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1948 MARIOLE f n pi Class of 1948, Presents Sister M. Doloretta, Dean K ' Dedication Editor-in-Chief Associate Editors Virginia Brown, Anne Therese Boudon Art Editor _ __ _ Business Manager Assistant Business Managers ... Ann Forssell Ellen Conwell, Dorothy Morris Jean Marsh Betty Rentja, Mary Kalkhof, Evelyn Webster, Lenora Abramoski TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Our Chancellor Faculty Classes Organizations Activities In the College Chapel, Our Lady ' s jewel-box, the girls find the hallowed peace of nearness to God. Here many a classroom discouragement, ambition, or dream is whispered into the understanding ear of Christ. CAMPUS ENTRANCE TO GANNON HALL His Excellency, The Most Rev. John Mark Gannon, D.D., D.C.L., LLD. Bishop of Erie Chancellor of Villa Maria Colleqe Our Advisers Row 1: Vangeline Barbale, Dorothy Shields, Gerta Schaffner. Row 2: Jean Treacey, Esther Carlin, Lenore Nelson. Missing: Helen Armstrong. Seated: Sister M. Wilhelmina. Sister M. Monacella, Sister Irma Claire, Sister M. Virginia, Sister M. Doloretta, Sister Marie. Standing: Sister M. Romaine, Sister M. Amadeus, Sister M. Bernadette, Sister Marie Cecile, Sister Emma Therese, Sister M. Verena, Sister M. Gervase. Missing: Sister M. Clemenza, Sister M. Mida, and Sister M. Fabiola. MARIE DELANEY SMITH Registrar THERESA KAUFMAN College Nurse Seated: J. Cardamone, Rev. Thomas J. Crowell, Herbert Sorkin. Standing: Charles J. Treacey. Eugene Cairo, Ignatius A. Hamel. ' 4L:m CLASSES ANNE MIZNER Meadville, Pennsylvania Home Economics Artist in rhythm . . . even-tempered . . . available to all as a friend. MARRIJANE NEELY Erie, Pennsylvania English A smile offset by dimples . . . our star saleslady . . . her car runs many errands . . . always the same . . . unperturbed, collected, situation well in hand. JEANNE MULLER North Girard, Pennsylvania English Wonderful combo of sweetness and lovely voice . . . another pillar of the senior class. MARCELLA MUNCH North Girard, Pennsylvania Home Economics A friend in need is a friend indeed ... a temper that remains un- ruffled . . . sparkle and fun com- bined to make her wonderful com- pany. JEAN MARSH Erie, Pennsylvania Business Education Fun loving and vivacious . . . bub- bling personality . . . all-round good sport. MARY TUNNEY Ambridge, Pennsylvania English Contagious laughter . . . twinkling eyes . . . astounding vocabulary ... a heart of gold ... a merry whirl of ups and downs . . . that ' s Mary. ANN FORSSELL Erie, Pennsylvania Business Education " Sparkplug " of our class . . . looks like an angel . . willing hands and a winning personality. ANNE THERESE BOUDON Port Allegany, Pennsylvania Home Economics Light and graceful in water as well as on a dance floor . . . " swishy " dialogue plus a pepsodent smile . . . rates high on anyone ' s list. LaRUE SMITH Erie, Pennsylvania Home Economics Snapping brown eyes ... a fresh, immaculate appearance . . . depend on LaRue to have things done . . . gaiety and seriousness combined. JANE FOY Erie, Pennsylvania Home Economics Steady, competent, and reliable a flair for Home Economics. CARMEN ALICIA BERRIOS New York, New York Home Economics Sparkling dark eyes . . . smooth Spanish accent . . . famed for her Mexican Hat Dance. A social worker destined to go far in her field . . . gracious, sincere, exact ... a well of humor lies hidden within. MARGARET NACHMAN East Springfield, Pennsylvania Business Education Our leader in all things . . . depend- able, capable Marge . . . she plans to make marriage her career. MARY KALKHOF New Haven, Connecticut Business Education Our favorite songster . . . iypical expression: I ' m