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Villa Duchesne School - Au Revoir Yearbook (Frontenac, MO) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1949 volume:

i W H ' 11511 ' ' 1' ' 11 P' 1' V nl-A "' M' "" 'A -- --'-- -4-1 ..J.,,,, ..., . .. , , Hn- , QQ 4 Y. Z UZ CZ ZZ LZ OZ lflullllullllullIlulllullallIul:IfIuluulIllnlllulllxlnruslllun 6 8 k , -x, iw 152 YJ as. Q M X 1 1 4 I ' K. nlf F y --Y-.--f--.-Q-.Mmuu.,......,,,-,,Jm.-:1,,W4.-,- i '1 13 lm3 Q MAY 9L,Aj"6P-OUND --In HC , v,. I. GAILAGLJ' ' u ...vw NUNY POLE rm-un. 1. ww., g Au Revoir ef' E 1 ace" aint Madeleine ephie Beret Foundress of the Religious of the Sacred Heart Born 1779 Died 1865 Canonlzed 1925 A Eehitatiun C60 ST. MADELEINE SOPHIE, whose love for the little ones of Christ's Mystical Body was so ardent that she said she would have founded the Society to save the soul of one child, we lovingly dedicate our 1949 Yearbook. We are grateful for the heritage of learning she has left us, incorporated in the Plan of Studies that makes our school life so happyg but what is more valuable to us is the heritage of love she bequeathed-that unifying bond which makes the nuns our Mothers, the convent our home, and all of us children of the Sacred Heart. VVe ask St. Madeleine Sophie, patroness of Villa Duchesne, to keep us loyal to the ideals she set for us and to make all her children courageous members of the Church Militant. 47 47 'O Behold the S ower went forth to sow - fl grain of mustard seed He ms! Unlo the welcoming winds. And lo! The little seed was fought hy the sun And kissed hy the clouds and rain. There was pain To he paid as lhe price of ils sweelness find slreuglh, hm' al last! The Sower was sotijed. His work was well done. For did the hrfmrhes cy' the mustard lree spread, Encompassing loud and sea, reaching up to the li gh! Of the stars. I 71 the height Then' is Heaven it rests its lull top, not apart From ils branches helow, hui drawing all To rest in lhe dear Sower-'s Heart! Pg: Tb ' I' 3?- ,, 1 ,. 4.-1 , .1 ,. -, ,....-. nn, 1 iff! '- H ffm-rx. 5 f' ' ' Siix .y, , anna ,-."2' 4-.W WX :,1,,4N . M' if E' Q my P Q :3 E, 1 Q' W M! .- ,L Y if-. 3 fp' Q' Q tl -.','fl f ' -I' . iuga 13+ y ff? ,yu " ", fl' I .,,.' The Third Avadenliu Presents Through the Doors of Villa Ducllesne Long ago - perhapx twelve yeari - Through Villalv Doors you fame, Bright-eyed and eager and .vpirit ajlame For new adventure. Now all appears Like a Jwyt dream, a wisp of time, zz bright Spring day W hen you explored the many-doorerl And high-archea' hall of learning. Say You have opened well and wixelv all The door: that lf'illa's love prepared, Then .vhallyour Alma Nlater he repairi, ana' call You now to ga again The way you fame, But nohlcr far than in pax! year: .find learned in the love W' God. Often return, and find that Love the mme Through all the wia'e:fiung rioorx Of Villa Ijllfhfjllt' mg. Fa IT's Too BAD C1SSlE'S . . .free :half a'on'l make the .fame hil her L'0l1U67'libl8 ha: made so Wien! Her parlicular parlialitiex range j?'om formaldehyde lo hockey and basketball. The piclure cy' Cix, her arm: loaded wifh hay a pharmacy, and her expresxiarz hurmling to tell lhe lates! slory, has .rerved to enierlain usfor lhe pa!! lhirleen wars. dx everyone has Jem, :he ix a :launch and loyal leader. Green Ribbon '46, '47 Blue Ribbon '49 Aloysizm Sodcllity Angel Sodnlity Varsity Member '47, '48, '49 Order Prize '46 V. P. Queen Sports Letter '48 Page Six B. Varsity Basketball '47 Varsity Basketball '46, '48, '49 ANN Giuiaseoiecx, E. de M. 1936-1949 Addrexx Huntleigh Village Kirkwood, Missouri College Marymount B. Varsity Hockey '46, '47, '48, '49 Class President '49 Class Secretary '48 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter '48, '49 Athletic Cup ,47 NANcx'WxLMA Avsucuoiv, I9-lf-l--I 9-19 zlridress xo Frontenac Drive Clayton, Missouri College Mnnlmttzmville Aloysinn Sodality Angel Sodzxlity Varsity Member '49 Honor Roll '46 E.a'e M. s , 1 5 . AT 'rx-is SOUND or THAT REVERHERATING 110.411 . . . we are fully aware thai "Nauru" is erjoying her own hilarious humor oure again. Besides this engrossing paszimf of amusing her friends, she is fasl beroming a rival lo Elsa Maxwell. Nancee's even temper and opti- mislie oulloolc have carried her through many viemrious baskelhall games: we hope the weslern lripfor her "T.B." is a .rueeess also. Good lurk, and some hack lo see ns! Sports Letter '46, '48 B. Varsity Basketball '47 Varsity Basketball '46, '48, '49 Class Secretary '46 mg. sm.. A simnxunc SMILE . . . can always be :een lighting 7oan'.ffare, whether .rhe'.r talking abou! lax! nigh!': party or lomorrow niglz!'