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a Swmtw mpmmblie Warm O 1 x w N I x 1 w . SX 1 f ,L w X E I -U 5 I l -F1-V L W, g Wi ' QF- fj.. jgf L 5141- JY W1 eb: J mfs 2527 , 5- Mw ug wr xx M1251 Z5 F Wm em M W lil Y. V 3 W IE FX 2937 1 f S 2994 mann g g Chilli Here PQ 4 Ewullinn Dm Sximwxc Rm: A 'TRAVEL at gf-'X-FARI EDUCATION CO' SHIP TO: Bot 7444 Villa Ptttlt, California 92667 '1'1?1.E1f1t10lx111x1G ORMRING HOURS NA Weekedays, 7:45 AM to ztss PM 'it-tltglQ1M1t1-'llatzell 114974 47'Q 02 Qi 4 g2 t 4 4 4Lf4L4 111172111 1112 N 25 1 1 111110125 V 78 5 25 4 14.41111 .4 41117211111 ll 122 4 14' 1172711111121 11 152 5 4 11' 11401211 ll 204 2 4 1 BL444 4711121111114 11 250 H t 1 11011114 1 293 1 LWZX 11 214 Checlc liotcreclitcardorders E Total Pages Allottttlt X 373 '7 I4 I 4T4 , Ol 7 I 9 lg l 51 All. Prices in tltlt, ctltttltlgttt tttt tt GUARANTEED ' ' d' Until june 18, 1986 Clfllel' this yeCll', OUI' The excitement captures us illustrious Odyssey editor, along with an entourage of writers and , photographers, jour- neyed to the exotic land of the Spartan Republic. They went to search out and discover authentic, indigenous experiences and activities that the Spartans have developed to survive the mundane at- mosphere and rigorous de- mands of these magnificent lands known as an educa- tion. Just as they have done be- fore in the twenty-one pre- vious years, the Odyssey staffers once again put to the tough wear-test the academ- ics, as well as the extracurricu- lar activities depicted upon these pages. Here are the notes from the trip: i "As our entourage tramps across the frontier which sur- rounds the principality of Spar- tan Republic, a feeling of ex- citement fills the air. As we spy the border crossing at Taft Avenue, the entire group of us breaks into a 2 Opening ' A as we near the Dmdel' it -, IW -. L- , - ,Q ,-1-1-H if--2, :isnt J gffv- , -f- ,fa33., J-qzsc' - "Y gi -' isla m' I -alicia , if 1:2154 , ,N . I fy I 1- Z '4j1',4'2f:'2' ,aff in-' . 5 v,',q 1,4 51,1 ,, " ' rf,-2 Y - ' 14 1 " .,??:-fe' f 22 :-YQ, " ' DOSQ sign at CHROME ARM SP Wi SQDY anne SIQH my Palm frees were rhe primary ' e found on our planr hfe rhar w rrelr. and Samantha Cindy Mowrey Sherman Take Time ouT To call home - "Yes, Mom, The Trip was fine . . . " Here we are being greeTed by The cuITuraI oTTache for The SparTan Repub- lic: - Ms. Julia Thielman. 74 ,fl All phoios by Bunny TA X Pag e by Aniia Epler WTF Y ,,f' X af 1. ' Y fav ra"'J' QE firm! posT card shows The p of The main build ic view ' The area ings of 6 Safari Scrapbook Q CIFIOTOTTW- ,, F '1 : 5 . , 1. ,, 5 V- ,-,.f V, '43 f1'."'5qn : 5 7 7 ' ' 41.4 1 "neil , Wh A 455 C 'C ' .ijpz If f A Qggvd 7 W' , we-,V - jf, 'gf , 'ff 4' I, 'N X ,Q . ' ' if .4 1. ,. L, - ' 1' cf Jul, f ,J 9 ' .,.1 ' 'A 'sl-I X.. 75-X X Q . 'NR ff f ,-yd .. , L3UJ7.'LQ4jiL. WPVSW -NN qi , -. . I " I 4' wtf, wg ,. Y ,ff 'L --xf I N g.,ff"'1A4 I SPXTEX A ,Q's4 OwN I ,rv fx ,Q HN L: Aw ,I M 4 . X A ' "' ' P ' 'f .-inf' ' K2 . ? 51 1-3 ' 4-X 2 Qi 1 ,V ,I 1 ' L fx 4 , -.-Q 3 x, '-1 gn ' I v ' fry? ix 'gtk 1 ' r 'e Q, ? f 1 1 ' J Mark McPhereson eyes the native cuisine suspi- ciously, remembering the dinner scene in "The Temple of Doom." is 233' 5 Q., 5 'fm 4 If . ' 4-Q A run. The leaders slow from ex- haustion just before the main building, and the rest of us catch up, pausing in awe. A hush falls over the group as we all gaze at the new surroudnings. The as- phalt terrain glows lightly with the morning dew, setting a ro- mantic glow for our first pic- tures of this frontier land. "While our photographer rea- dies her camera for the first shot, we notice a sign facing west which reads 'Welcome to Villa Park High.' Our guide l quickly translates - in the dialect, this means 'Entering the Spartan Republic' l . f, 4 -Y J "0ur group breaks up into ' 1 5 , f- . -:-'fvrp two special interest sec- tions - our group goes off to see the sights, while another ventures off to the wilds to view the nat- ural wonders of this vast land. "Our first stop is the historic Spartan Forum - the focal point of most nationalistic gath- erings. Although most Spartans refer to this location as A roll of film shot on assignment: David Marsh, Julie Marsden and Mike Vert participate in the Big Wheel Race. Shelby Doane looks on as Shannon Geary is l crowned homecoming queen, VPHS's pepsters pose for the g camera, Pep Band plays at an J 3 it away game, and Jamie Nelson and Jim Anderson block a Co- 1 FTWGVICTWGA Safari Scrapbook Sl simply 'The omphitheoter,' it is known in the records by its more formol title. "We pose for o quick photo, then continue on to scimple the indigenous cui- sine ot on unpresumptuous little ploce known cis 'The Cofetorium.' The fore is of o sort never before encountered by ony of E the members of our por- ty. Une of our compony soys it reminds him voguely of Ameri- ccln fost food, yet he con't put his finger on the unique meth- ods of seosoning. Perhops he will explore this further in on upcoming story - ot ony rote, we viewed o few more sights ofter our mecil, ond then rejoined the rest of our group. "They tell of the beoutiful londscope of the lond, espe- ciolly the notive floro. We hove just enough time to coll home to let our loved ones know we hove orrived sofely before it is time to pick up our rented motor scooters ond check in ot our lodge. "Although there is much more to tell, pic tures con soy it oll bet- J terg Redd on . . . " if l .6 , mon A Sldwell W Greene C Mowrey OPe""'9 c Agay s Sherman K Snculum and M Mcvneresony P -ff ag :cl Q, ' I X LP MW mania Ummm ,xx ' i Andrew Cohen and Sean Roby forge ' Through The Treacherous T Terrain of The OuTback." AA Steve Simon and Sa- mantha Sherman defend Themselves againsT whaT musT be a hosfile animal. A Page by AniTa Epier Ali phofos by Bunny TA Preparing To speed off To The lodge, Sieve Simon and Kim Sie- phens climb aboard Their scaoT- 171' 'Az ii Safari Scrapbook By Chi-Chuan Lee Take a look ai lhe lag on your shirl. ll probably says 702 collon, 307, polyesler, ana made in Taiwan. l-lave you heard of Taiwan? Weil if you haven'r, lei me fell you aboui il. Taiwan has 48,000,000 people, ana is an is- lana off ihe easi coasl of main- land China. Japan is above ii, ana Hong Kong is below. The weaiher is like Thai of California, buf wiih more rain, and no winier. The people, like rnosl Chinese, ear rice as lheir main aiel. lam a good example of fhis. lslill have rice ev- ery aay. There are also no cheer- leaaers in Taiwan. llike American cheerleaders. l am glaa' io be in ihe U.S. , ff AA E ,Q i Q Song leaders Lisa Advani, Shannon Geary, Shelby bYA"""Ep'e' .lg l I ' Doane, Shelly King, and Sandra Osumi perform a rouline for a pep assembly. 0 auf you CAL 714 -L TO'-L FR ' 974-47m Pep commissioner. Laurie Cumminings. by Susan Vance ,,,, , , .ir . W 142413.55 1' 55:15 gf ' rw' as Opening ,dw ff The 4985-6 Varsily song leaders are from righl lo lefl: Sandra Osumi, Lisa Advani, Shelly King, Shannon Geary, ff! ,. A' Shelby Doane, and 'MQW V. 'T' Jill Cassen. lil mined remllll llle Y? The ll lllollgl llllChm was Gi crowd l mere lfillbsol ggjd Shel gpelll lllC welll. 'lllole week. i'Cll99i li il Sllmmcll 9- l l J -S :. 21:5 F". 'ef.x Rf I If r f w' I ,Z f l fl l,l0'l nj' fn'5 Jw' 1 f i film 'O t 1 65UWl- US' imlgef ovllij. iiiillli gnelllxii' Vorsify Song in acflon Showing spirit "This years VarsiTy Song sauad, Through aualiiy performance, main- Tained The same high sTandards ThaT have been seen in pasT years." This remark by Ms. Thielman, pep sauad advisor, summed up her feeling of The year. The job of This year's VarsiTy Song squad was To promoTe school spiriT Through choreographed and improvised performances, ag games, iunchTime, and school assemblies. l'This year was a loT of hard work, buT iT was all worThwhile," said squad member Sandra Osumi. "When The crowd likes iT, ThaT's when iT's besT. There was no rivalry, we were all good friends," said Jill Cassen of The 85-86 song season. "lvly besT song pracTice was when I was ai volleyball," said Shelly King jokingly. The Song leaders, along wiTh The Yell squad, spenT mosT of Their summer pracficing, and helping The Teams during "hell week." "WaTer fighTs were a IoT of fun," said Shelby Doane, referring To 'lhell week." "Cheering wiTh all The girls is whaT made iT fun," said Jill Cassen, in summary of The year. X rfmillilliil up irulllj 0 , 'li wife., 1 . - . . f If ' I ,' 5 ,W ' c L .,f Varsiiy song leader sweaTer. Shelly King jumps for joy as lvlascoT Calhy Baker announces ThaT The Sparfans have won The fooTbaIl game. Shell 1 Page by Dave Wise and K Wakamofo Varsity song leaders I X X XX S. X. :vw ff of .L, - V X -.. - -,K in X :J --.A ,J C XC '1X'Xi 'eczii f' Gnd ret :Xi fc' 'me sky, --.NNN 'S N "'s.N "'--.. M-1 N'-...M xi. ""x.. X. , . A J-1' :N-L -Mx -.M . N X .WXNX ., X- -.,, X, x '-. QF kr E' , 7 1 R wig, ' I In ' Ig, Q . if fzfggfffw C 5 ,, . ,...,..X.f.... X -....,.....X.....,... -... 4-XN.---,.A.-.0 4 -W-. W...-4 ,..M., 1... A-suv-I -....--.1 ,, ,.,.N,.,.-,,. 'HXJXX XX XXXXX' IX' 'xml' '-XM, ' ' N ' km-, I-"H" ,N -QR X M "'-. , Uv., "xx L 'au'-v L ,x - - X J, I, A ' AM., Af. X . ,..,1 4 I I, MK,-ml . L.,, 'f-XX, V ,R ,X ' ,"'-'. -B-1-.. 'P-A. sk. , ' X' V-E X V, X-,Rigt 2--1X.,X -,X , X. 1.4.-W , 4.,H -mm - my P, , .- X, - X - " fam! ,H 'fu 'ffiiizla-5"V--fl:-,ua '--. 1 I '-l?'4:X4f , ,""'.,4C5i:: -1. H' , , wXzwf, wh, XX ' V751 X ' A 1, ffm., X N ' ' 'f4f4,,,. X K ' ' 7 1:4 N. ' 16 14 , X X sta X A X is X- X E X i X I J A. 5, X X ' X X X X X Y ' Q X 5 ' X Xi X 1 ' 0 I X IX X XX: VX, U Ullllyy ww lm Qi 35 ici me. I. f. ? :. I Wi r Y 3 . ? r Z 2 4 ' 1 '. . ' :NMA "" if V ---71,31 f. A . N ... ,. "M Varsity Yell Hard Work "We just want to have fun," stated Robin Weissman, 85-86 Varsity Yell sauad member. "This year we had excellent atten- dance from the cheerleaders. They kept up their enthusiasm, and did their job without complaint, even during the hard times," said Ms. Thielman, Varsity pep sauad advisor. This year's Varsity Yell was responsible for boosting school spirit and generating school pride. "l wanted to be on the Yell squad because I knew that l would have good memories of it after high school," said Yell member Wendy Patrick. "We all had fun together," stated Meghan Domer, first semester head Yell leader. 'lThey gave up their entire summer," noted Ms. Thielman. llThey all worked very hard." Yell Leaders Kara Maruoka, Robin Weiss- man, and Wendy Patrick perform at an assembly with Songleaders Jill Cassen, Lisa Advani, and Shelly King. by Cheryl Gubler When the man from the l?otary Student Exchange called and told me that the England ex- change was cancelled but that l could go to Germany, l thought, "Germanyl Whats in Germany?" No l-lard Rock Cafe, no Laura Ash- ley, no Charles and Di, boy was my vacation going to be a bore! When l arrived, l soon discovered how wrong l had been l am not a scenery freak, but while taking a cruise do wn the Rhine l?iver or driving through Ba- varia l was in awe. it looked like everything had jumped out of a fairy tale with all the castles, and greenery. Kodak made a bundle Off my film bills. lt was incredible. lt's one thing to see it in a book, but it is entirely different to actually be there. All in all, Germany was excel- lent! it was definitely my best sum- mer ever. Robin Weissman keeps the intensity of the night alive. Varsity Yell Juniors Cheerleading Shannon Mulh, Deanna Holle Audrey Osuml A ond Barbara Qunnper: form in unison. The 4985-86 Junior VorsiTy Yell Leoders reolly hod Their work cuT ouT for Them. WiTh The obsence of o Sophomore squod, They hold To puT in exTro Time. "I ThoughT ThdT cheerleoding wos o good exper- ience ond d wdy To moke friends," sold JV Yell Leod- er Tracy Elchandy. 'll enjoy oheerleoding couse we hove fun," sTdTed Kelly Kindl, JV squoid member. Though Things were o liTTle rough oround The edges in The beginning, The JV squdd come TogeTher groce- fully. 'lWe dll hod our differenT circles of friends, buT we sTill uniTed os o whole body," sToTed The enTire JV sduod in dgreemenT. JV Yell Leoder, Barbara Dunn, oommenTed, "When l look book on my junior yedr, l'll olwoys re- member The fun Times I hdd cheering." Shannon Mulh ond Deanna Holle do o cheer oT The Junior VorsiTy TooTboll gome ogdinsT FooThill. O ll Opening --. All photos by Darren TesTG lh, lley gwi J Dim it W il fa: -54 3 JV Spirir G' lh ' All y e Ives elr L 4 A "WhaT happened To The Sopho- .ri ' more Cheerleaders?" The bare A faoT is ThaT There are no '85-86 S T' S T' ' Sophomore Cheerleaders because few girls Tried ouT for The squad. Many facTors oonTribuTed To The lack of inTeresT shown by The soph- omore girls. One signifioanT reason is PGQGSDYKGU WC'TC""O'O ThaT girls can only be a pep sauad member for Two ouT of Their Three years causing many To skip Their sophomore year and Try ouT for The JV and VarsiTy sauads. Also, be- cause of fall TryouTs, Sophomore Cheerleaders oannoT aTTend cheerleading camp or praoTice over The summer. 'll feel ThaT noT having Sophomore in X3 Yell Leaders refleoTed on The soph- omore class spiriT," said VarsiTy Yell Leader, Kara Maruoka. 5.- T E T, . ,ml -fgwmy, T .f .5 4 F I, ....., I , , W, lin KL T985-86 JV Yell Leaders - BoTTomz De- anna Holle, Audrey Osumi. lvliddle: Shannon Mulh, Barbara Dunn, Tracy ET- chandy. Top: Kelly Kindl. JV Yell I I I I ,Ig If 4. Q1 lil I .I-I Ii I II 'Il I -It Il -III iig II? 7 eil. I: II 'IIT AfTer a SparTan firsT down, The cheer- X leading squads of IasT year and This year cheer The players on. ITU Q 2 Q , Ev 9 ' j' I I Villa Park Spartans I I Iii: I' vs. y If . s.A. Valley Falcons , f II" I 'III t , I I.. W Hill Jamie Nelson breaks for yardage off The all Q blocks of Jeff Zaremba, 62, Pele Molinari, S a n ' 58, Sleele Kelly, 50, Pal Glenn, 113, and , I Dave Lawhon, 77. ' 9,13 qi a C r n e Jeff Zaremba, Jamie Nelson, and road QQ G d ll. Ramos successfully sTop SanTa Ana Val- ' A I4 To 7 SparTan lead opened The Homecoming haIfTime exTrava- IG-v'S FUHHIFIQ DOCK- ? ganza. Five young ladies, driven in CIeneTs, made Their way inTo The sTadium Track in fronT of The fan-filled siands. "All The preparalions for The fifTeen minuTe show were really worTh iT," said Jill Cassen, one of The chosen princesses. She also sTaTed, 'IIT was a surprise and an honor To be on The courT, and iT's someThing I V will never forgeT." The girls were firsT recognized as princesses afTer being nominaTed l by members of all of The fall sporTs. A The aueen, Shannon Geary, was chosen by The sTudenT body in WYSUI Their Third period classes. "I'ilIun "JusT being on The courT was a surprise, buT being chosen queen WISP was someThing I never expecTed," said Shannon. She also sTaTed, l'Being crowned is an honor I will never forgeT and always look back upon and srniIe." I4 Opening By Albert 81 James l Now The Villa Park SparTans says The announcer as The players sTampecle ouT, cn -4 Z l Q T 3 O 3 z O Q D D CD Page by Brenan German The organizer of The Homecoming fesTivi- Ties was Tracey Hunt, who worked auring The summer ana The firsT parT of The school year To puT The show TogeTher. She sTaTecl, "I'm glaa The sTress of puTTing iT TogeTher is over, buT l ao feel ThaT iT was a suc- cess," .. KX' use llnill 4 Lisa Rojo sings our Alma lVlaTer wiTh alumni songleaclers Jennifer Dunn, LeAnn Lundberg, mascoT Kyle Myers, ana Peo Commissioner Katie Czark. T Homecoming Game Crowned Glenn and Once again a tradition was performed to its perfection. VPHS 4985 Homecoming was a memo- rable experience, especially for the 4985 King Pal Glenn and Queen Shannon Geary. The court also included: Brad Lynn, Lynn, Mark Johnson, Gerry Lins- meir, and Craig Pollard. The prin- cesses were Vivian Broadway, Jill Cassen, Shelly King, and The court included - Mr. Cassen, Jill Cassen, Mr. Broadway, Vivian Broad- way, Mr. Wilsher, Queen Shannon Geary, Shelly King, Mr. Mclnlosh, Shelby Doane, and Mr. Doane. Geary Shelby Doane. On October 49, 4985, the re- turning King, Henry Whiebrink, arrived to crown the new king, Pal Glenn. When asked how he felt, he replied, "l was surprised!" Half-time at Fred Kelly Stadium began with the arrival of the prin- cesses who were individually driv- en in convertible clenets. They were then led by escorts Craig Mordock and James Clark, to- wards the dias. The event con- cluded with Villa Park defeating Santa Ana Valley 34 to 24. The ceremonies may be over, but the memories will always remain. ymcegs Shelby Doane Steps from The Craig Mordock esoorTs Prlnoess Jill :ar wlTh The help of James Clark ' Cassen Towards The alas, Gnd James - by Alben DY Amen Alben ana James and -100195 Queen Shannon Geary. Princess Shelly King beams as she walks Towards The resT of The oourT. W Q I' -v4 'L fl 'J my I l D ' U '4 Z Q 3 0 J Z 0 G3 5 D cn if K N. DUO ueqlv AQ Page by Mary Buxlan ana Genalyn Talavera sewor 1 Hui ha, is ' ' 1. ,- - f 0 , ,ite nj. , f f Q ' -gf T . L" 3 ' '.3Q..J,,. f-it 4 . ,J Y, ,A .,? ,U T -fn .,,,:f, ,Q ' 9, 3-'. 5-Ao Y T 'wr ' 'Yi EF, I faq , , I-1,7 sf' .:? y. nl , .1 ,Yea EQNQ. " - Lf--f'5fiP'Qo-g . F gf- , A 4'fj1.L:' U" ff J 'Q A - J .. T as J ' Vivian Broadway and esoorT James Clark pose by one of The renTed Homecoming Court Homecoming Dance "Classique Memories" for All The weekend began wiTh Friday nighT's fooTball game and a vicTory over SanTa Ana Valley High School. The SaTurday following The game, The Homecoming dance was held. This year's Theme, "Classique lvlemo- ries," seT The mood for a ro- manTic evening. The music was provided by "Guess DJ," who played Top 110 hiTs. Slow dancing was preferred by many. Popular songs such as l'Heaven" and "Missing You", were heard Through- ouT The gym. ThroughouT The evening, The couples enjoyed The aT- mosphere of fun and ro- mance. Besides dancing, couples had Their picTures Taken, aTe and drank re- freshmenTs and socialized. All in all, iT was an evening To re- member. w. T I 1... Q, I Y Q. f . . , -QQ . if A Q :qv L Vw, 1' f ,Jw f av Q, ."' r P af' 8 t K V' In my " i AQ' ' i . , Ken Drobish, Mary Herms, Trevor Kirshner, and Stephanie Marlin enioy The aTmosphere. Opening wx -v' 4 ,-.1 P' X 'M , , if 'Q D ,K ,i' , A " A ,, N, 7' gif X' 115: L' L if' 5 Y 0 W ' X 44, A 1 j' fp A 2 f 1 V pl' w i JIU! f, 1, ,, 7 il, fy Q ' 21? V. I: 45.1 If ji ' N 4 f fp ' xfu l yf A f 'J A - ,'.' 110 - , ,gigs E 2 ,I ' Jn'-"I, uf 1,1 I V, A ' 1' V, Os :mg ' Hp CQ 5 A QQ. A f ' fy, .,.. A Q, :ff ' r 04- 11714 I 4 ff " ., ' , V .-vga 1 - 7 Z ' Q7 W ! M . ' ' ,f,VZy. , ff , ' ff I ' , 1 f fp, a 4 Q 4 f aa V , Q Z ,Q , ,f - 4 , '-fbi I-'W' f V, +7 ' H4 'gi . ,. I Vw, I ff. 3 , 5,7 .. u.. : f ff' Ig ! ,, , ,, 4 3 . ff 11' 1? lf f Q.,- ,V 1?42' if fm 4, ' 1 ff! 'Zim f 9, , 4.. , A ,fc ' ' f ,V . 6 -Mfy, , 'P 7 f f x S1 -., VX, ', 7 'z P- :- History of th World In order To promofe school uni- Ty, SpiriT Week was condensed from Three days inTo one. The overall Theme was "HisTory of The World." Each class Then voTed on and chose a parTicuIar era. The sophomores Qof The fifTies, The juniors decided on The roaring Twenfies, and The seniors de- clared Their Theme as W.W. ll - lVl.A.S.H. Alfhough on paper This seemed like a good idea, in pracfice iT Turned ouT differenfly. The sopho- mores didn'T have any class offi- cers and so Their Theme was cho- sen for Them. The juniors Transformed Them- selves info colorfully risaue flap- pers or mafia hiTmen complefe Privafe Shelly King shows off her army faTigues during inspecTion To Capfain Jack Samuels. Kip Ashlon and Sharon Hockman dis- cuss The BBQ. aT lunch. Combaf soldier Mike Verl finds a com- forfable place To wafch ouT for any possible enemies. Opening Chilli, wi mllllies '4 l f . fp I l l 'v Y, l Brenan German Takes a break from acTive duTy and relaxes on The com- mand paTrol vehicle. by Lydia Dunn by Andrea Baker Since moving To California, I hadn'T visiTed my home counTry, England, in five years. So, during The summer of '85, I wenT back To visiT friends and relaTives. While l was There l decided To Take advanTage of The siTuaTion and vis- iT ireland. l sTayed There for l7ve days wiTh my friend Moni- ca. ireland was differenT from whaT we expecTed. The peo- ple were very helpful. We spenT our firsT nighT aT Queens UniversiTy in BelfasT. The ciTy was nice where we sTayed, buT oTher parTs were Nlled wiTh graffiTi. The nexT day we hopped on a Train going souTh, and goT off in a liTTle sea- side Town. From There we wenT To a Tiny village called Glendalough. Glendalough was The mosT peauTiful village l've ever seen. AfTer sTaying The nlghT in a Bed 84 BreakfasT we lefT The nexT afTernoon To visif a waTerfall which supposedly was The biggesf in Soufhern ireland. The waTerfall was gorgeous and we poTh ThoughT iT was worTh The long walk. We were caughT in a massive Thunder sTorm. We Took cover under some Trees, buT They didn'T help much as we were soaked. While we were Trying To avoid The rain, soldiers drove pasT and laughed aT us. Several days laTer we Traveled To Dublin, sfayed for a nighT, and Then headed back To Eng- land. Page by Lydia Dunn 81 Kymber Kirnes by Valerie Dun Old glory flew proudly over VPHS X ,f Dy Lydia Dunn ' ' Andrea Dornan, Cheryl Ashby, LinelTe Dodd, and Jody Greenberg smile on Their way To a sock hop. 6 Spirit Do y Spirir Unires Students wiTh Tommy guns. Even The seniors came ouT in less Than full force. Several TenTs were placed haphazardly on The grass, The breezway became a baTTlefield, and all The seniors were issued drafT cards. "The RasTa TenT was The high- lighT of The decoraTions," laughed Andrea Fris. "I almosT wanTed To go home because nobody was dressed up," com- plained Kelly Thomas. ParT of The problem was ThaT The nighT before, while everyone was Trying To decoraTe The cam- pus, iT rained, soaking all The signs. Some signs of life were shown earlier in The week when The ASB held class compeTiTions - a Tug-of-war, ski race, and big wheel races which added exciTe- menT To lunch. On spiriT day a professional D.J. played and a BBQ was held. Al- Though SpiriT Day was noT as in- volved or as spiriTed as in The pasT years, The SparTans of VPHS proved They sTill have school spir- iT Sophomores A.J. Sparks, David Wil- Iiamson, Tony Inga, and Chris Morrow srruggle vainly To win The Tug-of-war Big wheel racers were Beth Slewarl, Kip Ashlon Erin Myers and Mall Klein 9 by Lydia Dunn 'f W vi mf By David Morrison li is a yearly rifual in my family fo gei rid of me by shipping me fo Oregon every summer fo visif relafives. Lasi summer was no excepiion. So offl weni To Bonanza, a small farming communiiy in Souihern Oregon. l had lived fhere from fourfh grade Through eighih grade, so if was an opporiuni- fy fo visif some old friends. As usual, l visifed wifh my grandparenfs. They live apouf 40 miles our of Bonanza, on Bly Mouniain. They lead a simple life, cooking wifh a wood siove. fishing, hunfing, and going ro church on Sunday. My old friends andl weni fo Klamafh Falls a lof. lf's The largesi cify in fhe area, wifh a popularion of around 25,000 For fun we saw movies, played video games, and cruised Main Sfreef on Friday nlghi. "Cruising Main" is fhe pig evenf where everyone Tvvenfy one years or younger from fhe area goes info Klamafh Falls and drives around looking for a parfy or some friends. Well, as l recall my journey, lrememper fhaf l never made if fo any par- ries fwe couldn'f find anyj. Whaf a lei-down. Anofher average summer jusf looking for somefhing fo do. if is ar fhose Times fhaf l realize how forfu- nafe l am io live here. TPM 4rwflF- Poge by Kymber Kimes 8: Lydia Dunn Cn F W0 I S CO. Gerry Linsmeier discusses The C hen and P.O.VV. David Voyen. HMM ' .f.'4fMz1zp?22LlZ v, ff-2344 v'iff:E7 ,. L 1743: wah? vf1IEWZW'. ff33Zf5ZZ7?PfkZCG161. 327' " I T' rio Team Rasia Tehi wiih Dr. Andrew Co 3 . . . while seniors Jeff Rodnow, Jeff Zar emba, Sam Oh, and Howard Saldarinl keep Them in compeiiiion fa, ' W, Wow- 1 H , ,4 My 1 I ? 4 X --f In 7 f WU. , ,, I , I., ,, . .1 mf if f 1 -1 " ,A -1 ,..f 1 as. f W ,fab 1 ,nun 7 gym, c w 9 4 5V1z1.5, W' 'L' vffffz,-1, 1 , 'A A 1 um S 7 f 4.1, 1 ' Jwagq 113.101 uf f' qw .14 . . ' ' 'M ffwygfi f.-N ' 7 ,,f 71 4 Y 1.5: 4 1411 1 2522 Ll f ,,, ,. f I, , . hqwy, 1, ,fa f 1 W f Nl. M 1 1, Ll! 4 M59 K AU l HLA l I L ACTI V ITIIES 0 A AND STYLISII X S'l'UIlEN'l'S Q5 9? if ,Q xx vV'S1P'x 19 9 sf' V Y' xv-9? N69 Q9 QS' 'l 5-86 school year nture. The first was the "Hi Dance." After this came S irit Da Homecoming P Y then ' . g consisted of game on Friday fo ed by the dance on night. llow In o junior onci senior lunch Time big wheel oompeiiiion, senior Gerry Linsmeier pushes senior Mike Vert To viciory over junior Da e Marsh ond his ooriner Jason Wilkerson Spartan LL! f Our next Rush day, where stu dents signed up for various clubs hl "Boogying through yards," the students then found the Sadie Hawkins dance. Next came time for VPHS females to take out their fathers. After this came the Cornation dance. The next stop on our excursion was mothers' night out with their daughters. During all these stops, there were band competitions, stag dances and other club ac- tivities to keep stud busy. The end of our trip w annual Junior Senior All and all our journey for many through the 1985-86 school year was adventur- ous. POQSDVJ R dJffZ SDOVTOVWS: Sporting Lif Tracy Grallo pushes herself os she for The fihlsh lihe. ., fgi,.,f,.f..,.,, W 5 OTTGFTWDTS To oreok oholher school recorcl. Leodlhg The oock, Bill Meyer heods By Boo Brlggs 6 Shelly King blocks The Doll os Tammy Harris covers her, Rance Rcndels cohcehlroles ihlehsely os she clis- oloys her oockhohcl. Sfudenr Life Bl MW Trevor Kirschner, Randy Buck, James Clark, KC Nowak, Craig Ackley, John Carcich, and Roberl Frackellon lisTen as Coach Ehrlich explains The second half sTraTegy. Tailback Jaime Nelson cuTs upfield as fullback Dave Rose prepares To block Jaime's would-be Tackler. SporTs. Why are There such a large number of SparTans in- volved? NoT many aThleTes will go on To compeTe in college. Are The injuries worTh iT? Dave Rose, varsiTy fooTball player and wres- Tler has had Three major injuries. He has had a broken wrisT, a dis- locaTed shoulder, and bone chips on his knee: all of which he had To have surgery for, YeT Dave sTill re- mains in sporTs. "I don'T Think abouT The injuries, jusT The game. I worked all summer long: you can'T expecT me To auiT jusT be- cause of an injury," explains Rose. This year alone on The TooTball Team There have been Two con- cussions, Two Torn knee liga- menTs, Two dislocaTed shoulders, rupTured disks, bone chips on a knee, cracked ribs, and a wide varieTy of minor injuries. VViTh all This in mind, we musT ask ourselves why? WheTher iT is The Thrill of compeTi- Tion or jusT The love of sporTs, SparTans everywhere give Their besT To make VPl-lS's sporTs num- ber one. 6 Sports Feature ASB Cabiner xecul-ive As in The pasT, The ASB planned mosT of The acTivi- Ties found on campus This year. Gerry Linsmeier, ASB presidenT, presided over mosT of The meeTings. ln The evenT of his absence, vice presidenT James Clark was in charge. Some acTiviTies The ASB planned included skiTs To im- prove school spiriT, headed by Commissioner of Pep Lau- rie Cummings. Homecoming and SpiriT day were also ASB organized evenTs. AddiTions This year includ- ed "The Wish Box," in which sTudenTs asked for Their wil- desT wishes To be granTed. I Typical wishes were like 5 Those of Mike Wynsen, who won a daTe paid for by The ASB. OTher new addiTions To VPI-lS were benches and Trees, puT in by Commission- er of Grounds Brad Lynn. SACBE, headed by Mike Verl, worked for an open campus. Craig Mordock, head of ICC, planned club rush and oTher service pro- jecTs. Senior class presidenT Lara Sleensland and HisTorian Mike Farrell worked on The senior slide show, To be shown aT The end of The year. ASB board L To R - Kathy Keany, Wendy Fox, Kelly Thom- as, Tracey Hunl, Gaylene Pi- cano, Lara Sleensland, Laurie Cummings, Gerry Linsmeier, Mike Farrell, Craig Mordock, Ric Jansen, Ken Domer, James Clark, Brad Lynn, and Mike Verl. zz Student Life Board leads VPH Ms Thielman leads The congress meeTing, while board members Gerryi Linsmeier, James Clark, Mike Verl,' and Brad Lynn lisTen.l F l ,K 4 ,fl 1 5,','t:l if 1' E l ,161 lcuriec M0ld0g iuiell re Jumesr llureg if puliebym WDM, We We ibeis ' Mikes: I llnn lgig i V, il' i I 'i i 1 if r M54 - 4? ', ,- .r. gffmsa' A.,-,,: - V Mr- . v ,M ..,. g , , ' Q ,fagf 91 IC aw, .rg -9, , 3-x Laurie Cummings, Kelly Thomas, Craig Mordock, Lara Sleensland, and Mike Farell relax ai a Congress Meeling. James Clark, ASB Vice Presideni, pre- pares 'ro hand oui baliols. Page by Mary Buxion and Dave Wise Board of Coniroi members Iefi io righi, Top row: Kasy Nelson, Erin Slawson, Krislen Vicario, Judi Bor- lle, Juslin Burnham, Middle row: Su- zie Barneil, Kari Bulcher, Commis- sioner, Gaylene Picanog Froni row: Trevor Kirshner, Andrew Cohen EVQQ SCVFQQ 7506 f is i .y N, g , , QPU' .QV C ' - . fi '- N1 "if .rm if' H51 fqipa. .r if C V, 2 iw fi' 5 Q ,- - ,Y 'pl' 4 , v Q-X '- 'Z ' J ' ' A' .. ,,.af,4f 'F 55" C "Q, i' X. 'Sf 55 9 ASB CABINET Narure Calls POTTY PASSES Mr. Moody s Care Bear awalTs for a sTuclenT To pick him up Below losT arm from Mr Johnson s manne X quin has become a popular hall Z.--NX As you walk up To The mosT wicked Teacher on campus you Tremble inside and your face is beeT red. IT is a case of Hall Pass Phobia." You musT ask This Teacher for Their hall bass To go on a long embarrassing journey To The resTroom. This is whaT every sTudenT musT go Through many Times in Their years of schooling. The fear of asking for a poTTy pass can some Times be incurable! Some Teachers Tell Their sTudenTs To grab The pass and leave wiThouT asking. When you go To do This iT can be worse Than ask ing. WiTh everyone waTching, you musT walk in fronT of The class and grab The pass. Now all of your classmaTes will A lf if ' ' 3? 1 l , ,g 0 41 sl ' ts? l IT Takes varsiTy fooTball players Rodney Turner C495 and Tom Kelly H225 To carry Mr. Mahoney's exTremely heavy hall pass ' V 'f ir lip mfw lgffs ' 'h S A T55 if ,lv Fay -I -, - 5 y... . . T fl gm .. , 1 " il? 4dm4,, , . 7x bl T. e-53' . iglpy' -4-fn. Cheryl Gubler Talks on Telephone pass from Miss Laughingh- ouse's class while making a Trip To The girls resTroom. Q32 Student Life .76 Meg Domer looks for the girls res- 9 QMS troom Through Mr. BaiIey's original f W0 , vPHs ' Sf toilet seat, 'TVSW fw'!,,wif.f' 1' gf, M. ' , GU X T Of? ADW 1 1 f -T 1 Z5 1990 " "'+.L:f,,.'7j,'-2.2,3f,a"ffZfa,,"1?f'M211-. Ol, f, db iii COA- '46 The students of Mr. MeuImester's photogra- 2 phy class use an old camera for a hall pass. if? AG- r photos except noted by Susan Vance figure that you are going to the TTY." After returning from your restroom journey, side affects come. Friends will make stupid re- like: "What took you so long?" and "I thought drowned," etc . . . As a student you have made co mplete fool of yourself just because of nature s T the actual trip You feel that the whole world tching you from the minute you pick up the pass you return. When leaving the class you ask your- what your friends and fellow class are thinking. The students are not the only ones who will embar you. The teachers can also be auite cruel. They ask you things like, "Why can't you wait till lunch?" as if we are super heroes with the ability to nature back. Whether girl, boy, athlete, or computer whiz, all stu- have this HALL PASS PHOBIA. It all begins with simple question, Can I go to the potty, teach he embarrassment is not only in asking, but also in wa Steiner looks relieved after making a long tiring trip with Moody's rock to the restroom. MMT? Page by Susan Vance and Kara Maruoka 6 I Hall Passes Q Q i Michelle Fang, Cynthia McKay, Rus- sel' Befgmdn, Shanne Ho and Steve Flag LieuTenanT Sandra Preston prepares Smilh DGWOVVTT GT The UVONQG QGVWS- for The Mission Viejo compeTiTion ' VTE? W.: K. Flag and dance members work TogeTher during The field show season. 6 1311 Srudenr Life '..l"ff1Q ' . , ,i ' 'iwrl-,143-' ' Jyvi, Zf,m,,2. f, f 'fwfr ' , T '.:V,,,,,, ,N , ff, xzwfz-.,"' 0. .,,, f f . - I T: . .' 'Wa' 'fqf,i.ff-'rw wr vs:--' ,Z . f- n . L I . ff 2cI,1,'lifQ2'4vJff.' u T 1, T T4 W .m,wQ2l'i",i ,. ' W 'K L' 244 'fl Qg 'aus' 155 15, Y 'Ti-'ff -1 :sf T gf Ti"-'T 1' ' -'Fl' 513' ay v N, . By Michele Lado Dear Mom, Well, here we are in Madison, Wis- consin. We're here for The Drum Corps lnfernafional Championship. One of my boyfriends' pesf friends is a Sanfa Clara Vanguard. They are really good. We all hope They win. lT's really amazing Thaf we are all geTTing along. There are 7 Teen- agers and 3 adulfs. Lasf nighT we sfayed in Ufah. My boyfriend James, and my ofher friends Jeff, Jeanna and I spenf The nighf oufside be- cause if was so clear, buf when we awoke aT 4:00 To gef ready To leave There was ice on The pillows. We're really having fun, and we'll see you soon. All my love, -MMM 'iii f O Jacquelyn Schulkey, and Shanne Ho are exciTed abouT The evening's performance. VPI-IS lviorchin' Sparrons' "Awesome Women" Small buT mighTy in sound and performance, The VPI-IS ulvlarchin' SparTans" sTep off The side lines To The sound of 'New World Symphony." As drum major Candace Wilson and majoreTTe Allison Rose walk up The field, The cheers from The specTaTors begin To fade To The sound of music. This years ulvlarchin' SparTans," under The su- pervision of Mr. Kevin Huelsman and Mrs. Bar- bara Kurek, seT high goals. The members of The band and pageanTry corps sTrived for perfecTion and precision. They were under The direcTion of drillffield designers Ron Hayden and Morgan Zeilinger. Ron and Morgan were never fully saTisfied, There was al- ways work To be done eiTher in music or on The W V . field. jg., N H A E The SparTans decided To dedicaTe This year's D shows To The memory of Don Young. T Median. iii for The Dir' gfrgmpiorri ybesiiieiiil ward. iieii ,Ope mei i' mai we iii iii' 9 are f iosi riiiii 'f gyillefidjam is Jeii. PM my ollfiide V apiriiiii rd wifi See T' Aage by Kymber Kimes Q Tall Flags 4985-86: I. To R, J. Reeves, L. 5 Bernhard, C. McKay, A. Blanco, J. E Schulkey, L. Mclnlyre, C. Melcalf, E Lieul. S. Preslon, M. Lado, W. Wang, and Capt. K. Brooks. Q 1 Bondfoffrr Jil By K ymber Kimes son Hi everyone, ijusT wanTed To wriTe and Tell you what o greoT Time lhod in Lake Arrowhead over The summer. My friend Michelle Lines ondl wenT up To her faTher's cabin, and even Though we only sToyed for a shorT period of Time, i ioved iT. The minuTe we goT in The door iT seemed ThoT The phone never stopped ringing as our parenTs consTonTly coiled in To see how we were doing. Once we seTTled in our new residence, we were ready To enjoy The surroundings. Our firsT nighT There we jusT soT at home playing cord games, buT by The next morning we were oT Win- chell's for doughnuTs and on The dock by sunrise. The high poinT of our Trip was ice skoling at The ice Palace. NeiTher of us hod been skating before. buT we ThoughT we 'd give iT o Try. Michelle how- ever, wdsn 'T so eager To Try again oTTer suffering o few mishaps on The ice. Well, The Time come for us To go home, buT we boTh looked forward To The winter when we could build a snowman, and once ogoin Try our luck aT ice skoTing. ,L,,,,,.r,m.w-L.. 1 4985 86 lvlarchln Spartans L to R. Mr. K. Huelsman, M. Williams, M. Shidad, T. Prlce K Cantln T McCammon R Bergma R Barnes M Bartley E Batista, G. Farrell, J. McDonald, K. Stuetzul, D. Berg, M Bundy T Gorham S Smlth D Bevens Raymond E Haber R Strawn, N. Ristic, J. Delamare, E. Costanza, B. Monroe T Gibbs J Romandy H Hayashi K Kimes N Friedman S Olquan T Wohahn, K. Kawanami, S. Nelson, T. Raymond, D. Everllng S Preston C McKay J Shulkey Blanco M Lado W Wang J. Floccari, L. Bernhard, L. Mclntyre, C. Metcalf, J Reeves K Brooks C Wllson S Corbett Ho H Frschle S Park M Fang, C. Doyler, J. Kirby and A. Rose. And THQ bond Played On J. 1' A 1 1 Don meonT o IoT To The people in The bond, ond This is our woy of remembering him," sToTed flog FTTGFTTDGF JGGDDG FIOCCGH. While The bond oonoenTroTed on perfeoTing Their sound Toll Flogs direcTor Belh Sully, dnd Donoe Drill ddvisor Mcrgerie Goldsbcnd sTrived for perfeoTion wiTh This yeor s pogenTry corps. 'll see good Things os for ds our new sTyle is concerned," sTdTed Toll fldgs odpT. Kathleen Brooks. BoTh Toll Tldgs ond ddnoe drill emphosized donoe This veor insTeod of precision. 'TAII of The girls hove ' VPI-IS T985-86 moioreTTe Allison Rose Tom McCammon smiles for The com- erd while Rob Shulkey conoenTroTes on The music. Poge by Kimber Kimes C I9 BondfDrill J I Flag members Sandy Preston, Jeanette Reeves, Cin- dy McKay, and Anne Blanco perform their routine for the audience. Dance Drill Capt. Jennifer Kirby moves in step with the music. ,fs DX X"-N X ,nf ., FX, ,ft - f.,v fr W. X5 ,A A-gy .ff"5Y'V J - ' ',?' f It A New image For 'W X '21 Danc g Drill l C ' o l E CD a E 5 Z ". y tm ,fsi-A lg by Norman McGrane Dance members Heidi Fischle, Shcrnne Ho, Michelle Fang, V, and Cheryl Dorler enjoy the routine. 5 TOLL FREE '?l4 - 97411 710 Kathleen Brooks applies make-up before the show. - D I ' Student Life XX lMl drc l fi I l U , I i S S it S...- Qt 7,4 18 gm 'li -3 su ills l Jlles , lllllll I Mlcnellllf Oy lOl Mrs. Kurek expalins flag roufines To Jeanna Floccari, while San- dra Preston is disTracTed by a band member. If Dance Drill H85-8o"2 S. Corbett, H. Fischle, S. HO, S. Park, M. Fang, CapT. J. Kirby, and LieuT. C. Dorler. ' -:yzzzm P g by Kymber Kirr really good aTTiTudes, and They all work TogeTher," commenTed dance drill capT. Jennifer Kirby. Being a member of The lvlarchin' Sparfans required hard work and dedicaTion, buT everyone seemed To enjoy Themselves. "lT's a greai way To show spirlT in your school, and Take pride in someThing you do well," sTaTed senior Trudy Wojahn. When asked how he felT abouT The chances of performing aT The World's Fair in Vancouver, Canada band member Russell Bergman said "awesome" This year was The VPHS "lVlarchln' SparTans" Time To shine! By Lara C. Mclnlyre During The summer, The Marchin' SparTans were in yiT- ed To march in a parade aT KnoTT's Berry Farm. lf was an honor To all of us, as we were The only band chosen To perform. This puT more pressure on us, however, as all eyes would be on us. We had To meef early, as usual, To geT ourselves ready To march. Once we arrived, we en Tered a gaTe, and marched our way Through The approaching crowd. We were very pleased wiTh our performance, and we lefT wiTh a greaf sense of accomplishmenr. Back aT school we all agreed ThaT The day was a greaT success. d!QLQOf 1 is t BandfDrilI Q Q, SWAICH WATCHES Perfect TIMING Far and away, The mosT wide- spread fashion accessories of The 4985- 4986 season were a parT of The Swafch line. Alfhough The main componenf of The Swiss- pased company's producfs was The "New Wave in VVaTches," Swafch sweaTshirTs, pockef knives, comps, keychains, um- brellas, posfers, and The "Maxi- SwaTch" - an enlarged wall-size Q clock in classic Swafch sTyles - could also be found among The possessions of a well-dressed VPHS sTudenT. lmiTaTions, such as "AwaTches," were less expensive alTernaTives for Those who could noT afford The sTeeD 340+ price of The real Thing. qfxspoe I3LE!5-SING PAISLEXY P I wIy Tfern inspired by The ouflandish fashion examples seT py The popular rock group "Prince and The RevoluTion," paisley hiT The VPHS fashion scene in many shapes and forms. Everyfhing - from high Top Ten- nies To panyfhose To The more mainsfream shirTs and panfs - dis- played The profozoan forms in psychedelic colors. VVhaT was once regarded as TIT only for Dad's old shirTs and Ties from The lsixfies now became The sTaple design for male and female fashion plafes alike. " r ' ' "c"1'--M-'-H--m--- W .... .,,,.,.- el- . "' ' A- , - 1s,4'---,ss-.7-,,,....,,,4 ,' Q. ,-5 , 5 .4 y Y a 15 2 4 I 'i I , -va I frm I T ii .4 1 V ' . X , , W: ff -1.4 , f' wi., ,,..1w'.. AZN' ,,,,,.- ' 11" . f -.Q 'ffaQ??.Q -"""'22f -"- M'-H -'N----" - .,.d.f,4.. g- 'f I I i I I , w I . 'i I i Ellbil Finl N "You noilsil' ' Illllllly gil GIIGI dq Even 1 OCCIISIO Deeis, n IIIIU il hq selves W 30 CIOIIQT DQODIG y IIOIIS," QI Ilflid TOT IIQily I0 IISQI IOI spec IQ Ifw ICS give Dense. i EXOTIC ENAMELS Finger WPS Nou spena HOW MUCH on your naiis?!" Thar auesrion is hearol loy many girls on The VPHS campus olay aTTer aay. Even Those vvho have pecome accusromea To The shock of Their peers, male anol female alike, sTill Tina iT hara To jusiiry even To Them- selves vvhy They parT vviTh TvvenTy or so olollars every Tevv vveeks To make people ask 'iAre Those your real hails," ana pe aple To reply i'VVell, l paia Tor Them, so I guess so." lviany girls who Tina The consTanT arain on Their paychecks Too much To pear have Their nails aone only Tor special evenTs, such as Prom, puT a greaT many feel ThaT The ex- Tra few millimeTers or peaury acryl- ics give Them is well vvorrh The ex- pense. i ill-lliYlES'l-OIT-TTES Sl5AlfTl.l4LE lil ll il,y,,,,,Lf's ywaii U li Mar r' r ' ' 'iii 4' " 'W lWMilEPS i , - ' . 1 RJ " U - -..' 1' o o o Diamoncls may pe a girl's iaesi' Triencl, pui' rhinesiones are more Trencly ancl foleiiriiieiy cheaper! Qui' Ql'Cil'iCj- moThers vvore Them To 'formal parTies ana clepuTanTe palls, pui' The girls of The eighTies vvear rhinesTones vviih iusi' apouT anyThing. Aiihough The 'faux gems may pe purchasea aT The jevveiry counTer of your TavoriTe cie- parTmenT sTore, The Gooclvvill or your ancienT aunT's jevvelry pox may yiela some TanTasTic Trims" in The phony cliamona aeparTmenT. FAST-IIGN UTNTDERFCOT :ness-ffkr all rl i ifl ia i CQ: ily, QQ X T' The only rule To go oy when choosing The "perTecT" pair of shoes To acceni' your chosen sTyle is - "Abandon All reason ana go vviTh your insTincTs." Ev- eryThing Trom The l3riTish aerobic shoes, i-Qeelaoks, To The nosialgic leopara- skin creepers can pe Touna siroliing The hallovvecl halls or VPT-iS on any giv- en clay. These ocla examples coexisi' vviTh The classic sTyles. ' Page Dy Anim Epief , f J NK vi ' , www , 'Wm . All phoTos by Anita Epler V Y ,, ......-.........-, Looking Good AWS AssociaTed Women STudenTs, a club To which every girl aT VPI-IS belongs, Thrived This year. The of- ficers presented 'Sadie Hawklns," "Date Dad," "Looking Good," and "Hi Mom." PresidenT Vivian Broadway T said, "All of The officers This year were very enThusiasTic." AWS officers: G. Mater, S. Barnett, M. Hare, T. Plantidosi, J. Marsden, C. Wil- son, A. Rust, V. Broadway, L. Steens- land, K. Butcher, C. Romero. President Dustin Grosse displays Key Club pin as Mike Brueck- mann, Jeff Leiva, and Steve Brase watch inTenTIy. Key Club The Key To Success T'Key Club, VPHS's all-male service club, was The mosT involved and organized Key Club VPHS has ever seen. AcTiviTies included a Red Cross blood drive. "We Tried To provide helpful community service while developing leadership in our members," said Dustin Grosse. Key Club: M. Vert, B. Meyer, J. Miller, C. Oh, J. Henig, M. Ko- lonowski, K. Weissenmayer, D. Grosse, E. Sach, B. Gallegher, F. Cabanes, S. Parekh, M. McPherson, R. Leiva, S. Brase, K. Snailum, D. Wise, A. Leum,'B. Tomlinson, T. McNulty, J. Ber- man, B. Beadle, B. Brown, M. Brueckmann, H. Kim, C. Stuart, K. Wakamoto, M. Powers, M. Firestone, T. Yee, J. Sorensen, D. Piper, M. Kuli, M. Klein, J. Amen, A. Rosen, M. Wynsen, D. Ya- masaki, S. Oh, J. Simon, P. Lambeth, C. Starett, K. Beck, G. Rainville, R. Jaques, D. Helmick, K. Johnson, A. Paulson, B. Er- nest, D. Morrison, J. Young, A. Malo, J. Ho, A. Cohen, J. Leiva and C. Rommel. C All Student Life l ii , Dear ll Hi, ll Val, C Ter. ll'5 beouil dlSiOfiC ll has also wi The mc One r loin url VTVGQQ i Touronl You cor has eve Thee To QSM flew ski Were s we cur dill' my lOl Torn France lGOllyl9 TTTSTQXL I Om QI: Well The slot X Fmbyrm 9 Nik, TE 'I Servic and Acad ' By Allison Culler Dear Nikki, Hi, How are you? i'm greaf. l'm in Vail, Colorado wiTh my dad and sis- Ter. iT's so fun. We are sTaying aT a beauTifui lodge ThaT is jusT walking disTance from The Gondallas. IT has been so cold up here. We also wehT skiing aT Beaver Creek. The mounfain is huge. One day we skied over The moun- Tain and down info The village. The village was beauTiful. They have res- TauranTs on Top of The mounTain. You can also ski in areas ThaT no one has ever skied. The only bad Thing is ThaT we have To geT up so early. lboughf a greaf new ski sweaTer. IT keeps me warm. We 're sTaying one week, buT I hope we can come back some Time. To- day my dad goT a privaTe ski insfruc- Tor for m y sisTer and me. He was from France and he was gorgeous. We really learned a lo T, andl wehT on my firsT experT run. IT was super scary buT l am glad l did iT. Well l have To go, lam going To hiT The slopes early Tomorrow morning. DY Lydia Dunn Nl-lS, CSF members: QsTanclingj Jeff Johnson, Mike Shaw, Arnie Paulson, KC Nowak, Tracy Grallo, Michelle Johnson, Jeanelle Miller, Deanna Kruse, Rebecca Miller, Sarah Ou- zounam, Tracy Nelson, Kari Head- nd, Lori Ashby, Karen Cole, Kim Wil- lms, Irene Lelchuk, Gina Maier, Da- mlc Club CSF NHS Make The Grade Becoming a member of The NaTional Honor SocieTy and The California Scholarship FederaTion is a special honor To VPHS sTu- denTs. ThroughouT The year They experience special privileges. Mrs. Sylvia Won, The supervisor for The club, felT The club was Tull of spiriT. ALO clil CALL 'K 'TOLL FYEEXEQZJ - vid Cohen, fkneelingj Chris Oh, Josh Henig, Ellie Slemmler, June Malsu- molo, Delia Perez, Palli Chu, Laura Gales, Simon Chiang, Michelle Do- sick, Susan Cho, CseaTedj Mike Klon- owski, Young Mi Dekeyser, Lara Sleensland, Alice Lim, Anne Ok, Mai Trinh, Susan Hill, Michelle Hare. Eric Sach, Bob Gallager and Chris Cosca are amused by a joke aT a Key Club TXLOG A10 meeTing. i --6Lwafmc,,ffM-- ... - on SQ' f QF P ge by Kei Snaiu YSSEY ServicefAcodemic Clubs Pqge by Mwe Powers E9 Dowd Yomosoku N N A 1 ,buvf X '1 Kevin Richardson cilsploys his oQiIiTy on 0 half pipe. X .- - --,.- . .5 C-""n 1 .Ha l BWV Pine J 'XG 4 'Sn ,- f A k . i Danny Pinedo defies Newton s low of grovlfv. V . V Donny Pineda shows off his moves, while Kevin Richardson ond Sieve Todd woTch A skoTer's shoes ore on imporfonf porf of his geor Kings of The Concrete Jungle The subculTure of skoTeboording hos conTlnued Through four generdfions, buT The currenf genero- Tlon hos The lorgesT following and is increasing dolly. His besT friend is his boord, ond sTreeTs, drainage difches, hold-pipes, and drained pools ore his do- moin. The average skdTer spends mosT of his Time skoT- ing, skdTlng, skdTing, ond possibly o few hours in school, l-lord hlTTing punk is d necesslfv To skoTe ef- fecTivelv. Some skdfepunks remain lovol To The Block Flag Hermosa Beoch movemenf, while oThers prefer To skdTe To The grinding of The Anguv Sd- moons, 7 Seconds, Circle Jerks, The Fdcfion, or J.F.A. The skofers' personal sToTemenT To The world is The boTTom of his deck ThoT is usually decordTed wifh sTickers, poinT, blood, ond splT. Skinned knees ond bruised bodies ore dolly rigors of skdfebodrd- ing. ul hoven'T broken any bones, buT I have o loT of SCGTS." sTaTed sophomore Danny Pinedo. SkoTeboording hos sTood The Tesf of Time, and iT will never perish. Almosf every Americon child hos owned o deck, some Trucks, ond four pieces of polvureThdne. The excepfion mighT be, Todd Ramos who sold, 'll've never ridden o skofeboord, ond l feel like o dork!" 1 Skateboard Feature Friends Don'r Friends Drive Drunls awaiT Telephone con. SADD provides valuable service Ps-13.0 67-3055 T me HSADD is one of The largesT and mosT acTive 44' clubs on campus," sTaTes PresidenT Bill Meyer. "Thanks To approximaTely 'IOO members, our club has been insTrumenTal in giving rides home To inToxicaTed sTudenTs." ln order To be acTive members of SADD, sTudenTs musT sign up To work weekends from 'lO:OO p.m. To 4:30 a.m. Two girls and Two guys, and one parenT siT paTienTly waTching movies and eaTing pizza, waiTing for someone To call. Why would sTudenTs donaTe Their valu- able Friday or SaTurday nighT To do This? Vince DeFalco, advisor, has The answer - "SADD members feel good abouT helping oThers and have communiTy pride in dealing wiTh one of socieTy's main problems." me ADD Bovine We 5 Roberl Frackellon anal Audrey Osumi T , ..,, ,.f,, , .f,,1,,,, QWW, by Mary Buxfon By Andrew Cohen EW uamvf laf50ll- I J I-' 5 l l il i if l fl lg Exiling The airplane afTer my eleven hour flighT, l was engulfed by The infense heaT and humidify. As l scanned The horizon, l vie wed The unfamiliar rock houses and mulficolored buildings. l had Hnally arrived in israel along wiTh 450 oTher Teenagers my age, all of whom were from Los Angeles excepf my friend, Ellen Gerber, and myself. Confrary To whaT mosT uniformed Americans be- lie ve, Israel is noT a primifive sTaTe of blood ThirsTy peo- ple. NOT only are There ancienT ciTies such as Jerusalem, buf also modern ciTies like Tel A viv and Haifa. The char- acTerisTic of blending The modern wiTh The ancienT is a unique experience. During our nine week vacafion we Toured, hiked, and . D learned during The day abouT The differenT culTure. AT ' T' i f l vlz E nighr we enjoyed The fasT-paced life of dance clubs ,. and The nonexisTanT drinking age. This summer l've gained a deeper undersfanding for E PDO.-Buff BUCK The lsraeli culfure, and l now see The shelTered life of l 5 Villa Park. Page by Jeff Zarernba - y by S V FronT Row: S. Osumi, K. Thom- as. Row Il: J. Gabbe, M. Dela- marler, A. Epler, J. Ross, K. Maruoka, V. Broadway, S. Waechler, K. Snailum, J. De- Marco. Row III: M. Klonowski, R. Fauleux, A. Szabo, K. Flo- res, J. Miyawaki, D. Beehler, B. Sumrall, D. Lehman. Row IV: P Lambelh, H. Berman, F. Ca- banes, S. Hill, E. Flynn, C. Houslon, M. Verl, R. Wa- lencewicz, J. Zaremba, R. Denlon, T. Ramos. Row V: G. Kumamolo, L. Gales, J. Mal- sumolo, L. Gillelle, B. Drobish, C. Gubler, Mr. V. DeFalco, R. Jacques, Mrs. P. Fasbender. Row VI: J. Kirby, K. Keany, B. Meyer, and N. Cleary. rffflp .-w. V., va lmnn,,,,.,,, V ,f '11, f v v ,IV H ,H 4' Hifi' JW' "" A' , - L, A 'zZ'wrfff" wire "rw, fl.:,1.:2,u .:1v14':,7Z'?B5W1 ""' Student Life sum ExecuTive Board Members Michael Wynesen, James Clark, Andrew Cohen, Todd G CQ Ramos, Jeff Zaremba, and Dave Lehman. NOT picTured Belsy Drobish, and Lance Ip Op Yacht Club Comes Cul' Of Dry Dock Larson. AfTer a one year cruise To lands X " unknown, The vacm Club has re- T' -'si Turned To VPHS. WiTh iTs second M , M Cohen skipper, The ships are seT- a, r, . . . HM Y' Ting sail again. "YachT Club gives us chances To Tice- Take parT in unique experiences," "CC said Andrew Cohen. The main purpose of The club has noT been deTermined. l-lowever, There will be a TloaT in The ChrisT- mas boaT parade. ,V Board member Todd Ramos miss sTaTes, "YachT Club is The only club worTh a ship." Skiers Hit Th Slopes The T985-86 Ski Club, headed by advisor Sieve Tarabilda, wenT on many ski Trips ThroughouT The year. These Trips were To such places as Goldmine, Snow SummiT, and UTah during ChrisTmas vacaTion. IT was sponsored by The Explorers, parT of The Boy ScouTs of America. "The Ski Club is one of The : mosT popular clubs on campus and I had a greaT Time on The Trips," said member, Brad Lynn. by S V -chor- msn BoTTom row: Kay Nikookary, Andrea Domen, Craig Harlman, Eric Schrader, Shawn Shamlou. Row Two: Andy Deak, Peler Nelson, John Carcich, Laurie Cummings, Greg Sarkisian. Row Three: Mark McCandIess, Roberl Mahony, Scoll Slovall, Slaci Waechler, Spen- cer Greene, Alex Luem. Row four: Ken Hullgren, Randy Sleuber, Kel- ly Kindl, Cari Reese, Kevin Halligan, Michael Wynsen. Row five: Rob- erl Monleilh, Cindy Wrighl, Ranae Randels, Andrew Cohen, Brad Lynn, Craig Mordock. Row six: Traci Elchandy, Valarie Raya, Kalhy Burl, Tina Ramirez, Healher Ross, Jeff Zaremba. Row seven: Tim Goldman, Greg Larson, David Hughie, Yo Shulo, Craig Hofslalier, Jason Wilkerson. ,mn 9 5ADDfYochf Clubf5ki Club 4 I Q- F:- E YQ P 7f 4 X L. -fs - Qs IE 6 AVEL 5' SPE? 0 ,veaig t " 0UCATlN5 T" ' . 'I ,s x icriz i qi N1 1, if - s ,vs Frank Paulson and Shelby Doane take a break after an in- tense game of Volleyball, as Dave Voyen hopes for lef- tovers. by Darren Testa fig by Darren Fun for ec Nigh Kicks Cf On the fifteenth of October the ASB sponsored th first Rec Night of the year. There were many gam to participate in, such as volleyball, basketball an German dodgeball. There were also a stereo syste and a table with refreshments. "I went for the fre food and the tunes. It was pretty incredible," state Overall, there was a good turnout with about 45 st dents showing up to participate. Ms. Theilman an Mr. Devlin were also there to supervise. The Re In the words of junior, Jill Siegel, 'tlt was an amazifl success. . .-V During Rec Night Donye Mitchell struggles to shoot a bas- P Q Dy., ,, H f, Q dLydOD,, ket as Chris Frye and Bob Miller watch closely. Student Life senior, Dave Voye' Nights are held to give the students a chance to rel and socialize with each other in a casual atmospher 1 if l ...e H. an c. o 3 'Q ,4 L f' -5, ,vdqfyf 'ff fy' f Q, 5 4515 - U Wi" g 'f-1153. gg, Av.,- Club Prush Gains Members 49 Jl 6 50 6 'x :PQ r ow 06' of o On a cool afTernoon in OcTober, VPHS held Their annual Club Rush To recognize all clubs on campus and recruiT new members. Prior To The evenT, Craig Mor- dock, in charge of ICC, held several meeTings To prepare. A decoraTed booTh for each club displayed informaTion relaTing To The clubs' purposes. AT The foreign language booThs, foods from The naTive counTries were sold To The sTudenTs. 'il really enjoyed sampling The differenT foods," sTaTed senior Joanne Miyawaki. Dance Choreography, a popular club on campus, provided The days' enTerTainmenT. An enThusias- Tic crowd waTched as several girls performed various numbers. i'Every- one enjoys waTching The dancers as iT seems To be The highlighT of The day," said junior Sean Roby. A few new clubs were esTab- lished on campus. Among The fa- voriTes were Junior STaTesmen, Cy- cling, and Fishing. Craig exclaimed, i'The purpose of Club Rush is To gain new mem- bers, and l feel This was accom- plished." Student Life Many sTudenTs crowd around The Ju- nior STaTesman of America booTh as Mr. Vince DeFaIco proudly says, "I am The advisor." Cheryl Gubler, Kari Butcher, Vivian Broadway, Lisa Rojo, and Robin Weissman seek new members for The AWS club by selling aTTracTive iTemS. , fr' -' LT il' T , Q A T' ii . li 'jx i lil WW ive 'T o , ' rr 4 E T x Qgka-L ,siiwp Page by Kara Maroka a d J R II photo by David Voyen, D d H essey, and Darren TesTa Nancy Dugler, Sarah Ouzouian, Lydia Dunn and Karin William- son have a Tough Time deciding which goodies To buy from one of The many booThs selling food. Lora Lenning and Brel Iverson help Them make The decision. The YachT Club booTh caughT The aTTenTion of many people. l finally found a minufe To siT down and caTch my breafh, so l ThoughT l would wriTe To you. These pasT few days, ever since l arrived here, have been nofhing buT chaos. Every Time l Turn around, we're going someplace, The GreaT Buddha, A bicycle park, wiTh all sorfs of inTriguing bikes, The Temple of The warriors, NASA, one of The oldesf ciTies in The world, Kobe, home of The fisu swim games, and The ever popular, To The Japanese, pachinko parlors. l can 'T believe how many meTers we are swimming a day. We sTarT aT 6:00 am swim 4,000 meTers, end aT approxi- maTely 7 530 am. Tour for The resT of The day Till abouT 6:00 pm and Then swim anoTher 7,000 meTers. AT nighT l don 'T know where l am Hnding all The energy for This consTanT exercise, buT l seem To be managing jusT fine. The people l am boarding wiTh are very gracious. They TreaT me as if l were a king. Alfhough many of Their ways are differenT, lam finding myself growing very adepT To many of Their cusfoms. l Think The biggesT problem, for me, is The language, mosT everyThing sounds The same. Well we are jusT abouT To eaT dinner, someThing really exoTic, so l musT go. I will wriTe you again in aoTher couple of days. love, P.S. l wish lknew where a lVlcDonald's was. By James Clark 1 sfudenf Life Club Rush ill A pholograpner from Alben' ana James poses Randy Barnes and Ja- nie Herman for Their piclure. Formal l Sieve Brase and Christy l Herrel Qbelowj ana David l Voyen and Cheryl Gubler y enjoy a slow dance. l l l l l l I f-V7""' W,-uf" V page by Toad Ramos all pnolos by Albert and James 1 Al' lh9 I l I l l Andrew Cohen and his dafe, Laura Sadoff, discuss Their evening during a dance. During slow dances, The dance floor was packed. . Lg . , .ng , fr' Q ,, 1 ' ' ' I f, , f.. ,X , lvlany sTudenTs do noT know how The members of The CoronaTion CourT were chosen. Seniors voTed for The King and Queen, buT There was a criTeria for being on The courT. FirsT, To be on The courT required aT IeasT one nominafioni seniors and Teachers were eligible To make nominaTions. AfTer all The nominaTions were made, Senior Class Advisor, Mr. Dick Brunl, Took The names and checked grade-poinT averages. Usually, members of The courT have aT leasT a 3.0 GPA. LaTer, a commiTTee of Teachers meT and narrowed The number of nominees To 'ld males and females. The Teachers looked aT These sTudenTs' service To school, eg: sporTs and clubs, and Then Their service To Their Senior Class, such as be- ing a class officer or helping ouT on spiriT day commiTTees. Special emphasis was puT on service To class. The T986 Coronafion CourT: Cleff To righTQ King - Mike Verl, Queen - Lara Sleensland, Mike Wynsen, Tina Pianlidosi, Andrew Cohen, Laurie Cummings, Michelle Hare, David Lehman, Alice Lim, Bill Mey- er, Tracy Grallo, Todd Ramos, Vivian Broadway, and Sleve Brase. U" 9 Academic Decarhlan Takes 12th -4. GD 4 T-C'TDf'11 Xgiftrq S' bg 7' 2 if 5 of-pf-ll , The Academic De- caThIon Team, be- cause of Their hard work and dedicaTion, placed 'i2Th aT The Orange CounTy CompeTiTion This year. The l2Th place finish was The highesT in recenT Times. In addiTion To This, David Wise, Josh Henig, Diana Bosko, and Noelle Cleary received awards for Their ouTsTanding achievemenT. Each member of The Team had To come To school aT 6:50 in The morning Twice a week To sTudy and prepare for compeTiTion. Team member Anila Epler commenT- ed, HIT was difficuIT To geT up so early in The morning, buT iT was definiTely worTh iT." 1 D4 sfudenr Life page by Dave Lehman The 4985-86 DecaThlon Team CL To Ry: David Wise, Josh Henig, Anila Epler, Alice Lim, Amy Sidwell, Lara Sleensland, Michael Wynsen, Lara Gillell, Noelle Cleary. NOT picTured: Diana Bosko, Gerry Pa- gulayan. By David Wise We were driving souTh from Pennsylvania. l was sTarTing The 2nd parT of my summer vacaTion, where I would be living on a canal M: of a mile from The Florida beach. Though l was looking forward To The change, l couldn'T have imagined whaTl was aboui To see. When we arrived in WesT Palm Beach, iT was 80' and very humid. The nexT day aT The beach l swam in The 85' waTer. While snorkeling, l was fascinaTed by The sighT of brighTly colored Tropical fish, sinisier looking barracuda, and mys- Terious mania rays. ThaT nighT l wiinessed one of The mosT impressive sighis of my life. One of The periodic ThundersTorms had rolled in, and Though lcould see brighT flashes againsT The curTains, l could hear noThing. l walked ouT on The dock and looked inTo The sky. Looking sTralghT up, lsaw a massive pillar of clouds, illumlnaTing iTself from wiThin and wiThouT wlTh forked balls of lighTning. The closeness of iT was frighTen- ing, yeT There was noT a sound made. Looking back, Florida was one of The mosT inTeresTing places l 've ever visifed, andl will ne ver forgeT my exper- iences There. -.M if . College Bowl Teorn Esot rica The College Bowl Team and The Junior STdTesmen were Two of The new clubs on campus. The College Bowl Team compeTed in d Trivia competition called "lVloTch PoinTs" at Chapman College and suffered a close second round defeat To SdnTa And. The Junior STaTesmen, headed up by Anne Ok and David Wise, debated such issues ds "Should The Turkey be our nd- Tiondl bird?" and 'Does God exisT'?" "The debates ore inferesting and give everyone o chance To ex- press Their feelings on differenT subjects," said mem- ber Dave Lehman. tfq, fl ,Will by Mrk r ii 4 ' C, The 4985-86 College Bowl Te-orn CL To ,uullllllllh Hill!" N ,,,,, , i, lllli, T , ' , ' A L."