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sm VIXEN 1984 ■it f fr ■n ■Ml .... —■ V v M$m£ ■ -«.. SifcA ' .vfWt gK n • " " Ssk-CvW!! I it FjL i I ' A m JhHS • - Si ? ■■1 H -■• " Vafcl ■ i | H WJ7 ? ■■SB » liv.vl What Is A Vixen? Vixen is the name given to the male fox of the genus Vulpes. Phys- ically, a vixen has a long, pointed nose, large, furry, triangular ears, and a full, bushy tail. Its red. hlack, or silver fur is among the most beau- tiful known But her physical attri butes a ondary to her other traits - speed, agilitv. and cunning. The vixen is traditionally praised in legends and fables for her graceful- ness and intelligence .... Villa Maria College 2551 West Lake Road Erie. Pa 16505 Faculty Administration 6 Seniors 24 Dorm Life 56 Activities 72 Clubs 92 Sports 108 Ads 120 c o N T E N T S - f I M ' l ' v i r • v» X Sr. M. Lawreace Antoun, SSJ- 30 years, Presi- dent: B.S. VMC, M.S., Ph.D. University of Notre Dame; enjoys reading. K. Steven Bird- three years, Vice President for External Affairs: B.A. Northern Michigan Universi- ty, M.S.Ed. State University of New York; enjoys golf, bridge, reading and his family. Sr. Mary Mark Doubet- twelve years, V.P. for Planning and Financial Management: B.A. VMC, M.S. John Carroll University, Ph.D. University of Iowa; enjoys golf, bowling, and bridge. Dr. Dorothy Jean Novello- twenty-four years, V.P. for Academic Affairs, Academic Dean, Dean of Erie Institute for Nursing: enjoys walking, reading, gardening, horseback riding; Faculty Advisor- Stu- dent Nurses ' Organization, Villa Maria College Hon- or Society of Nursing. Dr. Joann D. Painter- fifteen years, V.P. for Stu- dent Affairs: B.S. Penn State, M.Ed. Gannon Univer- sity, Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University; enjoys Rag-time Piano, tennis and skiing; involved in Ex- ecutive Council, Student Life Committee, College Council, Student Affairs. Sr. Jean Baptiste DiLuzio- seven years, V.P. for Business Affairs: B.A. VMC, M.A. Case Western Rserve University; enjoys reading and crossword puzzles. Gary D. Froehlich- two years, Director of Admis- sions: B.A. Gannon University, M.A. St. Mary ' s Uni- versity; Head Basketball Coach, Advisor to Student Council. Timothy P. Fogarty- Gannon University. two years, Registrar: B.A. Sr. Mary Yvo Moosmann- thirty-four years, Di- rector of Physical Resources and Auxiliary Services: B.S. VMC, M.A. State University of Iowa; enjoys travel, cooking, making afghans. Sr. Mary Thomas Downing- seven years, Li- braian: B.S. VMC, M.L.S. University of Pgh., PA Certification Edinboro State; enjoys reading, helping and clowning; involved in Academic Affairs Commit- tee, Grievance Committee, College Council and Col- lege Clowns. Mary Dwyer- first year, Director of Financial Aid: B.A. Georgetown University; Loves penguins and go- ing to the penisula. Sr. Eleanor Jones- fifteen years, Assistant Librar- ian: B.A. VMC, M.L.S. Case Western Reserve; enjoys reading, sewing and latch hook. Sr. Joachim Onuffer, SSJ- nine years, Director of Curriculum Library and Media Center: B.S. VMC, M.Ed. Duquesne University; Member of Catholic Li- brary Assoc, of N.W. Penna. and Penn. Library As- soc, Erie Volunteer Hospital Assoc; enjoys crafts and needlework. Sr. Eunice Carolos- thirty-one years, College Ar- chivist: B.S. VMC, M.A. St. John College, post grad work George Peabody College; enjoys children, re- search; involved in Early Childhood Education Club. Jan Sweny- four years, Director of Public Rela- tions: B.A. Indiana University of PA; enjoys skiing, motorcycling, hiking and gardening. Rev. Jerome Simmons- " Padre " , nine years, Campus Minister: Masters of Divinity, Christ the King Seminary, Masters in Counseling, Gannon Uni- versity, Masters in Christen Spirituality, Creighton Univ. Gestalt Psychothereapy Training, Cleveland; Senior Class Advisor; enjoys basketball, swimming, racquetball and kite flying. Mrs. Otteni- " Mom " , Housemother. Sr. Mary Frances Humenay- five years, Director of Residents: B.S. VMC, M.Ed. Boston College; en- joys music, reading, puzzles. 10 gP||l Jk 1 - m OM fafl Ir. |j T Lfr Jf !Qu! i Holly Beth MacTaggert-two years, Admissions Counselor: B.A. Penn State: enjoys running, racquet- ball, biking, hiking and camping. Sandra Mead- Director, Counseling Services: 10 years, Villa Maria College, B.A.; Gannon University, M. Ed.; 5 years Post-Graduate work in therapy at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. Hobbies- windsurfing, jazz piano, walking and cooking. Sr. Colette Palmer, RN.- Director of Health Ser- vices: second year; VMC- BSN Nursing, Hobbies- Bible study and baking. Clubs- Student Life Com- mittee. Sr. Phyllis DiFuccia-four years, Dean for Alterna- tive Learning: B.A. VMC, M.A. Middlebury College; enjoys fishing, reading, dancing, bicycling and cook- ing. Sr. Mary Fromknecht- two years, Learning Con- sultant for Adults, B.S. VMC, M.S. Gannon Univer- sity; enjoys people, bike-riding, reading, sketching; involved in commuter council. Michele Hess- Associate Director of Residents, secretary-Student Services Office, two years. n Sr. Virginia Ann Gardner- seven years, Dean for Adult Learning: B.A. VMC, M.A. Marquette Univer- sity; enjoys ecumenical activities, reading and cross- word puzzles. Sr. Ursula Fasig- four years, Director of Institu- tional Research and Asst. Director of Financial Aid: B.A. VMC, M.Ed. University of Edinboro; enjoys sewing, reading, music, crocheting and visiting the sick and elderly. Sr. Margaret O ' Brien- Physical Resources. Assistant Director of Carol J. Welch- first year, Manager of Campus Bookstore: B.S. Clarion State College; enjoys quilting and reading. Doris Carniewski- Information Office Mail Room; enjoys walking and being outdoors. Sr. Christine Quirk- eleven years, Director of Alumnae Relations English Professor: B.A. VMC, M.A. Marquette University; Advisor to National and Erie Executive Boards of the Alumnae Association; enjoys music, drawing, sewing, swimming, writing, cake and table decorating. 