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dandelion 1972 JaJLL %t k.o«so C J£t. 6Cux.» c c.4iu ; tlt ' Sect (yiu€ujC Jf xLiuk U} Ci tuX ijjn a JL ' eJJu f u dx jJi JiJ ti OJdM J OcJL " FantasticJca " Words by TOM JONES Try To Remember Piano Moderato mp g i 8 Music by HARVEY SCHMIDT i " t)-a Copyrig-ht© 1960 by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt Chappell Co. Inc., New York, N.Y. Owner of publication and allied rights throughout the world IniernatiovuL Copyrig-ht Secured Made in U.S. A. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED including public performance for profit Any arranj enient ur .idapt.ition cf tins composition without the consent of the owner is an infringement of copyright % I % • i rr (jLutMA c.0n t{ JLdUui. 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' - 102 103 !-;-h -: 104 105 106 107 108 109 ,- Pic ic v peer) if vv r ■ •. . ' seriously con ' I ' v J he President , - ' - ' ;ourtheir ' .;...res J:? | ' ' - ' couid " " ' - " - n,o Secrtn r G, ' " ' " - - " ' - P ' - ' Posed fhm ue com . , u ' ° ' ' ' ' " " ' ' " " MH,. ,or Tol,: ' ' ' ' ■ " ' ' • n ' !:P-rrcd in her 2rr " ' " ' ' ' TflMrned o r V " ' ' " ' " " •• ' " ■ ' " KisMMijcr. " .%:■ PAGE 3 vocation Plans ftATTi nlv Prrkorrfim ( ' V He years, longer (by three years) than Mao; ' •- this durability reflects his skill at avoid- oassionate commitments to policies In that sense. Choii is ut- " " " Chou is a conform- c Sinologist Th ' ton swims with cause — and. il nt e tide. " p. " Chou found the ed to swim with early Yat-sen democratic r 1st the crumbling Man- ul. IS just getting under way cs, ronounced Joe) was born binatl of impecunious gentry in str Communist times their friends — wh ' " the N- ' ■ THE WORLD operatives — and some- fami ' - foiatives and lorated with GO are va . ' O most " ' ' ■ ' r Z ' :?iK once po . 4 • irv alTairs .v ' f. Lip ' 4 y Hcer Z tr wa beir. the made attem(, tried to flee tht killed, alonu uiih fi.rwir when his British-built " crashed in Monpr .Sept. 12. Last back frop " ing t ' ' iip- Chou " am had md tb onlv cS .d be- that a 0 O ,v»ck- s house some of began to the call went out for more li- quor to replenish Emer- son ' s dwindling stock. ' It was the only time I saw Chou a little bit an- noyed, " Emerson says. ' He then began whis- pering to me ihat now s the time to stop. " -looking and el- ilorcd. Chou md almost iparison ird- was ,y eliminated. " . rTeoccupied main- ly will .. policy and economic matters, .rou has hardly begun to try to put Mao ' s regime back together. He has brought some old. trusted comrades out of retirement, among them former Marshal Yeh Chien-ying. a Long March veteran, who was abruptly trot- V PREMIER CHOU EN-LAI IN PEKir . charm and rufhlessness. Locke And Lei sing Shine Forth m Mudent Government Elections •liaMtMt MliiMALliUX ron, losts o-lace mag- ironic ni:iv •J 1 p - ' w n 1 Ik. tap ( k ._ ■_... 