Villa Maria Academy High School - Reflections Yearbook (Malvern, PA)

 - Class of 1951

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Villa Maria Academy High School - Reflections Yearbook (Malvern, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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In 1951 REFLECTIQNS we have en' deavored to portray our four years at Villa Maria- four wonderful years of loving friendships and inspirf ing traditions. Vx7e want you not only to know the story of Villa MHfi21.S daily life but also to know the joy of being a part of it. In these pages we reach from our hearts to yours, revealing to you the "green years at Green Tree" which we have portrayed through Page Srieiiuifzs ....... . . 8 Cuilli.-XNIZATIOXS . . . . 26 Acrixfiriias .... . . 38 Srixioia LIFE .. .. 72 NA v Y R., X ?'1'FW vvfw' 'fin .nl ,ji fQ,,,v 213: A 1.7. ,Q . iw rf! if '1 3. Q f -Pm' -r Wea!" .lust as an engineer eonstruets a definite set of blueprints to help him in his work, so does Villa Ivfaria create "patterns for living" to he followed hy her students. These guides are not only for our present years here at V. M. A. hut also for the years which lie ahead. All phases of education are inf eluded in our eurrieuluni for we are taught from a religious. a seholastie and a soeial viewpoint. First. we learn that God is the foundation of all true education, Eaeh day and each elass is hegun and ended hy the lifting of our voiees in prayer. ln no time we realize that without God we can do nothing. Seholastieally, Villa lvfaria is right on top with its wellfrounded program of studies. For students pref paring to attend eollege, a eomplete aeadeniie eourse is preserihed. while a sound commercial training is THE SE RENE PICTURE af the left ii as typical- ly Villa Marian as the lmppy raralers below. Nw 0 .Jena givcii tw thc liLlZlIl'Cl'Llrll1Cr5 xx-viucii, Hahits uf study arc f-vriiicll wlicn wc arc taught as tircshmcii tim par' scvcrc iii iiui' taslx. "Vx'li.itAs xxwwtli diving at all is xx'ui'tli iliwiiig xwlli' is iiui' iuiviiiw. As we .ulv.iiiqi- swgially wc llisuiwi' hmx' to liw with -wtlicrs li.ii'iiiiiiiiiiiisly. XVQ swim pcrccivc that hy lacing uiiscllish aml xxwirliiiig with iithcrs wc tliurclay strciigtlicii iruc liiciulsliips. Evcii mm' we can apprcciatc thc tiuii. thu laughsi and thu disapf puiiitmciiis sharcil with our Qlassmatcs hcrc at schuiml. Ultimatcly wc l'C.llllC zliar lure must hc our guide' post liwc ul' uui' Goal. uui' sclionil, our country, our task. aml our pcuplc. This is ihq key to success. Ycs. thcsc arc the ideals. thc standards, the "pat turns for living" implant-sd iii Villa Ivlarians. Thcy arc thr rcasiuiis wc su proudly hail Villa lvlaria as "mir scliimulf' STUDENTS AND GUESTS z'nrl1'ursv in happy 3'1'0ll17X uftcr flea mos! imporiuuf vzvnf of flu' your. Commvurv- mcuf. Grurlmzfion is uspcriulli lfuaniiful umizl Ibn' l0l'0l.1 SIl1'l'0Il7Illl!ItQS of Villa Marin AFTER BABY-SITTING xrilb flu- Alumnuv'x rhilflruu on Bully Day, fbvxv girls are still luugb- ing. Pulriria Amlzragi bay just smrppcrl their pirlurv. gy Wwe me ...M 0 fur Ulnlkillg Mlllliltlvj' 11f!1'1'uonr1x so lldllffificll and 1710 C 1'iffu1'fv1', RH: lfmrflfix L. Dvuuix, ann' Rm. Luurcun' 111111 1.1q1111j.' g11111111'1wx 1111 fX11g11411111.111 FQlF11CI'4. x1'11'11 SINIUIN. S1'1'1'.1111N l11- I111' 1111111.1Q111.1tc H1.lI'1 1114 111.1113 -11111 fblllll' 1.11 1u.1g111'1'a 15.11111'1w 1311111111 121'111'1'1'11'. C111111c1'11 .md K1'1111.1 11111111151 111-1-1111 g1.1X41'x 111 1iC11!l11I1. 1111111' 1:11111c1' 11111121111 11'.1y111w 111115115 S1N'.l11lI1Q .lI1k1. .1- 1511'1x1111'111' 1111' 11.111 11 1311111111 1'1.11'1'1'4, ux11p1'111' g11111c4 .111 111111 111.1111' 11'111111'1'N 111 1N1.l1X'1'1'I1 .11111 X 111.1 1N1.lI'1.l. 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'1'11'111'1t11.1f1j.11111j.'x11.1111',.11111N11Q1.1111'. .ELL VILLA MARIANS 111111111 likv you In mvvl ilu' four 4IlQllKfllllllll fnibuf ufm an ?f'Sfl0ll.XlblL maui R11 if mqgr Kru ll Rr' fnnpz 742 WW M 1311111111 11111' 111511 111111 11'11c 11'11'111l4 .11 X11l11 fX1.11'1.11 111111: .uc dC.1I'Cl' 1-1 114 111.111 1 11t l.1y 1'.1gL1I1y, :XItl11111gl1 R115 INI11rg.1rct H1fN111gcr 1? Instruct-11' 111 1115111131 11yg1c11c. 111111 pl13's1Q.11 mL1llC.lIll1ll, wc 4111111 .always 1'c111c1111X'1' her cNpcQ1.1lly .1s1111r g.1p.1Hc 1'.1skct1N1ll .md lidilxfff Cl 1.1Ql1. :KN l11st1'111'111r111t11c 111-111111 11.111111 t.1p.1111l 1211111111111 11111151115 wc l1.1x'1' Mwx T111'1'c-11 1111111-. I11 thu fN111Q1c lDcp.1r1111c11t, N116 fX11gcl111.1 Tc11.1gl1.1 .md N115 R11+1' XX'-Cl .lvwt 111 thc tc.11'l1111g 111 cl.1r111c1 .md trumpet. rcspuc11x'cl5' The g1'.1L1111dc due 11111 fbdillllj' 1111111111 Fc 111c.1S111'cd 11111 g.111 If cvcr' lx' 111.1111 Let llr 1111111' tl1.1t -1111 Imlyiilly 111 X7lH.l N1.1r1.1 111111 hor 11s ft.1L111gl1 C11tl111I1g xx'11111v11 111.152 1:1 .1 111c.1f111'c. c11111pc11s11tc 11111' tc.1cl1crs fur 1111 they l1.1v1' dons fur us. MISS THERESA KELLY p1'1's1'ufx 11 g1'111'1'f11l pi:-lurf: 11x XIJ1' f1'111'b1's U16 !111'17xi1'f1r11'1'1111 1111 to 11 fun' of our VYOIIIIXAW' pupils. Mixs Kvlly iv rv- sponsilzlc for those slnrpp-1 1f11111'1' rnufilles XL'L'll in our' npv1'1'H11x. 'Md Xl'lIl.TlllfR lT'S IX' lffu f11'11l uf xl'1r11'ts 111' in lfu 11 111l1l nf knr111l1'1l.q1' r1111' Mus H111'Q111'1'f 811111115 111r1k1 lrlqfv. Haw' 1'f1f1' 111 11 fvntnrx 111111 l114q11'111 I1-111f11'1'11111l11 f7!7X 111 111 1'1lu111l111111111!1'111fr11' m11k1 '1' 1111 r111!1t1111,f111g f1.'1'w11111g1' 1111 tfn' Y1fl11 111uf1111. 3 A THE TWIC5 IS BENT flfawlf FRESHMAN OFFICERS--Marx' Ann DiSnnfi and Alifc Louisa Ricmann-proudly dixplay flu' pint that menu Ihey bale been elerfen' leaders in lbgir rlass. Their role is a big one buf, berause of lheir eagernesx anzl uillingness fo learn, if is a laxk well done. THE NFROLLICKIIVG FRESHlVIE1N"' berome l'4.'i'-7' serious when they delve into the mysteries ron- tainerl in their religion books. High sclitmiml! Xklliait lics iilmitli' Vsllut will Urt-cn Trcc lic likci' Such ware thc tliuuglits of most uf us frcsliincn upon cntcting the gates of nur naw sclmiul, The first few weeks kept us "un our toes" with many friends and tcziclicrs to mcct, rcgistrgition cards to fill out. new subjects to learn and, in gcncral, getting .1 nlwirclhs cyc Vigwu of Villa Mzirizt. Soon. wt wcrc iiccliingttctl tw tlic rciutznc and fiwuntl that wc civultln't liclp lvut ciiqiimy utirsclvcs. Vxlc gttttilwutt' tliis tin tliu cvcrfciitcliiiig 'lclii ui il spirit. AT HOMEROOM, freshman rcpruscntatizes plan all asstlnblj fo rlcmonstrafu lwu flu' Clrilclrvu of Mary, the Aihlctir Assoriafiun. and thu I,iln'ar3 all uoil: louarfls lbe arlziulunwnl of flwii' goal- yooif wlmol filizunsbip. Nw. If didnt take lung fin' us to limi wut what Green Tree was lilac tm' tlw wif "Nur scmml lining" .md we felt .ts though we hclwugcd. The tim wt Freshman Day .mel the excitement of B11 .mtl L1ttlc Sister Day swim passed. hut they will .ilxxayf he rumcm lwretl .ls txxw wt' thc "special events" that helped make our t'rcshm.m year' .1 CUlUI'l.lll unc lt seemed rw time lx't'm'c the Th.mksg1x'ing lwlitlays Qllppctl hy. .md then :alum our very hrst Clmftmaf at the Vllla. lt was .ill so hrcatltftalung and thmllmgl Num' we truly L1IlklCT'Sf.lllgl why l'ux'1nt'r Villa fX1,1z' always Say that the lWC.llllll.Lll Cllll'l4IlN.lN lI'.iLllf1llIl5 are the mi-st vivid IUCIHUTICS mt' high school days. XY.nt:h1ug the t1ppcrQl.t4smuu tlurlug Cariwl Nlght we LlI'L'il1HCcl wt' the year when we xxiwulcl PI'lWllcll3' C.ll'lAf' .t l.l11tc1'n iii' Stilflllllly xxmxil' .1 gap .mtl gmxvu, FRESHMEN-fleft to rightj, First Row: Elizabeth Lange, Kathleen Lee, Kathleen Donnelly, Alice Louise Riemann, Mary Anne Di Santi, Helen Hickey, Jacque- line Colasante. Svronrl Rau: jacquelyn McDevitt, jacqueline Verna, Anne Collins, Gertrude Thornton, Gay Heller, Mary Buckley, Theresa Giordano. Third RIJIFI Arlene La Marr, Margaret Miller, Su7anne Fullem, Mary O'Brien, joan Beechwood. Gertrude Lisi. Forzrfb Row: Marie Bruner, Rita Capek, Mary jean Schuyler, Antonia Coady, Claire Wixlslm, Eleanor McNichol, Eileen Devine. fwlflf af!! Our rosters wcrc :ill wry new to us hut, with gi pcrsistcnt dctcrminzttion, wc sct out to conduct' our hgiilling gilgchrii cquaitions and diilicult Latin triinslittions. ln English. thc art of good lcttcrfwriting wits taught to us. :ind Vvfisliiitgtoii lrvings immortal lchtthod Crainc and the inystcrious "headless horscmgmu giivc qtn giniusing notc to our Qlasscs. Of course. ljCIlIlr5'lX'QlI1l.l History was one of our favorite suhiccts :ts wc were ngtturztlly anxious to hccoinc inorc tlunilizir with our home st.itc. Thu most important ol our cl.isscs ruligion wliurt' wc luimicd how Iii hugoinc hcttt-r C.1iholics, All our siihiccts opcncd up portnls ol knowlcdgt' unknown to us hcforc. :ind not a day pgtsscd hut soincthing ncw wits ltxtrncd. Vk'cukly hoinrrooin pcriods. conducted hy thc ofliccrs wc lmd cluctud. grcgitly intcrcstcd us. Vwlc liclpud to scttlc our class :ind school prohlcnis xtnd wry oftcn suggcstcd plains and idcais that might he usud. Thu hcst way to know onc's school. wc discovcrcd, was to he .nn .tctivc pgirticipttiit. PENNSYLVANIA HISTORY is u rcry intriguing RITA CAPEK explains by mvunx of 11 rliugrum of il Latin scnt snl1jn't. Elizabeth Lange, Mary Bin'klvVi', unzl cure that Latin is not so rlijfirnlt ns it lilllj' seem. Thvresa Giordano are gathering rmiterinl for n A SCENE FROM the zlnnring rlnss shows Miss Kelly demon Pvnnsylz'ania Week, program. strafing .fl grureful step to II group of interested freshmen. Q' Gene MEMBERS OF the math rlass find, us they ronqner FRESHMEN BEGIN their art toznse uitb uater eoioi troublesome equations, that algebru is 41 ziifieult but rbarts of their oun artxstir design They ri it interesting method of dereloping their minds. urs interesting and enjoyable riass NVl1eu we mme luck m Al.ll'lL1LiI'B' we felt like vetergums. NVe were justly pruud uf the live freslr men on the mrsity. All of us lrelunged tu various elulws, while sume represented our el.1ss in the Glec Clulw .md Orchestra. VVe all strove to do our part in everytluinu. whether II meant efmtrilwutiug tu the ITUSSIUIIS ur taking dawn elmirs after 1111 ussemlvly. Our fiery enthusiasm was typleul uf our class as we helped to make every no tivity and drive L1 success, Alwve gill. we xxxmted to lx' useful extlzeus ut our selwul. -Iune, QllI'C.lelf'l Huw the m-mths flew! Our first elmprer ut' "Years at Green Tree" is eumpleted. xxvlllllilll .1 l.luul't, we cam say tlue Cl.iss uf W4 has meleeel pruve-.l tu lre everytlxmg luyxll Yrlln lvlurilms slnwulel lee. THE FACES of Marie Bruner. Mnrux Bnekiej, and joan Beerbu ood register sbork us they bein' ii plug lmrlc of their oun zoires. We Em' 0 7fze DURING SOPHOMORIZ HOMEROOM pvriod K41flllL'1'll Ricmun ummimfcs tba ull-important Real Croix ifrizy ulrirla ix living SPIIIIAIHIW, 115 Ihr' Bluv limi W"l1i!c Tvium fhronglmn! flu' srlmol. Tin- prujurf is fn fill Hn' fmxvs Hill: flux 111111 nllwr uriiflus In bring rfwvr fo flat- um'-vfritkvll rlrildrrn of Enropu. BARBARA MtCLATCHY finds the usv of ii board Compass a img ilIfU?A4.'