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9 u L i 3 u 7. E 5 ji E 1 A E E E 5 5 Q 2, ix I F -n3nx1mmvmnmw, fm...-mf.-,,H,,. nmm.1-n1.- 1.mmm1u.n-..-- .1mg v , :li Q aj .., ,Wg l,, ..', - an . ff, A K . K 'k" , -,7,. :', M ' js if V QQ ,V V f ' "' Y L"- 'S' . -," . A yf VV , -b - f . iq V " ' V V 42 ' AGE N ..Z' ' x. "" :,,, - PQ " 1 2 , " V , i ii ' f " L Q33 5 as E . B 4 A ' . 3 Q A - Q V M Vi in VV A 4 V V if V V 18. E. , ni ,V:, .VVV V VV - - ,, B + iff: .dw 1' .5 ,A , -f 2, .Ja he J I 5 Sr Aw? -gf ,,.. J.. .Mx ,144-,k ew qw , V ii- - , , ,LVV. V ai -J, , ZW .3 V I ,Af 6 my f.k, QQ Kg ,QV 5 N Qig,,f"4S 5 E fi? Q 1:3 A Q X. 3' sf sb, ,-fir RV . 5' t fj,VVV Vw in V' , 1, m L ' K 'Q' X fc, " wi' W 2 fa, 5 Q Q . i if- H , E Y K . W' 21 W V ' '45, K 3: 4: K ' 'fi If-ml 1 ' l ff Z MWWW V' Cru 1 'I . , , 331 , H1 1, F eff' P L .+ , z -x 'I r fe., 3, ,V , ?f1"?'.. ,. 1 + IONS NIOR PRESENTATION VILLA MARIA ACADEMY GREEN TREE, PENNSYLVANIA OF 1952 OUR FRIENDSHIP WITH OUR LADY IS THE MAIN LINK WHICH JOINS TOGETHER ALL THE OTHER FRIENDSHIPS FORMED HERE AT THE VILLA Are Dedicofed To ,- IN THE WARM sunshine May or V 'd the pure white winter snow, Mary C35 smiling i er garden home-a constant friend to all ii" illa Marian To our dear Lady of Green Tr who has bfi- and guided us in every endeavor - rw , g t K dedicate REFLECTIONS of 1952.2 ly iam L: Vllr. 1 . X.. wg HZAI li Cur Lady of Green Tree ,Qculfy MONDAY AFTERNOON is anxiously awaited by everyone at Villa Maria, for it brings a visit from our priests. We are sure that you, too, would enjoy meeting Fathers Dennis, Grifferty, Krupa and Coneen. Traditions, knowledge, friendships . . . memories. All has been realized through the untiring efforts and guidance of our faculty. Living with us and teaching us, the Sisters have worked to provide every possible material which will mold good, wholesome, Catholic girls. Our priests, too, have served us unfailingly with knowl- edge of God. Through Father Gilligan, we have experienced the excitement of ufootlights, music and songn. And finally, our lay teachers have developed our domestic, athletic, and social talents. To the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Augustinian Fathers, Miss Bissinger, and Miss Looney, truly grateful. You will always hold a special place in our prayers. -,,-- M f"- FATHER wh al1'V1lla sMar1:-xns look My fsplgalaingvjpefod. X. X x wi ,tw 'S O 6 ay Q, re very proud of our Qtjco G1 tleache ' rx ri -Miss Bissinger. , ,J if Q 55, if N, O To Mother-For your helpful smile and reassur- ing words . . . For the innumerable lunches you packed during these four years . . . For keeping a watchful eye on the clock each morning . . . For un- derstanding the 'gseriousw problems of a school girl . . . To Dad-For driving me back to school each Sunday night . . . For making my prom perfect by financing that beautiful gown . . . For encouraging me by your prayers and kind advice . . . For just being Hmy Dadi, . . . To both of you-For your many quiet and un- selfish sacrifices which have given me so very much to cherish and remember, from the bottom of my heart I say, 'Thank you. May God love you al- waysll' "CHRISTMAS Villa Maria are so says Mrs. Wunder heartily agree. Encouraged MR. AND MRS. VAN WINKLE always find time to lend helpful en- couragement to their Villa Marians- present and future. Maferials of The Finesf Gur Classes Qualify Are Supplied By ln September, the class of 755 made its debut at Villa Maria and simultaneously they established a precedent, the largest class in the history of Green Tree. The keen interest exhibited on the first day assured us all that this class would be distinguished in many ways. The amazing high school routine deadened none of this group's zeal and they rapidly shed their Freshmen Provide ways of inexperience and emerged successful in all endeavors. Freshman Day was their lirst chance to prove themselves, and never have the nursery rhymes been so appealingly enacted. The annual retreat brought varied reactions, but for each new Villa Marian, it gained a place as a tradition We all hold dear. BRUSHES POISED, our freshman artists pre- pare to display their talents and knowledge in 'aff' the execution of a color wheel. "ON THE AIR," signals Ann Hooker to ,Jeanne Townsend and Ann McClatchy, as the I freshmen present Washington Irving's immortal "Legend of Sleepy Hollow." PATRICIA CLARKSON, president, and Gail Koob, secretary, have com- bined their efforts to make the fresh- man class of Villa Maria a lively, spirited and co-operative group. s, -1 4 41w7f', tawrifpfe The Basic Moferi W, aff' fLeft to rightj First row: Kathleen Collins, Alice McGlynn, Johanna Nigro, Leonor Ucros, Patricia Clarkson, Gail Koob, Madeline Colonna, Elizabeth Cunicelli, Gilda Spurio, Ann Devlin. Second row: Joanne Gallagher, Margaret Morris, Mary Anne Cook, Barbara McNichol, Jeanne Townsend, Patricia Dacey, Mary Anne Bolton, Mercedes Despeaux, Mar- jorie Coroneos, Barbara Gallen, Patricia Gillespie, Ann Saukaitis, Ann Smith, Margaret Cosgrove. Third row: Mary Jane Barren, Catherine Kilbride, Julianne Z The whirl of activities establishedithe freshmen capable as students, entertainers, and even as chair-arrangers. Still, until Christmas, with all its traditional beauty, the youngest class did not feel that they were full-fledged Villa Marians. So Christ- mas with all its joviality and solemnity arrived. Envy of the seniors in cap and gown inspired dreams of the future. As the Hnal goodnight was sung, the words Eisenstein, Patricia Kelly, Elizabeth Davis, Kathleen Dunn, Ruth Anne McCahon, Margaret Gallimore, Ann Higgins, Barbara Duffy. Fourth row: Madelyn Cullather, Jean Murray, Patricia Gallagher, Lucy Ewer, Rosamond Haley, Mary Anne Lindstrom, Catherine Rumbarger. Fifth row: Mary Louise Cabrey, Joan Van Winkle, Ann Harkins, Ann McClatchy, Theresa Muldoon, Ann Hooker, Eleanor Ranaudo, Patricia Ferrie. 'fi 'Q HFor weire proud of all you meanw held new significance. 'Lg sl J ol 5 Qfiggu 'Qt 'Civ s - s I I N Q :QA 'Q-JJ 'tk 1I"N V 4 FRESHMEN have the happy privilege and the pleasant task of encouraging devotion to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Believing in the old adage that "actions speak louder than words," our freshmen try to spend a few minutes each day in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Perhaps these 'Visits to chapel are short, but -the constancy and the devout tonduct of the girls are most edifying and exemplary to the en- tire student body. l ff' Sf'-,f,J"' JOHANNA NIGRO presents a lovely cfure demonstrates one graceful step in the of danci These freshman ballerinas seem to compreheffd mos readily. UR The Ways of The Villa SCHOOL SPIRIT ranks high among the Villa's new- comers. Gail Koob, Patricia Clarkson and Alice McGlynn formulate plans for a Citizenship program which will be presented at the weekly homeroom meeting. , SISTERS, Immaculata and Margaret Gallagher, with their little-sisters of the Villa, Margaret Morris, Gilda Spurio and Mary jane Barren, admire the small Miraculous Medals for their wrist watches, souvenirs of Big-Little Sister Day. Quickly the youngest class developed pptentialities and demonstrated its athletic powers to the surprise of all. It proudly boasted members on the rosters of both varsities and proved a threat in the ihtter-class competition. Big-little sister relations Hourished into lasting friendships. The freshmen gra- ciously entertained their big sisters with delightful picnics which were a pleasure to all. They distinguished themselves in all the athletic clubs. Bowling, swimming and riding were main attractions for them and they spent many leisure hours improving their techniques. Close scores in the blue and white team competition were broken by our energetic freshmen. The ability and spirit displayed by them changed many contests and disappointed many contestants. Their versatility and their adaptability to all the Villais ways made this class both interesting and well-liked. Academically, the freshmen were outstanding. Each quarter they proudly added their names to the honor list. Latin declensions and algebraic equations, although elusive, were soon mastered by the keen intellectual powers of the freshmen. With the blossoming of the spring flowers the talent of our youngest class burst into bloom and, to the surprise of all, they added two leading ladies and a number of raceful dancers to the musical. 'Tinians Rainbow". g , Through the series of traditions and activities they have firmly cemented the ties to their Alma Mater. CLeft to rightj First row: Anne Collins, Shirley Im- pink, Mary Ann Cavallo, Gertrude Thornton, Alice Riemann, Kathleen Donnelly, Mary Buckley, Jacque- line Colasante. Second row: Suzanne Fullem, Helen Hickey, Julia Sanza, Jacqueline Verna, Elizabeth Lange, Margaret Miller, Arlene LaMarr. Third row: Mary O'Brien, Joan Beechwood, jacquelyn McDevitt, Mary jean Schuyler, Theresa Giordano, Mary Anne DiSanti. Fourth row: Gertrude Lisi, Marie Bruner, Eileen Devine, Rita Capek, Claire Walsh, Eleanore McNichol. 'fi ,asa f J , Sophomore year dawned shining and bright on the horizon of high school days. .: E724 The foundation of beauty, traditions and school spirit having been laid during the Hrst year, the sophomores returned to the Villa confident of the role they would play in the future history of Green Tree. Having cast off the title of "green freshmenfi they assumed a certain dignity and prestige. However, all grown-up manners were carefully laid aside in the excite- ment oi interclass basketball. X C- -ua Q. QQ N, -fm 'N 50 153 'isa is Y 1 'J 1-9 Y fd' 7649 I4 li Sophomores Are Tempered With Experience rpg, 5 "' Reception into the Children of Mary had been an inspiring incentive for the class of 754 throughout their year as aspirants to this society. NOW they felt the i thrill of receiving the beautiful gold medals symbolic of the Children of Mary and 5 they wore them with pride. Christmas at the Villa held more than the usual suspense and expectancy for ll the sophomores. Santais visit to Green Tree meant just .one thing to them-the iclong-awaited blue and gold class pin now became a reality, a treasured possession. First semester was completed, but the new year approached with a promise of bringing many bright opportunities for our little sisters to display their enthusiasm. SHIRLEY IMPINK is most obliging as Rita Capek demonstrates the prac- A ticability of geometry by measuring the angles in a plaid design. NEW AND interesting highlights are added to the study of grammar through the pages of "Practical English." SOPHOMORE PROBLEMS receive serious consideration from president, Alice Louise Riemann, and secretary, Gertrude Thornton, who have great faith in the ability of their classmates to be loyal Villa Marians. And Endowed With WONDERS AND structure of the human eye absorb SOPHOMORE MUSIC representative, Marie Bruner, the interest of each sophomore biologist, as she listens displays her talents as a pianist, while her fellow music to the fascinating results