.v baxkelball game. "Far crying in lhe dark" Yoon, why don'l you :el a new reeord and come la .rehool wilhaul a jewelled-Meek blouse tomorrow? But because ry' 7oan'r gracious, eomider-ale way wherever .rhe goef, Villa Dueheme will give her high reeommendalionx. Green Ribbon '47 Angel Sodality Varsity Member '48, '49 Order Prize '48 Sports Letter '47 B. Varsity Basketball '48 Class Treasurer '47, '49 Page Eight JOAN Louisa BAUER, E de M 1944- 1 949 Address Sl Willow Hill Lndue, Missouri College Maryville ALICE Brzcxiar. Boylan 1947-1949 Address 41 Brighton Way Clayton, Missouri College University of Arizona Ti-muon WE OFTEN MUST sf-xv . . . "Alice, where url thau?", "TeJt.r" .vhow the will power that bridge: all diffrulliex. Seeing the bex! in everything, getling lhe hex! ou! U everylhingg and iving of her hex! lo everything, her Iwo loo .vhort year: al iilla have endeared her lo us. Blue Ribbon '49 Varsity Member '49 Page Nine I "A Ho1.mAv maven HURT ANvoNe," out there': an exreplion lo sony rule, and rxpecially this one according io Beczy. A: Ihr acridml is a .fore Juojrfl, liieralbf, will pas: over il and lake fhe chance io praise Be:zy'.r amazing initiative and reliability: A bright exprerxion maker duty .reem lo her a pleasure, and work the ,rpire af life. Green Ribbon '46, '4 Blue Ribbon '49 Aloysian Sodality Angel Sodality Varsity Member '47, Honor Roll '46 Attendance Prize '47 Fourth V. P. Maid Sports Letter '47 Pug: Tm 7 '4 B. Varsity Basketball '47, '48 B. Varsity Hockey '47 Varsity Hockey '48, '49 Cours Basketball '46 Cours Hockey '46 Class Vice-President '48 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter '48, '49 Euse BARCLEY BROUN 1945-1949 Address 51:8 Westminster Place St. Louis, Missouri College Georgetown Visitation JANET CLEILAND BROUN, E. de M. 1945-1 949 dzlrlrexx 5228 Westminster Place St. Louis, Missouri Callrge Georgetown Visitation Green Ribbon '46, '47 Blue Ribbon '49 Aloysinn Sadality Angel Sodality Varsity Member '47, '48, '49 Attendance Prize '46, '48 Order Prize '47 Fifth V. P. Maid li., 5 fx, Q .,.. , r N x Jaxer, Tr-is orusrt 1-iA1.r, though more rerious mm' lhoughgful, walk: in lhe .fame taryrer way and .rmilex in the .mme friendly maflnzr. Voted "Parly af the 1lla11Ih" lln' lwir1'.v :lance afler the "IlIi?llIIlllI'?" ICP. will long be remembered by lhe fried FDll7"lh. Among f7anel'J other arhinvemenls are laxiiug co11.vIm1ry and genuine good- .vpart.vman.rhip. Sports Letter '46, '48 B. Varsity Basketball '47, '48 B. V arsiry Hockey '47 Varsity Hockey '48, '49 Cours Basketball '46 Cours Hockey '46 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter '48, '49 Page Eleven 4 i "CosMoPou'rAN BETTY" . . . ix equally al home on the bright hearhzr 4 Soulh flmerim, and Ihe snow: if Canada. fl varsity veleran, :he ix alxo one aj lhe "big three" of 1hc lrig class. Following her molto, "wharf there'.r a will Ihr:-e'.r a way," even in midnight feaxls, all these thing: Jervr lo add to her coloyul and ajablc charafler. Green Ribbon '47 Aioysian Sodaiity Angel Soclnlity May Procession '47 Prize for Christian Doctrine '46 Class Treasurer '48 Varsity Member '47, '48, '49 Sportsmanship Cup '47 Page Twrlv: BETTY AMELIA BURTON 1943-1949 7 Addrcsx 708 Duke Street Preston, Ontnrio, Canada College Manhnttanville BEATRICE CECELIA BUTLER 1939-1949 zlddren f 18 Upper Ladue Road Clayton, Missouri College Georgemwn Visitation ALTHOUGH sm: IS 'ms soask S0l'HIS'l'lCA'l'E . . . of Table Two, and an avid dereslrr Qf rlirfx, Beazlv if lighl- lzearled wiflmul being lighl-hearlezl. Beazfv will long be remembered ai her rllma lllctzrfor being a lruejiiend, a .rinrere person and zz good Jporl. We ,rlmll mi.r.r tho! lrusfy .flalion-wagon :lashing out of ihe gate on Tllflddvikf an if: way lo lI'e.fl Belle Plnre or Cook nlveuue where fha lulderprivileged are wailing for 'Min Bembz' Blue Ribbon '49 Nay Procession '48 Aloysian Sodnlity B. Varsity Hockey '49 Angel Sodzxlity Au Revoir Cup '48 Varsity Member '48, '49 Page Thirteen Wim A rmm or HAIR . . . lhal we are sure inaugurated the New Look, Twink has become a .rhining .vynonymfar merry-making and tlzoughtfulncxs. She i: a poxsenor ry' many Hey" thou endearing young rlxarm.r" and well.lmown as the Chiq'-Moral-Booster of the baskelball Ieam with her rheer, "come on gals, iff: put one in!" A ready wil and a ready hand arcompany a .fcinlillaiing personality and lhc combination lravzx lilflt to be dexircd. Aloysian Sodality B. Varsity Hockey '47, '48, .49 Angel Sodality B., Varsity Basketball '47 Honor Roll '46 Varsity Basketball '48, '4g Sports Letter '48 Class Treasurer '46 Page Fourteen JULIE ANN CARR 