the finest store possible-olwoys remembering thot in you-our future leoders-lies our future too. AITER- URGA COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIE D K L E M E Y E R "ouR sERvlcE IS AT Youre sERvucE" Phone I4 Corner First ond Hort Streets VINCENNES, INDIANA KOH-I-NOR LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS 302 North Second Street Phone 88 CoMPLuMENTs or ERNEST R. PULLIAM QUALITY JEWELRY HAMILTON - ELGIN WATCHES T847 ROGERS 84 COMMUNITY SILVER II North 5th Street Phone 999 NEXT TO THE POST OFFICE ::::::: :::::::::::::0:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: THE VINCENNES SUN - COMMERCIAL "Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is, There is Liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17 L- ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: J v- -vvv--vJ+Oooc-v----:c--vv:ooo'c-J't-rvv--- --,,---- CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '55 THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Si n c e I 8 8 8 VINCENNES, INDIANA -AAA--AA.rc---A--A -A -A----- A - ----- ---- - - --A-- --------If---A-I 'I II I 'I In 'I II II Ia I , COMPLNENTS 2 OF 1 S f: X 4 in ART NIEMANN E'f1'l'5'fY Disfribufor Of CHESTY FOODS f v---v-v-- -vvv : ::::::: 4' GOOD LUCK SENIORS J. 8m H. OSTENDORF JEWELERS VINCENNES, INDIANA Phone 68I 308 Moin Street CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '55 :Q4-::::::4::QQ':::::::: ::::0:::,,::::::::::::Q::::::::::: VINCENNES TRANSFER and STORAGE CO. C. E. TRAVIS, Owner MOVING - - STORAGE PACKING - - SHIPPING III5 Shelby Street Phone 121 VINCENNES, INDIANA VINCENNES' FINEST YOUR HOME ON THE ROAD CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS Of '55 SECURITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION VINCENNES EDWARDSPORT OAKTOWN FREELANDVILLE COMPLIMENTS OF ' Q-I. f D I C K G O D A R E ' S 1 Ms TEXACO SERVICE 5th and Vigo Vincennes, Indicmc I X CONGRATULATONS E Q3 Of 1955 1 I I VINCENNES, INDIANA ' The Store Designed With You In Mind ------A--fff1,-M-----A--,-- L ALWAYS A FRIENDLY WELCOME 'I Air - Conditioned I L I N C O L N G R I L L GOOD FOOD FOUNTAIN SERVICE 1 Open 24 Hours Every Doy :I 'I J-00.3 BROCKMAN'S FUNERAL HOME 614 North Seventh Street Phone 880 EvlswiIwPA:I'i'EPSvONAvAw-vwun mmmvW--Zlnfwgonlglifr PAT'S DRIVE - IN CAFE 821 North Second Street VINCENNES, - INDIANA qu "T" ERTEL'S SHOE SHOP AGENCY: The Wright Arch Preserver ond Portoge Porto-Ped Shoes - 34 Yeors of Continuous Service - Expert Shoe Repoir ot Moderate Prices 1503 North Second Street CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1955 MURRAY'S PHARMACY VINCENNES' LEADING APOTHECARY 316 Mein Street Phone I I9 VINCENNES, INDIANA lA 11 :: :::::::-reoo-c:::::::: ::J-0o'c::::: Our Congratulations To The Graduates of The Class of 1955 ESCO WALK Xa SIIIIIS ouALIrY MEN'S and woMEN'5 WEAR VINCENNES, INDIANA :::::,:::::: A A AA--- ----- - 4 r YOUR COMMUNITY MUSIC CENTER N. D. DAVIDSON MuslccoMPANY Home of KIMBALL .PIANOS CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS "Keyboard ofthe Nation" Record and Sheet Music Headquarters -PO0 fi 4 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS MILDRED'S FLOWER SHOP 24 North 5th Phone 4000 VINCENNE UNIVER ITY Your community college THE "NEXT STEP IN YOUR EDUCATION" Education within financial reach of all. Tuition S70 per semester for all Knox County students. Opportunity to make the adiustments to college while living at home. Careful counseling procedures insure the student's maximum development. First two years of any college course are given, transferable to the college of your choice. Complete two-year general course in business administration, secretarial science, home economics and family life. For information Apply Fall Semester Begins To the Registrar September 6, 1955 Vincennes University COMPLIMENTS OF BLACKFORD WINDOW GLASS COMPANY CGNGRATULATIONS SENIORS BEST IN DRUG STORE SERVICE DUESTERBERG'S BEST IN DRUG STGRE MERCHANDISE THE REXALL STORE 400 S. oth Street Phone 224 310 Moin Street VINCENNES Coll 48 I I I I I I I I I I J Quess Who These Girls Are Shopping In LAIIIIIIIIIIIVS? 