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E e E E E E 2 5 2 5 E E x 2 i E :T 5 5 1 Vsxfiu? , li: :Q -fu ,ef Qi w PKK H1 55 ly Q X f Qlxfm, Off ,PHP E sf 1, 5 RSI-up 5poF'f Q GQ x 0 3 0 Xl '49, -W 'Sf 5 O 'f f 0 'Nr " 4+ lf I M 1 11-W ODYSSEY 1970 A Volume Vl Villa Park High School Villa Park, California o Marsha lVlcKenzie-Editor-in-Chief Table of contents Activities ................................ 12 Athletics .... ........ 5 6 Seniors ....... ... 106 Underclasses ................ ... 180 Administration and Faculty ....... Advertising ................... ....... Memorial ........ ... 220 240 264 x 1 5 I 5 E 1 5N'3f7Fi!.""""?'!U""Y'x""f"f""T"ff' 'WP' ""Sf"' "' My WTW'-If-fi f-A F7 Q fm? f N , , , .L by 'X f ,, N 1 W a X -' L 32 iv ff , 1. i i Q 'QL "E 5. X5 ,Q :Q .LA w wp gl "Spartans on the move" "Spartans On The Move," theme of Girls in Shgrtskirts, the 1970 OCWSSGY, Q9PiCTS The nat- Classes trying to outshout each other, mosphere Of The Villa Park H1971 Sounds and pictures of spirit . . . School campus this year . . . Campus Life: Diversified, hectic . . . Legfnxyll?-'SJ ' the main experience A "'boiling pot"- of spontaneous and Work to be done- mformal actmty ' ' ' Competition with other schools, People in Motion- Competition among the students . . . Always moving in a frenzied attempt , To capture and hold moments . . . igmlfsoslggdfxligamPUS' Rushing to class in the rain, Rally Schedules, ' Struggling to pass a test, Assembly schedules, Relaxing for only a moment at break "What's the regular schedule?" and lunch, Anticipating a dream of spring- Cgnflict on Campus.. and graduation . . . Vietnam and the Draft- Black, The forever popular sports event- Red, White, and Blue armbands . . Time captured in action- The forward pass, Conflicts, The forehand volley, Changes, The fast break, Traditions, me high iUmD, People-giving the campus its soul . . . e putt, The moment of victory . . . sometimes As participant or spectator, defeat . . . "Now" was the role we played . . Spirit- Tomorrow fashioned Screams, tears, clapping, cheering, Our dreams. Opening-5 Q , Rallies, sport 6-Opening R K V 'V I D I k 1,,'.:Y.fA x Y J -unix-X :IN-L 1:-?m.xx:T, , F Y ., u" 0 h' RV- uf--.L -X, Y' v y-Uv' , I U- X- 1-5, 'L M . . W. 1 Q max Z K 4. FT i 'R 1 , 1, f .' ' Lk VK 9: ff," f' ,f wg... -Q K :if if 'n 1' Z- ! X I, H. Outdoor classes, biology part of routine mit . 'vo ,od "B v Nfffjo JEW 1 1 . gl L 3 iff! SQNS Ill!!-If u-an-u ..,.- n--su-an hu.. - "' ' i Qlgij ai.. A li if Az i I i 4 a Opening-9 .,, GIF' 's Q K A ..-. 1, .A Q: -wi 1 -N 1 -f ,,w W H, Q Nw. , , :,,..1v.1s- M: sig, , 'Q n , SU' 'a -.JV 4,.fl.,py Viihit ,... .4 , - . -s ,,-. v , ,W :HM in ,vs , QJVW N, 4, ,J 'z .- uk, ,W we' ,aff A . ,amy -we-Q',f5f,i:,,,9.S X - . 1.1.--Q-Q-m '.'.,.i 4 ,"'.q.- .Q yy F Pt ,fqsgx '41 Lawn-Dlifqxv. Af:,-!v-gui wk: r'fK,. 1 ,- dx- 'r .'V.-'i,, Q 1 ' "' Ytvlo . V b ., 7' y my 1 .,,f'.1" wz2 y'.ms .fri 5 fx gf M 1 , M , J fy: QQ:-2, -,,,, jf .M Q , .. ,A 1 K! QA? !':j,,,, .gm a A f 4- ' .,,f.,f, 'JR 31 '-Jig 'srptva " 4 'ff' .A Q 1. ,i,1,.-gy :wax ,--- an , is-54' v.,P X , B., . ,K ,F ,N ,X , Vi., A , KN -' Q ' ' + A' Q L- if ,-1 Qlffgl, F WW ff' 5 STU E NT S 2 ZSAWARB N B S SCE EACTIVITIES Z ..,., ec: QIMPROVEMENT :ca INVOLVEMENT I if 5 .jx F 41 'Q N 6 x sv 7 .1 'Q .L I Q A f , ' 1 , 4 . S .,- a, V 5 Y fs ' ' n"l"I- un a .as ii liz f. fa. 2 'Q - z. 9 gk if - . ,,v,y.s pr Q V v it 1-P AIN' . Q pumpkins, people start the year fTOPl Suzy Young, Bronwyn Kiser, Mary Burns, and Mary Pocinich parody VPHS co-eds. Happy moments of Spartan life are shared by Melanie Wallace and Larry Peterson. F-3 KBOTTOMJ Colleen Hambley, escorted by Sheila Ftosser, proves competent to occasion. Empty corridors began to fill with familiar faces and friendly chatterg once again Villa Park High had come to life. The Big-Little Sister Luncheon overflowed with sophomores-an indication of the inundation by the class of '72 that was to follow. The first pep rally was a bad case of the blahs, but enthusiasm rose to a new "hi" at the first dance of the year. The traditional Girls' League opening assembly proved to be unique with Laurie Kuhn and Mrs. Lillegraven acting as moderators. With the sweet taste of victory at the first football game, Spartan spirit surged upward. 1969- "The Year of the Spartan"- had started. Rochelle Martinez stares unbelievingly while Mary Pocinich displays her acting ability. Colleen Hambley and Debbie Wilcox enact roles of "little kids" during an assembly Activities-13 ASB leaders abolish apathy, push involvement Under the determined direction of President Bob Gumpertz, the student body officers of the 1969-70 school year left their mark in the iournals of VPHS government. Heading the list of projects was the ratification of a new constitution to rectify inadequacies in the schoolTs first student organization contract. The basic goal of the Gumpertz administration, according to its controversial leader, was "to make student a valid adjective when describing student government." The Spartan's first full-time activity director, Mr. Don Buck, was always on hand at the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday cabinet meetings as well as at all other Villa Park activities and athletic contests. His genial presence could be counted on to spark enthusiasm and to cool tensions. Debbie WBITIBY Rlck Passovoy Jlm Helm ASB S9Cfef3fY ASB Treasurer ASB Vice Presldent A - , . ,- i an '. 1 ':'!L,- ' v 4 V 7 x . 4-.f--w .I . 1 3. el 4 bl 3 .Aa A h ff , lt r . .' A l 4- V, ls ,Q-1 ' I ?J.'bi.,' - .-I 1. r. 4 ' 'T ' - . I .- -' ' " "s.4 - A ' If - - "' f Wir F . xx- .f - - -' ' T s-1 ' If f. Q' " A"f ,'ff"'-"QU 'Y' I .ww .P . ..,.. -,iff M- L, . 1 .. ,W .. . .- - ,, ' ,,k'..f Q 'P - 'Q . 61" " n' KI' in :I ' ' "'. . U . in I '-' v. at . I - if f" H M ',-.,A .a I , x .. ' - . .,,. N ix ., ' 2 ' ,A AI 1. , Vw, f ,. 4 . 1, , ' - 1' 151, "ep ' - 4" .' ' U if il, A a .K .ef 'ffpxx K 2 'W 4 -an pf 'fi Q16-v Y . xx ,Q 45' 0 4: 1- ' ft Scar 4- A ,4., 1 ,:.. vx:lV"" 4, X -on - r is 'ff' mm 'Z , naw "1 15 . 0 N 'W Aigziglll N v af VPHS Legislature acts to update representativ t 2 . l SENATE-FRONT: Hap Engle. SECOND ROW: Mary Pocinich, Robin Rogers, Kathy Plowman. The 1969-70 Senate, composed of the presidents of all campus clubs and presided over by ASB Vice president Jim Heim, worked to coordinate school activities and were frequently called upon to consider proposed legislature. The House, made up of third period representa- tives, met weekly to discuss and vote upon cabinet proposals. These two congressional bodies made up Villa Park's legislative branch of student government, members were responsible for reporting back to their constituents. The Board of Control, directed by Chairman Mark Cessna, interpreted the ASB constitution for cabinet and supervised elections and the Gumpertz confidence vote. 16-Activities THIRD ROW: Jan Collings, Barb Scheid, Deb- TOP ROW: Lin Thurber, Otto Ryssman, bie Reid, Shirley Weaver, Sherri McCluney. Hamada, Ron Santana. -74',,..4' BOARD OF CONTROL-FRONT ROW: Gail BACK ROW: Gunther Herman, Chairman Mark Hertzberg, Gordon Duncan, and Nanci Martin. Cessna, Chris Evans, Bob Cruz, Marc Taylor. rm of student government QABOVEJ: BOTTOM ROW: Steve Bill Miyawaki, John Araujo, Jacquie Beth Borgeson, Linda de Bruyn, Smith, Renee Klima, Debbie Mullen, Redline, Karen Frey, Sylvie Pages, Ezell, Joan Usack, Robin Rogers, Pat Lynn Jensen, Meg Strauss. SECOND Marc Wutschke, Craig Flournoy, Toni Rick Passovoy, Lynne Gladden, Deb- Warner, Debbie Kurtz, Jim Wheeler, Deb Bob Perez, Nanci Vasquez, Gerry Nancy McDonald, Penny Golloian, Lobeck, Susan Cooper. THIRD ROW: Allen, Mike Schmuck, John Kilroy, Jeff Mike Trebing, Terry Engle, Ken , Cindy Kuhn, Steve Occhiuto. ROW: Scott Malkamus, Chuck Carl- rk Miyawaki, Jay Butterworth, Gary Suzanne Harsted, Cindi Ketchum, OF REPRESENTATIVES-FIRST SE- Linda Laufenberg, Susan Salem, Michelle Oglesby, Sue Durst, Lance York, Sherry Tal- mage, Steve Kane, Gary Dicks. TOP ROW: Dan Hedlund, Frank Fiorito, Tom Davies, Larry Cox, Steve Wright, Steve Palmer, Tom Channell, Linda Rodieck, Don Buck, Hap Engle, Ronna Gaulden, Bob Large, Cesareo Perez, Dean Lyman, John Lawther, Steve Fehr, Mike Allen. SECOND SEMESTER-BOTTOM ROW: Beth Borgeson, Steve Bosheff, Bill Mi- yawaki, John Araujo, Marcia Rowe, Lynn Jen- sen, Pat Olds, Robin Dickson, Debbie Mullen, Renee Klima, Collie Hambley, Meg Strauss, Barb Slack, Katie Anderson, Carla Kleist, Robbie Hardcastle, Karen Koch, Lynne Grig- non, Kathy Lobeck, Debbie Lowe. SECOND ROW: Eric Kearn, Christi Davis, Marc Wutschke, Toni Garcia, Lynne Gladden, Joan Usack, Robin Rogers, Jim Wheeler, Debbie Kurtz, Cindy Kopel, Dawn Davidson, Chris Nicholson, Gerry Gorham, Nancy McDonald, Ron Metcalf, Penny Golloian, Skip Slack, Jack Martin. THIRD ROW: Scot Malkamus, Mark Miyawaki, Mike Schmuck, Jeff Nickel, Mike Trebing, Gary Dicks, Cindy Kuhn, Steve Occhiuto, Michelle Olglesby, Debbie Gerloff, Ronnie Cainbery, Liz Faber, John Donovan. FOURTH ROW: Gil Camou, Chuck Carlson, Bob Perez, Jay Butterworth, Gary Kempton, Sue Harsted, Cindi Ketchum, Llnda Laufen- berg, Susan Salem, Sue Durst, Lance York, Sherry Talmage, Steve Kane, Mike Gibson, Jay Kimble, Chris Hughes. TOP ROW: Dan Hedlund, John Kilroy, Jan Beavers, Larry Cox, Steve Wright, Steve Palmer, Dave Musgrave, Tom Channell, Linda Rodieck, Don Buck, Hap Engle, Dave Hasbrouck, Ronna Gaulden, Bob Large, Cesareo Perez, Dean Lyman, Bill Moore, Steve Geisner. Activities-17 I' w ' ' - , nw. i"5-52f's W 9 . 5 'C' " si-N' vw' u B, 15 ' 5 1' X 9 lx . ' ini 3 'VI 'L' ' fix! ' . 'J W n , + ' -ff s 1 !g,.- -V QNX 'si",,' fi 5 .,' 'A ,f 4 I 2 f f' YSQGP ,lW15' .xp 3" -DQ, . I5 V' Mag, ..- Y xsjg 2- an O :XA .. ' ,ffif 'x , . 1 . H' 1 ml' '--' f x f ,f ' 'H - f' I.:-1' -17' 'tif 'Qi' 8' R. , -K -f, - Q. . , ' sag-y m .f ib xg L 8' I -' A V, K . Q . 4 .ab ,440 f ' 5-Ta!!! 4,' 'JA 5 A J" :fl '1 wc. r f , J 1. Wg- ,s t i'.,nUl " 1' P rl ' ,. ' - . 4 I l f fax , Q K. ' .. . Q A ebr, I " P ,'-. ' x Q' wr .I L I A' ' ' fx -X 5 x 'nfl 2' - .-, . 1 , . . iv 1' , s O mm Q, Q W, , -:PMA ff W 'I I A -F' 'xii ' X ' " I xiTl.g'F -s K . -D S .J Wsivzyf E? -- 1m.e.. - ai" Nga!! ,ff Q 1 .fi Y 3 9. Ttwvl-4 fi, Maxx ! In V ,Z 1 km X K .1 .N wqamm.-,d,,....Qmif4 V , SX t v 'I kakiew J.. Q H. ,, fg " ,igvnm , , V K 1 . X, N. -.. 'fd A . L 'ff-,x,. MID 4 rf". .I V Wu A J, I in A tk' . 'ri Q x ,N ff . A W ,. ' 1 .. N -' 0 N ' - - W f , - 1 ' A ' , I ' RfQ'l,5,' "'N1.g.,,- ,,, t is ,fi - , I """--:- we-R 3 -- gags R X N. . bg, ,fQ'w"k l gf? V' f NL' lftx " - ' ' ' I 1- ," "' sf X" 1 ' " V J , - KY K K X' f 1,3 4 A my Vx W f- f .Af-Q45 ? . .Q - ff , ,.f14,..ff Q f xx wwf . , ' , . ' P 4 A ' .f,f...' fx X f' J. ' a ' . - , - 4 -V K - : f , 1- 3' ' ' W5mLW'wLk54'ig 35:19 K- M, X it xx W q ' if-? xt Ai ' V ' -D. - " -. . Y- .Q .: . .1 ,-., Q ' N I - i , 1 if Q. asf , , ' w , 4 , fd A, Q , . uf f QV A If A , fam I -Q., . - 5' ' 6 - " g , H' ' , 3 v -' .ff , ,YX'f'i'L - fo A ,. , 2 .. x ' ,- -,' Nz If A ., ' M ,, . 1 . , g f. by K - ,W - , mx .., - ' N A n , ' K Ji. AW ., A .AAA -' fx ,J 1, - , . , , ,f-.... .W-.W..,. ., . ., , ,. .. . .L nthusiasm Besides the usual duties of practicing, planning pep rallies, sign painting and cheering VPHS teams in victory and defeat, this year's Varsity Pep Squad accompanied the Spartan Band and Drill Team to parades and invitational performances. Having received a tro- phy at summer training camp, the 1969-70 Songleaders were invited to perform at a Ftam's game and were seen on TV across the nation. Mascot Val Spencer assisted the cheerlead- ers and represented Spartan Spirit. Val consistently instilled pride, espe- cially when ringing the victory bell proclaiming Spartan victories. For the second year, JV cheerleaders sparked enthusiasm for the teams that are often forgotten. Montonna, Marsha McKenzie, Karen S rf 't ' b gh' ' - , Diane Apmeby and Diane Con- tig3su1npgl:4iOl'l9S y err continual enthusias boosted the many teams to strive for mascot Val Spencer provided crazy intervals r the tense moments of VPHS athletic events. IGHT: Songleaders Laurie Kitagawa, Vickie ngel, Cathy Downs, Debbie Wischnack and ngie Young were caught in a rare moment Lrelaxation from long hours of practicing ppy routines. The Junior Varsity Squad consisted of Barb spired the J.V., Bee and Cee teams at games Denholm, Nancy Walker, Lisa Fearns, Paula and rallies. Haase and Stephanie Spelliscy. The girls in- Missed deadlines, excursions around and off campus, harried distribution days and the proud quivery feeling of having a story in print contributed to a typically frantic year for the Oracle newspaper staff. Guiding struggling young journalists through the treacherous shoals of ob- jective reporting, Adviser Mrs. Doris fthe Didacticl Lowman coaxed, tempted, and threatened her brood into coming up with a decent product. Oracle co-editors Sue Sawtelle and Joan Ewald mapped out story assign- ments with fellow page editors Steve Fehr, Scott Fletcher and Randi Rein- hardt. The forward echelon of re- porters included Linda Sanderson, Sharon Sawtelle, Marla Crosswhite, Kathy White, Mark Taylor, Doug Far- son, Bruce Teeter, Jim McAferty, Mary Anne Fioretta, Cathy Christian, Jim fDeepl Wells and Linnea lBaby Eaglel Lagerquist. Once aimed at the target, photographers Tom Evans and Brian Messenger took fairly clear pot-shots. RIGHT: Editors Ewald and Sawtelle react with mixed emotions to latest Oracle. Sue and Joan assigned stories, edited copy, wrote headlines and pasted up pages for 14 issues BELOW: Muses Mary Ann Fioretta, Sharon Sawtelle, Marla Crosswhite and Linda Sander- son mull over some Oracle copy. 20-Activities BELOW: Reporters Kathy White and Lagerquist compare finer points of pr ing while Scott Fletcher gets some ,lu-I racle staff covers controversial issues 5.- BELOW: Doug Farson, Jim McAferty, Bruce Teeter and Jim Wells watch the latest edition LEFT: Steve Fehr holds Oracle copy while Randi Reinhardt looks bemusedly on. Steve and Randi were co-editors of the Sports page. BELOW: Tom Evans and Brian Messenger worked with photographic equipment at Albert and James. LEFT: Cathy Christian and Mary Taylor look over a color plate with a pressman at Mclnnis Print Shop, where the Oracle is printed. Staff members toured LA Times plant in December. of the Oracle roll oft the press. Writers were fascinated by the mechanics of production, Activities-21 Odyssey staff captures the essence of memories 'Y 'lil I f 1 1.74 .ll 'Ill From the time the staff first heard Mrs. Lowman say, "I want 92 pages in my hands by Tuesday," till the time she got the 264 pages in March, the Odyssey staff strove to record "the Spartans on the move." Under the able Leadership of Adviser Mrs. Doris Lowman and Editor Mar- sha McKenzie, the troops worked late at night, on weekends, and during Christmas and Easter vacations to meet deadlines. The turmoil of the Senior section, the hassle of taking club pictures, writing sports copy before it happened and the failure to communicate with the 22-ACtivitieS photographers added to the chaos of putting a yearbook out. ODYSSEY STAFF: BOTTOM ROW: Miml Burns, Joan Usack, Bronwyn Kiser, Marsha McKenzie. SECOND ROW: Brian Messenger, Mrs. Doris Lowman, Jill Strong, Debbie Fos- ter, Mary Pocinich, Barb Cassatt Denny Peck. THIRD ROW: Larry Allen, Barb Scheid, Sherri McCluney, Liz Faber, Gail Marshall, Laurie Edwards. TOP ROW: Rick Markuson, Tommy Evans, Suzy Young, Robert McKenzie, Mindy Borel, Lorraine Wanlass, Dick Arbenz. RIGHT: Mrs. Lowman and Mindy Borel plan some secret surprises for activity section. n a year of change f5'3i .ra I 1 w .., , . .x . 1, i Q -KK Young comfortably contemplates lay- Burns and Dick Arbenz, however, rely on Mrs. Back without her wisdom teeth, Marsha pon- for the faculty section while Joan Usack Lowman's help. ders the mess which had accumulated in her Barb Cassatt offer helpful hints. Mimi absence. ll ABOVE LEFT: Daydreaming Rick Markuson wakes up to reality and Senior Bronwyn Kiser. ABOVE CENTER: Junior Liz Faber and Robert McKenzie think about that final big deadline. ABOVE RIGHT: Gail Marshall and Michele Cleary struggle to fit 900 Soph. pictures on 18 pages. LEFT: Mrs. Lowman looks discouraged as she fights a losing battle with the photographers. Activities-23 Marchin' Spartans uphold VPHS traditions wit -ma.. 4 S- .. v- - T F . 'Q i in I W 1 at BAND AND DRILL TEAM-TOP ROW: Kurt Bernatzke, Bill Ely, Steve Fehr, Tom Thomas, Scott Karnes, Mike Fields, Marla Bryant, John Diaz, Jim Bergman, Jeannette Jean. SECOND ROW: Pam Wally, Otto Ryssman, Eric Muller, Bill Knudsen, Terry Lundin, Richard Streing- berg, John Haines, Jan Johnson, Bill Muise, Chuck Jay, Paul Edwards, Peggy Brown, Janet Tisthammer, Linda Paddock, Scott Cliff, Robert Diggory, Dean Carlstrom. THIRD ROW: Cindy Brown, Carey Albano, Leroy Kellogg, 24-Activities Linda Melsheimer, Rosalia Silva, Gordon Luce, Al Ramos, Kim Scott, Mark Dancer, Larry Lenzini, Pat Olds. FOURTH ROW: Marlo Bow- man, Janel Rowe, Kathy Jackson, Cathy Sliffe, Nancy McDonald, Sally Mason, Lin Thurber, Cindy Groenwald, Larry Cox, John Primac, Arthur Borella, Joe Guiffre, Pam Rosenberry. FIFTH ROW: Lisa Geisler, Scott Steckley, Mark Leaver, Sandy Johnson, Mark Cohick, Mark Metzger, Steve Laird, Jim Miller, Rick Bundy, Carol Thompson, Pam Ratkovic, Randy Lewis, Wendell Hill, Karen Marquart, Ben Davi Janet Gelert, Teresa Wehner, Pat Widdicom Kathy Charles, Randi Reinhardt. SIXTH RO Kathy Whittmer, Roxanne McLaughlin, Olga Enriquez, Jim Wilson, Debbie Wilcox, Vickie sman Larry Morse, Sandy Stevens, Diane Kras Hope Bosheff. SEVENTH ROW: Becky Nall Ron Barstad, Pat Gallager, Pam Fornof, Kath Cariker, Maureen Tait, Glenn Howden, Anil Downsworth, Bruce Neff, Sue Braderick, Am Capric s . .Q' A, ,Sl ew, Fr. QQ., I ., 4 , a -4 , Us 1, QL A in 1137, Q52 X V 'ffk'ff- Ax , , ' fig ,BK 1 N ' , -.545 NM Q f M54 . 'fr , ll ' X ' x 'P A A , X. bm P K, V .- Q 1' 'Q , f ,N ' 7 .W 5-S d A :WQ L A - gg 7 ' - ' A I N. ' I x ' ,Q vs! S. N A Q .. My cf? K X AQ' ky M9 .fg4,Q ' 33 X 1 1, ' vggixf 'X ' -9749: it Twin iff. Q Y "- k A " fm, i Av . , ' ,QQ an Vg ,Q M E1 -A ff: T' " 'x f MAN. A , lg . . .ti V K V .Y had 1 W WNV. Wx n N h , 4 Q , w ww uw -- ?s.g 3, KLA Nj . N14 . 'W .xg 'Q 1-RN 3 ma Q X , 'u v K. .f . I vi li v Q 1 4 4 , 4 . 'QW 14 we-4 cr 'kts F 'af 6. A A QRX o' 9 Q, P ,Al 'nw UQ The 1969-'70 Spartan Ban vw 's 45 ' 5' nw 5. X , 5 M Q' r , XM., i i - with . . L, i s is t """ls..,, K . t-,,3x,s QI' Q The Spartan Band practiced all season to placed fifth out of all participating bands. view is held annually and brings march in the Long Beach All-Western lnvi- tational Band Review on Nov. 29. They The Villa Park High School Band got off to a winning start when, in Octo- ber, they took first place in the Rose- mead Parade. The Marching Spartans performed during football half-times at Kelley Stadium, in November they marched in the Santa Monica and the West Arcadia Parades, placing sec- ond in both events. The 126 members of the Spartan Marching Band were invited to the All-Western Band Review where they placed fifth out of seventy competing high schools. The Drill Team, on September 28, performed at the L.A. Coliseum for a Rams' pre-game ceremony. The Rams invited them back and December 21 they performed at game half-time, winning a trophy for their precision drills. 26-Activities The parade lasted 3Vz hours. This band re- the best bands. Randy Coleman, adviser, Rudy Ramirez, as- lt., Deidre Holloway, junior lt., Nancy Keppler sistant drum major, Bill Brown, drum major, adviser. Debbie Reid, captain, Linda Shapero, senior -N www 1 . 1 , . . f ' -V! E Mo IFJ gy ' L " "Vw',,L'g', iff!" N fr 5 ' V ,A -3 -15. ..f,- '-x- ng' wg ' ' , ,,-', ,- l ,,'N,.yf,. .-s-.Qr1- ,N K - 'QLgTI'!li,-M I9i.,5,E'fAQ:l it-I .Si V, ,,l'.9'i1 mp' Q A ' 1 fJq' af' 1 -1 'Y'-:LN-.-' 1 n - AFM 43 1 -45 ab M f f :s2m if M MAX ' X Q 'ZX .X 'fx-l ?'P '-Via 4 . 'Q' '. X1 X. A 'A-wiht ' R . V-'rxl xxrk , xc, 'al -4 3' X 1, ' K. ii , A A, W i,4' . V'i.vm fxqh lik vi, ,- . M , y 5 . ' ! 'I A ': , ? . ,,,, A-, L -if M , f l5'ii'ft '7 -If 30 A 1 x3i ,,- .V LLA 1 f- yy A v 1, 'ny 1 , .,-I 5 fl .4 'I , , sw ,Xx- ., . V A 1--M v ,J 'K 51 -s Q -W , T W 1 - r Y --....H.v Imam il E IF-'-4 C1533 A15 UKQUW A -J 1 I . n . 1 Ns u . , 1 A A ' ,ff --a.,. Ou- PS5 ww 4 fr 3 S34 X3 IQ iisfi wg Sw. FSSQS 'Taxi 2, v Q ,-A- R X-1 N? Q 8. 5 X Sgkf . ik, . , f, gf! k 1 H gg l ,Q 3 2 Xe R , S N X YY Q .NY Q .. .NP , ,E 1 sg . 5 s ff if M 5 K W s., xx: 1 0 " U I . k X L X A 'Q F ' :Shi iw. -.4 1 N' , .rm QL Qi 'us NNW QW gf,, Q 'i- 1 I I 5 l 5 W, ,. ,N W, . :I gy 5 S I 2 z 9? 'I is qu.. ul J 'i ,X - , 'A V- ' ' 11 T 3 9 . 4-f , A ve f .dr it ! .inn 5 49,54 55 A SJ cl- X . as 41 . F A ds 0 H 'I Ng Y- 4 2 2 5 I ' ,1h"'-- .4 f ' 'X F - ' E' ' 'Af H Wx, Q 'A Y 4 Q xx I Q wi 4 We " " 5' ,Q f .E ' --'- -' " x Nr - :L ' :3 g , . -a I' r px? fl 52 lf ' I AT N .A ., Q 4' r' x A f-W 's we 5 X fig 1,3 4 ,fa . vi, x Q5 ' I 1 K3 ' , f IJ ' fx 35 I 1 't 4 . fa 'X 5 Q A R A X 4. QQ' 'SN f 'mx , s . XS i . U -QLV ggi Q YH Wim. '95 1 fi' 3, Kas., Q38 'Q A . 9 X ",oxw Y x Y , Q. ge A x . gpm Q X . sv? f ,Q 'MN 'T' D W .fy W - Spartans enjoy Spartan talent was displayed at the annual Villa Park High School Hoote- nanny in the cafetorium on February 19 and 21. Under Liz Prestigiacamo's expert su- pervision, the musical event was a sell-out. Phil Gale, Gerry Gorham, Rob McKenzie, Ken Shimizu, and Waverly Boling were just a few of the great performers. The "Age of Brother-Hood" were the guest sing- ers. Jim McAferty was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Phil Gale, Gerry Gorham, and Rob McKenzie sing original compositions "Sun City" and "Suburu". after-hours entertainment whil Liz Prestigiacamo, organizer of the hoote- nanny, loosens up while singing "l've Got To Be Me". 32-Activities . ' 3 tl l 1 lt I Lf 5 f 1 , ' 11 ft if? 5. 2, Villa Park's guest performers, "Age of Brother- hood", really hit it off with "Hang down Your Head, Tom Dooley". J rf'-A E 'l E 3 1 t f tyyt 'E' 1 f, -,', ' 1 i i , g in A 41 H 2, I lm f, . QTOPJ Waverly Boling sings a humorous song. QBOTTOMJ Ken Shimizu sings Japanese hits. Senior Jim McAferty, Master of for the 1970 Hootenanny, announces the group. X wx K K if , 1 ?.,-,,'4f,. 4' 4 . . 4 1 a QQ, . , ' . , , . . . . e 5 , U , . 5 t I . 1 Q v n g l I - . ' ' 1 . X K 'S-if . I 1 - H 583' f., 'X .,. X -ET' L wk Nh '- 7 , , 'H "We've got spirit" . . . continuing the tradition, VPHS had its sixth annual Spirit Week preceding the October 31 game with crosstown rival, Orange High School. Seniors painted a toilet silver and placed it on top of the round house. Juniors, with the help of Donegan's Funeral Home, used a hearse and casket to figuratively bury the Orange Panther in Tuesday's assembly. Soph- omores actually hung Orange in the olive trees of VPHS. Each class competed with the other two to display the most enthusiasm but at Friday's pep rally and game students united in spirit. ,,w'. fi With overflowing spirit, exuberant members Forum t .Th 'l th "t of the Villa Park Football team piled onto the during Fgggy's sgpegasllyy exiting Zsieitl Junior pallbearers Jerry Nichol, Chuck Carl- rites for the death of Orange Panthers The school with spirit-VPH Senior Bob Gumpertz breaks out of his egg SON, Sieve Tarabilda. Skip Roland, Terry Spirit Week. shell, mocking the birth of 3 Spartan, Engle, and Richard Hill solemnly prepare last ,,j,,v-Y 34-Activities nf" of a Spartan." Adding enthusiastic K of hF"7.,r-. L, S 1, armani. ,, 75.-,.-..M'-1 ,r . - is . -:-TAWK-s.'. "-?1""'i'F'A 'NUQ'1"'5-.u - K '. S as .,,,,.q- :. 5-I-43,14 ..f'N.,,.t,,,-v . . ' s - ' ' .-.yi---2'-.'f::'111g-w3g+.3x":+2'-Q, eg , -.A -s . -5' -. ,- K f 'Qt'-'fft Y -h . n an .I pi 5 t'.- .gs X' ' .ue-.wskii , 1,654-. 1'ir?5,EgL -Q.-i '.:rY?- 15 ..-180 ft-'A 'D ' B' N .. .f l... .'r' 'NN' .u 'hmiiis U19 C0-ODGFHNOH of A.S-B- DfeSid9f1T, Bob cheering and singing, the Salvation Band set were rewarded by becoming class competi- fhe CIGSS of '70 Pfeseflfed "The out to prove their Spartan Spirit. The Seniors tion winners. roves it during Spirit Week, 1969 Sophomores Greg Williams and Jim Jevec Wednesday in the Forum by the class of '72. portrayed Orange High School's songleaders Boys won ovation. and cheerleaders during assembly presented 3 ' -A f5,. -wsu.- a ' T -Q- --...A ..--,,, ?-,Nw-V M -M .--, ,--Y A I Q-.....s,.,-AY ""N - - 485,4- Dranges hanging from the highest limb sym- olized mounting spirit of Spartans during Lpirit Week. .R ewfi 5?--vw - S - , . - . gg.-.--....,, ..., WM.. ,,..,T,,,,.,,.,,, .,,,, , , ,, ' fi --i......,,, .EM I 'M 'M' 1 xix mul' ul ' n ,- . " ,gh 3555 Y ' 4- N ' 'Q .,-n----"""""""- E E IZIIIIIIHIIII' c W gi' ff gf Xi 1' . AJ .74 1 E51 'llllllllllllilllligill . I n I ' M7 bfi W 6 x mu , HQQK 'wi Q A5553 Q ur" .yy 4? L.. lk Q L -A r h- . lv if .1 e band. The dance proved to be very pros- rous. artan Drill Teamers, Janet Teece, Linda apero, Barb Habif, Diane Gentry, Sue welson, and Sandy Johnson display their ances, elections spotlight 1970 Spring Activities Junior Cindy Lives, escorted by ASB Vice- President Jim Heim, models a black and white party dress from Pickwick in the 1970 Spring activities of 1970 brought forth new bursts of energy and enthusiasm from the Villa Park Spartans. Pep Squad clinics for students who wanted to try out were held March 10-17. Seventy-four girls and for the first time, a few boys, spent many long hours practicing after school. Screen- ing was held Wednesday, March 18 and Thursday, March 19. skillful renditions of patty-cake at "Flash", the Spring Drill Team Show. Spring Fashion Show sponsored by Work Experience class. The traditional Sadie Hawkins Dance featured the L.A. Philharmonic Love and Rhythm Band. The theme was "Courtin' in a Haystackf' Other activi- ties included ASB elections, May Pa- rade, Tradition Day, and the Spring Choral Production. The spring semes- ter was climaxed with the distribu- tion of the Odyssey and finally, grad- uation exercises. Danny Parker and Dona Anderson enthusias- tically practice their cheerleading alter school. JF? D .4 X x Q Q - I 1 s. x , X xv Q2 ' , ii 52'-' 9 ' '35 . . 342 ! 1 ' .V 'IQ7' new ' :sw p I iff Q . , N J Y i Y 1 .1 ns ' : 'M , Q9 Y I ' 4. X I3 A 1,7 A :Q W as :B . V J' A.. 'hs an ' s u v 4 ' HQ 1 x 5, 4 E ' , I l 0 1 I I I I ll ll dl li lj ,. 1. viv- ' Wh no .- I ff' H, I i 5 ! E I f ' r 3 5 . , A 4 .F L .l, ll v U , Y 'Q IQ m""'a , p L n . , "W i.. ,156 . . . 41 , ' '4 '- ik I I GKUW! 1 , . .l , .fit .,.- 'L ,-ff, snag oys Forum gets under way again l l i Spelliscy, Vicki Jarvis, and Colleen Hambly at the first Girls' League assembly. Striving to promote unity among every girl at Villa Park, the Girls' League Cabinet and their committees planned and executed some of the most successful activities of the '69- '70 school year. Some of the League-sponsored ac- tivities held this year were: Big-Little Sister Luncheon, assemblies, the fall Mum Sale, Christmas Formal Fash- ion Show, Date Dad, Carnation Day, Powder-Puff basketball game, Girls' League Week, Sadie Hawkins, and Hi Mom. Members of Girls' League, which consist of every girl at Villa Park High, get ready for a November assembly put on by the Girls League Cabinet and many other hard workers "My Favortie Martian", held this year on January 9, 1970 brought fathers and daugh- ters together for an evening that included . A dinner, entertainment, and a basketball game with Laguna Beach. ACtivitieS-41 Choral department treats the campus to strain SYMPHONIC CHOIR-BOTTOM ROW: Lynne Gladden, Waverly Boling, Debbie Conkey, Chrys Chambers, Laura Luce, Ingrid Katz, Sheryl Amick, Jeri Armstrong, Karen Chamb- lin, Shelley Kennerly, Donna Betts. SECOND ROW: Ric Turner, Lee Francis, Lory Walker, Julie Abrisz, Cindi Williams, Ronna Gaulden, Marcia Roy, Jane Riordan, Cindy Laskowski, Marcia LaGrone, Robyn Kenney, Jim Wesley, Paul Sanberg. THIRD ROW: John Salinis, Dave Teeter, Orins Fast, Gary Roper, Bob Cruz, Kevin Whitley, Steve Capasso, Dave Scott, Mike Potts, Ric Walker, Jim Collins. G The Choral Department, under the f leadership of Mr. William Gould, par- Yi ticipated in various singing activities for clubs, the community and pre- sented the Christmas and Spring Concert for the school. Spartans sang in the Women's Choir, Men's Choir, Symphonic Choir and the Ensemble. Through hard work and practice, the "Singing Spartans" entertained their families and friends. MEN'S CHOIR-BOTTOM ROW: Al Ramos, Steve Strong, Dennis Suggs, Robert Dzina. SECOND ROW: Jeff Willis, Bob Groover, Mark Olson, Paul Kane. THIRD ROW: Mike Mc- Namara, Steve Gibson, Jim Cenami, Leonard Cruz. FOURTH ROW: Dan Neenan, Joe Zam- grripa, Bruce Griffin, Randy Burch, Dave colt. 42-Activities fcontemporary hits i ., ...-. , . . 2' , .,.' . ENSEMBLE - BOTTOM ROW: Jim , Val Humphries, Rod Bledsoe, Carol Steve Schroth, Paul Sandberg. SEC- Bruce Teeter, Chrys Chambers, De Alondo, Laura Luce, Adviser Mr. William ould, Craig Dovey, Barb Dahleen, Bob Cruz, arlene Huff, Terry Lundgren, Jenny Gilmore. IRD ROW: Beverly Vale, Dave Teeter, Liz estigiacomo, John McElheny, Ronna Gaul- n, Rick Turner. J ,yt , . , MN The Vocal Ensemble gave over thirty per- formances this year. Saddleback lnn, Fashion Island, and Rotary Club were included in their busy schedule. The Instrumental Ensemble accompanied the Vocal Ensemble. Members of the Instrumental Ensemble were: Larry Cox, George Humphreys, Gary Lamph, Jim Miller, Carol Minor, Ron Minor, Tod Nalley, Dan Parker, Chris Pirus, Gary Roper, Otto Ryssman. WOMEN'S CHOIR-BOTTOM ROW: Mary Ann Fioretta, Julia Weller, Vickie Iler, Debbie Len- zini, Cindy Trogdon, Diane lannone, Teri Beasly, Susan Sprague, Sheldon Dillingham, Paula Haase, Carol Smith, Connie Cassatt, Bonnie McEwan, Sharon McNamara, Dianne Cooper, Chris Bateson, Nancy Saenz. SEC- OND ROW: Gloria Hubbard, Sheryl Harris, Diaun Moore, Sherry Fitzpatrick, Pam Rosen- bery, Vicki Hess, Melanie Wilson, Diana Eli- assen, Debbie Chalk, Joanne Betts, Shirley Hargis, April Pruitt, Leslie Whitley, Pamela Titus, Nancy Chidder, Karen Porter. THIRD ROW: Geri Leysack, Marti Roach, Cathy Shoemaker, Kathy Johnson, Cindy Elkins, Liz Prestigiacomo, Barb Talbert, Shari Rayburn, Ann Pocinich, Susan Salem, Joan McDonald, Melanie Gilbertson, Marj Olson, Sheryl Amick, Cindy Matsufuji, Shirefen Hensley, Debi Col- lings. FOURTH ROW: Linda King, Cathy Jackson, Linda Moore, Karen Nelson, Cindi Williams, Mary Luhmann, Mya Alps, Lisa Karnes, Roberta Morrow, Cindy South, Ter- rilyn Mahoney, Sally Salem, Susan Parker, Shirley Fritts, Brenda Channell, Karen Szob- onya, Debbie Kidder. Activities-43 TOP HONORS: Bob Rogers, Tim Park, Kyle Smith, Sally Mason display trophies won in competition. Students interested in speech are able to participate in forensic com- petition consistent with university quality through the Forensic Squad. Friendship and cooperative efforts that will carry on in later life are for- mulated on the forensic and debate teams. This year the forensic squad partici- pated in Orange County Speech League contests, local service club contests, national contests, and spe- cial performances. The Forensic Squad is ranked second in Orange County and the Debate Team is ranked first. The Debate Team has also earned championship recognition na- tionally. FORENSICS-BOTTOM ROW: Forrest Dobbs, Gail Resh, Tina Munroe, Lory Walker. SEC- OND ROW: Cynde Glasener, Lynne Gladden, Teresa Wehner, Valerie Crady, Suzanne Jones. THIRD ROW: Kyle Smith, Bill McConnell, Tim Park, Bob Rogers, Trina Bloodworth. TOP ROW: Sally Mason, Robert Boxer, Jim Gar- ver, Marcia Blucker, Mary Calderwood, Ro- chelle Martinez. 44-Activities Speech and music accent man ,il DEBATE TEAM: BOTTOM ROW: Bob Rogers, Bill McConnell, Sally Mason, Teresa Tim Park, Gail Resh, Kyle Smith. TOP ROW: Jim Garver. f Villa Park's activities .' ww'-A 4 ,, . :vt-555' W, ,SS us 14.3- "ma 'Wit ., ,t -33, 1-??' 1, IP BAND - BOTTOM ROW: Steve Petty, OND ROW: Ron Barstad, Todd Nally, Mark Jim Miller. TOP ROW: Otto Ryssman, Dan ne Paajanen, Larry Cox, Greg Yager, Ben Roeske, Randy Lewis, Bonnie Bloodworth, Parker, Mike Allen. vis, George Humphreys, Bill Brown. SEC- ECHESTRA-BOTTOM ROW: Karen Greg- , George Follman, Doris Araujo, Cyndee lrner, Marilyn Miller, Joan Usack, Hope Ksheff, Carla Kleisf, Sue Shephard, Janet ynton, Gary Roper. SECOND ROW: Pam DuMas, Sue Chambers, Pam lronmonger, Robert Dzina, David Griffin, Sandy Johnson, Nancy Hasbrouck, Charlotte Tanner, Jeffery Jacobson, Bob Kirkeby. THIRD ROW: Carol Minor, Christine Pirus, Bill Muisl, Steve Petty, 'ul' l-, Mark Roeske, Randy Lewis, John Primac, Todd Nalley, Ron Minor, Scott Kains, Darryl Crysler. TOP ROW: Marc Haldin, Dan Parker, Mr. Coleman, George Humphreys, Dan Hawk- ins. Activities-45 Language clubs and exchange students add t . Y' V V,ssg f ti wig ' jf' j ., 1 AFS-BOTTOM ROW: Carol Thompson, Patty Steele, Judy Kollar, Mira Perinovic, Cesareo Perez, Jane Riordan, Sue Jones, Ken Shim- izu, Steve Fehr. TOP ROW: Ellen Lancaster, Sally Mason, Debbie Reid, Lin Thurber, Bud Schindler, Harold Lewis, Debbie Neff, Doug Farson. As sponsor of Villa Park's exchange students, the American Field Service helps to promote understanding be- tween young people both abroad and at home. This year the AFS exchange student was Ken Shimizu from Japan. Coming to Villa Park from Kumagaya High School for boys, Ken stayed at the home of the Lynn Shackleford family. Ken's main extra-curricular time is occupied with photography and folk singing. Ken displayed his folk singing talent at the hootenanny. The Youth For Understanding ex- change students were Sylvie Pages from France and Ed Caluag from the Philippines. Sylvie Pages stayed with Leslie Clark and her family after her arrival from Paris. Sylvie's hobbies consist of reading and judo. She has a brown belt in judo. Ed Caluag came to the United States via Hawaii and San Francisco. Al- though he has won prizes in spelling and poetry, Ed enjoys basketball and collecting stamps more. 46-Activities French Club tries to better understand the culture, the language, and the people of France. Some of their events this year have been a progres- sive dinner with French food, singing French carols at rest homes during Christmas time, and a French ban- quet at the end of the year. FRENCH CLUB - BOTTOM ROW: Carol Thompson, Mike Sanna, Lin Thurber, Patty Steele, Amy Finkle. TOP ROW: Eva Sanmar- tini, Doris Araujo, Pam Flatkovic, Flobin Flog- ers, Barb Potter, Annette Wanlass, Miss Kane, Janel Flowe, Nancy McMurtry, Doug Farson. Associated with the Junior Classical League, the Latin Club strives to de- velop friendship among the Latin stu- dents, to increase understanding'of the Roman civilization and to estab- lish Latin traditions. This year the club participated in the Junior Clas- sical League annual state fairs. LATIN CLUB: Bob McLaughlin, Gary Felton, Jim Hayes, Phil McNally, Bob Procter, Dar- lene Odgaard, Fletcher Goldin, Jim Martini. Los Espartanos, better known as the Spanish Club, stimulates students in- terested in the language and culture of the Spanish speaking countries. Trips to the Padua Hills Theater, a regressive dinner, and a Spanish banquet were among the numerous events sponsored by the Los Es- partanos. SPANISH CLUB - BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Rogers, Susan Rogers, Kathy Plowman, Deb- bie Neff, Sandy Goldman. TOP ROW: Allison Houk, Colleen Webber, Colleen McCabe, Debra Meyer, Mary Diaz, Cesareo Perez, Lynne Grignon, Judy Kollar, Pam lronmonger, Vivian Wayne, Jim Zakzeski. Activities-47 Key Club is a service organization designed primarily to promote and carry out services on campus and for the community. This year the Key Club sponsored the Or- phans' assembly at Christmas. They also helped as prop men for the Dorian Horse Show. "S" Club's main objectives are to be of service to the school and community and to prepare members to as- sume leadership in the business and professional world. The Indian drive at Thanksgiving, a Christmas party for the children at Fairview and tutoring at the Friendly Cen- ter were a few of their many projects. KEY CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Jim Garver, Gary Kempton, Steve Pal- mer. SECOND ROW: Bob Young, Rick LeVeque, Wendell Hill. THIRD ROW: John Araujo, Dave Hasbrouck, Pat Mclnally. FOURTH ROW: Steve Tarabilda, John Buchholtz, Jay Butterworth, Rudy Rozema. FIFTH ROW: Rick Passovoy, Jay Kimble, Roger Roena, Jim Collins. TOP ROW: Pete Hart, Jeff Nickel. aan C ci ? i L .Xi .wx i K 'rits ,.- , . ...JN f I f.f i:-.,, v 1 1 1 1, r 'T rv , W., -K . A - 9' - . duzQaf,...a..f....,...+.-.-.,f.auu..-.,M4 A .. ,, WMM ,MMV 1 M i X' - ' fs r W N.. ..f ., , J, , .V - 'reams gzydhg, S CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn Cole, Sue Taylor, Pam Simonson, Robbie Hardtcastle, Stacey Alfieri, Betsy Knaus, Jennifer Boehm, Carol Decker, Mary Burns, Debbie Horn, Jerri Nesmith. SECOND ROW: Celia Forrester, Lorraine Wanlass, Cindy Bertrand, Carol Frame, Karen Frey, Kathy Pierce, Kathy Paulus, Jackie Pierce, Holli Harris, Leslie Haun. THIRD ROW: Barb Rowland, Cynthia Swanson, Jill Strong, Julie 48-Activities Cook, Jaque Hoffman, Dottie Hilton, Chris Roberts, Betsy Young, Kara Killingsworth, Cindy Nagamatsu. TOP ROW: Charlotte Clark, Miche Cleary, Beth Brumley, Karen Marquart, Shirley Weaver, Janet Boynto Sherry Troeller, Robin Dixon, Debbie Malkus, Susan Roberts, Joanr Cokely. s-. .X -W ' ., ,,..,,,, 9 X, f YW' my H- Y' ,, Fi at ,,,.JmshPu1u8Ysavb?9'5'4ts-1' N 'H' ""' , X ,,,,,,..,..- L, 4,,- V ,T .mg ,ill g "gw yt ijirqty--. " f X S, rw ww , -arp,-L , ww ,V ,lt ,Q-Q, +5 jr it .-,5'1m. , Xfa lllflil ...ilrsmss School Tax Eimcs tt .,.. W llll FEBS! a.,,,,., i :aww-wg,-rv, E.. 4 k.,. Wifv- , CSF-BOTTOM ROW: Judy Kollar, Nancy Fitzgerald, Ken Slaughter, Evy Kakis, Linnea Lagerquist, Jim Rappaport, Annette Wanlass, Carol Thompson, Pat Widdicombe, Marsha McKenzie, Patty Steele, Michele Genovese, Susan Cooper, Jim Watanabe, Ingrid Katz, Beverly Vale. SECOND ROW: Bob McLaughlin, Larry Orsak, Anne Ferguson, Kyle Clark, Suzy Young, Mimi Burns, Gretchen Robinson, Stacey Alfieri, Pam Ratkovic, Teresa Wehner, Janet Rowe, Nancy McMurtry, Debbie McClinton, Dona Anderson, Valerie LaBahn, Joan Ewald. THIRD ROW: Steve Fehr, Sheryl Amick, Susan Salem, Lorraine Wanlass, Bronwyn Kiser, Sheila Rosser, Sherri McCluney, Chris Bode, Susan Bradtick, Pamela Walli, Cathy Jackson, Marla Crosswhite, Sheryl Harris, Rox- anne Hadley, Pamela Bower, Linda Sanderson. TOP ROW: Jim Zakze- ski, Tommy Evans, Chris Nicholson, Janet Boynton, Lin Thurber, Bob Procter, Bud Schindler, Cesareo Perez, June Paajanen, Krissa Baylor, Pat Mclnally, Debbie Neff, Amy Finkle, Susan Stahler, John Paulus, Susan Gunther, Fletcher Goldin. Members of CSF, VP's honor group, are required to have a semester grade point average of 3.5 or over upon join- ing. The high point of the year was the annual "Honor Day," which allowed all CSF members a day off from school for a field trip. Xenophon, whose purpose is to discuss events of a social nature, visited the Vendanta Hindu Monastary, a U.S. Navy base on Armed Forces Day and attended a lecture by Margaret Mead. XENOPHON CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Mark Esslinger, Carl .McEwan, Ronnie Cain, Gary Cooper, Bud Schindler. TOP ROW: Adviser Gary Long, Susan Cooper, Phil Schultz, Brian Roos, Jeff Clair. Activities-49 14.31 Auto Club promotes an interest in the field of automotives and tries to improve the image of the automotive industry. The club spent most of its time building a race car to run in the Scholarship Races at Orange County International Raceway. Modern Dance Club develops per- sonal creativity through the art of dance. Orchesis held a Winter Sympo- sium, a Spring Dance Concert, a bake-in, and sold See's suckers. Drama Club enables students to or- ganize and participate in productions. This year the club presented The Rainmaker, The Odd Couple, and a night of one-act plays. The newly formed Reading CIub's purpose is to increase the interest in the literary arts among Villa Park's students. Among their projects was the stocking and cataloguing of ad- viser Mrs. Betty Fisher's paperback library. The purpose of Folk Music Club is to learn more about music and to enjoy getting together and singing. The highlight of the year was the sixth an- nual Hootenanny. its AUTO CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Mike Sullivan, Raymond Davis, Bruce Zard, Ken Hamada, Steve Snyder, Ron Pappas, Mike Kinght. SEC- OND ROW: Brian Albertson, Chuck Bohl, Bill Anderson, Mike Risner, Kurt Nelson, Dave Albertson. THIRD ROW: Jeff Garcia, Marty DRAMA CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Kenji Kan- ishi, Art Barela, Trina Bloodworth, Gail Resh, Rosemary Hilger, Alice Carroll, Valerie Crady, Suzanne Jones, Bill McConnell. TOP ROW: 50-Activities Ron Metcalf, John S. Gray, Forrest Dobbs, Dave Musgrave, Bud Schindler, Tim Park, Rochelle Martinez, Marcia Blucker, Sally Ma- son, Einar Storm, Tina Munroe. Raymond, Andy Brewer, Mike Potts, Lauridsen. FOURTH ROW: Norton Timmy Woods, Steven Nagamatsu, Limas, Jim lsbill. TOP ROW: Mr. Britt Poteet, Randy Marsile, Jim Klimlo Howland. READING CLUB: Valerie Crady, Jones, Wrennie Boling, Raymond Liz Thomas. Iubs contribute spontaneity to the arts NCE CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn Mil- r, Dierra Beauvallier, Susan Cooper, Laura ce, Sally Hoyt, Karen Killingsworth, Carol Ffame- SECOND ROWS Deana Buff. Yvonne Donna Betts, Suzie Brost, Shelley Kennerly, Ede, Jerri Nesmith, Linda Hill, Arlene Nel- Mrs. Saben. son, Laurie Walker. TOP ROW: Mrs. Keppler, --tw' ,M - i 1,7 FOLK MUSIC - BOTTOM ROW: Paul San- Teeter, Jane Riordan. TOP ROW: John Buch- berg, Jennifyr Gilmore, Waverly Boling, Ronna holz, Orin Fast, Mike Potts, Rick Walker, John Gaulden, Debbie Conkey, Gary Roper. SEC- McEIhinney. OND ROW: Marcia Roy, Julie Abrisz, Dave Activities-51 Varied talents add to campus interest lg, As a non-structured club with no of- ficers, Photo Club provided an oppor- tunity to learn the fundamentals of photography for personal enjoyment. Developing creative leadership in the home and community is the purpose of Coed Club. While working on proj- ects for the home, they have also sponsored numerous fund raising events which have financed their rec- reational and social events. Instead of being just a math club, the Math!Chess Club combines mathe- matics with the game of chess. New Mathematical challenges in playing chess are developed in this club. PHOTO CLUB: Bill Jennings, Miko Mayfield, Scott Peterson, NOT SHOWN: Don Carswoll, Dennis Finnegan, Sandy Stevens. Q I I, i ' i J 5 4. COED CLUB - BOTTOM ROW: Wrayanne Nancy Harrington, Kathy Ross. TOP ROW: MATHICHESS CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Underwood, Madeline Tucci, SECOND ROW: Sue Enlow, Paulette Till, Debbie Nelson, Val- cher Goldin, Harold Lewis, Gary Cooper. Connie Maloney, Pat Brown, Susan Glenn, erie Gould, Patty Romero. 52-Activities l , 4 :- I 5 . ,f ,NADP IT .'xA.4 s ,W-INJY ,..u,gal,f: I, 'f-,311-.fl , . I K I , Qi-i.i fs. l ROW: Dale Martin, Steve Harney, Dave Mike McNair. Besides sponsoring the Annual Art Sale, Art Club affiliates the members with new and spontaneous experi- ences. The Van Gogh show at the L.A. Art Museum and "Design 11" were two of the field trips of this year's club. Architectural Design Club, just newly formed, was initiated in order to fur- ther Villa Park students' interest in architecture. Under the leadership of President Otto Hyssman and Vice President John Pentecost, the group is working toward the completion of a model of the school. ART CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Dierra Beauval- lier, Nancy Hubbel, Susan Taylor, Terry Way, Sue Palush, Sally Krum. SECOND HOW: Gloria Munoz, Nanci Nicholson, Pam Simon- son, Sue Crandell, Dinah Sanchez, Carol Frame. THIRD HOW: Patty Larson, Sue Young, Donna Douglas, Cilla Loeffler, Cindy Bertrand. FOURTH HOW: Kari Givan, LuVina Wright, Julie Cook, Michelle Reed, Celia For- rester. FIFTH FIOW: Darlene Greener, Rikkl Fluyle, Anna Calderwood. SIXTH ROW: Nancy McDonald, Sherry Talmage. TOP PIOW: Hap Engle, Gary Hostala, Mr. M. ARCHITECTUAL DESIGN: Bill Miyawaki, Skip Roland, Fton Pappas, Mike De Paola. Steve Hobson, Mike Wilson, Otto Fiyssman. John Pentecost. Activities-53 Participation in clubs promotes awarenes The Olympians inform those inter- ested in mountain climbing and back- packing about equipment and new hiking areas. Pictures and informa- tion of past trips were presented at their meetings. The 'purpose of S.O.S. is clearly stated in its name-Spartan Orphan Support. Some events this year have been visiting the orphanage in Tiju- ana and giving free breakfasts for-the deprived children in Santa Ana. They have also had numerous money mak- ing projects such as the bunny raffle and bake sales. Ghost towns, auctions, coin shows and meetings added to the excite- ment of the study of new and old coins. Meeting during activity period and often after school, members pored over coin catalogues search- ing for coins to enlarge their fantastic collections. OLYMPIANS-FRONT ROW: Brian Huntsman, Ron Jenkins, Brian Roos, Dave Look. BACK ROW: Mike Wittmer, Rick Walker, Charlie Walker, Dan Allen, Bruce Goode, Jim Garver. SOS-BOTTOM ROW: Terri Beasley, Geri Leysack. TOP ROW: Albert Ramos, Cindy sl Baker, Melanie Gilbertson, Dick Arbenz, In- COIN Cl-UB-BO1-1-QM ROW: Dean Hopi grid Katz, Eva Fteplogle, Beth Haines- Mark Goodson, Paul Sanberg. TOP R 54-Activities 'Io'-' fi ' 'S Ur fl,-51.46 af' 4 1 --" 29 -143.141 ra 2- t eg, if 1 Nr 'V .gr -- . , . As a new club on campus, the conversation C'H'fi Dave Scott- Bm GIOOV- and Mme club is striving to promote an awareness of the problem of mans need for his envi- A branch of the YWCA, Y-teens serves the community and helps bring girls to a closer understanding of them- selves through fellowship with others. Besides numerous school centered projects, the girls participated in such projects as volunteer work with hospi- tals, convalescent homes, the Friendly Center, and Fairview. The Conservation Club promotes awareness of the destruction of man's environment by his ignorance and misuse. Efforts to assist in this national problem include the publication of a small book on the views of the prob- lem as expressed by Villa Park Stu- dents and lectures given by park nat- uralists. Y-TEENS - BOTTOM ROW: Patty Steele, Sara Barr, Denise Bancroft, Barb Hoyt, Becky Ginesi, Ftonna Gaulden, Lynda Zwinger, Michele Reed, Sherry Talmage, Jean Smith, Carol Hibbitts. SECOND ROW: Pam Fteid- inger, Connie Fullerton, Lisa Fearns, Jan Billings, Liz Faber, Laura Tanner, Linda Laufenberg, Linda Rodieck, Jennifer Wyman, Sherry Wilson, Nancy Vasquez, Sue Miller, Adrienne Newton, Carol Bales, Lora Mc- Dough, Dona Anderson, Debbie Cate, Chris Hoffman, Cindy Milner. TOP ROW: Yvonne Wadsworth, Teresa Terry, Janet Knutsen, Mary Pocinich, Debi Sorenson, Debbie Con- key, Barb Cassatt, Sue Dugan, Sharon Bruce. ronment and of his destruction of that envi- ronment. li l x , 3 'K . 4 1 , a , t, gus- Nh-.. 11,13 Activities-55 1 'fr fw 'll' 9-gy. K ,HM T 1-4 Q 1. ,. -Q. vt . .N A M. 1 , ,AA WSW? 5 L ima .Mig .V . 