12 Sr. Mary Rose- Nursing Lab. Ruth F. Hahn- twenty-two years, Chairperson Business Department.: B.A. VMC, M.A. Gannon University; enjoys sewing, swimming; involved in So- ciety for Advancement of Management. John E. Wroblewski- four years, Marketing: A. A. Penn State, B.S. LaSalle College, M.A. Gannon Uni- versity; enjoys racquetball, skiing; involved in Soci- ety for Advancement of Management. Sr. Elizabeth Ann Niebauer- seven years, In- structor Business Department.: B.S. VMC, M.B.A. Xavier University, Marywood College, Duques Uni- versity; enjoys reading, sewing, drawing and painting and playing piano. Miriam S. Kneller- twenty years, Assistant Pro- fessor; Physical Education Coordinator: B.S. East Stroudsburg State College; enjoys swimming, Ameri- can Red Cross Volunteer service; involved in Com- muter Council, Campus Girl Scouts. Sr. Ann Marie Cappello- nine years, Assistant Professor: 4 B.S. VMC, M. Ed. Edinboro University; enjoys arts and crafts; involved in TEAC, Academic Affairs, and College Council. 13 Dr. Robert Buchmeier- eight years, Associate Professor, Education: M.Ed. University of Minneso- ta, Ph.D. University of Chicago; enjoys computers in the learning process. Nancy M. Briggs- six years, Program Director of Early Childhood Associate Degree program: B.S. Penn State University, M.Ed. Penn State University; enjoys sewing. Roberta Barilla- four years, Education: B.S. VMC, M.Ed. Edinboro State College. Mary Jo Cherry- nine years, Associate Dean, Col- lege of Education: B.S. VMC, M.Ed. University of Maryland, Ph.D. Kent State University. Donald Tronetti- Director of Student Teaching: B.S., M.S. St. Bonaventure University; Student P.S.E.A.; enjoys sports, reading, and travel. Suzanne Perry Loss- seven years, Associate Pro- fessor, Chairperson of Human Ecology: B.S. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.S. and Ed.D. Penn State University; Home Economics Student Member Section; enjoys reading mysteries, gardening, and an- tiques. 14 Dr. Richard LeVan- Psychology. Mark L. Mitchell- two years, Psychology: A.B. Washington and Lee University, MA. Ohio State University; enjoys tennis, basketball, and letter-wrft- ing. Elaine M. Clyburn- seven years, Assistant Profes- sor, Human Ecology: B.S. Le Moyne College, M.S.W. Howard University; member of College Council, Dis- cipline Committee, External Affairs Committee, and Analytical Studies Team; enjoys camping. Dennis McCarthy- first year, Assistant Professor and Communications Program Director: B.A. and B.S. University of Minnesota, M.A. Morehead State University; enjoys reading, gardening, and sports. Joyce Miller Iutcovich- six years, Sociology: B.A. Edinboro University of PA, M.A. and Ph.D. Kent State University; enjoys family activities, reading, and swimming. Christine C. Reese- first year, Assistant Professor and Director of Therapeutic Recreation: B.S. and M.A. New York University, PhD. candidate Univer- sity of Connecticut; enjoys walking, swimming, camping, opera, chamber music, arts, travelling, and parties. 15 t v ' P ,i ' bi E!mI. I 16 Diane Knight-Kallor- two years, Therapeutic Re- creation: B.S. Kent State University, M.S. Penn State University; enjoys art, travelling, canoeing, gardening, skiing, and tennis. Dr. Gary R. Kirby- eight years, English: M.A. Loy- ola University, Ph.D. Northwestern University; en- joys camping, natur, writing, soccer coaching, and racquetball. Sister Lucille DeStefano- seventeen years, Asso- ciate Professor Fine Arts and Chairperson of Hu- manities Department: B.A. VMC, M.M.Ed. Chicago Musical College, Roosevelt University; member of Student Life Committee, coordinator of Cultural Af- fairs on campus, Director of Choral group; enjoys attending concerts and plays, travelling, reading, cy- cling, singing and playing. John T. Young- fourteen years, Associate Professor of English: B.A. College of St. Thomas, M.A. Gannon University, Ph.D. studies University of Denver; Ad- visor Yearbook and Perceptions; enjoys sports, fish- ing and photography. Margaret Y. Krider- over thirty years, Fine Arts: B.F.A. CMU, M.Ed. Edinboro University of PA; en- joys fiber artistry, professional painting, and writing. Sister Michele Healy- three years, Theology: B.S. VMC, M.A. Sacred Science St. Bonaventure Univer- sity; enjoys gardening, cooking, and camping. Dr. Consuelo M. Sagu ' e - Sixteen years, Spanish - Spanish Civilization: Stgo de Cuba College, Ed.D. Havanna University, New York University; enjoys golf, pottery, knitting, reading, writing; involved in Spanish Club. Thomas Parthenakis - Twelve