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Qwuuo1Gm4w:awm QW 0 H1LjEO UOKUU WWW . . QD KQV1!bfL.QfLd'KllflHc4X H006 O JD UBOU VM and mp vvwcm LJBQYLA lAGwmNL1Acwxugfl.k vffmfzafwi J if HRW wi alwwj J! JCI, 17 U Ll 'UM .fffivi UVNQ23 lm UM JZ jjo Jimfwi K UMM VJ! QW, CM fy Q KJLUQ! Q tkldvbuid Lfalyffff . A Jw LLL wma , MM bf TM MUN WM Q30 me f wp Qdwfdf Md mwj K3 wbjb EU 1 I :Q L - I xwx UK UM 553 W WL? ' Q, MM gi lk LLUQ UVUL Ml! ' L' L f " 5 ' LM fx UL MY W U , 54 vm Wu wwM X UM 'wif A Nga cm W x E Omxltuuccup mwzulq Ov WSL 1 ,f'K,QgYlCK,UL, 3Ofl.0CUA fl ,! ' Zu LAQULJ QAGNUUL CQUAAFI GUM GKUW? UWM' ,M VVLGU My QU mln would VLUFR will U-lil LQZQ , Q K VUL Wygj' rj VDJAQ UQJAA -,.dJJ',,rn!i-fn,A-R., fx! ,J K NJ N I 2 X ! l Y f P I Vylj , Lf 1-QIXWAE ixnmwmy CQ. JWMZ HW fQ5v4XLLQ jllpfgwf M1 WL Wm ff U Swim, Cover by c:.l.goTChell H U QMW MAYQ-f,iZjffMf4Q40kfgiW6Q?jm Qywnd, fAWfgJ '2f !y w,,WMQ , f f X I , ' MMM FM . QW! f M ,Z fu ,3 I ,L JQJW fJvQf!fZ'6A'N f ' HMff'?1 Wi 11 ma Qmgwwfwffwf awww WW? Wwfpf ,5,,,z04vff5Wf3WM,L1WW?jjfzL A 4 QWWM fMgwM7w1fMwMQN ' MW? V923 WM GUIDE MQj?WJ W W A ' 1' 6 w Qb?iw5g W ' H lsvwi MQW I Ju ' Maw ML ,ly , f" 50 iw? . h N ' 1 J gm , uf GJ' 1 .VU y ,y V Qc ' 6 f Krug? 7 A. wwf Oilily! WMM - CML MN If 'ufl1'r'Ll5 KJ? wwe KQCJLS 'dw U? ' Dm? 11610964 p 1 4 an W an My l o t , 1 V I 5 1 sin li' 'f j - J", A Q 6 HQ l . gi . , r ODYSSEY 19th Edition Editor in Chief Villa Park High School Mary Giannetakis 18042 Taft Ave. Photographers Villa Park, California Richard Ackley 92667 Russell Jones Dirk Wakeham Advisor Norm Johnson Opening ........... ...... 1 Faculty X Academics .... 156 Seniors ......................... 16 Sports ......................... 184 Student Life I Sophomores ............... 254 Clubs I Organizations .... 64 Advertisements! Juniors ........................ 130 lndexfClosing ............ 278 l D EX 4. 1' Mf' . 'NO' 2 I n M.-M 421' Qi N h 'E w " " ' 11 4 41- V ,,,., ,B ,, I 1 1 'Wi . A ,if ,v T f. . ' W at N Op lgphtk Ill Ph tk IIJ i2RlhA Sometimes we choose to look at the past rather than the future. lt's too bad we can't replay the special times of our lives such os high school doys. Going through our tapes and pulling out events such as our first date, or the times spent with friends. Do you remember the donces and football gomes we attended and the late nights devoted to paint- ing signs for spirit week or elections? These are all memories stored owoy in our minds waiting for the perfect chance to come out again. Do you remember everyone running on the field at the end of o game and holding their finger high to show pride in VPHS? It didn't make o difference who won or lost, we were all there to shore in the victo- ries or defeats. I hope this book will help us all remember high school life at VPHS. Help us to remember the friends we ate with and did homework with and went out with: and most of all remember the unity, spirit, and pride we always showed in everything we did. 15 COACH HUGHES comments on the football team's potential. But players RONNIE BEHNKE, GLENN PETTY, EDDIE SMITH and JASON ALLEN, were distracted by the cheerleaders. 25 JIMMY CHESEMORE shows his enthusiasm at the onion eating assembly. This year's assemblies created more spirit among the students at VPHS. 2 , 2 f G 1 W W W'1, 4 fr Q W ' Hz ri tr sl, ' P g by M G Ph 146 Rlch A k Ph I 2 Mary Gian Ph 5, Russell Jones Ph 3. Dlrk Wakeham We all woke up each morning, ate breakfast and gathered our stuff for school. We went through each day as we had the day before: going to first and second period, talking to friends during nutrition, and trudging on to third and fourth period. We went to lunch and talked to our friends again. Some of us went home, but others had to stay for fifth and sixth period. This all sounds pretty boring, right CDon't bother answering thatb? We had to break up our daily routine some- how. Do you remember those days when we couldn't resist ditching at least one class to go out to lunch or on a donut run? Assemblies and lunch activities also helped to liven up some of our dull days at VPHS. But we should replay some of those interesting days in our minds instead of the ordinary every- day ones. Then we can create the high school we wanted through our memories. 1J MARY GIANNETAKIS and LESLIE SCHWARTZ scout for hunks 50's style. 2D CAROLINE HUNT and MARION BAVAND eat their fruit bars together at lunch. SJ MR. KURT WAHL explains to STEVE BABA about mole weight. 43 THERESA ROONEY shows JAMIE SENNET, LYNETTE KOPYCHI and APRIL ROCK her new filling. 5D TOM MAHONEY gives his sister, JILL, a ride to school. 63 MARY KAY POWELL relives her childhood days. if I I When we look bock ot our high school doys, we're bound to think of love ond the people we shored it with. We'll think of friends from VPHS ond wonder where they ore, whot they ore doing, where they ore living, ond who they ore with. And we're bound to think of thot speciol romonce thot storted in school ond, who knows, moybe never ended Cmoybe it never did stort, come to think of ith. If we could just ploy re-runs of those speciol mo- ments, I know we would ploy them over ond over ogoin, trying to hold on to thot feeling of together- ness for os long os we possibly con, but, of course, we know we con't. But we con remember how it wos then. We con think bock to those doys of wolking the compus together, sitting on o bench, going out every week- end, or deoling with porents who just couldn't un- derstond our feelings. 15 The beoch ot sunset con creote o very romontic atmosphere. 25 JENNIFER HOLMES ond WESLEY JACOBS walk orm in orm through compus. SJ SCOTT JOHNSTON ond DEBBIE EDWARDS eot their ice creom ot the bonono split rec night. 43 BOBBY WIGINTON ond BETH DUFAULT shore o kiss before return- ing to closs. 53 MIKE MCGOWAN ond JOY BAKER shore eoch other's compony ot o VPHS footboll gome. 65 JENNY GLASMAN ond JOHN CARROLL converse over lunch. I Z1 ' f I H4 I 9 ' ? lf' 7' , 1 2 ,X M 70 ,f ,L 4, ' ' ,ff , 1 'y K' lf- , ,, fi if 6, ,' .' ' :EP W w ff' y . , Y ,-Q ,. ff l f I f f l ff f Happinessffand smiles are what high school is all about, right? Wrong, it wasn't all happiness and smiles, we all had our bad moods and l'm sure our friends could tell us all about them. Maybe it was failing a fesf or seeing the person we liked with someone else that made us feel sad. But if we go back and look at all the happy moments we shared to- gether at VPHS we discover the happy moments outweighed the sad ones. tn KIM FONTANA, JoHN ROBILLARD, and JILL BIESHAAR enjoy each other's com- pany at lunch. Happy moments like this are meant to be remembered. X X X ff ff X f X , f P g by M.G. lf! Ph a Dlrk Wakeham ff f If f V ,, ' t F cf: f K, c xl, . , . .W vfl 1 V fi grf ' ni V '- V 1 fr 1-X , V-7 Y f rf- -- f- Wi W w-1 V , .V',X,'x, K ,..Jxi ,Y iw -nf ,M X X X-. , -,V , -N' Vf,f1. x. , .K .gf X ay VNV' R' Nr " X ' x -V .Qy xx,f .J-N .X fx' "W X' ' L 'g-. gx+X,.1',.-. ,, M. Qyx ,N-,X pm Ex, ., , X VC. , ,NFA - hm... guyvf, Q ,X 1 x-J -F -M 1 TE-f4,g, , AQXA -' Y 1 J Z Q, HX . W A- if , ' ' X 7 5 4 - iz sw". u-1,,fQ'? --I VN 9 N , ,3 , N ' A , i bfff Y y -,J 5 - ,, 4 ,ws 1 f' ' U M17 AJ:-, ww in .K Q ' Q Qld, V N. Txvxk xx ,3 , X? . 4, K V A Q, .M J ,J g X J fx- - 1 N . -AJS. "1 , N. NF -. W " "' ' N .Af x 'N I , ff! V W JJ X . .. 'QT xy 2 5,1 1,3 P ' .I ' W . A , 5 km is Y X1 ,N JV, xx H7 J , X A I ,L .RJ J ,+Yl'I,p v M' 'f 1 lm Rf , v 1 . w 1 66 1 fn' ,, gg: 'Z Y , nf? fy- ,gy I-iann ore here ogoin YS ll 2l 3l 4l Sl 6l 7l Eric Kuli and Cheryl Clingan participate in a 50's dance contest. The winners were con- gratulated and received S10 each as their prize. Annie Zatlin portrays "Gidget" on the beach with her "boyfriends" "GidQ2!" SBHQ 5 IOVC song to entertain the student body during Senior Spirit Day. Stacie Freeman, Laurie Zaremba, and Stephanie Chorba contributed their talent to Senior Spirit Day assembly. These girls portrayed 'iThe Andrew Sisters" singing "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy." Diane Rader, Julie Villalobos, and Cristette Boyle "hang out" while Kristin Triggs and Jenny Glasman are looking tough! The "biker girls" invade V.P, Robert Mongell keeps the crowd under control. "Mr, MP." takes charge. Jeff Doest, Terry Ludin, Kevin Bogart, Steve Daniels and Bob St. John pay close at- tention as Tyrone Tucker tells about those "Summer Nights." "Grease" was just one of the many skits performed by the seniors. "Check it outll' exclaim Carol Martinez, Diane Espinoza, Sandy Sessions, Valerie Garza and Cindi Vatthauer. A few girls sit together to enjoy the show. l I 1 I i 4 4 'VVXJ 2 .., A I 1 . Cl s Xpfsfsglgvf , N-Q vwvmwwwm 0 e ,yy N VA., ,,,f.I'. .. .,V. Hg- iq U . P e T. rf - Z 1 1 I.-'Q ., ' I' J A We . ,Him ' VH 3 ' .I ii " fy by MARIANNE ROBINSON KEVIN BOGART Senior Class President, KEVIN BOGART, took a deep breath of fresh alr and exhaled, "Whewl I can 't believe lt's over." After worklng so many months planning, holdlng fund ralsers, etc., Senlor Splrlt Day was over. "It took plenty of time to plan and come up wtth some spectacular suggestions, but aftertwo meetings and presentations olldeas, the vote was unanlmousfor the theme '50 's Endless Summer'," states KEVIN. , , . "KEVIN, who ran for S.C,P. last year and obviously won, surely had his work cut out for him wtthln a few days after elections," comments ASB President, GREG HILL. "I couldn 't have done It without the help of MRS. GIBBS and MR. BRUNT. They were always there for me and made me feel much more confident." "One thing that pleased me most," commented BOGART, "was the enthusiasm and tlme glven talent ofthe senlar students. As Senlor Splrlt Day grew nearer, more and more students were approaching me asking what they could do to help and get Involved. I was still a lfttle nervous, but when the day arrived, rt was obvious to me who was 'll We exhlblted one of the most splrlted days everl" l 3 10 Senior Spirit Day ew f E li 1' ' i ,K I f 1, -' I lj I x . Il- fl 5:4 r SENIDRS Rock Around The Clock Photos 2,3, and 4 Rich Ackley Photos 1 and 7 Dirk Wukehum Photos 5.6 Russell Jones NJ f"j6J HJ x 5 7 The '83 Senior Class showed their school spirit by taking a step back in time to the 195O's. "The theme i5O's Endless Summer' was appropriate for us since these old styles and music have been making a comeback," said Michele Oudejans, senior. ln the early part of the day, seniors began showing their spirit by hold- ing a dance contest. Four couples signed up to compete and a live "rock- a-billy" band called 'iThe l.ifters" provided the music. "We had a blast and were given the real feeling of togetherness as the senior class of 1983,'l exclaimed Kim Sherman, senior. "lt has always been the duty of the Senior Class President to organize and take charge of Senior Spirit Day. lt looks as if Kevin Bogart did a tremendous job,'l exclaimed Greg Hill. "To sum it up," as stated by Brett Munger, senior, Uthe Senior Class of 1983 is nfl!" Page by M.R. 6 Senior Spirit Day ll Q 'C Q O B 4 'U li Rootin Tootin cowboy, Phil Lopiccola, demonstrates how to use his rifle. Phil represented the western movies at the Junior class spirit day assembly, 2i Jeff Cohen finally realized that E.T. lLisa Holtej was a friendly alien. Jeff was the Master of Ceremony during the Junior class spirit day assembly. 37 Commander Jeff Krause, and the rest of the company, Scott Hansen, Scott Davis, Rod Derifield, Brian Et- ter, Roger Casacchia and Bill Ferguson show what the Army is really like. The guys portrayed a scene from "Stripes" during the Junior spirit day assembly. 4i Dennis Murphy shows the new way to Disco. He was por- traying a scene from "Caddyshack" for the Junior spirit day assembly. 5i Becky Barton watches Jimmy Chesemore paint perfect- ly between the lines. Becky and Jimmy painted signs one Saturday before Junior spirit day. Pippy Longstocking liludy Jonesi tells of all her adven- tures. Judy was one of the spirited Juniors dressed up for Junior spirit day. "Stripes" commander, Jeff Krause, silently observes his troops. "Stripes" was a popular portrayal for Junior spirit day. Karen Wedaa, a lan, cheers on the assembly. She dressed up as a mouseketeer for the Junior spirit day assembly. Don Maloy, John Pagulayan, Bruce Marteney, Alan Bergman, Bill Mecklenburg, Damon Gross, Jason Moe, Tim Johnson, Kevin Peterson and Jimmy Chese- more symbolize the true sex symbols. They were the main topic of the Junior spirit day. Juniors started Spirit Week by HGoing to the Movies." They arrived Sunday night, Halloween, at 9:00 p.m. to decorate the school. Some dressed up as movie stars like: Raquel Welch lDon Malovj, Loni Anderson lKevin Petersoni, and Carmen Miranda lTim Johnsoni. The stars posed with faculty members as a gift to them. Petersonj, and Carmen Miranda lTim Johnsoni. The stars posed with fac- ulty members as a gift to them. Nutrition was full of excitement with a Miss Starlet contest for guys dressed up as women actresses. "I thought the best part of the contest was when Jimmy Chesemore flashed his fake behind," commented Lori Walsh. "I liked dressing up as a girl because I like to see how the other half lives," said Jimmy Chesemore. The lunch assembly was hosted by Sandra Johnson and Jeff Cohen. They arrived in a convertible Rolls Royce and took the students back in time - from silent movies to the present day. Jeff Krause, commenting on UStripes," one of the movies portrayed during the assembly, said, "l had a lot of fun doing the skit." "It was a day the juniors will remember," commented junior Monica Young By DARCY BAILEY i Up SHELLEY HUNT, ajunlor, took an actlve part in Junlor Spirit Day. "I wanted the juniors to be good thls year," commented SHELLEY. "ln the past the juniors have been so boring," she continued. SHELLEY, however, would not take all the credit. She stated, "AMlE LOSI helped me with the assemblies." SHELLEY organized skits, paint parties, and assem- blles. She spent extra time preparing spirit day. "Everyone really worked well together and got along too." SHELLEY thought the seniors had an advantage over the junlors and sophomores because of their experience and also because they had money. "The junlors were ln debt and had no money to pay for any decorations." SHELLEY ls the oldest of two children and has several lnterests which Include skllng and dancing. "She likes to eat and sleep, " sold GLORIA RENEERjoklngly. ln SHEL- LEY'S spare time she ls the only glrl singer ln u band. Shelley also works as a sales person at Mr. Best Cleaners. SHELLEY HUNT SHELLEY'S maln Interest ls school splrlt. 1 l V l 2 12 Junior Spirit I l Page by D.B. Photos l,4,5.6, and 9 Rich Ackley Photo 8 Russell Jones Photo 7 Dirk Wakeham Photos 2 and 3 Mrs. Penny Barvin UNIORS Go To Movies If A . . 1-in :L A 4 A 5 I W f f , ' ' J Lf? , ff f' 'V "' Z! " A if ,. , 'f ' I .- Gf, , I Q? I 4 . , . . A6 I 1 4 I V 41 Q X , ,V V 1 ' iff' . ,V , Z 7, 2 55141 .- , 1 17' ' ' ' 5 f X? 4 ,M f, 9, 3. . L X 4 -Q. .g-- . , -1-- J." - -.1 wk w .' lp' '- '- .+-TJ 'C Junior Spirit 13 SOPHOMORES SHOW Safari Spirit 1 3 3 From Left to Right: Chris Stames, Don Norsworthy, George Peterson, Jason Wesner, Tracy Burdine, and Erik Doest dance to a jungle beat. These guys took part in the assembly. Cheering on their own spirit day from left Jane, Noelle Colome, Leann Lundburg, Erik Doest, Vicki Koebe, Nicola Boyle, and Debbie Hamb- lin. Students ignore the wind to watch the safari assembly. Rick Fox, Sophomore Vice-President, talks at assembly. The Vice-President help run spirit day. Susie Kimble's father, Mr. Peter Kimble, tries to put up a sign in the wind. Watching the assembly excitedly is Brigitte Prevot and Ashley Burnhaum. The assemblies are usually the main attraction during spirit week. Todd Moeller and Eric Bryant decide whether or not to hang up their sign. The strong wind made the decision for them, Page by LB. and S,B. 14 Student Life v S 5. In in In up L -.. -. Q- - - rf- ..- ,f ,I nf I I, -M K ll' F' A Mother Nature just OOGSITT liKB the sophomores. lt's bad enough the ju- niors and seniors don't like them but Mother Nature tool For the last two years sixty mile per hour winds have blown on sophomore spirit day. Sophomores tried to put up signs in the wind but the next morning they weren't anywhere to be seen. Nobody knew the R-building was to be a jungle hut, and vines were to hang from tree to tree. Before the wind blew everything down, "The school really looked like a jungle," said Colleen Triggs. By the end of the day the sophomores had an easy clean-up job. All they had to do was go to the parking lot on the west side of campus and pick the signs off the fence. "Sophomore spirit day brought the sophomores from Peralta and Cerro Villa closer together," said sophomore, Katy Stone. a u 3 Z i 1 9 4 u -i l 5 Close P By LORI BRAUN and STACY BURTON COLLEEN TRIGGS "Sophomore splrlt day gave us a chance to know the school better," said COLLEEN TRIGGS, Sophomore Class President. COLLEEN was a write In candidate, the flrst wrlte In to ever wln. COLLEEN was also In charge of sophomore spirit day. Euer since the day COLLEENfaund out she was elected as President she started working with their Ideas for splrlt day. "I stayed after school and worked weekends too." She even went around to classrooms the day before, ene couraglng people to dress up. "I thlnk It tumed out good and a lot of people dressed up," sald COLLEEN. "COLLEEN dld a good job organizing splrlt day. She worked hard but It was mlned by the wind," said Mr. Garrahy, sophomore adviser. b 6 7 eye on - Student Life 15 .ff Ai? uc Q ' f, y 9 K A I I f I 1 7 4 A M I gk 1 f 1 22 ' ? ,rf if 1 , Ui ,Q L Z B fi? fn 4 f , f 1 Q14 1 1 f 2' I A Q' 2 A ' QM-f? I W Qu: I 1,2 ' -f . '14 'Jw M , -1 1 ,I 4 I I ,,f,4J f. 4 f 7 'V H fl, ' I .V , . ,-,f ' I W 1 V V 1 uf 1 , P V. ,pf A ,wi W If Q ar? ,?wz"'v ' N Wig as iq P lg f' V eff' Q " ' , l + X5 A ' ' L A if I ' , ,. Advy ,T , f 5, fi G v AA 4 W , i . " I Y '-my ff' ' Q- , I ig. E s 9' ' -QQ .qi-aff ,f ,. QI ' 45 'wr fri gf. ' ' 2, 4 . 1 ,EF F-if +iYJni,ffW"Y NFL' L v gi The Facts of Senioritis fi.: 2 5: as 'Z o I r 'Q What happened when six hundred teenagers in the fall of 1982 got together with hopes of making their senior year the best ever? September was a month of fun with seniors becoming reacquainted with each other. Homework was at least 'tattemptedn during this month unlike the spring semester when assignments were neglected for days. Beach trips during school hours were another popular senior activity. ln October, three day water-ski, surfing, and desert trips became a common phenomenon among seniors. While many seniors enjoyed these mini-vacations, others liked the challenge of sneaking off campus to make 'Lcloughnut runs" and have lunch at McDonald's. By January, snow ski season was into full swing accompanied by a seemingly high rate of senior absences. As spring neared and the weather grew warmer the beaches, deserts, and the Colorado River once again became seasonal "hot', spots. Dough- nut runs and going home early once again became popular pastimes with seniors. Accompanied by this form of ditching came Senior Privilege Day lcommonly referred to as Senior Ditch Dayl. When the school year of 1983 came to a close, sleeping in classes and becoming suddenly ill on sunny days became an epidemic commonly referred to as "senioritis". Despite this dreaded "senioritis" the seniors of 1983 all agreed that this was the best year ever. iam-. 1. Kim Baker, Nancy Lathrop, and Kelly Rock enjoy another "exciting" lunch at VPHS. Lunch at school was a time oi socializing among students. 2. Kristine Stephenson, Ronnie Behnke, and Robbie Derek find Club Rush Day a thrilling experience. Club Rush Day was a time in which students could join campus clubs. 3. Listening intently to senior spirit day plans Marianne Robinson, Kass Row, Sugi Sorenson, and Paul Nelson attempt to become enthusiastic about senior spirit day. It was a time in which "senioritis" was evident. 4. Kim Baker, Sue Taverna, Kristin Schwartz and Jennifer Bortle diligently plan for senior spirit day. Planning for senior spirit day was a popular activity. Page and copy by Lisa Anderson Photos by Russell Jones and Dirk Wakeham SENICRS M OR NING 7:5 8:30 10:00 12:00 Wakes up late Makes it to school for the last 10 minutes of class Leaves class for a senior activ- Finishes last class of the day AFTERNGON 12:30 2:00 5:00 5:30 Goes to work Makes a list of things that need to be done in the evening Gets home from work Eats with Mom and Dad for change F-A+ 15 1 ity , a 7:00 EVENING Tries to start homework, but doesn't feel like doing it. First sign ot Senioritis 8:00 Worries about future 9:00 Talks on phone for at least 45 minutes 10:00 Calls it a day and goes to bed The most current and updated vlewlng ofsenlors can be seen when tuntng into the senlar section of the 1982-B3 annual of Vllla Park Hlgh School. The programming con- talns a photo ofeach student looking thelrbest, memories written by the students themselves, candid snapshots of seniors creating everlasting memories, the senior class officers, and close-up Interviews of some seniors at VPHS accentlng their unique and Individual qualities. Overall the seniors are an award wtnnlng group with complete documentation of their progress through the 1982-B3 school year. For detailed lnfommtlon of these personal- ities see pages I8 to 63, .k,,,.,4 .1 Y, - ,- ,t,'-fy, A w-new-aw - ,. W,,Nw.W-MQvpJv,.-.,ww,w-MnfffwvfM' -' f-f4nlxwv-..- -, . wmlwng-my mmmwow, - f- f A- -A.. 4... .4-t ,V , .- zz, 4' P"Wl'f-2-'iv as-'na - ww , J' -Q-., A 1 7: Ji' 'ww-.wfowzm -fn we g wx-' ,f-M-..H..4-f,.w,,,,.,, ., , -f 'fa'-uvw-12.44 :WNW , W, , yy:-91. . 44 ,, ,-W. .wr rfitlrlffy ' fffM'f6iJvfff1e4M My Z-,,,,,,0, 1 Page by LS Copy by JH. and LA Senior Division A ' r?'I a1. RT Crystal Abbott GRT TIMES WITH LW DZ LS EM SH TZ BEST BUDDIE LW DZ LS LUV U MOM Sc ROGER Judy Abbott GRT MEMS TWL FLG 82 83 sug att w KC LW JN VPTC LB LS LUV U JOHNNY ALWYS Shan Abdalla BE Jrll Julzkr Mgood xw DH DR KH Alwy rembr GA Lub ya MA rmy Bro n S1 bananas T thanx JEAN n DAD Cindy Abedor Buds DW JS CW JA scream BST Wxshes AM LA EC JE LK JH JW' 83 Jeffrey S Adams I had a Great year thxs year I thank all of my unlorgetlull friends a VPHS Kenneth J Adams Had grt times class ol 83 rule GOOD BYE VILLA PARK Good Friends Jerry Davelom Jen Addington Gd Tms wf Dma Q Poets Lynden Thanks 4 Helpenl 9 mm rounds 7 4 wheeln w Randy n VP Halls 1 0 C, .qw . ex I ox ,D . N5 5 , Q0 f I I F O O Thx Sc Luv God Family Edward sk W 84 Bsl I V 1 , I Tu' i I . Q ' V U X i Ramona Alcaraz TILY DCXP NOW 81 4-EVER F5 Thanx 4 Irt memrys KW. SK HF, PD, MF, RL: Luv U MOMELDAD Karen M. Allan Rebecca Allen Thank U Jesus' 'I LUV U David sfm - ZVQ B' Nvr Frgt Gd XWXCF LS OP RG LW EP - Luv U All 'SB' Luv UMKLD Teague Allen Jeffery Alsborg Steve Alvarez JDPOMP PUP. POUND SMOOTHYS DOHENY RMBLE ADOLF HEAVYS PUPS VANHWI1 BASEBALLH7 Greg J. Anderson Les Anderson HVYMTLX SDRRX GREAT TIMES BBJPCKX CRYSTAL PERSUASION THANX MKLD f LUV U Sue! LATER Anne Andert KAREN BFA Lts CRT X ALW5 REM Gd Frnds COWN JBBB 582 AM GH JA THXWH LuvYa MOM DAD Ted D. Andrews 24 HR DATE?l AP-No Way"l R8rR The Party's overanow The Real World warts ILUL Ana Angel Kelly J. Antram BBF RIM NEVER 4GET MEXICO THNX FRNDS TMGMMM GRT TMS AT BCH Sr CNCRT LUV U MELDI 18 l , all ,, f ,J , , W 173 -. 7 Sb X . :MQW ' ,sm V IZ , . W , 9' 1l'f ',1f, Qffcfif fy 'f . A iv rf' . uf' ei W ' z f i J?"-1 " ' Page by, K.H., V,G. Photo by Russell Jones Stacie Freeman, Stephanie Chorba, and Lori Zaremba por' tray the Andrew Sisters. Sta- cie, Stephanie, and Lori sang to the delight of the senior audi- ence. I Seniors Stage PIRIT kr , fl' , " ' Cf: . tm., D Veronic H. Arche Scott B. Augustine GRTT' MESN 82 AT VP GO RA ZB ER YR AG TO PSOCCER N FTBAL CIF N 8283 FRI-SAT AT CAMELTO LUV UM +DDT Joy B. Baker OSMO QUEEN? Great X5 X cat Is II sm in pb st sr 7sd' Pals 4everCH ILUV U MICHAEL Kim L. Baker Mom WX SA SF KBSLSZABO PALS NL AM KR FUN Q FONTS What a waste Pe Pace JUV U MSLD Neil Barfoot Ross A. Barker VP BASEBALL- aerobics - H7 THNX OCH 66 STANG RBVPBB7 NHS LAW LNCH W ROSEYYOKO Lorie A. Barnes CRT XNev4get AG Drrna Speech St Dnces Thnx 2 Frnds JJ DC Cantfl get ya Luv U M8tD8tD PTL Bye VP Marlene Y. Barnes Stephan Bass DID I MAKE IT7 Sipp HAWAII Hotftub Prtys' Luv Ya MSLD THANK FOR ALL DE HELP 83' Alicia M. Beals CRT TMS N BIOW,'KN 8: JG ' LUV U MS4D'THANX 4'YOR HLP ' '483" LUV U STEVE'MY BUGGER RLS 19 Rebecca R. Beasley nvr 4gt grS SXXKG MC RH JW KG VB LV Wldwkncls TopTn v3 49 LA VS Sumrtm ml Prty Scam tnx MSLD John Beck Mammoth B2 White 84 Brunt1AHA HAI Ell, Hart, Caballo TrkL Chmps 5OsDy Bye Tm JAKES Doug A. Beckstrom Gdtmsl THANX 2ALL MY FRNDS 2 ALL NEDS 5 EVR Ding! PH MM CS LUV U MOMBQDAD Scott N. Beesley LOVE US OR RUST MORRISON IM ME R U? Thnx me ea gll Yod JW RB RR MSLD GKLJ WLCM Ronnie Behnke MY PALS RMJDGPMG 82 FTBL :r31 "DEFENSE" Hl MOM MASH EM HUEY FVR BAJA PIT LOVE M8LD Dawn Berg CS rmbr wtrski, Mgmt, Bgbar wfSmo, 4 ever lluvu Cs Mary rrnbr 1st6yr. SefLuv U MOM Karen Berrymen GMX w CM VG DE SS CV heb 31214? Gme Abrk! JV 83 Btr Thn Evr Nvr4gt MU 'C Wof the SO zpt Andrew E. Beyer VP HOOP A' 22 84 TNS 2CIF GdXfDM BM SC MR JC JR RIMAJMRS WHAT TIME IS IT? MC BR DC LR KD VN M8tD Mary M. Bickler Thanx SELPPY Exlnt Lunches SEMEM FRI nights LUV U MOM Kellie A. Biletski BFAXTR Sad1Hkns 81 Parties at BBW XKB KB AH DC TR GW PS LG BC Beach Prfys 4x4n GOGOS 20 'WLM' Senior Season Close P .-1' ,JUTL limi I K Bob Drobish by LESLIE SCHWARTZ "You only llve onceI" declared senlor BOB DROBISH. That ls why BOB has made a sport ofjumplng from thou- sands offeet In the alr out of airplanes with nothlng but a parachute. BOB DROBISH Is a skydlver. BOB began this dangerous sport at sixteen, the mlml- mum age to partake. In preparation for hlsflrstjump, BOB went to Lake Paris where, by paylng n S100 fee, he re- celved flve hours of tralnlng. "At the start ofthe tralnlng, I was a llttle unsure about the whole Idea. Butflve hours later, I was ready to Go For Itl" BOB explained. When he finally was up In the plane, BOB had a moment of weakness. "Everything was set and ready to go when all ofa sudden Isald to myself, 'what the heck am I dolng?' " BOB admitted. But once out of the plane and ln mid-alr, "It 's bltchen.' " BOB began. He agreed with the t-shirt he saw ln one ofthe tourist shops that read, "Sky diving .. the Second Greatest Thrill of my LIfel" Bob has had a great time sky dlvlng, but he feels lt ls tlme to move on. "I need to try new adventures, Hangglld- Ing seems llke It would be pretty fun!" BOB 'S parachutlng has Influenced people around hlm to try thls sport. Hls younger brother, sophomore KEN DROBISH, ls now eager to try lt, along with senlor TOM MAHONEY. "BOB convinced me that the death rate was low enough to try sky dluIngI" TOM commented. x COMES TO CLOSE 1 i I E, ', v ' ,mx 4 i N N lllgml I"-I. 'lim .nw Hn Ink. W. hm -iw: 'Nui :IAQ hge W1-ini mt. Iflfdu, MH 'mb 'MID Hmm, Mmm md Q I, rf V I YQ' VJ .1 K X05 OXCYX SJ xld Q0 O O Kathy A. Bishop Angel L. Blanco THNX ZHF TOM N JERRY f JM OD IE- MO RR IS NZ ON ICPAZL KRS PRM 8283 ffl STRAKATS' LUV U MELD EEK' Brett Bobier SMMR B2 RAD H20 ski BEST FRND MIK N .ION HSCHAL WARS R-BALL N WIN THANX 2 ALL Kevin S. Bogart LUV U VP SR PRES-LUV CABN ORACIE MRS PRT HRDLR E-F:TL SS I LUV: C C LUV U DADMOM Jennifer L. Bottle WENDYBFA GRT TM SWXDC BB AA KG KL f RM BR AL WY ZC RZ YN TS 'AFROGH BR KN HR TS - LUV U M8rD. KBLJ BL Duch Cristette M. Boyle DUDETTS "SPECIAL MEM LL E1 SG GR TX W7 LL KH DR JS SA RT 36 OINVET Laguna I LUV ULL SG TJ cuz 81 M8LD Leo F. Brajkovich JEEPS KA' RAMLIN TOMESW FRNDS '4x4 B4 SKI RAMBLES ON G WKNDS TH WP R81 'LOV PEEP Michael A. Brase Grt Times Mammoth XC Trak No Mo Run' My Toy Thanx Mom Dad Bro for support! Michael J. Bravo 83 Rules - PH IT FH f ROCK n ROLL Party Animals - BS RE LA TM PH SB Luy u MELD VP HS - LATEMA Sharon J. Brenner ICAM From NJn "SZ 81 Left VP N B31 I LUV music ELF f QUESH 31 MY FAMOLY Brlanne Brigham FUN TIMES W BUDDIES KL AA JB DC WH KG GDLUK ALWAYS' THANKS SB M84D LUV YA ALL' Monisa L. Brislawn JESUS can set you Free NO CONDO A BONDO CALNC17 Obey HIM Have life THANKS' DBK Grg Klhy Russell D. Broadway Page by K.H., V.G. Photos Russell Jones Mike Leonhardt and Tim Cambell Stretch and Flex for an audience of thrilled fans. The two won first place in the annual flex competition for wrestlers. T Michael D. Broderick HAD GRT TIMES wf BP SNCE 5G wf4x4 CJ58tP. RB RO NK FRDS MANY YEARS SFSLEP LUV U MB-:D Lyne A. Brooks I Luv u zoni BF AB DS MD LD EN Thnx Ron sl Ilu 2 yrs old PA MK rs rm bl pt ya mm ls Prom 82 Thnx mlltd Luvu Kristin E. Brown HMBRGS' S FFs DN Joses Fl bl gms BEF41 SS LM MR KS SB TT LH MO JN IL Sandy M. Brown Finly Freeg LUV HR TS LT SI PRTY Lu y um ke al wy st. P. Freur Spdngl Go For wht u wnt EL TKE iT' Terrence S. Brown Michael S. Brumley Tim bs! Pals? PARTI buddys Cmpns Hntng Run Its BETTY LUV U MOM 81 DAD Mark S. Brunell Mark D. Bruto 57 OVAL up at 4 for BUGIN S DRAG Days 20 51 VWs Rule 'Lower IT' Luv u MELIN- DA Thanx MOM Michael Buckle RD tm sv ph sNever 4-Get Hawaii 482 Steam Roll - LB DW BC JW LO wys Arp moo go BX-Aelp Ruls Whoo-AA Kim L. Buffington Never 4gel BFS LK7PT LKrem LFfAbsln- DP! AH-OW-PSS. Hi RICK! Luv MOM 84 DAD Home' James Burke Had gr! time at VP Thank U Mr Ed Never 4 get IZ S4 our exp Thank MR Bc MS "Z" 4 your help Luv u Mom Bt Dad Dean A. Burkes GOOD TIMES THANKX 2 ALL FRIEND DS WC WC TS TA RB UR ST LV 2 MOM Er DAD Brady Burton LOVE ALL PEP SQUAD SONG xl LUV U DINKY D REM BST TMS W FRNDS LUVU MOM SL DAD Page by. K.H., V.G. 22 Photos Dave Tebo l x5 Q .X K of O ,qv . .V ,,1a4.' ,ff Close by KRISTIN KING MATT LATERI MA TT LA TERI has the unusual hobby of collecting snake sklns: not the klnds that shed off either - the whale skln. He started this rare avocatlon one day whlle huntlng wlth hls cousln who was busy stalking a quall. Within the next minute hls cousin was staringface to face with a rattle snake - so he kllled lt. Belng the true hunter that he ls, MATT saved the skln. "I can't see wasting them, so I keep the sklns as conversation pieces." MA TT owns 14 sklns, all rattlers, which he proudly displays on hls bedroom walls, "Everyone thlnks l'm crazy, but I like lt." He found all of them while huntlng elther ln the desert or the hills of Villa Park. "I don 't hunt for them lntentlonally, but lflflnd one. l get lt." His sklns range ln slze from Zfeet to a 6foat which has 13 rattles. The sklns also range ln colorsfrom green to orange, to red. Rattlesnakes are recognized by the dlamonds that mn down the length ofthelr back, along wlth the spots that lle on each polnt, and the black and white strlpes near the tall. MA TT'S snake sklns are klller" replled STEVE HARLIN who has accompanled MATT on a couple of hls huntlng trlps. Matt has had a couple of close calls when he was almost bitten which might be expected when doing something of this sort. "When he gets blt he's gonna be 'way bummed'," ls how MARK REDDING sums up MATT'S llttle hobby. 1 1 r ,3f .gli I I 5 5 1 - iii: dllh M :IM Ili! mi nm 'Ile Isol NI nil red Ill! ml Ill! L10 nrt IIIII -""""T""TTT'T"'T-9-5-i T T T T I Paul Butler VETTE Rrnbls Camelot Rasn Thnx MOM n DAD Pals DO JF NN SATISFACTION GR - RRR Andrea N. Cabezas- Mattey ISAIAH 40: B LUV YU MOM RE NH IA LD AN SE KY EF IN DR YC MU RS PC HL FR PA RY ZO JK MO CJ IK TP TL 4 EVRY I' Rex P. Cabrera I LUV ABOBOQ RADXS 2 MB HS SP K NL 8: PHONE PROM GDB Sz 4ever ALOETTE + BABE' Juv M8aD Fam Leslie J. Caines 2 Michelles BF NU W VE stray cts Alwys Luv David 8: Brot YT Luv u CMJY McDpaIs MOM DAD Tim S. Campbell BST FRNDS SG RE CK AC JB IO WA SU CK ED "STATE 83" CHINA PEAK WTH SGRE, DA WE DG EC RA NK LUV U MSzD Marc Capps Michael J. Cara ARROW HAED 45070 KK IN HOLLYWOOD 30941 ANY SKI RESORT 20770 Beach 5070 SCHOOL Oofb IMY MINDI Rauly Caralto Micala A. Carney Never 4 get Crtx BFA - KG BB RH KG VB JW AH wld wkends 28316 Partys Grtx w RY Luv ya MSLD John C. Carroll JENNY CLAS MAN HAS MADE MY SENIOR YEAR THE MOST WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! THANK YOU Julie A. Carroll 1 SAM 16:7 GD FRNDS DH CW JK AD Rem 82 VB-CIF - BDM SPCH LUV U Mom Geo Mike Rick GGCC PTL Steven A. Carter ls this BM1 or What? - NOT - GRT TMS wr MR AB MB BR JM SH ML VP HO OP 41 s THANS Mm, Dd Sc sts Rauly Caralto demonstrates his expertise by testing the consistency of V.P,H.S,'s mud, Very few students are experts in such "down to earth" 23 Dawn L. Casperson DONALDS PALS JAUF, WENDLE BRI, ANNE 81 KAREN. BFA JW. LUV YA MOM, DAD, D8cD OK BYE, VP Julie E. Cassen MOM, DAD Br JILL f FUN ISNT OVR YET! 11 YRS SWIM - THX MA7! HMCMING CRT LYA S8zD PTL Michael L. Catlow Always Best Frnds RL NC JH LL DH HB BB AB Thanx MSLD 4 Your Luv n Support Patricia R. Chenoweth Bs! Irnds Stef Lisan Lora 4 evr CJS, ms I2 JH, u brat' Thnx Mom n bus, I Love U Dave? Bye VP Yun S. Chong III always remember frnds Joe Peter Young Mongolian Tom Had Great tlme vn VP Stephanie M. Chorba LUV 2 MY FRNDS LR PC BAZ DL HC LW ' JEFF ER 1 VOC ENS Sc CHBR SNG AROO ' THNKS MXLD I LUV U Heather A. Christensen THANKS 2 MY FRIENDS PL SC BP PH Badminton 81-82 GRT THNKS MOM 81 DAD I LUV U BOTH Karen S. Christopherson ERLY MRNG DNUT RUNS UPTC "GRLS NITE OUT" vvf LS LW GRT MENS TWL FLG JA LW JW Felicity L. Clark THANK MOM SL DAD Luv U' BF TA MO Y8zG 4 EVER LUV YA - MM MD DZ SW SR CC TF CHRIS - LY LA SB AH OA LM Heather A. Clark KJ RMBR WEZR? Et DONT 4GET TWK FCE HAD GD TIMES WITH DSCP THANS MBLD William T. Cleary PATROL wf SD DD JC BIG 18 TRACK 81-83 440 yd dash MR Luv U Dena Thanx to m8cd Michelle L. Clifford LESLIE BFA Fun wf PHIL SKI COLO Socr- ffIfGoIe Thanx 2 MOVDR-KO Irnds "Luv U M8tD 24 ,ypgcm Q .y, Seniors: Clc Uv CARI! culleds dwerem CAIII5 bought h HE YDEF mntulns Man nl I milled p Upfnlsn "I lhlnl IOTTES "Sinus CAIIISI Along K Ile leach In lhe I alum W Ivmu Mm If sk, v v1 "NAME THAT TUN " ' I L Cfmlsl X 'minima - 14 .ws-f-.e-1,s.e2EQ.?' i,,, Close By DARCY BAILEY CARISA PEDIGO, senlor, has several Interests: for example, she collects plgs. "I don't know why I collect plgs, It's just somethlng different to collect." CARISA started collectlng pigs In the mlnth grade when her mom bought her a plg In Monterey. She started collecting wlth afriend, KIM HEYDEN, who, at the tlme, collected cows. CARlSA'5 collection now contalns about two hundred pigs ranglng In slze from V2 Inch to 2 feet. Most of CARISA 'S pigs are glass and ceramic, but she does have some stuffed plgs. "My favorlte pig walks," stated CARISA, "and my most expenlsve pig Is a plg muslc box." "I thlnk CARISA got started collecting plgs after she read CHAR- LOTTE'S WEBB," stated friend, GLEN IFREDI STODDARD. "SInce l started collecting plgs, l've never bought one," sald CARISA. "They have all been presents." Along with plgs, CARISA 'S other Interests are waterskllng. golng to the beach, belng with her friends, and partying. In the future CARISA plans to keep collectlng plgs. "People are always galng to make plgs, " she stated. "I really want a real one, but I know that I won 't get one." r '-. ff A" 41 127 -02. F , .. 0.3 IIA ., f., 1" -in . . Q. :., at ., : ,I f-. 69 I . .- f 1,-fa 1.13 M1404 ' X - A ,,., .,..,,-,,...,.-,,, ,EW + ""' ff " """' ""' ' ""' I W... .u ' fe 1- A+ fr f -1- 'W l 'li .. -bf' E, Q' I-1 Q I I ' WY -fr? M -f 7 'f dm 5 ' Vff' H.. ,. ,"f1","' ' V. , .. If 'Tn 'f M 2 W ' if I. PM 'H ' .He J4E,-I ..,, 3'-If "I I w r 2' J H 1" ' ,If .fu4.,:r A ,,,, 'fl-'14 . If 5 H CARISA PEDlGO's Pigs r It , 'I I I' rw-:Af,,,'.. gf, Z ' I' " 44,12 ff , 'V I ag ff-4 - ff Jn 2 ,I I l . OC:-X O Ox Os Q0 0 0 Cheryl Clingan Grt tms W the gang! Lum 8: al srcl luv 84 thnx 2 Brandon Nvr 4gt bst yrs w Kevm Julie M. Colburn THANX DAD EI MOM - I LUV U GRT X vvf SS JH nver 4 get u VOLLEY BALL - CIF BIOLA UNIV IXOYE Dustm C. Commons DOMINOS VOBLSCUM lalll, on to Grand Slam7 yea luv ya mom, dad, frt bthr AHH- VEAR Joanne M. Comstock FUN w CANDY 84 TAMMI NWPT pd, KMKZY rmbl Dec. 1 CR BRUCE lvv MR CK JG SLH CIAOVP Dave D. Conti Fun Tmsw MM MN RG MT + SURF PALS J Trmble Trestle Sumr new BC scape FB ll? Luv MIn Luv MEID Julie A. Cook Tn JE nd TRU LUV 4 2881PA LS LK JK MG MD CG TK CC had grt X's never 4 get more 2 come thanx n luv md8Ls Richard J. Copenhaver Anne L. Cornell BST FRNDS AGN LG ' MG ' MPK ' LS - MSD U ALL YN GR MN 4 US THNX 4 ALL MSLD 'SSF' Gary Crosby OFRD It. GMC ets Toys. BG 4 mud bw 182. sdlebk, rncknly BJ JB RaceIt, MS CNTRY KIKS John J. Costanza Luv Ya MSLD Me 81 ERIN 4ever Remem BIlls prt Partrol saw GRT TIME BM BC DP DF Joseph M. Cruz Steve R. Daniels X1ntXw ErIk s log Rose Jim Ral St scot on PATROL w BIII 7 Don 81 skI Yg Thmk Yr Funy Eh Luv MSLD Jill E. Dase RMBR ' MAMMTOH at NIGHT SKIING 'CERTIFICATION 'ITS TIME FOR MILK' FROM GREEN 2 RED -I DID IT Bob Salazar and Laurie Zar- emba sing together during the Christmas assembly. The vocal ensemble performed at various locations throughout the year, 25 s., 'T ' f .'.a..f.o...,Ye.eE.i,iLET'-'si'1'22"j Danny Davey James Davis Luke W. Davis 101 34 BVO 71 WHATS THE DIFRENC BR IT MS CB TL SW HO GENSIS MAD NS!SEVILSUSEJECUASYRREBN AR C Shirley Day Ldty 4 Leese BSF 6 yrs 7 TRIN wf KP Alwz Rem Lg Rmblz I hart Mc ASBY Miss Ya M Mgax wf KT LR MD bmoc KIT Karoline A. Delaney BAND 81-3 Funxs wf Frnds DV BT MB MG RC AF LF LB Jm JU SP K HB Partys KWL GER 81 THANX m8Ld Enrique Delgadillo THANX 2 GRT frnds 81' Best Times FBL x26 Luv U KATY MOM, JORGE, PAT EL VERO GRTFAM Marilyn DeLuca GDXM wf BFC her-rem Tah 81 Arhd Hmcmg Crt-BP AL Den tnx sum B1-CGKT fT2T - LK JC CG SD LU 8: MY FAM Annette C. DePaul Fun TMS wf D.C, L S 8: THE GANG FTBL GAMES 81 GRT WKNDS 8: BST TMS WIS TIM LUV U MXLD Malia R. DePonte THANX Mom 8: Dad Sc socrpro Bro Pals shsmc PF CD ZS Sc KD CP SO CR f Song 'Love My Sngwrtr Dan Carlos A. DeRosas Nev4get Frape Icn MH TNT EK JB RT X COUNTRY MAMMOTH B2 ec 4' JU TRACK THE POLICE Robert A. Derrick GRT TIMES WITH JE FF DB ES TP AL FOOTBALL 4144 Soph JV Shorts SE AS 4ME. Don't 4 GET Roms 4x Lu m8zd G .4 , W . Q- I W 1 sqx 1, Close P By VALERIE GARZA Conslder'lng lt a "pass-tlme talent," PETER R JONES started putting hls fancy foot and body coordlnatlon lnto Funk dance competltlon. "l enjoy danclng. lplcked lt up by watchlng other people. lt's not somethlng you read about, It has to be leamed by experience." PETER goes dancing every weekend where dance competltlons are held. Most, he says, are held by Uncle Jams, a DJ every funk dancer knows. "lf Uncle Jams ls holdlng lt, you know it wlll be Ilve danclng and good. " When PETER 'S not competing he's watching to plck up new moves. Some of PETER 'S favorite places to go danclng are the L.A. Convention Center, L.A. Colosseum, Cal Poly, Shrine, Pasadena Conventlon Center and Mount Sac College. Four thousand or more wlll crttend these dances, twenty of these wlll be "bold" enough to enter as the dance competttlon. The wlnner ls chosen by belng the 'Qfreaklest and nast1est."lt ls hard at tlmes to detennlne who ls best because they are all so good. ln order to wln you must be able to do the requlred dance styles, 'popplngf 'tlcklng,' 'electro-boog-o-loo', 'klng tut', 'chaln-reactlon,' the 'backsllde' and at least twenty other movements. Each dancer knows which dance requlrements are to be done, for it ls listed on the flyer and announced before the campetltlon, You have to be good or else you wlll not get much recognition." PETER competed at Circus Clrcus wl'th KA THYMORAN a VPHS senlor, andplacedflrst two dlfferent tlmes, wlnnlng 8200.00 at Clrcus Circus, Even though lt seems that dancing ls a major part ofPETER'S life he ls also very actlve ln soccer playlng rlght half back at VPHS. "I hope to make a career playlng soccer. l'm always open for opportunftles where danclng can posslbly take me. Whlchever one can posslbly take me farther. For now, l wlll play soccer and go danclng, then go from there." PETER JONES E 'Qu' W, fr I Seniors: Extraordinarily I E TRA-ORDINARY - ..-.. .-,.. .......i.?L--:-- L L nzf ,L.,...... wt-1-mm-.m2m.,,, Lynda A. Dinardo I LUV U ALWYS PAUL X BST XS EVER BF! Xs f Party Thx MD CS I LUV U Page by K.H. Photo Russell Jones Donal D. Doering Annette Mortenson and Kim Baker relax after a hectic day. Annette and Kim spent much time selling tickets, Jeff Doest Jerry W. Dora Long Lxve Disney wf DR PREMEN ALWAYS LM BILLS UFF LONG LIVE KA, TW, FF, DW, BBO Dina M. Doretti Good Tms wf JA, DH, TM, WB, LS, wf Jen Q POETS, 9 Mm Rounds, Thanx Darbles, Luv u Mom' Robert W. Drobish WILD Txs 84 GRT ADVENTURES wfc Kim M1 Bt mms 81 col 4 I-QT mD cc! GIF polo - We Didnt Sleep In Frank C. Duarte Great times Never 4Get Ft BL x47 To ALL MY Fnends DK ML KN To A SpEACIL GIRL KAREN John M. Durazo RCK bLLY Pom? c's w Rat BOP KHny VAN nJD mobl RMBLS wPuP STV SRF56 LUV U MD DIO Deborah L. Edwards HAD MNY GRTX! SKING 81 FUN IN smr 82 with SCOTT BEST FRNDS SJ JH CG CK ILYA THANX mdzd Sharon J. Edwards REM ALL GRT TIMES' Thanx MB, PY, LP. MMXF F Mary 4ge! TB - GRT WKNDS S 2 FUTURE 1 SUCCESS 27 rl -uf Brian R. Ehline HAVE YOU NO FEAR OF GOD? TRN Frm ur sins Br believe on Jesus RD Th BIBLE Heb 4:12 Richard M. Elliott Doug Elston Scott W. English SWELL TIMES WITH MM MN MT JN LUV IN DOLLIES, The Monument Polo Swim, Nt Bump, Gigs, L MBLD Diana Espinoza AKA M.C. of B05 nvr 4get 25 st, Qen, J, Rs prty, fun wf c mv g, kb., yr , c8csl LETS BOP' Anthony Esquivel FTBL Soph. VAR 8181 82 C,I.F, Trck 81 wrst, THANX 2 GRD MOM Br FM RL ED DV RE DC LH AG IE, 8a MY LORD Robert Esslinger CK TINY AC MS ND OA JB CIDA TW ED GE JR BADMITTON KELLY LIZ PAGERK THANX MOM DAD t friends slr: sun Brent L. Evans PACO LEEPS IN 2 ACTION Mn Mam cemetary 8 EYES ' 6 yrs Q TOC Soph B Ball CARS vena vid vici Elizabeth J. Evans GOOD TIMES WB PP DL DR FH DK GTW OLD NB TBruns Drink a million Chge For 5m Mark Evans GD TMS - Kevin H FRED Rick Kim 8: Jill sfHOTl 69 Baja - rblt mern com ME in 83l Luv It Luv u MJ GRK By Kelly Gamez, Robyn Holla- baugh and Becky Beasley faithfully sing the Alma Mater. Spirit was high among the sen- iors. Susan M. Evans NO 1 BETR 4 GET This Kidl MOUSER 8: ME partners N krime Q of Swords Ren Fair Tarot RO TJ DBLD I LU MSLD Jeff A Fagin LUV U MSLD VOCAL ENS FUN WITH FRNDS MINI TRUCKS FOREVER TRUCK RUNS Ileet wood lower it 28 72 ' 'AN . ,V ,. X' bl I a , J., 53 , 10 I I . j I ' A .. me Nh, in,.,,, kg Seniors: " AST HURR " - 'sry' X ? -. 3 I -I I Do the n No, Inn thi JOHN Il Pima Hz I rms B, uhu lessons lm immdtng ig year he tm JOHNIY mn Im an audig Whm pm rnmpgmi C admin, Ml ,H JOHN W, I Ihr llmdm ISI ln Ill: mg Wlm JOII died 'I dm Im Io plq 5. 7 I if - ' X 'ww-ew-wpwfe-1 , 3 U , Mew- .T . .Y --- Y. J x Close UP JOHN IWANAGA by JOHN ROBILLARD Do the names Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and IWANAGA rlng a bell? No, but they all play the planoll JOHN IWANAGA has a talent that few reallze. JOHN plays the piano. He has spent 9 years leamlng and masterlng lt, startlng when he was 8, when he was 'forced to take lessons. "JOHNflrst started taking lessons from a local plano teacher, but ln the 7th grade he began attendlng lessons at Cal State Fullerton. At the beglnnlng of hls senlar year he transferred to Chapman College for more lnstructlon. JOHN ls content tojust playfar hls own enjoyment. "l hate perfonnlng for an audlenee, I suffer terrlbly from stage frlght. " When practlclng every day, JOHN works on pieces by his favorite composer. Chopln. Hls favorite music to play ls classlcal, but JOHN admlts, "I enjoy playlng mgtlme also, lt's fun." JOHN was talked lnta playlng In the Pergfomllng Arts competltlon at the Academlc Decathalan held ln November of 1982, where he placed Ist ln the categories of dancing, singing, and Instrumental music. When JOHN was asked about hls future plans, he sald he was unde- cided. "I don 't really plan on majoring In muslc, but as for the piano, l hope to play throughout college." ww.. Q x SDC, 'N T- --r n K 1. n l. M, L , 'J . 2 'H1?P2,- ' 6' 1 f' .4 , .1111-f, .W of .'.f,:59'3f2.-.1 ,.,, :A ,,.,.,5:1Egg,ay-gz-:,,,,c:f,., ,ffm .,:-z'f:g:+'-..',-" ,w g,:2f':4-.1:,- :pax uggcwip , l'l l i 5fZ4:'ff V. '-at . ' ' 54:If1?gv,. ' " fig 7 ,V f ff . f " .- Q, 4 wiv ' 4,1 Vg.. , 11.1 ,fue-'M ,4 .1 4 . 121532, f me :fm ' .,,1:,f:v 91 . z4:Z,f',a 1 we? Ze David J. Faltermier Good times wlth Allen ning, Me D1 rkd It Had lala Taters 'Scooby Joseph Fan THANX 2 ALL MY FRNDS! YU MS Lee l'LL NEVER 4GET The FUN l had at VP LUV U M8LD Frederick W. Fascenelr GD TMS wfME,DW.GB,GH,Kfl123 DA, JD + BUTCH 80 SUN BIRD, GDBY VP. GD TM SA TT AHO, I LUV U MBLD Shannon P. Feeley Thaz Wow ' l wxll make ut" Journey Jms Ex Tms wf Billy Rornpen In B3 Rob B. Ferrell Seek God 15184 all thngs will be added to you Luv U MSLD Bc Belinda Becky A. Feulner Memr swf Bs! Pals Prty n wfRGng Hav B1 RA SB CS Hl LR rnbls TK xv 81 B BF 4EB bsy Nvr 4ge! Gs Tmsw X JIM Erich Figley Cynthia Finkelstein NEVER -4-GET RAD PARTES x83 FRNDS 4-EVER - SP DL KW KB LUV U mov, Malo, JB, smm Todd E. Fitschen FRNDS - RB DD PE CL DD JM MB BR KG A soccer 8: JQCOUNTRY - 81-82-83- ML BX GL FR MB LS - BC - THNX MSLD Todd M. Fitzpatrick Michael P. Flanagan RAD TIMES WlTl'l TC, BM, SC Hard to believe it's over AMC CUCKS' MG Sz DC HA! L Y M810 Dana M. Flynn Lv gm Sr Sen Nvrllge! BKP Kng Coes Trp sw LZ Bio SD BB SK IMAM BF DENA, LZ EMJSSLCUZLAAUMDSLE David R. Fotch 29 Michael J. Fournier Schuyler W. Francine Daniel Franco THANX MBLD 4 All yor hip THRO MY high scol yers I Luv U 83 Rules 4 EVR Anabelle Franqui GDB Yess' Luv my Rex. Gil x wf Bnd Bds MB, BT, NL, MG, Ms., PK Ds-CRZYI Luv MKQD Stacie J. Freeman TF, VECS "PNK BTS," MUSIC MANN EVER 4-GET Y A584 HPIRATESI HAWAII 82 GRT FRNDS 4-EVER : KF NR love 2 mKad 81 s Page by V.G., Photos Rich Ackley Susan K. Fukuhara AL MY Luv to JUSTIN G Xsw X Pals Lg mpL sMg AC FN at Ptys Hal wn SH KB - Ao IS Luv U MB.:D Rauly Caralto, Glenn Petty, and Robbie Derrik ponder on the possibilities of where tiny lit- tle portions of H20 come from. Joseph Furtek Holly L. Gaines REM 4 EVER A BEST FND ROBIN FUN TIMES - IN UTAH 8: YA DANCES I MADE ITI LUV U MOM 84 DAD Sz D Bridget A. Gallert NVR 5 GT. HL BST FRNDS KS DH LL Flirt, PLo, VGS GAIL AGA 2, 3MUSK LOVE MY STEVEN mmm, BJJ LUV M,D Kelly A. Gamez I LOVE YOU ADAM FTBI. 454' 28316 wld wd ncls ' JB OY ST 'BST PALS BB RH MC KC JW THANK MRD Steve D. Garaghty NEVER 4GET GREAT TIMES WITH FRIENDS M.T M W SH JJ I LOVE YA TAMMY YOU 2 MOM Angelique M. Garifo NEVER 4GET VA RC HE ER N BEST FRIENDS CK NJ TM BB KS KL ALWAYS LUV JIM THANKS MND Deborah K. Garratt HAD GRT TIMES wf Connie T, IVY T, BL MARIA G NWYC f MEX C SUM '83 LUV YA MOM 81 DAD' 30 L5 Xu " fm v,, ,Q 4 A gr-.w-g5,14,,,, I W I -ylzxflhl I s,w.....--, av .4 W Y .0 My 2, h , fo , 'I' ' we is 1 J 1 on 'rv' Ib. f 4'7f.,fmf -1. ,hu UM ,577 1 I .XG C, Saw a , l f f ? Seniors Have EYES TO THE SKY -ff:-AX-fn:-,.-f..14C-Q,x.l:..,,,...,. 'Ii' Valerie L. Garza CRZY XSW X CM KB DE CV SS, sza bob ds NVR 4 GETSYSO cbs 81 el vchr Qen lrakj BAHAMAS ' BCH's LET's BOP' Caolyn L. Gatchell LUV U MUM Er POP CANADA 81 EL 82 BEST PALS CAROLINE 84 DEBBIE JG DF BY TT SP AR KS SA RT BO IN GO MM Susan Gault IOS "82" GRT TIMES WITH BCS NEVER 4GER BF BPRTY W KNDS WITH RGANG ALWYS REMBR HAV "SJSCBS" LUV MELD Sara L. Giacobbi FANTASTIC xw f BIG BE ARMXAGIC BEAR MAGIC MTN TOUR I ST PRTY PALM SPRINGS GIG SED TIA MOM OM PAPA Eating his favorite food, Mark Yokogawa spends Iunch munch- ing away. Mary Giannetakis ALWAYS REMEIVIBR TIMES WXBEST PALS LIS LES ANNE MPK msd ya sus, how Ironic Luv MDA 84 P Lisa M. Giannini LES, MPK. ANNE, MAR SL ZUZ - Luv U guysI craZ Mc ASB, grt XSN Mnza Tn-I v ws 2 meh' THNX md EB Er JEN Cindy K. Giesseman I MEM BARRASESI Bst xsw f Frenz Special pals TK MD f Isl Luv MAM BF DC RU Tik Ish DAD7 Luv U Mars Reed B. Gillette Surf Pals Mm Bm Mr PUP Jg DC ME-N MONTER np OFF in MEX, Bumr ANCHO V MOBILE Luv Mom n Dad BYE Jennifer A. Glasman Flying Nuns CK KH DR CB CH KK SDu Make Me Laf Periot 205 Be! Elin Sumr 82 JOHN CARROLL I LOVE YOUI Steve D. Glenn Party In 83 Had big crank great times in Chma Peak Tiny JR RE Van Ram Luv U MGD Kevin M. Golemo Michael M. Gomez I Luv u MOM DAD. DINA, ED f GRAM CIF 81:82 H33 GP, TJ, EH, JB. RB HOME CMING 82 ,f GANG ILY JAN Ken Gordon Kevin M. Graham BST FRNDS JD DW SR SA THANXS WATER SKI RACE Sr TRACK PVOLT THE BEST I LUV U MOM 81 DAD 31 .,. ...,,,... A vas.. H5-:s.,...., . Karen A. Grant ANNE BFA LOTS GRT TMES BBJB WHDC ANC TM NR GH JA ALWS LUV 2 PTY THX JILL THX D8tM I LUV U Kelley A. Graupensperger I LOVE YOU DAVE RAD TIMES WTH JW, BB, MC, KG, RH FREE AT LASTIIIIIII John D. Gray SURFN MEX SAN MIGUEL K51 NOFRE RMBLS 6' N GLASSY SURF CLUB PRTYS LUV U MRD Mitchell J. Green Robin L. Greene Fun wf AB, The L. Bunch, KB 81 Mantlssa OE 49, Swedmsh Fish D'NUT, LPL, LUV U MOM SL DAD Br B Tammi Gretz GENESIS 82 LU NT JC MR KM CM CT RK BL BK CR SKI OC Prty ACt n GVL Han Musser LY A MOM SL TED Denise A. Griffith NEVER 4 GET FUNXS W BEST FRIEND KAREN YA DANCES WATER SKIIN EFY FLAG 80-81 LUV MY FAMILY Michael Gubler Mary M. Hack Albert A. Hahn Ken Pty! Mor Edel Brau no Harps Had FN time In smr B1-82 4x4 Ceramics 83 mom dad Denise Hahn BF 4E DARI LYN BFS BG RN LC HR MB L W DV THNX JESUS 81 BEN WAB STT MS WU BRETT I LOVE U LUV U M84D HI HUNY Bill J. Hale I LUV U TERESA1 MY BEST tx mes with you BABE' X57 BUG LATER 76 BALL THANX MOM Kc DAD Karla J. Hallock HB + FF GA WA DG RL SF TB LG DT IM SW KB SS MR JD KK lm GO n ZMAK IT ONLY BCAS U CARD THAX I LUV U AL NBW 83 Stacey Hamilton PTL! BEST PALS MD SM DZ FC CW DH Never 4get 52 stand choc chip pncakes swam 80,82 Luv U MBLD 32 Close Up By STEVE BASS "You swing your anns lllce crazy and walk heel-toe motlon as fast as posslblel" What sport ls JOHN BECK talklng about? The sport of race-walking. JOHN explalned, "Llttle ls known about race-walking ln America, but lt Is very popular ln Europe, and many doctors conslder It the perfect sport. "The actual race Is 3,000 meters. A little less than two miles. The season for race-walklng Is May through July. The competi- tlon for this sport is spread out. Many tlmes JOHN doesn't know who he will be competing agalnst which ls a blg dlsad. vantage. Why does he stlck with lt? "lt's more than being good lt's a certain prlde, lt's knowlng that l have the potential to be the best." Thls ls JOHN 'S goalfor 1983, to be the champlon of this llttle known sport. JOHN started three years ago when a P.E. teacher asked him to try tt. JOHN caught on and started llking the sport. Wlth thls, came the challenges of racing. ln 1981, JOHN came In third In the National Junlor Olym- plcs. When others laugh at John practlclng on the streets, he thinks to himself, "Walt 'tlll l'm number one then l'll be the one laughing." What does race-walklng look like? It looks funny when guys do lt, but lt's fun watchlng glrls try," replled JOHN. Y 4 Q T S S 'ml I S filly. nllml: icft:-L, Wk 'Win I ML IOHN. ilsmgf 'Hui HHH H1 Ling, Sllzlg Will uhm rrlnllh llinhi 'HUM 1 I I nlI Q , il .-. 5 il- , I : WQ., fl -Q 4 J -..,.....i,.. ..r.... W, Y -...,,......1....,.. NM-mHl Michael G. Hammond GDXS in Bm Plcn' MesA RMB LS' DONUE RMBLS 505 day yah' Thanx-AD JV EK DR PB TNT Lien Han THANX M, D, 84 FAM 41' RYTHING LOVE U ALL REMB NY 84 WSH BST TMS COME Wf BST FRNDS MB DB LT Steve K. Harlin EH EARL SRL Party sw ML DM MR RM SR OC CL IU CWS CM LM Rfkmg at bb at ML Cabin IL KR BF ML MR IL U MSLD Debbie L. Harmes NAVY ws grt Bbl Stdy gng Msya JN Lvn 4 my Lrd Dnce Q Dsnyld Carol vlybll Gd Ick Pty LC CW JC LL MEAD Vernon B. Harmier Ken W. Harper Had gd 84 bd times never 4 -get WSLW EL somdy Ill HAV rny GB" HARP BER" Ceramics 83 Paula M. Hayes Never 4 Get Best Frnds SB 'AH 'CP 'LV 'KR 'LA 'ALWYS Rem DC Thnx Mr T Luv u Mom84Dad Steve Hayes HAD GREAT TIMES VP BB 1:82 RV DM GS PM EH MR KF MMR GJ ME ROD CRT TMS WITH DEB Luv u MELD Wendy S. Hedin JLB BFA DC AA KG BB BP PH SW 73 BUS' NO TZ BR YF RM AN DR EP RM 82 THANX M8zD LUV U ALWYS Photo Russell Jones Page by V.G. Sara Giacobbi looks aston- ished at Schuyler Francine's ability to use Kinetic Energy. Students were often amazed at what they learn from physicls experiments. 33 Gregory A. Held HAD GRT TIMES AT VPHS THANX ZALL MY FRNDS LUV U MOM KL DAD Andres L. Helmers M1 Jesus rem Jim f TN cw GTW cr ao Crimson tm BFA 'LAURA 'LUV MOM 8: JESSE SP thx AD lm 3rd AH Kimberly A. Helton SOPH YRW f CR DN EY Sc G EUROPE 82 US FESTI NEVR 4 GT DRM JJ TT EM SGY FZ FB MB CH LUV U FICKS THANX MSLD David B. Hempling YYES' Gre Trns wf All The Gang' Nvr 4 get VE, CS, Drma, Love 8: Thnx MELD Friends! l luv U TB Debbie Hengstebeck Craig Hensley FUN TIMES AT THE BROS FRDS 4 GOOD DP SW KB MS RB SJ PRTS THE ONLY WAY LOW Y SURF INKB DR MG RL Linda Hernandez Ne'r 4-Get JV Cheer rah sum! Alws rembern early rms In N-VG-t Kms wf SHANE Luv U! Thanx MOM DAD X .05 x QW 5 , O 0 O O O 1 1 Seniors on way TO PERF ECTIO Gregory H. Hill Mom 84 Dad Thanks for your love 8: support l couldn't have done it without you! Tuyen V. Hoang SPEECH-DIR COMMST FIN--el OC-SEC HS-Bst Frnds KK DL BK PR-Ms. Cf Mrs G-KROQ-837 Jennifer A. Hodge TALL FLAG LIEUT '83 THANK MRS SYLER 4 G.M. 2 CINDY '84 LUV TRACEY -l-MSD WALK SOFTLY John M. Hoffmann 34 1 Herz' .R ' , 5,-. .swf 'I Kimberly M. Heyden I Luv You Rusty Deb U weiners Never 4- Get Prom 82 Mag Moun' Mex Sum Ivrs lbr LUV U MOM DAD 8: S Susan Taverner gazes to the sky, pondering the idea of graduation. Page by K.H. Photo Ruuell Jones -L 5-,sc Y DINA DORETTI Close By FRANCISCO TALAVERA Oh we can do that DlNA DORETTI commented whlle watching the Famlly Feud Llke most vlewers she wlshed to appear on the show Dlna home slck one day declded to go one step further and call the show for more lnformatlan The show sent DINA an appllcatlon the very next day DINA added Everything was so qulck After several tryouts the producers and coordinators accepted them DINA sald wtth a smlrk lt was funny there were a lot offamllles brtnglng brlbes such as cakes and stuff DINA got a call and was scheduledfor October 12 She sald with delight l was so jazzed to be an the show DINA sfamlly declded to appear on the nlght verslan They along with ten others were scheduled to shoot that day DINA continued We became really very close wlth the other famllles Before the actual shootlng they got a tour ofthe stage area DINA commented The flrst thlng that hlt me was that the stage was so dlnky The coordinator reminded them to be laud and also wamed them not to cheat The moment DINA has been loaklngfonvard toflnally came She and herfamlly were to be one of the many famllles to appear on the Feud DINA Sfamlly was sadly loslng 299 to 34 But a humorous tum of events made them the wlnnlng famlly DlNA described the sltuatlon We were Ioslng bad The last question was what anlmal do klds go see first at zoo The other family buzzed flrst and sald COW RICHARD DAWSON and the audience were busting up We ended up wlnnlng because of thls DINA S brothers played the bonus game and won 10 000 dollars DINA contlnued It was funny everyone we knew ran up and two other glrls from the audlence that we dld not even know came along DINA bought herselfa car with her share ofthe wlnnlngs Along wlth the money DINA and herfamlly got there plctures In the T V Gulde DINA summed up by saylng The best part of the whole experience was belng able to klss RICHARD DAWSON He has the mushlest ps 'W-, Scott J Hoganson Robyn D. Hollabaugh I LOVE CJR' BEST Friends KG KGB BM CJ WV BGOOD Txmes at PK Beach Party CS N CRASH Summer 81 scam Darilyn Hotchkiss TO OUR FUTURE PLANS TODD KNUTSON' GTW JULS f NE CI EH AHN THNX JA S4 411-I LUV 2 RSLE W! TK Delome A. Hotchkiss HAD GRT xW BEST FRIENDS ANNIE SHARI 8: JULIE ILL NEVER 4GET U 3" THX GOD" HI DAR LUV II GM 81 D Leslie E. Hotchkiss DWARFS BIG DEAL SPR VTEYES Wf MICHELE. FUN Sx WX NOD XNW f MR JSK SAS GQs NKD Z MSLD Patrick Houser BP-PH BST FRNDS sum 82 GRT TMS WTH BRI-WENDY - GRT TMS WITH 8 OTHR FRNDS 4xCJ Eddy L. Howard C-YA VP CIF In 82 FT BL mis u pals many a crank rw RT KG SJ B Thnx lot s Sms Iud var BBaI 82 83 LUV U MED Julie A. Howard aka 2 TALL 2 HIP KID B Frenx DE ' KDV 'CG Spec Mem wf GWAI Hypr XS wf s FREAK JS Q GA NA HL Keichin Huang Keilin Huang Mike A. Huff KFLP f BGYS BST SUMR BIG ERV BOB - WOODY 3 DAVE SCRFY oi! RJ RM BI. ES LUV DAD CYA VP! Lisa E. Hunter ALWYS RMBR WLD TMS SD KT KP RB RB RB IL YSD 143 CEJ THNK U LORD JOHN S 12 ILY MD 81 FMLY 35 n':.f:ifav:,aawe Kim A Huntington FL YI NN UN SJ GC BD RC KS Ar UGLY! Dnce Cf? - SONG - CAMP 83 Fun 4 Me Ts NV RF RG TD JL Thnx Cuz ILY MEzD John D. lwanage HAD GRT TIMES SURFN 'QW DH BP PJ SE KOWABUNGA WIKW OZZY N THE CLASHXGOCATGO Larry A. Jackson THX TfALL FRNDS Espc BSTF ND FCT, BEACH NITE SKIING wfKM, SS, LUV YA MSLD + FAMILY Kenneth J. Jacques Nancy E. James LOAF - BFTAMI - R'VWfCR - SOPH 8L VARRAH BUD WXCK -- PROM 82 - ILCR THANKS MSLD - GRTTMSWXAGNLIGTL Steve D. Johnson BB82 83 GX JR GW DV MR JG BM GO PRO MEX - SORMBLES SURFN CRANKS ALW LUV MY BG MMM - THANX MOM POP Theresa A. Johnson DTD rma Vocl Sen Secy Soph Sen' Thnx 2 U Jean HGDG Old Frnds GB JB PE BH Wat 4 CF bee bop Luv 2 MD Kevin Jones PARTY WXCRSI GET woman' TSOL! Sum Slam 82' Vice Squad KiII - I Luv Laune K Luv ya Ma BL Bro! Kris L. Jones Bst Frnds CPHC Try 2 4GET DL Tco REM KKK BLW Chnatwn Gd Tms an Canada ILUVU KEVIN Camil S. Joubran HAD GRT TIMES NEVER 4GET M THANX 2 ALL MY FRNDS! THANX 4 HELP LUV U MSLD Janell L. Julian Edward Kakis TAJSLW A Eunuch Exp no photos Get your rubrics out Dont let go the coat X Christine D. Kaleel Flyinuns JG KH DR LA Bud RB Soph Rah Sang N Joy Lif Smpl Plesurs CHKK Jimmy I LUV U A MOM DAD SIS Caroline Kallisch GRT X BST BDS CAROLYN DEBBIE sk: Innes 83 MM SP AR XL VU RS RO NG TM YI ON SR DF TT BY LUV U MSLD .,-50:1 4 ' . . f , I "'ELLz7r , ,J . 