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- TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 EOPLE page 7 II. ADMINISTRATION page 37 III. ACTIVITIES page 51 IV. SUPPORT page 69 KATIE GREGORY AND MARTHA MODZELEWSKI CO-EDITORS We extend thank yous to our advisor, John Young, our yearbook represent- ative, Dave Recchion and statf; Pam Dine, Marsha Zak, Maggie Gregory, Barb Oney, Janet Roesch, Donna Kuhn, Ruth Fenton, Laurie Bender, Joanne Cynkar and Cindy Boyer. This yearbook represents many hours of work and effort. We ' d like to thank everyone who supported us. Katie Gregory Martha Modzelewski WELCOME TO VILLA The key to four golden years. Here we go again. Believe me, I do this once a week You don ' t say. Smile all your trouDies away. Sleeping on the job. YES, WE TRY TO STUDY Taking a break Cramming Looks like we made it. Rise and shine i y h 1 Mi Gee, I ' d love to, but I don ' t have a thing to wear. m positive, I like it here Quiet moments JUST THE TWO OF US PEOPLE Lori A. Sowansky Nursing Kathleen Maurice Nursing Carolyn A. Nosko Dietetics Michele A. Carch Elementary Education Christine Kaplon Nursing Sonya L. Gillespie Personnel Management Marion Francis Thomas Nursing Ruth Anne Fenton Retail Merchandising Kathleen Laura McCarthy Therapeutic Recreations Patricia Anne Fox Nursing Ann Elizabeth McDonald Nursing Catherine Elizabeth Gregory Dietetics Julie Marie Stephenson Retail Merchandising Katherine Abram Medical Technology Carla Fontana Nursing April E. Belinotti Nursing Tawnda Lucas Nursing Mary E. Donnelly Home Economics Education Rebecca Susan Spearbeck Nursing Madelyn Juba Nursing Ellen Borrs Nursing Leann Kennedy Nursing Karen D. Havrilak Nursing Cindy Lee Boyer Nursing Sandra Wingrove English Communications Vicky Williams Nursing .iiSHiilii Brenda A. Cochran Therapeutic Recreations Mary KatherineFord Nursing Carolyn O ' Brien Elementary Education Bambe Bithell Nursing Roberta Bucci Elementary Education Francesca Cecchetti Elementary Education Mary Ann Olasz Nursing Karen Ann Kuhns Elementary Education Pamelas. Farabaugh Nursing Linda J. Krantz Nursing Marianne Theresa Marzzacco Nursing Sandra Hamar Therapeutic Recreations Brenda L. Ritchie English Vicki Paladino Nursing Marilyn R. Hahn Social Work Patti A. Gates Nursing Mary Beth Domowicz Dietetics Sharon Lee Hazer Foreign Languages Secondary Education Adrianne Washington Nursing Paula A. Gwinn Mathematics Secondary Education Janet Marie Dahlkemper Nursing Patti Ann Gillam Early Childhood Elementary Education Olivia Queiser Nursing Liz Reitz Therapeutic Recreations Katherine A. Gustafson Nursing KrisT. Breault Therapeutic Recreation Heidi McCloskey Nursing Mary Jane Motter Nursing SENIOR WILLS We, the Senior commutters, will to the class ot 1 981 " our " schizoid meeting place — " our " table in tront of the locker room — deep in the dungeon of despair! — Janet, Bambe, and Sue To the Twangs — We leave our love, our memories, and a friendship that will continue to burn in all of our hearts. We love you. — Ann, Pat, Marion, Do, and Ruth I, Katie Gregory, will to my sister Maggie all the good times of being a Senior at Villa. To Miss Gorny — We leave four slightly used volumes of Hudak — may they continue to " speak well to . . . " students following in our footsteps. — Ann, Pat, Marion, and Do I leave Friday and Saturday night phone duty to Susan R. Lloyd. — Vicky Williams To P.P. Wa-Wa, Ka-Ka, Poo Poo — We leave the legend of 3rd North. May you carry it on in our absence. — Ann, Pat, Marion, Do, and Ruth To M.A. — A special " thank you " for being you; to