years, History: B.A. Heidelberg College, M.A., Ph.D. Kent State University; enjoys wrestling, baseball, coaching youth football, travel, reading history and contempo- rary politics. Dr. Anthony Grimaldi - Six years, Humanities: B.A. Hofstra University, M.A., Ph.D. Ohio Universi- ty; enjoys vintage wines, cooking and eating fine meals, eighteenth century musi c; involved in Analyt- ical Studies Team. Dawna T. Mughal- Eleven years, Dietetics: M.S. Southern Illinois University, Ph.D. candidate Penn State; enjoys travel and music. Vienna Prioletti Cocuzzi - Twenty two years, Artist-in-Residence: Masters in Music at Eastern School of Music of University of Rochester; enjoys cooking, movies, and reading. James E. Zaranek - Chairperson, Dept. of Scien- ce Allied Health: M.S. West Virginia University. 17 Sr. Carol Wilcox- chairpersons. Secretary for Departmental Joan Miller- nine years. Carlow College, Graduate University of Louvain, Institut Catholique de Paris, Ecole Pratique Des Hautes Etudes. Hobbies-travel- ing, tennis, photography; Clubs-College Council, League of Women Voters, Travel and Tours Infor- mation Service. Sr. Raymond Marie Bohrer- twenty-two years; Director of Cancer Research, Scholar in Residence; VMC, Notre Dame Univ. St. Thomas Institute. Hob- bies- cross-word puzzles, crocheting and travel. David Gustafson-thirteen years. Assistant Profes- sor of Biology. Gannon Univ. St. Bonaventure Uni- versity. Hobbies- scuba diving, trout fishing, Biologi- cal Travel Study Experiences, camping. Betty Jo Chittester-five years. Chemistry Medical Technology; Lockhaven State College, Youngstown State Univ. Hobbies-enjoys hunting, fishing, reading, photography, peace and justice issues. Clubs-College Council, Faculty Welfare Comm., Academic Affairs, TEAC, Science Club, American Chemical Soc. Dr. Billie L. Perkins- four years, Biology. J sm L J. Timothy Kimtnel- three years, Biology: B.S. In- diana University of PA, M.A. Southern Illinois Uni- versity; enjoys falconry, nature photography, hunt- ing, fishing, and backpacking. Barbara McNally- two years, Chemistry: B.S. and M.Ed. Edinboro University of PA; enjoys racquetball and sewing. Mary S. Smith- sixteen years, Associate Professor: St. Vincent School of Nursing, M.N.Ed. University of Pittsburgh. Deborah Gorny- five years, Nursing: B.S.N. VMC, M.S.N. University of Pittsburgh. Patricia Messmer- three years, Adult Health: B.S. University of Pittsburgh, M.S.N. Edinboro Universi- ty of PA. Shirley Ostrum- first year, Technical Nursing Program Director: Bradford Hospital School of Nursing, B.S.N, and M.S.N. University of Pennsyl- vania; enjoys reading and antiques. 19 Evelyn Radziszewski- Associate Degree Nursing. Audrey Jurcak- Associate Degree Nursing. Catherine Seibold- Lab. Assistant, Dept. of Nurs- Joan Sexsmith- Associate Degree Nursing, ing; third year; St. Luke ' s Hospital School of Nurs- ing, Cleveland, Ohio; Villa Maria Coll., BSN. Clubs- Gail Guthleben- first year, Associate Degree Nurs- Nursing Honor Society. ing. Anne Iverson- Associate Degree Nursing. 20 I T i i 1 r Lois Bernardini- Assistant Professor, eleven years: Villa Maria Coll. Edinboro M.S. Hobbies- reading, hiking, swimming. Jolynn Erranoe- Assistant Professor, three years; University of Michigan-BSN, M.S. Hobbies-travel- ing, jogging and sailing. Shirley Francisco- Asst. Professor of Nursing; eight years; VMC; Univ. of Pittsburgh-psych, mental health. Presently a student in Doctoral program in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Univ. of Pitts- burgh. Clubs- VMC chapter of Sigma Theta Tau. Nancy Lester-second year, Assistant Professor of Nursing: B.S.N. Case Western Reserve Univ., Catho- lic Univ., Hobbies-boating, needlecraft, sumi, paint- ing; Clubs- Honor Society for Nursing. Donna Miller- first year. Assistant Professor- Nursing: VMC-B.S.N., Univ. of Pa.-M.S.N. Hobbies- running, skiing, scuba-diving. Clubs-VMC Honor So- ciety of Nursing, Residence Council Advisor. Kathy Lu Pegano -Laboratory Assitant. third year. Mercyhurst Coll., VMC, Presently in Univ. of Texas-M.S.N. Hobbies-photography, traveling, sew- ing and music. 21 Q - — — □ m ■■1 7! , Clarissa Agee R.N.M.S.-first year. Assistant Pro- iWfa A Schmitt- Laboratory Assistant, first year, fessor of Nursing. Michigan State Univ., Hobbies- VMC-B.S.N. Hobbies-swimming. Clubs-VMC Honor plants, outdoor sports, reading. Clubs-VMC Nursing Society for Nursing. Honor Society, Sigma Theta Tau, NAACP. Susan Ul- first year. Clinical Science, B.S.N. Marcy Diethorn, R.N.- Asst. Professor. E.I.N, first year. Edinboro State College, Univ. of Texas. Hob- Susan Welch-first year. Nursing-B.S.N. bies-jogging, swimming and " summer sports. " Mildred Howard- ten years. Adult Health: M.A. Edinboro State College. 