4 .nua...K Z Close Up , I , . I I Wm. EUGENE MARSH I ' I By .lov PEACE " "Video games are fun. They are more of a challenge than sports," stated EUGENE MARSH. "When I llrst started playing the games, I would spend five dollars a week, but now that I have uchleved sklll, at some games, I N spend, maybe two dollars a week," remarked EUGENE. "I enjoy "I'empest'for lts dlfferent colors and levels. I also llke 'Super PacMan' for the dlfferent mazes, 'Donkey Kong Jr.' be- cause l't ls welrd, and there are more levels to go through, and 'Asteroids' to get back Into practice slnce I have not played ltfara while," sald EUGENE. I "It took me slx months to become really good at 'Asterolds'and malntaln a hlgh score," stated EUGENE. "I entered a contest to beat the world's record, with the score of 19.6 mllllon ln 39 hours. EUGENE'S new world's record was recog- nized not just In Orange County. "Some day I plan on Inventing my oum uldeo machine," re- marked EUGENE. l I I - L - i f r --f N IN Q nh lin IAI I E if le l lr Ill: lil ani M fn - .fe K., hz' 7 ,lv Jean L. Kalvesmakl GdxwfTJ, JC f SSD ST NHS CSF BOC ICC ODYSSEY CORO '81 OP PALS Rms. 122 Luv U M8rD Laurie L. Karres DANCIN THE GANGZ FUN TMS WIC BST PALS LZ JC JK MD CC KP MSUJC Thx MELD LOV U SCOTTY' I2-2B-80 John W. Kellow Jr. THANK 2 ALL FRIENDS TCHRS 81 REL' ATIVES I LOVE YOU MA DAD JAN SCOTT 1983 RULES' Brendan J. Kelly Chris Kent Thomas T. Kim Youngsu Kim Seniors Drink Kristen L. King VAR Sc SOPH CHEER NJ M PAL MILK HARV NO FRIEND BETTER THAN LAU' RIE K MY ZNZ GEEK I LOVE U MXLD IX' 0 IEIG FOR GOOD wp...- Kim A. Klinger ILY MOM LES U R VRY SPCL 2 ME THNX 4 EVRYTNG :L Jesus prpLVB x24 GBY Denise JULS H7 Sr 1119 YF NBdy David H. Klyde GENESIS 2 BEATLES 2 WHO 2 GRBRT 2 REVELATION WHAT IS THE DIFFER- ENCE? JL THANKS 2 MY FRIEND Steve P. Knoll GD FRNDS KRK BN WLCH PAMS GRT TIMES YOSMT MM THANX MKLD Robert W. Koch Thnx MSLD I Luv UfFun Trns WfPR BP PH MB,INvr 4get 4xn Best Yrs - Lyf My '11 CAMERO on ME Goin IVIOBILEI' Mark Maizel enjoys his drink at nutrition. Mark attributes his white teeth to milk. 37 Timothy S. Kodis Linda D. Koenig Luv BFS KBPTI R Fam: LK JT PT R HM TCG: staphy! Luv u 4 ever LIL' JOE! HI RM BH! Luv u M8tD Todd A. Kovac PARTY AT THE STONES CONCT 4x4 RABLES SKIING WITH ML VH DM SH Luv Ya MOM 81 DAD Kristine A. Kozlowski Dad Bt Rox I LUV U - Thnks 3 every thng. ASB, Gd Egs, Zoe, Kel-UR on EspdrIs Thnks SC Miss Mom Janice L. Krapes BF JILL 6 yrs, LK. JC. CC, HD, DP SP HR AH SONG, TILLY, MIS U PALS Thx MOM + DAD MIKE I LY AR DEC Deborah A. Kugler LYA DGQ RAD MACHII Bch Rmbls Cncrts Mvies Jzz Bst Frlt BE 81 DS - Dbl Dbs Luv U - Mom Dad SL Sis Page by V.G. Photo Jeff Lung At the last minute, Janell Julian crams before a test. Many VPHS students used this method of studying. Erik J. Kuli AH WELL, CIF POLO 500 Free VP YC Thnx 2 all good pals, K 2 URGRT! T - BUTH BVR TRS DRs VRs THNX MSLD Tracey A. Kurose Had grt x sw frnds CG MD JC CC LK HAL 82 DELD Thanx 9 yr PAL "THE BEACHII - nom ree ut rns LUV U MOM 84 DAD Kirk Y. Kusano Curtis R. Lamb RAD TIMES WITH FRNDS PIT PRADO Bett yeat my gapxles TEAM OO Kellie L. Lang TRIPPER f MEM. FTBL DNCES, SPCL FRNDS ABM MBB THX DAD BON MR B1 MRS B LU U ALL Qever Kathy J. Lange BCS FTBL - THIRSTI JV IRVHS EL- MAT DPWAK SB-CB DTD LV PGRB ROSA LORIO DSNLD-FUN Helen D. Langlois 38 X I I r A .l F I . . ,. .. re E ref--A f I N I . . . ,. , I Cl T I A 099 ' ' : if , 'jh X . In 'L fr' ' Q. . Q.. A ' Doreen L. Laren y .f , ...L ' '-P. ,,, ig" Del T, gn times Wy BE PP FH DR SB! '.. I A I' I T A " Tigf Prlys SB but Levis! Cjs hmes wf ol ?f5"'2',L' 9 8 5 NghbrhdI drl-4 mn' I ff , R . - , H- V Linda LaRocca 31 'I Luv ya Scott Nowak 4 ever Minef Thnx C 4' 'I I Babst Irnds 4 ever Luv ya Grtt I mes Drat N-A--- ' ss Luv U MD LL KTS ' ' . ' ,5 ' 1 71 ' ' By suzANNE woorens MIKE BRODERICK """' At the age ofelght MIKE BRODERlCKjolned Cub Scouts. He contln- ued wlth them untll he was twelve when he became a Boy Scout. lt took another four years ln Boy Scouts before he eamed the rank of Eagle Scout. Out of every 100 Boy Scouts, only one wlll become an Eagle Scout. A Boy Scout must eam 21 merit badges, elght sklll awards, and go through flue scoutlng ranks to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. He also must complete one community service - that Includes 75 hours of work. MIKE added, "lt's not the easiest award to eam." "Engle Scout ls the highest rank available to a scout. lt ls Intended to help build leadership qualltles and character." .,. Mike P. Leonhardt Patti L. Lewis A, AV ag , Seniors Go STYLE Nancy C. Lathrop NEVER FRGT SZABO PALS' KEL KIM Sc ANNETTE, ASB, 8: VPHS ALYS REM PG 8: PROM LUV YOU MOM EL DAD Matt J. Latteri FAST Tim ATVP Best PALS DMMRS HBear h 505 Delx rambles Blue Mule Thks MOM DAD PIN E U ALL v LK Darlene L. Lawrence Grt times wtn KB JL KW CF MS MM SH Party rams B2 Gls wfh DD Thanx M8-LD Jackie R. Lee RAD TIMES WITH GREAT PALS SB SH LC MM RM DK I LOVE YOU DAVEY' LOVE always MELD Tom Lee I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER MY GOOD FRIENDS JOE 84 PETER FAN BERRY HO AND KIM-CHE YUN Ron A. Lehnhart BST BUDDIES MC LW KJ DC CA NC THANX MOM Sz DAD 4 ALL YOUR HELP I LUV U Catherine M. Licht "THEREFORE, SINCE BPEVITY IS THE SOUL OF WIT." GOOD BYE. GOOD LUCK TO ALL. Darren W. Lindboom BEN ZAG RT GUY SOZ JESUS CHRIST MOACH KMIE IDDLE ER DA JC JR SOPH PRESI OODASH -1Of2 Debbie Lofaro BFKS REM LP LY Skung CM PB BT RC HS YC TS WN ST RS CD CG MR VA RI EN LUV U SR BUS .I PALS LUV U M8cD TDM Kurt Lofgren 39 Seniors Devo-ted TO SPIRIT Thanh B. Ly David D. Lynn ZGD Frnds - Thanx, gd Iuk2U Br Peace Bw! U Berk' Mtnsl 18t8.Gr Br! LD 81 DK - whers the Diff! Mike Maddux PALS LEO Ken Jon Mark Matt Viro Prty n Scene B3 No fre Rmbls' spirit Nite Thnks M8rD Kna arlyl Tom K. Mahony Get Away Drvr 4 Fone Bth Bevr Sm ke Bmb Manknd In TC 3 Rem prm tsn PSn Parlys Wals In The Box? OKG Mark N. Maizel GD X'swf SE MN MT JN HAWAII SGRT YRS Thanx MSLD Sr Frds CIF POLO Finals 99 Kelley J. Malloy FUNX 'S 2 REM SOPH jr rac bs ec CAMP! 505 LK AR hd GG MP! 505 sl kar hd Gd Eggs Thnx luv u alwys FAMILY KRISTIN E MELISA Pat E. Malloy Bye FLAMES lrlends JC BM SH MH TF etc Prtys REEB Hwai Socr Trac glln? Thnx MKLD Richard J. Mamola MISS U JB GRT FRD CLUV U KID' VP DC PALS GRT GD TMS WK CJ BT MAS CG JC SR ER .IF ILL MISS U MUCH LUV UM Patrick J. Marason Petra L. Marovic HAD GRT TIMES AT VP BEST FRNDS DR 8a NL THANK MOM 8: DAD I LUV U FIDM HERE l C Page by K.H. Photo Russell Jones 40 CA JB JW LM CL MS SE KK ADAM ANT, ONLY GQ' PROM MO PE PR DN ES THANX DAD 4 EVERYTHNG GOOD LUCK KEV. TRACK ffl ' JAVELIN DL- Linda R. Lomeli GRTIMES W WM TM LUV U MELD GIL Terry J. Ludin GOOFY GOD BLESS MOM in 1 ' 9 I J' -g 1 , sed., , , f 2 1 A A 1 By BETH DUFAULT U 11,1 q, ,, , ,Vs V MK I l qv-ev Close I UP ERICH FIGLEY Everyone collects something, whether lt be baseball cards or antiques or whatever. But not many people collect such unusual things as senior, ERICH FIGLEY does. ERICH collects just about anything related to the mllltary. He belongs to such clubs as the CMCA and the CMECA. Both of these clubs deal ln war items. "I haue between 150-200 uniforms from such countries as England, G .. ermany, Russia, und even a modem day lsraell outfit. He also has 450 mllltary related books, and numerous badges and weapons. ERICH first gained Interest In collecting through his parents, who are both collectors. He buys most of his things from war veterans. But why does he collect these t es fthl ? ERIC make money." The mllltary is not his only Interest. ERICH also belongs to the Society of Creative Anachronlsm, whose members dress up ln medieval costumes, hold joustlng toumaments, and attend renaissance falrs. He also collects stamps and coins. "The oldest things In my collections, "stated ER date back to 4200 A.D." Next Halloween. when everyone Is searching for "a" costume to w "which" unlfonn to wear. yp o ngs H'S reply was, "l sell them and ICH, "are some Roman colns which ear, the only problem ERICH will have ls I if I 1 IA, I I 5 5 S x i 059 I 1 wlf will dar-4, UW qu: IM mu lm Ildl . ,u Z Y A . -:'7E.Tf3i- - Z' I 5 ' " 'XT "Yr-av.w.,.sa-.:a..1' -'r '41 1 'P L, A 2. . 09 C T Ox Os Q0 C O , I ,, . Linda K. Marsden Lv My Frns Jw Kb LI Ss Kk Mkp M"ln Cam ILI-I SUM 821 NBROYS' BS"J PALS f GRAM' DZSSHS LUV MD GJ Eugene E. Marsh Pary Animals "OCS" Bud It BOB HAIL ANGUS - MAD mag NV ZOY amn My Leg Strands Rlpper Zepp TOZ Robin L. Martin l Love u Brent 4 ever 10 3181 xLentxsw 'u' CABIN RMBLS KROQ 86070 BUD LYS BSR 4ever Party' Carole M. Martinez RUREDY7 Awys Rem wld xsvv X VG KB JS DE SS CV f Nvr4gt BC HS BAHAMA' CB SE G 84 T - MCOT 8O'z BOC GLTS BOP' Jeff R. Martinez GREAT TIMES BIG GUY 3N AT MCKINLEY A CURT I YOUR TRUCKS WET- PRADO PIT AAR 48 DGRR Blaine S. Maruoka Nvr 4 Gel Gr! ms WfLC, JK. DT, KM, JA Ez W, PTL' IX OYE Astaf S845 wf' LHK Thanx Frnds s4 Gr! Yr Tanya A. Mastain BSTXS JN BW SE ME NWS VO SL COL Tops OLA CAN AL RAMBL luv u MKLD I LOVE YAKEL XQ RAMBLEL A TR VP Timothy C. Mathers James Mathews Jr. I Luv Lrsa THANX Ms HUSSON for EVRYTHNG, I Luv u, BST PARENTS N THE WORLD MBLD Paul J. Meahl TF, TP, TBI Thanx Dunc - Ranch - Davmd HAWAII 82 All U Need ls love Agoes G1-D 2 FO TRY CT wYl ATW Brian E. Meek Turn Me Loose' Hawmm Sumr Soccer and Gd Ends always Gd Luck J AB PM JW BC AS Lisa L. Meister ILL NVR FRGT' LEWIS, MFL, or JD, MSL, STAR TREK, THX JU, AF, RC, FT, BT, TRUMPETS Anthony J. Mesaros LONG LIVE ROCK. AWESOME VH GIRLS AND CLASS '83' FSTCRS 82 SNG LDRS 'PFKK' THNX MOM DAD Effie Metsovas BEST PALS LS SH JH LW CA BEACH KC COVERS PARTIES KNAY I LOVE U ALWAYS BOB Roberta I. Miale BBF f KA THANX S EVRYTHG M8zM M N EVER 4 GET - ASLG HAWAII MEX GRT TIMES WKS DL KM HS LUV U M84D 41 Manette Michalski THANX 2 ROBERT S GRT TIMES ESP PROM! ALL MY LUV 2 ROBERT 4' EVER! 616, 4,19 Elizabeth Mitchell TRIP TO HAWAII WAS THE BEST ALL MY TEACHERS WERE THE GREATEST LUV U MOM Br DAD Darin Moeller GREAT TIMES' VP HOOPS M33 ML GS MR RV SC SH SH AB RB TJ ER "KH" COPEI' BOMBER "72" THANX MA SL PA Robert Mongell MY PALS RB JD KB BA HA - RM BLS 82 FTBL, H41 "DFNSE" THANX M8LD SS LITL SIS LUV U aL Kr MY VW Michael Montee IM A KUK WISH I HAD BUDIES RADICL RAMBLES TO MEX ME NELI ROLRED TOY LUV U SHAN Charles Moore BS JD TK BL RP DC KG GRT TIMES SILVERWOOD BS Fishing gguild Thanx MOM sl DAD Susan Moore BFA KKSW THANX DM DM JK BBear 8: ATCs Bandit 10 31 817 Sanono - Sun Sr 151 MCBALL 33' Kathy Moran GREAT X'SW I HS - UR special 2 me Thnx 2 my Irnds - Luv ya-Always Rrnbr LSLS grd ma SL BETTY - luv MSLD Christina Mordock AWHFY7 StryCATSI Never 4 get FUNX's W! Frens "SKI BUNS" the 3 "ina maries" LUV US LUV U MBID Tami Morgosh BF 4 NANCY GET AWAY CAR WK NRA MB LSW SPECIAL FRNDS LN AS IE NEVR 4 GET SW MIKE TANX MBID Jackie Morris Wild tms w P'Gang VP T815 OE KA KF GA SAC RM 600 RI VS CG RTT STUFF Gdtms w CG BB JK SB LC A I L Y MELD Annette Mortenson I LV U MBID- THX SZABO PALS KR NL KB 4 GRT XS I MEMRIES NEVER 4-GOT N- SUMR X SKI 81 FUN Sharon Mullins ln 19 LUV DAVE FVR grt Ti mes W LUC SUE NEVER 4-GET Snk 2 RV BB PS CONDO TmND John Durazo, John Stuetzel and Steve Alvarez enjoy lunch in the cafeteria on a rainy day. VPHS students had to find a dry place when it was wet outside. Page by V.G. Photo Jeff Lung 42 l x XPC, .XO , , ,Q-TLT, V -Z ,,..,.,,.4, I If j I I I 1 I 1 N 5 I I Alll A I I I I I I . 1 , I I I I I L, I I W I I I I I I. Ig CI, I - - S m' if SARA GIACOBBI ""'.....' Close By JUDY JONES How many senlors can say that their llfe was changed by one fun fllled aftemoon? After last May, SARA GIA- COBBI became one of the few. "One Sunday last May, my boyfriend ED NEUBERT, lgraduatefram canyonl had a special surprise for me. We left early In the mornlngfor John Wayne Alrport, boarded afour-passenger Cesna and flew to Catallna for the day, The sensation was so excltlng that I declded I wanted to leam how to fly." "There are two steps In gettlng a prlvate pllot Ilcense, passlng a flying test and a wrltten exam. I took ground school at Martin avlatlon, lrlohn Wayne Alrportl starting ln September, and Ipassed the wrltten exam ln November. Ishould have all of my hours ln and pass the flylng test by summer then recelve my llcense. I want to travel every- where wlth my frlends." "The sensation of controlling an airplane ls fantastic. First, It ls really excltlng to be flying somewhere Instead af drlvlng. Often, durlng steep tums I lose my sense of dlrec- tlon and I can 't tell whetherI'm galnlng or loslng altltude. " "Many people joln the alrforce to recelve thelr flylng hours, but lplan to continue with private Instmctlon. In the future, I would like to be a commercial pllot for a llulng. In my dreams I would like to be an astronaut, butfor now I wlll stick to belng a pilot." Seniors Have at PERFECT SEASO Brad Munger Brett Munger SURF SKI SU BURBY FUN TIME T K51 ONO FRE RIVER AHUM TC MUNG OP INCH PS DENISE Susan Mykkanen SH MD FC HIKK ELVIS FRIENDS again SS BKA M81 OF Maria McBride '83 here I come! Gail McCracken Thanx Z all my frnds 4 gr! times Never 4get Haw 82 Sad Prm Sum 81 Wly mo bel WL EE RR MK AG Luv u MS4D -f , . :..e..:e.1. ,ze-emeeleef.. sg,-umm. Mike McGowan JOY BETH! 2 peep Prp Men Gd-Times No f8rC 1027 DKS LUV MBKD Erin McGuire I'II nvr 4-gt The Fun XWI DT - My Bs! MOM, Dad, Sis 8: Bros Sally McKay Mems Cyril St Alexrs! Wall Of V00 Doo DAD GMA 84 GPA Carol McKinnon ANNIE. WEVE HAD TOO MUCH FUN!! tms wf Lange Huls SL CV John McLaren MP LB A! KW MW DS Thanks MBLD Thomas McLean Gp Th GANG I Ddnt DI Cndy RX7 Scott McLeod Rmbles CIF B BALL 83 Luv U Mom f DAD 43 Lets BOP! SNUPP IN W1 DIZZY BB 2 SS Von mem w MB nyrs 81 ws gd w JD 2 BJA rags flever LUA l LUV u BO 84 lam JN 18 Phn bth Bvr smk bmb' Cht rs Nvr Prspr" 40 Frnd - DP, DF Q All My Frnds. l LUV U Clash Who' mods K-NAC MT? LUV MOM Got a Look sharp cruz NN the bug also good GD rms Thanks 2 all my FRNDS AB JT LR aka CHIP rm br Bvr Mn Knd Sm Kbmb Lt Ken Cyn LK H20 ' Sn Sk: Tn x MSLD Gm Sc XLENT TY MS W1 Thk SFS JS BSS DAR RC JW JS AND CLAN BF SG JM RA D hrL ..a1e'.'. . :um nm-avvm 1- - - H Marie McNeil Luv Mom 81. Dad Bst ol frnds Michele tHelen Good Tms at VP Luv to BaBy SISI Brother Kelly McWhirter Get Exited, Jesus ls Comingll Thanx OL K4 a Grt Jr 84 Sr Yr' SSLS "MESSAGE" 'K L. BJ R M' Kris Neff Thank U PHIL 4 AL YOUR LUV 81 UNDERSTANDING. NEVER LET U GOV LUV U THANX MSLD Mike Nelson CIF H20 Finals? HWI GD XS Thanx MBLD and to all frds rmber alwys JM Paul Nelson Polo Chmp MN MM JN MT Hm Cmng Prc 2 Gd BG lry frnds FD TB SL all at OC Flp 4-13 JV Well BT gthr Lv ya MEcD Nevin Newman Thanx 2 My Frnds Jack Dan Adolf CG Tclrn Kand Be Somebody Fn Tum es LT's go! to B84J's Rodo Luv U Mom Karen Nieckula Best pal KRISTIN ffl love FRANK JV CHR Oct 18 Nvr 4-get grt trns w frnds lv MDC Robin Norris YT MD DH YB DENWACFJAZYXS WXVET PSPVMITIMISSUMRLNCH DVSRFNGJSKG LUVUSCOTMMRQB Jeff November Shalom To THE WORLD PEACE LOVE BESTS EM SB EA YOD JW DANE DH MD BTMUVE lS RL Jim Nowak H20 Polo 3 yrs CIF Good Xs MT MN MMSE best grl lrnds SS LM Hawan Wf The boys sl Luv U KB Thanks MSD 44 Close By GLORIA RENEER RAMONA ALCAREZ H-' api. --ff. For the average hlgh school student, a trlp to Utah skllng over Chrlstmas or to Lake Powell ln the summer ls the usual vacatlon. But to RAMONA ALCAREZ, thls may seem dull or even a relaxatlon from her hectlc schedule. RAMONA and her parents travel. And by travel, I mean all-over-the-world-not- mlsslng-anything travellng, Her trav- ellng started when she was bom ln the Phlllplnes, Manllla. She has been all over Europe and the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Austrla, Egypt, Israel, Norway, Russla, Chlna, Indonesia, Scandanavla, Hong Kong, Thailand, and that is just the be- glnnlng, RAMONA not only visited these countries, but she went to all the major cltles down to small towns and villages, RAMONA stated, "The only place I can thlnk of that I haven 't been ls South Amerlca, and I plan to ga there soon. " When asked why she travels so much, she replled, "My parents want to see everythlng ln the world before they dle. And I'm taken along with them." RAMONA has traveled ln, besldes the usual airplanes, trains and shlp, hydrofoll boats, Chinese junk boats and emlse shlps to Mexlco and Greece. She loves the cmlses because she meets so many people. She dlsllkes many thlngs about traveling such as: time changes, jet lag, the hours of flylng and waltlng. But the good far outweighs the bad. She sald, "I've seen tons of stuff, but the best was when I cllmbed the Great Wall of Chlna ln Peklngl" In the future RAMONA wants to retum to many of the places she has already been to, especially Chlna, Russia, Scandanaula, and Greece. But In splte of all her traveling, when she flnally settles down lt will be In Callfomla. "Be- cause Callfomla is deflnltely the best place to beI" 4 1 . . IU - f Q' ar U' V .4 - Q71 Y I 9 H, Seniors: "YOUNG AT HEART" ' ,l lf l , l d fp-ill .ll gl , ,qv Il ll-Wt Ural" "ilk lt 'df mil, .llvl nil' xnwq -alles . ull' ll Igglft' -1 lfll lllgll 'M' wr-"ef J 1 w ,x"' .ihw 15.5 r lf. 'V' r" I Q ' l I Hb si' N I A-. x XP C, Ox 4:,,,,,-ff! WV" 4 Timrm' ' Anne Oberschlake Dirk O'Dette Vette Rambls Carnlot Rasnell Thanx Mom Dad Ken Luv U Cl1rlsThanx Frnds BL PB NN JD GMC Grr Richard Olquin FTBL H1 82 BIG ED GO SUM IT EN SNA DATE L BOOTH BV ER ON ROOF MAN KIND TO PC SH UV UK TK HD R SEE YA' Douglas Olson WHY7 Kathy Onnen Cool times Luv Ya Pals 4 ever TP SR MC LC DR BB RT RF SOPH garag leRiver 32 Teens wife l LUV SARAH" Michele Ostendorf BST FRND CINDI THNX 4 EVTHNG LB DS MC LC DR KH LUV U ALL STRAY KATS GRTX SWXTT EKWC LUV MED Michele Oudejans Bs! FRNDS LESLIE TONI JON LM KB KK MR HH LUV DWARFS NVR 4fGET ROCKY LUV U M840 Cindy Paddison Trs rd Luv 84 Memrs wf RSX cnlry Motto MKrs Evni Gert: Gr! Tms wf LS Ep Bg Rg Luv ITirn4 121 XOYE Paula Palleschi Beth B-Sis 4 evr Mlb Bch RP EL AC' Grt Xsw gang prtys Inch rmbs Nvr 4 gtu Ha' cr pn gm ls ms cn lsn Denise Pangburn Bst PAL MARE' 1119 BST XS wf27 MORE Sp CIF Jan-GOMZ 8: Tilly LUV 2 m.D, K8cG Aloha! Cheryl Park Beware Ill prnt THE BOOK Never doubt Uespehn f Luv 2 friends XL all at madhouse Michelle Parker TEACHERS THANX FOR THE KNOWLEDGE I'M OFF TO COLLEGE - HOORAY' HOORAYI Mike Pattin Photo Rich Ackley Graduate, Kim Carter, reads a book while waiting for a friend, Finding a quite place on VPHS's campus was often difficult. Dena Paul DT 80-81 VP Sz ST, Bkp kng REO w BDB Bst Bd - Dana EM, DT, LZ, GS coes Luv U BILL 4 EVRS dh Bl LU MXLD 81 K Carisa Pedigo Gd Tms wf PH KR GD KM DH Bye Dennen - I LUV U Gram Pop Ma Virg Mel Bill Clay Alan Penn Robert Perez Michael Perkoski GT XT XL 175 DS AB FF JM PB Crsabls Cope fat perfmce Tany ROM LUV you Lyne M8LD Teri Petrie RAD TIMES W! SR KO LO SH LS DEL 82 NVR 4 GET "MRRO B" VP GOT ME TO B3 LUV MY MOMAI vstn 1 LUV u LEN! NS Glenn Petty v1 f138 +234 Soph Var Fotbal "83" To all my light sklned Irnds get a tan Thanx MOM SL DAD I LU Kari Picano Fevr GRI X S - MTS 84 GV RLLR 50's! SPL PAL RIC G 81 ED R BTMST AL LUV U SIS 82 MSLDI Linda Marsden and Scott Eng' lish dance up a storm. The sen- iors held a 50's dance contest on Spirit Day. Linda Pitts LHCI? I DID IT?l INV 4 GET Y ALLI WYO 83 DEPISERS RULE! M23 4 EVER' LUV YA MOM LETS GO Tracy Poole William Potts Had Grt TIMe, NEVER 4fGET SUMER OF 82 WITH PH PR MB Br GIRLS lov ya wendel 4'EV Peggy Poudrier Thanx MOM 81 DAD 4 THE BST YRS OF MY LIFE CAMILLE LORI MARY ANN 84 FLORACE -ST FRNDS Mary Kay Powell BST PALS LIS LES SUZ ANNE JEANNE MAR SLUV WHOO YA 2 YA MCASB SUM VACA 82 LUV U MD Er J Kristin Powers bl KILI 8: thx 2 LHdr JCkh JG ckLG mkp LS dp LK md MY MCAS Bill DC 8Pp Pearl TNT n-184D I magd kld I MAC' Janice Prettyman 4evr GRT xs W KSB 'ROC n ROL 'OZZY HI Gar Lets Pity Mgc Mtn MwLa 46 W V. -.,.v.ef .s-..-e,,.-' 'z....f' f '14 --e-'ef--ef 6.1 ' tru? 'ha If f L 9-an 'QT 7 safe' elnfwv A ,M gs. tm. 477' .1 '- 111 - - ' ,L Qglfiv' KRISTEN BROWN Close SENIORS By FRANCISCO TALAVERA KRISTIN BROWN, senlor, has been swlmmlng competltlvely slnce she was 12. KRISTIN com- mented, "My parents started me out, but never forced me to swim." KRISTIN swims and practlces ln Mlsslon Vlejo. She swlms slx days a week, twlce a day. Along wlth swimming practices, she llfts welghts and runs an hour to bulld her endurance. KRISTIN added, "The beneflts, rewards, rec- ognition, and meetlng new people motlvate me." Such motlvutlon ls what pushes KRISTIN to ex- cel and succeed as a competltlve swlmmer. KRISTIN ls looklng forward to school swim- ming. "I like hlgh school swlmmlngg lt ls lower key and not so demanding. " KRISTIN holds four school records. She feels, "Girls swlmmlng does not get much publlclty, even though we put n lot of work into lt." For many swimmers thelr greatest hope ls to go to the Olymplcs, However, KRISTIN ls concen- tratlng on a college scholarshlp, KRISTIN even- tually wants to major ln Business and Communl- catlon, but she added, "Swimming is my life." 6-,H we f..:wt..W.:w,v-were-L.-,, "Rock round Erika Price Spcl Irnds Joyce 84 Cindy Best Pal Gary I luv U Bye Debbie B Jet'almek1er I luv U MD Kc T PTL Barnett Protas HAD GRT TIMES WITH DE GG RR SB OB AN DAP LOVE US D TEXAS 8 ITH XKEN LUV U VICKI SUE SWISS 82 LUV U MBLD John Pytlik RMBR BAGER BCH WVKR G: MM n LUNCH RMBLS, JOHN-N-JRNSKI ON, 83 FULL on CRANKS ADIO SVP Diana Rader Flyi Nun I LY JG KH CK CB LL AZ JV LH KN KP SA Gd 2b 23n LB w KT HC w JB MCASBL Ctsr f8LI LY Mk St kt n Yr 5' Greg Rainville Cynthia Ramirez I LUV U MIKE nvr4get last lrnd michele gr! xwAK PLDNMImusuJW LuvUMD8tS Deann Randall Sweetness 'Cherished Xs wf Steve C Nvrllget Bill HOIR Var MVS wim JCP I Love U MA 8: PA Mark Redding TU TT GT BB SM LS CS HA BD MA VP KHO OP CIF 412 OD EL IA RM BIDS RO OC IL IV EP BEACH 50 SN FU KIM LUV U M8zD Brian Reed John Reekstin How ya ben? PV 82 Var trck chrnps Ski Bch Gtx sw JC DL TD AB KS CR Bt MS swng n xwn Tee! da Tnx M8tD Mike Regan GRT TIME AT NOFREY 8: SKIMEX DO DA GR AH AH UM NO KUKS' SURF 8: SKI 4EVER VP SURF CLUB Jason Reichert IM OUT' HAD KILR Times wf MR SJ GW etc When Ever Poss Surf-Hn. SODA is it, See Ya J The Clock" Page by V.G. Photo Dave Tebo 47 Gina Reidinger SHAWN Bf F CARNY 8: STEPH PRTY N xs Wf THE 7 DURANGO WHO 'gp SKI RMBLS JA MUL SUMR 82 SCOT GYM I L Y MD 81 G David Reisman IT WNT BY FST BT IH DFN MADE MNY NC FRNDS ILL NVR FRGT GRT TMS AT DSNY LND I LV U MAG DDY IM SU GRNMA Leslie Reoch JOE I LOVE YOU AND THNX 4 EVRTHG gdb! s alwys BF AT grt Kms Sop yr THanx MELD I Iuv U Ken Richardson Street Bug 73 Rad Pals JP SY MM PH mls ya s Owen Thaks LSR A2 Craks Luv M8tD Laura Richter Bst Frnds SC LW PC Gr! X Var sltbal Prom 8182 B3 LUV Uf ALWS CHRISTOPHER ' LUV 2 MOM Sz DAD Karen Riddle Luv all my lrnds RCKN RLL LIVESI LUV U BRY, OBSESSED 4EVERll Deanna Reider BXF Tracy Sz Lor spcl, Frnds MO LC MC CR FUN xwf MCD gang 20120 xr Hr -'BHS - Luv ya always Noah Rigney ALL MY LUV M8tD SS CD MT FOREVER NOW! "Follow No One" THE KIDS R ALRIGHT LUV LOTS Q Anthony Roberts Craig Roberts BT SURF NK - 52 Bt NM IM MEX WITH HM sdg GT WITH MT 8: TM THANX MRLD FOR L ME G UP 6:15 AR OB MY BA BE NANCY J Marianne Robinson Rad Xss SANO FRES ABURB I PRTY SF TB LG MS PLMS OLS LUV Y AL PM KB BM OTTSSKLJSL KL HD VB MK RB8z SMD B3 Kelly Rock Bst PALS NANC NET Bc KIM VAR YELL GRTSX wf MASCOT SR YR M LUV U MOM 81 DAD James D. Rodgers Eddie L. Rodieck '64 84 83 GRT YRS GOOD TIMES w RV RB GS OD SH JB f BC - THANX MOM 81 DAD - KP 'SDI HOOPS H23 Suzanne A. Rogers Camille Rolison XNevr 4gt Sweden Thanx 2 all my lrzencls LuvU MOM 84 DAD l'Il miss you Monica Page by V,G. Photo Russell Jones 48 Close By ADRIENNE BARRISH DAVID WISE Instead afjust readlng about the past, DA VID WISE, senlar, Ilves It - or rellves lt. He belongs to the soclety of Creative Anachronlsm. whose members Include people Interested In the middle ages -from 900 A.D. to 1600 A.D. DA VID contributes to the group by making authentic amror. He has been dolng thlsfor about a year. He sald he makes them look authentlr even though they are made from cheaper materlals. Hls armorls used at tournaments along wlth weapons made ofrattdn. At these tournaments members fence and compete In other klnds al mlddle age flghtlng. DA UID'SfauorIte era of the middle ages ls the Turklsh l400's. He ls known by hls fellow saclet m b for hlmself. y em ers as Lord Alexis, a name he chasl He commented " You can be what you want to be, not what you art forced to be." 1 S P PSO gmalallliii ISE wisf. MW' mm Anatlld 1ilddI:a!"'II endcmmnn wmfwlw Is. on, ,,,id:0If' ,medium Iwi rw' had :, D Mm' ,mi lfhm I' 3 1 1 'J , -Q. I H AQ! 1 Seniors Bid FAREWELL TO FRIE DS I I .OSD C Ox SD on Oo O O Seniors crowd together prepar- ing for their senior portraits. Richard J. Romanek Manuel Romero SDIBR FUN WITH GS LZ Q PALS MEAN MACHINE SLUGS PARTY PKR DRVN FAST TMS LATERON Adam Rose KELLY "TRUE LOVE" FTBL x54 T-10 RAMBLE FIND THE UB" SLUGO - MY f BRO 9 MONTHS MY BROS JW RC US ES John D. Rosenzweig Perry J. Ross HOW MUCH ARE PISTON RETURN SPRINGS7! BEST PAL BOB K THANX MA' 'LUV YA ' TERI 4 EVER Kassel R. Row IM AL DUN 81 VP WUZ FUN' 2 FX W! JUL THANX GOD 4 LIFTERS BRI Sz SPLSH LUV MELD 4 EVRYTING GOD BLES U MRC Denise Rozof 83 f Sh kit upI Thnx 2 my Irndsf Mem w,f' Nky I luv U RS - IWOJ INLO VING MEM OF MY FATHER I MISS YOU Dennis W. Ryan SKAT BORD IN - ALWYS - DEAD KENNEDYS EL MIN RTH RET B2 v INDVS - SUX. PS, JFA - 45 GRAV - POWELL ! Laurie P. Staffian Excl mx Sw Iriends GIGS w DR Kc TF 20 V20 VHWI2'S'thox brof nx swk w Pri Smart PZ Spdp l I LUV U MBLD Bob L. St. John MEM W! BRUCE BUNCH RACING GRT Times wf AB SS CT TD JD HL BK HMCG wma LUV U MOM Julie K. Sakaue Gr! Frnds CL MS Spci Lunches Fun X's - Sno Skiing' 81 the Beachl Gd Lck Everv I LV EUM ,f Dax ' 49 1 --M I mem, Yam. ,..a.z.lfwmu: Robert F. Salazar Slugo AR Come Home Hym Rmbl FTBL wf Fun wf Finds Scuby Duby Sumit XRC SM SD KS See YA Luv MSLD Kenneth Salgado I.UV VP WILD TMS n JCLASS ED n CHF RN PRTY GW FRNDS BRP BK TLJ RM RJ DT LUV U M8aD Bradley K. Sallstrom NITEN I CHIRY U Susanne M. Salmeron GOOD TMS W DALL YL KT xl PALL IN DA Thanx MOM Gilber + I LUV U ALL TL I Made it PROM 83 w NACER Stacey K. Sandell FTB LGMS Bi DON JOSE FUN X PARTY I NC CL DT RK Y BEST PALS LW SM LM KH W1 KB 8: JN LU AH AA II 83 LUV U MSLD Jann Sarkaria Un 4 getable Times w f LIS MPK MAR ANNE SUS boys JR partys 3 luv pk run diet JV rah I LU MD LL Kevin R. Sarsany Good Times w Irnds B1 82 83 Baseball Adolf Skiing Michael D. Scanlon RAD TMS H20 SKIING B BEAU DONT 4GET DODO ON 10225 LUV U MOM DAD SIS LEEANN Susan L. Schmidt LUV YA MSS - RMBER FUNX KRS REO - PAS - BEACH - KINGS - ffl K2 AMLCEF I I LOVE YOU MOM KL DAD Deborah L. Schmoyer T Bc J 4 EBER PRTY AN MLS 84 BF AB LB MP 1 MP 2 MO CP I LUV U MARK RMB RBT RDS BG BR KRS EEK' THANX MSLD Christine I. Schubert M SWPSTKS LA 81 - DOGRS f BND PRTYS - BDYS JU KC LM KD AF BC MG' GSOD 8L PFTI David A. Schultz Leslie R. Schwartz Un 4 gelable Times w X LIS MPK MAR ANNE SUS boys JR partys 31uv pk run diet JV rah I LU MD LL Kristin K. Schwarz Grt tms vv fBest Friends Sue Sal Sara KAri JAnice GlGi Colo 82 Sadies B1 Thanks MOM DAD Sz SARI Monilee Scott MIS U- CELC LS JJ SL LIK 84 JF SF CF 84 FIOSEVFSKI-ALM-CGLBcL- RAND Q PSU SL E f RQVP LUV U MOMY Sc DADY 50 l Cf SDK Ox Gs Q0 Q 0 ' I Close P By KATHY WEISSENMAYER LES ANDERSON "You can classlfy music anyway you want or dream about," com- mented gultarlst LES ANDERSON. "The past has already happened and the present ls happening. " said LES. LES is not only a guharlst, but he also writes the lyrics ofthe songs they play, One ofthe songs he wrote ls about himself. " 'Dreamer' is about me dreaming about the perfect futurefor myself, even though 1 know prob. lems will occur." Another song wrltten by LES ls "Battle Of The Blind. " "lt 's fthe songl a vlslon of what World War Three will be like," He enjoys playing all of his muslc, "My songs all mean somethlng to me. "I play for my personal enjoyment," stated LES. "Someday I hope someone will listen and understand." l 9 E I I rw 'i ? V A P 'N 5 Y 50 MISSDIII f abvllfu' ,migfl MWM If W' kn01lP"b ,fuizswf WWII WIN' 3 1 u-L .1,QmaQmmr ?'T""'R':"'TT" Q FU? I T I ,, If 'I I , ,A E If I 1 Edward G. Smith THANKS 4 FUN TIMES VP FOOTBALL 81-82 GOOD TIMES WX GRT FRENDS JB FB EH TJ RB RM LUV U M8:D 8: THANX Page by K.H. Photo Russell Jones n . Seniors: Q I DZ . is ,Af ffl Ji .1 Christopher Scotti Gregg J. Sessa RATHER BE SURFIN' AND SNO SKIING IN HAWAII ALOHA VP SORRY YER GONE ROB 83 MI Sandra L. Sessions CRT XW f VG CM DE KB BST FR CY HLWN 81 DL CV TK SS Colony HIHI Alwys Luv U Tom Luv U M8zD Jill D. Sherman I LUV U KENTIII UR BUTIFUL' Gr! X WX Rochets SA RN SH KG LH MA BFfJamce luv u MELD Kim E. Sherman I Luv u Rod 4ever GRT Tms with Bs! Imds Roachels, tres Iidge LUV U M8rD Ilirl Jon B. Shigtomi Laurie Shook Bs! Pal SD alwys rem TPJ 8: Eb Gr! trns WXFYFICIS 1slLJS MMrbI Kms wf KB 012 Kathiet Dave Shumway Tracy Poole, Denise Hahn and Chip McLean "rock down," to the music of the 5O's, Seniors often show their spirit this way. Heidi Siden Luv u 4ever RUSTY Tn vr 4 get best pals KM DL KS summ 81 CC knotts Bbop 68 VW pigs PROM B1 Luv u DBzM Michael R. Sikora RIDE BY NIGHT TRAVEL IN FEAR IN THIS DARKNESS WE WILL DISAPPEAR Lisa Simmons Bs! Irends Leanne Grt xwf KS JS BS L Rchts 81 SS Long 8: gd X DK Luv UALL Thanx DAD 84 MOM Robert E. Siskosky CM BL RP DC FISHING GUILD SLVRWD MTHWS DP CRK YUCCUA MOX1o crss w ig als Ik jd TOMORROW'S HOPE 51 3 Sheri L. Smith SPAZ - AIRY HEAD, BST FRNDS wf JC at JH NEVER 4 GET U 2 voLvaAL CIF THANX M8rD LUV GOD BLESS Sugi Sorensen "AO WA AI YORI IDETE Al YORI AOSHV' - NICE TRUNK f Leanne Spence Bs! Frnd Lisa rembr times wf KR- Angelgms-cosmo-Elmo Alwys a flirt Luv U MSLD Elizabeth A. Sperry 'iGrls Nite Out" I Luv U Bill Bst Fmz KC GP LS RA JA WB BgBr KM Partys STYX Thnx M 8: D LU A Gina M. Sprenger "Me 81. the Bys" Nver Frgt Coes Wld x' swth LS SL AG my 2B-B's F'n Anclalon with Keny McAsumr Fun Luv u m8rD Erik L. Springe I MADE it. No Crisis! FO DN RK Y SS PS AC Tl NY CK ES Ll ME JR GW DV BB MJ JJ GL BK RL WS SSJ LUV MELD Greg M. Stafford GRT TIMES wf ALL MY FRNDS V P, FTBL-HOOPS LUV YA MOM Stephanie R. Stamos THANKS M8cD, PROM B2 EUROPE 82, GT PALS, BGBLU, DURNGO, WHO 82 ROGR, JS GR TGINA, LV Tl NO, OP, GOD BLESS Jim W. Steiner RAMBLIN prtys w pals a cop, thats great SG, IL YTP Hey babes. More SpvdA Debra S. Stern DK - "HI DEBBIESH 4 EVR THANX 81 LUV 2 MD 81 D LUV U 4EVR JEFF ANA BELLIE! EUROPE BCH DNCE GDBYE Leslie Stevens Bst Pals EM LW CA LW SH JH Bch PARTIES to sneaky fun impulse Just watch me now Kristine Stephenson BF DL IO yrs + GD xs LP LT M I Love u Homecoming pm song Nvr 4get UN Thnx SL Luv 2 Al my gr! Frnds + m81d Ron M. Stires GRTIMES WTH BEAR N CAPS N BENZ GR TIMES WITH SNDY LUV ALWVS! LUV U M8rD SHWN Br RYAN Glenn L. Stoddard Rock-N-ROLL 4 EVER RAD WEEKENDS. BRNT MONDAYS RMEMBER Kim, BAK EAST f BEST Page by K.H. 8: V.G. 52 Photo Dave Tebo wx. .4-ng kb ,JN 'L 4t'r'-...i y I It TIM JOHNSON Close By LESLIE CAINES and DARCY BAILEY TIM JOHNSON ls a collector. While that might not seem too different. what he collects might. TIM collects beer cans - dlfferent types, not just emp- ties. TIM started nine years ago when he was llvlng ln the east. He now has 2000 different beer cans, 6000 all together. He estimates hls collection to be worth between 6,000 to 10,000 thousand dollars. TIM has cansfrom different parts ofthe country. Hlsfavorrte is a 'Cloud Nine Can '. He also has cans that have to be opened with a can opener, and one 40 year old can worth S5 dollars. Most of TIM'S cans are worth from 20 to 60 dollars. "I found the cans at beer can shows where col- lectors get together and trade cans." TIM said, "We try nat to buy cans, we tradefor them and sell some." Although TIM'S dad drank most of the beer In the cans, TIM feels that, "Beer can collecting can be blg on bucks, but bad on the belly." N x N mlghl L IDI 'W dngln Will MI WWI' SCW :dw HMS mol- mid. 1duII znlv igttm 1 1 'IF'-5f"" dvi Seniors Dress TO IMPRESS ' ' I I if 4 Nr? Vicki R. Stone "1 LUV GREGGLESH BF LD LS1X'SAT BR RVR WDS1 Bch Partys LUN VAF XYLD SPEED SKATE 1 THNX MI LY1 By By now Brian Stoner Lisa E. Storck Nvr 4 Get Gr! Tmsw 1 Bst Frds In w nd cp Cf brols Ba Rgad Ep Lw CKK k Luv U Brant Gr! 1 Euml luv MSLD John A. Stuetzel PUP JD n CR WCrkacp 1 SMOOTHYS BEACH n SK I bums Best Tsrnes In DOHENY n VAN rmbl THANX FAMLY Martin Sung HAD GREAT TIMES I THANK ALL MY FRIENDS UCLA, HERE I COME' Miss nt Forever Michael E. Swartz GANG' ID CA YFY Evnt Dux MS BS BM KJ R JWD GUYS' Cmps w q M8cD CM RX 7 MM PN KT MP RP - NAH whs BBLE Susan L. Swartz THANX 2 ALL MY FRNDS GRT TIMES W SLS H2 8: MSUE, CLASS OF 83 RULES LUV U MOM' Lisa Dawn Swearingen Alwys luv my DT grl SCAPT B1-B3 Yee haw Ag FF H1 Rnd emup oct" Thnx RM JU pals MA - NP AJ CL UV YA' Patrick E. Sweeney Rad Satat She ol GBH P11 NR DK 3 NT Bst Summer Vxce Squad Frnd MH SS KY ES THANX MOM I LU Toni L. Tation MUFFINS OF 83 FUNX W1 LH MOM RKB LM GS H20 LY RS FT BG MS ESV GUYS LUV U MOM DAD 84 AUNTI AL GM A GPA Susan M. Taverna Colo KD .IA 82 83 MGM tmn Cbn Tms Bch RmbIes IRm Ylall w CT SL Gm Tnx MOM I LY 81 MS YCU agn Fred C. Taverner BUT BULLARD! DB FW MS BRT X W1 RC BT MG KD AF BT MB 81 LB SWPS MAY 812 RM NO PNR OD TBJ - SPK Sperry Tavoularis HAD 1 GRT 1 TMS ATVP 1 NEVER 4 GET STI 1' LUV 1 U MP DRAMA 83 "THANX 2 FRNDS P.A, MXLM HEY "K" U 2 BRO LU Y MSLD Matt A. Taylor Mark Tutwiller and Leo Braj- kovich dress their part on spirit day, Mark and Leo depicted "good oIe 5O's," 53 Senior Year Brings Great DEMA DS David Tebo X-Cnlry Mamlh 82 Gd Frnds TT DM Ski Club Purgatory Gld Sr Bronz Surf Luv U Lots MSLB Da Ja 3 zabo! Mike D. Teigen Cathy L. Terrazas PARTY 83 cat 8: Rch marry 84 Than zual 84 Jim Good Iuk 2 aII my Frnds Party Hardy Thanx MOM I mde it Roger B. Thayer THE MIGHTY ELF OCS rl JV XC caballo gillgh wez chart BL BM LM Sr D gabmucs tnurb Shannon Timpane STRASBERG RNY DAYS SWIM '83 Gr! x's LZ MD DK BE HCE' OS CR WNR WHO BOSS MSLM Angl BI Luv U MOM Jeff A. Tidwell William J. Townsend Its ML RX Bnd 80-83 Grttms: RL SB uIIy AF BT MB LB NANCY Alwys S LOV my POOKY I L Y MOM Linh Huyan Nu Tran LUV YA, MOM, VU, TRUDNG, MARY 84 GRAMPS BYE VP SKOOL DAZ E, HI CSU' ALL U NEEDS LOVE Kristen Triggs NB VP HMS I LUV U ZBDS SD LH CG MD 867-53095 23 WDR LW SIS EL MA TK LS BJR HMCT BPS M BS Joseph Trimino Leslie I Luv U Thnx 4 Evry thng Snr yr, I Luv u M,D 84 sis THNX Gd Fd Gk AT JM KW MW Kelene S. Trollinger GRT TIMES WTH ACM JJ BRO 84 MDP' NEVR 4-GET SF BL Sr VL BL LUV U D 84 CRAZY DVRSIFD DUO Page by K.H. 54 Close VERONIC ARCHE By SUZANNE WOOTERS "I get homeslck, but It 's nothlng compared to the exper- lence of what I'm llvlng, " sald VERONIC ARCHE, VPHS's forelgn exchange student from France. Two weeks before she came to the Unlted States, she had no Idea where she would be llvlng. When she Ilrst applled for the exchange program, she thought she would llke to llve ln Texas with the cowboys, but, she comment- ed, "I was very, very exclted about comlng to Callfomla, whlch ls very popular ln France." VERONIC pald three orlour thousand dollars to travel to the U.S. from France, but lt cost approxlmately five thousand dollars for the entlre program. She ls orlglnally from the clty of Lyon, France, whlch ls France's second largest clty. VERONIC explained that France ls very dUferent than what many people may thlnk. "Our French blklnls are not at all French fcntl, and the glrls are very natural. The Itallan fashlon ls very 'ln' ln France: very bright, very casual, as simple and as nlce as possible." "To adapt myself to a new fculturel, everythlng ls very hard. I was llulng alone when Iflrst came, but lt dldn't work out." It was very hard ln the beglnnlng for VERONIC, but "lt has proved beneflclal. "She has even plcked up the slang. "When my time ls over I wlll miss Callfomla and all the people I met." lr SDC, A K Ox Os Q0 O O 'K 7 I .- I I 4 7 ,, WLM. , 7- -W' "1 'A Brent A. Waechter Exlnt TMS LUV U MB-:D KL DIX Er SIS Mc Ds TNKS BY TN TL PR SH 4 BE TNG THERE 83 IS FREEI' Connie M. Waikle Lisa A. Waldow PC Q KNTSI BUSH KA! GRT TIMES W! BUDDIES RE, SUMRS Sr GRT DTS MD Br M THNX St LUV 2 ALL VALEVP Lori J. Waldstreicher Twl Flgs Sltbll 3 yrs sugr Attacks BB KT Best Pals RG CP BA LS ES VBP I Luv u MXLD Jeffery C. Warner GRT TIMES - Proms 3 VE Hawaii Sailor 81 Sky f Kween ol Hartz Granoola Schnock - I Luv Stel Carol L. Way Bst Frnds LM, AO, KB, LL, JW, MexfAust Bdm Ski W Dem Den I LOVE YOU, ROB THNX M8rD Lisa D. Weinstein Kathy M. Weissenmayer Bot Fsw RA 8: CF BB LH UM Dog Grt X' Summer Fun 82 An Er Journalism 4 bet! KTDHBQTADUFSLPOKLUVUMBLD David S. Wells RAD TMS W BUZZ AND WATER WACS CIF POLO THANX M840 Douglas J. Wells Joni K. Wendelken THANX MOM 81 DAD CRT TIMES WX KG, BB, KG, RH, MC, JR, TB, SK 84 EVER, SASC, l LUV U ERIC! Kim Wentworth Snow Ski 'HAD GREAT TIMES John F. Wenzel THESE WERE THE BEST OF TIMES' LOVE YOU, MOM AND DAD SCHOOL IS OUT" GO FISHING Debbie J. Werner LUV U Bobby FRINDS AGAIN KIM MA GMt 8: MEX SL PROMS 82 81 83 KNOTTS SCARY LUV U MOM 8: DAD 84 JER 83 Page by K.H. Photos Russell Jones Jeanne M. Whitaker BST x W! LM 81 LL ALWYS REM SUM 82 wf JL 84 WB QD NW PT BCH GRTX Q CC, GAL, DR, XC, TRK LUV U ST 81 MOM Jill S. Weins WHEELS PALS JC MP JO JV CT BE NIT All My Luv 2 U JA BED rm Boi 4 EVPS Sail Ski Maui 83 VS B8183 CIF 35 Randy Pike's ability to mime took hours of practice. Drama Clubs participation in Club Rush Week helped boost their mem- berships. 56 4 I CH 4 , ZIP' l in . Pr, 1, abs.. I QL l X CRYSTAL ABBOTT Close P l U -P 11' 5' A is By BLAINE MARUOKA "People don't belleue that I can dance because I'm handicapped, " sald CRYSTAL ABBOTT, CRYSTAL has been deaf slnce blrth, but does have a llttle blt of hearing ln both ears. She communlcates wlth people by readlng llps, "My Mom went to the John Tracy Cllnlc to leam howto read llps. She then taught me how to read llps with a ball, It helped me because It moved. Also by puttlng my hand under peoples' mouths, I could feel thelr speech." CRYSTAL has been danclng for nlne years and Is currently a member of Dance Choreography. She also takes lessons at Dally's Young World and can dance tap, jazz, and ballet. "When I'm dancing people don't know I'm deaf." She dances by feeling the vibrations of the muslc. When she can 't hear the vlbra- tions, she dances by counting. She leams a dance by watching people and copying thelr moves. Besldes pedormlng ln Dance Choreography, she also performs outslde of school ln Hawall about every slx months. When performlng a dance the drums areplayedfor her so she can feel the vlbratlons better. Although she can 't hear the muslc, she can feel the mood ofa dance, whether It ls happy or sad. "After hlgh school I plan to attend UCI and become a lawyer. "I want to help people become more comfortable wllh a handlcapped person," snld CRYSTAL. v,,,,.4 Q If Seniors Explode WITH Jeff M. Wilkinson Ph1II4 06817 Thnx Jesus' l Luv u MOM 8: B8cGG 'JD Xpres yurslf Art' Thnx Frads CW Caryn B. Williams SO MANY MEMORIES - Summer 82 Dancm Q DL 'WC + HB ' ff10 rcl Stl Bs! xwf DH LC LL JC SH 'l LY JESUS Kristine D. Williams John Willoughby Cynthia D. Wilson Ish 41100 PTL excel OCY SO X Eur83 Sumr 81 82 grtX, free to dn Thanx 2 Mn D 84 sus l LUV U' 4-evr Mitchell M. Wilson l Steven R Wlmberly David Wire . Qgx KC! Laura J. Wingfield Q OCD . . O Q O O 57 fill' , u.I- Seniors prepare Today for Tomorrow Steve G. Wolff After hr at Bros thanks 2 all IC CH DP RB MS JS DN and 2 MOM Ez DAD Chris C. Woods Kimberly Woods SWIMMING WATERPOLO CIF CHAMPS SCUBA CLUB HUMBOLOTU THANK YOU VP Gary A. Worthington GRT X WTH SJ MR JR BM CR JG - BB v27 SO RAMBLES GOMES AND JAN GD Luk YS ML NI SE - Luv U 4EVER THANX MSLD Keith K. Wright Great Times with LR JT AT JM JM Rmber Prom 82 The dese ct n skiing thanx mom N dad Micheal J. Wright Never 4-Get Good xls and Bst lrnds AT LR JT JM Sumr 82 wuth KM MUCH LOVE MED Bin D. Wylie GRT TIMES CAMALOT FRI 84 SAT FAST CARS 84 FAST WOMAN PRTY TILL DAWN FRNDS, AS DS SA Brian A. Yoder GOOD TIMES' ES NH WR PK - TWN KP W THE GRP' BY RP LR SH TM BW f CRSNG THANX 4 EVERYTHING, LUV YA. 83 Mark K. Yokogawa Grt x WXMB JR RB BE XC BB TR L DLAND 8: NIKE JAMS? THANX TO MOM GL DAD 84 SIS Sz GOD Micheal W. Young Scott C. Young Scott D. Young Julie K. Yowell MAT St MOUSER 4EVER to rot MY BST 05 MSTNG grt X The Kid St Callbar Have You See My BLUE UNICORN7 58 5' IEA Close P TERRY LUDIN By BETH DUFAULT On your next ulslt to Dlsneyland, you may see senlar TERRY LUDIN yet not reallze lt. TERRY ls one of the many people who walk around the park dressed as Disney characters and greet the vlsltors. He has assumed such roles as "Tigger" and "Captain Hook", but he usually dresses up as "Goofy," Becoming a character required a long audition. TERRY had to dance and perfonn two spontaneous mime sklts, one with a prop and one without, Then he was called back for an Inter- vlew before he was chosen. "My brother first got me started working at Disneyland by encouraging me to try out for the 1980 Christmas parade." To be chosen for the parade, TERRYhad to perfonn three dances for judges. He was gluen the part of a dancing elephant. The following summer, he played a canopy carrlerfor Cinderella ln the Maln Street Electrical Parade. Also that summer, he danced the part of Goofy ln a show called "Hoedown" performed ln Bear Country. "I won an award for best perfonner In that show." When asked which he llked better, school ar work, TERRY replied, "lt 's like having two separate llves. At work, l'm a young person so l'm around a lot of adults. Bu! everyone ls really nlce. Working there is a lot of fun. The neatest thing about my job is being around little klds all the time." 'K 4 In If 7' S L 5 x x S Tffmv We 'W mm, W. mm um, Im Hu. lim, 'df ' Ta r dm!! lm nl dmgn mm, Im, I, ffm lf. l'n Vfllillllg kdm! If. ' L I I 4 .-r..-W -,-.n:1n::-V--V1-H --- . , Le-ea,,,.,.1,:u1-sgzfuiii-Kawai?" c':g,g5g,fgeW"eLQ2 ' .F I , 'WP"'o Seniors Not Pictured Scott Alexander Craig A. Anderson Scott Anderson David M. Armao Paul Blalock Micheal Bullerd William Butatz Robert Caclogan Lisa M. Cammarato Darin Catapang Tim D. Cohen Allen J. Corrigan Karl G. Davis Jeannie DeSantis Williams Donaldson Robert Esslinger George A. Fielder Eric K. Fischer Catherine Freeman Mark Frehner Maria A. Georke John W. Hadl Dave R. Hahn Micheal Jensen Peter Jones John Joseph Charles L. King Micheal Kleczko Mike Klein Chris Kovach Aaron Lake Rosa Lopez Ken Marsh Robert McBride Charlie McKinney Kathy A. Nation Richard O'DonneII Ross C. Oldham Robert Palow Brian Peaker Ken Pine Gordon Ramos Brian Rees Tom Rooney Gerald A. Schmader David Schwab Timothy J. Scudder Wolfi Seilinger Eric Severson Jim Sherrill John M. Smith Jack Souadjian Micheal Stockton Tab Terrett Conni R. Thomas Barry Watson Thomas Welch Helen Whang Steve Willard David R. Wise Eric Yip David Ziemer 5. , ,,: .ff Yr x C90 Sass Peggy P. Yuan GRT TIMES AT MM WXSE MB 81 LP FUN 'Qi PEPPER THANX Z MY FRNDS GLD schl ovr'!I' Linda M. Zanze aXDT B1 Thanx to all my Frnds GS DP DF AG LK TR m GGs EI Moboys Bk pak 3 mas CO ES WR WGS LUV U MOM SL DAD Lori Zaremba ANTHG GOES GELD SV ES SA SK MH 11 Y wd STBFLKM Merns DLKS Gr! Times w .I Andrw Slsrs Tenls LUV u MD8zJ Andrea Zatlin MY FAVE LONI BF SC MK LJ VS GH 5 ' FJ ML SR VR MA MT HS ocr 81 .IVD Hms cot KRT n x 4 MEMDALMC I LUV U MED Steve Zentera OC OO 00 SLID RIGHT TREW LED ZEP IN KILLER US HALEN SCOR PRTY COPE BURNER ED HAIR X Penny A. Ziegler Thanx 4 All The Rad X MARC 1 LUV U Feb 20 82 Saboz JRNY Strut Aprl Win Prty Pals B 81 SLSKR LUV U Mom Irene Zieman Thanks IJZ - LUV - MKLD GL 2 MY Frlends' GOOD Times 4EVER MY LUV 2 EDDIE MESA' By EHS Dana J. Zigmond BOP SNUPY N PARTY WXSM BCH BOYS CCP BCH RFTS WXSH MD PU RB ST FA FC PD RR GU RM LY MB FR ME LT RT LO ML Debbie Zogob GRT TIMES WITH CA LW EM LS PP BEST PALS CA LM NEVER 4-GET HB LUV U MSLD 84 KRISTY John Blakely A-51 CIF T-IOAR FDSACR EH TC C K GOOD LUCK LUV YOU M D Bc B Florence Foucalt Tim Johnson NVR QGET VPCI FTBL 82 BB KD EV OM THANX WOMEN 84 FRND5 GAGMF' 318 LUCBGLJ LOVE FMLY M 8: D BL GOD Monica Arnebro Page by KH Photo by Dave Tebo 59 10" i , V Wfkuvu. f-I Q A., . 5 Close by JEAN KALVESMAKI This past year's Senior Class Secretary was THERESA JOHNSON. ln addltlon to belng the class secretary, THERESA was n member of VPHS's Vocal Ensemble and a partlcl- pant ln the school's muslcal "The Music Man." When THERESA ls not busy u:l'th school actlvltles, she's dolng something with her church, THERESA belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Salnts, Her family and background are a blg Influence ln her llfe, She has always enjoyed belng Involved, and her senlor year was no exceptlon. As secretary THERESA took notes at all meetings and shared In work assignments and dlscusslons. KEVIN BOGART, Senior Class Presldent, commented. "THERESA 's been a great help to me. She keeps me organlzed, and wrltes down everything I can 't rememberl" THERESA enjoyed all of her dutles as secretary, but she especially llked helplng to plan Senior Splrlt Day and the Coronation Dance at the Balboa Pavllllon. "The best pad about being secretary ls being Involved In the plannlng of events Instead ofjust waltlngfor thlngs to happen," said an enthuslastlc THERESA, She enjoyed working with and gettlng to know her fellow officers. THERESA sald, "We 're not the best of frlends, but all of us work well together at the meetlngs." Her senior history teacher, MR. DeFALCO, summed up THERESA when he snld, "She has a funloulng and amiable persanallty. Her laughter and splrlt are lnfectlous to every- one around her," 1 ufv' ,...........-- Nw-"1 r 1 1 i . U 1" L. . 1 i . V i i. 1- ii iq, ,gi i All'ESPl-llil 1 i llllonloimg andnpm 1 lwdhidxl hrCllurlzf Ylumrinbv 1 uczpdmii i Hlllllllli lE.SA'sbm 'lrvmmiafl miami 1 'Tlebesipil 1 Wlihllf ! IERESWQ i imirqx' 1 leiddit WDM? -1d Ill ,im H f r.. i V,,4 f 4 "wmv V"4'lKll1.' -' 'nw 7 wr- 8 11 President Kevin Bogart 21 Vice-President Sugi Sorenson 31 Secretary Theresa Johnson 41 Treasurer Dena Paul 51 Class Officers, left to right K. Bogart, S. Sorenson, T. Johnson, and D. Paul. 61 Senior senators - front row T. Ludin, J. Uyeda, second row - K. Baker, K. Schwartz, S. Taverna, S. Giacobbi, M. Scott, back row - J. Whittaker, D. Flynn, J. Bortle. 71 Mrs. Zoe Gibbs, in her familiar velour sweats, shows her spirit button. 81 Sara Giacobbi listens intently during a senate meet- in , 91 Seiators K. Baker, S. Taverna, K. Schwartz, and J. Bottle are making plans for spirit day. 101 Sugi Sorenson hangs up posters to help decorate the school for spirit day. .1 Senior Officers DO IT WITH CLASS 5 1 Z" " V. I as "' 7 ' 4:-. - , .- are ' nw-.-:'f.,f'. jg: 1 , - :la--, . ' fa' "2Z42'2'?Qf, , " fa.. ah... we-V 'Hi Q " ,V f1-4-- -...fa-. '- ' -V ' , , 10 y.. tw- 9 Throughout the year, Senior officers much as they aren't recognized as should be. President, Kevin Bogart has been the key figure in many of this years lunchtime activities. 'il think Kevin fits his position very well!" commented Junior Darcy Bai- ley. This year the senior officers planned Coronation with the theme of HSailing to Paradise." This was held at the Bal- boa Pavillion, Even though it was rain- ing the dance turned out to be a suc- cess. All of the officers helped plan and set up for senior spirit day. They paint- ed and hung up signs to decorate the buildings, and most important helped encourage other students to partici- pate in the fun. All Photos Russell Jones Page by K.H. 61 JENNIFER BORTLE TIM JOHNSON ANGEL BLANCO and DEBBIE SCHMOYER CARLOS ALFONSO DEROSAS, JEANNE WHITAKER and LINDA MARSDEN MARY KAY POWELL and ANNE CORNELL ROBERT MONGELL KATHY LANGE and BOB SALAZAR DARILYN HOTCHKISS, JOHN BLAKLEY and JULIE VILLALOBOS 62 Seniors I 2 2 3 i -'lf 'K ' ag A ,.I- I '1 5 . ' ITT I I 4 N Page by L.5. 1 L 5 6 ,JN 9. . w., mf ,. ,X l X F, 4 A lm SEN IORS have 6 , hotos l,3,5,6,B. Russell Jones holos 4,7, Rich Ackley hal 2 S 63 i ,,, , 4, .f. lam 249-14 ' '3l"', 43lf,f, ft :if i , 1 Y-' M AW , J 2 C r Y fi Vff' :Zin F21 4 1 , K gf , 1 K f I ,N , 1 Af-- ' ' . .-., -, V v,:,. ,Al A .. :gil fsggzggzj' 3 J .,',,,,Z?4::. . V ' ry .pg 2 4,.,,,,,g,:1:- -.Viqg Q, 5,3 gg 1 , 1 12. A 11 141,59 Vi : ,gl .:. 9, ,,44g,W? L ff:-., 4 rafvj-,yr V G- .pgs ZZ, L, at -'::'-,nw 1:34 5 -ff 7934 -1 W ,f43:y4::h.,',5 ,.- f-f,z5,,:,V:g-'gV,, ,. A. ,-gr ,. ,Q 4Vu:V'S43ff.g 3 -.5' 'JI Qiffifl . . ' " 412:-.u ' ,V , 1 :3'afgi".f 4-if: ,., ' 1-1:-7143-."' " " 4 " 'I-'11-1,', J if Lg ggamxyn. 1' , ' 'f ri 2175. 41" ' " V .5:,' ,W-,1,c:Z:. ,, H, ' 5 3.-. ' 'i Vw. 1 N4 f f W f f QU? -I ,, 49" f' 17 -.7f.' 7:5-,:f'Q,, L-04-1 -,.- ,. 22,, V4.,. 1 ,i 1, ZZZ ,1,:::,, , . V' , 'V ww! , , tim.-1, ' .. ,:.V',.. 4' , .f. - Vw.f:2's 25.4, V 4 STUDENT LIFE M OR NING 6:30 Wakes up excited to go to VPHS 7:30 Leaves for school with most of his homework done 9:40 Socializes during nutrition 11:00 Wants to go home to watch soap operas AFTERNOCDN 12:00 Crams for a test fifth period during lunch 2:45 Stops at Ralph's on the way home to get something to eat 5:30 Eats dinner EVENING 6:30 Thinks of a thousand ways to avoid doing homework 8:30 Begins homework 9:15 Finds a good movie on TV to watch 11:00 Goes to bed having forgotten about homework The most unique and recent vlewlng af Vllla Park Hlgh School students can no doubt be seen ln the 1982-83 annual. The school year ls documented by full coverage of homecamlng, ASB sponsored actlultles, cheerleaders, moments of vlctory and defeat In sports, band and drlll team performances, actlon In "the fast lane" ofthe park- Ing lot at VPHS, the "heavy" dating scene, fashlons rang- ing from rockabilly to prepples, llfe out In the working world, the busy joumallsm staff, vocal music, drama pro- ductions, numerous campus clubs, andthe tired and wom out annual staff. Also Included ls the complete coverage of the Vllla Park Packing House whlch was at one tlme Vllla Park 's hlstorlcnl monument, representing our past. Seems like a lot of Information? Well, lt ls. Overall the year was a success. For detalled lnforrnatlon regarding student life see pages 66 to 129, K Q r .fl ,543 I 'F ma- -.1 W f ' 'My 394 f f N HOMECOMIN G H I I I G A Photos l-6, 10, Russell Jones Photo 11, Rich Ackley Photos 7,8,9. Albert and James Photographers 'Aj 1' i Y?-45 - eye on 66 Student Life Open eyed in amazement and hands over her mouth, Jill Sherman reacted to the honor of being named Homecom- ing Queen. Also surprised to hear his name Mark Maizel was elected Homecoming King, the second year Homecoming has been shared by VPHS students. These two were among ten other qualifiers chosen by the student body, October 19, during a nutrition assem- bly. Nominee Paul Nelson said, "lim very excited to be chosen. l'm glad that males have the opportunity to partici- pate in this special event." At Fred Kelly Stadium the half time ceremony included an entrance of fe- male court members escorted by male court members, all driven in 450 SI. Mercedes Convertibles by Key Club members. After the announcement, pictures were taken, candles were lit and a truck with a portable sign flashed win- ners names. Former King, Steve Dunn, crowned Mark Maizel and awarded him a trophy. Last year's Queen, Noreen Torres, congratulat- ed Jill Sherman with a trophy andthe traditional cape and crown. lblllllri Q IE. 'll 'K if l l ' 1 l 7 ind lim nreacifl lomerom- i lieai is eleriil und lem iared li len other emi body, in assem- agd iii afulal- nd llle Cheryl Clingan and Mark Maizel. Marilyn DeLuca and Mike Monteer. Jill Sherman and Mike Nelson. Julie Cassen and Kevin Bogart. Kristen Triggs and Jim Nowak. Kristine Stevenson and Paul Nelson VPHS's 1982 Homecoming Court poses for a formal portrait Jill Sherman smiles proudly as last year s Queen Noreen Torres crowns her. Mark Maizel and Jill Sherman show their happiness to their title of Home coming King and Queen. Former King, Steve Dunn and Queen, Noreen Torres The traditional red carpet was rolled out for Mrs Malzel and King Mark Mr Sherman and Queen Jill and former royalty Steve and Noreen Close 14157 by VALERIE GARZA JILL SHERMAN l l 1 l l "Your Homecoming Queen for this year," stated GREG HILL. "Is MISS JILL SHERMAN!" "She ls always happy and easy to get along with," quoted MARIANNE ROBINSON, a good friend of JILL. Slnce the age offlue, JILL has been active In tap, jazz, and ballet. Currently she ls an assistant teacher at Christlne's Dance Studio, where she has classes everyday after school. "Next to my boyfriend KENT," JILL explained, "I lone to dance and be wlth my friends." JILL enjoys going to parties, movies, eating, skllng and be- lng outdoors. After JILL graduates, she wants to attend San Dlego State and have a dancing career. "lf I cannot dance." JILL explained, "I would llke to be on anchor woman for the news. " JlLL'S llfe dream is to get married and start a family. "I was so excited, my heartjumped a beat, " sald JILL when she heard her name announced for 1982-83 Homecoming Queen. Laughing, JILL said the only thing she 'd change about Homecoming was "Having to stand In the coldl" "Other than that, the evening was 'perfectl' " 'CD ii"'1'-Z"-Q Page by V.G SAT RDAY SPECIAL "Hello Again": Homecoming 1982 With spirit week activities, emotions ran high the week preceding the Homecoming Dance. Lunch- time festivities and assemblies put everyone in the mood for the excitement and fun of the upcoming weekend. The weekend began with Friday night's football game against El Modena. Jill Sherman and Mark Maizel received the honor of this year's Homecom- ing Queen and King. The Homecoming Dance, "Hello Again," was held the following Saturday night in the gymnasi- um. The evening proved to be one to remember for years to come, with dancing to the 60's surf style tunes of "The Riptidesf' who played such old fa- vorites as 'tSurf and Twist," "Barbara Annf' and "Wipe Out." Throughout the evening couples enjoyed an at- mosphere of fun and romance. Besides dancing, couples had their pictures taken, ate and drank the provided refreshments, and just relaxed around the candle lit tables. Kim Johnson, junior, summed up the general feeling of the dance when she said, "A lot of people didn't seem to like danc- ing to the odd beat and volume that the band played, but nevertheless, l think everyone had a blast!" " Page by J.R. Ph l Yh I Phil i :W ,V 1 -1 1. I A il S Photo l,2,4,5, Russell Jones Photos 3.6, Dirk Wakeham Photo 7, Albert and James Homecoming candidates Kevin Bogart and Cheryl Clingan take a break from dancing. Kevin listens to her opinions of the band. Jill Sherman and Mark Maizel dance the traditional King and Queen waltz. The dance floor was never emp- ty after their dance. Sophomores Paula Brislawn and Ken Drobish take in the full picture of the dance. For many sophomores this was their first formal dance, Tonya Redfern shows affection for her date Mike Mill- 5l 63 7l er, Canyon graduate. lt wasn't unusual to see dates from other schools throughout the evening. Karey Nixon swings to the beat of the band. Many cou- ples enjoyed the upbeat 60's surf style music. Scott Rice and Laurie Karres dance up a storm Scott's snapping fingers keep everyone to the beat. Don Malloy whispers "sweet nothings" into Holly Hunt's ear. Most couples enjoyed the atmosphere of fun and romance, , l ni .A u... 'WWW Close By JOHN ROBILLARD 1 KRISTIN POWERS For most people buying a Mercedes ls only a matter of money, but for somebody with a very llmlted budget, flndlng 6 Mercedes for free posed a huge problem, For KRISTIN POWERS, VPHS's Commlssloner of Soclal Actlvltles and Assemblies, finding 6 Mercedes was the least of her worries. 