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Kill e xi mm VtifrAi.1 Nil fti£WS 88 1 ' il« i 1 u « . ; is? ■ ■ I •f §■ 1 v ' i is ¥ it ' s time to start all over again!! time on our hands . . . It ' s time for class, and work, and study, and then my stomach says, " Hey you, " I know it ' s time to eat. But in my day, the time that ' s worth the most is the time that I spend for me. In my time, I keep my studious friends from their homework, or write a letter that ' s two months overdue. Then, I smile to myself and think of faraway places and gorgeous men. With this thought, I realize there will be a time. And when it comes he ' ll be blessed. there are hours spent all alone ■i all the good times! Approximately 300 students affectionately refer to VMC as home. In the dorms, all the girls have a place where escape from the rig- ors of class can be found. In these shelters from the storm of learning, each girl finds someone else who, like her, cannot study for one second more. When necessary, she can even find a friendly shoulder for homesick tears. Friendships begun out of simple need are built upon and grow into lifetime bonds. It is hard to live with someone 24 hours a day; but disregarding a few uncomfortable mo- ments, life at the Villa dorms is at the very least interesting. the dorm has become our second home our fellow IN AND OUT OF 1ST NORTH J. Taylor, C. Aylesworth, L. Abbott, L. Reiter, J. Hall, M. McCarthy, K. Kelly, E. Aarnio, E. Schilker, T. M. Todhunter, C. Lewandowski, M. Brova, J. Cir- mella, C. Mclndoe, C. DiVittis, T. Hatten, M. Mar- tin, A. Glucki, D. Kuhn, K. McGowan, M. Williams, S. Fenner, L. Daugherty, K. Galekovic, J. Stanford, S. Whistler, S. Kalp, J. Esterly, C. Donze, A. Brazeau, K. Swift, D. Skurcenski, M. Martin, A. Allgeier, A. Clouse, L. Schile, S. Payne, D. Gill, C. Andrews, C. Seliwitz, K. Costello, K. Crunkleton, A. Smith, J. Sobleskie, L. Anyzek, C. Van Zile, L. Pantzer, S. Schatz, D. Dozois, M. Barber, T. Car- diano, P. Butch L. McClain, L. Lynch, A. Noonen. SMILE FOR THE CAMERA 2ND NORTH F. Gullo, R. DeSpirito, S. Hall, L. Johnson, D. Denard, H. Hosey, S. Priest, R. Foor, L. Myers, D. Kozar, J. Willems, K. Fulton, N. Catalano, D. Lupek, K. Sweeney, Z. Stanick, P. Burkhart, V. Powell, P. Plasket, T. Walter, L. Mclntyre, J. Brown, G. Guzzetta, N. Herrington, L. Hugar L. Hugar, M. Quinn, C. Muravcki, L. Wilcox, C. Kane, K. Bray, D. Weir, P. Eaton, H. Holcomb, S. Neville, L. Da- vis, B. Kaplon, A. Blystone, D. Compel, J. Mrochek, B. Granger, E. Grimes, T. Wilson, K. Cotton, J. Flannagan, P. Kepple, C. Dibble, S. Burty, T. Hood, L. Vanscoter, M. Henshaw, T. Potts, K. Wuenshel, S. Ames, T. Palmesano, S. Lloyd, P. Montag, K. Barker, L. Rei- gle, K. Bishop, J. Bunyak, J. Davis, M. J. Blackburn, S. Meglowski, K. Stew- art, C. Ostrowski, M. McGovern, C. Lerch, P. Johnson, A. Miller f THEY ' RE THE TOPS: 3RD NORTH AND SOUTH Ursula. S Y . ffiK. M a™ £ r ' ™ Sr Joachium, Sr Eunice Sr R, 1 j u i ' Sr Ml, » Frlncl ' . St - Ba P ,, st , s, cZS;!: SK S - i Sr Jean AN EVENING WITH 1ST SOUTH C. Baker, B. Baron, L. Bell, L. Bend- er. J. Bidwell. J. Blankenship, P. Caldwell, K. Cammarata. D. Cham- berlain, J. Clegg, M. Gallagher. R. Foulkrod, P. Diane, A. Dengate, C. Deibert. J. Cynkar. T. Langdon, E. Lorei, L. Lynch, B. Mangold, K. Ma- tava. L. McMlure, M. Mcintosh. J. McNerney, M. Modzelewski. T. Manks, J. Myers, L. Neurohr, J. La- besky, B. Kucinski, J. Krug, C. Kowalski, K. Kolstee. P. Kneller. T. Jackson, T. Hoffman, K. Howes, C. Hamilton, L. Winters, C. Wallace, E. Vey, K. Twardowski, K. Turney, H. SchatA R. Schmidt, P. Shahen. R. Quimby. D. Sperling. J. Stemplinski. J. Stidd. S. Sunseri. L. Tahara. S. Tucker, C. Polesnak, H. Pilarczyk, T Palmesano, J. Nolf, E. Oakley. M. Zak, E. Woldering. ALL AROUND 2ND SOUTH S. Shotter, T. Pallitta, L. Scully, T. Wilson, T. Flamik, K. Palsa, V. Erich, M. Porter, P. Ribik, B. Pastor, G. Wiechelt, K. Ford, L. Rossi, S. Bond, D. Sasser, J. Swanson, A. Szustak, P. Shank, L. Steppling, D. Sturnick, M. Kulmoski, R. Grimm, D. Cawoski, P. Smith, D. Rafalski, K. Kenneth, M. Mixer, K. Loper- fito, K. Waltz, J. Williams, M. A. Shubert, D. Gillespie, K. Carac- ciolo, D. Paruso, C. McMillen, R. Courtright, D. Cushman, M. Walsh, J. Wyatt, P. Mead, J. Carch, C. Fisher, J. Best, J. Selker, G. Glosner, C. Keyler, M. Rudge, L. Hunt, M. Paranto, C. Boepple, C. Knightlinger, M. Pet- tegrino. VILLA