Villanova University - Belle Air Yearbook (Villanova, PA)

 - Class of 1976

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Villanova University - Belle Air Yearbook (Villanova, PA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 292 of the 1976 volume:

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W My '- " Q 1 . g-, fs' ' f 1 .M I W X. Xb. I COLLEGE PRESIDENT Father Iohn M. Driscoll has accepted the role of Villa- nova's newly appointed president. As the students strolled back into the dorms, cafeterias and classrooms in September Fr. Driscoll's was the new face with the friendly eyes to look for on campus. Rumor had it that our new president was on our side. So, when Fr. Driscoll announced that he believed student life included the "sum total of all Villanova experi- ences"-eyes and ears opened to see what hopefully would follow. Once again, a new process must begin. A man in a new position must be introduced to the long standing commit- tees, rules and regulations. Fr. Driscoll has been heard to state that he "would argue in the best interests of the students." Hopefully, this is not just the enlightened door opening only to find it to be a tease to those outside anxiously await- ing a reply. y As usual, only time will tell. ma-.. ..., . -.,...2vf. 10 CWQ me QQQ hiding inside oufiseQvQ9. 9 just came out io tell? you U49 students ans camdidilg oaptuned bg the camena anoumd campus - CUiQQamovos studious side shines tbmough. ' ' 12 vu A 'fx AU 3 X xx w. K xx S-. x. N. X i N. 41213 Q: wh - Y N N: lg? Uhe eidehihee ahe hihhed with the hamoue haeee oh the phoheseiohah neenuttihg coaches . .. qhe mothehe ate ahh henvouehg eheenthg oh them boge to do them beet . . . CQut, Utohteahhq the tomb Qtohee Qunle th the baelegnouhd , ,mf-rw.. . :g-iv., My gym .Sei x. mf Q-L . . M A V M . A-qu avg. an-..... N, 415. rt, 'SQ Q .W , gn? . 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MJ , ,I 3 K' 4 gains-2 if , if f- Q 1 'X is " i 40, ji, x My 4 '12 'ff . . P lrf ,L , 3 X, l .R 3 5 1 J' 1 V va K Fiz.. Thomas M Mahoney O S A George F. Burnell, O.S.A. Vice Preszdent Fznunczal A airs Dean of Admissions Patrick I. Rice, O.S.A. Vice-President, Administration 25 .rv ' -1 r r ' f I "' ef.. . '- z .Y f-5:1 ' - ' 'Lu . I ' I . 1, 3 ,V ,- 'us v' . J. ,, J" 1 f' U g.. . ,. ' 11, 1' 'r .,, ' - "r-I a ' - ' 6 .5 ..r. "- -...-- S -- ' ' 5 . '-' L"-2-:g J' :. . .i . Y" I . ' :, " 1- ,Q "HI-E ,QS-. ,' S 3 F xr' I J" - : .. ff 7 ff as . ' ,fi ' THU-f ' 'f j I '- H., - "fn, N V ' fs' ffm-" 1 ' ,mf ' t ,. , V ,, . 'v . ' " ,, I' If ff' f ' I AX u .1 4 ' I 4' . P 1 , - . .xnh f. 9 , George P. Riley, O.S.A. Dr. james F. Duffy Vice-President, Public Relations Ear Development Vice-President, Student Activities John I. Byrnes, O.S.A. Dr. Joseph P. Bevilacqua Dean, Student Activities Asst. Vice-President, Student Activities -vis' ,,,, 5 2555 ISZ4,fh52,?n5gZi2fZ2?2i'iA DEAN5 Gerald A. Dougherty Asst. Dean, Commerce 6' Finance Rev. Richard D. Breslin Dr. Harold F. Hartman Dean, Arts 51 Sciences Asst. Dean, Arts 6' Sciences 27 x 4' . . if' , - Dr. Dorothy Marlow Dr. Robert D. Lynch DELHI, Nursing Dean, Engineering 4 .44 X .gg 42? - fi. i 'Q-Els ,w. -'ff R. 'sfl . .. rx, Charles P. Bruderle Dean, University College we 4-:ffm Y: nw Wifi ' Qbx Frederick M. Burgess Asst. Dean, University College Rebecca S. Drury Dean, Women 'X Dr. Theodore A. Aceto Director, Athletics Allan Wechsler Dean, Men DEANS 2ltfLS'ZJf?C1tl2 1125, 54.4.- iii DEANS 1 , L ,. ww - V jibjig ' ' . ,Aga X Q-:Ls-.'-'5 ET r----.. gym," ..-54' A21 -' 'diff up ' Louis A. Rongione, O.S.A llniversity Librarian I. Willard O'Brien Dean, Law School L. Ioseph P. Corcoran Dr. Richard M. Dressler Director, Career Development Director, University Counseling john G. McNamara Director, Development 32 A l i 5' a N fi: frus- a. ,,1.,mA H W i .7 .ff- g .HZ :,,,g',, sv:-H' W- - - .Q- qgar. 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Week fy :2w.,, J fx. g All-' an " -'-all V JAZZ PIANIST CONCERT WITH LECTURE ON JAZZ S.M.H. B LEH iGH BACKPACK TRI P SMALL TALK - "EVERY- THlNG YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT BUT WERE AFRAID TO Mr. Alvin Clay CULTURAL ARTS PROGRAM WL 12 noon ' - Film: Getting Straight Leon Altemosez Speaking on Le- 'bor Unions 8 P.M. PLH 1 Political Union Meeting 7:30 PM 'E' ,, :Q .Jgx 'l "4 ', fi, " I . l ,. W., an - 2i,'1i,.i '-IP 1:15 ' 1311 'V II I 3-wi: in-fi 'I . 9 ,-. -- Wednesday SLICK FLICKS 11230, 12:30, 'l:30iNL K' ' UNION'S 5TH ANNIVERSARY ARISPRINI SALE wi. 10-4 Film: Doctor zhivaga in 12 I SLICK FLICKS 11:30, 12:30, 1:30 NL Film: Getting Straight Woyzeck Vasey Theatre 8 P.M." Coffee House St. Flita's 8 P.M. Soccer - LaSalle il-li 2:00 19 SLICK FLICKS 11:30, 12:30. 1130 NL HUMPHREY BOGART FESTI- VAL "Caine Mutiny" 8: "Mal- tese Falcon" 7849215 SMA Film: Brewster McCloud 1 Woyzeck Vasey Theatre 8 P.M. Gammi Phi Thanksgiving Party Alumni House 8 P.M. Coffee House St. Rita's 8 P.M. Rifle Team - Widener College IHJ Birthday Anne Gillespie BICYCLE TOURING - VALLEY FORGE Thanksgiving Vacation Coffee House St. Rita's8 P.M. X IPIIII QONCERT: - 'FH 8 P.M. UNION'S 5T ART PRINTS Rabbi Marc American R the Future of View 8P.M. Gamma Phi Meeting 12:4 Rink 8:00 P. E . Ice Hockey Cheese Lectu noon Woyzeck Vase 1:30 NL Rifle Team - A Ice Hockey Rink 8:00 NL Print Making i l HUMPHREY VAL Caine teseFalcon - Rifle Team - Ice Hockey - nor Rink 8 P. f Football - i' 1 L . Thanksgiving Te -M H' ill, . .I N I lg ,."" T 'Wilt X b,i'iH,,2'L 5 6 7 is 2123 E "am 2,04 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Z 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 1 ,rf' ' ' L 26 27 28 29 30 31 GHHDPH nniversary k - ,yt . ,V V . .K 11, g . ,,, ,,4,,,,,, lf., l'i,.v r,,,,,,,,m,'.7, . I K' I l i .1 l F Fnday Saturday GV llanova Tn on Q 5 LS Y m nd ish ee Ol' l'10l' 12 30. ego al-N d- O0 F E R RANTE AND TEICHER Film: .Tales from the Crypt Rugby -4 Juniata IHl ' 1, Football - Delaware IHJ 1:30 Cross Country - Big Five Cham- pionship lHl 11:00 Soccer - Univ. of Baltimore CAD 3:00 Women s Field Hockey - West Chester lAl 3:30 l 'SKYDIVING - NEW JERSEY UNIONS 5TH ANNIVERSARY ART PRINT SALE WL 10-A Film: Catch 22 COFFEE HOUSE NL 8200 P.M. ASSATEAGUE ISLAND BACK- PACK TRIP - MARYLAND Film: 2001: A Space Odyssey Field Trip - Rodin Museum 12:00 noon Villanova Evening College - Vo - Ieyball and Basketball SMH GYM 7:00 P.M. LEHIGH GAP BACKPACK TRIP UNION S 5TH ANNIVERSARY Film: Catch 22 Villanova OPEN KARATE FEST. FH and BA 8 A.M. - 8 P.M. Rugby - Georgetown lAi Cross Country - Quantico Ma- rineslHl10230 A.M. Socceriii Spring Garden College UU 11300 A.M. I Pistol Team - Newark lHl Football - Youngstown lAl 1:30 ASSATEAGUE ISLAND BACK- PACK TRIP - MARYLAND Film: 2001: A Space Odyssey Woyzeck Vasey Theatre 8 P.M. Rugby - Blacktown IHl Soccer - West Virginia lHi 11:00 A.M. Football - Holy Cross lAl 1:30 Film: Five Easy Pieces Woyzeck Vasey Theatre 8 P. . Woyzeck Vasey Theatre 8 P.M. I M Men's Swimming - Pittsburgh lHl Film: Five Easy Pieces Football + Boston University IHl 1:30 Rugby - Delaware - Woyzack Vasey Theatre 8 P.M. Hanukkah 28 As the Villanova Union celebrates its fifth year of existence, we the members of the union would like to thank you, the students, faculty, and administration of Villanova for your help and support, in all of our activities. Without youirghelp we couldn't have grown into the thriving 'organization we are today. We'd also like toextend an invitation to come and contribute your time and ideas toward the betterment of Villanova through The Union. We need your support to keep the Union the growing organization it is. MIJIHJQWQS . WMU lt's not a concert, not a movie, not a lecture. The Villanova Student Union presents . . . Hawaii! Surf's up from Dec. 27, to Jan. 4, 1976 direct from Philadelphia shores. Roundtrip Jet Air Transpor- tation via American Airlines, and accommodations in the luxurious Sheraton Priness Kyaiulani Hotel in Waikiki, all for S399 plus S69 taxes and servicelsfflno tipping, no viiaitingl. Facilities at the other four Sheraton Hotels are available free! Pack up your board and lei and celebrate the bicentennial in our newest state. Final payment due to the Villanova Union no later than November 15, l975. QART S CRAFTS A Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair, sponsored by the Arts Forum Committee, will be held on December 4 and 5 in the North Lounge of Dougherty Hall. The Fair will be open on Thursday and Friday from 10 to 5. The event offers an opportunity for the Villanova students, administration and faculty to buy and sell unique items for Christmas.: .5 Participants-are 'given the option of setting the price and a 10'Z1 commission will be taken. There is a 25 item limit. Sale items must be brought to the North Lounge on December 2 and 3. The Villanova Union urges you to participate in this event. lt not only helps you doa little holiday shopping, it also gives you the opportunity to make a little money. WW W K9 -LL- u - -N.i..,,. i 58 BAND AND DRILL sal fu 59 .-' f A M 1,31 1 :5 f a- - 2, ,La-,155 "1E,fw,Q .inf , I fd iff? 'lm .. -- 3.45.4 gL.inL..:l,,,g.g-.. ..4nl..u..,lLAn.., .M 60 PARENTS' WEEKEND is 5.57 61 HQHIQ omQg pQaoe whene ends meet is om a1SootbaQQ giefldf' Snag CWQMLQ ' Q, l'.',.A'?'.f'Alf:'4"rrf:' gf:--lg' , 10, - 4 2 -.M r.k,f,L.Ll .x I " J Q 3 , N' A ,, 'x, Jw, K D v' R x1N1g,, 'ij LIBRARY I Qi i f N Af X I I 1, Q i 'QQ xv' gf 4 if-no gf X 5 . , , if HL! 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L ,- 8'-H1 W.-..,. .. , .. 'lull QSKW. -,mm link! Q-K I -Cp wwf '- , J 14, J " , 1 ll, -Y'..1-I I 'UQ fbi. Ai . . . -,, 1 N . , ., 1-ng A M , af ' Q .v Y L i '-fa, .' , ,- v l 5 s 'fm -' iii . -V.. 1- M.. ', My Su , 1 ,K Ti - A V 1 ' Sky A ' ,fp A .. v tr ". if N Qx-. s,...: -,VV .Lv MA ff? 1 ,- ff 1 :-15 .Am fini i. Eg ,, V!! rw: may UI E ,J g 2 1 i Q ? I 5 r v E I , 'Q-. Q '4 . away' ' ' 'fx wiliifl: 41.1 12 " " 'H ns., Xe 505-, F301 .f ,J WW 'iifnifs 94535 xii V 2 ,.....,...,... An ,fa-. ,fd S As x -11 xii. 4-Ly. .r -1,77 ,B 1 .W EE,,?.,,,,, ., ,W ,L "' ?siafi?E3A 'famu - Mwribggc 'Z 425, WTS, av-Kxfw ., 3 iL "' -' L , Wx mx , Zflfi. ld: gk K is g i.. li 1 m2,, Eg - ' - -J 4' , ls I ff f f-1-, -- J, 'x V4 kg' fffe? . ,ff ' - , -, A-, if' ,il I , Nz , +'-.::"1P vii. . - :if - 1.5 ,flsiw 4, 'f ,Ml 1, A Q., , 4 'fi ,"' 5 :ll N: I ' 'in :Z- fl Ap 5-gpg , 312, ,bf 6, 1, ' ,f , ig v :1 ,ed i ' . ff . ,elf gf! - .,,- xv,-, -wfyqffj? 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Buchanan .........., Stephen P. Iendrasak Mary Louise Dioguardi Anthony N. Gallina Q3 Mary Rose Pica J X If-e": Michael A. Piloromo in 112 Ii , , f r- Daniel I. Callaghan John D. Lenaham IE! - 1 N i, ?- .V 1 55, ,I i 'if ' ,T l 2 JS HH l " , 11 ' 5-if " ll 1 . I ' 7 ' 'S f-al 4, z al an 4 . f ,4' t 5, V favs , . A' " - NancyM Bucher My '.:: 4 gzg Fw ,A Q - - A - -5. M ks 'Q 'fl--l ' W ,lf l , " 1 jf, - f Q l a lar - .Q 2 , 1 wi, if l T- Y. . il W A -.Egg 1 t ', fl, fl , F - ' 1 X 4 A' jill Xl X . 'l N 5 llli V. LA I I T LJ ' I . -'L-.x K ,' . 7 l , - ww, V - Y " X lk! 'N 'lj ' ax X l 'Mir Q1 1 0 --f ' l ' Q. A f Michael Germa Dolores B. Labota Lori L. Stohl Theresa M. Prygon Michael T. McCullough A ,. 5 Kathleen Tully Richard L. Foreman Richardo D. Spraglirx a - . f' 'F"i57", Y Qi A ls Norman L. Abell George H. Abendroth Michael Abramczyk Roger S. Ackerman Bruce E. Adams f. 0 o n J Elaine M. Adolph Iuan Aguire Khursheed Ahmed Marilyn Albanese Robert I. Albanese George S. Albarelli Linda Alcamo Richard B. Aldrich Luigi S. Algarotti ix iw Iohn L. Allenson 77 Ieffrey E. Anderson xiii ' 'il fe. ., -':-' . g,, Nw . V ..u" ,A rif I , W X W, ff, Marilyn Alliegro Wayne W. Altrichter lose R. Alvarez Gerard A. Amalfitano Sonja M. Anderson Iohn Andras Frank P. Annunziato Michael Antetomaso v ' 5 7 sri ' 'if ,, rf Ioseph Antonico Robert I. Anzalone William S. Apsey Nathen A. Ardner Lynn 5. Arneth Iames Autry George K. Avetian Dennis I. Avigliano Mary Ann Auer Khahil R. Azar Scott M. Bachman Iohn A. Bangert William A. Backall Gregory N, Bailey Robert W. Bailey Zygfryd Bankowski Susan M. Barbacane Annabelle M. Barker Iames Barone 'rf , . Q I-5 ' Tr: - 1 1 i :Msn Gerald I. Barry Ioseph T. Barry Patrick I. Barthelme Benjamin Bastianelli .cr I A -F7..,':4' ' Qiagi ,fvgi jf, Daniel H. Bathon George L. Beard William M. Beavgez Steven I. Balbo Bradford I. Barnes Mary Ellen Barton Andrew I. Becker Gary N. Becker Anne Carroll Bease Nina Behen Lisa M. Beiduk Roy W. Bell l ix? S3 Ioseph I. Belmonte David M. Bendell Patricia A. Benjamin Deborah E. Benkert 5 'E' P-Eff' ip, ?' ' val f a.,e.-4 .fum Francis P. Berenz Lee I. Bergen William F. Bergeron Diane G. Berrian Robert L. Best Antoinette Betz Mary Beyer Daniel L. Bibb J' 'B F f W . , " -- -A wx I s LX Stephanie I. Bille Thomas W. Bilzi .td ew nea gf! 'EN Fifi fahfqrf -I -is' xg.. Mary Beth Blaetus Dennis Biddick Thaddeus A. Bierzalo Peter T. Bigelow John E. Biggini 1? Charles Bilardo Grace M. Bilardo Lawrence I. Blong Stephen I. Blong Craig Bloom Barbarajo Buckenauer Lynne D. Bofinger Donald W. Bohn Nicholas G. Bokas 'fb Patti L. Boley Brad R. Borbidge Iohn Borejko Mark I. Borris Mary Ellen Boylan '9' ef-v' Frank Boyle Frank Boyle Stephen E. Bozzo Christopher Bracco William L. Bracaglia is-f"'1,'A ffl Iames Braun Robert A. Brautovich Robert E. Bream Daniel P. Brennan Robert M. Brennan w-A I Phillip R. Brennen Susan M. Brisbois Alan P. Britto Karen Britto P s A . : 212 D J NR y M . 2' lil ' Kathryn Brophy Donald H. Brosof Alfred I.. Brown Frederick W. Brown ix it 1' W i Iudy Bruzco Bruce M. Buchanan Albert I. Buchenauer Nancy M. Bucher 5- u arf-'ia . V' 'qi Ioseph M. Buckley Kevin M. Buckley David C. Burger James F. Burns Kevin M. Broderick 5. ,yi "-i. .,1,f Q . A. 55 J rl! . ' UE . Iohn A. Bruno Ioseph E. Buckley Thomas I. Burns Iohn Burkavage Alexander S. Buzogany Iames Byrne William P. Byrne Robert S. Byrnes J' wave 1 . - -.Ili ,uw !!,,, iljkpxl '- ' -'vfI,,"' I'-ld!-N ' N - Llllimiii 5 ,','1? Peter P. Cabrey Peter Cake n . ., 'gi .Op vs'- n Q -o ' lf' "". g 3 , I. I l V ' 5 ' J' P -' . ll' ' fi' Q ' 0' P" WJ: s Q l.j"'jl' ,V I ' , L ilatn Q' -x wfflg- 'Nj 021' if 1 d , - f Vs, .1 - . ! Ji " s M 7 . -rf' "v" ,iff fe f - 41. J Daniel I. Callaghan Kevin P. Callaghan .naw . a ,f ' , . , Marian P. Callaghan Doreen A. Callen john M. Campaiola David B. Campbell Deborah A. Campbell V J 'xi Helen E. Campbell Iuclith A. Camperlino Ierome Canacly Robert D. Capritti Americo I. Carbone Christopher I. Carey Gregory I. Carey 5 1 sm in . . Ar, 5,,,. . lf 5 I Lenard S. Carita Steven C. Carlson William A. Carpou Andrew I. Carrabus . Sean R. Carrigan Thomas I. Carroll Patricia T. Cason Francis A. Caruso Laura F. Casswell Robert S. Castellucci .wtf cz--Z X, Ioseph A. Cavaliere Ioseph A. Centofante Susan M. Challenger Robert Chianelli Howard R. Childs Ioseph R. Chinnici Kenneth G. Christovich Lucie Chu Andrea M. Church Richard A. Castrambone Moira Cavacante afia if A' . A' ig. .. 1 ' .1 r., , 1 Elias Chalt Leonardine Checchio Ioseph Chirichella Aftan I. Chowansky Charles I. Ciarrochi Audrey M. Cienki Denise 5. Cipollini Samuel A. Cipollini Timothy W. Clarke Mary C. Clarke William R. Clayton ,fix Deborah E. Cloud Patricia A. Cockroft Eamonn Coghlan Michael F. Coladonato Bruce I. Colburn ein. ff fav Donna M. Collins Ioseph T. Colosi Iohn M. Conaboy Ann M. Conahan Iames D. Conboy Richard M. Conforto Dolores E. Connelly Charles I. Connor Iames C. Conversano BHTFY A- Cooke I Sharon A. Cooks vrgllxrwnqi-Q, Q- Sheryl D. Cooks James F. Cooney Theodore F. Cooper Gary Cope ,f ? Corinne M. Corino Frances M. Cosmo 4-,J -yd Robert F. Costantini AX Christopher R. Corcoran Mary Beth Corcoran ,f 'Nmil-L F f EQ IC,-1 X. rj Paul Cordero Gene I. Corini A e 'wfssaw s sr- .' 1 ,.e, . Iohn R. Costello Bonnie L. Cotter Raymond D. Cottiers Wendy R. Cotton Patricia M. Cummings Krug dl J -'sf ' 0' -fx 1226 - , ,.,.'f-4 , ,. w - .. 1 1 , :ar .' Q .Ii - - 52?u'x'l'f5'2":' : ,. J, ,...,1?1.f 5. ??Zi33:fl51W'i gif1'u'iQi'4v5p kfidffflf-Ali! A-:Ji f",'l- I1'.-:a.."L,- ?. ., Iohn T. Curran Ioseph A. Cuscione Ann L. Czaja Sherry A. Cummings "-an Thomas P. Cunnane Jw J Douglas E. Cupo Iohn P. Dahdah -S William Cumminsky Iames I. Cupero Brian P. Curley Gary A. D'Alessio i J Norman J. D'Allura John L. Dalton Susanna M. Dalton John B. D'Ambola Deborah L. Daneluzzi Jacalyn J. Danko Mary L. Darby Joseph D'Auria Christopher Davis Janette Davis Mary J. Davis Warren Davis Thomas M. Davis Robert W. Davy Daniel Deacon I J f Edmond J, Deane Frank DeAngelis Robert W. Deaton James P. DeCarlo Michael C. DeCosmo John I. Deegan Maureen G. Dehan 'jx J ..,. AQN l 3 . 5252 1 'X X ' . ll 'l T . f'A A , . fl' ,fi , ,,,,, W Samuel DelSerro Peter A. DeMarco Jerry T. DePascale Nz joseph S. DeTrane Marion T. Djachenko Michael Diamond Ernest L. DelBueno Mary Ann R. DeLemmo Frank I. Dell'Aglio 6' ,, , Q, Carlos A. DeRojas Stephen M. DeRose Michael B. DiBenedetto ff- . in K Donna M. DiColla Thomas G. DiDario Anthony I. Dilflavis Anita DiGiacomo AI1ih0I1Y l- DiGi0ia Francis Dilenschneidef Mark H. Dillon . if A "?Tl" 41- 7 V Lp ' ZLL-' X g ! David DiNatale Lisa M. Dinon Mary C. DiLoretto Chester P. DiLorenzo Raymond DiMartino John G. DiMidio o x 'v- I ibm Mary L. Dioguardi Donald DiPaolo Richard A. DiPrimio Albert I. DiSandro Anthony I. DiValerio John F. Dodds Daniel M. Doherty Dennis M. Doherty ti- Kyle Donovan Iohn T. Dooley Donald L. Dorwart Iames I. Dolan Joanne L. Donegan Margaret T. D'Onofrio Ioan Marie Donohue Q-ol' Mary Ann F. Donovan cr-N., ' Stephen W. Dorsey Martin Doto Francis Dougherty V 1'9- Douglag j, Dowd Charles I. Dowds Robert M. Dowe Iohn Doyle Robyn I. Dreer Claudia M. Drennen Michael Drennen if' Q.- Mark I. Druyos Michael A. Duffy lack Dugan Patricia M. Dugan Iacklyn A. Duke - D fi - . v 1 -1 I Frank Dumville William S. Dunbar William E. Dunn Lois A. Durso Thomas C. Dwyer Stephen B. Ebbecke Akl Elias TX, -f ., . T94 '-iz all Joseph A. Durning Iohn A. Durrant James I. Elliot Ioyanne M. Elliott Patti I. Ellison Paul B. Elser Ernest C. Enck Christopher N. Esposito 1 , TJ fkx 1 e Ai' Ronald C. Eurlan Iohn D. Evans Alfonso Falsco Anthony I. Fazzini Richard F. Fee if sf . l Q75 Q, ,4- emit Daniel F. Fellona Regina C. Pelsburg Michael F. Ferguson Nicholas I. Fidelibus William Filerino Elaine Filirone Michael A. Filoromo Robert L. Fini Paul Finigan Kathleen M. Pinnerty Stephen F. Fiore Anthony I. Fiorenza Catherine A. Fisher Deborah D. Fisher Iohn P. Fitzgerald Tl? I '::' ' ,f TIP! I William I. Fitzgerald Robert 5. Fitzmire Edward L. Flaherty Lawrence A. Flannelly John A. Fletcher wt Catherine Fitzpatrick Henry B. Fitzpatrlck Brian I. Foley Eileen P. Foran Craig M. Forbes Richard L. Foreman Donald D, Fraser .. G N N z igifjlg-"V if J i im Michele A. Gallagher Richard Gallagher xx Anthony N. Gallina Iohn I. Fraunhoffer Thomas Fritsch 1 I as a 1 La Godfrey I. Funari Frank C. Gabriel eff- . H -Yi I Q' in x wig I ' 5 11 :L . It i rl - sl IM ' ' I, i.. x xg ' . Gerald N. Gabriel Iohn I. Gallagher Bruce I. Gambino William I. Gambogi Francisco A. Gamundi Mary E. Garges John P. Ganley Helen M. Garonski john E. Garrison Prank P. Gatto Michael N. Gatto Mary E. Geiger Michael Genna Arthur I. Geoghegan 4221 Peter L. Gerke Joseph I. Gerngross Isaac Ghebrat Richard M. Giannola Thomas P. Giardina P x Thomas B. Gibbons Phillip C. Ginsberg Richard C. Gioia Richard I. Girasole Louis V. Girolami Iohn T. Glancey Karl P. Glock William I. Glynn Elizabeth I. Golden Nora A. Gorden Patricia S. Gorden Steven Gorden Nia Gourousis Steven E. Grabowski Michael Grace gf? , aiu.:-1. ,. Z . "'NQwf,jI55 ,QQ if! f'?JIl7.3. , .f. l .. ff' was I f Iohn F. Graham Eileen P. Grant Anthony I. Grassano Donald R. Graves Michael Green 5 e. I 55 Susan L. Green r 1 Bernadette Greene ,X . llllfl ma Robert I. Grillet Iohn C. Grimm I. Spencer Grogan Q i 1 Nicholas L. Gross Patrice A. Grote Iohn M. Gruber Iames Cuba Steven A. Gucciardi nv Vahan H. Gureghian Ioseph P, Gunn ,, 1 w H v i. '- 1 , w H H X .1 H H , mast' 1 w ummm w H w A ' sfzlwhmf H u Hx l Q ll i fx lltf fl QQ Afxlfrk ' 'fr'-i"i'. A A S iv li' V Maureen E. Haas Anthony N. Hagan Andrew M. Halbert Mary Clare Haley Michael I. Haliskoe Patricia Hall Marianne Hanley Ioseph A. Hanlin Bohdan A. Harasewych Charles R. Hardy SN Earl Harris lack F. Harris Fl:-hurt... i..:aa,,,.4u,,L,,64 . ,il 47: ffl . 5 Lauren I. Harris Iames D. Hartmann Karen M. Hartnett Kenneth R. Hartzell Christopher Hashem V f N. L Pandora E. Harrington Iay M. Harrington Claude I. Hashem Y' 11 I 1' James G. Haulihan Ieffrey P. Hazell 3 S , X Michael I. Heinzer Timothy I. Hession Ioseph W. Hidebrand Iill I. Healy Beth A. Heller Robert W. Heyert Iohn I. Hildwine Patrick S. Hefferon Ioseph R. Heidt George T. Hertig Mark Hertzog Ioseph S. Hicks Terence M. Higgins John S. Hilkevich Albert I. Hillebrancl If' Sharon K. Heimbaugh . ' V " , faEs:a:s:'- Ianet Hesler Timothy P. Higgins Thomas Hinkle .Xl Salar Hirobi Ioseph F. Hoey Paul Hofer Vincent Hoff gi' 7: 4-N? Helen M. Hofmann Martin S. I-lohenadel Marcia L. Holdt Kenneth I. Holland Iohn M. Holleran Frank B. Holman fax., X . fr W9 Iohn C. Horai Patricia A. Hopke William I. Houston Marian K. Howell David Howse .Ei Brian E. Huber -Marian I. Hudecek Francis I. Hughe Mark Hughes Susan Hughes Josephine Humphreys George M. Hunihan James D. Hunt - , , , if Vincent G. Iannello Andrew J. Inelli Robert W. Insetta Christine F. Inzerra we ws Q gr? 