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Villa Grove High School - Vade Mecum Yearbook (Villa Grove, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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3' 1 XM, 4 ww" il' 'QA ,pf 1?F"""Z"' rr.-5121 GLA f ,, , ,f f- V ,.,, -. . 'A' ' ' - " 7 .' -ii H .,,'i '44,---1 - aug-:,..,I.3-,w.-,c 'TX.-p-A.".lu--u- l'7fT1nf5?J-?'-- L.z',,.'..,4,..q: ,..,., fTI-.,?'-.:fg:A.1 5- 1- x.--u f. --f - 'P:'.:1. T.. -..L.Z. .T Z-I7.:::::1x-::1?'?1-Ti. ::::1L:m:I'lLE::C-'T-53-R WL112"T1." iii, .. H 5 -:W Q - .fm Li 1 , .8 E Q4 5, L . fi! As Q ,4 15 x 15,19 rf! Linh EF' f v Q V L Q- 5 i' 1 ' u 53 ff ,-1 .v,, I J - 4 I fs r A A3 S J . 'WJ fi 'A , L " 5 . . " 1 if . , ,. A Q 'Q 1+ I 1, 2-an-'tr gif.--.a, 1 '34 1 Vw i t tn, Q. ,W . 1 ,,,, G, , up x 3' ' Q . ...M .QL 1. .mt "1"ff' "H!W"VF'44 "".9 . vi 'V I I. I Q1 A N . , s I I 4' F H -'lr 1 . F? ' .-X , . h N: ,K , fy X ,ri sk V i' , ' . . 1 , A xl X .vifnif 1 A' 5 ' +4 5. K Q 1 xrllw-1 . -:main 'm5'nLYhlna1n1a4m " QQ' if' fmt! . .ai 5 4 4 ,. 4, - .,. 1 2, -. H.. A- "1 lj ,. 1 a-Q A-1 - f,.,1 .L W . , f. , L 1 .A 'ir' 'r 1 ww P f A., ,H ur A .Air ., J L 1. 'off EAT? A 4 . . ., 1,5 ,i ,,5z'4 413'-F.b.,34'f:'.1' nge - -,A 9-dnl,-A :5gt'I fd. ,.,..,...i.. A .qx ga.,-21 g,u'A.' gig, .flu Y A' '-'.i,riliA1iJf, . A .. nw ' -A .'-,r:5f5g--VJ'-u ' Sm" "A'1fw'AA9i- "F21lfi.A?-.Q eq! '.13g-' 1 -'lftfi 'z 1 .,-VF ,,g::..L, . . , , .. " 4-'FAf.',1-fp'-. wx?t5'i"'L A ?fi1j'A'3mr-,- A ,g A. 9 ,- '4 . A,.'4',q545 Y' 1 ".':K!--31.11 1-.5-.,.. 3- Ap, " 5. .ir +A .'- -' 4 5' 4, ,' A A' A ,. .. ,Vu ,- .-.n ... . , -W.-4.. ,fy ., . -, J-:IAQ PYERFF ' - 'iff 'lik . - A '5.'.:,'l-' fi? , . , ,-. . 2,.v..' ' .... . ' .17 , L.. . A . . , f '21, '1f5if"i1i' ' ,1- 'KEQ' ' .,w , . ,. Q1-.Q ' R .21--I .H- '. 'V WLT" "vp '-R - . ,L -. MA-. :,5,5m . , ,,. - ,, . . v qu B 1' g fsmm., nt Li K T ' E'-J " Wlffa Agw,.J"'n. 3 J f . . it "df n f.. 'Lf ll. ,VflA,xz' r A '- if if? 'H ' 'r 2 9 A . ' A 1 . K :J wif . , . Q19 . ."' ' .. 'V .. .. ' is- . " " -' , X., . -V - .I ,,,.- ,,L,,,....,, ,. .,. .,,. .. .... .. Aw :. Q---f' ,els 'ru V v..-12. .4 W. "V P 1' H' ' W' 1' iff- - N 'Z' 1. F5iv1'2.i':5y5'g3?. fiqaasef -51' 'cg' -1.5.-'EE A -Q 1' "1-+1 W.. 1' ' 'f"f '.-a-.'fI,:f:'N ' ,A f' V-Tfle'1: Af- . ' . A 4 .f :GA J " ,. :Q .nz -- .aff ',.. . new - , W..-ig 5.-. A- QQ ,Q E ' . :-5. I k an-1 .2 .A 14.1" '-11-f A. A A Ag' . .Y ff- . , I .., , ,QT If I --.-. ' 'fr' IPA HI" ff 1 .'f..Lwf-7 ft", . - . J,.1.h, , QI' 1. .I ' : . B' Y" - 1515-. '-'I A. fw, 5. . rj ' a .-.f' , . , ilfv..-,L: 'k,,5. ' 'H-11. or-..I '.f1. .. ,... .,.R X. . . . . .3 A u P P 4 f .- 'A , .1 1 I. . w ,L 4 H -1, K Q , H x , -4 W ,,a., ..t,. ,+V ,. A .,J,V:.i ., lg , . , 4.,,,.-1 f. M... ,J if 'wlig' 5-?if'g..jf'3S.:?,A L ' ' . . ' FW 'iwfrf' "ff ff EH.: A .. A .A .A ' ' A .ig V Q- UL.. .J U- Aff- Qxfxi: 'jk -5-2 I ...f 1 . 'z ' 55 ar", ' 1-Fifi: "A -:. - .A - I1 --.41 A .- ,f sig- , 1 4 2.--f f, gg --355 ., I .31 jg ,,.fLqi,L, 1g:,iS.v.,,i ,,,yE .d. .- . e N :kj 1 : 1 , f A.w e .A - A .533 . '.f.- gM.1 L-gg A A ,afiw , ugm igi fm 'ig-1 . .. Zrry.. fl. s 1 ' L12 .3 , . AAA Aa Eilfi - , fi... .. rf: Gig . -543 fa '.,'j,-.,,-1 H-A ,, . I n .ri M' :,,',.' 1 A A .sieigfswl . "wx . '11 ,:' KA: 'Af-'e - 'f " :f.i'g- , A. 11. ' "FT , 2 mv , A-' ' W ' 'fvlfyi W' 1' E.. 'A 'E i ufi' ' 'V V ' ffl 1, gif' ' .- . "Aft A ., V. Ti, 7,3 z L 4. QXA 'A-ff.: rg- .L , a?, 1 A n.,.,...,, Q . x , M... . ,L, r.. f , " .zgafy , A ' . I . ,. Z 1 ... 'PA ' -215 ' ' C 'E my 4. ,. .. -A f 'A,.Ef,. t 55. A ... 1 .1 .r My M., . .. .-- . A , -wa . Q.-,f..g. , '1 A -L.. ,, " 'Z 1112 T'-, 2: 2. , A L 'gfggigny gif f' .,,-:fr-A. 1 14 ,- J. A ...,.:J . yu '-1 Em-M.: 75,355 ' .r .. 9 , . .5-av " wi. . Y v .352-':W,4 A - ,. my ,Q jk , LQ.- lv 4 V .1 . -SA- . w-,Jax -, . - A , ig: 'A - ' " ri, 7 ' ' ,..x , 3. We .. 3. ' - 1... :. 2 ' . AA 4 A 5 men. L .liufifi PA "Aw . ., . , 3-g,..g.,,.,?,,, M ., 1 :. . ws -c,.,.,i4H:, .' :v. .i - ' v vkA3igJ' .g-is if I Q 1.-f 5' 3- ,A Y ..,5 YV 'aww -4 1 'Lk' A -1.-29115, 'r f' if2Ff.v. 'P ?A 051511 ' . .T 3 f 'TE ' . " . 'ii 1 ' x A , , 1 A .n :, .Au H Y '-:'Aj . 1 -1 . . N . . gy, .. .v . . . , . v A..w1. A f ' A AAAA' . Ma' FOREWORD , my 2513, 4252224 2 'if-3fijL'gff.,'f1hzf '- css ww, wi.-,Wifi M. , , ye fi ,. Vade Mecum is the record of our school days. Having now completed them, we look to the future with open hearts and minds, hoping that our days here will be of help to us in the troublesome world we must now face. 3 K 'ii1?fiiEf2f1'E1i:5i? Z , A is ig, ,mt "aL?tf'H:' fisnsl' f.i5.fg5Sf sais. VADE MECUM STAFF Editor ..... . Alfred Cler Assistant Editor . . . . Shirley Dyke Junior Assistant Editor . . . Charles Lough Business Manager ..... . Charles Knox Assistant Business Manager . . . Carol Cler Art Edi1101' ....... . . . . Jim Gilmer Assistant Art Editor Special Writers Calendar. Will . . Prophecy. . Clubs . Sports. . Horoscope . Photography. . Snaps. . . History . . . ........ Sue Culp Deliece Woodall, Jackie Wade, Janice Reedy, Bob Gentry . . . . Jeanne Tewell, Jim Love . . Roberta James, Delores Woodall . Susie Montgomery, Delbert Rogers . . . Alma Waggle, Patricia Patton . Robby Doppelheuer, Wayne Gabbard, Don Greger, Eric Kincanon, Editor , Mary Ellen Reinhart, Melva Rowe . . . . . . . . I..inda,Wirnan . Emily Hettinger, Don Lourash Sharon Riddell, Patsy Anderson Compliments of PAUL'S PLUMBING 8: HEATING Cecil Keith, Carl Reinhart, Ted Carmack, Clarence Riddell, fPresiden0, Marvin Prosser, Adolph Bretz, Fred "PUBLIC DEFENDER" MR. DISTRICT ATTORNEY" Elbs. ADMINISTRATION Mr. Kelly Mrs. Todd Mr. Gaines JUS Compliments of CLER BROS. SUPPLY CO. 4 A U v 1 THE oulnmo ,MW LIGHT" GeneralSCience, Basketball Coach Spanish, English . Band, Chorus English, Library LESLIE WOLFE Biology, Psychology, Economics, Physics MARY LEE JACOBS .American History, Girls' Physical Education MARJORIE WOLFE Home Economics BILL CRUM. Algebra, Football Coach Boys' Physical Education CECIL SCHROEDER . Industrial Arts ERMA HYLAND . . . English JAMES HALLAM Commercial Subjects WESLEY FARRELL . . Agriculture Q A . Q xx K fs, , if . W ,H P' gegw yc , .cu, t N 1 nvffw' J '2 X5 256. -.5 oi 'STRANGE -First day of school. -No school--County Institute--Back-to-school dance -First football game followed by a dance. Junior class rings and announcements were selected. -Jackie Wade was chosen Pancake attendant. -Football game with Atwood. We won lg-lg. -195.211-a1nnual finally arrived. -Fres an Potluck. -G. A.A. initiation at school followed with a hay ride and we ll'l6l' l'0lSl. -Senior pictures were taken. Watch the birdie! -Pancake Festival. -Teacher's meeting. No school. -Monticello game. -Homecoming and we lost to Tuscola, 7-0. -Ball game with Oakland, we won 31-0. -P. T. A. Carnival. -Cerro Gordo game followed by dance. -Cheerleaders attended a clinic at Normal. Rah! Rah! -Betty Smith and Jerry Crawford were married. -Underclass pictures were taken. -Last football game of the season. We lost to Newman I9-lz. -Unit Assembly. -Senior Play. "The Night Crawlers. " Was it good! -Thanksgiving Dance. -Thanksgiving. No school. -No school. -Psychololgy students began visiting nearby high schools. -First bas etball game. Homer won 6I-59. How disappointing! -Flag test. To graduate or not to glraduate, that is the question. District Student Counci officers met here. Don't stare, please! -F. F. A. went to lntematlonal at Chicago. -Another team was beaten out of the girl's volleyball tournament. -The Student Council is planning a Christmas Party. -An assembly on safety. School dlsmlssed early for faculty meeting. -Glrl's vollekyball toumament ended. The Student Council decorated t e Christmas tree. -We won our first conference game. 0aklandLa6-54. Some of the senior pictures arrived along with all e Junior class rl!! . -Fins plans were made for the School Christmas Party. -More pictures came. An aviation Psychologist from the U. of l. talked to the psgcholo class. Unity skunked us. -All the seniors were usy trging pictures with everyone else. -Due to the bi snow yesterday somehow a little water ot in the halls. E snow all fight. maybe! 6.1 I. wentqce skatinglat Champaign. -Tusco basketball game. We won for the first time in years. -The Home Ec. classes stuffed themselves on cookies and candies they made. Tonight was the blg all-school Christmas plrogram. - acation is here and the Student Council sponsored a big pprty to get us off to a good start. - ontice o Holiday Toumament began today. -Arcola ended up the victor of the toumey. -Back to the old grind. Did you ever see so many V-necked sweaters and Photo l-D bracelets? Wowl -A real thriller of a game with Newman. Newman came out on top 79-77. -Carol and Rosie Cler were bad and had to sit ar the back of the room in English. -An Eastern State Collegeman tried to sell us on Eastem. -Reviewing for semester tests was begun in most classes. Why dldn't'l study before? -G. A.A. went bowling at Broadlands. Oh. my aching arm! -Last minute crammlng. The midnight oil bums tonight! -Semester tests began today. -End of the first semester and semester tests. School was dismissed at noon. -The awful facts about the tests were revealed. -The new records were put ln the juke box. -A new seating arrangement was made in bookkeeping. That'll teach you. -Cerro Gordo beat us 81-S? followed by a very successful record dance. Marlene elton fell on the ice at noon and knocked herself out. -Shirley Dyke showed us her diamond today. The Okaw Toumey start.ed. -We played Cerro Gordo in the toumament and they heat us 90'75- -Somehow the chain ln the psychology class got tumed around. l can't imagine how, can you, Susie! -Three vergintetestlng ball games were played for the March of lmer. -ln bookkeeping class we leamed how to file income tax mhurlrzu' be 8 ln a -C man at us 94- 4 a very oo ame. -Ground Hog's day and he saw his shader? when the sun finally came out and melted the worst lee of the year. Psychology saw "Snake Pit. " ti G6 T Eg73?9!gQNf 2 Qc i? EXPERIENCESH NNNN N N N Jguuuovuuotuxn tnsu tutn uutntn vosn voxu Motu N N N N N N N r -15 -I 3 3 9 -ll -I2 I4 .K 21 22 23 l 2 4 7 8 ro tr tz 14 12 ii 21 22 23 25 30 31 r ???4"?? 