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Villanova Preparatory School - Villanovan Yearbook (Ojai, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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5, A' 'Q Q u w 'n'X s is v 3 A, 'X 5 2f,-g,,,,a.:,.i ,', , ,wa V . -,.- L...,,..nJs.xa.lL.T,a , nu 1 ..Q, .,.....-L..- r-uv -. v -3 . , . ,L v. . , s. A N '- .,. . - ,, 5 L, ., . . A- ..v . M. N A , V ,,, .- ,- -fu.-- -- :ff ...-:,,,....- :ze-f,,,.l A ' My .. .' A "' ... 'nwi.,.,.,A ,..'-'L l ' X ...,. -... N . f " Nu i v'uN'i,msx'.'- V LQ . 7,x, N s. Q 313, ,1 , gr, . -, ., , Y K 1 ...' ,-:vt . i'I . a . Dx Q ,- mn..- I V? 5 1, 2 'A Padzwied Eg de x Seaton 63444 af l?55 Wallcmaaa p 1Q Sedan! 0744 ..- 'is ,dry E. f f . ,- V . ." -uf J f ... f- . 4 .,,v , ' M-.,. ,b ' 4- ' X.. A 1 T1 R, ' , 1 'Wuxi I I 6 1 ,, , . W2 Y' . L 1 A- - V' .W v, 1" " ,G . Q' ,X f 4 ., nn V . 1 1 T 4' - , 1 I x ,wx 'f ln September, a few days after, the fall term opening, the Augustinian Province of Saint Thomas of Villanova stood still with the news ofthe sudden death of its'4Very Reverend Provincial, His demise .struck Villanova with the realization that an in- tensely interested friend was removed from this earthly scene. P . , Villanova Preparatory School, part of the wide Province he ruled 'as o dearly beloved Provincial, desiring to perpetuate his name in California, solemnly and affectionately dedicate this i955 Villanovan to the memory off Father Joseph M. Dougherty, O,.SgA., Augustinian Priest, Educator, Superior. ' Q Dormitory and Administration Building Ar' ,I - r A "3 His Eminence, JAMES FRANCIS CARDINAL MCINTYRE, Archbishop of Los Angeles lr x.. VERY REVEREND HENRY E. GREENLEE, O.S.A Rector Provincial of the Augustinian Order n 'J . L Y I 1 1 1 x Y xy. ?lI,5"' , ' ' 1 'Ns 1 J f VERY REVEREND f AY , WILBERT R. KIRK, ' A.M., o.s.A. fx'----' Headmaster and Prior if m My dear Students: As your headmaster reviews student events of the past year endogenous with their lofty aspirations, fulfillments, and disappointments, he is looking with satis- faction on the Iaurels the members of Villanova's graduating class brought to their Alma Mater. On the gridiron, the hardwood, diamond, track, courts and stage, and in the pool, rallies, music, oratory, iournalism, banquets, benefits, crusades, missions, assemblies, socials, council, dormitory, classroom, and chapel you have contributed a measure of honor to Villanova. Villanova is proud of you and your achievements. Conferring your diploma with an emphatic commendation externally does not express fully the inward sentiment that we actually experience. We regret seeing you march from the campus. We have tried to mold your mind, character, muscles and conscience. We know your worth now. Like fond parents glancing after their sons parading to war, we wish we could enioy having you around longer. But off to higher climbs and loftier fields you must direct your steps. Your future will be important to you and others. But when it all comes to an end, it will not even be noted by possible observers on a high flying stratocruiser. How trivial are man's works here! Nothing will endure but the spiritual results of your life. Think chiefly of this! May God benignly bless you, shelter you from dangers, and lend a lamp to your feet to light your paths. Farewell, and Godspeed. Very Rev. Wilbert R. Kirk, O.S.A. Y' Q x W- , . v lim - Mwst X 1' t t . ,M P- ms- ., wax fuk x- H nc , 'f--.xi.,.Qi.,- sf i.1f'9-Qs. '1'li---:lf K "-R fr i QT. ri-'rv ' 3 ll 'x .. X L 'L 'Vgk I .X 1 ,.9t,,,K , .. . -I I bv., 5, 4 tj u K4 t ext' N v If xi 41 L -awk X ,- -L? 1 4 , . , rr, .1 t. c , f - . .X wiv M s., ff, 5 . K s A . A REV. ROBERT E. McGRATH, A.B., O.S.A. Chaplain.. .grew up in this territory . .. graduated from Villanova way back in '28 . as a result always falls back to that familiar saying, "now in my days" . . . usually can be found trying to locate a new hideout for the school safe's combin- ation . . . teaches Speech, Civics, Ameri- can History, and Religion lll . . . moderator of Fathers' Club, Sodality, and Junior Class . . . Father's cigars, unfortunately, may soon necessitate an anti-smog law here in the Oiai Valley. 3. 9' X ,rv -X ug 2 'NZ 5' X415 ezcaZZq ' N , V REV. JOHN P. McGUIRE, A.M., O.S.A. Came to Villanova when school first opened . . . left for a few years but got homesick . . .does no active teaching now . . . can always find work to be done around the school . . .always has a smile for everyone . . . lives in classroom build- ing to make sure no one will "borrow it" . . . can usually be found riding around in sleek, "new", baby-blue "custom". awkq 3. vlgw'-"f rf' -v.: ,Nix ,ni ev- -w f ff ,. ,..,, 1,' f' ,wgvg . 'dl ,.- -.., N - ,. .3 Q. ,V K, ., 4,,...- J -Q 9 '. 4- -3.2 .' nf- HJ -' I f -r lv. .s is 1' . . " 'x- rf ' 1 f- 5' v-54" -.4-,,, ,' if' s-,V-.YF In Q K: A-.Maigls .wx .' -. M., . """l1.i.,-,..- ir.-.. REV. SAMUEL E. D'ANGELO, A.B., O.S.A. Former Navy chaplain . . . hails from back east around Boston . . . scourge of the freshman class . . . has given up trying to improve the penmanship of lower classmen . . . teaches Religion ll, Latin I and ll, and Speech I . . . makes weekly excursions to surrounding mountains . . . claims to have conquered the Topa Topa V REV. LAUREANO GUTIERREZ, B.S.E., O.S.A. Came to us from Spain after a few years in the Philippines . . . became disciplin- arian this year . . . also athletic director and moderator of Freshman Class.. . can usually be seen carrying a black book filled with lug lists . . . always ready to give out with a lengthy speech when the occasion calls for no speech to be made . . . teaches Religion l, Spanish l and ll, and Typing . . . also excells at running other cars off the road with his "slow and safe" driving. Q-Q range. , K w-.,,g,- - L. . -ff 1 f'N is v. . Nih- J in th af : my '51 r- A F yfrgwf sk' - X -,swf-I ll Ang W 1 v Zi' '4 REV. THOMAS J. McLAUGHLIN, A.B.,O.S.A. First year at Villanova . . . inherited school darkroom and moderator of PREP TIMES and VILLANOVAN from Father Monte. . . always around to take pictures with his trusty "Brownie" . . . teaches Religion IV, Plane Geometry, Chemistry, and Phys- ics . . . "hidden cause" of the many explosions heard within the chem lab... is noted for his ardent desire to help willing l?l students after school. l ,fl -lull" 4666 BROTHER JOHN BRESNAHAN M.S. in L.S., O.S.A. Became Prefect of Studies this year . . . finally moved from barracks . . . in his tenth year of teaching at Villanova . . . teaches English lll and lV . . . no one dares be late for his classes . . . became varsity tennis coach this spring . . . always on the prowl for donations to the missions . . . anytime you need him, the best place to start looking is in the library since he is first and foremost, the school librarian. ff' ..:i'-24125: ff- fi: .1 .J-'dif "gif f a "1 if ' 'l - ' V, if My, f,i,,a-f Y j' acaflq 53 ,I ,iff ,, ,f-1 ,if-gk K f , X in., ,L ,I f ' " -A fi- ,ie-s4.g..a+" 21 'M-. fin bf' MR. JOSEPH E. HUDOCK, B.S. Always promoting good cause among students . . . first year at Villanova . . . still fighting to retain his rights as a bachelor . . . when weekends roll around can often be found trying to hop a ride to Van Nuys . . . teaches Trig, Solid Geometry, Algebra I and ll, and Speech ll . . . moderator of Sophomore Class . . . rarely seen doing any exercise except the little that he puts in counting his income from the candy store which he operates down in the rec-hall. MR. RICHARD S. SALTER, B.S. in ED. Head football and baseball coach . . . also takes "B"s and "C"s in basketball . . . recently welcomed first addition to his family . . . not a boy though, so some disappointment . . . always there to lend a helping hand . . . also always the last one to class . . . teaches Biology, World History, Mechanical Drawing . . . always a carload of boys on his homeward trip each evening to Ventura . . . moderator of Senior Class and Lettermen's Club. M, .x-NN ,,., gg, ,. , ,W Q 525:24 W: .:' - -gs -.L , Hy- . N", .QV 'il is-.ii 'H if , s 3 afar- ""1ffF?'p,' 'PAN U 'ik jg y.. xv , .L 14 r'- . T q ' "1 f. . X - J t , I' rs it-' 3 Y 'X - - ui' . f' .J '-A, 2-, V .fu -'F ff, '. ' f' FY 'z A' " .fri sb-.ff MR. WILLIAM C. ZAPPONE, B.S. in ED. Varsity basketball coach . . . took over J.V. football also, and directs the J.V. baseballers along with the cindermen . . . his great aim seems to be to perfect the "fast break" . . . isn't awake in the morning until he downs his "cup" of coffee . . . still sports a Montana license on his Buick despite the fact that he has been here three years. Begg 0 ,Y ge 'fs MISS MARY REARDON Director of Music Holds the distinction of only woman on the faculty here every Tuesday rain or shine or lack of pupils only lady at Father and Sons Banquet.. .she had to play piano for Glee Club . . . vies with Brother John for distinction of longest number of years teaching at Villanova. if, ffccaifda QM!! Classroom Building 'w'x U! ' 'J I .ww ., - 3 'N -. . 5 5 N441 : '- .1 . ' -5' -r Tf.,. ,Q ,Nl L, Q .fu x fs' ' ,Vi , . iii Q5 5: ' f- Qf' 'i I fi fr,-X H! 1 '. - f ' f , 1, .. --Tak :,Xx a' ' Q, Y ' ,xi Q . L Vai' A OCX WILLIAM NORMAN BERG r 917 East Matulrla St Ola: Callfornra F otball JV 3 4 Sodallty 4 Bas etball Cees 2 Prep Tlmes 4 Baseball JV 2 Vlllanovan 4 Four year commuter from Ola: works hard to learn and seems to have learned everythrng supports every school actrvaty loves school and very seldom misses a day proud that he Iuves an Ola: wull probably always lrve there 7 va 't Fl ggggfiwggggyfw .fggwy JOHN WUERSCH BRALLIAR Duke Box 217 Sombrero Ranch Wlckenburg Arrzona Student Body President 4 Football 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Swimming 2 3 Sodalrty 2 3 4 Lettermen s Club 2 3 4 Halls from Arrzona popular student body presrdent makes at a habrt to garn All league basketball honors plans a future rn medlclne gurl In every port says John honor chref of Hop: trrbe mechanrcal drawer extra ordinary I 'Y ln 8 wfkn L V ' llB'IIll - as I 4 4 l O I ' 'I I I k tt tt . I I I K . I ' 'I I TQ- I ' ... ... , - -.,-, D.. i I .. ....J A' 'rw' rw ' ,f J. ' 1 - 3' .f . J' " -4' . .' 1 . '7' Q 4 ' .r-35. 5.4.3 W t, r H ,',,- vwiin g 5 , R , Q , . . 1 , 3 ' - . . 5, , ' 1 - - X r- , '. .' ,. f. ..'- --a, 37 -fu f -'N I 1 ' as ',',p. "Z ,pl ' ', --'f' -Li, if ,, -fr 1 . Jfvl- H 1 .- .ph , Q ' ,sv T 'F . - ,XXI K by ,K V-I,r-I-' Q 1- 2' 'M .-'Q " ,03QJ5.v,.4", 'Z milf 'A J 'S .. " X14-5-Af, .'f ' -." . It f 'F . f ' . Q' " I' 1,245-1' I ff? ji ' 1-." ' Q:" ' .Y-, -'ftflllx ' " 'T ':"'k- ' 'T n -. .73 5 I .F v m ir.: , -, ' 3 ' Q-1 l dt - V A4,v1.i,,-1, Qi an rf-I 4- , .- 'vf-,jg - ,-,sp f, I -J' . ' ,,'x, .JIU-,.,1.. .'Q,',v 1. ., .5r'f' , 'I 1' ' 4 .rf 'I ' ....t .- . :"b "ki, ,Pfu ll ll I I VPN I I I ' I I I I I I r I I I I I I I I rr - - -1 . . . , . . . JOHN PAUL BUENZLI Rabbl 472 Dalehurst Ave Los Angeles Callforma Swummung 2 3 Sodaluty 4 Class Offlcer 4 Sensor Court Judge 4 Football 2 3 4 Bas etball Bees 3 Glee Club 4 T ck 2 3 4 LettermensClub 4 T nms 2 3 4 Prep Tlmes 4 Drama 3 4 Bousterous good humored four year man from Beverly Hllls claims Pontiac as the best makes Louella Parson s column a hablt hard and butter ludge of Sensor Court terror ofthe Freshmen known as the summer school Spanlard looks forward to a bright future s mg that r 'JA ly lik! 1 f , ffl? ee f, 'H lj 5 A I ,ft M www rfiii iw 1W"fY?i'x 'sins ,f W JAMES BURKE nm 71 1 Canada Ola: Calnforma Football 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Bas etball l 2 3 4 LettermensClub 3 4 Tenms 3 4 Prep Tlmes 4 Four year day hop from Ola: moderate and reserved well luked by all holds one slde to every argument has own stalwart sup porter of Brums of U C L A changed hus hanr style once hrs fnendly personalnty should carry hum far ll 'VV I I I I I I I I I I I k .t 1. I I I V rc I I I I e I I I I , . . . . . - H ell " ca. ,JA fl I - ' " 'V vf ' 133 I F 11 ,'1-','1'fA'4f'f-3 T' '-'IM 1' l!' 1-. ' -iq" . -". 4 '- gli' - .,"'-V, Ml gf' ... r' L,' I 1 ,.- I J -AA, I .Lg 733' 4 - i. , - .f .- , .gk .fu -,Y hw .A is, V Y fzsjgmqjwls- .- f- -' 2. vm T P me M ,+I V- ff H- fs - zz ,y-.V 1, 4 w- . -52 .2 - '. ' , - ' 21, " '- A me i ' , 4' 9 ll? . b I . J '-xv.. , r1,f hip' . If ,, 1'-,Q l f "' Af f w 4 f .3-1' x , 1- f 8 ,. li u .Q . 4, vm A . .,. .4 A1 - an .Z-f -L-- .4 . '21, ,gl ,' , -rl A ,f fn. ,'. " ,. ., 0.5 ., ' ". 4. ' '1'-rf ,ff " .' J4 'f - -1 .J '- 'ff P .r.,. V-2v..,y V47 hlrwgzfs-te 5: 17 2 F ,fr lisp n4,,l -s V s' r - -V' - .L ,. , 1 - X 1 --,Y 1'2" vit, ' " .' -' ' 4 f 1 w' v ' " - m7 - .. 2 .. w.: I -ff' -+f. ., ,L .1 Q12 ,gf it ' , ' 1 Y '- nu., -A A- g f yd , ,tx lf ,i i. 1' K 1- '1.r '- -1' r,L...,. .' I --Q... 33' 1 'W' 'f' fc' H fwfw' .-ft .'.. ll ' YI . J .. . . . . I I I I I I I . k I I I I I I . . I I I l WILLIAM ARTHUR DAVIS t 16530 Ventura Blvd Enclno Callfornra Baseball 3 4 LettermensClub 4 Swrmmmg 3 Glee Club 4 Qunet slncere friendly always wnlllng to grve a helping hand about has fast ball pretty good huh9 hrtter of frrst home run In base ball season Brother Johns favorute land onlyl French student bound to be a hut 'Sf up qllifgfx pf 4 .ar W' ,M ui I .5 fri 21 gi 3 ERNESTO DAVILA MORENO Chuef Calle Hrdalgo 48 P O Box 4'-15 Magdalena Sonora Mexico Football 3 4 Sodaluty 4 Baseball 3 4 Band 4 Lettermen s Club 4 Bug man from Mexrco worth has welght un laughter pantomnme comedy a specralty has greatest accomplishment Iearnmg Englrsh rn two years remember you better dont and thees gurl ess bootrful MICHAEL F FARRELL Moses 25 Calleguas Rd Camarnllo Callforma Football 2 4 ck l eClub l Lettermen s Club A Boarder for four years magored In arts and scnences of pnllow throwrng and water frghtrng lost my book says Muke one of Father McGuures rrght hand men always close to Brother John lnved across the hall from hum w always be a rancher f M3 Wxgfchvf eacafw r??:isff5'L at c. THOMAS VICTOR FRANCE Nero 207 North Ventura St Ola: Callforma Football JV 2 3 Track l as etball C es 2 3 Drama 4 Baseball 2 3 4 From Ola: ram or shme for four years leadmg actor In school dramas worst dancer best wa least :mutated most popular a funny lane for every srtuatnon out for every sport eyes future on Broadway Il IV I I I ' I Tra , ,3,4 Rifl , ,2 ill . . , If , r. ' I - 2 - -n it ' '-f ,. 'f Q . 21 ' '.k , 'A . ,Q w Y M ivy., . Q ' . 1 ' ,f , r ' ' .K 'Q ef- ,I - f- A f A - ', .f fl' 4 .. , 4, ,I -'lg , 5- I 4 1 'A ' l 35' 'l 1-. l l I -. 4 wssif' ..." ai ll 11 I I ' 'I I I B k Ill e 'll I l3l I I I , , . . . . , 'l... ' ' , -.I JOSEPH V INZALACO 6335 N Charlotte St San Gabrrel Calrforma Student Councnl 2 3 4 Football JV 3 4 Baseball JV 2 3 Athletuc Manager I 2 3 Rufle Club 3 4 08 Sodallty 2 3 4 Drama 3 4 Prep Tlmes 4 Vrllonovan 4 Lettermen s Club ROBERT HENRY HERNANDEZ Bo 1010 Lexmgton St Delano Calnfornna Class Officer 3 4 almty l 2 3 Football 2 3 4 Drama 3 Basketball 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 Baseball 3 4 Vlllanovan 4 Lettermen s Club 4 Comes to us from Delano la town he clanms ns nn Callfornual mmble with the fnngers on the piano very agile on the baseball dlamond ready smnle slow frown hero of sopho more Buology class leaves Vullanova to become a first class pharmacist uf' an at 'Sigel' I Four year boarder the cool cat and rucochet dancer at the St Catherines dances clock watcher an every class a great debater always can get a blmd date for you fond of gurls musuc and steak un that order hopes for a career tn lournallsm ll bl! I . . . . r 1 Sod l r 1 1 1 A I I I I V K X I I I I L 1 'I I I . I . C, ' ' ' I . . . . . . , . . . - N V. -N.. ,. Ik., N .,j " " 1' i., 1 ' 'FLY , J G ' .' ' ' ' A ' ' . ' - -1'-' '.q ' , '-4' - " -' -- -V ,. I fi ' 's 'f ,. "'- , 3 1 1' ."' A :wt . 