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« 1962 The Magnificat My soul magnifies the Lord; And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour, Because he has regarded the humility of his handmaid: for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed, Because he that is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name. And his mercy is from generation unto generation to those that fear him. He has showed might with his arm; he has scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart. He has put down t he mighty from their seat, and has exalted the humble. He has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich he has sent away empty. He has protected Israel, his servant, being mindful of his mercy, As he spoke to our fathers, to Abraham and to his posterity for ever. Sister Doloretta Dean of Villa Maria College We Honor " Who shall find a valiant woman? " This question was posed many centuries ago by Solomon. Today, as then, a valiant woman of God is difficult to find. She must possess prudence and justice. The needs of today are always with her, but still she must be aware of the future. Above all is her charity, which seeing Christ in all humanity, tempers her deeds with love. Here at Villa Maria College, our Dean, Sister Doloretta, has brought the college from its humble beginning to the level of a recognized institution for higher learning. Throughout the years the sense for the needs of " her girls " has not only caused a building of a new physical college, but has filled it with a mother ' s spirit of love and guidance. It is easy to see and praise the external results of her work. But we should not forget how she has taught us to be mature adults, pre- paring us to take our place in a world, anguished and torn by hate, with serene confidence founded on Hope, which is Christ. Thus, we, the first graduating class of the new Villa Maria College dedicate the first issue of THE MAGNIFICAT to Sister Doloretta, God ' s valiant woman. His Excellency, Archbishop John Mark Gannon Bishop of Erie Reverend Mother Aurelia President of Villa Maria College For Villa Maria College, with a new campus and buildings, a new coat of arms was devised to complete and complement our new buildings. The coat of arms, consists of a crest, shield, and a motto. The principal charge in the center of the shield is a golden tower to represent " Villa Maria. " This symbol identifies the Blessed Virgin as the titular of the college for, in the Litany of Loreto, Mary is called " Tower of David, " " Tower of Ivory, " and " House of Gold. " Above and below the tower is the fleur-de-lis. This French form of the lily, for the sisters, represents Saint Joseph, the Foster Father of Our Lord, their titular and patron and their French origin. At either side are two flaunches, bearing eight silver and blue wavy bars to symbolize the waters of Lake Erie, on whose shores the college stands. The wreath of sixpieces, supporting the crest, is composed of the principal tinctures of the shield, gold and red, the colors liturgically ascribed to the Divinity and Humanity of Christ respectively. The college displays as a crest an open book bearing a Latin cross patonce, derived from the coat of arms of the Diocese of Erie, to honor the location of the college. The motto, Sapientia et Scientia, meaning Wisdom and Knowledge, is expressed in the Old Testament in theprophecy of Isias and in the Book of Daniel. It also appears as part of the twelfth chapter of St. Paul ' s Epistle to the Romans: " Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and of the knowledge of God! " yw Administration Admi ni str ators SISTER DOLORETTA is pointing out a new development in the campus expansion plans on the ever-present blue- prints. Perhaps it ' s a new site for some of her trees or flowers which accent the beauty of the new Villa. J SISTER JULIA MARIE, secretary ' to the Dean, senior class advisor, and fielder of stray people, has the ability to type, answer questions, and direct visitors simultaneously. Somehow she