5? K. ..,,, . . T., , ,f,,x., , 5,, Poms Spartan gridders tackle toug Q ROW 1: G. Duncan, C. Quiram, D. Luchau, M. D. Hedlund, S. Lazano, M. Hoyt, B. McKenzie, Vincent, M. Trebing, B. Young, S. Wright, M MCIFTYOSVT, D- BUCK. D- MUSQVHVG, J. Buckholtz, B. Grimm, P. Hart. ROW 3: R. Thompson, D. Chickie, C. Kincaid, S. Panattoni. T. Herold. ROW 2: M. Cohick, J. Kemper, gal . ...M Al 58-S ports WMA. f ani TOP ROW: Dave Medigovich, Jeff Gressard, Herold. LAST ROW: Dave Lucnau, Bob- AI Thompson, John Tully. MIDDLE ROW: Grimm, Paul Hart, Tom Channeli. Rash Ansari, Don Buck, Bob Rogers, Tim M12 4 i ,j-flu ,' :fn - "'- A 0 . X '5 f , ww f .5,, '11 s-api? I F, TN J 144 A" ' " Q " nfs .- , -' 4. Q 91 gf , X tj. , 2 N 'N 1 X K 2 Qs xv' K "xi X . sy. 'Q ,HL I T41 f ., t, I 1 A l 3 M5 3 ,fa 'K SS' Yu. 'EX .x .1 QB I X 'Q G 61. if Eff? Nfflt W 56 1- 3 - if Q ' r MY! 215, X IJ -V' A xx XA ,r .. 70 .. mx,-L gi V fx- . 3 A F' I Q1 if 51, ...AQ iw 's -T , I 5 ly efeat carries varsity into league action Laguna n October 3 the Spartans traveled Laguna Beach for the league pener against the Artists. John Tully red a 30 yard pass to Paul Hart who rambled to the six yard line. Bob ogers then took the ball in for the ore. Pat Mclnally added the extra int. The Artists came back quickly score six points with only 16 sec- ds left to go in the half. The second lf started when Dave Medigovich owed his running ability by running to the end zone for a touchdown. he conversion attempt was no good. ter that same quarter, Gordon Dun- n carried the ball for another touch- wn. More scoring came later with th Medigovich and Rogers crossing e goal line. V.P. ended up on top -6. lGHT: Most Valuable Player of this year, Eve Medigovich, shows his running strength ainst the Laguna Artists. -iw 1 ,tl .ru I W.. VK .vwyk .A 1-- a MR RIP-Laguna: Mclntosh San Clemente Villa Park's first league game at home was played on October 10 against a fired-up San Clemente team. The first half was entirely Spartan. Bob Grimm tackled the Triton punter in the SCHS endzone for a safety and two points in the first quarter. Pat Mclnally kicked a 14 yard field goal in the sec- ond quarter to make the score 5-0 at the end of the half. Mclnally booted a 49 yard field goal in the third period to shatter the Orange County record and increase the Spartan lead to 8-0. But in the final period the Tritons scored a touchdown and added a two- point conversion to make the final score 8-8. LEFT: Junior Pat Mclnally hands the ball to senior running back Dave Medigovich. MB RIP-San Clemente: Herold Sports-61 I MR RIP-Foothill: Thompson El Modena District rival El Modena was next on the Spartan football list. The game was played on a chilly October even- ing at Fred Kelley Field and was the first testfor Villa Park to decide who wouldwin the coveted "City Cham- pionship." Vanguards from El Modena jumped to a quick 7-0 lead in the first quarter on a long touchdown pass and a successful point after play. Tak- ing advantage of a Spartan fumble in the second quarter, the Vanguards tallied again to set the halftime score at 13-0. Villa Park stluck for a quick six points on the initial drive of the third quarter. The scoring play was originally planned as a field goal, but the snap from center was so high that quartetback Pat Mclnally was forced to pass to halfback Dave Medigovich. VPHS made a gallant struggle in the fourth period, but El Modena's de- fense held and the Vanguards walked off the field with their first win. MR RIP-El Modena: Herold 62-Sports 5sN fa if f. . . ,U .-,,. 4 5. Lf' Foothill Explosive, powerful, undefeated three games, the Knights from Fo hill promised to be Villa Park's bi gest challenge in 1969. Both tea looked impressive throughout the fir quarter. Second quarter action saw massive drive executed by t Knights who scored the first poin of the evening. Spartan Paul Hart, d termined to make his team come ba and score charged through the Foo hill line to jar the ball loose fro the Knight Q.B. Bob Grimm alert scooped up the ball and ran 34 yar for a T.D. At half the score was kno ted at 7-7. Foothill went on to soo two more touchdowns and remain u defeated with a 21-7 victory. LEFT: Number 12 Dave Medigovich, M Valuable Player of '69 heads down the sid line in the Foothill game. BELOW: After interception Dave Lachau is tackled b Vanguards. partans charge on in gridiron contest Mission Viejo and lightning ruled Orange ounty skies on the night preceding e November Villa Park- Mission iejo contest at Mission Stadium, and e Spartan footballers carried it over ep next night as they rolled by a hap- ss Diablo team by a score of 34-7. ffensive leaders Pat Mclnally, Paul art, Dave Luchau, and Gordon Dun- n all scored touchdowns in pacing e Spartans to their second league in. An amazing four touchdowns ere scored in the first quarter alone. ission scored one touchdown on a yard halfback pass and PAT in the me period. Mclnally clinched the me in the third quarter when he unged into the end zone from the ur yard line. GHT: Rash Ansari makes yardage in a oken-field run. R RIP-Mission Viejo: Thompson Orange In the seventh game of the season, the Spartans met Orange High's Pan- thers in a cross-town battle on Hal- loween night. The first set of downs saw Orange move 83 yards for the first score of the game. Late in the second quarter a near perfect Pat Mc- lnally punt went out of bounds at the Panther three yard line. As Orange at- tempted to move the ball downfield, guard Jeff Gressard caught a Panther ball carrier in the end zone for two points to account for the first and only Spartan scoring. The rest of the scor- ing came late in the game and was all Panthers. Orange got three touch- downs, all in the air. Two of the touch- downs were by quarterback Mike Churchward and the other was an in- terception of a Mclnally pass. The final score was a disheartening 28-2. MR RIP-Orange: Gressard Team Captain, Gressard, crushes Orange with the help of Tom Channell and Gordon Duncan. ' ,nh .At . gg, i,1, M. gK."jvx:.:a'v' "' 'V I .ix ,, 1 . 3 . . n l ?g3e,f.4"' ,, . Spartan victory over Tillers establishes ne Tustin Villa Park started its final game of the season with a bang, The Spartan eleven received the kick-off and trav- eled 63 yards in ten plays. Dave Medi- govich gave VPHS its first score. Only minutes later the Spartan front four caused a Tustin fumble which led Pat Mclnally to a 25 yard field goal. Medi- govich again got the Spartans going as he started the second quarter with a 60 yard touchdown run. The second Villa Park drive of the quarter was stopped by a fumble and Tustin capi- talized with a scoring pass. On the next series of downs, VPHS went 43 yards and Dave Luchau capped the drive with a four yard plunge. In the third quarter, Tustin minimized the Spartan's lead 23-16 with another scoring pass from quarterback Cor- nahen. Both teams scored six points more in the fourth period, but it was not enough for the Tillers as the final score rested at 29-25-Spartans the victors. MR FllP-Tustin: Gressard Anxious V.P. coaches toss coin to decide the lucky guy who has to sit in the press box. 64-Sports ABOVE: Pat Mclnally, junior quarterback extra point kicker, practices field tempts. In the San Clemente booted the ball an amazing 49 yards, just 2 yards short of the CIF record. LEFT: Players listen intently to what lke sa as the varsity team prepares for big gam Ike Isaacson Dave Colville arney Greathouse omecoming tradition Coaching high school football de- mands many hours of hard work and dedication. Head coach Kermit "Ike" Isaacson demonstated these qualities while guiding the Spartan gridders to a successful 4-4-1 football season. Isaacson, in his sixth season at Villa Park High School, headed an ener- getic staff of assistants: Dave Colville lend coachl, Bob Pomeroy ldefensive coacht, and Bob Hummell llinebacker coacht, who also coached the junior varsity team. Coach Bob Pomeroy Barney Greathouse, in his fourth year on the Villa Park staff, kept the boy's athletic department moving smoothly. He was seen checking locks, repair- ing equipment, and handing out uni- forms. Barney's first job at V.P. was to reorganize the handling of athletic equipment. Ever since then he has kept both boys and balls in bouncing condition, and has put new ideas into effect. Much precious time has been saved because of Barney's efficiency in handling and management. His out- going personality has won him many friends. 2 I Pla.. Coach Bob Hummell '. - .-,nwvem x ff A 4 .,' A . A. 0 ,.Eg,A ' ROW 1: P. LoPiccllo, R. Smotherman, M. 'Kane, K. Nelson, M. DePaola, J. Kimble, S.. Heartman, M. Gibson, L. Lentz, G. Gatlun, J. DePaola, B. Allen, 'J. Willis. ROW 3: R. Wess, Morris, R. Rome. ROW 2: H. Gregorik, S. M. Wyrick, B- He-pr1er,J. Beam, M. Combs, M. 4xLUP4 xr! Mau Coach RUSS Murphy coach Mel Grable Umatum, R. Sherman, G. Kempton. ROW T. Olements, J. Hartwell, S. Shepard, G Guire, T. Cramere, T. Davis, P. Klein, G BELOW: The mighty Bees struggle hard thwart San Clemente opponents, but effort was not enough to conquer, the score was VP 12, San Clemente 28. 66-Sports -if ivals fall to Bees, Iuckless Cees yield an M,- Mike Blakley dodges his opponent and streaks for the goal line. D Dobbs E Mme, T Mcconchle 3 Stueler D Overman J Nnckel J Meyers C A. Newton, R. Peterson, G. Hoesterey, M. M Adwell L McKelvey K Slaugh Bode ROW 3 A Franzone Cmgrb H Geb McNamara. Spo rts-67 Distance runners' hard work pays off i VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY-Bob Large. Steve Greenberg. Richard Walker, Joe I John Walker, Bill Moore. Perry Forrester. Mike Sanna. manager. X- ' 1 N i AQIAN - .tilts mum' g. ABOVE: Brian Huntsman, Chris Hughes, and BELOW: Don't start something you can't Joe Bova: Spartan Cross Country runners in action. 68-Sports Mgue battle R HW ad Coach Bob McKie was responsible for Top runner Bill Moore finishes a ruelin run , 9 9 Egest cross-country turn-out in VPHS history. a9a'nST Laguna- Moore C0nSiSfef1UY led team- T IX? gl Allen, B. Huntsman. SECOND ROW: R. VARSITY TEAM-BOTTOM ROW: M. Cort, T. Berry, R. Porter, C. Hughes, B. BOQQS. G. Felton, R. Santana, M, Fitzpatrick, J. C. Graham, J. Peterson, M. Britmeyer, P. Bailey. TOP ROW: Fl. Wedaa, M. Roeske, Gafvef. T. Evans. Sports-69 P' L I 1 , ' J, N x s X ,, , N X A , 4 r ' 5 1 we K X pw if , Ry Q 1, , js, .SL af, l ,ri I f -. ., -.. lm 1 QT A 8 Q. QI I Q Q,-A O Q Jax nw, ' " L DY 51 -V - . . if 515 'Q' ' if ' , v f Q . .vs -ww, ,yi . ,., K -QQ 4 fx. ., -5 X.. .W ,Q 1 ,. Q 5 .S lx 1 S . L 4 rx 1 .af Xww, 1' if Wfi-ff'-4" W... . AMA' .- K., ww ,fn 1-F, will VIS' . ..',x, ,.. V- 6,0 x , gs J: Q "-. 'F R, . 'iw ..,,wf x 4 f- -- f ,fe 4 ?L Ami ,-'Q A -Q-v . gr -s ,mf N-1. A -4 -.V if--V-., X. . v.. ,f 'L ,fy . ,- , W N L!"""' , 5,7 flgi:',.'t f?f 'Uf:,Ll ,Qi-1 , Ing. .4 'Lif-tif, feifkqkfgg , 1'-1 A. 5 1 V , 5 . -,,v5'z,.: ,,,s , "" .f - ,.-Q. - ' -- -: 1 - 5 I " V ' 1092 H WA, A ' "r,f5iQ ' Qs ' Q x Q Zi ,J A . -w 1 1 . A, f f V f .f 3, J -s..,...., g: ,- ,aa w,f?F5'hw Tn N 'xx f vs Jew x L-xii rx, - .Nw . fx Q H f ll '- 5 ' 'T Q N PQ 15.2 N . i N -. . N . . Ska, kr Re 5 ' S , i Sw x f Vw , Ys 'x M x G f ':1z'e X 5' Q R w x - r ' A , xi? M Qi NNSQQQ fx . -' ,. A '- X X ,. w 1 , ww -- f ' M X B W S Q W . . 1- K 'Aw A K X - I WV' ' QQFQQXL h T ax 1 . xi Q -N 5' ink: few., . A -ww. Q EQ? .L ? aff' -- :Q--i ga- f'gqafz if N ' .QM 7, PM 5 - ' fb... KX Q , .grin ,135 . wi Q Q Q V wA" ,fssy is Q it v Vx X R N. i ., N N X xx Ni W X X w V' 5 gk X . i N, x ' , .,, .. .. . ex..a,w:-we-.-ffw,.v.'+1Q-1 'N hw., ig-xv ' K X A n -S. 'S X x .4 Ev I X W E: R' YS x xr Qi e f X -. zu . o ,SS mi . iff K. . ....t . . . K- - - .- - - tfffa? A 'Y Q- my A , + in . . , . k if i: S Q u W X 1 .iwm , f rm ,' 1 4 ' cvvwff A - Wg A ,fl Q . fi, A ., f A . ia , M,,G M 'K . Q w ,...., I nw W v y 1 f 1 f QA , , 'MW six Us , Q,i F 4 5 , " :Mme A f i .N X ' if 3 . ,,, W ae 53 s. Q Q X K Y sw " mx Km s ' S-. P Q Aw ,fjgf . f Ju., f , " . , -1 ,. ,- X P322 ,, AN L , "filing: . 1 ' mx! I Q it . x .ME X . K- k""'Qp.f't A S 5' -1 A, -Q:-s'!J'!'H' : .W . :Jf ,V 1...-'if LEFT: All league and all county man Stan Hein is caught in mid-air against Laguna. ABOVE: Chris Lacher leads Spartans to first 'CIF victory. LEFT: Mark Olson shows why he was voted All-League and All-CIF. f s JV'S finis ,A I...- LEFT: Have a ball. ABOVE: Jim Heim shows str ength on boards against Laguna. i,f ABOVE: Spartan team members celebrate 65 victory over Foothill Knights. econdg brighten varsity hopes for future . BASKETBALL-BOTTOM ROW: J. Corby, S. Roland. TOP ROW: W. Shirley, R. Arbenz, Peterson, S. Wright, R. Landrum, J. Kilroy, G. McMurran, F. Fiorito, B. Young, E. Hayes, fl J V Coach-Myron Brown C. Kennedy, B. Cramer, P. Lacher, P. Boulger, M Brown MVP-Charlie Kennedy Sports-77 . . V -. ..,..-www V . , 1 1 QMQ ,wg uf " 7 ,mx 9i""'4v Y 7 'ff ai T i ,ik 1 " ' L77-f Lg 1, in '- f ' x 7 f ' h NW 'iw iw E5 1 ' Sm S H,o ,, f .nl ' my X- X .,.'.,,-v , ..,X,x W. sg. W A' ' 1 8 m hwsgbsil f Ai gg, W 4' J . 5 N 3 XX ik J Juniors and Sophs make fine showingg wrestlin J-V- WRESTLING-TOP ROW3 Mr- Hummell. Fisher, P. Davies, D. Wywrick, C. Kincaid, Mr. E. Anderson, S. Karns, K. Bode, M. Chiclo, K. Thompson. BOTTOM HOW: C- Cessna, J. Head Coach Bob Hummell 80-Sports Villa Park's junior varsity wrestling squad ironed out their Crestview League opponents while fighting to a 0-0 seasonal record. Coach Don Thompson's Spartan-grapplers were led by Scott Karns, voted most valu- able wrestler for the J.V. team. Rappaport, W. Large, J. Zamarripa, K. Conchie, H. Gebhard, M. Nippert, T. Morl Assistant Coach Don Thompson ture looks good Al" Thompson, most valuable wrestler, Gary Dix, one of Villa Park's top grapplers, Gary Johnson, the smallest wrestler for V.P. first V.P. athlete to win a CIF cham- took second place in the league tournament. took first place in league play and entered CIF. '1- Q ANS .,,.:1Aliqp,,,t ..,,.,,,. an xi. Wheeler, one of the varsity's top wrestlers a match with Santa Ana. Rest is bliss for Mick Nippert after six minutes year, prepares to down his opponent in of exhausting grappling in the Santa Ana match. Sports-81 A I 4, - 'T 1 .D Q, Wilt-in K ': ' txsff sgg f' ALj k W , 5 ' M fx E' If I . y -t . X SN ,' ss " P S H ' hx x 'N rim f J, ig N ' M v rpv' i 'mv' M' f. j' X xl V V 5 A . 4 A 0 4 I -NA X i 11 x 44L! A ,,,, 'Q I Vt 5 if Q., X. x ., X X Q! ff' k . 5? V - , f- ' ' X.. ' ' k ,.,,.. J, ,, ..- . ......, N. .fm - . -.. . , - ",..q,- - - -'W f- v- f . .. ,- . , S V ,. K K , ' x T ,- Ax , 1 X ' , x,,,- ,M .R , . ,li , -v K., . W v .- ww! . W . W , . , , ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,k ,.,,-FY, K ,,. ..A Aw..,1vx-7-:--7:- -3-JQQY-,.--.Y 4:--T. 7,3--:::..A.f..-fu-1 L, ,. - 1-QA, 84. ' W- Mr...--..:.9f-'p:"' - -...Q-' - ..-..-- .. ..f,,.:-. .--Q-- - 1 - X K' , .Q ' ,.., ,,.-M-,.,,v ,,Ngk..'7'f' W . A : ' ' , - ' 7: , N .A M.. , . . , . Q ., b , A , J. N A M I I Al. r. Q. ...ap-' :iQ- ,, . 'm e-if-s xg I, pecializing Spartans set new records Q .J . v ,.,, i 1-.F ,tw . 1 J' rf I , 21-ff"', A ' s .,, 'Q 'y ..f' ' K " ' K -.4-4 'il ,fwqm "YM -V I '4A" . A "' K ,W-'si ,. .. ,4w! ri ' 43137- M. , f a... . e Hart demonstrates his record-breaking Three year track veteran Bob Procter passes chance to see what would happen in league V4" jump earning first place against Laguna. the UDSTOF1 to iUf1i0f FUCK BUUGY, during the DYHY- Tustln Relays. This meet gave everybody a K , L, - J ' , 1, n - .H A V, sn K k'Q,.v 4 V t ' - p ' A "L-- - V V .Q-g f" Lou .-.MN , .3-15 nior trackman Gary Fox demonstrates his Relays held on March 14. Villa Park made a Don Buck, probably the best man in the field perior skill ln the low hurdles at the Tustin fine showing in the hurdles and other events. of discus throwing, exhibits the winning form. The "Big Four" guide trac S -.w-wif, ' .,,. ,'1' i z , I Phil Thoner-In his third Dave Colville-A four year veteran B0b,MCK'e-Head Coach of Vina Bob G'f'mhe'-Just Started Cqac year of track, he watches at coaching track, he handles dashes Parks track team for the Past 'ng the Yea' at VR- '-0n9.1u. over the hurdles and dis- and sprints. f0Uf Yeafs- and high lUmD afe VNS Spec'-aifle IBDCG l'Uf'll'19I'S. TOP VARSITY FIELD MEN: Jeff Gressard- Long Jump 81 Triple Jumpg Pete Hart-High the old school record and maintain the Pole Vaultg Don Buck-Shot Put 81 Discus: Jump. Pete has jumped over 6'6" to break mark in league action. Nick Buscaglio-Pole Vaultg Jim McAferty 84-S po rts v S 1 A W we XX S , x 45 M XY. 1 S W 53:21 X ,4 f E I I' :ff x . 4 f 1 'LK E 5 fl J' .5 x Q s EW ,,,, W 1. I A .I Ns Q x A 44 x mx v A R A N Y L, K iff! N if I Q . . ABOVE: Rich Hill delivers a lightning over- head serve against his opponent during inter- league play. ABOVE CENTER: Ron Metcalf shows that a serve becomes a powerful weapon when handled with force and speed. ABOVE RIGHT: Ron Metcalf drives the ball back over the net with a quick and accurate forehand during play. RIGHT: A superb forehand is demonstrated by Jeff Kime as he returns the ball for the win- ning point. Assured of a rugged field of competi- tion in the Crestview League, the Spartan tennis team fought long and hard. Coach Tim Owen's racketeers played a record 21 matches through- out the 1970 season and scored early wins against non-league teams from Huntington Beach, Pacifica, and Sav- anna High Schools. Jeff Kime and Ron Metcalf proved pro- ficient seniors on the squad while Andy Chang, Rich Hill and Skip Ro- land demonstrated junior "brute power." 86-S po rts A x yg etmen wage heated battles on courts RSITY TENNIS-TOP FIOWI Coach Tim calf, J. Kime, S. Roland, S. Slack, E. Anderson ens, L. Francis, A. Chang, R. Hill, R. Met- Q, , ,.l,.'f- , ,.., . .- ,--,......,2. 'V'- '3' 5 .....,.,.-...- ..-.-.,. ...... ,..,.. .. .,,. X4 -,,,...-,.,,,,..,.,.,...,,.,,........... .A f-1 ,Q , X ufswx P-' 3 rr 'g . ' 11, , ' f' ' ' 'A ' '- 1--- f Q 5 .47-,,, eV ,,4',1-.Lain f Y, 'qrf-2 ka ' .lr .q - 1 D . I I L ' ' W ll X Q.. 4 I 1 1 'f .4 , 1 1 A 4 6 lf '- ' 5 if aux I 7 A 1 1 T Til I L l 5 4 l .. . ., . . . L 7.1. . r, 11 ' III? 1111, f'f .Vt . . ff. , , ww- r Q Q . 4 ' 'ff' 0.4 4..qQx,. 1' ,.-.,. ,'., ' 'Q ..,., ,, ,Q VARSITY TENNIS: Coach Tim Owens, dock, R. West. R. Peterson. K. Bailx, S. Kane. Marshall, G. Hoffman, C. Cessna, G. Had- Sports-87 Teamwork and coordination become valuabl B4-LA...-Q.4.g.,,,,, ,'!"f' Fi. :S- VARSITY BASEBALL-BOTTOM ROW: Mike Combs, Dave Jarvis, Bill Storey, Scott McCon- nell, Rosh Ansari, Wendell Hill, Dave Medi- , hi,...1 ' Head Coach Mel Grable 88-Sports govich, Bob Rogers. TOP ROW: Buddy Good- rich, Art Febing, Randy Pruitt, Rick Millard, Dean Lyman, John Tully, Rick Beardsley, Tom Visions of victory greeted Villa Park's baseball team as the 1970 season opened. Blessed with fluid mobility and a potent scoring offense, Coach Mel Grable's defending Crestview League champs faced stiff opposition in the early going while compiling a 2-2 pre-league win-loss record. Re- turning to the lineup for the 1970 sea- son were Iettermen Mark Olson, Bob Rogers, Tom Channell, Art Fiebing, Dave Jarvis, Scott McConnell, Rick Millard, and Rosh Ansari. These men were responsible for providing the team's leadership. Opening the 1970 Crestview cam- paign, the Spartan Nine erupted for seven runs in the second inning against Laguna Beach and went on to win by a score of 8-4. A highlight of the season was the cross town clash be- tween Orange and Villa Park. Channell, Mark Olson, Bruce Banning Mel Grable. arsity assets .- , i .- X' , . , ' . ' ,OW: First baseman Dave Medigovich and ch Mel Grable look upon fallen Katella Ier. Despite the injury, the Knights won the e 3-2. . X X., X M4 5 'i 1 it vu ws. .1 F1 I A- ml.. L I ABOVE: Bob Rogers, who was sidelined dur- ing football because of injuries, will once again be benched. He broke his finger during practice and will miss some of the opening games of the season. ln front of VPHS team members, Tom Chan- nell goes over baseball signals to refresh their memories. I' ie ,.,s,,,T.f.- Q- Rza, :sale-swfitil' Y!Ei21'e2 ...was t .mf vw, .1 ' Q t ' ,K 7,33 re .: 5 f' -stu nn., . I A U .. if W tixg gigs' 'Y .5,,,A:v--4 f W -,1 --,,,. Quart, ,, ggrk ,,-tina., Z V 'gf wS:iftii5tPt?5se?": "' s ' - W, ...f,g, . wf:1---'.'-f.v-...,g-- '- , A 51... ,..,,:d,Q.:5. , E uf. we .- - r ., ..X2'1"f" 'ftzzs V .- W ,-Fffa,-1. .rf-1 'f 3 - V fa M... me f l"'4"'f:4f"" "'7f'5 M , V -if-gym.-gihps.-: if fwf r g,,k9,5',s,fg,",,,,?,s,,:,,,f',-gf' "if3x2r,g- ' A 'a ft' 99' "5 ff ' f 12 Dean Lyman, one of this year's leading pitch- ers, shows his strength and skill against Magnolia. -I M s During a scrimmage game with Magnolia High, Wendell Hill drives one down the foul line. i iililllll 0' ' . Q J ,. 5 Q , A ' .4 is I . A V- 'A l V1?w1t'z,f, "2" 4 ' . in lqr,-j.gff'4L,f"u9 r ' K - fi f:':v"" to ' hkga Q. ,gil ,i I ' 74 .. t M" ,va ,L ,,- r - . rl V' , .V t ,, -e ' ' ,5"-vf.- 'Inge ,.Ags+S','cl,,s-2 9' .'?' 1'k:'1'as: . ' . Tom Channell shows great batting form but would probably do better with a bat in his hands. Sports-89 x N.. -1 3 B ' '11, , r ' r N, ' s vi..-1 1.i5 .gg if 'Q I -' -am. . 3 'ff ..4 ,L-'iff . ." 5 " 1 -la typ. ,th ' , F5 1151 gn. .nf f i' I 3 I . .k. 7 .aw-.5 .. . 4 "-Q .,,g . , ,. '-ff , ..,.,.x:+'5?' 35? ff -139 g A . ' v K , MJ Ixf,f :KX .f"t' 5imQd f :1b'f1fp'1pf ., ' '5XI:,:-gw .- .L " ' L I , . , V, -nun -- -P " ,:i..q,-M' , 1' U. Q' 'Y , "' kfwl-,.n' " k ,, V-af-bm --.- . f--.-.,,. .f- " L' 4- --Q: "-"'Aw -- . u x 1' ' A 5332. ..Q. .. Q If 1 -wrath ry ja-,'Wvw me 1 -.5 If" L- :L- f 5 W AL -:guru 1, - 1 .75-:A buf... ...-.H . -K. .!"-----A--4 4 I .s ,,....- , , Ns' 5355 iffi :Rf J V "13fii5,!v:,.Q-N,,b2l2fJ ' ?1 P3 A ' M, ' 43 r ' , . , , X ,, X K :ml 1 ,fd 'sl A 1 'IQ .2 ll 4 1. 1 7 1.43 ' eams gain experience through practice f ll x. time sw f' -oach Gary Snyder, during his first year at Outfielder Dennis Peck anxiously sits on the illa Park High School, led the Bee Basket- sophomore team bench while he waits his Ell and Soph. Baseball teams to successful turn to bat, and waits, and waits, and waits. .. asons. PHOMORE BASEBALL - BOTTOM ROW: Smothermon, D. Peck, R. Schaaf. TOP ROW: pane' G, McMurran, J, Fitzpatrick, D. Oltrogge, Tamai, F- Torina. M- Tedesco, J- Willis, Fl- Coach Snyder, B. Jones, F. Troute, M. Tim- R, Gregorek, Sports-93 Golfers have Green River links and are back I Sun-swept and well-conditioned, the 1970 Spartan golf machine cranked up and bolted loose in the Crestview League. Competing against teams from Laguna Beach, Foothill, Orange, San Clemente, Tustin, Mission Viejo, and El Modena the Phil Johnston- coached golfers sported a balanced team effort in 1970. Senior Hap Engle and junior Ftandy Lauridsen starred for the team. Many hot afternoons were spent prac- ticing at the Spartan's home course at Green River, and weekends supplied extra time at the golf 'ranch to perfect skills and individual talents. Villa Park's golf team lined up a busy schedule, often the linksters played two competitors in one week. 94-S po rts N ., ,, N 1 gf Coach Phil Johnston VARSITY GOLF TEAM: Ed Kane, Hap Randy Lauridsen, Steve Wright, Dave burn. Hap Engle-3 year veteran ix 'Wg Q ,fy 4 'F' r 0 , 1 'A ! . 3 ' V W , xy- y, ,af NS, ,B S Jig, 5' -auf 5 x 4. E, is K if X 1 PD ' f Q A 'X 4 1 V es J :Iggy Q' . ,qfrffqg f ,. gg v . lens, 5 .g 6, .. . ff -M 3 J 2 5 'Q E QQ if l PM Wy-M.-.uandinngn .-. . 4 .M-.u ' -2 -V--N-- .5 . -X f PP '3- - fx 5 Q . r r Y VJ V I' 9 : -. Qif'f 'fra l W . . , ,Q 4, L ,. N I Pl- f I ,Q J' Q Y N31 3 :p . I rf A' is ,W . ,J - h is T N gg? ' I Q - . , ,hz LETTERMEN S CLUB BOTTOM ROW: Steph- anie Spelllscy Lisa Fearns Nancy Walker. SECOND ROW Mark Mlyawaki Greg Gatlin Mike Gibson Dave Medlgovlch Larry Walker Bob Grimm Larry Peterson Chris Bode Jim Rappaport John Araugo THIRD ROW: Bill Young Tom Evans Skip Roland Steve Tara- bilda Pat Mclnally Bob Young Bill Cramer Ron Todd Rick LeVeque Chuck Carlson Tom Davies. To earn money that could be put to use in improving the athletic depart- ment, the Lettermen's Club spon- sored the "We're No. 1" Dance. They co-sponsored the Faculty-Lettermen Donkey Basketball Game with the Var- sity Club. Besides promoting athletic excellence and sportsmanship, the Varsity Club sponsored the Father- Son Banquet. VARSITY CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Dave Medi- govich, Ron Metcalf, Jeff Gressard, Hap Engle, Dan Shoda. SECOND ROW: Bob Grimm, Paul Hart, Don Buck, Rod Bledsoe, Bob Large. THIRD ROW: Scott McConnell, Steve Palmer, Dave White, Chris Hughes. FOURTH ROW: Jim Heim, Peter Hart, John Tully, Rick Cort, Bob Rogers. FIFTH ROW: Larry Walker, Steve Wright, Mark Mclntosh, Pete Grover, AI Thompson. TOP ROW: Tom Channell, Ron Todd, Pat Mclnally, Gordon Duncan, Dave Hasbrouck. Activities-97 t wg .xv rf: QD 1 311,4- fiiifvi? lf' '-t.U3'-iii '- 33:4- Qlvgffis Vi fr? WSE 'WSG l Q ' ' PNTSS f Hr, Qi I ' s ,.i.i?x- fy -W i I V nal!! i l l ft 1" H . 1, A ,-,,,., Q' .f l 'if A ,rn ' .rl G.A.A. CABINET- BOTTOM ROW: Shelley Wilson, Sue Young, Jan Collings, Betsy Knaus. SECOND ROW: Julie Ramirez, Cindy Nagamatsu, Nancy Vasquez, Barb Scheid, Encouraging good sportsmanship in all of their activities, Girl's Athletic As- sociation sparked the minds of ath- letic-minded girls with their many events. Spurred on by President Jan Collings and their advisers, the mem- bers pursued greater knowledge of sports as they entered into practices Shirley Fritts. TOP ROW: Shirley Weaver, Karen Durst, Marsha Kleist, Mary Burns, Jean- nie McGinnis. and playdays. Inter-school playdays, one of the most important events of the year, promoted friendship. Start- ing the year off with basketball, the G.A.A. continued to offer more excit- ing sports, such as field hockey, vol- leyball, baseball, tennis, and badmin- ton. Each sport lasted one quarter. Villa Park's Girls Athletic Associations em- semester received a similar patch for her blem as seen at the Patch Party held on Jan. 27th, Each new girl who had completed a 98-Girls' Sports black shorts. Frustrated Miss Whipple worked hard and after school as adviser to Villa G.A.A. ci X N . 41 -M-,t.n is V J A A The chosen people in athletics s 'W' I tiivr' .F 'ly' ' i lit, t fun of decorating for Girl-date-Boy on Feb- ruary 14. Social and service activities kept G.A.A. cabinet and members on their toes all year. Big-Little Sister on Octo- ber 16 in room 301 introduced the new members to the old and set the year into motion. The Halloween party, Oc- tober 31, made for funny faces, silly costumes, laughs and thrills. The Patch Party entered the scene in Jan- uary. Valentine's Day brought the annually sponsored "Carousel of Hearts". Christmastime came with "Toys for Tots". Mrs. Bonsall, Jr. G.A.A. teacher, attempts to sneak a piece of cake but gets caught in the act. March was filled with "Shamrocks for Muscular Dystrophy" on the 17th and charitable visits to Florence Nightin- gale Rest Home and Riverdale. The annual Awards Banquet.held in June honored the enthusiastic participants of the year. Kathy, Janet, Chris, Linda, Vicki, Mary, Betsy, Linda, and Jean joyfully display their appre- hensive excitement at G.A.A.'s fifth annual Patch Party held sixth period on January 27th. Girls' Sports-99 Tennis and badminton bring out individua TENNIS DOUBLES-BOTTOM ROW: Karen Durst, Pam Wagner. SECOND ROW: Julie Ramirez, Pam Henning, Nancy Chidder, Laurie Kuhn, Cindy Kuhn, Marsha Kleist, Bronwyn Kiser. TOP ROW: Cindy Ketchum, Sheila Pickles, Alice Carroll, Susan Parker, Leslie Haun, Bonnie Tarabilda, Linda Rodieck, Janet Knutsen, Linda Laufenberg, Debbie McClinton. Tennis was the individual sport of- fered by G.A.A. first semester. Contin- ually running the track or the courts, fast-footed tennis team members drilled at their skills until they reached peak performance. Although not too successful at inter-school tourna- ments, the team provided VPHS champions with Spartan pride in ac- tion. TENNIS SINGLES-BOTTOM ROW: Darlene Fairchild, Mary Fioretta, Cheryl Rusk, Nancy Wicman, TOP ROW: Ann Ferguson. Mary Po- cinich. Chris Nicholson. Jan Billings, Terry Fiebing, Barb Hoyt, Sue Shepard. 100-Girls' Sports Linda Rodieck, member of first place doubles, dashes up to return Orange's placed serve. 0 A . ,ww . .tr-. ,Q Senior Marsha Kleist stretches backwards r place a strong serve at Corona D3 n if' S t .ll L-........i ents phomore Cindy Kuhn attempts a running badminton team members for the 1969-1970 ckhand to put the birdie back in the air at year. strenuous practice prior to the selection of ax f vt X nil? LEFT: Badminton team member Laurie Kuhn displays her natural ability at backhand serves. CABOVEJ BADMINTON SINGLES-BOTTOM ROW: Pam Wagner, Kathy Lobeck, Judy Wil- son, Diane Appleby, Betsy Knaus. SECOND ROW: Sue Young, Julie Bergman, June Paa- janen, Jeannie McGinnis. TOP ROW: Connie Merrick, Karen Marquart, Gail Marshall. With the start of the second semester, badminton began. Rackets in hand, the team members set the birdies fly- ing. Jump rope was used as a condi- tioning exercise to get the girls in shape for competition. It was top phys- ical condition that gave the team an edge at the inter-school tournaments. BADMINTON DOUBLES--BOTTOM ROW Ellen Dunn, Sharon Neben, Marsha Kleist Kathy Hindman, Julie Ramirez. SECOND ROW Debbie Moore, Joan Usack, Mary Burns Cindy Kuhn, Cindy Ketchum, Bronwyn Kiser Alice Clark. TOP ROW: Darlene Fairchild Clara Kleist, Laurie Kuhn, Mira Perinovic Terry Fiebing. Girls' Sports-101 G.A.A. Seniors and Juniors strive for pride L i E S' -.-- We 3 r SENIOR TEAM-BOTTOM ROW: Shelly Red- line, Kathy Charles, Dianne Concannon, Sta- cey Alfieri, Nancy Burnette, Betsy Knaus, Sandy Riff. SECOND ROW: Sheila Rosser, Debbie Warner, Mary Burns, Robin Rogers, Sandy Hickoff, Kathy Hindman, Shirley Wea- ver, Sherri McCluney. THIRD ROW: Jackie Hoffman, Ellen Dunn, Jeannie McGinnis, Sha- ron Neben, Debra Meyer, Joan Usack. TOP ROW: Chrissy Nicholson, Jan Colllngs, Karen Marquart. G.A.A.'s team sports played basket- ball to open up the year. After a lazy summer, the basketball courts that they dashed back and forth upon seemed longer. But, by the end of the season, most players had conquered the demands of the game. Seniors took the championship in the inter- class games. The Juniors and Soph- omores proved themselves true to Spartan Determination at the inter- school playdays. Sharon Neben and Robin Rogers watch with hopeful anticipation as Karen Marquart leaps to sink two points for G.A.A, Spartans at the Sortona Del Mar playday held at Villa Park ig . 102-Girls' Sports 4.1. ush for victory fiifisqt t by ,Y , gigs? .. ax. 2 ,s ,K 1-4""" mor Debbie Conkey leaps to return a volley tryouts for V P s Invitational team. el- Junior Debbie Malkus demonstrates the skill of keeping her eyes on the volleyball at all times. 'tif I f""4 . Volleyball was the third quarter sport for G.A.A. team sports. After a few weeks of drilling at the various skills necessary for a good volleyball team member, the work began. On March 14, Villa Park hosted an inter-school Volleyball Invitational. Girls from Villa Park G.A.A. gave up their Saturday to take care of the duties of a hosting school. JUNIOR TEAM-COUNTER-CLOCKWISE FROM TOP OF G: Kathie Friend, Carol Bates, Pam Henning, Barb Cassatt, Chris Bradley. Shelley Wilson, Jan Billings, Linda Rodiock, Sandy Goldman, Karen Durst, Carol Decker, Denise Wells, Chris Hollman, Dottie Hilton, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP OF FIRST A: Kathy Thilges, Debbie Malkus, Jean Smith, Mira Perinovic, Jackie Pierce, Barb Hoyt, Mindy Beret, Janet Knutsen, Debbie Conkey, Jan Passovoy, Celia Forrester, Kathy Cooper, Mary Pocinich, Linda Laufenberg. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP OF SECOND A: Sue Doerr, Kathy Paulus, Cindy Morrow, Vicki Statsmann, Deb- bie Wilcox, Cindy Nagamatsu, Sue Hellman, Melissa Harless, Karen Chamblin, Evy Kakis, Nancy Vasquez, Julie Bergen, Jane Oswald, Sue Hubbell, Jane St. John. Girls' Sports-103 Spartan girls enter mystical gateways o SOPHOMORE TEAM-BOTTOM ROW: Shel- don Dillingham, lngrid Katz, Carol Baxter, Debbie Collings, Shirley Fritts, Jenny Percy, Carla Kleist, Judy Welsh, Stacy Isaacson, Leslie Haun, Nancy Chidder, Cheryl Rusk, Diane Krass. SECOND ROW: Gayla Mullen, Debbie McClinton, Mary Fioretta, Ann Fergu- son, Linda Moore, Cindy Baker, Charlotte Tanner, Patty Romero, Judy Hedlund, Linda Knepper, Susan Salem, Leslie Fouts, Gloria Goldman, Patty Moriarity, Betsy Young. ROW THREE: Kim Lyman, Sue Gunther, Ann Nelson, Valerie LaBahn, Wendy Hyatt, Lori Ragan, Nancy Wieman, Lindy Stevens, Ann Pocinich, Salli Salem, Susan Parker, Bonnie Tarabilda, Linda Sanderson, Sheila Pickles, Beth Fenn, Sue Shepard, Janet Flavell, Kathy Pierce, Sue Durst. Field hockey came second quarter to G.A.A. along with the rains and cold weather. Racing along the muddy 100- yard field in the cold with stick in hand and shin-guards strapped to legs was enough to tire any hard-working girl athlete. Endless mud puddles made for an occasional slip and mud bath 104-Girls' Sports ABOVE: Sophs push for the merits of Spartan victory at the Fountain Valley hockey playday. Villa Park Spartans experienced the bitter taste of defeat in field hockey this year. RIGHT: Sophomores Lorie Ragan and un- known friend patiently await half-time to pass out oranges. but it was all in the game. In December a selected few ventured to Griffith Park for a Saturday of hockey experi- ence with professionals on a cricket field. Although not too successful at their inter-school playdays, their dedi- cation balanced out their lack of skill. magination in modern dance s , Y G ak ' I I U " 5 it r bv is-A i Y tem M dnior Jane Riordan draws back her bow to Debbie Neff, Ardith Shaffer, Jane Riordan, illfully place the arrow on the bull's-eye. Mary Morally, and Andrea Parrish pose around ABOVE: Senior Cathy Baumgardner heaves the volleyball at her opponents during a fright- ful game of murder ball LEFT: Mrs. Sally Witt, confidant to many VPHS girls, expresses satisfaction. In Girls' Physical Education classes, a variety of individual sports are offered in addition to those given in G.A.A. Classes in other sports included golf, gymnastics, archery, track and field, slimnastics, advanced dance, modern dance, and folk dance. The classes were all offered for one quarter. Mur- der ball, a form of dodge ball, was played when the weather prohibited the regularly scheduled classes. their triumphs at target number one during fourth period archery. Note the bull's-eyes. Deirra Beauvallier perches on the parallel bars during break from strenuous dance sessions. Girls' Sports-105 ' YT 75 -1 s-l"Y'xL .55 ' ' ' ff- ,J -+L' '- 'fr lf. . 431, . - N. In-Q: Q V , m,K5',R S . 5, . 1516-9 . . 1 'iv "Wk:-. v- gwk- V K 11. . fy 4 Wg, A -Tx' J wk vw xg mx. x nf .g,. X X X-QQ, ,X 3 W1 U' YY ' QQSX-1.5 ,Q QV Q. wx Y X W . Rv N ' ix , f 5 .sl X 15- .fin-. --ff S X Xa . .. :aj W Ni . . .. .W y ww. Ju wg, E3 Q., J. yn . . . . P. 4 X - vRwiQASsg'W . ix fgv , gil if "wr , L . , N G 1' - "4 ,,,,,r, : A., We-M v A5 ,V ,S ', 2: '35 uf nag .Q J X -Ck M' ' 3? QRS? V535 V 1 1 A W L ,V fl-fXN'?f,. , v,,Vg if 7"'fi?fg, Q' Q2"f1'Y, , ' ,V QI K 1 3" 4,53 V , . iz Q54 -if ' I QV' . ., ,-42416215-, N899 ,miuf rw WW' 359m ? fiff?5 gm 3115.1 0 qymiag ' .. ., "HH, A k 10 , Q--ggjfx f ' K2xg'f7v5e:f?i5f315Ef'if?-ifWX! V1 vC3vQ5,1s1aM1wYSk A 'M W wivgfi-9m2?' ,sq , .X-,, 1 ' -AL-1QM?3s3 ..i ,wwf-. - , w -ww M, ,.5,'w,Q sd A fv-- ,, x ,MM -M f- 1 w,,fQqv,q5NQ4,f Jmilis'-., Fm ' . ' ' n,,'g-uv-'im-f' X ' :Vigil P 1: ' .,5f'-15'Vy.f'h 1 - ' A 245,135 si?-Qfhifiif w1,:gs1f ,ww . ' :, 'WEB ' f , - ,,,gma2.f,,ae?w1Q:f - f,W,z1sy.,WtM-X If ,yf,-,W X -f. W. fy. fp- SWTVIS9 M Z-L 'QQ 'f'1v'iMfQigfQ4i5e,m.3-56' 'hem ,L zg,,.-wif:-, 51, J W 534 Siififkwf 9.3 i'TL?f' T113 k,i'f-'NW .f V", ' Z 3 , ' A51 Q gm. 1,.,.w-ml, W. Wi, ',1f-111535 :Y H, XI x'5l94iQl"63'Q'f93Yi' ". :aw , wwf I ?5f',i?f?i3' ' il ' CV H. 1-w i-4' 15? ' ,gf g,Wk-wg3,17,g,, 1 , -' ' ' w -If 'I 4, fir. K W Q4 1-. , -Q1-,g.,y,5M, Q. 1 ,tt f .Ag3gg,,-. 'Sf 7443223 if , 153511 ':-Ill , X ,,,1-x.:R-, '- -M' . J. f,:2,.'i5f' .. .vw ' gm .4,M.M V551 ".. ,dx W Q? gf! , ! Q My f A - , ww fj 'g L. ifviw-f 4, rgi,yg,.,, ,, . , A LJ' V1 , .- ,. ,if Q President-Steve Everett Vice-President-Gerry Gorham Secretary-Diane Gentry Treasurer-Sharon Carlson ?-5:5 108-Seniors Senior officers lead Class o eventy to more distinguished achievements . ,ff V r"" .af Nt, . 4. . 1 v, . W Diane. Gerry. and Sharon bring fresh and splashing enthusiasm to their lead- officers form a strong link to support s and promote unity in Class of '70. ership roles. The 1970 officers planned and promoted many new and stimulating activities. Pep squad members wait to lead Spartan throng in Alma Mater alter CIF victory over Corona. P1 Michele Spelliscy and Ron Metcalf enjoy Cor- onation festivities as they are served punch Senior spirit runs high as Spartans hope to "Pulverize the Panthers" during Spirit Week. by junior high school girls. Coronation, held at South Coast Plaza, highlighted January. Senior activities proved an excellent means for demonstrating spirit. The spirit stick was presented to the Class of Seventy many times throughout the year and the special Spirit Week award went to seniors for their "Birth of a Spartan" assembly presentation. The Senior Breakfast, held in November, challenged Seniors to hold down pan- cakes and sausages in gale-strength winds. Mistletoe and holly decked VPHS as seniors spread Christmas joy to all on the seventieth day of school. Coronation was the next activity on the agenda. "Twilight in Ice" was a tremendous success, leaving the sen- ior class the wealthiest in Spartan his- tory. Coke and helium balloon sales at football and basketball games also contributed to the wealth and fame of the Class of '7O. Seniors-109 Classmates choos Spartans of the Year Bob Gumpertz Marsha McKenzie Most Likely to Succeed Diane Concannon Rosh Ansar Most Spirited Dave Musgrave Val Spencer ,lp mb Mos: Talented Hap Engle a 110-Seniors uperlative seniors Most Athletic Chrissy Nicholson AI Thompson W-vwmw' "' Most Intelligent eres Wehner Jim McAlerty pi Craziest 5 1' Mary Harrington Gerry Gorham X795 1 . , 'we .aw W Friendliest Barb Amster Steve Everett Seniors-111 Jim Ahumada Intense pride sparks Spartan gridder AHUMADA, JIM ROLAND IMobyJ likes spray deodorant, insecticides, magic, toothpicks . . . dislikes athIete's loot, bad breath, black plague, p.e. spigots. . .remembers the days he was absent. . . considers biggest accomplishment eating the cafeteria food while hungry . . . plans after graduation to go to sleep. AJELLO, EDWARD ALAMIA, VINCE . . . dislikes having no pool at VPHS, the small gym of VP , . . plans after graduation to go to law school, Edward Ajello Ns' N w---4 ALBANO, CAREY likes the beach, pizza, football games dislikes marching in the mud, early morning practice, dissecting sharks, VP food remembers Composition class considers biggest accomplishment passing Algebra Il . . . plans after gradua- tion to go to college and major in biological science . , . Drill Team 2, 3, 43 German Club 3. ALBERTSON, BRIAN M ..,. likes going out, VW's, parties, having fun, surfing, playing football . ,. dislikes unhappy people, term pa- pers . . . remembers the fire, the flood, the sit-in . , . considers biggest accomplishment staying in school , , . plans after graduation to at- tend Cal-State Fullerton . ,. Wrestling 3g Track 3, 4g Auto Club 4. ALEXANDER, TERRY PATRICK ALLEN, MICHAEL D, Carey Albano Brian Albertson Stacey Alfieri ALFIERI, STACEY . .. tDaisyl .. , likes swimming, sincere people, beach, rain, most foods, flying kites . . . dislikes snobs, peanut butter, study hall, term papers . . . remembers first day of school, J.W.-Mr, B. love affair, "S" club initiation considers biggest accomplish- ment getting through shark dissections . . . plans after graduation to go to U.C. and to travel . ,. Pep Club 2, 3, 4, A.F,S. 2, G,A.A. 3, 4, irl of the Month 35 Steering Committee 3, 41 "S" Club 4. ALLEN, KATHY tKath-dumbiel likes going to parties with Ken, weekends, parks, walking, going out and riding dislikes breaking up with Pat remembers Homecoming '68, talking to Kenny during break considers biggest accomplishment going with Pat for a year plans after graduation to attend Business College and work with Mr. Leeds. ALLEN, LARRY lg Vince Alamia Terry Alexander Sf Y'R"' Ls! .af-' 'Y W.-2' ALVAREZ, IRENE. . . tSponge Mouthl . . . likes Jim, Paul, choppers, jellyrolls, whistling . . . dislikes hippies, spiders, onions, flies, remem- bers sneaking out of Ceramics to get her senior pictures . . . consid- ers biggest accomplishment getting only one detention Coed Slug -11 Folk Music Club 33 Art Club 4, Steering Committee 4, Pep u . AMSTER, BARB . . . lBarbyl . . . likes Ryan, Ontario, Newport Beach, eating, Chevelle SS 396's, movies, parties, telephone solici- tors, trees . ,. dislikes snobbish and unfriendly people, "The Gum- pertz Affair", Mondays . . . remembers sandbagging, the beach house, Grad Night '69, Spirit Week, the Orange-V.P. basketball game . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating, being Com- missioner of Pep . , . plans after graduation to attend college at San Diego or Arizona State , . . Steering Committee 2, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee 2, Head J.V. cheerleader 33 Letterman's Club 3, Girl of the Month 33 House of Representatives 3, Symphonic Choir 3, Pep Council 3, 4, A.S.B. Cabinet 4, Commissioner of Pep 4, Y-Teens 4, Vice-President, Benchwarmer Advisor 4. Larry Allen Mike Allen Irene Alvarez Barbara Amster 112-Seniors tpep rallies ANDERSON, KEVIN iKinkyl likes girls, beach houses, '56 Chevies, Robin's van dislikes phony and conceited girls, hard teachers , . . remembers his experience in the quonset hut, ditching considers biggest accomplishment not getting suspended plans after graduation to have a lot of lun , . . Varsity Football 2, 4, Varsity Track 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. ANDERSON, ROBERT iAndel likes sport cars, originality, pizza, iced lea, money . . . dislikes being broke, people who copy, fixed-up VW's . . . remembers summer and pre-football conditioning . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating with a "B" aver- agle . . , Boy's Forum 2, 3, 41 Secretary 3, Treasurer 4. A DERSON, TERI likes handsome boys, chocolate sundaes, sailing, parties, music, children, Mrs, Schepe, her family . . . dislikes grumpy teachers with bad attitudes, rainy days, honey on sand- wiches, ironing ,. . remembers her year as a senior during Spirit Week, and being a Benchwarmer. . . considers biggest accomplish- ment getting through school and getting an education . . . plans after graduation to go to college lor lour years, become a physical thera- pist, and work with children Benchwarmers 4. f Q K CL Anderson Robert Anderson Teri Anderson ANDERSON, WILLIAM iBillJ likes food, money, Hillmans, Physiology with Mrs, Schepe, orange wars. , .dislikes homework. . . remembers the hope of being out in three, then two, then one year . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting through high school . . . plans after graduation to attend college and study oceanography . . . "B" Football 21 Varsity Track 3, 4, Auto Club 4. ANDREWS, MELINDA ANSARI, RASHAD . . . lArabl . . , likes football games, college trips, a certain brown-eyed blonde , . . dislikes Senioritis and college tests .. . remembers Doheny, Senior Spirit Day, camp, Mr. Long, Ike . ,. considers biggest accomplishment winning the Harvard Book Award . , . plans after graduation to attend college and work with kids during the summer . . . House of Representatives 2, 3, 4g Letterman's Club 2, 3, 4, C.S.F, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club 3, 4i "B" Football 23 Wrestling gp J.V. Bzaseball 2, Varsity Football 3, 43 Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Boys orum . Anderson Melinda Andrews Rashad Ansari 49 Qi Club President, Bob Rogers, assumes and Dave Musgrave further inspire the team 'ole of vel' 'eade' as Gordon Duncan for their October 31 clash with Orange. "tri f swf' ts Seniors-113 Annual lVlr. Le x 3 fi' Cheryl Antonowich Deana Applegate ANTONOWICH, CHERYL . .. likes Ron, motorcycles, lolk music, sleeping late, shrimp . , . dislikes phonies, unhappiness, onions . . . remembers lalling down the stairs in her junior year . . . considers biggest accomplishment staying in school lor three years . . plans alter graduation to attend Fullerton J.C. and to become a beautician. APPLEGATE, DEANA ANN APPLEBY, DIANE. . .iBoscol . . . likes Friday night games, dimples, shy boys . . . dislikes saying good-bye . . , remembers going on 15 minutes notice to Coronation 1970. . ,considers biggest accomplish- ment being elected cheerleader .. . G.A.A. 33 Pep Club 3, 4: Pep Council 4, Varsity Club 4, Cheerleader 4, Basketball Princess 4, Steering Committee 3, 4. Val Spencer's rewarding touch gives the new Mr. Legs, Dave Luchau, a "lift" Doris Arauio 114-Seniors ARAUJO, DORIS likes the out-ol-doors, clear days, friendly geople , . . dislikes satislaction with less-than-the-best . . rememe ers Senior Breakiast, Miss Whipple's volleyball class ol '68, Mr. Corradino , . . plans alter graduation to go to Biota lor 2 years . . . C.S.F 2, 3, 43 "S" Club 3g Campus Lile Club 3, French Club 4. ARCEL, KAREN SHAWN . .. likes biology, weird poetry, money, love, sunrises on the desert . , , dislikes sell-righteous people, dress codes, yogurt, running around the tennis courts, boring classes, war remembers teachers and students forever conlusing her with Carolyn , . considers biggest accomplishment getting two gyro tops in a row in Mrs. Shepe's physiology class . . , plans alter graduation to become a space biologist, go to Mars, and study green men and monsters . .. Drama Club 25 Medical Explorers 4, C.S.F. 4. ARMSTRONG, CHRIS EDWARD , .. iMusclesl .. , likes waterski- ing, lood, Fords, the River, Auto Shop. . .dislikes frogs, A.D., Chevys . . . plans alter graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College . . Auto Club 4. Diane Appleby . R., N 3 . E x I' Karen Arcel Chris Armstrong ..e Sharon Ayers Elaine Bachmann to college, Criminology . . Astronomy Club 2. AVERS, SHARON . . likes riding and showing her horse, movies, lun, lriendly people . . . dislikes A D., lectures, picking up attendance in T-1, tests . . . remembers Mr. Bullock's stories . . considers big- gest accomplishmenl getting a iob . . . plans alter graduation to go BACHMANN, ELAINE MARIE . iEbl likes horseback riding, swimming, hiking, animals, Miss Cannavina's biology class, Cid . . , dislikes phonies, dress codes, liver, squash, Marilyn . . . remembers falling in the mud her iunior year in P E. . . considers biggest accom- plishment passing Mr lsaacson's A D class and graduating . , plans alter graduation to go to college and mayor in Police Science and JOV tBlondiel likes the beach, vacations, medical science being a senior . dislikes pim- math tests cafeteria food cigsirettes, cold remembers Mr Smith s iology class, considers big est accomplishment an writing an excellent attend Fullerton Junior become a surgical nurse . . . with I0ng hair, ontest evokes Spartan enthusiasm Jaguars , . . remem considers n a row, to go Bas- Most Carol Bailey Kevin Barley BARNES, LINDA MORENA likes food of all kinds, honest, sin- cere, mature people, her sunshine babe, drafting dislikes pho- nies, boring classes and teachers . . . remembers Homecoming '69, her drafting teacher, Work Experience counselor . . . considers big- gest accomplishment learning to be a draftsman . .. plans after graduation to go to college, become an architect, a Peter Max, and a good wife. BARNETT, JULIE . ., likes Rick, music, the beach, happy people, babies . . . dislikes plastic people, Orange, liver . . . remembers first lunch in her sophomore year , . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating at mid-term . . . plans after graduation to work and attend ullerton Junior College, BARR, CAROLYN , . ,lNatashal . . . likes genuine people, new cars, money, beautiful, sunny, cool, smog-free California days. . . dislikes busy work, hypocrites, boring classes and people, getting up early to goto school . . . remembers constantly being confused with Karen considers biggest accomplishment growing up and assuming new responsibilities . .. plans after graduation to attend Cal-State Fullerton for two years, then attend the University of San Francisco and get her doctorate in Pharmacy . . . Medical Explorers 3, 4g Steer- ing ommittee 3, C.S.F. 4. Barnes Julie Barnett Carolyn Barr BARR, SUSAN B . , . likes foreign cars, french fries, getting flowers, parties, basketball games, wedding receptions .. . dislikes people who are too serious, the classes at Villa Park . . . remembers "pro- tecting" the school against Orange the night before the football game, a certain reception . . . considers biggest accomplishment not ditching in her senior year . . . plans alter graduation to continue her education. BARTLETT, PATRICK J. BAUMGARDNER, CATHY LYNN , . . lPufferbellyl . , .likes Bob. mo- torcycles, water skiing, candles, friendly people .. . dislikes librari- ans, cafeteria food . . . remembers being hypnotized with Mary H. . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting through German I .., plans after graduation to go to college Pep Club 22 Steering C0l'TllTlitt66 2, 3. usan Barr Pat Bartlett Cathy Baumgardner BEALL, JANICE ANDREA . . . lJanl . , , likes traveling, knitting, Fall, the mountains, guitars . . . dislikes desens, emptiness . , . plans after graduation to go to college and to go back East. EARD, JOHN . ,. lCampyJ .. . likes basketball, football, baseball, track, the LA Dodgers, music, people in general, Oakland A's . ,. dislikes spinach, SF Giants, Juan Marachal, people who are always putting their noses in other people's business . , . remembers being a member of a great bunch of guys, Villa Park's track teams . .. considers biggest accomplishment graduating . , . plans after gradu- ation to attend Mt. San Jacinto College Letterman's Club 2. BEARDSLEY, RICK .. . lKilleri ,. . likes painting signs .. , dislikes working . . . considers biggest accomplishment quitting the football team . . . plans alter graduation to attend college . . , "B" Football 2, J.V. Baseball 2, 3, Letterman's Club 2g Varsity Football 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Boy's Forum 4, Beall Johnny Beard Rick Beardsley Students learn to relax fro BELL, JANICE , . . tJanl . ,. likes guys, cars, writing to guys in Viet- nam . . . dislikes school, AD. or any history, the war . . . remembers ditching last year with Pat and being afraid to come back to school . . considers biggest accomplishment getting away with ditching . . . plans after graduation to get married, BENT, LARRY . ,. lLimeyJ .. . likes parties, Work Experience, the thought of a more liberal school . . . dislikes the grapevine, detention, short hair and no sideburns . . . remembers going to the attendance office every morning . , . considers biggest accomplishment graduat- ing and making it to school four days a week . . . plans after gradua- tion to attend college, go to the River and Catalina Island. BERGEN, JOHN .. . likes lunch, junky trucks, Canada dislikes librarians, Mustangs, Orange County . , . remembers not learning a darn thing in three years . . . plans after graduation to leave Orange County and visit Canada for a lew years .. . Band 2, 3, 4. Wg' Larry Bent John Bergen BERRY TOM Cherr Berr dislikes librarians draltin l V Yl Q teachers dents in 63 Chevies remembers the night Forrester egged Mr McKie s house considers biggest accomplishment not going out lor track tn his senior year plans alter graduation to invade and conquer Poland Cross Country 2 3 4 Wrestling 2 Track 2, 3. BERTRAND, CYNTHIA LOUISE . . tCindyp . . . likes smiles, happy people, VPHS fruit punch, animals, basketball games against OHS and EMHS, shy guys. . .dislikes concerted people, rainy days. smog. algebra. EMHS, athletic teams. people who like to get attention . . remembers slipping in lront ol a group ol popular senior boys during her sophomore year. "S" Club initiation . . . considers biggest ac- complishment not falling down our tricky stairs once during three years at VPHS . . , plans alter graduation to go to college, maior in sociology and teach . . . Co-ed Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Pep Club 2. "S" Club 4, Steering Committee 43 Art Club 4, BETTS, DONNA SUZAN . . . likes black licorice, blue, dancing, sing- ing, Simon and Garfunkel, guitars, smiles . . , dislikes bugs, bottom lockers, "Bill Dear", getting up in the morning, hot dogs . . . remem- bers performing 'Hair' in the 1969 dance show, watching all the food blow off the plates at the Senior Breakfast .. . considers biggest accomplishment being Dance Club President . . . plans alter gradua- tion to attend O.C.C. and become an airline stewardess. . . Pep Club 2, Dance Club 2, 3. 4, President 4. Symphonic Choir 3, 4, Senate 4. Thomas BBTVY Cynthia Bertrand Donna Betts BILSKIS, CAROL . . . likes singing, eating, dancing, pay checks . . . dislikes being sick and hungry, dishonesty, people who always inter- rupt . . . remembers her fantastic friends, and good times in Vocal Ensemble . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting into Ensem- ble 8. Kids of the Kingdom . . . plans after graduation to continue to sing at Disneyland . . . Women's Concert Choir 2, "S" Club 25 Vocal Ensemble 3, 4. BLANDFORD, PAM likes intelligent, sincere, sensitive, secure people, dogs, peace, happiness, history, Roger . . . dislikes war, ego games, sadness, VPHS . . . remembers Mr. Bullock, Oct. 15, 1969, Bob Gumpertz . . . considers biggest accomplishment staying out of clubs and going to classes five days in a row . . . plans after gradua- tion to go to school in Northern California. BLEDSOE, RODEFZICK EUGENE ... lFiomeo Fiodj ,.. likes Sharon, sports, fried potatoes, hot peppers, the beach, flirting . . . dislikes chicken, people who don't act like themselves, spoiled kids . . .remembers performing in Vocal Ensemble for special groups and schools . . . considers biggest accomplishments performing in Vocal Ensemble, and getting good grades . . . plans alter graduation to go to Colorado and work at a lodge . . . Football 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4g Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Symphonic Choir 2, Let1erman's Club 2, Varsity Club 3, 4, Vocal Ensemble 3, 4, Vocal Ensemble Quartet 4, Pamela Bland ord Roderick Bledsoe Jim Heim enjoys the "good respite from his duties as ASB 'sk' ressures of busy schedules BLOODWORTH, BONNIE MARIE tBananaJ likes lriendly people, Todd, smiles . . . dislikes people who are lakes, snobs, bana- nas, getting lingers shut in doors remembers meeting Todd. beating Loara . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating and getting out ot the house . . . plans alter graduation to get an apart- ment and go to Orange Coast College . . , Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Art Club 4. BOEHM, JENNIFER JAN.. , tJ,B.l . . , likes snow, mountain cabins, the smell ol pine, bonlires, prime rib, champagne, sincerity, Simon and Garlunkel . . . dislikes lima beans, meat loal, the librarian, cold quonset huts, cats . . . remembers summer in Europe '69, Mt. Baldy, Retreat at Osceola, Grad Night '69, Frena, K.O.V, considers biggest accomplishment being elected "S" Club President, going through 3 days ol school without saying "Puckl", getting an "A" in biology . . . plans alter graduation to go to the University ol Colorado , . .Steering Committee 2, 3. 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, GAA. 3, 4, V-Teens 2, 3, President 2, Advisor 33 "S" Club 2, 3, 4, Publicity Chairman 3, President 4, Senate 4. Bloodworth Jenniler Boehm Boggs BOGGS, WILLIAM MORRIS ,.. lBilll ... likes running, holding hands twith Chrysl, being alone in his room , , . dislikes cliques, lalse people, teachers who don't leach , . . remembers not being at VP his sophomore year . . . considers biggest accomplishment staying awake lor U.S. History lectures . . p ans alter graduation to attend Occidental College lor Ere-med . . . CSF, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, German Club 2, Boy's orum President 4. BOLING, WRENNIE NAN . . . likes people, hamburgers, the beach, mountains, traveling, music . . . dislikes smog, mathematics . . . remembers geometry. World Literature class. Operation Green- thumb, Operation Greensack , . considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . plans alter graduation to go to college and become a teacher . . . Campus Lile 3, Reading Club 4, Vocal Ensemble 3, Symphonic Choir 4. BOSHEFF, STEPHEN JOHN , . . tStevel. . .likes a certain junior girl lD.W.l, C 45, honest relations, most foods . . . dislikes busybodies, 5 tl j wigs tespecially blondl, hippicrats, pillheads, red cars, VW's remembers Kurt's red Falcon, lood lights, writing poetry, all the parties considers biggest accomplishment beating Loara plans alter graduation to attend tlying school and to goto Hawaii . . . Concert Band 2, 3, 4, J.V. Wrestling 2, Varsity Wrestling 3, House ol Representatives 4. Bowman cf' Bova Dianne Boven re x . V Wrennie Boling Stephen Boshett BOVA, JOSEPH lWopi . likes anything unusual . dislikes VW busses . . . remembers Mr. Ouarluccis third period Chemistry class, '68-'69 considers biggest accomplishment linishing the Palos Verdes Marathon. . . plans alter graduation to attend Fullerton State College . . . Varsity Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Varsity Club 3. BOVEN, DIANE . . . tBilliei , . . likes languages, Mr Behn, Mormons, yellow, lemons, sports . . . dislikes preiudiced people, Super Spar- tans, being called a Communist because ol the school she goes to , . . remembers giving Mr. Brunt, Mr Behn, and Mr. Starr a bad time . . . considers biggest accomplishment leaving alter lourth period all ear without a short day pass . . plans alter graduation to attend EJC., then B.Y.U. and maagor in data processirag 8. computer pro- ramming ,.. G,A.A. 2, 3, ep Club 2, Dance ub 3 gOWER, PAMELA SUE . . ,tPaml . . .likes rainy days, love, Ron . dislikes liars , . . remembers hor senior year . . considers biggest accompltshmenttgetting a perlect report card . . plans alter gradua- tion to attend U, .l. to love and to be happy .. Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Campus Lite 4, CS F. 4. 5effe'j2efs"l ' Pamela Bower Til " I wr? BOWMAN, PENNY JOANNE lPolyl likes banners, GTO's, hall-time shows .. . dislikes snobby people remembers co-ed dressing rooms on parade busses, National City '68-'69, beating Loara and Arcadia '68 , . . considers biggest accomplishment getting "Most-Improved" award in Drill Team in '69 . , . plans alter gradua- tion to go to college and earn a B.A. and elementary teaching cre- dential . , . Drill Team 2, 3, 4, House ol Representatives 3. BRAMBLEY, DAVID M ..,. tDogl . . . likes TB., trench tries, ham- burgers, Mr, Starr's class, '57 Chevies . . . dislikes Loara High Band, the Orange May Parade, Chinese lood remembers the band beating Loara at West Arcadia Bank Review '67 and the band trips . . . considers biggest accomplishment going to the linals with 11th grade soltball team . . . plans alter graduation to join the Air Force and pursue a career . . . Band 2, 3, 4. BREITMEYER, MARTIN WILLIAM . . . tMartyl . . . likes 870's, 900's, good books, hunting, water skiing, swimming, lishing, jeeps, the River . . dislikes several socially inclined noses at VP . . . remembers the steady decline ol spirit over the three years . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting a varsity letter in cross country . . plans alter graduation to study biology at Cal-Poly . . Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 4 3 David Brambley Martin Breitmeyer Seniors-117 Sophisticated seniors find time to unwin BRITTON, LAUREN fWarrenl likes David, football games, Loma, MGA's, three, graduating , . . dislikes going to school and not learning anything . . . remembers sandbagging, Girl-Date-Boy '69 . . . considers biggest accomplishment catching D.P .... plans alter graduation to buy a car and go to college away from home, ROST, SUZANNE iSuziel likes ballet, modern dance dislikes her cat . . . remembers modern dance, mankind, and 'Bare- foot in the Park' plans after graduation to go to Marymount College and receive a biology degree . . . Drama Club 2, 3, A.F.S. 2, 3, German Club 3, Modern Dance Club 3, 4. BROWN, BECKY SUE . . . tBoraxJ . . . likes boys, Corvettes, food, pink and purple, the Beatles . . . dislikes fake people, school food, spelling . . . remembers the Co-ed dressing on band busses . . . con- siders biggest accomplishment becoming Banner Captain and being accepted at an airline training school . .. plans after graduation to attend Atlantic Training School to become a stewardess, and then Lauren Britton i 'fT"'Y get married . .. Banner Girl 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4. Suzanne Brost BROWN, CYNTHIA JOAN . , , fCindyl . . . likes the snow, pine trees, cotton candy, Otto, parades, cords, buttermilk, skating, the color brown, moustaches, sewing, having a four period day, swimming, people, Villa Park . .. dislikes beards, rain, liver, cliques, the colors red and orange, smog, taco sauce, the Drill Team's red lipstick . . . remembers cheerleading try-outs, the friendly kids at VPHS, Drill Team practices, band parties, all the games and dances . . . consid- ers biggest accomplishment getting to know different people, and keeping a smile on her face plans after graduation to attend college and become a kindergarten teacher, travel, marry and have a large family . .. Drill Team 3, 4, Steering Committee 3, 4, House of Representatives 3, Pep Club 4, Benchwarmers 4. BROWN, SHARON LINDA fSkeetsJ likes summer, Santa Barbara, the beach, acting crazy . . . dislikes conceited people, peo- ple who gossip, moving . . . remembers when the water pipes broke and fourteen people went to Knott's Berry Farm in one car . . . con- siders biggest accomplishment keeping her 1957 Chevy alive and running . . . plans after graduation to work and travel. BRYAN, LESLIE fLesl likes Don, horses, cats, Redlands, Joshua Tree, music, VW vans . . . dislikes squash, liver, getting up early ,. . remembers football and basketball games in her so homore ear, Sadie Hawkins '69 . lans after raduation to Becky Brown Cynthia Brown Sharon Brown John Buchholz BUCHHOLZ, JOHN tCurly Johnl likes football, the beach, Volkswagen rallies, friendly people, the River , . . dislikes stag films, little people, frogs remembers football practice considers biggest accomplishment getting to be a senior . . .plans to travel and go to college . . . Key Club 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Auto Club. UCK, DON likes sports, VW's, women, study hall dislikes wrestling, Subaru's . . , remembers the Mr. Legs Contest . ,. plans after graduation to go to Phoenix J.V. Football 2, J.V. Wrestling 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, Varsity Track 3, 4, Varsity Wrestling 4, Varsity Club 4, Pep Club 4. BUNDY, LARRY ... likes music, good food, tackle football, parades, girls . . . dislikes Loara High School Band, cafeteria food, slobs, the football team, . . . remembers scoring 97,5 at the 1969 May Festival Parade . . . considers biggest accomplishment being in one ol the best marching bands in Southern California . , . plans after graduation to attend college . . . Marching Band 2, 3, 4, President 4. P Y - 4 D 9 work hard so she can get an apartment . . . French Club 3, Art Club 4. Leslie Bryan rf! Don Buck Larry Bundy BURCH, CYNTHIA KAY . , . iBuckwheatl . . . likes snow skiing, wa- ter skiing, parties, Mexican food, salads, football . . . dislikes being with Megan and always getting into trouble . . . remembers October 10, 1969, ditching at lunch and not getting caught, falling down the stairs, Wood's party , . , considers biggest accomplishment graduat- ing and being able to be on her own . . . plans after graduation to attend Northern Arizona University . ,. G.A.A. 3, Ski Club 4. BURNETTE, NANCY ANNE BURNS, MARY ELIZABETH fMimil likes sunrise at the beach. Appleby's room, poetry, surrey rides with S. Brost, Mitch's moustache, deadline parties with M.M. and L.W., fighting in the rain with S. Young dislikes getting up in the morning, small minds, annuafdeadlines, writing copy, getting lost going to L.W.'s house . , . remembers watching Jake, Steve, Randy, and Rich get caught in the park on Christmas night 1969 . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting to use the silver racquets on May 6, 1969, with Barb Rowland ... Pep Club 2, "S" Club 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 4, CSF 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 2, Girl of the Month 2, House of Repre- sentatives 3, Girl's State Alternate 3, Girls' League 2nd Vice-Presl- dent 4, Odyssey Staff 4. Cynthia Burch Nancy Burnette Mary Burns 118-Seniors tfootball games lsfx 4: 7 Burns Steve Byerly BURNS, MlCHELE C , tShellrl likes people, Credence Clear- water Revival, moustaches, long srdeburns dislikes term papers.. liars, meat loaf remembers co-ed dressing on busses after band practices, bus rides home from the National City parades plans alter graduation to go to Hawaii with Becky then go to college G A A 2, Pep Club 2, 3, Banner Girl 3, 4 BYERLY, STEVE likes surfing, grrls, horses, the ocean, rock music, walking on Sunset , dislikes going to school, pseudo, any school event, socraliles remembers being miserable the whole time considers biggest accomplishment getting out plans alter graduation to become ti horse trainer and open a surf shop C3ld9l'W00d Debra Callison a four year college. CAREY, JEANN oel Camp is Q, , Marcy Fishman admires Jill Strong's winning smile in a flurry of Senior antics. CALDERWOOD, ANNA tAnnrevbananniel likes art classes, friendly people, lun, field trips, helpiul teachers, apple pro. holidays, smiles dislikes cafeteria food, rammed lockers, heavy texts, artrtr- cral people, school busses. dull assemblies, holidays that tall on Saturdays remembers trying to find a place to park before school, food fights, tardies. footer busses, crabby teachers cone srders biggest accomplishments getting to school on lime, graduate ing, and finding it easy to make friends plans alter graduation to attend F J C or Saddleback J C Art Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 4, Pep Club 2, 4, A F S 3, Benchwarmers 4 CALLISON, DEBRA CALUAG, EDWIN MEDALLA likes humble persons, praying bas- ketball, pool, chess, sightseeing, movies, drawing, sketching dis- likes proud persons, selfish people, cheaters remembers the things he learned here, the friends he met, the good deeds they did to make him feel like an American student considers biggest accomplishment being able to study in a drilerent country plans alter graduation to continue hrs studies in his country, and become an electrical engineer CAMP, NOEL A .... likes J-e-l-I-o, activity schedules, green '50 Chevies, The Proclamation dislikes Villa Park's tood prices, book fines, the CCC . . . remembers his friends getting caught ditch- ing . . . considers biggest accomplishment living. CAMPBELL, MIKE likes art and sports dislikes English classes remembers the football games considers biggest accomplishment going out for football when he was a sophomore. . . plans after graduation to to to a iunior college and then transfer to Mike Campbell ,.' V l i i Edwin Caluag T? Tw? Jeanne Carey Seniors-119 Qing Sharon Carlson gr Steve Carlson Jeff Cate CARSON, STEVEN WAYNE . . . tBuIll . , . likes Kathy Elliot. Idaho, rock concerts, Camaros, Mr, Haysom, O.C.l.R .... dislikes bubble gum music, Spanish . . . remembers the parties, ditching four days and getting away with it, the summer of '69 . . . considers biggest accomplishment not getting kicked out of school plans after graduation to travel, have fun, make money, go to college and take law. CATE, JEFFREY L. 120-Seniors CARLSON, SHARON LEE likes people, being Senior Class Treasurer, getting involved, parades, cords, the beach at night, boy- senberry yogurt, tennis, helium, surprises . .. dislikes squash, apa- thetic people, cliques, smog, mud. , . remembers the hassle over the "Gumpertz Affair" and the morning of the fall Senior Breakfast when committee members realized they had bought 52 lbs. of regular tlour instead ol pancake flour . . . considers biggest accomplishment mak- ing it through all the boring classes plans after graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College, later transfer to U.C.L.A. and major in dental hygiene. . , Drill Team 2, 3, A.F.S. 2, 3, Steering Committee 3, 41 Senior Class Treasurer, Pep Club 4, CARPENTER, CHERYL . . . likes people .. . dislikes hypocrites . . . remembers finding green bugs and dirt in her pancakes at the Senior Breakfast , . . considers biggest accomplishment learning to live with a bottom locker . , . plans after graduation to become a missionary . ,. English and Typing Awards 3. CARROLL, RANDI . . , likes Sheri, surfing, nomad station wagons, basketball dislikes teenyboppers, plastic people, low ball considers biggest accomplishment getting through biology . . , plans after graduation to go to college, become a drattsman or X-ray technologist. Spirited senio Cheryl Carpenter Randi Carroll Mark Cessna Debi Chaffee Steve Everett directs the sweet senior as they ring in the new year in an Christmas nutrition rally. ,Qi 'E CESSNA, MARK R. CHAFFEE, DEBI . , . rSherlockl ,.. likes Hippy, Santa attendance route, auto shop, Loma, basketball games getting caught. . ,remembers Girl4Date-Boy in her junior bagging . . . considers biggest accomplishment going out . . . plans after graduation to remain unmarried and to be a gist . . . Pep Club 3, Folk Club 3. urprise VPHS with Christmas greetings on Challacombe CHALLACOMBE, RONALD LEWIS tLewl likes conversa- tions with open-minded individuals who don't try to force their opin- ions upon him . . . dislikes hypocritical people who pretend that they are something they aren't in reality . . . remembers the reaction to Bob Gumpertz expressing his own opinions considers biggest accomplishment realizing finally that true freedom of speech is virtu- ally non-existent. . .plans after graduation to go to college and move out oi California . . . Symphonic Choir 2, 35 Manager of "B" Football 2, Vocal Ensemble 3, Track 3, Business Explorer Post 526, 4. CHAMBERS, ANN . , . lAnniel , . . likes groovy people, the beach, a good time , . . dislikes her braces, the food here, phony people, the dress code . . , remembers Mr. Bastin, bomb scares, Grad Nite '68 .. . considers biggest accomplishment graduating, finally being on her own . . . plans after graduation to go to a junior college, choose a career, and find what she's looking for . . . Band 2, 3. CHAMBERS, CHFWSTAL ANN lChrysl likes Bill, Doritos, skiing, crazy dates, vacations, Ensemble, dancing . . . dislikes un- sympathetic people, liver, mad teachers, being looked down upon because she goes to V.P .... remembers ditching geometry on the last day of school and getting caught by Ike . . , considers biggest accomplishment being friends for three years with Billie and never having a fight . . . plans after graduation to go to F.J,C. and U.S.C. and become a dental hygienist . . . Dance Club 2, 3, President 3: Pep Club 2, Choir Cabinet 2, 33 House of Representatives 21 Senate 3, .gms QQ ,l--r . if Chrys Chambers CHANNELL, THOMAS LOWIN. lBunkl . , likes tho River, home basketball games, females indigenous to Southern California, col- lege trips . . . dislikes the phony people of Orange County, raw fish, Monday mornings. . .remembers Senior Spirit Day, the toilets on the top of the building . . . considers biggest accomplishment putting the toilets on the top of the buildings , . . plans after graduation to work at the River and go to Arizona Slate . . . House of Representatives 2, 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Steering Committee 4, Business and Finance Post 4. CHAPTON, NANCY CHARLES, KATHERINE L.. . lCharliel likes sports, music . . . dislikes yelling at people, AD ,,.. remembers when the VP, band beat Loara two years ago considers biggest accomplishment joining G.A.A .... plans after graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College and eventually become a P.E. teacher . . . French Club 2, 3, 1 ,aiu Gary Chesebro Marti Chezem Tom Channell Band 2, 3, 45 G.A.A 4. Nancy Chapton Katherine Charles CHESEBRO, GARY likes Joyce, bookkeeping, history some- times, BB .... dislikes arguing with people, working for Carl Karcher Enterprises, Inc .,.. remembers having Mr. Chamberlin all three years considers biggest accomplishment getting a car in his name for his senior year . . . plans alter graduation to go to school. CHEZEM, MARLENE . . . lGrubl . . . likes her fiddle . . . dislikes liver. warts, war, dress codes, time . . . remembers David Mittendorf . , . considers biggest accomplishment getting up in the morning , . . Folk Music Club 3. Seniors-121 Cathy Christian Able Ieadersh CHRISTIAN, CATHY LEE . ,. fCathl .. , likes honesty, tallness .. . dislikes paranoid people . . . remembers Lois and getting over "what's his name", finally leaving V.P .,.. considers biggest accom- plishment graduating . , . plans after graduation to go to college with Pam and Roger. CHUML, SUSAN CLANCY, KAREN Band 2, 3, 4. CLARKE, KYLE ELIZABETH.. . lClarkel.. .likes one certain shy boy, brownies, German chocolate cake, laughing, friends, under- standing people, acting stupid, TPing houses . . . dislikes shy boys, conceited people, getting embarrassed, doctors . . . remembers lall- ing down the stairs . . . considers biggest accomplishment asking W.J. to Sadie Hawkins and sneaking with Vic on Chris Franklin's date at the drive-in plans after graduation to attend Cal State and become a social worker or psychologist Choir 25 Symphonic Choir 35 C.S.F. 3, 45 "S" Club 35 SAC 35 Steering Committee 3, 4. CLIFF, JUDY ANN . . . likes music, sky gliding, skiing, motorcycles . . . dislikes unhappiness, being tied down, unfriendly people, study- ing ,. . considers biggest accomplishment getting to know people, trying to do something new and different all the time , . . plans alter graduation to travel and later become an airline stewardess. CLIFF, SCOTT , . . iMacJ . .. likes scuba diving, band, friendly peo- ple .. . dislikes signing senior pictures, little tan VW's, McDonald's hamburgers . . . remembers the football games and riding around in a little lan VW . . . considers biggest accomplishment staying awake in A.D .... plans after graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College Susan Chuml Karen Clancy ,- I K Kyle Clark Judith Cliff Scott Cliff Leaders of the Everett-Gorham dynasty ponder fund raising methods suggested at the October Class meeting. x -,, ,-..,..---wl!"""" Steve Cochran Joanne Cokeley COCHRAN, STEVE . . . iStick7 ...likes Chryslers, art, girls , . , dis- likes school cafeteria food, Fords , . . considers biggest accomplish- ment finding out what VPHS stands for . , . plans after graduation to attend a junior college, then go to a four year college, COKELEY, JOANNE uides the isan Collier 4' seniors through an eventful year COLLIER, SUSAN . . . fSuei . . . likes D.H., Mormons, slurpies, kite flying, her friends . . . dislikes her enemies, bigoted and unpatriotic people, librarians, bouncers . .. remembers The J.W.-Mr. B. love affair . . . considers biggest accomplishment passing Mr. Hackler's tests and graduating , . , plans alter graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College, then B.Y.U. and major in education . . . G.A.A. 2, 3. COLLINGS, JAN . . . likes sports, art, cool people, being goalie, late days, goofing around with friends, going to games, Miss Whipple fwhen she's madl . . . dislikes tests, the wind. dried-out sandwiches, broken ankles, really tall people . .. remembers running into trees, poles falling over unseen objects, making great friends, the U.F.O ,... considers biggest accomplishment being president of GAA. and becoming a better person . , .glans after graduation to go to school again and then teach . . . G. ,A, 2, 3. 4, President 4g enate 4. COMSTOCK, EILEEN , . .likes snow to fall the day Christmas vaca- tion slarls, Jerry . . . dislikes windy days . . . considers biggest ac- complishment getting a "B" for the quarter in Chemistry . , . plans after graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College . . . C.S,F. 2, 3. Jan Collings Eileen Comstock YT" une Concannon Gary Concoby .tricia Cooper Penny Cordes vs's2s",. ,. i t Ni QW? CONCANNON, DlANE MARIE film likes hockey, cheering, smiling people, rain, donuts, laughing, r. Long, Nut, R.A .... dislikes dead crowds, hot days, pop quizzes . . . remembers Karen L. trying to run over her, Jeff and the egg, signs at 2 AM .... considers biggest accomplishment not falling down the steps of the stage during a pep rally . . . plans after graduation to goto Humboldt State College and become a marine biologist . . . G.A.A. 2, 3,41 C.S.F. 2, 2, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Steering Committee 3, 4, Varsity Cheerleader CONCOBY, GARY. . .likes sport cars , . . dislikes MG's. , , remem- bers all the trouble the distance runners got into . , . considers big- gest accomplishment selling his MG plans alter graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College . .. Track 3, 4. CONOVER, JEAN L .,.. likes the beach, summer, vacations, warm weather, snow, parks. . . dislikes phonies, cold weather, rain, school, smog . . . considers biggest accomplishment being able to go home at 12110 . . . Pep Club 2. COOPER, PATRlClA ANN . . , lPattyJ . . . likes licorice, her friends, Sunny days. . .remembers the trip to Arrowhead, the River . . .plans after graduation to become an airline hostess. CORDES, PENNY CORT. RICHARD R. JR .... likes vacation, not having to think, sleeping, eating dislikes getting up in the morning. spending money, World Masterpieces class, homework . , . considers biggest accomplishment getting a "B" average in his junior year . . . plans after graduation to go to college . . . "C" Track 21 Varsity Track 3, 4, Most Improved 3, J.V. Cross Country 4. Jean Conover i,,,rt i Richard Cort COX, LARRY . .. likes corned beef, cabbage, long summer days, sport cars, good music . , . dislikes phony people, tests on Mondays, dirty hair, Studebakers . .. remembers how much he learned and how little he found out he knew . , . considers biggest accomplish- ment staying lame . . . plans after graduation to learn about people, major in Social Science at a good university .. . Pep Band 2, 3, 4, C.S.F. 3, 43 House of Representatives 4. CRADY, VALERIE ANNE .. . lValJ . . . likes spaghetti, lasagne, smiles . . . dislikes phony people, people who will do anything to get their name in print . . , remembers sixth period Drama with Mr. Unltan considers biggest accomplishment graduating plans after graduation to attend college, become an English teacher, marry a millionaire and become a queen . . . Drama Club 45 Reading Club 4, CREAMER, CYNDE ,. . iTootsiej . ,. likes Bob, blue, Oregon, Northern California, art, sauerkraut, Dylan, . . . dislikes Orange County, phonies . , . remembers all of Mr, M's art classes . . , plans after graduation to go up North. Cox Valerie Crady Cynde Creamer Seniors 123 Lunchtime in the Spartan Forum provides re L-141 CRUZ, ROSEMARY . , . iRosiel . , . likes basketball games, music, traveling, the people in her biology class , . . dislikes mean people, hockey . . . remembers the Senior Breakfast with KF., S.S., SS., and JD., P.E. with Mrs. Witt, biology class . . . plans alter graduation to acgltetrtdfullerton Junior College and Cal-State Fullerton , . , Spanish u . CRYSLER, DARRYL . . , likes parades, Charger R T,, money, peo- ple . ,. dislikes personal conflicts, saying goodbyes, hurting other people J. remembers being a band member, beating Loara in sophomore year . . . considers biggest accomplishment learning to understand people ,. , plans after graduation to attend F J C . ,. Band 2. 3, 4. CURE, DEBORAH S .... iDeborah Sue Lrngl . . likes the "Black- bird", the beach, dancing, meeting interesting people .. dislikes meeting people too much like her sell . . , remembers Salesmanship with Mr. Sakaue, Mr. Pomeroy's third period Senior Problems class . . , considers biggest accomplishment getting through Mr, Sakaue's and Mr. Pomeroy's classes plans alter graduation to attend Santa Ana College... Pep Club 2, 3, Rosemary Cruz Darryl Crysler DACY KATHY iKathl likes Dillards freedom banjo Mr Pomeroys Senior Problems Class considers biggest accom plishment beating Mr Pomeroy s infallible attendance system plans after graduation to move to the Ozarks and attend college German Club 2 A F S 2 Pep Club 2 Folk Music Club 2 3 Vice President 3 DAVIDSON DAWN VIOLET iDondiJ Likes Kevin M H litlh period P E the Bohemian Maid cookies Pepa s dislikes Steno unhappy people, deadlines, snobby people, arguing . . , remembers Phil's party with Steve, rushing home for a date and getting a ticket . . . considers biggest accomplishment never getting caught, always having an excuse . . . plans after graduation to move into an apart- ment, work to pay off her car . . , G.A.A. 2, 4, Steering Committee oAvis, BEN '1 QA! as Deborah Cure 1? Kathy DHCY Dawn Davidson Ben Davis if 'W l' rt Jeannette Davis Arch Day DELLERMAN, WAYNE RICHARD. . .lDir1osaurl . . . likes girls, non- DAVIS, JEAN iBubblesl likes music, Dylan, the Beatles, Donovan, working in the snack bar, English literature, history dislikes chocolate, P.E., math, smog, Santana winds . . remembers the Piper Twin assembly, the Gumpertz atiair, the Senior Breakfast, the floods and the fires consider biggest accomplishment not getting an "F" in geometry . . plans after graduation to attend Cal- tate Fullerton, work with Head Start, and become an elementary school teacher, DAY, ARCH . . likes Jimi Hendrix, sports, Karen, eating, sleeping . . .dislikes work, school, pickles . ,remembers Friday night football games . ,. considers biggest accomplishment getting a "D" in Bi- ology . . , plans after graduation to attend Santa Ana Junior College "C" Football 2, Baseball 2g "B" track 3, Varsity Track 4 DE CLARK, DAN . , . likes girls, football, Oregon . , . dislikes school, work . . . remembers good times with Brad, Tim, Dave, Art, and Rick .,."B" Football 23 "B" Track 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, Varsity Track 3, 4. rough gym towels, 8:30 days, football games . . . dislikes lunch peri- ods, regular schedule days, tardies . . . remembers trash can fires, hair checks, pep rallies . . . considers biggest accomplishment pass- ing Algebra and World Masterpieces . . . plans after graduation to attend F.J.C, or go into the Air Force. DEMLER, DONNA MARIE ... likes horses, all outdoor sports, na- ture . . . dislikes exercises in P.E, when it's over 80 degrees, dissect- ing in physiology. homework . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting a driver's license . , . plans after graduation to attend a four year college. DENHOLM, PAT . . . likes weekends, long hair, the beach, art, On- tario, vans, moustaches dislikes closed-minded people, rude people ., remembers the beach house, Robin's Hill, Prom '69, discussions in ceramics . . .considers biggest accomplishment learn- ing to accept certain things . . plans after graduation to travel with Barb and then attend San Diego State . . . Y.W.C.A. 4. Wayne Dellefmafl Dgnna Demler 124-Seniors Ti' sf Dan De Clark Patrice Denholm X rom morning classes ter De Paola . DE PAOLA, PETER , . . likes lasagne, sleep, lun . . .dislikes Physics teachers . . . remembers nothing, thank goodness , . . considers big- gest accomplishment passing Physics . . plans alter graduation to go on to U Cl .... Basketball 2, 33 Business Explorers 4, Steering Committee 4. DESANTO, PHIL DETERDING, STEPHANIE ilfreakl likes the river '68-'69, Enchanted Snail, Floy Engle's trailer, good music, her dog, non- plastic people, the shack, my friends: V.W's, long hair, working with clay . . ,dislikes super-Spartans, snotty lootball players, people who try to impress others with money, clothes, and false personalities . . . considers biggest accomplishments graduating without going in- sane. getting her picture taken with Jan Schever on Sanla's knee. .. plans after graduation to become an airline stewardess on a mayor airline . . Dance Club 35 Y-Teens 4, Secretary, Phil Desanto Wim' Stephanie Deterding gem DIAZ, MARY ,..lM.D,l . .. likes 2 40 p m, .. dislikes phony, con- certed people, and teachers who act that way . , remembers when Bob Gumpertz blew his chances ol becoming popular at Villa Park . , .considers biggest accomplishment finishing high school , . . plans alter graduation to go to college and major in sociology . . Pep Club 33 Spanish Club 4. DICKSON, BRYAN ,. , likes broken water pipes, fires, rain . dis- likes economics, losing football games, librarians . . ,remembers the last bomb scare when no one went back to class and Maddox burned his l.D. card considers biggest accomplishment eating school lood . , . plans alter graduation to go to college. DOBBS, FORREST B .... lDorisl . . . likes people, ice cream, good music, good paintings, the girl next door . . .dislikes mass gatherings, skinny people, bad play productions . , , remembers the day David King came to school dressed as an old lady . . . considers biggest accomplishment surviving his sophomore tackle lootball team ,. , plans alter graduation to go to college, maybe pursue a career in show business with an Architectural Degree . . . Drama Club 3, 45 Drama Cup Award. Diaz Bryan Dickson an orange juice bar in one hand and fruit in the Jim Ahumada carries on a light lunch conversation. Forrest Dobbs Scott Dolik Slephany Dorrenbacher DOLIK, SCOTT OOHFIENBACHEFI, STEPHANY . lSlevel . likes J W, sewing her own clothes, her dog George, traveling dislikes having to get dressed lor P E, in the morning, Monday mornings . remembers the day she painted Mr. Thoner's quonset hut, Mr Thoner's third period class . plans alter graduation to go to college. travel, and have lun . Folk Music Club 2, 33 Choir 2, Drill Team 4, Co-ed Club 4 Seniors 125 Seniors contemplate future obstacles the DOUGLAS, DONNA fDougl likes Carl's hot dogs, friendly people, T.R., skiing dislikes cafeteria food, parking lot traffic, smog remembers Prom, her junior year considers biggest accomplishment graduating plans after graduation to attend O.C.C. and to be a medical assistant Steering Committee 2, 3, 43 Gymnastics 2, Pep Club 2, 3,41 S.O.S. Club 2: YWCA 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 3, 4, Art Club 4. DOVEY, CRAIG , . . tSugar Bearl . . . likes the Disneyland Hotel on a Friday night, turning over Volkswagens dislikes dumb girls, Volkswagens, Studebakers, V.P.H.S ,... remembers Scotchmen's Cove, Pam . . . considers biggest accomplishment turning 18, gradu- ating . . , plans after graduation to goto school, make his million . . . Key Club 2, 33 Steering Committee 2, 3. DOWNS CATHY . . . likes football games, sports cars, friendly peo- ple . . . dislikes unfriendly people. guys that act hard, moody people, smog . . . remembers songleading try-outs , . . considers biggest ac- complishment becoming a songleader . . . plans after graduation to attend a junior college or a business college. . . Steering Committee 2, 3, 41 G.A,A. 33 Pep Club 3, 43 Songleader 43 Pep Council 4. Donna Douglas Craig Dovey Janet Drayer Carol Dryden DRAYER, JANET MARIE .. . tJanJ . . . likes D.L., making new friends, going different places and doing different things, having fun in general remembers sophomore year when the band beat Loara, having fun during the past three years . . . considers biggest accomplishment helping people , . , plans after graduation to attend college, get a degree in dental hygiene, get married . . . Band 2, 3. DRYDEN, CAROL DU BOIS, GARY fLeftyl dislikes some school food, over- crowded gyms, over-crowded halls . . . remembers the visit of Jimmy Piersal and the dragster . . . considers biggest accomplishment stay- ing in high school for three years . . . plans after graduation to take a trip through the United States. DUFF, BENSON fSurfl likes surfing, car racing, girls, the beach dislikes biology, gremmies, up-tight people, tourists remembers his tragic sophomore year when he broke every bone in his body considers biggest accomplishment surfing Newport's dreaded north swell . . . plans after graduation to work for the post office then go to a junior college. DUGGAN, JOHN PATRICK tO'Copenhaganl likes people, friends, happiness, joy, compassion, love .. . remembers his three years at Villa Park . . . considers biggest accomplishment having fun while learning and making so many friends . . . plans after graduation to learn as much as possible about everything in order to help his friends . . . Sea Scouts 2: Pep Club 3, 43 Science Club 3, Steering Committee 4, Coronation Court 4, DUMAS, PAMELA JANE . .. tDumal likes horses, pizza, Paul, reading, going over to Colleen's when the group is there . . , dislikes school, cleaning house, two-faced people, short people with red hair . . . remembers ditching, the Senior Breakfast, Mr. Hath, and sixth period German. . .considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . . plans after graduation to go to Fullerton Junior College, marry, and have a family. Cathy Downs Gary DuBois Ben Duff John Duggan pamela Dumas DUNFORD, SCOTT likes snow skiing, football, tennis, hiking, fishing, art . . . dislikes not being able to do those things . . . remem- bers being at VPHS for one and a half great years . . . plans after graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College or Santa Ana Junior College and study in the field of art. DUNKLEMAN, SCOTI' . . . tDunkl . . . likes cars, body surfing, trav- eling, working at McDonald's, . .dislikes boring teachers, detentions, Fords, homework over the weekends . . . remembers Mrs. Ching's class . . . considers biggest accomplishment only getting one f3i in citizenship plans after graduation to attend U.C.L.A,, major in foreign languages and business and see the world . . . Baseball 2, 3, Wrestling 2, Pep Club 3, DUNN, ELLEN MARIE . . . tAlicel . , . likes Porsches, strawberries, tennis, Christmas, the beach, spirit days, basketball games . . . dis- likes long hair on boys, people who show off, muddy hockey fields, school busses . . . remembers the day the pipes broke in her sophomore year considers biggest accomplishment surviving hockey in G A.A .... plans after graduation to attend Cypress J.C. and major in home economics . . , "S" Club 35 House of Representa- tives 3: GAA. 4. Scott Dunford Scott Dunkleman Ellen Dunn 126-Seniors ust overcome vonne Ede Diane Eells EDE, YVONNE . lBlondol likes boys, dancing, meeting people dislikes plastic people, wars, people wlro are always talking and never saying anything remembers "The inmates Running the Asylum" article written about Bob Gumpertz , , , considers biggest accomplishment getting to school on time plans alter graduation to attend dancing school and become a famous dancer . . Dance Club 3, 4, Drama Club 3, EELLS, DIANE A .,., likes D J ,tennrs, parties, meeting new people, summer dislikes fish, party-poopers, doing reports, long dresses , remembers D J 's parties, Grad Night '69, the River , . considers biggest accomplishment never getting caught for all the things she did in high school , plans alter graduation to attend Orange Coast College and eventually become a secretary , , , Pep Club 2, 3, House ol Representatives 4, - " ap r-'t,..1x. , K- Q 'L Spartan football player Danny DeClark pauses for a moment of contemplation after VPHS was defeated by the Crestview League Champs, the Foothill Knights. EICH, STEVEN . . . tMadman Eichl . . ,likes dune buggies, camping, history, Shauz-a-bug, briefcases . . , dislikes school food, being the class wierdo, Ramblers .. , remembers United States History with Mr. Brunt . . . considers biggest accomplishments not getting caught and staying alive plans after graduation to go to college and become healthy, wealthy and wise. ELLINGSON, TOM R . . . likes sports, reading a good book , . , dis- likes getting bad teachers, doing homework late at night . . . remem- bers the fire that almost burned down Spartan Land . . . considers biggest accomplishment working during the '69 summer and making money plans after graduation to attend college and major rn engineering . . . Honorable Mention in Orange County Science Fair 25 ath Club 3, 4, Vice-President 3, 4. ELLIOT, KATHLEEN MARY -even Eich Thomas Ellingson ELLIS, JUNIE ELLIS, KATHY LYNN . , lKatl , likes parties, white mustangs, smiles, Friday nights, telephone solicitors, Coach Hun1meI,Mrs,Wil- son, S B , M B F .dislikes bad moods, unreasonable people, Mon- day remembers sandbagging, Homecoming '69, the Gumpertz allair, Robins Hill, having the most wonderlul group of friends a girl could have considers biggest accomplishment being elected Commissioner of Social Activities and surviving plans alter gradu- ation to attend college to become an elementary school teacher. marry, have a family . . House of Representatives 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Steering Committee 2,3,4,C0mn1issror1er of Social Activities 4, Benchwarmers 41 A S B Cabinet 4, Y-Teens 4g Student ol the Month-November 4 ENGEL, VICKIE RAE . , tvrkl , likes water skiing, football and basketball games, being optimistic, friends, Kentucky Beef sand- wiches, popcorn , . dislikes bad moods, slow people, term papers, painting signs, people who don't act natural, material being rubbed together remembers Kyle falling down the stairs and not being able lo stop laughing considers biggest accomplishments becom- ing a songleader and hiding in the back ol a station wagon with Kyle on Chris Franklrns date, being spies plans alter graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College and to work with people . Girls' Glee 2, Symphonic Choir Cl, Songleader 41 Steering Committee 4: Pep Club 4, Pep Council 4 ji if Ellis Kathy Ellis n? i Wi' Kathleen Elliott 'Y .ill Vickie Engel Seniors-127 I t ENGLE, ROBIN , . . lHapgA. . . likes art, mostly ceramics, Fletcher of the Tom Slick cartoon, r. M., being alone dislikes broccoli, plastic flowers, plastic people , . . remembers the time Robert and he were dates at Homecoming 1968 . . , plans after graduation to con- tinue his likes . . . Varsity Golf 2, 3, 4: Steering Committee 2, 3, 4, Key 221232, 3, 43 Art club 3, 4, President 45 Pep Club 31 Scholarship to enter , ENLOW, MARILYN SUE . . . lSuei . .. likes Tom, going places and doing things, happy people, rain, outdoors, music, P.E., all her good friends , . . dislikes sad people, bad-tasting foods, geometry . . . remembers getting on the crowded bus in the mornings, Senior Spirit Day, casual campus day . . . considers biggest accomplishment get- ting through her senior year . . . plans after graduation to go to Santa Ana College, work, and become an airline stewardess . . . Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Co-ed Club 3, 4g Steering Committee 4. 1' - Robin Engle Ed Erickson Marilyn Enlow . , ,Y ' Steve Everett 1 28-Seniors ig Richard Evers ERICKSON, ED . . . lMoparJ . .. likes girls, pizza, Jimi Hendrix, Mr, Ketten's auto shop, Three Dog Night, parties, Mrs. Cubbison's bread crumbs, Mosen Grazen . . . dislikes The Register , stuck-up people, Fords, AD., super-Spartans, automatic transmissions, sour-cream. hot V,W.'s considers biggest accomplishment never tasting a VPHS hamburger and staying healthy . , . plans alter graduation to go to Fullerton Junior College . . . Steering Committee 25 Pep Club 3, Coin Club 3, P,E. Football All-Stars 4. ERLICH, DAN . .. likes surfing, track season, fishing, Fords, rainy days at the beach, surf music . . , dislikes crowded surf, Newport surfboard tax . . . remembers ditching Spanish II to go surfing and then breaking his wrist . . , considers biggest accomplishment getting into a typing class that was 99'M, girls . . . plans after graduation to cool it on the beach until the draft grabs him. EVANS, THOMAS G .... lTommyl likes people, food, friendly people, outdoors, snow, traveling . , ,dislikes dull classes, dissecting frogs, unkind people , . . remembers the food fights . . , plans after graduation to attend a state college and major in Political Science . .. Drama Club 2, 3g Cross Country 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Track 3, 4, A.F.S. 3, Odyssey Staff 4, Letterman's Club 3, Oracle Staff 4, Orphans find will' Pete Hart, in his new father role, copes with young at the luncheon following the Christmas assembly Dan Erlich EVERETT, STEVE . . , lYasha Ouidol . . . likes T.V,, movies, beach, fishing, most foods . . .dislikes sauerkraut, tests, USC football teams remembers seeing changes in his classmates, apathy, good friends . . . considers biggest accomplishment being able to establish a direct line of communication with faculty and administration .. . plans after graduation to possibly enlist in the Navy . . , Senior Class President 43 Pep Club 4. EVERS, RICHARD EWALD, JOAN MARIE dislikes phonies, insensitivity plans after graduation to attend a university, then join VISTA for a year . . , CSF 2, 3, 41 "S" Club 3, SOS Club 35 Oracle Staff 3, 4, Editorial Section Editor 3, Co-Editor in Chief 4. Thomas Evans Joan Ewald riends in Spartan seniors at Christmastime EWING, ALAN. . . lCeciIl . . , likes vans, outdoors, lots ol money . . . dislikes stuck-up girls, Volkswagens, large cities, put-on personali- ties . . . remembers tape decks blasting before and after school . . . considers biggest accomplishment escaping authority ol the school administrators , . . plans after graduation to move up to Oregon and work in construction, later build his own house . . . Football 2, J.V. Baseball 3. EZELL, LAURA . . . tLaural . . . likes MA., being friendly, laughing, talking to Mike on the phone for two hours, M.A.'s car . . . dislikes people who think they are too good for others . . . remembers doing dumb stuff with Robyn, summer '68, MJ. and all of her senior year , . . considers biggest accomplishment living at home and graduating . , . plans after graduation to go to Orange Coast College and become a stewardess . . . House oi Representatives 2, 45 Coed Club 3. EZELL, NORMA . . . lNormieJ . . . likes T.A., food, M.H., living on her own, talking to different kinds of people, dating older guys . . .dislikes close-minded people, being sick, school, being sad, lighting with friends, not seeing T.A, very much . , . remembers the fight she had with CD. and her fall being ripped off . , . considers biggest accom- plishment getting to school on time and going to high school, beauty college and working . . . plans alter graduation to finish beauty col- lege, travel and be a men's hair sty ist. an Ewing Laura Ezell FARSON, DOUGLAS CHRIS lDougl likes happy people, Drill Team member, honesty . . . dislikes snobs, shrimp, mushrooms , , . remembers the unity of the school when helping Susan Mazze . . . plans after graduation to be happy . . . A.F.S. 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 33 French Club 3, 4: Oracle Staff 3, 4, Commissioner ot Foreign Ex- chalgige 4. FE R, PATRICIA A, . , . likes Huntilgton Beach, clothes, blue Camaros, dancing, money, chipmunks, Larry dislikes spiders, school food, doing the same thing . . . remembers her birthday and Prom . . . considers biggest accomplishment making it through the past three years , . . plans after graduation to attend iunior college and to model. FERREL, KATHY L .... lMaxJ . . . likes Steven, Pepa's alter games, stars, Don's VWs, boys, art . . . dislikes plastic people, lowered cars. drugs, too much seriousness . .. remembers trying out for mascot and Senior Spirit Day . . . considers biggest accomplishment gradu- ating, meeting D.D .... plans after graduation to attend Fu lerton Junior College . , . Art Club 3, Benchwarmers 45 Cornation Court 4, Norma Ezell uglas Farson Pat Fedor Kathy Ferret FIEBING, ARTHUR iA.J.l likes Ford vans, surfing, hunting, girls who like vans, Mexico, blonde hair, green . . . dislikes short hair, losing football teams, sophomores, no parties on Friday nights . . . remembers the parking lot, drivesins, boss chicks, alter-games ac- tivities, parties . . . Considers biggest accomplishments being MVP in sophomore baseball, passing geometry . . , plans after graduation to go to agunior college, take trips to Mexico and San Francisco . . . Varsity aseball 4. g E FISHMAN, MARCY ANN lDonkJ likes chocolate-mint ice cream, skiing, the beach on a hot summer day . . . dislikes librarians, cafeteria food, driving . . . remembers Mt. Baldy, the beach house, squirrel squad considers biggest accom- plishment not getting caught ditching . . . plans alter graduation to attend colle e at San Diego State . . . Y-Teens 2, Steering Commit- tee 2, 3, 4g geo Club 2, 3, 4g Ski Club 4, Benchwarmers 4. FITZGERALD, CAROL v I bf 't Fiebing Marcy Fishman Carol Fitzgerald ,fu FITZPATRICK, MICHAEL R .... iFitz the Snowmanj ,. , likes friends, girls, a good time, the weekends, fellowship, "the Zoo". electronics, firebirds . . . dislikes hypocrites of a particular nature, chemistry . . . remembers the three years of track with hurdle coach Thoner . . . plans after graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College, FLESHER, RICHARD FLYNN, KAREN , . . iStripesl . . . likes dancing, Mr. Edward's, pizza, Mr. Thoner . . . dislikes pushy people, cafeteria food, grouchy teach- ers , , . remembers going to Disneyland with R.C., J. ., and S,S. . , . considers biggest accomplishment learning to drive with a stick-shift plans after graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College and become a secretary, .V chael Fitzpatrick Richard Flesher Karen Flynn Seniors-129 Spirited Spartan pepsters lead seniors i YT? 14 FORNOF, KEITH ALLEN . . , likes Vicki McKay, bowling, water ski- ing, cars , . . dislikes little sophomores . . , remembers getting hit by water balloons at a pep rally . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating , . . plans alter graduation to attend Santa Ana College Track 2, 3, 4: Football 3. FORREST, JEFF FORRESTER, PERRY MATTHEW lForresteri likes cross country, track, pain, marathons dislikes crowds, smog, large cities , . . remembers running lor track and cross country . . consid- ers biggest accomplishment lettering in cross country and track . . . plans alter graduation to attend U.C. Riverside or Cal-State Fullerton and then go to law school at USC . . , "B" Football 2, "B" Track 2, Keith Fornof Jeff Forrest FOX, GARY B ..,. likes sports, cars, motorcycles remembers how hard he worked out in track practices . ,. considers biggest accomplishment getting this lar , . . plans alter graduation to go to college and major in torestry . .. "El" Football 23 Track 2, 3, 4. FRAME, CAROL FRANKLIN, CHRISTINE .. . lChristyl .,. likes making up with Thumper, Lincoln Park, dried apricols, clouds dislikes pickles, lions . , . remembers taking walks on the beach when she should have been at school . . . considers biggest accomplishment passing P.E .... plans alter graduation to go to college and become a secret agent.. "S" Club 2, C.S,F. 3, 4. Varsity Cross Country 3, 4, Varsity Track 3, 4. Ts Perry Forrester Gary Fox Carol Frame Christy Franklin Don Freedain FREEDAIN, DON . . . lDogmeatl . . . likes short skirts, activity schedule . . . dislikes the cafeteria , . . remembers getting up in the morning . , , plans alter graduation to go on to college . . House ol Representatives 4. FRENCH. DAVID FREY, KAREN LEE .. lHi, Freyll likes true lriends, S.M., the beach, popcorn , . , dislikes homework, lake people . . . remembers all her new lriends, Summer '69, ditching on May lst, wanting to sleep on the school root, Tradition Day '68 .. . considers biggest accomplishment growing up some and graduating plans alter graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College, travel, join VISTA, get an apartment, and get married . . , House ol Representatives 3, 4, "S" Club 4. David French Robin Frizzelle Vicki Furtek 130-Seniors FRIZZELLE, ROBIN S .... lthe Mani likes parties, track. boss girls, his van . . . dislikes being called concerted, the dress code, the clique at VP, VW's . . . remembers being a put-down sophomore, the Big Four parties, Track, welcome trips to Robins Hill . . ,considers biggest accomplishment getting Most Valuable Varsity Track player in junior year, meeting new girls . . . plans alter graduation to get a Track scholarship, attend Cal-State Fullerton, get rich and lamous ... Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, Most Valuable 3. FURTEK, VICTORIA SUZANNE lVicl . . , likes sincere, lriendly people, football games, summer days, Christmas vacation , . . dis- likes crowded classrooms, study halls, walking across the VPHS lield when it's wet, term papers. projects , , . remembers her lirst day at Villa Park . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating . , . plans alter graduation to go to Cal-State Fullerton and mayor in history "S" Club 2, 3, 4, S.O.S. Club 23 Pep Club 2, 3, GARCIA, JEFF... lMexJ . . . likes Tuesday nights, going out Friday nights, girls, cherry pie . . . dislikes Wednesday mornings at school. "boom-boom" remembers his senior year, toad .. . considers biggest accomplishment getting his truck running .. plans alter graduation to start touring the U.S.A. in his VW bus, go to Fullerton Junior College "B" Football 2, Lettermen's Club 2: House ol Representatives 3: Auto Club 4 Karen Frey Jeff Garcia inda Geck ulful chants GARCIA, PATRICIA tPatl likes guys and cars dislikes history, guys who are jealous , . . remembers ditching last year with Jan , . . plans after graduation to get married and hold a secretarial iob. GARDNER, RICHARD . . .fl-Tlickl . . . likes belly boarding, the beach, San Francisco fishing hunting dislikes gas bills cancercommer cia s remembers the summer vacations considers biggest accomplishment staying alive plans after graduation to take a trip around the country GARVER JIM likes girls water skiing parties Mr Pomeroy s Senior Problems class VW s Credence Clearwater Dodge Vans football games Friday nights D K dislikes phony or plastic peo ple fish Chevy vans crummy heavy rock bands bouncers stuck up girls lousy teachers remembers Sue Mazze Day Mr Unitan s Speech ll class considers biggest accomplishments being Lt Gov of Key Club managing to make athletic practices staying awake plans after graduation to attend F J C then the Air Force Academy of law school Key Club 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Lieutenant Governor 4 Cross Country 3 4 Baseball 2 Debate Team 4 Track 3 4 Boys Forum 4 Steering Committee 4 Business Explorer Post 2 Forestry Explorer Post 3 4 . .ii ' . 2 . r 1 . 1 . I atricia Garcia Richard Gardner James Garver GECK, LINDA JO . . . fOlive-Oill . . . likes sun, mountains, chocolate mint ice cream cones. candy , . . dislikes peas, snobby people, writ- 3, Y.W C.A, 2, ing compositions . . . remembers Mt. Baldy, Orange-VP games . . . considers biggest accomplishment passing Composition . . . plans after graduation to attend Orange Coast College . , . Steering Com- mittee 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Treasure 43 Benchwarmers 43 GAA. GEISLEFI, NENA HELENA lNenerl likes boys with VW'S people, cats, going places, reading, food . . . dislikes french toast . . . remembers the friends she made, all the TPing and Hillman es- capades . . . plans after graduation to go to college, probably West- mont. . .Junior Achievement 2, ASF 3, 4, Steering Committee 3, Pep Club 43 Flag Twirler 2, 3, Captain 3, GENTRY, DIANE MARIE lHey, Gentryl .. . likes people, Cre- dence Clearwater, llowers, laughing, her dog Bo-bo, RR., rainy weather, pizza, slumber parties, talking to friends, Christmastime, surprises, eating out, swimming . . . dislikes two-faced people, un- friendly people, term papers . . . remembers all the wonderful peo- ple, football games, helping Susan Mazze, making good friendships, driving in K.F.'s VW on Tradition Day and almost getting a water balloon thrown through the sun roof, getting caught at a party by the police for the wrong house and then having them tell her to go to the right house, talking to Bill M. and Deb N. in Composition class and always getting in trouble . . .considers biggest accomplish- ment passing screening for cheerleader in junior year . . . plans after graduation to attend Cal+State Fullerton for a year and then transfer to U,C,L.A. and become an elementary school teacher. . . Drill Team 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 4: Class Secretary 4, Benchwarmers 4 A look of surprise adorns the pert face of Karen Lagerquist as the Spartans smear the Laguna Artists. Nena Geisler Diane Gentry if .: GERHARD, JOHN lNhodJ likes everything enioyable remembers the food . . . considers biggest accomplishment eating VPHS food, GERLOFF, DEBRA ANN . . . fDebbiei . . . likes boys in the class of '72, smiles, Osceola . . . dislikes good-byes, gaining weight, losing a friend, growing up, responsibilities . . . remembers Harvey's with Fl., the floods last year, all new people she met . . , considers biggest accomplishment fulfilling her challenges with a little help from her friends . . , plans alter graduation to find out more about herself and life ,.G.A.A. 2, 3, YWCA 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 33 Steering Committee 2, 3. ohn Gerhard Debbie Gerloff Seniors-131 Pepsters show their pride during Alma lVIate AI Gildea Jennityr Gilmore GLADDEN, BONNIE JILL GLEASON, DEAN , tGIeopyJ . , , likes girls, cars, money dns- likes tickets, gloomy days, paying money lor tickets considers biggest accomplishment getting out ol Villa Park , plans after graduation to go to college, work, and retire at 25 with a million dollars Spanish Club 3, Art Club 3, Student Store Manager 4 GILDEA, AL. .likes cars,girls,parties,loodgraduating,, dislikes getting up in the morning , , considers biggest accomplishment get- ting a lunch pass and graduating . plans after graduation to mess around, work, and go to a junior college GILMOFIE, JENNIFYFI JO . . . tJennyl . , . likes Steve, tried chicken, Vocal Ensemble, people-watching, Rod McKuen, iced tea, music, chocolate almond ice cream, Rod, Terry, Carol, patchwork quilts , , , dislikes people who are too "cool" to get excited over anything, closed campus, biology, insrncerity, calories, getting up in the morn- ing remembers Vocal Ensemble perlormances and the day her "very respectable" trtends and she got caught ditching in her iunior year . considers biggest accomplishment working in Disneyland's Kids ol the Kingdom during her senior year and learning the dance routines to the Ensemble's "Contempory Sounds '69" in her junior year . plans alter graduation to get her masters degree and teach- ing credential at Azusa Pacific, mayor in psychology, and minor in music . . Oracle Stall 2, 3, Symphonrc Choir 2, Vocal Ensemble 3, 4, Folk Music Club 3, Campus Lite 4. GINSBERG, DANIEL Daniel Ginsberg n . Bonnie Gladden F, 3:7 William Gloor 132-Seniors Vx-111 Dean Gleason GLOOFI, BILL ,. tBilgel , likes bicycle racing, "Os" class demonstrations, sincere people, trench horn quartets, Advanced Reading, Sheila Rosser, returning graduates, classical music, Mrs Schepe's shark dissections, givin lab practicums . , dislikes unlair teachers, algebra, sweet loods, galilornia, pizza, liling old test pa- pers, taking lab practicunts . . remembers the "group" in Mrs. Sche- pe's back room , . considers biggest accomplrshments living through "Bag Bilge Day," getting to Anrecht's class on time, getting a seat on the bus plans alter graduation to go into pre-med or the Navy , , Science Club 3, 43 Coin Club 3, 4. GOETZ, CHRIS GOLLOIAN, PENNY LORFZAINE .. tYo-Yol .. likes the ocean at night, tootball games, Flonda, Michigan, Canada, boys , . . dislikes nasty people, peas, sweet potatoes , . . remembers hitting a car alter leaving school in the rain .. considers biggest accomplishment making it through her I8 years with all her problems , , . plans alter graduation to goto the East for the summer, then to a iunior college. Viewed through a megaphone at the El Mo game, cheer- leader Chris Montonna demonstrates traditional Spartan spirit. We Chris Goetz Penny Golloian l tthe Elmo Game GONZALEZ, JOANN . . . lJol . . . likes going out, having good times, smiling, meeting new people, tiny kids . . . dislikes unfriendly people, onions. meat that's raw alter its been cooked, moody people , . , remembers all the lun times she's had thinking about the day when she would write all this in the annual, the great times with Jim, Maureen, Tom, and all the parties . . . considers biggest accomplish- ments meeting so many people with great personalities, passing A,D,, getting all great teachers in her senior year, sticking it out ln Shorthand ll, controlling her temper plans alter graduation to continue working as a receptionist and maybe to to a junior college. GOODRICH BUDDY R .... likes people, music, electronics, math . . .dislikes Loara, English. . .remembers everyone in Band . . .plans alter graduation to join the Air Force Reserve then go to college . . . Marching Band 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4. Gonzalez Buddy Goodrich GOODSON, MARK TIMOTHY . . . tGoodyl .. likes science, math, electronics . . . dislikes history . . , remembers Mrs. Schepe, Mr. O , Mr. Proltitt . . .considers biggest accomplishment lasting three years with Mr. Proltitt . ,. plans alter graduation to go to a university to study biology . , . Science Club 2, 4, Sea Explorers 2. 3, Coin Club 3, 4, Veterirarian, Medical, and Communication Explorers 4. GORDON, HOLLY ROBIN tDing-Dongl likes D.J., sincere people, lood, the beach, camp. Friday nights . . , dislikes long skirts, little dogs, P.E ..,. remembers when her pants tell ott at a lootball . game . . . considers biggest accomplishment lllling out this lorm . . . K is plans alter graduation to attend Orange Coast College. l' gi GORHAM, GERALD A .... tPasha-Yhettil . . .likes Senior Class ac- J tivities, Pep Club, being a lab assistant, avenging crime, lemon ple, if " curly hair. laughing . . . dislikes hurtlul people, serious people. straight hair, people with no spirit , . . remembers Senior Spirit Day land nightl, almost beating the laculty at basketball . . . considers biggest accomplishment becoming Senior Class Vice-President, making the J.V. baseball team in his lunior year . . . "C" Football 2, "C" Basketball 2, Sophomore Baseball, "B" Basketball 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Vice President 4, J.V. Baseball 3, Senior Class Vice-President GOOGSOI1 Holly Gordon Gerald Gorham Gorman X GORMAN, JULIA tJuliel . ,. likes boys, Calllornia dislikes caleteria lood, snobs, phonies. St. Louis . . , remembers the lashion show she was in lor Girls League . . . considers biggest accomplish- ment gettlng a "B" in geometry . . , plans alter graduation to go to Humbolt State College and study occupational therapy , . . GAA. 2, Steering Committee 2, 3, 4, Student Allairs Council 3. GRAHAM, CHARLES . . . likes lood, money, scuba diving, throwing oranges at Bill Anderson , . . dislikes the nlck-name "Chuck", Ander- son throwing oranges at him . . . remembers when the Cross Country team looted Coach Bob McKle considers biggest accomplish- ment surviving three years with Blll Moore and stlll being mentally sane. . . plans alter graduation lo go on to UCSB to major in marine biology . . . Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, C.S.F. 4. GRALEY, RICK . , . lStnngl . . , likes girls, sports, cars, lood, money dislikes French, studying remembers the time he almost wrecked the Driver's Education car on the lreeway considers biggest accomplishment passing Mr. Corradlno's World Master- pieces class . , . plans alter graduation to go to college and study architecture. Charles Graham Gravelle Leanne Greenfield GRAVELLE, RAYMOND IVOR . . . likes peanut butter, women, dis- cussions with Mr. DeFalco, philosophy, psychology . . . dlSlIk6S peo- ple who don't think that they will succeed . . . remembers the teach- ers, the dances, his lriends considers biggest accomplishment understanding Ayn Rand . . . plans alter graduation to go to Fullerton Junior College then to a college abroad and study veterinary medl- cine and molecular biology . . . Reading Club 4, Chairman. GREENFIELD, LEANNE . . .likes art, horses, swimming, the country . . , dislikes baseball, golf, the city. . . remembers her senior year. , . considers biggest accomplishment graduating , . . plans after gradu- ation to enter college and become an an teacher . . . Art Club 2, GREET, BARBARA likes Bob, peanut butter, Mormons . .. dis- likes traitors and Bob going out on her . . . considers biggest accom- plishment getting through the year . . . plans alter graduation to go to Beauty College, get married, attend BYU. Lewis Graley Q' Q Barbara Greet Seniors-133 Jeff Gressard i 5-:".. ,Q 'S' ed,- R ,,. 5- ffsif Q l t f if P Bob Groover Selling cokes at home basketball game GRESSARD, JEFF. . . likes Donna, skiing, football, the beach, wed- ding receptions, parties. . .dislikes homework, having to go to school on a summer day, working, being broke . ,, remembers weddings, football games. parties . . . considers biggest accomplishments only getting caught for ditching once and getting good grades . . . plans after graduation to go to college and become a dentist Boys Forum 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 45 "B" Football 23 "C" Track 23 Letterman's Club 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, "B" Track 3, Varsity Track 4. GRIGNON, LYNNE FRANCES . ,. tLinusJ . . . likes keen wit, tennis, skiing, mature boys, doing what she can for other people . , . dislikes selfishness, people who change their mind, ICM tests, being called "pumpkin" by Miss Whipple . . . remembers her friend Joanne, men- tal battles with everyone, all the guys . . . considers biggest accom- plishment maintaining a calm exterior for live days a week , . . plans alter graduation to attend a university and become a foreign Ian- guage teacher . . . G.A.A. 3, 4, Spanish Club 4. R ENEWOLD, CINDY ... fCidl ... likes Jim, hash browns, chocolate shakes, vanilla butter cremes, sleeping, music, candles . . . dislikes people waking her up in the morning, '59 red Ramblers, most fish, homework . . . remembers meeting Jim, going to Disney- land the day the water was off, marching in the back rank of Drill Team .. . considers biggest accomplishment hiking up Mt. Whitney and making it to the top the second year she tried . ,. plans after graduation to work during the summer, and attend F.J.C. to major in business . .. Drill Team 2, 3, 4, GHOOVER, BOB Martin Grover many ,.. Band 2, 3. GROVER, PETE . ,. lRed Reckl . . , likes sports, girls, good dates, M.M., parties . , .plans after graduation to go to O.C.C., then transfer to University of Oregon . , . Boys Forum 3, 4, Varsity Letterman 3, 4. GRUMBLATT, DOUG ,. . likes Steve Stills, Neil Young, Judy Col- lins, Ralph Nader, George Gershwin . , . dislikes impulsiveness, Gen- eral Motors . ,. remembers Bruce King and Randy Holland finally playing in a basketball game . . . considers biggest accomplishment selling a Science Club pizza plans after graduation to attend college ,.. "B" Football 23 J.V. Tennis 2, 3, Science Club 4. CORT, JAYNE HAASE HADLEY, ROXANNE . . . likes VW's, concerts, the beach, the park, happy people, summer, parades, doing things on the spur of the moment, Doug . , . dislikes being down, fish, lies, two-faced people. hassles . , . remembers National City '68, losing her car keys on the VPHS football field at night, Prom '69 . . . considers biggest accom- plishment having so much fun . ,. plans after graduation to go to college and to be happy , . , Drill Team 2, 3, 4, SAC 3, Campus Life 4. HAINES, JONATHAN DAVID lJonl likes Corvettes, Flats, girls, money . , . dislikes Loara High School Band, football coaches, range May Parade . . , remembers band busses . . , considers big- gest accomplishment T, Mr. Buck's truck . . . plans after gradua- tion to go to college, dodge the draft, and become a politician lstates- Lynne Grignon Cindy Groenewold Douglas Grumblatt Jayne Haase iCortl Roxanne HSCUGY Jonathan Haines Colleen Hambley 134-Seniors HAMBLEY, COLLEEN. . . tColliel . . .likes David, pistachio nuts, the drive-in, water skiing, the "River", windy days, the rain . .. dislikes two-faced and phony people, sauerkraut, and big mouth people . . . remembers standing in the back hall with Dave, Prom '69, August 15th considers biggest accomplishment graduating plans after graduation to work, get married and have a very large family . . . Girl of the Month 43 Girls League Ways and Means Chairman 4, Benchwarmers 4, Steering Committee 4. HARMAN, MARK STEPHEN . .. remembers classes and teachers . . . plans after graduation to go to college. HARRINGTON, MARY KAROL . .. tPumpkini likes Rick, mus- tangs, snow, climbing in windows at 6:00 a.m., sunshine, sincere people, fire, wind dislikes two-faced people, rain, adults that intertere with the schools remembers being hypnotized with Cathy B. and ditching school in 10th grade when the water pipes broke considers biggest accomplishment never getting sus- pended for truancy . . . plans after graduation to attend San Diego State for two years then get married and travel . , . Steering Commit- tee 2, 3: Pep Club 2.3. Mark Harman Mary Harrington Victoria Harrington Paul Half HARRINGTON, VICTORIA YVONNE , fWingsJ , likes horses, snow, rain, water skiing, boys .. dislikes snobs, lake people, history ,, remembers the people at VPHS considers biggest accom- plishment being here, HART, PAUL VINCENT . . lFlashing Phantoml likes football, chow, waterskiing, working, counselors . dislikes parties, the at- tendance office , . , remembers light show HGH '69, Bullock at the Orange game, Mr, Pomeroy and the attendance office, alter-game dances, the "Hi" Dance, false truancies ,, considers biggest ac- complishment lettering three years in football, making All-League and Honorable Mention All-County in football plans alter gradua- tion to go to a iunior college and then to a four year college , Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, All-League 3, 4. All-City 3, Board of Control 2, J V Basketball 2, Track 3, 4 HART, PETER ALLEN . likes cars, girls, lood, drags, animals dislikes school, stuck-up girls .. remembers girls and sports considers biggest accomplishment high pumping 6'4' in his junior year plans alter graduation to work, go into the service, and attend a junior college . J V Basketball 2, 3, Varsity Basketball 4, Grover and Val Spencer sell cokes at the Laguna game, VP won with a score of 107 74. HARVEY, JAMES B .... tHarvl , . . likes Chinese food, fishing, hunt- ing, skin diving, basketball . . . dislikes waiting in the snack bar line, school remembers John Stelmaszczyk considers biggest accomplishment surviving the lunch hour . . . plans after graduation .A nn in 4: 1 rt HARWELL, TRUDY ANN . . . iTrudl . . . likes rainy nights, Mrs. Dar- sie, "Citizens for Boysenberry Jam Fans", Alben Camus, arguing, sun , . , dislikes assemblies on cold days, filling out forms, smog, waiting for counselor appointments, shallow people . . . remembers Mr. Stokes' fifth period Composition class discussions . . . considers biggest accomplishment surviving Algebra ll in her junior year plans alter graduation to go to Orange Coast College for two years, then to a state college . . . Steering Committee 2, 3, GAA. 2, Pep Club 2, 3, S.O.S. Club 2. HAWKINS, DAN. . .tHawkl . . . likes the delicious snack bar food. .. dislikes Boom-Boom, short hair, hamburgers . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating plans after graduation to find a place where he can get an education. Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, Key Club 2 3 4 Varsity Club 2 3 4 HAWN, SALLY , tSall ocean, rain, Rod McKuen, peppermint ice cream dislikes head- aches, pollution , remembers the man in her Algebra book, Mr O's film festivals, falling on the stairs, Miss Whipple considers biggest accomplishment staying on the line ol sanity plans after gradua- tion to goto Cal-State Fullerton, meet people, see places, stay away from V P, , G A A 2, 3, Sophomore Representative, Ski Club 4 HEIM, JIM , fHelmerl ,. likes basketball, girls, the beach, frank and honest people . dislikes people who don't pick up their trash, phonies, a losing football team remembers the Orange basket- ball game VPHS won in his sophomore year considers biggest accomplishment living through three years of basketball practice plans after graduation to go to college and maior in math, law, or business administration Basketball 2, 3, 4, C S F 2, 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Class President 2, Pep Club 2, Board ol Control 3, ASB Vice-President 4, Senate 4 HELM, KURT R, , tShnookumsj likes Barb, Mr Cole's class, Mr Brunt's large lectures, Mrs Schepe's fourth period Biology class, pizza dislikes unhappiness between two people, traffic conges- tion after school, black armbands, cafeteria pizza remembers Prom '69, May 24, 1969, meeting Barb, football games considers biggest accomplishment keeping himself sane through the past three years plans alter graduation to get through college with a law degree, then travel J V Football 2, Varsity Track Manager 2, Auto Club 3, House ol Representatives 3, Varsity Football Manager 3 Hawn Jim Helm Kurt Helm Spartan pride rings true as VPHS se ' HEIN, STAN . . . likes sports, dating, summer ,. . dislikes Spanish, rain, dances . . . remembers the first Congressional Ball .. . consid- ers biggest accomplishment getting a "D" in Spanish lll . . , plans alter graduation to take a trip around the United States J,V. Basketball 2, Sophomore Baseballg Varsity Basketball 3, 4, J.V. Baseball 3, Varsity Baseball 4. HENDERSON, GARY HENDERSON, MARTIN LEE . . . likes bananas, Flying Burrito Broth- ers , . . dislikes dandrulf, bad breath, bubonic la ue Doris D D 9 . ay . . , remembers voting for Bill Boggs , . . plans after graduation to attend college, make money . . . House of Representatives 3. Stan Hein Gary Henderson Martin Henderso HENNING, JANE HENNINGER, NORTON FRANKLIN . . . likes sports, drags, cars . . , dislikes teachers, cops, assemblies remembers food fights at lunch, pushing the sophomores off the second story . . . considers biggest accomplishment listening to one of Elbert's biology lectures . , , plans after graduation to go to F.J.C. or take an all- expense paid vacation to VietNam . . . Auto Club 3, 4. HENRY, CHRIS . .. likes football games, "Funny Girl", clam chow- der tfrom Manny'si, the snow, telephone soliciters , . . dislikes rainy days in school, stuck-up people. Mondays, hockey in the mud . . . remembers eggs and grapefruit, Homecoming '69, sandbagging, "Gumpertz affair" considers bgggest accomplishment keeping her car running .. . plans after gra uation to attend Orange Coast College next fall, travel, and have fun this summer . . , Pep Club 3, 43 Steering Committee 3, 4: Y-Teens 4. 6 Jane Henning Norton Henninger Chris Henry John Heppner 136-Seniors Flying water balloons, clapping hands and S l"lIOI' l'l enior time effort highlighted the week preceding the Orange game. HEPPNER, JOHN N ,... tHughJ . . . likes popcorn, extra curricular activities, music, puns, Canada, Zinger parties . . . dislikes school, sandwiches, dirty moustaches, picky people remembers Mrs. Darsie's MacCleans smile considers biggest accomplishment getting out ol the library with a book plans after graduation to become a war hero, HERMANN. CHERYL . . .likes cats, horses, boys . . , dislikes closed campus . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . plans alter graduation to be a homemaking major. HERTZBERG, KEN . . . likes cars, parties, having fun on the week- ends. . .dislikes dumb girls, cafeteria food, Fords. , . remembers the Senior Breakfast . .. considers biggest accomplishment making it through the last year . . . plans after graduation to attend Orange Coast College CSF. 4. 5 it-f x Cheryl Hermann Ken Hertzberg 4 'emonstrate loyalty on Spirit Day Hickoff Linda Hill -x Music Club 3, HINDMAN, KATHY HILLERS, SHARON MARIE . . . tSissyl . . . likes guys over 6'4" . .. dislikes guys under 6'4" . . . remembers becoming a senior . . . con- siders biggest accomplishment going to Coronation '70 plans alter graduation to attend a business college . . . Pep Club 35 Folk HISLOP, SUZANNE . . lDummy Suej likes 8.30 da s hel in M people, getting letters, Modoc County, Mrs Fisher . . , dislikes akg ' ' people, bossy teachers, a certain novel teacher in her junior year at VPHS , . remembers getting a short period day, never getting de- tentions or tardies . . . plans alter graduation to go to college and become a social worker . . . Medical Explorers 3, 4. HICKOFF, SANDI . . . likes good books, soltball, tacos . . , dislikes term papers, peas, snobs . , . remembers cold G.A.A. hockey play- days, Mr. Long's history class. , .considers biggest accomplishment getting to school in the morning . . . plans alter graduation to major in P.E. at Fullerton Junior College, GAA. 2, 3, 4. HILL, LlNDA , . . ll.inda Suej . . , likes boyfriends, dancing, music. ,. remembers Mr. DiMaggio, wearing pants on sunny days . . consid- ers biggest accomplishment Iearning to spell her name .. . plans after graduation to attend beauty college . . . Dance Club 3, 4, Vice- Presldent 3. HILL, WENDELL TALBOT Ill ,.. lwendyj . . . likes music, baseball, basketball, peace dislikes lootball, weapons remembers beating Loara, and the Rams halltime show . , . considers biggest accomplishment being able to survive in Orange County . . , plans alter graduation to go to college . ,. Band 2, 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4. it g e o n .. . fielil , , Ai. ' , . Wendell Hill aron Hillers Kathy Hindman Suzanne Hislop t 1 r HLASTALA, GARY likes art, hockey, sports, girls, people dislikes dogs, spinach, people who don't like other people . . . remembers most everything because it was all so worthwhile . . . considers biggest accomplishment being able to know so many kids .. . plans alter graduation to go to a junior college . . . "C" Football 2, Art Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4. HOBSON, STEPHEN LEE lHoboj . .. likes girls, cycles, short skirts, records, hot cars, anyone who can do what they brag they can . . . dislikes homework, same schedule each day, coy girls, women drivers, orderly-made anything , . . remembers most ol the events ol his senior year, Orange Spirit Week, the Senior Breaklast, the leeling ol almost being finished with high school . . . considers biggest ac- complishment learning to pilot sail boats and receiving his radio operator's license plans alter graduation to travel during the summer, and then to attend college and major in architecture . , . Athletics 2, 3, Architecture Club 4. HOELSCHER, JANET . . . lHoelscherJ . . . likes honest people, the color purple, having friends, Donovan, Country Joe and the Fish, Sweetwater . . . dislikes liars, lalse conversations, dirt, phony people . . .considers biggest accomplishment carrying on a conversation . . . plans alter graduation to attend a junior college and U C.l , become successful . . , Pep Club 3, 4. Gary Hlaslala Steve Hobson Janet Hoelscher Seniors-137 Senior escorts add formali HOFFMAN, JACOUELINE HOGLIN, NANCY JEAN ,,. tNanceJ ... likes summer, weekends, beach, vacations, warm weather dislikes selfish people, cold weather . . considers biggest accomplishment talking . , . plans to go to college and become a social worker , . , Pep Club 2. 1'T"7 Glenn Howden Dan Hoyt HUBBELL, NANCY M .... lNanij likes travel, people, skiing, class discussions, laughter , . , dislikes doing unto others what you wouldn't want them to do unto you . , , remembers all the "growing pains" , . considers biggest accomplishment becoming an Ameri- can Abroad candidate, getting good grades , . . plans alter gradua- tion to goto University of California at Santa Cruz, or Switzerland . . German Club 3, 4g G A.A 3, Art Club 4, Secretary 4, AFS Club 4, Americans Abroad finalist 4, Skt Club 4. HUFF, MAHLENE. .lMarl ..ltkes people, being happy.. dislikes phony people, avocados . . . remembers Senior Spirit Day . . . con- siders biggest accomplishment making Vocal Ensemble as a sophomore . . . plans alter graduation to attend Cal-State Fullerton ,.. Pep Club 2, 3. 4, Steering Committee 2, 3, 4, Vocal Ensemble 2, 3. 4, Benchwarmers 4, CS F, 45 Coronation Queen. HUMPHHEYS, VALERIE .tValJ. . .likes knowing God, learning to love people, laughing, working hard , , . dislikes not having enough time to do all that she wants to do remembers meeting Jesus Christ as her lord and Saviour. considers biggest accomplishment ending her search for a meaning in life . . plans alter graduation to attend Cal-State Fullerton or Oral Roberts University. Nancy Hubbell Jacqueline Hoffman Nancy Hoglin HOWDEN, GLENN A .... tTurkeyi . . . likes females, Fiats, Band . . . dislikes AD ,.., remembers the biology field trip . . . considers big- gest accomplishment passing Mr. DeFalco's class plans after graduation to sweat out the draft and attend a Junior College . . . Band 2, 3, 4. HOYT, DAN H .... lHey Youl . . . likes hunting, fishing, the desert, exploring old mines, jeeps, big dogs, friends , . . dislikes the locker situation, first period PE., night raids on SR., being caught remembers not attending the Senior Breakfast . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . . plans after graduation to attend a junior college, then the Colorado School of Mining .. . Senate 3, Science Club 3, President, Aviation Club 3. HUBBARD, KATHY Kathy Hubbard Dave Jarvis sports a smug look as he escorts Leslie in the Girls' League formal fashion show. blk-1 A gg, 11,1 Marlene Huff Valerie Humphreys 138-Seniors nd interest to Girls' League fashion show Johnson ILER, DAVE . ,. considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . . plans after graduation to attend college Wrestling 3, Track 3. JANSON, LINDA . , . tlsabelll . . . likes good food, new people, air- ports, the beach, peanuts, dancing, sad movies . . . dislikes mashed potatoes, meat loaf, driving with Marcy , . . remembers San Diego, Humingbird, Ml. Baldy, the beach house, Homecoming . . .considers biggest accomplishment getting a "D" in geometry . . . plans after graduation to visit Hawaii, attend a state college . . . G.A.A. 2, 3, Pep lub 2, 3, 4, Steering Committee 2, 3, 4, Benchwarmers 45 Ski Club 4. JAFWIS, DAVID L .. . lDavel . .. likes vans, surfing, baseball, hot days, hair, going to Mexico, girls . . . dislikes running out of money, cars that eat gas, dead parties, Mama's girls remembers Mr. Pomeroy catching him ditching considers biggest accomplish- ment making All-League in baseball in sophomore year . . . plans after graduation to travel along the coast, go to Hawaii in search of good surf, then go to college , . . Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 41 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3. J Iler Linda Janson David Jarvis JAZWIEC, JARETT JENKINS, LINDA JENNINGS, BARBARA ANN tBarbl likes friendly, smiling people, riding and showing horses, having lun with friends, football games dislikes spinach, complicated term papers, finals, too serious people . . , remembers lootball games, the feeling of belong- ing she acquired as she went higher in grades . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . . plans alter graduation to go to O.C.C. and become a dental assistant . . . Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Bench- warmers 4. Jazwlec Linda Jenkins Barbara Jennings Band 2, 3. and get engaged. JOHNSON, JANICE N52 . i JESS, CHRISTINE . . . lChrisl ,. . likes bubbles, magic, working lor what she has . .. dislikes shopping for ten loot tall Xmas trees . , . ' remembers the Senior Breakfast that she didn't go to . . . considers biggest accomplishment knowing a lot ol people, being happy in- stead of depressed . . . plans after graduation to attend 0.C.C. . . . JOHNSON, GRACE . . . likes Garo Persico, Downey, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, mountains and snow, the beach at night, Strawberry Festi- val . , . dislikes dishonest people, rainy days at school, term papers .. . remembers fifth period P.E. class, the Chip Munk, drive-ins . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating and getting a driver's license . . . plans after graduation to get an apartment, go to F.J.C.,. Jess Grace Johnson Janice Jonnson JOHNSON, LANCE lWolfJ likes Nancy, food, sleep, bikes, adolph. 13, sailing, hunting, the beach, Saturday nights . . . dislikes short hair, the dra t . . .considers biggest accomplishment pulling lire alarm in the hallway . . . plans alter graduation to go to F,J.C. JOHNSON, MIKE JONES, SUSAN ELIZABETH likes people, especially liberal ones, animals and nature dislikes war, poverty, smog, mass- produced people. . . remembers spending lots of time in the biology department . . , plans after graduation to major in zoology at Cal- State Fullerton. Mike Johnson 5-f Susan Jones if Seniors 139 35, f'N JONES, SUZANNE ..lFredl, ,likes people, smiles, guitar music, true friends, a friendly hello, fun . , , drslrkes phony people, stuck-up people, eggplant, librarians, cafeteria food, flirty girls, sixth period drama remembers Mr. Quartuccfs third period chemistry class . considers biggest accomplrshment surviving a year of history with Stan Smith plans after graduation to go to college, marry a millionaire and become famous .. . Speech Tournaments 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 3, 4, Reading Club 4, A.F S 2, 3, 4, Ways and Means Chairman 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4 KAISER, JAN KANE, PAUL . .. fLuckyl ,. , likes large banana split sundaes with cherries on top . . dislikes being a victim of pulling the hairs out of Mr Proffitt's moustache , . remembers the VPHS defeated No. t football team , , . considers biggest accomplishment making people feel good with compliments plans after graduation to attend college for six straight years Art Club 23 Winner of Odyssey Cover Design Contest 4, Benchwarmers ar Suzanne Jones Jo Ann Kara Donald Kauffeld Jan Kaiser KARA. JO ANN KAUFFELD, DONALD WAYNE , . . lDonl. likes tacos, the beach, Arrowhead, Chevelle SS, rain . . , dislikes math, tests, term papers, liver, the school parking lot .. , remembers getting out ol school because the water pipes broke, getting out of the parking lot without ever getting in a wreck . . . considers biggest accomplishment pass- ing PE ,... plans after graduation to major in Business Administra- tion at Cal-State Fullerton . . . Pep Club 3. 45 Steering Committee 3, German Club 2, 3, 4: Vice-President 3, 4 KAYLOR, BRUCE Paul Kane , . , Bruce Kaylor Frank Kellenbeck KELLENBECK FRANK A . , fPacol .., likes "The Zoo," Fridays, music, anytime after 2:40 on weekdays. , dislikes Mondays, home- work, "The Archies," choir rehearsal . , remembers food ftghts, football and basketball games , . considers biggest accomplish- ment passing Mr. Q's class . . plans alter graduation to go to Santa Ana College KELLEY, TERESA KATHLEEN likes sunny days, getting good grades, basketball games, dances, nice weekends . dislikeslinals, boring lectures, rainy school days, having nothing to do . . , remem- bers the after-game dances, Homecoming '69, Senior Spirit Day , . plans after graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College, get a job Co-ed Club 3, Pep Club 3 KENNERLY, SHELLY Teresa Kelley Shelly Kennerly Benchwarmers fill in where the team left off extra boost of spirit which is important in every fo nsistent contributors to Spartan spirit KENT, COLLEEN. . . lColliel . . , likes skiing, swimming, riding, most sports. guys. . .dislikes plastic people, reckless drivers, people who push too hard, rain remembers the people ol VPHS, closed campus. Mr. Pomeroy , . , considers biggest accomplishment linish- ing a course at M.O.B.S. which she took last summer , . . plans alter graduation lo go back to Michigan lor the summer and to enroll at ullerton Junior College in the tall. KILLINGSWORTH, KAREN KAY lKayl likes snow skiing, snow. ceramics, sunsets, traveling dislikes people who aren't sincere, people who aren't happy , . . remembers skiing at Mammoth with the Ski Club. "S" Club initiations, the people at VPHS , . .consid- ers biggest accomplishment getting through Mrs. Schepe's Physi- ology class plans alter graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College then Humboldt College. . . "S" Club 2. 3, 4: House ol Repre- sentatives 2: Dance Club 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Steering Committee 4. KIME, JEFF KIRKEBY. BOB . . . lKirkebyl . . . likes selling Fuller Brush . . . dis- likes school, money, llth grade, 10th grade, bossy teachers remembers VP's great basketball team . . . considers biggest ac- complishment his 4,0 grade point average in his senior year. . . plans alter graduation to lorget about school . . . J.V. Football 2: Wrestling 2 KISER, BRONWYN ANN tB.K.J likes sincere people. sun- shine, the beach. windy days, chasing tennis balls, picnics. lriends. . . dislikes being al school on rainy days, typing senior copy. the expres- sion "whatever turns you on", annual deadlines . . . considers big- gest accomplishment turning in the senior section .. . plans alter graduation to attend Cal-State Fullerton, maybe go to U.S.C., and then go into public relations work . . . Class Vice-President 2: Girl ol the Month 2: Steering Committee 2, 3: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: CSF. 2, 3. 4: Girls' League First Vice-President 4: Odyssey Stall 3, 4, Faculty Section Editor 3. Senior Section Editor 4. KISNER, RICHARD . . . lFlickJ . , , likes Mama Schepe's Physiology class. activity schedules. people. Linda dislikes A.D.. Latin remembers the senior band. the tire, the llood . . . considers biggest accomplishment making many new lriends . . . plans alter graduation to go to college and then into the Navy . . , Pep Club 2, 3: Science Club 3. Bronwyn Kiser KISNER, RON D .... lSwabbiel . ,. likes camping, tootball, the Colorado Fliver, Ace. "the locker", Mr. Starr's lectures, Mrs. Sche- pe's back room, turtles . . . dislikes study hall, pizza, A.D ,sea gulls, "The Wind". F.J.C., blue VW's with white interiors, K.W.. rabid dogs, trogs. lab practicums, senior breakfasts. . . remembers Senior Spirit Day, "the group", marine lloating lab. Mrs. Schepe's "gang" of assistants, the Key Club's San Diego convention . . . considers big- gest accomplishment surviving the Blizzard ol '68 on Italy Pass and managing to get out ol study hall every day to go to Mom's class . . . plans alter graduation to attend Cal-State Fullerton and become a veterinarian , . . Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3: Explorers 2, 3. 4: Key Club 3: Coronation Court 4. KITAGAWA, LAUFTYNE MARTHA lLaurieJ likes a 6'2-3!4" dude with a big nose and dimples, Mercedes 280 SL's, lriends, compassion. happiness, memories . . . dislikes sadness, dishonesty. saying good-bye . . . remembers eight weeks belore Homecoming. Homecoming '69, being Patty Panther on Senior Spirit Day. song- leading try-outs '68 . . . considers biggest accomplishment ap- preciating lile . . . plans alter graduation to go to college and lind contentment . , . "S" club 2: Girls' League Social Service Committee 2: Songleader 3. 4: Pep Club 3.4: Steering Committee 3, 4: Home- coming Princess 4. KITER, TERRY Klsner Lauryne Kitagawa Terry Kiter KLEIST, MARSHA KLIMA RENEE . , likes T,A , Mexican lood, the beach, rain. most people .. dislikes school remembers sandbagging. going lO Knotts Berry Farm with 14 people in A1 's bomb. the day the water pipes broke, Senior Spirit Day . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting a short day pass . . . plans alter granduation to go to Cal- lale Long Beach. major in English, minor in art, teach school, get married . . . Steering Committee 3. 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Benchwarmers 4, Historian 4. Girl ol the Month 4. KNAUS. ELIZABETH tBetsyJ likes lrrendly people, sunny days. dune buggies, "S" Club iniliations . . dislikes phony people. late days in G A,A .... remembers all ol the lanlaslic people at Villa Park plans alter graduation to go to Cal-State Fullerton and become an elementary school teacher , "S" Club 2. 3, 4, Junior Representative. Sophomore Representative. Secretary 4: GA A. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Girl ol the Month 2: CSF, 3: Pep Club 3, 4: D.A.R. Good Citizen Award 4. Kleist Renee Klima Betsy Knaus ga 'f 55.11, , 9' Qt 1 2 if 9 ,,.h. , ,i ,re l .-f:.wglgyifi.g fzfliifiiws exif. I ' ii: - a .fffilf sf' ,., ti ,aff ' if , A N x 31,54 ,, , gy .W wg . y f wg ar-3 11 gf. .4111 "rss, 2' N 'it -- P . ':'i', SWQMSL- if V. 5 ' I -4 24 ri i r . . , WA. -L 5974- I it f . , fggify- f Q.ii2..f ggi , L LI?-Si 355'fr35fF. lr 3 If N 0 .Q a'-rr: f,s.+.?' ' 1 ,gm " 4 ' .. ' - a L.4'f":W if 1. f ew. , L iga-,,,1 ms. , 1 'tz .fi-frJ5lsf'l"fg. fillliiwifi' . . V ,, sr 15' 1 ' 5-fm - if S- A ' .rsltqvf i wie , 1 ' f:,+rE,.-ez IM- f -mme. ' ' x A effiafkv, ' A ' Y. sf-e. 4 e 4 r Y :..,4'W 2-f X , . ii I . . ' r I.: A R -. fs 'Q-'f ff' 15 5164 YW Leadership abili Bill Knudsen KNUDSEN, WILLIAM ... iBilll ,,. likes skiing, drive-ins, ditching class, Mr. Behn's sixth period class, "Hot Rats" by Frank Zappa. . . dislikes work, Arnold's egg ranch . . .plans after graduation to go into the Navy... Band 2, 3, 4. KOLVOORD, SUSAN K .... iSuel . . . likes traveling and lust being free . .. dislikes school and Chevys . . . remembers getting caught with pants on a sunny day . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . . plans after graduation to go across the country with Vickie Gardner and Carol Norman. KOPEL, CYNTHIA ANN tCindyl likes RP., Cherry Novas, LeFloy the Car, steak, McDonald's . , . dislikes fish, term papers . . . remembers R.P.'s house with P.O. and D.D., Homecoming 1969, fifth period P.E .... considers biggest accomplishment getting a car . . . plans after graduation to o to the beach and have fun . . . Susan Kolvoord Oracle co-editors Joan Ewald and Susan Sawtelle lament another missed deadline. Joan threatens staff again. KRAPES, DAVID KREIDER, CINDY ... likes art, astrology, the color green, the desert, the beach ...dislikes the war, peoples who say one thing and do another .. . remembers casual campus days considers biggest accomplishment graduating plans alter graduation to go to an art institute. KROUSE, LISA. . . fBomba's Womanl. . .likes spending all her time with Bob . . . remembers meeting Bob . . . considers biggest accome plishment marrying Bob . , , House of Representatives 43 Work Ex- perience 4. Q Choir 2, AFS 3, Steering Committee 4, Coronation Court 4, Cynthia Kopel David Krapes Clndy Kreider Lisa Krouse Laurie Kuhn 142-Seniors f 1 Debbie Kurtz KUHN, LAUREN LOUISE ... fLauriel ... likes traveling, playing tennis, hot fudge sundaes, little kids, root beer floats, optimistic peo- ple . . .dislikes apathetic people, cloudy days . . . remembers the big issue made about Bob Gumpertz refusing to salute the flag . . . con- siders biggest accomplishment surviving three years of tennis with Miss Whipple . . . plans after graduation to go to college and major in psychology. . . A.F.S. 2g C.S,F, 23 Girls' League Chairman of Ways and Means 3, Girl of the Month 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Girls' League President 4, A.S.B. Cabinet 4. KURTZ, DEBRA LYNN KYLER, COLLEEN FRANCES . . . lCocoal , . . likes art, mathemat- ics, cooking, movies, television . . . dislikes English . . . remembers being embarrassed in her Sophomore English class when she made a mistake in her speech . . . plans after graduation to go to college and become an artist or a bookkeeper . . . House of Representatives 2, 4, H.O.H. Club 4, Vice President Colleen Kyler an integral part of the senior class Lacher Robert Lack LAGRONE, MARCIA lMarcral likes lrrendly people, oil paint- rng, traveling, music . .. dislikes milk, nagging people, working remembers moving here rn her runtor year . . plans after graduation to attend F J,C . , Drill Team 2, Concert Choir 31 Symphonic Choir 4. LAIRD, STEVEN W, lStevel . likes C.J,, Kingsmen, D.8tB. Corps, hrs Ford . . dislikes his Chevy, the parking situation, bounc- ers, the dress code . . remembers being hit by Big Al while playing football in sophomore year ,. considers biggest accomplishment having a 3 2 grade point average the first quarter of his senior year , , , plans alter graduation to attend F J C ,drive a bus, and major rn music . "B" Football 2, HB" Track 2, Auto Club 33 Band 3. 4: Scholarship Drags 3, 4 arcra Lagrone Steve Laird tives 4 LANDRUS, BEVERLY LALIBERTE, DENNIS R ,. lDennyl . . . likes San Francisco, Judy, the beach, Rrck's van, the Wedge . dislikes Music Appreciation Class, the office, not having a short day , remembers our football team, Susan Mazze , , considers biggest accomplishment getting through Biology and A D, . plans alter graduation to attend F.J,C. and start a business up north , Football 2. House of Representa- LANCE, JOAN . lJoanr-phoneyl . . . likes eating, summer nights, Mr Starr's Senior Problems class dislikes boys who Ire, gaining weight, Mr. Gould's lectures , remembers being carried into the boys' gym, running out and being carried back in again . . , considers biggest accomplishment coming out of her shell . plans after grad- uatron to attend college at Sonoma and to become a teacher G A A. 2. 3, Steering Committee 2, Symphonic Choir 3, 4 LACHER, CHRISTOPHER LACK, ROBERT WILLIAM loom lakes honest people, root- ball, hunting, some girls ,, . dislikes fakes . . . remembers the Bob grirgpertz affair , , . plans alter graduation to goto F.J.C .... Science u 4. LAGERQUIST, KAREN ELLEN tBird-nosej likes Butch ther dogl, the beach, skiing, food, football, boss cars, Credence Clearwa- ter, dancing, concerts, peanuts, bubble gum . . . dislikes liver, librari- ans, cafeteria food, geometry, washing dishes, nosey people, shaved heads . . , remembers San Diego, being hypnotized, beach house, Taco Bell, her "bomb", games, dances . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating, surviving geometry, not talking in class, being Varsity cheerleader . . . plans after graduation to attend San Diego State, get an apartment and job and have fun .. . GAA. 2. 3g Steering Committee 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 3, Girl of the Month 3. Villa Park Classic Court 3, 4g Varsity Cheerleader 4, Key Club Sweetheart 3, Karen Lagerqulst .- l The Senior Class Steering Committee considers ideas concerning Coronation. Lalibeffe Joan Lance Beverly Landrus Seniors-143 Senior girls help with sale of tradition pi, .. , -fi . A! LANDRUS, STEPHEN LARA, DANIEL . . . iDanj . . . likes women, athletics, music, hunting, freaky people . , . considers biggest accomplishment getting his di- ploma , . . plans after graduation to get into a business with future benefits . . . House of Representatives 4. LARGENT, RANDY L .... fBaby Randyj . . . likes the First Pres- byterian Church of Orange, "The Zoo", sports cars, '60 T-Birds with wrecked transmissions . . . dislikes Wedaa's and Ruppert's German accents, homework, pumpkin pie, and "Berry's wreck" . . . remem- bers the '69-'70 ilag football team and the last day of his junior year . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating and wrecking the '60 T-Bird's transmission . , . plans after graduation to go to college and become a cowboy , . , '69-70 Flag Football Championship Team 4. Stephen Landrus Daniel Lara Randy Largent LARSON, PATTI LASKOWSKI, CYNTHIA fCi-bindrbyj likes drama, music, boys, cars . . . dislikes detention, waitiig for people, the dress code . . . remembers football games, Hi dances, Mr. Gould's choir class considers biggest accomplishment graduating plans after graduation to major in drama and become a professional actress . , . rama Club 2,33 Women's Concert Choir 23 Dance Club 3, 43 Bench- warmers 43 Symphonic Choir 43 Ski Club 4, LAWRENCE, TOM . . . fweaselj . .. likes girls, parties, cars, gradu- ating dislikes going to school remembers Dean Smith plans after graduation to go to a junior college . , . Auto Club 4. Patricia Larson Cynthia Laskowski Thomas Lawrence 4 'fra 4. -g .K E, -, ,e LAWSON, BRADLEY . . . lBradl likes skiing at Mammoth, B330 days, the river, the mouritains, the beach, Debbi, V.W.s, football, surfing . . . dislikes plastic people, flirty girls, sunburns, muscle men, football haircuts remembers good times with Dan, Art, Dave, Pete, Terry, and Hap. . . considers biggest accomplishment meeting friends that he will always have and going steady with Debbi plans after graduation to go to Hawaii with Dan and then attend Orange Coast College . . . House of Representative 2, Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Steering Committee 2. 3, 4g Letterman's Club 23 Varsity Club 3, 43 Sophomore Baseball, Varsity Football 3, 4. LAWTHER, JOHN.. .lPoker Facej . . . likes "Motown" music, VWs, basketball, friends . . . dislikes lima beans, long practices, enemies, Led Zeppelin, '65 VW , . . remembers Senior Spirit Day, his first day in Driver's Training . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting up in the morning to go to school 539 times in 3 years . . . plans after graduation to go to Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois . , .Campus Life 23 House of Representatives 2, 43 "B" Basketball 23 Varsity Basketball 3, 4. LEETH, SCOTT GLENN JESSEE Brad Lawson John Lawther Scott Leeth '3 -.-'31iilese, 'P i LENTZ, MIKE.. .likes Laurie Martin, '64 Chevy ll's, working at Hud- son Oil Co. . . dislikes the French language, working on Friday night . . . remembers the day school was dismissed because of the water pipes . . . considers biggest accomplishment making it through his- tory . . . plans atter graduation to go to Washington. LENZINI, DEBORAH ANN . . . lShortyj , . . likes music, happy peo- ple, Dale B., cherry pie, 8:30 days, Lucky's Pizza Parlor, cats, dogs . . dislikes people who cuss, sad people, cooked carrots . , . consid- ers biggest accomplishment making it through French Ill . . . plans after graduation to attend Orange Coast College and to become an airline stewardess . . . Women's Concert Choir 3g Concert Choir 4. French Club 4. LEVINSKI, HENRY Mike Lehi! Deborah Lenzini Henry Levinski 144-Seniors omecoming mums 'ini .sfffgs - ft-N wc- 3 . 'G i Levitt Tom Liddle LEVITT. TER: Liooua, TOM LITTAU, BRENDA LOUISA . . . likes Les, Mr. John- ston, Chevys . . . dislikes people who are Phonies, the war in Vietnam . . . remembers drafting with Mr. Johnston . . . considers biggest accomplishment pass- ing Mr. Pomeroy's Senior Problems class . . . plans after graduation to get married and raise a family. LITTLE, JEFF . . . fSIobJ . . . likes sincerity, friendly people . . , dislikes material friendships and painted smiles . . , remembers how self-centered so many stu- dents are . . . considers biggest accomplishment knowing what he believes but being open-minded enough to respect what others believe , . . plans after graduation to strive for a full and meaningful life. fr-. Q' Littau Jeff Little LONG, GAYLE Steering Committee 3. Long LOOK, DAVE . . . iJoy-boyl , . . likes Linda, then other girls and going out . . . dislikes phonies, boring classes, boring teachers . . . remembers the pain of it all . . . considers biggest accomplishment doing well at drafting and math . . . plans after graduation to go to college and major in engineering. LO PICCOLO, SUE . . . lSoo-Sool . . . likes Flon, Italian food, Mustangs, long trips, sunsets, Christmas ...dislikes phonies, school . . . remembers Prom '69 . . . plans after graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College . , , Senate 35 Co-ed Club President 3, Z Z l Z if f if ii .44-fi' -,,,--' ,,,-4-' ,a g ..,.,, .f N '-"" ',:TVlll"V Af' ..-- Milllll ll M ,,.if- Jn? fi f' . 'M' 3 lllllim -x.-, Vickie Furtek and Darlene Odgaard prove theic loyalty to Girls League by selling Home- coming mums on Forum stage. LOEFFLER, PRISCILLA . . . fCillal . . , likes smiles, 'Wi Minnesota, farmers, food, weekends, sports, lun . . . dislikes school, unfriendly people , . . remembers staying up all night to finish her BKKG project . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . . plans after graduation to take a vacation on the farm, and then look for a job. Priscilla Loeffler David Look Sue LoPiccolo Seniors-145 ff-AV. Debbie Loudenberg 5 gn Linda Ludwig Mary Luhmann Seniors are always "in front LOUDENBERG, DEBBIE . tDebl likes Flobert, potato chips, people . . . dislikes lectures, being gullible.. , plans alter graduation to become an airline hostess and model, LUCE, LAURA LUCHAU, DAVE. , , tLittle Lukel . . . lakes money and toothprcks. ,. dislikes smog , . . remembers winning the Mr. Legs Contest . . . con- siders biggest accomplishment getting away with no-nos. Laura Luce David Luchau ,-,ye--Q, 1'S'f"' Terry Lundgren 146-Seniors THOMPSON, LINDA tLUDWlGl ..fLinda-Blrdl , , , likes Mike, fried chicken, being married, Mtke's Firebird . dislikes getting up early to go to school, starting diets , remembers getting married in her senior year, Mr. Bullock's stones about his lrlends considers biggest accomplishment getting through her senior year without quit- ting plans alter graduation to linish Beauty College, go to work, and help Mike in college .. Drill Team 3, LUHMANN, MARV PATRICIA . , , tMarel . . , likes Gary, horses, be- ing tree, lrle dislikes phony people, having nothing to doin school ,. remembers P E, with Mrs. Clark .. considers biggest accom- plishment graduating . , plans alter graduation to go to a dental college to become a dental hygienist . , , Choir 2, 3, 4. Dean Lyman Debbie Warner and Sandi Hickoff with ample ability, lead the "front row" seniors. LUNDGFIEN, TERRY JAMES , . . tTerJ likes MG's, football, bas- ketball, the people in Ensemble, eating lunch in the bushes . . dis- likes VP's food, working, standing up, unreliable people . . , remem- bers cafeteria lood lights. escorting Angie Young at Homecoming . . , considers biggest accomplishment going to school lor live days straight and being in Vocal Ensemble , plans alter graduation to go to Hawaii, attend Fullerton Junior College. then go into the Air orce or attend U.C. San Diego , Basketball 2, 3, Key Club 3, 4, Vice-President 43 Symphonic Choir 3, Vocal Ensemble 4: Steering Committee 2. LYMAN, DEAN LYNN, DAVID J ..,. tMr. Spockl .. likes hunting, watching girls, electronics, riding motorcycles remembers Mr, Prollrtt's pranks in Electronics . . considers biggest accomplishment passing Camp- beII's Algebra ll class , . , plans alter graduation to go to Cal-State Fullerton. hunt, ride his cycle, and have lun. David Lynn - 4 ith spirit at Spartan football games MacBrair MACBRAIR, MIKE . . . tFroggy-Michellel . . , likes snack bar food, paper sacks, living, things made in Japan, sunny days dislikes cafeteria food, dying, stairs, rainy days, "Everybody's Got Some- thing to Hide Except Me and My Monkey" considers biggest accomplishment realizing what life really is. , . plans alter graduation to make an attempt to survive and to go to S.A. MADDOX, RICHARD M .... tLesterJ dislikes the draft, war .. . remembers the election of '69 . . . House of Representatives 4. MAGBEE, MARTHA . ,. tMartyJ likes T.H., rainy days, football, D,R.F. rallies, Italian food . ,. dislikes B., being fat in some places, N.S .... remembers Halloween night in her senior year. . . considers biggest accomplishment getting to fifth period on time , . . plans after graduation to return to Louisiana and attend L.S.U .... Y-Teens 4, MALONEY, CONSTANCE ELLEN tConniel likes Volkswa- gens. mountains, good music, happy people, hamburgers, meeting new people . . . dislikes moody and phony people remembers playing football in fifth period P.E., the Senior Breakfast . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting a job and a car, . . plans alter gradu- ation to goto F.J.C ,... Co-ed Club 3, 43 Folk Music Club 2, 33 Pep Club 3, 4, Steering Committee 4. MARCELLI, WILLIAM . . . tMarceIIabeeJ . . . likes food, hunting, poker, football, baseball, basketball games , . . dislikes getting up in the morning, chemistry tests . .. remembers those "great" assem- blies . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting to school on time .. . plans after graduation are to go to a junior college. MARKHAM, CHRISTINE MARIE fChrisl likes the beach, mountains, friendly people, Senior Problems class with Mr. Pomeroy dislikes phony people, bookkeeping remembers going out with R.M .... considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . . plans after graduation are to go to Fullerton Junior College and become a secretary . . . G,A.A. 33 Benchwarmers 4, Steering Committee 45 Rick Maddox Martha Magbee Pep Club 4. nren Marquart Randy Marsile 'meer' Maloney Bill Marcelli Christine Markham MAROUART, KAREN JEAN . . , likes rainy days, Christmas . . . dis- likes smoggy days . . , remembers bringing poison oak for her bi- ology plant collection in her junior year . . , plans after graduation to ao to Cal-State Fullerton . . . Band 2, 3, 43 Steering Committee 23 .A.A. 3, 45 "S" Club 3, 4g Treasurer 4. MARSILE, RANDY . ,. likes VW's, Lorie .. . dislikes fast girls, low riders . . . remembers the Every-Other-Friday-Night Club . . . consid- ers biggest accomplishment having straight hair, graduating plans after graduation to attend F.J.C ,... Pep Club 33 Auto Club 43 Banner Manager 4, MARTIN, GREGORY B .... fGregJ . . . remembers John Stelmasz- czyk . . . considers biggest accomplishment being able to survive John SteImaszcayk's "odd ball" actions . .. plans after graduation to do a little bit of everything. MARTIN, NANCY MASON, SARA Louise. . .rsallyy . .likes drama, speech. football halftimes, Jimmy, parades, parties, Villa Park, California . . . dislikes uninvolved students, uninterested teachers remembers Drill Team lespecially those morning practicesi considers biggest accomplishment graduating and getting through her senior year , . . plans after graduation to go to college to become a speech and drama teacher .. . Drill Team 2,4, Oratory Awards 23 Pep Club 3, A.F,S. 43 Drama Club 43 Debate Team 4, lead in Drama Club Play Martin Sally Mason 4, MATSUOKA, DALE N .... fMatya-Balll . . . likes sociable people. . , dislikes real aggressive people. people who show off, people who think they are everything . . , remembers those boring assemblies . . . considers biggest accomplishment not getting very many tardies . . . plans alter graduation to attend college and give his two cents to the world ,.. Choir 2, 3, 4. Dale Matsuoka "S" Club and Key Club volunteers bring jo MCAFERTY, JAMES . . . tMacl , . . likes S.S., food, hot cars, basket- ball, track, mathematics, pretty girls, Led Zeppelin, singing . . dis- likes liver, cold seats ol bicycles, French, the library, all Motown music, black '57 VWs, Ramblers, ugly girls, short hair. , .remembers two years in a row starting varsity and being moved down to J.V. basketball . . . considers biggest accomplishment linally making var- srly basketball . . plans alter graduation to attend U.C.R , live lite to its lullest J.V. Basketball 2, 3, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 43 Junior Class President, Boys State Representative 3, Vocal Ensemble 3, 4, Youth in Government Day 4. MCALLISTER, MARY ... tHorselacel ... likes llowers, dogs, clouds, people, thunder, snow storms, sunrises, sunsets . . . dislikes apathetic and phony people, tests . . , remembers "bumping" into Bob Gumpertz in the parking lot . . , plans after graduation to go to college and work at Head Start . .. Drill Team 2, 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Benchwarmers 4. MCBRIDE, MARLENE al .ea James McAferty Mary McAllister Marlene McBride Sherri McCluney X "ff Nancy McDonald McCLUNEY, Sl-lERPll . . . tKMO Clunel , . . likes lools,1antasy, poe- try, practicing "marine raider techniques", Mrs. M., Navy men, col- lages . . . dislikes insincerity, people that don't care, lectures, M.B.'s puns, people that take advantage, "Mom's" jokes .. , remembers S,W. and the May Festival, deadlines, "soul steps", Christmas '69 , . . considers biggest accomplishment surviving a ride on the retard bus and Mrs. Lowman's hysterics . . . plans alter graduation to go to college and to become a teacher . . . Steering Committee 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, C.S.F. 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, A.F.S. 2, 3: Girl of the Month 4, Girls League Social Service Committee 2, German Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Senate 4, Benchwarmers 4, Secretary, Odyssey Stall 3, 4, Advertising Editor 4. MCDONNELL, J, WILLIAM tJerkl likes bodysurling, debate contests, Head Start, DeFalco, Bullock, Mrs. Schepe , . . dislikes flat surf, apathy, ignorance, war racism remembers '69 elections, lreedom ol press, Mr. Unitan . . . considers biggest accomplishment helping Tim Park in debate, getting a diploma . , . plans after gradua- tion to go to college and commence his education . . , Speech and Debate Awards 4, Science Club 4, Drama Club 4. McCONNELL, SCOTT E ..., tLefty7 . .. likes sports, Triumphs, weekends, bodysurling, the mountains, people dislikes Senior Problems, Volkswagens . . , remembers Friday nights . . . considers biggest accomplishment talking in the library . . . plans after gradua- tion to gain lame and lortune . . . Board ol Control 2, C.S.F. 3, Key Club 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 3, 4. MCDONALD, NANCY . . . tBunnyJ . . . likes art and Mr, M., pastrami sandwiches, Allan and his new VW, having second lunch with all her lriends, Porsches, Mrs. Schepe, people, smiles dislikes lruit punch with wax in it, term papers, lrowns, unlriendly people remembers Senior Spirit Day, making it through the semi-finals lor songleader, Drill Team parades and red lips . . . considers biggest accomplishments splitting a scholarship to the Art Center with Sue Young, meeting lots ol new people, and developing strong lriend- ships . , plans alter graduation to go to F.J.C. lor two years, then to Long Beach State, mayor in art, and be an elementary school teacher . . , Drill Team 3, 43 Art Club 4, Steering Committee 4, Schol- arship to L.A. Art Center 4. MCELHINNY, JOHN . . . tHippoJ . . . likes Mexico, Friday and satur- day nights. . . dislikes nagging people that have nothing to nag about . . . remembers good times . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting out .. . plans alter graduation to attend college Sym- phonrc Choir 2, 3, 4, Vocal Ensemble 3, 4. McGARRlTY, JUDIE . . tHey Judel .. . likes Pat Price, the beach, parties, modeling, going to pop lestivals, mountains , . . dislikes plas- tic or phony people, liver, her French class, her Toyota Corona . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating from V.P.H,S .... plans alter graduation to go to art school and then be an airline stewardess lor T.W.A. James McConnell Scott McConnell 1"""7 John McElhtnny Judie McGarrity MCGINNIS, JEAN... tJeanniel ,.. likes C.W., M D., rainy days, the ocean, the mountains, teeter-totters, lriendly warm people, little books, tea dislikes rude people, curlers, doctors, cleaning .. . remembers being goalie in hockey, working with Mrs. M., adventures with Penny Golloian . . . considers biggest accomplishment not get- ting restricted from going ghost hunting . . . plans alter graduation to attend Fullerton J.C., then a four year school and work lor a Master's Degree . .. G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Steering Committee 3, 4. MCGREGOR, BARBARA . . . tBam Baml . . . likes horses, good looking cars, honesty . . . dislikes cafeteria lood , . . remembers Sen- ior Spirit Day . . . plans alter graduation to attend Cal-Poly . . Latin Club 2, 3, G.A.A. 3, 4, Reading Club 4, Vice-President. MCINTOSH, MARK . . . lMonkey-Handsl . . , likes summer, Colorado River, lootball, lood, baseball . . . dislikes phony people, school . . . remembers lirst day as a sophomore and the last day as a senior . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . . plans alter graduation to attend Notre Dame University . . . House ol Rep- resentatives 3. Jean McGinnis Barbara McGregor Mark Mclntosh 148-Seniors t Christmastime f Q 1 is N , ,X N MCINTOSH. MARY likes Alan Abramson, the beach, concerts . . .dislikes two-faced people, ltver. . . remembers second lunch hour during sophomore year . , . considers biggest accomplishment grad- uating at semester . . . plans to work for Pacific Telephone Co, in Anaheim MCKENZIE. ROBERT NATHAN tlgorl likes people with a good sense of humor, sailing, skin diving . . . dislikes rudeness and being pestered . . . remembers working on the annual staff, being Coronation King . . . considers biggest accomplishment living through all those tests in his senior year . , . plans after graduation to go to F J,C then to Scripps Institute. . . Science Club 2, Explorers Club 2, 3. Key Club 3, Letterman's Club 3, Annual Staff 4, Sports Editor. MCKENZIE, MARSHA IRENE . ,. tMooshal .. , likes Rod McKuen, happy people, second period study hall, butterscotch, saddle shoes. smiles, super-stock, having a lot of friends . . dislikes having "wis- dom teeth cheeks", being so terribly gullible, loneliness, uncoopera- tive yearbook photographers . . , remembers cheerleading tryouts, the day the pipelines broke, Homecoming '69, Spirit Week, yearbook deadlines, Coronation '70, putting up basketball signs with Bosco, John, and Bill, the feeling of great pride at the Band parades . . considers biggest accomplishment making so many wonderful friends and learning to appreciate life and all it has to offer . . , plans alter graduation to attend college in Oregon, become an elementary school teacher , , . Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, Editor 4. Girl of the Month 2, GA A. 2, 3, C.S.F, 2, 3, Varsity Cheerleader 4, 'Sf P rv A . . Homecoming Oueen 4 Mclntosh Robert McKenzie MCLAUGHLIN, DAVID . ,. dislikes listening to Debbie's aches and pains , . . considers biggest accomplishment ditching , , . plans alter graduation to grow hair . . . Football 2, 4, Track 4 MCLAUGHLIN, MIKE .. . likes Linda, Mary, Sue, Debbie, Carol, Barb, Alice, Burt , . . considers biggest accomplishment getting out of high school . . plans after graduation to get dralted, go to school, and go to the River . . Auto Club 4 MCNAMES, DANIEL ADAIR Marsha McKenzie McLaughlin Michael McLaughlin Daniel McNames Barb Rowland looks on with interest as her little ward proudly shows off a new Christmas sweater. MEDIGOVICH, DAVID . . tPoundrng Pistonsl .. likes sports, money, El Caminos, weekends. C.l.F. playoffs, holidays, happy. friendly and sincere people, food . . dislikes losing teams, foul little girls, insincero people, VW's, new Levis, Whips, getting thrown out ot games . remembers Rick's reception, the beautiful hours in the attendance olfice, pancakes and root beer, "The Graduate". . .con- siders biggest accomplishment graduating, making All-League '68 and '69, receiving Most Valuable Varsity Football Player '69 plans alter graduation to go to a iunior college, transfer to a univer' sity, and enloy life Letterman's Club 3, 4, Varsity Football 3, 4. MEDITZ, PHILIP avid Medigovich Philip Meditz l li Marsha Kleist makes an appearance in her oversize sailor duds at a GAA Halloween Party. Gaily costum Paul Meng MENG, PAUL fHo Chi Mengi likes girls, cars, the beach, dogs, cold days, hot days, summer, winter, rain, wind, t-shirts, levis, boats, fins, music, trees, grass dislikes VW's plans after graduation to attend a junior college . . . Football 2, 3. MERRILL, CAROLEE MERRICK, CONNIE JO likes skiing, sunshine, Mr, Pomeroy's third period Senior Problems class, summer '69, smiles , . . dislikes painting signs till six o'clock after school remembers holding signs on the football field at halftime, Pep Club parties . . . considers biggest accomplishment having a blast her senior year and being content . . . plans after graduation to attend Cal-State Fullerton . . . G.A.A. 3, 43 Steering Committee 2,41 Benchwarmers 43 Pep Club 4. C7 Carolee Merrill Connie Jo Merrick MESSENGER, BRIAN . . . likes freedom, photography, going off campus, Mr. Cole, React . . ,remembers how long three years really are . . . considers biggest accomplishment ditching classes now and then and not getting caught. . .plans after graduation to convince his parents that he really did graduate... Choir 2, 33 Oracle staff 2, 3, 4, Odyssey staff 4. METCALF, RON A .... likes girls, fast cars, money, football, tennis . . . dislikes stuck-up people, boring teachers . . , remembers Chem- istry class. Camerons I.C.M class.. .considers biggest accomplish- ment playing Varsity Football . . . plans after graduation to go to San Diego State or Orange Coast, study history, and possibly be a writer ..."C" Football 2, Team Captain, J.V, Tennis 2, M.V,P., "B" Football 3, Captain, Varsity Tennis 33 J.V. Football 4, Captain, M.V.P. 45 Varsity Club 43 Drama Club 4. 'cgi Brian Messenger Ron Metcalf Debra Meyer Rick Millard Barbara Miller 150-Seniors MEYER, DEBRA RUTH . . . likes becoming involved in senior activi- ties , . . dislikes homework . . . remembers getting up at 5:00 a.m. to decorate for Senior Spirit Day , . .considers biggest accomplishment getting through five years of Spanish . . . plans alter graduation to go to Cal-State Fullerton . , . Folk Music Club 2, Spanish Club 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. MILLARD, RICK MILLER, BARBARA seniors attend gala GAA Halloween party Mobley Miller Carolynn Minor MOBLEY, REBECCA MONREAL, DEBI . tChip Off the Old Tortlllal likes Tom, blue, Chevies, art, Three Dog Night, tacos. vans, J A W dislikes Orange County, Fords, cafeteria food. the dress code . . , remem- bers Mr M , art, the bomb scare, the Senior Breakfast , . ,considers biggest accomplishments graduating and surviving ceramics class , . . plans after graduation to travel around the country, get married MONTONNA, CHRISTINE LOUISE tBugl . likes the drags, being with someone she likes, jelly donuts, big involved talks, Rod McKuen. sunsets, Oh Darlin'. , dislikes good byes, being misunder- stood. backing into cars, losing , remembers being a Homecoming Princess. cheering at our first football game with Pacifica. the bowl- ing alley, Vat's canteen,.Huntington Beach in the rain . . . considers biggest accomplishment being elected cheerleader . . . plans alter graduation to continue her education at a local college for a year, transfer and go away to school, possibly go into the Peace Corps. . Girls' League Sophomore Representative, GAA. 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2. 3, House of Representatives 2, Board of Control 33 Varsity Cheer- leader 4, Homecoming Court 4 8 dental SSSISIHIII. decorator ernice Moore William Moore Morehouse MOREHOUSE, DEBORAH LYNN , , tDebl . likes water skiing, camping, the beach, boys, Mr Pomeroy's Senior Problems class . dislikes bookkeeping, phony people, snack bar prices . .. remem- bers her first day after moving here from Illinois considers biggest accomplishment adiusttng to this school, the styles and people alter moving . plans alter graduation to go to beauty college Pep Club 2, 3, 4. Benchwarmers 4, Secretary 4. Steering Committee 4, MORRIS, ED . tCaptain Americal .. likes pie,surtrng,the "Moth- ers", music, diving dislikes oatmeal with apples. "A" students. Dick and Jim , remembers going to Arrowhead and Redlands , plans alter graduation to be free, go to Canada, become a mil- lionatre MORROW, DEBORAH ,. tDebbiej likes people, outdoor life, nature,love, .dislike hypocrites,war,peas,liver ,remembers not being able to take the classes she wanted, Mrs M. ,. considers biggest accomplishment graduating from beauty college . , plans alter graduation to become a cosmetologist MILLER, JAMES ,tJiml ,,lrkesopen,fnendly people,cIear think- ing dislikes bad food .. remembers leaving every day after school. .considers biggest accomplishment being In one of the best marching bands in Southern California . plans after graduation to go to Cal-State Long Beach , .. Band 2, 3, 4 MINOR, CAROLYNN M likes music, dancing, having fun dislikes phony people . , remembers marching with the band and playing in the "Group" , . considers biggest accomplishment gradu- ating plans after graduation to go to college ,. , Pep Club 2, X Ensemble 3, Band 2, 3, 4 'V MIYAWAKI. JOHN WILLIAM . ,. fBrlll .. remembers Sophomore English with C.F , PB. and NP.. U.S history with S.R., composition with D.G, and D N., Tradition Day '6B469. track practice with D D, and Mr Thoner, football games .. plans after graduation to go to col- lege, enter the architectural field . Steering Committee 2, 4. Ger- man Club 2, "C" Football 2, "C" Track 2. 33 "B" Football 33 Architec- tural Drafting Club 43 House of Representatives 2, 4. Debi Monreal Christine Monton MOORE, BERNICE . . . tBeaJ. ,likes Paul. ,dislikes school food . remembers March 28, 1969. . .plans after graduation to become MOORE, WILLIAM tBiIIl .. likes the outdoors , plans alter graduation to become a ditch drgger , Varsity Cross Country 2, 3. 4, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4 MORALES, CHERYL, tCherl likes J O . the beach. the coun- try, traveling, anrmals, life, friendship dislikes two-laced concerted people, cruelt ,disease lights. .remembers sixth period study hall, Bea and the Stripper , . considers biggest accomplishment finding someone as wonderful as Jim .. plans alter graduation to go to Hawaii, attend Fullerton Junior College. and become an interior Bin Miyawaki . 'flgsgiwgy R T13 Q ?1 r rl , S Cheryl Morales Edward Morris Deborah Morrow 'vzygl Seniors-151 Gary Morton Senior Spartans sport strange expression MORTON, GARY MOYERS, CATHY . . , fSkinnyJ . .. likes a good tan, sunny days, a plane ticket to Maryland . . . dislikes lima beans, arguing over stupid things, riding the bus . . . remembers tripling to Girl-Date-Boy in the 11th grade . . . considers biggest accomplishment driving without a license and not getting caught . . , plans after graduation to go to Maryland and then to Fullerton Junior College next fall . . , Pep Club 2, 3, 4. MULLEN, DEBORAH MARIE . . , likes funny people, concerts, promptness, roses, eating, Jim .. . dislikes liver, being laughed at, losing football games remembers Prom '68 and '69 plans after graduation to attend college for two years and then go into VISTA . , . Sophomore Class Treasurer, Drama Club 2, Medical Ex- plorers Sg House of Representatives 3, 4, Secretary 43 G.A.A, 3, 4. Gloria Munoz Robert Munoz MUNSON, GARY . . . likes BSA, chopper, long hair. , . dislikes hair- cuts, VPHS . . . remembers trash can fires and bombs . . , considers biggest accomplishment never getting caught . . . plans after gradua- tion to go to Fullerton Junior College, join the Air Force. MURRIN, KEVIN Dave Musgrave Steven Nagamatsu 152-Seniors MUNOZ, GLORIA I ,.,. likes Mike, shrimp, Milky Way Bars, the beach, sitting down, talking, being silly . , . dislikes being alone, peo- ple who think they're too good for others, working at Sam's Roast Beef . . . remembers her sophomore and junior years . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting through the years, graduating, and meeting more students plans after graduation to become an airline stewardess and to settle down . . . Art Club 4. MUNOZ, ROBERT M. JR .... likes girls, cheeseburgers, pizza, pro football, baseball, boss cars. , .dislikes people who brag all the time, cold food . . . remembers getting caught for sideburns and ditching . . . plans after graduation to get drafted, become a businessman. MUNSINGER, TERRY . ,. tSiphonin' Sami .. . likes Fords, Jack in the Box, parties, Red Devil fireworks dislikes riding the bus to school, sitting in the office, varicose veins . . . remembers the sum- mers in between school . . . considers biggest accomplishment fin- ishing Hillman . . , plans after graduation to live his life as he person- ally sees fit, GHYY Munson Kevin Murrin MUSGRAVE, DAVE . . . tCaptain Fragrant Rosel . . . likes seaweed, Pam, Sea Scouts, football games . . . dislikes El Modena, Orange's defensive tackle . , . remembers Mr. Quartucci's third period class in '69-'70, . . plans after graduation to ,go to the Coast Guard Academy and skipper his own boat C.S. . 2, 3, 4g Football 2, House of Representatives 3: Varsity Club 4g Boys Forum 4, Forensics 4. NAGAMATSU, STEVEN . . . likes track season, the beach .. , dis- likes short lunch periods. German assemblies remembers the day he got smart and decided not to play football considers biggest accomplishment when he found out VP football wasn't worth it . .. Football 2, Auto Club 4. : ffl fri.. Cathy Moyers Deborah Mullen Terrence Munsinger "hile relaxing at lunch NALLEY, TODD fGrand-tal likes music, senior privileges, swimming, "Jungle Basketball", activity days dislikes sophomores, VPHS food . . . remembers when he made an arrest as Chief of Police during Student Government Day . . . plans after grad- uation to attend U.C. Irvine and then to go to the U.S.C. dental Haw.. .ivan school . .. Marching Band 4, C.S.F. 43 Track 4. NAYLOR, LYNDA NEAL, JAMES A .,.. lPutzl . , . likes meeting new people, parties, Barb Scheid .. . dislikes snotty people, bad influences . . . remem- bers all the fun times with Laurie Kitagawa considers biggest accomplishment making it home safe alter the parties . . . plans after graduation to take a vacation to Mexico City . . . Concert Band and Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4. Nalley Lynda Naylor James Neal Neben Carolyn Nelson NEBEN, SHARON ... lSharJ .,. likes flowers, lobster, Bod McKuen, friendly people, spirit, living at the beach, S E,, broccoli . . , dislikes insincere people, cafeteria food, Mondays . , remembers Prom in 1969, Senior Spirit Day, going to San Diego with K H., "Senior Women" . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . . plans after graduation to go to college , , . Steering Committee 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 4, S,O,S Club 2, Girls League Social Service Committee 4. NELSON, CAFXOLYN .. . lOuincyJ dislikes Volkswagens, liars, LM, ,.., considers biggest accomplishment getting away with every- thing she did and graduating in spite of it . . . plans after graduation to get a Ph.D. in psychology and to live in a commune. NELSON, CYNTHIA Cynthia Nelson Deborah Nelson 'Vickie Engel and Kyle Clark laugh in disbelief at Stacey ,Alfieri watching an imaginary fly light on her nose. Douglas Nelson NELSON, DEBORAH CHARLENE .. lDebl. .likes her Mustang. chicken liver and mushrooms, friendly people, rain, thunder, light- ning, Simon and Garfunkel, L,Ft ,sewing .. dislikes stuck-up people, reading, running the track, giving oral reports, crying . . remembers the football games we won, Pepa's fifth period PE. with the gang, Mr. Smiths third period biology class . , considers biggest accom- plishment not getting any speeding tickets . plans after graduation to go to Fullerton J C. and have a happy life. , Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Folk Music Club 3, Co-Ed Club 3, 4, President 4, Senate 4, Steering Committee 4. NELSON, DOUG ALLEN , lNel-neil , . likes tho fairer sex, Led Zeppelin, M E,D.l.A,, friends . .dislikes "B J.U.", institutionalism, the shooting star, coffee, apple pie . . . remembers Homecoming '68 and '69, Voodoo '48, Senior Spirit Day, Boys Forum assemblies ..con- siders biggest accomplishment finding time to eat and sleep .. plans after graduation to "do his own thing" and continue his educa- tion , . . "C" Basketball 2, "B" Basketball 33 "C" Track 2, "B" Track 3, Interact Club 2 NELSON. LAWRENCEF . likes water skiing,fishing,hunting,mo- torcycles, riding . . plans alter graduation to travel. Larry Nelson Seniors-153 - 4.5, ,--f,. , . gg P Suzan Newton Ron Neyland Chrissy Nicholson NICHOLSON, CHRISSY . ,. lNickl ... likes having parties, staying Excitement of Spar NEWTON, SUSAN lNewtJ ,. likes tennis, the shack, Chris, Steph's party . . , remembers the immature boys in Senior Problems Class .. . considers biggest accomplishment looking at the bright side ol things , . . plans alter graduation to continue going to school . . . Y-Teens 4, NEYLAND, RON NlCE, CHERYLL , . , likes Mike, money , . . dislikes insincere people, war remembers falling down in front of the P E building considers biggest accomplishment graduating , plans alter gradu- ation to become a beautician. Cheryll Nice up until 1:00 studying with the gang, Pat, spons, Charlie . , . dislikes trying to please everyone and not pleasinganyone, physiology prac- ticums, failing remembers Doheny, .Ping Mr. Long's house, tennis, her sophomore year, the blue french fry, Jeff and the egg . , . considers biggest accomplishment staying friends with Diane for three years . . , plans after graduation to attend Cal-State Fullerton and become either a history or physical education teacher. , . G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Steering Committee 2, 3, 4, C.S.F. 4, Coronation Court 4. NICHOLSON, JENNIFER LYNN tJenny7 .,. likes suede, sunny days, smiles, Dylan, walking on the beach, VW's . . . dislikes Snobs, people that talk behind your back, hate . , . remembers Tom's house, summer '69, her senior year . . , considers biggest accom- plishment graduation and growing up a little , . . plans after gradua- tion to go lo college and become a social worker, marry. NICHOLSON, NANCI likes people, nature, skiing, swimming, artichokes, art, music, laughing, spare ribs dislikes mud, cold weather, peas, waking up . . . remembers summer '69, Mr. Hacklers World History and Short Story class considers biggest accom- plishment learning how to ski . . . plans after graduation to work, go to college, and live happily ever after Junior Achievement 2, Steering Committee 3, Art Club 4, NORMAN, CAROL likes her brother's Camaro dislikes school .. , remembers being picked up by the police for ditching school . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . plans alter graduation to travel. O'BRlEN, CONNIE .. , lFangl likes the wind, getting excused from school, fun people, short day passes, going out to dinner . . . dislikes plastic people, cafeteria food, getting caught ditching ,. , remembers Girl-Date-Boy in her sophomore year, happenings at B.G.'s house , . . considers biggest accomplishment getting through German and Steno . , plans alter graduation to go to school and become an airline stewardess . . . Pep Club 21 Steering Committee 2, 3. ODGAARD, DARLENE JANELLE ,.. lDarJ ,. likes basketball games, antiques, going to the mountains, the snow, the ocean, his- tory , . . dislikes unhappy people, phonies, losing most of the football games, any kind of math . . . remembers the Senior Breakfast in the wind, finally becoming a Senior, the Susan Mazze fund drive, Senior Spirit Day . , considers biggest accomplishment getting through Geometry . , . plans alter graduation to attend the University of Cam- Jennifer Nicholson Nanci Nicholson bridge in England and mayor in archaeology and anthropology . . . Folk Music Club 2, 3, Latin Club 3, 4, Steering Committee 3, 4. Carol Norman Connie O'Brten Darlene Odgaard O'DONNELL, TYLER. . . lHey Stupidi . , . likes discussions, himself, weekends, 1953 GMC Pickups . . , remembers being held captive in a Chinese fortune cookie factory in room 220 all year . . . considers biggest accomplishment staying awake in sixth period Senior Prob- lems class plans after graduation to survive. OGDEN, DONALD .. . lDonl likes sports, sign making, money dislikes wild parties remembers our Number B ranking in football . . . considers biggest accomplishment going to all the foot- . ball games . . . plans after graduation to go to college for four years and then go into the service. Q." OLSON, MARK .. . likes being happy, having lun, enjoying sports , ,Q ' . . , dislikes people who are untalkative and sad, not winning basket- ' -L ball and baseball games . , . remembers meeting one special person Q at the Hi Dance, and winning the Crestview League Baseball Cham- , pionship considers biggest accomplishment meeting so many ,-eg, great people and being able to participate in athletics . . . plans after yeTi ',k':1, ' graduation to play professional baseball, further his education, and Q become a P.E. teacher ,. . J.V. Basketball 2g Varsity Basketball 3, I figeggxf '31 .X 4g Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4. , t.-. ' .' figgf' gi fu ,- ,1 Tyler O Donnell Donald Ogden Mark Olson 154-Seniors Uvigu i ago p rallies touches many-but not all an apartment. O'MEAFtA, MIKE OPEKA, DANIEL OLTROGGE, CINDY .. . likes the beach, the snow, strawberries, Downey, Crosby, Stilis, and Nash, the Strawberry Festival . . . dis- likes dishonest people, term papers, windy days remembers chipmunk, fifth period P.E., the captain ol the football team, going to the drive-in considers biggest accomplishment graduating . .. plans atter graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College and to get Flndy Qlfrogge Michael O'Meara Daniel Opeka Ostrofsky Tamara Owens OSTROFSKY, PHYLLIS .. . tPhyll likes the Red Baron, Taco Bell, being iriends with Dawn, McDonald's . . . dislikes being yelled at by grouchy teachers, braces remembers Cindy's house t16 rollsl with Dawn . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating from Villa Park with the entire faculty pronouncing her last name correctly . . . plans after graduation to celebrate, move into her own apartment . . . G.A.A. 2, 33 Steering Committee 4. OWENS, TAMARA vyuuvi ugvv Jn. Jim Wells seems to be enjoying his mid-morning snack while engulfed in a pep rally's sea of spirit. PAGE, GEORGE PAGES, SYLVIE PALMER, STEVEN JUDSON tKiIIerl likes football, water skiing, scuba diving, Corvettes, girls, P.E , Newport '69 . . . dislikes chickens, Mustangs, food fighters, parking problems, first dates, phony girls . . . remembers food lights, the flood, Mr. Thoner's novel Class, the day the pipes broke . . . considers biggest accomplishment being Key Club President plans alter graduation to major in business administration and get rich . . . Key Club 2, 3, 4, President 43 Steering Committee 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 43 Letterman's Club 3, Varsity Club 4, Senate 4, House of Representatives 4. Steve Palmer Seniors-155 After-game dances provide relief from th T1 Yi PALMOUIST, STEVE PALUSH, SUSAN NATALIE . . . lShoe Polishl . , . likes peanut but- ter, most anything that makes her happy dislikes hypocrites plastic people, bad news, excuses . . .considers biggest accomplish ment swallowing her pride and grinning and bearing it . . . plans alter graduation to travel .. , Art Club 4. ANZARELLA, TOM Steve Palmquist Susan Palush W 1 i s PARK, TIMOTHY F .... iYoung Skinny Tim Parkl . . . likes speech, drama, directing, forensic contests, Christian Fellowship, peace within himsell, being lree to do what ever he wants , . . dislikes the pit in the bottom ol his stomach belore a contest, deteat, pressure and responsibility, the school system , . . remembers all ot the practi- cal lessons learned from Mr. Unitan's example in speech and drama . . .considers biggest accomplishment learning to live with defeat . . . plans after graduation to go to Biola and study speech and the Bible, travel in Europe lor three months. . .Campus Lile Club 2, 3, 4, C.S F, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 3, 4, President 4, Drama Productions 3, 4, Varsity Debate and Forensics Team 4. PARKER, DAVID LEE tGunkl likes Lauren, MG's, OFSCA, lobster . . . dislikes school, Triumphs, Fords , . . remembers getting caught ditching, Girl-Date-Boy in his iunior year . . .considers biggest accomplishment passing . . . plans alter graduation to attend Fuller- ton Junior College . . . Basketball 2. PARKER, DEBORAH ANN lNina Nanal .. . likes Doug, music, people, horses , . , remembers the Senior Breakfast when the pan- cakes llew away , , . considers biggest accomplishment getting to know people , . . plan alter graduation to continue on to college and rack her brain with more schooling . .. Pep Club, "S" Club 4 Tim Park David Parker PARKER, GAIL PARKER, NANCY DIANE . .. tBlondiel ,.. likes tennis, lresh tlow- ers, Simon Bi Garfunkel, tangerine lifesavers, painting, sailing, her cat Otis, taking walks in the rain, being alone. . . dislikes messy lockers, people who say they are your lriends and really aren't , remem- bers Mr. DiMaggio's art class, a royal blue MG, Jo Anneabelle . considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . . plans alter gradu- ation to visit Hawaii, then go to college and become an interior decorator . . , Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Folk Music Club 2, 3, Steering Com- mittee 2, 3, Art Club 4, Coed Club 4, House ol Representatives 2, 3, Junior Achievement 2, 3, 4. PARSONS, DARIS . . . llgorl ,. tikes slurpies, sports, Mr. O., play- ing his guitar, Jimi Hendrix, the beach, girls . . .dislikes staying home and doing nothing, Bully St. Marie, school, homework, lake people ...remembers J.W. and Mr. B . . . plans alter graduation to go down to the River again, work, go to the beach, and then go to college . Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 3. Gail Parker Nancy Parker PARSONS, GARY. . . likes weekends, vacations . . . dislikes getting up at 7:00, liver . . . remembers basketball games, waiting for June ol 1970 considers biggest accomplishment getting a "D" in 4 chemistry plans after graduation to work his way around the United States for a year. PARTINGTON, BILL PASSAVOY, RICHARD HAROLD . . . tRanger Ricky . . , likes base- ball, football, golf, girls, CK, "70" Novas . .. dislikes people with split personalities, people who give up , . . considers biggest accom- plishment being elected A.S.B. Treasurer and buying a new car . , . plans after graduation to attend either U.C, at Davis or CalAState Fullerton . , . Steering Committee 2, 3, A.S.B, Treasurer 4, Key Club 4, District Attorney's Young Citizens Council 4, Sophomore Base- ball, J.V. Baseball 3, Veterinary Explorers 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4. Gary Parsons Bill Partington 156-Seniors Tom Panzarella Debbie Parker Daris Parsons Rick Passovoy ense competition :nior Steve Udick considers an after-game dance an op- Jrtunity to express the "soul in his shoes." Perez arry Pharris V x 111' Denice Peace John Pentecost PEACE, DENICE . . . tDeJ . . . likes Don, Mr Pomeroy's third period Senior Problems class, the "Blackbird" . . .dislikes phony people , remembers Mr. Sakaue's second period Salesmanship class, her sophomore year . . . considers buggest accomplishment winning sec- ond place in a Surting Championship in Oceanside . . , plans alter graduation to attend Orange Coast College and go back to Australia ...Pep Club 2, 3. PENTECOST, JOHN PEPIN, DWIGHT Q Ronald Pepin "xi PEREZ, JOANNE PEREZ, ROBERT . , . tBirdl . . . likes biology, English, Marilyn, mo- torbikes, Crudney, his pet monkey, money, Jose Feliciano . .. con- siders biggest accomplishment finding a dead Cockatoo for his physiology project . . . plans after graduation to have new experi- ences, research in food production and destruction House of Representatives 43 Veterinary Explorers 4. PERRY, VICTORIA tvickiel likes Jim C., happy people, strawberries . , , dislikes homework, phony people, getting up in the morning . . . remembers the Senior Breaklast, third period Uookkeep- ing, the wild hockey team lifth period . . . considers biggest accom- plishment graduating and passing Mr. lsaacson's AD. class plans alter graduation to go to Orange Coast College , . . G.A.A. 2. Robert Perez Judy Pierce PHARRIS, CHLELL LAWRENCE JR ,,.. tLarryj . . . likes Porsches, people. . . dislikes tickets, Ladd . . . remembers the dean's ollice . . considers biggest accomplishment not getting a ticket and not being in a wreck lor three weeks plans alter graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College, PIERCE, JUDY A .... iMighty Mousej. . .likes boys, driving, skating, hamburgers, cars, pizza, outdoor sports, dancing, cooking . , dis- likes stuck-up sophomores and juniors, history, studying, girls, peo- ple who talk alot. . , remembers her friends who were so nice to her considering that she came lrom Florida. . . considers biggest accom- plishment learning to understand and cope with people plans after raduation to work and go to college . , Art Club 4. PIESSHEL, DOUGLAS . . . tDougl . . , likes being happy, playing his guitar, the beach, trees, Plymouths, music, Japan, a girl . , , dislikes phony people, headaches. hominy, frustration . . . remembers taking a guided tour ol the girls' locker room . , , considers biggest accom- plishment going through high school without anyone finding out that he is Superman , . . plans alter graduation to have iun this summer, then go to Medical school and become a wise old doctor . . . Medical Explorers 2, Campus Lite 2, 3, 4, Vickie Perry v Doug Pieschel Seniors-157 Shery Pigmon Q- 'T "Senioritis" plagues clas PIGMON, SHERY likes guys over 21, "The Happening", Cor- vettes and Vans, Mexican food, sincere people, beards and mous- taches . . , dislikes goodie-goodies, phonies, immature people, broc- coli . .. remembers ditching and not getting caught considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . . plans alter graduation to go to Atlantic Airline School and to get an apartment of her own . . . Drama Club 2, 3. PINEDO, RUTH. . . lPinedol . . , likes Pro Joe Spartans . . . dislikes plastic people remembers classrooms, books, teachers, the dummies . . . considers biggest accomplishment becoming a senior plans after graduation to go to the Ozarks and to become a stewardess . . . Folk Music Club 3. PINNELL, GERALD . . . lJerryl . . . likes music, girls, cars, psyche- delic effects, the beach, acid-rock, guitars . . . dislikes wrinkled old ladies and cafeteria-made spaghetti . . . remembers the third door to the right . . . plans after graduation to go back to sleep... C.S.F. 3. t Ruth Pinedo Gerald Pinnell Christine Pirus Kathy Plowman PIRUS, CHRISTINE MARY . .. lChrisl . . . likes water skiing, snow ' skiing, astrology, music, hot fudge sundaes . . . dislikes llirts, smog, freezing first period during band practice . . . remembers Jeff and the "Group", going home on the busses alter parades considers biggest accomplishment playing in the "Group" . . , plans after grad- uation to attend Cal-State Fullerton . . . Marching Band 2, 3. 41 Con- cert Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 43 Instrumental Ensemble 31 Honor Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4. PLOWMAN, KATHY , .. fErniel .. . likes full moons, Scorpios and Capricorns, her two-string guitar, solid rock, rain . . , dislikes peas, "Piggy" tonce in a whilel . . . remembers Mr. Long, the biology cruise, bruises from crutches . , . considers biggest accomplishment not being on crutches during her senior year . . . plans after gradua- tion to be a mad scientist in a Mozarella cheese factory and attend U.C.l .,.. Folk Music Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 4, President 4. POPE, CHERYL ANNE. . . fSherryl . . .likes Robin, good personali- ties, honesty, cooking, sewing dislikes guys who wear white socks and black slip-on shoes, immature people . . . remembers Mrs. M., Mrs. Clark and Miss Whipple, going to the shop with Robin and spilling his coffee . . . considers biggest accomplishments losing 30 lbs., meeting Dave and Robin, getting out of this place , . . plans after graduation to go to a 'unior college and major in homemaking andlor psychology . . . "S" Club 2. x Cheryl P ope 'ir' 41:47 Deborah Porter PORTER, DEBORAH LYNN PORTER, RICHARD LEE . . . fSkipl . . . likes hunting, fishing, jeeps, racing motorcycles . . dislikes getting up in the morning . . . remem- bers Cross Country vs. Football food fights considers biggest accomplishment making it through three years at Villa Park. . .plans after graduation to travel across the United States on a Harley 900 bl. ggass Country 2, 3, 43 Auto Club 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Letterman's u . POTEET, BRITTAIN IV lBrittJ likes any kind of car racing, motorcycles, eating . . . dislikes having to dress up for anything . . . remembers how much he longed lo get out of here . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting out plans after graduation to gnigyahimself . . . Cross Country 2, 3, Wrestling 2, Track 2, 3, Auto u . Richard Porter Brittain Poteet 158-Seniors r Mary Harrington sits back in a moment of thought as Baumgardner vocalizes her opinion on campus issues Ln-A .- , ' A Jf '70 as end of the year approaches am Powell Sue Powelson t enneth Price A .. .ft is swiss? -W LY, 1 'at Quaid PRICE, KENNETH M .... lPeteJ likes cars, the beach, skiing, girls . . . dislikes cafeteria lood. getting up in the morning . . . remem- bers Mr. Quartuccrs line sense ol humor . . . considers biggest ac- complishment staying awake in class . . . plans alter graduation to attend Cal-Poly and dodge the dralt. PROCTER, ROBERT. . . tCricket Mani . . , likes girls, any sport that exists, knocking teeth out on diving boards, cricketing around dislikes cricket stompers, V-shaped hairlines, anybody who doesn't like the Iron Butterfly . . . remembers Miss Cannavina's biology class In his iunior year . . . considers biggest accomplishment making it through World Masterpieces in his junior year . . . plans alter gradua- tion to go to Fullerton Junior College lor pre-dental, continue at 3 x 'QQ-'ff POWELL, PAMELA SUSAN lP.P.l likes someone special, sunny days, smiling people . . dislikes vegetables. getting up early, pink on boys, argluing, being depressed remembers triplin to Girl-Date-Boy in er lunior year . . . considers biggest accompgsh- ment passing A.D ..,. plans alter graduation to go to school and to be happy . . . Pep Club 4. POWELSON, SUSAN LEE lSusiel likes mountains, snow, Senior Problems class with Mr. Pomeroy, "open parties" , , . dislikes phony people, AD., being gullible all the time, people who don't have spirit remembers Drill Team and Band activities and parades, being a senior. , .considers biggest accomplishment getting a job as a secretary . . . plans to attend Fullerton Junior College and major in secretarial science . . . Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Benchwarmers 43 Pep Club 4, Secretary 4: Steering Committee 4. POWERS, JEFF ... likes Ford Boss 302, art, Mr. Schulte, Coach Brown, V.S .... dislikes Chevy Z-28, economics, A.D .,.. remembers not getting a ticket lor speeding down Tall Avenue . . . plans alter graduation to go into the Coast Guard, then to college. U.S.C. and become an orthodontist . .. C.S.F. 2. 3, 4L Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, 3, President 4, "C" Track 2, Most Valuable Man, Letterman's Club 2. 3, 4. "B" Track 3: Senate 4, Varsity Track 4. PFIUITT, KENNETH. . . lRandyl . . .likes Sharla Peterson, tacos, his dog . . . dislikes asparagus, conceited people, garbanzo beans . . . remembers SP. . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating . . . plans alter graduation to go to Denver, Colorado. Bruce Quarantello RANKIN, TERRY RAMOS. AL R ..,. lthe Mexicanl . . . likes girls, cars, lreedom, Fri- day nights . . . dislikes lickle women, plastic people, '59 Fords. tomatoes. the Villa Park grapevine . . , remembers all the bus rides to parades . . , considers biggest accomplishment making it through school without going to the Dean's ollice . . . plans alter graduation lo go to Fullerton Junior College, enter the Forestry Department, and then get married ,.. Band 2, 3. 4. RASCHER, CAROL LEE . . . tDum-Duml . .. likes anything edible, red. waterskiing. sailing, Catalina, summer dislikes cold days, clean rooms, people who can't lake a joke . . . remembers throwing an apple core out the door and hitting a teacher. . . considers biggest accomplishment passing geometry, and graduating . . plans alter graduation to goto college and become an airline hostess , . . G.A.A. 2: Benchwarmers 4. Robert Procter OUAID, PAT . . . likes Gloria, music, being on the move, the beach . . . dislikes being in one place lor a long time, policemen . . . remem- bers his senior year , . . considers biggest accomplishment graduat- ing . . . plans alter graduation to travel lor about three months and then join the Merchant Marines .. . Football 2, Work Experience 4. QUARANTELLO, BRUCE . . . lweasell . .. likes women, cars, dirt bikes, money . . . dislikes lake people and marriage . . , plans after raduation to sell and service Kirby Vacuum cleaners and swing. gUlRAM, CHUCK lwood-Chucky likes Judy Rushton, last cars, people with good humor, money dislikes lake people, snobs, being broke . . , remembers detention, the personnel ottice, Senior Problems, the girls being kicked out ol school on the last day in '69 . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting to be on the varsity lootball team . . . plans alter graduation to go to college and become an architect . . . Varsity Football 4. :rapes v ,735 A x , ' K b . V aj. If .. ' : ' ' "Y gut . t iss..- , X Jeff Powers H Kenneth Pruitt ... -. .. it X' A ,fy Chuck Quiram Ramos Terry Rankin Carol Rascher Seniors-159 Shelley Redline REDLINE, SHELLEY iRedl likes J.E., hot fudge sundaes, third period study hall, birthday card committees, meeting people, summer '69, B.S. and T .... remembers being on the birthday card committee , . , considers biggest accomplishment making it through sophomore year . . . plans after graduation to attend college, World Campus Afloat, and to meet more people .. . G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Youth in Government Day 4, REEDER, DELINDA GAYLE. . . tDelinda Webosl . . . likes the moun- tains, beards . . . dislikes snotty people, phonies, plastic Christmas trees remembers film festivals in Mr. O's class considers biggest accomplishment making "Who's Who" . . . plans after gradu- ation to go to college and major in biology or pre-med . . . C.S.F. 3, Drill Team 4, National Merit Semi-finalist 4, Merit's Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. REID, DEBORAH K .... qDebyl. . .likes wrestling, D.T., Mike, music boxes . . . dislikes avocados, practicing for halftime shows in mud past your ankles, losing at cards remembers the VPHS Drill Team and pulling into a Union 76 gas station, filling up the tank, and finding she had a Mobil credit card. . , considers biggest accomplish- ment being selected as captain of Drill Team and working with a great group . . , plans after graduation to go to Europe for the sums mer, return for school at Fullerton Junior College, and major in business ,. . Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Representative, Junior Lieutenant, Captain 4g Pep Club 2, 43 AFS 4, Senate 43 Steering Committee 4. Spirit-boostin Delinda RGSGGT Deborah Reid REYNOLDS, NICK RICCI, LlZ REINHARCZ, HOWARD. . . iHowie Babyl . . . likes working on cars, ditching school, fighting with girls . . . dislikes school work, people fooling with his car, school food . . . remembers Mrs. Darsie, Miss Hurley . , . considers biggest accomplishment passing Drivers Edu- cation . . , plans after graduation to attend Fullerton J.C., U.C.L.A.. then go out into the cold cruel world. Howard Reinharcz Nick Reynolds Liz Ricci RIFF, SANDRA GENE . . . tRiffiel ... likes Saddleback Mountain in the spring, the Slide, Saturday nights in the city, concerts, warrn happy people . . . dislikes people who quarrel, being misunderstood, weekends alone. teachers who don't teach, enemies . . . remembers T.W.'s party, going to Jack-in-the-Box in a camper, her friends at lunch . . , considers biggest accomplishment being a lab assistant and making wonderful friendships .. . plans after graduation to at- tend college at San Jose or Stanislaus State Pep Club 2, 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2. RITTER, STEPHEN . . . tCritterJ . . . likes people . . , remembers Mr. Proffitt and mankind . . . plans after graduation to go to college and becgrge an electronics engineer . . . High School Weight Discus Res COI' . ROBERTS, CAROL ELAINE . . . fNon-walkerj ... likes playing the organ, cats, teachers who make you work hard, Mrs. Schepe . . . dislikes thieves, disrespectable and dishonest people. . .remembers Mrs. Schepe's physiology class fifth period considers biggest accomplishment learning to play the organ well enough to teach her three younger sisters and brothers plans after graduation to attend Cal-State Fullerton and get a degree in teaching . . . Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 2: Science Club 4. Sandra Riff Stephen Ritter Carol Roberts Rowdy Ron Metcalf and Senior friends push and agonizing fight against the OHS Panth- of 65-64, another win for the SparIaI'tS underclassman, Rich Hill, during the exciting ers. The basketball game ended with a score the Way to CIF playoffs. eniors show underclassmen who is on top ROBERTS, CHRISTINE. . . tChrisi. . . likes hamburgers, the beach, waterskiing, Porsches, the Grass Roots, red licorice dislikes homework, liver, smog remembers the time she met Coach Isaacson at Disneyland, Girl-Date-Boy '69, the basketball game when VP beat Orange . . . plans after graduation to attend a junior college . . . Coeed Club 2, Pep Club 3, House of Representatives 3, Benchwarmers 4, "S" Club 4. ROBERTSON, TIM . . . likes cars, most sports. the drags, the beach on a hot day with big waves, Pepa's Pizza Parlor on Friday night . . . dislikes unfriendly people, being kept within an inflexible schedule. , . remembers the big water fight on "Green Sack" day . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting a "B" in Chemistry . . . plans after graduation to attend a university with an NROTC program and become a career man in the Navy . . . C.S.F. 2, 3, 4, "B" Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4. ROBINSON, BETH fHo0di . ,. likes getting out of school, fifth period speech, weekends, fun times with Emory's . . , dislikes Villa Park snobs, liars, taking her brother Billy to Cindy's . , , remembers going behind the quonset huts, the klunker car she had to drive in the rain with Emory's . . . considers biggest accomplishment staying out of trouble . . . plans after graduation not to bum around or light any Rogers Roberts Tim Robertson ROGERS, BOB . . . tMidgetl . . . likes sports, debating, body surfing . . . dislikes rude people, Lombardi Grass Drills, doing sprints on his own , . . remembers going to C.l.F. in baseball and the rudeness of some people . . . considers biggest accomplishment not growing an inch since 9th grade . . . plans alter graduation to go to Santa Clara and make a living with the least work . . . J.V. Baseball 2, "B" Foot- ball 2, Varsig Baseball 3, Varsity Football 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, President 4, .S.F. 3, President. ROGERS, ROBIN. . . tliloyl . . . likes popcorn, VW's, baseball, CCR, sleepers . . , dislikes crowded lockers, nosy, phony people . . . remembers sharing lockers with S.R. who has a terrible time keeping things neat . . . considers biggest accomplishment surviving French IV . . . plans after graduation to attend Cal-State Fullerton and major in history . . . steering Committee 2, 3, 4, G,A.A. 3, 4, French Club 4, House of Representatives 4, C.S.F. 3. ROPER, GARY . . . likes playing the guitar, singing, the mountains, the beach, sports cars .. . dislikes plastic people, asparagus, Re- naulls, dill pickles .. . remembers being a junior and sitting in the senior section and walerballooning the seniors . . . considers biggest accomplishment making it through high school without bumping his head on overhanging locker doors . . , plans after graduation to go go lapan agdghen to college. . . Campus Life 2, 3, 4, Folk Music Club 3 ennis , . more trash cans on fire . . . Pep Club 2. Beth Robinson Robin Rogers qw Rosenbaum Sheila Rosser ROSENBAUM, JANE . . . lTarzanJ . . . likes boys, cars, parties, chil- dren, swimming . , . dislikes unreal people, homework, getting up in the morning , . , remembers Homecoming '69 . . . plans after gradua- tion to attend college and eventually teach handicapped children , . . German Club 2, Junior Achievement 2, 3, 4. ROSSER, SHEILA ANN .. , lRazzyi likes friends, water skiing, the mountains, food, stuffed animals, flowers . . . dislikes foggy days. unhappiness, insincere people, liver . . . remembers being a biology labbie, sharing lockers with R,R., Friday nights . . . considers biggest accomplishment meeting many wonde ul people and learning something more about herself . . , plans after graduation to go to college and become a physical therapist . . . GAA, 2, 4, Sophomore Representative, "S" Club 2, Odyssey Staff 3, Science Club 4, CSF. 4, Girls League Secretary 4. ROWLAND, BARBARA . , . likes hot weather, the beach, chocolate chip ice cream, the guitar, hiking, summer nights . . . dislikes Chinese food, smog, February . . . remembers decoration committees, initia- tions, waiting for vacations considers biggest accomplishment getting up in in the morning . . . plans after graduation to go to college C.S.F. 2, 3, 4, "S" Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, ecretary 4, GAA. 2, 3, House of Representatives 2, Girl of the Month 2, Olympi- ans 4. ROY, ROB . . , lBat-Mani . .. likes money, girls .. . dislikes some P.E. teachers, peas, beans . . . remembers the sit-in during his junior year . . . plans after graduation to buy 50 acres of land in Oregon and live there ROZEMA, RUDY RUBY, MARTIN Gary Roper .J Barbafa.Rowland ig.. . ROY Rudy Rozema Martin Ruby PJ Seniors-161 The spirit ofthe 7O's is reflecte ' RUDAT DAVE likes water skiing, the guitar, Friday nights .. dislikes stuck-up girls. soda-pop parties, "know nothing" teachers . remembers going to the football games with the guys. , , consid- ers biggest accomplishment not going steady more than once in three years. plans after graduation to keep going to school, enjoy life ,. Pep Club 3, 43 Auto Club 33 Football 2. RUPPERT, MICHAEL RAYMOND , . . lHey, Ruppertll . . . likes signs that say "America, change it or lose it," steak, lobster, Cindy, the "Zoo" . . .dislikes liver, hypocrites, signs that say, "America, love it or leave it" ,. , remembers being associated with the "Zoo," an- nouncing football games . . plans after graduation to join the Navy Field 4. ... Golf 2, 3, 4, Letterman's Club 2, 33 Student Announcer at Kelly RUSSELL, DAVE David Rudat Michael Ruppert Dave Russell RUYLE, RIKKI DIANE . ,. tRikki-tikkil . likes people, art, psyche- delic lights, summer vacation .. dislikes hypocrites, war, English, sauerkraut . . ,remembers going to Disneyland on the day the water pipes broke in 1967-'68. .considers biggest accomplishment mak- ing it to school on time in the morning toccasionallyl . plans after graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College and major in art. .Pep Club 2, 3, 4g GA A. 2: Art Club 4 RYAN, DENNIS P ... fRedl .. likes mountains, the beach, pizza, VW's, Led Zeppelin, Credence Clearwater ., dislikes librarians, French, mowtown music, Ramblers, '57 VW's, getting up in the morning for school . . .remembers not playing basketball in his Sen- ior year and therefore not having to have his hair chopped off . . considers biggest accomplishment passing Mr. O's Chemistry class . . plans after graduation to attend U.C Berkeley and enjoy life, RYMAN, SUZANNE CAROL .. tUgIyi likes Dr. Pepper, water skiing, tall, conceited boys, VW rallies. cookies . . dislikes MG's. meat loaf, "Dark Shadows" . , . remembers the day the wind blew all her physiology notes into the orange grove . considers biggest accomplishment graduating plans alter graduation to go to a junior college or a business college and become a medical secretary ... Dance Club 2, Steering Committee 2, Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Drama SAMUEL, ELIZABETH Club 3, Y-Teens 4. Rikki Ruyle Dennis Ryan .LV Mike Rymer d I Suzanne Ryman RYMER MIKE RYSSMAN OTTO lL Bi likes Cindy friendly girls music dislikes sophomores VP football games stuck up girls remem bers the Peyton Place of VP s Band considers biggest accom plishment graduating plans after graduation to become an ar chitect Senate 4 Pep Band 3 4 Track 2 Band 2 Architectural Design 4 President SALINIS JOHN W , likes football, swimming, history, music, steak dislikes people who don't want to try and learn . . . remem- bers having Mr Gould as a teacher . ,. considers biggest accom- plishment emoying all his classes and teachers . . . plans alter gradu- ation to attend Cal-State Fullerton, major in history or political SCIQRCG, and eventually become a teacher at a college or university Symphonic Choir 2, 43 Vocal Ensemble 3. kk., Otto Ryssman SANDERSON, COLLEEN. . . tOptel. , . likes rainy days, DKG. S.B., spearmint gum, tacos, ice skating . .dislikes Chinese food, phonres, flat tires, waiting, nosey people ., remembers going to football games in a certain state of mind during her senior year, Mr Bullock's Novel class and all the stories he told . . . considers biggest accom- plishment passing Biology . . plans after graduation to goto college and become an airline stewardess ,. Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Steering Committee 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 4. SANDERSON, MICHAEL. . . tMikel .. likes bowling, camping, fish- ing. . .dislikes science, loud music. . .considers biggest accomplish- ment making good grades. , .plans after graduation to go to college at Harding Christian College in Arkansas John Salinis Q . Elizabeth Samuel Colleen Sanderson Michael Sanderson 162-Seniors he Senior Class Santana Susan Sawtelle SANTANA, RONALDF lStretchl lrkestrackbaseball,multi- ple choice tests drslrkus crowded lunch and locker areas, lunch lood remembers the morning ol the Senior Breakfast when rt was windy and his plate was swrshed away , considers biggest accom- plrstirrrerrt getting through high school without getting rnto trouble ,. plans alter graduation to go to college and major rn biology . Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. Science Club 4, President, Senate 4 SAWTELLE, SUSAN LYNN tSuel likes journalism, smiles, camping, optimism, traveling, meeting new people dislikes pessi- rrrrsm and closed-minded people . remembers Tuesday night deadlines, Mr O's chemistry class, Prom '69 considers biggest rrccomplrshment being co-editor-rn-chief ol the ORACLE ,, plans alter graduation to attend college and maror rn English or communi- cations . Sophomore Class Secretary, Junror Class Secretaryg C S F 2, 3, 4, Girl ol the Month 33 Oracle Stall 2, 3, 4, News Editor 2, Assistant Editor 3, Co-Editor-rn-Chrel 4 X .s,, HP .l'.r Laura Ezell, Kathy Allen, and CynDee Turner aid the Senior Class in capturing the spirit stick. -r We xfrm- , Q -if -' -.r,,w. fr Y r , ,gg Y ' ' , .V A r lt ' 'V SCHEID, BARBARA Jo rroori likes crazy people, members 'ri ol the Fools' club, silly burning birthday presents, strrngrng houses ' rj., and cars, wood-chuck, D,B,, D.W , DM ,C S ,J B ,Clyde drslrkes ' crying while she is laughing, getting a drrver's license .. remembers -2 her birthday party at nutrition, Jan's party, the green hog, moving streetlrghts plans alter graduation to drop dead and attend Fuller- ton Junror College rn the fall Pep Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, G A A r 2, 3, 4, Historian 4, Girl ol the Month 3, Senate 4 SCHEREFL JANN ., tFreakl likes Cotton wood Cove at the river, the house rn the canyon, The Shack, peace, brotherhood, the blues. ,dislikes plastrc people, war, guys with short hair. remem- bers the performance Bob Gumpertz gave rn his senior year ,, considers biggest accomplishment getting her picture taken with Stephanie Deterdrng on Santa Claus's knee . , plans alter gradua- Iron to become an airline stewardess lor Trans World Airlines. Wits: .mr SCHHEPFER, SUE Scherd Jann Scherer SCHROTH, STEVEN . . tStevel likes girls, music dislikes VPHS food . ,. remembers the lootball and basketball games considers biggest accomplishment getting rnto Vocal Ensemble , , . plans after graduation to go on to college and study business and lTlUSlC. SCHWAMB, PEGGY . lrkes cats, Chicago groups. . . dislikes the snow, closed campus. . . considers biggest accomplrshment staying rn school . . plans alter graduation to move to San Francisco, SCOTT, SALLY ANN . , tScottl ,.. likes happy people, "Sax power" sunshine, hall-time shows, the good times she had at Luck- y's, Jim, blue eyes . .dislikes geometry, oatmeal burgers, log, hypo- crrtes, the 2:40 parking lot exodus . . . remembers her good friends, happy times at VPHS, not losing her sanity .. considers biggest accomplishment lindrng out rust who her real friends are and learning about lrle , . . plans alter graduation to attend college, possibly major rn rournalrsm, and be happy , . . Band 2, 3, Junror Achievement 2, Pep Band 4, Youth rn Government 4. Sue Schrepfer W, Schroth Peggy Schwamb Sally Scott Seniors-163 Howard's Chariot put into use for lVlr. Leg SEGOVIA, STEVEN fStevei likes Senior Problems Class, Mrs. l., C.D., D.A., R.C. ,.., dislikes losing football games, C.P,S. . .. remembers the first pancake breaklast, sixth period Bookkeeping, Spirit Day considers biggest accomplishment putting up with RC ,,.. plans after graduation to go to Fullerton Junior College . . . Steering Committee 2, 3. 4, Coronation Court 4. SHACKLEFORD, DANIEL.. . iDanl . . . likes girls, mini skirts, math, science, basketball . . . dislikes term papers . . . remembers having Ken Shimizu as a brother and as a classmate . . . considers biggest accomplishment having the A.F.S. student with his family , . . plans afterFgraduation to go to college and' med school . . . Science Club 2: A. ,S. 4. SHAFER, ARDITH . . . iArdyl . . . likes parties, riding horses, going out on weekends, going up to the mountains dislikes school, phonles . . . considers biggest accomplishment realizing that after all these years of school she has some education . . . plans after gradu- ation to be a dancer. Steve Segovia Linda Shapero Daniel Shackelford SHAPERO, LINDA BETH . . . lCharleel likes tacos, bubbly per- sonalities, mountains, rain, snow, parades, Senior Problems with Mr. Pomeroy . . . dislikes phony personalities, Algebra ll, asparagus . . . remembers Prom '69, coming here from Katella, all the long trips to other cities for parades . . . considers biggest accomplishment be- coming Senior Lieutenant and most outstanding member of Drill Team after being here only one year . . . plans after graduation to go to college and live life to the fullest . . . Drill Team 3, 4, Most Out- standing Member 3, Senior Lieutenant 4, Steering Committee 4. SHARRON, TERRI . . tEye of Terryl ...likes Bill, Rufus, waterski- ing, Jack Benny, avocados. red and black . . . dislikes the big city, sleeping . . . remembers Wanda and her frog . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduating. SHEPARD, JEFFREY likes Thursday and Mr. Q dislikes school food, English class , . . plans after graduation to go North. SHIMIZU, KEN SHODA, DAN SHUMWAY, MARY. , . tBeckyl . . .likes art, horses, grubby clothes, cowboy boots, good books, movies, Frank Sinatra . . . dislikes nar- row-minded people, doing reports with footnotes, people who are put-ons . , . remembers third period art with Mrs. Beck and the gang, Mr Brunt, the Bob Gumpertz affair. . .considers biggest accomplish- ment getting her half-day schedule arranged and learning to become an individual . , . plans after graduation to bum around for two years Ardith Shafer ' fa.: -fm-W ww Terri Sharron Jeffrey Shepard -of-'U' and then go into police work .. . Folk Music Club 3, Pep Club 4, Steering Committee 4, Ken Shimizu Dan Shoda Becky Shumway iv e-4 QI SILVA, CLAUDIA SLACK. BARBARA . . , iSqueakl . . likes KH.. sunny days, Palos Verdes at night, the beach, . . dislikes dissecting frogs, insincere people, thinking up topics for Composition . . remembers Prom '69. May 24, fourth quarter Sophomore year. football games . . consid- ers biggest accomplishment getting an "A" in Biology, graduating . , plans after graduation to attend San Diego State . , . Pep Club 25. G AA. 2, Coed Club 3, Steering Committee 3. SLAUGHTER, VICKI . , . likes traveling, water skiing, meeting new people. candles, the beach . , , dislikes lonely people . , remembers entering VPHS as a junior ., considers biggest accomplishment enjoying life plans after graduation to spend the next year in Europe: then hopes to finish her education, and to become an occu- pational therapist. Claudia Silva Barbara Slack Vicki Slaughter 164-Seniors nd at Christmas lhy Sliffe Robert Sloan EFE, CATHY ,, lKatel .. likes all lorms ol art, smiles, good n lun, Villa Park, the Drill Team, science, people .. dislikes h, vegetables, waking up in the morning, grumpy people .. :embers spirit, triendly smiles, noise, Bob Gumpertz, Dr. Ross. . . siders biggest accomplishments her work in Mr OIiver's class earning an art scholarship plans alter graduation to attend i Diego tate and become a medical illustrator . . American Field vice linalist 3, Scholarship to Art Center in Los Angeles 4 DAN, ROBERT TH, NANCY . ,. ll-logl likes most everything, Italian lood, rts, motorcycles, people, little kids, the opposite sex, good times islikestwo-laced people,trashlying around . remembers the pertz happening, '69 Prom, Coronation '70 ,. considers big- accomplishment graduating , plans alter graduation to major locial Wellare, Interior Decorating and Design, and travel ,. .A. 23 Banner Girl 2, 3, 43 House ot Representatives 4. Barb Amster and Kathy Ellis "get together" for a Christmas tour in Howard's chariot. Nancy Smith SMITH, NINA .. llfroggiel .. likes boys, people, horses,motorcy- cles , . dislikes people who think they own the world , . remembers when Jack Butcher put her in the trash can , . considers biggest accomplishment never having detentions or being called into the ollice . ,. plans alter graduation to meet the world . ,. GA A 2, Beginning Choir 3, SMITH, STANLEY ., tButchj . . likes playing the guitar, heavy sounds, Gerri Dyer, the beach , . . dislikes dumplings, the wind . , . remembers the crummy caleteria lood . . . considers biggest accom- 6 plishment graduating . . . plans alter graduation to sell insurance and get married . . Pep Club 3. MITH, TODD , . , lToadl . . likes women, sports, cars, sports car racing . . dislikes A.D. . . considets biggest accomplishment mak- ing it to his senior year , . . plans alter graduation to live at Big Bear and to be a bum tor the summer, then go to college and sweat out the dralt 1a Smith Stanley Smith Todd Smith SMITHEY, GREG. .tScottyl ,.likes cars, Senior Problems Class. girls, real people . . , dislikes phony people, P.E , VW's remem- bers how long it took him to get out, Mr, Norm Johnson considers biggest accomplishment graduating at the semester with only a "C" average. . .plans alter graduation to make the college scene lor leur ears. SNOW, MERRI . , . likes music, Carmel, vans, the beach, the coun- try . . dislikes plastic people, liver, lizards, caleteria lood plans alter graduation to travel SNYDER, JACK KEITH. , .remembers waiting to get out consid- ers biggest accomplishment coming to school . plans alter gradua- tion to attend Fullerton Junior College. Smithey Merri Snow Jack Snyder Seniors-165 Seniors spend lon Jacquie Snyder Larry Snyder SNYDER, JACOUIE lJackl . , likes boys, business classes, history classes with Mr Behn, Mr. Unitan . . , dislikes drama, catty girls, cruising, colds, being cold, status symbols. . remembers bus rides, debates in history, watching Paul Hart . . considers biggest accomplishment passing, surviving Drama class , . , plans after grad' uation to attend business college, work or get married SNYDER, LARRY ., likes Kawasaki, Montessa. Fords, Brenda. hunting, dirt riding dislikes Hondas, greasy hair, getting out ol bed early remembers passing the haircut check without getting his hair cut. considers biggest accomplishment beating a Honda Trail "9O" ofl the line plans after graduation to go into the field of Oceanography ' - . "'Q:-' if-f'-5 l U N me ,Q , , A 1 -iibfs s Occupied with the grueling task ot Senior picture a ments, Brownwyn Kiser and Lorraine Wanlass ear staff positions. SPENCER, VAL Steve Snyder SNYDER, STEVE . . . tSprder Many . . . likes Sue, Disneyland Hotel on Friday nights, Fords, some good parties . . dislikes Chevies . . . plans after graduation to go to school, start a construction company, get a race car and get married . . . Auto Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, OWDER, SHERYL lSherl .. likes Reading class, dancing, people with ambition, the faculty . . .dislikes snobby people, tests . . , remembers sprainrng her ankle in gymnastics class and not being able to walk for two weeks . . considers biggest accomplishment passing all her classes . . . plans after graduation to attend Gallau- det College and possibly pursue a dancing career afterwards . . . House of Representatives 3, 4, H.O.H. Club President 4, SPELLISCY, MICHELLE ,, tShelIyl likes 8:30 days, friendly people, biology, basketball . . dislikes boring teachers, getting up in the morning, unfriendly people . . . remembers Homecoming '68 . . . plans alter graduation to attend college . , . Drill Team 2,31 Pep Club 3, 4g Benchwarmers 4. Sheryl Sowder Michelle Spelliscy Val Spencer Jo Stanley 166 Seniors STANLEY, JO ANN , . likes lonely unhappy people, brown , dis- likes purple, nosy people, persimmons, long hair on bgys plans after graduation to attend Fullerton Junior College G.AA 2, German Club 2, Choir 23 Pep Club 2, 3, STAUCH, CHRIS BRION tCrawl ,, likes freaky music, beef- heart, Moratoriums , . , dislikes piggy people, materialism, the draft . . , remembers lunchtime out on the grass, weekends, bomb scares , .plans after graduation to become a collegiate success and enter the field of technology Chris Stauch aours involved in after-school activities ,rrp if STEM. MlKE . fSteml . lakes band parties. golf. sports. horses, long naghts, dances , daslakes vtcaous girls, soda pop partaes, cold lash, school, Volvos , remembers the coed bus traps to and from the parades considers baggest accomplishment not getting caught dttchang by Mr. Pomeroy plans alter graduation to attend F J C. law college. and train and run race horses Band 2, 3, 4, Honor Band 2, 3, Wrestlang 3, Gott 4, Scholarship Drags 4 STEVENS. SANDRA lSandyl likes happy people, Drall Team, M M . Band traps daslakes onions. thrown eggs. marching an the muct remembers making Drall Team, meeting people. marching an lootball halftames, meeting M M considers baggest accomplish- ment making Dnll Team, passing Chemistry plans alter gradua- tion to attend F J C , LJ C L A , get her B S an nursing G A A 2, Drill Team 3. 4 STOCKMAN. SHELLEY LORRAINE tJonesyl . lakes people. Ireland. boys, rainy, and wandy weather dtslakes hot weather. phony people. school assemblies remembers lallang an the mud on the hockey tteld. having her wtglet tall olf considers biggest SCCOITTDIISNIUCDIdIlCllll'1Q an her luntor year and not getting caught plans after graduation to move to lreland and get married . Pep Club 2, Folk Club 2. German 2, 3. 4 if x Stem Sandra Stevens Shelly Stockman indy Stocking STOCKlNG. CINDY tCadl lakes horses. people, somethang now, clothes daslakes loudmoutlas. sell-centered people, closed C3llll,JUS lerttotrtbers vacations considers baggest accomplash- ment graduattng plans alter graduataon to go to a busrness col- lege STOERMER. VIRGINIA tGannyl lakes music. the beach. trav- eltng. swtmmang. helping. San Diego. tennas daslakes phony peo- ple. homework, being bored, being absolutely broke. lama beans remembers what she learned. both scholastacally and about late . . consadeas baggest accoraaplashment teaming to be herself. dascover- ang what she wants out ot late plans alter graduation to work for Teen Challenge, go on ltvang Choir 2. 3. 4 STOREY, BILL , lSuper-Stockl lakes surfing, legs. parties. baseball, football, Mextco daslakes school lood. people without a sense ol humor, phonies who say they dislike phonaes, Spanish , remembers the controversy over Bob Gumpertz consaders big- gest accomplashrnent letterang an football plans alter graduation to attend A P C . Baseball 2, 3. 4. Football 2, 3, 4 wwf- STORM, ERROL B tLow Raderl lakes hunting, lashtng, scuba diving, girls. motorcycles, cars, people an general, havang lun, Frank Zappa daslakes work. school. being a taxi driver, ancorastderate people. laver remembers the crowded gym. the littered campus alter lunch considers baggest accomplishment passang chemistry and math. learning to walk plans alter graduation to loan the Aar Force Reserve, go to college, become a protessaonal bum Foot- ball 2 STRENGBERG, RICHARD E likes partaes daslakes cool lash, goody-good parties. Handal remembers the summers between school considers baggest accomplashmenl making at home on Friday nights .plans after graduation to go to F J C Band 2, 3, 4 STRONG, JILL APRIL ., tCamel-Ftvel lakes RHP people. Daasy. M L , mountains, The Wedge. No 15, water skaang dtslakes masmatchang carpets and curtains, gooctabyes remembers the squarrel-squad, Retreat. Odtes, Rhino, Homecomang '68, Garl-Date- Boy '70 ,. considers baggest accomplashmenl enaoyang lite and learnang to take each day as at comes plans alter graduatton to attend FJ C ,. Steerang Committee 2, 3, 4. Junior Class Vice- Presadentg G A A 2, 35 House ol Representataves 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3. 4, SAC 3, Odyssey Stall 4. Business Manager Storm Richard Strengberg Jill Strong fr AY y ,,, STRONG. STEVE ttvlusclesl likes girls. musac, people, foot- ball games. baseball games . daslakes hippies, people who drank or take dope considers baggest accomplashmenl carrying the sparat all through has aunaor year , plans alter graduation to go anto the service. attend a trade school. or be a Highway Patrol Ottacer ,. House ol Representatives 3 SULLIVAN, TRACY JEAN lakes reading. English, sincere people. dachshunds dtslakes lrted chacken . remembers trying to eat at the Senaor Breakfast during a Santa Ana wand Storm . plans after graduation to attend college and become an English or elementary school teacher . S O S Club 3 SWANSON. CYNTHlA VIANNE tCandal lakes horses. math. people. easy-grading teachers daslakes flartataous busdrtvers and stract teachers remembers homework and "pledge of allegiance to the tlag" consaders baggest accomplishment getting a "B" on a P E tennas written test plans alter graduation to become a teacher of mathematics "S" Club 4 teven Strong Tracy Sullivan Cynthia Swanson Seniors-167 G.A.A. allows senior girls a time for fu -af gr -fs " J : 5 A 2 i - an , ff - - S6I'1l8IlV6S 4. SWANSON, VICTORIA lvickil likes people who can be themselves, walking on the beach, horseback riding, her lamb, true friends . . . dislikes two-faced people, phonies, L.K .,.. remembers houses considers biggest accomplishment making it through each day and graduating . , . plans alter graduation to go to college, become an airline stewardess, and to have fun. SYDLIK, LISA TALLMAN, NANCY LEE , . ,lNancyl . , . likes Rod McKuen's poetry, horseback riding, cloudy days, sitting in front of fireplaces, riding in the back of pick-up trucks . . . dislikes beat-up guitars, people who are phonies remembers the Senior Breakfast in the wind considers biggest accomplishment learning more about people . . . plans after graduation to go to F,J.C. and perhaps go into VISTA . . , Folk Music Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3g Spanish Club 4, House of Repre- Vicki Swanson Lisa Sydjjk TAPLEY, SHAWN TARBUTTON, VICTOR F. JR .... jTarbucklel , . . likes chess, swim- ming, football, baseball, ping pong, basketball, reading, contempo- rary music, skin diving . . . plans alter graduation to go to Long Beach State and major in electronics. Shawn Tapley 457 Greg Tedesco Janet Teece Clarence Teeter Cindy Thomas 168-Seniors Victor Tarbutton TEDESCO, GREG. . . lPudeskit . . . likes blues, hard rock, the River, Big Bear, parties . .. dislikes the Grapevine, five-day school weeks , . . remembers the attendance office, detention . . . considers big- gest accomplishment graduating . . , plans after graduation to head to Santa Cruz during the summer and then to a junior college. TEECE, JANET LEE . . . likes daisies, smiles, and anyone reading this . . , dislikes unthinking crowds, frowns, and, at times, herself , . . remembers changing clothes in the bus alter parades . . , considers biggest accomplishment coming back to V.P. after spending 314 of her junior year at La Quinta H.S .... plans after graduation to sit back and let the world fly by Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Odds and Ends Chairman 3, Pep Club 3. TEETER, BRUCE THOMAS, CINDY jCiny7 likes Robbie, Palm Springs, spa- ghetti, J.R., "On the Way Home", Mustangs-442, P.T., N.E., L.K. . .. dislikes school, hockey, being sad, waiting . . . remembers Corona- tion '68, driving the first time . . . considers biggest accomplishment going to beauty college and school at the same time, and being friends with Cheryll again . . , plans after graduation to finish beauty school, become a beautician, and eventually get married. THOMAS, LINDA JEAN . . . lMonkeyJ ... likes boys, pizza, horse- back riding, Oregon . .. dislikes snobby people, foreign languages .. . remembers getting stuck on the stairs in the rain . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting through Mr. Q's and Mr, Corradino's classes the same year . . . plans after graduation to go to college. 4' " t 2 Nancy Tallman Jan Collings and Ginnis take advantage Linda Thomas nd competition THOMASON, ROBERT W .,.. lBobl . . . likes swimming, cars, girls . . . dislikes getting swats by Flemming . ., remembers learning to think for himself when the students lalled to impeach Gumpertz . . . considers biggest accomplishment learning to think . . . plans alter graduation to enjoy freedom lor a while and then go to a rumor college. THOMPSON, ALAN THOMPSON, STEVE tFat Manl likes hunting, horseback riding . . , dislikes working on the weekends at night . . . remembers some ol the good times he has had . . . plans alter graduation to travel through the states. obert Thomason Alan Thompson Steve Thompson THURBER, LINDSAY C,. . lLinl likes good times, D.T., tall guys, lood . . . dislikes tall guys who like short girls, turtles, coconut . . . remembers Drill Team parades, stopping with Debbie at a 76 gas station, asking them to till the tank up and handing them a Mobil credit card . . , considers biggest accomplishment going to study in Europe . , . plans alter graduation to attend Orange Coast or Univer- sity ol Santa Barbara and eventually become a teacher . . . Pep Club 2, Women's Concert Choir 2g Drill Team 2, IZ, 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, Historian 3, President Ag C.S.F. 2, 3, 43 Symphonic Choir 3, A.S.F. 4, TIMOTHY, COLLEEN Lindsay Thurber Colleen Timothy TONDO, PATTI . . . likes Daryl, spaghetti, J.Fl., Mr. Murphy's Senior Problems class, Camaros, 1969 VW's . . . dislikes school, lield hockey, conceited people, being sad . . . remembers Prom '69, the light with Lisa . . . considers biggest accomplishments graduating, passing Senior Math, getting away with ditching . . . plans alter grad- uation to marry Daryl and go to work. TOY, PAUL . .. lBreepJ . . , likes traveling up the California coast, meeting new people, long hair, riding motorcycles, going to rock concerts and dances . . . dislikes snobs, getting haircuts, working at sausage laclories, cruddy oceans and beaches . . . remembers hair- cut checks, food lights, and sandbagging , . . considers biggest ac- complishment maintaining a "B" average in his junior year . . . plans after graduation to travel to as many places as he can. and fun at the GAA Hal- 'en party, Patti Tondo Paul Toy TRACY, RICHARD tRickJ dislikes teachers that keep you awake in class . . , remembers the time nobody would go back to class alter the bomb threat . . . considers biggest accomplishment surviving Miss Hurley's Geometry class , . . plans after graduation to attend either Santa Ana Junior College or Fullerton Junior College. TRAUTMAN, BOB tBo-bol likes Sue Whitesides, D.R.F., Porsches, lootball, parties . . .dislikes phony people with big mouths, history. tickets . . . remembers the day he hit Mr. Kates with a water balloon in his junior year, Coronation '68 . . . considers biggest ac- complishment graduating . . . plans after graduation to attend Orange Coast College and Long Beach State, and major in Tool Design. TROUT, JAYE Richard Tracy Robert Trautmann Jaye Trout Seniors-169 N X I NN 1 Rs' - sxrggf-t , "4'li.E2' P Leaning on crutch, Dean Lyman appears preoccupied with his own thoughts in rare moment of solitude. W! Awareness create Linda Troyer TROYER, LINDA. , tlndianl. likes boys, The Cream, Led Zeppe- lin, Credence Clearwater Revival, Cobras dislikes narrow- minded people who put down anyone who believes differently from them , . ,remembers winning our Homecoming, the Senior Breakfast , . . considers biggest accomplishment causing Mr. Finlayson to blush plans alter graduation to attend college in California or travel Ill Europe . . . CSF 2, 43 Xenophon Club 3. 45 Spanish Club TRUHAN, BEVERLY TUCCI, MADELINE. .Iikeslriendly people,,allteachers . . .dislikes unfriendly people, tests, cheese . ,remembers all her art and English classes . . . considers biggest accomplishment graduat- ing , . . plans after graduation to go to Yallaudet College . . , Co-ed Club 3, 4L House of Representatives 33 H.O H Club 4. Beverly Truhan Madeline Tucci TULLV, JOHN ... likes sports, mountains, snow and water skiing, Sue, going out to eat, movies, weekends, holidays . . , dislikes school, homework, practice, restrictions, working remembers when he went to Coronation with a broken leg . . . considers biggest accomplishment surviving . . .plans after graduation to goto college, get married and get rich "B" Football 2, J,V. Baseball 2, 33 Steering Committee 23 Varsity Club 3,41 Varsity Football 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Boys' Forum 4. TURNER, CYNTHIA iCynl likes Dave and Julie, Windsor Gaet, her church choir and all music, Larry and Chris, Orange Hlgh's Drama Club . . dislikes hypocrites, phony people, cooked cabbage, bad judging in speech and debate contests . . . considers biggest accomplishment learning to play "The Messiah" for the Christmas program . . .plans after graduation to go to USC. or Cal-State and major in music .. G A.A. 25 French Ciub 2, Women's Concert Choir 25 Accompanist for Symphonic Choir 3, Accompanist for Orchestra 3, Forensics 3: Speech Club 4, Drama Club 4. TURNER, MARGY JEAN . . . likes boys with El Carninos and good personalities, pizza, root beer dislikes selfish people, fish remembers being a benchwarmer and painting signs . , . considers biggest accomplishment making it through her senior year , . . plans after graduation to goto college and become a dental assistant . . . Benchwarmers 4, John Tull Steven Udick Joan Usack 170-Seniors faults, 'C'-7 Tk? Y Cynthia Turner Margy Turner UDICK, STEVEN JAY . . . iStevel , . . likes girls, basketball, Senior Problems class, honest and real people dislikes detentions, phony people, bad moods, restrictive parents, status seekers remembers meeting all the great people who have become his good friends , . . considers biggest accomplishment playing on three first place basketball teams . . . plans after graduation to go to college, enioy himself, and stay single as long as possible . . . Basketball 2, 3: Varsity 4: Letterman's Club 2, 3, USACK, JOAN FREDA likes badminton, tennis, typing, roast beef, going to football and basketball games . . . dislikes being called Joanne, cloudy days, math , . . remembers going to Senior Breakfast in the wind . . , considers biggest accomplishment being elected to the House of Representatives ,. . plans after graduation to go to Cal-State Fullerton . . . G,A.A, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, House of Representatives 4. a need for time to ponder and to plan .inda Vamosi Karen Van VAMOSI, LINDA . . . likes sophomore field hockey, tennis, Mr Mur- phy's Senior Problems class, activity days . remembers the bomb scare in '69 . . considers biggest accomplishment getting the office to correct her three period day pass plans after graduation to get married and probably continue working VAN ZUIDEN, KAREN PAULENE . . . likes the beach, good music, Senior Problems with Mr. Pomeroy, Mr Finlayson. ,dislikes people who brag, phony people . . remembers the struggle . considers biggest accomplishment getting married . . plans after graduation to get a job and really settle down VAUGHT, MARY Zuiden Mary Vaught VOS TRACI L WAGGENER SCOTT lAdnill likes hamburgers great par Th h r of Invention irls cherr ie dislikes plastic ties, eMotes ,g , yp .. folks, teachers who go by the rules, Joe Spartans , . . remembers when Rick Tracy threw a cherry bomb in the cafeteria . considers biggest accomplishment surviving A D class . . plans after gradua- tion to tour the US. in a V W. bus , , . "B" Track 2, "B" Football 2. WAGNER, PAMELA .. likes someone, living, golden summers down south, her friends, ice cream .. , dislikes a lot of things ,. , considers biggest accomplishment learning to live for today . . . plans after graduation to become free and easy . . .Y.W,C.A. 2, 3, 41 Tennis Team 4g Sear's Fashion Board 4. raci Vos James Walker Scott Waggener Pam K. Wagner WALKER, ARTHUR J ,.,. tJamesl, likes horses, girls, food, P E, swimming , . dislikes nosey people, lemon pie . , . remembers the Senior Breakfast . . , considers biggest accomplishment passing his courses and actually learning something . plans after graduation to go to a junior college WALKER, JOHN , . . likes running, race walking, 100 mile bike rides, having orange fights in the grove after track practice, his Foods I class .. dislikes having paper pickup and doing pushups for Barney ... remembers the Cross Country team beating El Modena in 1967 . . . considers biggest accomplishment passing Algebra l . plans after graduation to go to college in Arizona and stay single until age 28 House of Representatives 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Varsity letter 2, WALKLING, SHARON KAY . . . lPuddingj . . likes Jim, a blue Che- velle Super Sport . . . dislikes boys with long hair . . . remembers her sophomore year when she met Jim , . . considers biggest accom- plishment capturing Jim Whitley , . . plans after graduation to work and get married. John Walker Sharon Walkling Wallace WALLACE, COLLEEN WALTON, GLORIA LYNN .. tLynnl ,, likes cars, rock music, her friends, some of her teachers . . dislikes some of her teachers, the strawberry field across the street from her house . . . remembers her iunior year when she came out of the dean's office and ran into the wall thinking it was a door , ,. considers biggest accomplishment graduating, getting out of cold A,D,cIassroom, . .plans after gradua- tion to go to Fullerton Junior College and become a draftsman . .. German Club 2 WANLASS, LORRAINE .. likes rainy days, poetry, music, basket- ball games, English literature, art, skiing, friends .. dislikes term papers, college board tests, annual deadlines, losing football games, team teaching . . remembers sandbagging. Mr Long, Mr. O.'s film festivals, Mr. Corradino, Retreat '69 . . considers biggest accom- plishment turning in the yearbook copy for 673 seniors plans after graduation to attend a university, mayor in English, and teach high school .. Modern Dance Club 25 Concert Choir 2, C S F. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Drill Team 3, Symphonic Choir 3, S A C 3, Steering Committee 3, "S" Club 3, 4, Historian 4g Odyssey Stall 4, Copy Editor, Youth in Government Day 4 v Gloria Walton Lorraine Wanlass Seniors 171 Seniors drum up a current of spirit Deborah Warner Robert Wartenberg Susan Waterbury James Wayne Ray Wedaa 172-Seniors WATERBURY, SUE likes Jerry, working, rock concerts, the beach . . . dislikes motorcycle accidents, closed campus, bouncers considers biggest accomplishment graduating plans after graduation to go on to college and become a lawyer. WARNER, DEBBIE . , . lwarnerl , . . likes steak, corn and potatoes. D.B., V.W., M,B., P.G., S.D., T.C., B.S., deodorant can races, private dressing room always full of people, singing . . . remembers the day S.H. "forgot" something, knocking Jeannie's tooth out . . . plans after graduation to go to Oakland and become an interior designer . . . GAA. 2, 3, 4, teering Committee 2, 3, 4g Spanish Club 3, Pep Club 4, Girl of the Month 3, A.S.B. Secretary 4. WARTENBERG, ROBERT WASMANN. KURT WATTERS, RANDY . . tToadl . . . likes South Carlsbad Beach, Auto Shop, parties on Friday nights . . . dislikes difficulty in ditching, going to football games, getting in accidents, Chevies. . . remembers Auto Shop and not getting caught . . , considers biggest accomplish- ment keeping his driver's license . . . plans after graduation to work for a year then go to college. WAY, TERESA KRISTINE . , . lTerryJ , . . likes art, true friends, eats, happiness, a nice custodian . . . dislikes unfriendly people, people who love themselves, the Blahs, having someone mad at her remembers the ruckus that was kicked up over the election of Gum- pertz . , , considers biggest accomplishment not falling down the VP stairs once , . , plans alter graduation to get a job and attend Fuller- ton Junior College . .. Art Club 3, 4g Pep Club 4. WAYNE, JAMES A. .. lJimi Junglesj , . . likes women, good food. friendly smiles . . dislikes work, rotten iokes . . . remembers being so happy when he first came here . . . considers biggest accomplish- ment graduating, keeping his car running as long as it has . . . plans after graduation to do a little traveling, go to college, and into the service . , . Pep Band 2, District Honor Band 31 Band 3, 4. WEAVER, SHIRLEY LOUISE lShirl likes snow, hot fudge sundaes, flying kites, root beer . . , dislikes windy days, people that make trouble . . . remembers how fast all three years went by and all the fun, taking Victor P, to Jolly Rogers alter a football game , .. considers biggest accomplishment surviving the last part of her jun- ior year , . . plans after graduation to pursue an airline and travel career . , . "S" Club 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Volleyball Manager 4g Bench- warmers 4, President 4, Senate 4. WEBBER, COLLEEN ANN ...likes pizza, chicken, the Beatles, the Association, her World History class . , .dislikes boring classes, terri- ble cafeteria food, people who don't participate in school activities . . . remembers the enjoyment ol participating in school activities, Homecoming '69 . . considers biggest accomplishment learning all that she could at Villa Park . , . plans after graduation to attend a Kurt Wasmann Randy Watters Teresa Way A' .. -gags. I I iii li U. Jan Wedemann state college, become a World History teacher . . . Spanish Club 3, 4 Shirley Weaver WEDAA, RAY , . , likes Uncle Phil, Baby Randy, "The Zoo," Joyce . . . dislikes narrow-minded people, VW's . . remembers filth period Drafting with Bill Moore . . . plans alter graduation tp attend Santa Ana College . . . Track 3, 45 Cross Country 4, WEDEMANN, JAN WEDGEWORTH, MARK L .... fthe Wedgel , . likes Model A's, the desert, swap meets, '67 Dodge Chargers, '49-'50 Fords, Jaguars, 1914 Model T's dislikes '68 Dodge Chargers, dune buggies, VW's, Nohl Ranch Patrol Jeeps, bouncers . remembers the day he drove his 1928 pick-up to school . . , considers biggest accomplish- ment restorrng his 1928 Model A pick-up , . plans after graduation to attend Cal-State Fullerton, go to Australia. Colleen Webber Mark Wedgeworth Nith musical talents eresa Wehner James Wells WHEELER, JIM , likes having fun, hard rock, money . , dislikes basketball players , plans alter graduation to relax and eventually go back to school . , . "C" football 2, "B" Football 3, M V,P, Junior Varsity Wrestling 3, Varsity Wrestling 4. WHITLEY, KEVIN . lArnoldl . , , likes basketball, food, water skiing . dislikes homework, history . . remembers the Senior Spirit Day considers biggest accomplishment being in Symphonic Choir , . . plans after graduation to attend Cal-State Fullerton , , . Basketball 2, 3, AFS. 2. House ol Representatives 25 Baseball 23 Golf 3. Pep Club 3, 4, Key Club 33 Symphonic Choir 4. WIDDECOMBE, PATRICIA ANN , , . lPatJ , . . likes snow skiing, ten- nis, the beach, money, Mr, Hackler's World Lit. class .. dislikes pollution, the dress code. grumpy librarians . . . remembers meeting some wonderful and strange people . , , considers biggest accom- plishment not getting stepped on . , plans after graduation to travel. attend college, mayor in medicine or education C,S,F, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Honor Band 3. WEHNER, TERESA .. likes genuine, intelligent, friendly people, not ever using the snack bar or cafeteria, almost all academic sub- iects , . . dislikes pseudo-anything, getting dressed on the Band bus, self-centered people. . .remembers parades and half-times, Mr O's third period class and her three years at VP, . considers biggest accomplishment playing goalie and only getting scored on once, not ever falling down the steps . , plans alter graduation to attend college and become either a mad scientist or a teacher . . . C.S.F 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 43 Marching Band 2, 3, 43 SAC 33 Debate Team 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4. WELLS, JAMES HADLEY Ill . . . lJiml, likes anything that requires logic or presents an intellectual challenge . . dislikes easy accom- plishments, incompetent, illogical people . . . plans alter graduation to go to Europe for a year, then Ph.D. in Mathematics at Stanlord, Cal-Tech, or Harvey Mudd . . C.S.F. 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3. WEST, HOLLY ANNETTE .. lklollowheadl . , likes Oregon, sum- mer, happiness. skiing, riding, people, the mountains, the outdoors, walking in the rain . . dislikes lake people, being sad, being inside remembers the Senior Zoo , considers biggest accomplish- ments graduating, staying awake in class . . . plans alter graduation to go to college . ,. GAA. 2, Pep Club 2, 3, Benchwarmers 4. Holly West m Wheeler Kevin Whitlev Patricia Widdicombe WILBURN, DAVE . . . tDavel . . . likes Colleen, cars, auto shop dislikes school, low riders considers biggest accomplishment graduating. WILKERSON, ANGELA lAngyl likes boys remembers Bob Gumpertz not saluting the flag . . . considers biggest accom- plishment graduating .. . plans after graduation to attend a rumor college. Wllbufn Angela Wilkerson Larger than life, Barb Amster's drumming techniques support the music of the Spirit of '70 troupe. .4- -- WILLIAMS, BECKY Becky Williams David Winterburn Debbie Wishnack WOODS, SANDRA L WOODS, TIM likes P E, lunch, auto shop dislikes VPHS tood, school plans after graduation to goto O.C.C, .. Auto Club 2. 3, 4 vf' Sandra Woods Timothy W00d3 174 Seniors WILLIS, BERRY . fDa Woost . , . likes V.S., Skyline H S., Katella H S , skiing, hot tan VW's with orange headers, football .. dislikes geometry, Flats, red sports cars, Mr. Haysom's liveliness in first period . remembers the consistency of VP's football teams . considers biggest accomplishment talking Mr, Lopez out of giving him a deficiency notice . plans after graduation to attend college, go to Utah , Football 23 Debate Team 2, Track 4 WILSON, MICHAEL . , likes girls, having fun, Vicki, steaks, hot fudge sundaes, going to ball games, winning ., dislikes phony, unsptrited. and unfriendly friends, losing, the Senior Breakfast . remembers the sit-down strike after one of the bomb scares .. considers biggest accomplishment graduating. .plans after gradu- ation to attend the University of Wisconsin ,Varsity Track Manager 2, 3g Architectural Design Club 4, Soul of Seventy will survive WINTEBBUFIN, DAVID , . , likes sports, honest girls, cars, Jefferson Airplane , . ,dislikes phony people, working, conservative teachers, the draft .. . remembers the demonstration at the end of 1968 . considers biggest accomplishment watching 27 straight VP football games ., plans after graduation to travel around the U.S. "B" Basketball 2, WISCHNACK, DEBFIA GAIL fDoxenl .. likes Mike, drive-ins, peanuts, grilled cheese sandwiches, football games, Senior Prob- lems. dislikes swap meets, phonies, librarians, cafeteria food ,. remembers squirrel squad, '57 Chevys, Roberts parties, Mt Baldy, Kentucky Beef . . , considers biggest accomplishment songleadtng and being a Homecoming Princess . , . plans after graduation to go to a dental or business college . . , Steering Committee 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, Songleader 41 Pep Council 43 Homecoming Princess 4. WOLTER, JIM . . , likes flying, back-packing, boating, Fords .. dis- likes bad flying weather, Chevrolets remembers the day the school had no water pressure . . ,considers biggest accomplishment passing the test for his Private Pilots License . , . plans after gradua- tion to get his Airframe and Power Mechanics License and Commer- cial Pilot's License. Fire and brimstone preacher Gerry Gorham was instigator of many Class of '70 accomp- fishments. ete Hart, Robert McKenzie, Stan Hein, Steve Tarabilda, Jim Helm, and lovely eve Udick graced the stage with their beauty to highlight the Laguna pep rally. 4 gs Q .A WOODWARD, JOHN likes sports, music. summer, lun, grrls . ., drslrkes trash rn the lunch area remernhers when Jell Krrne got a technrcal loul as a basketball manager, Homecoming '69 con- siders biggest accomplishment graduating. plans alter graduation lo go to college Basketball 2, 3 WUTSCHKE, MARC tPunkl likes phony people, Jonny Cash, good 'ol R 8 R dislikes people who try to control the lrves ot others remembers the total rnsanrty ol rt all .plans alter gradua- tron to trnd out where he can get an education. WYATT, DEBBIE tDrxrel ,. lrkes tacos, pizza, blue, green, horseback rrdrng, dancing. spending money on clothes, the country, 3. her cat Samantha, camping, trshrng drslrkes wrld parties. rude N- people. show-olts, school lood. tests, drugs. getting up early, untrue lrrends remembers krdnapprng Carol Rascher on her birthday, going to lootball games and dances, working with Mrs M consid- ers brggest accomplishment getting her license, going to NY.. Georgia, Washington D C , Mt. Vernon , plans atter graduation to becorne an arrlrne hostess, travel, meet new people, marry . Art Club 4 hn Woodward Marc Wutschke Deborah Wyatt g' M ' is " 4 sv xslgisi lg E 'ty Wylie Kurt Wyman 'RICK LINDA SUSAN UTTER, DAVID tC.rptarn Amerrcal likes girls, rnsartrty. ds, Palm Springs, money, Mr Behn's history class. Gordorrs, hrs Chevy drslrkes the dress code, Chevres, power glrde, health fl. getting up rn the morning, strict teachers remembers onev vacations during hrs rtrnror year considers biggest accom- hrnont graduating and cornrng out ot Villa Park alive plans rr gratluatrorr to grow harr, sleep late, travel across the U S ma Club 2, Auto Club il WYUE, DARLA. .lrkes boys, horses, Cats, swimming, tennis. nav- tng lun ,. remembers the lun rn her senror year plans alter graduation to ge to a junior college tor two years WYMAN, KURT WYMAN, WILLIAMT . lrkes the beach, the bellatt 40 dislikes school remembers Mr Flemmrn Mr Smith Mr Alvarez Q, . considers biggest accomplishment not getting caught . plans alter graduation to take a trip to Canada and around the U S Linda Wyrick David Yeutter William Wyman ."" i Seniors-175 Today is our moment, now is our story YORK, TIM . . . likes Lynda Zwinger, Fords, snow, skiing . . . dislikes Chevys, the draft . . . remembers bomb scare in his junior year . . . plans after gradua- tion to hijack a train to Cuba, then attend Cypress J.C .... Sunland Skiers 2. YOUNG, ANGIE . . . fWallyj . . . likes Kentucky Beef, driving, the country, ceramics, art, Flintstones, . . . dislikes meatloaf, spastic hands, boredom, fancy res- taurants, mashed potatoes . . . remembers songlead- ing, Homecoming '69, Mt. Baldy . . . considers big- gest accomplishment sitting through wrestling matches ...plans after graduation to go to O.C.C .... Pep Club 2,3,43 Steering Committee 43 Pep Council 43 Songleader 43 Homecoming Princess 4. YOUNG, DIANE D ,... tDumb-Youngj . . . likes Bob, mushrooms, Big Bear, "group" . . . dislikes librarians, truant officers, working, telephone members summer before sophomore year, finding the way to L.A. airport, Flose Parade '68 . . . considers biggest accomplishment flying to San Francisco for 3 days and flying back with Bob . . . plans after grad- uatlon to go to college and marry . . . Drill Team 2. Timothy York Angie Young Diane Young Susan Young Camera Shy William Beyer William Brown Jack Butcher Gary Cannaday Ray Coburn Dorothy Dominguez Steve Fiorito William French Daniel Fritz George Goff Bob Grimm Robert Gumpertz Myrna Hanson Timothy Herold Charles Hitt Ftalfe Houser Boxie Karam Linda King Steven Koontz 176-Seniors YOUNG, ELAINE SUSAN . . . iSuzyj . . . likes tur- F' 3 quoise, left-handed people, art, Mr. Johnson's third period composition class, root beer, Buffalo Blll's, A G.L. dinner meetings, rain fights with M.B ..., re- '- members Mr, Corradino's British Lit. class, a certain left-handed turn, the Andrew sisters, Victor Prune, lnchy-Plnchy . . . considers biggest accomplishment checking a book out of VPHS library without her ASB card . . . plans after graduation to go to college. pursue career in art . . . GAA 3,43 2nd Vice-President 43 CSF 3,43 Girl of the Month 33 Girls' League Publi- clty Chairman 43 Scholarship to L.A. Art Center 43 Art Club 4: Odyssey Staff 4. ZAKZESKI, JAMES JOSEPH . . . fZakj . . . likes girls, eating, sleeping, reading, sports . . . dislikes getting up in the morning, secrets, bigots, members being part of the silent majority . . . con- siders biggest accomplishment making C.S.F .... plans after graduation to attend Cal-State Fullerton . . . C.S.F. 2.3,4: Science Club 23 Most Improved Player "B" Basketball 2: Veterinary Club 3, Presidentg Spanish Club 4. ZARD, BRUCE . . . likes Kim, Chevys . . . dislikes Fords, girls that smoke . . . remembers the football games, coming in first place in P.E. baseball . . . considers biggest accomplishment getting home on Saturday nights and getting up on Sunday mornings . . . plans after graduation to go to school and make money . . . Auto Club 3,43 Vice-President 4. Deborah Linden Michael Mayes Ben Otten Michael Overley Sandra Peterson Laurie Hay Jim Reynolds Steven Rupert G'Ann Ftydberg Sam Sheldon Michele Sofia John Stelmaszczyk Ann Sternitzke Rex Stewart Linda Walkowiak Jan Welsh Kraig Willson David Zuber Jim Zakzeski Bruce Zard fi. s 'f A S Q-A ,,. x Hifi qt' K Ax, yy.-L, F- -' Ii aff. 'V Our moment is upon us. ln the past we have only watched From an isolated balcony As the World Stage presented its play. We have served as a receptive audience Learning, questioning, criticizing the performance Our applause has been received with ioy. Our criticism with concern. We've been a demanding audience r But only an audience. For our dreams remain as dreams And our reality is found by others. But our stage has been set. We enter the theatre in an era ot change. The show is ours to direct A The outcome is ours to determine. Our dreams will now become reality, For we are the new stars, lt is now our turn to shine. And we shall. -Rashad Abdel-Kader Ansari 178-Seniors Seniors-179 wc' .1 ,E gif. .v N ai -Q X. ., f r S. La w., : 1? ,v A52 I x' L- Aa. .-51 uv! if . W4 " 4' lice A If fr ff X, Q , FQ. AP? -1- ' ,.X 1 " wi X V x x9 a 'B 95: u 4 E r ' Q K -Q 3, 5 My , M , xy ii : Ji' A lk. ge Wm, , 5,2 my' ge web. A: n ga ., ffl. 2 . ST H ffm W . 332, W fi fi Y., , ' am-A - X wg ' if ..-3 uf .N 1-W x,.f si" .. Xfs- 1.43 . s' Q--:N K '13 fy, .gf .. X -4 -,a f, X 1 , ... ywx, . .. Y., AQ,--img." ' f ww ,. X . ,af 5 4 gi, " -- W iffy: Vi'-fM:'e:f xy firm . ,Wifi 3 'a4ff'..fp.wg1.'g.,f 1,, sg Q H ish'-51 Q1-A - fx ' fi':',',-M.V5l,3.5f., , W Tfwi, , - Q ':4,' - i Q -if X if , x .r . 1. i . r.. -V 21'?f2v- P .. ,F Aprkii 1 7' H Y lr Laura Tanner Sklp Roland Mindy Borel Vice-President Treasurer Secretary '53, X a- is .X X The Junior Class of '71 moved into its second year at Villa Park under the leadership of a responsible cabinet. Winning the Spirit Stick at the first pep rally gave the Juniors a headstart in weekly competition between classes. i -aft! ,LF ear's debt and hold- J 4 A - - the main obi t vesfor 1 - working members of Steer ' .3 if Committee achieved this b ff' ns ofingany bottle drives! and f ' I ra s ng dance a ter t e bas o J game with the Orange High' . y Q School Panthers. , J v I Durlng October, after many mont S of waiting the Juniors finally received their class rings, officially maigng them as VP's upperclassmen. partan pride sparkled on nearly' every hand. So as the year of to an end the class of '71 Junior with and year witht back on its S smiles ' S Es s Ei Engle 'A -Q 5, -. SN., Junior officers 3 1 lead class of 71 through eventful year iw. , , ,. . 'li , . 'J uv Karen Allcott - J Tim Arhlen .lp Ronald Baker 442 , 4' , B Q , Lifts.. xf i ifs, M , , Y I Ron Barstad 'N 7 B' W 1- ! Scott Bell 184-Juniors Jubilant juniors join in displaying thei Julie Brent Jerry Cindy David Mike Robert Abrisz Adams Adams Aerts Albertson Alden Allen .n X i A fi Qt J . so - L, " 'Hi If xt- 1435. Gary Charlie Sheryl Dona Joan Katherine Liz Jerry Altheide Amato Amick Anderson Anderson Anderson Andrews Annls Lf? - XXX 9 Allan Jean Bob Saxon Michele Bill Becky Sally Armstrong Armstrong Arrington Ashworth Auffarth Austin Ayala Ayres Carol Denise Mike Melody Merilee Bales Bancroft Banlster Banks Banks . ji' M Q 3, ? , A' -. 4 1 4-tx 4 Mike Tom Dierra Lynne Janice Bartlett Bass Beauvallier Beavans Beavers tai y 1' ' , XE. i ' , ky John Julie Ed Kurt Jan Berardino Bergen Berger Bernatzke Billings Sergio Barbosa Bill Sarah Bardick Barr Debra Bec k W g, Kathy Blackman L. . - David David Belknap een Jim Marcia Blevins Bluker :lass pride. 5 "fl, "' - ,:l,LEF?P' 'Eli Buck Waverly hl Boling x L Mindy Borel Deanne Boteler Janet Christine Scott Terry Boynton Bradley Brady Bray Eay Bob Mary Judy Nelson Patricia indle Britton Brooks Brown Brown Brown .fr -eth Marsha Richard Don Deana Scott rumley Buell Bundy Bunke Burr Busby ilbert amou Louis Campagna 2""-- -ANA Richard Steve Kathryn Charles Capasso Cariker Carlson Carlton Randy Valory Sharon Brown Browne Bruce Jay Ron Eileen Butterworth Cain Callaghan 1' ily ,Q-:J 1, at 4 'onli Bonnie Ted Stephen Carman Carpenter Carren lass of 1971 demonstrates an enthusiastic Walkef, I-Ola MCDOHOUQN. SSUY AYFGS, and has yet to catch feeling of contagious Junlor urst of Spartan spirit at pep rally. Laurie Becky Ginesi Clap ill lime- Scott BUSUY fever. Juniors-185 Junior class becomes increasingly involv e l I . Janet Barbara Debra Juanita Carswell Cassatt Cate Chambers gi 5. t N t N ,h 431 W . Diane Darci Valerie Joanne Chenowith Childs Chowning Chuml Karen Chamblin , sf' 3' f -gi . U' off, Jeff Clair w .: Andy George Valerie Bob U Chang Chant Chedister Cherlowlth Charlotte Fran Alice J0f1i Clark Clark Clarke Clayt0r1 Roberta Jerrol Deann Alicia Billy Jim Debbie Lorranne Julie Clements Cline Coghill Colley Collins Collins Conkey Conner Cook Gary Kempton, Bee football player, clutches tie with grizzled hand on El Modena games day. 186-Juniors Brenda Gary Kathy Sheri Susan Jim Cooke Cooper Cooper Cooper Cooper Corby ik L Bruce Terry Harold Bill Sue Flay Cote Cotter Cowles Cramer Crandall Cranmer 1 Bob Barbara Mark Sam Robinn Raymond Cruz Dahleen Dancer Davey Davies Davis ln pranks and projects. ,l, Ms A I 9 bt. i O, ,:5x, if g fl ' . n' Q ' ulia Carol John Marmion Laura Donna Mike Wayne John nebruyn Decker de Felice Delacruz Demerschman Dennis DeF'aola DePaoIa Diaz 'E .Q Y 7 J I 5 -6- A V 4 it I-va lf Ax I , l Robin Larry Dave Dickson Diehm Dillon Marcia Doty kr Joe Patsy Sue John Donna Dimaggio Dodge Doerr Donovan Dooley X B ' Y - -- A I rms Bus Gordon D U D U ugan Duncan VPHS's talented and humorous ceramics in- Kathy Canker the Importance of careful structor, Mr. John Meulmester, explains to technique. Art classes are a favorite elective. Gerri Robert Curtis Lorie Thelbert Scott Dyer Dzina Edwards Edwards Edwards Ehersan Toni Terry Bob Mark Bruce y Encheff Engle Erwin Esslinger Evans if Diana Cindy Eliassen Elkins f- , ft l Z.: f' W, J I J f l V . z u . P! 1 tw ' . xt 'l if ,M R L' ffl--'ffvf' Liz Ed Faber Farnum Juniors-1 Thumbs up if et. . I N l , , L Orin Lisa Steve Gary Kevin Mike Amy Dennis Ken Fast Fearns Fehr Felton Ferguson Fields Finkle Finnegan Fischer W' H Scott Pam Celia Jay Debbie Lee Fletcher Fornof Forrester Foss Foster Francis ,QA Q . vs- sv X. , Connie Anne Mike Pete Fullerton Funk Gabbard Garratt ,H it f V a ' 'Q wiki- 'ui i Lisa Steve Janet James Geisler Geisner Gelert Gerhard Ronna Gaulden in f Pam Geyer N... Mike Frasz Suzanne Becky Karen David Marie Fletcher Gilbert Ginesi Givan Glenn Glowacki Goldin W . l,g L Q 4 ' x Qt- 4 V Alf it 5 - , Sandy Stephen Darlene Dave Bruce Dan Goldman Greeneberg Greener Grier Griffin Griffin 188-Juniors Kathie Mike Friend Fritz Juniors signal "Thumbs up" while Alma Mater during October spirit preceding clash with Orange Panthers. P+ Barbara Judy Claudia Habif Haffeman Hall ign of '71 signifies enthusiastic spirit rn James Ham, Cathy Greg Denise Ernest Gary Melissa amada Hamel Hamilton Hammond Haninger Hanley Hansen Hargis Harless Steven Troy Russell John Dave Debbie Richard Ed James Harney Harrington Hartsuiker Hartwell Hasbrouck Hawkins Hayden Hayes Hayes Danny Denise Michael Pam Susan Hedlund Hemmila Henderson Henning Henry t f- u l 1 J Shireen Leanne Dennis Guenther Nancy Hensley Hernandez Herold Herrmann Hesketh . Lee Steven Carol Pam Richard Vivian Park Spartans lost to cross town rivals Hemck Haninger Hibbms Higgins Hill Hm a score of 34-4. ffffxsff' K "vi 'Nfl will Janice Donald Chris Gai John Susan Hirsch Hisel Hobron Hoffman Hoffman Hoffman Hoffman Juniors-189 Klfwl J '1-wr t' Greg Hogan K6 -1 Brian Hoyt 1 Christi Hutcheson v ,, K' . if , . l be 1 N , . Juniors mak ' I 5 f 1' , I , -1 f lt 5 SX X4 Ted Hoiberg I"f"F"" .lfxff Michael Hoyt J ' I . Connie Hutto Deidre Dean Gary Allison Melinda Arthur Barbara Holloway Hopkins Horn Houk Howard Howland Hoyt K ix Sally Gloria Sue Chris George Greg Brian HOYY Hubbard Hubbell Hughes Humphreys Hunter Huntsman Debbie Jim Bill Steve Robin lngro lsbill Ito ltson Jaeger 6 Jon Jenks N S , ' fi ' vi . Y. E, .Qf Q ' 'f 55, QS. A t ' Debra Johnson Sandra Lynn JGDSGH and. Pat Olds seek tranguil snack bar is run more efficiently in order place to eat their lunches after patient to accommodate Students, wait in VP's snack bar line. This year's 190-Juniors J Q Vicki Jarvis V Lynn Jensen :iJj"'ff' Linda Johnson C Woodie Johnson Johnson Ron Jenkins Amy Johns Nancy Johnson Steven Johnston resence felt during second year at VPHS. , My F? Marcia Sheryl Elvira James Lisa Jones Jones Kakis Kammer Karnes Roger Leroy Jim Gary Bob Keller Kellogg Kemper Kempton Kennec E i YN .A gk 1 M ' .- if I Q 4 ' f Janice Allen Pat Paul Joe Kime King King Kipp Klima Jackie Pierce makes a call to parent of stu- dent reported absent from a first period class. Charles John Kunze Kuta Randy Lauridsen Carol Darrell Michael Janet Judy Kluender Knight Knight Knutsen Kollar 'U' K 'W' Rig' ' V' 'r :r Paul Larry Dave Lacher Lance Landes frfh , -me ' ' Wd he Deborah Lawrence Jeff Debra Jan Lawson Leber Lee 1 Y Kenji Rod Arlene Konishi Krage Krokum 159: i xv ., , V5 V ' , - M f A N Richard Jo Robert Landrum Lantz Large QX Jay Mark Marc Lee Lee Leever Juniors-191 Juniors can find time for simple jo UB? Larry Randy Lentz Lerer Greg Richard Robin Connie Harold Joe Dale Leue Leveque Levinski Lewis Lewis Lewis Lewshenia 1 Richard Bill Cynthia John Tom Debbie Denise Larry Bob Limas Litton Lives Llewellyn Lohr Lopez Lore Luce Lundstrom new J J by jf Q ,9 , . Q LQ W 41, A i QQ , F 5 I f 4 Joe John Janet Mark Terri Michael Jeff Scott Debbie Lutter Lynch Lyon MacGinnis Mahoney Maierhoffer Malinski Malkemus Malkus Richard Marc Mallard Mallinekrodt 4: B.iN1Xi - Lydia Rochelle Martinez Martinez Kathy Mike Mattlla Mayfield 192-Juniors Kerry Beverly Bill Alfredo Mangano Marshall Martin Martinez James Kathy Randy Cheryl Martini Mason Mason Matthews Joan Lora Carl Michael , , , , I McDonald McDonough McEwan McGrath Gay ,Bfmdle 'S Caught indulging In her passion-lemon drink-during nutrition. fVPHS life. F? -4 xx 4-tg If Caprice Robert William Phil Patricia Paula Linda McLaughlin McLaughlin McLintock McNally McShane Mehrtens Melsheimer BN Donald Deborah Marilyn Susan Cindy Marcia Charles Meyer Miller Miller Miller Milner Minyard Mitchell X!! - Mark Patricia Miyawaki Monreal V TY 1, 3 Q U ,B U ' J 5 X xx fi XY , I I V X41 W- Q , I X B I . . . M h ' Trebing fades into dreamland as other students in Mr. Dick Brunt's fifth period U.S. Mgglly aovgggpher y class concentrate during discussion of current issue: obiectives and causes of wars. Q 4 f W vi- , 4 l N7 ' Q in f Q Cindy Roberta Gregory Russell Tristra Christine Mike Morrow Morrow Moscrip Mullins Mumford Munroe Musgrave Cynthia Kiana Nagamatsu Nakamura Debra Nally Becky Deborah Freddie Arlene Nally Neff Neldner Nelson Mark Metsker ,ell Debra Mitchell Dennis Montoure S xl I ,' f David Morris Jeffrey Musich -A Q M, 1 A V V' Q- Judy Nelson Juniors-193 Spartans take time out from busy schedule Kurt Adrienne Randall Darwin NGISOI1 Newton Nickel Odgaard Mariorie Wayne Ardia Olson Olson Omera Lynette June Steve Timmy Stephen Owens Paajanen Padilla Page Panattoni Christiann Andrea Parr Parrish 194-Juniors V- 2- . Robin Janice Kathy Cesareo Donald Holli Mira Parsons Passovoy Paulus Perez Perez Perilman Perinovlc 'T " J 'J W" L cl ' " 'inf' li: 5 sg!! Debbie Kenneth Sharla Jeff Larry Randy Lee Sharon Stephen Perucca Peters Petersen Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Petty YS' Cathy Thomas Jackie Karen James Mary Ellyn Deanna Pickard Pickles Pierce Pietrock Pirtle Pocinich Podell Pope an Sandra Michelle Patricia Dean Odgaard Oglesby Olds Olson Deborah Larry Jane Michael Ormiston Orsak Oswald Otoole Gary Ronald Michael Danny Paolini - Pappas Park Parker ' cheer team to victory. sv.. I ' '-' 1 I yv' 7? 'M Barbara Mike Steve E. James John Greg Thomas Potter Potts Pratt Prestigiacomo Price Price Pulliam Quigley 71 yfy tg 4 6 ll Rudy Yvonne Marty Michele Sherry Pam Randi Penny Ramirez Rasey Raymond Reed 'Reed Reidinger Reinhardt Reusch I 6 N ,R x Y David Paul Linda Nancy Skip Rivera Roberts Rodieck Rogers Roland 1 'mt 'X wh lx I' -an v-.....---""', M P J 1 ' .14 R' ,, - John Marcia Edward John Vivienne Rousseau Roy Rozema Rusk Ryan N. MBIKSITIUS. belief known GI'0l-Ind OUP Campus express exuberant and abounding Spartan pride "SC00iS". Mark MiYaW8ki, and Chuck Carlson at pep assembly preceding a Laguna Beach game. Ei Brian Roos 'i Robin Norma Rice Riebe Greg Jane Rimack Riordan iff ir - V r rf I sf' 7 1 R rd, H' Paul Joni Roostee Roseburrough Robin Rymer Richard Eric Sakal Samhammer Juniors-195 Juniors shov , 41 ,- . 5 1 t Q '.,r , , 5 O - 1 ss if Q 3 1 f s. I Q' ., t r g. ,v q my K 5 V 5 -QA r , '- hs- t i if -f' 3 N ' ' " ., ' , 21 V ,, ' Jerry Linda Michael David Susan Donna Mark Robert Philip Sandberg Sanderson Sanna Santana Sapp Savage Scherer Schilling Schimmel 'f 4' ' L -7 " or fit "' ' if J s ,K 'V 5, iroi ,, I Reim William Sherry Vickie Philip Robert Bonnie Kim Lesa Schindelbeck Schindler Schinhofen Schrowe Schultz Schultz Scott Scott Seeley 1 . , tg., V .. f X , :Q , Ig t in ,,. , Z- Linda Larry Ronald Greg Walter Deborah Janice Rosalia Pamela Sharron Shaw Sheehan Sheldon Shirley Shively Shook Silva Simonson James Simpkin .2 X M 2 L Q L A rx. V Qi X fi X f Roxie Joe Leon David Jerald Singleton Sisneros Slack Slesser Sliffe Brenda Christine Jean Smith Smith Smith Junior class steering committee attired 'in mourning, rejoice with resounding cheers at ferocious panther as demonstrated Junior uncolorful costumes of total black to signify the pitiful slaughter of Orange High School's during Villa Park's first fall spirit week. 196-Juniors stounding Spartan spirit and enthusiasm. V ,X if 11' .X t U VV J R- Q F 5' , , " .ky F 5' 3 , A 1, V - ,. Q' " S 'ff taxa S . ' . S A '.' Q A ' 1 Kyle Linda Mark Mike Tom Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith 1 4. . M' V ' ' TV ' 31.4 0' A A' . 'f ' r 5 - V Vx VV . ,Q VV VV V N . Q! N y .V U, 1 ff-J . 4 f .a ' , , , Debra Doug Vicki Scott Patricia 'OFQG HUFUDNYGXS. another Pafflclpam In the Sorensen Starr Statsman Steckley Steele weral, is held in disbelief at the turnout. F - WAY- VV V 'V 7 I, V 2. Z . , i ssul Q ,A ' e- i . g :VL . .p A - ,fV4,,' V f ' . ' V! .1-,lf . A XV V V V l V W ' .. 0 Frank Sarah Jane John Rebecca James Meg Evenson Stevenson Stewart St. John Stolpp Storey Strahan Strauss A Q ' , V is A ' ' . - 91 , Mk Debbie Steven Maureen Edward Kurt Sherry Laura Surmeier Sutton Tait Talbot Talmage Tamage Tanner ' Larry Taylor Taylor Teresa Kathy Terry Thilges ai: fn Qra j Susan Taylor 9 . "Af . J 2 , j VV 6 'Nl N su Chadra Sommers .a. lliytt V . N5 -,. V 4 ills I. Sharon Stephenson yy., 32'- r E. Janet Struck , V Q, VF .gy ,G V ' .V f a! ' VVS wfn- . Steve Tarabilda ' . SAK S l Marshall Thomas .V 1 ' 4 . ,.4. I On the gloomiest day of the year Danny Parker and Bill Ely are shown drumming up Junior Spirit with a solemn tempo. Smedley Spartan, better known as Jay Butterworth, waits to pay his respects. Juniors-197 VP's custodians kept continuall The few remains of someone's lunch left rest- rence seen in the lunch area on the artistic- pus, Litter persists being the N0,1 F ing on this bench is a typical every day occur- ally landscaped Villa Park High School cam- spite of efforts put forth by student D I if +V -T 1 1 f t ,t' '," X X Steven Tom Carol Patty Robin Paul Paulette Bradley Woodrow Thomas Thomas Thompson Thomson Thorsell Till Till Timme Tipton ,L Ui? " A ai 5. A 'ii t , A I ' t ' s ,S A Ron Michael Michael Suzanne Laurie Richard Beverly Kimberly David Todd Tracy Trebing Trefz Tucker Turner Vale Van Etten Van Verst a' t - L Kim Nancy Lore Alan Yvonne Glenda Larry Laura Nancy Vasquez Vasquez Vogel Voshall Wadsworth Wahlert Walker Walker Walker ., 'i , -Q ,,,c.p., 'tf"'i 3, 3 W W Y ,4 yy: 1 I A H v :fy A PS 8 nt at L I i f T - 1 I H t 5 NY, A .aj ix C -sh 4', Hu y! v V tx nk, 1, 1 9 f X w " x fs I P1 'x . , . Richard Kathy Marcia Tom Bill Jim John Deborah Connie Walker Walkowiak Walters Ward Ward Watanabe Watanabe Watts Webb 198-Juniors n the move by forgetful Spartans Jonathan Bruce Ken Wedermann Wedgeworth Weed r White Terrance Williams me 1' Jim Wood Greg Yager Kathy William Susan White Whitesides Steven Denise Michael Shelila John Welch Wells Welsh Wendler Whaley Q-v Denise Debbie Lonnie Cynthia Dave Wickersheim Wilcox Willeford Williams Williams .ty x Shelley Debbie Charles Kathy Cynthia Melanie Peter WliSOl'1 x.y Robert Wood WilSOI'1 WllS0l1 Wlf'lSTOn Witlmef Wllimel' WOBPSE ' fl If I Y Ni lll .-:gy 4 ii' Colleen Mark Kathy Luvina Steve Jennifer Woodcock Workman Wright Wright Wright Wyman X j Ed Fiobert Pam Steve Mike Yaros Young Ziegler Zemblide Zeutzius Daniel Black Patrick Boulger Dale Brakke Andrew Brewer Louis Campagna Charles Crump Eward Daley Gary Dix Ida Dominas Lacinda Donner Jim Espinoza David Garner Bruce Goode CAMERA SHY Steve Hamilton Denise Harleman Dona Hisel Craig Hodges Mark Howarth Alan Jaeger Eric Kearn Charles Kennedy Kelly Kriewall Denis Lae Steve Loanzo Terry Lundin ,M xx S ,G L, g 1 Q yxli k ' . X' ,f M ly V it lift?-:tif ,, A M X ie- 3 rl l xiii Rick Linda Zimmerman Zwinger Bruce Maw Pam McMahan Parker McWilliams George Parker Sandy Patterson Pat Quiroz Mark Roeske Robert Rowe Carol Senator Charles Todaro Lonnie Willeford Susan Woods Juniors-199 4 gift ff N' W .N . g5A,Q.x ,Q r 1 if E E U A S N-15.2 . g x S 2 T 1 , ,im S. F? fp . m B Y' L .'!"' n ' Q' I Q 1- 5 Q. L x X . Ni., '.j1i,A.f Mx 1, ,- A .fx b, ff" 3.,,.,,.' ,wmv ' fi V" ."f , . . 'f x7"wf.: , ' 'L .1.' 5' 7 ,, .,y-mark, 4,-:iw V"",' .Lf .. 4 , link: ,, X f" , H we-' -'rm M., f. ww. , fw.,ZP"f..-Q.4- A Q. -b as, 'h.f.Av, X N .. .1 f f ' , v yff.: -wyq' .,- i xp! fm: ff f ww: A V Uv ,ff -uf -4 .-army, 155.3 Q Y ' -1- A .1 .-.fl .f. , , s 4,5 -63, J.. ,f .U 4 .mu an LQ, V Q U 4.3 1 f,. tl U VM, 15, ,Nj bi: N 19 P, Y V 4 Y. u MQ:-fi Wifi -A K fgnwb 1 L - H mf. Lg f , -ni. , !'fse.L. 'Q A- Q ' ., gqw- fig, n ,. . ' ' 4 JU , ' - . f .wivw-2 - M . ' , '1"z'4a -9' Y' f' 4 en , 4 '- 441. ,.4 ' Q ,,- J -I , ---:--L, 1 ,. . A-"I", I. v H My dig .af'fm.' E , ' K :sm ,,,'fi5. 'fb , 5: " jk.. .gm-f',r.', u. ,I Xffq-rirmtx I, - ',J-11,5 ,-,.. Q A' ,. a ,Ar -1 1 'qx J I . ,N I N4 , , qs J' Q, . .1 ,wig 3- .Jfn r S.. hal, X5 4, ,LQ R ,L V AL, 4- , 'jg 1 7' 'Q ,K-"4. ,L,:'fv. 52. . ly ' - I v- J's"'S' I i- ,. ,,,,. Susan Salem readies herself for clash with Orange High Panthers-VPHS lost, 28-2. TOVGS GXDGFIGUCG Spafiafi UPS and Mr. Alvarez refreshes Rick Markuson on the at YGQISUHUOU Bob GUYUDSVTZ 'DUO rules of the dress code before OUSD adopted sophomore class officer candidates relaxed hair, pants regulaiigng, fi 1 Qi- ll- 1-nl - i rn-, September signaled the start of a new and more challenging year for mem- bers of the sophomore class of '72 as they began their high school careers. Adjusting to the new routine, sopho- mores added to the traditional Spar- tan spirit, claiming the prized spirit stick during the second pep rally of the year. Led by President Mike Loader, Vice-President AI Franzone, Secretary Hope Bosheff, and Treas- urer Nancy Wieman, sophs whole- heartedly plunged into the main- stream of Spartan activities. Spirit was clearly evident as enthusiastic sophs participated in a range of ac- tivities, such as Friday pep rallies, a somewhat disorganized sophomore spirit day and numerous treasury boosting bottle drives. Individual sophs became involved in such di- verse school activities as band, drill team, Drama, and journalism. As their first year of high school came to a close, the lowest underclassmen look forward to Junior status: Represent- ing the largest class ever to enter Villa Park, these sophomores have gained the necessary experience to prepare them for the important jobs ahead-as juniors and leaders. Soaring enthusiasm accompanies sophomor Mike Frank Mark Mary Glenda Shawn Abbot Abramson Adwell Albano Alberry Allen VII I., Mark Joe Eric Hans Kevin Chris , Alma Alongi Anderson Anderson Anderson Andrews Spartan Flag TW""9"1 Hope Boshetf, trates on routine for Flam's half-time Q 4 Sheri George Jan John Dick Vicki Jeri Mark Lynn Annis Anstadt Apodaca Araujo Arbenz Ardis Armstrong Arnquist Auterman Robert Debbie Kevin Cynthia Marc Babiracki Badgweli Baitx Baker Baker Sue Barn Bruce Banning Vickie Ken es Barnett Barrette Cathie Chris Ann Wayne Wes Carol Krissa Paula Terri Bashe Bateson Bauer Baumgardner Baumgardner Baxter Baylor Beaman Beasley David Mike Greg Flay Tim Debbie Alan Beaver Bell Berardino Bergin Bergman Befnailke Bern 202-Sophomores Dwayne Joanne Qfefman Best BBUS . rticipation Marilyn Jon Bob Mark Tina Billenstein Bischof Blackney Blakely Bloodworth th Hope Charles Thomas Teri Bruce rgeson Bosheff Botzum Boulger Bova Bowers Sue Nancy Bonnie Barb Richard Chris Bode Ron Ron Boggs Bohannon Marlo Bob Bowman Boxer Marla da Bradrick Braggins Braun Breedlove Breitmeyer Lin Bricker Briggs Anna Braddock T Jack Brinkema ack Lori Peggy Mike Rick Todd Charlotte Marla Mark ritton Britton Brown Brown Brown Brunk Brunson Bryant Buers ,gl.,,a.. m B " U r ., :Q , .1 p. -A .1 : Q i K . iq vw ' G ,iilwgi,.. wg Aki. 'AK' - X W . . , '51, i V. 6, yur. Karen Vicki Randy , ,mf ' Q Bullock Bulthuis Burch X . Q-3. ffsi?f'im"X, 'KR f tg relf . 