.Xfillf1 pbnsz' of gvonmtrvx to rfcnxonstrutc Io her rlusxnmfvs. As suplwimircs wc were frcc to gist just at hit siipliistiuttctl ttiwiii-tl thu hgrccni' frcshmcn. Un the first tl.iy wc ciijciyftl tht- rcturn tu sulitiul imiiicnscly l7t'C.lllrC wc lxncxx' txiictly Whitt tin luiik l-l1I'XK'.!I'Ll lv .intl wc rtuilizctl lmppily wc still liiitl thrcc ycgirs iiiiirt- .it Vill.1 M.tri.i. Siipliciiiiiiir yan' was gi cart" frcc mic, sinct' we xx't'i't' nwt cxpcctctl tn hu its tlcmiirc its L1PIWCI'ClAl5SINCl1 .intl since we had iiliwiitly mgitlc mir fricntls .intl htitl nuns uf the first ycgtr strain wt :vt ting iicqtiztintcd. VVQ cnturctl intii thu spirit of inturclgtss lmslecthiill with wiltl cnthtisiaism. Altlimiugli mir spirits wort' tlgiiiipfiittl slightly hy .1 tlcfcitt nt tht h.mtls ul thu fiwsliiiiuii, wc xwir lmppy tn ulicur nur hig sistci' clztss tn tht- Qlmiiipiuiisliip. lt was during this ytxir that we xx'-sit rccciwtl iiitii the Chiltlrcn of lVl.iry, .intl it was ii vary impwrtzlnt titty in our lives. Um' Children tif lvliiry mctlxtls. gnltlcn and lfcuutiful. liaivc since hccwiiic am csscntml p.1rt nf nur uniform. PRESIDEVT KATHIIIEN RIEMANN and Socra- liirj Iosepfline l'f'fVlI1'0 smile upprorul uftvr dis- missing rarinns sopbomorc' nrfirities for tlw Coming year. - s 'fl -.. SOPHOMORES flcfc to rightj, lfirxf Roll: Lcola Mel- lon. Mary Lou Manis, Margaret Keegan, Marie McFar- land, Theresa Hallignn, Jane McDevitt, Eleanor Palma. Sflkflllll Ron: Gloria XVQbcr. Sara Ann McC0nagl1y. Patricia Ambrogi, Kathleen Riemann. jlmscphinc lfcr- rarn. f.0l15f.lI'lC0 Lunnlngham. C.2lll'!0l"ll1I: wvhllC. Tlvirll Roll: Nancy Gilbcrti, Joan Lollins, Mary Kelly. Im- Tllc lwggl'-I lllrlll lll' lllq xmxll' lllml' . INITNCIIIS. llllr lxllll' .lllxl glllll gl.lM Plllx. Alllltllcl' lxlg cvulll ln lllll- g.lll'llll.ll' xxnlf lxttlu lI'CSllIDCIl. Tllf llpcl'atl.l. tllll. Illxlllll nurp.ll't1:lQ"Qlllll'llN glrlff' Tllc curl lll' Ill! ylxll' llilllx' .lm.l:nlglx' ll. tilnt Illxll llll lllll' ll.lllllx. ills Fullllll' lllzlllllct flnc Qxtr. fllr lt xx'.l4 l-ln' l..ll'x'XN ull lll lllll' lwlf llllly flllllf xxx' lllll Illlf llllq xx.lN that 1: nllxlnl qllls ll'l.lCLllL'lIQl G.lllagl'1cr. Zita Keen. Marilyn'.1ll.'lr0. Nancy Bl"Llk'lll'lCld. Fourlfw Roll: Llmrlotte Townsend. Patricia Storey, Margaret Gnllagllur. Mary Frances Gross, Mary Barr, Patricia Melody. Andrea Silxa. Fifth Run: Margaret Haley. llairc Panuk, Mary Mansficlcl. Kathryn Comlv, Marx' Ellen Gilmore. Mnrialm Mink, Barbara McClatchy. - lt C..ll'lNlm.lN xxllull xxx' I'x'QC1XCl.l. .lx Klxrilll llc l'1'l1ln 'Allllll lnlllly lll llx iulll llllwlxl .l4 lmllgll 2 1 LIN :lux ylxlr, .lnll xxx Q.lgpl'lj.' illlll. l l. .lnll xxu lllllllll lllll'NCl'x'x'N xxztll .ln Illllxfll' XXI' xx url' lll'll'l'lll1lll'll ill llllllxl' 11 ills lxfrl vxtclk. Trac YC-Lllix xxult Vlqllxzllg llllll Ill,- " Q will 'lt .l .alll-Q lfldlklilllf Xxlfll llll1'f:N'c' Sw Nllrllllllllllm' ylxll' lwlmlxl, .lllxl xxl' llllllkl lllll'-ulxtx l'I1ll'X'1I -' llIl'Illl"' X'l'lll1'l "1" :glgcrly .lzlilqllwltlzlg llfl"tll1'l' ylxll' .lt :llc X :ll.l lxx . . lk. . .l. 2 4 N 1 Q Q qei5"U"3 5 5. f gg L JS- -2 as Q ' 4 , M .,.. N .. ww if W dl- 9 5 W 4 . - wr f if 41. ,754 3 p Nag A, . IAQ! Q 4k A 5 X f M.. 1 s f Q Q-ao' x awww Q ight Ye' p K. Q q . f vw Q? .,,. ,fi . A . Q, ,JW-f V ' fl in WW Q Q ".s 1 i?f'A"Jj A U W y wkmqavakd Binlugy opened up to us gt whole new held in the world nf eduexttitun, Vwle had never hefnre studied anything even remotely like it, and we found it the must interesting of till nur suphorncire suhieets. Through the study nf geninetry we went thrttugh T1 prneess of much gthstrgiet thinking whieh prtfved 11 ehallenge tn our reasoning. ln Latin we Qieenmpginied Caesar through Gaul .7 ' If 1 f.. . gf H 1 A f 'Y-ft 'K A I "I Xi f "fix X 5 1' .4 - il THERESA HALLIGAN rlurifcs the propcrfies of mirro- sfopir falls for rlavsrmlfcs irlvilc lhetx 0llSt'l'l'E' tbcm through the lenses of fbeir mirrosrolrv. .ind eninyed nninen-ely tint' I-NITIICY. Yes.1wLirsehnnl diy xxnts .in .ietive line. .ind tint' enrrienltnn truly ntlered tl ehlllenge. T1vxx'.ii'd the end till the 5' we tliwtight sei'iuiisly .ilwnt nur ttittire. tor lreI'1ri'e the elnse wt' May we had tw seleet .1 twister xwhieh xxwitiiel either hlxild un t1t1r.1e.1dein:ehtel-tgi'-itizitlwreeitiip Us with xi tetttiwngtl skill- fur the lxllxlllt'-N xx-nrltl J-A , -:ru EFPX5 CHL QTMAS PATRICIA AMBROGI aml Pulriria Slorey, :rho seek informufion from rvfcrcurv books, pzifiently uuuit their iurus for nsxishulfv from rheerful library uidex, Eleanor Palma and Gloria W'ebcr. Conxhuzrc Cunniugbizvn and Katlrrhin Comfy are inning rvqlfirerl books rbcrfzml ouf. Mew M1110 Upperclasslnen at lastl How we had looked for' ward to this! Having conquered our first two years at Green Tree, we were now ready to make this the hest year yet. We organized our class of thirtyf four strong hy holding our first hoinerooin meeting where the duties that lay hefore us were outlined. We discussed the eoining year and inade inany plans. From our previous experience at the Villa. we reali:ed that work was ahead of' us and decided then and there to spare no efforts to make everything in which we participated the "aeine of' perfection." This was the attitude that so well typified the spirit ofthe Class of '52 and inade our junior year so happy and successful. THE IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Mary Lou Hetherington, Elizabeth Bush, Pafriria Nicholson, Aliria Hussey, and Rose Kelly. Along with the prestige of uppcrelasslnen cainc many new responsihilities, the most important of which was our guardianship over our newly acquired "little sistersf' Vkle shall always reineinher that iinf pressive cereinony where we pledged ourselves to he the perfect Whig sisters." We realized that we inust always give good example to the younger girls. This we did through our deportinent, cooperation and willingness to do a little more than our share. ln every project and drive we strove to give the whole' hearted interest and support of each and every junior. IUNIOR BLUE and While Team Captains, Beau Smith and Palriria Nirholson, tally icum points. Alicia Hussey and Elizabeth Bush ariviously auait fhe resulls. 7fze 6 5 This year lirltl .1 new .ittmctiwii fur Ur fmcc .it the and wt' wur supliiwiiiiwix' y-fax' we had .1 clinics as in vvliat uwursc ut' slmlics we xumlcl tales. Nalllllllly. xv-J xvcrc .111 very ixfgcr tu Llclvc into our ncxx' sillilccts. VNU: whu clump thi: 1'3XCQlLlCIlllC Cmlrsc foiiiicl miiwclxrs lausily uiigiw-ssfd III rhe pri 11' lcms ut Atlvamfd fh1!ClNI'1l amcl the II'i1IlS1.lIIUI1 ut lsatm Ill. .ilonu with our utlicr sluclics. Aftci' the first term. .111 who liatl Llllllflllly .ippliutl llicmfclvcs wcrc well satisficcl fur xxx' lmcxx' we xvcrc pavliig our way Ln college. lltllkllllg Sli.11x-Jspc.ii'c. we liked thc play. klulzus Clwstir, fruiii which wc mcm+wri:ud wins of the farnmis speeches. Echwcs of "Friends, llmmririns. Ciwiiiilrylnuiiu xwix' 111.1611 1101111 drifting from nur English glasses. JUNIORS fleft to rightj, First Rout Felice Coady, Gloria Lanoce, Mary McKee, Dolores McGarvey, Therese Cavanaugh, Elizabeth Ellen Ecock. Second Rout Beau Smith, Alicia Hussey, Mary Lou Hetherington, Patricia Nicholson, Elizabeth Bush, Rose Kelly, Elizabeth Verna. Third Rout Joanne Brady, Barbara Wanamaker, Pa- tricia Miller, Mary Dwyer, Patricia Bourne, joan Henry, Eileen Collins. Fourfb Rolf: Kathryn Wunder, Mary Van Winkle, Mary Ryan, Dolores Meredith, Roberta Burns, Mary McGarvey, Patricia Nice. Fifi!! Ron: Suzanne Jenkinson, Mary Alice Wolhngton, Eleanore Westhead, Dorothy Bones, Eileen Phelan, Helen Mit- chell, Barbara O'Hara. Gm! Stem Typing and stenography were just words to us when we first began our Commercial Course but it was not long before we discovered their true meaning and the work it took to master them, Typing to the rhythm of music was 11 help to us as well as 11 novelty, Stenogruphy was all very new and tamseinuting. After the first few weeks we marveled as we wrote and resid our new sign language. Our progress, however, was .1 gradual one and only the zunbitious sueeeeded. Nezttness, ueeuraey and reliability, we were taught. are synonymous with 21 good business woman. With this in mind we pre' pared ourselves for the fastfeoming future. NIMBLE FINGERS make many strokes to the minute for these diligent typists who are so in- tent on their work. THE COMPLEXITIES of sfenogruphy are made less Ill-mflllt for these juniors as capable Eliza- beth Verna trunsrrihes the da-Vs lesson. mefwgmfg M www 'E "lv, Um fiaelff Then came the highlight of our junior year' fCarol Night. Donned in cassocks and surplices and in the presence of Uur Divine Lord. we proudly received our class rings. When could have thought of a more suitahle place for this ceremony than in the serene atmosphere of our hcloved chapel? Un this joyous occasion xve solemnly prayed to God that we would always he a living proof of Villa lvlaria and her ideals. This year found girls from our class as active memhers in sports. dramatics. Orchestra. Glee Club. newspaper staff. and the Leader Group. Since the juniors comprise the lvlission Group in the Children of lvlary. we sponsored many drives. In this way we learned to help those in nccd. Vkle think that xve have shoxvn to ourselves and others. hy our active participation in all activities. that we are hoth capahle and xvilling to take our place at the helm next year. as seniors. PATRICIA NICHOLSON ctvplaius the seasons of the French your to ber flass- mates, u-bile Aliria Hussey writes a paragraph evplauatary of the days of the French -TFKIV. AN ARTICLE from "Au.x'iIium La- tinum,' provides an ideal substitute for the usual Latin grammar during Latin III. -ff AT HOMEROOM the seniors disrnss plans nnrl problems 14 ith Presifien! Dolores Fnrincllu. while Helen Muller fakes tlw minutes of fhe meeting. We New '7!w THE SMILING FACES of lhcsc six girls depir! the them fnlnvss and riencllincss o the senior rluss 0 ters Thc story of thrcc ww11dcrful yczirs the prcccdind agcs sccms to us but ll our sc111o1' 'cur ll rccn 'X x yczir, 4 4 "4 . ZIIIL am llHI'1UI'l livcs. unfold d 111 prooguc tu I l ppl' xml lr ll 1 A pcrfcct year! Pcrfcct lwcczxusc