-M Jil' . 'fly " "WND" E Ry David wise, Anne ok, Dave Leh- 5' mdn. U C . O YTTQW Od TS rl wen .-we ml Q00 at F oveflox dof oo e x 'N li, l 2 law it ,Q - The T985-86 Junior STdTesrnen CL To RQ: Dawn Butler, Anne Ok, Lydia Dunn, Anita Epler, David Wise, Robin Hel- mick, Advisor Vince DeFalco, Julie Gabbe, Mini Delamarter, Pele Molin- ari, Mike Vert, David Voyen, Sam Oh, Valerie Dunn, Karin Williamson, Rob- ert Jacques, Peter Nelson, Gerry Lins- Junior Statesm n Debate Issues meier. The T985-86 JSA Bodrd QL To Ry: James Clark, Renee Walencewicz, Anne Ok, Kathy Keany, David Wise, Andrew Cohen. 1 1 Academic Clubs az, V4. :wi ,ll 1 T ' wr IFE I , lf 1. Lf 51 J' 'i ,i E L O w E O Z b -Q,,,, ,, ,, , Y Cn a safari, The 4985-86 Odyssey STaff, from lefT To righT, Top row, Anila Epler, Dave Yamasaki, Mike Powers, Todd Ramos, Ken Wakamolo, Lisa Graber, Darren Tesla, Jill Siegel, Norm McGrane,Helly Hofsleenge,Dave Voyen, 2nd row, Jeff Zaremba, Chris Oh, Susan Vance, 3rd row, Kara Marouka, Jurae Ross, Mary Buxlon, Dave Hennessey, Genyalan Talavera, Keri Snailum, 4Th row, Lydia Dunn, Julie DeMarco, Brenan German, Tammy Davis, Erin Slawson. Odyssey Sroff ,sex r l Goes Bananas! anno U HYGOTDOOKT' '72 Yearbook advisor, Mr. Norm Johnson, helps Mary Buxlon order pioTures for Cross CounTry. rp 0 I srudenr Life "Cool, leT's sign up." "Yeah, I needed an easy class." This is a oommom opinion abouT Annual class. However, The people ThaT Take An- nual know This is noT True. "We have To meeT a loT of deadlines, so we are always under pressure," commenTed copy ediTor Dave Lehman. Many people don'T realize how much work iT Takes To puT a yearbook TogeTher. There are layouTs To draw, picTures To or- der, oopy To wriTe, and inTerviews To seT up. All of This Takes Time, and The deadline makes iT hard To QeT everyThing done. "I Think ThaT whaT makes The yearbook class so much fun, is ThaT, when you sTarT off The year, you don'T know anyone, buT by The end of The year They're all your besT friendsl" said Lydia Dunn. Jlllidhne DGMCITCO C ,wa vlf. ails AlberT and James for a phoTograph order Dave Lehman works very hard To finish his layouT, while Dave Wise Tries To figure ouT whaT's wrong wiTh his LefT, "The EdiTors" from lefT To righT, Dave Voyen, Keri Shailum, Genalyn Talavera, Anita Epler, Darren Testa, Julianne De- Marco, Lydia Dunn, Jurae Ross, Mary Bux- , wg? Ton, Chris Oh, and Todd Ramos. A . -44 ' Q, i j 5 I page by J i nne Deivlarco by Norm Johnson 3 By Helly Hofsfeenge ' 41, f ' ' .A -1 ' ' . CQ, Keri Snclilum Types as fasT as she can, Typing aii The sophomores names Tor her spreads. E '6 z Hallo Pap en Mam, l-leT gaaf hier nog sieeds heel erg goed. Zo'n achi uur nadaf we uii Ne- derland verirokken, landden we in New York. Daar hadden we een AFS- kamp van drie dagen mei zo'n achfh- onderd AFS-ers uii zo'n iwiniig landen. DaT was eohi heel erg leuk. Toen ben ik naar Los Angeles gevlogen. Hei is hier echi geweldig, veel anders dan by ons Thuis, HeT zonnige weer is prachiig, ik ben al lekker bruin geworden. Toi schryfs, HeTTy. Hello Dad and Mom, if 's siill going really good here. Abouf 8 hours affer we le fi Holland, we landed in New York. There we had an AFS- camp for 3 days wiih 800 AFS-ers from 20 counfries. Thai was lois of fun. Afier Thaf l flew To Los Angeles. IT 's Terrific up here, our differeni from home. The sun- ny weafher is greai. lalready goi a ran. See you, l-leiiy. -l H.HiQ-iiangq -1. vi' Odyssey if 0 ig 0rocI Staff Seeking the Perfect Story STanding in The new journalism room now locaTed in Room 200 Clhey were moved over The summerj enThusiasm is projecTed by The sTaff and Their advi- sor lvlr. Travis Haskins. The room possesses all of The TraiTs of a Typical journalism room including a com- puTer, a Telephone and a wall collage wiTh biTs and pieces of 60's paraphernalia. The wall conTains biTs of everyThing from "flower children" To John F. Ken- nedy's assassinafion. The sTaff, The majorify 'lrookiesf' suffering Their firsT year on The Oracle feel, 'TIT was a liTTle rocky aT firsT, buT we goT used To iT," said Sally Rooney. The Oracle now disTribuTes To The whole Villa Park com- muniTy as a hopeful ThrusT in adverTising. Oracle advisor Mr. Travis Haskins was The backbone and ThrusT behind The paper's success. "l"""f'i'i'ffffw-Memsmmw Student Life l fy .. ,ff EdiTor-in-chief Andrea Fris goes aboul The daily rouTine of run- ning The paper wiTh a grin and professionalism. flfi .ff . ffdfl-Q T. Oracle sTaff members: Valarle Raya, 1-l xx 2' 15 Janel Brunner, Sally Rooney, Keri W W Q if-+ Snailum, Michelle smllh, Nicole X Genova, Michelle Young. U' bil' Fifi '.l,' ' Qiim , TTB xj LYJ.J,ZJ ' M 'g , Y X kbrx ' o-N . ,ll E .50 X ,xr-...A I I, -' My . -' illl lll ll K ew Vx, g- T .- ,l" itll-' Tru-W' ww Wq x x l li f v l l ll ll 3 pg byK Sal llphf byS V l l r l X l. -. ll 4 Ts K l l ? X .'l -4 llnfl. c Comm Thr Hu-S H P' Mira I 14' ID ""manuuuv WM 1 FeaTure ediTor, Noelle Cleary, and SporTs ediTor, Brad Lynn, cheerfully fold The papers To be disTribuTed To The communiTy. Oracle ediTors: Leah Carpenter, Shawn Kornely, Noelle Cleary, Andrea Fris, Brad Lynn, Nancy Friedman, Kim Brady By Leah Carpenter During ChrisTmas vacafion of my sophomore year my family packed all our suiTcases in our shiny blue van and headed norTh To Vancouver, WashingTon. From There we hopped aboard a ferry and Traveled across The sparkling blue waTers of The Pugef Sound To our desTinaTion.' VicTo- ria, BriTish Columbia. Canada may noT seem like The mosT exciTing place in The world To visiT, buT iT was preTTy exoTic for me consider- ing l had never been anywhere more advenTurous Than VPl-IS. The firsT day of our six fun-Hlled days in VicToria, my parenTs insisTed on going To The Canadian ParliamenT Building fBoring!j. Well, my broTher, Dwayne, and l goT so bored ThaT we diTched The family and checked ouT The scene for a McDonalds. lT was real 'neaTo' because ev- eryThing in VicToria is wriTTen in Two languages: French and English. AT McDonalds, The menu was in French. They had differenT foods There, Too. For example, pineapple pies and kiwi shakes, yummmmmmm! We wenT To oTher exciTing and wonderful places, Too. There was a museum of live marine animals and planTs C Too much fun for mej, and The famous BuTcharT Gardens C we musT have over 300 picTures of flowersj. We made The misTake of going shopping on Boxing Day, a Canadi- an holiday. We wenT To The biggesT shopping mall l have ever seen! My hearT skipped a few beaTs when I looked around aT all The shops. l could hear Them calling my name. l was ecsTaTic! lhad a big wad of Canadian curren- cy To spend, and a whole day To do iT in. -- Zvfzalu U .V Oracle F I SORMR orelgn jim , po V. ' V T 72- x' :Sky V' g ,fl Languag Club , ,. 11. 'Wg ' M ' 'V Q , T-V llll w 5rr"sH.lR.1AHrc, "'7 ' Speak Gut T ser' Spanish Club: FronT Row - Jeff Parker, Fred Cabanes, Jackie Perez, Madha Basarge- kar, Susan Vance, Winnie Wang. Row ll - Monica Chavira, Alison Barbarosch, Kol- milly Ly, Healher McMasTers, Samalha Sherman, Tracey Morgan, Dina Pin, Selheany Han. Row lll - Miss Susan Laughinghouse, Debbie Dalmaioff, Laura Gates, Chris Nor- man, Shanne Ho, Pam McSherry, Tina Ramirez, Ranae Randals, Susan Hill, Rachel De- vol, Kim Williams, Rhonda Wright, Diane Brown, Abby Szabo, Trudy Wojahn, Wendie Weslon. The German Club was a popular club on campus wiTh a good-sized membership. Mr. Brown, a German and English Teacher, was The advisor for The club. Their fundraiser was The sale of Gummi Bears. The club members enjoyed selling Them almosT as much as The sTudenTs enjoyed buying and eaTing 3 Them. E The mosT enjoyable evenT 2 for The Club is The ocroberfesi E celebraiion. lT is a German Tra- diTion To celebraie The aufumn season wiTh a big gaTherlng of people, food and loTs of fun. 'TIT was auiTe a celebraTion," The Spanish Club acTiviTies be- gan wiTh a gianT Mexican lun- cheon The firsT monTh of school. The fun was confinued in De- cember when The club wenT caroling. They gaThered aT one member's house and Then sang ChrisTmas carols in Span- ish. AfTerwards, a gifT ex- change and indulging in various Spanish desserTs Took place. "IT is always a delighTful evening," commenTed club advisor, Miss Susan Laughinghouse, The Spanish club offered a loT of enjoyable acTiviTies for sTu- denTs To parTicipaTe in. Cwmmenfed Club member 1-ra, German Club: FronT Row - David Hughie, Darcy Olsen, Chris Carler, Lisa Cooper, Yuki Cey Grotto- Ishiguro, Simone Chiang, Carol Nakamura. Row ll - Alan Ikemura, Tracey Grailo, Erik Arnold, Carlene Chiang, Charles Kim, Marlin Herman, Jeff Leiva. Row lll - Mark Block. Terrance Yee, Tim Goldman, Yo Shulo, Kevin Yee, Guy Julian, Rich Leiva, Edwin Student Life 5hGkhVel'diGI1, MT. JGITITG Brown. Latin Club: Front Row - Keri Uchytil, Simon Stone, Erika Larson, Henry Kim, Jennifer Wynsen, Dustin Grosse, Kathleen Brooks, Sandra Osumi, Kelly Thomas. Row ll - Mike Klinoski, Mini De Lamarter, Julie Gabbe, Mr. Pat Barrett, Brian Brown, Mark Fire- stone, Simone Chiang, Michele Fang, Erica lshiguro. Row lll - Ken Johnson, David The Latin Club is a continuously growing club on campus. The membership increases year by year. Latin Club was led by co- presidents Anne Ok and Dustin Grosse. Latin and English teacher Mr. Pat Barrett was the club's ad- visor. During Christmas the Club kept busy. For a fundraiser the club members sold gift wrap to raise money and also organized a food drive. The activity included several clubs on campus. The stu- dents donated food to the needy people. Also the Latin Club donated a turkey for each A basket of food collected. The Latin Club also took a fieldtrip to the Getty Museum in Malibu. Attending the museum was an educational experience as well Piper, Robert Waldow, David Helmick, Sachin Parekh, Mike Shah, Marshal Brustein, O5 OVW GVUOVUDIG lime f0V The Sam Oh, Dao Hoangson. The French Club activities included var- ious events. The club took a trip to a the- ater in Corona Del lVlar to preview a movie in French. Afterwards every- body gathered at a French restaurant and enjoyed eating var- ious French dishes. "I felt it was a good ex- perience," comment- ed club president Ka- ren Cote. l the activity that everybody associates the French club with is their bake sales with delicious croissants. They are sold during Club Rush and at oth- er activities through- out the year. S005 mums xiv members. by Susan van? French Club: Front Row - Andrea Dornen, Grace Kumamoto, Laura Gates, Michelle Dosick, Donna Howell, Leah Carpenter, Tonia Elliott, Kay Brueckman. Row ll - Sandra Lau, Anna Ahn, Paul Plank, Kim Williams, Erin Meyer, Megan Lee, Shawna Marsh, Jennifer Kesselman, Mrs. Ro- berta Jester. Row lll - Truc Luyen, Pam Butcher, Steve Smith, Mark Bundy, Amy Young, Pritty Pa- tel, Robin Klein, Karen Kawanami, Jeff Granito, Kathleen Thrasher, Justin Burnham, Paige McLean, Kelly Mullen, Maylin Hsu. ll si-X . ' rdle- Q wilbllw ' dl eranzo vol Ch em ,I . ik' ll I - T Qgin SP tl. GSCWO e , Ddnle ,f ig ll DQ byS V 4 7 :ll .wg-141..,:-V fi 9458 'X 5 9' '11 l 'fl D ,J ' 1, -' 5 -1, x .. -f gy 'wh vs 15" .Jin Aifrfl xx L . is 1-eg,,,,.: f 15. '5?' . l53., 'Q1 ' ,4'k' 'P B . - L BA N j x . 2 ' E' -.X QL- ' . llf7EJ.T7 1 l H , f 5.v"'4' Q O :ma Language Clubs f "J Q53 ' 410 dr Q' X Q, vv X 39 9 , 4 O VO, 'X .fr .,fi?i' I K xii ' , ii' .--W5f- ., V Cari Reese, Dana Moore and Uzama Price dance To Mrs. FoIkeri's insirucrions ,, V, vs m ID P A WE, , We K. 'QCD IL a k Til! .A vigil r'r r 5 CD E 2 0 , 9 i 5 i D Q DY D G H GV Kristina Harnden, David Cohen, Diana Guy and Ariana Seeley pause waiiing for The music To sTarT D 6 1,2 Student Life Dancers Str tch Tal nt Dance Choreography is a class ThaT has involved creaTive dancers using Their minds To choreograph unique dances. They were able To work wiTh profes- sional dancers, available Through universiTies and col- leges. The dancers developed beTTer dance Techniques and received The opporTuniTy To dance The roufines choreographed by oTher members of Dance Chore- ography. The dancers pracficed long and vigorous hours To prepare for upcoming evenTs like Club Rush, ChrisTmas Pageant, and The Spring ConcerT per- formed in March. The masTer classes and professional performances helped The dancers To explore new capaciTy levels of dancing. Dance Choreography was privileged To have The New Zealand dance company, "Linkz," They performed modern dances and TaughT Dance Choreography new Techniques To choreograph modern dances. BoTTom: David Cohen, Jolene Tofoya, Beth Stuart, Diana Guy, Kristina Harnden, Shannon Geary, Ruby Yuan Middle: Trisha Valentine, Kelly Kindt, Kristin Oliveri, Kristen Demers, Joanne Miyawaki, Ariana Seeley, Uzama Price, Sandra Osumi, Ju- yifhc' Valentine, RubY Yuan' Sandra osumi- Gnd Uzam? Iianne De Marco, Samantha Miller, Dana Moore, Cari Reese, "Ce Peffofm 0 Sludem Chofeogfcphed UODCG GT The Wifi- Beverly Webster. Back: Bill Stevens, Mrs. Feikeri, Noreik Ya- Ter ReciTal. coub-Zdddh r- OL Drama I4 ' Si P V ,Q Top of th 7 EE Class CG SuS0l" V on 3vlvlO B0 ggll 47, ls mom ls Ol CO Carillon d 51 aces dm Dunni an Dr. Maxwell Clarke Sylvia Barrell .....l,.... Bea Schochler ..,.. J.J. McHabe ....,. Frances Egan ..,.,... Samuel Besler ...... Lou Marfin ......,.. Carole Blanca ,..... Vivian Paine ...... Carrie Blaine ..,.. Jill Noris ,.......... Elizabefh Ellis .......,, Up The Down 5fGil'CGS9 Casf Lisl David Morrison Lydia Dunn .. Linda Babbill Darrin Tobin Sharon Sanford Brell Braun Jeff Friend Carol Agay Connie Anasis Joe Ferone ..........,.., Francine Gardner .....,.. .,..,..,. Ellen .,.....,..,..,............ ...,.,.. Allison Culler . Jennifer Kirby Laura Vllinne .. Rich Blanseif Kerri Nickerson Kerry Nickerson Rusly O'Brien ..,.. Linda Rosen ....... Paul Barringer ........ Ella Friedenberg ,....,. Dan Weber Vicky Taylor Mark Bundy Tina Slrom Charlolle Wolf ..... ...... L eah Carpenler Sadie Finch .....,.....,... ....4........ A my Young Lennie Newmark .,,... ..... D an VVC1ShingTOl"l Jose Rodriguez ..... Harry Kagen ,.,.,,. Rachel Gordon ,..,.. Pafrick Sullivan Russell Bergman Lillian Pinzon Charles Aarons ,.... ....,... S Te-phen Smilh Helen Arbuzzi ..,.....,.,. ,..,., L eah COVDGDTGV Kalherine Wolzow Alice Blake .....,.,.... Jennifer Romandy Kymber Kimes 164: Sfudenr Life faCUlW . Wim we - rl. dolly Piobxenxn coolidge Wg Alice Blake QKymber Kimesj wriies a Ter To her English - ,ww , Nr- , gag J lq I vl D 3 .-. . . 15122.- :,.1,' 3' f':':.' V ' '. UV. 5, Jw Q X -,Tl lil V-PJ' -tr J ll MAGYAQ Q bv Kv U Km T5 'WJ' 1" posm, L, Under The direcTion of Mrs. Nancy Grissinger, and assisTanT director David Morrison, The cast and crew of 'lSTaircase" prepared for opening night. Jerry McDonald worked with The cast in making sure That The sTage had proper lighting while Brian Scarson and Mike Fulton ensured ThaT all scenery had been placed on sTage. As The audience poured in, Karen Swearinger sold Tickets, and Natasha Ristic, Robin Klien, and Cathy Loss showed people To Their seats. BacksTage Linnette Dodd, Vikki Jacobson, and Tracy Morgan helped The cast with cosTumes and make-up. Finally, The curtain was pulled, and The show began. 4985-86 Drama Cast: M. Bundy, M. Morrison, L. Dunn, P. Sullivan, D. Tobin, B. Braun, D. Washington, C. Blaine, R. Bergman, J. Kirby, J. Friend, D. Weber, J. Romandy, S. Smith, R. Blansett, V. Taylor, L. Babbitt, A. Young, K. Nicker- son, S. Sanford, T. Strom, L. Carpenter, L. Pinzon, K. Kimes, and C. Agay. 3' I F011 Play bil ll ll Grease All Slicked Back X, ,mn z M' 4 , 'x . ww '-- W' f 2 f V . 'qi - is-W page by Lydia Dunn , all photos by -Susan Vance 3 If 0 4 3, I,, sf ,f ' . . ,Y , , .r W -,W 3 if f I Miss Lynch W Patty Slrncox Eugene Florezyk Jon Marty Natalie Betty Rizzo Doody Roger Moose Kenickle Sonny Lcirierre Frenchy Sandy Dumbrow Danny Zuko Vince Fontaine Johnny Casino Cho-Cho DiGregorio - Teen Angel I , f,,1wyZ!QW Bar8ara,il5urinW'f f Mlke,V9rl Krlslina Harden Al'ldl1d'9B9lY Candace Wllsah Klm Horkm Rich Lelva' rarer lversan, Casey Sfdffdlf Mlke wynseri Brenan German Lydia Dunn ' Leslie Valmld Andrew Cohen f David Morrison Les Orllz Kelly Kinl ,r Jeri Hoey , Chorus: Man Green, Beverly websleifdennirer Blank Marc Bundy, Jeff Granilo, Erlk Keller, Kathleen Naruse Craig Holslaller, Iodd Ramos, and Flavia Andrioll A n Crew: Valerie Dunn, Melanie Vllel, Karin Klm williams, Heather Miller, Cheryl Koch, Brla son, Robymllelmlokg Calm Loss, Stephanie Malzel penler Cindy Mowery Carol Agay Jell Friend, Angle Molinari, Carl Rees McCartney, Diana Chrlslenson, Andrew Cohen Ariana See- fer Romandy. Jeni Kosovlch, Russell ' . llvan, Evelyn Haber, Donna Everling 'ey' CGSGY Smffen Gnd Leshe Diana Jacobs, Dave Voyen and cheryl Vickl Taylor, Blake, Tracy Albrecht, I I I e rector's suggestion. 1- - lf V1 .gf L' Arrfsi 'fa-My , +Q,g, g ,gf -f , V, ,A - 4 3,3 ,aaa A 15,5 2 Wx li'i A K x A ' Jan Roger Kenickie Rizzo ebafinyi 5 5 I f Student Life Moose, rlalalie,'Pally and Eugene take if M l M bl Ml K ilu llill lull lm, or uni Y f ' . " -i I ' ' " 'K '- P fzz:frK21ffaH1' ' " if Using' UOUCG Oflcmfillff - V fi '-4-if Survivedifg 4 l r K K K ,K K K K gi Chrweo Tribune K 1 K K . The Class of reydeu lfligl'1fCFrOnHO Bcckj: casey slqneng Lyaiqlounn, me gvcgsdbn TOO tina Herden, Ariana SQQQYQVVEIIGIIQ Dunn, Melanie Vliel, Mike 'Vert Mdry Buxton, ' mqdeg, Q Kim Willlgrns, Heather Miller, Leslie Volava, Cheryl Koch, Kdrin Williamson, Brian GIQBBQKKBGVBFUY Welqgler. iHQliiqBlier, Candace Wilson, Kelly Klndl, jg: v l' if ' lll , lenniregpgfgnk, Robyny45lell11lck,Kfi6fgQ23li1lg9osglHeatherMtgwlosler,Slephqnie Maizel, K- i K Iull l,f' VV' A1,l' l 1 , Brencm Andrew Cohen, Tracy Albrecht, Beth V 92335 TQTOYQ, Jell Friend. Mrs. Nancy 37f'1gzrf2lE2i?"iii'4ggeqd Brel Keller, Angie Molinan, Cari Reese, Bar- ' Karhleefr Dian? chffsrenson. CHUCK Mr. Kevin l-luelsmun, Russ Bergman, , Grunilo, Donnaiverling, Tracey l zwffj Uwe f To 'KNOW - iv ivif fm ,,,'.,,f,,",- ','-1 - f ff,, r ,wwf-lr: f. ff,4y,Q.g.f,z-: ,. 'K Ki Y Y greg-T had ' Jacobs, Dave Voyenvond Cheryl Gubler. f f me shown. iifi' ,y,, "Q ,.i'1 E11rlQ1:ifQ.lQ.l: , KK K K y K , K up y K K H l .' V: cloncing cough? M show wosiisggw i'ii' 5 ' ii" e KK Rolling Sione l JK pul Their heorls inlo il ond we reolly pulled off one neil of o M 4' produciion". M Kristina Harden, People lvlogozine V yylvv : .f.,,,-' qv.: f", ,fp ,L-'ivficr-425151, K ., I N K Q ' " ' f ff f K xg f 5. fn 'K If Qi? di " QV ,- .G ,4f,,,., 4 ., W , , ' ff 7 ,,., ..,l...,, uluu, K ,l.,, .,.. K ,K ul,.uuu,u,uu KK K K K KK K K K frli 4 l 'lr' y W X7 choreographer Margi Goldzbund, direclor Mrs. Wg' f fy-ji' 40 fi 1 ' f Off, ,,,.,ffff,,K,f' -"' 'iff-Wrif '.'f" '1Kff4:-4 f'k' 1:55551 ,,,' , :MK Q Kr K. , r . X lclmlcarler wolch wrlh bored preoln me ' fi 7 X 'i,i Ky K oucliiions for "Greose" 1 W W f f KKr' g 1 KKKKK .KKKKKKK KKK- KKKK f ' r ' ra x f f,,,, A 5, he , f fgff f ,. , ,KW f Seniors Tina Piantidosi and David Voyen look ai Their feei To find The perfeci siep, as Robin Johnson and Colleen Preston look on. Nyla Newman, Terrance Yee, Caihy Mesaros and Ken Bo- land dance To music provided by a D.J. f4 A ,. ' L X ,A 'li siligliix . ,, Ax 5 " 5- , f fag'-XX' MNC is --'Ru U rf js, fi' X g T 1-LJ i 5 I 1 X- - ,- - ,mf 5 l 30 T -' " ," Q V - l T, HJINQ E By Jurae Ross JusT ThoughT l'd drop you a line from here in DeaTh Valley. We are having a 'blTchen' Time cafchlng rays, slghrseelng, and checking ouT The guys. lT's 400 plus degrees here while back ln Orange iT's raining caTs and dogs - ha ha ha, sucker, lT's very educaTlonal hereg we saw loTs of puff lish and rams. The scenery is gorgeousp The painTed deserT is very brlghf and colorful. We've had fun playing in The sand dunes and geTTing buried up To our necks, You would never expecT To Und someThlng as inTeresTing as ScoTTy's CasTle, lT is really a slghT To behold, everyone should geT The opporTuniTy for This super excursion. l never ThoughT such beauflful creaTlons exlsTed in The sandy old deserT. We meT some really neaT people ThaT we are in conTacT wlTh now. One Thing ThaT ls really asioundlng is all The people who have died ln The wlndsforms on The deserT floor. The wind was Terrible lasT nlghT. We had To eaT our supper all huddled in The Truck, so The sand wouldn 'T geT ln our fried chicken. lguess l'd beTTer end The leTTer so l can soak up The rays and sip up The sodas. See you when l'm Tan and youre weT. P. S. Be sure and waTer my planTs and feed my poor llTTle froggy or you die! Love, sefm -.1- ki' ' i i i fr A 1 xi fqkff X sj sf Daisy Mae sews up Li'I Abner's pants P gebyic All P M k dJ Ro ni Dy Ain This year's Sadie Hawkins, 'iBoogie ln The Barnyard," was held in The VPHS gym. The gym was designed and decorafed by Tina Pianlidosi and Michelle Hare. DecoraTions, hay and cowboy haTs wiTh every couples' names on Them, were placed and hung around The gym. As The evenT approached, girls searched for The perfecT guy To accompany Them. Once daTes were found, maTching shirTs were boughT, dinner reservaTions were made, and finally The big nighT arrived. As The barnyard doors opened, couples enTered ready for a memorable nighT. They danced To The music provided by a D.J. and viewed Their favoriTe videos on a large overhead screen. Picfures by AlberT and James were available for couples who wished To pose on The bales of hay. Sadie Hawkins' is sponsored by The AWS. Vivian Broadway, presidenT of AWS sTaTed, i'lVlany days of preparaTion were Taken, buT I feel They were worTh iT. 550 people aTTended This year's dance, and To me iT was a success!" Sadie Hawkins "Boogie In The 1 Barnyard" U10 fo: ' Lf.-1 T, wfl',mx"'f.1 :SET T, ,'- s- of YQ? ' lx g gg as Jason Willis and Tammy Dodge Take a momenT To enjoy each oThers company. Juniors Wendy Hammond and Aaron Hichman look aT Their marriage cerTificaTe as 'Father' De Falco puTs his signaTure on iT. Sadie Ho wkins 1001, ALL STAR Moteridl IT wds 7:30 on SdTurddy morn- groups ond osked To devise on ing ond over 200 sTudenTs filled dcTion pldn, ronging from cleon- The cofeTerid. This wds The week- ing The cdmpus To school spiriT. end of All STors. All STors proughT AfTer free Time come "Expec- high expecToTions To VPHS. TdTions." The supjecT wds "WhoT "Coll ond Response", led by guys expecT from girls ond vice Waller Hollins pegon The week- verso." The onswers were shock- end ond showed eoch of us ThoT ing. VPHS con be number one. On Sundoy, The workshop All STor shields were nexT on coiled "You ore your own besT The dgendd. Edch person wds resource" encourdged d posiTive given o shield, osked To fill iT ouT, dTTiTude in The porTicipdnTs. ond Then To shore iT wiTh o group VViTh The reoding of The All STdr of unknown people. code, The weekend come To o AfTer lunch wds "Tedm Time." close. STudenTs were divided inTo 'TLeT's keep The spiriT dlive." ll ph T by lvlory Buxton . A., V., .ir . David Cohen, Ilene Lelchuk, ond John Crisp lisTen To direcTions on how To compleTe Their All STor shields. Roising his hond, John Genova woiTs for his chonce To speck. nv 1 Srudenf Life LGUIGSI1 MOOTG, KCII'6I1 KCIWODGITIL Julie DeMarco, Siephanie Lanzone, Diana Ja- cobs, Diana Christensen, and Kim Miller discuss The evenis of The clay, before drifiing io sleep. Brandi Newman, Sieve Jansen, Mark McCandIess and Angie Molinari lake a break, as Mark Fishburn searches for his misplaced lunch. Varsity Club: Robbie Denton, Jeff Zar- emba, Randy Buck, Brenan German, ' Advisor Mr. Steve Tarabilda, Pat Glenn, Nathan Bugg, Pete Molinari, James Clark, Todd Ramos, Tom Lo- faro, Craig Mordock. :f x !, A! !!, 1 f-7 -W! l!.f'f5":lfffW!f ' Drama Club: Lydia Dunn, Valerie Dunn, Robin Klein, David Morrison, Mike Woltte, Robert Shultz, Advisor Mrs. Nancy Grissinger, Brian Scarson, Robin Hel- myck, Andrea Barbarosh, Jeff Glass, Mark Bundy, Natasia Ristic, Jeff Friend, Angie Molinari, Constance Anasis, Shanne Ho, Cathy Loss. llc 4 2 Student Life Fishing Club: Dan Drake, David Moffatt, Advisor Dr. Steve Ebert, Brian Burnett, Pete Matrisciano, Roy Nakamura, David Hughie. At VPHS many new clubs were add- ed to accommodate the interests of the student body. The varsity club was reinstated this year, thinking over new ideas that will be put into practice in the fol- lowing years. A member had to earn a letter in a varsity sport to participate in the club's activities. The drama club enabled students with an interest in aspects of the theatre to meet with others who shared the same interests. Meetings and outings were held with the dra- ma club, under the supervision of advisor Mrs. Nancy Grissinger. A new club was introduced that gave anglers at VPHS a chance to fish together and enjoy each oth- er's company. Dr. Steve Ebert advised and cast alongside these eager outdoors- men. Fishing expeditions were planned and they went to Catalina in April. '. ,B I l 'Q 4 x l l l l PSD Q Peflde Coaui me 51 I 'kflfgy E New Clubs Express Interes s man, Darren Rettig, Joni George, Mary Dufault, Heather Elsberry, Jen- nifer Galus, Daniel Cara, Brad Lynn. fir Mike Danielson, Pete Molinari, Tracy Albrecht, Kelly Anderson, Jim Soren- son, Dave Wise, Nathan Bugg, Todd Ramos, Randy Steuber. 1. fr-r 11' l A ir .5 Tfgrl. ff - . g ,-'gf -wir, , P " ' w.'1'4J' ' -'-5 -,Q dll 2' 'I BTA .J g ,360 Q 'Ivy' M' ', G I Q: is 5 3 if If tx J 4. This year's Pep Club provided support at athletic and other school events. This club was an excellent opportunity for girls to get involved and encourage oth- ers. Miss Pendleton was the adivsor and friend of this group of active participants. Pete Molinari founded this year's camping club. The club may not have accomplished much in the way of activities, however, the spirit of this dor- mant club burns with a fevered pitch of excitement. This merry band of tent wielding explorers 1 I, yy . hopes to camp out in the beauti- V' "': A - ful outdoors. Club advisor, Mr. G ig 'rvnff Q Ray Schanafelt, made this club ' i'l' T ' possible. . A, Pep Club: Kay Nikookary, Robin Gray, Advisor Miss JoAnne Pendelton, Chrystal Shiebe, Lisa Graber, Julie Melody, Kim Coddington, Jackie Perez. Not Pictured: Jennifer DeFiore. page by Mike Powers F pht bys v 'NVQ 96 Clubs J J Camping Club: Mike Powers, Davi Ya- masaki, Robbie Denton, Brenan Ger- "Hanging loose" Meghan Domer Laurie Cummin s l Ludsy Srars Ladies' Night IT was ladies' nighT ouT on Friday, March 7, for The Girl DaTe Boy dance, "Lucky STars." For a change, The dance was held in The school caTeTorium insTead of The gym. IT was decoraTed in green, by Laurie Cummings and Lara STeensIand, for The upcoming ST. PaTrick's Day. A D.J. supplied The music for The evening. Some couples aTTended parTies afTer The dance, while a few oThers l'cruised" in Their limousines for The resT of The evening. ul had a loT of fun aT The dance," sTaTed senior, Howard Saldarini. "We aTe dinner aT Del Taco and enjoyed The resT of The nighT." ' 1 g I and Andrea Fris smile for a group porTraiT wiThouT Their daTes. Natalie Thompson and Michelle Tunsiall discuss dinner and Their daTes. . . .A T Jason Ross Talks To Billy Gilbert, while Tracey Hunt, Mall Monnig. and Regina Turner "check ouT" The dance floor. l TU Q ll Y l 6: , A X A I l T9 l 1 Al Student Life YH! Wi fi qc if 'f "EW zzz" W N2 K + 2 ,Z x? E5 2 I 'N Sound E verIyW ing, Hn Blank, K Zadah, Ieen Na ddoli, Jn Karinw chan or new F' giehft STA Y V CHAR YO el? E be . J'V"":f '. V ' rv- - , X, . , e 3 e Inf' A .4 . 2 ' is s ' ,r 5 E X ' S, - X f. ' 'AA V' Sound System. L to R: Michelle Ewing, Be- verly Webster, David Piper, Brent Spald- ing, Kim Horlon, Teresa Bellis, Jennifer Blank, Kristina Harnden, Norelk Yacoub- Zadah, Bret Iversen, Holli Bleier, Kath- leen Naruse, Alison Rose, Flavio An- drioli, Jett Hoey, Trisha Valentine and Karin Williamson. in front: Deanna Stra- chan and Matt Green. I Standing at the piano, Heather McMaster, Karin Williamson and Deb- orah Dalmatoff practice for the last time before the concert starts. Chamber Singers High Notes ' Every morning at 6:45 a very ff- unique and talented group of Wi I, . students gather to unify as one ,Q ' ""ii"" and sing under the energetic di- rection of Ms. Blakley. The Chamber Singers, as they are called are more than a usual club. In fact, to get in one has to audi- tion the year before. Jennifer Blank, a vocalist commented, 'tl have a lot of fun but it's a lot of hard work too." i'Only the most dedicated students survive the year." ill' Chamber 5ingersf5ound System 1 l 0 x AIlVEN'l'Ull0US A'l"l'I'l'UIlE SPELLS S-E-N-I-0-ll! . , Q4 . 55,5Q.-19 9 xi' as A Aa Qs xx QT' ur '5 'S Q Vs? V VAS! Q KD wr V 9. Q . 2 fl, S antan l lmermiblliie M The Class of '86 has finished Their Trip abroad Through The foreign lands more commonly known as The Public School sysTern. The Seniors have Taken a Twelve year Trip Through Time. For some The Trip may have been longer Than They had originally anTicipaTed. The Trip has been noT jusT a sTaTe of mind buT of body and soul as well. A sorT of Twilighf zone Through Tirne. During Their Trip, Seniors encounTered rfvfi 2 --A-1 9, many hosTile beasTs such as The SAT, CAP, and AchievernenT Tesfs. Seniors also had To worry abouT college applica- Tions and college reauirernenfs. As spe- cial ambassadors of sTudenT life, Seniors had The chance To aTTend dances and school funcTions. God forbid ThaT a senior should rniss even one of These special oc- casions. IT was jusT unheard of profocol for a 'senior' However, being a Senior did have iTs advanfages. Seniors received special TreaTmenT and superior sTaTus. They were husfled Through cusfoms Cofficeb, don'T have To waiT in long lines aT The airporT Csnack barb, and are familiar wiTh The pro- cedures of local rooms Csenior classesl. Around lvlay, Seniors sTarTed To see The lighT aT The end of The Tunnel, and began To anTicipaTe receiving Their passporTs To freedom CgraduaTion cerTificaTesD. How- ever, sorne seniors fell by The wayside, vicfirns of The dreaded disease ThaT sadly affecfed hundreds of Seniors each year, llSenioriTis." Those who were more forTu- naTe conTinued on Their perilous journey Towards graduaTion. A high school sTudenT's senior year may be The Toughesf nine rnonThs of Their lives, buf iT will be one advenTure ThaT They will probably never forgeT. Seniors Mike Wynsen and Julie Marsden cele- braTe graduaTion by dancing The Tango siTTing down. page by Lydia Dunn 81 Jurae Ro The Missing Senior Council My head Throbbed painfully. How could I possibly wriie a sTory on The senior council when l had no idea who They were. l racked my brain -- who were They any- way? i vaguely remembered an eleciion laiejlasl year, bul l couldn'Trecail who had ,Then inspiration occurred. l would inier- vlew local seniors and prim' Their answers. I was surelhe seniors would know. Cmej Do you know who The senior sena- Mystery Solved Missing Senior Council Found ilil 5. Tarsare? The .following answers were accompanied by lolanlerslares and olumbfounded looks.. C r.iwqe.nossy, I I I I Ai: .CWE9TWYU5?Ull y..i hi, No, ii don'T and l I I eSl"lOl.lld.' A I gwsii. l'm as senatorg .f but l haven? The A . sllghfresi who The T . I orhervsenalars are. 'isn'T Andrew Cohen j ii if QUBQQNNTSWT he: lil f lyiw is WOW THQ? GFQQT1. I Alf l,-ri '.r' n".'Arr -'35, g i ' ..,. y..i. . . I y..y Ya.. of course I i.3.ra-irvc A in 51,13 r-rii . rr 1-.z.-.r,1,,rr,,3iy-X .. , f 'I know. .rir liongfrf 3999- C999 PCTTTWFT hsrsiriwriregrurr yiiy ri-el: . fr ,T r Is. M.-1. R ri..i I fieiieiel TQTUSSSBSHNBI Q .'yii fi erirr ..nfr 1 irri 1 pee. .fii. ' iei.i Tiis. T3 '.ii.ii.i' i l' iiiii ii.i' .'.- f ' i1i. Riff. yiy.'i.i iiy, iiii ...y. r. . eiir I I I vi ,.i,n,r'in ,l 4 rri. H. ,Ai jr' -WTQY, WP: Ther lf? .Senators , T eo. they idol? is Thar iiir riiii T 'T if is ierer I T SUPFQSEQTQQTTQTQTT .lhessenror Qm9Y'3FSh-T. 1NQTITliFlQQ. obsolufelyx morning? 1: I -Whos is' ourlsenior. I if V CQUi'lCll?V xxxv Y . 4 ,I . I ' xml! ,i 'T 1 0,-,U ii 'f Ee errtenrgggee uilsiis By Mike wynsen When asked if I've ever done any exTensive Traveling abroad, I usually reply mocklngly, "No, buT I've been To Ohio!" 'eC4lUli5iD9MU5C9l..i . :ii WQUR el4C'fUf5l99l'lS'Q2.. jif ..yy. yiyy I ldndis ourlpresi-,,,,. i.,. f..fjff.,+f. .-pfdenT,buTlg.donflre+ I . - mernberwho-The' of - rf,' I rrrr riri I T - h others are. rules Vrie arii jo:fwhe+idoirheViidO? lcKdrinfWillidmSon7 I Af l iTiinkLC0fOfiC1iiCiiif.i. QT. I iii, Q 1, ff Q gilfm,n.crsure.,lstheir ,yyi ,..i , , , r irrghT?. fl was running out of Time, DesperaTe for an-I rswers li wenT undercover and looked up an Told newspaper. WiTh Mr: Haskins as my Trusiy helperl solved The mysiery. I l produced The missing names. Now, for The firsT Time possibly anywhere, are The names of The senior class officers. Andrew Cohen, Lara Gillelle, Mike Wynsen, Tong Hong, Cheryl Gubler, Sieve Brase, Susan Hill, Jeff Leiva, Chris Slewarl, Greg Burton. Our Senior PresidenT is Lara Sleenslond, Vice Presideni is Brenan German, Secre- Tary is Ellen Gerber, and Treasurer is Jurae Ross. I was lucky enough To Tour The infamous sTaTe in The summer of 4978, when I wasn'T old enough To appreciaTe, buT I was young enough To criTicize. The sTaTe iTseIf is a veriTable wonderland of shocking discoveries. Any IiTeraTure nuT burning To experience Dan Te 's Inferno firsT-hand should defi- niTeIy plan on visiTing Toledo. In The summer, The heaT is more Than sTifllng,' The humldiTy makes you feel as if you're Taking a never-ending shower! If smog is your Thing, youll love IT There. lndusTriaI freaks will enjoy The many smoky facrories ThroughouT The clTy, filling The nose wlTh indescribable fumes. AesTheTicaIIy, The sTaTe doesn'T have much To offer, excepT per- haps as The locale for a realislic AITa Dena adverTlsemenT. There are Those who love Ohio, and I am one of Those selecf few. In facipgrs a greaT sTaTe andl would go again Today wiThouT hesiTaTion, if I cou . Well, maybe noT Tomorrow. T: ,I leii levi C-erbei ffmx 'li so . . Fir N i I viii i 141 I MLS erofiii enovii Veiesr? 'h0Uf0Cf hansiii yshrlif 1 H79 if manic f xcepff' ggi W siidffii Z Adi' Jeff Levia, Lara Sieenslcmd, Ellen Gerber ond Chris Stewart discuss Their plans for The Coronoiion Donce. T filycs- DLEIESKOSLQMENQKQ 50 vwoti 'nizwkvoor' Zs.EzmiCNi uw 52 -2551 4 Y .on 'Y I ,rswfy .1 . 4 4 ,J 4 4 .5 4 EEE Jef! !,evia P096 Dv Lydia Dunn Al' photos by Norm MCG-rome Senior Council DAVID ADELE -- Surf calendar shows 150 days in 85 lncldng Mex 6x'and Hawaii and the colt still runs Scott get your license Todd get a real lab Phil stay hipster Sea you out there on those classic days Never forget monster pipe 85 LISA ADVANI -- BF's Weird. Suz. Mel twn els JV CHRIVAK SONG Grd times Homecoming 8: Sumr B5 wflelil Nvr dget Toro! Fun x's wl rand Swocr QRD's Flynl A Bzlrlll!!!l Plm Spmgsl Nwprtl Thxgiving .par-t. at W'a wfhlarlr Love You Mom, Dad. James KAREN ALEXANDER -- Pnrtyln wlSues, T. J. V, K, M, A E Res PS. LA. CC, Ramps! Homcming "M" Sadias "SS", Toga, PJ. Norco!! New- port Ch Inn, IBIS, Big A Jacks 18th. Snealring! Ten courts l5th 8: 18th sta. July 4. 85 Crist 85 Love Always Rod. Kris, Mom, Bill and ma! . i A l y u BECKY ALLEMAN -- Grlx's nrfShae, Kim, Mia Best pall Tam, Trac rnrr 4-get Glynrlra imz Time Wit-p '85' Piglet 8: pooh 4-ever H20 ski Havasu-party! CC: and straw Mags Beach Hue '83 Hey Hose! Hinconiing '85- Bk-I iunx'6 sup, dude? alwyn nnbr u dave Luv u Mnuennar. S y L ii TER!-LYN ALLEN - l'm free! Bronlts here l come! llernhr James! Pd-GM 784. Sliusketeerd 4-ever. Nik' 1 Staci Luv u guysrsteph Alwys injrny heart. dont 4-get me! l love u Mom. Teague, GILG. Thank u 4 believing! Pop, This ones 4 you! ' I .JAMA ANDERSON 1- This is dedicated. to you Mom l love you and thanx I guens lnever said that enough. B-hal V-ball Mgr Track I Thanlavianoy and 'PJT luv ya'Fam.'-Sue, Friends f BHK-KEL, JO, TRAC. ANNE. N .un Aimfnson -- Famer: 'ss ws. n-wan nm we were any iriiz Derltk, ,Doarr,!Jini, Paul. and Gang. Blue room party Happy hour Tallsl to Bigger and better things. take it cool later on Love you Maaiiiadmrsis. l L A l , l l LOB! ASHBY - Thx VP! Gr8 :fs wf Gay 'irate Karn June Alwys ' relhhr itballi 'ltlihys"urlGG Alyviv PM AE BG Luv u Shells! T-'renz 4- Neyer Surnmer,B5,Kose Bowl BYU here I come! Luv ya Mom Dad Cherylhave Randy '86 Grad ' ' ,ANDREA BAKER -- Thx Vic .Sub Mel LN SB lorrgd xi Sting U2 Alanna: Clockwork groupies! rem Damian 8: Helen Luv Mum Bob Cheryl Caroline'GB 86? , ' CBTHLEEN'BAlCElT i- I did ill-B6 Var pep! Rem: Mammoth P.S. 8: A friends! FN reader fm Tara may new sham rm. Man! craig Briggs! Going N3 Dances 84. 85.88 THX Craig 4 all the aupport! and the love! Grt x's Thx Rich dl. Mary! Lv Bros 8: Sis! INLO! srevssnmn -- sr was was sdmn ve r rave ya Thani. u nan love you 32 Atrnid Spices in Westwood and LA scare on Santa Monica Blvd wya mr 'Melrose aa a mo a day Pea-ce Ez Love 4 ina worm rhraornl :fn at Dok Ru.,18? God 8: Siouxsie The MBU CYA N V ROBIN BARNES - Pm outa here finally. Heres to the future. l CHEESE. Fun x'a wffBandi Tracie, rrliemls. Thx Yor-3 great years Ke- vinfbiclr. Good friends and good times to come. SPEEDY. Mis you Grand-ora, 'Thx to Mom ale 'Dad Bi Ran Hr Hoo ' N "f SIEVEQBARNETT - Nvr Ergt :Ha wlSK -ISP. crd The HILL Pud ri RJs Pre River 'M Bsktbl 142 Shaltedl THE CORNER BODTH in MV J5 oi Us url ,Tnga 83 ,"Snrneltlrit" Al 'Erlrns 24 KQL-'Mltslif ezer Al nghfrs gregr JAMS at VG its all RB thx MRD 4 all i i 'rrmcv -rmnrxo - was is ming nan ima Maury rua times Wm. my' Pig 1 love you! Motley Crue 85, Prom 85 and member G-D-B? 'Benbh House, Robert 'ha ha! Bonwt run: wlhst frnz Sain and Becma luv ya. Period 4 gossip? Hqpel make it! Thx iamily. luv ya Bye. MEDHA BASARGEKAR - Alwys remember best friend Wendie. Good timed wi Seetheany. Jackie. Lina. 8: Chen Chen Grt x's, in Spanish Club, Love to Muni 8: Dad Q Family thanks for everything 'Good 'luck tu nidiava and Cm an mirage ' ROBERT! BASlC -- Thanks to Horn and Dad and larnily - Love you ' lots Mom -- Great to he outa here couldnt have nrade it without my ,good friends ,Rick Slick and Todd Toad , N N , JOHN BAUMANN - Great times at VPHS all my lr-lends. Varsity 'Golf '84-8651! Luck to Everyone! Thanks Mom K 'Dadl HAVE FUN! BRANDON BEADLE -- Crazy times with Mike. Craig. "5linlc'f, Tina. Ken. lliaren. Football and Track. The tanlr E Creet The Sub "Vert You Animal!" Love you Mom 8: Dad 8: Jeff. , KELLY BECK - Tm finally outa here -- x-Country 83, 84, 85 Track 84.85. B6 Grt times with friends -- Rembr Disneyland, Mammoth, terrurizing Ez everything GREEN MACHINE the Ultimate mobile. ,Cn toeollege and more .great lim D. games. Thanks Mom 81. Dad 8: Fam. DUANE BEEHLER -- Best Frenz -- Matt.. Viv. Brent, Shannon dz Ruby. 'lnside Jokes! I miss Surfing wf the gang! Newport Harbor par- ties. I never have any money! SDSU fl hope! Remember P in the clos- etl need a girlfriend! Springs 85 Thx Mom Hr Dad Er Sis Luv U TERESA BELLIS A- Frm x's w!Chambers 8: S.S., Alwys Remhfr Sadies B5 E Sumr 85, Kimby lllulsble Puppy? Cod. don't frgt tn breakaway from Tokyo, mrr irgt my BD's JD, KC, CS, AR, KW. 81. Bl, Luv u MGD' Sk frnds. Luv U Scooter, .l , ' i Seniors David Marc Lisa Karen Adele Adrdy Advani Alexander Becky Teri-Lyn Jana Jim Alleman Allen Andersen Anderson Live Life To Th Full A ' , 'N l-iililil. W "V li ' I i v i ' ww l a' I ' Mi 'ii i 'ill lm ! Y I 'ww Il' ' PM M Dv Julie De-Marco Afier buying Q 'Bcalonced Meal", Michelle Smith, Norma Sandoval, ond Chrisli King need Toworcls ineir fovoriie lunch spoi. l I 4 o Q r pc M ar oc ol we Dig l loc pe no We wi we Cc C new VW WV Hul GHC ll l B 1 l Blqy Beg By DJ Reffig My friends, John and Robby, andl were off on a 27-hour journey To The far region of The greaT WhiTe NorThl WiTh our bags packed and our good-byes said, we were off on an advenfure. We passed Through California, Nevada, UTah, lvlonTana, idaho, Wyoming, BriTish Columbia, and Hnally reached Calgary, Alberfa, Can- ada. A week wenT by very quickly. We were ouT of money, and we refurned To California. AfTer packing and saying our good-byes, we lefT, only To geT in an accidenf wlTh The biggesf Truck l have ever seen! l?obbie's brand new Subaru XT Coupe looked like a piece of crumpled school pa- per. We had no money or place To sTay. We had money wired To us wiTh plane Tickefs. We called and Told our Canadian friends whaT had happened, and The nighT before Lori Sleve Andrea Calhy Ashby Bain Baker Baker 'F' fm. . -wx, y, l 2,1 R - A ul 'if 4 v 4115: IJ Lim. 1, in ff 1 A A we were To leave, They drove 5 hours from :gags Bsgfnvgi - . - Calgary, Alberfa, To Cranbrook, B.C. X Y T MAGYZJQ On The flighT home, l Thoughf abouT all The Ki -9515 new friends and new Things The Trip added To my life. lhad spenT one of The besT Times wiTh my Two friends, John Doering and Robbie Q Huberl. l shared The besT of Times laughing QQ and being wiTh boTh my new and old friends. QQ QMS-359351 l-.Q -- Tracy Medha Roberl John Barlko Basargekar Basic Baumann page by J . D M W wil ll if f'lfl lfmll.,l T Pl i vi I V, .A o Z an 9 J 1 7- Q "" l Il ll. l l l .WW l, ..,. 'll ' Brandon Kelly Duane Teresa Walling for darkroom privileges are Joe Cadena Beadle Beck Beehler Bellis and Rich simmons Adele-Bellis T Dana Wakeham, Anila Epler, Becca Karen Russell HarveY and Trisha Valenline fighi hard Bennell Bentley Bergman Berman T To defeai The boys in The Tug T of war coniesi. James Samanlha Gary Scoll 6? 'i ,Pa "ffl, ," 'fl f :FW - -. ,. I, 1-V0 ' T . saflififsii , .731 '. .' v- Marcy Janine Judi Diana Bollon Booth Borlle Bosko i Sleven David Vivian Robert in Brase Bril Broadway Brodsky 'l :gil Seniors Bien Blain Blucker Boll by Lydia Dunn By Abby Szabo "Buenos Dias y Bienvenidos a Mexico Se- noras y Senoresl" Those were The l7rsT words l heard as our piloT comple Ted a perfecf landing af Mexico Cify Airporf. This lasT summer Noelle Cleary, 5 oTher siudenfs and myself were selecfed as sTudenT ambassadors To Querefaro, Quereiaro Mexico, Our firsi sfop was Mexico Cify. Affer waii- ing 2 hours, collecfing our baggage, and bribing our way Through cusfoms, we man- aged To hail a couple of Taxis and wenT To our hofel. Afier an evening of unpacking and resfing, Noelle Cleary and l decided ThaT we would be brave and "scope" ouT The scene on The boulevard. During ouT Two hour excursion we encounfered an old beg- gar woman, Two drunks, and a carload of guys yelling aT us. On our Tour of The ciTy, we saw The NaTlon- al Cafhedral, The Nafional Palace, The Shrine of Guadalupe and The Azfec pyramid. My opinion of Mexico soon changed once I goi To Querefaro. Affer geffing To know my hosf family, l decided ThaT Mexico wasn'T such a bad place. The people were hospifa- ble and offered us anyfhing we wanfed. Afier 3 days of going To fiesTas, dancing Till dawn, and lounging around The local coun- Try club, l was in heaven. lvlexicos like a rosef if has lis beaufy and ifs Thorns. l was lucky because l gof To see bofh. Page by David Henness Y mf? -- Casey Starrett and Jeff Rodney discuss their off campus escape while Jill Cas- sen realizes that they'II never make it alive. r 1.1 1 .: get ' it . i sie . ' ' X x i . B 11 l ' Wffva.-,. ' " , ,gg ,Lei V ' . 'K 47-'M' . .ia ll K -IA Soon Over Th Long Haul Kathleen Tim Brian Carolyn Brooks Broussard Brown Brown Diqnne Jarrod Stuart Brqwn Brown Brockmeier by Norm McGrane BECCA BENNETT - Nvr 4 get x's w!Gen - desert rata - 4evr! rembr -- pk dr exeulbst frnd-s-Serg, Gen, Lis, Heath. Lydia. Karin, Sandralaniml tape w!CaroIyn 4 grade! fun in the jungle! !Lnve ymr Mom. Dad. Jeff. Greg! thanx M. Love that milk Trace!! KAREN BENTLY - Grt x'r wflfrnz Jeni, Mary K, Erika. Mary M. my true best friend, we've had 2 many gd x's 2 remember. River x'l R the grtest eapecialy Lab day 'B5. l wlll nvr forget U Matt K. BB HH LL CC where R U? At a Frat P. Luv ya M l D RUSSELL BERGMAN - V - V-PPP - H --' H --- SSS - I-X w- X- V-V-P-P-HHHH-5-'I-X-VV--PPP-H--H--555-' l-X - X-V - XP - XP - HXSS-K-! - XXX -- I-Graduated!-or-I Graduated?lKara-and-Kathy-Adv-Read-Pals I-Ii-Trudy. Denise. Deb- bie, Glen-lr Friends-'I'hrra M H D HARVEY BERMAN - 3 years are finally over. Off to college lAir Force Acpdemyltl 3 yrs water polo I5 in Germany Hawaii 5 Santo Barbara. Swimming Q SADD Fun times with Fred Bc Gang. Nvr 4-get Prom 86 Need Something typed? Thanx Mom Hz Dad Bye VP JIM BIEN -- Hey. were outa here! Thx to all who helped me! LL will live forever! Bobby control your 3 Sl Go MTV MPR! Let the good times wntinue for all nf U who no I'Il miss U! Ma. Pa, Bula. Jeff. Chuck. Fred, females and everyone else, Live It Up! SAMANTHA BLAIN -- Thx Mom Mis we did It 2-gthr u r a grt cuz Always rmbr Jin 8: Lis Skating 1 big checks! Thx Renzo 4 being auch a special frnd! Grt :Is w!Legn, Vic, Finn. Mich 8: Fred l Mary l'lI nev- er 4-get my 16th Thx I Love You Ken Lever!!! GARY BLUCKER -- Good :fa Bad x's I had my shr. ArrnylPCC! BYU? Ride what? hike Jeff. Bob buy real clothes Marla. Kit 3 5 Ben- otto Biciclette Lord, You ARE my hiding place The friends I made here will always be me - anywhere ST HB JC M I Love You Hom SCOTT BOLT - Pearse! Best X's WIMM, JA. DW, DM, CS, JP, Loums. I Luv U Kris Surf 4-ever Mex. 13 Dead shows '54 .Buidk'God V Bless Fam. lt'n Party X MARC? BOLTCN --f Cuba Gals: J. Sclluba Kelly L. N. Seliga M- John- son Gd x's will-I Scome 4 dimension Tracy this is absurd! Rolling Seniors Gee The Damned at M.J.'s parties. Love my fam. Mom H Jlm, David 8: Renee Grt fun w!5.S. in B.B. 5.5. U ll so cute JUDI BORTLE -- EXCLNT x's Shrd wflfrlst Bs! fmd I3 yrs :wt cheeks Bruce -- PPSI LGHT JIII MUPPETS "HI LITTLE BOY" HW! 86 Frnds 4 ever GA YB OB U2 "GO GO" PRTY url other frnz Luv U JJ. Thnx 4 mlrng this year the bet Luv U Z DAD, MOM, furly Sr. Goochs DIANA BOSKG -- Outa here! Bat lr Kim - TPing get caught? CBS Staff 'BUFFALO' UR special Kava! Fun x's wl Candace - lunch 5 Sa- dies, LS 8: WP 8: MB2l Thanx G00 4 errrtlmg - UR my Strength Ps 3l:l4! Alwys DL -- BYE TR! l made it NAN! My Bri! Luv 2 Mom 8: Dad Bc Fam STEVE BRASE -- 3 Fun yrs at VP! Thx 2 all my frnds 4 x's 7 fun memreeafMB ER Al. KB DG BM CS JM JS TF f Mamth, X-Cntry, Track, Nvr 4get these gr8 yrs Luv U Mom. Dad, Ke Bro, Thx 4 ev- ' V H1559 DAVID BRIL - HAD RAD xl: Wftlim' T. Chris 5. Rob C. Bert. Hey Boay! Vars. HGOPS 441, wfboug, Barney, Burton, Ox. Sipe etc. Hi to Jacl:le'S, Sude, Vilri, Karerfs, Tammy, Kim's. BEST OF LUCK GUYS! College or Bust! Luv them LV Rambles, and FRAT PTY5 luv f thx MOM lr DAD VZIVIAN BROADWAY - LUV U KARL! 1990 Grt X's W lKafen Polo Gang EHS Frnz Brent Luv U alll'Nvr lorget .IV Cheer BB Wartyl Soc- cer Quebe Hr. C! Bat X's Prom 5 Sadies 85 INXS Ski Cabin! 5lS:BFF Luv ya cuz! Doug 4ever Thx 8: Luv MED, Bro, Sis BYE i i Now BOBBY BRODSKY - Football V20 Grt x's WIJS, KR, SK, NB, Q RT, Parties at WENDY5 Nvr 4gt TRACE? PROM B4 GU 1.uclc'LDC,Big Bear 84 Thx 4 all your help Shelley. Luv U Mom, Jeff 8 especially U Dad. ' KATHLEEN BROOKS - Thx Mom 8: Dad 4 all your help and sup- f port f Bubbgs - l'll never 4 get you!! !Bst friend .Jeanna - aias , "Bean"lHalloween Pty 84 -- Nvr tell, Bean! Grt x's vllwinds guard 85 t'1!!jNvr dget Awesome WomenlSrCV -' l love you!!! TIM BROUSSARD - Had fun w I Andy 8: Rusw. Luv ya alrvys DEB. X-country nur again Rembr alwys Karly Kev 5 Iitl Deb, Ma H Pa. Jan 8: Liz. Noel 8: Til. CAROLYN BROWN - See Ya Hwy Metal Alwys Grt X's wlliell Au- dris Carry Becky Marcy 8: Charliebob Rmhr Nohl Ranch 4th July Stu- dio'Saint tape wl Becca Getting stuck in Big Bear Luv ya Tim Al- ' ways rmbr Charlie wow Thnx Mom E Dad BYE DIANNE BROWN -- Great x's with best Frnz Abs, NC, LG. JD. SO, RP. Sadies 85. Bfhall stats..Ad-Rd -- NN, JF, JS. Alwys Bembr Amer- Hawli Cruise. Nvr 4-get ldyl lwild w!KJ. Bim Phan Twan fever. ' Sting Concrt WILH. Thanx for all Mom 81 Dad I love you. '86 I T Bennett-Brockmeier MUSE BRUECKMAN - Hope to see Flojos at UCSB! Nvr 4g1 u E"N"Ml Steve - nvr 491: yor mom, Prom 85, LB -- Take Care! Jell, Kel, 81 Duet - Remhr Key Club. Tennis, Skiing, CC! Take Care JM. GK. AL! Thx DB E KF - Econ -- Thx Meyers - Nvr 4gt yor help! Thx Mom, Dad, 8: Fam! ALICE BRUNNER - Beet of x'6 WISC -' JH tv- CT - BT '-- JF Zll Pd3 - Beehoe Q Satin I luv ya SADD -- Spoons What's real? Luv ya lots Mom B: Dad. THX! Good luck class of 86! See yn in I0 yrs. One life's over - another just starting! Never remember had x's Rem Good! LISA BRUTO - ll VEB-HAA l made it!! Gr8 x's wldsl trlr Best lrnz Kel, De, Dar, Tam. Bee. Skiing KHAJ Memorial Weekend 85 GOOD- Bye C.0.B.A.. Gang - Watch out COSMO WORLD here lcomell Ski- min' 4-ever Love ya Mom R Family Thanx N V RANDY Huck - H20 Polo and summing 4ever get buff Raw Q non., Bo!! Keep in touch Ruon .Doggys Vixeins are great. A big future for me Q UCSB for H20 Polo Thanx Mom and Dad and Friends NATHAN BUGS -- Football was tnn lt is over Powerlifting for ever Olympics in 96. Senior year was Ok. Hey llsh have a good Senior year. Will never larger 3 Arch Bay. Trust me. I love you Mom and Dad. Bird, Jethro. and Baylhanx tor all , X . , ' , X l.0Rl BUNCE -- We did it! Alwys remhr good x's with NMISLIJRIBS -ILIKNJJK Good timen ahead! lt was real and it was nice, But it wasn't real nice. Love u M G. D. suse Buxton - Finall om! Great xa rmifn with Frye, ima, Pat, Sims. Murph, Code. How. Nur, forget Havasu '84 with Frye. Hoop '86 415, Nvr Forget Carolyn. Pm Anahound. Later. Love Sr. V Thanksliom. Dad, and'5is's. . V MICHAEL D. BUSSE - Well l2'years have gone hy and its finally Thanks Mom anitharlfor helping nie thru this crnd! GRB x's with Pat, Fred. Chuck and lets not forget Jett German duh and other time nur wieder-heheh wma here 1 mme! L KAR! BUTCHER .RALPI-HE F1195 l,Lv U! Sum RSI Wld fs w XRE 1 GP! JN! TL! WF! JN! CRI SDI Hlwn StylelBest Fred-1-Ellen!l3 yrs of tnnil'll Miss UIGN fmdehp wf'Marnil'l'rip 2 rvrfwhai no gas? 'Thks TB 4 GBT x's Slrilng n Sadies!LV UfMJD!l:Sissy N Paneurcmax 4- Great times 'wah me friends nu sr mr, rr., JK, GK, ST, TC. VP Music, Never forget Europe 585. Merei Madame J. Thank God it's over. Thanks Mom Dad 8 Erlc. Good luck future B's. MARY BUXTBN -- Bat X's'W!HH. CM. CA, TA! Sadles 84 - 'Thx RT 4 the mem. 'SUMR FUN - Nwpt 84 -- San Clem 85' NwYrs - 86 Wi my CHS Sisl' Spcl trod RP! Nvr llgt Gnnln Adv - TP urlFlks-Bby .lR'p, Q Grse 86! CANT WAIT 2 GBDUATE -- NXT CAL STATE! Thx E Luv 2'Mom, Dad A Family!! ' 1 FRED CABANES -- Hey Mak Pa l made itll! Rad :Ce vuf alluthe brofs: Jef! Pat Chuck Mike .lim Dou't 4 get P,P. Gr! x's in High School See you in the real world. ' ' K STEVE CABLE -4 The li's the GANG had Party at the beach GD lulc fini of umm. Nxr yr mme fun at .ic So long m sn, Lo. Ge, LM, s. MF the rest Thank you'Mom Gr Dad, Mike Luv n Ali, ' , MICHELLE CALL - Finally made it Thank God 2 my good fmz AS MG. Ml. SM CR lf. CS wish ya the best of luck. 2 the menroriee of OPEC wlML 4 the fun x's now Arforever Tim R. mostly 2Mnm, Dad lr Uncles 4 luv E support U gave me Luv you ' JOHN CARCICH 5- H20 Polo VI asp. soph year wp with: Mikey. Mike Andy. Dave, 8: Craig. B-day parties. Dancin oniWeekends. Lip- Sync: Wlhlike, Dave. Craig, 8: Tom. Que more shot! Thanx Mom 81 Del, Love Lots. 'V DWAYNE CARPENTER - Gone for good. Time to Plan Big fun wl Bros Pony - boy .lim Tim Swarm Doug -- Hoop 8: B-hall, Gunner 83184 Cant 4get Last Day 84. Alarm Concert, U2 Sf. fun times W! .cops - yo Bro ZLF -- Thx .Mom dr Us -- watch out here 1 come - Island Time! ' CARTER - GBX is ivltfrnds RS-MRF MC GB SH DR 'TH DS JC SD all others Lalema VPers was lun - outa here goal co. No Eyep- shuns llmher fun times everywhere keep the VP faith Alwys Grad nite B6 Best luv u all baseb.84-5 Love U Mom ,Dad Fam ff Yeah! JILL CASSEN -- Var Song JV cheerf Homecoming '85 x21 Hallow- een Style? Shelby .-- weekends -7 l,2,3. ahh -- we're here! -- New Years - tollow me?l Ski hum! Frnz Jr, Brenan, Julz, Shell. Kasnf Luv-yasis - thx lor Xmasf Swim! Thr: Jil: Q-babyf0ff to Manx-' moth 4 good. TINA CASTAGNA -- Alwys remember '86 Best times wfliath, Sandy.. Lisa, Jetty, Babyface Rich we made it thru 7 yrs ahhs First luv nine. as sms Luv u me Mom. Dad in an. naw, wfu sou. MICHAEL B. CEDEROTH -- Varlzootball '85 410 GRS x's WIRS. CH, JC, GB. TM Prom B4 Thanx Tina I love you drever l! l love you Tina Nev: 4get blast in HG Ee 4X4 Nevr dget Oct 19 wf TG 82 Sadies '84 Pm outa here good ! Thanx Mom, Clump. 8: Bra Luv ya all later VP!! Mike Alice LiSCl Randy BfU9CklTlGnl'l Bfllflflel' BrulO Buck 1- x li X X in i . ... ,I - N U K A Nathan Lori Brian Greg Bugg Bunce Burkes Burlon gulf? . 5g kk ' if? . XV M u my g Po e b M r Buxton 4 I "5 " X Q v Ov X nl., K cv. .xx Q EN - i ff QV 3 in .:. Q Q N 1 N X if -ji' Qi - t , X M MUNQQV f D.J Retlig Turns To John Doering for on OUSWGI' wt' ,,-. v M 1 Q. Seniors if 'H 1-H' H . By Randy Saucerman ln The summer of 49811, l wenT on a choir Tour wiTh 311 oTher people from my church 1 Orange Presbyferianj. Our Trip sTarTed wiTh a 32 hour bus ride. For The firsT 4 hours, everyone was really excifed and hyper. One person even sfood up in The aisle and played air-guifar To The radio for 4 hours sTraighT! Finally, everyone cooled down and mel- lowed ouT, even The guifarisf. We Traveled by bus all The way To Michigan, sfopping in lvlonfana, Soufh Dakofa, Wyoming, illinois, and Wisconsin. We averaged 8 hours a day. Our usual place To eaT was lVlcDonald's. We aTe There for breakfasT, lunch, and din- ner. We goT so sick of lVlcDonald's ThaT we invaded The lVlcDonaldland playgrounds. We had Them all To ourselves unfil we were kicked ouT. ThaT was greaf fun, buT on The bus Things were boring so people were snappy and very irriTaTed. Many years ago, The choir veferans creafed a pasTime for This boredom. This was To plof The ever-dreaded "Rookie Day". Sooner Than we knew if, ThaT day came. We were all lined up and Then shoT wiTh wafer weenies and hlT wiTh wafer balloons. They Then gave us each a raw egg. l ThoughT abouT Throwing iT aT a vef buT someone else beaf me To iT. l really felT sorry for him. Firsf They puT shaving cream down his panTs and Then They Threw a ple in his face. The resT of us had To do sif-ups wiTh our hands behind our heads and The egg beTween our head and our hands. We survived The day and The Trip. lT was a liTTle more resfful once l had been iniTiaTed and was finally Treafed wiTh a liTTle respecf. Muchael Kari Busse Butcher 4l ...- Af .V FREE LA.7xO 'l,2,3,4 .. 'UA' 974 4' W Performing aT lunch. Haircut 'IOO members: John Carcich, Mike Vert, Ken Robinson and Tom Lofaro jump in sync, as James Clark plays drums. sim it .... 0.J,fJ,,,,..... Pam Mary Fred Steve Michelle Butcher Buxton Cabanes Cable Call John Dwayne Cclrcich Carpenter Jon Steve Jill Tina Mike Carter Carter Cassen Castagna Cederoth it Brueckmonn-Cederoth 4 Jump. Jane James Richard Erin Chase Clark Clark Clarke 'Do l ,JSI-4 9 OM4N4 i . .Wi i "viii lrll . ' ' M i 'fl ii w.. , 1 1' M 1 r T ill. i J, X , M i V 4 my X! A N will '. vi v 'V wr' N i nk 4,4 i r , if i ill My M -4 rr Ah , X Vw rf. .l,, . By Julie DeMarco Dear Gabrielle, l'm sending you This leTTer from sunny Sourhern California! l'm in a liTTie Town called Laguna Beach. iT's perfecT here. lcan 'T even belle ve lTi iT's The middle of January, and iT's 807 A big difference from The vveafher back in Michigan, huh? Yesferday we spenT The day on a privaTe beach called TaTauva, in Soufh Laguna. We learned how To skim board, surf, and cafch "maximum" rays. We also meT an old man They call The "GreeTer". l-lis name is No. l Archer, and he sfands aT The corner of The "main" beach, waving To everyone ThaT passes by. Lasf nighf we vvenf and saw Two Reggae bands, The Rebel Rockers and El Caminos, play aT a resTauranT called The VVhiTe l-louse. 4 , i?ighT now l'm soaking up The sun aT The T Noene K'm?e"Y "main " beach. To my leff, some nice looking Cleary C0dd'f'Q'0'1 "rigs" fguysj are playing baskefball, and on my righT an infense volleyball game is abouf To end. in fronT of me, fuTure life guards are being Trained for The upcoming summer. All of This is going on To The ever-lasfing beaT of b The Hare Krishnas. . ' W ilike iT so much, i don 'T know if i'ii ever go X9 back To The snow in Michigan iT's jusf Too ' 0 perfecf here! I ". gf Owl 'C i 'ir '5.C,0w"'0N Love, Z9 Page by Jul ne DeMarco - 1 Andrew Rebecca Linda Jim by Bram German Cohen Collins Concannon Conti ll V Y Ad Page Obviously puzzled, Mike Powers ponders over Ann Jennifer Stacy Karen whai do do vviih Ziggy nexl. Cooper Cooper Cooper Cole Seniors SL N..! i. . . .. 4, 7, 1 1, X ll, -. VMI: f A QM. If .N ill' I il' Helly 'Mori S filly leg 'VGH W5 loci VGYS 1 We Ginn fl lie idle auch QQC9 nmol 'owe I' "2 i . loin lu in V! lvl. 'ulvr A ww 35 U? KEY 1 gn u fergc n l l i l -1 lm Jnli l 9 F -x 4, len ale Robert Michael Laurie Crawford Cullum Cummings Marni Curlis J i U - 1' ,i -.u.," ' M ', ii "f f" iw A Q. 13, -I : . 