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1.- JY 'Vi SWF' ef if fly Q 8Clfll'l'l 7957 x E, 0l'elll0I' SONG OF THE OPEN ROAD Afoot and light-hearted, I take to the open road, Healthy, free, the world before me, The long brown path before me, leading wherever I choose. Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good fortune, Henceforth, I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing Done with indoor complaints, libraries, querulous criticisms, Strong and content I travel the open road. The earth, that is sufficient, I do not want the constellations any nearer, I know they are very well where they are, I know they suffice for those who belong to them. . . Walt Whitman "',:f,','L'1 ' vw-'Z " k " 'f1L:r --J : 1 111: 11 4 -, sur f " b I Q. ,., 3 , . , ,I X If , iw 'qu 2 Superintendent and Principal PAULINE HOLT Secretary i ,Ji if JD ff 1-f gg-L, 4 JOE KELLEY Assistant Principal Mr, Kelley was our assistant principal this year, sharing duties with Mr. Gaines. He did a good job in the office as well as keeping the school in order. Besides his many duties in the office, he helped the Student Council carry on its work, taught Math l and P. E. and acted ' as guidance counselor. f1, -I I a 1, "'N"SfP Q - I MARTIN PROSSER oTTo REINHART f W 4 . CECIL KEITH ' f,,,,,-3 ADOLPH BRETZ, President TED CARMACK WENDELL CANNON FRED ELBS gc-Ago! ZZW E 5 .,x E.. QI 7- W' .3 'Ia' CECIL SCHROEDER Building Trades Industrial Arts WESLEY FARRELL Agriculture if' I? LESLIE WOLFE Science Student Counci K ,,,. Q, Q f by J -mgfzff, M- if-A -Me, ,ff ' MARJORIE SIDWELL RUTH CONN Commerce Home Economics Student Council BETTY HANSON English Chorus MARY PARR English Library nv- MARY LOU SPONSLER English Spanish 8 Au. CLARENCE WEIR World History Economics Boys' P. E. Coach BILL CRUM Math Coach MARY LEE JACOBS U. S. History Girls' P. E. 9 M 'wil-QW PE Band BOYS' Chorus RAMONA DICKEY Art ANNE BU RNETT Speech Correctionist -Q-q ue, V , .ff J J-"M" ...-nn FlRST ROW: Mr. Wolfe, advisor, John Brooks, Pat Reinhart, vice-president, .lack Kleiss, presi- dent, Mary Kay Robison, secretary, Bob Crossman, treasurer, Miss Sidwell, advisor, Joan Ben- der. SECOND ROW: Shirley Reinhart, Frank Curry, Shirley Lassen, Don Johnson, Betty Elbs, Dick Massey, Charles Cannon, Clarice Smith .gzwlenf Counci The student council is the governing body of the high school. V. G. H. S. is proud of their student council. lt is made up of representatives from each advisory group that are elected by the group members. The presi- dent and vice-president of the student coun- cil are elected by the entire student body. Other officers are chosen by members of the student council. There are six seniors, five juniors, two sophomores, and one freshman in the V, G. H. S, student council. Mr. Kelley, assistant principal, serves as chairman. Mr. Wolfe and Miss Sidwell serve as advisors to the student council. Many school activities are sponsored by the student council, the Thanksgiving Dance being the most import- ant, for it is the student council that does all planning and preparing for this occasion, llc 'L .91 y : X P Mary Prosser -- Joan Bender --- Charles Andrews--- Jack Griffin ---- Ray Stebbins- -- ----------Editor ----Assistant Editor ---------Business Manager ---Assistant Business Manager Bob Cullum ---- --------------- Frank Curry Arthur Harper Roger Cook Ronald Elder Madonna Best Catherine Senters Norma McBride Harold Rogers Joann Babb Carolyn Dyke Norma Schrieb Bill Wise Mrs. Ruth Conn, Advisor I2 ------------Photographer ---------Sports Editor Carolyn Cunningham Barbara Patterson Norma Dean Rhodes Bob Crossman Barbara Page Pat Reinhart 1,6 IN 4' 1 PNA' X wb .giucfenb f ixmjgig J ' i Q . Y AV: 4 , ' 2 4. -bf 1 kk ff , Af ' 4 rf President ....... -- ,.... John Brooks Vice-President .... ........, R onnie Elder Secretary ...... ........... J ack Griffin Treasurer .... ---Carolyn Cunningham Last fall thirty-tour Seniors entered the doors of V. G. H. S. Barbara Patterson and Jack Kleiss were selected as our Homecoming Queen and King. Their attendants were Pat Reinhart and Frank Thomas, also seniors. We sponsored a freshman welcominq party and sold concessions at the football and basketball games. The play entitled "The Campbells Are Coming" was a laughing success. We can well say that our Senior year was very successful and as our token of remembrance we are editing our edition of the Vade Mecum. CHARLES ANDREWS-"Chuck". "He is a Republican, but none of us are perfect." Bas- ketball Manager 2, 3, 4, Football Manager 2, Track Manager 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, Letter- men's Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Annual Staff 4, Business Manager 4, National Thes- plan Society 2, 3, 4, National Athletic Honor Society 3, 4, Glee Club l, Science Club l, Senior Play 4. JOANNE BABB-"Babo'f. "Yes, l know I did it." F,H.A. 1, 2, Pep Club l, 3, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer of Class l, Thespian 3, 4, Chorus l, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 3, Library Staff 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Sen- ior Play 4, Annual Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 4. JOAN BENDER-"Bendo". "Oh, we had so much fun." Band l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 8. Treas. 4, Thespian 3, 4, F.H.A. l, 2, G. A. A. l, 3, 4, Pep Club l, 3, Secretary of Class l, Girls' Chorus l, Boys' Chorus Ac- com. 3, 4, Student Council 2, Library Staff 3, Annual Staff 4, Assistant Editor 4, Dance Band 4, Senior Play, National Honor Society. PEGGY BALLARD-"Peg". "To argue is the spice of life." F.H.A. l, 2, 3, G.A.A. l, Com- mercial Club 3, Senior Play, MADONNA BEST--"Donna". "A laugh goes a long way but a giggle goes farther." F.H,A. l, 2, Vice President 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Commer- cial Club 3, President 3, Newspaper Produc- tion Staff 4. CHARLES BILLMAN-"CharIie". "Do you suppose a girl will ever occupy my mind." Camera Club 2, 3, 4. JOHN BROOKS-"Roscoe". "You think you got trouble!" Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Reporter 4, Chorus l, Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Science Club l, Spanish Club 2, 3, President 3, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, Dramatic Club 4, Thespian 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play, Athletic Honor So- ciety, President ot Class 4. DON BUTLER-"Buttons". "l can't, I gotta feed my pigs." Pesotum l, Football 2, 3, 4, F,F.A, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3. ROGER COOK-"Cooky". "l think it's O.K. for a boy to go with an older girl." F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, Chorus l, Annual Staff 4. ROBERT CROSSMAN--"Bob". "Let's go to Tuscola." Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Track l, 2, 3, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, F.F.A. l, 2, Dramatic Club 3, Vice President of Class 2, Student Council 4, Treasurer 4, National Athletic Society, An- nual Staft 4. BOB CULLUM-"Wormy". "Yes Sireel" Bas- ketball Manaqer l, Football Manager l, Track Manager l, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Thes- pian 3, 4, Lettermen's Club l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Glee Club l, 3, 4, Football 2: Golf l, 2: Track l, 2, Pep Club 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Newspaper Staff 3, 4, An- nual Staff 4, Junior Play, Dance Band 4, Cheerleader 4, Senior Play. CAROLYN CUNNINGHAM-"Listo-Carne" "Hold that bell, l'm comin'." F.H.A. l, 2' G.A.A, l, -3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2 3, 4: Sextet 2, 3, 4, Treasurer of Class 4, An- nual Staff 4: Junior Play 3, Senior Play, Dra- matic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Thespian 2, 3, 4, Span- ish Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 8. Treasurer 3, Pep Club l, 3, Dance Band 4. I I FRANK CURRY-"Well, my gosh." Dramatic Club 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Student Council 4, Newspaper Staff l, 2: Camera Club 2, 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, Science Club l. CAROLYN DYKE-"Birdie". "Gosh, l don't know." F.H.A. l, 2, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, Annual Staff 4, Newspaper Production Staff 4. RONALD ELDER--"Speed". "Quiet, but full of sly fun." Glee Club l, 2: Manager l, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 2, 4: National Athletic Honor Society, Annual Staff 4, Lettermen's Club l, 2, 3, 4. JACK GRIFFIN-"Joan". "Mv chauffeur is so divine." Band l, Chorus l, 3, Dramatic Club 3, 4: Thesoian 3, 4: Junior Play: Spanish Club 3, 4: Secretary of Class 4: Senior Play, Arrpjual Staff 4, Asst. Business Mgr. 4, Science u . C ARTHUR HARPER--"Art", "Look to the east for a Longview." Chorus l, Camera Club 2, Annual Staff 4. JACK KLEISS-"Let's have your attention, please!" Camera Club 2: President 2, Presi- dent of Class fir Student Council President 4, Lettermen's Club 43 Track 3: National Ath- letic Honor Society, Senior Play 4. PATRICK LOVE-"Pat". "Coaching is a tough job." Lindbloom I, 2, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Gym- nastics I, 2, Boxing I, 2, Wrestling I, 2, Bas- ketball I, 3, 4, l..etterman's Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Junior Play 3. NORMA MCBRIDE--"Norma Lee". "Heav- ens! I don't know." F.H.A. I, 2, G.A.A. I, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, Annual Staff 4, Girls' Chorus 4, Newspaper Production Staff 4. BARBARA PAGE - "Barb". "Let's s k i p school." Pep Club I, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 3, Annual Staff 4, Newspaper Production Staff 4. BARBARA PATTERSON-"Barb". "Oh, l'm all mixed up." F.A.A. I, 3, 4, Secretary 4, F.H.A. 2, Chorus I, 3, 4, Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 4, Thespian 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, Pep Club I, 3, Junior Play 3, Annual Staff 4, Home- coming Queen 4, Class Treasurer 3, Student Council 3, Treasurer 3. JIMMY PROSSER-"Merlin", "Now when l'm in the big leagues." F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 3, Vice President 4, Basketball 2, 4. MARY PROSSER--"Mary Louise". "Why do they think I know all the answers?" F.H.A. I, 2, 3, Newspaper Staff 2, Commercial Club 3, Secretary of Class 3, Honors' Night Script 3, Newspaper Production Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Editor 4, Honor Society. PATRICIA REINHART-"Pat", "My time is his time." Monticello I, 2, F.H.A. I, 2, G.A.A. 2, 3, Librarian I, Vice President of Class 2, 3, Student Council 2, 4, Vice President 4, Com- mercial Club 3, Dramatic Club 4, Thespian 4, Annual Staff 4, Newspaper Production Staff 4,'I-lonors' Night Script 3, Cheerleader I. NORMA DEAN RHODES-"Shorty", "Just because I don't say anything, isn't a sign that I have something to say." F.H.A. I, 2, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Junior Play 3, Annual Staff 4, Vice President of Class I. HAROLD ROGERS-"l'II try, but I haven't practiced." Chorus I, 2, 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD RUND-"Dick", "Frequently with- in my brain, l gently think a thought." St. Bede's I, Track I, Football 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. 2, 3, ll, Camera Club 2, 3, Lettermen's Club NORMA JEAN SCHREIB-"Jeannie". "I can't seem to get to school early." G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, Pep Club I, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, Dramatic Club 4. CATHERINE SENTERS--"Katy". "Flirting is a desperate thing, but l'm a desperado." G.A.A. I, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, Thespian 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 3, 4, Dance Band 4, Pep Club I, 3, Senior Play 4. CARL SOLIDAY-"Coot". "Let's play Odds and Evens." Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, Chorus I, Basketball 2, Spanish Club 3. RAY STEBBINS--"Stubby". "Now when I was young." Track 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, ln- dustrial Arts Club 2. FRANK THOMAS-"Franko". "I haven't got your stuff, Barb!" Hindsboro I, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, Track 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. I, Camera Club 2, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, President 4, National Athletic So- ciety. BILL WISE-"Scooper". "l'm not lazy, l'm iust saving my enerqy." President of Class I, Chorus I: Student Council I, Football I, 2, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Plav 3, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Thespian 4, Athletic Honor Society. .. 'Pw- agno- - . 6165 prop QC? As "Talent Scouts" for the Planetarium Stu- dios we went all the way to Mars looking for just the right person to play the part of a coal miner lost in a uranium mine. After searching in vain on Mars, we came to the planet Earth in search of just the right person. We looked up all the Seniors of the Class of l95l of Villa Grove High School, because it was a very talented class. We found each of them very well established in his life occupation. Some were still working to- ward their goals while others had reached their height. lnstead of taking care of her children, Barbara Patterson was out catching for her pitcher hubbie, Frank Thomas, who hopes some day to pitch for the Cleveland Indians. We next went to the familiar hangout for high school students, "The Sweet Shop," Carolyn Cunningham and Joan Bender are still standing out front waiting for a ride to New- man. They told us that one of our classmates, Bob Cullum, is now a famous actor-the "Charles Boyer" type. As we traveled on we passed Frank Curry still looking for Litchfield, Kansas, and a guy named "Zeke". As we arrived in Blackstone, Texas, we saw Pat Love, who is a success in his coaching, but looks like one of the injured players after his date the other night. His new name is "Lover Boy". He told us of some of the other students, one being Mary Prosser, who has now reached her greatest "height". She is now running a concession stand on the highest peak in the Alps. The second was Charles Andrews, who is now fa- mous in the field of osteopathy, for he has discov- ered one less rib in man, since Eve took "Adam's Rib". He told us also that Peggy Ballard is now a famous actress. Her screen name is Peggy Camp- bell. Norma Schreib is her manager. We saw Jack Griffin and Bob Crossman chauffeuring for a dealer in Buicks. We stopped in a pool hall where we found Catherine Senters still sitting on the knee of her first employer, it seems she forgot to move after taking her "Laptitude Test" for a secretarial job. Her employer was Ronald Elder owner of the "Swank Pool Room" Jimmy Prosser, who is an agent for Pat Reinhart, has just landed her a job with the "Stack and Sack" model agency in Sunset, Alaska. Also Carolyn Dyke, who plays piano in "Charles Billman's Dixieland Band", is vacationing in Alaska. Charles has as his feature singer Ma- donna Best, and Don Butler as drummer. In the little "Moon Room" a few miles from Sunset, Har- old Rogers is singing his "croon tunes" to the many Eskimos. As we came back to the states we went to the Ozarks where we found Joanne Babb teach- ing in the mountains. She carries a jug of corn "likker" and a shotgun to school with her every day. We went into Western Virginia where we found Bill Wise and Dick Rund in the "Moonshine" distilling business. Also in Virginia at this time was the "Jingling Brothers" Circus. They are fea- turing Norma Rhodes the muscular lady. As we