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s .Q ,, J x i.,,, ,, , qi, Q fx, J TQ: '.-4 . . wg., R-fffQUe ff'2'f77 f" fK+:ff2'fQfzW H 4 b 1 '1 My Tl-IE EXILE Published by ,. . fl f ' If? Q L,,Z7,t,',gZ47Va Q, f ,M ,, ,' V- I," 'J A , 'A :ITV Zf'zf.fWz,rg J ,A VZAJIJ.. L19 1 Cf THE EXILE 1 VINALI-IAVEN I-HG!-I SCI-IGCDI. vuNALHAvEN, MAINE I959 THE EXILE DEDICATION RAYMOND SENNETT We, the Students of Vinalhaven High School, respectfully and affectionately dedicate this 1959 edition of our year book, the Exile, to our principal, Raymond Sennett, who, during the two years that he has been in Vinalhaven, has come to be regarded as a fine teacher and a highly valued friend. 1 - EDITORIAL BOAFQD Back Row, left to right: Joseph White, Alfred Osgood, Charles Dyer, Arthur Philip. Middle row, left to right: Carl Philbrook, Sharon Healey, Rosemary Peacock, Georgianna Hansen, Kirk Hansen, Mr. Sennett, Advisor. Front Row, left to right, Albert Osgood, Kenneth Conway, Janice Wadleigh, Minnie Ann White. Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Senior Editor Junior Editor Sophomore Editor Freshman Editor Activity Editor Assistant Activity Editor Literary Editor Alumni Editor Business Managers Personnel Editor Faculty Advisor Kenneth Conway Janice Wadleigh Minnie Ann White Kirk Hansen Carl Philbrook Joseph White Arthur Philip Charles Dyer Rosemary Peacock Sharon Healey Albert Osgood Alfred Osgood Georgianna Hansen Raymond Sennett THE EXILE We realize that life is dependent upon air, water and heat. Living forms of vast numbers have been named and recorded. Scientists are sure that ages ago the earth's surface was too hot for plants or animals to exist. The origin of the earth is still a mystery to us. Revolving cooling matter or dust cast off from a cooling sun may have developed our solar system, but we can use either hypothesis. Many guesses have been made throughout the years concerning how the continents were formed. Some scientists believe that when the moon separated from what is now the earth, it left a great hole which is now the Pacific Ocean. Some guesses have it that North and South America separated first, part- ing from Greenland, Asia, Europe and Africa. If one were to fit them together they would fit much like a picture puzzle. The earth may be divided into four parts, namely: the centrosphere, or nucleus, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, or oceans, and the litrosphere, or crust. It's possible that the earth is gradually cooling off and will be run down, so to speak, in a few million years. The exact opposite might be true. In many fields we are well informed, while in others we are still just scratching the surface. It may take as much as a million years more before we can be thoroughly satisfied that some of our beliefs and theories are facts. It may be that we shall never know. Every new bit of information only leads to an ever expanding array of seemingly unanswerable puzzles. It sometimes appears that we are lost in time and space, yet somewhere there are answers. Our own lives lead us to the convictions that in spite of all the mystery surrounding our origins and our destiny that there is a purpose to it all. To live is to know that life is precious and that it cannot be in vain. Senior Editor - V H S - CROSS COUNTRY Cross Country running is an entirely new sport for high schools in the State of Maine. It was introduced to most secondary schools not more than fifteen years ago. The University of Maine has ranked very high Cross Country running. The standard course is two and a half miles, but 'in college meets it varies from eight miles, five miles, three miles to two and a half miles. The Uni- versity of Maine is in the Yankee Conference with the other New England States and its team usually places on the top. Throughout recent years, the University of Maine has won the Yankee Conference, the New England Meets, the State Series, and has placed in the top ten several times in the N. C. A. A. Cross Country is one of the hardest sports there is. Like all other sports