4 Slnce May of 1982, when KRISTIN took office, she was busy planning and organiz- lng thls year's Homecomlng Dance. KRISTlN'Sjob was much more Involved and time consuming than many people realize. She devoted countless hours of her time puttlng together Homecoming, one of VPHS's biggest annual dances. KRISTlN'S responsibilities ranged from locating cars and llnlng up a band, to making sure there was enough fruit punch to serve the crowd. Following the dance, LESLIE SCHWARTZ, senior, said, UKRISTIN did afabulous job planning this dance, Knowing how much time she put In really made me appreci- ate the dance." 'Qf 7 Student Life 69 ASB Turns On Enthusiasm To make this year unique, the ASB Cabi- net helped to create enthusiasm and unity through student activities. One such activity was the Dating Game, which was won by Mark Maizel and Marshaleen Seyler. The Mr. Spirit contest was also well-received by students. The Mr. Spirit title was compet- ed for by seniors Bob Salazar and Bob St.John, along with the co-winners, Terry Ludin and Kevin Bogart. The cabinet's involvement with lunchtime activities and assemblies was a change from the involvement of previous ASB cabinets. The new ASB advisor, Ms. Theilman, played a major role in bringing about these changes. "The cabinet's enthusiasm is defi- nitely due to Ms. Theilman. Her spirit and ideas got us started, and once we saw what it did to the student body, we wanted to keep their excitement up," stated Mary Kay Powell, the Commissioner ofthe Educational Development Committee, Kristen Powers, the Commissioner of Social Activities and As- semblies, had the responsibility of planning and organizing many assemblies. "Big events, such as Homecoming, are a lot to be responsible for," Kristen began, "but it was all worth it when things turned out how I hoped they would." Sian Huggins, a sophomore, comment- ed, L'The activities are fun, but bizarre at times, I guess you could say the cabinet had a good imagination!" 2 - eye on P - 70 Student Life S 6 , si ,,. l lu QAN i i I . 1 i 4 i Photos l,4, Rich Ackley Photo 2, Jeff Cohen Photo 3, Mary Glannetakls Photo 5, Russell Jones ll 2l 3l 43 5l Marshaleen Seyler, Kelly Rock, and Kim Fontana concen- trate on the question as they compete for a date on i'The Dating Game." Bachelorette number one, Marshaleen, was speechless when she discovered that she won this lunchtime activity. Kevin Bogart and Terry Ludin dressed up as Villa Park cheer- leaders. This display of spirit helped them to win the co-title of Mr. Spirit. Kristen Triggs laughs as Ken Salgado helps Terry Ludin sit down during a round of musical chairs. This game was one of the many ASB sponsored lunchtime activities. Max Bravo gulps down his banana split as Kristin Norman watches in awe. The ice cream was served by the ASB Cabinet at the first of the "Rec Nitesf' Cristette Boyle and Robert Mongell bop to the music at the "Hi Dance." This dance introduced to the school a new band, "Rollercoaster" 4 2 l I Close hy LESLIE SCHWARTZ KELLEY MALLOY Hove you ever been entertained on a weeknlght with volleyball games andfree food? If you have, lt must have been ut one ofthe VPHS "Rec Nltes." ASB sponsored activities whlch are planned and organized hy members of the cabinet. This responslblllty ls shared by ANNETTE MDRTENSON, the ASB Treasurer, and KELLEY MALLOY, the ASB Secretary. "The 'Rec Niles' are successful because people from all groups join ln to help and get lnualved,"KEI.LEY commented. These evenings are usually planned around a holiday so that a theme can he used for the evening. KELLE Y plans the actlufues and the food sn that It relates to the theme. "The flrst of the 'Rec Nltes' was the most difficult," KELLEY ex. plalned, "but once we sow how successful lt was, we were Inspired?" 5304011 Pflfflflpdllnrl was high at the "Rec Nltes," which convinced KELLEY that these uctlultles were definitely something that the school needed to bring more enthusiasm. "As long as everyone kept up their posltlve attitude. things had to work aut!" KELLEY added. Page by LS. Student Lite 71 PEP ASSEMBLIES Broadcast Spirit s . A The beginning of a new school year brings a new season for many sports. ln order to inform students of the upcoming games, assemblies were held. These assemblies included cheers and dances by the pep squad, skits, and other activities. The cheerleaders infused spirit into everyone. The songleaders performed dances to such songs as 'LlVlickey" and i'Don't Fight lt." A typical skit was one about a devil and an an- gel performed by Diane Radar and Phil Lopic- cola, and the cheerleaders did one to the tune of "Old lVlcDonald.l' The most common competition was yelling be- tween classes. These were won by the senior class most of the time, Another competition was at the Homecoming Assembly. A tug-o-war between the football players resulted in a tie. One of the most creative and humorous events was auctioning off whipped cream pies to throw in some of the coaches' faces. Members of the football team pooled their money together for the honor of covering Coach Dennis Moody with a pie. Moody commented, "some teachers will do anything to stay on campus." 72 Student Life Close P By ADRIENNE BARRISH Ever wondered who was behind all the planning and work lnuolued In creating a pep assembly? Well, wonder no more. DIANE RADAR, pep commlssloner, led the planning and organizing of VPHS's assemblies. DIANE 'S job Included wrltlng an agenda for every assembly, a work orderfor the custodians, and checking with the coaches and teachers who would need to attend. DIANE commented, "There are a lot of details involved In planning an assembly that people don't know about. They don't realize how much time went into them. MS. JULIA THIELMAN, pep squad advisor, commented, "DIANE is a person who has to see both sides of problems Involving school spirit for both ASB and the pep squad." 6 .'- I 1' ,, y If ? ,251 Coach Dave White introduces the cross- country team. VPHS has had a very suc- cessful cross-country team since White took over. Mike Nelson, Paul Nelson, Jim Nowak, and Mark Tutwiler join the water polo team in spelling out VILLA PARK RULES. These guys would do anything to promote the varsity team. Coach Dennis Moody is smothered with a whipped cream pie. Football players paid 325,00 to do this at spirit assemblies, Debbie Harmes spiritedly sings the Alma Mater. This was the traditional way of end- ing all the pep assemblies. Sheila Ramirez watches as Don Maloy, Ronnie Norman, and John Blakely dis- cover they are eating onions. They thought they were eating candied apples. Karen Christopherson waves her flag during her twirling flag routine. The flag team performed at several pep assemblies. Annie Zatlin shakes bird seed over the gym floor. The cheerleaders often dressed in different costumes on game days. ll - 3 SEEDC1 ' .J Ty . v' . ..,- lil!! Student Life 73 PEP SQUA : Channeled For Spirit wi-1, " W K whim. l 2 3 4 5 6 "I can tell that the cheer- leaders work hard, and they're cute, too!', explained Andrew Nichol, about this year's Pep Squad. The squad kept the stu- dent body spirited and enthusias- tic through their performance at assemblies and football games. "Performing is the best because it gives me a chance to become involved," commented Laurie Kesselmamasophomore cheer- leader. 'il feel so a part of it," she continued. There is, however, more to cheerleading than just leading cheers. The Pep Squad kept busy with practice daily after school for three to seven hours a week. "Practicing may not be too much fun, but at least we are friends!" Kim Huntington, a senior songleader, remarked. The girls also took time to give out treat bags to members of the athletic teams, paint signs to add to school spirit, and plan skits for spirit assemblies. "I feel like I live here some' times," said junior varsity cheer- leader Karey Nixon, Hbut it's all worth it. We can find fun to do out of anything!" ,r-H JY E. 15 16 17 74 Student Life Page by L.S S T i l x l lf 15 J 17 Z uv L5 1-14iDiane Radar, Janice Krapes, Kim Huntington, Kristine Stephenson, Brady Bur- ton, Malia DePonte, Christine Kaleel, Cheryl Klatt, Angelique Garifo, Kelly Rock, Denise Pangburn, Michelle Parker, Nancy James, Annie Zatlin. 155 Varsity cheerleaders Cheryl Klatt, Nancy James, and Angelique Garifo show their spirit. This spirit is what helped keep the crowd up at the Homecoming Game against El Modena. 167 JV cheerleaders Linda Smith, Jill Bieshaar, Sheila Ramierez and Karey Nixon go hillbilly. The hillbilly assembly was to pep up the school before the game against the Tus- tin Tillers. 17l Kim Huntington, a Varsity songleader, leads a chant. She's obviously determined to spark up the crowd. 183 Junior football player Phil Lopicolla admires Diane Radar, while songleaders Chris- tine Kaleel, Brady Burton, Janice Krapes, Kim Huntington, and Kristine Ste- Photos l5,l7,l9 Albert and James phenson look on in a skit. Many of the assemblies involved participation by the football phom 16 Dm, w,keh,m 191 Combined Pep squads and alumni pose at Homecoming. Photo 15 Rich Afklev V 'fr B j,...-A-if-' 8 9 1 O 1 1 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 1 2 :xr A'.f1'1.3'SF- --firtnes-Y -.-A A, , E:c"4?'1r-Tilillbfllfg-X illll'id '21 Close by GLORIA RENEER In the gym the band played loudly, but couldn 't dlsgulse the nolse the crowd made as they waited to see what the Pep Squad would do next. The screaming and whistling stopped for a minute as one Varsity songleader ran out on the floor, looked up at the crowd, and started dancing. The noise started again, but this time It was clapping and yelling along with that songleader, MALTA DePONTE. MALIA DEPONTE MALIA loves being a songleader because, "I jg lean show my school spirit and really 'do my thlng'. " She also likes the challenge of helping her school "become more spirited" and making this Pep Squad "the best ever!" Juniors, TON! SIMPSON and BECKY TAVERNIER. stated "MALIA to us ls the Ideal songleader. She has alot of school splrlt and tries to get others Involved, Sophomore DA VE ALLRED summed up the general oplnlon of students at VPHS when he said, "l'm glad MALIA Is a songleader because without her the assem- blies would be a lot less excrtlng, and our school splrlt would probably be a lot less!" Student Life 75 Varsity cheerleader Angelique Garifo watches as the Junior Varsity cheerleaders do a cheer for the crowd. The j.v.'s are ll to rl Kim Fontana, Shelia Ramirez, Linda Smith, Karey Nixon, and Jill Bieshaar. "Farmer" Annie Zatlin cheers on the Spartans. Annie, the mascot, was cheering at the Tustin Tiller assembly. Jill Bieshaar shovels hay throughout the gym during the Tustin Tiller assembly. The cheer- leaders often did skits like this to promote spirit. Nancy James says "Hi" to the crowd. Nancy, a Varsity cheerleader, was cheering the Spartans on to Victory. 'iNew Wavers" Malia De Ponte, Kim Huntington and Brady Burton rock to the beat. The songleaders danced at every assembly. Nicola Boyle, Michelle Diaz, Laurie Kesselman, cheer their Sophomore football team on to victory. This year the girls cheered at almost all the sophomore events. Photos 1,3 Russell Jones Photos 2,4,5, Rich Ackley Photo 6. Dirk Wakeham 1 1 'S 112' T'-Wifi" 'TlJlJ'j :fm -J: -ll-ipet-argl J ,, J I ' ,' 'li I -1 J Jri- fa -I-I ' t' 1- . J" Jvff ,rv-I .J-4 iw ' L, ' s" ir. F4 ,uw Mi.--fif i- 'PL' if -,L-l'iJ.a . ,ell- - X"-+ JI' J .J ' . -n""'l:l, f 1 - 1' ' is i-I F . Ji-1 ,rv-J" , JJ V-H 'Inf Ll'-9 gf. Fly be ji ,M J ,J ,H ,J-S,-H, '.i 'J flu .4 flu -E4 5,-I at-if 1f.n--rf What do cheerleaders do after the school year ls over? Some enjoy a free summer of not having to practice cheers and brlng treats to the football team during "Hell Week." But others, Ilke Varslty songleader KIM HUNTINGTON, stay with cheering. KIM tried out for United Spirit Association lU.S.A.J songleadlng Instmctor In March. It all began when the 1982-83 pep squad attended the U.S.A. camp located on the U.C. Santa Barbara campus. At camp, the girls leamed cheers and dance routines. While danclng In one ofthe classes she took, KIM'S lnstmctor noticed her danclng ablllty and recommended her to the head songleader who In turn asked her to try out for dance Instnactor at their camp. In order to try out, KIM had to fill out and send In an application along with a recent photo and an actlon photo. Then ln March, she had to try out for the people who run the camp. She was taught a dance to perform and a dance to teach to others tn see how well she taught, "I was shocked that they picked me," stated KIM excitedly, "I couldn't believe lt." Close P by BETH DUFAULT and DARCY BAILEY 1 'W ' 4 W 'l" I iwwilf I-:o,g'3w1r"5-:-',, f I y 4 x i Mmm .. A. I .Z .4 it KIM HUNTINGTON 3 . :ff , -ni ri it I.. 3 Page by B.D. and D.B. 76 Student Life PEPSTERS Show Spirit This year, a new policy regarding the pep squad's participation in sporting events was introduced. In the past, many people felt the support for the major- ity of the sports was poor. i'Our baseball team last year had almost no support at all," stated junior baseball player Todd Dossett. Under the new policy, the pep squad must do many things it didn't do be- fore. For instance, there must be at least one full squad at every sporting event Also, the cheerleaders decorate lockers, supply treats, and throw a party for each team. If a team makes it to C.l.F., they are given another party. "All sports are getting equal representationfl stated activities director Julia Thiel- man. Junior Varsity cheerleader Jill Bieshaar commented, "I like it better be cause there are cheerleaders at every game. , ? l , -gg l liitavri eye on - Student Life 77 was la ,Q -Sv- 933 1F?'fT", ,.. "Watch out we're here so everybody stand clear," was the attitude of all athletes. The go-get'em attitude was apparent in all students whether they participated or not. With over 500 pupils participating in some kind of extra curricular activity during the school year, VPHS just couldn't lose. 5 out of 6 of I. i l the fall sports made it to CIF, this year. l Excellent sports programming, a great coaching staff, enthusiastic fans, and athletes willing to work hard created the successful sports . program at VPHS. I W Everywhere people appeared to encourage our athletes, Everyone t W, was "Proud to be a Spartan." l 'W 7 1 ,f ff ll- , - fl! 544.1 , Q 4 'Y 1 I ll A -'176X,:l'7" 'ra-'s ' i, 5-23 H: ' . 4- W tae- 'ffflr ff'-A,,.e.,rf,tf-'fl'-1' l ' 13.1 C33 .nw fu. V I I W4 ' ZZ- .5 J Z Z' fa fl! 0 1 1 f,,. 1, I f 5 C Mau 1 1 9' f v ,Q ,g f , zyyw- , - .:Ca'55-ff 1 '- . ,459 1 'ff rr tj' 5 I 2' f rfb fff ' f ,lr . 71 f KW MZ 1 3F1I':1J, fs2V,r,, V., . Y m 45:3 K I -A Q I it ,V A nfs" ,xr 1 ' ,-, ",,g 5.5, ' 3-J' . 573 W f 5 ,Q ' K .,..a5,gD4vff'l5, 5f'mvvgi3K.3g :em . 44 .L , ,V , Mi, g,.vg,,,'3,Qyg eye o DR. DAVE COLVILLE Slx years under hls belt and he has no lntentlon of stopping now, The boys athletlc dlrector, DR. DAVE COLVILLE, has been at VPHS for 19 years, the last years working ln the bays' sports program. During thls tlme he has seen "little change" In the extra curricular actlvltles, "ex- cept for the lack offundlng this past year." Due to Proposrtlon 13, many cuts ln the school pro- gram had to be made, resulting ln the school's loss of three sports, golf, badmlnton, and gym- nastics. COLVILLE stated, "Well the cuts had Close by JUDY JONES no real effect upon the over all program," but "lt 's a shame to deprive klds ofthe opportunity to partlclpate because of a lack of fundlngf' Generally, DR. COLVlLLEfeels, "We have the best program In the county. Some ofthe stron- gest sports we have Include football, water polo, and cross-country, which haue rated In the top 10 for many years." He llkes hls job and says he "Mlght as well stay." 78 Student Life ti fl pa 1 1,-5 I X . ll il Q gi nl rl iii il 2 it J il ll Ml fl ll D' 1 i 1 -1 Premiere Performances Previewed 6 ll The ball gets all the attention of Mark Maizel, Varsity Water Polo goalie. Mark has saved over 180 goals this season, 2l Struggling up a hill behind Eisenhower Park, from L to R, Wes Monroe, Ken Sur- villas, and Don Beechan lead the pack. Cross-Country was one of the 12 teams in CIF finals. 35 Sherry Smith screams jubilantly at the Volleyball team's win over Orange. Vol- leyball advanced to first round CIF. 47 Michelle Zuckermen watches intensely as Barbara Birney serves for VPHS against El Modena, Tennis was another fall sport that made it to CIF. 51 With grim determination, Eddy Howard and Tim Johnson try to stop a Santa Ana player in his tracks. The defense was crucial in each of VPHS's games, 63 K.B. Nelson holds for Scott Bain's point after. VPHS ended its season with 6 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. Page by J.J. Student Life 79 Y Y -1 l l Activity abounds in the VPHS band room during the school year, During the Band's competitive season early morning practices were i very common. l There is much preparation that goes on before a show. Band mem- bers arrive at school an hour early to change into their uniforms and l get their instruments. They then get on the bus for a nervous, yet excit- I ing night ahead of them. Once they arrive at their destination, they i 1 line up, get their instruments tuned, then put on a spectacular show. There is always a feeling of great intensity before All photos Russell Jones lcontl -N 7 . ...L e .f,.e.f-ew I - I . l -Q i 1 Close Q P By MICHELLE MONGRAW ,.-1. fr, . 1 . gf' , , , . ,W , , ,H M15 i ,J- gg-,if "5 LISA SWEARINGEN LISA SWEARINGEN, Drlll Team Captain at VPHS felt that the change ln Drlll Team, to a camblnatlan Dance!Drill Team, was "great, "be- cause other schools are also tumlng to dance. "It adds many opportunltles and is a way to repre- sent VPHS ln a posltlve way." LISA sald, "In a way It ls very goodfor the glrls to have dance added to the mllltary, because military ls very restrictive, but dance has dlfferent expressions and forms." "I feel more relaxed, and the choreographer, DANIELLE ROBERTSON, helps all the glrls feel more confident and good about themselves." As Drill Team Captain, LISA felt that, "every glrl Is my responslblllty. " The closeness she had with each glrl meant a lot to her. As LISA put lt, Hworklng together as a team ls great, and chal- lenging, but worklng with each glrl as an lndlvld- ual Is even more challenging. " "Thejoy each girl shows when they achieve something they have been strlvlng for and the excitement on their faces, makes me thrilled and proud of them." This was LISA 'S third year In Drlll Team, she was Captaln for two years and "loved every mln- ute ollt. "" Ifeel that It has been a very rewarding challenge, but it ls going ta be very hard to leave." But overall "I Love It." 'il - SL- S- 2 80 Student Life Page by MVM-I RR, Q E .52 4 jjj- MARCH-N-SPARTANS NUS inc lil ei. Ni. Ili lldl gli limit r l ui 2 ln.. K"- The 1982-83 Band and Pageantry Corps. Top to Bottom, Row 1, L to R: J. Hodge, - Lt., D. Hendricks, M. Mongraw, C. McCarty, C. Jones, K. Allen, B. Barre- gar, K. Stabile, R. Otting, J. Longyear, S Gangluff, C. Trulock, M. McBride, A. Bingo, C. Araki, C. Fulp, L De La Riva, M. Gonzalez, M. Byron - Capt. Row 2, M. Gubler, J. Keany, K. Moser, J. Som- mers, R. Gilhausen, G. Bernhard, M. Perrine, P. Meahl, D. Wakeham, C. Jan- sen, D. Lukowski, D. Strong, K. Persing, K. Brooks, T. Newman, R. Cabrera, B. Towsend, R. Hasty, N. Seeley, J. Perez, J. De Los Rios, Row 3, R. Montgomery, T Bolen, L. Eligina, K. Broberg, J. School- craft, R. Pomeroy, J. Blanco, D. King, C Delaney, B. Taylor, J. Mohle, L. Froesch, D. Vliet, C. Wakamoto, D. Duty, Row 4, L. Baker, A. Franqui, C. Stewart, S. Hansman, L. Meister, J. Uyeda, C. Schubert, K. Hardacre, L. Heranic, C. Weideman, P. Colin, Row 5, F. Tavener, M. Strawn, R. Cabrera, W. Heller, D. Perez, J. Tawson, B. Valentine. Rex Cabrera patiently waits to play his bari- tone. The band took 3rd place at the West- minster Field Tournament, Row 1, The 1982-83 Twirling Flags. J. Ab- bott, K. Marcussen, K. Christopherson. Row 2, M. Moore, L. Waldstreicher. Row 3, L. Bee. Row 1, The 1982-83 Drill Team. M. Carroll, A. Woodside. Row 2, K. Barta, C. Wede- meyer, J. Dunn, L. Taheri. Row 3, S. Kanatsiz, K. Lyons, D. Jackman, Row 4 D. Pennix, M. Stransky, Row 5, R. Miller - Lt., L. Swearingen - Capt. Marching in perfect precision, are Kevin Brooks, Joyce Uyeda, Don Duty, Karla Hardacre, Jim Keany, Gregg Bernhard, Mike Perrine, Lisa Meister and Tim Newman. The Band performed for many half-time football games. Liz Taheri and Debbie Jackman stand tall and proud as they performed. The Drill Team accompanied the Band to many competitions. Russ Montgomery, Dirk Wakeham, and Lisa Meister watch Fred Tavener and David Perez take their places on the field to drum during a competition. The 1982- 83 drum line was small, but still created a large sound. Russ Montgomery concentrates very hard on directing the Band. The Drum Major often directed the March-N-Spartans on the field. Kevin Brooks and Doug King, trumpet soloists, turn red with excitement on the field. Half-time at the football games was one of the Band's highlights. Close by REGINA POMEROY KEVIN BROOKS KEVIN BROOKS, sophomore, ls a talented musician in the VPHS Band and leader of the trumpet section. He has played the trumpet for flue years. He also plays In the Santa Ana Winds Youth Band. KEVIN suld, "I'd like to play in a Drum and Bugle Corps called "Santa Clara Vanguard." "I feel It would be a challenge." KEVIN said, "My parents really didn 't Influence me to take up an instrument, but helped me tremendously once I got started. I leamed a lat from the both of them, but they were unhappy at first that I do not play the trombone," laughed KEVIN. As a dedicated trumpet player. KEVIN ls proud to be In the VPHS Band. It ls probably every parent 's dream to have u son follow In their footsteps, but after KEVINflnlshes Hlgh School he hopes to become a famous writer. "My maln goal now ls to master the tmmpet and become excellent at lt. " 82 Student Life Karla fl Tim illellr lliliyq 5210. w li, , v. .ml l i 9 lefl Ill I -6 if' , vll Photo l, Russell Jones Ph0f09 Rich Ackley Photo 3. Albert and James ENSEMBLE PERFORMS PRECISELY 4 fCont.l they performed against a rival school such as, El Modena. Much goes on in everyone's mind before they go out and give it all they've got. "The most important key to winning is to concen- trate on being the best," said Mr. Polley. The band won a 2nd place trophy in their first parade at Mis- sion Viejo and a 3rd place trophy at their first field competition at Westminster. Russ Montgomery, Drum Major, said, "Mr. Polley is one of the finest Band Directors there is." Anabelle Franqui, the leader of the flute section, repeated about Mr. Polley, "l-le has been in the business a long time, and he knows what it takes to make a superior band." Page by M.M. and R.P. Student Life 83 Ms. Julia Thielman, activity director, leads the school pep as- sembly in a cheer. ThieIman's enthusiasm raised the spirit of the occasion. Shirley Day, Kristin Powers, Julie Villalobos, and Kris- tine Koslowski sell food during a dance. Shirley's gang sells food and beverage to hungry and thirsty people at the Hi Dance, Diane Rader, pep commissioner, announces sport stats, Diane announces the stats of water polo and the football teams. The 82-83 A.S.B. Cabinet posed for a picture at a nearby ele- mentary school. Top to Bottom, Row 1, L-R: K. Bogart, L. Giannini, M. Powell, C. Triggs, J. Thielman, B. Mecklen- berg, N. Lathrope, A. Mortensen, and E. Kuli. Row 2, L-R: J. Villalobos, K. Koslowski, K. Malloy, S. Day, J. Glas- man, D. Rader, K. Powers, and G. Hull. Diane Rader, Kevin Bogart, and Bill Mecklenberg sell tick ets to students at the Hi Dance. This ASB activity attracted many more students then expected. 1 Close by FRANCISCO TALAVERA GREG HILL GREG HILL, known to many students as the A.S.B. presldent, spends a great deal of tlme with various organizations ln and outside of school. "GREG is authorltlve and very organized which ls probably why he does so much with no trouble." commented ANNETTE MORTENSON, A.S.B. treasurer. "GREG has lots of energy and lots of great Ideas, " senlor SALLY McKAY commented. "His autharltlve personality makes htm a successful president," MS. JULIA THIELMAN, Activity Di- .gm ' ix rector, said. ANNETTE, A.S.B. treasurer, added, "GREG always makes sure that everythlng ls 6 done right. " THIELMAN summed lt all up, "GREG possesses the ablllty to assume authority that ls requlred of his position." Because of such qualltles, GREG ls able to lnltlate an abundance of soclal actlvltles. "l hope to start new tradltlons that wlll follow through to a new beginning," GREG added confidently. New actlvltles such as rec-ntte. numerous lunch actlvltles and more lnfon-nal dances are some new actlvltles that have started. GREG added that the actlvltles that have already been started," brlng about a greater amount of splrlt and general enthusiasm. " l I r . ,- fi ' ,Q Page by F.T. 84 Student Life eye on i EF' 'N-rv: ll l i ll s. 3 CABI ET OPENS New Doors Photos 4.5,3,2.6. Rich Ackley Photo 1, Russell Jones HUB!-f 4. I I K" ' ilhu The Cabinet has opened new doors. Ms. Julia Thielman, cabinet advisor, quotes, "We have initiated new activities and a new way approach to school hap- penings." "The Cabinet has achieved a great deal to benefit the schoolf' Kim Baker, senior, commented. Thielman said, 'iOur main goal is to develop school pride. We want to raise the class of activities," said Judy Stock- inger, sophomore. t'The accomplish- ments of the cabinet were evident with the successes of lunch activities and pep assemblies." Thielman described the cabinet as, "So success orientated, and wanting to be number one. The skill of organization is present in everyone," she added. "Our key accomplishment is opening the Student Centre to the whole schoolf Thielman comments. "The opening of the Student Centre has brought people in." Thielman added, "The people of VPHS are the focal point of our activity program." Student Life 85 1 Y Pu P1 Pl ' I I '- s f l " :'4 wr Q,- mmegmimmmgwggg RUNS LX W' 1 .- i. wt., 1.3 2 A' Y WB W fm I A 4 T J M . - - ' IUL EZRLIFURPUFJ gg ,A...L.A r- .mw rm V f -f Bmw' ,4,..,4 A ,YKJFQHM mm ' . Mad. PAVUD lbormue ffvmd.. NDULGED ml - Q:-Q., ' 'Q 25,4 ,fm EcnLaFoRnsnw 5112 . ' I gvilrlwf -' "I1keULg 'QL-Qf'liL-SJ " i W mv CRLWURNZQ fm L4 L 1 X VP X 86 Student Life P., ,K 5 I .i Ni J l l l Z 4 i g . l i K Photos l,2,8, Russell Jones Photos -1.5, Dirk Wakeham Photo 6, Rich Ackley Photo 3, Mrs. Penny Barvin Personalized license plates add a special touch to VPHS's cars. Many stu- dents have purchased these license plates. Arriving at school, Robby Labarge, Tom Rogers, and Darren Wright climb out of the back of Mitch Wilson's truck. A ride to school inthe back of a truck is a breeze. Jeff Cohen and Sandra Johnson come to school chauffeured by Mrs. Hunt. Most VPHS students dream of being chaufleured to school in luxury. Mike Perkoski, who works at Fat Performance, adjusts an engine. Work- ing on student cars is a typical activity for car owners. "Oldie but a Goodief' Mike Voyen's '62 Valiant shows style. Not all stu- dents came to school in brand new cars. Bob St. John has spent a lot of money and time on his '72 Volkswagen. Older Volkswagens are real "fixer uppers." VPHS's parking lot bumper stickers show rock groups, radio stations, slo- gans, and dirty phrases. Bumper stickers reveal favorites among students. 4 -2 6 by JOY PEACE Being young doesn 't necessarily mean being inexperienced. BILL HALE ls an example ofthls. BILL has worked on cars since he wasfourteen, and at seventeen ls a "top mechanic." In the beglnnlng he was financed by his father. "I had afob at Hanshaw Llquor, and Ipald back almost half ofthe money I borrowed for my flrst Volkswagen." "ln the first year I sold and traded flve Volkswagens and one Datsun." "As far as my future is concemed, I want to go Into business with my friend, MARK BRUTO." "Our business will first start out wlthjust vintage parts, and later develop into rebuilding engines and restoring vintage Volkswagens," MARK sald hopefully. Customizing Volkswagens consist of many different processes. First, we lowerfor looks and handling: second, we build a high performance engine for speed: third, we start on the exterior which Includes tires, rims, paint etc., and fourth, we begln on the lnterlor, meaning custom seats, door panels, headllner, and carpet. A speclal touch ls added In all ofthe above to make the appearance different from other Volkswagens, "I prefer bugs sixty-seven or older to customize. " "I want to be a mechanic," stated BILL. Close Becoming sixteen means more than just get- ting older, it means INDEPENDENCE. Stu- dents anxiously await their appointment to get . a license, After passing the test, the time comes to purchase that 'ifabulousn auto- mobile. After this, "Auto lndependencel' sets in. Students are then able to go places where and when they want. 'il-laving a car is great, but having money is even greater," said Don- na Gardner, junior. New drivers find their cars produce a unega- tive" cash flow. Autos need more than gas to keep them going. Insurance costs hundreds, tires are expensive, and friends need rides. Independence might not be all it's cracked P up to be. ' W ,V -.-. M y i'l" i r . -Ji gg-vgnm .... ,,., .... . , ..w...g...........,....,..b,,,W..,,..,,,,,,,,,, E Page by J.P. Student Life 87 Ken Drobish and his date, Paula Brislawn, enjoy get- ting close during a slow dance. Most students like slow dancing. Craig Hensley and Lisa Anderson relax while watch- ing E,'l'. at Stadium Drive-in. Convertibles are great cars to go to the Drive-in in. Russell Jones and Amie Losi eat lunch at McDon- ald's. As friends they enjoy each other's company. Joe Stack and Donna Gardiner watch television on a lil: Friday night. Sometimes students prefer staying home as mr opposed to going out. via 1 T 'I l By KATHERINE HAAN l . Close ,- rl , I DRIVE-IN: a place of buslness las a theaterl set up so patrons can be P 1 accommodated whlle remaining ln thelr automobiles. Yet one student - ' showed what ls usually anticipated when the wards "Stadium Drlve-ln"were Y l mentioned by saying "I don 't even remember the name of the movie!" This ls l very unfortunate as Stadium Drlveeln Is also a family place, There ls a II playground beside the snack bar with swlngs and a merry-go-round for ,I smaller children. ' Teenagers, however, prefer the Drive-Ins. The reasons for this are that they have a good excuse to stay out late, the price ls lnexpenslue, they get two moviesfar the prlce of one, and probably the most importantly, they get the privacy ofthelr own car. Most people of I6 and I7 can overlook the fact 0 that they must walk out ln the cold to acquire refreshments or to attend to new thelr duties ln the restroom. A , Not all people are into the typical Drive-In Image, KIM MA CALONEY,for r Y ,J 'W " " " example, mentlaned thls experience, "My boyfriend and I went to see a Am 1 movle we really wanted to watch, but we left ln the middle because of all the r rowdy people who had to spoil lt!" M1559-'NARY Stadium Drive-ln has the uncanny reputatlon of being "party town" to l Mp -'ONS CLASS REUNION 0 some people, yet the majority feel that It ls a nlce, relaxing and private way l "-W9 U4 LOVE to publicly view a moule, - ' STADIUM DRIVE-IN SIGN I l 2 Q, '-f wifi-L ' .- V A-1 'M -11 ' sf' li ,,Z7',,,,.2 ,' . I 512.99 -zrggg, - 1, , , r '- , :L ".. .1 l ., f . l - V , - F J' , l I .al 'fm ,..f-- 'U' ,yn . A, a., - I-X W l'l'liK 88 Student Life V fff....,,.,,,I , up ' 1-...NRI . f ,L A Photo l. Rich Ackley Photo 3. Katherine Haan Photos 2.4, Russell Jones on the town ' I s ll 5 ,ul Ml' if! 1 ' f , ,wi ' I l 1 ' 1 'l Q' l milf 'nf xl - 1 P ge by K.H. fir: la si A survey of one-hundred Villa Park students revealed the following infor- mation concerning dating: Spartans are often found eating at one of the following six restaurants lin order of preferencel: 1. McDonald's 2. Bobby McGee's 3. Black Angus 4. Orange County Mining Company 5. Lampost Pizza 6. Del Taco Favorite dating activities include: Seeing a movie - 52070 Going to recreational parks - 26070 Going to the beach - 22070 Villa Park students are not old fa- shioned: 78070 feel that the boy should pay the dinner tab 32070 feel that the bill should be split Spartan parents are varied on curfew times: Before 12 p.m. - 7070 12:30 - 35070 1 a.m, - 28070 1:30 - 8070 no curfew at all - 17070 The first things that attract Spartan fe- males to Spartan males are: Looks - 39070 Personality - 27070 Body - 19070 Intelligence - 9070 Popularity - 6070 And Spartan males to females: Looks - 42070 Personality - 20070 Figure - 31070 Intelligence - 4070 Popularity - 3070 Student Life 89 Fashion by dictionary standards is defined as "the choice or usage of dress, generally accepted by those who regard them- selves as up-to-date and sophisticated. Fashion, by Villa Park High School student standards, was de- fined as 'LAnything Goeslu From comfortable worn-out jeans to alligator socks, from color- ful sweat combos to plaid bermuda shorts, the list was endless. Although there were many styles wandering around campus, the one that seemed to captivate most students was the collegiate tional clothes at stores like Sunny Smith, At-Ease, and The Livery, Another well dressed student, Margaret Naruse, stated, "I shop for preppy clothes, and like pastels. l could care less about name brands." The one style that took many by surprise was the reoccurring fashions of the Fabulous 50's, known as Rock-a-billy. 'AThe 50's look," declared Rock-a-billy Kass Row, "includes items such as pep legs, white bucks, skinny belts, short sleeve button-down shirts, and hair styles such as flat tops, pompadours, jelly rolls, and l or "preppy" look, also popular the year before. greased sidesf, l Dressed in a striking violet cardigan sweater with matching Dressed in old holey, faded l.evi's, and worn-out shoes, Mike violet socks, Alan Morrell claimed, "I shop for nice-looking tradi- Voyen claimed, "lt's the only clothes my mom lets me wear." 1 2 fat W .5 .4-4, ,. ,164 ' it Close ' if ,, 'f ff' 1 ' ' . m l A U W P f- 1' ' 'nhl l L 4 " ' gf' ' 1- ll ' ' r ' ' by KRISTIN KING A ' if , KASS ROW ' ,P KASS ROW was one of many students caught up In the latest rock-a-bllly rage. "Rock- ll a-bllly Is a uprooted 50's style." KASS stated. The muslc ofElvls Presley, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, and Little Richard among others, according to KASS, are responsible for this new taste In fashion. "The 50's look," continued KASS, "ls made up of Items such as peg leg's, T-shirts, white bucks, skinny belts, cuffed 501 's, black loafers, and short sleeve button-down shirts. For special occa- slons, the dress might Include black skinny tles, llght colored button-down shlrts, blazers with 1-IW Inch lapels, and a palr of hagglesf' He refers to the lyrlcs of the 50's as belng "basic and clean cut", opposite to that of today's rock, "The muslc ls becoming known now. lt was klnd of underground for awhile." KASS himself ls a basslst for a three man Chrlstlan rock-a-bllly band called the LIFTERS. They have appeared wlth other bands on a hour long, Channel 5 special and also played In a concert broadcast "live" over the radlo. He commented that even some rock-a-blllles have taken on a country-western flavor, wearing such attire as 50 's western shlrts and bolos. The music too has a country accent. "Rock-a-billy is afad llke mast fashions of today, some just last longer than others," KASS concluded. Page by K.K. 90 Student Life S l ST DE "SCEN " As Style Setters 4 7 Photos Photos Photos Photos 1.4, Russell Jones 6.5, Dirk Wakeham 2,3, Rich Ackley 7.8, Leslie Schwartz eye on 6 Kristen Triggs and Sue Hefti take time out to pose for our photogra- pher. Sweaters were a big item in this year's fashion code. Chip Tighe, Ron Ross, Dennis Grey, Jim Radzik, and Angie Long- wigh watch with intent during an early morning pep rally. The Rock-a-billy look was one of the more outstanding styles this year. Cheri Anderson and Stacy Core admire Darla Aldridge's new outfit. Tuxedo blouses were very popular and could be found in many styles. Liz Miller puts her all into blowing up balloons for Junior Spirit Day. Colorful sweat outfits were found ac- ceptable by most students. William Kim explains the taste of his sour milk to Brett Obuljen during nutrition. Plaid played a big part in this year's fashion. Leslie Caines and date show off their style at the Homecoming Dance. French Borsalino hats portray the gangster look. Jeans in any style or name brand were one of the most widely-worn items on campus. "Members Only" Mike Swartz and a vested Chip McClean listen in on a seemingly funny joke. Boys showed more of an interest in fashion this year. Student Life 91 I i tllf E 013 9 il SPARTAN S haf' l Savor pei. Succulent S n a C k S KIho4::hi'rl:h:tr:.l::i1'i:imTebo ham Q. 1 Patty Murray chews on large pieces of pizza. Pizza was probably the favorite food of VPHS students. Sheryl Dixon eats in the cafeteria, Many people spent their lunch time in the cafeteria. Brigette Prevot, Shannon Hall, and Jeanine Theiss eat their lunches, while watching an assembly. Many people ate and watched at the same time. Chomping on cafeteria food are Joe Montcreif and Dan Park. Dan points at the food as if to say "Not this stuff again". Drinking "milk for good", Shannon Goldman balances her diet. Socializing and eating was a big part of VPHS lunch activities. ln order to "carbohydrate load" before a big meet, Leslie Schwartz stuffs herself with ice-cream. Villa Park athletes were known for their large appetites. Deanna Flores and Evelyn Roth eat in the VPHS 'igourmet din- ing roomf' From the looks on their faces it must be the same food as usual. 92 Student Life ff! ,K ca if Y 'W eye on l l 7 sv, li if I l i i l X l l l i l Q I 4 The typical diet ofa student at VPHS varies as much as the students who attend. DINNER BREAKFAST spaghetti orange juice pizza wheaties filet mignon cheerios frozen dinners bacon SNACKS LUNCH oreos peanut-butter sandwich fritos granola bar candy bars lasagna milk hamburgers cola .--V f fu af l A A-. 1 ' 391 72 -cr I Yggyfs f ' ' 9 ':, 'J ' y 45 'V , ' x ' lx ,A A. nl l .' Q x , C ,ff f. fm ,, ,5,..,f , in fu-up 2 .9 z TOC One of the favorite pastimes of high school students ls consuming large amounts offood. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dlnner, or a snack, Spartans always seem to be eating. Where they eat ls another story altogether. For ln- stance, MICHELLE CLIFFORD 'S favorite place to eat breakfast ls Tac-D0- Nut. "Sometimes before school I stop by there and get doughnuts." she com- mented. Some students don 't even bother to get breakfast, "Most of the time l'm running late, so I don 't get anything untll nutrition. " explained DEANNA REIDER. When lunch time rolls around many people can be found at the Snack Bar, buylng anything from popcom to burrltos, Others can be found dltchlng BET- TY EAGLES, resident "bouncer", and going out to lunch each day. Since time ls of utmost Importance, most of these brave students choose the fast food route, They can be found at Carl's Jr., Del Taco, McDonald's, or other fast food restaurants. "lt was pretty easy to get out," suld SHANNON FEELEY, who made about three trips a week. "I mainly ate at Wendy's. I'd get a salad and then zoom back to school on my scooter," said FEELEY. Though the eatlng hablts of many VPHS students don 't seem to be nutrl- tious, they do seem to satisfy their tastes. Page by LC. Student Llfe 93 ll Wow! Money says Leah Bruns who works at Morrows Nut House. Leah is a sales person. 2l "Lift and hold," exclaims Brady Burton. Brady teaches dance to small children at Creative Exercise. 3l All work and no play sighs Guy Rojo. Many students work at fast food places. 4l Watch out for your fingers warns Mike Prakoski. He's a mechanic at Fat Performance. 5l Karen Grant hangs up batteries for display. Her job entails much ungla- morous work, photo, 2,5,6, Russell June, 6l "E.T. phone home," Dirk Wakeham thinks to himself as he stacks E.T. Photos l,3,4, Dirk Wakeham card games at K-Mart. 777777 1 I1 eye 1 Many VPHS students have parents who are well off or at least medium well, which may be expected since Villa Park is a semi-wealthy area. But if this is so, why do so many students work? Some students like having independence andfor extra cash for outside "cariculer" activities. Others don't like kids mock- ing them saying, "Did daddy buy you your Porche or did your mommy?" To avoid this stereotyped attitude, they take on odd jobs, work at fast food places, do clerical work, and even work as cashiers at stores in shopping malls such as the Or- ange Mall. Some students don't have a choice in the matter. They are highly "persuaded" by parents who say, "Working is exper- ience gained and an introduction to the real world." Close Uv by KATHY WEISSEMAYER ClNDY FINKELSTEIN Ever try maklng a bed with someone ln It? Student CINDY FINKLESTEIN has tol CINDY ls a nurses alde In the Regional Occupation Program. Only a selectedfew can enter the program because ofthe prerequisites required before entering the program - Blology andfor Medlcal Occupatlons. "lt 's fun," commented CINDY. "I got to meet a lot oflnterestlng people through the program." After completing the program, CINDY hopes to go to Santa Ana Community College to eam her associates degree In nursing. After galnlng thls, "I hope to go ta the college of my choice and get my masters degree In Pediatrics. Nursing Is always something I wanted ta do slnce I was a kid," she sold. "I'm deter- mlned to be the best nurse I can be." E, - ,, ,- . .rrp : fd- 2 94 Student Life Page by K.W. 95 L We Can ji WORK SET It Out! of rm mn -Ihr 'rw Vfsf 'Iu- 1 J'f M, X I I 1 nl 2 I nw 3 1 , 7 if ,rf 1. - ,' ,v ,wx ' ,, , 5 4 1 'BMX- f 5 111115 .. , . Q, '..J,-1..,f,:'-',:......' L 4 1 .5: 6 ,,,, Student Life 95 Marian Bavand discusses a possible story over the phone. The Journalism class consisted of, First Row, L to R: Kelly Ward Caroline Hunt, Marjan Bavand, Angela Bonacci, Kevin Bo- gart, Terry Ludin, Caryn Williams, Heidi O'Donnell, Mike Keller, Back Row: Mr. Haskins, Kathy Wiessenmayer, Shaun Larson, Kelly Trollinger, Greg Hill, Mark Brunell, Ken Sal- gado, Mark Maizel, Dennis Murphy, Darrin Haskins, and Steve Johnson. f Q 0 l 1 I 33 Mike Keller, Tina Garifo Terry Ludin, and Caryn Williams try to stay awake by drinking plenty of coffee, . 4l Greg Hill hands his finished story to Mark Maizel. Mark's job as l Editorial Editor is to check stories. 5l The editors for the Oracle this year are: Editor in Chief Ken Sal- gado, Feature Editor Caryn Williams, News Editor Kelly Ward, Managing Editor Barbara Birney, Editorial Editor Mark Maizel, and Sports Editor Kevin Bogart. 3 Close 1 t l By BLAINE MARUOKA AND KATHY WIESSENMAYER l KEN SALGADO - I i "I wrlte for my own personal satlsfactlon " stated a smlllng KEN SALGADO. "After all Uyou're not satisfied with your own work who wlll be?" As ajunlor he was news editor and In hls senior year. Editor-In-Chief ofthe Oracle. Joumallsm advisor MR. TRAVIS HASKINS says, "You have to have someone who knows everything and is dependable." He chose KEN because of his humbleness and experience, "KEN placed fourth ln the Joumallsm write-offs," sald HASKINS. "Fourth In all the schools ln Southem Callfomla. It was quite an accomplishment." 3 "l have to budget my time wisely, "sald KEN. He is a member ofthe grounds committee at VPHS l . and the Yacht Club, participates In track and maintains ajob at Canyon Office Supplies working as ff a dellvery person and dolng accountlng work. KEN hopes to attend UCLA. "I would like to continue wlth Joumallsm andfor psychology." - n- 'Q 1 f f fe Q' . t i -ew-at N xt '-5 fqqqigw. s 'fs .,, 4, , ,,, '-'54 I 4 f 4 an 1 a 96 Student Life ,,,e, h arf .' ef if' Xa i Q i D2 -s 1 ,.. -it Q 'ff egg ji . .1 I F1 ,, . . 1 i L 1 . -1 X I 4 l. CRACLE Searches for Truth Photo 2, Mr, Norm Johnson All other photos Travis Haskins S S limit up Null L J 'Will' mimi! annul! md :nhl . SH W-'rw X-5-1 1 his maori! X4 v4 L+ l rs, 2 ,QF V, 3 ,, .,. .T E fa ll i llt's been a difficult year," stated Journalism advisor, Travis Haskins, "because of the elimination of beginning Journalism classes." Ult was very tough trying to teach the beginning Journal- ism classes with people running around trying to find pic- tures and finish their stories." As an incentive, a new award was started this year called the Unicorn, which symbolizes a perfect feature sto- ry. Mr. Haskins' main goal for the year is to change the image of Journalism as a l'Kick back class." I-le hopes Journalism will be, 'AA first class, beneficial, English exper- ience." "Despite some setbacks the Gracle staff gave us only the best," said Mr. Travis Haskins. - eye on VP Phssbv BM- Student Life 97 With duties ranging from running elec- tions to counting votes, and signing constitu- tional issues the Board of Control of 1982- 83 remained busy. The VPHS legislative branch of govern- ment consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The House of Repre- sentatives is the connection between the stu- dent government leaders and the students. Members ofthe House were elected in each third period class to voice student opinions in the Spartan government. f Close P The job of School Board Representative seems llke It would be a job with numerous responslbllltles, and lt ls, SHIRLEY DAY took on thls responslblllty as a mediator between Vllla Park Hlgh School and the Orange Unlfled School Dlstrlct. SHIRLEY originally ran for this offlce because she enjoyed speech and she felt she would have a chance to use her technique In this ASB office. "Throughout the year I've done a lot of work for the ASB, ln addltlon to myjob as school representative," SHIRLEY stated. "SHIRLEYwas always there to lend a helplng hand, " Commissioner of Social Actlvltles KRISTIN POWERS posltlvely stated ln regard to SHIRLEY's dllllgent work. By LISA ANDERSON SHIRLEYfelt through herjob she leamed how to work with budgets ln addi- tlon to gaining an awareness ofpeople In the community and galnlng knowledge of school dlstrlct junctions. Through these new Insights due to this job SHIRLEY felt It increased her knowledge of one of her possible future goals, becoming a teacher. 1 -.N 5, . A A Q V JF . . I' . zz 4 2 - .fb . - L. 4... 2 1 L S Plibln j Pham. Plse b QlQQ, mllillli l 1989 T We li 'Q llygt RQQIQT in lllltf. Sllidg-it lin el' "i rc. ,. lipmx-, 5 'i ii J i i I I Y if Student Government Gains Control 'xr ftfffif ,E Monilee Scott concentrates on an important matter. Much thought was required before vo- ting in the House of Representatives, Auto Clubz On top: Mark Buto. Bottom Il. to Ri Ron Delcourt, Tuyen Hoang, Jamie Morrison, Grant Lenning, llbeck Cho, Alan Penn, Mr. Bob Haysom, Bill Potts, Bob Ouellele, Gary Crosby. Mike Swartz, Mary Giannetakis, and Les- lie Schwartz listen intently to Greg Hill. Lis- tening was a skill necessary in the House of Representatives, Jeanne Whitaker engages in a moment of thought. There never seemed to be enough time for thought during meetings. Board of Control: Top Row ll. to Ri Greg Hill, Lisa Hunter, Jean Kavelsmaki, John Reekstin, Nancy Lathrop, Jennifer Gian- nini. BOTTOM ROW: Rebecca Miller, Ja- mie Sennet, Teri Rooney, Kelly Rock, Shannon Switzer. Interested in the latest proposal Robbie Vi- cario, Damon Gross, Mike Keller, and Marianne Robinson ponder in thought for which side they will vote, Preparing to react to a statement made by ASB Vice-President Julie Villalobos, Lisa Leary, Jenni Ford, and Loretta Walsh con- centrate. uo alia Photo 2, Dave Tebo Photos l,3.4.5,6,7 Rich Ackley Page bv LA' Student Life 99 Music "Makes O RDAY 77 Photos I, 3 Russel Jones Photos 2, 7 Mr. Norm Johnson Photo 4 Brian Ehline Photo 5 Rich Ackley Photo 6 Albert and James Page by M.M. We -, 'M ,Qty X .. f I .-mn fb 1 S. Hoey, T. Apple, D. Cahoun, R. Cadegan, G. Goff, and D. Hempling really get into the music they perform. Vocal Ensemble performed for the Winter Concert. The 1982-83 Villa Park Chamber Singers. Back Row L to R: D. Cahoun, D. Wire, T. Mann, P. Meahl. Middle Row L to R: S. Reekstein, R. Hasty, M. Carroll. Front Row I. to R: S. Chorba, D. Hem- pling, G. Goff, S. Mitchell, S. Underwood, T. Apple, H. Hicks, M. Altonaga. J. Warner, M. Altonaga, T. Johnson, S. Chorba, show how much they enjoy singing. Mrs. Blakely warms up with her students J. Warner, D. Calhoun, D. Wire, L. Zoremba. S. Freeman, D. Wire, S. Johnson set a touching scene for the people in the audience. Vocal Ensemble sang at school Carnivals. D. Cahoun, D. Wire, and S. Underwood are try- ing desperately to concentrate on the music they are singing. if Z' A 3" K . . ' A 1 100 Student Life s JM Fifi :li at R Mull ily, M Hem- ol, l. Chmba J. ilu. louttzg iw: J w -il I The year was an exciting one for both Chamber Singers and Vocal Ensemble. The two groups started the year by singing on Cable Television and at school carnivals and house parties. The two choirs were made up of very talented students. Some students performed in both choirs not just one. During the year they entertained by performing in four concerts for the school. They also had a Christmas Tree fund-raiser which raised funds. Many ofthe perfor- mances they did also raised money. The two choirs sang in a competition at the Naugles Jazz Festival. There was also an honor choir every year from which the best singers are picked from every school in the area. Both Choirs sang at Disneyland, shopping malls, and openings. aan- .,.,,..-'LZ if 4 5 Close By MARIANNE ROBINSON f'.t .1 STACIE FREEMAN l I' STACIE FREEMAN, a multl-talented senlor at VPHS, does more than slng, she also has taken prlvate plano and vlolln lessons slnce fourth grade. She has been Involved ln muslc classes and events since junlor hlgh school and In herjlnal year at VPH5 STACIE slngs ln Vocal Ensemble, TA 's In Concert Chalr, sings for the entertalnlng Chamber Slngers. and won the lead part of MARIAN In the sprlngtlme muslcal "The Muslc Man, " STACIE sang for the Father Daughter Dlnner Dance thls year and sang herflrst senlor recltal In June, 1983. She belongs to a special slnglng group called the "Young Amerie cans," who conslst of one hundred members ranging from ages 15-21. STACIE also had the prlullege of slnglng a solo In the district honor chalr last year. STACIE plans on majorlng ln muslc ln her future. 17 The 1982-83 Concert Choir Back Row l.. to R: S. Dusserre, S. Chorba, P. Hager, L. Dale, D. Griffith, T. Valentine, T. Huckle, V. Seyler, M. 33 Gastello, C. Gresh. Middle Row I. to R: D. Red- dick, J. Flocarri, L. Lambert, C. Scott, R. 47 Hasty, J. Chesmore. Front Row L to R: K. Barta, T. Smith, J. Thomas, S. Timpane, L. Leary, D. 5l Solerno, R. Hilsenbeck, E. Mitchell. 21 Julie Longyear deeply concentrates on playing her music, Orchestra did much practicing in the class- room. R. Hilsenbeck, J. Thomas, L. Leary, T. Huckle, V. Seyler and C. Gresh warm up before singing. Mr. Polley shows us the pose of a very sporty, yet musical teacher. Concert Master, Greg Holt and Manette Michalski discuss, over a score of music, 1 'Gs-N 'VG rt ef .Z"1':-yflf r J' -- 'J ' iff!! 3 1 gf "WL, 1:215-'-fd" ' "" Close me n ,WSIEN-, By MICHELLE MONGRAW CYNTHIA WILSON CYNTHIA WILSON, senlar at VPHS ls an accompllshlng vlollnlst who switched to the vlola. CYNTHIA has been playlng the vlolln slnce the age of eight. She was four years old when she started to read muslc and started ta play the plano at the age of seven. Her parents had qulte a blt oflnfluence an her to play a string Instrument. "Because I saw the potential the vlola could offer, I decided to add that to my muslcal accomplishments," replled CYNTHIA. CYNTHIA ls one of many young muslclans ln the Orange County Youth Symphony. The audltlon process for the Symphony ls very dlfjlcult as CYNTHIA explalns, "They ask you to play a scale, then a plece of muslc, then they glve you three different pleces to slght read. It takes about two weeks tlll you flnd out," sald CYNTHIA. When she found out she had been accepted into the Symphony she exclalmed, "I was very excited, because that means that I am able to goto Europe ln the summer, which I wanted to do anyway after I graduated." CYNTHIA has wan over seven awards In competltlons for bath the vlolln and vlola. She likes being ln VPHS's Orchestra. "I have made many nlce friends and the people ln Orchestra are great," said CYNTHIA. "I would like to encourage people to play an Instrument or at least attempt lt. Some people think that classical music is borlng to listen but It's not to play," stated CYNTHIA. 102 Student Life ilaei lucky, :ng-. Jill lfhalsli S 1 f doll im ll' W IN ,gplud udifl .ur aww gg IM MVP' J llktl N Elf MW Z Z 61 Back Row L to R: C. Teigen, M. Bullard, D. Shultz, S. Vilnus, K. Brooks, J. November, M. Gubler, D. Wakeham, S. Beas- ley, R. Montgomery, Mr. Polley. Middle Row L to R: D. Strong, R. Cabrera, J. Blanco, M. Perrine, J. Kenny, L. Froesch, G. Bernhard. Front Row L to R: R. Gilhausen, J. Perez, P. Colin, A. Franqui, D. Lukowski. Orchestra, Jazz Band, Concert Choir "FEEL the BE " 4.13 There was much activity during this year for three very talented groups on campus, Concert Choir, Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble. One of the highlights for Concert Choir this year was performing in the "Music Man." ln the "Music Man" they portrayed the towns people and sang in the chorus. They also performed in four concerts for the students of VPHS. The Orchestra was made up of many talented musicians. During the year Orchestra per- formed at VPHS's Winter and Spring concerts. They went and entertained the people at the Hill Haven Convalescent Home. Jazz Ensemble really gave it all it's rhythm, and a little blues too! Jazz Ensemble was in a Jazz Festival at Anaheim High School in which they took second place. They also participated in a Valentines Dinner Dance held for parents and they entertained all the fathers and daugh- ters at the annual Date Dad Dance. Photos 1,3 Brian Ehlinz Photos 2.4.6 Michelle Mongraw Photon 5,7 Dirk Wakehnm Page by M.M. L...----'l 5 Chamber Singers Front row - S. Chorba, D. Hempling, G. Goff, S. Mitch- ell, S. Underwood, T. Apple, H. Hicks, M. Altonaga. Second row - S Reekstien, R. Hasty, M. Carroll. Third row - D. Cahoon, D. Wire, T Manly, P. Mell. Vocal Ensemble Front row - S. Chorba. Second row - T. Apple, D. Ca- hoon, R. Olquin, S. Johnson, D. Hempling. Third row - T. Johnson, M Altonaga, J. Weins, R. Cadogen, S. Freeman. Fourth row - J. Warner M.E. Blakley, A. Morell, D. Wire. Fifth row - L. Zaremba, G. Goff, J Fagin, S. Hoey, M. Carroll. Dance Club Front row - J. Beishaar, S. Switzer, J. Ford, T. Redfern, G Reneer, K. Leonhardt. Second row - L. Walsh, K. Vinson, K. Triggs, M DePonte, L. Karres, J. Krapes, K. Wein, K. Kenny. Fourth row - S Dusserre, A. Bonnacci, D. Reddick, A. Salyer, L. Hunter, R. Alcarez, C. Clingan, D. Pengburn, S. Ramirez, T. Apple, K. Nixon, K. Fontana Fourth row - J. Warner, A. Folkert, D. Wire Orchestra Front row - G. Holt, M. Michaleski, C. Wilson, T. Johnston, L. Holte. Back row - A. Franqui, J. Nelson, J. Longyear, D. Hendricks, G. Ramos, C. Camp. Drama Club Front row - R. Olquin, T. Johnson, L. Walsh. Second row - D. Court, D. Enos, K. Beghley, D. Reddick, S. Graham, K. Haligan, J. Fields, R. Pike. Third row - C. Leighton, S. Timpane, S. Tavoularious, N. Grissinger. Back row - M. Altonaga, S. Pollak, T. Ludin, J. Alu, L. Zaremba, R. Mamola, D. Cahoon, L. Barnes. OO 5 " "" . , Xxx 'f'.21-LA ar- ., :.,f.