left Virginia, just before crossing the state line, we stopped in a little filling station where we talked to Barbara Page. She is still trying to decide whether or not to call her first child Johnny or just Junior. She told us that Roger Cook and Arthur Harper are now in the safety pin business. They say it is very profitable. A truck just stopped at this filling station and guess who the driver is. lt is Carl Soliday, who owns a trucking line, from Corpus Christi, Texas. He has as his private secre- tary, Norma Lee McBride. We are now reaching Hollywood again after searching in vain. I just bought a Hollywood paper and it says Jack Kleiss and Ray Stebbins are testing for the part of "Pa", which has always been played by Percy Kilbright until his death. Wait, we forgot someone, John Brooks. He would be just the one to play the part. Where is he? l know, he is now called "The Trail Blazer" for he found a shorter distance to Bethany. Yes, he is just the one. Maybe he could find his way out of that uranium mine. The End C6165 W Having strode, walked, sauntered, dragged, shoved, shouldered, crawled, and wobbled through four years of high school, we, the Class of l95I, with dripping eyes, hearts laden with sorrow, and trembling voices, do rise to proclaim this question- able masterpiece of legal nonsense, our last will and testament. To the Freshmen, we leave all our answer books, broken pencils, crumpled papers, old chew- ing gum, also the wastebasket, so they may be- come a menace to the faculty. To the Sophomores, we bequeath Rockefeller's bankroll so they may put on a prom that no one will ever forget. To the Juniors, we bequeath this advice: Eat, Drink and Be Merry, for next year you may become dignified Seniors. To the Faculty, we leave to restore the quiet halls, the new water fountains, and all the many panes which go with V. G. High. I, Charles Andrews, bequeath my sophisti- cated ways to Tom Gire. I, Joann Babb, bequeath my ability to get along with the teachers to Babs Steffens. l, Peggy Ballard, willingly leave everything to the school, l'm through with it. I, Joan Bender, bequeath my love for talking to Donald Ament, who I know will appreciate it. I, Madonna Best, bequeath my friendly dispo- sition to Dorothy Crawford. I, John Brooks, bequeath my high jumping ability to Richard Pippen in hopes that he will con- quer the heights that I have. I, Don Butler, leave my I5 acres, I3 scrawny pigs, and a balky mule to the Future Farmers of America. I, Charles Billman, leave my old limousine to the junk yard, that is, if they will take it. I, Carolyn Cunningham, bequeath my dramatic ability to Jeanine Callahan who has a good start. I, Frank Curry, leave my outdated service cycle to Miss Sidwell. I, Bob Crossman, will not bequeath my inter- est in Tuscola to anyone because I want to keep it. I, Bob Cullum, leave my cheerleading ability to "Boonie" McCollom. I, Roger Cook, leave to get married. I, Carolyn Dyke, bequeath my bashful ways to Delores Harper. 'W Q 3?- .1 ' mf- ' -YT' " ' lg' . -3 fl, c U- . -w..q. .I , H ,ip l' 1-fy-.i . 'Q 20 I, Ronald Elder, bequeath my million that I have made in the Pool Hall to Delene Stewart. I, Jack Griffin, bequeath my ability to play basketball to Gene Fieldbinder. I, Arthur Harper, bequeath my wavy hair to Junior Soards. I, Jack Kleiss, bequeath my ability to speak before the student body to Roy Elder. I, Pat Love, leave my co-captainship in foot- ball to Jim Fanakos, as he surely deserves it. I, Norma McBride, bequeath my quiet ways to Rosie Bosch and hope that she will make use of them. I, Barbara Page, leave my diamond to Kay Curry. I, Barbara Patterson, bequeath my short nat- ural curly hair to Alice Basham. I, Jimmy Prosser, bequeath my devilish ways to that saintly little Jack Christman. l, Mary Prosser, bequeath my scholastic stand- ing to Rita Christian. I, Pat Reinhart, leave my interests in Villa Grove to take up wholeheartedly my interests in Monticello. I, Dick Rund, leave my driving technique to anyone fool enough to use it. I, Ray Stebbins, bequeath my rosy cheeks to Ray Cheeley. I, Catherine Senters, bequeath my flirtiness to Eloise Laley who is already doing quite well. I, Norma Schreib, bequeath my love for roller skating to my sister, Shirley, to keep it in the family. I, Norma Rhodes, bequeath my nearness to the ground to Peggy Anderson. I, Harold Rogers, bequeath my singing voice to Luther Soliday. I, Carl Soliday, bequeath my Building 81 Trades ability to Ronald Novak. I, Frank Thomas, bequeath my baseball pitch- ing ability to Bob Feller. I, Bill Wise, leave for Pesotum, where I in- tend to make my home hereafter. This document, having caused many a head- ache and worry, is now declared by the Class of I95I to be their last will and testament. We, the Administrators, do hereby affix our seal in the year of Our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty-One. gm ,eww JM JVM ' x n A NN' f in p gp, Q50 4 15 50' so V, vgw gf O ,O 4.14 Q Q x'OA3YXp" XQYXX Q x-1 '- x X !X ,'Q -45lSx - -O 1 1 .Q x ...,,V.,' xf x 'N aff 1503 N ' ,tg ssXwx..,xV , .f '51p.',:.S'tf I103 V ' ,ph if . O Q' , 71 , uf C94-Q' M 1,6 "X V6 L", Uh ' 19 gX.g4s, " 'gzxt 'l ' A 'xx 1 n-xv 5 -5 gyu ,Q 1 X ' ::a' . ' QSO! I---... 'jggglxxs' -,L N f 3 'i 'Z' . ' -Na" 91-1 "1 im i' 1 .a 'Q kj!-g . ' P9 ' ' O 90 Q1 t 9 ,'Q 5.1 is ,IQ y.,,iQ ' I. we f -We 5424? 'M X I 4 .f .9 .1 1 O Y ' ,' 'X' . ' , r 9 Q fd! Fzhf f ' .Q Q.. Q ' Q X . T g' A Cv '. 5 sc' N I u Q I I K ' Q A W 2 V' . asf, , , 9 . ul ' x. x ,,x 3,1 ' J , 6 ,J A 91, W. 0 I 4 'Q 5 Vq ! -' bb I ,t x I XX X ix Ar'E,4 , I, X Ju A I 0 '- lf I Q" ld N X0 F Lin? el ff fs Q .- ,.- '.f 'K . I. ri! I A K 1 -' 'fm ' ' fbx X Q -.5 ' ' 153' f, f f 22.1556 f i Q New ' ::-E I XY ' X V ' 5 f W, 257527 wx Q gui! A 3 ,WX1 ..1. R 70' 5 ,Q E 2 - fs xv. ,ggi .. ' -fi, ? if '51, Z f ,'SExww., - ifwf 'QWW 5' 4 iiik lllll E" F I fa ."I" ' CQ S I .,, or ,.Zi ,g, .,1., ,,, F . :l"!,!?xe.' ' 1" -- . ., . ffyyi .,x. A f- ,E F if liiau A ,iz X, ru ! N QA 4' F. wQwQnr ...,, 4455, Q, 2 .ww , I , .mv . .1 ., a ,Q-,Sl ' a- ft' 1 gbq . Q I 45 4 8 I . W S 'UB an-F' J . . ,, M . T my , f, , sp if 5 ga . fs 3 A 3 . .gf- Yiggf. 22 un iorri Don Arnent Allce Basham Cecil Byrnes Jeanine Callahan Charles Cannon Rita Christian Doris Combs Dorothy Crawford Treasurer Bob Crouse Kay Curry Janice Davis lefty Elbs Jim Fanakoa lllchard Fisher .lo Ann French Marilyn Henderson Don Hoops Secretary Fred Hutchison Mary Jester Joann Klein Larry Livengood Ruth Maris union! Dick Music Montelle Meeks Don Mltsdlrfer Ronnie Novak Yvonne Perry Cluloanne Ready Jim Richards Mary Kay Robison Verlene Rand Bob Scliroib Dale Sllunk Lynn Steher Bala: Steffins President Delene Stewart Ed Tanous Mary Frances Teter Faye Thomas Bill Wegeng Lola Wells Hazel Melton Den Johnson Vice-President Ed McCartney ,W A4 6 dz.. w w W -f svn rs' wr---F f aw we --'N 1- ' .Q 4, ,f MW I ,. K mv lf- 1 I T ww-..,1, . ,fu 'a l 1 1 . gl 5 . 55:3 wi F MK fi Q' H 3,5 H x, if to 1 'W ig i 1 B I 31 y.', ,.aw1,,,. in L1 EQ 5 EY U' ,f lf' .Q -'v .mf 1- if d,,- 1 'T ' ' I 3 lis- i 2,1 3 Lf ' " ,F-q'f5:,1.i1ffl7,- , ' B "fw-f f 'A" f E 0' , I Z. ', if 42, if c , , , Q f 'P' " - .. E'-'H 1 'S' 1 wil W, x I 'V VL v 7 ,..-,f.-, Tk" , . sh,- o Q9 A . 45,51 'O C Jing, -in cf -? 