'J ' . , s I, l f . ,- '1 4, 31- - i N Q " . ' ' , , 4 g J - , .. P- xr, -1. in . 'I .Lrg ,nf , ,,-. I .H 5 . N , . l ff, " , , , Q- Am V -, . ,, IIJ ll I .I I I . I I I I ' 'I I I I I ' 'I I . I I I I I . I - . I I I l, 2, 3, 4 - V , , l. . . . L JOSEPH BERNARDO LOURITO JR Bernie 106 E Barnett St Ventura Calrforma Football 2 3 4 ck l 2 allty l 2 3 Carefree non chalant but full of pep IH the clutches four year day hop holds speed record for Ventura Ola: hop never late for frrst perrod lust doesnt show up football hrs favornte sport plans on Santa Clara for engmeerung sure to be missed especially by others who have shared the road to Ventura wlth nm W7 we rr at ' W ,.-Jf"'+-5 ,xx N, EDUARDO MANUEL MARTINEZ MARTINEZ Marty Ave Reforma :,l'l:'l240 Mexlcall Bala California Student Body Vnce Pres 3 Sodallty 2 3 4 Drama 3 Glee Club 4 Lettermen s Club 2 3 4 Prep Trmes Edutor 4 Vnllanovan Co Edrtor 4 Senior Class Presudent 4 Class Offncer 3 Football 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Track 4 Mr Mambo from Mexrcalu a sharp dresser and a fast worker football has sport but mayors m basketball and baseball too tops hrs class nn studues as well as sports bound for Loyola to take up busmess u ' vo 63 I I I I I Tra , , ,3, 4 Sod , , , ,4 X I - I I . . . , . u-.1 1 . V V ' 4, - ' f ' - 3' "'-1'-. f 'k". ',Q1"1, v,,:,4 ', F A Y .,- Y . it lj l ,,. Juv, -. 3553 t. ,gf t 4 J - ' , iv p , ", " ,',, :AQr'Q'. ".", ., ' .A,'. f . ,Y 'l,,.a,fQ.-42' -- ' ', ' If .4 . ' . 4 1. 9 f ff. . e,.stHH,1.fyfv - 4 r A - , 4, . 3,4 js? .s f',:, "'gP ,g l 'zgl-. -gf' ,. L Q- . - Q 'M My - l' " ,P .f 11-gfft I 'I- sq lf? W ,J 3 -l l' ' tl ,gy -R A- -, la- 4 . ,a .rs,+-,-- -'.q , .. , H1 , , A .eq 1 -, I F ., , W-Y, as N 1 ,f -- , 1 . . , - V w . , . ,' ,. .' l , , . , .L . . ,. ' rg .f- X 'ew .4 -I cf ,.'- . - . .- 'I s.At-- A 44 "' A' 1' , '1 : .l ll ll b, . . . . . . I ' -I I I r I!!! f f A, I I . I I I I I I I ' y 1 I r . I I I I I ' I . . . , , , . . . 1 GERALD ALBERT MAYO Jerry 2525 Greenfield St Arcadla California Football 4 Drama 4 Baseball 3 4 Lettermen s Club 4 Talkatuve frlendly prlde of Rellglon class often heard boastmg of being barracks checker champlon has trusty Packard makes the weekly trrp to Arcadla a fond lover of cards as well as checkers abuluty to catch on qulckly wall carry ham far nf wif? W 1 e 4 ,1-, ,VIN 7 .1 R 'Fly rf 4 Y W Ekgribizxfiiff JORGE ORRANTIA SALIDO Coqur Pesquelra y Manuel Doblado 4134 Navoloa Sonora Mexlco Foo ball J V 4 Baseball JV 2 3 4 Sodalrty 4 Small full of pep another four year boarder Davnla s bodyguard a favorite with Nord hoff gurls has adapted well to U S ways srgn language a favonte class pastime ll 'I I I ' -I 1' 1 1 l , t I- " 1, I I l 1 -sr' ,-if ' ' wr' ' '. -f is .1-4 2- , me .rf sky." ' 'it'-,Z ' .' ' 7 ' ' x .' 11, ' 1, ' ' A , I I ' E A I ,gg sz. f '4 as .I 2 1 . ' . ' f , ,surf ' ,,, .,,f'7,",'x'L2'w-tpgfl :fy ' 1. , 'nt' . , .' as - l 4-'ff' "TU-flii J' . ' 'FY' ' 1., -fl' ' " 4' x ', T 5' A T . Ji .14 , L 45,43 ., : wi n x Q-fr . -el""Zi "' J" , " .f ,, ' 4' -- - '- Y - s..' ' 1-W-' Opal . 4. . .-f' , 1, . ,-C ' e J. vga' ' 5 pu- ,- - I -A ,91- ""' ix' ' P la,-I ' 7.--'. ' g"I,- ' 'Z' , :A . e , f . 4 . - , A . . . " -, - ll 'll l I l , . ., I ' 'I I I I , . . . . . . . SANTIAGO P PERE CABANAS Chaco Apartado :,t.,J:36 Guayaqull Ecuador Swlmmlng 3 Baseball JV 4 Track 4 Makes sure everyone knows he halls from Ecuador often seen burmng the mudmght onl studylng on the honor roll as a result whlz at Chemustry soccer favorite sport entertauns wuth hrs accordnan looks to Mechamcal Engm eernng ,., af""C 4 A4 ,iw JOHN DONALD PURL .lack Route 2 Box 10 Vlllanova Rd Ola: Callforma Football JV 2 3 Basketball Cees 2 3 Bees 4 Track 2 3 4 Lettermen s Club 4 Cheerleader 4 Sodaluty 3 4 Drama 3 4 Prep Trmes 4 Vnllanovan 4 Publlc speaker number one can prove at by hrs trophues loves to hunt can t prove he has hut anythlng though a speedster on the clnderpath always lookung for footprunts on the classroom cenlmg Inves rnght off the Vnllanova campus almost a boarder plans on Vullanova Unuversuty l ll ' ll . I I I ' 'I I 1 3'-,-N f , ,C ,WI 9 V :Q 4.4 'nr .'e - ' " - - . .r' ' . ' "J, ' ' Q , Ac V ' . ' - ' v Ig ' i . , ,' -,Av , ,, v ' ' r 4'-v . n ' 4.. A I f -'1' 'X . ' N ' -v 1- .- .'- . M. . A ' .r 1 r 1 ' . , ' -, ,L Mg' Q., i - s Q- .Q : 1 . , I, I ,' ,, -fn "lf K' L+ , ,fs . 'v A --w f . -. , ', , gr' 5. ':1"- - , 1 I ,SQA h ,, ll 'Y I I ' I I ' 'I I I I .. .. I I I I I .. .. . I I I I I I . I I , JACK DANIEL RAVETTI Spook 2205 Santa Rosa Drlve Las Vegas Nevada Basketball 3 4 lCaptannl Baseball 3 4 l.ettermensClub 3 4 Two year man from Las Vegas Tech where he malored In cards and dlce seems to get llttle sleep basketball ace says Jack seldom seen at afternoon classes gamblnng to be a success after a course un archntecture at Colorado vf 72? A in A f' xvfiif if Jjfzirf, Ma-.ref wild? ,Q-l,iQ3,:-??iw'f is WARREN JAMES REEDER Warren 326 Dalton St Ventura, Callforma Football JV 2 3 Drama 3 Last to come In first to go out of all classes a ready excuse for every occasson and then some Now see see fond of the great Mexncan custom the suesta plans future nn farmmg no studyang necessary sf 1--'nr S-41 ' ll ll . 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TIMOTHY JAMES SCHLOTMAN rm 225 Cherry Drlve Pasadena Calrfornra Lettermen s Club Rnfle Club 3 Prep Tlmes 4 Drama 3 4 Class Officer 4 Football 3 4 Track 3 4 Baseball JV 4 Raucous as can be always full of laughter makes has Merc a full tame hobby a ack of all trades nn the sports faeld claims Sabers of Pasadena to be best organnzatnon nn world plans to take up dentnstry C fclim TTWEWW mt'H'? fl E "' was NELSON BERNARD SOREM Nelsre Route 'I Box 691 Ventura Calrforma Class Offscer l 2 ck l 2 Sensor Court Judge Lettermen s Club 3 4 Fotballl234 S allty'l234 Basketball Cees 2 Drama 3 Bees 3 Prep Times I 2 3 4 Basketball 4 Vrllanovan l 2 3 4 Baseball 4 lCo edrtorl Has taken class medal for studnes three years row drwes a 48 Merc that has holes In the fender but goes nevertheless a natural rn lust about anythmg Sorem and has laws says Mr Hudock In solld geometry plans to go to Santa Clara wnth the rest of the boys to be an engrneer of course' to if! ll. IIT' ll I . . . I . I4 I I ' I I I . I I ' 'I I I 2' 5' .- -' we w, '- W,-QL.. . Q. .5 rr 5. rise: X- Ip- . r Q1 N ' N , 'ff ,. - ..-- yr -Q., I-5, ' - , . -. "Wu .-iff. - . 'hgcig ,,f.:.e,?' 45 ., ,. 'Nc Q ' vc . -' f- K - , -,,,-- ,.,,y jc, ff' yr A I 3' R 5 ' lt' 'A -- fav w1'f1.!gs5F5-'f- fvfiil' ,r22"?+' -3 TFT: 'f ' ' Y .- 1- f A -43 ',s.f'53-5'-, 'of 1 Q ' ,K "V 3- ,gin "fi "-wg f ..'. ',"- 3 A - . k W, ,, g. , "Ju--Jr' , -, .4 ,' ' rv. -"'1+'f',L av. f .