it requires skill, practice and most of all endurance. When starting the season, the first couple of weeks are spent doing calisthenics and wind sprints to get the body in condition. After the body muscles are quite well in shape, each run- ner tries to develop his own stride and running pace. The pace that the run- ner sets is vital in Cross Country for throughout the race he tries to keep his pace until the final sprint to the finish. If he breaks stride or pace it can cost him valuable time. The diet and training rules for all sports applies particul- arly to a runner. THE EXILE HELP KEEP THE SCHOOL CLEAN All of us know that we as students can help keep the school ground clean and neat by putting our paper and wrappers in the waste baskets. When we see paper on the ground we can easily pick it up. Another idea is to remind others to put waste in the basket where it belongs, not on the grounds or on the lanes approaching the school. Knowing this let's resolve to try harder to remember it. Everyone can keep the exterior of the school house looking well by refraining from defacing or scaring the walls. There are many ways in which the rooms of the school can be made to look better. Q11 If the boys and girls will keep the insides of their desks neat the covers will not be up in the air because there is too much in them. Remember that waste baskets are there to be used, not to be looked at. Q21 Paper that is scattered all over the floor and crammed into the book shelves does not help to improve our school rooms. Q35 We should never scar or deface the tops of our desk because it not only makes them look bad, but it of course ruins the writing surface and desks are costly to replace. I am certain that if anyone feels the urge to write there is plenty of other more ap- propriate means of expression. Let's all try harder to concentrate on neatness. It will not only improve our school building, but it will give people a better impression of us. Editor, Class of '62 i f f Class of '59 THE EXILE GEORGIANNA ELLEN HANSEN "Sha-Sha" Age 17 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Capt. 4, Softball 1, 2, 43 Band 3, 45 President of Student Council 4g Vice- President of Athletic Association 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Exile Board 49 Joke Editor, Crossword Editor, Girls' Sports Editor of Wildcat News 3, 4, Class Treasurer 45 Class Secretary 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2g Senior play lg Senior Show 3, 4: Home Economics Club 3, 4. ARTHUR JAMES PHILIP "Isaac" Age 19 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball Capt. 4, Cross Coun- try 2, 3, 43 Cross Country Capt. 49 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 President of Athletic Association 4, Exile Board 45 Student Council 3. MINNIE ANN WHITE Minnie" Age 18 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Softball 1, 2, Basketball Capt. 35 Cheerleader 1, 2, 35 Senior play 1, 2, Senior Show 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, Exile Board 3, 4, Class Secretary 45 Class President 3, Class Vice-President 23 Student Council 43 Wildcat News 3, 4. THE EXILE 13 Sophomore Class Back Row, left to right: Alfred Osgood, Kenneth Hatch, John Carrao, Perry Parmenter, Carl Philbrook. Front Row, left to right: Shirley Dyer, Marita Hansen, Sharon Healey, Rosemary Peacock. THE EXILE 15 LITERAQY GUNFIGHTERS REUNION When the west was wild and very young, Tire gunfighters thought they'd have some un, So, they all got together for a great big spree, . In the Texas town of Santa Fe. Bat Masterson came a-swingin' his cane, And Cheyenne brought young Bronco Lane. Palladin was there with a smile on his face, Handin' his cards out all over the place. Matt Dillon was there with Doc and Chester, Then came Josh Randall with his sawed- off Winchester. Palladin was there with that smile on his face, Handin' those cards out all over the place. Wyatt Earp was there, he was still alive, And Chris Colt rode in with his .45. Palladin was still there, that smile on his face, Still handin' those cards out all