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Villanova Preparatory School - Villanovan Yearbook (Ojai, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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an . .4 '. I: ..., 1 " 13" -"3 The Villanovan pzecewtedfqtde Sendofzelaw x ASI' Cgntentg f-. , , if Q I- S gf A ix. Q Q 'i3'Z4z63'9X?g3Q3'Z?':'X':' fff'o9Q9Vs'4Q'4'0'QVQQ 94,404.4.4?X94.4,A,4Q4,4Q 1 C B :fig ..- . Y - W' '7 ' " m ' A! .. .,,, . ,. ,-.. ,WH -A W, -7 -, Deoicmtccm Wufzaclaalcaa ?ozou!z!q Zlewlefzcfcwamea ,4atwoZcea Spafzdo pafzealfd pczdfzcwzc Semen Dozeatafzq 3345 .3519 . f 51 1155: ' nj, ' " W "J'i'.,, Ci 'LJ '74, 9195? Zuammm an ww, sewwf 97413699 mam 2. 94924, We 74g ,amp- nmeefz ww an mmm MM Me dacfawd gy cz covalently mmm ww. ,-fee of am W, Ze 1:4 74:60, Kazaa 449445094 9994944499449 vfaezmmmzapfgmz- ace ewan? 4549464 9 74mgm. mgmzazudeza Wada Zone. cada can twig Ze ,Maud 444 tie 1959 'awww I Lx i 2 2 3 5 ? 2 "T" gnpli i' ,Q-Y'-X4 -'Q rw' L' '3 X ' . 8 fy 'Q E 4 w ., 'I . fx f N X 5 0, ' 'I' 7' 5 I, ii, 1 xx EQML I X J A' " . t S . I I ' n ' J. -J '- fff' ,, .. fnxyr 'X 1 . w fl, Fx' I . A 1 V ls, y I K M 'fav' xi: .ffqi I 1 1 I A FH EH 1 .is 1'?a"'x -ws Q g His Holiness POPE JOHN XXIII Q! p, w qv 1 - -luv if ftfv' I Very Reverend THOMAS B. AUSTIN, 0.S.A. Commissary Provincial of the Vice Province of Saint Augustine His Eminence JAMES FRANCIS CARDINAL McINTYRE Archbishop of Los Angeles eu- . "iff Q-ef' 5 .Q bfi A. ,.4 Q - Q f Jw . 1 1 fats" V! Ll." " . 1 QUT an, 2.' ", if f v f fig' Y 3,3 ... fu i if rw' . , ' 1" 'Ai .ff 'I- Q 1 If ' 1 V .QQ -' a V l-v-:I r , , . .VV ' V v 4 . f SM 4' fa. f'. bv r4 l . o P' um , L -O 4 . Wcflcmam 4-ff? 5 ki- , Ax it Y- q 1. I I 1' W L,-I.,-f 1 V A vu v .I rtffvg.-K vp ' .H a- lia? ll lf ,ci u . txt? ' '- . fic". 1, . , n' 'I -' . , ,"- ' A A isa? 0 . M 5 . ,. . , -4 , .- Q' f, ' 'M 8Kh'. at A . IAA X Al . v .', 5 N 'Q b q l x . 1 M V. . y, 'M I ,. -1, v I at s - ' ..v. ,o tj-" H, CA '. ' M 4 x Vx .1 "" l5'L un0l ' X . 3" ,, V22 iff: ' f u x 3 J- n M, '. lvdu.. at pt. 1 . 0 . , J' , I af-'C-' J 'X ' ' 1 5. 1 In , ax Q "' f u x H: 4 V' ' A 3 '.'.'1.".-2 4 f C. l .' I f'I . , . X ' nx- F . . .w , N' f , -' ' ' io. A .l 5 in V pl- 1 ., m'6l1 , -A o .fag X , ' l ,fn X .J . P U ll . H :Hg ' U 0 ' 4 ' Q. fi ' a n ' 2 rv 4 . S .. f ,O . nr f , , uv 'N 7 Q' f ,, . . nu.. L00 '4'.f' K. f' A 'u 'X' 1- v,....-.,..,....-..i...- Q.-V l l w i 7 I l 'Q I f K1 AT' 602 QS 42? Q :M , , if X . 7551? - Q p, ,-.Y , 'T' --ff ' ya-.H - U , 1 -v if. X ,.-:Of ', ,na ..-- L,L , .- .00 ...Ang --Q..n-. 'Vin .. ,,,-I. Q. .f- H...- i Saab.. . ','-.. " M. ,914 , Y qv' v-'Yak' ..,I 1, -,,' q., , -i -.- i '-.4547 ' .IH 'Y ,...-...-1 , ' 'f 5145:-s .Q ,pw nv .7 -,fm .. . .1-nv' ' ol - a+' if-fi. I7 JY ,iv 'Q f' Ll ,' I 1 , . ,W W df WW v qi' 5' 5 79 ixlvw "' ff Y, "5 I I as ' 'V i.7g:'5'f 1 ff 1 ,4m1U,, r ,.,.w "nl" 5 1,qsz'. 1, ' -v ' , "' , I , J 1 , mi' 34-if , f-14-:vi , ' 5 " ,-G ,, , m ' . gg 'ly-.. A A Q, Q .2 A if ,gig fd. 1- 5: - 'Z- ' . lava ' -r g . VERY REVEREND WILBERT R. KIRK 0.S.A., ILM. Headmaster . . . teaches English I and Latin I . . . friend of the freshmen . . . moderator of the seniors . . . renowned Sunday ser- mons . . . tremendous school spirit . . . guides Nlothers' Club . . . cuts out in blue Pontiac. lL I lil Um l 1 lll ll ll REVEREND ROBERT E. MCGRATH 0.S.A., A.B. Business manager. . . Chaplain . . . moderator of the Fathers' Club . . . 0xnard's favorite son ...teaches U.S. History, Religion lll, and Senior Marriage course . . . likes cigars, Fremont . . . staunch guardian of the phone booth. LA,,,,.vx ' lil REVEREND WILLIAM H. SULLIVAN 0.S.A., A.M. Director of Studies . . . tall . . . cordial and captious, intelligent and intellectual . . . teaches Qs English Ill, IV and Latin Ill, IV. . . likes classical P 1 music, basketball, the novel, and "Mr Hulotls fi, Holiday". REVEREND I. C. BROWN 0.S.A., A.M. Disciplinarian . . . unrivaled popularity with seniors . . . teaches Religion ll, Speech ll, IV, and Spanish l, ll . . . intercepts letters fre- If 5 quently . . . advises the lovelorn . . . likes , X: Mexican food and music, the drama, beaches, Q". lI3Z7lIlIf senior class iackets, etc .... sometimes argues with Father Sullivan . . . known for conservative mf 'U' teaching. 9 .. . if 5 few I REVEREND THOMAS I. MCLAUGHLIN 0.S.A., A.B. Moderator of Prep Times and Villanovan . . . also Rifle Club Instructor . . . always doing something . . . teaches Algebra l, ll, Chemistry and Mechanical Drawing . . , camera bug . . . keeps the barracks from chaos. IH 1.ei..,. 2692 is iff' e 0s eillflesi Po is? AI 10, 211 MR. JOHN C. HARNETI bachelor yet. E GJ ,444 Basketball coach . . . teaches Geometry, Trigo- nometry, and Physics . . . M.G .... acquired tough jeep this year . . . likes to assign home- work . . . one of the barracks boys. . . eligible Q..--1 MR. WILLIAM A. PRIETIO, IR. C003 D B.A. Humorous addition to the faculty . . . married with four children . . . l.V. football and track coach . . . conducts Biology, World History, and typing classes . . . subtle sense of humor achieved quick popularity. REV. WILLIAM I. GRISWOLD 0.S.A., A.M. Athletic Director . . . freshman class moderator . . . subtle, some- times sensational wit . . . teaches Religion I, IV, English ll, Latin ll . . .spurns senior Religion on- ward . . . chews bubble gum . . . likes rock and roll music. . . been mistaken for being a student. 'S uv' ww MR. ROBERT P. HELLER B.S. IN EDUCATION Football and baseball coach . . . boisterous . . . married last June, patter of little feet due soon . . .teaches Economics, Civics, and Speech l, lll . . . lives in Ojai . . . makes trip in Volks- wagen . . . cools it . . . sticker for details. MRS. EDNA HUNT Librarian G5 Librarian MR. C. MICHAEL EHRHIIRDT Der Lehrer-heads brilliant German class also teaches Music and Glee Club seldom seen on campus . . . drives diminutive Re nault . . . labors mostly at nearby Thatcher MRS. IIRLENE HELLER ..-.-f - ...1--i-- ,1-----.. i.-uvu--v- inun-an-m '11-una-:Irv v gitivlr .,..""'..'l'."""'.-.-c'1'f1- -In t3fJ I MRS. MARY FORBES and MRS. BETTY ERICKSON Accountants ind Hunt, MRS. CRYSTAL WILSON Registrar MRS. ANN YANT Housemother Q! A-746 Lb- . x , 4 I " .. ' qi 'S Q s', Q xxx., s 'X x ,. ' J s,Q."' mol:34L - as Yu Ju! 6 Qui' 9 J.-1.1 in . I' 35 ., 1 ' n 1' I I' ' r f icq Q. W, -,uf er ' 'jdiii ,z nf- v ' T ' 4 T' 4 . . Pagnf, cs ... II, r , ,'.. 731 , YO - -no g - .wtf .- wc- 1 ,-hi., ' 1' ..' 4, I s' 4' N97 ', - . Hr ' ' ' " ' PJ Q wifi, '-. 4 ' f ' "..-I . ', , bi .. ' l41'!d'f7ff.?l23f:5 I A , In :' , . Q g.."9L-' ' - . is .,-J A,i',.'1u ' 1 f X- ' 2-12 2-, "1 ,, ', 0 T , V 4.v -. - - ' , . 1. -fa - I, ,-" ,' -' in 'ftp - iff , ' q',"R-14. " ,,' 'sri 'H I , jf, If ' f- . ' , tg' ..- 1 ,o,... I 'tr' , ' '.,Q.F,D:'4,,, 0 'Q P .7 0 'f ss' Dlx t g .:.F,.' . 1' ""'i' V L Q I "',Qs..-."fAf ' - ' 7 "A," "", rf .4 '-- ' ' 4' "' '15, ' - . . ' "' fi 4 0 - A," 'fb ' . ' 1 -I v . , x Y 4' , ' V X ,P Q If L ' 0 45 'As ""' , I ' 'nfht' B59 ' I ' -" 'eq K 1,0 , . . , Mr, I-Mi 39, ,: n. , A - 5 H 41 ' f x-N6 ,ig '- , Q" I '?22x'g,..f1. ' -.' - ' , - ,Sy 'H ' ' . " x' ... f - Q' .- - -' . . ' ' X , ' . "N ,41 : J' '- ' - ,, v.- ' 4 , , ,1 4- ',.' ' A' -, ,- a " x , . .- . . , . - , , - -A X 1, . - 11-v9" -.w , , ,Jr --nf f- Q .Rd,M 9. ' ...JH - v-C6 . X- M , ff. R V , A , .1 . I H ' ', ' 5' ' in .., -4 ' 1 Q." V- 1? .Q t' 'Z-'f ' ' ' V .N '55 X . .Q -sf .+ . 1 ? I We 'D ' MIKE WILSON Student Council Representative DICK BARBAZETTE Vice-President dm . PAT HE P Q fe ,F GEORGE ARNOLD JOHN DALY Treasurer Secretary Y N ' r . -3- 'af-,Q J --1 'sl LAWRENCE M. AMECHE Football 2, 3, 4 Sanctuary Society 2, 3,4 Basketball 4 fPres,J Basketball lMgr.l 2 Dramatics 2,3 Track fMgr.b 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Rifle Club 3 Three year boarder . . . always wanted a car . . . con- sidered a big man on campus , . . portly Larry has al- ways been the guiding light of humor . . . full of tales of New York society . . . main trouble-school . , . re- nowned in role as Dr. Hudson . . . bound to go far with his ability to shun work, GEORGE HENRY ARNOLD, III Class Officer 2, 3, 4 Football 2 National Honor Society 4 Basketball 1, 2, 4 fPres.J Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Sodality 2 Four year day hop via Ventura , . . deceivingly in' telligent . . . always on top of honor roll fmissed once in the last 24 timesj . . . well liked , . . likes basketball . . . great class spirit, always willing to help-some- times forced to . . . mental abilities plus general sense of humor will doubtlessly pave his way for future. RICHARD F. BARBAZETTE Class Officer 4 Glee Club 3 Football CMgr,7 4 Rifle Club 3 Basketball fMgr.J 4 Oratory 3 Senior Court 4 Prep Times 3 Two year boarder from fabled Pomona . . . '53 Ford seen to frequent Oakview . . . ace manager . . . de- fense attorney vs. Goggin . . . spends most of his time outside dances . . . somehow manages to get his home- work done . . . pack-a-day . . . popular . , . sure to be a legal success. close games of chance sleeps and eats late and frequently a of the famed Bralliar line to JOHN LEROY BOWLER ,Q Football 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Four year day hop via gutless Ford , . , known for un reserved classroom antics . . . always has something to say-often at wrong time , . . somewhat becalmed as a senior . , . outstanding street fighter . ivey good natured personality definite asset. 