2 3 I2 :4 .2 19 20 JL r Ji-h r r 21 22 VI r 1 r Vllll 5 5 5. 32 if 19 zz 2 5 6 9 to rr I3 it Il 19 so zz 16 ii -Band Festival at Newman. -The school was put back in order after the robbery last night. -Dramatlcs Club Banquet. -Unit assembly. Downings Trapeze Act. School dismissed at 2:15. -Charleston beat us. -Okaw Valley Sweetheart Ball. Representatives from five schools. Crowd danced to the music of Rosie Cler and his Orchestra. -Valentine's Day. Sharon Riddell and Mary Ellen Relnhart received flowers. red roses and white orc id, respectively. -The weather reamooked like Spring today. -Douglas County rus Festival. -Played ABL here and won 8l-65. -Jun or Play tryouts. -Westville beat us 79-62. -Junior Play cast announced. -Underclass pictures came ln. A representative from lllinols Wesleyan talked to the seniors. -March came in like a lamb today with a very nice day. -:le playzd Mattoon in the Regional Toumament and got eat 59- 2. -Senior Speech class toured the WDWS radio station. -Deliece Woodallwgot lasses too, and really fooled every- one, eslsclally iss Facohs. -Janice edy picked the flrst dandelion today. -Ron Love was asking everyone for a chain for some girl's rin . -Noechool. Teacher's Institute. -District Solos and Ensembles Contest. -Gossip had it that Sue Culp and Bill Hancock had eloped instead of Barbara Doppelheuer and Larry Livengood. All school camlval s nsored by the Student Council -Sweet Sixteen startedxhnd everyone spends more time watchinrg TV in the auditorium than anything else. -St. Pat ck's Day. Dld you ever see so much green? -St. Patnck's Ba lsponsored by the Sophomores. Rosle Cler's Orchestra played for dancing. -First daty of Springi Drlvlng Safety Assembly. -Pat Ma lgan's loc er had a "hot" time today. -Rosie Cler was chosen S. A. R. winner. -Junior Class Play, "That's Our Boy. " -Nominations for Student Council Officers. -The campai ts got under way. -Our first tratgt meet at Tuscola. Pat Madigan was elected President of the Student Councll. -District Or anizatlon Music Contest. --Mlllkln Unqverslt musical assembly. --Rerakes were made for annual. --A real hot day, up to 78 , --Seniors visited Eastem. Charleston beat us ln baseball 8-0. -Triangular meet with Oakwood and Hoopston. -Carol Cler became Carol Carter. -Music Department gave a concert. Very good. We won our game wt Bement. - and went on tour to three schools. initiated National Honor Society members. -Ball game at Danville, track meet at Monticello. --Senior girls saw movies on cancer at Tuscola. Jean Rochat and Pat Madigan went to the State Student Council Con- vention at Peorll. --Track meet at Pana. -Bal! game with Chrlsman. We won, 4-2. -Tuseola Rela s. -Don Weage gyhve us a touch of show business and comedy ln a very amurlng assembly. fPolka don and llllj --The Glr 's Szptetre and Po ly Nalley participated in the State Music ontest. --Senior announcements. memory books. and thank you cards arrived. -Fine Arts Festival. --Psychology class saw "Pinky, " Fred Spurlln scared everyone w th a live snake wrapped around his arm. --Senior Potluck. Wonderful entertainment was fumlsbed by the motlzrs. who showed baby pictures of us all and rhymes to match! -Urbana Relays. Economics and Govemment class sponsored a tri to Springfield. 'fwe beatCbam 1 in baseball. 3-z. vmxry Cheerleading tryouts. Okaw may track meet. We won. Baseball ame with ABL. -:District 'Rack Meet. Junior Senior Prom What a nl htll -:Beat Phrls in llrst ghme of district p-o. -All Sports Banquet. Home Econom cs style show and tea. -G. A. A. Mother and Daughter Banquet. -last day of school for several seniors. fl! you're lucky.J -Senior exams and the last day for the rest of the seniors. -Baccalaureate. bots of fun before and after at Sharon's and Robby's nantes. -l'lonor's ight. --Commencement. That long awaited day. -Alumni Banquet and Dance. Compliments of FANAKOS BROTHERS SENIORS PI'6Side1'1t ........ Emily Hettinger Vice-President . . Don Lourash Treasurer . . ..... Shirley Dyke Secretary ........ Roberta James Sponsors. . Bill Crum and Mary Lou Sponslor QW "5'2 -N 7-Q -fx 'AN .. lsr" Qig I .::.35S3f X XSS? er' W' ,.fa'IRi':. I U -iw- .-axr-rs-ht.. .f-X I ,.,mX,x,5 -. . . 4, ' ' 'Cu 3: -A--, -' ' GARY EDWARD ALLEN - "Harry" PATSY MAE ANDERSON - "Pat" JACK GENE BABE - "Jackie" Best Quality: Voice Best Quality: Hair Best Quality: Ambition Worst Fault: Mumbling Worst Fault: Temper Worst Fault: Laugh Favorite Pastime: Motorcycle riding Favorite Pastime: Reading Favorite Pastime: Playing baseball Favorite Song: "Even Tho"' Favorite Song: "Ave Maria" Favorite Song: "Cara Mia" Activities: Track 1, 4: Sportsmen Activities: G. A. A. 1.2, 3: Newspaper Activities: Baseball I,2, 4: Boys Club 4. Staff I: Library 2, 3: Annual Staff. Chorus 4: Sportsman Club 4. JOHN BEHL - "John" Best Quality: Track Worst Fault: Laziness Favorite Pastime: Robby CHARLES OWEN BLACKFORD - "Chuck" JOHN BOAZ - "John" Favorite Song: " Sentimental Journey" Best Quality: Hair Best Quality: Intellect Activities: Chorus I: Football 1.2, Worst Fault: Loafing Worst Fault: Over Eating 3, 4: Basketball x,2, 3: Track 1.2, 3, 4: Favorite Pastime: Hunting 8: Fishing Favorite Pastime: Working on guns Homecoming Attendant 1: Lettermen's Favorite Song: "Mr, Sandman" Favorite Song: "High Noon" Club 3, 4: Junior Play. Activities: Sportsman Club 4. Activities: Sportsman Club 4. Compliments of HANCOCK'S HABERDASHERY "Men and Boy's Clothing" '-Q, ,,,-' CAROLE SUE CULP - "Sue" Best Quality: Vivaciousness Worst Fault: Jim Favorite Pastime: Dancing Favorite Song: "Sincerely" Activities: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Treas- urer 4, Dramatics Club I,2, 3, 4. Treasurer 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Thespian 3,4, President 4, Class Vice President 2, President 3, Concession Chairman 4, Student Council 4, Annual Staff, Girls' Octette2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Assistant Student Director 4, News- paper Staff 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Pep Club 3, Harvest Queen 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Scholarship Egyptian Music Camp 3. CAROL CLER CARTER - "Carol" Best Quality: Wit Worst Fault: Goofing Favorite Pastimes Jimmy Favorite Song: "Wedding Bel1s" Activities: Chorus I, 4, G. A. A. 1.2.4, Dramatics 1.2. 4, Secretary 2, Vice President 4, Annuaf Staff, Spanish Club 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Library 4, Class Secretary I. Wav 'f!2!.""'?"' ' , 1 gi f K. 1, Q , .1 if I S X 3, . GERALD LEO CHRISTIAN - "Jerry" Best Quality: Friendliness Worst Fault: Girls Favorite Pastime: Hunting Favorite Song: "l Need You Now" Activities: F. F. A. 1, 2. 3, 4, Sports- man Club 4. ROBERTA RAE DOPPELHEUER - "Robby" Best Quality: Athletic ability Worst Fault: Johnny Favorite Pastime: Eating Favorite Song: "Sincerely" Activities: Angleton H. S. I, 2, G. A. A. 3.4, Pep Club 3, Annual Staff 4, News- paper 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, F. H. A. Vice President 3, Cheerleader 4. ALFRED JOSEPH CLER JR. - "Rosie" Best Quality: Saxophone Worst Fault, Goofin' Off Favorite Pastime: Music Favorite Song: "Laura" Activities: Student Council I, Dra- matics Club 1.2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, President 4, Baseball l,2,3,4, Bas- ketball 1.2, 3, Newspaper 4, Annual staff 3, Junior Editor 4, Editor, Band I. 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Student Director, Dance Band 3, 4, Chorus 2, Junior Play, Senior Play, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Pep Club 31 Thespian 3,4, Treasurer, National Honor Society 3, 4 Athletic Honor Society 3, 4, Class Treasurer lg Egyptian Music Camp, Foreign Language Award 3, S. A. R. 4. SHIRLEY MARIE DYKE - "Shirley" Best Quality: Intelligence Worst Fault: Studies too hard Favorite Pastime: Music Favorite song: "Auf Weidersehn" Activities, Chorus 1.2.4, Octette I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council I, G. A. A. 1, 2, Dramatics 2.3,4, Thespians 3, 4, Spanish 2, 3, Junior Play, Junior Cape, Class Treasurer 4, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Valedictorian. Compliments of MORGAN'S DRUG STORE "Prescriptions-Fountain Service" FRANCIS WILLIAM Eisenmenger - "Bill" PHILLIP WAYNE GABBARD - "Gabby" Best Quality: Car Worst Fault: Bragging Favorite Pastime: Ivesdale boys Best Quality: Basketball ability Worst Fault: Pool Room Favorite Pastime: Staying home OJ Favorite Song: "Moonlight and ffourj Favorite Song: "High and The Mighty" Roses" Activities: Football I, 2,45 Basketball Activities: Baseball 1.2, 4, Football I, 2: F. F. A. I,2. JAMES RUSSELL GILMER - "Jim" Best Quality: Physique Worst Fault: Ford I, 2, 3, 4, Blueprint 2, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Track I, Junior Play, Senior Play, Sportsmen Club 4, llettermen's Club 3.4, Annual Staff. RICHARD DONALD GREGER - "Don" Favorite Pastime: Women and Hunting Best Quality, Track Favorite Song: "Sincerely" Activities: Football I, 2.4, Student Council 2, Lettermen's Club 2, Base- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Track 3,4, Junior Play Homecoming Attendant 2, Annual Staff, Sportsmen Club 4, President 4. Worst Fault: Quietness Favorite Pastime: Watching T. V. and Collecting Antiques Favorite Song: "Mr. Sandman" Activities: Sportsmen Club 4, Letter- men's Club 4, Compliments of ANNIE'S CAFE ROBERT D. GENTRY - "Bob" Best Quality: Leadership Worst Fault: Ford Favorite Pastime: Hunting Favorite Song: "Smoke Rings" Activities: Student Council 2, 4, President 4, Class President 3, Baseball 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Junior Play Annual Staff, Football 3, Homecoming Attendant 2. EMILY KATHRYN HETTINGER - "Em Besty Quality: Eyes Worst Fault: Goofing Favorite Pastime: Reading Favorite Song: "Star Dust" Activities: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, News- paper Staff l, 4, Homecoming At- tendant Ig Class Treasurer 2, 3, Class President 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Junior Play, Valen- tine Attendant Ig Octette 3.4, Pep Club 3. ,QI ROBERTA LOUISE JAMES - "Bert" Best Quality: Smile Worst Fault: Class rings Favorite Pastime: Dancing Favorite Song: "Run Around" Activities: Dramatic Club I,2, 3,4: Spanish Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Class Secretary 4: Homecoming At- tendant 4: Annual Staff 4: Octette 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3. RONALD BRUCE LOVE - "Ron" Best Quality: Personality Worst Fault: Girls Favorite Pastime: Acting dumb Favorite Song: "Bazoom" Activities: Football I, 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, President 4: National Athletic Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Attendant 4. ERIC LEON KINCANON - "Eric" Best Quality: Clothes Worst Fault: Blushing Favorite Pastime: Jazz Favorite Song: "Hearts of Stone" Activities: Longview 1.2: Baseball 3: Junior Play: Senior Play: Football 4: Dramatics 3, 4, President 4: Thespian 4: lettermen's Club 4: Sportsman Club 4: Egyptian Music Camp 3: Newspaper 4: Annual Staff, Sports Editor 4: Track 4: Dance Band 3: Band 3, 4. DONALD LEE LOURASH - "Don" Best Quality: Humor Worst Fault: Going steady Favorite Pastime: Going to Charleston Favorite Song: "Looking Back To See" Activities: Football 1.2: Annual Staff 4: Class Vice-President 4. CHARLES MILTON KNOX - "Chuck" Best Quality: Hair Worst Fault: Manners Favorite Pastime: Photography Favorite Song: "The High and the Mighty" Activities: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Dance Band 3, 4: Student Council 4, Vice- President 4: Lettermen's Club 4: Football 2, 4: Junior Play: Annual Staff: Egyptian Music Camp 2: Sportsman Club 4. JAMES WILLARD LOVE - "Jim" Best Quality: Physique Worst Fault: Girls Favorite Pastime: Sports Favorite Song: "P.S. , I Love You" Activities: Reavis High 1,2, 3: Football 4: Baseball 4: Basketball 4: Home- coming King 4: Annual Staff: News- paper Staff 4: Lettermen's Club 4. Compliments of C,F, WATKINS, Jeweler W, SHIRLEY IRENE MASSIE - "Shir1" Best Quality: Ring Worst Fault: Giggle Favorite Pastime: Gene Favorite Song: "Let Me Be The First To Know" Activities: G. A. A. I, 2, 3: Chorus 2, 3.4: F. H. A. 3. ROGER W. MILLER - "Roj" Best Quality: Friendliness Worst Fault: Conceit Favorite Pastime: Visiting Ioan Favorite Song: "Count Your Blessings" Activities: Mahomet High I,2: F. F. A. 3.4: Junior Play: Dramatics Club 3.4: Senior Play. EVERETT ELMO MARTIN - "Ev" Best Quality: Smile Worst Fault: Quietness Favorite Pastime: Having a good time. Favorite Song: "Hearts of Stone" NORMA SUE MONTGOMERY - "Susie" Best Quality: Voice Worst Fault: Flirting Favorite Pastime: Goofing Favorite Song: "The Breeze And l" Activities: Class President I: Class Secretary 3: Chorus 4: Student Director 4: Octet 4: G. A. A. I, 2, 4: Dramatics Club I, 2, 4: Spanish Club 4: Dance Band 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Newspaper staff 1, 4: Annual Staff: Librarian 1.2: Thespians 4. CARL EUGENE MARTIN - "Car1" Best Quality: Football ability Worst Fault: Shyness Favorite Pastime: Watching T. V. Favorite Song: "This Ole House" Activities: Football I, 2. 3: Track 2. WILLARD WAYNE NAIVE - "Wayne" Best Quality: Hair Worst Fault: Shyness Favorite Pastime: Running Around Favorite Song: "This Ole House" Compliments of E, M, TANOUS, M,D, "Best Wishes to the Class of '55" PATRICIA RUTH PATTON - "Pat" Best Quality: Easy Manner Worst Fault: Quietness Favorite Pastime: Reading Favorite Song: "You're Not Mine Anymore" Activities: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Newspaper Staff 2: Annual Staff. MARY ELLEN REINHART - " Mary E1len'i Best Quality: Sweet Disposition Worst Fault: Giggle Favorite Pastime: Dancing Favorite Song: "Stardust" Activities: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Dra - matics Club I, 2, 3, 4: Newspaper Staff 4: Pep Club 3: Junior Play: Chorus 3, 4: Spanish 2: Thespians 3, 4, Vice President 4: Librarian 4: Annual Staff. 5 ss 1, - -3, ,lf , f GLENN LARRY PROSSER - "Glenn" Best Quality: Politeness Worst Fault: Patricia Favorite Pastime: Sports Favorite Song: "Little Shoemaker' Activites: F. F. A. I,2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 2, President 3,4: Basketball 1,2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 4: Football 4: Lettermen's Club 4: Valentine At- tendant I. SHARON KAY RIDDELL - "Red" Best Quality: Musical ability Worst Fault: Flirting Favorite Pastime: Music Favorite Song: "Till Then" Activities: Band I,2,3,4: Music Camp Scholarship 2, 3: Chorus l,2, 3, 4: Spanish 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Attendant 2: Thespians 3,4: Pep Club 3: Junior Play: Senior Play: Cheerleader 2, 4: Annual Staff: Majorette 2, 3,4: Drum Majorette 4: Octette 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Newspaper Staff 1, 3,4: Dramatics Club I, 2, 3, 4. JANICE ELAINE REEDY - "Ian" Best Quality: Way with farmers Worst Fault: Temper Favorite Pastime: Dancing Favorite Song: "Melody of Love" Activities: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1.2, 3, 4: Majorette 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club I,2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 1: Spanish Club 2, 3: Student Council 3.4, Sec- retary 4, Vice President of Champaign District 4: Thespian 3.4: Pep Club 3: Junior Play: Annual Staff. DELBERT LEE ROGERS - "Del" Best Quality: Hair Worst Fault: Temper Favorite Pastime: Running around Favorite Song: "Teach Me Tonight" Activities: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff: News paper Staff 4: Dramatics Club l,4: Sportsman Club 4: Pep Club 3: Band I,2,3. Compliments of CHAMBER'S CHEVROLET GARAGE "Chevrolet 8: Oldsmobile--Sales 8: Service" MELVA KAY ROWE - "Mel" Best Quality: Leadership Worst Fault: Studying Favorite Pastime: Sports MAX EDWIN SIMPSON - "Max" Best Quality: Politeness Worst Fault: Shyness Favorite Pastime: Hunting Favorite Song: "Sentimental Journey" Favgrire Song: -'1 Need You Now-' Activities: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 3.4, President 4, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Thespians 3, 42 Pep Club 3, Junior Play, Senior Play, Octette 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Valedictorian. BARBARA JEANNE TEWELL - "Jeanne" Best Quality: Complexion Worst Fault: Not Studying Favorite Pastime: Reading Favorite Song: "Claire de Lune" Activities: Spanish Club 2, 33 Dra- matics Club 1.2, 3.4, Chorus I,2, 3, Librarian 3, Octette 2, 3. HELEN LAVERNE VANDEVENTER "Vandy" Best Quality: Athletic ability Worst Fault: Laugh Favorite Pastime: Myron Favorite Song: "My Foolish Heart" Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. I,2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. 3. Compliments of JOHN'S SINCLAIR SERVICE JAMES RUSSELL SIMPSON - "Rusty" Best Quality: Eyes Worst Fault: Walk Favorite Pastime: Hunting Favorite Song: "Steel Guitar Rag" Activities: F. F. A. I, Football 1.2, Basketball I, Lettermen's Club 3,4, Vice-President 4, Football and Basketball Manager 3, 4, Sportsmen Club 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, National Athletic Honor Society 3, 4. 's ALMA FAYE WAGGLE - "Al" Best Quality: Home Ec. ability Worst Fault: Wild Ways Favorite Pastime: Reading Favorite Song: "Loose Talk" Activities: F. H. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 2, Annual Staff. JACQUELINE MARIE WADE - "Jackie" Best Quality: Personality Worst Fault: Bookkeeping Favorite Pastime: Dancing Favorite Song: "Little Things Mean A Lot" Activities: Chorus I,2, 3, 4, Student Council I,3, 4, Vice-President 3, Treasurer 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 4, Dramatics Club I,2, 3, 4. Secretary -Treasurer 4, Cheerleader I,2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Thespians 3,4, Pep Club 3, Newspaper Staff 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Annual Staff, Octette 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Attendant 3, Homecoming Queen 4, Pancake Attendant 4, Egyptian Music Camp 3. JOY DELIECE WOODALL - "Woody" Best Quality: Ambition Worst Fault: Talking Favorite Song: "String of Pearls" Favorite Pastime: Music Activities: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Pep Club 3, Vice President, Dramatics Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3, Thespians 3,4, G. A.A. I,2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Annual Staff, Student Council 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Newspaper 3,4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4, Octette 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Salutatorian. MILDRED MARIE WILCOXEN - "Millie" Best Quality: Quietness Worst Fault: Shyness Favorite Pastirne: Watching TV Favorite Song: "This Ole House" Activities: F.H. A. 2, Chorus 4. JANE DELORES WOODALL "Woody-Wood" Best Quality: Friendliness Worst Fault: Being late Favorite Pastime: Music Favorite Song: "Secret Love" Activities: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, G. A. A. I,2, 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Points Chairman 3, Thespians 3,4, Secretary 4: Librarian 3, Newspaper Staff 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Junior'Play, Senior Play, Octette 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. Compliments of MORRIS MOTOR SALES LINDA SUE WIMAN - "Shorty" Best Quality: Height Worst Fault: Ford Favorite Pastime: Reading Favorite Song, "Blue Violins" Activities: Band 1.2, 3.4, Chorus I, G. A. A. I,2, Newspaper Staff I, 2, Annual Staff, Senior Play, Student Director. SHELBY JEAN REED Completed 3 If2 years with the graduating class. gg, A: -2 aff fr 1 Vg , JM' Z X "if-"JJ" P x Y "YESTERDAY'S NEWSREELH ln September of 1951 fifty-one "greenies" Qdestined to be members of the class of 19551 entered the halls of good 'ole Villa Grove High School for the first time. We elected Susie Montgomery our president, Carol Cler vice- president, Rosie Cler secretary, and Morris Phipps treasurer for the school year 1951-52. Morris was unable to finish his term of office, so we elected Bob Gentry to finish the year in that capacity. Our sponsors were Mary Lou Sponsler and Bill Crum, and under their encouraging direction, we elected Jacqueline Wade, Shirley Dyke, Bob Gentry, and Rosie Cler as our representa- tives to the student council. Emily Hettinger and John Behl were chosen, as the freshman attendants to homecoming, and Jackie Wade and Janice Reedy were elected junior varsity cheerleaders from our class. .