LEADERSHIP Residence Council Student Council Commuter Council e- Student Council — Pres: K. Cam- marata; V. P. Academic Affairs: P. Nickerson; V.P. Social Affairs: M. Porter; Recording Sec: R. Quimby; Corresponding Sec: M. Modze- lewski; Treas; L. McClure; Club Coordinator: L. Hunt; Publicity Co- chair: M. Brova, J. Ciramella; Reps: C. Reno, S. Whistler, J. Kremmel, M. McCarthy, G. Wiechelt, M. Par- anto, L. Myers, D. Kozar, J. Meyers, M. Martin, E. Oakley, J. Swanson; Alts: C. Mclndoe, P. Johnson, K. Palsa; S.C. Reps to Board of Trust- ees: K. Turney, K. Cammarata;Fa- culty Affairs: P. Nickerson, M. Szy- mula; Business Finance: J. Volz, C. Meier; Development: D. Lee, M. Paranto; Curriculum: T. Todhunter, P. Nickerson; Academic Affairs: L. Reiter, P. Nickerson; Discipline: L. Schile; Student Life: J. Kremmel, M. Paranto, S. Patterson, T. Walter; S.C. Rep to Residence Council: M. T. Martin; S. C. Rep to Commuter Council: M. McBride Residence Council — Pres: D. Skurcenski; Vice Pres: S. Lambert; Recording Sec: P. Perlinger; Corre- sponding Sec: C. Smith; Treas: T. Flamik; Soc. Planning: L. Meyers; Program Planning: K. Miller; Pub- licity Co-chair: M.P. Fullen, C. Zsolcsak; Rep to Commuter Coun- cil: M. Walsh; Rep to Student Coun- cil: M. T. Martin; South Dorm Rep: D. Paruso; North Dorm Rep: P. Butch; Floor Reps: K. Swift, C. Titler, C. Fayne, C. Lerch, D. Weir, J. Sobleski, S. Fenner, D. Chamber- lin, D. Cushman, R. Foulkrod, A. Szustak. Commuter Council — Pres: J. Kneller; Vice Pres: M. McBride; Sec-Treas: S. Domeraski; Activities Coordinator: J. Bostaph. WORDS AND MUSIC Villa Maria College Chorus Folk Singers Folk Singers-R. DeSpirito, L. Schile, J. Cynkar, M. B. Szymula, C. Mclndoe, L. Reiter, M. Brova, C. Meier, C. Kowalski, C. Leonardi, J. Mrochek, A. Miller, Sr. Mary Fran- cis, M. McCarthy, M. Gaynord, L. Steppling, T. Hatten, E. Aarnio, M. Walsh. Yearbook Staff- Editor; J. Stanford, Artist: S. Whistler, Ads Manager: C. Lerch, Typists: L. Schile, D. Skur- censki. Photographers: J. Stanford, K. Kolstee, P. Nickerson, J. Winter, M. Harris, and especially T. Tod- hunter. Staff: P. Jo hnson, M. Rudge, L. Wilcox; and a very special thank- you to Jeff " JOSTEN ' S " Brooks for his many hours spent working right beside us. Due to s mix-up with photography development, the Villecrit photo has been unfortunately omitted. The Vixen owes a great deal to the Ville- crit staff for their generous donation of time and materials. All of the Vix- en Staff wish to say " thank-you " to: R. Foor, S. Priest, H. Hosey, P. Shank. C. Ostrowski, V. Hundley, C. Buliche, J. Esterly, E. Fary, L. John- son, S. Lloyd, F. McCreary, M. McFadden, T. Potts, M.A. Rankel, K. Schratz, P. Weber, and M. Harris Yearbook Staff at work CAREER MINDED Modern Languages Club Business Club Modern Languages Club- T. Potts, P. Shank, A. Szustak, S. Priest, M. McBride, L. Rossi, R. DeSpirito. Business Club — V. Hundley, D. Shade, P. Butch, M. Rankle, R. Foulkrod, L. Bender, D. Skurcenski, J. Esterly, P. Perlinger, Therapeutic Recreations- M. B. Mason, P. Montag, G. Guzzetta, J. McNerney, C. Boepple, C. Os- trowski, D. Sperling, N. DaMico, J. Carch, P. Smith, K. Tradowski, J. Brucker, P. Caldwell, M. Gallager, M. Salvia, B. Beckwith, D. Munsen, C. Fisher, S. Fenner, P. Plasket, B. Oney, K. Kolstee, 1. Neuhorer, C. Baker, G. Yaple, J. Bostaphe, M. Cutter. Home Economics Club- A Majerik, M. Jenck, L. Rieter, L. Allen, C. Lerch, N. Herrington, M. Gregory. Therapeutic Recreations Home Economics Club i m } -. .11 VILLA SERVICE CLUBS Campus Girl Scouts- L. VanScoter, A. Dengate, J. Kneller, C. Keyler, E. Aarnio, K. Schratz, K. Turney, R. Quimby, C. Wood, A. Allgeier, A. Clouse, K. Barker, C. Baker, M. Gaynord, J. Hall, P. Johnson, C. Kowalski, Mrs. Kneller Faculty Advisor. Student Nurses