over the place. Yancy Derringer was there with his In- dian friend, Surgarfoot came with law books and book ends. Palladin had left, but he'd come back, for shore' He had run out of cards and rode home for some more. Kenneth Conway '59 - V H S - POEM Seniors 5 and Juniors 8 Climb school-house hill at half past eight, And following closely on behind Come Freshmen 17, And Sophomores 9. Add these figures and you will find Our High School "roll" for '59, Here's hoping every lad and miss Will add new honors to V.. H. S. Lauretta Carter '62 THE ALL AMERICAN GIRL Hair of gold, Eyes of blue, 98 lbs, 5 ft. 2. Size 10 dress, Size 5 feet, A pretty face, Boy, she's neat. Sways her walk, Swings her arms, A pretty smile, Puts on her charms. Goes to school, All day stays, Learns all well, Gets all A's Doesn't drink, Doesn't drive, Doesn't smoke, Digs that jive. Boy she's cool She's in a whirl, She's the all AMERICAN GIRL. Lida York '60 - V H S - THE BIG SHOT I know a man that smokes a big cigar, He comes in and says, "here I are," He puffs and fills the room with smoke, I cough and gag until I about choke. He sits down in the big easy chair, He says, "I'm sorry about shutting off your air!" He says, 'ihow about something to eat?" So into the kitchen I retreat. I brought in one big cracker, I said, "that will cost you a smacker". He handed over the money, I said, "are you trying to be funny?" The money was counterfeit as I could plainly see, So I shot him down for trying to cheat me. That is the end of the tale of the big shot, Never break the law for you will always be caught. Albert Osgood '60 was gone, and then it was there again. It came to him that the light was from a lighthouse. "Heron Neck Light!" He shouted aloud. Then it came to him that it wouldn't help him, it couldn't, he would never be seen. The boat was going to hit the ledges. Another light caught his eyes. A smaller light, a moving light, a light that was headed towards him. After the Coast Guard Cutter came along side he remembered nothing. Later he found how lucky he was. He had lost the boat, his equipment, and almost his life but he learned how much that he loved his family and he said to himself with a smile, "I even think more of my "ole" maid sister "Bess" Barbara Webb '60 - V H S - OUR ROOM Some schools have a separate room, Where girls can talk and tell, Tell of the latest gossip, news, And things they know so well. But in our school the corridor, Is the room so told, Where girls can talk and chat about, Things both new and old. Windows cracked and dirty too, Initials in the wall, Towel case is never full. Dig this crazy hall! Dirty mirrors on the wall, Hair being combed so neat, Sweaters and skirts are strightened out, While talking of Joe and Pete. Who is dating who tonight, And all that crazy hep, Some are cheerful, some are sad, Some just lost their pep! Disturbing teacher and their class, And things that aren't so nice, Bring grudges, scolds, and other things, The Principal hollers twice! So come on in and join our group, And let us know the score, For "No Boys Allowed" in our room, Is our motto forever more. Janice Wadleigh '60 THE EXILE 17 S UPPLI CAT! ON For me night and day are wedded In intemal rendezvous I feel warmth of sun upon my face and hear stealthy whispers of leaves and grass upon which my feet must trod. I meet fear and uncertainty, as the world of light and accustomed sounds grow strange to me. Silent tears tenant my heart as trembling fingers reach to touch my loved one's face Forever lost to me. Oh Ahriman, prince of darkness Be kind to me , For I am newly blind. Minnie Ann White '59 - V H S - ISLAND MEMORIES Waves beating on a rocky shore, Gulls circling in the sky, Gleaming white boats bobbing at their moors, The wind blowing through the pines with weird cries. When I am older and go away These scenes will be with me still Pleasant memories I'll recall each day Of the island home I love so well. Betty Burgess '62 - V H S - WHAT GOD MADE God made the world, So clean and bright, He made man, And gave the earth light. He made the