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ggffqvl evQ'5fE?Nu svp'Q'QjJ L UNJIOR cO.Ui TIER L A ' T f 1if..Q.gQl2 H ' ri . W W VOLUME ONE NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENT'L'BIGHT Published by THE JUNIOR CLASS OF VILLANOVA COLLEGE Y Under the Direction of -J - 5 The Editor 5 'Q THOMAS A. BRESLIN 1 Associate Editor FRANK A. MONULTY Art JAMES F. SLANE J BUSINESS STAFF J 1 Business Manager FRANCIS T. MOCOY J J Q Advertising Manager Circulation Manager FREDERICK G. WATSON JOHN E. LYONS J i Assistants Assistants GEORGE MALLON JOHN B. CLAFFEY JOHN J. VJHELEHAN EUGENE BARRETT J E. CARROLL SKELLY NATHANIEL KEYES NCL KQV' L "NGK-'i4' LLLLLL LLLL LLL LL LML 'Nghi 1 s 'ja H CHAPEL Tlzvrf the Clzapvl .vta11d.v, lmm' qzzivf Il xevuzs, as 1110 frm of fZk'I.1I.f111f fadv And .flsadoivs zvlzispfr fu flzv dusk. lfV'ifl1i11 your zuallx, ,vz'1'm1g1 msn are nzudf o A nv6YGN1 14Q:QL!J Q C? Qffn vffbzowledgement IZNQQZLQQAI We talce honest pleasure in thanking the Editor of the Belle Air for the court' 5 esy he has extended us, in permitting us 5 xv- to use the pictures of the members of the -4' Q , , , , . , C5 - junior Class in our publication. This is ll an innovation of its kind, and as such i merits our thanks and the approval of the Junior Class. , THE EDITOR Q 5 3 . xml L CAMPUS When such a peaceful .vfmw as this Lies bcfore us, how can the heart Once so full of joy, now be sad, How can Hope die, or Love dvpart? cigzcfqvl W M?5fC'Nr if 9 -l uf 'Zwom' of Wjelfofne V usggglbggau This week We are confronted with a duty which we find of a light and par- ticularly pleasing vein-the celebration of Junior Week. On an occasion of this kind, coming as it does once in every college man's career, we take especial pride in bidding the guests of the Junior Class a hearty greeting of hospitality and friendship. The onerous duties demanded, and the time incurred in bringing to fulfillment the issue devoflving upon us, we find-a means of presenting as the final develop- ment of a series of advances in this line--THE BEST JUNIOR WEEK EVER. To the guests of the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-Nine, we bid welcome and give assurance of the untold satisfaction which we have evinced in your companionship and friendship. AUSTIN TIGHE, President, Class of '29. l EKGM ' A 'wise' a 'QE' :QCP mi? , lvQC'5lCNl,- Back to your haunts, O gloomy night, Thy shadows fall on us, who seek The calmness of that happy light That smiles upon our junior week. Come, come, those of you who despair Of heavens priceless gifts and joy. just hearken to Springs lyric air, How sweet it beckons to each boy. We welcome you, O pretty maids, To enjoy our lawns and flowers, And as your charm at sunset fades, Have memory of these happy hours. Hearts of youth are ever gay, How happily they course along, Dreaming lifes sweet joys away, Amid the sweetness of love's song. Nfisfortune came upon these walls, And filled these happy hearts with pain How deep upon our thoughts it falls, O! may it never come again! But come now, dry those tears away, Lo, the chimes in the belfry ring, Let sadness come another day, This week we crown Prince joy, as King' -EDWARD C. BRITT :KLCAA s sfheeqgcpaf s N33 6 ?:5C'5v1 - , -nvQ'5l'C.'NnE. E 4 lx - i Clary Hzktory 5 INQQQJAI l i J' 951 N order to aze back fondl over the fleetin years-to recall the keen l av- QQ g Y - g . - : 1, agp Joys and heartfelt sorrows, we have experienced to bring back to mind r .rag . P " ing history. 2 Q our triumphs and downfalls we, of the junior class, narrate the follow' l l On a never to be forgotten day back in September, 1925, we arrived here V from our respective homes, to take our place as another Freshman class at l Villanova. We were more than simply "another Freshman class"-we were 1 the largest in number ever enrolled in the history of the institution of learning. Our arrival was met with the customary "SophomorefFreshman" welcome, namely, "Carry the trunk upstairs, Frosh," and "What's your name stupid?" and many other familiar greetings. To say that we were abashed and highly indignant would not sum up even partially our hurt feelings. We then turned out in a body, or rather were turned out in a body, to receive our initiation into the "Venerable and ancient order of the Hobble Gobblef' to make us part of Villanova, to cherish its ideals and traditions, and incidentally to cause a miniature panic in Bryn Mawr. We are not boasting when we venture to say N that our class toold the initiation like men and then settled down to scholastic, social and athletics affairs to start that long tedious climb to the positions where l we could be properly called "true Villanovansf' l After we survived our first baptism