-' ,i g , - '4v. J,i ' all ' J 1 2 104 eye on j l S Pham, Pitt. 3 Flwin Wim Fqllllm if1SIqn! L lllgksx G lirrtg mltln, i Wllllqii lvl. S vi .. rr' '1 nw 5. ,- F I , 'r ii i i lil ' . ,1 Z Page by K.H. STUDENTS PERFORM Through Clubs PERFORMING ARTS The Performing Arts of VPHS comprise ot five sub groups: Chamber Singers, Vocal En- semble, Dance Club, Orchestra, and Drama Club. These groups comprise of students who dedicate their time to entertain and represent the school. Outside of athletics these students are what the public sees. They spend many hours of their time practicing and preparing to please their audience. These talented groups of students deserve much recognition and support. Photos 1,2,4 Norm J h Photo 3 Jeff Lung Photo 5 Dirk Wakeham 105 YOU CAN Take It With You 5-' '.' ,5- WMM li RICHARD MAMOLA Close P by KAREN WEDAA RICHARD MAMOLA, president of the Drama Club. was telephoned by an agent who had seen one ofhls performances and asked hlm to try outfor a part ln a movle. After ten weeks of screen testing, RICHARD was chosen out of 250 to be the second bllllng lsecond leadl. During the testlng he dld everything from reading scrlpts to worklng out on trampollnes, "I dldn 't even know we were belng screen tested untll the last week," commented RICHARD. RICHARD has been performing for flue years, slnce his first play, I RE- MEMBER MAMA, at Cerro Vllla Junlor Hlgh. He enjoys playlng comlcal characters, but, "l prefer dramas." He usually plays the part of men over slxty. "It takes me about a week to reallze the character and perform hls actlons and moves," revealed RICHARD. He has performed ln many school plays like hls most recent, YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU. He also shows his talents outslde of school. Last summer he acted ln the muslcal comedy, A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM, at the Gem Theater. There ls a blg difference between school plays and seml-professlonal productlons. School plays usually work under one dlrector, but productions work under about three dlrectors because there are more people who do speclflc things. "School plays arefor thefun of lt, "sold RICHARD, "but blg productions are more stressful and I try to strive for perfectlonf' "The characters Iplay have to be slmllar, yet they are better lf they are somewhat different." "I can't express myself through my acting." RICHARD 's future ln professional acting ls ln gear, so look for hls name in the credlts on the theater screen. H X .n..I.. In 106 Student Life Page by K.E.W. All photos Mr. Travis Haskins l 4 f f A o 1 f I v P52 xfl, 3 M3 , 5? , r 1 1 l Pf 'il L' YQ.: QF! ,gg V1 l . ia J 'LF 1 . Q ll I v. all W Y 2 ,lx fl' ,Q 1 f S i 'Wh Yllu 'Mi ibm MIM an PM min ENED iusicw ia TM llllfil 'Mm it P r ,Q 1 ln' i if I is Drama Club was a collection of people who Hmade it happen" by enjoying make believe, sharing the workload and having a charming spontaneous outlook on life. They sponsored plays, parties, workshops, theater field trips and the talent show. So in the future, watch the billboards, and when you speak of fame ous, remember the Drama Club members' names. 5 Dyanne Court lAlicel apologizes to Pamela Hager lMrs. Kirbyi for her weird family as Richard Mamola iMartin Vanderhofl looks on. After resolving their problems, the two families sit down for dinner, L to R: Susan Kimball lOlgal, James Fields llVlr. De Pinnal, Richard, Donald Riddick fDon- aldi, Dyanne, John Kelly iTony Kirbyi, Sperry Ta- voularis lRuebal, Lisa Storck iEssiel, Paul Meahl iBo- ris Kolenkhovl, Larry Jackson fPaul Sycamorel, and Randy Pike lEdl. 33 Accused of overthrowing the government, Randy gazes with astonishment at Danny Enos iThe Mani. Lisa, Darin Coddington lMaci, Richard and Dyanne looks on as the tension mounts. 4l Tina Huckle lGay Wellingtonl drunkenly squeezes the cheek of the straight laced Steven Pollak iMr. Kirbyl. Helen Langlois lPenelope Sycamorel. Paul, Randy, and Larry take a breath in amazement. 5l Sperry, attempts to set the table over Richard's stamp collection and Larry's fireworks while Helen, Donald, and Tina pull up their chairs. 65 John and Dyanne take their final bows. 6 student Life 107 Page by J..I, Photo 4 Rich Ackley Photos 3,5 Russell Jones Photos ll, Dirk Wakeham Angela Bonacci performs a spread eagle, This is only one of the strong jumps she can execute. Using every part of the stage, Shannon Switzer drops to the floor. A good performer will try to keep the audiences attention by using different levels of space. Performing at the winter assembly, Adrienne Salyer shows great extension. The assembly was a great success, Steadying herself on her crutches, Sherry Hellman exercises her arm strength, Injuries play a large part of a dancers life, in- cluding Sherry's. Showing that dancers use their whole bodies, Cheryl Clingen and Karey Nixon practice an extension. After a dance is chore eographed, it had to be taught to the performers. i l V V i Close KIM FONTANA By JUDY JONES KIM FONTANA must have a twln, because she always seems to be In two places at once! She runs track, cheerleads, competes In gymnastics, takes dance classes, and dances for VPHS's Choreography. "I saw the Wlnter Dance show last year and loved to dance, so I trled out," said KIM. "Even -after taklng four years ofprlvate jazz lessons, Iflnd It very rewardlng, because I leam so many different techniques. " "She 's a typical dance student. She has some sklll, but ls stlll able to leam more," stated MRS. FOLKERT, dance choreography teacher. "After maklng up my own movements for my dance, "Monster Mash" ll leamed thatl I love to choreograph, and want to elther, mlnor In dance or teach dance." Even though KIM does have a twln and her twin ls equally active, KIM does all of these actlvltles herself. 103 Student Life 1 2 eye on VP if .F Dancers Create MO EME T Dance Choreography does a lot more than just dance. It is a class that studies dance history too. "They have to turn in research papers about dance, dancers, and choreographersf' said Mrs. Folkert. The dancers must audition for the class the previous Spring. "We study the major styles of modern, ballet, and jazz," explained Mrs. Folkert. There are many performance opportunities such as open house, winter entertainment, choreographers concerts, private organiza' tions, and the annual concert at the end ofthe year. All performances are made of original works by students who emphasize dance and the production of dance. Special effects, lights, costumes, and props are used as "artistic tools for creative thinking," stated Mrs. Folkert. Malia DePonte won the Choreographers award at the Hunting- ton Beach Winter Concert, for her dance "Beyond and Beyond." Outstanding Choreographers were Lori Karres, Janice Krapes, Malia De Ponte, and Kim Fontana. Outstanding Dancers were Malia De Ponte, Kim Huntington, Tracy Meyers, Karey Nixon, and Jeff Warner. Student Life 109 CLUBS: PHS Way Of Lif Members of CSF. Back row, L-R, F. Clark, S. Johnson, H. Hicks, T. Mathers, D. Lynn, D. Clyde, M. Swartz, A. Zatlin, K. Bogart, S. Francine, B. Drobish, S. Sorensen, C. Alexander, D. Ford, T. Thrasher, S. Reekstin, B. Boren, K. Underwood, C. Curtis, and G. Holt. Second rows, L-R, K. Hikida, R. Peters, L. Renzi, T. Mann, C. Hunt, J. Pollard, J. Kalavesmaki, C. Levy, R. Greene, C. Freeman, L. Storck, L. Waldstreicher, J. Uyeda, K. Ward, K. Kobashi, K. Co leman, W. Lopata, J. Holmes, K. Heligan, R. Olsen, K. Bryant, A. Bingo, S. Sokaloph, Y. Parker. Front row. L-R3 P. Watress, M. Hare, C. Way, E. Voulgares, M. Bavand, C. Giacobbi, A. Cornel, D. Rader, C. McLean, L. Swartz, S. Giacobbi, K. Nixon, J. Ebrite, C. Licht, M. Scott, K. Kato, L. Kurose. HONOR SOCIETY and CSF National Honor Society and the California Scholastic Federation represent the two aca- demic clubs onthe VPHS campus. Mrs. Syl- via Won is the advisor for both, To become a member of NHS one must obtain a 3.5 GPA, be invited to join the club, and be formally inducted. To become a member of CFS, one must obtain a grade point average of 3.5. This past year, CSF took a field trip to Disneyland. While both clubs went to Farm- er's Market and then to the Ahmanson The- atre to see the play "Hay Fever", NHS also had a luncheon on campus prepared for them. KEY CLUB This year's Key Club, under the leadership of President Schyler Francine and Vice Pres. Sugi Sorensen, maintained a mem- bership close to 35 members. The club spon- sored the Sweetheart Dance and the blood drive. In addition, many hours were spent in community service working with the March of Dimes Foundation, Copes Foundation, and the Special Olympics. GIRLS LEAGUE Girls League is comprised of all girls on the VPHS campus. Girls League is headed by advisor Miss Julia Theilman. Activities such as Sadie Hawkins, Date Dad, and Hi! Mom was sponsored by them. Kelly Trollinger, Girls League officer, is one of many active members. Girls League in addition made a profit of 900 dollars at Date Dad. gwfzzzjv gg., V i l " g u-"fun-T '7 110 Student Life Photos Russel Jones Page by F.T. i l l 5 5 rl s E ll o K g l fl it 3 A V. I j, ill KS. T. S. nd Q, iii. C. Hman, K, Co. llil, A, - Ham J. lie, C, S J KW 1 w f- i" -,f . .Al- if Q fl ..i .' ji . 1. ,fii v " I 1 i 1 Z Z Members of Girls League. Back row. L-R, J. Stockingger, S. Wolf, P. Keeler, G. Talavera, C. Hornacek, D. Fukahara, M. Hare, K. Eyerly, J. Pollard, L. Holte, M. Naruse, K. Granito, C. Levy, P. Watress, H. Hicks, S. Kirchner, J. Alnutt. Fourth row. D. Wesburg, P. Breesly, P Selman, K. King, J. Uyeda, C. Pattison, R. Miller, E. Voulgares, L. Sperry, R. Gillon, C. Way, K. Christopherson. Third row. D. Dear- dorff, K. Gaard, K. Ward. V. Georke, M. Smith, K. Triggs, L. Wald- steicher, L. Storck, R. Greene, M. Giannetakis, P. Chenowith, S. Chorba, M. Bavand, L. Richter, M. Deponte, A. Cabezas-Mattey, J. Kalvesmaki. Second row. Advisor J. Theilman, K. Trollinger, G. Gen ova, D. Crossman, A. Keller, L. Walsh, K. Murphy, A. Salver, J. Kendricka, M. Naruse, L. Tait. First row. K. Koslowski, J. Carol, L. Kurose, K. Kato, C. Bryant, D. lwasaki, P. Kamiyama, L. Beechan, C. Wilson, M. Parker. Members of Key Club. Back row. L-Rg J. Russo, B. Boren, T. Thrasher, B. Mecklenburg, D. Lynn, K. Underwood, P. Yamada, D. Clyde. J. Gumbusky, S. Baba, S. Gallus, J. Cummings, M. Swartz, and C. Garza. Front row. L-R5 R. Olsen, J. Holmes, K. Coleman, K. Peter- son, J. Robillard, C. Wakamoto, W. Monroe, E. Kuli, S. Francine, M. McGowen, and C. McLean. National Honor Society. Back row. L-R, C. Way, J. Mahoney, L. Renzi, R. Peters, H. Hicks, K. Christopherson, J. Kalvesmaki, L. Sperry, D. Clyde, R. Montgomery, J. Stack, R. Miller. Front row. L-R, W. Monroe, D. Lynn, S. Giacobbi, and C. Licht. ' , D IM. A f -last ' "'-4545" 14. ' Hanu- 7 ' --mum: .kny N "Wt E rw' I 1 W-'4A.-'MM' F 1 LISA BEE Close Up by FRANCISCO TALAVERA "She is naturally Intelligent," commented MICHELE BYRON a close frlend of LISA BEE. Junior, LISA BEE, scored a 198 on the PSA T. English teacher, MRS. ZOE GIBBS, commented, "She ls wonder- ful In class. She partlclpates and ls a very good reader." GIBBS added, "She ls not just a student. She ls also Involved throughout campus." LISA ls actively Involved with Twlrllng Flags. "This ls my second year with Twlrllng Flags," commented LISA. LISA ls also a candy strlper at Westem Medical Center. She added, "I received a ser- vice award from the hospital." LISA also enjoys reading. "My favorite novels are GONE WITH THE WIND and RAGE OF ANGELS," LISA commented with en- thuslasm. LISA ANDERSON, Junior, summed up LISA BEE by saying, "Besides being Intelligent, she ls also nlce and fun to be around. " - eye on 4 Student Life 111 112 Student Life Back row, left to right, D. Riddick, R. Pyke, A. Fiedler, M. Berg, D. Vliet, R. Seilinger, L. Lambert, C. Talbot, K. Christian, E. Samia. Front rowg D. Rohan, C. Wilson, C. Milander, L. Biard, M. Smith, V. Goerke, Mr. Brown, C. Morovic, T. Mann, R. Romenek. Top row, left to right: P. Yamada, A. Zatlin, Second row from top, D. Schmoyer, C. Park, A. Blanco. Third rowg Y. Park, G. Goff, K. Bryant, Fourth rowg S. Johnson, C. Hunt, E. Voulgares, Fifth row, P. Watrous, C. Giacobbi, Sixth rowg M. Bavand, K. Nixon, Bottom row, K. Koz- - 2, q efetffffff' T '51 ' ' I .v ,,:' A' A 1 ' All f fa' 5 l I 'S ,I . ' '-up A ?vfi: . 4 2 it 5-5 2 , . .dw V, ROLAND SEILINGER by SUZANNE WOOTERS Close P In the German Ill class, only one sophomore was to be found this past year, His name is ROLAND SEILINGER who finds Gem-ian to he an easy second language. From blrth, ROLAND 's parents taught hlm both German and English which makes hlm equally comfortable with the two languages. Hls parents are native Gennans who had moved to Canada and later to the U.S. ROLAND is active In the German club at VPHS. He enjoys going with the club to German restaurants and other club sponsored actlultles. He has participated In Gemran camps where students are required to speak German for an entlre weekend. He commented, "lt 's fun and It helps 'cause every- one has to speak the language." ROLAND plans to contlnue taklng German classes. "I am glad my parents taught me a second language so early." He suggests German as a second language, "because", he said, "lt 's easier than Spanlsh or any of the other languages. " RO- LAND also helps out other people when they have trouble In his German class. He jokingly stated, "l speak Gemran when l don 't want anyone to be able to understand me." During his senlor year, ROLAND would like to go to Ger- many as a foreign exchange student. He feels that, "lt would be a good experience and jun." He ulslted the country once, but does not remember much except that he enjoyed himself while he was there. ROLAND would not choose to llue In Gennany pemlanently, but would like to spend time vacation- lng there. 2 ,QV V 4. 41 . .' . " :a'i fa. 4 l l l l 3, Back row, left to right, J. Russo, K. Huang, M. Parker, J. Mahoney, L ' Rezi, T. Mann, H. Hicks. Front rowg C. Liao, G. Sessa. Ml- BBPUBYG. S. W l 4. Top row, left to right, J. Burke, G. Ramos, B. Waechter, M. Goldsmith, J. Alue, Mr. Barret, Y. Chong, M. Swartz, M. Scheinblume, R. Barker, 1 Bottom rowg G. Corbet, C. Park, K. Jones, K. Woods, R. Gillon, F. l l vv-.2'L'i' I l 4 l 1 N F I S lllulu 1 Di VM:-at 2' Photo 13 l'9'l1vS FUREIGN LAN "BWI o 0 0 N-Gills rme,R,g5 , tml, No Barrier to Spartans! GERMAN CLUB Throughout the year German Club spon- sored many activities, like going to the Pheoniz Club's "Oktoberfest", going out to dinner at a German restaurant, and having volleyball games with the Spanish, Latin, 'z and French Clubs. They also sold pretzels, ' advent calendars, and Gummy Bears as N 8 fund raisers. In the words of the German NV W. P JL , . - 0 VP Photo 1 Dirk Wakeham n Photos 2, 4 Russell J n s Photo 3 Rich Ackl y Page by S.W. Club members, German Club is Hausge- zeichnet", 'Lexcellent". FRENCH CLUB This years French Club donated a new French-English dictionary to the French classes. They also had some joint language club activities like a volleyball game, Inter- national dinner, and Mardi Gras party. The French Club has been uVraiment Merveil- leux", Uvery marvelous? SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club's purpose was to meet with other students interested in Spanish. Throughout the year, the Spanish Club played games with other foreign language clubs and participated in Spanish oriented pot luck reunions. The club met in room 201 during lunch and played games while they ate. LATIN CLUB Modern day Romans avidly pursue the concept of 'lfun". Latin Club activities have included volleyball competitions, banquets with various other language clubs, plans for an excursion to Rome this summer and soft- ball games. These and additional events are all pursued while following our motto "Carpe Diem," "Seize the Day." Student Life 113 MUSIC MAN MOVES, Merrily Marches The cast: back row I to r: David Hempling, Susie Kimball, Mary Carroll. Amie Losi, Shelly Dusserre, Trisha Valentine, Jeff Fagin. 2nd row: Dyanne Court, Rich Olquin, Richard Mamola, Greg Hill, Jeff Cohen, Chris Scott, Sperry Tavoularis, Michelle Perez, Todd Apple. 3rd row: Theresa Johnson, Susie Underwood, Stacie Free- man, Jim Bandy, Cheryl Leighton. Front row: Shawn Mitchell, Danny Enos, Steve Pollak. Glynna Goff, Jimmy Chesemore. eye on VP - 114 Student Life I T K c 1 gl byl "I I lm, COP JE nan. Hum "Ii fun I Hr IU gaze bm! "lem To PPM smug VH!! rum, lime 1 JU urdn ,nu rd Jg ter L, S S i 'fin B r fi l ,, , J f it l lt's not news when VPl'lS's Performing Art Depart- ment puts on another quality production for the Spartan community, but this year's, 'LMusic Man," was one of the biggest and best ever. Jeff Cohen starred as Professor Harold Hill in this production and Stacie Freeman co-starred as Marian the librarian. They joined a talented cast which tea- tured Mary Ester Blakley's choral groups, Nancy Grissenger's drama department, Anne Folkert's dancers, and Richard Polley's musicians. K 5.'g,t 4 'f 6 mi? l ,, 1 3, ., ite 6 by KAREN WEDAA "I remember all of my llnesfrom all the plays I ever dld, and I would love to go back and do them agaln," exclaimed JEFF COHEN. JEFF loves ta make people laugh and be the center of atten- tion, some of the reasons why he fits the lead part, Professor Harold Hlll, in the Muslc Man, "It took alot of time to be the lead," said JEFF. "but It was fun. I love to get ln front ofan audience and meet new people. " He liked the cast he worked wlth. All his new and old friends gave hlm the support he needed. There was a lot of pressure being the lead, but he dldn 'tfeel the whole show rested on hlm. "Leads can 't carry a show. Everyone has to be good." To prepare for hls llnes, JEFF pictured himself In the time period of 1912. He took each llne and figured out what was going on ln his character's head. "Once you feel like the char- acter," remarked JEFF "the lines just flow aut." He dldn't worry about forgetting his lines. "They came naturally by the time the show came." JEFF watched the movie. Muslc Man, five or six times In order to vlew, Robert Preston, the original muslc man 's moves. "There Is no way I could have done It without him, " comment- ed JEFF. "Part of the muslc man ls me and part of my charac- ter Is Preston, because he is the muslc man." f .ft JEFF COHEN P 7 Dancing their solo, Jimmy Chesemore and Theresa Johnson, waltz across the stage. Jeff Cohen, Professor Hill, tells Richard Mamola, the mayor, that "You can make music with that hand," Trying to seduce Greg Hill, Stacie Free- man attempts to prevent him from expos- ing the truth. Cheryl Leighton, as the mother, leads her son, Jim Bandy, from the evils ofthe pool hall, Susie Kimball and Amie Losi, watch the parade, led by 76 trombones, pass by. Mary Carroll, Trisha Valentine and Su- sie Underwood, all pick-a-little ladies, sing their theme song, Dancing the "Shapoopi", Shelly Dus- serre, Todd Apple, Glynna Goff and Danny Enos, pause for applause. Page by K.E.W. Photos Dirk Wakeham Student Life 115 PHS CLUBS Sail, Ski, Snap and Soar SPARTAN FLYERS The Spartan Flyers meet twice a month, either at meetings or pilot seminars at Villa Park. They plan activities such as balloon rides, air shows, and flights to Big Bear for lunch. The advisor, Mr. Reid takes each member up for an introductory plane ride by the end of the year. PHOTO CLUB The Photo Club is a small but very active group of students who relish in spending extra hours in the darkroom at lunch, breaks and after school. Many in the club seem nor- mal but underneath have a real ob- session with this creative outlet. SKI CLUB The Villa Park Ski Club is associ- ated with the Boy Scout Explorers, in which fifty high schools take part. Besides local skiing, three trips were planned for the skiiers. The club went to Mammoth, Utah and Colo- rado. YACHT CLUB The Yacht Club moved into its second active year in '83, dedicated to "promoting yachting and water- sports in general." ,..,..--I I n-iii , ,r M10 eye on VP S Photo Club - front: Mr. G. Benoit, M. Cara, B. Drobish, D. Harmes, J. Weins, S. Sta- mos, M. Scott, C. Licht, S. Evans. Back: D. Wakeham, R. Jones, P. Marcus, C. Scot- 4l tie, L. Marcus. Spartan Flyers - 5. Giacobbi, C. Way, E. Hoyle, C. Levy, J. Pollard, Mr. K. Reid, C. Giacobbi. Ski Club - front: B. Teitler, J. Cassen, Mrs. K. Moore, K. Halligan, K. Coleman. Back: S. Abdalla, M. Clifford, K. King, T. Thrasher, S. Giacobbi, S. English. Yacht Club - on ground: N. Lathrop, K. Rock, D. Hotchkiss, E. Kuli, G. Hill, B. Drobish, S. Francsine, Bottom Row: K. Bo- gart, A. Zatlin, L. Walsh, D. Hotchkiss, M. Giannetakis, K. Powers, A. Mortenson. Second Row: D. Harmes, J. Weins, T. Ma- honey, C. Williams, M. McGowan, A. Gar- ifo, C. McLean, K. Fontana, L. Schwartz E. Smith, K. Fontana Con shouldersl, M.K Powell, A. Cornell, J. Morris, L. Brajko vich, C. Kaleel, K. Kozlowski, L. Gian nini, V. Arche, S. Day, K. Salgado, J Reekstin, D. Radar, T. Ludin. Back Row: T Fitschen, K. Green, D. Malloy, D. D021 ing, B. Cleary. I" l ll JF rf .i'??3"f' .QP ' J 1 ' ,? I 1, -gi . 5 Q ,K -'ff' - ' L' 1 go CHIP MCLEAN - a typical yachter Close by LESLIE SCHWARTZ Starting a club ls not an easy task. Just ask CHIP MCLEAN, the epltome of the perfect yachter and a member of the Villa Park Yacht Club, who helped ln the club's founding. "No one took us seriously," CHIP began, "They thought we werejust belngfunny. But frankly, It ls not a laughing matter!" The whole concept of a yacht club originated at ERIK KULl's birthday party. After letting the club Idea slt In llmbo for a while, some guys lnow the Executive Council of the clubl did something to get the Yacht Club started. They went to a Congress meeting, where TOM MAHONEY delivered a presen- tation of his plans and Ideas for Yacht Club. The making of the first offlclal Villa Park High School Yacht Club finally got underway. By the start of this school year, the Yacht Club was one of the most popular clubs on campus, with ouer 100 members. "We haue fun, and we also do some community service," commented BOB DROBISH, a senior and one of the foundlngfathers of Yacht Club. One of the most memorable events for VPYC was the Villa Park Boat Parade. lt may not have been easy, but the VPYC ls proof that with determination and a lot of good Ideas. euery group can start their own clubl Photo l by Jeff Loritz A . , K if d of f Egg Photos 2. 4. 5 by Russell Jones Page by L.S. 'V .I 7 Photo 3 by Dirk Wakeham I 1 4 Student Life 117 ACTI ITIES Break Monotony 1 A number of events broke the everyday monotony of going to school all day, going home to do homework, and back to school the next day to repeat the whole process over again. To break this cycle, students often found themselves participating in, watching, and enjoying activities that didn't take money, a date, fancy clothes or a lot of prep- aration. Attending stag dances, such as the Sweetheart Dance, sponsored by the Key Club, going to rec-nights, and noon time activities such as the Looking Good Con- test or Lip-Sync Contest, and watching movies in the Student Center were just a few events that kept us all entertained. This year's Sweetheart Dance was held in the gym on March 18. After a long time gap between the last stag dance fthe Hi Dance held in Septemberi, a dance where students felt they could come as they are, was wel- comed. Everyone danced to the old and new up-beat tunes played by "BLACK DIAMOND." - eye on P -- 118 Student Life ll Caught in a rare moment, the "Wizard of Weird," Mr. Dennis Moody, shows his true self. Some teachers were often found doing abnormal things to break monotony. 2l Brian Raum, Ron Behnke, Robbie Derek, and Robbie Vacario "jam" as Oingo Doingo. The Lip-Sync contest was won by Oingo Doingo doing an imitation of the song "I Love Little Girls." 31 Glenn Petty eludes Kathy Bogart and Shannon Goldman in a quick game of basketball. Students played volleyball, basketball, or just listened to the music. 4l Stacy Okubo, Pete Martinez, and Mike Argo of "Black Diamond" sing chorus together during a song. All who attended the Sweetheart Dance danced and enjoyed the band's music. 51 Raincoat and all, "Mod" Bill Adams concentrates on the right steps, while senior John Blakely practices a few of his own. 6l Janette Garcia, Rod Derifield, and Patty Johnson get into the swing of things. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors all took advantage ofa stag dance by dancing with any person they chose. Photo 1, Rich Ackley. Photos 2,3, Russell Jones. Photos 4.5.6 Dirk Wakeham. .41 .. 4 3 .4 V Q .W 'iff r" rf , Close . P J N i'- .7 11. ,. is -, by JOHN ROBILLARD MIKE SWARTZ Whoever sald that ASB officers are the only people who organize school activities? MIKE SWARTZ Is not an ASB officer, yet he has volunteered countless hours of his time to many school and community functions. Being a member of the Key Club 's executive councll and the Chairman of Social Activities, MIKE has been instrumental ln the preparation of the blood drive, Slave Day, and Sweetheart Dance, For the dance MIKE was In charge of publlclty and responsible for posters and announcements, Although not offlclally an ASB officer, MIKE has been ln the ASB Con- gress. Youth and Gouemment for 3 years and was the VPHS representative to Califomla Boys State during hls senior year. MIKE also excels In academics and track. Can'yIng close to a 3.9 GPA, He was accepted to UCLA with a scholarship. MIKE stated, "My Involvement In Student Government and other VP activities has better prepared me for dlfflcultles I may encounter at UCLA such as yachting, planning parties and the politics of campus life." Page by J.R. Student Life 119 Q, Qlv Q . ODYSSEY Reviews Year Photos l-6 R ll J Photo 7, N J h .1- Z' GLW -- eye on VP -6 e e e '1f ' , X. Y LJ I' ' 5? 5 1? 231 - A ,. 1 4 - -' 91'-.f' K ff 2 , e f . 5 I W eYe,Q V ' Q-F" D j.'r:,':Q'f. K '.e. :ix - 1 2 4. ,-1115" i j I 4 ,B hw 4-A 4 1 ,we AAL "'tA - W' ,K . f 5 ll ' Q H K' 'B' I' :il Jw, it-nm S l I . Ili i li I . l .ig If lil All 5 l'Annual'? What a kick back class?" This is a statement shared by many VPHS students, even though it is false. How many students would take time from their weekends and school vacations to complete an annual for others to enjoy? Not many. To be a staff member a person has to give lots of time, effort, responsibility, and dedication. This year's annual staff started the year with lots of ideas on how to make the yearbook better than ever. One idea was to put together a yearbook with the same style and consistency throughout. This was accomplished by written guidelines for each section of the yearbook. These rules were followed for each spread with no exceptions. The ODYSSEY staff had many different opinions on what the class meant to them. 'lAnnual was time consuming, hard work, and an experience in itself," commented KATHY WEISSEN- MAYER. "lt takes a lot of responsibility and time because you want the yearbook to turn out good" said VAL GARZA. ,-417' 7 M,- LISA ANDERSON Close Up By BLAINE MARUOKA and KATHY WEISSENMAYER "My maln goal has always been to be edltor-ln- chlef euer slnce I got ln annual," said LISA AN- DERSON. Last year she was Sophomore Editor and thls year she ls Managing Edltor. LISA was also a reporter ln 81-B2 for the ORACLE and hopes to be on ORACLE staff her senlar year. "I plan on getting my Bachelors Degree In Communications and my Masters Degree ln Busi- ness," "After I graduate from college I hope to work ln an advertlslng agency and be the person who comes up with layouts, Ideas, and slogans." "Next year UI become edltorsln-chief, lhaue a lot of creative and different Ideas." LISA also has deflnlte goalsfar thefuture. Her maln goal ls to be a career woman. "I feel that honors English classes, annual, and joumallsm wlll get me the pasltlon I want." SX Lori Braun, Jean Kalvesmaki, Lisa Anderson, Kathy Weissenmayer, and Suzanner Wooters gather around to discuss what's to be done for the next deadline. Jean Kalvesmaki finishes typing her close up. The annual class could always be seen typing captions and copy. Mary Giannetakis watches over her staff members to make sure things are getting done. Leslie Caines, Marianne Robinson, Francisco Tala- vera, and Karen Wedaa take their picture on the set. Rich Ackley, Dirk Wakeham, Russell Jones, and Jeff Lung pose on the set of 'Sanford and Sonf Editors work on the set of Lou Grant. This year's editors were: Copy editor: Jean Kalvesmaki, Managing editor: Lisa Anderson, Photo editor: Blaine Maruoka, Editor in Chief: Mary Giannetakis, Layout editor: Laura Richter, and Advertising editor: Brent Waechter. The Odyssey Staff took their pictures in the front of Movie- land Wax Museum. This year's staff members Back Row L to R: A. Barrish, K. Haan, B. Dufault, D. Bailey, L. An- derson, V. Garza, M. Giannetakis, L. Schwartz, L. Richter, B. Maruoka and John Robilard, Front Row: J. Lung, S. Burton, L. Braun, K. King, G. Reneer, R. Po- meroy, M. Mongraw, J. Peace, J. Jones, S. Bass, J. Kalvesmaki, K. Weissenmayer, and B. Waechter. Missing: F. Talavera, L. Caines, M. Robinson, K. Wedaa. Page by B.M. and K.W. 121 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. All Photos by Albert and James 64 Page by D.B. Kevin Bogart announces the winners of one of the games. The winners were 5h3IIll0ll Hall and Mr. Hall and Debbie Harmes and Mr. Harmes. Kelly Malloy, Mr. Malloy and others enjoy lasagna provided by D'AmiC08- Date Dad was a huge success, The Girls with their dads play a spoof on the Newly Wed Game. Introduced were Gina Genova, Julie Ebrite, Cynthia Wilson, Caryn Williams, Ju- lie Carroll, Kelly Trollinger, Michelle Parker, and Andrea Cabezas-Mattey. Wearing matching shirts were couples Laura Richter, Chris Wagenseller, Steve Gio- letti, Kyle Kenney, Jeff Loritz, Michelle Miller, Richard 0'Donnell, Stacy Allen, Mona Hernandez and Dean Jones. The happy "newlyweds," Bob Salazar and Linda Zanze, spend a fun filled evening at the dance, Getting married was one of the activities held at Sadie Hawkins. A 'C .S' . M ,ff 1 L ,INK 1 f V -. ...4 QQ . mr" T55-4 . 4 KELLY TROLLINGER Close by DARCY BAILEY KELLY TROLLINGER, senior, was very actlve as Glrls League Vlce President and ln sports. ln soccer KELLY played fullback and goalie and In softball she caught. KEL- LY also enjoyed basketball and horseback rldlng. "I looked forward to comlng home after school and playing basketball wlth my famlly and frlends on our driveway," sald KELLY. l try to be active ln other things, butl do not have the time." KELLYls a lover of the theater arts, and Is somewhat of a movie buff. She loves to go and see plays, but doesn't see many due to the expense. Every play or movie she at-tends she critiques, One ofherfavorite moules was "Phlladelphla Story, " because lt starred her favorite actor CARY GRANT and her favor- ite actress KATHERINE HEPBURN. KELLY comes from a famlly of six and when she was llttle she wanted to be a cow- boy like JOHN WA YNE, In the future KEL- LY hopes to wrlte about famous people and later, maybe, write a book. But this year she was happyjust writing for our school paper. 5 ex A lk l 122 Student Life 4 KI. .1 .l"Q"'hl"'w 1 -I l i 1' 1 :-,M il 'I' ,l 'I i 1 i I l "1 S Sham, lit Dime: hmm, ' ,W Girls 1, . Emil' 7. Cami Turlock and Dan Lukowski find a quiet corner for two. To- ll wards the end, couples drifted to quiet places. 8. Stacey Hamilton and date "get down" at Sadie Hawkins. The music was provided by "Head First." 9. Mike Oiser and Sandra Mehr teach Sadie how to slow dance, 5 i L - - I I . ff X t 2 . ' o 4l1f" leyeon . . 6 li. ffl?" . 1 , """-3 8 9 i'Date Dad was an exciting and new experience. This was the first big project we were assigned, so we wanted to make it extra special," said Kelly Trollinger. "The Girls League Council decided on an Italian atmosphere, the spa- ghetti dinner, catered by D'Amicos and the evening plan." 'iCynthia Wilson was in charge of the decoration, Andrea Cabeyas- Mattey did the publicity, and Julie Ebrite was in charge of the games and prizes. We used wine bottles tabout sixty of theml for center pieces. We had about 150 of the bottles, accumulated throughout the years in a closet. Cynthia Wilson and l poured sand in the bottom of each one of the bottles for stability, and melted a candle and set them down on the tables, it made for a romantic and wonderful evening." Kevin Bogart did the EmCeeing and we had some talented entertain- ment by Stacie Freeman and the background piano music was played by Dan Trollinger, and Kristine Kozlowski drew up the programs. The evening was a tremendous success. by Kelly Trollinger Student Life 123 .N- CORO TION SETTI G ,jg perfect for theme N425 ' "Sailing to Paradise" E X'-'5 f,,,Q',ig, V, page by J.J.nnd D.B. ,im Lf 4 Std eye on VP :dna 4 Typical Couplesg Tiffany Bycott and Kevin Peterson Steve Johnson and Angela Bonacci John Robillard and Leslie Schwartz Malia De Ponte and Dan Trollinger tgraduate in '79l Bruce Marteney and Judy Jones 1983 Coronation Court L to R, Ken Salgado, Kristine Kozlowski, Kristin Powers, Schuyler Francine, Annie Zatlin, Michael Swartz, Michelle Parker, Terry Ludin, Kelly Malloy, and Greg Hill. Queen and King, Kristin Powers and Schuyler Francine. Dancing in a romantic atmosphere Scott Bain, Brianne Brigham, Deanne Randall, Steve Catlow, Cynthia Wilson and Brian Budd, enjoy a slow dance. The music was provided by "Scandal," Serving themselves, Scott Nowak and Annette Mortenson wait for the chef to carve their pieces of meat. Everyone enjoyed a meal consisting of Roast Beef and Fish Neuberg. Talking to friends, Mike Tighe, Nancy James, Tammy Morgosh and Reed Gillette converse about the dance, The dance was held at the Balboa Pavilion. Leaving in style, Janice Krapes and Denise Pangborn, lescorted by Mike Gomez and Gary Worthingtonl wait for the chaulfer to shut the door. Some couples rented limousines for the occasion. 3 i J n i n i l i N i l l i .vt l' i Z ,.. by DARCY BAILEY and JUDY JONES match JENII's dress. she ordered mlne," stated MARK. cut and JENII also had her nalls done. JENNII FORD and MARK TUTWILER s""ed "ENU- MARK, onthe other hand, sold, "Ifelt the nlght dragged on, but I had a great tlme. " JENII FORD and MARK TUTWILER were a typlcal couple who at- tended the Coronation Dance, Llke most girls, JENII lookedfor a dress at the department stores, "When Iflrst looked, Ifound a dress I really liked, but It was one hundred and seventy flue dollars." Instead she declded to el'ther wear a dress she already owned or have her mother make her one. Like most guys, MARK had it a little easier, he rented his tux from After Five. MARK coordinated hls accessories to Next they ordered their flowers for each other. "I ordered hers and To look perfect for the dance, both JENII and MARK had their hair The nlght began when MARK plcked up JENII in hls parent's car, ' They went to the dance alone, but met other couples there. At the dance, they ate and had thelr pictures taken. After leaving the dance early, they went to MARK 's house, changed clothes, watched teleulslan, and later went to cl 24 hour cafe. "It was morefun goofing around, but I had a great time at the dance," Close 11 All photos by Albert 81 James Student Life 125 The annual Girl-date-Boy dance sponsored by dance choreography was once again a success. Couples arrived in semi-formal attire to dance to the sounds of 'lScandal". As Deidre Wilson and Jeff Bedell said, "The dance was great and we had a lot of fun." For the first time in VPHS history Girls League sponsored "HI- lVlOM." This was a time in which daughters and their mothers could relax and enjoy a fashion show, numerous contests, and refreshments. Close by FRANCISCO TALAVERA p Dances such as Hll Mom and Girl Date Boy are the end product of hard working people. ANDREA CA- BEZAS-MA TTEY, Glrls League President, ranks hlgh ln this category. ' ' f. ANDREA, and a group of delegates spent much ,rw ffrfwwrf' --lr i time In preparatlonfor these dances. ANDREA sald. ,1, A "HH Mom and Date Dad were a great success. KRIS- ' '- I- TINE dld a great job preparing for HI! Mom." fy -'-- - W F Because of ANDREA 'S modest personality, she at- - tributes these successes ta people such as KRISTINE I ' " I 7 1-... and KELLY TROLLINGER. yr' ' , U When not busy with Girls League actlultles, AN- . - A , DREA ls actively Involved ln Girls League. ANDREA -gg i fr ls currently co-president along with MICHELLE '12 A iff, f PARKER. Girls League co-president MICHELLE PARKER describes ANDREA as, "ANDREA is always there ANDREA CABEZAS-MATTEY when we need her. She has been a great help, 1-.V xxx V l 4- -Q, Q ge-1' "J .. sy X --A 2 x T, f ., .xi h Q 2 I: 44. K Y x L "L +R AA 2 4 126 Student Life IRLS TRE Moms and Guys 5 H 'I P7113 4 W-W 'Wd' Un.. l' 'Y ' 7 8 Kim Huntington and Andy Austin dance to the music of "Scandal," who played at Girl-date-Boy. Monica Young and mother, Marie Young converse with Mrs. Lois Norling. Hi-Mom was a time in which mothers and daughter had an opportunity to talk. Mike McGowen escorts Jill Mahoney and mother, Barbara Mahoney to their seats. Key Club members escorted mothers and daughters. Kim Helton, Andre Picolla. Jackie Morris, and Shaun Sampson relax and talk. Many couples enjoyed "sitting aroundn and talking. Don Malay. Jeff Cohen, Celia Giacobbi, and Tim Johnson try to converse over the loud music. Tonya Redfern and mother Nelda Redfern discuss the purse search contest. Mrs, Amanda Jones won the contest. Mike Keller, Michelle Diaz, Suzanne Hoey, and Doug Paddock discuss whether or not they will leave the dance early Susan Mykkanen and Jeff Moses practice posing for their picture. Most couples had their pictures taken. Page by L.A. Photos 2.3.6, Russell Jones All others Executive Portraits eye on Student Lite 127 Photo 2, Rich Ackley Photo 4. Courtesy of Lavora Smith All others Fred Fascenelli f N 1- '59 7 -f fifyim '- I 1 , wi fe .f , x I zfmdbf ' ,. lose ii , l r ' fo J' .,1.':f,99.:,, ,fy ',g-".. ?,:'f.- gfy- A f- ' Y' l ,..., :ff - fs by SUZANNE WOOTERS The city ol Vllla Park was established ln 1962 under what ls called "general law," lt was Incorporated and at na time was a part ofthe city of Orange. Although Villa Park began primarily as an agricultural community growing cltrus fmlts, the population grew to approxlmately seven thousand people most of who are not In- volved In agriculture. A few famous former residents are James Caan, Jose Fellclano, Nolan Ryan, Rad Carew, and Bill Singer. The year 1982 was the twentieth anniver- sary year of the clty. . L 1 I I nal' Lil ' 1-v..!f'-f'-' f'--glelm' 1 .-. z,, 1 . ,jx 1 . 1 Z J n.,-- - 128 Student Life V1.1 - 1,9 9.- L. . .Jw .92- fu -- 5:-1-Z' ' ' ,M lf. :nw .V ll., A V ' m.,..' 'Q 5 . 'ff' . , .4,.. A w . , 1 K we 1-. iiffwylrl , -.Ms ,-,,, ' - . " ' , . H 1 , L1 ff, . - 1... Mft 'wi 5 " . 'z:E2fk1,mmf4fg'v-l?Z.. If ,-ff 'L ,,..,.,,,,f-...,, Y T --l+YeT:4i55'F3?if'i3'1S?i'2f"""1Tf '. '- , I 4 in .Je 14? 1 1. 1, 1 mrxzr E2 1 f 9 1 . X , 3 g P'Y'5vS Historic Landmark DEM OLISHED -2 icy illliem. kenilli P l if is 1 , - "PQ ,,,, T 1g."1.", ...OA P L 'Y ' Q .. RK -..,.. l,,t-,,1,,, r sfo., ,Cmxnns V. .V , ,,,.' 1 , if-'Q , WM l Q- , f 'g , 155 5 4 During the summer a Villa Park landmark, the Sunkist Fruit Packing House on Santiago and Wanda, was removed. lt had been a landmark for over sixty- eight years. Construction on it began in 1913, when the Villa Park Orchards Association decided that a packing house was needed. For over sixty years the Packing House had been used as a source for fruit. It became a place where residents of Villa Park and Orange could purchase large boxes of citrus fruit. Unfortunately, the Orchards Association cited the Packing l-louse as a fire hazard and plans were made to remove the historic building. For a short time there were hopes of converting it into a health club and res- taurant, but because of previous plans and commitments, these hopes dwin- dled. The future ofthe land is now uncertain, and it remains an empty lot. lt can no longer be said, l'Just turn left at the Packing House." Page by S.W. Student Life 129 C' Wil f'cvzf': CZ. f f '41 ' , 4f"G I' . 1. -I,-1 ,ff , ' ,, J ' ,' 1 1 7.-' ' , ,451 f' f I M. 4.1 3 1, af Q ,V-, ,, - 5310 4' 1 ' f "-?-t. '5' f- ' , -lvvl ,fiu f r l f y ff ' Junior Division iff' n mana' 'mi I .M J JZi9!wv4 1 211 inf-.u '1 2:3-Lfi. . is! 1 V 3 if fy. - f , xii. 3- y. 4 Q 1. . .. ,, xg, 1 557 . Jw 3 7, 4 JUNIORS MORNING 6:30 Crawls out of bed 7:30 Drives to school in parent's K'tank" tstation wagonl 9:40 Puts down at least one sopho- more during nutrition 11:00 Watches World War ll movies in U.S. History AFTERNOON 12:00 Heads for usual lunch time han- gout 2 00 Gets out of sixth period to listen to a college representative 4:00 Starts homework 5:00 Spends some time with family EVENING 7:00 Continues to do homework lgrades are especially impor- tant the junior yearl 8:00 Takes a short break for some- thing to eat 9:00 Watches favorite show on tele- vision 11:00 Decides to go to bed The most recent and updated version ofjunlor ulew- lng can be seen when tuning lnta thejunlor section of the 1982-83 annual. The scheduled program contnlns pho- tographs of every junlor, lndlvldual close-ups of Interest- Ing and speclaljunlors, candid pictures of juniors fann- ing memorles, and junlor class offlcers. Documentation ofthejunlor year ls complete In the section following, For detalled Information of the junlor class see pages 132 to f..,.-1140 A 2, + if . We 'ZL7' I J, ,. - W., :L 9 4' , I Q 4, 1 ' 1 of Photo Norm Johnson Page by LS. Copy by L.A. and J.K. Junior Division 131 ,UW 4 I 4' . 4, af- - ., UNIDR LEADERS Kim Fontana enjoys her newly acquired family of megaphones. The 1982-83 junior varsity squad: ll to rl standing: Jill Bieshaar, Linda Smith, Shelia Ramirez, sitting: Kim Fontana, Karey Nixon. Kim Fontana, Shelia Ramirez, Linda Smith, Jill Bieshaar, and Karey Nixon cheer at the Canyon pep assembly. Vice-President Sandra Johnson. Secretary Lori Reese. Treasurer Mindy Hare. Bruce Marteney puts his congress meeting notes away as the meeting is adjourned. Senators spend extra time helping to improve the school. The 1982-83 junior senators. ll to rl John Pagu- layan, Monica Young, Bruce Marteney, Shel- ly Hunt, Jeff Cohen, Angela Bonacci, Alan Bergman, Adrienne Salyer, Darcy Bailey and Amy Sarsany. S 5 Im .Zl- ,V . . , A, ,xt -I I ...A-Im -. i n 5. Ili, maj' -f' , 1. 5? wi W 4 I , V7 ., . 6 4 3 Close - 74' li. ,YY e,J, JI il 3 Z President BILL MECKLENBURG Could thls be our future president? BILL MECKLENBURG was thejunlor class presldentfor the 1982-83 school year, and was also presldent ofhls 9th and 10th grade classes, "I enjoy belng Involved ln school activities," he sald. BILL feels he gains satlsfactlon from helping hls fellow class- mates. "I think he gets elected because people can trust hlm, " sald junlor, KAREY NIXON. BILL and the rest of the junlor class offl- cers dld projects to brlng the junlor class together. "We had plzza nights for the whole school and sold Homecoming buttons. My Influence has not hurt the school or my classmates, and I hope lt has Improved the school splrlt." "I thlnk BILL ls a great presldent and has a lot to offer," sald junlor class senator, MONICA YOUNG. BILL hopes to run for A,S.B. President. "I hope that I can wln," BILL sald, "I do not thlnk he would mn Uhe dld not thlnk he had a chance," commented JILL BEISHAAR. Besldes partlclpatlng ln student gavemment, BILL ls also ln- volved ln sports. He played on the varslty football team this year and has lettered ln golf. BILL sald, "I would llke to become Involved ln polltlcs later In life, but lt ls too early to tell." by DARCY BAILEY 12 1 Q 1 . 7 Juniors, who are they? If that phrase sounds familiar, then you must not know the 1983 class of VPHS. Since summer, we've kept ac- tive and spirited the entire year. We began with our fund raisers for spirit day. We held a car wash, a pizza party, and sold Homecoming buttons. These proved to be great successes. But if you're still not convinced let me go a lit- tle further. We had a terrific advisor, Mr. Pat Barrett, who completely supported us the whole year. Our next big project was prom. We began by selling candy grams at Christmas time. We also held another pizza night and many other fund raisers for the big night. Junior Gloria Reneer commented about her class, 'lJuniors are great because they're not 'tsquirrellyu sophomores and don't have the pressures of seniors." - By Shelly Hunt Juniors 133 .,. r., UN IORS 9 V Photo I John Robillard Photo 2 Dave Tebo Rich Ackley fi.. Phil Lopic were popul Cheri Adams Jeff Adams Craig Alexander Jason Allen Kathy Allen Stacey Allen Mario Altonaga Jeff Alu Howard Anderson Lisa Anderson Todd Apple Cathy Araki Diana Arreguin Steve Baba Darcy Bailey Scott Bain Lynette Baker I.. 1 qw - ' 4 if - -f ' 5. ' cola and Celia Giaccobi participate in a spirit competition, These events ar among VPHS juniors. make contact 3 JW x if ig I W ' W f x Z 1 Q! If ,. ' f X ' ,ff 1 , A I .,, .. if ' I LK V IQ W Paul Baker Shannon Baker Jim Bandy Tyrone Banks Tina Barkley Adrienne Barrish Kelley Barton Becky Barton T, rg f were a common occurrence around VPHS. 6 , X ' I , 1 . + Brian Etter describes his latest car accident to Rod Derifield. Car accidents M ' ff f as , X f :I IF Q l 'Cf b ex X v.-i-es " ., K eil- fu V X YQ X g , - ' M i Darrel Bateson f, Q .V it X If Q , o Q o ,, Qs y 1. 1 Marjan Bavand Debbie Bedell Lisa Bee Don Beechan Michelle Bentley Micheal Berg Alan Bergman Sandra Bermudez '-GS: Mike Berry ' Lori Biard I Jill Bieshaar Alice Bingo Barbara Birney Janice Blair Chris Bliss f ' , Ken Boland v-, .,f Angela Bonacci John Bonanno GARY NELSON At six foot two and 178 pounds, junior GARY NELSON ls never worrled about protecting hlmself, He has tralnlng that few people have had. Since September of 1981, GARY has been taking boxing lessons at Fullerton Boxing Club to Improve hls skills and tech- niques ln the art of boxing, "lt 's the most tiring thing I know, " GARYstated as he mentioned afew ofthe things he does during hls tralnlng sessions Monday thru Thursday from 6 to 8:30 pm. Jogging, jump roplng, sparring and shadowboxlng are some of GARY'S dally exercises. To some, boxing may seem a vlolent sport, but GARY sees box- lng differently, "Not only Is It fun and good condltlonlng, but It helps me let our my aggresslons In a way that's accepted." At I6 GARY, belng bigger than most guys in his age group, usually fights guys who are at least I9 years old. He has fought ln approximately 20 exhibition fights In the llght heavy weight class. GARY-first became Interested In boxing when he was "messing around In the garage " with his step-brother who boxes. He thought It sounded like a good ldea to take lessons. After a lot of convinc- lng and slx months, GARY'S father took hlm to the Fullerton Box- ing Club for his first lesson. "I don't plan on making a career of lt, but l'm sure l'll be boxing for awhile," GARY stated confidently. by LESLIE SCHWARTZ Close P Juniors 135 Brad Boren John Bouyer Jeff Braun David Bredendick Jill Brick David Brown Stacie Browne Stephanie Browne Lori Browning Leah Bruns Hope Brustein Sang Bui Karen Burt Ron Busslinger John Butler Tiffany' Bycott Jeff Byrnes A rgfl 6 Q55 1, .C 'U 1 U is ' N O '7 Q I M ,.. ,, f X Qi' an .r ,' ., 1 ff f, ' 4 , - .ffl f- 'ff f d 'CCW .' A246 f A , "' , . fi ,4-. , V, , ' ' 4 1 V v ,:f'vI:y'f'1f1 , J ' E, .31- 1 -Q! fffff W, J By DARCY BAILEY Close P KA THYKOBASHI ls very actlve ln dance and has been danclng slnce she was three. "I love lt, " commented KATHY. She practlces flue days a week, for tum to three hours. "I don't want to dance for a career, KATHY KOBASHI because Ido notfeel that I have the talent ta be a professlanal dancer," KA TH Y sald. During Chrlstmas vacatlon, KATHY danced at Dlsneyland. She was encouraged by herfrlends to tryout. "I thought that she would make lt for sure, so I told her to tryout," stated TIFFANY BYCOTT. "I spent a Saturday aftemaon trylng out andflnnlly at flue p.m. I was told that I was to be danclng In the Christmas Parade, "sold KATHY. "I could not believe lt when they told me I had made lt, because I had only tried out for the fun of rt," she went on. This year KATHY dld not participate ln dance choreography. "l was too busy wlth dancing and homework that I dld not have time for anything else, "In the future I hope to keep dancing, but onlyforfun " KATHY sald. Michele Byron Lucia Cabrera Rochelle Cabrera Debbie Cahoon Mary Calabrese Sean Callahan 11 ., .. an , 'Ip 14 ll ' a ,EXX ' r ' ..:' 'f' ' ' - , so James Cameron " 13, A, , tl "fi "" MV? I' 5,-fkffe-1 " 'ff John Caron , ,,,. f, . . ' V 3.32.:"'4ff '-' 'P f, f Christine Carreras 'r ', I I pf Amy Poshuma and Cheryl Dixon try to make up their A . f - d h ' ti 1- it H I , V. 1, f y mm s w ether this assembly deserves an 8 or 9 . T- 2 '15 I ' 136 Juniors I l .i ri ki 1 1 X , ill 'X their Z 41, 11 ,', , I 43 ' -M9 1 fx - 7 x l ,ry ,S 1 ! Z ,ff nf 1 1 i f, I nuff' . 1 .K -, 1 552 ,L 53131, UNICRS WORK way to '84 sk -1 x 2 t , .' . ' ' ,L ' 4 li s. Tammy Carrington Roger Casacchia Chris Cash John Castagna Jeff Caudron Kenneth Chamberlain Lori Charlebois Henry Chase Carlota Chen Jim Chesemore Ilbeck Cho Blake Christianson Kathy Christian Daniel Claypool Andy Coakly Jonathan Cochran Jeffrey Cohen Erin Cohn Vena Concepcion David Cook Allison Couch Dan Croix Casey Crosbey Dianne Crossman Dan Croix grimaces as he strains to break the military press record. Athletes could often be found pumping iron in the weight room. Photo 1 Russell Jones Photo 2 Dirk Wakeham Page by: B.D., A.B., J.R. Juniors 137 Jeff Cruz Craig Curtis Lisa Dalton Mark Davidson Marisa Davis Scott Davis Lupe Del.eon Lea Deakin Donna Deardorff Noushin Dehnadi Ron DelCourt Jeff Demers Mark Denney Rod Derifield Mark Dierrking Sheryl Dixon Alison Doane Chris Donato ol ,zv f ' A ' 'V , 1 , 4 42 W Q 5 lf I l, fi ,. A f I 47 , l 'Y I 1 9 f l Z-f f 2 4 , ' I pffffi' i . ,A J , I ffm 4' ' I" . , A I 0 4 f ' ' T' f f it 1' x ' 'F -A -2, 'I : 2 1 . A -M43 A1 ,gifi pt 1 " eff: JEFF ALU P l4 By KRISTIN KING At the age of three he was told by his parents that he had pedect pltch, meaning he could arrange dlfferent pltches In order by their sound. At the age of four, JEFF ALU was playing the plano. Now ajunlor in high school, JEFF ls stlll playing and practlclng about two hours a day, "l have played by ear all my llfe, but when It comes to slght reading It stlll gets pretty difficult." JEFF Is currently taking les- sons at Cal State Fullerton, where he studies jazz and classlcal muslc. Outside of school, JEFF composes pleces for u new jazz band he ls ln, He has also written an orchestration plece for a frlend's dance routine. "JEFF ls really good and I think he will go far with hls muslc. " replled FRANCISCO TALAVERA. The future outlook for JEFF consists of two goals. "I would llke to wrlte movie scores like John Wllllams who ls an Influence on me, and to conduct an orchestra." Along with playlng the plano, JEFF also tries hls hand atplaylng the syntheslzer and plans on entering the Roland Syntheslzer contest. "Ifeel I still haue a lot ofgrowlng to do musically, and I will contlnue taking lessons untll lfeel I can move on by myself," concluded JEFF. Todd Dossett Bill Dougherty Kim Douglas Jennifer Drott Beth Dufault Shelly Dusserre Mike Eastman Julie Ebrite Tim Edgmon Jon Edwards Steve Elliott Teresa Elston Danny Enos Tami Erhardt Michelle Esquivel Diana Estrada Brian Etter Richard Everakes M311 ,.-1 . ,Q ' , ,. ,nQ,.112,,.1 f " N, fy iw ,t 42954 ' F "1 ,':1i11,:,2 . " ' ' '- ' 4 -1 1 4 A ' J n' ' .' l.- ' rum gglzfeaff .-J .3 1314, .- :Q "'-JM-' 1, lg " v I g u l ' , fi 'LQ V 1 N 'Q 1 I " fa Xl . .Q 1 I 1 F 45- 411 l 138 Juniors no ,V W e? . 5 l tt 1 L in Q flea lllrir bam ex ia 1 les iult lieu ance dc, te ia nd I0 glle Sl me 'Elf 1 R Z g Alan Eyerly W X Chris Faltys XC Peter Fan LU 'gg Melissa Fentnor O, S Michele Ferguson OIOSQ Q UNIORS STRUGGLE to be 41 P.g. byA.B.,J,R.,B.D. Photo Rich Ackley Bill Ferguson Mike Fickinger David Finamore James Floccari Deanna Flores Teresa Flory .gffrlfrf ., A hm,:qn,, - . .X li - ,V ,,-'Q' . ' I 'Tj or FT ff" rf' H Kelly Flynn " ' 2 5" ' 1,L ' . . 0 ,J . V, in ff -f, Y ,Z Kim Fontana W V -4 V f' 'A , ""l4- l I J V 1, f.. , .VV VM V f V f 'Q 5 Kris Fontana VV H I V ,A ' -1 ,4 1 2 V Dave Ford 'fs' fl M 1 -9 ' V ' f Jenii Ford If fl 1. 1 ,EVE ' 4 . Chris Fowler K, VVi ' 'TJ r' X f ff lie ' -f - 1, 1' 1 W :fl V---rf Af ag., ' I "' 6 A Russ Frazier ' 5 f ' Luc Froesch -A?,. ,gfiilfilfif ii? F5-if 'ft - "5y.1:g' P' 4 r 1.f.-f,f,w- - Q Q, -5' e Nadine Froesch I .A 4. is, J ia, r ' .2.EL,: :g so f'2y":' ,N , Jeff Fulton rf' f" I v 145' fi, Amy Sarsany and Mary Naruse back Mindy Hare up as she tries to convince seniors that juniors are number one. Juniors constantly tried to prove this through spirit competitions and a variety of other activities. Juniors 139 Kris Gaard Beth Gabourie Steve Galus Ray Garcia Ric Garcia Donna Gardner Chris Garza Lucia Gastelo Kim Genowalcy Celia Giacobbi Jennifer Giannini Ron Gibson Rob Gilhausen Robyn Gillon Steve Giolitti Sean Gleason John Glenn Jon Goldsmith Mehrdad Golshani Steven Gomez Chris Gordon Mark Graffius Chris Graham Photo 1 Dave Tebol Page by A.B., J.R, B.D 'ka 5 .- -7, Z 1 1 1 N 4 Z P95 V' " 1 0 K-. -. U",- 'D A 'U C W ' 1 b I U V ' of O Q, Q V Qc' , , K .. 1-. ' K I x 4, ry-QW? . , I . 1 fp OSU , ii,ri, ' ef , ii i l,L f 'I ER TR ., -1-if':1E?2:,f1j,3' , J., ., ,Wm 'r 1,5451 4 ,433 3: , AV K uMh..f2L 41 .' mlm 414 i ffl rv ,, , ,nf ifjfw' V - , ' ' Ai :ze f , ,,,,. l I , , C" li . 1 J If , ,V Ui! AS 'fl 1 7 ' ' , if I f i ' ul' f 4 UST a Junior , 4 L 9 f , 0 , J' f ff ., If Z -f 'Q , , 'B' ,, 1 ---nr X 140 Juniors eq. . - x g I ,f J' .-, :J .. -4 --9 f-9 -'ATY -..e A.. 5. A., -I I Karen Granito Kevin Green Jim Gresham Damon Gross Charlie Gumbusky Katherine Haan Greg Hahn Lena Hahn Jeff Hall Joe Hall Brent Hallock Chad Hallock Kristine Hamblin Rick Hammersmith Scott Hansen Carla Hardacre Melinda Hare David Harlin WILLIAM KIM Every person gambles at least once In hls llfe. and although he may be playlng to wln, that 's not always the case. For WILLIAM KIM, however, gambling has become a way of llfe, and he almost always comes out on top. WILLIAM has been gambling all his life on everything from boxing to backgammon. "Every chance Iget, I bet," stated WILLIAM. When asked If the knowledge that he might lose a bet affected the way he played, he Iaughlngly sald, "No." "lt's easy to get people to bet," sald WIL- LIAM, "Practically everyone at this school does" lbetf. The most he's ever won off one person was the 50 dollars he bet MARK RINK on the Mlaml vs. Buffalo game. The most he's ever lost was 200 dollars, agaln on a football game. WILLIAM would like to go to Las Vegas: he feels he would do well there. "As soon as he turns 21, he's gone!" exclalmed WILLIAMS friend, GUY ROJO. Although WILLIAM thinks luck has alot to do with wlnnlng, he feels It also takes a certain amount of skill. "It takes a certain type of per- son, lt takes sklll. Iguess that's why they call me 'sklll wIIl'." Close P Bw LESLIE CAINES Bryan Harper Chris Hart Darrin Hawe Nathan Hayden Sue Hefti . 1 Hayley Heidler My 1 , , 4 ' 3 'H' f g ,z 6 f I 91 1 'B av. fn: .,. Sherry Hellman Jeanne Helsel - Rob Helton Chris Hart, David Ford, and David Wheeler look for photographers at a noon time assembly. Looking for annual photographers seemed to be a favorite past time of many juniors. me :S ,pf I Lori Heranic Monica Hernandez Heather Hicks Juniors 141 Close UP 11 MARTIN VERT Bv BETH DUFAULT Dld you buy the slngle, "When Love Is Young?" Junlor MARTIN VERT hopes so, MARTIN cut the record In January of 1983 and It wlll be the flrst of many. MARTIN'S slnglng career began when he was seven when he was tled forflrst place In a state wide talent show along with fellow Vllla Park classmate, JEFF ALU. MARTIN has performed at places such as Casey 's, a restaurant here ln Orange, and ls currently performing at Ice Castles, a nlght club In Hollywood. Recently he sang at a weddlngfor one af hls friends. To help finance hls recording expenses, MARTIN works at Jahnny's, a restaurant In Santa Ana. Hls mother andfather also help out. "I owe a lot to my parents, " stated MARTIN respectfully. He ls also sponsored by World Wide Audlo of Anaheim Hllls, but he stlll needs a producer. In the future MARTIN hopes to become a professional slnger right away. Jerry Higgs In Sherry Higgs Katherine Hikida Rachel Hilsenbeck E Dayton Ho Dung Hoang Bill Hodson Suzanne Hoey Gary Holiday Chris Holmes Greg Holt Steve Holt Lisa Holte Wassim Homsi Mark Hoopaush Mike Horan Eric Hoyle Kelly Hudson Brandon Hunt Caroline Hunt Holly Hunt Shelley Hunt Frances Huntzinger Jamie Hutson Conrad Jansen Laura Janzen Shonreh Javadi Michael Jelderda Heather Jenkins -Q 1 1 i T yin! f C , if l " -MG' f "':' 1. ' ' "' ' Ax , ff ' V ' , M f M 4. . f:-.' 6 1., ,S , :I 1 ' 4 ' f 3 '51 r J ,f W' fr' at I' ' X .A jx.. 4 1, 'Mix , 2 . mi 2 "w ...J L. Wi " 51-M 1 . f' +1 , ., ,.-4122 fr ,-.r ' l . ig A X Q ' 4 '. '. 4' l,f ..'6' :nw- rf' ,Il f .2 2 1: V' I, rf V, - ' V I IN, , r, Q KT 90,05 Q 6 gi 3 in A A 4, 1 6 Y f' ,A 4 Y f f ' 142 Juniors r l S S S mm 1 Ml! mill ' nllh Grln: lll Hr I 5 X N N LJ v .. 