'J iff if l ' ' ' 91 - xii!! l ' xr 'Q 1-J: N ,ff iii in 4 I 1 Q mx, 1' f- ' 5' l 9 . , 21aZ..li3u'9IsC George Adarna Donna Andrew: Betty Auten Charles Behl Don Bender Treasurer Rose Bosch David Bragg Stephen Bragg Ray Cheely Mary Ann Christian Jack Chriatman Peggy Cutler Roy Elder Shirley Elder Jerry English Gene Fieldbinder Janet Fleener Tom Giro Bob Greger Phil Harris Derya Hunt Dean Keith Patty Kraft Shirley Lassen Secretary I9 0l'Yl0l'e6 Nellie Mannin Harold Martin Jim Manic Darlene Mauldlng Paul McKenzie Casey Novak Nancy Page Sheron Patterson Richard Pippen Donald Pyle Shirley Reinhart Don Schaeffer Vice-President Shirley Schreib Doris Anne Shoemaker Juanita Shunk Betty Smith President Eddie Taylor Annette Thompson Ann Tucker Connie Wacker John Wiley Leon Williams Jimmy Willa ww H' wwwzr, I "cp f - . .SZP omoreri 1 Y A 'ff , .MU ' .lbw J ., , W 6 5 'Sf 'Hot il7lCTURED J Arthur Soards his Opal Wilcoxon Lf, fi 1 if ,Lv ,gxifffff HM., . ..., .. ,V E 5 ,,,.r,Q1fFfll't.'l1'gig 1 . , , .. , . E31!'v:AL:.iL. A ggxi X 13 f,,s 'Q f 5.3-. -it V.., .L t..,: , f 1 i 1 ' S Mui ,K 4,5 ---fit,-.L,f,.-4L5L135.:gQ,:,f., , ,-.,:f1.m.-v,,-J, iq: . - ,g ,wb ..,, ,,,,,,,'f.,,, f.,. K X F-."f.v ., I l 3 .1 .Q , fn: 5 - x"- Q. -ol I 25' T ...- T ji! ' A if ,ft .,- 'N-3. .rg 51 i I -c X f I gfedkniefl Lois Bennett Janice Best Vernon Billman Charles Bret: Charlotte Clark Don Coslet Dick Crouse Bobby Davis Howard Ely Patty Farrier Nina Fenner Jimmy Fry Bill Gilles Bobby Hackett Billy Hancock Larry Hancock Delores Harper Jeanette Hettinger Ben Hausrnan Teddy Howard Bill Huber Pat J unkins Wilma Keith Betty Kindred Harold Lewis Juanita McBride James McCollum Nancy Maris Vice-President Catherine Meaerve Bob Miller Vic Mitsdarfer Danny Mooney Marie Nonman Cecile Novak Anna Patton Jerry Rund Teddy Rund Kay Shunk Ray Shunk Clarice Smith President Don Smith Luther Soliday Bonita Tanous Treasurer Marilyn Tay Secretary Agnes Thomas Ruth Utterback Linda Watkins Rnmmelle Williams V A ABSENT Pat Samson A Pat Wright Eloise Laley Elaine Le Crane x 3' and , Q-f' . ,L-. L Ml Urclziclb jar '50 Valedictorian .... ..... M arilyn Schroeder Salutatorian .... .... M ary Joyce Watkins Junior Cape ..... - ............ Mary Prosser D. A. R. Award ...... ................. S ue Ann Maris Danforth Foundation ................... Ona Ransdell and Bob Anderson Honor Society ..................... Sue Ann Maris, Mary Joyce Watkins Rose Marie Gilles, Bob Anderson, Marilyn Schroeder Probationary Members .............. Ruth Maris, Kay Curry, Babs Steffens Charles Andrews, Jack Kleiss, Joan Bender, Mary Prosser Scholarship Letters ..... Fr.-Donna Andrews, Don Bender, Jack Christman, Athletic Award .... Phil Harris, Patty Kraft, Richard Pippen, Betty Smith, John Wiley, Soph.--Charles Cannon, Jeanine Callahan, Dorothy Crawford, Kay Curry, Janice Davis, Mable Jack- son, Ruth Maris, Mary Kay Robison, Barbara Steffens, Carole Vaughn, Jr.-Charles Andrews, Joan Bender, Bob Crossman, Carolyn Cunningham, Jack Kleiss, Ann Liven- good, Mary Prosser, Pat Reinhart, Sr.-Phyllis Crawford, Rose Marie Gilles, Tom Hancock, Wilfred Laley, Mary Mitsdarfer, Ona Ransdell, Marilyn Schroeder, Nelda Wat- kins, Mary Watkins -------------------- ------Bob Anderson Dramatic Award .... --- .... Mary Etta Mooday Best Thespian .... English ......... Foreign Language- Spanish Club ...... Commercial .... Social Science .... Science ....... ---Rose Marie Gilles ---------Ona Ransdell --- -------------- Carolyn Cunningham ----Joan Bender and Charles Andrews --------------Rose Marie Gilles ----Rose Marie Gilles ----Dick Roberts Mathematics ----- ---- W ilfred Laley Vocational Training ---- --- ---- -. ----------------- Bill Waggle Agriculture ------- ------------ J immy Prosser and Jack Christman Newspaper--- ----- Ona Ransdell, Sue Ann Maris, Wilfred Laley Carole Vaughn, Eileen Happ, Catherine Kraus Librarians ---- ----- J oanne Babb, Joan Bender, Dick Massie Arion Awards ---- G. A. A. ---- Janet Fleener, Benny King, Lois Wells ,------------------Marilyn Schroeder, Chorus Mary Joyce Watkins, instrumental -----Jr. and Sr. Awards, Barbara Page, Norma Schreib, Jackie Wacker, Barbara Tay, Phyllis Crawford, Mary Joyce Watkins, Irma Dubson, Marguerite Pressly Athletic Honor Society --------- Frank Thomas, Benny King, Charles Pflum Dick Roberts, Jim Fanakos, Wilfred Laley, Jack Kleiss za 'M- 14 Cfilfified o -FIRST ROW, left to right: Catherine Senters, Carolyn Cunningham, Mrs. Han- son, Pat Reinhart, Joan Bender. SECOND ROW: Jeanine Callahan, Doris Combs, Bob Cullum, Mary Kay Robison, Barbara Patterson, Kay Curry. THIRD ROW: Joan Babb, Lynn Statzer. John Brooks, Jack Griffin, Charles Andrews, Barbara Steffins. ramaficd The members of the Dramatic Club worked hard this year in order to earn the ten required points to become a Thespian. ln doing so, many of the members' hidden talents were discovered by participating in skits, readings, and serving on committees. The club thrived under the leadership of Lynn Statzer, and his assistant, Mary Kay Robison. The sec- retary-treasurer this year was Joan Bender. The Thespian Society who are honorary Dramatic Club members took part in many activities helping the dramatic members attain their hidden acting talents. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Davis, Marilyn Tay, Ag- nes Thomas, Bennie Tanous, Mrs. Hanson, Joan Bender, Chloanne Reedy, Howard Ely. SECOND ROW: Marie Nomnan, Ruth Maris, Linda Watkins, Alice Basham, Betty Elbs, Nancy Maris, Kay Shunk, Patty Farrier. THIRD ROW: Shirley Lassen, Sheron Patterson, Jeanine Calla- han, Kay Curry, Shirley Schreib, Carolyn Cunningham, Catherine Senters, Pat Reinhart. FOURTH ROW: Joan Babb, Barbara Steffins, Bill Hanock, Bill Huber, Bob Schreib, Charles Andrews, Bob Cullum, Doris Combs, Barbara Patterson. FIFTH ROW: Mary Jester, Clarice Smith, Bob Miller, Ed Tanous, Mary F. Teters, Jim Fisher, Dick Massie, Mary Kay Robison, Norma Lee McBride, SIXTH ROW: Larry Livengood, Lynn Statzer, Jim Frye, Bill Wise, John Brooks, Jack Griffin, Dale Shunk, Bob Hackett, Ed McCartney. The G. A. A. club was very active this year under the leadership of C h I o a n n e Reedy. She was assisted by Kay Curry, vice-president, Barbara Patterson, secretary, and Mary Frances Teter, treasurer. The club went on several skating parties this year and the girls had many thrills and spills in this sport and other outside activities. They earned points for their I e t t e r s which were awarded on Honors' Night at the end of the school year. gsm Ofgtfefniefl Z5 CLA Sixteen boys were awarded letters this year for outstand- ing achievements in Athletics. Frank Thomas, president of the club, was aided through- out the year by his co-work- ers, Pat Love, vice-president, Jim Fanakos, treasurer, and Bob Crossman, secretary. The co-captains for next year's football team are Jim Fanakos and Don Ament. 1--5 FIRST ROW, left to right: Joan Bender, Norma Rhodes, Mary Teters, Chloanne Reedy, Miss Jacobs, Kay Curry, Barbara Patterson, Marilyn Tay, Agnes Thomas, SECOND ROW: Pattv Kraft, Patty Farrier, Janet Fleener, Janice Best, Yvonne Perry, Betty Elbs, Dorothy Crawford, Benita Tanous, Pat Wright. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Henderson, Barbara Paqe, Catherine Senters, Carolyn Cunningham, Shirley Lassen, Faye Thomas, Shirley Reinhart, Shirley Elder, Jeanette Hettinger. FOURTH ROW: Madonna Best, Doris Shoemaker, Sharon Patterson, Jeanine Callahan, Lois Bennett, Nancy Page, Shirley Schreib, Betty Smith, Barbara Stef- fins. FIFTH ROW: Darlene Mauldino, Ann Tucker, Catherine Merserve, Verlene Rund, Betty Auton, Patsy Junkins, Joann French, Cecile Novack, Linda Watkins. SIXTH ROW: Anna Marv Patton, Connie Wacker, Norma McBride, Derys Hunt, Patsy Anderson, Annette Thompson, Mary Kay Robison, Doris Combs, Carolyn Dyke. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Cullum, Charles Andrews, Mr. Weir, Mr. Crum, Don Ament. Jack Christman. SECOND ROW: Ed Tanous, Tom Gire, John Wiley, Lynn Statzer, Larry Livengood, Don Butler, Jim Fanakos, Dick Massey. THIRD ROW: Charles Cannon, Bob Cross- man, Charles Behl, Don Mitzdarfer, Jim Frye, Frank Thomas, Harold Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Pat Love, Dick Rund, Ronald Elder, John Brooks, Bill Wise, Carl Soliday, Jack Kleiss, Don Schaefer. e is Qdi,vAMEg, I e it i,,,,m93' l -.