of Mary O'Brien's research maj0l'S, Eileen D9Vin9, Elizabeth Langev Gertrude work. Thornton, and Alice Louise Riemann analyze the chord. Sophomores manifested an extra 'gtouch of spiriti' with the arrival of basketball season-four of their classmates held positions on the Villais varsity. With rousing acclaim, they cheered the outstanding performances of their guards and forwards who figured prominently in victories for Villa Maria. Proving that their interests are most diversified, the class of 754 contributed several graceful dancers to the success of the operetta. Sophomores proudly assert that their classmates added a special bit of color and sparkle to the beauty of Irish folklore. Once again they had shown their versatile abilities. Subjects which appeared on the roster for sophomore year were very much to the liking of these lively second-year students. With great enthusiasm, they delved into the intriguing contents of the immortal ulVlerchant of Venicew by Shakespeare. Religion had always been a favorite since freshman year, so as sophomores they perused the wondrous mysteries of the Faith with added zeal. Biology revealed the minute world of the amoeba and paramecium to fascinated rnindsg geometry developed the power of reasoning among the sophomores and made them ever conscious of that all-important question, 6'Why?". Caesaris Gallic Wars spurred their enthusiasm for Latin. Interest characterized the curriculum throughout the entire school year. June arrived and, confident in knowledge acquired and friendship ties cemented, the class of '54 penned the final page of '4Sopho1nore Year at the Villan. Ib The Sfrengfh To Endure THE BLESSED Virgin Mary smiles with special love and favor upon her sophomores for they proudly bear the title, "Our Lady's Groupf' Desiring to bring all Villa Marians closer to Mary and to share the warmth of her protection, they strive to model every action on those of their dearest Mother. Mary's favorite devotion ever re- mains her Rosaryg therefore, each day finds our sophomores kneel- ing in chapel with the beads within their fingers. HELEN MITCHELL smiles with pride at the privilege GYM MAY BE strenuous, but the fun and zest of pinning the cherished class pin on her little sister of tuning up exercises make physical education a Gertrude L1s1 Helen Hickey, ulla Sanza and Eileen favorite of all Villa Marians, particularly our spirited Devine share their happiness sophomores I 9 x I i I ' , ' if gl! ' . Jumo rs Acquire T e tilt' I ' Fascinating thrills and experiences of summer vaeaidn were so forgotten by eager members of the class of 753 in the excitementt-of unlclertak' fhefdignities , and duties of upperelassrnen. Two years had mold H1561 fioyjnditirfli of knowl- edge, friendships, and loyalty for Villa M ia.: ow, juniors, 'hey' were pre-' pared to contribute their vital part to lif he Wlllafi in 5 A Big-Little Sister Day was entrusted to the c efofggbur Eady 'of lfatimaf. in this beautiful and traditional ceremony, thirty-1'iv pr ftliigfsistbrsi' adopted shy, yet - happy, Mlittle-sistersw. The smiling face. o allfflfilla llllarians Was' proof that the' . . . ' IV ' 1' . " first Junior undertaking was a tremend X N ubelessf 1 VFX rj , xg if s s I-if' Q I K ,' . I-F , lg, l , ff f ' SINGING IS fun anytime, but when it's in French it's double pleasure! The French stu- dents agree this is the most enjoyable way to learn Hparler francaisfl THE PRACTICAL aspect of home economics is demonstrated by Catherine White, Joan Collins, Mary Louise Manis, Mary Ellen Gil- more and Mariann Mink, who are busily en- gaged in the study of ustylef' LED BY the happy efficiency of president Kathleen Riemann, and the diversified talents of secretary Char- lotte Townsend, is it any wonder that the juniors are such enthusiastic Villa Marians. 'B 'Q Prestige of Upper Levels fLeft to rightj, First row: Mary Kelly, Catherine White, Patricia Melody, Josephine Ferraro, Kathleen Riemann, Charlotte Townsend, Constance Cunning- ham, Marie McFarland, Patricia Storey, Sara Ann McConaghy. Second row: Jane McDevitt, Kathryn Comly, Joan Collins, Margaret Keegan, Mary Louise Manis, Gloria Weber, Patricia Ambrogi, Eleanor Retreat was considered by the juniors as something very serious and important. Palma, Andrea Silva, Mary Barr, Theresa Halligan. Third raw: Marilyn Cavallaro, Margaret Gallagher, Carol Gifford, Anne Gilberti, Immaculata Gallagher, Zita Keen. Fourth row: Claire Panek, Anne Brum- field, Barbara McClatchy, Margaret Haley, Mary Frances Gross, Mary Mansfield, Mariann Mink. -yi They regarded the impressive conferences and private devotions with utmost sin- .: cerity. In the inspiring reception ceremony, which climaxed the dayis exercises, each girl silently renewed the solemn promises made the previous year upon her entrance into the children of Mary. Christmas witnessed the fulfillment of every dream! With the glory of the Nativity scene and the splendor of the Real Presence still fresh in their minds and hearts, the junior carolers received their precious class rings. The soft lantern glow reflected the pride on each happy face. W f , ,L -xx :QA gd mln? -'Q WW .m F 9 vt of v Q CQ-:xg iK.X 1 Q 'QQ - s I9 JUNIORS AGREE that Saint Joseplfs shrine, dedicated to a former Villa Marian, is the ideal place for friends to meet. Here, they may share the memories of past experiences, the happy news of the day's activities and the eager anticipation of future events with their friend and father, Saint joseph. The gentle saint, to whom was entrusted the care of the Holy Family, loves to act as confidant and guide to his he- loved Villa Marians. Responsibilities Reveal OUR CAPABLE junior typists, Kathryn Comly, Mary PATRICIA AMBROGI, Patricia Melody, Nlarie Mc- Barr, Immaculata Gallagher and Anne Gilberti, Farland and Mary Kelly look up from their dictation appear self-satisfied with their work. to get a bit of advice from Sister. New Highlights Here "MY UNCLE brought this one from Germany," CONSTANCE CUNNINGHAM, Andrea Silva, Cath- Margaret Keegan explains to her interested classmates erinc White and Gloria Weber spend a few quiet as she demonstmtes her hobby of doll collecting. after-school moments in their cozy dormitory of which they are justly proud because it won a prize at room opening. Scholastic interest of sophomore year increased now as the juniors eagerly met the challenge offered by the subjects of their choice. Academic students diligently applied themselves to the intriguing contents of their roster. Orations of Cicero opened a new phase of Latin to ambitious minds. The more difficult problems of advanced algebra required additional time and study. Future dreams of college produced nothing but the best. For those with domestic inclinations, home economics was the ideal course. Fragrant aromas filled the tiny kitchen and lovely dresses assumed new highlights because, ul made it myselfw. Juniors who had selected the Commercial Course immediately became engrossed in the fascinating lessons of typing and stenography. Writing and transcribing the various shorthand characters and typing to music were novel experiences. From the beginning, commercial students approached their studies with diligence and ambitiong skill and efficiency were developed in comparatively no time. Soft, musical French phrases attracted many juniors while others preferred the colorful customs and language of Spain. Q Father Grifferty's Weekly religion classes ranked as the favorite among everyone. These instructions were most enjoyable, as Well as beneficial. Spring approached and each junior contributed her support and interest to the numerous activities-sports, operetta, May procession and, finally, graduation exer- cises. ' Having greatly advanced during this year, they await senior year, confident of their ability to undertake future responsibilities. 2l As Proudly Polished CLeft to rightj Seated: Alicia Hussey, Elizabeth Bush. First row: Eileen Collins, Rose Kelly, Mary Louise Hetherington, Beau Smith, Joan Henry, Patricia Bourne, Mary Van Winkle, Marv McKee, Elizabeth Verna. Second row: Helen Mitchell, Dolores Mere- dith, Elizabeth Ellen Ecock, Patricia Miller, Dolores McGarvey, Mary McGarvey, Mary Dwyer. Third row: Gloria Lanoce, Dorothy Bones, Kathryn Wunder, Mary Ryan, Eleanore Westhead. Fourth row: Patricia Nice, Mary Alice Wolhngton, Barbara O'Hara, Therese Cavanaugh, Felice Coady. T l t J s Through four years the class ol '52 has shared a wealth of pleasures. They have experienced the impressiveness of Christmas, the thrill of basketball games, the Q3 '9f,Qi3 glamour of dramatics and, at last, the glory of being Useniorsw. Along with the kg senior privilegies .which xyere cheeriully accepted, they eagerly assumed the correspond- Q mg responslbllltles. With enthuslasm and interest they plunged into the whlrl of fx Fourth Year activities, missing none of its beauty for, in time, all this would be mem ories. Q? igbhx IQ 4533 i zz Mtv- 'ii rp- K-' , E Q!-A' Seniors We Serve Realizing this year was the final preparation for their choice of a career, they attacked their studies with new interest. The commercial stu- dents added the polishing touches to their typing and dictation. while the academic girls found a fascination in chemistry and general math. They have uentered to learnw and will Ngo forth. to serve". Through chemistry the seniors entered the astonishing world of atoms and molecules. The budding scientists found the subject difficult but interesting. Ability to explain the various every- day chemical reactions was ample satisfaction 'for all the hard work. Living up to their repu- tation uinitiativen, once again the seniors came up with a first-a religion discussion club. CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE, Labor Union and Interracial Relations were some interesting top- ics examined in the light of Catholic principles at the Religion Club. The information received will be invaluable to the participants in later years. Here Therese Cavanaugh, Felice Coady, Elizabeth Ecock, Eleanore Westhead and Bar- bara O'Hara make a recording of a session. BARBARA O'HARA, Eleanore Westhead and Mary Dwyer find the distillation of water an interesting chemistry experiment. THE SENIOR leaders are responsible for the many good times all Villa Marians enjoy. Rep- resenting the various departments are: Patricia Bourne, Elizabeth Bush, Joan Henry, Mary Louise Hetherington, Alicia Hussey, Rose Kelly, Beau Smith and Mary Van Winkle. As Shining Examples ALL PHASES "Latinae" are pursued by our fourth THE BEST TEAM has won! Alicia Hussey proudly year Latin students. Mary Alice Wolhngton solves accepts the interclass trophy for her classmates from the puzzle at the board while Rose Kelly gives the Patricia Bourne. Therese Cavanaugh can Henry and rest a hint. Elizabeth Bush smile their approval Yes, senior year was wonderful, complete in every detail, from start to finish. ln these last nine months at the Villa, the culmination of all our dreams of beauty and fun have been realized. The greatest thrill of senior year came in donning our oflicial insignia, the cap and gown. Our initial appearance, attired in lVlary's blue, came with retreat. Each senior, cognizant of the fact that the choice of a state of life was the question of the moment, earnestly applied herself and reaped the benefits and graces of the retreat to their fullest extent. The class of 752, always versatile, proved itself once again in the Senior Play. Our live budding prima donnas have returned to the other side of the footlights but the applause for the success of uThe Far-Off Hillsw will reverberate for many years. The yen for the glamor of the stage prompted us again and we were acclaimed outstand- ing performers in 4'Finian7s Rainboww. As the year progressed, each activity held greater meaning than the previous one. All were handled with the efficiency and precision that had become the hallmark of the class of 752. Our graduation social agenda, Senior Sing, Daisy Chain and the Formal Dance, was brimming with happy memories. Although We are looking forward to our future careers, we look back at our girl- hood days with a longing and a proud feeling. We long for the many friends and good times we have had but we are equally proud to be numbered among the Alumnae of Villa Maria and particularly to be among the members of the class of '52. 