5 ' Q vs'-', fy 4, 1 6 f .. 4? l r ei W -' ,X l UN IOR l P I L J I SPIRIT Ranked High .4 T '- .5 , , " ' ,ff '- Af - f I- gff. -I fi - ,Y f2f:gg5,l'I'7f,l? fiwffff if u ' ' ' - . v1."4y'2:ag: j3,j af" Y., , Lg 5 . r I 1 4 , ' 4- 1.1 0 1144, " H" ,j'11',i-'f-. f 4 3i,..if-fi , Ai ,yi , If A, I lr . 1 . ,nv L, A ' 1 1 '47 71 , 1 4 A. Brad Johnson Jodi Johnson Kim Johnson Mary Johnson Sandra Johnson Photo I David Tebo Photo courtesy of Lisa Page by A.B., J.R., B.D Tim Johnson Cindy Jones Dean Jones Doug Jones Judith Jones Leary Mary Calabrese, Lisa Lott, and Keith Martin enjoy another active day in physical education. Those who didn't dress for P.E, were forced to sit and wait. W -f Russell Jones -1-,il . I, 2,5 Q? 7 ! Matt Kanneg rpg -L 1 Ron Karres ' Robyn Kaye 4 . ,, ? Jim Keany 5' C. , 1 " .54 f'i'fl'ff3 Ann Keller I 15155 Mike Keller V. . f ,Q -, ,- .-.9-'rs - Michaelie Kelly ' mul A L. Z Juniors 143 UNIORS "j I" Paul Kelly Kyle Kenney Kris Kent Karen Kesselman William Kim Dave King Doug King Jeff King Cynthia Kirk Kathy Kobashi Kristen Konte Laurie Korney John Kotek Jeff Krause Dave Krueger Glenn Kusano Louis La Rocca Kristine Lambert Christine Lambrose Ken Lancaster Lance Larson Michael Larson Nancy Lauderdale Jim Lawrence Lisa Leary Nora Lee Cheryl Leighton Grant Lenning i ' iii 8' 1 0 1 1 ,1 l "W, " ev Q , 594 A ,, I 442' 'Q flf, f"'t'-we-'fl QL ' .' '1'2'?l'-'il' 'l" , 'Ti ,-. f5i2E?'1l3i 1 -0 45 2-1 .,,, Q ' ' ' 1 r ,.. .:'-c z ,T L51 Qt- N ix' 1353, V -1 l D, 4 A L 4- ' f .. Q ,L c' N r filth - Al .1 5 7 A , ... LV 2, K Z ax fl 7 Y' , , fn , , "ii -a rw f 1 , 7 Q J 1 1 1: ' T I' 7 2' 'X Lisa Holte gets up after a congress meeting. Lisa was one of many third perl od class representatives if 7'1:,, if A , f-. I f I 4 A 41 All. 4 64 "li :D ' Q -. -7 -A '5 1:?,a"L-'-1-- . ' ' V, ' 57 fs 7, 1 . ' -- ' 'Z ' - -, f ' A'-ang. ' " fr ,- ,Tiff . - ,V 'warm 4 Q5 V sf" C2233 A IBB., "" is r. . 4' 44, " J C: -:rr 'Q ' 'Fl M.. if 'Q , rr' 1 i f W a ' , . , la lx-1' 4 'Sf' .. V u 8 .Q i A It 144 Juniors fl Z CQIXQIQSS lllmd pen l 4 N ii , x l 1 AHA l 'T et, ' .4 K Eff.: 'si ' 1 xib 2 lb A f 0 " -' f yl . 5' ' - ' e ' a llc -mf. A TT? ,T-40. if Thomas Leong Kelly Leonhardt Carla Levy Brad Lewis Paul Lewis Christine Limberakis Mark Linder John Linford Marie Linn Jill Littman Julie Longyear Phil Lopiccola ,., ,A, . ,. if " . f -nv- Hr ' 1 of A' nova poll! "The only way to see CRAIG as hlmselfls to see hlm behlnd his drums, " said STACY OKUBO, aformer VPHS student and gultarlst for the band "Black Diamond." CRAIG TEIGEN has a talent that many people enjoy hear- lng. He currently plays the drums for "Black Dlamond," but playing for the band ls only one of the many thlngs CRAIG has been Involved ln wlth dmmmlng, Beglnnlng In the 4th grade CRAIG played the snare drum ln the Taft Elementary school band. In the summer before 6th grade, CRAIG bought his first dmm set. He went to Peralta Jr. Hlgh In 7th grade and played the concert drumsfor Peralta 's Marchlng Patriots. When he was In Sth grade, CRAIG and three friends started a band. Ever since then, "Black Diamond" has been playing for partles and dances all over Orange County. In 11th grade CRAIG began private dmm lessons, as well as playlng ln VPHS's jazz band, CRAIG sald, "Hopefully I'll make It big as a drummer and make mllllons , . . "PETE MARTINEZ, the lead slngerfor the band sald, "Everyone who sees CRAIG play ls convinced he 's an 'outrageous' dmmmer, but the best thlng about CRAIG ls that he 's far away from his full potential," By JOHN ROBILLARD CRAIG TEIGEN Close P ..4 .-1 , -A- 6 x A 1 Q 1 f - , I . I V x 7 Z' ,, . -afar f " X l uf' . " 14' -Fi- X, 2 1 54, , :v-0 ,,. ,AL .5 ' ,- ., . W., ""-"- 1 Ch- we .. N -nv ,. Q , I 1'-' af-', X' f K ff S+ , H . 1? e 4, 4 ie lj' A I z ,, . 1 QQ I 1 4' 73: CJ ,. 1,5 O Y If 542 Qs Q ,Q i 1.445 ., ,v Photo Rich Ackley Page by A.B.. .l.R,. B,D. Jeff Loritz Amie Losi Lisa Lott Gerald Lotter Stephen Lovejoy Karen LuPayne Tim Ludin Daniel Lukowski Jeff Lung Huan Lnyen Simone Lyew Kelley Lyle Jason Lynn Brian Lytle Kim lVlacAloney Linda Mack Juniors 145 Tim Johnson, Roger Cas- sachia, Joel Morris, Scott Davis Scott Hansen, Steve Ross, Brian Etter. Brandon Hunt and Dan Croix socialize at nutrition, Mincldie Magno Jill Mahony Julian Mallin Don Maloy Tracy Mann Laura Marcus Dawn Marquarclt Bruce Marteney Keith Martin Kevin Martin Jill Martinez Kris Master Mike McCammon Marci McCandless Ken McConaha Hugh McKay Karen McKinney Bill Mecklenburg lllvms, '13 "fin fxsn Together 'hmm Tracy Meeks Chris Melander Greg Mendoza Tracy Meyer Liz Miller Michelle Miller Rebecca Miller Gary Mitchell Jason Moe '2 ,QQ Ei: U 'O l ,sw Q 'J S if Y O50 I 146 Juniors 6 64 ,.4, -fs ' ard . . ' pn " ,gh 'f , t ,fl I X A it 'ev -mf "Sl 2 '- V . 1. at .. W X 4 1 l f A 4 0 2 " 'ak 9 " I is 52 V T' gli' 295 i 1 14 if .A L L f in ., 4 . 537: an A .4 ff'fi?Z Jennifer Mohle Joe Moncrief Wesley Monroe Russ Montgomery Adrienne Moore Brian Moore Jody Moore Alan Morrell Joel Morris Jamie Morrison Becki Mullinax Dennis Murphy Kathy Murphy Shawn Murphy Patty Murray Randy Musser Dennis Muth Arya Naknjavani Mary Naruse Gary Nelson KB Nelson Laura Nelson An Nguyen Nguyen Nguyen Andrew Nicholl Steve Nichols Carlton Nimrod Maile Nishino Karey Nixon Ali Nodjoumi It wlll never be sald that junlor RICHARD ROUND doesn 't alm hlgh. He has to, since he 's only flue feet four an a half Inches tall and the dartboard ls at least that. You see. RICHARD ROUND has an unusual hobby. He throws darts In hls spare tlme. "It 's radl" RICHARD commented regardlng hls dart throwlng. Though darts as a sport may , not seem to be too strenuous, RICHARD 'S eyes always get a workout, and by the end of his tricks" an hlm. ' RICHARD flrst began throwlng darts In June of 1982, after some convincing by hls sIster's A crass country coach, who also throws darts. He began prnctlclng, and by early summer, K H 1 ' "U, l forty-flue to slxty mlnute daily practlces, his vlslon ls often stralned and his mlnd "plays , ' -, , 'f 3 - , . ' 9 RICHARD wlll begin to throw darts competitively. "It mainly takes concentration, accuracy, and a certaln. . . style. "RICHARD developed his style by observlng the techniques of other dart throwers. "Dart throwing Is really catching on as afun and relaxlng hobby, " RICHARD began. "Even my dad and my sister are getting Into It!" 4 NP' RICHARD ROUND by LESLIE SCHWARTZ Close P Juniors 147 Jinny Norling Heidi O'Donnell Darren O'rourke Brett Obuljen Robert Ohta Cindy Olquin Ed Olsen Jeff Osowski Rhonda Otting Robert Ouellet Vania Ouzounian John Pagulayan Julie Paino Carol Palow Paul Paralieu Daniel Park Mike Park David Parker Gary Parks ,,. .7 ul u ' 1,1 'ri ' i-i' P i P .wrt Pff l A viii! ' 5, J, . . . P f, , 1 -.- U., I ,P 4 , ? 7 'X + ' f gf! 9 M 1 f f ff H A, "'4Pv','f ' " 1 wi-.A 1 P 5 P v Q9 , K P Lk U si f. ' .x-'f ii. 5 . if P- -' ffw,,,. P 'Vp 5 ww 'ziifz I ,f. , ,f VH, rim - A A ff, 1 4 ,A ' 'J " fluff ZP PW! f , ,PPP Lllvzfr ytyzgzgg-11' Qi - ' 4 Y ' f l P. E 232 W f "' P 'Hai . - 3 4,,, 7 I 1,0 1, H Z , is 1' 4 W 'K 1' N 1 , 7, fl? . i 40 fm , ' - V-3. I ff 4-', -. ' pg- .' .' :fir ' ' rar Pr ' . ff- -WL- if ' V1 1 T77 .wr " V f ., 1. -P , v , A P- P - 1 , Q f- . or 0 Joy Peace Johnny Peng Mike Perrine Renee Peters W f ?- P f. sl, Q, i -- -,, 'V ki ff. W -4. 7 f .0 if I ,, 4 -..C P4 1 ---If 's ya,-gm I .-.,. Q , , . .7 Q, ' '44 Z nf, My . i I ,P 42 , 4 , W ,,f, pf ' J Zim. fn ff M , 1 11 fx 14' P ' -1 2 P nf ' gr. 4' ' - . P 'iv' P WM". I 4 65 'W-nv jg, l Q, ' P f-4 P' I Q. 1:-:'r.2.4P:ll v ..Pr f LM ,,..-ga P, it -1 I 'vis OOO! Q0 O5 Q "'1 my nf 1514: -MP ff ll 4,424,735 4.-4 Mike Horan uses the trash can to catch his balance. 'V- l4S Juniors i f li 1 XP he ' 1 I - 322113 , : gn -he If ff ,: 1 ,' f ,, f 1 ra l'ff f 4 1 f 9' 0 Q, 'f , 4 I , ,z ' 7 ' 1,4 , -N, . . 74 fi x 'T' 7 R 0 li! '47 f-as 5 QU- .. 1 ,Wy We-f A W 4' " UNIORS H VE TWICE As Much Spirit I 1 , , , ' 1 . 4 - V. fa 1. 'l?afr.c , 'UQ fi-V Q , 1,4 5 K il fl? 7142 A in mizzi 1- - - L, - 1 fu 7 Lin, I 4 -i f ff 'g All fa 4' l , -Q, A 1 1 ' ai' ', ," ' Zan ' , I 3 V! , f ,g , 7 1 :I 'A l 2 1 at ,K -4 Y I Kevin Peterson Willy Phillips Vicki Pierson Randy Pike Marie Piszczek Steven Pollak Julie Pollard Troy Pomeroy Kett Pontillo Tom Porter Shannon Preuss Dave Primm Photo l John Robillard Photo 2,3 Rich Ackley Page by A.B., J.R,, B.D. Houman Rahmama Sheila Ramirez Jodi Ramsey Tonya Redfern Scott Reekstin Lori Reese Karen Reichenthal Gloria Reneer Lisa Renzi Kevin Reskey Mark Rink Dean Roberts John Robillard Alan Rock L'Rae Roderick Greg Roelle Tom Rogers Guy Rojo CHAD HALLOCK What would It be llke to compete wlth someone just like you? For twlns, CHAD and BRENT HALLOCK, It Is not an easy task, Competition between friends ls hard, but between famlly members It's even harder. "There is always competltlon In everything we do," stated CHAD. Both CHAD and BRENT played on thejunlor varsity basket- ball team In the 1982-83 season. "You can really see the com- petltlon on the court," stated team member, SEAN SA VALA, "lt's hard when someone comes up to you and says that one of us ls better than the other," sald CHAD, Besides competition In sports, there ls competition In girls, "Girls are always a competltlonq we thlnk that the girl will like the other one of us," sald BRENT. Competition does cause bad feelings between them, "We always get into fights, but they last ten-flfteen minutes," sald CHAD, Even though CHAD and BRENT do not always get along, they always have each other to talk to. By DARCY BAILEY Close , B f BRENT HALLOCK P Juniors 149 Close P 1 fllifir. 7 ' ' :'lE.I,Q arf, '-:L '1 fi-,355-'z' A 1 . f' ff. ' 7 ...,, , , Vsiirfl f 1' t f L I "1 Q?" 9' 1 W CELIA GIACOBBI bv LESLIE SCHWARTZ What does Vllla Park junlor CELIA GIACOBBI have ln common wlth spaghettl and lasagna? That ls a questlon that has been puz- zllng mlnds for years. But U you heard CELIA rattle off foreign words llke "an-lvederchf' and "abbondanzza" as fast as she does, the answer would be obvious. CELIA, llke spaghetti, was hom and ralsed In Italy. Living ln Italy untll she was elght CELIA leamed to speak fluent Itallan, and she contlnued to speak Itallan herflrst couple ofyears in America. "The only time I spoke Itallan was when I talked to my slster, SARA, because our parents wanted as to leam English," commented CELIA. CELIA has done thlngs that most 16 year olds llvlng ln Callfomla have never done, such as learn to ski In the Swiss Alps and to sall In the Mediterranean, near Corsica and Yugoslaula. CELIA can 't really say whlch country she likes llulng ln better because she never attended school in Italy. "They 're more behlnd the tlmes In Italy, though, " she commented. "When we first moved here and saw the boxed macaronl and cheese, we thought It was disgusting!" The GIACOBBIfamlly may seem llke the average Amerlcanfam- lly at flrst glance, but as senlor LISA GIANNINI put lt, "Once you start talklng to CELIA, you see ln her some of those typically Itallan characterlstlcslu Steve Ross Evelyn Roth Richard Round KC Roy Chris Sach Adrienne Salyer Alise Samia Ralph Sandoval Steve Sands Amy Sarsany Sean Savala Kenny Scheer Darin Schoppelrey Eric Semaza Marshaleen Seyler Duncan Shader Denise Shingler John Sikora Toni Simpson l I I I Roger Skinner . Brad Smith N Linda Smith l E Martha Smith ZF xg Tami Smith OOO, 9 Q55 :Y ,M Aleas Schroeder Jeff Schultz Teri Schultz Deann Schwartz Lorraine Sdrales -u-sv Tiffany Bycott, Lisa Anderson, and Ka 1 Q 4 as fr l' .W i Nw ' 4 1 il ' A 'f r' 5 M I ' V al '17 ' -7173 "' ,-r.. V 4. n - ' J., - 5 X .Wa "V Eli' 4 gf , df' .4 4 gf ste ,nn K' thy Kobashi show how much fun football games were. Football games were a time in which friends got together to have fun. 150 Juniors f,M ' . uf an 6 s I 4 4 1 , . l 4 45 LA ,A WV? K X " ,f Spirit :zz in QT, if f 1 1 Af 'Qs-,1 A " ' l 1 .3 4 ' f 'Qff 'if V f' ,v-fry ' f, ' -ru V J M Todd Smith Julie Smolenski Michael Snyder Bonnie Sobelman Victor Solis John Somers Matt Spain Joelle Spalding Chris Spencer Cheryl Spollino Paul Sprenger Kristin Stabile Q by A.a.. J.n., up. to by Russell Jones Joe Stack Shelly Stein Bari Stevens Brooke Stevens John Stevens Carol Stewart Stacey Stimac Tracey Stimac Ann Stockinger Brian Stogsdill MarySue Stransky Suzanne Strauss Chad Strawn Misty Strawn Don Strong Ken Survillas Mindy Sustacek Diana Swistok Juniors 151 Shannon Switzer Richard Taheri Francisco Talavera Sovathara Tan Becky Tavernier Page by J.R,. B.D., A.B Photo Norm Johnson Barbara Taylor Craig Teigen Tracy Tetirick Bobby Thibedeau Cindy Thomas Ivy Thomas Tom Thompson Chris Tinney Nga Trinh Cami Trulock Keith Underwood David Vail Johnny VanDixhorn James Van Vooren Mike Vargas Martin Vert Elaine Voulgares Kristin Waddell 'is , -9 ,Li 1 'Jr , ,I 3 , -Q Z 1 df 1 'TV , x jk "qi JZ' f' ' .7 'D 1 1 ,za 1 i .1 - ,- 1.1 U IORS TODAY Seniors tomorrow "W-rv I r,I 'g 5 Brock, Sherrie Coe, Stanton Cummings, Cynthia Denham, Troy Diaz, David Eggers, Jonnie Geriak, Matthew Groody, James l-leffington, Lance Hosier, Joey Jarmusz, Rusty NDT PICTURED Kepler, Howard Latorre, Bianca Lopez, Maria Mayre, Curtis McDonald, Brett Mills, Bill Mynatt, Shane Peery, Bill Plambeck, Denis Posthuma, Amy Pough, Sean Severson, Kurt Smith, Chris Steele, Mark Taylor, Chris Totaro, Tina Vergel De Dios, Warner, Don Watts, Leslie Whyte, Rob Yip, Edgar Daniel 152 Juniors H H oi 0 ii f, l d 41 1 V A A, l i i 'L S By LESLIE CAINES Everyone knows how to ride a blke, but to rlde one wlth enough sklll to race In BMX Is a tough accomplish- ment. GARY MITCHELL, a junior has achieved thls, and more. GARY began raclng blkesfour years ago after hearing about ltfrom afrlend. "lt sounded reallyfun, so l went out and tried It." The first time he raced he took flrst place. He now has collected over elghty trophies. GARY rldes every nlght and tries to race at least two times a week at places llke Corona, lrvlne, and the Orange YMCA. ln his spare tlme he does trlck rldlng and jumping. Hls hlgh point occurred when he went to four consecutive Natlonals, during the 1979-80 season. At the last Natlonals elght different countries were represented Including Britaln, France, and Australia. GARY placed fifth. BMX raclng ls not all fun and games though, GARYremembers a time when he was knocked out and woke up In u hospital. He also practically mlned one knee. One wonders whether It is worth lt. "l do It for the fun oflt, I meet lots of new people, lget to travel all around the country, and ta other countries." Raclng can be very expenslve, the blkes themselves cost over S500, and GARY has gone through at least two dozen. His favorite bike was a 20" JMC Black Shadow. GARY'S goals Include tumlng pro ln about a year and a half, and becomlng ABA and NBL lAmerlcan Bicycle Assoclatlon and National Bicycle Leaguej champion. ,ff f 4 s N? ff I5 , , ef ' f r , V Q Wall' GARY MITCHELL P I ' t ' ,fix rj., .v,.. A -B+ Vg , w.. 4- ,-W. J ' K ,, l , , ,.. . fc if A .2 ' H' ' rt. f V -'r .31 jr. .-, ' , , . 'G' ' - ir -n - 1,211 . eil - .Y 1 ' if A 'MW' ' - 4 V' ,f . p, " rw.. ' ' - 2 . V if YV? hw -4-I it A W M, . A I . W.. , . -'Lili , ry, f i ' 1 5 L-, J V' 1. , 713 ff ' .- A I a 2, . ' T i y 1 x A.: . ,Qi WJ 11'-V if n ' . .. . Y iota.,-ew. v , E'::V,y.,:-, I ii H , ,Vx l ,,:L4.:iV,j,j., . 4' Iv 1 f rfb L' - -' 2 gf :-1' , - .Q , . "ti -, 1, V: 'fp' " V :fl ll 'f 1 Q " T, -an . , G r , 4 ' , ' '11, V ,. ' K -1- .2 Z 'fav 7 ' 29--:if 7 ff ... ' .Z wif ., A f JA "ws, fyy XX , 9 1 , H4 ' I2 fin gf, Q, if -,,g 1 , -v J 11.151 4 E+. ' i Ks Taiya Waechter Craig Wakamoto Krik Wakefield Dirk Wakeham Dave Walker Lori Walsh Kelly Ward Charles Warner Pamela Watrous Cathy Webster Karen Wedaa Mark Wedderien Kellie Wein Kristin Welch Tracy Welch Heidi Westfall Bob Wigginton Scott Wilcher Chris Wilson Mike Wilson Steve Wise Julie Wiseman Jeff Witham Tricia Wolsky Mark Wood Robyn Wood Darren Wright Nancy Wynsen Deryck Wylie Pat Yamada Dianna Yarbrough Monica Young Steve Yuhas QU Greg Zieman C201 Q Ted Zogob A-. Q5 G Q Close Juniors 1 JY' W 1" il an 9 r' WJ A I Mo 6 JL 75010 B U Phan 10 A Pham U Plum 1.4 Pham 5.1 Photo 6 John Robillard Photo 8 Leslie Schwartz Photo 10 Albert and James Photos 2,3 Dirk Wakeham Photos 1,4 Russell Jones Photos 5.79.11 Rich Ackley T? 9 10 IJ Scott Davis, Jill Bieshaar. Q 25 Var Reeve, Sally McKay, Chris Wilson, and Anne Cornell. 33 Gloria Reneer. U 4D Shannon Switzer. "" . 1 51 Coach Hughes and Louis LaRocca. 69 Chris Gordon and Phil Lopiccola. 75 Karey Nixon. 89 Kelly Leonhardt, Sue Hefti, and Lori Reese. 93 Tammy Carrington, Steve Garaghty, and Mrs. Betty Eagle. 101 Chris Donato. Ill VPHS mime guest. JU ICR' Busting Out All Over . Z r - 13 f VGZYEZE'49?fIl't?f2E55f?EES5Fit-573552. THE TEACHER M QR NING 6:00 Wakes up 8:00 Begins drinking second cup of cof' fee during first period 9:30 Wants a doughnut desperately at nutrition 11:00 Begins the same lecture for the fourth time AFTERNGGN 12:30 Trudges back to class bloated from cafeteria food 2:00 More excited than the students that it is sixth period 3:45 Relaxes in front of the television fthe news begins in fifteen minutesl 5:30 Sits down for a relaxing dinner EVENING 7:00 Tries to grade papers, but is dis- tracted by family matters 9:00 Needs to get some work done, but wants to watch a movie 10:00 Finishes lesson plans for the next two weeks 11:30 Goes to bed after a long day For the most unlque and updated verslon of vlewlng VPHS faculty, admlnlstratlon, and student achlevements be sure to tune into the 1982-83 annual. Included within the sectlon wlll be pictures of teachers grouped accordlng to departments ln which they teach, candid pictures of teachers with students ln classroom sltuatlons, an s u- 4l ' d t an dent achievements in creative areas. For further Infonna- tlon see pages 158 to 183. Teachers Send Another Batch SOCI SCIENCE Spartans Take 3 Years Box: Students Create Carolyn Gatchell exhibits her 'pointalism' drawn zebra, She also demonstrated her talent by designing and executing the front cover of the Odyssey. ll Trying to listen to Var Reeve, Elizabeth Owens and Phil Colin at the same time, Dave Shelton turns his head in confusion. 2l During a lecture, Ron Lindsay takes another drink of coffee while Houman Rahnama, and Bobby St. John take down notes. 31 Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away . , . Steve Garrahy, Dave Shelton, Barbara Kurek, Dennis Moody, Vince De Falco, Dave White, Dick Brunt, Russ Murphy and Ron Lindsay - social science teachers. 45 Vince De Falco points out to Julie Sakaue, Mark Maizel, and Felicity Clark that therels always a crisis everywhere they go. they go. 5l Scott Sebold and Brian Reccia try to "get in the action" while Missy Sobel and Katy Stone laugh at Steve Garrahy's clever comment. 6l Checking his text, Mark Mc Mahon, answers a question brought up by Jim Rose. 73 After school and before athletics, Russ Murphy counts sheep jumping the fence. real people The Social Science fwhich includes Histo- ry, Political Science, Psychology, Anthropol- ogy, Geography and morel teachers at- tempted to help the students see their world from other points of view or other people's views, and at the same time teach those cru- cial tacts and concepts the students need to Survive. 158 FacultyfAcademics f - --rs I l 3 if 12 1 I ,li li. 9, 5 . " . Ja- .l ' X' . tl rl ' .f l i ff , l i V f-riifzz ' ' ' ' -1 I 'pr ju , ' ,rn ' y-r---fm -7-'iff 7 f, 57 I I N X ,, -rf 'T I, Z: ,, -. Z . S. x ' , , , V, me ...a... 7"f""""""5i'!'-9 il- 9 , . .. . -ef fr aj Q Mow -iv ., , . . I 3' 5 ,Mono ' XJ p . . I , me A if jr 'V i Gill' 4 If ri fl It vi V. Sc ff' Sa lil. S frm an M lim M ffl S H0. thin ml in i M , 1 ,qv-5 l , no N I 5 -. f 1 -13 -1 -1 GRACE MESERALL By KAREN WEDAA "l would llke to thank all the glrls ln the past few years for maklng my Close - -s P M I I , 1 . 6 aHkz,,hmf, 1 - "1-1 Flsclsvx RULES ? Z2 it job so much more enjoyable," concluded GRACE MESSERALL. Can you Imagine someone who has been counted on for almost twenty years, by glrl 's athletlcs and the P.E, department, thanking her students? MESSERALI., better known as MRS. M, loves her job, students and the faculty she works wlth. She calls them "One Happy Famllyf' She loves all the challenges she is forced with because, "there ls always something different. " Through the 60 's, 70's, and now the 1980 's, MRS. M has been the glrls P.E. attendant. She was prevlously snack bar manager at Orange Hlgh School, four years before she began working at VPHS, When she was offered thejob, she called tt, "being ln the right place at the right time. " Slnce the school s openlng Mrs M has experlenced every change from enlarglng the campus to the changlngfads andfashlons of the students Slnce then P E has changed to co ed and girl s athletics has gone from recreation to strictly athletics She sees a great change In the attitudes ofthe girls and the coaches Both men and women are coach Ing glrl s athletl s whereas a few years ago only women coached Instead of an athletic club or social hour girls now concentrate malnly on athletlcs and coaches have become more and more dedl cated As a result We keep on Improving Students appreciate MRS Mjust as much as she does them LISA HOLTE junior commented She always plcks up after us and has thlngs llke lotion and candy when we need them But most of all concludedjunlar TONI SIMPSON She s always there when you need er lf, I 45 Z? ,- fm .. I 'W :Lf--X' JQW-E' J 3, ' b m l M-we 4 IVV 4 46. 1 nv 4 2 'Qs 1 ,f- an-.., W2 6 7 Page by K.W. Photo 6, Jeff Lung Photo 7, Jeff Schultz Photo l,2,3,4,5. Russell Jones FaCulfyfAC3d9miC5 159 . --,W Vi' ,ffl-f fL'x-'yin-. - If "l'1',,'7' if f f I f M ,V ,, f i AQ, Elf 'I r. Q ll ffl , f 53. f F 1 V-1-,. 1 I ,..f A .-3,2 3. I b 1 3 5 Close By MARY GIANNETAKIS DENNIS MOODY BRENT BAILEY Those who say school ls all work and no play have something to leam. They have l 3 ' obviously never had Mr. BRENT BAlLEYor Mr. DENNIS MO0DYas teachers. These two 'fl 6 "nuts" seem to enjoy what they do and so do thelr students. "MOODY teaches hlstary with a sense of humor which makes the class lntertestlng,"junlor, JUDY JONES com- mented. Teaslng students, maklng jokes and performing odd stunts during class, presents students with a morerelaxed atmosphere for leamlng, MOODY stated, "It breaks the routlne ln class and creates a comfortable mood for the students." "It makes lt more fun for me as well as for the students," remarked BAILEY. It ls hard to belleve both MR. BAILEY and MR. MOODY were qulet students. BAILEY and his famlly moved often while he was stlll ln school which made lt dlfflcult to make fl-lends, and so he had to be outgolng. He thlnks that 's when hls craziness flrst started. MO0DYsald he was stlllfalrly qulet until he started teaching. He acted nut-ty to not only I relax his classroom but also to relax himself. . When asked lf elther of them had had a teacher like themselves, MOODY stated, "I wish I had, but all my teachers were strict. " BAILEY, on the other hand, had a couple of nutty teachers ln hlgh school when he was at VPHS for hls junlor year, "I thlnk lt makes students more llkely to want to be ln class: I know I did," he remarked. Student JOY PEACE added, "His class was deflnltly different than any other class I have had." Trylng to relax the classroom atmosphere may be dlfflcult for some teachers but for BAILEY and MO0DYlt comes rather easlly. "There are times to be crazy and times to be serlous and maklng It clear ls the hard part of teaching the way I do," sald BAILEY. Photos 1,2.3,4,5,8, Rich Ackley Photo 7 Jeff Lung Photo 6 Dirk Wakehnm 160 FacultyfAcademics Page by KW, lah E I Z Z ,ful 'VT I., li x"',,f E3 Instructors Know All The Angles MTH Students Search For Unknowns ll Don Thompson checks Dave Sterns's homework with the correct answers in his teacher's edition. 25 Slamming his pencil on the desk, Jeff Ehrlich tells Kristine Hamblin that she must do her homework in order to receive an A, 31 Pointing to a problem in the book, Tim Ludin, asks Chuck Kates if there are two ways to do the problem. 4l Using the overhead projector, Jim Cruikshank dem- onstrates the correct way to set up a proof. 53 Pointing to the correct answer on the board, Rod Wil- liams gives an explanation, Box: Students Create: Mike Cara, senior, took a shot of a trail that leads to the water at Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernadino Mountains. 6l 1+2-i-3-i-4:10 of the talented math teachers per- forming a pyramidal stunt from behind, 73 Bob Hughes writes a pass, while Phil Lopiccola and Bobby St. John chuckle at his comments. Sl ln the center of the ring are the acrobatic Math teach- ers, top to bottomg Jean Schneider, Bruce Camp- bell, Rod Williams, Tim Stephens, Jim Proffitt, Jeff Ehrlich, Brent Bailey, Don Thompson, Jim Cruikshank, Bob Cameron. re-ol people Numbers are becoming the basis for our lives. Without the ability to manipulate them, even in elementary ways, we may be lost in the future. The mathematics Department encour- ages students at all levels of ability to learn the mathematics they will need to succeed, Facultyffacademics 161 Students Seek Out Questions SCIENCE Teachers Provide Answers Box, Students Create: Mike Sikora and Ted An- drews responded in opposite ways to a question pre- sented in AP English - Thoreau said "I would rather sit in solitude on a pumpkin than be crowded on a vel- V' J vet cushion." real people There is so much about our world we do not understand. But this is because we are young and inexperienced, not because the science teachers don't try to explain it to us. They take their time and patience to dem- onstrate basic scientific facts and concepts, to encourage our interests and avocations and to give us a scientific view of the world. ll Marilyn Groover assists Angelia Woodside and Margaret Naruse on their euglena lab. 2l Examining the petrie dish, Marilyn Hettick ex- plains the scientific evidence. 3l Please don't disturb our scientists . . . Marilyn Groover, Marilyn Hettick, Bob Graupens- berger, Bruce Campbell, and Kurt Wahl. 43 Bob Graupensberger looks on as Nora Lee does her impression of a mime, 5l Elbert Smith introduces the class skeleton "Clyde" to Cheryl Gillette. 6l Bruce Campbell enthusiastically demonstrates one of the laws of motion to Annie Zatlin. 7l Assisting Chip McLean in his latest project, Jim Proffitt offers his guidance. 162 FacultyfAcademics lil! - 1 -v fall MICHAEL SIKORA, TED ANDREWS A pumpkin A cheap. impractical member Of the squash family that has but two uses. we hollow them out at Halloween. and cntsh them up in November for our Thanksgiving pies. But a ueluet cushion. on the other hand. connotes luxury and wealth. Something that we all plead for. Or do we? l concede that "l would rather sit on a pumpkin and haue it all ta myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion " I would have sole control of that pumpkin His name would be Barnaby. and he 'd be all mine Barnaby and I would just sit in a field if we chose to. reading contentedly or just thinking about philosophy and We Over on the other side of the field would be three people fighting for space on a nameless veluet cushion, mutually owned. Then they would raise their heads abruptly and stare at me with envy. because what l'rn sitting on is mine. all mine And though it may not be worth much monetorily. my pumpkin would give me a sense of tranquility and mental awareness The people on the velvet cushion would be too worried about who gets to sit and for how long. to think on any subject other than their own selfishness "Barnaby, let's go home " Thoreau 's Fully Personally. lwould rather sit on a velvet cushion and be crowded than sit in solitude on a lowly pumpkin. First of all. a pumpkin is not a comfortable perch at all lt is hard and bumpy and the stem constantly pokes you And the only thing worse than sitting on an uncomfortable pumpkin is sitting there alone There would be no one to talk to or complain to about this painfulpumpkm, and worse yet. no one to share your misery with What 's more. your clothes would all haue unsightly orange stains where the pumpkin ntbbed against them On the other hand. a veluet cushion is a very comfortable restiqg place lt is soft and worm with a smooth uelour feel to it. And other people would be there to share this marvelous cushion with Oh, yes. perhaps it would beiust a touch crowded. but that would addto the experience You could all sit there and makes jokes about how crowded it was. or even make small talk about the wife and kids Velvet cushions are also infinitely classier than pumpkins Just haw much status goes with sitting on a pumpkin7 You surely couldnt take your pumpkin to afancy dress ball That would simply barbanc and almost certain to create a scene Conversely. a veluet cushion would be acceptable and even proper for such an occasion Yes l would much rahter sit on a crowded veluet cushion than haue a pumpkin all to myself 5 i ' 4 'x v 2 I . , C glib. y t Xl S Fx . x Iws New iff' Nr ,E Bum -2:5 5,5 'mlmfg f-mite, 'Q Faq: M .1 my --X -Q w., 1: 2-- -f':'1 rw. 1.1 1..- X 7 :lx Sm for fs are .ol if 'iff' :lim .- A Q- i I I 1 , 1 Y in 'z . .Q V 4 KNCW f VILLA PARK ar cowetow- N W , WN W I 'I f-A ' gs-,V I I 1 'x 5 . , .42 f ,. ,, .eff , , X 3 4 an an it BARBARA KUREK Close UP By KATHY WEISSENMAYER Sweeplng down the slopes, whlle the sun sets was skl patrol person, Mrs, BARBARA KUREK! That's rlght. For fourteen years KUREK patrolled the slopes of Beech Mountain, ln North Carollna fln 1967-702 and Snow Summlt ln Callfomla H970-802. She reslgnedfrom this duty due to conflicting Interests as the skl shop owner of"Skl West, "located ln Santa Ana. "I had to commlt myselfto at least two weekends ofskl patrol a month and that was our busy season at the shop," sold KUREK. As a sklpatrol person, KUREK helped Injured sklers. "Sometimes people thlnk It costs to recelve ald and come down the slopes themselves Unjuredj, but lt doesn 't cost anything," she reassured. Anotherjob ofa skl patrol person ls to jlnd lost sklers. "Once we found two lost skiers on the choir Mt, " said KUREK. Apparently the Mft men were closing and the bottom llft mon was brlnglng down the top llft man an one of the chalrs. Two male sklers, who had been hlklng through the woods, decld- ed to hop on and rlde down lnsteod of slcllng down. What they dldn 't know was that as soon as the top llft mon was down the chalrs would stop. Thelr mates put In a mlsslng persons report and the ski patrol had to make an addltlonal sweep. "We found them six hours after they were stranded up there, We had to coll ln the llft guys to brlng them down. "KUREK indicated they were numb, but OK. Because KUREK had confllctlng Interests, she had to llmlt her skllng actlultles. She nowjllls some ofher spare time by teachlng physically handl- capped kids how to ski. She hopes to keep working wlth them. .5 A... 'n.. .ur- t. ily. .-1 wfizfv M' .l' xxx"-we Page by K.W.' Photo 3, Richard Ackley Photo 6, Russell Jones Photo 2.4.5, Jell Lung Photo In Close-up donated by Kurek lamil y. Facultyffkcademics 163 -gi ut f - u- a I 'Z an . 1 ,, ,.,.4,, ,- I-.1 - 'Z-Qwy, J, 'W f., +1 . 'Q 1 If' fn- ,,,'m44 .A -f-V 3 mga hare I , ' f . 1 .I .4-Q. , 535 , By JUDY JONES MR. BOB GRAUPENSPERGER, MR. STEVE TARABILDA, or MRS. KAREN WARNER KZAKZESKD answer the question, What would It be llke to retum ta VPHS to teach?, all the same. "lt's awkward to adjust at first, but after belng accepted by our colleagues, lt was uery comfortable to be ln famlllar surroundlngsf' Teaching alongslde the people who taught them mlght present some problems, but they sald, "Our teachers were great and wonderful people who accepted us qulckly. "And, ln fact, "Were the reason for us golng lnto teau:hlng." All three felt that students have changed over the years, GRAUPENSPERGER stated, "Today's kids party morefrequently, haue more auallable money, more after schooljobs, and their homework load ls less, because teachers have to compete for the students' time." "There ls no real change except, for now, the kids are Influenced by televlslon, " sald TARA- BILDA. WARNER explained, "The system has changed, and what ls expected from the Students. Before, the dlsclpllne was a lot strlcter, We had dress codes." Allfelt that haulng a student retum to teach at VPHS would be "Flatterlng, because It would make us feel that what we teach ls worthwhile." Close UP BOB GRAUPENSBERGER KAREN WARNER STEVE TARABILDA Page by K.W.' Photo 1, Jell Lung Photo 5,6. Dirk Wlkelllm 164 Facultyfmademncs Photo 3,-1, Rich Ackley Photo 7. nu-sell June' R 1 i 5455603 Milli' MW' K Ei A Spartan Expression . . AN GUAGE RTS There Are More Ways Than One li Debbie Craib lends a helping shoulder to Casey Crosby. 21 Travis Haskins shows editor Mark Maizel a fine point of journalism. 33 Joy Iseli snaps her fingers in rythym with the syllables of the spelling words. 43 While Janet Curtis laughs at an answer given on Don Norsworthy's test, Jim Masuda and Brian Maida check to see if their answers are the same. 57 Craig Hensley looks in the Writer's Market as Barbara Morton suggests to him which magazine would be appropriate. 6l Evelyn Ching takes a quick look up from her daily job of grading papers, Box3 Students Create: Henry Chase exhibits his idea of a Big Thunder Mountain Railroad poster, 75 Language Arts i'Blue Lights Specialsf' Debbie Craib, Nancy Grissinger, Jamie Brown, Eve- lyn Ching, Dom Corradino, Phil Thoner, Jim Devlin, Travis Haskins, Joy Iseli, Barbara Morton, Norm Johnson, Janet Curtis, Zoe Gibbs and Pat Barrett - available now in Room 309. Ly reol peode Teaching us to use our language more ef- fectively and creatively is the Language Arts Staff. They listen to us recite, read our pa- pers, lead us in discussions and open our minds to new ideas. They also have, as you can see from the group picture, a strange sense of humor. FacultyfAcademics 165 Spartans Experience FOREIGN ANGUAGE International Tongues Boxg Students Create: A portrait of Brian Ehline by Chris Scotti for advanced photography. ll "C'est la vie," lThat's lifel says Heidi Westfall as Roberta Jester tells Heidi her grade. 2l Arnaldo Baptista explains the conjugation of the verb 'comprender'. 35 Norm Johnson takes an enthusiastic outlook on life, compared to his life in annual class. 43 Sitting upon his desk, Pat Barrett sneaks a glance at the clock. 5l Western Airlines the only way to fly . . . Roberta Jester, Pat Barrett, Karen Warner, and Ja- mie Brown - foreign language teachers, fool people We hear that the world is becoming smaller, and we see the signs around us ev- erywhere as foreign cars and products abound. But many of us are not prepared for this, knowing only English and expecting everyone else in the world l2.4 billion peo- plel to speak it. But some VPHS students are more realistic, and take advantage of their opportunity to learn a foreign lan- guage. 166 Facultyflkcademics ' 'i I am F i 1 1 1 Q S Page by K.W.' Photo 4.7, Rich Ackley Photo 5, Dirk Wakeham Photo 2, Russell Jones Photo 1, Jeff Lung Photo 3, Albert 81 James Photo 6, Norm Johnson I .dw - - Close By BRENT WAECHTER JIM PROFFITT Mr. JAMES PROFFITT, VPHS's electronlcs and Algebra ll teacher ls a spelunker - a person who explores caves. MR. PROFFITT began this excltlng hobby at afalrly young age. He would drlve to Mexico and delve deep lnto the darkest and most mysterlous cavems he could find. "When l um hanging on a rope, and don 't know where the bottom ls, thn't's enough to want to make me qultf' MR. PROFFITT has "calmed down on danger," taking his whole famlly on week- end expedrtlons. He trles to go spelunklng atleast once a month with at least elght to twenty people at a time, Including friends and relatives. "lt's beau'tlful," stated PROFFITT, "Everything Is left as It was. " Caves are not "exposed to the elements." "l'm looking fonvard to going to the Hawallan Islands to explore the new caves" make by Kllauea the volcano that erupted late In December. There are basically three dlfferent kinds of caves: manmade, limestone and val- canlc, the flrst ls usually not as Interesting as the other two. Spelunklng ls not a very expensive hobby, except for travel expenses. All that ls needed are some old clothes or coveralls, a helmet, knee pads, and an electric ar carblke llght. Travel expenses don 't have to be hlgh elther, for there are several places anyone Interested can go for ovemlght exploring. The closest are the Mitchell Cavems In the Mohave desert near Essex, which are usually open to the publlc, If, however, you would like a long weekend vacation, or even a month or so, MR. PROFFITT contlnued, central Callfomla has many caves and the East coast ls "riddled" with them. "Spelunklng ls llkeflshlng, " stated MR. PROFFITT, "lt 's a great way to get away." Ruse Ab0Ve Wd Vulgar Cm e1'ak8 LAILN' f- 'f aw- - . . , ..,...., ,....., .. 7? , , W4 fm, - .,,..,.,.. , . .... , .... ,.,..--.,,-...-. H- , . L, ,Af-V, ...,....., ,,.. . ,-, ,.,, .,.. ,,,,., ..,............,...,. , ,,,, .- .. ....., . V Y, , - fi 5 J 42 f 5, Z' ' Z K 21 4 ' , ? 4 2 fl K .mf 1 V, , I ,,g:,.g Y. J ' 446 W ,042 ,f 1 145 .ml 5 iff nu 1 "ff iw ' f' 1 ffl ' f aw go-,, 52, 1 'J '-,I , EQ, - 3,0444 ,,,,.,.. ,: ' .El- 1 ,145 1 .5 ' if 4 A ' A 57: ' 1' :A pw '- z - rf .2 mm,-1 E 4-wr! f Finn W ,M 1 in 3 3 2 Q2 P l ' s my W, ,,. ,,., ' Q I , -,..,,-.hw Page by K.W.' 168 FacultyfAcademics Photo by Albert and James X N i L. ,,,, K, N, , Xl xx 5 ,L L X. X. ,,,c:.,,,.,,,,t.,, . , ,.,,,,,, ,. ,,.,.,.,.1,n.:-:,.,.. , ..:,,., ..,,, ,- ., ., .....,..,., , .M , ,A-iw.. I TEACHERS Rflreol peopb TOO Before the "hussle and bussle" of the school year began the teachers posed for their yearly portrait. Back Row: Alex Masucci, Dom Corradino, Dave Shelton, Jamie Brown, Rod Wil- liams, Bruce Campbell, Dave Lawrence, Roy Schanafelt, Jack Dennen, Ron Lind- say, Rich Polley, Vince DeFalco, Russ Murphy, Steve Garrahy, and Joe Quar- tucci. 3rd Row: John Meulmester, Greg Benoit, Steve Tarabilda, Bob Haysom, Arnaldo Baptista, Jim Cruikshank, Don Thomp- son, Val Popov, Norm Johnson, Leo Fra- calosy, Karen Venaas, Dick Brunt, Al Finlayson, Bob Sakaue, Marlene Virus, and Ron Foland. 2nd Row: Kurt Wahl, Bob Hughes, Dave Ochoa, Jack Fox, Dave White, Keith Reid, Jack Rowe, Travis Haskins, Karen Warner, Mary Ester Blakley, Jerry Look- er, Mary Ann Owsley, Tim Stephens, Bar- bara Kurek, Phil Thoner, Nancy Murray, Pat Barrett, Jean Schneider, Nancy Gris- singer, Sylvia Won, Anne Folkert, D.J. Hill, Sue Jordan, Marilyn Hettick, Betty Fischer, Evelyn Ching, Debi Craib, and Marilyn Groover. Front: Brent Bailey, Jim Proffitt, Bob Graupensperger, Jeff Ehrlich, Dave Col- ville, Pat Mahoney, Julia Thielman, Sue Gardner, Barbara Morton, Karen Moore, Roberta Jester, Chuck Kates, Elbert Smith, Luella Syler, Dennis Moody and Janet Curtis. Facultyflacademics 169 Spartans Acquire Experience PRACTICA RTS Look To Future 13 Explaining to her class about disciplinary action, Louella Syler speaks firmly. 23 Involved in teaching accounting, Bob Sakaue sits on his desk. Box: Students Create: Taking time to sew their own clothing, Cindy Wells, Maria Goerke, Sandra Bermudez, Ivy Thomas, Aleas Schroeder, Kathy Rosenz- weig, Cheryl Till, and Kelly Rock, model their own fashions. 33 One day at a time . . . Dave Lawrence, Jerry Looker, Pat Mahoney, Jim Proffitt, Bob Hay- som. 43 The Days of Our Lives . . . Bob Sakaue, Val Popov, Karen Moore, Louella Syler. 53 KenAdamsenthusiasticallyacceptsValPopov's latest business assignment. 63 Karen Moore assists Tonya Redfern in increas- ing her typing speed. 73 Dave Lawerence "kicks back" as he instructs Dina Doretti on her latest drafting assignment. reol people Sew on a button. Replace a water pump. Plan a nutritious meal. Draw the plans for a new patio cover. Balance a set of books. These are all skills we may need in the fu- tureg skills we can learn now, if we take classes in the practical arts fields. Not only do these classes teach us personal skills we can use, but they also prepare us for that first job directly out of high school. 170 Facultyffficademics 1 Z 1 1 f L i l i l l l ly il . vi l I .yr til. a S 1 N ii Wm S S N 1 7 L F' . 5 V, Q. 'a .a .dggtcw .f 5 ff! 1' . ' efdif ls . "L V. S. 4. , N r Il: ff . f , 1 ,D 5, , bd W' 7 L., ,E 4' - 1, " W 1 , .541-1 ff' -. -. ,,,. . V-A ,. ,lf- 5 1 H... .4 6 7 - By JOHN ROBILLARD ,X I f . When was the last tlme you rode a merry-go-round? For MR. TIM STEPHENS, a math teacher at VPHS, It hasnt rw ' TIM STEPHENS been long. From when he was very young, MR. STEPHENS has had n speclal Interest ln horses. "Ever since l was a kld, l've always llked horses and men'y-go-rounds." Slnce then, MR. STEPHEN'S Interest has grown lnto a very special hobby of collectlng old, original carousel horses. In 1977 MR. STEPHENS bought hls first horse, hand carved by a German woodcarver named Mueller between 1905 and 1910. "l heard about a private auction ln Palos Verdes where some horses and other early American art was available. I wanted to get Into some actual American art. These horses weren 't made ln any forelgn countries, they were carved ln America. It still had some of lts orlglnal palntg someday l'll repaint and restore tt. lt will probably take a whole summer, " Besldes belng personally rewarding, his collectlon has proved to be financially rewarding as well. "My first horse doubled Its value In only four years," sald MR. STEPHENS. He now has several horses and wants to start getting into smaller antique curausels and horses. MR. STEPHENS and hls wife also have made lt a polnt to try and ride every carousel ln Calljornla. For some grown ups, rldlng merry-gofrounds ls not just something kids do. Close UP Page K.W.' Photo l. Dirk Wakeham Photo 5. Rich Ackley Photo 2,6,3,4,7, Russell Jones Facultyfrhcademics 171 auf My az I f V Z 1 J f ' JW! f , v 144, , 7419 cf-' WV: . KW ,I ,mpypj f 4 fi, X , h,,,W f ,,, f, W, ,,,,,-:. f qv, f ffifh 01729 ' " ff '1754Q74f', ' f . 2., , f ,, ,lj Z1 ' N' 'f I ,wx ,45,,:c,,f',fE,.zvf,ff' 1 .1 1 nf' ,"J If ' f 'ffm ' ' 2 Photos l 2 3 4 5 6 8 Rich Ackley 1 V f N w f I 1 N l w 3 , WNV WDW amid' Q -K now' V . r: Mu ml P1 X fzmgmf IWW , 'mar , Mid? ' Zrfmd ' zf:n5'f!N gsllmi' fc M rv kd Aww yas w 1 1 Bw A Q" F g 451 'tl' KURT WAHL KURT WAHL, VPHS's chemistry teacher, Is also a member of one of the countrles top colleglate jazz bands. WAHL dld not start playlng the plano untll the end of his hlgh school years. He took lessons to learn howto read muslc, but "that was about lt," commented MR. WAHL. As MR. WAHL puts lt, "l just sat down fat the planol and started playing around with lt. " He started with the Blues and Boogie Woogie, and dlscouered he had a natural tulentfor playlng the piano. MR. WAHL has played In various bands such as a rock and roll band In college, a band called "The Rent's Due Blues Band", and a country swing band. When he began student teaching, he really became Interested In jazz. MR. WAHL be- gan taklng classes through Fullerton Junlor College. ln his jazz Improvisation class, WAHL was recruited by band director, RICHARD CRUZ, to play ln a collegejazz band. Students Live, C1059 Learn, Drive P By JEAN KALVESMAKI The band ls actually made up of an entire class flncludlng MR. WAHLJ, but only seven of them are entered ln a nationwide contest sponsored by the National Association ofJazz Educa- tors and Sauthem Comfort Whiskey. The contest seeks toflnd the number one collegiate jazz band In the United States. Any college ln the country can send a 20 mlnute tape of their school 's jazz band. This past year, 160 tapes were submlrted. The band that MR, WAHL plays In was one of three chosen to travel to Kansas Clty, Missouri to perform In front ofjudges. Hls band dld not win the competition, but he felt they played well. "Our style was not what thejudges were looklngjor, We were too wonded about the little things of our performance." MR. WAHL does not plan on making a career ofplaylng the piano, but he does hope to broaden his talents. He wants to form his own band soon, and after he retires from teaching he'd like to play all the time. C.Le iff! ry?"-' I f ,,:,1'2f,Kv 421 g . A ff! 5 . S 7 Et HKi SPECIA EDUCATIO Teachers Share Knowledge ll Mark Freihner finally grasps the new concept Alex Masucci is teaching. Zi Steve Tarabilda explains the latest health assign- ment to his class. 37 Explaining algebra to his class, Bob Ramacotti writes out all instructions, explicitly. 4l instructing Chris Edwards, Pat Mahoney gives de- tailed directions, 5l Understanding how to use the new Apple ll computer Rob Kelly eagerly responds to Sue Jordan, special education teacher, 6l Ray Schanafelt enjoys a moment to sit down in his busy schedule as a special education teacher. 7l Angered by the new "dent" in her car, Jean Kavels- maki consults Jack Dennon. Bl Craig Hayes was a basketball coach at VPHS this season. Boxg Students Create: Mike Monteer displayed the chest he made to display at the Orange Mall. reol people Not everyone fits into the typical student mold. VPHS has teachers who realize this and devote their time aiding these students. Some areas in which the district provides extra help are work experience, drivers education, health, physical handicaps, and learning disabilities. Small classes and intense instruction help these students into the main stream. Facultyffkcademics 173 Spartans Exercise PE THLETICS Score Big Boxg Students Create: Don Casperson made two detailed plans for her "possible" dream house in Dave Lawrence's archi- tectural class. ll Dave Colville explains to the referee why the foul was on the other team. 2l Leo Fracalosy discusses girls fathletics of coursel. 3l Making a racquet, Sue Gardiner announces the girls CIF bound tennis team. 4l Discussing the new CPR methods Dave Ochoa demonstrates to students the old method of artifi- cial respiration. 51 Taking a break from cross-country, Dave White enthusiastically promotes his philosophy of life. 7l Nancy Castricone informs Eugene Marsh on first aid treatment, 8l While supervising the weight room and Kevin Sarsany, Mark McMahon and Don Thompson play backgammon. 9l Dom Corradino explains to his class, the ad- vantages of playing girls soccer. reol people To enjoy our physical beings, we need teachers who will provide and direct us in ways to maintain ourselves. The goal of the PE department is to provide students with recreational activities and skills they can use in the future. From the way the weight room, racquetball courts, and pool are used they are obviously encouraging their charges to exercise. 174 Facultyfiacademics ? are I ? 2 1 vi 5-xv' 85 g, r Mi in l,.mIIi,:1T' An ,,....4.. mtl iulli I4 S S Q 14 'I Nl un-N 1 -ie- 1 U ff, S Y 1? X K vmh' ' . .L 1 R A f ri ZOE GIBBS and KRISTINE KOZLOWSKI Close Up By LESLIE SCHWARTZ MRS. ZOE GIBBS ls more thanjust an average Engllsh teacher. She ls one of the most popular ladles on campus, and ls often thought of among students as "everybody 's mother," as senlor JEAN KAL VES- MAKI put lt. Students often come to MRS. GIBBS when they have a problem to talk over. "Whether lt 's regardlng an essay on The Plague or aflght with afrlend, MRS. GIBBS always llstens and makes me and my problem seem Important," commented ANNE CORNELL, a senlor ln MRS. GIBBS' Advanced Placement Engllsh class, By teachlng remedial readlng at ajunlor high school before comlng to VPHS, MRS. GIBBS leamed ta be good llstener and observer. "I am tmly Interested In my students, because l can remember the anxletles of those dlfflcult tlmes," she commented. Although MRS. GIBBS ls closely acqualnted wlth many of her stu- dents, when glvlng grades she only glues out what she feels the student deserves. She remalns lmpartlal toward each student because she feels, "each person ls speclal ln his own llt'tle way and everyone has somethlng to offer." Along wlth teachlng her four Engllsh classes, MRS. GIBBS ls the academlc coordlnator and the senlor class advlsar. She helps with numerous scholarships and academic competitions, such as the Aca- demic Decathalon and the Klwunls Bowl. Wlth all that MRS. GIBBS does for thls school, students may wonder what they would do wlthout her. "These are the happlest tlmes of my Me, " she said: and happlly added, "l'm going to be leaching here untll they tell me to stay home. Belng here keeps me from growing oldl" 8 of 'f Page by K.W. Photo 7.8 Dirk Wakeham Photo 2 Mr. Norm Johnson Photos l,3,-1,9 Rich Ackley Photo 5 Jeff Lung Facultyffhcademics 175 . ...N 4' -.'1 1. . L. . ' x ..,, J '- 2 -- ,,,. H., -, y y, wife? ,gs 'W 'ww V 1 i . ,x R2 v VI W ,mf-A-1. o i ,,,-A . ,. . 3755-vt ,- --Q :4 2 3 raw f - Cl ff'3"' "-f 4 . ,f , . lv' Up . 'fgljlfillgll' gf! , 4 17.53 QQLJ1 f' By MICHELLE MONGROW JACK ROWE In addltlon to havlng a flne Engllsh teacher, VPHS also has an author on campus, Mr. JACK ROWE. MR. ROWE declded to wrlte hls flrst novel, INYO SIERRA PASSAGE durlng a trlp celebratlng hls 25th weddlng anniversary. Hls wlfe had asked hlm when he was going to start the novel and he agreed to start when they retumed. "lNYO SIERRA PASSAGE, is baslcally a surulval story, set ln the Slerra Nevadas, as a pilot ls taklng an airplane up to Reno for a dealer. He gets Into trouble along the way, and meets an old Indlan woman who helps him survive. " MR, ROWE, declded ta wrlte thls type of novel because lfor hlsflrst novell he wanted It to be uncomplicated, and an alrplane story ls lnterestlng to people who are not famlllar with airplanes. MR. ROWE started wrltlng his novel during the flrst week ofAugust, 1979 and had the flrst draft done wlthln seven months, "whlch ls fairly fast," stated MR. ROWE, "for a 280 page novel. Then It took another 10 to 11 months for the rewrlte, whlch lsn 't really very much writlng, just baslcally putting the flnlshlng touches on the story." The novel was flnally published ln May of 1980, "I was completely dumb- founded." 7,500 copies were printed In the U.S. and the novel was also printed In ltallan. VPHS's llbrary has a copy of MR. ROWE's novel. He is In the process of wrltlng another novel, whose working title ls BRANDYWINE. It ls a hlstorlcul novel, and much more Involved," sald MR. RO WE. "The story starts ln 1801 and ends about 1837, ln the Brandywine area of Delaware. It deals with the Dupont Gunpowder Mills that started In 1801. "But, the story ls malnly about the people who worked ln the gun powder mills, the Irish mostly," added MR. ROWE. As the father of nlne children, MR. ROWE has had to watt untll most of them grew up to be able to flnd time to write. Hls family consists offlve boys andfour girls, ranging ln agefrom 15-29. "Myfamlly ls very close, but geographlcally they are not." said MR. ROWE. In addition to being an English teacher and writing a novel, he has taught Spanish, speech, drIver's tralnlng, mllltary science, and he is also capable of flying a plane. 176 FacultyfAcademic Page by K.W.' Photo 1. Leslie Schwartz Photo 2.5.7. Jeff Lung 5 Photo 3.4. Rlch Ackley Photo 6, Russell Jones 4 -1 I ' P I l 02 ng. f 'lr l ,. . l W 1 L I K . if .E X E. l ll Spartans PERFORMING RTS Caught In The Act 11 Nancy Grissinger assists Debbie Cahoon and Kel- ly Halligan while Susie Kimball daydreams. 21 Henry Chase and Blaine Marooka attentively listen to Sylvia Won as she explains the upcoming assign- ment. 31 Mary Ester Blakely warms up her class by playing the piano one key at a time, 41 Annie Folkert attempts to compete with class noise. Box: Students create: Jeff Wilkinson demonstrates his talent with this sketch of ducks. 51 John Meulmester explains to Mike Stockton the simple facts of ceramic glazing. 61 Rich Polley intensely guides the orchestra to a sound finish. 71 John Carroll, Woody Allen, and Greg Benoit comment on John's self portrait. reol people Before students enter into the world they want a chance to test their new learned skills in a non threatening situation, Performing Arts pro- vides this arena for talented student performers, With their teachers' support and kindness, stu- dents are able to explore artistic areas and hon or VPHS. Facultyf'Academics 177 aprt? vin xwfwv FW 1 "' .. N Q' -3. IZ ' I 1 9"'LZ if , 1 ---1 H QQO no 1 fs . Roo 3 Q By FRANCISCO TALAVERA A 'lit "l'ue always had an Interest ln fish," MRS. MARILYN HET- TlCK, biology teacher commented. HETTICK along with her husband breeds and ralses Kol fdapnnese Car-pl. "Both my husband and I came lnto our marrlage with much lnterest ln plants and anlmals," HETTICK sold. Kol were an Interest and hobby for the both of them. "We thought they were beautiful," HETTICK commented Kol are bred for color and pattems. Genetics and Inheritance among the Kol Interested the HETTICKS. They keep the fish outdoors ln two ponds. "The first pond holds four thousand gallons. We went to Japan flue years ago and saw blgger flsh so we declded to bulld a blgger pond. Our new pond holds ten thousand gallons, Is slx feet deep and slxty feet ln width," HETTICK commented. Ralslng them takes lots of speclal attention, The fish are fed with special food from Japan. "Kol requlre lots of oxygen," added HETTICK. Flltratlon ls Important to keep them free from dlsease. HETTICK shows her fish In competition. "We haue won many trophles, " she added. .ludgesfrom Japan come tojudge and compare her fish among many others. "We have met so many lnterestlng people from dlfferent backgrounds through thls hobby," HETTICK commented. MARILYN HETTICK Close ,V L. , 91'-G.MM Y-v! I V I--'.! "The Kol were our common Interest, "she added. An lmpor- p - N my ' , V 2 tant part of our marriage ls the sharing of hobbies together," , V' . ,,f.,. sf, 'VA' " ' E E Q , HETTICK commented, "We have done It together." An A EM ,. Q., , ,M QAM 4 178 Facultyflhcademics Page by K.W.' Photo 1 Rich Ackley Photo 6 Jeff Lung Photo 2, Dirk Wakehnm 1 4 f I 1 I I l 1 V . i X x 5 N i Us -i. vu 4 .l iiwilfflo 2 2 A115 Spartans Are A Brent Waechter LOVE 8: HOME Fine houses to true love can be compared For they are both as fragile as a flame. At times when love itself is never shared. Then only selfish hearts can be to blame And no one but themselves must hide in shame. When love is young it's like a new-built home With all the walls and feelings built the same We need a strong foundation of our own So we can keep our love in even tone. A perfect home and love can never be. For in a time, the large faults will be shown. The unimportant ones l will not see. The locks to love and home are very strong But with the keys we will be far from wrong. , 9' . 1' Z . i ' Z vel X, -V 1 U ,, 5 1 Dedicated CLASSIFIED Keep Things Moving ll Barbara Poole explains the detention system to Ju- lie Paino. 21 Diligently working, Esther Danker has things under control, 31 Betty Barrett carefully types up information for stu- dent use. 43 Harriet Colburn concentrates while typing a letter. Boxg Students Create: Students in Mr. Phil Thoner's British Literature class are required to write a sonnet. Brent Waechter wrote one of the better ones. 57 Filing student transcripts, Darlene Smith prepares herself for another long day of work. 6l Nancy Crossman library aid carefully puts the li brary books where they belong. 7l Pondering a student absence, Anna Marie Solorlo prepares to fill out a detention slip. reol people No high school could survive without its clas sified staff - those people who man the phones, typewriters, brooms etc. They per- form the, too often, unseen duties the rest of us take for granted. Our show could not go on without them. Classified Neva Stoffers Paddy McKann Grace Fritz Barbara Poole Esther Daaker Marvel Johnson Marlene Pierce Darwin Elliott Darlene Smith Jim Seal Betty Burnett Ruiz Guillardo tGillyJ Harriet Colburn Bill Chamberlain Betty Barrett Keith Mays Anna Marie Solorio Bob White Betty Eagles Sally Koch Grace Messerall Jack De Rosas Nancy Crossman Je,-ry Smith John Corona FacultyfAcademics 179 Working Together LE DERS For Another Smooth Season 11 Now you know your Villa Park counselors: Al Finlayson, Keith Reid, Mary Ann Owsley, Nancy Murray, Bob Edwards. Box: Students Create: Stephanie Stamos's self-portrait illustrates a unique view ot herself. 21 Betty Barrett takes a rest as Joe Quartucci prepares to assign her more work. 31 All in a days work . . . Ruiz Guillardo lGilly1, Bill Chamberlain, Jim Seal, Bob White, Darwin Elliot and Keith Mays. 41 Marlene Virus works to keep students at VPHS healthy. 