blue waters, Which upon nation's fight, And gave us a mind, To know wrong from right. Roxana Calderwood '62 - V H S - POETRY Some people a rhyme can easily sing, But with me it is a different thing, So I'll give you a dime if you'll write mine, I hope you can think of an opening line, Some people write poems that are funny, But you will be writing mine for money. Now, Please put on your thinking cap, While I settle back for a little nap. Karen Lloyd '62 LET IT BE SO! The night of stars has disappeared Their brilliancy enveloped in the coming dawn, The heavens are resting, to yet again Send forth their shower of starlight When dusk sets in. Daiwn-the beginning of time, for only a 3Y, Heralded by the hungry gull, And the purr of the fisherman's boat, Heading into the disatnt horizon. Streakes of gold mark the hastening progress of the dayg Tide waters hoarsely strike against The whitened shoreline, They too are awakening from the Quietness of their deep and dark sleep, Amid the memories of the past. Who knows what lies beneath These ever moving waters, Life for the day, in the swimming And crawling denizens of the deep. But alas, ageless rest is found there, None know their secret, Let it be so. Night and day-ever mysterious, As when the world began, The same heavens glow at night, With starlight, Cut by the great white way of the moon. The sun by day warming the earth below. The ever moving waters of the sea. Life-night and day, steeped in mystery Let it be so! Nancy Adams '59 -VHS- THE ULTIMATE WEAPON Buck Roger's of the I. Q. P. T. Z. B. R. Universe Patrol had been working for six months, eleven days, three hours, ten minutes and twen- ty-nine seconds on his latest Weapon, when he made an important discov- ery. He had forgotten to light his Bunsen burner and would have to start all over again. He took a firm grip on himself and struggled again to perfect his invention. Finally it was completed. It stood there glistening in the sun. It was a super long range hyper-sonic ultra- violet artillery piece. The ammuni- tion it fired was petrified snowballs, found only on Planet X. He was temporarily out of petrified snow- THE EXILE 19 balls, so he loaded his super long range hyper-sonic ultra-violet artil- lery piece into his universe rocket and took off for Planet X. He landed on Planet X and start- ed to look for some petrified snow- balls. His I. Q. P. T.Z. B. R. Uni- verse Patrol infra-red gieger counter started to tick showing that there were some petrified snowballs near- by. He unfolded his Universe Patrol shovel and dug deep into green earth. He soon had a large supply of snowballs. Gathering them up, he walked back to the ship. He had just about made the door when he looked back and saw that a nine- horned, twenty-seven eyed, crawl- ing purple people and petrified snowball eater was after him. He jumped into the ship, loaded the super long range hyper-sonic ultra- violet artillery piece with petrified snowballs, and swung the muzzle around to the door. He sighted it down on the monster and pulled the trigger. There was a blinding flash and the beast dropped. It was one of the larger types about 48 suns' long. He hooked up a super crane to the creature and loaded it aboard. Then he blasted off for home, a very happy man because his weapon was a success. 'SA unit of Japanese measure equal to about 13!16 inches. -VHS- MY LITTLE BROTHER With the look of an angel And a smile twice as sweet With big, baby blue eyes And a charm you can't beat, At first impression Folks say "how sweet", When speaking of my brother. With the look of a monster, A smile like a fiend, With 'Tm watching you" eyes And a temper that's teamed With the mind of an Einstein, That's how it's seemed I've always spoken of my little brother. Rose Mary Peacock '61 THE EXILE 21 ACTIVITIES Back Row, left to right: Kenneth Conway, Kenneth Hatch, Bette Ellen Burgess, Arthur Philip, Minnie Ann White, Lida York, Mr. Sennett, Advisor. Front Row, left to right Shir- ley Dyer, Georgianna Hansen, Barbara Webb, Kirk Hansen. STUDENT COUNCIL This year officers