starved! . . . willing worker . . . medical advice gratis. DOROTHY MORRIS Erie, Pe nnsylvania Sociology Compelling and attractive . . tive in dramatics and Soci quickly drew original posters. LENORE ABRAMOSKI Erie, Pennsylvania Business Education Capable and dependable . . . soft spoken ... a good companion . . . truly accomplished in her chosen field. ANN SMITH Cleveland, Ohio Sociology Our little housewife . . . devoted to John ... a transfer from Ohio State who won our hearts immediately . . . untroubled, happy, nice to know. FORRESTENE PARSON Erie, Pennsylvania Nursing Stately, tall, poised . . . already an R. N., soon to add a B. S. . . . Woody plans to do public school nursing. L m RITA HARACZY Erie, Pennsylvania French Humorous and friendly . . . definite knowledge of languages . . . busy as a beaver doing helpful acts. MARY LOU NATALE Warren, Ohio Sociology Enthusiastic from beginning to end . . . " there goes Lou in another chic outfit " . . . telephone calls galore ... a willing worker in the I. R. C. ALICE REDMAN North East, Pennsylvania Biology Friendly to all ... a girl of many talents . . . our superb actress . . . generosity beyond compare. PHYLLIS YAPLE Erie, Pennsylvania Chemistry No effort too great for Phyl . . . see her in the lab, in the gym, or catch- ing a bus to the G. E. . . . intellectual but never stuffy. ELLEN CONWELL Erie, Pennsylvania Chemistry Gracious and competent . . . dyna- mo of information . . . busily solves chemistry equations. BETTY RENTJA Erie, Pennsylvania Chemistry A mixture of test-tubes and Beetho- ven ... an indefatigable worker . . . interested and interesting. 25 VIRGINIA BROWN Erie, Pennsylvania Sociology Has anyone seen Gini? that defies description dances, and popularity are hers . . . who could help but be crazy about her? a wit dates, MARGARET GLOEKLER Erie, Pennsylvania Sociology Loyal and lovable . . . talent for mischief and laughter . . . only wor- ries are menus and cooking. BEATRICE GALLAGHER Wheeling, West Virginia Biology Energetic with a West Virginia drawl . . . busy editor of our paper . . . subtle dry humor. Slim, dainty, and efficient ways drinking water . . . e ' ent on the Dean ' s list. 27 FLORENCE GOODILL Erie, Pennsylvania Nursing Energetic . . . petite ... a latecomer in the class of ' 48 who has won our esteem . . . another lady in white. Additional Graduates Sister Marie Celine Bucholz, O.S.B. Sister M. Modesto Pawelecki, H.F.N. Geraldine Mary Rooney Helen Louise Underwood Rosalia Alice Dolan Sister M. Adelle Hart, S.S.J. Sister Marie Rene Higgins, S.S.J. Sister M. Aloyse Massello, S.S.J. Sister M. Seraphim McCaffery, S.S. Sister M. Florian Paulits, O.S.B. Sister M. Victoria Vojtecky, O.S.F. Left to Right (top picture) Anne Therese Boudon, Dorothy Morris, Ann Forssell, Anne Mizner, Kathleen Kirsch, Betty Rentja, Patricia Doubet. First Mary Tunney with pep and poise Will have a husband, home, and boys. We see Mary Ann Specter and Ann Smith with knittin ' While Jane Foy runs the Rockefeller Kitchen — And Ann Forssell balances the government ' s headache — The national budqet — with red ink and red tape. Thru the years Betty Rentja holds the Russians in place With potent chem mixtures which settle each case. Bibbs Gallaqher is heading a vast office force, Alice Redman forwards biology by dissecting the horse. Marge Nachman ' s a prosperous matron instead; School principal, mother, and garden-club head. Rita Haraczy ' s in Bolivia reshaping their speech; Where Forrestine Parson has student nurses to teach. While back in America, our first woman president Is now Mary Kalkhof, an old Villa resident. Jean Marsh is known as " 59 ' s Leading Mother " And Marcella Munch is publicity head