113 j sati-ii£MamataBMMmm mnmniAimm tie A NICE ■PIACE ID VISIT 119 120 iffp V I 123 T 125 126 128 t 1 CLASSES AND OFFICERS SENIORS Chris Wilson (Jann R. Maclean). President Liz Schiavone. Treasurer Marsha Danch. Secreiarv Marie Namey. Mar ' Megnin. Kathi Kolakowski. Representatives JUNIORS Rosie Bernardo. President Diane Depanfilis, Vice President Judy Ryan, Treasurer Mary Jo Nesterick. Eileen Guthrie, Sharon McCall. Representatives SOPHOMORES Barb Billman. President Rose Gilbride, Vice-President Kathy Eaton, Secretary Mary Kay McBride Treasurer Kitty Harrington. Kathy Ord. Kathy Reon. Representatives FRESHMEN Candy Greco. President Lisa Rosei, Secretary Murphy Bechtold. Treasurer Carol Krackel. Carol Schultz. Sandy Efl ' ert. Representatives RESIDENCE COUNCIL Donna Tylwalk. President Mary Megnin, Vice-President Kitty Harrington, Secretary Mary Kinkus. Treasurer Representatives: Sue Baldoni. Toni DePeo, Cathy Keay. Debbie LaGrega. Marilyn Boyle. Cheryl Barco. Kathy Aiello. Chris Chiodo, Maria Caracino. Karen Erik, Marty Warner, Mary Viola, Debie Dragovan, Cathie Lilly. Linda Allaman, Judy DeLucia. Grace Mazzafero. Theresa Gelormini, Charlene Grudowski. Sue Foster. Mary Pitigliono. Pamela Burns. Mary Lee Jareusech. Sue Falls. Marruta Pezzone. YEARBOOK " DANDELION " Patty G. Cassidy. Chris Wilson. Co-Editors Marie Namey. Layout Editor Cherv ' l Penna. Teresa Marceca. Advertising Joanne Kleinhanz, Parents Editor Kathi Kolakowski. Alumnae Editor Jud y Bunce. Debie Dragovan. Judy DeLucia, Judy Palmer. Marsha Danch. Mary Kay Brennan. Kitty Harrington. BOOKS. Norie Quatroche, Mary Beth Scott. FINANCING. Margie. Lutz, Alice Drury. PHOTOGRAPHY. Mary Jean Portzer, ART Kiki (Colleen) Locke. Laurel Walters, Eileen McCloskey, Kathy Murphy, Mimi A lien, Chris Conrad, Rena DeMartinis, Barb Billman, STAFF. 132 1972 Student Government Colleen Locke, President Joanie Leising, Vice-President Bobbie Woeffel, Recording Secretary Mary Beth Lyman, Corresponding Secretary Rena De Martinis, Treasurer Gloria Lombardo. Club Coordinator Sally Jones, Student Activities Alice Drury, Biddy Thomas. Publicity Co -Chairmen Student Committees Board of Trustees— Mane Namey. Colleen Locke. Student Affairs Council-Mary Miller, Sally Jones. Kitty Herrington. Colleen Locke Discipline Committee-Kathy Bradish. Cathy Keay. Curriculum Committee— Patly Gervase Cassidy. Eileen McCloskey, Elizabeth Jordan. Library Committee—SaUy Linn. Joanne Humbert, Loretta De Stafano, Diana DePanfilis Villechi Donna Tylwalk. Editor Assistant Editors Donna Masters, News Chris Conrad, Art Charlie Grudowski, Mary Kinkus. COPY Mimi Allen, Feature Alice Drury, Rose Gilbridge, Photography Barb Billman. Sports Chris Wilson, Advertising Eileen Kalinowski, Exchange Carole Nelson, Treasurer Religious Affairs Committee— Mary B. Scott. Joanne Mowrey. Essie Gills. Bcv Gordon CLUBS and Presidents Debie Dragovan. Biology Nancy McMahon. Sociology Joanne Kleinhanz, Mathematics LaVaughn Alo, PSEA Liz Schiavone. Home Economics Norie Quatroche. Spanish Sally Linn, Nursing Patty G. Cassidy. English Betsy