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0'5oQ23DYSSE?6'2 Il I I ' I E Volume I XIV 2 I. OPENING 53' :ta 1. STUDENT LIFE, Q ! 3. SENIORS .A O 4. ACADEMICS M 5. Iumons 6. SPORTS gb' . 1. SOPHOMORES Qs J' s. ADs-INDI5x-CLOSING ,A 'fe av 0' 9 90 nm I2 Z I. Lauren Schwartz swings at pinata as wild misses. 2, Disguised as a, sophomore. Steve Alcorn intrudes on ti sophomore history class to gather booty. 3. Muscleman Mike Capps practices for Si: Spartan. ' 4. Early in October Diane Hart votes in thl sophomore class elections. 5. The class of '80 demonstrates the spiril that often challenged upperclassmen, 6. As sophomore registration line creeps forward Janice Drew wonders if she will g her classes. 1 5 onlookers cheer her 3 4 6 3 r lm ,..x. . is' Ss. ft ey've Qnly Just Begun The Carpenters ike the ugly duckling that suddenly came of age, homores were awakened and found themselves the e, yet somehow different. hev floated in from Peralta, Cerro Villa and district and state schools. No one knew and some sophomores knew no one. They herded together, led through registration then free to find their way and hopefully themselves. -.L.. Sophomores are traditionally the bottom of the system. They are shorter than the crowds. They are invariably lost, confused and late. but the class of '80 emerged cheering. They were overflowing with spirit, competition and vitality. They herded in mass numbers to the "Hi" dance and dominated the floor, their numbers appeared at every function and activity. Classes provided variety from their limited junior high choices. but suddenly so much was required. They were presented with graduation standards. class grading scales, notebook, projects. essays then they realized that They've Only Just Begun. Tk ull' alrmig V ,Q H Opening 3 The Hard Way Everytime 4 Opening .lim Croce Athletics is a power. It is not merely the ability to be best, but rather the ability to try. To every hour of competition there are twenty hours of practice. Practice where there is no glory, no loyal fans, and no motivation besides that which you are willing to put forth. Villa Park strived to be first. Some were, most weren't, but they have learned that second is not failure. Failure is when you don't try, or don't care. ,,-,fs v .K g,. ,F ,X- me .V Y. 'aff v MK' A. nv 1 as Ml 1 . ' ' l'..' Mitlg " c t ' l' .l 5 J ' lu, Q' , 'w,:,. . V 1' .e 'W : "1 ll' .nf-kiwi "'-' ' 2927: T: . 'G li '.lL:?ll"H"lL' 1 ' . -H -iff' .. 1 tc ut X .r T' -- fc .grhih-. -4 very athlete can remember titne they were beaten 27-O, the time they practiced in the rk because they had to run ough it just one more time. The ter was cold, it was 6 am and u went to class with wet hair. u got up at 8 am to watch films en you can still clearly all the mistakes. This athlete, a person who keeps The Hard Way Everytime don't take the easy way L50 QQ T M 5 I -gd ,g -f, .K '- 4' gy , , Ma.,,!:,, ymtxsw-1? . 1 , - t V V l. The water polo team gathers at the side of 5 6 the pool to discuss 1 strategy before the 4 game begins. 2 3 7 2. v.P.H.s. gifts cross-country runs long distances every day pushing themselves to lower their times. 3. Jim Balok eyes to pass the ball. 4. Eric Freidenreich strides through Eisenhower park during a track tneet. 5. Becky Reed volleys the ball during practice. 6. Sandy Papas prepares to spike the ball. 7. Steve Brown drops back to pass to a downfield receiver. U i Opening 5 lt's More Than A Feeling Boston When looking back, high school days are referred to as "the best times of your life." Teens "have it easy" and "don't have a care." Within the facade of memory lies reality. Problems and emotions rule the strange struggle for maturity. High school days are not merely classes and routine for those that reach below the surface and struggle for expression. Peer pressure constantly influences students. There are also the standards from home and pressures for the future. Common problems constantly plague teenagers. ls my face too broken out? Do I have a date for the dance? Do I look all right? Wh is my mom going to say about my "D" in algebra? Did she find out about Saturday? How can l get a readmit when they compare signatures? Will he let me play Saturday when l've been late for the last five practices? Yes, lt's More Than A Feeling. lt was the worst days of your life, at least part of them. I gl A P . 0 'xX,:ty,f'ff -1 FD Q 6 Opening SPAATMNS 'i'.?P"t 'Q' I. The songleaders execute their routine as the band sits 1 4 watching. 6 2. Susan Hanson shuffles 2 3 5 papers as she readies for the next registration table. 3. Jim Balok looks back to see where the noise is coming from. 4. Peggy Avila voices her opinion in World History. 5. Kris Jones leads the line of drill team girls during a half time show. 6. Rob England slowly walks to class, eying the crowd. 1 ll V '- I5 he t v X 9 3 , l . I I P' ' f -4 S.. Opening 7 - ii? 1 'tg Nm 51 Wx wh 'VY rf x il' tl W , f , J, MM A 'TEX wg H In , Mud: ,, m womans i am heret i will be heard. I. A spectator pensively watches the game. 1 2 6 2. Jodi Mullen reads the scores to the crowd 3 4 5 7 during a pep rally. 3. Karen Ford attempts to entertain the camera. 4. Janel Ritchie enioys the sunshine while doing her homework. 5. Sara Owens assertively objects to her picture being taken. 6. A little girl ioins in VPHS halloween festivities. 7. Julie Bigelow. a newspaper reporter attempts to shield herself from the lense of yearbook photographer. I 4 I i Om it nznifl I Opening 9 1 6 34 7 I. Paul Snyder demonstrates the emotion of Lindsay while rehearsing for Auntie Mame. 2. Posing for an Oracle article photo Brian Mason proves that He Has Never Been This Far Before. 3. Odyssey staff photographer Lindi Walker contemplates the composition of a photo, ...u 'n.-J-Q-' " ff ,ri R 'Zh 'H "1" ' ' ek . ,"'xA ' . .- . H N. - Q 'X 3-l " Q L+ "" - 'Q' 4, l IO Opening A e. -as -B Fi Since elementary school. every student has been counting the years until his garduation. They cheered it at every pep rally, had it printed on their class rings and longingly awaited the ceremony that would release them. graduation. Suddenly, the summer is over and you are a senior. Somehow you're not how you had erivisioned. You aren't grown-up, mature and ready for your future. You're still the same 'kid" inside. Even though you're not ready, nothing waits, you have to take the SATs, apply for colleges and keep pushing on even though you would rather iust wait for a while Like a ball that has been slowly gaining momentum since the day you entered school it is now uncontrollable and there is no turning back. You realize that You've Never Been This Far Before and things will never be the same again. Q i ."J.s: 'I 'Q ou've Never Been This Far fore Conway Twitty . Kathy Lehman considers the possibilities for her homework ssignntent. . Metal shop rod iron scraps prove no problem for Dale Frye and friends o relocate. . Alesia Boatright grimaces at the reaction Vocal Ensemble students ave to her hairstyle. . Seniors enioy the pep assembly on their familiar "Senior" benches. aww-4""' gf .eg or V1 It-'.,q.k,,Q. A ,. ,lm I. Missy Stewart went 5 bananas when dressing up 1 for Halloween. , 2. Lana Dalberg furiously 2 ' 6 7 attempts to blow up a balloon no-handed. 3. Janine Lewis and Leslie Goldberg do a sophomore cheer during a pep rally. 4. Doug Kimbell demonstrates the dexterity of the water polo team. 5. Senior girls cheer and clap. demonstrating their school spirit during spirit week. 6, Cheerleaders finish their routine in unison. 7. Gail Brandon stands at attention awaiting the whistle to begin marching. Po -,.j,' Villa Park burst into the l977-l978 school year with a group spirit never seen before. Gone was the apathy, vandalism and dissention of other schools and other years. Sophomores joined in bubbling with the enthusiasm that was reminicent of their junior high days. After a short summer, juniors and seniors returned with a rebirth of energy and competition. They united not as cheerleaders and football players but as students each with their own motivation and intensity. School spirit came in many formst football players played their best: runners ran their fastest. Cheerleaders yelled their loudest, the government strived for the finest . .. everyone participated they dressed up, dressed down, painted banners, decorated lockers. I2 Cpening 6 W1 .7 ,, .-1. -:fi ff I x if 5 Q Yin . ig 1' 3 f 5 4 . . ,-"H 1 L s 5 I. Jeff Janzsen and Wendy Payne watch the football game. 2 During a break In class Karen Storruste and Randy Hage prove that they are very good friends 1 2 - 6 . ' ' . 7 3 4 8 . n 3. Bob Wells and EI Bonham concentrate on completing their art assignment. 4. Fred Dominguez comments to his friend Robert Thomas. 5. Jim Lindquist and Roy Araki express their feelings towards the penalty give to V.P.H.S. 6. Mike Timpane and Darrel Kuchner horse around with friend Judy Borin during lunch. 7. Janet Berchoilly talks with her friends during nutrition. 8. Susan Powell and Scott Taylor enjoy the shade of the trees during lunch. I4 Opening yy-nr u've Got a Friend Carole King nherent within us all is the need to be needed. High ool is not merely a physical state of academics and rse cirr' ' ' ' ' ' iculum but Il IS also a time for friendship and will be remembered not by the score of game, the homecoming queen, or the thirty page paper but by the friends you made and kept. Girls walk the halls sharing their problems, sad times and happy times. A couple holds hands sitting on the grass during a sunny lunch break. The team gets together at Sizzler to discuss the game, or maybe they just eat and laughs they are friends. At lunch the benches are lined with groups and couples, people sit on the grass, under the trees, and lean over the balcony, they are friends. they depend on each other. When Villa Park is just a memory it's sunshine and the friends that will be remembered. Opening I5 I6 Opening i fn,-. 4 4 Student Life I. Talking to fellow cheerleader. Kathy Losi laughs at a witty comment. 2. Varsity Cheerleaders show 3 4 6 7 their spirit by dressing up for Halloween. 3. Chris Haydt cheers as fellow classmates look on. 4. Carolyn Van Den Berg anxiously awaits her turn to cheer. 5. Varsity Cheerleaders cheer on despite the loss of the Spirit Stick. 6. Chris Haydl. Lori Rosaeker, lisa Huffington lead yell at Orange pep assembly, 7. Cheering 1 2 5 in unison the varsity pepsters shake. Qin it I8 Pep Squad heerleading is an perience every girl should ve. But once you are elected n on working and believe you have to be able to give After working from 8 to IO am every morning in sun IIIICI' school. the pep squads traveled to Santa Barbara to attend the U.S.A. Cheerleading and Songleading camp. They learned many different routines and cheers. They were at the camp for four days and three nights. At the end of the trip both the Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleading squads came home with trophies for excellence and spirit sticks. d take. Nadia Ansari 4 fr -f 'N .,x . Rv D I 1 Pep Squad I9 K I. Band members stand playing during their Disneyland Performance. 2. The baritones perform during a football half-time. 3. The 1 2 4 5 6 , , . . . band stands in perfect rank in file awaiting the Signal from their director. 4. Band director Rick 3 7 8 . . A . . Hittinger gives a ready signal to his band. 5. Banners stand fast waiting for half-time to begin 6. I976-I97? drum major Bill Bower leads the Homecoming half-time. 7. Betsy Wall: sternly concentrates on her double flag routine. 8. Band members stand in position during a morning practice. l 1 I .,' if QE l'.ll f214l',.:"'-'E ..q:1lu.'nV-9' ala- :glitz " NF-1 3 Wg., Q5i,xm.if9-Q, 5,5 i qt E tg if is '.y.t.t,ite5.ta,i, - w. 1. - - 1 W 3 nd .x lv yi' l x ,' , ' 4 ff? 5 fl 'z Q 'ri X ll". 'K I 1" 5 + 0 ft K- A - -yi..',Fu:gV " r 1' " " f f f 'B a . . if if K' ' " f iii- 97 . Lf Y J my . yy 4 N' 9 . my it . . 'H F: 3.3 ' I Y ,K -gps V . 51,5 MQ.-U rr, ' C . -isa ' E' Q' x , ltj',.3,,,,j:t: ,,.y,h . - W I .- , N . g ., .H Y 1 .N if l"'fUl' .1 it 7- B Q, ' 'nl ' "5?'v " ' W-' t . mp. , X, ...,,?. . . D "7iif".ff"'.z B" 'Q ' ' , .A 4. 2 . . .J ee. 'iillg' ' -' . 1 - 4 e., . at-3. 20 Band-Drill Team Performances We marched to the beat of a different director." The band and drill team faced many difficult problems they marched into l977-l978. They opened their season with a new director, Rick ttinger and a fresh new sophomore drum major, Randy e. Much like other years the band and drill team spent any long hours practicing and working up their half- e and parade routines. They stepped off on their left Steve Morris foot by placing first in all areas of their initial competition, San Fernando. The band practiced every Thursday night, pacing the parking lot until well into the evening. Drill team met ITIOSI mornings as early as 6:l5 to learn and perfect routines. After hours of practice they emerged as a unit and overcame their earlier difficulties. Band-Drill Team Performances 2I ' f 531 A U null i , Y 1" ' v b 51'- 'X " ' 'N Q, , '7 'pgs-., 2 3, H ' 1 X A Wx 5131 W W " ' .,,-n d A . V zzv q f, f W , g ' of , Q, jf, x I ur I' rg, gr. 'L ' Q, te' it :I ,r :fix K 'x x H3 B ' iv 5 . jg . Alb. , l wx ," in N 'Q n wx "' 9 JA 493' I. Diane Speich pensively watches as Villa Park makes another first down. 2. Jackie Graham and l 4 5 Jamie Phelps look on as junior cheerleaders 3 6 7 perform in spirit competition. 3. Benchwarmers await the conclusion of half- time show to set up signs. 4. Being signaled from backstage by Jodi Mullen. Leslie Moyer is cued for the next cheer. 5. Liz Boulger keeps time for the seniors as they yell "78 is great". 6. Concerned about the score Jackie Graham watches our fumble recovery. 7. Temporarily sidelined JV cheerleaders watch varsity pep routine. l 1 sf! 1 F' w a 4 ' ... AM. Pep Squad 23 V , gpwwf TAM 'Q it T Fug, rig gfrrst-m'd.+M . ,fi i i -' ' f ?ii'i"""' r 24 Homecoming Homecoming was a time for the past. Past graduates emerged to see the football team victorious, the Homecoming queen crowned and returned the next night for the Homecoming dance. Everyone waited in anticipation for the queen to be announced, the bond of secrecy held until the very last moment when Nadia Ansari was crowned. A flood of tears and hugs followed, then the court walked to get their pictures taken, Jill Jory supported by decorated pink crutches. While the memory of the crowning lingered, the team returned to clinch the game, defeating Orange I7-O. - 'I think that Homecoming turned out eally well, l will remember it for a long ime." ini to some future hontecoming. Michelle Julian Homecoming l977-I97S will long be remembered as the dance on mpus that "really wasn't that bad", the crown that somehow wouldn't on Nadia's head and the dog on the carpet. Nothing is ever perfect tnost say that it will remain a sweet memory till they are returning as l. Spectators stand to watch the kickoff. 2. Dale Frye and Patricia Haretakis 1 6 enjoy Homecoming in a quiet way. 3. Cheerleaders build a pyramid celebrating 3 4 7 the last seconds of the game. -l. Liz Boulgers dog "Stroke" enjoys Homecoming and the queen's red carpet. 5. Joe Gouveta teaches his date. Darla Benson. the hustle. 6. The Homecoming queen. Nadia Ansari, shares happy moments with lter father as she adiusts her crown. 7. The Homecoming court from left to rtghti Melanie Moyer. Nancy Orelup. Jill Jory. Nadia Ansari, Lori Algeo. and Kim Triggs. N-.I this l P f 'P ff , tr QI Homecoming 25 .- .- 1 Z 5 blows with prldc. 7 Wwmb, to Drill T4 am tmnds PLHOFIIIIIIQ, wt half tum lntlw Los: aprroxu ul tlnlr pgrformwnu P l ' r z f 1 v - - f- -- v ,f .lv 5' l '18 only thing bad about a cheerleader is the ex- but I love it so much it's it!! Marie Van Vooren They made up new cheers for each sport and sports season trying to cover all sports. They especially looked forward to basketball and wrestling season after a long grueling football season. Pep Commissioner, Janel Ritchie, made up the skits and the girls performed at each assembly. Janel commented. "Having an odd number of girls on the pep squad made the skit production challenging." "They looked nice and sure put everyone in a good mood," said Scott Holt. -5 .wg'r.r::.': X vu Qs .n I, Y 4- ,- nm . .5 u Pep Squad 27 5 I. Mr. Robinson. 2. I Sophomores make signs 1 - 7 to make sure everyone 2 6 knows who won. 3. Robin Hood meets with 3 4 8 his merry men during nutrition. 4. The sophomores and seniors battle it out in the tug-of-war. 5. Liz Boulger tells everyone who is number one. 6. The monsters emerge to join in VP's festivities. 7. Senior's victory hopes go up in smoke. 8. The senior hillbillies watch the skits during their spirit day. Af , . tif v will l l 28 Spirit Week The iuniors started off Spirit Week by showing up as the "Junior Jocks", then following the pattern the sophomores sailed in as the winning class as "Sail on Sophomores". The seniors then put on their good duds, blackened out their teeth, took off their shoes and came to school as the senior hillbillies. On their individual days some of the classes arrived at 3 AM to decorate using streamers, balloons, foil, paint, banners. and shaving cream. Nutrition had many events with the main attraction being a tug-of-war, between the sophomores and the seniors, the sophomores again emerged victorious. CLAS """"""-i-...,........ . .J 9.9 N "Villa Park's spirit has really improved, everyone is participating not just a few of the cheerleaders." .lanel Ritchie rl-- 55 , Spirit W I. Matt Shaker. Lil Bouchelle, and Terry Stocker harmonize. 2. An animated Ron Browne, choral director. leads the Chamber l 2 6 Singers in a Christmas Medely. 3. Chamber Singers Paul Wackym. Robyn Cutler, Cheryl 3 4 7 8 Allen. Don Isabel. and Carol Hoage rehearse Christmas Carols. 4. With a dramatic flair, June Yokagowa. Mitch Cohen, Celeste Tavera and Art Howansky end a tune. 5. Mike Tavera awaits cue to start number with Jan Warner, Tanya Ingwerson, Betsy Ross and Matt Shaker. 6. Vocal Ensemble Students prepare for their next routine. 7. Karen Storruste reviews the choreography of the vocal ensemble. 8. Rick Davidson Ckeeping time with his pencilb, Wayne Sheets. and Jenny Warren concentrate on the newly assigned tempo as Randy Fontana quips with a friends. E . li a ir- f X Ls. I .ssc K Q 30 Choirs -1' 1 ti- he Villa Park Highschool choirs kept their outstanding utation once again. change was made in the choirs offered to to students illa Park Highschool in which Mr. Browne, the choral ctor excluded Women's Glee and Concert Choir. added Vocal Jazz. Besides having a lot of fun, the 8 Vocal Jazz group practiced complicated harmonies, s and scat singing. The many hours of practice were rded by much applause at the church, school, festival, other performances that the Vocal Jazz, Vocal mble, and Chamber Singers participated in ughout the year. "Choir has been one of my more enjoyable experiences of my senior year." Greg Hudson J, vs. ,ni Y' L, MW Choirs 3I The band and drill team had a very diversified year participating in several events they had never done before. The band appeared at Disneyland, playing at a Goodyear promotional banquet. The twirling flags twirled at a Rams game and they hoped to perhaps make a tour to Portland. They competed in their traditional competetions placing first in Granada, fourth in Arcadia and fourth in the Southern Field Tournament. They marched in every home game through the rain, wind and fog, suffering many wet shakos, head colds and faded uniforms. In all, most band members stated that they enjoyed the year but expect to place better in their competetions next year. N-giigi 32 Band And Drill Team Performances lof the early mornings, the first and the Thursday night practices me have second thoughts about ng any IO-minute half-times. Then I put my uniform and it all seemed to come ther." John Malloy I. The band shows off their perfect form at half times. 2. Leslie Wetton marches with that Spartan Pride. 3. Laurie Class twirls to "Star Wars" at an October half time. 4. Sheri Hedin beams with spirit as she performs. 5. Drill team members are always at attention. .P-1'-,...2 -L-7g"'f' V M. 4.,f'.,...,:1,g"'fj,'1'j3 .-,...,, M--"-'-'Que s:.v.15'5am:. ' .13 .,.,,,,,,,.,w ,c U-"N" five." mpg .. "ul ---nn' ,N -ffl . 7" j"vf'f'-ffrflj--I-f" - I-an-ta ...F -5. V J .ln T .N-f, w,'T'.--fjtf-TTT? ' g - , . s , , A M . vc- ..:".'-p-.13 .104 A-.giygx -- - .:, -I-,-:c.frv-A. ,,,,,,j"-L'w"1- ,. ', - --.-'41 e I :V . . -.',, -.-.......4.,, .1-, Q g ,. y vhnn --n " "". - "' . ' 1 'Tr' ""':534v-Q ., 1 A , 2?,Q..3?, J 'N X l A t...f?""--K 'nas- 7-zlfiff. Ytsvlisc' 1 ' W' 7141 :is .K sv 4 rf. if SEM lt 155 ai ,. - 1 .id Macy.. w 4. Band, Banners, Drill Team, Tall Flags S Twirling Flags 33 34C "Nobody's spirits were dampened by the rain - only their d ressesf' oronatio Karen Ford fs '...- X X- X! I I. Eric Tuerfls and Allison Hughes dance up a storm at Coronation. 2 Coronation King and Queen Matt Kahn and and Michelle Julian share the first dance after the crowning 3 Coronation Court- Phil Rodgers Steve Morris. 3 6 7 . ' ' teve Sandoval. Matt Kahn. Mark Kahn,'Chris Cleveland, di Mullen. Liane Reichert. Michelle Julian. Patty alh ll !, liglanln P Horw z Julian dance to "Sound's" tunes. The Coronation Court dances to their own slow dance. Michelle Julian. Coronation Queen, share! her ment with a friend. mi The l978 Coronation Dance turned out to really be a fun dance with l3I couples turning up. It was one of the better Villa Park Dances. Everyone went and had a wonderful time. They rocked out to the group "Sound" and at I0:3O crowned the King and Queen, Matt Kahn and Michelle Julian. The court consisted of six guys and six girls. It was hard to pick a king and queen since all had contributed to making the school a better place. t if. H - D it is l Coronation 35 Girl-Date-Boy, sponsored by GirI's League, was held in the large gym. lt was the second of three dances to be held on campus because of the new district policy. Several problems were caused because of the size of the gym. Accoustic problems were partially solved by the hanging of parachutes. Coinments about the music Cby "City"D were positive despite the accoustics. Another concern was how to create the atmosphere of "Southern Nights". Large backdrops were supplied to enhance the appearance of the gym. 36 Girl-Date-Boy l Noticing the photography the crowd at Lvirl Date Boy show their enthusiasm for the dance 2 Janice Belovsky embraces her partner while engoying a slow dance 3 Ray Smith pretends to threaten the coat check L 4 7 '. Q about his missing spats while Peggy Avila, Dave Cangelosi and rri Thomas look on. Rick Davidson and Cheryl Tartter look for their names on the ie flower tree. l'aking off shoes between bad sets shows how enthusiastically ple danced to the music of City. 'ARK SY" "lt would have been perfect if my dress straps hadn't broken t d' ." a Inner Kym Moran 6. Janey Pearson and Jackie Williams gather a crowd as they show off the latest steps. 7. Even a semi-formal dance brings out the tops in toppers. Vic Mahoney, Liz Boulger. Kim Triggs and Dave Zeller pose in their finery. :VN V GN xx ,iff 1, sf--A lk qv- "U" S-T ve-f Girl-Date-Boy 37 I had a great time I hope they keep It as a tradition .lim Weneta THE DATING GAME I illa Park High School working in conjunction with Canyon h School ran a Dating Game. Students were treated to a cial assembly February I4 to watch Villa Park contestants tt Kahn, Jim Weneta, and Mitch Cohen compete for a e with Canyon co-ed Laura McConnell. Laura chose helor number two, Jim Weneta. .ater three other Canyon ladies competed for a date h Villa Park gentleman Willie Williams. Willie chose ger Bagley as his date. he two couples had a lovely evening of dinner and the "It's Never Too Late" at the Harlequin Dinner Theatre anta Ana. , . THE ' DATING GAME into-so"" Q ff' L, ,eafffffft I. Willie Williams greets date Ginger Bagley from Canyon High School. 2. Villa Park students Jim Weneta and Willie Williams learn they are to take their dates to Harelquin's. 3. Mike Alu jokes with the audience while Willie Williams decides between Bachelorettes number one, two or three. 4. Jumping from the stage Jim Weneta to his date Laura McConnell. 5. Emcee Mike Alu introduces Willie Williams and his date Ginger Bagley. 6. Bachelor number three. Mitch Cohen. is introduced to his almost date Laura McConnell. 7. Jim Weneta receives congratulatory handshakes from contestants Mitch Cohen and Matt Kahn. 8. Jim Weneta greets his date Laura McConnell. I 2 6 3 4 7 8 f I I I I I ' w in . bf' K in-t EQ W f J lf':5ff3rs.:s . . u Luv Dating Game 39 Sailing The Lightship Illustus l've lived, but never seen a Lightship. I can name the most famous: Cloud Clipper, Flame of the West, and foremost- the Lightship lllustus. Sleek, silver bodies CSilver? Not as bright as a river or eye's sparklej Eight hundred feet of quicksilver flowing beneath the moon, Eight hundred feet of burnished steel blazing in the sun. Bahl A dirigible can so blaze and flow. But above the plated flying fish Stands a grove of masts. Fore-, firstsecondthird main-, and mizzen mast. Branching, Pale blue sails full and taut CPale blue? You can't match nature's sapphire. Don't try.D A spider's web of rigging that no army of spiders could ever hope to spin. Standards fluttering higher than any leaf. 40 Student Creativity Pages Ted Parker And eight hundred feet above the hull, Secure in their eagle's nests, The look-outs sing out the air-whales "Whale-cloud, ho!" "Unicorns, ho!" Keep sharp watch! Here be dragons . . . CYes, and thereg dragons. There are.J Oh, yes, l've lived an honest life But l've never seen a Lightship. Chris Cleveland To My Father Open words Bubble, babble As a brook As they Tumble, jumble Out and down. Speaking voices Swelling. spilling As a river, Love flows Smoothing, soothing Each other's lives. Lana Dalberg Janine Hill Emi K iyotoki Time birth, ziplock bags, airmail in-and-out cleaners t.v. dinners, news briefs .. tick .. microwave ovens. rapid transit, drive-in church, fast foods, Rolaids speedy printing . . tick, tick . . 60 second nasal congestion relief Evelyn Wood's Speed Reading Dynamics, Accelerated Real Estate Schools .. tick, tick, tick .. jet propulsion, pop tarts, death. ..tick.. Chris Nelson Student Creativity Pages 4I W J f SRM W? CX , Y X55 ffl fA A gg MWXX KW, X xx 7 An adventuress l was, Probing the depths of an endless wilderness. Or, so it seemed as on I ran. Skimming over the gentle, curving land. Eucalyptus trees, ancient and bearded, loomed above me, Their pungent breath filling my lungs, and cooling like chilled spring water. From deep within the leafy caverns. Birds hurrayed and chirrupped my passing. So on, and on I ran, Gliding into the heart of something living. Slipping into pulsating green. Lana Dalberg Photo By Shelly Overton Drawing By Ste ve Rogers Standard Deviation we- homo-sapiens are supposed to be thinking creatures, then we must be part-time thinking creatures. for we surely cannot be thinking when we expect everyone to think within the confines of a bell curve. Louise Sanematsu Student Creativity 43 "Dance is competitive . . . with yourself." Mrs. Anne Folkert S 44 DancefChoreographyfProduction ance choreography is a three rter class. They begin first rter exploring techniques and ning styles. Second quarter begin preparing solos and for their concert. The quarter is filled with practice preparations. then finally their of the dance class were chosen by the previous year. were selected but only K. ta. 'x il nineteen participated due to class conflicts. Although several boys were chosen only one remained, peer pressure was said to be a major factor in the numerical decline. The class proved to have a wide variety of talent, not only in dancing ability but also in choreography and production as demonstrated by the quality of routines for the Christmas assembly, many produced in only one week. .7 I 6 3 4 B 5. Practicing I. Graceful form expressed ll Cheryl Tartter creates her dance, Q. Coming lo a pause in her dance. Angel exemplifies 7 emotion. 