24 To All Our Friends BUSINESS, medicine and journalism-all prospective careers for these seniors. joan Henry, librarian, real- izing the necessity of choosing the right college, helps the girls by giving them school directories. OUR COMMERCIAL students gradu- ate with a well-rounded education. Through all their training they have kept their goal before them and now they are ready to enter the business world. The characters of stenography have been masteredg no key is too elusive for their typing abilityg they have even conquered the techniques of the various other machines. Eileen Collins and Dolores Meredith check Suzanne Jenkinson's tabulation of re- ceipts while Patricia Miller and Mary McKee make copies of a letter. GAMES ARE games in any language. So to make Spanish Club more interesting, Kathryn Wunder, president Gloria Lanoce, Mary Ryan, Mary Louise Hetherington and Mary Van Winkle review the rules of "Learn a Lingo." jjfayawa X MH-f Each lmporfcmf Link X'-,L-ff! 4 x SHIP rg, ig-Q. a f? have p GTM ortunxtles to voice our oplmons, to an to display our artlstlc talents These have furnished development ur rganization ls Forged And Aided By I Q Q ix vs 1 x 5 sk Q 1. J S W 1 Y They Are Choice Installation Day! A day of happiness for student oliicers and a solemn occasion too, for it brings to our minds the true meaning of the title "leader". Partaking in the stirring ceremonies of installation, we realize the great responsibility which has been placed upon us. We are fully aware of the impor- tant task which rests within our hands as we prom- ise to combine our efforts for the betterment of our school, endeavoring to preserve and to improve the greatness and the beauty of the inheritance which has been transmitted to us. Yes, the sterling silver bar bearing the school seal, our insignia of ofhce, bestows more than honor upon its possessor. lt is a small sign which clearly states, nl am vitally interested in my school, faculty, and schoolmates. lVly chief concern is seeing how each group may benefit the other and working to the best of my ability to accomplish this taskf, NCO-operation spells successw has guided the Leader Group of Villa lVlaria for many years. While each girl is especialy devoted to the requirements of her particular department, she stands ready to lend a helping hand to her fellow leaders. Ideas which have proved successful and worth- while in Villa Maria have been adopted by mem- bers of the Student Council Association of Catholic Academies. This organization, in turn, has been most beneficial to us and to our school. Experience afforded us through the Leader group will always be held in our highest esteem. EVERY VILLA MARIAN, from first grade to twelfth, is represented in the Leader Group of the Villa. Therefore, every problem or plan receives careful consideration. LEADERS MEET each morning informally to discuss topics and activities for the day. Formal business sessions are held once each month to draw up plans for coming events and to discuss the outcome of past endeavors. 29 We Poffern Our Actions HTo Jesus through Maryw is the beautiful phrase which shines before the eyes of each Villa Marian as she strives to become a true and devoted Hchild of Mary". After passing a year of probation, aspirants approach that all-important day, December sev- enth. On the eve of Mary's greatest feast, our hearts swell with love and happiness as the priest solemnly places about each aspirant's neck the 30 FATHER CARNEY, O.S.A., brings our annual retreat to a close with the beautiful devotion, Benediction. Villa Marians face Christmas and the new year with peaceful hearts, pure souls and many good resolutions. SOLEMNLY PROMISING to be Mary-like in all their actions, these girls experience the happi- ness of three small words-"Child of Mary." ribbon of Mary's blue and the small gold medal which reads, HCongregation of the Children of Mary". Having attained this high goal, We combine our efforts to increase devotion to Mary and to perform Catholic Action. Business meeting, Holy Rosary, recitation of Mary's oflice and workshop constitute the monthly program of this society. After Our Lady Each class is devoted to some specific duty in the Children of Mary. The Eucharistic Group, com- prised of freshmen, fosters love for the Blessed Sacramentg sophomores encourage devotion to Our Ladyg promoting drives which will aid the Missions is the happy project of the juniorsg in preparation for the future, seniors engage in the promotion of Catholic Action. Nevertheless, the constant aim and cherished pur- pose of Villa Marians is helping others. Uld people from the Sacred Heart Free Cancer Home and Chil- dren from Saint Edwardis Home hold a special place in all our hearts. Another great pleasure is derived from preparing Thanksgiving baskets for the poor. To us, our most cherished possession will ever he Our Blessed Lady's medalg our greatest pride, hearing the title 'LChildren of Maryw. CHILDREN OF MARY representatives display dolls which portray different religious commu- nities and saints, a united project of the Catholic Academies. SENIORS ENJOY examining the contents of holy WE ARE ALI. extremely proud or Mimi Barker 51 card books collected at workshop. The real pleasure whose picture appeared recently on the cover of a came in distributing them and visiting with the pa- national magazine, proving that all fields provide tients at the Sacred Heart Cancer Home. opportunities to promote Catholic Action N Q , ,N vga X N, :::,:a: ,, , , M f 'Ri wx. , N 4 iw iQ r if 5 s :'Z:5'-'f?- .. my " x y, ff T fgggiggfs, ' . My :-, . ,wi .vm 5 ,.,,.- - X -, ' gf, ,,:f:a:Eg:,,:, by M N 6 Q 59' , ., ,...,, ,. , fx Preserved In Print Reflections 1952! Our true sentiments rest within one small, precious word-Hoursf, Throughout our entire four years at Villa Maria, we have reviewed each yearbook with interest and pleasure, but always we longed for Houra' senior year, and anxiously awaited that beautiful edition of Reflections, engraved 1952. In all sincerity we firmly believe that our theme, Friendship, is most worthy and symbolic of the class of '52. The true happiness of activities and classes at Green Tree has come in sharing this joy with our friends. All that four years at Green Tree has meant to each of us-the Sisters, girls, traditions . . . count- less memories-have been enfolded within the cover of Redections. In future years a sentimental hand will remove from treasured souvenirs, this publication. As once again we relive those happy, carefree, high school days at Villa lVlaria, the same old glow of pride will warm our hearts as we turn the pages of mourn yearbook. MARY VAN WINKLE, Editor, Elea- nore Westhead, who composed senior personals, Barbara O'Hara, Photog- raphy Editor and Rose Kelly, Business Manager and Associate Editor smile with the proud realization that Reflec- tions 1952 has now joined the distin- guished ranks of seniors' publications! THE COZY atmosphere of the Publications room and the helpful assistance of interested workers spices the effort of publishing a year- book with fun. Our Charms Are Those THERE'S MAGIC in the violins of the seniors. Dolores McGarvey, Mary McGarvey, Patricia Nice and Felice Coady combine efforts to pro- duce a beautiful melody. "A TUNE THAT is mellow, played on a cellof' perfectly describes the music played by Mary Louise Hetherington, Marie McFarland and Kathleen Riemann. HELEN MITCHELL and Mary Alice Wolnngton blend the rhythmic beat of their drums to complement every orchestral selection. Music plays the leading role in the activities of Villa Maria, Whether it lends its magical touch to the most informal gathering or to the most im- pressive ceremony. Most girls find a great thrill in their own performance of music. Each presenta- tion invariably meets with tremendous success be- cause it is considered first and foremost a pleasure. To all Villa Marians is extended a two-fold opportunity in music-that of membership in the orchestra and glee club. To acquire the professional talent, which is evidenced in every performance, much individual work is required. So with the tested and wise, Mpractice makes perfecti' as their guide, many enthusiastic students profitably spend many leisure hours pursuing the study of the art on the instrument of their choice. Satisfaction of a Work well done is the musician's reward when she is so enthusiastically received by every audience. That "Music Hofhu Versatility is the keynote of the success of the Villa's orchestra. At each and every activity, youill enjoy the beautiful melodies produced by this group. Each section, along with the experienced members, is training prospective musicians who will H11 the places of the girls about to become members of the Alumnae. The orchestra supplies music for the school plays, Christmas entertainments and the operetta, Throughout the academic year, by Way of smooth classics and majestic marches, it furnishes the musi- cal hackground for many assembly programs, Dur- ing Music Week, an annual event, Villa Maria is aliorded the genuine pleasure of hearing its or- chestra. Capability, interest and appreciation blend to strike that chord of perfection in our orchestra. ROSE KELLY, conductor, explains a strain of "Aida' to Elizabeth Ellen Ecock. A Violins: Dolores McGarvey, Mary McGarvey, Patricia Nice, Gertrude Thornton, Gloria Weber, Zita Keen, Mary Frances Gross, Felice Coady, Gilda Spurio, Kathleen Dunn, Diane Peel. Cellos: Kathleen Rie- mann, Marie McFarland, Mary Louise Hetherington. Bass: Marie Bruner. Flutes: Anne Harkins, Ruth Ann McCahon. Clarinets: Mary Louise Manis, Sara Ann McConaghy. Trumpets: Joan Beechwood, Elizabeth Lange, Joan Henry, Theresa Giordano, Alice Louise Riemann. French Horn: Eileen Devine. Trombanes: Elizabeth Ellen Ecock, Patricia Melody, Mary Jane Barren. Drums: Mary Alice Wolnngton. Piano: Helen Mitchell. Conductor: Rose Kelly. e Spirit Of Friendship MUSIC MINDED seniors stage an impromptu concert While Joan Henry accompanies them, Mary McKee, Eleanore Westhead, Dolores Mc- Garvey and Eileen Collins harmonize. The Villa's Glee Club knows no season. lt refuses to let rain dampen its spirit. Blustery winds can cool none of the deep interest it arouses. At Green Tree, the choral group is a main cog in the Wheel of activities at any time. Autumn finds them drawing from their extensive repertoire a program for the senior play. Christmas is made much more inspiring by their carols. Spring at the Villa is truly our songstersl paradise. The Glee Club raises its voice in the lilting melodies of the operettag it blends in angelic harmony in the religious broadcasts and the May processiong and finally it swells in an ever-increasing Crescendo which culminates in the graduation choruses. Forming the basis for these public performances are the many exercises and drills these warblers practise. They gaily trill through the scales, and the final presentation is proof of their many hours of training. Much of their leisure time is taken up with vocalizing at any convenient place whether there be an audience or not. ' . f , 'Tim ..... If I -551, ,qi fw 4 , af 4 4 , xp , .2 . A Q 4 ,, 3 Q I , I 0 Tww wt f w,,.,w,,.M, J Q , , ., Q Q ww, R 'N 1 Q V 5 if Q s 1 2 1 1 L l Y E i l u... . 