14 am , ,P- Foo all 2 3 4 Lettermen's Club 3,4 , Basketball 2 3 4 Sanctuary Society 2,3 .3 Bas all 2 4 Sodality 2 I I W N Three year boarder from thriving metropolis of Wicken- QC? ur tall dark and handsome . . . ace pool player winning personality caused Mothers' Club to X TERRY PAUL CAESAR Class Officer 2, 3 Sodality 2 Football 2 Dramatics 3 Basketball 3 Prep Times tEditorD 3 Track 2 Villanovan tEditorJ 4 Three year boarder from Hollywood , . . barracks champ in ping pong . l . hates to lose . . . likes to borrow cars . , . always scheming . . . manages to make it back on time Friday nights . . . well liked . . . Girls PF. Director . , . plans a journalism course in college. EDWARD ROBERT CHAVEZ Football 1, 2, 3,4 Baseball 1, 2, 3,4 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 Four year day hop with tough Chevy . . . quiet, popular . . . outstanding football and baseball player. . , honor roll student . . . keen sense of words . , . can be found planning with Bowler . , . wants to be in the sports profession-wise choice. Wada Z5e70cwZd BRETT OWENS CLEAVER Football CMgr.J 1, 2, 3 Dramatics 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Camera Club 3, 4 Baseball CMgr.J 1, 2 Glee Club 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 Prep Times 3, 4 One of the orginal tour year boarders . . . monetary minded . . . always hoped to get a Volkswagen bus- never did . . . lost Candy store . . . has businessman's frown, already getting grey hair . . . hates Spanish, Oral Interpretation, among other subjects . . . plans to enter college with uncertain future. WILLIAM ROBERT COYLE Class Officer 3 Electronics Club 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Rifle Club 1, 2,3 Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Sodality 1, 2 Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4 Prep Times 1, 2,3 Camera Club 1,2 Villanovan 4 Four year boarder , . . big daddy . . . broad shouldered, broad minded , . . cools it . . . frequently seen giving advice to the lovelorn . . . good natured personality . . . mechanically minded . . . never without something to do-usually unnoticed . . . always making plans . . . love of work and practical knowledge will be tremen- dous assets. RICHARD RUSSELL CZULEGER Class Officer 1, 2 Sanctuary Society 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2,3 Rifle Club 1, 2,3 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 Camera Club 1,2 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Four year boarder from Redondo Beach . . . quiet, re' served , . . always a left-handed witticism for everyone . . . keeps his dislikes to himself , , . works hard . . . rooms across the hall from best friend . . . sometimes brings car up to school only to push it out . . . pleasant unassuming personality will help throughout life. I I I JOHN BRIAN DALY Class Officer 4 Prep Times Cliditorj 3 Football 3 Villanovan 3, 4 Two year Monterey boardermloquacious and lazy... interest in military affairs seems endless . . . likes tea, hard boiled eggs . . . clean living by own admission . . . '52 Volkswagen scourge of Campus , . . photographic interest seemscontained. . . liked sweatshirts, scarfs, and short-sleeved sportcoats . . . "to - with the future." WILLIAM A. DESMOND Track 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Two year boarder . . . always thinking . . . studies way into the night . . . good natured . . . often seen with Czuleger . . . quiet, unnoticed . . .frequents aquatic allurements . . , would rather be a fish . . , has de- veloped a liking for bubble gum . . . conservative air should slither him along the surfboard of life. :Q 'Q -J' """'7 Sqn? J THOMAS A. DIETERLE Basketball 3, 4 Senior Court 4 One year boarder and one year day hop . . . likes the latter situation better . , . traitor to the boarder . . . likeable, quiet, unnoticed by teachers in class . . . never found in a high state ot excitement . . . con- trary to popular belief, president of Ventura C.Y.O .... easy going nature will spell success. 1-fa I Commissioner 4 W if Ious shot with knife WILLIAM PATRICK FLAHERTY Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Tennis 4 Basketball 1 Archery 2 Basketball tMgr.J 3 Sanctuary Society 3, 4 Baseball 1 Senior Court4 Baseball tMgr.9 3 Another of the four year boarders . . . quiet, bespeckled, but sometimes explosive . . . seldom seen anywhere . . . easy to get along with . . . terror on the football field , . . hard worker in the classroom . . . amicable personality and insatiable drive with help in the brotherhood. I I I ANTONIO BARKER DUTRA DA SILVA ASB. Treasurer 4 Track 3 ASB. Athletic Wrestling 3 Lettermen's Club 4 Senior Court Officer 3, 4 Two year boarder from Brazil . . . oldest member of class-too old . . . came to Villanova with mustache- naturally had to shave it off , . , likes bananas , . . makes plans with Meehan y . , . ...plans a naval architectural career, 4 I Ji- 'I .3,. GARTH KEVIN FLINT Class Officer 1,2 Lettermen's Club 2, 3,4 Football 2, 3, 4 Senior Court 3,4 Basketball 1, 2,3 Prep Times 1, 2 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 Four ear boarder from Santa Ynez likes Fords y . . . - has tough pick-up . . , makes it home every weekend . , . rural ancestry . . . quick witted, never a dull moment . . . smallest man on the football team for the past two years . . . genuine love for work and life , . . plans an agricultural career, I I IILBERTO GIIXIOLII Basketball 4 Baseball 4 One year boarder from south of the border . . . claims to come from famed Senora , . , good athlete-likes basketball, baseball, and track . . . learning English . . . knows how to play pool . . . plans a course in business administration and agriculture after gradua- tion. TERRENCE PATRICK GOGGIN Football 1, 2,3 Senior Court 4 Basketball CMgr.J 2 Sanctuary Society 2, 3 Track tMgr.J 2, 3 Oratory 3, 4 Wrestling 3 Prep Times 1,3 Dramatics 4 Villanovan CEditorJ 4 Four year boarder from Glendale . . . inquisitive, ex- plosive . . . argumentive, boisterous . . . general sincer- ity of purpose . . . Barbazette's intimate . . . all the chicks feature hanging Ford . . . room decorated with amenities of culture . . . getting wilder every year . . . fine speaker . . . plans a life in the field of law. - 'ar 5 Y -yd il 4 i QCP rf7"F' GERALD ARTHUR GOTHE National Honor Society 3, 4 Sodality 1, 2 Four year day hop via Ventura . . . quiet, shy, intro- vertish . . . intelligent, always near the top ofthe honor roll . . . refuses to let anything interfere with his studies, works hard . , . shows intermittent signs of life . . . social climber . , . sure to be a quick success unless he falls in love. 701 ARTHUR ENRIQUE GUERRA " eg Football 3 track 3 . Basketball 3, 4 Prep Times 4 iff Two year boarder from Alameda . . . diminutive, but 'CS' dynamic . . . weird . . . makes choice expressions . . . getting bald . . . likes to work on cars all the time . . . '34 Ford stationary most of the time . . . very popular . . . gets strange letters . . . unique personality a definite asset . . . plans a vigorous college career. PATRICK C. HELMHOLZ Class President 4 Baseball 3, 4 Class Officer 3 Lettermen's Club 4 National Honor Society 4 Senior Court 4 Football 4 Villanovan 4 Basketball 3 Two year boarder from Newport Beach . . . quiet, re- served, popular . . , cools it . . . tough Merc-which he uses only when necessary . . . active in everything . . . known for alertness in class-attributed to fre- quent rest . . . loves to scheme . . . plans an en- gineering career in college. l df" Af 41.