'J . ,'iF"'f?'f' p 55 ia.:- Thomas Iocco Andra T. Irovando Robert A. Jackson Thomas N. Jackson Richard M. Jacobs Peter James Peter J. Janangelo ee 6 ie.. ' . wil Norine L. Iarrett Stephen P. Iendraszak Merilee E. Jensen Iohn Iohannessan Joyce D. Iohnson Iennifer N. Iones William P. Iones ee in V me au'--W ' Steven I. Ionnet Catherine A. Jordon ian ,40- Asuncion Iordana Brian R. Ioyce MiChHe1 I- 1115186 Mark I' Kadish Iohn Kaffman James R. Kaltenbecker 'Robert I. Kapalka Colleen A. Kearney Gregory G. Keller Gregory E. Kamedulski Dennis Kane Qffir ' Eugene P. Kaston Nicholas M. Kavcsak - x 71 .- .K , iff," E V X '?3???? "1 -Us? 1. g332'i"'Llf.' K .L .1 A . V. r- V , , . Iohn Keefe Paul C. Keenan Ioe H. Kelly Kevin M. Kellty Iames I. Kane Mark Kane iii I Hovek E. Kazanjian Stan I. Kazzor 7 Sq ' Eizwix I 1 Stephen C. Kelemen Bonnie M. Kelher WM Thomas F. Kelly Michael T. Kennedy Patricia A. Kennedy James Kenny Marian T. Kenny 'sl 0 Paul F. Keyser Thomas W. Kielty Irene M. Kiely .. .6 . .jf ' i K ww" William S. King Ted A. Kirchner M. Heather Kirk Gregory N. Kis Iohn I. Kivitz Michael D. Kleczka Mark E. Kerin Mark R. Kerin Walter B. Killough Ellen M. Kindl ,,.,, Iohn B. Kirby Iames E. Kirwin Vincent I. Klisch Susan M. Kloeblen Mary Ann T. Kluska Anthony M. Kochanowicz Iohn O. Koegal Stephen A. Kolenda David M. Kolesar Charles K. Kolstad Ioseph D. Konrad Mary Ann T. Kondrat Iohn P. Kondub X-Q SX 3 nil!! A Charles A. Koob john P. Kopesky George P. Koserowski Joyce E. Kosheter Iohn P. Kostenbauder Lorraine Kosty Ioseph Kotarra Edward Kowalski Iames I. Krebs Bernard I. Krieg Frank W. Kurian Henry Kurowsky V., f 1. 1 f 11 , i - " ,f .7 f' .1 an - -. frm ,f 1. 7 " . ' -,. , 4 1 . 1 f ,- y 7' ' 2 14 , .' '. - 5 -1 I ' ,fg .L . ,f.', , ,- . , . , .. ,. . . .4 gf- y - fi nf' rv, ., -11 is -ff wp - - , I - 'J , '17' R R3 m 'i '13 Y .A ' fy V 2, 5' ' Gregory I. Kutch Iames M. Kwartnik , ,. .. f 1, -i x f , .A df, Vip "xv fn, 4 wi i I if 'F 'i' !"'!l,'5f' f' if '211 9' 1 , ,, Io 4 y H ' 4 4. , V V 1 1' I 'v 4 i' 12" f 6 W 'Na 'RL NN 'A i sk f,-52: S F f, X. if 1' 41 , is , 4 Gary Kyle Delores Labota Richard Lacey Robert L. Lafferty Barbara A. Lahiff Gilbert A. Lamonaca Marian P. LaMonte Mark D. Lancellotti Ann Langenbeck Michael F. Lapham Iames M. Lasala Frank C. Lawton Charles P. Lee Virginia M. Lee Iames M. Leighton Alexander I. Lelli Iohn D. Lenahan Kevin C. Leonard Raymond L. Leon Peter N. Letenauchyn "VIS 2 el. . ,ia Lynda S. Letko Stevin M. Levin Helen R. Lewis Ann C. Levinsky William Liable if Edward I- I-iCiI1if Cindy YU-Ying Ling Susan D. Linn Kathleen A. Litch Francisco Lopez . 1. . i ? F -5' ' f f A L H , A' : V Q. ii .r"' ' X ' QT? V3 . ,zo V V- ' g Rocco Losito Enrico Lubrino Ian Lubiniecki Sara P. Luviano Mark S. Lynch Sl Mary Louise C. Lyons Richard I. Lyons Craig R. Lytel Bennett Macaluso Iohn F. Mack , 5 I Michael I. Maggitti Charles A. Maginn Ronald L. Magolda john K. Magullian Thomas W. Maguire Susan I. Mahar Sean P. Mahoney Debra G. Maiale m t i Y Glenn R. Manucci Michael I. Manzi Richard F. Markert Robert Maier Raymond C. Majczan N. Marylane M. Malkin Michael I. Mallory Leonard I. Mancini Robert 5. Manni Walter M. Markey James I. Marlowe Marilyn T. Maroccia Palma Ann Marone Marian L. Marotta Kathy L. Martinick Angelo M. Martucci X' William I. Maruszczak Anthony I. Marziani fa if N41 . Mix . wflia, , ML, . I ' ' YQ af.: iyg,,fffif V- '-:Ltr -L A.,-91.1, Alk,' ,f- Iacqueline I. Master ig fllll V, .. ll 'llaw' Q A5-w"l5 Diane M. Mascioli Anthony P. Mashintonio Nancy E. Matecki Albert R. Matuza Gerard M. Mauer john I. Mazur Thomas I. Mazza Douglas E. Mazzuca Iohn I. McAndrews Mary Beth McAteer Mark E. McBryan -.6-ff 5 -ff fl l Barbara I. McCabe Kevin M. McCabe Iames McCaffey Lori A. McCawley Kevin M. McCarey 'ly X' Eugene McCarthy Charles V. McCarthy Jodie A. McCarthy Ioseph S. McCartney Robert D. McCord Daniel P. McCormick Patrick F. McCormick Iohn F. McCourt Edward M. McCue Patricia M. McCue Michael T. McCullough Diane H. McDevitt Michael I. McDonald Ave-Marie McDough Thomas McFadden v .WE - A 5? G U Anthony J. McGinley Kathleen A. McGinn james E. McGoldrick Peter McGough Claire M. McGrorey A, f ' f fi' 'ji-'iv 41.1. . ff' "- . . . V J!- , '. 4 if 'KW' I ii .' Alf. A , ' - .-515: ' ., La "Q1i3S..-. 731-::x. - ' ' '11 'j'i2E12:-fiff. 1::,f:.,1fr'-- ' . f""ff-tfvf. li'mf55i,'-'ifimvl "' . I ui ig f.f:5.'.f55f5fM . A E 3?'.j1j-.'-j.f344?F3vQ.- .L M I .W , L. ., , . . . ,--- i .-,Ig-g.q:.v,. s,.Lw 1L'+-- . an .ax ,v , vw . 5-., nr' V , R . n f ill W1 1.-S.,-hifi 2 , " -I-:V-?'?1n 4 1 .jeff N 1 nfl", .- i Diane M. McHugh Ioseph P. McHugh Richard F. McKee Danial McKenna Dennis M. McKenna 5 1 . james McKenna Ierry I. McKenna Kevin M. McKenna Marjorie A. McKeon Michael M. McKinney 3 Roderic McLaughlin Alan H. McLeod Edmund I. McMahon Richard E. McMahon Ioanne B. McManus Maureen McMorrow Francis I. McNamara lan w Linda M. McNamara Robert W. McNamara , 'VX' Joseph M. McNulty Harry McPartland Kevin G. McWilliams Lois A. Meagher Alfred P. Melchiore QP' Richard A. Meehan Mark Meketon Pamela A. Merentino Michael R. Merkowsky Joseph W. Messner Steven M. Metzger Regina P. Miecznikoski Charles E. Miller Iohn I. Mezzanotte S Paul Mikita Edward Miller Elizabeth Miller 'n I '? sim V1 W Marilyn S. 3 ' fl- - we E R 1 Miller Mary F. Miller -. Robert Miller Robert S. Miller Thomas E. Mills Lottie Mizerakowski Prank I. Moffa S.. . W ' H If P W i 5 u H , , i , is QQ'- "E 1 n- K v Q, - fr- 1 I if? o Ioseph A. Monaco Theodore I. Monaco Richard I. Mondschein Peter A. Moniodis Edward I. Monk Lynne M. Monteverde Dennis P. Moore Theodore I. Moore Iames B. Moran Christine A. 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Oldman Donald I. O'Leary Mary Kathleen O'Leary Leigh W. Oliphant Patricia A. O'Neill Michael A. Orlando Paula W. Orndorf Edward I. O'Toole Michael I. Owens Charles I. Ozeck Maria L. Pallazzo 81' J 11 A f. U alll -1 1-Qaf' Lex T. Palvo Daniel I. Panichelle Maria Pappas Carol M, Parish Peter A. Paskevich , 1 N eil- ' 1615 X , 1 N '4,s - "lb-. l ff? in .fi 23.1 H F f!'?a Nil- , -W fm- ' M if fn 1 5.41 Gilda Pearce Thomas 5. Pearson Michael M. Pekunka Iames I. Pellini Rolando E. Perez Barbara I. Perkov Susan Perley Stephen R. Persak Robert L. Pescatore John T. Petras Thomas Petruzzelle Thad T. Phem Hedy Philip Gary P. Philippi Deborah Phillips l P ' a Y ll llll V D Tlcl 2 A loan Phillips Randolph C. Phillips Mary Rose Pica Audrey A. Picone David A. Pienkowski 1, la l U if W Ioseph L. Piernock Iohn R. Pierog Thomas F. Pilcicki Ioseph A. Piller James A. Pintsopoulos B -1.- .4 4' 'fu .1-:-1 .gf ' "gg,-x ij 2123221 .5 ' Ioseph V. Pisano Louis A. Pistilli William Pizzichil Daniel I. 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Waddon Diane Wadley Allan L. Wadsworth fi H E Ii 5 Robert D. Walden Pen-Li Wang Robert I. Wanner C.A. Warczyglowa Denise H. Ward ,,Q,, - .V .5 xg Frank H. Watkins Paul C. Watson H i ' ' A in NJ.. - sg- gmail' -4' 05' no. Sherry A. Webb Dana M. Weber '17, Dennis M. Weber David I. Weintein Thomas G. Weisser Michael Welde Michael C. Weflel R. Daniel W. Whalen Iohn P. Whelan Ioseph B. White Michael F. White 'ff.'fi'1i, Ieffrey M. Wilson Stephanie M. Wilson Michael S. Wood Stephen W. Workman l 1, .N William W. Whelan PQHK Shelley E. Wilkes Garry O. Whipkey Francis H. White .fx , ' 'ilf I L ' W David Wilrigs Gail D. Wilson if image :auf E ,- Y. i R 532: yn . fu, , N , wg-::. ,ff rt 1 ' at- 1 'E 49. ia' A l"x'y'. 533 I!! we-siege' if W 4 V- 5-3- 952155,-ul if ' - K" is Q. Lf' - 1116 ' X B i. , V ' ""' . li , . r' Q ,553 1-D92 ,. ii4.g4l3,fx,:,1!E,.i: - r . C, .II K A 1. f ii .5 A J ' A 1. N: ., .,m.-' ... .nn 6:19 .am ,- Iames S. Wingard l . X. 2 ' Iacqueline A. Wroblewski 8 John I. Wojcik Shai Wong Linda A. Wroblewski Susan T. Yenchick Moussa Yeroushalmi Sharon A. Yohn Edward D. Zaccaria Cynthia Zappile Stanley F. Zaucha ...Q if gil ff ,L Iohn I. Zeock Guy A. Zompa Iohn P. Zukauskas Patricia A. Zullo J . "K LAW SCHOOL jg.. . 4 3 , fx, .ag ' !"'x . Neil L. Albert Kevin S. Anderson 'L Robert E. Anthony Iames I. Auchinleer Teresa C. Aversa David P. Baker Peter K. Barbano Mitchell M. Barron Michael N. Becci Iohn H. Benge David R. Black Dennis Blake Thomas I. Blazusiak Nathaniel W. Boyd M. Jane Brady William I. Brennan gs George D. Bruch David R. Buckley Brian L. Burgess Scott A. Bennett Steven E. Bernstein 1 Bennett D. Block Charles A. Bowes Michael D. Brophy Stephen D. Brown Don O. Burley Patricia H. Burrall 178 Andrew A. Caffrey Robert T. Carlton Michael I. Casale Harry S. Cherlcen 3... Mari G. Collins L V vi Us. y JH 1 1,-4. 'in Kyran W. Connor Eve L. Cutler Regine M. David Robert L. Dean iv l mimi? "abd Thomas L. DeLevie Barbara A. Dennis Francis T. Dennis Frederick I. DeRosa V' Sill 'Ri Alvin F. DeLevie Emeline K. Diener 179 Vincent A. DiMonte Erik N. Dingle Alan L. Director Stephen S. Dittmann George B. Ditter Anastasi Efstratiades Harold Einhorn Susan B. Eiseman Edward F. Evans Robert W. Evans H, ,, ' u. is as 1+ Q .. l Richard E. Fairbanks Gerard W. Farrell Sally A. Fields Thomas Fisher Eugenie E. Foster 180 Richard T. Frazier Sheri B. Friedman Susan R. Friedman Barbara I. Fritz Iames F. Gallo Robert R. Garlin Robert P. Gasparro Steven M. Gevarter Kenneth M. Givens Ned I. Gladstein 2? .,.,,. .- g , 2- . i it fem. .Bw : F' Ac ri 'X rl' 2 'I lv gap. in uv vw... Q l J X : , fHfwg1w'H2 - X fi' 1" .-,S 2 A 1 : ,L ' , li , Q., A . V515 A - AA J. . xr ' . -- -W , Ji! wg-C ' -3.4 N. Y I ... ,K W , Lynn Z. Gold Leonard P. Goldberger Gary C. Goldman Randolph L. Goldman Tamara S. Gordon , -. ,, .AL i -f . 53 X3 , -3 . i --4, , V . 181 4-fv -f"" Eugene P. Grace W. Preston Granbery Julia L. Greenfield Frederick T. Haase William E. Haggarty William D. Harris Brian J. Hartman Dale M. Heist Kevin J. Holleran Pamela S. Holmes , ,INA x V. it J 5, . ' fifgf: 1 .... : " ,S'25r::: fr .-, -JH John F. Horstmann Gary A. Hurwitz Mark A. Hutchinson Robert C. Jacobs Kenneth R. Jewell 182 .al Elizabeth R. Iones Edward F. Kafader Samuel R. Kasick Elkan M. Katz Ianice Kemp Q4-f' Nw- -:JV Ioseph A. Kenney Eric H. Kesselman Mitchell E. Kroner Ioseph I. Kuter Ioan R. Kutner Dale G. Larrimore Thomas E. Lavery Ioseph F. Lawless Gary H. Levin Ross Levitsky Kathryn Lewis-Stresser William P. Lincke Alan I. Lourie Pamela P. Maki John R. Mazur Charles E. McClafferty 183 Robin Z. Lincoln W? Andrew M. Mancini Christine H. McClure X John M. Liningood Robert Long 3 Ti- ,f -. el fig Donald J. Matthews James E. Maule Kevin P. McKendry Susan M. McLaughlin 184 .. ix i 43 ri. Alvara L. Mejer Iune L. Meyer William E. Molchen Ierome C. Murray Elizabeth M. Myers is Hg Ronald S. Newtown Brian S. North William E. Nuggent Scott K. Oberholtzer Henry E. Oliver Bohdan R. Pankin Peter C. Paras Leigh K. Phillips Neal A. Phillips Patrick R. Raviola f 185 llfm. Iames F. Reynolds Iohn W, Roland Albert R. Romano Iames M. Ronan Lynn C. Rubin , , ' K., , iw ii U f vm f -A M-5: M H .ww Robert B. Sacavage Donald A. Sands Andrew I. Schatkin Marc S. Schartz Linda E. Senker 7-iLL'ST?:T7' David M. Serlin Iack C. Sheak Michael A. Shechtman Ronald H. Silverman Malynda Simmons 186 . V I ?' - V' . it I S X 4 ' 'l . a UW .35 Carol E. Smith Carl A. Solano Marjorie G. Stein Robert H. Steinberg 'YN 1 ec i sssigeir in 4 V f 4157" tt Q Howard E. Stine David M. Stockwell Ioan B. Stuart Iames A. Swetz Eric E. Sterling Iohn I. Szajna Walter I. Timby john Titone Elkin Tolliver Ruth S. Tong Christine M. Torre 187 at xt! l"""1P -ow- G. Taylor Tunstall Carl B. Viniar Priscilla M. Walrath Robert N. Waxman Douglas I. Weiner x"":1' Marc P. Weingarten Steven A. Weiss Edward P. Welsh Aubra L. White Ieffrey W. Whitt I- n , , -, wal if' X P, I f X X IJ lj " Stephen W. Wilson David Worby Theodore Xexakis Adrian F. Yakobitis Iohn A. Zapf 188 r aj- - ,f 11: V, Pima 4i,'n giixgfgr g ffJHQJImE1l!ll,, H5 mfg: 5 I 2 ' .Q A 7 V' E E H 'WI-.avmgdg li H :L Ewmmgoz U IZ E xt s tzme, come blow you: horn, meet the mm n, look and see can you be for from home? W. Donaldson r ag-1 -A' xr xo 44 189 In this Olympic year, we may be able to look to another Villanovan to proudly represent us in Canada. In 1968 and 1972 Frank Murphy han- dled the 1500 meters event for us. And in 1976 Eamonn Coughlan-an outstanding athlete, may make an attempt for the coveted gold medal. O1 191 I Q-.wr Pri R W. - . . Aft. a" 1115!-A 11441 ll'!Q1 .-.gan 1 141x191 Q,,,Q+1..a1-si-Q1 .xr Z3 -f""'2111..."',,,", I ' vxo00"'4 f +14 P1-'If' stv6i00"".'.' 1 1, 44.0-44' vw., .441 t'Ul , ., unmumw' 'il' ,ui M' ,, Wd, von., U, ,,,,Adv'l4-11-vous-Q4..n1+41,g,11 4 will-1414.4 ,,,,,4g,,,,,1 14" K-3"'C!'11-6 tgp, g4l.44.q,.1 4.4411-q.I4::,,,,,,,.., 11 .cygscata 4-8114, ,I ,, ,w-'ff'-"3,.,.w-QW-n.. 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Qree S 'OUS ed Urse Saturday otasses, rnrd-term H ay d In tud uc . . OW Cred- 0 S Q Cou ent I at, recess 'oegrns atter tast ctass for, It and O. Prof T393 W. ' F1 fact . of 10,6 Qiiaturdayt Q dogg N nOn-Credi?SSiOnaI Cghout e - BV,71,qqZ?, 8 Gtasses resume That, Tillie ' are 0ffere'g'flC3 hjigrgrggszovs AA Easter recess begtns after r 'teen S up T0 I 0,1329 00,149 1 test ctass are years, dyou- You ' I571l"SrA:I9 ege av 9 ma -'lf fi 1 0' Ch allab pendi Y tak 1 arA,"o,, gk ee, .20 Ctasses resume 0059 to gi to attertigion howe f 06961 eglbfi 11 Wbe a e L mt. 2A Last meettng ot Saturday ctasses v , M081 Stud e' and ho qilhatif' 11297 fb a,1dW , . S Cofn I ents t Ile! edcflj 'ls' el? rr. '27 Last meetrng for eyenrng ctasses 9 San? p Ste their :ke betw bp Wqcaire fart bee ,I t Q . . t br. '28, '29 Ftnat examtnattons 6 meg fee prien legs Zan JZ' Sgohaludeza ray 3, A, 5, 6 tor eyentng ctasses Ye Qf , teacifb eglesfrgggdehfdwj- 1. Aay 1 Ftnat examtnattons for Saturday ea Prnfvoz H8 ef: 8' bs zlgpfog C 01+-,afld y ul U ctasses O L ea ,,,.0r Un I' 111 May 17,1519 Commencement Exerctses f 'Supersedes dates shown tn Untyerstty Buttettn fr VtyE?.S'tTY Ugivereivl Coxxege CXELSSQ' - and Saturdatl SGUGGXXXG 05 Eveuuxg y C uiee 1 e n ' JN X 3 M ' Xfrinc. 31- VYONOS' 'SJW ,O Euoosoxgicin. Bn Vrotoe . X1 33 KW 90 ECCO' erin. Ya 't?ro'os. XXXX OD grim Q1 ' ' - bs . ' ,92 Eco. ?r1nO- Yi 950 My ' Educ . 41,3 , . X YQQUGZAZQOUS g 3 t 2,90 SSOoGc:1i9aX Younda'rn,Ot1S VNC' X 3 01,90 Q rcnotogy oi Learttlilfi 3 stf90 58 totem C'niX5 0 'Yue ?rO . Sec sqm. '5 '353'9 ttetzrrods wt - 5920- sem. 2 22030 Lang M315 in Elem' X2 o,2'2Af9O Siudenm Teaching, T on 3 A-291,90 . 1, Sew- gs Stud. ea . 6 ,. 0,0 Sen1O ning ugtzuderxi 'Yeao E-LYSCTBXC or as lb advert' kJ s promatzon. P be army sooh alley. "VGl1f to W 12119 .PS 17 LY o BIRTHDATE E ?RigE'igTRuCATRiC t-THESE. Hggggofcnruze ULLE ABOVE ENON M ZLZYZOAND .SITY 6,581 Wan o mmf! 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T F S , 1' , 1 ' ' 1 2 Va 4 5 6 I' S M 5 W T F S 'I ' ' M 4 f ' - : 11 1 : 2 rt 5 61 7 2,1 1 1 if 1 A 1 1, 7 a 9 IO 11 I2 13 e 9 10 11 12 13 14 , '- ' .-q,.,,,pyyfLLflf15gfj1i I X I4 I5 is 17x18 119 20 g 15,16 I7 ie 19 zo R21 .Q yy. H 4 1 12114544 ttsrrwf, 21 22 23 24--25 26 127 122'23 24 25' 26 271.125 1 , ' ,- 11- - 1,-g,::'::zr1l-, y, 28 29 ao 31 29 I Xe ,,f I 11" 1 ' V ' 31x41 31, - , 1' 1, ,1 1 1 "Join THE VILLANOVA E My 111 'fl 1 ' ' UNION-GET INVOLVED" 1' 'K : f ' HAPPY NE 1:12 ' ' 1 K i ' .',' 'I ' :L kggqglt? 1 2 9 GET YOUR GREYHOUND BUS BARBARA IVIcCABE's BIRTH- 1 I ' ' HE' ' TICKETS ATQTHE CAMPUS INFORMATION CENTER, mrioof oo1uGHERTy. ' DAY.: A Legal Holiday for all 11 Orientation Counselors 81 Nursing Faculty 1 11. J., I 1 f 'N Ai-. 1 uv 1 b L q 1- Vi 91.4 I --.AI- f , by SPRING BREAK TO SAN JUAN, JAMAICA, or FT. LAUNDER- DALE 8 WAL T DISNEY WORLD. Call the Villanova Union for de- tails 527-21700 Ext. 297, ask for Bob McCarron. E 9 'I' f, vAcATA1oNsALL1ovE1a FOLKS! 12 13 I I I REG ISTRATION, Welcome back Barb DiCocco, Bob 1Wiss, Bob McCarron, Marilyn Mosko. Marge CiviI,gKevin Scott, Mary ,Io Wet-1 Zel, Tim Brosnan, Mary Kaye Eads, Carl Grotzinger, Kevin O'MaIley, and Barb McCabe, 51' another tough semester ahead of us: ' V. '11 REGISTRATION V Movie: Blazing Saddlesf - 1411 CLASS BEGINS Movie: Blazing Saddles 111 BB-Away U. of Mass. APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE, 'FOR CULTURAL ARTS I' COORDINATOR IN THE VILLANOVA UNION OFFICE, 2nd Floor DOUGHERTY APPLIA CATIONS DUE?FRl1-JAN.16.-1 18 sp:-Q .A if - - VC Blk 5- A 1, l Movie: The Graduate Women's BBPalestra:V.U. vs. Penn 25 Movie: Don't1Look Now 19 lE FENCING DEMONSTRATION North Lou'nge-Dougherty. 'f Learn the art of fighting with a foilor swordr 1, 11 WATCH FOR DETAILS ON I HOW YOU TOO CAN BECOME INVOLVED INTHE VILLA- I NOVA UNION. DETAILS ON 'MEMBERSHIP MEETING WILL BE POSTED ON CAMPUS. KARATE DEMONQ 2 STRATION with efick and Board Break1ng1See " Demonstrations by Professional Karate Masters Sponsored by the ,1 Villanova Union University Ser- ' vice Committee. 1, SM. TALK 8:00 PM DOUGHERTY HALL . Alpha Phi Omega RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE' Registration will be in Dougherty Hall between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM January 2530 I Movie: Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask. Movie: Magnum F orce - ,r FLASHGORDON CON- 21 QUERS THE UNIVERSE Chapter 1 plus The Road Runner cartoonsf North Lounge- I Dougherty 11:30, 12:30 and 1:30 FLASH GORDON I- r a whole new seria Wed. Jan. 21 in t of Dougherty. IFLASH GORDON THE utvivsnse lce Hockey H 111111111151 Blazing - 1 Carnigie Melo 9 N' l ee-Home v,u. vs. seater. Hall . ,1,1 FREE ADMISSION-1 f 105, 1 SELF-DEFENSE LECTURE- m 'I 6 y DEMONSTRATION 8:00 PM 8200 PIVI .11 West Lounge1Dougherty. By the , ICE Phi RED DRIVE be in Dougherty between 10:00AM and 2:00 Jan. '26'30' I Movie: Everything You Wanted To' Know About Sex, But Were 5- Afraid To Ask BB-HOME V1U. vs. St. Bonaventure I 1' MOVIE: 'Ladiesfand Gentlemen ' Villanova Union Lecture Corn- mittee 84 the VU Karate Club. THE ROLLING STONES Ministry Coffeehouse 8:00 PM ' St. Ritas Movie: Magnum Force GORDON CON- QUERS THE UNIVERSE Chapter! plus Betty Boop and Laurel 81 Hardy. North Lounge-Dougherty 11:30, 12:30 and 1:30 FREE ADMISSION I BOOK BUYING 9:30 AM-4:00PM 1,1 DOUGHERTY Bring youriold 1: Textbooks and Paperbacks. Open to VU students, faculty, and 'i administration. zz' ' APO RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE Registration 10:00 AM- 2t00 PM Dougherty Ministry Coffeehouse 8:00 PM St-1 Ritas 1, 1- , Movie: Everything You Wanted 1' To Know About Sex, But Were 1- Afraid To' Ask-I - BOOK and students, faculty, tion. e DRIVE egistrat 2.00 PM Doughe Ice Hockey: HON V.U. vs. Lafayett Movie: Chinatowr BB: HOME V.U. APO RED CROSS H I r 1976 Z 7 Friday Saturday 1 -ii vaaa :new-, ,,h, , I new 11-Q i-ig-UL-P221 1 A Www 'ibaw ,1 was eHmw'E:35a+ 1ftae-I fa N., 1,,7..ISt'-ilfiifgfif :ff 'il "' fdiiigx- "'vIIoIIIay " flfm. . if 1 f. , A ' ' " 's I f 5 lakh H 7 95. WIA! 16 DANCE COFFEEHOUSE 8:00 PM West Lounge-Doughert APPLICATIONS DUE FOR CULTURAL ARTS COORDI- NATOR. TURN IN TO THE VILLANOVA UNION OFFICE 2nd FLOOR DOUGHEFITY. Y CAMPUS INFORMATION CENTER O A Ext.554 I iswioaf-DoughertyHam E HOURS: Mon. 81 Tues. 9:30am-9:00pm gy I Wed. Thurs. Fri- 9:t,3Oam-,g5i:r30pm OO gg y MOVIBZTHEGYBOUEIB The CAMPUS INFORMATION CENTER is now a BB'AWaYSI-Johns fuii service GREYHOUND Bus LINE ,agent y forqboth Igsinglgfegfeeandr 'charter passages. A Aisowarea' maps and tourist information aiong with tickets for events can be A 'V'0ViE:ThEG'ad'me picked up Monday through Fridays? DIES AND GENTLEMEN THE ROLLING STONES WATCH FOR VILLANOVA UNION MEMBERSHIP MEET' HOW YOU CAN BECOME INVOLVED' ING DETAILS AND FIND OUT On January 2881 29, from 9:30am tokllpmg ViIIanova.students, facuity, and adminis- tration willytbe abie tZ5Q,.IiSEIkW,-My theiffg35itgoId I textbooks and paperbacks in the North Lounge of Dougherty. ViIIanova I.D. and ivie: Don't Look Now a S V.U. vs. Penn s Swimming-HOME V.U. vs alle one other form of identification w,i:II be needed by the book seIIer. iCaution--- in the past there have been book thieves 30 U among-tus so don' trtt t Iet your books Tayt around 4, Ice Hockey: HOME4:15PM A g on Tuesday, Feb. 3rd, "THE CIA :e 91 ,. nX5HgY1'I?XLOW,, I ANDfYOU" Wm be presfgntedgin .Ogg i 5 I the v.u. Fieidhouse at apm. -one and find out the has a on you r- Calendar information for February I must be turned in to the ViIIanova 'Sgi32yfQZg125s2nC1Fb?ggAM- Uniontgeattentgiion John Wetisenhqrn, 1 2:00PM Dougherty January ' ' Movie: Chinatown 3 K Y Ag, if-5' ., W V f if ,X E I , " fl! . Y lm, fx .,n. jg? I v I " 1. K 4 - ' Af, ' 1 1. 