you we leave 3 dozen chocolate- covered donuts; memories of French onion soup and living room disco, straw ballet and bathroom voyeurism; fruit cocktail; and a new hairdo to jog in. Most importantly, we leave you our love. — Ann, Pat, Marion, and Do SENIOR DIRECTORY Kathenne Abram Dolores Antosz Marci Barriss April Belinotti Virginia Bello Bambe Bithell Ellen Borrs Cindy Boyer Kris Breault Roberta Bucci Michele Carch Francesca Cecchetti Maddalena Cioccio Brenda Cochran Janet Dahlkemper Susan Dombrowski Mary Beth Domowicz Mary Donnelly Pamela Farabaugh Ruth Fenton Carla Fontana Kathy Ford Patty Fox Elizabeth Franz Audrye Gallagher Patti Gates Patti Gillam Sonya Gillespie Essie Gills Catherine Gregory Kathenne Gustafson Paula A. Gwinn Marilyn Hahn Cynthia Haley Sandy Hamar Karen Havrilak Sharon Lee Hazer Madelyn Juba Christine Kaplon Leann Kennedy Sue Kimball Linda Krantz Karen Kuhns Laura Kuntz Mary Jane Lash Pamela Leidner Tawnda Lucas Diane Martin Marianne Marzzacco Kathy Maurice Kathy McCarthy Heidi McCloskey Ann McDonald Mary Jane Motter Janet Myers Carolyn Nosko Carolyn O ' Brien Mary Ann Olasz Vicki Paladino Melmda Peterson Olivia Queiser Liz Reitz Brenda Ritchie Sandra Snyder Lori Sowansky Rebecca Spearbeck Anita Squegha Julie Stephenson Carol Thomas Marion Thomas Linda Thorr Eugenia Tompkins Gertrude Ward Adnanne Washington Sally Welsh Vicky Williams Sandy Wingrove Rose Zimmerman 72 East Main 272 Fisk Street 520 West 6th Street A- 12 31 85 Vermont Drive 3716 Harvard Road 802 Oregon Avenue 30 Woodlawn Terrace 1 04 Nissley Drive 1 05 Northeast Pine Glen 61 5 Brown Avenue 4607 Bowes Avenue 228 Holman Street 561 8 Washington Avenue 110Veltn Drive 5240 Schrimper Road 5405 Herman Drive 11 14 East 27th Street 530 Liberty Street 3005 Bird Drive 542 Ivory Road Butler Avenue 1314 Packer Avenue 388 East College Street 207 East 26th Street Apt 2 71 8 Cascade Street 78 Cambridge Road 6151 Brush Run Road 61 9 Cedar Court 425 West 9th Street Gilfoyle Road R.D 1 Box 21 6119SterrethaniaRoad 1119 West 40th Street 343 Joliette Avenue 374 Utah Avenue 606 Cranberry Street R.D. 1 1 1 West Edna Street R.D. 1 Box 184-A 1 23 Central Drive 1331 West 30th Street 429 South Buhl Farm Drive R.D. 7 Box 536A 422 Maurus Street 61 2 Center Street 1 762 Westwood Drive R.D. 3 520 West 6th Street A- 12 624 North Maple Avenue 5 Volt Place 1 924 Spring Valley Road 1 207 West 8th Street 4760 Child Drive 1 1 Martin Street R.D. 3 334 East Mount Vernon Street 5620 King Road 105 Fifth Avenue 51 6 Chestnut Street Box 51 1 949 Crafton Boulevard 308 Mill Street R.D. 1 3705 Hamilton Road R.D 1 Box 403 1 9 Center Street 3228 Marvin Avenue 807 Allegheny Avenue 980 Limber Road 245 West Main 2406 Midland Drive 1 2 Harvard Road 226 Bissell Avenue 41 3 Cherry Street 1 03 Farliview Road 1 02 South 9th Street 2302 Willow Street 1 922 West 25th Street Brocton, NY 14716 Pittsburgh, PA 15201 Erie, PA 16507 Lower Burrell, PA 15068 Erie, PA 16508 Erie, PA 16505 Holhdaysburg, PA 16648 Middletown, PA 17057 Karthaus, PA 16845 Erie, PA 16502 West Mifflin, PA 151 22 Kane, PA 16735 Erie, PA 16509 Washington, PA 15301 Erie, PA 16510 Erie, PA 16509 Erie, PA 16504 Conneaut, OH 44030 Erie, PA 16510 Frewsburg, NY 14738 Avonmore, PA 1 561 8 North Braddock, PA 1 51 04 Meadville, PA 16335 Erie, PA 16504 Erie, PA 16502 Glenmont, NY 12077 Bethel Park, PA 151 02 Pleasantville, NJ 08232 Erie, PA 16502 Marienville, PA 16239 Pittsfield, PA 16340 Fairview, PA 1641 5 Erie, PA 16509 Erie, PA 16511 West Mifflin, PA 151 22 Erie, PA 16506 Girard, PA 1641 7 Munhall, PA 15120 Rural Valley, PA 16249 Butler, PA 16001 