thc golden hum of succcss touched our every u11dcrtz1k11w mppy yczlr! apps' lwccausc wc wcrc c1110 'ins' fr1c11Llsl11ps girown dccp uvcr thc ycur A11 importzmt ycxxr! In1pc11't1111t bccnusc it was tm QS S ' Q L I7 Ill' L1I1kIl1lXX'Il llllll 'Y DFRING A DEBATE in Nutionul Problums, Patriria Pn- p.nl1rm-la obiains permission from Clniirlurlj In .fiirvff tl question fo Dolores Cofer. jonnnc Burke s of During this pcrintl. the ideas implanted in ns hy yc.n's nf tixnning tnnk rout and hccannc win' principles fnr life. Old n-.itlitinns tnnk nn new intxinings as wc nmrcd the close nf the "green years." Each incniher nf the Class nf iil will rcincinhcr the spetiztil days in thif way: The mnst fiiiifpaekctl Fi' Day with its silly pixmlis .intl liumltctls nf laughs. Thu ninst cxciting Opening night nt nur Senior lllgiy when thc wry .nr tinglctl with that "show husincssu fccling, The ninft incinnnihlc Rctixxit, which wnrtls qnnltl not tlcseriht- .intl which left ns with .1 tlcht nt' ctctngil gmtitiitlc tn Father Dennis. The inns! lWC.lLllll-lll Ciilflll Night with tht- .IlllllHl'S rcscinlaling .ingulic choir lmye :is they sang "Ulni'y tn Gnd" .intl the scninrs dignilictl .intl stutcly in hlnc caps .intl gnwns The Sidtlust Scnini' Sing which hrnnght the i'c.ili:4itinn that thc tnnc fur parting from Villa Mairiai had Quinn. SENIORS Qleft to rightj, First Row: Lucille Schirmer, Eileen Cahill, Dolores Farinella, Helen Muller, Marie Crimmins, Helen Doyle. Sefoud Row: Elaine Harvey, Dolores Cofer, Alice Monck, Christine Rehfuss, Lucille Dejohn. Third ROIIY Elizabeth Ryan, Mary Armstrong, Marfgaret Barker, Elizabeth Comly, Joanne Burke, Mary Anne Doubet. Fourlb Row: Patricia Papenbrock, Joan McClatchy, Nancy Ward, Wilma Severin, Margaret Quinn. 'LO-In K ,Uwe 1f.1.'11 111 111 11.1s .1 11111'1'1'u111 g11.11 1:1 1111' 11111, 111111111 11111 1'1'.lI'. 111' 11.111 111'1'11.11'111 111 .111.1111 111.11 Q1111, T1111-11 111' 111 111111 11111 1.1115 .1 111.11'p 111 11111 1111-1111'-N 11111111 1111111c111.11u11' 11.111g1'.11111.1111111 11.111' 1111'111111' 1'11x'1': 11111111 .11111 N11'1111g1'.111111'1x F111'11111w 111111 1111111 1111' 11.1111 111 g1111cg1'. 11111 .1q.11l1'1111q Q1-1111-1' 11.11 1111'1'1'c11 .1 1'.11'11'11' 111' f111111'g1+ 1111111111-111' XX'.l4 111111111 11111111111 111' 111.11113 1NLlf i'.1NQ1:1.11111g 111' .111 111111 s1111111m1 11. 111.1111c111.111Q4 111111111 1:11'.1111.11111' 111' f11.11'11c11111g 111! 1111111 .1:111 11c1'c11111111g 1111' 111111111111 p1111'c1's 111' Ili s11111c111s. 111.1111 1111 11111' g1.1ss q1111fc 911.1111s11 .15 1110 11111s1 1111011211111 111- 111: 1.111g11.1gcs. 1NllI 51111111 1'.'1'11'1'1'c11 111 111.1111 1111: 1NC.1klI11wLl1. 1111111111 F1'c11c11. A 1-1111 111' 11111' 1'111111Ac 5111101141111 Q11111' 111s1u11 111611 111111111 1'1'.11' 111. 14.11111 .1:1 1'1c1'11c111 111'c11.11'.1111111 14111' .1111'111111Q 111 1116 5515111111: AIC111. XX'11.11c11'1' g11111'sc 111 111-11 111' 1111111113 1111 11.11'1' 1101111 111'up.11'c11 111 1111'c1 11 by 11115 1111.11 --1611 111 11111' 111311 fq1111111 1-1111511111111 BETH COMLY 111111 fif1'1.'n Culfill 1'1p1'1'!ly u171'r11l1' Hn' vflvvzl-0-17ril1! n1111'fJi1l1', 14 l1il11 Mum' Aum' Dnufluf lvmlx 11 fwlllillg fmurf. INDEX CARDS 111:11 filing 1'11l1im'tx prusvut no f7l'0l7It'Vl1S In M111'i1' Cjlflllliliili mm' Efzzim' HlIl'l'L"j' who kuou ffm' THESE SENIOR TYPISTS um' lzuxilr 'l'1lIlXlxVi1Iil1g flu-iz 111161 uf xm'r'1'I111'iul zrnrk. slmrtlmmf :lotus on thc tw1pvu'1'itcr. WE HRIVE GN ARTICIPATICDN dh fLc-ff fo riglJIJ4Marie Crimmins, Alumnac Leaderg Lu cille Schirmer, president of the Athletic Associationg Eileen Cahill, Children of Mary presiclentg Dolores Farinella, president of the Leader Groupg Helen Muller, secretary of Une ut the essenti.ils ui it cleiiiucixicy is thin its lnitlers he the choice nt' the iniijnrity. ln Villa Mairiii ii is nn clirierent. Every year otiicers are elected by the students and ure, thus. their true representatives. Un Iiistzillaitinii Dgiy, during ani impressive ceremony. uni' lenders prmicliy receive their insignia nt' tithe: .incl solemnly pledge thenis-ilves "tn liiioxx' the way. tn show the wary. and to go the xx'.1y.A' The ulhcers cnnscicntiunsly accept their rcspunsihility hy using it wisely for the hctterment of the school and its students. especially in the mnintcniincc of lim' zincl nrcler-W the synonyms nt' peace. The nonfoiiicers pnrticipiite hy respecting the authority nf their lcanlers and hy giving them their complete cnnperaif tion. STUDENT OFFICERS pose for the camera after receiving the insignia of their respective offices. CLeft to rightj, Top Row: Patricia Nicholson, Alicia Hussey, Marie Crimmins, Elizabeth Comly, Helen Muller, Dolores Farinella, Eileen Cahill, Lucille Schirmer, Rose Kelly, Josephine Ferraro, Mary Ann DiSanti. Boflom Row: Anne Smith, Mary Lou Hetherington, Kathleen Riemann, Alice Louise Riemann. Elizabeth Bush, Ruth Anne McCahon. .1-5 Qi -my nuliniswi We Eecn 74421 ' ' the Lender Groupg Elizabeth Comly, Literary Lender. out the responsibilities of her department with smooth Tl:ese girls have an important task, for they form Il link emciency, bringing up for discussion the questions and lntwcen the faculty and the student body. Each carries problems presented to hcr by her schoolmates. GW-L7 v 4- K 'Ki' new 'A 'Klrheei' is it series of prayers. hextutiful in word ind meaning. that are reverently reeited hy .ill in ur L1idy's Sodstlity .ind hy those aspiring to heeoine iildren of lvhry. The Living Rosary is recited hefore the shrine of Uur L.1dy of Fgitiinai. and everyone from grziele one to giuide twelve takes p.irt in it hy SI.lIlk.l1l1Q in the lornrition ol .i ros.iry .ind reeiting live tlet-.itles BLUE AND W'HITE TEAMS fmlc l'0lIfl'il7llfi'd tfrme guilj llV'L1ppL'd puakizgm of munfx In nmku Cffvriifnms in Hn: Old Pvubffs Home iz Ili! fluppicr. " hgazfh Through the Children of Mary we have eonie to re.tli:e the iniportginee of xi life patterned .titer Our Lady and the ioy of helping others through Catholic Aetion. By wily of weekly Ufhee in the Chapel. and fref quent Living Rosairies, we have formed gi elose friendship with Our Blessed Mtither that will grow deeper through life, proteeting us from gill the evils shunned hy her linnmeulatte Heart. AS A CATHOLIC ACTION prujcrf. Hn' sopho- mores roller! nln' grvvliirg nu'.fr's. 4.1- -,, , ve: EILEEN CAHILL und Wilrrirl Selcrin gizc smil- ing upproial of the xuillw of The Quvvvfs Wfork. PRUBATION for the Clzilrlreu of Mary inrludes the moutlzlvr off.-C and Rostirj mid in Chapel. A5 rupirunts Ibese freshmen are ICT-1 proud fo fake part in tbme exercises. STAMPS, STAMPS, unil more .ttrirnps for the mis- sions! Iuniors rui, mounl, and park tlwem. Uncc every month we hax'e "xx'orlxsliop.u Here current projects are collected and assignments made for the coming month. lvlany times the project is some kind of toy made hy our own hands to he given to the children of Ft. Edmonds Home. At Thanks! giving. it is haskets for the poor: at Christmas. stock- ings for the orphans: sometimes. linen or soap drives for the aged: hut. always. something to hetter the lite of someone else: and we have come to love this form of Catholie Action. The main event of this year was a party at Easter for the children from the Home, There was a hasket from the Easter hnnny for each child. and the glow from every little face left us feeling well rewarded. Thus. Catholic Aetion has heen as much a henelit to us as it has heen to those whom we have helped. for it isa good feeling to do good, and it has enahled us to practice our motto, "To jesus through Marry" the aim of every Child ol' Mary. - lll V f'X X..! Uwzp " 14ae7he 3 M4 1 ,1 1 111. f ,- MEMBERS Ol-' VIMACADY sing p1'ol111'lj display Ibn' 1'0- mlts of tlwir 11111011 Bvflv Comfy, 11'11I1'1l, ix 1'lIff0l'-ill-l'l7iL'f. nh H13 Pl'l'VU1'b14ll "NEC fur IWW5- X 17'mU1dfl 41.111 1111'111111'1's xx'111'k Lhllgclllfy. Tlx c1l1t111"111fcl11uY 11'v1'1'1s11ly 1'1'xx'1'1t1w Hts 111 Qupy 111 S1111 hcl' f1.1111l.11'1ls 11" Iwxxfflfffllilll 1l11' IWhUlllQI'1lI7hy 11111111 g1'111Q.1lly judges har PICUITCS 11s she 11111115 llmclr pl.1cc1 .1 rc' INUITCIA. c.1Q1'r t11 put her latcst "sQ1111pA' 1111 p11pc1', dushcs 111f 11 lust mmutc nrticlc, N - X1n1111'111fx' 1.4 lll1 1mp111'tz111t 1111.111 111 V1Il.1 TX4.11'141 EDITOR AND ASSOCIATE EDITOR, H1117 Hn' lwfp of ' . . ' - , 4 A .md 1111r 511411 IS 111 kucp It xxwrthy 111 thu prcftmf ll fftlfllfl' ll'VlfL'Y.Y, proofread the gullms . . . Murlr Crnu- 1 . K 11111 1'11pt111'1'1l 1111111 II11' x'.11'11111s prof .1f411g1.1111111N, mint 111111 Lllfillv Srfvirmar ure 14 orkiflg on flu' flllV!ll7lj'. L...- 1 'QX dh 7fze7f1llfaZ ' 111 CX'CI'5' sQh1i111 11ic11' lx 1N1llIIk1 111 hc .1 series 111 siwgi,11 cvciits. 11111111 .151iiiiiilislimuiiis .lI1g1 iiircrcsrf iiig .igtivitics whiqh 11115 11'1'.1s111'cs .l11L1 w1v11111 11141' 111 stwrc JXY113' 111 he i'cx'icwc11 111 suing T'11t111'Q dats. The medium whigh iwi'1iiii.- 115 111- Vi11.1 M,11'i.1 111 sh.1rQ the Aiuys 111' 111i1' 11111111 11.1ys with 11thc1's .md 111 fC'11X'CI1IC1F11lllW1WI11CS4 iii 11l111l'C B'C.l1'S is hui' ys.11'1w1i1a. Ref1c1't111ns. All C.1th1111Q. All fxI11C1'lf.l11, 1v1u11.11is1 .1ii11 1301111 4y1K'.l11lLl 131110 Rihlviii .lXX'.lI'x15 .11'1' thc prilcd iwsscs' sums 1111 this IWLl1N11C.1I111I1. E.lC1l y1'.11' we th1'i11c11 .111cw .11 thc f.1c1 1h.1t 1111i' SC111l111.S .1ii1i11.11 w.1s .1m1iiig thc hcst iii thc Ckllllllfy, Yet with 11191 llcj1c1't11nis t1ic1'1i is 1111 111111-11 1111-111. thi' this is our very uwii. The Q1i11iit1css 11111113 111' p1'1'p.1i'.1ti1111 wcrc L1 l'C1l1 IW1Cil5LlI'C. fur wc 1'c.11i:1x1 th.1t wc were i'cQ111'11iiig 1'1ic1'1s1ic11 iiiciiiwics 1111 our high sch1u1w1 L1Al5'S. Ar sums Lhstzmt date. rhu I1CLlI'1y 1Alll'!lTt1C11. precious cvcms 1ifVi1141 M111'ig1 days will he i'cf1ivc11. pitscrvcd hy Rcf1u1'ti11nx '71, CO-EDITORS Elizabeth Com- ly and Elizabeth Ryan arid a feu' finishing tourhes to the urite-ups for the Jenrbook. Marg Ann Donbet and Helen Doyle un ait 11111 ire on the 1:11- impartant senior personals. W 1 .