manages to remain calm, cool, and collected through- out her busy day- -a talent we all could use. MISS O ' CONNOR, our Public Re- lations Director, came to us this year and has quickly made herself an asset to the college. A reporter, par excellent, she keeps the happenings at Villa in the news and makes sure our " image " is always projected. SISTER VERENA and SISTER ELLEN FRANCIS, our librarians, are in the center of Villa ' s intellectual activity. Here, we study, read, and prepare as- signments, being assured of their help and guidance. MRS. KEARNS, the Nursing Depart- ment ' s busy secretary, does more than typing. She keeps the wheels smoothly running by her efficiency and expert- ness as Villa ' s " girl Friday. " SISTER ANN, in charge of the guidance department, is always busy with multitudinous tests, many classes, and advising the Sodality. Many thanks are due her for her quiet and unseen help. SISTER NEOMI, the registrar, is especially busy when schedules are being filled out, at exams, and at grade time. She also answers requests for college information and helps track down errant students. Her office is a busy place, but it ' s always serene. Although SISTER ANGELICA, the treasurer, is mobbed by bill- paying students at registration, once the tumult dies away, a more exacting note enters her office as she tries to keep the budget bal- anced, be advisor to the school paper, and teach. Her ability keeps Villa functioning. ■J? ' MRS. HOWELL may be found in the information room, where she is tele- phone operator and director and sorter of mail. At lunchtime she is cashier in the coffee shop. Busy and efficient, she always has time for a friendly smile. Departments Art Through the art appreciation, painting and drawing courses of Dr. Heya and the classes in elementary art, art appreciation, and interior and costume design conducted by Mrs. Krider, the Aft Department has successfully taught, with great patience and understanding, the joy to be found in creation. ZOLTAN HEYA, M.A 12 English The English Department, through whose doors every student must pass, gives the student confidence by teaching her the fundamentals of a clear, correct manner of expres- sion in speech and in writing. Not only does she learn self- expression, but also respect, if not love, for the great writings of English and American literature. Basic to the department is its Christain philosophy which leads the student to true and moral judgments. SISTER M. ROMAINE, M.A. 13 MILIVOJ KARCIC, D. Jur. Languages In today ' s world a knowledge of a foreign language is imperative A majority of students, aware of the role our country must play in world affairs, realize this fact. The result is a steadily increasing number of students in the Latin, French, and German classes and a pronounced interest in the study of other foreign languages. SISTER EMMA THERESE, Ph.D. SISTER M. CHERUBIM, M.A. 14 Music Villa Maria College is indeed fortunate in having such an ex- cellent Music Department Aided by appreciation courses and under- standing instruction, the student becomes aware of the discipline, skill, and beauty to be found in music. Both Mr. Csiby and Miss Prioletti give freely of their time to direct the students in choral singing. VIENNA PRIOLETTI, M, MUSIC JOSEPH CSIBY, M. MUSIC 15 MARY FROST, M.A. Social Studies " Only the noble are educated in social studies. " Once, a hundred years ago, only royalty studied history. Today, a knowledge of the past and an understanding of the present is necessary for all in order to meet the future with equanimity. The social studies curriculum has been greatly expanded in order to meet the needs of a dynamic world. JULIAN SHINOL, M.A. PETER FELEDICK, B.A. 16 SISTER M. WILHELMINA, M.S.S.W. Sociology In a new field, with increasing importance to today ' s living and the future ' s promise, the sociologist is ever mindful of her duty to alleviate the problems and anxieties which affect mankind. From classroom to case experience with Catholic Charities, the sociology major gathers the experience and knowledge