Erie, PA 16508 Hermitage, PA 16146 Johnstown, PA 15905 St. Marys, PA 15857 Curwensville, PA 16833 Erie, PA 16505 New Bethlehem, PA 1 6242 Erie, PA 16507 Ridgway, PA 1 5853 Middletown, NJ 07748 Pittsburgh, PA 15243 Erie, PA 16502 Pittsburgh, PA 15236 Oil City, PA 16301 Corry, PA 16407 Titusville, PA 1 6354 Erie, PA 16509 West Mifflin, PA 151 22 Ridgway, PA 1 5853 James City, PA 16734 Pittsburgh, PA 15205 Port Alleghany, PA 16743 Girard, PA 16417 Erie, PA 16510 Latrobe, PA 1 5650 Onionta, NY 13820 Erie, PA 16504 Oil City, PA 16301 Meadville, PA 16335 Hancock, MD 21 750 Erie, PA 16506 Atco, NJ 08004 Oil City, PA 16301 Erie, PA 16507 Glenshaw, PA15116 Philipsburg, PA 16866 Erie, PA 16510 Erie, PA 16502 1 st SOUTH 1st Floor South: Anna Audino, April Belinotti, Lyn Bell, Laurie Bender, Karen Cammarata, Cathy C aracciolo, Denise Chamber- lain, Ann Cortez, Rhonda Courtright, Karen Crunkleton, Denise Cushman, Joanne Cynkar, Cindy Diebert, Pam Dine, Carla Fon- tana, Rose Foulkrad, Cindy Gilliam, Patty Gilliam, Katie Gregory, Maggie Gregory, Cindy Hamilton, Lori Hunt, Maria Kaminski, Pat Keller, Leanne Kennedy, Kim Kolstee, Kathy Kowalski, Barb Kucincki, Tawnda Lucas, Kathy Lynch, Sandy MacFarlane, Diane Martin, Mary Beth Mason, Lydia McClure, Crystal McMillan, Janet McNerny, Martha Modzelewski, Tina Monks, Peg Monnheimer, Jackie Myers, Jan Nolf, Barb Oney, Mary Paranto, Donna Paruso, Mary Pelligrino, Robin Quimby, Liz Reitz, Mary Rudge, Helen Schatz, MariAnne Schreftler, Julie Stemplinski, Julie Stevenson, Kim Turney, Cheryl Wallace, Traci Weaver, Laurie Winters, Eileen Woldering, Marsha Zak. 1 2nd SOUTH 1 2nd Floor South: Cheryl Boepple, Ellen Borrs, Kris Breault, Jeanine Carch, Michele Carch, Linda Carney, Brenda Cochran, Karen Colby, Mary Donnelly, Jennifer Etts, Callie Fischer, Kathy Ford, Diana Gillespie, Sonya Gillespie, Gayle Glosner, Rhada Grimm, Kathy Gustatson, Paula Guinn, Onia Hulley, Madelyn Juba, Julia Julian, Chris Kaplon, Kim Kenneth, Cindy Keylor, Cindy Kightlinger, Mary Ann Kirkwood, Marianne Kulmoski, Donna Lakis, Mary Jane Lash, Linda Leonard, Cindy Lewandowski, Kathy Loperfito, Marianne Marzzacco, Kathy Mau- rice, Janet McCloskey, Pam Mead, Molly Mixer, Elaine Modlo, Mary Motter, Caroline Nosko, Melinda Peterson, Stephanie Pudlo, Liv Tueiser, Debbie Rafalski, Julia Selker, Paula Shahen, Mary Anne Shubert, Peg Smith, Lori Sowansky, Becky Spearbeck, Sally Sunseri, Mary Thomas, Eugenia Tom- kins, Gigi Wiechelt, Brenda Wright. 3rd NORTH Susan Allegretto Dolores Antosz Ciz Beyer Sharolyn Bowman Susan Crowley Linda Dickson Jean Donze Carole Farace Liz Fary Janice Fedorko Ruth Fenton Cathy Fine Patty Fox Mary Pat Fullen Sylvia Gatto Judy Gibb Candie Gilmore Diane Grimes Sharon Lee Hazer Anne Marie Hollister Peggy Hyatt Desiree Karafa Lorraine Kaye Susan Kimball Linda Krantz Judith Kremmel Karen Kuhns Susan Lambert Tammie Lance Jamie Livingston Ann McDonald Cheryl Meier Judy Melnik Linda Meyers Christine Michal Donna Miller Karen Miller Peggy Montag Dee Ann Morgillo Hien Nguyen Phyllis Nickerson Kim Nine Sandra Nudd Cheryl O ' Connor Susan Payne Patricia Perlinger Mary Perter Susan Registrato Cindy Reno Mary Rennells Cathy Runkle Patty Schneyer AnnaSchreiber Geralyn Stefanek AnneM. Stuart Diane Sturnick Mary Szustak Marion Thomas Carrie Titler Debra Trexler Teresa Vahey Judith Volz Carol Wood Theresa Zane Rushing off to work I call it home Yes I live here Sometimes it ' s easier when you ' re alone Trying to get comfortable Look out library, here we come just can ' t get it to work Just twanging in there Welcome to Villa A Keeping the