'V I I I I I I I I I I II 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :OJ I I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I II I 'I 'I I 'I I 'I 'I VINCENNES, INDIANA , liiiiiiiiiiiilliilii J C O M P L I M E N T S WELSH 81. TIIEHIAU, INC. IN S U R A N C E M. W. WELSH Ka CII. IN V E S T M E N T S Telephone II7 VINCENNES, INDIANA CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '55 H 41101 R FLOOR COVERING COMPANY 1205 WASHINGTON AVENUE PHONE T365 HOOSIER GAS CORPORATION MORE AND MORE THE TREND IS TO OAS MODERNIZE WITH GAS I9 NORTH FOURTH STREET PHONE 44 CITIZENS' INSUIIA CE CII.I C. AGE T ED WATSON, Pres. Corner Second ond Mein Phone I64 IC BUYS MORE TODAY THAN EVER BEFORE EIecTricc1IIy Of Course PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF INDIANA, INC. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ORADUATING CLASS OF I955 TIP-TIIP CREAIVIERY BEATRICE FOODS COMPANY Manufacturers cmd Distributors with 5.1 -ufg :- a J ill' :vl-v-r-r.-xvvn illlq4'lUlTlAT. ltuilli ll I 1A 'I -'Jill' Ill! A2 l'lll'AkkA 2 Q M 'N..7DV "fG'NTJ' ii' x- X" VINCENNES, INDIANA v-v-.r4-- I , fa? SMART YOUNG FASHIONS At VINCENNES FASHION CENTER 224 MAIN VINCENNES, INDIANA CHARLIE'S NEW CAFE BREAKFAST - DINNER - LUNCHES STEAKS - CHOPS - CHICKEN SANDWICHES - SHORT ORDERS IO43 WASHINGTON AVENUE VINCENNES, INDIANA BOB RITTERSKAMP'S M, 8, College STANDARD SERVICE VINCENNES, INDIANA Q """"""""" "" A A - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - v - - f - v v -A-Av'-'-A-'J-2'-A-11'-2'-'v'v'v'-A-A-'v'-'-2 4 1: BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '55 COLUMBIA DRUG 'I 'I PRESCRIPTIONS 1047 Washington Avenue Phone 1231 1 ARROW COACH LINES, INC. I :I EVANSVILLETO TERRE HAUTE ,I " VINCENNESQTRANSIT ' 'I LOCAL SERVICE I I Il 3 IKTTIIIZCIH Ccacv? ,LlxIli?1.. Jw L :E I CHARTER SERVICE 'T 1' 1025 Washington Avenue Phone 45 EI 12 Vincennes, Indiana gf 1 1 I f I I , COMPLIMENTS ' - If 5, if OF joiflmq Eofqoafzgd 1511 Willow Street ..Vincennes, Ind. Bottlers of Grapette, Mason Root Beer, and Modding Flavors 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 -04 : ::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::, :v COMPLIMENTS OF F H I E 0-Q COMPLIMENTS OF 1 HOOSIER SUPPLIES II 427-429 MAIN STREET PHONE 34II - 34I2 VINCENT PRINTING UIIMPANY 406 NORTH 7TH STREET PHONE 33I VINCENNES, INDIANA r , , if 1 Q'N.,9o,.o'S' . AMERICAN CLEANER Drive-in - Fourth and Buniin Streets I -AYINSE-ITNES, A - INDIANA Wholesale Retail VINCENNES ROSE GARDENS Our Offices, Shop, Greenhouse are on the Old Bruceville Road Phone 2300 VINCENNES COMPLIMENTS OF FOODS GENERAL FINANCE COMPANY AUTOMOBLIE FINANCING COMPLETE LOAN SERVICE 329 MAIN STREET PHONE 866 LEO A. SIMON Congfrcatulofions To The Closs of 1955 From GIMBEL -B0 ll CUMPA Y Vincennes' Grecafesf Store Founded in 1842 ---'yt- vw-v , CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T955 From K. PIGG Your Prescription Store With The Aufomoric Door CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES o ' Aug out 322'524 'Nth SBU! Vincennes' Relioble Furniture Store P D 46 Yeors of Foir Deoling 1 L :::::::::::::::::::::::::: J 'r 1' THE GRAND Vincennes' Leading Hotel THE RENDEZVOUS-THE PLACE TO EAT IN VINCENNES THE ORCHARD ROOM-FOR PRIVATE PARTIES 214 Main Sireef Phone 211 1 5 A Exclusive Women's Apparel VINCENNES, INDIANA .