22 23 Susan Marie Ames - " Sue " Medical Laboratory Technology Science Club, Peaceful Coali- tion - " ONce I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die. " 2813 East Shelby Road Oakfield, NY 14125 Mary Elizabeth An- derle - " Liz " Nursing (BSN) - SNO - " I find that I am drawn by paths and roads whose ends I cannot see, that gird an unknown countryside, that thread their way to realms un- tired, whose limits wait in mystery. " R.D. 1 Fredonia, PA 16124 Sandra Ann Bacik - " San " Mathematics - Volley- ball, Softball, College Chorus, S.A.M., Stu- dent Life, Commuter Council Secretary Trea- surer President 7800 Ruhl Road Fairview, PA 16415 26 ■ HBtil jsF 1 - m Vn • k m 9 y Kimberly Ann Barker - " Kim " Nursing (BSN) - Senior Class Secretary, SNO, Student Council Exter- nal Affairs Committee - " It Just Doesn ' t Mat- ter. " 827 Lindsay Road Carnegie, PA 15106 Jacqu el in e A . Bellizzi - " Jackie " Dietetics - Student Di- etetic Association, Resi- dent Assistant, Penn- sylvania Student Di- etetic Association 237 Waverly Avenue Medford, NY 11763 Betsy Benigni - " Bet- sy- Nursing (ADN) - Folk Group " You weiner! " 610 Sunset Road St. Marys, PA 15857 27 Cynthia Louise Ben- sur - " Cindy " Nursing (ADN) - " CAre Plans . . . again!! " 1449 West 40th Street Erie, PA 16509 Dianne Marie Berg- man - " Di " Dietetics - Student Di- etetic Association - " Life begins on Friday. " 25 Hemlock Avenue Kane, PA 16735 Sarah Elizabeth Bond - " Sarah " English - Perceptions, Ski Club 4630 West Lake Road Erie, PA 16505 28 Janin eMa rieBonyak - " Neaner " Early Childhood Ele- mentary Education - TEAC, SPSEA Vice President - " Give me a break. " 115 Woodlawn Road Butler, PA 16001 Ann M. Brazeau - " Annie " Nursing (BSN) - SNO, Student Council Repre- sentative - " Is it time to graduate yet? " 7215 South Cambell Chicago, 111 60629 Mary M. Brunner Nursing (BSN) 29 Patricia S. Burkhart - " Tricia " Nursing (BSN) - Senior Class Treasurer, SNO, Folk Group R.D. 4 Macadam Hill Corry, PA 16407 Denise M. Cairns Nursing (ADN) Patricia E. Caldwell - " Patty " Therapeutic Recreation 30 ffe ■ Cv Ht — « 5 ♦ ♦♦♦♦ ' ♦♦♦♦♦ " •♦ ' »♦•♦♦» » » ♦♦»♦♦ »♦♦•»• Nancy Lee Detesta - " Nanc " Psychology " WHY???!! " 21 Robinson Court Prospect, PA 16052 Penny Douglas - " Dougie " , " Snein " Nursing (BSN) - SNO, Curriculum Committee, NASA - " L.L the P.I.? " 4086 West 30th Street Erie, PA 16506 9 Mary Beth Emery - " Mar " Nursing (ADN) - SNO, Technical Nursing Cur- riculum Representative R.D. 1 Box 290 Tidioute, PA 16351 31 Cheryl Ann Erich - Nursing (BSN) - SNO, Resident Assistant, Nursing Honor Society 167 Hemlock Road St. Marys, PA 15857 Nancy Anne Fay - " Nan " Business Accounting - Volleyball, Softball Basket ball, Commuter Council - " Go for It!! " 1109 Shenk Avenue Erie, PA 16505 Celi a L. Feldman - Nursing (BSN) - SNO, Nursing Honor Society, Snap Representive 1513 Winslow Drive Eric, PA 16509 q 32 Ifcft m A L t Cathy A. Fisher - Psychology - Commuter Council - " I will never make it. " 3802 West 32nd Street Erie, PA 16506 Maureen Gallagher Therapeutic Recreation - Resident Assistant, Sophomore Junior Class Secretary, TRAC, Student Council 307 Country Road Berwyn, PA 19312 Mich eleAnn Gay nor d - " Michele " Nursing (BSN) - SNO, Campus Girl Scouts, Residence Council, Folk Group, Nursing Honor Society - " It just doesn ' t matter. " R.D. 2 Box 176 Valencia, PA 16059 33 Kathy D. Hawes Nursing (BSN) Marianne Christine Henshaw - " Hench, " " Pal " Elementary Education - SPSEA Treasurer, Vol- leyball, Softball, Year- book Staff - " I ' d Rather Be In Rochester . . . It ' s Got It!! " 245 Old Meadow Drive Rochester, NY 14626 Nancy Renee Her- rington - " Pancy " , Fan- cy Pants " , " Pal " Therapeutic Recreation - TRAC Vice President, Residence Council, Stu- dent Council Executive Board - " What next!?! " R.D. 1 Cole Road Perrysburg, NY 14129 34 Heidi Kathleen Ho- sey - English - Editor Per- ceptions, Student Life Committee, Student Representative to Hu- manities Department - " You really take this college thing too seri- ously. " 14 Wells Avenue Albion, PA 16401 Beatric E. Kaplan - " Bea " Early Childhood Ele- mentary Eduacation SPSEA President, Yearbook Staff " I lead such an exciting life . . . zzzz!! " 7 Erie Court Hornel, NY 14843 Mary-Carole Kos- koski - Early childhood Educa- tion - SPSEA, TEAC Committee - " If you can read this, thank a teach- er! " 625 Thompson Avenue Donora, PA 15033 35 Patricia I. Kramer - " Patti " Early Childhood Ele- mentary Education - Senior Class President, SPSEA Secretary " Isn ' t life great? " R.D. 1 Box 190 Darragh, PA 15625 Kathleen E. Krystek - " Kathy " Nursing (ADN) " I ' d rather be sailing " 820 Wayne Street Erie PA 16503 Julie K. Labesky Nursing (BSN) 36 »t.Mll|,|l. MtlMI Therese A. Langdon Nursing (BSN) Alison Louise LaPolt Communications Commuter Council 4027 Ridge Parkway Erie, PA 16510 Julia A. Laukaitis Nursing (ADN) 37 Elizabeth A. Lori Nursing (BSN) Anne V. Majerik - " Annie " Social Work -Commuter Council Secretary Trea- sure, Student Represen- tative to Analytical Studies Team - " Com- muters are people too. " 341 West 25th Street Erie, PA 16502 Kathleen Louise Ma- tava - " Kathie " Nursing (BSN) - SNO, Social Vice President of SNO - " You bet I ' m go- ing home again this weekend! " R.D. 3 Union City, PA 16438 38 Maureen T. Mc Go- vern - " Moe " Nursing (BSN) - SNO 24 Nassau Avenue Freeport, Long Island, NY 11520 Mary-Margaret Mcintosh - " M M " Nursing (BSN) - Resi- dence council President, Student Life Commit- tee, SNO, College Cho- rus, Junior Senior Re- presentative to Student Council - " When all else fails- - wing it!! " 381 South Stewart Street Blairsville, PA 15717 Lisa D. Mclntyre - Nursing (BSN) - SNO, Nursing Curriculum Committee 933 East South Street Corry, PA 16407 39 Melanie A. Meabon - " Mel " Biology