Villa Park High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Villa Park, CA)

 - Class of 1982

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Villa Park High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Villa Park, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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0 qw' ,R 4 Q X. aaaaaaagaaa xv MQQQQQEQU , -mf ' Xe - 9-- fb. , ' ' ' in 4- i N ik Wllllm aaaamm n , QQQQQQQQQHU M '49 5 5 Q o .,...- I-,,.. gf it f xx .1 2 ,KQ N X , 1? X i M lj , M am a dprf f Xameaa a aw f w ww M mam ma 'e w ,,: iii iiiiiii-i ,U Mig iii, i , L ,: z Q07 f' f f ff 4 5:4211 uf 'f 1 fn" ' XX ,.4..1,f.,,,,. ,,ii.f.f 2 5 ' 'aff' E424 -f N,-v .-' , , -ffff f 4, f A f' A 4 K LV' I x..,-" xxx' N ,ff ,- g fi, .- XN-..ef KX--ff -f" , Jflafiif . 5 "' Z 1 I? 2 viLLA PARK onvsssv vo viii , 41544-f.f2.:gf Z' .,ff,f',: ,V fi ,nffi fi fb :S V I, , 3 V"V - I A: gif 1 i i rim iiiiii ' My "Urn", ,iii i ,Mu-v ii i.-ii. '-', w',, ,Ni ,1,1',1 I ',", ,Q 11,!', w"i'i,i ,, ip? K, ,, , iiiii jf ' ii i ii iiiii + 5 iii iiii + 1 iiii iiii i J iiii i is 1 i i i i i - i i is l1 is iiii i - il 18042 T ft A VII Pa k Califo a i iiii iiiii i iiii 1 ii ia Venue' I 3 r ' i Ii , i , iiii Q + , i i i iiii iiiii i i lfQ i i f V f ' P A i i i 'iii i ii' . ' 'N Ui 'i"lilFiI '3'ii"' ii' ' iii 1'fii':i'5i'iiiiiiiiiiiWi. l'i'i""iUP" ik 'iw' i . , Editor-in-Chief Debbie Kiricade Copy Editor Melissa Gross Advisor Travis Haskins 'F X ' ff L "I-.., my 31:1 2 x ,Bi 3.535 2 P? ?"'W,,5 9 :E 42 ii? k 1244? i H W, ,, are 5 5 4 .wi v-1 2 .41 Q, 4. :vp 4 Q' 41 ,, 4 ., ..,,.3 ,, ,, B I if , .. ,. A , , my Q ' V 1:1 xmas V i X" . .,,,,,,w.,..,. "'V I ' ff ,hm "L .,. 'T , ,. ,Qmvfnm-r -, ff " ' ' 'f::1wZ12,.fQza1.w,. ip, , -, -- fz .1 xg A 4 ??Z 51:5 ,xii ,- ! f , l , 1 , 11 A I -asf, -' 4 WY? vt . 'ff nm ' " ,f lf ' .. " "l:mrg.,,-Q, .qrigv ,Q-a5:v:r1.5w:- ,- fy .- ., ff i K!! i A I il! N X, NEW BUSINESS HOURS Mon. - Fri. 7:45 to 2:35 Sat. - Sun. Closed Theme 3 B x I 4,1 ,. 'L in 5 W Q 'Dbb ,W f .: . an-cv . 7' 12 ' w Dsl, QF:-w fr. -af ' f- i- Q- ', -' ' j'Z:1:kfv?I ' pf--pn rr-1214:-.4r::4. ' 1.-sa' ff ' :asv 4 " iff -ff WWW, , ,, . . , V. . .1 . 4'- ,ff-':-ff "-:"',::f4 .1 -' ' --wf',vv,f-f' r 1 '.Ja"'-1:Swf.?:s:a5:mf:2ezeffefswieisr Qglgg, y- gg-,z 111.-55' gl-'xblw-1' 'glhf ' .512 ' , ,ffzjifv :FSF . 1 , , , -wyzqc.. A ' ' f, :1 ' ' , ,, .1 'QI I . fl . Y . H7 fri, in fr, ' B' J fi , W, 2 I 's2'Euw:?- wie? E55 Til: 12 92:1-55::lmf,'!4a: 5" iff15ifrf", 4131, 55,291 .VJ ,-,- 1. 1,,:5:: U5g f 'fifif ?f"' L , " ',,g3:gg,5,,:'I A ugjffjjgz fiwzsf' Ziff' V 15- " ' ' w N , .A xv svn M- ,..,.,..-an 1- KX war' ,, 1 , , I L 1, .4 ,v .1 4 Wfvv" . 19:2 Q, -9 .f 4? ,, , sf 1,5 ,"r, 2. .f 3, 1, .1- 1 M: Aw!! ,E , 'Z f f "f Fr if- , 1, kr, -v ,. K, 2 5 V, w ff -fx M if 9 """3l'g-vu!" , M1114 J 'H N., Ui A 'af a A , J' 'Q .,-.A .,, ze 4 fl' 1 f- rg f ,. 11. ,424 . -,' 'ive 119- 1 f' - .,,, E-: in K 1 It w- .jp 1155, A , ' 4 ,Ha M wfgy ..,?, 3 X 3 is , Q 3 i . 2 A - 4? if 'Q an' ff?" ' VL' as Z ' ,- I V . 8 .K ,ve M 4 2, 'af' 'U - f? ,- V., Q. ' :V , fg, 1 A .Q if 4 I c I 1' -.L ' -,- ,y 5, -fn-' 1. ,. ,, ff f f '47 ,I 109 z. f M ,, 'f"-- nw: v '51 ' uf .IPP ff . 'i' 1 5-ATI' .114- Kw fa ,W if-1 ,V Vic, f 1 - --...myf-1 N A , f ,wi Nw ,., , , 'v ,,. V:,.:, I-,A f . 4' My - Y 4 f Y I ! any-.,, i 1 ff in lf l , . V Xa I ! Uv' Melissa "Gross". Still need more convincing? I can understand your apprehension over the change in format. A lot of people at Villa Park were faced with changes on the first day of school. A new parking lot, complete with addi- tional stalls and a new entrance! exit was installed during the three months of summer. Cut- ting down on accidents was the motivating force behind the con- struction and - huh? You should've gotten a parking stick- er at registration! Well, just be- cause you didn't doesn't mean that everyone else should have to walk to school! Susie Brinkman and friends model the latest in designer jeans. 8 Theme Dr. Fox tries to replace Coach Pomeroy's arm before anybody notices that it' s missing. Y Pat Fenn's dimple almost took up the whole Two Cgirls plot a way to ditch sophomore English fwho picture! woul n't want to ditch?J 'f J! '1 I ,f Kal Steve G Goodma I ,..Al "'1! l I Han . i lvl' Karen Kaleel and Ry V 's. Il .. . ,,,-' 1 n 9 ' - W 1 ,.z , lm, A ,., V. v,.-Ly. .. 2 -qv, eg, --4:11. r 4 ,,,., , -.45-13:4 f ,'.:' rr A ' . r f , L1 'r .1 ' , .2 if Y"L,:'xx H. f X X t :IQ I mm i -4-Mm ,V in if 1?,:f I 753 was an J 1 ' ' , f V in -5 "fa 4' . A I V 7,157 Q' lf' V V, g ' J . -Q ' p .1 We 1 . ,jr . aff? 1. Iohn Winkleman asks the age-old question, "What is the 9, r V , if gf V meaning of life?" . fr 2. Lisa Hunter and Annie Zatlin try to act casual about the trash I P 7" 5 , they threw on the ground. it H4 . 4 i A l 3. You almost have to shut your eyes when you eat the school's L 2 V if 4 lim! d h h d 1 "' V A ' . wo ears an twen - 've ort 0 ontist visits ater . . . , --L , 5. Kim lglolthe in her fires? ublic appearance since her lobotomy. ' QI his .,, ' M' 6 Mary Giannetakis and Eisa Giannini decide to duel it out with lemon bars. Whatever . . . Caught comparing cheat sheets, Sally McKay tries to hide the evidence. 9 Lisa Schwartz can't believe that Coach Hughes didn't ask her 7. 8. out this weekend. frm:-.. Villa Park's Quality ,MMV 10 Theme I L R ,,w.g .mm A "ip U. .. Li., ..k, 1 " 6 lv . W Q I W E ll 4 l , all Ranks Second To None --.ww --4-4-4-+.........,.. ...............,.- .............. M... .,.,.., M. 9 Along with the new parking lot, Villa Park also instal- led a new attendance system to better enable the stu- dents with absences to "check out". A Dial-A-Note procedure was utilized and although it made for a lot of paperwork on the part of the teachers the students found the program to be much easier than bringing a note from home. Reading period was dropped, an extra five minutes was added to the day, and the Word of the Week died a quiet death at the end of last year. Through all of these changes, Villa Park students ad- justed quite well, and altered their schoolwork sche- dules accordingly. Theme 11 Q KTM A I 181:47 14, A lim: ,4 , 2,7 .' ZF? ff., YW ,4nw1f f 1 v X. of , u .4 ' ! :4-' . 4.. ', '- 'm,f,4.'- - 79.7 4 , , A ,, , Z ,,V, . ,, 1 PG' . ' 4 f Z 0 ,A Mai" u I , ik. 9 , 5 ' s G vi W Ag L 1 .n v I J I , 1 Wa, 1 1 4. ,, ,. , FF J sv " 5 A up 1 . ylfjgx' f. rfffrif 1 , U,-' ba 5'g:' ..f Af, f 1 , , , 1 f, i 1.714 sq J .e.. " if 1 " 49? a 'L f' WZ 'nl aff "1 , 1 v J 1 aiu.. 1 4 1' Wi? ,X li 1 Q - .,. .W?4"f',g""E we sl' 1 v If Y-mtI"'f , ii "Villa Park Needs 1 1 en 'Wu' ff'4'Z1"f b t 1 r . e .,,g,,,,g ,..fg,,,it,f,,,f.m, wg ,ip-3 i p T , jaw qf,!"w., fs..-A , dl, t- - 41:4 4-,-4, 15 ,-...w-' : . reef iv, -3- ,yn--4-1.1, i 5, 4, far ,Q .g ' ,:+f. ,41,..':.-an avg .a , 1 2, 6 ' Eff ,E H' N H " r f?6j, ' lv, "' QV' -L Q-, 'fine 35.9 '-e"" E 1 :ii., 5f 1fs w, .. .x.,,... . , fti'i'?p:iiZ' 9' ,,,5,-.W ff 1,-wp,-, ' 'fffffit y ntgiqn- QW' t, if t fig by P T 52" 1 W 3 f 1 i f xv Wo a K 1 rf . lm , 1' tg 1 ' ' ... . . -': fb v , 'nw The Spartan Supermarket, sometimes known as the snack bar, isn't open 24 hours a day, it only seems that long to Iudy Barrera, Carmen Drummand, and the student workers who face the crush of humanity during nutrition and lunch. Ding Dongs, Super Socko, Honey Buns, and chocolate doughnuts may not be especially nutritious, but they seem to provide plenty of energy and, even more important, something to do between classes. Observe the contented, munching people on these pages, observe the marvelous healthy glow that has re- sulted from their Spartan Supermarket diet. See the alert expression in their eyes and the rippling vigor of their muscles. Hea thisin ldemif dent l lOl Sql Public Orbitm can rl Emil X '11 'IE' 'e A ,r A45 V' 1' 'jun' F' Q , Q 9 0 e 1. ,v: fu 1, 1 X 1 ,' if f ff I . ev 5 f 3 f It 5 Y 2 4 ,Q ,ef Q. V Ivy H In V 3, 'A Q 5 'Q K H 1 I wh, in . ,-,,v 1, '.,,-,fffam "" . A ,, -4.,.,, , , . ., Wan Www: ,r u rf. . 4 We 'ax 2 I . K f Q, 17, feg X Q A ,K ,,. an . w :sw r 4 - , -. , .1 V, . ' Ht' 7 , x . H 9 'iii V . . F , , 4, . Ng, M 4 N-1. ..- - :g..a Mi' 1? , Y, 11' . V I r 5 'V n A .J ' "C-i K " A 'R L, wif zlf, 5, , 4 , 1" .,,.,,,.1 .,, ' ,l '15-,ff:.gZ:5 -If-If-.E S SENIORS Drlves one half mlle to school arrlves one half mlnute af ter the tardy bell rmgs clally successful w1th1n the next live years Faster than a speed mg bouncer Cuts down sopho mores at every opportunlty Expects to be finan- The Senior Intends to register for the draft, but avoid the war. Attends two classes per day. Has eaten lunch in the same place for three years. Works 4 days a week at the Villa Park Pharmacyg earns 33.52 an hour. . 23 :gi iff VL 43 ,Q ,. ,Q . 4 , 45' 'Tv' Lf sf if , f 42 fi v v Z! V. ,gf f gn: 49 4 I w fr ' bm? 4,143 4 5 1 ii 'E ' E 'I ., , ,fa fm A ,. ,..,, P' ' if izggf ,. .' , wgm V , .,f. A 5 my 3 I, , . , I f, 453, .., if f Wd' " ,f vf , ,f-:g.' ffyyzzf , , ' A41 T , j ...,.,1ff.4af2Awf"' " ' ,Way 'N . - ' '.".'- '.'f ','.'- 1 . .4 , ,f -uv e 1 4 ' 'nil' A . . ,',' 1 ' '.'n '.'v . W. nfvfw, Off, 'f 1-5-f - - . ' - . - v - . ' 4!,5f,:'-1,-,izffv , ,' - - - . . Q - '. ' v Zfgfj-g,gf,fL ,,, 1563: - . ,' - . , 1 ' J I ' ' ' I 4 1 7, ff ,, , , Q ff , .1.f,?1?rcs!C????ffE ," 41-gf: 4 - ' o ' '-".'. 1 'F If , ,. 1 Bzckkow-Mar fU5Hl1Bl.lTLbdI1Il1, lmdfrfe1,R1rhSa Row-Mikel F'!3l7H5fli11. B: ram' Kam L Donna Han fn:dBnre1LhAng Mm Mullen, A fEffYI,FIUl1fRm RW, lisa Sc UU11, Ke' - Tumi Bc --v-""5S3H x '04 . 'Q L14 E925 Back Row - Mark Stevenson, justin Bimbaum, Debbie Def- fenderfer, Rich Sagey. Middle Row - Mike Osumi, john Winlcleman, Brad Nichols, Stacey Kato, Liz Stewart, Donna Hart, Stlefhanie Freidenreich, Andrea ackin, Kim Mullen, Allison Sch- reiber. Front Row - Steve Dunn, Lisa Scheer, Don Youn , Kelly Barvin, Iohn Tuerfgs. , I if Q , ,, , "":?7?:9, 9 :2i1J,l, fl- 141 ':-"uf, .-112 Em if ,A ' ' t , -. fi Q: 'fab Karen Kal Si .H F Mascot '-fl' Iodi Goodman , V- X J. ,uf . Voli 7 me Kelly Christensen ,ni DW' Nancy Noreen Torres 'Awww' Wx johnson Kim Mason ff! 0 V nl 'QL-if 'W an If 1 i 'fAvw.i 5 " 5 If 1 1 fa 1 ld ll' ' 1 7 W, AZ K1 D X 1 1 1 l l 111 Belinda F. Baker Iless P. Baker Drumrs Ru e SCV 01 DCI good friends MM? PEKKS TIFS Rx 7 Sady 81 Drill dos TB KS LZ DL TJ LS LA luv em By now Anthony Barela Ken? L. Barnett Best Frenx TT M CS KC CL SCB Bear! Beach rmbls Lk Pwl Hall wn 80 WTR 6: SST ahoe Blnun IR NY CB wMBnfy MTHX M 8: D Valerie M. Baros DT 11st LT 80-81 Yellow "Z" BEEP! HONRQ Fun xsw MYb1 sl TRKGHKE ' ONS ' RT ' THANX Mom Dad ez S15- TERS Rita M. Barragan Emerson - JR - Buddies - CK JG KH KSST-VBBOFSHA-LA-SADI 81 - Espindonso - Luv - mom Me 8: George-4ever l. Cathy O. Neill can't de- cide whether to wear her sweats or her 501's. Sue A. Barsa AWYS REM GRT TMS WNT WKNDS AWAY SOPH CHEER. Mamoeh, RR. lL 2lMYSNCHASR8zlLuvUM8zD5:GT Daniel R. Barta Blam! "God left the love" GDv.w jCarlde Sguap WDE Oatsiz Crash IMK dz CCJ Rod emand B CG Vikes to Bowl Kell!-IA. Barvin HYPER TMS W SB SH DK10iz. SWM 81 SADIE WIMT NEVR 4 GET 411280 IL- YMT GREK FREK THX M at D Mal? M. Basick GUIDE MY S EP DR LORD, LOv1N GOD BLSS DEB PROV17, 17. Fn TIMES LF af TH SMMR so THNKS 4 EVERY- THING P Seniors 21 Mix " us. Inf! ,ff N... kk ? A . lim X W1 4 v. L 4 ,I I f , zz 1' "1 f 1 QW' ' O 1, f ' '5 4 A Q' i 1 1 , , ' 44 ff . - J, ' ,xv f , 1 ff . ,. . Qu f 'QZJ7 F ,YC ff ' ' .V 1 V " 0, ' ' '75 1 " X' W f vf r, if 4? M4 ad ,, .,f, 1 A .fi . w - ,ji L A, W 44 ., :MI ,.. ""it'3L",f,1', L, LL YY,, QL, .51 5 1 Z -ff 'Q If f ff wff' , wfiif' 5 WZ . , l 4 " idea,-rl ' yifhi ,L ,- ' , , M , I l . ,,,,, .. M. T. , .-L 'f . m?-ff"aa:.- f . , ,yep- , i , ,,,. A-M 1,- V ,I .4 .' . fffifuv v 'J""' "J 0' f X fwfffw I if '12 I 5,- X ,.:' ,, . Vg Stephen P. Crouch FOOTBALL M67 SGOOOT' CIF' Shut Outs! S HOT PUT wfCRLJICK 'THANKS COACHES er M-im sr Dad ei Bm!! STEINH Blake L. Curry Thanx Mom, Dad, and Caroline! I LOVE YOU CAROLINE and Ill Miss YA! TRI f TOMS 81-827 IM 4 MX! Pam Curtis Dori I. Cutler Best Time SWXSN LS MG ID SQ IC TM CA, Dswim' VchrA. Stafl lv U mom Sz dad 81 budys MGLS TH Yrs I'll Nevr For- gel Gary M. Daily Ifaifnelle M. Dalberg LOVE . MTRCYCL MAN 4 VR! Al- ES Rem Pav Pals - LB DC IT RC SF CP DL - VP SADIGO 3 LITL PCS My Family Ian Daugherty When xa snooze xalu ' ose good timez with ha RRX Scoti Nub Punk I! Was fair king gairt It was 41 VP HI Danny Davey Iohn A. Davis WHOO- AA 4x-1 mopar fun with BM IE PO DE KO MS Bruces storage LJ ski 82 Hi Lisa Thanx M Sz D 7 f . iii" l' Iennafer L. Dawson Go G05 KAT1-T DOR LISA ME COOL CATS OF sz By 47 dz VP HI SL OB UL PRTY PA IB TRAC JO LBRY RUNS CALL 75!Il mis u all! Debi E. Dean Alwys Rem Fred Iwuvu 4ever sweetie Canvon 8: THE gang CTW! Michelle QI SG Rem Flinstones Craig H. deBeauvieres Aloha 82 Surf Budz TR BW BH DR MM Thruster Nowayl Best Times L5 ABI Luv U Mom ri Dad Debra A. Deffenderfer RSWLY? I do I will do I am! ll betcha! 121580 4 ever Rem 66823 CB wab DSURQ IT No Tikl ML Sr MST " LOVE YA RICH' Seniors 27 9 , fi W .nv V! , , ' fm Z' f fd I I 1 M j , V 0 , ff A Q ,,,,,,, ,.,...,.-W1-.f,. 1. .1 . 5 I I f .5 E . 311 ""ff'...J JI yf gf . A -'JF'-f I ...-....... . ..-.. ,Af .1 , I 3 gf-' , an ' ' ' - nf " ' H i ' ' gif. If 2. , wa. 133,','g. 9 ll 'E ' I ' if ln' S I 5 Q. . . 'if sv . iw V H Patrick A. Droesch Darryl E. Drott julie Duensing Steve . Dunn ASB Honor Soc lC CSF Ski Teen Board Key Clb Hmcmng '81 x-c Soccer Track Thanks Mom n Dad! Karen Ebrite MEMORIES DT TWRLFLGS CHMBR- SINGR OF MY FAMILY sf SPECIAL FRIENDS I LOVE U ALL sz l'LL MISS u VP lay M. Eckstem HEY Whats up"'?"! -7 Frnds - TC, IM, ECTCH' DRMA - Good Bye ' TWNY 7 ' l dont know Love To Mom Dad Sis D.T. Lee D. Edmunds Gd X with B Sat STONES Sl and ski rm- bles. Its Only Rock N Roll, 73 is a good year. Xlnt Car Thanx to D n M Dale Eggleston l. Do we have to paint an- other banner? HW 2 4 2 ,,.,.. David A. Eisenbach Great times with B.P,, GB., and Mark, M-NL Vou're a beautiful girl Thanks Harry K: Bren Sandi L. Elliott Exclnt X swlMT 4 x 4 Moma Canal Rambl Co"rs X Bkfld Crac Buds MF TM JN Tonto Prtng Tops At Woods! LUV You Rick Dave Ellis BEST FRIENDS ERIC 6 KEN ROSS LANCE GOOD TIMES WITH THE GANG 6 ABSOLUTION 6 THANX MOM8zDAD 4 Michael P. Enos Milce and Mel 4 ever long live Saturn Rain Best Budi Mc Doob Dvad Scam Key Tan Window Pane Funin lfarty Wgn Seniors 29 V Z , , . , W Q I ir 4 if , mf I vw? Iwo' , ,vga M4 ' ruff- V n ' X Y W, , ,:' lf. .- ' ., V C., ,,, , , ',,4- I ,: . , I W., ' , .f , ,H f . , rj , .., If ,. '-4 'J "' . ' 4. " "si - 'f A , y , f . I, i ix .v """ I Z7 uh' ,ff pm, 11 fy? y .0f4,u,. ' YM, 7' '0f"7.7f, " Q vf ff f I 'u .I y' I. 'ive-f. 4 A an f . V 1 Qfw kl f 7 if , J,x,,1,,':f.- bl, x" K Y x rn umurlkxx 11nm11Hlvll HI - nw. 4 I tx it SA W NW" 49 ya f 0-1 I , ! Z W V .1 , V W ,, ,yu f f, e V:..,., ,,-7 H 'Quik 1 1 f f' ,. 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II,IfIII BI J I I 0 I 1 U I 1 I r . 4 1 I 6 4 1 V , gf W 5 f Y 7 ,f,,, v 1 WW' V ,,,,,,. wif K 1 A, l 4 'IZP . i ff , - ' 2, ff If f, . ff, ' .nw V 410, ,f . 1 'Zyl - zf :eff 44' .jug . nmflUv PH-L5:'5-974' , 4.1-ff!-'IM K V I l N l I ,fl n I' X4 ,QA 34 ff ,ff mf' ,Y, 24 ,., M14 Seniors 61 Gdyssey's First Annual cAnnie' Awards M Susan Longyear Rene Cabeza-Mattey ". . .because of her enthusiasm for liter- "Essentially a quiet student, Rene is al- ature and curiosity for knowledge." ways lookin? to do more than what is r. Rowe required to o." Mr. Barrett "':4 Mindy Ziemer "Mindy is always interested and enthu- 't W , , me is W ily VI: . Gary Plankell " . . . because he welcomes a challenge and carries it through with perfection. Mrs. Won Shunji Futemura "Shunji is an excellent student, he'll suc- ceed in any field he chooses." Mr. Williams 62 siastic. She is fascinated with literature and loves a good discussion." Mrs. Gibbs Ieff Gumbusky "Ieff is a real gentleman, considerate kind, and funny, a great addition to any class." Mrs. Gibbs W Warren Goda "Warren is trul a marvelous student in every sense of the word." Mrs. Schnieder Steve Sokoloff " . , . for his willingness to work, his dedication to excellence and his unfail- ing good humor." Mrs. Ching Michelle Mortenson "Michelle is a very enthusiastic and eager-to-learn person, who has a win- ning personality." Mr. Garrahy G tort gi bo b i adn How can academic excellence be measured? Test scores? Faculty members were given the opportunity to submit the Grade point average? Of course these are meaningful indica- names of two seniors who had "brought joy to you in the class tors But while the recipients of an Annie are likely to rate high room". The Annie is a simple, subjective, loving honor. The in both of these categories, it is quite another factor which is the Odyssey is proud to present these awards along with the state basis for this award. ments which accompanied the nominations. I' ,Q fa.. 9, Kim Neumann "Kim qcuietl and efficiently goes about her tas of going superlative work." Mr. Haskins Glenn Thomas "Glenn is quiet, good humored, mild mannered and a very diligent worker." Mr. Rowe X -eagle lim Godfrey " . . . he has a deli htfullydpleasant way of telling me whengve ma e a mistake. ' Mrs. Schnieder Eric Gaard ' " . . . because he volunteers help-with a smile and takes constructive criticism with enthusiasm." Mrs. Won Dave Wagner " . . . because of his determination and unfailing effort to do his part on any classroom activity." Mr. Rowe Sheri Lundberg "Sheri gives a sensitive and quiet good- ness to those around her." Mr. DeFalco Debbie Dombrow "Debbi has been motivated to study to the fifth level- she is always doing extra curricular activities related to Germang very reliable." Mr. Brown , Dan McKay " . . . for his enthusiasm and eagemess to learn." Mrs. Ching X 1 Iohn Eumurian "Iohn has good naturedly accepted every task l've given him, even the un- reasonable last minute cartoons for the ORACLE." Mr. Haskins 63 HC! I une " 'NTI tx """"T "g'!'l 2, .e ? 5:33. YM! -TY"f! Eff 'T' 5 t iii 'QT' , i , 'J' 5' . yeh lx r. naps' et X I 1, ,,'i,.4'. V . ti x fn- s r-- , Q 1 . 4 ,- in L 7 t A ' rl-, t .-' Spend! hour 2 hgmett the St MP0 Itkese tl exat quizzes at least pets a tttendt dances ttmtal d Ztotmt Wears ttdg fm Pftp. Spends at least one hour a day doing homework unless the surf's up at Newport. Takes an average of 11 exams and 16 quizzes and writes at least 4 term pa- pers a semester. The Spartan fl16l?3. gui Takes off on "weekenders" and attends numerous parties throughout the year. Goes to most stu- dent activities un- less on restriction for coming in late last weekend. Attends 2 casual dances, 3 semi- formal dances, and 2 formal dances each year. Wears the latest ngvli Remembers the last line of the Alma Mater. Ioins many clubs, fads from punk to but never attends prep. meetings. Student Life 65 I U 3-1 -4 OJ rn S-4 ""'J 66 Spirit Week wr' What does a supermarket and a cir- cus have in common? Practically no- thing at all except for the minute fact that both are constantly crowded with an array of people from every aspect of life. Both also have a large variety of mouth-Watering foods to choose from. And finally, after leaving the super- market or the circus, one might feel as if the money tree has been trimmed to a few bare branches. After looking back over all of this copy, it seems as if the supermarket and the circus do have quite a few things in common. This year, the junior class chose the circus theme for their spirit day. Clowns, animals, acrobats, and ring masters dotted the campus on October 13.The assemblies included a cotton candy eating contest, a pink elephant floating around, and eight gorgeous guys in pink tu-tus dancing to the song "I Enjoy Being A Girl." juniors had the difficult task of lead- ing off Spirit Week and setting the fes- tive atmosphere for the rest of the school. And it could be said that the juniors put on the greatest show on earth, almost. 7 , i',v:yi'5z:1 2522515 I 11 ,W Us its I ful il iff , TJ ul wnjjmqfg tgmjhljy' u it ,l iffy.: -1 ,wi ggi an ll lm" In If ml' U l ull ' Q "fi PM cl wa' .4 .X 1 X i l i 4 A '1 575' .47 N y. b rg J - . af' V A ,, F' . si ' if ' 1 1 , V at s f I l IL Q i lu r , uuilf' l ' .- , f V U l V ,Z L 'lun V5 - ff!! "Qs -, 4 l l l 1. These girls are shocked at what they see on stage, a bunch of junior guys dancing in yellow tu-tus! 2. juniors show their enthusiasm for their Circus Day. 3. Foxy mama Shirley Day! 4. Sara Giacobbi gets high with a little help from her friend Rich Olquin. 5. A pretty, sink, prancing elephant! 6. At the en of the lunch assembly, juniors gather for the grand finale. 5 - Q A , -4 'T---ua 6 . 1-g-:,wwg 5 U I K ,E If 1 Walaqht Www :YF :Dil HH ww ima.-IL -g ophs Have Monstrous Spirit Have you ever gone to the supermarket and been stuck behind a slow basket-wheeling lady with three screaming kids? You may have wanted to kick the lady to the side, throwing her headfirst into a display of tomato soup and then strangle her little monsters. Those little monsters wouldn't have been any- where near the supermarket on October 14, be- cause they were all at V.P.H.S. for Sophomore Spirit Day. Class officers, cheerleaders, and peo- ple who participated in the fun frantically began preparations for their spirit day. All in all, it came off pretty well, considering. The decorations and assemblies were frighten- ing enough to give anyone a good scare. 68 Spirit Week I W,- And if we get enough of this string, we can make a ball big enough to reach the moon in no time! Who is this ghoulish creature anyways? A Scene from the sophomore lunch assembly. Sophomore officers work hard to decorate the cam us. Kim Genoway after her hair a pointment with Viclgl Sassoon. A typical sop omore at its locEer. Is Ie f Krause the sophomore werewolf in Villa Park? ' .I V I "r A , ,, , J , A . fr -1 f -, I 75 if 51- ' ,lark ,ae 1 4 Q ! Q- ' i 'grew ig' v 48 7 . ,JV A vm - fs. , I , 1 ' 'W .,,,, A-uw 7 , . W N Q A YQ' a , 1 'ELL Al, . ..:' , .Q I ,Chix 1 gt K ' ff , 'W 3 if Yfsm , -1' f WE G N pf s,",,,-V , -fr 1 3. , ,Q A., w "lj 'ff . al Q". .Mg . ws.. .tc 0 It .iv ,WMT :f-4: Krv 1 I A ,ml ww JW. , ,gf 1.,Wu w' 721, M' 1 '..oiox xl? ,E 0 tx eg , f f r ,. ., . ,-, J'-1 o 4 A ' ,D , ,.. , , :Q X1-RM QB' A ' 1' , b" ','. if C .t ! I I 3 ,. in ' I 14. ., 3 W. v iw .nr . " gru- Wu N , ' it .A 4 ,X J, . Q7 q 1 an , , , . , ' T' ' . ' fr :g'i2:Q+W-1 f TN 7 "'3'al'1 5'l:,?1"5F :f'i 7 5' 'Q 1 'T Sf' T f "Q X F'K'g' ' N A 'L QAIYNV-'1'T"'Qf: N- ,nuff-H ' W' w-W X' 3 Xv 'lg pl! Q .,, Vwxqvp' X X A Q 'I la-.,' . 155' " Wk Ji' W '4f?. :F1 an if ,yi -Q -',' 4 gi, 3-ff i Bea 9 4,44 E AAPN , ,J , 5 1, , :F ,. x K ' Hwy A' ": J 1 V '- f . QQ, 1 , .gm ,,,,, Q.. ,E f f , ., I ,., , .5 QQ: ,,, . '? '- 1: vm. , . , ., ,.3,::f.1 'w 'f . , . ., , ., ,,. .-,. 4 '-.- '1- ' - ,iff 4, , -1. 1 swf.. ., .A 414. .. , V .-. Aff 45 1 Spartans Move Smoothly Through Registration I -u 5, 6 34 up or 141 o,,,,ooo ? Long Distance 3 I Telephone P 'E W Installed V h is , , T , Q f :Q EK ,,f ,M , . 1.41 , , ?i""k Computer Attendance Keeps Students Classrooms f- , . ,' N g2"'?gj,,'6f,,'r. jf' . . ,4 -fn Q!2C,,, f , 'ff?'fp .,:aw:' , 1 ' Q91 ...mjxg Kapil 'Q Parking Lot's New Design Promotes Safety 73 X i 4 ft A' W V J' Amid all the controversy over the elec- tion of the Homecoming court, Villa Park students eagerly awaited the announcing of those ten lucky people but for a reason different than that of, previous years. A new tradition had been established, and with it Steve Dunn became the first Villa Park Home- coming King. His queen was Noreen Torres, and both seemed more than hon- ored at their newly bestowed titles. The court consisted of Tricia Halamandaris, Kim Mason, Iulie Parker, Nancy Stock- er, Noreen Torres, Robert Del-Imagine, Steve Dunn, Ieff Gumbusky, jeff Moses, and Ieff Yamada. The queen was crowned at the Thursday Homecoming game against Orange, and the king was crowned at the dance the following Saturday. Homecoming 75 Stairwa T0 ecwen 1. Wait a minute boys, this isn't San Francisco. 2. Can you believe it? They spelled my name wrong. 3. Seriously, I bought my ticket last week. 4. KB Nelson and his date Gloria Reneer experience the thrill of their first high school dance. 5. Noreen Torres, what could possible be on your mind besides Steve Dunn? 6. What? There is a line for the newly installed coed bathrooms? 7. The Munster's Family Reunion. Q, . 