-.sal an a 'b . T THE 1951 REFLECTIONS stag uatrla uitb interest ns Editor Beth Ryan rberles pirtures u itb the dummy. All literary unrl: is fiona in tba neu' Publications Room. M '4z!Li'7!w,4m Violins: Dolores McGarvey, Patricia Nicholson, Mary Ber- nard McGarvey, Helen Muller, Marie Crimmins, Eileen Phelan, Felice Coady, Gloria Weber, Patricia Nice, Zita Keen, Mary Frances Gross, Gertrude Thornton, Kathleen Donnelly, Dianne Peel, Gilda Spurio. Cellos: Mary Lou Hetherington, Marie McFarland, Kathleen Riemann. Bass: Eileen Cahill. Flute: Ruth Anne McCahon. Clarinefs: '.ML15lC hath charms' '... :ind our zillfgirl nirqhcstm has displayed many an "hour of chzmnfi It was with ll note of pridc that flirty young innsiciinis with tlicir singing viwliiis, inclluw cullus, lilting trninpcts .ind the like. thrillud in.iny :in iuidicncc. As nbc yczir pmgrcssud. uni' nnisic in.ikci's :aught tin' spirit with Iu'i'lcct hlciitling that is part iii' our iii'glic4t1'.i :intl tliuml that thuy wcrc nu liingci' giving up liinc to pl'.lQllCC hut xwrc diving swinctiiiiig thin llicy loved. NANCY W",-KRIJ, umiposvr of tlw uorrlx and niuxir of the 19il Class Snug. ivurns io lmze found a fitting ilwme fo vxprun tln' fuulirlgi of ber rluxs for their bclozuil srlmol. Lucille Schirmer, Mary Lou Manis, Sara Ann McConaghy. Trumpets: Joan Henry, Elizabeth Lange, Theresa Giordano, Rose Kelly, joan Beechwood, Alice Louise Riemann. Mello- phonn: Eileen Devine. Trombones: Elizabeth Ecock, Pa- tricia Melody. Percussion: Helen Mitchell, Mary Alice Wolnngton. Piano: Marilyn Cnvallaro. Conzlurfor: Nancy Ward. ffl! Q' 7aee Thc Scninr Play. 'Inu Ctnft Take It Vxfitlz You, gavc thcm thcir first opportunity tn display thcir ahility. and it lcft thcm with thc satisfaction nf a thing wcll dnnc. Thcn. at Christmas. thcy amazcd hundrcds hy thcir pnwcr tn changc the mnnd of an audicncc from wistful tn jnyuus. simply hy cnlivcning thc tcmpn uf thcir music. THE REED, BRASS, and percussion svrfions lvml n bright and liliing qual- itj Io flu' orchestra. Playvrs on lbcsu insirumvnlx knou' tlmt Hpracfin' vmlzvx pi:1'fvr!." THE SINGING STRINGS enhance ilu' orrbvslrn with their mellow, rillruut tones. Inrlirirlnul and srzrliouul prac- tice helps to make this zleparfnxeut fbi' l oufxhxmliug om' Ibn! it is. Thcir part in nur npcrctta was just as impnrtant as any singing rolc fur, without thc skillful hlcnding nf instruments with vniccs, nn show cnuld have hccn thc grcat succcss that nswcct Nlaricn was, Thcn thc ycar cndcd and. with thc dignificd strains of "Pump and Circumstanccf' cvcrynnc silcntly thought that practice had indccd madc thcm pcrfcct, :gi J VC' .lg 5? va Nl! " OUR ORCHESTRA rcrciles "' munvi Illliftlfilllli to plug for " nulsirlu urtiiitivx. Hcrv is X un or-rlfmtml cnsvmlllv nn ifs K uni' io pvrform for Ibv Dozruingfnu n W'orm'u's Club. Tln- flrrhtgrillll inrllnlcrl 4-lwml null ins! Vu nlvnfirl Ill1Hll74'Y'S , piano, infill, and iiolin mlm. Web' www -1 Iv L ILL 1 w - mm mx x4w1LL LU W L L Xl! I1 IN L hl I U NL 3 LU! L LL L x LNWU cv L LXL Ilx 1 ll N -Y ' LIN41 L L LI LIDW L Wl L H x 1111 XXL L hx I ILN ILL ELAINE HARVEY Alue Monxk Elleen fxlhnll Wine Crlmmms Purnum P1pc.nlwroLk 1nd Helnn Muller enyoy slngnng., ln IIIYIIIOIIX with Nlnu Xvlfd 15 their 'ILLOIHPAIIIISI Left to Flbhl P10111 R014 Dolorcs Meredith Ahce Monuk, 'Vllry Dwyer Mlrnc Crnmmnns hlfune H1rXey f'll7lb0!.l1 Bush, 01n Henry hlleen Collins Suomi Ron Kfathryn Wunder, Pltrnul Muller, Theresfn Cava nmueh Dolores McG1rvev hlnrxbcth Vern-1, Barbar1 W1n1m1ker, Fellce Cnfldy, Elxzfnbc h Ecock Thnrf K-I T 1 3 S 9 Um Zffom Ron Vhrw M Kee Rn e Kelly M1rs V1n Wxnkle Marx Vlnfnrxey S117 lnnc Jcnkxnson Dorothy Bones, Pitrun 'Vuholmn Hnhn Muller I'llll7fl7 Ron Exleen Qahlll Nlmy W nd Mary Alnne Wolhngton Patrxcna Nnce Alnnu Hussex Pnrncm P1penbrock Barb1ra O H11-a 4 A .'4 .Viz 5 404 Buff 5 TM i 1 Qwra 1 1 lil .l HKWLXI' B1'11.111c.1s1 111'c1' 514111111 XX'.F,I.L,. .III11 111111' - - w w 11111cs 111111 1111' M11111g11111111'y C,11111111' C..111111111' H11111' 111'Qr 5141111111 VVN INR. RcS111c111 N11111c111s 11.111 .111 1'1111Q.11'111' XX111111 1f 1111111 X'L'I'y 111111. E.1c11 XCLLI' 1111'1' .11111111111 111 111'1'1'c:1 1111 11111s1q 111 X111' 1K'.lL11l1Ll1 H1211 M.1Ns 111 1111 111115 1111 .1 4lN'iI-11 111111 111 11L11' L.111j.1 N11111111g Q1111111 111' 1111111 11112141111 111 111.111 111.111 1111' xIWlI'll 111 11111 .11111 N.1,'1" 1111' 11111 1111111111'f1' 1'1'111'.11'N.11N 111111.1k1' I11lN .1gQ111111111N11 1116111 .1 111.1x11'1'1111'c1' 1111' 1111' N111111f1- 111, 111111, A111111111 lI11Ix'1I'f.l111 1111111 111' 1111' 11111-15.11 1'..11' 1 I111' U11c1'1'11.1, .ll 11111511 111111' 1111' 1'111Qu111 X 111.1 TN1.'VI.1 111111111 111111 1111' 1111511 11' TN1.l1X'CI'f1 1.1 111'11.11'gg .1'1 .111411111CQ11' 11111111'gc11.1111c K111111' XX Q 1111 111111 111' 5111111 1111111 11- 11111' 1211-Q 111:11 - - 1 ' 1 v 1111'Q1'Q1' .1z111 111 .1 11:11 1111 121111. 1111' i1 11.lN 1111111111 .1.1 11111111'g1'11.11111' 11111111 1:1 1:1511 1112111 .11 Y X1 :X PATRICIA NICE lvllx 111171 xvitkflll' H1'1'I11'rf ix fwr fulor- ilu Allllxlf Hl'ifL'1' 111111 M1111-1 Ma'- lQ111'11'1, Rfrxv Kull-1, Dolnrux M4'G111'11'j 111111 101111 Hrury 111'1' 1ll1I1111'1'uI11' of Hn' Xalllll' npiuinll. OUR CAPABLE music lL'tllI4'l', Ron' Kullr. vxpluius tl musiuzl ffm' pain! to I'11!1'ifi11 Nirlfol- son, Mary Aliu' W01fillgf0ll, Iffliu' Fnmla, mul Elizulwth Ifrnvk. AQTIV .IES MARK UR GROWTH ....-wr. "11.,.w--f" 543: 's A CHORUS OF souihern belles joins Betty and Aris- ioflv in the melody, "Sleep, Kentucky Babef, Their dmc! In our book of treasured memories we shall often turn back to the page inscribed i'Sweet Marie." Every girl felt a thrill of excitement as the curtain rose. for allfcast, chorus, orchestra, stage hands-- had contributed in some way toward making this an outstanding production Who will ever forget thc six weeks of repetition and hard work mingled with the fun of makefup and costuming. and the fascination of impersonation behind the footlightsf' gv lilting roiccs and gay rosiumes add fo the southern NVe often repeat the charming story of Mzirie and rha r m . her sweetheart, Ken. Colonel Rufus Spoffard, IVIarie's father, thought Mr. Tort a perfect husband for Marie, Of course, Marie who is in love with Ken had other ideas. After many complications love finally wins out, And Mr. Tort? Well, he married and lived happily ever after with the Clomineering Honoria Hooker. Produced by the senior members of the Capfnf Bonnet players of Villa Maria and Malvern Prep, BFAUTIFUL ROSES in the sunny Southland form a perfert hack- grounri for the sweet rireums of Marie and Ken. The Huy fols who have invaderl their dreams are miniatures of themselves, happy and laughing at Iheir own u'erfn'ing. Galen THE GRAND DUCHESS asfonnrls Penny Syrarnore by revealing ber posifion as u ll'1IHY't'SS. Skt later rocks fhe dinner fo nlairb sbs' was inrifcd. We THE ONLY SERIOUS moment of Ihr day lfifll flu' riolons Syramorvs is prayvr-fimv. Grandpa thanks Gml for rvnnifing Alia' and Tony and rvxlming llrings to fbcir normal hilarioux stafc. "Yun Cguft Tak.: It Vv'ith You" was Rl Llm.'llQl1IlNLll Ihr-sexist mmudy which named the guullcncc to rc' mark, "Huw 1'cfrcsh1ngly different was that playfu Rfvcrcnd Frimcls Lvllllllllk CWSA.. LllI'CCICLl thu Cl1AIH5'.llNlC prwduQt1cm which CUIHlN1llCLl lmddmg rw mimcc. spxcy humm'. Jfiimtcly fast ugtwn. and .1 few scrwnls mumcms, Thc pxwlflclxus c11wL111tQrcd by ywuug Allis Sym' murc III Qittcmptmg tu Qst.:H1sh fI'1C11Llly llxllllltlllr lwtwcm hcl' luppygwlllqky. carefree l,AlI1lllS' .md rhf f lllgmficd. rsfwxul I'.1I'cIHIs wwf har timqc. Authwuj' lxxrlrjs, prwwldsd many Iauglls I+-rr all. Tllli KIRBYS lu'1'nrm' flu' lnluxfuwfufl gnvxfx of flu' Syra- nmm' family nn flu' W'RO.X'U night. MR. DE PINNA, posing as a Roman disrns-tbrourr for u ould-be arfisf Pcnny, brought down fha house with hix "manly playsiqm' and :lashing affirm" '-A "I :im the Christmas Spirit! I was horn will yours ago: hwrii in the hczirt of thc Christ Child. Ycs. I tlwcll iii thu liciirts ul' men, hut I walk thc cnrth iii the guisc of vzlririiis symhols. Santa Claus is one of my symholsf' With thcsc words h-:grin thu giiiiiuzil Christmas cntcrtgiiiimcnt iii which cvcry Villa Nlxiriam pgirticif piitytl. Mciiihcrs ut rlit''ci' Sqliwl prcsciitcd the upcrctm. "The Toys Thur H.itl tu Vw'4iit." while High Scliiiwl students iinfwltlctl thu mcssgigc of Christ's hirth thrwugh qgiruls. s.iQrctl liymiis Amd 41 tmicliiiig Nativity Iillxlililll. 42 THE IUNIOR CAROLERS form a guurri of lannor for flu' seniors as ibey go to lnkc Ihcir plates in the beautiful tablcau of the Christmas Tree. 7aee 94 rqglow DIGNIFIED SENIORS, holding bright nlnziles and snrrounrlerl by nissorkerl with Iiglitvd lunicrux, icuii their spirit of mus tn flu- arrusion as they form a living mm trvc. Hurlnnnious inirvs blcnri in Nu: siizimi nirols. rolored juniors Claris!- Chris!- singing JM . . . This was a fitting prelude to the traditional cere- mony held in the pinefscented chapel where the stillness of the night was broken hy the host of voices raised in harmonious welcome to the Infant King. lt was here in the heauty of candlelight and song that the juniors received their hlue and gold class rings. Here, also, the seniors watched for the last time the hanging of Christmas wreaths on the Villa's portals, after which the Christ Child was raised in Benediction upon all present. Flickering lanterns, choir boy redfandfvvhite carolers, and the joy of the holy season will ever recall to our minds Christmas at the Villa and the birthday of the Little King. PARENTS, FRIENDS, and all Villa Marians chant the third joyful mystery of the Rosary, the Nativity, cou- templating the joyous scene before them. "Peace on earth" is the earnest plea of all. J! 14'7!wJlome6 Springtime at Villa Maria is breathftaking in its beauty: and. during the month of lvlay, we offer each ray of sun. each budding flower as a tribute to our l'leavenly Queen. lVIother's Day. the day which we have chosen for our annual lvlay Procession, is always the most beautiful of all days. lt seems as though Our Lady herself gives added fragrance to the flowers and paints the Nlay sky more clearly blue and white on this her day of days. Every Villa Ivlarian participates in the ceremony. The seniors, in blue of caps and gowns, and the other classes garhed in purest white. march in solemn procession through the Italian Gardens to the shrine of Our Lady. Here they tell hcr of their love in song. while one honored girl places a crown of llowers upon her head. This girl is chosen by her school' mates as the most lvfarylike in her way of life. She and her court are gowned in accordance with the splendor of the day. After the crowning. each girl goes to her own earthly mother with a corsage that silently says. "lVIother dear. I love you!" REPRESENTING fhe Lower School, Inna! Carannugb plates an old-fashioned bouquet in the 93" -,sf band of Our Llldy, Queen of the Rosary. A GUARD OF HONOR is formed by the senior class for the May Queen, Lucille Lnu'IL'1', and ber four! as they sing in unison u'ifl1 all flu' Villu Murians professing Io fha Shrine of Our La11yoy'Fafinm. Um .Haig 7aee 522' THE CLASS OF '51 rbnnf 1110 Rasmjs us Hwy Ivan' the MH-1' Prn- Av' rcssinn to the gardens of Our Laffy. IN FINAL TRIBUTE Villa Mariuns gaibcr around Mnry's Shrine in fbv Italian gardens for the beautiful AFTER OUR LADY'S profession, the Maj' Qufen mul rcremouj' of Beuvdirfion of the Most Blessed Sacra- ber four! pose wiib the Iittlf First Communitanls. ment. 