Secondary Education Science Club, Sophomore Jun- ior Class Treasure 13336 Route 89 R.D. 2 Wattaburg, PA 16442 Sherry Merglowski A. - Medical Laboratory Technology Science Club, Peaceful Coali- tion, Basketball, Stu- dent Council - " The party isn ' t over until the fat lady sings. " 842 Dutch Hill Road R.D. 1 Oakdale, PA 15071 Annette C. Meyer - " Anette " Nursing (ADN) - SNO - " I ' m going to the Quiet Study! " 1217 East Eshbach Road St. Marys, PA 15852 40 Alice C. Miller - Special Education - Freshman Class Presi- dent, Administrative Resident Assistant, Residence Council, Council For Exception- al Children 121 Genesee Street Avon, NY 14414 Jan E. Nolf- " Jan " Nursing (BSN) - Sno, Student Council - " How much longer until it ' s all over?! " 144 Oak Manor Drive Natrona, PA 15065 Kim Palsa- Nursing (BSN) - Vice President Sophomore- Junior Class, Student Council, Ski Club, SNO 1380 Grantleigh Road South Euclid, OH 44121 41 Bridget Suzanne Pastor - " Gidget " Nursing (BSN) - Sno Secretary, Student Council Representative, Student Council Vice President, Nursing Honor Society - " Take me home to Salina " Box 96 Salina, PA 15680 Harriet M. Pilarczyk Nursing (BSN) - SNO, Residence Council, Col- lege Chorus, Nursing Honor Society - " When all else fails - - wing it!! " 470 Venango Avenue Cambridge Springs, PA 16403 Pamela Jean Plasket - " Mo " Therapeutic Recreation TRAC, Athletic Boost- ers Club, Volleyball, Basketball " I want to go Home! " 1138 Linwool S.W. North Canton, OH 44720 42 « r. Michele E. Potter - Nursing (BSN) - SNO, Student Council Repre- sentative, Nursing Cur- riculum Committee 43 Hamilton Lane Willingboro, NJ 08046 Tammy Potts - Business Accounting - Villecrit, Residence Council, Resident Assis- tant, Society For The Advancement Of Man- agement Vice President 2824 West 26th Street Erie, PA 16506 Vicky Ann Powell - " Vic " Nursing (BSN) - Senior Class Vice President, SNO, Nursing By-laws Committee R.D. 3 Spartansburg, PA 16434 43 Mary M. Rosen haum Nursing (BSN) Agnes Ann Ruth - " Aggie " Early Childhood Ele- mentary Education - SPSEA, Campus Girl Scouts Diane Sekula - Nursing (BSN) - Com- muter Council 2830 West 33rd Street Erie, PA 16506 44 Kathleen Semple - " Kathy " Nursing (BSN) - SNO, Student Council Ana- lytical Studies Team 4213 State Street Erie, PA 16508 Susan P. Shotter - Nursing (BSN) Karen Aileen Shut- ters - " Karen " Nursing (ADN) - Fresh- man Class Treasurer, Yearbook Staff " Why me 99 ' 178 Mount Zion Road Weedville, PA 15868 45 Brenda M. Stan kiewicz - Nursing (ADN) Lorrie Ann Svirbly - " Lorrie " Nursing (ADN) - SNO " Relax, Take a pheno- barb and mellow out. " 3324 Zuck Road Erie, PA 16506 46 Jenean Ann Swanson - " Beaner " Nursing (BSN) - Stu- dent Council, SNO President, Administra- tive Resident Assistant, Nursing Honor Society - " I knew I ' d have clini- cal, tests, ambulance calls, bombscares and maybe even a fire drill, but an earthquake? Come on!! " 3009 Hann Hill Road West Middlesex, PA 16159 Ann Marie Szustak - " Anna Banana " Nursing (BSN) - SNO, Nursing Honor Society, Resident Assistant - " Never be satisfied with life that is less that the best. Failures lie only in not having tried. " 2111 Gring Drive Wyomissing, PA 19610 Libby A. " Libby " Tahara Dietetics - Resident As- sistant , Student Dietet- ic Association Histori- an, American Dietetic Association, Volleyball 412 Parade Street St. Marys, PA 15857 Ann Marie Tronetti- " Annie " Elementary Education - SPSEA, College Chorus Soloist - " It was due when?? " 47 Mary Jenine Tye - " Jenine " Nursing (ADN) - SNO " Can I ask just ONE question " 150 Fredonia Road Greenville, PA 16125 Linda L. VanScoter - " Scooter " Psychology - Campus Girl Scouts, Student Council, Residence Council - " Sleep? What ' s Sleep?? " 25 McDougall Avenue Hornell, NY 14843 f W ' - i j B - M ' " ' ip. W 5H Michelle M. Weiser - Nursing (ADN) - " No Comment " 627 Connecticut Drive Erie, PA 16505 48 Jena Lee Wyatt - " A " , " Nay " Therapeutic Receation- TRAC President Secre- tary Publicity, Student Council Internal Exter- nal Affairs Committees " Look out world, here I come!! " P.O. Box 248 West Grove, PA 19390 Lisa Ann Zimmer - " Tootisie " Nursing (ADN) " You ' ve gotta be kid- ding! " 261 East 31st Street Eire, PA 16504 Mary Lou Ho vis - Nursing (BSN) " Am I too old for this? - No, just alittle slower! Is it all worth it? It sure is!! " R.D. 8 Box 448 Meadville, PA 16335 49 1 Christine Malinowski - Nursing (ADN) » Kathleen Donohue Raimy - " K.D. " Early Childhood Edu- cation (Associates) Justine Marie Allison " Teen " Nursing (ADN) Fresh- man Class Vice-Presi- dent, SNO, Curriculum Committee 816 East Main Street Reynoldsville, PA. 15851 50 Debbie Kitnmy Nursing (ADN) I- It- -,..J 1X 51 Lights, Camera, Action 52 i t Ik. k iK 1 1 53 54 55 58 59 Passages Of Our Life ' s Dream For Tomorrow 60 Third South Sr. Eleanor, Sr. Lucille, Sr. Jean Baptiste, Sr. Mary Fran- ces, Sr. Eunice, Sr. Mary Mark, Sr. Ursula, Sr. Chris- tine, Sr. Raymond Marie, Sr. Joachim, Sr. Elizabeth Ann, Sr. Mary Thomas, Sr. Virgin- ia Ann. 2nd South h. ' Mrs. Otteni, C. Palik, J. Labesky, V. Beir- feldt, L. Wilson, M. Brown, J. Bellizzi, J. Cassidy, S. Charlau, L. Burden, M. Sun- bury, S. Watt, C. Rinehuls, K. Ackleson, J. Tye, A. Meyer, P. Simpson, L. Ferko, B. Rugh, K. Simmons, S. Morris, A. Godsave, M. Offensend, J. Ruth, M. Landis, S. Fur- long, S. Kristofco, K. Boal, M. Hugar, B. Marconi, J. Swanson, S. Glasheen, A.J. Push, K. Gausman, L. Hamm, T. Gardner, M. Deemer, T. Ross, B. O ' Conner, S. Mcln- doe, M. Turk, D. Evans 63 First South 64 home: or J. Ellison, P. Shields, H. Pilarczyk, C. Mraz, V. Staub, D. ,ack, J. Micale, J. Sherbondy, L. Tahara, Sister Mary Frances, C. Frescura, K. Birk, K. DeChurch, J. Alderman, J. Moltz, A. Cornelius, S. Lira, J. Livingston, K. Gilders- leeve, M.M. Mcintosh, T. Langdon, L. Chris- topher, B. Lake, A. Reigel, K. Mattis, R. Van- DerMolen, S. Shippling, C. Noche, S. Walmer, A. Horvat, N. Bauer, B. Gatesman, K. Har- dinger, D. Gostomski, P. Miller, J. Malardie, L. Peake, E. Vey, M. Mealie, M.A. Nelson, S. Okert, D. Zimmerman, K. Hawes 65 Third North 66 K. Roche, N. DeJesta, L. caspery, E. Zawacki, S. Dorn, C. Turner, J. Baker, Sweeper, D. Dezois, G. Klein, L. Shannon, M. Koskoski, C. Auteri, S. Gurelka, L. Pok- lembo, J. Carr, M. Hallet, S. Coyne, M.J. Jkach, S. Zamborsky, J. Williams, B. Pastor, A. Szustak, M. Hess, K. Rawa, J. Idzi, M.L. Anderle, V. Weygandt, D. Bergman, G. Shreckengast, N. Conklin, E. Grimes, T. Schossler, N. O ' Donnell, C. Detrick, T. Kenawell 67 2nd North M. Henshaw, B. Kaplan, C. Polesnak, J. Bonyak, J. Lesondak, C. Emery, K. Carlson, M. Engman, M. Bayne, M.B. Emery, P. Kramer, B. Anthony, L. Mclntyre, M. Pot- ter, T. Burkhart, V. Powell, J. Lecker, P. White, R. Mong, S. Wabrick, K. McGroder, S. Wettsein, C. Pedano, A. Palo, K. Kerstet- ter, C. Erich, K. Palsa, K. Matava, M.A. Pasquale, J. Davis, L. Boholnick, M. Long, S. Ord, S. Straka, H. Anderson, C. Sachenik 69 First North Jr 70 IsMM C. Bon, K. Barker, M. Gaynord A. Roman- elli, K. Hultz, A. McGraw, L. Bederman, A. Miller, S. Martin, M. Greenwood, L. VanS- coter, B. Stankiewicz, M. Aiken, D. Huff- man, S. Hurley, P. Johnson, A. Brazeau, A. Davis, R. Rawlings, S. Hareczmak, H. Hoiser, K. Geibel, S. Davis, A. Nelson, C. Morris, N. Kisegy, L. Close, K. Bishop, L. Anyzek, K. Shutters, B. Mangold, B. Beni- gini 71 Villa On The Move 74 The year began at Villa with Stu- dent and Residence Councils mov- ing in the new recruits. As the Freshmen descended upon the campus the girls plus one, carefully moved all their treasures into their new home away from home. No matter how large or small the chore, the Villa movers enthusias- tically " jumped " to accomplish the task. Later that day, the movers and their new friends gathered for an enjoyable ice cream social. 75 Dance, Dance, Dance 76 i The Sophomores wanted to welcome the Freshman in a very special way. The dance was a chance for ev- eryone to become better acquanted with each oth- er. The Freshman were also taught the traditional Villa Songs. Everyone at- tending had a great time. Welcome Freshman! 77 Round Up The Sophmores got together in an Animal House style to orient the Freshman to Villa Life. The Fresh- man Sat In antitipation for their event. Some showed off their danc- ing skillls, while others enjoyed their favorite desert on the floor. Look out for those togas that know how to wrap you up in laughter 78 79 Cedar Point Some of the students packed up and took off for a fun filled day in the sun. This trip was sponsored by Student Council. It was an excit- ing ride to Cedar Point where everyone chose thei favorite ride. Some chose the water, oth- ers prefered riding upside down, while many took a relaxing drive through the covered bridge. Time was also taken out to take in some of the shows. As the day day drew to an end, everyone could be seen with a smile on their face after an exciting day at Cedar Point. m mm Lu " ■ I , » HT M li " v m ffi S " ' Bftj.i. H mJ frtay - ' Si 80 A Day Away 81 The Greece And Italy Experience Home Away From Home?!!! I wonder if I can get the college cho- rus booked here next year? Villa girls meet Greek god. May 19 was the beginning of the Villa Maria Colleges ' interdisciplinary trip to Greece and Ita ly. The fourteen day excursion began in Greece with the group partaking of the countrys ' rich history. The cruise to Italy was enjoyable. While in Italy the group saw the sights of Rome Florence and Vatican City. June 1st finally arrived and the tour departed for J.F.K.,; weary but with many happy memories to share. 82 Trick Or Treat Halloween gives everybody a chance to bring out their fa- vorite apparel. Residence Council gave everyone a chance to struutt their stuff. Afterwards there was a party with refreshments and danc- ing. Contests were held for the best costumes in four catagor- ies. Trick or Treat! 83 Hello Beth imrml i We were sorry we had to say good bye to Ted, but Beth wanted to m ake her own place in our lives. Beth provided us with the chance to get to know her brother. Everyone helped themselves to ice cream and conversation. It was nice just to see all the happy faces. 84 Yes We Have Spirit Villa students show their enthusi- asm for the Volleyball team during Spirit Day. To cheer the victors, students wore buttons throught the day announcing their support. During halftime Student Council had a contest for the student wear- ing the most Villa Clothes. Alice Miller And Julie Tubbs were cho- sen most sririted. 