for the show " Wed Another. ' Mary T.ou Natale does the Continent each year — She travels and lectures at " 5 bucks a year. " Alicia Berrios has a quiet domestic life And so Gini Brown, now a New Yorker ' s wife. Peg Gloekler has advanced a great social change She ' s promoting a kitchen with men " home on the range. Marrijane Neely is a famous prose writer, While Anne Mizner ' s piano makes concerts much brighter. Marie Detzel runs a charity ward; Evelyn Webster advises the aged and bored. Dorothy Morris has long sought her fame on the stage. Her career will someday be " Broadway ' s rage. " Jean Muller is prefect of an exclusive girls ' school; Screen star A. T. Boudon swims a Hollywood pool. Phyllis Yaple has taken a chemistry chair At Johns Hopkins U., and she ' s settled down there. While Lenore Abramoski types foreign papers for shipment And Ellen Conwell designs laboratory equipment. Fashions for the kitchen, long skirts and short aprons. Are modeled by LaRue Smith to wealthy, young matrons. r r iiiii f € %r JUNIORS Class of 1949 J. Roessner, M. Peer, M. Dougherty, B. Gleischner, C. Aponte, M. Brenot, M. Carlson, E. Kirsch, J. Marsh, F. Smith, M. Horan, B. Formaini, M. Hayes, E. Weaver, K. Kirsch, T. Ricchiuti, G. Rivera. M. Velez, M. Powers, E. Ott, A. Hill, J. English, A. Lynch, P. Doubet, M. Veitch, D. Aaron, S. Gillespie, T. Kaufman, M. Tomczak, B. Bierley, M. Kelsch, M. Rectenwald, K. Homan, M. Soloman, M. Milks, D. Olszevi ski. Missing: B. Davis, J. Lewis. SOPHOMORES Class of 1950 Row 1: J. Gingenbach, B. Clifford, R. Macosko, M. Kuntz, G. Sweet, C. Kennedy, J. Mahoney, E. Kreidinger, P. Leffler, M. Marrero, T. Guelcher. Row 2: J. Gallagher, A. Guerrein, A. Heary, F. Cain, E. Borowski, J. Dormann, K. Gallagher, J. Mokes, A. Cap- pabianca, V. Fusco. Missing: M. Carnahan, J. Correa, E. Klugiewicz, M. K. Morse. Row 1: T. Sloven, A. i cL-jugniin, .:,. j l. ' ;., A. f:s:c:y, ' .;. r-:::nrii, .... .Vise, ' f. ( :.rn. Row 2: M. Politoske, P. Tenpas, K. McMamara, N. Whitby, M. Williams, V. Ricchiuti, M. Schreiber. Missing: T. Plaskey, B. St. George, C. Samayoa, I. Schneider, D. Sheldon. FRESHMEN Class of 1951 Row 1- J. Kuhns, C. NowaK, A. Hays, M. Kubiak, M. McLaughlin, B. Michaels, B. Angelo, M. Mainzer, M. Kelly, E. Pencer. Row 2: M. Hook, M. Homan, B. DiBacco, M. Kennedy, E. Lyons, E. Mando, B. Johnston, P. Quinn, H. Gibbons, B. Miller. Missing: R. Connelly, K. Lewis, M- A. Tyler, M. Poulson, R. Hanawoy, B. Courtney. a A - ft»jmijjijLi4iw Row 1: H Row 2: B. Yueh, S. Yueh, B. Watson, B. Reininger, A. Nemetz, M. Wood, M. Weir, A. Vouch, T. Romeo, C. Ta B. Sibinska, H. Tippenhauer, B. Shipley, D. V alczak, S. Scallen, . C. Schneider, M. Reuscher. Missing: R. Sagel, M. Stoner, G. Pappas, . Pflueger, R. Schaefer, M. Slocum, M. Lohse, A. Spellman, S. Irrizarry. Student Nurses- St. Vincent ' s Hospital Firct Row, Front to Back — T. Chevalier, H. Florek, B. Beim=!, A. Nies, P. Forfia. Second Row, Front to Back — I. Weibel, M. Blehl, K. Wolf, J. McMurterie, C. Weaver. Third Row, Front to Back — D. Urarro, H. Lash, D. C rowell, M. Bichler, M. Miller. Fourth Row, Front to Back — I. Icovetta, A. Hollzhauser, R. Hartley, M. Smith, M. Mahoney. M 1 ' IfWHB j. y ' - H M -i l v ' ' Ee» - ' I First Row, Front to Back — M. Estak. Second Row, Front to Back — D. Bronakowski, M. Waqner, D. Heberlein, F. Forfia. Third Row, Front to Back -B. Schick, D. Dill, G. Karle, T. Szymanowski. Fourth Row, Front to Back--G. Lombard, J. Foy, D. Rosenthal, T. Malinski, F. Grygo, S. Becker. Fifth Row, Front to Back — J. Finnery, L Szymczak, D. Connelly, L. Zeigenhine, M. Mahoney, A. Heary. ORGANIZATIONS ' i-. ' " " " " " " if w m 1 Student Counci Seated at Desk: M. Nachman Row 