- s r -, 1 ' 'X . r . ,. -f, - , . , S, -4 . , ' ,.n3g56"' .f ' . ,. ,V , 17' -". .ns 1 ll ' II I I . . l I I I I I 3 . I 4 ' I I 0 I I I I . I I I I ' Il 11 ' I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I - . ' in . , f . , . . . . . - .. . .. . . . , , . PAUL WARREN DONALD SPRINGER Pablo 425 Eton Drlve Burbank Caluforma Class Officer 3 Sodalnty 2 3 Drama 3 4 Rnfle Club A Semor Court Judge 4 Basketball 3 Tennus 3 Prep Times 4 Lettermen s Club 4 Vrllanovan A Three year man from Burbank self made Spanuard lakes turtleneck sweaters kung of the mambo says Paul eager to learn the mechanics of a car looks forward to gradua tron and being a doctor ,f ss arf' lW?"iW 'M ,rf We W MP' -aff KYf?"f?wfs,,.,Tff 5 S, we EDGAR GLEEN TWEET Teller Teller Alaska Football 4 Basketball 4 Lettermen s Club 4 Always heard to say Hurrah for Teller Alaska lukes Ice boxes one of the volleyball stars of Sensor class carrned hrs football tactncs to the basketball court favorute sport as huntung ka ku I ds plans to return to Teller and lead a happy lnfe ll fl I r , , , 4 Q f 1 , , , 1 I ' 5 Q - X . 1 I . N? .r , . . , ' x X I , -- - .- 4 ..-' As , T X 4 rr. L ff fl vw-L-Q 1-" ,efwt if ' ' - . .' ., 1 r. 4,1 fx - . . s VC., r.-wwf Q3 wi wf"f1e'f'.,, r 'gr 17,1312 ' 'f 3 N, , 3- .' ' ' H, ff" q ,gn Q - 1 r' X' '- ' WJ' ev ,C rl. " JJ 'f',,f1-,-l r Z - jf?" 'F'If" 1 1 I ' Y . ' JJ' -s ' ', N' 4' J -,is ,,f .1 ip f. , . '-ag, , - Q 'z. H w -M -. .4-1 y .1 ." 1, - 1' Q ' . ,L ', ,f L, ftp" -"fs, fic! 1 - 37 - -""'s- 5- 1 1 jg! V-.jg Pjfi rl! nf I .' "','. ' ' -,ig . 'J . , , 'r My . fr f. , of ll ll I I I . , .. .. I I '- ' b'r . . . Berg Bralllar Buenzlr Burke Davlla Davus Farrell France Hernandez lnzalaco Lourrto Martnnez Mayo Orrontra Pere ur Ravettu Reeder Rordorf Ryan Schlotmon Sorem Sprmger Tweet AMBITION Chemnst Doctor Pontnac Dealer Real Estate Business Admrnrstrator Business Executive Makmg Money None Drugglst Journalist Mechanical Engineer Clvll Engrneer Mrlllonarre Publrc Accountant Mechanlcal Engineer Electromcal Engrneer Archrtect Farmer Mechamc Contracter Dentrst Mechanncal Engrneer Doctor Airplane Prlot lNEVlTABLE END Soda Jerk Hop: Medicine Man Ransung Kosher Hogs Selllng Fertilizer Advisor to Lovelorn Plckpocket Stealmg It Lukewnse Drug Addict Comnc Book Editor Race Drnver Ladres Hour Stylist Bum Alcatraz Nrght Club Accordronrst Child Phychologrst Roulette Wheel Designer Grapepncker Junkdealer Selling Lmcoln Logs Dentrst Tool Salesman Hadacol Salesman lcebox Salesman luv W ' ff fy f f W -Is- I X 1 .55- fk . A was Left to Right, Bottom Row: R. Amouroux, T. Knott, B. Scovi e Orrantia, F. Torres, T. Vett, R. Lopez. Middle Row: F. Rivera, D Fortier T. Ginella, B. loughman, R. Stewart, R. Holroyd, C. Weigman. Top Row ' G. Mulvihill, A. Torres, F. Bacon, M. Daily, R. Fortmeier, J, Ossorio The Junior Class, having the distinction of being the smallest class in the school, tries to make up in spirit what it lacks in size, Scholastically, we are average, and we are proud of the few members of our number who do represent us often on the Honor Roll. Athletically, our class has certainly made a name for itself. Two members have attained All-League honors and others help provide the backbone of the school teams. Other activities were not neglected by our class. The Tidings drive, due prin- cipally to one of our very spirited members, was a success for us. The production of "Brother Orchid" had several Juniors in the cast and behind the stage. The Missions were not neglected by us, the Sodality gained many members from our ranks. Socially, we added to the school's social calendar with our Christmas Ball. The final dance of the year, the Blue and White Ball, was also sponsored by the Juniors. In the difficult year that we know lies ahead of us as Seniors, the Class of '56 will continue to strive to make up in spirit what it lacks in size. It hopes to leave behind a reputation for true school spirit in its support of Villanova, both the school and the activities which go to make up school life here at Villanova. When we arrived here two years ago, great things were prophecied for us. We have now reached the mid-point of our high school career, and it is an ex- cellent time to stop and take stock of the situation. As the keynote we can point with pride to the outstanding record of scholar- ship which the Class of '57 exhibits. A third of our class has consistently achieved the magic "B" average necessary for Honor Roll standing, even though we were dealing with subiects more difficult than previously encountered. The field of athletic endeavor was not neglected because of academic application. Sophomores have been numbered on the teams of every sport which is played here at Villanova. Our budding lawyers have been seen in Senior Court sessions and our potential orators were representing us in the public speaking contest. As future Catholic gentlemen, many of us enrolled in the Sodality and faithfully attended the meet- ings. Socially, we not only supported school dances by our attendance, but in April we sponsored the Sophomore Cotillion. Our support of the Missions also was noteworthy. We look back on the past year with satisfaction, and we look ahead to our remaining years at Villanova with hope. We have two years left, two years in which we plan to leave an undying record-a record for the greater honor and glory of God, of Villanova, and of the Class of 1957. left to Right, Bottom Row: R. France, W. Shallenberger, S. Eyraud, L. rrell A Biewend, J. Barona, H. Oliva, P. Gagon, A, Martin, F. Ritter J Salgado, M. Parke. Middle Row: R. Niemeyer, D. Bryson, M. Berry W Wargin, R. Tourtelot, W. Moore, J. lanyon, N. Johnson, W. Randal J Czuleger, K. Keesler. Top Row: W.MueIlenhott, W, Nugent, ters P, Kiseskey, L. March, W, Roberge, C. Ruiz, B. Theurer, J. Rivera C Torres. hilt -na. Left to Right, Bottom Row: R. Moreno, M. LoPresti, M. Miller, E. Henry R. Araiza, H. Orrantia, J. Demaret, D. Rupp, A. Arreola, D. O'Doherty F. Dorner, T. Vinson. Middle Row: M. Donley, R. Traviss, T. Nally, J Harmonson, G. Dolan, L. Bralliar, F. Huning, A. Pozos, R. Simpson, P Wilcox, D. Mclntyre, D. Niblo, Top Row: F. Lopez, J. Heller, J. Asebedo M M H. Miller, P. Samuelson, F. Vinson, T. Larrabee, B. Wells, A. Alvarado J. Carr, A. Hoover. How well we remember our first days at Villanova. The thought of starting out at a new school aroused curiosity and wonderment. But soon the newness wore off and except for the continual reminders of the Seniors, we felt like veterans. Class elections were held once we got acquainted. We chose Anthony Pozos, as President, Larry Bralliar, Vice-President, Dennis Niblo, Secretary, Arthur Hoover, Treasurer, and John Demaret as our Student Council Representative. Scholastically, about a third of our class was regularly represented on the Honor Roll. One of our number represented Villanova in the Lions Club Speech Contest. The coaches became well acquainted with many of our class as we tried out for the various teams. Many made the J.V. football squad. The Bee and Cee basketball teams numbered many Freshmen. Freshmen were the mainstay of the J.V. baseball team, and the track squad had its share of frosh. We swelled the ranks of the Sodality and we overwhelmingly supported the Missions. We attended the dances and we cheered on the Wildcats. Now as we look over the past year, we see how fast it has gone for us. We sincerely hope that our next three years will be as enjoyable as this, and during these years we will try to uphold and keep the fine name our class has attained so it will redound to the honor of our school. We are the Class of 1958! 1 N - I ix fr.. 5 S x Zavixi 1l 1-65. ' .ivfgvs "3 n - W, 1 -'r"H'- -- ,-.,..,Q ,e -N, 5... .. in-rrp , Full back Ed Martinez All-League Bud Daily, Tackle Nelson Sorem, Right Half ,. '.x, -- ft4v.2f'.- xtQ..