54 956 -U, , , L f ,Q -f an pa , , . . g bw? V 15 ,fl 1-'j9f' , - " if gf? 9 H 9" " iw' Q: f. ,. 2 ' v. '5'ff'7' ' 5 4'-L-JE.: Wh-f' 1-. 7 -.4 , 'M wx rw -f 1 4 f .., K -' I-, If pf J Nm ' v if dk v-1-nv We lege my ig., 'QE' Jil " N'4r'.',. fl' 'Siam fl' ' sig, in Q A3 ii 5 5 . , r.. M A- I Q a vii 5 Ml.: - . A l ,fl . ' MTL A x Y '- -, 1, le W, -is r 1 O . I 'I t X. , ' 2 1.423 A V H . 4 ea' ' nf' f E ,,,. IM. Q' -.. ' mf sf. Y- .4 X' 1 .., A , 'X A' " ,A- n-.-a 2' i X g 1? gg A1 gl 19 "'.' il Ez , -- : W ig E if I K Hr . ' ' "vs ,, QQQWM? f S ,',f S- ,IA 7 ' ., E ,Z-yn, if 4' fig? .' .1 N . u 11 jg ich 51 - "7 'N"Q-:fx - , N . -1 if Q. ' 2. , I ?g'5: f11e H if A WJ at I X In A YN . .Q W4 5 -, , , E ..,.-fi Q , , ' V ' f f fzax E 2 -:Hifi ' N "J ' m753- ' 1 ' --zx ENGINEERING SOCIETY ENGINEERING JOINT COUNCIL ETA KAPPA NU THE ENGINEER , ww M 1 .w A , " - , hx Fr. Charles I. McFadden, O.S.A. Stan Friedman Dick Bedesem l Yr, Prof. Wm. O'Neill - H T -0 Mr, ' ' ff s A xv ,sig " 'f-fi? :J--' '. V: 511.2532 if ,. 1 '31-YE! A, -N ,,w, X 5 II Ear M Prof. I. McEwen Arlen Specter 'wuz' - , 1 hh H i! ' QQ, ' ,J-L .. ,. , .. Quia E' f 221 Fx "7"!Ql?Jn jj M L,,.L 1 aff X? 9 EL I 5 ., if k NN-u'1, , ,S .wif ' '- . Q 1 ,gg ,f c N, 3 ' M ! ' ' ig Q I QM., XV figxgmsp Hi kr 1? W5 Qs Q11 wi '--gfawgrfz' ...uLL.: - iff .1 I ,iw -f 'tl l n 1 i " 'E IU-3 'FJ f1i iEI'ii1'fLEZIIu. , E 1 I .1 P' 1 -i I, 's,,f XZ 5 f "" 1- -K -ji' :.v-e-wq,,,K. " Jug. -A VF' ,Yv1:"' " -av , '-f ,-3!Q!'T' ,,. 1 iff -1 T Q . - A 45' , Y W 1 . f l f, , 1 , U l 35 ?. , W 4 Q1 Y -, ' ..ll 1 Q W 'VI v V it 35:5 L53 K. J if . ,fs 1 5 XQM Aw, 5 ' Fi ,N Fw K , fu.. . .,,,.Y . SIL . W, W 4 4 - 114 ff N135 L, .- -. . ' - I 12 -. , 'M ' 1, I, 2 .., ' W . . -Q. U iw ,iw l . 4 4 If A 1 . .. ,, , ,mr , ,mam 'rw uigfgiiifkrx,-, if v' 2 I ' , WL 4- , ... K .f ,- rv mm Q R -, .. 1 . 1, 'T73' I X 9 Vg ,u 4 , h , ,. , : .mf - :. - kr ' -., .L .A - ,, , It r 1 ri, 3- M- ff I K W Digg' a 33 1 -f ' " .. 4- ,2 T5 '-if T Qu. '- ' ' -' 1 ' T 51 ig' ai-11, 'Lf' B gal' 'F " ' A 2 J uv' 'n X . ws , 1., . , u . ,. ml A S -f -x..."'a: 1 'W " 1 1 r Y :5 7- , , g.L..5411-air, . " , ' JE-" 1--A -mr.. , 'F ,... f . , 4- 1,-v-, :gl i -. 1 ,f sggfffxfg' 'N E1 I f Wa, 4, M ' - , 1 ,LQ 4. up '. - . ' -'L ,, :Q,:1: V 54 'Y' H5251 'L 'A v A3 'L ' 'J ' fs! 1' :ff . 'P 'l N i"k' 551.5 is P .f S 1' - be . . --fm , -.l IW.. .Wi ., ., xiii, la, iw.- UM.: ..f ' V - " A Q 3 4, - Q.. dr ' '5 , - " '13 V1 ::: : f: EQSIHM 1 aw: LAC vii "f E-,I : .AQ-1 A 1117? P ::: ::: f ?ff ,ww ff Y in 'f Q- 152523, Q W W'-Ewa Rudi.. ff 1 ' N r fix' k ' . y' X . W., - ' ' I ' Y -2- M L x f , . X ., A , , , 1 ... I - W it - 1 - - o . . . Q 9 q 'P 0 u o ' . va , f 9 ' e ' 0 9 1 ' H Q J ' o ' ,, t -nf 4,' X ' e 4 ' It A fm! 11 7 "1 elf' Q I 227 WILDCAT PUBLICATIONS I- s I FTS ' . ,ci 4581 .44 9 W am WW .n kX5: t Jhrx' Q Miha. . ' - Ji' N 228 -4:13 , X ff- : -. 3- f Y' " ' ' fi-+14 U 'H Y Eisaxz "7f""3'EQl N , Q- I r 2-::,+gt . -- L. J -ri ' 'X w- -"'7p1., I. -,xgsasl 'L I -M--....- wx' 'fl s ""'T ,,,,'-Lg. 'fc ll ' 1 4' . ',1,-W S - Q. QQ' .1 1 ,J 6 Y'-5' T31 GREGOR MENDEL BIOLOGY CLUB PHYSICS CLUB STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION OF PENNSYLVANIA ASTFIDNOMICAL SOCIETY VILLANOVA CHEMICAL SOCIETY MATH CLUB 232 ' 1 l 233 i I I ,, 1 Qenvice """' APO W? gf"": 'HQ 1 C7 gl J 1?'v-f , n. 3 E512 wnmw BLUE KEY . . . with a QMLQQ S , ' -it What a piece of work is a man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world! the paragon of animals! And yet, to me, What is this quintessence of dust? W. Shakespeare. ,fi I--4-.5 t , VE L3 , ' f-1--'vu-.-few . , ' U . ' --, " .s t ea- U ."-ew ' Huh' -m---, " . .. ,. , V .,l. . he 11. ,dh F' 4 A ' ,I v 'T Y , Wt, N Ax L up 'AA' W ssszzsfzzi. -- H 9' ,.,1f,-I:-52:5-nzvt, wJh,',l,1n,1 E mg w " 'r fx QT v 3 - ' -H"- . . N M tv :W ig JL We ' 1 H -- f, ' ', -L as-V 2i5f,vxf1,fgf3,. me 'i ' - , T ' ' .dtwff-.1 ' ' 1 , .. 'm.:A,+-espn' eg f hz - .. V ' - -1-1-:-:vi 'ace '--,7..,...,1 , A S N H i, a UU I 11 mx 4 g?i6?.U. 2.-3 , 4 KL ANS VTL7"'23l ' 'I xw S - ' f-if ' H1 M' , sssssissgi .. 6.34 ,W f, If X . - 45 I H i ' f Q , w-:,:gE5 ... -, ,Hfq!":'J:w A .4 A M f ' M s A ' A Q , f" 'VM-.X-Nt:N:!-1 ' Q 'MQW N X ' ' , SLAVE AUC I ION F ,sw 4 , wi JEL 1 'iw ' xl r 'A' ' . "fl V 4 N l s ki' l f:,- f " ix' m - . I ' ,, QM. ,, -3-45, "Q , A w gi X K -X 1:3 v ' " m,2m :vii ' gc. w -Q: Q w w 'S 'fr J' if' ,., fQ..WQ4T -., v Agn.. -,..::., ...,.:., -,-PL-' --, -Qs .' 1 -. -...1,:,.. . COLLEGE REPUBLICANS LSAT PRE-LAW Socusrv " YOUNG I DEMDCRATS CLASS ATTENDANCE Freshman Regulations for Class Attendance ' 1. Attendance at all class and laboratory sessions is compulsory for freshmen except as noted below. 2. A student will fail a course because of unexcused absences with a grade of XF, whenever he has been absent unexcused once more than double the number of weekly meetingsforthe course: e.g., fora class meeting Monday, Wednesday, Friday, seven unexcused absences equal XF. For a class meeting Tuesday and Thursday, five unexcused absences equal XF. 3. Excuses for absence will be granted for approved athletic participation, approved field trips, certified serious illness, death in the immediate family, selective service, military examinations, or approved placement. All reasons for absence must be presented by the student to the Office of his Dean together with the Student Absence Card. This card may be obtained by the student in his Dean's Office. All reasons for absence must be de- livered in person Knot by maill no later than 4:30 P.M. on the day the student returns to class after the absences. Excused absences allow a student to make up any test missed and do not count toward a failure in a course. Absence from class, no matterwhat the reason, does not release the student from responsibility for any work omitted. 4. A Freshman student is advised by a card available at his Dean's office whether an excuse he has submitted has been allowed or disallowed. Sophomore, Junior and Senior Regulations for Class Attendance There are no general attendance regulations for sophomore, junior, and senior students. The individual instructor setsthe attendance requirements for the course section he teaches. These regulations, which must be reasonable in attendance required and penalties imposed, are to be filed with the department chairman and explained to the class involved at the beginning of each semester. For upperclassmen grades are to be assigned for academic reasons. The XF grade tfailure by reason of excessive cutsj is not applicable to upperclassmen. The instructor is required howeverto take, record, and report attendance for all classes as directed by the Registrar. Upperclassmen present their reasons for absence to the instructor involved. It will be the responsibility of the student at the beginning of each semester to ascertain the attendance policy of each of his instructors. Ignorance, misunderstanding, or misinformation cannot be adduced as a reason for reconsideration of a grade. 17 135252721 ,1 1 1 111 1 1 1 :1 1111 1 1111 1-1 11 X 1 ,1"'j,1k' ,,.1L ?1"?'iSF" ' . ' -.:' , .se .1. AMW- , - - f 115551: . ,,, 11 U11m11W!1 , 11111: 11 1 , 511 1- 1 1 1 1, ', ,.,1I 1 11'1xgl:111 1,1 1 1 Qyzzd 3, , L I 1 1 1 1 'Lf 1,11 1 W 4, HN!! X 1 , 1 11"1"11'?e-511411111 J' 71111 1 ' :- 1,1 1111J 1 ' ..1gSi-5 all , V x. -QQ11 img X 242 LINDBACH AWARDS A good teacher must be concerned and competent. For me, the Lind- bach is a measure of my success as a teacher. I consider myself very fortunate to be successful at some- thing I enjoy doing very much. Dr. Robert D. Lynch Dean, College of Engineering 243 My goal since coming to Villa- nova, has been to become an effec- tive teacher and, therefore, the Lindbach Award is particularly satisfying. To my students and colleagues who voted me this award, I am very thankful. The Lindbach is not the end goal of effective teaching, but rather an encouraging milestone along the way. Dr. Edward V. McAssey, Ir. Mechanical Engineering Q..- -,. ,X 92154 'X J: 1- .af ,21 I 2A:i'c:"1I7?'lw3S1?!X,,I TTB 14 ,l""l ,,.' 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I .. wsu BEA Come on down to KeIIey's If you've got the proof, we've got the beer. The Forrest Inn 1107 Lancaster Avenue. 258 Gino Marchetti's SAN FRANCISCO RESTAURANT 115 STRAFFORD AVENUE WAYNE, PA. 19087 MU 8-9442 Lunch ' Dinners - Cocktail Lounge Banquets Entertainment Ample Free Parking PHILIP E. PEPPER, INC. Pharmacists 195-197 E. PLUMSTEAD AVENUE LANSDOWNE, PA. 19050 MA 6-4941 THE CAMERA CENTRE "answering all your photo needs" 388 on 69th STREET UPPER DARBY, PA. Telephone: FL 2-0696 Old Covered Wagon Inn Lancaster Avenue Strafford-Wayne, Pennsylvania Facilities for Weddings and Banquets Open Daily for Luncheons and Dinners MU 8-1169 CONGRATULATIONS !! To the 1975 graduating class of Villanova University from INTERSTATE UNITED For Distinguished Food and Vending Service- Phone: 828-8105 AMERICAS LARGEST SELLING MAGAZINE What do you do when you've become the first magazine in publishing history to sell a billion copies in a single year? Exactly what you have been doing for the preceding 22years.COntinue to publish an intelligent magazine about television for an ever larger, more interested audience. GUIDE mm . DURKIN WORLD TRAVELS Reservations GROUPS - BUSINESS - PLEASURE CRUISES - HOTELS -- AIR TOURS 156 W. Chelten Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. 19144 COMMERCIAL OFFICE A- TA'-ONE FURNITURE CQ, cLEANER-TAll.OR- FURRIER 1017 RACE STREET Since PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19107 MA 7-3737 318 W. LANCASTER AVENUE ARDMORE, PA. MI 2-9000 LA 5-0443 LA 5-6664 PARVIN'S PHARMACY James P. Kerchner Alice M. Kerchner DOYLE AND MCDONNELL INC. Nursery and General Contracting pharmacists BERWYN, PA. 19312 MAIN OFFICE: NI 4-0270 30 Bryn Mawr Avenue Bryn Mawr, Pa. Q i v yt . -,. I ' -'sit -E'-4' it WURSTER-ROHNER co. fl rg 2 412 jf 1 29 . -1: - .142 mx-' -. - .. W - 1- A 3 WHOLESALE Gnocfns . .U id ef. rw- -- - 'sf . 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He remained on campus working on plans for the upcoming American Soci- ety of Civil Engineers con- vention and the McKee Scholarship program. Dean Gallen is survived by his wife, the former Pran- ces Fitzgerald and seven children. Iohn Gallen will surely be missed by all those he touched during his many years at Villanova. SENIOR DIRECTORY ABBOUD, JEANNETTE-1308 Maryland Ave., Havertown, Pa., 19083. ABELL, NORMAN L.-27 Dart St., New Lon- don, Ct., 06320-B.S. in Bio. ABENDROTH, GEORGE H.-238 Winding Way, Stratford, N.J., 05084-B.E. in M.E. ABRAMCZYK, MICHAEL P.-1756 Briar Place, N. Merrick, N.Y., 11566-B.E. in M.E. ACKERMAN, ROGER S.-1625 Patricia Ave., Willow Grove, Pa., 19090-B.S. in Acct. ADAMS, BRUCE E.-701 Devon Lane, Wall- ingford, Pa., 19086-B.A. in Eng. ADAMS, DANIEL J.-R.D. 1, Box 315-A, Tuckerton, N.J., 08087. ADELIZZI, STEPHEN J.--201 E. Marthart Ave., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.S. in B.A. ADOLPH, ELAINE M.-604 Barry Dr., Spring- field, Pa., 19064-B.S. in Nur. AGNES, MICHAEL J.-28 N. Point Dr., Colts Neck, N.J., 07722. AGUIRRE, JUAN GUILHERMO-N-495, 377 Poplar Rd., Devon, Pa., 19333-B.S. in B.A. ALBANESE, MARILYN-124 MacDonald Dr., Wayne, N.J., 07470-B.S. in Edu. ALBANESE, ROBERT J.-135 Foxwood Rd., West Nyack, N.Y., 10994-B.S. in B.A. ALBARELLI, GEORGE S.-133 Osborn St., Phila., Pa., 19128-B.S. in Acct. ALCAMO, LINDA M.-9 Beech St., Hillsdale, N.J., 07642-B.S. in Nur. ALDRICH, RICHARD B.-Spencer Lane, Wat- chung, N.J., 07060-B.S. in B.A. ALGAROTTI, LUIGI S.-383 Anderson Ave., Fairview, N.J., 07022-B.A. in Ssg. ALLENSON, JOHN L.-9 Taylor Rd., Consho- hocken, Pa., 1942.8-B.S. in Acct. ALLIEGRO, MARILYN-Walker Rd., Wash. Crossing, Pa., 18977-B.A. in Eng. ALTRICHTER, WAYNE W.-937 N. 14th St., Allentown, Pa., 18102-B.E. in E.E. ALVAREZ, JOSE R.-G-34 Villa Caparra, Bay- amon, P.R., 00619. AMALFITANO, GERARD A.-1 Kelly Court, Monsey, N.Y., 10952-B.S. in Acct. ANDERSON, EARL-1126 McKean Ave., Balti- more, Md., 21217-B.A. in Eng. ANDERSON, SONJA M.-86 Bittersweet Ct., Forest Park, Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.S. in Nur. ANDRAS, JOHN-333 Jackson St., Reading, Pa., 19607. ANKNER, JOAN P.-SSB Meadowlake Dr., Downingtown, Pa., 19335-B.A. in Sgy. ANNUNZIATO, FRANK P., JR.-7203 Buist Ave., Phila., Pa., 19142-B.S. in Acct. ANTETOMASO, MICHAEL P.-1519 Char- muth Rd., Lutherville, Md., 21093-B.A. in Sec. ANTONICO, JOSEPH H.-225 Franklin Ave., Hasbrouck Hghts., N.J., 07604-B.S. in Bio. ANZALONE, ROBERT J.-35 Roberta Lane, Syosset, N.Y., 11791-B.S., Gen. APSEY, WILLIAM S.-63 Stone Fence Rd., Allendale, N.J., 07401-B.S. in B.A. ARNETH, LYNN S.-540 Longboat Ave., Beachwood, N.J., 08722-B.S. in Nur. ATKINSON, EDWARD W.-409 Sansom St., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.S. in B.A. AUER, MARY A.-9 Clayton Terrace, St. Louis, Mo., 63131-B.A. in Psy. AVETIAN, GEORGE K.-3932 Mary St., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in Bio. AVIGLIANO, DENNIS J.-618 Thompson Ave., Bound Brook, N.J., 08805-B.A. in Sec. AYLMER, KEVIN T.-2441 Troy Circle, Olym- pia Fields, Ill., 60451-B.S. in B.A. Class of 1976 AZAR, KHALIL R.-16 B. Franklin Dr., Maple Shade, N.J., 08052-B.E. in E.E. BACHMAN, SCOTT M.-1227 Spruce St., Eas- ton, Pa., 18042-B.S. in B.A. BACKALL, WILLIAM A.-246 N. Avondale St., Phila., Pa., 19139-B.S. in B.A. BAILEY, GREGORY N.-22 Pittsfield Rd., Howell, N.J., 07731-B.A. in Pol. Sci. BAILEY, ROBERT W.-22 Pittsfield Rd., Howell, N.J., 07731-B.S. in Acct. BALBO, STEVEN J.-712 Grove Ave., Cliffside Park, N.J., 07010-B.A. in His. BANGERT, JOHN A.-15 Pigeon Hill Rd., Nanuet, N.Y., 10954-B.S. in Ast. BARBACANE, SUSAN M.-1300 Dill Rd., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.S. in Acct. BARONE JAMES J.-1 Gerken Dr., New City, N.Y., 10956-B.S. in Bio. BARRETT, JOHN L.-234 Harrison Ave., Glen- side, Pa., 19038. BARRY, GERALD J.-1077 E. Landis Ave., Vineland, N.J., 08360-B.S. in B.A. BARRY, JOSEPH T.-8110 Sterling Dr., Oak- land, Ca., 94605-B.A. in Psy. BARTHELME, PATRICK J.-P.O. Box 21, Chaptico, Md., 20621-B.E. in M.E. BARTON, MARY E.-7115 Westhaven Dr., Cahp Springs, Md., 20031-B.A. in Eng. BASTIANELLI, BENJAMIN, 27 Tower Brook Rd., Hingham, Ma., 02043, B.A., Gen. BATHON, DANIEL H., JR.-R.D. 3, Box 513, Elkton, Md., 21921-B.S. in B.A. BAUER, DEBORAH BENKERT, Apt. E1, Broadlawn, 105 Charles Dr., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19101-B.S. in Nur. BAUER, ROBERT J.-F-1 Broadlawn Apts., 105 Charles Dr., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010. BAUERNSCHMID, KURT W.-Apt. 17, 1300 Fayette St., Conshohocken, Pa., 19428-B.A. in Eng. BEANGEZ, WILLIAM M., 92. Shinnecock Ave., Massapequa, N.Y., 11758-B.E. in M.E. BECHS, EDWIN-704 Buttonwood Ave., Maple Shade, N.J., 08052-B.A. in Ssg. BECKER, ANDREW J.-319 Llanerch Ave., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.S., Gen. BECKER, GARY N.-518 Portland Dr., Broom- all, Pa., 19008-B.S. in Acct. BEESE, ANNE C.-250 Manchester Rd., River Edge, N.J., 07671-B.S. in Nur. BEHEN, NINA, M.-636 Waverly St., Shilling- ton, Pa., 19607-B.S. in Nur. BEHM, THAD T.-188 Coldstream Dr., Ber- wyn, Pa., 19312-B.S. in Acct. BEIDUK, LISA M.-127 Deerfield Rd., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.A. in I-Iisf. BELL, ROY W.-10 Syosset Circle, Syosset, N.Y., 11791-B.6. in Acct. BELMONTE, JOSEPH J.-12 Evelyn Terrace, South Amboy, N.J., 08879-B.S. in B.A. BENDELL, DAVID M.-904 Main St., River- ton, N.J., 08077-B.S. in Acct. BENJAMIN, PATRICIA A.-6 Shetland Rd., Florham Park, N.J., 079.32-B.S. in Nur. BERENZ, FRANK P.-9006 Columbia Ave., North Bergen, N.J., 07047-B.A. in Pol. Sci. BERGEN, LEE J.-2064 West End Ave., Potts- ville, Pa., 17901-B.A. in Pol. Sci. BERGERON, WILLIAM F., JR.-4 Valleygreen Court, Phoenix, Md., 21131-B.S., Gen. BERKOWITZ, RONALD S.-29 Rust Hill Rd., Levittown, Pa., 19056. BERRIAN, DIANE G.-Boeing Rd., Westfield Terrace, New Cumberland, Pa., 17070-B.S. in Nur. BEST, ROBERT L.-7 Meadow Lane, Wood- bury, N.J., 08096-B.S. in Acct. BEYER, MARY-116 Ridge Rd., Media, Pa., 19063-B.A. in Eng. BIDDICK, DENNIS-354 Pixley Place, Wood- bury, N.J., 08096-B.E. in C.E. BIERZALO, THADDEUS A.-4049 Boone St.. Phila., Pa., 19127-B.S. in Bio. BIGELOW, PETERT.-12 Fernwood Dr., Wind- sor Locks, Ct., 06096-B.E. in M.E. BIGGIANI, JOHN E.-6102 Highland Pl., West New York, N.J., 07093-B.A. in Pol. Sci. BILARDO, GRACE M.-220 E. 23rd St., Ches- ter, Pa., 19013-B.S. in B.A. BILLE, STEPHANIE J.-325 Tide Pond Rd., Mantoloking, N.J., 08738-B.S. in Bio. BILLIE, JOHN B.-2 Mashie Drive, Wescos- ville, Pa., 18106-B.S. in B.A. BILZI, THOMAS W.-2 Glades Way, Hunting- ton, N.Y., 11743-B.S. in B.A. BLOOM, CRAIG P.-859 Wlehrle Dr., Wil- liamsville, N.Y., 14221-B.S. in B.A. BOCKENHAUER, BARBARAJO-117 E. Mee- han St., Phila., Pa., 19119--B.S. in Nur. BOFINGER, LYNNE D.-302 Hampton Rd., Hatboro, Pa., 19040-B.S. in Nur. BOHN, DONALD W., JR.-821 Cottonwood Dr., Monroeville, Pa., 15146-B.A. in Pol. Sci. BOKAS, NICHOLAS G.-123 Elmwood Ave., Narberth, Pa. 19072-B.A. in Eng. BOLEY, PATTI L.-10701 Woodsdale Dr., Sil- ver Spring, Md., 20901-B.A. in Ssg. BORBIDGE, BRAD R.-408 Westbourne Dr., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.S. in Acct. BOREJKO, JOAN V.-3012 Nesper, Phila., Pa., 19152. BORRIS, MARK J.-262 Franklin Ave. Rock- away, N.J., 07866-B.S. in Bio. BOYLAN, MARYELLEN-198 Clare Dr., Wash- ington, Pa., 15301-B.S. in Nur. BOYLE, BARBARA A.-212 Buck Lane, Haver- ford, Pa., 19041-B.A. in Spe. BOYLE FRANCIS A.-125 Henderson Ave., Norwood, Pa., 19074-B.S. in Acct. BOYLE, FRANK J.-398 Garwood Rd., Erial, N.J., 08081-B.A. in Sec. BOZZO, STEPHEN E.-6677 Church Lane, Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.A. in Pol. Sci. BRACAGLIA, WILLIAM L.-338 Mountain Ave., North Caldwell, N.J., 07006-B.A. in Sec. BRACCO, CHRISTOPHER-617 McCarthy Dr., New Milford, N.J., 07646-B.S. in B.A. BRANDT, EDWARD A.-3704 Commerce Ave., Brookhaven, Pa., 19015-B.A. in Hist. BRAULT, BARRY F.-4 Village Dr., New Canaan, Ct., 06840. n BRAUTOVICH, ROBERT A.-1222 Kings- bridge, Houston, Tx., 77090-B.A. in Psy. BREAM, ROBERT E., JR.-11729 Corry Place, Phila., Pa., 19154-B.S. in B.A. BRENNAN, DANIEL P.-81 Crestview Dr., Willingboro, N.J., 08046-B.S. in B.A. BRENNAN, ROBERT M.-20 Ann St., West Haven, Ct., 06516-B.A. in Hist. - BRENNEN, PHILLIP R.-346 Fifth Street, Whitehall, Pa., 18052.-B.A. in Pol. Sci. BRISBOIS, SUSAN M.-806 Campbell Lane, Springfield, Pa., 19064-B.S. in Nur. BRITTO, ALAN P.-17 Whitehorn Dr., Guil- ford, Ct., 06437-B.A. in Psy. BRITTO, KAREN M.-73 -Grapal St., Rye, N.Y., 10580-B.A. in Pol. Sci. BRODERICK, KEVIN M.-33 Village Dr., Liv- ingston, N.J., 07039-B.S. in Acct. BROPHY, KATHRYN-140 N.E. 14th St., Miami, Fl., 33162-B.S. in Nur. BROSOF, DONALD H.-1852 N. 77th St., Phila., Pa., 19151-B.A. in Pol. Sci. BROWN, FREDERICK W.-14 W. Hilltop Rd., West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.E. in M.E. BROWN, KATHLEEN M.-600 Pennsylvania Ave., Cherry Hill, N.J., 08034. BRUNO, JOHN A.-377 Kingwood Rd., King of Prussia, Pa., 19406-B.S. in B.A. BRUZGO, JUDITH A.-252 E. White St., Sum- mit Hill, Pa., 182.50-B.S. in Nur. BUCHANAN, BRUCE W.-414 Roberts Ave., Conshohocken, Pa., 19428-B.A. in Edu. BUCHENAUER, ALBERT J.-549 Rosewood Lane, Harrisburg, Pa., 17111-B.S. in B.A. BUCHER, NANCY M.-953 Valley Rd., Blue Bell, Pa., 19422-B.A. in Psy. BUCKLEY, JOSEPH E.-12.02 Karen Lane, West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.S. in B.A. BUCKLEY, JOSEPH M., II-10 Pleasant View Dr., Holland, N.Y., 14080-B.S. in Ast. BUCKLEQ, KEVIN M.-263 Lewis Rd., Spring- field, Pa., 19064-B.E. in E.E. BURGER, DAVID C.-208 Lincoln Pk. Dr., Syracuse, N.Y., 13203-B.S., Gen. BURKAVAGE, JOHN D.-468 Conard Dr., Springfield, Pa., 19064-B.S. in B.A. BURNS, JAMES F.-355 Chestnut St., College- ville, Pa., 19426-B.A. in Eng. BURNS, THOMAS J.-407 Church St., King of Prussia, Pa., 19406-B.A. in Ssg. BUTLER, MICHAEL D.-518 Spencer Lane, Warminster, Pa., 18974. BUTLER, MICHAEL L.-250 Beverly Blvd., Apt. G-204, Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.E. in E.E. BUZOGANY, ALEXANDER S.-618 Osborne Ave., Morrisville, Pa., 19067-B.E. in M.E. BYRNE, JAMES G.-2 Azalea La., Somerset, N.J., 08873-B.E. in C.E. BYRNE, WILLIAM P.-12 Plantingfield Rd., Roslyn, N.Y., 11577-B.A. in Hist. BYRNES, ROBERT S.-22 Black Birch Rd., Scotch Plains, N.J., 07076-B.S. in B.A. CABREY, PETER P., JR.-331 Thomas Dr.- King of Prussia, Pa., 19406. CAIN, GAIL-417 Sunset Dr., Downingtown, Pa., 19335-B.S. in Nur. CALLAGHAN, DANIEL J,-7 Rochester Hill Rd., Rochester, N.H. 03867-B.A., Hon. CALLAGHAN, KEVIN P.-372 Westfield Dr., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.S. in Acct. CALLAGHAN, MARIAN P.-256 W. Ruscomb St., Phila., Pa., 19120-B.S., Gen. CALLAHAN, PATRICIA A.-856 Elda La., Westbury, N.Y., 11590-B.S. in Nur. CALLEN, DOREEN A.-114 E. Green St., West Hazleton, Pa., 18201-B.S. in Acct. CAMPAIOLA, JOHN M.