she needs for successful application of the principles she has learned. SISTER M. ANN, Ph.D. 17 DOROTHY DOBRUSHIN, Ed.D. SISTER MARY ROSE, B.S. FRANCES GRZEJKA, M.S. N.Ed. Nursing After four years and three summers of hard, intensive work, a graduate of Villa Maria College ' s Nursing Program is equipped to face the many problems she may encounter in her professional career. Classroom instruction, practical application in the hospital situation, various affiliations, and the guidance of a capable nursing faculty combine to produce a professional person happy to dedicate her knowledge and talents to the service of her fellow men. 18 HELEN DONOVAN, M.S. N.Ed. MARTHA PUETT, M. Litt. DOROTHY CAMPBELL, B.S. 19 SISTER MARY YVO, M.A. SISTER M. BERNADETTE, M.A. Home Ec The Home Economics Department prepares students to assume roles in any number of careers, foremost among which is the career of Christian motherhood. Since the family unit is the background of any nation, it must remain strong. Social philosophy, skilled training, and knowledge in an ever widening subject area enables the student to transmit correct principles to those who will one day par- take in the formation of a better world. 20 PAUL DOBRUSHIN, M.Ed. SISTER M. LUCY, M.Ed. BEATRICE FARRELL, M.A. Education To be responsible for developing the minds of children is to determine the future of the world. This is the challenge confronting Villa ' s education majors, who, guided by Catholic principles and Christain methods, are able to attain their goal and prepare the nation ' s youth for leadership. 21 Chemistry The Chemistry Department is one of the busiest here at Villa. Chemistry students are seen at all hours working diligently on laboratory assignments or striving to answer scientifically the problems which confront all chemists. Their hole dotted clothes and multicolored hands evidence the enthusiasm with which they undertake this challenge. Dr. Edwards, Sister Lawreace, on sabbatical leave at Notre Dame, and Miss Chambers guide the students in their quest for knowledge. With such expert direction chemistry students will be equipped to face the future with confidence. BARBARA CHAMBERS, B.S. 22 Biology Also active in the search for more knowledge of man and the world in which he lives is the Biology Department. It is here that medical technologists, nurses, and biologists are prepared to take their place in teaching, scientific research, and hospital careers. In addition to the technical knowledge gained, students are given sound philosophical and more principles for its application. Through the guidance of Sister Irma Claire and Sister Ra ymond Marie, stu- dents are made aware of the future con- tributions biology will make to the betterment of the world in which man lives. SISTER IRMA CLAIRE, M.S. SISTER RAYMOND MARIE, M.S. B U s I N E S S SISTER NEOMI, M.A. The business stu- dent today has an un- limited range of op- portunities open to her as she enters the economic world. Be- sides knowledge and skill in correct busi- ness practices and understanding of a great number of tech- nical machines, the graduate of the Busi- ness Department must be prepared to assume a position of responsi- bility and to aid our leaders in directing the destiny of our country ESTHER CARLIN, LL.D. 24 SISTE R GRACE MARIE, M.S. VINCENT DE LUCA, B.S. M A T H The Math Department covers a wide range of fields from practical mathematics for elementary education majors to pure mathematics for chemistry, physics, and math students. With the aid of Mr. DeLuca and Sister Grace Marie, the student suc- cessfully learns to solve mathematical problems and to transfer this ability of coping with problems to life itself. 