Organization- E. Aarnio, A. Allaeier, M. Anderle, L. Anyzek, K. Barker, L. Bell, J. Best, J. Bidwell, K. Bishop, A. Blys- tone, M. Brova, A. Brozeau, C. Burns, K. Cammarata, D. Chamber- lain, J. Ciramella, A. Clouse, D. Cushman, L. Davis, C. Deibert, P. Dine, M. DiSanto, V. DiVecchio, C. DiVittis, C. Donze, C. Erich, V. Erich, B. Fabrey, C. Fearen, M. Focht, M. Gaynord, D. Gillespie, G. Glosner, B. Granger, D. Grimes, R. Grimm, S. Hall, C. Hamilton, L. Harris, K. Hawes, T. Hoffman, L. Hunt, P. Hyatt, T. Iannacone, P. Johnson, M. Kaminski, P. Kneller, C. Knightlinger, B. Kucinski, D. Kuhn, M. Kulmoski, C. Keyler, S. Lambert, C. Laskowski, K. Loper- fito, D. Lupek, L. Lynch, B. Man- gold, M. Martin, M. McCarthy, L. McClure, J. McClosky, C. Mclndoe, M.M. MCIntosh, P. Mead, C. Meier, J. Melnik, C. Michal,, M. Mixer, M. Modzelewski, T. Monks, J. Mrocek, J. Myers, J. Nolf, C. Pa- lik, T. Palletta, K. Palsa, S. Patter- son, M. Pellegrino, D. Perry, H. Pi- larczyk, L. Pontzer, M. Potter, R. Quimby, M. Quinn, M. Rennells, C. Reno, S. Ritter, L. Rossi, C. Runkel, K. Schratz, L. Schile, E. Schilken, P. Shahen, P. Shank, S. Shasz, S. Shot- ter, M.A. Shubert, K. Stebell, L. Steppling, M. Stoeber, A. Stuart, D. Sturnick, S. Sunseri, J. Swanson, K. Swift, A. Szustak, J. Taylor, D. Thimmons, T. Todhunter, K. Tur- ney, T. Vahey, E. Vey, M. Walsch, J. Willem, T. L. Wilson, J. Wyatt, M. Zak, L. Hugar, M. Rudge, C. Wood, L. Onyzek, D. Kozar, P. Walker, M. B. Wade, T. Ribik, S. Thimmons, J. Selker, B. Pastor, S. Payne, J. Beck- eny. Recreation and Athletic Associ- ation- J. James, P. Smith, S. Fletcher, D. Rafalski, K. Kelly, L. Davis, A. Glucki, L. Schile, S. Fenner, G. Guz- zetta, P. Plasket. Campus Girl Scouts Student Nurses Organization Recreation and Athletic Association IN A SINGLE MOMENT . . . Take that you darn dust bunnies! o ' Here ' s to Saturday night! ; •? Let go of my Gatorade! A little Elfen magic. Can I stop posing for this candid yet? SPORTS BUMP, SET, AND SPIKE: a team effort The 1980 Volleyball Team had their first winning season ever. They ended with a ten-none record. The team is a new one with only one returning player. The season was a team effort, however, Kim Kelly was named Second Team All-Conference. The team is coached by Shirley Fletcher. It is lead by K. Kelly and L. Davis the co-captains. The rest of the team are: M. Fay, P. Plaskett, J. James, L. Stepon, and M. Shu- bert, S. Bacik, S. Shimmons, K. Sweeny, L. Tahara, M. Henshaw, and P. Kepple. The manager of the team is T. Potts. L. Zurad is the trainer. D. Lupek keeps the scorebook and C. Kane is statistician. cVILLAcTMARIA COLLEGE TENNIS: A NEW TEAM The Tennis team is a young one with only two returning players, plus a new coach, Lydia Haynor. The team had practice four or five times a week for two hours. Their home court matches are played at Frontier Courts. The team had a lot of fun playing. P. Kneller is the team ' s captain. The rest of the team members are: D. Skurcenski, K. Swift, F. Gullo, P. Smith, L. Iz- bicki, J. McNerney, L. Schile, D. Dozois, T. Dal- mesano, and B. Kalpon. SOFTBALL SCHEDULE 1981 Sat., April 4 Mon., April 6 Tues., Aprl 7 Thurs., 9 Sat., April 11 Thurs., April 23 Sat., April 25 Mon., April 27 Tues., April 28 Thurs., April 30 Sat., May 2 Geneva Thiel Gannon Mercyhurst Behrend Thiel Allegheny Westminster Mercyhurst Behrend Grove City Away Home 1:00 3:30 Away Away Away Away 4:00 4:00 1:00 3:30 Away Home 1:00 4:00 Home 4:00 Home 4:00 Away 2:00 Keystone Conference counting matches TENNIS SCHEDULE 1980 Fri., Sept. 12 Behrend Home 4:00 Tues., Sept. 16 Mercyhurst Away 4:00 Fri., Sept. 19 Westminster Away 4:00 Mon., Sept. 22 Thiel Away 3:00 Tues., Sept. 23 Gannon Away 4:00 Sat., Sept. 27 Geneva Home 1:00 Tues., Sept. 30 Allegheny Home 3:00 Thurs., Oct. 2 Mercyhurst Home 4:00 Mon., Oct. 6 Grove City Away 3:30 Thurs. Oct. 9 Gannon Home 4:00 Fri., Oct. 10 Thiel Home 3:00 Thurs., Oct. 16 Behrend Away 3:00 a special note to the softball team Since softball season did not meet the publication deadline, the schedule is put in to show the school is behind you . . . Good Luck! BASKETBALL SEASON OPENS Villa began their season with a win over Behrend College and Kent State-Ashtabula. The team has five players returning from last year. The team is coached by Shirley Fletcher. Starting players for the team are Andrea Glucki, Kim Kelly, Laura Abbot, Tricia