of the Student Council with Mr. Sennett as faculty advisor were, President, Georgianna Hansen, Vice-President, Shirley Dyerg Secretary, Barbara Webb and Treasurer, Kirk Hansen. The Student Council has undertaken the project of selling candy to raise money for the General Fund and a dance for the same purpose. Art Philip '59 THE EXILE 23 THE BAND This year the V. H. S. Band has a new music instructor, Mr. Norman Guidoboni. Officers of the Band were President, Charles Dyer, Vice-President, Janice Wadleighg Secretary, Kirk Hansen and Treasurer, Marita Hansen. A band Concert was held Christmas which netted about S50 for us and another was held April 3, which netted about 3150. The band made a trip to Union for another Concert on April 10. Other activities were scheduled for the remainder of the year. It has been another successful year for the Vinalhaven Band. I know that I speak for everyone in giving Norman Guido- boni every bit of credit for putting the band together. Many thanks go to the Legion for their welcome donation this year and to the Community which has supported us so faithfully. Art Philip '59 Instrumentation: Clarinetsg Janice Wadleigh, Janice Barton, Roxana Calderwood, John Bu- teau, Roberta Lou Conway, Elaine Hildings and Diana Bruce. Trumpets, Ar- thur Philip, Joseph Nelson, Barbara White, Craig Hansen, Clyde Bickford, Brenda Beckman, Rachel Burgess. Trombonesg Robert Candage and Larry Coombs. Baritone, Kirk Hansen. Alto, Perry Parmenter. Bass Horn, Ken- neth Conway. Drumsg Charles Dyer, Georgianna Hansen, Joseph White, Cheryl Headley, and Majorettes, Marita Hansen, Lida York, Dora Tupper and Joanne Poor. - V H S - CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Janice Wadleigh, Lida York, Happy Hansen, Cheryl Headley, Georgianna Hansen, Rosemary Peacock. THE EXILE 25 Back Row, left to right: Roberta Lou Conway, Sharon Healey, Leanne Healey, Bette Ellen Burgess, Minnie Ann White. Front Row, left to right: Georgianna Hansen, Perry Parmenter, Janice Wadleigh, Kirk Hansen. WILDCAT NEWS STAFF Although we have greatly missed Bob Bennett's skillful hand on the Wildcat this year, we have continued to publish the school paper. The staff this year is as follows: Editor-in-chief Assistant Editor Senior Editor Junior Editor Sophomore Editor Freshman Editor J oke Editor Crossword Editor Girls Sports Editor Exchange Editor Eighth Grade Editor Seventh Grade Editor Faculty Advisor Perry Parrnenter Janice Wadleigh Minnie Ann White Kirk Hansen Sharon Healey Bette Ellen Burgess Georgianna Hansen Georgianna Hansen Georgianna Hansen Georgianna Hansen Roberta Lou Conway Diana Bruce Raymond Sennett THE EXILE 27 spoms A Left to Right: Arthur Philip, Georgianna Hansen, Janice Wadleigh, Kenneth Hatch ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Officers of the Athletic Association were President, Arthur Philipg Vice- President, Georgianna Hanseng Secretary, Janice Wadleigh and Treasurer, Kenneth Hatch, Jr., Several fund raising activities have been undertaken to raise money for athletic equipment. We have also received a donation from the Extension Association which we deeply appreciated. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our very able coach Jerold Michaels for the work and effort he has displayed in the coaching of all of our athletic activities. Arthur Philip '59 THE EXILE 29 Left to right: Barbara Webb, Manager, Aileen Hutchinson, Minnie Ann White, Cheryl Headley, Sharon Healey, Dora Tupper, Roxana Calderwood, Marita Hansen, Jerold Michaels, Coach. Kneeling: Georgianna Hansen, Janice Wadleigh. GIRLS BASKETBALL The V. H. S. girls had a Winning season this year, their record 5-4. Georgianna Hansen topped the scores with 111 points while Janice Wadleigh had 86, and Minnie Ann White had 45. Georgianna Hansen and Minnie Ann White are the only two leaving the team after graduation. The Scores were: Vinalhaven 34 North Haven 23 Vinalhaven Union 32 Vinalhaven Brooksville 25 Vinalhaven North Haven 28 Vinalhaven North Haven 22 Vinalhaven Union 45 Vinalhaven Islesboro 36 Vinalhaven J ayvee's 18 The