85 Let Us Rejoice x A The Christmas season at Villa begins with Christmas in Song and Ceremony. A tri-council event that brings students, fac- ulty and administration to lis- ten to holiday music, supplied by the College Chorus and to enjoy readings which express the holiday meaning. H 1 T A 1 Sb v b b I B B J 4 m 1 l SN % % r 1 ' ' ' 86 Angels Kris Angel Week is a long standing tradition at Villa. It is a week-long event of myste- rious packages, anonymous cards, and Santas helpers, sponsored by Residence Coun- cil. At the end of the five night gift giving spree, all of Villa gathers at the annual Christ- mas party, for the exchanging of gifts, laughter and merri- ment. 87 Working Nine To Five She works hard for the money. Student Council minutes . . ? !. Practice till you ' re perfect. I ' m a senior and I can do anything I want. We famous people have so little privacy. CRAM!! Takin A Break Too smart to study . . . too cute to care. This is my technique for capturing a man. U Villa ' s motto- Grin and bear it. Sombody ' s watching me. 89 90 1 ' 1 1 i [ s 1 - fl ' " ' minium n?T H ' f t f up V 1 WL y Student Council T. Gustafson, S. Davis, B. Pastor, P. John- son, B. Lake, J. Carr, J. Tubbs, C. Auteri, S. Okert, M. Mcintosh, M. Potter, M. Rosen- baum, A. Brazeau, N. Kisegy, S. Mclndoe, S. Shippling, G. Shreckengost, L. Christopher, T. Cook, J. Ellison, M. Long, S. Lira, M. Tkach, S. Hurley, T. Langdon, S. Shenk, L. VanScoter, K. Barker, N. Fay, C. Bon, K. Semple. 94 Residence Council Residence Council. M. Mcintosh, K. Roche, S. Coyne, L. VanScoter, C. Wrobleski, D. Zimmerman, C. Bon, H. Pilarczyk, L. Wil- son, K. Kerstetter, A. Palo, M. Gaynord, S. Hayes, M. Nelson, K. Simons, P. Miller, K. Birk, K. Rawa, E. Zawacki, Advisor- D. Miller. 95 Commuters mm 96 97 Class Officers Senior: Vice-Pres. - Vicky Powell, Advisor - Father Simmons, President - Patty Kramer, Secretary - Kim Barker, Treasurer - Tricia Burkhart. Junior: Treasurer - Nancy Bauer, President - Barb O ' Connor, Secretary - Kathy Mattis, Vice-Pres. Gayle Klein. Sophomore: President - Beth Gatesman, Freshman: President - Shelley Scharlau, Vice-Pres. - Sandy Gurecka, Treasurer - Advisor - Barb Mc Nally, Secretary - Angie Carol Frescura, Secretary - Leah Burden. Cornelius, Vice-Pres. Jane Moltz, Missing Treasurer - Kathy Birk. 98 Seniors II ? tf 1 .J B- 1 Christmas Mass Committee: Vicky Powell, Lisa Mclntyre, Kim Barker, Tricia Burk- hart, Michele Potter, Kathie Matava, Alice Miller, Michele Gaynord. St. Nicks Night Committee: Ann Brazeau, Vicky Powell, Tricia Burkhart, Alice Miller, Lisa Mclntyre, Michele Potter, Kim Barker, Bridget Pastor, Michele Gaynord. 99 T.R.A.C. C. Polesnak, President; R. VanderMolen, Vice-President; L. Peake, Treasurer; K. Turner, Publicity; D. Gostomski, Sr. H. Hecker, S. Kristofco, P. Sunbury. Science Club A. Glosser, President; C. Sachenik, Secre- tary; K. Gausman, Treasurer, K. Roche, E. Zawacki, B. O ' Connor, S. Jurlong, T. Kim- mel and B.J. Chister-Advisors. 100 Student Nurses Organization SNO Members: J. Alderman, J. Allison, M. Anderle, D. Baker, K. Barker, J. Bidwell, M. Bayne, V. Bier- feldt, K. Birk, K. Boal, C. Bon, M. Brown, D. Burden, T. Burkhart, K. Carlson, J. Carr, T. Cook, A. Corne- lus, K. Cunningham, A. Davis, S. Davis, P. Dougles, S. Dugan, J. Ellison, M. Emery, M. Engman, C. Erich, D. Evans, C. Feldman, B. Gatesman, M. Gayn- ord, J. Greenlee, L. Hamm, A. Horvat, M. Hugar, A. King, N. Kisegy, G. Klein, S. Kristfco, K. Kerstetter, T. Langdon, A. Lemke, J. Lesondak, S. Lira, M. Long, L. Lynch, B. Marconi, K. Matava, M. McGo- vern, A. McGraw, K. McGroder, M. Mcintosh, L. Mclntyre, A. Meyer, J. Moltz, S. Morris, C. Mraz, M. Nelson, C. Noche, A. Palo, K. Palsa, B. Pastor, H. Pilarczyk, M. Potter, V. Powell, R. Rawlings, A. Rei- gel, C. Rickert, C. Rinehuls, S. Roser, A. Rush, J. Ruth, S. Scharlau, K. Semple, S. Sherbondy, P. Shields, S. Shotter, G. Shreckengost, K. Simons, T. Staab, A. Szustak, K. Trautman, M. Turk, J. Tye, L. Vesinder, S. Walmer, S. Watt, V. Weygandt, L. Wil- son, C. Wrobleski, D. Zimmerman, M. Landis, C. Hallet, J. Swanson, S. Gurecka, C. Emery. 101 Campus Girl Scouts P. Johnson, President; K. Ker- stetter, Vice-President; A. Palo, Secretary; K. Gausman, Treasurer; D. Amsworth, S. Davis, M. Deemer, B. Gates- man, S. Gurecka, A. Mil- kowski, K. McGroder, A. Ruth, J. Ruth, S. Shenk, S. Straka, L. VanScoter, J. Wright. Education Club B. Kaplan, President; J. Bonyak, Vice-President; M. Henshaw, Treasurer; N. Croklin, Secretary; P. White, J. Cassidy, T. Gardner, M. Koskoski. 102 Saga Workers 103 College Chorus iiiih ' ivi-iin 1 Hem COLLEGE CHORUS: Sr. Lucille, K. Gausman, L. Hamm, L. Wilson, S. Scharlau, J. Alderman , J. Ellison, H. Pilarczyk, M. Mcintosh, J. Greenlee, J. Cassidy, B. Gatesman, K. McGroder, M. Bruno. Liturgical Choir •■tf. Km 1 i J 1 L •1 LITURIGICAL CHOIR: Director-M. Gaynord, B. Benigni, A, Nelson, B. Mangold, K. Barker, P. Johnson. 