Ri- bik and Pam Plaskett. As seen in the picture. Row one- L. Abbot (co-captain), G. Guzzetta (statisti- cian), L. Zurad (trainer), M. McCarthy. Row two- P. Smith, T. Conaboy, C. Kane, S. Merglowski, L. Da- vis, D. Lupek (scorekeeper), S. Fletcher (coach). Row Three- A. Glucki, P. Plaskett, K. Kelly, T. Ribik, S. Vaughn, D. Rafalski (co- captain), J. James (statist cian), and L. Schile (thirty- second clock). w 1 NORTH DOES IT AGAIN For the second year, North Dorm racked up the most points in the annual Swimming Intra- murals. The other two teams com- peting were the Commuters and South Dorm. The Former placing second followed closely by South Dorm. The teams met six times and swam nine events. North Dorm is lead by J. Perine and S. Fenner, the co-captains. The rest of the team are S. Whistler, G. Guzzetta, A. Clouse, C. DiVittis, P. Eaton, H. Holcomb, N. Hur- ley, D. Dozois, and C. Dibble. The Commuters Captain was J. Kneller. The members are M.B. Pantzis, M. McBride, B. Culla- ton, P. Pecora, A. Tronetti and P. Hyatt. South Dorms members are T. Flamik (co-captain), K. Palsa, (co-captain), M. Porter, J. Ribic, M. Walsh, K. Lynch, D. Sperling and S. Bond. IN THE BEGINNING Freshmen means: Breaking away, leaving home, making new friends, adjusting to roommates, wearing beanies, playing lawn games, singing VMC songs, studying Block, learning to eat SAGA food, taking phone duty, struggling through College Comp. at 8:00 a.m., pigging out at Skippereno ' s, staying up all night talking about nothing, popping popcorn, searching for ice cubes, cramming for finials, and finally advancing to sophomore year! You will love your Beanie! Cooperation by Residents and Student Council. L - - -■ 3 A little embarassment never hurt anyone !? They DO love their Beanies. AND IN THE END! Many of the Freshmen who enter Villa, leave with either a BSN or an AD degree in Nursing. Because the nursing students who leave Villa ' s fine program are in demand, Villa sets aside a day so that representatives from hospitals around the area can come on campus and talk to the nurses about their facilities. The day i s most benificial to the Juniors and Seniors, but everyone benifits from this service. More reasons 100 percent tuition reimbursement High Competitive salary New graduate internship program Accumulative Personal days V v of K w differentia. Ml " 1 X wr - ■ t awTT v imtTMms flj Er ▼-aj- — V, ' Jti It? WSm -AC 1 OF DO-3S30 I ' M X- SOO VM OCTOBER 14: fIDMS MOK. 1JVRJWJK ;i;JO-S:30 I ' M S-OOAM ' How am I going to get to the Springsteen concert 1 ? Villa ' s Woman ' s Day activities started on Monday evening with two movies followed by a discussion of the movies. Tuesday morning, Wom- an ' s Day got into full swing at 8:00 a.m. with " The Three-Mile Run " around campus. Then at 1 1:00 a.m., there was a panel discussion on " Women in Media " . June Smith from WQLN TV, Lisa Adams from WICU TV and Joy Greco from WJET radio participated in the dis- cussion. At 2:00p.m. Attorney Lyn- ette Lang lectured on the legal issues which face women. Later in the afternoon the mood changed a little for an informal Auto Mechanics Seminar presented by the chief me- chanic at Exit 4 MOBIL station, Linda Steward. Finally, the day was concluded by a lecture entitled " Pre- paring to make many choices— Lead many Lives " . It was given by Dr. Eloise Murray, an Associate Profes- sar of Home Economics at Penn State University. Everyone who at- tended the day ' s events seemed to- enjoy them as well as benifit from them. A DAY FOR WOMEN HALLOWEEN AT VILLA i It ' s Miller Time. Have you seen 6 little guys wandering around? WHAT DO YOU THINK . . . we look like that all the time. ¥ IKI Didn ' t your mother ever tell you not to put your finger in a light socket? M Smiles make people wonder what you ' re up to! Nancy Nurse and her blood mobile. LITTLE SISTERS VISIT VILLA ' S HOE - DOWN ALPHA OMEGA PLAYERS PRESENT: ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER THANKSGIVING WITH FRIENDS CHRISTMAS WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS! i Never shall I forget the days which I spent with you. . . Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours. Ludwig van Beethoven President: Sister M. Lawreace Antoun, Ph. D. (A.B.D.) Vice President for Academic Affairs Academic Dean Sister Mary Mark Doubet, Ph.D. Dean of the Erie Institute for Nursing Dorothy J. Novello, Ph. D. Vice President for Finance and Planning Sister Jean Baptiste Di Luzio, M.A. L Vice President for Student Affairs JoAnn D. Painter, Ph. D. fj ! li ' tll ' l ill M |!f| ! ill ' II i • it ■ 1 m k. A Vice President for External Affairs: Dennis Stefanacci, M.A. . . . and he guards the baseline too! John T. Young Assistant Professor, English Yearbook Advisor Sister James Francis Mulligan Associate Professor Director, English Communications Consualo M. Sague Associate Professor, Spanish Director, Modern Language Donald L. Tronetti Assistant Professor, Education Librarians Sister Mary Thomas Downing; Sister Eleanor Jones Mildred Howard, Assistant Professor Nursing Mary S. Smith, Associate Professor, Nursing Lois Bernardini, Assistant Professor, Nursing Lori Demeter, Clinical Laboratory Assistant, Nursing Deborah Gorny Assistant Professor, Nursing Alice E. Conway, Assistant Professor, Nursing Director, Acute and Critical Care Program Suzan Ulrich, Instructor, Nursing Teresa Peduzzi, Assistant Professor, Nursing Director, Primary and Long Term Care Program Donna Umpleby Clinical Laboratory Assistant, Nursing Sandra Kramer, Assistant Professor, Nursing Shirley F. Francisco, Assistant Professor, Nursing Reverend Jerome Simmons Director of Campus Ministry Health Services Paula Nason, R.N. Kathy Malone, R.N. Elaine M. Clyburn, Assistant Professor Director, Social Work Program -1 Ruth Hahn, Assistant Professor, Sociology Chairperson, Department of Business David J. Gustafson, Assistant Professor, Biology Dr. Richard LeVan, Assistant Professor Director, Psychology Program 4 Christopher J. Pantzis Assistant Professor, Social Work James E. Zaranek, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Chairperson, Department of Science Allied Health 45 Above Sister Lucille DeStefano Assistant Professor, Fine Arts Right Margaret Y. Krider Curriculum Coordinator, Fine Arts Program Above Miriam S. Kneller Assistant Professor, Physical Education Right Sister Mary Francis Becker Lecturer, Arts Roy Olsson, Assistant Professor Director, Therapeutic Recreation Program Sister Carol Fleming, Instructor, Dietetics Patrick Ward Director of Admissions Dr. Ann Cossette, Curriculum Coordinator Theology Philosophy Program Sister Mary Julia Scully Director of Media Library Dr. Suzanne Loss, Home Economics Chairperson, Department of Human Ecology Sister Elizabeth Niebauer Instructor, Business fc I Ted ' s " SAGA " ARE HAPPY FACES . . . Pete says " Who wouldn ' t be happy? " WELL, USUALLY . . . WP ' tSPW SIGNS OF THE TIMES M i my souL -nio nifies " GET READY, ' CAUSE HERE I COME. " THOSE CUDDLY SENIORS . . Marianne Kulmosk 4- Jr " £ v k k Pt ■ Barbara Oney • ' Robin Quimby Karen Cammarata Kim Turney Lyn Bell SENIOR DIRECTORY Laura E Abbott 241 East Main St Girard. PA 16417 Susan M Allegretto 215 Ash Street Ridgway. PA 15853 Patricia A Allen 929 Lincoln Avenue Erie. PA 16505 Karen A Cammarata 2445 Pin Oak Place Pittsburgh. PA 15220 Jamne M Carch 4607 Bowes Ave West Mifflin. PA 1512 Linda M Carney 2302 Vi Peach St Erie. PA 16502 Kathleen M Freemar 6743 Washington Av Robin K Ganz 501 E 38 Sesler 123 Erie. PA 16504 Tamara L Graffius 446 West 31st St Erie. PA 16508 Kim Amon 1911 Grove Dr Erie. PA 16505 Karen S Cermak 9117 Kuhl Road Erie. PA 16510 Linda J Andrews Box 205 Baldwin Hall Erie, PA 16546 Susan Angelotti 119 Vi Brewster St Erie, PA 16503 Anna Audino 1202 Warren New Castle, PA 16101 Mary Lou Babnis 329 West 7th St Erie, PA 16502 Barbara Bauer 310 West 7th St A-l Erie. PA 16502 Roberta L Baughman 3166 West 42nd St Erie. PA 16506 Theresa L Cordiano 906 Willow Drive Clearfield, PA 16830 Karlyn M CosteLo 247 Prospect St Brownsville, PA 15417 Susan M Crowley 9 Elm Street Bradford. PA 16701 Iris Custead R D 6 Meadville. PA 16335 Judith L Dahlkemper 5240 Schrimper RD Erie, PA 16510 Valerie Damond 3635 Cameo Way Erie, PA 16506 Diane M Grimes 702 W 26th St Apt 3 Erie, PA 16508 Francine M Gullo 720 Prospect Buffalo, NY 14213 Lisa Ann Holl 2727 East 28th St Erie, PA 16510 