girls averaged 31.4 points per game. A Art Philip '59 THE EXILE 31 Games FG. FT. PTS. Average Center Arthur Philip 10 54 21 119 11.9 Rt. G. Kirk Hansen 11 60 16 136 12.3 Rt. F. "Red" Peterson 4 12 0 24 6.0 Lt. F. Perry Parmenter 11 30 10 70 6.4 Lt. G. John Buteau 11 8 2 18 1.6 Lt. F. Bill Wadleigh 9 2 1 5 0.5 Rt. F. Ken Conway 8 12 3 25 3.1 Center Joe Nelson 8 3 1 7 0.9 Rt. G. John Carrao 8 20 4 44 5.5 Total points for Vinalhaven were 451-Average of 41. This year our coach was Jerry Michaels. Art Philip '59 -VHS- Back Row, left to right: Coach Ray Cate, Manager Kenneth Conway, Kirk Hansen, Alfred Osgood, Carl Philbrook, Albert Osgood, Ronald Peterson, James Calderwood. Front Row, left to right: Ladd York, Delwyn Webster, Kenneth Hatch, Perry Parmenter, Captain Law- rence Davidson, Walter White. BASEBALL Although VHS had to scramble to get games, since being out of the former league, we managed a rather successful season with our share of wins and losses, including a thrilling near win over a much larger Camden team. Once again for the third season Lawrence "Cy" Davidson was elected Captain. Arthur Philip '59 THE EXILE 33 VITAL STATISTICS Best Dressed Charles Dyer '59 GIRL BOY Sharon Healey Sharon Healey Georgianna Hansen Sharon Healey Janice Wadleigh Bette Ellen Burgess Lauretta Carter Karen Lloyd Sharon Healey Marita Hansen Lauretta Carter Lauretta Carter Most Popular Best Looking Best Athlete Best Profile Most Versatile Most Studious Most Dignified Best Personality Best Dancer Most Stylish Best Figure Best Physique Kenneth Hatch Kenneth Hatch Kirk Hansen Kenneth Conway Kirk Hansen Kirk Hansen Kenneth Hatch Kenneth Conway Arthur Philip Joseph White Kenneth Hatch Kirk Hansen Cheryl Headley Nicest Smile Alfred Osgood Cheryl Headley Biggest Flirt Alfred Osgood Cheryl Headley Biggest Heartbreaker Kenneth Hatch Cheryl Headley Ideal Hair Kenneth Hatch Minnie Ann White Most Talkative Kenneth Conway Georgianna Hansen Does most for V. H. S. Perry Parmenter Bette Ellen Burgess Most likely to Succeed Kirk Hansen Girls' Choice for Brother Albert Osgood Sharon Healey Boys' Choice for Sister Lauretta Carter Quietest Charles Dyer Sharon Healey Cutest Alfred Osgood Dora Tupper School Clown Peter Day Dora Tupper W ittiest Peter Day Mr. Merritt: Physics is a very exact science. For example if one man built a garage in twelve days, twelve men can build it in one day. Kenny: Then I suppose if one ship can cross the ocean in eight days eight ships can cross in one. Mrs. Smith: Why does a giraffe have such a long neck? Peter: Because his head is so far from his body. THE EXILE 35 ALUMNI CLASS OF 1889 Maude B. Hopkins, QMrs. Clarkl Deceased Maude Peaslee, CMrs. William Doanej Deceased Carrie Ginn, Deceased Alice Lane, Deceased Lillian Lane, CMrs. Ed. Libby? Deceased Sadie Creed, fMrs. Charles Libbyj Deceased Jennie B. Hopkins, QMrs. Arthur Patter- sonj Deceased Lena R. Vinal, Deceased Edward P. Walker, Deceased CLASS OF 1899 Myrtle D. Mills, CMrs. Vincent Doucettej Deceased Margaret Grant Lora M. Hopkins, Deceased John D. Lynch, Howard Vinal, Deceased Matia Vinal, Deceased Ina Murray Watson, Deceased CLASS OF 1909 Wyvem A. Coombs, Deceased Anna C. Coombs, fMrs. Daniel Paulitz, Rockland, Mainel Thelma Tolman, KMrs. Rivers, Portland, Maine! Josiah A. Reynolds, iLorton, Virginiaj Charles E. Russell, Deceased William R. Russell, Cwashington, D. CJ Victor H. Shields, CNorth Haven, Mainel CLASS OF 1924 Ivan Arey, CVinalhaven, Mainel Leah Arey, fMrs. Franklin Hopkins, Rockport, Mainel Carl Burgess, iStonington, Mainej Helen Carlon, iMrs. Donald Ames, Holden, Mass.J Herbert Cassie, 1Boston, Mass.J Alexander Davidson, lVinalhaven, Mainej Andrew Gilchrist, CVina1haven, Mainel Rita Greenlaw, KMrs. Michael Williams, North Haven, Mainel Louise Hardison, iEast Orange, New Jerseyj Luda Johnson, CMrs. McKenneyJ Deceased Cora Vinal, fMrs. Herbert Mills, Belfast, Mainel Margaret Roberts, fMrs. Ernest Johnson, Woodville, Mass.l Mildred Robertson, lMrs. Earl Calder, Rockland, Mainej CLASS OF 1934 Hollis Arey, Deceased. Philip Bennett, QVinalhaven, Mainej