-1 .nuff GEORGE JOSEPH MAGUIRE Class 0fficer2 Basketball 2, 4 National Honor Society Baseball 2, 3, 4 Football 2 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Three year day hop . . . reserved, likeable . . . big- resembling a teddy bear . . . honor roll constant . . . hold amazing distinction of never having received one point . . . rowdy . . . bad knee cancelled brilliant full- back potential . . . overpowering pitcher on the base- ball team . . . easy going personality and remarkable drive will aid future efforts. I I l I IOSEPH WILLIAM MEEHAN, ll ASB. President 4 Dramatics 3 Camera Club 3 I Two year boarder . . . popular, good looking student 1:7 body president . . . been around . . . often heard telling 'G of tough Mexico City chicks . . . famous for manana attitude . . . heads Spanish element . . . best dressed senior . . . myriad experiences . . . likes loaned, in- sured cars . . . future uncertain but not uneventful. RUBEN MONTELONGO Football 3, 4 Track 3 Basketball 3 Lettermen's Club 3 Two year boarder from El Paso . . . likes nearby Juarez . . . short Texan . . .tough Chevy. . . laps up '57 Fords and mushpots . . . still breathing . . . social life has improved over last year . . . works hard, schemes harder . . . often seen laughing at Guerra . . . pleasant personality and frankness successful combination. '31 HOWARD EDWARD MORAN ASB, Secretary 4 Senior Court 4 Class Officer3 Dramatics 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Radio Club 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Sanctuary Society 2 Track 2 Prep Times 3 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 CPres.J Four year boarder from Glendale . . . reserved, seem, ingly introvertish . . . keeps plans to himself . . . beat car . . . heavy, beef-buying beard . . . accident can- celled a potentially brilliant football season . . . previ- ously received L.A. Times player-ofthe-week nomina- tion . . . plans a pre-naval course followed by com- mission. 2 0 0 ' 1 GEORGE NEWTON PETRIE Football 2 Sanctuary Society 2, 3 - 3 Baseball Z Sodality 2 ' s, Rifle Club 3 Prep Times 3 Q' Radio Club 4 Villanovan 4 Glee Club 3 Three year boarder from West Covina . . . many out- standing acquaintances from aforementioned town . . . unreserved, playful , . . prides himself on loud voice . . . useful in screaming and singing . . . actively ir- ritable . . . decisive . . ,plans to become a doctor- will undoubtedly be the most morbid in the state. JAMES LAWRENCE RYLAND r Glee Club 4 . Electronics Club 4 4,5 'JF' One year La Habra boarder . . . still wondering why , -5 he came . . . big, inscrutable countenance . . . claims ' artistic ability . . . knows a lot, but never shows it . . . home every weekend-who can blame him . . . likes Reader's Digest . . . won California Poetry Con- test in junior year . . . future along literary lines. MICHAEL FREDERICK WALTERS Basketball 2, 4 Rifle Club 1, 2,3 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 National Honor Society 3, 4 Lettermen's Club Four year day hop from adjacent Ojai . . i intelligent. always on honor roll . . . seldom serious . I . has mu- tual rivalry with Walz in everything , . . never been caught cheating with Gothe . . i likes basketball , . , future uncertain, but any decision should spell success, I NICHOLAS EDWARD WALZ National Honor Society 3, 4 Glee Club 3 fPres.b Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Sodality 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2 Lettermen's Club 3,4 Baseball 1, 2, 3,4 Prep Times 1, 2, 3 Track 3, 4 Another four year Oiaian . . . talkative, curly-haired . . . decaying Chevy really out of it , . . heavy schedule one cross in life . . I mainstay defensive back on foot- ball team for past three years . . . very active for a day hop . . . plans future devoid of work. MICHAEL GREGG WILSON National Honor Society 3, 4 Senior Court 4 A.S.B. Vice President3 Rifle Club 2 Class Officer 4 Camera Club 2 Football 2 Prep Times fEditorJ 3 Track 1, 2 Villanovan fEditorl 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Four year Beverly Hills boarder . . . contraversial, beat generationist . . . proprietor of the Beverly Wilson . . . barracks chess champ . . , reads contemporary literae ture . . . searching for a meaning in life . . . very in- telligent, has perhaps best chance for future success by virtue of imaginative abilities . . . plans a physical science course in college. 3 4 , fr 2? Q 1 81 fr Y'--if l 4111- '11 I- v J 5 -if sy, ta, f"f Llnclerclassmen ,, fi 1 fs i 1 .W , H, :gy , I 4 mm 'v. , 1 Q :X 0 I Q , 'rf Qg 5' 'fx' 46 FP i H ,J ' 4 Gerald Watt President 3 'J -- xl a YA X n Richard Dieterle Vice-President 8 C123 7 -4-few' Lance Sherman Class Representative z4Zem0f70oa2z4ad?m With some hard work and a lot of spirit, the Junior Class has shown again that those who predicted fine things for us were not wrong. Not only were our members the backbone of the athletic teams, but also at least one-third of the class consistently attained the B average necessary for the Honor Roll. We did not slack in other school activities either, but actively participated in the Mission and Tidings drives, various speech con- tests, and the annual Villanova play. Our contribution to the social season was the Blue and White Ball. As the Class ot '60 we shall strive to be the best seniors we are able. This will be accomplished by continued efforts of service to the class and to Villanova. -X- X :ll Oniq 70 1 1 f'w" - f Patrick Tan Treasurer I 35 F Michael Higgins Secretary xx . 4 W. ,Q Miguel Reyes, David Hinojosa, lohn Beck, Mariano Cervi. dmewm Zaglcwffndfffgelza Robert Copriviza, William Burkart, Joseph Guilbault, Lawrence Condon, NW Arthur Darin. Lawrence Watt, Robert Pozos, Lee Fitzgerald, Mario Padilla. ii 38 l f-ffmziwme,-M i 'U' lohn Pfefier Richard Murphy William Dougherty James McGann son, Michael Biernetzky, uf' Timothy Gwynn, Bernard 0'NeiI. L X Victor Vazquez, Brent lohn- 1 1 rufrnsrssmuur A V st Lawrence Meagher, John Mettler, Daniel Spring. ' ' D-nw,-i'm74e 7406! ie aw,-4m704aze E Donald Reeder, Arthur Vasquez, Gary Brand, Conrad Quintana, Thomas Davis. 1 fs-3 ' 3 1,1 rg. . Q' 1" 1957 Raymond Elam Presrdent Rafael Lopez Vrce President fbi Lonme Stewart Class Representatwe Sa 7714444 Wow if ,ifws i' :Offs 'if'-17' Bruce Macumber The underdog freshman class of last year has passed the roughest penod of school Thus year the Sophomore class has made some fme addrtlons to Vrllanova s hrstory Placrng a number of students on the honor roll rs mdrca trve ot the Sophomore class The Sophomores have two possible four year baseball lettermen rn Arthur Roberts and lames Pendergast Secreta ry Ronald McDermott Treasurer Socral actrvrtres were rn the form ol the Chrrstmas For mal whrch the Sophomores sponsored thus year Last year thrs class won the Mrsszon Drrve and once agarn were near the top The Sophomore class rs strrvmg for a more umhed class thus year They look ahead to therr lumor year and the drstmctron of becommg upperclass men Y ' Il l l M1 1 I' ' . S X 1 "- 'Q' A f aff ,- I g I - 1-by l' 'L' .' 1 ' E.. ui 1 , A, i. 3 f L: , we A - x l J. -A W I l . . J 5' s ...J-. ' my T . f --- xl , t 'fi , , T, , . W xi , NM C! . .-4' a vs sf" 3 . f. . , . . . . . ' . We l X24 Gere Johansing, Dean Farley, Thom- as Ballanlyne, William Bailey. 1 I Donald Rexford, llnhur Roberts, James Pendergast, Charles Kapp, John Phelan. if 111 ' 'irf 'll 'S Michael Mclnerny, Jose Otero, James Ma- guire, Frederick Ontiveros, Jeffrey Wark. FRONT: Ronald Powers, Michael Megowan. BACK: John Morris, Timothy Burke. 74 7! FRONT: Joseph Graham, John Hussong, Jose Menchaca. BACK: William Clary, Richard Figueroa, Bernard Lambert. Roberto Garcia, Ricardo Garcia, Charles Strub, Patrick Burke, Michael Morgan. ard ' 'AMF' John Loughman, Richard Chappell, Vincent France, John Hill. iij if 156' 16-33, Q, ,, i-- dbh Mark Sorem . - .- President -mb ' ,Q ' .Rag if Sai ' J ,r A Stephen Morris Vice-President A 75? V John Bisceglia Class Representative ff W .s ii .ziftk gb ' 'W D, . Q s T: George Friedrich Treasurer You may ask us what were our first impressions of Villanova? No freshman can deny the all-powerful, mighty seniors gave us our first and deepest impressions. The whip-like commands kept us hopping, and the word 'bow' meant only terror to the hearts of the 'simple freshmen'. But now liniment has been applied to our backs and the wounds in our pride have healed, and we can present an outstanding account of this year. Athletically we dominated the l.V. football team, placed men on "B" and "C" basketball, contributed to track squads, gave strength to the tennis team, and were the backbone of the l.V. baseball. 