Anne Marie Hollister 2828 Sterrettania Rd Erie. PA 16506 Margaret E Hyatt 702 West 26th St Erie. PA 16508 Mary E Beckwith 3702 Hazel St Erie. PA 16508 Judith Ann Bekeny 635 Delaware Ave Erie, PA 16505 RD 5 Box 240 Latrobe, PA 15650 Anne Marie Dengate 5926 Ward Road Sanborn, NY 14132 Mary Anne De Santis 819 West 8th St Erie, PA 16502 Mary D Lyon 5846 Heritage Drive Erie. PA 16509 Erie. PA 16501 Kathleen Joint 1210 East 29th St Erie, PA 16504 Maria L Kaminski 61 1 Burtner Road Natrona Heights PA 15065 Cheryl M Boepple 29 Tornngton Lane Willingboro, NJ 08046 Dawn Bonnes 648 West 6th St Erie, PA 16507 John J Bowers 632 East 34th St Erie, PA 16504 Pen Bridger R D 2 Cambridge Springs. PA 16403 Elaine P Britton 110 East 35th St Erie, PA 16504 Mrs Jean M Brucker 4011 Stellar Drive Erie. PA 16506 Lon Ann Bush 1433 East 7th St Erie, PA 16503 Valerie De Vecchio 147 W 4th St A-201 Erie, PA 16505 Ralph E Dolan 1910 Whitley Avenue Eric. PA 16503 Julie Ann Edkin 1557 West 41st St Erie, PA 16509 Mary Elizabeth Ek 1942 West 38th St Erie, PA 16508 Joanne L Esterly 10547 Phllpsville Rd Wattsburg. PA 16442 Mary Farmer 4140 Burton Ave Erie, PA 16504 Carolyn A Fearen 426 Deerfield Dr Camp Hill, PA 17011 Callie E Fisher Box 461 EI;sworth, PA 15331 Robin J Foor 216 Fair Ave R D 3 Johnstown, PA 15904 Lorraine A Kaye 508 Main Street West Middlesex, PA 16159 Kim M Kelly PO Box 155 Woodland, PA 16881 Kimberly Kenneth R D 5 Box 377 Mc Donald, PA 15057 Karen T Kierzek 2846 East 28th St Erie, PA 16510 Mrs Jean M Kloecker 209 Shorehaven Dr Erie, PA 16505 Kimberly A Kolstee R D 4 Spirit Hill Corry, PA 16407 Jeannie Krajewski 65 Junewood Drive Levittown, PA 19055 Judith A Kremmel 782 Fairdale Ave Ambridge. PA 15003 Marianne Kulmoski 216 East College St Canonsburg. PA 15317 Donna J Lakis 277 9th St Belhpage. NY 11714 Suzanne C Lambert 956 Corn Cob Lane Orange. CT 06477 Tammie M Lance 100 Font Hill Apt H2 Doylestown. PA 18901 Ann Mane Larson 337 East 7th St Erie, PA 16503 Susan R Lloyd 1492 S Kcim St Pottstown PA 19464 Kathleen N Loperfito 316 Walnut St Vandergnft. PA 15690 Kathenne Lott 3015 Old French Erie, PA 16504 Diane Martin 128 Montmorenci Ave Ridgway. PA 15853 Mananna T Martin RD 1 Moore RD Bx 92 Orwell. OH 44076 Mary Beth Mason 710 Liberty St Erie, PA 16502 Janet E Mc Closkey 190 Clay Rochester. PA 15074 Susan E Mc Dermott 147 W 4th St No 103 Erie, PA 16507 Janet K Mc Nerney 238 Hoffman Ave Oil City. PA 16301 Janet Louise Messmer 515 West 29th St Erie. PA 16508 Linda S Meyers 5626 North 5th St Philadelphia. PA 19120 Joy Ann Mezzacapo 4057 Canterbury Dr Eric. PA 16506 Christine A Michal 109 Melrose Dr New Stanton. PA 15672 Donna M Miller 403 Greenwood Ave Punxsutawney. PA 15767 Karen A Miller RD 3 Keithwood Dr Valencia. PA 16059 Molly S Mixer R D 2 Box 2946 Mercer. PA 16137 Elaine L Modlo 132 Worthy Ave Medina. NY 14103 Dee Ann Morgillo Bloomington Ave Curwensville. PA 16833 Lori Marie Ncurohr 2005 Mount Troy Rd Pittsburgh. PA 15212 Kimberly A Nine 851 Deer Lane Rochester. PA 15074 Ann Marie Noonen 307 Grand Street Hornell. NY 14843 Cheryl Ann O Connor 702 W 26th St Apt 3 Erie, PA 16508 Barbara A Oney 5732 Glen Hill Dr Bethel Park, PA 15102 Mary Beth Pantzis 545 West 5th St Erie, PA 16507 Michele Parker 6360 Longwood Dr Erie, PA 16505 Cynthia L Perchinsky 325 West 20th St Erie, PA 16502 Mary Agnes Porter R D 2 Box 536 Karns City, Pa 16041 Sandra Lynn Priest RD 2 N Otto Rd Cattaraugus, NY 14719 Robin Lynn Quimby RD3 Box 213 Coudersport, PA 16915 John M Quinlan Gibson Hill Road Edinboro, PA 16412 Cynthia L Reno 6732 Lamor Road Sharpsville, PA 16150 Mae D Roberts 3925 Lewis A-6 Erie, PA 16504 Mary Margaret Roche 56 Welch Ave Bradford. PA 16701 Helen L Schatz 1427 Rosely Rd St Marys. PA 15857 Giovina Scheffner 554 West 31st Street Erie. PA 16508 Anna T Schreiber 134 Woodland Rd St Marys. PA 15857 Cynthia S Mallon 1936 West 38th St Erie. PA 16508 Janet M Skiba 538 Glen Avenue Johnsonburg. PA 15845 Debra Skurcenski 1222 Franklin St No Braddock, PA 15104 Colleen F Smith R D 2 Box 247 Greensburg, PA 15601 Louise M Smith 226 Dippold Ave St Marys, PA 15857 Judy Kay Stanford 829 West Corydon Bradford. PA 16701 Geralyn M Stefanek R D 1 Ml Pleasant. PA 15666 Heather S