of fire, namely, the midfyear exams, b we held our election of officers, to assume guidance of our affairs for the 5' ' remainder of our Freshman year we chose Q J. KENNETH BROOKS, President l JOHN GAULT, VicefP1esident CORNELIUS P. MCCARTHY, Secretary JAMEs JENKINS, Treasurer. These officers proved valuable selections and served our class diligently and successfully. Our principal social event that year was the Freshman Hop held in May. This event went down in the annals of Villanova history as one of the best Freshman Hops ever conducted. It was our first real chance to make good and we can say, without fear of contradiction, that we succeeded in gaining our end. At the close of our Freshman year we were justified, we believe, in bestowing 5 upon ourselves the title of "true Villanovansf' In every branch of college life we were well represented. On the gridiron we had approximately twenty classmates endeavoring to the best of their ability to further Villanova's football fame. In Track, Baseball and Basketball, we find more classmates making a splendid showing for the Blue and White. The number of Freshmen in the college band was sufiicient proof of our musical talent. In the cast of "Vision and Destiny," and other branches of dramatics, we again find our class very well represented. Along scholastic lines it was evident that l our class maintained the reputation we were acquiring rapidly as a promising class of yearlings. With great pride we point to the fact that in our Freshman year, Harry Stuhldreher and Ed. Hunsinger, former Notre Dame football luminf aries, were obtained to guide the football destinies of our Alma Mater. X So ended our Freshman year with a very important distinction. On May 8th, 1926, our class innovated a Freshman Day at Villanova. It was an out' standing success and promises to become a tradition. l i l E rw ' ...INS Z l 1 1 CZYZCJAI e M 1N,glg,y-QV " N c 7 + PQCWQ . .vQ'5li'.'Ns mrvffijgfb Our return in the fall of 1926 was marked by the enthusiasm and spirit of the entire class, for we were determined to better the effort of our Freshman year and looked forward joyously to the reception of the "incoming Froshf' At the ICIISF meeting of the year we elected the following officers for our Sophomore year: J. Kenneth Brooks, refelected as President, Charles Martin, Vice President, John Ahern, Secretary, Austin Tighe, Treasurer. Shortly afterward we tendered the reception to the Freshmen and the initiation was a huge success, with its journey to Bryn Mawr the individual "fire rider" handed out and numerous other details, which accounted for its magniicent success. John Gault proved a capable chairman of the vigilace committee. Towards the close of our Sophomore year, plans were formulated for the annual Sophomore Soiree, the committee appointed by the President consisted of the following men: Austin Tighe, Chairman, Richard Denny, Anthony Sellitto, Richard Schleisher, James McIntyre, Francis A. McNulty and Henry Smith. This brilliant social event was more than successful-it was the turning point of our class from supposed obscurity along this line into social prominence. The hall was beautifully decorated with an inviting cool collection of plants, leaves and flowers with the class colors, Green and White, conspicuously draped amongst them. While the success of this affair was yet broadcast, our Sophomore year came to a colorful close. This point marked the midline of our respective college careers. The beginning of the following school year found most of us facing our junior year at Villanova. The ambition, cofoperation, and sincerity, which had marked our class for the last two years, was now more manifest than ever. The realization we all had of the importance of the Junior year led us on to greater hopes-tov further the interests of our class-sand to rightfully bear, now more than ever, the title "true Villanovansf' We immediately held a meeting at which general plans for our Junior year were discussed and, likewise, the election of the officers and appointment of various committees. The officers elected are as follows: Austin Tighe, President, Gene Reilly, VicefPresident, James Jenkins, Treasurer, Richard Denny, Secretary. A committee was appointed to secure the class rings, the committee was headed by J. Kenny Brooks. The class had the rings in time for Christmas and, as a result, many a youthful heart fluttered way back home. The class was perfectly satisfied with the workmanship of the rings, and gave a rising vote of approval and of thanks for the committees selection. Upon our return after the Christmas holidays, a regular meeting was held and plans adopted for the celebration- of the universally known junior Week. This is