0 ,I Hugh Carroll Secretary We gave a dance in April that can be proudly shown as an example to freshmen of coming years, and placed first in the Bishops' Fund with generous donations. lt freshman was the only student to receive a 4.00 scholas- tic average for the semester. Three more years of opportunity lie ahead for us at Villanova. We only hope our class will continue to make notable contributions to the scholastic, athletic, and extra- curricular activities of Villanova. ll llllllll ,I .'.. f-3 lf! Peter Dwyer, Daniel Richards, Edward Lopez, Thomas Meder, James McCam- bridge. 132:11 Gilbert llnte, Colman Andrews Michael Gothe, Charles Borga tello, Thomas Clougherty. Wa77Zme? ' William Butlell Richard Parke William Berlin I I I NS--6 FRONT: Thomas Hamilton, lohn Pfafl. BACK: lose Castro, Thomas Lynch. Ewa aywma 744644. .ll "1 Jr 1 rv uv? ri I 7-7 l T um Joseph de Roulhac, Thomas Maulhardt, Carlos Castro, Joel Grey. Ronald Hoeppel, Gerald Reeder, James Cassidy. 'u HMM r IW , ll S 9 'N ' s Lg. f ctivitie 15 S Is i"- N N Z I I I Democratic processes have their place at Villa- nova. A student government functions under the leadership of the Associated Student Body Presi- dent with the Student Council legislating and directing student activities. The past school year has been a successful one for this government under the guiding hand of President Joe Meehan and the moderation ol Father Sullivan. The Council sponsored the Coro- nation Dance' with hopes that it will become an annual affair. Pep Rallies, poster contests, and the direction of Open House Sundays have been part of their curriculum. 704 We N1 YTD I Q Joseph Meehan has directed the Associated Student Body affairs and presided at Student Council meeting during the 1958-1959 school year. A major accomplishment was the long-desired admission of Villanova into the Santa Barbara- Ventura lnterschool Council last October. It has been the constant desire of the Student Council to create a better atmosphere to engulf student life through the medium ot notable and forward-looking student government. The leaders chosen by Villanova students to guide them moved ahead in the attainment of better student government. Members of the Student Council: Left to right: Mark Sorem, Freshman Class President, Lonnie Stewart, Sophomore Class Representative, Lance Sherman, lunior Class Representative, Mike Wilson, Senior Class Representative, Pat Helmholz, Senior Class President, Mike Biernetzky, A.S.B. Vice-President, loe Meehan, A.S.B. President, Howard Moran, A.S.B. Secretary, Antonio Dutra, A.S.B. Treasurer, Gerry Watt, lunior Class President, Ray Elam, Sophomore Class President, John Bisceglia, Freshman Class Representative. A -5 -.gui 0 75a law Partial control of the school disciplinary system has been given to the Senior Class through the medium of the Senior Court. Direct action is taken through vigilantes who issue citations for violations of either school rules or senior privileges. The cases are subsequently tried by a court consisting of three iudges, a defense and a prosecuting attorney. The verdict, usually guilty, is enforced by the school disciplinarian. Senior Court has long been a school tradition and was continued this year as a smooth functioning adjunct of Villanova's disciplin- ary system. vw Head judge Pat Helmholz, at right, and associate iudge Mike Richard Barbazette, counsel for the defense, was a familiar figure plead- ing the cases of the defendents. Prosecutor Terry Goggin strikes a usual pose as he contemplates the question- ing of the witness before him. 5,- 3 N ,Yin m -xr i"X.y,A Wilson ponder before announcing a sentence during a court session. Associate iudge George Maguire was not present this day The fearful officers of the law, known as vigi- lantes, await the cases of their offenders. Left to right, Mike Megowan, Charlie Kapp, Bill Dougherty, Larry Ameche, Bill Flaherty, Terry Caesar. - N it If af0fzaf1fofcq I A Terrence Goggin was winner of the Ojai Valley Lions' Speech Con- test and received honorable men- tion in area finals. As a lunior last year he was awarded the Oratory Medal at graduation ceremonies. Richard Barbazette was top speak- er in the local Junior Chamber of Commerce Speech Contest. As a state finalist he received honorable men- tion for his forensic endeavor. I After years of dormancy the Good Counsel Chapter of the National Honor Society has been reactivated by Father Sullivan. The select group who compose the Villa- nova chapter become members by faculty selection based W on their scholastic aptitude, leadership, service to the school, community and character. Meetings are held three times during the school year and the members are dedi- cated to cultivating the qualities which determined their 1 I 1 selection as members of this society. National Honor Society Members: SEATED: Mike, Walters, Nick Walz, Mike Wilson, Pat Helmholz, Vice-president, George Arnold, President, Bill Burkhart, George Maguire. STANDING: Mike Biernetzky, lerry Gothe, Gerald Watt, Robert Pozos, Bill Dougherty. lf? V, V ' 1 1 gal' l AQ, I I I I lournalistically minded students find an opportunity to exercise their talents on the staff of the Prep Times. But the Prep Times also serves the purpose of recording school events and its feature columns spotlight stu- dent personalities. lssued every six weeks, the paper has shown progressive improvement in format, style of writing and originality in articles. lunior Robert Pozos as Editor-in-Chief has guided the staff with mature deliberation, laying the foundation for a well-organized staff next year when he has to hand the reins to his successor. Reporters loe Graham left and Garry Watt center Circulation Manager Brett Cleaver, right, practices fold- f 'Me 7!' , Terry Goggin, Layout Editor, pauses in his task of "setting up" the photo and copy lay- out of one of the Villanovan sports pages. .Z S. ,4 ff 7m 14144 Wm. A yearbook is a precious object. It enables students to re-live their high school life. The staff of the Villanova has strived toward the production of a yearbook which will graphi- cally represent this year at Villanova. The accomplishment of this aim has been the incentive of every word written, every line drawn, every picture taken. There is the intangible sense of inward gratification upon viewing the results of one's own labors, and a yearbook is not merely an object of admira- tion for those directly connected with it, but for every individual who has been numbered among the students of Villanova this year. Along with Father McLaughlin, who as moderator figured prominently in the publica- tion of this book, the entire staff ioins in the hope that we have achieved something truly representative of each student at Villanova and of every phase of his school life. Pictures as usual hold a fascination for Photography Editor lohn Daly, left. Bill Coyle, Villanovan Business Manager is more concerned with the list of patrons in last year's yearbook. I I I I Utilitarian in purpose, the Camera Club serves primarily as a training school to provide photogra- phers for the school publications. But to each of its members, the club is a means whereby one can pursue the fascinating hobby of photography. Under the direction of Father McLaughlin, the members learn the basic rudiments of photogra- phy and have the use of a fairly well-equipped dark room to practice their art. 