- FIRST ROW, left to right: Miss Fries, Verlene Rund, Miss Sidwell, Miss McKinley. SECOND ROW: Wilma Keith, Kay Shunk, Eloise Laley, Ruth Utterback. THIRD ROW: Janet Fleener, Joan Kleiss, Marie Nomnan, Peggy Cutler, Donna Andrews, Pat WFight. FOURTH ROW: Doris Schoemaker, Rita Christian, Darlene Maulding, Ann Tucker, Lois Wells, Delores Harper. FIFTH ROW: Juanita Shunk, Connie Wacker, Annette Thompson, Derys Hunt, Patsy Junkins, Cecile Novak, Betty Smith. FIRST ROW, left to right: Dale Shunk, Bob Crouse, Jimmy Prosser, Charles Cannon, Don Mitsdarfer, Don Butler, Mr. Farrell, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Dick Crouse, Ben Hausman, Charles Bretz, Vic Mitsdarfer, Ray Shunk, George Mooney, Billy Gillis. THIRD ROW: Jerry Rund, Roy Elder, Larry Livengood, Steve Bragg, Jim Massie, John Basham, Teddy Rund. FOURTH ROW: Don Smith, Harold lgewis, David Bragg, Dick Rund, Paul McKensie, Cecil Byrnes, Vernon illman, The F. H. A, elects a chapter mother each year. Mrs. Andrews was chosen for this year. They had their annual style show in the spring. At the end of the year pins were awarded to outstanding members in the club. Connie Wacker, vice-president, Peggy Cutler, sec- retary, and Lois Wells, treasurer, respectively, worked with president Verlene Rund and helped to make the club a successful one. The F. F. A. honored our school this year by win- ning many awards. There were several members who entered projects in the F. F. A. show at Champaign. Giving you news straight from the barnyard we see a mule, president Charles Cannon giving instructions to his followers, goat Jimmy Prosser, vice president, chicken Bob Crouse, secretary, and pig Don Mitsdarfer, treasurer. The farmer, Mr. Farrell, was very proud of the work which the boys had done during the year. if , 2 .E A j W, -wart.: I C 5- Q 4- laanidk FIRST ROW, left to right: Miss Sponsler, Donna Andrews, Yvonne Perry, Bob Cullum, Carolyn Cunningham, Dorothy Crawford, Joan Bender. SECOND ROW: Barbara Page, JoAnn French, Charles An- drews, Ed Tanous, Bob Schreib, Peggy Cutler, Joanne Babb. THIRD ROW: Lynn Statzer, Tom Gire, Jack Griffin, Richard Pippen, John Brooks, Bill Wise, Dick Fisher. Senorita Yvonne Perry was chosen to be leader of the "La Familia" club. This is the given name to the Spanish Club. Senor Ed Tanous was elected to be her assistant. Senor Tom Gire is in charge of the money affairs, The club had seventeen regular members and were awarded pins for their activities during the year, which were directed by Miss Sponsler. The highlight of the year was the Christmas Party they held, at which time they undertook the custom of Breaking the Pinata. dlflefdl FIRST ROW, left to right: Teddy Howard, Nellie Mannin, Phil Har- ris, Opal Wilcoxon, Donald Pyle, Mr. Schroeder. SECOND ROW: Howard Ely, Jim Fanakos, David Bragg, Bob Hackett, Jerry English, Don Ament. THIRD ROW: Don Schaeffer, Bill Wegeng, Ronald Elder, Ed Tanous, Don Mitsdarfer, Charles Billman. Hold that posel Watch the birdiel This is what you might have heard coming from the boys enrolled in the Camera Club this year. They worked very enthusiastically this year in learning how to take and develop pictures. Serving under Bill Wegeng, president, was Jim Fanakos, vice-president, and Ronald Elder, secretary- treasurer. , fx X X ' is CBZTJAPCLI' SW LEFT TO RIGHT: Yvonne Perry, Miss Parr, Joanne Babb, Dorothy Crawford, Shirley Schreib, Richard Pippen, Betty Smith. LIBRARY STAFF-"Want to read a book?" Orchids to the Library Staff for their great improve- ment this year. They put up a partition to separate the library from the auditorium which helped greatly. They purchased a new vertical file and sixty new books, They weeded out the old books for the sake of beauty, NEWSPAPER lPRESS TIMEYJ The Blueprint staff worked hard in making the school newspaper more interesting to the students. Ruth Maris acted as editor of the paper, JoAnn Kleiss, assist- ant editor and Janice Davis, business manager. Miss Parr was in charge of the editorial staff. They made many improvements on the paper. It was published every two weeks by the production staff under the direction of Mrs. Conn. FlRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Conn, Janice Davis, Ruth Maris, JoAnn Kieiss, Miss Parr. SECOND ROW: Rose Bosch, Bob Davis, Lois Wells, Pat Reinhart, Mary Ann Christian, Leon Williams, Patty Kraft. THIRD ROW: Nancy Maris, Barbara Page, Rita Christian, Bill Huber, Madonna Best, Bill Hancock, Bob Cullum. FOURTH ROW: Joanne Bahb, Larry Hancock, Clarice Smith, Mary Prosser, Don Coslet, Carolyn Dyke, Norma McBride. QLUJIQCIIQQI' i 34 Left to Right: Annette Thompson, Babs Ste GIRLS' ENSEMBLE L fens, Ruth Maris, Nancy Maris, Joan Bender Marilyn Tay, Catherine Senters, Carolyn Cun ningham, Barbara Patterson, Mary Kay Robison. CHORUS The Girls' Chorus has been very entertaining this year, with its highlight program of the year being The Christmas Vesper Candle-light Service. The story of the birth of Christ was narrated by Charles Andrews as the girls sang the Christmas Story. ln order to give the effect of the Last Supper, the tables were arranged, and the girls were all dressed in white. lt was a very effective service, held on Sunday, December l7. They were accompanied by Ruth Maris at the piano and Annette Thompson was the soloist. The Girls' Chorus and the Girls' Ensemble provided music for various school activities and service organizations of the town. The girls were very warmly accepted. They went to ' ' ' Festival. Ruth Maris and the District contest and took part in the Community Unit Spring Carolyn Cunningham were the accompanists throughout the year. FIRST ROW, left to right: Marilyn Tay, Benita v-r Tanous, Lois Wells, Mrs. Hanson, director, D ROW Patty Farrier Janet Fleener, Ruth Chloanne Reedy, Patty Kraft, Pat Wright. SECON : , N Maris, Wilma Keith. THIRD ROW: Catherine Maris, Betty Elbs, Donna Andrews, ancy Patterson, Jeanine Callahan, Shirley Senters, Carolyn Cunningham, Peggy Cutler, Barbara FOURTH ROW: Barbara Steffens, Alice Basharn, Elder, Shirley Lassen, Sheron Patterson. Juanita Shunk, Bunny Novak, Doris Combs, Darlene Maulding, Ann Tucker. FIFTH ROW: ' ' P tt n Hazel Melton, Peggy Anderson, Annette Thompson, Caro- Clarice Smith, Anna Mary a o , N McBride, Mary Kay Robison and Juanita McBride absent. lyn Dyke, orma i o's 'W FIRST ROW, lctt to riqht: Joan Bender, Bill Wegcng, Nancy Maris, Mary Kay Robison, Charles Behl, John Brooks. SECOND ROW: Kay Curry, Marie Nonman, Ruth Maris, Patty Farrier, Donald Ament, Delbert Rogers, THIRD ROW:' Marilyn Tay, Benita Tanous, Sharon Riddle, Larry Hancock, Carolyn Cunningham, Catherine Senters, Dean Keith, Bob Cullum, Verlene Rund, Wilma Keith, Harold Rogers, Donald Bender, Frank Curry, FOURTH ROW: Ed Mc- Cartney, Casey Novak, Bobby Hackett, Bob Davis, Luther Soliday, Don Bennett, Donald Cos- let, Neil Statzer, Ed Tanous, Howard Ely, Mr. Whitson, director. 'I n ., JN, 'ill X X. I I The Villa Grove High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Perry Whitson, com' pleted another busy and successful year. All home football games featured half time marching exhibitions by the band, and our high stepping maiorettes added "flash" to the marching brigade. Our band also provided entertainment be- tween halves at the basketball games, played for the P.T.A., and other social functions downtown. The band took part in the District Con- test, the unit instrumental soring recital, and the Douglas County Music Festival. HIGH STEPPERS-The baton twirlers are Betty Elbs, Jeanine Callahan, Mary Teters, Doris Combs, Chloannc Reedy. The Junior High girls are Janice Reedy and Janet Ament. MLRC! 