what we, as Juniors, have been looking forward to since we were Freshmen. It is the time when for one week, we will see only the social side of College life. Plans have been formulated, committees appointed, every Junior has his shoulder to the wheel, to make this junior Week one that will forever rest in the book of success. It is then, our most sincere hope, that in the activities of Junior Week, everyone will find a glowing interest as we have had since our entrance as Freshmen. We have learned to cherish, the ideals and traditions handed down to us as real Villanovans and, as the years pass-the love for our Alma Mater grows stronger. When we leave these cherished halls we will all have dear memories that will comfort us as the years go by. We hope that as one of these memories, Junior Week will be predominant. FRANCIS A. MCNULTY. 233.94 t r ' iT'N!QQ,Q',V5' MN 8 .o, V Y ,W ,, Q? Q UNIORS mf, f? l 2 Z CKCJAI----l-- 'N.1Qgg.',w1-1----- NDN: 9 KSN uvu'5fE.'svu7LAM..M,,M- LL.-. .L-L,rvf'Q'243 l l L l l J. A. AHERN Benedictine Prep Engineering l i l DALLAS M. BLATT Reading High Biology l E l l J. J. BRADLEY West Catholic High Economics l 1 .6 5 5 Z A THOMAS A. BRESLIN St. f0seph's Prep Biology l l SAMUEL E. BRETH Martinsbuigh Engineering EDWARD C. BRITT , Northeast High Biology l 2?gQQ"5l' M' 'WY 'YV L YYVL M WM' v'7NQlQMI 10 SGW' l l ' HENRY J. BYGQTT Catholic High Engineering I l J l PATRICK L. CAUFIELD St. Peter's Prep Engineering l JOHN B. CLAFFEY l West Catholic High Biology J .tg - EDWARD COX Engineering JOHN CRESWELL l Johnstown Engineering JOHN CURTIN Kennett Square High Economics E 4 J L , , 230,941 'HLDJQJA' 1 1 lvE'5fC'NaE , EE , tfmfpfjiafj 2' l l l J l 1 l Z l 1 l 1 l L 1' .52 Mick Kewl DC - C1vG?IC.'N1 C, RICHARD DALY, JR. St. folirfs Prep Arts CHARLES G. DAY Overbrook! Seminary Engineering ' RICHARD DENNY 4 Altoona High Biology ,nl lg I JAMES J. DOUGHERTY lu W La Salle College Arts l VINCENT A. DGYLE l Lawrence High Arts l JOHN D'URSO l ' St. folirfs Prep Biology l .- Hi . .Sb CQKJCJAV o 'H rr' YINQQXQAAI INQX 1 2 i A cag:6'iQI iyQ'5YG'gQk IpF5 -. Z 1 I i I N ANTHONY F. EMORY l Wilmington High Arts i I . I JOHN M. FOLEY Lawrence High Arts JOSEPH FRANCHINA Stamford High Biology 45 Q C5 2 z E CEASAR FUGAZZI St. Marys Prep Arts F HUGO GIOVANUCCI Stamford High Economics l 5 RICHARD HALEY St. Agnes' High Economics r I 1 W 1 r fy ! ' gnxo ACJ4 "' Hwheglgwli-l-1---2 bi 13 C5xf6pi 1v6lT9v1 1q'a'2l3 DONALD W. INGHAM N Tufts College Biology JAMES J. JENKINS West Catholic High Economics HENRY JOHNSON St. Josephls Prep Economics lg -' NATHANIEL KEYES Catholic High Biology l l JOSEPH IQOUGHERY I Exeter High Economics l J JOHN E. LYONS St. Petefs High Biology l l 4 w HAI E-M op, AIN WCM' H ihfogowl If-A953 1 4 Req, A ivQ'5lC?N1 A , l l FRANCIS MCCANN St. Thomas' High Economics JOHN A. MCCARNEY La Salle College Arts THOMAS MCCARTHY Lawriville High Economics g Z , X, Z THOMAS J. MCCOY St. Francis Prep Economics l l MILO MCDONALD Brooklyn Prep Economics L C l l i EDWARD MQGLINCHEY 1 Catholic High Arts dai' YQQ. Q 'Q i -lgQ'5f,C?gQI l T l i i JOHN J. MQGUIRE X La Salle Prep Economics l l E JAMES J, MCINTYRE Catholic High Engineering FRANCIS MQNULTY l St. james' High Arts fi 5 l THOMAS J. MARTIN Hartford High Engineering CHARLES W. MERDINGER West Orange High Economics l l GEORGE MILNE Great Falls High Economics l KQV' iAgQ5g,mu 1 6 Zi l I F L Z r l 1 giggle Llvi'.'J1f'G'?w1.e,f-LL e.LL LL L LL L, Lqvifjijfb i , r EARL MOSSEY St. BC'l'Tl6l'l'd.S High Biology N JOHN J. MULLIGAN L r L Sr. fohrfs Prep Arts 1 r r Y I JOSEPH T, MULRAY 5 La Salle Prep Economics 5 Q 9 S Q L OWEN MURRAY r VVest Catholic High Ecorzomics WILLIAM MYRTETUS Catholic High Economics s N W N BERNARD CTHARA N Swarthmore Prep Economics l E 5 L i cZ?iQ494' 'n "" R !NQlLC,34! iw W" ' ' ' Pflijjgg 17 RCN: E, ivs'DTG'ivi, 1 l l i i 22 LOUIS O'NEIL 4 1 Phoenixville High Economics l i g LOUIS PADULA 1 , Barringer High Biology l l I l ANTHONY PELLICANE New Brunswick High Biology 5 l Z - 9 5 '2 l EDWARD QUINLAN N Port Chester High Biology 1 l l EUGENE REILEY l Brown Prep. Economics i l JAMES F. REILLY X West Catholic High Engineering l E 5 XM' W "fNkQ1Q54f"-uw 7 -Ei' l ' is cvggq-1. Live1'a'Yc'vv,LoTeLL LLA?Y,.e,f3f2eJ WILLIAM RUDOLPH X St. Ioseplis Prep Biology SILVIO SABATINI De Vvfitt Clinton Higli Biology l RICHARD SCHLEICHER l Camden Catholic Higli Engineering 5 2 3 z E JOSEPH SCHNEIDER Q 1 Catholic High Engineering l ANTHONY SELLITTO Orange Higli Biology ALEXANDER SEVERANCE Regis Higli Arts l View - f..qeW A Q W-Nam 19 7 T OOO l E. CARROLL SKELLY West Catholic High Arts JAMES F. SLANE La. Salle Prep Economics ROBERT SMITH l Catholic High Arts .Lg JOHN P. SORBO Starrtforcl High Economics AUSTIN TIGHE St. Peter's Prep Arts l Q HARRY E. THORNTON 5 Benedictine Prep Engineering i l i l M6444 M TT TWP T T 'NQIQ-154' T'W T 'P W io i is 3 l i l l 4 wi-QF? To cc lvi?5YC.'Nl4,!cE,,E ,cnc E ,?,KW1vf'3Ql3 C32 F 1 FREDERICK TWOMEY Lawrence High Economics FREDERICK WATSON, JR. X Madisoii High Arts I i l C. R. WEISER West Catholic High Economics - X JOHN J. WHELEHAN St. Francis High Arts I i EUGENE BARRETT Scranton Tech Biology l i JOHN DALY I Phillipsburgh High Economics I 1 I ' i i eele A-ef e We Jaw.