'E -Q' Club President Dean Farley, left, assists lohn Bisceglia and lose Otero in setting up the camera equipment for yearbook pictures. Behind the scenes in the dark- room Greg de Roulhac, left, Tom Maulhardt and Tom Clougherty prepare to print a few pictures for their classmates. Endless hours can be spent at the darkroom sink striving to get the "perfect" negative or print. Here, Donald Rexforcl, left, Bill Berlin, and Bob Andrews seem to be displaying some of the pa- tience which a photographer needs in the darkroom. gi QMEM I I I I Every Monday evening finds a faithful group patiently and willingly rehearsing various melodies in the dining room under the direction of Mr. Ehrhardt. The group has been organized pri- marily for the development of the vocal talents of interested Villa- nova students. The Glee Club performed for the Mothers' and Sons' Luncheon last December, and also entertained at various establishments iust before the Christmas vacation. Mr. Ehrhardt plans to develop the small group he has at present as a core for a larger Glee Club next year which may be experienced enough to perform at more school and community affairs. at-i'1B"" Above the Glee Club renders a Christmas carol, with lim Ryland directing, during their Christ- mas tour of local rest homes and hospitals. Below they entertain the Mothers and Sons at their luncheon held at the Oiai Valley Inn. - -r 8, I 9 eff? S Mr. C. Michael Ehrhardt Director 55 5 'I A tif, Ravi 'Jeb'- Cast KNEELING IN FRONT Mr Woodward Chambliss Director STANDING FRONT lim Ryland Joe Graham Joe Meehan David Hinolosa Antonio Dutra Gerry Watt Mike Wilson STANDING REAR Gere lohansing Tim Gwynn Mike Buttell Tom Clougherty Bill Berlin Carlos Castro loe Guilbault Brett Cleaver C4604 77cw4um Umm Saw-nee Departing from the usual comedy perform- ance ot past years, the Villanova Players pre- sented the passion play Vision written by Father Burns. an Augustinian priest. A three-act play, the story revolved around the family of Dismas, the good thief, who was crucified with Christ. ln the play there ap- , peared many of the characters who are known , f to us in the Gospels. "Vision" proved to be a success from both , dramatic and technical aspects and it certainly was much in keeping with the spirit of the Lenten season during which it was presented. loe Meehan, left, as Caiphas, enacts a scene with David Hinojosa who played the part of Malchus, a Iewish Pharisee. -up 7401052 7 7 eww am. Stage Crew: SEATED: Dan Richards, Tim Burke, Bob Copriviza. STANDING: Bob Andrews, John Bisceglia, Bernie Lambert. i Joe Guilbault, as an arrogant Roman soldier, holds the attention of Brett Cleaver, who en- acted the role of Gamaliel, the sympathetic Pharisee. Mike Wilson shouts in rage as he portrays Judas, the betrayer of Christ. Zedmd 'ide , 14 . I I ak! I 0 I I I ui .X F- --N- -B..g'1.... Ellg.. 1. IW... IIKII. W I us "' ...- as if .QQ N .Q -V f - ' . at fa C I tr in. The Sacrifice of Mass, offered by Father Kirk, officially opens the school year. The Grotto, dedicated to 0ur Mother of Good Counsel, was also the site of the Solemn High Mass offered for the repose of the soul of Pope Pius XII. Preparing the altars and vestments for the daily Masses offered by the priests of the Villanova faculty is the job of a few selected members of the Sanctuary Society. Here Bob Copriviza, left, Steve Morris, Bernie Lambert, and John Bisceglia give an idea of the various duties involved. rlZZ74e77faw,. 00, ,, ,-4:79 . Since the primary purpose of Villanova is the religious education of Catholic youths, the spiritual needs of Villanova students must receive top priority. The opportunity for assistance at daily Mass is available for every boarder. Likewise the Sacrament of Penance is administered each evening for all who desire it. Morning and night prayers, as well as prayers before classes, round out the daily spir- itual life of a Villanova student. The Annual Retreat, made in October this year, affords a spiritual check-up. Stations of the Cross in Lent, and the recitation of the Rosary in October and May accentuate devotion to lesus and His Mother, Mary. The Sanctuary Society, the only religious group on campus, promotes the active participation of students in the Sacrifice of Mass by teaching them to serve Mass and assist in the sanctuary. '9 The retreat this year was conducted by Father .lohn Shep- pard, of the Society of Jesus. A former high school teacher, he proved himself an able director of youth as he cap- tured his audience with his interesting and enlightening conferences. Faithful in their duty of sewing Mass, the Sanctuary Society members assemble here in the sanctuary with Father Griswold, their moderator, and Larry Ameche, their president. . i 60 .Xltl Marksmen Mike Buttell, SEATED LEFT, Dan Richards, lim McCambridge, Dick Parke. KNEEL- ING, Bill Berlin, Hugh Carroll, Joel Grey. ri' 701 'Me X C -mu i T 'ni- Sharpshooters Don Rexford, LEFT, Charlie Kapp, Peter Dwyer, lose Otero, Greg de Roulhac Mike Megowa n. The Villanova Junior Rifle Club is affiliated with the National Rifle Association. ln the belief that the best safety with firearms is attained by knowl- edge of the use of them, the club inculcates the basic principles of rifle use and safety. A rifle range in a valley behind the football field enables the club members to practice their marks- manship and strive for the various awards offered by the N.R.ll. Under the instruction of Father McLaughlin, many become proficient, attaining the ranks of Sharpshooter and also Expert Rifleman. Unfortunately the club entered into no meets this year due to lack of experience and the difficulty of attending the meets which are held on Sundays by the Tri-County Rifle League, of which the Villa- nova club is a member. Sharpshooters Tim Burke and Tom Ballantyne. J-J 24 U4 I I 74a Scene Of 761,549 Waww, . MRM? Then there is the iuke box. lf you don't have a nickel you hope someone will so you can enioy a little rock 'n' roll. There must have been a good one playing when this picture was snapped since Mike Biernetzky and Steve Morris are enjoying themselves. The vice of the boarders . . . pool! With four tables there is still a waiting line. Up to now, despite repeated requests, credit is not given for this sport, nor can one earn a letter in it. rf- The Candy Store is the popular attraction in the reck hall. lf you don't have money to buy your own, then you find a friend to treat you as Tim Gwynn is doing here. le. I 9-band, 2 III : The Coronation Dance pleased all who attended. Swirling white gowns and dignified black suits were much in evidence as Villanova initiated this well-supported dance. Dances are few in number on the Villa- nova campus. Despite frequent and fer- vent pleas of the socially minded of the student body, the number of dances seem to stay limited to about five dur- ing the course of the year. The Seniors opened the social season with their "Lazy Summer Night" held in October. Then came the Coronation Dance in November, sponsored by the Student Council, which was highlighted by the coronation of a Queen of Villa- nova. The Sophomores' Yuletide Dance followed in December. April rolled around before the Fresh- men presented their dance, and then there is to be the Blue and White Ball in June at the Oaks Hotel in Oiai. This is the traditional dance presented in honor of the Seniors by the Junior Class. Besides the dances held on campus, Villanova students are often invited to participate in the dances sponsored by St. Catherine's Academy in Ventura and Marymount High in Santa Barbara. say: , Azaudegae. Christmas brought the Yuletide Dance with sport dress and records the keynotes of the evening. Through the streamers decorating the dining room we see the couples enjoying themselves. ,, I 1 Q -if lb- -O- 'K 1 J ,, s 0 6 Lovely Carole Peck is crowned Queen ol Villanova at the Coronation Dance by A.B.S. President loe Meehan. The "Lazy Summer Night" dance sat- isfied Art Guerra and his petite date as they enjoy the two-step together. The music was slow on this one, and the lights were low, until the cameraman flashed this scene at the Yuletide dance. W an . '- -. .-qw p... I , 'Riff' -x R , I . ,,,4,,, X Z. - ,,, .. :I 4,-, 4 H A - K ,,hKmL1f'!A, 74 v Mt' ft' A- 5 WWI- 511' 'f lb!-,.:' 4. . N. 4 A I, 44' .- 'nr 'v4w- I I M,,.k.11n?g p'u.??" ' ""'.. Q- "1 uf ' 1- af N' .A H ' -," yr- 1" -. f., ' J' . qv' ' - 'Y A',.f. 'P-1-'f"2'V'M's -5'4f"f5 A 1 4g.,, M 'VZ' ,L H H L-Maia ,ij Y., gan- h h f-BY" , - ' . - - i . Q.- -g, WWW 706ZdccLZ4 gfzeak Mmm Sz-me , This year's football season opened with the gloomy memory of last year's winless record, but with the hope of a marked improvement by a squad of numer- ous veterans. These proved to be the nucleus of a team which to some extent achieved the latter expectation with a season record of 2 wins and 5 losses under Coach Bob Heller. Howard Moran, who made a 72 yard touchdown run at San Luis Obispo and received the L.ll. Times player of the week nomination after breaking the Villanova winless streak in the Black-Foxe game, was hurt in the first offensive play at Santa Barbara and was out for the remainder of the season. Diminutive fullback Ruben Montelongo was the of- fensive-defensive powerhouse throughout the season. On the line Eddie Chavez, Tom Bralliar, Brent John- son, Pat Helmholz, Bill Coyle and William Flaherty were among the outstanding linemen. We If -J ' ..f., sup, 5' ,. - ,, . 4 .F ',' .,..:- ll V - Cla af- 45 -"' g " . ' of ,. . -D f '- ' .1 mf fic ge a w- we N 6 f .Q ,7-fz'4'i S."Mgf5f4g3 'Q ' I ' 1 ' v - . " I - Y A ' n ' 4 'c' " , ' . -ru 'S' End Dick Dieterle snags a pass for a long gain against Santa Barbara Catholic. Halfback lohn Hill sweeps around end behind strong interference for a touchdown against Black-Foxe. Z"-- ie . Coach Heller details offensive strategy to Fullback Ruben Montelongo and Quarterback Art Roberts. 