2 Vg I w 1 1 1 1 r v 1 -"1 ' 'Pf- ::-- 4' if 37 Q J, ,X I x , ,:.,,,f:,. ,, Z.: -A,- ,em N H- Q ,-.- we -:Q :W X J PWQW 1 5: ,,,,....a.,C X 1 I 2 Q 5 5 52 f 3 'N-wW,.,ff ,r ,f y.. . sis Cherished Engravings Xiiifxff-X-X iQE!i'ax,xR Kqjzg-Zhi: up ' X p!'M,,,f- N"'Yxf'k 'ws "s. ,f5gr:i'.":1v::2:N ,-1 rr' H ' Xjffai ' WN H 2:.a-W-""mmiQAk. if fi f' Wi 'km f. if , r t figvgws 5 1 ,givin 1- W K ' :ravi 'ff , . EX i f ,sr -f ,T-If----it x-'- , X Ng, sail? ,,,k ,iff ..., MW, "'iI'ffjLf,if' "'- ff, ,,:'f,::1t"" NNJXX-X ,f K hfrex QQ' ,f-,x-My'-R - AWMW:5,,.., mx it 1--, Yupgyyg- fAs.s.Hbc . ix .-- .. . ""1-. :ff 1 ff" , Xi, i ii 1 A 1 I-H XXARHQ, , ENTHUSIASM of varsity games, the exeitementxpfx operetta time, and the enchantment of the Christmas prom with every, Villa Marian has imprinted upon our hearts the true meaning of friendship. fx ,rf . xx V, 'em '- Lu, 4, ,su "X, ' 2 1 X ur Activities Are lmprinfeol By Some Tokens Cf Cur OPENING NIGHT! First nighters, Mary Ryan and her escort, smile happily as Eileen Collins and Mary McGarvey assure them of a delightful performance. The Cap-n-Bonnet players of Villa Maria and Malvern Prep can proudly list two more dramatic ventures as startling successes. As the final HOn the stage, everyonei' was uttered by our director, Reverend Francis Gilligan, O.S.A., a feeling of com- plete satisfaction prevailed. Each-cast, chorus, or- chestra, stage handsfhad given in his own little or great way the touch to the production labeled- perfect. The fall play, featuring the seniors of both schools, was acclaimed by enthusiastic audiences who welcomed Marian and the cast of country folk from the Emerald Isle with a hearty reception. We have used often the expression the 4'Far-Off Hillsn but never have we seen it so humorously and effec- tively demonstrated! Romance, genuine humor and never a dull moment routine merged to produce what a theatrical critic would describe as 'La smash hifi For the spring performance once again our thes- pians turned to Ireland for the plot of the operetta, 4'Eileen". Victor Herbert's 'zbestw afforded our ac- tresses and musicians alike the opportunity to sat- isfy their yen for the theatre. Sparkling costumes, sprightly dances and catchy lyrics provided the basis for the musical portion of the show. The mystery of a hidden pirate ring and the beauty of young romance filled the need of drama. All the sweet romance, friendly humor and charming folklore of the Emerald lsle contributed to our two-fold success in the '4Far-off Hills" and uliileenw. Now that the aroma of grease paint no "THANK YOU, FATHER. It's been funf' Bob Murphy expresses the sentiments of the Cap-n- Bonnet players, as he thanks Father Gilligan for giving his all. Through Father's work, the thes- pians of both schools enjoyed many hours of off-stage pleasure. More Dramatic Moments longer permeates the back-stage atmosphere and the fascination of entering a different sphere has faded, we may fold our autographed programs and with this permanent record compile one in the memory of our hearts. To insure the success of future dramatic ventures, and to add new glamor to our extra-curricular activ- ities, a new project has been introduced by the Cap-n-Bonnet Players. One-act plays are produced, directed, and enacted by members of each class. With the completion of the plays, a competition is staged with the winning play featured in an assem- bly. The fun and experience availed us through this medium will long be remembered. A LITTLE BIT of Ireland right on the stage of Malvern Prep. Cast, chorus and orchestra under the direction of Miss Patricia Phelan lend their contributing factors to the operetta of the Emerald Isle, "Eileen". FATHER GILLIGAN leads the cast and stage crew in an earnest prayer for success. This dra- matic scene and tense expressions of the play- ers of !"Far-OH Hills" illustrate the power of prayer. Beouty Here Revealed "O COME, LET US adore Him." Yes, the age-old story ' of Bethlehem relived but, if possible, made even more beautiful by the added splendor of the Divine Presence. With all the traditional beauty of Christmas at the Villa, all Villa Marians opened their hearts and their lips to welcome their King of Kings. Santa Claus, mailbox was full to capacity at Christmas time, judging from the many requests which arrived at the North Pole from the Villa Marians. Santa Claus, the honored guest at our Christmas Banquet, patiently read each letter, much to the amusement of the girls, and promised to do his best to give everyone a merry Christmas. Sophomores received their long-awaited class pins from Santais helpers, seniors introduced the beauti- ful strains of their class song to an appreciative audience. Gaily-wrapped packages, a tinseled tree with shining balls, and an old-fashioned manger brought ALICIA I-IUSSEY and Elizabeth Bush, repre- senting the student body, add the official note of Christmas by placing holly wreaths on the portals of the Villa. joy to everyone, and the entire atmosphere of the Villa bespoke the Christmas spirit. 42 In Candlelight And Song THE JUNIORS' happiness is complete as they receive their coveted class rings from the school president, Alicia Hussey. Christmas at Villa Maria was truly the uBirthday of a King". The Little Babe reigned again in our hearts and on the stage of Green Tree in the loveli- ness of the Nativity scene. Seniors experienced the pride of wearing caps and gowns and of hanging wreaths on the portals of the Villag junior carolers saw one bright dream fulfilled-they received their class rings. Sopho- mores were privileged to portray the birth of Christg freshmen 'Langelsw knew the thrill of their first Christmas at Villa Maria. As the Msmallest angel of the Villaw placed the Babe gently in His lVlother's arms, we were thrilled to be part of this inspiring tradition and we realized that this was really Christmas. The sweet strains of '4Sleep, Holy Babe" and the beautiful harmony of MO Holy Nightw soon faded into the tinkle of small silver bells, as Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament approached. Then, even the still- ness of falling snow was surpassed by the silent peacefulness in Green Tree as the priest raised the Sacred Host and the Newborn lnfant raised His tiny hand to bless all Villa Marians and those nearest to their hearts. Christmas at Villa Maria was perfect! SANTA CLAUS captured every heart on the afternoon of the Christmas Banquet as he gaily complied with the requests of the Villa Marians. However, all thoughts of the jolly old man were quietly laid aside when, in the beauty of Carols, we lifted our minds and hearts to praise the Infant Christ. The Blue And While MARY,S BLUE and white stands in humble contrast with the simple beauty of the May Queen, Eileen Cahill, and her court as they walk in procession through the guard of honor towards Our Lady's shrine. All nature bows at the breath-taking loveli- ness of this scene. Our Magnificats surely soared to Heaven through- out the month of May, for Mary provided a brilliant sun and clear blue skies for her Uday of daysw- May Procession! Pure, innocent First Communicants, devoted Chil- dren of Mary, loving parents and friends met before our garden shrine to pay homage and tribute to our dearest Mother and our Queen. The heart of every Villa Marian lay within the hands of our privileged May Queen as she ap- proached to crown Our Lady of Green Tree. As the garland of pure white Howers was placed upon our spotless Love7s brow, the wind in the trees, and the colorful tulips inclined towards Maryis sanctu- ary, seemed to echo humbly our universal prayer, 'LO Blessed Virgin Mary, I love you. Please make me a girl like youlu At last, with reluctant hearts we left as our sweet Mother bade, uAdieu, my children, ever dear to 77 IHC. "SMILE DOWN on thy Villa, we pray thee today . . . "The traditional hymn to Our Lady of Green Tree floats about the Villa on this warm afternoon in May, as Villa Marians and their dear ones come to offer loving devotion to the Queen of Angels and of men. Shine Anew Cn Mory's Day EILEEN CAHILL, chosen for her Marylike quali- ties to represent all Villa Marians, has the humble privilege of crowning our heavenly Mother. BENEDICTION OF the Most Blessed Sacrament made a fitting closing for this glorious occasion. Villa Marians complemented the striking beauty of nature on this impressive and happy occasion. The seniors, garbed in blue caps and gowns, and the other students from the smallest baby to the oldest junior, attired in white, were appropriately symbolic of Maryls Blue and White. The love We felt in our hearts swelled with the beautiful strains of HO Spotless Blessed Lady, we sing thy praise today." THE LOVELINESS of the Italian gardens, graceful, col- orful tulips, fragrant wisteria and bright golden sunlight reflect the beauty of her whom we honor. On this day We not only paid tribute to our heavenly Mother but also we expressed our affec- tion and gratitude to our own mothers for the in- numerable sacrifices they have made for us. We were quite incapable of placing our sentiments into words, but we trust that the beauty of Cod's flowers in our corsage gift to Mother conveyed a small por- tion of the love we truly feel. We know that Mary, too, was happy to share this beloved day with her sweetest children, the children closest to her heart-our own dear mothers. 