'bu W l- . kgi-Nfl The music committee consists of band students chosen b th b d ' y e an members as a governing body for band and Boys' Chorus. They are-Top Row left to right' Jeanine Callah , . an, Harold Rogers, Larry Hancock, Charles Behl, Larry Liven- good, Ed Tanous, Kay Curry, Benita Tanous. The Officers: Director, Mr, Whitson, Secretary, Joan B . ender, Reporter, John Brooks, Vice-President, Mary Rob- ison, President, Bob Cullum. This formation of th mations that the band made during the football X Qin SEE?-. X Q .91 e V. G. is one of the many for- SEBSOF1. -- ., 0mefA ing ew Not until this year did the Villa Grove High School have a dance band. lt is composed of thirteen members who have all worked very hard to have a successful year. The dance band is an organization that will give those people who are interested in professional work a chance to realize that there is work that has to be done in the music field the same as in any other field. The saxophone department is made up of three tenors, two altos, and one baritone. ln the rest of the band there are three cornets, two drums, one guitar, and the pianist, all of these when combined make a very good dance band. The dances were sponsored by the school, and the band's share of money was used to buy more music. They played for such dances as the ones for Thanksgiving and New Year's, as well as many others. lt has been under the direction of Perry Whitson. ... ry J.. DANCE BAND-FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Cullum, Catherine Senters, Joan Bender, Dick Fisher, Bill Wegeng. SECOND ROW: Charles Behl, Larry Livengood, Don Ament, Donald Bender, Don Coslet, Jimmy Richards, Carolyn Cunningham. BOYS' CHORUS-The Boys' Chorus participated in the Douglas County Festival and worked some with the Girls' Chorus. FIRST ROW, left to right: Leon Williams, Bob Davis, Bob Cullum, Bob Gregor, Bob Hackett, Dean Keith. SECOND ROW: Mr, Whitson, director, Luther Soliday, Ed McCartney, Casey Novak, George Adams, Charles Behl, Jimmy Fry, Harold Martin, Joan Bender, Pianist. 38 ,gloria - -ruff '41 .5 '-sp I '-, 1 ' . -f H91":'.:. ,a J, N1 jf kffiy' 1 T ' ': '?,f?:-"' 4' 3-' N 'rm :g ' 1 C 'Q' I+: ' .54 V .. . , 5 . kwa c :f :..f 2-1. v. '1:. Iv: X Q., Blue Devils Dum Blue Devils Down P -Oakland, 26 - 13 Ch0I'I6Sf0ll, 7-6 my Fred Hutchison? iBy Fred Hutchisom Ynllu Grove travels-fi to Charles- ton lfriflay night, Srepu-x11!u-r 212, to lnmuk u losing stu-ul: of nine gram- vs. 'l'h1- Blum- Devils slipped by the 'l'l'w,y:xlm hy a score- uf 7-5. Tm- 'l'1'ojans scored easily in the firhl qLlm'Ler when Parrish Cauff a puss in the vnd zone from T' fm.-r, ll looked like another ym-ur fm' thc llluc Devils. Th Grow boys wc-ru not playin and nothing went right. The som-ond quarter was . p.:0H:z-1' different, when thing o gun to hvrpen, Funukos and led the drive downfield with F. kos finally driving over from L three yard line for the Villa Grox fully. Wise then ran through the lino for the extra point. The touch down cost tho D-evils a price though bevuusc Crussman broke his shoulder while throwing a hlm-lc. Ho will ho out for the rest of thc season. Amont pulled a lig- unm-nt loose. It is not known when hs- will be back into the lineup again. Villa Grove had its bad times in the game. All the first quarter lhm- Trojans ran the field. Then again in the third quarter they al- nmsr scored. Villa Grove had the hall on the Trojan one yard line wh'-n the game ended. The next game will be tonilrhi with Monticello, there. They are always tough so it should be a Villa Grove moved into third place last Friday, by outclassing the Oakland eleven 26-!3. Brooks scored all of the Villa Grove touchdowns and added an extra point for a total of 25 points. Love scored the other point with a ni'--' 'Hrough center. ' touchdown came Aooks scored by go- A right fend from e climaxing a '75 I . 'ield by the Blue "' 0 Iso scored the :arching a pass in the sec- Scott flipped a the 10 yard mrson kicked the ' xx neu thc' BV' 'pear- vrl on tl" 30 'Ulm'- f.... C,,.c.av'a get- Loie' ,.r. From 15 Ya' ..n Thomas passed to I .uoks who put on a great lwgzlinz act and we-nt across ' another touchdown. Love scox .this extra point Ament then ' w 1 I v f 1 k 4 ! 1 S I B Te m s iEsea2e?ee?ed Blue Devils Trim Arthur HI, 40-I3 By Fred Hutchison Villa Grove met Arthur last Fri- day, October 6 in their first home Tm Yiiilf bww "EV mel- game this season. The Blue Devils . yn ,V ...-,mm iyran over Arthur by a score of S i-v".3:': .Uv wi? 'H Z3 3-Jia mf 14140-13. l . uw 1. .91-lik fm: ilwmzay, NH-N .r1r.w- '1.' The yvum: llluv Khaki.: j1l1!l1HBfi lo gn 1.47 f.l'Sl quzxrlvx' Emxd un 21 32 yan! yxlx-wmv My Shorty Hawes, :1 2 yuad pluupv by Don Smith, afi- Qx' wetting ix up himsf-If with 21 TU yard run :md an 55 yard run by Lewis scmw-A the lust touchdown uf that qu:u'te1'. In I x"- tm' a pass frone rg, I Cfhurlvs Hehl sc ' M W Grove tmxchclrr ing 18 yards. - the- only uxla o A? N A fl.UHl'tQl'. Aftvx' U10 thmeir reserve The Grove ml a victorim wins and no It was one of those games when everything goes right. Villa Grove had a lateral pass play that was working very well. The blocking was the best of all year, that was what backfield eo-captain Pat Love and fullback Jim Fanakos said. Each of these two boys scored two touchdowns with Brooks also going across the goal line twice.- Arthur's touchdowns came inQ fourth quarter when Baker t across on a quarterback k. The other was I pass from- er to Dick Yutzy, the play' :ring about fifteen yards. o fter Z1 scoreless first quarter a Grove started rolling when Ba nploted pass to John Brooks om Frank Thomas scored the Qh-st touchdown. The Blue Devils s feats-d then kicked off to Arthur, they lay M -Hn, fumbled with Villa Grove recover-' Onkla- "Nm agax bo ling. Two plays later they scored Villa Joh., B '4 to a.with Love crashing across the vm-y gun 'Oaks' C nf-nter of the Knight line. Then Score by qua, 0-Cap' . :ar the end of the second quarter Villa Grove 19 Q, , all! .rocks again hit pay dirt by run- Arcola 7 O' 0 12 - ,ming around end. Fanakos then ,.,.,..-.Q-av-ro-rv---H..-..a- .. .... - 'Q vrcepted an olikland pass "1 Basketball Brooks again scored. Then i' fourth period with it 4' and 15 yards to go Thom passed to Brooks who yards .for the touchdoyvn. , After Bill Crum had se second string, 0akland's say scored. but it was air late for Oakland to start 1 Schedule 28, Atwood there 1 Longview here V Niantic here Eastern there Tuscola 'there , The next game will be WH Charleston here Lomnfgsx' lr-azue leading Warriors of Atwoofi 'here yma Grove poi. Cha,-yesgon In. That will be here at 7 fgflllday Tournesi Mussio RFI Parrish Lim-ups: rove C Tutor? Bmpr RT Hunt Oakland Pow. vim 1 H mme 0 0 Soliday RG Driskell Williams LE B N m 9 .mm Wiley C Nich'-715 .Seaman LT 1 Cew an h e Butler LS Shffat lMc'C0s1-ivy - LG 1 gieyyc H ,thgze Rund ' LT Cole gDux:1n C Staff. 1,8 0 were Brooks LE Gwin U1-cutlwuenv RG Sc mesa ,there ' Cannon QB Way illurbhx' . P' 'A' Mitsc 2237 Tourney 1242? 22 Mc T..