462660165 Villanova ..,, 6 Mission High . Villanova .... ,.... 2 5 Blacke-Foxe .. Villanova .,r. 6 S. B. Catholic l..l Villanova ,... 6 Santa Clara . . Villanova .i,. ..... 1 8 Moorpark ..,. Villanova, .. 6 Santa Ynez .. Villanova .,i.. .., Simi ..... ffg W 'A 'Q 'rx 0 'Me 7eczm. ., FlRST ROW: R. Barbazette, Mgr., A. Guerra, 1. Flint, J. Hill, L. Sherman, G. Brand, B. 0'Neil, A. Roberts N. Walz, M. Biernetzky, R. Montelongo, l. Pfeffer, Mgr. SECOND ROW: Coach Robert Heller, W. Flaherty T. Davis, P. Helmholz, I. Bowler, P. Burke, R. Dieterle, L. Ameche, D. Reeder, W Bailey T Gwynn E Chavez 1. Pendergast, I. McGann. THIRD ROW: B. Johnson, A. Vasquez, W. Coyle, M. Higgins,'T.'BraIliai:, Moran: R. Graham, C. Quintana. 7 -QM. f I A 'Fr -J "6 ii! wmv f - QB' ' ' ie Defence : 1 4 " f 4e0f,leaee .. Fullback Ruben Montelongo dodges Santa Barbara Iinemen for a long gain around left end to set up a touch down. 'A v., ,,,., ""'o'A J, Q-f im 'flniudu . . .5 'X pw' l..ffewh'f"ffw - H gf' fi fl" K ' e Al" ug-qusf' iff?-'Vert 'wxwu'-.. , " v- ' .- .V vxfs 'Q--, " Y nn. 'I' "- - 'e ' -.. -' N' " , . t - Quick thinking by John Pfalf as a Simi player tackles him gets lateral off to waiting Mario Padilla who scampered lor a long gain. Mark Sorem leads the way for George Friedrich who made one ol the few long gains against an over-powering San Marcus eleven. .+ .1-ff " ol- . U 'fb lL.!l 'nina' A O-sd! Y N. MQ 3? ,y' 645474941 This year's Junior Varsity featured an abundance ol inexperience. However, the kittens seemingly sur- mounted this with tantamount spirit and struggled through to an unimpressive 1 win 5 loss season under the able leadership of Coach Prietto. Outstanding per- formances were made by Dougherty, Powers, Pfaff, Elam, Tallent, Padilla, and Davis, most of whom will move up to Varsity next year. mazda Villanova Villanova Villanova ..,, Villanova Villanova .... Villanova I I I Nordhotf . Moorpark . Simi s.... Santa Clara San Marcus Santa Clara A Moorpark player trips Charlie Borgatello after he had broken through the line and was on the way to a touch- down. ....21 0 6 ....25 ...,75 ...27 FIRST ROW: G. Brand, B. Lambert, M. Padilla, 1. Ptaff, C. Borgatello, V. France, I. Cassidy, T. Tallent, W. Clary, Mgr. SECOND ROW: G. Reeder, R. Powers, R. Elam, G. Friedrich, M. Morgan, l. McGa-nn, M. Nlc- lnerny, Coach William Prietto. THIRD ROW: M. Sorem, 1. Graham, I. Loughman, R. Pozos, W. Barley, R. Fig- ueroa, W. Dougherty. O 0 WWW FRONT: G. Maguire, A. Guerra, L. Condon, R. Dieterle, L. Ameche, W. Clary, Mgr. BACK: Coach John Harnett, D. Reeder, T. Brallrar, M. Higgins, A. Vasquez, J. Bowler, G. Arnold, T. Dieterle, R. Barbazette, Mgr. Coach Harnett briefs Wildcats during a time out. lohn Bowler All League player and team high scorer, lifts in an easy two points against Santa Clara. :Jawa new 701 This year's varsity eclipsed the mem- ory of last year's winless season with an 8 win, 5 loss, overall season record. They were in contention all season long for the league title, and eventually fin- ished a close third in an exciting race under Coach lohn Harnett. Only a start- ling upset by Cate ruined Wildcat hopes. lohn Bowler sparked the team through- out the season, and was an All-League selection. Larry Condon, Dick Dieterle, George Arnold, and Mike Higgins all contributed to the successful season. v?M.,.eQ:,.giT'figgg15 , 31 sri, ' ' ayf-. .-.,.,., Flashy forward Dick Dietere shows how he was second high scorer on 'he team. The buzzer sounds' The games over' Guess who won! Guard George Arnold breaks through the Moorpark defense to flip in an easy score. SEASON SUMMARY Villanova ...... 33 Villanova ...... Villanova .,,... Villanova ...... J. e'Villanova ...... Villanova ,..,., :Villanova ...... 'Willanova ...... ivillanova ...,.. Villanova ..ii., fvillanova ,..,.. 'Villanova ,.i... Willanova ...... Moorpark .. Santa Paula Cate .,...44 Thacher S. B. Catholic Camarillo .. Santa Ynez A Simi i...ii Moorpark .. San Marcus Thacher .... Cate ...,.. Santa Clara , 'fLeague Game "Z " Z Arthur Roberts, one of the outstanding B players, was often seen breaking through to lay up a basket. Who says basketball isn't as rough as football! John Hill looks seems to be trying for the goal line rather than the basket. Finding victory only once this season, and dropping twelve con- tests ,the Bees showed promise of producing varsity material for next- season. Coach Harnett drilled on fundamentals, and he ex- pressed satisfaction with the team despite their dismal record. Alberto Gaxiola, Lonnie Stewart, John Hill, Arthur Roberts and John Loughman were the regulars who gained valuable experience while tasting defeat. Four of them are sophomores, so they should be able to give strength and experience to next year's teams. Villanova Villanova Villanova ...... Villanova ...... 'Villanova ,..... Villanova 'Villanova 'Villanova 'Villanova Villanova 'Villanova 'Villanova 'Villanova SEASON SUMMARY 28 Nordhoff Camarillo .. Cate .,.... Thacher S. B Catholic Camarillo .. Santa Ynez . Simi .,.,.. Moorpark .. San Marcus Thacher ..., Cate .,.... Santa Clara 'League Game FRONT: A. Gaxiola, Coach Har- nett, M. Padilla, J. Hill, A. Rob- erts, L. Stewart. BACK: M. Walt ers, R. Lopez, H. Carroll, R. Mc- Dermott, J. Loughman, W. Burk- hart, W. Bailey. ,vp If Father Griswold's Cees always seemed to have the old go-go-go even though they ended up with a three win, eight loss, record. The Kittens, low on experience, gained plenty of it last season, and olfer some outstanding prospects lor next year's Bee and varsity squads. Bruce Macumber was continually high point man, and Reeder, Pfalf, Borgatello and Friedrich all showed they knew how to handle the ball. SEASON SUMMARY 15 C t Villanova ...... ,.. a e .... . ., Villanova ..,...... "Villanova ......,,. Villanova .....,... 'Villanova ..s,,.... S. B. Catholic "'Villanova ...,..... Villanova ..,...... "'Villanova ......... 'Villanova ......... FRONT: Father Griswold Coach 1 Platt G Friedrich B Macumber G. Reeder C Borgatello G lohansrng Mgr BACK M Sorem M Gothe,1. Graham G Ante E Lopez J Cassidy Thacher ...... Camarillo , , ...... . Santa Ynez ........ Moorpark ......,... San Marcus ...,... Thacher .,.......,, ate ..........,... 30 17 28 27 18 25 32 24 51 "Villanova .,.....,. 24 Simi ..,........... 17 32 35 26 39 26 21 16 C 20 17 42 'Villanova ,,....... i"League Game Santa Clara ....,... Bruce Macumber, spark of the Cees, scored 11 points like this in the victory over Santa Barbara Catho- lic. Charlie Borgatello was a good ball handler as he demonstrates in this overhand pass to a team-mate. I I I . -Q., , 5 i . -w'i3," ' 2--..,. Q U 6 I x'!L8fL.,. 7, 'Q ' W "--4 ' -',. ,,. , T , . AFM C.. ' ., ,Q n 5 , f ,- .11 !f'1":"'4r':,,Qsf . FSFW' w..?kf' 1' " -L2 . . -. -' 1 ,K"- ' , . I E " "' 1 ' 'Q 3 V Q ' ""'5"2'rf:s:.-:-.ibanQs:2:-J':n'm.,.JI.'.g A. '- e ' f'N V .P , ,.. .4 L.. George Maguire is Villanova's mound ace. Last season he was chosen All-League pitcher and All-C.l.F. first baseman. This year he hopes to garner another winning record and league honors. George is also noted for his heavy bat as his many triples and home runs testify. Ed Chavez is behind the plate again this year. With a strong arm that can pick off the runners at sec- ond, and a handy man with the hat, Ed surprised no one by being chosen Most Valuable Player in the early season Carpinteria Tournament. FRONT Bernard Lambert Iohn Hill, Pat Helmholz, Larry Condon, George Maguire, Ed Chavez, Arthur Roberts, Coach Robert Heller BACK Don Reeder, Iohn Bowler, Art Vasquez, Larry Meagher, George Arnold, lim Pen- f I I J pddlffif, . . f4ZZ14dcZ76,b7a.. With the season barely underway, the Wildcats are already displaying the same power which took them to the C.l.F. small school finals last year under Coach Bob Heller. Capturing first place in the Carpinteria Lions Tournament against larger league teams is an indication of what can be expected of the Villanova nine. George Maguire is back to head a veteran squad both on the mound and at the plate. Larry Condon and George Arnold also are back to fill infield spots. Sophomores lohn Hill, a promising pitcher, and lim Pendergast take care of the other infield spots. Larry Meagher will be in the bullpen if needed. Pat Helmholz and John Bowler cover the outfield positions as they did last year, and Ruben Montelongo, along with Don Reeder, round out the outfield. The key spot behind the plate is ably filled by three-year veteran Ed Chavez. Sophomore Bernie Lambert is his understudy. Hopes are high for another Tri-Valley League championship and another chance in the C.l.F. play-offs as the Wildcats enter into the season. is L 1 ri. f"5? ?" 