Barbara Brown, CWorcester, Mass.D Joyce Bennett, CMrs. Edward Ames, Vinalhaven, Mainej Cecile Columb, fMrs. William Blaisdell, Portland, Mainej Elmer Coombs, CBangor, Mainej Cleo Drew, fMrs. Victor Sheilds, Vinalhaven, Mainej Elizabeth Gray, QMrs. Horatio Torfason, Rockland, Mainej Bertha Healey, CMrs. Roy Dyer, Vinalhaven, Mainej Lawrence Hopkins, CNew Haven, Conn.D Allen Middleton, KKilled in Action Over Italy in 19431 Carl Magnuson, Deceased Lucile Burgess, 1Mrs. Eugene Burgess, Vinalhaven, Maineb Albert Osgood, CVinalhaven. Mainej Natalie Smith, CMrs. Samuel Hider, Portland, Maine! Robert Staples, CRockville, Conn.J Maurice Teel, CNew York, N. YJ Horatio Torfason, fRockland, Me.J Frank Toumi, Deceased Avis Webster, CMrs. James Calderwoodl Deceased William Young, CDeep River, Conn.J Douglas Gilchrist, fUpton, Mass.D CLASS OF 1939 Phyllis Alley, fMrs. Russell Snell, Bath, Mainel Raymond Alley, CVinalhaven, Mainej Olive Amiro, fMrs. Ray Stull, Somerville, Mass.y Philip Brown, QWest Hartford, Conn.D Louise Burgess, CMrs. Henry Anderson, Vinalhaven, Mainej John Chilles, CVinalhaven, Mainel THE EXILE 37 MacDONALD'S TAXI Tel 212-2 Vinalhaven JAMES L. CALDERWOOD Gulf Oil Products Fishermenls Supplies Wall Rope Building Supplies Kerosene-Fuel Oil T 1 ph 53 Vinalhaven BURNHAM and MORRILL COMPANY VINALHAVEN THE EXILE 39 PEASLEE GARAGE Taxi and Trucking Marine Railway Marine Hardware Service Boat Storage Repair Service Gulf Service Dupont Paints, Oils, Varnishes Lawn Boy Power Mowers Mercury Outboards C. B. Williams, Prop. Telephone 11 Vinalhaven AREY GARAGE, INC. I " SALES and SERVICE Telephone 59 Vinalhaven GALAMANDER SHOP VINALHAVEN INFORMATION SERVICE - Come in and see our ISLAND HANDCRAFTS Phone 32-11 THE EXILE VINALHAVEN PORT DISTRICT MOTORSHIP VINALHAVEN II Direct Mail Service From Vinalhaven t Rockland NORTH HAVEN PORT DISTRICT MOTORSHIP NORTH HAVEN II Direct Mail Service From North Haven to Rockland VINALHAVEN Compliments of RALPH P. EARLE, M. D. THE EXILE VINALHAVEN LIGHT and POWER CGMPANY VINALHAVEN WATER COMPANY VINALHAVEN SALES and SERVICE VINALHAVEN, MAINE THE EXILE 45 BU RGESS' TV SHOP Authorized Philco Sales and Service Marine Electronics Telephone 18-2 and 20-7 VINALHAVEN MAINE ANDERSON IOIL COMPANY VINALHAVEN MAINE KEITH CARVER BOTTLED GAS and APPLIANCES Telephone 100 VINALHAVEN MAINE R. F. GRAY SUNNY SLUPE FARM PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM Chocolate Milk Telephone 184 Vinalhaven, Maine THE ISLANDER Telephone 116 VINALHAVEN MAINE THE EXILE 47 QUINN and HOPKINS MARINE REPAIR-RAILWAY STORAGE Telephone 143 Vinalhaven The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company It's Smart to Buy Ann Page Foods VINALHAVEN MAINE A. EVERETT LIBBY INSURANCE Kind ANY Where Amount Telephone 86 VINALHAVEN MAINE Pool-Billiards Candy-Soda Ammunition-Tobacco SIM"S BIKE RENTAL By The Hour, Day or Week VINALHAVEN MAINE THE MILLS FARM EGG-POULTRY-MEAT PAN SIES Telephone North Haven 9-22 Vinalhaven, Maine THE EXILE 4 GREGORYS BOAT SHOP 1921-1959 "Still Doing Business" VINALHAVEN MAINE OAKES' GROCERY MEATS-GROCERIES-NOVELTIES "Open Seven Days a Week" Telephone 200 VINALHAVEN MAINE THE GEM THEATRE VINALHAVEN MAINE H. Y. CARVER and SON VINALHAVEN SKOOG BOAT YARD BUILDERS of COMMERCIAL and PLEASURE BOATS Boat Repairing and Storage Telephone 146 Sands Cove Vinalhaven THE EXILE 51 Compliments of STEVE WITHERSPOON NORTH HAVEN MAINE ELMKER J. HOPKINS LUMBER-ROAD WORK-BULLDOZING Tel. 78-7 North Haven, Maine MARIE'S BEAUTY SHOP Telephone 140 Vinalhaven SHEDDERS Flora Hatch Dot Tolman Marguerite Mills Vivian McDonough Isabelle Osgood, Capt. COUNTERS Laura Skoog Norma Lloyd Emily Dyer Charlotte Burgess Marion Young, Capt. THE EXILE 83 MAINE LOBSTERMENIS ASSOCIATION DISTRIBUTORS Ford Marine Diesel ROCKLAND MAINE Money wisely spent for education, can increase your earning power. It is our business to help you save for future needs, such as education, homes and family ROCKLAND SAVINGS BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. SINCERE BEST WISHES TO ALL BICKNELL MFG. CO. Tel. LY 4-8454 