25 REV. LOUIS LOREI, M.A. MSGR. EDWARD LATIMER, Ph.D. Theology Centered in the Theology De- partment is the Christian spirit which permeates Villa Maria College. It is a spirit of truth, understanding, love of God and love of neighbor. A study of the Old and New Testaments and the Life of Christ occupies the Freshmen and Sopho- mores while Juniors learn the principles of moral theology and Seniors study Christian Marriage. Villa students are thus prepared to meet the challenges of Christian living. REV. ROBERT GRIFFIN, B.A. REV. NORBERT WOLF, M.A. 26 Philosophy and Psychology After learning the principles of logic and Christian ethics and their application for correct thinking and moral living, the philosophy student concentrates on an understanding of the various philosophies which have influenced man ' s life and development. To gain further insight into man ' s motivating forces and subsequent actions, the student turns to the Psy- chology Department. It is here that she learns of herself and her fellow men and how to apply such knowledge to daily living. SISTER M. TERESINA, M.A. MICHAEL CLARIZIO, M.A. 27 LENORE NELSON, B.S. Physical Education Handicapped by the lack of a fully equipped gym and pool, the Physical Education Department, under the expert guidance of Mrs. Nelson, has courageously overcome the tremendous odds against them. The barracks on the South Campus comes alive four days a week as the Villa girls enthusiastically put into practice President Kennedy ' s physical fitness pro- gram. Graduates look back with fond memories upon the annual Pool and Gym Show and hope to see it soon revived. HHHiffiV 28 1 • 1 Speech There should be no Villa girl who can ' t adequately express herself in words after all the help and patient coaching she has received from Mrs. McGoey. The student acquires self- assurance, poise, and an ability to face any situation with confidence. PAULINE McGOEY, M.A. 29 30 Activities Sodality Our Lady ' s Sodality aids the Blessed Mother in helping mankind by developing an ardant devotion to Mary and gathering together those Catholics sincerely seek- ing to sanctify themselves. PSEA The Pennsylvania State Education As- sociation is a professional organization for all prospective teachers, which instills in its members the aims necessary for be- coming competent professional teachers. CCD The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine aids in the salvation of souls through the instruction of the members of Christ ' s Mystical Body in the truths of the faith. 32 Day Hop Council The organization for day students nandles complaints and cooperates successfully with the student government and administration to achieve harmony. D O R M C O U N C I L This union of resident students, organized this year, has successfully placed the governing of dormatory life under the guidance of the resident students themselves. Student Council The major form of student government, the Student Council, has been busy handling the new problems which arose with a new location, as well as successfully coping with the difficulties that ap- pear every year. 33 Business Club The Business Club acquaints its members with modern, pro- gressive business methods and systems in order to promote interest in the eco- nomic world. It af- fords an opportunity for friendly discussion in an informal atmos- phere. The friendly spirit of co-operation that characterizes the Home Ec Department is especially visible through the projects of the Home Ec Club. This year members worked together in making kimonos for children of needy families and in making the Pennsylvania Home Economics Convention a success. Home Ec Club 36 Alice Meynell Literary Society Busy with organizing a scholarship fund for a future English stu- dent, the Alice Mey- nell Literary Society members fulfilled their purpose in in- creasing the appre- ciation of fine arts, especially literature, and contributing to the general welfare of the college. Be careful! You never know when one of the Villalogue staff is looking for news. It is because of such enthusiasm that these reporters, photo- graphers, and artists keep Villa students informed of school events. Villalogue Staff 37 ft Ml 1. to r. Barbara Singer, Mary Chaffee, Lillian Lander, Rose Night Queen Jane Barrette, Loretta Morelli, Mary Jo Singer, Grace French. Rose Night Ess • i m EB r - 557 s mi uii Mill ' ■■ ' ■ r ::: ' s? I ' V ' 1 , t Classes v " Let ' s do it! " No matter what it is, you ' ll find the sophomores ready, willing, and eager to co-operate to a man (in this case, girl) in anything from an impromptu after - test party to a swinging sock hop. Scholastically and socially active, un- hindered by the shyness which characterized them as freshmen, the future juniors prepare to take their places as leaders of Villa Maria College. Sally Todd and Barbara Behan pay clase attention to fellow officer Rita Kraus, while June Grata faces the future. President Sally Todd seems overcome by her dis- cussion with class advisor, Miss Prioletti. s o p H O M O R E S 44 45 Seniors After three years of studying and happy escapades at the old Villa, the members of the present Senior Class spent their final year becoming acquainted with a new campus, setting traditions, searching for jobs or preparing for marriage, and savoring to the fullest the last moments of friendships formed in four years of close associations and shared experiences. Mary Lou Mancuso maps out senior strategy to class officers Susan Novosedliak, Jane Barretta, Vera Schuetz, and Mary Jo Singer. Sister Julia Marie, Senior Class advisor, appears quite engrossed in this telephone conversation. Per- haps she is discussing the coming festivities of senior week. 48 ELOISE AMENTA North East, Pennsylvania Elementary Education " Correct and proper- -willing worker- -class spirit-- " 68 beanies with chin straps ' --no time to waste. " JOAN ANDERSON Oil City, Pennsylvania Nursing " Sports enthusiast, especially swimming and horseback riding- -wild sense of humor --red and white bombshell. " DOROTHY ANGELOFF Erie, Pennsylvania Biology " Always ready to pitch in- -chaperone at a moment ' s notice- -on her way for an M.A. --does everything well. " 49 JANE BARRETTA Meadville, Pennsylvania Elementary Education " Precious ideals- -learning experiences-- genuine sympathy and interest--unlimited enthusiasm - -sweet sophistication. " KAREN BEHR Erie, Pennsylvania Biology " Deep enjoyment of life- -that Air Force ' blue ' --one who understands- -strong princi- ples. " MARY BOLOGNA St. Mary ' s, Pennsylvania Elementary Education " The popcorn kid--every Spring Weekend --you will too?--first in the race? " 50 MARY FRANCES CHAFFEE Erie, Pennsylvania Nursing " Leave it to George- -known for her lovely smile- -a gracious miss. " ELENA CHIMERA North East, Pennsylvania Elementary Education " A ball of fire with that basketball- -full of energy- -values learning, especially history. ' MARLENE COLLINS Meadville, Pennsylvania Elementary Education " Short and vivacious--contact lenses are a problem --intelligent --four roommates. " 51 COLETTE COLWELL Meadville, Pennsylvania Elementary Education " Tennis a must--slow as molasses- -mirror, mirror on the wall- -heading for Pitt. " MARY CONNELLY Rockville Centre, Long Island Elementary Education " Incisive wit--adult--the dorm ' s monopoly champ--a good friend-- ' ready Teddy ' --a New Yorker. " MARY CAROLE CROTTY Erie, Pennsylvania Elementary Education " Villa ' s fashion plate--her smile will con- quer the teaching world- -music, her special delight. " 52 JACQUELINE D ' AURORA Erie, Pennsylvania Business Education " A writer of poetry- -profound and l ight- hearted- -whimsical and conscientious- -a certain history class. " SR. MARY NICHOLAS DRISCOLL Erie, Pennsylvania Nursing " Substitute teacher- -likes pizza- -Irish sense of humor- -lots of spunk. " JETTA FERRARO Erie, Pennsylvania French " Sweet and gay- -a yearning for Paris- - trustworthy- -Florida ' s moonlit beaches--a cheerful bonjour to all. " 53 GRACE FRENCH Ridgway, Pennsylvania English " ' Blue Heron ' - -lending library for all- - spirit of music- -instrument of peace- -heart of gold. " CARMELITA FRONZAGLIA Erie, Pennsylvania English " Sparkling and vivacious- -Villa ' s booster --a Hemingway fan- -responsible and ma- ture- - ' Sweets to the sweet ' . " KAREN GARFES Emerson, New Jersey Nursing " Dill pickles and olives--pink elephants- in case of fire, jewelry and fur coats first. 