Deering 1643 Edgewood Drive Erie, PA 16509 Marianne Stoeber 3407 Atlantic Ave Erie. PA 16506 Margaret A Stuart 508 Martha Dr Meadville. PA 16335 Diane M Sturnick 940 Armory Drive Greensburg, PA 15601 Mary Beth Szymula 10 Fawn Circle Malvern. PA 19355 Elizabeth J Tivnan 256 East 8th St Erie. PA 16503 Lucia Trevino 1917 Glendale Ave Erie, PA 16510 Debra Lynn Trexler 768 Highland Ave Vineland, NJ 08360 Deborah L Troxell 1205 West Eighth St Erie, PA 16502 Kimberley A Turney 443 Lincoln Ave Carnegie, PA 15106 Teresa Ann Vahey 2404 E Springwood Dr Glenshaw, PA 15116 Mary Ellen Valimont RD2 Daggett Rd Girard. PA 16417 Pamela Walker 944 West 8th St Erie, PA 16502 Traci Lynn Weaver 105 Gurth Lane Johnstown, PA 15905 Pamela S Weber 1026 West 26th St Erie, PA 16508 Laura D West 5580 W Millfair Rd Fairview, PA 16415 Sharon Ann Whistler 8261 Coach Court Allison Park, PA 15101 Joanne R Winter 702 West 26th St Erie. PA 16508 Laureen A Winters 812 S Pittsburgh St Connellsville. PA 15425 Margaret M Zsolcsak Box 13 Calumet. PA 05621 Dianne Lindcy-Munson 1847 West 22nd St Erie. PA 16502 Susan Ann Spears 1236 Smithson Ave Erie. PA 16511 Laura Abbot Psychology Cheryle Boepple T R Act Sharolyn Bow mat T R Act Karen Cammarata Nursing Susan Lloyd Karen Caracci English, Communications Nursing wm mm Janine Carch T R Act Karlyn Costello Nursing Sue Crowley Social Work Denise Cushman Nursing Ann Dengate Social Work Leora Ennis Psychology ■MHMM MHB Callie Fisher T R Act Robin Foor English Christy Graham Nursing Maggie Gregory Fran Gullo Psychology Peggy Hyatt Nursing Kim Kenneth Chemistry Judy Kneller Biology Kim Kolstee T R Judy Kremmel Early Educatior Marianne Kulmoski Nursing Donna Lakis Med Tech Suzanne Lambert Nursing Tammie Lance Ann Larson Nursing Kathy Loperfito Mananna Martin Nursing Janet McCloskey Nursing Donna Miller Nursing Karen Miller Nursing Molly Mixer Nursing Elaine Modlo Linda Mvers Lori Neurohr T R Hi en Ngyven Social Work Kim Nine Nursing Cheryle O ' Conner Nursing m Barb Oney T R Mary Porter Social Work Sandra Priest French Robin Quimb) Nursing Cindy Reno Nursing Mary Roche Early Education Anna Schreiber Psychology Debbie Skureenski Business Sue Spears Nursing Judy Stanford Nursing Diane Sturnik Beth Tivnan Nursing B js K J? Anne Stuart Nursing Lucy Trevino Elem. Ed. Tra Kim Turney Nursing Teresa Vahey Nursing Tracy Weaver Med Tech. 1 • J -1- - u . r, y 7 Sharon Whistler ursine Joanne Winters Nursing Laureen Winter Sociology Margie Zsolcsak Early Education Marie Kaminski Nursing Dee Morgill best wishes from the yearbook staff SENIOR WILLS m ly doubles partner, Peggy Smith, my half of ability to p __„ nts of room 173 South will to 175 South peace and quiet and non-wi We, Karen Cammarata and Robin Quimby will to Lydia McClure, Matha Modzeleski, and P ■ " ' 1 night Care Plans- You ' re now entering the hc ' ' r, will to Kathleen Ford, Debra Rafalski, Marga essence of " GROOVE " , so the tradition may be carried on. We, Robin Quimby and Karen Cammarata " aility to scout out men at high rates of speed and subsequently attrace them on 179 di ' ittehnroh inrlnHpH in this prize package is Robin ' s NSG. Ill notebook with sever ' hash brown and pepsi breakfast to Karen Minichelli, I le Brova, and Peggy Montag. I, Mary Porter, will to the Grooves in 314 North i l hird Floor. Please wait patiently at 9:30 each morning for the i ' ' i Freshman class of 1980-1981 especially my friend Maureen Ga . . BECOME! I, Tammie Lance, will to the next Senior Class President, my notes, plen :mber, be Patient!! I, Robin J. Foor, will the Villecrit and my chair at the n MfuuuuH uiiivv, iu xwhu Hosey. To Cindy Ostrowski I leave Webster for Bog " 1 - itradiction. I, Lori Neurohr, will to any receptive students the opportunity for bizarre, heb y roommate, Judy Perine, goodluck as a Sr. Nsg. Major. I, Tei ved collection of candy bar wrappers, my portrait of the Urban Transcent Won maoir ha.t I got on Halloween, all my pictures of men who rat »H " l V and mv lie " . Sue Shimmons. I, Sue Lambert, will my insii Montag. I, Hien Nguyen order Janice Fedorko, Cathy Runkle, Patty Schneyer and R.A. Mary Szustak to r ' ' r until May 1982. I, Sandie Priest, leave to Cindy Ostrowski