'Av 45 1 Wei' R flfalwae Each year the Athletic Association carefully plans its program for the coming school months. This program is arranged so that there will he clubs and activities for girls of various aptitudes. In Septemf hcr the cluhs are organized, each girl joining the group of hcr own choice and electing captains. Crack went the crop and the Villa's Uequestrif cnnesu were off with a gallop for a year of enjoy' ment. Dressed in jodphurs and the plaidcst of plaid shirts. the eager lassies hrave frequent spills. Immaculata and Garden Court Pools are the rendezvous of the "Mermaids" who enioy display' ing their vim and vigor in water. While some girls prefer to try their skill in racing matche' oth x I 2. CYS delight in 'earning strokes and dives. "I.OOK.' I hi! the bull'3 cy mer. e," extlaims lucky Lucille Sclnir- AN EXCITING MOMENT in ll bofkey game! Our Feliri: Caddy romes in for an alfurlc as one of the opponents nf- icmpts fo bring about a store for the Mount. in Speak Glade! MEMBERS OF the hockey team smile proudly as they Maria, it is fast becoming a favorite. Mary Lu: display their smart neu' green and tan uniforms. Al- Comfy ffront and centrej is the able captain, Ibonglv lvoclzey is u comparatively neu' sport at Villa Bowling also has a long list of enthusiasts, known as the "Queens of the Ten Pins." These talented Villa Marians meet regularly at the 69th Street Bowling Alleys. Fast heeoming more and more popular is tennis as shown hy the large numher of contestants who signed up for the tennis tournament. Volley Ball and Basehall teams have also heen very sueeessful this year, while Archery has everyone determined to hit the "hull'sfeye" sooner or later. All Villa lvlarians are duly proud of their hoekey team. Attired in stunning new uniforms, these girls have seored many a victory for our school. Headed hy President Luellle Sehirmer. the Arh' letie Assoeiation has worked hard to make our sports program a wide one to interest and include all. CATHERINE WHITE, Lurille Schirmer and Antonia Candy prepare the sports equipment for an ufternoon's activities. These spring and fall play-ofs are eagerlj anticipated by sports-minrled villa Marians. '7he QWAZU Q...-.- A.. -...MQ QLeft to riglitj -lfirsf Row: Antonin Cloudy, Mary Alice Wolangton, Mary Ryan, Mnry Anne Doubet, Mary Armstrong, Captain Dolores Cofer, Patricia Bourne, Felice Coady, Elizabeth Comly, Joan McClatchy. 'ww Uno need only xyiilli tlirnugli nur selinnl corriilni' .iny dan' Llurinv lwislictlvaill scxisnn tn src linw gill . , s Villii Mzirigins, pliiying .ind nnnfplziying. pull to getlicr for victory. VVliile one girl is rushing on her way tn ygirsity practice iniotlicr is signing liar niniic nn .1 poster fm' .i visit in eliiipel, lncciiiisc tlinsc wlin .irc nni mcnihurs nt' the playing ygirsity hclniig tn tliu pixiying viii-sity. Small xyomlci' rliiir the plxiycrs giyv the wry lwst rligir is in thuiii tn hring glory and yictnry tn rlieii- sglinnll COACH MISS BISSINGER and Cuphlill Dolores Cofer go over some important xirategir poinfi uf half-time. Svrnnrf Rout jnnn Beechwood, Elizabeth Lange, Marie Bruner, Gloria Lnnoce, Patricia Storey, Lucille Schir- mer, Catherine White, joan Henry, Theresa Giordano, Mary Lou Hetherington. Y ,, ..,, , -W, . . e s 1 1 i 1 'E 5 1 1041114 j.m 'lam jun jim Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb. Mar Nldr, I9 'll I6 Rn -1 5 9 14 16 18 In 16 5 9 SCHEDVLE Cecxlmn :Keddemy Allentuwn Cntlmlle Eden Hull St. Muryts Academy St. EllI.Lll'WCIl1-S :Xeudemy ut' Mercy St. Mattlmexxfs Reading Cnthnllc :Klumrme St, Kz1tl1e1'1ne's Nazareth :Xcudesny MI, St. 'lowpll Raven Hlll :X was y Hume Away Hume HQDIIIC Home fXxx'ny Away Home :Xwuy Hume :Xxvuy Home VCE 6-4 Stl 37 S7 34 32 41 29 38 41 78 il 26 THEY I7 Z8 38 14,1 16 'S 18 31 26 34 32 49 30 Z 1' Q , g yi5Egfi5Qiggg ghiiifrfaxigz. ,,, . ., we --Q---. OUR PEPPY CI'fEERLEADERS settle flown long enough to smile for the photographer. Kneeling are Marie Crimmins and Beau Smithg standing, Nancy Weird and Marie McFarlanfl. The sparkling mite in the center is our lovely masrot, "Virk,y." ONE OF OUR swift guards, Mary Armstrong, has just interrepted u pass from n surprised Cerilian for- ward. The other two guards stand by to help their team-mule. ZUe4epcV1f0 ' Hum' 51111 cvcr x'1f1t1'd d1'c41111l.111d'.' Cllwg wr 411111 v1f11.1li:c 1110 111.1,1cs11Q. l11x111'11111f IX4 1l11111- H1111w: thc wrt. 111-u.1111y 11111s1g 111 11111 11'-11'1l1.111s1g.1ll.111t. I1.1111lx:1111u 1'-1--11'tN .1t111'1'1l 111 J lM'.111t1t111 lgulluf 111 xxx'1Nl1111g. 1111111111 qw- , , , 111 l1.1x'111g .1 Q.ll.l U1111' X54 xxr xlsltul 1l1'u.11' HELEN DOYLL lmpprly ir1lro1l111'1w fam' vm flu' rf111l71'1'om-Mr. .lull MH. Cahill and M Mn. l'1friuvlf11. CATHLRINE KELLY rnngrufizlulcs Elizabeth Muelmrz and Robvrf Mulberu on the uunounrc- mvut of llwir mlgrzguvrmzt. VULETIDIZ DECORATIONS, zrlrirla auflfrllf sa murb In flu' llanufy nf the prom, are lldl7lfl'L'l'I by Dnlnrcm Cnfvv' nuff Ioan MrCla!rl1y. 404 7fze'U1JffafL oemig THE SIANVCDRS UIKJW' Iliff? flrizfv 1111.1 lnrpfliumx 111 1111-1 t11.G1' ffwir pl111'vs in flu' gnzml mumfv. Tfrix is flu' high liglml nf Hn' 1 1 aniugg un svnim' u 111111 frrljqul il. HELEN MULLER, Ilulorcs M1'G111'1'vj', 11ml I.nriIlu Sflrirmvr, with Il1l'il' vxrnrlx, gullwr for nu iufornml tctv-11-Ich: flur- iug inlvrzuixxirm. tt' N xv' fxfxx thc 1111111 111' I5cgc1111w1' if .md the XVII' ww .lil v11' 1 In ylI'U.1l11N It xmx cxQ11111g, INI'u'.lIl1l.Ll'xlIlQr N11t111:1' ,'l1.111l111g 11111: 111411144 111 thc CI1'11TI411?,11l1I' U1 g11.111'111u11 11111111 xICx'I'11X' III Npxu' J1.11l xxu 1'111'gcL IT11' 1111 41111 gl1.11M'1'4111s. 111' 1111' 1xx'c11ty,xcx'c11tl1 11111' --1111111 111 111gf11f' 111 Our w111111A pr11111 xx'.1Ntl1c gL1l111111.111111111t't'11111'x'c.111 IT11' x-111.11 g.11u11J.11' 111' lvffl. 7 l M12 TIM Tb TRA fl Q1 S aegaei we leaae 4cenJE3x em m mffzni K! www 5 My PLANT AT GREEN TREE Um Sang Zduwi 7!z2u4 TWENTY-ONE GLOWING faces reflect the happy memories spoken of in our class song. They are fleft to rightj, Firsl Row: Joanne Burke, Lucille Schirmer, Helen Muller, Eileen Cahill, Dolores Farinella, Eliza- beth Comly, Helen Doyle. Svronn' Rout Dolores Cofer, A lowly lNClllkly rlppllng cm the lnrccxf Yea the l111'111111111w114 rcfmm 111 our lwclwvctl class sung 19 .1 Illlllg of lwaillly. 11111 lWCC-illrt' ful' rl1ytl1m1Q xx-or-ds or will l1.11'11w11y. lout l'CC.il1Nt' ll 011116 f1'1m1 tlw l1c.1rL 11 ilu- Class ul' WI. All flue tlmmgs we feel nlwut X 111.1 lN'l.11'1.1 l'L1t do nut often cxprcei lll xxmrcls. wc YC tru'-.l tw "say xx'1tl1 111L1s1Qf' Our 411111 wlll lx' w111ctl1111g fur 11- In t11'.1S111'c Lucille Dejohn, Christine Rehfuss, Alice Monck, Mar- garet Barker, Elaine Harvey. Third Rout Marie Crimmins, Mary Armstrong, Margaret Quinn, Patricia Papenbrock, Joan McClatchy, Nancy Ward, Mary Anne Douhet, XY'ilmn Severin. zilxxuys gms 11 I'CI'll1llL.lCT uf four lmppy ycg11's. Yet wc xx.111t ll tw lw more Illilll Il1a1t. ,lust .ls wc xxqmt 111 1'c111cr11lx'1'. we xx'.111t also to lm' 1't'111c111lw1'ctl. XX'l1f11 xxc g1'.1tlL1.1tQ. wc xx'1ll ltxlw tllc 111c1111vry nl' 11111' mug llw.1t111g tlurvwuglu the trees .mtl luwpc tl1.1t Llwse xvlwln uc low .11 Xv1ll.1 M.1r1.1 w1ll llC.ll' If now .mtl tl1c11 xx'1tl1 the ruetlmg of the leaves gmtl loc 1'c111i11tlc1l ul' the Cfllsf 111' fl. '7!ze 74am x. 4 Adam' XVHILE LITTLE SISTERS Xing fond fLH'6ll'L'll, pIL'llXllIlf NIt'lll01'iL'S puxs szriffl-3' Olllj fo return nmny times Afuriug the towing years. Twclmtyftlwuc mumlwcrs of thc Cjldrr uf A91 Qxrcnd .1 heart' fclt "ll14mk yklllu In thnx' little rlSlCI'S nm thu wQQ.1sim1 uf thc Surmn' Hxnquct, Fluwcrs. Imlnv. .ztllxlgtiw t.1l'lcN. .md .1 u.ntc1'cd LIIINICI' mlldu Ll fcstlvc spur uf thc .iLlLhIHI'lLlIN fm thus UCCQKSIUII, Th1'Hll!l1 glcc clulx .md -vrrlxcstrgll 1n'r.mgcmcm5. umny L'IWlSl1LlCN 1-T IAUIII' yugui- xwlx' 11' llvud. Tllcfc 1nu1u1v:'1c4 Nnddumml uf imx m .um Ql tcw lwurf. Ulll' lmppy NKIlUl'l nhys xufuld ln' 41 thmg wt' thc past. Ir xxxlf in 11114 11w1wd uf fxxnut w1'1'mx' tlml xxc xxvm I' SCINHI' S1:1g.mm1lm1klv t'.11'cxxcll IH1'llI'IH.kIlB' xxcllflflxmd "ri-gulf .md C1.l4rIN.lICN. SOPIfOMORlfS PERFORAI fm' tlwir big sistvrs during the Svninr Bunqzwt. Hrra flu' xfmflighf is Inrnmf nu soloist Iiilvvu Plwlan. '7!w Willa THE SNIILING FACES of tlm 9 Class of 'il rlcuolc lmppx antiri- pution of tbr- yvur to famc mul tlnfir OIF!! Senior Bflnquvt. PARENTS AND IRIENDS listcn as Villu Murium lvirl 41 hut urliuu to their lzrlnzvd lmnw ut Green Trvv. ONE OF THE fvuture uttrartions of the ercning is u trumpet solu by Ioan Henry. Her sclcrtiou is "The Bells of St. Mury's.', We Bk! 4 7a Graduation Day. the cpitome of all that we love and cherish, is also an occasion of sadness for we realize that our school days at Villa lvfaria will soon he hut fond memories. Our Commencement is the herald of serious responsihilities. Ahead ot us lies a new life hut, hecause our education has heen fostered with the purpose of develop' ing all the faculties of our minds, hearts and souls, we are not afraid. Vwlith confident smiles we stride forth strong Catholic women. Although each of us will follow her own separate path in life, the Class of 'il will he together as we travel on our way to heaven under Our l.ady's guiding hand. MARIAN COLLINS graciously receives her rorefed diplonm from RcL'z'rcnd Franris L. Dcmliv, O.S.A., while other grmimzfm anxiously uuui! Ihcir turn. Futhvr is zzxsistczl by Elizuhelh Bush who humls him each diploma. MR. AND MRS. HAUGHEY prnlully greet their duughler Ioan as ,vim upfrrourlicx them with her rliplomu uffvr grurlrmfion. Their glowing fares shou' that they share in tlwiv- d4lllglJfl?7"S happi- ness. " 1 Um Willa Jfame , ,V - A t 'urvf' .fu . 5ifQ'.21"-'li' Y . ai, . ' . X .sa--'.i,.f.e' - ' -'-' EACH NEXV GRADUATE whispers u prayer to our lJca1'enly molher tba! says, "Thank you for ereryfbing-my parenis, my friends, and the opporfunify of spending four happy years at Villa Maria." While fbe wind softly rusiles ibrnugb tbe frees and gently stirs the beauliful flourrs, carb girl ends ber prayer asking Our Lady ta bless 'Jer as she fares fha' fufure. owl NX faanne Kaffvufn Blake 6461 Wcmczlx REST AVENUE PHILADELPHIA PA Sueh lovely brown eyes' Ah but they re deeexvlngl On first lookmg 1nto them you may get the 1mpres sron that Joanne IS cool sophrstleated but you are IHISSIIIQ the lmp that plays behlnd them so often transformlng her from a beautxful young lady to the rogulsh sehool g1rl she IS at heart E1ther way we all love her for she IS good eompany She 15 fun to be wxth 1nd an excellent e0I1VLI'alUOU8.l1St but the qu.