1: (Front) A. Forrsell, N. Whitby, K. Homan, M. A. Specter Row 2: E. Webster, S. Gillespie, J. Roessner, O. Parrini. Row 3: J. Muller, B. Gallagher, M. Carlson, H. Gibbons. Row 4: M. Ouinn, M. Neely, M. Tunney. Row 5: A. Mizner, C. Kennedy. Row 6; T. Romeo. President — Margaret Nachman Secretary — Nancy Whitby Vice-President — Katherine Homan Treasurer — Theresa Romeo The Student Council under the personal supervision of Sister M. Doloretta, Dean of the College, acts as the students ' voice in school affairs. It coordinates all student activities. Many and varied are the questions it con- siders and the projects it undertakes. During this school year the council has done such things as sponsor an open house dance with Gannon College, issue student identification cards, and back the school play, " The Would- Be-Gentleman. " Alice Meynell Literary Club Row 1, left to right: B. Reininger, A. L. Nemetz, L. Abramoski, M. Carlson, E. Conwell, M. Neely, M. Daugherty E. Ott, B. Gleischner, J. Muller, A. Hill. Row 2, left to right: A. Forssell, M. A. Specter, A. T. Boudon, M. Hays Weaver, M. Morrerc, M. Gloeckler, A. M. Vouch. T. Ricchiuti, K. Kirsch, E. Row 3, left to right: J. Roessner, A. Lynch, A. Guerrin, M. Tunney, G. Sweet, B. L. Bierley, D. Olszewski, C. Tavani, M. Nochman, P. Doubet, J. Marsh. President — Marrijane Neely Secretary — Jeanne Muller Treasurer — Mary Tunney Vice-President — Mary Hayes Corresponding Secretary — Ann Hill Faculty Adviser — Sister M. Clemenza The Alice Meynell Literary Club has increased the student appreciation of the fine arts, especially literature, furthered the development of the audio-visual aids in the English department, and contributed much to the general welfare of Villa Maria College. It is the only organization in the school which has published a paper of its own, the " Meynell Mirror, " under the editorship of Ann Forssell. At Work Left to Right: M. Nachman, O. Parrini, M. L. Natale, B. Gallagher, Mrs. Vavrek, M. Daugh rty, M. Tunney, H. Gibbons. ViLLALOGUE StAFF AND PrESS ClUB OFFICERS President — Bibbs Gallagher Vice-President — Marjory Daugherty Secretary — Rita Connelly Treasurer — Kathleen Gallagher Comprised of the Villalogue Staff and anyone else interested in journalism, the Press Club is a social organi- zation which offers many advantages to its members. Though this is only the first year of its existence, already it has achieved success as a worthwhile society. Press cards have been given as novel tokens of membership. m r J. t A. Forssell. Row 2: J. Mahoney, H. Gibbons, K. Gallagher, N. V hitby, J. Pflueger, R. Schaffer, C. Tavani, R. Connelly, M. Row 3: M. Natale, B. Reininger, M. Daugherty, M. Kuntz, G. Sweet, A. L. Nemetz, M. Stoner, M. Nachman. Slocum, M. Tunney. Glee Club Row 1: J. Roessner, M. Daugherty, M. Kalkhof, M. Hayes, F. Smith, T. Romeo, M. Marrero, P. Leffler. Row 2: B. Sibinska, M. Schreiber, J. Gallagher, M. Kuntz, B. DiBacco, M. A. Hook, B. Gleischner. Row 3: M. Slocum, D. Morris, S. Gillespie, B. Shipley, C. Tavani, H. Gibbons, J. Pflueger, J. Kuhns. Senior Officer — Marjory Daugherty Junior Officer — Berta Shipley Faculty Adviser — Sister M. Virginia The fine music presented by the Glee Club under the able direction of Sister Virginia has enriched many of the ceremonies traditional at Villa Maria College. Who will forget the dignity and beauty of their Christmas radio program, or the thrill of marching through candlelit, evergreen-trimmed halls the night of the Christmas Dinner to the joyous sound of Carols? International Relations Club I. R. C. CLUB AND N. F. C. C. S. DELEGATES Left to Right: M. Detzel, B. Gallagher, A. Redman, M. A. Specter, M. L. Natale, S. Gillespie, E. Webster, M. Daugherty, M. Tunney, M. Hayes. President — Shirley Gillespie Secretary — Bibbs Gallagher Executive Chairman —Mary Lou Nalale Vice-President — Alice Redman Treasurer — Mary Tomczak Faculty Adviser — Sister M. Monacella The L R. C. has for its aims and purposes the stimulation of interest in world affairs, the encouragement of participation in national and international projects, cooperation with the International Relations Clubs of the World to promote peace and love among all men, and the acquaintance of our own college with world problems. Commercial Club - Group I PI k! Row 2 Row 3 J. iv,cL,juc-|iijin, D. iviic.-rieib, u. onejucri, ;vi. lj. wen, ivi. il. romossi, ,. j ow:]K. J. Marsh, B. Watson, J. Schneider, C. Schneider, A. Cappabianca, J. Kuhns. M. Schreiber, A. Forssell, A. Guerrein, R. Schaffer, J. Correa, M. Reuscher. President — Ann Forssell Vice-President — Tulia Ricchiuti Treasurer — Jean Gingenbach Faculty Adviser — Esther Carlii Organized in the fall of 1945, the Commercial Club has since enriched the school with its accomplishments. It has for its purpose the union of the students in the Business Education Department into a closely-knit group where pure enjoyment is on a par with intellectual growth. Commercial Club Gro Row 1: T. Sloven, B. Angelo, ]. Gingenbach, M. Kalkhof, T. Ricchiuti, M. J. Mainzar. Row 2: M. Solomon, M. Milks, S. Scallen, R. M. Edwards, V. Ricchiuti, E. Borowski. Row 3: H. Tippenhauer, H. Gibbons, D. Olszewski, A. Hill, J. English, M. Nachman. Chemistry Club Row- Row 2 Row 3 P. Leffler, M. L. Brenot, B. Form:nni A :- ;::i _in, A. M. Vouch, B. St. George. B. Gallagher, G. Sweet, T. Romeo, O. Parrini, M. Kuntz, M. Homan, M. Stoner, M. A. Hook. J. Mahoney, K. Gallagher, F. Cain, J. Mokes, P. Doubet, J. Gallagher. CHEMISTRY CLUB The Chemistry Club is composed of student members of the Erie Section of the American Chemical Society. Throughout the year noted chemists lecture monthly at the College under the auspices of the Erie Section. The students are privileged to attend these monthly meetings and have the opportunity of hearing many prominent men of science. - r fe f -- hew I t bmith, S. uweil, t. K.reiainger, • . Kenneay, . . r.sioiy, m. noiun. Row 2: A. Heary, B. Shipley, B. Rentja, N. Whitby, J. Dorman, M. Kennedy, M. Williams. Rov 3: E. Kirsch, E. Conwell, M. Rectenwald, B. DiBacco, M. Wood. Home Economics Club Row 1: F. Smith, M. Horan, M. Power, J. Marsh, K. Homan, A. T. Boudon, M. Rectenwald. Row 2: E. Kreidinger, J. Mahoney, K. Gallagher, L. Smith, M. Munch, A. Mizner, J. Foy, A. Berrios, D. Aaron, P. Leffler. Row 3: B. Clifiord, S. C ' Neil, A. Heary, O. Parrini, M. Roman, B. DiBocco, M. A. Hook, M. Tyler, R. Connelly, M. Kelly. President Anne Mizner Vics-President — Joan Marsh Secretary — Olga Parrini Faculty Adviser — Sister M. Gervase This club ' s object is to promote home economics in on educational, scientific, social and practical manner. Two of its major annual activities are a Christmas party at which toys, collected and repaired by the girls, are presented to the children at St. Josepn ' s Orphanage, and a spring style review featuri.-ig clothes made by the girls in their clothing classes. Basketball Team and Cheer Leader Row 1: K. Gallagher, M. Marrero, M. Schreiber (Cheerleaders) Row 2: N. Whitby, M. Nachman, P. Doubet, P. Yaple. Row 3: M. D. Weir, M. A. Hook, C. Tavoni, D. Olszewski, J. Gallagher, R. M. Edwards, B. Miller. Missing from picture: M. Ouinn and S. Scallen Captain— Nancy Whitby Coach — Mrs. Lenore Nelson As substantially proved by the scores below, this year ' s squad was outstanding! VILLA Villa Academy Cleveland YW Mercyhurst Thiel McKean Thiel Mercyhurst McKean