1944-1949 Addins 63m Washington Avenu: St. Louis, Missouri College Maryville MA RY JOY DowDA1.L 1945-1949 Alda'reJ.r Spoede and Ladue Roads Clayton, Missouri College Miss Hickey's Business School X. 5 . WHA-r wouw You LIKE? . . . Some candid :hon ly' Villa'.r "lmtive.fg" lhal cerlain laurh to give a dren Ihc "New Look?" Perhap: yau would prqfcr a brain tcaxing lrigonometry problem lo mul! over, or a diuermlion on how to give a party with a :mile highlighted by a quick blush and 70-y will .mligfy lhese prg'eren::.v. Angel Sodaliry Sports Lauer '47 Page Filreen SINCE THOSE HECTIC DAYS IN CINCINNATI . . . Gimli mn ronstanll ' be :een :ying the nearest re.f1i21g-place long- inglv. gui her more .virions .ride :hows an inquifiiive mind and recfifude Q' will whirh go hand in hand with Gimzi. Hfrs ix the mndor that all who see admire and her Klllllllillhflll rims high whelher il be teaching mlerhixm or planning Varsily inilialiou. Aloysinn Sodnlity B. Varsity Hockey '49 Angel Sodality League of the Sacred Heart Varsity Member '48, '49 Promoter '48, '49 Pug: Sixteen VIRGINIA JONSIE EVANS, E de M 1943-1949 zlddrzss 4915 Pershing Avenue St. Louis, Missouri College Georgetown Visimrion MARY SUZANNE FLEMING 1947-1949 1-Iddrex: 46 Briarcliff Lndue, Missouri College Maryville + "S'roP, LOOK AND LISTENV' Sus's WATCHNVORD . . . when il come: to making fha! 7:30 A. M. church deadline. Bu! when lhat white flaxh came: to a .flop anywhere, out .rleps a pint qf originalily and a peck qf enlhusiasm, and may :he always keep her best foolforward. One Q' lhe few hardy .raulx wilh a grin an Monday morning, Sue is as ahliging and una-jetted a.r :he ix cheerful. Angel Sodality Le Cercle Franqais V Page Seventeen Hi-:R LAUGHTER . . . is as refreshing and ullra-feminine as is Carol herxew Sinrerity and ajabililby acrompany her every lhoughl and word and dard. Il',r Au Revoir la Villa Durham: but Maryville ix ou the rereiving lim! Come back uflm, Carol! Page Eighlcen CAROL GENEVIEVE FoLz 1947-1949 Addrcn 723 South East Riverside Drive Evansville, Indiana College Maryville Angel Sodality NORMA MAME Fowuzk 1945-1949 Azldrexs 7270 Maryland Avenue University City, Missouri . C College Maryville Angel Sodaliry Honor Roll '48 1 ? 1 1 l .r cu mbusti on wolkx A MINUTE PACKAGE . . . cjxponmneou h ll an angel hoireul and mmlxd hlue eve.r. The abou! enea 1 K D forehead ixfoirlv hmzfling wilh .rome new and unique idea. .fl dixxenler when rouxed, ez .fludeui on orrasiozzs, a goal gelrer when polential enezgy i.r releaxed. Norma is a girl we are .rowy Io .fee leave. Le Cercle Frnnqais Page Nineleen J BUNCKY, "THE 1.As'r or THE Foxes" . . . will no longer he among lhe lwentielh renlur' wifi Io enlerlaiu hu: 32, and her lavemlerC?j tau! willlcenxe lo amaze lhe whole academic school. From lhe gym lo the .roda founlain, her thee1-ful banler ha.: heralded one of lhe friendliexr, mor! likeable girl: in lhe school, and we wi.rl1 her the hes! rj luck in brightening up lhe sidewalls: fy' New York next September. Angel Sodnliry Attendance Prize '47 Sports Letter '47, '43 Le Cercle Frangnis Page Twenty PATRICIA Rosa Fox l9-15-l9-l9 fidrlrexs 7030 Delmar Boulevard University City, Missouri College Duchesne Residence School ANN GALLAGHER, E. de M. 1945-1949 Addrcxs 72 I4 Greenway Avenue University City, Missouri College Maryville Green Ribbon '47 Blue Ribbon '49 Aluysian Sodality Angel Sodality Varsity Member '48, '49 Honor Roll '46, '47, '48 Coma ON "GA1.!" XVHAT IF THE House wake on rims? B111 :he alway: .feemx lo gel llzere, bringing just enough mlhu.via.rm and gaad will to rope wilh any Jitzzaliorl. fl ,vlrirl IIDII-C07Qf07'I!Ii.fl la the New Look Ann rduxex lo lake the big .vlep and part wilh lhoxe mills, forever. Bu! here her ZJI' r ' o manq endf, for a more agreeable, cordxal girl would be hard tofind. Attendance Prize, '48 Highest Average '46, '47 Prize for Christian Doctrine '47 Sports Letter '46, '47, '48 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter '48, '49 Page Tn any-one if l JEANNE HAS EATABLISHED Hlskssu' . . . ax Ihe qfcial welraming rommillee for ilu Ifanity Club every morning, ar a favorite among Ihr riding srl, and lhe perferl painter ry gouler :ale paslerx. Long lock: qf auburn hair may not prophexy a plzlegmalic pcrsoualiiy, but ffeanne har made lhe cxrrplion wilh her mlm, quiel, una.r.fuming manner. Angel Sodality Sports Letter '48 Varsity Member '48, l49 Pug: Twenlyuvu NIARILYN JEANNE Gsnwirz 1947-1949 Address 30 Middlesex Drive York Woods St. Louis, Missouri College Maryville GA11. GOESSLING, E. de M. 1943-1949 Addrexx I7 Upper Lndne Road Clayton, Missouri College Marymount Green Ribbon '47 Blue Ribbon '49 Aloysinn Sodality Angel Sodality Varsity Member '47, '48, '49 Vice-President of Varsity '49 Honor Roll '48 Highest Average '48 Sports Letter '46, '47, '48 i n i.. 