1' I :W V if ' 'v D A vi il ly Il' f fe' I l, M -1 ,nf l 1 1'-wi f ugn. -'l1.-l l : 4 -. ' I-,V-p1il!.w',w:f' ': 1 " infix 5 f 3ig, ,lp,7 V Y iL , :'I"',. Sabrina Tammy Jennifer Donna Davis Davis De Fiore De Lamarler Summer's I-lere Life's A B a h by Lydia Dunn 'SLI EF 'HU Helly Hofsleenge and Moana Ta- maariki pose for an AFS piciure. JANE CHASE -- l'm outa here -- Alwys remhr Shawn, Sally, Laura Hr Amy most of all Lets all keep ln touch class of 86. Alwyo rembr the hinge " Luvya Mom 8: Dad Always JAMES CLARK -- LMU bnd Bat Frenz 4 ever Randy Frenz Craig Re- nee Lance Tom Tina Nvr 4get Garde Hornecrning 83 Sadlea B5 Prom 85 Ledrshp Camp H20 polo 44 Swimrun Lip Sync 85 Slding Mammth Teen Bord thx for all your support Luv U DAM Jhn Mrc Lra RICHARD CLARK -- This is it! l've flnally made ltl GB Uzama - Luv you in Danz choreography you Arabian Princess. I will always rmhr U Kristie - Keep in touch. Nvr 4get class of '86 Alwys rad Have lun wlSheIly, Rob D. Luv U Mom 8: Dad ERIN CLARKE -- Grt X's with my Frnz Mellinsa. Gen Min Jen Sun I love you! nvr 4get SB wolf ASTL brom 85 The jungle Canvaaoer Girls Ola MM You're one hot guy! Thnlw Mom Dad Erick I love u onto OESXSDSU, LATER VD ADI BOBO NOELLE CLEARY -- Now for some real fun! Swim 85-86 Feature Editor Oracle Connelly Thnx PATTY MARIAN ABBY LARA KRISTIN BILL OSCA Quereraro Australia 81? Luv U Mom Sr Dad Sail Away PAUL Br JOHN Luv u WISSIEI INXS TH BOSS Luv 2 wrre G'DAY MATES! KIMBERLY CUDDINGTON - Teri 8: Me Little sisters! U-N-Me DR. PR. Breakaway I Tokyo. 4 evr frenz Rembr Crash? Ouch!!! Thx 4 memories Jen 7 6.0. Luv 4 evr! Even had x's! U-2 Jill 8: Jamie Luv alurys M 5 D 1 K 8: D I Luv u 2 Mark M. By old X's Hi new God Bless Class "86"l' ANDREW T. COHEN - GRT X's w irnz SITZ Mike Vert John TI-Il 8: Dr. Grouse SHEILA -- Grease Lightning -- 85 Z28 Nordstrom Much Luv he Thx 2 MBLD Mitch Steve Jef! "Sooner or later it comes down to late, I might as well he the one." LINDA CONCANNON - Finally made ir! Bas-t times W!Bobby Lots ul lun W!MiIre Blll Ron. Rich and Linda Best friends forever, Thanx a million to Mom Bamm Terri and Rich! JIM CONTI - Finally! Hawaii 84685, Gd x's with B5 grads BR JR BM ED MB, Surf forever it's been Super Love ya Mom A Dad, Dave U ll A Buffalo BYE!!! JENNIFER COOPER - NICI-IT MEI-IR! I Luv it! Fun x's wllfee. Lara. Jacque, BAlony, Kurt, D-land. Deutschldub pres, SADD, VP Wres- tling H, Kels gong-away party I miss ya Kel! Nvr 4-get Sadies 85l Good luck Lisa! I luv U Mom Hz Lisa! Thanx for evrything! Fn stu! gmp otrs! STACY COOPER - Alwys rmhr AB. NN, TA, SW, JF! Lots of lun wl Blul! Luv U LL! Nvr Qget my Deskpups. Mike F. prple toe! Sadd. Phat, Brdway. Whats real! Thnx Hom 8: Dad! Luv to all my Bra's! I'm sad it's over! Good luclr class of '86!! KAREN COTE -- BRIAN I LOVE YOU 4-EVER! GRB rr's at Big Bear San Clemente Homecoming '85 Capezio and in the IROC! Kari my BF! BST x's in the PEU! Never 4-get DAD's RB! FRNZ Lori 8: June! Love U MOM DAD A LISA! THNX 2 U ALL! LAURIE B. CUMMINGS -- Sum x's U GOTCHA say - WOMEN! SnClrnnte to Lilrly Prspcts 'Luv all my bat BINI-C5 'BUB, RUB, SHAN, TP, MD, BW, 8: MC' SKI BONZI stop-n-go EMPTY HOUS Tu 31 prty CLIFF HNGR ATO SMMR 85 ASB tennis squad THNX MA, PA 8: WEAN Cteh ya nn the Flp side MARNI CURTIS - JV 8: V Cheer - BF alwys BUTCHY in frnd Nver 461. U! Rivr - Wt? No Gas? Gr8 X's WIEG, KE, Chryl h SG, RY, AF, LC Q NP BCH - Thnx ROBIN 4 l'-'rensbpl OCIMN -- RENE Spcl lrnz Rembr: RLFS "Back oi Book" moments ON YUB OWN Hz REFRD BENS - PY r- Alwys Hd Bat XS wlMtr Day Fmz 2'LUV ya MOM, DAD, AC SABRINA I. DAVIS -- I made it thru this distorted place! Cass Ivy Bethlnni STB Andi Tina SBain Marsha Thx 4 spec! memriesl l'Il nvr 4-get U I luv U all! Thx mutti 8: papa 4 always being there I luv U my carnkly family! clockwork H2 Try God TAMMY DAVIS - Fm finally outa here! Great x's wl Karen n the Glory ol Xmas 8: Easter '85-buddies! Never 4-get Kathy, Mark, Marie, Kelly. ppl n Drama 8: Annyal. Rad x's n Hlywutl 5 LA. Hawaii '85 Thespians rule! So long bouncers. good bye V.P! JENIFER DE FIORE -- Class ol 86. best x's with Dianne, Kim. Ter, Jill, Jamie, Can't Frgt Rob, Steve, Steve SH 85 6' 1 Thnrfs morn dad and family DONNA DE LAMARTER - Finly out of here! This MELDGJ 'Nvr for- get grt x's wllriends especially JC! Alwys rernb DEMOLAY Europe 85, Sadd, Latin, Pep, Drama Clubs 'pizza' 10:30 'Sadies 85' Ftwr 'Head over heels' pulsar' gd luck in the future class 'B6' see ya VP wi' 6 it I LQ vi mil I SP or or p . ,-,. j J X "'-. l P93 , L , L. L , , p B C EDUCANN9 no Chase-Delamarfer ow' . 0 ,I . 'es fy vibxl mon, Hufnonm page by Mary Buxfo Steve Pafino shows off his TaIehT, as Jeremy Thompson looks ohs LH Brian Elizabeth Lydia Louis Dosher Drobish Dunn Dzina i Michael Jett Victoria Scott Edelman Edwards Edwards Elliot W - 3 Vi. i w!! "limi l 'Mimi' 5" 5 'I lwil bull 3 l Pam Butcher, Kathy Flores, Jeff Zaremba, Kara Maruoka, Rob Denton, Sandra Osumi, Lisa Advani, Lance Larson and Randy Buck enjoy the lunchtime assembly. Anita Ruth Mitzi Brent Mike Epler Everakes Ewing Farrand Farrell Kim Fieldman l'll: xiii i l , ihliii Y l 1' L, 1 Troy Mark Finamore Firestone l A My-Q.,-gyi 3 l ., :""' H l' Y' JIM DELLALONGA -- Thx, Mom, Dad. Bro 8: my grt trends gt VP. thx 2 Stacy for being there, fun x's wfdulie in Sci, gd x's gt lunch ur! Dave DaveBzPilre Rembr only the good x's finger iungua 4-evr Dr Ruth 4 President thanx for the advice Oo Gee be fun! JULIANNE M. DEMARCO - Thu 4 being Ihr Snails 8: Grunion I Iuv U! Nur 4gel The LUNCH GANG lMich Normi Christ, 3"Zr, SADD, Deb. So Lag. ITSY 8: 6 Ft Under! Wag, my Sis, U RIG!'I luv U Mra Wake- ham 'Thx 4 Iuv+ suport M +D. Chuck JfPauI tDumb Dog! I love you! ROBERT DENTON - lm outa here. Alwys rembr VP wrestling coach Baily 98. 112. Var. tennis. Nevr forget-knots, trac, Sadiea, food figts. altrscot. fun xs w!VnrCIub. Thx 2 special frnds - Kar. Jef, Deb. Katpl-the rest ot my irndu. Luvkthx 2 Dad, Moms. sisH-Jim SHELBY DOANE -- Grt X's at Hcomlng 85 Sadies 84 Var Song Nvr trgt P.S. wl the gang Fun X's wf Jill It Just Deosn't Matter Always rmbr Haloween Style and Mammoth Nitemare Tues, wf Jewls Luv ya We did it! Thanx 4 everything DAD! MEGHAN K. DOMEK -- LETS D0 IT! Team women 4 evr Thnz Frnds 4 grt no Sadies '85 Prom '85 Var S-ball 03 Var Yell '85 Nwprt Bch + ski w! Fmds. Body sIamn'w! Shell: Bs! PLS DG RY LC JN AF MY MAN E.R.S. Thmr Mom Pops Siu Hang loose Bro ELIZABETH A. DROBISH - Gd 1,5 Q Dave: wl mods+BiIIys NO Bgrs! Get A haircut! Nvrdget B+J, Bad Boys + Scooter mos! Show in AQHA! BUMHIN. BEACI-IIN + Bopln! DB? Rusty! NwptBch! Lori. Best Pala Alwys, Munkeeeace! Spcl 2 me, Lian Shell, Stk, MB, AP, Rob+PoIopals! Deb B6! Thx 2 Farnly LYDIA L. DUNN - Get the ' outa here' Deathwish wfthe untouch- ableu: snde 841 halo 2x's DC Style. 'OC Scum' Port: Balvn-blah. Lip Sn:-t-213 yrs dramatic pasions. Spcl K's wl GLEN. BEC, ANDY. JAN, MEL. Bat frnd KARIN - I luv rr! 2 my twotd sis: peace. thnx- MQD Br iam. MICHAEL EDELMAN - FINALLY OUT! SSBB. the Lkrs. will alwya. rule! Thlu. to hm, - Deb, Dav. Cin, Mom, Dad. Alwys. rembr surn- mer of '84. JEFF EDWARDS - Var Baseball 47, Gr8x's wl Craig, Scott, Joan, Eric, and Brandon, R all the rest of my frnz. PFH. thx 4 it all, new 4get the tank. River Parties, Summer 85. TE. CRS, 8: all the sna's, love yn Mom and Dad, Bro Br Sirfs, See ya VICTORIA EDWARDS - Gr! Xn wlSD AB MN SB NN KW In other sla Gumby Adventure - at Fairhaven! Ivy 8: Cassandra l Candi- TALLST blond! eheatsnum Mr Skelton Nightmare on what ST? Haunted houses Rwlrde Buch Rob Ba Max England Gdby Luv MkD From a tall blond ANITA M. EPLEB - 1986 ODYSSEY Editor-in-chief! Vanilla Repuh. Minister Of Propaganda. Bunny-Ta tvs Bear! Nowindnws! Care Concrt he-Boing! Think about "lT!" Lv U Craig Thnu YRBK staff 4 a Grt 1! AP Pals Tracy B: LoI.o-OCAD stdy Bdy Amy! Thx Mom 8: Dad 'Mizzom here I come!' RUTH EVERAKES - Gr-8 x's w!CR Ju EG KB 8: Rest! Byrs BB Ks! Nvr hgt PS! Ralphie 92 'Hawaii 84' DB Bash. Smmr 85 Nvr Irgt! Blast in AG! Party E Limo VH! Hllwn 85 JN R AW! mmthlUtah! Apt in SD wf CII? Best yet 2 come! Ilove my crzy family MICHELL EWING - Memrys of the gang ocnsde ang! infthnks meh u grB x's in Ve ECS pals levr Jeff. Bst Frnds Patooty Tv Kim Chr: Meth! Gr8 x's nvr dget! Luv my puppy shoes! Tm-n-me. Mis u Grams. Middys gnvn up! Luv U Mom Dad Bit Sher. Thanx '86 BRENT FAFIRAND - TAK Familien Baile X-2 Bail! Finally over!! Great X's With Joe C. Sr Erik F. Rembr. Tonya in Kurek's. Hey Ca- dena, Learn tn Drive! Thanx all. MIKE FARRELL - I love U Mom Q Dad Q Fam Yorfre the best U28cGD Rules Good Luck '86 ASB was great Thx M iPhoto by Far' reIIl KIM FIELDMAN - Bst FRNZ Cheryl A Mitz. NVR A-get X's in Mission Viejo w 1 Cheryl 8: Mary. Glad we're friends again Mary. Thx mom doo greg 81 ilm. I Luv Ullt t Love you Jim Cathcarl 4-ever YROY FINAMORE - Later! Goodbye VPHS l'm o college man nowl NVR Aget the Good X's W1 Chris Cathy Kelli Jett Curtis and the rest ot the Gong. NVE dget the B-skiing or the BRKFST CLUB. Luv ya MSD. Rembrl Skate tor lun or don't skate at alll MARK HRESTONE - tupelo, amoto quoeramus serlo ludo, onto poll. sci. fine times and that's it Thanks mom and dad and sis. JEFFREY FLANAGAN - thanx Mom Dad Mike and everyone who will help me ln the future. tt's been a hard 3 years, l'll miss lt but l'm glad to ga. Miami Vice Bren 10 the Army. "Here I Comet" Babies. lm 111 ,mr Y f- vu, 1 ,,. 1 ' "illill31w 1 , I v 5 1 it L ,I R l,,l W , '-., 1' l ill' .l.. md .lt. ' iiii X 'l1v'l'Uw1..llll1llllm Jeffrey Flanagen 1 Q. UC . in I be Psi de Diana Guy and Lisa Rojo discuss Their plans for The upcam- 2 ing weekend. GLUE 09125 Christy Herrell and Dave Rolanlz Take a break from class- work. Jeanna Kathy Erin Jackie Erik Larry John Floccari Flores Flynn Foigelman Fonne Ford For F Br aktim UO l Elle T f Wendy Deborah Michael Roger Nancy Jeffrey Andrea Fox Frank Freeman Freeman Friedman Friend Fris 2, 2 Seniors Julie Bill Shannon Adam Gabbe Galus Geary Georgieff Ellen Brenan Teena Chrisly Gerber German Gibbs Giesseman 'YK .aa David Hennessey waiches as Ruby Yuan, Randy Buck, and Lara Sleens- land dance To The music. page by Mary Buxton JEANNA FLOCCAIII -- Fun K's WXRM, LB 8: bubbosg figs. awesome! 84-86, me late? nvr! stupidl is any body home? drink habba! saw guard: lrnz Oingog ln-n-out Burger: best friend alwys Kathleen - rl Ick: 2ul Hat wfo hills? yes! Luv u D, Bros, M, H Chaz! KATHY FLORES -- Alwys Rembr gr8 X's wflrnz Karti Rob Jel Prom 85 Sadies 85 Nvr 4gel Soph locker decor wf Kar 81 Apr gd aprt Jel m- Nvr 4get u and thx 4 spec X'a Wolfi 848-B4 I luv you -- Luv and spec thx 2 you mom - gd luck 2 everyl ERIN FLYNN -- Laveme Us Shirley That's Us -- cars - LVs, Mrsldo- Rubs, RU twins? Thamrz Rmbr, Debs-USC 4 u Pep 4me gdlulr 2 all my Frndsp Kath-2 Peprdlne Wegol ThxK-FAV WAST OF TIME H20 gate I Kennedy MW 8: CH 2 Funy Guys Luv 8: Thx 2 My Family JACKIE FOIGELMAN - Gr8 X's B?F Tonya Fun X's W! Suz Kar Vik Sean Sim Ang Wknds West Days lst Luv TS FLF MH Nvr 4ge! PF Dreams can come tnlel! 18 B-day Vegas GDB 84' Luv ya X! Misa you Grandma Love Br Thanks Mom Dad Bros Ba Grampall ERIK FONNE - im Long gone, never will Forge T Year of 85186 JVGLVAR soccer! tennis! Fun X's wl Friends that i met at Villa, Thx 2 My Guardians. JOHN FORT -- 3 grt VP yrsl alwys rembr good Xa-concrtm prties. Homecoming, Sadie! I GET CRAZY! Livln' 4 weekndl E grB tunes! Bst X's w! the coolest lriendsf THNX 4 EVERY THlNG! Thnx Mom, Dad8r fam. - Luv ya! We're Outs Here!! now what WENDY FOX - C'ya VPHS! Grt K's WITG KB KH JM TP MV TL BG BIFIF S Kristag Luv my pinlr. Ghia ASB SEC. San Onohe trips: 35th St. Newportae'l'ry 2 surf: concerts 2 OUTRAGEOUS!! Luv U Tim- mers S-Ever 84 a day: Thanx Mom 8: Family. DEBORAH FRANK - Gr8 X's W I D.S., C.F., J.G. E The Mob. Alxvys Rembr Slvrado, Mammoth '84 Havasu '85. V.P. wrstling 'L Told ya so Mom 8: Dad. '86 Love you Mom, Dad. Omi 81 Family. MICHAEL FREEMAN - l'm history Band 84 1851! Good friends Roh! Robert can I have a rise? SA Band Thanx family for support I love you mom 8: dad later ROGER FREEMAN - Its not over it just begun l've seen and done what they consider fun Hope I'm not dead before 21 It's not you lt's me TRUCK YA TSCHUSSY NANCY FRIEDMAN - Band. How-Do-U-FEEL! Luv U MIEDRD. Flies! Kermit Rules! Hut Chocolate? Legioaettes Rl-lot "who do U want 2B 2 day? Jst like Som 1 on TV' ZLF 85186 JEFF FRIEND - Bye V.P, Many fun X. ME Morles! Licorice. Tigers. Godzilla, etc! Not possible without Mom 8: Dad. family, and mine pals! Best 'wishes 2 class of 86 Ohl What du: the future hold? lt's Warhol, Actually . . . AND AND AND MORE MORE MORE!!! ANDREA VFBIS - Bye 2 all Binks! Lor Rub Shan CUTE as BUGS Mthous Prospect Sand San Ccuzzi BOYS of SUMR 85 Zmsny gods Mmoth Nitemare all 20 scrs Michael LuvU Jason Signgin'4 Lonly wf Deb CL Bruce Pullin outa here 2 win Whos Next? By Marsh E: Pop JULIE GABBE - At last! We're outa here. Thanx MED 8: M. Always rembr gr! x's with MD Ll. + SC. Latin, 10:30, SADD, ftwr, spmlrlvs at EP, S's prple to, hd over hls, ft's, + Chose fire drl. What's real? -' Good luck class ol 'B6. Bye VP. SHANNON GEARY - We finaly made it! Thx 2 all my Frnz BY LC AF MD DG- Alwys rem sumr'85 'NB-GYS 'FNx's in Sancl 'Stop n 60' Alwys rmbr bs! fmd ruby funn alwys 'Var Song - iuax with SK 'Dance 'Shing od sub' DDNG 'Homcom-BS 'Thar Mom- Bill- Bryan' LUV V Bryan' LUV ADNMGEORGIEFF - I will especially hold clooe to my heart all the action packed dates I had with all the intriguing girls from school. 1 also enjoyed being extremely popular. PLANS: put big tires an hack r of my car 8: shave my head. 'ELLEN GERBER '-- Ralphie 4-PLM SPRINGS STYL! Tandomo - 20 miles? Who lvs ya? 'All ntrs 'Smr 85- ID RTHR BE 65 Mustang! Thnx to my frenz: CR RE JN2 SD BST FRN KARL ur the bat! 'Giggles' Col- lege Bound-here I come! MED your process grew up! BRENAN GERMAN -- Me Brunollllvr llget Soph yrfGrt X's wlJim, Yill. PK. PT, TS. Butch, AClBst Frnds Jamie 5 Jil luv ya I Lip Sync Idol' Q B-5291 3555 DT V-Ftbl Canyn game! Unld ski trip Mamoth 84- 85-86 BE'slI.uv u Ma, Da, 8: Bros ThmrlLove u Karyn!Bye TEENA GIBBS - Thx Mom 8: Dad, Luv DY. Prtivragon lives! Later days Mr. H! Grt 1t's w,!Ali, Red, Chooz, Jes, etc-Miss ya! Band '81' '86. Aweaomely Radical! Boggs Bogga Bogga Aahaha! BEACH Q SURF-D-land Q the Vid Wlmy frnz. Kare Q RED Er. ROSE USD here I come! CHRISTY GIESSEMAN -- Good x's wlyang Mitz. Heath, Mar esp.u MK NWN 4921 Alla- IN. July 4. ltball game. aside, thrasher. Always rmber Gr8 u's wl SNUGGLEBEE. Thx4 buying LynThx 4 advise Cin luv u Mom 8: Sonny lmiss Ez luv you Dad. BILL GILBERT - Great times! MX Always TFF Alpine Defness part 2 Tahoe 85! Mammoth 85-86! My 85 Nissan llh WICH motel W! JN, SD. JC, SJ. BS. JN-our secret best frenz-Brian S., Steve J.. Steve H. ' Thanx frenz thanx Mom, Dad. GrMa, Jason Luv n 3114 as lv ll rl ,E film ' , fQ':.f-if ,xjtfn fa T 1 Y D 55325, ' N aU,,'kl'l 2'li,f'E'257Tm, ..r, ' lil: f" N Y Blu " xv iw ' rib , ggg.':-,Ta ' , Gllberl 'eEfi':,,, , if -. Foliitif 5 may be ifwi-.51-,Q K ' - ifef- ' ,- J x"'5.1ff'4ff3if -43. IE r " 'o V ,sry ,W ., e,1. 'IllQ'l r , ,gm . W iw... . 4 LARA GILLETT -- Finally outa here! Nvr dget gr8 xs-Bch. pepsi- light? Fireflies? Var Vball 323 Var Swim AP its dryl No ESN5 SHH Sumthin wrong wjvr lips? Sue me-its the latest thng Thmr Cleany Ahbs Snails etc Best frnd Tammis luv MDCSLA Cya VP . PAT GLENN -- Kris, you-me 4-evr lv alwys, 83-85 Grt x's 256 Nvr 4- get 800-clb, Baseball 83-85 - Always ltemhr-Thx Och. Nvr llget hst frenz, SK. JS, PM, miss ya, MMTH 84-85. Brkfst clb. HOMECMING 85 - NGRT, Kris'-1QUEI-IN, Special lv to MOM, EARL. JDI-IN, Thnx. DINA A. GOMEZ -- Finally outa here! Grt xs w!Deuise Hawaii B5 lip snc shal-Hnny more. Nvr dgei my frnds MD RY JB RG. Team -'lever Sadlies 85 wfRIck.u r special 2 me. Thx Mom, Dad, Mike Ed -frmy special sis Janice. Heavy Metal 4evetl! 'LISA GRABEB -- I will always rembr u VP I have had Fun with all my iriends oytal Jul Meaha Kara June Jeff lwlll miss all the fun times at VP I have had fun with Spartacus 84-86 Thanks for every- rm-rg Mrs: Marge Mom had JUDI GRANITO -4 G18 x's wlSam, Christy, Dana, Deborah, Marie, Jill + the Mob! Jst like sisters Cher-i!+ Denise Nvr forget Rlver Trips- El., Parker Ba Havasu 'Soph year-Dtnh to beaqh!I.t Nght C Trips w l DS Thx 2 Mom+Bros "86" SEE YA! 'Luv u always MIKE! TIIACEY GIIHTTO' -- Thanks VPQ 3x Var Cross Country Soccer Track Mammoth 13:49 All league. CIF, Lunch wl Lot-i'Jnne Anita Nvrllget Chris luv tr Mom. See u all in 20 years!!! .m.r. Gnseusans S- crm ar 'ss, Amy, car fa w Mamie, mm, rea, Jen.VSam of 85. Aluiys luv u STU, Prom 85 nur tlgtn. urll nvr lgt Hxsev Prsn. lnclr tiks. AD PE. Spel iris wi Nspcl Frnrls, Senior year Miles 86 Frvr. Thnx'lf'MOM 'DAD and JODI X l sreucan GREENE -H lm ballen urn scene - 'raver - imgrngo-rr wJ i Clark, Brads, Craig. CCBS' 3 Fun? yrs of xoountry OC 8: League Champs 3'yrs in a row BYU here I some Hope 4 sch ship Fun x's XSNO is me slums Mammoth N nauywrma Homecoming sl Playing vai- leyball Love ya Mom Bt Dad -E family BLAKE GRIFFITH -- Hvy mtl 4-cvr. Rad x's wi Tlsha, Dina, Denise. llooneyalerry 8: Berta, Luv Always Mum. Dad, Grams! Rotary Power Slll- Kicks! ' Y HEATHER GRIME -- Sr 'yr l found out who r my lrds, Chris, Blitz, Fruit. thks' 4 being there 4 me! LIN ya! Mar-hee rl will always love you! Thxs 'Mriliin -0- .Ms Whakham Campfire Lives! 'Mitch thaxs 4 let- ting me bug ya! .M8zD u r the best! I Iuvn! We r a SWELL FAM!!! DUSTIN GRQSSE. - IFD been illu!1Good X's with Cross Country. Key Club. Latin Club. See Dr. Cohen in surgry in Byrs. Ghand lives 4 ever Thanks-Dad, Family, Teachers Friends for all your support Love you Shel, Mom. Lil Mana On to batter!!! N V CHEBYL GUBLER -- Larierneh Shirleylevr Bat Pal Erin - R Gr8X's: 'V.C. Runs- Dean- LV's- Did 5-8+ Tony Danza - Omge Spots - Delis - ,l'll Miss U!jGdlucK at Pep.! Fav Was- OI Time. H20 gate! Kennedy- Alwys Rmbr Sl'lwlB!! Talks w! Maru- Festival swfFrnz- Nvr4get MW 8: CH - Thx Famxluv U-USC! N 'TINA GUENTHER -- See, ya VPHS! Grt ,x's wi Wendy Krista Heather Brandon Craig Nvr 4-get U buys: gil, x's in track?-l'm a ' Strawberry! RMBR US 4 SURFER GIRLS!! Best wishes Fred Hove! you! Luiz you always Mom Q Dad Thanx 4 everything! l madeit, DIANA C. GUY -- Im outa here! Alwys :embr grt x's in Dnce Char 84-86 Keep dncn KI-I. Alwys luv Aimee 8: Lisa 2 bst lrnz in the world! Grt pays w .rs sic ss sa rm FG CH. wang my car? Law -ya Tracey! Tlmx to'Mom, AI. Dad. Jackie and frenz. I did it! MARY K. HALL -- gr! Ks wjfrnz thx 4 6 yrs hs! lrnds nvr 4get ya cg anger in s+4 or Jury Prom 'ss BATT o.cL'rivar ramble, wfr-ca an gn Xs parting WIRM JS RB s,v at Sammys luv ya Ricky see Ya Y BRAD HANSEN' -- Grd xs with all my fmds esp-JeI,Greg Dnv Never forget VP Levng 4 Lunch wfBob, Dave grh xs in my chevy L Camino FOLEY sno an jet sking wfllig Bro The river 85 Thanks Iam for your suprt VP as R jus 2 'cooll V MICHELE L. HARE - Crazy Ks wf GIS Pals-Chukles. Mishka, Teen. Harlip. Kath. E Reeli I5 mins! - Rmhr TP wer-llrzrlsl, Barrister Party, Rude home, neenr, -Sud I-law, 85-such fun mernree-ski sun valley, ' softball-thank you 4 everything! I love you Mom. Dad. Min, 8: Dan KRISTINA HARNDEN - IM LAKN! Bst Pals 'AIR' LJ 'WF' Nvr llgei Jim GDB 85 440. Dm: Pres Vcl Ens Grease, Thx DI. Pals 'Party, my house? GOWEE! Hauckinda, MMM Rice! SWOC team + Wolfpack alwys! Thx M-i-D + 'sis Luv ya! Off I go! N0 BIZ LIKE SHOW BIZ!!! DENISE HART -- GLAD 2 GET DUT! LOTTA GRB X's wl DINA Meg Janna Alwys rembr fun Ks in SBalI skiing Hawwaii Lip sync 8: con- certs .Frnds ur! 'RY CK JN 4ever thx 4 all the gd memories NVR 4ge! u Blake! LUV U M8:BGr5 Heavy Metaii4 ever See ya Later!! ' LYNDA HAYES - Schools out and not just lor summer. great frenz TR SM JG CZ CH TM Fun with JS Os every one knows. learned to stay away from grouples finally, LV to family B6 KARI ANN HEADLUND - gr! X's wl Karen Bridgette 8: famlNvr Gget Shops 8: Kodiak! I I care Frog!! Thx. Dad I Always Remember Lin- da!! 4 . Q a ' Q X ' 'g . Q fy i 4 f . X' F .f r 'vt Qy If V. ' a 'i ii :f ' vw... 1 " f IL ' ll J -3 . l::" 'X ' ,f ' W i if.- I A gsiir fffirf ', 1' Qu' , ' ' ' 'L " 'f"1.f LV, '- if '. ' 'fi-5, ' 11: ,ii I- ki... S, Al' Seniors Jim Sorensen ond David Yclmasclki discuss siraiegy ofier 0 successful wresiling moich. bv Nofm MCGYOHG Lara Patrick Ryan Dina Gilleli Glenn Glover Gomez Lisa Judi Tracey Jill Graber Grcnito Grcrllo Greenberg ik . 'H' H . i 5 'M-mf' 1 y ew yhrh -"i i - I 'w'i' " fi i T" '.- i i Qi J it ii zlirirrr' V, , ' N "' 9451.2 ,.-f V , W j B395 4. L C-Bfiii A SI! iN A. inbrw A ' . g i oi my U 00V f 5i0'7 gow, pack' noii ' of bei Ai' E 50109 found them seei S Home ieaoy so Gi' ' f ng. .1 im! J M 'VS' Ji.. V f'3!?E.L.13 5, J br il Stephan as Sire H l- fri' ' W' -at by John Carcich l awoke in darkness To The voice of my uncle all aT once. Today was The day for our annual Trip To The Sierras To sTarT. lsTumbled ouT of bed, and finally do wnsTairs where our previously packed bags and backpacks saT. Fl- nally my cousins B.P. and D.P. rolled ouT of bed and joined me downsTairs. All of us grabbed our necessiTies and carried Them ouT To The car. As we rounded The corner of The fronT porch The humble yeT TrusTy Poco lll could be seen glimmering and shining under The Hacienda sTreeT lighT. My uncle had al- ready primed her for The long journey: so all ThaT was lefT of home was upon her. AT approximaTely five-ThirTy The Poco lll rolled down The auieT sTreeT. All ThaT could be heard was The snoring of my younger cousin and The roaring en- gine of our TickeT To paradise. p ge by Lyd D nn 'Aa iw Spencer Blake Heather Dustin Greene Griffith Grime Grosse Cheryl Tina Diana Mary K. Gubler Guenther Guy Hall --.L jx. i . All American l XXXX , My E YQ ,S riii my yxlsgwk A.f,"i.'7 fi' VQLQ3' . I- r. X, QJSXW Classic Brad Michelle Kristina Hansen Hare Harnden Dy D 3. el 'W 'E 'i ir. --1 1 ill T it Q- 1 .i Stephanie Lanzone wonders if being a senior is really worth it as she rounds a bend. Denise Lynda Kari Hart Hayes Headlund 1 Gillerr-Headlund 951 DAVID HELMICK - Gee, it's been thrilling, Thx Mom, Dad. and Ro- byn tor helping and for putting up with the noise. Always forge! great times at lunch with Dave. -lim, and Pike. Good Luck Everyone. JOSH IIENIG -- Over already? Never forget: good friends Doc and Pepper, SSBB - always 3rd, I tried. Love you Mom, Dad, and Fam- ily, hope to see you in '99, ' DAVID HENNESSEY -- Having hm with friends Remember party- ing with Everyone fun x's with Christine and San Onfree Weekend and surfing with Bill and Dave thanx Mom, Dad Bryan and Chris. CHRISTINE HERRELI. -- I can't believe I made it! rt x's with the girls Cheri, Marlil, Heath, Jen, Lynda. Ron 8: me pals 4 always BFA Krista Nur 4get you Itemhr new yr, 84. tl fun. class ol B7 D: 88 gd luck nvr 4get Australia. Thx, Mom I owe you I. "86" SUSAN HILL'-- Sonk! Bst x's wi bff's Wendy, Lisa, 8: Rachl - 2 rnnl turns! Grt x's Q Thmpsn Twns, Blly Idl, x. Palm Springs, Beach, dances, R Parties! Wld x's Q Nprt 5 Mexico! Var Swim wl gd frnz Tna, Ox. Noel -- Balahu Snowstorml - Thnx Moro h Dad for ev- rythng Luv ul V TUONG HOANG -- Thi, Maintenant et toujours 1980-???? Volley- hall 32 "Neatnel". HETTY IIGFSTEENGE -- I will never forget my stay here. Thanks to all my friends who made my year special, H20 -- polo 8: swim' ming was fun. Thanks to my AFS family: Mom. Dad, Erik, Mark 8: Kirk, 'I love you all. Love you Pap, Mam, Ageeth Q Kiwi-Mn. VALERIE HGLMES -- Irs over nvr-y-get Wid x vi! the NTY -- ' 'Metllrerl Sum! 85 wld Bfs wllilmho-4-life! Mammoth 86 wl Jo 8: Karen 'Boingo' IB B-day - whoa-yal Omega party! wflioa R.U. Sears? Aloha 86 We're Beatrice Luv Q Thx MED God Bless! ,KIMBERLEE I-IORTON -- Many Mems w f BF Val. 'DN 8: DSH the bubhas live 'I' S K J V. Red Onion 21? Cat 83, VE Pres SF 85 Davd. stung 65,2 Kiss, were Benfica Prom 84 css wfsf FH wlmae me next day. ramps, sure u dn! nm' llget u TorId"' luv 6 thx MED. CHRISTINE HOSKINS - Un4getahle x's wlTrar:ey. Diana Lisa 81 Shel, n2 Yule-a-Pnk! Don't llget brick walls Br. burger King!! Alwys remhfrthoae crzy dances Sadies 83 Q B5 wlhlugsey, Prom 85 was RAD wlhac Ez Bohhy! Thanx 4 the BEST mem's Billy!! I love you Mom and Dad BERNARD C. HOUSTON JR. - Gr8 x in Srch lit -- Lvllun x Hofmeming B5,11Apples N Bananas Fav Want Of Time H20 gate! Ken- nedy? Fan 1 cruzn in, Cool mobile? Bannister Bust in! I To ,everything There is a Season! Thx Mom Dad Family Rook IIoIaf?here I come! 'Wall' My Cookie! NEENERY ' x Z 'VAN HUA -,Thanks MED 8: .LV ynuhntlv. Grt Time at Grad '85 8: memorable Sum '85. Fvrate Place cafe EL lib W Lar Er thnh. Gd tim at ve. nm a baring pm enough. nan. w Km. rn. no sl Ho. an im wr Antz, miss you 8: lv you too. Gld to leave: 86's WI alwys. ' I AIMEE HUNT -7- Hunayl hall' strts now Fnn Soph x's wlion BL Stine ES scrt luvs 81 tears junior gang hutierhean alley the last one beaelrdlet elothes thanx for gr! x's luv so much Mom Buster Kitty luv yon STEELE The 'best is yet to come V HEATHER HUNT -- We't finaly outa here! lt's heen 2 Innglwys remhr U2 S 3 Bmtsfrhx egg 4.the mems-grt x's wI rob-dan-hal gd Inkfblfs nina Sr. gidgdlrh grem-DVD-rndnmlnw yrs Slflpo-B4urwbys dfevrfgrt x's wl sneer-quebellrakehrdlsl Thx Mom 8: Steve , V TRACEY HUNT - Alwys rembr the gr! x's at VP JV yell. Dance crm. Ass, names mam ss Free 'Limo van: sunny law u nwyr. sa- per,x's WISK. CH, AS. KH, JS, JG, LL. Jklbst irnd Diana. Nvr14get Sadies 85!fun x'o and many more to come thx Mom, Dad Q Shell ' ROBERT K. JACQUES - Yea! School is out! gr 8 x's wrestling thx ' Bailey, Mike Sv. Dan ZLF gd x's wlfrnz DJ 8: John Luv U Lynnete V I'IC'8u Prom '86 Thx Mn, PA. Bm Q. my dog Moe "The Kinks For- ever" KAREN JAKES - Finally free! Many Thnx 2 all my G18 Frenz! H20 Shing W fthe N's, Newport, Crestline, P. Springs Luv U Always John, Dont 4fget R promises The 27th Best Dances - Prom '84-Sadies '85 'TL' Good Luck to all! Miss U Jen. Thanks Mom M Dad! BIC JANSEN -W Thx Mom, Dad, Kam, les. Jen E Con, football B5-6 Nvr 4-get Steve Steele K Tom Easter at Havasu 85 The Legend of mcso Lives!! Dx. I Love vm. may No more oc names or music! CSUF I hope! 08102185 parties w!DG JV KS 5. FTW 8: Knife party' SHABNAM' JAVAUI -' Best times with Kaynaz fhlyyhoney Joonl Re' meher great x's with my friends. Never forget June 2nd '85 IRVINE Menows . . . Parry an .asm Wim mana. se.-,ch Pmywnb skin divers. BYE BYE VP Thanks ciss Mom 8: Dad. - 2, Seniors Sieve Barnett ond Ric Jansen wolk l by Genolyn Talavera quickly To gei in froni of The IUDCH line I U 5. 'Jar I, 'lf 1 'I' Y, ,,,. V" Yn.4nm71 ywiilin W 'ZF'- ,M in-1, v'-v T ,ffl sf 1 im N Erik'-s ,aura will VW 1 11,11-V11 f 1111 11i1 V U J11im1in111i1'J:1,1,1 ,x T 1 I L I' i i V 111 " wg F, 'V 11,,11f1l1 1, ,. 1 1111. ,JM ' I 'J 11 11 , 1 fi: W 10" hr 11 1 U 1, V1 ,,.,' wa., "T 11, 1. if t'it Dovicl Josh Dovid Helmick Henig Hennessey Chrisly Herrell 1,1 , 1 W 1 Air H1 i iw! , 1 Mm 411i1111m,,, Susan Tuong Helly Valerie Hill Hoang Hofsleenge Holmes WV! i rn Ani .31 Yr: Jace. 1.v ng as: masse C3 csv 59315 fw W. 'we I iyscw N011 Buses 1 The, ihe so: Tory, JU S 4 v1 .kh- T Ku Ju N mit- Kimberlee Christine Bernard Van Ted 'nt Horton Hoskins Houston Hua Huang I-Umch ! . --T T ' i I I li lv Q--x if Christi Heiiei Jakes Jansen Javadi Jenkins H0 Aimee Heather Tracey Yuki Main Subject page by Genalyn Talavera Keri Snailum Robert Hunt Hunt Hunt Ishiguro Jacques by Michael V. Freeman lmoved to California from Canada in the summer of 7977, andl went back to visit Calgary, Alberta, which is located in Western Canada. ln the spring there is a festive event called the Calgary Stampede. There are numerous rides, Qame booths, and many dif- ferent rodeo events. The teenagers l met there generally thought the stampede was boring. They didn't like the tourists who buy t-shirts and cowboy hats. lalso visited the different sites for the 4988 Winter Olympics. There has been major work on the ski slopes to bring the runs up to Olympic caliber. New arenas have been built to house the ice events and new hotels and restaurants are being built to get ready for the upcoming events. The town is large, but nothing like Los Angeles. Calgary has fe wer skyscrapers and a city is spread out over a large area. Not many of the teenagers drive, for there is really no need to. Buses and a type of subway provides transportation everywhere. The schools are much different from those in California. They are the same in one respect, there are three different levels, elemen- tary, junior high and high school. 'M vdvjwqluwsw- KCTGFI Ric Shabnam Steve by Genalyn Talavera Mindy Paul and Nicol Niemann envision yummy school food. Helmick-Jenkins DAVID JOHNSON - To the fun times at Villa Park and thanxs to everyone far their support in this UH? Education. JEFF JOHNSON -- Never 4 get the group and the ,summer of 'Ml Fun times on the boat and at the beachfliemernber our camping tripiand hip to Big Bllxrre and thanks to'Mom, Dad, Jodi. Jennifer, and GOD! V I f KEN JOHNSON -7 Finally thnx wl HS now 4 hm in collegelfun Ea 'good :fs url JH, TO, FF lz'Stnlidil2 fam. -- Tl-lNXlno nee fo skuf Quid rides? De Te fabula narraiur Ralfu. Geo 8 ar Geal. So Lung MARK JOHNSON -N Great x's at 'VP VAR Fnulhall 4 23 86 Baseball an the :naive Best x's with Ima Steve How Mark Dave 81. Gang Macho Men Party Life 'FJC4l'm ainoruin NVR Gget KV BABE Thx Mom DAN and,Brofa Luv U all, , , , 1 JAMI KARKES 1- I must say had gr8 xs WICJ AL 8: JR! Sour Tenis Sftbll Nw' iilgat Rigtil I-Iey Mehrnthr Havsu' 84?'BMCGS? 'Bruce ' enncrt! 'Tlznx Sheltnff Summer in AUSTRIA -85!! Misra miss you all! Luv U MMD Lauri rnias my big bra! BYE VY Im outta here! KATHLEEN icfhiw -J Asa as-as for Luv im sign gigs: ics wjuie GANG TIURIN mnvdget PISCES 8: Pnsh'Push WIPY lun W! 11 DEB at 'M0O"Italy heieuie come! Luv Ya! always gi-Bt X's W! Dianne Sea is ski rfefiusis wie? as CG Lim in name, ina u 4, my JIM. sg sraeua KELLY 1- Nw ng: gh ics w Sass KR sipna me mu. w AL'shafiea:ivP fini iso in side me all na pre wr aim tvr am KAL omggmiai turns 24 wr '83 8:'GPls nh na outtagas 'car trble Bans its 'au Rainy U,MlzD sprang Foreverniiaee , ,N i . , N Loki A. icaauoir - an new :mas s4-ss mx fm evrythgl GP- ua i-cinzimisseul U Tu, Next yr zfssruluck Alwys. love U asm ima- tnpher. Thx for aiuper yr! What NXI? Nur 4get 525. The for all , youlve shine Maru E Dad. I Love You -- gnu tho MIKEY. .NELI -- llduuft feel ghudl Pm going to H1155 :ny Irienrls. Ilfllrfemenzbgi the ,gmail Hanes in IGM with MICHELLE, DAN.. KIM. l'll iniss a good friend like Andrea Baker and a very nice person like ' Wendy HdffiiianIlGUdiI BYE'tu VFH5 I ' N -7'VENI, MIDI. I made it :through soccer MIP. Ger- man Klub, Key club Proud Han-Gulc-In gaes for anarchy. Love Gnd 8: i ixviiinlfe ya leighilimek. Pied, yan Mika. Jeri, Jim du 4 mass of cul- , hir islapcliw. Mum. Dad, 'tum 8: lJ+Klh:n. 8 moreiiyrs to gn! .i ' HENIIYKIM 1- Im our! Diil l1Lm Anything? Off ia? ara x's W K "'frndiQ'i'Knnu? When I'Die Ill Be in Heaven lve spent my time in VP.'ls ime,nni,v wave Wanna win LOTTERY A 'cl-nu. Track 861 God 1 'BlessfDD.D. Mona sum. Luv yi ave: ucnaaascmwne V. Jlwniiasn c.QkmEs af uumahbie xsu Nw acer a.B. parries- Amigiheaa as' s.s. assi aiwsw fquhrigis wmmh n Urns ' jGANG" 4- Luv ya all'fBanners. Band! 'Pnom 85' thang 4 the 3' frrie-is s.c.-lin, 'Luv gs mm n Fami ave-ima vr- f Korxiusnmms 4- AIIil9S'l'h1bIiS2l'8ifl1Il2' -'mm uw., .nuee Keri a een Susan. lRQOMIEl Misa u guuaf UR theuhestl Nw! hfgt Su:-airliead, 'Jen-Ballet Bcelleath-xrcist. Lau you Mike 1- always spcl tn mel Soc, '-p1ny,meins!'Thx we. uma nam. Am mm non B J r U SHHQLYMINQ -f Gr! X's,at Iiembr Hamnomijig B5 X's 2.86 , VarL'Song. TIBBY Blix Bug. Memuries in Main, Aculpocn, Goin 2 En- fmpe.'nvn-Algai mn. mug a.c.,cpn Luv yariafli. Prey 4 wir. POLY. Iraoy, will we ever find that pray? Luv my Pain, C Clos oi 86, i, - muurrian Kina! - cis x's an the xfra-if 4931 oi. In summfssf -illlwjsliembrlmgr 11 suvmss vw --f-thx guyefgrd mm me-if raw i,2,:i,,awwn1capx 85fB6fDi-ill 'mrs ,nonmaa to blast, -1 Mama, 3? lun to coinelgd -Lck S7 Kr B8fThx Mum' A Dad'8r. Qm's'Gd-hy VP 'JEFF KOMMA -'Varsity-Baseball "86" Sldinglianimoth Sta- , tiomijgn S-tums Where? my blueilxll? Summer "Kai" Blond? "The , 'RIVERSIDE ROLE' Water Skiing at Hauasn MQ-lAVEl'Always'luv U - Shana fgond S15 thmg Main'couldn't have clone it without U' Gmac: Kumauomoe- Pfrnwe mae ni ms as wmime, mm, Kim, Pam. Rabi, 85 ladies. no who U R, Alwys Rembr l-Iomenmg 85. Sa- dies.'V Tents, SADD. Thx to Winters burg gang, U guys It Gr8, I Luv mi sieve.. rim mmm, nm, .my-ze si nancy i Love vwmi ave ws Jessica rcuumz - The rs 4 ui ansxsis xx with KC .miroigey snot, Mich !Squeakg'Nvr Qget CHEMVCRAMI4 per I SemlSum 84 Veghas nuxesem Enaaimlk mrs Elmer ull.. min sam ram Luv' ya - Kathy Gregg Sam Julie Bill Bt Andy So Leng N N 'L N W KUTCHEI1 - its Been Fun vp. ora xs' Wfall my frenz esp., Janafh Doc Rmhr :PKI -Huimiea '- 'Rl-IRL. R WE Having Fun Vet? Nur lget frst Dat 12-16-B3'Prom 841 Luv UJON 'lever -V Bai. of Xe, Viuly, ss-as - Farms! an BK every! - Val Kara ws: Thx MA al PA C-ya! , 1 .V-L ' ,f L ,Q 'C -'W' M ao . bl 1 'tx Q I , Y , ails? eaffr Seniors wif 1 I David Jeff Kennelh Mark l 1 Johnson Johnson Johnson J0hnS0n l Mike Jami Kalhy Sleele Johnston Karres Keany Kelly An Actor' Lif "Gr se" Aspiring aciors Lydia Dunn and David Voyen siudy Their lines during audi- by Mary Buxton iions for The musical "C5rease". Qi Ol VU C6 fm 59 lol ml iii sh sill Oli le iii fill li i ll f i ,N it 'iii ,i, i ii, By Casey Starrett "C'mon Case, it'll be fun," chuckled my dad evilly. "Besides you've never been to Catalina and you can bring a friend. " That was the last time l'll ever go along with my father once he got that look in his eye. That certain glint of unmentionable evil. After my friend and l hopped aboard and headed out to sea, my father grabbed the PA mike and bel- lo wed across the harbor, "This is gonna be the most fun you've ever had in your whole life. " Needless to say it wasn't. Five minutes out of the jetty a thick, peasoup fog drifted in and showered the three of us. We were wearing T- shirts and shorts and we froze in the chilly, night air. Since then my pop has practiced his sailing techniques and we've had some pretty good times on that boat. But never again wiill follow him when he has those devilish eyes. itgwwhii Jeff Jerry Nancy Komma Kruse Kugler END oi' THE YEAR CLEARANCE SALE- Lori Neli Kim Henry Keough Khorramsefat Charles Kim 353- C g iiti T T Kymber Christi Shelly Jennifer Kimes King King Kirby .......- to M 4 T if ' Ariana Seeley and Kristina Harden portray their characters during Grace Jessica Kelly tryouts for the musical 'XG-rease" Kumamolo Kumar Kutcher Johnson-Kutcher PIKE LAMBETH - Great fun having lunch with Roy. Dave X2. -Iim,'8z Mike. Keepxin touch. I'm glad to he out nf here. I love you Terri, your n great. girl. Great X's Wllisa ln Biology 8: Kelly in Anti. thx 2 MOM. DAD, E Terri for all the support. STEPHANIE L. LANZDNE -- OUTTA HERE! Gr8 X's W CG MK ME MR KS Good Luk Always NVE 4get RTILEE N EDDIE 'level - Brian head UT JAKIIBOX New yrs, 85,lGOOD lull 2 BRI N 6urdylX-Cnuntry 83 84, 85lSprucedale 'SIU Steplxie sclrefflel Luv yn Danny!! Love N thx 2 my family! Later!l TRACY A! LAFINE - I did my time and now l'rn gone. Had Lanz of fun. Always frenz, Becky-n-Suz. John-n-Tracy TLA Thanx Mum And Dad. I Luv you' John. Tammy it's your turn now. Teach- ers hewarelli! Thanks Coach G. Ten-is '85 '86 Wont large! V.P.l'I.S. GORDDN LARGENT -4 Ann lliinisherllil Alwvs Rembr Grt K's Wfthe GUYS! BM. B5.1JY. 8: the gmt WEBBIE! Rancho! I'll alwys love LESLIE lx Thx 4 the heat year ever Honey! FEB 23 '85 I Love you flux MSD A-sta N N N ' ERIKA LPLBSON -- Rmb! exclnt' X's W f Jen - Est Fr-nd Alwys. Thrliqster 85 prtys WISV AW MP JW SB A-lniters Nur, llget Hol- iy 'H ia is-in r. cnmiw ci. MM, xx, .1wJ v sf G Nony 'fnctnd an x. dung MM .ic im cc FC Ai. fm cms, mas aiwys Jlm,1gnta,heife Luv ya MRD 8: Firm, N r ' LANCE LAHSON -5 H2u Pnla 93 Thnxs JE CIF Swimming Grt 11's at Bay Heath. Hawaii 85 nver frgt X's W 1 last fmds RB Br. JC. 'Alwys rembr U JM. thx tullnm N Dafld ynurlove E Support. ,ANN IQATHROP -- Bestest. Buddies-W Pewe Q Jam Ntrr llgl l'Bbll, vbll, E Sftbllr- I hte that! Iligeti J-MJ Gr8 X's Camp-Lts mdifhtliilbe 'ckxol! YAG- Blastflrange Jelyheane lve 4-ever! Qluvgyn Mum. Dad. Nan, Shear, :hint 'hve rncleit 'wfuut U!! ' 'V CHI-CHUAN LEE- spemiihqnks rqxmy. puenispanding who me. And you know who you arejl will re- wn 111.00652 BEE FUN. ' " ' " SIXOEEIII LEE -7- Beit ufluck tn my friends in the future! Special tharta RS MF CH 8: -IN MEMORIES . , . ?if?? flhanks Mum B: Dad. fLw9NEr..usGAUx 4- 'Han :mi xw in nap many nm in mfyi xat SEBRANO' 4 letting me wk then l.V"Dwkgwthau ARNOR 'Falun Pen Ad Firm Nimjer Dqn'Stv Hua, Lyn Mk hz, Ten 'ifntsu char 'ma 2 Ms sw ran sm HAD gn X an an no 1312 magma lgmrn lpnger.-rin: th every! authe TEAM thi tb MDM lsr DAD 81 ,linggilmaesi IIYCHRISTY eb x ,N ,N , N CINDI -4 Pm outa here! Free at Inst! Never 4,-get surnrner SPUDIMCQHHI itmrlrers alright! Dorf! worry Daisy will A 'imagineit'0liI'Tlurr4'eH2nltJ1ing JK, AF EEMQ 'Best is yettb' crime!! Luv. Bftllteitesx Itnve more fglnl!!! Thx. 2WMpnfi Kzwllqd ,- Q ' luAviD,Lr.r-imiig -f vu tennis s4. ss, ss - on in Wfgll si nr f ,isis -Quin me rrmtwnvn' nuglwesmour new i mm: rim E1,nrlliq1my'Sh'g,!lgth Sql willinervelliim always. MGM -4 U It img!! Fll!d,!"T' Tlmx 4 Everything! Love tovlbluxrm, Dad. Gghlqry. AB: i"ItllllDERCl'!' A I A "i' W I ' l JEEFEIIY mmm -kr mann Imade,itL1'n an my rn.-mas, umm: Ynu,'Goit Blessxynu alI.1l'llahvays relive memories ntwthe Clubs., "run-ik. Biking rhefguys, 3 jobs, yimu- min.. 81 queer mgairack. r GEIQlE'llR4A'I.E0"-1 LAW - 5umr,8-i Gr! Xe f-N -lurrglerlirlx 1 'Hull JPLSTL 4139 lPv mnt-W ! TD ,trshbin-p?, Dsrt Xs W fBec!Mr13 mm ivfutisaiiagmhie c.1f-.L 4241391 rm '- ECL mi,'aBL l Q ,SBHQMI-!,' JP -1-'I Luv Ulwe must he HOT!! Diland Ripe Apples! li umm: p gmfin-ui. then: f ocosusurx N . U 'xulzetnr CAM' nraurive ws oviaiu 'Nvr qgei grs Xslwl ,all uw friends iEven-HB1 -1 ur the bestgiuirimer '85 - tau ' ,IIIIIC-ll: VP l'l!lI8iQ,.NHS 84, AWS hnatrdar II gr8g',ADl!l 'lfhanlcfyou 'LORD 47 everything! I Love you Mom Dad Gtandrnni,Squeegee. 'soon Luckravrsnvontei 'll I ' I I ' 'L QMICHEIQLE -- Thanx! frenz 4 lmdgetable XUHH KKFSM inc SE HWALUU YQ All! Luelr E I'IappinesB'2,PlGN 8: MRM Nvrxll- 'fget'I'rnim 85 Scuba N Mex C18 X's ut'Mnts W! KK Sk SME it WDFCC W1 MC. Alwys rememlaerfspecial, X's fScntt. I' Luv "M0YFg-Did--3F'FFm1g 1 ., .N ,N -' ' , ' Gemrv uilsnusn - oi. z Llfe!'AIwysrenrbr Prom ss gomlriuk "2 an in -ybiir wasngsuiile mime. crm :iam WfFotbul,'Delnie' Fishing' Clube EASE? qlllwhp mad. getthermastliuf sehuoly 'loin gzlubs. Love ya Mogul Dad 8: .Family aura here! 0nf2 col- N lejeBulles'l7 ' ' 'i' Vvrl N f 'l l l A ' N from Loman +-N susu Iflerel cm-ner Arwayalrmau great mime! W1 Steve, Sraeledllggbq-River 153'--:Pre-River!'84 '- T091 Party, The Hillg ami hummer 85 at Track g- HH'8f1-36: Lip Sync ss1vwcM,'u?v. ac. img nn, mei time sa wysmsx iii nal- u-mpnuiqir,-.swrtwx-i Luv U!Mvm DADNDHLD' Q miusn Lone -5 rin Msinmagi Gu xrs in 'ss nlivyqremhr sip. in-nie, ma, PT .wr 4gei'vAN,'nAr, usa, Km. LETIV, TINA 'sg' Moms -+ thx 2 Marx. Mic. grin yr thhnh sr 'Crystal 'hav in lisa, cm- sf semi-all rmpafq ar Qnqigy runner! !,i. r r 'Love you Mem. Dodfand"mv'Fahnily.' Thunkl your sihppijnf ' Shouno Pike Siephoie Tracy Lcidenes Lambeth Lonzone Lopine , WM '-.1 5 , if r 1 ', , - Jw A Saw! wi, . ' '4 Gordon Laurie Erika Lance Lorgenl Lorgenl Larson Larson by Brenon German 1. I I it ,iff ' ' ' f A . It ,if ii Alice Lim ond Lciro Sleenslond Choi beiween classes. kv wirevw 5? fg 2 '- ' 7:4-974-47:0 y g g rr D099 bv Dove Wise and Jill Siegel Ann Chi-Chuan John Robert Lynne Lathrop Lee Lee Lee Legaux NEW' 'ALRNSEHEOGE NXUST G! ' Y ho? YOU PGY rrH'5 not W Ot he Yi buf W gl . countsc LA, Times H ' X Cindi David Jeffrey Genevra Alice Legg Lehman Leiva Leo Lim ' QSSIC fi F15 Style Alicia Bugg and Jeff Lowe Take Time oui from phoio class. Michelle Gerard Tom Lines Linsmeier LoFaro Larisa Long Lodenes-Long l p Q by Kara Mcrruoka and Dave V y Dunn pf' V rfcf aim A Having been born and bred on Califor- nia sunshine, l yearned To experience a Tives in Chicago. UnforTunaTely, This was The coldesf winfer ThaT Chicago had seen This year since l had a working knowl- edge of whaT "snow" and "cold" really means, ldecided To sfick ouT The wlnTer in Sunny California. l don 'T care whaT Bing Crosby says, The nexT Time l'm dreaming of a whiie Chrisfmas, wake me up be- cause l'll be having a nighTmarel '. r' I' V C JI Y 6E'W4rNg T. "real" winfer. in over 20 years. 5 ,f b ' is A Every yearl hear Bing Crosby sing abouT T if ,N ,. ,. a whife Chrisfmas, andlnever know whaT V T 9. .T 1. T f f Xi The heck he is Talking abouT. lwas posiTive T iivfgriqlc V' ThaT l was an underprivileged and de- . , ..'y.. ' prived child and ThaT This would lead me ,Wwe ,... T' T T055 To an inferiorify complex in laTer years. A 1 'rfr' LasT year my family and l visiTed my rela- Sieve Jeff Alex Lorifz Low Luem Sunshine Christina Truc Lundy Lusfig Luyen Class 0 n 0 by David Voyen I P Smiling proudly, Dina Gomez shows Blake Griffith her new ring Bradford Louis Shawn Duwayne Julie David Melissa i Lynn Madden Madigan Marcolesco Marsden Martinez Martinez 2 .Seniors X. Kara Webb Ron June Maruoka Massey Matlock Matsumoto Wos Seen WOW!- 'Silly lem Bing lmihg Jbel l NI i i , i 5 Yvette Richard William Kellie Mercado Mericle Meyer Michael . . ' escribed GS "A trait is sometunneS S in G a tendenCY To igehgv articular WOY- O D ... Experiencing Pwchology by Albert and James lint swif f , L "Witt .iv ....tM"'.' WJ At Date Dad, Jennifer Smith and Diana Guy enjoy a wonderful evening with their fathers. 1 z ALEX LUEM - The ordeal is finally over! It's been a Blast Gr! X's with AC, C5. AG, ER, CL, SB. ML, Ski Sun Valley 4ever SVE 85 MM TH 85106 Judy SM 'NL Fri Ftbl H20 Polo Luv U MOMXDAD Bye-Bye SUNSHINE LUNDY - Good BYE VPH5. I had lun annoying you. Thank you Susan, for being my best friend and thank you B.G, for making the Campus look BETTER. TIIUC LUYEN -- At last, '86!! Good times at VPHS Wfbest pals. Alwys remhr Gumby and her laughs, JM Ur SMO and their twig lights, lab notebook parties, and our battle ol the lockers. Thanx 2 Mom 8: Dad 8: Fam. Luv U all! BRAD LYNN - CLASS '86 Nvr forget Grt fiends, Spencer, Craig. Clark, CCB5. N. Hollywd RRJ. ASB 8 Oraclel? Ben 4 yrs VP Ce- menla-y, Red Slo-ped, Homecoming Boy Meets Girl "MPI," Alwys Love Mom lr Dad's kyp, Jason, Kim, Nathan, Garret, Thank you all SHAWN MADIGAN - I'm outa here rember CL AJ BD JD SS LA AA KA best Pal 4evr SNUGGLES Cindi remhr suuier 85 par-ty with Shauna Always Brunettes have more fun! Luv them TB5 Luv ya Mom, Dad. Mindy. Bridge. KB don't sneeze!! This is it 86 JULIE MARSDEN -- Gf8 xr wfthe Neenrs -- I Luv u all Nvr Iiget Sumr 85 Nwpl 35 WI TT Fieatas at Chickens the thing Irom SD Fe!- ticuifzen WL Bt The Cure LL - Fun in 85 ENS TR PRTY Ring like a bell I spin TP -- This yr 31 Wild 8: Goofy antismckr Luv MDGL MELISSA MARTINEZ - Ilad x's WXEC. MP. GL. JP. I love you guys! Nvr frgt New Years 8: summer 85 - DLA Q the jungle SB's HV Win- kles lr Prlys at drive-in wlthe gang. Alwya rernhr Prom '85 rvlTN. SM, EC, BC, JP. Later VP! Love you M 8: U. J 8 J ADI BOBD KABA MARUOKA - THX ALL FRENZ 4 grt in 8: support! Alwys Rmb! Spcl x WIBH 17 mth PROM 84 Bc 5 3 yr Q KNOTTS Snph Sa- die! HC Q SH '85 DT WIKF JV I V HAH GIRAFFE AB, KP, SBELSIN- ORE GANG Thu 'V62 UR special E .lo 13 yr LUV my LTL WRSTLR - Nobdy 4gel Memories E frenz R 4euerI JUNE MATSUMOTO -- Can't believe we're finally out! NVR froget all the lun x's with GR8 buddies! GRA, AL, KIM, LDR. KAR. TBA, PAM. MIK, JET-'. ROB. NVR frgl and for all you've done. THX mom. dad, Bet, Ez Anil For evrything LUV U ALL VRY MUCH!! YVETTE MERCADO -- B5-86 llfevr Gr! 1,8 wl Darrin Best Fm: Christine 8: Kelli Luv ya guys Thx 4 gn x's w f Christine 8: Iil spew V meegan Grt x's at the POST! gd x's H20 sking wlD fl: Family Nvx lgrt Foods w!Tara!CatIi 8: Mary. Luv Alwys Dan'in!MD Bi Fam! WILLIAM MEYER - Friends, Faculty. EL Coach Thx for 3 gd years. SADD pres Key Club V-Pres. xCountr1y, TRACK. Best of Luck to the CLASS of 86. Special thanks to MOM, DA-D, ERIN. You're the BEST!! KELLIE MICHAEL - No way l'm outta here 8: great is B back 'lever 41 best BFA KATHMA E TROY can't nvr lget ya Chris Rmhr VP partys beach guys -- good the bad happy E sad and the all nighters! V MlIzDldidir!TH'XLuxyabyeVP!! QNX! EF T g,1fea4'v L Lorirz-Michael I 0,0 I S314 S' 5 25' Jeannette Jeff Todd Cheryl D?l'1i59 Miller Miller Miller Minger Mll'170n F I I A X , i a 1 ,- ,fd fi' x if i C, T fri 4-4 j ' v 'ani' I A i. f -ll . 4 e--. ,,f,e T ': Mary Joanne Daniel Dennis Raymond Milchell Miyawaki Moffall Moffall Molinari PM ,R Senlorms K Q2 Run Rampant Q- E QQ F5 lx X 4' By Noelle Cleary 4-'Z'LVELe.SPfPf:, - G'Day lvlaTes and Luvs! How ya goin'? CATING AusTralia is a rage! lT's a humdinger rips- norTer Time fgreafj. The blokes Cguysj and Sheilas fgirlsj down under are Top people. Mark Brian Brian Everyone freauenTs The local pub or waTer- Monsees Monleer Morales ing hole fpubj To chaT up Sheilas or blokes. gg While you're sweeT Talking The ladies, you C can boogie To The local Aussie bands. Aussies enjoy all sporTing acTiviTies, espe- cially The ones They can waTch and don'T have To parTake in like Cricket and FooTy. As you know, The fair dinkum Cseriousj Aus- sies dress well. The naTional dress consisTs of Thongs, STubbies Ca brand of shorTsj and T- shirTs. Your Typical Aussie enjoys a good feed of our favoriTe Tucker Cfoodj, meaTpies, which can be eaTen for breakfast lunch and Tea fdinnerj. Anoiher well known delicacy is ve- .. , gemiTe Ca buTTered bread spreadj. Also, yi Aussies enjoy a barbie CBBQQ wiTh loTs of wmv 5. sTeVak and bangirs Csausagesj. Th .,.y-ffifff -Q ffl. -ig., 'T .741 ea er can e o biT changeable in e land down under. Everyone wears shorTs in The summer fDec. -Feb.j, buT be sure To bring g ' along plenTy of jumpers fs weaTersj and slop- 'g .,'l A py-joes fsweaTshirTsj in The vvinTer CJune-Au- A Craig QUSU' . . Q Q Dyk .S il m Mordock So pull up your sTrides Qeansj, ger ouTTa '41 Seniors The dunny 5baThroomj, be a jeTseTTer and go To The land down under. --VLQLLLI, Karen under Nc Chnsl Mui -l I Ayr. l X vii . .7 , fps' CRO Jpie Jiel- iles r VOU spe- lon' ioly i Aus- isoi JC " tgp' ,im i i60 lit' N iii, 5 , i il? ' is Ji i WO i i iv HU' y lim JUG i ! by Julianne DeMorco Fred -W.-V -, ,3 6 1 b i. 'Z 7 3 I I fits, - . i x Z- I - I fini J-s Q C .. Xa , F 'ak1g',,.. - 6 i I 't- 1 1 If -1' .M 5 rr T. -F ' t.f.C:.JS. T 1. Karen Jakes discusses confidentially the weekends happenings with Karen Alex- ander. Nancy David Cheryl Bridget Morris Morrison Molhes Mowbray Christopher Becky Scott Mark Murphy Myhren McCurry McGinnis .IEANNETTE MILLER - Best times at VPH5 -- Nvr Iorget all my Irnz ncountry cram sessions banana and carrot kldnappings forever I Love You MOM Huntley Jen!! I couldn't have made it without you College here I come. JEFF MILLER -- GOOD LUCK -- MIK ROB KEL DUST STEVE SCTT - Tenis Niles Terr Serv SU NAB PAPERS INTEL CARPDOL Ball Football Xcountry Track Key Cluh Thx DAD5 MOMS AM Hr FRIENDS -- Luv U All TODD MILLER - Pm out! THANKS 4 gd X'5 with R5 MC CM GB JC B+Ball AT RS House Prom 85 8: LH I LOVE 'YOU SHANNON Soph Fhall 1934 See Ya CHERYL MINGER -- See Ya Later Fun while it Lasted. Thanx MOM Q DAD Hr JULIE College here I come, DENISE MINTON - I'm outa here thx to all my Irnds Remhr Prom 85 Var Gym 84-85 Nvr 4get Lockers Stacy AL YWS RICHARD Inn xj's wlKM AB SW n 84-85 Coronation 84 Nvr 4get 'l'Hx J. J. e ev- rythng Luv you MOM DAD 8: FAM 86 RULES!! MARY MITCHELL - HOLLY BRITTANY LAUREN COURTNEY They live on 4ever! Grt x's wlhest friend Karen Bentley Jeni W. Eri- ka L. Grt River x's good x's in Mission V. WIKIM F. Summer 85 ur! Susan CC Frat parties I finally made it Luv U MOM DAD FAM .IOANNE MIYAWAKI - Im outta here! So long VP It's been real NVR 4get you guys: DUB SPAZZ VAL KRHRI Yentl twin wd Hd Rk Anhstl Ka Rah Rah Z Kath llob Thx 4 the GD x's Lets KIT ls? Dance C IP 84-86 DEL MONTE SKI CLAN! Mist ya April Pink Bunnies R mul Farm our cum sem Elmore? Cm o BABE DAN MOFFATT - "86" rules Bhall was xfnt No. 12 Bst team Bealr OX BRIL YOUNG CARTER ME thx Qgrt memories Team Sth period was grt 2nd period was a blast. ICM was impossible. HELP Mark E Kathy stay IIIPPV. tag along Billy. 50 long VP, George! RAYMOND MOLINARI -- ARIZONA HERE I COME! no more 0.C. life! Gr8 Xa wlall my frenz. Thanx for the Prt Time Plm Sprgs 85-6 Pete f The legend Ivs. gm pan pinio Var Ftball B4-5 'VEB CIF 84 Hey Guido! I luv U MOM POPE Iam. THNX! MARK MONSEES -- GOD RULES!! G16 x's WIEVFRE Scott QSPEWD Cathy Motwins U 2 etc TENNIS B5-S6 Skiing Latin Cluh -- all fum! Love ya lots MA PA -1- B. l'll Miss Ya ALL - BYE! CRAIG MORDOCK -' G18 times wlBrad Spence Clark S CCBS 3 fun? yrs Swim Er Polo goal 2 best X's in Santa Barbara wfJC RB JC 5 ASB close call w!Bri H20 lc snow SKI cycling V-hall 31 fav shirts N. Hollywd pals Love You ROBIN Thanks MOM DAD 8: FAM. NANCY E. MORRIS - I MADE IT!! Alwys Eemhr grt X'a w!LB SW LN Q KW Fun x's WILB in BHEA Igas station, Gr. Huntington Beach Summer of 83-84 at San Onfre. Luv you Bros Thank You for all the luv 8: support MOM 8: DAD! BRIAN T. MORALE5 -- MOM -- DAD l made it! Great x's wlyood Friends GL - WM - LR - Sl. - RT -- CH - Never forget - U -- Shelly - GOOD LUCK - wlfuture days . . . CH never forget those ski days. Great X's w! WM at GLAHIS. Good Luck All. Good Luck Next Year Lisa I LUV U DAVID MORRISON - Good Luck CI-IUDS 81 SPEWS -- 3 grt yrs at' VP - Drama Club 85 better than evr - Jehl Rob and cast of Stair- case best Irnz BYE TP LW .IF BE and other gr8 1's - Rmlsr it Tues. LOVE lt ROCKETS Fish bone wl CHILI PEPPERS Cure. GR ease MOMOMO CHERYL MOTHES - Alwys rembr grt x's wlValinda best friends till the end! Aarenhed! Lot, Lls. Kel hte bst concerts! RDCKIN 'lever Why ws I alwys in trouble? Our party!!.MOM lr DADS 'boarding house. LOVE U FOREVER Pat M + D llemlsr VA. 2 dolrs BRIDGET MOWBRAY - lwill grow my hair long . . . I will grow my hair long An extension ol my soul NVR 4get U Imds Tl-INK 4 all the 5:8 x's Lv U. THNX MOM Er DAD Lv, U. Pm outa here, SEEE YAAMI' V PS Nvr Gget my JUJU CHRISMURPHY -No more -Radx'swlMCJCRSDRGBDH -I S K L and other fools. Baseball 85. "that'a cool" "UUUUT" time to party thanks lor all the help MOM 8: DAD and Family Bye everyonei BECKY MYHREN - 12 years seamed like forever! Alwys rembr summer of 84 at the beach Catalina 8: lost valley were great! Fun x's to come! I LOVE YOU FOREVER KE'UlN'Thks to MOM 8: DAD E. FAMILY for helping me along I LOVE YOU ALL! SCOTT McCURRY - GRT x's wfSC GOG0 Q LO Var I-Thall NO li- cense lo drv Itl red dats RVER Ramble wl5C Q GG dont rmber SAN- TANA CONCRT! GRT x at Boingo DEI Taco WIML E MC GRT is at' MNT5 w,'Michelle W!mny more -to come! l'm outa here love M,8z DV SU2 Bt JEFF MARK MCGINNIS - Thanx for the edncaiton VPHS! Tim + Herb' Cosby 3-5 is all it takes. Go mity MPR THX L + L Srzottulim, Jeff, Bob, Thanx. Round Tahle here we come. Prtys Eisenhower Rocket, Slide Fires Good Luck TUB WALA. Tl-lx M -lf D CHRIS + MIKE 86 Miller-McGinnis i 4,1 - - X X1 -ff' 995' .. if .wir David Jaquelyn Roy Tgdd John Melanie McLaren McNees Nakamura Miller Nelson Nelson 9 f X i Q ld X' 'ia4Q,QCDO 5 5 1 t" . i lu f X949 g Qfrizrfwt '7' V' 2 f i PM Q Q Q xN Q, QXRQ9 Effie' B vw Y i Mimi if .iii Nnnnn J -in ,Wwe iiiwg H H. ,, Peler Nicol Kay Julie Jasmin Christopher Nelson Niemann Nikookary Nixon Nodjoumi Oh SGFTI Anne Melissa by David Voyen Oh Ok Olsen 300 ,920 N H: Nj -14, Q vid if Q ' q Q 1 i . gs e . an is. 1 ,, ggi, is ,QQ Qi 4 A A Seniors Lesley Sieve Orliz Osowski page by Toad Ramos and David Voyeri Gerry Linsmeier shows his spirii by helping To aecorale for spirii day. Osumi Ouzounlan Pagulayan During a Key Club meeilng Gary Ralnvllle, Fred Cabanes, and Charles Kim Hsieh - Y , -aaa-the E ei , xxx J, gif x -i Q, 'ET 'ea Ly! . K J as 5 Gerry Krista Pangburn ,fr , 1 ,i w ,M 4 4, WJ M, 'u'.', Vererams Pre-s h runk Afier visiiihg The salaa bar, Michele Slewarl prepares io eai her creaiiam, A JACQUELYN McNEES -- Had fun --' HOMECOMING 85, Sadie 85 - BST x's w!GG JT TW B5 AS AG KS K: JMXNVR 49et 025, DISVLND 85 Jet Skiing. B9 BEach Pty. Awesome women VP Fun u's n the BNYS, esp mine, Summer 85 Thx M 8: D Bc FAM ROY NAKAMURA - Glad its over x 2 ski Q Tahoe Party x la here Always limhr Chem Class 8: staying up late w!HW. thxs to all my teachers Lets Keep in touch Pike, KW, JM, CN, 8: GL MOM Thk U 4 Encouragement l Luv U MOM, DAD. CARDL It KEN DAD Thk U 4 S- V Q 'YAA ' A muv-.107 PU PETER NELSON - See ya Thanks 4 all good x wlDave D 84 W Donny, John Et Bry H20 Polo k Swimming have been lun KRISTOPHER NELSON -- Var FB 415 lst team TRK Socr Hllwn style Grt x's Bruno -- Hmcmg, Rdlndl, etc. 5-25-85! Luv U 'lever LORI BAN 8: KJN "FUNKY lt SNUFFYH Your the grtat Love ya mom KB KC A KELLY - Grt 2 B Home Love ya Kathy Mike Mike JR DAD PATTY 81. BOYS. MLTM MELANIE NELSON - New Gold Dream 1968 Eeelr! lt's coming true! Endless youth lWby am l trembling? Conclouaneus . . . What's that? Nvr lk bck Vicki 8: Andrea Sabrina Steve! Sheri! My anlnh. Shred Ba Flick your spirits R lliellf What you believe? Love, the one true magic. NICOL NIEMANN - lt'a finally over! Nvr 4 get best frnds Teri Ka- ren Staci Layne Cori. Promo 85 -- Greg UR very special 2 me. Grt x's crulsin L lf. J, Don J's. HAVASU 84-85 WIKJ fun wfB I J Grt laffs wl SC CM A5 DB CW CN Luv to family 8: McA's Bye-bye! JULIE NIKON - Grt Sr 'Yr P5 luv ya RALPHlE5l Shelbs a whole yr of fun Luv U Hllwn style lun wlJC CE BF 14 yrslGP grt frndshlp! Nvr 4get R5 - BG Special friend Billy 8: Alexis together 4ever Mins you Karey Thanx MOM DAD ERIN h GRANDMAI JASMIN NDDJOUMI -- Gr! x with RE CR EG KB JN SD KF ETC ESP Ute RALPHIES. thx! Nvr 4get RE DV CB GB! Gd x with AW! this Scheismeister! Soccer 83 84 85 Roofus 8: Lins 4 ever ll! N JN EFF 4ever Miss U UK! W. wood w md Oct 25 Gee I luv my family!!! CHRISTOPHER OH - Thanx tn all my Frenz -- Nevr 4get you guys great x's w!Annual . . . finally outa here! now class of 90? "His love endured forever" Psalm 136 Love you Mom, Dad, James, E Family Alxn-Yung SAM OH - Veni vidi Vici. Memories sepl. Lows and Highs slings and arrows. No easy Jawa But-ell. Pug always. Never, inlerliciw. God. Loves, Past, a morayoeleritero Thx 2 Mom and Dad ANNE OK - VP 2 znophbia QP:-pl Hair! Holly wd after hrs: Retish Odyssy Powr tau lb llc Everytlsng DEATH. aber ration peace, para- dox, JSA: Stamlprd S Segregions, occult, WHK, Bowie VUUni: Vaughn - modeling. Poetry in smky clubs. zero generation to etnll damnation MELISSA OLSEN - Were outa here Sam! Always remember Feb 14, 85 Thanxs Sb 4 alwys bieng there grt x's ln lith fun x's at RH I lnv you HUMDIG. Remembr Bumper Bunny good luck Jett' youll need it, "CLOWNS" STEVE OSOWSKI - Thank God l Made lt! Party buddies Si, Dk, RBS, Prtr Jen. Di. Jen lust em. I love you Mom. Dad. Brothers. and Sisters. Couldn't have made it without you. SANDRA O5UMl -- Un-igetable Memories at VP! Thanks to all my grBt- frnds for sped x's never forget snph Cheer Var Sung Dance Chor Thnxs to Vp, u were good 2 me! Time to move on love you God Andrey Micheal Mom Dad 86 fl GD LK to And! KT. LJ. THNX SARAH OUZOUNIAN -- Never forget klsaseldes or my lrnz. Orange Jelly beans - late lab nights. Skor bars, OJ, and Choc Pudding are tops luv yon Mom!Dad!! Luv to all my pals at last college loved xcountry. Families are tops!! JM our islands waiting GEKRY PAGULAYAN - Golly Jeepers! Leapin Lizards! Be Still my heart I get to leave this Hicktown! Ol! to SB New S get ditchrm to Vegas or Partyin with be-st lm: thnx Mom Aloha Every 1 THANKS FOR THE GUMBALL POPEYEQ KRISTA PANGBURN - Nv! dget grt x's and l'1-nz at VP. Alwys rembr Prom 84-5 Sadies 83-4, Wendy we made it! Thnx for the mny yrs of lmdship. outragous! Luv ya alwys Ricky! Ann Nov 27, 1983 and many more! Thx Mom, Dad, neice Lvya C-'J n TAA, -li -lr A 'U M 10 0lr:q2'2Rl 1.6 McCloren-Pangburn CATALOGUE ORDERS TOLL FREE 7l4 974 1l7lO 1' CALL 1 h i s 5 H fo O V ' 0962 I 'V A . EP ,,. fll hffr . ul V. I rv W T .l ff I f 1 f if is U 05 I I XA KX -Q WA ,is X9 page by Dave Voyen Adrienne Parker Steve Wendy Mindy Amie Patino Patrick Paul PCIUISOH Robert J. Peery ,Q ffl, ,sq r. ll X Robert Peery is suprised to find his blood pressure is normal. For extra credit Rod Turner feeds Mr. Mahoney's tropical fish. Seniors Fx , ,ww ,. , , -- w4'f95':""lYx"l, ,.,. ,i. ,,,,. 1 ,,,if""f!,,42"" W9 f' ,, .iff ' - . M1454if"ffL,,f--if-"" H W ,w,'i:.f-"""' A ,,,ffa,i.-ffwf . if 0576 ' , jf' ' ,ill ,,.,f4fq:7 ,fw- " l Delia Karen Tina Gaylene Perez Phelps Piantidosi Picano illli ,ii'i ii I 3 CD C C GJ I E 5 M1 Angela Paula Craig Jennifer M, Pizzello Pointer Pollard Pool in Sl EC Rc l Pc I i i I n ,Z , im Price ii iles islands ii lo lie li Wllie Y Silo ci we M CUTSCQ ' We sig ll Panel llle ml Willis, ll0l95 Alle' if i i Weiser l hope fo S In Style Ea ily Amuse Robert Mike Mia C. Sandra Porter Powers Pratt Preston l Tim Shaela Karen M. Leslie Price Prigmore Puccio Rcldmacher by Chris Oh In the summer of '83l went to Tahiti. Though l heard many stories about these islands, l wasn't prepared for the beauty l encountered. The Tahitians seemed to like Americans and were very hospitable. While there, we toured the islands, seeing Bora Bora, Moorea, and the large island of Tahiti. in Moorea, lstayed at a Bungalow on the water. lt was much more fun then staying at a hotel, because we had the sounds of the ocean outside the window. We snorkled, canoed in the native boats, watched hula shows and shopped in Papete, the capital city, alive with culture and activity. The city was full of different people including French, English, and native Tahitians. The city is mainly tourest oriented, and was full of different kinds of stores. After leaving Tahiti, the things l remembered most were the crystal clear waters and the lush flora and fauna. lt was the best vacation l've ever had, and l hope to go back someday. Mei ADRIENNE PARKER -- Fun wiB8z.I - nite Hockey - Bl! EL Sprkput the top duwnl - stylin' la nuc my blue bomb! rc Man-hehe hey lg-52 big time skill elcgnvr 491 bb nib-liv 2 pangel! bstx art-hrd Rclr-Ice t lis ylluv Ma Pa!Bras! Gm BD LG MW CH LA Here I COME! WENDY PATRICK - WILDxsat VP Halloween 85 Team wLlaa R, BFs - Suz 8: Lis, Wrld Destructn .IV 8: VARSITY Cheer. thnlwgiving Party 85 RT BB KR JS MF. PLM Springs Iloosy, Nwport-Red Mercdz. Bod Slanrn w Marni Megn Shlby, X TT Luv u MLD Jen UCLA or Bust!! MINDY PAUL - Grt :Us wlbst lrndo- Erin DS, Melina HM, Genny FG, Jen FR, Sunny. Hola AirfMel! Nvr 4get SB's, the lngls. dw illi. cnvsr grls. Nvr 4get U Kenny! Thanx 4 evrything Mom, Dad, Rob. Shell. Luv U all! C Ya VP! Adi Bullal ARNIE PAULSON -- Over already? it was Fun 86! 