the salad bar to enjoy as r " l Datience because anyone planning of 12 kids needs it. I further leave to Heidi Hosey i _ ' arfs and one pair of steel-toed boots and 3 pairs of socks. Fran Gullo wills to Rosaria ve a gallon of paint, to K.B. Radio, I leave you Peace, to Cindy I k " latilda, and yours truely, JIM. it mas ft? Jays tbohnuj SPECIAL PATRONS Mr. Mrs. John Aarnio Mr. Mrs. Carlton Andrews Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Bell Mr. Mrs. Paul W. Butch Dr. Mrs. Roy Cammarata Mr. Mrs. Richard Chamberlain Mr. Mrs. Edmond C. Clegg Mr. Mrs. Dominick R. Cordiano Mr. Mrs. Frank Costello Mr. Mrs. Richard Dozois Mr. Mrs. James Donze Mr. Mrs. James H. Fenner Mary Loretta Fisher Mr. Mrs. Charles E. Flanagan Mr. Mrs. Joseph W. Gallagher Mr. Mrs. Richard Grudzinski Mr. Mrs. Charles Kenawall Mr. Mrs. Stephen Kenneth Mr. Mrs. Bernard Kowalski Dorothy Kozar Mr. Mrs. James Kremmel Mr. Mrs. Leo Lambert Mr. Mrs. Harry Langdon Miriam S. Lerch Galen R. Lloyd Charles Me nick Mr . Mrs Paul McMullen Mr . Mrs Richard B. Meyers Mr . Mrs Ronald Myers Mr . Mrs Walter H. Nickerson Mr . Mrs Kenneth L. Nolf Mr . Mrs Francis E. Oakley Mr Mrs. James Pastor Mr Mrs. Anthony Pellegrino Mr Mrs. William Plasket Mr Mrs. Raymond F. Potter, J Mr Mrs. Gordon Reigle Mr Mrs. Ellsworth Shade Mr Mrs. Richard Shotter Mr Mrs. Stanley Skurcenski Mr Mrs. George E. Stanford Mr ». Audrey Stidd Mr Mrs. Edward Stonick Mr Mrs. Edward Szymula Mr Mrs. Terry Todhunter Mr Mrs. Richard Walter Mr Mrs. A. R. Willems Mr Shi Mrs. rley Zak David M. Whistler Mr. Mrs. Stephen J. Zsolcsak PATRONS Henri Hair Fashions Mr. Mrs. Joseph Fedorko Mr. Mrs. Cleon Livingston Mr. Mrs. William J. Lewandowski E.V. Lynch Mike (Security) Mr. Mrs. Frank Modzelewski Mr. Mrs. George T. Ribik Mr. Mrs. John J. Schneyer Mr. Mrs. Raymond W. Stemplinski VMC Home Ec Club Mr. Mrs. Daniel Wallace Special thanks to parents who contributed but whose names do not appear due to deadlines SKIPPE PIZZi Phone Orders Appreciated 2026 WEST 38TH ST ERIE, PA 16508 SUNDAY THRU THURSDAY FRIDA Y ANDSA TURD A Y CARRY OUT AND DINING ROOM ERICHSOM HEARING AID CENTER 310 WEST ERIE PLAZA ERIE, PA. 16505 PHONE: (814) 434-7432 HELEN ERICHSON BEST WISHES CAREER UNIFORMS, INC. TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 2601 PARADE ST. ERIE, PA. 16504 814-455-0201 WEST ERIE PLAZA ERIE, PA. 16505 814-456-0050 Svu 3041 West 12th Street • Erie, Ps. 16505 814-838-1978 WRANGLER WRANCH Casual Sportswear Jeans for Guys Gals 926 West Erie Plaza Phone 453-4619 BEST WISHES to VILLA GRADUATES from HYATT ' S RESTAURANT Ted BEfpSON I ADsociates 2815 Bement St. Erie, Pa. 16506 VMC ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION The alumnae of the college invite you to become a member Graduating Seniors have membership extended to them for 1 year Congratulations Seniors! Ad Manager Carolyn Lerch " wraps it up ' vv jn v i lo rv i rvica-NLv: What is a friend? I will tell you. It is a person with whom you dare to be yourself. Your soul can be naked with him. He seems to ask of you to put on nothing, only to be what you are. He does not want you to be better or worse. When you are with him, you feel as a prisoner feels who has been declared innocent. You do not have to be on your guard. You can say what you think, so long as it is genuinely you. He understands those contradictions in your nature that lead others to misjudge you. With him you breathe freely. You can avow your little vanities and envies and hates and vicious sparks, your meannesses and absurdities and, in opening them up to him, they are lost, dissolved on the white ocean of his loyalty. He under- stands. You do not have to be careful. You can abuse him, neglect him, tolerate him. Best of all, you can keep still with him. It makes no matter. He likes you — he is like fire that purges to the bone. He understands. He understands You can weep with him, sing with him, laugh with him| pray with him. Through it all — and underneath he sees, knows and loves you. A friend? What is a friend? Just one, I repeat, with whom you dare to be yourself. 4fc " " + % 5«te--f « : SS £ 3 fer " iK?W tf r SSaHP ■ " - . ? $35SsiA

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