3. Beth Haluza perfects a pose. 4. Val Lenz. Lynette Okubo. and Lisa Buflington practice a tap routine. toe pivots Val Lenz increases toe strength. 6. Rehearsing a hip set. Paul Strupp and Nadia Ansari reflect on the difficulty, 7, Lellie Moyer and Sherrie Staump perform delicate ballet YYIOVBITIBTII K. 8. Kathy Wall and Sabrina Blake display symmetrical GYYBHBEITIEHI. i - wmv-, .J I DancefChoreographyfProduction 45 The A.S.B. Cabinet tried to improve communications between the Cabinet and the Students. A moving digital sign was purchased, two marquees, plus the newsletter, etc. . . . The House of Representatives voted on such things as the A.S.B. budget, the addition of the office of Historian plus they discussed problems faced by those people who showed up during the 3rd period meetings held every 3 weeks. Senators helped whenever they were needed and also voted with the House of Representatives. "Sometimes I feel there's plain too much to do and not enough time to 1 it. ag 46 Student Government 6 Q 44. ,Ki 5 Ps 'i sf 1 5 wrt P E ' xxxxn NX J 11 K C 13 A fa, V Y Am M, Choreography's production. Their "Norway is the best." main project for the year was sponsoring the Girl Date Boy dance in February. janfche Hellan The International Club is the group of students who sponsor students from other countries. This year was The Dance Club is basically a group there were four official exchange that works on developing new students Lars Munge CSwedenD. techniques of dance. They Janicke Hellan QNorwayj, Rosie choreograph all their own dances Schultheiss CSwitzerlandj, and Lena and will be participating in Dance Hakansson CSwedenD. VPHS's Ski Club took two major trips, one to Utah for a week of skiing during Christmas and one to Lake Tahoe for a weekend in February. The club teamed up with an organization called Coast Skiers in order to make more trips possible. Advisor Greg Benoit found accomodations at low prices so that more people could participate in the ski club. 48 Dance, lnterational, Ski Clubs any 9000 QM S I. Lynn Fredson perfects motions .. . in Dance Workshop. 2. Nancy Zech Sue Miller. Karen Kauffeld and Vicki Laughlin show us you can be in two places at one time but only IH Dance Workshop. 3 Nancy Zech makes sure of her form while performing. 4 Rosle Schultheiss Lars Munge Lena Hakansson and Janlcke Hellan were this years foreign exchange students. 5 Lone skiers start up early for their first run of the day. 6 The scene below was all that was needed to describe the Ski Clubs trip to Park City Utah 7 For those of you who cant get in your bindings, another skier is almost sure to stop bv and give you a hand. , v ' 5 I 2 6 ' .' , ' s 5 4 7 ' 1 v ir' ' - 'L 0' . . , - f 1 ' v Q ' . . . 'RQ' n . .A t V . . . .f .Ml ' 'I V oh 1 . ."Q , in ' 1 . H Q, i Q Q , h he .gi ,I gc r , ' ' 1, ms 5 c -st et " s , W s 5 l 4' if A A at QA ' Aw. Dance. International. Ski Clubs 49 . W ' A 5 If .ab f "Key Club is a great opportunity" Mr. Allan Trefry The Computer Club is a group of students interested in the field of computer programming. Although the club is small this year. consisting of only four members they still have a good time and can work on more - Q detailed and individual as well as group proiectsg For example. a portrait. The Key Club of VPHS is very closely related to the Kiwanas of Orange County. This is an organization that does services for the community. The Kiwanas Club gives members a chance to help on in both school and in our communi The "S" Club on campus can be seen doing many helpful things in the community at local hospitals oi just selling concessions at games. This is a service club for girls clos affiliated with the Key Club. iffy fa.. 2 w 2 Q .- 2. ft 4 1 Q . 3 an-vqomwhoh -w MS. - - , - ,: 12 ' ff.: ' , -: U .L .V ,f ,V :L I 50 Computer, Key. Latin and Service Clubs I. Steve Morris and John Fotch listen intently to Key Club speaker. 2. Mearl Lottman and Steve Morris discuss Key Club plans. 3. Teresa Park watches every move in Latin. s. Luella Syler talk about at the "S" Club's annual 5 Mr Pat Barrett talks enthusiastically to Latin Club members about its History. 6 Computer Club s silent member. 7 S Club members enioy getting together to 8 Craig Jones types in program to waiting Computer Key. Latin, Service Clubs 5I IX!! 1 f "auf wiedersemen" Glenn Allton The French Club had many more money making proiects and lots of ways to spend their profits. They ate at French Restaurant and went carolling at Christmas. They devoted IIIOS! of their time to polishing up their French and learning its history. Contrary to popular belief, German Club is not only open to German students, but to any student that is interested in German-like activities. The club had twenty-five members compared to the low membership of eight last year. Some of the activities German Club was involved in this year, were selling authentic German pretzels. to put some money in the treasury, a trip to a German restaurant, the Phoenix Club and a planned ski trip in the early part of second semester, Each progressive year, the German club has gotten better and it is hoped that next yea membership will be stronger. The Latin Club met every day as a regula class. They studied the Latin culture and customs. They visited Getty Museum to see the first century A.D. Roman Villa and competed in building and operating Roman catapults. Spanish Club sold sweet bread at nutriti and lunch and made lots of money. was a sellout. They then invited Jr. High School students from Peralta and Cerro to come here and join in the club's fe! .ta y it p 'N "ww Mg., my V' B' -V-.., ., . xxx 1... 1 Y an-if ilu '-v.,"""' .,, -f3"f-ff" . -...,..s.,. ,., if Y. '- i 52 French. German, Latin, Spanish Clubs .Aw 'll' "t V .ui ' ...Mai I. Careyn Brenier and David Kurtz listen to 5 German speaker. 2. Glenn Allton. German club president. listens closely to other members as they read a german story. 3. Rod Eisenbeisz enjoys lunch during a Spanish club meeting. 4. Spanish club members voice their opinions during a meeting. 5. Julie Wernet, Liz McLaren, and Barb Liebi get caught off guard while doing a dramatic French reading. 6. Susan Jensvold and Theresa Parks listen intently to lecture in Latin. Q 7. Mary Norburg speaks only in Spanish at the Spanish club meetings. 8. A French prince decorates the wall in the French room. I09. 9, Geoff Greene absorbs everything that is said in Latin. XX nk- 'N .,-N ,,-.. ,-a-f ' is 'sr ly S' 'Q XX vig i .my f WW Al 3 F' 'A if .. 118:- French, German, Latin. Spanish Clubs 53 l. A bowling club ntentber anxiously AWJIIS the outcome 6 ol lus lnrst ball. 2. Drawing is a favorite tlung lor most art club members because it makes them tlunk of the Ideal model. 3. Julie Fisher carefully decides I 3 4 7 8 which course to take in flying to Los Angeles. 4. Mr. Keith Reid. Mr. Bob Hummell, Nell Schubert, David Libby, Jun Odtum and Julte Fisher learn how to set up a flight "Art is doing what your mind tells you to do." pattern. 5. Steve Alcorn likes art because It lets hun use his hands. ' 6. Hob Wedenteyer prepares a rope design lor display In the art room. 7. Marc Ntshtno and David Kurtz play a very challenging 1 . . . game ol chess as Ken Posthunta looks on. The Art S rnaln prolect this B. Greg Miller gloats as he out wits Ius opponent. yeal' WHS WOl'kll1g toward the Cypress Art Show that was held in March. The club also worked on the development of their own individt talents. Bowling Club using the Brunswic Orange Bowl as .their headquarter: . . . r to have a striking time They m every Friday and in most sttuatio rolled to a victory. The Chess Club met this year everyday at lunch holding individ matches between themselves and other schools. 'Nt J i 54 Art, Bowling. Chess, Spartan Flyers Clubs -5"lb" 4 K, The Spartan Flyers have been busy is year holding car washes to raise ney to rent airplanes for field ps. They met every Wednesday ternoon to discuss upcoming events d learn new aviation skills. Their me base was Orange County where all members attended school. Two members have licenses. The club was organized for the fun of flying and so far been successful. N 0 6 vPb.'X'K'X'X"?S .ff Q f 1 as Nz? Art, Bowling. Chess, Spartan Flyer Clubs 55 I j , Y 2 .Y we ,f-.. "l've spit up enough blood over this class. I feel l've done my part." 56 Odyssey Staff Cindy Shields I. A line of photographers stand shooting a varsity football game. 2. Sonya Weileman discusses advertising policies with a prospective buyer. 3. Shelly Overton and Cindy Shields celebrate the completion of their pages. 4. With pica ruler in hand, Editor-in-Chief Karen Weileman finalizes her pages. 5. Checking a layout for correct column size. Advisor Norm Johnson finds everything in order. 6. Penny Grisham enjoys one of the few solitary moments. 7. Photographer Lindi Walker and Sports Co-Editor Jim Weneta discuss "annual the quad. 8. Jamie Coulson enjoys a respite from class copy. 9. lt's just another day of sunshine for photographer Tom Mastin. IO. Annual Staff: Front row: Katy Kahn. Ja Coulson, Jim Weneta. Karen Weileman, Sl Overton, Middle Row. Jane Krick. Cindy Shields, Nancy Sipe: Back Row. Kenny O'DonnelI, Shelly Evans. Sue Glasman, Pen Grisham. Cris Benson. Jean Krick. and To Mastin. Xt, - in-gui ' 'ffm x f .Af .Q-1. ,. 34: ,,.- X52 t 1 Y rv, ,2 I K A 3 - I- A usa, , ,I .tar Va 1 V T r - 1 ,1 -. , xg: we tg-+1--.,:,-ies Whenever a group of specialized people get together the attempt of creating a product there will be problems. The staff, a group of photographers, writers, and editors ent through a lot together. Deadlines we never met, gatives that iust disappeared, hurt feelings, bad layouts d many other diseases like football games and parades at somehow hit our staff. People walking into our room could see utter isorganizations, screaming editors, nasty notes on the board they could see determination, hard work and a finished oduct depending on the weather, the date and the previous eekend. Mr. Johnson once said, "Flunking annual is like flunking eathing," but some did and strangely found out that the obe didn't come to an abrupt halt. Some didn't quit, and for em there is an annual. Here it is and it's ours. "FIunking annual is like flunking breathing." Mr. Norm Johnson r . ' X' .4-,AI B '59 h ,km K Maxx lk X Xvx -X XX X X X ,X ,r . 4. 1 V- . Y . . X .Z y t ,xx 5 mkx t U1 X x . Q' f X V 1' .72 .V 4 .us gs 1 5 Q . 5 . '3 'A fx,-. sl- . at MA X ,J ., .ft .xx X. i xx' rw was S 14 N- I. Dave Zaizar photographs in the early morning sun. 2. Al Clearc finds himself up against a wall at deadline time. 3. Brian Mason reclines in his favorite spot during a lax period. 4. Mr. Zakzeski voices his opinion in a discussion with a student. 5. Chris Cleveland responds to student editorial. 6. Sherrie Thomas contemplates an upcoming assignment. 7. Mike Albin works hard on his article. 8. Karen Ford regards an unwanted photographer. 9. Julie Bieglow enjoys a moment of free time at home. IO. Editors. Julie Bigelow, Mike Albin, Terry Simpson, Larry Sokolof, Karen Ford. Chris Cleveland 58 Oracle Staff VPHS's newspaper "The Oracle" was put on by a group of students who bonded together in hopes of being journalists. They wrote stories on the typewriters that skip a space on O's, measured widths with half of a pica ruler and ordered pictures off of proof sheets that the annual staff called "ours". The newspaper staff met every day third period, producing a newspaper every three weeks. The staff consisted of twenty-one people: very few were returning juniors and seniors. most were new to the staff or the school. The newspaper became far open and balanced this year than the past, attempting to present a more stable prospective. The Editor-in-Chief was Chris Cleveland, Managing Editor was Terry Simpson and Section Editor were: News Editor-Julie Bigelow, Editorial Editor-Larry Sokoloff. Feature Editor-Karen Ford and Sp Editor-Mike Albin. Mr. Zakzeski w the staff advisor, his first year at VPHS. I' in ,fs 1' I AW 'II "I just Knew that I wanted to be on the staff . . . I didn't even have to ask myself." Suzanne Sands IIOV8It...ItS ,gy y Ilfe or s ng to be. Julie Bigelow V?" Ig y,-. I' .2 l , V. '1. A - f Q5-'52 I :AM xg x ll N .J X 11 S Q. Q iff 7 ,Af ' R - ' Q.. Q N, X 5 . n D. 'R 1 ha ,V , .ug fvi' . O 4' 4 'n pl Y .fn- , , N . A X .XS A. , , . , Qs N. "ffl XX - mix v..,wfH""'i.-an Lg MN H .f xx . 'bf A 11.-gm lx! 'Y XXQ . I . X5 A P I . .irfl O"I . 0 . LJ" 2 L 5 U 41" ' . f E .- v.,,,w , -Q Q N , . Q' fx by ' 'fuk' N-' - X l, ' ,K ,4 U , I H 1 .R V ., V M vntir , WXEEXV Q . A ,Ist 1111, - 1, J fa 'L ik - Z C. as ."'hv--Q I K M A N ,Z f J I. Tanya lngwerson looks off stage for help with her lines 1. Paul Rogers saves Jan Warner from a near fall. 3. Waiting for service at Macys' are Debbie Griskonis, Man Shaker Denise Nash Greg Allen Luci Howard Allison Murray Cris Benson. and Don Isbell ' ll B 6 , 4 . . a 1 s i - ' 4. Paul Rogers yells at Kevin Swanson and Tanya Ingerson. 5. Tanya lngerson drinks "southern comfort." as Robyn Cutler writes every word. 6. For the first time Sara Owens takes Kevin Swanson to Mame's. 7. Standing around the bar are Debbie Griskonis. Jelf Huntington. Malt Shaker. Greg Hodson, Paul Wackym, and Paula Gray. 8. Don Isbell. Cris Benson, and Jeff Huntington "talk" at Mames' party. do 1 :ga 'N 9, 1, S l fi' 0 9 'V' J 62 Auntie Mame Nuntie Mame was alot of long trd work. I remember all the rautiful people I met, plus the ours practicing for my sgusting burp!" Katy Kahn Auntie Mame was headed by a cast of characters such as Tanya lngwerson who played Mame, Dave Bullock who played her short lived southern husband, Mame's nephew Patrick Dennis played by Kevin Swanson and others. There were many people involved in the play, and it took just as many to build the sets. get props, and order costumes. The play was very close to getting cancelled - back drops weren't painted, sets weren't built, but everything came together the week of the show. It ended in a success thought many friends were made, many happy. and sad, tears were shed, and many people clapped their hands in the end. ,I Character MAME ..,.. VERA ..,. NORAI-I ..... ITO ....., LINDSAY ......... BABCOCK ...........PauIE.Rogers YOUNG PATRICK .... ,..,... M ichael Kevin Swanson ADULT PATRICK ....,..,... . ,.., . . .R L . . . andy ack BEAU . .......,.................,.... Dave Bullock 4,5 INTERIOR DECORATOR ......,..,.... Paul Wackym ""' CAST ..............TanyaIngwerson BRIAN O'BANNION . ..,............ Matthew Shaker Performer ... , . .Patty Spiglanin . . . . . .Sara Owens . . . . .Greg A. Hodson , ........ Paul S. Snyder ,r ffl MISS GOOCH .,.... Marie Van Voorenfllobyn Cutler IL. MR. UPSON , MRS. UPSON PEGEEN ,,... SHOPPER ,...,. COUSIN FAN ..... LOOMIS ..,,.. EMOR Y .......,.. RALPH DEVINE ..,.,. OSBERT ......... BISHOP .,...... MAID , . . . . . . RADCLIFFE .... COLISIN JEFF .,.. GLORIA UPSON ..,....,....,,..... Michele Wright SALLY CATO .......... Carrie DooIingfBetsy Sikora MOTHER BURNSIDE ..........,.......... Katy Kahn .,...,.,.,...,.....,......JimLandis . . . . . . . .Paula GrayfMicheIle November , . ....,............... Jan Warner ....,.......,....Denise Nash ..,......Lynn Fredson . . . .Greg Allen ......CrIs Benson . . . . . ,Randy Fontana . . , . . .Debble Griskonis . . . . .Jelf Huntington . . . . . ,Marian Gray . . , . , .Luci Howard .....Don Jsbell Auntie Mame 63 X N, M1 I KH xl I -L Q.- x- ,. 44 4 5 . ,v,4 a 1 M 1' Sv' 3 K? .qu Q9 v . DQ gl 1 . X ' .A 1 J '3 fl X , 5 - - ,if,. W . K'-'K , .. U' ' W ,A'f'."a'-'T5"Qw Xiu X. . - if .L 7, , 4 N f ,, 1 ff "-s.- 5' is ,uhn - hi. ' if Nas.. f 4 - ,I LI QP .0 Ri? ,1,.I. . 4 U-4, I .Ix' -ix! -si5?i?fg3'Ii4?Z5?s?i5 ' I 'II 'f ,g .p'..5,.'- gg 4, gflff1r:'342fy-.15 iw? H121-A5114 In S -Q. 61 11.11 -la SENIQRS Trying to understand the coaches Instructions Abdalla. Phil J Abe, Dennis R Adams, Lynn M Adcock, Ronald R Addington, Jeff D Alu, Mike P Algeo. Lori E Allen, Denise Allen, Gregory K Allton, Glenn R. Andreasen, Margit Ansari, Nadia C. Applegate, Pamela 68 Seniors Araki, Roy T. Arnold, Candace Averill, Susan E. Baba, Ronald S. Baca, Leticia Bailey. Gayle Bailey, Greg Baitx, Kelle Ballantyne. Patty Balok. Bob A. Balthrop. Kelly K. Baresel, Linda M. Bartlett, Suzanne Bartley, Tom R. Barvin, Blake Bath. Michelle Seniors 69 Mike Albin works hard to finish his layout for the school Besty Harper spots a photographer while talking to a friend newspaper. v d A " V urlng nutrition. Y V Senior Debbie Grisham watches a pep assembly during Sinai? M.. lunch. Rob Thomas and Liz Smith watch senior antics. V P ' 65' ?"'f I ' t 1,5 rf if sr --r f ,gn . a""f"- .aw ., X of-ff f 1. .,.- , tl. n. 5 f...i-' , a x vi b v 4 70 Seniors 1 23' f P52 4, M, sl gl l "The best thing that has happened to me at VPHS was making new friends and keeping them for always." Shelly Lewis Q.. " .,' QR A ffffii -.- Baugher, Leslie G. Beaudoin. Gerald M. Beber. Anthony A. Beitzel, Jenine Bell, Tammy L. Belovsky, Janice L. Bethard, Laurie J. Bieller, Jeff K. Biester. Jill M. Bigelow, Debbie S. Bissell, Lance K. Blair. Mary Blake, Kelly C. Blixt, Laura S. Blood, Donna Boatright, Alesia D. Seniors 7I Bode. Gaylian A. Bonham. El Boren, Judi R. Bortle, Karen L. Boulger, Elizabeth C. Bourette, Cari G. Bova, John M. Bower. Jacqueline K. Boyle, Ron Bradford, Debbie Brandon, Gail Brandt, Paula S. Breault. Dianne C. Brenier, Robert J. 72 Seniors barbara Waldstreicher disagrees with teacher during a lecture. fx 1,9 kn- Q . J IT -4 .-, . ' ' ibm bg ziiblr' X 39 'N I 1, l , 11 N4 Q v 1 ' Bressler, Heidi A. Briggeman. Marie A Brislawn. Greg A. Brost. Michael J. Brower, Martin Brown, Angella R. Brown, Claudia G. Brunk, Matt J. Brunskill, Christine Buck, Dana L. Buffington, Lisa A. Burnes, Tom F. Bush, Melissa B. Cadaret, James E. Campbell. Gail F. Carlson, Valerie J. Seniors 73 Carroll, Elaine A. Carter, Robin L. Casacchia, Mariann Chambers, Richard Chiarchiaro, Sharon Churney, Marianne Class, Laurie A. Clayton. Jodi A. Cleveland, Christopher Coggins, Gregory J. Cohen, Drew M. Cohen. Mitchell G. Cole, Kristin A. Colley. Donna C. Collier, Mark Collins, Quinn P. 74 Seniors "The worst thing that happened to me at VPHS was when I got hit in the head with the SGC lab door." Karen Kelly -for ws ,, A . 1 it .Q X is "' 5.-9 X QT f, Q ri Going to their class after break is senior Liane Reichert and Junior Jeff Carter. ' x 'isa lvl A avr 4 Conkey. Darlene Constantine, Gail F. Conzelman, Larry S Cool. Daniel R. Cool, Debi L. Cooper, Brent W. Cornett. Mark W. Coulson. Jaime L. Crouch, Kathy A. Czark, Mary G. Dalberg, Lana S. Day, Kimberly C. Day, Lisa E. Seniors 75 Bruce Freeman shows his expression at what he thought was a bad joke. P Deleon. Catherine D DeNardo, Denis G. A M.. Denney, Sandy Y. Dennis, Thomas J. DeVito, Kevin Dillavou. Kym D. Dix, Mark S Dobkins, Kellee D Dodson, Alice M Doering, Tom M Donaldson, Helen M Dorton, Karen S Dotts, Duane L Downsworth, Dale W 76 Seniors "The thing l will always remember about VPHS is closed campus, because there was no such thing." K ristin Cole 1,5 X.. lx S-nf Driggers, Glenn L. Driver, David R. Drott, Chuck Dufault, Kenneth J. Duncan. Daphene R. Dunn, Lynden K. Duty, Kathryn A. Eckstein, Kathleen R. Edelbrock, Elizabeth A. Edmunds, Daniel G. Ellington, Katy F. Elliott, Tim W. Elmore, Paulla J. Emmert. Craig A. Ender, Adriane C. Erlich, Robert E. Seniors 77 78 Seniors Practicing her lines. Tanya lngwerson rehearses for a play. V Chris Haydt spots a photographer and gives a friendly smile. P On senior spirit day. Grace Smith poses for Odyssey X' photographers in her hillbilly garb. rv , gr'-t LS' A '1 ' 315 , 1 'W 1 a-"""" .fiia xx I 1.5 an Q, ,f ,psf . . A.,x 3,2-,,.t.. J' p it sf Eumurian, Carolyn Evans, Shelley Ezell, Diane Fairless, Nina L. Faltys, Mike A. Farr, Cindy K. Fenn, David E. Ferreri, Diana R. Fields, Cherie L. Fields, Edward W. Finnegan, Janet M Fischle, Jan L. Fisher, Michael W. Fisher. Robinn A. Fitzpatrick. Marya Floyd. Jeff B. Seniors 79 Forward. David W. Francine. Sari K. Fredson. Lynn Freeman. Bruce Freeman. Mary E. Freitas. Lisa A. Friederichsen. Scott Frye. Dale Furer. Meg Gabany. Bret Gabriels. Patricia K. Galbraith. Nanci A. Galewick. Vince E. Garaghty. Diana Garvin. Mark Gatchell. John T. 80 Seniors "The worst thing that has happened to me at VPHS was always being mistaken for Jean! Jane Krick stag. Q N ,Q,, A- Q..- X S vi 'il 4 Dressed up for Halloween. Erin Gorsuch and Mike Leichfuss show their spirit. Gelert, Rex Genoway, Jeff D. Gentry, Karen G. Gerry. Cynthia R. Gibson, James Giffler, Valerie B. Gish, Cheryl M. Glasman. Susan D. Goda. Karen M. Goldberg. Donna R Goodman, Sheri L. Gorden, Tom Gordon, Dean Seniors 8I Enioying the out doors Rick Longyear eats his Gorski, Terri Gorsuch, Erin E. Gough, Karen J. Graham, Patty ' Greek. Kenneth R. Gresham. Deborah A. Grisham, Penny Grisham. Rick Gross. Brad M. 82 Seniors Grover. Evan lunch. P L. CA. I .. KN KY? S s 1 Us Guevara, Lisa T. Guth, Angella Gutierrez. Sonia G Hadel, Greg E. Hakansson, Lena Haluza. Beth A. Hamidi. Bob Hanna, Mark J. Hansen, Susan M. Hart, Debbie A. Harvey, Cheryl A. Hatton, Leslie D. Haydt. Christina Heilbrun, Gary Henninger, Dwight D Hernandez, Greg R Seniors 83 Hill, Patti J. Hinsvark. Becky Hodson, Gregory A. Hoffman, Lori Holdburg. Richard Holleran. Greg F. Hollingsworth, Brian C. Holt, Scott W. Hortensius, Truus H. Horwitz, Pam Hotchkiss, Deidre Hotchkiss, Laura A. Houser. Susan M. Howansky, Arthur R. Howard, John W. Hudson. Stacy 84 Seniors "Leaving at I2:OO noon was the best thing that has happened to me at VPHS." Irving McGuire X, A S.. l L ,at '- 4 Between classes, John Theiss and Jim Landis stand silhouetted in the locker bays. Hughes, Allison M. Hummell, Janey S. lngwerson, Tanya D Jacobs, Chris R. Jaeger, William Jansen, Jennifer J. Jax, Steve M. Jedrzynski, Mike S. Jekiel, Sharon J. Jenkins, Debbie Jensvold, Susan L. Johnson, Calene Johnson, Jill J. Seniors 85 ni, Having a moment to herself, Lisa Day enjoys lunch. Calene Johnson and Steve Sandoval go to class after nutrition. Hillbillies Beth Edelbrock, Candy Arnold, Celeste Tavera. and Barb Liebi wait for the senior pep assembly to begin. V P - VHA I Mfr' ,J 86 Seniors .TW Johnson. Kelley M Johnson. Tom A. Johnston, Christopher D Jory, Jill D. Joy, Jeff C. Julian, Michelle Kahn, Mark E. Kahn, Matt E. Kasper, Jeff Kelchner, Darren Kelly, Karen M. Kelly, Tom J. Kemper. Keith A. Kenady, Shari Kent, John E. Kepner, Russell A. Seniors 87 'I ,A- be .Za v .AH 88 Seniors 'Q gzip' use ' - - 3? vww-A W5 ,,, 5 Iiirafg. H X ,L 6. : , inf it r :f N . , in 4'-ff .. wg-Q' 'kS'!2, ,,r pf Q . wi 9 Q JW M Ni Q Xp' , 3 H Y' , --1. cg, ,W ,f aww :MH 2 N 19 Z6 . -Q, 1 'w if kk ,Ik ,W . Sifrlsv 125 4. l 1 av, A uf ,.' N , ! ' m.. . Q. V I+, 1 , WW: "Mr. Proffitt was my favorite teacher, I liked his attitude towards teaching and students." Kelly Stephen Kerhart, Deborah C. Khazoyna, Sharon E. Kimbell, Douglas B. King, Catherine D. King, Valerie J. Klatt, Roxanne L. Klecak. Tom Klima, Colette Kline, Scott D. Kolter, Sharon M. Kostner, Bob Krick, Jane M. Krick, Jean A. Kucera, John F. Kudla, Lori Kushner, Darryl R. S A K 9OSeni0rS 4 Claudia Stark gives a smile as she listens to a friend give a speech. Lack, Randall J. Lagan, Scott R. Lake, Karen Landis, James C. Larsen, David N. Larson, David K. Lee. Teresa Leeper. Dave Lehman, Kathleen A. Lehnhart, Gary E. Leichtfuss, Mike G. Lelchuk, Daniel B. Lenz, Valerie Leonard. Chuck P. Seniors 9l Linda Zigich shows surprise at what she sees. P Lewis. Shelly L. Libby, Susan R. Licht, Erich J. Liebi. Barbara K. Limberakis, Peggy Lindquist. James M. Litman. Todd M. J Longyear, Richard J. Lovell, Greg C. Lucero, Mitchell A. LuPayne, Michael J. Lyman, Terri Lyons, Andrew D. 92 Seniors I will always remember the gosslpers at VPHS." Anonymous .,x ,. . . X SX-Egg 'M C7 Macaluso. David C. Machuta. Jeffrey A. Malloy, John B. Mamola. Elizabeth J Manning, Rich Marr, Terry L. Marrale. Joanne Martin, Michael Martin, Steve W. Maruko. Vivian Y. Massey. Sheri L. Mastin. Thomas A. Matthews, Paul B. Matthews, Shelly A. Maxwell, Michael E. Mayer, Robin L. Seniors 93 Mayfield, Marc D. Mazure, Vince Mediatore, Michael R. Melander, Steve E. Meng, Kevin Messenger, Mark D. Meza, Tina C. Miale, Annette S. Minardi, Gina Miner. Gary Moe, Lori M. Mohle, Dennis H. Morelli, Deborah L. Morgan. Rocky K. Morris, Steve M. Mosher, Gregory R. 94 Seniors "My best year at VPHS is Ilth grade because I know it won't be long now." Tricia Gabriels v Patty Spliglanin skims through her lines for a play before opening night. Hillbilly Jane Krick can't believe what she sees. During a pep assembly, Kirk Springe and Dave Zeller tells the crowd to yell loud so they can dunk Mr. Jackson. Sitting on the side lines. Dave Frye watches a football game. Seniors 95 . --x..u..-. S " "' Xl 1 Al. Mouser, Virginia L. Moyer, Melanie P. Mullen, Jodi Munge, Lars Munoz. Gerald M. Murrin, Garth W. Musich. Steve Musulin, James E. Myers. Diane Mykkanen, Marian J. McBride. Lynne S. McConneIee, Kellee B. 96 Seniors e- X xx., "My senior year has been my best year because I have fewer classes, better teachers and more friends." 4 During class Rocky Morgan, Dean Gordon, and Mark Dix joke around. Jiri' AV 1227 McFarlane, Steve R. McKay, Patti L. McLaren, Elizabeth A. McMullen, Craig C. Nagao, Craig H. Nash, Pamela L. Neelon, Eileen P. Nelson. Christyn B. Nelson, Paul R. Ngo, Khanh P. Noble. Jeff D. Norburg, Mary A. Norden, Rob C. Nowicki, Linda S. Oades, Steve A. Oaks, Shawn M. Seniors 97 Obear, Kathy Obrien, Kelly Odlum, Patti J. O'Donnell, Kenny B. Okubo, Lynnette H. Olivarez, Linda S. Olson, Pamela Y. Orelup, Nancy E. Orelup, Peter J. Overton, Shelly J. Pack, Allison Palmeri, Bradford D. Palmeri, Catherine M. Pardee, Nancy Park, Marcia L. Parker, Helen 98 Seniors "l've grown as a person, learned many things about myself and made life-long friends." Lisa Day YT? Parker. Ted R. Patterson. Dave B. Pearson, Jane M. PeCoy. Garry Peltzer, Richard T. Perez. Hope C. Peters, Bill Peters, Dianne Peterson. Douglas L Peterson, Todd Pierce. Ron E. Pinch, June A. Pomeroy. Kent A. Pomeroy, Walter H. Seniors 99 ni I ' Patty Graham unsuccessfully trys to ditch a photographer from taking her picture P Porter.William T Poulson. Theresea A Powelson, Lisa D Lavin, Desiree Quick, Shawn L Rasinski, Peter G Rasmussen, Rose E Regan, Terri L Reichert, Liane M Reisman, Art N Reynolds, David W Rifkin, Samuel J Ritchie, Janel T Im Seniors "The first day of high school and going to the wrong class was the worst thing that has happened to me at VPHS." Cathy King 1 '5 lx sql' 3. 4 51- Rivenburg. Ann M. Robbins. Tammie R Roberts. Wayne A. Robertson. Kevin Rodgers, Vicky L. Rogers. Diane P. Rogers, Linda M. Rogers, Philip C. Romandy. Suzanne M Rosacker. Lori Ross, Elizabeth Rossomano. Dan A. Royce, Tiffany L. Rumbaugh. Gary D Rutherford. Ted A. Sadakane, Kevin Seniors lOl Safronchik, Paul Salmond, Sharon L. Sammortini, Louis Sandell. Kathy L. Sandoval, Steven M. Sanematsu, Louise E. Sant, Howard J. "Lori Algeo was the best thing that happened to me at VPHS." D"""g 'uncllflfflfffillil'Elfdliilbiffli , Kenny O'Donnell During lunch. football players pose for a picture after a pep assembly. P V Jane Fischle shows her spirit as she participates at a pep assembly. P P V fm 1 Saville, Barbara J. - Schober, Sandra Schultheiss, Rosmarie B. - Schulz. Geoffrey G. Schwab. Teri L. Scott. Craig A. Scotti, John G. Sellars, Lisa C. IO2 Seniors t . f 'ix .Yu f Sedig. Linda ix X 'N f-Pg.. ,wp .. Q . X?1i:x'!,s Q 1 fm , ki? x 594 . -' ' in K F. I sf 3" ,tx ...K 'A g Aifgfn xiii! Q 0' 1 QA? 4 A ,V " 4 'lr JYXYDK 'Mx mf f nfcsihgt , it av ,alfa 1 ,Q Q A -Q.. 49354 N - 4 " 4 ' f 4-, ' fz , fw,fff1fLg-uf' , .1f'j"1 1 him.. m A ..,., k 495, ,M 54,1-?gQfKi 'f, -mf jf M .,,. WW wifi 'a V2-x-swf ,..,1 ,1 lf 'iw ' 'Sf ' ' iv ., .. 