'I .54 1 'E' rf nf' ma, AN ADJECTIVE . . . rapable Mfully dexrribing Gail ha: ye! lo be introduced into llze English language - but .rlre undoubtedly ha: a blend al piquanl prafle and genuine New York arrent. Il will ,reem odd nal :ning Gail in Ihr month: Ia came, ambling from lhe gym lo the Vanrily room and la ilu study hall, wearing her inseparable ribbon and a winning smile. B. Varsity Hockey '47, '49 Varsity Hockey '48 B. Varsity Basketball '47 Varsity Basketball '48, '49 Class Secretary '48 Fifth V. P. Maid Prize for Christian Doctrine '47 Attendance Prize '48 Page Tvenlwbrze Be rr Tm: Cancun FRANQAIS on A const . . . Mar Lou': enlhuxiasm never waverr. 11 rare Soulhern bell: wilh a rare .reme :J humor, .rhe ha: doubled her wil lo make up for her acceui. Her frank opinion: on any and every Jubjecl, including Ndtlanla, lhe Garden Spot ny' the IVorld" have served to fascinale qhll. Villa Duchesne mn well be proud cj a girl with .such cheerful determination MARY Louisa GRABBE, E. :le M. 1947-1949 rIddre.f.r 7.99 West Wesley Road Atlanta, Georgia College Manhattrmville and loyalty. Fifth Blue Ribbon '49 Angel Sodnlity Varsity Member '48, '49 Secretary of Varsity '49 Honor Roll '48 May Procession '48 Highest Average '48 Prize for Christian Doct Page Tvrnlv-fouv rine '48 High Paint Cup '48 Sports Letter '48 Class Vice-President '49 Le Cercle Frnngais Secretary of Le Cercle Frungais Representative at Leaders Week Greenwich '49 AIARRY ANN GSCHWEND 1946-1949 .flddrcxs Fairmount Place Alton, Illinois College Barat UGISHEYU'-THE 'roAs'r or THE u. s. POSTAL SERVICE! Sl1e'.r as abliging za lhe telephone L'D7IlPfl7l'V ax .flue is to her companionxg a.r chipper ax .rhe is tlzozfghynl. Be.fide.r lltllllfdf abililies for fnanfe Cel Francauj, M0137 Ann? abilily lo be sweet will ako remain in our hearts. Angel Sodnliry Sports Letter '48 Page Tvemy-fve NsA'rNlsss TO 'ri-ix-: "LAST norm FINGERTIPH . . . ix a nutshell desrriplion ry' Yoan. She is hath reserved and mrefree. Though Jlze ha: been with us only Iwo years, we know that 7oan'.r .runny dispoxilion will blend wilh the .funny land: 4 Illinois in the year: lo rome, as they have done al Villa Dueheme. Angel Sodality Page Twemy-nx JOAN CLAIRE HEILIGENSTEIN 1946-1949 Address 580 Edison Place ' Belleville, lllinois College Fonthonne MARY ANNE HOURAN, E. de M. 1947-1949 fIa'dre.f.v 349 North Edward Avenue Decatur, Illinois ' College Marymount HER ssckm' IS our AT LAST! . . . Everyone know: .vhe'.v hiding l7'Il!J?10gIlEJ on Rome in her room, lr-ying lo find a decent gay' soma plare in her summer vaealian. With a wide-awake interest in everything, 'though ,vhe': perpefually Jleepy, Teddy is a profound orator, employing tha! "Decalur draw!" lo il: but ndvantage, Her friendly manner ha: endeared her to us. Angel Sodaligy Varsity Member '48, '49 Blue Ribbon '49 High Point Cup '48 Sports Letter '48 Page Tvznly-uven FLAPS AND Holman-mms ANNOUNCE HER . . . ax :he work: for worlhy mzuex, uphold: the .fquare dance, and un- xeyishly caoperale: in school acliviliex. Time wax nal nerded lo make lzer one of u:,and wc'rz glad :he .rpenl her ln.rlycar, al leaxl, al Villa Drlrlxeme. Angel Sodality B. Varsity Basketball '49 BEATRICE lX11GNON HU'l'I'0N 19-18-1949 dddrexs 63 Clermont Lane Clayton, Missouri College Maryville Varsity Member '49 Captain of B. Varsity Basketball '49 Pug: Twemyfigbl DoLoREs NIARY JONES, E. de M. 1945-1949 zlddrexs 7065 Lindell Boulevard St. Louis, Missouri College Maryville Green Ribbon '47 Blue Ribbon '49 Angel Sodality Varsity Member '47, '48, '49 May Procession '47 Attendance Prize '47, '48 Sports Letter '46, '47, '48 WILLINGNESS 'ro si-:ARE . . . her firm: and talenl: have mud: her nu! only a wonderful baxlmball captain, but lhe wearer ny' a wel! deserved ribbon. Regreyfulbr, rome September her subtle humor will no longer rzfrerh us, nor :hall we hear that .fwecl rqfrain al near! years' basketball game: - "Warning on Yonex." B. Varsity Basketball '47 Varsity Basketball '48, '49 Captain of Varsity Basketball '49 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter '48, '49 Honor Roll '46 Pug: Twenty-nine ."2T?5Ke MARY JEAN KELTY, E. de M i 1945-1949 Address Wi-: wmuzN"r Too AM.-XZED . . . mfndlhal Year: lm.r been faithful lo her',v job ai the lmspilal - .vlfe .feemx la have her hear! in her work! llfilh a .fyileln for eveqvllling, iff poxsible that sl:e': even dixcovered one for marching Jweafers :md .rkirlx latelv. 