-1l1t1es 111 her that we love best 1re her loyalty as a frrend and her determmatron about hfe We vush that everyone could know her as we do Chr dren of Mary 1 7 3 4 Glee Club 1 7 3 Bow mg Lluhl 7 SWIIYHHIDL Cluhl 7 3 4 lnterelass Ba ketball l 7 3 4 Dramatl Cluh3 Art Cluhl 7 Athletle A o e IIUY1 l 4 Sexenee Club 4 60 6 C1.LIFoRN1A AVENUE BRONXVILLE N Y Mlml of the eurly brown locks weather pcrmlttmg IS an outstandmg personallty She h1s wh lt we eall MIHIIS magle touch G1ve her blue and she wrll soon have hrm brlghter slde GIVE her a stranger Hamer! Walk Wad: Nm! Macy '7evwJa Nunihanq 41 LINDEN AvxNoF Hxnnorsrlruv N I Oak Knoll s loss was Green Tree s gam Althouvh 1 eomparatlvc neweomcr Marys v1t1l per onalxty has been .1 most weleome addxtlon to our sehool AQQFLSSIVL on the hoekey field skllllul on the lws ketball court Mrry ls U1 1mport1nt eil! 111 the C11 Ch1ldren of Mary 4 Kthlctlc A 0C13t10U 4 Hockey V1r lt, 4 B1 ketblll Var lty 4 Bowhng Club 4 SXNIIIIIIIIHL Club 4 Intercla s B1 kcthall 4 Magma! May Bmkea 1 fr1end who la lauqhmg at the she w1ll qulekly make hlm feel llke an old frxend GIVG her 1 melody she wlll make If an lmpromptu dance fdSk.lI'llt1llU beeause of her elfin grace She ls just that way she s mcomparable she s Mlml Chxldren of Maryl 2 3 4 Glee Clubl 7 3 Dramatlc Clubl 2 3 Athlet1cA soclatlonl 7 3 4 Vanuty Cheer A, leader 3 Interclass Baskethalll 7 3 4 Swlmmm Club 7 3 4 Bowling, Cuhl I U " y f : , vs- : Gm 1 A . . .' . . .h. Y . . , , . .- ,. ,s ,,., 1. K . , 2' 1 3 7 . ' 2 'S 1 ' f- as I - es s " -- U . e . 1 . , H. . ,Z , 7 . R el R 7 ' ESS ' ' 11 ' ss 'V : as" .es z 's' L '4' L." 'v 'cs X 'f 1 'ss as . . 7' uk f 1 xx: 1 Ek s-. no . , , . . 1 J . .I M . I , 2. I -, . - , .. , - X . . -5 V ' ' - . . .V . - . ,I x V: 1 4 1- 1 r '-A 1 , 7 ' 1 . u ., ., , . , .-,L ,...: " K , ,L ss ,..,., 1 - 'K I q h 4 . , xx ., e. . g . ,NZ 1--, , 1 1 l .2. 325 ew? Ei? Y 7 -2: - yy, A H5 ,ff 1' ez , . ., . . , . q 1 ,. x. A D. A 1 1 I 3 - 7 3 . , - , ' . , . ,..' ' . . , 1-41" x ' W W if' H 3 K Im ' 3 V ' ' .H V. . .H , 7 '- ,l ,.., , 1 ,-,g 'l N ' V .Y ' " Q ,-.. .. e ,..,,: "c : ...: 'ss' .,' 77 . -' - 1.t .-.:,. . Knawleclga 70 Mae! 7fae auiuae Zdeen Maaq Gaia!! 64117 Comes CREIE Puuxx xx PH1LxDrL1H1a Px LILHLQ xxlth the vull to o t it E1lcc11 lpiblc pre 1d nt of the Chlldrcn of Miry xxlth the 1 11ty ot tnttrmr vlhoc htlrtcdly IIIIU vlrlcd 1 t1v1t1ts Ellcell 1 ilu lys rctdy to help 1 trlcn 111 nec Loy rl courteous trustworthy shc ls 1 ere II to her btlox d Vllli M1r1l Wh itcvcr Elllcnll dots she docs vxell fhl dren ol Mlrx l 4 Pre ldent Ch1ld1en ol lvlxrx cadet Group I 3 4 thletc LX oc11t1o11 1 Orche tra 7 Clee Club 1 7 3 4 D11mat1c 4 Swlmmmg Club 7 '4 4 RldlDg Club 1 Bovx mg Cu l 7 3 4 Pre ldent BOWllI1g Club 4 IlltCfxll B 1117 4 VlINdLHdX 7 3 MGM fu? eaachf W XTERLOO no CHESTER Roms DEVON Pa Capta1n of the hockey team manager of the basket ball team and leader of the blue team 1n other words a lover or sports and a leader 1n her favor1te held that s Luch1e' All th1S and an art1st too but even more notable ls Luchles 1ndestruct1ble good humor Her courage and sweet d1spos1t1on make her loved by all Chlldren of Mary 3 4 Glee Club 3 Df3m3t1C Club 3 Athlet1c Assocnauon 3 4 Hockey Vars1ty 3 4 Blue Team Captam 4 Interclass Basketball 3 4 Swnmmmg Club 3 Sc1ence Club 4 Reflectzom 4 'FPL 7798" fboloaefi iqgned eaka u 07 ANGOR-X TERRACE PHILADELPHIA PA. A game ID any sport ls never complete w1thout Dee As star forward on the V1lla s Vars1ty and perfect half back on the hockey team she has helped our school to many a memorable v1ctory Dees comb1nat1on of t1ny and wmsome spells charm and popular1ty Chxldren of Mary 1 7, 3, 4 Orchestra 7, 3 Glee Club 1 7, 3, 4 Athletlc A:bOCl3tlOH 1, 7, 3, 4 Athletlc Repre scntatne 1, 7 Hockey Vars1ty 3, 4 Basketball Vars1ty 1, 7, 3, 4 Swlmmlng Club 1, 7, 3, 4, Interclass Basketball 1 7 3, 4 Latm Club 4 Scxence Club 4 Vnnacadv 4 6I f 1 fl xg 1 111' We '7Ae 81444 W 51 Bu! ezwaam ,am emx., 205 Foss AVENUE DREXEL HILL PA Our sunshine girl thats Beth Sunny smile sunny disposition why even her golden hair fits the descrip tion' She is 1 combination of beauty ability and personality She has smoothly combined her talents which run from editor in chief of the school paper to varsity star with a great zest for fun and the result is the typical All American Girl Children of Mary 1 2 3 4 Leader Group 4 Glee Club 1 7 3 4 Dmmatic Club 2 3 Athletic Asocntionl 2 3 4 Basketball Varsityl 7 3 4 Hockey Virsity 3 Inter class Basketball I 3 4 Bowling Club I 2 Swimming Club 1 7 3 4 President Riding Club 4 Editor Vimacadw 4 -X otiate Editor Re ectio-ns 4 Mane Aladelme eumnund 776 E jAcoBY STREET NQJRRISTCDXXN Px The first thing one notices about Marie is her well rroomed appearance Persistent and persevering he is an important member of the senior class But in spite of her quietness Marie is definitely a very active Villa Marian for as alumnae leader varsity cheerleader and Lucy in the Senior Play all her would be free time is well occupied Claildren of Mary 1 Z 3 4 Orchestral 7 3 4 Leader Group 4 Glee Clubl 7 3 4 Dramatic Club 4 Athletic As0C1at1on 1 7 3 4 Var ity Cheerleader 7 3 4 Inter 1 Cheerleader 1 7 3 4 Alumnie Representatixe 4 Swimming Club 1 7 Vzmacadv 4 Re ectzons 4 .facade fbefafw GuMBoRo Roan MILLSBORO DEL. As the song goes She is lovely to look at and de' lightful to know. But Lucille is not only pretty she is dehnitcly chic and always sparkling and vtellf groomed, Her infectious giggle manifests her sweet and cheerful disposition. In fact she is altogether a lovely and gracious individual, and we are happy to have her in our class. Children of Mary 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Athletic Association 2, 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 3: Hockey Varsity 3: Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 4: Riding Club 2, 3. 4: Swimming Club 2. 3, 4: Vimacady 4. 62 Jizalzeweff 7a Willa Mmia MW, ,am mow 100 POPLKR Warr Rmuiv Pune Pa Mary Ann IS known throughout Vllla Mar1a for her vogue appearanee and carefree weekends She 1 unpredletable 1n her moods unruflled 1n her manner and trank ID her OPIIHOHS As an aee forward on our Vars1ty Mary Ann ha helped wln many a VILIOFY for the Vllla 1dren ol Mary I 7 1 4 Or he tral 7 Glee 1 7 '4 Athletle 'K ocxat n 7 'A 4 Baketb1llV1r 1 4 Hockey var ty ff F pw Jfelen aaeclwuca fboqle 4417 Osxori Ax EINLE PHIL-XDELPHIK Pa Our Honey has that mdehnable omethuw wh1eh 1nvar1ably aceompames a pretty v1rl wlth an a1r of reinement She 1s Clalllfy and demure sweet and soft Qpoken Yet that oft VOILL ot hers ha been heard to fl e 1n an almost hysterlcal mggle So often have we eaught Honey w1th her lovely Green eye dreammg that we have ventured to peek 1nto the future w1th her It looks delimtely rosy for hfe w1ll surely do nothlnq but m1le on one so lovable as our M15 Charm Persomlied Cbrldren of Mary 1 7 4 Clee Club l 7 'G Athe Swxmmxng Club l 7 4 Vlmatudx 4 Re eetwm 4 fbaloaei fqngeluna aaunella 171 E 17TH STREET W1LDyyooD N J It ls w1th pr1de we ha1l Dolores Vllla Mana s F1rs,t Lady' Many and varred are her problems but be eause ot her sy mpathet1e and understandlnff nature he eems to haye an untalhng supply of solut1on Her tauneh dependab1l1ty w1ll alway be remem bered as one ot the brwhte t note 111 our h10h e ool years C'l'11ldren 11 Marx 1 4 X1 e Pre 1dent Ch1ldren ol Mary 4 Leader Group 7 7- 4 Pre ldent Leader Group 4 'K oe df10Dl Clee lubl 7 J 4 Club 1 4 BOXKlll'lg Club SXklH1l'Illl7lg Club l 7 '4 4 Ba ketball Ofhual L1brary Club 1 7 4 n l Ba ketball l . . . , .. . Y . , H 'KW ' v l .S . . 5 . 4 5 Y . , 5 . . 1 -5 V 1 ' , , 5 , ' Y 2 .N 5 . ,N Chl l ' ,-,,, 1 C 5 ,-: Club Q ,..,,: '.ss 'io 1, ..,., 1 's . zsity' xii' 3 .....N.-4 2..,: "s1'3. 471 . 7 V Y . . ., 1. .. .. . - . . 1 , Q - 4 - r a . . 5 . Q , V. . b '. ' f 4 3 - y ' 7 ' ,' h , S "3 3 Q S S S ' ' 5 K 3. .. .. . ,N - , M Q b - ' Y3 3 I . L' Y - Q . N . . it 5 - 4 , ' 5 ' - 'gg Q .. - N 5 . .. 5 . L ' I' , -, 3, 1 . ... .1 l tie 4 Association 1, 2, 3, 4: lnterclass Basketball 1 2 3 4: , , , . . , . , t ' . ... 9, 1 ' ' 1 fl A ' . - . ' , . . . , , ,, ,- , . - Y ' Y t K 5 3 3 ' f v 4 - --. A 4 - y 74 -. - ' f D , S 7 S75 N ' l ' . A7 ' ' ' I S. 4 S I - 1 ' ' , I V H vs -. 4 , 4 4 2- 4 ' 4 'U 45 -5 ' 'U 5-h Y -. ' . - 1 ,. . . - 1 1 ' I' . 2. J. 1 C 5 , , A . , . - . Q . lc . ss '1' ' . Z. 3, 4: C , .., 7, 1Draf 4, - -- , -, ., I Il 1 s " 3. 4: ' ' ' . -. 3, 1 I ter' 1 . ,J A . Cass 's ' . 1' 1 -' ' J 63 az, Um aw! qaaa Shane eoncella Jlafweq 77 E Mmsrutt STREFT Puoemxvitiia P Good things tome in mall pxtkages and so dots our Elaine In her quiet way she has tarved a peeial mehe in the hearts of her tlassmates Her friendliness to all of Us is one of the bright spots of the school day May you tontmue to win friends uid mfluenee people Elaine C, :dren ofM1ryl 7 '4 4 Glee Cluhl 7 'G 4 Athe ,rd sociation 1 7 '4 4 lntertlass Baskcthxlll 7 3 Sw ning, Club 7 Vimatadx 4 joan '7fzeJze4a fffcelalofzq bun aluoxx N Rom DEVON Px lom as eompeteut leader of the Whitt Tum spurs her girls on to many vietories Her speed md lgility on the basketball tourt and her Lllfl1L1S1dSflL, team vtork on the hotkey field make her 1 valuahlf asset to V M A As smart and is attrattive as they tome oan was bom to be a suttess Q idren of Mary l 7 71 4 Glee Cluh l 7 '4 Dramx 1 4 Athletie 'Xssotiation l 71 4 Hotkey Vlrs d g C1 h l ovx h Iitelt ss Ill I 'G 4 Vvhite Te Cxptun iqlace f Jefufune lfffanck 706 CoPLLY Roan UPPER DARBY Pa Her lou of tonxer mon md lun makes Alite whit sie ls extryones pil Her pep and vlgor cause mmy 1 Q15 moment on the hus md iii the elas room In fl t th Cliss ol W1 would be dull vtlthout Aliet. flildren l Mary l 7 4 G ee lub 7 4 lntertl s Ba kethall 4 -Kthletit 'X oeiation 7 a 4 Svtimm ig C' uh 4 Ridm Club 7 71 Bowling Cluh 7 Hotkey 64 U - g V .-- . . . . , Q , , A. .. . . Q Q . Q ,, Q 3 5 ' 27 'QQ ' ' ' 5 fl .Q N I 'x X N 1 I W 3 - . . QQ Q . Q .Q . Q . Q v - ' 3 ' W. Q Q ' s -. 4Q ' sQ Ex 'hi' 2 ,-,-, 1 ,-,-, 1 lric I J As. ' ' , .., ., 1 ' .5 2 , .., ,Q im' fa 1 1 , -1 ' ' ' , Q. ' f' . , .. Q Q Q Q. .Q t N ,. , , t ti Q 5 ' s ' f 7- 'ss s ss f f ' ' . . IQ 3 - 7 - X 5 If -N , , . s , . , , Q Y ' s - 4 Q Q Q Q 1 1 is r - I 1 1 'J - ,J - 7 N H 1 'liil i ,.., .. 1 J , -. ,L :tic Cllh 1 " i '. 7 , fl. ,, : ' ' z :ity 3, 4: Basketball Varsity l, 2. 3, 41 Swimming Cluh 1, 2. 3, 4: Ri in u , Z: B 'ling Clu 11 l "'la:: Bas' kethz . .. 1 ' 5 tam 11 ai 4. . a . .., I - A s ' ' , , vs A s vs. QQ ' Q ' V sa 'su v I Q i .1 , '. J. . , , , ' . -1 . - H 1 - , g 'Q 4 f ' ' 'E ' ' ' ' JS . 