76 Homecoming Dance 3 "Stairway to Heaven" was the theme for Villa Park's Home- coming 1981. Couples danced to the sounds of Longshot in Villa Park's home gym. Clouds of names filled the walls of the gym and couples gathered to find their "cloud in heaven." With the excitement of the Spartan victory the night before, 37-0 against the Orange High Panthers, the mood was set for the Saturday night dance. Noreen Torres was crowned the 1981 queen by Iayna Moore, last year's Homecoming queen. Steve Dunn was also crowned by Torres as Villa Park's first Home- coming King. , W "I was shocked, surprised, and happy when jayna came up and I crowned me, and my father was very proud of me." 4 11.41 4 3 , , Noreen Torres fx 6 ar V 1 - 1 1 l 1 1. '--4 f ' . Lhfi' Scarecrow Spreads Hay At Sadie Hawkins W 1 . 3 Most shoppers are aggressive: they get what they want and they get it fast because the object they seek might be gone tomorrow. The Sadie Hawkins dance brought forth a flurry of female shop- pers, some looking up to a month in advance for the best bargain possible in attractive dates. The Girls League sponsored dance was held in the gym contary to last years off campus dance at Lion Country Safari. Activities varied from can tossing to getting mar- ried. Overall, the dance was a real down home celebration. 78 Sadie Hawkins 1 I 'Za fl .1 A B Cabinet Guarantees Leadership . The ASB Cabinet group fshould bel shot. . Pete tells Carrie that the band "City Lights" is no competition for Black Diamond. 3. Our fearless leader, ASB President Ieff Yamada. 4. Trisha Halamandaris, in a rare moment, saying something that actually has to do with the school. 5. "You've got to be kidding, we have to wear our ASB shirts again?" 6. Senior President, Tod Rij e, smiles at the fleas roaming on the couch. 7. Darrin Lindblom's reaction to Mrs. Brady and her "good ideas". 1 2 .ff .. f' f mf . tiff z ' - 80 2' 'Q 1:25 , A cluster of 16 students, mostly seniors, a few juniors, and one sophomore, meet every day in the Student Centre during first period. They argue over the school's budget, vote on assemblies, and eat doughnuts. This is the ASB Cabinet. This year's Cabinet has made students and teachers alike take notice of their actions. "We weren't elected and then forgotten about like other Cabinets in the past," noted ASB Treasurer Robin Piantidosi. The new Campus Morale fund was used to boost the school's spirit. It bought free popcorn for the students and holiday treats for the teachers as well as a Sock Hop Dance in April. fuyzwffap, ,W - I ' .,- . . '24 -33 ' ' - -. ' T 1' A K . AV Lf i , ' , L4 ' 7 Throughout the year, the Board of Control makes, distrib utes, and counts Ballots for all elections: sophomore officers A.S.B., cheerleading, Homecoming, and Coronation Court They also make any revisions needed in the school constitu tion. Kristi Southard, Board of Control member, said, "The har- dest part of counting the ballots is having to count and re- count the ballots until everyone gets the same thing!" The ten members of Board of Control, with Commissioner of Board Of Control Carrie Schmidt as their leader, will probably agree that the hardest ballots to count are the class senators'. The House of Representatives consists of a student repre- sentative and an alternate from each third period class. One V job of the House of Representatives is to approve and reject the applications of clubs. One club approved this year is the ' newly formed Yacht Club. Another responsibility is to ap- prove or reject the expenditure of A.S.B. funds for as- semblies. Some assemblies approved were the magician, the . ,,,, 2, WM J frisbee, and multi-media screen. The officers were Brian Al- geo, who was Speaker of the House, and Iodi Goodman, who , I ' was Secretary of the House. BOARD OF CONTROL First Row: Kristi Southard, Steligianie Starnos, Carrie Schmidt, Anne Cornell, Karen McCarter, Back Row: Betsy Mecklenburg, Kerry Barnett, Lisa Scheer, Lil Carras, Tiffany Tighe, jean alvesmaki 'Q 1 "' s " ' .rrsfi ,.... ,lit it .2 Q Sha? '25 X ' : 11 V . V4. , . .ff HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 3 First Row M. Gross, B. Al eo, I. Goodman. Second Row K. Peterson, I. Pagula an, I. Bieshaar, K. Fontana, D. Kincade, L. Hunter, A. Shriver, D. Cutler, P. Martinez, I. Dawson, Rijke, K. Lange, K. Christensen, K. Kaleel, D. Calbabrese, D. Youn , S. Bliss, I. Tuerffs. Third Row R. jones, B. Dufault, A Barrish, B. Gaborie, K. Helton, K. Powers, W. Coda, B. Protas, unknown, I. Morris, A. Zatlin, Garza, S. Sessions, R. Casachia, C. Gordin, M. Klein, S Hoey. Fourth Row D. Muzia, P. Rock, A. Walenchavich, K. Nichol, S. Friedenrich, C. Wilson, K. Woods, D. Flynn, S. Mueller, T. Larson, M. Dew, B Maruoka, I. Kellow, T. Christen, R. Pike, D. Ryan 46 jf- ,ff ,-.. . 1. If you close your eyes and wish hard enough, your wish will Come true. 2. Board of Control group shot. 3. House of Representatives group shot. 4. House of Representatives vote on whether or not to approve the budget. 5. Kristen Lange Caught doing her homework at House of Repre- sentative meeting. 6. Dori Cutler shows how much fun House of Representatives T meetings are. House of Representatives 83 1981-1982 Pep Squad iff , ' r 1 V .F 1-4, . wi 4 I , , M ,W Ag 5 wi ' . '14 i ' Vu I i "'-1, 'fm I 'I Things vvork as Iorig as vve remember majority rules Varsity Cheer F5 fl 7. XX' ll 4 V -:X l X IIX .- 44 I' Sinn, . ., , I ! :Y , 5 V I ' If Q? I 'l With mixtures of personalities and in- terests, the 14 Varsity Pep Squad girls put many hours into trying to spread spirit around Villa Park. These girls started out as friends and mere acquaintences but turned into a big family, living with each other dur- ing summer camp, compromising, practic- ing, and just like sisters, even arguing with one another. This years squad was on their own until a new teacher and advisor was appointed, Mrs. Arrellanes, known to the squad as Mrs. "A". Mrs. Cunningham, art teacher, also took on the responsibility of the 2nd period cheer class the squad attends. With all these people working together to make things work, the entire student body could constantly be proud to be a SPARTAN . '4Practice makes perfect." and WWE' W ik' .1 1Qy,, if-nf-. Bill!! Wm 3? Fw ' E ei -4? , .'e". N S I N +1 ' it aff- 4, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Captain Lisa Swearingen wonders why the rest of the team went the other direction. Could she have gone the wrong way? Kelly Antram and lst Lieutenant Theresa Iohn- son spend another day at the routine practices. Iodi Mays is surprised when the drill team actual- ly stayed in a ten-hut when she turned her back. ooks like some people didn't brush their teeth this mornin . Kristine too? time to get all dressed up for the occassion. Hallelujah! Come to me darling! Lori Zaremba is proud to be a drilldo. Los Angeles Rams Ticker Ta e parade. ls Karlyn trying to capture Sie Keith Partridge hair style? 86 Drill Team Und lodl look' ll radedui We HMV l lhf F to PM 0 5l98flf ll field C011 the BXUZ gpeudm and exti M5 Ilol wardfd Uophits ,ai -.,..- SPM. - '.,4 4 V-4-yn .v" , . .X ,. .lm rm 1. rpg, . - 1 1 ' '. Jan,.4E.l v ' 'V 1 J f If I ll A 4 w Under the direction of new advisor Iodi Mays, the drill team achieved a new look. Instead of wearing the usual pa- rade uniforms for half-times, they sur- prised the audience by showing up in flashy blue leotards and silver skirts. This year, the group has decided not to put on the annual Spring Show. In- stead, the group attended many extra field competitions and parades. With all the extra activities, the drill team had to spend their spare time at early mornings and extra practices. All the hard work was not put to waste. They were re- warded for their efforts by the many trophies they took home. ""r'!uu.,, ,7 r if Jmi, 1 Vi.-'Wi 1+ .,':w,. 1 ' K xl vgnv ff--6' bv- bin' l MII "wf pa-...I S . xg.. PBQLG9 "W S partans Aside from taking home awards at the Buena Park parade, Westminster Field Tournament, Chino Band Re- view, Los Altos Field Tournament, and the Mission Viejo Parade and Field Competition, The Marching Spartans participated in the L.A. Dodgers' Victory Ticker Tape Parade. The parade was a very exciting event for the Marching Spartans, as they were telecast live on national television marching down Broadway in Los Angeles. The Marching Spartans jumped at the chance to be on T.V. again when they accepted an offer to make a commercial for a San Diego bank. It was a tedious job, having to shoot the same scene over and over again until every- thing was perfect. 1981-82 was a fantastic and fulfilling year for the Big Blue Marching Machine. . The drummers play their best at a half time show at Kelly Stadium, . Marching S artans take time to pose for a group shot at t e Mission Viejo paradle and field Competition. 3. Mr. Polley does his frankenstein impression. 4. Rubin Gonzalez attempts to be Superman. 5. The Bi Blue Marching Machine made great strides at the Mission Viejo lgarade. . Russ smiles at being blown away by trombones. . "I'll huff and I'l1 puff and I'l1 blow your house down." . Rochelle Cabrera and her big banana. . Gary Bee performs a solo to the show theme "On Broadway." 1 2 6 7 8 9 ..-..- - , THE 81-82 PAGEANTRY CGRPS . ' l P""""" ' 'II4 l MW, .,-1.' A' A . THE PAGEANTRY CORPS consists of Tall Flags, Twirl- ing Flags, and Banners. In competitions, they are judged as part of the band. All members of the Pageantry Corps Compete in street parades, but in the half-time shows and field competitions they are excluded. The Pageantry Corps is supervised by band director Richard Polley. Gne honor the Pageantry Corps received was an invitation to march in the Ticker Tape parade for the pennant winning Dodgers. They were also invited to make a commercial for a Santa Barbara bank. Mr. Polley is proud of all the hard work and extra time put in by the Pageantry Corps to make themselves the best they can be. 90 Pageantry Corps f 0 ' Il? 'E 'Kyiv ' ,ja-J .-.., :pt .V I A Maw.. fax , J 71" u...,,,,,-1 a rx l , , .. l, if g 1. V.P. Tall Flags at the Dodger Ticker Ta e Parade, 2. I. Longyear is stunned when she sees time photo racpher. 3. Sherry ose shows intense concentration as she ia s the Tall Flags down the road. . The 1981-82 Twirling Flags. . The Twirling Flags show their dedication by practicing before school, 6. The Banners let the peo le know who is best. 7. With the new banners, 6.13. really looks sharp. 8. L. Waldstreicher tosses her flag and kicks up her heels. 4 5 -6 f 1 .-5 .. --.., L E g:' ."'Z".. -f -wil-5 1 1. 1, E naman wwf., I 6' 5 5 TM I 0 L - '19---ff ag- I -. N5 1. A A "vii 'fL,':5S:' ig? 1 - X Pageantry Corps 91 -H- ... Instrumental Music Food Of The Intellect The Instrumental Music department, which includes Wind Ensemble, jazz Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Or- chestra, has concluded another outstanding year. Perfor- mances were given at the spring and winter concerts held here at Villa Park and at this year's commencement cere- mony. They have also performed at festivals, in particular a festival sponsored by the Southern California Band and Orchestra Association, at which the bands are rated. The most outstanding senior instrumental music mem- bers include Bob Hasty, who plays violin and first trom- bone, Cindy Tavernier, who plays the flute, Gary Bee on the trumpet, and flutist Kathy Kimball. Perhaps what causes great confusion among students on campus is distinguishing the difference between these in- strumental groups. Wind Ensemble is the most elite of the groups in that they have more difficult music to contend with. Wind Ensemble also consists of no strings. Iazz En- semble is designed to perform more contemporary music, including jazz, pop, and swing from the 1930's and '40's. Orchestra, of course, consists of all strings, with no Woodwind or brass. When asked what is different this year than any other year in instrumental music, director Richard Polley replied that he "hopes that all groups in the instrumental music department will be able to experience the festivals, which in the past have been attended only by Wind Ensemble." According to Polley, these festivals are important because they test a musician's ability to sight-read. Polley concludes that "for a musician, sight-reading shows the total scope of musicianship." 92 Instrumental Music I D l 1. Woofer Rob Gilhausen in the backround and tweeter Francis Hunt- zinger in the foreground, 2. jennifer Mohle realizes how difficult life can be with a flute stuck to Your lower lip. 3. he serious side of Bill Townsend. 4. That is a lot of licorice. 5. We can't afford music stands. 6. Russ Montgome and Lisa Meister on "Burnished Brass". 7. The jazz Ensembl. First Row: M. Ta lor, B. Schoolcraft, B. Hanson, M. Hammend, E. Price, K. Hashin, Lukowski. Second Row: B. Holdridxile, C. Melan- der, M. Perrine, S. Beesley, M. Enos, I. Finni-gan, S. imberly, G. Bee, T. Headlund, R. Gonzalez, P. Erlich, Mr. olley. 4 "After silence, that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible, is musicfi Instrumental Music Members . i -W '21 ffwfxfli 3 .H-fir- .43 as Instrumental Music 93 -ii ' ,vm 'S uFor a musician, sight-reading shows the total scope of musicianship. Mr. Polley Kathy Kimball displays intense concentration. Is this really necessary? Sophs Lori Heranic and Craig Wakamoto on clarinets. Gary Bee shows his lip power. The Chamber Orchestra. Director Richard Polley directs the orchestra in a stunning perfor- mance. Not 'On Broadway' again. John Finnegan practices mouth to mouth-piece resuscitation. The Symphonic Band. I 7 7 iii X , l Run' 1, D l i Elllrad I 5 1 Llfuleng . B. Harr, I. Longyear, Mr. Polley, G. Holte, P. Fan, A. Franqui, A. Taver- ' 94 Instrumental MUSIC mer, R. Ccipen aver, M. Michalski, L. Holte, C. Wilson. Not Pictured: B. ' Hasty, T lke, G Ramas I ,. , F! G V J CHAMBER SIN GERS Row one Steiphanie Chorba, jeff Fagin, Connie Patterson, Paul Meahl, Iudy Holtz, Steve Bass, Row Two jennifer Posey, Mickey Buckle, Sue Moore, Shawn War , jeff Fairbanks, Row T ree Karen Ebrite, Martin Vert, Ieannie Mason, Kristen Brown, john Witham, Karen Grant all '11 Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, and Vocal Ensemble are the ingredients of Villa Park's department of voc:AL Music. Eff No preservatives, no chemicals, and no artificial flavoring is added. The main goal of this year's vocal department, led by Mary Ester Blakley, was to raise enough money to take the three vocal groups to the 1982 Hawaiian Festival of Music in April. Having bake sales, car washes, concerts, selling Christmas trees, and having a raffle are a few of the ways the vocal department raised the money for the trip. K- T FW? A E -SI. 96 Chamber Singers ll 16' XY I 4 l KW li P. -x ll-l Row lewd Rox elghtonh -I 1. Martin Vert and Karen Grant rehearse for Christmas Concert. 2. Karen Ebrite, Kristin Brown, Jeanne Mason, and Iudy Holtz form a girls uartet. 3. Chamber Singers are not yilieased with Mrs. Blakley's song selection, 4. Mrs. Blakley prepares for awaii. 5. Concert Choir performs at South Coast Plaza. 1 CONCERT CHCIR F tR B. B ' ham, S. Hee , I. Baba, E. Roth, A. Norman, P. Ross, I. Lipman, S. Webster, C. Solin e , D. C h , A. A d ' Sgsoncllwlgow Xl'lgDeleon, K. Plerez, S. Ward, R. Ferrell, M. Altonagan, P. Martinez, R. Ryan, G. Mcgr1acken,aPP2ie ler, lliflitclhelllnq'hEllIf2VFw1lilli?1rriiE1eS' Le ' ' ' ighton. Third Row K. Wentworth, L. Nelson, S. Sandre, H. lsraelsson, I. Mason, D. Yarbrough, B. Bonnema, H. Q-licks, T. johnson, D. Hengstebeqi Concert Choir 97 E' VOCAL EN SEMBLE Front Row Sue Wakamoto, Steve Sokoloff, Kristen Guelker, Tom Martin, Gary Plakill. Second Row Lori Williamson, john Witham, jenifer Posey, Allison Court, Adrinne Salkin, Lori Zaremba, jill Bailey, Kim Carter, jeff Warner. Last Row jamie Bagley, David Wire, Bob Cadogen, Stacie Freeman, Kris Bender, Tim Christian, jeff Fairbanks. 'I 1. Vocal Ensemble adding final touches to routine. 2. Vocal Ensemble gets ready for the South Coast Plaza concert. 3. MICKQKJBUCHE showing off the variety of trees. 4. Dave ire inspects the trees. 5. Mrs. Blakley supervising the selling of the trees. 2 98 Vocal Ensemble A .LN 1, I- f00 Choreography .V 0 7? A ff 1. f :gy A7 L O 'ab 4' 47 ' if - L, 1 Ama? ul I ff ' 45 ? 5 afkmzwww am f 'L ' , gn 4 ,, f' 1 1 402 Y V 1, 1 . it-12... yt 1' Ten years and over 50 shows late? Linda Ianicki and her drama department are still holding up. Promotion for "Guys and Dolls" was extensive. Posters announcing the up- coming engagement adorned the cam- pus. Iust before opening, sleezy drunks disguised as drama students passed drinks to all the teachers, followed by zealous salvationists calling for repent- ance. But it wasn't all fun and games. There were three tryouts just trying to find the people. Rehearsals were six days a week, including from 9 to 4 on Satur- days. "Trying to workin the festival was hard, too," Ianicki said. "It was a lot of fun. I made a lot of new friends. I made, like, ten new friends," said Chris Trimbly, who played Lt. Bran- nigan. t .iz .,..L. lf , 7 Rusty Charlie, Benny Southstreet, and Nicely Nicely Johnson, played by Robert Cadogan, Ieff Fairbanks, and Steve Sokoloff argue over which horse is faster, Sky Masterson, Jeff Wamer, is a bi -time gambler. Nathan Detroit and Adalaide, Tim Christian and Alison Court, discuss Nathan's planned crap game. The Save-a-Soul mission tries converting sinners on the streets of New York. Sarah Brown, Kris Bender, is the leader of the mission. Sky cons the whole group of gamblers to atone for their sins at the mission. Adalaide sings with the hot box dolls. Nicely Nicely rocks the boat at the mission. Drama 103 - - - - - ' ' ' ill Baile Tim I B k , V a O zounian, Iill Brick, Dave Hem ling, Sam Ferren, Kim Wentworth, Steve Sokoloff, Becky Parker, Ieff Miller, I y, CEllhI1ll2:tia?1l1Iel,nnifE:eIf1Pose1y, Sue Wakamoto, Adrienne Salkin, Alison Court, jason Tnmbly, Michelle Kelly, Renee Peters, Tracy Mann .5 Drama Has Character ,Z14,fZ.5 ' , if As one of the most widely known clubs on campus, the Drama Club is for those students who are interested in theater arts and for those who want the chance to work on a production, in either the cast or crew. This year the fine arts letter has added much more excitement to the club. Many of the members are striving for this award. In addition to the letter, the Drama Club is to produce at least three plays during the year. "Pink Boots On a Star" was the first pro- duction of the year. The club experimented with the idea of a 'dinner theater' for their first play. "It turned out really we1l," commented Tim Ludin. "Guys and Dolls," a musical, was the second production of the year. The club takes part in many other activities as well. Monthly trips are planned to view professional and collegiate plays such as Barnum, Royal Family, and Way ofthe World. Why is the Drama Club one of the most successful clubs on campus? "It's the advisor, she's the backbone of the club," ex- plained Ieff Warner, of Ms Ianicki. "I takes time with us person- ally," stated Jeff. He added, "Everyone looks up to I, she makes drama unique." jeff Warner Anne Stocklnger Mxchelle Ferguson Debbie Cahoon Helena lsraelsson Danny Enos Tom Marhn Lon Zaremba Rxchard Mamola Knss Bender Charolette Glave Cynth1a Wxlson Carolyn Memmerhng Paul Meahl Sperry Tavoularls Shannon Tlmpane IeffFa1rbanks Chns Lerte flax' N ,1 , ff 'f 1,5325 1' Zia fi -lffzff , 1 "1 V-...M - Charolette Glave Mana McBnde and Helena Israelsson hsten intently to mstructlons Tla Odiam W31tS panently for drama d1rector Llnda Ianicki to answer her questxons R1chard Mamola looks on as jeff Cohen and Danny Enos begin developmg thelr characters Tlm Ludin and Becky Parker watch I explaln what part Debbie Cahoon IS to portray Steve Sokoloff shows off h1s new sneakers "The Long and Winding Roadv We in 'Ne fs L 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 . ' f e l EX' ,A , N "tw J uf , y i p . l 5 l Q 4 .igxx A , r-If L f Mr. and Mrs, Cleans go out for a night on the town. Brent Bieshaar and Trisha l-Ialamandaris were chosen as Coronation King and Queen. The effects of loud music. A couple enjoys a break from all the loud mu- sic Are Betsy and her date posing? All coup es enjoyed the provided dinner. Mike and Ramona get down and Boogie. What kind of dance is this anyway? Sophomores gather to discuss their tirst Cor- onation dance. Dena Paul snuggles close to her date during a slow dance. 106 Cornation Dance N533 4, 'X Y L , K 'fkfif f. , I l ' ' 1 ffl ,V, " ,Lexi f Fa?" , 1" Xu! .l. -Q 'SA The Road!! mmf gfket5 fhjdier ,and mgllzi Corona' Halfml x 1 1 1 A l ,ll 1 H 2 Il .V I 1 l My l t Z we li il fait 1 lw . 5 . ,Q 'li 1 -Hifi ,yy 1 fd 'iii lm .l mwah! H. lmom Gilt fmdmslboi ,Br The senior class hosted the "Long and Winding Road" Coronation Dance held at the South Coast Plaza Hotel in the Costa Mesa Balboa Ballroom. The tickets were S40 per couple which included dinner - chicken beylue, green salad, vegetables, and desert - and dancing music provided by Evergreen. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the new Coronation King Brent Bieshaar and Queen Tricia Halamandaris. 4 Iwasaki athy Iohnson Former Kin Ion Qtop to I c ' H , Former gueen ilriqz l l l.iQ.! 10 l ICC S. Kato, B. Mecklenberg, S. Dunn, 1. Birnbaum, R. Holdridge, S. Glassman, K. Morris, B. Meck- lenber , I. Lanford, I. Parker, S. Giacobbi, I. gamacfa, E. Kuli, D. Lynn, M. Swartz, D. Dom- row 1. Inter-Club Council advisor, Mr. Trefry. 2. President, Betsy Mecklenberg takes charge of meetin . 3. ICC memgbers listen to new fund-raising ideas. 'YT .l"l ll fl 9 M-ha-i f W at K .. 3 as X-,Q may The ICC is made up of the presidents of all the other clubs on campus. At the be- ginning of each month the club leaders meet to discuss any problems or ideas they may have. Mr. Trefry is the advisor, but Betsy Mecklenberg, president, handles much of the meetings. Fund raising activities are dis- cussed between all the clubs so that each is informed as to which activities would be most beneficial. 'W I 1 S i Bowling Club 'L -" :.f'ff'm,f ffwwf . , .ge ,522 .,.fA::1--l f -1, "ffm, . 4'1i,.f7z2f'24f KZ" ' ' 1' : W-'1. -2:,+2:w":' J'-,, ' ' ' Q -j,,5'..,,.,f.',1.q A Wwwsq? K My I VA I Y I in If N V. it s A' H .wa . .L ,,,, 5 .mv W W, ,iwxuy , .V :Ll 1. , I V J . I, I ,VVAI L I 1 .V J ax' , f Q :V f rv ly V W. I JI: H X l 0? M0311 Back Row: M. Weddeiren, B. Ohta, M. Rudebrinc, M. Kegner, B. Lanzin, 5. Otting, B. Townsend, I. Menke, D. Mark, B. Bowler, L. jackson, M. Bickler, Second Row: Fan, M. Eastman, P. aker, S. Graugensperger, I. George, D. Fernandez, M. Sung, C. Hardacre, F1rstRow: M. Frehner, K. McWl'urter, I. Sakaue, B. Pash, T. Lee, C. tewart, I. Fan. Bowling Club 109 This year the Girls' League was the "Place To Be!" It consists of approx- imately 15O members, making it by far the largest club on campus. With advisor Rob Robinson leading the way, the groups main project was the sponsorship of one of the most popular dances of the year, Sadie Haw- kins. The girls Worked hard all day painting signs and turning the gym into a typical barn complete with haystacks and cow. Susan Fukuhara, Kristin King, Andrea Mackin, and Michelle Parker concentrate on a sign for Sadie Hawkins. 110 Girls' League -5. Girls' League X 9 ff V I l K1 I ,li I l l 1 ledby I fmost-al 1 lllllub lmfrbm N league. 3ilUlYQdL Liehighh BY Sell Bletbalj ilfldgetf l Willie J mllltfd l lt Soft' 1 lnveyih Pulgii Dellfhgs ,,-.A 1 Key Club i' ' it ":'i!3lf'f"'tiQ' X ,R .L , Led by advisor Allan Trefry, the almost-all-new-bigger-than-ever Key Club began the year with a softball game against Girls League. Since hardly anyone showed up to play, this was not the highlight of the year. By selling concessions at the basketball games, the group did manage to raise enough money for several service events which were considerably more successful than the softball game. The BlOOd Drive, the Sweetheart Dance, and a purging of the amphitheater benches were the major projects. 