1 X A Via A Hi: wp 0 is, .1 , .0 Sellers, Van S. Sells, Luke M. Sexton, Laura Shader, Mark Sheets, Wayne Shekell, Margaret Siegler, Micheal K. Silverstein, Linda Simmons, Cynthia Simpson, Terry J. Sipe, Nancy L. Slavick, Joann N. IO4 Seniors Working hard in annual class, Lori Kudla finishes her pages for a dead line. V Y.. WU 'r "I will always remember my friendships that I have built. Not superficial surface friends, but the deep loving friends whom I love." Karen Storruste Smegal. Sherri D. Smith. Elizabeth L. Smith, Grace Smith. Judy Smith, Karen E. Smith, Nancy E. Synder, Paul S. Somers, Beth A. Sorenson, Roger G Spiglanin, Patty M Springe. Kirk D. Sripathy, Sheila M. Stalker. Donald L. Stanley. Shadd Stark, Claudia M. State, Theodore E. Seniors IO5 Staump, Sherry L. Stephen, Kelly G. Stocker, Joanna Stockton, Chris J. Stone, John C. Stoner, Dave A. Stordivant, Linda D. Storruste, Karen K. Stransky, Teresa Stratford, Ronald J. Strykala. Susan E. Stuetzel, David A. Stuffler, Kathy A. Sumrall, Nancy J. Swayne. Pete Talian, Diane IO6 Seniors "The worst thing that has happened to me at VPHS was getting caught in the act." L ynden Dunn L 4 Enjoying a quiet day at lunch is Michelle Bath. Craig Conway and Chris Conway. Tingley Tibbets. Timken. Tolbert. Tanaka, Sandra H. Tartter, Cheryl J. Tate, Wayne F. Tavera, Celeste T. Tegen. Nancy J. Thomas, Phillis K. Thomas. Robert S. Thomas, Sheri H. Thompson. Jill E. Mark Mike H. Jeff Kelly I. Seniors IO7 Van Dixhorn, Becky During lunch time. Pam Horwitz enjoys her lunch and watches the action around her. Tracy, Stephen P. Triggs. Kimberly A. Trotter, Elwood L. Tuerffs, Eric M. Turner, Karl V. Turner, Mike Tutwiler, Steve Urban, Michael F. Van Etten. Todd R. Vannice, Karen S. Van Vooren, Marie Variakojis, Vilia M. IOS Seniors "Mrs, Gibbs was my favorite teacher, she can relate to the students and students can relate to her." Suzanne Romand y ,qs I Photo Not Available Verdugo, Jerome D. Vincent, Jeff Walton. Eric P. Waldstreicher, Barbara A Walker. Lindi R. Walker, Mary Kate Walli. Elizabeth C. Walsh, John J. Walworth, Marian L. Wares, Larry Watts, Cheryl Wearda, Rick W. Webb, Kelly L. Weber, Don Wedaa, Dorothy L. Weileman, Karen M. Seniors IO9 Wein, Roberta L. Weisman, Lynda P. Wells, Jon W. Weneta. Jim R. Wernett. Julia L. Wetton, Leslie F. White. Ann Whitesell, Ann M. Whri tenous, Mark S. Wiehebrink, Donna Wiester. Sandra L. Willeford. Retli Williams, .lacqulyn Williams, Willie Willison, Sandy Wilson, Saun D. IIO Seniors "Making life time friends is the best thing that has happened to me at VPHS." Ron Adcock 'IS' if.. 'N . I. ! W , se tl' s 50N is 2 arg-'g Es? J' if ,R 3- .es- L-.-J.-' Q:- - - 7 Y :su-:Ei 4 - :i - - . ..--.-.ggi 5 Y ' w .-5, ' ? - .- :L ii-'?g.."'A - E,-" . 5- 1 ...i- 1- .ist -....1,,j t a g -2...-H 5 g-if -'-T. s- , f ::t....-- , rim... Z 'igff ' :I-i..-I" - " f i :.-A -:H W. ffw -: -1.-.,--M32 Fi-'ffT'i1 3- EFT' ---"A ' ,. : : . 2" t Jfiirf - -1 Q... g- :Af'- NE. 5. f -. ,sf-v-T::, .Q 7 , sf gif-., -5: -sf-5.2-J -:, - , 'i Y - ,,.-: ? :.:?'?z 4 If Ei' f ,- - f... E5 f i ' ': : Y :T .,-f Y -A Helen Parker walks to class after nutrition. Liz McLaren listens to friends with interest. During a pep rally. Senior girls show their spirit as they participate in a competition yell. ri vl x,,. Q 411 Seniors Ill Winter, John W. Wolff. Scott D. Wood, Peggy Woodside. .lim D. Woodward, Tim J. Woodworth, Glenn E. Wright, Bambi L. Wright, David H. Yacko, Nicholas Yamashiro, Vivian M. Yeutter. Patricia L. Zeller, David H. Ziegler, Jeff C. Zigich. Linda A. Zwicky. Robert C. ll2 Seniors Tom Kelly s .F "I'm going to graduate! Ernst, Dave Galuppo, Marius Guinn, Terry R. Hellman, Craig C. Johnson, Marshall Kelly, Russell King, Sue J. Mason, Robert B. Nadybal, Mark Paino, Sherrie L. Palmquist, David Picker, Sheryl Rowe, Dave Stange, Jeff Tennant, Alice L. Van Dyke, Brian Seniors II3 V.-'wk mm Z. -. , V ,f'3':?STLIi mt., - -ag? :ing 1' ' Jm.rl.Nn.L , . .,,,-....- - Y fs gffifft Q V l fwzvzrs, if - y f ax Q t h 15.7.5 ' Greg Holleran listens to Mr. Zakzeski lecture in journalism class. Chuck Lenord squinting from the bright California sun listens to the lunch time rock. During nutrition Ron Pierce sits back and watches the action. Rich Manning practices his chords during guitar class. 5 9" ., jf X V . .. . . .. ilu 'lit .. Alt' .. .. .. tl :z::1.:r- .ii Q5 -:5:-':5:::::--':2-55--.5.g-,:3:g:5::5:5:::9 'wars5:2-5132'1:E::gq::51we"-":"fihgggi3q.53'.-,,.5:.?-..f-15555-:3 .uf tif - 1211- -,tw .- -P14 .. .' the , . f- -2 .f-1-' at 1 '. 'vf:v ' e, w Q' fr- mm-x.. ' 'a'.-..E1-17514--11' Hwy--1:15?zJ?ff 11: 'fu X' ff-'51 5. 15' .qrrfriftgg-'rr' 'if4,-:Adil xi:-51-HIP: ...-, of: kf1'f'-'i:D'f14:tf3 as -1- if 'elm' .fwwez-zgtif . A me lia r- rf? ,. Aa- .- . 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If 5Avu?'.fvw 125423:-filiilitlf yibtt , ' '?'1fi3Lf?f' 'i-Umf,.',' IW.: fr Qfki 'ff Qfqjwffff Ssf555?9sS5EFz2f?5s: t ' -' ' j1?":' -.243.fs5fiH2lf59E12?9Ni-25.122f'f:-3''ff f J if -.,- 1- -',Pbf-- s p,fEw,. 525 "EXW . T ' L .xtitw gr E313 .V-gag ,,. ,R 11- 4- -sw. S,-fp. t 42,5-.,.fpf+1FS3:4a1z1!gle2E3?itil' . ,. .- - 1 -r 'ix QA at 2. we r .t-.ff-1.ffsw111r: i:1i:pg,-'hwkvnrsal 1 :- : -z 'W'-W-Yr" I ff? Hifi!!?:f1ff?'fl-.1f:2:::''L'-fl:-01.114 -. , 'N ,I 'J L , . - ' ""F::"Z'5:25A151' 'W':!... ' - :3,3:f1,Q":v 4 ' I, ,w""'m,1. H . . H - - 255: 4: 'V ' 'Qezgszispi-f3i -.1P'-.visit.E!,w.ff:gt --'fflbf f2QgmFIM'55S?'4'?:5:f!35ibJf- ' q. ms. '- 'fir f' I 531 , :21,Qx'25i'f - "ffl -"Ia fawfwrfu., 5-g,,,'..-xt: -4,6-" "W:-, N HN.: " .f ,4 I-1'!-, ,,:.:F -5:- " r 55' '-x- '1 . ., . .U . .t'. K'-.w-if .. . .. . ,fQf.::.--4.-1, - c,rg,"" 'f-'i5s..A au, , -Qi-.J ,.-!n'f.- ' . - - ' tg lqfgzlvc 7 fm. ' . Qg lsfpf' 'df- W A ' lnkli ' Ltf j 131251 ff. w.':-- x.'s1S5g:i'Z vi ' ' , ",SLg,. ' mswtw Q Q51 . A - bg, ' . . ' Aff, P: fl t":"l:.:l5'-f:fE:'3213-152' -,.-1EXl.'lQ?3z flizfyz NX . 3- s-Sivi1'i"" - "Mix-KE!! tv -' t -sy. it-ll-vt--A -V-i-3M-i-H '-f-is bf Nt- 1-in .v- .xgg Gfnimwi ' .P 3::5:5,gQ -,vig--. :5:,g.:g r ' 3 -5:51955 B , xg' ? -.f-.Ayr ' ' -' 415. -.55 ic' ' " C W-'P95F'r:r's'5Ft 1' --P l?7'ti2W II4 Seniors ' 4 x .,. ieiwgg- keg, 553. ' A- 'IL-4-,:,g51g:5 f fffif sie ! -,ts .. S 13 4 wi 9 e ,XX Q "The worst thing that has happened to me at VPHS is when I S i rs. , ' Janel Ritchie. Marie Van Vooran. and Art Reisman joke around before going to their next class. Football players discuss the next football game during lunch time. ' Shelly Evans stares into space while trying to think of a caption for annual. Seniors lI5 ,.,- .ll- Q-Q.. Q- ii ACADEMICS I. Mr. Tom Hart prepares to toss a stuffed animal to a student. 1 6 2. Below the Eifel Tower Mrs. Roberta Jester 2 5 discusses a french lesson with student teacher 3 Miss Karen Zakzeski. 4 7 A 3. James Nelson recruits help in math from Miss Jean Kawoaka. 4. Amidst the papers on his desk, Mr. Brent Bailey grades tests. 5. Surrounded by confusion Mr. Richard Jackson straightens a sign trampled by hurried students. "lt's been a busy year with a new attendance and registration policy. Most important is the accreditation report which will just verify the fine school and 6.F'ftl 'dS h E l'l 't l'lM.E I Ch' 'd H atseirpjgroiingop omore ngisiwaiswtie rs veyn ing rewin s 7. Mr. Jim Zakzeski helps a member of the Oracle staff with her story. 8. Mr. Richard Jackson and Mr. Jim Dokos watch the end of a student pep assembly. Mr. Bud Da vis :Fi NCI ' -1 X2 fe lift .P sg. x . IIS Changes s...- '- ggnu- """"' The faculty and administration began the year facing several changes. The most significant was the new I5-day absence policy. The teachers were to notify the counselors .when a student obtained 5 absences in their class. The counselors in turn notify the parents. After I5 absences the student was dropped from the class, at the discression of the teacher. The counselors not only had to handle excessive paper work involved with the absence procedure but devised a new system of registration. The administration, faculty and students worked together for VPHS accreditation survey. '11 ffl' 'PHt.s...w Changes Il9 I. By listening to Mrs, Karen Holt. Lisa Pizarro learns the requirements of Work Experience. 2. Mr. Frank Pangborn explains the many different areas of ROP fRegionaI Occupation Prograinj to 7 sem witnfora, 3 4 8 3. Mrs. Betty Fisher and Jean Viau discuss second semester classes offered. 4. With Mr. AI HnIyson's help, Anita McGiIhvary signs up for her second semester class. 5. Mr, Keith Reid explains college admittance requirements to an unidentified student. 6. After discussing graduation requirements Mr. Bob Edward: schedules an appointment for Jim Dickinson. 7. Searching for a student's class schedule Mr. Bob Hummell looks through the many files in the SOC. 8. Mrs. Maryann Owsley teaches Karen Clemens how to find information in the SOC. 12 6 Cf t E Q c - ' 1 yq, sa.. "" A L-fi s -qi 77 ALT TEST IIATYS til T ll NSW lfl Hot it Aw? z .WV .t.t, 12 '77 SAT A ACH TESTS 'ful IH?I'tIt'AlilHJ l :wa , i - e . . , .N , ,. ,.. . .,.t A .t . U.. 1. : 1' 'L ,- at , 12-. vs Q q fgg"Ir'I.v R V I... j: it QQMK lux A N: Cu' ' 9 xl 11+ Q 1 """ iff if ' '- I2O Counselors lll'f. S , ll 'r H7 - .atm J' X lll'fGlSTRAYl0N !TI.0 FS s at vs '1- no- Z' -. 6- . s ' ,J .N ,NMMA if ., ' f S . We felt sophomores needed elp in planning schedules that ept up with their goals, abilities, nd interests." Mr. Al Finlayson Two new programs were initiated at VPHS involving the counselors. The first was a I5-day absence policy, which was directed from the district. The second programs begun is called the Sophomore 3-Year-Plan. It calls for extensive counseling sessions with each sophomore regarding his entire high school career. Work experience is a partnership between the community and school providing opportunities for students to discover their interests and aptitudes by doing "real work". The business community becomes the student's classroom. As a school course the WE program provides grades and credit for the student who successfully completes the requirements of the program. The students are supervised and evaluated by their employers and the WE counselor, Mrs. Karen Vanaas Holt. l. al T . Q 34,1 , , Q, " . 1. v xg .47j ,- j "1 X, ' g ' ' Q l Xslf .ffl sul- . X Iii' xxvaaak l ' " o ..----"' 4'- .""'xX0X., f f ' ' , XXX . , efktll ill lei. ' f, X-QW. '13 ,i f' T "T:-"li"f1!a NTQX- xxx! V f ,Z W A 1 1,4 r 9' -5 5.fg:.6xxyXxKX. D is 51- Q I Q f K-p'1',. - 'x,g't ' , :Y , 'gf .Z 1 s. A 1. .I , --ff. JY . i.. I. A- 1 Counselors Ill ' N People are people- times are different- we had the war, the draft, Nixon, etc. We were more socially aware than todays teenagers." Mr. Rob Robinson The faculty and administration of VPHS are a composition i E f """"""':.-ez .---------2 F N o .4 'S of very colorful, interesting individuals. These individu are in turn composed of many experiences, opinions, a dreams. One teacher Mrs. Zoe Gibbs didn't become a teach until she had raised her six children. "I decided to do something with my brain. I thought I would be happy my kids. Kids are a sort of specialty." World History teacher Mr. Steve Garrahy spent this summer restoring his one hundred year old house Ioca in Orange to its original condition. Some teachers have taught under very interesting conditions. Mr. Dave Shelton, who also teaches World Ccont. p. D53 ll. .. Y I ' 1 a 'fl 6 5. ' 1 f ,. . - . ,, 4. . 'Y " -, 1 ' - 1 S.. vf. iv. f ii i 4 I' X X s, J, 'J' 4 'l t , 2 - gt.:-Y, ,T 'sq ., 4 L V x , s v -fps! Ol, if WW ey ,EL ' .. v 'M lt igp zt-I , W ' b Q" . 'S , 'r'r'YNl?lfl 1 I Q X ,A ., 1 4 3- ' Q . f Kms, .. 4 . 5 3 , yk ss g I -.:0ff"l f ,.,, U .Situ My ? " ' ' 9 . 5 - ' 'VP '51 !Fjjr::::jf: 1 9, l V .4 tf - 'J-1, 9 ,wssfffff , :,f-A ' ., , . 4-',, 3 W' ggiii,-','5:ryf 4: 1 :14 4- 5 P7521 , f , ' sl fy" 6 5.4 1. jf f ., -Q. . .,z:fffgf4. ,im - jam, I 1 1' ww . 1,4510 IN 3,6 ,vw A ' -f f ., , ' ' 'f ' llllllllfifi Q1""'-1 2 : ,. M, Sli,-' ,M A . 4, ,..' gh! ,gym-m.i 5. QX Ar.: rg nt... ta.. , . , . s ox in - Ss: t . f. - - . ef, U. 4.0-' 1 . ' , 1 :t i , f x- . ptr, ,l':- X 'N as Q j "" 5' ft- ,S f l22 Academia it vi tal ua 451 -qi' . I l. Mr. Jack Rowe lectures Amencan Ltteraturc students on lr. Scott Fttzgerald. 2. Demonstrattng one ol has many talents Mr. Rob Robtnson plays an tnvtstble guttar. 3, Sentor htstory teacher. Mr. Dave 5 6 1 3 4 7 8 Whtte, lectures to his comparittvc Poltttcal Systems class. 4. Mrs. Martlyn Hetttck explatns dtssectton to Ctndy Stmmons, 5. During registration. Mr. Bud David stgns necessary form for Kevtn DeVito. 6, Using an overhead projector Mrs. Karen Moore teaches a shorthand lesson, 7. Durtng break. Mr. John Meulmester opens a Chrtstntas gtlt. 8. Mrs. Nancy Smith lills a magaztne checkout farm. f. F I S X ri.. xi I , . , mir' utl.sJsz, Q .-.......s. Academta I23 ff I. Preparing for his next class Mr. Dave Shelton rewinds a film. J. Mr. Ray Schutte advises Craig Noble and Sherlton Glass about the use ol photographic equipment. water polo practice with interest. 4. Third period advanced composition receives instruction on the use al footnotes from Mrs. 1 2 6 , 3. Mr. Richard Jackson watches 3 4 9 8 Zoe Gibbs. 5. Mr. Russ Murphy displays his many teaching props with help from an unidenlifiable student and Willie Williams. 6. Mrs. Joy Iseli signs an absence blank supplied by Lisa Nelson 7. Mrs. Barbara Kurek and Mrs. Gail Hanger review student spirit at a pep assembly. 8 During lunch Mr Steve Garrahy and Miss Karen Whitaker ' ' discuss plans. "NSE " ' ' F i ' ':... T -mr' Q Q ' '- ,.,, 1 ,sei ,A , X is 'n' on . u Q -'-1 ' 'A . l . I S F I V .,..c, .. , s R, s if -if 497' .' x T711 df s X ' STL: l24 Academia l r u s 1' ' X W if 9 e,' Q o n 4 an can oo: nn' o .O . Q ,.a s W1-E' Maw .'..'s' . 1 of ' Q u 1,- .su , . O several sociology and psychology classes. These subjects were not only helpful in acquiring her certificate but were personally rewarding as well. Miss Iseli states. "Personal growth and awareness are avenues for me to explore in order to discover more about myself, my life. and others." Senior History teacher Mr. Dave White spends much of his spare time running in distance races around the state Mr. John Meulmester lives on an isolated farm and raises much of his own food. He grows his own vegetables and fruit. not to mention raising cattle, hogs and horses. It was the diversity of background that enriched the learning experience at Villa Park. 5,4-Q A I ,K 'Y A t bl.. Academia D5 Early In the year the Odyssey placed questionaires in the faculty s mailboxes asking about the education and comments on world situations The following quotes are some of the more interesting views expressed teachers' personal lives, views on Don Thompson "ERA? They are all nice letters. I use them frequentIy." "Too many people are hooked on television. It is not good for kids to watch extensively at the expense of other activities." Mark Sanders "Teenagers today seem to know where they're headed in life fi.e., careerj. but little about what is expected of them or who they are." "My biggest accomplishment since leaving high school is developing a philosophy of life." V Dave Lawrence I26 Faculty Poll Ra y Schutte "Teenagers today have similar growing up problems but are not as knowledge oreinted as I was." "Television will change us in time just as the printing press did." Debi C raib "Teenagers today are more worldly and have more responsibilities than just going to school." "TA, TM, and EST have all caught my eye as a passing fancy. My B.A. is in psychology and it will always be my first love. Anything that helps people feel good about themselves is good." Evelyn Ching "I love my job, my home and my husband. I love some good friends, and I can ignore my enemies." Ted Mullen "My biggest accomplishment since leaving high school is having a continuing marriage for twenty years." "I think the I5-day absence policy improves attendance." Phil Thoner "Feeling has little to do with education, thinking has to do with education." A Phil Thoner "A human being is a human being is a human being- promotion, attention, andfor recognition should be based on talent, intelligence and abiIity." Da ve Lawrence "My biggest accomplishment since leaving high school would be educating myself, putting myself through college and proving to myself that I can accomplish anything I choose to undertake." "I think a subject should be taught that would prepare high school students on how to cope with our ever-changing technological society and mass population, also how to make cooperative efforts in getting along with others." "In all my classes combined- very t few students fail. Usually it's only those who choose to fail by either r attendance or who just close door to any outside information, Ich might help develop them into cialized being." :he future I feel education will land more from all sides Cstudents, rhers, administratorsb to reorganize lable courses to meet everyones' vidual needs. especially the Ients." re will be increased emphasis on asics to insure that those leaving 'nstitution can function, making ions, and problem solve when 'leave. I also percieve a uation" test which will be red in order to receive a rv ma. I, I am satisfied with my life at the ent. As long as there is constant ge with the everyday situation volved with, and as long as I positive efforts to improve If and the work I do." eren't teaching at Villa Park l'd adventure. I have a desire to ack many parts of the Sierras ockies. shoot the river rapids in man raft on a hot summer day. follow an old fantasy, "sell thin" and crew on a sailboat in uth Seas. Vocationally I would ery much to become involved in Planning, Environmental Design. at a small Junior College and live ly ever after in a dome house on iffs of Big Sur." Teachers Answer Poll "Today's teenagers are much more aware of life and what it has to offer. Teens today are developing mentally and physically earlier in life to help make an easier transition from teenage to adulthood, preparation for the New Millineum I suppose." F-"W 5,m,,,v 4 Debi Craib Alberta Wormdahl "My biggest accomplishment since leaving high school is becoming a professional in a tight job market." "I truly feel student government can be dynamic. Improving one's own "situation" should concern all students." Dom C orradino "Life is like that proverbial glass. It's either half full or half empty-mine has always been half full Gail Hanger "TV creates insensitivity to violence. etc.. and more non-readers." Greg Benoit "The most dire political situation in the world today is world hunger and political power struggles which prevent it's eradication." V Norm Johnson Faculty Poll I27 "A good performance must have the dedication of every performer and enthusiasm throughout all the rehearsals and performances." Mrs. Anne Folkert I28 Performances i ,af A .. Many classes at VPHS are geared to performing. Sucl subjects as art. drama, music, dance, journalism, or any sport require a good performance or production. Several performers and performances came to VPHS year. The advanced drama class performed Bye Bye Bi for the local junior highs under the direction of Mrs.Al Wormdahl. First period dance chorography performed their annt production. The production was choreographed by the students under the watchful eye of Mrs. Anne Folkert. Mr. Ron Browne's fifth period guitar class spent much ol their time practicing. They were a familiar sight sitting outside R-2 daily. ii ,,..s-0 Ifxf il M .Q-ooo-- .sewn - rf, ,msn I. Mrs. Anne Folkert gracefully demonstrates a dance step for her Dance! 4 ChoreographyfProduction 1 2 5 class. 2. At poolside Coach Jeff 3 6 Erlich suggests a new strategy for the upcoming period. 3. Mr. Norm Johnson signs a supply request for Cris Benson. 4. Smiling at Debbie Griskonis' full cart of wardrobe Mrs. Alberta Wormdahl and Mr. King decide on a parking place. 5. Mr. Myron Hittinger conducts the Marching Spartans at a football game. 6. Mr. Ron Browne leads around-circle critique of guitar music. ml Performances D9 vs -.. s... Y Q.. rn JLINIORS P Ava Haretakis concentrates during dance class. P V Gina Hoskin. Janet Mills. Eve Toth. Pam Bailey and Liz Abati Steve Abdalla John Abouchar Michael Adray Ida Aguillar Phillip Ahlm Marie Alarid Eddie Alazraki Terri Albertson Tracy Albertson Steve Alcorn Scott Aldrich Cheryl Allen Jodi Allen John Allen John Allton Chris Alvarez Mike Amato Susan Ambruso John Anasis Paula Anctil Dave Anderson Larry Anderson Ed Andert Don Andrews Andrea Anello Mike Argo Randy Arnold Tarquin Ashwoth Deborah Bailey l32 Juniors Terry Lockstedt wait anxiously to see who won the spirit stick. . , . k - 'Q' N v gif fy? X ' K 2' M 1- 1' La. ff ' 'if J N 1 ei? '. sf s.,, Q! My junior year has been better than my sophomore year because I have someone to pick on now and l'm not as bewildered." Craig Schutz Y . J Q4 'v ' N .K to yt B Q Q . trfft, -4' 'RJ Pam Bailey Drew Baker Mike Baker Jim Baluch Jennifer Barnes Kevin Barnes Jo Barsa Kurt Bateson Cynthia Battles Tib Beasly Lisa Beaudoin Brian Beaudry Laura Bennet Darla Benson Penny Bernhardt Sheri Best Patty Betts Julia Bigelow Tim Birkman Sabrina Blake Laura Bland Kurt Blythe Jerry Boland EI Bonham W' Juniors l33 sw V P Liz Borie Karen Bowman Tim Braun Caroline Bray Philip Brelje Careyn Brenier Jim Briggs John Brisson Paul Broderick Brad Bronson Scott Brookover Laurel Brown Sheri Brown Steve Brown Bob Brumleu Phil Buffington Teri Buffington David Bullock Cheryl Burdine Celine Busek Pam Buxton Judy Byrd Clark Caines Dave Callahan W' 5 T my A ay wf ,. Ita: i.'f?.'? hi, , -1, Q . . 9, , 1 X, "-Q., i 7,s6v R.-,A 57051 S, ,mf 1 H -r J Q35 F J" ' fa ' 1 J' M ft.. , , gn N A Q1 rf C 'egirf - . , sq: "QB 4. . i'?z' is tiff f 'tllil 5 ,Mm .t . 1' 4 S1,,,, +fr RAW, 4, U -4 wi ndy t 'Qi 1- T qv' . ik 1' J 'W 714 iq -ng. " . 1 f 5 is 1 if I9 'Ly t Z! Q iifffiv i ip 1'-f:4 f- ' , V ani"- . ffg' C , I -V .C,, 4. 7 4X h!-T ,,, ,et Brent Callis Richard Cammarato Veronica Camp Dave Cangelosi Terry Carlin Jeff Carter Brian Casacchia Michelle Cass Steve Catlow George Caucas Paul Chavez Matt Chedister Hae-ok Cho Kent Christenson Cindi Clark Dana Claypool Karen Clemens Darren Cochran Abby Cohen Timothy L. Collins Timothy P. Collins Laura Compton Cathy Connors Julie Cook Steve Cook Elaine Coontz Chris Cooper Deborah Cordray Julie Cornuz Phil Cosentino Juniors l35 Ann Costanza Grace Cox Debi Craft Brenda Crosby Jackie Cross Kirsten Cunningham Debra Curtis R b o in Cutler Sonya Dakin Don Daley Kathy Davis Jeff De Lamare Mary Deluca Leslie De Mint Valerie De Pourtales Lance De Steuben Lisa Degelman Bob Determan Stephanie Diaz Angel Dietch Carolyn Dinardo Debra Dinwiddie l36 Juniors ,e ff- L W Q , be S 5 sg f'7f'i ' 3 "The best thing to happen to me at VPHS was when I was walking down the hall and this girl was combing her hair and she accidently combed mine too." Lisa Schrader 1 , wu:'2t1.- .a . I X 1 vglvdftrwwfss , .L'L'gim,A.1 av? ' 'vs Aft' ' L f 0 A ' 'Q'?'1z,7Qfaf , , -Q 1. 5 I RQ, . V,- L, .s Q 0 xt, X 1 Bob Goulet squints to keep the bright California sun out of his eyes. Lisa Jensen seems to appreciate the See's sucker elm' supplied by the French Club. Sue Low smiles at her friends to show them her enjoyment for the pep assembly. I fini.. , !'3"fN 44vEd' Q Q. X . N of 'Q' A ig. my ' It Fw Q Cary Ditgen James Doering Fred Dominguez Byron Done Jeff Dooley Carrie Dooling Dave Dovell Bob Drey Brenda Dualan Teace Dufault Marlene Dwyer Kathy Ebrite Sean Eckstein Virginia Eddlemon Dori Edison Rod Eisenbeisz Bill Ellis Dennis Emge Dave Enos Bob Erdtsieck Kimberly Ernst Rick Evanoff Mark Evans Scott Everett Juniors l37 I38 Juniors Sharon Ewald A F h ld Mark F Charles ie Brad Fish Dana Fish Dave Fish anyF reg For o n o Ruth Fourn Kirk Fow Lori Freed Janet Freeman Jeanie Freeman Eric Freidenreich Caryn Frenc Kathy Fre Mike F Denise G Sue Gaiser Jeff Fron aban "The worst thing that has happened to me at VPHS is having six classes in the east end of school and being assigned a locker as far west as possible, upstairs." Craig Jones. 13- 31 ya Lars Galuppo Richard Garrett Ilene Gayron James Geanakos Paul Giannetakis Donna Gibson Lisa Gillon Sheldon Glass Scott Glenn Kimberly Gordon James Gorzo Cindy Goss Mark Goss Bob Goulet Jim Graf Hal Graham Jana Grant Mike Grant Mary Gratto Paula Gray Geoff Greene William Grider Robert Griffin Debra Griskonis Eilzabeth Grouse Kevin Grover Mike Gryvnak Alison Gugliotta Steve Gumbusky Martine Gurnick Juniors I39 Arlene Guy Rhonda Hagerman Greg Hall Lisa Hall Shari Hall Connie Hamilton Cindy Hammond Ted Hanf Janet Haninger Mark Hannibal Bryan Hansen Regina Hanson Ava Haretakis Larry Harmier Alan Harper Judi Haspell Larry Haupert Wendy Hawkins Thomas Hayes Darlene Haynie Diane Head Shari Hedin Rick Heil Becky Helme Robert Hempling Tracey Herbert Alison Hickman Marc Hidalgo Steven Higgins Bill Hill Jeanine Hill Eileen Hircshy Carol Hoage Jan Hobbs l4O Juniors P Julie Trueblood and Julie Teachout watch as the song leaders perform a routine. The juniors show a great deal of enthusiasm as they register 'W S J " , - 3, J . xx I 1 x -.. K Q - -T "There doesn't seem to be any particular advantage to being a junior. I'd rather be a senior and get out of here." Janet Holdrige Joann Holdrige Kelly Holkestad Dutch Holland Shannon Holthe Mark Horwitz Gina Hoskin Steve Hoskins William Hoskins Conrad Hotchkiss Robert Humphfres Rod Hunter Steve Hunter Nancy Husband Rod Ida Sheri Iler Akira Ino Lynette Isel Wendy Iverson Chris Jackson Rhonda Jackson Jim Jacques David James Debbie Jamieson Julie Janke Lisa Janzen Sharareh Javadi Eric Johnson Mike Johnson Rob Johnson Susan Johnson Eric Johnson Chris Jones Craig Jones Kevin Jones Renee Jones Steve Jones Bill Joos Daren Joy Dave Joy Katy Kahn Ron Kammer James Karanibolaou Dale Karell Karen Kauffeld Michelle Keast Pam Kebre Dan Kelly Paul Kelly Julie Kennedy Ann Kerr Mary Kerwin Julie Kesterson Terri Ketchum Micheal Kilroy Bob King Scott King Kiln Kirby l42 Juniors I -tY.f,A? A friend's little joke humors Angel Dietch while waiting for class to start. 4 4 Masked student. Tom Hayes and Debbie Griskonis watch the cheer leaders and others act out a skit at a pep assembly. . ,xg V Ron Kissee Emi Kiyitoki Alan Kline Randy Knutson Dorri Komarek Mike Koob Craig Koster Bill Kostner Kenneth Kostner Dave Kowaleski Vicki Kucera Jeff Kudla Tim Kurreck David Kurtz Ron Lack Janel Larson Mary Larson Vickie Laughlin Kevin Leary Dean Le Beau Chris Lee Janet Lee Elizabeth Leeson Carol Leeth Mark Lehman Stephan Leong William Lepore Juniors I43 Beth Levine Karen Lewis Kristy Lewis David Libby Bonnie Libman Greg Limas Dave Linville Terri Lockstedt William Longyear Kathy Losi Mearl Lottman Sue Low Bobbie Loy Deanne LuPayne Brad Lucente Eric Luhrsen Laura Lundgren Freddi Lunsford Dana Lyerla Susan Lynch Lori Magnacca Michael Mahony Sam Maida Bridgette Malloy Cheryl Malmquist Kristy Manning Debi March I44 Juniors l "After a year with Mr. Proffitt, you're ready for anything! earthquakes, typhoons, volcanoes, , , anything." , , Geoff Greene June Yokogawa grins as she does a routine for the halftime show. Concentrating on a class discussion, Julie Mendez. Susan Johnson, Kim Carlsburg, Mitch Cohen and Guy Gugliotta listen intently. Qi, 13 x - we R K-Nw, t Q Y Brad Marcus Karen Markley Shannon Marlow David Marr Chris Martin Terry Martin Michelle Martina Mark Maruoka Julie Matsui Mark Maxwell Steve McBride Mark McCracken Kathleen McCrory Mike Mc Gee Anita McGilIivray Laurie Mcglovern Nancy Mclnally Kris McKinnon Martha Mclintock Gwen McMiIlian Sheri McMurtrey Lori McNatt Karen Megrund Geoff Meister Julie Mendez Kenneth Meyer Curtis Miller Gregg Miller Priscilla Miller Sue Miller Juniors l4'5 Janet Mills Aaron Miskin Mike Mitchell Ray Mitchell Russel Mobley Cheri Monroe Tom Monson Matt Montgomery Jerald Moore Rob Moore Tom Moore Kym Moran Lisa Morgosh Brian Morris Brian Mosley Debbie Moug Stephanie Mowery Leslie Moyer Paul Moyer Richard Myracle Wendy Nagao Kelli Nees Jeffery Negus Cathy Nelson Chris Nelson Carol Nerney I46 Juniors P V Junior. Michelle November. senior. Randy Lack, juniors Kevin Swanson. Matt Shaker. and sophomore Denise Nash rehearse for the play 'Auntie Mame.' P P Kris McKinnon. Julie Teachout and Julie Matsui discuss their tennis games with each other. "The worst thing that happened to me was when my friend, Bonnie, found a praying mantis in my hair after P.E." Julie Fisher t p t . l ii ,. ?"'