4th calc. Hrnm?? "did u do H.W.?" That's OK J.H. it was Iuu n WE CAN prv. it. Tplo. can. S.??? Dn't know Mrk ir. not all sme. Anrky in k.C.? Thx Mom, Dad, Frnds. Hlped me thru. ROBERT PEERY - C.I.S. Water Skiing yah dude-BR Varsity wres- tling cool times bst friends Tom. Dave, Viltkl El Camino 8. guitar Thanks Mom 5: Dad Im outta here DELIA PEREZ -- Yea We're finaly out, Sr. year ws the best Alwys Rembr the great times with KI SA DE LK El. You guys are the belt. Nvr Forget-R-weekends. Will Min-U All. Lair, U MGM. DAD, and 'SIS' Will always Rembl' '86. ITJAP - SPA Rules KAREN PHELPS - Finally made it I'm so happy! Thanx to all my lrnz Luv U all Esp Tina Sa Kara Never 4get fun x's 9th grade, Janas party, Soph yr. Sadie: rembr Scott? Caron. 83 A B4 Qun Mry, Eccn's Pizza! January 16th 1984Aevel! Love you Jeff MOM DAD TINA PIANTIDOSI - Thanx 4 undgetabl FUN x's GUY S U R ALL the COOLEST! RENEE Bat Pal Tina told ya NVR MEET BANISTER PAR- TY REACT -si JFK I SPY SWIMMING JAM BST is NEERING EB WL BT FUN WIJCBS WILD x's W CH MW LC KK RISK MH LIVE 4 Fetuccini GA-YLENE PICANO - GRT x's wlBS'I' FRNZ KB JB JN RE SD EG LK Luv u ALL Haloween 85' GRT x's an Movies! was it twouf a kind? und Irndshp ur! JC. Fun wiA5B. Pro Soccer here I come. Party all nite SD can'l walt. Thx 81. Luv U Much. M D Ha SIS PAULA POINTER - G18 x'a wilanine, Erin, 8: Shelley. Rembr Gir- L. cle City, 32nd St. Camelot, Hollywood. Concerts. ILOVE YOU JOHN!! Thanx MOM, DAD. AND SISTER Var Soccer CRAIG POLLARD -- Gd :Cs w. JE, BB. WM. SS, ER. JB. DF. PFH, Var Bsbl. 3 yrs. Thmr Ooh. Supl: ftbl, Hwii 84, 86 Long Live-the Tank! fhfdevr Blirsfld., Plm Sprngs, bch, trips Thanks Mom R Dad your the , ' best JEHNIFERPOUL - Grad at Int - Fun fs w,fGenlly, ER, Mind, Sun, MIB. HY. TM, 8: SM-DHL. D Mhl, LAV, Jungle. Alwys Rembr Prom 85. Thanx-Bob Thanx Mom, Dad, lr Greg J Love you all. Good Luck L YQ . ,V V AIwya'Greg ROBERT PORTER -- Going Going Gone! Beat X's at VP. with Si. OS0,'S.R., AQD., JJ. T, DEF and DEB. Grt prty's. C.L. and 'I'C's. Fishes. gofing to LV. good x's skiing! Thx 2 MhD,.Bro and SIS. Bye MIKE POWERS -- Bu! if We have died With Jesus Christ, we be- lieve that we shall also live with him. BOM 6:6 Thna God Luv 2 ma. ps and sis fun wi Ken Dave Hank Gary Fislrlace Pete and grp! Moe 1 V Juni Reap Ke! Lips Tim Wizard!! ZL FN OR EM OR SE .MIA PRATT -' PRINCETON or YALE! Thx rtlfmz. KIMQSHAE 81 BEC. STAC. DAV JEF 5 The BOYS of '85. Success and Happiness R yours! Luv 8: Luck in the future I LOVE YOU MOM 8 DAD, MISH Q MAN. NVR4GET LAKE HAV. PL M5 PR GS. and jumping in hmm of V ' the camera! SANDRA PRESTON - Lt. wlreeties says Q-bye! nvr forget: MLICM j LM Hz her 'lil red racer- Tall Flags B3-86 KU. 8086! Awesome Women of VP: 84 SCCGA champs - Rmhr mama lr papa Smurf! Mgmnriegg shim 'sa wr Cs- Goo at neabpurf '34 u1lBest mana - .rinse mam 'ITM PRICE - Gr! Ks W! B5 .IK JS D5 KK MR DW JAl1H00'V'Sl Candace Melanie u o me 2 pies? Never dget U Wendy jU2 IZLF 1 YBB C n Mjluv U MDnEf'iAdios JamillSee Yo VPl'l'he Coach I-lapse V V Gang SHAELA PRIGMORE -f Grt1r'sw - BA. MP. K5 Nvr4-get KS, KP, KJ-B Men, u no em all Mial Sup dudge? Pigle tm Pooh Party w BS.l!'s Beck! Time Warp-Prom 85' - -I-Imecmg 85-MF alwys spcl 2 me! Pm outa here! Love Mom, Dad 8 Chad Thx 4 the sprt! Love u 2 Darhi- V . ' ixtrye! KAREN PUCCIO - I'm outa Here So Let'a Parry Alwys Remhr fun x's with Pat Cuz I Love you! Best Frnz Lisa Rad x's w!RH SW RN VH DR I Did ir 4 you Dad I Love you and Mom 2 Gd Luck Little Sis Class of 94's go Cnlsin I-IASTA SPAZ2 LESLIE BADMACHER - Finally! G18 Times with Frenz Lee and Ed- die 4evrf'l.iW crusn - Fun on Utah slopes '85 'Always a BLAST? 2 MR2 Shine 00 f i Luv U Gordan - Feh '85 Memoryzl More Nite Pinos-We ' , Survived 'Luv u Mom and Dad' Parker-Radmacher GARY RAINVILLE - Had good times wlMike CGel wisel. Ken, Dave, Jim ltishfacel, Henry Br Chris fCh2UI. rnalorj - Thx 81. love to Mam, Dad. Greg, Kristie 5 Michelle - Fun times w,l.l5A, wrestling matches, ZLFI Key Club - Can't wait until G. Day! LYNDA RANCK - '85 Nvr 4'-get. Kel. Cath, Lim Snlr Bar frnrls- 4ever. Janet alwys in my heart, Cu at the Y. Gd x's in CP5, MS:M'a. ZLF. Q trnds. Hawaii with Lisa. Luv u Stacy, Nellie, Kim, 5. Laura. Thx MGD 8: 3 Sisses. Gd LCK Class oi '86. ERIC RALLISON - VP '86 Great times Thanks 2 friends - Al. Stew- art, Steve B.. Adam, John B., Scott s., Craig P.. Jeff Ed., Matt P., lr. Others. Alwys love 2 SKI! Rembr-Gulf team, R.T., TB. Mammoth, Beach . . . THANKS To Mom and Dad and God! Nextstep . . . UC?? TODD RAMOS - Var: Ftblf -F42-DE, Track-3 itlmp-85 Champs. Wrsting. Cnyn 5 Ornge fb gams. 2 tm-league. Frnds wflrmha, DL. Viv. KS. NmC. SS. Luv ya Kelli H - NYre A Wfrml. Nvr 4get U JenP8: Hmemng-85. Good luck - KM. BM, BG, SS Q F.W. Q 'l' teams. Thanks to all my friends. KEVIN RAMSEY -- Thx to Jackie, BB. RG, SK. NB, RTlThe HILL! Var Snocerlnkll Parties l The BeaohlCabin. Skiing In The Snow Storm I , Coal Canyon. and Specl al Thanks To All the GIRLS! Thaka MOM XB: DAD, I Love You. MARK RAYMOND -- Will Rembr Grt x wl RB, SP, MF, TW, FC, EC. BM. SP. Stil Dont Undrstand ESMCL Luck Todd! Thx Mom Ha Dad 4 it all. Band 4 evr Wanna Party But Gotta Go, Beam Me Up Scotty. Bye, ' DJ RETTIG -- Gr! Tm! wlthklohn Rob Pag Mike Bill E Adv. Grt Tma in Canada' with Rob H John. Pag Rmhr Las Veg John Rvbr Rob H. CAR 6 Bmhr CRNBOOK BC? Nvr fgt S.C., Grt Times with everyone thanks Mom And Frnly See ya' at .l.C. TOM. ROBERTS - Always rmher gr8 x's w !Chris Bizr x'u in Auto Prom 85 coping w!Peery everydy in secret rm LUV U Both MOM dz DAD Very Much KEEp the iaith 8: later daze VPHS! JEFF Roumzv - :mms ls My ure. cs san nigga, nr. onympia Here 'l Come! Canada Rules, Skiing IS My Life! Randle. Magna, Tesf ta, Marsh, Kip Etc U Heads! THX Keoughs 4 everything! GOOD- DAYEH! ' ' LISA M. ROJO - Thnk God it's finally over!! We did it Kar Bears! Var Yell '86 Tnxs 2 my I-'rnz Aimers E Nana! The 3 Musketeers lLuv U Both! Halloween 585 wi-Wendy! Sadies 84 B 85 Best Friends deves Tabitha Luv MGD David Guy U 2 DB!! Later! ' DAVID ROLQNTZ - !!!!!!'RoLL THE 'l'0YOTM!!!!! A Year Spent What Could Be Better. Baseball 786 Had A loft of fun with The Gang. Can' Wait.To Blow This Popoorn Stand. THANKS For EVRYTHNG Mom Q. Dall PAKTYEN' BEST , ' CAROLYN ROMERO - Nvr fogt But times w Frene WOOLY P00 Poo JAZ K RALPHIE 2 PALM SPRING THE RALPHIE 5s Stolen Signs g-2 JR PRES Nvr fogt I Love U GREG DANCE5 were Fun Sking In Mamth Nvr Fog! ve THNKS LOVE MY FAMILY GIGLE MARY ROONEY' -- gr8-x's wl HK-SL - CG - KS - ME of course Hetor! Nvr -4-get BBear skiing wf Tisha 81 friends! oh lr ovr 4-get Prom 85! "The Ang Inn" Batt h Hween oi:eanside.w! Heth! igr8 x's in foods wl Vett-Kath! mhd I did it! thnx love .ya hye VP V ALLISON ROSE 7- Nvr Qget sm! 85 TB'NA S.H. 85 Luv ya BVS 'Thanx Dad H! Band Gunjret 83-86 Frnz KC'El' vegnes Best pal Lauri on had sam 5 on ns in ss' vb- Track B086 cum. 1, watch out! Nvr 4-get D Luv ya mom 8: pup Later VP I am out of here! Luv SC TDDD ROSEN -- Thnx-dad for yourrhelp and support all thru school No one could ask' for a better dad!! Good luck on your mission Rick Roy CB. Best df lndk in law Robert Basic fltaspyl D JURAE L. ROSS - GIS x's wfliaraboo Stac CC Page CJ Jam ADJZ 8: othrs Nvr 4get Skiing wfBasketball Sadiea Choc donuts ovrnights LA Anual Elsinore Ptys wfKJ's le rest alwys rembr' B-Bail 5411-B-Ball pals JA KS 81 team TalvK.l's Love mom Dad JGD GEM SUSANNE .ROSS - GrB x's wi BKF K and T. -I, Kim, V, M, A Nvr 4get Homecoming 84 Ramps Soph cheer, LA. Cat 83'July 84 Bb Prom 8435! 21's Norco GDB 84 CC 85 H155 Alwys Love u Richard. Nvr 4 get the ring 3116184 Thanks and Love Mom, Dad, Edd Cya , RICHARD ROYCE -- Great times wf John, Robert, Todd, Run! Al- ways remember fishing trips "84. 85" Thx Dad Looking forward to 2 yrs somewhere??? Bye VP! Love u Mom 8: Dad H family: Thanks for everything. -Goodiuck to all my friends!! ANDRENA R. RUST - Thx mom-dad 4 growing wf me! Shelly you'll always he my hlf Thx 4-the many memories! gd x's in Palm Springs wfCB, TW. SK! Ray you're -fl in my life l love you! Mr. C Thx a mil- lion! var socr gd nfs! Love to may family! I love Jesus!! , KIM SAKAUE f- What? Am lStill Alive? Best Friends KiSaDelKel AKL Lunch Friends Always remember great navigating to Oxy! Good Luck! Next year reality sets in. . Seniors Gary Roinville 1 i. i . W, .W 4 1 no mi' 5 ,iw'1Wi:..i. Eric Rclllison I -rg' ' Y an on In r Y? 1 ii 'f 0 iq! Y X a fill? R 5 ,Qf V J K' Y O .Y Vo John Corler helps Todd Miller open his senior piciure box. Heros To Futur Days Todd Kevin Lynda Mdrk Ramos Romsey Ronck Raymond i io W, 1' it wi f . W U ma 14. Mig. 4 ' i i 1'-inifgi. ' Jeff Tom Jeff Scilly Richardson Roberts Rodney Rodriguez I I i i h Y 5 i i I i 1 F 1 i I D F m x M, Lu' f P46 C ffm i ig PW, MM 'v x mb iv. x town we i were Bu, ferr reoc our 1 Mi com fore from sunk me Bu HOW I v' S Lisa David Carolyn Mary Alison Roio Roloniz Romero Rooney Rose vii Fascism eV?rc?Dme under T' r l-xmeficg' H WH 0010 Ameficon' ine sioQOn of AO ism-" 1 HUGY Long ,V .X ,H . L 1 H 1 V i . 1 ami, ' - ..r.W r Tin. Y- ul'-www. 5- .. , imiimu' Melvin l ii .wswlwumrilii iii. 1 David Todd Jurae Susie Richard DJ .. .N Y. .Loss Rose Rosen Ross Ross Royce Reiiig by Mike Vert As Greg and l boarded The small Two-man boaT, we were headed on an advenTure ThaT would offer us more Than we could ever lie abouT. Our vessel, wlTh The guidance of our hands splashing The wafer, was off The bank of The river in no Time. We picked up speed as The currenT accelerafed. When we came upon The rocks, The boaT Tossed and Turned, flinging Greg andl in To each oTher and The plasfic sides. Wafer splashed our cloThes and bodies, sfinging our faces wlTh iTs icy coldness. Soon affer we had complefed This seT of rapids, we noficed we were in The middle of The river heading Toward anofher seT of Herce rapids. This is noi where we had planned To end up, and l knew These rapids were Too rough for our plasfic boaT To handle. Bushes and Trees sfuck ouT of The wafer on The far lefT. We paddled Toward Them, praying we would reach Them in Time. We grabbed aT The Twigs sficking ouT of The wafer, buT The boaT Turned around. My heari was pounding. The shrubs and Trees be- came denser, The currenT moving fasTer Than ever be- fore. lreached for a Tree Trunk using boTh hands. The fronf of The boaT dipped, wafer rushed in and The boaT sank. Greg was holding onTo my shirT, and l held onfo The Tree. Screaming for help, lknew we would die. Buf The guide Threw us a rope, and we were saved. l-low anTiclimacTic! y f W yy wi K? lTwlwfl'3g f ,N U . l gyiii W' li lim I .i,:.,W' ,,, W. . 'r Q iii' f ,W . " I "W ,J if li? .f ' law n. f f, lf' li Wi" .lil l "iff .I 'Q 'rzfffl '.l.:'i!' ,W . I f I ,l I " My ll!! l A ii'w,',i. 'vw , ri ".i"1,i.,li'liH . , Nj X ,,!..,,, . . ..,. ntl 1- - fr .1 TOLL. FREE 714-97-4-47lO 1" 4:- Mariy Andrena Kim Rubin Rust Sakaue Senior Cheryl Gubler celebraTes her accepTance To USC. Rain ville-Sokoue Dear lviom, Hi! This is your number one son wriTing from AusTria. The ouldoor sTreeT cafes in Vienna are The greoTesT. The schools here have Twelve per- iods ond They have schools which are in session for six days. Vienna is full of caihedrals, museums, govern- menT buildings, and parks. lsaw The worlds biggesT ferns wheel called The Riesenrad. Did you know They use Mercedes Benz cars for Taxis? The coun Tryside is also foscinaTing. l wenT bike riding alone Through fields of wheaT and corn. l rode along some railroad Tracks under pine Trees, There l seT an AusTrldn shilling coin on The Track, and after The Train smashed iT, had an insTonT souvenir To Take home. A fTer furTher riding my bike, l came upon a Town populofed by sixTy people coiled Haselbach. l had an ice cream There and proceeded bockro STogersbach where l was sfoying. IT was a inTeresTing day. ,y Well Mom, l'llbe seeing you soon, buf unlil Then Auf Vlliedersehen. , -aPF Leifvll John Corclch, Andrew and Denise Harl I Themselves while wc1lllnQ 'V' receive Their senior Q a- l a Howard s Brion Furzin Jack Normo Soldorlnl T Scrlgado Samodi Samuels Sandoval l i fi i' 3,09 ,T is '7 Si i .' il X2-l!,o,f! . 'W ' f 'lliwif .L ,, N , mg :iff A was A for 1 1 ,4 l, , fl VIK, w,wL V Isl in - , ' f , ' 'V .K .T rv, i,.. L A ,. K i ' i riff,--'I' 'N ' ' ,JL " uf W 152 Seniors me Chris Randy Dana Bgriqn Sclnl Suucerman Scrvarese T sqm-som lviifel :mg M. 'IJ' :Shy QM Robert Rick James Ariana nuns, Schulkey Schwartz Sdrales Seeley 1 JON , l ,,.' Z2 1 Q , ll ll, K If I fe Kim Victoria Michael Kathleen Sessions Seyler Shah Shaw School is out I Good Times Roll. page by Keri Snailum -...- WW - W' I.-aim-A' f ' f " 'lr 10, fl' 2,7 ,L llami Karres, and Cheryl Tomlinson Notch intently as Christy King demonstrates how she intends to do Jlgv5,.3,, -wer hair. -.7 y. 7'.Cl,n' l-,. WW W C W tw. ,lr v QW 'flaw' WWW. . lmllwlm. HOWARD SALDARINI - Gr! x'6 wfFry, Burt, Tino, Sims, Murph! Mammoth 85 Banehnll-86, Canyons burnt so Keep Chris Fry. How 2Ski Prom-86 Nvr Forget. Tnx Mom8eDad For All your support. Luv Howard BRIAN SALGADO - Leev Beehynde V.P. GR'I'fTmu wth Slefush Billzer MO MJ MA GP FG GD RM .IS SD JN JC DB KR Get those . . . Never a dull mom! XLENT tins wth gang GL PS 85 KR SJ M0 BS Wlvs otsde Luv U Mom Dad JACK SAMUELS - Bst Frndz KR SK SB PG BB NB RG RT 910 Spec Thx to AH, TH. SK Grt x's cab Iev Allnlghters Hill Spec x's Sadie 84,85 Prom 85 HC85 NVR 4ge! Kheavenll 70 chev VarFool 87's gone Love Always Dad, Mom 8: Josh NORMA SANDOVAL - Miss U Tisha, You'Il alwys be a spcl Frnd Luv U, Always RMBR GR8 FRNZ Mich, Christi, Jules, Keri, John, THNX 4 the GR8 memories. alwys luv my little mex, miss U, Luv 81 thx ma 8: da 8: Family, Love you Hector CHRIS SANT -'- No More Dictatorshlp: I'm on my own now! BST K's Illf JY KM CE. REMBR: G st. Buns. Nvr 4get the gang. Rmb: Bfslci- in wlthe boys Q muddln' . RMBR the reubens plrng lot 8: concrts. LUV U MRD 5 B 8: FRNDS. ps: get outa bet U schlep! RANDY SAUCERMAN - Later I'm '86 Luv Ya Cathie, Always re- member Prom 85 Q our good times together-Be Seeing Ya! DANA SAVARESE -- I did lt, Dad! Alwys remembr great x's wf clr- cle 6, DF JG LT JC KS LL Hz the MOB'What Happened?l Nvr-lege! Toga, ped, Helter Skelter, Slvrado 8: Havasu '85 Love Ya Mom, Dad 8: Kent. C-yn VP, I'm outa here! ROB SCHULKEY -- Best o' times wl Rob BXF Always. Fun Lnchs wl RL, MF, EB, MI. Keep 451' alive 4-ever. Good Luk josher. Livio at movie Make a wish What does a chr lk lik il Innes wr bent the other way? DINA SCHUBERT -- It was not fun. but I made it! Good is with SS BM TL SG JS CI. JD SA!! I Love Police work Academy Here I come!!! German HA HA HA? Three years of it, over good by Mr. Brown!! Thx 2 Mom Dad Nell Chris and Tippy and all Fmds RICK SCHWARTZ -H Remembering Mom: All for you Thnx Dad, Deana and Jeff Hello U tab! Woodstock and Mex!-pep: Burt and lili- coli 4ever Boys no more! PCS reign!!! USA I3 HVY MTL 4f'evr! VEN- 0M! Dina. Love forever. memories ol teenage torture JIM SDRALES - Always rembr you V.P. as well an Pep Boys, JK, golo. Trays, Football and MAGIC! Thanx Mom Mr. B Frances Lor- raine and Laika for growing me up! It took a Ing time but I knew I can pull it oft MrT your the greatest ever ARIANA A. SEELEY - I'm Laf'n nvr frgtlBuddy, sal-tl. DL. cage SWOK, Carousel, VE, DC, prom 84, BF Kris-rice! fun x's WITH. SR Q JC. '2b. HAUCK in DA! uouree nvr 2 yng stu! SWOK team X WOLF PACK. waka, waka. waka, thx 4 everything I lov U momdzdad 86 I'm outa here! VICTORIA L. SEYLER - NWS-get "COOL PLACES" W lEric PII Love you 4-evr Special X wlbst fm: Brandy. Kel. Sue, 8: Risa Luv my 'fl wrestler Bobby Thx Marci, Mama 8: Daddy MSPI, Snoopy Bc Ike too 01 mat maid 4 three years. but now I'm outa here 4 good KIM SESSIONS -- Fnly made it. gr! x's wf tns crt bds FUI 81 MD - Prom 85 blast. PS Cool photo class iv f friends AG Prods U know who Luv YA RE BF oyrs luv ya Hawaii 84 Aloha Limo Party VH the best LL UH! I love you Steve! THnx Mom, Mike, Sis 8: PJ MICHAEL SHAH -- Finally Finished Great x's at. VPH5 Never forget hot blue jacket, Exterminate the birds!! Good luck to all of my friends. Aliquando et insanire incamdum est. Thanx to mom and Dad , and Sis. KATHY SHAW -- I'm on my way! Grt x's in soph yr huh shae, il frenz Mtch, Abby, Steph, Laslie - Thx Nvr 4get u "C" Nu Pn no Gn Soccer F1 HLIAEATO HON! bye-c-ya Luv U mom, dad 8: Janet "94r446 fs Saldarini-Show 1 r r 1 1 1 1 , r r v 4 is X r 5 T 5 5 E 3 3, .. rf rr 3 .1 E , N 5 ff- ii? is E if 1, x, r, I, 5 M il :E r. gf x ,, Lore Nighr Sruoies Final Exam Worth It All! Wi xi n fl ' :V W Q s we N rag 'O 3 gig' by Norm MCG TONS page by Keri Snailum Joel Amy Dan Michelle Rich Shields Sidwell Sieberi Silverberg Simmons Sieven U Lee Jim Barbara Douglas 5lm0n Sinclair Sipe Smiih Smith , . X 'J gn..,iii1f ,v 'r , I1 , ., XKPJSID6. Naihan Bu discusses o sentence . from his 'ref poper wirh Bobby Ten Allen foncuy Vemembefs hef A" Brodsky- oebro II closs ond Mrs, Schneider. ll4 Seniors l F I N I I r rr! V FU' Duifinsm E iw l 1 i Wermp gkmbe Q gun. li MS it 5. Q... ougias Smith ,..-4 Jennifer Jimmy Leah Lecrnna Smith Smith Smith Smith up . Q 1 Q" 'Ib' ' it to -, V" i 1 xxf, Michelle Keri Audris Smith Snailum Solinski limi-li , Dustin Grosse ana Jeni Wynsen ex- selichange thoughts about their upcom- SChn9'inQ term paper while Erika Larson is glad to be out in the sunshine. T ,. b rnnnii .x.. I David Voyen bv i I i Michelle Spcirgo Corrin Stobile AMY SIDWELL - 606084 - U.K. Bt C.H. were Great! ACA - DEC 8: JR STATE were unlorgetable: Moana, Hetty, Monty, Buckle, Siddy, 8: Sylvie. 4-ever! Love you M M D! Finally I get to turn In my membership at the VP Country Club -- Misa YA Sylvl Bye V.P.!! JIM SIPE - Grt x' with Dwyne Jell Dougie!!!-ball been grentfyo brofsummer 84 greatlthanx HoovslAlwys love you Dad MICHELLE SILVERBETIG -- Fun X's w!Tawns, KJ, KA, SR, SD, JF. VIC, JT, SUZ, ice hlox, strawdalr Moms Aft partys, PLARKS FLYN dirt? CC 85, SanDago, LST BC HW 85, - HANT HOUSE - jst kdn SUZANNE Yur my bst lrnd 4-evr Luv ya Dad Mom Kris RICH SIMMONS -- i cant remember nothin we partied AND will continue to: MC JC DR the MURPH - Alwyas MURPHIN7 JS KI. GB 8: all the others - Baseball NY Yankees Sl mill soon Nvr 4-gt this '- Lve Ya family STEVEN SIMON - Its Finally over! Partying with s. j. 9, a, j, Cr r, Rishea, llagers. Great times with J It DEF HAP BRO. Sean sneaking to V. lree things, nick m'a, chut VP! Thanks Mum, Dad. Ron 8: Grandma 4 evrything see YA! JENNIFER SMITH - Never 4 get new Fmz from VP super x's wlShanuon 8 Kristy, thanx! I miss you Lorrie UH my BST FRND 4evr. Thanx 4 support Mom Dad Betty 8: Tom, Good Luck Chris Q Justin. Bembr Sadiea 85 w!Trac L Chris? 4th Per. goisip?? J'tair:ne M.M. MICHELLE SMITH - Alwys llem gr8 x'a w!N0l'lM'Y JULES CHRISTI KERI esp PRINCE concrt B4 rem Norm? Fun x's at JD's hch hse, Lethb's - HA, trps 2 LBch w!JD 2 C Mrk - rem Jules? THX 4 ALI. THE SPCI. MEMRIES thx Dad Sue H Fam cIdn't of made it wfo U JIM SMITH -- Hawaii here we come. Great x's With Jimbo Dean and Group. Great l's at Rama Raiders game with Kevin 9 Group. Great x' in Blue Room wl Vince. Love 8: Thanks to Mom 81 Dad '86' DOUG SMITH - Later VP nevr lorgt great times with friends Dwayne at C Can- yon llamho jim always forget B Ball Practice Thx Mom Dad Rose- mary for the green Ez mpport UCSB or bust!! KERI SNAILUM - C U bye VP! xcrrtry SADD CF thx Ms. W OSC OFF to Mexlluv bet lrnz Jules Ez Mich always b close, Lar GLII. Chill babe, lag bch days 37-, lnchtime gals Chris Normie Mich Luv ya! THX Q luv M 8: D Gran Swme God love ya lvro.' AUDIIIS SOLINSKI - Grt party is soph yr. Bat ol luck to Carolyn Kelly Charlie Tim A Michelle. Nvr 4get Melissa Smith It Partyin w I our Frnz. Luv 2 Chris Q Thx Mom Q Dad 4 ALL youv'e done. UR the best I love you BANE, always! JORGE MICHELE R. SPARGO -- gn X WIMAMA - JL - LS. LC. BD, AP Frnd 4evr La - between you? Lets be serious - OJ - B 8: J - Retarded? Luv U dancer Alwys Presa - gd luls Lis BB pals thx 'T' Flash Li Moody?? Luv k thx Pops thx JB R P K 8: D All the D's bet 41st cdnt have made it wfout U Betty CARRIN T. STABILE -- I Inv U KC always 6 4evr. Nvr 4get frnds Tara Mich Lori Turbo 2. Thnx Susan 4 the grt X's PS 85 Sept partys Bd Womn Jabbr Ja. Alwya rembr Michele Thanx family for all of your support. I luv U MOM DAD AND KRIS- TIN. GN GM SALE Dt! 2252. 7' 1 shfeidysfobfie Ili! WILLIAM C. STARRET1' - Blood Brthrs JA .IS CH DW Dean JP SB L0 'PM SM DV BM JR Jake 8: Elwood Bob A Doug Cripple: 67 SAT morning FtBall ANAHINE Beat strt Brkd n :ull Luv 2 Ma Pa Whts her name BR KF ST Cl. B Game Days Snccm bound Gum out Funny Bows KIM STAUDENMAIER f- its finally over! grt x's w lStaci BABA - slap Irnds 4-ever Hey teri E Nikki Piggl Lives!! Thx Mom 4 all your support Luv Yo all -- BYE BYE VP! LARA STEENSLAND -- College or Bust! But hasrft It been FUN??? Will miss Elk fN'YllDdra tSFJ!Jxde ftnhrdllboug foxy funy volt ThanxM8zD8r.ClzKUROKThank U2GodCUallback East! Look M 8: D - Petunia almost grown up! IKRISTIE STEINER -- Best xs vrr Judi B1 I 13 yrs. I Luv u always! Member Hi Litle any HA! ony.. Pepsi me. iz me ne rI0?? 'rrp our UK fi swtchkgl SB I luv U Ievr Babes! Nur lget gr!! xo! UR HOT! Yea BnbbaD81DDpclfmdthux8:luv2IJMLJSNC'YA V CHRIS STEWART - its been Inn VP but -I ,gotta go Thx to Irma esp SEAL an sn .uma men cr. Mmth ss what A um: 106. mam, sv 8S,YFrdv Ftlxl Golf Team Never forget. I love you Mom Dad Liz Laurie Blaina Shaunna. THANKS. Bye-bye , Lawsuits tl, STEWART ef- do Vlfaliyys mmm the gnu ,rg mr tooo I hen. stag Jam, pray sie musty. w,fcANnAeE thx ni tranny 4 the -mann: mug a. Nu. rm tiger bench fi-nz sue sr cnnnm umm you family I seein me thru Luv U A Bunch! Mom Dad Hz Todd. N - STEPHENS - nmmmvx my ya Mi., sh., Beckg sm s. vusf - Fruzfl remember DOIN the time wggpfsoccor 84 was llarll Thanx to, all 4 grt partyin' yrs! I Inue you Jirn!,E.sp. thank you to Moro and Joel Gbud ,Luck TIN, Skothr undexolassmenl BYEII N Its 'finly burllni free! alwys ruth: B-hull ' pill JK SK JB NVE Met Tstn Game thx Coach: I 81 'I' M4 4 ev: Alwys rembrV5D x'u url5.Bnll Us Sheho Nvr tiger KISADA LKEI. 8: Q DRY Nvr -lgel tree L ski, tripgihx ,ic 'lylnsplre LV-U M 8: ,D - monte stmmsxv 4 edge ve not 4 guna :rs Arwmrs umm-'A BEll'5pe:ial Extends -- G-ma mu in me future Love you Mom ma 32 fain. On to College After hm's footsteps! 3 ' 1I'm eternally yours, flfamaral flfhx, 4 all of thai, irtxfs. I'l.ove'Yau! Drunillne wax cool 183-SG! Capt. 8586 -4- Honda, - Ilgtnrceotofo are 2 FAST 4 U. Wanna Race? Thx Mom and Dad! I Z - You Both! ' K ' V Mtgtungsznno aura rrannxyuraae m rags ,cs wow Eznz sag' 'Ban Noelle Di'Gus NN Ki KS TC TA E Viv -4- OSCA Mexico 85 Ausi' trllia 87? Phan Twan Lives! What Commission? polyester palace! Whem's Mr Rogers? No ESNS! Var! Track, 3: B Bull 83 Love you V non-ofnaaqy I no r MDANATAMAAIIIKI -- Ill alwyfs remha CA VPHS chrnha sngrs. ' 'lfhnnlt 4 fun is wlkiwi - TAS, Diibl Dutch USA Mates Neva 4921 ' 'Tom embasy pr, Top mvahvm, Az, mv, rw, Hr. MA, NJ. H20 ff listers-agL'7rnmt, ma Katy-8: xnxfmhanm 9-'Luv mags Kiwi-Mol MY TANG -if-I want to thank Tammy lor making my life more mln-to 'erablel Thanks to Albert for making calculus more bearablel Thank nic. I lmfyou all. I have a great year! ' N , , S1 -- Ihanx Montana! Dad 4 .everything Love to you? and family Best x's urlllloelle Sandra Lara Spence ASB 12 down, I0 togo - then call me DR. T.!! V ' V THQMIPSON -,Finally over! Graduation! BST We w?'I'raci, f damn srl .ml 'shams ctauaa and am mam Nur age: U The End, JW BY at -II' thx Mom, Dad. Jerome, and the Salcidos 4 everything. only cu Prk Ez pep! Aiuiys amber mum ll rn on nr ox: Peace! Trsrm moptlfson -- our 1" wine hen. Jett: .muy ngaa,tstmng,, Howdy Doody. Randy dont tom-,h'mel! Hey, Dog, no more ierkin around! Moody, I didnt orant 2 B your TA anyways. Skiing xv! Rooney -Q the bunnies - Bye Razin Hi Cameron. V J, 435,5- , 4, . 1 ' .fo L -0 ,. - 'git' 1 43,1-. ,. Q Ye ll' M ""f"1 GQ -A Un, J 3 f'4K:l1 fb-, , , .:""1rr ,, ' "ff 'Sf'- tl r ' r x" '3'::Ef.',2f' ' , , 'Vt -J' W -Ji? 1 ' 1' f to W 1, -7,.. ..,, ,, , , , fc' I Surf fast. A 2 I iflzrfg i y EQ r 35253 E Y?" X "M-9 'T -- lr- f' I " w '-7"-uw" I than rin ff' X, Seniors Casey Tonya Kimberly I-GTG Starrett Stcasiuk Stcludenmclier Steenslctnd tm. sr, -Fi 1" 'Q 'fa o 'Y L r -- , r A "0 4 'ru , xy' u fl I 3,V",'A I, C., fF..,.dAAV!: 31.5.1 I Kimberlee Kelly Chns Stephens Stephenson Stewart towords neoven for on onswer A I .VK 1 Becky Allemqn Gnd shqelq pfigmore ponder the meoning of life os Mia Pratt looks t I' 1 i 0 I ww., ,A any . rv 'Lb N L ,e ,r 1'-1 -'mini ' 'X '- " v -or-rfdt' r milf? , trtr - I' rift or ' M 'MW-Mft -N +V 'Mtv "WrlfZ!, ,,,"T 'N l W 'E' I to - lf" ,.'V'?'F rr I 'wt r rl muy A rn., V . 4.5 , L I rw at r - .aff fn rr- of fm lr " W ,M A .I viii ' pw W t aff, r no rr rt. ,rt A r r r,m,," W r l T um Jr A ,, N f at 4 r . , E . 5. tt, r f ' rr or 1 rr if -f milf" N f-34 Wy -r ff- m t WL Q ,-1, ' X' 1 , r rt 1 A I , Ms M! 1 hh Wo W E 'i I U ff ,ML W1 HJ- " i Q, -vi . rgj f ,gtg H -.. , V- -5 l aw 'wir L t E rt' ,. Ltr' 1 Hfrir gg' '35, 7 1 hr yr ,H y ,rw M-r-.1 IH' xxxx lb: +4 Y' 1 . ',., ' V ,: .Jw ,,,1'2wQ4f NJ' f -JV rl li-lflfy' W 32 13' '4 V' 'I ' J T I , 4 4 xi' ya r you r Jaw or n ...u.,.A.... ....-.,.. . -1- ' if Senior John Carcich Tries To find o se-oi in musical choirs ol lunch. T 317' E ff 1' Y 'T Eff' M 1 sa t an MCGrcJne by Norm ZLF 4 No Refnorzef Goin' our In Style :li fwi H' f D096 by Dove Voyen Michele Laurie Lance B. Brenl Joseph Abigel Slewarl Slransky Slrawn Sumrall Swelz Szabo 'Ciiiii ,N ,ri wp . N.. iiliw L ,T ' 1 ' rrrrr, L ii, r1,r rriiiijww ' 5 ir ,'J.'Jrir.r,.i, , T 1 ii' in iii: rr, ,rs will Moana My Rick Kelly Marie Tisha Tamaariki Tang Tanner Thomas Thompson Thompson nv Starrett- Thompson 4 is Jill Sieve Cheryl MGI Jll.L THOMSOM - Glad its over! Great x's wjchasl Luv U MEGS! - ' Fmz lever: Marie T. Judi G. Estee S, Claudia A. Traci P. Fun week- Tnnh ends wfllee Kee 8: Traci P. Thanx guys! All my LUV to Dad, Nellie, Paula. and Critter! "SB" CHERYL TOMLINSON -- 6:8 xs w Jam Ann Jur 8a othrs! Nvr Aget ' slthal, buskhl, vlhl. JK! Thx Shelt Tarahilda Flsh Crazy 4 U DR k Scinsc 14 LV flevrl Rigeti gr8 Bruce Concert -- BLAST! Havasu B4 wfik Water skiing wfbball 'LVT THX MEL DAD MOM E FAM' MAI T. TBINH - Great years at VPHS FN 8: ecltug miss U all: LD! Lng Vlflua M 8: LTng Chnle Ta Stk 8x Litl' T lpein dans le soul T 2 he nice to LT Thnx to all my teachers, lit'le brothers 8: sister Cam un Mum 8: Dad Chue gladih khevui Luv U all goodbye ' RODNEY TURNER -- good times and partys wlthe guys Jack Na- than Keven Bah Fish LDC and llichad Bad xs Q the beach to the ani- . mais Brian an Gordeu BFA and WPSH and to my teddy bear, l still care fur you - it wasgneat Love U Mom Dnd " , um.: umnsnwoon - summer as w an mn: Nicki! 'DEB.'and ' h h Mi-Mr mm 49m randy, many. at any KNOB. smcn H511 84 -P - i , ef Remhr chris? Alvuyu remhr clf ur!KU. MK. SR. HG. KS,w.lD. DW. KR s. Ms. Aiwa Luv u non, mm at sane BYE L 1 " TRJSHA VALENTINE- Gr8 xs ,vvlbnt frnd lmpltlns Rembr MEB n' -' ' GD xs in NE. CS Bat Pals JH DP AS KH Thnxs 2 JM 4 Bng There - Lv U Track "Bl-'86 Thanx 2 Coaches 4 Laughs. Miss U Bras 4- RG JR JS DH PD. Luv U MOM DAD BOB n 'MICH BUTTONS Made 'it!!!l' N K SUSAN VANCE -f BDWGMNIDUDEIPKIHB lsnoua n graduated ' WEENIE from the hill - Luv 8: Thx 2 MDM DAD knock em dead 1 John - Forever luv 2 RANDY: CHEEKS -- Gr8 nm xv! CTS CHRIST! "Ha mn cum" Ms - guna 'rack 2 MF 4- hum ya' Mtiouv 44' ' Ciondhye 8: LUV To Ya ALL!!! N V' N N N N N ., PATRICK VAN I-IAEEEN -- l would just like to say thanks to nllxmy 1 , friends and Family for air' the great times we had. l Luv you all! ' cnmsrmia veanuu e Tmk 4 gn is wma si Kelli r luv Ya Nvf r ,LM it i um- trgt Beach House 84, ivl Kelli Remember Brian? Grt :wat the post wl ,Yvette l Luv ya Meagan Paco Sr. Chico tognthet again Excuse Me -7 Good luck to all niy frenz 1 Luv Ya M Q D ' ' Tammy Lori Rodney annie nzq Punofwwnimgfweigms wma. G - Ass - n-mw l Tu Tubbs Tl-'mel Underwood mans wfcfmcsi P Collins Bet:hlMtn inmates: Lam.. Acrrmi i ,MIKE VERT - "INCREDIBLE" NVlt'4-gt running Lancet hoat on 2 N N "1 Mons snor- an mu. JF nw rr AC FG nv at .mm C. 'Luv' u -, , mf-i.,, .i FAM ' D TALIS VITOLS --f Thank your MOM DAD Sc LISA Swimming was fun, SADD was a Blast. Good times with Sean Mark Q Thang. Love Alf V ways to Shauna Tina 81 Tara. Remember To Love Life lts All We Gut. CHERIE VONADA - Thx'4 a chance of a lifetime. lSf20J6 the start ol a. great horse -7 Nvr Qget Mrs C. Thx. T Kemper 4 all you have done. On my vuay to make a life training horses. 743 T-Sir Lancelot. Thx MOM. DAD UL L. Hoskins. V ' ' DAVID VOYEN -- Gund Day. HS was HINCREDIBIJEF! Nvr Met G18 ments - KISSIN THE PIGIKP E his silver sivelCAR WASHIN WICG - Jamn wlMr Harborooat IHAWAII 84lBlamnge Cun.fJakes Gl Jerklsz B-DAY partys!! Luv U Fam. Take Care 86 8: GOD BLESS! V Fredy Lives!! i - - ' 2 STACI WAECHTER - Ltr 86 fnrr -- GYS xi wl ACE, TERlbie, Nikki -- cel. Smurf pgy. 5 chanie. Nvr dgt Lvs - DS. MP, VP, JG Erpie 85. GM 84 - i 8: pi -- dt S4 - SADD, phto, yact c -- 85. KU . 4me? MANOMANOTI Stondiu K. KROQ, 2 many cncrts. Lv 5 Thx M 8:DLvUERlCslbis Nfl i ' KEN WAKAMOTO -- Finally no mere suffering! Alwys remember rad xs wldave, mike KSLENDERB, gary. jim, 8: Henry! Nvr frgt EK H 'WPC Bros 8: sis'sfZLF lives! Reaper E Fishface 4everlThnxN2 all other VP Frnzlluv U DAD, MOM 8: Farnilyl All thanx to GOD!! X MATT wmczrtsm - Had Fun! Nvr Iget times wan. bm friends ,- Duane, Brent. EL CL - PS 85, Utah 84. TennislC. CLIC. J. L. PJSQ R Tlranx,!Physiology.lZLFI-Jello Warl!Guod Luck Tu Evetnne! B 8: D 4 W X the Greatest! l Love You MOM. Thanx 4 everything ,fBYE!l lUii1llUITIiii1i1filiii'iir"" DANA WAKEHAM - lt's Been Real! Gr8 tms WIKTK! HWI 85 V71 Fun tms vvlall the brows KKK, HR. TP, DC, 8: 351 Nur 4Get other Good friends -- WC. TF. JG, JT 8: CFG'5. Chr 84:86, St -ln's. sprint! l'm out of here! Luv U MOM DAD Q BRO. 'iiumm DVLWO Dum While eoiing Their lunch Sieve Bain Sca- brino Davis ond Andrea Boker discuss i 1 The onswers To 0 CPS-Tesi. CJ. E- L QQ ,. X ZFAVELLSPSPZQ DUCATIN5 Trisha Susan Patrick Jqy Volenline Vance Van Haeren Vqn Meier Seniors Activities Highlight Lun h Seniors Porricioore During lunch, Pete Molinari, Rodney Turner, Mark Fishburn, Steele Kelly, Pat Glenn, Nathan Bugg ond Jett Edwards have o good time watching the lip-sync show. Christine Michael Shane Talis Cherie Verdult Vert Viter Vitols Vonada iw ii- -ii. fi li lfllluli,'i','lli, , li 'llfiiiiiiilllliiiil David Staci Ken Matt Dana Voyen Waechter Wakamoto Wakefield Wakeham Dclge oy Hettv Hofsteenge MUlililllliUJQUliii'QiilWi' i i, iiLi'wi'liiUQ!iilli l' Qffesexse Fl X A ff L X S Oil A -Ruff' , Q57 - l 1 0 V' l 5 i T We A my 1 Ji ' l t.I!x, pb mg Mgfffofrr IQ? ing I Corning out of closs, Tracey Gratto ond her friend Lori lil QQ Ashby folk about where they will have lunch todov. Thomson- Wakeham ll!! PAT WINSTON - party in santa ana tigers on vaseline - Jeie-Rolr Dave- chris clockwork we owe it all to you tanks MA 8: PA We Luv Jeff li. Kara- Safari Sams Here we cumezzs Reggae Music: F0reVerg Bob Marly Lives: Herbal life S GAN'I'A!ll Bow-Wow-HouSe DAVE WISE - OK. Good Day, Welcome! cYr:liNg Is fUnl i'M Felil- lNg nmBiViIANT. RINGING GUITARS! I want my hARh0rcoAt! intra- Gpective music RULES. I wiSh l CouI.d hURry up AnD Find MYSELF? sO it,gDEs. ThaNrr Z my FRIENDS 8: bo'l'h FamiliES AP VICKI WITI-IIIOW -1 Fun xs Wlllubhao Jay Tawns Karin Su Kimbo Mr: 8: my Sis Sam, Nvr 4Get CJ Ramps Beach House, Prom 85 Mar- riott I6 bDay. Thx Mom '4 all the partys FH days, Thx Dave. Alwys Luv U Sean nvr 4Get Summer 84 Tnx B Luv Mum 82 Dad ' TARA J. WITT -- I Luv You David - l'II Have Tn Wait HFS At Or- egon State. 7-1080! Nvr -igt Prom 85-G18 :rs wl CB, AR, LR. CS, JR, ES. Spring Blk 85-Palm springs-Special Thx 2 CARRINI KC Sr David 4 us 4ever. Thank you JESUS! Love M 5. D, Gramty, lr sis! PIL TRUDY WOJAHN -- Thx to The I.unch'l'ime Croud-Specially RuSS, Denise-Good friends-l'll Alwys Be TWOODY! RCC 85 Maples! 85, xs ofjoy 4 me in Band! its Been a Pleasure to Serve! Alwys Know HE is There 4 U. Luv I M, D, NAT Er BEEDA, ProV. 3:5-6 , JAMIE WOOD - Nvr 46et Gr8 xs WlJiIl, Jen. Kim, Sharie, Elle 81 Lori ES- rmbr JW. GS 8: MD LII Luvs The Class of B6! Luv Kr. Thx 2 MOM.. DAD 8: MATT T ' JENIFEII WYNSEN --1 Thank god l'm out! Alwys remem SOPH YELL. Sadies 84 Party xs WIKB, MM, EL, -nvr 4Get Alniters wfErilr.a-BB lever Thx 4 the Lalis Guys GIS memrys wlMarc B4-85 Luv Ya Mom Dad A Fam. N , T ' MICHAEL WYNSEN - Bmer Neenlll !l02I-lwmbl Good Fruz You 81 Me: AC, MV. TP. DS. CG. EF. CH, JM. LS, AP, KK. DW, RW, MH, 8: JCXI-I20 gatelliennedy Martha D. 8: Debbie H. 4ever 1 yrs "MAD LOVER" 'wllhodrea BarB Ash? Film'0r Song? i"Dreaming is Free"j I Love You Mum G Dad ' ' DAVID YAMASAKI -- GOD RULES! I Cnr. 9:24fVar Wrestling 84- 86198 :rs wf Ken, Mike. Gary, Jim, Henry E Bros From WPC, EK, DEAN. Sis. Ellen, Pats. Kristen fl ETC Fruxfnvr dget Canyon Mathces,'H5HFACE 5 I'IevmouslTux GOD. Dad. Mom 81 Sis 'renmmcs was - Gr! xr sfmirhm, wreming, Piiza Party at Milre's. Fix Cars Sterio Yet Arnie? German half-breeds Rule! Thx Mom ar nail, mr-cu 'rem Ffmbaiifmmale-aged Moody!! some srmies. 'Wallis Brother craving, rvrllers Party ,Q .N JEFF YQUNG - Faly ovr, time 2 move ou, CSM's hernia: l could Be Wrs. hasketball 86 330 Fu :rs watch vvl Ox Crter Moi 8: Beak. Rmhr Fla xo TP. Sing, Boas, Ky 8: Hur clhs OK. Thx Mom, Dad, Amy Br Pan RUBY YIIAN a- we Made lt! Thx 2 All my harming Puls! -SG, AF, LC, DG. MD. nvr 'lget uummer 85'San Clmnre' NwPt Constructors! Lv irvrmsv any-'rP1.s - JEEP aim ' armor ' mance ' ska Bum - Bsr Prod SHANNE- Thx Mom 8:,Dad Ez Fam JEFF ZABEMBA r- Love,fYa,Lilre Famly Dad Mom Lor Bob Kar Fiji 85 The Best 9 62 ALI.. THE WAY Best Friends Alwys From Soph' 8: Sen- ior 'Yrs Nevr Lose Dave Or Todd I've Fallen 4 KABA! Luv Her Lots, JK. RD, JM. KF. KK. Thx Agiu SCYME ' JENNIFER ZELTZEII -- G11 IS W!! all my frnzl Luv Ya CARIA BEA Thnx 4 Everything! ,Nvr Alger memrys wi RD Meriico Parties Drive-ins Sadie 85' JC ! Luv Ya Familywk T Hx 4 All Yon've Done 4 Me! Luv Ya LH ' JP-JF-KHrKE-JC-RD- CB-CL. I'm outa Here! I CHERI ZIEGLBR --' wGr8 :rs W!5-I. CH. LH, E Rest. BB's All-vys Den 81 JJf6 yrs. Rivr Trips wlleff 8: Den. SnDnce Hut Lego-Sam :rs urfvirg. Rah' 8: GanG. Lonu-Luv Ya 'Like A Brother. Fmz Scot 8: Mark. Luv Ya Ron Mom Dad Hz Fam N TONYA ZUKOW r- Buhbas Alwys Bl F Jackie Ful1'Anywhr Gr! xs svfliar. Kim. Sum. Ki, Vic. M 8: Chalra'2 Huw Ya nam ru w ima. vs, cc. neu, ww cnu.s, BH ss, GDD 84 HC 85 DB nvr het CS I..uv'U Mum Rr. RY Thx Karen Dad U Il nrenesrg YEA TI' ' RENEE M. WALENCEWICZ -- JV cheer Swim. 'Ifhx Tina Honee 4 Everything I my Bs! Emd: nvr dget the beach w!Pat- ty: and Speedo! Gr! xs wlMam-rhr "Back Of The Book" mo- ments. IILFS. PY'9l7-on yur own 8. refrdbens. Nvr 4Get Ya! MGJMN Gd xo w!Kathy. LC. MH, JM, MW. Luv ya MOM! DADJAJ N JOHN WARREN -- Thx 2 Mom H Dad Hr 2 Miss Ellie, Aluzys Rembr CK 8: MICH Gr. NORM. Rad times at the river. Thx 2 ' Rocky. Great times at summit '83 '84 '85. Alwys remember Mike Talip. Thx to Marc Gr Wife. Thx to the TOAD. DAVID WATTON -- I had the bat 3 yrrhere! It ws Fn' To f iileprt the weather to Mary R, Sherry S. Tina R. Kristie S. Mark H. Slephclnyf C. Linda H. Becky M. Miss P. Mrs Grey Mr. Haskins Mr SK. roach och MRT 8: rnny -mre Sis Up Dave A. Thx lo Mum in Dad KARL WEISSENMAYER -- lls purly lime-Prom of 86 NV Bose- ballj summer of B5 Des! lriends RN BBfFun xs 'al DISNEY PARTYSJDISNEYLAND 85 .Br 86fThrJnx Mom. Dad Kr Knlhj All My Love 2 FJ Q YC ROBIN WEISSMAN - Thanks Luv-U-Lois Mom Hr Dad'Good Luck Roz 'Thanx 2 all 4 many SPECTAL rnems exp MC 8: LK' Vr Yell NEVER 4gel mammolh '641 lsraelf camp Frenz gr8 x prom 84185 1861! 4 oi July '85 ln NEWPORT 2 Fav Guys Kev Kr Simn -- Here we Go!! -- SC 4 ME!! KARIN WIUJAMSON - Gel The 'Oulu Here! Findlly 66l Sum- mer 84 ls! Luv DAZ Crew. Besl Buddy LYDlA Luv Ya, GD Luctrl Bertha, Nelly Sound Syslem was S.F. Luv Ya Vol Becca Sr Mel 2 yrs 2 go DAVE. Thx Mom, Dad, 81 Fam. START THE MUSIC!!! SUSAN WlLLOUGl-IBV - Nvr Age! all lhe lun xsl Bs! lmz KVM- MNY, Sn Onlre 85, Clo Alh Jlys, Knls, 2 mny memrs?l Nunc- ' Sn Onlre 84, lmpr, clls, 2 mch Fnl Trac-Gr! xs wfb lrnz Bs! Mng's, Tnnls, Jana-no wy Cline. Fair, Bch- Jeezl Luv 2 U Dad. Mom, Jn, Ji Br Gch S CANDACE WILSON - Finally mCld9 ill Ihdhk YOU God PSL. 46, l luv You Mom Thx 4 evaryihingl JM Cr MC Scph Cheer 84, Prom 85, AWS Council 86. Gd xs wf LG, WP, MS, NN, TA, MN Nw 4Gei Gr8 Fun wf Diana! DM 86. Thx 2 Mom, Dad E Cynlhla, BYE VP! Renee John Krisien JeffreY Wcrlencewicz Warren Warren WCISSefmUn Shawn E. Barnes Roberl L. Branch Joseph Ccrdencr Dorell S. Cclrpenler Mark S. Coe Peggy Culp Gclry D. Eschenbrenner Frank Gehr Thomas O. Gorham Jerry Griffin Evelyn L. Haber Roberl F. Haines Patricia M. Hikidcl Mallhew S. Kudrcr NOT PICTURED Kenneth W. Kuidl Charles Langdon Trevor Lemon Greg J. Marlin Lisa Marlin Eric Moncrief Cameron Mulford Scoll Mulz Daniel Norris Lauri O'DeIl Mark Oehlerking Angela Pizzello Vince Purilon David Kcirl Wallon Weissenmcryer Karin Suzan Williamson Willoughby Robin Wendie David Weissman Weslon Williams Candace David Vickie Wilson Wise Wilhrow wel . fv? I I l f In J iff! l ui. 4 1 in lr "Il: 1 Hi-5 1 .3 LU.. wiv.: Vance, man si: lo W l . K' W -r, QM: gy! Ter l page by Lydia Dunn Annual slaff members Dave Wise, Ken Wakamoio, Mike Powers, Jurae Ross, Susan Vance, Jeff Zaremba, Keri Snailum, Lydia Dunn, Hefiy Hosfeenge and Brenan Ger- man snow Their pairiofism on Spirif Day. Tara Trudy Jamie Jenifer Wiff Wojahn Wood Wynsen l l Terrance Jeffrey Ruby Jeff Yee Young Yuan Zaremba Micheal Wynsen Graauarian 1 A R ality .fir 'Y , vt , equi' V I, ,i AEM , ,I ,f ,l 5, J ., I w 0- f. M l "' l l f li. 'J '- M Noreik David Yacoub-Zadah Yamasaki Jennifer Cheri Tonya Zelfzer Ziegler Zukow 6 Wolence wicz-Zukow ACADEMIC ACIIIIEVEMENI' AND FAN TASTIC FACULTY G64 .95 9 . x QXIWQS' Q, X965 359 S airtamll lmrsmi1.lbllilQ Xu ff, XX lime massive amounls of sleep deprivalion before lei papers, and cramming for exams. Compelilion classes and on college enlrance exams was evidenl in many sludenls' conversa- lions. UVPHS nas a lradilion of academic ex- cellence," said assislanl principal Mr. Joe Quarlucci. HVPHS academics will conlin- ue To grow and produce fine sludenlsf' Dr. Sieve Eberl discusses an experimenl wiln Thang Bui. Every summer my husband and l would pack our beautiful Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Brummel President Robert Elliot Vice President William Steiner Clerk Russell Barrios Member Joe Cherry i Member Sandy Englonder Member Ruth Evans 6 124 Faculty and Academics Board Means Business Board of Education welcomed a new member Mrs. Sandy Englander who replaced Mr. Milton Jenson onthe board. Dr. Kenneth Brummel contin- ued in his second year as Superintendent of schools for the Orange Unified School District. by Mrs. Betty Fisher wooden canoe on top of our little motor home and head north to the small Canadian seaport of Port l-lard y, where we took the inland passage ferry to Prince Rupert. The road inland follows the Skeena l?iver so closely you can stop right by the water and watch bald eagles Hshing. We always dro ye miles up a dirt road to the most beautiful spot in the world, Lake Kitwancool, a remote wilderness lake perfect for canoeing. There were always loons, bears, os- preys, and a variety ot wildlife to photograph. l made a tape recording of loon calls which l playin the winter to recall the tranquillity and peacefulness of this lake. -sr zfwl- Member Eleanore Pleines W 'V n vi Rl' v -,rj 1 page by Anita Epler, Jurae Ross and Dave Wise School Board photos by Albert 81 James B A 'Av Principal Richard Kir- wan siops To have a chai with Scoti John- son, and Jason Wilker- son. Aurhenric: i ACI ' ' 'r t' f r f ITIIFIIS FG IOV1 M 1. ,, i ,hy A X , s ww r 'lil rr, . 1i'i fill' p .--fini., ii . 1 i , r Wfmfwif, ,b rg mgjli iiio figjjl Mr. Richard Kirwan came To VPHS afier a ,"fLr l if ' A i-.srrijiilf A i slay ai Orange High School. Mr. Thomas Yim l'iQUii"frri ,. 'ill' f' gl lr -gi ' il in r N became The new assisiani principal of cur- i M W , Wil , , i riculum. Mr. Joe Quariucci coniinuea his 'N' ' i r siay ai VPHS as assisiani principal. "lT's a Team effori, and everyihing is running smooihly" commeniecl Mr. Quariucci. 'U 'mv Adrninisfraiio photos by Norm McGrane by Darren Testa 9 E' Board of EducorionfAdminisrrofion .lr-ue, l r l l l TOO? l ' 'TQUS VP Staff J Mood All R' hr Ig 9-QAN R590 .gf Fonfeims 'ra .JUNE seas ' EN1-aAoA Q, i , 64'-:PP'?' f T L , 'Q Sornefirnes sTudenTs seern To forgeT how irnpor- I TdnT Teochers reolly ore. School Tokes Two kinds of people: sTudenTs ond Teoohers. Teoohers ore The leoders in The olossroom. They Teooh Their suoieoT moTTer os well os everydoy life. Some rnoy only be Wg y known To us ds Teoohers, buT mony Times we grow To know Them ds friends. When This hoppens, There is o rnore reloxed feeling beTween sTudenTs ond -1-.....,,, Teoohers. lVlosT VPHS cldssrooms ore like This. The Teoohers of This odrnpus wonf To Tedoh Their sTu- denTs os well os be our friends. Teoohers ore irnoor- TonT on every odrnpus, buT The Teoohers oT VPHS ore very speoiol To us. Mum Vance l 4 l 1 E l E i l Y X T l Foculry and Academics 1 Sl Left: Mr. Steve Tarabilda chuckles os he writes another excit- Worth ing assignment for his Biology students. Below: Mr. Dennis l -X5 001 Moody tries his hardest not to laugh at a humorous history an- . ed We Keg fftln QCXO swer from a student. neydl , 5 IITYXC lf '-' 1 E, , 1 llxfmg' .7 or 'Q J -'By "- !yQZLiyobq M . . ' iff: 4 X ' '50 K .4 , K by Susan Vance Dage by Susan Vance Dy Albert 81 JG The VPHS Staff QL to RQ: Front Row: C. Kates, J. Proffitt, J. Schneider, D. Colville, D. Moody, J. Iseli, R. Jester, S. Gardiner, L. Syler, J. Thielman, K. Moore, B. Morton, A. Folkert, J. Pendleton oncl R. Gray. Second Row: B. St. Hilaire, D. Strand, N. Grissinger, S. Won, M. Blakley, E. Ching, T. Yim, and G. Bigelow. Third Row: D. Ochoa, P. Mahoney, D. Kir- wan, B. Kurek, P. Barrett, and J. Delvin. Fourth Row: B. Bailey, J. Ehrlich, T. Haskins, J. Quartucci, S. Tarabilda, R. Williams, J. Look- er, L. Fracalosy, E. Smith, P. Thoner, K. Warner, G. Fritz and M. Hettick. Fifth Row: D. Corradino J. Muelmester, N. Johnson, S. Garrahy, D. White, D. Brunt, B. Sakaue, N. Crossman and K. Wahl. Sixth Row: B. Cameron, J. Brown, B. Campbell, V. De Falco D. Lawrence, R. Schanatelt, S. Ebert, S. Laughinghouse, C. Hays, R. Murphy, J. Dennen, C. Huddleston ond D. Shelton. 1 I C lf Staff Picture J 10 8 A 4 vw C , O . , , in , :J 1. U1 5 ' ' 4 -fn.. D- j ' ' ' .O ' ,Q f, ,f - iz 5:- n 1 ' ,Wa l jh. Ai ,l, 1 Q 1 5 l ll l if pf. ,1-4, ,c,,:,:,z4Qv3:,5,, , my 7' ,AQ-'f .fr p:Z"'1 ,ff f fwfzyfff-',:' v'.f.f,j-:,,, , 'W ff'5'f.230 'Ziff-1f,w"f Ygflziiffifif ,-4695: Kuff f fl- Lf 'df 152 ffw'-'pffiwpnfarzffiffm' X VIII, ' If. W-of WI! I f v I ff fav!!! I7 X Z! , V,,,,,, ,. , 'f Q: l Viv! U ,' f- 'aff' "'- wg- 1-L'-:G-,ifffxgf-'rn,Lv "i,1,n.v .' .' ,Z " 'f. 7 "4:1Z22'f-QW? ' 'ppt' P' f'r2f:,?,3:-,ml Wi f lm. " VV lwwmwmmwfwwwf A he gives noles To his Modern Hislory cldss. Exdring Curr nt ff -l 15 fm' X vent i ' ., -.5 A - Q nr ,K fax Qg 1:' f,,fQl9 . X N ,Ft ,V A Y," xx .xK,k.ff'- -M . - 13? rf, ' I .wi l X X V-if ,xl Adgml , NBP ' D099 Dv Dove Wise, Faculry 6 Academics A Mr. Sieve Garrchy odjusls Theoverhedd, iff gp, 4 Qwgfg lvlops ond LGQGNUS G ograph The Sociol Sludies deporlmenl conlinued To of- fer such diverse courses os psychology, A.P. His- 'rory ond Cornporoiive Poliiicol Syslems. Mr. Steve Gcrrcihy coniinued os deporlmenl heod. Mr. Vince DeFalco held o Terrorisl sirnulo- 'rion for his C.P.S. closs. Cerioin of his cldss, obsconded wilh ln relolioiion, he os pop quizzes ZiQQv such lvlr. f o YU iw Protect OUF fl x Ji 5-7751- , fn -F, I LL W, Y sror rrreiiicfifeisll Mr. Vince DeFoIco osks for response io Todd Ram0S'S onli-'rerrorisi posler. cdlling Themselves 'rheig fvs,, Xif' W5-:Ia-A X -,. ' ll r rw- 'wr uf Eqsi Ph medic Qiiii. miiii S dem iffiiiiiii S CPS! Ci scomeq 'eiiiieiiaii mofi heig Ufiilzei 1 oidiuiyg Wie i liP.U.S ii 'Gini K ich iliiden f ioleqii 6 1, ig ii if Dave f DeFalc0, Mr. DefinisZIilIoody,A Mrp'Sfeve Garrahy, and murphy is i fr ' - ' 'I "f" A V-'41f45i??Qf?5fidWzm:f1pM374 0:11 . ' Mi Uplei ,L Y .5 V Sii 70HSf ps jf , ii By Sieve Garrahy A recenf frip fo an impoverished Mexican orphanage was really an eye opener. My family and l recog- nized how forlunafe we are in every respecf. Somefimes we gel caughf up in Trivial mailers and fail fo appre- ciale fhe advan fages we enjoy. This brief Trip helped us fo focus more clearly on fhe posifve aspecfs of our lives, .. omiwsf, 'S Ai 'S ,-A, ,ff ix fa vi , , A i .4 4-:SQ 4 l 'jim - W ff U if i ig 1 my ,Q-A ' , 2 -4 , I 3 U , ir is A at fi' R if 1 7 if, , ,V . I 1 , ,mf f V , is if: svIF"' ,wffiefizfw 4,115.5 -1.5 f MARPO ' -2 ,"' V , ' . ,,f 'CW.g.+'-1:2742 fmkwf f V Ami- - ff Qi , 5m,gy1-1'if-ifggzzifffa 2522! 5 Diverse World Cultures Mr. Dave Shelton pauses for a momeni To view his occumuloied decoraiions. 0 Social Studies flu" . My f X I 1. . . T V V ess "fV,Vf'f-112351111 I' '91, L ,,.,f.i-'fi ' . ay. , , .A V '11 pl f ' . A Vf f W I I I ,f V-1 ,MVA U sg. ,H-MlT,,,,1 ,W 'wi 1 yn, , ,.i, V .,- I T V ,V Z T , ,,V4ff?fZff'fZ 4? 3 V 'W T ' 'fwV,... V x' -' hi s fy W f . uffld' fA,,j:gc:,: , , , W., , , f, L.: V T' f 1 Q ,f V W , ' -,VX ' , ' my . V, ,, V ' A Z VV 5' ' . .4,'f Wf' W ' ' V ni Vance -s ' x D o 3 'U o m O E: o :s by Su 50 ,ffm 4 ' R raft, ,, .. lll, . ,I QW. if fm f - WW WW '9 1, 59 QW, . M. , .,..y.,,, , , V1 , ' ff ' wiv 1 , f W sv u f 1 W, ,, M, T A W I f f""f'ff.f' 41 ' 'lf N f. ef 1 M f f . ff 4 psi ' lf- V,Vl. 1cV:.' 1- . rg, .V, . By nom corradma X :VV ' -2-I2 -,g, , V' 'iii Vj. f 17, ,, , fi , ' Q , fssslissssiflsspsffmsni Dfovsed TQ YC"'siV were re uired To Take six semes- '1.-' 1111'f : ','A, 2' ',Q1 ,,,f" 'A. ,'1, T A . 'f siis y T " ' ,Vgftj ' A 'jfersiginr OFQQF?5?YQ2,QQTQ UCW . 'Q . N ovel, ShorT Sfory, and f American LiT. were som of The popular ooursesof- T folo ,JVL V fi? , "4A,ooo V . V VV . ffered aT VPHS. i,im,,.kV,Zi V A,,V. ,,VVN ,V,, . ,Li ,V ,V I I . 'o :",oe TV College-bound sTudenTsjiiQhoseiiTo Tackle The more diTfioulT courses suchiVasVyAbiyanCedComp: and i. VGHCGG P's3Ceff1sni,fEfiQ'iS'WV 0465525 Vhelpedi i lv T T - lr ooeli areVsTudenTsll?for oolle j escaursess ,, oo o VVV-VVF?f.,VVP - V V V,:,4 L S , . ?g'f:"j51i li,T ' . T ,10 V eoolo 4, T f 5:-Vw fi ,,, ,.o, T ., 5. 'V.7fVf,-V311".f 0- VW 1:4 ,ff wif ff yi, 2549 X f '11 Z' ,l,., I 1 iqZ,Vm ff 1 ,ff',VM1fV' VV,7.4,41 pws., ,ffm ,fi la. ,, ,,., ,. ,, rfV,y,1p.f:f2fpi1-1,Inf'.514 , f. 'gi-23:1':'E1'3fZ?lWf?3l26 " ig.-:vf,4V:2V.1v:y:a ,.-.'1:g.V,vV,f, , --, A l1f.A.F - -N fm. T 'nw , A 1 VIC, ,lop fl,gy.Uffw,, N.: ru L1 ,,?ui.,,.!v my .. mm, , 'T umm. "fl 1' ' ' ' ' T' Q , , . ' 1 V . 2'fZ1Q",1QQ11'?,.f.w1 S Q. 1' , , 1 g " -W , , ' Qfgjgvzff ,f1:V,,:V.V'V-',213-'-,-Q:'1V-.V -1 , f -V 1 , " ,I 1 'V 'V VV ' T 'V f ' ' 1,.,Vw4.,sn-.,,f4V 1.1112 '51, V' . VV f 1 V r ' :' g - ' .. ., ,,,,,,, , ,V ,,.,,.. , ,,,.,,,,, ,V V, , ,. .. ,. , , , gy,-i,2,Z,:,4..y..7,,,,, f ,, ., ,, ., ,, . , ., 'moie- 'l"V-"A ,VN ' 1,1,, Q QV ,',, VIQ, .'f12.V1' 7: I' V , q V fl, -ff: 51" 'l .., 'Z 'r 'if' ' A , if - ' , " r -A by Lyd1G Dunn V, 1Vg6.f,5g4' 1 -2' 1 V9 .,-. V, L-.41 b Y I 11" ""' ' . ,T nm.. " 'frm Q L, ,, ,, vO9.'!u 'filj ". ' '.4.O1o.luh.i . . 4 H Q 'ful Vo. n 'wi' Faculty 5 Academics ' Once more The journey To This vinced me of ifs sTrange, uncivilized persisT in dressing in mosT primiTive ways wiTh assaulT all reason and sfyles ThaT make Them human Than They are. They lisfen To sTrange broadcasTs delivered aT The mosf imopporTune Times by Gods They call "The Adminisfra- Tian" who remind me offen of The wizard of The sfrange land "Oz" Cmore show Than goj. They go blindly and mindlessly To Things They call classes . 1 - where They siT glassy-eyed unTil a sfrange sound re- I leases Them from Their Trance, They are almosT like droids operaTing wiThouT ThoughT and purpose beyond living To survive each day wiTh as liTTle advancemenT and growTh as possible. They have anoTher sfrange riTual called "lunch". Each day They sfand around for 35 minuTes and place food on The ground for Gods called "Sea Gulls" To feed upon. They persisT in Their riTuals wiTh almosT a religious ferociTy. There seems To be a dedicaTed force of rebels who are f deTermined ThaT The Gods should noT be fed. The "cusTo- J dians" work feverishly - someTimes forcing The less inTelli- F genT nafives To assisT Them. I am aT a loss To describe all This sfrange land has To f offer. Perhaps my Q monTh visiT will evenTually unravel The i sfrange mysTery of This arcane ouTposT called The SparTen Republic. I i I DMM, ' 4 1 T 5 i W f 'g l"ix f , , .yf "4 f ' I ff Qi 1 ff, , W T E ,i 'ii H. .x Q Q 51 -M , Q f r. ,Vps V. A . i l ' Mrs. Mrsritelvlne Multordl 5Ndn'CY' Gris- rs 3' V r. Travisfklaskinsg , s-.rsiweflyri Ching, Mr. Norm Johnson, Mr. Dorn Corra- Zrll ihe, om row lihlilqlhonerg Ms. Jay Iseli, Mr. Dave White, Miss Mary Ester 1jakleKy,and Mr..PdtiBarretl. Q I ' M M ' 1 I ""f'-., 44 X ,o. , 9' ll! 'l fi '53ff5ef751W,.f ,J n 4 1.1:-' Af.4f1wa,, 5:1 , Q:-Q xlwpef. dawvrmb W 'f fyztsff ei ,I ,cw-..:f Q ,ffr -.:f:-- f :,z:1 ',":',.-1' Y -f '- 2 nrfffffv. , , ' C6 r X "wif, bvsusanvonf M , f 'f , , ,... . ., I 8' xunfy uosng Aq 0. giz , ,,. 44 Col if N16 FCI lamniiu kb. W. 5 ,V f, ,ff f, ,ff mm , , ff, ,, fa f fd ,ff 72 ,W M ft .fy ' x g, 1 ' ff vi f, , , ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,M f ' f f' eww f ,V , f f, tn, f, ff fa, f V HMV Q. , f ,, , , , ,ff,ffqff,,,f ,, f , , ,, . 445357 I W I ff, VX, , - f " . . 'iefil'-Qf,Q f f A Jfnidih' Epi' 4 . 4 ,f , I M j' ,,ff,Z57ifZg f 2 ff Q :' , , g,"gZ,lp:ZQ I, I , -,f ,, , ,, 7 - ,, ,f f Q f Q 7 ' fr , L' f26?22iC,.r any ,ni ,nv ' Q aff ,, .44 1 ,f 1 ,I , swf. M ,fm-,za ,V CQQQ4' f Q we 4, 'f Wi .V ,z w .,4,fQ,' .Q I i ,gf ,411 W ng ' IWwfffxfrrem W N ' GGwil0lm7fflJilril,,, - f ' , "1 jr W! ' 1 ' -S! rig M S 1 f . ' f gm if we-L ,ers WWW fheoiflff- Mr. Devlin points out an answer to Mitzi Ewing. .ami soundi like Off? idlvli9f ind QIOWF 1 O an O ichlfif 3 T9 foodo S X eeduvt' s is ferocli " N an als WW he "CW .fesslnfi Q' ...gli-lf' nravtf i9 Kathleen Brooks and Medha Basargeker listen as Mr. Bar- rett explains an assignment. Language Arrs , fr ' 4227 f Q ,,, C' X 1 544 W 37 4 ,,, f , ' 1764 aff ,Q 4. 1 W7 4 ,357 L f, nv, , -9 , mg , 4' if ff 4 The answer ranges from meehng 'V"' A illiooksla forergnglanguage sol ,,,,f VA., . .1 ,,'A .Tenrng To The Teachers and if T "' flcoilegegrequrrernenls TOADUVSUIDQ Y . A ,e'f' T Q .fa career inn The diplornahc .field .T P . . g ' Qiccordrnggto senior Karen Cole' learnrngg abolul oTher -A 'ioullures sTudenTs sludy The gram- Vff :mar of The language Through lis- iw 1 MW ,. ' ' 1-'-fin,-if n.fg1.1rr,.:,,,,,.,-if ig-w if ' 3 "4,3"ff' '- f ?j4" 4 9 , 2,,,'mfg2i,f,,.,.ef, .. L V . .M .,,. is ' af fair-.figs . , X f f I 1'-f7f:,, fan -'W-if-V 4,5,fp,, fi 4 T .I , ,. .1 ,. lf ,i?f4.,f:f Languages 4r,+Qi5f"" T " "- 5 , ...Meg 75 T45 Gkouf Why Take aforelgn language? ig f gcauld learn. apoui' anolher cul- -f A! E . .... Q A f f. yf 4 r A M f il T , if fi f is 704 'I l V f f Z ft if f gg l 1. , . ef f ff U 1, X 1 gg 4- an X f HQ ' rv E fs r wi M li' H 9M . ff Z, Q if f 57 1 4 . - a f 52, . I , fff , ' 2 X I ' I l f fl I , 4 W, , f W . f X524 f fiyff 1, fm f ? 4 56 fl ll ,eff Vg I I ff X, 1 , ' 1 i ff I fn: ! f W Z ' 57 f I YZ ' ' ' 49 f ' f , , f fi 1 1 f 7 ,ff 0 ,f 4, Wx . - - u ' ' lj ' !744 ,ww AQ ,fi 4 I G, 1 KO ' 'f 5, , . . YW, ff Z 4 , rf f f F f L r 'I ' h fl K2 1 1 1 ka ff ' , I 4 ' rwfnbw HY 7 U, f - 2 I l lax lW'i . ' 'fmz fr: 'zz - 5 M ,Y ,L L: V QQ G11 '5 W ir, .. ll. lr lg, 1 li ll l -ix, A t ,,,.,.3 . ,,Vi, , V,V, VVVA 1 I I M A H ,.a, , . l nV 1 1 .,llg f T Speaking ln .oral presenTaTlons lT V ' I W, very ilrhporlanl for us To speak 'T V ' Q T ' T if language in class because Ml- Blown VGOCTS TOT? l9'1?f0U':1?i qlljs'-if A, T il 51heysTudenTs have no way of .V I i 'QU mm 'S C H anywhere else T Cgm' T sv Mt Barrel! reacls To an amusing f ' T T e. eil French 199997797 'Mrs RQ' ' T auesTlon from a sTuaenTqf 4' T Veg Heser- - 2 , E French sTuaenTs Lisa Turville, Shannon Turville, Pam Butch- r NM NPN-,on , er, Cindy Edelman, Debi Snyder, ancl Donna Howell pose WR if F. lgf ll, T ll. Q . 5 lr .V Efsfsw l i T T rlli -ll,1,l, -T f l l lv' Z. 1 in fronT of The Eiffel Tower for Mrs. Jester. ' ' Ari , ,, ,, VU, Q? 4 Q, '- 1 page by Davefehrnan s I By RODSHG Jes fer Lasi summerl Took 4 of my siudenfs on a Two week Tour of norThern France 84 Belgium. We were pari of 33 srudenrs 8: 5 Teachers from Orange schools. The high poin Ts of The Trip were 5 full days in Paris "scav- enger hunT" sryle including d picnic on The island in The I middle of The Seine and a memorable evening in a cafe in Monfmarfre We , dy 84 Brrifany, Butcher, Cindy Edelman. larors for The sfudents wh no Living for2 To gain a be Tier undersfancfng of The their culture. Thefrnernories of This ffkb T fhgf were mqaje Trulifpenriched all 2 'Q' ,fy ,,,,,,,,4W,.,4,,Qp..,,, ,, . , yffypy- i.:p.m..'r 211.1 w::?5fff3fm4wM T and fs ff-LA' I is 1. 'fs mm? owefi V WOW, MW passvxiz 4 . islar0f """ , cg: 1' 3 I iii ' V: ' 'ffl.'iT2?i'fj?"f , A f , ' ' 3' :ly- ' 12, ' ' ' 33 ,PLY 'g'jQ 44 I 5 :2 5 , ff . ,ef - -fi' " ,f as-ni""' f i' Ein' ' ci! photos lW,SUw'xNanQe 1 ' Q i Foreign Longuoge - Brings Culture Miss Lcughinghouse leads her closs Through o discussion in j Spanish. 1 Mrs. Womer gives exrro help it 2-M"'r1 , To Sponish siudeni Kasey Nel- ' son. li WM, 1 r 12, '4 , H 3 73 ' WW ,ia Msif, , Z yin-Q, 4 'S Qi., , , X '- J Agia I V , 6"17.7'i'71:'. Liss - ' ' ' ' -V " . , -. ' ' if V 1520 " ' Y . r V .'-I ,,, .X ,ff ff' Liv" '1 s .3-",f:1:'f .. .1 f " , f' ' s?'2f"'. V f5?fLf-wizwyzff-rf' -i . z 14Qi,95m5 t-32W9mf?::2,f','iafsffzwj xgwzf' :igglw 116. . if f.Q1f1I'1-'f ..f I "' ., . MW Vasu:""f"1Lf1'eef'::::1:'-1:1-we-ff.fem f--f -'-- - A ,ff-, 1-of ff--ffg ff'4yiff 'f f ' f W 'fffv Mnfwif ,if-f fwf-.Qfv ef-if'ns',fw.f21f2?Qfif,f1za , , O Everything Counts Math matics Homework Tests Mr. Jeff Ehrlich explains how the quoclrotio equation works. by Norm McGrone DY Su Mr. Jim Proffitt, Mr. Brent Bailey, Mr. 5 Chuck Kates, Mr. Jim Cruikshank, 3 Mr. Rod Williams, Mr. Jeff Ehrlich, Mr. Bob Cameron, Mrs. Nancy Gris- singer, Ms. Jean Schneider 1 WW Mr. Jim Proffitt explains o theorem while Jake Alvarez writes it clown. Faculty 6 Academics by Su Algebra Balances the ll ll fiillggh 4 l l. Equation The VPHS IVlaTh DeparTmenT is an area of school which almosT every sTudenT is familiar wiTh, since mosT colleges require proficiency aT of leasf The Al- gebra ll level for admission. Classes aT VPHS range from elemenTary classes designed To fulfill gradu- aTion requiremenfs, such as Basic Survey, Through classes for college-bound sTudenTs, such as algebra and geomeTry and an AP class for universiTy credif. VPHS's maTh deparTmenT consisTenTly scores high- ly in The sTaTe's assessmenf program, and The CAP TesT. The deparfmenf also prides ifself on The quan- TiTy of higher maTh classes available. This year The deparTmenT had more sTudehTs enrolled in lCIVl and Calculus Than ever before. Overall, VPHS's maTh deparTmenT is regarded as The besf in The disTricT. As Mr. Jim Proffiii would say, "Doncha jusT . . . love iT'?" ,. to 'kyl- 'IV-ss 'A ,Wi To 1 O99 1' . QUT, dim Sh is fF'F':-'Wh' 2' ' if Y ' B TTNTM ff' N T Q c if Mil?-fs':2 X Mr. Breni Bailey Tries To show The laws of facToring. Justin Burnham wafches while Mr. Chuck Kaies explains The PyThagoreah Theoreom. vi Wayan by Norm McGrcne bv SUSGD VOHCG I: " 2. eff-. Geomerry All The Angles i 6 , Z Mathematics Ili S, ww-f, in-.....- ., , "W 4' 175 ' . -mg Mr. ...Vs -x f , V - . 4f11,Zff ' v cw if zT"'r,fji.,i j QQ: yf' , ' , -'T' , 52-,,.ff41:,,,,., sh, 4 T .gl-11 1 fiivz f' V- b,44,,f,f.'f,1i4'.1,w' 'J ?: , 2 ,m.,-,.f4f.,,.Mq., - . 1 ,f ,, it , ,pa rp , .I -, I-J 'a':'1?' f A will-z'4??4V, qw 1'- Q gs- .Q 'f lgfsgeg fgwiiisfx :xr-.if 3 VSAT. H ,salszf fm Z? -9, Chall Over The pasfr few years science T have sTiffened, requiring sTudenTs diiional science courses To keep mana, VPHS now offers man T classes such as1BioIogy Physics, EarTh and Life Science a Our Science cieparTrnenT aT excellenT job preparing wherher They There is much in This world er, and some of This learning ca Through The sTudy of Science This ence Teachers Took Time To explain complicaTed scieniific concepTs Theories facrs. Our science Teachers TaughT from a mar ThaT is designed and regulaTea by our :Q-43 'Un Steve Tarabildd and Cheryl Tomlinson K4 .illgwr ..,,m..,.. ,. .. Y ., , , ,.V,v , .,,,,,h1u, V ,W W., ,A X L ' ,' ' J, ,, . v l Q' me 1 r r lv :iv -inf "4, E' f hV175"45ch5f1 . A ' f' T' - 'T 'f' rl ng'- QDUDA UDSFIS AQ 'Ve if 'K r f"" g were , V eww T ' I T 14 asf, 4. -f f j ' flL,,'5Z'u,4,1 f I , , , I fl ,Mow 1, I A 77135: ' I l , QM, , ., , ., Cp!-ly! W , - 'V ' V ,, , 'QYZWX " ':,:4'q ' yy? ' page by Mike Powers N ' . 4 , af , , -f, U2 fs ff T my f f , ,zfw 3 1 Y , ' if' IV' fs? if iw iff '- il '2,iff,"1?Q P7 "' ff MQW fn! ffifffffji T, ,,.,,, ,1 , f w , ,gf,,.":f,f',',f f , , 5, . f, 'vfl 7 y,l:iij3lgQg,Zyy . ,rr rf, ,f Q ,rl fm, ' ff cf T if rw, fg,,fJf , " W1 '4Q,f1mW:,f:,r Al X gznlggylgfgrigaggzf552, , , , fewer W 4" ff-V , ,f U H414 syn! 1 , :f,,-ff!4f, -,fmgl w :Nl ' .1 H f' 2 A iff',Qfwf'1fff?wffwz r 5':Lf7f'f,, fzfiffeff, ' f7f'A .f , 1' ' f f f ff x -. ,4 S A 'foffz fyfzixwff' A 4, V 7 4 'rr G, ' ff in ff f f f, 5 -f T ,y:,j1:k-j'ffw:y'4 ff f X f Q. ,rl V fy,v1,' ff mv ,ff 1 , 1 9 f fjl 0 fe' .' lr Q' ,sf QF 5 T l L l m " nw I- , x .mm W By Steve Eberl T my Teaching career aT The f q ,her's College of Chindra AlTa in 4967, Allfais a small Town on The sourhern ofQQl?eru, where a Hver Hows year from ouf of The Andean peaks some aisTanT. The climafe is dry. ln facT Tliegwracama Deserf has The dryesT climaTe in' world, receiving even less rainfall Thanflfhe African Sahara. Buf The humidiTy is rerrjlarkably high despife The lack of rainfall. During The Peruvian win Ter, which lasTs from May To Ocfober, The sun rarely peneTraTes The heavy cloud cover. The dreary damp, 4, I 1 l 1 551 JZ Q,- -in l K0 r I f .1 f 5 . winTer days greaTly affeaT The spirirs of The Mesrizo populaTion. People rarely seem To smile unTil The summer sun Hnolly breaks Through in lare Ocroben S My sfudenfs naTurally spoke only Spanish and so,my Teaching assignmenf was dou- bly difHculT since I had Hrsr To sfudy my les- sons in English before Translafing Them over' info Spanish. Forfunalely, much chernisTry is inTernaTional in The sense ThaT The same Terms and concepTs are used in all lan- guages. llll gzmzqyd'-1 - - -2. I !m:ZW7c.4,,,,, , , 0, , , ,.,,,,Z4I-W,-lvy.