'QC Q C LC- ' ' v s v' -,Q li' U7 ' . ... 3, 1 I C -- 3, 3 'ii-'5 's LR, 1. "iss", -,f. L " ii ,E 13,1 ' g -,.: "Q -1 t' Ywny 3 X We ,Gala Gab Blawg Jew. MW, , 1400 SOUTH J71ND STREET PHILADELPHIA Pa For four years the Class of 71 has had absolutely no worrIes IH Hnanual matters betause as Seeretary Treasurer Helen s efhelenty has kept us out of the red Her Hall' tor lugh finances ls by no means the llmlt of her talents for bes1des bemg an HCIIVC mem ber of the Glee Club and the Orthestra Helen also fmds tlme for Interclass basketball Idren of Mary 1 7 3 4 Leader Group 1 7 3 Orche tra 7 3 4 Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Dramatxc Club 4 Athlenc AQSOCIHIIOD 1 7 3 4 Intercla Ba ketball 1 7 3 Bowlmg Clubl 7 3 4 RIdIng Clubl Sxmmmmg Club 3 Secretary ChIldren of Mary 4 pdf!-LUKE Ann Su FERINE BOULEN ARD DREXEL HILL PA Although Pat has been a VIlla Maman for only a year she ls an Integral part of our class Her por trayal of the lovable laughable Penny In You Can t Take It Wlth You wis just as venume as her own sweet personahty Patr1L1T ls ver atlle and artlst ChIldren of Mary 4 Clee Club 4 Dralnatl Club 4 Bowl Ing Club 4 AthletI A o IItIoII 4 LIIIII Club 4 Magma! '7!zue4a .Qumn MJISSEY MARYLSAD The Vllla s most ardent bowler ls Marvaret Not only does she store hI h IH her fav0rIte game but a sO vuth r s 1 Llassmate she ls ever t ver Let to a Club 7 4 Dramaue u t t a ercla Ba Letball Ing, xx I lub 4 IIS' ,MS Vlwffw I 0 v -.. v . , , . . I : ' -' s - , - - , . 3 , Chl , .., , : . .., , 4: ' S -N, : , , , 1 ' 2 l ' - A 7 ,-, , 1 SS S , -- I 2 A , .., . L 3 ' 1 " ' W is -1 , ' . S. 1 T V V . I , . . 7 V Y EL 3 .NS ' BL I 1 ' , N R charming. She is a talented actress and an able ' ' 1 1 ' 'Q ': " ' g lc ss ci ' 1 2 ' , f ,Q-K-"' J x ri I if if . i ' 5 N .Q D, 1- '1- sf ,- " . Q a , bu u R R ll. I of y 2 - f, 3 ' '- Cl : t ti' 'i' Z. , : ss 5' V 7, , 4 m A u 3, 3: Il' . ' 0 2 , . ' W KK 4707 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE PHILADELPHIA PA Beth has been endowed by the little people w1th a gift for making others hippy Etsy going and easy to know It IS just Impossible for Beth to lose her temper In faet she IS the girl who can find the silver lining 1D the darkest eloud Beth s outstand Ing talent 15 her literary artistry Without a doubt she IS suited for her position Editor of Re ectzons Children of Mary l 7 3 4 Glee Clubl 7 3 Ath etic AI oeiationl 7 3 4 Interclas Basketball 7 '4 4 Swim Iimg Club 1 7 3 4 Bowling Club 7 Vlmdfddb 3 4 faaue ry Sciuamfn 700 WASHINQTIJN AVENUE SELLERSVILLE PA Vim vigor and vitality are synonymous with Lucille Her enthusiasm for sports his merited for her the ofliee of President of the Athletic Association Bas ketball ls her chief Interest but she also excels on the hockey Held Lueille s Infectious smile and plea 1112 personality mike her vxhat she la I friend fl ' . Q l ' 7 -jx ' X, 'X .' H A Children ol Mary 7 3 4 Leader Group 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Glee Club 7 '4 4 Draniatie Club 4 Athletic Asso' nation 7- 4 Athletie A oeiation Repre entative 3: S -5 ' .. : y A' ., ' A ' L ' X 11 1 I I f Y 4. 1 ,E , Un Um G afua-uid eww, sawed, nexqau CEe:ILToN MARYLAND Christine's velvety brown eyes and infectious laugh make this charming Maryland Miss loved by all. She goes through life serene and unworried, calm and unhurried. Much of her energy is devoted to art and bowling. "Chris" will always have a priority in our album of well-remembered friends. Children of Mary l, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4g Athletic 1, 2, 3, 4: Hockey Varsity 3, 4g Interclass 2, 3. 4: Bowling Club 1, Z, 3, 4: Swimming Pieldent Athletie A oeIatIon 4 Hoekey Varsity 3 4 Ba ketball Varsity 7 3 4 lntcr la Ba ketball 7 Swim ming Club 7 3 4 Pre Ident Swimming Club 4 Riding, Club 7 3 4 Bowling Club 7 Re ections 4 Vimacadx 4 66 Nm! Relauecl Nlma Mala Wfdma Magma! Seaman 11111 X 1l1X11NN1Xl LX11 B111115111111 H111 HT 1 711111 15 11111 L11111r 11 B111111 111 11111111 1 1111 1 1 11171111111 X 1111 111111 K1111 lX11l 1 tr 111 1 LX 1111X1 X 011111111 X 1 1 1111111111 1 111 11111 1 11r r 1111111 11111111k1 lll XXI U O L KLN '111 XX1 l 111 11 lI111 1 11 lX 111 11111111 111 111 1111 111 1 11111f1OL1 XX IX XUU L 111.XLI' lk 0111 U1 '111 IA 'llll 1 1111 XX1 U1 'PU' JJ, 1 1fM,M,' fvm, Mm Wad 1 B1TT11N11111111 DR1x1 S11R1x1F1LL11 P1 1 ll 11 11111115 to 1 1 1r11ty 111 t11L11t 11111 111th 11111' N1111y A 111 111 1115 111111 S1111111 11 XXI LXLI' 1 11 WOO 111 11 I1 ll. 1111 111 C11111 1 11111r1111111' A1111 xx 111 r1 1 111 1111111111 11111 15111111 N1111y t 1 K1 to 111 111 D0 11111 t11L SLIIIOI' C11 S11111Y pr11x1 t 1drc11 111 1V111y WL tm 1 4 CJ C11 D 1 Ll 1111 1ll f'1111r111c11r 1 I Sx11111n1111f 11 111 111 C 67 X"'. ".'zB'. f is 4.17. 1 V XXI 4 " 7 S1 ' A ' 'l'dgg": 1 f - 1 '14 ' ,l,'1111 11 Q11 '1 . . H4 " 1 A "1cl ', 'yt' 5' 511s 1 1 zkc5 115 .1 1111 1'11 '11115 11f 11'I' 1i 4'111z11z'5. H1' " 1 "111 :1115"' ' 5 '1 '1' 11 11.1 ' 1 '55 111111 511c '45 n 111155155 1' 1' 1 y 1 11111. XXVI 4 "ll ,1 1' ? ., 111q1'i' . t1 " 511111 111 pr 11111 I 5. 1' " ' ' 1 1 C1111 'Q 111' 1V1LlI'X' 1. Z. 3. -4: Ulcc C11lI1'W 1. 2. 3. -1: Dm' ' 4 ,Q 4 5 ' 111:-111' C11111 4: fXt111ct11' FXS '111t1 1. 2. 3. -1: L1 ':11'y c11l11W 3. -1:L1 1111111 3.-1. Dt,-I , , - rf, , 7 S ' 1' ' 'f H3 f . 1. W1c ' ' " 1 '1 '1' '11 5. " ' '.1 f 1' " 1 5':11'g1: V c x Play, 511 '15 '11 y 1111: , 111 211 '55 115 51 ' 15 X 1 ' " '1 1. '11' thc ' '5 111111 1' ' :111 :111 ' ' '5 1 'z '5 . 2 ' ' 15 11' 51r1 cg 1 1111. 1 c5 1 1 ' 255 5 '1 1115? X C111 X1 1" 1, 2. 3. 4: C1'c1'5 . . 2. 3. 1 1111: ,1111 . 1. 3. 4: l'2l1l11lI1' C1 1'1 -1: :Xt11't" :X5511'1:t'1111 " 1. Z. 3. 4: , 11 '1 1 . 2. 3. -1:1-X1' C11111 1: f " ' 1 K. 3' C111 1.21131 'I' g 111111 1. 2. .gig 5 1 1 i 1, 48 As we leave Villa Nlaria we turn for just one fond back' ward glance at "the dearest spot on earth." Then we look ahead into a future made brighter because, fortified with the principles of a Catholic education, we have been pref pared to meet it. With a sad goodfby we offer our pledge ol eternal gratitude. SPECIAL BENEFACTORS Au u Illllrlll Fath r Rt Ru Msgr V1ntLntL Burn ty Ru Ru Ru Rav Rtv amt C Dtvtrs Cl alr A Hammlll john Martln Charlet L MLCarron john A Murray Fran 1 j Walsh Immatul ata Collugw. Nm! Pelham Mr l aul blo Mrs Tart aHarwty Mr DIBHIIIIIL Maurtr Mrs john M barrxty Mr AUSIIII M han Mu 1 Dtpartmtnt Mr and Mr amt A Ry an Samalto Ho lLI'y Mall PATRON S Immatulatt Hurt A adsmy Vllla Marla Atadsmy Var lI1ll St Aloyslus Atadtmy Slsters Strvants ot tht Immaculatt Heart of Mary Freshman Cla jumors Mr and Mr Frank MLClatLhy Semor Class Sophomon Class Vrlla Marla Alumnat As OLIRUOII BENEFACTORS and Mrs Edward P Doyle and Mrs Edw ard P Doyle d and Mr Wllllana Cotter and Mr john A Donahu Vxlla Marla Ltadtr Group SPECIAL PATRONS Boyer EsSOStaI10I1 Duon Mr and Mr john C Boyls Chlldrtn of Mary of V M A Wrlllamj Colt Carl A Douhtt uytltr Erne t Douhet jcwsl r and Mr Salvators Farm lla and Mr E j Fltmm At ou L Suno o Statxon Mr and Mrs A Carl And ltm Mr and Mr Paul A Barksr Mr and Mr Wllllim F Birrctt Charlts -I Buknr E, Bro Mr Gtorzgt H Btnndt Mlss Margartt Blssangtr Mrs Thomas B Bourna I' I' Oswald Buttl and Mrs Btrnardj Burke and Mrs john J Cahrll and Mrs Mxchael Cariz o 1nd Mr C Cavallaro and Mrs Lso Dt an Coady Mrs Mary E Cofer Mr NlxhOlHs Colasantt Collle s Serv1a.s Statxon I' 69 and Mr josgph Collms and Mr WllllaHl F Comly johnj Cotter s A nts Crxmmm s Cathermt E Crlmmln Frantls Crxmmxn and Mr Frank Dlllllbltl LOUlsL Dc ohn Em1d1o Dt o eph and Mr Lto Donohu and Mr Andrtwy Doylt and Mr Raymond ELotk L B , Q' . 'Q ' sscr g s ' " Q c s L' A 'Sl 3 , . R' '. .IQ 's J. ' ' 4' I C 5 r X ,I 2 Q 1 2 Q . - ' cc Q x 'A i . s c A Q ' Y YA R ,S 1 Q A . Q -IQ . 'Q x I V Q Q s ' ' s ' . Q Cs . Q . Q' Q ' jf' A 2 . 2 , ,Z G . . l h c Q Q ' - 2 . -2 .Q , ,y n . Q :. . Q c l g' I 4 . .. , , .Q s. ' . Q ' ' .. , 2 5 ' Q .Q s. ' 'Q . Q . 155 A Q ,, y Q Q A M- JZ , '58 ,t . Q s. Q ' Q ' ' - 2 ' - ' Mr. and Mrs. john A. McClatchy' MF- 111111 MFSQ P- M- BFUCC s f - Mr. Q . f Q . ' Q , 'f 3- 5 -' ' Mr.Q '. . ' ' M . ' 1 ' ' Q z Mr. Q s. . Q Q Q Mr. Q 1 3 ,Q Q ' Mr, Q 1 Q . ', jr. i . Mr. Q . 'Q . ' , Sr A ,i il N x Mr. s. ' 'Q A , ,Q yn 1 , MAF' I 3' ' L Mr. Q s. 'P A ' K ,K S Mr. Q s. ' ' . ' Mr. . Mis' g r' ' ' s 's ' ' , H Mis ' ' 1 , ' ' f . ' s. . f ' Mr. ' ' ' s A ' ' . . . Mr, Q s. ' Q Mr. A 'Q . 3 M s. J Mr.' . ',j"f' Mr. " fjs Mr. s , f c Mr. Q s. 5 Q Mr.Q s. ' ' ' "c' Mr.Q s. X' r' Mr. Q s. . . t A g Mr. Q s. Q ' ' ' T11111111 Vx 111 I1 r ll 1 1:11111 X N11 AF Mr L I I' I' I' 1' 1111 L11xx r r r I' U11 1 Ivir 11111 M1 1I111I1X 1' TI 11111 M1 rt 1' 1 111 ll 1111111 111 IIIL1 M1 1 11111 111111 1 11111 Mr 111 1-1 111111 3111111 IIIL 1 XXIII H H1111 11IL1MfS 111111 V17 H1r11111 l1T 1 111111 1 R1 II XV 1-1111111111111 111111 1: 1x11L111 ll1L11V1I' 1 R1x1111111 1k 1 ll 1rt K1rxx111 M CK1111111 1x11t11 11111 Mr Fr111k L1 M1rr 111111 L1111 1 11 S 1111 L 11111 Mr E11v1 1r11 Lx ll ll1111V1I' B V M1111 11111 Mr 1111111 M C11111 F1-11l1I11l M1 D1 r1111111 L1 llll M1D1x111 11111 Mr T11111111 M1K11 f1lI111MM1f111 Ill 1141 l1IIIX1N M IN1 111 M S1111 M D 11111 Mr C.1111r 1 V1 M111r Mr S 111 1 M1 M1111 1 13r11t11 r 11111 Mr 1711111111 A N11 I' I I' T T I' I" II Mr CRITL1 II 11'1111 c1Cf11111L11 1 1 1 11111 Mr r1 111 11111 Mr 11111 Mr 110111111 11111 Mr 11111 M1 11111 Mr 11111 Mr I1 M1111 5 1 1 F 1111.1 L11 1111 III 1 1 11 1 I7 1 11 111111 C 111 111 A 1X1k111l 11111 1 R11111111 1111 11111 Ry 111 11lL1I 1r11 R3 I1 M 1r11 S111111r1111 11111 Mr C E S 11111 Mr 11111 Mr 11111 Mr I S111111 11r 1 11r 111 1 511111111111 1 T111111111r1 S1v1r111 11111 511111 111 111111 Sl1Xd 111 111 1' 5111111 Mr 11111 Mr 11111111 SPLITIU Sq111r1 D 11 M111 Mf1r1111 Mr IIIL1 Mr 1111111 H Q1111 111 S111111r11111 D l1f11 Mr 11111 Mr IITL1 M1 III11 Mr lI1L1 Mr 11111 Mr 11111 Mr 11111 Mr I1 11311 A 5111111 111 Il 11111 R '1'11xx11 1 1 V1r 11 11111 Wdlbh T1 111111 1 N1 XV1r11 ll 11111 VN r 121111111 1: Vs 11111 L M11 lr 7. F4 11111' , .117 Mr. 11 11 s. 11.1. '3111 1:11 s "st M S. C1 11" N 'J ' 1 111 . 's. A1 1 1' '11 '.11'11 1' .111g1 Q1111 111" f111"s1y 1 . . 's. A1111 '111' 1 1 M1 . s. E11 '. ' 51111111 1 1111111 F 11' 1 ck' ' Mr. 11411111111 M11 4 s. 1:11 cs X. 1'a111111111' ' . . 's. VJ1141 1. 141 1r1 M , 1 s. R111' 1'.1 15111111 Mr. 1 s. 1:11 cis 1. 1'1Al11lQklI1 M . 1 ,'C1'i Thg 1 1' f Mr. 1 s, V1 Q 1 1. C1111 1 1M's. 7 . . 1 '1's1y. .111 17 . 1 's. . 11. 1 1 .1111 M12 A1 's , 1 " s M11 1 s. .14 1s -. M Q PW g- H- ' gn- Mr.1 s. 1.311 '11 -1. Ryan M . 11111' . . M11 11 's 'Q M 5. A1 . ' 'jfs Mr, '- 1 '11 MV- 2 S- .- 4,' K1 'VU M1ss 1 41 Q1 ' s MN M"f1l"Vfl KCHY Mr. 111111 Mrs. G11 g' Sul ' I1 1' Mrs' M1 '91 C 4 'A Mr. 1 s. . 