-S , Y A 1 - r" ' ' -. '.".. 8 . :-A-- v -f. -LA Q ., gf Pl' . Qld' - -L.-13 , ' X, . -'eh 1'-as--f J , 1 . N - ,151 .1 zu A- - - rc . -rv X as - A A - -. ...N i QA gat , . f' , - -vs: J - I - ---55 -:-.... President Bob Gentry, vice-president Sue Culp, secretary Rosie Cler, and treasurer Emily Hettinger headed the fifty-sophomores that reported back in 1952. Miss Sponsler and Phil Durland were our sponsors, Mr. Crum being drafted into military service. Our two student council representatives were Helen Vandeventer and Jim Gilmer. Jackie Wade was re-elected junior varsity cheerleader, along with Sharon Riddell and a newcomer to our class, Roberta James. Sharon and Bob Gentry were our sophomore homecoming attendants. We lost three members of our class by 1953, our junior year. Our officers were: Sue Culp, president, Bob Gentry, vice-president, Susie Montglomery, secretary, Emily Hettinger, treasurer, Melva Rowe, concessions c airman, Miss Sponsler and Mr. Durland, toglether with Janice Reedy, the prom chair- man, were mainly responsible for t e success of our "Mardi Gras" prom in May of 1954. Jacqueline Wade and Jim Gilmer were homecoming attendants, Jackie and Roberta were varsity cheerleaders from our class, and our student council representatives were Helen Vandeventer, Jackie Wade, Qwho was vice- president of the student bodyj Roberta James, and Janice Reedy. Janice was also vice-president of the Champaign District Student Council, a big job at which she did very well, and we were verfy proud of her. Shirley D ke was awarded the Junior Cape as recognition o her high scholastic standling. Our junior class play, "'Sno Haven, " under the direction of Mrs. Mary Jones, was a tremendous success. Many of us hated to see the last time for a "first day" at V,G,H, S, come, but nevertheless, come it did. Forty-eight of us met and elected Emily Hettinger president of the senior class of 1955. Her corps of officers were: Don Lourash, vice-presidentg Roberta James, secretary, Shirley Dyke, treasurer, Sue Culp, concessions chairman. We were happy to have Bill Crum back from the army to join forces with Miss Sponsler as our sponsors for the senior year. The president of the student body, elected in an all-school election the previous spring, and a member of our class, was Bob Gentry. His vice-president, elected in the same way, was Charles Knox. Other representatives from our class to our student governing body were Jackie Wade, Janice Reedy, Sue Culp, and Deliece Woodall. Jacqueline Wade and Jim Love, a senior transfer from Reavis High School in Oak Lawn, were crowned 1954's homecoming queen and king. Included in their court as senior attendants were Roberta James and Ron Love. Jackie, lcon- cluding four consecutive yearsj Roberta, Qconcluding three consecutive yearsj Sharon Riddell, and Robby Doppelheuer were elected varsity cheerleaders from our class to cheer for our football co-captains, John Behl and Ron Love. Janlce concluded her fourth consecutive year as a majorette, and Sharon was elected drum majorette by the band. Melva Rowe was awarded the Daughters of the American Revolution award and Rosie Cler was the first boy to receive an S,A, R, award in this school. The co-valedictorians for 1955 were Melva Rowe and Shirley Dyke and the salutatorian was Deliece Woodall. The "beauty queens" of our class included Jackie Wade, whom the school elected, after our nomina- tion, Villa Grove's attendant to the 1954 Pancake Festival, Sue Culp, the Harvest Queen of the l954 Thanksgiving dance, and Roberta James, V, G, 's Sweetheart to the annual Okaw Valley Sweetheart Ball in February of 1955. Our senior play "Night Crawlers," directed by Mrs. Margaret Thorell, was also put on the list of the class of 55's successes. ' So ends the class of 55's four years at Villa Grove High School. We've had a lot of fun together, and we have many memories to recall. "Congratulations to Class of '55" DON'S IGA MARKET "ON YOUR ACCOUNT" We, the graduating class of 1955, consisting of the most superior, intelligent, athletic, and unbelievable morals ever to exist on this planet called Earth, or any other planet, feeling quite capable to do so, do hereby publish this, our last will and testament. To our sponsors, Mr. Crum and Miss Sponsler, we leave our record books, our prom decorations and all our class possessions, such as broken rulers, scissors and staplers, and our gratitude for their guidance through these past four years. To our teachers we leave our initialed desks. all the pens, pencils, and erasers they have collected from us since we entered this in- stitution so long ago, and to repair the most serious dama e we have done, a package of hair rinse to restore the color to their ray tem les As for the janitors, we make a hasty retreat without tasking time to will anything. We have burned out all their light bulbs, gbroken their ladders, lost their tools, thrown paper all over the floors a few too many times to make them still love us. To the Juniors we leave ambition, team work, co-operation, and all the other qualities that Seniors are supposed to have. To the Sophomores we leave our dignity, well-groomed appearance, cheerful dispositions, and our ability to pass the blame off to underclassmen. To the Freshmen we bequeath our wisdom, patience, kindness, and loving spirit in hopes that they will grow in knowledge and under- standing into the perfect Seniors as the class of '55 has done. 'I, GARY ALLEN, do hereby bequeath my deep masculine voice to Bob Mont omery. I, PATSY ANDERSON. do hereby bequeath m job at the drug store to Johnnie Lanier, who also likes to worlz. I, JOHN BOAZ, do hereby bequeath my Ford to Kenneth Berry, who travels to Villa Grove almost as much as I do. I, CHARLES BLACKFORD, do hereby bequeath my "horse laugh" to Darrell Griffith. I, JACK BABB, do hereby bequeath my sideburns and mustache to Jim Elder. I, JOHN BEHL, do hereby bequeath my football ability to Neal Ta . I, SIUE CULP, do hereby bequeath my scholastic ability to Carolyn Weaver, but l'll take Jim with me. I, JERRY CHRISTIAN, do hereby bequeath my trim physique to Tom Elbs, and l'll also give him a copy of my diet. I, ROSIE CLER, do herebyobequeath my plosition as editor of the "Vade Mecum" to Duke ugh along wit all the headaches and minor tra edies that occur. I, CAROL CLER, do hereb bequeath my pony tail to Amy Tay- lor, alon with a bottle o?Vitalis. I, ROBBYgDOPPELHEUER, do hereby bequeath nothing, as I need to keep all mg talents for myself. I, SHIRLEY D KE, do hereby bequeath my diamond to all my less fortunate friends. along with my book TECHNIQUES IN TRAPPING A MAN. I, BILL EISENMENGER, do hereby bequeath my position as a SILENT, DIGNIFIED Senior to Jitsy Tanous. I, WAYNE GABBARD, do hereby bequeath my hei ht and "shy- ness toward irls" to John Gilles, who could use a qittle of both. I, BOB GENTRY, do hereby bequeath my ability to keep Vicki all this time to Neil Statzer, who has a good start with Lynn. I, JIM GILMER, do hereby bequeath my two week " vacation" at Great lakes to Art Fisher, who doesn't know what he's in for. I, DON GREGER, do hereby bequeath my height to Perry Shoe- maker so he can look down on underclassmen when he's a Senior. I, EMILY HETTINGER, do hereby bequeath my ability to hold hands in the hall to Sandly and Keith. I, ROBERTA JAMES, do ereby bequeath my ability to talk in bookkee-pin to any junior who thinks they can get away with it. I, ERIC KIIFCANON, do hereby bequeath my superb portrayal of a vampire in "The Night Crawlers" to Kerry Keith, who some- times acrs like one. I, CHARLES KNOX, do hereby bequeath my witty remarks to Fred Spurlin to add to his own collection. I, RON LOVE, do hereby bequeath m unruliness in English class to Keith Hunt, who is really an angel I, JIM LOVE, do hereby bequeath my ability to understand "lines, curves, and figures" to Don Payton, as his mind runs alon the same track. I, DEJN LOURASI-l, do hereby bequeath my ability to attract gtwood girls to Joe Goodwin, in hopes that he will not let me own. I, SHIRLEY MASSIE, do hereb bequeath my ability to catch a man to Ruth Brown, in hopes that she can use it to the same advanta e. I, EVERETT MARTIN, do hereby bequeath my abilit in Mr. Schroeder's class to Mark Brown, who is talented in ghis field also. I, CARL MARTIN, do hereby bequeath my "wild ways with women" to Jack Demsey, w o already has a good start. I, ROGER MILLER do hereby bequeath my friendship with Mr. Schroeder to anyone else that has a girl friend. I, SUSIE MONTGOMERY, do hereby bequeath my never-dying good spirit to Dianne Teter. I, WAYNE NAIVE. do hereby bequeath my walk to Jean Rochat. I, PATRICIA PATTON, do hereby bequeath my even temper to Hannah Casebeer. I, GLENN PROSSER, do hereby bequeath my red Mercury to Larry Hene han who can almost out run me in his "car. " I, JANICE EEEDY, do hereby bequeath my everlastin interest in out-of-town farmers to Joan Jolley, who just likes farmers. I, MARY ELLEN REINHART, do hereby bequeath my ability to catch Ivesdale boys to anyltlone who likes white orchids. I, SHARON RIDDELL, do ereby bequeath my rare ability to "knock myself out" at cheerleading to next year's varsity cheer- leaders. I, DELBERT ROGERS, do hereby bequeath my basketball ability to Bob Hollis. I, MELVA ROWE, do herebly bequeath my scholastic achieve- ments to Sandra Sellers, w o likes studying immensely, espe- cially eometryl I, MAE SIMPSON, do hereby bequeath mtyl debonair manner to Eddie Massie. in hopes that e will hold e title as well as I ave. I, JEANNE TEWELL, do hereby bequeath my sophisticated man- ner to Geraldine Peeler. I, RUSSELL SIMPSON, do hereby bequeath my athletic managership to Ron Wade. I, HELEN VANDEVENTER, do hereby bequeath my athletic ability to Phyllis Ballard. I, ALMA WAGGLE, do hereby bequeath my Home Ec. ability to Rose Wilhelm, in hopes that she will put good use. I, JACKIE WADE, do hereby bequeath my royal crown to all future Homecoming queens in hopes that they wear it with as much pleasure as I have. I, MILDRED WIICOXEN, do hereby bequeath my quietness to Eddie Oaks, who never heard of the word. I, LINDA WIMAN, do hereby bequeath my position at the drums to Janet Farrier. I, DELIECE WOODALL, do hereby bequeath my organizing ability of the "Blueprint" to anyone who has the time for such mundane matters. I, DELORES WOODALL, do hereby bequeath my-I naturally curly hair to Carolyn Shoemaker because she hates to set ers. We, the graduating class of the Villa Grove High School, declare this our last will and testament. It has been sworn in by the above administrators and now we affix our seal. on this twenty seventh day of May in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty- five . " J A .elf , . I--. .. J!C"Z'9:2.......i.....