-121-16 135th Ave., S. Ozone Park, N.Y., 11420-B.S. in Chm. CAMPBELL, DAVID B.-31 E. Circular Ave., Paoli, Pa., 19301-B.E. in C.E. CAMPBELL, DEBORAH A.-163 12th St., Bethpage, N.Y., 11714-B.S. in Nur. CAMPBELL, HELEN E.-Z6 Vista Ave., Wheel- ing, W.Va., 26003-B.A., Hon. CAMPBELL, THOMAS A.-1445 Granary Rd., Blue Bell, Pa.,19422. CAMPERLINO, JUDITH A.-991 First St., N. Huntingdon, Pa., 15642.-B.S. in Nur. CANADY, JEROME-520 S. 56th St., Phila., Pa., 19143-B.A. in Mod. Lan. CAPECE, ABRAMO J.-370 Paoli Ave., Phila.. Pa., 19128-B.A. in Hist. CAPRITTI, ROBERT D.-823 E. 5th St., Flor- ence, N.J., 08518-B.A., Gen. CARAMANICA, ROMA R.-537 Avon Wood Rd., Haverford, Pa., 19041-B.A. in Pol. Sci. CARBONE, AMERICO J.-33 112 Ross St., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.S. in Acct. CAREY, CHRISTOPHER J.-121 Longwood Ave., Chatham Twp, N.JZ, 07928-B.S. in Acct. CAREY, GREGORY J.-31032, 707 Continen- tal Cir., Mountain View, Ca., 94040-B.A. in Hist. CARGAGNO, CARMEN S.-2232 De Kalb St., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.H., Gen. CARITA, LEONARD S., JR.-51 Heald Rd., Brigantine, N.J., 08203-B.A. in Eng. . CARLSON, STEVEN C.-6 Belaire Dr., Titus- ville, Pa., 16354-B.S., Gen. CARPOU, WILLIAM A.--Box 591, Kennedy, Villanova University, Villanova, Pa., 19085- B.S. in B.A. CARRABUS, ANDREW J.-Box 93, Middle Island, N.Y., 11953-B.A. in Ssg. CARRIGAN, SEAN R.--917 Juniper Place, Alexandria, Va., 22.304-B.A. in Eng. CARROLL, ROBERT A.-618 Westmoreland Dr., Trenton, N.J., 08618. CARROLL, THOMAS J.-138 Linebrook Rd., Ipswich, Ma., 01938-B.S., Gen. CARUSO, FRANCIS A.-6407 Walton Ave., Pennsauken, N.J., 08109-B.S. in Acct. CASON, PATRICIA T.-831 Conestoga Rd., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.S. in Acct. CASSWELL, LAURA F.-9301 Temple Hills, Rd., Clinton, Md., 20735-B.S. in Ast. CASTELLUCCI, ROBERT S.-100 Hanover Rd., Mountain Lakes, N.J., 07046-B.S. in Bio. CATRAMBONE, RICHARD A.-2920 Wynne- wood Dr., Vineland, N.J. 08360-B.A. in Sec. CAVALCANTE, MOIRA A.-148 E. Marshall Rd., Lansdowne, Pa., 19050. CAVALIERE, JOSEPH A.-831 Franklin Place, Franklin Square, N.Y., 11010-B.E. in C.E. CENTOFANTE, JOSEPH A.-7412 Revere St., Phila., Pa., 19152-B.S. in B.A. CHALLENGER, SUSAN M.-336 Julian St., Williamstown,'Pa., 17098-B.S. in Nur. CHALT, ELIAS-Apt. G-223, Devon-Strafford, Devon, Pa., 19333-B.E. in E.E. CHECCIO, LEONARDINE M.-9525 Frank- ford Ave., Phila., Pa. 19114-B.S. in Bio. CHIANELLI, ROBERT-950 Ponce De Leon Rd., Boca Raton, Fl., 33432-B.E. in E.E. CHILDS, HOWARD R.-175 Upland Terrace, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., 19004-B.S. in Acct. CHINNICI, JOSEPH R.-535 Seville St., Phila., Pa., 1912.8-B.S. in Acct. CHIRICHELLA, JOSEPH P.-791 Boulevard, Bayonne, N.J., 07002-B.A., Gen. Chovanes, Michael J.-114 Maple Ave., Bala Cynwyd, Pa., 19004-B.S. in Bio. CHOWANSKY, AFTAN J.-10 Loretta St., Clifton, N.J., 07011-B.S. in B.A. CHRISTOVICH, KENNETH G.-2.126 First St., Neptune Beach, Fl., 32.233-B.S. in B.A. CHU LUCIE SHIAU-CHING-266 Old Eagle Schl. Rd., Strafford, Pa., 19087-B.S. in Bio. CHURCH, ANDREA M.-31 Meadow Wood Rd., Branford, Ct., 06405-B.S. in Nur. 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Lambert St., Phila., Pa., 19145-B.A. in Pol. Sci. COSTELLO, JOHN R.-1242. Lake Rd., Web- ster, N.Y., 14580-B.S. in B.A. COTTER, BONNIE L.-137 Airdale Rd., Rose- mont, Pa., 19010-B.A. in Mod. Lan. COTTIERS, RAYMOND D.-7 Eldorado Court, Rochelle Park, N.J. 07662-B.A. in Psy. COTTON, WENDY R.-9 W. Buttonwood St., Wenonah, N.J., 08090-B.S. in Nur. COUSIN, JOSEPH J.-663 Jamestown St., Phila., Pa., 1912.8-B.A. in Spe. COYLE, JOSEPH M.-244 Ashby Rd., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.S. in Acct. COYLE, TODD F.-South Mt. Rd., Brookfield, Ct., 06804-B.E. in M.E. CRIMI, CATHERI-NE A.-1128 Morris Rd., Wynnewood, Pa., 19096. CROSSIN, FRANCIS P.-28 E. Bennett St., Kingston, Pa., 18704-B.S. in B.A. CUMMINGS, PATRICIA M.-4112 Pilgrim Rd., Plymouth Mtg.,' Pa., 19462-B.A. in Eng. CUMMINGS, SHERRY A.-107 Deer Run, Hubert, N.C., 28539-B.S. in Nur. CUMMISKEY, WILLIAM T.-7019 Penarth Ave., Bywood, Pa., 19082. CUNNANE, THMOAS P.-6619 Morris Park Rd., Phila., Pa., 19151-B.S. in Acct. CUPERO, JAMES J.-238-39 116th Ave., El- mont, L.I., N.Y., 11003-B.A. in Pol. Sci. CUPO, DOUGLAS E.-62. Hobson St., Stam- ford, Ct., 06902-B.A. in Hist. CURLEY, BRIAN P.-17 Hemlock Dr., Port Reading, N.J., 07064-B.A. in Pol. Sci. CURRAN, JOHN T.-61 Shadyside Ave., Du- mont, N.J., 07628-B.A. in Pol. Sci. CUSCIONE, JOSEPH A.-27 Merillon Ave., Garden City, L.I., N.Y., 11530-B.S., Gen. CUSUMANO, DAVID J.-78 S. Trooper Rd., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.S. in Chem. CZAJA, ANN L.-331 Sprague Rd., Narberth, Pa., 19072-B.A. in Hist. DAHDAH, JOHN P.-9611 Glenarm Ct., Burke, Va., 22015-B.S. in Bio. D'ALESSIO, GARY A.-236 W. Summit Ave., Haddonfield, N.J., 05033-B.S. in Bio. DALLURA, NORMAN J-5 Castle Rock Dr., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.S. in Chem. DALTON, JOHN L.-96 Mountain Ave., Gil- lette, N.J., 07933-B.A. in Pol. Sci. DALTON, SUSANNA M.-139 Little Lane, Haverford, Pa. 19041-B.A., Hon. D'AMBOLA, JOHN B.-191 Elwood Ave., Newark, N.J., 07104-B.S. in Bio. D'AMBROSIA, STEVEN T.-407 Darby Terr., Darby, Pa., 00000-B.S. in Phy. DANELUZZI, DEBORAH L.-545 N. Burling- ton Ave., Bridgeton, N.J., 08302-B.S. in Nur. DANKO, JACALYN J.-419 Park Dr., Norris- town, Pa., 19401-B.A. in Mod. Lan. DARBY, MARY L.--7327 Elizabeth Rd., Phila., Pa., 19126-B.S. in Mat. D'AURIA, JOSEPH-12 Birchwood Lane, West- port, Ct., 06880. DAVIS, CHRISTOPHER L.-23 Elmwood Ave., Bloomfield, N.J., 07003-B.S. in B.A. DAVIS, MARY J.-Raven Run, Lost Creek, Pa., 17946-B.S. in Nur. DAVIS, THOMAS M.-82.2 Forest Green Dr., Coraopolis, Pa., 15108-B.S., Gen. DAVY, ROBERT W.-149 W. Gloucester Pk., Barrington, N.J., 08007-B.S. in B.A. DAY, ROBERT W.-222 Lighthouse Dr., Manahawkin, N.J., 08050. DEACON, DANIEL G.-P.O. Box 284, Villa- nova, Pa., 19085-B.A. in Eng. DEANE, EDMOND J.-17 Reno Ave., Staten Island, N.Y., 10306-B.S. in B.A. DEANGELIS, FRANCIS J.-333 Wyckoff Ave., Ramsey, N.J., 07446. DEATON, ROBERT W.-205 S. Pelham Rd., Voorhees, NJ., 08043-B.S. in B.A. DE CARLO, JAMES P.-701 Seabrook Ct., Baltimore, Md., 21204-B.S. in Acct. DE COSMO, MICHAEL C.-111 N. Church St., Hazelton, Pa., 18201-B.S. in Acct. DEEGAN, JOHN J.-14 Dallas Rd., Willow Grove, Pa., 19090-B.A. in Sec. DEHAN, MAUREEN G.-1271 Byberry Rd., Huntingdon Valley, Pa., 19006-B.S. in Nur. DEL BUENO, ERNEST L., JR.-17 Greeley Ct., Middletown, N.J., 07748-B.A. in Pol. Sci. DEL COLLO, PETER R.-3210 St. David's Rd., Newtown Square, Pa., 19073-B.A. in Pol. Sci. DE LEMMO, MARYANN R.-918 Georgetown Rd., Swarthmore, Pa., 19081-B.A. in Pol. Sci. DELL AGLIO, FRANK J.-1307 83rd St., North Bergen, N.J., 07047-B.S. in Acct. DELSERRO, SAMUEL, 46 Ridgewood Rd., Easton, Pa., 18042-B.E. in M.E. DE MARCO, A. PETER, JR.-212 Prospect Ave., Dunellen, N.J., 08812-B.A. in Eng. DENNIS, CHERYL A.-438 N. Salford St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19151-B.A. in Phil. DE PASCALE, JERRY T., 268 Berkshire Ave., Paterson, N.J., 07501-B.S. in Phys. DE ROJAS, CARLOS A.-Apartado 1889, Ca- racas, Venezuela, 00000-BLE. in M.E. DE ROSE, STEPHEN M.-804 Church Lane, Yeadon, Pa., 19050-B.S. in B.A. DE TRANE, JOSEPH S.-713 Long Lane, Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.S. in Acct. DIACHENKO, MARIAN T.-51 Eastview St., Hartford, Ct., 06114-B.S. in Nur. DIAMOND, MICHAEL A.-122 Ritner St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19148. DIAZ, LYDIA T.-387 Highland St., Cresskill, N.J., 07626. DIBENEDETTO, MICHAEL B.-90 Stoney Rd., Edison, N.J., 08817-B.S. in B.A. DI COLLA, DONNA M.-446 N. 66th St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19151-B.S. in Bio. DI DARIO, THOMAS G.-300 North Ave., Fanwood, N.J., 07023--B.A. in Eng. DIFILIPPO, MARYLOU T.-2736 County Line Rd., Ardmore, Pa., 19003. DIFLAVIS, ANTHONY J.-91 Barker Ave., Sharon Hill, Pa., 19079-B.A. in Pol. Sci. DI GENNARO, MICHAEL E., 267 White Horse Pk., Audubon, N.J., 08106. DI GIOIA, ANTHONY J., JR.-23 Davis Ave., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.S. in Bio. DILENSCHNEIDER, FRANCIS-420 Nether- wood Rd., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.S. in Acct. DILLON, MARK H.-14 Ormond Dr., Schenec- tady, N.Y., 12309-B.S. in Acct. DILORENZO, CHESTER P.-41 Meeker Ave., Cranford, N.J., 07016-B.E. in C.E. DI LORETO, MARY C.-Duck Pond Rd., Lo- cust Valley, N.Y., 11560-B.S. in Acct. DI MARTINO, RAYMOND-3020 Lovell Ave., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.S. in B.A. DI MIDIO, JOHN G.-1105 Bryan St., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.A. in Pol. Sci. DI NATALE, DAVID A.-4 Cheswick Rd., Arlington, Ma., 02174-B.S. in B.A. DINON, LISA M.-434 Barclay Rd., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.S. in B.A. DIOGUARDI, MARY L.-190 Beaver St., Beaver, Pa., 15009-B.S. in Edu. DI PRIMIO, RICHARD A.-17 Raymond Rd., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.A. in Pol. Sci. DISANDRO, ALBERT J.-1862 Bertram Rd., Huntington Valley, Pa., 19006-B.S. in B.A. DODDS, JOHN F., JR.-45 Hetzel Rd., Ridley Park, Pa., 19078-B.S. in Acct. DOHERTY, DENNIS M.-43 Knollwood Ave., Madison, NJ., 07940-B.S. in B.A. DOLAN, JAMES J.-127 Old Short Hills Rd., West Orange, N.J., 07052-B.A. in Eng. DONEGAN, JOANNE L.-6051 Allman St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19142-B.A. in Eng. D'ONOFRIO, MARGARET T.-2651 Old Cedar Grove, Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.S. in B.A. DONOHUE, JOAN M.-322 Williams Rd., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.A., Gen. DONOVAN, KYLE G.-105 Flat Iron Rd., Guilford, Ct., 06437. DONOVAN, MARY ANN F.-6521 Kingses- sing Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19142-B.A. in Eng. DOOLEY, JOHN T.-311 Washington Lane, Fort Washington, Pa., 19034-B.A. in Hist. DORSEY, STEPHEN W.-6619 Old Poplar Pk., Memphis, Tn., 38138-B.S., Gen. DORWART, DONALD L.-1222 Hillcrest Rd., Lancaster, Pa., 17603-B.S. in Acct. DOTO, MARTIN M.-108 Fairview Ave., West Orange, N.J., 07052-B.S. in Eco. DOWD, DOUGLAS J.-P.O. Box 521-Manto- locking, N.J., 08738-B.S. in B.A. DOWDS, CHARLES J.-507 Burton Rd., Ore- land, Pa., 19075-B.S. in Acct. DOWE, ROBERT M., III-26516 Valpariso Dr., Mission Viejo, Ca., 92.675-B.S. in Acct. DOYLE, JOHN J.-2004 South Shore Dr., Erie, Pa. 00000--B.E. in M.E. DREER, ROBYN J.-405 Burns Dr., Spring- field, Pa., 19064-B.S. in Edu. DRENNEN, CLAUDIA M.-438 Ridge Pike, Lafayette Hill, Pa., 19444-B.A. in Eng. DRENNEN, MICHAEL C.-23761 Via Calzada, Mission Viejo, Ca., 92675-B.S. in Eco. DRIESBACH, CHARLES R.-140 Easton Rd., Warrington, Pa., 18976. DRUYOS, MARK J.-224 Summit Ave., Fords, N.J., 08863-B.S. in Acct. DUFFY, MICHAEL A.-375 Hillcrest Rd., Needham, Ma. 02192-B.S. in B.A. DUGAN, JOHN J.-22 Folcroft Ave., Folcroft, DUGAN, PATRICIA M.-3881 Dungan St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19124-B.A., Hon. DUKE, JACKLYN A.-229 Fairview Ave., Clif- ton Heights, Pa., 19018-B.A. in Sgy. DUMVILLE, FRANK-Box 403-B, R.D. 1, Lang- horne, Pa., 19047-B.S. in Phys. DUNBAR, WILLIAM S.-150 Murdock Rd., Baltimore, Md., 21212-B.A. in Sec. DUNN, WILLIAM E., III-615 Meadow Lane, Clarks Summit, Pa., 18411-B.S. in B.A. DURNING, JOSEPH A.-501 Perry St., Ridley Park, Pa., 19078-B.E. in Che.E. DURSO, LOIS A.-2513 Claymont St., Phila- delphia, Pa., 19153-B.S. in Bio. DVORNICK, MICHAEL J.-Box 71, Rt. 1, Lake Hopatcong, N.J., 07849-B.E. in M.E. DWYER, THOMAS C.-8 Speaker St., Com- mack, N.Y., 11725-B.A. in Eng. EBBECKE, STEPHEN B.-1363 Bridge St., Phil- adelphia, Pa., 19124-B.A., Gen. EDGE NICHOLAS J., III, 201 Frederick Rd., Havertown, Pa., 19083. ELIAS, AKL H.-134 Hunters Lane, Devon, Pa., 19333. ELLIOTT, JAMES G.-1105 Inland Rd., Forked River, N.J., 08731. ELLIOTT, JOYANNE M.-312 Brentford Rd., Haverford, Pa., 19041-B.S. in B.A. ELLISON, PATTI J.-145 Lincoln Place, Lib- erty, N.Y., 12754-B.S. in Nur. ELSER, PAUL B.-221 Robin Hood Lane, Aston, Pa., 19014-B.E. in C.E. ENGINEER, ZARINA D.-Apt. 2-A, 430 Straf- ford Ave., Strafford, Pa., 19087. ESPOSITO, CHRISTOPHER N.-331 Candle- wood St., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.A. in Pol. Sci. EVANS, JOHN D-4912 Pulaski Ave., Phila- delphia, Pa., 19144-B.S. in Nur. FAGAN, SUSAN D.-730 Winchester Rd., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.S. in B.A. FAZZINI, ANTHONY J.-1526 Sandy Hill Rd., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.S. in Bio. FEE, RICHARD F.-301 Forest Hills Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19116-B.A., Gen. FELLONA, DANIEL F., III-4 Foxcroft Lane, Media, Pa., 19063-B.S. in B.A. FELSBURG, REGINA C.-116 Clemson Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-B.S. in Nur. FERGUSON, ANDREW J.-345 Lakeview Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026. FERGUSON, MICHAEL F.-301 Sun Dance Rd., Stamford, Ct., 06905-B.A. in Pol. Sci. FIDELIBUS, NICHOLAS J.-3 Sunan Rd., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.E. in M.E. FILERINO, WILLIAM J.-22 East 18th St., Bayonne, N.J., 07002-B.S. in B.A. FILIPONE, ELAINE A.-617 S. Devon Ave., Wayne, Pa., 19087-B.S. in Edu. FILOROMO, MICHAEL A., JR.-253 W. Lan- caster Ave., Downingtown, Pa., 193.35-B.S. in Acct. FINI, ROBERT L.-4242 Onondaga Blvd., Syra- cuse, N.Y., 13219-B.S. in Mat. FINIGAN, PAUL M.-75 Walnut St., Concord, Ma., 01742-B.S. in Eco. FINN, PATRICK-693 Harrison St., Rahway, N.J., 07065-B.A. in Ssg. FINNERTY, KATHLEEN M.-Westover Club B-20, 4 Overlook Dr., Norristown, Pa., 19401 -B.S. in Nur. FIORE, STEPHEN F.-404 51st St., Altoona, Pa., 16602-B.E. in E.E. FIORENZA, ANTHONY J.-40s Rockland Ave., West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.S., Gen. FISHER, CATHERINE A.-2327 Monica Place, Scotch Plains, N.J., 07076-B.S. in Nurs. FISHER, DEBORAH D.-5640 Christian St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19143-B.S. in Nur. FITZGERALD, JOHN P.-512 Shoemaker Ave., Jenkintown, Pa., 19046-B.S. in B.A. FITZGERALD, WILLIAM J.-407 Eldon Dr., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.A. in Eng. FITZPATRICK, CATHERINE-115 Windsor Rd., Yardley, Pa., 19067-B.A. in Pol. Sci. FITZPATRICK, HENRY B.-290 Linden Lane, Merion, Pa., 19066-B.A. in Hist. FLAHERTY, EDWARD L., III-4453 Mt. Royal Blvd., Allison Park, Pa., 15101-B.A. in Pol. Sci. FLANNELLY, LAWRENCE A.-812 Ellis Ave., Newtown Square, Pa., 19073-B.S. in B.A. FLETCHER, JOHN A.-5433 Vicaris St., Phila- delphia, Pa., 19128-B.S. in Acct. FLUDER, ANTHONY A.-325 St. James Ave., Cherry Hill, N.J., 08034. FOCKE, DEAN A.-652 Garden Rd., Dayton, Oh., 45419-B.E. in C.E. FOLEY, BRIAN J.-9 Briar Lane, Mountaintop, Pa., 18707-B.S. in B.A. FOLEY, WILLIAM S.-12 Stuyvesant Oval, New York, N.Y., 10009-B.S. in B.A. FORAN, EILEEN P.-so Dogwood Lane, New Hyde Park, N.Y., 11040-B.S. in Nur. FORBES, CRAIG M.-41 Parkview Ave., War- wick, R.I., 02888-B.S. in B.A. FOREMAN, RICHARD L.-315 Hidden River Rd., Narberth, Pa., 19072-B.E. in M.E. FORTUNATO, ANTHONY J.-P.O. Box 203, Ardmore, Pa., 19003. FRANCO, DAVID P.-38 Wyman St., Waban, Ma., 02168-B.S. in Chem. FRASER, DONALD D.-609 Fifth Ave., River Edge, N.J., 07661-B.S. in Bio. FRAUNHOFFER, JOHN J.-209 Holme Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19117-B.S. in B.A. FRITSCH, THOMAS J.-11 Chiplov Lane, Scotch Plains, N.J., 07076. FUNARI, GODFREY J.-16 Ardsley Rd., Yard- ley, Pa., 19067-B.S. in Bio. FURLAN, RONALD C.-5 Lenape Circle, Roy- ersford, Pa., 19468-B.E. in C.E. GABRIEL, FRANK C.-20 N. Washington Ave., Belmont Hills, Pa., 19004-B.E. in M.E. GABRIELE, GERALD N.-52 Rieder Rd., Edi- son, N.J., 08817-B.S. in B.A. GAFFNEY, JOHN F.-6 Crystal St., Elmont, N.Y., 11003-B.S. in Acct. GALLAGHER, JOHN J.-3222 Cottman Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19149-B.E. in M.E. GALLAGHER, MICHELE A.-457 Thatcher Rd., Springfield, Pa., 19064-B.A., Gen. GALLINA, ANTHONY N.-1 Reiner Place, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 07632-B.S. in Eco. GAMBINO, BRUCE J.-528 Mountain St., Phila., Pa., 19148-B.A. in Psy. GAMBOGI, WILLIAM J.-602 McKinley Ave., Pitman, N.J. 08071-B.S. in Phy. GAMUNDI, FRANCISCO A.-M-134 Sugar- town Rd., Devon, Pa., 19333-B.E. in M.E. GANLEY, JOHN P.-126 W. Freedley St., Nor- ristown, Pa., 19401-B.S., Gen. GARDNER, NATHAN A.-7 Macopin Dr., Livingston, N.J., 07039-B.A., Gen. GARGES, MARY E.-4438 Garrison St., N.W., Washington, D.C., 20016-B.S. in Nur. GARONSKI, HELEN M.-455 South Ave., Holmes, Pa., 19043-B.S. in Nur. GARRISON, JOHN E.-Apt. 7-1147 N. 33rd St., Camden, N.J., 08105-B.S. in Chem. GATTO, FRANK P.-76 Victoria St., Green- wich, Ct., 06830-B.S. in Eco. GATTO, MICHAEL N.-1811 Gallagher Rd., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.A. in Pol. Sci. GEARY, GERALD J.-5813 Thomas Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19143. GEIGER, MARY E.-342 Woodland Dr., Bright- waters, N.Y., 11718-B.S. in Nur. GENNA, MICHAEL-Midlane, Syosset, N.Y., 11791-B.S. in Acct. GEOGHEGAN, ARTHUR J.-455 Rosedale Ave., White Plains, N.Y., 10605-B.5. in Edu. GERKE, PETER L.-22 Wood Ridge Dr., Stam- ford, Ct., 06905-B.S. in B.A. GERNGROSS, JOSEPH J.-3 Lanfair Rd., Cheltenham, Pa., 19012-B.E. in M.E. GETTINGS, JAMES F.-502 Hunter St., Glou- cester, N.J., 08030-B.A. in Edu. GHEBRAT, ISAAC-2515 Chestnut Ave., Ard- more, Pa., 19003-B.S. in Nur. GIANNOLA, RICHARD M.-48 Lorijean Lane, East Northport, N.Y., 11731-B.S. in Ast. GIARDINA, THOMAS P.-10 Little Fox Lane, Westport, Ct. 06550-B.S. in B.H. GIBBONS, THOMAS B.-117 Crossfield Rd., King of Prussia, Pa., 19406-B.A., Hom. GILLIN, MARY T.-334 Gramercy Dr., Clifton Heights, Pa., 19018-B.A. in Spe. GINSBERG, PHILLIP C.-Apt. E-1, 700 Elkins Ave., Elkins Park, Pa., 19117-B.S. in Bio. GIOIA, RICHARD D.-6 Linden Lane, Old Westbury, N.Y., 11568-B.A., Gen. GIORDANO, STEPHEN M.-9 Yorktown Dr., Marlton, N.J., 08053. GIRASOLE, RICHARD J.-44 85th St., Brook- lyn, N.Y., 11209-B.S. in Acct. GIROLAMI, LOUIS V.-422 Ridley Ave., Fol- som, Pa., 19033-B.S. in Acct. GLAKAS, PETER T.--4808 Flower Valley Dr., Rockville, Md., 20853-B.S. in Eco. GLANCEY, JOHN T.-8208 Westminster Rd., Elkins Park, Pa., 19117-B.A. in Eng. GLOCK, KARL F.-415 Diamond Blvd., Johns- town, Pa., 15905-B.A., Gen. GLYNN, WILLIAM J.-1011 Mason Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.A. in Sec. GOLDEN, ELIZABETH J.-247 Byberry Rd., Huntingdon Valley, Pa., 19006-B.A. in Eng. GORDON, NORA A.-118 Hunter Rd., Plym- outh Meeting, Pa., 19462-B.A. in Hist. GORDON, PATRICIA S.-207 Cynwyd Rd., Bala Cynwyd, Pa. 19004-B.S. in Nur. GORDON, STEVEN-Cedar Grove Rd., Media, Pa., 19063-B.S. in Bio. GOUROUSIS NIA-141 Overhill Rd., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.A. in Mod. Lan. GRABOWSKI, STEVEN E.-11 Cimorelli Dr., New Windsor, N.Y., 12550-B.S. in Acct. GRACE, MICHAEL J.-KMCAS, 513 Nimitz Rd., F.P.O. San Francisco, Calif., 96615-B.S. in B.A. GRAHAM, JOHN F.-109 Sackville Rd., Gar- den City, N.Y., 11530-B.S. in B.A. GRANT, EILEEN P.-2920 Belmont Ave., Ard- more, Pa., 19003-B.A. in Mod. Lan. GRAVES, DONALD R.-Box 606, 649 South Juliana, Bedford, Pa., 1552-B.A. in Psy. GREEN, ALLISON L.-R.D. 31, Schoolhouse Rd., Pottstown, Pa.-19464-B.A. in Sgy. GREEN, MICHAEL D.-3001 Concord Dr., Cinnaminson, N.J., 08077 GREEN, SUSAN L.-708 Chalmers Court, Rivervale, N.J., 07675-B.S. in Nur. GREENE, BERNADETTE-2004 Berwick St., Camden, N.J., 08105-B.A., Gen. GRILLET, ROBERT J.-330 Sunnybrook Rd., Springfield, Pa., 19064-B.S. in Acct. GRIMES, PETER M.-CXO Covey Apt. 2, 101 Montrose Ave., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.A. in Eng. GRIMM, JOHN C.-Bagcock Lake, R.D. 4322, Petersburg, N.Y., 12138-B.E. in C.E. GROGAN, JOHN S.-16 Rolling Greens Ct., Lutherville, Md., 21093-B.A., Sgy. GROSS, NICHOLAS L.-406 Eldon Dr., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.A. in Pol. Sci. GROTE, PATRICE A.-35 Jesse Lee Dr., Ct., 06612-B.S. in B.A. GRUBER, JOHN M.-168 Devonshire Re., Ken- more, N.Y., 14223-B.S. in Acct. GUCCIARDI, STEVEN A.-201 Cooper Dr., Wallingford, Pa., 19056-B.E. in M.E. GUMPERT, BRIAN K.-11 9N 4th Ave., Roy- ersford, Pa., 19468 GUNN, JOSEPH P.-2913 Lardner St., Phila., Pa., 19144-B.A. in Pol. Sci. GUREGHIAN, VAHAN H.-4043 Marshall Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in Acct. HAAS, MAUREEN E.-231 E. Benedict Ave., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.A., Gen. HAGAN, ANTHONY N.-220 N. 10th St., Kenilworth, N.J., 07033-B.E. in E.E. HALBERT, ANDREW M.-609 W. Chelten Ave., Phila., Pa., 19126-B.S., Gen. HALE, JOHN J.-128 N. Lafayette Ave., Vent- nor, N.J., 08406 HALEY, MARY C.-121 Harrogate Rd., Phila., Pa., 19151-B.A. in Eng. HALISKOE, MICHAEL J.-146-19 13th Ave., Whitestone, N.Y., 11357, B.S. in B.A. HALL, PATRICIA-214 Grant St., Centerport, N.Y., 11721-B.A. in Eng. HANLEY, MARIANE-55 Lawrence St., Fram- ingham, Ma., 01701-B.S. in Nur. HANLIN, JOSEPH A.-221 Golf Hills Rd., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.E. in M.E. HARASEWYCH, BOHDAN A.