'Ill 'lun ll! l l l l l l l l Find the follow- ing 1981-82 Key ! Club members in the icture at left and win a L li etime pass to the j Sweetheart Dance. jeff Gumbusky, president, War- ren Goda, secretary, justin Birn- - baum, vice-president, Robert Del- Imagine, treasurer, Craig Alexan- , der, teve Baba, Andrew Beyer, Kevin Burnes, Mike Carroll, jeff Cohen, Steve Dunn, Brad Fontanesi, Schuyler Francine, Steve Galus, Scot Glover, Miles Goda, Alex Goodman, Damon Gross, Charlie Gumbusky, jeff Heidler, Robert Hol- drid e, Ken Horio, jeff Krause, Derek Kuhl, Mark Lewisglavid L nn, Pete Martinez, Mike McGowan, W N Tom McLean, Bii Mecklenburg, Kevin Morris, Mike Murplg, Stacey Okubo, Mike Osurni, Dave Pargee, Chris Parker, evin Peterson, jon Robillard, Alex Salottolo, jann Sarkaria, Sulgi Sorenson, Mike Swartz, john Tuerffs, Keith Underwood, rent Waechter, Craig Wakamoto, john Winkle- man, jeff Yamada, Pat Yamada, Steve Glasman. l n 'STE Q I ,. E 90 'UQ 4 Q ,hp , ., rw P L N "7" ..--"' ,dial justin Birnbaum and Warren Coda burst into a paroxysm of laughter at another of jeff Gumbusky's dry jokes at a regular lunchtime planning session. Key Club 111 " . 'fl' f , g . 1 ' ' 21.2. I ,,,si""2f..,. i ,fifk j"' , ' M- ,, '..a1.af4v. 'mo'f...iM: Front Row: I. Tuerffs, B. Nichols, T. Fiedler, K. Barnett, K. Christensen, B. Mecklenberlg, C. Fox, D. Hart Second Row: 1. Winkleman, R. Olquin, S. Dunn, S. Freidenreich, K. Mullen, A. Schreiber, D. adar, K. Helton, S. Day, S. Kato, T. Halamandans, M. Mortenson, K. Chandler, K. Derifield Third Row: T. McLean, D. Kuhl, K. Bogart, B. Drobish, G. Hill, M. Stevenson, M. Osumi, D. Young, K. Burnes, K. Triggs 112 CSF, National Honor Society The Honor Society iS a Club run by Mrs. Won with help from President Steve Dunn. All stu- dents in this club must have a G.P.A. of 3.5 excluding P.E. cre- dits. Mrs. Won also advises the C.S.F. Club with Stacey Kato as President. To qualify for this club students must have 3 academic courses and one elec- tive course. They attended two field trips, one to the Ahmanson Theatre and the other to the U.S.C. campus. CSF National Honor Society E. Alexander, I. Baba, D. Baer, K. Bar- nett, V. Baros, G. Bee, B. Bieshaar, I. Birnbaum, S. Brinkman, S. Brober , C. Busslinger, C. Butler, M. Carrol? K. Christensen, L. Cote, A. Court, D. De- ffenderfer, S. Dunn, K. Ebrite, I. Eumu- rian, I. Faltys, C. Fox, R. Fukuhara, S. Glassman, W. Goda, I. Godfrey, A. Goodman, R. Green, K. Guelker, I. Gumbusllfy T. Halamandaris, K. Has- kins, R. asty, K. Horio, L. Iwasaki, D. Iacobs, L. lesson, S. Kato, D. Kuhl, K. McCarter, B. Mecklenberg, C. More, K. Morris, I. Parker, A. Schreiber, M. Sitz- man, S. Sokoloff, S. Strange, M. Stevenson, N. Torres, S. Wakamoto, I. Winkelman, K. Burnes, B. Ohta, I. Baler, M. Brase, S. Carter, A. Cornell, C. Catchell, T. Hoang, I. Kalvesmaki, K. Triggs, M. Swartz 4 r S llie Ge mill Studi Wage. Hmmm, T, ltrs ser U md sold l Pftlzel bo WEEES3 -1 ,Z Back Row: D. Vliet, C. Delaney, S. Hermann, D. Dombrow Front Row: B. Hasty, M. Mortenson, S. Ferreri German Club The German Club is organized for those Ger- man students who wish to learn more about the language, with the help of the advisor, Mr. Brown. To raise money for their club, the mem- bers set up a booth outside Mr. Brown's room and sold hot pretzels at nutrition and lunch. The pretzel booth and the German Club both were a success in this school year. T-viz-sm f 1. President, Debbie Dombrow, takes time out of meeting to smile for a picture 2 2. Advisor, Mr. Brown, supervises construction of the pretzel booth. I German Club 113 3 I , ' T -' ' f.. fw. Front Row: D. Marcuson Second Row: C. Hunt, T. Fiedler, T. Redfern, C. Nixon Third Row: L. Swartz, L. Stewart, S. Kato, K. Chandler, R. Piantidosi, I. Eb1Qght, C. Giacobi, M. Naruse, K. Malloy, C. Fox, D. Fernandez, Q'll'S.I9St91', C. Wilson, S. Glover, K. Deerfield, P. amada, S. Freidenreich, K. Woods, M. Bavand, Napolean, j. ung French Club This year's French Club, advised by Mrs. Iester, holds meetings the first and third Wednesday of every month. They provided the coffee for the parents at "Back to school night". The French Club also went to St. joseph Hospital and sang French Christmas Carols. The club enjoys cooking French food as well as eating at French restaurants. ,i'1?"z1 .v ' . I W Q.yC,7i,,'?,'fT-Y'."U7? ' ..:-.Mi t-:f mg-Qnftf 3 ' 5.2 .... f Latin Club This years Latin Club is an ac- tive one. The Club consists of all Latin I and Latin II students. Meetings take place during their first period Latin class. Mr. Bar- rett not only teaches the class but is also the club advisor. -lu M. Swartz, K. Triggs, M. Stockton, R. Parker, D. Bedard, R. Brown, T. E mon, B. Evans, K. Granito, S. Hellman. S. Hunter, I. Iulian, B. Parker, S. Sokoloff, B. Waechter, L. Walgiow, M. Stockton, T. Allen, Y. Chong, F. Clark, D. Commons, S. Lundberg, M. Swartz, R. Gillon 114 French Club, Latin Club lift 1 volved SPUTY gc tireveai beltre Plllll sig Squid. 1 dub thy. lSucce. 39l.llj'lg 4 X N55 uv-v-may Back Row: I. Eckstein, E. Hoyle Front Row: C. Lindberg, C. Way, A. Strapp, Mr. Reid Pep Club This years Pep Club was in- volved in all sports and kept spirit going throughout the en- tire year. The group of girls met before all sporting events to paint signs as an aid to the pep squad. Mrs. Kurek guided this club through a memorable year. A successful fund raiser was the selling of spirit buttons. Spartan Flyers The Spartan Flyers are a re- latively small club but for all those involved it is extremely uplifting. Mr. Reid is the advisor and plans to take all of his new members for their first flying les- son. Occasionally, Mr. Reid flies his club to various restaurants across California for lunch. Back Row: B. Beasley, L. Van Meter, S. Lundberg, S. McBride, P. Wilkerson Front Row: P. Yuan, M. Mortenson, D. Hradesky, K. Weissenmayer Spartan Flyers, Pep Club 115 '-w-n i- 2, 1 ' A l Science lub? Peering into the future and preparing civili- zation for the technological advance which is inevitable is the function of the scientist. Realizing this, Villa Park's Science Club en- deavors to face the future courageously and creatively. The only problem is that they are not quite sure in which direction the future lies. Compounding the club's problem this year has been the discouraging realization that the club itself does not exist. But, undeterred by this scientific truth, non-president Robert Holdridge has never-the-less led his group on- ward. I-Ioldridge, a shy genius who is reluctant to talk about the astounding accomplishments of either himself or his cult-like followers, was able to grunt only a few semi-coherent mono- syllables in describing the year's activities. "Field trips," he seemed to be saying. Then he retreated suddenly into what must have been his laboratory. 4 116 Science Club Row 1: Ken Horio, Donna Hart, Cherlyl Fox, Stacey Kato, lohn I uerffs, Robert Hflldfldge, Stephanie Freidenreich, Liz Stewart, Alex Goodman, Peter Loren, Row 2: Tricia Halamandaris, Chris Parker, Mike Osumi, Nancy Stocker, Noreen TOITFES, jeff Yamada, jeff Heidler, Abell, Robert Dell-Imagine, justin Bim- baum, Steve Glasman, Mike Murphy. wart 4! .-'ua' ,L jjj 'v5p"r7, 35,5 . , . , -. .. ---54+ . --iw, Z Ljqrjg. C. . H 4 i ng, , ye- 451 Scuba Club Villa Park's Scuba Club was organized this year because a group of persistent students enjoyed the sport and wanted to gain certification for themselves. To accomplish this goal they found themselves an advisor, ceramics teacher John Meulmester, and got themselves or- ganized under the tutelage of expert diver Kin Keller. With Keller's guidance, club members donned wet suits and fins and gathered on Thursday nights in the murky waters of the Spartan pool. Diving trips to Laguna Beach and to Catalina were just some of the adventures which this active club enjoyed. 1. Ken Richardson and Ken Lancaster, in wet suits, argue over who gets to use the air tank next. 2. Advisor Iohn Meulmester pretends to understand what the little knob is for as Ieff Yamada tries to ignore him. 3. Club members signal lifeguards for help 4. Future frogperson attempts unsuccess ully to hold her nose while prac- ticing entry technique. Scuba Club 117 Row 1: Don Youngi Sara Giacobbi, Kim N icoll, Andrea Walencewicz, Kristin Schwarz, Sue Taverna, Gina Reidinger, Advisor Karen Moore, Row 2: Mike Nation, Sandra Io nson, Michelle Clifford, David Tebo, Sally McKay, Eddie Smith, Jeanine DeLeon. Ski Club A five day trip to Utah began the skiing year as 12 Ski Club members combined with 312 students from other schools visited Park City, Alta, and Park West in Utah. The group saw the new year in at the Marriot Hotel in Salt Lake City. President Gina Reidinger led the 25 member group, ably assisted by Todd Myer and Kristin Schwarz. Be- cause the club is affiliated with the Boy Scouts CSki Ex- ploringj, they are able to enjoy group savings for their trips and to meet many new skiers from other schools. uto Club Anyone who is interested in automobiles should be interested in being a member of the Auto Club. Although this group stalled a few times this year while trying to get organized, advisor Bob Haysom eventually got their heads on straight. The club looked forward for much of the year to the donation of a Monza Chevrolet by Mr. Powell of General Motors. Most talented member of the group was Matt Taylor, whose ability as a locksmith is unsurpassed. Willie Regits was president and Charlie Graham vice-president. I-nm, ff ' , V. 1 ixii-Q- 2 'F-'- 118 Row 1: Matt Ta lor, Vern Hlarrnier, 1.1. lose Row 2:ARich Bedard, Todd Fitz atrick, Willie Regits, Alan Penn, Ga C b Chris Woods, Kevin Roderick, Mlke Oase,El2ick Olquing Extreme Rear: MarkIf3ruto, Under the Car: Mr. Haysom, ry IOS yi Paul Blalock' 9 .--4.-.nano-cu-mf f H Row 1 fthese are rows?J: john Tuerffs ffalling off his crutchesl, Brad johnson, Derek Kuhl, Iill Wiens, julie Cassen, and Mike Cara, Row 2: Greg Marsden, Drue Holthe, Mike Pattin, and Dawn Hradesky fnot the one with all the eye make-up, the one with the camerajg Row 3: Mr. Benoit, and Harris Done. Photography Club According to photography instructor Greg Be- noit, one of the main purposes of the Photogra- phy Club is to get together at lunch and share lunches with one another. In actuality, however, there's more to this dis- organization than meets the eye. Meetings fea- ture lengthy and profound discussions on such topics as f-stops, shutter speeds, and negative density range. When they aren't eating lunch, the group uses up a lot of film and creative energy while shoot- ing pictures and while enjoying the work of other photographers on field trips to galleries. Organizing a photo show of their own on cam- pus also consumed a lot of time and effort. f To .9'c01U-Q Photography Club 119 The Sweetheart Dance, sponsored by the Key Club, was an outrageous success in comparison to the past two years. It wasn't cancelled! And it's a good thing, too, because everyone who went had a blast, including both couples and those who went with a group of friends. "Black Diamond" started the crowd rockin' and be-boppin' as mini-skirts and bermu- das paraded around the dance floor. It was a casual affair. Many people said it was more like the Hi-Dance, but they enjoyed the Sweetheart more. we WW me MQW, 4 if ff' gf, 1? 5412! 2 Zi? 1-4-f " 4' vi" 740 ' lf gf? ZZ 14. ,pm 4 9 1 f ,L by 1 f 1 I f Wifi! 7 1' With Mr. Haskins as the new advisor for The Oracle staff, many students wondered what would become of the award winning newspaper most of Villa Park had liked so well. It is still in existance and is still well-liked by Villa Park. As usual, there were a few wrinkles at the beginning of the year which were eventually ironed out as the staff became a family and learned to work closely together. The occasional doughnut runs and the radio blaring AC! DC or the Go-Go's enhanced the atmosphere. There were also those delicately worded stories which caused a small uproar among the students, including the articles on the uselessness of the ERA, so-called satanic music, and the teaching of Creationism in the classroom. -w 1 I - .J I I N f .,f 'vi' N X , ---af' ,-6, 3 ,. - an "1 7 8 Vic A-if . Pav v If Mark Maizel whistles the latest tune as Greg Hill harmonizes. Editor-in-Chief Keith Haskins practices holding his pencil without making a 'st, Kevin Bogart hopes to be inspired bythe overgrown football while writing his sto . Wh? do these people seem to be so enthused with journalism? The Oracle Staff. Sport Editor Kevin Gordon watches over, from left to right, People Editor Steve Sokoloff, News Editor Ken Salgado, Editor-in-Chief Keith Haskins, Feature Editor Iulie Lanford, and Editorial Editor Greg Hill as thev plan the next issue of The Oracle. ' News Editor Ken Salgado tries to remember which key makes the K. Steve Sokoloff contemplates his list of reasons for staving in journalism second semester. ' The Oracle 123 bs. K 13? . l ' , , G d , B. M k , L. Ri hter, L. Van Meter, L. Anderson, T. Gretz Row 2: Mr. Haskins, D. Kincade, D. Cutler, llgalilgwiiilcldi, E0Ii?1g1liqeiilegP.cI?e1EnI:i2eIQ, B. KZE.-cQ,aR. Roscacker, T. Ricks, K. Haan, L. Hunter, M. Giannetakis, D. Hotchkiss 5 2 .. 1. Linda and Terry attempt to find the man who stole Mr. Haskins' bell. 2. Laura Richter writes her copy for her spread. 3. Phyllis watches Mary or anize the junior spread. 4. Daigyll and Tammi hunt tgrough the proof book for good pictures of stu ly football players. 5. Mr. Haskins feels caged in after aclvisin this year's annual staff. 6. Debbie and Lynn hurry to finish their cab spreads, 124 Annual if ,. ...Av ' yfiv' H W I., ,,,V ma.,..m:.1:ffe-1-2-2 V' A NEW l.ooK FOR R-3 ' The annual class is a peaceful, congenial experience for il students who enjoy expressing themselves creatively. Edi- tor-in-Chief Debbie Kincade tactfully guided her staff as they efficiently produced this year's plainwrap yearbook. , The new advisor, Travis Haskins, depended heavily on the ,1 section editors, Dori Cutler, Phyllis Mendez, Renee Rosack- er, Terry Ricks, Mary Giannetakis, and Lisa Anderson for their efficiency and amiable conpetence. ii f . jfffhif X7 V353 f!jf,,M,5,j,g, , V, , ,yV, f 4 ,Q -1 qc 1 wx fir , ', 'K aff ' 71' WW ' 51, I?" ' , ff- ,, a r l v 44' -V-4 A-2 xl A. . . 3 5 . X ,ff I . I i f ' 52 'ml' ' R - A Us ? I a W -Wa. 463 , 4,6 ia ' ze ga lit Q ft fm - 'Za af' wwe . F 1: lg' 'Q-Y ' -l. "5"'v .W ' 1 Q-' P ' 'x 8' f fl EE "io gg , g all q, 3 Y, .'l 2, in 3 Q U. Q Qgql Q- SI 3 521 '- 'ff 1 Q if ff fa , I 7 1 V- 51 me ' - 'a . Q1 Q S X R Q Q Q lt.. W 79. ,qi 1. "Don't we make a cute couple?" salys Romona Alcarez and Mike Flo d. 2. Scott Nowak and Linda LaRocca cou d probably be the next Tarzan and lane of the Iurigle. The an gorill 3- , , 4. Mr. anglgflrs. McKie bunfle to the jungle ieat. 5 Charley and Punky coor inate their outfits to each other instead of their D dates. 6. How romantic - palm trees, vines, and the girls paying the bill! a alias Tom Martin in dis uise looks for his date. 126 Girl Date Boy F- 'ggavp 'A 6' 9' .X ., '31-wb up . f ebay we y 4 5 Nxt. W X ,- S 5 ' ' f 5 I Q - 0 IP" Q af., , f -s X '22 li: .. 3, Q 1 -Q F' P: ' 1-Orly' - J o 3 Q ls , fi , it U - QT V gx I ..'. A 1 3 e This year the Girl-Date-Boy dance took on the theme "Bungle in the Iunglef' A week before the dance it was questionable whether or not the dance would be semi-formal or dress to the jungle theme. Dance choreography, who sponsored the dance, decided to keep it semiformal, to make it dressier and not like another casual, Sadie Hawkins type dance. The dance turned out a profit of S600 after paying the band, Ballistics. The jungle theme was a success even though it brought out the animal in some of the students. The para- medics had to be called because a girl was kicked in the face by a student who got a little carried away. Girl Date Boy 127 r f T ' jargon Killer dude y y Like wow! No Fat Chicks . T. I T No wayfsophomores Save an alligator, kill a preppie Take off you--. .l. T - Totally cool, hot. . T. ' T T Whatever. . L. L T , l What's going on, dude? - Noi Wimpy Dudes y L ily l gf-. . , -i..' y y 1981-1982 A song, a movie, a certain phrase, they all trigger memories. 1981-82 will provide more than its share of nostalgia. T For Leslie Caines it was the song Centerfold. "lt makes me think of Mis che1leC's birthday," she said. Tami Gretz said excitedly, "The song Aba-cnt from Genesis reminds me of my New Year' s party because everybody had a great time." Lisa Anderson laughed, "the song We Got the Beat because it reminds me of the time Rebecca, Sheila, and I went to the band partylf' Dennis Ryan commented," The song Shark Attack because it reminded me of the great time at San Onofre, and what a great ramble it was." Carolyn Gatchell said, "The song Waiting on a Friend because when we were going to see Freedom jams my friend Debbie Edwards never showed up to take me there." T 1981f82. You were here. ' . MOVIES g T T it it T illt it FASHION L lll.r Preppie look l oxford's underneath xl M511 Love . as Fofflil Gentii GoG0' j, Cells lganltl 1L0vel juumfl KM, They Wi lilllellil if Alice llosom l Dallas Dillerenl lifts Ol lalconC lame Greatest HHPPYF Haittol HlllStref Knoll'sl lovelioa Magniun J lv, Q. ALBUMS NEW WAVE Air Supply -- The one That You Love Car s - Shake it up Foreigner - 4 Go Go s - Beauty and the Beat I. Geils Band - Freeze Frame Ioan Iett and the Blackhearts - I Love Rock and Roll Iourney - Escape Kinks - Give the People What They Want Little River Band - Time Expo- Sllfe ' Olivia Newton john- Physical Pat Benatar - Precious Time Police - Ghost in the Machine Quarterflash -- Quarterflash ' Do - Rod Stewart - Tonight I m Yours Rolling Stones - Tatoo You A Sheena Easton -- You Could Have Been With Me ' Genesis - Abacab Rick Springfield -7 Working Class ' s TELEVISION SHOWS T ' . Alice ' Mash T T T 5 itlp Bosom Buddies Mork and Mindy p y p Dallas One Day at a Time A A A 'Different Strokes That's Incredible P Facts Of Life G Three's Company Falcon Crest Soaps' A A T A Fame T A A T f llii T AlltMy1 Children Greatest ArnericantHero Happy Days Hartto Hart A T Hill Street Blues Knott's Landing Love Boati A A Magnium iP.I. P y 94 ? i s E 'wr' ' Mm- --111 tv-"' ,awww an-ff If-'19 ., 214 . . c " 15-4, .,,f , -ff' lyk ' -M A' A- , 'V -"bw: ff' ' AI'z1,'.iff' ' iz' 'W' W ,f hf"'71,.. ,V ,gf Q , wr 9: I ' ' ju ' "agp, 4,55 ,, " " . H A-4 iw' ' I ,, fr my--f, v, 1 ' , '-' ", f " .' Wh- ' V -, V , . ' Q 'v U .f V, "' 1 4, . ',4-'x,m".Q,75' , 9"n3'Lf'P4"' Z' ' f,,34??"1 ' ,f ,I fine-i,ffM! WU .W I, H , 'ml' Af.. ' ff?f"9,1",-5:..fLlx"'- fx ' 'f.. "ff-:,Pi5,f" -,,9,,..',. Q ,W 9,3 X .uvrqvfok - VJ, H-V 1, M J uw ,rf '. T Aw, 'W' ffm. 4, Muffy, -. , 9,.--,ww ,W . , 1,,,,.,.. u 7l""j'v.J"n'1' ,,f.,1:x J ' fl", f ,png V1 . 44 -if LL, , 'fir -ff ' 4?i.'f'f:f'1 AS' '.i..i.v?fZk?'v . -L a7"."'QLf' I , g. 45 ,,,A, A 15? 1 fp"- .', I I .ix X ,n ,, .gx+5? xvao 0 x '1 '1 '1 'V 1 2 Z? I E 47 Z' j JUNIIJIXS 1-1 ....--......-..-H Y- " ' " 1 4-. ligyi NIE i ' . .,... , flbfj A wav '1l" Q L f L f , 1 rot su U au 141' l Ana F Has em l Hperie ' fiif 35 Whouu Misses three periods to take the PSAT. Attends prom for the first time. The junior il ' ,-mv, 1 I Starts to think about college. Dozes off frequent- ly during the "In- dustrial Revolution" unit of U.S. History. Contemplates trying out for football or pep squad. HHS Cf10Ugh driving Learns to master the experience to go as art of sweet-talking far as Kelly Field Betty, without dad in the car. e il My 'wuvrf' Junior Division Page 133 President - Sara Giacaobi Vice-President - Kristen Triggs Secretary - Kelley Malloy Treasurer - Annette Mortenson Junior Senators 1 :I Hq-, 3 -1 4-4 134 Iuniors 'Y ' 'ZA V-11 ...IL f .900-an-.4-Q in-ul 1. Karen Nieckula 2. Leslie Schwartz 3. Karen Berryman Vl ' G 4. aerle arza 5. Michelle Parker 6. Linda Hernandez J UNI GR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 'Gif "'4i- fit 'f"p' Iuniors 135 ii-.Pwr Crystal Abbott judy Abbott Shari Abdalla Cindy Abedor jeff Adams Ken Adams jeri Addington Lourdes Aguon Ramona Alcaraz Karen Allan Rebecca Allen Teague Allen jeffrey Alsborg Steve Alvarez Greg Anderson Les Anderson Scott Anderson Anne Andert Ted Andrews Ana Angel Kelly Antram Marc Aruby Scott Augustine Charles Baca Lance Bagley joy Baker Kim Baker Neil Barfoot Ross Barker Lorie Barnes Steve Bass Alicia Beals Becky Beasley john Beck MaryKay Powell listens in to Ryan Rell s conversation. 136 juniors "Going to school zs a dazly routzne lzke eatzng and ' sleeping and just as borzng A W A, ' M j W7 , W 2 in , Q. l 1 l X , 'F' I , 1 '- I' sl 1 I . f-xg? ol -1'-10. Nl. if rw-Z" 4 Doug Beckstrom Rich Bedard Scott Beesley Ron Behnke Dawn Berg Karen Berryman Andrew Beyer Mary Bickler Kellie Biletski john Blakely Cristette Boyle watches as Jim Nowak dances up a stonn Paul Blalock Angel Blanco Cheryl Blood Brett Bobier Kevin Bogart jennifer Bortle Cristette Boyle Leo Brajkovich Mike Brase Mike Bravo Brianne Brigham Monica Brislawn Russ Broadway Mike Broderick Lyne Brooks Dyanne Brown Kristin Brown Sandra Brown Sean Brown Mike Brumley Mark Brunell Mark Bruto Mickey Buckle Kim Buftington Iuniors wall? Bill Butatz Paul Butler Rex Cabrera Bob Cadogan Leslie Caines Stepford Caldwell Lisa Cammarato Tim Campbell Michael Cara Rauley Caralto Philip Carnevale Micala Carney lohn Carroll julie Carroll Steven Carter Dawn Casperson julie Cassen Darin Catapang Mike Catlow Kevin Cebrynski Patricia Chenoweth Yun Chong Stephanie Chorba Heather Christensen "The" Junior hangout Karen Christo herson P Felicity Clark Heather Clark Bill Cleary Doug Clegg Cheryl Clingan 138 juniors 'wc"v1'4 " "1 in , ,"7 9 of - 1 - ., . , 03,3 -'lvl' A fl L" 11 'V C-rm., , ,, , f 1 'l -4 ,A Michelle Clifford , fb. Stan Coe ff ' :A 5. it A Tom Coen y Tim Cohen 3 W 4 julie Colburn Dustin Commons l Q il 'f joanne Comstock Q 1 Dave Conti x , "W, w , C f june cook 5 1 ' ' , if 4 Shelly Copeland Richard Copenhaver Anne Cornell Mary Giannetakis knows every body needs milk. Allen Corrigan john Costanza Bill Cox Darby Crash Gary Crosby loseph Cruz V i' Candice Dancer ly U ji Steve Daniels ffi ,, y . jill Dase J Holly Davis Q , r'i' jim Davis Luke Davis i M Shirley Day Marilyn Deluca Annette De Paul Malia Deponte Carlos De Rosas Karoline Delaney "Are we having fun yet?" Dina Doretti Juniors 139 Enrique Delgadillo Troy Denham Robbie Derrick jon Dilks Lynda Dinardo Donal Doering jeff Doest William Donaldson Tracy Poole jerry Dora Bob Drobish Dina Doretti Frank Duarte Dave Durand john Durazo Debbie Edwards "Charlie's Angels" Sharon Edwards Brian Ehline Richard Elliott Doug Elston Paul Eltiste Scott English Diane Espinoza Anthony Esquivel Rob Esslinge Beth Evans Brent Evans Mark Evans Susan Evans jeff Fagin David Faltermier joseph Fan Robert Farris Frederick Fascenelli Rob Ferrell Becky Feulner Erich Figley Cynthia Finkelstein Sharon Finlayson Eric Fischer Todd Fitschen Todd Fitzpatrick 140 juniors 1 rv Wmwuouuv .un-I-hhnlii' n-"""'6', sf Xl nz, Q ,a f '17 A I N, f W' QV' " '91 1 'f 954' ' 71 al T' - 1 43, J A' W-er 'ifyw 1 , 52 I ' 9, "My most embarrassing moment Was when I accidentally called one of my teachers 'Dad' " Penny Ziegler +9 ,W " I f1w3f:::--:,'.r- -- 5 -12-zpv,gg ' 'U 'Zyl lf, K J Q "'A" A A , 'N ,F . if Michael Gubler Richard Gunsolus jason Hall Karla Hallock 77? Mike Flanagan Tracy Flippen Crystal Fluaitt Dana Flynn David Fotch Michael Fournier Juniors think the gr comfortable. Schuyler Francine Danny Franco Anabelle Franqui Cathy Freeman Stacie Freeman Mark Frehner Susan Fukuhara joe Furtek Holly Gaines Bridget Gallert Kelly Gamez Steve Garaghty Angelique Garifo Deborah Garratt Valerie Garza Carolyn Gatchell Susan Gault Sara Giacobbi Mary Giannetakis Lisa Giannini Cindy Giesseman Reed Gillette james Gilmore jenny Glasman Steve Glenn Maria Goerke Kevin Golemo Mike Gomez Kevin Graham Karen Grant Kelly Graupensperger john Gray Mitchell Green Rogin Greene Tami Gretz Denise Griflith juniors ,1 HSS IS H1019 1 l L ji l 2 l i z It li , l i l jeff Halt Stacey Hamilton Mike Hammond Scott Hammond Lien Han Albert Hahn Denise Hahn Steve Harlin Debbie Harmes Vernon Harmier Ken Harper Paula Hayes Susan Fukuhara does her daily Steve Hayes Wendy Hedin Eric Heintz Greg Held Andres Helmers Dave Helsel Kim Helton Carolyn Hemmerling Kim Heyden David Hempling Deborah Hengstebeck Craig Hensley Linda Hernandez Greg Hill Tuyen Hoang jennifer Hodge john Hoffmann Scott Hoganson Robyn Hollabaugh john Holmes Kristin Horan Barry Hou Patrick Houser Eddy Howard "Don't you want some of my cookie I know you do." 142 juniors "My most embarrassing moment this year Was falling asleep in class and being awakened by the teacher." Teri Petrie L ' "' "A11 L julie Howard 21, H , . , , 9.1:-2--.