45 e Sfrengfhedfff , d"DurcJ llrfy "LET'S PLAY, TEAM" is the constant cheer of our able captains, joan Henry and Patricia Bourne. They smile their satisfaction with the spirit displayed by their team members. The Villais athletic program is far-ranging, for it includes archery, basketball, bowling, hockey, riding, softball, swimming, tennis and volley ball. With such a varied schedule each girl has the op- portunity to select a sport of her own choice. The competition is keen, therefore, interest is always top-notch in the Athletic Association. The competitive spirit lives in the Blue and White teams. Members, evenly matched in number and ability, are constantly vieing for the coveted banner. Team points are awarded for scholastic aptitude as well as for the various drives and athletic events. The friendly rivalry developed here is strong char- acter building. Bowling, swimming and riding enthusiasts pride themselves on their club activities. Led on by a capable captain, each club tournament is a display of athletic prowess and of qualities of good sports- manship. The extensive plans for the year fifty-one to fifty- two have been completed successfully and received with spirited participation. The Athletic Associa- tion, its moderator and officers, rate our nomination for the season's Mall-starsw. 46 WITH ALL TEAM members poised for action, Patricia Bourne, captain, bullies at center. The final result-3-1 victory over St. Basil. A. A. REPRESENTATIVES Leonor Ucros, Patri- cia Bourne, Therese Giordano, and Patricia Storey check athletic equipment for the afernoon activities. 4, an .,,:-v Q, Aere Tested Here READY! AIM! And with ac- tion Mariann Mink will score a perfect bull's-eye. Joan Collins, Mary Barr and Anne Gilberti cheer her from the sidelines. ROSE KELLY returns Patricia Miller's delivery with a backhand smash. Beau Smith waits, ready to support her partner. ,552 w if K A C B 'F CLeft to right, Kneeling: Eleanore Westhead, Eliza- Mitchell, Mary Jean Schuyler, RQss 'Keilp Ann ' beth Ecock, Ann Saukaitis, Joan Henry, Ann Smith, McClatchy, Barbara McClatchy, Kathrynaml Lu? ' Patricia Bourne, Mary Louise Hetherington, Leonor Ewer, joan Beechwood, Mary Ryan, rea ' a, Ucros, Alice Riemann, Beau Smith. Standing: Eliza- Shirley Impinlc. t' S , beth Lange, Sara McConaghy, Felice Coady, Helen A ty' X I K . ' JMX K6 "'T1g' ' 'H , ' K -.. -, H Ya Q TWENTY-FOUR Reasons for Success! 4 -L, .g B YQ? AJ a Friends Display Thei "JUMP!" Mary Ryan, our fast guard, performs one of her duties as center defensive player. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE PATRICIA BOURNE leaps high as she takes a lay up shot. Joan Henry and Theresa Giordano cut quickly to be ready for the rebound and so the Villa's score mounts. Though one of the most recent additions to the Villa's athletic program, the hockey team has over- come the handicaps of youthfulness mainly through the eagerness of its members and supporters. Since all the academies do not have a hockey team, the schedule was limited to only four games. We bowed to Mercy, Melrose and Mount Saint Joseph with a slight margin in score, while our varsity treated Saint Basil to a 3-1 score. The problem of an unconditioned field had its redeeming features and greatly supplemented our varsity schedule. lmmaculata College graciously consented to share its field with us. The practice sessions gave an opportunity to observe and correct many faults. Judging the season on a won-lost basis would be a grave error, since the experience gained can't be overestimated. Next year holds great prospects for brighter things. Mini 1952 We They Jan. 25 St. Mary's . . 26 27 Feb. 3 Alumnae . . . 34 45 Feb. 8 Marcy ...... . 54 41 Feb. 15 Raven Hill . . . . 9 35 Feb. 19 St. Katherinels . . 28 29 Feb. 25 St. Basil's . . . . 36 25 Feb. 29 Eden Hall . . . . 49 23 Mar. 7 Chestnut Hill . . . 50 43 JANE McDEVITT, sport's manager, reads a telegram of congratulations to a group of senior varsity members. ,,.,,....w-- fl l , . fl? 4 1 .4 Q , f , , I, in P ,RV LANJVT, ' KM ' J . ,f , 1 -'HALJ -A! j, , is f ,., V1 X I ,. I R V ,, , V - lil' 'J'ff..,.fL' H 'I Y g,kL', l if Ml -7- N 5 ir- if if 'I I V, A I N f 6 P ' ,iff---41' V g f A and ' fait , gd ,f J' NJ 'Ji' D Ml-..i..f 1' Lf H' A-' - I R K , lv V ' i N if f 4. .. " 'I' , 1 I QIFJ KLWAN! A .r ,,,, - Ab: 1 y or eom, Wor r . . X , I V., ., j N- ' ' M I iff I G" i f Q ix 'f if S kv' if K. ' X xi QLeft to rightj Kneeling: Gloria Lanoce, Mary Alice ine White, Anne Saukaitis, Kathleen Donnelly, Joan Wolnngton, Therese Cavanaugh, Patricia Bourne, Beechwood, Elizabeth Lange, Theresa Giordano, Ruth joan Henry, Mary Ryan, Mary Louise Hetherington, Ann McCahon, Patricia Storey, Anne Hooker, Anne Felice Coady. Standing: Barbara McNichol, Cather- Harkins, Leonor Ucros. l From Saint Mary7s game, the curtain riser for the current campaign, to the applause of the Chestnut Hill encounter, our basketball season was a "smash- hit". Although not victorious in every contest, our girls displayed the spirit and sportsmanship that determine the success of every game. The dual system of varsities proved itself work- able again this year. This unbeatable combination of a praying and playing varsity, spurred by the indomitable animation of all Villa Marians, is re- sponsible for the great season of '52, Although fashion doesn't usually figure in basketball, this year the varsity stepped from a style magazine in newly-designed uniforms. Even though sporadic flashes of brilliance were evident in the different games, every contest Was a team triumph by our whole team of ustarsi'-and not a personal victory. "WE OF THE Villa say 'helloi now", cheerleaders Alice Louise Riemann, Beau Smith, Jane Marie Gerlach, Patri- cia Melody and Marie McFarland sing a cheery welcome to a visiting team. Gur Bracelets Tinkle With TWO COUPLES steal away from the dancing just long enough to enjoy the delicious refresh- ments. Wfhe loveliest night of the yearn-and truly it Wasifhe night was clear, the music enchant- ing, the girls gracefully dressed, and the atmos- phere delightful. Yes, the Christmas formal was complete in every detail. The Merion Tribute House once again provided the setting for our social highlight of the year. The co-chairmen, Miss Dolores Farinella and Miss Mary ,lane Patterson, through their careful planning of the prom, vivified our every dream of a wonderful evening. Our chaperones, Mrs. John Hussey and Mrs. James Smith, just by their AN ANXIOUS group of seniors add the finish- ing touches in the powder room before they join their escorts. PATRICIA MILLER and her escort arrive at the Merion Tribute House with happy antici- pation of the evening's gaiety. very presence, added the finishing touch to our Hnight of nightsn. Our dedication of dances expressed so per- fectly our appreciation to all who make up the happy circle of Villa Marians. The singing of our School Song after the Grand March was a iitting tribute to our Alma Mater. With the final dance and the last goodbye, all Villa Marians advanced one step farther down the lane of memories, but with each succeeding step, uthe melody will linger onn. The Rhyfhm of The Dance MARY McKEE introduces her escort to the chaperon, MARY VAN WINKLE, editor-in-chief of Reflections Mrs. Smith. pleasantly smiles as she poses with her escort. PRIDE FILLED the heart of each senior as she raised her voice in the beautiful words of the Alma Mater. The dance following the traditional Grand March was dedicated to our Sisters. J A Glowing Polish qs, 4551i ,? , XX X X' . ,..YYY ..,, ' si, 'X 61,-f-J-'Ass-T? 5 K f'15Ax --ff" "' "f-k-3-Q 'NH 72111 "1-XXX , ,. X XX. A. sinks xx K j xx ,W :-13 - fi- K ,q X f. .f V. r .,f NYE X-L, H E A f 'if I AV Jw ix if :J 'K f ,Z X'-5' , fl. -, V1 w v. Rgsarumnq-p, 1, XE 5 1, X'XX!f ,zfay-, X' '-fs, .J-. "xx 1 wg ' Vs-.....,fl1LqL ,N "fl'wnusw1P"X fa N v li ,fix fs, '--.1 , .f L. Y. .,, V, ,.- c ,K-3. .,- X X ,zo V ,.,,. .A ... 'V any-gm , M: ' RICHER BY INNUMERABLE friendships, the counsels OLII' and the "spirit" of Villa Maria, we approach Graduation Day, confident in our success and fortified by our memories. yet Senior emories Of Pride From Our A -2 ii ii 4 .Maw .... 2 ...... .,.. , f UVQMM , W. J ' ..... a W N W .... .Wg 'Www M WWM,,,wf5Y 'W 57 ysgef W my Q wmfW,mWQfMH ...... ,, ' .555 www' , W 'ff A ' ' ' :::.. , P -M 4, 4 1 i 4 1 + nr f' 4 H r kv, f ,JY K ' f .J f M 5 Q 5 . f ' 4 EF I N . If 5 A' t '"'2::E5-E521jE5EEaE5"5:':': E'::':':':Qafafaf::E'::: -I 2-2525 2:2s::':':"r: :Q:::,:::q:,W 2 5,.. ..,,q5., . .,,.. j Q w Wg? Q9 v 4 ,, v A 9? 1 " M Q5 Wgxfgw 1 4 2 2 , s I 5 1 . , I 5 1 l I J W r For Our Class Song We are closing the days of girlhood To V. lVl. A. welll be true. No mexnlries are Cherished fender Than those of the white and blue. We hid good-bye to the Villa, Our hearts will remain here still. To Mary the class of fifty-two Pledges honor, love, and will. We are grateful to Alma Mater, For Sisters' loving care. To all at Green Tree we say Farewell and a constant prayer. LYRICS BY ROSE KELLY MUSIC BY HELEN MITCHELL A Festive Occasion Witll a song in our hearts and a tear in our eyes, we pay a final tribute to our parents, teachers, friends, and Alma Mater in the beloved festivities of Senior Banquet and Senior Sing. "THAT SPECIAL TOUCH" is added by Alice Louise Riemann, Joan Beechwood, Rose Kelly, Theresa Gior- dano, Elizabeth Lange and Joan Henry in a lovely trum- pet solo. The true tones and beautiful harmony thrill the entire audience and render a worthy tribute to our seniors. 56 Following the gaiety of Senior Banquet, the fondest memories of parting seniors are recalled in the beauty of song. THE BANQUET provides the little- sister class with the opportunity to display its talents in many fields. The sophomores proudly prove themselves capable entertainers and hostesses. The warm May evening, the graceful girls in flowing dinner dresses and the delightful entertainment combine to make the banquet a gay and success- ful social event. For Porting Friends The class of '52 has completed its happiest days. At last graduation has approached and no activities are so impressive as those which precede it. Among the highlights in the seniors, archives are Senior Banquet and Senior Sing. Memories of these events will he cherished in the annals of all Villa Marians, hut for the senior, each Word that is uttered and every song that is sung is treasured in her heart. During these festivities she relives her four happy years at Green Tree and with melody bids farewell to the Villa and all its lovely traditions. PLEASURE REFLECTS in the faces of these juniors as they anticipate the time when Senior Banquet will be held in their honor. WHEN THE FINAL words of grace are pro- nounced, the seniors don caps and gowns for one of the most inspiring ceremonies of the year-Senior Sing. The seniors sing their final farewell to Villa Maria, Sisters, parents, and friends, binding all their experiences with the circlet of golden memories. A Fond Goodbye From Eocb KATHRYN WUNDER, the last of the seniors to receive her diploma, smiles with pride at the realization of a goal attained-a pride reflected in the hearts of all. SHARING THE happiness of Graduation Day with our dear Lord, the graduates offer a prayer of thanksgiving for all who helped them during these years at Villa Maria and ask guidance for the future. Walking down the aisle on Graduation Day seems like walking in a dream-a dream which was first formulated in the eyes of a freshman and which grew brighter and more vivid in the carefree days of sophomore year. As juniors, the traditions of the Villa provided the highlight of our dreamg the climax was supplied by the dig- nities of senior year. Yes, Graduation Day is truly like a dream-a dream which fades before the misty eyes of our graduates-a dream which 58 has finally been fulfilled! Graduation Day means parting from all we hold dear, but it also means an opportunity to express our gratitude to our parents and teachers, who, through their sacrifices and kindness, have given us a most precious and intangible gift-a Catholic education! Now, to them, and to all at Green Tree, we say cfarewell and a constant prayer,. Of Us The Class Of '52 SENIORS WHISPER a prayer to Mary that she will guide our future lives as she has so lovingly protected our years at Green Tree. DOROTl Woodside Roc Calm . . . ge1 u . . . attentive . . . good 185-iste . . . con- siderate companion. ' 1, 2 3 4 Athletic Associt , 3, Interclass Basketlial , 2 , M' Mbn 2, 3, 4, A.,A.,President 4, Basket: Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Cleo Clu J A Z i 7 , 45, Swimming Club 1, 2, ing! Bowling Club 2 P ra f ff 9 P Cl. 1, 2, Las Buen A ga, 4,51 igi Di j cussion Clu X, 1: X Viwfiy D c 'ly , . . ready smile . . . temperamental . . . 