-.l, tink M 52. Tackle Tom Ginella Quarterback Ron Stewart All-League All-League John Buen .5 , "The Bucket" John Bralliar, Guard zli, Guard Mike Farrell, End Bob Hernandez, Right Half Wmcdtg 7 5- ---.-...-..., ,H+ YF. W., -sv. - Loft to Right, Bottom Raw: P. Gagon, 8, Lourito, R. Fortmeier, R. Lopez, S. Fuller, A. Torres, N. Sorem, R. Hernandez, M. Mee. Middle Row: D. Mclntyre, Mgr., W. Nugent, M. Daily, J. Ossorio, T. Schlotman, J. Buenzli, G. Mayo, C. Torres, B. Theurer, E. Davila, M. loPresti, Mgr., K. Keesler, Mgr. Top Row: J. lanyon, Mgr., D, Fortier, C. Weigman, M. Farrell, T, Ginella, J. Brallior, R. Stewart, W. Davis, E. Tweet, J. Burke, E. Martinez, Coach Salter. With the opening of school in September, Coach Salter found about twenty-five hopeful aspirants on hand for football. Most of these had been on the varsity squad of the previous year which had not had too impressive a season. They proved to be the nucleus of a hard fighting eleven which ended the season with a record of five wins and two losses. The season opener pitted the Wildcats against the Moorpark Musketeers. Plagued by penalties and suffering opening game litters, the Villanovans dropped the game 20-13. Despite the defeat, such men as Martinez, Stewart, Ginella, and Schlotman were outstanding in their play. Taking on Santa Clara next, the 'Cats found themselves, and hold- ing the Saints scoreless, they went on a rampage to tally 28 points. Again it was Martinez who led the team to victory. It was the beginning of a four-game winning streak for the Wildcats. A trip to Cate the next week resulted in an easy 34-7 decision for the Blue and White from Villan- ova. Hosting the Simi eleven the following week, the Wildcats tallied the second play of the game and went on to a 33-7 win. Traveling to Santa Barbara Catholic, the var- sity eleven led by the fine quarterbacking of Stew- art, after a slow start, managed to rip open the Cardinals' defense. Martinez went wild in this game to score the four touchdowns and one of the three conversions. Sorem, Fuller, and Hernan- dez corfstantly made gains through the Cardinal line. The Wildcat hard charging linemen, led by Ginella, Daily and Buenzli, helped to gain the 27-6 victory. Continued on page 36 'ln Stewart plunges over tor a touchdown with a quarterback sneak in the 33-7 rout of Simi. Under the lights of Carpinteria stadium, the Wildcats met the Carpinteria Warriors in what was the Tri-Valley League game of the year. Some 1500 spectators witnessed the two evenly matched teams battle it out. Off to an early seven point lead, the Wildcats looked good. But Carpinteria soon crossed the goal but failed to convert. The third quarter Martinez went over to make it 14-6. The Warriors came back to score. The fourth quarter the 'Cats led 14-12. The Carpinteria eleven finally took the lead for the first time with a quick score. They led 18-14. The Wildcats started a steady drive and made it within yards of the Warrior goal when a fumble and penalty stopped them. Time ran out before the Villanovans could score. Deiected and defeated, despite their fine play, the Wildcats left the field on the short end of the final 18-14 score. "We've got the bucket," was the chant after the annual Villanova-Nordhoff rivalry. The Wild- cats brought home the traditional bucket after .94-A.:. Martinez and Sorem, co-captains in the Nordhoft game, pair up for an end run. The Wildcats won, 18-0. losing it last year to the Rangers. The 'Cats' de- fense did not let the Rangers score at all, while our offense found big holes in the Nordhoff line and took advantage of them. Stewart tallied two of the touchdowns and Martinez crossed the goal for one. The whole team magnificently showed their ability and determination to win in this last game of the season. The '54 gridiron season was the best Villanova has had since the Tri-Valley League was formed. Three of the squad, Martinez, Stewart and Ginella were named to the All-League team. Five, Bralliar, Sorem, Fortmeier, Daily and A. Torres, were given honorable mention on the team. Martinez led the league in scoring with 82 points and he averaged 9.9 yards each carry. It was truly a great Villanova team, certainly a reflection of Coach Salter's coaching abilities and the spirit which we hope will bring to Villanova future teams of such stature and ability. Jerry Mayo, End "That we may play our best and that no one be hurt , . . " Jim Burke, End v,-,. A . Q.. V -Al' .V x '. WM J f' . i .0, X 1 3 ani., .. urs..-.. ,. f' , ' as I Q, ',. Y ' 'I ' N, - "u , ' A , - . "5" , w v .. Daily is a little too late to help Hernandez as a big Santa Clara man pulls him down. Villanova won, 28-O. Alphonso Torres comes in to give Lourito some help to down cz Simi ball carrier, The Wildcats took the game, 33-7. Sorem doesn't seem able to elude ci Santa Barbara Catholic tackler in this play. Villanova won though, 27-6. fr vin- Ar i' -- .V --'ms..4:vtl'-lvltl .' iv I ' - u .Q . L QA- fs'-0-L" ty,-A Q. sm 5?-33?-id'-li' .- 1-if v , , it wa-zvuzsr Martinez crosses the goal for another score in the 28-0 Wildcat win over Santa Clara. lt looks like it didn't take much to stop Martinez in this play. But Nordhoff had a hard time stopping him as he led the team to an 18-O victory and the "Bucket," Hernandez tries cutting in for a few yards. They got him though, but the Wildcats took Simi, 33-7. J I U. cl-r-v f mm Wmuzq 74416416 -n--- - - A ...Y . ' ""S r i E mn n For-"Pl ' 's - , . ff' . --X '.- . -,-'NWN--' -if . 5 nf Nm.. " ' .w - .,,y.c,r,i. , --.LQ ' i -i' 'NE - .ll ., . . I ,I . ' '- - -.X - . .T . 1 left to Right, Bottom Row: R. Araiza, G. Dolan, B. Scoville, J. Heller, R. France, T. Nally, E. Henry, J. Orrontia, J. Kuhn, J. Demaret. Middle Row: F. Dorner, Mgr., H. Orrantia, J. Carr, J. lnzalaco, B. Kohler, W. Shallenberger, J. Rivera, S. Eyraud, D. Niblo, A. Hoover, W. Muellenhoff, F. Ritter, H. Oliva, M. Miller, L. Farrell, Mgr. Top Row: A. Martin, Mgr., F. Torres, L. March, R. Peters, L. Bralliar, W. Berg, N. Johnson, W, Wargin, D. Bryson, P. Samuelson, T. larrabee, M. Parke, R. Amouroux, W. Randal, Mgr., Coach Rice. The Junior Varsity, starting out the season under the supervision of Coach Fred Rice, who was succeeded in mid-season by Coach Bill Zap- pone, finished with a record of two wins, two losses and a tie. With the exception of eight re- turning lettermen, the Junior Varsity was, as a whole, made up of inexperienced Freshmen and Sophomores. The Kittens encountered the Santa Clara Saints. The Saints came from behind in the final quarter to end the game with a 6-6 tie. Next the J.V.'s shut out Cate with a 13-0 victory. In this game John Carr made the first tally by recovering a fumble in the end zone. ln the last quarter Art Hoover passed to Muellenhoff, who ran 20 yards for the final touchdown. The Kittens met Cate for a second time and again came out victorious by 27-6. Twice in this game touchdown plays were nullified by penalties. Hoover, Muellenhoff, Ritter, and Neal Johnson played very well. Although the Kittens had great spirit, they bowed to Carpinteria by a score of 20-6. Villan- ova's only tally was made by Bob Amouroux, who fell on a fumble in Carp's end zone. Finally, they played Nordhoff in the annual rivalry to end the season. The J.V.'s were unable to break through the Rangers' defense and were defeated by an unfortunate 12-O. Maybe the Kittens didn't end their season with a very good record, but they did show some out- standing players. Art Hoover, Fred Ritter, Dave Bryson, and Neal Johnson did quite well in the backfield, while Bill Muellenhoff, Bob Amouroux, Francisco Torres, Bill Berg, and Joe lnzalaco held the line. Most of these men will be back with us next year when we expect a much better record. ggi? -5-1 1 : ,gsm , -.4-I' .19 1 X, 1 ' VJ! Hoover picks up yardage around end against Cate as Ritter comes up to take out a .