'rxqb W, Outfielder Pat Helmholz was League batting champ last season. This year he still has George Arnold plugs the short-stop hole. Another veteran from last year's Champs, he is handy with the bat and gets the hits when they are needed. his eye, and he moves around fast enough out in the field to get anything that comes his way. 143:12 eam. f' Patroling the outfield is Iohn Bowler's specialty. But he also knows how to handle ' a bat and he is one of the reasons the Wildcats hope to be on top again this year. re" ,"'-,..l-I .L if lls expected with any l.V. team, inexperi- ence is the usual handicap. But Father Gris- wold hopes the boys he has from last year's Kittens will hold the team togehter to make a winning nine. Lonnie Stewart and lohn Loughman, main- stays on last year's squad, are back, along with Ron McDermott, Dick Chappell and Don- ald Rexford. Newcomers lim Cassidy, Ray Elam, and Gerry Reeder have line potential, and they may prove the difference between a winning or losing season. L Hap .All fl ,ri l F' Q 3, Y A - 'N ' ,,,.c,. , f s fi fre ff fs F . f ' - 1. .M 1 . A , wi ,, . V In . ' Y A t 2 x , G 4 -1 . lr , V - A 1 fi. , - A F i 3 f ' .hubs . 0 'f' ' . A, ,. ' 'U Q-'Wa , . Q, - I . ' ' ' - l'. .. 1' ,."l-vis' " . 4 , '. ' pgalwl-'7-,"r. , 'T .N - s. ' ,' . if, -r ,1- '.. V -'--N 7' ' .1vf3'ff'-i, -:fQ1?'s'?.r"'5'f- G- 'ff.w"Ytfj - .Q .:p,,.,.. . ' A -- - - 71 4' ' , gl., f- Q " - ,vii Q, if-, . X - -t 4 4 tr . ., . . - . -. . FIRST ROW: Donald Rexford, Gilbert Ante, Lonnie Stewart, Richard Chappell, lim Cassidy. SECOND ROW: John Pfaff, Bruce Macumber, 9' nsaa wail Roy Elam, Ronnie Powers, Gerald Reeder, Father Griswold, Coach. THIRD ROW: Wick Clary, Mgr., Michael Gothe, lim Phelan, Ronnie McDermott, lohn Loughman, Mike Maguire. polwtckzl and Deane Wd! Wm . 51. g v-v pu-' , G cfs'-K - F: V ' ' x. 'E i ' ,. X -, L- . , wx A I ., "' ' 1 la.. ' . ' ' 'v f . . v'?'.. . " N. 3 'i ,vs .Q-U., I I -, A , if Ami' 'ny I, X f., ,I ,Q ,ffgf , . U", 1: 13? ',.vX1,f-,v :va Q 4 'ilu-,,,.3l,. fig' S' r' .- R ...A J., .S . A: I.-3s!r.,L.u:-.,.' K,-,Q Y- 4.1 ,iff 1 .51 - . ,Au-Y: Q ,:' Nu- I .'af,-il' 4Q,,1153:Il:!W:' If g ' 4. VI ' " f ' ' 4 ' . Kitten hurler Lonnie Stewart is the l.V. mound hope. lllhth a ood fast ball and a cunie now and then, he hopes to overcome E the opposition this season. Shortstop lohn Laughman lets very lew balls get by him. At the plate he is usually good for at least a single when his team-mates need it most. ,.. I g ' v I W" X Q Y . N ,-42 ' G h 4 L 1 . .' I .-:ar e. ! V ' . f"" " A E ' 7 E D ,, fa' Q' x-. 31, A Wei V L x L , ' ' 'f' .e.,Q 0 , gg ,V '--. .g.g., - it , - .V u .1,. f . iir. xx . ' . X, 1... ' ,ff plz' nm? A Coach John Harnett, right, talks things over with his top players Mike Walters, Mike Morgan and Bill Dougherty. All three are veterans of last year's team which copped second place in the Tri-Valley League. Tennis, the renowned sport of the Oiai Valley, is once again an active sport on the Villanova campus. Under the tutelage of Coach lohn Harnett the netmen hope to make a strong bid for League honors. Daily trips to the Ojai Valley Inn courts for lessons from the lnn pro, Ray Reitzel, also add to the proficiency of the team members. Besides competition with the members of the League, individuals participate in various Southern California tourna- ments, outstanding of which is the local Oiai Valley Tourna- ment. Illini, r ' X ,ii Steve Morris, left, and Tom Hamilton, kneeling, are freshmen who give added strength to the squad. Seniors Dick Czuleger and lock Flint return to add their steady play to the gaining of team victories. Gere lohansing, standing left, with Bill Flaherty, lohn Morris and Mike Mclnerny round out the racket team. Carlos Castro, kneeling, is ready to fill in when needed. .4 me W S 1 I 1 a 11 qbvhtvjlgy' XXLANUW N,LAN0kl A i Q lg who he 4 an -.. , - , u t ' A ' 3, V 5 R fi wi -in l M0 VA 0 FRONT ROW: D. Spring, M. Cervi, M. Padilla, M. Biernetzky, A. Guerra. SECOND ROW: D. Hinojosa, I. McGann, T. Davis, L. Sherman, W. Bailey. THIRD ROW: 1. Guilbault, Mgr., C. Quintana, W. Desmond, l. Beck, R. Dieterle, B. Johnson. Dan Spring flies like a bird over the hurdles. Form like this helps to the Wildcat squad. him to bring first places '3 'lf' .ld Miler Bill Desmond heads down the linal stretch in the Santa Ynez meet which opened the Villanova track season. Azad cm, 9. Coach Prietto seems to be a bit upset as he looks over the lineup ot his squad at a meet. Maybe Bernard 0'Neil or Tom Davis will volunteer to enter the next race to try tor at least - .r .MAAHQ 15 ! 1'P"hr'v " Q Pail 4.-lf.-:Slug-' f -'1 A A w . Art Guerra tries to get those few extra inches as he sails through the air in the broad lump. third place and a point. 70 7eeZ 'Me 7 066 Zach? 'ide 7mz. Last year's record sweep of the A, B, and C track cham- pionships in the Tri-Valley League gives this year's track squad something to aim at. Already the A squad has shown its worth with a victory over Santa Ynez. The B and C squads seem to be lacking depth which hurts them as they try to amass points. Dick Dieterle, Bill Desmond and Brent lohnson are back from last season's line team. Newcomers Dan Spring and lohn Beck may take over the weak spots left vacant by the loss ot some oustanding sprinters. FRONT: A. Darin, Mgr., C. Borgatello, T. Maulhardt, T. Clougherty, I. Wark. BACK: Coach William Prretto C. Strub, G. Friedrich, M. Sorem, B. 0'Neil, R. Murphy, C. Kapp, Mgr. egepe. 204 A N 1 umm WLM0 We ' KLANQ1 . its ' 3 70 Wen de W' fue 14014 Whiz The Lettermen's Club, once again un- der the direction of Coach Bob Heller, is composed ot athletes who have made notable contributions to VilIanova's var- sity teams. Dedicated to the purpose of giving added recognition to recipients of the Villanova "V", and organized to assist the school administration and student body in whatsoever way they can be of use, the Club also promotes social activities for its members. A trip to Los Angeles to watch the Harlem Globtrotters in action and numerous beach parties have been planned by President Howard Moran. Moderator Bob Heller, left, said 0.K. to a picture with President Howard Moran, lelt, George Maguire, Brent lohnson, Nick Walz and lock Flint. FRONT: A. Dutra, T. Gwynn, J. McGann, M. Walz, W. Dougherty, A. Roberts, L. Sherman. BACK: T. Bralliar, P. Helmholz, A. Vasquez, W. Coyle, B. Cleaver, W. Desmond, Quintana, M. Higgins. R. Czuleger, l. Pendergast, R. Dieterle, C. P Gzlv' 5 '.'i ' 3 . . - K T I ,-:: F.- J . gl J I 4 . 5-"- rl , 1. N of 'fe -.f-A-If v I I I I t ,, ., . .1 f i 'Nh ,lm ...S fr: - if ,fn -A K. BJ ' ' - 0 I . . x 9 J"' 49' A healthy body makes for a healthy mind so the saying goes. But some of these fellows look as if they wont have much of a body left once they finish their P.E. exercises which they are doing so rigorously and faithfully under the direction of Coach lohn Harnett. 'Nm I gland, 6444. Among the trials of life at Villanova is the daily compul- sory attendance at the physical education class. lt has in- spired constant practice in the fine art of scheming on the part of the seniors to escape the rigorous agenda of gruelling calisthentics and agonizing sports activities. Yet all have sur- vived to recall the memories depicted on these pages. lf a sound body is the key to a sound mind, then cer- tainly a sound excuse was the key to a more enjoyable after- noon on days that P.E. was scheduled. X. ieq K 660:94 Ufwlmfq 74'Z0640td 74a I I I 0Tl'0 REUTAMANN Janitor sg :Jas ROY WITCHER Assistant Maintenance 82 IL H . ..l 364 . N ' : J -lg ROBERT THOMAS Maintenance Man 1- . . 717' v ARIEN SLUYS Gardener X 4 . Q.. ,Q x GEORGE ROSS Dishwasher V,.r ffsgwg 7m 'Me 14nd Dining Zoom MRS. KATHERINE DOWD and MRS. VERONICA MAXIM Sewers The unsung heroes of campus life at Villanova are the men and women who comprise the kitchen and grounds staff. Their daily work is taken for granted, and yet how greatly their absence is felt if an accident or sickness takes them from their iob. We hope that their remembrance on these pages will be our way ot showing them our apprecia- tion and also keep them and the senrices they have per- formed for us always in our memory. MRS. NANCY RICHARDSON Sewer ....,, ' 0' MRS. TERESA KOSUB AND MAURY SHARON Cooks -sq, MRS. DOLORES TORRES Housekeeper 83 l I I I Mrs. George Goggin, Mothers' Club president, conlers with the district vice-presidents and Fa- ther Kirk preliminary to their Mardi Gras. 7 7a Interest in the welfare of their sons prompts mothers of Villanova students to go all out to obtain funds for various school improvements. This year under the leadership of Mrs. George Goggin they inaugurated the Mothers-Sons Luncheon at the Oiai Valley lnn. A Mardi Gras in February raised funds to purchase a heater and ventilator for the Fathers Club Hall, to erect bleachers for the tennis courts, to paint the recreation hall, to supply addi- tional chairs for the students' rooms and to pur- chase dishes and silverware for the Autumn Tea. Continually behind the scenes guiding and direct- ing the devoted mothers was the firm hand of Father Kirk, their moderator. 