-1 Emily Hettinger, PRESIDENT Roberta James, SECRETARY comptimenrs of ECONOMY MARKET -x Q Q Q 7 7 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 1 ' N? Q QR' We arrived in town via Simpsons' Speedy Airlines--Max and ,, 1 A Russell Simpson, proprietors. We bade farewell to our capable airline stewardess, Janice Reedy, and went immediately to our f 1 i reserved rooms in "Miller's Mansion" operated by our old class- mate, Roger Miller. 'DSI-fqo We were invited by the head of CBS-TV, Delbert Rogers, to ad A view the premier showing of that new TV show Happy Homes, r Q ' starring the new head of Betty Crocker Company, Alma Waggle 51- and her assistants Pat Patton and Jeanne Tewell. X We motored down in a Charlie's Quicky Cab run by Charles ' Blackford and upon our arrival at CBS were met by Jack Babb and Gary Allen, head doormen. We walked in the lobby and were greeted by the tantalizing O' aroma of Millie's Popcorn Delight, owned and operated by Mildred Wilcoxen. We entered the long hallway which led to the studios when fx who should we meet but John Boaz who is now starring on "Medic", with the capable assistance of Mary Ellen Reinhart and Melva Rowe, chief nurses. "Doc" Boaz tells us Bill Eisenmenger will appear on Fug' his next show as guest patient. Continuing down the corridor we ran into two handsome chaps who upon second glance we see to be Carl and Everett Martin who now produce several TV shows under the co-operation Martin Brothers Enterprises. They tell us one of their biggest shows is "Love Can Be Beautiful" starring those two delightful comedians Ron and Jim Love. Another of their popular shows is "Double Trouble" starring Deliece and Delores Woodall, We are past by a very studious looking person, with her nose buried in a sheath of papers Finally we recognized it to be Sue Culp who has become the first successful Woman news commentator. By the way, her showis called "Sue's Views. " Further on we see two coverall-clad gentlemen working on the water fountain who we find to be Don Lourash and Wayne Naive. They are now working for Prosser's Plumbing, run by Glenn Prosser. We passed one door and heard the happy tapping of feet who upon investigation was found to be Roberta James. She now is chief choreographer for that new group of 5 ft. dancers "Bert's Squirts". We finally arrived at the studio we were to visit, but found we were early. We seated our selves to wait and observe Gerald Christian, Bob Gentry and Don Greger studio crewmen setting up their equipment. Noticing the TV monitor we tuned it in so we might watch till show time. The first show we saw was "Hints on Happy Marriages" starring Carol Carter, Shirley Dyke, Helen Vande- venter, Shirley Massie, and Patsy Anderson--sponsored by "Behl's Square Deals" used cars--John Behl, owner. This show was nearly over and the next to come on was "Uncle Jim's Cartoon Special featuring Jim Gilmer. Not being able to decide just what we wanted to see, we began switching channels. Cn one station we got a ballgame and who should be pitching but Wayne Gabbard. No-hit Gabbard they call him now. On another we found Admiral Eric Kincanon of the U. S. Navy and Colonel Chuck Knox of the Confederates in a heated debate over the results of the second Civil War. lThe south did rise again!! '1That still didn't interest us so we turned in "Melodies by Cler", starring that famous band leader Rosie Cler, and his vocalist, Susie Montgomery, just in from Germany. Next we got the Girls' World Champion Basketball team "Robby's Globe-Toddlers", with Captain Robby Doppelheuer and her star player, Linda Wiman, who is now the tallest player in the league. While we were sitting here changing channels, who should walk in but Sharon Riddell, star of her own TV program, "Records with Riddell". This program consists of gossip from her old home town. She stopped and chatted with us for a few minutes and among other gossip we heard was that Jackie Wade and Emily Hettinger have been awarded medals for their outstanding work in the U, S, O, with special attention for the Army and Navy, respectively. Finally the director asked for silence and the program began. How nice it was to see all our old friends again. What a change television has brought into the lives of everyone! ! Compliments of P- O- FOGERSON I Y i.. - ,annals ,mmf F-13 -A lg I l F N X Q Q - 4 4 N, N . t x N.,- .JI QR I 1 1 - i S.A.R. This year the Villa Grove High School honored a senior boy with the S, A, R, Award for the first time. Alfred Cler was chosen by his class- mates and teachers to receive this new award. "Rosie" was very active in school organizations including the Student Council, Dramatics Club, Spanish Club, Newspaper Staff, Letter- men's Club, and Thespians, He has shown his musical ability in the band, dance band, chorus, and by forming his own orchestra. He has been on the baseball and basketball teams and was in both the Junior and Senior Class Plays. Rosie proved his willingness to co- operate and his ability as a leader by being selected editor of the yearbook. He also received several other honors including the National Honor Society, Athletic Honor Society, Foreign Lan- guage Award, and a scholarship to the Egyptian Music Camp, D.A.R. Melva Rowe was chosen by the senior class and the high school faculty to receive the D, A, R, award for 1954-1955. Melva has been very active in all school activities includ- ing chorus, G,A, A, , Dramatics Club, Spanish Club, Thespians, and Pep Club. Among the offices she has held are President of G,A, A, and Dra- matics Club and Secretary-Treasurer of Spanish Club. In addition to these extra-curricular activities, she was in both the Junior Class and Senior Class plays, a mem- ber of a girls' ensemble, and a member of the National Honor Society. Determining factors in the presenta- tion of this honor were her scholastic standing, willingness to cooperate, and her exceptional interest in school activities. fnnsnmmn.-11.-'raving I I . ,', -. rt?" fuk. Cf .F A I ,emit Compliments of MATTESON'S INSURANCE AGENCY , f vu-' A Jerry Christian Melva Rowe Sue Culp Sue Greger Rosie Cler Roberta James Comphments of ROBERTSON'S MODERN CLEANERS Roberta James 8. John Behl 14. Carol and Rosie Cler Eric Kincanon 9. Mildred Wilcoxon 15. Wayne Gabbard Robby Doppelheuer 10. Shirley Dyke 16. Charles Blackford Sharon Riddell ll. Russell Simpson 17, Shirley Massie Roger Miller Jim Gilmer Patricia Patton 12.. Patsy Anderson 13. Deliece and Delores Woodall 18. John Boaz 19. Janice Reedy 20. Alma Waggle Compliments of DR, GEORGE L, KENNEDY, Dentist , N737 :gig Q ,.- I I CO-VALEDICTORIANS SALUTATORIAN Shirley Dyke and Melva Rowe Deliece Woodall Biggest Flirt . Best Figure. . Best Smile . . Best Dancer. . Prettiest Eyes . Prettiest Teeth Prettiest Hair . Best Liked . . Best Looking . Best Dressed . "HIT PARADE ' FAVORITE SENIORS . Sharon Riddell . . . . Jackie Wade . Jackie Wade . . Jackie Wade . . . Sue Culp. . . . . Woodall Twins . . . . Susie .... . Jackie Wade. . . Jackie Wade . . . Sharon Riddell . . Best Personality . . . Jackie Wade . Class Heartbreaker . Most Comical . Most Athletic . Datingest . . . Roberta James . . . . Susie Montgomery . . . . Robby Doppelheuer . . . . . Robby Doppelheuer . Most Likely to Succeed . . Melva Rowe . . Best Complexion . . . . . . Sue Culp. . . . . CRUM: FARRE. LL: GAINES: HALLAM: HYLAND: JAC OBS: KELLY: LEIGHTY: SCHROEDER: SPONSLOR: THORELL: TROST: WOLFE: MRS. WOLFE: FAMILIAR SAYINGS OF TEACHERS All right, you guys, stay loose! Okay, boys, tomorrow we have a field trip. Mr. Kelly, have you seen Pauline? Roger M Now, girls, we really do have to get the paper done. Hi! I could sure go for a cup of coffee! Where are you supposed to be this hour? . Roger Miller . Jim Gilmer . Bob Gentry . Jim Gilmer . . Jim Love Eric Kincanon Delbert Rogers . Ronnie Love . Jim Gilmer .Eric Kincanon Glenn Prosser iller-Jim Love . . Rosie Cler . Ronnie Love . . John Behl . . Rosie Cler Delbert Rogers I sure don't know what to do about a situation like this! Now we will just sit here until someone confesses---! I know what I'm trying to say--but, well, do you know what I mean? Huh ? Honestly, it's pathetic the way you guys play basketball. Now, class, remember our policy! This is a study hall, not a play period! Compliments of ANDREW'S MACHINE S: WELDING SERVICE UNDERCLASSMEN " v. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS PRESIDENT Kerry Keith VICE-PRESIDENT Dale Hillard SECRETARY Lorraine Talkington TREASURER Judy Snodg ras s K., Janet Ament 1 fi 2 K rx 4151 .. ' Q' V f is Q: fre. .f V 1 Email H. aw ' Q' .',,,,,i. 35 ss J 12 , ,xwn-25N gk :,. vi . Kr' my Z: A a mm? X'-N 'G 5. if u ,hiv :agp film """ iii' "1".:,'ry MISS? QU-142526-:EE Ir 'lk -K-55551-'Mfr' .,,.,.7,- ,Fei--1, 2 eg-f.:igf,iQ ' E52 1 .q 5. J' 'MH ... Phyllis Ballard Kay Bassett Jim Basham Lynne Bean Linda Beccue Don Bennett Kenneth Berry Ruth Brown Mark Brown Hannah Casebeer Harriette Casebear Jerry Dubson Tom Elbs Vicki English Art Fisher Gilby Fonner Judy Gire Larry Henegan Freda Hutchinson Joan Jolley if 3' 363: IZI: 1 fe QD , O KC Z : Jerry Lewis Charles Lough Paul Dean Lourash Ada McBride Pat Madigan Johnny Miller Marlana Morse Polly Nalley Letha Pfeffer Kenny Pyle Jean Rochat Rita Rose Rund Gleora Senters Larae Simpson Fred Spurlin Neil Statzer Jerome Tanous Amy Sue Taylor Denny Wade Barbara Wells Robert Anaker Joyce Basham James Berry Jo Ann Best Carolyn Cabalek James Christian Kathleen Cler Jean Clevenger Sherrill Cook Barbara Crouse Sharon Eversole Rex Fenwick Margaret Fry Phil Gammon John Gregor Marie Griffith Jerry Hardyman Dale Hillard Jane Huber Keith Hunt Lynn Jones Bill Jones Galen Junkins Kerry Keith q q V j'A. 