-J . etr' - T 4 Teresa Howard Darilyn Hotchkiss Delonie Hotchkiss A - if 'fi ' Leslie Hotchkiss 4 cg ' , . 90' if w '39 5195 N .P j T X3 ,f s i ' X' , 1 45 i j Mike Huff Lisa Hunter Kim Huntington john Iwanaga joe jackson Larry jackson Cindy jacobb 3 Kenneth jacques av Nancy james Steve johnson Theresa johnson Tim johnson Kevin jones Annette De Paul says smile at the camera. Kris jones Peter jones , Robert jones lim Camil joubran janell julian Ed Kakis Christine Kaleel ,rf -7 Caroline Kallisch jean Kalvesmaki 3 all -fi. L - L f ff' f Laurie Karres john Kellow Thomas Kim Chuck King juniors 143 L.,I .. :,:4 -11, "You can justify your every deed lout God looks at your motive Krrroerly David King Karen King Kristin King Cheryl Klatt Mike Kleczko Mike Klein Kim Klinger David Klyde Kim Knight Steve Knoll Robert Koch Tim Kodis Linda Koenig Todd Kovac Chris Kovach Kristine Kozlowski lanice Krapes Deborah Kugler Erik Kuli Tracy Kurose Kirk Kusano Curt Lamb Kathy Lange Doreen Laren Linda LaRocca jill Larson Linda Laskowski Nancy Lathrop Matt Lattery Darlene Lawrence We never watch the football games we just look for photographers. 144 Iuniors 41" L, 1? . . ,. Q - P' it f vll. J at V qi-ffl L if 6 ak., I an .f-, 'YZ37 .3 -sp 1 as 1- -f x da 2 I ,- r 1 13' . T jackie Lee Tom Lee Mike Leonhardt Patti Lewis Cathy Licht Stephanie Lincoln Darren Lindblom Steven Lobaugh Debbie Lofaro Kurt Lofgren Linda Lomeli Carol Loynd Thanh Ly David Lynn Terry Ludin Mike Maddux Tom Mahony Mark Maizel Kelly Malloy Pat Malloy Richard Mamola Pat Marason Paul Marcus Petra Marovic Linda Marsden Eugene Marsh Ken Marsh Carole Martinez jeff Martinez Blaine Maruoka Tanya Mastain Tim Mathers jim Mathews Susan May Maria McBride Rob McBride Chris McCormick Gail McCracken Steve McCumiskey Mike McGowan Erin McGuire Sally Mckay Carol McKinnon john McLaren This is the most interesting assem blies we've ever watched juniors 145 Kelly McWhirter Paul Meahl Brian Meek Lisa Meister Tony Mesaros Effie Metsovas Roberta Miale Manette Michalski Elizabeth Mitchell Darin Moeller Robert Mongell Mike Monteer Mike Montgomery Charles Moore Susan Moore Kathy Moran Tina Mordock Tami Morgosh jackie Morris Terry Morris Annette Mortenson jennifer Moses Sharon Mullins Brad Munger Brett Munger Suzy Mykkanen Kris Neff jennifer Negus john Nelson Mike Nelson Paul Nelson Karen Nieckula Robin Norris jeff November Hey! what a fox! 146 juniors 4,4 LI 2 , f ' 1 uw ' f ., Q I f Tom McLean Scott McLeod Michael McMullen Robin McMullen ,, . X , i' ., , I -- ' L I 2 if x w e ' L, 7 fi, H-- . t j 557 M , IH.. f f 47 'z 22 -1,0 1 I f 1 ff, yr ff i ,N . W ,,I .1 I f Nw: 1 A. Q, ,f 1 Q' , , 'nf I , 4' , 1 ,, ? if 27 4 , , ff, , I V L i' all L 1 'Q ' 1 l ll lil Und day, WWW V W fywfamfvwfwrf - -1 ar -ge- 1: 1 , J '. '. f Q ,, . -. .N ff' N I 4 if 5" N- " - i 'J' K I . -1' ,. f- ao pg ,, A 6 Q 1,3 K L, "Syn ' P A'A" , ii at f AAA, iiiffrfgg f -H Q " fi . - 1 'N' Q.. h V5E55l':s:,, 3" "My most memorable moment this year was seeing Mr. Lindsay digging out the door knob for pencil lead every day." Lori Waldstreicher lim Nowak Dirk Odette Richard O'Donnell Anne Oberschlake Richard Olquin Douglas Olson Kathy Onnen Michele Ostendorf Michele Oudejans Cindy Paddison Paula Palleschi Denise Pangburn Cheryl Park Michelle Parker Mike Pattin Carol Way has a perfect view of all the cute guys. Dena Paul Brian Peaker Carisa Pedigo Bob Pecoy Robert Perez Mike Perkoski Diana Peterson Teri Petrie Glenn Petty Kari Picano Linda Pitts William Potts Peggy Poudrier Mary Kay Powell Kristin Powers Nathan Pratt janice Prettyman Erika Price Barney Protas john Pytlik Diane Rader Greg Rainville Cynthia Ramirez Deann Randall Iuniors 147 Mark Redding Brian Reed john Reekstin Brian Rees Mike Regan jason Reichert Gina Reidinger David Reisman Leslie Reoch lim Reynolds Ken Richardson Laura Richter Karen Riddle We're not posing for a Ricture, this is how we normally wal . Deanna Rider R. Noah Rigney Anthony Roberts Craig Roberts Kathleen Robertson Marianne Robinson 148 juniors 'Tavorite Teach : .v-- .. PF,-'Q "'?av ':f rgv--i 2 .1 . . I 4 'V' ', I. 3' 1, 5- , ' 4:43 ,Ea '31 . . ,, . LA- I , will if nga A Ya 1. 0 ,W I, .' fa? 2 f 3 ' zu ig 'H' , ' . 'ii' 'Q - ' A Kelly Rock Candy Rodgers james Rodgers Eddie Rodieck Camille Rolison Steve Roper Adam Rose john Rosenzweig Perry Ross Denise Rozof Dennis Ryan Laurie Saffian julie Sakaue Gem Saladin Bob Salazar Ken Salgado Brad Sallstrom Susanne Salmeron Stacey Sandell Susan K Sandy jann Sarkaria Kevin Sarsany Mike Scanlon Andy Schmader Susan Schmidt Deborah Schmoyer Holly Schneider Donna Schoppelrey Christine Schubert David Schwab Leslie Schwartz Kristin Schwarz Monilee Scott Cris Scotti Augie Senft Gregg Sessa Sandy Sessions Eric Severson Sherry Shanore jill Sherman Kim Sherman jim Sherrill jon Shigetomi Laurie Shood Dave Shumway Heidi Siden Mike Sikora Lisa Simmons "l'm too busy now to have my pic ture taken." says Rich Olqum juniors 149 Ray Sirois Bob Siskosky Chris Smith Edward Smith john Smith Sheri Smith Sugi Sorensen jack Souadjian Kristi Southard Leanne Spence Gina Sprenger Liz Sperry Erik Springe Billy Squier Greg Stafford Stephanie Stamos Debra Stern jim Steiner Leslie Stevens Kristine Stephenson Bob St. john Glenn Stoddard Peter Stoke Vicki Stone Brian Stoner Lisa Storck Andrea Strapp john Stuetzel Martin Sung Michael Swartz Susan Swartz Patrick Sweeney Lisa Swearingen Toni Tatian Susan Taverna 'This must be cafeteria food." 150 juniors QL 9. 1 , 3 I J 'hz ff' Q' f ,-1' 15' , t L K 'S AA' ,, V S' -Ziff : A ll A V ' -I I- AV wx J at - asse L V I 1 ,,f ug L 1 ' V! u Y als x I "The best port of being o junior is thot you don't A hove to be o sophisticoted senior or o goy sophomore." MG. Q 7 Doug Wells Reni Wells joni Wendelken Kim Wentworth Matt Taylor Fred Taverner Sperry Tavoularis Steve Taylor David Tebo Mike Teigen Cathy Terrazas Roger Thayer Kim Thibault Conni Thomas jeff Tidwell Shannon Timpane William Townsend Linh Tran Kristen Triggs jason Trimbly joseph Trimino Kelly Trollinger Dianna Trosper joe Trosper Ann Tuerffs Tyrone Tucker Scott Turnham Carrie Turrell Mark Tutwiler joyce Uyeda Linda Van Meter Cindi Vatthauer jeff Vatthauer Rob Vicario julie Villalobos Temo Villegas Karen Vinson David Viscounty Danai Viliet Mike Voyen Brent Waechter Connie Waikle Dirk Wakeham Lori Waldstreicher Lisa Waldow jeff Warner Barry Watson Carol Way Scott Webster Lisa Wedstein Kathy Weissenmayer David Wells juniors 151 john Wenzel Debbie Werner Mark Weston jeanne Whitaker john Whitten Caryn Williams Steven Wimberly Cynthia Wilson Laura Wingfield David Wire john Willoughby Steve Willard Look at that baby face. Dave Wise jill Wiens Shari Widenmann jeff Wilkinson Mitchell Wilson Kimberly Woods Chris Woods Steve Wolff Gary Worthington jackie Word Michael Wright Keith Wright Bill Wylie Eric Yip Brian Yoder Mark Yokogawa Scott Young Scott Young julie Yowell Peggy Yuan Kurt Yusef Linda Zanze Lori Zaremba Andrea Zatlin 152 juniors '-' f AN M Y l av K 1146 1 A 'K' 144 t k 5 ' ' 1- ' -ff'-pf" -, ' 'aff -.... l 11121101 Y '-fr.1"sff: ' . -Q Y .ft U 4 . -A ,. ? .,' --jf A t,, i , jr,r j I T '. fa 'YL if '-,J , f - IWW? 1.2. V, V, c fi s-s- V 'x '-'. Q' 91- Q J: 4 . l if 42. llllllllll fmjjy i My most embarrassing moment was when We Went strollmg through the boys, locker room, and were spotted by the coachesf, Carol McKinnon , Y... ,, .Y .,,.YY ...., , ,, 44- ...,. ...,.,.,., ,.. .. 41' 'G - 1 ':, 3532-1 .Qs-:'21:'i5-ff .ii '3f.f' ' .51-:Eff 1-. ..,x., +5-F' 41 M, "2-'fkjl-l"11-1.0, . , . V, -119v9f1,ff?f5E5ff1i5.-' . ' ' :ya .,f.,.q4,- -- ' , "f:-iii' -9 W. ..1iyr:f2-Q". - - 5 ' K "-v LYV I .K J, I 'ff 42'Srf,'4"spz 4"' ' j .1 . AvT4I Y Steve Zentera Penny Ziegler Irene Zieman David Ziemer Dana Zigmond Debbie Zogob "l told you, no I dont want any of your apple. juniors 153 Wa., .- 4, ,Wg -A-1-mea. M A-az: ,ai ik., IZ:-m I I.. Q if .Q 4. ,,, if f W '22 ga. 4 "' W" I . ,ff f-an 4 1, 4414, . Z .1 -, . . ff -w.' f - , v ...Q E '3 f 1 1 I f 'Z' f f fe f' . 'L Af ff 9 f ff fl 5 I ' ' f 5 a 1 I un , f M Z ,..., , , ei! 1. T' ff! I, ' 1 r , , in J if .iff 'Q A ' Q M Ri 2.-11. 1 X N3 5 'Fly .7 Q 5 ,F , .yrgsf v -xt, Ili ' 'EKTS 7 ..AI.' QI wiv fi I I I I I I .ff u 5' E i bn! 52:-:, .r..1' C I2 I: AT IV IT Y ri S- .W TN1 Always carries a camera. Wears strange clothes. Carries paint brushes. The Artist .yy Boasts of adventures to the ends of the earth. Constantly paints. Smells faintly of clay and paint thinner. -1 J ' iv L' if f . is Spends all day in the Often finds beauty in ceramics, photo, or art a brick wall. rooms. Creativity Division 157 1.m -.....,,. , rf.. In - , .,. 35731 ' ' - 1 Steve Shattuck M ' X "" ,...f ' A A I lv ff x 1 "il K Steve Shattuck . .l These 3 pictures are photographs, taken in the normal way, with a cam- era and a subject. The trick to the special effects is not on the film in the camera, but in the developing process. The process used in making these black and white photographs is in the use of high contrast graphic arts film. To start with, a normal negative is contact printed onto the graphic arts film, or Litho film for short. Secondly, the picture is developed in a high contrast developer. This changes the negative to a positive. It is again reversed into Litho, changing the picture back to a negative. The final print is then made from this. This method takes longer than some others, but gives the developer more control over the final product. On this page is a special Lithograph. It is made through several different exposures. After the process for Litho is completed, a print is made by moving the paper each time it is exposed, giving the illusion that the runner moves across the page. Creativity 1 59 51.177 - SF' IHS "L 1, ' - '14 1 1'-rf' F. P .,n?ff" .hh 'I nv- . 1' ...4 ,, I ., -LA, J' wp" I v -.Mum i if 'v Q of , Q ' I N1 - .. ,'1-NY,-..j-.15-5. -A in -,I '. L., -531.-' 'fv v1-rrp: ' P' .QQ N N 4 ' .: 964-Gfl-I"-:'-. 3 .1 41, E".-1'l:' ' ' - .. 1 .5 ' M QQ , 51-.ff ' vfhv ?,g,fjm - l H 'd iv 1' -:P 4:-A H ' rl' I . . cha ip I--..I-. rr WJ A49 ,lay ,l ,H Wh, fr Q., . -f - -4.-"-n : - : f .gl .- 'Q u :fx tn'-'.Qff:'f'x - .d 5-bi -H ' 5'5" ' 9 ' '7' 74234521 wif- X' 'JP' Q' . 'QW ' . '- -' :, .-- .,-. fffgg 3 , nf .' 51' H '. X 1 3 Q 21:15,-. . - . ' ,Q :J,.-31 111-.-lv 2,3 , U fi 2 ' 4351 ' if V A-' FAS" ':1f' 1 -'fm -"X gif? H1+ .n.sSff' . T., 'SL ' l- Q lfelf' ., . 1, 7--, 2 a- ,, 4, '.-',:,.w' 1'-5: .- .1 :lf ., . W' -ia? . 9..' -Q1 A Aggwll ,.'ij '4,9?Ig ,:f.:gj5 .,,.:,'i-rffgff .2-,.:.,'.,':3,2ff --5.m'51 1.g,.', ,ffQ: 'i15?Ef,:'-,Xl I . 1.-f"' - I. . .y',,-:.-, ,fn V- , 5-:41"' I-.' -: f ,"1- ., , ,v "- . ', , .-v':5'25'i?-.a?7Su - ff'...i:'?'J'iA " " -.5"'1?f-27 1-fx-s1I2'flQf"'f3f ' lff-Vw'z'r9'YT""l" 'Alf' A 45 V . 1-gr "'i5r2.5:,fp:g:1jif ' - ft'-gyy'-1.gsy5XJiH,f ' ,. .gig -3g5LE,'1:'w'4"'! ,a!g 'qQf,'L?'qj ' ,- 'w'4,.A 1. if I ,53:4,.f4:if,L5Pwf?3aggiQZnQ-gggkf, ,,,jq,l-15 V, g.,',5?m rji,:J3,5: .f3w?! ,. 34: H- " L-fir., 'M . .W ,I -p,?- ' .2:- ,,-1:- ws 5 -- , -1,-. '- lc 5+ . 1 45? .ii-Q QEM ,-1 1 lf' 3' Q, 1 w-14 :E lf-9445 Q ig - - fu fl ' li' ..f4fi'7l---1 J V' - M"5?f" 2'?5'ff55"-Yi' '24 .L V ' .fl '- "VY" " W T!-: -'-S- 1- - L :'afi:s.fs'i'a-4 ah . ., ,'y1fff::-tlwirielw .gf-F513 fre-zu.. fi.. , ,-1,: fl- . ' .. X., ... -, .J ,'g-,LJ-.:,-' , 1 , -', -H f , -,. V., . 3 " 1 V - 54' . n.wif3,'-Q: LF:I':ig.ef33." 1jf!12T.x'1H5'. . .,'!lrf'f?,.-'i"?? L ' FY Nj '..'.1 "' ' R?-,' x f wQ', . .t y.szv.:w.,34753.,::'.,'.ri,A?:5J..g.:,1Q45-Elhlmigiv 1 I V- 1 5 A Sub.:-f,, I ..,Qf',L4.5,.NQFf.1.,qJg .,A .a :rnw rlgbq,-,n i , ' . --fr' -'- ' I-" Q, .1 " ' -'-.A.:,':'--. .-', 'lj ,Q 'r- ,-LT , z, - :H . -.f ' Ze ', ,- T -. V 5 Q'- - -' 1 ,, '5.'g'Lf'H:'41fN5:g5, :fri J -' I " ff-Q-474-37. F- . 1 -. -. , L f -. f . 'I X ?Tf??f1f'?'?u?--32""g'-f:1'."-'- 1 1 "3 Q 3 X' A "G - -1:31555-53' ' - J 1 '1- 'T""F"'4f ' --fQf'..:,'-.."-'-,.-:.,':"4r,'.g4 -" . 1 1' - - - A 'K f'f.4e, ,N. -'l' ,i ' .- , wk? ' 3 l , Eric Gaard A Q l Q 0 1 W l ,jyllll O X Fl 12 O ll ls x Y Q + 5 Xl LX i ' O 1 K l 5 w ff ,XVII ff 1 Carolyn Gatchell ,f lx , H I 1 n fl 'n J al ll""1i Con Hall Creativity 161 H09 Where are we oing Where are we. Where have we been? It is all the same. An underground channel, pieced together and welded into place, moving its cargo from here to therefor some important reason, but it is all the same. Water flowing endlessly in a time dream, a never-ending cycle of life from sky to earth to stream to sea . . . it is all the same. ag 7 Rob Paino .H it 03. 2 'S ' E. iz x i is P , , Q 1 i g- 3 ' 162 Creativity Kevin Morris P' - , V-1. ,L " I i . i . fur '-fffff-11 I E Drue Holthe A dirt bike whining laboriously up a dusty hill, finally gaining speed and hurtling heavily in an instant of exhilaration . . . . 29315-- , YK'-"1 all mm ' - ff-'f exhausted legs plod mechanically upward on a staircase to nowhere a blur of existance that awaits, emotionless, an end or a beginning . . patio chairs, empty on an empty patio, always empty . . . it is all the same i '1'QL?"'i""f?'71 757 "AZN "f5'f?7lTX7627QQf2T'f 5 , ilvfif l, -' + i -f fffff f- 12- .yd ' lv Viffiiiy aw ' V " ' In . h ,er . -,,..--v--us., :Jn i - .' ew . 3, , .o"1f. . 1 xi' 09 7 . ! W ' , 4 , ,f 1 fl 1, ,J -t " , 4..-Ffa, .7 'Q A I :lv ' V 0 -yacc G! 5 4' ' 1 ' .- f . 4 1, ' -. ,fxfk ' I - ' - ,np .1 I 'Q ,QI , Q, . ' ' 'LJ a . ' Nl ' if af .2 X ,.,- ...- - Rs 1' . i - P' f " . . t, X :- H ,Q 7 --'.,:s..' 1 'v,.,A'.- -. .. ,. ffl ' fu ' 1 3-fi :M .' , ' , , ' I ,- s.. fn. . ,, n f Ymlk ' f' "H-"' MQW" g 6' r fb-karl A9 V ,- -L" ' f m f I "x. . 'Mil ,wi .' ". ul Cuff' Old and wrinkled but thoughtful and wise . . a respected man remembers . x ' A pillar of light l A ' P' fenced in by darkness bb --1 -if-H bringing back past memories Gregg Marsden 164 Creativity I is-Q, y.. Mx. - J! Chuck Walstead 5 MJ. Reminiscing in the past. . . no tears . . . only remember the good times A reflection in time brings back fond memories ofan era that's past Tim Christian Dawn Hradesky Creativity 165 Peaceful tranquility glides calmly over never ending turmoil X Y A Symbol known by all . . . What is it worth? Liberty, power, or wealth? W- ' r I , . '.i - V wwf 4- I it if, , f' ., 9 4 l f A X A, ' I ' ' 'H V 5 N- I ,I 'I - X 5,1 'Q ' 1 4 ' I ' uf' ff' - A' 1' V. 'R ,, f :- . g- Mf.sfV-' r.: ' .,11Q,, gy aff., ,- A , ' wr' ,, ,. 2 .,,'. , 'vff' "1. .V . - qi ,,. . ., A .. N- 'V 4, f. ,A .U '-- , .ve-Q Y--1, 'Q Va, " ' V ' SV' .1114--," ' ,. . .,. ,, .,-f'.- --s-. yi . . - .,V,,., .q,f:V4, ,. VV , : . .f--V,:-gg, 1 A -, " - .L , -f'-fl' ' '. . A E .V My v3.5zg,'fe ,V vj, , ,uf ,I 1,55 e-gg. . IQ U , . ' I.-V. fn. . ... A ..., ,, . ,, A , V ,, . ., 7 " ff'."'. 'f '7' A ,' ,1 ,'.V' Q " ' -Jff ,'f,. . -'P V . ff ,, .,gf"'-Q ff, v,5,'f.1g,jek. ' . " ' .V 'V4:,1,a - -": -qs fl. .gl .7-V,,',m,.Y'+.' ' A f'-j..,.g'Lf'gL, fl" 'ff -W'-1 1z.'qg,i.g.,."41- raft- .' V' :3'C.5'.?""' ' '?,?1'3-'?:1'f-"5" a"".iM iii-wat! L D " "-'-"'. tw."-4 1,-J'V ki.: 'Z 12-. ' i. rf , J V' Q ,. :ffwf -.L L:-11 fi'-,.g't'l-ff , V it 'f,w: a,W 21 if f4"2f3Vr 5513? " , 1i"i,l.' If j'f',,1.'4Iy.Qf 'Y' 'V gg.,-UV gvfvzfi-'74j1,Vf: A- U Vt- VV M,ggf,ff :,g.?T., 9" :M ,, - . V- ' f -.5-if-H: w , '., ,V-f.,,-f, . ' ' ,,. . - fft'rS',i-V75-'e '-i' st. -.hi 1 't . N., f,.-, 1 ,, ,,,, ,'.- ,V4 , Hr' 4 ,mtl In J? t 'bk 3 ' 3- sf 1 f f pf: 42 .hy 4 i -. X f 9 rv' 4 'lv ' .' 'V " A Lug sv K, -'Nj X Qt: f, I A Mc ' ,. 'V M- :.V. ' 'ggqffv , ,', Q2 4 agar l 'Y 1 , .V Q. '52-1 Z ia, ' 'f R. 4 5' H' VV . 46 V. , frygifi' . g L A41 - I 44' 1,6 4 K 4- iii? I V V 4 2 , 'qu 1 f 'V V, A 4. 1 4 o .V 4411 1' H+" -r raged. 4157 Q ' I ' M Q 1 2" 1 ,4 1 y Al .- faiifziil s I , A , 'ff ' tn . ,ft I M9 Q 'w Q4 ' "W" ,4 7' 2, ,,1,'!" ,' 4 u- Q- -fig 5+ 44 ,' 2 f ,lz,-I dll?"-y:'b 4 4 :QW ' 4 'f ha c c xt, V a '- V- , 3 4 ' A ' Q ,' S' v - ci , if ft 1 f 1 ' f Vf . "f 4 x 'H-1'-xii, Rich Ackley Once new and strong, now old and worn is the wall a lonely life of solitude A carnera's view ofa sleepless city . . . an empty jackpofs glitter 4: A 42 5? 2 ww .. , -A W. 2 A man dies . . . his fragile imprint is soon trampled by uncaring feet. I 3 , gZ, f , . fi ZX 1 n.f Faster than the carnera's shutter, it . aspeeding dog. . . 't a speeding life. KX 1 - fa 14 V , 'lv-Q1 I' ,Q ,V '-M i ix if if' 'V 7" "'-ag Y J --mfs x. 'Wm Q ,aw nil ', H' 'f f-.. ,, . ,, f ,, ff, My I ff, , .V ,-...,,,w, A ,4 , A Z, I 1 ,. I .fym V 'tx . . . '1'Y:l-Q2 1.'f3f?'i'1L5"' ' - Q ' . . ' ' af-:g-!'5ff-ILM-4..g,y,gf wx' -f I ,,f ., tv. ." . ' ':,:':2:-F1-131a"' ' ,- 4 1 ff' f " 4 s.' " ,zaefff 4P""""W' J X Iuhe Cassen ,- ..K,..Lnl,lu1 . ,. als..-L...-.- ,.. " 4737, f -,QL ya Y 'J 17 'Z X I 4 ' 44013 Russell jones 169 + ,f W I ' muff' , N , TTDU SPORTS X A 'ZL .mi Wears out 27 speedos in one season in Wa- ter Polo. Endures "Hell Week" with the help of the cheerleaders in foot- ball. Has nightmares about falling over hurdles in Track. The Athlete .lf-11:1-.2173 N Worships Coach Ochoa in Baseball. I ,T 5 1 I BN X. cm. Practices mental shots in Basketball. "Loves" his oppo- nents in Tennis. Sees the world through funny gog- gles in Swimming. Constantly starves or gorges to change the weight class in Wrest ww liI1 g. Sports Division 171 f .. Q. faq, A - , , , . 1 f ' if f" ' fl!-f"r -,'f"a': ri,,,.g y zz .,,.V-A., fl ,riff , ff- ' ,f-'frm-2 - '. -17"-it 7, rw-i'w'f -A .wg 'QW ' -1 .V -1 fair -"' .I - 'ff L f L 'V -3 " 1 .,,- ' larva- .,'," ,,!':Z'.f. " .4 f T' -+51-is tiff g , ff? I ., ' :magenta A wird as Varsity Football Checlfs-out The C.I.F. Play-offs The 1981-82 Villa Park football team, led by new head coach Bob Hughes started the year with 4 straight shut- outs. The Spartans buried Santiago, Katella, and L.B. Wilson before they went on to let the Canyon Comman- ches dig their own grave with a score of 31-0. The Spar- tans had played 16 consecutive quarters of football with- out letting any team score. One of their toughest losses of the season was to the Foothill Knights, but when V.P. came back with 3 straight shut-outs, our hopes were still alive. During the Homecoming game V. P. took control with a score of 37-0 when All-League running back Rene Strapp led Villa Park through the first half with 83 yards on just 12 car- ries. In spite of hard losses to SA. Valley and El Modena, we still took a trip to the CLF. play-offs against Pacifica. 172 Varsity Football 'T HKU 5 ?l M., l'. -1 ., Q, "ti 'vi' .4 1 'l ' P. 1 f 4 u V X K ' 4 0 wr' ' Y , ls- 1. Q 9 at A 6 5 fr H ll li Shoot, yes, your darn right. Brao' Polfard Tight end Don Young attempts to make "animal crackers" out of a Vanguard Quack. Quarterback Mike Copelan gets readly to throw a long bomb. A massive pile-up, and just for a litt e football. As Ron Benhke kicks, he also shows his good body form. iplartan offense prepares to eliminate their opponent. e awesome defense gets ready for a killing. Coach Bob Hughes struts his stuff. Tom Kisela wil stop that guy even if he has to pull his pants off. TW 8 The first C.I.F. game remained scoreless through the first half until Brent Bieshaar intercepted a Pacifi- ca pass and ran 65 yards to score the only touchdown of the game. The following week against Lynwood the Spartans brought home another victory before our last play-off game against Foothill. This year's defense was ranked very high with the help of Ron Benhke, Brent Bieshaar, Eric Coakley, Dave Cole, Larry Copenbarger, Ieff Hummell, Tom Kisela, Ted Larsen, Andy Loftus, John Spaeth, Eddie Smith, and Scott Wilson. Bieshaar and Coakley earned All-C.I.F. honors, but with Ioey MacKay injured and the offense strug- gling, it was the entire defensive team that was re- sponsible for taking the Spartans all the way to the semi-finals. LCK fu-, ' ? - J vff 4",,,.g5' ' Q ar- fv' A . V .-.. - .-,, ,MM hz M.-. V- I f'5Vw'L1 "You dont have to htirt em', just Knock em' on 3 their taiisf' Eric Coakiey, Jim Hamlin 174 Varsity Football f Li 'J he 'r lllf 1 75 " A fi it if . f-A1 at ,fy Row 1- Chuck Lee, jeff Kohno, Eric Coakley, Eddie Smith, Richard Olquin, Mike Osumi, joey MacKay, Ed Rodieck, Steve Daniels, Bill Cleary, Mickey Buckle. Row2- Eddie Howard, jeff Hummell, Schu ler Francine, Steve Crouch, Brad Pollard, Ted Larsen, David Cole, john Spaeth, Bob Richards, Tom Kisela, Matt Loftus, Sugi Sorenson, Ken Marsh, Donlsoering, Yohan Thomassin, Row 3-john Blakely, jerry Smith, Don Thompson, Dave Colville, Pat Mahoney, Bob Huwes, Bob Palmaroy, Don Clark, jim Cruikshank, Dave Ochoa, Tim johnson, Glenn Petty. Row 4 -jeff Gumbusky, Mike Enright, Rene Stragp, Dave agner, Anthony squivel, Tod Ri'ke, jim Hilburn, Larry Co enbarger, john Willoughby, Dave Reisman, Robert Mongell, jeff Doest, Enrigue elciadillo, Ron Benhke, Rob Lepore. Row S - Scott Wilson, Brent Bieshaar, Andy Stuffler, Andy Loftus, Harris Done, jim Hamlin, Mike Copelan, Bo Salazar, Scott Augustine, Mike Brumley, Don Young, Dave Layton, Rob Derrick, Mike Gomez, Kurt Lofgren. f4""" 1. As Brent Bieshaar takes off, he leaves an El Modena "Quacker" behind. 2. Tailbackjoey Mackay can run on one leg and still out run Canyon's defense. 3. Senior Rene Strapp does a little dance for Pacifica before he goes for a touchdown. 4. The 1981-82 Villa Park football team. 5. john Spaeth brings em' down as Brent Bieshaar backs him up. 6. After another Spartan victory, Matt Loftus and Tom Kisela stand up with pri e. If 6 Varsity Football 175 V ! -- V M --T-lg rl I tt t l r l t l t t 1, l H l 2 l "After the first three games vve began to take pride in our X shut-outs." Brent Bieshaar 7 . A ,,, 2 , 1. Sugi Sorenson is just going along for the ride. X 2. When Colville talks everyone listens. , 3. Dave Laffton, but in reality "SUPERMAN", 4 5 . "It's Mil er time." 4 . Tim thinks his best side is his left side. ' 6. Party? Vlfhere? Where? 7. Coach Hu hes proves that football isn't so serious. 8. When Edie wants it he ets it. 9. Iim Hamlin waits patientFy on the side lines. r rj I 1 r W' l r 3 t .ki I I ii- h ' 4 .I 45:71 . 'L J 'Q . .-'gf2we1ff' 1 r-1' '3-ma 355521 .mrfx ,aww s fl 1, 1415: Qi '1 ww' ' qv u NWN X-Q X ...... Y, 1-'51, ,.,A -,nu 1 .P V, 47 '1f,, :',,p. I , Z ,,. A,,. ., , , 1 ' 0 1 MV' ' ' . , 59411-11145: f. ,.,.- - ,. . ., .1 W , ' 1 V1 ,ff 1 .- l iff f I I I M ' f 1' , f f 1 f , fa 1 f , mf ', ', , I ,, . 4 , A . f fb, I H" Z , 'G 1 f Ili J- HTYQV i ' Ajit '-fd? .. ' T 'IU " . , f ', 1 L X 2912! 7 E46 Z ,A , ew.-, .QM 7 5 vs Q 1 . .A'A" ff amd, '. Aff If 1. Chris Gordon success- Z fully attacks his oppo- nent. 2. Iason Moe concentrates on the game. 3. Move out of my way, or else!! 4. Run just a little faster Dan! This year's sophomore football team was very successful in that they placed second in the Century League. The Spartans started off with a 27-0 win against Santiago and followed up with a loss to Katella 3-6. Villa Park team spirit was still high and the team defeated Long Beach Wilson 27-7. But they had an unsettling game against Canyon with a 0-0 tie. The Spar- tans than went on to defeat Foothill 16-14 followed by a forfeit from Orange. The team then successfully beat Santa Ana 23- 0, Tustin 39-0, and Santa Ana Valley 20-12. The team had been going strong and was supported by many fine football players though they lost their final game for the season with a score of 6-14 against El Modena. 178 Sophomore Football ia. Coach Dennis Moody Coach Vince Murphy Coach Russ Murphy Sophomore Football Cafilflfrf f' , . . "+S:,.,1-15:25 P-any-.M ---- .... in-4 Eff: 5, bf . 'W sf- 'F .i'-,r- .- ..u1..1-6 ,'1"s,, - . .., .f-- - ...,. .. ..-au -- - , ' , M h , .S h lt , D. Ki , I. L nn, C. Tinney, S. Gleason, K. Nelson, T. Thompson, C. Holmes, B. Mecklenburg, S. Hansen, 2nd :Ex-c2VT jgllqnlghrii, ZiLelirFia1Z,, Vzallcefield, Srlgilcheyi, I. Hall, S. Bain, R. Cassachia, C. Gordon, L. Larocca, I. Krause, C. Garza, S. Davis, T. Dossett, A. Nichol, Round,,3rd row-C. Bliss, T. Pomeroy, D. Croix, M. Horan, I. Braun, K. Salottolo, B. Etter, B. Moore, R. Derifield, S. Holt, R. Musser, Bottom 1-0W-J, Pagulayan, M. Linder, D. Murphy, S. Yuhas, P. Lopiccola, R. Garcia, I. Robillard, D. Muth, I. Morris. Sophomore Football 179 Water Polo Melts the Opponents! Mlffvjfw' .4,,fmwwwnf, Myprfam, - H f - ' I I1 ,, in 'Q ' ' - 3 . -W",M,,,,,,y, M xg' ww f,,.,., iff? ,uma Wm. WU, I V 'I A, - ' 4 , 1 5 7 X X 1 J , 7-"ff" ,M ,,, ,,,,f "M-fff.Z5f'f"w'f -. . I 0 ' ' f un- ' 1 L ' ,, M' -4 'n I ' ' V f 41' g .' j ,,,,,,,.,- ' u' Map A I A MV' H I U , J , ,fr N MM .' - , ,, , r l , ,, , -' ' 4 - i . ' . U49 '-' "-f"' ' , WM ,., 4 , A I- ,, M 'M'6fw1malZZ5f11f'-,JWWPW mo' .2 " .