7ea21'.s determinaliou and quiet way qf going abaul her work have helped Io make her not only admired, bu! loved by all. Order Prize '46, '48 Sports Letter '47 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter '48, '49 Green Ribbon '46, '47 Blue Ribbon '49 Angel Soclality Varsity Member '48, '49 Page Thirty 628 lvest Vine Street Springfield. Illinois C allege Marymount JOAN PHYLLIS KLUMP 1945-1949 Addrexx 7749 Kingsbury Place St. Louis, Missouri I'r's HARD 'ro PUT A PERIOD . . . lo 7oan'.r presence among us. Although will miss Yom: .rroolmg up Ihr drwe m "Blah Beaulyf' will mu: :vm more f7aan'.r .rxncn-xly, Collegc Maryville her dry wil and ahliging ways. Aloyslan Sodallty Angel Sodality Page Thinyane HER vom!-2, "A jx-:WEL ov PER!-'EC'I'IONn . . . her nighllv prowlingf, uinnorml rmzleriakiugx performcd will: mrs." Glarialv unique laste for anliquex, and prarliml ualure do not make her any len' reazlyfor rousing baxkelball and .rwimming anlirr. Though her maze of auburn :urls and drexdeu complcxion rerall .seventeenth mzlury parimitx, Gloria i5 a.r madern ax Cole Porter or "Slardu,rt." Angel Sodality Page Tbirzy-nw GLORIA JVOAN LANZA 1947-1949 .f1a'dre5.r Kirksville, Missouri College Maryville CAROL JANE LINN, E. de M. 1945-1949 Addrnx 661 Polo Drive Clayton, Missouri College Marymount Angel Sodality Varsity Member '49 Prize for Christian Doctrine '48 Attendance Prize '48 Sports Letter '47, '48 N mrecrxous LAUGHTER . . . Carol is u paragon cy' plain, umniligated wil. All efferveuznl man- :mile urcounl for her coumles: friend: and ,vlrong ifyluence. Carol': perseverenrc and untiring spirit have filed becomingly into a new Va:-:ily jarleel and expect nj all al Villa IJurhesm'. Bu! Buzssen wm-1 A rm' and rlzeerful lhe time worn 1' wgforlunalebr, we around no longer. High Point Cup '48 Class President '47 Le Cercle Franqais Vice-President of Le Cerc le Frangais , like the "dolls" at Wabi will have her Page Thirty-flirt: WITH HER uNMA'1'HEMA'r1cAL RATIO . . . of new xzflereslx, 701111 ha! come to lhe fore in lahleuu posing, and or a fashion plnle for "The Forly-Niner.f." Her eongenialily and all aramid good humor have helped her to mix everywhere, with everyone. Blue Ribbon Aloysian Sodality Angel Sodality Attendance Prize 147, '48 Sports Letter '48 B. Varsity Basketball '47, '48 Varsity Basketball '49 Second V. P. Maid Page Tlvirly-four JOAN FRANCES MAME 1945-1949 Addreirx 533 Warren Avenue Clayton, Missouri College Maryville' MARIE Amare MASSEY, E. 1941-1949 flddresf ISI Helfenstein Street Webster Groves, Missouri College' Maryville Green Ribbon '46, '47 Blue Ribbon '49 Aluysian Sodnlity Angel Sodality Varsity Member '47, '48, '49 Secretary of Varsity '48 President of Varsity '49 Honor Roll '46, '47, '48 May Procession '46, '47, '48 Order Prize '46 Attendance Prize '46, '47 Third V. P. Maid de M. LOYAI., L0vELY, LOVED-THATIS lx'lARlEl . . . A :lar glowing expecially when pleading for Calholir Adiaug brilliant in dixcussioru, ranging from lhe ridimlou: la the Jublime, and .rhining an lhe buflaelball rourt, Marie will leave 11 void al Villa Durhewe hard lo fill. "She mme, :he Jaw, .vlze conquered." High Point Cup '47, '48 Sports Letter '46, '47, '48 Varsity Hockey '47, '48, '49 B. Varsity Basketball '47 Varsity Basketball '48, '49 Class President '46, '48 Class Vice-President '47 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter '46, '47, '48, '49 Representative at Leaders Week- Greenwich '43 Page Tbirryfve l'r's Nor THAT wa woN"r Miss HER Go1.D11.ocKs . . . and her dissertation: an the mcril: qf Spanish, but who will be lqfl lo apgwreciate lhe unique noiu: 77' the radialar: al 6:10 fl. M.. With her genial perxuna ily, .vweet lemper, and the magir by-word "whal?", wr know Sharon rannal help but be loved al Marymount ax :he has been al Villa Duchexne. Green Ribbon '47 Angel Sodality Varsity Member '47, '48, '49 High Point Cup '47 Sports Letter '47 ng. rbsyfw.. B. Varsity Basketball '48 MARY SHARON MCGEHEE 1945-1949 flddrefs R. R. No. x, Garland, Texas College Marymount CFLESTE Noiii. RIICHEL, E. de Ill. l9-14-l9-49 . -lddress 7118 lYaterman Boulevard St. Louis, Missouri College' Maryville Green Ribbon '47 Blue Ribbon '49 Aloysian Sodality Angel Sodality Varsity Member '47 Honor Roll '47 May Procession '47 Highest Average '47 High Point Cup '47 '43, '49 Sports Letter '46, '47, '48 l ,KR-p',4 . 