-A X RE Ms W x Q1-mv v 'Yi Phillip Nezet Thu Ngo Mark Nickerson Marc Nishino Craig Noble Cristy Noe Phil Norling Michelle November Jim Nowicki Judy O'NeiII Pamela Ogletree Ron Ornellas Vikki Orr Stanley Oulman Shacke Ouzounian Kevin Owens Rick Owens Sara Ownes Scott Owens Terrie Paddison Lynn Pagulayan Tim Palmquist Sandy Papas Teresa Park Juniors I47 Linda Patlian Brad Patrick Judi Pawley Wendy Payne Veronica Penn Mary Perez Cheryl Peters Dan Peters Brent Peterson Linda Peterson Wendy Peterson Brent Picano Brian Pickering Dave Pinch Darby Piper Damon Pizzurro Sharon Plant Cathi Pomeroy Lisa Ponce Teresa Pope Ken Posthuma Susan Powell Susan Powell Lisa Powelson Gardy Prater Janet Pursell Dave Quintana Danny Rabalais Dave Rader Cheryl Raill Richard Ralson Douglas Raphael Vicki Rasey l48 .lunlors P V Carol Hoage helps to give the new sophomores tours of the school. Sonya Weileman. Karen Ford, Lisa Sellars, Karen Kauffeld and Vicki Laughlin cheer on the water polo team to another victory. R , Q .xg ' , i . A, xx iw .. 1 - skis -- A -if ri i L ji .' K L . .fall ., ,J Q,54gaf2?2,fH "l'd like to achieve sanity but, alas, this is impossible at VPHS. Diane Sage y X S A' -g 1? i' i '77 -1 km 2 Julie Rasinski Sarah Raymond Steve Redding Jon Redline Tom Reilly Jeanine Reiter Michael Reta Linda Reynolds Robert Richardson Susan Riddle Judy Riley Tony Riley Dave Robertson Korinne Robertson Mark Robertson Cathy Robillard Bea Rodriguez Sherry Rodriguez Paul Rogers Robin Romano Lisa Rossini Kimberly Rother Steve Rowe Brent Rudaitis Rudy Ruiz Michael Ryan Jim Ryckebosch Diane Sagey Dave Saladin Maureen Salmond Juniors l49 Craig Sanderson Mark Sanderson Pam Sandhoefner Jill Sappington John Sarkaria Lori Sator Jose Saucedo Paul Savaso Matt Schenden Steve Scherer Mike Schildts Lisa Schrader Craig Schulz Rick Schulz Mike Scotti Joseph Sedlack Sue Sedlack Lamont Seifert Audrey Selby Rick Senne Matthew Shaker Eric Shapiro Scott Shattuck Diane Shearer l5O Juniors K if E F 'K Q1 lg 4 1 ii A X N ,af vu as Ku, 1' Qt Y t. ..1:QM.t.ts,..,,...,,.....,w ,xM . 1 . . J 1 L , Q .awww '- ' i J " fra: ir-, . ma- .' . - - 4 2 .A is S. ' X x Dean Shears Lori Sheldon Bob Sherman Cindy Shields Don Shields Monti Shoemaker Mike Shopshine Cynthia Shull Betsy Sikora John Silzel Gail Simonson Vicki Simpson Brian Smith Chris Smith Dave Smith Jamie Smith Ray Smith Tina Smith Heather Saunders Jim Ziegler J J T! Juniors I5I tr- Larry Sokoloff Bob Sollee Rene Solorio James Souder Linda Souza Cynthia Speck Diane Speich Ron St John Juli Stahler Linda Standley Shannon Stanley Walter Starky Bob Steele Suzanne Stevens Patricia Stewart Ron Stewart Terry Stocker Mary Stockinger Joel Stone Kevin Stone Andy Strahan J.C. Strauss Carolyn Strong Paul Strupp Missy Stuart Susan Sukniach Lisa Sullivan I52 Juniors TN? 44 -Oi 'fp ft vig een at G ' . , ,Q .b . l '. f 4, . ff 'xi I t rm' xx I ' 9 J 'ffl 1 'Q ' ax. Q S x .A fa 'fig 4. ,-A Ji 14. A . 2 t 1 "My junior year has been better than my sophomore year because I 4 feel as though I am able to do things freely and most importantly as a junior l'm no longer looked v 1 down upon." Care yn Brenier -8 X fs: . L J 4 1 4 Juniors futilely try to raise enough class spirit to win a class cheer. Deborah Cordray works hard on her drill team routine for the parade at San Fernando. Junior cheerleaders. involved in deep discussion and not following the action, Leslie Moyer, Kathy Losi and Diane Speich, await their turn on stage. 4. W. S ' ' 'N xv .ga .1 ,I "' 5 y 5 pf . J 1 n tv. 6 JZ s X t .3 X ,. ll ,lla It- ' J X I 's QE.. . "" f- . it . ' 'K B f Ns 1 t. It- 1 'HQ 7' 'X O I P'-4 in . fy J 5 tl 'W Ilene Sumers Kevin Swanson Jim Swenson Allison Sylvester Fred Sylvia Lori Symons Drusi Talmage John Tarabilda Mike Tavera Phil Taylor Scott Taylor Julie Teachout Lisa Teply Emil Terrazas John Theiss Edward Thomas Robert Thomas Darren Thompson Jeff Tibbets Brendan Timpane Norman Torres Eve Toth Deborah Trogdon Dan Trollinger Julie Trueblood Ryan Turner Jaime Turney Galen Tussey Gary Tye David Upton Juniors I53 Pam Van Bogart Joel Van Boom Carolyn Vandenberg Estela Vital Monica Vlcek Paul Wackym Larry Waddell John Waddle Lisa -Wagner Mike Waldow Robert Walker Kathy Wall Todd Waltz Cheryl Ward Jennifer Warren Harvey Waters Brian Watts Brian Way Eleanor Weech Linda Weger Chris Weiland Sharon Weiland Sonya Weileman Neal Wells Robert Wells Nancy Weneta I54 Juniors Careyn Brenier smiles for the great day she has had. P V Bob Yuhas gives a baleful stare to snooping camera. P P V Walking together, yet each alone in their own thoughts, Jenny Warren. Liz Abati, and Irene Gayron slowly stroll to their next classes. Q' Z Q. af B """"" " 21 ..- XXL X f 2 .. 1 J , L X .,, f w.. ,wig , , X I Af . 'ici' N x I. iran vt wg. we , , ,NW NM f'h Wie .s gt ffl Q39 "One of the nicest things about my classes is my fifth period, T-9, it's air conditioned." Mark Maxwell it il 2. J- 'LZ ' no . . ex 4 P' 'v o--p 'x ' ,. A gf t .fm 1 ' n A P 3' 'X f - J f . .. 3 L. .-45- Tina Wentworth Cathy West Robert Wheeler Nancy White Laura Whitehouse Tamara Wiester Melanie Wilkerson Mark Williams Clay Willison Gregory Wilson Karen Windsor Ken Wise Jennifer Wong Nathan Wong Shelly Woods Dave Wright Debbie Wright Kathy Wright Sue Wright Greg Yamada John Yasuda Randy Yoder June Yokogawa Debbie York Bob Yuhas Halida Yusuf Dave Zaizar Nancy Zech Gregg Zechiel Gregg Zeutzius Juniors l55 i ug Q -1 is 1. 4 'lg SPQRTS Sports Division Page I57 JL L--LM' D A -3 'tw uv.. , -rf ,,, 9 fir c 1-if 4 - .NK 155 4. , 1 1 Y.: 9 2' I 1 ,T A .vz A is , .11 sl fy' -inland I7 , 94 If K v ' 'F 'ff "Q .ff Q 2625 ll 70 as 32,4 'Wi si 'Q W1 "S 1 3.4! . of , xi all 019 X! ,Ly iw YIK I. Coach Ted Mullen fMoon,b discusses Ili? offensive strategy with players. 2. Dean Gordon runs with the ball on a V.P.H.S. conversion. 3. "Southpaw" Steve Brown completes pass for a first down. 4. Defensive backs Phil Rodgers and Paul Moyer tackle a Foothill running back. 5. Quarterback Steve Brown pitches ball to Arnold Thomas on a sweep. 6. Spartan offensive line stands anticipating the snap of the ball. 7. Tom Klecak kickes the winning field goal against EI Modena. 8. Skip Oades zeroes in to block the defenders. 9. Joe Gouveia runs back one of his many punt returns against El Modena. J ,Z7 " Y' ' ' H -.'-w,.affg5Q5g ,in ' 22. .nanll-.n-A l6O Varsity Football Y C 55, C" I Q i Y "Being a part of the varsity football team, I remember my touchdown against Valley . . . l think? Todd Litman by Ted Mullen. VPHS entered the I977 football season one of the strongest teams in VPHS's history. The Spartans alt" .wsm,,f,,, -W' W .wX,,,, .Avian EL.. Q',,'i" .ts lei ' Hex f- K , ,N Q Syglrfh-Q ..xg,,5gh:v',. .,,,.J wi ll g ,Dfw - H 1, ' . ' N' A Qf ,ff K . - gg. LA " t .'4""5f'Ff34-'fre Q 1, W' N .'f,fl-6,in'9'.'2z"L'f - T nrt, lifts? , 4.1, came with their teeth gritted and strong determination. They set the tone in their first game against Katella defeating them 22-7. The following game was against one of their top two ri- vals. Canyon. The Spartans totally dominated the gridiron putting all their talent together. With Mark Kahn grinding out the yards and blowing open holes for the strong tailback Art Reisman, the final score was a crushing 36-7. VPHS third game was played at the Santa Ana Bowl against the Santa Ana Saints. The Spartans again playing tough football pulled off another victory. winning I9-8. With tough running by Mark Kahn and fine quarterbacking by the young junior Steve Brown. the Spartans rolled to a shut out defeating Tustin JIAO. - R u , , . . cr u -ll' '44, T vb ni, 1' , A I l .. . X rl , .I : A Q X l A. T QA 1 - 1 r' . f - ,fiy Q- W -1-X ,nf x - ',,, A . t -. 3, . --f-we .-ann.- L h V ' 4, sAA,,y,f:5g,, A- .x . W' -gtfqu. Jsga J gf, -nf? 0 it , ,. . , , . " "" law,-,., fi:-'U A - t - ., " 1 Varsity Football I6l ,449 I O' Mimi' i . ZS' I QI 4 : ' 'V 4 f 6 9 D 4 f 5 xg. Sf 1 mx ..,,,, ., mf . W., - ' qua? Aw: l Q if as Hg 'f ' .ss Q-Em wx 0 Q .5-' 1? ... A 1 R, Q , I Y Q' H Q . 3: K '. :A -7 . xg' V F' " . " X Nr- X 3 "" X, . s tg ,r A , dx A J .,'- 5 f 4 - - K ' L W. ' x N 'A . A 2 X IQ A si X JK 5 vi' D . 4 . .,,,z , , i ,' A' A ' A... kiln. . Q4 5' 1 v 4. IX. ' 'vc' 3-,-Qu. ..Q, 42 fm . M. 'X Q, N -.--5. -. , K 4 ' . 'wi I' 1 Q - ' . ,,f' AWA The sophomore football team won their league with a 7-2 record. Despite losing their first two non-league games against Katella and Canyon, the sophomores came back strong for their regular season, going undefeated 7-O. Under the leadership of Russ CDogD Murphy the team played with togetherness and spirit. The sophomores were led by the running of Mark Ehlers. John German, and Matt Fredrickson. quarterbacking by Shawn Buckle. A large part of the team is expected to return next year and provide excellent material for the I978-I979 varsity team. H' ' 5 : E fy 1 , g. . A V , ll,,,,' " Q' fx? A l64 Sophomore Football ,Nu t -,gr . . wg .M ,wk H ,fx 'gc ,542 ,. .4 QQSLQIA 'A x 'QB-X Y X 2 7 I 9 5810 l. Coach Tim Owens watches the defense as coach Russ CDogD Murphy instructs quarterback Shawn Buckle, J. Quarterback Shawn Buckle throws. and completes a pass against Tustin. 3. Mark Ehlers drives for a small gain. 5. Shawn Buckle barks out the signals for the offense. 6. John German looks for a hole in Estancias defensive line. After receiving a pass from the quarterback Shawn Buckle. n Rose makes a first down. Spartan defenders close in on opposition. Mark Ehlers kicks off for the sophomore team. Offensive team huddles as Shawn Buckle calls the play. 4. Matt Fredrickson runs the ball for a I2 yard gain against Tustin. "Football is a great sport! I really enjoy myself on the field." Rob Heller Q , ' , .1 A S X 'J ' . ya .4 5 , t 'W 'N ' i . '- U 5 X I .-- ,v '- if r.,,,,, il 1 hu a .ag , t . A ..,.. - ., C' - .T W' """" iv" avi f .uw . .. 'T ,4 ff-1' , E- w- .. ""T.'-ze. "' 3' 9' 'T '..,.l. .F ,,., , :rings Q In Q H . Q, 2 M .y f4tl!H'?'f.?,jf.:':'f'-'-f- cf"- i3.5"'X' Q.:-as Q- -w...,..,,,,i' X' ,iw-0-sf . -... -"W .49 - ' ...w -'f 4 was - , l- ,X . I X , , X , L., -ag a . " T ' . 7"P'a"'4L'1"wf'2 F.-dn. . K 5. 'V f -, fe- - ' - 'ar 5 1 MRP o Y'.. V Nf- v Q f 0 -H N' ' , A I "' Lx Af I , e . -.f X g-X,-,cr -A Q 3 :.,g,:q,ws ' .3 , f . ' . ' f 6 it A-1 ftp- y .f X V gg . A .V Q :fy V h Q X V- --' Q-ww!-I fre- x 4'v'0Nw'.'f-me--vt '-. I ,M-ff. wi 'X "' , B .s 48 ,...1. iq, Sophomore Football l65 A . W Qpsw.. ""'4"?. 'Y-SIHPV' ,HJ""' 'k i 4' ,R--' var 'f . .,.f'1 .Y Q + 1- ,X lgiifgef 5:1 , V A. .WI Emi m 5, .yi , x ,sb Q",,.fl?' X-9212+ 142 -, . Q -p ws. L , . E W r Q psf' jf I if 3 -g.fiy1,:5':'3 V ' A 1 4 54? Q! 19' f X ww v 'sv'-N w-.- cb' 46. .f fm , .1 k g .I . ,V ff 1 4 A 'MMI :W 4 " MM -4 J xk Wy' M vim, x fly .nf WX ww, Wiiffix 1 X. LL. 3 ", K P,-X x 43: 2, 1---, .,.-A fu. -', as-Q Kiggxx ,, , QL, ..R.i. A5i:vix.FX.3qE,.1, 5 . . -i n,xXx.,'E Y X . Q if A,5'7 2 '9' ' VK. 1 3 4 lead-el' 19" f ' ' LL Q . .AJR ' ' " 'J Q az- 1 M .v ' tux K1 'U . 99. ,, Us ,I - .Q - f iz, f f. . f y ix ,Q . Ii' is fn ." xv f f . 4 . . us K- n QL . Jvba' 4 9 'X ,JL 1 .JA .-P, 5. x A V WM Y. J j,,ga..hw,m1 - 1. 4 4 '52, . . I . N 5 1 x 9 Q 8. . -'- Y S. K 1 4 , . , rl ,, Q., 1 ' A 4 i N wdwwwnww WWW 145 2367 I. Coach Erlich explains strategy to his players during a short break in the action. - 2. Mark Cornett and Dennis Mohle closely guard a Foothill player. 3. Jim Balok kicks quickly backwards to avoid being blocked. l l977 was the first seas Sophomore waterpolo B t win the league champions went to the C.I.F. playoff undefeated, 7-O, in leagu n for the am to ip. They play. Sophomore coach Jeff Woods said, "the guys took a lot pride in winning." of. "We even had three players who started during the season who had never played waterpolo before, lan Haskins. Perry Viscounty. and Doug Christensen Woods continued. "I enjoyed coaching them aIl." NWI! I68 Varsity-Soph. Waterpolo XVI' l . if t . ,l 0 6 ' K ' , I , .XJ Q , 6. A "Qs-ii 4'-1' . "' XP R K ' X 5 4- Fl?" "K g ' ' "' 'mi 1-I f X, 4 V44 t K' fx ' ' by -W '. A.. z I 3 - - ',-'-tam , K ' ff, J . v 5, 93 , is A 5, 'K- y Yi! sg ,,. A 'YH , -an , 'Q BS, A 'ifz' 1' 1,1 , Q-W---W , ,. -A -- fr-T--15 , , f,y,.,' AKA 7 A' A .- , l'. . 4 , Nyqfztiii NA-xu ' Q . , , 4-Q ' L-qv1Eff5, - f fix Q-3. 2 X S? ,Q w- L gq,1Sf. fl T, . ,xv 'a x "3 " rj N V. QA fix T9 .,v 9.63 BH- R 1 ' ,, 1 V ,358 '. .L 1 lagx L , 1 , 'f ju . A my ,V -- -?ff,x'f.,'4'Ei,?1,,',L 37 V M... Q ' .111-.ifrfg-.5-Tami: ' .6 15 ,f N K Q V fb Q' v 'qi ,'- Q ,-. ' ,V , ' Y ,N ' Qriiw . 390 frm - v , 'f'1 ff-Q "Wi" 7 . Q , - -""f1"7"f9'f-'23-Ai-75-K4-.,- -- 4'gg'E.""'5 , If an f -r -5.511 . V , - .- , , . -.P,- -',f-,yn-.,. ,,', .J,w.... x- yr' - - 'M , w ii ,NA f ' - '3k-ffl x .. I ' " "' O 'Une - . A if s -q , Q - QU! 4 1 wx A .- dv ' fl 1- Y 5' f",....Q A 3- gmlxx. L1 I. Tim Woodward darts toward the finish. 1 2 3 6 J. Tim Doering 7 strids for a finish. 4 8 3. Mike Fisher tires as he comes up on the finish. 4. Paul Gianntakis, Jeff De La mare, Matt Brunk, and Lance Bissel run through Villa Park during ractice. . Dave Congelosi eases to the finish. 5 P 5 6. John Yusada just ahead of his opponent. 7. Eric Freidenreick fights for the finish. 8. Eric Freidenreick struggles around corner. vuvqga The cross country team finished the season with low scores. Cross country is scored by points being assigned to the place the runner finishes. A low score wins the meet The team was coached by Dave White who celebrated his fourth season coaching the runners. Returning Iettermen were Tim Woodward, and Roger Sorensen. During the year the team ran against many other schools including Orange, EI Modena, and Santa Ana Q Valley. One of the most interestii meets was said to be the Buena P Invitational. Runners race around track once then through a field an around the school. At the end of race, instead of going over a finisl line they ran into a big cone. Onl one runner can go through at one time. Villa Park finished the meet scoring first for varsity. second sophomore. and third for junior varsity. 1 fi 1 - ,H W' Kei A tw 5 .. I keep telling myself give 'em a good race I want to run my best and my hardest." Da ve Congelosi xxxi 4' I iff!! Varsity Cross Country I7I WWI. The girls cross country team coached by Krisa Baylor. ran for their first year, all though Miss Baylor has been running for five years on her own. This bei the first year of cross country, instead of breaking school records, the team set them. The best time w set by Lana Dalberg. lt was thirteen minutes and e thirty four seconds! When asked how he felt about the meet at the Bu Park Invitational Carl Boatright commented, "I feel I could have done better if I had stayed up at the beginning." 5, -1 v an . 133 'N T X , , ,J x. S. , I. Steve Leelng gazes determmdly at the fmlsh 2 BllILe oreh sth f h 3 4 F 5 6 7 8 Fburing a match against Orange Lisa Schrader does a bump to set up a spike. 6 2. In the Estancia game 1 3 5 Terry Stocker backs up 8 teammate Shelly Woods. 2 4 7 3. Robin Dill lumps high in the air to spike the ball against Estancia. 4. While there is a break in play. Coach Jan Standlea gives instructions to her team. 5. The Odyssey staff catches the motions of Robin Dill as she dives for the ball to save a point. 6. ln the El Modena match Jodi Mullen bumps the ball up high for a spike set up. 7, Setting up the ball for a winner. Robin Meyer is watched by teammates Sandy Papas and Jodi Mullen. 8. Putting her all into a bump. Linda Zigich leaps in the air to make a set-up for a spike. A Q . - .Vi X ua I74 Girl's Volleyball Varsity volleyball finished at 7-7. fourth place. but tter than last year's OI4 record. "We could have done better. but we have improved Lefty since the start of the season." stated Jodi UI learned how t0 Work as part Coach Jan Standlea commented, "They wereyvery of a team rather than an achable girls and we all got along very good. . e . H The Junior Varsity team tied Estancia for second, Indlvldual, ding the season at IO-4. "We spent a lot of hours working to do as well as we Gretchen Jacobs l'm glad I worked as hard as l did, and I know feels the same as I do," commented Lori 2 '2 Girl's Volleyball I75 I Julle Matsul huts one down the line against Carefully watching the ball, Becky Reed hits a backhand to her Santa Ana opponant. Agamst Santa Ana. Kelley Mooney goes after a ball as teamate Liz Grouse backs Ltnda Joy smashes an overhead for a wtnner against Marywood. V f ,P tgmezezfzazf Nw"LZJZ-iaunausl v v 1 4 t A . , X , , , . , t. . Q f ,. it ,wa .. .: K . Jn F .'., ,,.v.. ,. . " .A si :,- ,J.,'.L. Ji. ,J ' , 0 f -A 4 Ae v ' r , 1, K r v v 1 a 0 , , r s- 1 v e gl Q-. w 4 sa n 'f'4r,6 ,. , . , , fr I U - I r 4 Q -K----.,., 2 l. Watching the ball carefully. Lisa Ponce sets up to return it back to her opponent. I- 5 2. Linda Nordhausen turns after a ball hit by her opponent in a match against Orange. 4 7 3. Having a good time. Julie Matsui laughs as Kris McKinnon hits the ball back by coach Nancy Grant the girls tennis team had ts best years this year Strengthened by 7 Becky Reed Linda Nordhausen June Cindy Abdalla Linda Joy Jeanine Lewis and Meg The team posted a winning record Becky Reed X, Q . Q .,..a, A5 Y 3 , 1 a . 1 6 ,ts a if Q 5 we "The attitude of the team year was more solid. That is what a team is all about." Jeni voted M.V.P. by her teammates, continued on into CIF this Wong competition. Other returning varsity members such as Jeni Wong, Kris McKinnion. and Colette Klima, lead the varsity on its winning season. .-.a.a.,-.....,f........4f....... -av no-s..-A-Q-.-.4-aaaao.44...,o' Y v-44... o 4-1 ,e. Girls Tennis I77 "I had a lot of fun on the team this year, because we were more than just a team, we were really good friends." Julie Teachout IE ,Q , ,rv 1' I gg.Ja31! , ,.f,W....-.Q,f. 4',,0w.apnunl'H'1f5:.aT"ZfQ,.tL.,,..,,.4,...w ...,,,, I78 GirI's Tennis -. -vewmmmmrw ,,,--' . ...wa-wvv' Ay , Mvm km,,,,, kr .. yuiv. may I. Cindy Abdalla returns a lob in practice. 1. Julie Trueblood uses her backhand to return a serve. 3. Jeni Wong drives a two-fisted backhand back to an Orange opponent. 4. Against Tustin, June Gibson smacks a forehand ith Doug Matthews. Skip Oades stretches to UFH. his forehand to power the ball down the line. leys a strong return. a serve to the forehand corner. - . . ,A W' xv 'QT am.-,Q.,5 Q I - fm The Varsity tennis team. lead by Veteran-tennis coach Ron Metcalf, came up with a successful team. Returning varsity letterman Phil Abdalla, Mike Grant, Kevin Jones, Skip Oades, and Glen Woodworth helped the team to their success. The young, promising sophomore's were Doug Matthews and Jeff Hunter. The main ingredient to their season was their fine talent and togetherness. t V ,NMMA----+" up-'im 'Agng YJ 0 . X W 'fvfzaz' l . . 's env,-J . 1, ISO Boy's Tennis X f NA , 55 xx Lu'wSaomsa- '-.'Q.1lSCR'4'53i0!2l.: 1 lifiilf I. Kevin Jones surges to the net for a return. I 2. Doug Matthews expresses his backhand on 3 5 a return. 3. Playing the net is one of 3 6 7 Phil Abdalla's specialties. 4. Playing singles against Estancia, Doug Matthews displays his serve. 5. Mike Grant stretches for a return lob. 6. Jeff Hunter reaches low for a backhand volley. 7. Back deep in the court. Phil Abdalla returns an El Modena serve. "Tennis is a sport that allows me to use all of my concentration." Phil Abdalla i . ...fsohwf - - Boy's Tennis I8I f if 'K -w ff '4 -I 1 N 4 ,ww x , 8 fxsyvh ,, yifvi -' - .fm -- Q 1 . C M? R .."S! gs. QNX A, Q .Ju 2. ws 'N ,. , 'af 'Q2?3?3QL,L .4 2 -f - Q- ' . ' Q 3 . M . , 's: 1x:f.gfl , H -v I 1- r A igggvifg. 1-3 5:1 V . ,:g XK .Kv ,. N , - Q i - I f ' A 1' Q ., , , . 3 XX , , , ' af!-' 'JF' Y 'Af 1.1 X9""'y i' U? 'g"',""f -W in f . XA ,pi w :Q-7 ,'l7fQf+' if Rfffii 35 11: 2,:-mP+F2f.vf+e ssfifff 131: N':l1S?5? f .:fAKA. ..-.f'j fl,-x I f . x 1, Q . ,Q-Q? w,:,,4,4:M,,,Z3:e.:, g.,,,,,.L3,x,3k MF, . 1 L,Wi,f-fft1,,,,g.,, 1-i , v M... nt- Vt. .K ,.. x .. n-. .f , NJ.. yt K, J -544 " 1 "TfQgf'f'f?A"'Q?'13ff-qjQ'-L'i,'A,-' D.,-sf xg,-1 . 41 , . f-wa ,aww ,f ' ,g .pf-N, f -. K . f. ,Lf ' 3? k'tg.W if ' .4 .. -, Q-A, L f, Q-.. f fry-Sgwxwv ,nr .1155 1 irls Field Hockey is similar to ice hockey. It is played on ss. using a ball and sticks. he Field Hockey team was under the leadership of ches Stephanie Papas and Sue Loverski. he Junior Varsity team is expected to supply the sity with talent that could well lead them into the mpionships next year. ome of the schools played were EI Modena, Tustin, Santa . Orange, and Canyon. ln the pre-league games the team a score of five wins, one tie, and one loss. he girls had difficult time after Christmas because of rain and the fact that field hockey and basketball were edule F at the same time. Many girls were in both and were tired and worn being drawn between both sports. The team suffered many injuries this season radically cutting team size and eliminating two good players Lisa Morgosh, and Robin Mayer. "The mud was the best part of the season." Robin Mayer 'lil ,,,w5,,, - M K-...-a-gn i-5. fi Wffaf "5':zQll3E -'uf .1 ."" '-. -74, Wu . N ,.,L'.:5 . , Y- mfwg., w,,,,L W AA- -. me 1 ' - T12-.z.s... Girl's Field Hockey l83 I. Chris Jacobs attempts a free throw against Estancia. 2. During a time out. Coach 2 Ron Lindsay gives a pep talk 5 to his team. 1 3 3. At the Laguna Beach 7 Tournament, Scott Shattuck 6 tries a jump shot over the hand of a Saxon. 4. Closely guarded, Rick Wearda attempts to move around the defender to get into position for a shot. 5. At half court Russ Mobley dribbles around two defenders during the Loara game. 6. Dribbling down the court. Mark Garvin decides which way to go to get around his opponent. 7. Max Alarid tries for two points while the Tillers wait to see if the basket will be made. -suntan .9-ani l84 Varsity Basketball We never had to depend on ny one person because we had well rounded team." Rick Wearda he l977-78 Varsity basketball season was a long and d one. he team started off in pre-season with a lst place win r California High School in the Laguna Beach A X.,. 1 an 1 l . -1 L. t A ,gf 'fi 1. V "lt was tough, they pressured us throughout the whole game. We only won by one point," stated Rick Wearda. Early in the regular season the team lost to EI Modena. "That was a bad loss. We were up by six at half-time, then went on to lose in over-time. If we had won the game we would have been tied for lst. As it went. we were then in a four way tie for 4th place," explained Chris Jacobs. "In all the games we lost, the score was very close, or the game was closer than the score indicated," remarked Jeff Noble. fcont. p. l86j KW A ,Z Z xi "its' ky ' M f 4 'A V, s ,.,.. ew bint, N ,I- ,.,,. f- .Z tj ""' 'Y--. fi A 'iff 4 xv . Varsity Basketball I85 "Even though the team had its ups and downs, it never stopped having a winning attitude." explained Mark Garvin, "I wish the whole season would have been like that." l ' "The team has a lot of talent, but we just couldn't get Coach Lindsay everything together," commented Coach Ron Lindsay. "When we did win, it felt great. Beating Santa Ana was "every player had his own strong point. Bruce Freeman has a great way to start off the season. 'In your face, Saints,' a lot of potential, Keith Kemper has hustle, Jeff Noble has Cwhich is what a player says when he makes a 20 footer desire,and Matt Kahn is a team player who is always willing Qill ilii iifi, i il "li L.-..- K .fx 'V --r ,.,,. X ,g,c...-' s" l86 Varsity Basketball -.ff 0 I. Looking determined. Bruce Freeman attempts a free throw. his freethrow as the players get ready for the possible rebound. 3. During the Estancia game, Chris Jacobs dribbles past his opponent. 4. At the start of the fourth quarter Jeff Noble wins the tip against the player from Loara. 5. Jetf Nohle takes a shot during the Estancia game. 5- Everything stops while Mark Garvin asks the ref what happened. 7. Keith Kemper, ready to attempt a shot, scores against a helpless Loara defender. 1 4 5 2. Scott Shattuck attempts 3 6 7 me-,, M A ,kt V L Varsity Basketball l87 "When we won, we won because we had a well-balanced team." Jeff Carter. The Junior Varsity team took 3rd in league with a 9-5 record. "We had a lot of potential that was never used to the fullest in some of the games," commented Rob Moore. "The team has a lot of depth," explained coach Tim Owens, "Arnold Thomas, Brad Patrick and Rob Hunter 1 had over ISO rebounds in the league. Jeff Carter and Jorge Caucas were the best defensively with Craig Bryant and Brad Patrick being pure shooters. a person if shoots well from outside the key." "I enjoyed coaching a lot, but l have to admit the funnest thing is making jokes with the referees." Q ' Tw... 1 S iq. Biz, ,r B a 43 ,Q -,.,--A'-'Z 1' 4 -4 Ffa ..--- '--- I 'yea S I88 J.V.fSoph Basketball Y x J E , Q 5. V 'inqw .X ' ,c . I x lf, f 1, bf ! .3 W 4- Aim .xi 1 Q i .Q "' X' J .. m iw- L JI. Q E. u. ' . gn-s. L I tr - 'x ' K W 0 f if! . VU-li f 5 'TW ' --n af. ' fha fw,'li'a X -N-5-ll . 1 A an 1 .56 fax ' an fl nm, 5 . A N 1 'ff' UMUPM. ' """"'.0lGlv.., 14 ..., . ..,k af I. Concentrating intently. Brad Patrick makes the second of two free thrown. 2. Rob Moore leaps above an Orange I 3 7 player and cans an eight footer. 3. Virtually unguarded. Aaron Broadway shoots a uick jum shot 2 4 6 8 from the lane. q P 4. Mark Fhlerx is outjumped by Orange center at nan of third quarter. V.P.H.b. went on to easily win. J. Xen Koiter reaenes in to knock away an Orange rebound. 6. Against man to man pressure. Ron Kempton waits for a teammate to break free under the basket. 7. After drawing the defensive to him. Arnold Thomas dishes off to a teammate for an easy two. ---. B. Jef! Vigil. 1935. holds up fast break, waiting for Center Chuck Telk to get into position. .ns vcd -, f , i- 'Z ' lj V, , l9O J.V.fSoph. Basketball t games it's a switch with re people who watch us play n at Jr. High. It gives you a d feeling and you play ter." Mike Capps Sophomore Varsity won more than half of their "We won because we had balanced scoring. There were three or four people who lead in points," explained Jeff Vigil. "l enjoyed the season, and I learned how to be a team player," stated Ron Kempton. The Sophomore Junior Varsity team went 5050 with a 7-7 record. "Coach Sanders tought as a lot, we learned a great deal throughout the season," commented Gary Jackson. "The toughest victory was against Foothill. Phil ending with a 9-5 record. Hotchkiss sank two clutch free-throws with ll seconds left to win 39-38," explained John Joyner. f, r 9 'fx 14: fmiila-QQ ' , ...J- J.V.fSoph. Basketball I9l 'Q t 1l S! . as N I ! Y J xg . XY! Q xx fill: , .... -Qs..,l.Q+f eff .. T. ' x. I92 Girl's Basketball l. ln the game against Troy, Valerie De Portales tries to outiump an I opponent to win a tip. 2. Valerie De Portales dribbles down the court while the Troy players race to catch u P- 3 4 3. Lynn McBride crosses center line as she leads a fast break. 6 4. Linda Zigich prevents her opponent from passing during a pre-seasor. game. 5. In the key, Gretchen Jacobs puts up two points while a defender reaches for the ball 6. After a V.P.H.S. rebound, Laura Frehner dribbles the ball to escape two defenders. 7. Laura Frehner jumps higher than a Troy opponent and tapS the ball toward the hoop 8. With Lynn McBride looking on. Linda Zigich tries for two points. ij4iarmggP: 'f .V .. -....f 55039 g I ll rw 4 y Ai. he hours of long hard Work good in her own aspect. Nancy Sumerall is a great shooter, re Worth in the end." Lynn McBride rebounds well, Linda Zigich is good defensively," explained Lori Simons. - "I wish it could go on forever," commented Linda Zigich. Lisa Raya' The Junior Varsity team took third with a 9-5 record. "I can't believe we did it," stated Ellen LeBlance. "I knew we had a good team. but this is my first year. and I never thought l'd be on a winning team. e girl's Varsity Basketball team finished the season in "We really worked well as a team. When I was ever in lace with a 4-IO record. trouble, there was always someone to turn to that I could hen we won, we had someone who was especially pass the ball to." explained Gretchen Jacobs. - - I Q 9 X31 ,rf I. W is V - A ,B A 6. s K "'- - --W -- .............., ..........-.-0-.--v B. A xl 4 . -N, . 'M - A. W n .W ..- sr s- .V , ..,, H 1 c 4 .fr .tu pl Q - ..- C , ,Q 7, is ? . 