104 Vixen Staff i • Nancy Bauer, Sue Hareczmak, Heidi Hosier, Bea Kaplan. Editor: Sandy Hurley, Marianne Henshaw, Maria Long, Pam Johnson. Anne says, " Seniors are Super. " Special Thanks to all the seniors who helped with the yearbook! Rick Allen (Josten ' s Rep.), John Young (Advisor) i(b x Vc v M ll,what do you have to say? • Villa Bumps VOLLEYBALL Sept. 10 Behrend (scrimmage) Away Sept. 20 Pitt-Bradford Away Sept. 23 Thiel Tournament Away 24 Sept. 26 Grove City Mercyhurst Home Sept. 28 Gannon Away Sept. 30 Youngstown Tournament Away Oct. 1 Oct. 4 Behrend Carlow Behrend Oct. 7 Geneva LaRoche Geneva Oct. 11 Allegheny Away Oct. 13 Westminster Pitt-Bradford Home Oct. 17 Gannon Home Oct. 20 Thiel Away Oct. 24 Geneva Mercyhurst Home Oct. 27 Grove City Away Nov. 1 Westminster Away Nov. 3 Behrend Home Nov. 5 NAIA Districts Nov. 7 Thiel Fredonia Home Nov. 10 Allegheny Home 110 The Villa Victors gave the season their best shot. They showed imporvement throught the season. Members of this year ' s team were: S. Kristofco, S. Gurecka, N. Fay, J. Carr, C. Sa- chenik, A. Reigel, P. Plasket and Coach K. Kelly. 111 Basketball Returns 112 The Vixen Staff is glad to welcome back the Victor basketball team; members were: D. Do- zois, L. Peake, B. Gatesman, N. Fay, S. Straka, C. Rhinehuls, A. Milkowski, M. Landis, Coach G. Froehlich. si-.. BASKETBALL Dec. 3 Dec. 6 Dec. 8 Dec. 10 Jan. 20 Jan. 23 Jan. 25 Jan. 28 Jan. 31 Feb. 2 Feb. 6 Feb. 8 Feb. 1 1 Feb. 14 Feb. 16 Feb. 20 Feb. 23 Feb. 27 Point Park Mercyhurst Behrend Pitt- Brad ford Thiel Westminster Geneva Grove City Geneva Behrend Allegheny Carlow Pitt-Bradford Jamestown CC Westminster Grove City Allegheny Thiel Away Away Home Home Away Away Home Home Away Away Home Home Away Away Home Away Away Home 113 Softball Spring ' 83 Right: Way to go for two Joni! Below: Strike three . . . Middle: One more and we ' re outta here! Bottom Right: Contemplat ing strategy! 114 Coach Shirley Fletcher, (J. James L. Davis co-cap- tians), M. Bayne, N. Hurley, M. Landis, G. Guzetta, S. Gurecka, J. Carr, S. Shenk, M. Henshaw, N. Fay, T. Schossler Left: Awesome bunt, Beacher! Bottom: What an inning! SOFTBALL April 3 Behrend Away April 5 Gannon Away April 7 Thiel Home April 9 Allegheny Home April 12 Geneva Home April 26 Westminster Away April 30 Thiel Away May 3 Grove City Home 115 Enjoy The Winter 116 It All Happens Here The academic complex of Villa Maria Col- lege is m ade up of A ' Hearn Hall (the Ad- ministration Building), the Academic Building, the Lecture Hall, the Auditor- ium Gymnasium, and the Natatorium (Swimming Pool). Completed in 1961, the Academic and Administration Buildings were the first structures on the newly relo- cated Villa Maria College campus. The Gymnasium and Natatorium were com- pleted in the Fall of 1963. The newest building on campus, the Lecture Hall, was build in 1972. Together, these buildings form the backbone for life at Villa Maria College. 117 Great Times With j Si Dance lessons from M.J. Villa ' s Rockettes -: Life and advanced study - VILLA STYLE o ft Working the night shift Saturday Night Live? 118 Good Friends Don ' t tell ANYONE, it ' s a secret. Can we talk here? 119 PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Bon Michael S. Davis Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fay Mr. and Mrs. Hallet Mrs. Alice Hurley Haven Mr. and Mrs. Carl M.. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Kisegy Maria D. Long Kathleen McGroder Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Ray Ruth Mr. and Mrs. Leon Sachenik Mr. and Mrs. VanScooter John C. Vey Mr. and Mrs. Ray L.. White Mr. and Mrs. John Zamborsky SPONSORS Bridal Elegance West Erie Plaza Patty Mizner and Anne Nelson Toy World 4983 Pittsburgh Ave. Haupt ' s Meat Market 2430 West Eighth St. 122 KE1R KNACK AND RICHARDS, INC. i m Professional J Sk rS SENIOR 8 %r " PORTRAITS % l Specialist in Yearbook Photography Proms. . Family Portraiture. .Weddings.. Sports Groups rt 3659 HARLEM ROAD BUFFALO, N. Y. 14215 (716) 835-7351 Thanks For Supporting STUDENT COUNCIL ' S ACTIVITIES (•innnmmn n I 1 r i w4 Ptcvyx MOTEL 2510 W. 8th St. Erie PA 16505 814-833-9841 Opposite Villa Maria College West Erie Plaza Special Villa College Rates Beautifully Appointed Rooms Spacious Heated Pools 123 814 454-7770 DIVISION Of FILIP LTD. INC ilip leuuelru coiieciiDies WEST ERIE PLAZA ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA 16505 ■ " »! rxrninsiilrt In Vfowd fi gift Peninsula Village Plaza 2310 W. 8th Street Erie, PA 16505-4490 814 454-2821 $ ►J L®B ©LTSIQ]® JdWdDdLT, DlTD©o BiI Appraisals Colored Gems Diamonds Estate Jewelers 2626 West 8th St. Colony Plaza Erie, PA 16505 814 833-5311 V Always An Adventure CAMPUS GIRL SCOUTS friend ' s place 2827 W 26th St. Erie, PA 16506 Congratulations Class Of ' 84 THE LITTLE STORE West Erie Plaza 456-7442 A Complete Line Of - Hallmark Products -f| JXwu xL Gifts And Collectibles 124 BEST WISHES FROM your college food service JOHN ADAMS SCHWINN CYCLERY, Inc. 2774 W. 12th ERIE, PA. 16504 Phone: 814-833-0430 JOHN ADAMS Pres. Siegel ' s BASKIN-ROBBINS 2308 West Eighth Street Erie, Pa. 16505 Phone: 455-9720 Birthday Cakes Made to Order 456-1 172 UNCOMMON NATURE DESIGNS Domestic imported Gift, jewelry Decorating items A Natural Selection 2314- west 8th St. Erie. PA 16505 ERICHSON HEARING AID CENTER 810 WEST ERIE PLAZA ERIE, PA. 1 6505 PHONE: (814)434 7432 HELEN ERICHSON 125 Congratulations Graduates From Your Neighbor CAPRI MOTEL 2540 W. Lake Road Erie, PA Thank You From VIXEN THE COLONY GALLERY FRAME Gifts, Framing, Needlework Oils, Diplomas, Prints 2632 West 8t St. 838-4991 126 « dSK, 127 WSm

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