Rockland, Maine Pipe, Valves and Fittings, Transmission Supplies, Explosives, Chain, Wire, Rope and Fittings, Hoists, Hammers, Drills and Bits Gas and Electric Welding Supplies CENTRAL MAINE POWER COMPANY ROCKLAND MAINE W. H. GLOVER BUILDING SUPPLIES 1868 - 1959 Telephone LY 4-8446 453 Main Street Rockland THE EXILE 55 LLOYD'S PHARMACY Rockland, Maine , Corner of Limerock and Main A. ALAN GROSSMAN ROCKLAND MAINE STONINGTON FURNITURE CO. HOME OF ATLANTIC RANGES and HEATERS Everything for the Home Tel. LY 4-8118 352 Main Street Rockland HUSTON-TUTTLE BOOK COMPANY Telephone LY 4-5441 408 Main Street Rockland ELLERY T. NELSON, INC. Service Parts DODGE and PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS Tel. LYric 4-4481 New County Road, Rt. 1 Rockland THE EXILE 57 SENTER-CRANE'S Telephone LY 4-5566 384 Main Street Rockland LAMB'S CLEANERS Mail Orders Taken 24 Hour Service Telephone LY 4-8069 311 Main Street Rockland, Maine GIFFORD MUSIC SHOP 24 Hour Photo Finishing Telephone LY 4-4232 371 Main Street Rockland, Maine Rockland's Leading Restaurant THE PARAMOUNT SEA FOODS-STEAKS-TURKEY SPECIAL LUNCHEONS Owned and Operated by the Mclntoshes 377 Main Street Rockland, Maine DR. WALTER P. CONLEY OPTOMETRIST Telephone LY 4-2303 420 Main Street Rockland THE EXILE 59 CLARICS FLOWER SHOP 338 Main Street Rockland, Maine BITLER CAR and HOME SUPPLY SALE S-SERVI CE-REN TA L-STORAGE GOODYEAR TIRES IOHNS ON SEA -HORSES for DEPENDABILITY G. E. APPLIANCES 509 Main Street Rockland, Maine PASSMORE LUMBER CO., INC. SON OTUBES PAINT BUILDING MATERIALS BUILDER'S HARDWARE-MILLWORK Telephone CEdar 6-2330 Camden, Maine Rockland Loan and Building Association' SAVINGS and HOME LOANS 18 School Street ROCKLAND MAINE THE COURIER - GAZETTE Published Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Contains All the Local News and Essential Information Available at All News Stands We Specialize in All Kinds of Job Printing Telephone LY 4-4401 465 Main Street Rockland ff THE EXILE 61 M. B. and C. O. Perry COAL PERRY"S MARKET Everything To Eat Rockland Maine HUNTER'S MACHINE SHOP Telephone LY 4-5685 122 Tilson Avenue Rockland, Maine ,IOE'S BARBER SHOP Joseph Corimer and Mark McAuliffe Operators Registered and Experienced Barbers Modern Sanitary Shop Plenty of Free Parking QSide or rear of Shopj COpposite Sears, Roebuck, 290 Main Street Rockland SEA VIEW GARAGE, INC. CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE Telephone LY 4-8471 689 Main Street Rockland A. L. ANDERSON Johnson Outboard Motors and Gray Marine Engines Sales and Service Marine Supplies Dial CE 6-3264 Bay View Street Camden, Maine THE EXILE 63 Complimentary Listings VINALHAVEN Telephone RAYMOND SENNETT CYRIL MERRITT GERALD MICHAEL SIDNEY and PRISCILLA SMITH DYERS' BOAT SHOP BEATRICE EWELL-Groceries 159 VINAL'S NEWS STAND ANN'S STATIONERS ROCKLAND VESPER LEACH SPECIALTY STORE LY 4-4111 DR. DAVID HODGKINS, JR.-Optometrist LY 4-4171 LUCIEN GREEN 8: SON LY 4-5311 PAUL'S BARBER SHOP MAINE MUSIC COMPANY LY 4-4941 THORNDIKE HOTEL LY 4-4494 RACLIFFE 8: WITHAM LOBSTER CO. LY 4-5553 L. F. BICKMORE-Optometrist LY 4-4645 STUART C. BURGESS-Lawyer LY 4-5171 NEWBERT'S RESTAURANT LY 4-7110 B. F. BURGESS-Optometrist LY 4-4161 ALAN BIRD 8: SAMUEL W. COLLINS-Lawyers LY 4-4421 CHRISTOPHER ROBERTS-Lawyer LY 4-8039 DR. L. M. RICHARDSON-Dentist LY 4-8933 CAMDEN E. E. JOYCE CEdar 6-2060 D. E. CROCKETT DOUGI-IERTY'S BALDWIN'S DRY CLEANERS CEdar 6-2530 CAMDEN REXALL DRUG CO. CEdar 6-2250 CLUBS LIONS STAR-CLUB JUST US GIRLS E. O. T. CLUB NIGHT HAWKS KNIT-WITS NON-EATERS MOTHERS 8: DAUGHTERS CLUB Visit Aunt Belle's Gift Shop MATINICUS MAINE :-f :,,. , , k?1nPg2 3' ' xvf 'a M. M Q, 41: 1 ,, K.: X A. .55 ,ZX g, . . ri . S , w.,1 .,v -47 1'- ,., 7 ,..f.,f-f .' ff ' 11 'w-2324! 25'

Suggestions in the Vinalhaven High School - Exile Yearbook (Vinalhaven, ME) collection:

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Vinalhaven High School - Exile Yearbook (Vinalhaven, ME) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 5

1959, pg 5

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