54 PAULA HALLORAN St. Mary ' s, Pennsylvania Medical Technology ' Habitat is St. Vincent ' s lab- -catchy laugh •-industrious- -brave--digs rock ' n roll. " CAROLYN HERTEL Erie, Pennsylvania Business Education " Dependable and efficient- -a sparkling laugh--piano player at the drop of a note --a diamond ring. " DORIS HOEHN St. Mary ' s, Pennsylvania Elementary Education ' Europe or bust- -unmistakable individuality ■-the inexhaustible shopper--fire-bug. " 55 MARY LOU HUMPHRIES Erie, Pennsylvania Chemistry " Surprising — effervescent and balanced-- best beaker washer at V.M.C. --president of fender benders club. " MARY HYNES Erie, Pennsylvania Chemistry " Camera bug of Villa campus --petite, lively, and engaged- -cooking class- -un- expected teaching experience. " MARY LOU JACKSON Winthrop, Massachusetts Chemistry " Willowy blonde from J.F.K. ' s home town --spirited and musical- -3rd floor ' s official barber--a sunny personality- -not afraid of reality. " 56 JO ANN JORDAN Erie, Pennsylvania Elementary Education ' Cleveland bound--off-beat sense of humor --friendly and sweet. " MARY FRANCES KANE Clearfield, Pennsylvania Elementary Education " Party girl--Volkswagon first on list—out- door living --bright. " MRS. JOAN KIMMEY Erie, Pennsylvania Nursing " Instructor at Hamot Hospital- -friendly and helpful- -energetic- -sympathetic listener. " 57 LILLIAN LANDER Lucinda, Pennsylvania Elementary Education " Infectious laughter- -unfatiguable worker --bouncy spirit- -weakness for purses- - heartiness of an Alaskan. " JUDY LOEFFLER Erie, Pennsylvania English " Serene and lovely- -a Salinger devotee- - imitations of Ethel Merman- -keen insight --expert on the PreRaphaelites. " JEAN LYNCH Meadville, Pennsylvania Elementary Education " Do you play golf?- -little bit o ' lreland- voice of a lark- -from dust rags to riches - sleepy-time gal. " 58 BETTY McCULLOUGH Wattsburg, Pennsylvania Home Economics " Quiet and poised--off-beat humor- - California- -dream--a small car and in- dependence. " MARY LOU MANCUSO Warren, Pennsylvania Chemistry " Energetic, efficient, and enthusiastic- - Senior Class President --sometimes thinks she ' s Julius Caesar. " MARGARET MATRISCIANO Astabula, Ohio Elementary Education " The gray house and Sunbeam- -Sigs and Tekes- -spirited and serious--a love for children. " 59 LOIS MAYER Erie, Pennsylvania Elementary Education " An asset to the community- -a determined miss- -will be a primary teacher --marriage is first in her future. " LORETTA MORELLI Ridgway, Pennsylvania Nursing " Anyone for Halloweening?--she names talking her favorite hobby- -will be a lovely winter bride- -Prom Queen. " RITA NIEBAUER Erie, Pennsylvania Elementary Education " Will give Millcreek students benefit of her smile- -sewing and painting her pass- times--our sit-up expert. " 60 SUSAN NOVASEDLIAK McKeesport, Pennsylvania Chemistry " No boys, just men --sympathetic and blithe of heart- -weekends at Bonnie ' s--real swingin ' time. " MARY ALICE NUNES Madeira Island, Portugal Sociology " Sweet and persistent--longs for Madeira skies and home- -plenty of zest and desire to help others. " LINDA O ' POLKA Franklin, Pennsylvania Nursing " Unusual hats are her weakness--a girl ' s best friend is her mother- -gifts from Chips. 61 SR. MARY LORETTA PASSMORE Erie, Pennsylvania Nursing " Friend to all- -quiet- -library helper-- ca lm and poised. " BEVERLY PATTERSON Meadville, Pennsylvania Nursing " Barely made those evening classes- - painting boats- -canoeing on a Sunday afternoon- -does she really live in the dorm? " JUDY SCHNURPFEIL Erie, Pennsylvania Medical Technology " Good natured and intelligent- -dedication to medicine--a Ft. Lauderdale vacation. " 62 VERA SCHUETZ McKean, Pennsylvania Business Education " Quiet and shy--produces excellent re- sults—easily led to laughter- -missionary field ahead. " ANN SERVIDEA Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania Nursing " ' Hate ' parties- -black olives in a can- adores her goldfish, ' Poopsie ' - -wanna fight? " BARBARA SINGER Oil City, Pennsylvania Nursing " Tall and graceful- -remembrances of