5 Si ' evil: ' Y' 7 iig. l 'Sv' tw. ,QSM .rg K ix Spartan determination are inson, Carla Kleist and Janet Flavell as they McBride, Gretchen Rob- participate in Laguna Beach pre-game rally. David Ginny Burk Byron Michelle Cabral Sophomores-203 Sophomore antics spark a frenzied Spin Mary David Abe Chris Jeff Flon Sandi Kevin Alice Calderwood Canova Cantu Carlson Carlton Carpenter Carpentar Carriker Carroll Toni Carroll Don Mike Carswell Casey Patty Connie Robert Cawey Cassat Cavazo i , I , Jim Shapely Craig Cessna displays his cheer- ridiculing Panther cheerleaders before the Cenami leading ability as sophomores present skit Spartan-Orange football clash. Sue Brenda Linda Greg Chambers Channell Chedister Chesebro Donna Chicklo V? Bob Don Leslie Steve Clark Clark Clark Clark 204-Sophomores Cynthia Clauder .sn 6 Debbie Chalk Craig Cessna .V - Kathy Annamarie Chimielewski Clark Mike Nancy Chicklo Chidder ' 'P Toni Michelle Clauss Cleary Gerald Kevin Clements Coan ay assembly -MAA .IA Marli Marilyn Judi Debi Pat Ann Mike Jeanette C0hlCk Cole Colley Collings Collins Collison Compton Conant e Jack Jennifer Ineta Keith Karen Charles Linda Kim Cope Coursey COX Cramer Croix Cron Cronin Crosby bw Cathi Marla Leonard Diana Kris Mark Terry Tom Cross Crosswhite Cruz Culver Curtner Dahl Daily Davies 1. " -M f-1 - ristie Lisa Warren James Linda Randall Jim Maria Jeanne vis Davis DHY DENON De BVUYH Delaney Deleo De Leon Dembrosky yxfd-f"-""J Dawn Jeanni Judy Gary Bob Rod John Ginger DeSanto Diaz Dietz Difiore Diggory Dimmitt Dinius Dixon Doug Elizabeth Ed Jan Anita Kelley Tom Pam Dobbs Dominguez Done Dorrenbacher Downsworth Doyle Duggan Duncan Sophomores-205 Lively Junio Alan Jim Suzie Gale Paul Dunn Dunn Durst Edwards Edwards Eells Ekins Emge Enriquez Randy Randy Marla Enickson Erwin Espinoza Joyce Esposito Dale Thad Carol Olga Chris Tracy Darlene Bob Mark Evans Evers Fairchild Fausch Featherston Beth Anne Terry Mary Anne Frank Fenn Ferguson Fiebing Fioretta Fiorito Nancy Jay Janet Craig Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick Flavell Flournoy A George Elleen Mitch Leslie Richelle Al Richard Sue Chuck Follman Forrester Forward Fouts Franklin Franzone French French Frey Shirley Lucy Mary Fritts Galas Gale Walter Large contemplates the importance of sophomore life. Students usually found Zilla er Eiaiga gggowa a well-balanced diet amidst the bustle of time to satisfy hunger at snack bar. 9 y 206-Sophomores 'arsity cheerleaders step up Spartan pep Carmen Hector Toni Garcia Garcia Garcia Jan Gerhard Jack cheerleader, Barb Denholm, knows a big Gilmore and a little jump go a long way. Joe Darrel Greg Michele Greg Garrat Gatlin Genovese Gatlin Gentry Mike Gibson "5 Melanie Jill Vicki Gilbertson Gillespie Gillespie Larry Gillette Dianne Joe Lynne Cynde Susan Ginsberg Giuffre Gladden Glasener Glenn Diane Michelle Gloria Paul Jackie Darla Tom Scott Glowacki Golding Goldman Golloian Goodding Goodrich Goodson Gordon iii: a Rene Val Debbie Larry Gail PHQY Celeste PHNY . rham Gorski Gould Grace Graff Graham Gral02Yk GVSY Greening Rick Matt Dot David Steve Gary 1 Gregorick Gressard Gribble Griffen Griffin Griggs Tom Grimm Dave Grouse Sophomores-207 Sophomores step in time as ban wf' Susan Michelle Kathy Chris Paula Gary Beth Marc Gunther Gurr Gustafson Gutzke Haase Haddock Haines Haldin Sue Ann Songl Debbie Jeff Kevin Carol Doug Mary Steve Hale Haley Hall Hambarian Hambley Hampton Haminger Hannah Hardacre Robbie Shirley Nancy Holli Sheryl Suzanne Mike Nancy Leslie Hardcastle Hargis Harrington Harris Harris Harsted Hartman Hasbrouck Haun Greg Jack Judy Mike Dean Tom Erica Allce Brad Hawkins Head Hedlund Heeks Hellickson Hemker Hemmilla Henderson Henderson s ' . t Bob Bill Teri Gail Vicki Norah Brad Don Sheree Henry Hepner Herren Hertberg Hess Hettick Higbee Higday Hike Rosemary Laurel Greg Alice Gary Jeff Mike Brad Bessie Hilger Hill Hoesterey Horrman Hoffman Holcomb Holdburg Holland Hollins 208-Sophomores ec iumphantly marches on Ellen Pam Richard Debbie Brad Richard Bruce Hooper Hopkins Hoskins Horn Houk Hoiater Howard ,avr X y A , f 2.2- , H . lx, J , 'X Brian Mike Vickie Wendy Diana Diane Vicki Don Huffman Hurst Hurt Hyatt lacopetti lannone Iler Imsanoe Janice Johnson Pam Stacy Paula Cathy lronmonger Issacson Iverson Jackson Mark Chuck Jeanette Bill Jamieson Jay Jean Jennings Adrienne Colleen Christene Gary Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Peyton Johnson Kathy Brian Johnston Jones Grover Jesse Bob Ed Steve Denise Scott Ingrid Kevin Jones Jones Jones Kane Kane Karem Karns Katz Kelly Toni Cindi Richard John Jay Clark Bill Don Linda Kester Ketchum Kidder Kilroy Kimble Kincaid King King King Rhonda Allan Jeff Paul Carla Cindy Karen Ray Cindy King Klecker Klein Klein Kleist Knollmiller Koch Kogut Koontz -v . , ,E , Q rev u Linda Frank Kevin Dianne Hartmut Ralph Carla Cindi' Va'efle Kopel Koski Kraft Krass Krentz Kucera Kuhn Kuhn L3 Bahn Ruth Linnea Ron Lack Lagerquist Lamoreaux Gary Ellen Deborah Lamph Lancaster Landrum 210-Sophomores Q., Steve Tondo, Paula Haase, Barb Denholm, caid display sophomore friendliness as Dave Vincent, Phil Randall, and Clark Kin- engage in cheerful nut exchange. .t ndry Ski 9 Q. X Ji nell e .A.A'. Halloween party spooks soph Spartans Don Gwen Walter Dick Ted Chris Ann Cindy Dan Langdon Langius Large Larson Learakos Lee Lee Lee Carolyn Milt I Larry Dave Gerri Pam Robert Debble Lembeck LeMreux Lenzini Lewis Laysack Lindquist Lindstrom Llnk 4? lg y . Steve Sandi Shelley Jeri Mike KafhY Phil JUUY Linsk Lintz Litmon Lime Loader Lobeck LoPlccolo Loving Robin Teri Gordon Carol Karen Rich Lubke Lubke Luce Ludwig Ludwig Lusk Martel Bob Crls Kim Bev Tom Lybeer Mackenzie Magbee Magness Mallard Maloney I .. t- k Pat Debble Rick Brent Marilyn Christy atag?'n'it5cyG iaicsfflglgzvegn ngarglr Mamola Markle Markuson Marshall Marshall Martln Sophomores-211 Sophomores experience challenge Dale Martin Jack Laurie Marla Martin Martin Martin Tom .Susan Ivan Martin Maslow Matesevac - v W I -wax l' 1 A 4' 5 5 r.. r 5 . .' J will L r Julie Cynthia Monica Ray Janet. Pam . Colleen Fluthie Debra Maihewson Marsufuji Maxwell May McBride McBride McCabe McClelland McCIinton t J 1 . -' - a . P-J 5133! J .Ay . Q- 1 Q r ll Marilyn Larry McCormack McCoy Bonnie McEwan Mike Sharon Ro be rt McNamara McNamara McQueen Ron Don Minor Mobleg Bob Montoya Bob Dan Gary James Nancy Michael McGrath McGuire McGuire McKelvey McMurtry McNair 6 iw' i f . 1 i L C .. Xl tl is 1 Joe Danette Meyer Michael . ..i- V '-" L . 1 -5 ii' I i K s x Jan Elizabeth Montreuill Mooney in , . A y .XL J , X XM Mike Cindy Dale Lisa Mikulicg Millaco Miller Mills Debbie Moore Diaun Linda Jolene Moore Moore Moothart Pat Maria Moranz MOYBFIO 212-Sophomores Patty Tim James Lawrence Teri Bill Gayla Moriarty Morley Morris Morris Moser Muise Mullen s they undergo driver training program Gary Steve Mary Sarah Shannon Jeff Munsinger Murata Murphy Murphy Murphy Myers is Mark Dan Dwairle Ann Karen Jerri Alan Nash Neenaw Nelson Nelson Nelson Nesmiih Newton ' x Q1 .f,'. 4-ll Jeff Nickel Lorna Nanci Steve Nancy Cheryl Debbie Debi Becky Niven O'Brien Occhiuto Ohmer Oldfield O'Neal Opferman Ormiston Dan George John Linda Steve Cindy Kathy Overman Overmier Ownbey Paddock Page Paine Pardee John Parker Marianne Douglas John Dennis John Ron Alan Parr Parsons Paulus Peck Peecher Pepitone Pepper tfKQk Jenni Percy f' Beth Kim Mark Randy Randy Scott Bgb Perry Perry Peters Peterson Peterson Peterson 3 Pfeiffer Sheila Pickles Sophomores-213 Sophomore cheers thunder loud and clea U ' 3 QQ .,""r s -fi 51 it , . U ' W xl' ku ' .1 V ' 3 'xnx x ,Q X .tw- 21 11 I h , 'fu'i1 i ' . .k 0 Kathy Nancy John Don Debra Vickie Don Pierce Pierce Pierson Pieschel Pinnell Piras Plowman bu ,. 1-' Ann Pamela Dena Karen Cherie Jim Patricia Jeannie Scott Pocinich Polhanos Ponzio Porter Poteet Potter Potter Pound Priegel John Kevin April Prlmac Prodromides Pruitt N. Debi Carol Lori Jody Julie AI Raab Rach Ragan Railey Ramirez Ramos K Phillip Greg Jim Randalls Rankin Rappaport fin Dan Valerie Colleen Reeder Reeder Renegar Bill Rascher Pam Ratkovic Ray Rayburn Jim Dou las Debbie Sharon g Recupero Reed tl Eva Gail Carol Mark Replogle Resh Reynolds Reynolds David Deb Norma Richardson Rife Rife 214-Sophomores Linda Risher Wanda Risher Cathy John Rice Rich Sue Tom Margaret Gene Ritz Rivera Roach Roberts K Q: 2' J Susan Gretchen Roberts Robinson N' K Q f 1 . E r Q 55 I Ken Doug Roostee Rose Q ll 0 A .aw i Si "'f ' 5 'H W ', if , x t Cheryl Bruce Rusk Russell 'wi , l X it , T we 9 i' 6 L- X Bill J. Mark Susan Roger Robert Robinson Rogers Rogers Rohm Rollins Kathy Ross Kim Ryman -B, , r 'il 1 Janel Rowe , .lk f, fir Cindi Ryssman ,V ,Ji ,I , 'x sophomore girls contribute their tically cheer the Spartan team on to vic- of vocal support as they enthusias- tory in San Clemente pre-game pep rally. 'fl P is I ', L x f 1.2 T Cr-,,-rr: Patty Romero x Maria Neal Sherrill Rowe Ruby Runnells N n Ui, xdlkslhi N4 L Nancy Tom Sally Saenz Sage Salem Susan Brigitte Rick Salem Salver Sammons ' l 4 pq , , L. . JJ 2 ,rw il . . A Paul Dinah Linda Sanberg Sanchez Sanderson P M A V. iff: VV N :X .-.V ' it A 'K ' I7 ,, A. 1 Q " ' 1 .I I .ll .. Eva Tomi Mark Sanmartini Sanna Sapp Sophomores 215 Q Sophomores find spirit of friendliness I , ' X K -" S: f . ff .. it : ft 1 we if 1 ' . S N B F ii.. u A . ' t 'I :ff :VY ' 1 W Q . f x - ' a Q , . kr X D ' 5 X f I ' tl' x X Katie Robin Sharon Rich Mike Steven Steve David Laurie Satterthwaite Sattezahn Sawtelle Schaaf Schmuca Schrandt Schroer Scott Scouten H ' S' 4 . f g et f f . i xv u KI 25 8 . . 1 A 5 K 4. ,, V Qi ' x f l -1 gc K QALYM v Nm LL Q Mark Joe Nick Dan Dennis Ned Scott Scouten Segovia Seirup Shaffer Shaffer Shaffer Sharon 'V A ek: A ,iii X K ' ' 4 '4A"A4-A ' M ' I M s. W "X it V .- 4, . f f' ' Jeanette Steven Sue Richard Cathy Kevin Carol Shay Shepard Shephard Shoda Shoemaker Shultz Shumway 5 i Smr 'G 1 J I 5 . A, 'Q Ken Craig Steve Tracey Carol Cathy Cyndy Slaughter Sligar Sligar Small Smith Smith Smith l F 1 . X, 1 Kim Larry Linda Smith Smith Smith Penny Vikki Flick Smith Smith Smothermon 216-Sophomores Glenn Phillip Sharpe Shaw Randy Sisson Angela Slater E1 -lg I t Debbie Ken Smith Smith Ann Pocinich, Mark Umatum, Nancy Chid- though the Spartans were defeated by der, and Gregg Williams dance on even rival Panthers earlier that same evening im Richard Bob Dan Smezko Smezko Sorensen Souder Sieve State Don Sue im an Lindy Cynthia Stephanie Bob Denis South Spelliscy Spencer Spencer Gary Gregg Brad Dane Stephen Stewart Stewart Stieler Stone I 3 J Story Straith Strong Strong Suchy Maureen Jeanette Sandy Karen Barb Sullivan Sweat Sydltk Szobonya Talbert Handy Gregg Debbie Charlotte Bonnie almage Talmage Tamal Tambini Tanner Tarabilda 4 Leslie Haun finds time to exchange smlles with friend during typically hectic soph day. Allan Mark Teresa Tassin Taylor Taylor Stan Sue Carolyn Debbie Liz Roger Pat Bill eeter Terasinski Therkelsen Thiel Thomas Thomas Thompson Thompson Thomas Sophomores-217 Class of '72: One step closer to their ' jf ' X E 'gi ,. f We + M Q' F: " L Q , l fi 5 K ' 5, Ti s' 3 at r . ' Q J 1 as Q1 . 1" r K Mike Janet Pam Steve Frank Tlmpane Tisthammer Titus Tondo Torina Terry Sherry Cindy Neda Tracy Linda Sanderson prepares for one of the nu- merous exams sophomores had to surmount. -1 1 Janet Don Bob Turner Udick Udick Mark Umatum Wrayanne Dave Scott Underwood Van Hoy Vantrne Troeller Trogdon Trout Dave Tudor x Joanne Vasquez Janice Vaught Vic Waki ., be 1- ' 5 R an lr Lori Wanser fr i I I Mike Ken Dave Robert Scott Barbara Sheldon Randy Vickers Viel Vincent Vogt Vos Wachsman Waggoner Waite 'll 1 . if 1 W q -, iff- ' J' 5 ' i 'lr J ts W ' 2, , e - A ,, ' s - i .M ,y . 1. l v, , . A an B , R L nge... . R Q31 i t T . Q V w ' 'V I . ' ' sr , , K A in, ,.?, xxx 5 . ev W A .T all . . .f Patti Charles Bonnie Melanie Pam Bob Sherry Annette Waldron Walker Wallace Wallace Walli Waltz Walz Wanlass l Vivian Dan Mike Wayne Weadon Webb 218-Sophomores Pat Weimer Julie Judy Barbara Jim John Weller Welsh Wendler Wesley Bube ltimate goals Linda Richard Ron Teri Mike Brad West West West Westcott Westly White H Ill Lxxg Leslie Nancy Jackie Debi Gregg Jeff Rayma Kurt Whitley Wieman Wiester Wilkerson Williams Willis Willls Willson Tom Bob Dianne Bill Mike Andy John Bev Wilson Woepse Wolbers Wood Wood Woodward Wooters Wright Alps Cole Com SHY Adamson Avaloz Barela Beall radley Clelland bs Mlke Tony Lance Betsy Joe Jeff Rosemary Wyrick Yorba York Young Zamarripa Ziegler Zike Ralph Evans Sherry Fitzpatrick Howard Gebhard David Gonzales Jim Graeb Howard Hatch Tom Henning Steve Homer Richard lgram Linda Knepper Richard Kreider Mark Kurtz Jerry Lafferty Bradley Lange Steve Little Brian Lundstrom Gail Marshall Kirk McConchie Jan Mcvermott Greg McMurran 'E' """, A . 1? l fl r fl, Sally Dieter Eric Muller Mike Murphy Bruce Nepp Dan Oltrogge James Pyrak Victor Santamouro Rod Schmittou Steven Shirley Cheryl Sidfrid Lisa Stlpe Gayle Stocking Helen Suidorle Rudy Talavera Sherrie Thoe Janet Thompson Barbara Van Stock Dave Wells Gary Wllson Carol Williams Sophomores-219 I gi!! 'NGN-M ' H. ,, 1 Q.. I CPWBHY A qfiwifii Y V A wma. L nw Om. 'Q ,,-v""" 'W ' 'N if ., h X 4. ,b .- 1 I- X- K. .MV . f gg mourns 3ME'l'H0DS C2 """ I-I-I 3 1 Z .-. -5 Accsmucs 3 KNOWLEDGE A new figure was seen leading the 2250 Spartans of Villa Park High. Maury Ross, Ed. D., returned after a five year absence spent as an admin- istrator for other schools in the Orange Unified District. Dr. Ross served as assistant princi- pal in charge of pupil personnel at VPHS in 1965-66, the second year of the school's operation. Then, as now, he was actively involved in student activities, the 1966 Odyssey shows him participating in the annual don- key basketball game. Having gained the students' respect and admiration for his calm, com- petent handling of the "Gumpertz Af- fair," Dr. Ross soon became a famil- iar sight in classrooms and on cam- pus during nutrition and lunch. He views the educator's role as . . the unique responsibility of preparing people to live in a future we can only envision. Our planning and thinking today must reflect the demands to be placed on education ten or twenty years hence." X Dr. Maury Ross completed his first year as was always willing to talk over any principal of VPHS. He established a close or complaints relationship with students and teachers and Administrators follow guidelines set by OUSD Superintendent Harold Kibby heads the OUSD administrators. Mr. Kibby has been district superintendent since 1953 and has piloted programs for thousands of Orange and Villa Park students. 222-Administration OUSD Board of Trustees: fseatedl Eleanore sible for formulating policies providing Pleines, Chairman Bert Skiles, Ruth Evans. cational facilities, allocating the budget fstandingl Robert Elliott, David Miller, Gilbert supervising curriculum Darwin and Keith Lynn. Trustees are respon- 6 8 9 and announcements. Principal Bob Carter smiled benignly Assistant Principal George Osborn, a charter supervising attendance, discipline, ex- member of the VPHS faculty, coped with sub- activities, bell schedules, bulle- ean of Students Louis Alvarez meted disci- line with a gentle voice and an understand- ng attitude. l 1 Director ol Student Activities Don Buck coor- dinated the calendar of events and advised the student cabinet and the song and cheer leaders. stitute and student teachers, campus super- vision and teacher evaluation. Bob Carter was Villa Park's new as- sistant principal in charge of pupil personnel services. The six-foot, five- inch ass't. principal supervised stu- dent registration, counseling, guid- ance, testing programs, discipline and control. George Osborn was assistant prin- cipal in charge of instruction and curriculum. Mr. Osborne was also responsible for instructional materials and the overall supervision of the school. New on the VPHS campus this year was Lou Alvarez, dean of students. It was his responsibility to see that students maintained a standard of behavior that would permit learning to take place. While counseling and conferring, he tried to help individ- uals eliminate or cope with problems. Don Buck just completed his first year as Villa Park's first full-time Director of Student Activities. He worked with the student government in interpret- ing the ASB constitution. Administration-223 Individual identities, self TOP-Mr. Dave Bastin TOP-Mr. Bob Edwards BOTTOM-Mr. Al Finlayson BOTTOM-Mr. Keith Reid A quiet view of Villa Park reveals a very rare inside the choral room, the melodious aspect of the usually hectic Spartan scene. of the vocal ensemble waft through the 224-Faculty 'UN Coping with situations ranging from personal problems to college en- trance exam jitters, Villa Parks' coun- selors served as guides to 2200 plus Spartans. Sophomores received orien- tation guidance and help in planning schedules, juniors and seniors were advised about college entrance re- quirements and career preparations. Other services included seminars, summer employment programs, schol- arships, and employment question- aires. Mrs. Wilma Wittman I: In fc f Y? .7,f ?,'?.-7.5 - - ! 7.0.-'k7. 7.01 7.5b7.'?a?.fi. 7. - ?:7.-'?J.f'i.-?:7.'74 ?47.f7.f'l.-79. 7.-74 11.-7.-747.-7.-7. 7. 7.- ' . .. . 7. 34 7.2?e?.f7.-?.-7. ' . it .. . i',.'f.' ' -'nits' . . , p,,O' fsf t?,'r. '.- 7 77 it I4 f' 4 .,- ,-'f 1 2 1 ,I '. .41 expression fostered through counseling, creativity f-'Y' ,Zi nf- W ri, FAR LEFT: Mr. Ed Huttger, Art ABOVE: Mr. Jay Oliver, Art BELOW LEFT: Mr. John Meulmester, Art BELOW: Mrs. Sylvia Won, Art ABOVE: Mrs. Pat Beck, Art BELOW: Mr. Ray Schutte, Art Self-expression and creativity were fostered in the various art classes this past year. Art I taught the use of color and de- sign, Art IV allowed for individual ex- pression and interest into different fields and forms of art. Crafts, Ceram- ics, and Commercial Art were other subjects taught -with the intended goal of helping the individual student learn the basic fundamentals of de- sign and production Art ll and Ill worked with rules of pro- portion and with such media as acryl- ics, watercolor, and pastels. The commercial art classes worked on lettering, illustration and silk- screening while striving for a profes- sional standard. ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Bill Gould, Vocal Music BELOW LEFT: Mr. Randy Coleman, Instrumental Muslc The choral department at VPHS of- fered several levels of choirs to the students. Beginning mixed chorus, symphonic choir, and vocal ensemble were all performing choirs and enter- tained the student body and the pub- lic many times throughout the year. Several courses in instrumental music were also offered. Strings, cadet band, and concert band were offered to advanced stu- dents. The award-winning Spartan marching band learned routines in class and performed at halftime shows and in various competitive events. The instrumental ensemble provided concentrated studies in a variety of musical mediums. A class in music appreciation was also of- fered to students who wished to study all kinds of music and composers. Faculty-225 Mr. Norm Johnson Head ol English Department fs Mr. Dick Corradlno English Mr. Jack Rowe English ABOVE LEFT: Miss Roberta Kane, English BELOW LEFT: Mrs. Doris Lowman, English ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs. Barbara Morton, English BELOW RIGHT: Mrs. Cathy Walters, English 226-Faculty Literature, language area ., it Miss Ann Becwar Mr. Bruce Bullock English English 5 'Q Mrs. Lois Crist Mrs. Karen Dennis English English xgiwif' K -. K l 2. A - K vi . V: s l it. I. 0 , A roaden conce Mrs. Evelyn Ching English Mr. Don Unitan Head of Drama Department Mr. Phll Thoner English pts, stimulate communication The subject which students are prob- ably most exposed to in high school is English. The greatest variety of teachers, also, are found in this area. The English program is set up in such a way that each sophomore will have to take a one-year class in American Literature. After the completed year, the student may choose any two Eng- lish electives to meet the graduation requirements. The English electives are novel, short story, world master- pieces, British literature, senior com- position and advanced reading. is Mrs. Betty Fisher English Are they reading Catcher in the Rye? As part of the sophomore English team-teaching pro- gram, Mrs. Walters, Mr. Corradino and Mr. .. K H The speech and drama department, under the guidance of talented teach- ers, has expanded in size and has be- come even more superb in quality. There is now a National Forensic League for all students involved in speech. NFL competes in speech tournaments throughout the county. Another credit to Villa Park High School has been its outstanding de- bate teams. Speech and drama students partici- pated in a fall assembly, Christmas play, and Spring production. Mr. Memo Hackler English Rowe capture student attention with great literature, past and present. 5 Faculty-227 Students at VPHS sought to expand knowledge by studying foreign lan- guages. Included in Villa Park's lan- guage program was the opportunity to take French, Spanish, German, or Latin. A large emphasis was based on listening to, and the proper pronoun- ciation of, each language by using Audio-Lingual Materials' program. This program increased the pupil's speaking skills, through repitition and response drills in the language lab- oratory during skill exercises. ,.. .."1 '., 5 'S T-lf: it . ga, , .ri +6 ff.,.k x . Q i.. gw, ' Aiiiralsiil' W . 2. , L fi' .. , - f +1 , , Nut .. ff -1 . Drills, skil contribute t TOP LEFT: Mr. George Bradford, Language BELOW LEFT: Mr. Gordon Hall, Language TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Marian Darsie, Language MIDDLE RIGHT: Mrs. Nancy King, Language BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Felix Lopez, Language BELOW: Mr. Al VeIa,'Language Are these the footsteps the Spartans follow their quest for knowledge? Faculty ' in HI' 'U ,lie , ll .,.. .Fc , 'Viv' vf I 228-Faculty is L.- AQ. i , I, 5 ""f'-peg? nd curiosity dvancements P RIGHT: Mr. Bob Haysom, lnd. Arts TTOM RIGHT: Mr. Jerry Looker, Ind. Arts P LEFT: Mr. Lonney Dunbar, Ind. Arts DDLE LEFT: Mr. Fred Ketten, Ind. Arts ETTOM LEFT: Mr. Jlm Proltitt, Ind. Arts LOW: Mr. Phil Johnston, Ind. Arts 'nlnnv 'weary feet for a few moments during typically rushed day in Spartanland. satisfy the curiosity of the students re at VPHS, the science department fered them a wide range of science urses. chemistry, physics and phy- were offered to the college- upperclassmen, while the- in- sophomores had their choice either earth science or life science, exploring a different form of Activities in the science were divided between lec- films, laboratory work, and field trips. LEFT Mr Joe Quartucci Science Miss Lois Cannavma Sclence MIDDLE: Mr. Elbert Smith, Science Rl HT: Mrs. Sophia Schepe, Science RIGHT: Mr. Bruce Campbell, Science LEFT: Mrs. Marilyn Blything, Science G I . 539' Mrs. Schepe and Mr. Bullock's favorite pas- time: feeding pigeons at the Senior Breakfast. Several classes, auto shop, drafting, electronics, machine shop, metal shop, and wood shop, are offered by the industrial arts department. Proj- ects, field trips, demonstrations, class, discussions, and -instructional aids are used extensively to aid the stu- dents in developing their individual skills. These skills, learned by the' students, are valuable to anyone who wishes to go into any of the many industrial manufacturing trades of modern industry today. The delectable pancake scraps were gra- ciously donated by the faculty members- turned-chefs. ' pa ir- A it 1' 1 .,1"L?'.-axis-: , f ' gf 't,:"E'4f'.3I'f g. 1 ag., ' 'fzwiif s ' ' . 'l I 2 'W Faculty-229 P.E. promotes physical fitness: homemaker Coach Colville thinks Coach Hummell has great potential as a playboy bunny. Coaches Hummell and Colville, as part of the coach- w To the surprise of many, the art of homemaking is not an easy one to master. For those interested in foods, clothing, economy of the home, and family living, there are any number of classes. The homemaking classes of 1969-70 held an open house for the faculty and parents of girls involved in these classes. There were demon- strations in table settings as well as all types of Christmas goodies to sample. ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. Virginia Strain, Home Eco. BELOW LEFT: Mrs. Irene Brewster, Home Eco. BELOW: Miss Mary Whipple, Phys. Education ing staff at Villa Park, direct athletics and boy's P.E. W Q. ,td .H U , c .,p u'M , 'Q 230-Faculty ,cfs A 'Q' fp'CQ Mrs. Alice Bonsall Physical Education ABOVE: Mrs. Sally Witt, Physical Education Department Chairman BELOW: Mrs. Maxine Clark, Phys. Education The girI's Physical Education ment offers a wide variety of spor for the girls to choose from. Amon the individual sports are tennis an badminton. For team sports, hocke basketball, softball and volleyball ar offered. evelop basic skills 4 . - t f Mrs. Katie Hummell Mr. Bob Hummell Mr. Ike Isaacson Physical Education Physical Education Department Chairman Mrs. Barbara Saben Mr. Mel Grable Physical Education Physical Education Mr. Dave Colville Physlcal Education students at VPHS are required to some form of physical education. P.E. program consists of various and non-vigorous. boys physical education has in- for self-improvement and White, blue, red or gold are awarded for outstanding als' Mr. Blll Oates Physical Education Mr. Myron Brown Physical Education ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Bob McKle BELOW: Mr. Bob Pomeroy Faculty-231 Every graduate of Villa Park took U.S. history and American government as essential graduation requirements. U.S. history classes begin at the Ren- aissance period and conclude with the present day history of America. All history courses were taught with a seemingly inexhaustible freshness as teachers virtually recreated it by using class projects and weekly films. Through independent research, jun- iors endeavored to make detailed studies of their American heritage. As a senior, the student was awak- ened by American government cours- es to today's challenging political situations. Emphasized in this course was the basic philosophy of American government that it is "of the people, by the people, and for the people." Driver Training is a course in practi- cal driving skills. This training con- sists of twelve hours in the training simulator and twelve hours in a driv- er training vehicle. Also, nine hours of obsewing and three hours of ac- tual driving are required. This course is open to all VPHS students. The past gives answers: safet Mr. Dick Behn History 251 Mrs. Sheila Lillegraven History . ,wg . Y Mr. Dlck McVeigh Driver's Education FAR RIGHT: Mr. Richard Stock, Drivers Ed. BELOW: Mr. Burt Cramer, Drivers Ed. FAR LEFTE Mr. Jack Smalley, Drivers Ed. BELOW: Mr. Jack Dennen, Drivers Ed. 232-Faculty ABOVE: Mr. Gary Long, History BELOW: Mr. Jim Starr, History 1' . 1 u-un-uf-...-... tl - f. --,bs-. 7, ,. ,n...-,- .-- . 1 , ,tp .. jaw! I 1, fi," T W I . . .. ' u L SZ w? 's1if5g'?4Tif' fkh- + , . TH' ff? :elif T'V't ., JN '- n ' , ' 'ei ' f....x1 F31 w .5gefmg?f1?g,,gftfaaasiftw . Mr. Vince DeFaIco Hlstory Mr. Les Driver History Mr. Brunt relaxes with one 'of his leftover trick-or-treat goodies. As a' member of the Mr. Tim Owens History """7 ,-L, 4 X world history teaching team, Mr. Brunt often injects humor into informative group lectures. Mr. Russ Murphy History Mrs. Nancy Murray History FAR LEFT: Mrs. Eulyne Anrecht, History BELOW: Mrs. Lu Jenkins, History FAR RIGHT: Mr. Vince Murphy, History BELOW: Mr. Dick Brunt, History Facu lty-233 --, .ff 1 4. :W .. 4, Aff., I V 4 Q. ' M. - 'L ' , I X -I 'JW' A ' . i , 7 .K K 1 . fs K 3 X - ? V 'ln ' f 1 I ' s Q uv ! 1. ' -sq. L. E 1 I Q I O E in . . I . LA, - ,- ivmf U.: ,tkkk AA 'W'- K ,, 'L' ie fx . lx X Ax 24. A, ik. 5, , i ,.xx ' ,J ,g,w N m in - in I E N 17 M fi, olveX2 - :O others learn B .S r v ,1 ".' I-izggf' OVE: Mr. Frank Chamberlain, Business ABOVE MY- L90 Fracalosv. Business LOW: Mrs. Loretta Juan, Business BE!-OWS MY- David Hifh, BUSil19SS Mr. Bob Sakaue, Business Mrs. Sharon McVeigh, Business I-lap Engle demonstrates his ability on-the potter's wheel as Mr. Meulmester supervises. business skills The purpose of business education is to provide the opportunity for students to acquire the skills, attitude and knowledge which are necessary for a successful life in the world of com- merce. The business staff at VPHS has introduced interesting and useful courses in business law, general busi- ness, office practice, typing, book- keeping, stenography, salesmanship, and economics. ., ,Wrist Mrs. Joyce Miller Business The art department purchased this and other equipment from its annual art sale profits. 1, 45 5 1 W--eff-Mer-s'.' - " . ' r'1""'1'?' 01 - ' we B wwf' 236-Faculty Special services, The goal of the Hard-of-Hearing classes is to provide educational ex- periences that will place aurally han- dicapped students ldeaf and hard-of- hearingj into normal social and work- a-day contacts with hearing people in order that an environment might be provided to develop their potential to the maximum. Mr. Al Mascucci, teacher of the program, states, "We also teach speech, speech-reading flip-readingj, auditory training and any other skill needed to complete educational fulfillment." Wounded and ailing Spartans fre- quently made their way to the office of Miss Alice Herrick, Villa Park High's school nurse. ln addition to keeping health records on all students and caring for those who became ill or injured during school hours, Miss Her- rick administered sight and hearing tests, contacted parents when stu- 'dents needed to be sent home, ad- vised teachers and counselors con- cerning physical disabilities and chronic health conditions, and kept in touch with students who were re- quired to be out of school for pro- longed periods. Miss Herrick has served as the Spartan "patcher-up- per" for the full six years of VPHS existence. Mrs. Enid Taylor, librarian, lessened the load of responsibility on students and teachers by lending friendly and efficient assistance in finding mater- ials in the Villa Park library. Along with helping those in search of infor- mation, Miss Taylor instructed sopho- more English classes about library uses, and was responsible for train- ing student "practice" help. The li- brary was a place where students could find solitude and an environ- ment conducive to study. Books and magazines on almost every subject were available, and daily newspapers were always on hand for those in- terested in current events. Many stu- dents made use of the typing room in the library to complete project and term paper assignments. secretaries work to keep Mr. AI Masucci Hard-of-Hearing Teacher + f 1 Q r l Miss Alice Herrick School Nurse Mrs. Enid Taylor Librarian illa Park moving Ry- rlene Krage, Secretary to Assistant Principal . 1 Marty Logue, Bookkeeper Lou Wilson, Secretary to Assistant Principal Maxine Shirey, Secretary to the Principal fu 49 Toni Zeigler, Registrar Dittos, call slips, ringing telephones, busy administra- tors, demanding students, the ticking of the clock, black coffee, bells, pens, frustration and in the end-a smile, these are all a part of every VPHS secretary's day at the office. Department secretaries Mrs. Withrow, Mrs. Crossman and Mrs. Blakemore typed hundreds of ditto masters and supervised the flow of instructional materials for team teaching staffs: library assistants Miss Day and Mrs. Foross issued books, audio-visual equipment and information, counselor's and administrators' secretaries set up appointment schedules, sent call slips and sorted stacks of correspondence while trying to anticipate the needs of their busy bosses. Mrs. Caldwell kept attend- ance records and class schedules current and Mrs. Zeigler coped with transcripts and records. All these efficient people made VPHS campus life immeasurably more enjoyable and productive. Mrs. Neva Stotters, Secretary to Dean ot Students Esther Danker, Switchboard Mrs. Marion Pierce, Secretary to Mr. Bastin Thelma Caldwell, Attendance Office Mrs. Ruth Zeigler, Secretary to Mrs. Wittman and Mr. Reid Mrs. Marcy Oswald, Secretary to Mr. Edwards and Mr. Finlayson Shirley Withrow, U.S. History Secretary Miss Nita Day, Library Assistant Nancy Crossman, World History Secretary Mrs. E. Foross, Library Assistant Marge Blakemore. English Department Secretary Faculty-237 'N Howie Warg, a favorite custodian, reveals his legs as a contestant for the "Mr. Legs" con- test. Skilled activity by conscientious per- sonnel was seen inside the VPHS cafeteria. The cheerful food staff pre- pared hot balanced lunches for about eight hundred people and served hamburgers, burritos, sandwiches and a multitude of other short order items from the twice-daily besieged school snack bar. The silent crew which maintained Villa Park High's grounds and class- rooms were seen less than were the results of their work. Through their efforts mounds of debris and barrels of trash disappeared from Spartan- land. Custodians worked late at night sweeping floors, erasing boards, hos- ing the yards and replacing fluores- cent lights. Orange Unified School District's cap- able bus drivers spirited Villa Park students to and from school through dust and rain. Reliable and calm, the drivers always managed efficient 'con- trol of their lumbering vehicles and their quixotic charges. 238-Faculty VPHS staff goes overboard t 5 l l ts- i if CAFETERIA STAFF: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Horton Mrs Elberta Kramer Mrs Judy Leslie Leichtfuss, Mrs. Barb Windamuth, Mrs. Mrs Sharon Lance Burt Smith, Mrs. Mary Valentijn, Mrs. Suzy :NNN . Oll... i K Q g..... in . CUSTODIAL STAFF: TOP ROW: Cliff Todd, ral Seated on the mule is Clayton Frank Peltz, Ed Sullivan, Ed Loeffler, John trom and John Bell Ball, Howard Warg, John Johnson, AI Messe- BUS DRIVERS: TOP ROW: R. Spiess, A. F Soloria FRONT ROW M Hagerman Logue, J. Routh, A. Andrews, D. Brown, D. Starkey and M Pendergraft Zenner, R. Moeller, G. Hutchison, D. Davis, serve wellg students choose faculty favorites Sophle Schepe, Most School Spirited VILLA 'fit iii til . t if viii! , Teacher Superlatives are included in the Odyssey this year for the first time. Mrs. Schepe, selected for her tremendous interest in VPHS, is often seen participat- ing in pep rallies and other school events. Serving as adviser to the senior class kept the popular biology teacher even more involved. Mr. Long is known for his interesting and informative digressions in sophomore history classes. Well-known for her willingness to listen, Mrs. Fischer is always ready to advise any student who needs help. Mr. Brunt is continually prepared with hu- morous antics or a glib remark to liven his classroom and history lectures. Strongly convinced that students should enjoy themselves while learning, Mr. Bullock was chosen as the most entertaining teacher. The Odyssey staff takes pride in recognizing the outstand- ing qualities and services of these teachers. If Long' Most Infellecfual Mrs. Betty Fischer, Most Understanding li Y, Clleyy I' lerrca's hrst Brunf, M051 Humorous Bruce Bullock, Most Entertaining Faculty-239 gstgeffzfv g is-IN'z . Swim f-' . 'ff ff zf , ,f.jxxy,AiXA . 'ix , -MJ 3, ' C11 . fggaiwv ,- ' Mg,-' I 1384 m. .. vm, Q Jw 'v if . 25.61" RFQ. 2.15, .f N.: ,iw 1.-1 2 A, 1. f M- ,,, wgf,-g,f,1f-A ., A 0.5, ,W , xf-"'lwA,TtLXg'1' , -we . If-1 ,QS F'ip'Lif-L51 . M V AQ 'gf Lg,-fgf v . ,,13.Ii, ., Q, I '.: ,-f -fi-f-If 49' W , ,4,..K,,-1, I, :W " z' zfxw. M ,f1w.a'. ' 5 I Mm: ., ., ' g ., -fif w' . I ' ,, , V ygii, N4 r.!1,? HM,U:,:,.,, .Z , Q35 ,, f , F5512 I, iw, , -1.0 X - I 1 . :T V, A FIIIENIILINIESS QUALITYE SPDNSOR CITYS C0 MEIICE RELIABILITY ARROW HARDWARE 820 N. Tustin Ave. Orange Calif. 532-6793 BENO'S FOR DONUTS 843 N. Tustin Ave. Orange Calif. 532-2046 BUSTER BROWN SHOE STORE 141 S. Glassell Orange Calif. 532-3482 CARNATION ICE CREAM LAND CANNON DRUGS 554 N. Tustin Ave. 1233 N- TUSUI1 Orange Calif. Orange Calif. 633-7364 SPARTANS FOR MEN I 1149 N. Tustin I Orange I Calif. l 538-6271 CARRI WICKET 4 100 S. Glassell Orange Calif. 523-2494 .V I Ads-242 x 5-X E . s xi, 4. , 1 f f J L R xp k 'QM - ! SENSE. GAL, , J 4!i ifff?i?l'fl?1:!A' - I 33zs3lsfiff x '. 7 .' 'fgj' '?!f. I ,, N :fix mi , Di TIE. Q v 'g 'Q 'Aw .JN Mx, W SL It 1 siu Ja rfi 1. ,- ki-, , 0 'O 'o Edk' ' K o , SQ! 1 ' ' M y l "'-sg., "x aim auf , 0: .o F, 1 si cl yi f W f 5 . P BRETT-WALKER GOLDSMITH 777 S. Main Orange Calif. 542-1657 LAWRENCE PIPE SHOPPE ORACAL SUPPLY CO. 5 Town 81 Country 1147 W. Struck Ave. Orange Calif. Orange Calif. 542-8752 532-6376 MAC LENNAN'S 806 N. 'Tustin Ave. ORANGE COUNTY MACHINE WORKS 341 W. Collins Ave. Orange Calif. Orange Calif- 532-2892 5,32-6321 coNenATuLATioNs SECURITY PACIFIC NATIONAL BANK cLAss OF 70 810 N. Tustin Ave. May you have enough HOPE to keep you happy - and enough determination to make each day better Orange Cam' than the day before. 633-5860 M 8. M NURSERY 380 N. Tustin Ave. Orange Calif. 538-8042 WINCHELL'S DONUT HOUSE 1525 E. Katella Orange Calif. 639-5532 Ads-244 1 -5 if :A 5 L f if Ist X 6 on, , 5 W. -- . 3 K , t. .K K in ... po XX.xx'N" rx : 1 ,Q IAN, S ' ,X if g y , Q, . A vi ' Q 1... X if ,ts Q . QL Y. 4 WMA J ART ROBlNSON'S MAGNAVOX 674 N. Tustin Ave. Orange Calif. 538-6289 PANTS PRIMARILY 1852 N. Tustin Ave. Orange Calif. Ads-246 637-1831 DOUBLE I. LUMBER CO. 1600 N. Glasser: Orange Calif. 637-6600 GOLDIES DRESS SHOP AND BOUTIQUE 2697 Orange-Olive Road Orange Calif. 637-1562 HOLO WAI MINIATURE GOLF 576 S. Glassell Orange Calif. 532-2020 IOHN'S TROPHIES 8. AWARDS 868 N. Tustin Ave. Orange Calif. 639-4970 lOHN'S UNION "76" 684 s. Glassell Orange Calif. 639-4350 lOHNSON'S PAINT 8. ART SUPPLIES 135 S. Glassell Orange Calif. 538-3463 KRIEWALL MUSIC 138 S. Glassell Orange Calif. 639-2964 LACKE 8. MARTIN 424 W, Chapman Orange Calif. 538-4043 1919 N TUSTIN. if fm. Mwimahn -if - -.S Q 2 . J, fl F if" I' ' 'V yi X 1 Q tg . .I L A Y . : xv Q . - " ff' K f A ' -lk ,ww 33? Q xii! , .mf 42- .1 X f' '-ig' ' .fg ig, -f Q .--S 3' 'f T. iv , A . i . 'Av' .5 ' ' '- HX , -. ! .- A Nw . A .0 f I " ,, .K xfx - ff. . V L I 1 -.1 ' J! ki, . nga' '. W1-'Q-1 ' V , Y Ngi y . X K -, xl, r , A kung ul 'X . ' ' -. s ,K -i 5 . ' J 27 vy-J" 1 lx 'wfi,v!'3X .2 'ix 3251, .xclx X415 ang, ...IN I FWF 1: 2 ,' 11 .E I Y V A ' ' '.jg"'f?ffx ,ral fi ' I Orange 'pl' iw X Wm STACY'S FACTORY 1848 N. Tustin Avenue 637-OD80 California KO Orange KO BOUTIQUE California 1208 N. Tustin 538-9441 A fl f x L. WAYNE'S STEAK AND LOBSTER Orange California 714 East Katella 532-2228 248-Advertising HER CLOSET Orange California 1022 North Tustin 633-9970 CROCKER CITIZENS BANK f x I I I frri ,1r - 41 ? ' im 6 -i1 'ri 4 CROCKER CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Orange California 200 North Tustin 637-8280 HIGGINS FURNITURE Orange ' California 155 South Glassell 538-6181 i I F ' N 65W Wife X' ri' xr .IH lk .. ,ft ! I You C 8. D YARDAGE 162 N. Glassell 684 So. D St. 840 N. Tustin 538-5771 Tustin 633-5660 Orange Orange Advertising-249 1 x, s'x C Q - 1 i SQ ,,v. A. f ng 4, . 'nv .2 . 154' ', " 4 NK A Jill! xikkva xgxvgwgnb 1 sw 1 l h ,Q M 'l41!'d"'lIlll 'W 0 o mx 7 , ,1 Nkkxmy LW Cdbfl: R E FIN AT E onANoz,cAuronNu HSSUCIHTESJNIJ. SUUTH BLASSELL STREET ' ORANGE, CALIFURNIA - 92666 .ZZ4x0.,.Ul4y sas-7700 250-Advertising C1177 ORANGE SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSN. 230 E. Chapman Orange Calif. 532-6301 ' 2fl3.M,g,',-23.1 ig .-'f , , '."1'f.'E" Z fl.L'. f 119' :I ' "2--41: f . , fpavf- . f - 'J -jfif' f . 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Tustin Orange California 532-3462 Advertising-253 x, E, 'I 1' Fl s nkgn I I iv 'Tl-IE if mlm Amwwliii ii I H. SALT ESQUIRE FISH 8. CHIPS IABBERWOCKY 436 N. Tustin 434 El Camino Real Orange California Tustin California 639-5040 544-4471 -4 , zo' I QLT3 mags. I ll -7 as 4, 4.183 BILL CORWIN FORD 230 S. Main Orange California 639-1850 254-Advertising ORANGE HONDA SHAMROCK LIGHTING 2020 W. Chapman 1043 W. Collins Orange California Orange California 633-7344 639-4100 A '-cu r'0'..-'m ' -in 4 ..,l, D TF 4- 1 v . I A 3 1 1 ,JJW ,-,f . . A ,.---"' RENFREE MOTORS 210 W. Kareua Orange California 633-5981 Wferrn' if :lt ' ggxv.4f?i1.Q Q Y 'Pl -9...-,L-1 i1 Advertising-255 LEAH'S FABRIC GALLERY 1507 E. Katella Orange California ?l.,..L...!g,Ng. -. '44-'I 639-2241 2' fi O ll ORANGE DISPOSAL SERVICE 1665 N. Glassell Orange California 637-3010 LA CASA COIFFURES de IULIET 1977 N. Tustin Orange Hours Monday thru Friday 9 to 7 Saturday 8 to 5 phone 637-4900 MASTERS IN ALL TYPES OF HAIR BLANDISHMENTS 256-Advertising SEARS, ROEBUCK RETAIL STORES 2100 N. Tustin Orange California 637-2100 E-J' wr' ' 4' FABFHC LAND ORANGE CREST DRUGS 1706 N. Tustin 964 N' Tustin Orange California Orange C8lif0fl'liB 637-3300 538-9629 ,f 35 . -lv my K -:px V, A . Y' iQm 1 . in J Wi -T ' E i -M M E 13 i S ar,E T ' .vm ' IKEIIB X ,ff Advertising-257 IIS. 0, MASTERS 9734 WASHBURN CROSSING ROAD DOWNEY 46, CALIFORNIA Los Aucsuss PHONES: Ludlow 8-9356 - Ludlow 8-9576 - TOpaz 1-8261 Advertising Thomas H. Birney, D.D.S. John J. Bosko, D.D.S. Robert W. Brown, D.D.S. Fred S. Caso, D.D.S. Melvin A. Coleman, D.D.S. Edward L. Corlett, D.M.D. Richard E. De Niro, D.D.S. David F. De Nunzio, D.D.S. Ronald R. Dillman, D.D.S. Lloyd E. Gauntt, D.D.S., M.S. Victor E. Israel, D.D.S. Paul C. Engen, D.D.S. The 1970 Odyssey staff wishes to express its appreciation to the above dentists tor helping to sponsor our yearbook. range Area Dentiszif T W. Grant Johnson, D.D.S. Robert P. Kelly, D.D.S. W. C. Leichtfuss, D.D.S. James E. McElenney, D.D.S William E. Plinck, D.D.S. Lee M. wigm, o.o.s., M.S. Advertising-259 ' A g v 1 ' 1 1 W 4 1 Y I if K 2 A- 1 1 i ,m i f 1 In Nlemqriam. Ginger Stevensbn 1950-1970 1 Armel Hall 1953-1970 W James Paino 1929-1970 1 1 Charles Dalrymple 1953-1 970 October December 262--Calendaf "Spartans on the lVlove" Registration for 900 new sopho- mores . . . the "Year of the Spartan" begins . . . "Hi" Dance . . . football and cross country begin . . . Sopho- more class officer elections . . . Big- Little Sistefluncheon . . . CAA Sopho- more Initiation . . . Juniors get their class rings . . . Dad's Night . . . mid-quarter . . . Spirit Week . . . Junior testing . . . bake sales . . . Rosemead Parade...Mount Sac ln- vitational . . . GAA Halloween party. . . "S" Club food drive. . . Santa Monica Parade . . . end of first quarter . . . Senior Breakfast . . . Homecoming . . . Arcadia Parade . . . Fall Sports Awards Banquet . . . Long Beach Parade . . . band party . Youth in Government Day . . . Wrestling and basketball begin . . . mid-quarter . . . Girls League fashion show. . . "Hanging of the Greens" . .. Christmas concert . . . Senior pictures . . . Band plays at the Snack Shack. . . Villa Park Classic . . . Christmas vaca- tion . .. Semester finals . . . Donkey Basket- ball Game . . . Date-Dad . . . Corona- tion Ball . . . Drama Club rehearsals . . . college testing for Seniors . . . semester graduates leave . . . September November January Our Year 1969-1970 February April June Seniors order announcements . . . Girls keague Carnation Day . . . Mr. Brown assembly . . . Hootenanny . . . GAA Girl-Date-Boy Dance . . . CIF basketball . . . mid-quarter . . . "Dime- a-Dip Dinner" . . . NASA trailer . . .Winter Sports Awards Banquet . . . CIF wrestling . . . track, tennis, and baseball begin . . . "Shades of Green" Dance . . . pep squad and drill team workshops . "Powder-Puff" Basketball Game . . . SOS Bunny Sales for Easter . . . "Shamrocks for Dystrophy" . . . Easter vacation . . . Drill Team Show . . . Film Festival . . . Computer Dance . . . third quarter ends . . . Spring Concert . . . Girls League Week . . . Sadie Hawkins Dance . . . ASB officer petitions . . . Tradition Day . . . Dance Club Show . . . ASB officers elected . . . Spring Concert . . . May Festival Parade . . . Spring.Sports Awards Banquet . . . Junior-Senior Prom . . . Pops Concert . . . Hi Mom . . . "Senioritis" strikes! . . . "Open- Air Mercantile Fair" . . . art sale . . . Drill Team Installation . . . GAA Awards Banquet . . . "Odyssey" distribution . . . Senior Ditch Day . . . Senior honors and awards . . . Bacca- laureate . . . Graduation practices... Commencement . . . Grad Night at Disneyland . . . Summer vacation be- gins thallelujahlj lVlarch lVla Calendar-263 Spartans move on to meet new challenges 264-Closing Excitement, boredom, happiness, sadness, disappointment, worry, relief, ar ticipation, accomplishment, and pride are the kinds of experiences that mak a yearbook staff. Every publication staff experiences these things, but to eac individual staff, there are things that are unique. I am sure that I, and the rest of the 1969-1970 Odyssey staff, shall never for get . . . the "retard bus" . . . deadlines . . . "borrowing" ice creams from Dou Farson . . . the Christmas party . . . losing headline sheets . . . losing pictur . . . skipping classes to work . . . counting characters . . . typing never-endi senior copy . . . working late hours... going advertising . . .the "Whopper Br gade" . . . working on weekends and on vacations . . . running out of triplicatg . . . "Where's the stamp?" . . . "the many moods of Mrs. L." . . . handing in t faculty section . . . taking club pictures. . . "crunching" in all the underclassma . . . visiting the packing house . . . all the troubles with three columns . . . t fruit bowl . . . the disorganized proofbooks . . . trying to keep everything a secr . . . our cooperative photographers . . . "Doris!" . . . visits from the Taylor repr sentative . . . handing in the last pages to the publishers . . . getting the fir brownlines back . . . proofreading . . . the day the Odyssey was delivered. I want to record on paper my sincere gratitude to my wonderful adviser, w has dried my tears, bolstered my spirit, listened to my problems, sympathiz with my errors, and has become my friend. My many thanks to you, Mrs. Dor Lowman, I will have fond memories of our association this past year. I would also like to give a special thanks to . . . Mimi and Suzy for cheeri me up when the going got rough . . . Paul Kane for designing a cover of whi I am very proud . . . Michele and Gail for handing the underclass section in time . . . Brian and Larry for keeping Mrs. Lowman on her toes . . . Rob for ha ing put up with the nagging both at school and at home . . . Rick for teachi me how to print pictures. . . Mrs. Wilson for knowing all the answers to all o questions . . . Lorraine for editing all the copy in the book . . . Gail for all t advertising she solicited . . . Mindy for coming to class on time every day . and Mr. Lowman for letting us borrow Doris many a late night and long weeken This has really been quite a year for me. I have truly enjoyed being a part int production of this yearbook, and I am proud of the results of all our effor Thank you for giving me the honor of being the 1969-1970 Editor. E Editor , . f.. -, --fd 33-g..-.-,f ,Mic ,:.r.,- Nfds 4- I .,f, ,R ,, f V ,Egiv vi B ' ,::f'1f,'1 X' ' - 41- .- f . 3 fir.:-. ,i . .1327 'VRS - 'Eiga , 2,1 -in , .4 5. f:':51f1.5Lsfi A 6733245 124.2132-T. ' " ., "- , LA. ,5 gsvf-Eisi -'nfif - f.Ff11l.L.- .1 3y,f'f', 1957 ,. ,:.-14. , 2-Q.. --vv-711 Y Q-s.-Jlf ,f f'K.,,f L, ag' Y 7 Hi' ' cf ri-il . f -qw --fy Kira: xg. K ,A - K. 4 .,,f,,... X ,T ,. ,, i, . ,- J , Q,i35f,ff-- ,, Jig ,I:.,L,- fn ,., .gif , 4 ' 5 ' 5.16 'T 'J 1 ,glfp 5'-21 '. 1:3 - T" f-'23 314. . . 1:z'i1f1" -1 iff' N- ,, '-aff, , 5lN'?f31 4 13591 V - :gr-,Zn 1 . V--, L . f- 1, 5.1:-I Q?335E:flk' ' ,, ,, . -34,2 rf. V Zfiff-f-7, 3 . LV - ' ff" , , A, Mx,-. ,Q ,r . F537 mg-g, , -Zigi' .-A,-,Armr V ., ,. -4- Z-J . M, ,, . aw-ri: A ji fx inz'1'7. 1' ' ' ,.De1"'Qe' - . ' gr-e315-M -f ' f- l ,,g,-- 2 'Li X ,i. :f"j T? 7.51.1155-Qj 1. 'Ev' A' -up 6. Ig g Y g ..,. , -X 3 R ... , ,, , ' V.:-if.-.1 -' 1,1-1 ,- - . - Q 7 - . L "w--iiii ' Qi ' i" 1 T f-jFzf,' Q -.Y fzaff'f4's.- -T, .fi 1. - ,-T .j1f11.x?Q-.5 ..,:1g.:. . A ,- ,V , . ,A1 .5 ' 2- . wzrli-4-:r1,,' ' ' f "- 'Q . ..--, -,. . , . ,, Y .a, . , .f. 4-V .--Nw ,rf Y . , , .. - V . . ,.,,,.- L . ..M,. ' 'V -k-ws.-.:. f. ,, -gig' '-ff . - ,. , 1' .W-:jg-1 , :rf--1, ,:1:?.,g" Lm.p,ugfL'g.1:gar...hg.1Lg.-KN-.111-.4 6311, -rl -,,,Xq,g5Y kfk, A., .4.11,n-..4.m.,..apZx . 4,H......L4.z.

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