-aim 21 Cvggm. LL- M'n'Ycwv.- l-.vpfqye I ' .43 T - l l I l WILLIAM DONALDSON Gloucester High Economics JOHN D. FRENEY La Salle Prep Economics ,ggi J. EMMETT JOYCE Q Brooklyn Prep Biology Q l WILLIAM MCANIFF Gonzaga Prep Economics 4 J I l ' E. A. MORON Martinsbzarg High Economics I l J I . I C:KQ'.94fo 1NQgg.',w H H NDN 22 :QCw,---L---.mYcN.------lvqfg 3 52 N N 1 l W s 1 l if 5 N 1 1 ' I I 1 1 1 , 1 Q. .Q A,QMl rhQgQ4u lAQkh 23 l CgC'qwL-L- L, L -,Ivi'5lC'NI M .Livfgsgb T NOW AT VILLANOVA NAME ALIAS ESCAPED FROM FOR JOHN A. AHERN, JR. Queen Benedictine College Engineering EUGENE BARRETT Gene Scranton Tech. Biology DALLAS BLATT Dal Reading High Biology JAMES BRADLEY Brad West Catholic High Business ' THOMAS A. BRESLIN Duke St. JOseph's Prep. Biology EDWARD BRITT Bud Northeast High Biology JOSEPH BRODERICK Brodie Haverill High Business BASIL BROWN Buffer West Catholic High Business KENNETH BROOKS Kenny Lawrence High Business I FRANCIS P. BUCKLEY Bucky Chicopee High Engineering I HENRY J. BYGOTT Hut Catholic High Engineering I BURCH BYRNES Milk Central High Business PATRICK L. CAUFIELD Reds St. Peter's Prep. Engineering SYDNEY CHODOFF Choke Los Angeles High Business JOHN CLAEEEY Ox West Catholic Biology JOHN J. CURTIN Corky Kennett Sq. High Business J JOSEPH D'AGASTINO Doggy Catholic High Biology 2 JOHN DALY Jack Phillipsburg High Business l 2 RICHARD J. DALY Dick St. John's High Arts l- Ab CHARLES G. DAY Nite St. Charles Sem. Engineering 5 'Qi EDWARD DELEHANTY Delly West Catholic High Business - FRANCIS T. DENNIS Tarzan Conshohocken High Business Z RICHARD DENNY Baldy Altoona High Biology l PETER DI BONO Pete Brown Prep. Biology JOHN DONAHUE Jocko Haverhill High Business RAYMOND A. DONAHUE Jiggs St. Benedict's Prep. Engineering J WILLIAM DONALDSON Dusty Gloucester High Business I JAMES DOOLING Sapper St. Joseph's College Arts l JOSEPH DORSEY Joe Haverhill High Business PAUL E. DOWD Speed Catholic High Engineering JAMES J. DOUGHERTY Doc La Salle College Arts VINCENT A. DOYLE Chipper Lawrence High Arts I JOHN G. D'URSO Jack St. JOhn's Prep. Biology ANTHONY F. EMORY Antonius Wilmington High Arts J l JOHN M. FOLEY Mary Lawrence High Arts WILLIAM FORD Willie St. Matthew High Business q JOSEPH FRANCHINA Joe Stamford High Biology CAESAR F. FUGAZZI Cez Mount St. Mary's Arts LAWRENCE FURLONO Larry Johnstown High Biology EDWARD FURMAN Itch West Philadelphia High Biology I PAUL GANNON Doc St. Mary's High Biology X I JOHN GAULT Covey Wiley High Business HUGO GIOVANUCCI Gooch Stamford High Business I PAUL L. GOBEL Adolph St. Mary's High Engineering PHILIP H. GOELTZ Hunky Aquinas Institute Engineering HARRY GOLDFINE Obey Central High Biology - l new - -H Twsqgow Henson 24 HQCWQ L... LLL lVY'5liC:?9l -. L- E L L ivfa NAME RICHARD HALEY PHILIP HALPERN GEORGE HANZICK DONALD INGHAM THOMAS A. INGELSBY JAMES JENKINS HENRY JOHNSON J. EMIT JOYCE NATHANIEL KEYESS HENRY J. KORTE THOMAS LOMASNEY JOAQUIN LOPEZ JOSEPH A. LOUGHERY JOHN E. LYONS WILLIAM MCANIFF FRANCIS A. MCCANN LEONARD A, MCGANN JOHN A. MCCARNEY JOHN T. MCCAR1-HY THOMAS MCCARTHY FRANCIS T. MCCOY THOMAS MCCOY MILO MCDONALD EDWARD J. MCGLINCHEY ERVIN J. MCGUIRE JOHN J. MCGUIRE JOHN J. MCHUGH JAMES J. MCINTYRE FRANCIS A. MCNULTY PAUL L. MALONEY PHILIP MARSHALL THOMAS J. MARTIN CHARLES MERDINCER GEORGE MILNE EDWARD MOORE EARL MOSSEY JOHN J. MULLIGAN JOSEPH T. MULLRAY OWEN MURRAY WILLIAM MYRTETUS FRANCIS NOLAN JOSEPH OYBRIEN BERNARD OQHARA LOUIS OQNEIL JOHN OWZYKOWSKI CCI!-7 7 ALIAS ESCAPED FROM Richey St. Agnes High Murph Lincoln High Hans John Carroll Prep. Bock Tufts College Curly Camden Catholic Jit West Catholic Hen St. JOseph's Prep. Chew Brooklyn Rosamon Catholic High Boo Benedictine College Lope Salem High Photo San Juan High Joe Exeter Prep. Whitey St. Peter's High McSniff Gonzaga Prep. Frank St. Thomas High Studious Minersville High Slicko La Salle College JOnfTee St. Vincent's High DingfBat Lawnville High Baron West Catholic Moxie Tom St. Francis Prep. Slick Brooklyn Prep. Eddie Catholic High Mac Aquinas Institute Mickey La Salle Prep. Catie St. Mary's High Pug Catholic High Johnny St. James High Mul St. Catherine'S Mr. Lincoln Institute Tom Hartford Public Chuck West Orange High Shorty Great Falls High Ed Mt. St. Mary's High Moss