-f-Y-ffl ,,., ,, , shores hrs Qfgimllihffasfrudergzrsfoverl the shuttle "'s ,I , CGM? ' eww . , 4, 1 ' an-eb. ,,,. , ,ei ,4 ,sr .,,M,ffQZK7 , ,, ,pw , f, ,kg 0 f ga ,.l4,5,l, ,f ,m f f ,gwqfi ffffw WW ffl ,W I, "rZOZf5ff'!f' Z, ' ' 4f,..,,fm"fi'f1 we-V10 ,wen 5 "MQW, T l lll llll ll , , , T , i'l'l TFT? science ' V 'fi DWG' Mf- PM Wlgfbeff T ig is gr - smnn,Mr. Kurrwahllmrsg Her-'T 1 s ffl M T T f Trick, 2 J ll ii lf 5 l V A if - 5,1 l 5 -' 'flqa , 'Tl ,.j fl ,, ' 22 Kurt Wdhl lectures wirh en- 1 Thusiasm as Duwayne Mar-T ' colesco crverls his arlentionr elsewhere, yr , f iw s 5 Aq eouofr un n ,f sz- -,gg-mf :-5 ff " lI'2.,,, if Science 14 V 4 , gl f A r 1 1 1 rf--1 V M -M , ,, Wy i 5 ,... X J 7621, pr Za gi .vv ' . , n-1ZQg,.,1 , : , ' ' " 1.1, 'Q . I-'-f .vf:y,,r ' ,,, ,.,, ,,, kfgfgaz, if ,,",f32',,-,,,'.' f. , aff 'fl ' yyfzhlf ff""' ' ' 3' M '-'fI:- ' ' A WH' iff of 49 -ff? 5 '15 " '2T?zfzw ,,,nf,.f , X' f 1411 ' f f , , .4 .1,,w,g 14?2f"'4f4521ff iv A , ,,,, ,, r Q 1 L 'K L F 1 E 9 i ffrgffzz '31 'Jw ,ffl 3 Heather McMcrsters, Terryi Bellis, Me- 'lanie Vliet. and Alice Lim, before school during "O" period. -.Q , " "--'--....:...,, ,' ' ' ---.--, , , . ws-M, kv V LR-E7v:d."hN'-7'--I 'ff -'gg 'ha' .c I .41 V A.,. 138 Faculty 6 Academics " 4 5 lp 'Qir .1rr. .Rf Q' J e he O . h , ..,h4 ' -A 5 or 1 Sf:-Q Q, :I e 5 grsf 2 1 h shagg- P-: 4 . 91 Q ' c -Q0 J . EZ "0 rp Qc Q 9 ,-2y I ' 2 '9 3 TA '- c no 94- ' 1 '7 -L'96'UG' e 92"- Q 5 rc - V af 3 h c ko A 0 r Pg- 40 ' r rf' V91 'Ea D SUSOD VGHC9 'V ,v 4" '35 ' z Egan kely. One The group This concert they puf on r Heyklnd Hofel. rmember of ers and Vocal 'Even Though, its ra and we are referred geeksf we still have 2 r Mf.HueIsn Hflfhden Q 'mor of L by Susan Vance Wen, U, TW 'ni - ""' b- Bd. lil 4 U ffl? LT rw 1: . v Z i""' 1 Mr. Huelsman iends his advice To Kristina Harnden and Tracy Albrecht aT a re- hearsal of "C-3rease." page by Jill Siegel by Susan Vance U' '4 cn C vu O D 4 O 3 0 CD Music Sounds Off. Ms. Blakley goes over winier concern' , schedules. . I by Mary Esler Blakley On The bulleTin board in my English classroom hangs a large posTer of. in my opinion, The mosT beauTiful scene in The world. lcan sTill see iT, smell iT, Touch iT and feel iT because l was There. lT is THE CASTLE - "Neuesch- wansTein, " one of several casTles builT as a living monumenf To Ludwig ll of Bavaria. Five weeks of cycling and walking wiTh liTTle TransporTaTion in beTween. This summer was unequivocally The besT in my life. lhave never felT such peace. wonder, and exciTemenT as when T9 of us rio sTudenTs and 3 faculTyj mounTed our bikes and be- gan anoTher day of riding Through Bavarian and AusTrian splendor. Being on bikes heighTened my sen- sual percepfion and awareness, which increased my appreciaTion of The surrounding greenery, The peace of hisTory and uniqueness en- guliing each ciTy or village. There was Time for each experience To eTch iTself firmly in my memory, andl can sTill easily recall noT only The seT- Ting buT The feeling ThaT accompa- nied each scene, The people lmeT were warm and friendly, genuinely inTeresTed and proud ThaT a gang of Americans cared so much abouT Their liTTle vil- lage. lT was a summer! will never for- geT and one ThaT will only grow sweeTer as The years pass. lvlusf you be a skilled rider To em- bark on such a journey, you ask? Uh, well, My scars are almosf gone! 73103 Em im, Vu. , pr - f,,5.4v., , ,,, In .f , -f 'Xl , , 9 , A A . 1A . V T f Af ,, fs, V 'H' V if 'f .V if gg Mfvs,V , A' A 1 4' L ,. ,f,., 'Af ' l V V ,wVAA'Aw"" 4 W ,'i'A A, V. , 7 . ,A ' ' V V " "' 'V ' lil 5 y yy Mr. John Meulmesier and Joylen Tofoygplf gm, AAA bi, A A V 'A, T if ' , A : f 1 , r "1 T ' J A V, ,, y ' if .A hp o ondf Veyver l A A' ' 1 M ,, ,,,, . V . W I . !?Z,Q,g.,s,, ,.,V. In ,lf V V t A I 1 iff, 'V "if Mm.. An ,, T lf 'f 'f i'AA' : A, ,, , ,L . ' ,V f ,lb V, re are., , Q., QV. M, ' M ,nu ,Amp 7 .1 iff-T, , " ',.., . 4, ,,., ,JIM lA ' AW AV ,V 53, A 'A "ZV'Ufz:2 A' , ,Wap 5'. f V, 4. , .,fV, . , ' ' lk AA in FrnejArTs Qlosses s'ruden'rs learned how To excell J ff A V Q ' , V . , 1, A ' A AV QT such Thlrmgs lbdnce, Dromo, PhoTo, Jewelry, V-',' 1' 77T'1fZ?Ai7'4I,A "" 34-j, QU' ' iff- ' , Mm VNXZ54 ,,f, Zf75.3fl,f,,, I . V,,, A., I3Z,,,1ijyZvM 5 I I I . Mr. John,Meul-mesier, VPHS'ilPhOiO VQVWC' JGWGWVI A A l .A A U3 IOGCMDQ A A '0'CQl7f1era,VV,AQmd Ffheklng un s. A , A XIHVVVV, ,, VA V. . 1-Q' A Vey V,,A ,ff A iy4WfAf,V 1 f W". 361 " 54,4-q,,'. . f I . f3,'4WWf' H, , , ,. , V ,, A A V- AAA'V ,...V . T V, ,, , ,V,e AA "'f 2 'Ag ,A , I , My Vg: A T mm y how To paint' onddo pencil lskeTGhQS-i'Axgg,2 V eAA , V'A '?Aff3?2AilAlVV Af 5 , V Vf, 5 ,A . ,I . A A ,jg ,VV'Ve- A ,V,A, if 4-anti l Mrs. Sylvia Won and V - l, I I, Ayn, av ..-f.V.-1,142 V,,,, , ,Vic V fy, 2 fl? MZ:-71 - VV f, ,AVAc: "1 V' 1,2-' 1cAA4AV'V.1' " "v47f-VA,- I -, , . 'A AA MV.. A :gf ,,, LgLJ..,.:.-,l I 1? ' ""- V,4i2:5,Zf'-IV, , By Mrs. Sylvia Won nf My Trip To Washingion D. C. and The surrounding areas broughT momen Ts of l joy, wonder, and pride. One evenT will never leave me as long as llive. iT was Qin f V ww.-V QMMMAl19vzQW4?+14V147f! Skim, The FourTh of July! Time for an old fash- Wmmfpwwzmffwcw-qVAV , ll .1 4 ,,: l WQGTZMQQMWAA . .. A A WY AZ' c-WZ ' L le l 7 ion FourTh of July picnic. So, early on The morning of The r FourTh, picnic lunches and parapheha- lia were loaded inTo The car for our Trip To The naTional capiTol. The main evenT for The FourTh of July was The Hre works 4:m7'7f9f0:g9 NVQ Q , A1 which were scheduled To go off aT 9:30 , A. AW , p.m. We waiTed for The "Big Momeni. "An announcemenl' was made ThaT The fireworks would begin as soon as The Beach Boys arrived from Philadelphia - and we waiTed and waiTed. Finally They arrived and The fire works sTarTed. ldidn 'T wanT To be a "snob, " buT They . ,., don 'T have anyThing compared To Dis- O ,J V X VIA Q l 8 . A , neyland's summer nighT fireworks. sg . V ,gf ,f X :,f,'A3A ' fl A . ,4 J ng ' 2 'I "" ' If ' if V 22. 'A 1 . ,. 'YAY' is f A:A1A+: A 4 2 3522.4 A Ag. " ,-:A- "sy 'V' , N - Ari I VA V 4 - U .. -A aka ' VH' 0 :fa 1 " af 1 s "" new V'?4V .D A I . I 2 K f sw nw I Faculty 6 Academics ,... .,.,. , T Pl ,fr I ik? , 1 l I Mrs, in M 4 " 4 ' Q54 yr v.r .-,z .A 97 , a IA M A .-7 5 WW me 5 of r Wm 3 roi r rsr- me r Ya US' W W r W5 r M Y Y jr W? r W rf ri 1' ,rf r- 4 rv! ru' N W2 9 rg Qv E E E J .-4 - cw-Sc, .. 4- 5 . -- lr J. ' r , 1 . 1 NX Ex. MQ, ze , Vi: Sr f 1 ni 'A kfa Q em ' ffl, L Ci, ' ur -F ' 3' I rr L g oe -I' X: -I- o r - .x- B fn D U' -4 X 5 3 .'- I' : :: 5 by Norm Jonnsan A - kr 5 -h Q. O -1 3 3 3 O. CD Q U 0- 'Q S2 5 D 9 Q. 2 5' 92, Q Fl' S 1 CD '4 S 1 0 O f" 3 Qf : -1- IP e r A e . S Q 0 O'-11 r :gtg Q2 Q-+9 g 5 . e - Q 3 -1 i o :.' , U 9 51 gr 1 Q S . h , 2 CDx,5 Q- Q Q9 l e , f 393.49 I.. X xir, wh? on ee rfme +n-Q 'O :za e Q- - 3 -f U 3- 0 r r - ' Q r -, f 5 e : Q 5 6 i'., , , Q n .N'4 -5: X li ,QT ixww X! xx V 3 . H CD fxrlgfi i . wg-Q xy X -,ir Q rj. Q 1 Q S , X S i i 1 211 .fig N , f11giE Y : ,f i 9 wwwgwexee we fe - X 'N X xxtw Q as ' ,,,t, ,,,,, V ,.,,. N Mrs. Anne Folkeri and Trisha Valentine perform or The Winrer Program, K K' pagefgl ynjner :mes ,..f ' 01.4-1 if-,n-HW mf'-ff-2' f--- ,, , A a dance choreography class afended many differenr perfor- V mances Throughour The year. fl. ., ". I fl fr Wu V Wa M! r Aw 11. 1 ,f 1, , , " 425 if fr, r r M ,W WW M . uv-,,,ff1 1, 1 ,, .7 ,,, ,V W 'W' -1-v - ' F me Arts Zlrl fm wr Zlj V, ,M W ,121 , ,,,' 7 72 U 1 The Prqcfiwn Ang and Business Educofiom Sfoff. Mil B65 A,, QGf1dDfWIf1Q ,lerry Pc:gulaycn's COOkiF1QCTG'OTiOI'1 puzzles Mrs. Syler. V 6 lil: Faculty 6 Academics 0 ,. ' rgvlwf 1 I lv 5 ,aw , , 3 I I!,,.yZfjQV ,. x A Randy Barnes Ilsfens otfenfively os Mr. Deriffrefrrreods The onswers To Cl Tesr on The "Rules df the road." pf Q , 41.1 5 mon If MQW M, ,Q pgges 1by,5jggr1 Wokcmoro f ifuw I , I 99 2 ' 1, 1. -, W' ' . ,-" .-3,114 ' K Jmiff 52434 2 MW A WV 'fx neo, 1 'U fun 'SM The: WP lm Caron Bebcn . pac bmfio 563,95 YOUOQ 605719 W sem l HGV! WSU X if ' f 561 ' f 22 uv- WGS G m6mO- summer rable one indeed. Some Friends andl decided on a Trip fo Greece To visll lhe archifecfural monumenls and had ed for years the lop lisf were cruise and the warm fh and beauty slud Afhens To The Ae- and cryslal fini. The air 955 'Upon our ship was Our 2 frornPQ6sab- lancajfradi'shullergg:l5Wif5tfJ'ows, ceilf 'A eA" and while llo reflecl , i rdvr g 5 siaying up early catch 'iifl axl fromg fnos B fdylgiiradise BeaQh'Cove Z 'lf 'Arrrr. .,frr ' re- 4 cold drinks, lan Bodies, drrddifiershvopollran blend of young and old, friendly people all doing exaclly Wahl we came for. . . self-indulging! lloved if so much, someday l hope lo relurnl miie Boat sfyle by ai-! Procricoi O f Deveiopinegirkrb , Praciical Arts proved rape most Many students made as cieasramoy rakeonefarf more of ine Praclriaai Aria ciassesfas their academic scneauieqipue ia iisriirniied paciiyi, the Drafting i3epilg?gzh djby renee, had-'rar reject students ihaifenf railed for rn Mil. classes s1udeaitsliiea1rn 2j'aDaui the ganaiamy ofa Car, irfr yiif ffQr'Sf Woodshop, Slu- idems spent their iimelj ngfariicles W , l in Foods Syler iaughi Pier Classes caowrag md kr-i ing ciathing, In Drive-r'lsrgEducaiion Mr. Demen- 'iaughiriifsis eager sophomores about she responaibiiitieslgaff road and prepared ihem l i' M i li ' for rnerr driving dean. Buxran Q Mary N- E D'- .O gQvtx0 oifvik 'ilxrxg A, Mr. Locker uses a rou'rer To roui our a piece of wood. Flavio Adrioli, Moana Tclmciclriki, Heiiy Hofsieenge and Mr. Finlayson serve Themselves ai The exchange siudeni iun- . CHGOD. WW y' 7" A" ' 2 ' milf . , if . 1 ' Praciicai Arts .w .- ' ' -'I ff--ff' 'f" wwf- f, pa 5-","f'f:',.f'ffEZ-.f:,C.f'v-WJ' 'fx-5' .arf rg- -' fa V e f:,:rw.,.:,'.2f',ri,,' 1,,,,. f' ' 1' 1 ff' ' :I11w2f.:3:fZ-5,1 " , , gf- 5,-qfg,-.y .T , I fi ,., wg," ,.,,, 55, ,. ., V A . 'ky,r,4,v ,giving i" I vi Y -Wye. 'fiifwwr-',ym5T,y 1,1 Ay, ff ,Lf . ,ywwgfff-W -ffrww 2'-::.'wf4ff.f yzf -4 .f P f I 5? T T frm Q fi' ' 'fi ,lla hai. A ii rifcz-a a u we W if X "!ff4f'fWf f 'J'W4i"ff7Wf X f iiffi g, 1 'W flfgfmy 1 f X! Ziff!!! X 1? 0Qj! !a I! 1711, 'Milf f ff fffff fy!! f' lf1f.z1i432Qw 'v' fi 4 W? 4 1 1, ff: ff ff 'af ,.,f .mfg-, 115' 1" .ff " , ' if 30.13 fffofv. ,f'f'1'f- my'.4of4'-!'1:25'v'Z"i'P' 2 cw' ,, 1- - ' ' Q li'f:efif.ff'ffzg,wz2 ff - f ff ffwih .4 , .- ,wif ' Wig' fw fyff 1 i ff A yffjyzgf A072777 his Q .,,,,,,H,f, agp! X j ff, W ff? Wx ?Zf7fW,.,, ' ..-f' 3 'jf A' W Qy:f97Z2fQW 1'f4',:4',:1.yQ'Z" ff! ,-' ', fm T ,9Qf,f-ZMVX fA!i,pf75!0ffZf 4 y '-141'lrffwifgafww41-,zvfywl ?Zbf.'ff4?7wiZffvMJ.fvhf41 ' f 1 .- T T AAJA . 4 4. ' . WM A fi if , . 5 ,'V, . . . ft x ff 4 2, , 1 ff 2 , ii-few 1 TQ fwiq,,:r'z in mem, V 1- . , 1 C U P c 4 2 In 3- .O Compurers Advanced T chnolog Mr. Bob Sakue and Mrs. Karen Moore are proud To be parT of The economics deparTmenT. By MIS. Kdfen MOOTG Carmel is beauTiful This Time of year. My husband andl have enjoyed The SepTember leaves begining To change color - very differenT from SouThern California. YesTerday we walked around The Town and shopped. Lafer Today we are going To Take The 17 Mile Drive. We loved boTh Carmel and Monferey, The slghTse-elng and The fresh air. T Physical Educarnon eeping Fif END OF THE YEAR 1 CLEARANCE SALE lit!! Faculty 6 Academics 4 V T I' l A 2 Educc menvfw Business Nickels, i 1 3 2 5 I fi if 7-V fa ,, 19.5 ,W . Q 1 gf: 717' ,, pf, f,,, Q 4a,z4fZ aff ,f , 514, ' '1.'v'yf 1 - wiv:-.3 4412- ii fl I I Q M4112 -. , x ,,-Z uf , I ff' , X3 , ,V f J -f , f ,r 1. . fi ' f ' 2 f fix, 1- ,, M I ' . - ,r Q ,af 1' . fez?',ffw,r".,f1' v Tit, H ,, Cf f .- ,, Lf sr -,r 41 ., ,.,ff,,f .11-,Q , f: -, W: 1 I fw fy 4 . , " f I - L .1 vi , 'ffvv' Q ' , 3, , 61-xg , , fri' w f fff 1g':i'fyf7ga :s. -fav-OA-0 M . 1'f ssl' 's" s2 s sl" sA-ss' M, M' , me KD Q1 Lil ILQLI es' M 33 rs? LU Mil gr Y EJ M s a LQ Y!!! HEI 131 ', ff O O O Z1 EL " M , , sum rv .l, N A In p 1. 1 I' JA.. I . L --rmrmr rf-1. w,5.a , ... w i X , ryfry' 'QRQQA5 ,Z ff :if , as . wg agqzwit ll , 'Z Lao . 84 ...J Hd r' 'V V are a wide nts daily in many differed?-rdreas. All seniors are required to , - me an economics class be1?ere'They graduare. Mr. Bob Sukaue, L ' 's Luellc Syler, and Mrs. Karen .Moore help prepare students , 1 4, .- f Er faffece opsracles in rhe real waridrg Ali students must alsorrake P.E.r .M I5 'V is ' for at Ieasr Two years. PQE. Teachers, Mrs. Anne Foikeri, Mr. V '.jDc3ver0choa, Mrs. Sue Gardener arwdrMr. Mark McMahon help f "rMr in shape. The Teachers? secretary, Mrs. Barbara Poole, . j .,.. .rr A gMgs Vs,. 1 Brqgbazgfkgqle aheerfyrly Xeroxes offanorher 'rest Test, Test. BusinessfP.E. lzlz, ' -32,1 ' M many .gong hours TOAf'I6iDThiI1QSrfUl'W smaarhly. Qompurer A r f rC?f.:impbeIl,L helps prepare studenfs for .Therfuf . V f ture.: .rfh I?eQardfess.oI .subjeQT,1hese teachers many hours 1 j . , . .. . i - M g rryang, ro educarefheir smaems. r . 'fffikwifffif 71 ff -yy "4 ' ,f f M45 , - 1 '44, fy. ' 2, -1 , wats , ,, 4.4 'ffm ,r 4 Off To Work eG fQhkQ,f.'.fV0 QDY SSEY 5 QWTVFIXJWQ ' s 4,52 W " " 11 W Y Karen Hem lin erforms whof she learned in ROP B P 9 D Ting Andrea 1' Mr. Bly Toiks To Q sfudem' involved in R.G.P.fAuTo Shop. H Nathan Bugg asks secrefary, Ms. Huddleston quesTions concerning his job applicafion. Faculty Cf Academics vagehyy Genciyn Talav wwlnluun mv 4 A ' , , Ar - 1 V 'f f A' , Affv . of ' , . f... l Ile Boys Aifhieiip Direcior, and Mr. Fraeaiosy, Girls ,A'rhie'ficcDirecior,g who areraisoincharge of Work Experiemfe, keep i 4 1 -v ' ii i ss" if 5 P i f Q .' ' M are ., 1' 514, ," -',' -,Lg.7- few- V, ,:vy,gf5,: X., I f fm' ' We ,,,f,,. ii : , 56 ' . V , gg . ng :Q :1f:112.1-1 M ,V v,f f, ,?- ff? 'fs Q, dig' 1 ,Q A ,',1frxa,p,: ,haf In , og, Jmyfguf, lumix-154 rf355f,y2g2,. 1f4,f.l,:l,5' gy, ,Z,gZWgQ6f7gy:1a:4 , A 'ff " "" 'MM life" 1, 9 "Qi,-zjw,.,1z3',+:yp-',:, ,436 -fffivirfpyiffzqzk,'p.+,':'zg'f 2a?ffi'p ,:, 'ijai :img 5 K1 v I i i i A V- . A Q'h,:gi,'j - ' 'Q 0 ' ff, , , 64 I f ,i ra buiiefiin board fuil of VPHS memorabilia X iifwig i I Q-A EQYSQU X f ' W in 3 ,wc , H4 1 tw ... A I KN J t 6 dp- 5 Jifiiiiv-Be hr ' , if E, " '.i Wai" K . ,... ,. , .1474 1 il' --smwwtiidwf I ' aw: - -w.-M M'-we "" ,V .f ,I gg, -v '.x awp . n 'wig ' uv 1 , 4 rf , f' , i AA A ,, ' Ama-5. e,z,,:V ri Q ,. 51 yo u ,I,I, N . -' . ' vi -Q 21f.?4,iiff:fir',Q71:f'i',f,?f'e5 ',', wif 21431 f 1 ff ' -f z:frrf 'if, ' f- f " ,,A. A ,, ,Li ,, 5 , ?Wf,,y:feQ4rM ' wziifgiilf ' , J ,V 1' A ,f Cmfgfiff A "" 2"v1'iff'-'2ff: """ f ' ' ' .1 ' ,EZ':?5p:f,-I5,-,:1.jj,,, 4.ff ,,v':'Aj:5,g':,'z1 " ' g u A ' To auio 1:7.5,rgg::-5- '-','- yn: V, , , I who Take ROP. receive ' -gg Ei?fijeFjOb+iraihihg, which Takes place and Iasis approximaiely ug: i , class periods. mifffligiiflr Two aciiviiies encourage siu- 'DICE ahead for Their fuiure, and fiiffiigjgxplpre-careers. i fr , .K V rr,'i - 'Z X Q':-m:,,,- 'A , i , , Y V' ,vi ,ravi fig-1 hrff-li , X C Of J 6 Mr. Hackney busily discusses ah ROP issue, I0 R.O.P.f Work Experience lil' I Special Education -W1 l The Special Education Department consisted of lQC Ms. Pendleton, Mr. Hays, Mr. Schanafelt, Ms. Fos- ter, Ms. Runnion, Mr. Bastin, and Mrs. Castricone. Communicates With Kids f fl 4, I' A J or -'I Learning New ,Ways Mr. Hays - Resource Spe- cialist Program Mr. Schanatelt - Special Day Care Ms. Pendleton - Resource Specialist Program Faculty 6 Academics The program on our campus included the Special Day Class, Resource Specialist Program, Hearing lm- paired Program, Adaptive Physical Education Pro- ' gram, Psychological Services Program and Speech and Language Program. Special Education services provided an opportu- nity to develop academic, intellectual, vocational, and self-help skills that coincide with students' indi- vidual capabilities. Ms,Pe lliesli -I lf, '3 fi if I I , f"4lM'fN KL .i I . "ffrfCW t l' I M il iii l l l N fn X .ew S V N , , 1 1, 'fab' ' ' WY , , ',?f'fe'.M ' ' , 22.1-6 p lv .VVV 1 Wx' '- 4 ,. ,,, .f . l P its .rt V77 X ., ' L 2 lr 3 6 dl: me M . V .. .v i Gem J beau Mrs. Castricone -, Uvl Adaptive Pnysicagf Mir Educatio leon in 1 mefll We Blick C3 l0loii WSIS ine, Weffg fl' lUri melll l'6l?' Hai Ms. Foster - Speech and Hearing Well 0 lon Clash 55 : X pag by Lisa --" Q- , ,gt -Oil.. ieqr isii Sires Oiii DMT iii iii' i Qi' .ii Qi ru Yi Q ..,, H22 W, 42 . i fi 4 f iiriwi iieiif ' EM L87 Ms. Pendleton and Mr. Schanafeli sir on The sTeps and discuss life. 'Aele 250' TMSQJOAHHB' I0 T' ' j Zf. Teachers Give ff! f' 7 O9 XQYXQ .ex gs x0' iC0ii S 0 I C p cla ar 0 if . n Mrs. Casiricone shares a special momehi wiTh Tammy Dodge and Trisha Gresham G9 rc lg 9 5 ir 'S C cn 5 ' 5 01 E fb- n .T . -Z., . 1 ',': if ,vc Vf,1'fV Q I."' 1 . . . .. nas t5een'so..exciTi'igI l can 'T believe l'm in I Germany firing Vmylabicycle Through 4,000 miles of beaufiful scenery, Towns and villages. Living and riding daily wifh 49 high school sTudenTs, Mr. Brown and his family has been an experience. Learning To work as a group has been an accomplish- menf. We have seen so many sighfs. Germany's beaufiful Black Foresf has charming villages where people sTill follow many of The old ways of life. The Bavanian Alps were a challenge rising To 5,000 feef. While Traversing The alps during a rainsform wearing a poncho ThaT was weffer on The inside Than The oufside, my dream quick- ly Turned info a wef cold nighfmare. During These mo- menfs The favorife saying was, "Are we having fun yeT?" The answer was always, Yesl. Having fun is somefhing Thar our group does very well. EVEN more fun is refelling The evenfs af The end of a long hard day. Comparing bruises, cufs, glorifying crashing and sharing The ofher dreams each of us has. ffrgwfr by Nonman McGrane A A V Mr. Hays heips Rob Davidson wiTh a maTh problem. Special Education Front Row: Bette Eagles, Barbara St. Hilaire, Zo Alm0nd Back Row: Darlene Smith, Paddy McKhann, Betty Burnett, Marshd PCIrriSh i rw as y it .C '- ' .wr , ' 1' :1rn:h Nil: ' 'W' 'wr i l A L ., "tl iw .JJ -1 'mb it P ir' X t H it at we : 'i . "M" ?"'9llillll!1tll'l' i 1 4 ' "rj, " ' in P by Lydia Dunn Left: Cook Pat Lake Right: Asst. 1 Nora Kashik by Ken Wakarnoto n rfmmmrw' Faculty and Academics QQT NUM V W me annum Amman Genume uality Work Guarantee Secretarial and Food Service No high school could ever run smoothly . Lett: Asst. Manager Joan Gerome Right: Asst. Luanne Voirol without its secretaries and cafeteria workers. These dedicated people answer phones, type letters, handle transcripts, and serve halt-starved students a hot meal. Through all of the work they receive little or no credit from students. On good days, the secretaries might re- ceive only one irate phone call from a parent, ora cafeteria worker may only have to deal with one famished, abusive student. In spite of all the l'tIack" these people take, they seem to love their jobs. VPHS thanks L?flf Asst. Alise Chen them for their eftort for trying to make this Right: Mgr. Susie Horton school run smoothly. L M L ,V VF -. 609 ,, 009 mfr if ni Ri lio Bock li ..a-4 x ,N X 11 1 it P i 5 i x ll Indoor-Ourdoor W 5" O th Ques FronT Row: Bill Chamberlain, Mark Smilh, Frank Ruiz, Glenn Garrell Back Row: Head Cusiodian Arl Liberge, and Marco Reyes """'lSfx .I ,Q res by Ken Wak OlTlOTO by Ken Wakamofo 'QQ L by Ken WakarnoTo if-H 3 r FQ ,. 4 1 rnssg wir-,J,... CD ,X O Mu ,ir if-TEH C ,W if " 2 T rr 'TT r Ti r 1 14" I Q x ffiirlf W ""'Jn,L 'ni , Top LefT: Robin Gray ,g Aide To Mrs. Pendlelon E Above: Linda Har- 2 baugh Aide To Mr. 5 Hays 5 LefT: Devon Blasier, Aide To The handi- capped p ge by Ken Wakamoio, Mik P s a d D V rnasaki ' in Tv. , is n Authentic Help Cleaning up, helping Teachers, and busTinQ sTudenT populaiion, VPHS's cusTodians, aides, and bouncers have played a viTaI parT. Our cusTodians, who are Taken for granTed, accomplished The impossi- ble Through Their diIigenT work. The sTudenTs and Teachers who worked wiTh The aides realize The difference These dedicaTed people make. Many years of Training and exper- ience are needed for These helpers To evenTually enTer Teacherhood. The Two women who paTroI The campus are acTualIy Two very nice ladies. "The worsT parT abouT This job is having To wriTe referraIs," said Bea Denissen. Campus supervisors Bea Denissen and Kay Herbel paTroI The hallways in Their carT To caTch UiIIegal" SparTans. Support Staff AND Sll STU DEN TS 'S NX 595 NVQ? 9 Q??6Y 'Ex Q, ' ' 095' QS' .QW ,S ' 'Y' LF AU I IIILN l IL AL l IV I l Il Q I 2 if l WL' S antan lil me wrfii lliiicg The Juniors are a class all Their own. Juniors have long been sTereoTyped as The boring, middle-grade class. This year, They moved away from Their sophomore year. Have you ever seen such an energeTic group of sTudenTs'? Some say Thay are Too ouTgoing and wild, and ofTen geT ouT of hand. This may be True buT aT IeasT The Junior Class promoTes spiriT ThroughouT The school. 'll always look forward To go- ing To school because l know someThing unusual will happen," said Jason Wilker- son. ExpecTaTion and suspense, every soon-To-be sophomore experiences These. ul wonder whaT high school will be like." This year's sophomores, labeled by The A.S.B. CabineT, handled The year wiTh aplomb. "lf iT wasn'T for The homework, I probably would have liked iT CThe yearD," WV said sophomore Kyle Snailum. The fresh lOTh graders soon figured ouT ThaT The only way To geT To know people was To geT involved: hence VPHS showed sizable TurnouT in sporTs and acTiviTies. Junior Lisa Jensen lisTens closely To words of wisdom from Laureen Moore. , Q.. 1 , f W W , wefe' 'H9l I We ffl we0fU wana WW' s?0fl0H move! Affe gel? A 065099 mth ' Qom I i il' T1 7 1 .1 M lt, I 4 K 1 -, ,. , EM. Av x I n"7. I s Sem NOW Belhs 'G-. hw I K K all Til By Ken Carl Nowak Finally, summerfime was here again. The flrsT day of The weekend down aT my friend's Ne wporf Beach house was greafl The nighf arrived auickly and we were ready for "iT" or so we Thoughf. "Hey you guys, parfy aT 35Th Bayside, " yelled a voice from The boardwalk. We followed him unfil we saw The raging bash. l?oberT, Craig, and l eagerly wenT inside. The Time wenT by quickly. Sfrangely, The fesflve mood changed wiTh a knock on The door. The police came in and found all of us on The back balcony. The officer noTiHed The crowd ThaT all minors would have To go To The sTaTion. l Threw my wallef wiTh l,D. over The balcony To hide my age. Wrong move! BuT we all goT caughT and off To The paddy wagons we wenT. Affer being frisked, signing forms, and oTher Things, we were Thrown in The cell. An hour and a half passed. iT was now 4:30 and l goT ouT, Took my belongings and wenT To The oTher room. My dad was There wiTh a slighT grin which made me feel aT ease. Going back To The beach house all The parenfs saT and Talked To us. Kr. ffm! i Sa lf P - C141 Q ,. zu 0 DQ 5' ll, s? 5 A Qy O be Junior Officers L aders of th Pack "The Junior Class Officers are The rnosf energefic officers ever To serve," sTaT- ed Ms. Thielman, Acfivifies Direcfor. The officers had a slow sTarT, for They did noT have an advisor. Forfunafely, Ms. Thielman decided To help Them. l'lVlany people do noT realize how much work we do," said Ken Domer. The offi- cers are given many dufies. They plan fund raisers, sfag dances, acfivifies, and, rnosf irnporfanfly, They organize Ju- nior-Senior Prom. So we really don'T kick- back like mosf people Think," said Gena- lyn Talavera. "We do Thai only parf of The Time." .. Q'N'R50 is is Senafors in To rg Mark icuii, Jeff Randall, Lisa Jensen, Ken 7, CP Nowak, Erin Slawson, Cyndi Wright, Nicole Genova, Jill Siegel, Beth Sluarl, and Jennifer Blank Page by Gencilyn Talavera 81 Darren Tesla QA VEL 5. SPS QO- EDUCAT M6 Junior Officers x cw K G' '3 I 4 V ' 1 V S C5 rPABWvx ai-in U B 1zBn ri K , ., K' rw, .g i ll r 1 '- se' + . fgwia B . mx-is 'Wk if .lv is I- vt w as it if if g,-xzexff-G32 5""717"MfG'i I'-' ' :1 gun 'ly is 1 12 ' af 4: . 1 ' .. ri 3 , .K K i u - Juniors Swin through th Jungl Cassie Metcalf and Gina Mater trot to class, while Diana Christensen hesitates to go. , Michael Abbott Craig Ackley Carol Agay Claudia Aguilar Cathy Akhavi Miho Akiyama Ami Albert Tracy Albrecht Geoff Allen Jami Allen Jason Allen Sean Allen Steven Allred Kelly Anderson Shellee Anderson Flavio Andrioli Zalene Appel David Arias 'S- clwi 'O 'lil E E-5 at 14" gp N M1 45410 yfnaufnx 5,5530 uaaanagmeil ,, if Q 1: 2:21 wear M Q f x cl 2 B-x 'F audi' - in :qi Q.. A...,,1 "" Q, , Juniors L l 1' Ap 'Irhl i s Q ff' tl 4,4 O f l U V ., 47 29 X3 G' K 'J f ,, .lf Q A I, he year- book. Dressed as a small-Time hood, Brian McGuire relaxes on a borrowed bench. 5,,,..... -.- P i lf T Erik Arnold Payman Arzabal Kip Ashton Danny Ashworth Timberly Augustine Brian Bach Jana Badger Nicole Baitx Deborah Baker , f-tr. . H l Testa 1 . fwf- A 4 . I Z 2' M175 I A . , W Q' I 1 I Michelle Nichols and Jode Elsberry head To- f wards The lunch line To gei a snack. hi! By Jiri siege: IT was 4:00 PM. on a Friday afiernoon, when The limo came down my sTreeT. Tracy Albrechfs dad had won a weekend of chauffered limo service and we were going To spend iT in Palm Springs. We arrived aT The AlbrechT's condo aboui 6:30. Tracy andl were ready for a nighT on The Town. We called our friends Kim Lynn and Jode Elsberry, who were slaying nearby. Afier going To Two hoTel panties and a jacuzzi bash, The four of us Hnally wenT back To The condo To "bag a few z's. " The nexr day, we charged up The Albrechfs golf carT and wenT for a spin. Tracy musT have been a liTTle Too anxious aT The wheel be- cause while backing up, she hiT a parked Mercedes. IT was ludicrous. Laughing wildly, Tracy and l goi our To survey The damage. We speni The remainder of The day scraping yellow painT off The golf carT's bumper. Thai nighf we cruised The sTrip in The limo. Tracy and l boih knew we would never forgeT our greaT weekend. WMM V l alia' all V l , i Page by Genalyn Talavera Darren Te to Scott Balash Andrea Barbarosh Richard Barron Malt Bartley Bernadette Baros Rachel Barton Kevin Bates Edward Batista vol Abbott-Boprisro I JUNICDRS at on Drum By Mary Buxton '4 fi Cindy Mowrey and Monica De Luca laugh ar a joke while Cari Reese ish'T sure why ii was funny. Jay Allen and Aaron Hichman aemonsiraie Their moves To see who's belier. Paul Baudino David Beavans Roger Bell Denise Berg Eric Bergman Lisa Bernard Mall Beyl Elizabelh Bianco Jennifer Blank Richard Blansell Holli Blier Jonalhan Bonnsma Kimberly Brady Allison Brand Marcy Braun Becky Brauser Robin Brenner Claylon Brown Juniors f if 4 WJ? , 5 If 7 1 ,7 14 C Zlififf .wmx rf X 1.4 I Page by Darren Testa and Genalyn Talavera 5 e 1 4 rl Q Mi Dldcs Dierk we Q dfovr wonc were Hoiic Onsk We n On ri fun! R X By Darren Tesla Kevin Halligan and Scoll Stovall en- joy The meals mommy packed for Them. f 1 J1 T . Q' K XIIXUJI7 lvsloslllv -Wx - L ,i 1 gf' I L VV W, 5 Q l'lxY'xw' U' 391- Zigi 'e - .,,, of Fffflsiiss L y'y' Sill? S 01 5 M24 fl Q14 -' N W sis-f"'4.all""" -4 Judy Brown Jessica Brown Janel Brunner Marshall Bruslein Shannon Buckle . Alicia Biggs fi is 5- J . - Thang Bui G, T 1 Billie Burks Brian Burnell Kdlhy Burl 3 , Carlos Buslamonle .Y 4-. '-ff x. ' . W . . f ' 'sf' ' B fi Dawn Buller Angela Caballero Rick Cabel Sieve Cammaralo , Rachel Campbell L. , Stephanie Campbell I , , V, 2 T Mark Canlin . By Genalyn Talavera My summer of "85" was an unforgeTTable one. All my friends wenT on vacaTion To Hawaii, Florida, and mainly ouT of sTaTe places. My vacaTion was sTricTly spenT aT The beach. My oTher friends who didn'T go like my besT friend Jill Siegel, Leslie Dierking, Angela Huffman and oTher of my friends sTayed TogeTher. We spenf mosT of The Time aT Ne wporT Beach where we always ran in To endless amoun Ts of familiar faces. l'll always remember our experiences we shared. lremember when Jill drove me, Angela, and Leslie To The beach. Finally we arrived aT Ne wporT and were driving down a narrow sTree T. We were wondering why cars headed Towards us Hlled wiTh hoT men were honking. We all Hgured They were honking because we were a car load of girls so we honked back. Then lrealized we were on a one-way sTreeT! We all cracked up ThaT we didn 'T noTice The biker in fronT of us! AnoTher experience was when we all were walking on The boardwalk and This speed demon on skaTes swished by and almosT ran us over. Luckily, we didn 'T fall and as we Turned To see who Thar man man was we saw The mosT funniesT Thing. ThaT mad man on skaTes ran in To The couples who were on The double bikes and They To Tally fell flaT on Their faces! lT was sad buT we couldn 'T help buT laugh. My summer vacafion was a blasT! NexT year l hope will be jusT as fun! --- -ekmkww - T Baudino-Canrin gf, Vs E510 40 .9 fob Steve Fleming Takes aim during a lunch Time food fighT, while Jason Wilkerson and Dave De Leon look on. l Sherri Carlton Leah Carpenter Mike Castagna Noel Castellon Virginia Cerda Sam Calapang Carlene Chiang Simone Chiang Susan Chou lrai Choobak Diana Christensen Patricia Chu John Clelland David Cohen Debra Coker Alex Coontz Jeff Copeland Kris Cosca DG en VA! iwbbw PJXFXL Q ff' :F r 1 4 f' ' Sq . fl ' ,, Q Q f Q PJ '55, 0 XA? wid 6 No S X Xzly-"U '- - i F' I - fi -'Q -v ' ns 'wr ., 251. Juniors By Nicole Genova Every year for The pasT Ten years my family and l have veniured down To Carlsbad Beach To sTay for 2 or 3 weeks. Mid-July To early Augusi is when we deparT To enjoy The summer sun and cool ocean breeze. llook forward To my summers down There. The Thing ThaT inspires me The mosf is The full moon and bubbly Tides. The moon lighTs up The clear blue sky and The Tides make greaf skim boarding grounds. Rance Randels always comes down, so iT 's like a TradiTion every year. During her sTay we have a massive fod HghT wiTh The guys. This year we chose pie for our ommuniTion. We hiT our enemies wiTh sTyle buT laTer we goT bombarded wiTh eggs, milk, syrup, honey, vinegar, and deTergenT. We had To admiT we were defeaTed! NexT year The war will confinue, and maybe This Time we will win! VYZMJZC L, gan 32 gr UNIORS G t Jungl Fever by Darren Te 'r wwf R Erin Slawson and Jill Siegel aliempi To finish Their layouls as pari of Their annual siaff auiies Ken Hullgren smiles al a friend during orieniaiion as Sleph- anie Reynolds prepares io have her piclure Taken LDYG' 93' f m ff -im -.EF Q V 'N ' ' ' 'C pcb' ' V- ' 2 3 V ' T . -my 5?-j'aegflvoQiuvvlu'iQ ,, m H 'L. , ' nd 1 4' mydoyal . 1 .f ,rc ,, A I-O Ellen Coslanza Jeff Craft Kellie Creel Jeff Curtis Debbie Dalmaloff Michael Danielson Kristen Davis Andrew Deek Young-Mi Dekeyser Jacqueline De Lamare Lori Del Courl Dave De Leon i ,. 3 Mona De Los Reyes r' Krislen Demers 4 Monica De Luca . 33 Rachel Devol gk ,, ri A9292 ,, l Leslie Dierking A ...,.r, Ken Domer Carlton-Domer Nadia Hassan purchases foocl from one of the booths at Club Rush. by Darren T t 1 . YK. Q fd f N f if xx lf, ll'9 Donna Dora Cheryl Dorler Michelle Dosick Robert Douglas Ali Dowaltshahi Barbara Dunn Valerie Dunn Greg Earl Pat Eastman Cathy Edwards Rose El Khovry Tonia Elliott Jacques Elmore Steve Elmore Jode Elsberry Heide Enders Stacy Enright Vivian Espinoza Daniel Estrada Tracy Etchandy Jason Everakes Donna Everlin Kathy Flagout Michelle Fang ,av Juniors By Darren Testa My trip to TUuana started off bad and k9DT QGTWVVQ worse. it was a Friday afternoon when my friend Bfdd Sheridan and l left for Tyuana with four hundred dollars between us. We had no problem getting across the bor- der. Once we crossed the border, it was like a different world. We didn 't get but half of a mile away, when we got mugged. The next thing we did was fetch a taxi where we met our cool driver Raoul. First he tried to sell us some marUuana, but of course we didn 't make that pur- chase. l asked Raoul if he knew where a cool restaurant was. He took us a place called "THE BiG SOMBl?El?O". Brad and l found it and went in. About eight o'clock as we were leaving, a couple of prostitutes tried to encourage us to go upstairs to meet their "friends " We told them that we didn't have any money. Brad decided that we should try to Und a place to sleep. We looked for about two hours and we could not find a clean enough motel. So we both decided to go back into the great land called America. While we were walking across the border we saw a MOTEL 6 and spent the night there. gy. E? wif fr -4 , wil: 5 . ., , 'l i ig . if . ,.,f .-.K I W4 , 4 f rg. 7' '. ' i - 1 --. V V' '7 5 . L 5 ,tif -V3 V I wi-' 1- 2 1 -f -,f pr f' 1' it - 49 ' A . . 4 ' 4 .- l' ' Z4 .QI4- vi. . Vi ., . l in 'fpf f. ,f. ' "V . W P099 by Genalyn Talavera Darren Testa Keri Ucylll and Sherry Greenwald laugh aboul an ,1 Y 'V ' ' N k , :1i',iii' ., Qi ij ll Q ii? 'ip J X -gd " ff, m if, 'wah f C i ULF Eg x f 5 tr W tx f Jf, ft! + A Cylxgj 'diy' fr Fi pb QNX NA 4,1 ,, -' ff, 'V ', ,"'f. ' lr, U ii' 9759 fwwl 1 in Glen Farrell Jackie Fasbender Roberl Fauleux Mark Fishburn Bryan Fisher Sieve Fleming Jennifer Flory Colleen Fondry Bradley Fortenbaugh Robert Frackellon Eric Froemke Bobby Gallagher Laura Gales Anne Geisler Nicole Genova Wendy Genoway Julie Gillelle Max Gilmore 65,900 - me QU Owefhox XS 2 X09 ol VOX X UUON mba mxex. VOXQQK H0 Dora-Gilmore li, Gayle Ginsburg Monika Gjolmesli Erik Gleson Orilh Goldberg Tim Goldman George Gomez Consuelo Gonzales Kim Gordon Brian Gorgen Paul Graham Inez Graieda Elisah Gray By Erin Slawson We landed in WashingTon, DC. and disembarked The plane info an afmosphere much like a shower. Everyfhing was sTeamy and sficky due To The heavy rain and inTense heaT. Our Touring group consisfed of nin Th grade sTuden Ts from Cerro Villa Junior High School, Jill Siegel, Barbara Dunn, and Michele Young, and myself, roomed TogeTher in our hoTel. The meaning of This Trip was To combine educafion and pleasure while Touring The naTion's capTiol. iT Turned ouT To be a sleep all day and parTy all nighT Trip. We saw every monumenf possible in seven very firing and exhausfing days. We rose aT 7:00 AM. and Toured unTil 5:00 PM. Then we would dine aT a "Hof Shoppe, " consume some "bloody beef, " and hiT The ho- Tel. The nighfs in The hoTel were wild. Rooms were coed unTil 4 7:00 PM. when iT was "lighTs ouT, " aT This Time. The parTy would jusf begin. One nighT our room was complefely ToileT-papered from wall-To wall when JILL puT iT up in flames. l wenT wild Trying To douse The flames while The ofhers muTTered "Wow Man," and "Dude. " lf was a scene. We also enjoyed causing a ruckus wiTh The guards who guarded The hallways To make sure we didn'T escape our rooms. The SmiThsonian was The highlighf of all our Tours. When we arrived here, we dined in a resTauranT, Then we proceeded To an ele vaTor where we layed do wn on The floor and slepT afTer Jill pulled The "sTop elevaTor" buTTon. All of The alarms followed and we jusT saT There and laughed while suspended in The ele vaTor. Finally we arrived on The Hrsf floor where we observed "Uranus" and ofher displays of inTeresT ThaT The museum had. Weeks Too soon. our Trip was over and iT was Time for us VTKINGS To head back To old Villa Park. GEULQW Mike Gray Mali Green Roberl Greene Sherry Greenwald Palricia Gresham i i Darryl Griffith Linn Groves Vicki Hagmann ,Z Juniors Q ni Il Ai i 6 .if 2 N.. i L wer riot ond rink OHS eno- him iiiii i and is io iii W9 JVCIN 'iiiiili ieum f 6 is . i if '5' Ilene Lelchuk chars vviin ner friends Mail Beyl, Jason Dan Washington kicks back and enjoys his privacy. Lamb, and Gina Maier. Page by Genalyn Talavera Darren Testa fv- ig . i A il . , ' 4 Y b ' w I ,1,. , IRL 'Q , 'HJ by Darren Testa by Darren Testa Tiffany Hamilion Kevin Halligan K, Wendy Hammond 4, Setheany Han 1... . 2 ' Steve Hampson A Km' . Russell Hanf 1 - T Tammy Harris Tiffini Harrison Robert Harvey f Nadia Hassan David Hawkins Kevin Hayes David Heineken Karyn Hempling Jim Herfel Aaron Hichman Dee Dee Hill Randy Hivner . " I 2a 'r 6. 1 ' iv 'r N,,, V " V f 1 Ivvx f N V New ,Axe fi L iii Q Q0 E kv, 'A X "1- O wif ' T' WW! 7 XNX96 f ' r ' E , sguoi ' s Hp A E MFI I Ginsburg-Hivner fred Nied and Mark McCandIess Iisien inlensely To insirucllons. by D Tesla Sharon Hochman Jeff Hoey Wendy Hoffman Craig Hofsfaffer Deanna Holfe Jennifer Holzwarfh Linda Hong Mike Hornacek Donna Howell Dionne Hubbard Kerry Huddieson Angela Huffman David Hughie Ken Hulfgren Richard Huang Kelly Hunlinglon Michelle Hunfzinger William Hulchison Alan Ikemura Cathy Inga Windy Irwin Sonia lshak Brel Iverson Robin lwasaki Juniors By Ranae Randels ln July of lasT year, my sisTer Keri andl Took off To Hawaii To visiT my dad who lives in Waikiki. Of course we begged my dad To renT one of Those cufe liTTle jeeps for us. Well, we won and To The airporT we drove To meeT Nicole Genova in our jeep. Early ThaT evening we aTe pizza aT Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, cameras and all! We scared off The Three year olds while Keri, Nicole and l danced To "The Beach Bowzers. " The nexf morning we headed for The beach To find our jeep had been Towed away. Well, we Took my dad's car To pick up our car from Royal Towing Service. The following day came and once again we walked down To The beach. No jeep! IT had been Towed away again for The second Time. We picked up The jeep and had a greaf day in The Hawaiian Sun. As we lefT The beach we realized our keys were missing. We searched everywhere for Them buf They couldn 'T be found. Earlier Nicole won a prize from a gum machine and if was a Buddha necklace. She finally said she had To Throw Buddha away. "Evil Buddha!" Affer The Buddha was Thrown away, we found The keys. All because of The Buddha we goT 2 Tickefs, Towed away Twice, and losT The car keys. Remember, don 'T be like us or like "Greg Brady," if you find a Buddha, Throw iT! +4 S- .1 7 I P Q bv Jill Siegel 84 Genalyn Talavera Qm1QfdQl5....1- By Darren resfo By Darren Te TG YQ an 1 f' QW 'MW if 'f Diana Jacobs Marc Jacobs Shonlece Jaderquisl Missy James Paul Jaworski Lisa Jensen Brian Johanson Lance Johns Michelle Johnson Scoll Johnson Scoll Johnson , Cherylyn Jones J Jim Jugan Guy Julian Faruq Jurjis Dave Kaczor J , Debbie Kadonada f J Tiffany Kalsaris . - me ff I l'-.'ix'1ar'E 1 i UQMOVW' , " 3" 1 all V05 md oliell de :ran J I J J Grieve S on 1 f.r:r.m:Jr fs- safe will J X ence V O ff 5? J Hog Ulu " , . f g A f 75" MNC - me form. l'lur0Onx'ixGS ijr rrjg 2 rermwies , we 4 J215rgl:i,f?Z-, ,J Ok X gn Hochmon-Korsoris John Clelland, Greg Earl, and Craig Underwood en joy Iunchiime Sieve Fleming works hard for his grade in meial shop 7 x Q05 we . . oolfl 62060 Dolce oo 009 - no iroxeocfolffx Qwdg ew 65' wie? 56 OOO Cixi COVOQ Karen Kawanami Jennifer Keeler Chris Kell 4- Scoll Kell lf Tim Keller Z ' Tom Kelly 1 1 K. ' in ' '12 Ron Kerfool Persnaz Khorramefai Kelly Kindl Sieve Kinney Trevor Kirschner Scoll Kline ',.,, K l Michael Klonowski V Karen Kiogawachi ' Shawn Kornely K Laura Koss Sabina Krpala 1 Mark Kuli fr" Photo by Darren Testa John Clelland, and Su- A' san Round enjoy Their lunch, while Mary Ann ill Parashak has a hungry MW' look on her face. mf Oliver lflrllu Q lhem 5 WCM ., hh: Q2 5 lookin .a 555343 E -X I 5 Qffenr sf, flfllsl llledl enoug Overy Hllogh , 9 Ueser XO P3 Y. as Co DLS? .wx Page by Genalyn Talavera 81 Jill Siegei R Juniors 'L , Q i , , -. .75 'l -Q, fn P By Mike Semaza Almost a year ago, l was invited to go to the desert with Martin Ortega and his family. We went up to Calico and stayed for the weekend. lt took a few hours to get there and after we arrived we went riding. Martin Ortega, and some other "dude " that was with us, lost me through some steep hills. Finally, lsaw them about a hundred yards ahead going up a steep, narrow trail. l caught up to them, l wasn 't looking ahead because l was looking at my front tire when suddenly something caught my attention. Martin Ortega and that "dude" were standing in front of me with their bikes dumped over the side of them. The trail stopped and went straight down about 750 feet. They tried to stop me but l was going too fast. Luckily, l had just enough time to jump off. Unfortunately, my bike went down over the hill and it took us 3 hours to drag it out. My bike was "trashed" and it was all because l was out partying at the desert with Martin Ortega! Deana Kurose Michele Lado Jason Lamb Todd Lambeth Mcrzie Lane Dave Lawhon i Chen Chen Lee . Richard Leiva Ilene Lelchuk Lora Lenning Eric Lewis Irene Lickl David Longyear Lisa Lopez 3 Chantal Lolter Hung Luyen 'ir Matt Luem Mike Lyle 'f Cathy Mack 2 Bridgette Madigan A Z 49, Katie Madison ' Brian Maguire '4 ,Vg Robert Mahoney Julie Makowski Fred Stiener Tries To keep an innocent look on his fGC6. . ..,,.,,,i, I 1 . I A7 . ., , ' I ' J , 121' ,fjff W4 4 2 7 ' f . . ' C 'L A. -+fff1,'?i,,g A W' M . . i-i- isis' . 4 ,,., frM"" ' -ELS? W ZY23li.'t' 111ftfffiq-ffff?I1if1"'55 ' "wif 1 .M by DOUGH T T Kowonomi-Mokowski JUNIORS Go Banana Q "o, ,VH Ml 7, A, , y, t ,,,,,,,Wfi a Genalyn Talavera grabs a snack during her fifth period annu- al "morale booster." Missy Manson Christopher Markey Dave Marsh Gina Mater Sherrie Matheney Pete Matrisciano Stephanie Mather Cindy McKay Susan McLeod Mark McCandIess Norm McGrane Lara Mclntyre Mindy McVey Pam McSherry Rod Mei Cathy Mesaros Cassie Metcalf Steve Metsovas 1 Juniors By Lisa Jensen Last spring my family, my friend SANDRA OSUMI, andl vacationed in one of our condos in Lake Havasu City. During that same time, NBC was making a movie called, "Bridge of Time" starring David Hasselhoff C The knightriderj which was being Hlmed at the London Bridge in Havasu City. Throughout the Hlming, David Hasselhoff was staying in our other condo a few doors away. One sunny day, while Sandra and I were soaking up the the rays at the pool, we noticed David Hassel- hoff walking towards the pool area. Sandra and l be- gan to "freak out" while admiring his nice, tan, muscu- lar chest. He placed a beach to wel over the pool chair and started to remove his shorts. Sandra and l found it necessary to quickly jump in the pool to quench our giggling. He had on black and white tiger-striped spee- dos and legs that looked like spaghetti! We talked with him for a period of time and found him to be a genuine- ly nice guy!! -MW- E- x df-N U ,- B i ,dvfx I A A bl 'PHS X .A 1 0 CATALO GU! Wim T 'W x9-so S D Vx 5,99 V V fb O Kip Ashton just ioves The finger licking good food from The cafeteria. T Matt Luem and Kip Ashton Try The VPI-IS c:afeTeria food, while Dave Marsh and Sharon Hochman enjoy ii Their home-packed lunches. TQ U. T V we W' 1 79 UU T ,V id ' ' "' UTS Tel- T9' TCT 'Q , L di Cu' 99' iiiii U9' ' , ' , "WV V L ,... 0 wif -I , . l Q' WA S I By Darren Testa By Dorren Testo X i Chfis Meyel' y T Jennifer Miller 5 Kimberly Miller Samantha Miller 'if Simon . Karen MOhl'hOff I . Rob Monteith ' Q ' 'iq Dana Moore T jf 'A-y Laureen Moore f Lisa Morales bfi, . Rachael Morgan 7 1 Bob Monroe L U LM! ,J 1 T Q' 4 , A I 17, I l V Vickie Morrow V It 3 -Q T, Marcela Munoz rrgug 11 A Cindy Mowrey I Jeff Murphy A I, Shannon Muth ,rr David Myhren . T Page by Erin Slawson 81 Darren Testa Mason-M yhren VC f At nutrition, Mark Kuli disagrees with David O Piper's choice of girls. Linda Pollin listens at a meeting in the Student Centre. ' IN WHO WE ARE IN WHAT WE DO Chris Nagao Carol Nakamura Kathleen Naruse Rebecca Naya Tracy Nelson Nyla Newman Gene Ng Michelle Nichols Fred Nied Keith Noble Christine Norman Ken Nowak 'f"" I U Q. 5 3 O' -4 1, il Jason Nunez Kristin Oliveri Stacey Olquin I fi Amy Ortega .9409 gi? KSKOQXO I osx ' V' 'lo' fe rv- oo L 6- tg FONTERAS L Q ,y 6 ' f iff?f'i K 0 PQSTFS' ., 2 1' fi , --Qfsarfi K H . i ,JUNE i986 A ilfig 79, i L rr 5 Q, 1 ' 'oiNTSAD2L+ i . , -1, K 1 LA nfY5Ty.?Z'lET.:ywas-f,,kfrRv 1 9,25 1. 4 R W l"9 4 av Juniors i l I i " Vi 'll i. WC JC -fr Sur 4 i SOC WS i i w, l , l u li J, I i i i Dive N file li willow Audrey Osumi -T Jana Ouellel Oscar Pacheco Mary Ann Parashak - - Sachin Parekh l 5 l .iff " , Nb 4 A 7 'Q -r , 4 -. M 'K i I . i . Angela Palnode ij Frank Paulson Jackie Perez . as Q, Janet Perrine Liz Peterson David Piper Linda Poliin .f--. , X Mike Popejoy Jennifer Powell Paul Pritiis Gina Pucco Charles Ramirez Tina Ramirez I ya EMVQ D' By Valerie Dunn ln The pleasanfly warm California winfer of 4983, my family and l wenT insane. We lefT our Tropical wealher To freeze in The Chicago wind. During This vacafion, we wenT To visif my moTher's rela- Tives. lT was l8'belowzero wlTh The wind chill faclorincluded, our flrsTsTop was To The Twin Towers where we were To meef my GrandmoTher. Our faces were numb from The wind and sno w. We Tried desperafely To hail a cab. There wasn 'T one in sighf. We walled paTienTly. ln order To keep warm we played in The exhilerafing snow. The while powder felT and looked glorious againsT The blue sky. IT made my hearT race and my body go numb. Looking up from our snowball fighf, we saw a small yellow doT moving slowly Through The fluTTerlng snow. Wifh The excifemenf from The snow, Auslln and l raced each ofher To The abandoned corner where we Tryed To flag down The cab. The old cab driver circled around Twice. lThoughT he wasn'T going To sTop, buT he Took piTy on our frozen souls. The resl of my family came running wiTh hope of Thawing ouT. We scampered info The life-saving cab. My fafher spoke wifh auThoriTy, "Take us To The Twin Towers. "A clicking sound cuf Through The lukewarm air when The handle wenT down. Zgecbw Page by Darren Te Ta Genalyn Tala Wee dx1'iC59QKiCxu06S lu XG de oloox 094 Glad S5 YN oi dem gxoi ,X-Q96 CXQ I, 5eS- KGS- , NWO CXOSX ei YN G by Lynda Dunn XN Dave Marsh and Steve Fleming Think of a way To make Iunchlime exclling, as Darren Tesla looks for a sophomore To "Trashcan". Nagao-Ramirez I. f 7 GUE ORDERS rumrorxs ffMwCArEREE TOLL .3 T Free To B 7,4-974-Atro r Carl Ramos Ranae Randels Valarie Raya Cari Reese Denise Reviea Stephanie Reynolds Shelley Rhoades Denise Richardson Beth Rickers Sidney Ricks Debbi Rink David Roberts Wendy Roberts Ken Robinson Sean Roby Darlene Rodriguez Marlene Rodriguez Bryan Roell y X H.. f af ' f '- Dy D , ,,..,,: , - ii" -W -1 'v' . If r 'iiggljgiywg'-1 '. W ,I ,wc-f. rg I' ' l f .4 ,r X If I Kristen Demers prepares to leap in the air. ed' . wet o the Oowcciiaaai tor s x Um iw' swam WO rreedom Y Ove 9 emi Q ggi - x X-QU ond tree 1711 Juniors oo' X 0 ,'7..'f?"i! By Barbara Dunn Jode Elsberry andl were looking forward to this exciting trip acorss the boarder for several weeks. This would be the best Thanksgiving ever we would spend, Hve hot days in Mazatlan. We drove across the border to Tyuana in the family wagon with the suitcases piled high on top of the car, When we arrived at the airport we hopped on the plane and were in Mazatlan in a matter of minutes. The first few days were a blast bargaining with the intense vendors. The only English they spoke was "Kmart prices - very cheap!" We purchased many goods from silver bracelets to straw bags. During the long, hot days Cathy Stinch- field, Heather Elsberry, Jode and l lay on the hot, white sand and went in the lukewarm, blue ocean water. The only good thing to eat was fresh fruit, nachos, and margaritas for lunch. The first night we went to the most popular bar and restaurant in town Senor Frogs". The music was so loud you could not think straight. The place was raging with people, and some were even dancing on the tables. This was my funnest vacation in a long time. So if ever in doubt of where to go on a vacation, decide the most partyin' place around - lvlazatlanl emwsgmv. il- 7 X Page by Erin Slawson Jin Siegel Brian Maguire demonstrates karate moves to Jeff Randall. Leslie Votava shows her spirit on Spirit Day. Qt 9' Q Chris Rommel Tawni Romoski Sally Rooney :fx 2 Cathy Roper ii, 4 Heather Ross A Z Lori Rosser S, 4, I rv Susan Round Ray Runge Susanne Ryshkus Eric Sach Q. if - R Kimberly senden ' Ken Sandfeld l EUS en?-1 Q or my 6 Lori Schabinger Chrystal Schiebe Jody Scott Shauna Scott fed, ,lf lion .- O f! . .X Vsi. . S f X, 'F' it t .2 i :ity Q14 5 If .INQQX 1 T Ramos-Scott I. l El By Krislen Demers The week before Erin Slawson 's birfhday, her mom made The insane decision To leT us, myself Jill Siegel, Barbara Dunn, Jode Elsberry, Michele Young, and Erin Slawson invade her beach house ln Seal Beach for a week. We managed To make iT To Seal Beech wiThouT Too many problems, buT upon arrival we had To begin along search for The house. We sfalked The beach, gear in hand, for whaT seemed like hours, looking like Tourisfs. We Hnally found iT, and were exTremely impressed wiTh lTs appearance. Erin unlocked The door and in we poured, each of us screaming ThaT They goT a bed, CliTTle did we know we wouldn 'T be using Them muchj afTer The infense discussion of The sleeping arrangemenfs we hiT The beach. As we were lying in The sun, Barbara bolfed sTraighT up off her chair, sTarTled l looked up To see whaT was wrong, and There before me sTood The mosT incredible flock of men assembled in one area. l Told Barbara To sTop drooling as The resT of The group saT wide eyed wiTh Their mouThs hanging open. The resT of The days conTinued along This same line, sun, swim, and sfare - The only way To go. The evenings were com- plefely a differenf sfory. The nighfs ThaT sTicks ouT mosT in my mind was July Third, Erin 's birfhday. Affer a rough day on The sand, we decided To hiT The Town. AfTer making a few fuTile aTTempTs To geT inTo some bars illegally, we dicided To go legal and we would up aT an ice cream parlour called Grandma's, you know, a family-Type place. As we en Tered, There were abouT 30-40 people inside enjoying some desserT, we saf down aT an emp Ty Table near The jukebox. We foolishly decided To crank up some Tunes. l walked over, puT in a auarTer and pressed whaT l Thoughf was "Rainbow ConnecTion" by Kermil The Frog, when all ofa sudden, much To my dismay, The beginning vocals of Madon- na's "Like A Virgin" blared from The speakers. All acTion ceased in Grandma's and 30 pairs of eyes Turned and sTared aT me sfanding alone aT The scene of The crime. lhad pressed The wrong buTTon. We decided To reTurn To The beach house and as we goT up To leave we noficed we were The only ones lefT in The whole place. lguess Those Seal Beach residenfs don'T know real Talenf when They hear iT. As we walked ouf of The door, weak applause came from inside, noT for our singing abilify buT for The facT ThaT we were leaving. We made iT back To Villa Park, unforTunaTely, buT Then again There 's always Hawaii nexf summer. Sherry Seabold Nadine Selby Pam Selby Mike Semaza Tami Servillas Tina Selerd Joe Shellon Mallhew Shihad Mallhew Shihad Yo Shulo Jill Siegel T, l., " ,. iii J l Q , T Erin Slawson O Tony Smilh I XNYNOS Amy Sorensen 6 QQGWS' Brent Spalding 4 CCNe?oZ" meacog f XWQ led ' xo . gow' WOT WGS me , Pd Juniors Laura Sl. Charles Elle Slemmler Ron Slaub Fred Sleiner Page by Genalyn Tala Darren Tesla Scrchf lmlllg 9 Slegpm UOQQI md O5 mere! MSIE Com A UPC 99 UGG! K5 Ollghl ll'Cj OfMadol Islaieag 'GCN UCVEE '7 VGSJGSNE not ics cr l all fl '54 Z' V 3 4?f'ZWZ1s., 'mg ' 1 ,....fl f J 6 6 3. 611 'X 4 S' K . ' 5 Sag? , , X xmxmmwmse. sr- 5 . Ili?- ' " ,: "fag I, If 4 1 ,:' V .' ,Q a, ,Z ff ff' ' 4 , 1 fd 4 Z ,J 11 ,, fl 5fe,L,,, ,WV Randy Steuber Bill Stevens Melissa Stogsdill Simon Stone Scott Stovall Deanna Strachan Jennifer Stream Tina Strom Beth Stuart Chris Storck Garrett Sullivan Sean Sullivan Kerry Sullivan Carl Sluetzel Meritt Swope Jolene Tafoya Frank Paulson seems embarrassed oncl looks away from whatever Leslie Dierking seems to be doing. A ini ? , '91 -i1?f1iff?5zi:f ' . V " "'1 L 7 5959 Z ' Zi '33 ' I '42, nl' X ff , g X 1 ff 70 df 2 inf f is K f f Q 1 ffl , 1 ' 2 5 521, , 'V 4 I V4 1. 4,432 . ga 4 ' L Q 140 , ' 2 Zvgy? , rv , 6 5 9 I Gy 00 W f if O for fl, sf, Cib S Cru 77,7795 f, le x Seabold-Tafoya ICIU lu Genalyn Talavera Carole Talian Virthera Tan Linh Tang Brett Tanner David Tavernier Sheryn Teeter Darren Testa David Thomas lvan Thomas Jeremy Thompson Matt Thurston Bob Tomlinson Angela Torres Robert Torres Vu Tran Thanh Trinh Mike Tucker Keri Uchvtil Craig Underwood Kristin Vicerio Sherry Viscounty Leslie Votava Robert Waldow Curtis Walker Matt Wallace Winnie Wang Bob Wartburg Daniel Washington Lisa Wasson 4 Juniors I X4 I 11- uw, M Beverly Webster Heather Wedderien Q ART Trisha Welmers DISCOVERFD BY QODUBO ,lt gg l . .C 5. 5 1 T 'x 1, ' fl ri By Erin Slawson We landed in WashingTon DC. and goT off The plane inTo an afmosphere much like when you gef ouT of The shower. EveryThing was sTeamy and sTicky due To The heavy rain and inTense heaT. Our Touring group consisfed on nin Th graders from Cerro Villa. lVly crowd included my- self, Jill Siegel, Barbra Dunn, and Michelle Young. We saw every monumenf possible in The seven ex- hausTing days. We would rise early and Tour Till dusk. Then we would dine aT a hoT shoppe and consume "bloody beef" and Then hiT The hoTel. The nighTs in The hoTel were wild. Rooms would be co-ed unTil eleven o'clock when iT was "lighTs ouT. " AT This Time The parTy would jusT begin. One nighT our room was complefely ToileT papered from wall To wall when Jill puf iT up in flames. l wenT wild Trying To douse The Names while The oThers lusT "vegged ouT" and muTTered "WOW MAN," and "DUDE" One nighT we were very bad girls and our friend in charge, Doug Mann, decided noT To wake us up unTil The Time To board The bus for a Tour. We boarded The bus in our grimy clo Thes and slepT all The way To The SmiThsonian lnsTiTuTe. The Smifhsonian was The highlighT of all The Tours. When we arrived, we aTe, saw a guy fall asleep in The elevaTor and linally, we arrived on The floor where we observed displays. Weeks Too soon our Trip was over and iT was Time for us To head back To old Villa Park. All of us jusT sunk in our seaTs when we pulled up inTo Cerro Villa and saw all our loved ones. You jusT don'T know how good you have iT when you're on vacaTion, unTil you reTurn home. Our Trip will be in our memories forever. .-.- Wiigllnfn o Randi West Jason Wilkerson Kim Williams Micheal Williams Q Tl'GCle wllllCII'Y1S Lori-Bella Wilson PGl wll'lSl0n Jason Wolters Allyson Woodall Cindy wrlgnl Jeff Writer Jett Yeager Rupert Yellowhorse Don Young 1 if Michele Young f 3 Scott Zoldak .lf .K 44 .fffT7 K l -7' . K, r -l . hi - lx L. cl , 9 X., . el' m rl W2 X . lgi NOT PICTURED Stephanie Baker Philip Balazs Bernadette Baros Thomas Bray Robert Brown Christine Butner Christopher Claypool Craig Denney David Duckworth Robert Ernst Jon Fahel Joseph Farace Mike Fulton Richard Gabel Todd Graham Steven Jansen Jenny DouBran Scott Leckey Kenton Lewis Kim Lynn Stephanie Mather Jason Mercado Kari Mutz David Myren John Nelson Peter Nowicki Jackeline Pineda Lillian Pinzon Uzama Price Jeffrey Randall Jack Rios Douglas Ruse Farzine Samadi Joseph Schrank Kristi Shafer Kimberly Stack Estee Stanley Robbie Talbot Tala vera-Zoldak 179 Sophomor Class Cfficers Lead class to H P3Ef70W 21: ' mm :1: 0' N r- ix' 'T' 517 ' F-"""""' """""'! Vice Presidem Jeff Granito fix ' H! Q 'FQ 6 Q lv A J ":-3 ,4 : nm . fah 0 v .fu A a - ,,,-1 Sl N L, I 'b 3 Ci W 1 OK f r Hx fl Q Ur. ' :': , 1, f ffl . 40-+1s, ' ff' ' ' ' ' , e Q 7 O K f 4, Rfrusuk INDONESIA God pfSsiQ'e nr Scoff Crea W "'? J MW 9Qn 'ga W , I , H a Q If ' Au phoTos by Julianne DeMorco H A -AA . , ,. 1 , I, 'Qfya -'f ,,f 4, , 1 fzz j fZ':V-gi , ' Mm f K woo O 690 x QQ 00560 x Sophomores ' ff 4. 'A ogy W f , 'I 04 14 Ur ,hey Qf I , I 044, ff,f'f If f J ' W ffff X jf' U I fx 1 ' f f Z? f 91' ' 1 -7, Z fn f f , , 0 XZ , f ,W 4 ' I I 'ff X 1. f W, ' Z? 712 f f 4 f 1'i,,z f V if 15 W wif? as fi V ,E fag Zz v I Av, V - 1 f 'nz ', 4 X I 6 Se of-SILOQ, Co SSP 01 04,6 Sophomore senaTors: Angie Molinari, Kammi Gen- ova, Jennifer Galus, Buffy Bohn, Nikki Lampe, Joni George, Julie Mahoney, Rick Cabanes, Heafher Elsberry, and Jeremy Amen. ,,,,46 Sophomore advisor Kevin Huelsman ' is POSTAQ - 1 ' NA . Ax ,IQ Hx PgbyATEpI K S 'Im dCThyM k f f yi 7 4 f r f J 1 I LEADERSHIP Means Working Together The 85f86 officers worked hard Togefher To unify and bring ouT school spiriT among Their class. The officers, who were elecfed inTo office laTe in The year, meT a Timid class who was unfamil- iar wiTh Their classmafes. HIT was hard aT The beginning because no one was used To The school yeT," said Sopho- more Presideni Scoll Creagan. We all ran for office so ThaT we could geT a chance To geT in- px volved in school and meeT QROEQS QAM? R people. BuT as The year pro- ressed Th ' 'T d T Th T X O ggzders sooi grieffo Earle 97 A ' VPHS and feel like a parT of The ' school. Class Officers Sophomores Pass The Time Darren Krueger, Eric Brougham, Mike Williams, Jeff Craft, Don Lamberl and Eddie Braun hang oul during clas- slime. Mike Aguilera Karen Ahlborn Anna Ahn Jeff Allen Brel Allnuii Jake Alverez Jeremy Amen Conslance Anasis Tracy Anderson Chris Andrioli Alex Angolii Paul Archibald Jusiin Armao John Arrnslrong Brian Arreguin Amir Asar Jerry Aschoff Cheryl Ashby Neil Augusllne Linda Babbiil Evereli Babock lvlalinda Baker Phillip Balazs Allison Barbarosh . x if .jx Es . i Sophomores my By Jurce Ross I V 3 wwf By Darren Tesla Sophomores line up To regisier for school if cf 'J Z, M A 4 ii Brett Braun, Brad Graham Michelle Barks Randy Barnes Suzanne Barnett Cheiri Baurnstark Jeff Becker Chris Bell Eric Bender Jay Benge Grant Bennet Greg Bennett Jerry Berman Laura Bernhard By Darren Testa PM A rf 3 Z is Sophomores hurry to class. , and Chris Bell pass the tirne. Page by Keri Snailum v -,.,, I na- y Torn Bernard Deanna Biggs Curtis Birkman Cassy Blake Anne Blanco Alisa Blansett Jeanne Blansett John Bloyd Buffy Bohn ' Stephanie Boyle b Roger Branstine Brett Broun Linda Broadway i .VZ v Aguilera-Broadway By Jim Simon On AugusT 72, 4985, my family Took a one nighT cruise on DFDS, a modern cruiseship. lT deparTed from Haryich, England and arrived in Ejsberh, Denmark. On board were mosTly BriTishers, including a group of TwenTy-five Teenagers from VVesTern England. When They learnedl was from The UniTed STaTes They asked me many aues- Tions. One boy asked, "ls There much graffiTi in The U.S. ? l could see of course he was sTereoTyping. He said he had seen picTures of The New York sub- ways. AnoTher kid wanTed To know if we windsurfed. l Told Them we did. They Told me ThaT They were in fourTh grade. Afier They saw The look on my face, They explained ThaT Two American years is equal To one English school year. From ThaT nighT on, l made friends on The oTher side of The world C CD 5- O P ID D O O Eric Bender requesis a song from The DJ aT The "I-ii" dance i I gf Jeff Brodsky yf ' Eric Broughharn - gf' - 5, Kay Brueckman T 1 gk Cody Buffingion 5 ,f l l , I -k - 0 A I Tien Bun V- If - f . ' ' U Mark Bundy , Cr f' 5 WZ? if "1Zi,.:y,mJ C' ' Tran Burkes Jusiin Burnam John Burry Doug Byrnes Rick Cabanes Cindy Calmese Kennefh Caniin Marcelo Caparroiia Daniel Cara Dave Carney Rodney Carpenfer Carrie Cash Daniel Casiagna AVN , .of . . ' fi 4 'Xyzxxx f f 1 1 ' I I , , ' 1 Q 3 ' ' 4 1 , 29 8 Laiisha Chambers A Jack Chang Monica Chavira fig . Siephen Chen . Diana Chiarle .E if 7 f f 1 f ' L' 'J fl 1 1 f -7 4 X 4 . 