- tackler. The Kittens have the ball in this picture but they didn't get very far with it as the Cate defense holds. ff X L Johnson was on his way for a big gain against Carpinteria, but he couldn't outrun them all. 4 J' V 'afgffef 'r-7" - A The Hoover-litter team tries lt around end again against Cate, but it picked up only a few yards. Ron Stewart, Center All-League f?f , : iii- x rw' John Brallia All-League X 5 7' r, Forward 4 1, 6 , , ' -ex I ' 4 N . 1 W 4 . I I. ,.1t 4' -, .1231 Jim Burke, Bob Hernandez Guard Forward ue' Jack Ravetti, Guard Team Captain Ed Martinez, Guard i. v Nelson Sorem, Guard s f' 'Q :X X . X Wdfldflffy Zaaeetlad x Lett to right, Kneeling: J. lonyon, Mgr., M. Berry, W. Moore, J. Burke, E, Tweet, B, Theurer, Mgr. Standing: Coach Zappone, N. Sorem, E. Martinez, J. Bralliar, B. Loughman, R. Stewart, J, Ravetti, R. Hernandez, Father Gutierrez, Athletic Director. The Villanova Varsity basketball team opened the season by participation in the Nordhoff Tour- nament. After defeating Moorpark in the opener, they dropped a close game to Santa Barbara Catholic 46-45. This dropped them from the tour- ney. Another tournament at Santa Ynez followed and the Wildcats grabbed third place in the rankings. After the Christmas holidays league play began and the Villanovans took Moorpark 59-49. Coach Zappone's veteran cagers then went on to defeat in succession Nordhoff 55-52, Simi 59-41, and Thacher 50-32. This ended the first round of play in the southern division of the league. The beginning of the second round brought the Wildcats their only league defeat .as their tradi- tional rivals, the Nordhoff Rangers, downed the 'Cats 72-59. But this didn't stop the Villanovans as they went on to take Simi 54-41, Moorpark 40-37, and Thacher 60-40. With a seven win, one loss record in league play this brought the Wild- cats the southern division crown of the Tri-Valley League. A playoff with the Santa Barbara Card- inals, northern division champs, was necessary to determine the league champion. Held at Santa Barbara, the league playoff matched the Wildcats against a team which had beaten them three times in non-league play. But this was not to hold back the Villanovans as they took an early lead and held it at half time I9-l4. The third quarter found the Cardinals catching up and pulling ahead, but the Wildcats soon rallied to surge ahead. With the final minutes running out, the Cardinals again put on a drive and tied the score with but seconds remaining. As the last few seconds ticked off, a Cardinal dropped in a quick shot and the Santa Barbarans took the game 45-43. Two Wildcats made the All-League team. One of them, Bralliar, had scored 379 points during the season. The other, Stewart, had tossed in 364 points. Ravetti, team captain had always played steady ball. Martinez, Sorem and Hernandez were reliable when called on to give their share towards victory. Again, as in football, we had a team which will be long remembered at Villanova. -- 1-+- X if sl IMA I B Al ,f 5 x x X 6 Q I fi-1 sw x C i 4. ! K . VY' fm F A i 13 x 'fb' 5' 'V '2 pf as 'K ,Q if .!'-- U2-1 A... x I ' N.0.0,QI X .5 Q 4,-' 'C fag OV T193 n.-1 H, .,, A, V: ...J ,win .,,.x,,.,, . X , fi, ,fm y .13 M. af- il' L, Jaw! .Q A, 'Qing jf - EH-Q? . ., 5.0 ' V' -fy.. , gi .- " ' ,rt ' r' 1: .A W .E I 'J' if.. O 0 Ty? 4v'.. ' left to Right, Kneeling: R. Araiza, R. Traviss, J. Barona, J. Carr, T, Vett, R. Amouroux, E. Henry. Standing: D. Rupp, Mgr., D. Mclntyre, Mgr., R. France, D. O'Doherly, G. Dolan, P, Samuelson, L. Farrell, A. Hoover, Coach Salter. This year's "Cees" acquired second place in league competition by winning 5 games and losing 3 games. Although it was thought that the Kittens would win the championship, they were handicapped ' , , A by inexperience. However, when they lost games gt A- Q b it was usually by a thin margin. A if , The Kittens really showed their flying colors ,. .fi V l when they trampled Nordhoff by the score of ,,,,,,,,,..u.....,..,..... . 55-30. ln this game Freshman Art Hoover scored Ig ff' 5 I 2l points. The "Cees" then dropped two games to Simi, 32-28, and Moorpark, 31-30. Their spirit undaunted by these two defeats, the "Cees"' came home to down Thacher 29-26, and Nordhoff 34- 21. Getting off to a cold start in a return engage- ment with league champions Simi, the Kittens were turned back 24-2l in a thrilling overtime game. The "Cees" ended up the season with victories over Moorpark 42-38, and Thacher 39-30. Special mention should be given to Art Hoover, Bob France, Bob Amouroux, Tom Vett and John Carr, all of whom united to give Villanova one of the best seasons in recent years. The subs were also very important and many times came through with a much needed basket in the final seconds. ln his third year as "Cee" coach, Mr. Salter de- serves the applause and praise of the entire student body for his untiring work building boys today, for tomorrow's varsity. Wmacltef Z I M cyl l .Ais- Lett to Right, Bottom Row: R. Hernandez, E. Davila, E. Martinez, G. Mayo, J. Ravetti, P. Springer, W. Davis, K. Keesler, Mgr. Middle Row: D. Mclntyre, Mgr., Coach Salter, M. Donley, Mgr., R. Fort- meier, R. Stewart, B. Loughman, D. Bryson, A. Torres, M. Berry, J. lanyon, Mgr. Top Row: A. Hoover, C. Torres. F. Torres, M, Parke, W. Muellenhott, T. Vett, F. Ritter. Coach Dick Salter has whipped the 1955 edition of the Villanova Wildcat nine into a powerhouse team. ln league competition they have taken three straight by decisive scores. ln practice games they have shown the same power against non-league teams. These early season results augur a cham- pionship team at Villanova this season. The pitching staff is especially strong with Ron Stewart already sporting a 3-O record in league play. Seniors Bill Davis and Paul Springer are also on hand if Coach Salter needs them. "Chief" Da- vila is behind the plate and he also swings a mighty bat to drive in the runs. Bob Fortmeier, Fred Ritter, Bob Hernandez and Ed Martinez round out the infield. Chasing flys, we find John Bralliar, Jerry Mayo, and Nelson Sorem all contending for the left field spot. Alfonso Torres seems to be set in center, while Jack Ravetti roams in right field. The bench is strong with Art Hoover, Mike Parke, Dave Bryson, Carlos Torres and Francisco Torres ready to go in to plug any weak spots that may develop. Already Stewart has set a school record with his l7 strikeouts in the Simi game. He has received plenty of support from his teammates'bats and he has even aided his own cause with a hit now and then. Martinez, Davila, Hernandez, and Torres have been especially effective in their hitting. Coach Salter has few worries as he works out his squad these days. Still green in spots, he hopes they will come along and give him and Villanova the league championship which has been so elu- sive for Wildcat teams so far in the '54-'55 sports season. fa -uf . 