-815 N. 25th St., Phila., Pa., 19130 HARDY, CHARLES R. III-249 Carey Lane, Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.S. in B.A. HARRINGTON, JAY M.-3066 San Salvador Dr., Waterloo, Ia., 50702-B.A. in Phil. HARRINGTON, PANDORA E.-Box 576, 45 Locust Pl., Manhasset, N.Y., 11030-B.S. in Edu. HARRIS, JACK F.-Apt. A-1, 200 David Dr., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-B.S. in Edu. HARRIS, LAUREN J.-Apt. A-1, 200 David Drive, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-B.A., Gen. HARTMANN, JAMES D.-18 Pinehurst Rd., Farmingdale, N.Y., 11735-B.S. in B.A. HARTNETT,KAREN M.-474 Lombardy, Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.A., Gen. HARTZELL, KENNETH R., JR.-521 Mercer Rd., Merion, Pa., 19066-B.S. in Phys. HASHEM, CLAUDE, J.-3404 School Lane, Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.E. in E.E. HAZELL, JEFFREY P.-43 Dighton St., Bright- on, Ma., 02135-B.A. in Sec. HEALY, JILL I.-2531 S. Philip St., Phila., Pa., 19148-B.A. in Sgy. HEARING, PATRICK J.-1378 Kersey Lane, Potomac, Md., 20854-B.S. in Bio. HEFFERON, PATRICK S.-1 South Drive, Hyde Park, N.Y., 12538-B.E. in C.E. HEIDT, JOSEPH R.-1257 Waller Dr., Hunt- ington Valley, Pa., 19006-B.S. in B.A. HEIMBAUGH, SHARON K.-2800 N. Progress Ave., Harrisburg, Pa., 17110-B.S. in Bio. HEINZER, MICHAEL J.-174 Barncroft Rd., Stamford, Ct., 06902-B.5., Gen. HELLER, ANDREW T.-2411 North 54th St., Phila., Pa., 19131-B.A. in Phil. HELLER, BETH A.-Woodlawn, Lewistown, Pa., 17044-B.S. in Nur. HERTIG, GEORGE T.-1504 Chatham Rd., Camp Hill, Pa., 17011-B.A. in Sec. HERTZOG, MARK S.-712 Stanbridge St., Norristown, Pa., 19401 HESLER, JANET-Apt. E-169, 345 Avon Rd., Devon, Pa., 19333-B.S. in Nur. HESSION, SR., BREDA-214 Ashwood Rd. Villanova, Pa., 19085 HESSION, TIMOTHY J.-7 Jeff Lane, New City, N.Y., 10956-B.S., Gen. HEYERT, ROBERT W.-14 Deer Meadow Dr., West Nyack, N.Y., 10994-B.S. in Acct. HICKS, JOSEPH S.-Diamond Rock Rd., Phoenixville, Pa., 19460-B.E. in E.E. HIGGINS, TERENCE M.-1415 Plandome Rd., Manhasset, N.Y., 11030-B.A. in Pol. Sci. HIGGINS, TIMOTHY P.-1415 Plandome Rd., Manhasset, N.Y., 11030-B.A. in Pol. Sci. HILDENBRAND, JOSEPH W.-2503 Grant Rd., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.S. in B.A. HILDWINE, JOHN J.-230 Bartlett Ave., Sharon Hill, Pa., 19079-B.A. in Psy. HILKEVICH, JOHN S.-45 N. Eastview Ave., Feasterville, Pa., 19047-B.S. in Edu. HILLEBRAND, ALBERT J.-311 McKinley Ave., Grosse Pte., Mi., 48236-B.S. in B.A. HIRBODI, SALAR-1514 W. Wynnewood Rd., Ardmore, Pa., 19003-B.E. in M.E HOEY, JOSEPH F-413 Elm Ave., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082.-B.E. in E.E. HOFER, PAUL S.-957 Wayfield Dr., Norris- town, Pa., 19401-B.S. in Acct. HOFF, VINCENT J.-188 Country Club Dr., Oradell, N.J., 07649 HOFMANN, HELEN M.-309 Powder Horn Rd., Fort Washington, Pa., 19034-B.S. in B.A. HOHENADEL, MARTIN S.-Apt. 2, 238 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne, Pa., 19087-B.S. in Bio. HOLDT, MARCIA L.-6 Roseland Court, New City, N.Y., 10956-B.A. in Sgy. HOLLAND, KENNETH J.-1228 Fifth Ave., East Northport, N.Y., 11731-B.E. in M.E. HOLLERAN, JOHN M.-226 Dunseith St., Pittsburgh, Pa., 19010-B.A. in Sec. HOLLOWAY, STEVEN J.-438 W. Montgom- ery Ave., Haverford, Pa., 19041-B.S. in B.A. HOLMAN, FRANK B.-R.D. 32, Box 182, Jackson, N.J., 08527-B.S. in Acct. HOLTZER, MICHELE L.-P.O. Box 147, Ashe- boro, N.C., 27203 HOPKE, PATRICIA A.-1211 Belle Vista Dr., Alexandria, Va., 22307-B.A. in Eng. HORAI, JOHN C. III-1705 Crest Dr., Hagers- town, Md., 21740-B.S. in Bio. HORROCKS, THOMAS A.-500 Darby Rd., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.A. in Hist. HORWITZ, MERLE B.-9 Bambi Lane, Haver- ford, Pa., 19041 HOUSTON, WILLIAM J.-97 Bay 10th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11228-B.A. in Psy. HOWELL, MARIAN K.-1454 Carlisle Rd., North Brunswick, N.J., 08902-B.S. in Nur. HOWSE, DAVID-429 Heatherwood Rd., Devon, Pa., 19333-B.A. in Eng. HUBER, BRIAN E.-3 Tanglewood Ct., Green- lawn, N.Y., 11740-B.S., Gen. HUDECEK, MARIAN J.-287 Marlboro Rd., Englewood, N.J., 07631-B.S. in B.A. HUDSON, SANDY RENEE-R.D. 4422, 396 Grubb Rd., Malvern, Pa., 19355-B.A., Gen. HUEHNERGARTH, GRETCHEN-2248 Bryn Mawr Ave., Phila., Pa., 19131-B.A., Gen. HUGHES, FRANCIS J.-503 S. Brentwood Dr., Mt. Laurel, NJ., 08057 HUGHES, MARK F.-9119 Redwood' Ave., Bethesda, Md., 20034-B.5. in Acct. HUMPHREYS, JOSEPHINE-680 Harwick Rd., Stafford, Pa., 19087-B.A. in Clas. HUNIHAN, GEORGE M.-44 Clark Hill Rd., Milford, Ct., 06460-B.A. in Pol. Sci. IANNELLO, VINCENT G.-995 Fairfax Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in Acct. ILL DENISE L.-306 S. Sixth Street, Lebanon, Pa., 17042 INELLI, ANDREW J.-1 Oxford Dr., Living- ston, N.J., 07039-B.S. in B.A. INSETTA, ROBERT W.-2006 Brrchwood Dr., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.E. in C.E. IROVANDO, ANDRA T.-5 Cardinal Dr., Meriden, Ct., 06450-B.A. in Psy. JABLONSKI, LINDA J.-558 Philadelphia Ave., Kingof Prussia, Pa., 19406-B.A. in Spe. JACKSON, ROBERT A.-225 Chestnut St., Newtown Square, Pa., 19073-B.S. in B.A. JACKSON, THOMAS N.-362 Godwin Ave., Ridgewood, N.J., 07450-B.S. in B.A. JACOBS, RICHARD M.-15133 Woodsbluff Ct., Ballwin, Mo., 63011-B.S. in B.A. JANANGELO, PETER J.-198 Commerce St., Hawthorne, N.Y., 10532.-B.S. in B.A. JARRETT, NORINE L.-4 Woodhill Rd., New- town Square, Pa., 19073-B.S. in Chem. JENDRASZAK, STEPHEN P.-22648 Ridgeway Ave., Richton Park, Il., 60471-B.A., Hon. - JENSEN, MERILEE E.-112 Springcrest Dr., Hightstown, N.J., 0852.0-B.S. in Nur. JOHANNESSEN, JOHN H.-Z7 Pleasant Val- ley Dr., Woodbury, N.J., 08096 JOHNSON, JAMES D.-759 Preston Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010 JOHNSON, JOYCE D.-2620 N. Corlies St., Phila., Pa., 19132.-B.A. in Sgy. JONES, JENNIFER N.-233 Golf Hills Rd., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.5. in Nur. JONES, WILLIAM P.-1278 Thomson Rd., Roslyn, Pa., 19001-B.s. in Eco. JONNETT, STEVEN J.-278 Hunt Rd., Pitts- burgh, Pa., 152.15-B.S. in B.A. JORDAN, CATHERINE A.-3 Howard Dr., Huntington, N.Y., 11743-B.S. in Nur. JOSEL, SIDNEY P.-114 Harned Dr., Spring- field, Pa., 19064-B.A. in Spe. JOYCE, BRIAN R.-549 Magnolia Rd., Heller- town, Pa., 18055-B.S. in Bio. JUDGE, MICHAEL J.-Fairway Court, Bay Shore, N.Y., 11706-B.A., Gen. KADISH, MARK J.-237 Casey Circle, Hunt- ingdon Valley, Pa., 19006-B.S. in Acct. KALTENECKER, JAMES R.-2640 Bryden Rd., Columbus, Oh., 432.09 KAMEDULSKI, GREGORY E.-1879 Central Ave., Valley Stream, N.Y., 11580-B.E. in C.E. KANE, JAMES J.-619 Michell St., Ridley Park, Pa., 19078-B.S. in B.A. KANE, MARK J.-43 Woodland Terrace, Liv- ingston, N.J., 07039 KAPALKA, ROBERT J.-1716 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.E. in M.E. KARAVAN, MARCUS H.-P.O. Box 474, Wild- wood, N.J., 08260-B.A. in Phil. KARPINSKI, JOSEPH E.-215 Myron Rd., Syracuse, N.Y., 13219 KASTON, EUGENE P.-730 Koelbel Court, Baldwin, N.Y., 11510-B.S. in B.A. KAUFFMAN, JOHN S.-1008 E. Coover St., Mechanicsburg, Pa., 17055-B.S., Gen. KAUFFMAN, WILLIAM F., IV-6 Cotswold Rd., Baltimore, Md., 21212-B.S. in B.A. KAVCSAK, NICHOLAS M.-R.D. 4122, Box 325-A, Philipsburg, N.J., 08865 KAZANJIAN, HOVIG E.-1008 Lancaster Ave., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.S. in Acct. KAZIOR, STAN J.-138 Darrah Lane, Tren- ton, N.J., 08638-B.S. in B.A. KEARNEY, COLLEEN A.-5 Beaverdale Lane, Willingboro, N.J., 08046-B.S. in Nur. KEEFE, JOHN E.-684 Springdale Ter., Mor- risville, Pa., 19067 KEENAN, PAUL C.-315 W. Ridley Ave., Nor- wood, Pa., 19074-B.S. in Bio. KEESLER, PATRICIA K.-204 Hempstead Lane, Wallingford, Pa., 19086-B.A., Gen. KELEMEN, STEPHEN C.-311 Starr St., Phoen- ixville, Pa., 19460-B.S. in Acct. KELLER, GREGORY G.-334 Provincetown Rd., Cherry Hill, N.J., 08034-B.A. in Pol. Sci. KELLY, JOE H.-Box 87, Bordentown, N.J., 08505-B.A. in Sec. KELLY, KEVIN M.-Box 57, Bordentown, N.J., 08505-E.E. in E.E. KELLY, THOMAS F.-60 Sunset Rd., Bay Shore, N.Y., 11706-B.S. in Acct. KENNEDY, MICHAEL T.-3666 Richmond St., Phila., Pa., 19134-B.S. in Acct. KENNEDY, PATRICIA A.-515 E. Browning Rd., Bellmawr, N.J., 08030-B.S. in Nur. KENNY, JAMES-262 Copley Rd., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.S. in B.A. KENNY, MARIAN T.-849 Manhattan Ave., Westwood, N.J., 07675-B.S. in Nur. KERIN, MARK E.-924 Farmington Ave., West Hartford, Ct., 06107-B.A. in Psy. KERIN, MARK R.-15128 Red Clover Dr., Rockville, Md., 2.0853-B.A. in Psy. KEYSER, PAUL F.-P.O. Box 441, Rye Beach, N.I'I., 03871-B.E. in M.E. KIELTY, THOMAS W.-122 Chestnut Ave., Jersey City, N.J., 07306-B.S. in Mat. KIELY, IRENE M.-82.2 Burgess St., Philadel- phia, Pa., 19116-B.S., Gen. KIESER, VALERIE-420 Conshohocken State, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., 19004 KILLOUGH, WALTER B.-23 Meeting Rd., Newport News, Va., 23606-B.S. in B.A. KINDL, ELLEN M.-801 Wedgewood Rd., Beth- lehem, Pa., 18018-B.S. in Nur. KING, JEAN M.-171 Hillside Cir., Villanova, Pa., 19085-B.S. in Nur. KING, WILLIAM S.-1230 Chatham Park Dr., Apt. J, Pittsburgh, Pa., 15216-B.S. in Acct. KIRBY, JOHN B.-176 Fairview Ave., Port Chester, N.Y., 10573-B.E. in E.E. KIRCHER, TED A.-1513 Woodacre Dr., Mc- Lean, Va., 22101-B.A., in Pol. Sci. KIRVVIN, JAMES E.-47 Belmohr St., Belle- ville, N.J., 07109-B.H. in Eng. KIS, GREGORY N.-18 Sycamore Ave., Liv- ingston, N.J., 07039-B.S. in Eco. KIVITZ, JOHN J.-408 Ohio Ave., Milmont Park, Pa., 19033-B.A. in Pol. Sci. KLECZKA, MICHAEL D.-33 Alsace Place, Northport, N.Y., 11768-B.S. in Eco. KLISCH, VINCENT J.-23 Center Ave., Wil- low Grove, Pa., 19090-B.E. in E.E. KLOEBLEN, SUSAN M.-3 Trinity Court, Ber- genfield, N.J., 07621-B.A., Gen. KLUSKA, MARYANN T.-Fairview Ave., Mar- tins Creek, Pa., 1806.3-B.A. in Psy. KNOX, DEBORAH A.-1231 Whitney Rd., Southampton, Pa., 18966-B.S. in Nur. KOCHANOWICZ, ANTHONY M.-4301 Man- ayunk Ave., Phila., Pa., 19128-B.S. in Acct. KOEGEL, JOAN D.-48 Crescent Rd., Living- ston, N.J., 07039-B.S. in Nur. KOLENDA, STEPHEN A.-57 Meadowpark Ave., N., Stamford, Ct., 06905-B.S. in Acct. KOLESAR, DAVID M.-454 S. Olden Ave., Trenton, N.J., 08629 KOLMER, BRIAN D.-124 Highland Ave., Bala Cynwyd, Pa., 19004 KONDRAT MARY ANN T.-201 Boulevard Ave., Peckville, Pa., 18447-B.S. in Mat. KONDUB, JOHN P.-10 Oak Ridge Park, Westport, Ct.-06880-B.S. in Acct. KONRAD, JOSEPH D.-Apt. F-4, 700 Cherry- tree Rd., Aston, Pa., 19063-B.S. in B.A. KOOB, CHARLES A.-2452 Merwood Lane, Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.S. in Acct. KOPESKY, JOHN P.-Nob Hill, Apt. A-11, Blackwood, N.J., 08012-B.S. in Eco. KOSANKE, JOHN P., SR.-14 Haynes St., Staten Island, N.Y., 10309-B.S. in B.A. KOSEROWSKI, GEORGE P.-92 West 8th Street, Bayonne, N.J., 07002-B.A. in Psy. KOSHETAR, JOYCE E.-115 Marlin Ave., Fol- som, Pa., 19033-B.S. in Bio. KOSTENBAUDER, JOHN F.-511 S. Narberth Ave., Merion Station, Pa., 19066-B.A. in Psy. KOSTY LORRAINE M.-133 Stanton St., Rah- way, N.J., 07065-B.S. in Mat. KOTARRA, JOSEPH J.-345 Winters Ave., West Hazleton, Pa., 18201-B.S. in Eco. KOWALSKI, EDWARD R.-326 Grant Ave., Lyndhurst N.J., 07071-B.S. in B.A. KOZLUSKY, GARY R.-503 Second St., White- hall, Pa., 18052-B.A. in Pol. Sci. KRATZER, DALE L.-211 Milazee Trail, Med- ford Lakes, N.J. 08801-B.A. in Mod. Lan. KREBS, JAMES J.-2403 Hamilton Ave., Glen- shaw Pa., 15116-B.S. in B.A. KRIEG, BERNARD J.-soo Tasker St., Ridley Park, Pa., 19078-B.A. in Pol. Sci. KURIAN, FRANK W.-1607 Allen Way, Man- asquan, N.J., 08736-B.E. in E.E. KUTCH, GREGORY J.-26 Balsam Ct., Laur- enceville, N.J., 08648-B.S. in Eco. KUYKENDALL, JAMES W.-Apt. C-315, 7200 Merion Terrace, Upper Darby, Pa., 19082 KWARTNIK, JAMES M.-158 Shurs Lane, Phila., Pa., 19127-B.S. in Acct. Kyle, Gary G.-37 E. Church Rd., Norristown, Pa., 19403-B.S. in B.A. LABOSSIERE, RICHARD P.-8 Nimitz Circle, Natick, Ma., 01760-B.A. in Pol. Sci. LABOTA, DOLORES B.-334 W. Park St., Centralia, Pa., 17927-B.S. in Nur. LACEY, RICHARD J.-3941 Mary St., Drexel Hill, Pa. 19026-B.S. in Acct. LAFFERTY, ROBERT L.-844 Mystery Lane, West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.E. in M.E. LAHIFF, BARBARA A.-109 Edgewood Drive, Florham Park, N.J., 07932-B.S. in Nur. LAIBLE, WILLIAM A.-801 Orlando Rd., Cherry Hill, N.J., 08034-B.E. in M.E. LA MONACA, GILBERT A.-sos Laurel Ave., Aldan Pa., 19018-B.A. in Psy. LAMONTE, MARIAN P.-2720 Egypt Rd., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.S. in Nur. LANCELLOTTI, MARK D.-5 Circle Lane, Cherry Hill, N.J., osooa-B.A. in Psy. LANGENBECK, ANN-815 Kingfisher La., Cin- cinnatti, Oh., 45246-B.S. in Nur. LAPHAM, MICHAEL F.-186 Cornelia St., Plattsburgh, N.Y., 12901-B.A. in Sec. LA SALA, JAMES M.-2010 McMinn St., Ali- quippa, Pa., 15001-B.S. in Acct. LAUCKS, RICHARD C.-120 Upper Gulph Rd., Gulph Mills, Pa., 19087-B.A. in Psy. LAVELLE, DAVID J.-302 Brighton Dr., Clarks Green, Pa., 18411-B.S. in Eco. LAWTON, FRANK C. III-R.D. itil, Drew Rd., Warwick, N.Y., 10990-B.S. in Acct. LEE, CHARLES P.-112. Circle Rd., Staten Is- land, N.Y., 10304-B.S. in Acct. LEE, VIRGINIA M.-3.3 Behan Court, Staten Island, N.Y., 10306-B.A. in Rel. St. LEIGHTON, JAMES M.-2.15 Foxcroft Rd., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.E. in E.E. LENAHAN, JOHN D.-8 Oakley Rd., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.S. in B.A. LEON, RAYMOND L.-Dutch Mill Rd., New- field, N.J., 08344-B.E. in M.E. LEONARD, KEVIN C.-21 Gardiner St., Dar- ien, Ct., 0682.0-B.A. in Ssg. LETENAUCHYN, PETER N.-4016 Lansing St., Phila., Pa., 19136-B.A. in Sec. LETKO, LYNDA S.-335 Laurel St., Miners- ville, Pa., 17954-B.A. in Psy. LEVIN, STEVEN M.-421 Merwyn Rd., Merion, Pa., 19066-B.A. in Pol. Sci. LEVINSKY, ANN C.-611 Broad Acres Rd., Narberth, Pa., 19072-B.S. in Nur. LEWIS, HELEN R.-1608 Woodmere Way, Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.S. in Nur. LICINIT, EDWARD J.-Pennypack Rd., Hat- boro, Pa., 19040-B.E. in M.E. LIN, YU-YING C.-Box 86, Kennedy, Villa- nova University, Villanova, Pa., 19085-B.S. in B.A. LINN, SUSAN D.-108 Lozer Dr., Coraopolis, Pa., 15108-B.A. in Eng. LITCH, KATHLEEN A.-31 Stonywood Rd., Commack, N.Y., 11725-B.S., Gen. LOLIO, JOHN R.-338 Liberty St., Hammon- ton, N.J., 05037 LOPEZ, FRANK-9926 Sutherland Rd., Silver Spring, Md., 20901-B.A. in Sgy. LOSITO, ROCCO J.-527 Francis St., Herk- imer, N.Y., 13350 LOZANO, JOHN P.-158 Avon Pl., West Hempstead, N.Y., 11552-B.A. in Rel. St. LUBINIECKI, JAN-R.D. 34, Box 403, George- town, De., 19947-B.A., in Pol. Sci. LUBRINO, ENRICO A.-1332 E. 35th St., Brooklyn, N.Y., 11210 LUPINACCI, THOMAS P.-6 Herald St., Yonkers, N.Y., 10704-B.S. in B.A. LUVIANO, SARA P.-1410 Lewis Rd., Rydal, Pa., 00000-B.S. in B.A. LYNCH, MARK S.-1958 Scotch Plains, N.J., 07076--B.E. in E.E. LYONS, MARY LOUISE C.-211 Campbell Ave., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.S. in Nur. LYONS, RICHARD J.-64 Militia Hill Rd., Warrington, Pa., 18976-B.S. in B.A. LYTEL, CRAIG R.-117 E. 4th Ave., Consho- hocken, Pa., 19428-B.A. in Eng. MACALUSO, BENNETT-55 Pavilion Ave., Long Branch, N.J., 07740-B.S. in Acct. MACK, JOHN F.-2805 Hillcrest Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in Acct. MAGGITTI, MICHAEL J.-810 Caledonia St., Phila., Pa., 19128-B.S. in Bio. MAGINN, CHARLES A.-109 North Line Rd., Newtown Square, Pa., 19073-B.S. in Mat. MAGOLDA, RONALD L.-975 Union Rd., Vineland, N.J., 08360-B.S. in Chem. MAGUIRE, THOMAS W.-41 Belmont Dr., Livingston, N.J., 07039-B.S. in B.A. MAGULLIAN, JOHN K.-30 N. Midland Ave., Kearny, N.J., 07032-B.S. in B.A. MAHAR, SUSAN J.-7 Griffin Ave., Hoosick Falls, N.Y., 12090-B.A. in Sgy. . MAHON, MARTIN J.-307 Penn Oak Rd., Flourtown, Pa., 19031-B.S. in Chem. MAHONEY, SEAN P.-1170 High' Rd., Ken- sington, Ct., 06037-B.A. in Eng. , '- MAIALE, DEBRA G.-4604 4th Ave., Avalon, N.J., 08202-B.A. in Sgy. .4 I MAJCZAN, RAYMOND C.-434 Carver Dr., Bethlehem, Pa., 18017-B.S. in B.A. , MAKSYMOWYCH, ALEXANDRA41631 Pa- tricia Ave., Willow Grove, Pa., 19090--B.S. in Acct. . MALKIN, MARYJANE M.-77 Beatty St., Trenton, N.J., 08611-B.S. in Nur. ' MALLORY, MICHAEL J.-536.Heavi'tree Hill, Severna Park, Md., 21146-B.A. in Eng. MANCINI, LEONARD J.+5040 Whiteman Terrace, Pennsauken, N.J., 08109-B.S. in B.A. MANNI, ROBERT S.-922 Laurel Ave., River Edge, N.J., 07661-B.A. in Eng. MANUCCI, GLENN R.-11 Blue Bell Dr., Cherry Hill, N.J., 08034-B.S. in B.A. MARKERT, RICHARD F.+Long Ridge Lane, Old Brookville, N.Y., 11545-B.A. in Eng. MARKEY, WALTER M.-Benjamin 'Rd., Ches- ter, N.J., 07930-B.A. in Psy. MARLOWE, JAMES J.-1510 Meadow Brook Lane, West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.A. in Eng. MAROCCIA, MARILYN T.-5614 Edwards Ave., Pennsauken, N.J., 08109-B.S. in Nur. MARONE, PALMA A.-io Alcorn Lane, Plain- view, N.Y., 11803-B.S. in Bio. Inverness Drive, MAROTTA, GREG L.-83 N. Watchung Dr., Hawthorne, N.J., 07506 MAROTTA, MARIAN L.-7 Collins Ave., Closter, N.J., 07624-B.S. in Nur. MARSICO, MICHAEL A.-2900 Highland Ave., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.5. in Acct. MARTINICK, KATHY L.-3004 Crescent Ave., Lafayette Hill, Pa., 19444-B.S. in Acct. MARTUCCI, ANGELO M.-240 N. '64th St., Phila., Pa., 19139-B.E. in 'E.E. MARUSZCZAK, WILLIAM I.-22 E. Russell St., Clifton, N.J., 07011-B.A. in Sgy. MARZIANI, ANTHONY J.-307 Park Dr., Glenolden, Pa., 19036-B.S. in B.A. MASCIOLI, DIANE M.-50 Pine Hill Rd., Great Neck, N.Y., 11020-B.S. in Nur. MASTER, JACQUELINE J.-Apt. G4, 111 No. Landsdowne Ave., Lansdowne, Pa., 19050-B.S. in Nur. MATECKI, NANCY E.-14 Columbia Ave., Trenton, N.J., 08618-B.A. in Mod. Lan. MATOLICH, DENNIS J.-137 N. Fairview Ave., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082 MATUZA, ALBERT R.-1107 Debra Drive, Linden, N.J., 07036-B.S., Gen. MAUER, GERARD M.-620 Valleyview Rd., Ardmore, Pa., 19003-B.S. in B.A. MAZUR, JOHN J.-166 Amsterdam Ave., Pas- saic, N.J., 07055-B.S. in B.A. MAZZA, THOMAS J.-3 Glenside Dr., Budd Lake, N.J., 07828-B.S. in Acct. MAZZUCA, DOUGLAS E.-4813 Westfield Ave., Pennsauken, N.J., 8110-B.S. in Eco. MCANDREWS, JOHN J.-304 Powell Rd., Springfield, Pa., 19064-B.A. in Psy. MCATEER, MARY B.-3220 Cathedral Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C., 20008-B.S. in Edu. MCBRYAN, MARK E.-413 Haverford Ave., Narberth, Pa., 19072-B.E. in M.E. MCCABE, BARBARA J.-126 Brook St., Gar- den City, N.Y., 11530-B.S. in Nur. MCCABE, KEVIN A.-6311 Merle Place, Alex- andria, Va., 22312-B.S. in Eco. MCCAFFREY, JAMES J., JR.-30 Stratford Pl., New City, N.Y., 10956 MCCAREY, KEVIN M.-44-39 64th St., Wood- side, N.Y., 11377-B.A. in Psy. MCCARRON, EUGENE H.-912 Allen Drive, Yeadon, Pa., 19050-B.S. in B.A. MCCARTHY, CHARLES V.-36 Evanine Dr., Berlin, N.J., 08009-B.S., Gen. MCCARTHY, JODIE A.-279 Bewley Rd., Had- donfield, N.J., 08033-B.S. in Nur. MCCARTNEY, JOSEPH S.-348 Overlook Dr., Warminster, Pa., 18974-B.S. in B.A. MCCAWLEY, LORI A.-206 120th St., Stone Harbor, N.J., 08202-B.A., Gen. MCCORD, ROBERT D.-930 Mace Ave., New York, N.Y., 10469-B.A. in Pol. Sci. MCCORMICK, DANIEL P.-27 N. Buttonwood St., Macungie, Pa., 18062-B.S. in Acct. MCCORMICK, PATRICK F.-1 Thorne Place, Bridgeport, Ct., 06605-B.A. in Eng. MCCORMICK, ROBERT J.-110 Wildwood Ave., East Lansdowne, Pa., 19050-B.S. in B.A. MCCUE, EDWARD M.-216 Salem Ave., Spring Lake, N.J., 07762-B.S. in Acct. MCCUE, PATRICIA M.-118 Buckingham Dr., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.A. in Sgy. MCCULLOUGH, MICHAEL T.-9 South Bell Rd., Bellmawr, N.J., 08030-B.E. in C.E. MCDANIEL, CHARLES M.-P.O. Box 16601, 5123 Locust St., Phila., Pa., 19139 MCDEVITT, DIANE H.-2450 Eastern Blvd., York, Pa., 17402-B.S. in Acct. MCDONALD, MICHAEL J.-2016 Green Ridge St., Dunmore, Pa., 18512-B.A. in Pol. Sci. McDONOUGH, AVEMARIE-2181 N. Stone- ridge Rd., Villanova, Pa., 19085-B.A. in Pol. Sci. MCFADDEN, MICHAEL B.-142 North State Rd., Springfield, Pa., 19064-B.S. in Chem. MCFADDEN, THOMAS A.-142 N. State Rd., Springfield, Pa., 19064 MCGARRIGLE, ROBERT D.-618 Morton Ave., Morton, Pa., 19070 MCILHINNEY, JOSEPH, JR.-7508 Fourth Ave., Melrose Park, Pa., 19126-B.E. in C.E. MCINTYRE, EUGENE F.-2400 Manor Ave., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.S. in Chem. McKEE LEWIS F.-2623 Eldon Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in B.A. McKEE, RICHARD F.-220 Sylvania Ave., Fol- som, Pa., 19033-B.S. in B.A. MCKEEVER, MARY B.-820 Potts Lane, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-B.A. in Eng. McKENNA, DANIEL M.-43 Meadow Hill Dr., Guilford, Ct., 06437-B.A. in Hist. McKENNA, DENNIS M.-43 Meadow Hill Dr., Guilford, Ct., 06437-B.A. in Sgy. McKENNA, JERRY J.-312 Columbus Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, N.J., 07604-B.S. in Bio. MCGINN, KATHLEEN A.-609 E. Darby Rd., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.A. in Sgy. MCGLYNN, EILEEN P.-665 Dakota Trail, Franklin Lakes, N.J., 07417-B.A., Gen. MCGOLDRICK, JAMES E.-507 West Ave., Jenkintown, Pa., 19046-B.S. in B.A. MCGROREY, CLAIRE M.-1923 Firethorn La., Villanova, Pa., 19085-B.A. in Sgy. MCHUGH, DIANE M.-166 Woodbine Rd., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.S. in Mat. MCHUGH, JOSEPH F.