Bacica, Early-Childhood Eileen Guthrie, French Bridge Caffreey, Girls Athletic Association 133 SENIOR DIRECTORY Linda Allaman 169 South 2nd Ave. Clarion. Pa. 16214 Margaret L. Bailey 1514 W. Grand view Blvd. Erie, Pa. 16509 Patricia A. Betcher 1029 West 35th St. Erie, Pa. 16508 Alicia M. Blessington 3609 Court Ave. Erie. Pa. 16506 Celeste W. Belles 3802 Hafturn Rd. Colorado Sprgs.. Col. 80917 Mary P. Borrelli 1601 Cascade St. Erie, Pa. 16502 Susan Putnam Bosko 2716 E. Park Lane Erie, Pa. 16506 Mary Lee Bossolt 7308 Buffalo Rd. Harborcreek. Pa. 16421 Alice E. Bowden R.D. 5 MeadviUe. Pa. 16335 Diane E. Brandt 631 East 32nd St. Erie, Pa. 16504 Sue C. Carlburg 95 Concord St. Union City. Pa. 16438 Carol C. Carlson 6801 W. Avonia Rd. Fairview, Pa. 16415 Janet M. Carter 16 Honeyman Dr. Succasunna. N.J. 07876 Patricia Gervase Cassidy 2814 State St. Ene, Pa. 16503 Marsha Danch 52 Sykes St. Sykesville, Pa. 15864 Judith A. DeLucia 327 Oak Grove St. Oil City. Pa. 16301 Rena B. DeMartinis 1310 Wakefield Dr. Sharpsville. Pa. 16150 Anne M. Donnelly 530 Liberty St. Conneaut, Ohio 44030 Debra M. Dragovan 34 N. 2nd St. Steelton. Pa. 17113 Karen A. Duskus 2922 Hudson Road Ene. Pa. 16508 Susan J. Exley 121 Pine St. Fairview, Pa. 16415 Geraldine Fennell 301 East 12th St. Ene, Pa. 16503 Rita M. Fischer 356 West 31st St. Ene, Pa. 16508 Sr. M. Damian Fleischman 303 Church St. St. Marys. Pa. 15857 Shirley Francisco 542 Pine St. Meadville. Pa. 16335 Nancv Lee Galleazzo 840 ast 26th St. Erie. Pa. 16504 Christine Garasimowicz 68 Old Dyke Rd. Trumbull. Conn. 06611 Barbara Gecewicz 18709 Neff Rd. Cleveland. Ohio 44119 134 V- Lenna Andrascik Gill 3118 Peach St. Erie. Pa. 16508 Joanne T Kleinhanz 3925 Parade Blvd. Ene. Pa. 16504 Linda Gobieski 313 First Ave. Johnsonburg. Pa. 15845 Kathleen Kolakowski 2926 Rudolph Ave. Ene. Pa. 16508 Beverly M. Gordon 4 Haven Terrace Dover. Mass. 02030 Catherine Konetsky 208 W. Seventh St. Oil City. Pa. 16301 Elaine M. Gribben 7229 Princeton PI. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15218 Nancy J. Lanich 550 South St. Cursvensville. Pa. 16833 Sr. Mary Jeanne Hain 2551 West Lake Rd. Ene. Pa. 16505 Joanne M. Lewandoski 1 17 Bertram Ave. So. Amboy. N.J. 08879 Jean Gott Hazen 3233 Regent St. Ene, Pa. 16506 Cathleen L Lilley 78 Bnar%vood Dr. Belo. N.Y. 14224 Mary Lou Hiller 2319 Pennsylvania Ave. Erie. Pa. 16503 Sallv J Linn R.D 2 Polk. Pa. 16342 Cheryl A. Hippie Box 527 Chicora. Pa. 16025 Colleen M. Locke 10 Rilev St Westfield. NY. 14787 Kathleen Jackson Holland 909 West 31st St. Ene. Pa. 16508 Geor)ann Robinson Maclean 52 Raintree Island. Apt. 9 Tonawanda. NY 14150 Diane M. Huston 172 Gates Hollow Bradford. Pa. 16701 Eileen M. McCloskev 4924 Sunnvdale Blvd. Erie. Pa. 16509 Hattie Mae Jordan 1021 B Tacoma Rd.. Apt. « 1 Ene. Pa. 16511 Sr. Phyllis A. McCracken 1039 East 27th St. Ene. Pa. 16504 Catherine Keay 1 Tamarack Portage. Indiana 46368 Nancy Double McGinnis 446 West 9th St. Ene. Pa. 16502 Georgene Keefe 501 Hudderford Rd. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15237 Nancy A. McMahon So. Elrov Dr Montaut. NY. 11954 Kathleen T Kmdiand 3604 Crestwood Dr. Erie. Pa. 16510 Annette M. Martmich 2332 Columbia Ave. Swissvale. Pa. 15218 MaiA ' A. Megnin Shay St. Seneca. Pa. 16346 Mary Ellen Meier 735 Center St. St. Marys. Pa. 15857 Carol A. Miller 1931 Cook Ave. Erie. Pa. 16510 Mary F. Miller 678 Carnegie Sharon. Pa. 16146 Nancy J. Mlakar 264 Smith Ave. Sharon, Pa. 16146 Kathleen M. Mobilia 2623 East 27th St. Erie. Pa. 16510 Marie Namey 1014 Fruit Ave. Farrell. Pa. 16121 Carole A. Nelson 322 W. Diamond St. Butler. Pa. 16001 Cheryl D. Penna 1220 Oregon Ene. Pa. 16505 Mary J. Portzer 523 Nicklas Rd. St. Mai s. Pa. 15857 Kathleen M. Powders 1 145 West 22nd St. Ene. Pa. 16502 Inella B. Pryor 977 2nd Ave. New Kensington. Pa. 15068 Carol Carnes Przybycin 905 Douglas Dr. Erie, Pa. 16509 Eleanor A. Quatroche 123 Race St. St. Marys. Pa. 15857 Melissa A. Richardson 420 Locust Ave. Houston, Pa. 15342 Carol A. Roberts 610 Third Ave. Johnsonbrug. Pa. 15845 Barbara A. Schadegg 312 Nottingham Rd. Williamsburg, Va. 23185 Christine A. Schaffner 917 West 31st St. Ene. Pa. 16508 Elizabeth L. Schiavone 116 Main St. North East, Pa. 16428 Susan M. Schroeck 634 Nevada Dr. Ene. Pa, 16505 Barbara A. Sivik 2724 East Park Lane Erie, Pa. 16506 Barbara C. Smith 4706 Reese Rd. Ene, Pa. 16510 Kathleen G. Smith 1772 West 36th St. Erie. Pa. 16508 Lucille Gambatese Strobel 2252 West 38th St. Erie. Pa. 16506 Carol A. Timerman 1213 West 41st St. Erie, Pa. 16509 Linda M. Tirpak 1336 West 32nd St. Erie, Pa. 16508 Valerie J. Vargo 705 Hess Ave. Ene. Pa. 16503 Laurel Walters 981 Chambers Ct. Sommerville. N.J. 08876 Mary E. Williams 3030 Hampshire Rd. Erie, Pa. 16506 Christine A. Wilson 205 E. McMurray Rd. McMurray. Pa. 15317 Christine E. Witanowski 1 16 Weeks Rd. E. Wilston. N.Y. 11596 Carol A. Yashkus 1133 Millstone River Rd. SommervUle. N.J. 99876 Elizabeth Zielonka 1107 East 1 1th St. Ene. Pa. 16503 136 ADMINISTRATION Sister M. Lawreace Antoun, President Mr. G. Rodger Crowe, Director of Development Sister Brenda Marie Vines, Business Administrator Sister Leonie Shanley, Dean of Students Sister Gertrude Mane Peterson, Academic Dean Sister Celeste Biel, Treasurer Miss Elizabeth Boyle, Admissions Counselor Sister Neomi Ciougherty. Registrar Mrs. Diane Danielski, Director of Continuing Education Mr. Ramon Danielski. Erie Consortium Director Sister Helen Mary Donaldson. Director of Financial Aid Sister Joseph Marie Fitzgerald. Assistant Dean of Women Sister Virginia Ann Gardner. Director of Public Relations Sister Eleanor Jones, Reference Librarian Mrs. Eileen Kirsch McLauhglin, Director Alumnae Relations Mr. Michael L. Mulvihill. Director of Admissions Sister M. LaSalette, Director of Institutional Research Mrs. Joann D. Painter. Director of Guidance Placement Sister Marilyn Zimmerman, Assistant Director of Admissions Sister Ellen Frances A ' Hearn. Librarian , FACULTY Mrs. Mary Lou .Abbott. Professional EducaiiA Sister Ann Amen, Sociology ' Mrs. Teresa Augustine. Nursing Sister Raymond Marie Bohrer, Biology Mrs. M. Majorie Bond. Fine Arts Drama Sister Grace Marie Boyle. Mathematics Miss Karul Breault. Nursing Sister Eunice Carlos. Earlv Childhood Education Dr. Marilyn Denton. English Sister Lucille DeStefano. Fine Arts A isic Mr. Stephen H. Easly. Sociology Sister Helen Therese Fedorko. Early Childhood Education Dr. J. Regis Frola. Professional Education Mr. Andrew J. Glass. Biology Dr. Herbert Goldberg. Biology Mrs. Anne Gravereaux Graay. Foreign Languages French Mrs. Ruth M. Hahn. Sociology Sister Mary Jeanne Hain. Director of Health Center Dr. Mary Harsch, Biology Sister Rosaleen Hart. Home Economics Sister Emma Therese Healy. Foreign Languages Latin Sister Marian Healy, History Social Studies Dr. George Hesch, Chemistry Sister Marie Rene Higgins. Professional Education Mrs. Mildred R. Howard. Nursing Mrs. Sheth Kumudini Kapadia. Nursing Dr. Milivoj H. Karcic. History A Social Studies Mrs. Miriam S. Kneller, Physical Education Mrs. Margaret Y. Krider, Fine Arts Art Mrs. Suzanne Loss. Home Economics Sister M, Seraphim McCaffrey. Fine Arts Art Father Blaise Mclnerney. Religious Studies Philosophy Sister Rita McNulty, Nursing Dr. Robert Merrer, Chemistry Miss Joan M. Miller. Religious Studies Philosophy " m ' " r. ■■(■,;. ' ,; Mrs. Patricia L. Miller, Nursing Sister Mary Yvo Moosmann. Home Economics Sister James Francis Mulligan. English Dr. Dorothy J. Novello. Director of Nursing Sister M. Teresina Onofrio. Religious Studies Philsophy Mr. Thomas Parthenakis. History Miss Vienna M. Prioletti. Fine Arts Music Sister Consuela Quinn. Religious Studies Philosophy Sister Mary Rose Rossi ter. Nursing Mr. Joseph Rotolo, Foreign Languages Spanish Italian Dr. Consuelo Sague. Foreign Languages Spanish Mrs. Marilyn SchafTner. Nursing Mr. Robert K. Schnee. Psychology Miss Mary Schneider, Nursing Mrs. Ruth Shoemaker, Nursing Mrs. Mary Sue Smith, Nursing Mrs. Barbara Starrett. English Mr. Arthurs A. Stomers. Mathematics Physics Sister Marianne Stuckert, Chemistry Mr. John Susko, Economics Sister M. Cherubim Tito. Foreign Languages French Mr. Donald L. Tronetti. Professional Education Sister Mary Norman Whitehouse, Nursing Mrs. Jean Williams, Physical Education Sister Lucy Woods, Elementary Education Mr. John T. Young, English Mr. James E. Zaranek. Mathematics Mrs. Nancy Zimmerman, Nursing 138 .. ' • .. i Villa Maria College STUDENT GOVERNMENT 1972 wishes the best to the 1972 Yearbook and the Senior Class 2551 West Lake Road Erie, Pennsylvania 16505 139 Joseph McCormick Construction Company 1507 Wesley Ave. 899-31U -. HflORRIS COUPLING AND Cf.AMf COMPANY Mr. Louis Pollock 2240 West 15th Street Erie, Pennsylvania 16512 Hammermill Paper Company East Lake Road Erie, Pennsylvania 456-8811 Carlisle ' s 802 Peach treet 452-6911 Locations Downtown Erie, Liberty Plaza, West Plaza 864-4881 453-6601 140 Best wishes to the staff and students for the initiation of a Yearbook for the Villa Maria College. Richard