St. Bernard's High Mul St. John's High Mul La Salle Prep. Tongue West Catholic High Myrt Catholic High Angel West Catholic Joe Catholic High Bernie Swarthmore High Louie Phoenixville High Barney New Kensington High 325 NOW AT VILLANOVA FOR Business Biology Business Biology Engineering Business Business Biology Biology Engineering Business Engineering Business Biology Business Business Engineering Arts Arts Business Business Business Business Arts Engineering Business Business Engineering Arts Engineering Biology Engineering Business Business Biology Biology Arts Business Business Business Business Biology Business Business Biology I l l l KQV' O' or " O ' wogiowi 'AGED 25 1'i'1 r CBSCQQI - M 3.6 Nl E- 7 7 i CC NOW AT NAME ALIAS ESCAPED FROM VILLANOVA FOR LOUIS PADULA Moon Barringer High Biology ANTHONY PELLICANE Beal New Brunswick High Biology PIERRE PIE Cake Lansdowne High Business EDWARD QINLAN Ed Port Chester High Biology EUGENE REILLEY Gene Brown Prep. Business JAMES F. REILLEY Bat West Catholic High Engineering HENRY VJ. REIMBACH Rem St. Benedict's Prep. Engineering WILLIAM RUDOLPH Lager St. Joseph's Prep. Biology JOSEPH M. RYGELSKI Joe St. Gabriel's High Arts SILVIO SABATINI Sabbie De Witt Clinton High Biology RICIIARD L. SCHLEISHER Dick Camden Catholic High Engineering NICHOLAS L. SCHLEIFER Nick Allentown Prep. Arts JOSEPH F. SCHNEIDER Ferdie Catholic High Engineering JOSEPH M. SCHUYLER Ritzie Catholic High Engineering I ANTHONY SELLITTO Orange High Biology ALEXANDER SEVERANCE Al Regis High Arts JAMES SLANE Jerry La Salle Prep. Business EUGENE C. SKELLY Carroll XVest Catholic High Arts HENRY SMITH Henny Catholic High Arts l- ROBERT SMITH Admiral Catholic High Arts JOSEPH A. SMITH Smitty Northeast High Business 6' JOHN SORBO Jack Stamford High Business Z AUSTIN T. TIGHE Austie St. Peter's Prep. Arts '- ROBERT TLIRNBACH Bob Hazleton High Biology N FREDERICK TWOOMEY Fred Lawrence High Business FREDERICK G. WATSON Judge Madison High Arts C. WEISER Speed West Catholic High Business JOHN J. WHELEHAN Mule St. Francis Prep. Arts THEODORE J. WIESNEWSKI Ted St. Peter's Prep. Biology JAMES WOODS Jim West Catholic High Business PAI'L WORTHLEY Paully Manchester High Business Econ Qra EYKQJAI ImQgg,1AI IaQ,'QYqD 26 553.1 Motcw vp'D'253 zmzbr 'week INQLQQAI gg every enterprise undertaken by Villanova College there has been reflected a certain degree of individual consent to the opinion of the majority that has always made for success. Nowhere can better proof N5 "' of this fact be adduced than in the attitude of the class of '29. They have evinced such an unusual aptitude for selecting the proper means to arrive at a successful issue that the resent unior week celebration bodes fair not only . , P . . . to er etuate the traditions alread established b recedin unior classes, but P P , Q Y I Y P s also to erect a recedent in the histo of this event. P YY Junior week--although of recent origin, by reason of its frolicsome revelry and the fact that it signifies an emancipation from the status of underclassmen and presages the advent of approaching seniority, has grown in popularity to such an extent that it has developed into the most important social function at Villanova. This in itself is sufhcient evidence of the spirit with which this week is welcomed. However, it is with a sense of satisfaction that is peculiarly our own, that we point with pardonable pride to the spirit manifest this week- the attitude of hospitality and comradeship displayed by the hosts of the occasion to other classmen and to their guests. It is in this manner that occasions of this type serve a twoffold purpose. They first stimulate a bond of common agreement and friendship, produce a feeling of goodwill and enrich our later recollections of College ties. Secondly, they sound the depth of youth, give rein to the social obligations we incur, and countenance a period of happiness and form as it were a nucleus for reflections in after life. This present Junior week marks the fourth annual festivity of this nature. It has reached this, its senior anniversary by a series of steady development and enlargement. A full week of social and athletic events to constitute their program was first inaugurated by the class of '26. Previously, as far back as in 1922, a three day affair was held and in subsequent years this schedule obtained. The present Senior class developed the program of the week's festivities to such a degree that the class of '29 has no mean task to emulate. Realizing this, it was with extraordinary care and deliberation that we set ourselves the taski of producing a more finished work. To the accomplishment of this end we have supplied the earnest endeavors of the entire class and urged on by a spirit of progressive development, we hope to present the ultimate in matters of this kind. Aided as we have been by the efforts of the various com' mittees, as well as by the goodwill of the entire student body, we have sufficient assurance of the success of the week's program. It is our sincere hope that to the guests of the week a measure of enjoyment will accrue that will repay the efforts expended on the program-and that in parting they may say, "It was the best junior week ever." THOMAS A. BR1ssL1N. ACM 4 INQLQAAI C5g:C'qvl.