0 . . I.. 1 ' 2 1 1 A SCHOLARSHIP on AN ESSAY CONTEST . . . :au be mel wills eaxe, but when il rome: Io a par! in a Frenrh play- lhal'.r a dgffereul mailer! BlNlJI'Y'.l' vivariau: manner and hearty spirit make her every !Uld!7'fdkiIlg a pleasure for olherzr and a ,vnecess for her. life feel lhat lllaryville ix receiving llze mos! "Cele,rliaI" gif! thai Villa Duchexne can offer. B. Varsity Hockey '47, '48, '49 B. Varsity Basketball '47 Varsity Basketball '48, '49 Class President '47 Le Cercle Franqais President of Le Cercle Frangais Essay Contest--First '47, Second '48 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter '48, '49 Page Tlviny-:rvcn I LUCKILY VILLA DUCHESNE . . . is slill lomled an Conway Road, but when Kay goes into lab on Thursday we're never .ture where we'll be at the end of lhe period. However, her enthusiasm carries across the hall lo the Latin room, making her one af the Vergil enthusiastx. Her diy wil has developed inlo rx mania for prartiml jokes, adding even , more inleres! ia lzer singular, unassuming personality. B. Varsity Basketball '47, '48 Class Secretary '49 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter '48, '49 Aloysian Sodality Angel Sodality Blue Ribbon Honor Roll '46 Varsity Basketball '49 Page Thirty-eigh: KATHERINE LEE MOON, E de M 1943-1949 Address 7 Beverly Place St. Louis, Missouri College Georgetown Visitation M.-ULGARET ELLEN lYIORAN,E.!i6 M. l 944-1949 xlrldrrss 407 Fast Twelfth Street Alton, Illinois Collcge Duchesne Residence School Green Ribbon '47 Blue Ribbon Aloysian Sodnlity Angel Sodnlity THOUGH Nbuzcua is oousruassnv . . . a back-:eat driver Juperb, llmse ilflaflyvillz jaunlx have her baf-fed. There'J .vmnelhing abou! llzal winding road, eh Marg? W ilh ufyhiling good .rpiril :he ha: the amazing power to laugh al :ounllc.r.f olhfr lilllc inconveniencex. This .mme light laugh lm: been known lo warm lhe hearlx of many, rrvcaling Margie pedeclly, as a fun-lover, aJ afriend, ax just her:e0'. Varsity Member Nay Procession '47, '48 Sports Letter '48 Page Tlriny-nine A CHEERLEADER, AND A CHEERFUL LEAD:-:ix . . . we'Il long remember Pam'.f ribbon of blue, ax il jloaled in lhe breeze created by her hri,fkne.r.fg who rould forge! her expression at the sight of our hardened mail-passer with another "Gigantic" leller-"Tell us, genlle maiden are there any more at hom: like you?" Blue Ribbon '49 Treasurer of Varsity '49 Angel Sodnlity Sports letter '48 Varsity Member '48, '49 Seventh V. P. Maid Page Fwy PRISCILLA ANN MUETH, E. de M. I9-15-1949 flddre:.v Soo Williams Boulevard Springfield, Illinois College Nxmrynwunt CRISTINA IXIUGUERZA, E. 19-I7-1949 flddrem Degollnndo 638 Monterrey, N. L. Mexico College Motnlinin Angel Sodulity :le M. J.. . 35' ' Cm 1 12 1 5 014' 5 ug- I yes--4 .ve , 5 fares, Gr-:N'rl.v AND swxas'rLY . . . Crislina has ploelded her wa-v lhrough English, Ihe flmerimn wavx-J, and our hearl.r. Na! so geullv and .rweelly do lhe wheel: whim-, and doe.: blue pain! ,Hash in Mexico when the usually plarid Crislirm ix al the wheel! Tigv driving lo Villa Dufheme, C7'iJ'liIll1,f0!' a cheerful welcome will ever awail you. Page Forly-one BOARDING sci-moi. DAYS . . . have laugh! many, inrluding lblary Rose perhapx, tha! "sleep i.r hui zz geulle fhing, helaved from pole lo pole." BNI orldhv enough emlv hours make liflle dzferenre in her romlmlt generaxily and ron- .ridera1im1. She mu.rt have a large quaulily Qf .rporling hload lo lake an Dougla: and llre Ivanhoe imap all in one .vummerl Bu! wilh her :est and zeal, hlarlv Roxe is .rure lo make 11 .rnreexs qf il, as M everylhing Blue Ribbon '49 Angel Sodality Varsity Member '48, Honor Roll '46 May Procession '48 Page Forty-Iwo '49 Order Prize ,47 Attendance Prize '46, '48 Eighth V. P. Maid High Point Cup '46, '48 Sports Letter '46, '47, '48 MARY R oss O'B1usN, 1945-1949 .'1'rl1lre.v.r 7372 Northmoor St. Louis, Missouri College Mnnhxittnnviile E. rle M. JOAN RosAL1e RING, E. 1945-1949 Addresr 6464 Cecil Avenue University City, Missouri College Georgetown Visitation Green Ribbon '47 Blue Ribbon ,4Q Aloysian Sodality Angel Sodality Varsity Member '47, '48, '49 May Procession '47 Veiled Prophet de M. SCOTTY,S CAPTIVATING SMILE . . . and .fparlclillg :yn are nalural rqficrlian: qf a winning permmzlily and a ,rznrc fy' Ihr ridirulozu and Ihr Jublime. Sral!y'J patienlye! ener- getic-manner ha: made her lhe frieml :J mary who will wish la have her ronlagiour laugh :rho lhraugh Villa Durlzesne hall.: again. High Point Cup '46 Sports Letter '46 Cours Basketball '46 Varsity Basketball '47, '48 League of the Sacred Heart Promoter '48, '49 Page Pony-Ibm' L::1,.f?. " A -1:53, .. . SHE CAME 'ro us num HCITY House" . . . all wrapped' up in lhe Ialeslfaxhiazl and we ran'l imagine a rlirer gill. Unlie lhe gay ribbozlx and lhere': Nancy, willy her charm- ing .verenily and gracious manner. rl lilling laughter burrl: forlh from imide lhe patkage ami' revealx a gay, lighl personality