5, .M 1 J Girl's Basketball l93 "At practices we work against each other to reach the top, but in matches we work as a team." Nancy Zech 7 gggiqit 4,- V .J 5 ' l94 Badminton Q Led by returning singles players Jeni Wong and Julie Jahnke. Diane Ng from Hong Kong and senior, Sheri Thomas iunior Kim Rother in doubles. the Badminton team started the season at 3-I. A large squad of 25 players provided strong competition during sixth period workouts and needed depth for league play. Each league match requires 24 girls. 8 singles and I6 doubles players. Perennially strong Foothill looks again like the team for VPHS to beat, and the girls looked forward to meeting them right before league finals. w .i 4, , A 'lf I . ,ig-gg? 1,1 -3,72 1 - i -mf, ,:,:?11- 2,7 .4...., - 3,5 ' if ff? . ,g??'t??l3fr11 3 , , 53,374-WIYT' 3 z If . ' 1 ' x ' J' Q:-me I V 4 -1- Y' 1 - ...Y .,,,, ,A f' ' A y... , - Y mi' Badminton l95 The Varsity and Junior Varsity wrestling teams were lead by Coaches Brent Bailey and Don Thompson. The teams were in a process of building for next season. Juniors Phil Buffington, Randy Knutson, Rob Johnson. sophomore Rob Heller and Senior Mark Dix lead the varsity team. The highlight of the season was the Canyon Invitational Tournament at Canyon High School. Villa Park placed 3rd out of I7 competing high schools. Our JV team will supply next year's team with the talent that promises a successful season. if? 'fc 'kg in 'nt .ffl S 5, ' ' fitiufum , , A , F1 . 9 5 an K-.Wx ...Q l96 Wrestling i "I like wrestling because it is an I. Phil Buffangton awaits referees whistle for the stan individual gport. When you are of the third period. 2 5 sob Heller muscles his opponent to the mat. . out on Inat, there'S no one . anny Rabalats gets ready for the second period H against Tustin. 4 5 7 4. During a time out Coach Brent Bailey instructs one of his wrestlers. Heller butts heads with a Santa Ana Valley wrestler. Knutson signals to Coach Bailey for advice. ' Sylvia forces an opponent on his back for a second round score. Wrestling I97 iii 3 X113 xt, V fl 1 is ,, f-.- , W. 5. . X -f-ni. :V 1 'Aa ww P S 'w HN--. . 71" 1 'X s- S, x --...,.,., ..-., . g, , ,, 5- , 5 .' , i7'," N fig X ' V f'3?'Qf Q .fl 5 Q' .' It , . wwwlid . .b lr Q' 71 "gf vi' 'lr Q hx www f-an li w , l"'h ,'c' 1 ,W x-fm-1-. Wtkhm 'W-Q... Mm - SSW. , , ff f.,w'f . .jf ffm. f f,7' ' . V .. 3 f si xv Q.. . . t' v - ibm- W, wx, . H - x J as ...,.......,.b,....... - mr Lila' A yrq- 1:7 - 'V -rv, .K 1"1F9f"vj"l-Q? 5 sf-, ffl ,,,ZF,.w,1,,A-I "1 " - 51 'f7"Y..., y -. --'-AH AL ..' -- - . ..-sins-3'jvi.g .5-git-x -.W .A '51, ' "1 ,114 M Wim, MF-A,,,L. - -fm-:law-Q-f The Villa Park Girls swimming and Diving Teams were coached by Bernice Austin, Helen Howard. and Sam Howard. Coach Austin instructed the very talented but inexperienced swimmates. The young swim team practiced in the early morning hours as well as sixth period and after school. The young team did very well in competition this year despite their lack of experience. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cboth former Olympic diversj coached the diving team composed of three new sophomores and two veteran seniors who placed first and fourth in the league the previous year. , - I -A 1 , . . Q, ,, , . . , 2 1.-.ri .:. . . ' - sr 5, 'fit , ' A ' g3 , - QM . 5 L1 e .. 'IRQ-QI' V, ' Q75 fixi M N 2.-...fs tc-gk ,wA.'Q'Av A x ' f hx I -0 , t v..s -, tx J.,--5 ,. Q 2 q- W- A yt . A 'xi' D 115.8 E .,:Q:'k2tm.LwM,.y. .,"!'5L,-fs, MAA 44, - ., 4 si-.ghzji ' v I . . xxxian x ,-3, jffzzqgx ' x ' .N l'gg- . 1" ' f',N - .ts -A . xx 4 'lb' an x' 51" iixl - "ws ' B X . in Q , , .gs fx! X1 . ngvr- . -QM , xv: tx ' ' 1 . A NW .Qs- he an ' " ' - ' -QQ ' t.'jZ:'X,i. '- s-mL"'N..wIf"x .JT f,V1',Q-3. gi .tsl wwf.-M Tsllivgqv Qi- Q -E 'E 4: yr . e 'V-3121 3 2 'J FL 115735559 'QQ' "Q -"xc ' 'T,XXX3""'1'Q ,A ..- --' 4 "' ...,..,.-,,, 1... , -css' l -w,,,a,,-:fH- 1.1 -qggziz f '-" tQ..e5,wgt,WE lg at ' 'M 202 Girls Swimming 'Q 2:7 I. Lesley Wetton grabs a breath of air during the IOO yd. butterfly. 2. Michelle Bath listens intently while coach Bernie Austin points out a form error. 1 5 3. During the 50 yd. breaststroke, Lesley 3 4 7 Wetton looks for the wall. 4. While Mary Yasuda continues her laps. Lori Richardson rests after a hard workout. 5. Donna Baker stretches for height for a IV: while Janet Castanza waits her turn. 6. Churning the water. Lesley Wetton concentrates on her backstroke form. 7. ln the 50 yd. free style Betsy Czark stretches her lead. -K 5, wr' r . 4 av, ,, r fylf , rg. a-,1 ,is Q, - , ., .aff ',," ,-:-- ' -'1-ff? N5 - ii'-' --.. -- , .. , ,,,av- ff' The best thing about swimming is getting to eat pretzels after we win our last event. 'gi 'F .0 Dorri Kamarek ' 'yffgll-:S' ' .Y -, J, . :gi-b 47 4 gvf. gf-I ,,,- hi . 5 , ,yen -Ai . " ' li?-t, ,Q ,. .1 '. , .Mr iff-,gy h , -"'.'P .. 'zzfxftq ir 3' gf ff, ' ' , 'T-"" ' 'jgfvvfw , A if ' gg' S .gi . he H , , -5 "ii 'gh t Ls. . -"f-5" A . fxX.,Q,-Q- ' . -WP-1 - , , Q, . ie.-. V "" Wx 9' . , 14-. n . e 5'-if" - 1,-3 -is f- 53- 2111: Lin' 1117 X. ff t , 5, A Q .. I 4 ' ' - is , . I f' 71701 - ' 5' .nf 3.,.' I , . -Q '.- 1 fpf- -., Girls Swimming 203 e ? Q 3 x fear is the ,' "The only thing I WNW, W ' performance not the danger involved." Deanne Ahrens g 1 H ff-, G Ms-fm , -2-va-W-f'-ff-q ww--v-N va---W , 5--w--wma-A . f7734fr'. f f W., w A - 2 A , , ,, ,,f.-'3 5 .- 1 ., -I-, xl E gg: ii X184 r X K W I , ,K k,.k , .L f r Q A at ' iii 'eQ,,ebA 1 ...........-,f 9 A i , my L, Wink, Q a r 3 V 1 Q. xl' - 204 Gymnastics v,, ,JL ,,,. x,:n.f .5- .fb W, , .X og. 4... s Q13 A Q I M '-wx, l. Jackie Graham displays perfect form in a 2 6 difficult balance beam routine. 2. Cindy Goss executes a hand stand on the 4 7 8 balance beam. 3. Andrea Anello displays total co-ordination 4. Limberness is essential in all types of tnastics proves Naomi Horio. Earol Dugan performs a handstand. Denise Nash does an uneven parallel bar routine. laren Nowicki smiles after successfully completing a forward on the balance beam. Jaomi Horio performs with complete concentration. x The gymnastics league season started late but the girls involved started early. From January on they worked long hours perfecting difficult routines on complicated appartus. Returning is last year's successful CIF finalist in Vault and Uneven Parallel Bars, Cindy Goss, who should lead the young team. Daria Popovich shows strength in Vaulting and Floor Exercises while Kim Moran Cuneven Parallel Barsb and Andrea Anello CFloor Exercisej also show promise. ln a tough league the girls hope to do well but realize their struggle ahead. Q Gymnastics 205 "Track was fun because I had a chance to get involved." Sonya Dakin VI 'Z Ill W ' 'hi V1.9 V' -A ' 9-wie " k vii? . . 1 7"-.,.,g f .,,,g 'f , .3 T. if w h' Z. Q rl ' f' 4 A, ,,P"'fA r Q, . , 1 ' .:., e . 41,, .,, -,Q ::'1??v-afiff k' ., S f ' , . , . 206 Girls Track I. Loree Hirshy and Gina Mauser trail in the Varsity mile. 2. Grimacing with effort. a sophomore 2 3 4 reaches for extra inches in the long jump. 3. Kathy Robillard leaves the I2 pound ball high in the air. 4. Loree Hirshy keeps stride with Santa Ana runner. il 6 I 7 A 8 lhe shot slips off a putter's hand during her attempt. caches Nancy Wolfe and Russ Murphy discuss strategy during Tustin meet. Ianked by Santa Ana runners. Loree Hirshy and Gina Mauser t their finishing kicks. hillis Thomas and Lisa Beaudoin gain on a Santa Ana runner the IOO yd. dash. Though their team scores did not reflect it, the Girls track members enjoyed a successful year. In almost every instance times improved and most personal goals were reached or surpassed. With strength in the distances, the team was compe- tetive in every meet. Lana Dalberg lead a strong two mile contingent. Other standouts were Phillis Thomas in the dashes and Sonya Dakin in IIO yd lows. Coaches Nancy Wolfe and Russ Murphy kept the girls motivated through the long season workouts. wh". Q' . 5. 1. f ix Ax :sv "' GQ 4 X N X Q i . ly X. . . 4233? f 7 1, it 'I Z i 3 x .iv I if ', Y X it 1 g fl. . s W if P f is Q 'K r9' -I2 li . ..z':.fL-1 6 ...-" ' W? xf1l1Y't?" 1 . 0 ' ...wig Girls Track 207 If "With our new uniforms we are bound to outdo our opponents this season. Linda Zigich u 1. 'f Q' A., V4 4. Y ilk v ,1,,4,,'1i"if,fJFf:1:W A - h V fe 'f 4A:,u' ' auJ..'::r,,,r',,, A - ' 'Au' . 1 ' A n sef1l'1" . 'VM , , 'f v H A ww- ,:,4:w 3fg'1 , 1:52 ff "3 ,Lf ii i T f Q pg 5,995 if gk, ,'g1fgf:fa,5-yyffwf : -,, ,4M'isq:Jn.t ,,i'Q:'1,, ,as 5 af' 4 -'1g1f?w'f.9g.e'..:tfjf:+'4 'id,."xg'1 gif 3, ..,. 4' - ' H e225-f:3f,1ev'Jff'... V,--if-.f' , ,xv , s so 1 " , .swv?..:'wg- u153g',iy"ff"f--.f1i.21,f'gi-if " ,-4 -:gf ,gi'.2'fM' wa. - .xi 4-,fe Aft, ifggfl-'1h. . 't?"v4?',R5:.' -. - MQW-f mf Hgh-"1UE'2,5 'Q was MQ:-so ig 1 t- ? 4 iii:If,m'fwwif:-ff+fff?S4fi?'ffQf"irw?w:??t1 l42i,.,. cg , fy Haig wth -,,e"""'1, ,f ,,,i- , - t . - - frN 5 - ' . , J' ' ' ' 'M-'Q N F t.-,,,..n-n,f:iz9e14f:FJt Q' , i.. kk K -. 33, Q A P vig .. . gs .X 4? , Q A 1 2 my . 3' it A ' : - s ze ,V - A ss.e e 1 59 i 1 s ,,,,,t, -f be-V Q .st f .u K 3 V: .. X .,, " 4.41,-f .ffa -sf. - ff 'f'5fii'jgsf5?jM X ' . N V X - fs-sax., 'ik - s LL . GQ' . - ,AI Q .QQQ-:XA N 4 , Ar Ik. . fn ,-.J , ' . - N . 1 I. Lk st ' X K X , . up. 1 4 , we ti, . Q . 3 .. Li is tv: ,,,,,, ,ww L W.. 1... t sf- in Q X wkthfw. st "" , ,.e .. . 208 Softball 3 7 l. Lisa Morgosh waits at third for double 4 6 8 play throw. 2. Linda Zigich hits a sharp grounder to third. 3. Ellen LaBlance scoops up a hot grounder. ontrol pither. Sandy Willison, releases a pitch in practice. econd baseman. Judy Riley gets low for a nder. aren Swanson. Sophomore pitcher fires at a Brea batter. Ilen LaBlance strides forward to slap at a pitch. good slide makes the runner safe at second. tg Q W ' Jasmine' we .W . mu, A l x uid. .ff '-gg-tg. an pe.:--T' " ' "" f' - 'mrs ,av 3- vin u Signing " '.:13fIv'i am , -M, . ,f-4- -eff-'KT 'L t' f ys1f...s...s -ft . P' Varsity softball returned intact the full team from last year. With the addition of five new girls, the team should challenge for the league title. Control pitcher. Sandy Willison and Sophomore. Robin Nash should provide the necessary pitching strength. The seventeen member team intends to fight for a winning start. Lynn McBride and Linda Zigich may provide the all around athletic ability needed to push the team to the top. --QB Ju- l "k'n Y V 3 Vi if c"'mQ is ' ttffzff' Nlnzmn 'U'-Q1 . Y 'se at ,M AV . Q- 157 V41 A NYJ 45' -"" .. . "I f if is gb 1 in ".'f ' if if . ' A ..,,,, , ll! fig? . P .I 1 Q 'lf -it ' Softball 209 1 K- VW qv, . N... k. ...if ? Q3 ff ' -1 ,...- g.,:.. sums A m ,. ,Z.,,AL, ,. 11. vu. X . I .Ka -ihih Ns.. W2 if N""1--W S N Pu. I. Greg Holleran tries to out-lean an Edison runner for first place in the JV ICD yd dash. 1 7 2. Against a background of evening clouds, Steve Rogers successfully clears the 8 foot starting height. 3. Steve Melander comes down off the fifth hurdle. plants and drives for the sixth. 4. Aggressively eying the I6 pound ball, Rob Moore s the shot out in an early meet. d track coach Bob Mckle discusses the other entrants In the long ith junior Steve Catlow he IJO highs Steve Melander and an Edison hurdler clear the forth r at the same time ncentrating on the take off plate Eric Neilson carefully counts his 5 3 9 steps as he approaches the triple jump pit. 8. Dave Cangelosi rounds the corner in the two mile on route to a record Orange County time. 9. Mike Kilroy and Greg Holleran strain at the finish of the 220 to nip an Edison runner for first and second. Art Reiseman trails for forth. Rain is a pain to a spring sport like track Sweats become soggy legs are mud splattered and times and distances are generally slower But rain or shine VPHS is again favored to win the league crown and produce several CIF contenders 2' :sv ii i . - 5 'AA ., sc :Z , : f fll.l.I P I ew, 'V K Q Boy's Track Ill I. The crowd at the finish line of the ICXJ yd dash cheers on Mike Kilroy and Greg Halleran. I 5 5 involved in a very close finish. 7 8 2. While Matt Brunk checks his shoes, Dave 5 4 White, assistant track coach, checks the next race's line-up. 3. Tim Woodward leads an Edison runner around the second turn in the JV two mile. 4. A wide angle lens catches the strain on Mark McCracken's face as he tries to win the JV 220. 5. Glenn Allton carefully balances before starting his pivot. He won the discus with a I44 ft toss. 6. Kevin DeVito shows the effort as he stretches for extra length in the ...i E long jump. 7. Far ahead in the JV 2 mile. Mike Brost strides easily along. 8. Staying close on the heels of the leading Edison runner. Jeff Delamare prepares for a finishing kick in the 880. Led by the only track coach VPHS has had, Bob Mckie and paced by promising performers, Dave Cangelosi C2 milej, Jeff Bieler Qshotj, Willie Williams Chigh jumpj and Tim Birkman and Mitch Lucero CI2Of33O hurdlesj, VPHS won its 27th straight dual meet early in the season. .,r l 2l2 Boy's Track gh. A fi, "Running stimulates the mind." Mike Brost - 'Q I f L 090' 1 1 ' y ts . L . fi Q' f ' , -- 5' , . Q I . Y in. l n. ' li n ' ' ir V, I ,. W,ap..,, . Q. pf! -14 1121 'ff' f f' i ff? 1:,.. 1 Y.qs.?'T , -, 3...-...g " .,,.-. ,4, 1.52,-V ., . ,- Qqfiv, '- 'N v' Jn! 3, fr ,. ' 'f E yv . J' nn.. .V ' 1 .4 '4 Boy's Track II3 "I hope the season ends as soo as possibIe." "God Save the Team." Mike Kilrol 2I4 Boy's Track Q - 1 I. Mike Kenady carefully clears the ninth hurdle in the Sophomore I2O highs, heading for a win. 3 5 5 2. Mike Waldo tries not to over-run John Kent as 4 7 8 9 he hands off the baton during the second leg of the 440 relay. 3. Assistant track coach, Dick Brunt, intensely watches the finish of the Sophomore 440 as he ns to Jeff Sumrall. evin Owens and Mark McCracken drive for a onejtwo finish in the Vigil seems to have plenty left as he heads for home in the as he clears the bar at 5' G". Rocky Gallupo shows his form. 7. Jeff Fronk plants the pole and starts his first attempt at eight feet. 8. Not hearing an approaching Edison runner. Mike J Fisher concentrates on his pace. 9. Jim Gorzo hitch-kicks to maintain height and gain extra distance in the long jump. A large squad of IOS tracksters produced the depth needed to win dual meets on Varsity, JV and Sophomore levels. Promising Sophomores and hard-striving JVs push the Varsity to improved times and the 6th first place in the last 7 years. Sv K it 5,9- was Q tr his a.tei H , siii To s 7 .Fl Q? . .4 utui at toil' E-5 B-' Boy's Track JIS "lt feels good to play on a winning team, and getting dirty." Darrell Kushner 2l6 Varsity Baseball I. Dale Hahn grabs a hot grounder and prepares 2 6 to throw out a Tustin runner. 2. Todd Litman holds up his hands to show the 4 7 8 sliding Dave Leeper that he is sate. 3. Following through from a curve. Todd Litman I throws a strike an El Modena batter. lim Lindquist slides through the Foothill ond baseman to break up a possible play. ,eaping off his feet, Phil Rogers dives and grabs a hot liner. Eatcher Ron Kammer blocks the plate to prevent a Trojan score. iving back to avoid a quick pick off, Darrell Kushner, barely es the tag. wild throw from pitcher draws Todd Litman off the bag. The Varsity Baseball team started on its way to being the League Champs with Dave Leeper pitching a no- hitter early in the season. With the hitting of and pitching of Todd Litman and Dave Leeper, plus returning players such as Phil Rogers. Max Alarid, Dale Hahn, Ron Kammer, Darren Kelchner. and Steve McFarlane the team coule be nothing number one. but "lt was a really good team which worked together with a great coach," commented Mark Kahn. A '. iff, . A :V I 1 1 , ' f. . ,, 4 0, MY -1 'vmrvemi A , , i " Q """"'-wr - F ' 0 "W Y l , I l , ,J f . A 1 ,ith . , l , . , ,fm to , . ' H, . "1 QA?-4 . 'f -mf 'y 4 . , N 'H . I T ., ' , "1 . s. ,. F H -' , 1 ,f ! ' ."".'9"'g,' - . A, ' ,,, 1 -F 1 I I ' .. ' ' . , Q N .ww A- f ' m A5 of e "'Lr,:.Ql' L, ' " x -, -, i 1' I "Lil: .vi , "' ,,"'f'f1..,. :'.' .:- ' I v' , V 'V lip ,Yg,.g,.f 537,21 if s - as .. -- n--- - s e - F l f"l71i":l?Vif-L . 'T -' .". -ft ' uw- --. " 'K , ,Q ',-1,,',..'V "' " ' 'I' , A ' N , , t'.4"I'l4'u Q is ' M' ,, 6 Q fi 6.-,., A.-,QI ' -. I ' ' 'K .Vt ' V - V -s: ,L , ,f, , , t,, Lula - ivy," ,,.gnf:4a-eggs ,fit 436.31 xi' '.-,H -"'f"2'i' "Q-VP 'Sb 1 .. ,lg HJ ?.l"W ' ' ' F .M "" 1 "' fQAQ,"5f. i -f ' f X-:X-is ' K by ,M 1 gr'-,NI-Q, if ' rv.-rx ash 2-"Kwai tw Ai ,ga -'A, ,:s . A- ,. - - , V ,, Lu-s - Varsity Baseball ZI7 ig iff SFS ,vm 1-Q 2l8 Baseball "Why do we have to get our hair cut to play baseball" Mike Shopshire 111 X -v l. 2 ll! - ' ,YW nl!! '17 " I B f J , . Luk l x f 5 X N. 1- -'-1 N- R 1 I 5 E 4 "Baseball takes a lot of my time and effort, but it's a lot of fun Steve Mohler , lj f- X Y, ..dnn" 1 I I . vl"" A ,, ,!aS'Jg,, ',,....N.x,:.u4..:......,Q... ' x A .. , , NN... W7 v ,,,,, , . L., ' , , .QL--':sz.aL'. 'WX-jj.,Q1,'V...,."L V",.....,.4,M4 - W ,,,, ,,..-...,.,,.. 4 'LM Af X if Vifjin, my ' 'UL V W 2 . L W n W . , .... F5 MT 5., A, - 1" Vx f . eneffwm-ref ' A ,...,.,. ., a,,,,ggfi 3feW?',a::f - 5.5 .M ,gf . . ,, .g ...fp mga- 3, ...x 220 JV X Soph Baseball vial x ,x M, D dt-vf . 5 4 4 1 w 4 v X w s A' W ,A T78 ff L-. ff X A , , 1 ' 552 H3-xigg ,W .Wm ' QSM' JY" k. wr -QQ -ww , xyv-.mug 13 la' .Jef 31-in X ' N A l l w 4 .....-l....i ,L - -- Q36 nt 1 pw i I c 2 ,L75,,. ,-,aww nm wuam-.v , ,, ,.,, J agff ,Q ff ,yb 5 1 ALA' .- ,2N.1.t,., I I QL., u 1 i if-vm "4 Tftmxf A 7 x 1 K V x X "uy0r""'f mv-w f 2 ' 4 " 0 '1 , - v a rf! ,. 4 0 8 Q 92 'Z V' x X34 i 'r Q A LQ te A 4" 8 -.4 ,V Wm- f V. ' . A., ,x 'hw A rfiii 4 ,,"gM 5 ,rilr M I 'fi' '5' J 5 Af' 1 "7 ' 1 f s '- 'H vw ST yen people from the Western Association of ges and High Schools, evaluated VPHS for the d time on its history. After the school evaluated I in all areas. from acedemic to custodial, and E a 300 page report on itself, the committee spent days checking the school. They met with all parts ir school including students, visited most of the rooms. ate in the cafeteria and got to know . On the third day they wrote a very positive ation and reaccredited the school for five more . "I was glad to have been involved in the accreditation process. It was exciting to see all aspects of the school and the team's excitement about our school." Sue Gardiner , ,S Accreditation 223 .I -.ff 'N' 'S-'H' 'x 153,34 V' A Q . its all i " 5 in , Q C3991 Kah f'p3rkQV1II3 gpg I.. '5 .sans , 532 FZ 9 'W PX " ffjiflf? 1:2 ?g??5 bVV Slg gT fi 5 7 ,, x .K wi " Q, ., 1, , u.. ti, 371 N Q Q 'Y 1, 2: 55125 n ff.' a W x H E af 5 33 mg, ,ff I 1 RAN ?Q 2ii' S 2 Q igi! 1 !2g'iw1 s Kings! jEE t f Q' ' ii un iiglsfi- QE! 'Q' 4, M C5 Q Qi T5 Mfw X '-v df, 230: EQ.. if -W :.f-f:-4.,fi',54e."."-2','.',gm.""1,:,-'f- uw 7"fffZ,,f'8 4-n?"""'-vu 'tn' . "Wd,,.'gm7'Ng"'V0q,i'Nf My 1-w.2',-wa K N 4 'N f UI '4:TQQ?fQg if w ""'w wus' "tw W7 1. ,asa W in umm Ili whip in rvm.fnm:'f1lih4... rfvwv-uv'1u-vmqfvrillhmq m-run 'ivy l-vnu pin an bu!! no P-IWW? ww! Y 4 1 6fS LosAl " -man V 'svn 'C A ,Q 1 M ' 'fr az 1. .1 X "W" Nbr A :pm if w M' Ali wifi' W' .1 A. as- N, -1 fra! A ' up W . Y N . kiwi ' "mv J, ,xfi -,Q a- 'r--- 'lo J W 4 W 'S' L, - 3 -4 " rf. if fi 1 affi iid? lag all wg' 1 any 1... vw ......, as ' K s, 5. 1 X-- Q. - Q, veg. ., W Q -Q 4+ 1,1 L If SQPHQMQRES Cindi Abdalla Norman Abell Kent Aken Craig Aldrich Vicki Algeo Donna Ambright Diane Ambruso Betsy Anderson Debbi Anderson Gary Anderson Joy Anderson Cheryl Andross Jerome Anello Cindy Antram Brad Applegate Tammy Arledge Ernie Avaloz Kathy Averill Peggy Avila Kelly Baba Lucy Baez Lorena Baird Carole Baker Donna Baker Jackie Balsamo Kevin Balthrop Loretta Baros Doug Barritt Diane Barsa Mark Bartlett Doug Bartling Lauralyn Bateson James Beavers Shanna Beck Theresa Bedwell Jim Beebe Jeff Behnke Janet Beil Gary Belovsky Jeff Bennett Ruth Bennett Chris Benson Janet Berchiolly Esther Berg 228 Sophomores jo "School is to help you in the future. hopefully to get a b " v Julie Knoll 'Q . Q-' 4 Don Gibson and Fred Lunsford briefly chat with a friend while Sophomore surfers Jeff Hunter, Bob Walker. Rocky Galuppo. Perry Viscounty, Jeff Sustacek, Kevin Devlin, and Scott R-yan Allyson Berger Doug Berry Clark Beyer Richard Bickler Steve Bierman James Bigelow Walter Birnbaum Chuck Bivens David Blackney Bill Bland Jeff Blaustone Shelly Bloomquist Jeff Blue Carl Boatright 3... ls Lvfxx A M, S ,M ...1 Blair Borne Lil Bouchelle Catherine Boulden Larry Boyd Shelli Boyd Laura Bradford Beatriz Bravo Kim Bressler Ned Brines Bill Broadbent Aaron Broadway Steve Brooks Bruce Brown Charlie Brown Sophomores 229 44 Y P Matthew Brown Ross Brown Richard Brucher Steve Brunell Mark Brunk Melissa Brunk Scott Brust Craig Bryant Kurt Bryant Shawn Buckle Robert Buffington Phuong Bui Kevin Burkhardt Patricia Burnes Judy Cabe Melanie Cahoon Chris Calderwood John Callos Bill Camp Chad Campbell Leigh Campbell Frank Cangelosi Mike Capps Jeanie Cara Jerry Cara Tony Caruso Diana Casanova Diana Casebolt 230 Sophomores Ay SSX. xiii t A xx N W-,it I Valerie Johnson. Janet Sexton, Cathy Evans and Pam Helton listen attentively to what Dcidra Vaught is about to reveal. Paul Nash takes time out from his lunch break to think about his homework assignments. After eating their lunch, Steve Layton and Doug Matthew watch a football pep assembly, Ml fl "I am learning how to grab everything or I will be last." Ron Simon ffl' nv' ' 4 3 l'x' ' , . f t Y - -5 Q . 9 . 1 F r 7 ,Q.f- Kill w Kim Cashman Bea Castagna David Castle Nancy Charles Kim Chisholm Doug Christensen Kim Christensen Kathleen Church Tom Churney Chris Ciarfella Derek Clair Lisa Clark Mike Clarke Denise Clauss AI Clerc Stephen Cohen James Coker Frankie Colacion Lori Colburn Greg Compton Sharon Comstock Teri Conley Mike Conzelman Don Cool Lee Coontz Glen Copeland Karen Cort Janet Costanza Darcy Coulson Scott Courtney Mike Craft Lisa Crawford Dan Crissinger Jim Crosby Tom Crouch Cameron Cubbison Betsy Czark Kathy Dailey Sheryl Dakin Ben Dalberg Sophomores 23l Maureen Daniels William Daniels Forrest Danielson Anja Davis Julie Dawson Jean-Marc De Cuyper Lisa De Forrest Greg De Luca Lisa Demers Dale De Nardo Bob Derifield Doug De Robertis Luis De Rosas Linda Derrick Kevin Devlin Jim Dickinson Connie Dierking Robyn Dill Dennis Dinwiddie Vicki Dodgion Julie Doering Leslie Dooling Craig Dora Janine Dotson Robyn Dougherty Janice Drew Steve Drott Carol Dugan Mary Dunn Thomas Dunning Debra Duty Alfred Dzina Bill Edelbrock Patti Edgar Dave Ehl Mark Ehlers Debbie Ehline Jan Eisenbiesz John Elders George Elley 232 Sophomores V P Pv Heading for the sophomore benches. Micky Genovese, Susie Wiehebrink, Robin Nash, Debra Ehline. and Patty Emge rush to be the first seated. Mel Slavick turns to see who called his name only to have his picture snapped by a waiting Odyssey staff photographer. Kathy Church smiles sweetly at an understanding teacher who defines a "five-dollar" word for her. -f Q was Y gyru- '. 1 i' f " 2. .s. J .. K 1 yt X -t "High School is for six hours a day, five days a week, three years of a lifetime." Mike Clarke ,gm ll' 'x i N h , My y . fy? 'X ,W ,, , , Q ' A .Q ' 54: N ,X I , . I, I. X , sf' K if' A N, 'Ui 51+ E ie.. A ' A J Doug Elmore Patty Emge Eric Enderle Rob England Richard Erickson Cathy Evans Teri Everts Glenda Ewald Jackie Ezell Marty Fair Melissa Fascenelli Maureen Fehr Amy Feldman Larry Felix Susan Fickle Barbara Fischer Fritz Fischle Greg Fisher Mike Fisher Eric Flynn Pat Foxch Shawne Francine Mike Franklin Vicki Franklin Matt Fredrickson Carol Freeman David Freeman Laura Frehner Jon Freitas Darrel Fritts Duane Fry Rodger Furton Ken Gable Mike Gagnon Sophomores 233 Rocky Galuppo George Ganis George Garcia Lisa Garofalow Eileen Garvey Donna Garza Sheryl Gatchell Becky Gates Cory Gaul! Micky Genovese Kristi Genoway Craig Gereau Lee Gerhard John German Ron Gerritsen Don Gibson June Gibson Eric Gier get .gf 'Wx wif fi' 4' cc fr b f' Q , 1 R Y 234 Sophomores gift ' ".f'v-,ei "You are only as old as you think you are, as old as you act, and want to be." Frankie Colacion 5 aamfvaf V A' LX A N , .. ii ,i Q .. T 1 Z : f ,f ' i K l,J,..c i X ,f Q, Dave Gary Sheri Pam Hall Hansen Hanshaw Hardacre Bill Patricia Jayme Patty Harding Haretakis Harman Harmes 4444 44 v4 V Vicki Algeo and Julie Sandoval hurry to their next class before the tardy bell rings. Class of '80 shows spirit that wins them the spirit stick. Sailor Jaime Phelps discusses the possibility of the sophomores winning Spirit Week with Ms. Hanger. Bill Edelbrock. Andy Lake and Brad Applegate turn to see "what's goin' on. 1 . 'P 1 L 5: ' 2 E , I K L ff, xg Jackie Graham Phil Granito Marian Gray Ron Greathouse Jeff Griffith Dave Green Tina Grimes Laurie Grisham Louis Guevera Guy Gugliotta Maureen Guthrie Steve Guyer Jim Guzzeta Randy Hage Tammy Hagerman Tina Haldin km . .is 4. 5 . Sophomores 235 ,.....-.- Tom Harnett Diane Hart lan Haskins Kevin Hauber Curt Haydt Robert Heller Pamela Helton Christine Hemer Robert Hemker Janet Hibbs Nancy Hickman Patti Hidalgo Katheryn Higgins Scott Hill Loree Hirschy Brent Hollingsworth Nancy Hollingsworth Bryan Holmes Perry Holt Mark Holtby Brett Holthe Jamie Hood Scott Hood Naomi Horio Steven Horvath Alan Hoskins Daina Hotchkiss Phillip Hotchkiss Lucille Howard Kenny Howery James Hugard Jeff Hunter Jeff Huntington Stacey Huntington Rob Isaacson Don Isbell Gary Jackson Gretchen Jacobs Rebecca Jacobs John Jameson 236 Sophomores "I sometimes feel like a sardine in a sardine can." Anonymous L After a quick nutrition Jayme Harman. Cindy Antram and Shelly Bloomqulst discuss whether they should go to the "Hi" dance. P V Y Janet Sullivan, Kelly Taylor, and Joy Anderson choose a spot to eat their lunches. A QQ 1 4 , s t t i 'if r K . .. L, Q s f ix J xv' 1 I F51 S 11 X 1 . 'l H iii' M 4 ' Hs. 'fjgjb c - x ,L :x-ffff.'- riff: '-T :YN A A ' ,K N ' ,A .. Pete Jankowski Pam Jedrzynski Bob Johnson David Johnson Denise Johnson Jon Johnson Valerie Johnson Renay Johnstone Cindy Jones Debbie Jones Gary Jones Nancy Jones linda Joy John Joyner Lisa Jurado Terrie Kaiser Keith Kammer Sherri Kane Douglas Kavner Scott Kaylor Denise Kebre Leanne Kelly Michelle Kelly Pat Kelly Stacey Kelly Ken Kemper Ron Kempton Michael Kenady Jennifer Kepner Tom Khazoyan Marianne Kincaid Cary King Sherry King Dave Kingsmill Susan Kiyotoki Eric Kleerup Dennis Klein Steve Klein Julie Knoll Sophomores 237 Laura Kodis Chris Kolek Ken Kolter Joe Konopka Craig Kosser Lori Krawitz Bill Kress Roberta Krueger Jeff Kruge Michael Kucey Joan La Crosse Andrew Lake Larisa Lamb Karen Langosh Ginger Larramie Mark Larson David Lattimer Steve Layton Mike Learakos Ellyn Le Blanc Laurie Lee Scott Lee Bruce Leichtfuss Andrew Lelchuk Harlo Lenning Greg Leonhardt Jeannine Lewis Shari Lindsay Chuck Linsmeier Paul Litner Steve Litten Marty Loftus San Juana Lopez 238 Sophomores -ls 'IE' u 5 L lm .. my wt X L X14 .if Y' 5 so .Y , ess f nfl , .s S 1 I ' Q J, ,L A F x 1 C Q X is .XX 1. W if' x ilk is , :-ga l?-I 'J 'L Q , 1 . s . ,XX 3 I gh jig., L A Qi ,Q i I. ., , X A --f'- i . ' fl' X V' I i ,254 X is "The worst thing that hap- pened to me was my dress flew open in a crowd." Anonymous .--f--nwr"""'Pr S . ,b 1?- 4 'K P' 5 u X 9 ...n"' li 5 ' M l f 1 L l ex N, 5 , ky K, fs 5 4 .A 'l f Yr: l I y ' ir- .4 .3 . 5 s .ihxfla !is :fix xx r s 1 1 4 Amused at Lil Bouchelle's reaction to Chinese dating practices Mr. Benoit begins to explain the details further. 4 Concentrating. Jan Warner follows Mrs. Fokert's demonstration of the routine. f ' U 4 , .Q A 32 4 f 1 v. V A D-vw A l W V- A A :L A , A - 4- B f ' ,xl w it is Q RQ 'fijui .,- - , - - ,V g, N. T 'xll -:ra 1 I V . L X ' - fx x IN L ii: ' " YQ nivsg, Q Q. ! S ' Anita Loritz Diana Luce Todd Lucero Dana Ludlum Brian Lyle Nicole Lyons Dan Madigan Cathe Magargee Jim Mair Marcia Maizel Bill Mamola Andy March Erik Marcussen Kevin Martin Martha Martinez Jeff Mastin Paul Mathers Cathy Mathews Doug Mathews Allison Matsui Ken Maxwell Sheri Mazone Trenton McCoy Don McCarroII Eric McConneIee Jan McDermitt Greg McElroy Becky McGovern Ninetta McKenna Robert McLeod Doyle McNatt Kristin Megrund Tom Miller Sophomores 239 Suzan Mendez Renee Mendoza Bill Mengert Kelly Mennes Matt Miculics Tina Miller Denise Mills Rod Mills Scott Minnis Dean Mirtle Lisa Mitchell Melinda Mitzel Diane Mobayed Robert Mohle Steve Mohler Linda Mongell Tonita Moniz John Moody Kelly Mooney Holly Moore Julie Moore Kathryn Moore Michele Morata Rene Moro Craig Morton Carol Mullins Lori Munger Allison Murray Kelly Myers Paul Nash 240 Sophomores ' I if , it .I I S .ig Q A A 1 'S x 1' T 4 : Z Q E t X 8 N 3 1 I ff v iff J , X 'Ni Z, Ir . -. , s Q 'L Q '1' 2 'dbx ,,.. P3 at 1-f5ir, ' !lE5:iE in-D. 