-.aai--MMaa.--AMCa..a1vi'5fC'N1 - zmior week Trogmm I TUESDAY-April 10th. A.M. 10.30-Solemn High Mass in College Chapel. 11.30 -Investment of Blazers and Canes. 1.00-Class Day Parade. Award given to best dressed class, exclusive of Juniors. 2.00-Planting of Class Tree. Presentation address by Eugene Reilly. E 3.30-Lehigh and Villanova Baseball game. P. M. 9.00-Blue Blazer Bazaar at Rosemont College. Xl WEDNESDAY-April 11th. .322 P. M. 3 3.30-Football Game at Villanova Stadium. 6.30-Tea Dansant at Rosemont College. ! 1 1 THURSDAY-APRIL 12 th. P. M. 3.30-Track and Field Meet. Arranged by james Woods and William Myrtetus. 9.30-Bachelors' Night. FRIDAY-April 13th. P. M. 3.30-Villanova and Boston College Baseball Game. 9.30-Junior Prom at Academy of Music Foyer. l SATURDAY-April 14th. l i Farewell Day. 1 Closing of Junior Week. ' 'NDQQ-LW v' ' 14.952 28 Qffffiv 127 61 Q 'R if fx Q, N 1 X LQJFSLANE QQICHQI lvQ15l'G'iNrC E.-- C Blue Tlazer fazaar INQAQQAI "Seconds swiftly fleeting . . At the dance ' 'Youth and vision meeting . . . At the dance Softly glowing, lovelight fair, Errant knight and princess rare, Romance, Life, Adventure there . . At the dance." l So will be ushered in the first social event of junior Week in the beautifully decorated gymnasium at Rosemont College. Juniors invested in their jackets and l canes will with their partners make merry and thus begin their week of activities. 5 5 Q.. To softly muted trumpets and swaying of breezes they will glide forth over E the glassy floor with pleasant thoughts and happy hearts. 'Z V. I X Many new and entertaining novelties will be presented, and it is the earnest 1 l wish of the committee that this will be the most pleasant and entertaining social event of the traditional week and that when happy couples wend their way homeward pleasantly tired, the lines of Byron will be most appropriate as when he said: "On with the dance, let joy be unconfined! No sleep till morn when youth and pleasure meet To chase the glowing hours with flying feet." THOMAS J. MCCOY, Chairman. 156.93941 BLUE BLAZER BAZAAR COMMITTEE. A 1 HENRY SMITH GEORGE MILNE josEPH SCHNEIDER FREDERICK TVJOOMEY FRANCIS DENNIS VINCENT DOYLE ZYZQLQAI ' lrvglglcgmr C I 30 .o, 43 lLigi6Nl 1v6YGNx i9fa'yz 1 2 ' w V Y l WW gf 'Xfy 3 E 5 2 4 X ff?- c..- l l l tlflfllffw l V - cKC"4'l-- --'NQQQM'------" W 'mgi 3 1 c1vr'.'5lC'Ns , RCN M, ,c c , 1 V l . i amor Tram l l 1 A Imlogcysl i , l As a befitting climax to our week of activities, we ' will on Friday evening, at the Academy of Music, l hold our Junior Prom. To surpass any social func' l tion cver held by our predecessors is our aim. Beautif fully gowned girls, with their well groomed escorts, 3 will assemble at this event to enjoy what we hope N l to make the best junior Prom in the history of f l Villanova. X The committee has spared no expense or per' 1 i sonal effort in their endeavors to make this a grand , occasion. There is only one junior Prom that a college man may call his own, so to you fellow class' l mates may you regard Friday the thirteenth as your l lucky day. A surprise is to be given the guests in f , the line of favors. A favor personally designed by a member of the committee, which we hope will please all. Practical, serviceable I i and unique is in short descriptive of them. 1 f Music will be furnished by Phil Napoleon and his Victor recording orchestra ' Z featuring the Memphis Five. The orchestra incomparable for our Prom. Enterf 7. Ab taining features will be inaugurated and our ardent wish is that when the last Y' strains of music will have faded away that you will be satisfied with our efforts, - and that you will have had one of the best if not the Best Time of Your College Z l Career. ' j May we take this opportunity of thanking you, the students, for your hearty cofoperation and support. ' THoMAs J. MCCOY. l l l A ' ' w 1 l T l l N l i i I l so TTT'N+'Q2935"V W 32 J Treparaizbm hr the Tram IINQAQSQAAI 'Vai Throwing off his hat and coat, John walked into the living room, E' where his sister, Mary, was absorbed in one of the latest novels. I 'K "No, John, why? Is there anything wrong?" "Well I don't know. But Tom gave me a message for you