51 Just sit right back Joe Quartucci, Steve Garrahy, Sylvia Won, Dave Lawerence, Pat Barrett, Tim Stephens, DJ Hill, Roberta Jester, Julia Theilman, Jack Fox - curricu- lum council. 61 DJ Hill, librarian, helps Annie Zatlin locate in- formation for her history class, 71 Al Finlayson concentrates on student registration while Keith Reid indulges in worrying. reol people The counselors offer a place to hide, a sympathetic ear, advice on classes and school, and whatever else we need. Besides tending to our ills the Nurse con- ducts a continuing education program to keep us abreast of ways to maintain our good health. Our librarian brings a wealth of knowl- edge and a cheerful disposition to improve and brighten our library. 180 FacultyfAcademics l,.ljVV lf. H1312 VC Will! TL 1 , 1, , ff If 1 ferr I 9 " f ' . 2, . , . ' vw' Cli ff E.,-:Va A ,Q - -P --- ' V fmwffwfwffvmw ,ww Mffzwllluvmwwfl fwllwwf Close r V 3 N 'Q f v l 1 1 i 2 1, Up JEAN SCHNEIDER By ADRIENNE BARRISH "That 's lncredlble" ls a televlslon serles that shows extraordlnary and unusual people and happenings. Well, MRS. JEAN SCHNEIDER, math teacher at VPHS, appeared on thls show because of an Incredl- ble thlng that happened to her. According to SCHNEIDER, In August, 1981. her husband, afrlend who owned a plane, and she were to fly to Lake Powell. Soon after take off, the pllot of the small airplane dlscovered the landing gear would not retract. Whlle clrcllng John Wyane Orange Coun- ty Airport for IW: hours, the pllot attempted several things. Theyflnally reallzed that the landlng gear was jammed. Eventually a mechanic from Martln Avlatlon sug- gested that someone ln the plane crawl out, pull the landing gear down and lock It lnto place. Her hus- band, ROLAND, fflance at the tlmeJ was the only one capable of doing thls. He opened the door, held on to the seat, and leaned out as for as he could to knock the gear loose. He trled many tlmes,flnally forelng It down, As he dld this, the plane was flylng at 60f70 mnh over the ocean. A month later, she was contacted by "That's ln- credlble" people who asked If they would re-enact the adventure for televlslon. lt took them three week- ends to film a 15 mlnute segment which was alred May of 1982. 444 f, is ' wyw, - 'b .MJ c , '- ,, "W 'www ,A r-f..,.,,,., .AX S Y--ax! J. Qf s 1 1 4 ,qt fi'Q'ZZfifgll ' X5 V, jg. 2 gf ' s 4 6 .g:-, - I Q,,,f,. V ..f.?,f?-m g , ,,,..,,,,-. ,IL Y. , gawk A ,ry .. ,- .' ..4, l -4,1:pg51i ' ii- l 1 I 5 I ff? 1 l .Fl 152. .ll . A... ...f- ,eff 7 Page by K.W.' Photo 3 Rich Ackley Photo 7 Lisa Anderson Photo 1 Ruuell Jones Photo 2,5 Dirk Wakehnm Facultyflatcademics 1 81 43 IA --4 ' .,,4 ' -' By REGINA POMEROY MR. CAMERON was slxteen when he flrst ventured out to sea as I bf, K A o sallor, He llued ln Callfomla at the tlme, but he was able to ga to 1 V A I 5 2 1 sea during summer uacatlon, If he got out early and came back late , ' ' to school, He was stationed In Honolulu, Hawall, whlch was an K L 25 59 l extraordinary experlence for o slxteen year old. Z f' X I if H ' A W Once graduated from hlgh school, he went to a seamen 's naval 4 5' ' 2 I -, ' academy to become an offlcer. "lt's much nlcer to be an offlcer I ,I than a sallor," sold MR. CAMERON. A Mr. CAMERON was a navlgatlon afflcer, ajob which he enjoyed V lmmensely. "lt 's great belng ln control over the sallam," sold MR. 3 l CAMERON. 1 Wu-Q 1 "Being n merchant seamen was one ofthe more "grand" exper- I lences ln my life," sold MR, CAMERON smlllng. "l've been many 4 places around the world like Calcutta, lndla, Ceylon and Egypt, but W '11 l spent most of my tlme ln the Poclflc for fuel all." "During my service, at twenty three, lfell ln love with a wonderful 503 CAMERON woman fmy wlfel and got man-led," sold MR. CAMERON. "But lt became pretty difficult to contlnue belng o seaman and a father at the some tlme. " "l used to come home ln between trlps and my klds dldn 't even recognize me," sold MR. CAMERON. "Sa lthought It was about tlme to qult and begln my career as a teacher, " sold MR. CAMERON, "Being a merchant seamen was sure a "grand" llfe," sald MR. CAMERON stlll smlllng and thlnklng about old tlmes. p 1 lv f,.. M V M 182 FacultyfAcademics Page by K.W.' Photo 3 Dirk Wakehum Photo l,2, Rich Ackley School Board and Superintendent courtesy of OUSD N 3 i i i i 3 i V ls N 3 Iii X. x i Wlfltii i Q l 2 we t -,,.-,,1v-,..,f.,wm- lr ew ,dl av ,f '-1,3 ,df 'Ox 1 ic?-,I ' ' if -i 5 5 3' ,M ' ff A rc, . .-f-?-,:5,, ,f -'ff - A , 1-.iv ' ' ' fr A - i We f Ty 1, .R il , .! 4 A . , f A ,V ',,t,-ft: x 1 ' ' , , V I , . y 1 3 f' X 41' , 5 6 t- , ,,,. .f'1"ff1f2'f Administrators Lead Way LEADERS Another Successful Year 13 Joe Quartucci smiles enthusiastically at the thought of his all-encompassing job of assistant principal, 23 Taking a break from the monotony of scheduling classes is Dr. Ron Foland. 33 Once again showing her intense nature, activities di: rector Julia Thielman explains the assembly sched- ule to Mary Ester Blakely. 43 Principal Dr. Jack Fox proudly displays his notorious collection of hats, Box: BOARD OF EDUCATION: Joe Cherry, L. Gilbert Darwin, Robert J. Elliot, Ruth C. Evans, Milton Jensen, Eleanor Pleines, F. Bert Skiles. 53 Gale Pattison, Superintendent. 63 Steve Graham, attempts to come up with a decent explanation for being out of class to Dr. Jack Fox. 73 Grace Fritz, Dr. Fox's secretary, busily keeps school records up-to-date. 83 Keeping track of school expenses is Neva Stoffers, bookkeeper. real people Stability is what the administration brings to VPHS. Providing overall direction, the impetus to change and improve and the resources to continue, the Administrators make our school run smoothly and efficiently. FacultyfAcademics 183 Photo Rich Ackley Page by L.S. Page by LA. and J.K Sports Division SPORTS MGRNING 5:30 Gets up early for aerobics 7:00 Eats a nutritious breakfast 10:00 Flexes muscles for 3rd period teacher 11:30 Gets ready for at least 2 lunches lathletes need their en- ergyl AFTERNOON 2:00 Starts practice 4:30 Arrives home completely ex- hausted 5:00 Wolfs-down dinner 5:30 Watches sports report on news EVENING 6:30 Goes to gym to workout 8:00 Starts homework 9:00 Takes a break from homework to use some Ben-Gay 10:30 Falls into bed exhausted The most complete and updated version of sport view- lng can be seen by tuning Into the sport sectlon with your favorite teams ln all sports, the Vllla Park Spartans. A wide varlety of sports are Illustrated ptctorally ranging from track to basketball. All sports that Vllla Park active- ly participates In are fully documented wlth statlstlcs and quotes from the athletes themselves. From the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat the Spartans remaln fully documented. For further detall see pages 186 to 253. K GOLF Swings Into Action Senior Kevin Sarsany stands over a putt. This was Kevin's first year on the golf team. Bill Mecklenburg concentrates on tally- ing his golf score. Concentration is a key element to a good golfer. The Golf Team - l to r - Kevin Sar- sany, Monte Scheinblum, Coach Pat Mahoney, Steve Harlin, Mark Red- ding, Bill Mecklenburg, Matt Taylor, Coach Brent Bailey. Mark Redding taps in for par. Golfers spend a lot of time on the putting green. Matt Taylor, Steve Harlin, and Kevin Sarsany discuss the new metal woods. Golfers always feel that better equipment makes a better golfer. Coach Pat Mahoney and senior Allen Corrigan watch Coach Bailey in action, A good way to pick up pointers is to watch a apron.. Matt Taylor shows his golfing form, Golf- ing is not as easy as it looks. Za- "gt, i his -au ' -'-fu..-...M .712 1 in .WI 186 Sports W, S E v .J , 2 The VPHS Golf Team made a great comeback this year. Golf was almost cancelled altogether because of a lack of in- terest. But when the sport was reinstated, there was plenty of interest from talented golfers such as Monte Scheinblum, Bill Mecklenburg and Mark Redding. The team practiced every Monday at The Green River Golf Course near Anaheim, which was their home course for the numerous matches they participated in. Coaches Brent Bai- ley and Pat Mahoney played a major part in the successful comeback of Golf at Villa Park High. Close P by LESLIE SCHWARTZ M , M 14,1 MONTE SCHEINBLUM After he hurt hls knee ln football and hls elbow In baseball, what sport was left for accident-prone MONTE SCHEINBLUM to play? Wlth the Influ- ence of hls father, MONTE declded to glue golfa try. After three years and lots of practlce, MONTE SCHEINBLUM ls now one of the top golfers ln hls age category, gluing hlm no reason to be modest about hls sklll. MONTE'S age ls qulte a golflng ad- vantage. He has euen found a way to make money on the course. "lt's great because all the old men golflng thlnk l'm just some dumb kld who probably doesn't know how to hold a golf club. They bet me money, and 18 holes later, they're out S100l" explained MONTE. Belng one ofthe few sophomores and one of the best golfers on the team, MONTE ls sometimes considered a "smart sophomore" by the other guys, "MONTE ls a great addition to the team, even though he ls only a sophomore," JOE HALL, a junlor teammate of MONTE'S, commented. MONTE doesn't mlnd, though. "All ofthe other guys were my frlends before, and It just happened that we all went out for thls sport," he commented. MONTE has partlclpated In numerous tournaments, taking flrst place In many of them. He hopes to win the U,S, Junlor Golf Champlonshlp ln July of 1983. U natlon-wlde golf competltlon. Wlth MONTE'S sklll he wlll deflnltely be golfing ln the future, elther ln hls spare time or maybe even as hls career. e are 6 J H . Photos Russell Jones Page by LS. Sports 187 ,Q Q? Page by AB, Photos l,2,3,4 Russell Jones Photos 5,6 Rich Ackley Cancelled in September due to lack of funds, the 1983 gymnastic team regained new life when a great deal of parent support appeared. A new volunteer coach, money raised by parents, and a new league to join, all produced a talented, win- ning team. Kathy Parker, mother of Michelle Parker, volunteered her time to coach the girls and chap- eron them at meets. In their new league, they displayed their talents and team efforts, and worked hard to keep VPHS on top. 2 . Close All P by ADRIENNE BARRISH MICHELLE PARKER How many students at VPHS are talented at 3 sports? MI- CHELLE PARKER, senlor Isl She works hard at gymnastics, track. and cross country, besldes belng a Varsity Cheerleader. At the age of nlne, MICHELLE began gymnastics at Orange Recreation Center because she felt It was an all around sport and would help her with co-ordlnatlon - "which lt did." Along with her splrlt and enthusiasm, MICHELLE went on to become a Junlor Varsity Cheerleader and then a Varslty Cheer- leader. Gymnastics also helped her In track, where she speclallzes In htgh jump, and cross country. MICHELLE has recelved many awards Including Gymnast of the Year, and Ist place ln the An-oyo Invitational. "All ofthe awards and recognition I have received from gymnastics makes It worth all the hard work." MICHELLE'S favorite gymnastic event Is the balance beam. "It is my best event and I enjoy the challenge." Thls year her mother, KATHY PARKER volunteered her tlme as VPHS's gymnastic coach. "I am very grateful to my mom for this because without a volunteer lcoachl. we wouldn 't be able to have a team," She has been offered scholarships, Including one from Long Beach State. Her maln goal is to become an "All American Gym- nast". a tltle she will be ellglble to eam at the end of college. IHS Sports I D Cindy Grech balances herself on the balance beam during an afterschool practice. Michelle Parker flys through the air to corn- plete a series of somersaults. 1983 VPHS Gymnastic Team ll to rl: Sandy Mahr, Julie Ebrite. Jamie Fastbender, Cheryl Gillett, Lori Zaremba, Kim Baker, Michelle Parker, Kim Fontana, Sheri Ab- della, Jill Moses, Denise lngle. Tanya Ferris, Sean Huggins, Teresa Gorham, Cindy Grech, Nazanin Choobak, not pic' tured: Angela Bonnaci gl Angelia Wood- side. Angela Bonnaci performs a handstand on the balance beam. Julie Ebrite concentrates during a routine on the balance beam. Angelia Woodside straddles to mount the beam Sports 189 QS I Q25 Photos 7,6, and 4. Jeff Cohen Photos l.2,3, Russell Jones Photos 5, Dirk Wakeham "Outstanding" is the only vvord that accurately describes VPI'IS's boys cross- country team. Coach Dave White and assistant coach, Mike Leong, provide the leadership the Spartans needed to keep up their winning form. They won the Santa Barbara and San Diego Invita- tionals, to begin this season. Placing third in league, our varsity team went to CIF semifinals, placing third in their heat. CIF finals was their next step. Nathan Hayden, number four runner for varsity stated, "We should do really well in CIF. Coach White and Leong really helped us all bring down our times and our run' ning has really improved! CIF is only three miles away!" ' 5 2314 '-7? ie- H ff . .f -A A ose 1 f 'reg "" 1 1 ' f. .. g - .4 .. .- I . ,Q , l IA VY A U ' il", ' r fav' . ' 1 1 ' T 1 i rar:-I gl, A rl 4-V Va , ..f i H 1-' 'I :I ' H . l 7.1. 12" Z ..,. A V fg .E " " ' V. "' ff ' , K gr - ,wk ' gif' 1 by GLORIA RENEER , ,f 0 VI, . g is-. ,. I ,. 7, it ., 1 ,,, V ' V as ,If-. Myls. "-Q ' It 7 ba-3-ff ' . I , ' '15, - 'M me C., , ,fm . NATHAN HAYDEN 1 -H ,,-.A,, ,K I r Q ' V Ifa student had read any ofthe local Orange or L.A. county newspapers last year, F' I M- :T ,,., , My the name of cross-country nmner NATHAN HA YDEN would be famlllar. However U ' - there has been llttle school publlclty for this runner. NA THAN agaln occupled the an JA If .W 'Aa' fb ,::T.',z"'j1rig numberfour spot on uarslty this year and was an outstanding nmner, but none of his ff-,. r . ' 'ff " ' " - records are well known. FRANCISCO TALA VERA sald, "He 's totally modest about ,..........,,'7 f'f11f:4 Q- 2 his nmnlng. Probably deep lnslde he wants recognltlon, but he 's not the type of person to try to please anyone. Self satisfaction ls hls biggest reward." NA THAN won two J. V. races and went to CIF semlflnals In hls sophomore year. He eamed his name on the uarslty "ull time" list and placed thlrd on the sophomore "all time" llst. At the beglnnlng of thls yeanjunlor NATHAN admlts. "I gaafed around alot and I really got out of shape. Then I got slck and was out until the mlddle ofthe season." He came back from hls Illness to wln the Orange County J. V. champlonshlp race. A few weeks later he was back on uarslty runnlng the 3 mlle under 16 mlnutes, Junlor JOHN ROBILLARD stated. "NA THAN has one of the best attitudes towards running I'ue euer seen. He ls totally dedicated and always glues 110Z." I l l l l i - larsl Nami Kevil ' 1 Wg Howl I Se , . Z: . , GUS ft-.g.5. ,. K 1, 1 A1 ,A . my .ar M+::Q" .La-:QP PF3' 1 - : e ate'-511 -1 .. , '-N A, I. :. Q.- .A - Don 51,301-2 ' 751, l - .. - lf: A - 4' M - I I. .g3""' 7' . ', , ' 4' "' I Din ' ' A y .- , ' , ' 4 4 ' J 7 'M' . Dwi 3 .. 4 i - - X l lm, 190 Sports 12 CIF O LY ii LF 3 Miles Away nlg' i My 1 iii' illfl 6 Ee :flu mica if il vile 1 ni mill mr :rl ri law img "' I , I 2-1- 5 li Varsity Cross-Country team. itopi L to R: Chris Hart, John Blair, David Parker, Nathan Hayden, and John Beck. ibottomi L to R: Don Doering, Todd Fitschen, Kevin Green, Al DeRosas, and Tom Leong. 2i J.V. Cross-Country team. itopi L to R: Paul Lewis, Keith Underwood, Mike Brase, Howard Kepler, David Tebo, Ken Survilles, Alan Eyerly, Brad Lewis. ibottomi L to R: Sean Callahan, Wesley Monroe, Don Beechan, Al DeRosas, Kevin Burnes, Craig Alexander, Roger Thayer. 3i Cross-country runners' enthusiasm is strengthened by the beauty of the terrain. 4i Mike Brase runs through Eisenhower Park's hills with no apparent concern. 5i Don Beechan and Mike Brase sweat out the last half mile of their race. 6l "Don't worry Wesley Monroe, the finish line is just around the corner!" 71 David Tebo strains to pass the Tustin High School runner, 4 l 7 1 vi, K.. 0 i- ,Sf J 6 . We ' 2 sl: 1 - ng! 7 1 Page by G.R. Sports 191 fit PngebyG.R. ....... . .. , -, -no 4 W-, ., Close ,4 ' - , ,.. , 1,-A i 9. .U ,Q U , ,350 by storm RENEER " q . ,. ,J 'H I ' 3 fr VP I A KEVIN GREEN KEVIN GREEN'S running career began In 7th grade at Cerro Villa Junior High School, partlclpatlng In track and field. Cross country is part of thls In junior hlgh schools. Little dld he know that he would become so Involved In lt, He was Involved In C. V. football when coaches HAAS and THRASH advised hlm to take up mnnlng wlth a better chance at at getting scholarships. This was hls second year competlng on VPHS cross country las a junlorl, and he already has broken the sophomore,junlor, and VPHS all course records. KEVIN received first place at both Invltatlonals they ran ln and three flrsts and one second In league. At Century league finals, he placed second, and 7th In CIF. KEVIN stated, "I hope to get first or second In CIF next year, and our team should at least he In the lop three, " KEVIN has been contacted so far this year by schools such as LSU. Arizona State, Unlverslty afPennsylvanla, and University of Columbia in New York. Next year they will compete to offer hlm the best scholarship. KEVIN'S future seems to be all sewn up. According to LISA ANDERSON, "KEVIN'S positive attitude and determination will take him far, and I wlsh hlm good luck!" ,.-,, , . Un, ,e.e- 1 r 6 41:5 '- 157. A L I", 1 , -V ' .. "4?2iZ2f12 rf' 1 l i Q i i i i i I i i .fi ' a- . x l l i" N .4 . v I ,l ,. . 11- i'i LI, . t ti" Li A M "Tired" seems to be the expression on Keith Underwood's face after his race. Tom Leong, Kevin Green, and Dave Parker are disgusted as they watch a runner from Foothill. Sophomore David Wheeler goes through line to get his number. Todd Fitschen takes a break with his stereo after his race. Russ Montgomery is seen through the trees of Eisenhower Park. Brad Dennis works hard for a Spartan victory. sl. lfsifn. ,.Q' ,. ,L . T 1, h,h' i'- u.- i l i l QF 6 g 192 Sports S ll llnm R. l l l F E ' l l i ll .. ul ll 9dl5 lacil-f isiedisilifl ' 5 numlfl race gre: Pill 2 i 10th PLACE ClFg Team "Disappointed" When CIF approached, the VPHS varsity cross country team was sure they would place at least in the top five. To the disappointment of many, they placed tenth out of the top twelve teams in Southern Section Finals. Even if the team didn't finish first, Kevin Green left the meet with an ALI.-CIF first team, Don Doering and Dave Parker, All-League first team, The 1982 varsity teams top seven runners who went to CIF were: Kevin Green, Don Doering, Dave Parker, John Beck, Chris Hart, Tom Leong, and Todd Fitschen. Parker, number three runner on varsity commented, 'iWe didn't do as well as we should have in CIF, but just watch out for us next year!" in Ns, , if-':',.-1-5. 5535 " as M'f'Wff::a2gf.f"d ' , 3 31--ss' -M4211 ' , , l 5- Ylhulv ,A V5 photos Russell Jones Sports 193 0 625 QS QQ ga Qr White Builds WIN N NG PROGRAM 4 7 if I ', we A The rumor around VPHS this year is that next year's cross country team will win CIF with no prob lem. The people spreading this rumor are probably right. Coach White has coached the Spartan Cross Country team for eight years and has done an out- standing job. Kevin Green commented, HCoach did a great job both years l've been here, and l'm sure he did just as well before that tool" Combined with the coaching staff, the top five var sity runners are returning as seniors along with out- standing sophomore and junior runners, Tom Thrasher and Craig Alexander who will probably be moving up. "Our cross country team should do really well next year," sophomore Albert Hernan- dez said. L'Varsity probably will take a first in ClF.' ,A I. :wr is-C Page by G.R. 194 Sports i W I l 1 N Rum Q luillte Plfledai mtiaggn l'U:x-:im Mimi nom Mi Hwang llfim, mn, pi is rm lliiiliingi ni, ,mi 'Uni 4 MW Ill fm img, Being , S E Plum i limit Q i 1 ll The JV team starts off at Century League Finals, 2l An Ellrflodena runner tries to catch Kevin Green, but as he discovered, nothing could stop Kevin when he was headed for victory. 33 Cross country runners passed many picturesque scenes along several courses. 4l Dave Parker runs alone, concentrating on his pace. 5l Coach White gathered the JV team for a pep talk before the start of league finals. 6l The Spartan Sophomore Cross Country Team: Back row lL to Rl: Rick Hivner, Mark Zechiel, Ken Resh, Warren Lopato, Albert Hernandez, and James Jory. Front row ll. to Rl: Brian Waltrous, Jim Bray, Tom Thrasher, and Jason Holmes. , wg . ..,.. . . -.. ,hiyt-my --5 -fvgf. I 1'-V A . . . -4,5 f Nagy, gg: X' H I UL... g. .1 .. .-J az, ,V W,,,. . . ef. ' ,,. I . 5 1 ', I. " ' "' "' 'X' . . ., Near- ,, .443 Close f by GLORIA RENEER Runner's Fleet Feet I walked up to the startlng llne as the starter called, "Villa Park to your posltlon." Pushed around wlthin the mass of mnners, I could sense the tension as the start of the race approached. Iwanned up as the starter explained the course, trying not to get too impatient. When the gun went off, lfelt the tension ease as everyone started to poundfomiard, the noise maklng my head throb. I kept myself running wlth the main pack, waiting for someone to make a break for the lead. When a tall guy from Tustln flnally sprinted ahead, the runners spread out over the course, placing me about fourth. As my tired feet trod the already wom chalk llne, my thoughts were centered an just flnlshlng this never-ending race. My throat was dry, my feet were aching, and my legs felt like rubber, but as I rounded the last comer I pushed myself. A few yards from the finish llne Ifound myself neck to neck with the tall guy from Tustln, tledforfirst place. Iknew that UI kept my knees up, pushed myself even harder, and lunged forward, I could win! Belng a VPHS runner, I knew I would try. JN L . Vw FH-' "-I 1 "' iW,e1f:, .Q ' -,fn .gf ag fftfffgfff H '-', . ' I my.. , ,if 9 vw.. , ., ' i:i",'l3'n.i' J , , , .. , ., V ,. .2 ,,, ll X, t i V , ' 2 wa 1-fam ,gg ' ' 4 it 1' C if, l T 4' ' I-1? 4 " f ' 'lt A5 31 K .4 L ,I 'VA V , .4 .1 I f If 4 1 A, 1 4: I I 1 fb 4. 1 Z, . i 1 V. 1 4 1 I 5,5 gzkwlte 1 . .. 1 ', 41 , ,, 411 W ' ,' Q A l ,tO 1 If + Q ,, 1 .Vw ' fi Z4 iff' 237' if . I' i, 'ff -if ' ,lt 5411? V' ,," 1 -ef' f, ,, f. 1 I, f., J Q, J 'Zu 2' f gr i L 1 F 35 f? x , :gif 1,111 if - ,www I 1 1,4 I M.-1 rr f 4 5 7? Q J. as-. ww Q . .V F vw ff Photos l,2.6 Dave Tebo Photos 3,4,5 Russell Jones Sports 195 CK, f r U Sf' , M5 A,-1, 7' N l tg I ,.. .V J I .1 .. X ff. Tx -. -. ' 4 , , , X. ,- '- , uf" -4 f sg 1 ' G ., ,. ., X - -... . . ,, G, ,, 'W Photos 1.3.6. Jeff cohen ,g lg . , . ,-N.. ,L ug.. , A. , , ' Photos 2,4,5. Russell Jones -. lfff, ,,: 1 'v-P - tg , f l 131' , FL i . , , e Q , , 7 , f f, X , ,, 'Al l ' -W " -'QU ' " .' " 1- an ., f- ' ' I ,, H, . ,L ., 1 -f 5, my , ' - N , . . , , , 1. . fx ' ' r' 1 . A F , X as -, ' Q xx X, K 4 5 ,QM 1' ' ,bl X . 'Q ,gf of , r A Y so . Q ' A, 5- I Y N, To . . V1 f 'r 'fi X V - . Y? , J - , f f ,ff . . Q, .fu .. so ' --J 'K' AM " ' 1 ' PV . l' Y , ,AV , 4 , ' ,r ff. ,' gf J 1 ,- 4 Nix fn nv. . ff V ,. Pwf., - 4. X R ,Jr ,, T - V if V lp I, ,SA Xl 1 My U ' " I 1 '-,',' 7 ef ' fa ff , . g--.y f'- . f I Q , f , J, W 1, L 5, .14 , 5 ., .. z.- f-. X .,'. X-,N - , . rg Q Q - , ', X x A-ix Xe' , ire' fy -sv. gy- 17, , X Y f..' . J Aly, R J ' x" Y. if 1 'Xe' ,, X X f T W f 1, If , ' ef x, ' . ' fx 3, fl N Q ef X ,'1 -M , A ,ef , X N . P U 1 ' X R Q N X ' ff A 5 1 ' x if Y I., vnu SX jf I X , I .f .1 . , 1 f , I 1 FN ' I , , A-K if Q .i'.1.4Lgi,-if .gr -sf 4 1 X, 1 N:-19-Hi M Z, K-,xg 4-.,-"T q wfs'-as -,.. Close .. M- -:ge-t M ,MJ " W f,..fw, ,+A , x :W A ,A ,bln-" ' A 1 ,X .2 ' J' 7 gZ'.',1w,,'.U .' ' U 4135 L 5 HW" 1 wife ,ml f ' . .M - ' ,,f,a?' X ' fl x , I iff " A 7' f by GLORIA RENEER fn- - 'ten - STACIE and STEPHANIE BROWNE Fans who watched a glrls cross-country meet thls year mlght haue been a llttle confused about two of the team members: they look exactly allke. Thls was STACIE and STEPHANIE BROWNE'S second year nmningfor Vllla Park High 's team, and STEPHANIE spoke for both of them when she sald, "I really enjoy nmnlng even though COACH BRUNT gets mad at me when I complain or don't want to run. But generally lt's great." These glrls not only look allke but they have many of the same oplnlons about running, their coach, MR. BRUNT, the other girls on the team, and each other. STACIE commented, "All the girls on our team get along really well. I even get along with STEPHANIE most ofthe tlme. It's nice to always have someone to talk to," They both agree that crass-country ls a very campetltlve sport and they both have to try their hardest to do well and keep up. Even though STEPHANIE has afaster time and a higher place on varsity, there are no Ill feelings, for, "It doesn't matter who wlns or loses," STACIE stated. "We'll always stlck together!" ""?U . 's '-'T' 15 , ,r . .U ,w uhm 'lbs- I fs l lflfll +V '1 A-, .5515 3,1 ,. Y' 1, 7. Wow. . . '--?V5""" 'hs ,ptr .:...q:'fff"5' W V ' ax...-ff' X lf: 9? ff! A 'lb f . ,wficzz ,. f 1 2 3 g 196 Sports .+ E i vm. l a . If if ,ft nf: 2 1 .,: 1 I I l 1 'U ll ill' P ROSS- COUNTRY Sweats It Out "Cross-Country is improving, and by next year it should be excel- lent," stated coach Dick Brunt. "Five out of the top six runners are returning next year, including the top four." After the loss of Michelle Parker to a private gymnastic club, VPHS's team was not quite the same. Parker was the fastest girl runner in the Spartan's history. Cheryl Spollino, now the number one runner for varsity, holds the record as the second fastest girl runner in Villa Park's history with a time of 19:52. She was named on the all county team and on the Orange County championship team. The girls did well winning the Varsity and J.V. Orange Invitation- als, varsity placing fifth and J.V. placing third. Unfortunately they did not do so well in league play, consequently they did not go to CIF. MM' f'Sk93?3f+Q,3v5f . .', f 1-M ll Lisa Giannini runs a race through Eisenhower Park against Tustin. 2l Cheryl Spollino points out the competition to Coach Brunt. Sl Varsity Cross-Country team. itopl L to R: Jill Mahoney, Cindy Pad- dison, Lisa Waldow, Stacie Browne, and Coach Brunt. Kbottoml l. to R: Stephanie Browne, Ann Cornell, Cheryl Spollino, and Hol- lee Spollino. 4l Varsity runners, Jill Mahoney, Cheryl Spollino, Hollee Spollino, Stacie Browne, and Cindy Paddison relax before the start. 53 Stretching out at the starting line is Ann Cornell, Lisa Giannini and Suzanne Strauss. 6l J,V. Cross-Country team. itopl l. to R: Hayley Hiedler, Karen Lu. Payne, Erika Price, and Coach Brunt. lbottoml L to R: Lisa Gian- nini, Suzanne Strauss, and Maria Geanokos. Page by G.R. Sports 197 All photos Rich Ackley XX W lm "7 4 J' 'ft' 1 1 , 7, , ef7'it"' ff' je? ' 1 f, llf- 'fel if 4 ,v-14+ ,. ,fm ,Q af ,lc g"v,j:, 2525113 4' f: 'M ff, e- - f, My f mf P 7 quw, 4 f ,, , fi. "'1'. "U '.W4dfH. , .NL -an . " 4' .Q ".,'m+ -1 " ' , -, 34. gn, 7" . ., f . ' Buff' S Q ' v e -fa. F Close by MARIANNE non BEHNKE ROBINSON "An outstanding player," stated Head Coach, BOB HUGHES. RON has been playing football successfully for elght years, three at VPHS. RON, who plays "free safety," said, "l like my posltlon a lot because other people put me on the spot during the game, and I like a challenge." RON sold, "My best game? Well, that 's a tough question. I'd have to say lt's a tle between PacU'lca and Foothill, because In both games I was pretty jlred up and made a lot of tackles." Llke most players, RON believes In the "team. " "They have great potential, but, unfortunately, not everyone ls willing to work for It." RONplans on attending college and, hopefully, playlngfootball, He hasn't yet declded where he'd like to go, but he has received many offers. "He ls an outstanding player, who really knows what's going on out on the fleld. He definitely works hard and l'm proud ofhlm, "stated COACH HUGHES. RON, obviously pleased to hear that, said, "That 's an honorable compliment comlng from a great defenslue coach. lt means a lotto me, and l'm grateful he's taught me so much. I hope to go far!" 198 Sports i l l 'i I "t l' L- U Q. 'N i I All -.l 1 il alibi rfffll' , Mui' in-- WI l ,gif-' wif! :Ilya l i i I 11 William Kim attempts to get past the Panthers, William scored a total of 2 touchdowns against the Panthers and VP, won, 19-6. 2i Lou La Rocca and Brian Raum congratulate each other on a well earned victory. Team- work! 35 Coaches clockwise, left to right: Coach Mark McMahon, Coach Bob Hughes, Coach Russ Murphy, and Assistant Coach Clark. S t 47 Ron Behnke and Steve Johnson play catch! Steve Johnson makes interception and passes to Ron Behnke to score. 55 Tim W. Johnson, William, and Mike Gomez seemed to be confused on which way to run. Johnson passes to Kim and V.P. scores again! 6l Ed Howard keeps the opponent back so Rich Olquin can make a clean run-through. Spar- tans plow the Tillers with a victory of 38-15. , ay f ., Q W - I .i J . ' , -' Wim.. .. ,pf it After long months of tough preparation, the 1983 Spartans were anxious to start the season with a victory. And a victory it was! An exciting 34-23 victory over Pacifica. A breath taking 45 yard intercep- tion by 4r49 Jeff Krause for a touchdown closed out the scoring. The next game with Katella was a defensive struggle from beginning to end resulting in a O-0 tie. The following week resulted in 'not an overly impressive effort,' but a shut out for V.P. against Long Beach Wilson, 13-O. 'iVery intense game, but we pulled it offli' ex- claimed Steve Yuhas, junior. Beginning the season with a three game winning streak was great, but the Spartans were finally crushed in one of the toughest games of the sea- son against the Foothill Knights. The defending champs, however, were stung early as V.P. scored the first time they touched the ball to bring the crowd alive. Unfortunately that was all the success V.P. has seen for a while as Foothill then scored 31 unanswered points. The game ended with a Foothill victory, 31-14. "We played hard and had a good game. There were a few bad calls and we should have scored more," commented Glenn Petty, senior. Page by RA. Sports 199 V QQ? 0 Q0 . 2 3 USHES TO CIF After the unfortunate loss the Spartans suf- fered against the Foothill Knights, VPHS came back against the Orange High Panthers. From this point on it was up and down as the SA. Saints defeated the Spartans 33-19, the Spar- tans beat the Tustin Tillers 38-15, and S.A. Val- ley with a tight score of 14-13. This particular game gave the Spartans third place in the Cen- tury League and a chance to go to the play-offs as a wild card if they continued to win. 200 Sports 'E all 414. 10 13 SCHUYLER FRANCINE "ThIs was myflrst yearplaylng Inslde llneback- er and I love It, " stated 4' 71, SCHUYLER FRAN- CINE, who also played offensive tackle for the varsI'ty team. "I guess my best game was agalnst the Canyon Comanches because I dld well on both offense and defense. My worst game was the flrst one, against PacU'lca, because I didn 't know what I was doing on defense." "I thought the team this year was very tough but Inexperlenced. We only had two retumlng starters, ED SMITH and RON BEHNKE. The In- experlence was our weakest area, but our stron- gest was that we overcame our lack of exper- lence. We dld alot better than people thought we would. " He enjoys skiing and keeplng busy. In addition tofaotbnll, SCHUYLER enjoys competlng on the Vllla Park track team on which he runs and throws the dlscus. These pictures show the intensity of the play during the CIF game against Lynwood, Coach Pat Mahoney listens patiently to Jeff Brauns opinion about the game. Mr. Mahoney assisted the JV team. Coach Jim Crukshank gives his players a pep talk. Mr. Cruk- shank along with Pat Mahoney helped coach JV'S. Eddie Howard makes a tackle as Joel Morris and Tim John- son Jr. rush to help, Eddie Howard makes his presence felt, William Kim turns the corner against tough Lynwood defense, Mike Gomez rushes to make a tackle. Tim Johnson makes a saving open field tackle on a Lynwood tight end. Eddie Howard jumps high to knock down a Katella pass. Photos l-7.l0.ll,l2.l3 Rich Ackley Photos 2.3 Russell Janes Sports 201 W qv QQ Spartans Strive For SUCCESS 'Q' i fl A Ml S!! VPHS welcomed an estimated 2,500 fans to its 1982 Home- coming game against the El Modena Vanguards. This was the Spartans second toughest game of the season, and with a loss of 34-0, it was obvious. But the Spartans kept their CIF playoff hopes alive with a 14-7 victory over the Canyon Comanches. The win over Canyon enabled VPHS to finish fourth in the Century League with a 4-3 record, making the Spartans the lead- ing candidates for the Southern Conference's wild card playoff berth. The hope of the team brought them as far as a play off game with Lynwood High School which the Spartans lost. The game ended with a score of 19-14, and VPHS's 1982 season ended with a record of 6-4-1. 1 2 l' - 202 Spons Photos 1,2 Russell Jones otos 3,4 Rich Ackley C5 ' L 1 Efiii 'rv -nit K 1 -A 4 me kc as ...f .aaa may-.? i..,,, af -' ,,..-1,4 3 Varsity team left to right: Top row: Ed Smith, Scott Hansen, K.B. Nelson, Chris Garza, Joe Hall, Scott Bain, Steve Yuhas, Lance Larsen, Tim Johnson, Jr., Tony Esquivel, Steve Dan- iels, Joe Cruz, Randy Musser. Second row: Scott Wilcher, Tim Johnson, Sr., Greg Stafford, Brian Raum, Adam Rose, Jeff Doest, Chris Holmes, Kurt Lofgren, Rod Derifield, Robert Mongell, Ron Behnke, Glenn Petty. Third row: Robert Vance, Joel Morris, Eric Severson, Mark Linder, Lou LaRocca, Bill Mecklenburg, Sean Murphy, Sugi Sorenson, Ken Marsh, Alan Rock, Kevin Bogart, Terry Ludin. Fourth row: Jeff Braun, Brad Dennis, Jeff Krause, Brian Etter, Schuyler Francine, John Blakely, Bob Salazar, Rich Olquin, Jasen Allen, Eric Hoyle, Jason Moe. Bottom row: Phil Lopiccola, William Kim, Mike Gomez, Steve Johnson, Mickey Buckle, Eddie Howard, Jeff Cruz, Dave Conti, and Scott Davis. Anticipating the endline, Sr. Tim Johnson pushes in for a score, Taking it on the run, fullback Mike Comez zig-zags through Lyn- wood's defense, William Kim rushed for 755 total yards in the season. 5 Close GLENN PETTY By MARIANNE ROBINSON GLENN PE'l"l'Y'S third year ofplaylng football for VPHS was successful. GLENN primarily played "slotback" for the Spartans. "llIked playing slotback alot because l could go outforpasses, block, and run the hall. Although, Ifl had the choice to play a different posltlon, l would've llked to play 'Tallback' because l thlnk tt's more exciting." "My best game ofthe year was against the Tustln Tlllers because I was selected Spartan ofthe week," Obviously that was a blg deal. "GLENN'S a good all-around athlete and an exceptionalfootball player. He 's got a pretty good attitude and he 's a nlce guy, " commented teammate STEVE YUHAS. "lhad a pretty good year, but I wlsh we had a chancefar the playoffs and made It to the finals. l'd like to play here next year If I got the chance," Page by M.R. Sports 203 xy 45? OO SOPHCMORES r Go For It . mi, 72, Q ...- 1 .., - "A' "A" .IBRYEUY4 .A', A fx 1' ,ip .. f at Q. . A W rg, iv 8 ,1 QWBCQQWU, .Q o Q6-1 gn- W ...jf V , ., . .,, k. f 1 4 1 . .4 9- .. . -ro. . . -1 . , Zim .1 .- s '34-4.339 -- we sr . . . W "" 2' 1... 1... ' 1 4" A"' W " 1. "'::n' A"" If "f' it '31 ' ' 1' 1 ' - ' ' ' 1 li Q ' if-, 'A "1'Z 1"' V If ',.'rl' A ,,Il,'Y,' l Vlil MMM I I , Q ilil mf! .,,, . 1 -A,' l I A ,l1,...2 4 li .1 ,,K,' Y b.Q.l,-5 ----. ' f1" "'N "The Spartans Sophomore football team of 1982 did very well, we had fun and the coaches were great," exclaimed team member Don Norsworthy. The Spartans were victorious over Pacifica with a score of 17-8, beat Katella 35-7, and shut out Long Beach Wilson 27-O. They then were defeated by the Foothill Knights 7-O. From this point on the Spartans were "fired up." They held a five game winning streak in which they attacked the Panthers 23-21, shut out Santa Ana 22-O, plowed the Tillers 23-6, beat Santa Ana Valley 33-6, and defeated the El Modena Vanguards 17-14. The Spartans lost their final against the Canyon Comanches 14-12. "Overall, I think we did great," commented Zachary Hall. The Spartans ended their season with 8 wins, 2 losses. ln the league, the Spartans finished with 5 wins and 2 losses. They came in third in the Century League. "The team goofed off a lot, but we got the job done and we were proud. Over- all, we had a great year!" exclaimed Tracy Burdine. 1 2 204 Sports Photon l,3.4.5, Dirk Wakeham Photo 2. Russell Jones 'D JKT . , ll fn 4, Jiri? ,f I ,I 1 ' -4 rw' 1' f 1- , ' ,-gg f, . 12,2 V ' P' , I . ,A X 2 W 415 A 4,75 Q 'I ,J 5, A , W -V 1" ' f' 3, Q Irwin. '44 ' ' I 'ff-.Tl ,, 1. -,Lf 4 "J"-W 'V -L tt ., . :.F.f-121' , ,ga yu of-W,-e we ' . V '-15" -'Q --' :ku 'fffff N74 ' ' df . ..,. ,-,I 4 . , , , ,,,' . , H ., V , ,,, ..,.AM, s . ,-1 7.x if ffm '. , g '. .1 . ,V I 5 ,.y. A X 11435. 'I 21 V f ' f ' ' e,e.a.,.l,L, '- 3 Sophomore team left to right: Top Row: Coach Dennis Moody, Matt Koob, Jim Harlan, Todd Moeller, Phil Radak, Chris Norman, Wes Jacobs, Brian Reccia. Jeff Strupp, Casey Heilder, Tony Ramirez, David Stern, Ron Norman, Coach Russ Murphy. Second Row: Paul Pedroso, Jason Wesner, Mike Linzoain, Larry Singerman, Matt Kelchner, Derek Guelker, Dan Norsworthy, Zach Hall, Chris Har- baugh, Max Bravo, Scott Holt, Jelf Beadle. Third Row: Ron Ross, Taylor Ohlsen, Kurt Mortensen, Tony Temblador, Don Norsworthy, Eric Bryant, Greg Wakefield, Don Brown, Rick Fox, Jim Radzik, Brian Maida, Scott Barrett, Scott Worthington. Bottom Row: Tracy Burdine, Chris Stamos, Tony Nequette, Eric Scott, Jeff Bedell, Brent Riebe, Jess Martinez, Paul Daniels, Mark DeLuca, Mark Fers- chin, Craig Braun, Scott Shimoda. Scott Shimoda calls signals to the receivers. Clutched in the arms of a Tustin Tiller, Scott Shimoda still manages to complete a pass. Matt Koob kicks off for the first game of a successful season. The defense blocked KateIla's rushing game and won 35-7. Close P By MARIANNE ROBINSON JIM RADZIK "RADZIK would be a good choice for a close up slnce he was an outstanding player," COACH MCMAHON exclalmed. '45, JIM RADZIK, played fullback for the sophomore team. "I liked playing fullback because I got to nm the ball a lot, JIM sald. JIM couldn 't recall his best game but sold, "I played them all pretty decently." "I plan on contlnulng to play football my next two years at VPHS." In addition to football, JIM ran on the track team and plans to repeat that too. JIM hopes to attend college, but doesn't plan on playing football there because he feels school ls more Important. "I llke to keep busy by surfing, dancing, hanging ou! with my friends, and working as a bus boy at Yen Ching, a Chinese restaurant." "I had a good year and a lot of fun," JIM said, "But I stlll don't know, what does halrcuttlng have to do with football?" We 1 , ' Page by M.R. Sports 205 Cb 459 Close by FRANCISCO TALA VERA DEIDRA WILSON DEIDRA WILSON, the number one player on the Girl's Varsity Tennis Team, attributes her success to her commitment to the game. "Tennis is about 90? of my everyday life," DEIDRA commented. Making the semi-finals in the Southwestern National Junior's lgirls IM Championship, was her highest acheivement. "l run about two miles a day for conditioning," commented DEIDRA. Along with running, DEIDRA drills with CHUCK BOYLE. "I get to play with a good player. BOYLE works me very hard." RON METCALF, DElDRA'S coach added, "DEIDRA is a dedicated, hard hitting, aggres- sive player. She works out everyday." METCALF further describes DEIDRA as just plain talented. When DEIDRA is playing a match her concentration is centered on her game. "When l lose a match, l work harder, to analyze my game, and look back to what l have done wrong." "Because of tennis I have become more mature. I have to travel by myself a lot. I grew up fast. You can not be immature and play serious tennis," DEIDRA commented. DIEDRA hopes to receive a tennis scholarship and continue playing the game. Coach METCALF summed It up, "DElDRA, lbelleve, can go as far as her will und desire can take her." k,,.,! v I 1, R, in x Y 4 rytx 1,61 X yi tt? Z 3 206 Spons Page by F,T, J, wi 1-145 ,T it , wt' L ..r ' l - i-iii' in M gli, oi" i 4 ffefii ily l rim' y l f A llgfffillrfi 2 . 2. fl- . 2 STROKES Genius Susan Gault prepares for a forehand shot. Susan is one-halt of the number one doubles team, Girls Junior Varsity. From l.-R3 Karen Howlwiler, Julie Van Vooren, Perry Selman, Monilee Scott, Karen Rogers, Pam Keller, Lea Deakins, Karen Kesselman, and Christine Kato. Julie Polard hits a crosscourt backhand. Julie, the number two varsity singles, player shows her tennis ability against Tustin opponents. Girls Varsity. From l.-R3 Julie Polard, Jackie Morris, Susan Gault, Carol MacKinnon, Deidra Wilson, Heidi Feidler, Lori Zaremba, Debbie Lofaro, and Barbra Birney. Coach Sue Marta, gives last minute advice to Debbie Lofaro, and Lori Zaremba on how to beat their opponents. Deidra Wilson, pride of VPl-lS's girls tennis team, hits a down the line shot. Deidra shows her talent at a home match. "The girl's tennis team this year is one of the strongest VPHS has ever had," commented Coach Sue Gardiner. The varsity team was second in the league be- hind Foothill. The varsity's only loss was to Foothill. "We scored the most points against Foothill, in the history of their girl's tennis team," Gardiner com- mented. The varsity ended the season 12-2 while the junior varsity finished 7-7. ' The varsity continued to CIF. They won the first fl round against San Gorgonio but lost in the second round to the team seeded second, Laguna Beach. Diedra Wilson, the number one singles player, V continued to represent the school in singles. Dei- t ',,, M dra lost in the second round. Accompanying Dei- ' dra was doubles team Sue Gault and Jackie Morris. Sue and Jackie placed third in league. , Gardiner concluded by saying, 'LThe girls - 1 played as a team, They were an open group." Gardiner added, "Next year will be stronger if not betterf' .1 4 I V AW' VM H. . M, ,Q,,.,,, ,,,,,.mwq-rvaxvwnwsq-,Q.s,.wev vvwflrv11ev'L " ' xi .1 b Photo 2 Russell Jones. Photos l,3,4.5,6 Dirk Wakeham. 207 A W it? to QW DIVES FOR Victory R3 -wwwwmm mg 1 Seven returning Varsity volleyball players, three new plays ers and a new head coach, Miss Jodi Mullen, led to a winning season. Mullen held summer practices to pick her teams and began daily three hour practices after school. Captains, Julie Colburn and Sheri Smith, led the warm-ups and stretching exercises during practices and before the games. The teams learned to know and work with each other through practice drills such as 'LDigging", "Serve Receiven, and i'Pepper." "Unity and togethernessf' says Mullen, is the key to victory. Along with playing for enjoyment, Varsity played to their best ability for their wins. The long hours of hard practice paid off with a record of 9 wins and 5 losses, a third place in the Century League, and a CIF invitation, A 7-7 season, valuable experience, and coaching from Mr. Mike Magnusson, means that next years Varsity will benefit. Junior Varsity spent many long hours with the Varsity this season, warming-up, ball handling, and encouraging each oth- er. Captains, Karen Granito and Robyn Gillon, led through example and Robyn even set for Varsity on several occasions. The volleyball teams this season not only gained bigger crowds but a better reputation, l l l l rl l vm , nw 9 l 1 rl lil il in l t,. 4 l l lrl l mv-.-5-Ai-W Ms- Q! 'P 'ff' T 'A ---Y V -.A sg N 1.1 . T- ,. 2 . . "" "W, l 1 2 l I-Il JDD 5 Hnfm Wim "W HR. 1979, M. l llllnl., Summa MW: W. Wki l uwhlltr ' 1 me ' Www mlltlrm i Slfllds , flrlgmm Nr 3' 1 , i . 5 I in ' I Qi , wr., X 208 Spons I QL l X Page by K.W. I 7 1 'ls i Z me ll ' Photos l,2, Rich Ackley Photos 4,5. Russell Jones Photos 3,6, Jeff Cohen 1. Julie Carroll and Kelly Trollinger take a dive. 2. Julie Colburn goes for a i'spike" while Kelly Trollinger and Anne Obersch- lake "cover her hit". Julie and Sheri Smith were the key spikers. 3 The coaches and members of the Varsity Volleyball team, L to R: Miss Jodi Mullen, Julie Colburn, Anne Oberschlake, Mr. Mike Magnusson, Ka' ren Wedaa, Sheri Smith, Debbie Harmes, Carla Levy, Pam Watrous, Diane Crossman, Kelly Trollinger and Julie Carroll. 4 Julie Paino, springing to the net, makes a "block", Playing on Junior Varsity for two years, Julie was the key blocker. 5. Kandi Bryant and Stacey Stimac, staying low for defense, are ready forthe spike. Defense was one of the marks for both teams' wins this season. 6 The coaches and members ol the Junior Varsity Volleyball team are, L to R: Mr. Mike Magnusson. Jayne Thomas, Kim Klinger, Laura Janzen, Ro- byn Gillon, Miss Jodi Mullen, Laurie Kornely, Julie Paino, Karen Granito, Kandi Bryant, Stacey Stimac, Cheryl Till and Tracey Stimac. as .f-'-s ' ' ' I 4 Close 1 2'1"-'V ,.G, lx V -1 V I, A ,. li : Miss JODI MULLEN By KAREN WEDAA Her flrst year of coachlng was a success! MISS JODI MULLEN, new head volleyball coach, retumed to her alma mater after attending North Park College, llllnols, for four years. MR. TED MUL1.EN,herfather, led ourfaotball team to CIF six tlmes through 1971- 1979. "Growing up active ln sports, I always thought that one day l'd love to coach," sald MULLEN, Keeping this ln mlnd, she took time to watch her father ln what he dld. He always took an active Interest ln hls players llues and stressed unity and togethemess above all else. "He's a wlnner," she commented, "So lfelt hls concepts were worth trying. " She feels that an attitude of respect and trust are essential ln bulldlng and producing wlnnlng teams. Wlnnlng lsn 't everything however. She doesn 't believe ln wlnnlng at all costs. "I play to wln and I love to wln, but trlte as lt may be, playing your best and glvlng lt all you can are all anyone can ever expect from one another." She feels that her tel.-m members are much more than just athletes and they feel that she ls much more than just another coach. "Coaching ls truly one ofthe most gratifying experiences of my life and1'm thankful for the team 1 was given to begln my career with!" 'ei "" i'i"'1 .? ww" ' A 4 .. , H Sports 209 911 5 Z-'Li if In V' -- 5 if it riiyzf' FLW. 3 "CIF" were the bold letters that came into focus for the girls volleyball team. After earn- ing third place in the Century League, sud- denly their CIF goal was accomplished. All they had been waiting for was about to begin. They traveled on the bus to play Los Ami- gos, a first place team. Both Junior Varsity and Varsity were combined into one team and announced by name and number before the largest crowd of the year. 'LThe support from the crowd, cheerleaders, Principal Dr. Jack Fox, and Activities Director, Julia Thielman, were much appreciated by the team," enthused Julie Carroll. After long ball handling and warming up, the series of games began. They lost the first three games with the scores, 15-9, 15-7, and a close 15-11. Pam Watrous comments, 'LI have never seen us work harder than we did for those last two points of the gamefl "The season ended with tears," said coach Jodi Mullen, 'inot because of the loss, but because our season was over." Page by K,E.W. CIF GOAL Pam Watrous sets the ball to the middle for a "spike," Pam who recently moved from Kansas, contributed to the Varsity team as one of the key setters. Robyn Gillon takes a step back to watch the set ball into Julie Colburn's hand, Debbie Harmes, Sheri Smith, and Kelly Trollinger, intensely cover her "hit," Substitutions were done frequently and for specialized situations. Getting ready for the substitu- tion Karen Wedaa gives Carla Levy words of encouragement, Sheri Smith goes lor a "spike" while Diane Crossman, Julie Carroll, Julie Colburn, Kelly Trollinger and Pam Watrous watch for the "Block," Coach Mike Magnusson watches coach Jodi Mullen yell over the band to her team as Diane Crossman, Pam Watrous and Julie Colburn listen to her advice, f. -4 1 . -.,J'f"r..' Cm' qt.f were 64 img vai- 'faur have te Irv:-me et-:mf Y:-. are he LMS 915005 vm .pear Lua mmap: :qw FILA .... iv dl. 4' 1 it 6.10371 . , ,, f, ' ' W "" Vw. -J Y'-uN"""""' W -f---..,,,, 5- to , . ...., ' ,fy -I 5 A ' 0 'wr " 'rv' , W- '-2 -- 6-...A 7 I ci V 7 ' 'T . " ,M , , ei 4 1.1 LL l By KAREN WEDAA lnjurles are a part of every sport, volleyball Is no exceptlon. The gIrls I volleyball teams stumbled upon a few, however, the glrls leamed to -' A 5 play wIth paln. Y "Q", ' , Q a SHERI SMITH, senlor, had serlous and painful problems wIth her 1 ' 5 knees that began before the season. But thls dIdn't stop SHERI, who 5 ' played the entlre season with the help of braces worn on her knees and was awarded All-League. ' KANDI BRYANT, sophomore, was another athlete to struggle wlth this paln. ln the seventh grade, KANDI had surgery on both her knees due to pressure and was out of sports forflve months. She also wore a brace to prevent further Injury. During the season, junior, PAM WATROUS. sprained her thumb while "dIggIng" a ball. FAM, one ofthe key setters, played wlth a lot of paln but "hung In tough"-for the rest of the season. Leamlng to "dIve" was one ofthe goals of many girls on the team. ANNE OBERSCHLAKE, senior, leamed the hard way by spllttlng her chin open on the gym floor attempting thIs skill. JULIE PAINO, junior, ended her season wlth tom llgaments In her ankle, She fell over a team mate during the final game and was on crutches for a few days. JULIE COLBURN, KAREN WEDAA, STACEYSTIMAC and DIANE CROSSMAN suffered mlnor Injurles such as shln spllnts, pulled mus- cles, sprained ankles and jammed flngers. "li" -.1? 'l?i" ' l ,,v f", -1 .- X i' M Bandaids helped hold the team together. When the glrls complained about brulses and bums on thelr knees, elbows, and hlps, MULLEN always sald, "but that's the beauty ofplay- P Ing a sport." Sports 211 Sw SY' Page by J.J. Photo 1, Jeff Lung I , Photo 3, Rich Ackley ' Photos 2,4,5.6. Russel I Jones I Wywml MU if 4 ,,.v7'fl F". 2 Lf' 1 . V he ff-1437 W ,T ' uffkgz f - , .F c , by JUDY JONES ' A 7 - " ' ? 7 -A Averaglng 4 to 5 goals per game, senior and leadlng scorer, JIM f , , , Y NOWAK, surpassed DOUG KIMBLE'S VPHS Water Polo record ' L of 210 total goals scored In 3 seasons of play. V' - V ,, f' L-5, ' -- '-Qmfw , , 1 . ,J Q -,I .I ., ,til ,.,,-.-K "The role set upfor JIM was to be the team leader, and to help ' 1. " " 'ggi motivate the team," stated COACH JEFF EHRLICH. Other team members, like BOB DROBISH, commented, "JIM is the offensive key to the team." ' A JIM, one of only two retumlng varslty players from last year's JIM NOWA - A CIF champlonshlp team, stated, "Belng a retumlng player ls bad In K ' :If 4 ' .- -3 ' ' " 'ffm , , sameways, because the other teams key on me, because they know ' ' A wha I am, It 's also bud, because I'm not used to playing with the 3 -ff-1.. ",fJfg..Q,1w','L5f "Eff f- ' ,-4-,1 . I . other new team members. It's good, because I'm recognized as a - I- "ul i good player by the coaches." X'-., Q 'Iwi , "Asfor thefuture, Ihope to receive a scholarship to college, and li' f i. ,4 I I want to compete ln the 1988 Olympics." p V "' is wif. QQ' - ' ' .V . in in 3 ' , ' .,f L' . 'SIMS-rf ,Af 3 Sports M H4 :fl is I Y. ls.-I-l 22:4 .2 is if I '41 Z ll Launching a pass to a teammate, Jason Jeffries fJ.J.J leads the attack, J.J. was the only starting sophomore. PDLO 21 Attempting to make a vital goal, Jim Nowak prepares himself, This goal helped Jim achieve the VPHS scoring record. 3l Bruce Marteney, JV, holds his breath as he lines up a goal. A strong JV team kept the PADDLE 41 Lips pursed in grim determination, Mark Maizel, goalie, points out an attacking Servite player. Directing the defense is one of the goalie's most important jobs. SI Encouraging team support, Coach Jeff Ehrlich, shows where the team needs to direct their attention. Ehrlich is known for his inspirational pep talks, Sl Yelling to get other players' attention, Greg Hill attempts a pass to a position closer to the goal. Teamwork is very important to a Water Polo team. 3 E. A ' ' . Q . aewt 'W1 Sl if -1 ,I . af ,M -.7 aes: .c1.W,aWZ' 1 , g b A 3 f. . -W A 54 - -wa , 4 2' . '11 4-' .: - 5 f1""'13, "ff ' 1" xt V L 'fling gy f 4 ff fn I ,, f : " " 'ff i,1wu,::-452254- a ff" fj'1Lf31H wa-for 5.1:--: 3.1. wiv 4' " awp- zg hfgzgif- fa 0'-7 AJ,-'f '?,l'l7 . ..:.-,,.,g-J, WK , . - --1-'a f'-14 I Muff-. - . . , X WX Water polo does it again! Under the direction of Coach Jeff Ehrlich, polo finished second in Century League. With only two varsity players returning from last year, this was team effort. "I spend about six hours a day working with the polo team. I enjoy coaching polo because of it being outdoors in the fresh air, I'm very pleased with the team's performance so far," said Ehrlich. Whatever Ehrlich does it works, because for the last 8 years polo has made it to CIF. Five out of six of those 8 years the team has made it to semifinals, and for the last three years polo has made it to finals. "Without the little guy, I don't feel that we could have made it this far,', said Bruce Mar- teney. Jeff Lung said, f'He's a dedicated coach." LX, will . Q 1 1' 3 ,B e A- 9.1 -1, xg, A. t p ag 65221-5.2 2 F H .. 9.1.54 I, 1 IJ- . , J., .,,v whijikjg, 5 6 Sports 213 by JUDY JONES f QRS 9 Page by J.J. Photos l,2, Dirk Wakeham Photos 3,4,5.6, Rich Ackley Photo 7, Russell Jones 11 21 31 41 51 6-71 Varsity A and B Teams ' Jim Nowack, Mark Maizel, Mike Nelson, Don Maloy, GIGS Hill, Scott English, Mark Tutwiler, Bruce Marteney, Jon Goldsmith, Bill Perry, Tim Edgmon, Jeff Lung, Jason Jeffries, Scott Wells, Steve Galus, Rich Ackley, Mehrodad Golshani, Brett Obuljen. Sophomores L to R, Marc Klinge, David Robinson, Momte Variako- jis, Tom Leblanc, Darrin Haskins, Jack Jesson, Rich Brown, Mar- tin McDonald, Morgan Goldsmith, Jim Rose, Jay Huber, Mark Mar- golis. Mark Tutwhiler struggles to make his 150th pushup, Stat girls L to R, Judy Jones, Celia Giacobbi, Beth Gabourie enjoy watching a Polo game. Adrienne Barrish, not pictured, Bob Drobish gives his undivided attention to the aerobics teacher. Eggbeatering up Mark Maizel tries to steal the ball from the coaches pic- tured, Doug Kimble, John Kulisich, and Jeff Erhlich. if s ,fZ4:6'1,:1r,3f,3Z"' "2'C,'7Xf.Q3'-Q' 9 'f-43' wr. 7-1. I' f 1 . , 4, A L, 1 7 ,V , ' fl . , ,. U A ,,,,,, X I 1 V 'Z pm . . ' M WW . ie fl ,. 77 ll .. Q-'Nl-,,Q,.1-iid M52 WM 3'5" -e . T'f.,'l'i? --L - H 214 Sports . J 4 MARK MAZIEI. Close P "MARK MAZIEL, senlor, ls one of the best goalles at the high school level that I've ever seen. He has came a long way slnce last year," sold Coach JEFF ERLICH. "I feel that my partlclpatlon In the game has a great Impact on the outcome because, I have more experience than any other goalie on the team, and the experience glues me confidence going lnto the games." Through 20 games MARK has over 189 saves. "I make players work for shots and their goals," sald MARK. "I didn 't really choose to be put In the goal, I was stuck there, but I'm happy that I stayed," suld MARK. Other team members appreciate MARK'S presence ln the net. GREG HILL. teammate, said, "He could be as good a player ln the fleld as ln the goal, because Ile is smart and works hard." As one ofthe two retumlng starting players from last year MARK said, "Ifeel honored to be glven the chance to play again on a CIF championship team. I hope I have helped the team in CIF more than I dld last year." ,f ,f Vi 1 1-,,. wt' 99'h,, f, . plz to dir 011 HC WE shi ol Wil mf 4 S S lllljn lill ll'-llill Stew lllllv 'l' llu- nl M., en, ll. .flies 3: S S Mm, Hflm. Wwe llmgfg muwrfi lleqpm IWW. if Plfim :o Mlumgi llllllir ltihiizg dleugwzn lenm:. lumen nlkzlzu W illovfl':- ld yea -1 Z r -Z-qf"V9? ' 5 Aerobics became a big part of water polo players' mornings. Getting up at dawn and going to school became routine. Eric Kuli said, "We didn't mind the hard work, because it paid off in our games." The team adopted the slogan, "Champions don't sleep in!" When VPHS played Foothill and the game went into overtime, VPHS victorious, the work showed. The extra effort also showed at the end of the season when varsity ended its season 16 wins, 7 losses, jv's 14 wins, 5 losses, and sopho- mores' 14 wins and 5 losses. Polo Players PRACTICE Panting v. iw I' ii: 1 4 . ff,4, Y 4 5 .. ' 6 545, I ' X X ,. A -if , 1 ' 1 ,,,, ef K A ,. -3 , - ' xg ' ,4 'lf me " if me -Liga.: 6 7 Sports 215 Xf X Page by J.J, All photos Russell Jones 13 Struggling to get away from a Tustin player, Don Maloy draws an ejec- tion. Much of the action took place under water. 