4 f 'N f 7 T Ili! Sophomore-s A i Lun htim An experience LunchTime was a confining social occurrence for sophomores. E . PK ill ci i J - l By Genalyn Talavera .sm Since The majoriTy didn'T have driver's licenses, noT many had The privilege of dining aT lVlcDon- alds or Del Taco. VVheTher They ToTed sack lunches from home or aTe in The school cafeTeria, soph- omores made The besT of Their year eaTing under Trees wiTh good friends. W Page by Keri Snailum MM. . fw Q! fyi: 2 1 21,333 , A :P ' Win M ScoTT Creagan Jim Cruz Troy Johnson, Scott Parsons, Sieve Waldrip, Roger Branslein, and Colin Harlwig socialize aT nuTriTion. Rick Ca- banes and Randy Navarro Turn To sTare aT a senior girl. Q, eo rv 8 + K Q0 - HM . ,Q 5 .sf-ATi.?l,i. . ,fun W I -REPLBLTOLE Y a fa' or QLCQONQOC- gpg, 1 .. fag FITCWT W s-:Ink Suiud-Afsjkq View P ff? f Q f 'N-AL 1 Li ','f mc.LAn:sn sap Totrfni-af' QA Roy Choi Trisha ChrisTensen Dean ClaxTon Doug Claypool Derek Cohen Jodi Cohen f re Adam Collier f f T - . . Drew Colome " - V-' CurTis Cook ' ' T Sandra CorbeTT 1 . Michelle Corfree KrisTi CrafT Brodsky-Cruz Jason Culp Jimmy Cummings Allison Cuiler Mark Daniels Hoangson Dao Rob Davey Rob Davidson Erik Davis Gary Davis Julie Dawkins Deanna De La Riva Jeannine De Luca Teresa Delmero Shannon Dennis Jeff Deuisch Theresa Diamond LineTTe Dodd Tammy Dodge By Afldfed DOIGD Hi! l'm having a greaT Time here in Europe. LasT week l wenT To lTaly wiTh some of my relaTives. IT was fabulous. Rome and The VaTican are beauTlful, especially ST. PeTer's Basilica. EveryThing inside is huge and covered wiTh gold. We also saw The Colosseum. Did you know ThaT iT was used noT only for glad- iaTors, buT for ship baTTles also? The counfryside in Europe is beauTiful. EveryThlng is green and The high mounTains have snow, even in The summer. AfTer going To The MaTTerhorn in SwiTzerland, l wenT To Germany where l am sTaylng wiTh my aunT, uncle, and cousins in a farmhouse. They renTed The Third sTory and consider iT like you would a cabin in Big Bear. IT has a breaThTaking view of a small Town in The valley below and The surrounding foresT. YesTerday The girl who lives here TaughT me how To milk a cow, and Today l jusT goT back from a Tiring eighT mile hike Through The Black ForesT. Well, l have To go. See ya soon. - DMM 111 W9 0 y fx ' , . v M, . If ,T , I I T i T 0 .1 , f JW if 1 -L Jennifer Galus and John Genova enjoy a quieT momeni AN R Q FONTERAS V, ' JUNE uses I4 56 73055 ENTRADA "' 0 1 E Sophomores Q i 1 By Julionne DeMdrco J' ef 1 ,Q v . f-.v I... N 'xi 1-,. '.7L P 1 Chris Hennessey Idughs while Tom Merlcle dnd Doug Byrnes Tell him ci dumb joke. Drivers Training Stdy off The sidewalks From behind The wheel of The simuid- Tor, firsT Time sophomore drivers ex- perienced The vdrious Terroin encoun- Tered in everyddy driving. TenTh grdd- ers Took drivers Trdining becduse iT is d requiremenT for grddudTion. Edch of Them goined behind The wheel exper- ience dccompdnied by o qudlified su- pervisor wiTh d fooT broke. rrnovasuoruu msmucnon Psnmr A r- 1' 'f" ' r""' lltiln Lourenco U11 gags' 550 B Park Llhi 'on jay nigga, fr ,fringe 191, 9.5357 MW we M :im 31" "rf IW'-21 .,,,,, - 'nw-,Asus -n -.Har 1- f-A-nw ma on ,nu -45. ,,,, ,WH . ,, , ww ' 421-ur , mam 1 4 ,,:'z.:LW:X.:"f'T ,, , --W--1-M T. . I, I , V df' - 1, My 4,, yf A ,,,.. ww if-' , 4,,lf'? 10-13155 'FL M1 A Typicdl drivers permiT. John Oh dnd Sieve Renzi show Their personoiiTies. Page by Keri Snoilum Down Evons MOTT Foirbonks Kdihy FdITermier Amy FOVF Andred Dornen Shonnon Dougheny Deon Drdke lviory DufouIT Fronk Durozo Eric Ebell John EbersTein AnneTTe Ellis I-iedTher Elsberry Sue Emery KrisTo English Down Erick C'-'IP-Farr Karen Farrand Alex Fassora Jennifer Fernandez ScoTT Ferraro Nora Fischer Heidi Fischle Mike Fisher Todd Fisher Darrell FlTch Sfeve Foigelman Eric Foley Chaslyn Fosfer ,x ., -gg n Doug Byrnes, Eric Ebell, Mark Bundy and Eric Bender, deeply concenfrafe while Tak- ing a hisTory Tesf. fi : 4 X lr if 5553 f'i, T., : if lf' i'5'w. l X' 'Hi 1 l l I lf ll . Q AV T-ii - fx V iff fy' Jason Fosfer J' Sfephanie Fry G Julie eollegly 'T Jennifer Galus Brandon Garr John Genova Kammi Genova Joni George Kelly Gilberf Dinah Giflin Klas Giomesli Geoffrey Glass Sophomore-s By Sandra Lau Dear Jennifer, Hi. Well, l'm having a greaT Time in Europe. l?ighT now we're in Paris, France. lT's really a beauTiful clTy especially aT nighf when The whole ciTy is illuminaTed. Today we wenT To The Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe, and Nofre Dame. Nofre Dame was really preTTy wiTh sfained glass windows. Tomorrow we are going To The famous palace of Versailles. The weaTher in France is very comforfable, in The mid-sevenTies. A couple of days ago we were in Rome where iT was abouf 95 degrees. l?ome is a very inTeresTing ciTy wiTh many ruins. We saw The Colosseum and visiTed The Vafican CiTy. The Colosseum was acTually very small compared To The Colosseum we have in LA. Well, so far we have been in England, Hol- land, Germany, Ausfria, Swifzerland, lfaly, and France. Our nexf and lasT sTop afTer Paris is Lon- don, where The y have unique shopping cenfers and incredible record sfores. lT's been a greaT Trip so far buT afTer Travelling so much This lasT monTh, l'm ready To go home. Love, uv ',5us4,. . If ' ' ' by Genalyn Talavera -2 41 -1 421 f Gina Gonzoles Jonas Gonzales Bob Gorham 'f 'ff' Jeff Graniio Todd Grant Jodi Greenberg f '11 ,. .' A Lisa Greenberg Wendy Greene ,1 1 ,W 1 BriTT Griffiih ' V Sieve Guberrnan " ' ' Fred Gueniner f , 'f W 1 1 f 1 -1 - 9 I .3 .J Z Z Page by Keri Snailurn ,A ' . .f ' 3 fwxt, ' W. 'F Allison Gully lvlirna l-lddddd Nikki I-logon Lori i-logrnann Carrie Hall Don Hall Greg Hallanan , Krisii Halsienrud Scoii Hdmbleion Cindy I-lamblin Deanna l-Iampion Julie Hanna Tonya l-larringion Craig Hartman o efxolol ufllouefy Aq ' 57-5 gif 075' ,wwf gk' :sw '4 M XM.: gl Ag 1 -A :ms i ' - Q. 4 ' 2. o S 'bk'-.A ' -OH 7 ii 2 i i G f . X ff 1. E .,xA?,yk, 5 Q33 59, Q A ' X. S 45.1 uw Q Ryan Hayes finds inol school 'rrys nis nerves. Forrond-Hartman Colin Harfwig Hadi Hassan Jennifer Hasiy Hideakl Hayashi Gerald Hayes Ryan Hayes ,. xx' T Q., .ff 1 Rachel Herbert Robyn Helmick Dana Hemrick Chris Hennessey Jackie Herman Sandra Hernandez MarTin Herrmann Dwayne Hill Jai Ho Shanne Ho Kimberly Holder Jason Holley By Jennifer Pafrick Dear Brian: The Bolshoi BalleT in Moscow was a wild experience. We ar- rived laTe because our AerofloT flighf from Leningrad was delayed. The lobby was packed wiTh Russians, rubles in hand, begging for our TickeTs. We had To push our way Through To The upper level where an usher direcTed us To The door of our box. We opened The door. The box had abouT forTy seaTs placed helfer-skelfer . . . no rows, no numbers, and no empfy seaTs. The door behind us closed, The lighTs dimmed, and l spoTTed an empTy seaf, nafurally in The middle of The box. l had To climb over abouT Ten bodies To geT To iT, buT surprisingly no one was offended. Wonder of wonders, l acTually saw some friendly smiles. lhad a marvelous view of The righT half of The sTage from my seaT. This was Une wiTh me because lam noT Too wild abouT ballef. The Prima Ballerina had a name ThaT l can 'T even pronounce. The name of The ballef was "Giselle " The sTyle of The TheaTer was delinifely wesfern decadenT, wiTh red plush velveT seaTs. The orchesTra was professional, buT The seT I There was only onej was barely adeauaTe The dancers, however, were flawless and re- ceived numerous ovafions. UnforTunaTely, The TheaTer was Too warm and sooThing, and while waifing for The dancers To appear on my side of The sfage, lfell asleep. A loud noise awakened me and l clonked heads wiTh The man siTTing nexT To me who had also been snoozing. He was apologefic. l was embarrassed and looked abouT To see who had noficed. l could have saved myself The Trouble Over half The box was asleep. IT wasn 'T ThaT The performance was boring, buT TourisT Time in Moscow is limifed, you dare noT resT for fear you'll miss someThing. lhave To admiT l felT guilTy falling asleep because of all The people in The lobby begging for Tickefs. Russians have few enTerTainmenTs. ln my nexT leTTer, l'll Tell you abouT my freezing ride on The l?ed BulleT Train from Moscow To Leningrad. Bye for now. 9 Z . ss, Q V43 F.ff8 fy 'J 'fy gn. , im: irgi IQITEJ' . ,g UL ggxwpf .L sg' 'TM so Sophomores .1 'M ,Z ...df ll . ., T We 4 A Arash Nakhiavini Takes a break in wood shop class. ef? - . .., J. T PO 'MTX T - 1 QX6 , ,X 's 1' I 5-if ff I ff .Q Awagi 6 Q? . ' wi 1 Mwff T? .M T' X Qxgef 'sv e f f, , , - 4 eouofx uosn as ml, 1 1 N l Page by Keri Snoilum Grant Bennell, Gina Bonanno, Meo- gen Lynch, ond Mary Dufaull ore inlo deep discussion ol lunch John Chorbcgian reveols his reol per- Evon Holmes Corey l-lolms Jennifer l-lorlon John Hovonec lvloylin Hsu Brion Hughes Beverli l-lusion Tony Ingo Erild lshiguro Vikki Jocobson Eddy Jomes Eric Joquoy l-lediher Jelensky Audrey Jensen Eddie Johnson Robyn Johnson Troy Johnson Jeff Joliff Rene Jordon Poul Juhn Erik Keller Gino Kelly Chrisly Kenny Jennifer Kesselrnon sonolily I Horrwig-Kesselman I 1,1 V 'k Y? ojl is nil YP James Kim Diane Kirk Brad Kissler Mail Klein Robin Klein Eric Kline Kyle Knowles Cheryl Koch Julie Krause Chris Krejoi Darin Krueger Joyce Kumamoio euoigow L.uJoN Aq SSS They Make, Break You R AN Epo , 3 - 4 :yi EP' QW 'ff E , ., T Myer. L9 Q, 4-DUCATl Tom McCammon enjoys music on The way To his nexi class while Jeff McElroy opens his locker. Joel Kuppersiein Lara La Brie Don Lamberi Kim Lamberi Nikki Lampe Joel Lamson Greg Landis Eric Larsen Greg Larson Sherry Laihrop Greg Laiieri Lisa Lafieri 2 Sophomores ,l' g . INN,- M 4 1 5 ,..' at ff .Q W", ,J W1 2 1 Z i l I f 1 ' A l y 3 I if yzf i ,mg -,. ,rrp . ,J ,.-4 :ff A7 ,, ,M r I ,,., f- -w Wi 'lf 5f7'l9iS D9 DMI WW? mills fr ff U., f,,f I 1 Q r f"y,' ' W f 1, llflin' X ' A A , Wk ' "sf W" 301 ni: if W. bmi if will w9l9 Ml log r W9 CO IW, I qoiioG Q x 4 1 l ii -grim .- lx . ' g " 0, . ,J ,:L4,.f', By Vikki Jacobson AfTer a sevenTeen hour flighT we finally made iT To China. Here in Peking Things sure are differenT! AfTer we goT off The plane, we goT The 'Third degree' from all The securify guards, buT we made iT Through cusToms. Yesferday we wenT To The Summer Pal- ace. lT was The mosT gorgeous place l have ever seen in my life. iT is a huge pal- ace on a lake ThaT a aueen builT wiTh money ThaT was supposed To supporT The navy. China may noT have had a navy, buT They sure have a beaufiful palace To be proud of. AlThough we have only been here a few days, already one Thing has made an enormous impression on me, The people. They all seem so sad. They are only al- lowed To wear drab cloThes and only a privileged fe w may drive. Yes Terda y while we were aT The GreaT Wall, a 75-year old man Took us inTo his home because we were cold. Well, we 're off To The Forbidden CiTy. GoTTa Go. Sandra Lau Julie Leal Graham Lee Leonard Lee Megan Lee Lawrence Lehmulh Bruce Lenning Jason Lewis Sieve Lewis Whiiney Lewis Cornie Lickl Christina Lillyman I 'f-M. .., WWW any V, 1 Z ""'P"'Vhruauu-wut g in H Donnie Nelson Tries To open his locker wiTh violeni force while Deanna Briggs waiis Jane Lirn Dianne Lofaro Tina Loorner Caihi Loss Melissa Louviaux Dwayne Lukowski Angie Luong Kevin Lusk Kolmiha Ly Kyle Lynch Scoi Mackenzie Darrin Mackel Kim-Mockel paiienily 193 PaulMadore " 'fm T Julie Mahony f- , T- T ,:' Sfephanle Maizel E, T Aaron Malo 1,3 ".,V " ' Frank Mandegar - , , Sandra Manning M, I 1 f X N 'I X tl 4' 'A if 4 ,gf 6315! David Marcus Thomas Maresh VicTor MarTin Paul Marquez Shawna Marsh T, T J Caryl Marfian T r Q Michelle Marfinez Chris Marvin Shannon Maschner Jerry Mason Carla Masfen Philip Mafheson Deron Mafsuoka i, ,A Shawna McCarTney If K r, H Brenf McCarTy ,, Q A y h Jerry McDonald Jeff McElroy Gregory McFadden H . , ,L ,, Y f 1 2 5 1 ,f .. 4 I 'Y 1 1 1' 4 1 fly... . .l ,K X ,W x I 1 m if '1 f , 1' 1 I I ,A f- " 1 5 Even in High School The many sophomores who ' parficipafed in PE This year found fr iT was differenT from PE in junior high. They were offered a varieTy LU Al ' A of choices including weighfliffing, 'W TT' dance, aerobics, and various , A tk -r" 1. ' oTher sporfs. I-' ' Carla Mdsfen Talks wiTh her friends Khan Pham and Tran Burkes in The a uad . by Lydia Dunn Al Sophomores U 4 I-I iii ul lilo' 'ui xi in lg 4 -1 V7 if Hz f Page by Keri Snailum f-'ri f yngy, Hi' V ,Dux-I-if . .T 5- 'pull T. - T 4 DILC.Q1QiQ3 3jf'-1' ,Q D, QI F' V jj- ee oe' 1, M" U- --H' ' ..fz.. Vance Paige McLean l-leaiher McMasTers Tim McNally Thomas McCommon Belinda Mendoza Tom Meriole Erin Meyer Gina Mililello Kim Milks Bob Miller Heather Miller Julie Minger Debbie Mirile David Mohler Angela Molinari Darryl Monroe David Moore Melissa Moore Andy Moresco Tracey Morgan Brenda Morrell Chris Morrow Trevor Morrow Brenr Morlensen Lisa Marion Darryl Monroe, Dave Thom- as, and Christine Buiner concenrraies on Their Biol- ogy homework. TA' S5535 Oiroffgn IS Nl x0 QT ? 1 Madore-M orron Kelly Mullen Randolf Navarro Don Nelson Heidi Nelson Kasey Nelson Snerida Nelson Todd Nelson Kevin Nickel Kerri Nickerson Amie O'Day Craig Onlsen Jeff Olson Cnriss Paceili Tony Palmroln Mark Paproski Sandra Park Jeffrey Parker Scoil Parsons By Jeremy Amen This pasi year l fraveled fo England, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark. The people were very friendly, especially in England and Germany. lf was auife a shock fo acfually see all fhe hisforical landmarks which l had read so much aboui in my hisfory classes. Some of The monumenfs are so old fhaf if is almosf unbelie vable. ln Oxford, England, for example, we sfayed in buildings which had been up for Thousands of years. We also saw fhe London To wer, Windsor Casfle, fhe Crown Jewels, and Bucking- ham Palace. ln befween his fori- cal oufings, we saw fhree pro- fessional soccer games and played in games againsf local youfh club reams. -law - ,X. W. f. V, ri, . ra 1 fi q ,,,X'i5,1sIAw1211kiZ 1 1 , ugly' 4 wwf 1956 a W K -H f ' I V Loosri:s,,, f,f MONACO OSTES Scoll Crecigan Talks To Christy Sal ciado belween classes. SD Sophomores if in-rf . . .-nv!" 7 - Christy Kenny, Debbie Mirile, ond Shannon Dougherty eoi snocks or nurriiion, while Becky Saltzer ond Sharon Singermcn conciuci on in depih conversoiionr eouofx uosng Page by Keri Snoilum Tr. iv P5 SQ? f 'qj?,-F 'L lf' NM vfb H. ,f Z i f W- ,Sly P QWXX fv- 'TI' 4 5 Foiih Prosser Woyne Proud Don Pryor Snonnon Pyne D 095' ix W 7-fy , A, X414 E GNC W ' EW Ol .bl A -,. ffflw Q46 I 9-X. Lif Sophomore Priry Poiei Jennifer Poirick Conoie Perreiro Trulee Person Corny Peierson Jeff Peierson Khonh Phom Moi Pnom Diooro Pin Dino Pin Poul Plonk Christy Poinier Jeff Pollok Ronnie Porier Mike Poiier Seon Pouison Genevieve Powell Colien Presion Style , ,. Mullen-Pyne 1.1, 4 ' 1 X V, f q ' Q Ken Snailum Erin Woolery experiences a solemn momenT while Jamie Rasmussen ana Daniell Sneed Talk aoouT a boy in Their English class. Dwayne Lukowski, Todd Wells, Rene Jordon, and Jason Sulzberger Talk abouT The previous nighT's vvaTerpolo game. C Lance Rabun ScoTT Raamacher Suzie Ranck Jamie Rasmussen KrisTen Rawlev Toad Raymond Darren Reolaick Janine Rees Mark Reed Jessica Reeve JaneTTe Reeves Paul RegreT AuTumn Remelin STeve Renzi BerTa ResTrepo NaTasha RisTic Charles Ro Jill Roberis lt, Sophomores 'ww' Lea Roelle iVlarTha Rolison Jennifer Romanay Aciam Rosen HeaTher Ross 23' 74 lf N WJ fly 5, ' , - 4- 'if .55 ' I T. ,354 V' ,1 32154 ,.g:,4f:k! 33555 is J ff, - X ...,- 5 ii 1 1 5 -ff 5 Q . - ,film-fv'4" """ ' Tom i?oTh Ron Royce Paul Ruff Dave Ryan Scheile Saladin Chris Salcido Brian Saldarini Becky SaITzer George Samia David Sammons Sharon Sanford Gregor Sarkisin Kim Schabeil Jennifer Schaefer Jenny Schilling Cory Schiichf Eric Scrader Teri Schufferi By Sandra Lau Hi! VVell, l'm having a greaT Time in Europe. l?ighT now we are in Par- is, France. lT's a really beaufiful ciTy, especially aT nighT when The whole ciTy is illuminaTed. Today we wenT To The Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe, and NoTre Dame. Nofre Dame was really preTTy, wiTh sTained glass win- dows, Tomorrow we're going To The famous palace of Versailles. The weaTher in France is very comforTable, in The mid-seven- Ties. A couple of days ago we were in Rome, where iT was apouT Q5 degrees. Rome is a very inTer- esTing ciTy wiTh many ruins, We saw The Colosseum and visiTed The Vafican CiTy. The Colosseum was acTually very small com- pared To The Colosseum we have in LA, Well, so far we've been To Eng- land, Holland, Germany, AusTria, SwiT2erland, lTaly, and France. Our nexT and lasT sTop affer Paris is London, where They have uniaue shopping cenTers and incredible record sTores. lT's been a greaT Trip so far buf afTer Traveling so much This lasT monTh, l'm ready To go home! Eric Larsen compiimenTs John Ebersiein on his Time in The lasT Cross CounTry meei. jail' " Fl, XX ff L: T , Robun-Schufferr gs. " mi ni T eff, -.-m-.m?.r:f' i i TA s 521. v t -- -,-. ,g-10:4-yf 'Vim ' v 'i 200 Jackie Schulkey Roberi Schultz Donald Seaman John Segrelo Edwin Shakhverdyan Shawn Shamlou Beverly Sheeks Wendy Sheridan Samanlha Sherman lvlisiy Shull Shawn Silvers Jim Simon Jamie Sinclair Sharon Singerman Paul Sirner Mechelle Skaff Chip Smilh Slephen Smiih Kyle Snailum Danielle Sneed Fred Soares Randy Solinger Arvil Sparks Daryl Specior Sophomores Sophomore girls exchange The lalesl gossip during lunch ,rw I fl I7 . If 42? l Q 19 il MA 'l rf, 3 1 Jason Spees Dennis Spry Terri STavvasz Lisa STephens Becky Stevens Cafhy Siinohfield Tim STraTford Ronda Shawn Many STroyer PaTrick Sullivan Jason Sulzberger Mark Summers Karen Swearengin R David SweTz Nari TakimoTo Denise Talley KaThy Tavoularis Kurian Thomas , V V 'rd T Tracye Thomas Deavlna Thompson NaTalie Thompson Rich Thornburgh Kaihleen Thrasher By Dinah Giflin Hi! WhaT's up? l'm feeling greaT! My flighT To Buenos Aires, ArgenTina was absoluTely fabulous - TwenTy hours wiTh Two sTops, one in Mexico CiTy and The oTher in Lima, Peru. lam so glad l'm here. !'ve disco vered ThaT llove The ciTy. There is so much nighT life, you wouldn 'T believe iT. Al!! have To do here To geT around is ooToh a Taxi, Take a bus or walk. EveryThing is so exTraordinary, l know l will remember This Trio for The resT of my life. YesTerday we visiTed La Casa Posada, The presidenT's house, and saw The sol- diers ohange posiTions aT Twelve o'olook. Life here is so fasT and The days are so full of Things To do. Believe iT or noT, we eoT dinner aT abouT 40:00 pm. l All we ever eoT is sTeak, sTeak and sTeak. !T geTs a biT boring afTer a while, buT we don'T mind. Oh, by The way, lasT week my grandparenfs, par- enTs, and! wenT To Mar del PlaTa for several days. !T's o beach resorT where everybody goes during The sum- mer. lT has The blggesT waves and The cuTesT guys. How is winTer in California? lT is exiremely hoT here. LaTely iT has been abouT 405' F and humid. One more Thing, send all of my love To everyone. l can'T waiT To see you! Please don'T forgeT To wriTe. Adios, P.S, l'm sTaying an exTra Two weeks! JJ Denham and Chris Salcldo rush To class before The Tardy page by Ken SW, 6 Schulkey-Thrasher Paul Tibiioski Sheila Till Susan Tillou Tracey Townsend Shannon Tubbs Michelle Tunstall Regina Turner Derrek Uiikl James Van Meier Siacey Vance Micheal Vanaegrifl Jason Vandersluis Joe Villa Frank Villasenor Michelle Wagslaff Mike Wahl Sieve Walcirib Paul Waliher ' 1 ' K' VPII A Tlx fy! Z4 E15 f Jeff Walion Scoii Wares Bryan Waiers John Walrous Lanny Webb 2 -' an fl i.. 1 L1 T 909 Q av Sophomore-5 2-L we "N-, Dean Claxton, David Williamson, Tony Inga ancl Colin Harlwig play Liars poker. Michelle Tunstall enjoys a Diei Coke and a cookie for lunch. l in ibm Cris i ilu Simi Ecwm .oil B' Lowe. .ani C lilllii -Mil is 'GCT 5 :Jin 1 5'c: S A' A V M ? 'lies HUM .9-Q l l J l i l l ll. li l li ' l Alberl Anim Chris Barnes Vicki Barnes .l Gina Bonanno , Q Edward Braun John Brown Daniel Caslagna John Chorbagian Travis Cooper Jaynelle Denham Lee Edwards Tracy Farnsworlh 1 Dawn Frick Brad Graham 41 Chuc Hoang ' Mike Hungerford M Frank Lucero l l ' Page by Keri Snailum if lil M., sn , -. 'l .ALA45 Meegan Lynch Shawn Preble K- I Kevin Yee Chris Yensen iv- K VIY Amy Marie Young Karen Zigich QQ ALOC 5 6 WFDOL N Daniel Weber Todd Wells Jerry Werner Mark Wiedeman Rick Wilcox Belh Willey Deena Williams David Williamson Jadon Willis Juslin Wills Brian Wilson Laura Winne Belh Wojahn Don Wolf Micheal Wolffe Alexandra Wolfson Erin Woolery Rhonda Wrighl 4 WW 'QQQ Not pictured ,gfsgfmf J A Gregory Manning James Marlin Vlclor Marlin Thomas McCammon Mark McPherson Julie Mellody Sandy Merrifield Roberl Miller Donye Milchell Shandra Molina Trevor Morrow Arash Nakhjavanl John Oh Danny Pinecla Slacy Polos Greg Pool Amy Slayman Jackson Smilh Kalhy Smilh Roberl Smith Edward Solomon Lisa Slephens Marc Sloelzle Michael Sweeney Nancy Swislok Vicky Taylor Travis Tolh Shannon Tubbs Derrek Ujiki Denise Villa Kimberly Ward Theresa Wheal QJYOQSQYQ 9 0 sv Avy' faq LYS? Ci? XO J' J 'YQ QM fl lx 7EAi.i. TOLL FR XA-C3 -,4'974'47lO ,K Tibiroski-Zigich gf Q TAN A'l'llLE'l'ES ACIIIEVF SU CCESS NS eve 99 QV X, A Q,c?Q,QX givki 9 V ' 9,5 3 M, lllll X WQTQUTETTTCQQ Though pride and enrollmenf of sTu- denTs have been decreasing The pasT few years, nexT year should be differenf. For The firsT Time in VPHS hisTory, a LeTTer- mans Club was formed. "The club will hopefully be an incenTive for sTudenTs To geT involved in school acTiviTies and in sporTs," sTaTed club member Jeff Zar- emba. Affer joining a sporf, sparfans spend many hours Training To become beTTer aThleTes. When asked whaT he ThoughT makes a good aThIeTe, Jamie Nelson replied, "IT Takes hard work, dedi- caTion, and The sfrive To be a winner." IVluch of an aThleTes Time is spenf 6Th peri- od pracficing plays, improving skills and developing Team spirif. Sporfs such as fooTball, cross counTry, and soccer re- auire Their aThleTes To pracTice during summer vacaTion, Taking a greaT deal of Their free Time. BuT The majoriTy of aTh- lefes say iT is worTh iT. 'N Pg byJ R GD V VarsiTy waTerpoIo player John Carcich gefs ready To block a shoT on goal, Sporronsz Small, but Rugg d lay!! sq 1 f' ii:- j ' '1 3 SJ' 1 1' 5 ,-.14 f J F. ' -mam mv Dwi' Sporfs Tdil bdck Jamie Nelson looks for defenders ds he runs upfield Scott Creagan, Todd Ramos, Dave Marsh, dnd Steele Kelly for onother touchdown. sworm tdckle the Sdnto And fullbdck. f , +1 11510 . W By v y Ph 1 pny Q 1 Kick The 4985-86 Sportdn Vorslty Footboll TGGFTT. Bottom row: Merrill Swope, Kip Ashton, Ryan Hayes, Brian Brown, Jim Anderson, Mark Johnson, Dave Rose, Foruq Jurjis, Pele Molinari. Second Row: Fred Steiner, Dan Estrada, Todd Lambeth, Brandon Beadle, Les Ortiz, Brian Maguire, Frank Paulson, Scott Stovall, Terrance Yee. Third row: Louis Mad- den, Tony lnga, Codch Bob Richards, Cooch Jim Cruishank, Equipment Mgr. Jerry Smith, Hedd Codch Pat Mahoney, Cooch "Flash" Walker, Codch Mark McMahon, John Genova, Scott Johnson. Fourth row: Casey Starrett, Scott McCurry, Brian Mo- rales, Ken Hultgren, Jeff Rodney, Jamie Nelson, Brenan German, Todd Ramos, Randy Stueber. Fifth row: Chris Murphy, Dave Marsh, Jeff Zaremba, Jeff Randall, Mark Fish- burn, Bob Brodsky, Sam Oh, Jack Samuels. Sixth row: Tom Kelly, Dave Lawhon, NG- than Bugg, Rich Gabel, George Gomez, Rob Monteith, Steve Cable. Top row' Pat ' l Glenn, Mike Cederoth, Steele Kelly, Eric Fromke, Scott Creagan, Rod Turner, Ric Jan- l Sen. -xii W will 7- 'i 1 , KJ. ' 4. W lui all action photos by Norm McGrone Page by Brenan German. Todd Ramos. and Jeff Zcremba Brenan German and Rod Turner stop The Pacifica running back for a loss of yardage as Tony Inga, Todd Ramos, and Pat Glenn rush To assist. af' 3:24. 7 a"'3' 2 1 9? s Todd Ramos uses every ounce of strength To Dull down Santa Ana's fullback. A jp + ,Z if ' nd Xa if , Eg ' R ,.,, ,v,,2' 5 f X , 1, vc ' The rugged Spartan defense lines up To block a Pacifica punt. ln The Katella game Gerry Linsmeier broke Through and blocked a punt which was recovered in The end zone for a SparTan TD. The 4985-86 Sparfans had a memorable season, falling one game short of The CIF playoffs. The Spartans finished 6-A overall and 41-3 in league. Leading The way for The Spartan offense were Jamie Nel- son, Dave Rose, Mark Johnson, Steele Kelly, and Pat Glenn. All five were all-league selections. The offensive squad also consisTed of Jack Samuels, Nathan Bugg, Dave Lawhon, Jeff Zaremba, and Two oTher all-league selections, Rick Jansen, and Scott Cregan. The defense, although small, played Tough Throughout The entire season. Led by Dave Rose, Pat Glenn, Tom Kelly, Todd Ramos Calso an all-league selectionj, and Mark Johnson, The defense kept The score low in mosf every game. OTher defensive starters were Brenan German, Jim Anderson, Gerry Linsmeier, Rod Turner, Steele Kelly, Brandon Beadle, Jeff Zaremba, Scott Cregan, Dave Marsh, Rich Gable and Jamie Nelson. CconT.D li Varsity football l Spartans Dave Rose, Jamie Nelson, Pal Glenn, Scott Creagan, Ric Jansen, Steele Kelly, Mike Cederoth, Jett Zarembd, Gnd Dave ' fm , Lawhon run a power left play against the Tustin defense Behind the blocking of Dave Rose, Jamie Nelson, and Ric Jansen, Mike Cederoth prepares to throw a pomp. Brandon Beadle, Pat Glenn, and Tom Kelly tackle the Tustin ball carrier as Jamie Nelson comes to assist. Page by Brenan German, Todd Ra- mos, Jeff Z emba Scoreboard All ph T by NOI'l'Tl MCGTOT19 VPHS Pacilica VPHS Katella VPHS Brea-Olinda VPHS Tustin VPHS SA Valley VPHS El Modena VPHS Canyon VPHS F0OthilI VPHS Orange VPHS Santa Ana 2 6, Sports By Jim Sdrdles ln the summer of '85 my mom gave me the option of going to Greece or working 40 hours a week at a restaurant. Well, of course, l chose Greece and it was the type of vacation that nobody can forget. As l arrived in Greece and looked around me, the country seemed as if it was 50 years behind the U.S. When l got there, the only thing that was modern was the plane l came in on. After a couple of weeks went by of visiting rela- tives, l went on a cruise to the many different islands of Greece. That was the best part of my vacation. The beaches there live up to their reputation for many reasons. One of them was the very clear wa- ter and clean sand. The second and most important was that everyone was naked. When I saw thatl went crazy. At that very moment l whipped out my kodak camera and took a bunch of pictures of the beach. Ji, sdmlu ii- , we., 's sez, Voz! , ! ,5,v.w, ,wwf-:44 llld Dm l delli A . l 'heoplil lediolc re onli an fOlQ6l ldmelle idlllell is rmdel giiiiglei enlisiri: vocoill iloiionll cleiilli imperial saw llllli edolllll lresollle i The highlighf of The season was when The Spartans faced arch-rival Canyon High School in Canyon's homecoming game. Alfhough Canyon was favored To win, The Spartans played an intense game. An ouT- standing performance was put in by all players as The Sparfans crushed Canyon 35-'l3. Pat Glenn, who was replacing an injured Dave Rose, rushed for 256 yards on '18 carries. "Everybody worked hard in practice and we came TogeTher as a Team both before and during The game. I was proud of everyone because They all worked hard and iT paid off," sTaTed defensive end Rod Turner. Coach Pat Mahoney also commented. "lf The players have learned The imporfance of Team work and competition, Then The season has been a success." Dave Rose eludes a Tackler as Nathan Bugg looks upfield for someone To block. ,paid 1 WM The defense. Todd Ramos, Brandon Beadle, Brenan German, Ja- mie Nelson, Gerry Linsmeier, Scott Creagan, Steele Kelly, Dave Marsh, Dave Rose, and Mark Johnson, wait for The Canyon of- fense To line up as Pat Glenn looks To The Sparfan sidelines for sig- nals. Team capTains, Steele Kelly and Pat Glenn, Tackle a Sanfa Ana Sainf as Brenan German Tries To assisT. Varsity football Sopnomores :IW 1 P John Armstrong makes a flying jump allowing Doug BYFNGS To V I PI T aTTempT To retrieve The ball. - .1 Entire Season f This year's sophomore football Team had a memo- rable season. IT is always a new and exciting exper- ience for sophomores To play high school football for The first Time. "Playing as a sophomore gave me a good foundation for varsiTy," commented Fred Soares. Coach Russ Murphy, Dennis Moody, and Phil ' Thoner worked The Team hard but made iT enjoyable for all The players. ul had a fun seasonl" sTaTed Rob Davey. Overall, The season was a success for The sopho- ' mores and The coaches were very pleased. Player Lance Rabun said, ill was disappointed that I couldn'T , finish The season after breaking my arm in The game " against FooThill." "Doug Byrnes, Rob Davey, Fred Soares, Tom Roth and Chip Smith were ouTsTanding players for The 4985 Team," commented Coach Russ Murphy. The v- varsity coaches are excited for This year's Team To move up To varsiTy for The 4986 season. S V By usan ance INN ny. -5' : f i H- veil . .1 w , ' . T -s -- -0 '10 1 0 r4'??nn 1.24. C "" . as 14 su 11 42 21 1 . it .,,,.. V ' 7 . , l ....' ff P+' ' rf ' .,,. fi ' r Tllfksamm ' 1 . f 1 ' , T Q 1 At Q? T l..1 we 1 ' ,l , , ' 1 fr , , . me l f ri'r 1 1 1 . 1 . - 1 . S1 9353? is , 1 1 . ,--T. F1 ,rn 59, x 7 'Q E , 1 'V - i n is an ki wi. V p A.,. ,.,m,,.,,,n' 3 Vi, 'M r :ij ,. 3 ! H 1 1 The 4985 Sophomore Football Team: Front - Eric Ebell, Lance Rabun, Rob Davey, Jonas 3 . - I Gonzales, Eddy James, Jeff Peterson, Dave Williamson. Row ll - Daniel Castagna, AIeX -Tha, if ' Fassora, Doug Byrnes, Rod Carpenter, Eddie Johnson, Don Hall, Darrel Fitch. Row lll - Todd ' ' Nelson, Tom Roth, Fred Soares, Kevin Lusk, Brill Griffith. Row lV - Vince Vqn Meter, Tqdd Fisher, Rich -Thornburg, Steve Foigelman. Row V - Paul Juhn, Tim McNulty, Brett Brawn. Alex Angotti, Kyle Lynch, Matt Klein. Row VI - Bob Miller, Steve Renzi, John Armstrong, e,l,W Sports John Oh, Marty Strayer. Row Vll - Coach Russ Murphy, Jay Benge, Frank Villasenor Chip Smith, Chris Bell, Brad Graham, Dean Claxton, Coach Phil Thoner and Coach Dennis Moody By Susan YN 7 x 3. ,1ff . 'ir f 1 I 4'-. Maui... , . fi' "". 762, . V .Wan ,.,, , Jaw .1,. V hwy!! 41,1 By Norm McGrC1ne GJ O V S 7 7,cff,,., ,,. ,f b 5 P- Ln Dean Claxion, Kyle Lynch ana Chip Smith use Teamwork for a sTop- ping Tackle againsT The SanTa Ana offense. . - '11, x , , T f x " go' 1 X T .gyda e Q N" ty 'W 1.7--'QM " 1' xl' Sophomore coaches Dennis Moody, Phil Thoner, ana Russ Murphy waTch as The Team is abouT To score. 1 cw, "'Vfw-- W, WI JM' V SCOREBOARD VPHS 14 Pacifica 12 VPHS 23 Kaiella 6 VPHS 6 Brea O VPHS 10 Tustin 7 VPHS 2 SA Valley 0 VPHS 16 Canyon O VPHS 6 EI Modena 14 VPHS 7 Fooihill 9 VPHS 7 Orange O VPHS 8 Sonia Ano 20 Page by Susan Vance Doug Byrnes looks aown Tiela for an open receiver. 6 Sophomore Football SCOREBOARD y J.. VPHS 3 Sunny lrlfllsx' 7 VPHS 3 San Clemenle 5 I My ,A " vPHs 24 sonib'Ano 7 vPHs is Corona noi Mar 11 'f ' ' VPHSNj9r,:Sc:nTa Fe 6 VP 16 EI Modena 5 VPl5!QlQQ?QCos1o Mesa -,V. VPHS TO EI Toro 12 VPTTSQQU f" Sonora, , ejfvrns 17 Canyon 5 VPHS 6 Tusfin g ZSNPHS 9 Foofhill 8 . vPHs a Missionfviejo .5',VPH5:r15 Downey ii VPHS B Marino , +3i'VPHQ,f, 6 L.B. Wilson 7 VPHS B Newporl Mil. VPl'lSi!i1B Qrange VPHS 6 El Dorado VPHS 9 University VPHS 9 s.A. Valley 2 4' Looking for The ball, K.C. Nowak Tries To geT away from his defender. John L T . Carcich is vvoiTing To assisT if help is 1' V N W needed. 'A1' ' TW -. . T - T T By Genalyn Tala era Vorsiry Worer Polo I amwork' key to success -re WiTh hard work and a loT of pracTiCe, This years waTer polo Team proved The Theory ThaT working is I f ' V more imporTanT Than having fun. Work-ouTs were, on 1 The average, hard buT They were never The same. . In 5 The waTer polo players could be found aT The svvim- ming-pool from 2 To 5 every school day. VPHS Took 2nd place in Cenfury League and wenT , ' xx ff. "" , f'i'i on To The quarTer-finals of CIF. ThaT was much peT- T., 4 ,A Ter Than everyone expecTed. A loT of people doubf- Trli T' , ed The Team's poTenTial," sTaTed K.C. Nowak. A4 rrvoi The varsiTy waTer polo Team won 'ill games and A losT only 'l'l. "This year's Team did Things no oTher VPHS waTer polo Team ever did before," according To Coach Jeff Ehrlich. CF . 'ni' 7' I We . .":' 4l40'f ' 1 , if me-e g, -5 'pf,7j ' f . um-f..: e p- ,. rf .. 911.1-V + .L -wr-wayyf Jada-10.1 VarsiTy goalie Craig Murdock Throws The ball To a deep wing player. Pep Talk before The game. Coach J. Ehr- Iich, M. Canlin, J. Carcich, H. Hof- sleenge, J. Clark, R. Mahony, G. Allen, R. Frackellon, L. Larson, T. Kirschner and K. Halligan. Sports g f 'T i in nom ogai Geri TM leon ever ever lows ini weli- oui e mme one i , i L F 'A 54 Ls X 'SP FL. 'P' N 1 Th j V a P ' , I ' .., f ' V' . ' f-pl Y , H9 x ""' g ' . M". w - ' ,.'i A us- '-'r' A , 5 1 ' " :Z . 'A . E, By Harvey Berman The piloT said we would be landing shorfly. All TwenTy-four of The players named To The California All-STar waTer polo Team had Their faces pressed againsf The windows, hoping To caTch an early glimpse of Frankfurf, WesT Germany. While on The bus To Koln, l admired The casfles. ThaT nighf everyone on The Team wenT To bed early for iT was going To be a busy Ten days. We would evenTually To on a cruise down The l?hine River and also visiT Belgium. We even climbed To The Top of a Thousand-fooT high domed cafhedral which Towered over Koln. The highlighf of our Trip came on The final nighT. We were eating dinner in a well-known German resTauranT when, all of a sudden, brighf lighfs flashed in our eyes. We all looked up simulfaneously and saw Thaf we were being lllmed for Television. As we raised our glasses, we swayed back and forfh and Tried To moufh The words To a German Tune we had never heard before. S - 1 " nnnwm., W- qv ,I ir. f . 1 - .f 3,4 1-' ' f H W , Q T fe. 15 ' ' :Iggy i t 'fb-ww. Z f Y Varsity team standing: Robert Ma- hony, Mark Canlin, Peter Nelson, Andy Deak, Robert Frackelton, Trevor Kirschner, John Carcich, Kevin Halli- gan and Sean Roby. Sitting: Hetty Hof- steenge, Harvey Berman, Randy Buck, Lance Larson, Craig Murdock, James Clark, Ken Nowak, and coach Jeff Ehrlich. Not pictured: Craig Ack- ley and Geoff Allen. Page by Hetty Hofsteenge x J in Z' O E 5- in James Clark throws the bail To hole- man Craig Ackley who tries To score. 912 Worerpolo qv Q 'rnnvvww Sophomore Wat r Polo Play Heads Up 50 Q Q 2 0 T ff' ,. , Wagga A49 ,MZ i.. Hf,W I M 4 4 . .y 4-. ,. 4 W. I 1. L" 1 2 57 f I YP 2' Pg byHTTyHf1 Q By Todd Wells Summer vocoTion wos finoily here. IT wos Time for o hoT ond fun summer, ond where beTTer To spend iT Thon Fiorido. Of course Howoii is beTTer, buT Florido is fun, Too. Mom ond Dod sow me off oT The oirporT, Mom nogging me unTiI The plone IefT. NexT Thing I knew I wos in Oriondo, Fiorido. BeouTifuI, Tropiooi, sunny Florido wosn'T os beouTifuI os I ThoughT iT would oe. IT roins every doy for opproxi- moTeIy 2 hours in The ofTernoon. The TemperoTure is obouT Q0-Q5 degrees, ond iT geTs very humid. The TirsT Three doys I wenT To visiT Mickey oT Disney World ond The EpcoT CenTer. ThoT wos fun. The nexT few doys I did some Ioooi TourisTing weoring my I-Iowoiion shirT ond Mickey Iviouse hoT. I wenT To o huge woTersIide pork ondi wenT river rofTing down o smoII Tropiool sTreom in inner Tubes. I cIidn'T boTher going To ony beoohes peoouse The woves were, oT on overoge, o inches. Before I knew iT, I wos going book To Villo Pork. When I goT home I woke up To The firsT doy of high sohool, wiTh noThing puT memories ond o bunch of cheop souvenirs. 1211! Sports fy , .W Sophomore Justin Burnham Tries To grob The bcili while Darryl Monroe ond Grani Bennefi woTch VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS 3 48 7 7 7 A 2 3 O 'i v , 1' . 4' st ',,.,, B ,. 2 .,,. Ti ,f .7 -15, 'Mid I nfl A' 'pw V While Frank Mandagar struggles to gain control of The ball, Amir Asar helps. More wins than losses Wat r Polo Fights Back This year many 'lOTh graders came out for waterpolo and under The supervision of Coach Steve Coates, They clawed their way up to 3rd place in Century League. Like The varsity players, The sophomore Team worked out every day for about Three hours, spending Time in The weight-room and aT The swimming pool. The sophomores had a Total of 'lil wins and only 8 losses. Leading off game days, The sophomores' wins encouraged The varsi- Ty To bring home a clean sweep. VPHS managed 6 Times To win all The water polo games of The day. ul really enjoyed The water polo Team," stated Lanny Webb. "We al- ways helped and encouraged each other to do better, making This an all around season." 1 a 'W J Z ,fri I N 1 N riff, X , ' Af ,M 1.1 Sitting on a starting block, Justin Burn- ham concentrates for his game. L, 'me T' 'T' ,A .Qs ' - 1 N l wr, ,M-4-,gas-ff"f V- Sophomore Team sitting L To R: Aaron Malo, Jerry Berman, Lanny Webb, Grant Bennett, Deron Matsuoka, Darryl Monroe, Scott MacKenzie, Darrin Mackel, Jeff Olsen, and Coach Steve Coates. Standing LTO IQ: Brad Kissler, Jeff Granito, Paul Rutf, Greg Larson, Todd Wells, David Sammons, Rene Jordan, Natalie Thompson, Frank Mandagar, Jerry Aschoft, Justin Burn- ham and Jason Sulzberger. '4 D Girls VOr'5lfy Cheryl Tomlinson seTs The ball while Shelly King waiTs To spike. Volleyball WiTh a well-balanced winfloss record of 7 84 7, The VPHS girls' VarsiTy Volleyball Team had a season which was a success of sorTs. T'We had a loT of po- TenTial, buT noT very much experience," recalled Team member Tracie Williams when asked To sum f J J up The season. She conTinued, "We really didn'T have enough Time. We also had To work really hard To pull Togeiher because of our lack of experience. UnforTunaTely, our record really doesn'T show The kind of TalenT we have." DespiTe The facT ThaT The Team wasn'T as suc- cessful as They hoped, The players showed a loT of enThusiasm. Shelly King said, "Coach McCloflin is ' really fun! Since we felT close To her, we improved 2 'IQ' our game. The aTTiTude was very imporTanT." - PgbyDaeTT8cA1Epl '52 ByMayB T MyBT VPHS 1 El Modena VPHS El M d VPHS O Foolhlll VPHS F Th ll VPHS 2 Orange VPHS O g VPHS O Tuslln VPHS T ll VPHS 2 Santa A a VPHS S la A a VPHS 2 C y VPHS C y VPHS 2 V ll y VPHS V ll y ww '-: 'Z 'Ul"f'!"' 'KV' Kelly Kutcher, Nicole Genova, Tracie Williams, Shelly King, Cheryl Tomlinson, Diana Jacobs, Jennifer Flory, Lara Gillell, Tammy Harris, Suzie Barnell. Shelly King shows agiliTy while Jennifer Flory posiTions herself for a reTurn. Sports Wil volelf leclfl TTU! COITYC Twill sow V01 4 4... 1 3 Sig- lx IQ il Volleyball With a record of 8 and 6 This season, The Junior varsity girls' volleyball Team at VPHS had a successful season. Under The di- rection of Their coach, Mrs. Sherry Smith, The Team won some difficult matches against rival schools Orange High Panthers, ""s""'5""" mme Canyon Comanches, Santa Ana Valley Falcons and Foothill Knights. JV Team member Jennifer Blank sTaTed, "We had some really Tough Teams To beaT, buT we worked hard and did iT - and we had fun, Too!" Suzie Barnett grlmaces as she goes up for a spike in The El Modena game. The f . , . L ,, A r ' QIT E Spartans losT The game, however, 2 To O I x -Q K ,X 2 Y., qw ,,,i,,y. 'Y . . , isa.. 5 By Bobby Briggs By Jeff Randall Well, my weekend in MammoTh wiTh Kip Ashfon, Brian Maguire, Dave Lawhon, Jay Allen, Darren Tesla and Craig Hoffsfaller pro ved To be greaT! Even Though The bus ride seemed To go on and on, iT was OK, since The fun sTarTed as soon as we boarded The bus. We rolled inTo lViammoTh abouT 2 AM and - which we had all To ourselves excepi for The bus driver. While skiing The nexT day, l looked up To see Craig screaming down a Toriuous run wiTh Kip and Dave following close behind. Brian and l decided To shred up The cornice. AT The boTTom, we iourne yed To l?oger's Ridge a 60 ' verfical run. Dave and l panTed aT The Top while The oThers slashed To The boTTom. All of a sudden, l heard a Thud and saw Craig limping down The slope, a look of despair on his face as his skis dangling 20 yds. above him. Now iT was Time for The Treacherous Chinese Downhill. We lined up on The slope for The big evenT. Brian peered down The hill To find The besf line as Kip ana' Dave made suggesTions as To whaT The winner should geT. We were ready To go. Blaml We Took off. Darren andl were ouT fronT when a sTeep hill wiTh moguls popped up. l crashed buT managed To roll ouT of iT wiTh my skis. lmanaged To pull off a fifTh place. The weekend was over, buT The Suicide Ski Team will have many more! i ff i,ff T SCOREBOARD VPHS 'I El Modena 3 VPHS O Foothill 3 VPHS 3 Orange O VPHS 2 Tustin 3 VPHS 3 Santa Ana 0 VPHS 2 Canyon 3 vPl-is 3 volley 2 VPHS O EI Modena 3 VPHS 'l Foothill 3 VPHS 3 Orange O VPHS 2 Tustin 3 VPHS 3 Santa Ana 2 VPHS 3 Canyon 0 vPl-is 3 valley 0 JV volleyball: Christy Kenney, Shawn Silvers, Sheila Till, Julie Mahoney, Jennifer Blank, manager Kathleen Naruse, manager Kim Miller, Linette Dodd, Tracye Thomas, Robin lwasaki Diana Christiansen, Tiffany Hamilton Audrey Jensen, and coach, Mrs. Sher- ry Smith Girls Cross Courwrry y Gratto Br aks cord Again. , "" ' ' ff 7 "' Iyfii' ,,,nf,4:"'?LQ"'w24, ,wi n f r If1"': , ' Stephanie Lanzone runs while Keri Snailum looks on. l 47. ., ff' M X . 9f'f""wq,,V, :Mx Froril Row: Keri Snailum, Carole Ta- lian, Sharon Hochman, Jane Lim, Den- ise Talley, Katie Madison. Bock Row: Valarie Raya, Heather McMaster, Wendy Greene, Cathy Mack, Col- leen Preston, Jode Elsberry, ond Coach Dick Brunt. Page by Erin Slowson 81 David Yamosciki i iS l Sports ,. Q, 1, l . , . Z I i i llq W Tracy Gratto, school record holder for the last three years, mei SCOREBOARD Santiago 50 VPHS 15 Valencia 33 VPHS 26 Canyon 18 VPHS 45 S.A. Valley 20 VPHS 39 .. EI Modena 22 VPHS 35 Orange 36 VPHS 21 Santa Ana 20 VPHS 38 Varsity Cross Country: Susan Round, Beth Stuart, Tracey Gratto, Jeannette Miller, Stephanie Lanzone, Mary- Anne Parashak, Sarah Ouzounian and Coach Dick Brunt. It takes weeks of dedication to become a member . of the girls' cross country program at VPHS. This year, the team began early by attending a pre- training camp in Mammoth. The season crept up on the girls and caught them off guard. Ultimately injur- ies suftered by returning varsity runners Sarah Ou- zonian, Debbie Dalmatoff and Susan Round scarred their record for the rest of the season. The burden of supporting the varsity sauad lay on sen- ior, Tracey Gratto's shoulders. Not only did Tracey carry the varsity team, she broke the school record for her third consecutive year by running an 48:49 three mile course. The junior varsity had a progressive year and placed fourth in the league. Coach Dick Brunt, is auite enthusiastic about next year when he can bring up his young junior varisty runners to fill the void the graduating seniors will leave. Returning varsity runner Beth Stuart summed up the season by saying, 'Our team got off to a slow start, and unfortunately, never recovered." LOG ' ODYSSEY '86 1 fi Q 55 XY Anpnt byb avy 81D dH y IGOCIS the YQCG. Gifts Cross Country Cross Counrry AnoTher year has passed and The VPHS VarsiTy Cross-CounTry Team accumulaTed even more vicTories wiTh less recogniTion. The VarsiTy Team placed second in CIF afTer conquering The CenTury League. The VarsiTy also won The Orange CounTy Championship. This being The Third consecuTive vicTory for Them. The CenTury League vicTory was The fourTh consecuTive win. Jim Sorensen and Spencer Greene shared The firsT Co-MVP TiTle in VPHS hisTory. Jim and Spencer were also named To The Orange CounTy RegisTer's firsT all-counTy Team. VarsiTy runner Bill Meyer was named To The second Team. CIF-prelims were also an easy vicTory for The TleeT-fooTed Varsi- Ty SparTans. InviTaTional afTer invi- TaTional fell inTo The vicTory col- umn of The varsiTy files. Adding To Jim Sorensen's sea- son was his home course record seT againsT FooThiIl High School. Jim Sorensen sTrides Towards The Tin- ish. I9 0 Y Varsity - Best Season Ever. Dave Longyear, Sieve Allred, Bill Meyer, Spencer Greene, Mark Kuli, Sieve Brase, Jim SOI'eI'1Sen, GHG Aaron HiChmGn. ', , jf M425 , I, 'Z'."f J " . ,I .42 1 1- I l'4:4..,' ,I I W! . ff ff 9 f ,. , ' - Iggy ' me 4 lib I , f' 3 I ,,.,' W ff .ibf Z . sg By Jim Sorensen LasT summer I had a mosT unique opporTuniTy ThaT involved Nye days of my summer. I was in- viTed To aTTend a once in a life- Time Trip To YouTh Congress '85, The Theme was "We Can Make a Difference. " FifTeen Thousand sTu- denTs aTTended This eyenf. YouTh Congress was organized To assemble and Teach a large group of ChrisTian high school sTu- denTs To uniTe, and possibly cre- aTe a common vision or goal for The upcoming school year. The vi- sion was To beTTer equip The born- again sTudenTs wiTh The gospel so They could engage in spiriTual warfare effecTiveIy. We had a difI7culT Time finding Time To sleep due To our hecTic schedule. We aTTended many lecfures and seminars daily. On The lasT day we marched To The monumenT and held a rally. AfTerwards we walked Through The park and had a chance To Tell people abouT The good news of Jesus ChrisT. Sports 1 f ly M rg l. if .T MT .T , . I 'I l l i W I if S 51355 TT S 'UE' ii . .T ,Ui Biiise, I sr- g ,e I 'M .M 2. .1 M, i I i I 3 Jim Sorensen, Spencer Greene, ond Bill Meyer goin on Tusiin opponenis ,f W S vi' 5' an Q 1 i-1 fb' O . fl' A .. ,A L K U49 A A 120 ul . ' z1'l'YQCB .erin 99 Y s ' ' H r TG LC 1, 'Q N I in f I ,pf K Tim -. NX ,,,, Y osi fed SIU- iie- '85 90 i WU' "' 5 9255 5, ww ' '.?5":35:i-:, "U. '7 - " f'f .1 dr- 'fi5H!'J-:Tn-'?Jfi9'f" w ,- .. ' ffl: ' -f IQ? Q,5.,Z ,Y g in A ' ' . . 4 f m " " ' Z f. ' " -' - I9 c- f .,1,4'.f 25?-fre K , , , 1 -. ff-. v-E255-. Wag , , f,-64' - iii' A f s 59+ ' , 3 "ifJ23:5'. "'15'?"". h'2',F2'-f:"": 1 .igkiffiffi-f 'J' 1' 'Ziff ' . X' 1- 9- 'fn' A UG! - AUG A I 'Fi' .,.. Oron e I -V . Wg V " ,J - f fri? eric f f, , YW , fl f . F OTH ' ff' . " .V .4 f f W, 1 , IZ , f 1 ' Q' ' ,f f 1 0 1 1 4 r I I? ff , 'ff y fa, X , f , , ij 7' , 4 ,V Y , wif, 'ff f rr "X ' 0 27,2 ' Q M' ' f 4 X 4 FY 1 'KA f f ,fix 7 1 f Bd! , X ,W 4 ,f,9,f.f - :V , 4 -2:4 wif 'Lf :air -v lr.. :f-" " " '12-1 " -' f 4 -- 'fv " - -- :-,v: ,-: gp- mf:-pr' fx:-:r:f.:.:eu:.f:-.,::cg:.3111.5-1.1---I 11:-.,:,.-fe.-1, ' ' f ' f :L ., ..,.,V, T to Page by Mory Buxton gh ell of 1 Varsity Cross Country was JV ond Sophomore Seasons Prove Successful The Junior VdrsiTy seoson end- ed wiTh d CenTury Leogue co-Ti- Tle wiTh FooThill High School. This wos Their second consecuTive Ti- Tle. The junior vorsiTy Teom dlso ploced firsT in The Ordnge OounTy chompionships. Jeff lVliller ond Dennis Spry rdn well in The O.C. chdmpionships, wiTh Times of 46:56 ond 46:57. In oThers CThe Dono Hills, Bueno Pork, ond IVIT. Soc inviToTionols,D The JV Teom ron To dll firsT pldces lndividuols who led The JV Teom were Beck, Brueckmann, Kruse, Yellowhorse, Wakefield, ond Miller. Becduse mdny of The sopho- more runners ron on The JV ond VorsiTy Tedms, They finished The seoson wiTh d four ond Three CenTury Leogue record. SCOREBOARD VPHS 45 Cdnyon VPHS ' Volley VPHS 45 El lVlodeno VPHS 24 SonTo And VPHS 20 Oronge VPHS 25 FooThiIl VPHS ' TusTin 'won by forfeiT JV Teom: Coach Dave While, Duane Beehler Sieve Allred Kelly Beck Paul Wather, Mike Brueckmann, Mark Kuli, Dennis Spry Mall Wakefield Jeff Miller Ru TV, ., ,f " Q 1 Jeff Miller ond Jerry Kruse run neck ond neck. Mark Paproski sTroins To keep his leod. 999 T was Sports By Dave Voyen AUPW 1'H " QWOGUE 7l4-974-NIO - WJ Sophomore Team: Mark Paproski, Evan Holmes, Danny Pineda, Andy Moresco, Jimmy Cummings, Paul Walher, Don Lam- berl, Kyle Snailum, Dennis Spry, Mark Sum- mers, John Eberslein, ana Coach Dave While Andy Moresco ana Don Lambert gain on Their Tusiin opponenrs. Page by Mary Buxron and Mike Powers SCOREBOARD VPHS 22 Canyon 311 VPHS ' Valley ' VPHS 241 EI Modena 341 VPHS 34 Sanla Ana 25 VPHS ' Orange ' VPHS 26 Foolhill 23 VPHS AA Tuslin 17 'won by forfeir f 992 - QMS! Girls Tennis Swings Info Action "Grab your rackefs, leT's geT prac- Tice sTarTed," said Coach Sue Gardi- ner aT The sTarT of a Typical day ouT on The Tennis courTs aT VPHS. The girls Tennis Team usually warmed up wiTh a few exercises, a shorT jog and Then several drills. Coach Sue Gardiner worked wiTh The doubles players and Coach Craig Hays worked wiTh The singles players. The 4985 season was noT The mosT successful buT iT was auife enjoyable for every member of The Team. The Team had five reTurning seniors: Laurie Cummings, Grace Kumamolo, Kim Sakaue, Carrin Stabile and Susan Vance. Along wiTh The reTurning sen- iors, There were four firsT year seniors: Michelle Hare, Yuki lshigura, Tracey La Pine, and Suzan Willoughby. The personal record of The 44 var- siTy singles player Carrin Slabile was a success. She wenT on To place Third in league finals and held The posiTion of alTernaTe To CIF. A player who didn'T hold a number one posiTion buT kepT up Team spiriT was Susan Vance who said, "The 4985 girls Tennis Team had a fun seasonl" By Darren 19510 Page by Dave Lehman and Susan Vance L ui. 1 ,T L.. 'rf A The 4985-86 Girls Tennis Team CL To RJ: FronT row - Shawna McCartney, Carol Nakamura, Carlene Chiang, Laura Gates, Wendy Sheridan, Anna Ahn, Yuki lshigura, Jennifer Kesselman. Row ll - Joyce Kuma- moto, Jennifer Palrick, Susan Tillou, Cathy Slinchfield, Suzan Wil- loughby, Megan Lee, Tracy LaPine, Grace Kumamolo. Row lll - Coach Sue Gardiner, Kim Sakaue, Ranae Randals, Susan Vance, Car- rin Slabile, Laurie Cummings, Michelle Hare, Erin Meyer, Coach Craig Hays. Q GVSEN AGA ER 2 'ze T T rc V' 'Q' QTXTXCGV A fgaifi' 'f f . - F Tefldls VS K 7 ' QQ? Z e d' . +4 singles player Carrin Slabile finishes off The polnT wiTh a powerful overhead. By SUSGI1 VGDC9 By David My Trip To Lake Mohave in The summer of '82 was one To be remembered. My friend Christi King and l spenf eighf days under The hoT deserT sun geTTing our Copperfone I Tans. The fun sTarTed The minuTe we arrived and confinued Till 1 The momenf we lefT. We mef everybody who was any- . body aT The resorf where we sfayed. We became regu- lars aT The local diner and mef a loT of new people. By The end of The Trip we had memorized The enfire Beach Boys Endless Summer album since iT was The only Tape we grabbed while leaving The house. One nighf, when walking down The pier, we saw a T bunch of black beefles. Thaf nighf Christi had Terrible i nighfmares of being afracked by a mob of huge beefles. Our days were spenf laying in The sun cafching maxi- i mum rays and wafer skiing. The nighfs were spenf having loTs of fun. l would like To Tell more, buf 1 hgve fo end if 2 here. We had one 'h- - -' of a Time! l 6 6 2'-all Sports T-l 2,6-reg-, -ii. is l i T 5 T L I rlym 1 5-, 1 l l ll: ', lCC0llh6l l Sherldll lce Kuml , Suzan ll J. Row ll - lunee,cl ouch Gul Hrryf E gn? rosonell penlelllf gpp9ll0ll9 gnllnuedfl 9 WGS any' :omerelll pple, Bl' me Beacllllll ly flip? We 0 we fall ge bgeflg znfnollll lenfmm ,e fp Qlld 2 By David Voyen gkhlete . 4 Hx m Cen. covxd evin you do Ont everY Stoge th . 1OrXnQ5 OU rl Court? W - f ln YOU' xre e'tl'iO 'UNO blk ol Comp 'no Ncwau M5111 Varsily singles player Anna Ahn snows aff ner backnana. l By David Voyen Susan Vance successfully rerurns a serve againsl Canyon. ' ' 4,15 V-new ff ' w?.-Lf , .40 1 ff 'ff ' f - ,'f5rn'9'1f:154 'f 1. ' 4 .f ...,. fr- A X L 5131 fr . 1-if A -f ,ww-111.-r1:r,e,-. 1' .. gf, 415, , .,f 3 . 1 ., - 1224 .Q "rf VARNSWV We V, I S b 51El'M '- 'TS V .,3 L , 1 ' 3 A 15 yPr-rs 0 -Sraw, , so was .1 Sams A ' o Canyon 1g vPHs 3 canyon . 1 ' g firhf'-'fl-m::s::f:.-, Q, ' V-' SA valley 2 vms 6 SA Valley 4EI Modena 14 vPr-as 3 Ermodenug , 5FOOfhill 13 VPHS 0 Foornrn rr' 1'1 Orange 7 VPHS 3 Orange 29 25! Same Ana 14 VPHS 3 some '5'f'5Z5:X-62225-g.. e-VV, r-" f 12 vms 4 Valley 0 vrus 6 SA1VoIIey-V 1. " '21 . . 5 Af 2:2 f " 1 " 'I .1 qc ' 4 -Q, ,,f-- 'ffl'ry-1,r-fp.-:eg1y?:,,+fsfwiicw ry!!-gg' 'Q L, -- - 1 ,, , r1,,,.g,:.:..n , ,cf:ug,11.1-Q 1,,,w..3,:,1,L: : rw: f,',q:1zf,1f Doubles players Erin Meyer ana Joyce Kumamolo concenrrale as They pre- pare Ta relurn a snol. 997 Girls Tennis ssc, ---... by Susan Vance A-'M' P 'MN Concentrating intensely, the +4 doubles team of Dave Lehman and Brian Johanson prepares to return a shot. Boy's Tennis +4 singles player, Paul Archibald, serves a winner against El . by susan Vance R blllld Modem, by S san V After losing several players from last year's squad, the boy's tennis team rebuilt into one of the top teams in Century League. Led by 44 'if and 2 singles players Paul Archibald and Jeff 1 f f Copeland, and 44 doubles team of Dave Leh- 7 ' f ,1'- 1 1-3.7 1- ,. 1 , ' nl. 1' ' 'i -L -V , , . 1... 4,2H.'m ' ff.,-f .1593 "'sW'f'1' ' ' 'JH' a 'Vs man and Brian Johanson, the tennis team ex- Q 1, 5 y r. . pected to finish 3rd in Century League and auali- V ,I 2 51 5 g '., 'Q' The team started league play with wins over ,-1 L 1 ' 'QP1 , both Valley and El lvlodena, and losses to top ,I ,VI , V fs A ' ' " ranked Foothill and Canyon. The highlight of the 3,32 season, however, was defeating highly ranked Servite, 'l'l-7, on their home courts. Stated varsity doubles player Brent Sumrall, "Beating Servite was probably the biggest win we've had in the last three years. Varsity singles player, Vitthara Tan, displays his powerful if V liif 4 f' ., ' i forehand. y - i ,,,, ,,,, , , fn-,-,,,,,,g2'7rfwwW f.vf f,,., ,,,.,,.,W. . .L f Sports -.+. I. 4, l l l l i If .lg ll ,xx XX ll l rr r. r , M.. UQu 'B I 'M ,A WIS . v' l I 'fur iv. ' 4 ,els "rbi: I Ill T l in i 4' ' J.. .wi l xl y. VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPH5 VPHS o,bREBoARD Sa n g Se Ile - . . VPHS Canyon - J QVYPI-iS 12 Sanlogo 4 Servlle Pl-iS Funanon f T 'WH su : 5, I Elma ' vPHs Foolhll vPHs -. 4 volley 12 EIM d O Foolhlll By Erik Fonne Being from Norway, lsee many differences beTween life There and life here. MosT of These are in The culiure and The way of life. Norwegians show more paTrioTism Than Americans. Americans are paTrioTic Too, buf They disagree wiTh Their governmenT more Than Norwegians do. The way of living is an obvious difference beTween The Two counfries. Television, for example, is much dif- ferenT There Than here. In Norway, The TV broadcasTs from 6 p.m. To l a.m., insread of all 24 hrs. Norwegian TV also has no commercials because The people voT- ed againsi Them. Norway has The Third highesi cosT of living in The world and producTs There are more expensive Than in The U.S. llike America, DUT! would raTher live The resT of my life in Norway. f f' ,T Brenl Sumrall Paul Archibald Brueckman Greg Sarkisian -A Yoichiro Shulo Mdll Shihdd Rob Denton Mall Wakefield Thang Bui Joel Kupperslein Craig Harlman, Erik Fonne by Susan VON: 'if DQDYD Lhm 6 6 it Boy's Tennis 1 QWL Lfpvwxl il-g l Brenl Sumrall shows off his serve as Teammaie Mall Wake- field prepares for a reiurn. The 'I986 Boy's Tennis Team Copy Dave Lehman, Jeff Copeland, Mall Fairbanks, Roberl Waldow, Ali Dowlala- shahi, Brenl Spaulding, Bran- don Garr, Brian Johanson, Vilhara Tan, Todd Granl, Mike Bob Gallagher. 1002 Rugged New Coach, New Dreams pl'1TbDdVy dN MG pgnoav k SCOREBOARD VPHS 12 Katella VPHS 39 Orange VPHS 27 SanTa Ana VPHS 51 El Modena VPHS 43 FooThill VPHS ""' S.A. Valley VPHS 15 Canyon VPHS 41 TusTin ' " Win by FOr'feiT Robert Jacques reverses and gefs near fall poinfs The varsify wresTling Team was noT expecfed To do well. Many varsiTy leTTermen eiTher quiT, Transferred, or were injured. Also wiTh The new coach, Mike Morrison, nofhing much was anTicipaTed. "IT Takes a couple of years for a program To seTTle in," said Coach Morri- son. BuT This Team pulled TogeTher wiTh an overall record of 3-2-'I and a second place in league behind pow- erhouse Canyon. In league finals, Villa Park had only one league champion buf 6 TinalisTs. Sophomore Cur- tis Cook was The Sparfans league champion aT 408 lbs. Seniors Dave Yamasaki, 422 lbs., Jimmy Soren- son, 'I35 lbs., and Robert Jacques, 'l57 lbs. placed second along wiTh juniors Ken Robinson, 444 lbs. and Frank Paulson, 'IA8 lbs. Ruppert Yellowhorse was The only Third place winner. Overall 7 grapplers qualified for CIF. l'lT was hard To sTay ouT and be moTivaTed," ex- claimed Robert Jacques. "We had an awesome sophomore Team when we were sophomores, but I III Jim Sorenson rides his Canyon opponenf . most of Them QUIT' 228 Sporrs This year The Sparfans did very well considering The posifion They were in. "Morrison did a good job. Bailey is a hard acT To follow," sfafed Jim Sorenson. - X NH H lk ,- I if T4 if New he i l iodc 0, lllI50Hi rririi Mom' son, recom j pow' idoiii ieCui- il? Soren- ei is Oli iosiii uolii i A v iorCl 91' GSOVU DU. 6 A r, i B09 eniii 9 if ll Y 4 9 , , 1 4 ill 1' J,,,,,.,, . W j "'A , New head coach Mike Morrison Q6 Top to Bottom: Jason Willis, David German, Tim McNulty, Darrel Fitch, Tien Bui, Frank Paulson, Brian Maguire, Marty Strayer, Head Coach Mike Morrison. Seo- ond Row: Robbie Denton, Frank Gehr, Noel Caslellon, Rene Jordan, Darrin Tes- ta, Jason Walters, Jett Brodsky, Cash Wilkerson, Jason Salzburger, Asst. Coach Dan Freund. Third Row: Asst. Coach Paul Baker, Todd Ramos, Dave Rose, Roberl Jacques, Dan Cara, Erik Larson, Curtis Cook, Scott Johnson, Ken Robinson. Fourth Row: Mot Maid Carolyn Romero, Mike Semaza, Dave Yama- saki, Arash Nakahiavani, Tom Mericle, Ruppert Yellowhorse, Jim Sorenson, Bob Perry, Terrance Yee, Mat Maid Vicki Seyler. Dave Rose uses a "tight waist" to break his opponent down. Dave Yamasaki uses a 'ichicken wing" to turn his Canyon opponent. at 1 'R , ,P , Tolse Downs and Pins New Program, New Ideas SCOREBOARD VPl-IS 42 Kalella 38 VPHS 35 Orange 41 VPHS Q Santa Ana 44 VPHS 'IQ EI Modena 39 VPHS 25 Foolhill 40 VPHS 3 Canyon 51 VPHS "' S.A. Valley VPHS 38 TusTin 37 ' ' " Win by Forfeif The J.V. Wresflers had a success- ful season. The primary reason for The J.V. losses was caused by a lack of upper vveighf vvresflers. lVlosT of These underclass, heavier wres- Tlers were forced To wresfle aT The VarsiTy level because of a lack of seniors. Senior Todd Ramos and Junior Brian Maguire were The leaders of The J.V.'s. Sophomores Erik Larson, Rene Jordan, Marly Strayer, and Jason Willis wresfled well. "VViTh The guys refurning and The J.V.'s filling in, nexT year should be very promising," sTaTed Coach Morrison excifedly. Sports Mike Semaza pins his Canyon opponenf l fi M! f, i ' " i f . V - v.,f Jay Allen aTTempTs To sfand up. CUIHS Cook DIFIS his ODDOFISDT wlTh O HTTGOU dnd CITTTTH sit'-'f is WF ,,,,.,.., .W yfv, il yi V 5 ,. yiggwhfrva:-'244.g:14q.z,, A A A , ,." ,,f.