-.-.-.-1.-.-.-.-.-.-, -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-:.-.--v-v-.-v-.+v-.-.-:--f-----:-A-v----A--A c c 'I' coNoRATuLATnoNs, sersuoizs VINCENNES NEWS AGENCY Education Comes From More Than Text Books READ A MAGAZINE NIGHTLY ::: ....... ,,--- T COMPLIMENTS OF BELL INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS I4 South 3rd Street Vincennes, Indiana CONGRATULATIONS And BEST WISI-IES From amZ2ff wwf VINQENNES, INDIANA fv ,, , ., TT 0 0 0 11 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 'P 'U 0 0 0 li 'P s T N L'ME P M O C 'P 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4l 0 0 0 0 OF OF EALER ll R CA Ew Es N N NCE I v 0 0 0 il 0 0 0 11 0 0 ll 0 0 0 0 0 'I 0 0 li 0 0 'b 0 0 N I A :J - v: - H COIVIPLIMENTS OE KUIVI - BACK RESTAURANT I302 WILLOW STREET PHONE 3993 I I COMPLIMENTS OF ALLIANCE AMUSEMENT CII. NEW MOON - PANTHEON FORT SACKVILLE - ALLISON DRIVE - IN Movies Are Your Most Economncol Form of Entertainment' CANNON ELECTRIC COMPANY IO4 Broodwoy ELECTRIC WIRING-LIGHTING FIXTURES-ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES "Neoring o HoIf Century of Service ond Experience" :I Phone 508 or 509 'I 'I EA -A-.------------- AA ------.A.A..A-..--------------------- -- ----- 50.0.0-.a.'4.a.':::::::::::e :::::::- - ::- - :::::- CONGRATULATIQNS "If It's For Your Office IQ CLASS OF We Hove It" 1 1955 FROM I T HICKS OFFICE MACHINE COMPANY ALL MAKES OF PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Come in, try them oll, you be the iudge! OFFICE MACHINES OFFICE FURNITURE OFFICE SUPPLIES ond SERVICE ' AMERICA'S FINEST LINES QI6 Vigo Street Phone 550 f ------------v.-.- .-.----.----------v -v-- ------- COMPLIMENTS or FROSTED FOOD LOCKERS 8I2 Moin Street Phone 39 QUICK FROZEN-FRUITS-VEGETABLES-MEATS If -:::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::, COMPLIMENTS or W. F. HOLLAND COMPANY 2-4 North First COMPLIMENTS OF ALICE SODA SHOP WE BACK THE ALICES MARY'S formerly RUTH 81 LOUlE'S 10th and Main ::::: :::::::::: A - -:::::::::::::::::q::g:::: ::::::::::::::1t:::: CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Z IIAARTJE GRIICEIIY ' QUALITY MEATS Gnd FRESH PRODUCE "Meet Your Friends of Hoortle's" 202I Woshungfon Avenue - U HUM--un--U-Flh-QQ?--?f??A Congfrotulofions To The Closs of I955 CH' wAsHlNeToN, """"'m'5 INDIANA The STAFF of The 1955 LINCOLN LOG SAYS- "Thonks Pofrons ond Advertisers For Making This Book Possible." Qemenaem pmaqan ll flamendw pdddqdlt D Qememim pafmqon Yll ll lllllllllllll'lll JIIIA4 oday Sbiwe are printers of the yearbook of your school. 6, Tomorrow as you seek your future in up the professions, industry and commerce ii, -S.: we at Paragon hope to serve you with the essential Printing and Lithography you will need in the pursuit of your career, Many of our best customers came to us through friendships formed around the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. be aragcm was MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Ill --1-2 I - , ,gg-fax, . fl: Arm at -g Q .W il' 1'-' "l V21 2 1, X . ' r -I 'IT : 'S 1 lj . - . -, .. r" 4 BILL FARR 6618 Flagstone Courf CINCINNATI 24, OHlO MIQVZJ QV ,JH QXWZM UMW! 0 WM WM f. F 9 lg WM WJJ L4 M452 pw JW W9 6211467 QM!!

Suggestions in the Vincennes Lincoln High School - Lincoln Log Yearbook (Vincennes, IN) collection:

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