---'-'40-, -a. 4"4f4r7,,,,, ..yW,y,f. - 'ff-1 1- M- ,..,,,,,., , W, 'Kung :-' I X g ff ,,, ,,,.- f ,if Zum. , In Ui 1, J' mm -na-V44 " .'-f-he-"'6?' ' ' V f.,,,,..... 4 ff-, vm, ai' I' iw, ,,55':::y,m... , """"' ' ' -' W '-H.. , ' ' ' 'W' '-uw-, , , ' . :::T'fl7g,,,,' 'Vm!":"' , ,f,Z,j,f,4 .l'1h::iW, TM" ' ' 'J' "flaw-..,.. .r . 2 . I ' 1 ,Q-'U Zn' , Iv ' ,ffl " ,L ., . V A . , '43 .,...,-f4ufg.,,0'1"' """ W - -:.,,.' 1' I . 'Muzi A , ! f. ,.,,,.,,..,-., ,, .,,,,,,.av . , 1,-. ' i'- :Vg ,,.,. .. ' " ,-ff ,- , ,, - N t .,,, ,. i, ,ff ff .,,,,,, Xiu! - l " j E f, . , L ' ' 1 - ,-,- V, M . n, . f '1 . Once again under the supervision of head coach Ieff Ehrlich and assistant coach Iohn Kulisch, the mighty Spartan Water polo team finished with an outstanding record of 26-2 and a 20 game winning streak. Their only two losses were to Santa Barbara and Foothill in close battles. Most players will agree that the most challenging game was against the Foot- hill Knights in Spartan water. The Spartans and the Knights kept the score close throughout the whole game, forcing it into double over- time. The outcome was a Knight victory, but in the end the Spartans had their revenge by win- ning the CIF title. Outstanding plays through- out the season were shown by Glen Thomas, who was named most valuable player in CIF and Century League. Iim Nowak had the sea- son's most goals in Villa Park history and re- ceived honorable mention. ' 'r gdqg W A "T: lm ,.,6evJ4Jf- L V 1 l K -1 CC .i . . 'Ul- igi'-2 ' 9-1. " ., ', . 5 .w fm. .,,,--vw- '-f ' ' . .,.. fra' . gg f 1111" A Y fig, I 0 f-!VV1,L,:.'Y'.-In 'I ,Mfg -.r .. . . -eff' X '-..-- , ,, ..-. , . ..., , ,. V" . ...M ,Wan 1 fu - i, -- .-.f,.- f -. f x X ,X .....,.,,'y,.--4 . . M-""" - ,,, ,, 4-... 14 1 . ., 113, 4 " 'f. ' " " . .. f -. 'U 4 , z... gm..-.,... 7---' 'ff' ' 4 ,-H L' . XX 925. J V" fill-.:?""""' ' " '-'ff-', - .., .M f:"-- ' H.. . . ff , ,V ML. 4 . ,y.-.-7. .,- ..iw,. X . .f, -'4-..,..- ., 7. , . '-Vf ,.,,,,, .,,, M ,- 4 A '- . ' ,..,.-,mx-'fr ,W ' ' A r .4 ' . Q .,.'f'7-1 . p. I ",-' 4 ' Q , A 3 . , W 1, - .. - V ' 5 . ' -f -'JTPT' 4- ' Y' 1 nf A ,SQ - f- , ' . No .. , . -f' F -5 , zo M- . Q H- V ' I ..' 1 ., , N' 1 "' I -' -1.,,.1.- 'bl I i ' ' My--.-azz,-1 .,,,,. N - VY 1 H . ' , R 5 yxgg " M, ,Q - -,,g,. . ', i " . - gy- s ' ., aff? rho. . . ' 1 ' -,, 'iv . -'H - "' -.f, ' .. - ' f -1-. w,'m9,gggu-.'af,, 1 , . .Q . -. . , , ' ' f , wkm- hi- lgizgllu - , -. ,. . - 4 I 2-N", - f -- . ' 71- cf- , 1 ,,, V. . ., tv, V' ' .,,, , , , , V ay, - H- f . . ' A- - , .. 4... ,xf I 1- Aung-fi" . fwfr .' wi. ff Q Q-2:-7 we ,K-,V ,, .4 - .V "fLw1ff+:-wid? '- +1 4 ., H ,' - 1. .1-f-fr, J- , 1-1' , : , M- -' ,."' T' f 3 ' ' f up-,-I - ' 4 fi" I . .' " , If-ffegaaflffigf - 'miifaff'-"1 '...fZf6,.Js6.:4.fa,.144-Aff 6 The Definition of Life . Findin an opening, Steve Coates shoots. Keith Elaskins passes the ball to a team- mate. lim Nowak blocks an attem ted pass. jim Godfreystares clown tiie opponent while making a pass. Making opponents' goalie think fast, Glen Thomas tries for a goal. "Fish out of water" yells Mike Levy while gyindg to distract the olpposing team. ea Coach jeff Ehrlic shows his enthu- siasm about leading V.P. water polo team to success. Eiidie Van Vooren is one mean water polo a er. E125 Polo Team 1981-82 L to R To Row D. Tuthill, K. Woods, M. Le , K. T-laskins, G. Hill, Coach Ehrlich, Zndvgow S. Coates, G. Thomas, B. Young, I. Nowak, I. Fair- banks, P. Nelson, First row - D. Wells, M. Maizel, M. Nelson, I. Godfrey, E. Van Vooren, M. Tutwiler. . Water Polof, 7 Mark Maizel X -ll X,' O 4? Water Didn't Rusl V.P. Water Polo! 3 The Villa Park junior Varsity water polo team finished with an outstanding record of 15 wins and 5 losses. Four of those losses were to varsity teams. They finished with a league record of 7-O, which made them Cen- tury League champions for the sixth straight year. "It was a neat experience to play the I.V. team in all but one of the C.I.F. games," enthused Coach of the Year Jeff Ehrlich. The team's most exciting game was when the team beat Orange's varsity team in a sudden death overtime, according to Ehrlich. The team was coed again this year as Kim Woods played Well defensively and almost scored in C.I.F. against Redondo Beach. Greg Hill led the team in scoring While Mark Tutwiler scored high both in goals and in assists. Dave Tuthill did excellent defen- sive work in the goal. 182 I.V. Water Polo 'ttf -.nigh -wr! Eim Woods shows that girls can do anything boys can, but etter. Eric Kuli makes a new friend with the opposing team. Holding in his laughter, jeff Fairbanks looks for an opening. Scott English, didn't you know it's against the rules to stand on the bottom of the pool? "Who wants it?" asks Paul Nelson. Coach Ehrlich offers some good advice to the team - "WIN! WIN! WIN!" Okay, this is a hold up. Mike Nelson keeps his cool when surrounded by the oppos- ing team. Greg Hill looks behind him to find out if anyone has seen him cherry picking. 1. i I C Q l I9 -' v ' 3. llkffffifi if.: 1 f . 4. 6. 7. 8. 9. vi MN "' " XL E S X-. 7 'CHQO Polo is the most physically demanding sport I've ever participated in!" Scott English Qin., u-an -. -P W-'wlvvln rages I Y5 rf- 'N , i 0 5 v', .M i 11 1" I g ue .5 , f V - ., Q as Wfgqr Q. P- ,IQ 7 ' f ', ' , 1. - if - 2-" .. .f ' "H-Q.,- 'f . ,I f whfti' ' 'iff' I H . .- . - +7 nfs: 'V 1 g . - .V . .1-"N: ' Jf,...',v..1f-144.-+.z-,, --.,.4 . O .91 :.. '-1. . 'ew -. . '- 1 ,- 'A"'e4"' ,Qu .- I Y ,.'.,:g,. ca. 4 -fi,-r if ' - v ,xp . , HM- . .N 1. , Q ' .z w5iL,g:'f?T'f' . ' '?' 4 - 1 ' , , M- V, V , 'affix . - 'i K ."4mw:.,4f, ' mfs af.. A .. . . Q... . N., ut. W t l " ' 5 551' 5 . ., ' ' J. ,i A . . -, V ,. tawjg J ,V n- , ff' . ' X " .9 3 'gg san 1,-2, A V' , N ' -- ' I-, . 1' ' . M.. 9 . - 1 , 1 D .71-gh., ' ,K . Q.. . h . ,wr ' . A . A, Q' -f A- A 4 P'-. 4 ,. - fa- -.0 -+-. 4f,,V,m .F .,q,.iYl, -43 A ' ' iaffif ,V .A w. zjgw' t I I AA dk I V g ve.. v I I Ty -V lg A A ' . .if-. ff. -Q- 'P'5i :. K fl' 14,2420 - V-'W' ' ,. 3' 'f '. " ' fflvw' 'W ' " if .: ,wt 1. ' " k ' -3 1: ' . - . Q. 2' .L- at' if ' 1.1 1. 4 ta 5 Z 5 l if i i 1 1, k 0 S l i :l I c sssss so H 0 PQLO GOI? LL THE AY X 1 1. Coach Jeff Ehrlich shows what it takes to be the CIF Coach of the Year, 2. jim Nowak shows the strength and determination it takes to play olo. ' 3. ljn a jovous moment, Ehrlich joins the team in the pool. 4. Coach flohn Kulisich was an important part of the Spartan's victory. 5. Glenn "Fish" Thomas tries to catch flies. 6. The team proudly displays their CIF plaque. 7. The expression on these polo players' faces show how thev feel about winning. ' 8. Brett Young leads the team in a vicious yell to fire up for the game. 184 CIF Water Polo 4 ' Mgt, What a fantastic moment for our victorious Spartan water polo team as the final buzzer sounded and they had won the C.I.F. championship game. It was the first time ever for Villa Park and the first time ever for a Century League team. The game against the Spartan's long time rival, Foot- hill, ended with a score of 10-6. Coach Ieff Ehrlich was named C.I.F. Coach of the Year, and Glenn Thomas, senior, was named C.I.F. Water Polo Player of the Year. In the first quarter of the game, Foothill jumped ahead with a score of 1-O. It was the first time V.P. had been behind in any C.I.F. game. The Spartans quickly forced the score to our favor, 2-1. In the second quarter, Iim Nowak, junior, and Glenn Thomas scored a combination of four goals in a little over two minutes, making the score 6-2. "It was Nowak's best game of the year," stated teammate Greg Hill. "He sparked the whole team at the end of the second quarter." Other outstanding players were junior goalie Mark Maizel with ten saves, senior Steve Coates, who played an excellent defensive game, and Thomas, who put forth a great individual effort. I X " ..... -t-- . g , T . .M .A H J M A, if "1 A 4 H8 "" - ..,....., Aagfiammmmi ii 7 lan ul-1. . ,i ? ini- . , .,,.. L "7 I6 ' Y . 3 If ' 'V 4' I " M S.0-O. QI I ' 15.9 7 Girls' Tennis Strokes Their Way To Viotory Under the direction of coach Sherry Smith, the varsity and junior varsity girls' tennis teams ended up with a good season. With a ball, a racket, and a lot of self- determination, the teams bounded over the net of com- petition and won many of their tournaments played throughout the season. Villa Park came in fourth place, with Sue Gault and Brady Burton emerging as the most valuable varsity doubles team. Sondra Isbell achieved for herself the title of most valuable varsity singles player. On the I.V. teams, Candy Dancer, Tiffany Tighe, and Iackie Morris led the team to many of the Spartan's victories. - i . , if sr, 'F Ui- 'rf-----sf-an Wx r If ff ' , , ., V, .Wm Aw 1' f l-"QZ'fK7ZW5"'Qi5 Warm., ,. ' I, 1 0 ., , f1'-f"'.,ff.-v2'f55fof,r,w0Qggyn, W' ' ' a , , ,' :,w3f41'4s' ,- f" . , J Ita,-.fa ' i .,....asvW'W' Vi 1 , ini' 3 I 1, iff l I I l "We had fun and thats what counts." Jill Bailey T' mfg,-4f,,,,m o-...Mn 17- - i .r1,.q,f,f- I ' 7 julie Pollard smiles over her great return. Lori Zaremba waves bre-bye to the Iivjhotographers. Brady Burton gracious y returns the all. Iulie, jackie, and Susan show the world their underalls. The Girl's Tennis Team: Coach S. Smith, N. Torres, E. Stewart, K. Derifield, K. Chandler, S. Kato, K. Stephenson, L. Zaremba, I. Pollard, I. Morris, T. Tighe, I. Villalobos, K. Barvin, C. McKinnon, T. Fiedler, S. Gault, B. Burton, I. Baily, S, Isbell, B. Birney, C. O'Neill, and S. Marta. No Liz, ou can't play without a racket! Sondra gbell shows intense concentration as she retums the ball. 'af I 1 une Loop to Mt. SAC 1. Susan Fukahara embraces Gary Daily before the race. 2. Todd Fitschen voted outstandin Junior runner. 3. Mark Keintz, the number 11 V195-I.S, All-Time Runner with a time of 15:24. 4. Leading a string of runners is Gary Daily enroute to another Spartan Victory, 5, Kevin Green near the lead as usual. 188 Varsity Cross Country -4,1-' M, Q , 'W f I Wfilhw ,L 1 YI! Mg '71 2'1- gi, ,.,, , ' 4 4 otvxuvb' avi - gf, 11' fl? If 0 Coach Dave White has produced another winner. Led by Spartan Runner of the Year, Gary Daily, Villa Park's Cross Country team captured the Century League Co-Championship. The varsity lost only to El Modena in the first league meet of the season, but they avenged that loss by Winning the league finals. Daily, Geoff Byrd, and sophomore Kevin Green were selected to the C.I.F. 4A Finals held at Mount San Antonio College, where Byrd placed 20th. Green's best time of 15:17 established a new record for a Villa Park sopho- more and makes him the number 8 All-Time Spartan runner. Apparently the annual Mammoth Lakes Training Camp in August Cfeatur- ing the 20 mile Iune Lake Loopj and the September trip to the Las Vegas Invitational were beneficial as well as lots of fun. si'- k :Ch ' H , R M t , P lL ' , St Sands, Second row: Craig Alexander, Tom Underwood, David Vail, Tom g:iJi'11'I1:l2?i Ker?ZurTillas?Sl?irs?Foxgv?nB5alIl L2xli1is,ea13n Ceallliahan, Don Beechan, Greg Holt, Westly Monroe, Chris Fowler, Thomas Leong. Cross Country teams swept Foothill in all three divisions. Helping to make that possible were the fine junior varsi- ty and sophomore runners. ' Several sophomores lettered on the varsity: Kevin Green, Dave Parker, Nathan Hayden, Tom Leong, Chris Hart, and Greg Holt. Parker is the seventh All-Time sophomore at VPHS with a time of 16:09, and Hayden took 16th place for varsity in the league finals. The Most Improved I.V. runner was Dave Tebo, and the best individual performance by a I.V. runner was done by Alan Penn. Without these and many other fine runners, Coach White's cham- pionship team would not have en- joyed such a successful year. Next year looks even better. For the first time ever, Villa Park Back row: Brad Munger, Dan McKay, Iohn Beck, Dave Tebo, Alan Penn, Ken Hangstebeck, Alfonso De Rosas Front row: Ian jacob, Iohn Winkleman, Todd Fitschen, Mark Yokogawa, Craig Sallinger, Roger Thayer. 190 I.V.!Sophomore Cross Country comb K imiiikiiii "A Cross-Country rece doesn't start mm until the third mile." r.,,,,,WM - 1. Mark Yokogawa show th pain and agony suffer d cross country race. 2. A determined Alfonso De Rosas heads toward the finish 6 ano' 7 for Everyone Alfonso DeF?oses - Wb f 'J V' "VVe're like one big family." Leslie Schwartz, Susan Fukuhara f- ff, 17' l 2 1. Michelle Parker is debating whether or not to take off her ring before the big race. . Girls' Varsity Cross Country team. . "Good run, Collette," says Coach Brunt. . Lisa Resh is anxiously looking for the finish. . Cindy Pattison relaxes and thinks about life. . "I didn't know cross country could be so much fun." . lust take it one step at a time, Erica. . The I.V. Girls' Cross Country team. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Michelle Parker runs on to victory fwith her ring still onj. - 192 Girls' Cross Country i ,I ... 'f""'-NW"-" "" ,, li 5 -7-f " Are? :if -, 1 gg, 4 3. JL ,, si? -Niflg New f 41' 'Nc-f. ' , The Villa Park girls' cross country rf teams, though not victorious as a group, had many outstanding per- formances. The junior varsity team was led by Iill Mahony and Stephanie and Stacie Browne. The whole team ff contributed to their 4-3 league record, ! fi, which put them in fourth place. The varsity team was led by Michel- le Parker, Lisa Resh, Cheryl Spollino, and Collette Walters. They had a 2-5 league record, which put them in sixth place. They started off the year with a ' ' victory at the Orange Invitational. W4 Girls' Cross Country Does It with Stride 9 Girls' Cross Country 193 Kerry Barnett studies her broken wrist after an awesome volleyball shot. You'll get over it Sherri. The Girls Varsity Volleyball team. Coach Pappas gives the team a few pointers. Julie Paino is ready for anything, especially a volleyball. Girls I.V, Volle ball team. Karen Granito lbsses control of the ball. But where's the ball? Coach Dill explains their next strategy. ff"'?..,, A lack of unity was our only olovvnfallu Debbie I-Iarmes .Xt , 'Wm -9 tm 1 ,aww r g ,. ' .dr I is . , - hN.,,N 'WEE 7 8 Volleyball Spikes the Punch Playing for enjoyment rather than to win, the girls' volleyball teams ended the season with only 3 victories. Lacking the unity and positive outlook so important to an athletic team, the players did little more than hope for a successful 1982-83 year. Varsity players Andrea Strapp, Iulie Colburn, and Lisa Church put out strong performances on the team and steered their team toward a positive outlook for next year. According to the team members, summer practices will probably occur more often, along with a trip to a Hawaiian volleyball camp. z:g2,.g-1414z2zg. - N 5 ' f in ' I ' 1 Wwff' 11 ' -l .fimffff fl uf -f ,Z f , ' fx., 1 - ff I will ' f A V , ,fm WG, W4 Ci. . EMI! .v, -1:4 gzpg., -"ff-',,:C4 ,- A :wglff , . . ' 3 . ' c-1, rf 0. - ,-11:5-.-: 1, ,. -' ' '-5-iizsff 1' ' 1 1 -' 1 ,ff gy f! !,,f 1 4 W ' 'fi ' f , f ff I? 1 1 ' 1' "Zz If 1, ff 5 1 'W ff , 1 if , , 'O 4 f fi' ,, v rf Ziff" fy ' f gf, f M ,ff W, ,f M, 0 ,ff 1 ,J '11 X 7 ,1 '41, 14' 4' 'iff 1 ,yr 442 fy, ,J 1 Al , Q 1 4 , 7 ,wig , , ,, 1 X f 4 1- f ff 5 f Kyra' J U24 , 9 ' X V I 'f' 2, " 'ffff V 7 ' 5? ' , ,-FJ 1 f ' f:221e'1 .-:na ' I f 1 1425 ' ' 1 ,sp ,f z g553E'Q5?Q5H'i3if1 ' 'ff-1ff,m,,z ' fav 1 1. A fv X I , ,. 11 1 JQN 61, 1,4 1 , ,: ',, - v ' M, 11 'W '71 0 1 f A 1 ff for ,G 17 0, 1 , A , f gy f 1, 3 1 ' 1 t I If l , , 9 . WC :rg ' . 'f'1 1 1, 5 ,- Q 9251: ' Z , " " if: il-0 '- 'zifcuzirififvfw' ' 'TY V . .,.12JL:1:E.sZifLg"'?Z1Z:'g :':Q:,f ,cg 'mf' -e--2E111k"p1i- pu ,112 71' f',2'g ,fvfrgu-"iiM,4gg,,Ms' 'fc-7 ft' frfif i"2f,'f,,iLif2 wif , g,1" ,:f'ffg. ' . "1g,iQ34g5cr 1.'l-.15 11" , A fzzm.-,,.-1. i"ZE'25- ' 1451152313 ,,,S,,f 4:, f, ' A 1:11 1 wf ' WG' -f Behnke renner , Ioey McKay ..1.,, , 1 1.q hl,P,aino-1,Forward 1 4 I If 7 r n 'V ii' Reneer Steve Shattuck - Forward - vv Q- wr wr , T V B f A I ., , Z E ff ! V76 QI T nrncz 1 Till 4 W1 g 198 Va S tyB sketb ll rwi if -,QQ v K Hoop Canyon' 44 4. "I'11 never forget the Big Guy and :PFI S ' 4 1 , 1' 5 2 Q A " A ,f,.-,fa zfzg,fjQw"' ,L 3 c, -141114350 f K X img. 1 ,. ' f , 49,3 ' . ,f. 1 . B Itls ot Whether 2 You Win Gr Lose -' W7 ? lx 9 ,g ff 5 I l-.N ,. ""', V it 5 ,, z at A 5'--wg f iw .1 , 1 --- f . ' 'P , 1:4-ffiif ' . in V , 'W , . .. Q W I . . 3 V A , 0 , ,wwggynf I.. H, M W W...-...i mv,,i,-A Tm? "Wu ' QE ,f qv : . , g J ...Q 111545.-v . 2 1. Sean Savala stares down his opponent. 2. Brent Hallock powers for the score. 3. Hallock goes one on five. 4. Coach Anderson, I. Cochran, M. Wood, C. Hallock, T. Smith, R. Sandoval, B. Hallock, I. Fulton, S. Savala, R. Mont ome , D. King, B. Mecklenburg, S. Nicholsg. Lin1?ord, Coach I. Behnkep Kneeling, H. Luyen, K. Scheer. 5. Opponent is all hands as Steve Carter attempts a ass. 6. Tgigrowz Coach Youn , S. Harlin, D. Moeller, A. e er, S. Carter, I. lgaltys, T. Kovac, Bottom row: Vicario, E. Rodieck, M, Redding, M. Yoko awa, I. Fan, Manager D. Wise. 7. The grange gym provides hostile glare as john Linford puts up a free throw. 8. Mark Redding leaves his defender in the pop- corn machine. 'gmi' .-gf "".,, 200 Sophomore Basketball -sail' 1 i gvw""'S." " V ' M This year's sophomore and junior varsity basketball teams suf- fered a losing season. The sophomore team had a pre-season record of 1-4, league 1-13, with an overall season 2-17. Steve Nichols, sophomore team member said, "It's too bad about this year, but next year's gonna ramble!" The junior varsity team finished their season with a record of 2- 19. ww, QM' to 8 U 5 2 ,---nl-U' 7- v .. .,,,,,...--- ,X 1,7 4-nuQ"'Mf,:g It's How You Pla the Game F ,,,-5 1:- 1' ' l 'i Y 13' ., 51: 1, ,qv , Q .- , QW' M T wi! "We've come thisfar because we believed that we could do it. ', , j Av, V ,mmazf f 1 The girls' basketball team, led by off campus coach lim Irby and assistant coach Ron Lindsay, ended an extremely successful and surprising season. Taking into consider- ation the youth of the team, which was the youngest ever to represent Villa Park, coach Irby felt that on the whole the team played better than he had felt possible. Coach Irby did not expect to finish with a .500 or better record for the season. Most certainly, coach Irby did not dream of CIF competition. A few players particularly stand out in their excellence. These outstanding players include Andrea Cabezas- Mattey, Chris Fontana, and Connie Waikle on varsity and Amy Sarsany and Stacey Stimac on the junior varsity team. Quite a few things were different this year. For instance, since the majority of the players graduated last year, there were a great many inexperienced sophomores on both the varsity and junior varsity teams. Despite their youth and inexperience, the teams were quick to pick up concepts and, basically, were better all around athletes than in pre- vious years. "Before the girls basketball teams started to win," Irby said, "no one except a few parents came to the games." When the team began to win, more people became in- terested and attended the games. Coach Irby concluded that "girls basketball is finally getting the attention that it deserves" 202 Girls Basketball Laura I wasaki Vi, yi., Q-4 Rochelle Cabrera attempts a shot fram the free throw line. Tracey Stimac soars over her opponent to score another field goal. Rochelle Cabrera looks on as Amy Sarsany attacks from behind, Concentration is important and Amy Sarsany demonstrates it. Stacey Stimac waits atiently for the ball to be passed to her. Chris Lambrose dribiles away in excellent form. Andrea Cbezas Mattey speeds away from the opponent in an attempt to score. Girls Basketball: Success Despite Youth i if i. . , ,gf f .175 , L r 1 - if 5? i I. N: K. 'S E L I' u, an we s F -A F u i. 4 l . H 4 1 1. I thou ht this was soccer not basketball! 2. "I-leya think we're goin? the wrong way." says Steve Biletski. 3. Don't kick the ball, you'l kill yourself. 4. Come on jeff, you can make it, there's only a few more yards to go. 5. Ted Larsen does alittle dance for the team during the game. 6. "Hey, get outta my way!" says jim Marenco. 7. "Hey, wait for me!" l 8. Tricky move Steve. Y' " V fl 0 .l 1, l -4 '-,,. .wa My A 'fx l Qi ' f V f an l 5 6 . Spartans Get A " ick" Out Of Soccer l i l l I L7T 7 8 . . MH., .. ,,,,.-.vuffff .,.,, - ffl.-,,fm,,,-nf, -Y ----- -F - -- -Y--- YYVV. - .. ,An ,1 l 9 Girls Soccer Headed in the Right Direction! if , Because last year's girls' soccer team was so successful, Villa Park decided to continue this sport. A surprising number of girls turned out at the beginning of the season, making it possible to form both a varsity and a junior Varsity team. Coach Corridino and Coach Meulmester contributed a lot of knowledge and time to their teamsg combined with the skill of the girls, this resulted in an enjoyable season for everyone. The varsity ended the season tied with El Modena for second placep their record was 7 Wins, three losses, and 2 ties. 206 Girls' Soccer n c. V' ,leafs -+4 4 Q "Line up on the end linef' r 10 1 9 First row: Debbie Bedell, Robin Greene, julie Villalobos, jackie Morns, Carol McKinnon, Annie Zatlin, Darilyn Hotchkiss, Cindy Ol- guin, Mr. Meulrnester, Second row: Brooke tevens, Malea DePonte, Michelle Clifford, Andrea Walencewiez, Sarah Dinnwiddie. Coach Corridino waves to the camera. Two on one isn't all that fun. Malea De onte is Mrs. Kung Fu. Darilyln l-liotchkiss gives it her all. Coac Meulmester too busy to say, "HI" junior Varsity group shot. Amy Losey congratulates Lori Reese on her oa . 5Okay, remember, no hands." El Modena player feel that Monica needs a oost. Girls' Soccer 207 . tT.Q::g. , gjagfg.-'5fQ?, f , 'iff . 4- ' N , . J, ., ,.. .9 y fry' M 1 I 1 Brent Bieshaar - 167 pounds y 1 1 Brent Bieshaar has wrestled for three years 1 on the varsity team, and his current Weight class earned him a 43-4 record with 25 of those 43 Wins ending in pins. He outstandingly f placed third in CIF and state competitions, y y making quite a name for himself in the league. 4 7 ' 1 .1 --- l - --- Al 1 ll I, I 1 ,l li 1 1 l IJ la I1 Ii I F Q 208 CIF Wrestling L, . . mm' HDo It For The Duck!" Steve Granito - 185 pounds With an overall record of 43 wins and 3 losses, it was only natural that Steve Gran- ito should place second in CIF competi- tion. His high school wrestling career began on the sophomore team and ad- vanced from junior varsity to varsity. He's won every tournament that he has partici- pated in, excluding a second place in CIF and a commendable fifth place in state competition. Steve's total pins add up to 24 for the 1981-1982 season. 3-'Q llllll ld 1 Brad Fontanesi - 138 pounds Although Brad Fontanesi didn't place in state competition, he did earn for himself an impressive fifth place in CIF. His three year experience on the varsity team helped him gain a 39-9 record and 17 pins. Brad's overall performances showed an all-out effort. i ran- wen. IEE' rltl' H95 The U1 1 1.1 ' 5' -X , ,.. V .. - .. , --. fl A -5 .,. g P .I ..-Eh... , W ,iwv 41 ff' 'I f Q L11' n in Tim Campbell- 98 pounds Of all the CIF wrestlers, Tim Campbell was the only junior to compete. He didn't place in I it his 98 pound weight class, but he did finish wf ' with 17 pins and a 23-9 record for his first year on the varsity team. ,Aff rf'.'r-F -fl-'Qu 8 V nfl lr, 'I ' hs r. ---.- H: 1 ,Ji .. C . A - 'K ' 1 'T "Wi 'cglvznuxf Todd Knutson - 126 pounds Todd Knutson ended up with a record of 32 wins, 9 losses, and one tie. Unfor- tunately, his 11 pins weren't enough to win him a CIF title. Todd wrestled in a 126 weight class and progressively worked his way up from the sophomore and IV teams to the varsity team this year. ,W " v 'E l ... ,MA if Lili' ll 1 HY'-'W' g l l F e N ' , f N A ff ' P' " ,g e-f5'1"-?f2"' 4 ' ,-'f3nqjh9::,,4 .' Y1l--, . place m CLF. , the l wrestling team earned themselves a 9-3 cord and an overall secorld place in the Century with a 6-1 record. The team advanced m the take fifth place and elevatedzjgQ,SQ,I.F. with the same ranke ing. , ,,QV . l ' ' As in past years the varsltv Wrestlers fmlshecl Wlth an J 3 lafgef e 3 Brent ,I M,-f:'u553jgg,: fy, Lili. fr " U' h 98 2 fi 1: fm: I f r I ffm ll l ll 3 . 1 22 at 215 ? ,, 4,, . 