records REFLECTIONS Sr. Mary Mark, Academic Dean Sr. Mary Yvo 39 Sister Mary Julia, Media Library Sandra Mead, Director of Counseling Sister Marilyn, Director of Placement 40 Donald Tronetti, Education Mrs. Lois Bernardini Nursing Peggy Krider, Fine Arts I Sr. Anne Marie Ms. Joan Miller FYOS Sr. Jane Ellen Kate Wilhide, Public Relations Mr. Christopher Pantzis Social Work Mrs. Nancy Briggs Early Childhood Alice Conway, Nursing Sr. Joachim Sr. Patricia Hardner, Nursing Sr. Mary Thomas, Librarian Sr. Eleanor, Librarian John Young, English Mrs. Marjorie Bond Speech and Drama Mrs. Miriam Kneller Physical Education Dr. Gary Kirby FYOS TEACHERS It ' s funny when you stop to think Of all the things you ' ve done, To try and outsmart teachers And you haven ' t fooled a one They know when you are passing notes Or cheating on a test, Or skipping school because you thought You needed a little rest. In spite of all our little faults They ' ve helped us to the end, We really owe them quite a lot They ' re really a Fellow ' s Friend. OUR TIME HAS JUST BEGUN Coz ya gotta have friends. Books are boring, aren ' t they ' ? Extra-curricular activities AFM M i 1! !I M " few mRW Ih S ■ S MU Villa Girls have the best looking guys in town WOMAN ' S DAY OCTOBER 9 BOOK STORE I IheBOOKSWRE Wlliff . C o6ed ' WOME DAY A learning experience OUR CHANCE TO REALLY LOOK GOOD This is carrying Block a little too far I Me and my shadow. We give thanks for good friends. Thanksgiving feast A VILLA CHRISTMAS 63 YES, VILLA IS FUN! Starting the day off right. Hey good lookin, whatcha got cookin? Pose 9 You ' re on candid camera 9 Peace and quiet at last Thank God it ' s Friday. There are happy times, too. ONLY THE BEGINNING RICK URBAN ' S J- ' eninSula. 1 ioral Qift Peninsula Village Plaza 2310 W 8th Street Erie, Pa. 16505 454 CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK SENIORS CAPRI MOTEL PARK PLAZA 2550 West Lake Road Erie, PA 16505 THE THREE D ' S RESTAURANT 3040 West 8th Street Erie, PA Congratulations Madelyn Ellen Olivia Cindy and the Class of 1980. Compliments of CAREER UNIFORMS, INC. Two Locations to Serve You 2601 Parade St. Erie, PA 16504 814-455 0201 West Erie Plaza Erie, PA 16505 814-456-0050 70 Congratulations Class of 1980 Yearbook Staff Phone 833-7058 HENRI HAIR FASHIONS OF DISTINCTION Colony Shopping Center 26 1 8 W. 8th St. Erie, Pa. " Custom Permanents " flesiDfWCfc COUNCIL Congratulations Graduates BLOXDOPF ' S PRESQUE ISLE PHARMACY 2550 West 8th Street Erie, PA 16505 Phone 814-833-8275 TERRA ART Jewelry and Unusual Gift Items 730 Millcreek Mall Erie, Pennsylvania 16509 814-864-6974 WEST-PENN OPTICAL Student Discounts Phone 814-833-1 194 2602 West 8th Street Colony Plaza Erie, PA 16505 This is but a moment in the flow of eternity. — SENIOR CLASS 1980 Mjfe ' ' ' , ' •.V ' Good Luck Seniors From Best Wishes Seniors CLASS OF ' 83 CLASS OF ' 8 1 VMC ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Sister Eunice Carlos, Director The alumnae of the college invite you to become a member. Congratulations Seniors! Graduating Seniors have membership extended to them for 1 year. An " A " 1 Can you believe it. SPECIAL PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius J. Antosz Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Belinotti Mr. and Mrs. John B. Borrs Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Guido W. Bucci Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Carch Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Dombrowslci Edward Domowicz Family Mr. and Mrs. James Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Floyd