in case he did not have time to call. It seems that at lunch today he was called to the phone, and a few minutes later he came hurrying back, whispered something to me and was off before I could realize what it was all about." "Oh john, what did he say? Tell me, has something happened to Torn? Oh, why do you stand there and gaze at me so coldly?" Mary was almost in a fever. "I can tell you what he said, but hanged if I can make out what's wrong. The whole thing's got me up a tree." "But what did he say? Can't you settle down for a minute and tell me?" "Well, Mary, all that he said to me was that his brother had called and insisted that he go home on the next train. There was some trouble which his brother could not explain-though he assured him that it was not sickness or death. Poor Tom was certainly in a frantic state of mind. Gee, I felt sorry for him. I tried to calm him, for I couldn't help thinking that something terrible had happened at home, and I knew that he would be worse off if he didn't keep cool." "Anyhow, he told me that if he got a chance he would call you. Otherwise I was to tell you and keep you from worrying until we heard from him, for he hoped to be here by seven or eight o'clock. VVhen he finished telling me that he rushed out to get his coat and hat, and that was all I saw of him." "Oh, what will I ever do?" "Now don't cry, Mary. Everything will be all right, and even if it isn't, crying or getting excited won't help matters a bit." "I know, John, but I can't help feeling this way. Vsfhen I think of how happy and anxious Tom was last night and of how he talked about what he would do at the Prom tonight, I just can't control myself." "But don't get all worked up over it." "Oh, I knew something would happen. Maybe it's wrong to be superstif Zious, but I do think the Juniors were foolish to have their big dance on Friday- the thirteenth. However, I wouldn't mind missing the Prom if I were only sure that nothing had happened to Tom." "But Mary, I feel certain that Tom is alright and that he will be here in a little while. I don't remember him ever going back on his word." "Well, if there were nothing wrong he would have called. Certainly he could have found a minute to do that." "Wait a moment, there's the phone now." "Hello, What's that? No, this isn't Poplar 4180, you have the wrong number. Sorry." "Darn it, sis-these wrong number calls give me a pain. Anyhow, let's not worry about Tom until we hear something from him. Meanwhile I'm going up to get ready. If the phone rings again don't die of fright. Keep your wits about you, and don't cross your bridges until you come to them." AY sis, did Tom call you today?" info , iff , , W J --f EYZCJA 'INQQQLH4' " NSE: 33 c3iSC'Nl IW5lCNI,-,,,,, With that John went upstairs and left his sister to her own troubled thoughts. In a few minutes the phone rang again, and Mary leaped out of her l chair as though there had been a blast of T. N. T. L'Hellog hello . . . Yes, this is Mary: . . . In jail? Tom in jail? . . . You say that he stole the money from the class treasury? I don't understand it . . . j But he told john that he was called to New York . . . You say that he told that to john only to keep him in ignorance of his arrest? . . . Oh, heavens, what will I dof, "What's the matter, Mary?" i "Oh, John, something terrible. Jim is on the phone, and he says that Tom l await his trial." is in jail. He-ihe stol the class money-and-and they've put him in there to X With that she dropped in a chair. And the next thing she knew John was shaking her- "Come, sis, you've been sleeping long enoughg and judging from your ' motions you must have been having a terrible dream. Youll better hurry, too, l for ou have onl a half an hour to dress before dinner. Sa ', wait 'til fou see l Y Y I I 5 Tom in his new tux. You two will be the hits of the Prom tonight. And just wait 'til Tom springs his surprise on you." ,gg A wild stare was Marys only expression. S E. CARROLL SKELLY. l l l i l l i Tu ui i Tfffli., ll Ytf' M , :KQQLM Imolcw N 34 V E li Si 39 1 1 I l l l l 14.5547 Cggq-fi .motcwe eeivfagg l i i i I 'Q E zmior fem' in Song ' Wifi' 1Tunc-"East Sidedwest Sidewj N juniors! juniors! , W Happy days we seek- 3 l XVe're all pulling together l l E For a better junior Weekg All the classes with us, j l l i In our six days of mirth- Momus is king, let the wedding ringg 1 This weelg we rule the earth! l f'l'une-"My Blue Heavenuj 5 As Sunday night's nigh, W Q When our weeks gone by, -l l'I'is then well all cry- l- 5 "Ohl My banlqrolllu 5 if- Our hours have been gay Q With laughter and play- i -Q Yet we shall all say T "Where's-my bankroll?" l The junior Hop, Blue Blazer Ball, the 'Tea Dance, too, Unbounded joy, for girl and