52' .lW5gf?'11'f 4 .. , 5? ' 1 f , ggfii, . W? if 5.2 9 f -' v a fffzirgfawfgv V .421 ,M 4 " J- 1f?'i1Ef'f!22 V fnfiwfi U v1AA1,1YL: VVVA V-,-.-.L.-.-,4y,,i-J, v,,..41y J- H ...Q V ' ' """" I .Q gg 5 35,7 5' 1, 'ia 5 Q sig- hib -Gppbnent to a afsiiyfeamlat an asQ to C.IgF. 4 ' 44" 1 row? "'. l R. L of Allen, S: Bl, H. Done, B.fF5j2jnesi, psyches up for his state for the official ruling of Var. Wrestling 211 an l F 7 Q 4 i 4 This year's sophomore wrestling team finished with a re- cord of 6-1 in the league, and the junior varsity team ended with a record of 11-9 in the league. The teams were both very consistent and Coaches Bailey and Mahoney have high hopes for next year's wrestling season, Coach Mahoney felt that the only weaknesses the teams suffered was some prob- gg: ,Q I C3 lems with filling the weight classes. Promising WreSflBI'S M6 Chris Gordon, Damon Gross, Gary Mitchell, Rodney field, Dave Krueger, Roger Cassachia, jeff Braun, and Bruee Marteney. Rib injuries were suffered by Brendon Kelly and Rick Copenhaver. :V z? 'V " ,914 . ,fjfwwzf lfffflff , " 1f ,4 71:- 4 f 3 2 4 4 1 2 5 ,J ,J I , f 1444, QC, 7, 177 ,,.,,z5, f' , 4x,1s,212. Mp fy., ,- 1,- kw 'gi' ,vfm awww, - 47 wan gg, L' :A V i , ,I 4 , . 2 5 - 1 , A Z y 4 .1711 ?' ' ' , .131 7 1 y Q nf ,M f , , , f, ,,'. , qui' 1' ,ivfiiiliaf ' ,, ,Wy J, , 1, ,,"f'..'fi4g 2' JZZZM' x 1 , W f ggi l,f,.'fi""' Ov :Swv f ig ' 1 1 I . if 1. Ion Catapang prepaiies for fun on the mat with , 9 hiso onent PP - ' Zi Damon Gross has a time out while his oppo- f nent struggles. . Chris Gor on gets one from his opponent. 4. Kraiger cradles his op onent. 2. Darin Catacpang goes tfdr a Saturday night ride. . Chris Gor on gives his opponent all that he can take. 7. Dave Krueger lays it down on his opponegfitfii- i 5 2 212 Sophomore Wrestling L , fa' ' :A-fmezrzvsvmkz. Wrestling Is on the Move! UP?-0. A limi I.V. Wrestling 213 The Villa Park Varsity Track team. Spartan hurdlers pour it on at the finish. Almost, but not quite! Alex Salotollo and Rene Strapp give their all in the relay race. ither way you look at it, Villa Park is winning! With no one behind, Brian Meek wins the race. Larry Copenbarger strives to fin- ish t e race with a first Iilace, Gary Daily crosses the ine victo- riously for the Spartans. F' Vittlf' 1 9 i ,,. U- rf: ,,,, I Q ' 4, i 2 : 4?-1 2"-329, , I -. if f-1-34,31 V1 41+ ffffrqtzii ,f fn : . 34.1,-.-'I-JZ! I X ffl 3 - ..'vf:f',3f2:f70 1' -5 1- 4 V 4 s . , ,. J, 'z my Z1-WKM ' -aaiwwfjai 4 if s K' ". .9 . 5. U t -J' 1 1 if 4- lun-i .,. 9 :1 9 f it I -.Y 'nip' l Gunn- ' IU For the first time in several years, Villa Park's varsity track squad had an all-around solid team. Made up of returning sophomore champions and a well experienced group of se- niors, the varsity runners shot for the top and did what was necessary to excel. According to Coach Bob McKie, the team was definitely made up of "strong contenders for the Century League championship" due to the individual efforts put forth. Early in the season teammates Alex Salottolo and Ian Daugherty built for them- selves a respectable reputation in each of their events as did junior Bill Cleary and sophomore Kevin Green. Varsity Track 215 The boy's track head coach, Bob McKie, who has been here for 18 years, said, "I love coaching track and it's always a challenge." Kevin Gra- ham, who is one of the best members of junior varsity and who competes in the pole vault, dis- cus, triple jump, and the high jump event, is a typical reason for McKie's continuing enthu- siasm. Junior Varsity track team member Roger Thayer expressed the attitude of rnost team members. "I hope to continue improving my time, and with lots of hard work I believe I will.f' David Tebo's own personal goal for the track sea- son is "To improve with every race, and better my time enough to make varsity next year." Not Everyone Can Be On Varsity 1 ,, 'aw pf an 3 2 . 'Q 5 il . 1 :.. f .,, gt . ,af X ,- 'V'?4:,r'1 ' - if 1,4- ..,.'f-'+ .aw-r 1 r-" -I,-'A-,f::4,fv.7k4I14: - 2- li 1. g'1Lv,.-ifmgpif V ,. .3913 .,-':':4:'-'i",2'1z. eh:-f .1- a -:rx w, 9: V -1-ft.. fav, " rg- -. - tr., H"'1"L-mS.I 'Pfff '5i3'3yx,f'1,A f, , hhglf. fnLIf':f'ft'- 'gf:l,. ILL f. .-.5 ' -Lf' ' Fm: ff-kay : f.r ' ' G G 7 7 When the Spartans are down, they always come up fighting. Alfonso DeRosas as--W---Y - ,5,,,,2,ra-win, f I3 3: :::7,.,., ... ,yy V.-v,. f.. junior Varsity group shot. Varsity pole vaulter Alan Potts leaps tall build- ings in a single jump. It's a bird, it s a plane, no it's varsity track mem- ber Terry Ludin. Mike Brase runs for a Slpartan victory. Karsity high jumper an Daugherty clears the ar. Mike Osurni and Dave Reisman hand off per- fectly in the relay. Rich Fukuhara leads the pack of runners. Track 217 3 . .. ...q12Siw' Sophomore Track Endurance is Endless Sophomore track has done an out- standing job this year. Some have done so well they have advanced to higher levels. Thanks to coach McKie and coach Brunt for organizing these boys in the event which suits them best. If each individual puts out all effort, this will form a victorious team. And this is just what the 1982 sophomore track team was - winners. is-JW' I Sf v Q ff fir' , "M ,Lf 'AX .f .X I.. .A-v. tit, ,., 5 1 .lii Y Six' 1: liz 4. '41 .l 4 The girls can't stay awa from Coach Brunt. Robert Ohta ives it all hes got to com lete the long jump. Dave Parker Eegins his move in the mili. Sophomore team photo. Kevin Green strives for the finish line. Sophomore Track 219 Girl's Track: On Their Mark .nv The girl's track and field team, coached by Russ Murphy, competed in nine league and non-league meets this sea- son. In addition, the team competed in the Chaffey Invita- tional in Ontario and in a meet sponsored by the North Orange Rotary Club. The Rotary meet included all Orange district high schools and Orange Lutheran High School. Several exceptional athletes composed the girls' track and field team. Senior Iulie Parker, who runs the 100 yard dash, 440 relay, high jump, and long jump, is one of these athletes who deserve special recognition. Also outstanding in their performance are senior Lisa Scheer, running the 440 and both relays, and senior hurdler Iana Smith. "Without a doubt, Foothill and Tustin will be our toughest meets", coach Murphy stated at the beginning of the season. Coach Murphy went on to say, however, that at the conclusion of this season, he would like the Villa Park girl's track and field team to be one of the top four teams in the league. 220 Girl's Track . .. . ff! it if J? i .. - 4. w U' 'fum I N -and . 1 ...- 1. Between the two of them, Lisa Holte and Lisa Resh plan to give this Cangon runner some very tough conpet-ition. 2. Deb ie Bedell glides over the high jump. 3. Hurdler Kim Fontana demonstrates her perfect form. 4. It is a arent that julie Parker gives her all in the longjump. 5. Lisa Slclleer receives a ood hand-off from Iana Smith in the relay. 6. Concentration is the qcey factor in this hand-off between Iulie Parker and Kris Fontana. 7. Michelle Parker clears the high jump with amazing ease. "Since the competition was so great, it made me workjust that much harderf, Kris Fontana ' . ' , Y '4,: ' . C6 "I "f ' I . A - .-4-....... P . - 4 ' ' ., , ,,, f , 4' K ,a....a..,.,.- ww :,.:,.-- ,... , ji' 'Q 4 5, 4 if . 1 ff V r I . V We A . 7 .59 wg " ,QM o a iz a . . 1 "ga, aQqgggf7wg,4,,' f' 4 1 " 11 f. 'G . , . , , ,, gf . ..,, p , M' .Hi w ff A , . V - ' wfwwawfwwh ,L .,.. 4 . ., A. .. L ....,.,.,,...A.....4.4.u. .6 K7 " ' Girls' Track 221 .3q Boys Tennis Strokes Through The Season What do ya say, Ace? Paul Grover, why is that ball stuck to your finger? Say that agaln and it will be your head next time instead of the ball! Always remember, Dou March OPEN DOOR Varsity team members fgottom to topl Mike Rel Fan, Iimmy Chesmore, Kelly Gamez coach Fraco- osy, 2nd row, Paul Grover, Steve Broberg Andrew Beyer, Ioe Trosper, Dave Ellis, Doug March. l wiv J-,,,.m-- 'l XJ dwwmwf w ' ' W4 ,ff GV, may lg 5 WWWW ' QWWWAWW . 41, .., 591,39 ,f, A L 1 ', , Z , ,W Vw, . , ' ww, 'Q 1 47:21 ' M ef., ' Wfwiaa an 1, v , Vf " It ' f'f,.,, Ti W-uvuaga , , M '-Q , ff,-,J-g,,u,,,,,,,, 2. - wL,wa, ,J , 1 J Q .4 M ff ' ' 95 4: fffclv' f. 1 ffim rw 1 Q - W fn,- N. MQ ,I , 2 an , mmiftv . V 1 , ,, ., rf, ,, .3 ,LQ , , T- .- i 5 ,.,.-1-4. fa, if l H E Well, let's see where you are on my list, Tros er. .X Coach Plracolosy discusses game I' strategy with players. -I If any ody has bulging muscles, it's ,,,,,m ' Mike Regan. -s Iunior arsiiyu team members fbot- ' tom to topj B' Hodson, Iohn Sikora, Gerry Lotter, Coach Fracolosy, Kevin Martin, Mike Swartz, Mike Rink, Francisco Talavera, Matt Geriak, lim- . ,lil my Cesmore, and Mark Grafias. ff' ' ' If 'ui I . S L G get my 2 li l l K: 'Q' if . A gi N MA Going into the season, the Villa Park tennis team . ranked fifth in the Century League, with a 2-3 3 record. The Iunior Varsity team was ranked sixth with a 1-4 record. Doug March was Villa Park's top singles player and was undefeated in pre-league and league com- petitions. I-Ie was a 3-year letterman and ranked l twentieth nationally. "It is the end of an era in Villa ' Park's tennis program with the graudation of Doug ' March," Coach Fracolosy said. Andy Beyer, a converted basketball player, . placed second in singles While Paul Grover took ' l third and was a 2-year Varsity letterman. The two fly , doubles teams consisted of Tripp Howiler and l V . . I Brian Reed and Steve Broberg and Mike Regan. , 3 The Iunior Varsity placing sixth also had a few il. p top players. They were Alex Goodman, Mike fi T I Tighe, and lim Chesmore. sl I Ili' ul I: 'lf l all g 'l ' c c a a ' 'f V 1 a Park Loves I ennlsl I Tennis 223 As anyone can obviously see, the Badmin- ton team is a large one. It is the only truly co-ed sport at Villa Park. The guys and girls practice together and there are even mixed doubles teams. Paige Rock explains, "It's a lot of fun practicing with the guys. Everyone thinks it's an easy sport but it's really a lot of hard work!" Tracy Stimac show exactly what Paige means in picture 2. Skill, concentration, and a long reach are essential to the players who chase those birdies on the court. Coach Thompson, in his first year as the Badminton coach, knows the game and techniques of forming a winning team. Pat Fenn, a three year veteran, rears up in picture 4 to smash the birdie at his oppo- nent. .- '- - ww.. And Golf gg . . fvgfizfftzf '7-"dT.f ' f '-U-f were ,fw-sf ,. ., .--5 '.-3 ,. .'59,.'-Mp? . , Z , ..f:.,. 2.f,t, yewaawf .49 Hina After several years of anonymity, the 1981- 82 golf team made it in the yearbook. Coaches Bailey and Mahoney made the best of a some- what wet season and provided the players with free golf and an overall good time. Out- standing members of the team were Bill Meck- lenburg and Dan Barta who stroked their way through the season. The overall attitude of the team stood, not in obtaining victory, but in purely enjoying themselsves. Toby Freestone, in picture l, aims carefully for the gopher hole strategically placed at Green River Golf Course. Bill Mecklenburg, picture 2, shows concentration in his putting. The golf team looks lively in picture 3. Dan Barta, also known as the Headless Golfer, sprays the sand with his sand wedge in picture 4. Badminton and Golf 225 ' 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. S artan catcher Iohn Shirinian tries to decide wEl1jch hand to use to catch the ball. Ioey MacKay shows his "studly" form as he swings at the pitch. Coac Oachoa really concentrates during a game, The pla ers show their enthusiasm a ter Dave Salmond, hits a homerun. Rob LePore watches his fastball float toward the batter. The 1981-82 varsity baseball team. Eddie Howard makes Contact as usual. 'N.....,. 3 Of . J li 3 5 1 lid l -ww L N MALKAY l as ..Y. I - ' fm, 1,5 ,. l ,KI V 33 no u I5 IQ 20 Z! 22 23 25 27 32 N4 lcnlll ,M F A 'A :fL..f5,'is4?2gr,Lv ,g. '19 .fri 'fa v ,- f . 3 rl- 9.a"'g5fwgAf l"j,',9gg,,,g:rg: ,f,6f,fff"t 2, ,1,45,x,M -. i -fwwf-Q zazarf' we-an ff4fffs-'n',l'f'1..,- ' '.-sffwsi 5 P". ., -.,v,,.f' - r , , 'X ' ',1g'gj-1'--,vi 1713.5 3-j,.jf,5:,f1f,fE 3'-.:'j"Vg+5f,+w """ij, ,ff -1, ,- -f?i:P?' Egg:--A," 1 ' ' U ' , ' . K' .V ' ' 4 ' V S Top Row Ross Barker Iohn Shrnman Ioey MacKay Mike Borowski Coachliarry Eadie, ' if Coach Dave Ochoa Coach Kevin Brown Tim johnson Mike Floyd Greg F1el1Sff5'C9V9l0hr1SQ1i, 'Bqttom ROW23R0b LePore Scott Wilson Ted Larsen Howard Fotch Dale Eggleston Ron Fraser, Dave Salmondj Scott Glove13,,Edclie pg -- ,, cf.-'S' ' g . ..-. .- - ' Putting aside all memories of last years outstanding performance, the 1982 varsity baseball team made this season a year to forget. Returning only two players made the beginning rough. Injuries to key players have also hurt the team. However many of their problems may have stemmed from a confused effort by the coaching staff. Shouts like "Get a haircut on the ball!" always turned a few heads. But all has not been negative in this rebuilding year. The team swept a series of games played during the summer in Hawaii. Also the team got a first hand look at Godzilla in the form of Scott Wil- son's nurse. Perhaps Coach Dave Ochoa best phi- losophized his view of the season by saying. "You can't win 'em all if you can't win the first one!" Varsity Baseball 227 .f y A A' f ,Kp fp, f ff 1 9' if f 1 ,yawn , ,, :WY 1 , , A' f ' 4211-, jf gp? 4 f f If vs.: V C-,257 ' VM fain".-1 fix ' I .f ,,,' ,ffm , V, 54" "75'f'7" "7 f ,WM ff! If f 44, , A 4, ,., QM f 4 f 2 Coach Tarabilda shows his appreciation for his first baseball year. The bays wait for their tum to show their stuff. Gary orthington tires to remember the signs. Startinp pitcher joel Morris, a sophomore, shows promise of being a valuab e varsity asset for the next two years. Scott McLeod roudly comes in after his home run. Catcher Kevin arsany handles a low pitch as he comes up for a throw to second base. ' ' W" " ' ' ' .M -.s,abig ',a 1 .M "3':, 0. " ' Wa? A 1 ta WAHI Nw WJ, .ve-.,4,-r ,Y ,, ..- . -4, 228 BasebaH 'Q' ns., AW ,,: ,wi if M 4, .uv 'Jw -Lf I' '4 1- in 'r , 0- . if ,Mr y la ll, HZ, . 1 ' w ,- , 'K 41 , , fx' 4 f,.1 . .Wi it l l l L ll ,n w lllsy. Jill at 1U if ,y's 1 'r' uv 1211: .v 'L if : tj K ll ' ,y I With a tough and well-rounded group, the I.V. team started a hopeful league season. They began with a new coach, Steve Tarabilda, a familar face to V.P. but new to the baseball coaching scene. The relatonship between the coach and players was a motivating force in the team's success as a group. Outstanding players Steve Alvarez, Scott McLeod, Ion Shigetome, and Gary Worthington lead the striv- ing team. Worthington, Ioel Morris, and Pat Droesch provided quality pitching. my ' We Baseball 229 ,Jr f"????2i .,,5L.1-.,,. Zim, . L. . , 4 54 . , ..,.4. 415,35 515683 949 ,L v'f'T,Jf1 fi X u 4 A141 ,-af' ' , f 3.m,,i,gg, '-:W J,1a'f-My f, Q1-Lili' lvuhzfdw ,. .,. 'x"f"'W"- 'H A M" " ' 'N' 'f' .- 1. 'u 1 I " Russ Frazier gets ready for the tag. Ken Scheer waits patiently for a late throw. Coach Dennis Moody surveys his team. Alan Ber man beats out an ingeld hit. ,,, ,7,'f2,P of 1- , , tj Sophomore Baseball 231 Softball Girls Play Like Winners +4-Uqj Led by varsity coach Dave Shelton and junior varsity coach Larry Cowden, girl's softball proved to be very suc- cessful in the highly competitive Century League. After grueling conditioning exercises at practice and numerous non-league games, the varsity team traveled to Santa Maria, California, to play in the Reghetti High soft- ball tournament. Several softball teams from central and southern California were invited to participate in this two- Weekend tournament, and at 200 miles, it was the farthest Villa Park had ever gone for a softball game. In the tourna- ment, Villa Park won three out of the four games that they played. They lost to the host team, Reghetti High, who has been ranked number one in CIF for the past three years, in a mentally and physically exhausting ninteen inning game. Villa Park Went on to win consolation and the respect of many well-ranked softball teams. Villa Park third baseman Andrea Cabezas Mattey was named to the all-tournament team as a result of her spectacular performances in these four games. Promptly after the Reghetti tournament, the early part of the league season was marred by a number of postpone- ments due to rain, making it necessary for games to be rescheduled. However, Coach Shelton, after five consecu- tive league Wins stated, "As a team we all want to make the CIF playoffs, but my personal goal is to get the girls to think and play like winners. This is a great group and they have not disappointed me - they are winners." 232 Softball n at if 1 1 5 P Q Q .. 1. Varsity team - First row: Kerry Barnett, Donna Hart, Kari Picano. Second row: Trisha Halamandaris, Kathy Christian. Third row: Mana- ger Laura lwasaki, Andrea Cabezas-Mattely, Kelly Trollinger, Cathy ingham, Chris Lambrose, Donna Deardof . Fourth Row: Laura Rich- ter, Iulie Colburn. Not pictured: Sheri Smith, Jill Wiens. 2. Cathy Bin ham is prepared to sweep up anything that comes her way. 3. Shen Smigw looks ahead as she contemplates a steal. 4. Trisha Halamandaris experiences the agony of defeat as she attempts to dive into second base. ' L -- 5. Iunior Varsti Team - First row: Michelle Clifford, Lori Wald- streicher, Beclzly Allen, Laura Ianzen, Diane Crossman, Robyn Gillon, Karen Granito, Mana er Mary Naruse. Second Row: Manager Kelly Ward, Natalie Driskei, Leslie Caines, Cindy Olquin, julie Pollar , Ieanne Helsel, Karen Wedda, Coach Cowden. V -. . rv. a 4 . V 'X "Y, Q.:-Ame w , ,,..., ia., , A 3- 'f 1 . Laura Richter gives her all in this swing. Q 1 N . Coach Shelton yells encour ement to a layer. 6 7 - .M v - 8. Concentrating on the plate TDonna Deargorff delivers. M... 4 9. Andrea Cabezas-Mattey sets to make a powerful throw. svglswe' F A :ff Q, K I . :Li ,3.,,2x'1- , gf' j It W 'txxfl vM' X Xp. sf ' t'.3W"Ql - 1. , Q0 " ., . f u s. .-.' f--+ '-, , 1 'i'fL.,, Uizfaft " 'sffr 5 f ..,. 5 6: e 5 '4,'- 5. . 4, -gb .7195 , . V . 1 2- T x K t , s 'X I A ' . . A an. 1 At: ,... , f . I ,. W -ft n 3 V I g an 3 ull' ' f 11 ... nunwnndwflw The team Worked hard for every victory." Kerry Barnett 233 Glenn Thomas Coaches and team members reach a frenzied ex- citement durin the 500. Glenn "Fish" Tiomas o ens wide on his way to a tbyfpical 1:06 in the one llijundred breaststroke. ark "Boo-Boo-Bear" Maizel yells critical com- ments about Greg "Yogi Bear" Hill's haircut. Coach Ehrlich convinces Coach Iohn Kulisich that Keith Haskins really can do better than a 1:12. Sophomore swimmers: Left to Ri ht C. Strawn, D. Mallo , D, Diaz, S. Galus, Golshani, I. Goldsmith, H. Perry, L. Lung, B. Marteney, H. Tuyen, M. Hoopaugh, 1. VanDixhorn, C. Crosby. Sophomore Ion Goldsmith ffar lefty and junior Scott Wells gaze in awe at their varsity idols. jim Godfrey Steve Coates Q if ,Lg-Q 1 1. fs. " ,,1g5.'-' A-X , . .. H.: . , , .V I-sw M . ,W 'us ,Mot , f"""...:..L"" " R -'-af' .,. ' wif' 11.5 WF .' .. - M-f: A I esa'...g-,LsZ- Scott English Mark Paul -. .-M. - 4 ,,,, . Harvey Lynn Mark Maizel lim Nowak Don Another Spartan swim season was off to a great start under the supervision of head coach, Jeff Ehrlich. Not only have outstanding times been accomplished early in the season, but something no words can capture, "team spirit". Ever since the boys' and girls' swim teams have had coed meets, team spirit has been overpower- ing at these events. For example, as Glenn Thom- as, Steve Coates, Mark Maizel, lim Nowak, and Bruce Marteney, each on the varsity level, reached best times, small chants of encouragement were being shouted at the ends of each swimmer's lane. Another example was during the relays, as the swimmers mounted the blocks, their names would be chanted until the swimmer was in the water. Erik Bob fl l I l ir- 1, lr: l 'lt 0.4 QW' ,,,1 . J , .W "Captain" Robin Piantadosi soars through the water, and makes her stroke seem very easy. You have to talk louder. I can't hear you. A ?uick meeting during the meet puts the gir s in the best spirits. 'You mean I have to get back in that cold water," replies Amcy Sarsany. Kell Berryman an DeAnne Randall get be- hincll their relay team. Coach Ian Haskins looks in amazement at the great times the girls are swimming. -'IA an-up " "WZ 14. . ,fa ','g,,.,, ,V X' 'fig Wyifiyfbf ' . 1. wffffffm ', fl ,..,M.,1,.,A,.,.mmd uf' A . , aryl.:-I. ,' 1-J+f'f:v:.u" 2 ' -. QQ .-'mn Qt W, 9 syff... 12' gt+gtM,., , I -. lla Jia! , my-an ffwmx- fam.,- Pf: 'l ,zgf-igfigizs, ' - V- Q," NW- '70 N , 79-wt' S his 9-, 4 !'c:-:LVN P nm lm 1 f f 1. l ll . Winn' dev' ,ia hm. 6 A Team - sticks together through thick and thin, wins and loses together. This definition de- finitely fits the girls' swim team. In three years the girls swim team had gone through three coaches. Alumnus lan Haskins took over as the team's fourth coach. From the looks of things, Coach Haskins didn't seem to have a hard time with these girls. This team had a lot of talent and learned to coach themselves in an odd sort of way. During a typical meet it was very normal to see senior Robin Piantadosi stand on the blocks and shout the warm up set to her fellow swimmers. What is so remarkable is the amount of respect this team had for each other and the encouragement that the girls gave one another. Before a race it was common to hear Kim Woods and Iulie Cassen, juniors, giving some helpful hints to other swimmers on how to swim their events. The crowd could usually find the girls who were not swimming at the end of the V.P. swim- mer lanes rooting them on to a victory. This definition definitely applies to this family, the Girls Swim Team. 237 238 Gymnastics 1 cc 7 79 Wishing Wont Wing Working Will Gymnastics Team 3.- 3 1. Team hoto: QL to RJ Iulie Ebrite, Michelle Parker, Connie Thomas, julie Pgrker, Susan Stran e, Nancy Stocker, Angela Benocci, Sherri Abdalla, Kim Barker, Tris? Fiedler, Kyle Kenn 2. Tryin a new technique in shadow dancing is Kyle Kenny 3. Michgle Parker holds on ti ht durin the uneven bars event. 4. WHOA!! Loot at the pair 0? legs on Susan Strange. 5. Kyle Kenny proves to the onlookers she knows which end is up. 6. julie Parker shows off her winning form, durin the floor exercise. 7. "I'll bend over backwards to please you, and Ii prove it too!" says Angela Benacci. 2 5 After defeating last year' s CIF champion, Fountain Valley, by 20 points early in the season, the Spartan gymnastic team was looking forward with confidence to this year' s competition. But that was before Julie Parker, all around winner in CIF competition for the past two years, fell during the El Modena meet. Having to work on wooden bars instead of the more flexible fiberglass which she is used to, Iulie missed the high bar and landed on her tailbone. At first the injury seemed minor, but when it turned out that there was an injury to the vertebrae and that Iulie would probably miss the rest of the season, the team's optimism turned to gloom. Might she possibly improve in time to return for CIF competition? Maybe. Even without her, the team did well, los- ing by only two points to Tustin even though Kyle Kenney and others had to improvise routines. Angela Bonacci and Michelle Par- ker placed second and first in the all around competition in that meet. Coach Andrea Anello has done a fantastic job with this team in spite of a lack of equip- ment and shortage of room in the small gym during meets. Gymnastics 239 fi 4501643 , L . f .. U' . 'Q it ,,- -fm 'X Yi 1- ' - 'vffvt'LROr-- 9'1" ' lil, A 'f7'.sAf,, v . - Af ,. ,- lg' X- x V' Xa . .- ' . . -'Z' 2. "uwQe..whn4, ' Ag 1 ul 1 , ,,, nM"4-- if! ' ' f I ' 1 4 1 ,ww Q, 40 ff, 1-, . v K z- ff -ff-1" 1,552 'ggz -if if , I Z4 'K -"V1".f My ' ,4 f .x 077 ' w 0 1'-: 1 1 f 4 S 2 U , M I if "7 M "Q ' .. ,ff QADIFUUU i3T1rYI7cJ R in In , 'J 5 f Wllwlr 4W79WVf2 The Sophomore Falls up and down the stairs at least twice a day. Attends classes an average of 2 times a week. Spends all year trying to convince everyone theylre not sophomores - they never suc- ceed. 55 , Z? ,: Q M 4 :.1i..3 q. :' 4 t S f' W. .Y .4 SFF Is counseled and helped by seniors each day. AK ly Y, f if ARRL 21 Still gets lost on the way to school. Still learning the sec- rets behind cheating successfully. Thinks Betty is the principals name. Works on memoriz- ing the Alma Mater. Sophomore Division 243 'fi' S ophomoro Loaders 4 if IQ! F x .11 1 . fl L lst row: Craig Alexander, Brian Moore, Charles Gumbusky Znd row: jennifer Giannini, Mindy Hare, Suzanne Strauss, Monica Young 3rd row: julie Pollard, Pat Yamada, Mike Keller. f"" i fVice-President -jeff Kraus l -i . Af .f " -45361535 1 - if 1 isfsngffwilffff f- 511, f,,,5i?g5,fA-3: ff, 1 L "!A"l31 fe' 1 ,,. 