bnzealh. Angel Sodnliry Le Cercle F rnngais First V. P. Maid Page Folly-four NANCY .ANDREA RUESTER 1947-1949 flddrefs 303 South lllinois Avenue Belleville, Illinois College Maryville KATHERINE LOUISE IIYAN 1947-I9-19 d1ln're,f: 2901 Lovers Lame St. joseph, Missouri College Rollins S1-msc IS HERE . . . ,vo nalurally the leller-.v and leleplmne roll: rome more f7'L'q1le7llb'j3'07ll the metropoli: of Sl. Yoseph. Befidef lhese zlislrarliom' Cooc roulinue: Ia ergoy a boarder',r nigh! lie including jluslx-lighl excupades, weird noise: from within and wilhonl, :ignal elapping, and, alnx, lhe dire resultx, a Blue Monday Prime: Record! Kalherine Louise, as .rlzc if familiarly known, ix .fa fun-loving, .r-vmpalheli: and rmlural fha! all rj us, inellldilzg ROOM! 2-ll, will min her lIe.VI year. Angel Sodality Sports Letter '48 Page I-'any-fn Pm' IS AS INTERESTING I-IsI1saI.r . . . ns llze grml iulercxi .vhs lakex in tUB1j'fllfllgf above all in gradualion parliex and lmilting the newer! lhillg in Irwealenn' Her famous fablcr are or amusing ll! lhey are long-minded, and .rhe will long be mmm' al Villa Illlrlwszlc. Angel Sodnlity League of the Sacred Heart Promoter '48, '49 Page Fnny-fix MARION PATRICIA SULLIW'AN,E deM 1944-1949 dda're:,r 8034 Gannon Avenue University City, Missouri College Maryville .IEANNE MAR1Lx'N SXVEET, E. de M. 1945-1949 drldrexs ,f 8128 Kingsbury Place St. Louis, Missouri College Maryville THE BEST THINGS . . . rome in :mall parkagex, and in f7'eanne'.r mxe lhc only prohlrmf?D involved if llral of gaining weighl, which is a rlqhnitclv had irgflueure on lhaxr wilh lhe oppaxila illlenlian al lhe lunrh lable. Sweetie? perpeiual .smile and lime-ly T. L.'J have made her an all-lime favorile. Her amiahlily hax never reuxed la follow her Ihroughaul four year: al Villa Duchesne. Angel Sodality B, Varsity Basketball '48 Page Fony-seven A "nic" HELP T0 'ms "L11'rLs HELPERS,', . . . the welrome mal is always out lo Sue who possesses lhe rare quality 4 doing more than she is asked -grariously. She also reteives our hearliesl rongralulaiions for sueressfully avoiding balh Chemistry and Biology in her' las! year! Sue's drive and perserveranre-plus bode well for her future at Georgelown Visiralion. Angel Sodnlity Attendance Prize '48 Blue Ribbon '49 High Point Cup '47, '48 Varsity Member '48, '49 Sports Letter '47, '48 Page F anyfi gh: IXIARY SUSAN XVALKER, E. 1945-1949 fleldress 127 Trevillinn Avenue Kirkwood, Missouri College Georgetown Visitation deM FLORENCE LUDINGTONXVE LD, E.deM. 1937-1949 A'r1'drz:.r 9936 Litzsingcr Road St. Louis, Missouri Collzge Duchesne Residence School A smzxci-:TLV coou Human . . . ana' rheegful good will bounce along with Flu in her convertible, from charit work to basketball games, and wx'rHou'r the convertibljl they follow her lhrou h lunrh tabl: mlculalion: and clan diuusrions. But aiove all, her rardree air har not frrzzftcd from the .rrriousnesr fy' her faithful 'wearing xy' I e ue.' Aloysian Sodality League of the Sacred Heart Angel Sodality Promoter '48, '49 Blue Ribbon '49 Le Cercle Frangais Sports Letter '48 Page Forty-nine Au Revoir Villa Duchesne, must we leave you? Must we now say our Farewell? Villa Duchesnc, how we'll miss you Words are too feeble to tell. Villa Duchesne, we are grateful For all you've meant through the years, Motherly interest, and guidance, Felt in our joys and our fears. Villa Duchesne, sweet the mem'ries, Mem'ries of work and play, lNIem'ries bound up in this "Year Book," Mem'ries we'll cherish for aye. pw my Classes ?R f 7 Q A Q N ,at 1 1 ,..., ,. x , I 5 4 ,rg 1 1.2 hh.: , -,f .- .,,. x ...W-V. LY :Z " The Third Academic Fnuivrn Row: Misses George, Campdera, Dehnier, Gafney, Kilgen, Kautlinan, Fulton, Hrker. Ti-imn Row: Misses Wade, Rowan, Thomas, Medart, Gronemeyer, Cooley 1Pre.rirImll, Ward, Stephens, Weber. Sccorm Row: Misses Wilkerson, Hickey, Falk, l.oPiccolo ISHN- tari-J, Gilmore, Sheehan, Stell, Huttig, Kerckhotf, Curran, Cooke. Fiksr Row: Misses M acheca, Piccione, Barnidgc, Rund, Stolze, Bick flfirc-Presidezzlj, Newell, Moss fTrm.rurcrl, La Vizzario. We finally made it! Xvith success QD the Fourth Academic of,50 at last strung the yearbook together and we bequeath with love the same job to next yea:-'s Third Academic. Thanks to Mary, Lois, Mae Jean, Nancy, ,lo-Ann and Mary Helen for the wonderful results of their Saturday morning expeditions through our fair city for ads. A toast to our fast fingered typists Sally and Mary Stella. l-low's that new bus schedule working out, Tina? julie, Carole, and Janie second the motion that the class colors next year be "Scarlet, Brown, and Kelly Green." Caution