1 M155 ' 'fy .1 7 H Mr. . . C1 II M .1 5. 1 4 1 M - 1 S. 1 x N w 1 Mrs' 'I S Mr. 1 s, 11 's 1' "111 L QU d Bum D11 1 5. v 2 11' " '1 1.11 11 M A ,H . Dr' 1 1' 1 'VU 5 Mrs. .121 1:5 ', 1' ' 1 Dr. 1 s. . . 1 's i v MJ Sn. CJ Y.1 s..s' 1 Mr. is Q X . 1 1 CL 1: ' 1 M S. .HZ R Y V. .1 s. D . . 111 1111 Mr.1 s, as ' " 11 1 1.115 M.-1s'1 ,. c 111 'Z S151 ' lv' M .. 11 'F-,11 7. c '11 1 Mr' 15' -1 'W ' 1 SVI d 11 'S 1. cf 11. . . Mr. 1 s. 11. 1. 1 1111 Mr.. SA 1, Q. ,YI '1. Mr.1 s..1s' " Mr, 111111 s. .211 1111 5. '1111 MV- 4 51 45 4 - 4 T15 S1 Q 5 Mr. 1 s. 1 s' "c11c 1 .9 s. 1 .1'cc M11- S. " ' . 'Y A1 R H JOHNSON COMPANY WAYNE PENNA Contract , . Phone: Wayne 2250 - 2251 We are happy to be the bullclers of the Actnvltles Bulldlng New Classrooms Wnshxng You Contlnued Success EDWARD M HAPP Contractor DOYLESTOWN, PA 72 . . . . . , and Circle Inn. if if . me fxfiilxsl Ei X s l A X23 flffl Uilvlgyw that we re headquarters for the happaest young brldes ln Philadelphia? That s because we help you plan everythmg trousseau ceremony receptuon your preferred grfts your first home even your honeymoon trap' with least fuss most fun' Come see us soon' P S And be sure to see our wonderful collection of C3 CG? dresses for proms graduation debuts too ft' They re In the Brides Shop Thlrd Floor QQZVA z lolllwl E avg complete Bridal se.-vue Philadelphi- COSTELLO BROS 85 B R A D Y INSURANCE Southeast Corner 4th and Walnut Streets Philadelphia 6, Pa. 73 C4232 5 -.c .J ' gy tw 15 ' fig? A ,CL 'og 'i " N : V V ft if c ff? Q BN X We my ' ' rl . . . . 0 , ! l ' ' ' ' I I I 1 l . X 4 l I 1 I if ll' - .... ' . gt, V 1 I fi, V I 'txt 'lk . 211 lg' X l ll C , .Kvk ' ' Q L . . 153, l pil' egg I - I i it ,fm K , . . , . 'C,,v2, ' CZ E35 Z V I ' 42 ' lflf . 4 ' 1 ,, f . D 1 Y N5 X Q li - I 'k WILLIAM H. DOYLE, INC N urserzes and Contractzng BERWYN PA NURSERY 0 6 51 CONTRACTING O 2 7 8 WOLFINGTON BODY COMPANY, INC. School and Passenger Coaches Funeral Cars Ambulances Parts and Serwce 5 8th and Lansdowne Avenue PHILADELPHIA 31 PA TR ty 7 2336 33rd and Arch Streets PHILADELPHIA 4 PA B g 2 5 2 GAZZILLO GROCERY STORE Grocerzes Beverages Ice Cream N otzons MAIN AND HIGH STREETS ll 2336 ptl THOMAS B BOURNE ASSOCIATES INC Engmeers and Arcbztects 1204 Dupont Clrcle Bldg Washlngton D C THOMAS B BOURNE 'k . 9 ' f 'A' : , . ini - i' ir , . Arin - 25 Du on 266 , s Complete Line of , . -" i' 'k , U I Phoenixvi e 74 Compliments Of PERKASIE THROWING MILLS Perkasle Penna Phone: 2493 ANDREW GAZZILLO 522 Gay Street PHOENIXVILLE PA Wallpaper Removed by Steam Paperbangmg Pamtmg Patclazng Wall Szzmg Ozl Burner Serwce WN, Kwong Crystal cane k d mm, sugar coo e slowly wuth tree rlpened fruit s s Ch 9 Sexton C omplzments STRAFFORD BEVERAGE COMPANY Strafford Penna Q ' Wy 0735 The Chozce of Vzlla Marzans I THE COLLEGE GIRLS' TAILCRS 138 South Twent1eth Street Phxladelplua, Pa O czal Makers of All Um orms and Varszty Suzts MAUGER'S FUNERAL 4 3093 SERVICE HAGAN HALVEY Photographers Malvern, Penna 5 South 18th Street G EUGENE MAUGER W FRANK MAUGER Phnladelphla 3 Pa 6 . . . S 'A' 'R LOcust 7-3779 I.Ocust - i' ' if 'A' , . -k RIDLEY PARK MARKET PHILADELPHIA DAIRY PRODUCTS CO INC Fourth and Poplar Streets PHILADELPHIA 23 PA PHILIP BRUNI Tazlor PAOLI PENNA l 2 PAOLI NEWS AGENCY W S PEACE Delaware County's Largest Real Estate Ojfce VAN RODEN S 5 and 10c Store McDONOUGH S GREENHOUSES RUTHLAND AX ENUE 2340 COATESVILLE COCA COLA 69TH 81 WALNUT STREETS BOTTLING WORKS INC UPPER DARBY ALI gh y 4 3800 d 2 4800 ., . i' 'k 'A' 3 i' Phone: Paoi 520 i 9 'k i 7 wk Malvern, Pa. Phone: Malvern . . t 'k , . i' e en - FLan ers - . 7 GALLEN PAPER COMPANY Paper Speczaltzes 739 43 NORTH 24TH STREET Phxladelphla 30 Pa JAMES J MCCAFFREY Dzamond jewelry Two Stoves For Beftm Serure 1001 CHESTNUT STREET Phlladelphla 7 Pa WAlnut 2 6727 HAVERFORD CENTER Haverford Pa Ardmore 7767 JOHN P DONOHUE 85 SONS Funeral Dzrectors 5400 Market Street PHILADELPHIA PA flllegbenj 2905 UPPER DARBY Sunset 2 5 3 2 Complzmenfs SASSAFRAS BOAT CO INC GEORGETOWN Phone Cecllton 3001 THE GRANARY Famous for Steaks Seafood GEORGETOWN MARYLAND Complzments MATT LAMB AND SON MALONEY'S Dmners Platters Sand wzclaes WARWICK MARYLAND Phone 9925 Package Goods To Take Out Complzments CALVERT'S MARKET 1748 SOUTH 65TH STREET SAratoga 9 0121 F1 ee Deln em . . ik t PF . . . . ,- 'A' if 'A' West Chester Pike at Lynn Blvd. ., . -Ar of , MD. . U- of ,k 'A' 'A' i' 75 CAPITAL BAKERS INC Nfl SIIYIGSY fillqpl K E, 1 1 h SIILS I pruws 9 5 TIA J I .3 1 ' 1 f f Q'vrzul ,. A 5, ,X Vx fx : Hy Flfry only 'lifis Best Wzsbes rom WEILAND PACKING COMPANY INC PHOENIXVILLE PA MULLER S BAKERY N E COR 30TH sz GIRARD Sp a Birthday and Weddzng Cakes Popl 5 6642 THE McGILLIN' Funeral D1rectors N W COR 48TH 85 BALTIMORE AVE PHILADELPHIA P J TRAINOR o Wth wlg t h c Bldg S th Fl SEVENTH 85 CHESTNUT STS W t 2 1757 PAOLI TAXI SERVICE Wfzll Meet All Trams Phone Paolx 2 5 64 Internatzonal Trucks Buses JoHN J PARSON ARDMORE PA 5200 MATTHEWS SALES COMPANY Ford Al M le PAOLI PA d U 2600 y 0600 EARLS' PHARMACY R PAOLI PA 2304 - 9 f f Our eei lty , . .k 'A' , 0 Phone: ar - S - Sales - Servire 'A' 'A' Ardmore Diam nrls - a c es - Silverwa ' Ie e 1' 1 of Dis inction t Special Order Wo1'k We Serve l a ,e Cars i' , i Was ing on Square ., ix oor i, ' Guarantee serl Cars Alnu ' Paoli Berw n 'k Lincoln Highway and Valley oad 'A' , . I . Phone: 00 69th STREET BOWLING CENTER ch 6 th Sc UPPER DARBY PA. 2-123 STOUT S STUDEBAKER S th 69th S UPPER DARBY PA. MYRON W MILLER ELECTRIC COMPANY I 40 7 ARCH STREET TAYLOR TRUCKING COMPANY General Haulzng 234 RACE STREET d lph 6 Af EDWARD KAY General Contractzng 4028 FILBERT STREET d lph 4 BA g 2 4 40 J 30 P I HIIII p 6 019 Complzments F R I E N D BROSIUS AND SMEDLEY INC CIl1f1S Mzllwm k Lumbev Dupont Paint PAOLI PENNA P150 kt7 6396 CHARLES STRICKLER 81 SONS Qualztg Food P1 ofluets t PHILADELPHIA 23 PA 9 ir 'k 57 Sou 9 feet 228 ou treet FLanders 3 Elec rival Contractors ' 'k 'A' Camden, New Jersey Phila e ia v Pa' Phone: Camden 4-0736 MArket 7'6485 'k of Phila e ia , Pa. rin - 2 A f er ': . R .: o - ' 2 MAr e - 3 ff f , . 20-If-212 Cnllowhill S reet no i 22 , . Compliments I MR AND MRS NEIL J GRANESE VILLA MARIA ACADEMY Class Rmgs made by WM C MARTIN jewelry Manu acturer MACK OIL COMPANY Fuel Ozl Kerosene Motor 0115 Dzesel Ozl Greases Gasolme Regular Gasolme Ethgl Whzte or M1 me Gzsolme fNo Lead For Laun Mowers and Blow Torches BERWYN 0 5 6 2 CALL FOR HELP BEFORE THE FIRE If your home were on fire you would call for help And you would get xt too because modern fire departments are fast efiicxent dependable But the most lmportant call xs before the fire a call to a North Amerxca agent to dnscuss the proper xnsurance pro gram to protect your home and nts furnnshmgs from loss by fire or other perlls See a North Arnerzca Agent Hrs time is Jour time It will pay sou to make the most o xt OF NORTH AMERICA COMPANIES Capital S18 000 000 FRANCIS J KEHOE Electrzeal Constructzon 104 East Gay Street WEST CHESTER PA f'- if INSURANCE COMPANY f . nu, 1. I I ,r 1 BENEFICIALS NEW BRANCH C1ty Lme, West of Haverford Avenue Open Frzdays Untzl 9 P M Ample Free Parlzzng Space Complete Sawngs Bank SC11flC6S Available' kgby g FRIENDLY BENEFICIAL SAVING FUND C1ty Lme, West of Haverford Avenue Mam Ojfce 1200 Chestnut Street Phlladelphm A MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK FOUNDED 1853 M P Compllments MR 86 MRS IRVIN FRIED MR 85 MRS. ALBERT GERBER Q 3 . . . . i. i 'k Bank accounts can be opened with one dollar or more i' Your money earns money 'A' Ban in mail i' Bank money orders and travelers cheques 'A' Mortga e loans 'A' J. 5 9 i' Insured Savings: ember Federal De osit Insurance Corporation of . I O PHILBA JEWELRY PRODUCTS 1007 Filbert Street COSTUME JEWELRY SUPPLIES bllrll Mazl and Phone 0151618 WA 2 6046 Complz ments GEORGE E BEECHWOOD brh82 WlhVlly40928 ADELIZZI BROTHERS 102 FORREST AVENUE b zzs BALA AX ENUE CY FRANTZ EQUIPMENT COMPANY Regzstered A1 claztect Esta is Je 900 'A' ' 'A' Of ' i' ar er - 602 es a e - WG' Serve the Besi -A' PETER F. GETZ Tailors - Cleaners - Dryers wk Fllrriers Nar erth A 7 Bala- nwyd 8. JOSEPH M. CRIMMINS Insurance NORRISTOWN PENNA Complzments C omplzments HIRES sc KOCHER NIGHT DANCE SALES COMPANY Congratulatzons Senzors' 'A' Paoll, Penna MAPLECROFT FARM DAIRIES i' , . . of of THE De SALES TUESDAY iv . 3 . . LOmbard 3 -108 9 WM. F. COMLY 85 SON Auct1oneers 27 South SECOND STREET Ph1ladelph1a PRICE 86 PRICE Insurance Speczalzsts f Al R kl 5 I 0 IJ s4 oof s 401 WALNUT STREET d lph L t 3 4525 L t 3 7 65 Complzments MR SCMRS SYLVESTER MULLER WILLIAM P TINNEY 85 SON Funeral Dzrectors 4721 CHESTER AVENUE 11 d lph P S5 t THE POTTER PRESS J L MELLON JR 101 N 33RD STREET P dlph 41, B gzs 7 i' i' The 3-Year Cos for l- is nsurance o Iewelr' s n f . or 100 of i' Phila e ia 6, Pa. Ocus - Ocus - 0 Manufacturers of Continuous ' Forms 's ems i' 'A' . . , . Divisional Sales Manager hila e ia, enna. ' hila e ia , a. Arin - 14 87 MR 85 MRS P GIORDANO AND FAMILY THE WAYNE TITLE AND TRUST COMPANY WAYNE PA Sbeczal Claeckmg Depm tment If you are Wxthout a personal checkmg account you may now have thxs convemence by purchasmg a book of 15 CHECKS FOR S1 50 Addxtnonal Supphes of Checks May Bc Purchased at Any Txme Membm F D I C FRANK COLONA GENERAL CONTRACTOR MALVERN PENNSYLVANIA Nialx ern 1998 P o o o , . No Minimum Bulance Required No Monfbly Sfrifire or Arfirifj' Charges i 5 WILLIAM McCONAGHY SL SUN Funeral Directors Since 18 94 A convement Maln Llne Funeral Home havlng alr cond1t1oned Parlors, Wlth ap polntments of deta1led elegance Ardmore 7954 Lancaster and Wyom1ng Avenues Ardmore, Penna the uzrorzznlzenn 0 rongesfed rrzehopolztarz arms 9 'A' 3 if O i' Om' prolecfed on-premises parking fbolfgbfflrll-1' ozvrcorms E ROY H JONES ualnty Pamtlng and Decoratmg PAOLI PA Phone 2344 JOHN J BUFFINGTON MALVERN FARM SUPPLY 1824 COMPANY, INC f bl Farm Machinery Hardware B ff Garden Supplzes 218 EAST KING STREET MALVERN PA 2022 ITALIAN MARBLE MOSAIC Tile Terrazzo Marble MALVERN PHARMACY PHILADELPHIA PA O 0 'A' , o Phone: - General Au omo ie Repairs V ' 1 Ojicial Inspection Station . Lubrication - Gas - a eries 'A' if Malvern, Penna. Phone: 'A' i' 'k E A GALLAGHER 85 SGNS Walnut at 32nd Street Phlladelphla 'A' Haullng Rlgglng Warehouslng Export Boxlng MR. 85 MRS. JOSEPH W. FULLEM Compliments of THE JOHN J. KELLY FAMILY ayne 0100 - 1100 NORMAN A. WACK, P.D Apothecary i' East ancas er venue WAYNE PA Phone: Berwyn 0 2 7 5 -J THOMAS P. FITZGERALD Registered Plumbing - Heating Roofing - Spouting Personal Service BERWYN PA THE NATIONAL B OF MALVERN MALI ERN PA b F D ANK A FRIEND CHILDREN OF MARY 118 L t A i 1 7 , . 'A' Mem er . .I.C. of V. M. A.

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