a Southern Cotillion and red roses- -lots of tease concealing tenderness. " 63 MARY JO SINGER Oil City, Pennsylvania Home Economics " Expert on vitamins, amino acids, and big words--2nd Lt. commission--always cheer- ful and peppy. " SONJA STANGLE Erie, Pennsylvania Medical Technology " A witty humor --serious about the medical field--the girl behind the hypodermic- - love for ' longhair ' music. " ELLEN O ' HARA VAHEY Erie, Pennsylvania Elementary Education " Charming Irish colleen- -new hairdos her speciality- -class baby- -lilting laughter her trademark. " 64 JOAN VELLA North East, Pennsylvania English " Sensitive and determined--honest--a piquant wit hidden by wistfulness--the poetry of Shelly. " MARY ANN WHITE Richmond, Virginia Elementary Education " Our Rebel from Richmond--a trip to Canada- -Abominable Snowmen- -a rin dance, roses, and moonlight. " JANE YOPEK Erie, Pennsylvania English " Willowy and chic--a sense of humor- -a good story-teller- -Shakespeare and jazz- fun to be with. " 65 Other members of the Villa Maria College teaching faculty whose pictures do not appear in the yearbook include: SISTER M, CLEMENZA, Ph.D. SISTER M. EUNICE, M.A. SISTER M. BONIFACE, M.A SISTER M. MELANIE, B.S. in Ed. SISTER M. MARIETTA, M.A. SISTER M. LAWREACE, M.S. SISTER MARY DANIEL, B.S. in Ed. SISTER MARIE RENE, M.Ed. SISTER HELEN THERESE, B.S. in Ed. GRACE VVIARD, M.S. N. Ed. It is with many grateful memories that the yearbook staff here pays tribute to the memory of ETHEL H. JONES, M.A. for nine years a member of the teaching faculty of the Home Economics Department, who passed away May 21, 1962, at her home in Scranton, Pennsylvania, following a brief illness. In Appreciation The yearbook staff wishes to acknowledge the welcome supervision and helpful guidance of Sister Julia Marie in making this first issue of THE MAGNIFICAT a reality. Thank you Sister, it certainly has been a joy to work with you. Patrons ARCHBISHOP JOHN MARK GANNON. D.D., D.C.L. REV. W. ROBERT GRIFFIN REV. LOUIS LOREI A FRIEND A FRIEND MR. MRS. JOHN P. ANDERSON MR. MRS. JOSEPH C. ANGELOFF AYRSHIRE DAIRY, ST. MARYS, PA. BERGEN VALENT INC., BERGEN FIELD. NEW JERSEY CARAVAGLIA STUDIO MISS ESTHER CARLIN CARNEY SPERRY BEER DISTRIBUTORS MR. MRS. WILLIAM CATRABONE CHILD STUDY CLUB THE COLONY INN C. C. D. 66 MR. MRS. WALTER CONNELLY LES CRAGO, JEWELER MR. RICHARD DeDIONISIO MISS VARMA DiSANTIS MISS ELY THE ENGLISH CLUB MR. MRS. NATHANIEL FERRARO JOHN E. FILIP, JEWELER THE FRENCH CLUB THE FRESHMAN CLASS GEORGE A. FRIEDRICHS CHURCH RELIGIOUS GOODS MR. FRED GARFES HAIBACH BROTHERS (DUTCH MAID MEAT PRODUCTS) HAISE BROTHERS HENRI HAIR FASHIONS HESS BROTHERS GUILD DISPENSING OPTICIANS HEYL PHYSICIANS SUPPLY COMPANY HOLY TRINITY PORTUGUESE ASSOCIATION HOME ECONOMICS CLUB MISS BETTY HEMENEY MRS. GLADYS JECKNA MISS ETHEL H. JONES JOURNAL PUBLISHING COMPANY M. F. JOYCE AND SONS COMPANY THE JUNIOR CLASS THE KNIT SHOP KRAUS ELECTRIC COMPANY MR. MRS. EDWARD C. KOWNACKI LA MASION DU CHARMO MR. LEONARD LANDER MISS SENA LANDER THE LEAVY FUNERAL HOME, CLEARFIELD, PA. LEITZINGER BROTHERS, INC. CLEARFIELD, PA. MR. JOHN MARCONI, JR. THE MATH CLUB MR. MRS. JACK MAZZA MR. MRS. JAMES R. McGOEY MEHLER ' S CUSTOM CLOTHING MR. MRS. LOUIS R. MORELLI THE FERD NIEBAUER FAMILY MR. MRS. JOHN NOLAN MR. MRS. JOSEPH R. NOVOTNY MR. MRS. DAVID NUNES THE NURSES CLUB NU-WAY DRY CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDRY MR. MRS. JOHN G. O ' POLKA OSIECKI BROTHERS MUSIC CENTER PALACE HARDWARE 67 LT. COL. MARY PATTERSON P. S. E. A. MPs. MRS. JOHN POKORSKI, JR. DR. CARL P. POMMER MR. MRS. AL POWELL RINDERLE ELECTRIC ROSE ' S RESTAURANT SAVELLI ' S CONCERT BAND MR. MRS. STANLEY SCHWARTZ MRS. D. P. SERVIDEA MISS CAROLINE J. SHERRANGE MR. MRS. LEO SINGER MR. MRS. L. R. SMITH SOCIOLOGY CLUB THE SODALITY THE SOPHOMORE CLASS THE SPORTSMAN STORE MR. DAVID R. STANGLE MR. MRS. ERNEST STANGLE MR. MRS. A. B. STRAUB STUDENT COUNCIL SUNSET INN THE VILLALOGUE STAFF MR. MRS. JOHN F. WACHTER MRS. WALTER J. WHITE MR. MRS. WALTER WYCECH 68

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