-2134 Wharton Rd., Glenside, Pa., 19038-B.S. in Mat. MCHUGH, ROBERT D.-8 Lawrence Rd., Au- dubon, Pa., 19401 McKENNA, KEVIN M.-28 Oak Ridge Rd., Clifton, N.J., 07013-B.E. in Che. E. MCKEON, CAROL L.-24 Salisbury Lane, Mal- vern, Pa., 19355-B.S. in Nur. MCKEON, MARJORIE A.-353 Conway Lake Dr., Creve Coeur, Mo., 63141-B.S. in Nur. MCKINNEY, MICHAEL M.-1401 Hemlock Place, Phila., Pa., 19116-B.A., Hon. MCLAUGHLIN, RODERIC B.-67 Rockland Rd., Trenton, N.J., 08638 McLEOD, ALAN H.-30 Glen Mawr Dr., Tren- ton, N.J., 08618-B.E. in E.E. MCMAHON, EDMUND, J.-R.R. 1, Weber Hill Rd., Carmel, N.Y., 10512-B.A. in Pol. Sci. MCMAHON, RICHARD E.-209 White Horse Pike, Atco, N.J., 08004-B.A. in Hist. MCMANUS, JOANNE B.-13440 Kelvin Ave., Phila., Pa., 19116-B.S. in Nur. MCMORROW, MAUREEN-Long Meadow Hill Rd., Brookfield, Ct., 06804-B.S. in Nur. MCNAMARA, FRANCIS J.-2 Rose Court, Northport, N.Y., 11768-B.A. in Hist. MCNAMARA, LINDA M.-5528 Haven Rd., Ocean City, N.J., 08226-B.S. in B.A. MCNULTY, JOSEPH M.--1910 Stratford Ave., S. Plainfield, N.J.,07080-B.S. in Acct. MCWILLIAMS, KEVIN G.-S55 Coach Rd., Horsham, Pa., 19044-B.A. in Pol. Sci. MEAGHER, EDWARD W.-Apt. B-305, Long Lane 8: Bradford Rd., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082 -B.A. in Spe. MEAGHER, LOIS A.-JApt. B-104, Long Lane 8: Bradford Rd., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.A. in F.A. MEI-IAN, DONALD J.-34 Godwin La., St. Louis, Mo., 63124 MEKETON, MARC S.-3230 Bridle Path Lane, Dresher, Pa., 19025-B.A. in Spe. MELCHIONNI, THOMAS J.-304 Bowman Dr., Woodbury, N.J., 08096-B.A. in Eng. MELCHIORE, ALFRED P.-51 Wentworth Lane, Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.A., Gen. MERENTINO, PAMELA A.-15 Dodd Terr., Verona, N.J., 07044-B.S. in B.A. MERKOWSKY, MICHAEL R.-15 Parkside La., Bayonne, N.J., 07002-B.S. in Bio. MESSNER, JOSEPH W.-RD. 32, Twin House Rd., Oxford, Pa., 19363-B.S. in Acct. METZGER, STEVEN M.-819 Bellmore Rd., N. Bellmore, N.Y., 11710-B.S. in Acct. MEZZANOTTE, JOHN J.-Wood Spring Rd., Gwynedd Valley, Pa., 19010-B.A. in Eng. MIECZNIKOSKI, REGINA P.-10108 Tippe- rary Rd., Baltimore, Md., 21234-B.S. in Nur. MILLER, CHARLES E.-52B Essex Rd., Nor- wood, Pa., 19074-B.A. in Eng. MILLER, DOUGLAS E.-265 Henry St., Brook- lyn, N.Y., 11201-B.A., Gen. MILLER MARILYN S.-526 Park Ridge Dr., Wayne, Pa., 19087-B.A., Gen. MILLER, MARY F.-8 Waverly Rd., Haver- town, Pa., 19083-B.S. in Edu. MILLER, ROBERT S.-129 Juniper Rd., Haver- town, Pa., 19083-B.S. in Acct. MILLINGTON, MARK C.-71 Bedford St., Forty Fort, Pa., 18704-B.S. in Eco. MILLS, THOMAS E.-630 River Valley Rd., Atlanta, Ga., 30328-B.S. in Acct. MISIOREK, THERESA A.-357 East Pearl St., Burlington, N.J., 08016 MISKINIS, PAUL M.-125 East St., Colonia, N.J., 07067-B.S. in Ast. MIZERAKOWSKI, LOTTIE S.-2518 West 4th St., Chester, Pa., 19013 MOFFA, FRANK J., JR.-5723 Browning Rd., Pennsauken, N.J., 08109--B.S. in Acct. MOFFETT, REBECCA R.-467 Barclay Rd., Rosemont, Pa., 19010 MONACO, JOSEPH A.-B9 Alpine Rd., Yonk- ers, N.Y., 10710-B.S. in Acct. MONACO, THEODORE J.-1426 Harding Blvd., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.A. in Hist. MONDSCHEIN, RICHARD J.-121 S. 7th St., Coplay, Pa., 18037-B.S. in Mat. MONIODIS, PETER A.-2141 S. Lincoln Ave., Vineland, N.J., 08360-B.A. in Psy. MONK, EDWARD J.-105 Grandview Ave., White Plains N.Y., 10605-B.S. in B.A. MONTESANO, WILLIAM S.-57 Prospect St., Utica, N.Y., 13501-B.S. in B.A. MONTEVERDE, LYNNE M.-165 Pooe Ave., Trenton, N.J., 08619-B.S. in Nur. MOORE, DENNIS F.-4111 Presidential Dr., Lafayette Hill, Pa. 19444-B.S. in Acct. MOORE, DENNIS G.-97 Oakhill Rd., Red Bank, N.J., 07701 MOORE, THEODORE J.-101 E. Hathaway Lane, Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.S. in B.H. MORAN, JAMES B.-Glen Isle Farm, Down- ngtown, Pa., 19335-B.S. in B.A. MORAN, JOHN F.-3803 McDonogh Rd., Randallstown, Md., 21133-B.E. in Che. E. MORANDO, CHRISTINE A.-565 Duke Rd., New Milford, N.J., 07646-B.S. in Nur. MORANO, JUDITH A.-21 Eighth St., Ham- monton, N.J., 08037-B.S. in Nur. MORIBONDO, THOMAS P.-404 Lindsay St., Ridley Park, Pa., 19078-B.A., Hon. MORRIS, ANN P.-11 North Fairview Ave., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.S. in Nur. MORRISON, DONALD F., JR.-34 Salem Rd., Wilton, Cr., 06897 MOSCATELLO, JOSEPH-5 Liberty St., Sad- dle Brook, N.J., 07662-B.E. in M.E. MOSES, CYNTHIA C.-3924 Darby Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010 MOSKO, MARILYN A.-1939 Stone Ridge Lane, Villanova, Pa., 19085-B.A. in Sgy. MOUNTFORD, TIMOTHY I.-754 River Rd., Trenton, N.J., 08628-B.S. in B.A. MUCHA, PATRICIA M.-Qtrs. C., U.S. Naval Hospital, Phila., Pa., 19145-B.S. in Nur. MULHEARN, ROBERT P.-229 E. Hathaway Lane, Havertown, Pa., 19083--B.A. in Psy. MULHERN, LAURENCE F.-145 Harvester Rd., Fairfield, Cl., 06430-B.S. in Acct. MULHERN, ROBERT M.-29 Clover Lane, Malvern, Pa., 19355-B.A. in Pol. Sci. MULLEN, MATTHEW P.-426 Waverly Rd., Glenside, Pa., 19038-B.S., Gen. MULLIGAN, KEVIN M.-693 Raven Rd., Wayne, Pa., 19087-B.A. in F.A. MULVANEY, BRIAN E.e100 Tokeneke Dr., North Haven, Ct., 06518-B.S., Gen. MURPHY, DENISE C.-2.29 Orchard Rd., Springfield, Pa., 19064-B.S. in Nur. MURPHY, MARY C.-116 Evergreen St., Mount Holly, N.J., 08060-B.S. in Nur. MURRAY, GREGORY E.-6356 Woodbine Ave., Phila., Pa., 19151-B.A., Gen. MURRAY, JAMES P.-25 Highboy Ct., Red Bank, N.J., 07701-B.S. in Acct. MURRAY, JOSEPH F.-312 Oak Ave., Clifton Heights, Pa., 19018-B.A. in Pol. Sci. MURTAGH, MICHAEL K.-16 Chassyl Rd., Commack, N.Y., 11725-B.A. in Pol. Sci. MUSTACCIO, CARMELLO J.-529 Michell St., Ridley Park, Pa., 19078-B.A. in Sgy. MYERS, RICHARD E., JR.-30 Race St., High- spire, Pa., 17034-B.E. in C.E. NACCHIO, NEIL N.-145 Castleton Ave., New York, N.Y., 10301-B.S. in B.A. NAFTZINGER, SUE A.-223 Haldeman Ave., New Cumberland, Pa., 17070-B.S. in Nur. NAPOLETANO, FRANCIS J.-841 Alexander Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S., Gen. NAPPI, LYNN-42 N. Woodmont Dr., Down- ingtown, Pa., 19335-B.S. in Nur. NASH, JACK A.-P.O. Box 516, Friday Harbor, Pa., 98250-B.S. in Acct. NAZAREY, MARGARET J.-264 School Lane, Woodyn, Pa., 19094 NEDEROSTEK, JAMES F.-3000 Malan Dr., Plymouth Meeting, Pa., 19462 NEIS, WILLIAME JR.-B84 N. Easton Rd., Doylestown, Pa., 18901-B.S. in Che. E. NELSON CHARLES A.-51 Princeton Rd., Eli- zabeth, N.J., 07208-B.A. in Pol. Sci. NEPPL., THOMAS J.-5 Scenery Hill Dr., Chatham, N.J. 07928-B.S. in Acct. NOLAN, MARK B.-144 Westwoods Rd., Ham- den, Cr., 06518-B.S. in B.A. NOWLAN, MARYELLEN-306 Brentwood Ave., Cherry Hill, N.J.-08034-B.S. in Nur. NUDY, LOUIS R.-660 Kennedy St., Stratford, Pa., 19087-B.S., Gen. CYCONNELL, DANIEL W.-6119 Swansea St., Bethesda, Md., 20034-B.S. in B.A. O'CONNOR, GARY J.-E-1-B, Aronimink Arm, Township Line Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in Eco. O'CONNOR, MARY A.-101 Harry Rd., Nor- ristown, Pa., 19401B.S. in Nur. O'CONNOR, MARYELLEN E.-43 Chestnut Ave., Kingston, Pa., 18704-B.S. in Nur. O'Connor, Richard F.-40 Walker Rd., Man- chester, Ma., 01944-B.A. in Spe. OGG, BRUCE T.-234 Wendover Drive, Hav- ertown, Pa., 19083-B.S. in Mat. OHAR, KATHLEEN A.-336 Charles St., Coatesville, Pa., 19320-B.S. in Nur. O'KANE, JAMES F.-3 William St., Old Bridge, N.J., 08857-B.S. in Acct. O'KEEFE, JOSEPH F.-245 Ballymore Rd., Springfield, Pa., 19064-B.A., Gen. O'KEEFE, TERRENCE J.-21 Knollwood Dr., New Shrewsbury, N.J., 07724-B.S. in B.A. OLDHAM, DAVID D.-24 Ray Rd., Middle- town, Pa., 17057-B.E. in Che. E. O'LEARY, DONALD J.- Box 89, Kennedy, Villanova University, Villanova, Pa., 19085- B.S. in Mat. O'LEARY, MARY KATHLEEN-139 Grubb Rd., Malvern, Pa., 19355-B.A. in Psy. O'LEARY, NEIL J.-576 Watford Lane, Ber- wyn, Pa., 19312-B.S. in Acct. OLIPHANT, W. LEIGH-16 Maple Terrace, Verona, N.J.,-B.S. in B.A. O'NEILL, PATRICIA A.-3010 Oakridge Farms, Huntington Valley, Pa., 19006-B.S. in B.A. ORAVEC, KATHY A.--12 Wilson St., Garden City, N.Y., 11530-B.S. in Nur. ORLANDO, MICHAEL A.-R.D. 4422, Box 59F, Chaddsford, Pa., 19137-B.S. in B.A. ORNDOFF, PAULA W.-Main St., Wardens- ville, W.V., 22601-B.A. in Sgy. OSTASZEWSKI, REV. GEORGE-312 Hayes St., Chester, Pa., 19013-B.A. in Spe. OSTROFF, HARVEY L.-1515 Brinton Pk. Dr., Wynnewood, Pa., 19096 O'TOOLE, EDWARD J.-340 Princeton Ave., Phila., Pa., 19149-B.S, in B.A. OWENS, MICHAEL J.-818 King Rd., Malvern, Pa., 19355-B.A., in Eng. OZECK, CHARLES J.-154 W. Ridge St., Nan- ticoke, Pa., 18634-B.S. in Acct. PACIELLO, MICHAEL A.-Apt. 8, 33 Town Hill Ave., Danbury, Ct., 06810 PALAZZO, MARIA L.-6903 Kingsbury Blvd., St. Louis, Mo., 63130-B.S. in Nur. PALUMBO, FRANK. C.-204 Merion Rd., Merion, Pa., 19066 PANICHELLI, DANIEL J.-310 Sussex Boule- vard, Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.A. in Sgy. PAPPAS, MARIA-14 So. Malin Rd., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.S. in B.A. PARISH, CAROL M.-81 Deerfield Terrace, Mahwah, N.J., 07430-B.A. in Eng. PASKEVICH, PETER A.-8 South Flagg St., Worcester, Ma., 01602-B.S. in Bio. PAVLISKO, GUY P.-22 Deerfield Dr., Flor- ham Park, N.J., 07932-B.A. in Sgy. PAVLO, LEX T.-8 Drexel Ave., Lansdowne, Pa., 19050-B.S. in B.A. PEARSON, THOMAS S.-215 Fourth St., Pali- sades Park, N.J., 07650-B.S. in Acct. PEKUNA, MICHAEL M.-442 Pipes Neck Rd., Greenport, N.Y., 11944-B.A. in Hist. PELLINI, JAMES J.-703 Goshen Rd., West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.S. in Acct. PEREZ, RALANDO, E.-Box 25B, David, Re- public of Panama, ooooo-B.S. in B.A. PERKOV, BARBARA J.-57 Sandy Hollow Rd., Port Washington, N.Y., 11050-B.S. in Nur. PERLEY, SUSAN T.-141 E. 55 St., New York, N.Y., 10022-B.S. in Edu. PERSAK, STEPHEN R., JR.-17 Terrace, Fanwood, N.J., 07023-B.S. in B.A. PESCATORE, ROBERT L.-1526 Porter St., Phila., Pa., 19145-B.S. in Acct. PETERS, JAMES M.-9 Avon Court, Bergen- field, N.J., 07621-B.E, in C.E. PETRAS, JOHN T.-535 Huffff Ave., Manville, N.J., 08835-B.A. in Eng. PETRIDIS, ANTHONY P.-Apt. Overbrook Ave., Phila., Pa., 19151 PETRUZELLI, THOMAS-114 S. Coles Ave., Maple Shades, N.J., 08052-B.A. in Hon. PHILIP, HEDY-sos Cliff Ave., Edgewater Park, N.J., oaoio-B.5., Gen. PHILIPPI, GARY P.-21 Old Farm Rd., Cha- tham, N.J., 07928-B.E. in M.E. PHILLIPS, JOAN C.-403 Briar Dr., Broomall, Pa., 19008 PHILLIPS, RANDOLPH G.-532 Chatsworth Rd., R.D. 33, Vincetown, N.J., 08088-B.E. in E.E. PICA, MARY R.-53 West Long Dr., Lawrence- ville, N.J., 08648-B.A., Gen. PICCIOTTI, JOSEPH-33 Shellburne Dr., Wil- mington, De., 19803 PICONE, AUDREY A.-32 Field Ave., Hicks- ville, N.Y., 11501-B.A. in F.A. PIEKARA, CARLA J.-2109 Hemlock Rd., Nor- ristown, Pa., 19401 PIENKOWSKI, DAVID A.-7445 Buist Ave., Phila., Pa., 19153-B.S. in Phys. PIERNOCK, JOSEPH L.-372 Lewis Rd., Springfield, Pa., 19064-B.E. in Che. E. PIEROG, JOHN R.-104 Middlesex St., North Andover, Ma., 01845-B.A. in Pol. Sci. PILCICKI, THOMAS F.-244 East Sth Ave., Conshohocken, Pa., 19428-B.A., Gen. PILLER, JOSEPH A., JR.-5961 Houghton St., Phila., Pa., 19128-B.S. in Acct. PINTSOPOULOS, JAMES A.-11 Chestnut St., N. Reading, Ma., 01864-B.S. in Mat. PIPES, BARBARA A.-13 Cilfton Ave., Scitu- ate, Ma., 02066-B.A. in Mod. Lan. PISANO, JOSEPH V.-123 West 42nd St., Bayonne, N.J., 07002-B.S. in Bio. PISTILLI, LOUIS A.-48 Kensington Ave., Jer- sey City, N.J., 07304-B.S. in Acct. PLEBANI, DANIEL J.-32 Cameo Rd., Levit- town, Pa., 19057-B.S. in Eco. PLUNKETT, KEVIN P.-Portland Rd., Atlantic Highland, N.J., 07716-B.A. in Pol. Sci. POLI, ROBERT F.-424 Andrew Rd., Hunting- don Valley, Pa., 19006-B.S. in B.A. POLITE, DOLORES M.-Box 114, Exton, Pa., 19341 POMANTI, ANTHONY T.-470 Black Swan Lane, Box 773, Paoli, Pa., 1901-B.S. in Acct. PONAS, PAULA R.-Box 11, Route 309, Line Lexington, Pa., 18932-B.S. in Nur. PONGPRAYOON, PAISAL-Box 32.48 Ken- nedy, Villanova University, Villanova, Pa., 19085, B.E. in C.E. Birchwood A-8, 6309 POPIELARSKI, CHEYL A.-864 South Gulph Rd., King of Prussia, Pa., 19406-B.S. in Edu. PORRECA, RAYMOND A.-227 Westbridge Rd., Glenolden, Pa., 19036-B.S. in Acct. PORTANTINO, PHILIP J.-20 Baker Dr., W. Long Branch, N.J., 07764-B.A. in Pol. Sci. POWERS, RICHARD J.-5 Winthrop St., Win- chester, Ma., 01890-B.S. in B.A. PRISCO JANET M.-630 Monroe St., Easton, Pa., 18042-B.S. in Nur. PROIETTI, JOHN M.-14 Clove Brook Rd., Valhalla, N.Y., 10595-B.E. in E.E. PRYGON, Tl-IERESA M.-2610 W. 4th St., Chester, Pa., 19013-B.S. in Edu. PUZIO, THOMAS J.-215 Sheafe Rd., Wap- pingers Fall, N.Y., 12590-B.S., Gen. QUATMAN, JOSEPH E.-1857 Shawnee Rd., Lima, Oh., 45806-B.S. in B.A. QUINN, DOMINICK B.-3020 Joshua Rd., Lafayette Hill, Pa., 19444-B.S. in B.A. ' RABUN, DANIEL J.-65 Cutchogue Trail, Med- ford Lakes, N.J., 08085-B.E. in Che. E. RAHLFS, KURT R.-Honey Brook Dr., R.D. 32, Princeton, N.J., 08540-B.S. in Ast. RAKOWSKI, EDMUND M.-314 N. Price St., Pottstown Pa., 19464-B.E. in M.E. RALPH, VERNON J.-24 Ned Drive, Matawan, N.J., 07747-B.A. in Eng. RAMENTOL, RICHARD A.-1076 Gruber Ave., Union, N.J., 07083-B.A. in Pol. Sci. RAMIK, EDWARD J.-207 Oak Ridge Rd., Stratford, Ct., 06497-B.E. in E.E. RAMSEY, STEPHEN J.-2944 Longshore Ave., Phila., Pa., 19149-B.S. in Acct. RAWLINSON, MARY ANNE-414 Portland Dr., Broomall, Pa., 19005-B.S., Hon. RAWSON, W. GREGORY-508 Windermere Ave., Interlaken N.J., 07712-B.A. in Sec. RAY, PATRICIA A.-820 Longstreth Ave., Phila., Pa., 19111-B.S. in Nur. REDMAN, DAVID B.-3247 Ryerson Circle, Baltimore, Md., 21227-B.S. in Edu. REED, DESMA-606 E. Brinton St., Phila., Pa., 19138-B.A. in Eng. REED, ROBERT G.-728 Blythe Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in B.A. REID, CONSTANCE A.-1756 Columbia Rd., South Boston, Ma., 02127-B.S. in Nur. REINHARDT, GARY S.-Box 202, Mountain- home, Pa., 18342-B.S. in B.A. RENDLEMAN, JOHN D.-15 Gault Park, Westport, Ct., oeaso-B.S. in B.A. RENZULLI, JOHN F.-1539 S. Broad St., Phila., Pa., 19147-B.S. in B.A. RHEIN, JAMES E.-64 MacAfee Rd., Somerset, N.J., 08873-B.E. in E.E. RICCIUTI, ANNETTE A.-754 S. Warnock St., Phila., Pa., 19147-B.A. in Psy. RIKER, PATRICIA A.-101 Salem Rd., West- wood, Po., N.J., 07675-B.S. in Nur. RIZZUTO, MELANIE F.-121 Obre Place, Shrewsbury, N.J., 07701-B.S. in Acct. ROARTY, DAVID H.-338 Cavan Dr., Pitts- burgh, Pa., 15236-B.E. in M.E. ROBERTO, STEVEN F.-74 Glen Ridge Rd., Greenwich, Ct., 06830-B.S. in B.A. ROBINSON, JAMES K.-1931 Duncan Dr., Scotch Plains, N.J., 07076-B.A. in Psy. ROCHON, SANDRA M.-Box 426, Birch St., Conyngham, Pa., 18219-B.S. in Nur. RODEN, GAIL P.-4 Dairy Dr., Glen Cove, N.Y., 11542-B.S. in Nur. ROGERS, MARY C.-748 Berkeley Ave., Orange, N.J., 07050-B.A. in Eng. ROGEVICH, RAYMOND M.-414 Oak St., Coatesville, Pa., 19320-B.A. in Psy. ROLLO MARIAN M.-929 Duncan Ave., Yeadon, Pa., 19050-B.A. in Sgy. ROMAINE STEPHEN T.-174 Crestwood Rd., Fairfield, Cl., 06435-B.A. in Eng. ROMANO, JOHN F.-123 Hollywood Ave., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.S. in B.A. ROMANO, THOMAS M.-1260 Easton Ave., Somerset, N.J., 00000 ROMANOWSKI, LEO A.-2nd Floor Apt., 75 Montrose Ave., Fanwood, N.J., 07023 ROONEY, BRENDAN P., JR.-7 Bates Rd., Harrison, N.Y. 10528-B.S. in Acct. ROONEY, JOHN D. III-19 Green Acres Dr., Madison, Ct., 06443-B.S. in Acct. ' ROSA, DIANE L.-117 Spruce La., Paoli, Pa., 19301 ROSSI, EDWARD J.-44 Lincoln Rd., Phills- burg, N.J., osaes-B.S. in B.A. ROSSI, STEVE M.-285 Colket Lane, Wayne, Pa., 19087-B.S. in B.A. ROUTSIS, DIANE E.-67 Huckleberry Rd., East Hartford, Ct., 06118 RUANE, KEVIN J.-305 Rockingham Rd., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.S. in B.A. RUGGEAR, JOSEPH J.-1506 Brierwood Rd., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.S. in B.A. RUSH, BURTON C.-12 Melrose Ave., E. Lansdowne, Pa., 19050-B.S. in Acct. RUSSO, CHRISTINA L.-115 Linwood Ave., Ardmore, Pa., 19003-B.S. in Acct. RYAN, BARRY J.-11 Deepwood Rd., Sims- bury, Ct., 06070-B.S. in Acct. RYAN, MICHAEL I.-109 Eden Ave., Massa- pequa, N.Y., 11758-B.S. in Acct. RYBA, THOMAS D.-580 Bellevue Ave., Tren- ton, N.J., 08618-JB.A. in Sgy. RYBARCZYK, JEROME D.-425 W. Green St., Hazleton, Pa., 18201-B.S. in Pol. Sci. RYNONE, WILLIAM J.-12 Ithac St., Waverly, N.Y., 14892-B.A. in Eng. RYSAK, JOHN F.-2220 E. Venango St., Phila., Pa., 19134-B.A., Gen. SABA, NASSIM E.-2100 Garolton Way, Flour- town, Pa., 19031-B.E. in C.E. SABALIS, ANNE M.-151 Dix Hills Rd., Dix Hills, N.Y., 11746-B.S. in Nur. SABBIA, RICHARD J.-64 Griswold St., Wal- ton, N.Y., 13856-B.A. in Pol. Sci. SABIA, WILLIAM F., JR.-223 Bannockburn Ave., Ambler, Pa., 19002-B.A. in Pol. Sci. SABYE, JANN B.-3017 Brooks Lane, Wayzata, Mn., 55391-B.S. in Nur. SAFFOS, NICHOLAS J.-15 Brynwood Rd., Yonkers, N.Y., 10701-B.A. in Eng. SAILE, THOMAS C.-1815 Chandler St., Phila., Pa., 19111-B.E. in E.E. SAKOWSKI, EDWARD F.-12 Joseph Pl., Levittown, Pa., 19057-B.S. in Acct. SALA, JOSE M.-Alhambra Almenas 36, Ponce, P.R., 00731-B.A. in Hist. SALAMONE, ROBERT F.-228 Slocum Way, Fort Lee, N.J., 07024-B.S. in B.A. SALAMONE, SALVATORE J.-Beacon Hill Rd., Morganville, N.J., 07751 SALATA, ROSE-2 West 17th St., Hazleton, Pa., 18201-B.S. in Bio. SALERNO, JOSEPH F.-214 Green Lane, Phila., Pa., 19127-B.S. in Acct. SALVUCCI, MICHELE M.-2218 Poplar St., Phila., Pa., 19130-B.S. in B.A. SAMMARTINO, JOHN P.-1126 Serrill Ave., Yeadon, Pa., 19050-B.S. in Bio. SAMONI, JOHN J., JR.-2748 Elbridge St., Phila., Pa., 19149-B.E. in C.E. SANBORN, ROBERT T.-3 Yale Rd., Haver- town, Pa., 19083 SANDMAIER, PHILIP R.-Rolling Hill Rd., Skillman, N.J., 03555-B.A., Gen. SANSONE, MARIA R.-205 Turner Rd., Wal- lingford, Pa., 19086-B.S. in Acct. SANTORO, FRANK J.-641 Topton Place, Blue Bell, Pa., 19422-B.S. in Mat. SARP, EDWARD J.-Box 130, , Sylvan Hills, Hollidaysburg, Pa., 16648-B.E. in C.E. SAVOY, JOHN F.-440 Donalyn Lane, Berwyn, Pa., 19312 SCALZO, DEA M.-715 Pecan Dr., Phila., Pa., 19115-B.A. in Psy. SCANLAN, TIMOTHY M.-Witherow Rd., Sewickley, Pa., 15143-B.S. in B.A. SCANLON, MARY H.-255 Church Rd., Devon, Pa., 19333-B.S. in Bio. SCANLON, PATRICK B.-208 E. Rocks Rd., Norwalk, Ct., 06851-B.S. in B.A. SCHAEFFER, ROBERT S.-940 Cherry Lane, Floral Park, N.Y., 11001-B.S. in Bio SHELL, JOHN C.-1077 Windy Knoll Rd., West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.S. in Acct. SCHILGEN, JOHN R.-Evergreen Lane, Mal- vern, Pa., 19355 SCHMID, MARIA A.-581 Valley View Rd., Springfield, Pa., 19064-B.S. in Edu. SCHMIDT, GREGORY F.-10 Magna Dr., Coplay, Pa., 18037-B.S. in M.E. SCHOENHOFER, MARGARET A.-0-174, Tenby Towne Apts., Delran, N.J., 08075-B.S. in Nur. SCHORR, ALAN B.-823 Fay Dr., Trevose, Pa., 19047-B.S. in Bio. SCI-IRADER, JACQUELINE J.-808 Powder Mill Lane, Phila., Pa., 19151-B.S. in Bio. SCHRAF, MARK J.-1229 23rd Ave., Altoona, Pa., 16601 SCHREEFER, KAREN A.-112 Washington Rock Rd., Watchong, Wa., 07060-B.S. in Nur. SCHULTE, WILLIAM D.-222 Coleridge Ave., Yardville, N.J., 08620-B.S. in Acct. SCOTT, DAVID T.-670 Mallard Rd., Wayne, Pa., 19087-B.A. in Sgy. SCOTT, FRANK D-Apt. 607-Q, 291 Poplar Ave., Devon, Pa., 19333-B.A. in Psy. SCOTT, KEVIN T.-1008 West Wind Court, Ruxton, Md., 21204-B.S. in B.A. SCZECHOWICZ, EDWARD S.-503 N. Frank- lin St., Westchester, Pa., 19380-B.A. in Psy. SEELAUS, JOANNE K.-314 Dartmouth Ave., Swarthmore, Pa., 19081 SEELAUS, MARY C.-114 Avon Rd., Narberth, Pa., 19072-B.A. in Sec. SEGAL, ROBERT J.-250 S. 17 St., Phila., Pa., 19103 SEIFFERT, DONALD T.-503 Valley View Rd., Merion, Pa., 19066--B.S. in B.A. SEIFFERT, THOMAS M.-1020 Hillside Trail, Johnstown, Pa., 15905-B.A. in Pol. Sci. SENTNER, MARY V.-218 E. Conestoga Rd., Devon, Pa., 19333-B.A. in F.A. SERIO, MARK F.-W. 34 Ridgewood Ave., Paramus, N.J., 07652-B.S. in B.A. SHALTRY, MICHAEL J.-2203 Raleigh Lane, Cincinnatti, Oh., 45215-B.S. in B.A. SHAMBERG, ANDY G.-215 Bourne Dr., Broomall, Pa., 19005-B.S. in Acct. SHANNON, JAMES J.-25 Ned Dr., Matawan, N.J., 07747-B.S. in Acct. SHARKEY, STEPHEN R.-Apt. 282, Paine, 1300 Fayette St., Conshohocken, Pa., 19428- B.A., Spe. Sharp, Michael J.-7220 Pine St., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.S. in Acct. SHAW, PAUL G., OSA-P.O. Box 33B-Villa- nova, Pa., 19085-B.S. in Acct. SHEA, MARIANNE V.-2 Emerson Lane, Beth- page L.I., N.Y., 11714-B.S. in Nur. SHEA, RONALD R.-223 Downing Rd., Buf- falo Grove, Il., 60090-B.E. in E.E. SHEARER, ROBERT C.-.393 Yorkshire Rd., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.A. in Sec. SHEDWICK, BERYL S.-1003 Concord Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.A. in Sgy. SHELBOURNE, PATRICIA A.-183 Candee Ave., Sayville, N.Y., 11782--B.S. in Nur. SHERIDAN, WILLIAM S.-225 Walnut Ave., Bogota, N.J., 07603-B.A. in Sec. SHERLOCK, ROBERT S.-16 Pearl Rd., Na- hant, Ma., 01908-B.A. in Sec. SHERMAN, ANN-4 Pond Rd., Orleans, Ma., 02653-B.S. in B.A. SHIELS, WILLIAM E. II-3208 Menlo Ave., Cincinnati, Oh., 45208-B.S. in Bio. SHUGRUE, GARY E.-930 Contention Lane, Berwyn, Pa., 19312-B.S. in Acct. SHURER, CARL R.-938 Elizabeth St., Wil- liamsport, Pa., 17701-B.S. in M.E. SIANO, DOMINICK F. III-Box 3005, Kennedy Hall, Villanova University, Villanova, Pa., 19085-BS. in E.E. SINNAMON, LILLIAN M.-Broadlawn Apts., 108 Charles Dr., Apt. PZ, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010 SINNETT, HAROLD M.