23 An enthusiastic crowd cheers on VPHS after they score. 33 After taking a timeout during the fourth quarter to instruct the starters, coaches Kulisich and Kimbell point out things they want accomplished. 43 Raising their arms in victory, Jim Nowak salutes Mike Nelson after his hard earned goal. VPHS went on to score 2 more goals. 53 Forcefully Jim Nowak fires one of the first goals of the game. Jim was responsible for VPHS's early lead against Tustin. 63 Stealing the ball away from a Tustin player, Mike Nelson hurts the Tiller's offense, VPHS ended with 12 total steals. 4' .. Close ln-, - . -- b ' - 'f JEFF EHRLICH by JUDY JONES JEFF EHRLICH, coachlng slnce he was 19, used to play at Pacifica Hlgh School. He was golng to attend San Diego State and major ln business, however, he received a phone call from the athletlc director at Paclflca, who offered EHRLICH ajob as head coach. "1jumped at the chance. "But because EHRLICH was not certified, the auto teacher was listed as the head coach WI dld all the coachlng."3 ln 1974, EHRLICH left Paclflca to come to VPHS. Polo has made It to C1Fplay0ffsfrom1975-1982,lncludIng the 1982's second place, 3A, CIF finish. "EHRL1CH'S talent ls his Chrlstlan up-bringing, Including no smok- ing. no drlnklng, and no profanity, that he passes on to the team. This keeps us In Une." stated BRUCE MARTENEY. Ex-player and now coach DOUG KIMHELL sold, HEHRLICH makes the guys an the team account for where they are and makes sure the team practices all together. " "I would never change hlgh schools fagaln3 becausel'm happy here, " stated EHRLICH. 216 Sports 2nd in CIF ,M 1 I 1 ' , 4' 2.1 I I 'Jr , - ' " "D: I if 'I 1 . ,-v .4 , I, . . . 1,1 1, Y N, I A .vi A 1Z.A::Aj,i 5 1 At Hom r we Q 'W 'QP . 1 ,, I ,-',' - " " Why jf' 5, ff 1 U 1982 was no different, Water Polo ended league at 6- 1, and finished 3A - runner up in CIF finals. With a record like this it's no surprise that when VPHS dives into the water, they create a big splash. Not only does VPHS have a great team record, but individuals do also. A school record set this year, is the all time high goal record. Doug KirnbelI's old record of 210 goals for a three year period was broken by Jim Nowak's new record of 236 total goals. Other personal records are held by: Starting goalie, Mark Maizel, with 200 saves during this year, broke his last year's record of 189. Starting sophomore Jason Jefferies ended his first season of play with 27 total goals. Success did not come from just individuals, but from the whole team of: Bob Drobish, Scott English, Greg Hill, Jason Jefferies, Eric Kuli, Mark Maizel, Don Maloy, Bruce Marteney, Mike Nelson, Paul Nelson, Jim Nowak, and Mark Tutwiler, working together. "2 Q, ! 97 , " Za , . nf 4+ wid' ' 'EE' 14 2 ' , as ll V A"4' We , wt ' r r mg if-V 5 Y Q , fwa, vs . Sports 217 4 W After years of being looked upon as a second class sports program, the w 82-83 VPl'lS's Varsity Basketball team left a legacy that may turn around the program and create a first class basket school. The highlight of the season was having the best record in seven years, ac- cording to Coach Val Popov. The teams from the previous three years combined had won a total of 11 games. This year's team achieved 8 wins overall, in league four and ten, making it the best team in seven years. "It was probably the least talented team in the past few years, but it was the best team because of togetherness and coachability," said Popov. "The players deserve a great deal of credit from this school. They played .W in the VPHS tradition: hard working, never quitting, and always showing best effort," said a proud Popov. 'f xf".f fry, aff L 1 2 By ADRIENNE BARRISH Basketball can be a game ol Inches, In thls case, ANDREW BEYER'S seven Inch growth spurt between hIs sophomore and , I junlor year. Now at 6'5" It helped hlm go from a sophomorefJV player to the VarsIty's leadlng scorer, . Haulng played basketball slnce fourth grade, It has always been .,.,3 X , afavorlte of hls. He became Interested In thls sport because o his ! ' I older brothers' partlclpatlon. Thls payed off wlth his 16.3 olnt ' . 0 .q.AA.A, fl I ' average' P ANDREW BEVER Andrew, thlnklng highly ol Coach VAL POPOV commented, "Coach POPOV devoted hlmsell to the whole team." His most memorable game was late ln the season when they defeated Orange. "I played a good game, scorlng 27 points. This was the first time In seven years we had beat Orange," ANDREW sald. Alter high school ANDREW plans to go to college at Redlands Cl to play basketball or UCLA to study law. He commented, "Summing up the season, "this year we learned how to wln." UP 218 Sports Photo 5 Jeff Lung Page by A.B. BASKETBALL Bounces Photos l,2,3,4,6,7 Russell Jones i Ron Behnke tries to complete a layup against Foot- hill. Cheering their team on, Greg Stafford, Mark Red- ding, Ron Behnke, and Andrew Beyer try to tire up the substitutes. Coach Val Popov gives pointers to Darin Moeller. Andrew Beyer calls for the ball as he posts-up. 1982-83 Varsity Basketball team KL to Rl: Coach Val Popov, Mark Redding, John Linford, Ron Behnke, Wes Jacobs, Greg Stafford, Andrew Beyer, Steve Carter, Darin Moeller, Robbie Vi- cario, Eddie Rodieck 8: Coach Hayes. Robbie Vicario concentrates as he attempts a free throw. Andrew Beyer tips the ball to Mark Redding to start a fast break. -Qi .fi it . 1 . ..,Q. si 5 ""ly.., Q 'LH l. Sports 219 'S vw Q9 Photos 1.5.7 Jell Lung Photos Rich Ackley Page by B.D. REACHES for rim W QQ '50 bn, ourjlma llaur , We f . . ' - ","ifTf,fW 'fiwmmpoa Offlllff flu ,fa ,",y ..-,..,..,,,,,,,,,,,M..:,Qd. ,,.,,, I ,I .- s ' 1, "f.- ff g.-,,.w.' " ' - 1 77 X 7 Xl' ' , nz K' , -H' .,, g . " ' uw B ... l Vince Ayers, Tony Ramirez, and Ryan Gillette look on as Tom Reiff tries to tip the ball to one of them. David Dufault receives the tip from Matt Koob as Chris Steensland gets ready to charge down the court. Matt Koob watches as Jeff Fulton shoots for two points. The junior varsity team, 1 to r: Coach Hayes, Mike Christensen, Chad Hallock, Ralph Sandoval, Jeff Fulton, Matt Koob, Dave Harlan, Doug King, Steve Nichols. The sophomore varsity team, l to r: Coach Moody, Chris Steensland, Todd Moeller, Mike Linzoain, David Dufault, John Russo, Joe Hertel, Mickey Chriswell, Steve Williams. John Russo powers up as Matt Koob waits for a possible follow-up. The sophomore junior varsity, I to r: Coach Behnke, Paul Ohta, Henry Wiehebrink, David Hewes, Vince Ayers, Tom Reiff, Tony Ra- mirez, Guy Oudejans, Scott Slawson, Ryan Gillette, Kevin Cosca, Justin Hollars. ' Close My -' 'T'-?9g,.'f1L! -...,...- H ,-,, . :?:g:i,:.f ff- , if r f . fi Q ,- . f' :cw -,f'-- f -' lkvl I , I li 1 an ' . penn- ie. 1 By BETH DUFAULT DOUG KING Being short would stop most peoplefrom even attempting to play basketball, but notjunlor DOUG KING. At 5'9", DOUG may not have been the tallest player on the JV team, but he was one ofthe best. He helped to lead the JV-junior uarslty by being one of the leading scorers an the team. He ended up maklng 188 points for the season. DOUG has played basketball the past two seasons at Vllla Park as a guard. "My mast memorable game," stated DOUG, "was agalnst Foothill this season. It was the first time I scored twenty points." "I'm very proud of DOUG and the progress he has made," stated DOUG 's coach, CRAIG HA YES. "During the season, he was the player we looked to for a basket. He 's one of our top shooters In the program." DOUG wants to play basketball In college and he hopes tt will help out his sports medlclne CIITECY. When asked why his team dld notfare well this season. DOUG replied, "Our team was too short. All of the guys on the other teams were bigger than us." 220 Sports u-. - 19 ..- -n , 1 19 A 4 4 I '1 4 Qu L P 4 0. ft 1 N i X N A 4, my 1 -N., N xx N --'-'Q"F-L ""- Q..- Ts"-Q E -05.5 . , 1 -..,...,t I Q -nnnqq.....- - V . The JV team, led by coach Craig Hayes, had a final overall record of 3417. "We had out ups and downs. Injuries and other adversities af- fected us at times. "Contrary to our record C5-15l, individually there was improvement by all members of the team," stated sophomorefvarsity coach Den- nis Moody. "The value of this team will be measured in their varsity years." SophomorefJV coach Jeff Behnke led his team to an 8-12 season. l'Our team played very well together," commented player Scott Slawson. "I can't wait until next year!" N . G ll, , is --....,,- A ? I gllfvf- EQ 5A Q 1i I .li ' Z ' 'V A . ,, -F'v.:.4-,NJ-Z: 6 lt -"'ar'2.V lv - W' " "VT1"YJr'i' ' ' ' W, XM: +l""w .url I Q. I 1 4 dir 3 :gg :SE EV, We I - r 1 7?- 7211: ,ff 4 , 5 mvwfiff' miles: R vt tm WW 53596 OVW' 5 4 xlfv Vlliwf 33 4st 3 UU l lm? ,fniiisfl , dthxcllllfv ,Wful-W ,gmnllfl Wudilw 4 ' W X w-f' 'ik' 2 Sports 221 K W v r gp-u-suv v-. 1 We 'E a . 1 Close by Staff CONNIE WAIKLE At 6-9, CONNlE WAlKLE has a dlstlnctlon: she ls the tallestfemale basketball player In the U.S. This Is a dlstlnctlon not always easy to Hue with. "l sometimes recelue snlde remarks from envlaus students. lt seems they have to cut you dawn to slze. Maybe they are just jealous or something." CONNIE stated. "lt makes It easler knowing my parents have already been through what I am experiencing now. "she continued. Herfatherls 6-7, her mother 6-1 and her 14-year old brother can already look her in the eye. There are advantages to her height. especially on a basketball court. There she stands head and shoulders above the crowd. Many college recruiters have contacted CONNlE's couch. "l thlnk she ls golng to get better," IRBY sald. "l don 't thlnk she has caught up with her growth yet." He continued. "CONNlE became a valuable player for the team. Although she was not the only outstanding player. she was the key reason for our success this year." f M4 'Nu ,X f,I' 'I "I il 1 1 I ul- I1 dll" ,QV I, I I I 2 .Ai fi' I' 4' 1 if 222 Sports Page by Stuff Photos Russell Jones Photos 4.5.6 Rich Ackley I 1 Va S.. ., 252- l :evil I . ' 'ref U1 01? 1 . S3 W' 31.5 5 2.1 Ili Z 1 I. i I N I I W Varsity basketball reached new heights this season. Led by Connie Waikle lSrl who averaged 22 points a game and Chris Lambrose Url, 17 point aver- age, the lady hoopsters lost only to Foothill and Tustin in league. Employing a tough zone defense, they bounced back to defeat both teams, Foothill for the first time in seven years. Other firsts for the team were winning the Century League Title and reach- ing the third round of ClF playoffs. Their loss to Esperanza, the defending 3A girls basketball champs, 47-41, brought the most successful season to a close, but they achieved all their pre-season goals. Girls Reach SEMI-F I ALS CIF Tourney em 'H' EQ 4 U 'M lx ff .,,, I 1' -it I .ix e' +...qd 6 R' ' if 5 Coaches Jim Irby and Dave Holcombe gather the team during a time out, Spending a quick time out to reorganize often turned a game. Connie Waikle looses a soft jump shot over a Foothill player. Connie possesed a fine short jumper. Sandra Johnson concentrates on rebounding. Reco- vering a missed shot often meant another chance to score. Rachelle Cabrera takes a free throw as Connie Waikle and Sandra Johnson prepare to grab the rebound. Kris Lambrose and Jackie Kenrich show their happiness at another ClF victory. Jackie, a J.V. play- er, was brought up to Varsity during CIF play. Kris Lambrose sprints down the court. Monica Arnebro jumps clear above her opponents to put in a basket. Monica, a foreign exchange student, proved to be a valuable addition to the team, Sports 223 If M? Page by Laura Richter Photos 1,3 Dirk Wakeham Photos 2,4 Russell Jones Photo 5 Rich Ackley Photo 6 Jett Lung "Our main team goals were to play one game at a time, win the lea9Ue and make the playoffs," said Stacie Stimac, junior guard, The starting varsity team were Connie Waikle, center, Chris Lambl'0S0 and Sandra Johnson, forwards, and Debbi Iwasaki and Rochelle Cabrerra, guards. The JV's finished the season in the middle of the Century League pack at 6-8. Led by point guard and captain, Pauline Kamiyama, Stacey Kirschner and Jackie Kenrick, the JV's prepared for the future. These three girls were brought up to Varsity for CIF play and gained valuable experience. Chris Lambrose, Monica Arnebro, Connie Waikle, Sandra Johnson, Stacie Stimac, Vania Ouzinia, Debbi lwasaki, Rochelle Ca- brerra, Tracy Stimac, Mary Naruse. Connie Waikle and Monica Arnebro block the Tillers. Their defense was unsurpassable. Rebecca Tussey, Jackie Kenrick, Stacy Kushner, Micky Gilchrich, Maria Geanakos, Tina Huckle, Lori Beechan, Margret Naruse, Pauline Kamiyama, Jamie Allnutt, Rita Mized, Dave Holcombe. Chris Lambrose proves her basketball talent. Chris was one of the high scorers on the team. Sandra Johnson concentrates on a free throw, important part of the game. Driving down the court, Lori Beechan lJVl man' ages to outrace the opposing team. ' "T" -,..,, ' ' S. 4 2 1 .. l 3 224 Sports QW and bmse M5 Men., pack dl 5,5 Srhneram WQIQ bmw, S ITN' 'asm ., , Intl l 5. . :I 4 A . X , -, 1 4' .,,,,,.W..,,,......M-I-W-""' 4 6 SP RT NS BEST: Have 23-5 Season ,, ,,,,.,...-v--'.,,,,...,--- .. V Umuwpwmmp W-- VW 455 1 D 'Q 'I mc ..,., 5 F I3 Q WW MR. JIM IRBY Close by DARCY BAILEY Z The I982-83 glrls varslty basketball team was coached by JIM IRBY who has coached for the past 7 yrs. - the last three at VPHS. "I started coaching glrls because It was the only varsltyjob open, "IRBY sald. "Coaching girls Is dlfferent than coaching guys because glrls are more emotlonal. lt 's hard when I yell at a girl on the court, and then she starts to cry, "stated COACH IRBY. Girls can 't be compared to boys because boys are physlcally stronger andfaster. Glrls and boys' recognition will probably not be equal for about 10 years. This year hefelt the glrls Improved In thelr knowledge, skllls and the tlme It took to play compared to past years. IRBY added, "This year I trled to be calmer, more patient and more posftlue with the girls compared to the past." "l was not surprlsed they made It to CIF, but I was surprised when the glrls won Century League over Foothill. " "Next year, Ifeel the uarslty will befun to coach wlth SANDRA JOHNSON, CHRIS LAMBROSE, and ROCHELLE CABRERA and the rest of the players retumlngf' Sports 225 X Photos l,2,3,4,6,7 Russell Jones. Photo 5 Dirk Wakeham. Page by J.R. I 'A C ,.,,. ,,, . ., I, We-wf ' .V , , 'vw 49 I f I 4 '6 5 '-w.. 'fn 64" Close J? 1' I By JOHN ROBILLARD Q. BRIAN HALIDAY This year's soccer season tumed out to be more successful than many antlclpated. and much credlt goes to the head coach, BRIAN HALIDY. BRIAN has been a professional for the past 20 years as a player, coach, and man- ager. He has a reputation as one ofthe best admlnlstrators In the game. He has been: Dlrector of Coachlng to the Irish Football assoclutlon, 1972-76. Manager and Coach to the Senlor Professlonal Irlsh League. Head CoachfManager ofthe Callfomla Sunshlne Pro Soccer Team, 1980-present. BRIAN has also worked wlth the B.B.C. as a teleulslon sports commentator and analyst, and ln 1977 was uoted Soccer Personallty ofthe Year by the Football Writers Assoclzrtlon. 3 I I 1:9174- ffl MM M4 111119 ,nf Sports ' II ZI III I ,I aI I SI I I I r I III g I, I -I 'I 5 L. 2 I I I I I ., , In T I-'wi I-In : 'I I Aww: 'Q l. I W I' 1 , I I 'H R Shawn Murphy breaks away from a tough Canyon defender. A starter at forward, Shawn led the team in goals. Halfback, Roger Skinner, heads the ball away from Canyon's, Doug Neely. Roger was also a lead scorer for varsity. Forward, James Cameron, moves in to attack his opponent. VPHS's aggressive play SOCCER Varsity forward Mike Huff gets control of the ball. A player with good ball control can keep the ball away from any opponent. The VPHS soccer team. Back row from left, T. lger, M. Katlow, C. Holmes, J. Chese- more, A. Nichol, S. Holt, R. Skinner, J. Costanza, M. Wilson, M. Huff, P. Malloy, J. Bedell, K. Lancaster, S. Murphy, K. Drobish, D. Sach, M. Taylor, M. Horan, J. Marx, K. Bralt, Coach Baptista. Bottom from left, J. Briggs, J. Robillard, K. Martin, J. Ca- meron, P. Jones, T. Fitchen, D. Jones, K. Peterson, B. Meek, D. Marcalesko, B. ' Dennis, R. Lenhardt, P.P. Reddick, R. Joleff, D. Morhoft, K. Swartz. Kevin Peterson and John Costanza go all out to win the ball. l 5 f This year's soccer program began with excitement and antici- pation, with the news that Mr. Brian Haliday, the general man- ager and head coach for the California Sunshine Professional Soccer Team, and experienced international player himself, would be coaching. During Christmas Vacation the team practiced for the Hun- tington Beach Soccer Tournament where the team began by de- feating Canyon l2-ll and Servite ll-Ol, two of the top ranked teams in Southern California. VPHS finished the tournament ty- ing Fountain Valley ll-ll and losing to Huntington Beach l2-ll. The Spartans went through Century League beating Orange l2-ll, and l2-ll, Tustin l5-ll and l3-Oi Foothill l2-Oi and l2-Ol, and Santa Ana C3-Ol, tying Santa Ana Valley l2-2l and l2-2l, Canyon CO-Ol, El Modena ll-ll and Santa Ana ll-ll, only losing to Canyon l3-2l and El Modena C2-ll. The team finished in second place with a record of seven wins, five ties, and two losses. The defense described as "outstanding", was anchored by seniors Todd Fitchen and Pat Malloy, and juniors Andrew Nichol and Kenny Lancaster who made scoring difficult. ,V Q 'iNext year's team will definitely be strong. We will lose only four starting seniors, who will be missed , but we can look for- ! I ward to returning starters, Kevin Peterson, Roger Skinner, Shawn Murphy, Mike Wilson, Doug Jones, Andrew Nichol, and Kenny Lancaster. Along with upcoming, outstanding play- ers Steve Holt, Brad Dennis, James Cameron, and John Robillard," explained J.V. coach Arnaldo Baptista. 6 Sports 227 ,oo Coaches Corrodino and Meulmester look on during a game. Coaching takes a lot of extra time- Goal keeper Michelle Clifford gives an extra effort to take the ball from an opponent. MiCh2ll8 has been varsity's starting goalie for 3 years. The 1983 CIF bound team, top row from Ieftg H. Johnson. S. Bain, M. Clifford, B. Stephens, C. Olquin, K. Schwarz, B. Barton, R. Greene, D. Beddell, mgr. D. lngle, bottom row from left, N. Wynsen, K. Trollinger, J. Douglas, L. Kurose, J. Morris, J. Villalobos, K. Fon- tana, A. Hayes. Autumn Hayes smoothly winds up to clear the ball. At halfback, Autumn's job was to keep the ball up to the forwards. Senior Jackie Morris gets control of the ball to maneuver around a defender. Julie Villalobos sprints past an El Modena defender. Quickness of mind and foot is a quality developed by many soccer players. Center forward Kris Fontana avoids being tripped as she dribbles by a Vanguard. Soccer can be very physical, sprained ankles and knees are common. 'WQWWDQ .r-ua... This year's soccer team went through an almost perfect season, re- maining undefeated until their last game against El Modena, which they lost 3-2. Their success gave them the championship for Century League and launched into the CIF playoffs ranked nf4. With the combined knowledge and talents of coaches Corrodino and Meulmester, the girls put together a winning varsity and j.v. program. "Thanx to coach 'M', our j.v.'s, after struggling through the first few games, started to work very well together, and went through the rest of the sea- son and did very well," commented Suzanne Strauss. "I think they all did real well this year, I'm very satisfied and I think they are too. Itls nice to see girls ath- letics in all sports, doing so well," said Mr. Meulmester. Close KRIS FONTANA By JOHN ROBILLARD Defense as well as offense can wln or lose a soccer game. This season, a major percentage ol the scores were by one "outstandlng"player, KRIS FONTANA. Out of 44 goals scored by the team durlng Century League play, 33 were scored by KRIS. This incredible number of goals didn 't just come by luck, they came from ouer 7 years of playing soccer. KRIS started playing soccer in the 5th grade and played every year since. In 7th grade, KRIS tried out for the Orange Express, an all star soccer team repre- senting Orange 's best soccerplayers, that plays other similar teams in Callfomla. KRlSfound she enjoys soccer notjustfor the com- petition but alsofor simple personal enjoyment, " . . . lt gets my mind off things, and helps meforget about everyday pressures." "l'm looking forward to playing next year for V.P.H.S. I think we'll do very well. We have plenty of sophomore andjunlor starters retumlng. As for alter high school, l'm not sure Lf l'll continue playing." 2 228 Sports fi will all wiii .1 if: .-In I '- '4 l' :y' Lf' 4 Alu i ' "J N l X lim, 1: Plum gl, PW' tsl mg mu, lm sn- the im! mba Q 1 I zu ru VA U! Ne le ll U W th had If ww! W 1, i IRLS SHOOT for CIF title 4 5 J Vi 3 , 2' W I A ,f gf l K- , XYV, 4,z4,fij5'j: iv V ' nf 3 4:5 Z.-1 'wwf ,:-.V I ' 1 5 6 I H S 1 ,Iv 1 ,. .,.1 , ,,. Photos 1,2,4,5,6,7. Rich Ackley. Photo 3, Dirk Wakeham. Page by J.R. Sports 229 W 1 I ..Z" Q "' .s N o 4 2 Close k- if Yr . V I By JOY PEACE .5 TIM CAMPBELL "I had nathlng better ta do wlth my tlme. I started my sophomore year, tojust go outfora sport, " remarked TIM. "MIKE LEONHARDT and I went to an Iowa Intenslve Camp dur-Ing the summer to get Into shape," replled TIM. BRAD FONTANESI and BRENT BIESHAAR, two of last year's varsity wrestlers suggested that they go to thls camp In Iowa. "There were practices wtth dlfferent people to leam about the uarlety of styles," sald TIM. "I had to malntaln a well balanced die! for the wrestling season, whlch meant no junk food," added TIM. "It would be "outrageous" to go to state whlch I might but I wish MIKE could be there with me," stated TIM. "CAMPBELL has Improved the most of any wrestler I have ever coached slnce hls sophomore year, not only In hls wrestllng skllls, but as a person," stated Coach BRENT BAILEY. 230 Sports Wl Mitch Ig 3 I 5 pw 5 FIS! lm FLW PM VPHS placed 12th in 4A CIF as a team. Six of the varsity wrestlers went to CIF finals. Mike Leonhardt 6th, Tim Campbell 2nd, Dave Fotch, Gary Mitchell, Mike Stockton 6th, and Pat Marason 4th, SX to CIF Tom Rooney "craddles" his rival, This is one of wres- tling's many strenuous moves, Roger Casacchia performs a perfect "double leg take down". Mike Leonhardt and Sarah Bailey roll up the mat tape. Varsity Wrestling Team, Back Row, l. to R: Coach Brent Bailey, Teague Allen, Bob Salazar, Mike Stockton, John Blakely, Jason Allen, and Coach Pat Mahoney, 2nd Row, Allen Corrigan, Anthony Esquivel, Pat Marason, Tom Rooney, Roger Casacchia, Chris Gor- don, and Dave Krueger, 1st Row, Rod Derifield, Gary Mitchell, Dave Fotch, Tim Campbell, Mike Leon- hardt, and Bill Hodson. Mike Stockton executes a "cross face" on his competi- tor. Dave Krueger achieves a "head and arm" position to pin his adversary. I 'jk' 9 qn7i2,1-g, 4 5 "','e1Z'Hmnz-Lf,-.4 ., . . 6 Page by J P. Photos 3 4 Rich Ackley Photos 1 2,5,6 Russell Jones Sports 231 Q' S l -'J' Pins All VPHS's Wrestling Team did better than expected, especially since they had lost so many lettermen from last year's team. The team had close matches against ElModena, Tustin, and Santa Ana Valley but pulled them out. The overall varsity record was eleven wins and one loss. The team placed 8th out of sixty teams in Orange County. PM' 0' 4 232 Sports Photos l,2.4,6,'l Rich A kl y Photos 3,5 Russel J P gc by J.P. ' -fgl A59 ! .J f 7 Close fl N B, Joy page Mme LEONHARDT "Being a wrestler takes a lot of dedlcatlon. I! has to be In your heart," remarked MIKE LEONHARDT. "It meant getting up at 5:30 In the momlng and mnnlng, when I really dIdn't want to," MIKE sald. HLEONHARDT ls the best scholar athlete that I have ever had and the klnd of guy that any coach would want on his team. There ls no way to Improve him as an IndIuIdual," stated Coach BRENT BAILEY. Becoming a good wrestler takes a lot of self endurance. "To traln for the season I mainly llfted weights, ran lor condltlonlng, and wrestled hard at practice," sald MIKE. "DIetlng was also a big part of getting Into shape. I dldn 't eat much of anything, mostly fruits. I also went to a sauna to sweat the weight off," remarked MIKE. "After a lot of drllllng and a lot of hard work, wrestling comes naturally." "During CIF I had a few tough matches against Loara, Covina, and La Puente, which I lost," remarked MIKE. "My dedlcatlon was for the team during the season and lndlvldual effort ln CIF," sold MIKE. "After Hlgh School, I haue no further goals In wrestlIng." Jeff Loritz pulls a "head and arm". Wrestling has many differ ent moves to gain pins. Sophomore Wrestling Team, Back Row, L to R: Coach Kah- demi, B. Reccia, D. Brown, R. Norman, T. Burdine, N. Matrisciano, G. Peterson, and Coach Maxwell, D. Moore E. Bryant, E. Scott, P. Clegg, J. Advani, and M. De Luca. Not Pictured, B. Sheridan. Coach Bailey and Coach Mahoney explain the importance of the match to Bill Hodson. The Century League finals were a source of intense competition. Tracy Burdine pins his opponent with ease. lt was always a good feeling to win by a pin. Jeff Krause begins his dueling match, Using a "bar arm", Mike Keller overtakes his opponent. J.V, Wrestling Team, Back Row, L to Rg Coach Maxwell, J. Braun, E. Olsen, J. Krause, J. Loritz, and Coach Kah- demi, P. Baker, D. Brown, J. Morrison, and M. Keller. Not Pictured, D. Gross. Sports 233 K Swimmers have 10 events they can compete in dur- ing a meet. They start and finish with a relay, have 4 freestyles, a butterfly, a backstroke, a breaststroke, and an individual medley. Every afternoon, while the girls practice, you can hear the sound of splashing water. Practices, led by new Coach Joy Iseli, seem to have paid off, after only 6 meets their record was 5-1. In the 200 yard individual medley, Kristin Brown's time was 2:13.75, 50 free, Jennifer Mohle recorded a :27.8, 100 fly, Christy Fairbanks swam a 11185, and in the 100 free, Kris Gaard's time was 1:01. W' I ,QQ ' if 1 24 " 1' . f ' '41,:,. -, . ,. ,V .. f 1 ' ,l : '. we - Af ,, .4 Q f -fy-mf I J - 4-,.,:fc-v. f ., .' '.-1 ' ' 1 ,. I. 7,411 , fue., , ff, 1 ,V , ' .fffar ' " ,I My at A , M, Jw, .. . ,412 1 U - - .1-'tr -4- . gt . ..,. xr. I f af' ll Q 3l . Close P KIM WOODS by JUDY JONES Would taking a mlnlmum of2'fz hours ofyour schedule after along school day affect you? Well, If you 're KIM WOODS, "lt helps organlze the time during the day." "I feel that the time spent ls worth It, because I learn to take my own responslbllltles. lcon push myself asfar as I want to go to stay ln shape. And swimming makes me feel good." A senior at VPHS KIM is a very dedlcated swimmer, She swlms 100, 200, 500 free, and, her best swlm, the 500 free In which she has a 5:42. "Swimming ls a demanding as well as rewarding sport. KIM ls a product af dedication. As a result she has a sound and healthy body, a dlslpllned mind, and the swlmmlng background sought by several Unluersltlesf' sold Coach JOY ISELI. "It 's a lonely llndluldualj sport, because you don 't have the same rapport as you would In a team sport, but the points lachleved durlng a meetj count towards the team. What keeps me going ls the need to wln and always improve." 234 Sports 4 wr-t f-ia as in . Magi..-L... .. "-" """ P f ff' "5 f - X . rin "' , r ,,,,A V' ' " f'- - r i ,Q ? P sv' e,1'W" fr- .:--- at 1 f lr. A! ,Lf g AU.. Q.--az" I -.U r Hr 'fer ap ' ' wa. t F 03 fl K 'A Swimmers 6 , -mn- .F 4 -A ial f ,W ,, , Ie, TIS 1 h' 'Q T' 'NI l i ' '--r 3 4 Y V ffm,-mfwhzwgu, 4 3 4 A . fs .7 gli! 1,3 s . l f Z " ,., -fri 5 , 'A I , rl 't' .. . 5, .fu 1 . ffjs . eh K , .- , l .. f ff , f it 'sf H . ., . .. 1 . ..,, 1, ,V v'U A I . I' - -V ,A ,I .V . ' I ' -11,5 -'gif 7- Wi,- .I , , 'I ,-v, fi 'f .' "M , f.. ', . ,my ,,,,,,W , . .. w-. f, i ,,,,,,y,,, 103. ,. V ,. 1'-grvmm, ., I fr .-., . ,. A. 5 ,, -. .I -1, .,. - . J., 3,11-I 4 - A -f . f A rf ' V 'ff "," i 'MW' , iwfir' 1' ' ,'.,'Q.f- ' i - ,.,- 3.,'.g,,' av It -Lx' g.5,'f.,g.,, H , 1 -,Uv I - wtf- - my 1 3,V . fn, -- evra..-, .f.,,,c,,Z 5 H, ,f, X r 5 Take The PLUN GE AM, Y ,AYY HY VW V V'-. iil ., 1w,...-. .. . . . 5713- I Coming up for air. Teri Schultz pulls for the finish. Concentrating on breathing and strokes played a big part in swimming. Bundled-up against the cold, Coaches Joy Iseli and Pam Hardacre watch the girls relay. The team swam rain or shine. Shading herself from the sun, Kacee Redenbaugh waits for her next race. Direct sun drained the body of energy. Taking off at the sound of the gun, Kellie Wein starts her back stroke. Swimmers are only allowed two false starts. Swimming in the 200 yard medley relay, Julie Cassen had a 2nd place finish with a time of 21389. Swim Team L to R, Lisa Holte, Pam Hardacre, Kelley Lyle, Tammy Lancaster, Cyndy Thomas, Christy Fairbanks, Judy Fernandez, April Rock, Jennifer Mohle, Cheri Anderson, Cin- dy Wells, Kelly Halligan, Kris Gaard, Monilee Scott, Joy Iseli, Kellie Wein, Carla Levy, Amy Sarsany, Tina Garifo, Linda Marsden. Kristin Brown, Shannon Timpane. and Judy Jones. Straining to move into the lead, Christy Fairbanks looks for the wall. The Butterfly was her speciality stroke. 4 Sports 235 K page by J.J. Photos 1.3.5 Jell Lung Photo 4 Judy Jones Photos Rich Ackley 'T -Q. cf' 8 0 , wr. , 'Zia at Close P f' f by JUDY JONES ' 1 , f 5. l, X sauce MARTENEY ' 1 vf. ' V muwnrffii' , ' f-f-4. ' 'I-1' ' H 1" ff'ff5f.f:? .MQQMW . oibvxf. How would you feel Ifyou had to be on the swlm team In order to start on the water polo team? BRUCE MARTENEY sald, "lt's one of coach 's MEFF EHR- LICHJ better Ideas, A lot ofpeople wouldn 't swim If they dldn't have to, and It 's necessary. because this Is only a three year high school." "We swlm 6,500 yards a day, lift weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and haue aeroblcs Tuesday and Thursday. Ut 's worth lt,I because lget more out ofthe swlmmlng program than I would from any other sport. Plus, it makes my day go by faster. Swlmmlng takes up a lot of tlme, and what's leftover ls for school and my soclal life. lt cuts dawn on the amount of studying I can do, lcan 't do anything on the weekdays after school, and lt keeps me from dolng things for the junior class." "BRUCE is a natural leader - He ls the klnd of athlete any coach would love to haue on hls team," sald EHRLICH, "My best swlm ls the 100 yard breaststroke In a tlme of 1:05.I. What keeps me going is the Incentive to play polo. "fAs for the futurej I want to play polo, swim in '83, attend Oxldental for medical school, and become an orthopedic surgeon." 1 .,o.,... A' 2 3 ""' " "' . , , 1 'zyy' 5 H514-... lon' 4 236 Spons ' sei fl: , .-, . rs 4 4 V, . Swimmers DI Right In Swimming is a highly competitive sport, and in order to en- courage the athletes to better their times Coach Jeff Ehrlich keeps records of the school's best times, Sophomore records held by students who attend VPHS are Don Maloy's 200 yard free in a time of 115019, Don Maloy's 100 yard free in a time of :49.92, and John O'Neal, Martin McDonald, Jason Jeffries, and Darin Haskins' 400 yard free relay in a time of 3:33.5. 'll anticipate some Varsity records to be broken too," said Ehrlich. Watching intently, Dave Diaz and Mehrdad Golshani see how a flip turn is executed. A good turn can make the difference in a race. Diving off the block, Martin McDonald starts his backstroke. He had a finishing time of 1:01.99 At the start of the 100 yard freestyle, Bruce Marteney and Mark Maizel attempt to take the lead. The lead is crucial in a short race. Swim Team L to R, Jon Goldsmith, Brett Obuljen, Mike Nelson, Mark Tutwiler, Mark Maizel, Jim Nowak, Brendan Kelly, Scott English, Paul Nelson, Arya Nakhjavani, Rich Ackley, Casey Crosby, Jeff Lung, Don Maloy, Bruce Marteney, Bill Peery, Jason Jeffries, Dave Diaz, John Van Dixhorn, Rich Brown, Darin Haskins, John O'Neal, Monte Variakojis, Bryan Swarm, Tim Edgmon, Mark Margolis, Steve Galus, Morgan Goldsmith, Mehrdad Golshani, Martin Mc- Donald. On the last 25 yards of Don Maloy and Mike Nelson's 100 yard butterfly, they open up. lt's important to save a little power for the sprint home. Looking for his competition, Jim Nowak sees no danger. Times improve when swimmers are challenged. Covering-up during the rain, John O'Neal and Darin Haskins use their warm sweatsuits. 4,3-wmwwo.. W, 4 1. 1. 1' '- V- V' - pg 4' , - ' . ,mx .,1, r , ,f-1 ' ' .. 15, , ' X . . ' .1--'iK'f'.f.-.gif-.:" , gf-Y , 1 Qs,-frrj '-" fu. .. N f .. .,.. , :z,""' -ff-, ' ,.,.- V , . .M . um..-.. ..., ,-H V 5 -gag I 5,3 8 . 4,51 -in Us gl 1, ,038 4 . 1. , 'aff ,P ,lb as I 3 .sg ' V, , ' v , :Q ' l, 'u H ' V 'M tffffr A' ri: .Wim "" 'PW 1 ' - A' ur- . ' . , f , . -f . . 10+ .- M. .. -. P--Q? ' ' "4'9:r?pi,.m' f , 4 -Q '1'.', ,V :R -v, N-1 ., V . rf- A ., . , r . . """"-'iiililif' . "L ,"'."'-1' , -'- - ' , ,.-. ,I - - X ,..' J Q 'fit -1' " l1f:,'?'ff9' '-5-if 51- .- - " t ,. ' 1, .. '- e ,qw r, V -- A h - ' ' 1. nm, 1 . I , 6 7 Sports 237 4 so to Serves an napa'-viii , 'f 4' ff 1 cl ffl' I W 7' fl ' , , f , 1 W W1 The boys tennis team is coached by two alumni players, Jeff Yeager, and Dan Dayton. The varsity team consists of three re turning players, Mike Regan, Andrew Beyer, and Brian Reed Each team consists of eight players, two doubles teams, and four singles players. Filling the remaining five spots on the varsity teams are, Fran- 6' r 4- T- Y 4' cisco Talavera, Mike Bravo, Mark Rink, Bobby Harris, and Max Bravo. The varsity team opened their season with a loss against Santa Ana High School. The J.V., on the other hand, began its season with a win and a forfeit. Xl' - , 2 238 Spods Photos by Russell J Page by F.T. ones l tl . 1 . M l ,, 4 . l l kd M ll .. ,ld 1 I L 'I i, QE! 1 1 ii, l f I lx ic ii 'R Y W Mike Regan hits a crisp backhand. Mike, a returning varsity player, gave his talent to the team. Varsity Tennis Team, Back row, L-R: B. Reed, R. Gragham, A. Beyer, M. Regan, J. Yeager. Front row, LFR: M. Bravo, F. Talavera, M. Bravo, M. Rink. Francisco Talavera's down the line shot proves to be a winner. Francisco hopes to do well in the league. J.V. Tennis Team, Back row, L-R: T. Thompson, B. Hallock, B. Boren, C. Norman, C. Hallock, and T. Hammond. Front row, L-R: G. Lotter, M. Regan, M. Geriak, M. Graffius, C. Wakamoto, and K. Martin, Andrew Beyer's height proved to be an advantage. Besides tennis he also played basketball. Jeff Yeager, varsity coach, meditates before a match. Jeff pondered on what type of strategy to use. 4 1 " by: ofxncv BAILEY been - N. and he has played ever slnce. clude water skllng, snow skllng, soccer and baseball. BRI- AN, a shy, qulet guy, also likes to spend his weekends going to concerts and rendezvous In Palm Springs. After graduation BRIAN hopes to attend San Luls Obl- - p spo, and pursue a career ln architecture. BRIAN REED senior, retumlng CIF varslty tennls play- er, has played on VPHS's varslty tennls team for two years. BRIAN has only played tennls for about three Ta' years. Hls slster gave hlm hls flrst lesson three years ago BRIAN enjoys playing tennls for several reasons. "It relieves anger and pressure after a hard day of school, I play to get out of having a regular physical education class," BRIAN sald jokingly. Even though BRIAN hasn't played many toumaments he played exceptionally well In the Anaheim tournament. This year BRIAN played num- ber one doubles wlth teammate MIKE REGAN. "BRIAN ls BRIAN REED a credlt to his parents and a super tennls player," stated MR. LEO FRACALOU-SY, last year's uarslty coach, Some of BRIAN'S hobbies besides playing tennls, ln- -s 5-gag: -fr-ve'-frm, 'f' 'tt' l 6 l bports 239 X Page by J.K. fat IRLS Photos 1,2 Russel Jones Photos 3.5,6 Dirk Wakeham Photo 4 Rich Ackley all Junior Linda Smith hurdles to victory ahead of three Foothill girls. Tammy Carrington has flare when she triple jumps, Girls Track Team: Row 3, l. to R: L. Smith, S. Brown. K. Lu Payne, C. Spollino, D. Fukuhara, D. Bedell, K. Fontana, S. Schneider, V. Berg, T. Carrington, T. Simpson, K. Murphy Row 2: L. Kurose, M. Geanakos, M. Goerke, H. Kerns, T. Manley, H. Spollino Row 1: S. Goldman, G. Gen- ova, E. Tait, M. Sobel, K. Wahl. K. Bogart, B. Prevot A smooth hand off from Maile Nishino to Cheryl Spollino shows their hard work. Demonstrating her winning form in the high jump, Debbie Bedell clears the bar with ease. Lone runner, Karen Lu Payne, keeps a steady pace. 1 . ,aaf. zawwma ,JH Lmwwnmwwr 50 24C Sports A , - Each girl on the 1982-83 Girls Track Team worked hard at achieving their goals. The team was at a disadvantage because so many girls came out after Girls Soccer had ended a long and successful season. Three girls set new school records. Kelly Lyle set the record in the discus, breaking the old one by more than 9 feet. Debbie Bedell held the record in the high jump, and Kris Fontana held records in the triple jump and 100 yard dash. Kurt Wahl, first year coach, looked to develop a new esprit to carry over to further years, and said, "We had some strong indi- viduals but lacked unity. l look for a strong team next year." 5 I .av - .fu-L4f'44' - ., t ,- ll c, , , ' Puck . kJ 14- ' 4 V Away ,I ' ,... lv! 4 5 l 1 . . W 1 W W . S at ll Q, s Al i ' In addltlon to belng number one on the Girls Cross Country Team, ' A i, CHERYL SPOLLINO ls atop runner on the Glrls Varslty Track Team. ' -N: Y l CHERYL, who has been runnlng slnce nlnth grade, started because she l Q liked competltlon and wanted to get ln shape, COACH WHITE and 1 I ' ' ,ff MIKE LEONG lnsplred her, and CHERYL galned further motluatlon I . z from her coaches. As she put lt, "Somebody needs to push mel" I 5 .V CHERYL ran the 880 and the mlle relay. "I enjoyed track, but I wlsh 'I f T" ' ' " ' ' 4' ' ff the team had been more unlfled, It was hard this year, because so many CHERYL SPO!-UNO E V ' girls jolned after soccer was over." CHERYL commented that, "The 1' K A ' V biggest problem with VPHS ls that glrls sports are not taken seriously, " ' ' "VN CHERYL feels track has benefited her llfe ln several areas. Flrst Its ' ' competitive splrlt has car-rled over into her school work. Gettlng in 1 i shape has also been a benefit. CHERYL 'S goal before she graduates Is A to break two school records, one ln the 880 and the other ln the mile, , The fu,-rem records are: 2:25 for sso held by LISA Rss:-1 and 5:34 for .V I W the mlle held by NANCY PRESTON. In the future CHERYL hopes to X. 1 J , . '-'xp . - receive a scholarshlp for nmnlng, to attend UCI and to study sports ' ' - . . f 4 NL -,i ' " 145' ' 4- T medlclne. L LISA ANDERSON described CHERYL by saylng, UCHERYL goes for A . what she wants. She's not a qultterI" by JEAN KALVESMAKI . A 6 2 Sports 241 vo Page by K.H. Photos 3,5 Russell Jones Photos 1,2 Dirk Wakehnm Photos 4,6 Rich Ackley The varsity track team stayed undefeat- ed, Don Doring, John Beck, Nathan Hayden and Kevin Green set a school re- cord of 7:57.11 in the varsity 2 mile relayg a record that had stood since 1972. Other outstanding performances were made by Tyrone Tucker, 14.8 in the high hurdles. ln the 880 yard dash, Kevin Green ran 1:53-.5 and William Kim was the leading sprinter and long jumper. Sophomore, Jeff Bedell, outstanding high jumper, jumped with the varsity team. Starting out as a J.V,, Dennis Murphy ran the 120 high hurdles so well he moved up to varsity. Coach Brunt commented that, 'Aseveral coaches feel we have a very well balanced and deep team!" 242 Sports y 1 'Wm BOYS STRETC Close P by KATHERINE HAAN JOHN CARROLL, senlor, does one thing In track and does lt well, pole vault. "I want to be just llke the Ken- tucky Frled Chicken commercial" JOHN commented. "I work on my pole vaultlng to do the best I canl"JOHN has no speclal way to pole uault, he explained "The baslc way ls the easiest and that's the way I do lt," JOHN'S highest vault was fourteen feet but he wants to Improve an that to wln a CIF title. "Pole vaultlng Is a very technlcal event and the coaches help me a lot," sald JOHN, Pole vaultlng was the major event that JOHN dld In practice and In meets, although sometlmes he dld a llttle blt of running. Hls workouts Include stretching, exercis- Ing, and "infrequent weight lifting," "Pole vaultlng glues me a feeling of self-confidence, and I enjoy doing It." commented JOHN. "Pole uaultlng ls a very dlfflcult event and JOHN ac- complishes It with ease," complimented, Junlor hurdler RICK GARCIA. flk... Sports Page by J.P. Photos l,2.3 Rich Ackley Photos 4,5 Dirk Wnkeham Photo 6 David Tebo 1' . - 1 Close AL DE ROSAS by Jov PEACE Most VPHS's athletes will not set hlgh school records or be a star on their teams, but that does not stop them from trying or worklng to Improve themselves, AL DE ROSAS, a senlor on VPHS's Track Team, is one af these athletes. "l run 7 to 9 miles each day to prepare for track," stated AL. "l also run Intervals for bulldlng up speed, Track ls not as slmple as just mnnlng around In circles, It takes a lot of hard work. " "Performlng these actlvltles keeps me in good shape," and "Physically lfeel a lot better," stated AL. "AL ls really dedicated to Track. That 's all he ever talks about, "remarked BRENT WAECHTER, senlor, "Track is my favorite. " AL started In the 8th grade as a sprinter, but he ls now n long dlstance runner. Although AL is a flne mnner, he does need support, AL sald, "Coach DA VE WHITE tells me how to Improve my running after a bad race. He stresses my bad points such as starting too fast and belng too tense." gh: Eeggl ftggggrd. s .,:r... v 'Y is , .'g9s45w, J fx , cf- ,fn .1 ,y - 4. - nf fn ..' . , , x as , e " ' . -' srffa'-JA of -I v ,H . vw 5,-f-,lg-g,. ,,, N.. .1 , 4 - .3 ,-M L V4 9. I I fig, 1,-E -nog? . .119 ' ' 'T . ...-'r Vvfqn- .' 4- ' r',., Lg qc' -, ig if: f ., ,,' . A V- ' iffy: ., ' ' -,. 'L 4 1 ', ' . ., , , I ., .M E A ,.x Ap- - " - ' 1- -' 1 ,., me f-' .r ro, Y r --s.. - - 1 'wh 1-f. 12 -.V "".'f 'js ji "X" :Earp-kt Y' ' T-. no A -sg -qw.fv'- ' wg., .fwn I, , . .N KJ.. A, E .' ,. 7 "" , -- ..s, , .Qg,. V 'rdf' f ""- ."me ' ' ' +A--esf?'?f ' gd' WN- ' ' A ,A . --- 'fw.a.f-1's.e54.t:,e..L.:t , 2 'J .fx L : 2 -- we 'K '14 V 2 , - . . . 4. . . , f L 5' 'M' 1 1 Spods .wk rm- den gill , 1' ff w 'ff Stauwf ,gg fl W t . 1 C H" rf, 1251 'Ll f u 4 lr Y 'Hill A fu 9 1 u VPHS's Track Team has been undefeated in every meet at all lev- els. Varsity team members Don Doring, John Beck, Nathan Hay- den and Kevin Green set a school record of 7357.4 in the 2 mile re- lay at the Katella lnvitationals. Some outstanding athletes are Zak Hall, 52.9 in the 440. Chris Stamos leading sprinter, and Mark Zechiel and Tom Thrasher dis- tance runners who double each meet. Coaches said, "The team is the deepest and the most well balanced." The Junior Varsity team is also defending league champs and the Sophomore team is the champs in the defending dual meet, winning thirty-one straight dual meets since 1979. Track Runs For DISTANCE ty"'V ix we .., I. 15- i 6 ll Todd Fitchen first leg reaches Eddie Rodieck and hands him the baton in the 440 relay. 21 Beginning his race, Mark DeLuca dashes off. 33 At the top of the bar Var Reeve prepares to fall with the help of John Carroll and John Reekstin. 4l Junior Varsity Track Team Back Row, L to R J. Witham, K. Survillas, G. Kusano, R. Montgomery. 4th Row: J. Bouyer R. Caralto, K. Salgado, S. Daniels, R. Skinner, P. Lewis, H. Kepler. 3rd Row: S. Callahan, R. Garcia, A. Nichol, D. Bee- , chan, E. Rodieck, B. Lewis. 2nd Row: M. Larson, K. Gordon, R. Thayer, D. Park, M. Yokogawa, J. Pagulayan, J. Somers, D. Bredendick. lst Row' S. Savala, T. Ludin, M. Swartz, A. DeRosas, E. Kakis, and R. Round. 55 Sophomore Track Team, Back Row, l. to R: L. Singerman, R. Park, C. Camp. M. Ziechiel, T. Thrasher. 4th Row: D. Guelker, S. Whitaker, J. Hertel, J. Nelson, W. Lopata, B. Watrous. 3rd Row: P. Radak, Z. Hall, J. Bray, D. Allred, J. Evans, J. Marcolesco, K. Drobish. 2nd Rowz R. Hivner, V. Reeve, C. Chu, S. Barrett, J. Radzick, J. Marks, R. Vance. lst Row: R. Valentine, R. Gillette, N. Martrisciano, T. Bur- dine, M. De Luca and C. Stamos 63 Dan Park and John Somers drive for home in a 440. Sports 245 Y' Of 65? Ji! BASEBALL A makes ' f 1 The 1982-83 varsity baseball team consisted of four coaches, twelve players, and two stat girls, Headed by infield coach, Jerry Shwenfeld were first string players: Eddy Howard first base, Ross Barker second base, Scott McLeod and Jason Reichert third base, and Tim Johnson and Jon Shi- getomi catching. Under the direction of outfield coach Kevin Brown, were the outfielders, Steve Alvarez, John Rosenzweig, Craig Roberts, Steve Johnson and Brian Raum. Pitchers Alan Bergman, Steve Johnson, Tim Johnson, Jason Reichert, Todd Dossett, and Brian Raum were guided by Bob Gadie. The stat girls were Tiffany Bycott and Darcy Bailey and Lisa Anderson. Under the leadership of head coach Dave Ochoa, the twelve players and three other coaches led Villa Park to another winning season, .,. Ste outs W sit 3 1 , lr: f," 3,9 'f 1 yojrjwv'-5, 1,4 - ,.-. ,, ,www - 5 , 'ir T 'fi' 'A" "2 f X T fl f. !7 I ' A I . . M1 'I I l . i. Ha , ,i li 2 lt, i ai? I l l Q l l ed N X 246 Sports Anpht syn na Pg byDB ll 2l 37 4l Sl 6l 7l Qkztf' i Early in the season Coach Ochoa looks on a little displeased. He predicted, however, that the team would do well this season. Second baseman, Ross Barker, leaps to catch a thrown ball from the catcher, throwing out a runner. Ross was one of the most consistent players this year. Jason Reichert attempts a bunt to advance a runner to second base. ln addition to pitching Jason also played third base, First baseman Eddy Howard, tries to tag a first base runner trying to steal. Pitcher Steve Johnson, throws a change pitch to strike out a batter. Watching intensely, stat girls Darcy Bailey and Tiffany Bycott cheer VPHS on to victory, "The stat girls were considered very valuable," said Coach Ochoa. lL to Rl KT to Bl Tiffany Bycott, Jerry Shwenfeld, Eddy Howard, Brian Raum, Ross Barker, Steve Alvarez, Tim Johnson, Todd Dossett, Coach Dave Ochoa, Darcy Bailey. Bottom: Steve Johnson, Jason Reichert, John Rosenzweig, Scott McLeod, Craig Roberts, Jon Shigetomi, Alan Bergman and David Wheeler. 3. ,pg ,Q Pg v 4 5 I l For EDDIE HOWARD lt started eleven years ago In the state of New York where l his grandfather taught hlrn how to play baseball. Coming from a family with much enthusiasm for sports and watchlng the Yankees play Influenced htm greatly. l EDDIE played varsity football and varsity baseball his senlor year, He was select- l ed All-League In football and started at first base on the uarslty baseball team hls junior and senior year. l "I deflnltely like baseball better than football. It doesn't hurt as much," EDDIE l stated posltluely. EDDIE credits much ofhls success In baseball to hls coaching, "COACH DCHOA i by USA ANDERSON is out to win, He'd spare nothing to win," EDDIE sald regarding VPHS head uarslty baseball coach. EDDY HOWARD Hltttng a grand slam his junior year on the varsity baseball team and recelvlng the y honor of being on the All-League football team were hlghllghts. Regarding his future l ED said, In a casual manner, "I'll just have to see what happens." l Sports 247 W Photo l Dirk Wakeham Photos Rich Ackley Page by B.D. 1 2 av, r Close 'A V , - ,J , ohh ho h"o ':lt2 - V-Yiiawif s ., .,, W ,W , , ' ' , 'r 45 " m y : bf 4 , '42, if Q- ' ' ' gf, ' ' ' by BETH DUFAULT U 'x 'I " V f 'W I , , rdf' V' JASON MOE Everyone has some bad luck now and then, but when It comes to sports, Junior JASON MOE has had his share and more. This year was no excep- , tion. JASON mlssed the flrst part of the baseball season because of a fractured ankle suffered during practice. "lt was one of those days, " JASON said, "The team began Its practice by stretching, While doing my squats, Istepped on myflnger with my cleats and cut lt. After l went to the coaches' office to get a band-aid, I returned to ' N" 4 practice where the team was haulng slldlng practice. On my second slide," commented JASON, "I somehow hlt the bag wrong and broke my ankle. " JASON'S sports Injuries began In ninth grade when he played football at , L" '5 Peralta. "ln our opening season game against Vlsta, lbanged heads with a J player on the other team during the klck-aff, " JASON stated, He received g A A? 95 ' .1131 ' concussion and was out for the rest of the season, During the summer of J' ' 1981, JASON played baseball In the Orange-Ollue League, and durlng one ' 4' ' And his Injuries have continued, This pastfootball season JASON missed 5, V "" "Af," two football games. "z"4'?3f W, NIYV 3 U I -- My -' , Wenham " F '- ., 't .f "lf JASON can overcome his Injury jlnx he mlght play a whole season," ' I ' r I f Avrfa-l' - ,V J , , Q.. f ' said DAN CLAYPOOL, another Injury ulctlm, "or he may kill hlmseljf' 4 "l5"":' Epi 'W fi 'f P t dlr, , i'.'.T.: Hi-1' -'-. 1- --or if My .A ww . wh .QV ""- '. '- X, . I 'im 'L 948 Sports The JV and Sophomore baseball teams got off to a late start after many delays from the rain. Once they began, however, they showed much promise. Because of the rain, practices were held in the gym using rag balls. One rained out game for the JV team ended up bowling at Regal Lanes. David Stern commented "We always had a great time off the field." Coached by Steve Tarabilda and Jeff Powell the J.V. team showed talent and ability. The sophomore team, coached by Dennis Moody worked hard and showed their best effort. Baseball Comes To L ILHY -unix i -,nw--muff--f 's-also-n ' .' G ' MTW" - 2 -1"-wi N ' M ,gl 1 6 The junior varsity. Top row il to rl: Coach Tarabilda, Jason Moe, Kirk Wakefield, Brian Lytle, K.B. Nelson, David Stern, Troy Pomeroy, Joel Morris, Chris Donato, Ca- sey McCarthy, Coach Powell. Bottom row Cl to rl: Dan Claypool, John Swearingen, Russ Frazier, Mark Den- ney, Kenny Scheer, Cary Meckstroth, Scott Davis. Troy Pomeroy rounds third and heads for home. David Dufault throws another strike across the plate. Scott Davis looks on as Joel Morris tries to throw a batter out. Chris Donato slides safely into second base. The sophomore team. Top row il to rl: Coach Moody, Brad Sheridan, Wes Jacobs, Brad Dennis, Tony Palmeri, Craig Morehouse. Doug Sullivan, David Dufault, Jim Thomas, Rich Murg, Jim Parker. Bottom row tl to rl: Jeff Williams, Mike Christensen, Brian Reccia, Brian Maida, Scott Himoda, Garrett Hichman, Jim Masuda, Mike Linzoain. Sports 49 '4-vu., 45? ,ff , . .-f, -,iff gr ,fm- , a , .., , , X W .. A !W,..:'?i3:53,2g5? 135, 4 .1 V, eg'-,' if"-,-f'-.2 vw-" ' f ?4:'F9g1" 2Q ' 1' 1,121 V g4Q",.- ' 5' if , 1 .ii 'D 459' - .- g!6Sr'55?' ,Q ff"f5'- Q, .4 1 'Q , 7 1' ' -s.9:'9WV' ' ' as if ' , +5 H' ,Mfr M-:4i1'5'i-,wsgj Q 'l, V A .. iff' I. I MPM' wif PM ,gill L2 ,. f rf4,4, f Wfdn 471 ,gf 'mdk f ffff fl 5 ff yf I I 5, f ff' 1 4 f f W'fW7W4,4.7 ' 052+ 'ff , L4 'f-aw' ' f ,fa wwf! my 'J Af 'MO ,no Close p by LAURA RICHTER ,1 ,ya DONNA DEARDORFF Any actlvlty lnvolulng the right arm ls auto- matlcally golng to make that an-n longer, Right? "No," exclaimed VPHS varslty soft- ball pltcher and junior DONNA DEAR- DORFF. "My right arm lsn 't any longer than my left, but lt's much more muscular," Obviously DONNA 'S strength played a major role In her outstanding 1982 season 's performance. DONNA pitched 51 and two thlrds consecutive scoreless lnnlngs, deliv- ered slx league shutouts, and possessed an ERA of 0.29. To tap thls all off, she was awarded the league's co-most valuable play- er. DONNA has been taklng private pltchlng lessons weekly slnce August of 1979, "The pitching school concentrates on a pltcher's technique, not her speed. lt doesn 't matter howfnst u pltch ls ln the beglnnlng,just what she does with the ball." Not only does DONNA pitch for VPHS. but also for local summer and winter leagues. Even though she plays year round, she stlll practlces dally. never less than ten mlnutes of constant throwlng. "One of my teammates ln summer league had a tee-shlrt which said 'ls there llfe after practlce.' That's how lfeel sometimes. I don't have much ofa saclal llfe, but my friends under- stand and encourage me." ... ...- Q. . --Q. -ff 3 250 Sports 'I I Z 1 , f 72 I Rau I0 .5 Ce 'Mg il M T ' ::, -9 gguzral 4 The 5,352 :fig w g L l l n 1 l l L ' ft v 'FXIQ3 .TT K A' bw. S. l J v l '. S Rain certainly doesn't keep Coach Dave Shelton's VPHS varsity soft- ball team feeling blue. Despite weather related inconveniences, the defend- ing Century League champions began their season just like the last, with a long string of consecutive wins. VPHS was again asked to Righetti High School's Second Invitational Var- sity Tournament in Santa Maria, California. The team sold MSLM Candies for several weeks to raise funds to pay for the two and a half day affair. The team was composed of a group of experienced girls, with eight of the twelve returning varsity players. However, only four positions remained the same as last year, Varsity Defends TITLE 4, 7 avenue WAHM a 6 5 Jill Wiens shows her batting form. Jill came up with several clutch hits which led VPHS to victory. Every second counts in softball. First baseman Laura Richter said it really hurts. 2nd baseman, Keri Picano, pursues a pop fly. Varsity de- fense was important to team success. Coach Shelton discusses team strategy. His calm attitude assisted the team. Front row: Kari Picano, Pam Watrous, Lori Wald- streicher, Kelly Trollinger, Laura Richter, Kandi Bry- ant. Back row: Donna Deardorff, Chris Lambrose, Julie Colburn, Laura Janzen, Kathy Christian, Jill Wiens. Kathy Christian hustles for another run, Varsity offense was much improved this year. All Photos Rich Ackley Page by L.R., K.W. Sports 251 X 44? The junior varsity softball team obtained a new coach for their 1983 season, which was plagued with postponements and game cancellations due to rain. The new coach, Sue Gardiner, was well liked and respected by her team members. Although the JV's fielded a good offensive and defensive team, they had a number of pitching problems. As the season continued, the pitching staff gained more experience and the JV team became more competitive. 19227 VQ?-W-X91'!.'-' .ugh , xhe?mQgm?A Ta.i2-5s!"'gl'f sur.,-an ' 6 v 7 595 Q9 nf V. M. , ' 531:71 . , nfwu. 1 A ' 1 2 ' 1 ' 2 3 Cl t -at - . . ose . e p , .,..,- V ,f V, 1.15-T, I s M , ., ,. lb! K 5 .4 : ' m rl'- ' ' ' ' U . -az? I .I . V' 11.1 ,,4Lt . Iyar' pg . , , W ,gs . W"""'f'f" by KAREN WEDAA 'Zh' f ' ,1 . -Ar . 1 V PAM WATROUS 1 I l have a feeling we're not In Kansas anymore Toto. All the fences and walls surround the tlghtflt houses. "l know we 're not In Kansas," After llvlng almost 1 7 years ln Shawnee, Kansas, Pam Watrous and her family moved to Callfomla. Her dad received a promotion so they made thelr move ln the middle af August, last year. "The way of life ls a complete tum around, " ex claimed PAM. "People back In Kansas are more layed back and relaxed compared to the 'hussle- bussle' and not so private way of life here. People seem more outgolng, more grown up and not afrald to try new things out here." PAM had never seen the ocean until she moved out here. "The best thing about llvlng out here," remarked PAM "ls you can go skllng In the moun- talns and see wlnter and come back to summer at the beach In the same day." PAM has played both on VPHS's varslty volley- ball and softball teams, "We had a lot more fans other than parents In Kansas." sald PAM. "There was a lot more awareness of the schedules." "Sports are about the same here as there." said PAM. However, girls sports were really pushed. "There was a lot of togetherness on the teams because most ofthe players were not just players, butfriendsl" "Everybody at my school was llke one big family." concluded PAM. For PAM, like Dorothy, "There's no place like home!" 252 Spons i 1 5 4 JV's Face ELEME TS Coach Gardiner hits infield as Judy Stockinger looks on. Jeanne Helsel stretches for a throw as Karen Wedaa runs in to assist. Jane Thomas turns to make a powerful throw. Pitcher Janet Muzio concentrates on the plate. Catcher Judy Stockinger is up and ready to throw to second. Front row: Coach Sue Gardiner, Karen Wedaa, Jill Littman, Deb- bie lwasaki, Judy Stockinger, Diane Fukahara, Genevieve Tala- vera, Janet Muzio. Back row: Elaine Volgaris, Diane Crossman, Jeanne Helsel, Karen Granito, Robyn Gillon, Caryn Rogers, Jane Thomas. - ..-Ja., a..,. 