Sodality Officers and Committee Chairmen Seated: M. bcnreiber, 1. Romeo, J. ivluiler, ivi. Hayes, Standing: K. Kirsch, P. Doubet, M. Williams, O. Parrini U. Weir, C. OFFICERS Prefect — Jeanne Muller Sscretary--Margene Schreiber Vice-Prefect — Mary Hayes Treasurer — Mary Delores Weir Faculty Adviser — Sister Emma Therese The Sodality asks of its members that they be good Catholics sincerely bent on sanctifying self and zealous for the sanctification of the neighbor. It also desires its members to take an ardent and active interest in the spread and defense of the Catholic Church. A communion breakfast is presented every year on December eighth, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, by this group. Mary V. Merrick Club Row 1: M. Solomon, V. Brown, J. Muller, B. Gallagher, M. L. Natale, M. Gioekler, M. Detzel, M. Neeley, D. Olszewski Row 2- M. Schreiber, M. Marrero, J. Gingenbach, T. Ricchiuti, A. Redman, M. Peer, D. Morris, M. Hayes, M. Carlson. Row 3: E. Klugiewicz, B. Sibinska, V. Ricchiuti, E. Borowski, M. Milks, J. Roessner, B. L. Bierley President — Evelyn " Webster Secretary — Josephine Roessner Vice-President — Peggy Gioekler Treasurer — Maria Velez Faculty Adviser — Sister M. Wilhelr This organization has as its threefold purpose the union of Sociology majors and minors in the common ap- preciation of their field, the awakening of an interest in social work among the students of the college, and the furthering of the general welfare of Villa Maria College. Each year the girls of the club give a Valentine Day party for the older girls at St. Joseph ' s Home, which enjoyed as much by the hostesses as by the guests. Mariole Staff Seated: D. Morris, A. T. Boudon, A. Forssell, M. Tunney, E. Conwell Standing: E. Webster, M. Kalkhof, J. Marsh, L. Abramoski Missing from picture: B. Rentja This is the first year the students have attempted to pubhsh a yearbook for the entire college. The staff th:s year is hampered by no tradition which must be honored and by no precsdent which must be followed. This book was established not only for the purpose of giving the student body an account of life at Villa Maria but also to fix a goal and break a path for future efforts along the same line. Biology Club ICG. Clu ACTIVITIES .: ' • I t 4 ■ - t s- 1 :f ' ' $ I :.. -.-7 d K J m ' M ' - J) , :Hi r r J ' - ' ' ' fv w t: ii if w The Committee Awaits Its Guests... Little Sister Tea And so Each Frosh was TucKed Safely Under the Wing of Her Big Sister... Enjoying the Sweet Music Sophomore Cotillion October 31, 1947 V h a t A Thrill For Jackie, Terry, Ginny, Mary, and Audrey! Mi ■ . % The A of th B i g f t e r n o o n e First Night Deck the Halls with Bouqhs of Holly " — Christmas Dinner ...In many of our opinions, the most enjoyable of the year ' s activities " Ho al 1 i y Nigh is calm Frosh Frolic Dance, Ballerina Dance! The Would-be Gentleman Pauline Presides After a Remarkable Performance AT THE ' Pops Concert ' Herbert Sorkin, Ann Bollinger, Fritz Mahler V ' ava Dlaiia Gdlece Compliments of WEIBLEN ' S DON-DE COFFEE AT YOUR HOME OWNED FOOD STORE JACOB HALLER COMPANY 1712 Parade Street Wholesale Distributors Comp!im9nts of CLARK ' S CONFECTIONERY 8fh and Casccde Sis. PHONE 82-150 WESLEYVILLE, PA. WATCH AND DIAMOND SPECIALIST GEO. V. THOMAS Practical Watchmaker and Jeweler We time the Railroad - Why not you? • Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1948 LIBERTY IRON 6- METAL CO. 825 East Ninth Street • HEINTZ PHOTO STUDIO • Portraits of Fine Artistic Quality! • Phone 61-534 402 W. 8th St. CcmpliTients of SNYDER ' S CANDIES 1523 Peach Street Erie, Pa. Best Wishes From the VILLA MARIA COLLEGE ALUMNAE S. M. FLICKINGER CO. 2001 Wallace St. Sponsors