1-1' al xx , Nd. N! I ' , E , Xi . ' A W5 , 5 5 'f f' fx Lf 3 A bf? A ig, if + Y , FH?'Alb ,Q 1 Q Q .4 "'i f:f-Q mf? I . p ,. s I, . . I . A 1,5 an-in 9 J 'ir Br- lui C, :Nw "Q ,I 1 . gt "" ' cAf5i 'z F , .0 V-.,,, 'Yr' i- .4-it-Q -lx -ha ,Q :mm Wwe Z wl- fx Left to Right, Bottom Row: M. Miller, Mgr., G. Orrantia, J. Orrantia, F. Huning, L. Bralliar, J. Carr, D. O'Daherty, R. Amouroux, F. Lopez, D. Rupp, Mgr. Middle Row: J. Demaret, H. Olivas, J. Barona, D. Niblo, J. Harmonson, W. Wargin, P. Kiseskey, B. Scoville, P. Gagon, R. Araiza. Top Row: R. Traviss C. Ruiz, R. Moreno, W. Moore, R. Simpson, L. March, S. Pere, M. l.oPresti. The Junior Varsity, with Coach Zappone at the helm, consists mainly of Freshmen and Sophomores. A large number of candidates turned out for the team and this gives hope that we will have good replacements for the departing varsity players next season. With only two games played so far this season, there is not much evidence as yet as to the true worth of the squad. The first game was a heart- breaking loss to Thacher 16-15. A second game on their home field found the Kittens coming from behind to defeat Moorpark ll-lO. ln both of these games, it was the excellent pitching of Bob Traviss which gave Coach Zappone great hope for many wins in the remaining games of the season. Outstanding at the plate so far, has been Jose Barona. He leads the team in hitting and he also serves well behind the plate as catcher. John Carr and Dennis Niblo show great promise and may possibly be ready for varsity play next year. Sharing the pitching chores with Traviss are Bob Amouroux, Tim Schlotman and Dennis Niblo. Lester March has been playing first and doing a good iob there. Other positions are still not definitely captured by any specific player since the season is still young. The team is eager and despite the loss marring their record, they have hopes of the league championship. With the yearbook going to press before the completion of the track season, there can be but a summary account of what appears to be a better than average track team. Already the cindermen have turned in impressive marks. Under the guide ance of Coach Zappone the three squads have developed well. To date the Bees seem to be the strongest. Neal Johnson and Terry Larrabee are fine sprinters. Ron Lopez, Bill Nugent, Andrew Alvarado and several others round out the Bee squad. The Cees have turned in some fine field per- formances by Bob France, Grant Dolan and John Carr. The Varsity is small but mighty. Tim Schlot- man does well in the shot put and the hurdles. An early season iniury has sidelined Jack Purl, last season's All-League nominee. He should be ready for the league meet in May and come through with a win in the mile. Tom Ginella, the squad workhorse, is doing well with the shotput. Lack of experience handicaps other varsity squad members. It can be safely said that with the experience and training that the next month will bring, the cindermen will be sure to walk off with a share in the honors and points at the coming league meet. The Bees have made an early start. The other squads need only follow their example. In all events, this should be a memorable track season for Villanova. Lett to Right, Bottom Row: J. Barone, F. Ritter, R. France, G. Dolan. Middle Row: R. Peters, S, Pere, J. Carr, R, Traviss, J. Purl, D. Niblc, R. Simpson, A, Alvarado, W. Nugent. Top Row: A. Martin, Mgr., B. Theurer, T. Larrabee, N. Johnson, E. Martinez, J. Burke, M. Berry, R. Hernandez, R. Lopez. Absent from picture: T. Schlotmon, T. Ginella. 1424 r. J. Czulege - J. B0"""" O sono, e Standing: 'l' 5 Frdnf ' ke R. Bur I d I J- ugh- ht Kneelh-i918 Jgni-:lt3:roc:her John, Co RJQ ' - J. U Len to inure- holn P Absen' Villanova's netmen are small in number this year, but so far they have man- aged to win a few matches. With the loss of Coach Rice, Brother John has had to step in and give the boys a few pointers about the game. With consistent practice they should be able to take at least a second place in league competition. Returning from last year's squad there are two seniors, John Buenzli and Jim Burke. Buenzli's serve is his point getter. Burke does well in doubles. Also a veteran from last year's team is Bob France, who has improved greatly. He teams with Burke in the doubles. Newcomers Graeme Ossorio and Juan Salgado are taking their share of the sets and should improve as the season progresses. Jim Czuleger is a steady player, but as yet has not been in any competition matches. Dave Bryson recently ioined the squad and may give it the added strength it needs. With the Oiai Valley famed for its tennis players, Villanova hopes to share in that glory with her own outstanding players. Practice and perseverence should produce them, if not this year, then we hope it will be next season. wade -item? L. 3. ..,,. Om 1 .wx f" Left to right: J. Purl . M. Berry J. lnzalaco E. Henry 7' 2 , x uma... K, ., - 1' , - .R , J, , ' I GQ' ' f- '."""lU'::lQlf'fET'i 'Q 'Ni vi.-J' S .i- .,,. H' tvlfmunf ..l .i 1, ., 'Q F-. ' Q ,QUQ .J'K.,,v-I Ang-4. Iflb. K- V 'L 1 mt" 1-- -,wr-1 he . W I f . 'ff-ff L, , .f.ISr"A :Q -.ft 'fa'-1139 .. - '1 ,M "" . ", 'fe-.--. janggfv-Z'e?-5,Ef3si'3':'f'3f2'TfT.ij-A' -. 3-5 51, Q--,-K- 5' ' -' S-...Q ,A.,.rq,,-'7.,,.,"- .iatmm :Ellis yi- al- "f i ,R , ,Q . .. r 14 .vw-.w - 1 - -f 4- 2: .- 4- . ' ,-,1.,g,:.gU ,M -Qu-..', ',,,,,,,5P1.-,.,,hS-grxfgtwr tying 'W . X 1 f . - . -j-lr,-.1'jf'X..g.:A 'ffl-Q "w ' -' ' 'ffl' . ' f"g,f'f' Wm .', . Our cheerleaders perform during half- ' M-igfkii..'W?kjgQhjf:g 45'W'Q."'W. ' - A'-'1--: r of--" f' "-rr: hme at one of our football games. --47:-:f.:,:'3: 'N"--fi3u'2'5,1.2.:,N5Tg-fl,g,2,,,.-T 'M' sg rl 1 v+-.f5:ki:iA ' L- S 'nath- Come on Wildcats!" N 1-., 144 Q Ill ,Q ffl to Rught Bottom Row R Hernandez J I laco E Davtla J B nzll J P l E Mdrtlnel Sorem Second Row B Theurer R France J Ravettl P Gagon W Nugent Thlrd Row R Fortmeler Dally R Lopez G Mayo A Torres F urth Row J Ballar W Da T Schlotman J Bu e E Tweet B Loughman Fnfth Row A Martun D Fortuer T Gtnella R Stewart J Lanyon K Keesler Villanova Varslty lettermen have unnted themselves In a club In order to be rn a better posltlon to promote and support school acttvltles With Coach Richard Salter as thenr moderator, they have sponsored one dance thus year and they have asslsted nn the sellnng of tlckets at the basketball games Servnng as Presldent of the club thus past year was Eduardo Martinez Nelson Sorem fulled the offnce of Vnce Prestdent and Ronnne Stewart assumed the secre tarys post Reallzlng their great potentnal for promoting school spmt the club hopes at wlll be un a better posltuon next year to play a greater role an campus life 4 U Y W g, X x! W, . . ampua af0ufz Indy Villanova Sodality members Tam Vett, Bob Her- l nandez and Nelson Sorem lead the procession i of the Villanova and St, Catherines Sodalities from Assumption Church in Ventura. The occa- sion was the Holy Hour commemorating the close ofthe Marian Year. Due to the zealous efforts of Father McGrath, the Sodality of Our Lady has flourished this year at Villanova. On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, De- cember 8th, thirty-three new members were received into the Sodality. The day was further dedicated to the Blessed Virgin by a Holy Hour at Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Ventura, California. The St. Catherine Girls Academy Sodality also assisted at this Holy Hour commemorating the close of the l954 Marian Year. The primary purpose of the Sodality is spiritual-the honoring of the Blessed Mother of God. By this devotion to Our Lady the sodalist aids himself in living an exemplary Catholic life and better directs himself to his eternal goal. Villanova Sodality members gather with their moderator Father McGrath for their annual photograph. PM 'I'9 Arr 5, if, ri I ji xl 2... ,gc- l -v- -5 ' -l". f ,i- - i0n.,' r-.IL 14553 P40 I .JJ ,eg .2 V25 11' , , D c I 1 i -ar, V , .n !ll f ' El sg xi, GQWQ x.