97 - , iii ra H ohoritz -f -J" , ap .., -ss.: l 1" '. -t .if w wff - . wwf is :ii f Secretary Beishaar I ,, 1 fr, Angela Binache 4 W .EM ,L N , A' X f l X fam, , ' l SQPHOMORE E xu-iv' VN 44 HX ' fx. 53595 FIA! CHEERLEADERS af ar, 3' Y fx My E Q MJE - Vo Rich Ackley jeff Adams Craig Alexander Kathy Allen Stacey Allen Tony Alpert Mario Altonaga janine Alvitre jeff Alu Howard Anderson Lisa Anderson Todd Apple Cathy Araki Steve Baba Darcy Bailey Scott Bain Paul Baker Shannon Baker jim Bandy Tyrone Banks Adrienne Barrish Don Beechman Tina Barkley Becky Barton Kelley Barton Darrel Bateson Marjan Bavand Lisa Bee Debbie Bedell Michelle Bentley Michael Berg Michael Berg Alan Bergman Mike Berry Lori Biard jill Bieshaar Alice Bingo Barbara Birney janice Blair Melissa Blankenship Chris Bliss Sandy Blue Ken Boland 246 IW gf, fy Q., i Q f j g ggiggwf QyJ,gi?K -1 , r Q W W wg Mfr .A i 5 ' ., V,-A , an ' V riff' ,, , ,fri 451 fl A ', I , l A' In ' Ti Mx -A r - The most embarrassing thing this year, was when I said, "Oh, my gosh! " really loud in the middle of an English test because H ZOM 2 fBabe!j walked in - B Kathy K obashi , ,, , ,, , ,S 'L i l jf ' 1-an ,,. , H.,7f 4 fry, Angela Bonacci john Bonanno Brad Boren john Bouyer jeff Braun David Bredendick jill Brick Sherrie Brock David Brown Stacie Browne Stephanie Browne Lori Browning Lean Bruns Hope Brustien Sang Bui Mark Burley Karen Burt Ted Bush ,Y Ron Busslinger john Butler Tiffany Bycott Mark Bygum Michele Byron Lucia Cabrera Rochelle Cabrera Debbie Cahoon Mary Calabrese Sean Callahan james Cameron Dawn Capitan john Caron Chris Carreras Tammy Carrington Roger Casacchia Chris Cash john Castagna jeff Caudron Ken Chamberlain Lori Charlebois Henry Chase jim Chesemile Blake Christenson Kathryn Christian Dan Claypool Andy Coakly jon Cochran jeffrey Cohen Bob Compton Vena Concepcion Tom Conmey Alison Couch john Creighton Dan Croix Casey Crosby Diane Crossman Kim Crow jeff Cruz Cindy Cummings Craig Curtis Michelle Cutting Laura D'Cruz Mark Davidson Marisa Davis Scott Davis i 'ff' - M: M 4 Z 1' fx 1 . 4 f "Remember the apple zghts at lunch?" ' "Hi f lv' 'WW '77':f" 15x57 ,la , 2 f :I "hge jf aee be f 1 1 4 X Ge any .aw ,. RZ- ,fi A " U7 I U. l f , f .,, '1 if ' aa- f , el v ff!! Z , ,fe ,l nf 'Viz W ee f ee 1 5' .1--.,, V ,, A Noushin Dehnadi Lupe Deleon Ron Delcourt jeffery Demers Mark Denny Rod Derilield Hugh Derme Dave Diaz Mark Dierking Sheryl Dixon Alison Doane Chris Donato Todd Dossett Bill Dougherty llene Dover jennifer Drott Beth Dufault Shelly Dusserre Mike Eastman julie Ebrite Smile pretty for the camera, girls! Tim Edgmon Darrin Edwards jon Edwards Steve Elliott Teresa Elston Danny Enos Tami Erhardt Michelle Esquivel Diana Estrada Brian Etter Richard Everakes Alan Eyerly Chris Faltys Peter Fan joei Fanning Melissa Fentnor Bill Ferguson Michele Ferguson Mike Fickinger David Finamore james Floccari Teresa Flory Kelley Flynn Kim Fontana Kris Fontana David Ford jenii Ford Chris Fowler Russ Frazier Luc Froesch Nadine Froesch jeff Fulton Kris Gaard Beth Gabourie Steve Galus Ray Garcia Ric Garcia Donna Gardner Lucita Gastelo Kim Genoway Matthew Geriak Celia Giacobbi jennifer Giannini Ron Gibson Robert Gilhausen Robyn Gillon Mageret Gilmore Sean Gleason john Glenn Miles Goda jon Goldsmith Medrdad Golshani Chirs Gordon Mark Graffius Karen Granito Kevin Green Watch out Brooke Sheilds, here l come!" -m ' 1 ,ff ,,,jjj , W fu I 1-40 V 'Jw ' 'i-fra yy! I 7 an 2,4 V f, --44 , ic Jn ,I X " 1- iv' I 1,-:af '1 - ' r' -9 " ' ' ' ,Jr " 'wi '15 If 1 0 ' A W 'f 0 K D! f nv fi' 'FW 67-4.3: ? TF 1 - Q , hh . f ,, wg, ff, H4 ' My ' f Hi' 57 , 'K ' , V f-1 , , L 1 Q ' A if l if L F' w JZ 3 f f - 4 -. ,fl ir, Q Vx if , . ' f n Z V f ' ns ,X ' Iv ,vz42,,. 7 "uf, , 'A 1 ' ,,,j. , f I: ,,,4 I , V , , 1 ? E A Z hi I fi ' " fs . ' uf? 'fl , fl: . 'R' , .V My ,. ffwf 'ff f f X f-1 -ff.: -19, A ' ' 1 ay 1 ' 'f'Loi,.' " W 1 .1 as ,nf 2 Q X f ,i I, if Cv 4-419 A ,I ff '7 ,f , vwpfuif A ! m ,. -if Qi 1 41 , ff 3 iw Q an sin! li ,. s ' 'ai-59' ff-211717 ' Y' "" , . , i ,A , , A, ., ,Q -' 423 - ' ' " 'A , A' ' QA, 4 ,i ,. 'fgff,,,Qg ,f'4f3,:1., 'ifffy ,f ' " . X Ji f fA ,. f "wt A I Q m 1.5 55 943: ' :gif ,frzlj 2 3,572 xw .. . Y f A A "' A., . -qA 4 A V 4. .3 A iw " 414 if 1 . A A 4. .43 A 4 A A ., 7, if Y ig I x .,' A A-A A QQ ' " 3 ' f' ,sh I, 11 ' 7 ,ff J- if ' " I A Qx, 5 , 'iz , 3, A f ' A' 1 2 . A, ,I . " , H 4 ak Z 141' I 1 "' "V 'Qc " 1 -3 ' ff I 'af - , ' 44' z 'cv X -1 fc H .L 1 VA " j , l , " ""i"'- C' f' S .w A "wg ' ' f,,A , ' ' , A , V '33 st. Ar 4 4, 5 21: gg -A4 A V1 Y Ai 2' 1 ' V 1 f -4 f . , , A r K ' - A ,K , X ,AA , J , 1 A. V , ' 2 ' If V 4 R I A 1 M P 621 +A 11 5 A S .A ,A " f.vV21w'-'1-, , 3: 1 1 ,gn i. ' A A 1 'f ' Q! A ' bf f .,. A , - A li , 4. i. . if A A l . 1 ' 1 7 A -4 ' ' f- V - 1 ' - ' A ' Ag ,- , M: ' A ii ,,:- 'I :A f H V' 4 ' f Aim A A . A s. ' ' " .A :I N'-1: ,., vp, 11 ., ? 4 A A , Ag . :YZ f 4 y ' 4 V ,,-J I I j . U L A xl 5 , -,sr A- -.Q s!'A , V ,7 - . 'L' 41, I A ,,. . jim Gresham jim Groody Damon Gross Charlie Gumbusky Katherine Haan Greg Hahn jeff Hall joe Hall "This is no time for gos siping!" Brent Hallock Chad Hallock Rick Hammersmith jim Hannibal Scott Hansen Carla Hardacre Mindy Hare David Harlton Bryan Harper Chris Hart Nathan Hayden Darrin Hawe Mark Headly joseph Headly Lance Hetington Sue Hefti Hayley Heidler Sherry Hellman jeanne Helsel Rob Helton Lori Heranic Darlene Hernandez Heather Hicks jerry Higgs Sherry Higgs Katherine Hikida Racheal Hilsenbeck Dayton Ho Bill Hodson Suzanne Hoey 251 Gary Holiday Chris Holmes john Holmes Greg Holt Steve Holt Lisa Holte Wassim Homsi Mark Hoopaugh Mike Horam Eric Hoyle Brandon Hunt Caroline Hunt Holly Hunt Mike Hunt Shelley Hunt Frances Huntzinger jamie Hutson Grant Hutter Zho llbeck Conrad jansen Laura jenzen Shohreh javadi Heather jenkins Brad johnson Leslie and Kathy ham it up for the cameraman 'S lgm H' A '3 f -li al, 9 , : Il 7 x C - T i N 0, 4 rlrfl is 'T Z f 'E 4 a""'- 4 .IV , rllig ij .. me ' 4' "ff . . 2 ,, 1 f -.V J L... K , , 1 an .. ,, fi 'Z a W Y ' ln , , -4, f ' V ' . rv -,uf A f , ' -1 - 2 4' I, 1 f - , gi f K ' A .7 VZ H A ,A I, "'A"'lMl-'i - K "E 1, 1 h 'H XCUS6 7726, WL 07257 Cl SOP OTIZOT6. Brzan E tier 1 ., if I ff Q1 2 f- g f i - ' 4 Vs -Z vw, wfx , U ' if Q V 1 Qi' ,. :gs 5' 7,f'5i+51 , a ' Q " I 'iff . ' A' "'A A l ' l li 4 'Z Q- , - 1 .fir "',, V "ia -f -s f 553 , 1 fi ri l fe ' ' " we M 1 ,Q ' r 'UK ' Lp, ' ' "ffl X-1.5: ?' V 74 ' , I' 0 'J -, 5' .1 f Q, H l j ff! I "5 all K. ,4,f'! My ,,,, 5 .. ' L ' 'df fri ' A I jodi johnson Kim johnson Sandra johnson Tim johnson Cindy jones Dean jones Doug jones judy jones Russell jones Laura judd Matt Kanneg Ron Karres Robyn Kaye jim Keany Ann Keller Mike Keller Michaelle Kelley Paul Kelly Robbie Kelly Kyle Kenny Kris Kent Howard Kepler Karen Kesselman William Kim Doug King Cindy Kirk j.j. King Kathleen Kobashi Laurie Kornely jeff Krause Dave Krueger Glenn Kusand "He really said that about me?" Kristine Lambert Christine Lambrose Ken Lancaster Patty Langdon Louis LaRocca Michael Larson Friends are forever. Nancy Lauderdale jim Lawrence Lisa Leary Nora Lee Cheryl Leighton Christine Leite Grant Lenning Thomas Leong Kelly Leonhardt Carla Levy Brad Lewis Paul Lewis Christine Limberakis Mark Linder john Linford jill Littman julie Longyear jeff Loritz Phil Lopiccola Amie Losi Lisa Lott Gerald Lotter Tim Ludin Dan Lukouski jeff Lung Karen LuPayne Huah Luyan Simone Lyew Kelley Lyle jason Lynn 254 Ivy, A ,, 'just be cz sophomore, don? try to be anything more," i J' my ,fx ,jail JF' 'fr ,WN ,Ph Michelle M iller A L 2, . Y , J , U' X 41 jeg 1' A X W ' I 45:1 '9 B ' . ..,,, ',,- . K5 Na u., A 4 ' 4 if Z ' .5 'f 1, :Z f db V V j ?f':-f:f"'j-2,124 A ,., aff A" 1- 551' 44:1 V f 1 '- frigf-1.57, .1 ffizgf -V if l X X! fe f if ff 'fa l 4 'J Brian Lytre Kim MacAloney Linda Mack Pat Magroin jill Mahony julian Mallin Don Maloy Tracy Mann Tom Manning Laura Marcus Bruce Marteney Keith Martin Kevin Martin jill Martinez Kris Master Mike McCammon The agony of it all! Marci McCandless Ken McConaha Brett McDonald Hugh McKay Karen McKinney Bill Mecklenburg Tracy Meeks Chris Melander Greg Mendozaer Tracy Meyer Liz Miller Michelle Miller Rebecca Miller 255 Bill Mills Gary Mitchell jason Moe jennifer Mohle Adrienne Moore Brian Moore jody Moore joe Moncrief Wesley Monroe Russ Montgomery joel Morris joe Morrison Becki Mullinax Dennis Murphy Kathy Murphy Shawn Murphy Patty Murphy Randy Musser Dennis Muth Mike Muto Mary Naruse Kurth Nelson Laura Nelson An Nguyen Nguyen Nguyen Andrew Nicholl Steve Nichols Carlton Nimrod Maile Nishino Karey Nixon Ali Nodjoumi jinny Norling Heidi O'Donnel Robert Ohta Cynthia 0lquin Ed Olsen jeff Osowski Rhonda Otting Robert Ouellet Vania Ouzounian john Pagulayan julie Paino Please Bruce, just one more kiss!" F . F I ly' i ,I i if: it 'i fr F if I ,-A 414 f I Q w 4 fu x. '1 A, l ,?iwL:,'1 . if K1 1, -W , ! will ' X 'Q .rfzdg-Q . -4 "Stay immature while you can!" 'fi' nf ' 1. N I f e 1 wage X R 'S gr . x U 3' B? f 'Y -0 ff' Karey N ixon 'inf Best buddies forever' Carol Palow Paul Paralieu Daniel Park Michael Park David Parker Gary Parks Laura Patterson joy Peace Bill Peery johnny Peng Mike Perrine Kevin Peterson Renee Peters Neal Pettit Paula Phelps Vicki Pierson Randy Pike Marie Piszczek julie Pollard Troy Pomeroy Tom Porter Amy Posthuma Sean Pough Shannon Preuss Dave Primm Houman Rahnama Margo Ramirez Sheila Ramirez lodi Ramsey Lynette Raker 257 Tonya Redfern Scott Reekstin Lori Reese Karen Reichenthal "l'm sure, we won't break the camera!" Gloria Reneer Lisa Renzi Kevin Reskey Mark Rink Dean Roberts john Robillard Alan Rock David Rocks Guy Rojo Steve Ross Evelyn Roth Richard Round Kelly Roy Chris Sachs leanie Saladin Ken Salottolo Adrienne Salyer Elise Samia Ralph Sandoval Steve Sands Amy Sarsany Sean Savala Ken Scheer jim Schilling Darin Schoppelrey Aleas Schroeder jeff Schultz Deann Schwartz Eric Semaza Andrea Setran 258 I ' ' g f ? ' ' . 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"Yo no tlro la pelota" Fernando Venezuela demands million dollar raise. 0.4 Current Events 267 H RD W F A cz u :Jr Y fm w,,'.,,,,,,N ,, ,,, 9. I I 04 ff. rn Ip If A I 4 t I 4 ' .. lu fl C' ,. "gf ' H . If ,ev ,, , Y Y,i M 4 fm, 1 5 3 ui 7 1 Www kg? v C I 1 ' -ir- 5 .I'I fs 'Qi Knows the names of every student in all of his classes, even though many of them don't know his. Runs forty reams of paper through the Xerox machine each year and finds V4 of it on the floor. Obtains a chronic case of HCHALK-I BOARDITISH. Experiences ex- treme frustration when a student makes no effort and then excuses his fail- ure with the state- men "I tried". The Teacher ""Vrnv--ff ' -V ' Is regularly accused of being unfair, especially when he is trying his hardest to give someone a break. Remembers every- thing about his for- mer students except their names. Gets a sudden case of laryngitis starting on Monday at 7:45 am and ending on Friday at 2:35 pm. Earns between 513,903 and 329,154 yearly depending on how long he has survived. 269 ' ': 31. - :ff 7:-'-221: V 1 . +3113 4' E f if 531 - i V. ' 1. i , f s f I ,.. - M: wi' 5. 1.. If aa ii- ,,.,, .f '45 ill l 4 sw . .I 1 7 I W9 :fr 4' of 4 fgs X - "f "'1 .. vm- ', 2 5 'c-.-,Q-'f:"i1?fff'f.'Q."' gg Q, - 'ffj' diff .g',1j1'321f .5 , , Q .-524593 fix. .1 . , 'S -31174f4.'t'-?ii"?'f2?f 213 in .W , 5-7 11 v M.. 'V 'azgnq-3 gM4'ff?.g4,,f 52325572552 vfjifuf , :sf-r.. -1 .o.-4 ?3f,'5i?Lif44f'1' I 911 - .. fzfiw .5 2 5 --1 . ,- ,,:l . ,-1,0399 3 . f ,.,f . :'W"i'f- ' 'f ' . . .4 59.91" " 4 . . . - 'L f- 12 if "li: "9 I ' ' . ww! 153 4.53: 'X 443' WE? amfwiti' 'ffm :Mal 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 I A f 4 .kfgfw If yqgfjw lack Rowe takes time out to help some students. Dominick Corridino, A man and his idol. Grace Messerall, girls' P.E. attendant. john Meulmester inspects some ottery. Chuck Kates tries to make a ood, impression in front of his class. Keith Reid breaks it easy to fob Richards that he has another s.w.s. Bob Edwards tries hypnosis to make them understand. Bob Mckie calls "last call for bets." Bob Cameron proves that mathematics isn't all that hard. David Colville calls up his sharky to get some quick cash. ll, .'mmfi-.... , 7 ' -Q Many teachers have lasted through the turmoil of V.P.H.S. life for as long as the school has been open. Surprisingly, four- teen of them have been here at Villa Park for the entire eighteen years, and most agree that it has been fun. Counselor Keith Reid said, "l've only gotten eighteen years older," when asked how he had changed since he arrived at VPHS. He also remembers when KNBC came on campus to film student life for a television program. English teacher lack Rowe, who found time amid teaching chores to publish a novel which, it is said, when read back- wards reveals scandalous truths about these dark years, recalls one humorous incident from the past. It seems assistant princi- pal, Steve Ellish was caught flying a home-made kite in the quad area during fifth period. Rowe, in a typical laid back cre- ative mood, also stated, " . . . a neck tie feels strange on my Eastern neck because I rarely wear them any more." The other ''eighteen-years-to-lifers'' shown here have held up well under the strain. Corridino, Messerall, Meulmester, Kates, Edwards, McKie, Colville, Cameron - names etched in the sands of time. Faculty 271 10 igbe-. , f- 272 Faculty -1l......,.. l9v-nf. M .ua 0 l8 Years M . 2 i Q. -1 'I Q I 7 f .. ,im V . , -..1, .mv - .. , ' gp' ' ,.' i"' Mpazm' 4 Iames Proffitt awakens after his fifth period siesta. Bruce Campbell is unconcerned about his ruler being glued to the chalkboard. lack Dennen introduces "Demolition Derby Driving" to his Driver's Ed. students. Phil Thoner attempts to convince his British Lit. class that William Shakespeare is not the lead vocalist for "Queen" Rod Williams explains why Pythagoras never made it as a standup comic, Al Finlayson is shocked as he receives his first S.W.S. Norm johnson chirps to his invisible pet bird. Elbert Smith shares a humorous anecdote about the life cycle ofa one cell parasite. , 1 1 L N led W it 5 Dfiieff Q Wllif ,V , glzlllltz , OHDS? Hs ... 1 4 5 fm Q X sd? 7 March 19, 1965 . . . a Soviet astronaut opens a door and steps into space while orbiting the earth at a speed of 18,600 m.p.h. june 9 . . . U.S. officers in Saigon are authorized to send American troops into ground combat when requested by South Vietnam, a major departure from previous policy which limited their role to defensive missions. Friday, August 13 . . . five hundred National Guard troops move into the Watts area of Los Angeles as a crowd of 7,000 exploded into rioting for the second night. September . . . Rod Williams, Al Finlayson, Norm Johnson, and Elbert Smith be- gin teaching at Villa Park. Oct. 4 . . . Pope Paul VI visits New York. "Disarmament," he says, "must be the first road to- ward world peace." Faculty 273 Vince DeFalco, Sylvia Won, Alex Masucci, Bob Sa- kaue, Marilyn Hettick, Esther Danker, Marian Pierce, and Dick Brunt all have something in com- mon with the sophomoresp they're all about the same age. The teachers have been here 15 and 14 years, and that's how old the sophomores are when they arrive at Villa Park. Art teacher Sylvia Won, who has been here 15 years, said her most memorable moment was the National Honor Society First Induction in the Spring of May 80. Mrs. Won said the way the students have changed from today and yesterday is their "lack of discipline." She feels she's changed since getting here in the way of "bending with the wind." 1. Vince DeFalco reads The Daily Life ofa Communist. 2. Sylvia Won says to class, "Are you going to pay for these gasses or should l?!" 3. lex Masucci gives a lecture on the earthworm. 4. Bob Sakaue holds on for his life during the earthquake. 5. Nancy Crossman, librarian, looks at the latest issue of Pluygirl. 6. Marilyn Hettick demonstrates her new recipe for Italian salad dressmlg. 7. Esther anker tries to reach out and touch someone. 8. lNi11arian Pierce struggles to smile despite another pile of grade s eets. 9. Dick Brunt offers his first period U.S. History class automatic A's for attending the girls cross country meet. 'PW'-u 3 I1 12 4 -. I. "S if , Q W' 2 ? 1 S . 1 1 1. I, uf' s 4 1 , Q Faculty 275 - Where were you fourteen years ago? Bob Haysom has just spent his first year in Villa Park's modern auto shop. The Murphy twins, Vince and Dog, had revolutionized the history depart- ment in their first year as Spartan mentors. Neva Stoffers, as the Dean's secretary, had just begun her climb to her current position on the executive staff. Russ Murphy's favorite memory is of an incident that occurred a year or two later. He was involved in an experiment for the benefit of two classes of psychology students. As he was present- ing a lecture in front of sixty students, he was confronted sud- denly by a "stranger" Cin reality fellow teacher Greg Benoitj. As the students looked on, an argument ensued. At the height of the argument, Benoit drew a small revolver and fired three times. Murphy fell forward to the floor and lay motionless as the assail- ant ran outside. The hysteria and confusion which resulted was the basis for the lesson on the following day. Legend has it that, to this day, "Dog" has never written an- other lesson plan. T' T if 1 3 276 Faculty I , ,V 1, .,.,. , I ' 'I,,7.,V 4 ,ff f ,aff f if kp.-f, I W.,7:, , ' f. L If In ' fq , f: 'V 4 ' ffff-' ' ' 7 Wj,J.gfZ'iz,g wjwt. -1 ,MM " ' ' J, ,M Z. .H,1"ry,'q fir f 'f , 2 ,Wwq-'gy , ,WV ly ,NW I, WW.,-,4.,., ,'-. . f I ,,, - .,f,,, WWWV 1-ja I .3 f., 444 1 ' 4 V 4 - Gai a- .. www 7, ff'-we ,4 , . ' .,QV.,4, 1, -MAQWII, 54" V I , -efam, I Marg. .v,,..f.fg. 1.-4 5. 'ff , .mf f , . hwmff wf V J , f, , . , -I ,F Mffw ysifffyw 1-f,.4,4a,,7 ! "' . mga? 'wzffwv -43g,Cg:.w WWW 'I f r, "fb, 'H-1 , " ',. -"U, ffkv "', 1-"'!'1a' Lg "" 9" 41.70 W W - 1 'aff . "7 -If ' K' f-ff-4!f1fff2ffW4Zf' .2 ""4..w " 1 f 'W V. '-rw ,,ofZf.. ' WffzitfM',g'iw4Lg4,fJ-,:t'WV'ff' .W ,.ff-'mif'fg,1' '- 53? 3,1251 f Lf," f C, f "K Q.Q.y2f.,f2f4fM,,,'f2, 'Z Wyfhfys " 715 942-wiv," A M, ' "'! gf 11: f MfZ1i.. af" f ' Wffffmazfu wffl-. ., "5 ff'ffwfi'-21"r'fW" fffpvt- if 1 W.. r 4, 1. gf 7l,y f9i,1,f,fVf1 . f.. .. . ,W ffkiw' ' 4- 'I f'?f "4Wt""f w,"'fH'f'4i- if "few ff' ,. f V la 'iff'-. Hg. ,. ,l,,,, .,,4,m4, .5 .1,hM,,,,c,,,g,!5. WW., W V ,... 42" 1,ffzgzM,.,2?Q4f!ff'.L,., ...,.f'f"?'-,,l Affiyrii-ofi-Zv5z:fv" rf 'V 1 ffl' f ,Ziff f ,f f f f f X 41,4 1 ,, ,- -. f'.f.',3a . - 2:1411 A, ,. 15352107-i'ji --'wit-1w'Mj ' 1 Maia , di' g4fZ'f'7fit?3'f Zn,-'ff.37Z . 5 I J' .1 f ,- . , ' X A, ,.,, ,,, ,.,,,, , .. 'iv f, al 'F' 'i 4 1. Vince Murphy tells the photographer to leave his classroom. 2. Russ "Dog ' Murphy making aces at the camera between classes. 3. We were not able to get a picture of Bob Haysom, so his auto class built this statue 4. camera. of him. Neva Stoffers, flooded with work, was too busy to look at the 5. Evelyn Ching stares at the clock, wondering when the bell is going to ring, 6. Leo Fracalosy explains to students why he is goofy about safe driv- 7 ing. 8. 'Z 9 . Ie Looker tries to teach his wild woodshop class. Bar ara Morton frowns as she reads off her class's grades. . Don Thompson whistles at some girls jogging. s' K 4. 655 Lht HS lv. l l I, - Q l 2 l 2, if ,na f rwmnw, ' .. .. ,IL 5, I W, 6.4. 2-f V ' - ., V ' -rq:a::.1.'faa,-an-ali,fflaawt-fr , 0 -1: Qflzf- Ay ' Q 'f .tg 55-- .11 ,. . ...ff M., ... . . , .. . ,. 4 L Changes. In 13 years there have been a lot of them, some good, some not so good. Evelyn Ching feels that today's Spartans are more friendly than those of the past. That's good. Not so good is her memory of the controversy of the late '60's when ASB president Bob Gumpertz refused to sa- lute the flag. Leo Fracalosy fondly recalls the time eight years ago when he, Al Hackney, and Russ Murphy ran for faculty club offi- cers. "Steve Wilson was our campaign manager," he says. "lt was a very dirty campaign with many election irregularities. It culminated with Enid Taylor threatening to sue 'Dog' Murphy for slander." jerry Looker, the traditional Santa at the faculty breakfast, remembers the Yule season when they "roasted" departing .,.7A, 5 vice-principal Bud Davis. Q LA ey if Q.. t," NJ Maybe things don't change much, after all! 'ss Q gi.fE4'f' W A' Faculty 277 9 FX. W-AJ! 1. Bob Hughes discovers that being head football coach can cause worry lines. 2. Debi Craib reads a story to her English class. 3 . Roberta Jester does her eye excercises while she teaches French. 4. Nancy Castricone, adaptive P.E. teacher, smiles encourage- ment to her student. 5. Math teacher Jean Schneider uses her overhead projector as a art time sunlam p. 6. Elorne Economics teacher Luella Syler frowns as her students sew their projects to her pants. 278 Faculty Q , ' Liu !, " Many people have given of their time and services to Villa . ,,,, Park High School for eleven and twelve years. Barbara , ag ' Kurek, Modern World History teacher, commented, "The ' l"' ' thing I like best about Villa Park High School is the terrific students that have left their mark on my memory during the X F' past eleven years." .1 xxy ' rf 7. Greg Benoit shows his student how to operate a camera. 8. Dr. Ron Poland, assistant principal, is disgusted at the sight of pa- Eerwork. 9. arbara Kurek contemplates life as she teaches Modern World His- tory. 10. Counselor Nancy Murray assists a student in his future career plans. 'L ug ,-M 10 'i' i-, --+ - 1 Anne Folkert complains about her dishpan hands. We don't have to tell Coach Oach to smile. Zoe Gibbs demonstrates the tech- nique of kissing as she draws a diagram on the oard. Tim Stevens tries to hide the dirty picture he drew on the board. jim Seal has finally decided to change to cafeteria food. Pat Barrett says," My dog ate my copy of Hamlet." Betty Eagles shows us her new dance step. Joy Iseli shows how much she likes the new attendance system. Can you find Marilyn Groover? Sue Gardiner goes throixixgh the motions of turning into onder Woman. Betty Fisher tries to remember where she left her glasses. Ron Lindsay tries to explain what happened to him when he was so high. Karen Moore tends to business as usual. 280 Faculty iv? X.. fJ 4 , MII' , , 1.1, 5 N f- . W, 1' 11 1 'pq vt Af f .W ' ' 5 . I.-1, I I 71 'I rx f uf -, . . -a ru.. . I' ' ,ff Ujffazif Who are these familiar faces? To new and old students, these faces look familiar because these teachers, custodians, and secretaries have been around for 7-9 years. These people have seen and have gone through many changes at Villa Park, CIF championships, Prop. aff 13, and the fgwgf f'-V ., , 7 , Ma! X J., iff ' 93271 ' Z f f , 2 . r s r w""""' addition of the new benches are the major events they remem- ber. These teachers have also experienced many changes in them- selves. Allan Trefry, activities director, states he is more calm and confident in running his activities. Dave Lawrence, draft- ing instructor, feels he is more organized, more educated, and able to be more flexible to the ever changing needs of the stu- dents. A 4 .,-,-:-.wi 1 so u V 4 tis Pl r , .11 '15 9 ,4 liege? f., t . .L f :np in M4544 . ,Lf Smile, Betty Burnett, it's candid camera. Dave Lawrence sketches his dream house. What new activities does Allan Trefry haviflanned? Schedule changes keep head counselor, ary Anne Owsley bus . jeff Ehrlich hlolds on to the desk to keep his balance. Earwin Elliot takes a breather during the long, hard ay. Steve Garrahy remembers where he left his book. Bob Graupensber er is dumbfounded by a question. Barbara Poole looEs pleased with her new job in work exlfenence. G' ly Ruiz, don't take the tractor, you'll kill yourself! Dave White looks shocked by some ofthe captions in the annual. f 1 r , My, i 4 Each of these members of the Villa Park staff has been "shopping" around this school for five to six years. This was way back in the olden days when prices were low and people could actually buy a loaf of bread without breaking their bud- get. They will probably still be working here and "bringing home the bacon" for another five to six years. So watch out returning Spartans, because they'll be "producing" many more rules and regulations to keep you in line! 2 Q . '. 