VV. Ruth Realtor and Appraiser AMERICAN 01 1 ICE Harr) ' Roland, Associate of the Richard Ruth Real Es- tate office, wishes to laud the students and the staff of the Villa Maria College Yearbook. May you have continued success through the jears. Harr) ' Roland 1 SUPPLY West 26th Street CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES Mr. and Mrs. William KeUer VILLECRIT Student Newspaper Villa Maria College Erie, Pennsylvania 16505 THE SHOE BOX 2320 West Eighth Street 455-5698 Erie, Penns) Ivania 16505 14) Brugger Home for Funerals Friedrichs Church and Religious Goods Helen ' s Bridal Shoppe Kopy Kat Printing Center Les Crago Jewelers Osiecki ' s Music Center Printed By BRADBURY, SAYLES, O ' NEILL-PARAGON College and Independent School Affiliate of Paragon Press, Inc. 142 SPONSORS Mr. Mrs. Lester Boyle Atty. Mrs. Sidney Carlburg Mr. Mrs. Albert R. Carter Mr. Orlando DeSantis Mr. Mrs. Lawrence E. Gormont E. A. Jones Mr. Mrs. Leonard J. Kolakowski Mr. Mrs. Salvatore Lombardo Mr. Mrs. Otto Luthringer Mr. Mrs. Stephen R. Martinich Mr. Mrs. V. U. Megnin Mr. Mrs. Jess J. Palmer Dr. Mrs. Robert Peters Mr. Mrs. Enidis Ro.ssi Mr. Emerson J. Samick Mr. Mrs. Robert Snyder W. C. Thomas Dr. W. W. Thompst)n Mr. Mrs. Robert E. Wilson Mr. Mrs. Vincent J. Woeppel Mr. Mrs. Anthony J. Dragovan Mr. John Young. English Dept. Dr. Dorothy Novello. Nursing Dept. Mrs. Mary Sue Smith. Nursing Dept. Dr. Joseph J. Namey Barbara Bullock Phyllis B. Guerin Catherine Wachter Janet M. Young Margaret A. Szekely Florence Smith Mathematics Club Mrs. Patricia Miller Hubert F. Heidt John B. Evans PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Gino Baldoni Mr. Mrs. Frank Bernato Mr. Mrs. John Solents Mr. M. P. DeStefano Mr. Mrs. Anthony DiFeo Mr. Mrs. Keith I. Double Mr. Mrs. Joseph Eaton Mr. Mrs. John Fischer Mr. Mrs. Ernest P. Foley Mr. Mrs. James Gelormini Mr. Mrs. James V. Gibbons Mr. Mrs. John J. Gillis Mr. Mrs. Richard J. Gordon Mr. Mrs. Johm Guthrie Mr. Mrs. Earl P. Hunt, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Johm Jablonski Mr. Mrs. B. J. Jones Mr. Mrs. Clarence B. Lanich Mr. Mrs. Clarence V. Leising Mrs. Margaret C. Locke Mr. Mrs. Max L. Mumford Mr. Mrs. Wilfred J. Nash. Jr, Mr. Mrs. Harold E. Nelson Mr. Mrs. Frank G. Nicolazzoj Mr. Michael J. O ' Malley Mrs. Paul R. DeLucia Rev. Msgr. James Caldwell Mr. Guy W. Wilson Mr. Walter W. Spiller The Book Worm— Don Green Mr. and Mrs. Michael Danch Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Lewandski Villa Maria College Book Store Mr. Mrs. James Penna Mr. Mrs. R. B. Podlaszewski Mr. Mrs. Albert Quatroche Mr. Mrs. John P. Sedlak Mr. Mrs. Walter K. Stevens Mr. Mrs. R. D. Sundell Mr. Mrs. Benedict Sundy Mr. Nicholas M. Tylwalk Mr. Mrs. Chester M. Viola Mrs. James Donnelly Anne Marie Amymot Elizabeth Hamel Ina Freeiand y Mrs. Joseph Mazn Nancy J. Weiss Virginia Volkman Martha McBride Helen Page Sarah Gamer Frances E. Gannon ' Mrs. Ruth Hahn, Sociology Dept

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