'G l . Rm ht . B Wx an ,I s v, R x. r" x ,ff K I Q 'E me .. FE 44 "Yes, I feel different because I M4 am getting a little older every- d Y fi 3 Mike Gagnon 5, fp . if Q 1 L xxl A 9 x .S I' K L , ffe o f ' .' s , g, I, 3 . j i 4 4 4 , if . Sophomore football player Rob Heller runs plays over mentally. Eileen Garvey. Diane-Shears. and Mrs. Wormdahl review lines just one more time before presenting a play to fellow thespians. Laurie Lee and Kathy Magargee seem incredulous about what the DJ said about homecoming. Lisa Nelson and Cindy Abdalla express concern about an upcoming history test. , B., b 5 . Q .1 . 'N X tl I r A lb' 4 4 X 'P Y nk.: , I 1 x K 1 , - V 1 1 :t?"N sr " Robin Nash John Neal Glenn Negus Rob Neil James Nelson Lisa Nelson Neil Nelson Huan Ngo Nghi Nguyen Carol Nieckula John Noble Linda Nordhausen John Norkus Anne Norman Christine Norman Nathan Norman David Nouri Karen Nowicki Karen Nunley Brian Oaks James Odlum Terry O'HandIen Henry O'Leary Dave Olson Mike Olson Dawn Opferman Cole Othmer Kelly Pack Marciel Pagulayan Sophomores 24l Robert Paleno Angie Panaseny George Parker Ken Parker Kara Paul Mark Pavelka Rangdi Pederson Janie Perez Mark Perkoski Ted Petrie Jamie Phelps Jon Pierce David Pigmon Bill Pinto Lisa Pizzurro Jenny Plessinger Cathi Pomeroy Suzi Pope Jane Poudrier Lynn Pratto Patricia Prettyman Jim Primm Paul Pritchard Tom Provost Mike Przysiecki Sharon Puma Michael Puskas Shahrokh Rahimi Scott Ramey Rosalia Ramirez Susie Rasinski Susie Ray Lisa Raya Roger Reavis 242 Sophomores RochelleRunge. Jean Cara P 4 ggjQjgfgg,y'g,ggggcj3gF" learning but, for me, it is half L:jgjj'2'5,gj3,2jf,3fwLn for learning, half for friend in sou w a ' H iss?gnmentJ1sJ1e missed I p' while she was absent. Patti Hildago X .'. A I' fg 5 w k P' I I x' u v 3, : 2 4 l ., ss X 4. . L Ae' I LQQP ,gf fx xx? K ,4 ' N ,A-Q 6 E? Kim Ryckebosch Terry Ryno Steve Sabo Mark Sandell Wendy Sanderson Julie Sandoval Suzanne Sands Randell Saufley Diana Saville Bruce Scheid Robert Schiebe Kerry Schildts Nancy Schmidt Carol Schramm Heide Schreiber Neil Schubert Lauren Schwartz Sari Schwarz Pam Schwarze Patrick Schwetz Rich Sears Brenda Sedig Susan Segovia Margaret Selby Ida Sellers Janet Sexton Robert Shaw David Shearer Greg Shediack Yvette Shelbourn Gary Sheldon Dave Sherrill Cheri Simmons Ron Simon Mel Slavick 244 Sophomores "Well, I don't think l'll be going here long if I keep getting D's." Doug Bartling is cm nw i' I 'T' ,z 'ff f . 1 , A if ' 1 N 2 46 lv, tu, l ,D 'B -1 6' VU V Checking her homework one last time. Diedra Vaught finds everything in order before handing it in. Y 1 Expressing their opinion of registration, sophomores Kim West and Liane Mills include Barbara Fischer in their discussion P Jim Joy watches senior antics in disbelief. l I I l 3 is jul W g A A fa XV .. I -- A". , fs "J Ft X uf. . ' x .xg 2.4 ,Q ry. f fn? 4 N F? 1 A 9? is 'my S XAA ' 4 231. it s ' Chris Smith Lowell Smith Sherry Smith Stan Smith Steve Smith Cherry Snyder Ronald Sokoloff Frances Sdrales Takay Sorensen Derek Spelliscy Lisa Sprenger Judy Sripathy Dave Mc Namara Barbara Pargee Kenneth Puckett Lorre Stange Jeff Stark Phillip Statom Kristan Steckler Craig Reinert Kelle Sanders Tony Santangelo Sherry Stein Ken Stephenson David Stevens Barbie Stevenson Tony Stevenson Tracy Stinson Susan Stockinger Greg Stockton Julie Stone Jeff Stoner Jodi Strauss John Strauss Spencer Strauss Jeff Sumrall Jeff Sustacek Jay Sutherland Karen Swanson Luann Syler Sophomores 245 .lon Sylvia Lisa Tatian Mike Tavishati Jackie Taylor Kelly Taylor Mike Tegen Chuck Telk .lim Tenney Noel Tenney Craig Thomas David Thomas Kimberly Thomas Melinda Thomas Jan Thompson Diana Thorson Tracy Till Clara Toth Bret Townley Marci Trulock Mark Turner Shelia Tussey Terry Tuthill Noreen Upton Sonja Urton Kathy Van Deusen Cathy Van Emon Didra Vaught Louie Vega Steve Verdome Jeff Vigil Perry Viscounty Betsey Wagenaar Jeff Waldow Vicky Waldstreicher Robert Walker Brian Walter Judy Walworth 246 Sophomores "I haven't learned anything yet but I will never give up V Laurie Grisham and Kristi Genoway , H finish off their coke as they rush to the game y , 5 llgrgnierman grimaces at songleader K is L53 S itq N 5 Mr, 4 K u if Y Tv "' E 5 M AS'-it X . i f--3 S vu. w f - S9 Q U, tx K - . VS - X V4 if i 'Q Ge "tn, f h A Q 1 . -S-K' x A Q9 Janice Warner Clay Warren Linda Warren Denise Nash Tony Watson Craig Way Donald Webb Bob Wedemeyer Greg Wendelken Tom Wendler David Wendt Kim West Elizabeth Wetton Karen White Denny Whitzel Susie Wiehebrink Janie Williams Mike Williams Jenni Wilson Stewart Wilson Ann Windsor Penny Winkelman Melonie Winn Ty Witt Will Wood Greg Worthington Michele Wright Thomas Wynsen Peter Yamamoto Tom Yang Mary Yasuda Robin Yates Anne Yuhas Theresa Zaizar Tom Zaizar David Zech Sherri Zigmond Mark Zuckerman Ron Zwicky Sophomores 247 ' 'W' 7 lx Z ADS -- INDEX, CLGSING XX. ,' -. h.a,,f , x r 1 .IVY ' 155- is cg., '5v..a..fP Bowling Front Row: David, Pigmon. Jim Odlum. Dick Beikler, Rodger Furton. Steve Rogers. David Gothelf, Mark Holtsby. Greg Lenhardt. Back Row: Janie Williams, Kathy Van Emon. Roxanne Reider, Bob Hamidi, Naomi Horio, Cheryl Snyder. Karen Lort. Julie Dawson. Chess Marc, Nishino. Dave Kurtz, Nathan Wong. Q3 1 A 1+- +':'5""41v Computer Club Front Row: Geoffrey Meister. Robert Zwicky. Back Row: Craig Jones. Tom Kelly. 250 Groups CSF Front Row: Cathy Church, Ann Windsor, Karen Brennier, Carol Hoage, Mitch Cohen. Diane Sagy. Middle Row: Pam Sandhoffner, Bonnie Libinan. Cheryl Snyder, Michelle Cass. Dave Kurtz. Larry Sokoloff. Karen Ford, John Anassis, Karen Windsor, Marc Nishino. Back Row: Glenn Woodward. Norm Torres. Nathan Wong. NN df XW7 I 1 1 VPS rench lmi Alarid. Barb Pargee. Vilia Variakojis. Kathy Moore, Janicke Hellan, Barbara be. Tom Wynsen. Julie Wernett, Liz McLaren, Brent Cooper, Kathy Church. Mrs. ster, Kim Bressler, Amy Feldman. German 5 Bottom lefti Clockwisez Lynnette Okubo, Paulla Elmore, Sabrina Blake, Ava Haretakis. Kathy Wall. Nadia Ansari. Val Lenz, Beth Haluza, Paul Strupp. Lynn Fredson. Sherry Staump. Angel Dietch. Leslie Moyer, Lisa Biffington. Michelle November. Nancy Weneta. Center. Mrs. Folkert. Girls League Front Row: Mary Stocking. Claudia Brown, Glenn Allton. Barb Saville. Jeff. Blaustone. Mrs. Pope. Craig Way. Jodi Allen. Careyn Brenier, Carol Hoage, Wendy Iverson. Lena Hakansson. Third Row: Jennifer Jensen, Bill Grider, Dave Kurtz. Judi Haspell. Nathan Wong. Mark Marouka. Ken Posthuma, Chris Cooper. Lars Munge. First Row: Janel Ritchie. Second Row: Lana Dalberg. Grace Smith. Third Row. Cathy Moore. Cari Bourette. Fourth Row: Mr, Robinson. Dance Groups 25I " Foreign Exchange Students Front Row: Janiche Hellan. Second Row: Rosie Schultheiss, Lars Munge, Lena Hakanasson. ji. ,fl 1 w , . -in uw 252 Groups V066 Key Club Front Row: Matt Kahn. John Abouchar, Jeff Fronk, Steve Rogers, Scott Brookover. Jeff Ziegler, Second Row: Mr, Allan Trefry, Jeff Genoway, Glenn Allton. Jim Graf, Rob Hunter. Mearl Lottman, John Fotch, Steve Morris, Scott Aldrich. Daren Joy. gf 5 !:::t:bU3 f -e S Latin Front Row: Geoff Greene, Liz Grouse, Kevin Swanson. Wernett. Don Isbell. Second Row: Mr. Pat Barrett. Susan Jensvold, Ted Hart. Beth Somers. Marcia Park. Theresa ' ' U Park, Pam Bailey, Steve Catlow, Rich Longyear. Bill an ff x 5 -' 4751? Ski liront Row: Kathleen Church, Janis Rickers. Micky Jznovese. Suzanne Sands, Vicki Kucera, Janice Dreew, Jan Thompson. Robyn Dill. Second Row: Kerry Schildts. Lisa Jurado, Bob Hamidi. Betsy Sikora, Quinn Collins, Bill Strider. Ned Grimes. Jane Gibson, Mary-Kate Walker, Julie Trueblood, Lori Munger, Suzie Rasinki, Mr. Benoit. Eve Toth. Third Row: Jim Gibson. Ty Witt. Jeff Rogers, Nathan Wong, Mark Marouka, Lisa Garafalow. Randy Abe. Kim Christensen. Kelly Paza. Suzanne Steavens. -v 1: A Spanish Front Row: Val De Portwles. Sharon Khanoyan, Elaine Carol, Karen Goda, Bea Rodriguez, Marciel Pagulayan, Mary Norberg. Second Row. Rod Eisenbeisz, Stan Outman. Carolyn Eumarian. Mrs. Fallis, Cathy Sandell, Craig Thomas. Craig Way. . Nl SJ 44? Bob Hamidi. Dave Kurtz, ICC "S" Club Sharon Salmond, Daphne Duncan, Leslie DeMint. Tracey Glasener, Maureen Salmond, Pam Kebre, Ann Winsor, Debbie Jamison, Esther Berg, Sonia Dakin. Cheryl Snyder. June Pinch. Groups 253 Sophomore Officers Susie Rasinski. Treasurer. Julie Stone. Secretary. Suzanne Sands. President. Linda Nordhausen. Vice-President. 5 X X N. u.. Vx , P L N 1 ,.p. A 1 K nw J ............... in J 'f'A"Y'tgl'T Sli Junior Senators Front Row. Sherri Best. Patty Betts. Second Row: June Yokogawa. Sue Miller. Mary Gratto. Third Row: Cathy Connors. Cheri Monroe. Cindy Battles. Gwen McMillan. Debbie York. 254 Groups 1 Q XSL-QS. if 1 Sophomore Senators Front Row: Kathleen Church. Susie Kiyotoki, Linda Warren. Second Row: Marianne Kincaid. John Joiner. Linda Mongell Mary Yasuda. Vicki Algeo. Junior Officers Michelle November. Secretary, Dave Marr. Vice-President. Marc Horowitz. President. Joann Holdridge. Treasurer. n Senior Qfficers Vivian Yamashiro. Secretary. Art Howansky. ,ml li Vice-President, Suzie Blizt. Treasurer. Mark T" Kahn. President. 0 fx rS'f. f! sc, ek K .4 T yu. , .,y,. ,.,. .. ....,......,.........-. ,e..........a-..f..,,.. ,t.... rnior Steering ll Row. Steve Morris. Bambi Wright, Ted Parker. Second iVivian Yamashiro. Randy Lack, Lisa Day. Third Row: Vivian ko. Karen Storruse. Gail Brandon. Annette Miale. Art nsky. funn., A ' ., "" -.fl Senior Senators Front Row: Steve Morris. Jean Krick. Ted Parker. Second Row: Maryann Fitzpatrick. Lynn Fredson, Lisa Day, Karen Storruste. Liz McLaren. Leslie Wetton. . ,ff' -T' 'i Q' . . .fi 16: il" 4 1 ".' U 'Q' L,-is ' if .. - -i 1 Q W'-5 + L 'f Sign V ' S9 T- 1.0 'H 1' --. 4. , r 4 'A I Agp y 4. 156' ' ASB Cabinet Front Row: Marc Horwitz. Lynnette Okubo, Suzanne Sands, Pam Applegate. Art Howanski. Second Row: Mike Alu. Chuck Leonard. John Abouchar. Patty Spliglanin. Jim Weneta. Matt Kahn. Katy Kahn. Tammie Robbins. Dave Marr. Groups 255 Board of Control Front Row: Betsy Sikora. Ann Windsor. Janet Holdridge, Paul Mathews. Second Row: Kim Day, Mike Alu, Pam Horwitz, Neal Wells. M, ..- ,. mu. -ff W K 4. - A House of Representatives Kathy Alsborg. Sue Ambruso. Lorena Baird, Cindy Battles, Sheri Best, Patty Betts, Clark Bayer, Alesia Boatright, Jeff Carter. Roxi Clatt, Cathy Conner, Jim Doering, Dana Fisher, Charles Fields, Ruth Fournier, Donna Golberg, Mary Gratto, Chris Haydt, Greg Hodson. Pam Horwitz, Stacy Huntington, Randy Jones, Shari Kenady, Anne Kerr. Randy Knutson, Mike Koob, Kevin Leary. Terri Lokstedt, Kathy Losi, Mearl Lottman, Terri Marr, Steve Martin, Sue Miller, Lori Monger, Cheri Monroe, Kenny O'Learry, Pete Orelup. Marical Pagulayan, Barbara Pargee, June Pinch, Bill Pinto, Lisa Pizzuro, Walt Pomero, Lynne Prato, Suzanne Romandy, Frances Sarales, Ilene Sumers. John Theiss, Brett Townley, Roberta Wein. 256 Groups N. ,Q 2515 ,JC Front Row: Mike Alu, Kevin DeVito. Second Row: Chuck Leon Cindy Shields. Third Row: Julie Bigelow. Howard Sant, L Sokol Educational Development C J V' sw Stat Girls Front Row: Katy Kahn, Terri Lackstead, Anne Kerr, Korinne Robertson. Second Row: June Pinch, Phyllis Thomas. Debbie York Gwen McMillan ihamber Singers :tom Row: Miss Baylor. Yvette Shelbourn, Jodi Strauss. Jenny ssinger, Cindy Goss, Kym Moran. Debbie Jamieson, Naomi Horio. ond Row. Terri Albertson. Andrea Anello, Karen Nowicki. Jackie ham, fmanagerj Linda Derrick, Denise Nash. Cathy Mathews. Third 1 Janice Drew, Alison Gugliotta. Diane Ambruso, Daria Popolich, key Genovese. L to R: Martin Brower, Quinn Collins. Clark Beyer, Kevin De Vito, Steve 1 Layton. Ron Stratford. Jim Givson, Steve Cohen, Paul Nash. Rich Glasman. Jeff Floyd. Vocal Jazz Ensemble Jazz Band Bottom Row: Steve Rogers, Chip Elly. Carl Boatright, Ron Simon, Pat Fotch. Jeff Kruger. Robert Paleno, Dennis Dinwiddie. Second Row: Jeff Bennett. Bob Wolfe, Neil Nelson, Jeff Munger. Brent Callas. Ken Stevenson, Mike Fisher, Perry Viscounty, Dallas Roper. Perry Holt, Jerome Anello. Tom Windler. Bottom Row JV: Stephanie Papas coach. Stephanie Diaz, Cherly Allen. Lisa Raya. Robyn Dill. Second Row: Judy Riley. Shelly Woods. Joanna Stocker, Lynne McBride, Sandy Papas, Robin Carter, Becky Helme. Concert Band - I -ng!-as-W.s.,..,,.. y g - . .. ,, i -LE ...' han f i X S . , Q ,tg fe gg , :wil an ,, ,wg R, S ' .1f, S' Groups 257 Au, as Orchestra Front Row: John Sarkaria, Debbie March, Janel Larson, ' 'Shari Kenady. Donna Baker. Second Row: Sue Berger. Art Howansky. Claudia Brown. Dave Quintana, Amy Fairchild. Third Row. Dave Rader. Paul Pritchard, Jim Bigelow. John Silzel, Tom Wynsen, Noreen Upton, Chris Johnston. Fourth Row: Phil Norling. Eric Walton. Mr. Randy Coleman. Fifth Row: John Malloy, Theresa Poulson, Steve Morris, Rex Gelert, Sue Houser. Not Pictured: Gail Brandon. Symphonic Band Front Row: Noreen Upton, Rose Rasmussen. Vivian Maruko. Second Row: Matt Brown. Randy Hage, Jennifer Kepner, Terri Everts. Valerie King, Vivian Yamashiro. Careyn Brenier, Judy Byrd, Linda Warren, Judy Sripathy. Third Row: Cathy Van Emon, Dallas Roper, Cathy Magargee. Dave Johnson. Dave Wright, Steve Morris, Todd Van Etton, Neil Nelson. Fourth Row: Ron Adcock, Ken Christenson, Brian Walter, Craig Schultz, Ted State, Mearl Lottman. Kelly Balthrop. Dan Madigan, Rex Gelert, Mike Tavera, David Freeman, Paul Nelson, Glenn Woodworth's leg. Fifth Row: Amy Feldman, Rodney Ida, Brent Callis, Steve Litton, Dave Macaluso. Richard Myracle, Jeff Stange, Bill Pinto, David James. 258 Groups tix' Banners Front Row: Jan Eisenbeisz. Leslie Wetton, Captain, Kathy Crouch, lst Lieutenant, Cathy Nelson. Second Row: Nancy White, Jamie Hood, Tracey Glasener, Cheri Simmons, Marlen Dwyer. Dorri Komerak, Judi Haspell. Vocal Ensemble Front Row: Mike Tavera, Alesia Boatright. Greg Hodson, Jan Warner, Mel Slavick, June Yokogawa, Mitch Cohen. Second Row: Celeste Tavera, Matt Shaker, Betsy Ross. John Theiss. Jan Fischle. Jim Landis. Third Row: Jeff Schultz, Lori Rosacker, Gre Allen. Karen Storruste, Tanya Ingwerson, Dave Bullock. Marching Band Marching Band: Ron Adcock, Kelly Balthriop, Theresa Bedwell, areyn Brenier, Matt Brown, Judy Byrd. Brent Callis, Diana Casebolt, Kent Christensen, Ann Costanza, Scott Courtney, Don Daley. Teri Everts, Nina Fairless. Amy Feldman. Fritz Fischle, Dana Fisher, Darrel Fritts, David Freeman, Max Gelert. Maureen Guthrie, Randy Hage, Cindy Hammond. Mark Hanna, Ken Howery, Rodney Ida, David James, David Johnson, Jon Johnson, Marshall Johnson, Susan lohnson, Mike Kenady, Shari Kenady, Jennifer Kepner. Cathy King, X- alerie King, Joan La Crosse, Mark Larson, Laurie Lee. Steve Litten, Mearl Lottman, Dave Macaluso, Dan Madigan, Cathe Magargee. John Malloy, Terry Martin, Vivian Maruko, Julie Mendez. Robert Mohle, Steve Morris. Richard Myracle, Neil Nelson. Paul Nelson, John Noble, Mark Pavelka. Bill Pinto. Theresa Pope, Theresa Poulson. Bill Ralston, Rosie Rasmussen, Dallas Roper. John Ross, Lisa Rossini, Kim Ryckebosch, Nancy Schmidt, Craig Schulz, Sue Segovia, Gary Sheldon, David Sherrill. Sheila Sripathy. Jeff Stange, Teri State, Carolyn Strong, Mike Tavera. Noreen Upton, Cathy Van Emon, Todd Van Etton. Jeff Vincent. Brian Walter, Linda Warren. Janie Williams, Mike Williams, Glenn Woodworth, David Wright, Vivian Yamashiro. 'fy' ei,":'w"'iS5'x ...-. 'ni , A ', Drill Team Drill Team: Cindy Antram, Pam Bailey, Jenni Barnes, Cindi Battles, Gaylian Bode, Gail Brandon, Marianne Churney, Laurie Class, Abby Cohen. Laura Compton, Debbie Cordray. Janet Costanza, Jackie Cross, Kathy Crouch, Julie Dawson. Kellee Dobkins, Marlene Dwyer. Jan Eisenbeisz. Katy Ellington, Sharon Ewald, Glenda Ewald, Lynn Fredson, Lori Freed. Cindy Gerry. Tracey Glasener, Penny Grisham, Judy Haspell, Shari Hedin. Eileen Hirschy, Janet Holdridge, Joann Holdridge, Nancy Hollingsworth, Jaime Hood, Daina Hotchkiss, Sheri ller, Chris Jones. Katy Kahn, Susan Kiytoki. Dorri Komarek. Ellyn LeBlanc, Val Lenz, Cheryl Malmquist, Susan Mendez. Michelle Morata, Cathy Nelson. Mary Norburg Chris Norman. Michelle November. Karen Nowicki, Teresa Park, Stacy Resh. Janis Rickers, Judy Riley. Nancy Robinson, Diane Rogers. Lauren Schwartz, Cheri Simmons, Grace Smith. Sheila Sripathy, Karen Storruste, Terri Stransky. Jodi Strauss. Kathy Stufflre, Julie Teachout, Betsi Walli, Leslie Wetton, Nancy White, Sue Wright, June Yokogawa. Theresa Zaizar. Front Row: Julie Dawson, Jackie Cross. Abby Cohen, Jenni Barnes. Second Row, Laurie Class. Marianne Churney, Third Row: Eileen Hirschy, Kathy Stuffler. Katy Kahn. Tall Flags Twirling Flags Front Row: Cindy Simmons, Grace Smith. Val Lenz, Center: Betsi Walli, Top Row: Julie Teachout, Penny Grisham Groups 259 fb 'KW' , Varsity Pep and Mascot Varsity Pep Squad Front Row: Song: Linda Nowicki, Lisa Buffington. Calene Johnson, Nadia Ansari, Mascot Jodi Mullen. Nancy Orelup, Tammy Bell, Kim Triggs. Second Row: Cheer Marie Van Vooren, Chris Haydt, Liz Boulger, Pep Commissioner Janel Ritchie. Lori Rosacker. Liane Richert. Melanie Moyer. Benchwarmers Benchwarmers Front Row: Sherrie Paino, Linda Rogers, Lisa Day, June Pinch, Susie Bartlett. Candy Arnold, Jennifer Bickham. Second Row: Vivian Yamashiro, Valerie King, Vivian Maruko, Sue Glasman, Shelly Lewis, Jill Thompson, Allison Pack. Third Row: Patty Graham, Karen Bortle, Phyllis Thomas, Beth Edelbrock. Jean Krick, Janice Belovsky. Janet Finnegan. Fourth Row: Sharon Kolter. Barb Liebi, Jane Krick, Patty Odlum. Suzanne Romandy. Robin Carter. JV and Soph Cheer JV and Sophomore Cheer Front Row: Sophomore, Jackie Graham. Leslie Goldberg. Karen White. Jeannine Lewis, Carol Nieckula, Jamie Phelps. Second Row: JV, Leslie Moyer. Kathy Losi, Terry Ketchum. Carolyn Van Den Berg, Sabrina Blake, Diane Speich. 260 Groups ,, ' M, f 3 Combined P Varsity Basketball Front Row: Chris Jacobs. Gary Lehnhart. Max Alarid, Rick Wearda. Russ Mobley. Second Row: Bruce Freeman. Mark Garvin. Scott Shattuck. Jeff Nobel. Keith Kemper. 4 Basketball Sophomore Varsity Basketball Row: Mike Adray, Dave Zaizar. Jorge Caucas, Ron Stewart. Larry Boyd, Ron Greathouse. Marc Ehlers, Jeff Behnke. Aaron Row: Jim Graf. Dave Marr. Craig Noble. Craig Bryant. Third Broadway, Phil Hotchkiss. Gary Jackson. Norman Abell. John Joiner. Rob Hunter, Brent Peterson, Paul Moyer. Fourth Row: Brad Patrick, Craig Nelson, Dean Mirtle. Moure, Jeff Carter, Coach Owens. Sophomore JV Basketball Front Row: Dean Mirtle, Ken Kolter. George Parker. Chuck Telk, Ron Kempton. Jim Crosby, Mike Tegen. Jeff Vigil. Groups 26I Girls Varsity Basketball Front Row: Rene Moro. Gretchen Jacobs. Michelle Wright. Maricel Pagulayan, Top Row: Roxie Klatt, Ellyn LeBlanc. Laura Frehner, Theresa Bedwell. Coach Stephanie Papas. 1 if Varsity Wrestling Front Row: Fred Sylvia. Second Row: Mark Maxwell, Bruce Leichtfuss. Randy Knutsen. Rob Johns. Mike Fotch, Ronnie Lack. Dan Crissinger. Third Row: Coach Brent Bailey, Brian Cassachia, Phil Buffington, Dave Stephens, Rob Heller, Glenn Driggers, Larry Anderson, Coach Don Thompson. 262 Groups Girls J.V. Basketball Front Row: Karen Swanson. Lisa Morgosh. Linda Zigich. Lisa Schrader Top Row: Coach Jan Standlea, Lori Simmons. Val DePourtaIes. Lynn McBride. Lisa Raya. Girls Swimming Front Row: Cathe Magargee. Donna Baker, Jodi Mullen. Vicki Kucera. Janet Costanza. Second Row: Linda Nordhausen. Julie Stone, Lisa Nelson. Eve Toth, Patty Emge, Betsy Czark. Third Row: Pam Hardacre, Karen Roberts, Mary Yasuda. Carol Baker Lori Rickhardson. Lori Kodis, Fourth Row: Linda Mongell. Kim Bressler. Cheryl Allen, Darlene Haynie, Margit Andreasen. Fifth Row: Laura Frehner. Penny Winkelman. Lori Grisham. Michelle Bath. Dori Komarek. Varsity Water Polo Row: Jeff Genoway, Paul Savaso, Larry Harmier. Marc Horwitz, Don Webber. Steve Abdalla. Bob Mohle, Rob Moore, Kurt Blythe. Coach Jeff Erlich. Second Row: Mark Cornett. Rick Longyear. Doug Kimbell. Brian Mason, Jim Balok, Dennis Mohle. Sophomore Swimming Front Row: Brian Holmes, Steve Goodman, Perry Viscounty, Al Dzina. Second Row: Scott Hill, Dave Freeman, Curt Haydt, Bob Mohle, Third Row: Bruce Brown, Craig Thomas. Dan Hosking. Q' ' Varsity Swimming Front Row: Steve Abdalla. Dennis Mohle, Larry Harmier. Jim Balok, John Kucera. Paul Savaso. Second Row: Scott Hill. Marc Horwitz. Dave Enos, Dave Radar, Bob Mohle, Dan Trollinger. Third Row: Brian Mason. Mark Cornett, Scott Adlrich. Rick Longyea, Doug Kimbell, Kurt Blythe. ,S s, it peed? "Y -- -K ,-aff l' QP? Groups 263 Girls Cross Country Front Row: Donna Wiehebrink, Sherri Thomas. Kim Chisholm. manager. Lana Dahlberg, Coach Krissa Baylor. Susan Lynch. Linda Rogers. Second Row: Janine Freeman. Virginia Mouser, Cathy Robillard, Sheri ller, Judy Riley. Sophomore Track Front Row: Dennis Dinwiddie, Tom Wendler. Dallas Roper, Ty Witt. Jim Robinson, Matt Frederickson, Jim Nelson. Carl Boatright. Second Row: Andy March, Jeff Bennett, Dave McNamara, Rocky Galuppo, Gary Sheldon. Paul Carey. Ron Simon. Third Row: Mark Horvath. Perry Holt. Jerome Anello. Luis De Rosas, Jeff Munger, Mike Kenady. Fourth Row: Steve Rogers. Jeff Waldo, Ken Stephenson, Chip Elley, Greg Wolfe. Bob Paleno. Sophomore Water Polo 264 Groups .fur Sophomore Football Kent Aken. Ernie Avalos, Doug Barrit. Clark Beyer, Larry Boyd. Ross Brown. Ned Brines, Shawn Buckle. Chad Campbell, Frank Cangelosi, Mike Capps, Mike Conzelman, Bob Derifield. Craig Dora, Steve Drott, Tom Dunning, David Ehl, Mark Ehlers. Larry Felix, Eric Flynn, Matt Fredrickson. John Freitas, George Ganis, Cory Gault, John German, Don Gibson, Ron Greathouse, Dave Hall. Gary Hansen. Tom Harnett. Kevin Hauber, Robbie Heller, Robert Hemker, Scott Hood, Rob Isaacson, Gary Jackson. Dave Lattimer. Steve Layton. Bruce Leichtfuss, Marty Loftus. Jim Mair, Dave McNamara, Doyle McNatt, Dean Mirtle. Steve Mohler. James Nelson. Dave Olson, Mike Olson, Cole Othmer. Jon Pierce, Mike Puskas. Jamie Robbins, John Rose, Randy Sauley, Rich Sears. Stan Smith. Tkay Sorenson, Derek Spelliscy, Dave Stephens, Jon Sylvia, Mike Tavashata, Bret Townley. Louis Vega. Jeff Vigil, Jeff Waldo. Greg Worthington. Peter Yamamoto. David Zech. Chuck Lindsmeyer. Craig Thomas. Steve Goodman, Lou Guevera, Perry Viscounty. Brian Homes, Robert McCloud, Bob Johnson, Dave Freeman. George Garcia, Al Dzina, Jeff Rodgers Steve Cohen. Coach Jeff Woods. Second Row: lan Hoskins, Scott Hills, Craig Aldrich. Bob Mohle, Steve Bierman. Bruce Brown. Matt Mikutiks. 1 1 J.V. Cross Country T TJ- T Varsity Cross Country From Row: John Yasuda, Bill Le Pore. Mark Farris. Second Row: Tim Woodward. Eric Freidenreich. Dave Cangelosi. Tom Doering. i rls Track Row: Julie Doering. Lana Dalburg, Lynn Pagulyan. Beth Kathy Ebrite. Sonya Dakin. Kathy Robilard. Row. Kristy Manning, Lisa Beaudoin, Susan Lynch. a Rogers. Sherri Kain. Rochelle Runge. Janie Pearson. Row: Tina Grimes. Chris Young. Lorree Hirschy. ri llers, Carol Leeth, Jeanie Freeman. Not Pictured: inia Mouser, Cathy Nelson. Cathi Pomeroy, Michele t. Rosie Schulties. Gig Gould. Front Row: Mike Lovell. Mike Brost, Ted Cloris Smith. Jon Abouchar. Second Row: Coach White. Geoff Greene. Paul Giannetakis. Mat Brunk. Mark Thompson. Robert Thomas. Darren Joy, Coach Saul. Rutherford. Mike Fisher. Tarquin Ashworth. ' Varsity Track First Row: Bill LePore. Mike Popevich. Kevin DeVito, Art Reisman. Peter Orelup. Tom Dering, Mitch Lucero, Steve Melander. Second Row: Glenn Allton. Dave Cangelosi. Tim Woodward, Eric Freidenreich. Jim Doering. Mike Raya. Third Row. Brad Fisher. Mike Fisher. Mike Scotti, Jim Gorzo. Fourth Row: Eric Neilsen. Willie Williams. Tim Birkmann. Mike Kilroy. Steve Verdone. Fifth Row: Greg Holleran. Greg Hall. Robin Moore. Groups 265 has-A ,1- Girls Varsity Softball L to R: Coach Ed Graham, Linda Zigich. Lynn McBride, Lisa Morgosh, Lisa Reya, Robin Nash. Valerie dePourtales. Leslie DeMint, Robin Dill, front: Lisa Schrader. Sandy Papas. Sandy Willison, Allison Hughes, Robin Mayer. Barb Waldstreicher, Judy Riley. Terry Stocker, Coach, Dave Shelton. Girls JV Softball Top L to R: Stephanie Papas. coach, Glenda Ewald, Lori Stange. Maria, Stephanie Diaz, front: Grechen Jacobs. Carol J.V. Baseball L to R: Tarquin Ashworth. Brendan Timpane. Chris Smith. Chris Jackson, Harvey Waters. Dave Quintana. Tom Moore, Mike Shopshire, Sam Maida, Dave Waddle. Ron Kissie, Greg Zechial, Rich Garrett. 266 Groups Dugan, Shelley Woods, Joanna Stocker. Varsity Baseball L to Rf Coach Kevin Brown. Steve McFarlene, Jim Linquist. Phil Rodgers. Kelly Stevens. Darryl Kushner, Mark Kahn, Drew Cohen, Max Alarid, Todd Litman. Darren Kelchner. Mike Timkin, Dave Leeper, Dutch Holland. Kent Pomeroy, Dale Hahn, Ron Kammer, equip. manger Robert Hempling, head coach Dave Ochoa. Varsity X JV Tennis Front Row: Roy Araki, Doug Mathews, Kevin ones, Jeff Hunter, Rod Ida, Phil Abdalla. Mike Grant, Glenn Woodworth, Skip Oades. Second Row: Dave Marr. Norm Torres. Doug Mitchell. Mike Clarke, Eddie Alazraki, Doug Barrett. Steve Holtby, David Kingsmill, Mike Fris Third Row: Steve Brunell. Mark Zuckernman, Fritz Fischle. Erik Marcussen, John Abouchar, Bill Plnto, Ken Parker, Robert Hempker, Greg Worthington. 'K Y , , Q I S . tis-QW ' V t .ii fi f s li ix ' if -, ' V ,,r , tr M : nh ' xlh Z irls Tennis nt Row: Jeni Wong, Kathy Church. Linda Mongell. Kelly Mooney. :da Barasel, Darlene Conkey. Julie Trueblood. Colette Klima, Kris iKinnon. Lisa Ponce. Cindy Abdalla. Back Row: Linda Nordhausen. ida Joy. Meg Matsui, June Gibson. Sue Averill. Becky Reed. Patty ttyman, Julie Teachout, Julie Matsui, Jeanine Lewis. Liz Grouse. JV Track Front Row: Tim Owens, Scott Owens. Tom Riley. Chris Alvarez. Mike Brost, Daniel Di Donna, Matt Schenden. Second Row. Steve Leong. Steve Catlow. Mike Fisher, Mark Ferris. John Yasuda. Third Row: Jeff De la Mare. Paul Giannetakis, Mary McCracken, Mark Brunk. Robert Ehrlich. Fourth Row: Geoff Greene, Jeff Fronk. Scott Brookover, Tim Woodward. Fifth Row: Darren Thompsen. Mike Waldow, Paul Williams. evifbi fem" Girls Badminton Front Row: Cindi Abdalla. Meg Matsui, Jeanne Cara, Kathy Church, Lisa Ponce. Second Row: Val Johnson. June Gibson. Diana Ng. Pam Bui. Donna Wiehebrink. Third Row: Wendy Hawkins. Gwen McMillan. Linda Joy. Jill Thompson, Louise Sanematsu. Fourth Row: Sheri Thomas, Anette Miale. Kelly Mooney, Barb Liebe. Nancy Rohm. Fifth Row: Jeni Wong, Jan Thompson, Kim Ruther. Julie Janke. Jeanine Hill. Groups 267 Gymnastics Front Row- Marc Hidalgo, Truss Hortencias. Paul Wackym, Robyn Cutler, Julie Stone. Tim Palmquist, Sherri Kenady. Second Row- Mark McCracken, Debbie Cordray, Veronica Penn, Paul Strupp. Cindy Gerry, Jackie Cross. Wayne Sheet. Linda Mongell, Cheryl Allen, Don lsbell, Carol Hoage. Linda Nordhousen XX Golf Sophomore Cross Country Front Row- John Malloy, Terri Everets. Mark Lehman, Steve Morris, First Row- Steve Sabo, Alison Hickman, Celeste Tavera, Theresa Dave Johnson, Second Row- Ron Adcock, Brian Walters, Craig Paulson, Greg Hodson. Annette Miale, Diane Thorson, Lil Schultz, Third Row- Brent Callis, Mearl Lottman, Rex Gelert, Eric Bouchelle, Second Row- Karen Stourustte, Terry Stocker. Melissa Walton, Dan Madigan, Fourth Row- Charles Jay Bush, Penny Grisham, Steve Verdone. Mel Slavick, Geoff Schultz, Third Row- Debbie Griskonis, Dosty Lungren, Sarah Owens. Vilia Variakojis. Darby Piper. Kathy Alsborg, Randy Fontana, Alice Dodson, Fourth Row- Ron Simon, Matt Shaker, Wayne Sheets. Paul Rogers, Rick Davidson. Ty Witt, Tanya lngwerson, Tom Moore. Mile Tavera 268 Groups Varsity and J.V. Hocki L to R- Ann Costanza, Lisa Rossini, Ken Howery. Joan Lacross. Carolyn Strong, Cathy King. Diana Casebolt, Mike Williams, John Ross, Nancy Schmidt, John Noble. Theresa Bedwell, Don Daily. Scott Courtney, Gary Shelson, Susan Johnson. Dana Fisher, Darryl Fritts, Fritz Fishle, Laurelyn Bateson. Jon Johnson. Theresa Pope JV Volleyball Front Row: Terry Stocker. Gretchen Jacobs. Joanna Shelly Woods. Second Row: Mimi Alarid. Pam Rios, Mayer. Lisa Schrader. Julie Janke. Third Row: Christy Manning, Manager. Lisa Raya. Susie Ray, Stephanie Papas. W Coach Robyn Dill. Lori Symons. Bernie Austin, Assistant Coach. V 'lf Varsity Volleyball Front Row. Robin Carter. Sandy Willison. Jody Mullen. Second Row: Coach Jan Standlea. Sandy Papas. Lynne McBride. Linda Zigich. Third Row: Angie Brown. Lisa Morgosh. Val DePortales. VPHS Faculty Row: Vince DeFaleo. Jim Proffitt. Dave White. Bob McKee, Dave Colville. Sue Gardiner. Chuck Kates. Barbara Morton, Pat Duffy, Karen Roberta Jester. Gail Hanger. Luella Syler. Nancy Grant, Jim Dokos. Second Row. Bob Cameron. Brent Bailey, Jeff Ehrlich. Vince Murphy. et Curtis. Marilyn Shelley. Maxine Clark. Nancy Wolfe. Krissa Baylor. Leann Pope. Jean Kawaoka. Inez Fallis. Virginia Brady. Elbert Smith. rry Smith. Robert Haysom. Bob Hughes, Dave Ochoa. Don Thompson. Steve Wilson. Debi Craib, Bud Davis. Ray Schanafelt, Marilyn tick. Tim Stephens. Rod Williams. Norm Johnson, Rob Robinson, Phil Thoner, Evelyn Ching, Pat Barrett. Anne Folkert. Barbara Kurek, Keith d. Allan Trefry. Fourth Row: Richard Jackson, Ted Mullen. Tim Owens. Joe Quartucci. Dave Buchholz, John Meulmester. Larry Sanford. Jerry ker. Jack Row. Norm Marks. Nancy Smith. Dick Brunt. Greg Benoit. Karen Holt. Fifth Row: Ron Lindsay. Jack Dennen. Russ Murphy. Ron wne. Bob Graupensperger. Bruce Campbell. Jay Oliver. Ray Schutte. Dom Corradino. Jim Zakzeski, Mark Sanders. Alex Masucci. Leo calosy. Bob Sakaue, Dave Shelton. Steve Garrahy. Frank Pangborn. Groups 269 -A. Liz Abati l32. IS4 Cynthia Abdalla 228, 24l. l79 Phil Abdalla 68. l8l Steve Abdalla l32 Randy Abe 68 Norman Abell 228 John Abouchar l32. 