-3746 Rambagate Dr., Annapolis, Md., 21403-B.A. in Hist. SIPIO, JAMES C.-114 South Fairview Ave., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.S. in Bio. SIPIO, WILLIAM J.-114 S. Fairview Ave., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.S. in Chem. SIVAK, MARGUERITE A.-220 Wadas Ave., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.A., Hon. SKOG, RUSSELL A.-20 Stevens Rd., West- boro, Ma., 01581-B.E. in M.E. SLATER, JEROME T.-38 Oxford Circle, Nor- ristown, Pa., 19401-B.S., in Edu. SMEDLEY, JEFFERY S.-886 Woodlawn Ave., Phoenixville, Pa., 19460-B.S. in Eco. SMITH, BARBARA ANN-422 Conestoga Rd., Malvern, Pa., 19355-B.A. in Sgy. SMITH, GAIL P.-179 Haines Dr., Moores- town, N.J., 08057-B.S. in Nur. SMITH, LEDYARD H. III-34 Normandy Dr., Parsippany, N.J., 07054-B.S. in Acct. SMITH, TERENCE M.-252 Crestwood Dr., Clifton Heights, Pa., 19018-B.A. in Eng. SMITH, THOMAS D.-11945 Glenfield St., Phila., Pa., 19154-B.S. in Acct. SNEE, MARIANNE B.-39-9 Van Duren Ave., Fair Lawn, N.J., 07410-B.S. in Nur. SNYDER, MARC A.-7415 Richards Rd., Mel- rose Park, Pa., 19126 SPADOLA, CLAUDETTE M.-101 Burton Lane, Commack, N.Y., 11725-B.A. in Sgy. SPAGNUOLO, ALBERT C.-421 Flaker Dr., Wyckoff, N.J., 07481-B.E. in C.E. SPEARS, CHARLES M.-133 Powhatten Ave., Lester, Pa., 19113-B.E. in M.E. SPEERS, THOMAS J.-3011 Mathers Mill Rd., Lafayette Hill, Pa., 19444-B.A. in Pol. Sci. SPINA, THOMAS J.-92. Canaan Place, Allen- dale, NJ., 07401-B.S. in Acct. SPINOSA, BARBARA A.-233 Wembly Rd., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.S. in Nur. VSPRAGLIN, RICARDO D.-341 H St., Carlisle, Pa., 17013-B.A. in Pol. Sci. SQUADRITO, JAMES F.-243 E. Woodland Ave., Springfield, Pa., 19064-B.S. in Bio. SROMOVSKY, DONNA M.-155 Brower Ave., Edison, N.J., 08817-B.S. in Bio. STACK, MICHAEL P.-729 Alexander Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., 1902.6-B.S. in B.A. STAMBAUGH, STEPHEN D.-2469 Bradford Dr., York, Pa., 17402-B.S. in Acct. STANFORD, CHRISTOPHER J.-12 The Causeway, Sutton, Surrey, England, 00000-B.S. in B.A. STANKIEWICZ, FELIX, JR.-Apt. B-77, 3555 Red Lion Rd., Phila., Pa., 19114-B.A., Gen. STANOJEV, EDWARD C., JR.-11605 Bustle- ton Ave., Phila., Pa., 19116-B.S. in B.A. STASEN, JOANNE P.-110 Brentwood Rd., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.A., Gen. STAUB, CHISTINE D.-239 Bryn Mawr Ave., Lansdowne, Pa., 19050 STEELE, RUSSELL E.-61 Orchard Farm Rd., Port Washington, N.Y., 11050-B.S. in B.A. STEFAN, JAMES A.-1 S. Edsall Ave., Nanuet, N.Y., 10954-B.S. in Acct. STEGER, RONALD R.-120 Autumn Dr., Haupauge, N.Y., 11787-B.S. in Acct. STEINHILBER, JANE E.-13 Fawn Drive, Montville, NJ., 07045-B.S. in Acct. STELLMAN, ANNA MARIE A.-19 Harrison Ave., Clifton Heights, Pa., 19018-B.A. in Eng. STEPELEVICH, LINDA E.-126 Buckingham Dr., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.A. in Sgy. STEVENSON, RANDY L.-724 N. Fifth St., Reading, Pa., 19601-B.E. in Che. E. STILES, JOHN D.-637 Broad Acres Rd., Nar- berth, Pa., 19072-B.S. in B.A. STOHL, LORI L.-45 Bingham St., New Bri- tain, Ct., 06051-B.S. in Bio. STRANEN, JOSEPH J.-1301 Manor Rd., Yeadon, Pa., 19050-B.S. in Acct. STREBLE, JOSEPH C.-601 Staffordshire Rd., Winston Salem, N.C., 2.7104-B.A. in Ssg. STREFF, MARY E.-189 Penn Lane, Rochester, N.Y., 1462.5-B.S. in Nur. STROLLE, LITA A.-825 Fern St., Yeadon, Pa., 19050-BS. in Bio. STUMPP, KIRK V.-95 DeWoIf Rd., Old Tap- pan, N.J., 07675-B.S. in B.A. STUTZKE, EDMUND M.-Box 1353, Kennedy, Villanova University, Villanova, Pa., 19085 SUBERS JANE E.-908 Yeadon Ave., Yeadon, Pa., 19050-B.S. in Nur. SULLIVAN, EUGENE G.-5 Briarwood La., Suf-fern, N.Y., 10901-B.S. in B.A. SULLIVAN, GERTRUDE F.-18 Rock Hill Rd., Bala Cynwyd, Pa., 19004-B.S. in Nur. SULLIVAN, JAMES N.-166 Meredith Ave., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.A. in Pol. Sci. SULLIVAN, MARK P.-1128 Blythe Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in Bio. SUMMERS, ROBERT J.-1403 Georgia Ave., Verga, N.J., 08093-B.S., Gen. SUNDERHAUF, ANTHONY J.-505 Tasker St., Phila., Pa., 19147-B.A. in Sgy. SUTTON, GREGORY J.-1915 New Jersey Ave., Haddon Heights, N.J., 05035-B.A. in Eng. SWAINTEK, STANLEY S., JR.-397 Chestnut Ave., Kingston, Pa., 18704-B.A. in Psy. SWEENEY, SHEILA M.-Apt. J246, 400 Glen- dale Ave., Havertown, Pa., 19064-B.S. in Nur. TARPILL, MARK S.-Sypher Rd., Chester, Ct., 19096-B.S. in Acct. TAVOLACCI, PAUL A.-2 Cross Rd., Ardsley, N.Y., 10502-B.S. in B.A. TECCO, STEPHEN M.-18 Clover La., New- town, Square, Pa., 19073-B.A. in Pol. Sci. TEDESCHI, JOHN P.-210 La Reine Ave., Bradley Beach, N.J., 07720-B.A. in Psy. TEPEDINO, FRANCIS M.-50 Owens Rd., Old Bridge, N.J., 08857-B.A. in Psy. THEURERy THOMAS N.-R.D. 135, Box 68A, Carlisle, Pa., 17013 THIEDE, GEORGE F.-1305 Crown Court, Mamaroneck, N.Y., 10543-B.S. in Eco. THOMAS, BARBARA J.-1405 Hillside Rd., Wynnewood, Pa., 19096-B.A. in Pol. Sci. THOMAS, GREGGORY J.-539 Fairbanks Dr., Sunnyhill, Fl., 32428-B.S. in B.A. THOMAS, SHAWN B.-235 Cypress Ave., Bogota, N.J., 07603-B.A. in Psy. THOMPSON, JUNE R.-148 Church St., Nut- ley, N.J., 07110-B.S. in Nur. TINNEY, EDWARD J.-4721 Chester Ave., Phila., Pa., 19143-B.S. in Bio. TIRRELL, PAUL C., JR.-20 Beethoven St., Binghamton, N.Y., 13905-B.S. in Bio. TODD, DOUGLAS J.-33 Wilson St., Harts- dale, N.Y., 10530 TOLLI, ALFRED J.-46 Brookdale Ave., New- ark, N.J., 07106-B.S. in Eco. TOMASZEK, PAUL J.-186 Banta Ave., Gar- field, N.J., 07026-B.S. in Acct. TOOLAN, PAUL J.-131 Greenwood Dr., Wil- low Grove, Pa., 19090-B.A. in Eng. TORBUSH, SUSAN L.-2036 Crescent Rd., York, Pa., 17403-B.S. in Nur. TORR, ROBERT G.-55 Windemere Pkwy., Phoenix, Md., 21131-B.S. in B.A. TOURIGIAN, HARRY J.-721 Oxford Rd., Bala Cynwyd, Pa., 19004-B.S., Gen. TOURSCHER, GARY T.-R.D. WZ, Dushore, Pa., 15614-B.S. in Acct. TOWNSEND, JOHN P.-205 Devereaux Ave- nue, Philadelphia, Pa., 19111 TRAINOR, MICHAEL F.-731 Oakwood Dr., Glenolden, Pa., 19036-B.S. in B.A. TRAINOR, PETER J.-731 Oakwood Dr., Glenolden, Pa., 19036-B.S. in Acct. TREFZ, ERIC R.-1017 Lamb Rd., Secane, Pa., 19018-B.A. in Pol. Sci. TRENT, MARK A.-1 Wedgewood Lane, Con- vent Staiton, N.J., 07961-B.S. in Acct. TRIMBLE, ROSEMARY J.-1201 Delaware Ave., Bethlehem, Pa., 18015-B.S. in Nur. TROCCOLI, MICHAEL J.-22 Pleasant Place, Tuckahoe, N.Y., 10707-B.S. in Acct. TROJANOWSKI, GARY E.-Garfield Park, Apts. 34-B, Edison, N.J., 08817-B.A., Gen. TROLICE, JAMES R.-42 E. 48th St., Bayonne, N.J., 07002-B.S. in B.A. TSOULES, ERNEST L., JR.-313 Worcester St., Southbridge, Ma., 01550-B.A., Hon. TUCKER, F. MICHAEL, R.D. 4, Box 359 B, Kingston, N.Y., 12401-B.A. in Sec. TULLA, CARLOS A.-Box 6390, 108 Union St., Ponce, P.R., 00731-B.S., Gen. TULLY, KATHLEEN M.-2702 Kenhill Dr., Bowie, Md., 20715-B.S. in Bio. TUBY, MARY ANN-530 W. Beechtree Lane, Wayne, Pa., 19087-B.S. in Nur. W UHLIG, VIRGINIA-1272 White Oak Rd., J Westfield, N.J., 07090-B.S. in Nur. i URBAN, RICHARD J.-238 Rock St., Philadel- ' phia, Pa., 19128-B.S. in Acct. URICHECK, JOSEPH E.-1008 Linda Rd., Wilmington, De., 19803-B.S. in Acct. VAN SAVAGE, NANCY J.-395 Boulevard, Glen Rock, N.J., 07452-B.S. in Nur. VAS DIANE M.-72 Lakeside Ave., Devon, Pa., 19333-B.A. in Sgy. VASSILOWITCH, PAUL R.-19 Brookhill Place, Little Falls, N.J., 07424-B.S. in B.A. VAZQUEZ, YVETTE-804 W. Somerset St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19133-B.A. in Sgy. VELARDI, CAROL A.-B9 Rutland Rd., Glen Rock, N.J., 07452-B.S. in Nur. VENTIMIGLIA, PHILIP C.-70 Smith St., Glen Head, N.Y., 11545-B.S. in Edu. VERZELLA, JOSEPH F., JR.-232 Brookline Blvd., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.A. in Sgy. VETRE, GARY D.-541 Ellis Rd., Havertown, Pa. 19083-B.A., Gen. VINCI, JOHN J.-1652 Bancroft St., Philadel- phia, Pa., 19145-B.A. in Sgy. VOGAN, MARY E.-711 Conestoga Rd., Ber- wyn, Pa., 19312-B.A. in Hist. WADDON, BRUCE R.-17 Concord Dr., Liv- ingston, N.J., 07039-B.A. in Psy. WADSWORTH, ALLAN L.-33 Lawrence Brook Dr., East Brunswick, N.J., 08816-B.A. in Sgy. WAGNER, RICHARD W.-298 N. Green House, Wayne, Pa., 19087-B.S. in Acct. WALKER, EUGENE P.-124 E. Chestnut St., West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.S. in Acct. WALLACE, DONALD W.-4217 Stiles St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19104. WALLDEN, ROBERT O.-10 Bristol Ct., Berke- ley Hgts., N.J., 07922-B.S. in B.A. WALLER, JOSEPH M.-Mr. E. C. Waller, 12944 Camino Del Valle, Powax, Ca., 92064. WANNER, ROBERT J.-10 Lakeview Dr., Emerson, N.J., 07630-B.S. in Acct. WARD, DENISE H.-39 Steeplebush Rd., Levit- town, Pa.., 19056-B.A. in Eng. WATKINS, FRANK H.-498 Egg Harbor Rd., Sewell, N.J., 08080-B.S. in B.A. WATSON, PAUL C.-30 Grand Ave., Staten Island, N.Y., 10301-B.A., Gen. WEBB, SHERRY A.-80 Ramsey Park, Roches- ter, N.Y., 14610-B.S. in Nur. WEBER, DANA M.-217 Vassar Circle, Wayne, Pa., 19087-B.S., Gen. WEBER, DENNIS M.-626 Rively Ave., Glen- olden, Pa., 19036-B.S. in Edu. WEINBERG, LINDA S.-1408 Centre St., West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.A. in Spe. WEISSER, THOMAS G.-1615 Ebsenshade Rd., Lancaster, Pa., 17601-B.S. in Acct. WELSH, JAMES B.-49 Bedford Place, Yard- ley, Pa., 19067-B.E, in M.E. WELSH, NEAL M.-7334 Brockton Rd., Phila- delphia, Pa., 19151-B.A. in Pol. WETZEL, C. MICHAEL-112 Owl Hill Rd., P.O. Box 231, Lititz, Pa., 17543-B.S., Gen. WHALEN, DANIEL W.-624 Donaldson Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa., 15226-B.A. in Eng. WHALON, EDWARD M.-4069 Rd., Lafayette Hill, Pa., 19444-B.S. in Pay. WHELAN, JOHN P.-2914 Otis Ave., New York, N.Y., 10465-B.A. in Pol. Sci. WHELAN, WILLIAM W.-6.Miller Lane, River- side, Ct., 06878-B.A. in Sgy. WHIPKEY, GARRY O.-104 Arbor Rd., Cin- naminson, N.J., 08077-B.S. in B.A. WHITE, FRANCIS H.-23 Benbulbin, Drim- nagh, Dublin 12, Ireland, 00000-B.S. in B.A. WHITE, JOSEPH B.-5 Saddle Ridge Rd., Voorhees, N.J., 08043-B.S. in Eco. WHITE, MICHAEL F.-325 Rocksville Rd., Holland, Pa., 18966-B.A. in Sgy. WILHELM, JAMES S.-115 Ferncliffe Rd., See- konk, Ma., 02771. WILKES, SHELLEY E.-1038 Brantley Ave., Baltimore, Md., 21217-B.A. in Sgy. Thompson WILLIAMS, JOHN H., JR.-10990 Creek Rd., Ojai, Ca., 93023-B.S., Gen. WILRIGS, DAVID B.-Box 247B, R.D. 3, Read- ing, Pa., 19606. WILSON, GAIL D.-589 Timberlake Rd., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.A. in Psy. WILSON, JEFFREY M.-1 Nancy Dr., Haver- town, Pa., 19083-B.S. in B.A. WILSON, JOHN F., JR.-1950 N.E. 56th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., 33308-B.S. in Acct. WILSON, STEPHANIE M.-5237 Irving St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19139-B.S. in Nur. WINGARD, JAMES S.-418 Essex Ave., Spring Lake, N.J., 07762-B.S. in B.A. WOHLERS, SUSAN GILL-Apt. 3, 7 Duffryn Ave., Wayne, Pa., 19355-B.A. in Spe. WOJCIK, JOHN J.-3012. St. Vincent St., Nor- ristown, Pa., 19403-B.A. in Pol. Sci. ALBERT, NEIL L.-16755 S.W. Monaco, Tig- ard, Or., 97223-J.D. ANDERSON, KEVIN S.-B434 Large St., Phila- delphia, Pa., 19152-J.D. ANTHONY, ROBERT E.-B-16 Radwyn Apts., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-J.D. ARMBRUST, MARK D.-754 Maws Ave., Nor- ristown, Pa., 19401.-J.D. AUCHINLECK, JAMES J.-124 Harmony Rd., Levittown, Pa., 19056-J.D. AVERSA, TERESA C.-10 No. Thurlow Ave., Margate, N.J., 08402-J.D. BAKER, DAVID P.-253 E. Maple St., York, Pa., 17403-J.D. BANNING, RITA C.-Water Street Rd., Col- legeville Rd., Pa., 1942.6-J.D. BARBANO, PETER K.-225 Hale St., New Brunswick, N.J., 08902-J.D. BARRON, MITCHELL M.-248 Ocean Ave., Deal, N.J., 07723-J.D. BECCI, MICHAEL N.-7F Plymouth Park, 1700 Butler Pike, Whitemarsh, Pa., 1942.8-J.D. BENGE, JOHN H., JR.-2819 Shipley Rd., Wilmington, De., 19810-J.D. BENNETT, SCOTT A.-182 Dayton St., Spring- field, Ma., 0118-J.D. BERNSTEIN, ADAM H.-5 Vincent St., Bing- hamton, N.Y., 13905-J.D. BERNSTEIN, STEVEN E.-Apt. 1C, 411 Straf- ford Ave., Wayne, Pa., 19087-J.D. BLACK, DAVID R.-107 Drummers Lane, Wayne, Pa., 19087-J.D. BLAKE, DENNIS-226 Collings Ave., Collings- wood, N.J., 08108-J.D. BLAZUSIAK, THOMAS J.-752 Seventh St., Whitehall, Pa., 18052-J.D. BLOCK, BENNETT D.-7518 Woodcrest Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19151-J.D. BOWES, CHARLES A., JR.-328 Lewis Rd., Springfield, Pa., 19064-J.D. BOYD, NATHANIEL W.-87 Indian Rock Dam Rd., York, Pa., 17403-J.D. BRADY, MURIEL J.-R.D. 2, Newark, De., 19711-J.D. BRAVERMAN, STEPHEN C.-283 Yorke Ave., Long Branch, N.J., 07740-J.D. BRENNAN, WILLIAM J.-84-18 60th Rd., Elm- hurst, N.Y., 11373-J.D. BROPHY, MICHAEL D.-37 Nelson Ave., Cooperstown, N.Y., 13326-J.D. BROWN, STEPHEN D.-Radcliffe Apts., A-309, 1000 Conestoga Rd., Rosemont, Pa. 19010- J.D. BRUCH, GEORGE D., JR.-Windermere Ct. Apts., A-3, Windermere Ave., Wayne, Pa., 19087-J.D. BULKLEY, DAVID R.-21 Stewart Ct., Dover, De., 19901-J.D. BURGESS, BRIAN L.-84 Kenyon Ave., Wake- field, R.I., 02879-J.D. BURLEY, DON O.-33 Rsoelawn Ave., Lans- downe, Pa., 19050-J.D. WONG, SHAI M.-Apt. N-495, 377 Poplar Rd., Devon, Pa., 19333. WOOD, MICHAEL S.-3 Plum Court, Wap- pingers Fall, N.Y., 12590-B.S. in Acct. WORKMAN, STEPHEN W.-Apt. 15-A, 400 Glendale Rd., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.A. in Sgy. WROBLEWSKI, JACQUELINE-Two Kings Court, Plainview, N.Y., 11803-B.S. in Nur. WROBLEVVSKI, LINDA A.-362 Woodlawn Ave., Jersey City, N.J., 07305-B.S. in Nur. WUSINICH, JOHN J.-455 E. Thomson St., Springfield, Pa., 19064. YENCHICK, SUSAN T.-Box 16, Sugarloaf, Pa., 18249-B.S. in Nur. YEROUSHALMI, MOUSSA-130 Coulter Ave., Ardmore, Pa., 19003-B.E. in C.E. aw School BURNS, DENNIS T.-1126 Brennan Dr., War- minster, Pa., 18974-J.D. BURRALL, PATRICIA H.-7924 1X2 German- town, Philadelphia, Pa., 19118-J.D. CAFFREY, ANDREW A.-5 Old South Lane, Andover, Ma., 01810-J.D. CARLTON, ROBERT T.-32 E. Riding Dr., Cherry Hill, N.J., 08003-J.D. CARROLL, JOSEPH W.-317 W. Marshall St., West Chester, Pa., 19380-J.D. CASALE, MICHAEL J., JR.-1716 Walnut St., Williamsport, Pa., 17701-J.D. CHERKEN, HARRY S., JR.-3929 Netherfield Rd., Philadelphia, Pa., 19129-J.D. COLLINS, MARI G.-836 Martin Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-J.D. CONNOR, KYRAN W.-3317 Haven Ave., Ocean City, N.J., 08226-J.D. CRAUN, TODD R.-1003 Beachside St., Huron, Oh., 44839-J.D. CUTLER, EVE L.-414 Regina St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19116-J.D. DAVID REGINA M.-131 Barrington Rd., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-J.D. DEAN, ROBERT L.-900 N. 63rd St., Philadel- phia, Pa., 19151-J.D. DELEVIE, ALVIN F.-276 E. McCormick Ave., State College, Pa., 16801-J.D. DELEVIE, THOMAS L.-450 Forrest Ave., Apt. C-309, Norristown, Pa., 19401-J.D. DENNIS, BARBARA A.-17 Lafayette Ave., East Orange, N.J., 07017-J.D. DENNIS, FRANCIS T., JR.-402. W. Tenth Ave., Conshohocken, Pa., 19428-J.D. DEROSA, FREDERICK J.-7600 Brockton Rd., Philadelphia, Pa., 19151-J.D. DIMONTE, VINCENT A.-5 Belaire Drive, Johnston, R.I., 02.919-J.D. DINGLE, ERIK N.-26 Orchard St., Trucks- ville, Pa., 18708-J.D. DIRECTOR, ALAN L.-5115 Bond Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-J.D. DITTER, GEORGE B.-35, Hendricks, Pa., 18979-J.D. DITTMANN, STEPHEN S.-153 Mill Creek Rd., Ardmore, Pa., 19003-J.D. EFSTRATIADES, ANASTASI-BOX 2333, Vil- lanova Univ., Villanova, Pa., 19085-J.D. EINHORN, HAROLD-8303 Cobden Rd., Lav- erock, Philadelphia, Pa., 19118-J.D. EISEMAN, SUSAN B.-7013 Brentwood Rd., Philadelphia, Pa., 19151-J.D. EVANS, EDWARD F.-3933 Pine St., Philadel- phia, Pa., 19104-J.D. EVANS, ROBERT W., III-351 Highland Rd., Pottstown, Pa., 19464-J.D. FAIRBANKS, RICHARD E.-2979 Sheffield Dr., Norristown, Pa., 19403-J.D. FARRELL, GERARD W.-Box 101, R.D. iil, Blairsville, Pa., 15717-J.D. FETTER, JAMES K.-1506 Youngs Ford Rd., Gladwyne, Pa., 19035-J.D. YOHN, SHARON A.-928 County Line Rd. Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-B.S. in B.A. ZACCARIA, EDWARD D.-2011 S. 22nd St. Philadelphia, Pa., 19145--B.S. in Acct. ZAPPILE, CYNTHIA A.-Cedar Grove Rd. Media, Pa., 19063. ZAUCHA, STANLEY F.-412 Grape St., War- minster, Pa., 18974-B.S. in Acct. ZEOCK, JOHN J.-23 Taylor Rd., Consho- hocken, Pa., 1942.8-B.A. in Eng. ZOMPA, GUY A.-21 N. Georgia Ave., Atlan- tic iCty, N.J., 08401-B.S. in Acct. ZUKAUSKAS, JOHN P.-1706 E. Moyamen- sing Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19148-B.A. in Psy. ZULLO, PATRICIA A.-39 Highwood Rd., Somerset, N.J., 08873-B.S. in Nur. FIELDS, SALLY A.-22 Dickinson Court, Shadow Lake Village, Red Bank, N.J., 07701- J.D. FISHER, THOMAS III, 11421 Falls Rd., Po- tomac, Md., 20854-J.D. FOSTER, EUGENIE E.-302 Audubon Ave., Wayne, Pa., 19087--J.D. FRAZIER, RICHARD T.-204 Buck Ln., Haver- ford, Pa., 19041-J.D. FRIEDMAN, PETER S.-1122 Coventry Rd., Cheltenham, Pa., 19012.-J.D. FRIEDMAN, SHERI B.-Gulph Mills Village, 649 S. Henderson Rd., King of Prussia, Pa., 19406-J.D. FRIEDMAN, SUSAN R.-415 Strafford Ave., 1A, Wayne, Pa., 19087-J.D. FRITZ, BARBARA J.-Box 95, Ickesburg, Pa., 17037-J.D. FURGIUELE, SAMUEL F.-520 N. Ninth St., Indiana, Pa., 15701-J.D. GALLO, F. JAMES-6416 Overbrook Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19151-J.D. GARLIN, ROBERT R.-Apt. K1, 108 Charles Dr., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-J.D. GASPARRO, ROBERT P.-Tunbridge Rd., Haverford, Pa., 19041-J.D. GEVARTER, STEVEN M.-84 Glendale Ave., Livingston, N.J., 07039-J.D. GILHOOLY, SUSAN J.-17 Andover Drive, Exton, Pa., 19341-J.D. GIVENS, KENNETH M., JR.-Grubb Rd., R.D. iil, Pottstown, Pottstown, Pa., 19464-J.D. GLADSTEIN, NED I.-12 Dana Rd., West Caldwell, N.J., 07006-J.D. GOLD, LYNNE Z.-1625 Mahantongo St., Pottsville, Pa., 17901-J.D. GOLDBERGER, LEINARD P.-275 Bryn Mawr Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-J.D. GOLDMAN, GARY C., 357 Meadowbrook Dr., Huntington Valley, Pa., 19006-J.D. GOLDMAN, RANDOLPH L.-3515 Goshen Rd., Newtown Square, Pa., 19073-J.D. GORDON, TAMARA S.-311 S. Woodbine Ave., Penn Valley, Pa., 19072-J.D. GRACE, EUGENE P.-1416 Wood Hollow Dr., Apt. 9714, Houston, Tx. 77027-J.D. GRANBERY, WILLIAM P.-516 Fishers Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-J.D. GRATCH, SHARON S.-1 Eleanor Dr., May- town, Pa., 17550-J.D. GREENFIELD, JULIA L.-Radcliffe H.S. C-147, 1000 Conestoga Rd., Rosemont, Pa., 19010- J.D. HAASE, FREDERICK T., JR.-3545 Woodcrest Ave., Newtown Square, Pa., 19073-J.D. HAGGERTY, WILLIAM E.-2.202 Lantern Lane, Lafayette Hill, Pa., 19444-J.D. HARRIS, WILLIAM D.-11 Chestnut Dr., Glen Rock, N.J., 07452-J.D. HARTMAN, BRIAN J.-1212. Winstead Rd., Wilmington, De., 19803-J.D. l 1 1 1 HEIST, DALE M.-Apt. ZD, 254 Iven Ave., St. Davids, Pa., 19087-J.D. HILL, DEAN E.-900 Field Lane, Villanova, Pa., 19085--J.D. HOLLERAN, KEVIN J.-69 Old Kings High- way, Downingtown, Pa., 19335-J.D. HOLMES, PAMELA S.-12.30 Waverly Rd., Gladwyne, Pa., 19035-J.D. HORSTMANN, JOHN P., III-535 cynwyd Circle, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., 19004-J.D. HURWITZ, GARY A.-Apt. C-260, 1000 Cone- stoga Rd., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-J.D. HUTCHINSON, MARK A.-3003 Edmunds Rd., Lafayette Hill, Pa., 19444-J.D. HYMAN, ELLEN L.-Presidential Apts., C-215, Philadelphia, Pa., 19131-J.D. JACOBS, ROBERT C.-540 Hamilton Rd., Merion, Pa., 19066-J.D. JEWELL, KENNETH R.-419 Stratford Ave., Strafford, Wayne, Pa., 19087-J.D. JONES, ELIZABETH R.-911 Morgan Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-J.D. KAFADER, EDWARD F.-10 Rector Ct. D, Lancashire Apts., Wilmington, De., 19810- J.D. KASICK, SAMUEL R.-1934 Allen St., Allen- town, Pa., 18104-J.D. KATZ, ELKAN M.-241 S. 23rd St., Phila., Pa., 19103-J.D. KELLEY, THOMAS J.-610 Vernon Rd., Phila- delphia, Pa., 19119-J.D. KEMP, JANICE-2 Juniper Path, Lansdale, Pa., 19446-J.D. KENNEY, JOSEPH A., JR.-766 Arden Rd., Jenkintown, Pa., 19046-J.D. KESSELMAN, ERIC H.-362 Sprague Rd., Nar- berth, Pa., 19072-J.D. KIRCHER, PHILIP G.-801 Stoke Rd., Villa- nova, Pa., 19085-J.D. KITCHEN, EMELINE-The Mohican, Pocono Lake, Pa., 18347-J.D. KNOELL, GEORGE H.-1350 Bleu Bell Pk., Blue Bell, Pa., 19422-J.D. KRONER, MITCHELL E.-38 Pickwick Rd., Marblehead, Ma., 01945-J.D. KUTER, JOSEPH J.-6111 Hawthorne St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19135-J.D. KUTNER, JOAN R.-cfo Ben Greenberg, Box 437, Lake Peekskill, N.J., 10537-J.D. LARRIMORE, DALE G.-15 D, Brighton Vil- lage, Broomall, Pa., 19008-J.D. LAVERY, THOMAS E.-70 Woodbury Rd., Woodbury, N.Y., 11797-J.D. LAWLESS, JOSEPH F., JR., 80 Oreland Place, Oreland, Pa., 19075-J.D. LAZZERI, JAMES J.-33 Lake Dr., Smyrna, De., 19977-J.D. LEVIN, GARY H.-1356 N. 75th St., Philadel- phia, Pa., 19151-J.D. LEVITSKY ROSS-1052 Floyd Terrace, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-J.D. LEWIS, KATHRYN, 2135 Green St., Philadel- phia, Pa., 19130-J.D. LLIEBERMAN, DAVID S.-122 Walnut Ave., Ardmore, Pa., 19003-J.D. LINCKE, WILLIAM P.-255 Acres Dr., Ridley Park, Pa., 19078-J.D. LINCOLN, ROBIN Z.-7903 Rodgers Rd., Elk- ins Park, Pa., 19117-J.D. LIVINGOOD, JOHN M.-Clarewdon House, Apt. 100, Fayetteville, N.C., 28305-J.D. LONG, ROBERT-715 N. 21st St., Allentown, Pa., 18104-J.D. LOURIE, ALAN I.-6 Rosemont Court, West Orange, N.J., 07052-J.D. MAGINNIS, EUGENE J.