boy, was given you, And when our limbs crealg, As we're old and weak, Of these days we'll speak- "Well spentfbanlirollf' 1 I 1 I Cfune-USweetheart of Sigma Chiuj l The girl of my dreams is the girl 't seems, I'll bring to the junior Ball, Each engineer, with his smiling dear, Will lightly trip through the hall, The business men, and the arts, I lien, , Are all quite sure to come, And the gay prefmeds with their Coy young Cofeds, Well meet at the junior Prom. DALLAS M. BLATT, JR., junior PrefMed. CKQAAI -' 'N.'QlQ,V5'4 ' rr 114555 35 RCN! 1 , C 1nvQC'5fC'Nle111 iiii 111 N 1 1 Uzflanova wi ,Cglzzglz VILLANOVA R H 0 A E LEHIGH R H O A E Cummings, 3b. O'Leary, ss. Burnes, ss. Schultz, 2b. Curtin, lb. Talbert, 1b. Bramble, Mewlanson, cf. Buck, 3b. Gillespie, c. Bennett, cf. McAndrews, lf. Strauss, rf. Flanagan, rf. Rosenson, lf. De Luca, Donaldson, 2b. Tanzick, linsil, Kuczo, Crane, Slomkowski, p. Flynn, Angeles, c. Bra.1Q,i'Ayfe, Hesse, p. Villanova Lehigh 123456789101 1 1 l l Q59-'2" AIN l 1 l C5Z:Q44'Wn"if W' W' V !NQ2C,5Al "Wi" ' ' 36 -v Q'6'qvLLLL L. L ocvG'.'D.G'Na,eLWoH,,, L L L L1v5'fiQ:-53 Uzflanova fvf. BOJTOIZ College VILLANOVA R H O A E BOSTON COLLEGE RHOAE Cummings, 3b. Creerlen, 2b. Burnes, ss. Duffy, rf. Curtin, lb. Melanson, cf. Weston, lb. Gibson, lf. Gillespie, c. O'Day, 3b. MeAnclrews, lf. Moncewicz, ss. Flanagan, rf. Fitzg'e1'ald, cf. De Luca, . Donaldson, 2b. MCM9namm' C' Hensil, Hanzieli, McNulty, Crane, Kuczo, , M h ' ' Slomkowski, p. 1 uw yi P KI Villanova Boston College 123456789101112 nsfkgggggmu one 'ul ,QCJ4 no elrsggggggagf i CC C leigh: 37 QTCWQIL . EL . Iw'DI0vI 1W'a'yt5J I ommzfieef hr fzmzbr week I Iwgglggmu ADVISORY COMMITTEE E CI'lU.iT'mL1'rl-JOSEPH T. MULLRAY THOMAS A. BRESLIN THOMAS J. MCCOY JOHN CRESWELL JAMES F. SLANE 'BERNARD OSHARA LAXVRENCE FURLONG I DECORATIONS COMMITTEE I CIILZIYTTLLITLYJOHN CRESWELL J. A. AHERN VINCENT DOYLE J 6 T. J. MARTIN SILVIO SABATINI 5 ,,, IRVIN MCGUIRE MILO MCDONALD Hi, Q? JAMES SLANE JOSEPH FRANCHINA 2? - EDWARD QUINLAN V I I TEA DANSANT COMMITTEE I Chairman-BERNARD OIHARA I EUGENE REILLY EDWARD C. BRITT JOHN DAY WILLIAM RUDOLPH JAMES DAUCHERTY ATHLETIC COMMITTEE JAMES WOODS WILLIAM MYRTETUS I JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE Chairman!-RICHARD DENNY J CHARLES MERDINGER THOMAS J. MCCOY I HENRY JOHNSON CAESAR FUGAZZI FRANCIS P. BUCKLEY I I CQYZZQJHVT T A TWINQJQMI- f'n' -Vwbfgggfi 38 Sittings by Appointment Bell Telephone Pennypacker 6190 H. ZAMSKY 902 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. gJ07'l'7'dZ.f.f 0 f Dz1ftzb2ctz'0n To test this medium of advertising we are offering for a limited time only- 3 FRENCH GREY PORTRAITS FOR 85.00 When accompanied by this advertisement FOR YOUR SELECTION A VARIETY OF PROOFS WILL BE GIVEN ON EACH SITTING How about surprising the GIRL at home with a fine photograph of yourself, or your MOTHER who hasn't seen her boy lately. Reduced rates on all photographs with this advertisment. OFFICIAL BELLE AIR PHOTOGRAPHER 39 Spring Suits and Topcoats Taifored fo your JYGfiz.rure Q2 '++HE++- in SCX MILLER .++gg+?TED 3703 Spruce St., Philadelphia CQMPLIMENTS C0wPf2'mff1ff qv ifze OF A VILLANOVANS FRIEND Director 65? RICHARD F. DALY, JR. ,ZQ M520 Lunch at COMPLIMENTS CARDANIONES DRUG STORE FROM .4,+gg+,. 1040 Lancaster Avenue LOUIE Bryn Mawr, Pa. -++HK9+- 'WHEN' We deliver to your Dormitory Rooms Phone, Bryn Mawr 975 40 T The GENERAL Tire phihp Harrison Store The Harry Stuhldreher B M , P . Tire Co., Inc. VW aw' cl "Distributors of GENERAL TIRES on the Main Line" Distributors for Harry Stuhlclreher, Manager 5 T E T 5 0 N H A T s 564-66 E. Lancaster Ave, FLOR SH E I M SHOES Bryn Mawr, Pa. KIRSCHBAUM CLOTHES Also 6500 EDWARD CLOTHES Bryn Mawrw TAILORED for You COLADONATOS TAILOR SHQPPE "'ZL7Je fwiffz the Clan of ,ZQ Ifappzrzerf mid Trofperz'fy" CLEANING - PRESSING - REPAIRING Suits made to Order and Ready to Wear Clorhing E. COLADQNATO, Proprietor V. McHugh, Representative Ojqcially Apointed College Tailor PHONE, BRYN MAWR 1266 ROSEMONT, PA. Tclcplzonr, Bryn Jlzzwr 852 From the Bryn Mawr Massage Shop IUNIOR DANCE5 AIMEE E. KENDALL to the Hairdressing U' All Its Branches TEA ROOM 839 Lancaster Ave. and BYYU Mawr, PH. PASTRY SHOP 41 Ebery Jlfeal ll jazzy! nz' the il UQSCS SWISS KITCHEN 560 E. Lancaster Ave. Bryn Mawr, Pa. B 0 B ' S Absolutely Home Cooking and High Efficiency aff 'NSF No Tipping PERSONAL STATIONERY If the L7II'Z'07'Z.fc' the Caunfry wer Qlmong COLLEGE MEN as ff CALL JOSEPH E. DANAHER 1o9 Good Counsel Hall Telephone, Bryn Mawr, 940 NICK TRAVAGLINI The jamify Haz'rcutfer Elia' 1042 Lancaster Avenue Bryn Mawr, Pa. 42 Printed at ST. j0SEPH'S HOUSE 727 PINE STREET PHILADELPHIA

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