255 Lynn Adams 68 Ronald Adcock ll0, 68 Jeff Addington 68 Michael Adray l32 lda Aguilar l32 Phillip Ahlm l32 Mike Aiello Kent Aken 228 Marie Alarid l32. 25l Max Alarid l84 Eddie Alazraki I32, l79 Terri Albertson l32 Tracy Albertson I32 Michael Albin 70. 58 Jean Albright Steve Alcorn I32. 2. 54 Craig Aldrich 228. l99. 202 Richard Aldrich Scott Aldrich l32 Lori Algeo 25, l68 Vicki Algeo 228. 235. 254 Cheryl Allen l32, 30 Dave Allen Denise Allen 68 Greg Allen 68, 62 Jodi Allen l32, 25l John Allen I32 Christopher Alley Glenn Allton 68, 53, 2l2, 25l John Allton l32 Kathy Alsborg 256 Mike Alu 68. 39. 255 Chris Alvarez l32 Mike Amato l32 Donna Ambright 228 Diane Ambruso 228 Susan Ambruso l32, 256 John Anasis l32, 250 Paula Anasis Paula Anotil l32 Dave Andersen I32 Debbie Anderson 228 Elizabeth Andersen 228 Gary Andersen 228 Joy Andersen 236, 228 Larry Andersen l32 Loretta Andersen Ed Andert l32 Margit Andreasen 68 Don Andrews l32 Cheryl Andross 228 Andrea Anello l32 Jerome Anello 228 Nadia Ansari l9. 25, 68, 45, 260. 25l Cindy Antram 228, 236 Brad Applegate 228, 235, 255 Pam Applegate 68 Roy Araki 69 Mike Argo l32 Tammy Arledge 228 Candy Arnold 69, 86, 260 Randy Arnold l32 Tarquin Ashworth l32 270 Ads-Index DEN-CC CONSTRUCTION ? gli F' Al, ,faq U ik ii ' K fails eva-rl I .. U ,W D 1 a, nn V ,Q 4 ir v nga, . 'r Y F2271 Ernie Avaloz 228 Kathy Averill 228 Susan Averill 69 Peggy Avila 7, 228, 37 .g- Kelly Baba 228 Ronald Baba 69 Leticia Baca Lucy Baez 228 Brent Bailey ll8 Debi Bailey l32 Gayle Bailey 69 Gregory Bailey 69 Pam Bailey l33. I32 Shari Bailey Lorena Baird 228, 256 Kelle Baitx l63, 69. 35 Carole Baker 228 Donna Baker 228 Drew Baker l33 Mike Baker I33 Patty Ballantyne 69 Mike Ballard Jim Balok 5. 7. l69 Bob Balok 69 Jacqueline Balsamo 228 Kelly Balthrop 69 Kevin Balthrop 228 Mike Baluch l33 Linda Baresel 69 Jennifer Barnes l33 Kevin Barnes I33 Loretta Baros 228 Pat Barrett Sl Doug Barritt 228 Diane Barsa 228 .lo Barsa I33 Mark Bartlett 228 Suazanne Bartlett 69. 260 Thomas Bartley 69 Douglas Bartling 228, 244 Blake, Barvin 69 Eric Bashe Kurt Bateson l33 Lauralyn Bateson 228 Michelle Bath 69. lO7 Cynthia Battles l33. 254, 256 Leslie Baugher 7I Krista Baylor Tib Beasley l33 Jerry Beaudoin 7l Lisa Beaudoin l33 Brian Beaudry I33 James Beavers 228 Tony Beber 7l Shanna Beck 228 Theresa Bedwell 228 James Beebe 228 Mark Beebe Jeff Behnke 228, l89 Douglas Beil Janet Beil 228 Jenlne Beitzel 7I Tammy Bell 7I, 260 Gary Belovsky 228 Laura Bennet l33 Terri Bennet Janice Belovsky 7l, 37. 260 Dick Beikler 250 Judy Byrd I34 Ads-Index 27l Jeff Bennett 228 Ruth Bennett 228 Greg Benoit 239.l27 Cris Benson 228. I29. 62 Darla Benson I33, 25 Janet Berchiolly 228. I5 Esther Berg 228 Allyson Berger 229 Penny Bernhard! l33 Douglas Berry 229 Shari Best l33, 47, 254, 256 Laurie Bethard 7l Patty Betts l33. 254, 256 Clark Beyer 229, 256 Jennifer Bickham 260 Richard Bickler 229 Jeff Bieller I62. l63, 7I Steven Bierman 229. l67, l98 Jill Biester 7I Debbie Bigelow 7l James Bigelow 229 Julie Bigelow I33, 9, 298, 58 Tim Birkmann l33 Walter Birnbaum 229 Lance Bissell 7l, I7O Charles Bivens 229 David Blackney 229 Mary Blair 7l Kelly Blake 7l Sabrina Blake I33, 45. 260. 25l Laura Bland l33 William Bland 229 Jeffery Blaustone 229. 251 Denise Bledsoe Anne Bley Brenda Blish Laura Blix! 7l. 255 Donna Blood 7l. 298 Shelly Bloomquist 229. 236 Eric Blucker Jeff Blue 229 Kurt Blythe IS3 Alesia Boatright IO, 49. 7l, 256 Carl Boatright 229 Gaylian Bode 72 Jerry Boland I33 El Bonham l33. 72 Bruce Borella Judi Boren I4. 72. Il5 Liz Borie I34 Blair Borne 229 Karen Bortle 72. 260 Lil Bouchelle 229, 239, 30 Thadeus Bouchelle Catherine Boulden 229 Liz Boulger 23. 28, 72. 37. 260 Cari Bourette 72. 25l John Bova 72 Jacki Bower 72 Karen Bowman I34 Diane Boyd Larry Boyd 229, l89 Shelli Boyd 229 Ronnie Boyle 72 Gary Braden Deborah Bradford 72 Laura Bradford 229 Gail Brandon I2. 72. 64, 255 Paula Brandt 72 Virginia Brady 272 Ads-Index O's A ITALIAN RESTAURANT Telephone ,Q 2. 998-1001 ytifj- 1866 N.TusTIN . ORANGE CHICAGO STYLE PIZZA EXCELLENT ITALIAN CUISINE SPECIALIZWG nv VEAL 'SPAGHETTI 'LASAGNA OANTIPASTO SALADS 'BEER 8. WINE Curved Glass In Stock Antiques Unique I33O N. Glassell JH Grange, Calif. 92667 639-2534 Wholesale 8 Retail Refinishing S Restoration Service I, .. - Luncheon - Dinners Family Restaurant Banquet Facilities WAYNE'S STEAK S LQBSTER 720 E. Katella Ave. Orange - 532-2228 Betsy s Flowers Paul Cramer Thomas Cowen Maureen s J L Stephen s O P Hardware Villa Sports Karen Weileman Dean Powelson A T S MJ Balogh Gary Weise GET IT OFF with Cosmetic Electrolysis Halr removed permanently and professionally Haw TOda Gone TOKHOVYO ,ff AID! 438 E KATELLA AVE SUITE 224 ORANGE CA 92667 Be hair free and happy Facial S Body Hair Removed Comfortably S with complete privacy totally confidential For Men S Women Offering the Dual Blend with Cataphoresls Included For Maximum Comfort The Multiple Galranlc Met for Heavy and unusual problems Informative Brochure available Try Our ICE BREAKER Enjoy o 15 minute oersonolizeo oomolimeniory eleoirolysis opoolnimeni ITSONUSIII DO BREAK THE ICE lvloke ihoi firsi oooounimeni ond discover Permoneni hour removol X 'EX ' - - - I - y... ik if ' X Cool Air Desensitizer 6, . I or wx . . ' L5 r r I I - I Timmy Braun I34 Beatriz Bravo 229 Carolyn Bray I34 Dlane Breault 72 John Breen Phillip Brelie I34 Careyn Brenier I34. I53, Robert Brenier 72 Heidi Bressler 73 Kim Bressler 229. 25l Sandra Brewer Bill Bridges Anita Briggeman 73 Jim Briggs I34 Ned Brines 229 Greg Brislawn 73 John Brisson I34 Pamela Brisson William Broadbent 229 Aaron Broadway 229. I90 Kortland Broadway Paul Broderick I34 Brad Bronson I34 Scott Brookover I34 Steve Brooks 229 Mike Brost 2l2. 73 Martin Brower 73 Angella Brown 79. 73 Bruce Brown 229 Charlie Brown 229 Cheryl Brown I34 Claudia Brown 73, 25l Laurel Brown I34 Matt Brown 230 Ross Brown 230 Steve Brown I34. 5. I60, l6I Ron Browne l29 Richard Brucher 230 Bob Brumleu I34 Steve Brunell 230 Mark Brunk 230, l70 Matt Brunk 2l2, 73 Melissa Brunk 230 Sandra Brunner Christine Brunskill 73 Dick Brunt 2I5 Scott Brust 230 Craig Bryant 230, l89 Kurt Bryant 229 Dave Buckholz Gordon Buchwald Dana Buck 73 Robert Buckle l64, l65 Lisa Buffington 73. 45, 260. 25I Phil Buffington I34 Robert Buffington 230 Teri Buffington I8 Phuong Bui 230 Thuan Bui David Bullock I34 Cheryl Burdine I34 Jeff Burget Barbara Burke Kevin Burkhardt 230 Sharry Burklow Patricia Burnes 230 Tom Burnes 73 Celine Busek I34 Melissa Bush 73 Pam Buxton I34 l54, 53, 250. 25l Ads-Index-273 .Q Judith Cabe 230 James Cadaret 73 Dave Cahill Melanie Cahoon 230 Clark Caines l34 Christine Calderwood 230 Dave Callahan l34 Brent Callis l35 John Callos 230 Bob Cameron Richard Cammarato l35 William Camp 230 Veronica Camp l35 Bruce Campbell Chad Campbell 230 Gall Campbell 73 Leigh Campbell 230 Dave Cangelosi I35, 2lI, I70, 0 Frank Cangelosi 23 Michael Capps 230, 2, I9l Jean Cara 230 Jerry Cara 230, 242 Mike Cardinel Joseph Carey Paul Carey Terry Carlin l35 Kim Carlsburg l44 Valerie Carlson 73 Elaine Carroll 74 Jeff Carter l35. IG3, 75. 47. Julie Carter Robin Carter 74, 260 Tony Caruso 230 Brian Cassachia l35 Diana Cassanova 230 Diana Casebolt 230 Kim Cashman 23l Michelle Cass l35, 250 Bea Castagna 23l George Castagna David Castle 23l Steve Catlow l35, 2ll George Caucas I35. l89 Richard Chambers 74 Nancy Charles 23l Paul Chavez l35 Matt Checlister l35 Gabrielle Cheetam Evelyn Ching l26, IIS Sharon Chiarchiaro 74 Kim Chisholm 23l Hae-ok Cho l35 Doug Christensen 23l. l67 Kent Christensen l35 Kim Christensen 23l Lannon Chun-ming Sang Kun Chung Kathleen Church 23l, 232. Marianne Churney 74 Tom Churney 23l Chris Ciarfella 23l Derek Clair Cindy Clark l35 Lisa Clark 23l Mike Clarke 23l. 232 Laurie Class 74 Denise Clauss 23l Dana Claypool l35 Marlann Casacchia 74 Jodi Clayton 74 274 Ads-Index 2 l73. 37 ISS. 256 54. 25I X .9 f mt, . S 5, 'E t z 'Zuni X. K ., lt,t xt ""' rs ag, 'hifi me " 'nw tg 'I' 3 tv'-f..,,f, as sv. FASTAWAY PRINTING CGMPANY FAST ' ECONOMICAL ' NEAT 0 OFFSET PRINTING -walk 'NX Tustin - Collins Plaza 956 N. Tustin St. Orange. California 997-I575 K Br RENTALS --NQS. Full Line Of Cameras, Equipment And Supplies A lVIAND'S CAMERA XCHA GE l972 N. Tustin Avenue orange, Calif. 92665 UMD 637-28" Karen Clemens I35 Heather Clemick AI Clerc 23l. 58 Chris Cleveland 35, 58. 40. 74 Darren Cochran l35 Greg Coggin: 74 Abby Cohen ISS Drew Cohen 49. 74 Mitchell Cohen I44 , 39. Stephen Cohen 23I James Coker 23I 74. 250 Frankie Colacion 23l. 235 Lorl Colburn 23l Kristin Cole 77, 74 Shawn Cole Randy Coleman Donna Colley 74 Mark Collier 74 Diane Collins Harold Collins Quinn Collins Tim Collins I35, 74 Timothy Collins I35 Dave Colville Greg Compton 23l Laura Compton l35 Sharon Comstock 23l Darlene Conkey 75 Teri Conley 23I Cathy Connors BS. 254. 256 Gail Constantine 75 Christopher Conway IO7 Craig Conway lO7 Larry Conzelman 75 Mike Conzelman 23l Julie Cook B5 Steve Cook l35 Daniel Cool 75 Debra Cool 75 Don Cool 23I Elaine Coontz BS Lee Coontz 23I Brent Cooper 75. 25l Chris Cooper I35, 25l Glen Copeland 23l Deborah Corray ISS, ISI Mark Cornett l69. 75 Julie Cornuz I35 Dominick Corradino I27 Karen Cort 23l Phil Cosentino B5 Ann Costanza I36 Janet Costanza 23I Kevin Costello Darcy Coulson 23I Jaime Coulson 75. 56 Scott Courtney 23l Grace Cox B6 Debra Craft I36 Mike Craft 23I Debi Craib I26 Lisa Crawford 23I Dan Crlssinger 23l Brenda Crosby B6 .lim Crosby 23I Jackie Cross I36. 64 Kathleen Crouch 75. 250 Tom Church 23I Cameron Cubblson 23l Kirsten Cubbison I36 Debra Curtis B6 Ads-Index 275 Janet Curtis Robyn Cutler I36. 30, 62 Elizabeth Czark 23l Mary Czark 75 -D- Katheryn Dailey 23I Sheryl Dakin 23I Sonya Dakin I36 Ben Dalberg 23l Lana Dalberg I2, 75. 40, 43. l73. 25l Don Daley i36 Maureen Daniels 232 William Daniels 232 Forrest Danielson 232 Richard Davidson 30. 37 Anja Davis 232 Kathy Davis I36 Julie Dawson 232. 250 Kimberly Day 75 Lisa Day 98, 75, 86, 255, 260 Jean-Marc DeCuyper 232 Lisa Deliorrest 232 Mark DeForrest Mark DeGrave Michelle DeGrave Jeff DeLamare I36. l70 Catherine DeLeon 76 Greg Deluca 232 Mary Deluca I36 Charles DeMarco Lisa Demers 232 Vince DeFaIco Leslie DeMint l36. I82 Dale DeNardo 232 Denise DeNardo 74 Valerie DePourtales l36, I92 Doug Dekobertis 232 Luis DeRosas 232 Linda Derrick 232 Lance De Steuben l36 Kevin DeVito 2l2. l23, 76 Lisa Degelman l36 David Del Sesto .lack Dennen 76 Sandy Denney 76 Tom Dennis Robert Derifield 232 Robert Determan l36 Kevin Devlin 232, 229 Daniel Di Donna Carolyn Di Nardo l36 Stephanie Diaz l36 James Dickinson 232, l20 Connie Dierking 232 Angelique Dietch l36. I43. 45 Robyn Dill 232 Kim Dillavou 76 Debra Dinwiddie I36 Dennis Dinwiddie 232 Cary Ditgen I37 Mark Dix 76, 97 Kellee Dobkins 76 Vicki Dodgion 232 Alice Dodson 76 James Doerlng l37, 256 Julie Doering 232 Tom Doerlng l73, 70. 76 Fred Dominguez I37, I4 Jeff Delamare 2l2 Bud Davis Il8. I23 276 Ads4Index .2 CONGRATLIL TIONS CLASS 0 Valenti and Coelho RADUATI C5 Byron Done I37 Jeff Dooley I37 Carrie Dooling I37 Leslie Dooling 232 Cralg Dora 232 Karen Dorton 76 Janine Dotson 232 Duane Dotts 76 Robyn Dougherty 232 Dave Dovell I37 Dale Downsworth 76 Janice Drew 232, 2 Bob Drey l37 Glenn Driggers 77 David Driver 77 John Drott Steve Drott 232 Brenda Dualan I37 Kenneth Dufault 77 Teace Dufault I37 Carol Dugan 232 Daphne Duncan 77 Lynden Dunn 77, ICB Mary Dunn 232 Thomas Dunning 232 Debra Duty 232 Kathy Duty 77 Mark Dwyer Marlene Dwyer I37 Alfred Dzina 232 -E- Kathy Ebrite I37 Kathleen Eckstein 77 Sean Eckstein I37 Virginia Eddlemon I37 Bill Edelbrock 235, 232. 86 Patti Edgar 232 Daniel Edmunds 77 Dori Edson I37, I34 David Ehl 232 Marc Ehlers 232, I65, I9O. l89 Debra Ehline 232 Jeff Ehrlich I69 Jan Eisenbeisz 232 Rod Eisenbeisz I37. 53 .lohn Elders 232 George Elley 232 Katy Ellington 77 Timothy Elliot 77 Bill Ellis I37 Doug Elmore 232 Paulla Elmore 77. 2Sl Dennis Emge I37 Patty Emge 233 Craig Emmert 77 Adriane Ender 77 Eric Enderle 233 Rob England 7, 233 Dave Enos I37 Bob Erdsieck I37 Richard Erickson 233 Robert Erlich 77 Dave Ernst ll3 Kim Ernst I37 Carolyn Eumurian 79 Rick Evanoff l37 Cathy Evans 233. 230 Mark Evans l34, I37 Shelley Evans 79, IIS. 56 Terl Evans 233 Ads-Index 277 Chuck Drott 77 Elizabeth Edelbrock 77. 87, 260 Bob Edwards I20 Jeff Erlich l29. l99 Helen Donaldson 76 Scott Everett I37 Glenda Ewald 233 Sharon Ewald I38 Diane Ezell 79 Jackie Ezell 233 'F' D .fl Jason Fair F' Martin Fair 233 Brent Fairbanks Amy Fairchilds I38 Nina Fairless 79 Inez Fallls Michael Faltys 79 Cindyy Farr 79 Mark Farris I38 Melissa Fascinelli 233 Maureen Fehr 233 Amy Feldman 233. 25l Larry Felix 233 David Fenn 79. 298 Diana Ferrerl 79 Paul Fice Susan Fickle 233 Charles Fields I38. 256 Cherie Fields 79 Edward Fields 79 Janet Finnegan 79. 260 Barbara Fischer 233, 244 Steven Fischer Fritz Fischle , W Jan Fischle 79. I02 Brad Fisher I38 Bradley Fisher Dana rather iss. 256 ARMY-NAVY STQRE Dave Fisher I38 Gregory Fisher 233 Julie Fisher I38. l46. l45. 54 Mike Fisher 2l5. 79. I7O Michael Fisher 233, ns l3lI S. Glassel Roblnn Fisher 79 Jo Fitchen - - Mlfym. Fitzpatrick 19. 155 Orange, California Jeff Floyd 79 Eric Flynn 233 Anne Folkert 44. I29. 25l Frank Fontaine 637'-lglo Randy Fontana l38. 30 Karen Ford l38, 9. l48. 34, 58. 250 Greg Fordyce I38 Tommy Forster David Forward 80 The o Ernest Foss lllq,GPq!QlQ3-TUJY Salon John Fotch I38. SI Patrick Fotch 233 Ruth Fournier Bs 256 Expert cutting, permanent wave, Finest in Manicures and Pedicur Kirk Fowler I38 ' frosting Bleach 8 bleach touch-up including Juliette wrap a Leo Fracalosy QThe Golden Villaj aCfY'iC na Sari Francine 83. 80 Your International Beauty Salon mgngfgzggfggaiii 17849 santiago Blvd. Vina Park Vigki Franklin 233 Facials 8 Cosmetic Analysis El 9 - Ed Frafantarq Using only imported creams S C637-6959 OI' 637-6954 pfjgggigll:-Tgg,1iol:.: Matt Fredrickson 233, I65 equipment t::i"Ff,:fi'ff8so' 4" 298' 255' 25' Open 6 days, Monday through Saturday. 9 to 6 on Thursdays S Fridays, till 9 in the evening 278 Ads-Index ORANGE CYCLE 2lO S. Glassell Orange California 532 6838 John Plavhsin Owner F RMERS INSURANCE GROUP Tustin California 544 4050 I75OI Irvine Blvd. Bruce Freeman 80. 76. l87 Carol Freeman 233 David Freeman 233 Janet Freeman I38 Al Finlayson I2l. l20 Betty Fisher I20 Jeanne Freeman l38 Mary Freeman 80 Laura Frehner 233. l92 Meredith Frehner Eric Freidenrelch l38, 5, John Freltas 233 Lisa Freltas 80 Caryn French B8 Kathy Frey l38 Scott Frlederichsen 80 Mlke Fris I38 Darrel Frltts 233 Jeff Fronk l38. 2l5 Duane Fry 233 Dale Frye IO. 25, 80. 95 Meg Furer 80 Rodger Furton 233. 250 .G. Bret Gabany 80 Denise Gabany 138 Kenneth Gable 233 Patricia Gabriels 80, 94 Mike Gagnon 233. 241 Sue Gaiser l38 Nancy Galbraith 80 Vince Galewick 80 Lars Galuppo l39 Marius Galuppo Rocky Galuppo 234. 229. George Ganis 234 Diana Garaghty 80 Ed Garcia George Garcia 234 Lisa Garafalow 234 Sue Gardiner Steve Garrahy Richard Garrett Eileen Garvey 234. 24l Mark Garvin 80. I84, l87 Donna Garza 234 John Gatchell 80 Sheryl Gatchell 234 Becky Gates 234 Cory Gault 234 Ilene Gayron l54 James Geanokos Rex Gelert Sl I73. l70 2I5 Micky Genovese 234. 232 Jeff Genoway 20. 8l Kristi Genoway 234. 246 Karen Gentry Sl Brett Gereau Craig Gereau 234 Lee Gerhard 234 John German 234. l65. 246 Ron Gerrltsen 234 Cynthia Gerry 3I. 8I Paul Giannetakis l70 Zoe Gibbs Don Gibson 229. 234 Donna Gibson James Gibson 8I June Gibson 234, I79 Eric Gler 234 Ads-Index 279 Lisa Glllon Cheryl Gish 8l Tracey Glasener 234 Richard Glasman 234 Susan Glasman 8l, 56, 260 Valerie Giffler 8l Sheldon Glass l24 Jeff Glatz Scott Glenn Bill Glowacki 234 Karen Goda 8l Grant Godfrey 234 Barbara Goebel Donna Goldberg Bl, 256 Leslie Goldberg 234. I2, 260 Sheri Goodman 8I Steve Goodman 234 Thomas Gorden 8l Dean Gordon l60, SI. 97 Kimberly Gordon Robert Gordon Terri Gorski 82 Erin Gorsuch 82, 8I James Gorza 2l5 Cindy Goss Mark Goss David Gothelf 234, 250 Karen Gough 82 Gail Gould 234 GiGi Gould 234 Bob Goulet I37 Joseph Gouveia 25, IGI Beckie Grace 234 Jim Graf l34 Hal Graham Jackie Graham 235, 23. 260 Patty Graham 82, IOO, 260 Phillip Granito 235 John Grannis Jana Grant Mike Grant ISI, l79 Nancy Grant Mary Gratto 254, 256 Bob Graupensperger Marian Gray 235 Paula Gray 62 Stephen Gray Ron Greathouse 235 Robert Greek 82 David Green 235 Geoff Greene l44, 53, 298 Debbie Greshem 82, 70 William Grider 25I Kathleen Griffin Robert Griffin Jeff Griffith 235 Christina Grimes 235 Laurie Grisham 235, 246 Penny Grisham 82. 56 Rick Grisham 82 Debbie Griskonis I43, l29. 62 Brad Gross 82 Elizabeth Grouse l76 Evan Grover 82 Mike Gryvnak Lisa Guevara 83 Lou Guevara l68. 235 Alison Gugliotta Guy Gugliotta 235, l44 Terry Guinn Il3 Steve Gumbusky 280 Ads-Index Q. i. 5 ix, ae. , lad! 3359 56 9 :es . I-,,.--f OT PARTS... S REPAIR 'ASCESSORI Specializing in Bicycle 1 f , N. Tustin Orange, California BILL 5 NAN I7767 SANTIAGO BLVD VILLA PARK CA 92667 THQEI-E C7l4J 998-6990 Sam Rifkin tries to cash a and succeeds without an difficulty. 4, f Mi! Martine Gurnick Angella Guth 83 Maureen Guthrie 235 Sonia Gutierrez 83 Arlene Guy I4O Steve Guyer 235 .lim Guzzeta 235 .H. William Hackler Gregg Hadel 83 Randy Hage 235, l4 Rhonda Hagerman I4O Tami Hagerman 235 Dale Hahn Lena Hakansson 83. 49. 25l Tina Haldin 235 David Hall 235 Greg Hall I4O Lisa Hall I4O Lisa Hall Shari Hall I4O Beth Haluza 83. 45. 25l Bob Hamidi 83, 250 Connie Hamilton l4O Paul Hamilton Cynthia Hammond I4O Ted Hanf l4O Gail Hanger 235, I27 Janet Haninger I4O Mark Hanna 83 Mark Hannibal I4O Bryan Hansen I4O Dave Hansen Gary Hansen 235 Susan Hansen 7, 83 Randy Hanshaw Sheri Hanshaw 235 Regina Hanson I4O Pam Hardacre 235 Bill Harding 235 Ava Haretakis I4O, l32, 25l Patrleia Haretakis 25, 235 Jayme Harman 235, 236 Patty Harmes 235 Larry Harmier lO. l67 Tom Harnett 236 Alan Harper I4O Elizabeth Harper 70 Sandra Harris Debbie Hart 83 Diane Hart 236, 2 Ron Hart ll8 Cheryl Harvey Ian Haskins 236, I69 Judi Haspell I40, 25l Leslie Hatton 83 Kevin Hauber 236 Larry Haupert I4O Wendy Hawkins I4O Christina Haydt l8, 22. 78. Curt Haydt 236 Thomas Hayes l4O, l43 Darlene Haynie I4O Bob Haysom Diane Head I4O Shari Hedin I40 Gary Heilbrun 83 Janicke Hellan 49, 48, 25l Robert Heller 236, I65. 24l Craig Hellman ll3 83, 260, 256 Ads-Index 28l Becky Helme l40, l82 Pam Helton 236. 230 Christine Hemer 236 Robert Hemker 236 Robert Hempling l40 Dwight Henninger 83 Tracey Herbert l4O Greg Hernandez B3 Marilyn Hettick l23 Janet Hibbs 236 Nancy Hickman 236 Alison Hickman l40 Marc Hidalgo l4O Patti Hidalgo 236, 242 Kathryn Higgins 236 Steve Higgins l40 Eddie Hill Jeanine Hill l40 Patti Hill 84 Scott Hill 236 William Hill I40 Becky Hinsvark 84 Eileen Hirschy I4O Loree Hirschy 236 Rick Hlttinger l29, 20 Carol Hoage l40, 30, l48, 250, 25l Jan Hobbs l40 Greg Hodson 84, 62, 256 Lori Hoffman 84 Janet Holdridge l4l Joann Holdridge l4l, 254 Kelly Holkestad l4l Gary Holland l4l Greg Holleran 2ll, 2l2, 84, II4 Brent Hollingsworth 236 Brian Hollingsworth 84 Nancy Hollingsworth 236 Byran Holmes 236 David Holmes Karen Holt I2O Perry Holt 236 Scott Holt 84 Mark Holtby 236, 250 Brett Holthe 236 Shannon Holthe l4l Jaime Hood 236 Scott Hood 236 Naomi Horio 236, 250 Geertruida Hortensius 84 Steven Horvath 236 Mark Horwitz l4l, XD. 254, 255 Pam Horwitz 84, 9. 35, 256 Gina Hoskin l4l, l32 Alan Hoskins 236 Steve Hoskins l4l William Hoskins l4l Conrad Hotchkiss l4l Daina Hotchkiss 236 Deidre Hotchkiss 84 Laura Hotchkiss 84 Phillip Hotchkiss 236, l89 Susan Houser 84 Arthur Howansky 84, 255 John Howard 84 Lucille Howard 236. 62 Kenneth Howery 236 Stacy Hudson 84 James Hugard 236 Allison Hughes 85, 35 Bob Hughes Janey Hummell 85 282 Ads-Index Robert Humphres l4I Richard Holdburg 84 Robert Hummell l20, 54 Jeff Hunter 236, 229, ISI Rob Hunter I4I, l89 Steve Hunter l4l Jeff Huntington 236, 62 Stacey Huntington 236. 256 Nancy Husband l4l Rod Ida l4l Sheri ller l4I Tanya lngwerson 30, 78. 85. Akira lno l4I Robert lssacson 236 Donald Isbell 236. 30, 62 Lynette lsel I4I Joy Iseli Wendy Iverson l4I, 25l -J- Chris Jackson l4I Gary Jackson 236 Rhonda Jackson l4I Chris Jacobs 85. l84, I87 Gretchen Jacobs 236. l92 Matt Jacobs Rebecca Jacobs 236 Jim Jacques l4l Bill Jaeger 85 David James l4l John Jameson 236 Debbie Jamieson l4l Julie Janke I42, l82 Pete Jankowski 237 Jennifer Jansen 85. 25l Liza Janzen I42, B7 Sharareh Javadi I42 Steve Jax 85 Mike Jedrynski 85 Pam Jedrynski 237 Sharon Jekiel 85 Debbie Jenkins 85 Susan Jensvold 85. 53 Roberta Jester lI8, 25l Eric Johnson I42 Rob Johnson 237 Calene Johnson ss. se, :so David Johnson 237 Denise Johnson 237 Denise Johnson 237 Jill Johnson 85 John Johnson I42 Jonathon Johnson 237 Kelly Johnson 87 Marshall Johnson ll3 Mike Johnson I42 Norm Johnson I29. S6 Rob Johnson I42 Susan Johnson I42, I44 Terri Johnson Tom Johnson 87 Valerie Johnson 237, 230 Christopher Johnston 87 Eric Johnston I42 Renay Johnstone 237 Chris Jones I42. 7 Cindy Jones 237 Craig Jones I42, I38, 250 Debbie Jones 237 Gary Jones 237 62 Kevin Jones I42. l8l. I79 Nancy Jones 237 Rlchard Jackson II8 Renee Jones I42 Steve Jones I42 Bill Joos I42 Jeff Jordan Jill Jory 25, 87 Daren Joy I42 Dave Joy I42 Jeff Joy 87 Linda Joy 237. l76 John Joyner 237. 254 Michelle Julian 87. 35 Lisa Jurado 237 .K. Katy Kahn I42. 63. 56, 255. Mark Kahn I63. l59. 87. 35. Matt Kahn 87, 35. 255 Ronald Kain Terrie Kaiser 237 Craig Kamber Hirotaka Kamimura Keith Kammer 237 Ron Kammer I42 Megan Kandle Sherri Kane 237 James Karanikolaou I42 Dale Karell I42 Jeffery Kasper 87 Chuck Kates Karen Kauffeld I42, l48. 49 Douglas Kavner 237 Jean Kawaoka ll8 Scott Kaylor 237 Michelle Keast I42 Denise Kebre 237 Pam Kebre l42 Darren Kelchner l59. 87 Dan Kelly I42 Karen Kelly 87, 74 Leanne Kelly 237 Michelle Kelly 237 Patrick Kelly 237 2 Paul Kelly l42 Russell Kelly Il3 Stacey Kelly 237 Tom Kelly 87. II2. 250 Terri Kelner Keith"Kemper 87. I87 Keg Kemper 237 Ro ald Kempton 237. I90 Michael Kenady 237, 2I5 Shari Kenady 87. 256 Julie Kennedy I42 John Kent 2I5, 87 Jennifer Kepner 237 Russell Kepner 87 Deborah Kerhart 90 Ann Kerr l42. 256 Mary Kerwin I42 Julie Kesterson I42 Terri Ketchum I42, 260 Sharon Khazoyan 90 Thomas Khazoyan 237 James Kidwell Mike Kilroy l42. 2Il. 2l2 ' . 2w. Doug Kambell l2. I67 l69. Marianne Kincaid 237. 254 Bob King I42 284 Ads-Index 259. 299 47. 39. 255 WEE WILLY'S FI H S CHIP l7853 Santiago Blvd. Hours - ll:3O A.M. - 9:00 P.M. Villa Park, Ca 92667 Sundays 4:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M. Phone Orders Q7l4J 998-4592 Window Glass Plate Glass Glass Tops Mirrors Store Fronts Shower Doors X C 'tb' .: -6-'Q-4 199. 90 I33O N. Glassell Street Orange. California 997-4IlI PARK l782l Santiago Blvd. Villa Park, Ca 998- 7 ' . PURR FECT 745 N. Tustin J Cary King 237 Cathy King 90, l02 Scott King I42 Sherry King 237 Sue King ll3 Valerie King 90. 260 David Kingsmill 237 John Kingston Kim Kirby I42 Ron Kissee l43 Emi Klyotoki l43 Susan Kiyotoki 237. 254 Roxanne Klatt 90. I82. 256 Tom Klecak l6l. I63. 90. 73 Eric Kleerup 237 Cynthia Klein 237 Dennis Klein 237 Steve Klein 237 Colette Klima 90 Alan Kline l43 Scott Kline 90 Julie Knoll 229. 237 Randy Knutson I43. 256 Laura Kodis 238 Christopher Kolek 238 Ken Kolter 238. l90 Sharon Kolter 90. 260 Dorrl Komarek I43 Joseph Konopka 238 Mike Koob l43. 256 Craig Kossen 238 Craig Koster I43 Bill Kostner I43 Kenneth Kostner l43 Robert Kostner 90 Dave Kowaleski l43 Lori Krawitz 238 William Kress 238 Jane Krick 90. 80. 95, 56. 260 Jean Krick 90. 56. 255. 260 John Krueger Roberta Krueger 238 Jeffery Kruger 238 Vicki Kucera I43 Michael Kucay 238 Jeff Kudla I43 Lori Kudla 90. l04 Barbara Kurek Tim Kurreck 143 David Kurtz I43, 54. 53. 250 25l Daryl Kushner I4. 90 -I-. Joan LaCrosse 238 Randy Lack l46. 9I. 255 Ron Lack l43 Scott Lagan 9I Andrew Lake 238. 235 Karen Lake 9l Larisa Lamb 238 James Landis 9l. 85 Karen Langosh 238 Ginger Larrimie 238 Dave Larsen 9I Guy Larsen David Larson 9l Janel Larson I43 Mark Larson 238 Mary Larson l43 David Lattimer 238 Vickie Laughlin l43. l48, 49 Desiree Lavin II3 John Kucera 90 Dave Lawrence I26 Karen Lawson Steve Layton 238. 230 Ellyn LeBlanc 238 Michael Learakos 238 Kevin Leary I43, 256 Dean LeBeau I43 Chris Lee 238, l43 Janet Lee M3 Laurle Lee 238, 24I Scott Lee 238 Theresa Lee 9I David Leeper 9l Elizabeth Leeson I43 Carol Leeth I43 Kathleen Lehman IO. 9I Mark Lehman I43 Gary Lehnhart 9l. 250 Bruce Leichtfuss 238 Michael Leichtfuss 9l, Sl Darren Leischer Andrew Lelchuk 238 Daniel Lelchuk 9l Harlo Lennlng 238 Valerie Lenz 9l. 45, 25l Chuck Leonard 9I. II4. 255 Steve Leong l43, I73 Greg Leonhardt 238 Bill Lepore I43. I73 Beth Levine I44 Jenlne Lewis 238. I2. 26. 260 Karen Lewis I44 Kristy Lewis I44 Shelly Lewis 92. 7l. 260 David Libby I44. 54 Bonnie Llbman I44. 250 Erlch Licht 92 Barbara Liebi 92. 86. 53. 260. 25l Greg Limas I44 Peggy Limberakls 92 Tami Linder Jim Lindquist 92 Ron Lindsay iss. is4 Sharl Lindsay 238 Charles Llnsmeir 238 Dave Llnvllle I44 Todd Lltman l6l. 92 Paul Lltner 238 Steve Litten. 238 Terri Lockstedt I44. I32, 256 Marian Loftus Marty Loftus l65. 238 Richard Longyear I69. 200. I99. 92. Bill Longyear I44 Jerry Looker San Juana Lopez 238 Anlta Lorltz 239 Ken Lorltz Kathi Losi I44. IS. 26. l5l. 260. 256 Mearl Lottman I44, SI. 256 Greg Lovell 92 Sue Low I44. l37 Bobbie Loy I44 Deanne LuPayne I44 Michael LuPayne 92 Dlana Luce 239 Brad Lucente I44 Mitch Lucero 92 Todd Lucero 239 286 Ads-Index 87 BROWN S PACIFIC WIRE l787l Santiago Blvd., Suite 208 Villa Park, California 637-6666 I3639 E. Bova Drive Santa Fe Springs, Calif. 2I3-92I-347I ww r I 33 I OUR FAVORITE THINGS Villa Park, California ION SERVICE I777l Santiago Blvd Villa Park California 637 0864 -757 BRANT'S JEWELERS Li...- , T . l V, + L! H: I' H U uf' lud PlllChOL Printing vas s. Main street Rubbe' Stamp anta Ana, California ffice: 7l4-542-73I9 t' ax-an IO- Y ft .1 1 'fft"Tf ig.i 1 rf' g Y -1 V x s 2 Q 1 fl N I 3 K 4 ARCADE STATIO ER Susan Libby 92 Karen Lort 250 Dana Ludlum 239 Erlc Luhrsen I44 Laura Lundgren l44 Freddl Lundsford I44, 229 Dana Lyerla I44 Brian Lyle 239 Terri Lyman 92 Susan Lynch I44 Andy Lyons 92 Nicole Lyons 239 -M- David Macaluso 93 Jeffrey Machuta 93 Dan Madigan 239 Cathe Magargee 239. 24l Lori Magnacca I44 Kate Maguire Michael Mahony l44. 298 Sam Malda I44 . James Mair 239 Marcia Malzel 239 Bridgette Malloy I44 John Malloy 33. 93 Cheryl Malmquist I44 Elizabeth Mamola Bill Mamola 239, 93 Kristy Manning I44 Rlchard Manning II4. 