-, -mf',f'M" .,.s:- ,, ' GMM! - , ,. ,,iW,f. , r of :,. ,, V, V ,. M ,, ,,,,, , ,.,,,,, , HA' M- ' ' V ' ',445-,,,1-,ff-f.ypi-,,..,-,. ,gf I A r' ,,-f.-If-,.-.J ' '! V f " H ' ' I 44:55, 3 i zf:95Q:.wJ - A unique sTonce is Ken Robinson's Trode mork I P' xmff' , I AA" I I " - if ,. 1. , , , , .f .., -, T-U, -, ,,, 1 ,Q All photos by Da Id V yen o d Norm McGrone p g by Do e Vomcsokl -' 0269063 . I 2,, TZ '5 Ex I xospyxlv ' 1 T- wi EQ. QJNTX by Ken RObiI7SOn If you know wresTling, you know ThdT Iowo is The wresTling copiTol of The UniTed SToTes. IT sponsors The ToughesT ond mosT rigorous wresTling comp onywhere. The Cyclone wresTling comp is run by Dan Gable, The Olympic cooch. I.dsT summer I hdd o chonce To dTTend one of The Iowo comps locdTed in Oregon. The comps ore seT up so ThoT They hove The mdin comp in Iowo, which consIsTs of 28 ddys. Then There dre smdller comps, which ore I4 ddys long, seT up ThroughouT The UniTed STdTes. WiThin Two hours ofTer orriving, I wondered why my broTher ond I hod Trdveled To onoTher sTdTe To subjecT our bodies To This kind of physicol dbuse. I orrived oround one o'clock in The dfTernoon. Our firsT session wds dT Three. Seldom hdd d wresTling prdcTice been so hdrd dT Villd Pork. NOT only did we do o loT of hdrd wresTling, buT we did miles of Buddy- Cdrries ond Beor Crdwls. We olso did hundreds of push-ups ond siT- ups. Before we wenT To bed, we wenT for o quick 3 mile run. AfTer The run I woshed up ond my hedd insTonTly hiT my pillow ond I wds dsleep. The nexT morning I wds dwdkened by d scredming counselor Telling me To geT reody for onoTher run. By 7:00 I wds joyously running oround The compus. Then we dTe DTGC1kfOST dnd dT 40:00 we wenT To d Technique session in which we leorned moves. We conTinuolly did These moves unTiI They were duTomdTic redcTions. This session wds over dT 42:00. Then we dTe lunch dnd Then iT wds bock To hdrd wresTling. In beTween sessions we hod Time for pillow fighTs, cdlling for pizzo, woTching T.V. ond pldying pool. BoTh my broTher ond I enjoyed This comp. One Thing This summer ThdT I dm going To do is ogdin dTTend wresTling comp. 921 Wrestling at Varsity Basketball Xe! an C Q L9 o 2 E 2 5- .O ld Vu lt was a repeat of last year's season, with VPHS winning its last game of the season. "I had high expectations for the season, but we lost too many close games," said Jim Sipe. The team, as usual, did well in pre-season, by taking consolation C5thD in the Fullerton tournament and third place in the Canyon tour- nament, but they were devastated in the tough Century league. "We as a varsity team, had a disappointing season," said Greg Burton, "but l had a great time competing against the better play- ers in the Century league." The team heaved a sigh of relief when they beat SA. Valley. They beat Valley by eleven points after losing to them earlier in the SGGSOD. X-1 xx Varsity Coach Popov f J.V. Coach Hays 75 SCOREBOARD VPHS 52 Los Amigos oO VPHS Tustin VPHS A5 Santiago 56 VPHS Santa Ana VPHS 37 Fullerton 02 VPHS Canyon VPHS oo Sonora 62 VPHS S.A. Valley VPHS 62 Buena Park L16 VPHS El Modena VPHS Sierra Vista 50 VPHS Foothill VPHS or Bolsa Grande 66 VPHS Orange VPHS bl Canyon 60 VPHS Tustin VPHS 417 EIModena 73 VPHS Santa Ana VPHS 54 Foothill 63 VPHS Canyon VPHS AO Orange A5 VPHS S A. Valley f 33,3-.2 A2 11 fi 7 1 Q Ji., 1 I f 4 Sports Scott Creagan powers from underneath for two points. ' 9 WM., A it Towering above his opponent, Steve Barnett steals the ball. tie ll lull' 11 M if l?nS 1' W5 E' Ml v The 4986 varsity basketball team. Bottom raw: Tom Bray, Brett Tanner, Jim Sipe, Jeff Young, Dan Moffatt. Top raw: Creg Burton, Steve Carter, Dave Bril, Larry Ford, Steve Barnett, Scott Creagan, Chris Stork, Dwayne Carpenter, Doug Smith. EQ, al lili if QM A9427 f Xi l ,L s iii, 54,5 f 4 Ai , M4 jg I PM ,X r li , , xii ,R VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS ' f Q fx xi in f . fsiffl iff, ,V if xv E I fitil in W7 Q' ' -"2 'li-i V TA , L 'gil 'F 1. K -4 wmilltail QLH l if f ff f H' : 1 dj ' , ?.ii,5i-ig, , .Y 1 -5774: M ' 'Il C - i . 4. i i . ' l 5 T ,r I ' SCOREBOARD T2 Los Amigos AO Santiago AO Rancho 62 Pacifica 57 Glenn At San Bernadion 66 Esperanza 66 EI Modena A7 Foothill 66 Orange 60 Tustin 36 VPHS 78 VPHS 57 VPHS A5 VPHS 66 VPHS 56 VPHS 52 VPHS 52 VPHS 36 VPHS 58 VPHS 53 Santa Ana AO Canyon 66 S A Valley 38 EI Modena 37 Foothill 60 Orange 56 Tustin 64 QOTD Santa Ana 37 QOTQ Canyon 56 S.A. Valley 54 QOH F ff fV?75fZUUi Q ,fri-ni-. , cijlmaiizi 5 'gig lg ee F ,X ,, Ja. J. tw:-1 4 xr -fe-A,i .f-A H l I A- 1 ,,,c' - e i ,i,:," The Junior varsity team. Bottom raw: Alan lkemura, Brian Dorgen, Mark Block, Ivan Thomas, Lance Johns, Matt Q3 Thurston, Roger Branstine, Jeff Tucker, Rob Frackelton, 2 Steve Waldrip, Pete Nowicki, Kris Cosca. C O CD C O S 2 TTTODCTTS OI'iCl Sf6V6 BGFDEH WC1TCi'i 96,6 Varsity Basketball at Q page by Brenan German Greg Burton drives far the basket, untouched, as a Co- TMYQQUTH Mark Block Tries for a fifTeen fooT jump shoT. ,"'4nlpg9,,,. Sophomores B M' ht Short, ul' lg Trying To mainrain conTrol of The ball, afTer a rebound, Jeff Tucker aTTempTs To keep iT from going ouT-of-bounds. WI! Tl M M9014 Sieve Waldrip aTTempTs a bank shoT for Two, as Peie Nowicki and Mark Block waiT for a possible rebound. ll Sports -Tri -A 5 ,,,.,- f- - -.5 ,,5-.f.-is - - ,.....- The Junior varsiTy Team losT Three close games in overTime during The second round. All of The games were losT by five poinTs or less. "We were very compeTiTive in ev- ery game," Said Coach Hays. The Sophomore JV Team did well wiTh a 6-8 league record and 9-'l'l overall. The sophomore vorsiTy Team had The besT record of The four Teams wiTh a 7-5 overall record. fs? lei. I lol! .ri l 1 I-fl 'Ml Mi M: Ml .153 '76 - i wil .T for - 223' l i 5.234332 2557 M r ,sf rI'QS I JTS To rurrds 3 - l in-M u Y, ' lhree rg the games rr less. ir ev- Hays. MW d 9-ll rverol. m had 160515 ecord, The sophomore JV Team: Jelf Parker, Troy Johnson, Coach Jeff Behnke, Ron Por- ler. Daryl Spector. Top row: Ed Johnson, Mall Fairbanks, Graham Lee, Jeff Allen, or Ucfron Dhofos bv Nofmof' MCGWDG Rob Davidson, Scoll Parsons, Bob Miller. page Dv Bremen Sermon H20 ,.,. l. qui. SOQHOI TIOVGS - SCOREBOARD Doug Byrnes goes for o jump shoi. VPHS ao Los Amigos vrr-is Canyon vrris 57 Tray VPHS s.A.varrey V V VPHS 43 Esperanza VPHS El Modena 5' " 0 ' ' " " N vrris 53 sanriaga VPHS raainrrr vPr-rs 41 Rancho virus Orange VPHS 51 Pacifica VPHS Tuslln vPr-is 47 Fooinrrr yprrs Sanla Ana , ,WWW vrirs Ar Orange vrr-is Canyon ,,,,,m,,,,,,,,,..W, i"' ff vprrs ar Tustin VPHS s.A.varrey VPHS A5 Santa Ana VPHS Foothill JV Coming from undemeaih, Chris Murrow Tries for Two, as Dave Ryan waiches. SCOREBOARD VPHS 115 Los Amigos VPHS Sonia Ana VPHS 51 Troy VPHS Canyon VPHS A2 Esperanza VPHS S.A. Valley VPHS 64 Saniiago VPHS EI Modena VPHS 63 Rancho VPHS Foolhlll VPHS 61 Pacifica VPHS Orange VPHS A2 EI Modena VPHS TUSNN VPHS 43 Foolhlll VPHS CUNYOD VPHS 54 Orange VPHS S.A. Valley I - Q 1 ppau.a..-mm i :Ll 44. I 4 r r 1 HJ rw JUXF7' ' ,QhG'C? A ' ff'- K 1 Cr , R U 2 VXI. ?4 , 12- IA Q J 22 L. fl The sophomore varsiry Team. Mark McPherson, Doug Byrnes, Scoll Ferraro, John Walrous, Tom Roth, John Genova, Brenl Morlneson, Rick Cabanes, Chris Murrow, Chris Marvin, David Ryan. Nor Piciured: Coach Dennis Moody C I U' JVf5oph. Basketball Nfardfy E plosion of Hits Dedicafion, moTivaTlon, and hard work described The aTTiTude of This year's VarsiTy Baseball Team. Also shown in Their aTTiTude was The sTricT coaching from Mr. Dave Ochoa. The Team had greaf poTenTial, parT- ly because of refurning players Craig Pollard aT firsf base, Sieve Palino aT shorTsTop, Pal Glenn in lefT field, Mark Johnson in cenTer, and Jeff Edwards pifching. Also This year There were L1 sopho- mores on The yarsify sauad, Jerry As- choff and Kyle Snailum piTching, Chris Bell in righT field, and Scoll Mulz aT second base. The Team played well boTh offen- sively and defensively. They had a To- Tal of 25 games: 'ill Cenfury League and 2 Tournamenfs. When asked abouT his Team, Coach Ochoa sTaTed, "EG-BOK," Ev- eryfhing ls Going To Be Okay! Dave Roloniz looks carefully aT signs as he prepares To sTeal second. . ,5 V 4' , Q, V, "., , . ,,f, 1 , , . ,,-sl 41. in VW, , M V ,sw , - , , - , ' ' V, -4, ., ,, . 11, ,,.s. , -f2V"Vf,x.' 'I sees 2 j I we ff Q , V I ..., ., ,,-,, ,, A , ,, 1 . ,J I,fQK7q,,,, J"'Vu.'3"Z'-I Vw, vf- V 1' fV,,, w V A, V ' , , V. ',"" V", , ffm' W Z1-:guyz .V.V," V '- Ji rm-f' Varsify Baseball: Jerry Aschoff, Jon Carter, Dave Rolonlz, Mark Johnson, Kevin Baies, Rich Simmons, Sieve Palino, Howard Saldarini, Back Row: John Palino, Kevin Brown, Scoll Mulz, Craig Pollard, Chris Bell, Chris Murphy, Tom Kelly, Jeff Komma, Pal Glenn, Jeff Edwards, and Coach Dave Ochoa. D Q we 'V T 'O 'G Sports -,,,.,YY +A --V- .T ,X by Mr. Johnson , .e. lv .gy ' T fam v. C53 5 I no 6 .9, -it if Ole "" 'vi 4. . VM ' V ,TU 'ffl .fv- vnu nv .QSM l me w ,MNH STS iwle x C Q3 35-l 4 U all K 'V 6. 1 J.. E" A .ra :KA W sr Wg' . .M 4. M f 1 , -j',g.,. wif Nw .r TJ ' ,1f'Y'.. We-I I . L H xmsfiv ,raw : - SCOREBOARD VPHS EI Modena VPHS Foothill VPHS Orange VPHS Tusrin VPHS Valley VPHS Canyon VPHS Santa Ana bv Mr. Norm Johnson By Mr. Dave Colville One of my favoriie vacalion frips was jusf iasf January. My wife Barbara andl wenf To ihe Fiesfa Bowl in Arizona. Big Red from Ne- braska mel Big Blue from Michigan. My wife Barbara is from Nebraska, and her sisfer-in-law was from Michigan. i was caughf in fhe midsf of rhe baffle berween The sisiers as well as 2 rop fared reams. ll was auife a specfacie, rhe parade, ihe pre-game ceremonies, massive colors of blue and red everywhere. Those Nebraskans are among The wildesr fans lhad ever seen. Big Red was crushed by Michigan, buf The Nebraska fans didn 'l lei up. Being from fhe polar sfaie seemed fo make ihem appreci- are fhe Arizona sun more and more. The exciiemenr of a ciry iurned upside- down by a bowl game was auiie an exper- ience i won'T ever forgef. if was a greai 3 days, buf darn expensive, jusf fo see my fa- vorire ieam lose. 1 f My 1 -.,, ..,M.ffy,.'. . Kevin Bates covers home as The opponent Tries To slide in. Howard Saldarini smashes a long drive Toward Iefr field. ggnnnu-w-M , ,, ,uf f. V. . - 0 wvfdf' Jeff Edwards scoops a ground ball To make a play. 6 6 it Varsity Baseball 21: 1 Sophomores :fgm l Start Swinging Brad Kissler dTTempTs To gun down a runner. li? The sophomore Team sTorTed The season Q off winning Their firsT few games. LaTer in The year They dropped a few buT played well againsT opposing Teams. l'They succeeded by procTicing hard ev- ery day afTer school and working well wiTh Their TeammoTes," Coach Mr. Moody said. Team member Pal Reily replied, 'lWe worked hard and iT really showed when we 3 played our games." 5 Overall, The sophomore baseball players 2 proved They could ploy as o Team. M-M-M., y Ml gif: v,?'3,,Q.i inf ' an 1 1 i SCOREBOARD l ,, i 2 'im A VPHS 14 Valencia 7 i , VPHS A Mission Vieio 9 VPHS A El Modena 6 , VPHS A Orange O ' VPHS H TusTin 2 VPHS 6 SanT A 5 VPHS A V ll y 5 'i VPHS B F Thll 6 ll i ' l 1 XX' l 0 C Q QD O E : Q , O Z l - T fi A ' ' T V , in .-.'l5z 5 l From boTTom To Top: David Carney, Jeff Parker, Adam Rosen, Brell Braun, Tim D ge by D are essay i Roth, Dan Drake, Ed Johnson, Kevin Lusk, Mark McPherson, Scoll Ferraro, Gram Lee, George Samia, John Genova, Darren Reddick, Pal Riley, Rich Thornburg, T-"mi Brad Kissler, Mall Klein, Coach Dennis Moody. i l lilrus Sports E M. ,iv- ,,. 4 .r.,a, Kgs. .4 L Qu-541' af-fi ,, , .-"wifi 7 9 T U 2 5 5 T i ,ww From boTTom To Top: Sidney Ricks, Dave De Leon, Russel Hanf, Mark McCandIess, Ryan Hayes, Lance Raybun, Randy Hivner, John Walrous, David Ryan, Iraj Choo- bak, Tony Inga, Dave Thomas, Tim Keller, Sieve Fleming, Mike Danielson, Jake AI- varez, Coach Sieve Tarabilda. f 1 ' ,- 55:-. 1 1 r xi' 1 .- T 1 W9 7 A ' " ' . ., , f' X 4 ,l , J lx ge F: ,. 4 W.. 7 Q.. 1 ' 2 I V V I s 'I 0 1 l ThOl'TTG5. Q . 2, sk C O vs D cn D- .D Coach Steve Tarabilda gives lasT minuie insTrucTions To Dave Thomas while David Ryan and Dan Coslalagna look on. Hitting Well SCOREBOARD VPHS 8 Mission Viejo 4 VPHS 3 El Modena 15 VPHS 9 Foofhill 2 VPHS 9 Orange 3 VPHS 2 T T 'I VPHS 3 Sa la A a 5 VPHS A C y 7 VPHS 2 V ll y 1 VPHS 7 EI M d 6 VPHS A F lhlll 9 i The JV Baseball Team sTarTed The year well wiTh a pre-season win over Mission Viejo. They also played in The FooThiII TournamenT and placed fiTTh in The consolaTion brackei. The Team began league wiTh a surprise loss To El Modena, buT bounced back wiTh a vicTo- ry over FooThill, led by Sieve Fleming and Dave The Team conTinued To play well, as They de- TeaTed Orange 'IO To 3. According To squad member Irai Choobak, "WiTh The TalenT ThaT we have and The good coaching from Coach Tarabilda, we should be able To Take firsT in CenTury League." T r,. W , , Wil, f' ,V rrrrirr T "rr, 49 X ,, ,ri rwi,,, 1' r rr. 'iw ., lr. yrryy ll! . I iifii, ' 'fiujl , W. p,w,ii'f' ' T rfiiiir -T'lli'1iiWl, T T, r i'iili'l"?z' W 'N li T il", rj' '- , i,,rr,r' limi, li iL'gfKfQ1,T W ,rliyiww ,gyg,,,rr,i , W! 'hmm' in, , 'r'-irrsimigmili ' Sophomore!! V ConcenTraTing on winning, A Dornen swims inTensely. iWWj'1!LL,?,-J' ndrea , M277 ' . ', ,.,7 . .f ff, xi . ,.eQffcf:WW'W r l A ,,,, VM, lk N di Ewa A2 "4 ' l 0 O A T 1 ,,,. -se page by Heiiy Hofsieenge 'V ,' scoREsoARD i a e ff'V' gf ff' . , ' - X532 23 TTT 132 W f VPHS an El rviozlaenc si . VPHS ss Canyon as M1 T I VPHS 47 Foolhill 99 xv VPHS 84 Orange 67 I VPHS 84 SanTa Ana 28 2 ,,'.- , ' of I ' Q by Norm Johnson Girls SVVWTWTMGQ Noelle Cleary Susan Hill A Team won TogeTher, losT TogeTher, and t Through Thick and Thin sTuck TogeTher. This saying TiT L The girls swim Team. FirsT-year coach Kevin Huels- i man fiT righT inTo The swim program and goT along T well wiTh The girls. Q OuTsTanding Times were accomplished early in r The season. Mr. Huelsman sTaTed, "We have four swimmers who aualified To swim CIF in The second 4 league meeT." T The girls worked ouT for 'lib hours every day. The T varsiTy Team had excepTional efforTs from Tina heb Pianlidosi, Helly Hofsleenge, Noelle Cleary and Susan Hill. These girls also worked ouT daily wiTh The boys swimming Team. ul am very pleased To work wiTh The swim Team T This year. We have some very sTrong individuals Thai T have puT in many hours To perfeci Their parTicuIar l evenTs," said Coach Kevin Huelsman. T i Sports HGTTV HOfST9eViQ9 Tina Pianiidosi The varsiTy medley-relay Team worked ouT daily wiTh The boys swimming Team. T l r -ti rl . 1, -xl 'Q .1 n Fu, vis if ll 'Y If , ily? I w' K I l'i 1 1 i I ilN',l'l.0'fi I 79 Dill 1 lefil Girls JV and Varsity teams. L to R: Kaynaz Nikookary, Susan Hill, Noelle Cleary, Hetty Hofsteenge, Tina Piantidosi, Betsy Drobish, Jill Cassen, Jody Scott, Heather Jelenski, Christina Lillyman, Robin Brenner, Pam McSherry, Chris Norman, Laura Sl. Charles, Debbie Dalmatoff, Debbie Kadonada, Simone Lee Chiang, Michelle Dosick, Beth Willey, Jill Roberts, Coach Kevin Huelsman, Andrea Dornen, Allison Cutler, Julie Leal and Shawna McCartney. Q6 3 - ' is .f 4 g 5 ir'i if " by Norm Johnson ' While coach Kevin Huelsman and Pam McSherry discuss the swim event, boys coach Paul Cleary takes The time of a swimmer. Working hard, Debbie Dalmatoff ends up second in the 400 yard backstroke. I ., , ,W , A in if 7 , . - I www, ' 'M ,.+, f u,,w.-,,, f , 4 ,LJ M 1 1 gl., MM, Jef,-,.,,,,,f I' W ,, , W 1 4 ,Zi ' 1" 0 zz " ' M., 44-yi ,. fo 2, , V - mdfwf , . , , ff f 4 ' Q. , ,A , . 1 6 1 I' , 1 , 'ff , '1 4 V ,Q-Wfl, ,J ,F ,, 'fx 0 . A f I I ff,-,. - I ,,. -' 1, 1 ? . 1 4g:,,,,, i,:7c-' I 'M' if - - f, W., - 44- ' ,::,-:,-'wf"2':9f"1,,.1,,?f- ' ' .- ,' . I ., 4- ' , 'Tp1f,i:W 42f:WW'7 ' 4 .fx-, ' ' f , f 1. . ,- ,W - X , ,435 - l .L 1 Q A ww"-, .,,,,,j,?' ,L 4 DY Normmnnson Dv Norm Johnson ' V Girls Swimming Andy Deak performs The back- sfroke, buf shuTs his eyes affer losing his goggles. The 85-86 boys swim Team ex- pecfed To repeaT lasT year's ac- complishmenfs and go undefeaf- ed. Coach Ehrlich sTaTed, "All The swimmers are expecfed To perform well. Lance Larson has his picTure up on The swim board for every evenT buf one. Greg Larson, Talis Vifols, Sean Allen, and Aaron Malo are also ex- pecfed To be sTrong." l-our girls Train wiTh The boys, because They are more exper- ienced swimmers and can keep up wiTh Them. 'TlT's good if They can keep up wiTh Them, and They are fasfer Than mosT of The boys," sTaTed Frank Mandegar. The boys weren'T jusT found swimming in The pool buf also lifT- ing weighfs, and on Tuesday and Thursday doing aerobics. A girl from SporTs Gallery gave The ...,, I .jf ' W? .. .T ,fn guys an aerobic workouf, primar- ily for flexibiliTy. Mark Canlin sTaTed, "lT's hard SCQREBOARD To geT up so early in The morning VPHS 98 TuSTin 58 vPHs 107 SA valley 43 and looklforward To such a hard WHS 4 16 EI Modem 36 workOuT. vPHs Q4 canyon 61 vpris 74 Foorniu aa VPH5 105 Orange 51 VarsiTy Boys Swimming Top lefT To righT: Coach Jeff Ehrlich, Lance Larson, Jerry Ber- vPl-ls 422 SanTa Ana 29 man, Robert Mahony and Kevin Halligan. Randy Buck, Sean Allen, Aaron Malo, K.C. Nowak, Talis ViToIs, Sean Roby, Trevor Kirschner, Craig Ackley, Andy Deak, Greg -. - Larson, and Coach Paul Cleary. rf i r,,,W:xf---""" Mfr---ffl , - A' L ,lf--f"" ar' --" 4 ll , Z i,,,,,,, :xx Cfgfp. Q9-. r 50,2 . ,r . sd. ,VI . . . ,FO r " X st'-.Sk ,X .,, ,VJ-5' T. . . if-J '- J .X- p g byJ eRoss i 4 i i W i Swimmer Sean Roby pops up for o quick breolh of oir. WE E i ' i l 18' fk lv . 4- f 4 ' . , f""f4,' 1,5921 , I W ff! ' " ' ff' ,Q-Q i-Q,.Yh1 vb ' , , ,fry 1, W iw In .,,, 4 .ggi Ziff V1 1, 1 Boys Swimming Makes Splash Q 35 Di U , all photos by Norm Johnson r ff-i A -"iv, i A. Q , M! if Z 2255 .Y ' Q 3L,1,-.- .-rf - . ' 4 7. ,, m.:,:3:5:,,-ffm -- ' , 1 we-'. .' + -':':2f:fz2g:1,,,,,fgr, n we .,., ---'- . V wwww H Talis Vilols performs The breoslslroke. J.V. Boys Swimming Top lefi 'ro right Scot MacKenzie, Grant Bennell, Deron Ma- lsuoka, Roberl Frackellon, Richard Huang, Greg McFadden, Frank Mandegar, Wir Shawn Samlou, Cooch Paul Cleary, Coach Jeff Ehrlich, David Sammons, Todd Wells, Justin Burnham ond Lanny Webb. 6 6 Boys Swimming zlltg ft"Ze , Golfers 1.7, Pot ntial "TitIeists" Varsity by Norm MCG-rane Eric Rallison keeps his eye on the ball as he completes his swing. VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS VPHS SCOREBOARD 244 Foothill 223 El Modena 22D Orange 212 Canyon 109 Santo Ana 219 Tustin 235 Orange 235 Orange 227 Foothill 187 EI Modena 224 Canyon 223 Tustin 222 Santa Ana 206 207 230 220 186 224 231 231 203 167 219 230 213 241-ll Sports by Susan Vance A K. W Scott Stovall pitches out of the 0 ...A-. Varsity Golf: Jim Simon, Eric Rallison, Tim Gold- man, Scott Stovall, John Baumann, Steve Barnett, Chris Stewart, Mike Hornacek. E , A A W t.uJoN Aa ine 'E euoigo sand trap. "Wit 3 5 3 5 Aix , 9 'W' ' qalgzf . V. Q -L7 'e.::-- - , Brent Bailey introduces the concept of a golf 4'ff'n i,, G ' .IA ,' 1 if 1-, 4' 1 I tee to Duane Beehler and the rest of the MQ, e,,, ,,.l , if "Heftel " VPHS golf team.rr fha' I page by Ken Wakamoto 4. v E , 9 .f ,.r 'Xi' i J. rs J - , E 1 1 li 'I l l ,ll-1 I lf. iz.. re ite siorl c suileri worrrl loisll ei, the ltese were Scoll ies by in mc liiilic leilgui Tilt SOll We lllex l .1 1 i fi, e, ,, vi' 'Y' 'li' .rlfkl x K' K 'C 1. D l ti ' l tl, ' ii 4 .,. l N A, X 1 . I X i W4-2' R The golf Team got off to a slow start as The season began. They suffered several losses as they warmed-up for league play. As The varsity began league play, howev- er, They opened with victories. ln These matches The best scores were shot by John Baumann and Scott Stovall. Other league victo- ries by The varsity included The Tus- tin match. The team had a good chance to take Third place in league and advance To CIF finals. The junior varsity Team This sea- son was led by golfers Eric Rallison, Alex Luem, GDC! Duane Beehlef. .1-,. . . 0. Chris Stewart attempts a 45 foot putt as the sun sets behind him. Tim Goldman chips out of The rough To get on the green. , ,, -, ,.. - 'am-'.-' - .. si A, aku., - ,, -V, f-if 2 ' -5-M,-sv ,- rg wezg- qu.,-T-4-.,,,: i. -5, . . ""1p-- .2 9.31 -',.W1.'1i.:',i H3334 1.1 1 , ""'f""'1f '., 3,113-,K f-- 1, if -- -,, . '-,, .' ,, - . "' f '-A Y. ,.--.T -I .V I "- ,.,.r' vw 1. Dfw. 3 ,r ,.. nr- sr- Q -73--'T' ' EERQWTT by Norm McGrane SCOREBOARD VPHS 274 El Dorado 244 VPHS 236 Sunny I-tllls 195 VPHS 224 Garden Gr 215 VPHS 248 Fountal V ll y 198 VPHS 265 Canyo 256 VPHS 261 EID d 268 VPHS 246 EID d 238 L Junior Varsity O I h ' F' I D ' by Su an Vance e is Toth, Evan Holmes. Duane Beehler Golf Junior Varsity: David Williamson, Trav- Brian Burnett, Alex Luem. SCOREBOARD VPHS 1 Foolhlll VPHS 9 Orange VPHS 4 Tustin VPHS 6 Santa Ana VPHS O Canyon VPHS 10 Valley VPHS 2 El Modena VPHS 3 Foothill VPHS 9 Orange W?7i4!fff4M4 4w- -,'fQf q4:4qfmfvf , Varsity E: J.V. Softball Cont nclers Back Row: Jenny Coo- per, Suzie Barnett, Kelly Stephenson, Gina Gon- zales, Kelly Huntington, Carolyn Brown, Janna Ouelette, Coach Dave Shelton. Front Row: Deana Kurose, Ann Lath- rop, Denise Hart, Meghan Domer, Cheryl Tomlinson, Jami Korres. 2 Z IW Again wwblfwvwafffff 1 Wm Gina Gonzales gets ready as the ball is pitched. .V ' s 'A -A , ,, . 1, ,p . . ,,,, , . uh. .fu ., ,,,rq2:, Q Varsity softball team was again favored to auali- we fy for CIF. i'This year we also have a good chance 'Fld to take league," stated Deana Kurose. The team A .,, H ,jx was led by three year varsity letterman Cheryl X .sss Tomlinson. Other strong people were Suzie Barnett, s"?"""f'i 6" 'iw ' T- fi- 4-285: XZ Q ,. Deana Kurose and Janna Ouelette. W . . W., ' - The Villa Park Softball program is always strong ' I j " - g 5 V I g A f and is always a league contender, because of the ' . - . I' -W. Qflff - "Y 1 T 5? ft-5 leadership of head coach Dave Shelton. Softball is l g ,, ' - ,J one of the sports where VPHS is alwaysa contender "em . f it .f:lj:Q ' . i "" it for the league championship. 1 ' f il " it T I. A -4 Tx- .1 , fs' . , - "W l ' gg .LJ .. If ' ' ',,1,', .V ' ' 'N vw . ' ' ' 3ff'v1dv.' .' cf I' Cheryl Tomlinson heads back towards second base after the play. 124: Sports :W 5 fr-C'5' l vt' will Deane F l hr 'sw l I 'B ,. B. 3 U li , ye .E The tom i il tele Oliior Silt li Gill Sl lioiiis Miki ond yi lin. View liili OlidQ iiiii DlOlt5t page by Dave Yamasakl phofos by Norm Johnson and Susan Vance orefiada Y' J V we , Losnlf-'lm I U LJ 'fi 7 ., , S Deana Kurose sTarTs her wind-up. l The key To The VPHS sofTball pro- gram is depTh. The JV consisTed of 'ld TalenTed women who had an opporTuniTy for a league champion- ship. Lisa Jensen, Leslie Dierking, and Sheila Till were The sTrong poinTs for The JV's. Mike Farrel reTurned for his sec- ond year as The head coach of The Team. They were disappoinTed wiTh The way They sTarTed The season aT O and 2, buT They were opTimisTic and had high hopes for a league cham- pionship. SCOREBOARD VPHS 8 Foothill 9 VPHS 8 Orange 9 VPHS 'I Tusiln 5 VPHS 'IA Sanfa Ana T3 VPHS 6 Canyon 5 VPHS 23 S A, Valley 7 VPHS 10 El Modeno 16 VPHS 7 Fooihlll 12 VPHS 7 Orang 3 Suzie Barnell and Caroyln Brown anTicipaTe a I ground ball by a FooThill hiTTer. RWA 'vim '-with-as.. Y, n lin- A, Y -' ' , ,, . V, f-,I ' , 41 s rj -.Ab 5' '-" - if ., 4. L l .I I Y. F.. i,l.,V:,- , .- ., ,,. ,. 1 , ' ' ' W , . I - - . fwghi - s 4 . . Y , J, .I , ,, .f-,,, ,li ,, , ,,,.,v,.,'-vr , . ., , ,,,,, g , - , . .W V .. -' 7 - 'f 4- Z' V , I - -T fu.. . A , X 1,1 - 1 . '.- lj. -, g , . , ,. w. e y 3, If 7, . , V, .- .g , .,, fra, .'n...,,,4, 1 1 ,mv if f-, J.. L ,. V u.,.A4 -uf, in u T ,U 1. ,, , . .,. . J.V. Back Row: Chas Foster, Sandra Manning, Sheila Till, Leslie Dierking, Lori DeICourT, Lisa Jensen, Lisa Greenberg, Coach Mike Farrel. FronT Row: Laura Bernhard, Krista English, Shannon Dennis, Audrey Jensen, Slacey Olquin, Robin Johnson, Tiffany Hamilton. 99 Girls Softball -44 rj . 4 3 1 , iw! Q! 4: V 4. 151 , ' I ,Z 4 4 T, J, " J fi '-49,2 V V ,Af I. L 4.- - e ,lr ,V . .1 Q1 4 4 'P - M I ' wfmwwff , T.. ,, . ... . ,wwfsz For The fourTh year in a row The girls Team made iT To C.l.F. wiTh a compinaTion of reTurning varsiTy players and sTrong sophomore players who had previous soccer experience. WiTh These Two ele- menTs, The girls Team Took second in CenTury League, aualifying for C.l.F. IT wasn'T all fun and games, The girls deyoTed a loT of Time To make This season successful. l'The pracTices were hard and condiTioning was a killer, puT iT was worTh iT," sTaTed Junior, Jill Siegel. ' Even wiTh all The work The girls puT in There were Those momenTs when noThing would go righT. l'Somedays we played incredibly well, and so- y, medays we jusT couldn'T geT iT TogeTher," sTaTed f' sophomore Nikki Lampe. by Jurae Ross 2 2 l Q , E . Er 6 iv 4, ,Z,q,,.0 5 is are A. W "'W'1'V" ' VarsiTy Team: Coach D. Corradino, K. Shaw, V. Broadway, P. Poinler, T. Ra- mirez, E. Meyer, T. Grallo, J. Siegel, L. Sleensland, C. Pointer, A. Rusl, M. McVey, S. Dennis, L. Hayes, L. Broad- way, N. Lampe, H. Hunl. Sports .......-,...-.f-.. - -- .--- Lara Sleensland waTches as Nikki Lampe defends on an El Mo- dena Throw in Paula Pointer drives for a shoT on a breakaway El MQ. OW III OWGII ,I 'ii hi 'QI .I S X I v -If I 'hu 9 ',' I u I 1' ui. II bl 'V' .,, . fi' In .5 .im- xy, .viii ,I O i I I I Girls Kick Into C.l.F. ,... i,-iii. 'f "" I g f'r'q'vff-uvwv . , t ,- , ,A A ,,,, 1. , ,. ,, A' ' ff., 4 n ',. ' ' . . V ,,,k'-'gf' abt' 14, , - W M, , I ff fa.-1 '-4 , .. ' A . , , "- 'M " I' ,' 7 . 3' 5,.Wfe,, 1 '., gain-,ff.,.'f f , fe A Af., , . A, . H, .I t . I 5?.'mgyf,,.f'V'f4 " , . , Z- Arc. rrwf., 5 , .. W " . Q 'V ' f f'i,5Aw,. ,A ',m'w '39, ' ' '41 ' l-WW' , fi 'Y 1 I' 11 I I' -Www we-' , fu - ,uv ffw,.4..,'T'. A "1 , WL ?if'1,,j,' FW gg , 'f' g.. ...rg 'fftkifag :iffy I f .I ,, V ' 4,-f,,4v , pg- f,- f' ,I f 1' ., ,A '-4 'Q -ui, 1. gi' V' . .f f , -f ,V Y- 41 f.. 4 . ,1,, I A. ,. I 1 JV Team: Coach John Meulmester, B. Smith, J. Nodioumi N. Hagan, T. Townsend, B. Dunn, M. Young, S. Doane, D Lofaro, H. Ross, K. Hulsteurud, S. Rodreguez, K. Thrasher G. Picano, B. Stuart SCOREBOARD VPHS 4 Lakewood O VPHS 2 Canyon 1 VPHS O Laguna Hllls A VPHS 'I Tustin 2 VPHS 2 Laguna Beach A VPHS O Foothill 5 VPHS 5 Orange Lutheran 4 VPHS 2 EI Modena 2 VPHS 'I Foothill 2 VPHS 4 Canyon 'I VPHS 2 EI Modena 2 VPHS A Tustin 0 V VPHS 2 Canyon 0 VPHS A Corona 2 I VPHS 9 Bolsa Grande O VPHS 2 Slml Valley A i VPHS 3 Tustin 0 C I F 2 VPHS O Foothill 'I ' ' ' I VPHS 2 EI Modena I I A' 'W' .I , fyif I M. - , ,ff , A, , , I G-lf, if f ,. ivfmyhf .,,,,4,.,. Meg? Wzwgq, ' 'G , ., ,V VZ I .I aw , , 1 . TU' r It V' Ma V wi Gino V, , . C at ,:.,,,, . 7 I- I1 ' - -tif' -V' ' Hiwffzw.-fm' :Mi 1 .,, if is .Q 1574? 4, ww .14 , I -' If 5 .7 wtf 7 ,,,f,.I'4g,V,-Wgfflyyikffz, .4 " ' f ' ' 2 ' VU, , V, va ' 1. 4 ff'14.,q7 g, 4 1 , ,Q -., 4 ' ff. f,.f 'f , K ., . mf wp... l L,,,,,,,A,. 1.1 ., M ' W f s 5,14 Q gf 5. - . Wh, . ""'," . ."a' " " I ' . ,.,,. Kath Sh ttem t to steal the ball from the opposin , . , , I , , Looking for an open teammate, Nikki Lampe dribbles up page by Dave voyen field. s Q " 0 3 Q 0 J -I IS gil CN' , 'M 9 94, GirI's Soccer is Teomworls Varsity Socc r Boys Vorslly ond J.V. Soccer Teom Token ofler soccer season Fronl Ieff To rrghl Ken Hullgren, Greg Earl, Jeremy Amen Jamie Nelson Kevin Ramsey Ryan Glover Jeff Pe lerson, Charles Kim, Jeff Levia Jerry Werner Bobby Gallagher Jason Everakes John Eberslein, Sieve Elmore, Chuc Hoang Mall Wallace Eric Bergman Erik Arnold John Bloyd, Eddie James, Brian Wilson Bryan Fisher Randy Saucerman Jeff Copeland Brenl Spalding, Kelly Gilberl, Aaron Hichman Sluarl Brockmeler David Hennessey Duwayne Marcolesco, Roberl Basic John Lee Kyle Lynch ond James Kim 2 5 f , A A ,"l , , by Nr ' Senior Jeff Levia swifTly ouTmaneuvers his opponenT. By Aaron Hichman For a 45 year old going To Eng- land was auiTe an experience. When lgoT To London an English chap was waifing To greeT me. lT seemed like everybody was in a rush. While driving To Liverpool, which was abouT 3M hours away from London, l realized ThaT The sTeering wheel was on The righT side and ThaT people were driving on The "wrong side" of The road. The firsf English game lsaw was Oxford vs. lvlanchesiier CiTy. The crowd was very exciTed. l don 'T Think anybody in The sfands saT down. The people were singing and dancing in The sTreeTs. As l wafched The play, lnoTiced iT was more excifing, The pace of On The boys varsiTy soccer Team, "No one was The sTar performer, buT They worked well as a Team," sTaTed varsiTy coach Sieve- Schroder. "We were becoming sTrong aT The end of The season." When league ended The varsiTy came up wiTh 6 wins, A losses and A Ties. The varsiTy Team consisTed of '15 players buT only 7 seniors. The J.V. consisTed of 30 players coached by Marty Blair. JV'5 With Cl Kick R! 3 Marcelo Caparollo dribbles The ball up The open field while Jeremy Amen and Jeff Copeland look on. The game was much quicker and 1p,N nga ' ' Q' 0 .s...fif everybody played wiTh desire. ,Lv FONTERAS 0, WUT WGS my EflQfGfld GXDGV' X - JUNE uses T ,, IGDCG. zNmAoA V 174 Q R+ LA P T me by JU R .gf 1 Qc, , an 1 1- ' as - . . 6 D 1' Boys Soccer 201 By No m Johnson 40 ir? 2 05 Q iiaurssr-uv -. 7-S BX. qi " .Q .. f 9 i Q 2 g 2 F2 2 ,,, :J Varsity team: Coach Steve Tarabilda, Suzi Barnett, Kelly Stephenson, Laura Koss, Lynette Legaux, Deana Kurose, Lisa Jensen, Laureen Moore, Cheryl Tomlinson and Jurae Ross. by Norm McGrane Assisted by Kelly Stephenson, Cheryl Tomlinson tries to "' , score for the Varsity. T f , 1 5 J + J J ,, , ,,,.-,, 9 Q . E ' 5 Q V 5 91: JV and Varsity J i J ' T T ', on-f. fox-5-:gf lm Girls go for hoop A lot of girls came out for basketball under the A X' supervision of varsity coach Steve Tarabilda and JV coach Melissa Firpo. The VPHS JV basketball team had an exciting season. The JV's ended the season at 2-42. The Varsity team ended Century League play at 'NX 9-5 and advanced to CIF. The team was made up of 'i sophomore, A juniors and 41 seniors, showing a good future for VPHS Girls Basketball. "This has been the most rewarding experience in my coaching career to work with such talented and fine athletes", Coach Tarabilda commented about the team. Lisa Jensen stated: 'iThis year has been 40073 better than last year, due to our team's attitude, teamwork and coaching." if My ulnvaivnnn K 2 'IW ug"i:y'5x llvxv SCOREBOARD Varsity , 'K JV Z vm-is 54 VPHS v Iley vPHs 53 El vPHs EI M o VPHS 32 Foothill VPHS Foothill VPHS 43 Orange . VPHS Orange VPHS 35 Tustln VPHS Tustin vPHs 54 Santa Ana vpi-is gc 1 A VPHS 52 Canyon VPHS C y 97 9 eden Sports lbildu i Luuiu Iurose, Cheryl a Ross. Sims I self 'le R i i Y. DYN By LGUIGGD M0016 I-lello Team: Well, we arrived here in New York and if sure is cold. l miss sunny California, buf l'm hoping for snow. l'm having fun. We visiied many sighrs such as The Empire Sfare Building, Rockefeller Cenier, which has a ice skafing rink, and Radio Cify Music Hall. The only problem wifh The sighls is my Dad because he doesn'l sfop. He reminds me of Thai car commercial, lhe one where They jusf keep driving because fheir car is fo good lo gel our of. l was jusr carried ouiside in my P.J. 's al 5:30 am because if was snowing. All day we played in The snow and wenf sleigh riding. l had a blasf. li's Chrisimas eve and boy is my family living if up. Hope They wake up in Time for Sonia Claus. lsure will! Merry Chrisimas, hope yours is as good mine will be. Good luck wilh lhe games, win for me, Love, Junior Varsily Baskeiball Team: Colleen Preslon, Caryl Mar lian, Karen Farrand, Deanna Hamplon, Danielle Sneed Erin Woolery, Sandra Lau, Carla Maslen, Alisa Blansell Dawn Buller and Jeanne Blansell Y Ms, Q mcg W r", 1. . MIL I . WWA 'iiwig 5 '2f, Jenny Schilling Tries To pass The ball -K 2' ,wee .,,. .. ag s,,,,': Defencled by Two Fooihill players, Var fy , ' sity player Suzi Barnell fires a jurnp """ shot lm... 9V'f Girls Baskerbaii -de ascouyfx 7700114 ---i page by Helly Hofsfeenge Looking for ner Tearnmales, JV player Tracy Gratto pushes herself Towards The finish line in The mile. Karen Phelps just brushes The bar as she Tries To clear 4'7" in The high jump dur- ing The meet against Newport l-larbor. Despite The Team's re- cord, The girls on The Track Team practiced hard and gave Their besT. The spenf many hours learning and practicing Their events. For duiTe a few of The girls, iT was Their first year in Track. "A lot of us came out for Track who had never been in iT before. That made learning The events difficult but we practiced hard and had a good Time doing iT," sTaTed first year runner, Jill Siegel. 'C scoREBoARD 5C ANGUTLLA flfy I -mu METERS ' kr VPHS LOOVG u y F , T, 1 T - A vPl-is Newport Harbor , JM, DEQAMON VPI-iS Valley ,V .X g ' 3 H .5 - ,i VPHS EI Modena if A 3 'W' T ..,, ji. .... , 'A ' . if Wliiliilty ' . .5 VPH5 CGHYOD 'Y Q J f VPHS Foothill nfl? -QXQQQQ ,ff VPHS Orange '-l illfzmml My VPHS Santa Ang ., mn LOSA 'JJANGL7 5295 1 Girls' Track Team, back To front: Katie Madison, Gina Mater, Kristen Vicario, Tina Ramirez, Jill Siegel, Heather Ross, Abby Szabo, Karen Phelps, Erin Meyer, Coach Russ Murphy, Keri Uchytil, Denise Talley, Dee Dee Hill, Belinda Mendoza, Carolyn Romero, Trisha Valentine, Susan Round, Beth Stuart, Carole Talian, and Heather McMasters. 6 1 Sports l is 7 I 1 l I 60 B9 72 72 83 89 ll 47 i' 57 Girls' Tracls Brandi Newman concenTraTes inTensely as she waiTs for The sTarT of The 440 Relay. H d F VQ7, l -if. X X x 4 x .AQ-:flifijfgerjfgf a o r F I rr I s h - .-,, .. ,, ,,,:,4-4 By David Yamasaki The pasf spring break lspenf in Mexicali, Mexico. Azusa Pacific Univerlsfy sponsored a missionary Trip To lviexicali. 3200 people from all over The U.S. came. Sixfeen of us were given a specillc church. The language barrier be- Tween us and The children was Tough, buf we all adjusled fairly well. The Toughesf parT of The Trip was leaving. The look on The Mexican children 's eyes as we lefT was priceless. God really worked Through Thaf week. My friends ask why l would spend my vacafion wiTh a - bunch of kids. l don'T really know, puT iT was The mosT fulnlling week of my life. QM Mews l. page by T aa P mos on pn 1 by s v 1. Carole Talian and Kathleen Thrasher fighT Their way To The fronT of The pack aT The sTarT of The 880. 5 of-v Girls' Track vkauxwlx wifi. A f L75 6 . fe fr T' rw? J T , li V - X . J 1, 'Few f if E A .r 4 1 L" ' 553 40 Dual Wins Boys Varsity Continues High Standard The boys varsiTy Track Team aT VPHS conTinued a high sTandard. Year afTer year Their vicTories come in. They have an ouTsTand- ing record noT jusT in CenTury League buT CIF as well. As of April 4986 The varsiTy had won 410 sTraighT dual meeTs. The 4986 Team conTained sev- eral ouTsTanding aThleTes. "Jamie Nelson C4462 in The hisTory of VPHS in The long and Triple jumpb was probably The besT aThleTe ouT There," sTaTed Coach Dick Brunl. Bill Meyer who ran The one and Two mile was 463 in The counTy. Ken Domer held The league re- cord in The 330 hurdles and Rod- ney Turner, who Threw The shoT was 465 in The counTy. WiTh These aThleTes and The resT of The varsi- V Ty Team, VPHS had anoTher suc- cessful year. SCOREBOARD VPHS 111 Loara 25 VPHS 106 NewporT Harbor 29 VPHS 83 Valley 53 VPHS 94 El Modena A2 VPHS 87 Canyon 49 VPHS 87V2 Foorhill ABTA VPHS 98 Orange 38 VPHS 91 SanTa Ana A5 Above RighT: Sieve Brase, Eric Sach and Jerry Kruse Try Their hardesT in a meeT againsT NewporT l-larbor. Righrz Todd Ramos flies Through The air for an ouTsTanding long jump. Sports 1 rhi' . 1 fi 3 .J . ' 'V ' V 'PII . , fi?" V ,- ' ' ,ml-, - V, ,file-'-.,rf V- ., M G b N rm McGrane r T I . a , , rf, ' Q' ' .rg J' mr- ' T' 1,52 , f --ff H rm , fhvi.-2,4 I' - hr llhorse A lllreq SQHTQIT Fines Ullglg llulll RUTITO5 Glillill' Qc Off oqtrfr Tr ff 'N qv' G B' , f, ftp fo, My b is! 'fable T .- X G5 fx if 0,9 . 01,3 ,, LefT: Rodney Turner prepares To Throw shoT. Below: Tom Lofaro ana Ken Domer in The 330 IH sTriae over The hur- ales. px'-fr , ,ufff ,,.f"' ' I JWWW ..,. 1 1 A F fm 5 A f.-W .1 4 4 Z .:f:g,,:1a-v-l,:.'-1:-fffvff : ,gm-::ia,,,g, 'aa 3-L , g , EV Susan Vance by Norm McGrane DY NOrm McGrane V., .,., , fi . - ' The 4986 Boys VarsiTy Track fFronT Row: L To R5 - Sleve Elmore, Brandon Beadle, Ruperl Yello- whorse, Jim Sorensen, Mark Kuli, Scoll Johnson, Dave Lawhon, Brian Maguire, Henry Kim, Steve Allred, Eric Bergman, Bill Meyer, Pele Malrisciano and Spencer Greene. 2na Row - Joe Schrank, Hung Luyen, Mall Wallace, Jason Nunez, Jason Everakes, Randy Saucerman, Robin Barnes, Ken Domer, Norm McGrane, Scoll Balash, Bob Tomlinson, Mike Farrell, Gene Ng, Ken Hullgren, Jeff Lowe and Paul Graham. 3rcl Row + Duwayne Marcolesco, Brian Bach, Scoll Kell, Mall Beyl, David Piper, Kelly Beck, Sleve Brase, Eric Sach, Jeff Zaremba, Rodney Turner, Todd Ramos, Tom Lofaro, Mark Fishburn, Chris Kell, Ken Sandfield, Jamie Nelson, Todd Miller, Blake Griffilh, Flavia Andrioli, Dan Washington ana David Longyear. 6 UIC Varsity Track 4 JV Strive for , a2rniIe againsT NewporT Harbor. Un Jason Nunez Paul Walther and Mark Kuli push for a vicTory in VPHS has always had a high sTandard in boys Track, beginning wiTh The Junior VarsiTy and Sophornores. The auaiiTy of The JV's and Sophornores was evi- denT. iVlaTT Beyi CJVD, 'IOO and 200, was so ouTsTanding he received opporTuniTies To run aT The varsiTy ievel. The JV's and Sophomores were ready To conTinue lawn The high sTanddrd of VPHS boys Track. by Susan Vance SCOREBOARD VPHS 124 Loara VPHS 94 NewporT Harbor VPHS 92 Valley VPHS 84 EI Modena VPHS 57 Canyon VPHS 85 FooThiIi VPHS 92 Orange VPHS 71 SanTa Ana Randy Sieuber spins ouT of his Turn for The discus againsT EI Modena. by Norm McGrane Maii Beyi eyes finish iine for firsT in mile reiay. A '2?17lQQQQ5ri'fffiitlra Sports by Norm McGrari6 Vrlb. r t SCOREBOARD VPHS 103 Loom 23 . . . . . . H in 51 rttcg y Jason Vandersluis, Jim Cummings, Chuck Ro, Mark Paproskl and Colin Hartwrg be- 21:3 gl CZHSOH Of or 33 y HW Qin mei' 880- vPHs 56 EI Modena 75 VPHS 81 Canyon 55 vPHs 99 Foothill 37 VPHS 108 Orange 23 VPHS 71 Santa Ana 65 Sophornores by Norm McGrane WAW page by Susan Vance and Darren Testa Exciting 1 I x oy Susan Vance i r l Soph Team: Kyle Lynch, Dwayne Lukowski, Eric Brougham, Paul Madore, Collin Hartwig, Chip Smith, Ken Cantin, Jay Benge, John Armstrong, Jett H Walton, Frank Durazo, Kevin Yee, Chuck Ro, Eric Ebell, Tien Bui, Kasey Nel- fl son, Doug Byrnes, Jeff Peterson, Brian Wilson, Curtis Berkman, Tim McNulty, 1 Derrick Uiicki, Paul Walther, Mark Wiederman, Jason Vandersluis, Mark Pa- ? ! I E if-rr ah' proski Jimmy Cummings Roi Choy, Dennis Spry, Mark Summers, Mike Hun- gerford Frank Durazo focuses on a successful throw. JVf5oph Track AUTIIILN l IC ADS vi' + .Qi ? p,9?Q -QS A Xxx' w V' QV' 9 X Qxxg 4 1 Q99 We xvvy QS QQ? Wxx QQ' 9X AND g.kSAFAllI SU WIWI HEY V ctorza nf! You have been a very preczous g1ft and a blessmg m our lzves Thank you for bemg so speczalf We love you very much, Dabby Mama 8: Marshaleen Awww JW' km rv ,W 'M mmm ' n Hwang, an Q I ' V Q . -L. A 'R ' W., -is i if 'A -1- fa ' Q - V gi e a K . , ' .M ' ' "L W LM N i ,. M W fw Y rw ' A W Wmflwfmw .,,, YW ' , . , 1 ,W I , fx ,, W HW fm mx ,A f, Hn, a mQ Q,ff'f we a 2 1, - M , "xt rx A y A 1 H'- mm, , Vg - 'smug 1 , . .- H. .V , , um, N 1' f X ' vg5',w:, e o 5" H -,v : gf-J,,g3,QfNA . e V ,1 f Q Y ' 'x N: , ,Vee W N 1 ! A ,J--Q, , W ,M . I, , a A 1 6 I Parent Ads 21, Plke Lambeth A mothers prlde a fathers joy applying all dlllgence ln your falth supply moral excel lence and ln your moral excellence knowledge and 1n your knowledge self control perserverence and ln your perser verence godllness and 1n your godhness brotherly klndness and ln your brotherly kmdness love II Pt 1 57 KNASB Pike Q er l You are greatly loved Thank you for the joy you bring to us and for the lessons we learn from you Love, Dad, Mom, and Todd f Q :L -l I I 1 o Y ' 'pu 7 ll g 'Q w, ..,., 11 lf: ,, l,.. W-J-f' fl , . ,W Mull nglgfqfll l '11 1' ,glllllllllllrl'll':' I I lrlw . . . , - a a 9 ' 1 1 ' 1 v a , . I I C I 6 21,2 Advertising 'iN 12.4.25 Congratulations Steve You are admired for what you have accomplished for the goals you have set and met - You are loved for what you are - a warm loving person with so much to give . . . so much to live. Love Mom and Dad Kathy Kerry and Su ' N To Our Wonderful Daughter Kzmberlee To see you happy laughzng and dancxng smzlzng and content strzvzng towards goals o your own accomplzshmg what you set out to havzng un wzth yoursel and your rtends capable o Iovxng and bezng loved zs what we always wzshed or you Today we thought about your beautz ul ace and felt your excztement or I1 e and your genuzne happzness and we as your parents burst wzth prtde as we realzzed that our dreams or you came true What an extraordmary person you have become and as you contznue to grow please remember always how very much we love you Kzm Mom 6? Joe 5 war W 9 x ' - s 7 I l v y 7-le I N . . - Q-. bf' "X 11, 'L' an Nd w,,v " "Wu . . do - I' ll f f f ,." l'lr1'ld"fM . vw f 1 -. ' f f v . . di- ' ' A I L , Ar 1 I 'I X A , X 1 9136 Parent Ads sv ,tg r N f N Q 0 Tlavtd Lehman congratulations Son rl ,. 'LA'-"' 1 A " ,Q---wel u, r "Iwi:-f 1 ,, .rr ta., I CH !,v, , ' ,, - , g, vip.-5.1 3 4 1 . W ,, 5' , 5' , M 5 fi K 'gift ,',' y 7 ffl f ,af -.f , A ,a , Away! ,ff ,,, We are deeply grateful to have you as our son. You have 7 I made us most proud, both personally and academically. Here S to You 55 Your future- Congratulations on this significant achievement and May it bring you as much "Love 86 I-Iapplnessu milestone in your life. May God richly bless you in the as you have bfgught to our lives, years ahead. We.are with you all the way and know the Thank you for being a ttwonderful Sony future ls very bwght' We Love You Very Much, We love you very much, M d D d Mom, Dad, and Mary Om an 3 x 1 x 1 K , 9 " 341 3 ' Du Wayne: " A " F, ' K You are God 's gift to us and a Ju fx. . IA" ' very special person. A .ji 1 Congratulations on your 1' V' graduation. Now go for your ' . . A , y ' dreams, never give up. Strive for ,V the highest goal possible. With 4" V your determination you will be ,. ,,, ,L V. W, f gy, ,gy W a success. ' W A ' - 4 God be with you always. V l 3 , We Love You, ' 3 ' Ma, Dad, JR. it G.Pa M ' ,,,., Q ,.,, , Dauntless, even after polling his brother V j I W .Aw 5? "" Unique, needless to say "? """ A 1 1 Whimsical, when bored Adroit, if interested ' Y, if interested A V, f P' Naive at times " f , I Earnest, in sports competition Z t ,j Love, ll' Advertising Andrew Todd Cohen Con gratulatzons' N IS for your posztzve ATTITUDE zs for NEVER bezng crztzcal of others ts for your DETERMINATION to succeed zs for your RAVE REVIEWS when on stage zs for your EAGERNESS ln all you do zs for our WISHES for your future happzness Tune may change a lot of thzngs Havzng you for a son and brother brzngs Your Lovzng Famzly Mom Dad Mztchell Stephen and Jeffrey THE COHEN BROTHERS Mitchell 78 Stephen 80 Jeffrey 84 Andrew 86 Say GOOD BYE Spartans I O But not the love and pride E X xi x 1 6 D' Parent Ads 21151 , N SANDRA OSUMI CONGRA TULA TIONSN We are very Proud of you Love, Dad Mom Michael, and Audrey 9 O rim, 'lr ri, Q 1 i K J f N f N Q DA I I l - A A TEENA lEANETTE GIBBS 'rr+w,Mtg ,VAV CONGRATULATIONS U 1 li - May all your dreams and ambitions T A -,-" come True. Youre our everything. A A ,,VA A 1 We love you very much. H J 5 MoM CSI DAD uf, H J lv Q, W' A f f ' '. 1,11 'YW' , y a ,,,, N my "9 f r You've gone from training wheels to U.S.C.F. in what seems like such a short A time now. This is it - the big BREAK 9 AWAY- Go for it with all you've got! CONGRATULATIONS to a son to be - y proud of I'll miss you. Awe .1 797-W2 Q k J K 6 D 5 2.1.1 Advertising I think our life Would have been quite dull Without your charming smile, Without your humor, Without your wisdom N f N Ariana Seeleg And without your special style. From your very first steps And with each passing day Being sensitive and kind Has been your way. We know youll do great ln whatever you do And we re especially proud Of our sports expert too! The many fine qualities That you possess We know will lead To your success. So don t give up 'W ill' 1 -VIZ: ' ' .gn 'Vg 'V And your dreams will come u Just remember this We ll always love you GO GET EM MIKEH' LOVE MOMMY DADDY CINDY DAVID AND DEBBIE May all Your dreams come 'true' Love, Mom 8: Dad CONGRA TULA TIONS WWW . A ' '1 ,'1122Pfr' t 2333512 -V ,iz Eff? rf 1 lt. ,ll G I ,,,,, If lrf5,g:3'tvf MQ CARO Y ROMERO You have brought Much joy not only to Your family but to many Other people as well. Thanks for all the Memories. Love Mom and Jack Porenr Ads STE E OSOWSKI ,, v 'W RF Y' W T ful u ' ' A 1 L 3 K , . w" if ,iff U' 'V l' A . w-LQ- i , I-A N J You're on your way Steve. The sky's The limit . . . Memories of your growing Years are special To all ofus We love you very much, Mom, Dad, Karen, Alan, Shirley and Jim k Advertising N I N "Be watchful, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong." 5 Q I Corinthians 16:13 A l Q' Anzta E pler ? ln You are the source of some of our greatest challenges, as well as QQ i YQ many outstanding accomplishments. Y . . gl in gipffp Your loyalty, tenacity ana' strong competitiveness are your , Q l1f6'5 blood and once your goal is set, you are unbeatable. Jana Andersen For all of this and much more, we are grateful and we wish 9 . you the greatest success in life, You'Ue come a long way and I'm proud of you for what you have Love always. accomplished Your Mom and Daa' Sue K J x J x i Jeff Zaremha Dear jeff, X You've grown into as fine a young man as par- ents could hope for. Your kindness, and love V and gentle ways have made you very special. 1 , We're proud of you and wish you all the happi- 1 X ness and joy possible. Love Always, Mom and Dad 21. l , U m y X' , V L l' ll" fl 1 + l ' f f ssll f f X, 'Jw A .H f l ' Nwwawf ' ' J li ' 1 -, ' ' ' qi :lu X l New M. lla., r J 93 Parent Ads 11,2 CONGRATULATIONS Andrew, 1VI1ke, Ohms, John, and Class of 86 - Dav1d Evan S1tzman K J f l ' l A l DEAR NIKKI, DEAR NIKKI, l X , 1 You ore 0 very nice sister ond I love you o lot y if We have wotched you grow Good luck in College! y y f- from o dorling boby to o beouti- TEJSR f ful young Iody. You ore begin- f' ff l ning o wonderful adventure ""' 1 Nt ' ond hove much to discover. You - ...- s l ' 1 ore o very specrol person ond have been o joy to us. We thonk you for oll the precious memories. We ore so very proud of you ond your occom- plishments throughout your life. You ore o very tolented, intelli- gent, ond sensitive young Iody. We hope you reolize your dreams ond ombitions and moy DEAR NIKKI, your future be filled with hoppi- We've hod good times ond bod ness ond success. Congrotulo- times, but over oll you've been tions ond good luck in college! the best sister l could osk for. I love you o lot. We love you very much, LOVE, MOM AND DAD DINA X 27 0 Advertising 4 DIANA AND TRACEY W , XF 'J - lr ,N !-!l F. 1 1 F 5 L zw,!yP11V,,, J if-A 1,Ml'lyl,N 1: im, 'fllfl Q 1- 1 Saw A '1,, J 1i,,l1yLz W,' rv .4 1 l nl I 7 f X 1 ' W r , qi - p P J - 1 wr W li tif, W xl Sli All our love l ., You've been friends for all these years You've shared each others' laughter and tears As the days ahead unfold, we know The friendship you both share will con- tinue to grow You're both so special and so dear You've brought happiness and ioy throughout the years We wish you both a future filled with love, opportunity, and happiness We're proud of you Mom, Al, Jacqueline, Arlene, and Christopher We love you, Dad, Mom, and Shelley N ,I 1 ,I ,,.N I ' nm fl 'M 1 9 A, , 1 M, y x X, I My J ww ' li' f W . , M K am are Q R ,jQ,,, if l ' M, M m N- WW si. A d ,WA K 1 C Parent Ads 2' 71 f N Cathy Baker l To our sweet Sunshine ,, ta. gg 5 Thank you for being a won- t ' derful daughter and for many precious memories. T y y We love you. . iiiyi T Mom S1 Dad T Craig Af 11 A l' Eu T ill' ' T 'km im: it , :lim ii in I , ii, -in Q L. 'T' L are J ii I i I mx F he I i , -'X lil k I Q V in i Mr l' """""-W M ' WJ A il , l ,i nw l T. ,lx A, Cathy, l l ' You are my love! 5 l ' V ,riff I ii, 1 Q 4, , To our jennifer, As we watched you grow, our love grew too. There arent many girls as special as you. Thank you for being a wonder- ful daughter and for all our pre- cious memories. We are very N f Congratulations David Watton proud to be your parents. IENNIFER ALEXANDREA De-FIORE The best investment we can make is in our Children. May the Lord watch over you while we are absent one from another. Love Mom 8f Dad Karen 81 Darren Faith IH yourself You ve got what It takes' Love Dad, Mom, Danny and Debbie is nv Advertising We wish you a future filled with joy. Have 9 Have d Congratulations Tisha Congratulations Lara Gillett We are all very proud of you and your fine record at both academics and 1.1, M years. As you enter college we wish you great happi- ness success and fulfill- ment. We are confident my that youll excel at any- . f thing you undertake. l ' We love you very very much. Mom Dad Cheryl 8. Andy I love you very much. L o ve Gramm y 0-dl sports during your school 5 I J 1 5 I 7 I N Howard Saldarini Alrnough there were limes when we aoubl- W y, i.. , e ed you'd make ll, we're pleased and proud f that you graduated. As life puts you through its f trials and Tests, we'Il know in our hearts you're y giving if your best. A W Congratulations ancl We love you, l , - t 1 ' lvlom, Dacl and Brian if , ', I ,,-, lf,f J .ll f'llf'f"'lf 'mil lil fx , 1 !!-N!.! fu ll u J 996: Parent Ads as I Q K N ,P 1 AMES W. 'N Ellen Gerber CONGRATULATIONS You ve accompllshed the ALMOST lmposslble together We re very proud of both of you Love Mom 8 Dad Gerber and Butcher Ann Mark David S Sherry Karl Butcher POIG CVHDSO 'Jim I i' W u , . ll YY ' ' , 7 1 Y rs' GF ff? rife! "'J,"5Q,.!E'HT',?? , . 1 1 If I. ,Ja 45,1-K ruff-U. 'f 4,111 , ,Q , ,yiigyg :wx Q., 5 I f 1 -h h N 'xii -' 'Aria rFQ'fgr'sfu'L irwl' ' F' ' 1 T I 'W 1 , ..,. ' jf if Jr U 1' Y I , 1 , 1 ,lx I 1 f 1 1 q , sf 1 FJ 1 y 4 - QL H r 5 1 1 ' ,f vu: X 2 f Y N., L, y ' , ,N M Y Y I M if w , ,X ,N Y y I Y F! F. X 1 27 ll Advertising 7..- 1 Dear Wendy r rrra Believe it or not WE finally made it Thank you for making these 18 years so memorable and rewarding Through thick and thin good and bad we learned together I am so very proud to be your Mother and to see what a beautiful personable and wise Thanks again Wendy for putting up with me all haf this time Best of Luck Pooh All My Love "Madre L.. of F : o . r 1 ' I ' 1 young lady you have become. T x - , ,- ' 5 Or , ff M, .. 8 fx 6 f N Congratulations Dina' We are proud of you' We wlsh you the best of everything ln whatever your fu ture holds for you Love Mom S Dad Mlke S Eddie If 6 97 Parent Ads 2 J li, 271' f 3 f N l Kelly, l l I i From the time you were born, to your first step in childhood, and on through your teenage years, you have given us so many memories ofjoy, love, and pride. 1 , Now as you take your first step into adulthood, we hope you will continue to have that same zest for life in plan- , , ning and achieving your goals. l l 3 x 6 5 ,P as L r ' F1 ,T Jami, i l What a joy you have been "Little One." Whatever you choose to do in your life - we know you will be success- 1 l ful. Just always remember to keep your great sense of humor and sensiffvffy fo Off-'ers' Always remember, Kelly, we love you for who you are, N and we wish your future to be one of happiness, good I ll Love, health and success. L Dad, Mom, Laurie 8. Ron with much ,Ove Dad, Mom, and Kevin r K I K J lc , F N Congratulations Keri T. Snailum and Julianne De Marco l i y i l U l . i l + . L it V L I L tl L l Y fy L il lll :Q , Q l Keri T- Snallum Julianne De Marco L I l l Our best wishes for your future accomplishments. We From ballerina. campfire, candystriper, L are deePlY Proud Of yOu. To the beachbum in Laguna, it's been l Exciting. fun and so much love l We LOVE YOU' Watching and helping you grow. l Mom' Dad- KYLB- Thanks for the memories - Granny 8 Grandma We Love You, Jules, i Mom 8 Dad - Brothers - Chuck S Paul K t 1 x 1 Advertising f Q w DWAYNE MARCUS CARPENTER A? Wi YZ? of thinking Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself in your way M5 ISI? BRU NS Q!! To think is to create! With Love and Pride from Mom Leah 8a Lori N f N sqm., ' '1 iiii i,,. Sbezelu R!Q3 Ed e We ure Joprouu' o you une! love you Jo very muah. Good luck unc! Goa' blew you in your ulure. Looe Mom Due! Cloud Chergl Ann Gubler 'X fx 5 QAQ img A I VJ , nv Ay Xi,-Swank 3 ,gzfio ..-JN' Phd, .MMM We Love You Mom Dad Mike C ICDU Parent Ads 2 4 J From Baby face To Baseball To Beaufy We love you Judlll Mom and Dad BUT I'M WORTH THEYWAIT. Go for if B rd! I ll 'fel v ,nv NX. .fr , r K f .NH JMB! I ,, nun gm :FE v.. .-.rv ..... - : I ' 4 l ' l l l l I , i L I 1 Congratulations Mlnl an Class of 86 Mom 84 Dad 99 P 4 Advertising f N Staci "God made little girls - with laughing eyes and bouncing curls, with joyful hears and infec- tious smiles, enchanting ways and feminine whiles, and when He had completed the task He had begun, He was pleased and proud of the job He had done. For the world when seen through a little girls eyes greatly resembles Paradise." Such a Girl God gave to us - One to be proud of, that we will always trust. We know you will do well at whatever you choose because a girl like you will never lose. Remember: "Dreams Really Do Come True" ,.', Love You Much, "M Mom 86 Dad 1 l Z Y all ' ' 9"l Parent Ads of I Q, f , N f CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SON DAVID SCOTT ROLONTZ Dear Davld, We are so very proud of you and your achrevements May all your dreams come true We know you wlll be successful ln everythlng you do We love you very much Mom and Dad Trnor M Cosrogncr W r 1 Q Whor ever you soy or do I we ore proud ond we love " you. You ore on your woy. l We hope oll your dreoms ' come True. Congrorulorrons. Q Mom Doc! 84 George Advertising Karin Leann You have always been a speczal joy Wil: your pleasant personalzty Always lauglomg Hzdmg your sorrows So we would not cry May Goa' be wztlw you as you clzmb your mountams We wzll always love you Our speczal Gemznz Love Mom 6 Daa' 5? 'fa 5 34.4-Q." . . . . . . - er - - ff . 1 Q 'Z W- ??3 - '- 4 5 , ' 'f f -11' -. - 'f it X I ' I 11 ' ffl ,V ,X 3 . 5 ,Q , ,, .1 rr :tl W2 ' -f My . N 1 M lax: ,,, N' ' ' -fx I ff? ' - I 2 5 E ! Z 2 , ' ' 2 . z if y' J Porenr Ads CHRISTI KI G Don t ever give up your dreams and never leave them behind. Find them make them yours and all through your life cherish them and never let them go. 1 l l 4 1 'gf ' 1 V .liv ft 'Q Q fx We love you, Dad, Mom S Jeff Christi - For you we wish a future filled with good health success and much happiness always. You ve always made us K J A 91:9 gf av Advertising l l l 5 w SUSACD CDACRIE UACDCE '-su, 4 in .UF 'fx 'N I A Jf,r,f'4 'ef 'Q A Congratulatwus Dove, mom, Dad 55 John 231 . VI I 1 , . ' ,,,,., hu--"' I . ,JI L jfs, IN, x, K , f gf" 1 ' rf ,L . 'Mfr Mg I 'xl .' wil . my 'V 'L ,-xxx., ,P gg w' 5: fo , 1, ff 1 f' 1 fn' 4, -1 4 V gfif . H '1 ' 4 . - Y sw R . ' A ' 'I wa ' A ' ,ljj . Q x m Q 1 x ,, ,al , fyliw, V' , L ' f J Parent Ads A true friend is the best possession Jurae S Kara This IS just the beginning congratulations' Love, Your families 'R Todd S, Ramos 9 O GO we as 0 9 Q GG Q0 0+ 0 O 'lf SHA : Q- GJ Wlshmg you success 0 In oll you do D 91 Love o 9 Q Mom Dad 6 Ryan GG QQSN G 9 0 0sNo1x line f N F if M !! ' y HM Zim? VV 1,1 35131 N' A 4251 A 1 .7 33 K :Q .f 'fl x1 IQ , I ji f f sf ' in ' ff fu' N , , I . K f N f c 5 L o ON as 00 o G 'f N 5 Z V 'D G -D E y , G .D Q 'K '7-v A Z G G c we s M R 2 G 3 ' A 296 Ig T no G G Ng M U -ff A ow L mf " A 5 .9 D 1, A T R Q GD 9 GD G D I 4' 1 Q "Q, 6 . . O A . -Q 9 3 . N '- -' Cao B . Z ... ef .,, Q , Aux Q A N S 2 8 5' B YJ w B 1 r 0 O S+ K V J x Y Advertising K ndy Patrick N J lu." our lnttle Spaz Wen There s never been a dull moment We wouldn t have lt any other way We love ya' Mom 8 Dad sw Jen Gretchen Af 34:1 I ,, T K5 Parent Ads CONGRATULATIONS KATHLEEN!! This is our chance to tell you how great you are! Actually that's not too hard to do! There are lots of things to talk about!! You' e always been very special and dear to us ... as you know because we tell you so all the time!! There are many things that we admire about you, Kathleen!! ln addition to being lovely outside, you're a beautiful person inside! First of all, you're extremely honest person! With yourself and with others! And your strength of character amazes me in someone so young! We ha en't even touched upon your loyalty . . . hich you possess in abundance , . . or your quick mind and sense of humor! Most important, you are a DELIGHT to be with! We enjoy you as one ol' our favorite friends in addition to being our lovely daughter!! Your thoughts and insights always lend Spice to a conversation! lt's easy to forget that you are a "kid"!! You handle yourself well with any age group ,. . from 6 ro 70! Now, if you could only keep your rootn clean you'd be perfect! Next year will be so exciting for you!! We can't tell you how much we'll miss you when you're off to college and on tour with Vanguard!! But we wouldn't have you miss it for the world!! Keep your values and standards as high as they are now .., You'll do fine!!! WE LOVE YOU!! MOM, DAD 184 KEVIN TOO!! Congratulations p Stephen Cable l "You made t l Best of Luck with all your endeavors in life. - We will be there always , to support you. pq Mom, Dad, S Mike lil sh I 1 K f 5 Congratulations Karen Michelle Cote ,.. e" A Thank you for 17 years of your very best . . . they've been our best tool 1 Now, follow your dreams. May they all 5 f come true. Love, Health and Happiness i' , are our Wishes for you. We love you 7 Sweet Karen! Q 4, 'gf Mom 6? Dad L ' t K W x J Q Q Advertising GDUUUO I99Hn1iHDsofpUny We Ken Fischer D.D.S. and his Staff would like for you to know how we feel about providing orthodontic care for our patients We know you have a choice of where to get your orthodontic and TMI treatment 1We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to offer our care to you We, also have a choice: we have chosen to be a caring, concemed, personal group of health-care professionals rather than a large clinic too busy to give each person the time and individual attention they deserve We want to extend and solicit communication in many forms in order to inform and assure you about your involvement with our practice. We need and encourage your feedback so that we can continuously improve your treatment here - if you don t like the service you get here we d like you to tell us if you do like the service you get here, we d like you to tell your friends Nothing is more important to us in this practice than to provide our patients with the finest treatment and most caring concern possible We have been trained extensively for our duties and continue our education to improve our s'kills in the dental specialty of orthodontics. We use techniques, supplies, and equipment that have been chosen because they allow us to perform our services to you in the safest, gentlest most effective way possible We present this philosophy so that you will know we consider you and your orthodontic needs our purpose in this practice. We are committed to giving you the best treatment our professional specialty has to offer while sharing a personal relationship with you when you visit our office. 