-say 31 -1-L At Atwood ' 'here ' - urn c c h f them Villa Grove Pomts For Arcola ' """' 'ac 'here ' , ' 13 Sullivan 'here After Bad First Half Last-Week 16 Monticello 'hm eb. 20 Unity , there X r' Conference Games ' , Suffering the loss of their star end and 40 point Okaw Valley scoring ace, John Brooks, Villa Grove went down to defeat at the lands of Tuncolh, 26-0, last, Fri- lpy night. Pat Love, hard hitting Luk, also was on the sideline: as l resplt of injuries. Evqxi. thquzh Tuscoln awp 'bile driver" ivhoeqnliatn dl tlqlglp "1 footed in the early minutes of the AND Oakland 'here i 11-an through the Arthur iine for the extra point. The longest run of the day came when Jim Fanae kos, a junior, returned a kick off .75 yards to score in the fourth quarter. . This was Villa Groves' Home- coming and it is also the first Homecoming in quite a few years that the Villa Grove rooters have been able to go home with a vie- tory smile on their faces. After the game in the dressing room Coach Crum to1d the boys that they had played a wonderful game, and that he thought after a lot of hard work, they could make it rough in the Okaw Valley. . Starting line ups: 'Arthur Po s. Villa Grove G. Parrott LE . J. Brooks B. Trower LT D. Mitsdarfrq KB. Haney Butlef B. Clemons C Wiley . Hendriekscn RG C. . Lowder RT R . Yueay RE Baker QB . Schultz LH . Fults RH . Watkins FB ' ! Substitutes htrthnrb E. Grant. J. Gaffney What B111 Cum told his in the dressing room half-time must have filled' ha! The Blue TOP Fred Dxck J. Mchondd, B1 Coohon. Grove ID, looking Af local Sports fBy Fred Hutchison? Villa Grove walked away in the Second half of the Newman ff" to win 42-6 last Friday " 10th after a slim ha' 7-6. Jim Fanakosf the way W9 each, and I a freshma The B Villa ' l?5Wi, To 1 f Arv madt runs 20-7, day ni Villa the thin march dox cusp who X season shoxn team. It was 1 ed over from t. Fanakos then ,going extra point. The score was thin 13-'4 but when the Blue Devils akin first quarter when Jim Fanakos end run Count. Newman, Mme back in the next caught a Gore, the half made an h,,wn..n- -'Qley Y ,DC xreak plays. u one om around rx toi 5 best played bail games his answer was that the first with Charleston and the last with Newman were in his mimi the best games. When he Afirst came here he thought he ,could make a winning team out of ithe material he had. At the first of the sason he said that we could -win at least four games and that he would have been dissapointed if they hadn't:. I Qommeuts on the season were an-wade by various players. They all greed in a few things. They had ' learned to do 25 push ups and ' they had to work hard but liked it and it paid off. Oth- -ought that we would have ' winning team coming up ar. Schaffer said that Crum ave too much material at at of the Season, but " as Crum is called by 1, did a grand A job with did have. Ahimst all the the team thought that bla and Newman srames BY FRED HUTCHISON 'L Frefi Sabens was the margin of defeat last Friday, September 29, at Monticello. Sabens scored two 'touvhddwns 'for the Sages with? Qmamml plunging through the Vil-I zI8LG1-'OVC line for the extra point. K X mx m,,., ,. ...,,, ... g ' g got the ball in the fourth quicvteri gg End, He picked the ban up? they immediately begin anotheri drive down field. Then the Grovers were stopped abruptly on the Arco nd ran around right end with no izgterferfmce and raced to a touch Sdnwnp V A Villaf Grove had its moments of, gjoy,LonL the second play of the Q fgaxize when Bill Wise ran 80 yards Stn the Monticello 20 yard line, but, inthe play wasjcaliedmback. The Blue' la 25 yard line when a Vil12 G1'0ve 2 Upon Vimei-viewing Bill Crum Q fumble was recovered b' an Ar. ?ffe1- the gains- khg gzwemuqnige alllfevxls piffyfli fl ilwffy 5150015 22211119 L Y cola player. A few plays later Sargent ga1lopedL75 yards for the final touchdown of the game. - Ed Tanous was by far .the,most outstanding player on .the Villa Grove eleven. He faked beautifully and seemed to call the jright play at the right time. Ed has been but a substitute this year, but you may be sure of seeing a lot of N' in the remaining two games. 5 Bill Wise also showed his ish last Friday by picking up consi erable yardage. J im Fanakc broke loose on the second play q the game 'and faced 52'1yards ii Arc61a's 19 yard line, fbtlt'-Villa Grove failed to scorep Bill Crum,must4tfhink ofludefeat Fxiday was' blocking and tackling sent the boys through ling and blocking drills day. ' ' ' In first difference because downs came on' long Grove had 11 first coxav , ., s12 what . Score The boys and their dads were introduced and James Fanakos lserved as master of ceremonies. Coach Bill Crum spoke on pros- pects for the coming year and 'lauded his boys on their fine spirit this season. The following players were recognized for being select- ged on the all-Okaw team: I John Brooks, first team, all Okawg Dick Rund, second team, ,all Okawg Jim Fanakos, junior, isecond team, all Okaw. Crum said Fanakos missed the first team by but five points. Pat Love's name will be placed on the trophy for the most tack- ilcs. Pat made 40 tackles during 3 the season. Assistant Coach Clarence Weir spoke briefly and introduced the boys coming back next season. Cheerleaders and team manag- W ers, principal Joe Kelley and Sup- erintendent G. G. Gaines were in 5 l attendzjpce. m L iw f DeviIs Make Local Debut Tonight Homecoming Game With Arthur Q A, .4 --.MMM . ,,.,, , Unity Rockets Buzz i Blue Devils 41-0 ' fBy Fred Hutchisoirf Don Grothe of Unitytgead his team to a decisive victorwover the. Villa Grove Blue Devils last Fri- day, October 3, by a score of 41-0. I Grothe second in scoring in they state made runs of 35, 64, 75, 80! Yards for 24 points and addw' - other by plunging nw 'III pee-ch and got off the subject for the first half, but was hurt byj ny times, but after asking himgpenairies and poor blocking. Thei tra, point. Q' rm' W or a 'Siatement he icxmpehed hisisagw, hGWf?W113 WCPSL 31HV:"" earl and final! said that 11238005 Dighlr They VW' h Z hought tile that Vina f" 7 ear sinle '45 zidla winniw' " ,haf 34 ggsuccess. He said, 'Tis is the firm-gm Y N L, . season was a huge3Vf'1'5iF WOM" W U .Mnad hmm. -, was playing a vary, y game and alsq did a goodl of trying to cheer the boys on. the best defensive lines- on the Grover's team was snake Ruud. Hen was tackling low 25 points that Don Grothe scared raised his seasons total to, 129. He is the type of player who d11ean't ,follow interference and should be smothered everytimie he the ball. Q game is at Newman! of the! be ,sfzood out It otft .tor Vfllsl 501 thu' Q, 4-n' Sf John Brooks. LE Ronald Elder T Pat Love, LH Frank Thomas QB Bill Wise, RH Don Butler G Call Soliday. C Dlfk RUM' T CHARLESTON there MONTICELLO there ARTHUR here OAKLAND here 42 won 7-6 lost 6-13 won 42-13 won 26-13 Jack Chrrshnan E Ed Tanous QB Jlm Fanakn Charles Bela! E Do here there here there 43 '90 IK"- 5 Q v , Y I pf . Q ,rf SQ 4 . ag 1 7:5 L I '55 3 QXY 'x ik R Wx 53 ' 5 X 2 5 NV Q25 25, John Brooks , f 2 W Q of M if M .f W Ronald Elder , A - 1 'M Q , I ' ' D V, '. Na.. ,I ' ' .,3T k L." "-7 . ' ,,,o,.i,55-S md Q97 4 , 1 .5 1:- ' 5117. ' 'K uVQH,5. . arry Livengood 1 - , W.,-1 5 iqx , , Q dif- 5.A ,X ww Charles Beh V. 2 VQ-Va U f X , , , W L- fi, I BASKETBALL SQUAD FRONT ROW: Left to Right: Mr. Weir, Coach, Jimmy Prosser, Lynn Statzer, Bill Wise, John Brooks, Charles Behl, Frank Thomas, Don Hoops, Jack Christman, SECOND ROW: Billy Huber, James McCollom, Lary Livengood, Ed Tanous, Ronald Elder, Jim Fanakos, Billy Hancock, Don Ament, Mr. Crum, Coach, THIRD ROW: Charles Andrews, Manager' Don Smith, Larry Hancock, Robert Gregor, Bob Hackett, Harold Lewis, Pat Love, Don Coslet, Jimmy Fry, Manager. Jester, Jester, she's our gal, And if she can't do it, Tay shall. Tay, Tay, she's our gal, And if she can't do it, Tanous shall. Tanous, Tanous, she's our gal, And if she can't do it. Elbs shall. Elbs, Elbs, she's our gal, And if she can't do it, Cullum shall. f Cullum, Cullum, he's our man, - If he can't do if. nobody can. f 1 ,Vi J X rw- I t,, JI ,I 4 n fig- is W- ' ff' 1','!i'?l9 ,,,,,5rg,fQf "145e,7"iQ' lf I, I ' Magik-f,, iiilgigmk? 44" 41,.g.,-,-,gy 4 A an A, v -1 - i 2 -5553 'A ', if ' vw, U . - N 5' , ,,, X1 W , , wf.