93 Andy March 239 Debi March I44 Brad Marcus M5 Erik Marcussen 239 Karen Markley l45 Norm Marks Shannon Marlow l45 David Marr l45, 254. 255 Terry Marr 93, 256 Joanne Marrale 93 Chris Martin I45 Kevin Martin 239 Michael Martin 93 Steve Martin 93. 256 Terry Martin l45 Michelle Martina M5 Martha Martinez 239 Vivian Maruka 93. 255. 260 Mark Maruoka l45. 25l Brian Mason IO. l67. l69, 200. Sheri Massey 93 Alex Masblcci Roger Mastain Jeff Mastln 239 Tom Mastin 56. 93 Paul Mathers 239 Cathy Mathews 239. 230, I42 Doug Mathews 239. ISI, I79 Alison Matsui 239 Julie Matsui l46. l76. l45, I77 Alan Matsuoka Paul Matthews 93 Shelly Matthews 93 Kenneth Maxwell 239 Mark Maxwell l45, l55 Michael Maxwell 93 Robin Mayer I82. 93 Marc Mayfield 94 Sheri Mazone 239 Vince Mazure 94 9958 Lynne McBride I74, 96, I92. l82 Robert Mason IIS Steve McBride I45 Don McCarroll 239 Eric McConnolee 239 Kellee McConnoIee 96 Trenton McCoy 239 Mark McCracken I45, 2l2. 2I5 Kathleen McCrory l45 .lan McDermitt 239 Greg McElroy 239 Steve McFarlane 97 Mike McGee I45 Anita McGillivray I45. l20 Elizabeth McGovern 239 Nancy Mclnally l45 Patti McKay 97 Ninetta McKenna 239 Bob McKie Cindy McKinney Kristi McKinnon I46. l45, I77 Liz McLaren 97, 53. Ill, 255, 25I Brad Mclean Bob McLeod 239 Martha Mclintock I45 Gwen McMillan I45. 47. 254 Jeffery McMillan Craig McMullen 97 Sherri McMurtrey I45 David McNamara 245 Doyle McNatt 239 Lori McNatt I45 Michael Medlatore 94 Karen Megrund I45 Kristin Megrund 239 Geoff Meister 250 Steven Melander 2ll, 94 William Melshelmer Julie Mendez I44. I45 Susan Mendez 240 Renee Mendoza 240 Kevin Meng 94 Bill Mengert 240 Kelly Mennes 240 Lesley Mennes Mark Messlnger 94 John Meulmester l23 Kenneth Meyer I45 Tina Meza 94 Anette Miale 94, I79, 255 Paul Michael Matt Mikulics 240, l67 Curtis Miller I45 Gregg Miller I45, 54 Priscilla Miller I45 Sue Miller I45, 49. 254. 256 Tina Miller 240 Tom Miller 239 Dawn Mills 239 Janet Mills l32, l46 Rod Mills 240 Gina Minardi 94 Gary Miner 94 Scott Minis 240 Dean Mirtle 240 Aaron Mishkin l46 Lisa Mitchell 240 Mike Mitchell I46 Ray Mitchell l46 Wayne Mitchell Melinda Mitzel 240 288 Ads-Index N Irving McGuire 84 Diane Mobayed 240 Russell Mobley l43. l46, l84 Lori Moe 94 Dennis Mohle l66. l69. I99, 94 Bob Mohle l68, 240. 200 Linda Mongell 240, 254 Tonita Moriz 240 Cheri Monroe l46. 254. 256 Tom Monson l46 Matt Montgomery l46 John Moody 240 Kelly Mooney l76 Holly Moore 240 Kelly Moore 240 Jerald Moore 240 Karen Moore l23 Kathy Moore 240, 25l Rob Moore l46, l90, 2ll Tom Moore l46 Kym Moran l46 Michelle Morata 240 Steven More Debbie Morelli 94 Rocky Morgan 94. 97 Lisa Morgosh l46. l82 Irene Moro 240 Brian Morris H6 Steve Morris 94, 5l, 255 Barbara Morton Craig Morton 240 N- Dana Morton Gregory Mosher 94 Brian Mosley l46 Debi Moug l46 Virginia Mouser 96 Stephanie Mowrey l46 Leslie Moyer 23. l5l, l46. 45. 260. 25l Melanie Moyer 25. 96. 260 Paul Moyer l46 Jodi Mullen 9, 23. I74, 96, 35, 255 Ted Mullen l60. l59. l26 Carol Mullins 240 Lars Munge 96. 49. 25l Jeff Munger Lori Munger 240. 256 Jerry Munoz 96 Russ Murphy I65 Vince Murphy Allison Murray 240. 242, 62 Garth Murrin 96 Richard Murry Steve Musich 96 James Musulin 96 Diane Myers 96 Kelly Myers 240 ,M Marian Mykkanen 96 Richard Myracle l46. 64 I. x -N- Mark Nadybal IIS Craig Nagao 97 Wendell Nagao l46 Denise Nash 247, l46. 62 Pamela Nash 97 Paul Nash 240, 230 Robin Nash 232. 24I John Neal 24I U Kelli Nees l46 . Glenn Negus 24I 6 Here FOI'Klll.w Jeff Negus me and operated. Ads-Index 289 Eileen Neelon 97 Robert Neil 24l Cathy Nelson I46 Chris Nelson 97, 4I Chris Nelson l46 James Nelson 24I. lI8 Lisa Nelson. 24l. l24 Neil Nelson 24l Paul Nelson 97 Carol Nerney l46 Phillip Nezet I47 Huan Quang Ngo 24l Khahn Ngo 97 Thu Ngo I47 Nghl Van Nguyen 24l Mark Nickerson I47 Carol Nieckula 24l, 260 Craig Nielsen Eric Nielsen 2Il Marc Nishino I47, 54. 250 Karen Nixon Craig Noble I47, I24 Jeffery Noble 97, I87 John Noble 2-ll Cristy Noe I47 Mary Norburg 97. 53 Robert Norden 97 Linda Nordhausen 24l, l77. 254 John Norkus 24l Phil Norling I47 Anne Norman 24l Chris Norman 24I Nathan Norman 24l Tim Norman David Nouri 24l Marie Novello Ron Novello 46 MlCh9ll6 NOVEl11b8l' I47, l . 298, 254, 25' Flgwgrg FQI' Qccaglgns Jim Nowicki l47 Karen Nowicki 24l Linda Nowicki 97. 260 Karen Nunley 24l -0- Kelly O'Brlen 98 Ken O'Donnell 98. l02, 56 William O'Handlen 24I Henny O'Leary 24l. 256 Judi O'NeilI I47 Skip Oades l6I, 97. l79 Brian Oaks 24I Shawn Oaks 97 Kathy Obear 98 Dave Ochoa James Odlum 24l. 54. 250 Patricia Odlum 98, 260 Pamela Ogletree I47 Lynnette Okubo 98. 45. 255. 25l Linda Olivarez 98 Jay Oliver Dave Olson 24l BETSY S FLOWERS 3326 E. Chapman Orange, Ca 92669 532-2243 M,keO,,o,, N, In the community znterest Pam Olson 98 Dawn Opferman 24I D:LiY.2LiL"P32'98'm'260'256 Rockwell lnternahonal P Ron Ornellas I47 Vlcki Orr I47 Cole Othmer 24I Stanley Outman I47 Shackie Ouzounian I47 290 Ads-Index Shelly Overton 98, 56 Dana Owens Kevin Owens I47. 2l5 Rlck Owens I47 Sara Owens l4l, I47, 9. 62 Scott Owens I47 Tim Owens -p- Allison Pack 24I, 98. 260 Kelly Pack Terrie Paddlson I47 Dorothy Padro Lynn Pagulayan I47 Maricel Pagulayan 24l. 256 Sherrie Palno ll3, 260 Robert Paloen 242 Bradford Palmeri 98 Catherine Palmeri 98 David Palmquist ll3 ,Tim Palmquist I47 Angie Panaseny 242 Frank Pangborn l2O Sandy Papas I47. 5. I74. l82 Nancy Pardee 98 Barbara Pargee 245, 25I. 256 Marcia Park 98 Teresa Park I47. 53. 5l George Parker 242 Helen Parker 98, lll Ken Parker 242 Ted Parker 99, 255 llnda Patllan I48 Brad Patrick I48, l90 David Patterson 99 Mark Patton Kara Paul 242 Tammy Paulson Mark Pavelka 242 Judl Pawley I48 Wendy Payne I48. I4 Garry PeCoy 99 Jane Pearson 99. 37 Rangdi Pederson 242 Richard Peltzer 99 Veronica Penn Hope Perez 99 Janie Perez 242 Mary Perez I48 Mark Perkoskl 242 Bill Peters 99 Cheryl Peters I48 Dan Peters I48 Dianne Peters 99 Brent Peterson I48 Doug Peterson 99 Linda Peterson I48 Todd Peterson 99 Wendy Peterson I48 Ted Petrie 242 Marlan Petty Kim Oanh Pham Jamie Phelps 23. 26. 235. 242 260 Mark Phillips Brent Plcano I48 Kelli Pick Brlan Pickering I48 Jon Pierce 242 Ronald Pierce 99. II4 David Plgman 242. 250 Sheryl Picker IIS Mary Ann Owsley l2O Dave Pinch I48 June Pinch 99, Sl, 260, 256 Bill Pinto 242, 256 Darby Piper l48 Damon Pizzurro I48 Lisa Pizzurro 242. l2O, 256 Sharon Plant l48 Jenny Plessinger 242 Cathi Pomeroy l48 Kent Pomeroy IS9, 99 Walter Pomeroy 99, 256 Lisa Ponce l48, I77 Leanne Pope 25l Suzi Pope 242 Teresa Pope l48 Terry Porter IOO Ken Posthuma l48. 25l Jane Poudier 242 Theresa Poulson l0O Christine Powell Joseph Powell Susan Powell l48 Susan Powell l48, I4 Lisa Powelson I48, IOO Gardy Prater I48 Lynn Pratto 242, 256 Patricia Prettyman 242 Jim Primm 242 Paul Pritchard 242 Jim Proffitt Tom Provost 242 Tom Przysiecki 242 Ken Puckett 245 Sharon Puma 242 Janet Pursell l48 Michael Puskas 242 .Q- Joe Quartucci Jeffery Guerin Shawn Quick IOO Dave Quintatna I48 .R. Danny Rabalais l48 Dave Rader l48 Shahrokh Rahimi 242 Cheryl Raill I48 Richard Ralson l48 Scott Ramey 242 Rosalia Ramirez 242 Douglas Raphael l48 Vicki Rasey l48 Julie Rasinski l49 Peter Rasinski l0O Susie Rasinski 242, 254 Rose Rasmussen lm Susie Ray 242. l82 Lisa Raya 242, l93 Mark Raya Jeffery Raymond Sarah Raymond l49 Roger Reavis 242 Steve Redding l49 Jon Redline I49 Rebecca Reed 243. 5, l76 Ken Reeves 243 Terri Regan IOO Kathy Reichenthal 243 Liane Reichert IOO, 35. 75, 260 292 Ads-Index Antiques Unique I33O N. Glassell Orange, California 639-2534 Congratulations to the graduating class I977-78. Creations in Leather Tom Rellly l49 Gloria Guayle IOO Keith Reid l20. 54 Roxanne Reider 250 Craig Reiner! 245 Arthur Reisman I63. Jeannine Reiter I49 Stacy Resh 243 Michael Reta I49 Sandra Rex 243 David Reynolds KX! Joe Reynolds 243 Linda Reynolds l49 Julie Rice 243 Lori Richardson 243 Robert Richardson l49 Steven Richhart 243 Janis Rickers 243 Susan Riddle l49 Roxane Rieder 243 Samuel Rifkin lm Judy Riley l49, i82 Tony Riley l49 Pamela Rios 243 Janel Ritchie 9. IOO, II5, 260, 25l Ann Rivenburg l02 Jamie Robbins 243 Tammie Robbins IO2, 255 Tina Robbins 243 Dave Roberson l49 .Robert Roberson Karen Roberts 243 Wayne Roberts I02 Ann Robertson 243 Kevin Robertson l02 Korlnne Robertson I49 Mark Robertson l49 Cathy Robillard l49 Grant Robinson 243 Nancy Robinson 243 Rob Robinson I22. I23. 28, 25l Kirk Roderick Jeanette Rogers 243 Rick Rogers 243 Terri Rodgers 243 Vicki Rodgers l02 Bea Rodriguez l49 Sherry Rodriguez Diane Rogers IO2 Jeffery Rogers 243 Linda Rogers IO2, 260 Paul Rogers l49. 62 Phillip Rogers l59. I02, 68, 35 Steven Rogers 243. 2ll, 250 Nancy Rohm 243 Suzanne Romandy IO9. l02. 260. 256 Robin Romano l49 Dallas Roper 243 Lori Rosacker l8, l02, 260 Jeff Rose Jon Rose 243, I65 Randy Rose 243 Elizabeth Ross 30. I02 John Ross 243 Tina Rossini 243 Lisa Rossini I49 Dan Rossamano l02 Kim Rother l49 David Rowe lI3 Jack Rowe I23 Mark Rowe 243 2lI, lm. ll5 Ads-Index 293 294 Steve Rowe l49 Tiffany Royce I02 Brent Rudaitis I49 Brian Ruedy 243 Scott Ruedy 243 Rudy Ruiz l49 Gary Rumbaugh IO2 Rochelle Runge 243, 242 Richard Rusk 243 Theodore Rutherford IO2 Mike Ryan l49 Scott Ryan 243, 229 Jim Ryckebosch I49 Kym Ryckebosch 244 Terry Ryno 244 -5- Steven Sabo 244 Kevin Sadakane IO2 Paul Safronchik IO2 Diane Sagey I49, 250 Bob Sakaue Dave Saladin l49 Steven Sall Maureen Salmond I49 Sharon Salmond IO2 Kathy Sandell IO2 Mark Sandell 244 Kelle Sanders 245 Mark Sanders I26 Craig Sanderson I5O Mark Sanderson ISO. I34 Wendy Sanderson 244 Larry Sandford Pam Sandhoefner ISO, 250 Julie Sandoval 244, 235 Steve Sandoval IO2. 86. 35 Suzanne Sands 244, 58, 254. 255 Louise Sanematsu 43. IO2 Howard Sant IO2 Tony Santangelo 245 Jill Sappington ISO John Sarkaria ISO Lori Sator ISO Jose Saucedo I5O Randy Saufley 244 Heather Saunders ISI Paul Savaso I50, 200 Barbara Saville I02. 25l Diana Saville 244 Ray Schanafett Bruce Scheid 244 Matt Schendon ISO Steve Scherer l50 Robert Schiebe 244 Kerry Schildts 244 Mike Schildts l50 Nancy Schmidt 244 Sandra Schober IO2 Lisa Schrader l50, l36, I74 Carol Schramm 244 Steve Schramm Heidi Schreiber 244 Tom Schreiber Neil Schubert 244. 54 Rosmarie Schultheiss IO2. 49 Craig Schulz I50, ISS Geoff Schulz IO2,-69 Rick Schulz l50 Ray Schutte I26, l25 Teri Schwab l02 Ads-Index Lauren Schwartz 244, 64 Louis Sammortini IO2 Sari Schwarz 244 Pam Schwarze 244 Patrick Schwetz 244 Craig Scott IO2 John Scotti IO2 Mike Scotti ISO Frances Sdrales 245. 256 Richard Sears 244 Brenda Sedig 244 Linda Sedig IO2 Joseph Sedlack ISO Sue Sedlack Susan Segovia 244 La Mont Seifert ISO Audry Selby ISO Margaret Selby 244 Lisa Sellars I48, IO2 Ida Sellars 244 Van Sellars IO4 Luke Sells IO4 Rick Senne ISO Janet Sexton 244, 230 Lori Sexton IO4 Mark Shader IO4 Matt Shaker ISO, 30, l46, 62 Eric Shapiro ISO Scott Shattuck ISO, 34. IS4. Robert Shaw 244 David Shearer 244 Diane Shearer ISO Dean Shears ISI Greg Shediack 244 Wayne Sheets 30. IO4 Margaret Shekell IO4 Yvette Shelbourne 244 Gary Sheldon 244 Lori Sheldon ISI Marilyn Shelley Dave Shelton Bob Sherman ISI David Sherrill 244 Cindy Shields ISI, 56. 298 Don Shields ISI Monti Shoemaker ISI Mike Shopshire ISI Cynthia Shull ISI Sheila Siden Michael Siegler IO4 Betsy Sikora ISI Linda Silverstein IO4 John Silzel ISI Cheri Simmons 244 Cynthia Simmons IO4. I23 Ronald Simon 244, 230 Gail Simonson ISI Terry Simpson IO4 Vicki Simpson ISI Nancy Sipe IO4, S6 Joann Slavick IO4 Mel Slavick 244. 232 Pam Sylvester Sherri Smegal IOS Brian Smith ISI Cheryl Smith Chris Smith ISI Christopher Smith 245 Dave Smith ISI Elbert Smith Elizabeth Smith IOS. 70 Ads-Index 295 san Shirley is9 Grace Smith 78. I05. 25l Jamie Smith I5l Judy Smith I05 Karen Smith I05 Lowell Smith 245 Michael Smith Nancy Smith I05 Ray Smith ISI, I39, 37 Scott Smith Sherry Smith I23 Sherry Smith 245 Stan Smith 245 Steve Smith 245 Tina Smith I5I Cheryl Snyder 245. 250 Paul Snyder IO, I05 Larry Sokoloff I52, 250 Ron Sokoloff 245 Bob Sollee I52 Rene Solorio I52 Beth Somers I05 Roger Sorensoen IOS Takay Sorensen 245 James Souder I52 Linda Souza I52 Mary Soyka Cynthia Speck I52 Diane Speich I52, 23, I5I, 260 Derek Spellisc 245 Y Patty Splignanin I05. 35, 95. 255 Lisa Sprenger 245 Kirk Springe 63. I59. I05, 95, l58 Judy Sripathy 245 Sheila Sripathy I05 Ron St. John I52 Judi Stahler I52 Donald Stalker I05 Linda Standley I52 Werner Stanfill Jeffery Stange II3 Lorre Stange 245 Shadd Stanley I05 Shannon Stanley I52 Claudia Stark I05 Jeff Stark 245, 9 Walter Starky I52 Ted State I05 Philip Statom 245 Sherry Staump I06, 45, 257 Kristan Steckler 245 Bob Steele I52 Sherry Stein 245 Kelly Stephen 90, I06 Tim Stephens Kenneth Stephenson 245 David Steven 245 Suzanne Stevens I52 Tony Stevenson 245 Barbie Stevenson 245 Patricia Stewart I52 Ron Stewart I52, I34 Mark Stinson Tracy Stinson 245 Joanna Stocker IO6 Terry Stocker I52. 30, I74. I82 Mary Stockinger I52, 25l Susan Stockinger 245 Christopher Stockton IM Greg Stockton 245 Sharon Stoll 296 Ads-Index Joel Stone I52 John Stone IOS Julie Stone 245, 254 Kevin Stone I52 David Stoner l06 Jeff Sroner 245 Karen Storruste I4, 30, I06. Andy Strahan I52 Teresa Stransky l06 Ronald Stratford l06 Jodi Strauss 245 John Strauss 245 Joseph Strauss I52 Spencer Strauss 245 Carolyn Strong I52 Paul Strupp I52, 45, 25l Susan Strykala l06 Missy Stuart I52, 54 Randy Stubblefield David Stuetzel I06 Kathryn Stuffler I06 Linda Sturdivant Susan Suknaich I52 Lisa Sullivan I52 Ilene Sumers I53, 256 Jeffery Sumrall 245, 2I5 Jeff Sustacek 245, 229 Jay Sutherland 245 Karen Swanson 245 Kevin Swanson I53, I46, 62 Peter Swayne I06 Jim Swenson I53 Luann Syler 245 Luella Syler 5l Allison Sylvester ISS Fred Sylvia I53 Jon Sylvia 246 Lori Symons I53 -T. Diane Talian I06 Drusi Talmage I53 Sandra Tanaka IO7 John Tarabilda l53 Joe Tardif Cheryl Tarter IO7, 45, 37 Wayne Tate l07 Lisa Tatian 246 Celeste Tavera IO7, 86 Mike Tavera I53, 30 Michael Tavishati 246 Jackie Taylor 245 Kelly Taylor 236, 246 Phil Taylor I53 Scott Taylor I53, I4 Julie Teachout I53, I40, l78 Mike Tegen 246 Nancy Tegen I07 Charles Telk 246 Alice Tennant Il3 Jim Tenney 246 Noel Tenney 246 Lisa Teply I53 Emil Terrazas I53 Valerie Terrazas Steven Terry John Theiss I53, 85, 256 Arnold Thomas I39. l6I, l9O Craig Thomas 246 Linda Stordivant I06 Nancy Sumrall I06 I05, 255 David Thomas 246 Edward Thomas I53 Kimberly Thomas 246 Melinda Thomas 246 Phyllis Thomas IO7, 260 Robert Thomas I53, I4 Robert Thomas I07, 70 Sheri Thomas I07, 58, 37 Darren Thompson I53 Dan Thompson I26 Jan Thompson 246, I82 Jill Thompson IO7, 260 Phil Thoner I26 Diana Thorson 246 Jeff Tibbets I53 Tracy Till 246 Michael Timken IO7 Brendan Timpane I53 Kelly Tolbert I07 Norman Torres I53, 250 Karen Tossavainen Clara Toth 246 Eve Toth I53, I32 Bret Townley 246, 256 Stephen Tracy IO8 Allan Trefry 50, 47 Kim Triggs 25, IOS, 37, 260 Hoang Ngoc Trinh Deborah Trogden I53 Dan Trollinger I53 Elwood Trotter IO8 Julie Trueblood I53, I40 Marci Trulock 246 Eric Tuerffs I08. 35 Karl Turner IOS Mark Turner 246 Michael Turner I08 Ryan Turner I53 Jaime Turney I53 Susan Turney Galen Tussey l53 Sheila Tussey 246 Terry Tuthill 246 Steve Tutwiler I08 Gary Tye I53 -u- Dennis Uncapher David Upton IS3 Noreen Upton 246 Michael Urban IOS Richard Uriarte Sonja Urton 246 -V. Joseph Valenti Pam Van Bogart l54 Joel Van Boom I54 Carolyn Van den Berg IS4, Kathy Van Deusen 246 Becky Van Dixhorn I08 Brian Van Dyke ll3 Cathy Van Emon 246, 250 Todd Van Etton I08 Karen Vannice I8, 260 Marie Van Vooren I08, IIS, 260 Vilia Variaikoiis I08, 25l Deidra Vaught 246, 230, 244 Loiue Vega 246 Steve Verdone 246 Jerome Verdugo IO9 Mark Tibbets l07 Jeff Tingley IO7 Jean Viau l2O Lars Victor Jeff Vigil 246. 2l5 Jeffrey Vincent lO9 Perry Viscountry l69. 246. 229 Estela Vital IS4 Monica Vlcek l54 Tammy Voorheis -W- Paul Wackym I54. 30. 62 Laurence Waddell l54 John Waddle l54 Betsy Wagenaar 246 Lisa Wagner l54 Jeffrey Waldow 246 Mike Waldow IS4, ISO, 2l5 Barb Waldstreicher IO9. 72 Vicky Waldstreicher 246 Lindl Walker IO, lO9, 56 Mary Kate Walker IO9 Robert Walker 229, 246 Robert Walker l54 Kathy Wall l54, 45, 25l Betsy Walli 20. IO9. 64 John Walsh IO9 Brian Walter 246 Eric Walton IO9 Todd Waltz l54 Judith Walworth 246 Marian Walrwoth IO9 Cheryl Ward l54 Larry Wares lO9 Janice Warner 247. 30, 239. 64 Jennifer Warren I54. 30 Clay Warren 247 John Warren Linda Warren 247. 254 Harvey Waters l54 Anthony Watson 247 Brian Watts l54 Cheryl Watts l09 Brian Way 54 Craig Way 247, 25l Rick Wearda l09. l85. l84 Donald Webb 247 Kelly Webb IO9 Don Weber IO9 Paula Webster Dorothy Wedaa IO9 Robert Wedemeyer 247 Nori Weech l54 Linda Weger l54 Chris Weiland l54 Sharon Weiland l54 Karen Weileman l09. 56 Sonya Weileman l54, l48, '56 Roberta Wein IIO. 256 Lynda Weisman IIO Jon Wells IIO Neal Wells l54 Robert Wells l54 Greg Wendelken 247 Thomas Wendler 247 David Wendt 247 Jim Weneta IIO. 56. 47. 39. 38. 255 Nancy Weneta l54, 25l Tina Wenworth l55 Julia Wernett IIO. l02. 53. 25l Cathy West l55 Kim West 247, 244 Elizabeth Wetton l55. 247 Leslie Wetton IIO. 255 Robert Wheeler l49 Ann White IIO Dave White 2l2. l23 Karen White 247. 260 Nancy White l55 Laura Whitehouse l55 Ann Whitesell ll0 Denny Whitzel 247 Mark Whritenhour llO Donna Wiehebrink ll0 Susie Wiehebrink 247. 232 Sandra Wiester IIO Tamara Wiester l55 Melanie Wilkerson l55 Beth Willeford Bret Willeford IIO Herbert Williams .lacquelyn Williams Il0. 37 Jane Williams 247, 250 Mark Williams l55 Michael Williams 247 Rod Williams Willie Williams l59. llO. 39, l24 Clay Willison I55 Sandra Willison I74, ll0 Gregory Wilson l55 Jennifer Wilson 247 Steve Wilson l63 Stewart Wilson 247 Suan Wilson IIO Ann Windsor 247. 250 Karen Windsor l55. 250 Penny Winkelman 247 Melonie Winn 247 John Winter ll2 Ken Wise l55 Ty Witt 247 Greg Wolfe Nancy Wolfe Scott Wolff ll2 Sylvia Won Jeni Wong l55. l5l. I79. l77 Nathan Wong l55, 250. 25l Peggy Wood ll2 William Wood 247 Jeff Woods l69 Shelly Woods l55. I74 Jim Woodside ll2 Tim Woodward 2l2, II2, l73. l70 Glen Woodworth Il2. 64. 250 Alberta Wormdahl 24I. l26, l29 Greg Worthington 247 Bambi Wright ll2, 255 David Wright l49. l55. ll2 David Wright Debbie Wright l55 Kathy Wright l55 Michele Wright 247 Susan Wright l55 Steve Wynsen Thomas Wynsen 247. 25l .y- Nicholas Yacko ll2 Gerg Yamada l55 Peter Yamamoto 247 Vivian Yamashiro ll2, 255. 260 Jerry Yang Tom Yang 247 John Yasuda l55. l73 Mary Yasuda 247, 254 Robin Yates 247 Patricia Yeutter ll2 Randy Yoder l55 June Yokogawa l55. l44. 254 Debra York l55, 254 Anne Yuhas 247 Bob Yuhas l55. l54 Halida Yusuf l55 .Z- Dave Zaizar l55 Theresa Zaizar 247. 58 Thomas Zaizar 247 Kenneth Zackowicz Karen Zakzeski ll8 Jim Zakzeski ll8. 58 Gibbert Zavala Lorraine Zavala David Zech 247 Nancy Zech l55. 49 Gregg Zechiel l55 David Zeller l59. II2, 95, Gregg Zeutius ISS James Ziegler l5l Jeff Ziegler ll2 Linda Zigich I74, II2, 92. Sherri Zigmond 247 Eric Zolzer Mark Zuckerman 247 Robert Zwicky 247, 250 Ron Zwicky ll2 37 l92 Ads-Index 297 l. Annual staff photographer Geoff Greene covers a swim meet after a late February rain 6 storm. I 1 8 2. Getting "married" was the semester project 3 4 7 for David Finn and Donna Blood in contemporary Family Living. 3. While "dummying" group shot pages Cindy Shields is temporarily distracted by a roving photographer. 4. Julie Bigelow, Oracle staff news editor, views with disbelief Steve Verdone's pole vault. 5. DancefChoreographyfProduction students Michelle November and Lynn Fredson arrange a pose demonstrating their limberness. 6. Upset over a score on the defense Mike Mahoney hopes for a speedy end to the Santa Ana Valley game. 7. Arriving early to class Donna Wiehebrink watches the antics of her teacher during nutrition. 8. Nancy Orelup seems puzzled as to what to do while the couple next to her snuggles. S ilkFS.""B gr ,,,,,....... 298 Editor's Page e Editor wishes to thank the following ons for their contributions to the i977-78 ssey. Jerry Fullerton. Josten's American book Representative, for all of his ance so that we could have extra color rage. Thanks also go to Terry Porter for ing "deadline" photos early in the year. pening pages were done by Karen eman. Editor-in-Chief. opening copy was ancy Sipe. Student Life pages were done Sipe. Editor, Shelly Evans. Lori Kenny O'DonneIl. Shelly Overton. Shields. and Sonya Weileman. Class pages were coordinated by Sue with Jane and Jean Krick. Cris Benson, and Sonya Weileman. Jaime Coulson typed all of the class copy. Shelly Overton. Editor, completed the Academia pages. Sports Co-Editors Katy Kahn and Jim Weneta's staff Cris Benson. Mike Ryan and Sonya Weileman. Group Shot pages were done by Cris Benson. Jane and Jean Krick and Cindy Shields. Closing pages by Karen Weileman. Photography work was done by Jeb Beavers, Cris Benson, Jaime Coulson. Geoff Greene. Penny Grisham. Bob Hamidi. Katy Kahn, Jane and Jean Krick, Tom Mastin Shelly Overton, Terry Porter, Cindy Shields. Lindi Walker, Karen Weileman, Dave Zahn and Dave Zaizar. The staff is especially thankful for the cooperation of the teachers. administration and students in the handing of our polls and questionaires. "What's folio? It sounds like a disease." .lim Weneta r .' ,' ,".s.x if fo! -. t ,,-P" . Y" :N . .4 .J vi W. i Q mf N. T' I ,IJ .C 'I 5 V vw 4 427 M . ,bt 'ifffyf 'v- on A-uw' Editor's Page 299 I. First Lady Rosalyn Carterwipes her eyes as the Shah of Iran speaks. The tears were caused by tear-gas shot at demonstrators outside of the White House grounds. 1 7 2. During a nationally televised briefing President Jimmy Carter I bows to emotion from the resignation of Budget Director Bert Lance whom Carter feels did the right thing. 3 4 5 3 9 3. After eighteen days of hospitalization for cancer Senator Hubert Humphrey addressed the Minnesota AFL-CIO, 4. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi whose iron rule was broken after a stunning election defeat talks with supporters after she was arrest for abusing her position as prime minister. 5. Beatle invasion occured again in the form of Beallemania, a group of impersonators who performed locally at the Shubert Theater. 6. Chewbacca poses with an Orange County girl to promote Star wars, the top money making film of all lime. 7. Son of Sam victim Stacy Moskowitz being taken to a Brooklyn hospital after being shot in the head on Lover's Lane. 8. At a San Fransisco news conference Dr. Christiaan Barnarddiscussed the failure of a baboon heart transplant into a human. 9. One composite drawing of the Hillside Srrangler released in November by the Glendale Police after the strangulation death of Lisa Castin. Af L P tw fm... . V L S J' W iw 300 78 Was Great came to Villa Park not unlike the Spartans before us, our thoughts ied with how great the year would be. We didn't have race riots. t-Ashbury or a sexual revolution but we're a by-product of that ation. Although we didn't concern ourselves with Sadat's move to . the halt of B-I bomber production, Panama Canal treaties, Anita t versus gay libbers, women astronauts, and the coal strike, but those decisions shaped and molded our lives. evision was the most sexually explicit it had ever been. Major al magazines were constantly plastered with headlines of "Sex on nd photos of these show's stars. Three's Company, Soap, I, lius, 79 Park Avenue, and What Really Happened to the Class of '65 ? sed a furor because of their sexual overtones. season also continued the popular and profitable "mini-series." Anna Karenina, Awakening Land. and Loose Change. Another as added to TV by production of The Gong Show, Celebrity and news surveys like the National Disaster Survey and W nw--:umm-U...-..m.., the National Love, Sex and Marriage Test. Discussion of laetrile as a cure for cancer and saccharine as a cause of cancer monopolized the medical scene. There was much unclear information and very little resulting action. Medically other major topics of discussion were vitamin control of mental illness, swine flu and Russian flu. The U,S,5, Enterprise, the piggyback plane tested at Edwards Air Force base. and the landing of Viking on Mars dominated this year's space triumphs. Many of the entertainments "greats" died this year. Among them were Charlie Chaplin Cold agel, Elvis Presley Icoronaryj, Bing Crosby fcoronaryj, Groucho Marx fpneumonia, old agej. Hubert Humphrey fcancerj, General "Chappie" James Icoronaryj, Sebastian Cabot fcoronaryj, .loan Crawford fcancerj, Rosalyn Russell Icancerj. and Freddie Prinze Ksuicidej, Entertainment tore down many records believed to be unsurpassable, The movie industry produced Star Wars fthe number one money maker w. yr N . --I" y . 'Mil' Mpwf' '78 Was Great SOI 302 I. Fighting brush fires in Veneta with flare guns this firefighter was on a force of IQK men fighting to control the flames that charred 70,015 Big Sur Wilderness acres. J. During November peace talks in Jerusalem Israeli Prime Minister Menahen Begin whispers to Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, 7 3. Has-been 171 Farah Fawcett-Majors competes in the Celebrity 6 Challenge of the Sexes a major money making enterprise for both the celebrities and networks. top prize money being SJOLID for 4 , s s each Individual winner. 4, Brother of the president. Billy Carter, poses with Ladonn Amota to promote "Peanut Lolita" a new peanut liquer. 5. Budget Director Bert lance makes last minute preparations prior to testifying before the Senate Governmental Operations Committee about his financial dealings. 6. Jubilant over the near impossible acquisition of World Series Tickets this fan paid SIS to attend one of the three games played in los Angeles, 7. Two dozen persons seized possession of the observation tower in the Statue of liberty to demonstrate for the independence of Puerto Rico and freedom of four Puerto Rican Nationalists serving sentences for the shooting of five congressmen in l954. of all timesj, Close Encounters of the Third Kind Saturday Night Fever Oh, God, The Goodbye Girl, World s Greatest Lover Spy Who Loved N Semi- Tough, Coma, Kentucky Fried Movie Annie Hall High Anxiety For the first time in recent years Stevie Wonder did not have the best selling record, Fleetwood Mac Klfumorsj did Clapton s Lay Down Sally Manilow's Can 't Smile Without You Commodore s Brlckhouse Gibb s Youre My Everything, Streisand s Evergreen Boone s You Light up My Life, Bee Gee's Saturday Night Fever Taylor s Whenever I See Your Smiling Face. Newman 's Short People Browne s Running on Empty Coolidge's The Way You Do The Things You Do Odysseys Native New Yorker, l?onstadt's Blue Bayou Styx Sailing Away Fashion focused on peasant skirts and blouses satin pants and hair combs, blousson shirts, boots stick pins ski vest stetson layers disco jackets and addidas tennis shoes '78 Was Great iowa .ggi J Q it Q af' 'P i E WHY '78 WAS GREAT. ar'-f lx! 3 News, people, fashions, media, science- Q , 1. ..,..,. .. -A f iff,-r ' . A ,tg Q4 f gf mA f .Q W - 'Mg if W an '78 Was Great 303 ' 'KJ' fp 1355. At the end of the charnpionship against Los Alimitos. Dave Zeller defensive player. salutes victory. 304 '78 Was Gfeat QQ . We Area e The Champiqnsxl 'Tl like I Il LG -,means-M-'arf-f , If C- I . n ' a-N-rv- M-an 9 . Q I , 1 i-nav--nn.-Q-f-1, -up Y 'I I I " I x "1 fd 1-nw u1n,v,,,, ! .Q- f 3 ii , . , 5 ,.d.QY,54:j!1,,-. . 5 qi 1 fs 5 'lk , 1 - ,, Vs kiss' 513' sf- IOP: Isa-24 BW 1-fs 'Q Nw. Wqfumwqqmnuung fa -1 1 -r 2 4 I 5 4 2 E X fi., ...A rt 5,5-'P-1-W-M-,g'f'-"X, -4, " ' J' -1 E w 1 ,m Y , if ,, , , fi 1 ,uw R ., M ,, , 1 . if - 5 A E 1, Q ,gg IA: ' S ef'?:vk-v:v-f--fww'-"'+'- , 1 ' Qu. I In 1 5 a - '1 ' W . f S 5 ,U ,, ,.,.,, ..... ...H 5 if..-.P .........,u.1w--f-wmfo-vo-wana-r-H411 2 """9 A- X , 1 u ' Q .2 , 4 "' u 4 'I 1,'-3' A .,. Y I ' Q XII. 3 E i L A f - . . 1 fu Q44 'fl -M. ' , R, ' . K- 4 s ' - A ' ' , ' Q L 'a f :W .. 1 x ' " A , A N Qi l F rw V w E 'Y - 2 . . ' g L 2 f, ' P K 6. nh visa '4 Q3-. --Svfvz' ,., A . G A4 Q JP a , F 1 -11 2 1 A Q. M I YR, Vids' Cf' 0 Y"f'!C flfll EN li UE 'W .AW an mann ll!! O1 Fc I-as ' ' fm ' , I 15 wvtufans --Y ,, I X1 . if Ib "W'fP,Qw --9' 'Valli' N" """ " Ti- X C qqr-fy -yrs ovtvuunq- X---194 Q 'Q 1 ,. 'K x ', n 5 I 4 E I 3 l i i X T 3 5 a i I I L, . I uw ' i 'Q' ,,f4- . , .. .- Li... N.,- 5

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