3 all -rv " f, 4fC,X"!4z,4 1: -at , dk-nw There is no doubt that these Villanova students are deter- mined that you can win . . . even in Bingo. This was only part of the fun which they, and their parents enioyed at the pre-Lenten Mardi Gras. Refreshments are in order for Villanova parents during the Annual Autumn Tea in October when parents are invited to meet the faculty and discuss their son's future . . . or failure. Newly elected President Landon Morris lines up the agenda for the Fathers' Club with the assistance of Secretary T. I. Lambert and Vice-President Harold Macumber. Father McGrath, Moderator and Treasurer, stands by ready to give advice in case of difficulties. I 11: .M 2, Fathers, proud of their Villanova sons, unite to form the Fathers' Club. Their outstanding activity during the year is the sponsoring of the Fathers' and Sons' Banquet at the end of the first semester. This year it was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Bishop Alden Bell in at- tendance Prmcrple speaker for the evening was Les Richter of the Los Angeles Ram football team Victor Hannum of the Sophomore class entertained with piano arrangements Les Richter, right, outstanding Rams linebacker, was both in- spiring and humorous in his talk to the assembled Fathers and Sons. Pat Helmholz, below, Senior Class President, evoked laughter from his classmates with his witticisms. 1' . "Tas ' , rl r - l A full stomach, an entertaining speaker, both seem to be satisfying these Villanova Fathers as they enjoy an evening out with their Sons at the Annual Fathers'-Sons Banquet. 6071 To those whose names are llsted below we extend our smcere gratrtude for therr frnancral assrstance rn the productron of thus 1959 Vrllanovan We hope that as they read through thus book they wrll feel a sense of satrsfactron as we do that they have contnbuted to a worthy enterpnse Very Rev Thomas B Austm 0 S A Augustmran Fathers San Drego Cahl Augustlnran Fathers Hollywood Calrf Augustrnran Fathers Oral Calrl Mr and Mrs Don Ameche Mr and Mrs Jrm Ameche Mrs Felrx Ameche Mr and Mrs Robert Hardy Andrews Dr and Mrs G H Arnold Mr and Mrs Bud Baedeker Robert B Ballantyne Mr and Mrs John Barbazette Mr and Mrs JohnF Beck Charles A Borgatello Dr and Mrs Floyd B Bralhar Mr and Mrs Wm J Burke Mrs Martha Caesar Dr and Mrs Edward D Carroll and Mrs Manuel P Chavez and Mrs ThomasJ Clougherty and Mrs E F Condon and Mrs Lawrencel Condon Mrs Lors Copnvrza Mrs Erleen Coyle Mr and Mrs Charles Czuleger James Czuleger John Czuleger and Family Joseph Czuleger Patnckl Daly Evelyn P Dann Mrs Mary Dann Mr and Mrs Wllham Henry Davrs Mr and Mrs Wm J Desmond Mr and Mrs E M Dreterle F C Dougherty H W Dougherty Dr and Mrs Claude G Drace Mr and Mrs Peter Dwyer W L Elam Mr and Mrs Dean Farley Mr and Mrs R V Frgueroa Mr and Mrs Ivan Frtzgerald E D Flaherty Allcla G Flmt Mrs ArthurJ Forbes A Fnend Mr and Mrs George T Goggm Thomas L Graham Mr and Mrs John Grey Mr and Mrs Joseph E Gurlbault Mr and Mrs Thomas F Hamrlton Mrs H A Hams Mr and Mrs W Robert Helmholz W F Hendnckson Mrs Charles Hester Raymond W Hoeppel Norma E Hoeppel Mr and Mrs WalterW Holfman Mrs WaIterH Hoffman Jr Mr Walter Hussong Mr and Mrs Paul G Johansrng J Dykes Johnson MD Mrs Wlnrfred Kosub John A Lagomarsmo Mr and Mrs T J Lambert Edward G Laubacher Mr and Mrs J G Laubacher Dr Donald G Lmdsay Mr and Mrs Eduardo Lopez Mrs Gertrude H Losee Dr and Mrs Joseph F Magurre Dr and Mrs Harold H Macumber Mr and Mrs John A Manng Mr and Mrs John McDonald Mr and Mrs George D McGrath Rrchard F Mclnerny Mrs Wrllram McGann The Meagher Famrly Thomas W Meder lll Joseph W Meehan Mr and Mrs Frank M Megowan Mrs A K Mlller Dr and Mrs JamesW Moore Mr and Mrs Joseph F Moran Mr and Mrs Landon Morns Mr and Mrs Johnl Murphy Dr James H Nelson Mr and Mrs C E Olmsted Mrs Mamle E Orwm and Mrs Manuel G Otero and Mrs Charley Parke r and Mrs R 0 Pfaff and Mrs G C Pletler and Mrs Antonro S Pozos George Preueher Mr and Mrs LeoT Ratrgar Mr and Mrs Joseph P Reardon Mr and Mrs V G Ryland Ennque F Sanchez Fredenck R Schroeder Dr and Mrs ArthurW Sherman Mrs John Sherman Mlss Beatrice R Sorem Danrell Spnng Mrs Peter M Strub T K Tan Mr and Mrs E B Taylor Mr and Mrs Theodore Tree Lyle S Turnbow and Mrs Mrke G Vurovrch and Mrs Johnl Wallace and Mrs Mrlas E Walters and Mrs T L Walz Dr Wrllram C Wark and Mrs L A Watt PaulJ Wlllrams Mrs Dana Wilson Lewls G Wllson Mr and Mrs Earl M Yant MF. '. f I Mr. . . l Mr. . . . l - l Mr. ' . H . . . . ' ' - , James C. lJ'Malley - - ', . . Mr.. . n . - - Mr. . - - - - Mr. . . . - - Mr. . ' . I I - I ' Mr. . I 1 ' . . - - - Mr. . . - 5 - Mr. . ' . - - Mr. U . . . - ME. I . Allstate Insurance Co The Blakelys Photography lam Boyd s Mens Shop Callenders lntenors The Flower Box Hrckey Brothers Mallory s Auto Servrce Mrsbeek s Electric Co The Oaks Hotel 81 Cottages Oral Electric Oral Lumber Company R N Combs Weldmg Shop Parnt 81 Wallpaper Center Pharmacy Radro TV a Valley Cleaners Oral Valley Inn 81 Country Club Oral Valley Pubhshmg Co Peoples Lumber Company Qurck Plumbrng Company Sidewalk Cafe Vlllage Drug Store Ventura Alstat Prlntmg Andy s Flower Shop Bell Mattress Factory Brigham s Clothrng County Statroners Inc Domestic Laundry 8. Cleaners Farmer Brothers Coffee Co Golden State Dalry Products Gothe s Furmture Krrby Vacuum Cleaner Co Olson Brothers Egg Co Inc The Palm Dnve In Pepsr Cola Bottlmg Company Rankrns Sportmg Goods Schreiber s Wholesale Meats Tom s Candy Peanuts Ventura and Mayfarr Theatres Warren General Trre Co Hull s Pharmacy Wrlvert Prrntmg and Offset Studro I ee Angeles Addo X Sales Agency Fredencks 81 Co Douglas Orl Company of Cahfornra Panorama Offrce Machrnes Flash R Llte Corporation S E Rykoff 31 CONPHHV Santa Barb are Lloyd Cox Inc lordanos Inc. Weber Baking Co OX Hard Laubacher Insurance Agency Oxnard Hardware Green Farms Produce Co., Montalvo Calif. Ojai i Olai' ' ' ' Oiai ' ' Ojai ' - . Ol i Olaf Gift Xl Stationers Valley Jewelers J 5 f I O Lawrence M Ameche 45 East End Avenue New York Crty New York George H Arnold 266 Glen Ellen Dnve Ventura Calrfornra Rrchard F Barbazette 800 Page Drrve Pomona Calrfornra John L Bowler 216 Eugenia Dnve Ventura Calrfornra Thomas B Brallrar Box 217 Wrckenburg Arizona Terry P Caesar 1234 North Harper Avenue Los Angeles Calrfornra Edward R Chavez 2433 Channel Drrve Ventura Calrfornra Brett 0 Cleaver 14550 Greenleaf Street Wrllram R Coyle 5001 Forest Haven Dnve Alexandna Vrrgrnra Rrchard R Czuleger 726 South Catalina Avenue Redondo Beach Calrfornra John B Daly 1204 Mules Avenue Pacrfrc Grove Calrfornra Wrllram A Desmond 2404 Vra Campesma Palos Verdes Estates Calrfornra Antonro B Dutra Rua Mana Frgverredo 309 Pararso Sao Paulo Brazrl Thomas A Dleterle 365 North Dos Cammos Ventura Callforma Wrllram P Flaherty 1812 Parkside Dnve Burbank Calrforma Garth K Flrnt Box 133 Los 0Irvos Calrfornra Alberto Gaxrola Edrfrcro Sonora 204 Hermosrllo Sonora Mexrco Terrence P Goggrn 1820 Las Flores Dnve Glendale Calrfornra Gerald A Gothe 2896 Glen Street Ventura Calrfornra ArthurE Guerra Jr 1739 Central Avenue Alameda Callfornra Patrrck C Helmholz 339 Snug Harbor Road Newport Beach Calrfornra Georgel Magurre 332 Vlrgrnra Drlve Ventura Calrlornra Joseph W Meehan Agurlary Serlas 62 Lomas de Chapultepec Mexrco 10 DF Ruben Montelongo 200 Granada Street El Paso Texas Howard E Moran 1138 North Everett Street Glendale Calrfornra George N Petrre 2441 North Cameron Covrna Calrfornra James L Ryland 2230 Papaya La Habra Calrfornra Mrchael F Walters 804 North Montgomery Street Ola: Calrfornra Nicholas E Walz 405 Park Road Oral Callfornra Michael G Wrlson 506 North Bedford Dnve Beverly Hrlls Calrfornra I I Q . N ,Jr. Sherman Oaks, California - I V '4 2-fig L14 L. .f .Yf ' 143 - UH. ,, " ... . ' .J-1 ' .Le L 25,-gym,-', L1::xg,,,.k,g ,- : Ld ,L ux A H, , xkwkm - . v . ci, ,J 'U V , .IA .. -.w . I , ',f.::::T4 "Iii-f .ny JW, usiixau.-ga ,4-anna' 4

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