of Red and White Food Stores Also Suppliers of Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions Compliments of DUGGAN-RIDER FOR THOSE STUNNING CORSAGES AND BOUQUETS order at the DARLING FLOWER SHOPPE 108 West 7th Street Erie. Pa. The makers of congratulate the 1948 graduates of VILLA MARIA COLLEGE and hope that the future will bring success and happiness to every one of them. HAMMERMILL PAPER COMPANY Erie, Pennsylvania THE WARREN COMPANY 409-415 East Tenth Street Erie, Pennsylvania 22-813 BASTIAN BROS. CO. Rochester, N. Y. Designers and Producers of Class Jewelry Genuine Engraved Commencement An- nouncements and Personal Cards Our Compliments to the Villa, its Staff and the Student Body A. KOPPLEMAN AND SON 8th and Liberty AMERICAN LEGION NORTH EAST, PA. MAYA-GLOEKLER STUDIO 1117 Parade Street We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the Senior Class of 1948 for their splendid cooperation in our behalf. We wish you all the best of good luck and good fortune in all your future endeavors. • REINHOLD PHARMACY Congratulations On Your First Year Book • Compliments of the RELIABLE FURNITURE CO. s 1213 STATE ST. 1 Complimrnts of j S MAC ' S RESTAURANT | LAWRENCE PARK, PENNSYLVANIA 1 Compliments of J S KEYSTONE AUTO PARTS Ig . 1 1 " 1 Compliments of 1 1 1 Compliments of WOLFF ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 1 G. and H. Grocery and Meat Store 1 • 1 • 1228 Parade Street Lawrence Park, Penna. 1 I 1 ERIE IRON SUPPLY • 1 CORPORATION s Compliments of s s THE CROSSLEY COMPANY 2002 Worfel Avenue s Erie, Pa. • • Compliments of D. SCHLOSSER y ' ' PatnfHeodfuarferi LriS t State Streets • Complimsnis of SEIGEL ' S SCHAUBLE-NELSON STUDIOS Art J. Schriefer Wm. Simon 2101 Peach Street Erie, Pa. ROSE RUG CO. KIMMEL AND SON FLOOR COVERING SPECIALISTS 17th and Sassafras 11th and Sassafras St. I. ■SHOES FOR THE FAMILV Pause for Coke lomED tiNoa AUTHoinr of the coca-cola company tr ERIE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY ERIE INSURANCE EXCHANGE Compliments of A FRIEND SUPER-STANDARD AUTO AND FIRE INSURANCE AT LESS THAN STANDARD COST HOME OFFICE— ERIE SERVICE— EVERYWHERE Haraczy ' s Sunoco Service Station 302 EAST 12th STREET N. E. Corner 12th at German St. THE HARBOR FINE FOODS - HOME MADE ICE CREAM DANCING C. E. Reichari, Prop. HARBORCREEK, PA. BURKE ' S FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION 812 West 26th Street Phone 22-156 STRATFORD-on-AVON RESTAURANT HOUSE OF RARE FOOD 1017 Slate Street Open 24 hours a day BOB COLLINS SHOE STORE 119 West 7th Street MATRIX AND COLLEGEBRED SHOES HOFFMAN CAMERA REPAIR Photographic Supplies and Fininshing 29 West 7th Street - Erie. Pa. Headquarters for all types of Home Movie Equ ipment Slide Projectors and Cameras WILLIAMS ' PIES Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments J. E. HULL 5 and 10 Store $1.00 to $5.00 Store 4021 Main St. Lawrence Park BOTTLING WORKS PHONE 84-209 - ERIE, PENNA. lilt PAIAtI Our Best Wishes to the Class of ' 48 A-K-D PRINTING CO. 12« CASCADE PHONE 24-779 Comphments of • 44 lAST S« INSURED CLEANER OF RUGS BOSTON STORE A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF THE Detroit Steel Products Company Compliments of SAniDA SANITARY FARMS DAIRY BAKER ' S 1850-1948 For over 98 years ERIE ' S FINEST CLOTHIERS For men and boys — the new ISAAC BAKER SON State Street at Seventh Compliments of WEIL - McLAIN COMPANY 1631 East Avenue RADIATORS BOILERS Heyl Physicians Supply Company 3ohn K chultH Co. " DISTINCTIVE FURNITURE " ■■ ■»-»- - -» ' - 8t COMPLIMENTS OF I JARECKI ' S JEWELERS i SILVEISMITNS ,m . CSTAIlllRCt II l«»t 25 WEST 9 " STREET, ERIE, PA, The Measure of Quality ECOMA ERIE COUNTY MILK ASSOCIATION Tel. 