J. Farabaugh Mr. and Mrs. Wallace H. Fenton Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fontana Mr. and Mrs. Elmer D. Gates Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Urno Gustafson Mr. and Mrs. James Gwinn Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamar Alice Hazar Mr. and Mrs. Michael Juba Mr. and Mrs. John Kaplon Mr. and Mrs. G. Ronald Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Kimball Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Krantz Mr. and Mrs. George Lash Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Leidner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lucas Mrs. Frank Marzzacco Mr. and Mrs. Bertrande Maurice Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. McDonald, Jr. Mrs. Twila B. Motter Mr. and Mrs. James L. O ' Brien Mr. and Mrs. Richard Olasz Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Paladino Mr. and Mrs. Carroll F. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sowansky Mrs. Richard L. Spearbeck Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stephenson Dr. and Mrs. Frank B. Thomas, III Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Tompkins PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bender Ralph J. Bower Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Butch Dr. and Mrs. Roy Cammarata Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Chamberlain J. P. Church Family Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Clouse Mr. and Mrs. Dominick R. Cordiano Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Daugherty Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Dengate and Far Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Diebert Mrs. Helen Dome Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fedorlco Mr. and Mrs. James H. Fenner Mr. and Mrs. George D. Glosner Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Kenneth Miriam S. Kneller Mr. and Mrs. John Kolstee Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kremmel Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Oliver R. Lerch Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lewandowski Mr. and Mrs. Cleon Livingston Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Longo Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. McBride Mr. and Mrs. Charles Melnik Mr. and Mrs. Frank Modzelewski Mr. and Mrs. Charles Monnheimer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgillo Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Myers Mr. and Mrs. Nolf Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Nudd Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Pellegrino Mr. and Mrs. George H. Pudlo Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schatz Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schneyer Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Skurcenski Mr. and Mrs. Steve Slota Mr. and Mrs. Sydney G. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stefanek and Family Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stemplinski Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Tetro Mr. and Mrs. O. Ughetta, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Vincent Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wallace Mr. and Mrs. James C. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Whistler Mr. and Mrs. Antenor R. Willems Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Yaple Shirley A. Zak Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Zsolcsak Mr. and Mrs. Larry Zuraski BELLO ' S FOODLAND 79 REFLECTIONS OF OUR GINNINGS... 80 M

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