'If f in 5 all Elizabeth Kraus Patsy Long Eddie Mas sie Sandra Matteson Keith Melton Patricia Mooney Robert Montgomery Eloise Naive Eddie Oakes Barbara Peeler Beverly Parrott Don Payton Sandra Sellers Myrtie Simpson Anna May Simpson Phyllis Smith Shirley Smith Judy Snodgrass Carolyn Shoemaker Lorraine Talkington Dianne Teter Maynard Tondini Maurice Myers Steele Zinsor Richard Billman Carol Christian Terry Clabaugh Phillip Cler John Czerwonka Jack Dempsey Kathie Dickason Judith Doppelheuer James Elder Janet Farrier Clark Feltner Jean Fisher Carla Fletcher John Gilles Darrel Griffith Patricia Helm David Hettinger Bobby Hollis Stephen Howard Russell Hutchison X fl ff- XQ A- If F1 I 4 Q35- Pauline Jiles Martha Kielhorn Richard Kincanon Johnnie Lanier Donna Love Robert Love Ronnie McCartney Edwin McGrath Phil Madigan Harvey McKenzie Allen Mann Jerry Mettler Glen Mayhall Marlene Melton Ronald Matteson Jerry Milliner Donald Myles Geraldine Peeler John Reinhart Carolyn Sawyer CXWIIIW HF 'YU D JD fl :X Fx: -A new xual:,1,Yf-'vim , ,J Ex F t x, 1' ' Charles Simpson Fred Smith Darla Talkington Neal Tay Roger Turner Doris Utterback Ronnie Wade Phil Ward Rose Ann Waugh Carolyn Weaver Walter Weir Ronald Wilson Rose Wilhelm Glen Edwards Ronald Woods Bill Morse ORGANIZATIONS .ml an :z 2? We Ji M H ,44ET'-.53 1-' rfaw zs f N .3 j W5 The high school band was very active during the 1954-55 school year under the direction of Mr. John Leighty. Among its appearances were all the home football and basketball games and the concert tour in the spring. This tour included three neighboring student bodies as well as our own. The majorettes, with Sharon Riddell as the drum majorette, were also active, making appearances with the band at all the football games and several of the basketball games. FIRST ROW: Sharon Riddell, Lynn Jones, Jim Elder, Ronnie Matteson, Bill Jones, Ronnie Wade. SECOND ROW: Martha Keilhom. Marie Griffith, Patricia Mooney, Jerry Hardyma Janie Huber, Eric Kincanon. THIRD ROW: Darrell Griffith, Phil Cler, Charles Knox, Mr. Leighty. "NAM ai. . 5953 Xe ?WiXW O U 2105 :X Skiatcidgexx' 16161. onvrx . 996 Svat eww Ogeavilei' 6 Q6 . 'idx x Xa YA. M 69 Q 10 W Q0 501 Xgilex' 109.66 geew' FIRST ROW: Mr. Leighty, Jim Elder, Bill Jom WN SECOND ROW: Charles Knox, Phil Cler, Ron Wade , Eddie McGrath. Compliments of INDEX NOTION COMPANY "Where you buy more for less" l , fd , f -Q .33 x f .-A QQ Many of the band members were also entered in the district solos and ensem- bles music contest. A dance band was initiated this year, composed of several members of the band. The band officers were: Sandra Matteson, Presidentg Tom Elbs, Vice-President: Lynn Jones, Sec- retary-Treasurerg Martha Keilhorn, Librariang Alfred Cler, Student Director I ww? :IRST ROW: Carolyn Weaver, Eddie McGrath, Jim Berry, Glenn . - , vlayhall, Tom Elbs. SECOND ROW: Kerry Keith, Alfred Cler, in I ' 7 I ii Cenny Pyle, Dale Hillard, Johnny Miller, Terry Clabaugh. STAND- 'hhuu ? ,mu NG: Carolyn Cabalek, Janet Farrier, Galen Junkins, Neil Statzer, A "' ,inda Wiman. "'x' HAT TUNEH r - I F1 RSI Cano RQW SEC 0- C72 :dlar J. OND 31-Ie U13 I R532 Baie, Rgbrq. i7f11o,,,' 453112001 T a ' 1 f ' agree Sgmdiefvjjgzbn Z? Dykled Clefero' Clab ,ac fires Wpsoa, owe' avec - Carol Tom E-vugb' Ja he W ood-21 MCA? Lynlle S1600 ya Cab lbs R wwe We L D 50 - Bea Ma ale ' 0017- 'U' . poll elle 8118,-yi II, T ylyall A-I S 1eM . 51.1 YN CGW ' Robe HIRD 'E U-ff aft C-'C' 0 RST ROW: Alfred Cler, Kerry Keith, Clark alley 00,7611 fra! Rgpkdme Me Mont eso , IU' slmer. SECOND ROW: Jim Berry, Glenn ' ' Sbarames, S' Ce,g,1cf?ra,f0'11e9, ayhall, 'rom Erbs. THIRD ROW: Neil srarzer. on ,Wd ue Culpfboe pg -'ea,, ' S11 . Sze ' Ml' 'Q . 1 ' Le- comphmenrs of KNOX HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Hier, 'gffgc 1 agen "YOUTH TAKES A STAND" OFFICERS President ..... Vice-President . . . Secretary . . Treasurer . . Advisor . OTHER MEMBERS Jerome Tanous Jean Rochat Beverly Parrott Sue Culp Carolyn Sawyer Rita Rund Art Fisher Jim Berry Bill Morse JoAnn Best Deliece Woodall Janet Ament Bob Gentry Charles Knox Janice Reedy Jackie Wade . Joe Kelly The Student Council is the representative body of the students. Its purpose is to carry out the desires of the students that will help to make our school a better institution of learning as well as to promote a better student-teacher relationship, Among many excellent examples of progress made by the Council this year were the Thanks giving Dance, newjuke box, records, Christ mas party, and the All-School Carnival, as well as an active participation in the District Student Council, which greatly helped our council by gathering new ideas from other schools, QV N1 Q Q 4 3 .H 6 .3 A Compliments of DR, JOHN A, LEON, opromemsr ,few ,Q 34 -F2 !4- l 3 AROUND TABLE Bill Jones, Ruth Brown, Jim Love, Deliece Woodall, Judy Gire, Jean Rochat, Mr. Hallam SECOND ROW: Sandra Sellers, Rita Rose Rund, Robby Doppelheuer, Galen Junkins, Art Fisher, Eric Kmcanon B111 Morse, Marlana Morse, Lynne Bean, Jackie Wade, Linda Beccue. THIRD ROW: Phil Gammon Marie Griffith, JoAnn Best, Shirley Smith, Delores Woodall, Sue Culp, Janice Reedy, Sharon Riddell Pat Helm, Carol Cler, Emily Hetringer, Shirley Dyke, Wayne Gabbard, Susie Montgomery. FOURTH ROW Harriette Casebeer, Barbara Crouse, Hannah Casebeer, Amy Sue Taylor, Joan Jolley, Mary Ellen Reinhart. FIRST ROW: Mr. Trost, Tom Elbs, Ronald Love, Russell Simpson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Crum, Jim Gilmer, Jerome Tanous, Wayne Gabbard, Eric Kincanon, Delbert Rogers, John Behl. THIRD ROW: Jim Love, Fred Spurlin, Larry Heneghen, John Greger, Charles Knox, Don Greger, Keith Hunt, Jerry Lewis, Bob Gentry. FOURTH ROW: Alfred Cler, Don Payton, Carl Martin, Glenn Prosser, Denny Wade. Compliments of JAMES I-I, TAYLOR, M,D, FIRST ROW: Lynne Beau, Judy Gire, Letha Pfeffer, Jean Rochat, Deliece Woodall, Jackie Wade, Miss Jacobs, Melva Rowe, Rita Rose Rund, Sue Culp, Carolyn Cabalek, Susie Montgomery. SECOND ROW: Harriette Casebeer, Janet Ament, Ada McBride, Donna Love, Janet Farrier, Judy Doppelheuer, Mary Ellen Reinhart, Barbara Wells, Carolyn Shoemaker, Myrtie Simpson, Barbara Crouse, Sandra Matteson, Vicki English, Roberta James. THIRD ROW: Johnnie Lanier, Gleora Senters, Carla Fletcher, Linda Beccue, Carolyn Sawyer, Polly Nalley, Alma Waggle, Dianne Teter, Janie I-luber, Carolyn Weaver, Freida Hutchison, Lorraine Talkington, Sandra Sellers, Patricia Mooney. FOURTH ROW: Robby Dop- pelheuer, Martha Kielhorn, Rose Ann Waugh, Jean Fisher, Marlene Melton, Darla Talkington, Pat Helm, Janice Reedy, Sharon Riddell, Delores Woodall, Emily Hettinger, Carol Cler, JoAnn Best, Shirley Smith, Marie Griffith, Patricia Patton. A N I S FIRST ROW: Tom Elbs, Dianne Teter, Jerry Lewis, Jerome Tanous, Jean Rochat, Miss Sponsler, Art Fisher. SECOND ROW: JoAnn Best, Marie Griffith, Joyce Basham, Carolyn Shoemaker, Sandra Matteson, Beverly Parrott, Kathy Cler, B11 Jones, Denny Wade, Galen Junkins ROW: Sandra Sellers, Patricia Mooney Hettinger, Carol Cler, Sharon Riddell, Barbara Crouse. THIRD ROW: Charles Lough, Dale Hillard Susie Montgomery, Rita Rose Rund, Janie Huber. FOURTH Carolyn Cabalek, Freida Hutchison, Ruth Brown, Emily Shirley Smith. Compliments of JOHN LAMB 8: WENDELL TURNER Q1 YX fr ffl if' ' 'f Q q FIRST ROW: Rex Fenwick, Jerry Dubson, Glenn Prosser. Jim Basham, Roger Miller, Bob Mont- gomery. SECOND ROW: John Miller, Phil Madigan, Jerry Christian, Mr. Farrell, Darrell Griffith, Richard Kincanon. THIRD ROW: Neal Tay, Ronnie Woods, Glenn Edwards, Eddie Massie, Jerry Milliner, Jim Christian, Don Bennett. ,MAKERS I f C NEW YN as he -' by 07 LQ ' 1 F- l '4 - 5 fig' fa ii I :ff S: X ' Y ke, O '3 4 xc 44:0 ,PX FIRST ROW: Letha Pfeffer, Alma Waggle, Mrs. Wolfe, Patricia Patton, Jeanne Tewell SECOND ROW: Larae Simpson, Carolyn Smith, Marget Fry, Phyllis Smith, Kay Bassett I Harriette C ase beer. Compliments of G, E, NUSSELL Kr SON "Your Buick Dealer" GIRLS' CHORUS f FIRST ROW: Sandra Sellers, Phyllis Smith, Patsy Long, Alma Waggle, Sharon Brant, Mr. Leighty, Patricia Patton, it i B 1, Polly Nalley, Jackie Wade, Linda Beccue, Carolyn Weaver. SECOND ROW: Melva Rowe, Freda Hutchison, Beverly ' Parrott, Marie Griffith, Lynn Jones, Barbara Crouse, Barbara Wells, Kathy Dickason, Donna Love, Doris Utterback, F - Shelby Reed, Helen Basham, Ada McBride, Janet Ament, Harriette Casebeer, Susie Montgomery, Marlana Morse, - , Margaret Fry. THIRD ROW: Dianne Teter, Carla Fletcher, Marlene Melton, Pat Helm, Jean Fisher, Gleora Senters 'X A . Shirley Massie, Helen Vandeventer, Johnnie Lanier, Carolyn Smith, Larae Simpson, Emily Hettinger, Carol Cler, Sharon Riddell, Sue Culp, Rita Rose Rund, Myrna Jean Rochat. TOP ROW: Carolyn Cabalek, Janice Reedy, Delores Woodall, Deliece Woodall, Mildred Wilcoxen, Geraldine Peeler, Rose Ann Waugh, Ruby Maulding, Phyllis Ballard, Vicki English, Roberta James, Mary Ellen Reinhart, Sherrill Cook, Judy Snodgrass, Carolyn Shoemaker, Lorraine Talkington, Shirley Dyke, Lynne Bean. ff! S4 1 , l . X X f i . .6 Director--Mrs. Meyers. FIRST ROW: Jack Babb, Maurice Myers, Bill Jones, Eddie Oaks, Jim Berry, Kerry Keith. SECOND ROW: Art Fisher Fred Spurlin, Robert Anaker, Robert Montgomery. Compliments of COLEMAN FARM SUPPLY "Oliver - finest in Machinery" DRAMA NCS FIRST ROW: Roger Miller, Jackie Wade, Eric Kincanon, Mrs. Hyland, Mrs. Thorell, Carol Cler, Judy Gire. Eddie Oaks. SECOND ROW: Harrierte Casebeer, Barbara Crouse, Roberta James, Vicki English, Sandra Matteson, Mary Ellen Reinhart, Beverly Parrott, Carolyn Shoemaker, Marie Grifrith. THIRD ROW: Sue Culp Janice Reedy, Deliece Woodall, Delores Woodall. Sharon Riddell, Emily Hettinger, Linda Beccue, Shirley Dyke, Sandra Sellers, Patricia Mooney. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Cabalek, Rita Rose Rund, Janie Huber, Robby Doppelheuer. Lynne Bean, Melva Rowe, Art Fisher, Jean Rochat, Denny Wade, Susie Montgomery, Bill Jones. FIRST ROW: Roger Miller, Delores Woodall, Sue Culp, Mary Ellen Reinharr, Alflled Cler. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hyland, Deliece Woodall, Sharon Riddell, Janice Reedy, Mrs. Thorell. THIRD ROW: Shirley Dyke, Jackie Wade, Emily HOME Hettinger, Rita Rose Rund, Melva Rowe, Susie Montgomery. UNERAL of KE ITH F THESPIANS FIRST ROW: John Boaz, James Basham, Jim Gilmer, Mr. Gaines, Russell Simpson, Larry l-lennegan, Tom Elbs. SECOND ROW: John Gillis, Neal Tay, Jerry Dubson, Jim Love, Jack Babb, Bill Eisenmenger, Jim Christian, Delbert Rogers. THIRD ROW: John Behl, Charles Blackford, Darrell Griffith, Eric Kincanon, Jerome Tanous, Wayne Gabbard, Jerry Christian, Phil Madigan. 181 ' X x 5 3 XA Q9 .L 5 un! . Iliff? gg-4 ' A , LEFT TO RIGHT: Margaret Fry, Patricia Patton, Mary Ellen Reinhart, Marie ,V ff-' f J Griffith, Carol Cler, Mrs. Thorell. A Compliments of VILLA GROVE FARMER'S ELEVATOR 40 SPORTS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Jackie Wade Roberta. James Vicki English Sharon Riddell Robby Doppelheuer "RACKET SQUAD" B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS Barbara Crouse, Janet Farrier, Sandra Matteson, Judy Doppelheuer -V vi F' ff le A 1 "ii Tom Elbs Ron Love Glenn Pros ser Eric Kincanon FIRST ROW: John Behl, Jim Love. Don Payton, Ron Love, Jim Gil- Neil Statzer mer. SECOND ROW: Mr. Trost, Phil Gammon, Jerome Tanous, Kei1 Hum, Glenn Prosser, Fred Spurlin. THIRD ROW: Fred Smith, John Gilles, Neal Tay, Eddie McGrath, Roger Turner, Terry Clabaugh, Dave Hetringer. FOURTH ROW: Rex Fenwick, Jack Demsey, Bill Jon Dale Hillard, Maynard Tondini. Jerry LCWIS Compliments of Cfr, HENSON at SONS Jim Gilmer "Lumber and Hardware" INEUP" FIRST ROW: Larry Heneghan. Pat Madigan. Tomylilbs. Neil Statzer, Ierry Lewis. SECOND' ROW: Charles Knox, John G1-eager, Wayne Gabbard. Eric Kincanon, Denny Wade, Keith'Me'1t0n, Cdach Bill Crum. THIRD ROW: Glen Mayhall, Ronnie Mccamieyg Phu ' Madigan, John Czerwonka, Ronnie Wade, Charles Sin1pSomeBob Love. FOURTH ROW: Richard Kincanon, Ronumatteson, Richard Hillman, Harvey McKenzie, Bill Morse,.Russe1l.Simpsor1, Manager. Larry Heneghan J1m Love Pat Madigan ed Spurlin Wayne Gabbard Don Payton rex ompliments of VILLA GROVE NEWS -B .sl- . S 4 L' -T 4 '. - if ' Ill T , , .:-, ' " A l I 1 ZF ' -11 -.., AGQESQJR '.l- --v 1' mlm 25.31, .. , KN, UZ' - FOOTBALL SCORES GROVERS LOSE OPENER I3-6 The Villa Grove Blue Devils fought hard against the very highly touted Unity eleven before failing in defeat 13-6. A 3-td underdog, the Devils gave Unity an outstanding game. John Behl scored our T. D. on an intercepted pass. DEVILS sock ATWOOD IQ-I3 Villa Grove almost lost to Atwood but they bounced back to take a full measure of Atwood. Don Payton played his usual fine game in the ground gaining department. Q, WINS OKAW OPENER I3-O The Villa Grove eleven got off to a good start in the Okaw by the I3-0 whitewash of a good Bement eleven. Don Payton scored the two touchdowns, one on an amazing fifty yard run. Villa Grove really looked good in this game. DEVILS UPSET I8-6 Monticello pulled a few tricks out of the bag to score an upset I8-6. Villa Grove looked poor. L Don Payton was good as usual. GROVERS LOSE HEARTBREAKER 7-0 Tuscola knocked V. G. out of the Okaw race on a fifty seven yard T.D. romp by Tom Meyers. Villa Grove played a great game and was in it all the way. VILLA GROVE ROLLS 31-O Villa Grove rolled over a weak Oakland team by the large score of 31-O. Villa Grove never really in trouble, opened up and let the T. D. 's come thru. V. G. WINS AGAIN 19-o Villa Grove again showed its power as it smashed Cerro Gordo I9-O. Villa Grove controlled the game all the way and played fine ball. Isdfpf 03 - Nfl' Losa FINALE I9-I2 Villa Grove lost its fourth game of the year as they fell victim to the Newman Redskins 19-12. Payton scored both T. D. 's. The loss gave us a season record of four wins and four losses. BASEBALL SCORES The Villa Grove nine dropped their first game of the hard ball season to ABL. V, G. did, how- ever, out hit ABL IO to 6. V. G. 0 CHARLESTON 8 The Devils lost their second game to a good Charleston ball club. Jim Love succeeded in getting Villa Grove's only hit, a double. V. G. 5 BEMENT 3 Villa Grove won tha first game of the season as Wayne Gabbard twirled a beautiful four-hit game. Glenn Prosser led the attack with three hits. V. G. o DANVILLE IL Getting only two hits all day, the Devils dropped their third game of the year to Danville. V. G. 7 CHAMPAIGN 5 Backed by good coachiri and a lot of hustle, the Grovers chalked up their second win of the year against three losses. v. G. 4 C1-1P.1sTMAN 2 Villa Grove kept on their winning ways behind the seven-hit pitching of Jerry Lewis. Although out hit, 7-3 the Devils took advantage of the breaks. v, G. 9 BEMENT o The Grovers won their third straight game behind Wayne Gabbard's splendid two-hit pitching. Wayne also led the hitting with two hits in four at bat. v, G. 7 UNITY 0 Villa Grove won their fourth contest in a row and their second straight shut out. Limiting Unity to one hit, the Devils collected five. V. G. 3 CHAMPAIGN 2 It was Gabbard again as the Devils won their fifth game in a row. The win gave Villa Grove a 6-3 record. V. G. 7 ABL I3 The Grovers' five game winning streak came to an end at the hands of a much poorer ABL nine. The loss was credited to Jerry Lewis although he was later relieved by Jim Love and Wayne Gabbard. V, G. 3 PARIS o In the District opener, behind the shutout pitching of Wayne Gabbard, who knotched his sixth win in defeating a very rough Paris nine at Danville. V. G. 0 DANVILLE I0 Villa Grove closed out their '55 season with a I0-0 loss to Danville. The Devils finished out the v. G. 6 ABL 9. year with a 7-5 record. K -3 Compliments of DR, C, J. CUNNINGHAM, Osteopath -' I Fi . 1 J , -1. "'-. 'i Yi 1 ii J f r AP sf if .1 I Wayne Gabbard Jerome Tanous Bill Crum. FIRST ROW: Glenn Prosser, Denny Wade. SECOND ROW: Jerome Tanous, Jirn Love, Wayne Gabbard, Rosie Cler, Pat Madigan. THIRD ROW: John Czerwonka, Manager: Jerry Lewis, Tom Elbs, Coach "STRIKE IT RICH" ABL Charle ston Bement Danville Champaign Chrisman Bement Unity Champaign ABL Paris Danville V. G. 6 O 5 0 7 4 9 7 3 7 District 3 OPP, 9 8 3 13 5 2 0 0 2 13 O Jerry Lewis Jim Love Rosie Cler Tom Elbs Glenn Prosser Denny Wade Q. Bob 'E Gentry QD Compliments of THE VILLA GROVE PASTRY SHOP Pat "Phone 3961" Madigan lIP-OFF' Gregor rlyf if 'we ur Don hi 1 FIRST ROW: Mr. Crum, Rexl Fenwick.. Dale lflillardr Donr?aysonQfsPhi1 Gammon, Jack Dempsey, Ronnie McCartney., Keith'Me1totrsfSBQOblD s ROW: John Miller, Steve Howard, 'Harvey'McKenzle,i Darrel Richard Kincanon, Glenn Mayhallt Bill Morse, Neal 'Ifayl."1fI'Hl :'k R WE-Q. John Czerwonka, Ron Wade, Lloyd Jackson., Roger Kh', Q., 9 Bob Love, Fred Smith, Perry Shoemaker. pf MM .-- ,fyf s,,,r..,-t 11119 John Gregor Wayne 'tyf Gabba rd K I t - ,.., x WJMME M. l ry I I . , ,,., . ,t .,.. ,ruff 1... 1 -, - , .. f f-fv is 1-fr , Q. .,.,., no , f . f f f - f J - -utr 4 in Qui. rirr ' J ' V-G- 43 ARC0LAf34.l. f f r.... 5 J ...... v. G. 67 CHARLESTON 75 if baskets hampered V.G. at of their five-game losing streak, the Devils kept up 'netting only I9 field, and fought hard before bow ing to Charleston. John 'U Wm' t i l rammed it 37 Poifgt- 8 Ei .V.G4 J If G 7 lr-'Whlf :rr ....n. V- G- 2 UNlTY l test from Okaw Grovers dropped their sixth straight game to a fancy Unity the fair They fought hard all the way, howesver. hints- J J 1 enre eiii 4 V- G- 81 ABL iii G- f63gy1 .....nn Qii l T he Devils broke their losing Streak by Sorrhdly thrrtihirie the Trojans from ABL. John Gregor scored 40 points for his second iball C11-lbs game over 40 this year. lt- . hit.iyy iii. rsii .rrs, s.sii i V-G- 52 WESTVILLE 79 ffiilffif . .V-G- r75itf.Tlii1l5f35llRQ A tall- rahgy Westville five Outfall it Smaller- but more illlrlliiil the V. G. five here. V. G. refused to be beaten and played Westville l? BFUDU5 lo the flhal Uh- Vla lil g V-G- 69 BEMENT 64 1.8. L rV,. tr V The Villa Grove hoopstets finished up the Okaw conference with rny f a fine win over Bement. The win gave V. G. a three to six record the Christman for the year in conference play. match. John Gregor V.G. 59 MATTOON 62 s in train Vries 50 i JNIA NTICELLO 59 f AYe1g13!K1755Qi1Q,.QQnference play and put up a fine battle Y 'f'f511ingQ1Yia:ftftp'is't0ithe Okaw Champs John Gregor totaled his ta Again showing their fine tournament play the Blue Devils played an outstanding game against Mattoon in the first game of the Regional Mattoon s Green Waves nearly found the Devils too hot to handle John Gregor turned in I7 points for V. G. scoring honors .l'.' . ' fii"'i's i's1Lfif tf?i::s..g.f "'1, -r,s '- . . . I ifihfira 'ii-,.r '-,r 12 'rff V 'hf lggtifzik z ..1"lI ,gif . , fl .ff ..,,. . I" I o i Compliments of FURSTE AUTO SUPPLY 4 7 4' Jerry Lewis 555 FIRST ROW: Coach Chet Trost, Pete Mayhall, Ron Love, Neil Statzer, Jerry Lewis, Fred Spurlin, Don Payton, Ron McCartney, Bill Morse. SECOND ROW: Manager Fred Smith, John Reinhart, Bill Jones, John Behl, Harvey McKenzie, Eric Kincanon, Keith Melton, Gary Allen, Don Greger. Don "THE ROAD OF LIFE" This was a year of high points and very low ones for the very good Villa Grove track team. Opening the season was a win in a triangular meet with Atwood and Tuscola. Team scoring found V,G, with 76 113, Atwood 66 213, and Tuscola 4. It was also a year in which V,G, could never get started in big meets. They did, however, place 6th in the Charleston open with 20 112 points, but succeeded in acquiring only 9 points in the Urbana Open and 4 in the Paris Relays, all of which were earned by the Frosh Relay team. The V, G, thin clads then placed second in a triangular meet with I-Ioopeston, scoring 59, V. G, 55 112, and Oakwood 32. The team got back on their winning ways by soundly defeating Monticello 62-55. The long trip to the Pana Open netted V,G, third place with 23 7110 points. Then came the Tuscola Relays in which we gained 6th place and 18 points. In an attempt to equal last year's first place the Frosh-Soph captured third place in the Frosh-Soph Okaw with 32 points. After a delay of 10 years, Coach Trost's men really let go and walked away with the Okaw Valley Championship hands-down, the closest competition having only 30 points. Firsts went to Don and John Greger and Don Payton. To follow up the Okaw, V,G, placed 5th in the District meet with ll 113 points and sent Don Payton to the State Meet in the broad jump, The last team meet was a Frosh-Soph meet at Charleston in which four freshmeng Harvey McKenzie, Pete Mayhall, Bill Morse and Ron McCartney, scored 44 points for a 4th place. Compliments of TOHILL AND SON HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Neil Statz e r D G Fred Spurlin on reger Ron Love Johnnie Behl ff H3 u - 1 -. ACTIVITIES "ROYAL PLAYHOUSEH JACKIE WADE AND JIM LOVE Q Q Q Compliments of McQUEEN'S ELECTRIC 8: TELEVISION SERVICE Longview and Villa Grove 50 f ,f if SENI E 5 d Love anZU32A1vTS AT T EQD PL?riAa51g,an ob Q QR 5 ? 