'vely . . versatile athlete hildren of Mary 2 3 4 Leader Group 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 Athletic Associa ball Varsity 2, 3, 4, lnterclass Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Religion Discus- sion Club 4, Las Buenas Amigas 4, Captain of White Team 4. For All You Hove Given Us CURTAIN GOING UP! Ioan Henry assists our lead- ing Lady, Elizabeth Ellen Ecock, with a few "last minute" finishing touches before the opening night performance of our senior play. industrious . . Yquiek tofeie hungi . . . unruiiied . . . untiring effort for class interest. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Leader Group 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dra- matic Club 2, 3, 4, Athletic Associa- tion 1, 2, 3, 4, Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, Swimming Club 3, 4, Bowling Club 3, Art Club 1, Religion Discus- sion Club 4, Las Buenas Amigas 4, Vimacady l, 2, 3, 4. THERESE FRANCES CAVANAUGH 531 Prescott Road Marion, Pa. Carefree . . . energetic . . . strength oi will . . . capricious . . . fun-loving . . . ready with a helping hand. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Ath- letic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Varsity 2, Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Riding Club 1, 2, 3, Photography Club 2, Art Club 1, 2, Le Cercle Fran- cais 4, Basketball Varsity 4. JI , , 9- , bf kt Ll. I ','Q, 9, r ft' , y ,all FELICE SUSAN COADY Waterloo and Chester Rds. Devon, Pa. Original . . . deeply sincere . . . inim- itable in manner . . . sports-minded . . . enviable curls . . . "Herself7,. Children of Mary 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Athletic Asso- ciation 2, 3, 4, Hockey Varsity 2, 3, 4, Basketball Varsity 2, 3, 4, lnterclass Basketball 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 2, 3, 4, Photography Club 2, Religion Discussion Club 4, Latin Club 3, Le Cercle Francais 4. L1 I' I Y Eggs. '.1' I lg, aff -rf-'Q .4 , ,- .. t 1 ,, f 1 -sf EIIQEEN' 1NLARGA,BE'l"rG0'I,L1RS Imnioculata Collegewf ' Immacwlata, Pa. Diminutive . . . co-operative 'L.,a'lert . . . good-natured friendliness. . . ap- preciative . . . eager for fun. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, lnterclass Bas- ketball l, 2, 4, Swimming Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 1, Photography Club 2, Religion Discussion Club 4, Las Buenas Amigas 4. v I 1 ,.,, .47 I, f s Y age. 'w 1 v , l DIGNITY AND SOLEMNITY seem to have been for- gotten completely by our graduates in the excitement which accompanies the donning of caps and gowns for the first time. We Sincerely Say "Thank You" fa MARY THERESA DWYER 220 Dudley Avenue Narberth, Pa. lnfectious giggle . . . mischievous . . . genial . . . witty . . . favorites are lunch and three-fifteen. Children of Mary l, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 4, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Var- sity 2, lnterclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Photog- raphy Club 2, Art Club 1, 2, Re- ligion Discussion Club 4, Le Cercle Francais 4. ELIZABETH ELLEN ECOCK 75 Nutt Road Phoenixville, Pa. lmaginative . . . easy going, yet persist- ent . . . reliable . . . budding Helen Hayes . . . brisk, energetic manner. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Leader Group l, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4,'Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Ath- letic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Varsity 2, 3, 4, lnterclass Basketball 2, 3, Swimming Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pho- tography Club 2, Art Club 1, Religion Discussion Club 4, Le Cercle Fran- gais 4, Secretary of Freshman Class. I ,I , I ' D' 4. ,1111 af' jf . , A , I, , , ,,,,f'1f -r' ff L, 'f ! 1 l - eagfwi 'T ' ' , I ff ,1iL!j,,f' 'JD cz. , t to 1' 7 f V ,J gt 4.-'J 'ff' ff' ff ,T , --si , e-if . , , A il" 1 .1 212,11 Alvffj! U fl I . 1 Q.. ' rg Q J 1 rf, ff' JOAN ANN HENRY 252 Strathmore Road Havertown, Pa. Lively . . . enthusiastic . . . generous . . . contagious laughter . . . unaffected . . . unperturbed . . . abounding energy. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Leader Group 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Ath- letic Association l, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Varsity 2, 3, 4, Basketball Varsity 1, 2, 3, 4, Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 1, Swimming Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Club 4, Library Club 3, 4, Religion Discussion Club 4, Las Buenas Amigas 4, Captain of Blue Team 4. MARY LOUISE HETHERINGTON 507 S. 5th Street Perlfasie, Pa. Complacent . . . dependable . . . petite . . . cheerful . . . gracious and poised manner . . . chic. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Leader Group 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, President of Dramatic Club 4, Ath- letic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Varsity 2, 3, 4, Basketball Varsity 2, 3, 4, Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Riding Club l, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Club 3, 4, Photography Club 1, Religion Discus- sion Club 4, Las Buenas Amigas 4, Social Leader 3 4 ' ALICIA MARIA HUSSEY 207 E. 71st Street New York, N. Y. Heritage of Northern friendliness . . . leadership . . . high principled . . . neat . . . loyal . . . magnetic person- ality . . . our unpretentious president. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, President of Children of Mary 4, Leader Group 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dra- matic Club 2, 3, 4, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Rid- ing Club 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Religion Discussion Club 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Le Cercle Francais 4, Presi- dent of Leader Group 4, Reflections 4, Library Leader 3. 0401-A We Are Grateful For VJ , . f, I X Ll! ZA ELIZABETH JENKINSON K .V V764 'f 108 Calf xRoad Havertown, Pa. , ' pa' ...funtobewith... ' AIA! 1' olg tful friend . . . Hair for fashion - If , , . . spontaneous . . . skillful in imita- . f 1' h t ' t' . 102.544 1- J'-ao .2 ,ww W'-,rote 'i,sv1:,,f1f?5?2,4, Glee at COLORFUL PLACE CARDS, gay knockers and the anticipation of a delicious turkey dinner bring pleasant smiles to these seniors and add a happy note to Christmas 1 festivities at the Villa. 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Interclass Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President of Swimming Club 4, Bowling Club 1, 2, Photography Club 1, 2, Art Club 1, 2, Las Buenas Amigas 4, Religion Discussion Club 4. , 1 A 4 . ' 'J , , Y, ' , v V . , A lp : V! I " Q l I I . If , , 4 I' 'I X if v li ' U , i Pd X n Y lj f ,V ,L X, , I f' yr fl , . , . I 1 ffl' l lxll I UU W I, I ,fl ,I -v f ,ft r I will l twn ,vig My xld I ,fl M ROSE MARIE KELLY West Valley Road Strafford, Pa. lnexhaustible supply of energy . . . irreplaceable . . . of many interests and abilities . . . clothes-conscious . . . genuine friend. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Leader Group 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey Varsity 2, 3, 4g lnterclass Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4, Riding Club 1, 25 Bowling Club 3, 4, Photography Club 1, 2, Art Club 1, 23 Religion Discus- sion Club 4g Latin Club 3, 43 Le Cercle Francais 4g Music Leader 3, 4g Vimacady 3, 45 Reflections 4. GLORIA VITA MARIE LANOCE 3400 Atlantic Avenue Wildwood, N. I. Enjoyable company . . . loquacious , . . always well-dressed . . . pleasant dis- position . . . willingness . . . a word of humor. Children of Mary 2, 3, 4, Glee Club gl REFLECTIONS 1952 . . . a treasure chest of memo- ries for all our graduates. To aid in its financial success, the seniors lend a willing and talented hand to our cake sale. - I W 'XA These Happy Years DOLORES DOROTHY MCGARAVEY MARY BERNARD MCGARVEY 5212 Bella Vista Road Drexel H ill, Pa. Immaculata College I mmaculata, Pa. Magic in her violin . . . talkative . . . creative . . . practical . . . sentimental . . . ever-ready . . . never a dull Ino- of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra Even tempered . . . unruffled . . . gentle, friendly manner . . . our Irish colleen . . . congenial . . . complaisant. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Athletic 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, Athletic As- sociation 2, 3, 45 Basketball V 3. 43 Riding Club 2, 35 2, 3g Swimming Club 45 Aniigas 43 Pre 'dent of Alnigas 4 , 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4g lnterclas Bas- l, 2, 35 Swimming Club? 1, 2, Riding Club 1, 2g Bowling Club Le C Francais 4. A Association 1, 2, 3, ball 2, 3, lntercl 4, lnterclass Basket- ass Cheerleading 23 Swimming Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Las Buenas Amigas 4. .ea "R, .yt J, VW YH ,O l f X xv. JJ L V . ' V. Y . 5 MARY GERALDINE MCKEE 167 Sycamore Road Havertown, Pa. Pensive . . . logical . . . courteous . . . always considerate . . . unpredictable . . . heart-warming smile. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 43 lnterclass Basketball 1, 4, Bowling Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 1g Las Buenas Amigas 4-g Religion Discussion Club 4. And Though Our HELEN MARY MITCHELL HARMONY IN THE class of 52 IS portrayed in the beautiful melody of our Class Song Here the girls as semble for a rehearsal before our first public presenta tion. PATRICIA ANN NICE 5900 Lansdowne Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Loyal classmate . . . kindly to all . . . docile . . . inspiring . . . affable . . . pbliging. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dra- matic Club 2, 3, 4, Athletic Associa- tion 1, 2, 3, 4, Interclass Basketball 3, Swimming Club 1, 3, 4, Riding Club 2, 3, 4, President of Riding Club 4, Bowling Club 4, Le Cercle Francais 4, Religion Discussion Club 4. MARY BARBARA O,HARA 400 Bryan Road Havertown, Pa. Artistically inclined . . . ambitious . . . skeptical . . . imaginative, and yet . . . practical. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming Cldb 4, Bowling Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Photography.Club 1, 2, Art Club 1, 2, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Vimacady 4, Reflections 4-, Religion Discussion Club 4. ' ' I a "WAS I SURPRISEDV, Mary McKee relates the excit- ing events of her, weekend to eager isteners, as we hap- gi::ewe?cjl!o3Yf ward anothjty oolgpatireen ' 1 1 V M " ' 1 I if y fi, ,f Q ' 4' flf 3.3 'YM 4,-W Wwe' fl . l 7 ' lil ,, W W3 jf! , ff! X 'i il ef' - J' Paths Mc: Part VMOU LUCK y ' ,nf ' . ff . , .ff 'IV I J ' . C I 'ELIZ W RYAN 5 ELIZABETH LOUISE SMITH 4523, sage Avenzf Philadelpl1ia,Pli1 Capable . . . cosmopolitan . . . versa- tile . . . athletic . Q . a ready wit. . . industrious . . . ebctemporaneous. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Varsity 2, 3, 4, Basketball Varsity 1, 2, 3, 4, lnterclass Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Swim- ming Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Club 1, 2, 3, Art Club I, Religion Discussion Club 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Secretary of Latin Club 4, Las Buenas Amigas 4, Secretary of Las Buenas Amigas 4. 3253 Guilford Street Plziladelplzia, Pa. Earnest . . . ever and always late . . . effervescent . . . vivacious . . . intelli- gent . . . unforgettable. Children of Mary 2, 3, 4, Leader Groi 4, ,Glee Club 2, S, 4, Dramatic- Chill 2, 3, 4, AtbleticwAEsociE1tion 2, 3,-4,1 Hockey Varsity'2, 3. 4: lnterclass Bas- ketball 2, Hg Varsity Cliedrleiadgr 2, 3, 4, Swimming Club ZZ. 3, 4, ,Riding Club 21 3, WBowHng Club' 4, Religion Dl.SCli-SSIOII Club 4, Le Cercle. FTQIP' gais 4-,M 'Alumnae Leader 4, Vimacady 4. I V 1 . -0 , H L , s .4 . . 5 1 'K .U 4' ,, df . V' C 4 Q aff' I ellie I f I' 0472. lj W f2f1'f"Al K My 0 M4 MARY MARGARET VAN WINKLE 125 Green Valley Road Upper Darby, Pa. lngenious . . . competent . . . true idealist . . . journalistic Hair . . . ELIZABETH ANNE VERNA 201 Treaty Road Drexel Hill,Pa. Sophisticate . . . independent . . . dis- creet , . . retiring . . . purposeful . . . unassuming . . . different. 1 ELEANORE CLAIRE WESTHEAD Saint Davids Court St. Davids, Pa. Diversified interests . . . unique . . . self-assured . . . expresses herself ex- pertly . . . gligent . . . argues con- vincingly ut everythin devout . . . everybodyis friend. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club g. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Leader 1, 2, 3, 4g Dramatic Club 3g Athletic Chlldr Kylee Club 3, 4g Group 1, 2, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dra- Association 1, 2, 3, 43 Swimming Club Athl ssoc tio , ockey Var- matic Club 3, 4g Athletic Association 1, 1, 2g Riding Club 13 Bowlin Clu yt si 3 bllf1tg5i3lBSS etball 3, 45 2, 3, 4, lnterclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, Art Club 1, 23 Le Ceic ra im ri, C111 ,I,' Re io Disc - 4, Art Club lg Religion Discussion gais 43 Religion 'on 4 sio ,lu Ng"Lat' u ' e e Club 4, Latin Club 3, 4g President of , gais-. L V' a ylld HCC' Latin Club 4g Las Buenas Arnigas 4g nsfjl, Afl ' Editor of Reflections and Vimacady 4g W, . - Vimacady 2, 3, 4. Q ff ' i . J. ' 0 0' Z4 t 3 y JLJLMQJ X962 0 t , , 1' . X ,af fffjjf Q V 1 v , Moy All In Green Tree . WOLFINGTON I MW enwoo Avenue East Lansdowne, Pa. Self-assured . . . nonchalant . . . gen- uljf erous manner . . . various interests . . . '-S X " eager . . . absorbing personality. Y Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra ,LU 1, 2, 3, 4 one Club 1, 2, 3, Th- SENIORS CAN BE serious, too! These girls are eagerly My Mrslty 2' 1S231?etgs112Xf3fSii: 2, ogc intent on the portrayal of the "Life of Saint Stanislaus - lmerclass a5ketha112, 3, 4g Swimming Kostka", an assembly program presented for the Children Club 3, 4g Riding Club 1, 2g Bowling of Mary. JW' Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Photography Club lg Art Club lg Latin Club 3, 49 Le Cercle Francais 45 Religion Discussion Club 4. if rfwl . . ry lr at mr W gf ,f J MD. icwwa , ! iff, W V " 3 1' ' 1 f A jf KATHRYN AGNES WUNDER , I j 915 Westfelrl Road Springfield, Pa. If J ' A Thoughtful . . . fun' loving . . . excit-,JI ' ' X I H PY.HEARTS, hungry appetites and the cozy at- HMC .- Worth-Whale Cl2ES?mf5fC - - - X mosphere Circle Inn make lunch time at the Villa appreciative . . . wi mg 1'1en . ' f ' f 1 ' f 11 V11 M ' u Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 5 W a fue , Chau u time or 3 I a arlans 1, 2, 3, 4g Dramatic Club 2, 3g Athletic J ly Association 1, 2, 3, 45 lnterclass Cheer- J F , leading 1, 2, Bowling Club 1, 2, 3, 4g .fi y Q! fm' President of Bowling Club 4g Art Club ff X' v- A 1, Swimming Club 23 Religion Discus- ' V, sion Club 4g Las Buenas Amigas 4. I j if Ever Remain As One Gur Lost Memories l l X April 27 Reception of Class of 1952 into Villa Maria Academy Alumnae Association l May 5 Music Festival l May 11 May Procession l June I Banquet l Senior Sing l June 2 Baccalaureate Mass i Daisy Chain X Class Day fuue 3 Graduation l i 67 In McJry's Immaculate Heorf "LOVE SERVESH, the beautiful and inspiring motto of the Class of '52, has guided us through four happy and memorable years at Villa Maria-"the home of Mary". Now, as we leave Green Tree and begin our future lives as Catholic women, may we be ever mindful of this motto May we always remain true to the high ideals and sterling principles of our beloved Alma Mater, through our loving SCIVICC to Mary s Immaculate Heart' BENEFACTORS AND PATRONS SPECIAL BENEFACTORS Most Rev. Gerald P. O'Hara Augustinian Fathers Rt. Rev. Msgr. Vincent l... Burns Rt. Rev. Msgr. Francis Furey Rev. Iames C. Devers Rev Clair A. Hammill Rev Iohn Martin Rev Charles Mc'Carron Rev. Iohn A. Murray Rev. Edward M. Reilly Rev Rev . Iohn Simons . Iames Vandergeest Immaculate: College Immaculate Heart Academy Villa Maria Academy, Virginia St. Aloysius Academy Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Freshman Class Sophomore Class Mrs. Iames Smith Music Department Blue Team V. M. A. White Team V. M. A. Reagan's Funeral Home PATRONS Althouse Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ambrogi Ann, Leonor, and Gilda, '55 Arlene and Rita, '54 Charles I. Becker G Bros. Miss Margaret Bissinger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bourne Mr. and Mrs. P. Boyle and Family Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Bruner Mr. Iohn T. Buifington Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Bush A Friend Mr. and Mrs. I. I. Cabrey, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Capek Iunior Class Senior Class Leader Group V. M. A. Villa Maria Alumnae Association A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Paul Giordano Mr. and Mrs. Frank McClatchy Mr. and Mrs. Iohn A. McClatchy BENEFACTORS Dr. and Mrs. Iuan Silva Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ecock Children of Mary V. M. A. Mrs. Ella A. Nice SPECIAL PATRONS Athletic Association Mr. and Mrs. George Beechwood Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bohmwetsch Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Bones Mary Iane, and Gail Bones Carlin 5: Belcher Mr. and Mrs. Iohn F. Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Iohn I. Kelly McCullough's Groceries Mr. and Mrs. George W. Miller Paoli Bank Mr. and Mrs. Fabian T. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Claire, Mary Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. C. Cavallaro M. F. Cavanaugh and Trudy, '54 Leo D, Coady A. Colona William Comly Frank Cook Peter Coroneos Ioseph Crimmins Miss Marie Crimmins, '51 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cunnane Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Curry Suburban Dairies Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Davis Mr. H. V. Del-laven Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Iarnes Devlin Myles Donnelly The Pink Dorm The Yellow Dorm Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doyle Mr. Iames Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dunn E. Eisenstein Elizabeth Beauty Shop Mr. Edward T. Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ferrie Harold Fitzgerald Martin Ford Mr. A. Fortunato BENEFACTORS AND PATRON S A Friend Miss Ieanne Furey Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gallen Gertrude, Colleen and Iackie, '54 Miss Teresa Giordano, '54 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Haley Mr. and Mrs. William Haley Mr. F. I. Halligan Mr. and Mrs. William Hally The Handy Shop Mrs. Theresa Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Patrick I. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Hooker Mr, and Mrs. Francis Hughes Mr. I. I. Hussey Mr. and Mrs. Albert Impink Iackie and Mary Ann, '54 Mr. and Mrs. Iohn I. Ienkinson Miss Eleanore Iohnston Iunior-Freshman Classes Mr. C. M. Kaufmann Mr. and Mrs. I. R. Keen Mrs. Mary Keegan Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kelly Mr. Nick-Kendros Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs A. W. Lever Iohn Lewis S. A. Lindstrom Edward Mack E. A. Mansfield Francis Markmann . Peter H. Markmann Mrs. Frances Markmann Martins Iewelers Maryjane and Kathryn, '55 Mrs. Lillian McDevitt McDonough Greenhouses Mr. and Mrs. Anthony McGarvey Mr. and Mrs. Michael I. McGarvey Mr. Iames M. McGlinchey Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Nigro Mr. and Mrs. T. E. O'Brien Mrs. Catherine O'Connell Miss Mary Barbara O'Hara Miss Margaret O'Hara Masters Ed. and Wm. O'Hara Mr. and Mrs. E. I. O'Hara L. H. Parke Company Mr. and Mrs. Edward Panek Patsy, Peggy, and George "The Pests, '53" Philadelphia Transportation Co Mrs. Margaret Reilley Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Riemann Mr. and Mrs. Iulius Ripka Mr. Henry I. Rumbarger Sacred Heart Church, Manoa Mr. and Mrs. Albert Saukaitis Miss Wilma Severin Mr. and Mrs. Iames Schirmer Senior-Sophomore Classes Mr. and Mrs. Donald Speese Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Steark Mr. Emmet Steele Mr. Iohn Steele Miss Ioanna Sturrock Miss Mabel L. H. Thomas Times Chronicle Company Mr. and Mrs. Iames Sheridan William P. Tinney 5: Sons Mr. and Mrs, Edward Thornton Mr. and Mrs. L. Ucros Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Van Winkle Mr. and Mrs. I. Verna, Ir. Villa Maria Library Villa Maria Varsity Norman A. Wack, P.D. Mrs. A. F. Walls Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Walsh Wawa Dairy Farms Mr. and Mrs. T. M. McKee Mr. and Mrs. Iohn