--4" ...I--N .... 6' ll f! ' Z Il f Left to Right, Seated: W, Berg, J. Purl, E. Martinez, N. Sorem, J. lnzalaco, T. Vett. Standing: R. Lopez, G, Mulvihill, J. Buenzli, P. Springer, B. Loughman, T, Schlotrnan, J. Burke, F, Bacon, A. Hoover Leaning on table: R, Hernandez. Journalistic minded students have an opportunity to give bent to their talents in the school publications, The Prep Times, the monthly newspaper, and The Villan- ovan, the school yearbook. This 1955 edition of The Villanovan is the tangible result of their labors. lt is presented to the Student Body and friends of Villanova as a record in word and picture of the past school year. Though far from complete in its coverage, it is hoped it will be cherished more as the years go by, serving to recall a memorable year at Villanova. Through the past year the iournalism staff has also been regular in their pub- lication of The Prep Times. By means of this newspaper a monthly summation of campus news is presented and recorded for future reference. Villanova students attest to the popularity of the paper by their eagerness to receive it and their avidity in reading it. ' l 'wisil--Q l - ., us ..,.,A a l 5. Villanova students who prided themselves on their dramatic abilities had an opportunity to display their talents in the production "Brother Orchid." A popular play about gangsters and monks, it offered both comedy and dramatic sus- pense to the audiences. ln the lead as Brother Orchid was Tom France. ln supporting roles as gangsters were Jerry Mayo, Paul Springer, Jack Purl, and Tom Ginella, Tim Schlotman portrayed a bartender and Joe lnzalaco characterized an ltalian fruit vender, As Brothers in the drama were Frank Bacon, Jerry Lanyon, Milton Daily, and Byron Theurer. T, France, M, Daily and F, Bacon as Brothers in the play discuss a pressing problem, -..... I .vb . , :,. .- , . .4 ' . .A --7 Left to Right, Kneeling: T. Schlotman. Seated: T. Ginella, G. Mayo, J. Lanyon. Standing: B. Theurer, J. Purl, T. France, J. lnzalaco, P. Springer, F. Bacon, M. Daily. The play was directed by Mr. Woody Chambliss of Oiai. Backstage John Buenzli handled the sets while Chris Weigman pulled the switches on the lights. Mike Farrell and Bob Niemeyer assisted be- hind stage. The audiences at both performances of the play were pleased and thoroughly enioyed the actors' superior characterizations of their roles. lt is to be hoped that the presentation of a dramatic produc- tion will be an annual campus activity at Villan- ova. T, France, T. Schlotman and J. lnzalaco re-enact a tense scene of "Brother Orchid." 5 sh x.-. ZSSQQF S l 'H To divert from the routine of study, dances are held at various times during the school year. The past year has been punctuated by the Senior Dance in November, the Holiday Ball before Christmas, the Sock Hop in January, the if Sophomore Cotillion in April, and the Blue and White Ball for the Seniors in June. 11255 Mime' vu , . xx : X -92923 ' V' X XX MOTHERS' CLUB OFFICERS Lett to Right: Mrs. Mary Sorem, Secretary, Mrs. Nadine Merrill, President, Mrs, Aileen Berg, Vice-President. ll A N, -1-W' FATHERS' CLUB OFFICERS Left to Right: Mr. Kenneth Nugent, Vice-President, Dr James Moore, President, Mr, James Dolan, Secretary Standing: Father McGrath, Moderator and Treasurer ln the background of Villanova activities, but always ready to give their wholehearted support when called upon, stands the Fathers' and Mothers' Club. Their prime interest is to help make Villanova a better school tor their sons and the future students of Villanova. The Christmas Party and Dance in December, the Fathers' and Sons' Banquet in January and the Barbecue in May, are all promoted by these interested parents in order to raise funds for the various proiects they inaugurate. Without their helping hands Villanova would lack many improvements. Jordan Olivar, head football coach of Yale University, was the guest speaker at the Sixth Annual Fathers' and Sons' Banquet in the Palm Room of the Miramar Hotel, Santa Monica, California. The annual Villanova Barbecue ?az9zm4 Our words of gratltude seem lnsufflclent to truly express our ap precnatnon of those who have been so kmd as to and us un the productuon of thus yearbook by therr fmancral assistance We lust their names here In thus annual and hope It woll be In some way a testlmony of our gratl tude to them Without their help we can truthfully say that thus edltlon of the Vlllanovan may never have come Into exlstence May God reward them for thesr generosity and thoughtfulness Augustlnlan Fathers Augustlnlan Fathers Augustlnlan Fathers Augustlnlan Fathers Augustmlan Fathers Augustlnlan Fathers Bronx New York Chestnut Hull Penn Hollywood Calnf Lawrence Mass Rosemont Penn San Dlego Caluf Very Reverend Kenneth J Kennedy O S A Reverend Jose Veloz Santa Paula Calif Andres Alvarado Mr and Mrs Harold Berg Floyd B Brallnar M D Nash Brinkley Mr and Mrs A J Buenzll Wayne R Chappell Mr and Mrs Charles Czuleger Mr and Mrs John Czuleger Ernesto Davlla Mr and Mrs Frank S Dorner Dr and Mrs ClaudeG Drace Mr and Mrs R E Farrell R A Fortler Mrs Stella Gagon Mrs Florence Gavm and Mrs Fred Gholson and Mrs JamesA Gmella and Mrs WallaceL Harduson and Mrs James A Henry ' ' , , . . . . , Jr. . . I , . - . - Robert E. Borchard Albert C. Martin, Jr. Mr. . . . . ' Mr. . . ' . . ' Mr. . . ' . . ' . ' Mr. . . . . The Vlllanovan Staff Mr and Mrs W H Hoffman Henry Hunlng Joseph M lnzalaco Dr and Mrs J Dykes Johnson Mrs Jeanette Keesler John A Lagomarslno E G Laubacher J G Laubacher Mr and Mrs Thomas E Laubacher BernardJ Loughman Mrs Helen McCormnck Mr and Mrs A S McGonugle Mr and Mrs George D McGrath Mr and Mrs EdwardS Merrlll Jr Mrs JamesW Moore Mr and Mrs Fred Nlblo Jr Mr and Mrs Kenneth Nugent Mr and Mrs Henry John Oliva James C OMalley Mr 8.Mrs LucanoE Orrantla Mrs J R Crrantla Mr and Mrs Joseph P Reardon Don Reeder Mrs A M Richards Mr and Mrs George Rutter Dr and Mrs FranclscoS Rivera W F Roberge Mr and Mrs O H Rordor' Nelson D Rupp Edward A Ryan Mrs Esther Patro Mr and Mrs Anton:oS Pozos Mr and Mrs John H Purl Sr Juan Salgado Carl G Samuelson Jack Schlotman W:ll:am H Shallenberger KennethR Slmpson Jr Charles E Spr:nger Mrs Roberta S Theurer D C R T: y Mr and Mrs Oscar Torres Mr and Mrs Fred Tourtelot Mrs Edgar Tweet Mr and Mrs M:ke Vulov:ch Dr and Mrs James Warg:n Mrs A Bullock Webster Mrs M We:gman AFr:end mmeuca! 774520444 R N Combs Weld:ng Shop Ola: Domest:c Laundry Ventura H:ckey Brothers Ola: House Paper Company Ventura Jordano s Incorporated Santa Barbara George Macleod Construct:on Company Ventura Oaks Hotel Ola: Frank Keenan Owner Harry J Drewery Manager Ola: Electr:c Company Ola: Ola: Lumber Company Ola: Ola: Pharmacy Ola: Ola: Realty Company Ola: Rank:n s Sport:ng Goods Ventura Franz and Franz Rexall Drugs Ventura Rosa s Restaurant, Los Angeles Jack Rose, Ventura S E Rykoff 8. Company, Los Angeles Schre:ber's, Ventura John Sexton 8: Company, San Francnsco Weber Bak:ng Company, Santa Barbara . I . . . : . I . r. . , 'lle . . , . . Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Sorem I . . , I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I MIRRU GR APHIC 6223 San Fernando Rd Glendale 1 Calif 7 .Q ' .L lhe faithful reproduction l of the period mirror ., , . 4,0-.-. I ' dx . A, u 2' uv. .sm 'im'--y., ' ' ' V A 'Q v- y - 5-.y-yws--N 5.-5sx1so5..., 4 M IQ si. su. 5, Nh, .uf .A . I X -- ..: , A 6 x Wvh 'xi ' 1, - -.Y ,.-N.. 53 f g. QV fe if i 5 , 3 5 4 1 . 3 Tl., Q I . 1 , ff' 5 1 j if, 1"

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