3 erta Ja x 0001 an DESHOMECOMING ATTENDANTS , FRE. NTS on SH ATTENDA Pun Gafflm Car01ynMAN ATT OMORE' . tan and Savvy END SOPH .ne Tawlng er and DANTS 1:81 Q hor Compliments of EAT sr SIP Roof BEER STANDVe Hettinger E, . MBA utlm 4 cv-PX ya Sv lf fjluzcoz Q30 silt C-Qiswit Q11 Tousmxqsgci Mr. L Xcagxixcukngex' QM! gt Hwogaxgn EQAW OL 5 W I-XC0 , -iyjg Qvcgo Rcwonsk ci cpe! DFESCHI5 LXQXC CACA, Q! Ltomfiw gpcckax. 23 O14 :Z KW dmc drcssxn. l Q Z0 . . 0' Q 5 I2 tufkq W1 DAMN 0 Q J K get sl f Xupx bcgu C22 . tween Cxouds W Vwqclld potatoes gmvshe Mkvdme MUs1c b -gmrclvssd snlfidx dust Joe Hof Y 0055 nd gm an Ins 0:32115 Haximoonaid wuegmz gona rovc H1211 SPIIOOI Nofmdnx?-ESV batik ns X In May fou Gyfllnasl su wbippe Mood gejdx C C011 I rteellt um . I ' lundred E Bm DWDC fry five kcogecl U E I L, of of it of U Q O Villa G astra Uon and winks and " Q b 3 erC"'m gnc N' t h ' 1 7 We Every boy a king, every girl a queen-- Corsages of orchids, roses and evergreeng Formals in circlesg forrnals in gores, A banquet served by the Sophomores. We "Hitched Our Wagon to a Star"-- Toasted the faculty at the punch bar! We danced and sang 'till morning was light-- Thank you, Juniors, for a perfect Prom night. Compliments of ENGLISI-l'S SOUTHSIDE GROCERY 52 VALENTINE SWEETHEART Roberta James was chosen by the students to represent our school as sweetheart of the annual G, A, A, Sweetheart Ball. Many other schools sent sweethearts, helping to make this dance even bigger and better every year. THANKSGIVING QUEEN This year a queen was named in connection with the Student Counci1's Thanksgiving Dance. Sue Culp was the girl named to be the first queen of this big event in the school year. WTF A ' x QU E E N I E ,I f Compliments of INSURANCE "Agents and Brokers" Q!! If Z nf C HENSON AND WEGENG E rx "PLAYHOUSE OF STARS" TOP ROW: Mrs. Hyland, Art Fisher, Denny Wade, Duke Lough, Jerry Lewis, Jerome Tanous, Phyllis Ballard, Vickie English. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Thorell, Lynne Bean, Jean Rochat, Ruth Brown, Amy Sue Taylor, Linda Beccue. J , "THAT'S OUR BOY! " Walter . Bob . Lynn . Marian . Jane . Gwyn . Frank. Alice . . Ed .... Hildegard . Cecil . . . Miss Adams. . Compliments of DR, . . Jerome Tanous . Denny Wade Joan Jolley . Lynne Bean . . Vicki English . Amy Sue Taylor . . Duke Lough . Ruth Brown . Jerry Lewis . Jean Rochat . Art Fisher . . Linda Beccue - 4 -f ,,,-,,,. ROBERT TAYLOR, Dentist "WHAT'S MY LINE" FIRST ROW: Deliece Woodall, Sharon Riddell, Mrs. Thorell, Susie Montgomery, Melva Rowe, Linda Wiman. SECOND ROW: Rosie Cler, Mrs. Hyland, Eric Kincanon, Sue Culp, Wayne Gabbard, Jackie Wade. L 2:7 W a "THE NIGHTCRAWLERSH Melva Rowe. . . . Cinny Lou Wayne Gabbard . . . . Zeke Skitter Eric Kincanon ....... Clint Roberts Deliece Woodall fAct Il . . . . Kitty Wood Delores Woodall QAct II 8: IIIJ . . . Kitty Wood Susie Montgomery .... . Jackie Burton Sue Culp .... . .Carol Lewis Roger Miller . . . George Allen Rosie Cler . . . .Dick Karl Sharon Riddell . . . Mrs. Yates Jackie Wade . . Marion Yates Compliments of U, 8: S, CLEANERS "A Complete Dry-cleaning Service" """36i-'3x21sit'?i1 N' " ' i "HAPPY HOMEH The Building Trades part of the school unit is indeed one of its best, for Villa Grove has one of the best of its kind in the state. One look at the house in the picture is enough to assure you that few houses of equal quality are being built around here. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Everett Martin, Delbert Rogers, Bob Gentry, Jack Babb, Larry Heneghan. SECOND ROW: John Behl, Mr. Schroeder, Paul Lourash, Gilby Fonner, Wayne Naive, Mark Brown, Don Lourash. "ADVENTUREH Custodians: Mr. Campbell Mr. Crouse Compliments of ROGERS HOME APPLIANCES 6611+ QNX ki-'- fd fl "THE BIG PAY-OFF" CO-VALEDICTORIANS . SALUTATORIAN . . . JUNIOR CAPE ..... D.A.R. . . . .... S.A.R. ..... . . DANFORTH FOUNDATION. ATHLETIC AWARD . . . FOREIGN LANGUAGE . . SOCIAL SCIENCE . . . SCIENCE ...... VOCATIONAL TRAINING . ARION AWARD .... NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PROBATIONARY MEMBERS SCHOLARSHIP LETTERS FRESHMEN ...... SOPHOMORES . . JUNIORS. . SENIORS. . F. F. A. AWARDS OUTGOING PRESIDENT . BEST PROJECT BOOK . . Melva Rowe and Shirley D ke . . . . . Deliece Wood,all . ...... Charles Lough . . . . . . . . . . Melva Rowe . . . . . . . . . . Alfred Cler . Mary Ellen Reinhart and Glenn Prosser . . . . . . . . . . Ronnie 'Love . . . . . . . . . Art Fisher . Linda Wiman . . . . . . . . . . Alfred Cler ..........JohnBehl Sharon Riddell . . .Shirley Dyke, Alfred Cler, Melva Rowe, Deliece Woodall, Delores Woodall, Charles Knox, Sue Culp. . Mark Brown, Jerome Tanous, Jean Rochat, Charles Lough, Bill Jones, Shirley Smith. . n . . . .Judith Dop elheuer, Kathie Dickason, Patricia Heijm, Lloyd Jackson, Martha Keilhorn, Johnnie Lanier, Eddie McGrath, Marlene Melton, Jerry Milliner, Donald Myles. . . .Joyce Basham, JoAnn Best, Kathleen Cler, Dale Hillard, Jane Huber, Bill Jones, Eddie Oakes, Beverly Parrott, Sandra Sellers, Shirley Smith, Dianne Teter. . . . Ruth Brown, Vicki English, Art Fisher, Joan Jolley, Jerry Lewis, Charles Lough, Marlana Morse, Jean Rochat, Jerome Tanous. Patsy Anderson, Alfred Cler, Carol Cler Carter, Sue Culp, Shirley Dyke, Emily Hettinger, Roberta James, Eric Kincanon, Charles Knox, Ron Love, Norma Sue Montgomery, Glenn Prosser, Mary Ellen Reinhart, Sharon Riddell, Melva Rowe, Linda Wiman, Deliece Woodall, Delores Woodall, . Glenn Prosser . Jerry Dubson BEST PROJECT . .... .... . . Rex Fenwick OUTSTANDING FRESHMAN . .... . . . .Phu Madigan G. A. A. AWARDS SENIOR ....... JUNIOR .... SOPHOMORE . FRESHMEN . . Jackie Wade, Sue Culp, Melva Rowe . . . . Jackie Wade, Roberta James . . . . . Shirley Smith, Sandra Sellers . Jane Huber, Dianne Teter, Marie Griffith, Martha Keilhorn, Betty Jo Sheets, Donna Love, Pat Mooney, Barbara Crouse, Sandra Matteson, Robby Doppelheuer. NATIONALATHLETIC HONORSOCIETY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ronnie Love, Alfred Cler, Neil Statzer, Jerry Lewis, Russell Simpson, Tom Elbs, Bob Gentry, Jerome Tanous, Jim Gilmer, Denny Wade, Pat Madigan, Glenn Prosser, Charles Knox. LIBRARIANS ....... . Margaret Fry, Patricia Patton, Mary Ellen Reinhart, Marie Griffith, Carol Carter. EGYPTIAN MUSIC CAMP SCHOLARSHIP Joe Elder, Bob Bender ...... . ........... P. T. A. Lynn Jones .... . ..... . .Chamber of Commerce Polly Nalley . . . Pete Mayhall . . Martha Keilhorn . Lynne Bean . . . Jim Elder . . . . . . . . . V. F. W. A. . . . . . . Rotary . . . .V. F. W. . .Women's Club . . . Lions Compliments of CRADDICK'S FLOWER SHOP wir, M15 ,+A x,,f""" fl Q ,. ,4, Www 41 1 x X 'aw 5 'Q byi? cpgigggivf an 'P W W f vs? ff' UYX3-Y XS V' 6 -W oxfking' Sou xfltx 5 3' av W W9 L- OOXL PX W xl 1103i . Yi X Get .6 1 00 ef Dx 0" USU 1QT'f3 HOW OW nw'- 9 1035 PJXSW C . omphments of TI-IOMPSONIS GROCERY nf",-U-.,-1 T nhl, "T'n Place nf llqqu ix fill XRE THERE flfhxb i, ' LJIIRX . 511552532 Wahl!!! " - 1 .xv 141 XX. Ilflllf k F' I O1-IC I Hard M Hom QfOpe A4 xjgfgjfonh oth Cs el' Lik es My Dre Pepare Yo Ursel f. Ssss 1" 3 IIB Us alizwgsli Yas-L -swam.. fl-L-le Beesly Co 'UO se, Lla ma En E H K 1 do . Compliments of lst NATIONAL BANK A 1482 QQ, 4-ah,...1 A I 2 ' . -- H , , -. .X , xf Q ' t Av, xr ,S fgi X P xi ,gg y 'ES 52 G1 ' I Dx i I' 5 ' .mi S, 'R 'M W A 5 , e 5 B ,ne r gif K f x,-g V ' , Here we are as we were between our , 2 y 15 . years of babyhood and graduation, E r ' r r i e I r ff e .L we ee,, i la 555: L I 'S 4 'if We i F' WSG, L ,Q 2 . ii: ,fs Q, ,awry 1 J, W 4 3' -all lbgzlmfig . 2, 3 ,5 gm? V435 M rw 45.4 ' 3 ,J J W ll' 9 i 29 , .Fawn is fwiiff-1 3: 1' . 5 J, .tx ' -'if . Q :dak 1 573 hah... H -0' If Q. L. lr ,a ff,--"I 1h -f J, A .,'hJ , f'f ll ' ,. 5 f v -. I -' -.. .M ::. I 1- '52 I . , h A 1 , . x V Q mv ' 5 '5- 1 K H- "' -' i ' :kg J ir 'i '19 , 'raw X 4 Q 5 LVL If Y 1-f i Av' I XJ' H I Q 4 O Q . una-- W iagiavm 41 ,pi 4 I2-YEAR CLASSMATES we 1 R, E z Rosie Cler, Wayne Gabbard, Carol Cler, Chuck Knox, John Behl, Delbert Rogers, Sue Culp, Sharon Riddell, Melva Rowe, Susie Montgomery, Patsy Anderson, Janice Reedy. A 5X ,aww 04, 0 Q5 .of w'LN' . 5' G9 5- 4 5- 'ood B 9580 Qo Q56 O-9 6 0,0 Cy 910 .QS A-11 xoixooxozevos we 40 001520 00 919 040 090 we os '96 42' QOQQQKOQAZOVWQ, 400 49, 615.0 04a QW 4559645 QJ5' 34629 Gef O19 of .90 oo oo"4o'2"v-N9 Vi- 0,69 08,0 60.0 165 51 .coo mo 4' eg' va-so 5590 '90, 01 'Cl' rib K' xx, we 106 00 . emo 0. of 0 99 68' . Q, 404 5nxo10W4'9'0 Comphments of STATE BANK QQ' wefyab 01 o qfv-Z Wave, 'Y ww 636 Q Q gy X943 XDGQWYQK' s 0 'X Q6 jgjjl Yflllools Lyn H S A 1 5' . Q, g ' X ' 1 a , i 'WMM ,Q if. 2 fn .I X . N EX Wm 'S 496 ar. 17 v Au'5LISw2f..,g,,,.' .. f v 4 2 C M ,.. N . Y , .-SX? .4 I , K, ,f 5 fe L fist Q31 n WSW - , ' .lN., 'F J., V .4 lwfv. -: ---. Lava -1 -g., u . ,Mft , ww-5, 'W K ei wif , N, , rip , ,.., J Q 1 when .i h'4,g 1 K' , V I . W - Q N if 'Q 1 Q Z . - M wg msmuih , ,z X ,, , U ,S 4 . l . Q t' S 1 I 'Q if i I ,Q E -Q .HP . 2 J .1 Q1 , S w Q wg P 1 Q A ll l ' 9 ll x 1. H .. V W-nm , .K ff.- 2 ' v ,--a4v'4"'f W , ' ,ef-6 , A I Q A........f. 'WWW' . mm' ' A MA ,.-, V 5 5 X f K ai Z if f r , , ., Y 1,, A 1 W, . fe , z v - wfufgii -i3:f,11.y 1 iff-w:'f'i5w ' W.k, f-,Kk,,,.,1 . . ,, ,NA 4,,,- an bjlf A. , W, 4,.:wf::j,j'1giff,f 'f :Skim-15g,?u1 1112 , ,MSS k ,U A- --,wm4q4 -W-mm:-A QW, I .fYl.f:v,4.mmf:g Wm -.,, ., W STEM- "'r.:H1f2P.+'Pf'i1sw ff gg ig 23 +4 5 G fi . ,. sf' V' 4 , . , EEE .H M, 4 " :EBM Wim 2 ' rm 5 , ' . k a-rg 22-Q, Q, 1 'U ' ,T ky 'C k - H 3+ ' if 4 L :J if 'Q Mwufgh' l ., ' gm Ri . YW " ' V .. f 4. 1 . ' ,gag 4, 1

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