+-We - s:1:ffffstgz',Ls f MQ - J -Aw , K cast. L , I t I , J sv ,. l fc, CHEERLEADERS 46 Ms Q EV' X Q, , g , f R K Q Q Te X 9 si BPM :glazrw if - ' f ma ,, ue P li , 9, N O04 C mam Qnumseas Omg. QXQQQN BRO 0 ks QAT ES ,Z Qggi 0 K' x f H bk,Q, , S G -- - QB N Y K' l ,' . . f E X 135.11 ..g,- ,Z - 5 wg ' .Z . Q K awww -535,1 'kg-,tg 4 fy R m gi 42219 1 f. L .ww-1.v'fk' ii 21: J- . V ff ,- f 'Q-Jvvwwf, 2 -A wi! 1' ' . iw Tfinzhz v .,. B3 x . V x ,, gif, ' , K ' " ' R 'z '- x l ' iw 3 an .it 61 W - an U P Vxngxu Aiivxmgxek Gy OA Wk-x., ,S J' Mary Kay Robison lleell Barbara Patterson Claruce Smlth 48 Pat Remhart Sheron Patterson aiwfy rank Thomas Larry Livengood ajed fy U19 Charles Behl Jack Kleiss 49 Bull Hancock xl We Ola? . 0 ,og Barbara Patterson and Jack Kleiss were crowned Queen and King of the Home- coming just before our homecoming game with Arthur, Friday, October 6. The Queen's attendants were Pat Reinhart, a senior, Mary Kay Robison, a Junior, Sheron Patterson, a Sophomore and Clarice Smith, a Freshman. King Kleiss' attendants were Frank Thomas, a Seniorg Larry Livengood, a Juniorg Charles Behl, a Sophomore and Bill Hancock, a Freshman. The Queen and King and also the attendants marched from between the goal posts at the south end of the football field to a throne erected on a truck at the 50 yard line in a very picturesque manner. Rose Marie Gilles and Perry Christman, last year's Queen and King crowned Barbara and Jack. After many pictures had been taken they marched to the side of the field to watch Villa Grove win a decisive victory over Arthur by a score of 40-13. The Future Farmers of America won the first prize in the Homecoming parade which was held Friday afternoon, October 6. This float consisted of an Amishman driving a tractor, pulling a wagon on which an Amish lady was praying for her son, who was in a coffin. Her son must have been an Arthur football player. Second place went to the seniors who had Norma Rhodes and Peggy Ballard pressing the Arthur team with a large iron. The Homecoming was climaxed with the dance after the game in the high school gym. Crownbearers to the throne. Princess Johanna Culp and Prince Bobby Bender- The Royal Court of Villa Crove's Homecoming. gs-'mf I . ., 'wif . .r.i"".t 50 'Yu wh, 1 xi' .ibagy "Grandmothuh! Dick I Betty! Oh, you precious dah-h-hlings! The prodigal daughtuh is home at lahstl" -life va .-Whar is The ww THE CAMPBELLS ARE COMING" STANDING: Joan Bender, Jack Kleiss, Carolyn Cunningham, Bob Cullum, Charles Andrews, John Brooks, Cath- erine Senters. SITTING: Joan Babb, Jack Griffin, Peggy Ballard. S The Class of '51 Presents "THE CAMPBELLS ARE COMING" MA BRANNIGAN ............................................ Joanne Babb . CATALPA TAPP ............. ....... C arolyn Cunningham BE'l'l'Y BRANNIC-AN ........ ............... J oan Bender gal?" W what wed my DICK BRANNIGAN ....... ....... J ack Kueass Tm BILDAD TAPP .......... CYRUS SCUDDER ....... JEFFREY SCUDDER ......... KAYE BRANNIGAN ....... KINGSTON CAMPBELL ........... MRS. AUGUSTA CAMPBELL ......... .......,.Bob Cullum .......Charles Andrews ............John Brooks Catherine Senters .....,,..Jack Griffin ......Peggy Ballard -.Q oiian aw 'gms L 5N il? c '96 WY U3 JW . . Program . Toastmaster x x x Jolm 004' Welcome x x x x Jaclr Iflelss Response x x x x Bob 1? 171 6130 P., Vocal Solo x x x Harold Rogers 4 Q10 5 CVLOOK Address x x x x Marshall CVLEKLL Musical Selections x X M my W Sex tel Mary Prosser was chosen by the students and faculty to receive the annual award given an outstanding Senior girl by the Daughters of the Amer- ican Revolution. Mary took part in the F. H. A. her first three years and won the county homemaker award as a sophomore. She was in the commercial club and Secretary of her class as a junior. She served on the junior and senior play and Prom committees, was an author of the honors night script, won the junior cape for scholastic ability and was a probationary member of the National Honor Society her sophomore and junior years. She also edited the Vade Mecum. 53 Ag ESX Nmvxx Sm Cx Kama I w 1,-f mxis XBTXQAHX W 'L gali l? ff I QQ-r QNNQW ZX-X' QNKGRS r'N jx A C AQ: Dkvxeks 'WQQX C9335 W, ,.,.. Agn.. .-5' "Wim 1 , ll Ill l I The BesI In Drug Sfore Service since IQO4 THE REXALL PHARMACY K. A. SPRINKLE, Prop. INDEX NOTION CO. 254-SI.00 Congraiulafions Io Ihe Graduafion Class of I95I s i CRADDICICS FLORIST SAY IT WITH FLOWERS Wire Service FTD Assn. ECONOMY MARKET Fresh IvIeaI's, FruiIs 84 Vege+abIes Cus+om Curing Photographs in the annual by BLANKENBERG STUDIO Kankakee, Illinais ,. ...i.i11.TT r-lANCOCK'S HABERDASHERY Men 84 Boys iziggig Ouillllers 'N,:il::,:2-?g'LAt Nafionally Known Brands LAMB 81 TURNER Turner Seed 8: Supply Wayne Feeds 84 Field Seeds Phone 2l2-Rl Villa Grove, Illinois Willw The Complimenls of THE GEM THEATRE CULLUM'S SHOE STORE Fealuring: RED GOOSE GRACE WALKER, J. C. ROBERTS and Ofher Popular Sfyles Tire Balleries AUTO PARTS AND SUPPLIES FURSTE AUTO SUPPLY Villa Grove MOTT AMBULANCE SERVICE OXYGEN EOU IPM ENT x xx XX ' T? I X ' Claude R. CI1iIco+e if 7 TE ACO . ,fl -I. Phone: 64 Vina Grove TEXACO SERVICE 81 LUNCH Camargo, Illinois Phone: Villa Grove 34-F2 CompIimen+s FOGERSONS FOSTER RECREATION ROOM K, K 1 I j if T' 1 I I 1 -Fptg uwufn ri! :ff CompIimenfs f' I I IIIIIII I S' I .......,,.,,7 T T DR. c. J. CUNNTNGHAM -'f' In , OSTEOPATT-uc PHYSICIAN , I Villa Grove, IIIinois PT II ' T! Compilicmenfs D O N ' S IGA FOOD MARKET THE VILLA GROVE NEWS YOUR Newspaper serving YOU MEET THE CROWD AT THE SWEET SHOP Foumain Service Short Orders r., VVI' I I I Eff ' 'M ,LL,' I I . li WDM ' Di .. ii -.. 3 , if.sQi.i Q . af f . if-.s ne ws. -1 1:-. f- , v, -2.-....-M., of .. , - vw .- ..gin 5-Ni. I I Ii Ak 41 ,Q K ix ' 1,0 if ' F5555 ' 5 :it wir . Y L' 1 -1 f' 'f Lg,L,,..e Q IE fi Sak 'Q PLAY SHUFFLE BOARD aI Ilwe IDEAL TAVERN Complimenls of MATTESON INSURANCE TOHILL 81 SON HARDWARE 81 FURNITURE Plione 2 I Villa Grove, III. Frigidaire appliances, zenillw radios, Wallpaper Xi PainIs, Kroelwler Living Room 81 Bedroom Furnilure Complimenls of DR. ROBERT TAYLOR Complimerds ol DR. JAMES H. TAYLOR M. D. PHYSICIAN 81 SURGEON ospltality That Alliii Understands I405-I4II Easi Main S+. Complimenls of DANVILLE, ILL. DR. E. M. TANOUS M. D. DANVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. EARL ENTLER Hooo, Illinois GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone: Hindsboro Iooz MORRIS MOTOR SALES 81 SERVICES I23 N. Main Sfreei Villa Grove, Illinois Phone I23 MODERN CLEANERS I-IATTERS-CLEANERS-DYERS Q DEPOSlTiv msunco Q I Tha federal Deposit Insurance Comntian WASHINGTON o c Ssoon ?6:'2'f'c'fI'3fgdsiI'f8: S5000 Phone 29 WE OPERATE OUR OWN CLEANING PLANT VII-I-A GROVE STATE BANK Pick UP and Delivery Villa Grove, Illinois Member of Federal Reserve and F D I C ffxxx gunning rEm.lA.I..RESlfRVl: SYSTEW, VILLA GROVE NATIONAL BANK Villa Grove, Illinois Member of Federal Reserve and F D I C HENSON 8 WEGENG INSURANCE AGENTS S BROKERS Phone 70 C. T. HENSON 81 SONS HARDWARE AND LUMBER Murdock BroadIandS Villa Grove Longview ROC-5ER'S HOME APPLIANCE I-IOME OF FINE APPLIANCES Pl-Ione 46R3 Villa Grove, Illinois VVf:stin house .. .,, Q., Lifdii .. 1131-1, lv iff,-'ff' 'f 1 1 nfl. I.-r.I,,q, 1, - ny., qi .' .', ,-V ww ' In .' " QX - "-'--"'- V " ' . , Aff,-'--' , - ' J ,K J.:kM,,,1,,u,'-- 1 ' -Qin -. .. 1 Qdaf.. , A- '-1,1 4. 1 1 1 Vw..-. . 32.4 .F ,,'. 1.1, . '.-0.4 F. , ,,.A ,. 13. .ry .Mya .Y ,' XLJ .k,.w..,. V- ...ff-, Ls' , ,1,-' -.L ' ,rl .A ,1 X -.. ' fE' ' r... Umff' . L, J., Q- ,,--' "' J. ,114 ,X Wd.. p-1i-.-,.-.,-Y,- f ERS .lay-22,1 YEARBGOKS ' MYERS AND C0 INC TOPEKA KANSAS 1 4 Q.. ., V - ,N 4"v, IZA Q - - 4 1.. L V i? "5 lf ' W V if Ag - A Y fy, 11? Q X., . 1. J, ., . X. ,ug W ff I ? M--A-g"1 1,' Gif in gl 1 H 5 if , Q if ' A Q . as Y N' if if uf F ' gs' E3 ' wxr: E: 2 Q we- 5 if 5 ,??f' Ei H mf - vxrv , 1 9 ca BR Q W g an lbs

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