6 Photo l Russell Jones Photos 2,3,4,5 Rich Ackley Photo 6 Dirk Wakeham Page by L.R. 8: K,W, Sports 253 7' 'wr' ,-L ,--f-g- 9-M41 ' SCJPHS MCDRNING 6:00 Wakes up after rolling over on Teddy Bear 7:30 Tries desperately to find a ride to school 8:20 ls still looking for first period class 10:30 Enjoys a Mr. Garrahy history lec- ture on the Bushmen AFTERNOON 12:00 Looks for a familiar face to eat lunch with 2:35 Runs home for cookies and milk 4:00 Settles in for an hour of Bugs Bun- TW 6:00 Tells Mom and Dad all about his great day at Villa Park EVENING 7:00 Begins homework 7:15 Finishes homework lgave upl 8:00 Watches television 10:00 Goes to bed For the mos! current and unique version of sophomore viewing the 1982-83 annual should be read. Unlimited I wing ofthe sophomores can be seen through lndlvldual pictures of each sophomore, candid pictures, and close- up deialled Interviews of special and unique sophomores, For further information regarding sophomores see page 256 to 277. fiffff . 1 2.9. 7 ff Lf, ,, 5 "'fn'4'f.- ,A , , '. 5 7 3 ' ff! f 1 if , f' .-- ,.--- ,.,-- By BLAINE MARUOKA "Myjob as treasurer ls to handle the money, budget !t,figure out where they have to spend lt, and save lt. " KRISTEN NORMAN said KRISTIN NORMAN. "My main goal Is to try to get everyone lnuolued In activities we sponsor." The major concern ofthis year's officers ls trying to ralse money for prom next year. "We are hoping to raise 32,000 to 83,000 dollars, which ls about what It "I wlll cost to rent u place." P "The officers all get along well together because we all worked together before," Her past experience In leadership include Sth grade Historian and 9th grade ASB Pep President. She plans on runnlngfar office next year. "My maln goal ls to be ASB President." i W or X 5. 5-we f A S---e 'S-R Q" K I'iiK7 " " 0 f L Mm ll Sec, SHLEY we rmvdmf ron vicsvnss... ,ay-, j2Qg'f4:frlf 7 t 3 4 IIWS f wma . muh Wu V w5NEl TR E155 '-'Raimi' '-4:12 ,fi X L, 5' VM. ,if V101 illlf v-mf' ,Z 2 W if f 1-4. The 82-83 sophomore officers include: Presi- 5 dent Colleen Triggs, Vice President Rick , Fox, Treasurer Kristin Norman, and Secre- tary Debra Bussell. Fm- - 5. This years Sophomore candidates flooded the +-- - campus with election posters and signs. Cam- paigning is an important part of each election, 6. The Sophomore Senators are from First Row: Jason Wesner, Laura Stinchfield, Shan- .- non Goldman, Tina Garifo, Noelle Co- V lome, John Russo, Second Row: Suzie ll 4 Kimball, Tracy Burdine, Elizabeth Owens 1. 'I l- Q I -211 and Shelly Schneider. 'V Q .P Y 7 This years Sophomore Cheerleaders are Lau- ra Kesselman, Andrea Everett, Michele Rzenik, LeAnn Lundberg, Nicola Boyle, Q and Michelle Diaz. 8 Sophomore secretary Debra Bussell dis- 4. cusses politics of Sophomore class with friend Shaunna Larson. 9. LeAnn Lundberg, Michele Rzenik, Laura Kesselman, Nicola Boyle, Michelle Diaz, and Andrea Everett sing the Alma Mater with feeling. Cheerleaders sang the Alma Mat- er at the end of each pep assembly, 6 256 Sophomores A A-'XX-I 4 IN, -efjf 2 ' X., SOPHOMORE LE DERS 'L IP xi J 3 Q5 i . i, 3 at Page by B.M. Photos l.2,3.6,9 Rich Ackl y Photo 7 Norm Johnson Photo 5,4 Dirk Wakeham Photo B Michelle Mongrow The year started with fun times as Peralta and Cerro Villa united. We all worked together for Spirit Day stated sophomore president Col- leen Trlggs Spirit Day took up a lot of time and money. We worked every Saturday and Sunday from the day we were elected," said Sophomore Treasur- er Kristin Norman. Show the Way Kristin Norman went on to say that "On the day before Spirit Day the Sophomores started decorating the school from 5 o'clock at night to 3 o'clock in the morning. We had the school compe' tely decorated but when we came back at 5:30 everything was gone." 'iSpirit day cost from S150 to 5200, which was paid by Mrs. Triggs and a lot of the other offi- cers' mothers." The officers had a bake sale to pay off their debt. To sum up the year Colleen said, HThe year was a total success, and l'm sure our next two years will be even better." Sophomores 257 James Advani Derek Albrecht Darla Aldrdge Jamie Allnutt Dave Allred Cheri Anderson Craig Anderson Craig Anderson Pat Anderson Lisa Andre Sonja Ansari Mark Auger Jennifer Ayre Vince Ayres Mircea Bagiu Sonya Bain Michele Baker Craig Barbarosh Steve Barnes Barbara Barregar Scott Barrett Kevin Barry Kim Barta .'lqll?"', 'L' ,I N 5 f lf' , 5 "5.,'f i l . 1 'A ' r , v In ' --, I V f , -nd X' '-",,', 3. , .Y J -1 , ,i AML-, ,' . ., 'MA y. H -L ff' 'F '1'32rf7',l V f' I' V-59,13 'H 3, " '-,ji ju .. . ' I - n i ,I 0 9 - My I I 1? . ' gl, 9 QL I , 1 1 I I 'I f ' ...4 e - M ,P "' .1 ' - -lr "I xl ,.-f, 'I -. S: f ', , ,f . . 41 -' I " 1 Vf 4 gal Q wt 2. l amex,.. ' t . ' f 1 ' Q Hassti Bassiri Bill Bath James Batshoun Jeff Beadle Ann Beck Michael Bedard f 1 f Q: '- A H . R' 5 'W ' '1' 4 'A ,"' if t 4 1' --A "' 'V WM? f , ' - We 'N --.. 4 v f t. 1 f rm" X, ' ' I V Wynn, ,' 7' .QI V Mg .1-All "' . , . Q - Sophomores J OY LIFE I 'J ,.... A ..-nu., ' V, -. f A 1 f 9 ,, .cite A it -5 AJ 'mi A-W 4 0 ,cn ll Z 'T A-Q 1 ,All 1 lx ,J 2 9 M. , Y' KN ,M -is , .1 1 V1 , ,I 1' 'lr' 17:21 'Q ' 5 7, N h W Gif i . , f 1- , rx All photos David Tebo Page by R.P., s.w.. BM M M .1 Close P "Racing Is a very competitive sport," sald BRYAN SWARM who started Blcycle MotoCross raclng about two years ago. BRYAN pald S530 for the powerllght bike he races. lt has a chrome Powerlight frame, Hottema forks, S815 handle bars with Oakley F-1 grips, Takagl bottom bracket and cranks, Competition ll tires, ACS hubs with 2" rlms, Skyway pedals, a nickle plated chaln, 44 tooth front sprocket, Callfornla lite pads, and a Haro type ll number plate. He has competed at Irvine and Saddleback but has done most ofhls racing at the Orange YMCA track. BRYAN has won one second place, two third places and three fourth place trophies for his efforts. He began racing after afrlend took hlm to the race track to watch some races. and he became Interested. "You really haue to want to do it, raclng takes a lot of practice," said BRYAN, "When someone starts racing they start at the beginner level. Once they wln eight trophies or threeflrst places, they advance Into novlce then expert class, andflnally Pro. lam now in Noulce, " BRYAN explained. BRYAN doesn 't plan on becoming Pro, but he does want to become Expert. "lt 's just a hobby for me right now." "l wouldn't want to make a llfe out of racing: once you turn Pro, you have to want to race for a llulng, " said BR YAN, by LORI BRAUN BRYAN SWARM 258 Sophomores ll I ,f ., it 'U I7 pit ,J rl!" ,K . 'I , , -4 ' U I" A , V ' K - sr . , 1 X L. N 1 l A i X I A lebo F. Bl W f I Z f l 5: nr' . 'fi 's r l :yu ' , , .1 - , A T "4 f if ,, '- ' ff 5 4 y v i ! 9 f., If .f 4 .. 6 ffl N W 13' ff., .RZ , 1 , gm t '17-Zfl '- -1 re' A, -Aff i , . 4 , , y 7 f 4 ' f in If ,Em '4 f ,f cf ' f 1 , f 1 r , , '99 ir 1' 42. . , 4 ,L 5 wi.. "'n2 vw- , yy .. , 4 1 2 A f , s 22. f- ., ,rd . iff A ., .421 . Qu., . nv. .V af '11 lg 4, . ,. 5 1 -vi I 'L A' 5 ' fi 1 fa . MW f 4+ 4' I A ' , ,.... 1 , . , , , , , ' fi ,e f 1, J, it Qi - ,aff "-"-u 2:5.21'll:vv , ' -Ann. V ' 4' as "- ff , ,v A' I I I 1?f -A K r A 7 X I Q ig ,,4, ,.V ,Y 'Wt 5, 2 if M H 17, 49' I 3 Laura Stinchfield, Shannon Hall, and Katie Stone enjoy each others company, Friends are forever. , l lf X Jw f Z iii, ,g 1. ff . i, f. , .A 47 Z Z' I . 415 , C ikx C75 Q Jeff Bedell Lori Beechan Kristen Bentley Vicki Berg Gregg Bernhard Chris Berry Angela Betts Lara Bevington Laurie Beyl Marc Biletski Jaime Blanco Sean Bland Matthew Blank Kathy Bogart Teresa Bolen David Bolt Noi Bouddhabandith Bill Boyle Nicola Boyle Brad Bradford Scott Brand Kevin Brault Craig Braun Lori Braun Max Bravo Jim Bray Richard Brenner Bob Briggs Paula Brislawn Sophomores 259 Kirsten Broberg Kevin Brooks Alicia Brown Don Brown Rich Brown Tony Brown Denise Bryant Eric Bryant Kandi Bryant Tracy Burdine Ashley Burnham Staci Burton Deborah Bussell Eric Cabrera David Cammarato Jeni Campbell Shannon Campbell David Capobianco Anthony Cara Ron Carlton Phil Carney Mary Carroll Ronnie Casacchia Tom Chandler Diane Chavez Nazanin Choobak Mickey Chriswell Chris Chu Chris Clark Geraldine Clark Kelly Parker Tonya Ferris, Jill Moses, Mary Has- klns and Blna Parekh socialize between classes. Gos- sip on campus is common Photo Russell Jones Page by R.P,, S.W., B.M., M.M Close p by MICHELLE MONGRAW oy! -vw . - - Q14 JASON JEFFRIES and JOHN O'NEAL, the only sophomores on the Vnrslty Water Polo team, felt lt a privilege and an honor to be able to play on uarslty their flrst year at VPHS, According to JOHN, "We dldn 't get any pressure from the seniors and junlors. They were an Influence on us and we looked up to them, especlally MARK MAIZEL. " "They tried to help us with our mistakes and encourage us Instead of putting us down," replled JASON. JASON and JOHN played Water Pola for slx years prior to playlng at VPHS. During the summer they declded to play Water Polo wlth the Orange Aquatlcs, and Coach EHRLICH, who was at one ofthelr games, i ,f 4 I ,, encouraged them to try out for the varsity team. After the CIF Flnals they were very disappointed, but, "I was happy we made It that far, but I was mud that we lost lt. I wanted to wln It mostly for the seniors," sald JASON. ' MARK MARGOLIS sald, "they understand It 's a prlvllege to recelve n I i Varslty letter and they respect thls. " "JASON and JOHN are an asset to the team and I wlsh I could have two sophomores every year as good as them, The only other sophomore I had was JIM NOWAK," said Coach EHRLICH, ,kwin " JASON JEFFRIES V ,ig ' M" 9 JOHN O'N 'J' ,. K f if . J I, .fr W , u EAL ,. 0 K .AN 6, WORKING Our Way Up . it A l V 5 Z1 . ,A f t 4 , xg A- Q 5, ie 1719 f Q5 'g. I 1 - ' A- f -sl r . . WZQ ' ' - ' fly: 1,,-:pg 5, 4 -' '- ' ,l ",, , -- F if fr , 1 Ca. ':f,.s25r.3e.' .. , '7f'?:,5av 1 ' fi: ' -If ' if - l 'I If " L' ' " .... W f W : 0 2 F ' ' . .. lliillglr e ' A " " A " ' "4 ,lf r 2' '2 X ' , N 'KZ ,mfg ,V 3, ., I' V"-v 2 X' , V 151 . A ,fig-gg , -. KU ' .... 7 531,gQ.' , ' " -4- ' , ' ff' Vff 'ff-. V 1 T , ' ff - . A . , V 4- 1 .- 52, ' 03,3 1, -' , . . I 'ai ""' 'j i ,: l 5 1' I Perry Clegg Darin Coddington Cynthia Cognasse Kenny Coleman Phil Colin Noelle Colome Susie Cooley Stacy Cor Gwen Corbett Kevin Cosca Dyanne Court Lisa Crabtree Natalie Crawford Mimi Creedon Carol Crissinger David Crissinger Mike Croix Leslie Crornmett Colette Culbert Katie Czark Peter Czark Paul Daniels Jerry Davis Tammy Davis H Nancy D,Cruz fa. Guy De Beauvieres ' H xy Leah De La Riva I go NNE Tammy Delight C27 Off Jennifer Delling 6 X ' -,ff Niki. ..A X Q5 G I Sophomores 261 Jerry De Los Reyes Marc Deluca Lisa Depue Paul Demarco Brad Dennis Denise Desuacido ,. Dave Dew --.-wg! ' Michelle Diaz 44 6 ,, M . mf Erik Doest Dan Domek ,Wy f Maria Dominguez X YN! Q OG? 1: as I' SOPHOMORES Show Spirit Close P l JOHN STUART bv FRANCISCO TALVERA JOHN STUART, sophomore, llke any average high school student seeks accep- tance from hls peers. What makes JOHN dlfferent from an average adolescent ls his handicap, a physlcal dlsablllty. JOHN started hls educatlon ln a handicap school. JOHN commented, "l dld not feel l was handlcapped enough to be ln that atm- sopheref' He added, "lt was the 'plts.' " JOHN transferred to Cerro Vlllaforjunlor hlgh. "lfelt l needed to be around some klds who dld not have severe handicaps, " JOHN commented. He added, "l basically wanted to be llke every other kld." JOHN'S flrst days ln a publlc school sur- rounding were llke any other flrst day ln school experlenced by everyone, "At flrst I was scared because l dld not know what to expect. l dld not know how they would react. " JOHN commented. "l really enjoy artendlng a normal hlgh school. All the klds treat me really well," JOHN added. JOHN'S only set-back ls that he can not wrlte, JOHN commented," MRS. BAIN spends two hours a day helping me with my homework. l use a tape recorder ln my classes to take notes." JOHN belleues, "I don 't thlnk l'm dlffer- ent from anybody. My brain is complete and nomnal. "JOHN hopes to become a psychol- oglst and "l believe what ever one sets up to accompllsh can be accompllshed Uyou want lt hard enough." Ron Dope Jenny Douglas Cathie Driscoll Colleen Driscoll Kevin Dudevoir David Dufault Brian Dugan Jennifer Dunn Don Duty Cindy Edelman Christine Ehline Lorna Elegino Zzty' ff ' f ' f. .rf , ' ,I 1. 0. l A f 1, I uf 1 ' W .4 'vm 1 ' M eff W W, ' 4' ,Z X 1 11, Photo Rich Ackley Page by n.P., s.w., B.M.. M.M. Y L f4h po I' Ck ' it , ii Y 'S - . 3 .. x f ' G an ' , f ., g i , ' Q., i f 5' V .yi . ,P 9 262 Sophomores The sophomore class enthu- siastically watches a pep ral ly. Everyone squeezed to, gether to unite as a class. Kim English Michael Espinoza Ed Evans Jim Evans Kirk Evans Andrea Everett Kim Eyerly Christina Fairbanks Gary Faltermier Jamie Fasbender Judy Fernandez Michael Ferreri Tanya Ferris Mark Fershin Heidi Fiedler James Fields Eric Filsinger Steve Finkelstein Rick Fox Beth Frackelton Tim Fross Diane Fukuhara Cindi Fulp Laurie Fyffe Janette Garcia Tina Garifo Maria Geanakos Jennifer Grisler Gina Genova Crystine George Sophomores 263 Kevin Moiser smiles happily as he finishes his part on the tuba. The band Michaela Gilchrist Cheryl Gillett Ryan Gillette Lynda Ginsburg Tim Gloe Vicki Goerke Glynna Goff Jarrod Golden Shannon Goldman Morgan Goldsmith Steve Gonzales Michele Gonzalez Teresa Gorham Kristen Graffius played at all the football games. - -- - 1 .- at ' . -5: r VV, - , 1421. 5 V ww-s -'mu A-' kai. . ' -' 1 , 1, -.-f-N Q .. I, 747.-1 if - .. . , i 1 , ff , , ff' Q7 ' a 4 ,f f Aix-5 A - . - . . ff": .,,--.V-. I ,qw r ,, , fu K 2 P I X ,fi ,X '4- lm-AK 'X 3-an-,' K ,j ff f5Qff if-. N ' M' . 74.5 F' " 4, g,,,-hy 'K1,..Q. g,j: 7 - - I , 'Q - N ' T l ' , od ' .4-4 -411 ' 1 'x , -,,, V. - 0...-f af 1 ffm, ll . 2 if l I fm. I Plata lege by -1 l .,-3+ -. v , - ' '-1-1.2-iL'f w - - - Samantha Graham "" 4. 5, f ri? iw-it Steve Graham A " i' H C ' ' A Q + - - f - . . aff L: ' Deann Gray ' "' 40 " Q' a A , - rlgn I , I , Q I 41" Y -gf, Dennis Gray ,. -f. 'f i lun i- fl' AV -.3 Cindy Grech ' Y " if , i -. ,X A Chris Green - K 1 Q n .1'M - John Guardiano ' ,. .al 4 -as Derek Guelker 5- if Q31 liffl ' fi' 1' - -.' a-131 . - Q' " -1553: 4 Nanette Hager 0 - 1' 1 'fi' QC . , ' ' C --1 A 'I '3 l 1 -A-. Henry Hall ':.,?, N ,N ji 1 4 A .,,, Jennifer Hall V, " Y Shannon Hall by Q. 1 ax Zachary , :api W - 1 jf- MZ , lllv I E' A X - 1 I' .- Kelly Halligan - 1 --- f . A -- .5 A V , 'ff I - a -. . - ,l , ., -.,-'J .. - ,iw - - , , g -f -' ? f fjf 5- - 3. -- ,Q . 3 ,f ' 22:1-13 ' ,H Debbie Hamblin gf 5 1- A 1 9 ,A ,y I -- . A lg.-. A -A - A f Q ,i 1 ' " GM. -- 1- - : - '. V ' ,Q-rgzj - - . 2 ' , 'A - Todd Hammond LU ?ig . M ,wi , J , A ., xl, A .2-,ll F -A I, 1- 79' - Q IN i. . 1 . . - N ' 1' T i--4' Lauri Hampson C, gf Q f - V -I -- ,..:, Qfa 1 W .H 1 4 ,1 lik 264 Sophomores S i rl J ., wi -A ' if r . Sophomores Prove Photo Russell Jones Page by R.P., S.W., B.M., M.M. 315, at-ui 54' I, 1, FEE of ,,+..f ,- , , H- M ,fy ? I' " lgify- 477 1 ' I ' 'arg ' 3 -ZZ 1 , t la, A YM is x N . V 1 Hstaylng ln style." ff Denise Hendricks Stacy Hansman Chris Harbaugh Jim Harlan Joesett Harper Brad Hart Darin Haskins Richard Hasty Bill Hauge Autumn Hayes Steve Hedin Casey Heidler Wayne Heller Although fashion changes often, HEIDI FIEDLER, a sophomore, has no problem HEIDI makes almost all her clothes. She started sewlng when she was about slx. ' "Whenever my Mom would sew, I always wanted to help her,"HEIDI stated. "One time, Wf. Doug Herbert she had to go and buy a whole new patteml" " Her favorite article of clothing to sew, are dresses and sklrts. "lt 's easler to make my clothes and less expenslve, but very time consumlng," HEIDI explalned, , r In nlnth grade, HEIDI recelved a gold medallion for Home Economics. She also was awarded many Ist and 2nd place rlbbons In 4-H. "l thlnk l'ue won about eight ribbons My famlly had a lo! to do with my sewing. All my slsters dld lt. so I guess Ifollowed In the picture, HEIDI is wearing ajacket she made by herself. It ls lined on the lnslde HEIDIfeels very good about the clothes she makes, and she stated, "I can take prlde ln HEIDI flnlshed by saying, "I think that ljust want to be out of the ordinary!" HEIDI FIEDI-ER by KATHERINE HAAN altogether, but I'm not sure." stated HEIDI. Zoe? It 9 tradltlonlf' commented HEIDI. Albert Hernandez 5 V d 1 ll h. K Kerry Hernandez an 'mysy 5 :At , an gi . what I wearl" 0,-1 ' '. , , J Ji' laa rfml . ,. Lorrieun Hernandez f Y ijg,ggs,gg5e-. 'M fa-1 Joseph Hertel 441 Garrett Hichman Marie Hilsenbeck Rick Hivner Risa Hochman Close in Sophomores 265 Close John Hochstein 1 Michele Hodge ' l X, Justin Hollars ' A' 1 Q Jason Holmes ll f-it ff f ' Jennifer Holmes Susan Homsi Cindy Hornacek Karen Howiler Karen Horwitz .3 Mary Hoskins Tina Huckle J Sian Huggins 1 'TP by 'A LISA ANDERSON NOELLE COLOME Practlce, practice, practice, and more practice. A famlllar word to sophomore NOELLE COLOME a competltlve Ice skater who has been practlclng since fourth grade. Practlclng lce skating hasn 't been NOELLE'S only actlulty to lmproue and Increase her skating technique, she also partlclpates ln ballet and jazz classes. As a competltlve lce skater Noelle practlces six days a week ranging from 3Vz to 4 hours per day. Accomplishments such as an Artlstlc Award eamed by having the best artlstlc Interpretatlon ofthe muslc at a 1982 competltlon seems to make the hard work and contlnuous hours of practice worthwhile with Coach SAUNDRA HOLMES. "Sometimes though, l'ue had to glue up golng on a trlp for a skating competltlonf' NOELLE sald. Thls seems only to prove that her dedlcatlon and hard work is endless. NOELLE also sald that at tlmes not golng out on weekends and mlsslng school becomes mandatory when major competltlons approach. From rigorous practice sesslons to vlctorlous competftlonsg as SALLY COLOME, NOELLE'S mother sald, "Skating starts too early ln the momlng and costs too much, but l't's all worth It." ' rf,--zz! , as ef " 4 'lf -r I: 1 1 .15 4' A 1 A! I , I f 4 f ? ' f 1? 1 ,' an ,Z , 2 ERYO E'S A Sophomore Once David Hughes Dean Hughes Todd lger Denise lngle Debbie lwasaki Debbie Jackman Wes Jacobs Angela James Michele Jaress Gabi Jaworski Photo Michelle Mongraw Page by R.P.. S.W., B.M., M M -4. 3 3 ,.,,... , ,m 21554 ,-,. ,3 -1' ' , ,l"" . -' 553, H+ a A H -n 266 Sophomores Q- Glynna Goff - proud to be a Spartan. Then mg ff iv 'ip ff 4334 4, . , I ,A ,gp s , .7 . V ...,,, , 614 'v- f .V 13 JE., 'J Y ' . J W' . ' S K fo- - ds "war E, ' . : ' A 1 gg xo 55 f ? "',49,:-,,,-1-21-g.f,' "rv ' '- f fgfff one V M . 1:1255-' V.: , , "Fwy" C' 4991.3 I g I f' ,P I 4 , 1 1 ,. , ,J 7 f . Q ' . ' " S f . - V' . ee .-fair: ' . 1 . , . , , . f ' 21.11-METQ, ' Eiilh , V ..: - ' ' fm ' is V ' 1 V- -"' -' f ,f, Q ,L '- nw -1 0 if l Wy!! X" Q r V i Vg v ,A A V I , 1 A 4- 1 aj 5 'Jiri , I . Q' 1 .gm , 4 . J ,, ff' ' 'g X 791. ,. .W c ,j .- . . W L in , fn , - ' 1 - 1, , , , 5 , .f , 5 , , Liz ' . V . Q. J, , 1 -42 A ,M .' j -' 7: 1 ? S ' J 1' as ' 1 ' perm, ,ASL -2 I ,f 17 I Ga, e 'Qi ' ' I zzfy ,4 L ' K, , f 7 ff 1 A I f 1, -.. 49 1 '9 N-vu L, 24 A 'A'A . ,JA, M f X , 'C' To J VN if .,n,,fggf71,3 Oo, Q Quia- 'Qian 3. Q50 Q again, isn't everyone?! Jason Jeffries Matt Jensen Jack Jessen Todd Jividen Hillary Johnson Patty Johnson Tammi Johnston Andy Jolliff Linda Jones James Jory Viviane Joubran Pauline Kamiyama Sebnem Kanatsiz Christina Kato Pamela Keeler Matt Kelchner John Kelly Jackie Kenrick Heidi Kerns Todd Kerns Laura Kesselman Jim Kesterson George Killian Susie Kimball Sokkun Kimpau Cheralyn King Stacey Kirschner Elleen Kitagawa Marc Klinge Amy Knowles Matt Koob Dawn Koontz Lynette Kopycki Vicki Kovac Laura Krejci Sophomores 267 Kim Kringel Lesley Kurose Kevin Kutcher Robert LaBarge John Lado Lawrence Lambert Brian Lancaster Lisa Lanforcl Brady Lanzon Shaunna Larsen Shawn Larson Tom Leblanc Christina Legg Yvette Leischer Chia-yu Liao Don Liles Mikel Linzoain Angie Longwith Warren Lopata LeAnn Lundberg Suzy Lynn Kelsey Lyons Brenda Lytle Scott Mac Farlane Chrissie Mackin John Maddux Connie Magno James Marcolesco Suzanne Wooters and Le Ann Lundberg cheerfully greet each other. Friends are fun to be around. Photo Michelle Mongraw Page by R.P., S.W,, B.M.. M.M. A ,,,f. f f 4 1 1 1 Q A 'qi f, t t In - '- A. t f WS 0' 'i fy fv- , f fi . 147' k 'rf Q --AQ L- i! fy I -fa , ,, , I fi , 1 1 4 'K , 1 3 " Hi an "' ' ff M., J I , , 9 fy 'f I I .,4f.. ,.-' " 1 214: Ez. -vr' n, ' f 'L ,iz r f -1 ' ' , af ' I --xv' -'f,, ' , :.,,,,9 , ,, , 9 I AQ, A yfggzg -, Vg, ' y-,Q f 43' ,459 2 , ft I V vp l , 1 WM 1 1 ,yn-Y l H I Au. 'P 'F 1 1 I df, ,I 4:4 ,. , U, , .. 17 'f 'f V 4 my A A ' H fviffm' v ' " -2 f ,J '- fn 7 ff, " n ,iv J V - , , M ww I- xii: v r t, V Y jx, 1 ' 41, X' ,dx j , I . , "vw . ffff'f"..ff11f F9 J, f ,N ,,,.,. . - .,- 14 D.. . - ' .QI us' -f-bf.gZk:f .gggfiig4:':fZ'3 fa 1 3 '. 31,5 .,..uw-dw 268 Sophomores ,.t- 4- ,J H! 4. -. W , l l I . ,.,l : ai , 4 '21 :sq . I fi' A N, , Au 1 Q 4 3 31,1 I if rs 14 ,- i Iv- ---up , S v , ', I 1 if ' 'l , f f f L , rf .1, 'X f 9 , e 1 l 67 Kristen Marcussen Joe Maresh Mark Margolis Jeff Marks Kathy Marovic Jessie Martinez Jim Masuda Brent Mater Nick Matrisciano Lisa Maxwell Brian Mc Carthy Carol Mc Carty Close Up bv MICHELE MOORE MICHELLE MONGRAW MICHELE MOORE, a sophomore at VPHS, chose the art of oll palntlng, "not to take lt serlously, but mostlyfarfunf' sald MICHELE. "My Mom was the one who got me started ln the flrst place. l was only nlne, and my Mom thought lt would he a good ldea. So I agreed, "laughed MICHELE, I dldn't start pulntlngfor any speclal reason, Ijust thought lt would be fun." MICHELE has been taklng lessons for flue and a half years wlth MRS. BARBARA FELISKY and MRS. MARGE YAROS once a week. Accordlng to MICHELE, "There are two differnt types afpalntlng that I haue done, one is called the "Old Technlque"and the other one ls 'Old Masters Technlque'," MICHELE won an Honorable Mentlon award at the "Festival de Arts" at the age of thirteen, MICHELE also paints on ceramlc flgurlnes, but she mostly concentrates on all palntlng. "Before Ipalnt, Idrow a very baslc outllne of the picture that I want, which ls usually mountalns. The reason Iplck mountains ls because they stand tall, strong and are uery majestic. " "I don't want to do palntlng as o profession, all I want to do ls master what l'm dolng now," "Before lgraduate from high school, I hope to discover my future occupation." Sophomores UNE I . 1- . V f. Kim Mc Clanahan .f i x V r y Martin Mc Donald .fs Summer Mc Dowell KW 4? -' A' 'V 74:5 can , J f av 1 f . ' ' John McKay f Kelley Mc Lean nil! v w sr- s I "1- , cg, Q' rv '8 ,. ,- - f .. 5 . 7, Ron Mc Queen Cary Meckstroth Sandy Mehr ,, -U Maureen Mesaros --7 Wendy Michel Rita Mizyed Todd Moeller ,l lx If Sophomores 269 Close P LEAH DE LA RIVA by SUZANNE WOOTERS LEAH DE LA RIVA ls a student at the "Way ol the Tlger" karate school. She practlces Skatakan, whlch ls a form or style of karate. The students all practlce uformal exerclse called kata. Kata ls often used ln the competltlons. and the students are rated by points, Through kata and actual contact events, LEAH has achleved an Orange Belt. She hopes to have her green belt by January or February of 1983. LEAH ls the only glrl ln her rank. The competltlons are often full contact, and the girls compete wlth guys. LEAH has unlntentlonal lnjurles every so often. ln 1 982 she had the knee ligaments In one of her legs tom from a klck, Slnce that tlme she has other lnjurles although they were minor. There ls a lot of exerclse lnuolved with her class, and lt has put her ln good condltlon. For LEAH her karate class Is a famlly affair. Herfather, brother, uncle, and two of her couslns attend the school. LEAH sald enthusiastically, "l really llke everyone there because they really care about you. " Sophomores Find Shawn Mitchell Monica Mohler Doug Mohrhoff Michelle Mongraw David Moore Michele Moore Craig Morehouse Kurt Mortensen Kevin Moser Jill Moses THEIR W 1 ef I .1 fu - .. we My ,, sa ' f f 3 1 f f 1 W f .77 1 f,,,, 1 Photo Michelle Mongraw Page by R.P.. S.W.. B.M-. M M Kristin Mothes ' 5, Richard Murg i t ' I I Denise Murray "' A 1, Janet Muzio ..': g ' ..g, E Kyle Myers H 7 Tariq Najm 'llll " I ,M Margaret Naruse Carrie Nash Chip Nelson Jeff Nelson Tony Nequette Timothy Neumann 9, 4 exiks. - . 270 Sophomores S ,gl m 1 I Mn U, PLM 2 awk 4 l l f It BI. W Q CQ5 M 'W fs if 1 is A 5,1 115 5 all PC7475 cz Q0 4 W W 7 f 4647 A Z awk ' Q n , 'h 1 ., I ,4 . in J " ,La tr - ,gi -.s, ' P2 5 I . ,gr Ia' K Z 't..'iag',eCa. f FG. . If 3 1 .al 'CZ I 551 3 ,1 , r 9 v . fn fa fi 6 . -'mf -'aw Susan Newgass Tran Nguyen Jennie Nichols Ben Nise Mike Noe Christopher Norman Kristin Norman Ron Norman Dan Norsworthy Donald Norsworthy Colleen Obuljen Monica O'Donnell Taylor Ohlsen Paul Ohta Roger Oldham Robert Olson John O'Neal Guy Oudejans Elizabeth Owens Tony Palmeri Kristin Panizza Bina Parekh Richard Park Yvonne Park James Parker Kelly Parker Hament Patel Dave Patterson Matt Payne Paul Pedroso David Perez Jim Perez walks Michelle Gonzales to class. Sophomores step out. Sophomores 271 Close P The ball for wheelsj started rolling three years ago. CHRISTINA FAIRBANKS and herfather were looklng through a newspaper and an advertisement caught their eyes. It was about a meetlng for people Interested ln raclng Soap Box Derby Cars. Her jlrst year of raclng lead to the Nationals ln Chattanooga, Tenn. where out of 1000 people she rode away wlth 16th place. Now, after 3 sl X '- Ei ' cars and many races, CHRISTINA ls stlll golng strong. X Q, To help cope wlth the hlgh cost of bulldlng the cars she has a span- 1 . X' , 'I wr. , I X sor, West Slde Trucking. There are two categories ln the sport of Soap v ,gy M t ,I ' H " , F V " V Box Derby,junIorfor ages 10-12, and senlarforpeople age12-15. The fy' A ' 3 ' I . ' 4 basic dlfference between the two cars Is "J" ls box llke and the driver . i 7 I " ' " "" V c 'P must slump over to driueg the senior car ls shaped more bullet like and 'qi I 9' ' I 1, A at 5 5 i 4, the drlver lays down. It takes up to 6 months and S650 to bulldjust one f if 1 9 49,9 h STEVE BASS and. of course, wlnnlngf' CHRISTINA ls racing ln Mission Vlejo and ' J - ' V sm: winning: CHRISTINA FAIRBANKS .Y X I Jim Perez ' . ff - . Michele Perez 5- ,N W- . Krister Persing at tg 4 N . 'W 'IW ' . 'W , ' George Peterson if K , 1.4, , p ,f H . A f ' .3 Tracy Petrie ' at i. T if A Z A H E ' A T , Traci Petty A - 4 f Q. Zf,f.i!2j" Jennifer Pinson Regina Pomeroy Mary Pope John Porter Susan Porter Brigitte Prevot Margie Proud Julie Pryor Shawn Puckett Philip Radak Jim Radzik Brian Maida Tony Ramirez Godfrey Ramos Tricia Raney Brian Raum Brian Reccia David Reddick Kacee Redenbaugh Kevin Rees Var Reeve Tom Reiff Ken Resh David Richardson Donald Riddick Brent Riebe Irma Rios David Robinson April Rock Kerri Roderick Gina Rodgers Caryn Rogers Jennifer Rogers Terri Rooney Jin Rose Kathy Rosenzweig s A M ,ar gg. 1 , n 8 v t -' dv ! A f , , 4 14 47 Af fi -.4 'TS e., ' v -9,'1'1.'-1 -0- " 'z- P3 if y . 41 sd, 'P or-it f i T 'fx 'A ' Q , 7 A 1 V, I rf ' af- ' fa- A I g f' et, 40 ' J r W A If A A t . 1 I ,Rei . 5' M- . , xi .. ' 4, 1 i " -P 's 1. 4 pt , ' b Q 4 ,ms M -IQ ' 'A co . ,lg -:au .-1 1145 l Qi -1 +R 6 x 5 H ,X IWW, -'f ali 5 r QI' Ji' , rr 'L I9 Y! A as 4 4, I 1, w w. H . aw QA .5 1 r " fer na, ..-zz, V! 7 . 'ij' I -. 'f .1 . V: - e ' ' 'i ff 'TFP' Y. I 1 9 P' . V 3 at . rr - , fag. P, Y , 3 , ' I Q .X 272 Sophomores -4 S S Li S B 6 . .4 7 1 K l ji iii .4 , , ,, - 1, -1 ,i . '05 ,.-in .5 ' ' A V1 ' -,QA ' lm if ' f - C - if if fits A ..-A .4 v f' f: 3 a L2 4 ffii 5 A ll! A 1 x9 ' l 4' It A r I A Sophomores Look TO FUTURE 95? 7 ' ' 3 'ff I ,, , ' f.., fs iff' N ,x 41' 3, I, ,ff-9 .H ' E' fs, f I , -' ff-+ l" L L 7' 1 " ,' 3 - J - .la 1 ' 0 ' Q .V 41- I ? nu it Y , .IE From their vantage point above, sophomores Robert Thornton, Vongsack Sananikone, Ben Nise, and Shawn Puckett watch an assembly. They've the best seats in the house. Jason Ross Ronald Ross John Rowe John Russo Rick Ryan Michelle Rzeznik Dave Sach Paula Salcido Denise Salerno Vongsack Sananikone Tina Sandusky Scott Scwson Monte Scheinblum Janna Schoolcraft Shelly Schneider Chris Scott Eric Scott Scott Seabold Natalie Seeley Roland Seilinger Perri Selman Jamie Sennet John Shamlou Brad Sheridan ' W gc OIOSQ Q Photo Rich Ackley Page by R.P., S.W.. B.M,, M.M. Sophomores 273 Scott Shimoda Bonnie Shiotani Larry Singerman Ann Siskosky David Sitner Melissa Smith Susan Snyder Melissa Sobel Scott Sokoloff Sharon Sokoloff Chris Solinski Carrie Spalding Kristin Spence Hollee Spollino Gretchen Springer Bill Stark Chris Stamos Lisa St. Clare Chris Steensland David Stern Laura Stinchfield Judy Stockinger Cathy Stockton Katy Stone Tina Stovall Jeff Strupp Suzie Stubbe John Stuart Doug Sullivan John Swank Bryan Swarm I J 1 4, X4 I 1 '6 f 0, 1, 1 , 1 , 3- , . ,f--f t H191 4 "N IQ. ,I A. 1 ,H C 'R U LU i +5 OOO! J QQ O5 Q ' 1 4 Q a- f fl ' -. 4 1 ,- 1 gi ' - 1 1 ,Af --Av ir 1 "lf 'Q 411 .W Wa, 1. 49 9 f I I ff 11, ' , W4 M f 61 41 My ' Mel 'ST' I I " ' 1 ' I 1 I 4 , , ,Qu-, V V 'y - ,, K' 1 ' , I 6 45-,i ,. ' x I 6 ' 'ffl :ri 'li rrp 1" . ' 4, H .gw .1 I hEv,,y',:5j -' I ,Z N ' . ',fE'i2-iw , i 7,1-fp ' , 'aff 0 . . r,4'v,,, , 1, W , , r, '. jf ' of 4" 5" 1 ' i 1 'r f'L'! , ' I L , , , swff-' - tffu, -- ,W -. r1'wf'.w Z A ' N., ' ' ' ', ,0f."'1L14 V '41 ,kj " - KM? ' l' " fy K . 5 'r' "" ' if M Q 1 " I , ' ' 1 ' S ' " 1 , -.Ax -.. . . . 1 -Q-7 ,Q X , - . Q ,QQI1 ' I M - 1131 A is ' . , ,fi , A ,v 4 f A W 1 , , 3fV:,i,1-,,Q1,r.'. ref'-ip .1 i f ' "" 1'.,,1",'.,,,i,, N f f' 'V' V 1 ., r 'ff if 0"-f 1 :W-1-r 1 -an . 1- f I ' 7-, J, . 1 L' ' 1 'JM JA 5' 1 V r .A-1 A, .b-. ll I V Q 1 -. ll-11.'.fF1-' ' r"'- 1 r M I ' " 1 . 4 V , A ii, ' Mi 1' 5' r' X 'f 1 VV , "' :,,21fi?'11i - M, .1 ' ' 7' F r ' ' . V U k '-- f X, -CIN'--. z., 121 rr 1 rrrf f . 1' x -1123.3 , I xyy 15" F ,I ,E 3,5 f " ' rr . 1' ""' I --0' fr "fi, . ..-nv ' Wt 79. ,, "" .1 V 1. ,, ,..- -,i,, , - ra. VZ' v . -, Kristen' Persing and Tom Le Blanc enjoy a break from their classes. Weekends are the students only hope, 274 Sophomores "TR-it 11.3, ' , 1 it uw L , V7 ' . 1 ,fl 4 fy . '-" . A fl' .-r- f, -. - . qi of J yf 44 , ' i 4 ,i N. Photo David Tebo Page by R.P., S.W., B.M., M.M. ,ffsf If ll .71 M1 4: 6 jr N 7?-f or ' 4. Q7 ,L if ga 'VP 1- , -' ,31.-121.551 , f' 4: ' -- e 31:--ww ,gg , . V' -1-:W 1. , ,Q-pw ,ftf fa. Azxpaga " 'df 9 . 1-1 gy-if f 13:51-13- - .fi V if jflfffz ' 'ei' ' , " 'M' 1.111 .5 - - Ja... . 4 f -1, . - b",-',..f-.4 all---f rw- ! fy, Kevin Swartz Scott Svvearingen Liz Taheri Elizabeth Tait Genevieve Talavera Cindy Talbot Chiline Tan Lien Tang Patty Tardif Jeff Tavvson Why would a happy famlly offlve leave a home In Talpel, Talwan to move to Argentlna and seven years later move to the United States? "To learn Spanish and English, ex- plalned CHIA-YU-LIAO. "MyfatherfeIt It was Important for my borthers and I to leam. " CHIA-YU-LIAO ls now a sophomore here at VPHS. She has the sklll of belng multl- lingual, She can communicate ln Chlnese. Tawalnese, Engllsh, Spanish and a llttle blt of Latln. "I enjoy talklng to people wlth different languages." The LIAO family was the flrst of all her relatlves to move to Argentlna. As the years passed, her relatives from Chlna moved to Argentlna also. Remembering the lrumld cold days CHIA-YU-LIAO explnlned, "I saw ralnfall almost everyday." CHIA-YU-LIAO said, "I wlll never forget the frlendly people and frlends I made ln Argentlna." "It's like my second country, because I grew up there." CHIA-YU-LIAO dldn 't wlsh to comment on a camparlson ofthe U.S. to Argentlna since she has not Ilved here very long. It ls also stlll somewhat awkwardfor her to communtcate with people here. CHIA-YU-LIAO Close 16 7 1 i VALERIE GARZA .ff SOPI-IOMORES WORK f ,x V, at Toward Weekend Dennis Tebo Brad Teitler Tony Temblaclor Debbie Testa Janine Theiss Teri Thene '71 I at 1 1" Jayne Thomas ffl' WR! f f' Jim Thomas U in , Vvvyyvv Lisa Thompson . , ff f Robert Thornton it ' Q' 'nik I 4, 4 ,' l Tom Thrasher Chip Tighe Sophomores 275 Cheryl Till Diane Thomlinson Michelle Torina Colleen Triggs Lynne Tubbe Joy Tunstall Rebecca Tussey Scott Tworek Suzanne Underwood Bob Valentine David Van Bogart M' J 2,323 l J' it 'T fl 1 My 4 in 1 of Sophomores: A PERFECT 10 Vldeo gamesl Fun for klds? Games of Inequlty? Wasters of hard eamed money? Or Hamnless dlverslons? Parents and the media constantly examlne this new phenono- mena and Its Impact on klds. However, few VPHS students worry about these ques- tlons, only which ones they llked and who was good at them. DA VlD BARRISH, sophomore, ls one of those vldeo fanatlcs, spending up to two dollars a day on vldeo games, "lt's not as bod as lt sounds: I can play my favorite one, 'Robotron', for up to twenty minutes on one quarter." "lt's a neat game. You have to defend your famlly and destroy the invaders before they destroy you," he said. DA VlD has played various video games for about four years. "My favorite games are 'Joust', "l'ron', and 'Dlg Dug'. l have scored as hlgh as 2,500,000 on the 'Robotron' machlne at Regal Lanes." He also owns an lntellevlslon home computer and some of its games. "l can also play at home too," he sold. "Well, I used to be a fanatic, but l don't play as much as l used to," he confessed, "Mostly l like to ploy because l llke the challenge." by STACI BURTON Close DAVID BARRISH 6 , Q7 'f 1 , aa' I r'W'i'15 M a J" 1 V 4 Beth Van Dixhorn Kelly Van Horn Andrea Van Sickle Julie Van Vooren Robert Vance Monte Variakojis Jayme Vassis Marie Villegas Steve Vilnius Scott Von Seggen Creg Wakefield Tony Wang -4 I Page by R.P.. S.W.. B.M.. M.M r ,,,,,,, ff V5 C r z r 0 , C 'wr 154 4 'W' 4 nt fs. 276 Sophmores S I N i i Wwiui , A ' X i I A i l 'lf P 5 T 2 S -dt? --Q., Y ph. aegiifr. 2 'rf-2 A Y V91 1 M fe, ' ,- s t 1 , .1 f ' of 1 Q l ' at 'T fi y lx , , Q f I 'F 406 x i J 'JF' .l x 92 , , 03 X .Q , -4 ' 4 iw, 1 X 'Q 4 X ,A NOT PICTURED Charles Camp Lara Dale Brett Dean Kenneth Drobish Gary Eschenbrenner Heidi Everest David Fuller Stephanie Gangluff Scott Holt A ,-Ly. QWV a'wrqaQQefr?thW get en 6? 4 , fl? 7 'g 'fZ? g'r,, 'i?fa4.., Z if e i' 'QYZ Qt Ez uf ' .-4.c Q w ., ,f'. 1:1 , 'ef 1, Af V, 1 :fs ee T i ye M6050 Q 4 f 2 . l 3 l Karen Howiler Jay Huber Valerie Inga Richard Koizumi Brian Maida Scott Maurer Casey McCarthy Frank Middleton Debra Penix Barbara Wargo Brian Watrous Jeff Wedd Kristie Wedderien Christine Wedemeyer Dawn Weingartner Tim Weller Cindy Wells Ellen Welt Jason Wesner David Wheeler Steve Whitaker Chris Wiedeman Henry Wiehebrink Jeff Williams Steve Williams Deidre Wilson Sheryl Wolf Angelia Woodside Suzanne Wooters Scott Worthington Darlene Wright Deanne Wright Darren Wright Herb Yaeger Brenda York Mark Zechiel Tyson Ziemer Michelle Zuckerman While some people love to have their picture taken, oth- ers are camera shy. Steve VilniusandMarleneBarnes demonstrate this. Photo Michelle Mongraw Sophomores 277 ff ff f ,V mf K ,,,f mfvwf VW' ' 'Z ff wow W?M3v1-922 , f ., V . f "X , 1 - 'V -' , , ':w"ff'ffi"f, , . A Q ,,,,,,,f, M, ., 6, , 1 ,' ff, ' ', ffwf,-qfzf,f,g,:w':',,v f 1 fff Q2 'f f . .qw -, WWW! 7 12? ivd fl' 'Y '51 fly' f H, f if .I W 1 , 117 TG' 'QW 7 , .L y ' , WNW, . .1.4,,. . 5 , Wanaf4!W45:W9lfaWW4fi'X 4 ff A yy ,wfwzyiff +1 'f' 'ze' , , I f -:,V7m4'f5I., - l I x a 2.7 1 .A-q ".'Q+.-Q , -, .H .T'.!lgfA-" 5,731 lx :i ' 'WQA4-+ " " -.'-',.' 11" 41 yn" 'fx , ,fV, fl, L V, , .v A A 7' ' 2 A,,,w' , iz ' 1- f?2Zlg.z 'f'f-JZ '37 A , , 41' 1' vm ff , UWM ., my raw- f ., ff! ,wxlfxff A7 K 4 06 W 5 4' a 1119 Nffvf 530632 82' NQEW. EYX?-'mow f Mrfismblfb qoffm 62- W6 '10 00514 E4 o boafy UVTIYVIQLS VJYKI 9 9 R yy mc 9 'Q' nacs wfudv: '-9 N M35 T x L Q5 DMM, bugwmmv fggwgkw 4? 9 M175 'fl-W Ol l M0715 TDM MOYHCCD 'Mm U' fflfll, Qffsffo C-Qyyqglp SWYGIO na.-f .7 Q Mme 25:3 L HC, YW x' 22:56 LOW owms T C, .. ml mow bu-D' i+ +aQ+c5 HRC I 1Cf'ma5 .PePf?"f""f'+' snoopq , sn'-ff: TOWN LDrl '75 IVICVK Vg "SlQh!'S,r-fh"m6+db5 5 M-'www C- X ,W M v.D. we MMA 540101 'isffivm USQCV um qdsveaz 1 'J umi va q P- ' nu wow. Uma, ' -, ' Y f 'QLUI5 'Wag WW nj TVlf'L mZ WM 8 SIVLEICS PiCrNC. ax huJ'L-I V 0'501,nd Hr QM 0? HM I C3 Mft YWEYYW U V9 ff Luge mlm aux 3 7 'ff KLWL Ss 1 1 1, I. l Vnwcwgacl loolc owl! Cf , "CDlclff,JY164Q Lb Vnllcf. fierce, WC P019 95 Wvfcgs ,g',a"f,L0' g- w0o.cro4,m, PQP' 'ggi 'Mk-n.L ano3FM,f' ' U Vmsllcr 5-L- O0mf5 'f imc 1 Q ' Qbavc and Michal ff-fOv35bcg?++ mi wmwnaa' hrs Qfqrygld-SS'b7.p,1?1qopplff0' Buggiunzklaufd- mmm vitlaqc PVL- W cj derY'xi'br1i'?5 33335 wa f' TLT .P ff. 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A 1 71 my on l Mig VD 'lit I N K- WLC ivy- ,Q ililb lull' JR l it 'I l' .LM K , iii, S. i ll H105 l I'- T1 , 1 N f W Au revoir Veronic Mom and Sonny . fu Hua 'QW We if 3 . .3 'ru "It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so im- M f portant. Love from your American family The Little Prince Nick, Brenda, Linda and Robert On a essaye J K f N f Congratulations Linda - Our Pride and Joy l ,, ., V . . ,, ,,, nf .4 M you make tears come to our eyes . . . Chip' LGVE CONGRA TULA TIONSV Dad Mom and Robert You've made it all worthwhile your courage and determination We love you! love you lin, love you lin Dad, Mom, Kelley, Paige and Justin J K , N at t - .' V1 I -:V I 2 V Wm if ' ' 2 A K'--'--1. 6 u Jennifer J 1 Aileen Hodge it it ' 'V' 4. Dearest Jen, This is a wonderful time in your life, but the best is yet to be! Pictures and words of congratulations will not fill this page as warmly and completely as you fill our lives. Love You, Mom, Dad and Tracey 3. .tv Nllwv RW? sf , 54' ' f+ we , 7.4, AQ! Q-,,,..,,x 'fi A4 , wir-i??6'r. . K , if ' - I 4 ' ' 74" ' , -.,i-'y.',u--:2,- I use 2:5 . -V ' ' ,' 1 ' L3?EQrgg.'.f.sff -1 M f v:,jr:g,iry H -' ge,.'fw.?z-:3:,' - - f' . . W .: . ra- ,f - . '+- ' elf ' , if ., f Q 1 'V' , , , '- 4 .- 'gm ' iff A - ,,x ga -- gf Q , W is ' , rr 3 .f'.4-pyi-,GM H as .1 5 ' 1 ' , ' 1 :1 'wx 1' .. - f ' U ', :, ' . 241214 I ., I f 1 ' fa, ' -. , Mia' 1 ' p i . 2 -P. sf.. H - ' A- s 1, ' U 'jf A W I V ly 5 ' it-Q. 7' 4 1 1J:' ,,.r . 0 yfu' -. , ' 4 fs-9' f is "' ' -3 ,g'2,9 .t . :1 . . . :e , U .- - ,1ft.p551 - -tr A 4, 'tif I' 4 it 1: 5,1 ft gi Q . ,Q ,f r f H " 9 ,I il Get ready for the big time little Krissy! We are proud of you and love you very much. Good luck - we know your success will continue! Love, Dad and Roxanne l K J f N f 9 f Tamml Gretz From baby to brownies to baseball to beach to boys to beautician. Whewl Where did the time go? We are very proud of you for hanging tough in Beauty School, We are real glad you are our daughter, and we wish you nothing but the greatest adventures in life. We love you, Ted and Mom Jake, Kahlua and Little Surfer K uf A f ,f isa Storck ffltankj o t ,,being..a.0w6nderful daughter. You have V jk ljaen lll' ccess in all your endeavors and have made us A proud. Now follow your goals and don't stop until ou've achieved them. We love you! . Mom, Dad and Chris N f To Heather - A happy, successful life to a lovely daughter, who has made us so proud With fondest love Mom and Dad K eather I ark fx Dear Erika, It hasn't always been easy. But it has never been dull! Love, Mom, Dad, and Tim Congratulations Sweetie J K J f If . - .if A, 1, 10 f, G ?'2:,:.153f ig, V - 2? i as ,f ,,.: . l , , ,.,. . 'P' 27 i ,i 1 1 i 1:4 .' . . 'fx K ,Qs , . 'X Dear Lori, You've been our princess from the minute you were born. We've shared all your fun and hopes and dreams, and watched you grow from a beautiful baby into a beautiful young lady Every minute has been a joy and we re very proud of you. Love and Happiness Always i r Mom and Dad ' Y l - , f A In - ' i ' 7 ' - 0 7 Q - w 1 A , X R, v , X YL. 0 4 ,Q 1 I 'Sm ' R ,bf 17 g 4 0 Kevin Bogart I have a big brother, his name is Kevin, And life with him isn't always Heaven. Sometimes we feud, battle and Fight. Over which one of us is wrong Or right. So many times he's yelled, "Leave Me alone," When his friends are over, or He's on the phonei But whenever I need a shoulder To cry on, He's the one, I can always Rely on. Though each of our lives go in A different direction, Theres always a sense of love And affection. He gives me advice when I Go wrong. And when I'm about to give up. He helps me to be strong. When people look at us it's easy to see, No two are closer - than Kevin and me. You're getting there, Youre on your way, What more can a little sister say, Your future promises so much For you. Work hard to make all your dreams Come true. 1'm so lucky to have you as a brother A nd best friend. I love you - Big Brother, Kathy So many hurdles you've jumped, So many races you've run, So many splendid accomplishments, And tasks well done. So much enthusiasm you give, And desire to excell, With that kind of attitude, We know you'll do well. So pleased you have made us, As you have grown, For the responsibilities you've taken, And the sensitivity you 've shown. We wish you success, ln all that you do, And know that our love Is always with you, World's Proudest Parents Dad and Mom ROSS BARKER With pride . . . For all you have accomplished, With appreciation . . . For the joy you have given us, With hopes . . . That you reach your goals and see your dreams come true, With wishes . . . For your happiness, whatever you do, With love . , . For a wonderful son and brother, MOM, DAD, BRUCE, KATE, 8: CHAD f ..... AZJZ? ..,. ,WH lf fe!! E il? ll il r r I l 1 I lr! :lr N :lt :Nc Ill 3, I g. is ls :l ll sl 204 ' - ct 706350199144 ' -1- 77fom,Dad 5 Z-we g!4: S!4:Z!l!!!Cl dd! !dd4?8?1I" N f Cynthia Denise Wilson At 7 months or 17 years we're still very proud of you. Love Always and have fun in Europe. Congratu- lations on all your achievements whether in music, art dance, school or Church activities, you've excelled in all. Love, Dad, Mother and Candace K J K J N f N SWEET WFIRIQLINE ,'gf,gggS,ggfMM5,gi, ,JW f I !' ' Aw? :Q VVVTV x . P 1 E 5 0' 'I' X ,D A ff f Sweet Kfar - o -1ine,- 1 J 1 3 lev - er seemed so Y 1 ' -d?.4lh.ij-. rg-iq.. V,-, ua, " :Ui I to be - lieve - they nev -er would. .1.... Sweet Kar - o - line. f-CN . , . I I fn 11.115 nz: 1 I I D li 8 b 3 fg Q Q Q asia' A , . . 3 - ' ' I ' I E J J Q J , 3 11 4 4 ARRANGEMENT by ALAN LINDGREN co 1w,1074 STONEBRIDGE Music AH Rlghtx Rcscn md Used by permission 1757 E. KATELLA AVE. , N ORANGE, CA. 92667 PHONE 639-7344 . 4 . ,r 'cl corner, tusrin 8: karellaj fl I 'T W M3 fm I C t I t onizwz u a ons G , U ass of Lamppo t 1983 GP' q 0 1I II r g J f N f O Thlflk of US faq ag WILLIAM B. KARMAN, JR, STAFF SEFIGEANT flnanqlal Center, Us so U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION ll .. . 1728 N. TUSTIN AVENUE SEIHIHBBIIDHIEI Barbara to T-BIII ac OHANGE, CA. 92667 omce PHONEl7I4l 6313270171 S ' ' unts-a 1551525215 Savmgs 552113515 interest on a deferred re Y wide choice tirement plans, of checking and sav and a complete pack- f ings plans. That in Cludes 4 checking pro grams-and one is just right for youl We offer a variety of savings plans-from passbook 3 Santa Barbara Savings age of money savmg SCYVICQS for every cus tomer Make us your personal flnanclal Cen ter today' Villa Park: 17769 Santiago Blvd.f974-5550 X JK Advertisements , 3 LOCATIONS ORANGE 1108 E. KATELLA UNIT C-1 714!633-5444 TUSTIN 13112 NEWPORT AVE UNIT E 7141832-4831 RIVERSIDE 10491-C MAGNOLIA 714!688-2744 "KathyCKitchcns 1315 -E C951 TustinQvcnuc Oningc, Ca. 92667 0141 997-1240 cWIloIesaIc Qflfgtail f N QIAYI HHUIANCI THOMAS F. BOSSE. AGENCY s'rATE FARM INSURANCE 17871 SANTIAGO BLVD.. N 207 637-4120 VILLA PARK. CALIF 92667 K J Steaks Prime Rib U Veal Crab ' Shrimp 0 Fresh Fish 4k Baby Back Ribs ' Mesquite Chicken CASUAL ELEGANCE CIICKTAILS MESQUITE BR0lLER NUTABLE ENTERTAINMENT Wednesday Thru Saturday SUNDAY CHAMPAGNE BRUNCII 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM ChudP0ll'S Menus Available J You want it? ' We have it Larry Kluss 6080 Avendida Arbol Anaheim, CA 92807 f714j 974- 1975 Herfhlones Division of Carnation Company Advertisements 295 f K 5. I kit orthodontics KEN FISCHER D.D.S., INC 17871 santiago blvd. ste. 225 villa park, ca. 92667 714 998-2520 9201 sunset blvd. ste. 200 west hollywood, ca. 90069 213 273-5967 296 Ad f N MR catering Available 17141637-3820 17841 SANTIAGO BLVD 8ECll'.S' VILLA PARK ongzafu afaorzi Cyan 7953 04 owz i71u.srzc!i of MR BEST DANISH UAKFRYG CUFF!-'I-' SIIG? "A Cake For Every Occasion" 17853 Santuago Blvd. Owners Villa Park. CA 92667 DON AND MARY BECK K J N , ASEYS 1325 North Tus1in Avenue Orange, California 92667 1714! K-E3 Family Restaurant 81 Saloon C K' 70755 f Q mfg f Q47 X J A 1 " ' GENERAL HARDWARE is , Y J ' - PLUMBING . 1004.5 - , l ,f ' N - ELECTRICAL - num 4 - runowms - KEYS L - cmaoen suvvuss Fgipmm- - W1 - scnssn nsnm - ,o- I' E OPEN 7 DAYS A -f vm 99a-6990 me 'gz'.::.':a'z,D,:1z':,f Ji' ' - VILLA PARK, CA 92667 BILL Tr-sons, owusn Q K J Save money save time. Benefit from Provident F6dCI'H1'S huge selection of free D f N tinancial services including free checking alcfcoiuntes, high-yield IRAs,T -Bills and Money- COTVSLCSTEZCZZSQQTC adfmtagi of 'M . W1 one o our ro gessional Savings Counselors and haveg ot cup of coffee! 11 PROVIDENT a ery FEDERAL SAVINGS Q 1315A N. Tustin Ave., orange, CA 92667 , WEE C7147 633.6980 V111? Park 17781 sanuago Boulevard X J 998-5700 7 Advertisem t 297 If you can pin Tim Campell then moving teeth is easy! ALLAN SHERIDAN, D.D.S., M.S. Diplomate American Board of Orthodontics Practice Limited to Orthodontics - Children Good luck Spartans for a long 8: Adults happy, healthy life and career 1301 E. Lincoln Ave., Ste. B Orange, Ca. 92665 Telephone: 714f637-6700 2 8 Ad tlse t f N J.J. Mac Intyre Co. 29 YEARS EXPERIENCE 0 Collection Agency LET US PROVE RECEIVABLES ARE RETRIEVABLE K Collections of all Types X Medical ' Commercial ' Retail E REASONABLE RATES CREDIT UNIONS NO COLLECTION - NO CHARGE STATE LICENSED if BONDED 'E COMPUTERIZED oFFicE IN SOUTHERN 1 8. Non-:ERN cALiF. f213, 545-4559 2185 ORANGE I OLIVE RD. - ORANGE K J f N f N LINDA BUFFINGTON INTERIORS LINDA BLIFFINGTON Vff QV Q50 f 409240 new f A DIVISION or wlrxuuv PHAAMAFEUTIUL C0 INC -an 1- Y' X ' Nl T7767 Santiago Blvd.,Suite 609'6lO.VilIa Park, CA 92667 l7l4l998'5272 K J I-1451 FRANKLIN AVE. 0 TUSTIN. CA. 92680 0 714 - 544-7607 C JK J Advertisements 299 'Y - e . 0W' p L - ji If 'SDK Dliilhfmedium siiel 03 Games and -Shoes Home of the AS-80's Automatic Scorers f We have the latest casual and traditional sportswe for men and boys. Come See Us! Congratulations Class of 1983 QS Q57 1 S 5 SUNNY SMITH Taft 5 Tustin Larwjn Squ Orange Brea Plaza Tustin .B 998-5522 rea 838-4400 mon-sat 10-6 990-1965 mon-sat 10- sun 12-4 mon-sat 10-6 sun 12-4 K QRD 1635 E. Lincoln Orange, CA 92665 ,. ,,, 1 x 'Q . I v 17141 974-4650 As QQU 11148 IT A Interior Landscaping 1 Ef' Lf: rw 7. ' v1 I Que ewicz 1 CONTRACTORS LIC. NO 370183 lx I 4' ' TREE REMOVAL CORRECTIVE TRIMMING 'X STUMP GRINDING ' YEARLY MAINTENANCE SERVICE FULL POWER EQUIPMENT COMPLETE LIABILITY INSURANCE AND WORKMENS COMP INSURANCE Serving ,All Of Orange 6aunty ' restaurants 1 offices 'R homes Amanda Jones Including Beach C?ities FREE ESTIMATES VICTOR EGGERS EDWARD ARCHIBALD f714J 998-8196 FIICN BEACII CITIES I- , f N f W I- 13? -1, vw, , , 1. . F4 pl' 5 ' c BRICK YARD CENTER L W'-R" 0 ONAMENTAL AND IJA 0 J . N I 997-0903 I 752-8056 J K J 2 I 3 j n ge' F7 Q I! JERRY GARCIA L 4 I " 7 , " I 'f'1 A In - 4, iff,-,' K!" A 1 1 muslcmuslcmusncmuslcmusuc 15 I A -I r'Av A. y:!! 5 5 I'ff:, .' Sales 9 ' - is Instruction ' , R 1 1 - ell 3 S ' L3 9 I X 1911 N. Tustin E, IW-iw ' Orange Ca. 92665 17141 637-7900 M -4-91 K J Advernse t 301 M61 A . as .106 Q W a, ff, 2-58.1 x yi ' x h Q1 H214 I . V34 ., ,542 Q :RX -fr, x x XX x Wx: X311 x A-A :X I as SX fl L f i Y 2 www, -Ii". 'AWA lim .-V. Mm! WL 1 YSL 'g"'l-Sick , 'mx J- M.. .M ,. N +50 mU3.!1:.:m:,44Q fhs, + UM ryo . X Y: V A "fx L 1 - X iw w 'M fini 'df-4fg'fg1 ff, 3 ' Y., .1 1 v is! t4v,f' c 'Q Vs. ' ' '- .5,,f . R ' 's f"'-1 Ms., 2 is.-Q mf" XV, K'-N f .naw 1 ff .314 M.'2'!n-,i!:52M. Zfff-9f,4t,!f'19'K4i'1ZJ"Z5"95.T6W!, ,IA 17.4 '.., . . , f 1 ww. u gnqf. ' . I .QE 9 4.v'i,i w,,xy.,1Lfffc,f' , ffl- Y VN- .. 1- V .r ' Q. ' V s 266 f 3 f wi. I U ' Mu. M , :gg-, ,z '. .f:,, "W If .wen N 1 xL .f , ' .V 1:79- 270. 113: so, 272, no J, 212 ' 4, 272 J. zu. 212. :ss nc. sm 272. 2414 illqwm, J. 272, 204 lllrno, J. 256. 272. 220, 110, 112 Ryan. R. 272 - lllunlk. M. 256. 272 A S Such, D. 272. 226 Sllclda, P. 272 Sllemo..D. 272 Shnnnlkone. V. 272 Sanders, A. ' Sandusky. T. 272 Schninhlum. M. 272, 186. 236 Schnaldu, S. 256. 272 Schoolcult. J. 80. 272 ' Schneider. S. 204. 232 T. 272. 220 Rub. K. 195. 272 Richardson. D. 272 235 237 Riddick. D. 272. 106 Rlebc, B. 272. 204 Klan. l. QZQKEQRZZZZRHZQQWMZBRZQZlwifiili.3' V. 244. 154. 272. 158. 274 l.. 274. 245 14.'214. 204, 24s c. 274, 220 Stinchfielcl, L, zss, zss, 274 214, uc, zsz. Stocktun. C. 274 Stone, K. 258, 274. 158 Stovall, T. 274 Strupp. J. 274, 204 Stuart, J, 262. 274 Stubee. S. Sturm, T. Sullivan, D. 274 Swank. J. 274 Swarm. B. 253. 274. 236 Swartz. K. 228, 274. 226 Swear-ingen. J. 274, 248 T Taherl, E. 80, 82. 274 Tait. E. 274, 110, 240 Talavera, G. 274, 110, 253 Talbot. C, 274, 112 Tan, C. 274 Tang, D. 274 Tang. H. 274 Tang. L. 274 Tardlf, P. Tuwson, J. 80, 274 Tebo, D. 274 Teltler, B. 274, 116 Temblador. Anthony 274 Testa, D. 274 ' 5' Th-ein, J. 92, 274 ' Thane, T. 274 V fl, Thomgs. J. 274 -2" A' . Thomas. J. 208, 224, 102. 252. '253 Thompson. L 274 Thornton, R. 272, 274 Thrasher, T, 194, 274. 110 116, 245 Tighe. c. 90, 274 Till. C. 208. 276 Tumeing, A.. Tomlinson. D. 276 Tnrina. M, 276 Iriggs. C. 14. 84. 256, 276 Tuhhe, L, 276 Tunstall, J. 276 Tusscy. R, 276. 224 Tworek. 5. 276 U Underwood, S. 276. 104. 100. 114.115 V Valentine. R- 90. 276. 245 Van Bagan. D. 276 Vln Dlxhom, E. 276 Van Hom. K. 276 Van Sickle. A. 276 Van Vuowh. J. 206, 276 - Vance, R. 276. 202, 245 Variakolla, M, 214, 276 Vuslq, J. 276 vmew, M, Vflnllli. 5. 102, 276 Von Seggen. S. 276 Wake1ield,C. zu., 204 wang, 1, zu. Wargo. B. 276 Wntroua. B. 196. 276. 245 Weed, H. 276 Wedderien. K. 276 Wvdemeyer, C. 30. 276 Welngartner, D. 276 Weller, T. 276 Wells. C. 276, 235 wen, 5. 276 Wheeler, D. 40. 192. 276 Weiner, J. 14, 276. 204 Whitaker. S. 276, 245 Wiedeunn. C. 80, 276 weihgbfinn., H. 276. 220 Williams. J. 276 Willlanxu. S. 276. 220 Wilson, D. 206. 276 Whithey, T. Witt, rl. Wolf. C, 276 Woodside. A. 50, 276. 162 Wouters, S. 268, 276, 120 Worthington. S, 276, 204 Wright, D, 276 wright. D. 276 wrigm. D. ss, 276 Y Yaeger. H. 276 York, B, 276 Zechiel, M. 194. 276, 245 Zizmer. T. 276 Zuckerman, M. 78, 216 SOPHOMORES Photo by Rich Ackley -1 3- .3- , ll l I . l ' U L for , li 5, l r 5 K' ! It l .2 1 li - l A5229 I '7 :db 'mv . Nl? it 5.31 4 'iii 'ZX Les 1. Cir VP Guide I MOVIES Pass the Dutchie flll Billy Jean 6 E-T' 1999 An Officer and a Gentleman Sophie's Choice Tootsie Gahndi 48 Hours Fast Times Poltergeist Rocky 3 The Verdict Star Trek 2 Tron The Dark Crystal The World According to Garp VictorfVictoria Airplane 2 Animal House Friday The 13th Part 3 in 3D Nightshift Annie The Outsiders SONGS Up Where We Belong Truly Sexual Healing Sexll'ma...l Shadows of the Night Goody Two Shoes Maneater Only the Lonely Hungry like the Wolf Everybody Wants You Look of Love Mr. Robato Rossanna Come on, Eilleen Two Less Lonely People Walkin' in L.A. Dime in the Jukebox You Got Lucky Hurts So Good Heartlight Separate Ways Don't Fight lt Mickey Dirty Laundry lt's Raining Again Down Under Peekaboo Gloria Loved Ones Rio Rock the Casbah Steppin' Out Don't You Want Me 32 Goodbye to You f Stray Cat Strut rl Blinded by Science White Wedding '- Ride like the Wind 5, ALBUMS Get Nervous - Pat Benatar Emotion in Motion - Billy Squier H20 - Hall and Oates Pleasure Victim - Berlin Lexicon of Love - ABC Business as Usual - Men at Work ' Friend or Foe - Adam Ant H Built for Speed - Stray Cats f Night and Day - Joe Jackson n 77 Kilroy was Here - Styx 1 Toto IV - Toto Ms Now and Forever - Air Supply S Kissing to be Clever - Culture Club 5 Combat Rock - Clash . Rio - Duran Duran , Special Beat Service - English Beat EW. American Fool - John Cougar Long After Dark - Tom Petty Frontiers - Journey Vacation - Go-Go's it Spring Session M - Missing Persons Imperial Bedroom - Elvis Costello Youth of Today - Musical Youth 5 Diver Down - Van Halen Signals - Rush by M.G. and L.S. SEASON'S REVIEW it ii Squier ai limi ii Iris kann Suppl iliuief iglislil iugil Peril ig Feist'- Casio T Yguii PEOPLE Tom Selleck Victoria Principal Christie Brinkely Brooke Shields Richard Gere Dudley Moore Dustin Hoffman Meryl Streep Eddie Murphy E.T. Ronald Reagan NEWS Breshnev died Andropov took control Villa Park plagued by fires DeLorean arrested in drug deal MASH came to an end Prince William born Deukmejian elected governor The Queen came to California USFI. formed - new football league Barney Clark got heart implant Princess Grace Kelley died Gas prices fell below a dollar Karen Carpenter died Tylenol bottles sabotaged STYLES argyle penny loafers vests Levi's f501'sl topsiders oxford shirts saddle shoes polo shirts sock ties tafetta dresses trench coats bowling shirts mini skirts sweats printed t-shirts pearls pumps anklet socks ski turtlenecks stonewashed jeans espedrilles plaidness pinkness pompadores short hair hair coloring concert pins double pierced ears bermuda bags bandanas FADS Aerobics Rockabilly Dieting Jogging Mods Men of . . . Calendars 50's l heart stickers JARGON Catch a clue No way Bogus I'm sure Totally Just kidding That's burnt Biffed That sucks Bagger Bitchen xff K' f-9 ff: 13 Lisa Anderson. 23 Lisa Giannini, Anne Cornell. 33 Mary Giannetakis, Kevin Sar- sany, Leslie Schwartz, Chip McLean. 43 First row: T. Ludin, K. Williams, J. Carroll, A. Obershlake, G. Noah, D. Hampling. Second row: A. Cornell, L. Schwartz, M. Powell, E. Smith. Third row: E. Kuli, M. McGowen, J. Baker, M. Swartz, K. Triggs, D. Dro- bish, T. Johnson. 53 Eric Kuli, Annette Mortenson. 63 Chip McLean, Mike Swartz, Diane Radar. 7-103 Russell Jones, Rich Ackley, Dirk Wakeham, Jeff Lung. 113 Leslie Schwartz, John Robil- lord. 123 MaryKay Powell, Mary Gian- netakis. 4 1 F ""N im t - L' L . 4+ N." -. , f a. ' Gi' if : si ' 2555854 f , ..::5g,:g ,gz .3- Y'i.'a"'5:f ' t I . V I 5 Y. - . . I fy' .4 ,, Y . ii AW' 2 7 M, ,nn , ' As a sopho- more I was al- ways told to wait until I was a junior and everything would be fine. As a junior I was told to wait until I was a senior. Well, I've waited. And it was well worth the wait! My senior year has been the best ever. I have to thank my friends for that because they were always there when I needed them. They helped to cre- ate some unforgettable memories. My senior year was my most memorable and without memories life can become barren. Trying to think of myself out in the "real" world is hard, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I'Il never forget VPHS and what it means to me. l'II never forget the friends I've made and the fun we had and the parties and dances we've gone to together. I couldn't have made it this far without you. "Thanx." 4 by M.G, g I: n tos l,2,3,4,5,6.9,ll.l2 Russell Jones tus 7,8 Dirk Wakeham '05 10 Judy Jones Editor in chief Our school stands true to all, Villa Park our noble school of Spartans proud and tallg Of Blue and Black and Silver Our colors we do singg The glory of our victories The Spartan way shall ring. Bv From azure hills to shimmering sea, Don R. Buck ,41- .Qld I would like to take this chance and thank special people who helped put this year- together. My copy-editor, Jean Kalves- my layout-editor, Laura Richter and assistant editor Lisa Anderson. The pho- Russell Jones, Rich Ackley, Wakeham, and Jeff Lung as well as Albert and James Photographers. Thank yous also go to Caroline Gatchell, Larry Kluss, Travis Haskins, Karen Moore, Greg Benoit, Judy Jones, John Robillard, Leslie Schwartz, Fransisco Talevera, Beth Default, Darcy Bailey, Katherine Haan, Karen Wedaa, Adri- enne Barrish, Joy Peace, Brent Waechter, Suzanne Wooters, Michelle Mongraw and Movieland Wax Museum for al- lowing us to use their sets. And Mr. Norm for being such an understanding advi- Also I can't forget to thank Mom and Dad. Page by M.G. V- I 1 l and M .T Ihis Wg, mKalve4 ichteran n.Theph9, h Acklegj g as weH J eiiatchell' ns. Kam ones, Johi Fransisu rcy Bailey edaa, MIL ce, Brenf rs, Mithe viusewnioxq md Mr. Nunf rsta1xdinQfdL' Mgm and N , N0 MXWLGB bwzxcwx QEEQWMWWWMW Wgwi MBV q 1 px W in W Lwfimi M Q M Nav SW! OVW ' ' bwvkpqwrkyifk xusgww JW J we vid W5 JW MMU fwEiQ5W W Wi W 369559 Jfyof-Wwlyf qyffjvgf MMM W WW W Www. gg? W WM9WWxwMWyWM qgfyiwwwfjwww QM WW M W Cover by c:.l.gc:1TChell T GUIDE

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