1 r . . ' 1 . . . . . . . , , . . . I 1 I . . 1 . . ,. 5,121 ORTHODONTICS I 1 ll' 1 will . , fjpf, . KEN FISCHER D.D.S., INC. If I PRACTICE UMITED T0 ORTHODONTICS gl Q ADULTS - CHILDREN - HIDDEN ERACES V ll. 1467 N. wands, sum 195 . HEI wna Park,'cA pl-'N C7145 633-1200 QJ 31116 wi, Q Limbs igvtfttielwtbbs Business Ads I 9 f N f N , 'ix X Yvf SUSAN RHEE JUNE OH KO-AM 1 FINE JEWELRY MANUFACTURING Diamond Setting 0 Design I Casting 0 . Specia' 0'de'S 8- Hemi' michael Edward For Hour WHOLESALE 81 RETAIL JEWELRY DESIGN CENTER sr VINCENT GALLERIA 17849 SANTIAGO BLVD- 4o4 w, vm sm., 11512 659 s. Broadway sn., Booth A3 VILLA PARK, CA 92667 C7145 637-6954 Los Angeles, CA 90014 Los Angeles, CA 90014 12131 459-3144 12131 624-9226 X J K I r N f N H 1714163746610 52? XX . . K '1 American Automotive Centers, Inc. Af yj . I M V f - Iliff? J . Pflllly - :ff y 1 2914 East Katana SUE DGBUSSCHERE 17853 SBDIIBQO Blvd. 3108 I714J 538-0151 Orange, CA 92667 COSFDQIOIOQISI VIIIa Park, CA 92667 M K j f N f LINDA BUFFINGTON INTERIORS ' ,,:':: 7x S D J P F I " I.s.I.o. iff I'. ITI . UTC W a es 0 0 0 RESIDENTIAL Optometry . COMMERCIAL . 0 MODEL HOMES 17829 Santiago Blvd. - VIIIa Park ' ' OPEN MONDAY -FRIDAY 9:00AM -SZOOPM SATURDAY 10:00AM - 5:00PM 0 if "21s f'-' ' - '-1f1-: 2 1 f-,-- 1 1' -2-f'4: If : I - .' f 1- ---- 2-:2 ---- -.-.- I : -:f1-f :..,:-.- :flea -.:, M I,.:I:,. , 1,..:: I .... M .-,v 5 :-- I-f-f 17767 Sanuago BIvd.jSuIte 609-61OfVIIla Park, CA 92667 X j X Advertising Qi , in it 557 g J k Tellers. Some of them make you wonder if they ever go out of their way to help you. Well, our Dorothy Johnston goes out of her way. A long way. ln fact, for the jerry Lewis Muscular Distrophy Telethon she roller skated all the way to Las Vegas. And collected 36,000 in donations en route. We like hiring people like Dorothy. Because a person vvho gives freely of herself outside of Work will do the same when shes on the job. Thats our belief, and the Dorothys on our staff keep proving usfehr- , , , , , PROVIDENT So, next time youre having trouble picking FEDERAL SAVINGS a checking plan or straightening out the one youve got, talk to DOI'OIhy. lf ZHYOHC will gO the distance to help, WE9RE NOT THE STEREOTYPEI Q she will. tt. .., WERE THE PEOPLE TYPE, viua Park 17781 santiago Boulevard 998-5700 9 Business Ads at Q, Advertising I N f Centuzy U, EJ-f ' , 0 3 TW 5 Ta"0'5 IiI'I1'Q,'51I'IiII"A'IE,?Le Expert Alterations for Men 8. Women grange' Cggmrgg USIIIBSS - TUXEDO RENTAL Residence 17141637-4397 I 17767 SANTIAGO BLVD. STE. 601 BETTY KLAUSEN H- Az Q ' FAUSTINO ALZAGA VILLA PAHK,.cA 92667 REALTORS f I C7141 637-8434 FtaIph'S Shonpms Cents' I Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated X J K f N f I Rod gl Fqepaif Heater Cores postal and Business Serwces Gas Tank Ftepair Water Pumps I I A - X H g GQIIIIINITY IQTALQUATGQIH It AIR CONDITIONING I I714I 771-3191 y THE NERO'S I Bill, Sue, Ron 81 Bernie RANDY 81 ED Hours y 17853 SBHNQO Blvd- V107 1330 N. Glassell Mon,-Fri, 7-6 I Villa Park CA 92667 17141637-6180 Orange' CA 92667 Sal, 7-4 I I l I X J K 5' I ,I I X AFILENE SPIELMAN SHARLEE DOUGHERTY I A.S.l.D. ASSOC. I VIII-QLQQLX IJZTXHH . l-900 VVQII Bohtlqjhe I y I . 7, IN THE RALPH'S SHOPPING CENTER I' 7'W'fw'i 7 "II "Z "" 17853 SANTIAGO BLVD., VILLA PARK, CA 92667 It f I e 714-9 9 B-'I 911 ' bl? , I "" I ' "" I falling Candace , 'I I . 1 ' ' ff V bf1?'f Thanks for all the Joy Ma A , E 1 I you have brought to In I I this family May God 7 j I 55.1 I continue to bless you A 7 1 I with success ft f-fi ' Z f f' A Z We Love You Very ji Much - L Mother Dad and Cyn- Q I A - I , . I ' ' 79" "" 0 J' ' t IO X 91 J , l l im we QA N f w Congratulations and Good Luck Seniors '86 l Dr. Langstaff and Staff " WILLIAM N. LANGSTAPR ons., moo. Q I E Q A Professional Dental Corporation I S N Aesthetic .9 Restorative Dentistry S in tandem with nature 1 ' 17143637-9270 -A f M l Zi' M 7 lfaiw, 17871 Santiago Boulevard, Suite 228 Uilla Park, California 92667 J 25 f N f N 1,5 UFF. W l A 0 snmcnesz i fl n.. ,eawwoa vu. 12:22:92: E '5 ?'5F'3i5ifZL??i1l5llL7Q2 P A? J la Ajszlnwooo OF ORANGE W '35, ' CJ nous KONG: gl 5121? Avenu l f-,I 771- 1490 ag? SZ5SLf'3."5f2lillfallieiilill 'ei' W ' l I, Mem, of rsszszz , s B B 4 X X ,' 1985 CATALOG , l Available ll 7 Parts 81 Accessories , HERFF 'GMES l I For of Paoud Publishers 7 T A d W' ' lm Villa Earlivlajllgh Sglllllgll i TWCKS onvssetv E "FOI Your Waflts 8 Needs" L yto 55 yearbook specialist l7l4J 974 1975 l 91 Business Ads QJI 6 6 2 Advertisements N x f v ET, 4 1 an . '9 .., g ', 5 . :-NNFE-'Xl fb 2 X ff E7 h S '51, " e bi' e-2 AD' - ll X ,g 1 A ii ,i , T iw, 'O Q"5?,."zj,N"lR g:'1-"LQjxxj,- 1,5 :: ES" x':, XV 9 ' ee Q - ' ' H 5 4 3 2 E 5 f U F 3 Q 2? 2 EE?-v Q 1-X1 eO1-bg-E353 ma 1 -1 F- O 2 T - 5 0 1 Q Q 51 1 2 3 N 32 3Qc5QebU4UZ f 1 Q 41 2 3 as 2 Q 2 32 3 . 1: 3 X 33 3 S 9. S 7 23 0 2 E SEZX m 53 E gf 7 'S W 9 cn 1- mn 0- X X1 X1 A, N 1 x I N e eee 5 "' , xx ' If "". X ,Qi ...,Q U 4 3 ,ash Q ' ' , E CD U, ' f Pf -'sl E5 ,X , ' 'ji ,Q ga 3 Q - Lk..vxf 11:--4, ,QQ X: CO C0 O Q 5 1 5 :cg O E F, 5 ga -L ra Z 3 8 E 5 5 3- Q U9 L Z C U' O "' fp I-D x -' E E 9, 2 2 P: ga, s-. CD D7 3 Q 3' 5 W 5 LQ ' 9 S "" li 3 E 8 -L gl : 3. Q in me Q 6 CD '4 5943 X 00 2 U' :J CQ 1 x 5522 'ie P25 Q The 1986 Odyssey's "Spartan R pubIic" Salutes . . . Larry Kluss Rl-'bl' YUOU Joann Moff CCll'l STUSTZEI Albert 8. James Photographers The VPHS authors ot our travel logs, "Communiqes" A special thanks to Mel 81 Patricia Ziegler ot the Banana Republic Travel 81 Safari Clothing Company skier Norm Johnson - Advisor Anita Epler - Editor-in-Chief Theme Editor - Genalyn Talavera Photo Editor - Julianne De Marco Fall Sports Editor - Todd Ramos Student Life Editor - Jurae Ross Juniors Editor - Darren Testa Faculty Editor - Dave Wise Morale Director - Susan Vance Tammy Davis David Hennessey Kara Maruoka Erin Slawson p ge byA t Eple Chris Oh - Business Editor Brenan German Hetty I-lofsteenge Mike Powers Ken Wakamoto Jeff Zaremba Copy Editor - Dave Lehman Seniors Editor - Lydia Dunn Spring Sports Editor - Dave Voyen Student Life Editor - Mary Buxton Sophomores Editor - Keri Snailum Underclass Editor - Cathy Mack Head Photographer - Norm McGrane Lisa Graber Kymper Kimes Jill Siegel Dave Yamasaki 6 6 Acknowledgements Qi President Reagan and his wife, Nan- cy, wave from a Bethesda Naval Hos- pital window after his surgery. sowx sw' JARGCN Def Hap. Killer Way Cool Think about it . . . Not EVEN! Siylin' Hang that! 'K 7 intense insane Incredible OK, eh? You derelict! Blow it off mc' Bail this one horse saloon Vlfhatsa hop? Now THAT was an experience Get a clue Saueebs You look maah-yah-los! Chicagos Jim McMahon and Kevin Butler congratulate one another on their S , - . uper Bowl XX score 116 'IO 9943 Gdidaf F5 if "" l 'l M 1 Q his T 'kg MUSIC ABC - Be Near Me A-Ha - Take on Me Bruce Springsteen - Adam Ant - Vive Le Rock Hometown Baltimora - Tarzan Boy 5lUfShiP - Built this City Barbra Streisand - Somewhere Tears for Fears - Head Over Heels Thompson Twins - Big Audio Dynamite - Bottom Line BowiefJagger - Dancin' in the Street Bronski Beat - Perfect Beat James Brown -Living in Amer- ica King for a Day The Cars - Tonight She Comes Wham! - I'm Your Man Dead or Alive - You Spin Me ZZ Top - Dire Straits - Sleeping Bag Money for Nothing Steven wnminn Duffy - Kiss Me Bruce Sprin steen sin s ener eticall Eslncvlfrnlcn ' G'a'i'ude 9 during tis 49855386 tau? We Close Our Eyes Grand Master Flash - White Lines Heart - Never INXS - What You Need The Motels - Shame Night Ranger - Sentimental Street Oingo Boingo - Just Another Day OMD - Secret Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities Rush - Big Money Scritty Politti - Perfect Way Simple Minds - Alive and Kicking Siouxie 8: the Banshees - Cities in Dust The Smiths - How Soon is Now page by Anita Epler ,O,R C iff 1, will v l Cheers llghl Ct lagney lllllree lle Cosl Golden 'lluml V lle lwil lmczlng lole l l Family ll lloonlig llcw llpllde llns lelei lhl Glolge B if 531176 , yy, .ll- Actor Rock Hudson died of AIDS, rais- ing awareness of the disease. TELEVISION Cheers Night Court Cagney 8: Lacey Hill Street Blues The Cosby Show Golden Girls Miami Vice The Twilight Zone Amazing Stories Kate 8: Allie Family Ties l Q94 I Iihinw A 4653 Ti X W CINEMA Out Of Africa The Color Purple Kiss of the Spider Woman Jewel of the Alle Young Sherlock Holmes White Mghts Murph y's Romance Brazil Real Genius That Was Then, This is Now Hannah 84 Her Sisters Agnes of God Moonlighfing IDUFDIG Pose of COITO Mary Plenty Riptide PTILZZIIS HOFIOI' Sins A Chorus Line Peter the Great , Mask Pampo: Hrst Blood Part ll George Brett and Brett Saberhagen Pocky IV celebrate the Royals World Services The Emefglg' Fgfegf victory. Back to the Future Wt Down 84 Out in Beverly Hills Pretty in Pink Spies Like Us Christa McAuliffe, Teacher-In-Space, displays her space suit before the fa- tal mission of the Challenger. - - In ,-:fun 41 1 ,...,...--......a... ' 'i M .,,....L.14l.a:'.. , , it , HEADLINES Live Aid Raises Millions Rock Hudson Dies of AIDS: VPHS Alumnus Sues Estate Killer Quake Strikes Mexico City USSR, US Meet at Geneva Sum- mit 7 Frustaci Babies Born in Orange Lady Liberty Celebrates 100 Years HaIley's Comet Makes Once-in- a-Lifetime Appearance Springsteen Tours United States Artificial Heart Saves Many Lives Challenger Explodes: Teacher, 6 Other Astronauts Killed Achille Lauro Hijacked by Ly- bians South African Blacks Riot Against Apartheid, Botha Stands Firm Reagan Plans "Star Wars" SDI Rams Lose Super Bowl Bid to Bears The first Lottery gave citizens a chance to support the state's I z. xlihkools. A -', '-pl "' f lqgg i I ,',i i""s , I . A 'L 1' Z ,STQQ I L, IP I WW cs 8 like am A ,A SLIM? "iff L , , Z., Q --1 vk Closing 5 he end of our sofori hos come oT losT. For some, iT is o Time of K Celebrdiion, for oThers, d Time of ifrighT, buT for dll, cl' Time of chonge. j 7 , l Our journey Through The SpdrTdn Republicswilll long be rememberedjby dll of us. ledving impressions boTh posirivel dnd negdTive, ond no Twolimpressions dlike, We hdve progressesylfmm inexperienced TourlsTsj To f T knowledgedbles guides in Three shorT yedrsl Gnd The cycle will now begin dnew: ll we reiurn To The ndiveTeiwe hove'foughT so hdrdfTo Shed eiTher in college or The work- pldce, buT in eiTher cdse, on unknowhldnd unfdmilidr envi- ronrnenil 1 j T ly y T We hdvecollecTed w memordbilid of The Time V 111 which is drbiTrdrily "The besT s yedrslof our lives" To showy gg Toi Those ouTside our world. 3 memories of wonderful evehTs from ourlfirsT yfOOTbOll gome ds sophomores To The Senior Prom, dlong wiTh Trou- mdTic evenTsj like our,flrsT l Trofficticket or The ever- populdr pdrenTdl punish- ll T menT, resTricTion, will dlwdys .llsl l vbe o porT of us, ds sepdroTe pdges our imdgindry SCFGDTDOOKSQ? So- we bid fdrewell To The lri y region which hos given us l T such vdried ond ehioydble ' experiences. We noi only bring wiTh us dll of our memo- ries, buT hopefully hdve mdde our mdrk CIS, The Cldss of 4936. T s Lv Closing s sf' c Q, 1,999 ov 44 Q gf? QW occ 4g , v bc XO S :mm A fl f-"tx The end of our sTdy oT VPHS hos fi- fXN . . . To Chris Oh, my indespensible business ediTor ,M-f','1,4'WX w T 1253120 ff 'lzfflf-warm , "f?n4?fWf' ' 'MWPVW 1' WW if I nolly orrlved. for keeping The flndnciol fronT in order I l T l f l I 1 'T X 1 15 N T Q5 . ,N wg 3 T2 Cllllg MES' SUD l 'UMW' ' , Sun sers on VPH5, New Da Dawns On Future by MQW Buxron TY 5l7 . . . To Ruby Yuan, for her ouislanding work on The cover and di- vision pages , . . , an page by Anita Epler V N 1' 1- li- ' - ,i go W o , -lmnh " P ' lx ' wk x F, - 2 . 35 it i X X l A 4 ' e Special Thanks ' it e'e lo: The Odyssey's "SmuT N Le -3' Palrol" - Lydia "Coach" Dunn, ' Dave "H" Hennessey, Dave "a4f2" Voyen, Julianne DeMarco, Keri Snailum, 8a Mary "Mary-Brat" Buxton for Weeping il clean" . . . And so our journey here ends, and ahead of us lies new lerrilory To pe explored, The Ureal world" and college ,W ,W 'Wifi ff' :cw , " A 5 ffl, peg f., 31 lj i i 1, ! ffl VV Lv -min' 'Q V , M Q , , y,V if y 4 iw i I , J I.: r V lil! I V 2115, l I i - . . To Craig "Bear" Alexander, for all of his W ,, ilif ,. ,Z iv "', ' . TQ? Mei, ""'L"vfii-W' 150137 , ei'-.NN -,C .tif ,,,, , advice, supporl and loyaliy. f - L? W -.W A I . ,,.,,, A 5 wL3s:.,..y,,.Q, W , 2 fi, 1 flip '-M ,,,,, H - ' " f l ' ... X V V ':f"i,j' ' , JM' M' in V 'yi 'ffl fl TRW' 4' 'H ' ' Ml,-.1 A M4 ,T KP? Abbott, Michael 156 ACADEMIC DECATHLON TEAM 54 Ackley, Craig 29, 156, 213, 242 Adele, David 82 ADMINISTRATION 124, 125 Adray, MCITC 82 Advani, Lisa 8, 11, 82, 91 ADVERTISING 260 Agay, Carol 6, 65, 66, 156 Aguilar, Claudia 156 Aguilera, Michael 182 Ahlborn, Karen 182 Ahn, Anna Namee 61, 182, 224, 225 Akhavi, Kathy 156 Akiyama, Miho 156 Albert, Ami 156 Albrecht, Tracy 66, 73, 139, 156 Alexander, Karen 82, 105 ALL-STARS 70, 71 Alleman, Rebecca 82, 116 Allen, Geoff 156, 212, 213 Allen, Jami 156 Allen, Jason 156, 230 Allen, Jeffery 182, 234 Allen, Sean 156, 242 Allen, Teri-Lyn 82, 114 Allnulf, Brett 182 Allred, Steven 156, 256 ALMOND, ZO 150 Alvarez, Jacob 134, 182, 239 Amen, Jeremy 42, 182, 248, 249 Anasis, Constance 72, 182 Andersen, Jana 82, 269 Anderson, Jim 5, 82, 206 Anderson, Kelly 73, 156 Anderson, Shellee 156 Anderson, Tracy 182 Andrioli, Chris 182 Andrioli, Flavio 76, 77, 156, 257 ANGOTTI, ALEX 182, 210 Appel, Zalene 156 Archibald, Paul 182, 226, 227 Arias, Dave 156 Armao, Justin 182 Aarmstong, John 182, 210, 259 Arnold, Erik, 60, 157, 248 Arrequin, Brian 182 Arroyo, Kevin 76 ART DEPARTMENT 140, 141 Asar, Amir 182, 215, 76 ASB 30, 31 Aschotf, Jerry 182, 215, 236 Ashby, Cheryl 182 Ashby, Lori 6, 43, 83, 119 Ashton, Kip 20, 22, 157, 171, 206 Ashworth, Dan 157 Augustine, Neil 182 Augustine, Timberly 157 AWS 42 Abbot-Clelland Babbitt, Linda 65, 182 Babcock, Everett 182 Bach, Brian 157, 257 Badger, Jana 157 ' Bailbain, Steve 83,118 f BAILEY, BRENT 127, 134, 135, 244 Baitx, Nicole 157 Baker, Andrea 83, 118 2 Baker, Cathleen 10, 18, 83, 272 Baker, Debby 136, 157 Baker, Malinda 182 Balash, Scott 157 Balazs, Phillip 182 BAND, DRILL TEAM 81 FLAGS 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 Barbarosh, Alison 60, 157, 182 Barbarosh, Andrea72, 147 Barks, Michelle 183 Barnes, Randy 52, 142, 183 Barnes, Robin 83, 138, 257 Barnett, Steve 49, 83, 96, 232, 233, 244, 263 Barnett, Suzanne 31, 42, 183, 217, 246, 247, 250, 251 Baros, Bernadette 157 BARRETT, PAT 61, 127, 131, 133 BARRIOS, RUSSEL 124 Barron, Richard 157 Bartko, Tracy 83 Bartley, Matt 157 Barton, Rachel 157 Basargekar, Medha 60, 83, 131 BASEBALL 236, 237, 238, 239 Basic, Robert 83, 248 BASKETBALL, BOYS 232, 233, 234, 235 BASKETBALL, GIRLS 252, 253 Bates, Kevin 157, 236, 237 Batista, Edward 157 Baudino, Paul 158 Baumann, John 83, 244 Baumstark, Cheiri 183 Beadle, Brandon 42, 83, 206, 208, 209, 257 Beavans, Dave 158 Beck, Kelly 42, 83, 257 Becker, Jeff 183 Beehler, Duane 83, 245 Bell, Christopher 183, 210, 236 Bell, Roger 158 Bellis, Teresa 76, 77, 83, 138 Bender, Eric 183, 184 Benge, Jay 183, 210, 259 Bennett, Grant 183, 214, 215, 243 Bennett, Gregory 183 Bennett, Rebecca 84 Bentley, Karen 84 Berg, Denise 138, 158 Bergman, Eric 66, 158, 248, 257 Bergman, Russell 34, 36, 65, 84 Berman, Harvey 84, 213, 242 Berman, Jerry 42, 183, 215, 243 Bernard, Lisa 158 Bernard, Thomas 183 Bernhard, Laura 35, 183, 247 Y Beyl, Matt 158, 165, 257, 258' Bianco, Elizabeth 158 Bien, Jim 84 , BIGELOW, GERTRUDE127 I Biggs, Deanna 183 I Y Birkmann, Curtis 183, 259 Blaine, C. 65 2 f Blake, Cassy 66, 183 g BLAKLEY, MARY ESTER 76, 127,'131, 138, 139 Blanco, Anne Marie 35, 38, 183 Blank, Jennifer 66, 76, 77,,138, 155, 158, 216 Q Blansett, Alisa 183, 251 Blansett, Jeanne 183, 251 'Blansett, Richard 65, 158 BLASIER, DEVON 151 Bleier, Holli '66, 77, 158 Block, wlarli60, 233,234 8 Bloyd, John 183, 248 Blucker, Gary 84 BLY, LARRY 146 I 3 BOARD OF EDUCATION 124 Bobbitt, Danny rf Bohn, Mary Beth 183 Bolt, Scott 84 Bolton, Marcy 84 Bonnema, Jon 158 Bortle, Judi 31, 85, 278 Bosko, Dianazoe 85 Boyle, Stephanie 183 Brady, Kim 59, 158 Brand, Allison 158 Branstine, Roger 183, 185, 233 Cl lcolaanes, Fred 42, 60, 07, 107 cabanes. lzlelr 104, 185,234 cable, sieve 187, 206,286 Cadeng,,Joseph 83,71 ' call, Michelle 87 , 1 1 Cdlmese,Cindy 184' f CAMERON, BOB 127,,3131, 134, 138, 1391 I 1 CAMPBELL, BRUCE 131, 134, 138, 139, 144 - CAMPING CLUB 73 Canttn, Ken 141, 1784, 259 I Cdntln, 'Mark 212,'213, 242 44 Cara, DanieI,73,,,184, 229 CCIl'cICh,:,JUI'lnr29, 87, 112, 117, 212.213 y 2 Cdl'Iton,Sherri , J A Carney,,Dclvel184, 238 Carpenter, Beth 66 y Carpenter,,Dwayne1872 233,f27r7f- Carpenter, 'Leah 59,61, 65, 160, Carpenter, Rodney1184, 21,0 we I Carter,'Ghrls 60 Q, ,,Ki,t carler,,Jan 87,f110, 236 Q, I Carter, sreve 87, 233' A fl A Cash, rCdrriei184'I' 7 3 3 ,QL Cassen, JIIIJB, 10, 16,l,,15i,?B5, 87, If 241, 2, caslagna, ,Daniel 852184, 210 Brase, Steve 42, 52, 53, 81, 85, Castagna, Mike 160,, Q ,y,,4 2, ,N 256, 257 caslagna, Tir'f6"B2,,2QO5, ff Braun, Brett 65, 238 Castellone, K Bray, lnomas 233 CASTRICONE, NANCYF1'4'8Q'f149 3 Brenner, Robin 241 Catapang, Simeon,160, iw, Bril, DClVid85, 233 V Cawley, Suzanne 2, ,frffffff sroaaway, Linda 163, 246 A -ceclerulrl, lsrlllfe?al2,,206j20r3 eie. Broadway, Vivian 16, 17, 19, 42, ' Chambers. l.dtisha!184Qjg3 2 51, 53, 05, 246 , A A as J cl-lAMl3Elz,slNgsl5l2s 775 Brockmeier, Stuart 85, 248 ' , Chang, Jack1i84'e 5' Brodsky, Bob 05, 114, 206 Chase, Janelbs if ,,,l Brodsky, Jeff 184, 229 Chavira, Monica A605 184 I' " Brooks, Kathleen 35, 38, 61, 85, Chen, Steve-1814 'f 4. -, 131, 130 CHERRY, JOE 1324 f fe I, Broussard, Tim 85 Chiang, Carlene 60j,160t,'234,f,N 1 Brown, Brian 42, 61, as, 206 chlang, slrrlorlei43,360,611, 160,' Brown, Carolyn 85 Brown, Dianne 60, 85 BROWN, JAMIE 60, 127 Brown, Jarrod 85 BRUMMEL, KENNETH 124 Brunt, Dick 127, 128, 131, 138, 139 Bui, Tang 227, 259 BURNETT, BETTY 150 Burton, Greg 81, 86, 233 BUSINESS DEPARTMENT 144, 145 Busse, Mike 87 Butcher, Kari 31, 42, 87, 274 Butcher, Pam 32, 61, 87, 91 Butler, Dawn 55, 251 Buxton, Mary 56, 57, 87, 296 Byrnes, Doug 184, 210, 234, 259 241 1 yy I 2, 3 chlarle, DHIU184 y ' I Q , CHING, EVELYN g12?,g131,, 133, 139- cno, Susan 43, 1602 I Choi, Roy 185,259 It I I I choobalr, lrai?'160, ,I Q Christensen, Diana 66, 71,1 156, 160,216 gig A Christensen, Ttlsha 185, 1 y 2 Chu, Patricia 43,1160 gr , f I 'di -f Clark, James 11, 29i,y30,3,1, 55, 721, is a7,a0,212,213 , ' 3 Clark, Richard 88, V ' ' f 1 f Clarke, Erin 88 g I 'E Claypool, Doug 185 E 2 -3 Cleary, Noelle ss, 59, 188,240, 241- Cleary, Paul 241, 242,'243' I , -3 Clegg, Jeannette I Clelland, John 160, 166, 168 :W 214 I 311 Wt wr' 110.5 25161 'W :MU ZW :W :wi Sl lil A' CNW 11010 :ami f.,-mul JW 311 Of 11:17 1' 2109? A naval? M9911 Ui 5:1199 5' 1279511 IW Q 3321. Sd MW IWJJIK if iii C5121 Ill! me I 2:9 tilt? "" retfl "B Wi Ll-Wd. I IWQTI Sl Qfiiii Zi KHI1 1058 CGI CROSS-VAL WISHMI Dunne W ltihgton Mil lil Jason ' f 1' 1-'T"i'lgS, ifiihgs. 21531 Zta Jett ,Mum Alla 1 t Wah, 1 .ll fm Cllr PM W W1 Ml Ml 111 iffl Gtly "tr Knsl 4 i L, i 1 1 1 I Qeooper, Ann I 3 ' 'SX essex we ,,i ,, . W ., ,, ciosme 293 Cloud, Chris , 1 ciua RUS!-l'50, 51 I ' I Cohen,1AndrevQ, 6,112 123, 24, 42, 55, 66, ao,I81, 88,i112. 265 Cohen, David 20918, 53, 62, 631 70. I Cohengberek 185 1 ,99hen.',,J99i,115, , .1 Coker, Debra 1607 7 A COLLEGE BGWLVTEAM 55 Colller, Adam 185 CoIIins,,Rebeccalf73, 88 1 COLOPHON 3041 COLVILLE.. DAVE' '127, 147 Concarinon, Linda 88 , Conti, Jim 88 1 Cool1Q'Curtis 1-85, 229, 231 Coontz, Alex 160' 7 Cooper, Jennifer 88,1296 Coobergilisa 60: A 3 CooplerfStaCy 88 I Copelapdgleft 160, 226, 227, 248, N. Y 3 3 cqrpeirzsandriz 39, 185 fC6Tfee,, Mieneiiei 185 ' 'CORRAD1NO, DOMINICK 127, 130. 134, 246' 1 , ' I Cosca,,KrisiQ:pher 160, 233 C6slanzai,'Ellen 161 ,iCOIe, Karen 43, 88, 287 , Croft, JeftN161 ' Ginn, KriStif1'85, , Crawtord, Bob 89 , Cre6gcin, si:oi1 185, 196, 206, ,208 209,232,233 , E 'Qi' 11creei,keiiiei161 I g riffciiass couurnvgeinms 222, 223 "CRQSSMAN,L'NANCY 127 V' f' '1' JIM 134,j'206- ,, Cruz, James 185' V csma gi ff faggcuqqiyiggiongchiris as 2 jjgieulluriigmike 89ff I' fiffulp, Jason 186 'Q Cummings,James 185, 259 , . ie , if i , 6 , ,r i, 7 1? L is s Wfhcf 221229.-539989500 166 L, 9 2 Fax, ,K F L -.2 Q1.1mfTiilfIg5,,LQlgllWi9 30, 31, 74, 89, 2311 534 A c:uiiisTJerf1f16,1f Ciirtis, 1Marni:10, 89 Cutler, Allison 186, 241 Davis, Sabrina 89, 118 Davis, Tammy 56, 89 Deak, Andy 161, 213, 242 Dean,,Garrett 213, 242 DE FALCO, VINCE 50, 55, 128, 129 De Fiore, Jennifer 73, 89, 272 Dekeyser, Young-Mi 43, 161 i De Ldmdfe, Jackie 161, 61, 89, 278 De Lamarter, Mini 55, 61, 89, 278 De La Riva, Deanna 186 Del Court, Lori 161, 247 De Leon, David 160, 161, 239 Dellalonga, James 90, 264 Delnero, Teresa 186 De Los Reyes, Mona 161 De Luca, Jeannine 186 De Luca, Monica 158, 161 De Marco, Julianne 56, 57, 63, 71, 90, 276, 296 Demers, Kristen 63, 161, 174 Denham, Jaynetle 201 DENNEN, JACK 127, 142 Dennis, Shannon 186, 247 DENNISEN, BEA 151 I , Denton, Robbie 72, 73, 90, 91, 227, 229 Deutsch, Jett 186 DEVLIN, JAMES 127, 131 Devol, Mary 60, 161 Diamond, Theresa 186 ,- Dierking, Leslie 161, 177,247 Doane, Shelby 4, 8, 16, 17, 48, 90, 247 f Dodd, Lineire 21, 186, 216 Dodge, Tammy 149, 186 Daeririg, John 86, 90 E Domeif, ken ao, '161, 257 Dorner, Meghan,10, 33, 74, 90, 154, 246 5 Q' Dora, Donna 162 E is 7 Dorler, Cheryl 38, 39, 138, 162 Dornen, Andrea 21, 61, 186, 240, 241 ,, . , Dosher, Brian 90 " f DQ5iCk, Michelle 43, 61, 162,241 Dougherty,iShannon 181, 197 Douglas, Robert 162 I Dowlatshahi, Ali 162, 227' Drake, Dan 72, 187,238 DRAMA CLUB 73 3, Drobieh, Betsy 90, 241 Dufault, Mary 773, 187 Dilnn, Barbara 12, 13, 66, 162, 163, 247 1: I Dirnn,Lydia 51,V55, 56, 57, 64, 65, 66, 72, 91,, 2961i DQnn, Valerie 55, ,66, 72, 140, 162 Dijrazo. Frank 187, 259 Dainidieri, Debbie 60, 76, 77, 161, , 1Dzina,eLouis 91 1 241 'ifiazjl 1 'DANCELCHOREOGRAPHY 62, 63 J'Daniels, Mark 186 Dqgiqseiri, Mike 73, 161, 239 1 86, 21 0 Davidson, Robert 149, 186, 234 Davis, Erik 186 Davis Gary 186 Davis, Kristen 161 EAGLES, BETTY 150 Earl, Greg 162, 166, 248 Eastman, Pat 162 Ebell, Eric 187, 210, 259 Eberstein, John 187, 199, 248 EBERT, STEVE 72, 127, 136 Edelman, Mike 91, 267 EDGMOND, LINDA 151 EDWARDS, BOB 125 Edwards, Catherine 162 Edwards, Jett 91, 119, 236, 237 Edwards, Vicki 91 EHRLICH, JEFF 29, 134, 212, 213, 242, 243 El Khoury, Rose 162 ELLIOT, ROBERT 124 Elliot, Scott 91 Elliot, Tonla 61, 162 Ellis, Annette 187 Elmore, Jacques 162, 292 Elmore, Steve 162, 248, 257 Elsberry, Heather 73, 162, 187 Elsberry, Jode 157 Emery, Sue 187 Enders, Heidi 162 ENGLANDER, SANDY 124 English, Krista 187, 247 Enright, Stacy 162 Epler, Anita 54, 56, 57, 84, 91, 130, 269, 293 Ernst, Robert 42 Espinoza, Vivian 162 Estrada, Dan 162, 206 Etchandy, Tracy 13, 162 Evans, Dawn 187 EVANS, RUTH 124 Everakes, Jason 162, 248, 257 Everakes, Ruth 91 Everling, Donna 66, 162 Ewing, Mitzi 76, 77, 91, 131 FACULTY 8i ACADEMICS 122 Fairbanks, Matt 187, 227, 234 Falgout, Kathy 162 FALL PLAY 64, 65 Faltermeier, Kathleen 187 Fang, Michelle 34, 38, 39, 61, 162 Farnsworth, Tracy Farr, Amy 187 Farrand, Brent 91, 188 Farrand, Karen 251 FARREL, MIKE 247 Farrell, Glen 91, 163 Farrell, Mike 30, 31, 257 Fasbender, Jackie 163 FASHION FEATURE 40, 41 Fassora, Alex 188, 210 Fauteux, Robbie 163 Fernandez, Jennifer 188 Ferraro, Scott 188, 234, 238 Fieldman, Kim 91 Finamore, Troy 91 FINLAYSON, AL 125 Firestone, Mark 42, 61, 91 Fischer, Nora 188 Fischle, Heidi 38, 39, 188 Fishburn, Mark 71, 119, 163, 206, 257 FISHER, BETTY 125 Fisher, Bryan 163, 248 Fisher, Mike 188 Fisher, Todd 188, 210 FISHING CLUB 72 Fitch, Darrell 188, 210, 229 Flanagan, Jett 91 Fleming, Steve 160, 163, 167, 172 239 Flocarri, Jeanna 39, 92 Flores, Kathy 92 Flory, Jennifer 163, 217 Flynn, Erin 92 Foigelman, Jackie 92 Foigelman, Steve 188, 210 Foley, Eric 188 FOLKERT, ANNE 62, 63, 127, 141 Fondry, Colleen 163 Fonne, Erik 92, 227 FOOTBALL 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211 Ford, Larry 92, 233 FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT 132, 133 Fort, John 92 Fortenbaugh, Brad 163 Foster, Chaslyn 188 FOSTER, CHAZ 247 Foster, Jason 188 Fox, Wendy 30, 92 FRACALOSY, LEO 127, 147 Frackelton, Robert 29, 163, 212, 213, 233, 243 Frank, Deborah 92 Freeman, Mike 92 Freeman, Roger 92 FRENCH CLUB 61 Frick,, Dawn 187 Friedman, Nancy 59, 92 Friend, Jett 65, 66, 72, 92 Fris, Andrea 58, 59, 74, 93 FRITZ, GRACE 127 Froemke, Eric 163, 206 Fry, Stephanie 188 Frye, Chris 48 Gabbe,Julie 55, 61, 93 Gabel, Rich 206 Gallegher, Bobby 42, 163, 227, 248 Gallegly, Julie 188 Galus, Bill 93 Galus, Jennifer 73, 188 GARDINER, SUE 127, 224 Garr, Brandon 188, 227 GARRAHY, STEVE 127, 128 Gates, Laura 20, 43, 60, 61, 163, 224 Geary, Shannon 4, 8, 15, 16, 17, 19, 63, 93 Gehr, Frank 93, 229 Geisler, Anne 163 Genova, John 70, 188, 206, 234, 238 91,1 CLOSING-Genova at Q7 Genova, Kammi 188 Genova, Nicole 59, 155, 163, 217 Genoway, Gwenn 163 George, Joni 73, 188 Georgieff, Adam 93 Gerber, Ellen 81, 93, 274 German, Brenan 21, 49, 56, 66, 72, 73, 75, 81, 93, 206, 207, 209 German, David 229 GERMAN CLUB 60 Gibbs, Teena 93, 266 Giessman, Christy 93 Gilbert, Billy 74 , J Gilberl, Kelly 188, 248 ' Gilbert, Robert 93 Gillett, Lara 55, 80, 81, 94, 217, 273 Gillette, Julie 163 Gilmore, Max 163 Ginsburg, Gayle 6, 164 GIRL DATE sov 74, 75 Gitlin, Dinah 188 Giolmeski, Klas 164, 188 GIass,',Jeff 72, 188 Gleason, Erik 164 Glenn, Pat 14, 16, 72, 75, 94, 119, 206,207, 209, 236 Glover, Ryan 94 Goldberg, Orith 164 Goldman, Tim 60,3164, 244, 245 GOLF 244, 245 f Gomez, Dina 94, 102 Gomez, George 164, 206 Gonzales, Pedro 189, 210 Gonzalez, Consuelo 164 Gonzalez, Gina 189, 246 Gordon, Kim 164 ' Gorgen, Brian 164, 2:13 Gorharn, Robert 189 Graber, Lisa 56, 73, 94 Graham, Brad 210 ' J Graham, Paul 164, 257 Graieda, Inez 164 Granito,'Jeff 61,N66, 189, 215' Q' " Granito, Judi '94 , . 11 Grant, Todd1189,11227 g 1 Gratto, Tracey'28, 43, 53, 60, 94, 119, 246, 254 uu Gray, Mike 164 'E Gray, Robin 73, 127, 151 GREASE 66, 67 ' ' " Green, Matt 66, 76, 77, 164 1 Greenberg, Jill 94 ,K 1 Greenberg, Jodi 21, 189 'Qi 1 Greenberg, Lisa ,189, 247,f K Greene, Bobby 164' ' Greene, Spencer 95, 257 Greene, Wendy 4, 6, 189 Greenwald, Sheri 163, 164 1 2 fe Gresham, Tricia 149, 164 , V Griffith, Blake 95, 102, 164, 257 2 Griffith, Britt 189, 210 , f Grime, Heather 95 ,1 f 1 GRISSINGER, NANCY 66, 72, 127,- 7 131, 134, 144 Grosse, Dustin 42, 61, 95, 115 Groves, Linn 164 Guberman, Steve 189- Gubler, Cheryl 33, 51,f52, 66, 81, 95, 111, 277 1 Guenther, Fred 189 Genova-Korres Guenther, Tina 95 Gully, Allison 189 Guy, Diana 62, 63, 92, 95, 103, 271 HACKNEY, AL 147 Haddad, Mirna 189 Hagan, Nikki 189, 247 Hagmann, Lori 189 Hagmann, Vicki 164 Hall, Carrie 189 Hall, Don 189, 210 Hall, Mary K 95 Hallahan, Greg 189 Halligan, Kevin 159, 165, 212, 213, 242 HALL PASS FEATURE 32, 33 Halstenrud, Kristi 189 Hambellon, Scott 189 Hamblin, Cindy 189 Hamilton, Tiffany 165, 216, 247 Hammond, Wendy 165 Hampson, Steve 165 Hampton, Deanna 189, 251 1Han, Setheany 60, 165 Hanf, Russell 165, 239 Hanna, Julie 189 Hansen, Brad 95 Hare, Michelle 42, 43, 53, 95, 224 Harnden, Kristina 62, 63, 66, 77, 95, 99, 139 Harrington, Tonya 189 Harris, Tammy 28, 165, 217 Harrison, Tiffini 165 Hart, Denise 95, 112, 246 Hartman, Craig 189, 227 'l-lartwig, Colin 185,u19U, 259 Hervey, Robert 165, , 1 , r HASKTNS, TRAVIS' 58,1 127, 131 ' 1Hassan, Hadi 1905 1' Y Wull J L Hassan, 'Nadia 162,165 1 J Hasty, Jennifer 190 1 Hawkins, David 165 Hayashi, Hideaki 190 K l-loyes, Gerald 190 1 , Hayes, Kevin 165 7 Hayes Lynda 95, 246 ' u J ' Hayes: Ryan 190, 206, 239 3 HAYS, CRAIG1127, 14-B, 149, 224.1 227, 232 ' ' ' ' J Headlund, Keri 43,95 f Hebert, Rachel 189 ' Heineken, David 165 Q ' Helmick, David 42, 61, 96 ' 11 Helmick, Robyn 55, 66, 72, 76, 19D-17 Hempling, Karyn 147, 1165 Y, j' Hemrick, Dana 190 J f Henia. Josh 43. 55. 96 , lflennessey, Chris 190 - ' Hennessey, David 56, 96, 193, 248, 296 ' HERBEL KAY 151 Herman, Jackie 190 Hernandez, Sandra 190 Herrell, Christy 52 Herrmann,, Marty 60, 190 Hertel, James 165 , HETTICK, MARILYN 127, 137 1 l-lichman, Aaron 165, 248 Hill, DeeDee 165, 254 Hill, Dwayne 190 Hill, Susan 43, 60, 81, 96, 240, 241 Hivner, Randy 165, 239 Ho, Jai 42, 190 Ho, Shanne 34, 38, 39, 60, 72, 190 Hoang, Chuc 248 Hoang, Tuong 81, 96 Hoangson, Dao 61 Hochman, Sharon 20, 154, 166, 171 Hoey, Jeff 77, 166 Hoffman, Wendy 166 Hofstatter, Craig 154, 166 Hofsteenge, Hetty 56, 89, 96, 212, 213, 240, 241 Holder, Kim 190 Holley, Jason 190 Holmes, Evan 191, 245 Holmes, Valerie 96 Holms, Corey 191 Holte, De De 12, 13, 166 Holzwarth, Jennifer 166 HOMECOMING COURT 16, 17 HOMECOMING DANCE 18, 19 HOMECOMING GAME 14, 15 Hong, Linda 166 , Hornacek, Michael 166, 244 Horton, Jennifer 191 L Horton, Kim 66, 77, 97 L Hoskins, Christine 97 1 , Houston, Chuck 66, 97 -1 Hovanec, John 191' ' J 'xHowelI, Donna 61, 132,166 ' ' 'l-lsu, Maylin 61, 191 ,1 1 Hua,Van97 1 J L Huang,'RlchardN166, 243' , J' A Huqng,1ied97 ' , L Hubbard,1Dtonne 166 A HUDDLESTON, CANDV127, 170' 't-luddleston, Kerry 166, tiueismm, tcizviu 46, 131, 138, 241 1 1 Huffman, Angela 166 3 1 Hughes, Brien 191 , Hughie, David 60, 72, 1661 1 Hutsteurud, K. 247 ' f - Hultgren, Ken 161, 166, 206, 248, 257 Hungerford, Mike 259 Hunington, Kelly 166, 246 Hunt, Aimee 97 A . Hunt, t-ieetner 97, 249 Hunt, Tracy 30, 74, 97, 271 ' Huntzinger, Michelle 166 Huston, Beverli 191 Hutchison, Bill 166 lkemura, Alan 60, 166, 233 Inga, Anthony 22, 191, 206, 207, 239 lnga, Catherine 166 Irwin, Windy 166 ISELI, JOY 54, 127, 131 Ishak, Sonia 166 g f lshiguro,,Erica 191 7 7 lshiguro, Yuki 60, 61, 97, 224 lversen, Bret 51, 66, 77, 166 lwasaki, Robin 166, 216 Jacobs, Diana 66, 167, 216 L Jacobs, Marc 167 , ,N Jacobson, Vikki 191 J 1 1 Jacques, Robert 42, 55,'97,l228, J 229 u 6 l Jaderquist, Shontele 167 7 Jakes, Karen 105 L , James, EdwardN'191, 210, 248 James, Melissa 167 A Jansen, Ric 30,149,96, 97, 206 Janzen, Steve 71 L Jaquay, Eric ,191, Javadi, Shabnam 97 Jaworski, Paul,167 Jelenski, Heather 191, 241 Jenkins, Steve 97 Jensen, Audrey 191, 216, 247 Jensen, Lisa 155, 167, 247, 250 JESTER, ROBERTA 61, 127, 132, 133 Johanson, Brian 167, 226, 227 1 Johns, Lance 167, 233 Johnson, Devirgt,9a, , Johnson, Edwin 191, 210, 234, 238 Johnson, Jeff143,1 98 L Johnson, Ken 42, 61, 98 f L, 3 Johnsan,,Mark 98, 206, 209, 236 it Johnson, Michelle 143, 167 1 A JOHNSON, NORM 56,127, 131 1 Johnson, Robyn 191, 247 u 1 1 fu Jenneen, Scott 125, 167, 206, 229, 257 GG11 1 Johnson, ScottM. 167 7 tg ' T A Johnson, Troy 185, 191, 234 11 fi Johnston, Mike 198 g Jolliff, Jett 191 A I 1 Jones, Cherylyn 167 -1 1 7 7 Jordan, Rene 191, 198, 215, 229 Jugan, James 167 Juhn, Paul 191,210 Julian, Guy 60, 167 JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL 154, 155 JUNIOR STATESMEN 55 Juriis, Faruq 167, 206 JV CHEERLEADERS 12, 13 Kaczor, David 167 Kadonada, Debbie 167, 241 Karres, Jami 98, 113 M5 f ,MHS ilfana WY J ,gift J 14" CM 1? 590 il 25 in get tl' lil GV ttf Sl? M0 236 1511, C' W-WL 1:10011 R' iff ' LW! to Ulm ,AMY 1- me 1-es lim -1: 165 wg C155 7't5"t .r. lt, l :i vi. 1, .EW 1 ,316 t-iw T 212 7111 Di tot 15' VJ' 1-- tn- 'e Eric ' 1-4 Scot titstsi miles lt txt Cie' int-on . su le new Sh 'Maru ,M M 'ie an 'KN Sat 1 Dt '41 Nat -1 Mutt t llfmitolo -Li ffiiliiolc im, Jes J-Iteislei '-'tl BA: be I-'Chet X, Kyle 192 KATES, CHUCK 127, 134, 135 Katsaris, Tiffany 167 Kawanami, Karen 61, 71, 168 Keany, Kathleen 30. 55, 98 Keeler, Jennifer 168 Kell, Chris 168, 257 Kell, Scott 168, 257 Keller, Erik 66, 191 Keller, Tim 168, 239 L L T 1 Kelly, Gina 191 Kelly, Steele 14, 90, 119,l206, 200, 209 , , , Kelly,,Thomas 32, 160, 206, 200, 209, 236 L 1 Kenriy,'chrislyt191, 197,216 Keough, Lori 99 L it Kerfool.1Ron 165 4 Kesselman, Jennifer 61, 191, 224 KEYGLUB 42 , , , Khorramselat, Persnaz 99, 168 Kinmcharles 60, 199, 107 Kim,'l1eniy 42, 61, 99, 248, 257 Kim, James 192,248 1 Kimes, 'Kiml65, 99' 1 Kindl, Kelly 13, 63, 66, 160 King, christine 02, 99, 113, 282 King, Shelly B, 10, 16, 17, 20, 28, 99, 217 Kinney, Steve 168 Kirby, Jennifer 38, 39, 65, 99, 138 Kirk, Diane 192 Kirschner, Trevor 18, 31, 168, 212, 213, 242 , KIRWAN, DICK 125, 127 Kissler, Brad 192, 215, 238 Klein, Matt 22, 42, 192, 210, 238 Klein, Robin 61, 72, 192 Kline, Eric 192 1 Kline, Scott 168, Klanowski, Mike,42, 43, 61, 168 Koch, Cheryl 66, 192 lfoigdwacht, Kateh 168 Komma, Jett'99,'236 Kornely, Shawn 159,168 fKlass,,llgelura160,,250 4 Krause,Julief192 f fKreici, Chris 192 ,Krpata, Sabina 168 -1fTU6geT, Darin 192 Kruse, Jerry 99, 256 1 f3Klgigler,,Ngncy 51, 99 7 , f Mark 42, 155, 160, 257, 258 Kl,llflfl,cli7rtoto, Grace '61, ,99, 224, zzse ,e,, , is 0 Kuiffiamoto, Joyce 99, 192, '224, "T' 6 1 1 lKurilai,gJessica'99i' l fkuiipeisleinwleel 192, 227 , SKUREICQBARBARA 39, 127, 129 jlcufose,-neqi1d43, 169, 246, 247. S250 ' ' liemcheip Keiiiy 919,217 LaBrIe, Lara 192 Ladenes, Shauna 100 Lado, Michele 35, 169 Lamb, Jason 165, 169 Lambert, Donald 192 Lambert, Kimberly 192 Lambeth, Pike 42, 100, 262 Lambeth, Todd 169, 206 Lampe, Nikki 192, 246, 247 Lamson, Joel 192 Landis, Greg 192 Lane, Alela 169 Lanzone, Stephanie 71, 95, 100 Laplne, Tracy 100, 224 Largent, Gordon 100 Largent, Laurie 100 Larsen, Eric 192, 199, 229 Larson, Erika 61, 100, 115 Larson, Greg 192, 215, 242 Larson, Lance 91, 100, 212, 213, 242, 246 Lathrop, Ann 101, 246 Lathrop, Sherry 192 LATIN CLUB 61 Lalteri, Gregory 192 Lcltteri, Lisamarie 192 Lau, Sandra 61, 193, 251 LAUGHINGHOUSE, SUSAN 60, 127, 133 Lawhon, Dave 14, 169, 206, 208, 257 LAWRENCE, DAVE 127, 133, 142, 143 Leal, Julie 193, 241 Lee , Chen-Chen 169 , Lee, Chi-Chuan 101 L ' Lee, Graham 193, 234, 238 Lee, John 101, 248 - 9 Lee, Leonard 193 Lee Lee, , Robert 101 , Megan 61, 193, 224 Legaux, Lynne 101, 250' Legg, Cynthia 101 Lehman, David 53, 55, 101, 226, 227, 264 Lehmuth, Lawrence 193 Leiva, Jeff 42, 60, 81, 101, 248, 249 Leiva, Richard 42, 60, 66, 76, 169 Lelchuk, Ilene 43, '70, 164, 169 Lenning, Bruce 193 ' Lenning, Lora 51, 144, 169 Leo, Genevra 101 Lewis, Eric 169 Lewis, Jason 193 Lewis, Stephen 193 K Lewis, Whitney 193 Lickl, Comte 193 f Lielrl, lrel'le'169 A 1 Lillyman, Christina 193,-'241 Lim, Alice 43, 53, 55, 76, 100, 101, 138 A K 1 y Lim.Jane76,193 7 7 1 Lines, Michelle 101 ' , Llnsmeier, Gerry 23, ,27,f30, 55, 101, 106,,207, 20945 f A LIP SYNC 49 K ' Lofarogbianne 193, 247 Lolaro,'Tom 72, 87,,101,"257 Long, Larisa 101 A ' Longyear, David 169, 257 LOOKER, JERRY 127, 129, 142 Loomer, Tina 193 Lopez, Lisa 169 LORENZ, KEN 132 Lorilz, Steve 102 Loss, Eleanor 66, 72, 103 Lotter, Chantal 169 Louvlaux, Melissa 193 Lowe, Jeff 101, 102, 257 Luem, Alex 42, 102, 245 Luem, Matt 169, 171 Lukowski, Dwayne 193, 198, 259 Lundy, Sunshine 102 Luong, Angie 193 Lusk, Kevin 193, 210, 238 Lustig, Christina 102 Luyen, Hung 169, 257 Luyen, Truc 61, 102 Ly, Kolmilta 60 Lyle, Michael 169 Lynch, Kyle 193, 210, 248, 259 Lynn, Brad 30, 59, 73, 102 Mackel, Darrin 193, 215 MacKenzie, Scot 193, 215, 243 Madden, Louis 102, 206 Madigan, Bridgette 169 Madigan, Shawn 102 Madison, Katherine 169, 254 Madore, Paul 194, 259 - Magdaleno, Carmen 9 5 Maguire, Brian 157, 169, 174, 206, 229, 257 MAHONEY, PAT 127, 137 Mahony, Julie 194, 216 Mahony, Robert 169, 212, 213, 242 Maizel, Stephanie 66, 194' i Makowski, Julie 169 ,- Malo, Aaron 42, 194, 215, 242 , Mandegar, Frank 194, 215, 2435 Manning, Sandra 194, 247 - Manson, Missy 76, 170 I Marcolesco, Duwayne 102, 137, 248, 257, 264 Marcus, David 194 Maresh, Thomas 194 Marin, Victor 194 f Markey, Chris 170 Marquez, Paul 194 Marsden, Julie 5, 42, 79, 102 Marsh, Shawna 61, 194 Martian, Caryl 194, 251 Martinez, David 102 Martinez, Melissa 102 Martinez, Michelle 194 Maruoka, Kara 10, 11, 19, 56, 91, 103, 284 Marvin, Chris 194, 234 Maschner, Shannon 194 Mason, Jerry 194 Massey, Webb 103 Maslen, Carla 194, 251 Mater, Gina 42, 43, 156, 165, 170, 254 MATH DEPARTMENT 134, 135 Matheny, Sherrie 170 Mather, Stephanie 170 Matheson, Philip 194 Matlock, Ron 103 Matriciano, Pete 72, 144, 170, 257 Matsumoto, June 43, 103 Matsuoka, Deron 194, 215, 243 McCammon, Tom 37, 195 McCandIess, Mark 71, 166, 170. 239 McCartney, Shawna 194, 224, 241 McCarty, Brent 194 McCharIes, Laura 241 McCurry, Scott 105, 206 McDonald, Jerome 194 McElroy, Jeff 194 McFadden, Greg 194, 243 McGinnis, Mark 105 McGrane, Norm 56, 170, 257 Mclntyre, Lara 35, 170 McKay, Cynthia 34, 35, 38. 170 MC KHANN, PADDY 150 McLaren, David 106 McLean, Paige 61, 195 MC MAHON, MARK 206 McMasters, Heather 60, 66, 76, 77, 138, 195, 254 McNees, Jacquelyn 106 McNulty, Timothy 42, 195,i210, 229, 259 'F McPherson, Mark 5, 6, 42, 234, 238 McSherry, Pam 60, 765170, 241 McVey, Mindy 170, 246 Mei, Rodney 170 Mellody, Julle Ann'73 Mendoza, Belinda 195, 254 Mercado, Yvette 103 Mericle, Richard 103 Mericle, Thomas 195, 229 Mesaros, Catherine 170 Metcalf, Casanthra 35, 56, 170 Metsovas, Steve 171 MEULMESTER, JOHN 127, 147, 247 Meyer, Chris 171 Michael, Kelly 103 Militello, Gina 195 Milks, Kim 195 Miller Heather 66, 195 Miller Jeanette 43, 104 Miller Jeff 42, 104 Miller, Jennifer 171 Miller Kimberly 71, 171 Miller Rebecca 43 Miller Robert 48 Miller Miller Samantha 19, 63, 171 Todd 104 110 257 Minger, Julie 104, 195 Minton, Denise 104 Mirtle, Debie 195, 196 Mitchell, Donye 48 Mitchell, Mary 104 Miyawaki, Joanne 63, 104 Mizyed, Simon 171 Moffat, Dan 72, 104, 233 Moffat, Dennis 104 Mohler, David 195 Mohrhoff, Karen 171 Molinari, Felicia 66, 71, 72, 195 Molinari, Pete 14, 55, 72, 73, 104, 119, 206 KA TES-Molinari Monroe, Bob 171 Monroe, Darryl 195, 214, 215 Monsees, Mark 105 Monteer, Brian 105 Monteith, Robert 19, 171, 206 MOODY, DENNIS 127, 129, 210, 238 Moore, Brian Moore, Dana 62, 63, 171 Moore, David 195 MOORE, KAREN 127, 142, 144 Moore, Laureen 71, 171, 250 Moore, Melissa 195 Morales, Brian 105, 206 Morales, Lisa 171 MOrdOCk, Craig 17, 30, 31, 72, 105, 212, 213 Moresco, Raymond 195 Morgan, Rachael 171 Morgan, Tracy 60, 195 Morrel, Brenda 195 Morris, Nancy 105 Morrison, David 42, 65, 105 Morrow, Christopher 22, 195, 234 Mortensen, Brent 195, 234 MORTON, BARBARA 127, 131 Morton, Lisa 195 Mothes, Cheryl 105 Mowbray Bridget 105 Mowrey Cynthia3 6,158 171 MULFORD, MADELINE 130, 131 Mullen Kelly 61, 196 Munoz Marcela 171 Murphy Chris 105 206 236 Murphy Jeff 171 MURPHY RUSS 127 129 210 MUSlC DEPARTMENT 138 139 Muth Shannon 12 13 171 Mutz Scott 236 Myhren Becky 105 Myhren David 171 Nagao Chris 172 Nakamura Carol 60 172 224 Nakamura Roy 72 106 Nakhjavanl Arash 229 Naruse Kathleen 66 77 172 216 Navarro Randolt 185 196 Naya Rebecca 76 172 Nelson Donald 196 Nelson Heidi 196 Nelson Jamie 5 14 28 49 106 206 208 209 248 257 Nehon Nehon Nehon Nekon Nehon Nehon Nehon John 106 Kasey 31 132 196 259 Melanie 106 Peter 55 106 213 Sherrda 196 Todd 196 210 Tracy 20 43 172 Newman Brandi 71 255 Newman Nyla 172 Ng Gene 172 257 NHS 43 Nichols Michelle 157 172 Nickel, Kevin 196 Nickerson, Kerri 65, 196 Nied, Fred 166, 172 Niemann, Nicol 97 Nikookary, Kay 73, 106, 241 Nixon, Julie 106 Noble, Keith 172 Nodiumi, Jasmin 106 Norman, Chris 60, 172, 241 Nowak, KC 29, 43, 155, 172, 212, 213, 242 Nowicki, Peter 233, 234 Nunez, Jason 172, 257, 258 g OCHOA, DAVE 127, 236 O Day, Amy 196 ODYSSEY STAFF 56, 57 Oh, Chris 42, 43, 56, 57, 106, 293, 297 Oh, John 210 Oh Sam 23 42 55, 61 106 206 Ohlsen Craig 196 Ok Ann 43 55 106 Oliveri, Kristen 63 173 Olquin Stacey 173 247 Olsen Darcy 60 Olsen Jett196 215 Olsen Melissa 106 OPENING 1 ORACLE STAFF 58 59 Ortega Noemr 173 Ortiz Les 49 76 106 206 Osowskr Steve 106 268 Osumr Audrey 12 13 173 Osumr Sandra 8 61 62 63 91 107 266 Oullet Janna 246 Ouzounran Sarah 43 51 107 Pacettr Scott 196 Pacheco Oscar 173 Pagulayan Gerry 107 142 Palmroth Anthony 196 Pangburn Krista 107 Paproskr Mark 196 259 Parashak Mary Ann 168 173 Parekh Sachin 42 61 173 Park Sandra 39 196 Parker Adrienne 108 Parker Jett 60 196 234 238 PARRISH MASHA 150 Parsons Scott 185 196 234 Patel Prrty 61 197 Patina Steve 91 108 236 Patnode Angela 173 Patrick Jennrfer197 224 Patrick Wendy 10 11 108 Paul Mindy 97 108 Monroe Romero 3 ' ' ' ' ' 257 ' , ' , 'W . , , ,255 1 -I ' r , H' , , 1 A - , 0:4 , , , , ' 1 , , :111 . ' . , , , g , , wel , I, , ' , , :IJ 0 . ' ', , , ' , TS: 'r ,,.,. ' , . MC , f , ' , ltr-5 r ' r Wi i 1 ' ' i . r ,lt ' , . 111 ' . 1 1 is . ' ' ' ' ' , ' P111 ' 143 ' ' , ii r r 1 . I MQGE . 1 ' ' , ' , ' 00 ' . , , , , 109, ' M ' ' ' ' ' 138 ' ' W-W r r I . ' . 1 ,mom - r ' 1 - ' 1 r - 1111 ' . . 'l . Prigmore, snoere 109, 116, 277 ' 1 im: ' "" ' ' ' , , ' ' ' ' Mm I ' ' ' ' I ' , - 1 1 I a J Y gum ' ' ' ' , 4 ' ' ' - 'ilituq f . - ' ' ' . ' - , , , - we r - . Y . V 1 Y 1 , mm ' . ' ' ' , ' ' ' , 1 1 1 T ' ' lain, , , , , ' , 7 l 1 in ,' We , - I - , ' 1 1 - it 1 ' ' ' ' illlei , , ' Y ' 1 MNH , I ' , ' , ' r " i , 1 i i ' 1559, ' , , , ,285 , ' l ' ' Wa ' y ' , , ' , ' ' iwhl - - ' C1155 6 6 .102 . Paulson, Arnie 42, 43, 108 g Paulson, Frank 48, 173, 177, 206, 229 , PE DEPARTMENT 144, 145 1 1 f Peery, Robert 108, 229! ' X, ' 1 PENDELTON, JO ANN 73. P127,r1.48,' 149 " . ' PEP cius 73 in A 7 w 2 A - Perez, Delia 43, 108 , L Perez, Jackie 60, 73, 173' 1 Perreira, Candle ,197 ' i Perrine, JanelY1'7'3 ' 1 , 2 Person, Trutee197, L A 5 Peterson, corny 197' A Peterson, Jeff 197, 210, 24042591 -Peterson, Lizi173 , 1 5 Pham, Khdnh-197 1 7 it Pham, Mal 197 , f' 3 Phelps, Karen 108, 254 1 Piantidosi, Tina 42, 53,t108, 240, 241 Picano, Gaylene'30, 31, 108, 247' f ii Pin, Didaro 197 ' ' Pin, Dina 60, 197 1 f Pineda, Danny 45 'Q -1, Pinzon Lillian 65 i , Piper, David 42, 61, 77, 172, 173, X Pizzello Angela 108 Plank Paul 61 197 PLEINES ELANORE 124 Pointer Christine 197 246 Pointer Paula108 246 Pollak Jett 197 Pollard Crarg108 236 Pollrn Lrnda172 173 Pool Jennrter 108 POOLE BARBARA 145 Popeloy Mike 173 POPOV VAL 232 Porter Robert 109 Porter Ron197 234 Potter Mike 197 Poulson Sean 197 Powell Genevieve 197 Powell Jennifer 173 Powers Mike 42 55 73 88 109 PRACTICAL ARTS DEPARTMENT 142 Pratt Mia 109 116 Preston Colleen 197 251 Preston Sandra 35 38 39 Price Tim 109 Price Uzama 62 63 Prrtts Paul 173 PROFFITT JIM 127 134 Prosser Faith 197 Proud Wayne 197 Puccro Karen 109 173 Purrnton Vince Pyne Shannon 197 QUARTUCCI JOE 125 127 'RCIbUl'Tg Lance 198,, 210,239 Radmqcher, Leslie 109 f r Radmacher, Scott 198 7 ,1 Rainvjlle, Gary 42,-1107, 4 Rallrson, Eric,110, 244 9,9 Ramirez, Charles 173 Pornarez, Tino 60,j173,' 246.1 254 " Ramos,,CarI174- Q J Ramosfrodd 14, 53156, 574610172 73, 1110, 128, 206, 207, 209, 222 256,257,234 Ramsey, Kevin 110, 248 1' 1' 1 annex, Lynda 110' in Rdrtck, 5uzanne'1198 , ,isi Randall, Jett 155,51 206 Randels, Ranae 28f60, 174, 224 Rasmussen, Jamie 198 l 'F if iRaw1ey,Krisrin19a if it 5 Raya Valarie 59 174 2 5 Erzoyrnona Mark 110 198-1 1 REC NIGHTS 48 ' " " Reddick Darren 198, 2381 - f 3 Reed Mark 198 1 - -f Reese Cari 62 63 66 1584174 Reeve Jessica 198 ' X- 1 Reeves Janette 35 38 198 - Regret Paul 198 ji 9 Remelin Autumn 198 5 Renzi Steven 198 210 Q y Restrepo Berta 198 1 Rettig DJ 73 86 , , Reviea Denise 174 ,- 1 !,V' 1, Reynolds Stephanie 161, 17417: , 7 Rhoades Shelley 174 n 1 ' RICHARDS BOB 206 Richardson Denise 174 L ' Richardson Jett 110 7 Richardson Kevin 44 45 ' 'ff Rickers Beth 174 Ricks Sidney 174 239 Riley Patrick 238 Rink Debra 174 Ristic Natasia 198 Ro Charles 198 259 Roberts David 174 Roberts Jill 198 241 Roberts Tom 110 Robertson Shawna 1 Robinson Ken 87 174 229 2311. Roby Seqnb 7 '174 1213124262436 Rodney Jett 23 85 11012063 Rodriguez Darlene'174 g Rodriguez Patricla'174 ' y Rodriguez Sally 110 2471 i Roell Bryan 174 f ' Roelle Lea,1981 ,E 1 4 Pie' 3 R610 'USC10 15151 92 111 Rolison Martha 198 , R0i0I"l'i'Z,DGYid 92 111 236 280 iivs Romandy- Jennifer 65 66 11987 Romero Carolyn 42 111 229 254 267 1 W' W W ,nel 1' ,'-t rwtft' case! WU 219 writ Mi 55,19 mi? ggggilli 2? 6159.91 :QW lutliiif tom 5 PWR W 9' QM, Mt was C an tal :Meir lg' And me IJ9, lla. tru ! ne: , ifitil 1 rm 3-31- i Qs its 3: Wtfvwf I1 1RRrnmei,orifistRpner 42 76 175 I Ramosky Tawnra175 IJ 1 LQQQMQY MarY111 Rooney Sally 59 175 Roi' 7 WQRK EXPERIENCE 146 147 Roper cathy 175 Rose Alison 37 75 77 111 Rtlse Dave 29 111 206 208 209. Rosen Adam 42 198 238' I Rosen, Todd 111 , Ra!-s I-leather-175 198 I Ross I-leatherM1247 254 Ross, Jurae 56 57 81 111250, Ross,Susanne1121 I 1 1 " Rosser, Lori 76 175 , Roth Thomas 190 234 238 Round Susan 168 175 254 Royce Richard 111 Royce Ronald 198 Rubin Marty 111 I 1 Rueda Chnstrne Rutt Paul 199 215 I Runge Ray 175 Rust Andrena 42,111 2461 Ryan Dave199 234 239 Ryshkus, Susanne 1175 7 791, ,, W 493111, , 1,1511 .J 45511-i' M' 7 fiitriiff Q, X ' .-1:14111 1 1151511 'ix if '15 ' r , 33USf5Qif:?3,i5 1 " .1 1--1,1111 11:11 11121 -1111 1 giwgg-1-om'-111,,,., 1 . 1., , 911.51113 A -11 3115 ' . I " :111 ' '.1,1,11 - 11 ' .. . .,'1l , r 1 11, ,Q 1 ' 'Ir ' 1 ' , 1 I . EIN 1 1 - -,II 2 1 11: .1 '1 ' 1 1111 1 1' , , I ' 1 ' " r 1 rift fr ', -n,1i:Iiz,,I, 1-15' 1 1' 1 1 1 1' 1 ' ' 11 f " tiff-Q1 1. ' s 1 i 1 I., - . 5.1, - 'ffwgigp V 5,2284 1 1 , , 111:14-s'i1 vw - "1'11ir:1 I ' I 1 1 1 11 r f 1' ' x ,1 mf 1 1 r , ,r 1 1 . .U 1' . 1: ,V 'edt . 0 11, 'I1 " 1 , ,V 1 y t 1 1 ,W l X I , 1 4 171 , y x 1 1 r i I 'W 111 ' '7 3, such, Eric 42, 175, 256, 257 , 46 3 ff FISADIE HAWKINS 58, 69 I sAk40E,11aon1127, 142, 144, 145 I M1fSakaue,Kim 111, 224 s5ne1ref1199 1 Suicide, Christine 1195, 199, 201 Brian 199 1 1 I saiueifini, Howard 23, 112, 236, , 1 237,,1.273 , 111, 1 , , Salgado, Brian 112 'W1i1,Sar1zer,11BecIry 197, 199 , ,5Salzburger, ,Jason 229 Mfwmffsgmadi, FGIIIHS412 ee5rgei199, 23a 1,1 199, 215, 1243 11,, ,,v,, sdmg5ls,i'3a5k 20, 49, 112, 205 1 121 11111 11,, 1 82,7112 I sanreId,,Isagnnerni 17511, ,,,, 1 1 , nsanggrcig I5Har5rt1155, 139911 I 1 I ereQ6tw9, 2271? G I Randy 112,, 24a,,257 , Saun3raiiIti1fjBrent 117, 226, 11 f I I Brian 55, 72, 112,! schq8e1i,Kim199 11111111 11 I Lorignnn 1175 , Jenniter 199. '151 I SCHANAFELT, RAY 11257gr148, 1494, 1,1 ,ge scniegggnenwsthrl.75,2ii175 ,,, , Q Schilling, Jenny 199,251 11251, , Schlicltt, Cory 199' I SCHNBtDER,JEAN!1127.1,34 J 1111111211 Schrader, Eric 199 Schrank, Joe 257 Schubert, Dina 112 Schuttert, Teri 199 Schulkey, Jacquelyn 34, 35, 200 Schulkey, Robert 37, 113 Schultz, Robert 72, 200 Schwartz, Rick 113 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT 136, 137 Scott, Jody 175, 241 Scott, Shauna 175 Sdrales, James 113 Seabold, Sherry 176 Seaman, Donald 200 Seeley, Ariana 62, 63, 66, 99, 113, 267 Segreto, John 200 Selby, Nadine 176 Selby, Pamela 176 Semaza, Mike 176, 229, 230 SENIOR PANORAMIC PICTURE 24, 25 SENIOR SECTION 78 Sessions, Kim 113 Setera, Anna 176 Seyler, Victoria 113, 229 Shah, Michael 43, 61,1113 Shakhverdyan, Edwin 66, 200 Shamlou, Shawn 200, 243 Shaw, Kathy 113, 246, 247 Sheeks, Beverly 200 SHELTON, DAVE 127, 129, 246 Shelton, Joe 176 ,1 , 1 , Sheridan, Wendy 200, 224 Sherman, Samantha, 3, 5, 6, 7, 60, 200 Shields, Joel 114 1 Shlhaa, Matt 176, 226 -Shull, Mislyann1200 Shuto,'Yoichiro 60, 176, 227 Sidwell, Amy 4, 6,155, 114 , Siebert, Dan 114 I Siegel, Jill 56, 114, 155, 161, 176, 246, 254 I Silverfberg, Mlchelle Silvers, Shawn 200, 216 Simmons, Richard 83, 114, 236 simon, Jim142, 200, 244 1 Simon, Steve 4, 6, 7, 114 Sinclair, Jamie 114, 200 singermun, Sharon 197, 200 sipe, Jim 114, 233 Sitner, Paul 200 Skaft, Mechelle 200 SKATEBOARD FEATURE 44, 45 ski CLUB 46 I Slawson, Erin 31, 56,59, 155, 161, 176 I Smith. Anthony 176 Smith, Barbara 114, 247 1'Smith, Chip 200, 210, 250 SMITH, 'DARLENE 150 ' , Smith, Doug 114, 233 SMITH, ,IELBERT 27 Smith, Jennifer 103, 115 smlriig JERRY 205 Smitlj,'Jimmy 115 , smirn, Lean '115 Smith, Leqnna 115 Smith, Michelle 59, 82, 115 smrrr-I. SHERRY in Strawn, Ronda 201 Smith, Stephen 34, 61, 65, 200 Snallum, Keri 56, 57, 59, 115, 276, 296 Snallum, Kyle 6, 42, 200, 236 Sneed, Danielle 198, 200, 251 Soares, Fred 200, 210 SOCCER, BOYS 250, 251 SOCCER, GIRLS 248, 249 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT 128, 129 SOFTBALL 246, 247 Solinger, Randy 200 Solinski, Audris 115 SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL 180, 181 Sorenson, Amy 176 Sorenson, Jim 42, 73, 115, 228, 229, 257 SOUND SYSTEM 76 Spalding, Brent 77, 176, 227, 248 SPANIH CLUB 60 Spargo, Michele 115 Sparks, Arvil 22, 200 SPECIAL EDUCATION 148, 149 Spector, Daryl 200, 234 Spees, Jason 201 SPIRIT DAY 20, 21, 22, 23 SPORTS FEATURE 28, 29 SPORTS SECTION 204 Spry, Dennis 201, 259 ST. HILIARE, BARBARA 150 Stabile, Carrin 115 STAFF PICTURE 126, 127 Starrett, Casey 42, 66, 84, 116, 206 Stasiuk, Tanya 116 Staub, Ronald 176 Staudenmaier, Kim 116 Steensland, Lara 30, 31, 42, 43, 53, 55, 74, 81, 100, 116,246 Steiner, Amil 32, 93, 169, 176, 206 Steinemil 32, 93, 169, 176, 206 Steiner, Kristie 116 STEINER, WILLIAM 124 Stemmler, Elle 43, 176 Stephens, Kim 4, 116 Stephens, Lisa 201 Stephenson, Kelly 116, 246, 250 Steuber, Randy 73, 117, 206, 258 Stevens, Rebecca 6, 7, 201 Stevens, William 63, 177 Stewaart, Michele 107, 117 Stewart, Chris 42, 81, 116, 244, 245 Stagsdill, Melissa 177 Stone, Simon 61, 177 Starck, Chris 177, 233 Stovall, Scott 159, 177, 206, 244 Strachan, Deanna 20, 76, 77, 177 Stransky, Laurie 117 Stralfard,'Tim 201 Strayer, Marty 201, 210, 229 Stream, Jenniter 177 Slram,1Tlna 65, 177 Stuart, Elizabeth 22, 63, 155, 247, 254 STUDENT LIFE SECTION 26 Stuetzel, Carl 177 Stwasz, Teresa 201 Sullivan, Cynthia 143 Sullivan, Garrett 177 177, Sullivan, Kerry 177 Sullivan, Patrick 65, 66, 141, 201 Sullivan, Shawn 177 Sulzberger, Jason 198, 201, 215 Summers, Mark 201, 259 Sumrall, Brent 117, 226, 227 SUPPORT STAFF 150, 151 Survillas, Tami 176 Swearengin, Karen 201 Swetz, David 201 Swetz, Joseph 117 SWIMMING, BOYS 242, 243 SWIMMING, GIRLS 240, 241 Swope, Meritt 177, 206 SYLER, LUELLA 127, 142 Szabo, Abigel 60, 117, 254 Takimuto, Naritoshi 201 Talavera, Genalyn 56, 57, 154, 170, 178 Talian, Carole 2, 54, 178, 255 Talley, Denise 201, 254 Tamaariki, Moana 89, 117 Tan, Vitthara 178, 226, 227 Tang, Linh 178 Tang, My 117 Tanner, Brett 178, 233 Tanner, Richard 117 TARABILDA, STEVE 72, 127, 136, 137 250 Tcrvernier, David 178 Tavoularis, Katherine 201 Taylor, Vicky 65 Teeter, Sheryn 178 TENNIS, BOYS 226, 227 Testa, Darin 56, 57, 156, 173, 178, 229 THIELMAN, JULIA 3, 30, 125, 127 Thomas, David 125, 178, 239 Thomas, Ivan 178, 233 Thomas, Kelly 30, 31, 61, 117 Thomas, Kurian 201 Thomas, Trayce 66, 201 Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson Thompson Deavina 201 Jeremy 41, 178 Marie 117 Natalie 74, 201, 215 , Tisha 49, 201, 273 Thomson, Jill 118 THONER, PHIL 127, 131, 210 Thornburgh, Richard 201, 210, 238 Thrasher, Kathleen 61, 201, 247, 255 Thurston, Matt 178, 233 Tibitoski, Paul 202 Till, Sheila 202, 247 Tillou, Susan 202 Tobin,Darrin 65 Todd, Steve 45, 118 Tomlinson, Bob 42, 178, 257 Tomlinson, Cheryl 113, 118, 136, 246, 250 Torres, Angelo 178 Torres, Robert 178 Rommel- Torres 1 Toth, Travis 245 Townsend, Tracy 202, 247 TRACK, BOYS 256, 257, 258, 259 TRACK, GIRLS 254, 255 Tran, Vu 178 Trinh, Mai 43, 118 Trinh, Thanh 178 Tu, Tammy 118 Tubbs, Lori 118 Tubbs, Shannon 202 Tucker, Michael 178, 233 Tunstall, Michele 74, 202 Turner, Regina 202 Turville, Shannon 132 U uenyiirmeii 61,11i63,11178, 254 5 51 lUlikiQDerrelrN202', 'A J 1 UNDERQLASS SECTION 152 , T Underwood, Craig 167, 178 T Underwood, Kelli! 118 Valdivia, '1 1 1 Valentine, Trisha 62, 63,j76Q ,77, 841, 141, 254, 284 11 1 ' Vance,Staeey 2021 'T vqnce, susan 56, 60, 11118, 225, 2331 vanaegrifi, Michael' 202 1 .Vdnderslui's, Jason 22021, 259 von l-iueren, Barrick 118 1 Van Meter, .lay 118, , JN Van Me-ter,1Vince 202,1,210 1 f VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 110, 111 yf VARSWYCLUB 72 'J , 1 J VARSTIY SQNGLEADERS 8,1 9 ' - ,VerduIt,1Christine 119' 7 S vert, Michael s,FT2o, 27, iso, 42, sa, ,66,,,87,1191 1 5 1 i 7 vicario, Kristine '31,12'l78,1254, .C Villa, Joseph 202 , , 1 f Villasenor, Franki'2Q2,1210 Viscounty,,Sherry11.78 1 T Viter, Shane 119 T J 'N Q' T Vitols, Talis 119, 2421 Viickl, Derrick 259 1 T viier, Melanie 66, 138, 176 ,o VOLLEYBALL 218, 2.19 Vonada, Cherie 119 Valava, Leslie 66, 175, 178 1 1 Voyen, Dave 23, 48, 52, 55, 56,-57, 66, 119.296 Waechter, Staci 119 romzuldak Wagstatt, Michele 202 WAHL, KURT 127, 137 Wahl, Mike 202 Wakamolo, Ken 42, 56, 119 Wakefield, Matt 119, 227 Wakeham, Dana 84, 119 Waldow, Bob 61, 178, 227 Waldrip, Andrew 185, 202, 233, 234 Walencewicz, Renee 55, 120 Walker, Curtis 178 WALKER, STEVE "FLASH" 206 Wallace, Matt 178, 248, 257 Walters, Jason 229 Walther, Paul 202, 258, 259 Walton, Jeff 202, 259 Wang, Winnie 35, 60, 178 2 3 Wares, Scott 202 , 1. - WARNER, KAREN 127, 132, 133 Warren, John 120 Af . Warren, Kristen 120 i , 1 T Wartburg, Bob 178 l Washington, Daniel 65, 165, 178, 257 9 T ' Wasserman, Jettt120 l J T 1 Wasson., Lisa 178 i . ' ' WATER POLO 212, 1213, 2114,Q2'lf5,i 2 216,217 - 1, ' f ' . , 1 t Waters, BryanN202 l A 2 wuirouspnhn 202, 234, 2239 , l Walton, David'120, 272 T . webb, Lanis, 202, 215, 243, Weber, Daniel 65, 2021 f T 1 3 websrei, Beverly, 63, 77, 173 Wedclerien,,l-leather 1,78 1 1 Weissenmayer, Karl 42, 120 l weissrriun, Robin,10,,11, 51,120 A Wells, TOCld 198, 2D3,.s214g 2115, 243 lWelrners,'lrisha 178 T 2 'K Werner, Jetry12D3, 248 1 West,ilRandi 179 1' Weston, Wendie 60, 1201 1 f , , WHITAKER, NEVA 150 ir T WHITE, QAVE 127, 131, '1 ' Wiedeman, Mark 203 T wiicox,Ricii 203 A l 2 , Wilkerson, Cash 2291 1 , 1 , Wilkerson, Jason 27, 125, 1604179 Willey, Be'lh'203, 241 - ' 1' , Williams, DaviClf22, 120 , Williams, Deena 203 Williams, Kim 43,,60, 61, 66, 179 Williams, Michael 179 1 WILLlAM5.1ROD127, 134 ' Williams, Tracie 179, 217 Williamson, ,Karin 51, 55, 66, 77, 120 , Williamson, Paul 203, 210, 245 Willis, Jasonj203, 229 Willoughby, Suzan 120, 224 wins, Justin 203 T Wilson, Brian 203, 248 l Wilson, Candace 36, 42, 66, 120, 138 , , Wilson, Loribeth 179 Winnie, Laura 203 Winston, Par 179 WINTER FORMAL 52, 53 wise, Dave 42, ss, 73, 120, 266, 296 ' Wilhrow, Victoria 120 Witt, Tara 121 2 2 Woiahn, Bethany 203 Woiahn, Trudy 60, 121, 138 Wolf, Donald 203 1 Woltte, Michael 72, 203 Wolfson, Alex 203 Wolters, Jason 179 WON, SYLVIA 127, 140 Wood, Jaime 121 Woodall, Allyson 179 Woolery, Erin 198,,203, 251 WRESTLING 228, 229, 230, 231 Wright, Cindy 155, 179 Wright, Rhonda 60, 203 Writer,iJeff 179i o, - Wynsen, Jenifer 5, 11, 61, 121 Wynsen, Mike 4, 6, 42, 53, 55, 79, 80, 81, 121 3 vAci-ir cms 471 YGCOUD-ZGdah,,N0reik 63, 76, 77, yumggakl, David 4.2, 55, 73, 121, 22? Yeager, Jeff 179 Yee, Kevin 60, 203 Yee, Terrance 42, 60, 121, 206, 229 Yeilowhorse, rzuperi 179, 229, 257 Yensen, ChristY 203, YIM, rom 125 5 1 Young, AmY,61, 65, 203 Young, Donald,179, 292, Young, Jett 42, 121, 233 Young, Miahele 59, 179,247 1 vuqn, :Ruby 62, 63. '93.i,1?1, 2975 , wr Zaremba, Jett 14, 19, 23, 56, 72, 91, 121, 206, 208, 257, 269 Zeltzer, Jennifer 121 Ziegler, Cheri 121 Zigich, Karen 203 Zukow, Tonya 121 Zuldak, Scott 179 121 , ,i 1 , ' i index by Davra Wise, Jill Seigel, Todd Ramos 51 Staff 1 1 ,1i, i J COLOPI-ION SPARTAN REPUBLIC, the 22nd volume of Villa Park High Schools Odys- seyqwas printed by Herft Jones Yearbook Company of lvlarceline, Missouri, in ci 9 x 12 format with 304 pages. The pages were printed on 100 pound Calais paper using both black and white halftones and four-color process pictures and copy. The end sheets were printed on white EX1 1 Color-text stock with tan spot color, The cover design was a four-color process frorn artwork in watercolor and colored pencil, with dry-transfer lettering, The concept was adapted from the Banana Republic Catalogues, and the artwork drawn by Ruby Yuan. 1320 copies were printed. Body copy and captions were printed in 12 point and 10 point Avanti Garde Book respectively, with the travelogues set in 10 point Avant Garde Book Italic. lvlain headlines were set in 42 point Chelsea Black, subheads in 30 point Chelsea Light, and kickers in 18 point Serif Gothic Light, Division page headlines and all page numbers were printed in various sizes of Stencil, and folios were set in 12 point Serif Gothic Bold italic. Underclass mug shots were photographed by Portrait World, and Senior Portraits by Albert 81 James, who also provided supplies, film processing, and color printing. All candids and black and white pro- cessing and printing were done by the ODYSSEY staff. , r T,.f.,N H, wg' Y' gfxf ' 'L Xa! v 1' It 5 x FF QEVMWI 'TMJVI '1"f'm5C '-4 'E .ii it 'K . Q2 7 ' 4 Spwtw Maile aaivilcili . .....,e6.4,-----vf, Jae-19 i .l 'f a QQ iQ ill ' s Q Q 0i39S3 9 r 1 :if

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