'gil lx ,' A gig g ..t . 3 .I 1 A J V, M It ,. , 'Z 11' , - ' e. "a '. i - - 1 lf , Q...--w ... 3 ' f p.,,,j -- i ,Q sg V N 5, 6 3 284 Faculty 4 fvggifzefafzl ,1 it , ,V.3,,?, . J a q i , IV' :r ef ff- ' "ff 01 H" 'f G 1, 155319. - .ir 'UQ il .f 539.171, -f., ,!,. ., ' fff ,. ,g.,4,.,a f oxwj. , ,QMS t . r mf: H , :W '24-2 ,Q 'A f if fp 4 , Q ,fn Q A f f wff 127 , y if J tri! if J, l liz? ' V f I, ffff, XM' fff X f, WM ' ' ,, fn- . Fic .if W f 1' iff!! rf f,-mf , j I ' I f .,l 5 if If if Q 4. "Y 7fl1fWmlW'ar4kWfW:7hWl4iWwJVAW7mvlW7v11nw2vI6 774011 f:i2'.Zc"f ' V flifilmf j H g . 3 ,f D guna 'TheIHve1IJSb4Year if 1 1: Iiarvest 14? PN Grace Fritz can't seem to remember what she was writing. "You see class, this is where the native plant, Cannabis grows." explains Dave Shelton. Darlene Wilson grits her teeth and looks to see if anyone knows that her fingers are caught in the ty ewriter. Sherry Smith tries to remember where she is as her sixth period history class does their calisthenics. Virginia Brady bites her tongue in an effort to stay silent during House of Representatives meetin . "Okay, give me the cash now ang these answers are yours!" says janet Curtis. Ray Shanafelt shuffles through papers in a state of panic. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, ' Rob Robinson reads to his British Lit. class, not realizing yet that he has been glued to his stool. ute Brent Baily . . . real Cute! Faculty 285 "High peaks and deep valleys," is Val Popov's descrip- tion of his four years at Vila Park. Expressing a similar sentiment is Special Ed, teacher Kay Husson. "lt's been interesting, colorful, and detrimental to my physical well being," she says. "I've enjoyed my time here," says Dennis Moody, "but when you have to fight for your job, that takes some of the fun out of it." With enrollment dropping and the teaching staff being trimmed, Moody was not the only staff member concerned about his job. Speech teacher Suzanne Center spent her year under the ax while lead- ing the Speech Team to record heights, and secretary Betty Barrett took on two jobs at once. A 286 Faculty 4 all .055 . .,, I 01 ' .ft N. Q A 1 f 4 f R. 6 7 8 9 10 9 J -5 .vw-ww-xt-. .fs NMA A fb I .n,p. J r . A J 'es ff? ,atiiff r ,gs If -'17 t lim Cruikshank pretends to be the Fonz. BettyuBarrett types with her eyes closed so that she won't hear the Xerox mac 'ne. "Hey, Iookey here, classp I'm the teacher, so be cool," says Val Popov. Kay Husson attem ts to shoot her tiddlywink into the bucket. After just leaming Eow to tie his shoe, Dennis Moody concentrates in an attempt to do it by himself. Dr. lack Fox concentrates on defense. Lee Curtis pretends not to notice the books burning on the shelves. Suzanne Center tries to muster up a pose for this plcture. Iamie Brown smiles in German for the Camera. "I vant your blood . . . " snorts drama teacher Linda janicki. l l l I s is c """'h., Y 7 K 2 4 "My most memorable experience at V.P.H.S, was being in charge of the pep squad class," Stephanie Cunningham sta- ted. Many teachers at Villa Park High School have also been faced with such tasks as hers. Marlene Virus, the school nurse has been trying to get all of the health education she can into students. Alma Reed, secretary in personnel, enthu- siastically states, "I have no goals. I love my job and I love helping all of the students -the good and the bad." Q , P ,T im '.....enh A mol is t land: dill Gill. d 'lie X K ii-J A 6 Bob Rammaciotti's most memorable moment as a teacher was when he and his wife got in a fight and his wife went to the school where he was teaching and walked into the class- room, handed him a flower, kissed him on the cheek, and walked out. The class then asked who she was and he had replied, "I've never seen her before." fix Marvel Iohnson, along with keeping the nurse's office in running order, has had 4 foreign exchange students reside at her home . Stephanie Cunningham teaches ceramics and is looking forward to the continued growth in the art department. . Marlene Virus enjoys herself in her new office. Steve Tarabilda expresses his feelings about the basketball team lerry Smith stands guard at the entrance to the sports equipment room as he finishes his famous line of, "Get out of here!" Sue jordan helps a few students overcome their handicaps. . Pat Mahoney calmly discusses the advantages of taking metal shop . Bob Rammaciotti enjoys teaching and the students in his classes Alma Reed feels that becoming friends with the students is a very important part to her job. I 1 vl' .aa , '-1---4,5 AM' b,haF2Y.i.i' -, ,L r L+ fb. X . X 9 Grace Paulson smiles happily because she got a note to go home early. Mary Silzel eagerly types her daily report. Mr. riendly, urt Wahl, reads the " heory of Relativity" to his chemistry scholars. On his reak, Dave Nelson, tells his friend about his first tri to Malibu Grand Prix, And here is Bill ghamberlain! Such enthusism, yes, it has to be . . . Band Director Richard Polley. Karen Warner explica como hacer las tortillas, Mary Ester Blakley tries to pinch the notes she sang to show her students what they look like. Giving his class a warning laser shot from his Ben, ravis Haskins orders them to be quiet. reading the task of typing Saturday work stu- dies, Harriet Colburn me itates. OH NO, don't show this to my Spanish class, thetylllgo LOCO," states Lydia Arellanes. Ly ia uznetsov would rather play tennis. . 6 290 Faculty .ak Q wi 'L' 'l' .' 4 Wm. gf?-. . '- This year Villa Park's faculty was blessed with four new faces: Lydia Arellanes, Pep Squad Advisor and Spanish teacherg Harriet Colburn, secretary to assistant principalg Travis Haskins, annual and journalism teacherp and Lydia Kuznetsov, Algebra 1A teacher. Getting off to a good start isn't easy at a new school when you don't know what to expect. A memorable experience for Mr. Haskins was when all his Advanced Comp. students turned in their assignments on time. Good luck to the new items on the supermarket shelf, hope your stay is a profitable one. n 42 '-:Spf . -. -,421 vfzfl- - 4.3! .f,. ram - f gy' :P '- , 'I E7 5 Q4 , 12 Faculty 291 Time Flies When Y0u're Having Fun Eight years of dedication - that's what Activities Direc- tor Allan Trefry has given to Villa Park High School. He has spent an immeasurable amount of time participating in countless activities. Each morning Mr. Trefry guided the A.S.B. Cabinet in times of trouble, during heated disputes, and in hours of work and planning. As Key Club advisor he has led through bench washing, basketball game food sales, and on-again, off-again Sweetheart Dances. He has served as temporary cheerleader advisor and has swum often with the Scuba Club. We offer our warmest Wishes at Orange High. Villa Park will miss him. I -Q fi ,WQQQQ gk . sy, QQ. 1. I . E Thank you for all the support and help you have given the entire Cabinet. We could not get along without your guidance and persever- ance. At one time or another we have all depended on you. Robin Piantidosi, A.S.B. Treasurer Villa Park High wouldn't have run smoothly without him. He gets here at 7 a.m. and doesn't leave until he gets his job done. Mr. Trefry is the hardest working member on our Cabinet. He's always there when we need him and never too busy to stop and help. Cathy O'Neill, A.S.B. Commissioner of Pep Mr. Trefry is one of I 5 1 I. those special people who f I , 1 'ff' help others - always . ' there to guide the stu- f dents in any project, al- .Q ways there to help the 5 staff. Memories from high 'W school years come from A ' student activities. Virginia Brady I think Mr. Trefry is the Key Club advisor so he can eat a bacon, egg, and hashed brown breakfast gil, every Wednesday. Robert Del-Imagine School Board Rep ,M ' V Mr. Trefry has been in- volved in every activity on this campus. He has been the person to see concerning anything and everything. The Congress meetings ran smoothly and efficiently be- cause of his knowledge. Fortunately for many of us who have worked with him, he has kept his ever- present sense of humor. Vil- la Park is losing a great Acti- vities Director. He will be missed. Melissa Gross A.S.B. Vice-President In eight years Allan Tref- rey has touched the lives of hundreds of students. He is a very caring, sensitive per- son who has guided stu- dents yet given them space to grow. He is always will- ing to help where needed. We will miss him tremendously. Grace Fritz For the years that I have been here at Villa Park High School, Allan Trefry has come to be a very good friend. I enjoy being associated with things that Allan is part of. We have had fun performing together in our Christmas program, and having fun around has eased the pain of pres- sures. He is a hard working guy whom everyone loves and whom every- one is going to miss. lack Fox Mr. Trefry 293 W V1 14 1 ,4 i 95 'Q fa W J' , 4 . .,,,. The Advertiser He buys everything, but spends nothing. With publicity as his goal, the advertiser tells about everything except the products he wants to sell. Shoppers trudge along feeling dead While visions of dol- lar signs fill in his head. Donates to "worthy" causes so much that his business is essen- tially "worthless" 1.1. ., ,. l gm-fb With one hand out- stretched taking money, the other is outstretched giving it to people like us who need advertisements. Waits by the phone for answers to his ads. Spends more money advertising in the Pennysaver than any- thing else. Closes the shop early on a good day. Advertising Division 295 Qwa' am 5ummE12,of5m 'EWG Dudfwcvc had 5OYf'C390odE game bm ei weve 3 . N 2 66259 , , LQ 'R 'W' ce9 Qglx Q O DON-pow YQ 515 " QLSNQPY Q my 111120 Ban ws Q 1 fzfw ff 5f N 12' buf wt gof an SO' ULJCCOIW C+ Y-ne! Ks ' W 'smws S. f if1.ovc: a ff Han era-up sz Jr' p LNEELUEES NHTUKEWIV Q ,X f FYLIR Q. YARN' BDOOQJE, ? 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LOVE, YOUR PARENTS WATERPOLO WATERPOLO WATERPOLO WATERPOLO WATERPOLO Qedbfa, 011 71? Hefty .wnvtzf In my sffzfl fda' mmf inf Qgkamf, QU!!! QW!!! Jw!!! l rf sae.. l , ,.e. gmc i , , I, F "A daughter is a gift whose worth cannot be measured except by the heart." to I i 5 1 4, Z 1 5 I .y i Z Q Q il? 1 "ZR, hte r has brought us a lot of joy . . .the joy of vvatc ing you grow, the jo ofsharing in your life and now the very special 1oy of seein what a won erful person you've become, A Congratu ations on your graduation, We are very proud of our beautitul Kellely, having you for a daug dau hter. Wgth all of our love and a wish for everything beautiful in life, We love vou, Morn, Dad and Blake Nl ike, Whether you're 8 mos., 8 years, or 18 We love you! Congratulations! YOU'VE BEEN A DELIGI-IT! Love, Mom, Dad, Chip, Leslie, and Shannon 1' ' ff' Xl I 'W f Dear Iulie, 1 Fl 2 f 3 4 5 'il 6 7 3 . 'Wt' "" 8 1 -:g,:' 1-. 1' 9 529' f is iw I Q . 10 .z"""" 5, 11 12 K1 Do you remember . . TAC - Ham Sandwich. "Julie wears glasses?" Count to 10 in Hawaiian. Shots. Beck 's ears. Brownies. E e Slurger . Muffin. Sgateboardy at Kim's. Cleaning for Mrs. Chacon. Not using R.R.'s. Chaperoning Terre 8: Eric. Waiting at Ioe's. "Fright Night" - Girl Scouts Finger in R.R. door - Blood Samples - Roy Rogers. Forgetting your clarinet. Foreign Food Project "I-Iicke -Off Pim le Pads" CFD Sugar Clube Castlle - Toothpick bridge Terre as our TA fPencilJ Babe - Woofus - Drums in Band. "Child" TEARS - Ieanninefeyebrows, and Sunburn. "These are meatballs ' Babe at the pond I.R. Powers, Cheerleadincg Tryouts - Mexico over Easter - an Sunburn. Matzatlan, "Layto", Mononucleosis, and Sunburn. Tiger Lily - "When does it stop hurting?" Gucci- and Sunburn. GWZZZ 9661 Sr 9662 - 5th Dimension dream - STYX, Straw Hat!Littlefields and Sunburn. Plastic Beach Bag, IRPowers, IOURNEY QLIMOD "lt's that Point!' "Midnight!" and Sunburn. "A.B.A.L." We love you, Sire, Mom and Terre lk lf S l W R 'G l at Uh- L, 53 .gh .5 You have reached out, touched, and Blessed each one of us. God Bless You and keep ou. Love, Dad and Mom Steve, Davidi Paul, and Maxie. DON'T LAUGH SUZIE, We're all planning to attend your College Graduation Cere- mony, too! ' ., , ,, ., zz ff, f 1 , , ip., , . ,,, , 715 4 Tfiifvi 327 , , ,L 5 gg, ff: , iff. E, -' 1, C ongmtzzlcztiom, bert wzlvbes and All ofoznf love, Mom and Dad, ,I61"1"j!,f6d7'Z71Z.6, Cathy, Mike, Anthony, Dmfztf, me Dvzniel f' 42 iq-okufcyoam cfwzffzfsr- tale' one Jzifl af af flf7?K' Jadfwifjff .ilebtlfjgf Karas, ,flaw cafe to 612726. rqovbwjawt rieafrw ffm rumfnikf cfwzf Z ,fwfr fmmfieaf WW Of Qfdfengyowt 15414541 wif 56 f7Zd!ZQjl', Q!ZQ!!7Z0f'6' Zjddzymflf C6271 06 . . gem, ZA6rf40dd50ifA6ffY!cW6l1f QXZJ tie' MA zkzafafwzoufzffafk 500 . . . QMS !'6!7?f'!7ZA6'!2 M6 MY 05611127 cms !Z606!L QA? JMKQP can fifty 426072, 216419 ofa iy0wf A24 gm. mm wma W f From Serrano, Cerro Villa, tt , 2 Congratulations! and V.P.H. S. y to KAREN ALYCE you made if, DORLER C Dalai- , onigaxyy ations Eighteen years have slipped by so quickly! "How proud we are of you sweet- heart!" This is a special time in your life! We are especially pleased with your faithfulness to God, yourfriends, and most ofall yourfamilyl As we reflect upon your memorable growing years, we think ofa toddler chasing "Smokey" with a string. . . ou love to tease. At aige 3, you were an adzrable cheerleader and mascot for our Alma Mater footbal team. At age 5, you were so thrilled to have your own "live" baby doll . . , b . a new aby sister, At age 9, moving to Oranie, entering Taft and making new friends was a milestone. Turning 13 was a IG event: you were now attending Peralta. You Z Mom Dad Teri T Kelly ,, 4 Sie V9 X wore a back brace unfortunately, yet you he ped others in the district with Scoliosis discussions. Then carne Villa Park High, football games, more friends, your drivers license and medical R.O.P. classes, This led to yourfirst job in the medicalfield. We wish you much success in this endeavor! "This is your life so far . . . Thanks for being YOU!" We love you, Karyn, MOM, DAD, CHERYL, 8 Lady l miluv2toyrc Ill TO: LISA A. MOE You,ve worked hard these past 12 years and your wholefarnily is so very proud ofevery step you have taken. Youre on your way now honey. There are all sorts ofdoorsfor you to open and a world ofexperi- ences, hut never compromise your values, and youlll continue to shine as you always have. Congratulations on your big day. We all love you. Moni,johnny,jason, Denise and Grarnmie f wcvtcieafyoaf wwf wah 1700 iewfafyow cfy, wwf tczfzi. fue Qseefzlyoaf kdm' cha' .!6ZQ!!Z0t0L?Md360Ly0ib Lfzzchczfzfeg Lqiczfzicymzg each fig, fm famed al our ffzomexzziff euefy my Mm HCZWFQQ ?J.QUC9, VJZ . why fm mfaffff fzfzzf 769 K QKIIIH7' Qy0cy0!lf flf770fIl! CIN!!! .1-tok' ' 1625! A611191 Cgaufbff 56611 .Suzi fl' KIIOIZIIQIYQX flfllfyifff 172 1723, guqyfdzizg KIIZIIXINOFF yzwznfffff K0 My Dear Little Great Granddaughter, You finally made it! The time has gone byfast. We thought you might like a look at the past. Through the past years we'oe shed a few tears. Since you weren't very old, the rest ofthe story is easily told. Your eyes always so bright and clear, your determination always near. And every year as more candles were lit, you grew taller bit by bit. Prom the beginning we could always see you could be anything you wanted to be. Always loving and caring, your life is spent in sharing. Basketball stats, business skills classes, Pep Club, and those dances, too - this is all just the beginning for you. High school went past, our baby girl, CI-IELLY-LYNN grew so fast. These are only part of our dearest mernori that are built to last and last! Congratulations and good luck. We're proud of you! With Love, Grandma Nellie fl' af of pix ES df? ff WI' , ,f'7:'i,? 'Qwrybjf ' 1 ' , 1. ' . C ' ' V ' 5 , wytyl, la, , f ,W r" .ff ' .71 5 ff-, Lvl 1 0' , ' ' 'lflqfr ,iff 'f I g!- fr I 9 1 f ai, ffm ,Q foo , 1 f 'V ' ' of 'r' ,V I , ,,, off WA, 1 J , fl I M 'V , 'Z Wf M . ,,-ntl' Z , ,wywfff ZZW'!,'f , ,, y W, , U ' ,, .i,, ,ff f fff 1, r 7 If IZ' 'lv ' - 44 X lf 6 iv rv "xt 1' fi r 2 K 'f fr ,Q i if 4 I We h J f 1 V , wwe! ,aff-x,1V, rl .1109 V be 1, 3 l l iff' , f I Z fag f ,I fr riff gwfyfffn w W ,wi 7 ft may ' 'i 'GMX' V' Elem ' f-we ' aiu, ,. at 4,271 M -ae. , . f jlrgf, ' 'azfmglwyzfi , i l 'f is rj! Wi AW Wd f ', 'fl X, X nab higl Ofh ton ind SVR it PTO I I , I T -ou f. I , Scott Gray I You Made It. Q, ,fr pf' ay: 'f ze.. N If . 3 G , fi " R W A My , T U L A I T I O Betsy Ig Thank you We wish you for great memories! happiness Pride excitement joy success A few ! ? ! fulfillment Love love I I Made It. Good Luck! I I Love You, Mother I I I I I ',.- W ay.",Ii3 I I" , .. V .9 , I l .5 744. " 7111! Q, I 1.y::1fi.' -,Vw f' f ., K ,ff 5621 61,431 'Y' r ' W" r .z'El.f39Z'.-lf 135 , 47 1e"'ftfiZ?:",'1- T AM-'!"f-Qf' .f4?i125' ' ' 'f-,La Pl?" ff' 4-119' ,I .f2.af9L,,f f' I ff .,-, l ' v,,f2E4E21 ififfw , ff -- l Frances Ricks I , You've come a long way I baby, from a bathing cutie to a l high school beauty. The best of luck to you, the best is yet to come. May the Lord bless you and keep you now and for- ever. r We love you, and we're proud of you! Mom, Dad, Cheryl, Peter, Sidney, and Ruth lk- 1 X. -it , - '-fff25'f iv! ,iff .M You are everything a family could hope for. Con- gratulations and all our love. Mom, Dad, Bill Grammar school is in the forgotten past. Iunior High is a faint memory. High School has gone down to defeat. Look out U.C.I., here I come! Success and Love, Grandpa Congratulations, Colette. The best of luck to you in the future with friends and whatever challenges come your way. Love, Andrea Dearest Colette: You are beautiful and a pride and a joy. One of God's finest gifts. May you have faith in your dreams . . . confidence in your future . . . and the kind of purpose that gives life its real meaning. The World is waiting for you - enjoy it. Love, Mom and Dad TJ. Vvlq. ,I ZIAQV !. V - ia ,f ,,i.:- - I NEVER EVEN E2 ri If ? f ,iv gk I Q ,iffy Z 7 . ,f X , , '4-:'. ' ' ' Too HED T-YE CBUW r Z I I a , f ' l 4 4 I 1 "f , . , f f I 1 l ff 1 ,- f , f 1 af , J A 4 A 4 fy, X 2 il L .f ,M ,... l 1 fmusgibrlvp 1 r , 4 1 , 4, 'rl v w f - V , H . ,--- . ft" 3 5 ZK. ' "You are the greatest. . . . Rob Pai O .V f , We are so proud of you! . L' I L Congratulations, Lisa, and to all ' or r your wonderful friends. . - Love Love You MOHL l1I'f1, lamle ' d I Sherrie, and Iulie Dad' Mom' an Ken You Light Llp Our Lives '34 H- , 1- I 111' .-of gk.. M dv. V1f..,i- .V ,ifZ2.0,.,. . 1535 354 'ffl'-"'-'Ewa " r .cz-mt 22- ag, L- r fs' I i 7 , V hz y y H me s l Dear Renee, As you approach high school graduation,with pride we extend our congratulations. " We've watched you grow in so many ways and hope your future holds only happy days. May your goal be fulfilledg may your dreams come true . Don't ever forget how much we love you! Dad, Mom, and Lori Looe, Mom and Dad 310 Advertising ilfiiii When You Go With Hunter Publishing Company, The Cnly People Doing The Work Are Hunter People. Hunter Publishing Company The "ULTIMATE" Choice in Yearbook Publishers Akkh Ph '- l,fAlxx 1802 NORTH TUsT1N AVENUE 8 to ORANGE, CALIFORNIA 92667 , jot? Phone f714J 998-8181 . 0 l V' 'l l l IOHNQPHYLLIS A IAMIESON 4' ' 'K a. U '. F .. 1072 Student Discount Congratulations Class of 1982! "multi Lee M. Wight, D.D.S., lnc. Udmlfillrp' xqryuflniunkofgi if 2901 E. Katella Avenue, Suite A, Orange, California 92667 C7141 633-8484 312 PHONE 538-9677 5. Qemunzio, A DENTAL CORPORATION games Stfzatton, INCORPORATED 2901 E. KATELLA. SUITE B ORANGE, CA 92667 Serving Villa Park and Surrounding Areas VILLA PARK POOL SUPPLY INC. Monthly Pool Service Chemicals 17837 Santiago Complete Parts 8: Acc. Villa Park, Ca. 92667 Pool Sweeps 8: Repairs 17141 637-9051 LINDA BUFFINGTON INTERIORS Linda Buffington 17767 Santiago Blve., Suite 609-610, Villa Park, CA 92667 C7141 998-5272 Featuring Custom Designs Prim Iewelers, Inc. "Complete Watch and Iewelry Service" Open Friday Until 9:00 P.M., Sat. Until 5:00 P.M. 1920 N. Tustin Blvd. Telephone: Orange, California 714-637-8110 N.:-vw! 4! . ' f . sl-iow1'lME 2 I71 47 998-0039 N Younrme 1 Rentals and Sales ACCESSORIES o JVC 81 PANASONIC VCR's LATEST MAJOR STUDIO RELEASES TDK 81 FUJI BLANK CASSETTES 'I858 NORTH TUSTIN ORANGE, CA 92665 kMemories are forever. Rent the look at After Five. J After Five Tux Shop Sales and Rentals 1028 N. Tustin 633-6365 in Orange kfbetween Collins and Katellaj J C7145 637 4461 X CIMISS ham design precision haircutting 17845 SXNVIPGQ VILLA PAQK C24 92567 K Ask for T.O. J F We have the latest casual and traditional sportswear for men and boys. Come See Us! Congratulations Class of 1 982 , 'X l .A SSA . 3,51 5 SUNNY SMITH CLOCKTOWEH LARWIN SQUARE c5ENTER 8'8':?i30 991825522 Mon.-Sat. 10-6 X Mon.-Sat. 10-6 Sun. 11-3 J K milfs Glzantcistic OVER 65 DIFFERENT HOT 81 COLD SANDWICHES 1812 N. TUSTIN AVE., ORANGE AT THE CLOCK TOWER "COME ON IN!" 998-3822 FOR FAST SERVICE CALL FIRST HOURS: 11'0 AM -7' .o .. .ooP.MM in F K 11:00 A.M.-ezoo P.M s i J f Congratulations Class of 1982 N "We coordinate and help plan your class reunion" femdom Ayofzeum 1350 W. Collins Ave., Suite E Orange, California 92667 K7l4l 997-3745 or 998-4556 "We Coordinate -- You Locate" Contact us for '87 and '92 K lack and Dottie Dorler - Directors J 313 N N Congratulations to the graduating class of 1982. May your future be equally matched by good health and success. K This above all, to thine own self be true, and it must follow as night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man. 3 Az - William Shakespeare - Most sincere future wishes, Allan Sheridan D.D.S., M.S. Diplomat of the American Board of Orthodontics Member Member Member Member Member College of Diplomats American Association of Orthodontics Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontics Orange County Dental Society American Dental Association 314 Advertising K f to W I Robert s Tuxedos 1874 N. Tustin Orange, CA C7141 - 637 998-1420 In The Tustin Plaza Across The Street from K-Mart "The Same Great Service at a New Location" Plenty of Parking P1 Q U A uw ,, .... --' 0 , 1' 5, .. 7 4 I 5 ,- L. t. V Q Congratulations to the Class of '82 dr. james p. furcolow, optometry 17829 santiago blvd., villa park, ca 92667 47145 998-6610 WILLIAM N. LANGSTAFE, D.D.S. A PROFESSIONAL DENTAL CORPORATION FAMILY DENTISTRY 17871 Santiago Blvd., Suite 228 Villa Park, Ca 92667 Phone: 714-637-9270 Congratulations To The Class Of '82 X J Advertising 315 Advisor Editor-in-Chief Copy Editor Head Photographer Travis Haskins Debbie Kincade Melissa Gross Mike Sitzman Z .,., 4 4446, ,, a,,.., I ,A .md 316 Credits "We Did It ' Melissa Gross, Debbie Kincade Staff Members: Debbie Nowicki Melinda Kepner Tammie Gretz Drue Holthe Cheryl Leighton Blaine Maruka Dennis Ryan Katherine Haan Bob Howery Russell Iones Bethy Kelley Iodi Goodman Linda Van Meter Darilynn Hotchkiss Tim Ludin Laura Richter Lynn Myracle Leslie Hotchkiss lay Eckstein Richard Ackley l' E I ' "For You Zak!" 1- J-ff-"' i ---... , 'N .sv f -1-, I YAJX3 K 4 1 V, .' -A , - ,asm This year's Odyssey is dedicated to Jim Zakzeski, who unfortunately decided to move to the cramped smog-free state of Nevada. The Supermarket theme was his idea, and so we only saw it fitting to carry out his "dream", Thanks, Zak, for your inspiration and genu- ine interest. We miss you! And thank you, Mr. Haskins, for taking over a somewhat stubborn and strong-willed group of editors. Good luck to you in the years to fol- low. Editors Student Life Phyllis Mendez Sophomore Lisa Anderson Iunior Mary Giannetakis Senior Renee Rosacker Sports Dori Cutler Faculty Terry Ricks Creativity Brent Waechter Advertising Lisa Hunter Credits 317 The Class of 1982 Checks Out ,l I o I ,L Closing 319 3 C1 g From azure hills to shimmering sea, Our school stands true to all. Villa Park, our noble school of Spartans, proud and tallg Of Blue and Black and Silver Our colors we do singg The glory of our victories The Spartan way shall ring. By Don R. Buck 4,Rs:bm.,mwxm.-a-.ff.v',. .fa-aw v 4 , ' 0 U Www iQQQ 5333322555 K EBEEEEEEQU B ak ga + Wlllllwh- aww w Naamumas au fa 9 5 A Q o if- V 'R' fr- 'X I, mmaaageew 'M X mam ma Q , S fi 3? W W ages uw ' waaam aw xx nw 11541. Q fa

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