-Cricket Rd., Flour- town, Pa., 19031-J.D. MAKI, PAMELA P.-Apt. I-4, 108 Charles Dr., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-J.D. MANCINI, ANDREW M.-204 David Drive, Apt. B-1, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-J.D. MATHI5, JEREMY T.-4508 Falcon Court, Rockville, Md., 20853-J.D. MATTHEWS, DONALD J.-654 Brighton Ter- race, Holmes, Pa., 19043-J.D. MAULE, JAMES E.-3301 Hilltop Rd., New- town Square, Pa., 19073-J.D. MAZUR, JOHN R.-Apt. 209, 520 Steven Drive, King of Prussia, Pa., 19406-J.D. MCCLAFFERTY, CHARLES E.-Z0 Waterman Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19118-J.D. MCCLURE, CHRISTINE H.-637 West Sixth St., Erie, Pa., 16507-J.D. MCKENDRY, KEVIN P.-278 East 239 St., Bronx, N.Y., 10470-J.D. MCLAUGHLIN, SUSAN M.-930 Meetinghouse Rd., Rydal, Pa., 19046-J.D. MEJER, ALVARO L.-203 Pennsylvania Ave., Wayne, Pa., 19087-J.D. MEYER, JANE L.-172.3 Spruce St., Philadel- phia, Pa., 19103-J.D. MOLCHEN, WILLIAM E.-Ridge Road Exten- sion, Baden, Pa., 15005-J.D. MOUNTZ, LYNNE M.-6310 Sherwood Rd., Philadelphia, Pa., 19151-J.D. MURRAY, JEROME C.-200 Jackson St., Phila- delphia, Pa., 19148-J.D. MYERS, ELIZABETH M.-90 Yale Ave., Swarth- more, Pa., 19081-J.D. NEWTON, RONALD S.-221 Conway St., Narberth, Pa., 19072-J.D. NORTH, BRIAN S.-185 W. Pulaski Rd., Huntington Sta., N.Y., 11746-J.D. NUGENT, WILLIAM E.-50 E. Athens Ave., Ardmore, Pa., 19003-J.D. OBERHOLTZER, SCOTT K.-3385 St. John Dr., Whitehall, Pa., 18052-J.D. OLIVER, HENRY E.-1285 S. Cardeza St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19119-J.D. PANKIW, BOHDAN R.-914 Clover Lane, Chester, Pa., 19013-J.D. PARAS, PETER C.-23 Strong St., Wallington, N.J., 07057-J.D. PHILLIPS, LEIGH KEYSER-162 Cheshire Drive, Penllyn, Pa., 19458-J.D. PHILLIPS, NEAL ARTHUR-1203 Centre Rd., Woodland Apts., Wilmington, De., 19805- J.D. PLATT, KATHERINE-600 Dorset Rd., Devon, Pa., 19333-J.D. RAVIOLA, PATRICK R.-24 Palmer Rd., Ken- dall Park, N.J., 08824-J.D. REID, ARCHIBALD S.-26 Westcott Rd., Princeton, N.J., 08540-J.D. REYNOLDS, JAMES F.-20 Rexhame Rd., Worcester, Ma., 01606-J.D. ROBINSON, JOHN T.-R.D. 42, 119 King Ave., Selinsgrove, Pa., 17870-J.D. ROLAND, JOHN WANNER, 1435 Rockland St., Reading, Pa., 19604-J.D. ROMANO, ALBERT R.-4 Calderwood Ave., Greenville, R.L., 02828-J.D. RONAN, JAMES M.-44 Pine Ave., W. Long Branch, N.J., 07764-J.D. RUBIN, LYNNE C.-401 Berkley Rd., Haver- ford, Pa., 19041-J.D. RUTTLE, JAMES M.-241 Rockingham Rd., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-J.D. SACAVAGE, ROBERT B.-359 Chestnut St., Kulpmont, Pa., 17834-J.D. SANDS, DONALD A.-800 Merriman Rd., Akron, Oh., 44303-J.D. SCALIA, JOSEPH-241 Berdie Ave., Holbrook, N.Y., 11741-J.D. SCHATKIN, ANDREW J.-215-05-39th Ave., Bayside, N.Y., 11361-J.D. SCHWARTZ, MARC S.-52 Nield Rd., Spring- field, Pa., 19064-J.D. SCOTT, PENNY J.-2334 W. Huntingdon St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19132-J.D. SENKER, LINDA E.-Apt. J., 104 N. Roberts Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-J.D. SERLIN, DAVID M.-1206 East 7th St., Brook- lyn, N.Y., 11230-J.D. SEUS, THOMAS E.-29 North Eckar St., Irv- ington, N.Y., 10533-J.D. 277 SHEAK, JACK C.-4931 Portico St., Philadel- phia, Pa., 19144-J.D. SHECHTMAN, MICHAEL A.-132 Cricket Ave., Apt. ivf2A, Ardmore, Pa., 19003-J.D. SILVERMAN, RONALD H.-4104 Laurel Dr., Lafayette Hill, Pa., 19444-J.D. SIMMONS, MALYNDA-309 Rose Lane, Hav- erford, Pa., 19041-J.D. SKALSKY, MICHELLE L.-81 Hammond Rd., Elkins Park, Pa., 19117-J.D. SMITH, CAROL E.-105 Parsons Ave., Endi- cott, N.Y., 13760-J.D. SMITH, FRED N.-251 W. Dekalb Pike, King of Prussia, Pa., 19406-J.D. SMYRL, PETER J.-7230 Brent Rd., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-J.D. SOLANO, CARL A.-408 Parsonage St., Pitts- ton, Pa., 18640-J.D. STEIN, MARJORIE G.-Apt. A, 53 Llanfair Rd., Ardmore, Pa., 19003-J.D. STEINBERG, ROBERT H.-Beaver Hill Apts., B-6, Jenkintown, Pa., 19046-J.D. STERLING, ERIC E.-Chetwynd Apts., 3605, Rosemont, Pa., 19010-J.D. STINE, HOWARD E., III-951 Sargent Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-J.D. STOCKWELL, DAVID M.-128 Edgewood Rd., Ardmore, Pa., 19003-J.D. STUART, JOAN B.-1540 Montgomery Ave., Villanova, Pa., 19085-J.D. SWETZ, JAMES A.-348 Saw Mill River Rd., Yonkers, N.Y., 10701-J.D. SZAJNA, JOHN J.-4129 North Sth St., Phila- delphia, Pa., 19140-J.D. TIMBY, WALTER J., III-1312 Andover Rd., Philadelphia, Pa., 19151-J.D. TITONE, JOHN-Jacksonville Rd., Burlington, N.J., 08016-J.D. TOLLIVER, ELKIN, 6047 Washington Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19143-J.D. TONG, RUTH S.-Devon Park Apts., B-3, Devon, Pa., 19333-J.D. TORRE, CHRISTINE M.-254 Fairview Rd., Woodlyn, Pa., 19094, J.D. TUNSTALL, G. TAYLOR, JR., Apt. P-3, 900 North 63rd St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19151-J.D. VINIAR, CARL B.-104 B Charles Dr., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-J.D. WALRATH, PRISCILLA M.-7 Main St., Wellsboro, Pa., 16901-J.D. WALSH, JOHN F.-B411 Ardleigh St., Philadel- phia, Pa., 19118-J.D. WAXMAN, ROBERT N.-5640 Overbrook Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19131-J.D. WEINER, DOUGLAS J.-5 Woodbine Rd., Ocean View, N.J., 08230-J.D. WEINGARTEN, MARC P.-Broadlawn Apt. H-2, 200 David Dr., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 19010- J.D. WEISS, STEVEN A.-227 Upland Rd., Merion, Pa., 19066-J.D. , WELCH, EDWARD P.-17 Wellington Rd., Wilmington, De., 19803-J.D. WHITE, AUBRA L.-316C Willowbrook Apts., Willowbrook Drive, Norristown, Pa., 19401- J.D. WHITT, JEFFERY W.-2052 Watkins St., Phil- adelphia, Pa., 19145-J.D. WILSON, STEPHEN W.-629 Old Gulph Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-J.D. WORBY, DAVID-21 Camp Hill Rd., P.O. Mona, New York, N.Y., 10970-J.D. WRIGHT, NANCY MARKERT-Apt. 2-C, 31 Hannum Drive, Ardmore, Pa., 19003-J.D. XENAKIS, THEODORE, 11 Gale Ave., Haver- hill, Ma., 01830-J.D. YAKOBITIS, ADRIAN F., Apt. L-101, 219 Sugartown Rd., Strafford, Pa., 19087-J.D. ZAPF, JOHN A.-Santee Mill Rd., Bethlehem, Pa., 18017-J.D. ZELITCH, STEVEN M.-1st Floor, 7624 Lang- don St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19111-J.D. University College BAKER, JOHN C.-411 Country Lane, Nar- berth, Pa., 19072-B.S. in M.E. BANKOWSKI, ZYGFRYD-411 W. Logan St., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.S. in M.E. BARTOW, HARRY E.-144 S. Morton Ave., B-53, Rutledge, Pa., 19070-B.S. in Acc. BEGINA, THOMAS F.-421 Morris Rd., Wayne, Pa., 19087-B.S. in M.E. BILARDO, CHARLES J.-1515 Huddle Ave., Linwood, Pa., 19061. BOEGGEMAN, BERNADETTE R.-914 Ander- son Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in Acc. BOLAND, WILLIAM F.-16 Yorktown Bldg., 600 W. Schuylkill Rd., Pottstown, Pa., 19464 -B.S. in Mat. BOND, WILLIAM R.-909 Vista Dr., West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.S. in M.E. BONGAARDT, JOHN C.-Forest Lane, Box 278, Glen Mills, Pa., 19342-B.A. in Art. BOYD, THEODORE F.-Box 292-Newfield, N.J., 08344-B.A. in Eng. BRABSON, KIMBERLY, JR.-134 Barcladen Ave., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.S. in B.A. BRENNAN, JOHN J.-5 Mulberry La., New- town Square, Pa., 19073-B.S. in B.A. BURNS, FRANCIS P.-517 Wiltshire Rd., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082-B.S. in B.A. BURNS, FRANK-608 Highland Ave., Down- ingtown, Pa., 19335-B.S. in E.E. BURTENSHAW, EDWARD J.-54 N. Waterloo Rd., Devon, Pa., 19333-B.S. in M.E. CAIN, WILLIAM R.-104 Noel Circle, Exton, Pa., 19341-BS. in E.E. CASAS, JOSE A.-738 Railroad Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-B.S. in E.E. CHOI, DARL Y-4311 Sansom St., Philadel- phia, Pa., 19104-B.S. in E.E. CHURCHE, RUTH N.-21 Jolind Rd., Paoli, Pa., 19301-B.S. in Acc. CIABATTONI, GUY J.-540 Red Lion Rd., Huntingdon Valley, Pa., 19006-B.S. in Acc. CIESLIK, ROBERT J.-27 Morgan Rd., Aston Township, Pa., 19014-B.S. in M.E. CLAIR, CHRISTOPHER M,-D-5 Northwyn Court, 803 Boot Rd., West Chester, Pa., 19380 -B.A. in Spe. COLEMAN, JOHN T.-163 S. Wells Ave., Glenolden, Pa., 19036-B.S. in B.A. COLLINS, ANGELA-1449 N. 57th St., Phila- delphia, Pa., 19131-B.S. in B.A. DANG, NGUYEN THI-St. Charles Seminary, City Line Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19151. DE FILIPPO, THOMAS G.-46 Sanford St., Rye, N.Y., 10580-B.S. in B.A. DEMINSKY, MICHAEL P.-2919 N. Waterloo St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19133. DEWEY, ALLEN F., Apt. E-45, 1100 West Chester Pk., West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.S. in E.E. DIEZ, FEDERICO P.-Box 23, Kennedy Hall. Villanova University, Villanova, Pa., 19085- B.A. in Art. DILWORTH, JOHN H.-Apt. 103, 100 Chris- tian St., Morton, Pa., 19070-B.A. in Art. DIPAOLO, DONALD J.-4009 Lasher Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in Acc. DO, KHANH D.-Box 487, Kennedy, Villa- nova University, Villanova, Pa., 19085-B.S. in Mat. DOHERTY, DANIEL-313 Bryn Mawr Ave., Cynwyd, Pa., 19004-B.S. in B.A. DONAHUE, JOSEPH L.-8 Jeffrey Rd., Aldan, Pa., 19018-B.S. in Acc. DUCCESCHI, LAWRENCE P.-126 W. First Ave., Malvern, Pa., 19355-B.S. in B.A. DUCKWALL, EARL H., JR.-1228 Tyler St., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.S. in Acc. DUGGAN, JAMES C.-436 Hollybush Rd., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.A. in Art. DURNIN, MARY S.-22 N. Wyoming Ave., Ardmore, Pa., 19003-B.A. in Art. DYROFF, AVILA W.-150 W. Washington Lane, Philadelphia, Pa., 19144-B.A. in Art. ETKINS, STEVEN-1849 Meribrook Rd., Phila- delphia, Pa., 19151-B.S. in E.E. FALASCO, ALFONSO, JR.-463 Volpe Rd., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.S. in M.E. FLEMING, ROSE M.-630 Berry Lane, Media, Pa., 19063-B.S. in B.A. FLETCHER, WILLIAM C., JR.-311 Hiwkson Blvd., Ridley Park, Pa., 19078-B.S. in Mat. FRANZ, JAY B.-513 Circle Dr., Havertown, Pa., 19083-BS. in B.A. GAGE, IRENE, 4700 Springfield, Philadelphia, Pa., 19132-B.A. in Art. GALLAGHER, RICHARD C.-P.O. Box 404, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-B.S. in B.A. GARAY, JULIA M.-257 North State Rd., Roll- ing Green, Apt. 8-D, Springfield, Pa., 19064- B.A. in Eng. GENZANO, JAMES R.-Apt. A-10, 9601 Ash- ton Rd., Philadelphia, Pa., 19114-B.A. in Art. GLAUSER, GERALD S.-7022 Souder St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19149-B.S. in E.E. GOYNE, RICHARD J.-833 Grove St., Apt. 4-C, Bridgeport, Pa., 19405-B.A. in Hum. GUBA, JAMES G.-R.D. 4, April Lane, Doyles- town, Pa., 18901-B.S. in M.E. HARRIS, EARL D.-1079 Valley Rd., Warmin- ster, Pa., 18974-B.S. in M.E. HARTMAN, WILLIAM E.-Apt. 1911, 675 E. Street Rd., Warminster, Pa., 18974-B.S. in B.A. HILL, JOHN J.-118 E. 6th Ave., Consho- hocken, Pa., 19428-B.S. in B.A. HINKLE, THOMAS C.-18 Marshall Circle, Downingtown, Pa., 19.335-B.S. in M.E. HUGHES, SUSAN E.-Apt. A-12, 326 Sugar- town Rd., Devon, Pa., 19333-B.A. in Eng. HUGHES, W. GARRETT-504 Lemon St., Stowe, Pa., 19464-B.S. in B.A. IOCCO, THOMAS J.-13 Harmel Rd., Broo- mall, Pa., 19008-B.S. in E.E. IRWIN, ROBERT J.-532 Kingwood Rd., King of Prussia, Pa., 19406-B.S. in Acc. ISRAEL, SUSAN D.-Suite E-602, 2200 B. Franklin Pkwy., Philadelphia, Pa., 19130-B.A. in Eng. JACKSON, CHRISTINE A.-118 N. Essex Ave., Narberth, Pa., 19072-B.A. in His. KANE, DENNIS P.-330 Brookline Blvd., Hav- ertown, Pa., 19083-B.A. in Art. KASPER, EMIL A.-119 W. Beechtree La., Wayne, Pa., 19087-B.S. in M.E. KEEFRIDER, CHRISTOPHER-Apt. C-7, Bldg. 21, English Village, North Wales, Pa., 19454- B.S. in Acc. KELIHER, BONNIE M.-B202, 669 S. Hender- son Rd., King of Prussia, Pa., 19406-B.S. in Acc. KLAGHOLZ, RALPH M.-1409 Greywall La., Overbrook Hills, Pa., 19151-B.S. in B.A. KREIDER, ALBERT A.-Bryn Mawr Ct., G-3, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-B.S. in B.A. KUKLA, JOHN J.-643 Wood Crest Ave., Ardmore, Pa., 19003-B.S. in Acc. KUROWSKI, HENRY B.-R.D., 1, Box 245, Chadds Ford, Pa., 19317-B.S. in Acc. LARGE, GLENN A.-610 Gary Lane, Norris- town, Pa., 19401-B.S. in B.A. LEVER, ROBERT A.-574 Greenbriar Dr., Wil- liamstown, N.J., 08094-B.S. in Acc. LEWIS, STEPHEN J.-Apt. A-2, 1316 West Chester Pk., West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.S. in Acc. LIPPL, FRANCIS X.-347 W. Kings Hwy., Audubon, N.J., 08106-B.S. in E.E. LOWRIE JOHN A.-301 Park Dr., Glenolden, Pa., 19036-B.S. in M.E. LUTHER, MICHAEL R.-Apt. Kaos, Barclay Square, Upper Darby, Pa., 19052-B.S. in Acc. LYNCH, MADELEINE M.-206 New Jersey Ave., Riverside, N.J., 08075. MAIER, ROBERT E.-1231 Linwood Ave., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.A. in His. MALTZMAN, RUTH N.-1201 Yarmouth Rd., Philadelphia, Pa., 19151-B.A. in Art. MANNION, MARTIN J., III-124 Walsh Rd., Lansdowne, Pa., 19050-B.S. in B.A. MARONE, JOSEPH T.-2410 S. Mole St., Phil- adelphia, Pa., 19145-B.S. in Chm. MARTINEZ, FREDERICK F.-Apt. 33, 1821 North Hills Dr., Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.A. in Art. MAZMANIAN, GRANT-453 Rittenhouse Cir- cle, Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.A. in Art. MAZZELLA, THOMAS F.-1222 Harding Dr., Upper Darby, Pa., 19083-B.S. in E.E. MCCARTHY, ANITA M.-Apt. 5, 2125 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19103-B.A. in Art. MCCOURT, JOHN F., III-2847 Constitution Rd., Camden, N.J., 08104-B.S. in Edu. MCDONOUGH, JAMES K.-715 Bryn Mawr Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-B.S. in Acc. MCGREW, MARK D.-7 Valley Creek Rd., Malvern, Pa., 19355-B.S. in Acc. MCKEEMAN, KATHRYN J.-509 Valley Dr., West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.S. in Acc. MCKENZIE, BETTY J.-329 Spruce St., Phila- delphia, Pa., 19106-B.S. in B.A. MCLAUGHLIN, MARTIN J.-519 Mason Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in B.A. MEADE, R. CRAIG-22 Norwood House Rd Downingtown, Pa., 19335-B.S. in E.E. MIKITA, PAUL A.-87 A Meadowlake Dr Downingtown, Pa., 19335-B.A. in His. MILLER, ARTIN D.-201 Foulke Lane, Spring- field, Pa., 19064-B.S. in B.A. MILLER, EDWARD J.-100 Stanton Rd., Hav- ertown, Pa., 19083-B.S. in B.A. MOHL, CHARLES W., JR.-1790 Creek Rd Hatfield, Pa., 19440-B.S. in E.E. MOONEY, JOHN F.-Apt. C-602, 959 Penn Circle, King of Prussia, Pa., 19406-B.S. in E.E. MORKUN, MICHAEL B.-1310 Wilmington Pk., West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.S. in M.E. MORRIS, RAYMOND E., JR.-915 Woodland Drive, Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.S. in B.A. MUNDY, DAVID J.-423 Devon Drive, Exton, Pa., 19341-B.S. in E.E. MURPHY, NORMA D.-5816 Webster St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19143-B.A. in Art. MURRAY, ROBERT R.-4002 Garrett Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in M.E. NEHME, NEHME T.-F-195, Devon Strafford, Devon, Pa., 19333-B.S. in B.A. NIGRINY, ILONA V.-430 E. Lancaster Ave., B9, St. Davids, Pa., 19087-B.S. in B.A. NIKOLIC, MILOS M.-P.O. Box 22, Haver- ford, Pa., 19041-B.S. in M.E. NOCELLA, ANTHONY N.-107 Mulberry Lane, Newtown Square, Pa., 19073-B.A. in Art. NOVAK, WILLIAM S.-928 Brook Ave., Se- cane, Pa., 19018-B.S. in M.E. NOWLAN, PHILIP F.-111 Upland Terr., Bala Cynwyd, Pa., 19004-B.S. in Acc. O'BRIEN, SR. STELLA M.-St. Joseph Con- vent, 2900 W. Hunting Park Ave., Philadel- phia, Pa., 19129-B.S. in Acc. PEARCE, GILDA T.-300 Glenn Rd., Ardmore, Pa., 19003-B.A. in P.G. PETRELLA, CARMINE T.-2434 S. Mole St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19145-B.A. in His. PEZZILLO, LEANORA E.-2.8 Steeplebush Rd., Levittown, Pa., 19056-B.A. in Art. PHILLIPS, DEBORAH M.-Gwynedd Green Apts., 22 Wexford Rd., North Wales, Pa., 19454-B.A. in Art. PINKSTAFF, JACK R.-313 Abbey Rd., Ber- wyn, Pa., 19312-B.S. in B.A. PIZZICHIL, WILLIAM P.-1869 Third St., Langhorne, Pa., 19047-B.S. in M.E. POLEN, LINDA I.-37 State Rd., A-23, Media, Pa., 19063-B.S. in Acc. PORCELLI, JOHN, JR.-517 Britton Dr., King -1 -1 -1 of Prussia, Pa., 19406-B.S. in B.A. POWELL, OWEN M.-306 Hawardew Rd., Springfield, Pa., 19064. PRICKITT, JEANNE S.-812 Birch Drive, Nor- ristown, Pa., 19401-B.S. in B.A. PRZYCI-IODZIAN, STANLEY A.-115 Whelan Ave., Downingtown, Pa., 19335-B.S. in Acc. PURCELL, WILLIAM-7021 Voigt Rd., Phila- delphia, Pa., 19128-B.S. in M.E. PUSEY, SUSAN H.-37 Dorothy Lane, West Chester, Pa., 19380-B.S. in Acc. PYOTT, JOHN L.--Apt. 6B, 4901 Oxford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19124. REIBER, EUGENE F,-6 Evergreen Drive, Coatesville, Pa., 19320-B.S. in M.E. REICE, DONALD F.-957 Herbert St., Phila- delphia, Pa., 19124-B.A. in Art. REILEY, DOLORES E.-905 Lombard St., Phil- adelphia, Pa., 19147-B.S. in B.A. REIMER, CHARLES J.-1034 Montgomery Ave., Narberth, Pa., 19072-B.S. in Acc. REYNOLDS, TIMOTHY R.-183 Blanchard Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in B.A. RHOADS, HENRY C.-2631 Audubon Rd., Audubon, Pa., 19407-B.S. in B.A. ROBINSON, JOHN E.-19 Muller Ave., High- land Falls, N.Y., 10928. ROBINSON, KAREN J.-43 W. Carpenter La., Philadelphia, Pa., 19119-B.A. in Art. ROMANIA, SAMUEL R.-519 Virginia Ave., Phoenixville, Pa., 19460-B.S. in M.E. ROONEY, SR. AGNES-St. Simon's Mission, 507 S. 9th St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19147-B.S. in Edu. RUFFO, FRANCIS D.-7033 Emerson Ave., Upper Darby, Pa., 19082. SABOE, JON E.-276 Amherst House, Consho- hocken, Pa., 19428-B.A. in Art. SANTOMIERY, ADAM R.-1514 Sheffield Lane, Philadelphia, Pa., 19151-B.A. in Art. SCHORR, BEVERLY H,-823 Fay Drive, Tre- vose, Pa., 19047-B.A. in Hum. SCHRACK, DAVID S.-1412 Powell St., Nor- ristown, Pa., 19401-B.A. in Spe. SCHUSTER, JACQUELINE C.-461 Red Coat Lane, Wayne, Pa., 19087-B.S. in Edu. SECREST, KATI-IRYN K.-661 Conestoga Rd., Villanova, Pa., 19085-B.S. in Edu. SEESE, LANNY E.-Apt. H-3, 105 Charles Dr., Bryn Mawr, Pa., 19010-B.S. in Acc. SHEEI-IAN, KATHLEEN E.-1027 Valley Forge Rd., Apt. 47, Devon, Pa., 19333-B.S. in Acc. SHORTELL, THOMAS J.-Apt. 1OF, Narrati- con Apts., Deptford, N.J., 08096-B.S. in B.A. SIMS, DANA T.-P.O. 238, Bethlehem Pike, Springhouse, Pa., 19477-B.S. in M.E. SLADE, ROBERT W.-1357 Clarke Rd., Ros- lyn, Pa., 19001-B.5. in M.E. SMITH, ROBERT P.-215 Colfax Rd., Haver- town, Pa., 19083-B.S. in Mat. SNOW, LOUISE R.-221 E. Chelsea Circle, Newtown Square, Pa., 19073-B.A. in Art. SNYDERMAN, HUGH-5 Dartmouth Lane, Broomall, Pa., 19003-B.S. in B.A. SOMERS, AUSTIN I-I.-23 Marlyn Lane, Ex- ton, Pa., 19341-B.S. in M.E. SOUDER, DENNIS L.-48 Ridge Rd., Spring City, Pa., 19475-B.A. in Art. STAIRIKER, JAMES F.-224 W. Albemarle Ave., Lansdowne, Pa., 19050-B.S. in M.E. STRITTMATTER, BARRY H.-3107 Plymouth Pk. Rd., Norristown, Pa., 19403-B.S. in M.E. STROH, JAY P.-31A St. Albans Ave., New- town Square, Pa., 19073-B.S. in M.E. SULLIVAN, ROBERT F.-21 Devon Blvd., Devon, Pa., 19333-B,S. in Acc. SUWALSKI, FRANCIS R.-2937 Morris Rd., Ardmore, Pa., 19006-B.S. in B.A. SWIGGUM, ERIC L.-Apt. C-1, 2501 Maryland Rd., Willow Grove, Pa., 19090-B.S. in B.A. SYDNOR, GEORGE F.-22.4 Williams Rd., Rosemont, Pa., 19010-B.S. in B.A. SZOKE, JAMES L.-Apt. 322, Belmont Pla., Ross Rd., King of Prussia, Pa., 19406-B.S. in B.A. ri-IAETE, WILLIAM E., JR.-23 Maple Ave., A SPECIAL BOOK FOR A SPECIAL YEAR Paoli, Pa., 19301-B.S. in E.E. THANH, DINH TI-II KIM-St. Charles Semi- nary, City Line Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19151 -B.A. in Art. THARP, JOHN E.-4028 Gideon Rd., Chester Twp., Pa., 19015-B.A. in Soc. TONER, WILLIAM J.-612 Ferne Blvd., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.S. in M.E. TOWNER, DWIGHT R.-18 Beryl Rd., Paoli, Pa., 19301-B.S. in B.A. TWISS, STEVEN G.-2221 Grove St., Allen- town, Pa., 18104-B.S. in M.E. UPSHUR, MARIAN L.-3025 N. Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., 19121. URBAN, RONALD G.-26 Dansfield Dr., Wilmington, De., 19803-B.S. in E.E. WALTER, CAREY R.-1919 Sandy Hill C-14, Norristown, Pa., 19401-B.S. in B.A. WANG, PEN LI-60 Stone Gate Dr., Mt. Holly, N.J., 08060-B.S. in B.A. WARCZYGLOWA, CLARENCE-3301 Oak St., Laureldale, Pa., 19605-B.S. in E.E. WARD, RICHARD J., JR.-10309 Garden Way, Popomac, Md., 20854-B.A. in Art. WARREN, LOIS F.-Apt. A-716, 251 W. De Kalb Pk., King of Prussia, Pa., 19406-B.S, in Acc. WEGMANN, JOHN A.-215 Arden Rd., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.S. in B.A. WELDE, MICHAEL J.-331 Sagamore Rd., Havertown, Pa., 19083-B.S. in B.A. WESNER, MILDRED E.-619 Laurel Rd., Springfield, Pa., 19064-B.A. in Art. WILLIAMS,. WILLIAM H.-70 Lindbergh Ave., Broomall, Pa., 19008-B.A. in Hum. WILLSON, RICHARD S.-324 Landsend, Devon, Pa., 19333-B.A. in Art. YANIS, GLENN S.-Cedar Rd., Schwenksville, Pa., 19474-B.A. in Soc. ZALETA, JAMES P.-3402 Randolph St., Drexel Hill, Pa., 19026-B.A. in P.G. ZUVKOWSKY, JOAN C.-311 Midland Ave., VVayne, Pa., 19087-B.S. in Edu. Congratulations to the Class of 1976 from the publishers of the Belle Air 279 '..Tn, Y, 7 .-W-- .1 4 E i . . K ,, , "J" if - Q' glib. Q R312 1? , f. W -4 Q Via. if if da' 'T '55 R X ,A.., ,l Q , ff 1 ' F' . H I sg,-i" " , ., if" ,j W 'X ' 'W mx".-x' . ' 'vig H , g fy V' v time fi: if ' fi 1 T J' . .fmh , ,, .W GI i ,V .2 '-r - wats, bf ii is - :M X Q5 E ' fai t W ,.,, Q aka 'fl .I 1 w 1 N , i 1. n 4 x I n :ii 1 fi 1 l 5 i , N

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