McNichol Mr. Austin Meehan Mr. P. G. Meredith Miss F. Miller . and Mrs. IyWeber . and Mrs. Edward Westhead . and Mrs. Raymond Woliington . William R. Woltington . and Mrs. William Wunder Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Miss Mae C. Mr. and Mrs. S. I. Mink Iohn Mitchell . Iohn G. Murray Nice Charles H. Nice A Friend Miss Mary Zaehringer Mr. and Mrs. Iohn D. Barr Mr. and Mrs. Allen Barr Mrs. Margaretta Barr 'k SPECK CADILLAC-OLDS, INC. GARRETT ROAD czt SANSOM STREET UPPER DARBY, PENNA. XA' Allegheny 4-1522 Flanders 2-4000 COMPLIMENTS OF MARTIN O'S CANDIES EARL'S PHARMACY Lincoln Highway and Valley Road PAOLI. PENNA. Telephone 2304 G A L L E N PAPER COMPANY PAPER SPECIALTIES 739-43 North 24th Street PHILADELPHIA 30. PA. P A G L I NEWS AGENCY Compliments of COMPLIMENTS SINGER SEVVING CENTER OF! N. GILBERTI, Manager 17 L t P-k McCULLOUGH'S uncas er 1 e ARDMORE, PENNA. T l phone: Ard. 7830 WEST CHESTER, PENNA. Refresh with Coke COATESVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC. IOHN PAUL WOLF 6: CO CARPETS and SCATTERRUGS 7043 Garrett Road UPPER DARBY, PENNA. INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS - BUSES Sales - Service IOHN I. PARSON ARDMORE. PA. Ardmore 5200 Compliments ot HIRES 6. KOCHER SALES coMPANY PAo1.r. PA. CALL FOR HELP . . . BEFORE THE FIRE If your home were on fire you would call tor help. And you would get it, too, because modern fire departments otre idst, efficient, dependable. But the most important call is the one before the fire-ct call to a North America agent to discuss the proper insurance program to protect your home and its furnishings, from loss by fire or other perils. See a North America Agent. His time is your time. It will pay you to make the most of it. Insurance Company of North America Capitol, Sl8,000,000 SH 7-0394 SH 7-5968 ROSE FLORAL SHOP Flowers tor ctll Occasions 310 South 60th Street PHILADELPHIA 43, PA. lOl-IN I. McKENNA IOHN I. FOSTER GERLACH S KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Sk1I1ed Repamng 6915 Market Street UPPER DARBY PENNA FI.. 2 0415 Wed and Frl ve W S PEACE Delaware Countys Largest Real Estate OIIICS 69TH cmd WALNUT STREETS AL1eg1'1any 4 3800 Flanders 2 4800 228 South 69th Street UPPER DARBY PENNA MA 7 6396 6 SONS QUALITY FOOD PRODUCTS 204 212 Callowhxll Street PHILADELPHIA 23 PENNA BEST WIS1-IES rom WEILAND PACKING COMPANY Inc PHOENIXVILLE PENNA A FRIEND VILLA MARIA ACADEMY Comphrnents of ROBERT RAMSEY Modern Laundry CO Representatlve On the Mam L1ne fWe Wash everythlng w1th Ivory Soapb Wayne 2420 Be Sure Insure DOWNS BROTHERS Inc INSURANCE 116 N Wayne Avenue WAYNE, PENNA. IAMES A DOWNS - ' . '. E . - - STOUTS STUDEBAKER CHARLES STRICKLER I Ot 74- HO S-5152 GR 2-9988 STAR AUTO PAINTING CO. HAIRDRESSING by Duco and Synthetic Refinishing W A L T E R Body and Fender Repairing SIMON CS! SHOCKEY 806-10 Reed Street PHILADELPHIA 47. PA. 5253 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA 39. PA. A FRANCIS I. KEHOE ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION 104 East Gay Street E WEST CHESTER. PA. Ardnicre 9510 QUALITY FUELS E'mNGER's or ARDMORE SINCE 1907 QUALITY SHOES 63RD and MARKET STREETS 5 West Lancaster Avenue ARDMORE, PA. AL 4-2800 FL 2-2888 MALVERN FARM SUPPLY COMPLIMENTS COMPANY .1 INC. i OE FARM MACHINERY - HARDWARE GARDEN SUPPLIES HYLAND'S DAIRIES WEST CHESTER. PA. MALVERN, PA. Telephone 2022 W 7 5 FRANK LA MARR Real Estate and Insurance L1censed PENNSYLVANIA NEW I ERSEY I I HQWARD 2-2566 - 5-6226 FLANDERS 2-5693 FRANCIS MOTORS Lincoln Highway PAOLI, PENNSYLVANIA MAUGER'S FUNERAL SERVICE MALVERN, PENNA. G. EUGENE MAUGER W. FRANK MAUGER COMPLIMENTS OF MALVERN PHARMACY MALVERN, PENNA. PHILLIP BRUNI TAILQR PAOLI, PENNSYLVANIA Telephone: Paoli 2520 P A O L I FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS PAOLI, PENNA. COMPLIMENTS OF "THE GUERNSEY COW" EXTON, PENNA. IEAN'S BEAUTY SALON South Valley Road PAOLI, PENNA. SHORTLINE, INC. of PENNA. Telephone 1820 LOWELL GABLE COMPUMENTS OF CONTRACTOR PAOLI. PENN A. GABLE'S FLOWER SHOP BOulevard 1233 IRVIN W. SCHWERIN 69th Street Bowling Centre 57 South 69th Street UPPER DARBY, PA. PAOLI TAXI SERVICE WILL. MEET ALL TRAINS PHONE: PAOLI 2554 F R A N K ' S FRUIT BEVERAGES "Soft Drinks of Distinction" t Braddock. Huntingdon and Emerald Streets PHILADELPHIA. PENNA. ROBERT DOUGHERTY INSURANCE Lafayette Building 5th and Chestnut Streets PHILADELPHIA 6. PENNA. RE Q-1300 l WAlnut 2-0469 -u -I M A R T Y ' S AMOCO STATION WASHING - LUBRICATING 58th Street cmd Florence Avenue PHILADELPHIA. PENNA. COMPLIMENTS OF ANTHONY I. RYAN 4406 Lancaster Avenue PHILADELPHIA 4, PENNA. MALIN-HALL COMPLIMENTS OWN MAKE CANDIES OE 510-512 South 52nd Street PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. A GR 2-9827 4 FRIEND COMPLIMENTS Henry M. Pctist A. Ioseph Noe OF PAIST cmd NOE GENERAL INSURANCE MR. cmd MRS. LOUIS I. MEREDITH 434-436 Walnut Street PHILADELPHIA SArc1togc1 7-6400 GEORGE I. HAENN, INC. BUILDING MATERIAL LUMBER - MILLWORK 58th and Lindbergh Blvd. PHILADELPHIA 43, PENNA. IOS. E. HAENN LU-BENS Featuring The STRIDE-RITE SHOE FOR CHILDREN DANCE FOOTWEAR UPPER DARBY. PENNA. and MEDIA. PENNA. BANQUET FACILITIES DINNERS-5 TO 8 + THE D OG HOUSE BALTIMORE PIKE SPRINGFIELD, PENNA. + LIGI-IT LUNCH - SANDWICI-IES BILL cmd ROY WUNDER, Props. Frank S. Gardner 8: Sons MILLWORK STAIRWORK OVERHEAD DOORS 4711 Wellington Street PHILADELPHIA as, PENNA. WOLFINGTON BODY 1VICGARVEY'S 5729 Woodland Avenue PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA CO., INC. SCHOOL and PASSENGER COACHES FUNERAL CARS AMBULANCES PARTS and SERVICE Clearbrook 9-5041 IAMES I. MULLEN PAINTING and GLAZING 332 Blanchard Road I DREXEL HILL, PENNA. COMPLIMENTS OE OSEPH W. F ULLEM 8 I F R AN K C 0 L ON A GENERAL CONTRACTOR Post Office Box 314 MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA FRIENDLY WOLFINGTON BENEFICIAL The name on your grcmdforther's S Brougham 1200 Chestnut Street C71 FINEST AUTO BODY REPAIR 826 East Alleghany 434, and Broad and snyaer C485 PAINT SHOPS 5700 North Broad C411 IN TI-IE EAST 3427 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. City Line and West of Haverford 1315 PHILADELPHIA. PENNA. INSURED SAVINGS Member F. D, 1. C. THE COLLEGE C1IRL'S TAILORS 138 South Twentieth Street PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. + OFFICIAL MAKERS OE ALL UNIFORMS and VARSITY SUITS + LOcust 7-3779 DIENER'S MEATS HYQUR HQST FOR FINE FOODS FOR QVER 31 YEARS" 4524 Frankford Avenue PHILADELPHIA. PENNA. HOME COQKED FOOD FEATURING HQMBMADE PIE TWADDELL DINER Lincoln Highway, 112 Mile East of Paoli EXTENDS CORDIAL GREETINGS 24 Hour Service Berwyn 9362 83 EISENBERG ci AZEALA GARDENS O'HARA ii? '5' HOLMESBURG SCHOOL UNIFORMS PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA '5' MACK OIL COMPANY FUEL o1L - KEROSENE MOTOR OILS DIESEL OILS - GREASES GASOLINE, REGULAR GASOLINE, ETHYL White or Marine Gasoline CNO Lecrdl For Lorwn Mowers ond Blow Torches BERWYN 0562 Wayne 0385 Twenty-four Hour Service HARRY I. CAMPBELL Inc. PLUMBING HEATING and OIL BURNERS 319 Ecxst Lancaster Avenue WAYNE. PENNA. Compliments ot COLEMAN'S "Friendly Food Store" PRIME MEATS and DELICATESSEN 434 South 55th Street PHILADELPHIA 43. PENNA. SI-I 7-3242 THE NATIONAL BANK of MALVERN MEMBER E. D. I. C. M c H U G H ' S SERVICE STATION WEST CHESTER. PENN A. COMPLIMENTS OF LATHROP'S NURSERIES FRAZER, PENNA. COMPLIMENTS OF WILLIAM I. MORROW HOBSON and OWENS, Inc. FURNITURE, CARPETS, RUGS LINOLEUMS and WINDOW SHADES 1015-1019 Lancaster Avenue BRYN MAWR, PENN A. Phones: 5-1120 cmd 5-1121 SI-Ierwood 7-1700 DAVID T. ROBINSON CO DODGE - PLYMoUTH 4733-39 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA 39. PA. EXCELLENT FOOD SPACIOUS DANCE FLOOR THE WILDWOOD HOF-BRAU HOTEL CAFE 'k All Outside Rooms With Both Telephones: 2-3575 and 2-8096 VALENTINE LANOCE Ownership and Mctncrgement 'A' Oak and Atlantic Avenue WILDWOOD, N. I. 86 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1952 i' CAPITAL BAKERS, INC , ' lim a Z X in , i f , BAKERS OF GOOD BREAD SINCE 1891 1' 87 E. A. GALLAGHER 8: SON Walnut at 32nd Street PHILADELPHIA C Hauling - Rigging - Warehousing Export Boxing R. H. JCHNSCN COMPANY CONTRACTORS 'ik Wayne. Pennct. ele homes: Wayne 2250 THOMAS B. BOURNE ASSOCIATES, INC. ENGINEERS AND ARCHITECTS I 1204 Dupont Circle Bldg. WASHINGTON, D. C. William McConaghy 8: Son if FUNERAL DIRECTORS Since 1894 if A convenient Main Line Funeral l-lome, having air-conditioned Parlors, with appointments oi detailed elegance. Lanc G Ardmore 7954 ter 6. Wyoming Avenues s ARDMORE, PENNA. cted-on-premises parking, thoughtfully Our prote overcomirlig the inconvenience of congested Metropolitan areas. 91 GENERAL CONTRACTGR BUILDING CONSTRUCTIGN I DOYLESTOWN PENNA EDWARD M. HAPP THE WAYNE TITLE. and TRUST COMPANY WAYNEQ PA. If y ut To personod checkmg account you may h h Io pur h g or book of I5 checks for 51.50. NO MINIMUM BALANCE REQUIRED NO MONTHLY SERVICE OR ACTIVITY CHARGE MEMBER F D I. C. WILLIAM H. DOYLE NURSERIES Cassatt Avenue BERWYN. PENNA. ROY H. J ONE S QUALITY PAINTING and DECORATING Tk PAoI.I, PENNA. Phone: 2344 PERKASIE THROWING MILLS I PERKASIE PENNA Compliments I of I COSTELLO BROS. 8: BRADY INSURANCE ir S. E. Cor. 4th and Walnut Streets PHILADELPHIA 6. PA. Phone I824 IOHN BUFFINGTON SUCCESS - TO TI-IE GENERAL AUTOMOBILE CLASS QF .52 REPAIRS Oiiiciol Inspection Stotion LUBRICATION - GAS BATTERIES HO 218 East King Street MALVERN, PA. THE LAUNDROMAT SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY WASHING and DRYING 166 East Lancaster Avenue WAYNE, PENNA. Open Daily Mon. and Tues. Eve. "HALLIGAN'S" Iolin M. Scherr, Ir. TOYS - GAMES IUVENILE FURNITURE 161-3 East Lancaster Avenue WAYNE, PENNA. Wayne 2299 DAVID S. MADSEN Dependable PLUMBING - HEATING and CUSTOM KITCHENS 7250 Marshall Road UPPER DARBY, PA. PHILADELPHIA DAIRY PRODUCTS Fourth and Poplar Streets PHILADELPHIA 23, PA. MArket 7-5400 PL 2-S140 COMPLIMENTS REACH FOR or H U B E R ' S HURLOCK BROS. CO., INC. SUNBEAM! 3436 Market Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. EVergreen 6-3782 "BREAD AT ITS BEST" Phone: Paoli 1888 Sales and Service WILLIAM H. MURRAY'S ELECTRICAL SRoR Refrigerators - Ranges - Radios Washers - Irons Cor. Lancaster and West' Chester Pike PAOLI, PENNA. 96 MA 1' c AMPUS 142 WALNUT S P A Wjljivfifijfiff' M351 Sify WW ff'W7fZ,ff'fji'3 ! -M- TD? ci V My M f f J MW Jw 75 W! 'M W, Q' ,.rff1g5Q 'va ffm, 'Q-246 Q54 hr fhmvgr :J Y--Q, if Q V ' i ' , . 1 K ,V . G W gg' aff wa if E ae fi - ' 7' Q V- K w 5? 5 'ff1i. 9 .fx A ,:,, ,L 3,3 ,1 Jw f- -, , V, .,. V ' ' ' ' f 4 3 ., . , wx, 2 ,, 1 - .il ,- ,, Q .ak I . -Q 1 ,Q vk , .JJ ' 'J J I 3 1 ' W U 4 gsm X fa 3 1 i IT! W' Kumi T f 2 1 L ' 1 -A 1 W3 1 i gf EJ Um, 'W J " J I., a' Q ' Q A 1 K 1 X-V' I EU- ' H' E U Q? M F .xl ii ' 1 Lf 1 Egwj 'I C.. ,ff-,L E 5 W s-XL J ' 5 e,. ma X ll Fi MW w f2 w -2 I. .f 1Xf1ifJ iff UU L I K P I xf lj I - ' .I 5 If , . , 4: S NX E X- 5 X 4. S . 1 XX wx I N, f v, vJ'T hs' . X' . V! . fi Y, f ' f , . ? , 7 . V. :J W-,i Fm f 1 1 : X x f a

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