22-255 infii ' $ SERVICE CLEANERS GRADE A CLEANING For pick up and delivery call 02-113 2623 Parade St. 4005 Pine Ave. All Clothes Insured 918 Peach Street Erie. Pa. Since 1901 The home of famous shoes for men, women ! and children. tOsdmeU, 1% - ofcovrat BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1948 L. PRESS CO. FOR MUSIC ON RECORDS, IT ' S THE RECORD BAR Radios - Phonographs - Records 12th and Stale Phone 77-300 S PARK PHARMACY 4003 MAIN STREET LAWRENCE PARK Erie, Pa. 18 WEST 9 K • Compliments of INDEPENDENT IRON AND METAL CO. 235 East 20th Street • Compliments of the SANNER OFFICE SUPPLY 1119-1123 Peach Street Telephone 58-270 • DESKS - CHAIRS - FILES - SAFES • K- UNITED FRUIT PRODUCE CO. A. J. Scolio • 1703-5 Peach Street Complimsnts of LEONARDI FLORIST 722 West 8th St. Erie, Pa. PALMISANO ' S FOOD MARKET " Jus! a Little Bit Better " r 22 Peach St. Erie, Pa. Phone 24-889 Open from 7 a. m. to 12 p. m. - - We Deliver % HESS BROTHERS Prescription Opticians 133 West Ninth St. Phone 22-382 Erie, Pa. ■■BROWLINE MOUNTING " . In the style " Fiesta " for the ladies with a flair for style, and the " Stag " for the gentlemen of distinction. X Compliments of NATALE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE CO. 123 High Street N. E. Warren. Ohio Compliments of j JAMES THOMAS JEWELER 8 West 8th Street Erie. Pa. s ERIE ' S FASHION STORE FOR DISCRIMINATING WOMEN s A. L. SHUMAKER STUDIO 4005 Main Street Lawrence Park Erie, Pa. s j HESS AVENUE BAKERY " Fresh Baked Goods Daily " 701 Hess Ave. Tel. 63-325 Ted Rzodkiewicz, Prop. ! KRAUS DEPARTMENT STORE 810-814 Parade Street I PHONE 23-274 FOR SERVICE j Complimsnts of ZINK ' S. INC. Oualily Cleaners for Over 43 Years 110 East 6th St. Phon 25216 W. E. BECKWITH : siden! 705 State St. . E. Beckwith Co.. Inc. Erie, Pa. surance and Bonds Phone 23-928 { ___. WEBSTER ' S PIANO SERVICE " MAKE :T sound GOOD " 837 West 26th St. Erie, Pa. Phone 03-124 Norman Webster [ IS—— WATCH THE NEW AND GREATER TRASK ' S IN THE FINEST OLD TRADITIONS State Street at 9th in Erie Trask ' s Salutes You Who Have Lived and Worked Here With Us Through the Years. You know quality work . ' . . You know- quality of service and friendship. Trask ' s invites you, wherever you may be, to watch the new and greater Trask ' s in all the finest traditions! When In Erie COME TO TRASK ' S — Jl KLICK ' S FURNITURE CO. 16th and Peach Streets Erie, Pa. Compliments of SCHILLING the Carpet Cleaner ERIE SEff T OOD Erie, Pa. MEISER ' S FINE FOODS 818 Peach St. We Deliver Phone 23-637 WE SPECIALIZE IN GIFT BASKETS Price $3.00 and up LAWRENCE CLEANERS 402 West 3rd St. Erie, Pa. LAYER ' S Fine Flowers for Erie People for Over 50 Years 7th and Peach Sts. THE HUT 8th and Cranberry Noted for Tender Steak Sandwiches and Delicious Chili MEET YOUR FRIENDS HERE GEO. A. FREDERICK ' S ART AND RELIGIOUS GOODS 2324-26 Sassafras St. Erie. Pa. ROBINSON AGENCY ROOKY ' S SERVICE STATION RELIABLE SERVICE Mobile Gas and Oil, Lubrications, Accessories R. D. 7 East Lake Road, Joe (Rocky) Rzodkiewicz, Prop. RICHARD ' S 908 Peach Street Erie, Pa. ' PcitnoK THE MOST REVEREND JOHN MARK GANNON Reverend Thomas Crowell Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Foy Reverend Joseph B arry Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Marsh Reverend ' " ' ' alter Lohse Mrs. John Nachman Burcko..t Mr. and Mrs. Homer J. Neely Mr. and Mrs. P. Brown Mr. and Mrs. WiUiam Tunney Mr. and Mrs. L. A. V. Forssell Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Fitzrnaurice Makers of Quality Printing Plates BLACK AND WHITE OR COLOR MERCANTILE BLDG. ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA . I m 7

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