again to our scissor-happy Sara and our glasses cracking Ceil. Three cheers to our Varsity teams, both A and B, and scatter pins to our fashion plate Kathleen. The St. Louis Post Office will lose half its trade when Diane, Nancy, Dolores, and Patsy depart for the sum- mer. We wonder if we will be seeing Kerck, Mimi, Annie, and Salli on that 7:30 trek during vacation? Keep it up Ellen, Lindsay, Mary Ellen, Peek, Sissy, and Janie Gafney-your constant attendance at the Assemblies was admirable. We have a wide variety in l:1mily's musical laugh GJ and Marilyn's musical talents! Carol Stephens' appreciation for heavy Wagnerian Opera is amazing as well as jocly's favoritism for "jay birds." Will Rose and Toddy ever stop winning honors on their gallant steeds? Now that Helen's Yearbook worries are over we can cancel the order for a cake accompanied by file. Congratulations on ajob well done ! ! ! ! Page Filly-:wo The Second Academic Truim Row: Misses Sailer, Goessling, Wall, Rowling, O'Reilly, Larson, Taylor, Sloan, Newman, Stryker, Switzer. SECOND Row: Misses B. Smith, Rapp, Gross, Freschi, O'Brien, Macken fTrm.rurerD, D. Smith, Nuetzel Ufirz-Presirimlj, Lee. FIRST Row: Misses Manion lSe4-relnrivj, lfunsch, Bullock, Allen, Gaiennie, Mollman fPrz.ridentJ, Wilmot, Garcia. Ah horrors . . . lt's that problem class again! To the uninformed it bears the resemblance to our friends known as the Second Academic,-class of 'Sl fhopefullyjg class of '55 fprobablyj. Veils ol? to our class oH'icers: Mickey Mollman, President, Joan Nuetzel, Vice-President, Mufiie Manion, Secretary, and JoJo Macken, keeper of funds Cliterallyj. And here's to those outstanding for the wearing ofthe green: Jane O'Reilly, Janet Taylor, Honey Wall, Jane Rapp, Mickey, Annie Wilmot, Nutz, Muff and Rita. Another toast is offered in the direction of our many boarders: Lily Lee, fall the way from Hong Kongj, Nutz, Cfrom East St. l,ouisJg Patsy O'Brien and Adeline Gaiennie, Cfrom Shreveport, La. -- accompanied by accent --jg Irene Newman, ffrom Altonjg Gracilla Garcia, Cfrom Mexicolg Pat Sailer, Cfrom Dallasj, and lfunschie, ffrom St. Louis - novel isn't she?j. 15 rahs for our cheer leaders: Rita, Mull' and Nutz. CTake it easy, Rita.J By the way of "multi der veasels" we understand that a nice group of foolhardy adventurers eager for outdoor life, will be headed for that camp ideally located in the heart ofthe swaying Minnesota pines, being: Donna, Mull, JoJo, Rita, Bunny, Phiz, Polly, etc. Speaking of rip-roaring summers, will we be getting any more letters from Harbor Beach? Huh, Berk and Honey? Or what about Northport, Carol? By the way, Honey, when are you giving that little "Quonset Hut Warming?" We can't overlook our talented horseback riders Y lfunschie, Gross, Sue Stryker, and Smitty. 'l'hanks loads for your help at the Maryville Horse Show fcostume classj. How about Joanne Danis and her "Blue Mon- days," Susan Switzer, whose smile reaches all hearts, and Rosalind Bullock, who gives us awfully strong competition in high jumping? Well, "you all," adjust your party faces! Because we're off! So here's to the best part of '-l9-- . . . the summer! Page Fifzy-:bm The First Academic STANDING: Misses Nncken, Dunn, Stephens, Wight, Klump, Byrne, Knupp, Higgins. KNEELING: Misses McCarthy, Yeldell, Wilson, Schweiss, Vogler, Moran, hlcliennn, Miller fTr:a,rur:rj. Srrrmc: Misses Flynn Ufice-Prnidmlj, Crozier, Reese fPr:.ri4ienIj, Hauss, Richards, Bnrlenheier, Klein, Rnndnzzo fSerr:tar1vD. We hope to see Pat Dunn, Joan Yogler, and Sally Stephens still dropping that lmll through the basket this time next year, and our thanks to Rosie and joanie for n fine jumping in the horse show! The :trgyle group seems to be making a lot of progress, several new orders have come in for them to fill out. Sue has been shouting herself hoarse all year as cheer leaderewe think she deserves a few words of praise. Keep it up, you're doing Hne! May good fortune follow the feet of Helen's dancing class, and success to our first academic apprectices. To the art lovers of our class, we say, keep on turning out those magnificent masterpieces we've been waiting for all year! To the future piano virtuosos Ann Bardenheier and Ann Wilson, save some tickets to your concerts for class of '52! Page Filly-laru The Fourth Prepamtury 'IQHIRD Row: Misses Grace, Dee, Ross, Bick, Macheca, Corley, Moloney, Stork. SECOND Row: Misses Mueller, Sullivan, Griesedieck fPre,firImIj, Medart, Schneider, Carleton, Switzer fSerrelaqvj, Brown. Ftizsr Row: Misses Butler, Kerckhoff, jeannett, Rooney, Nelson, Sloan Ufire-Presidnllj. MissiNG:Misses Dempsey QTrea.rurerl, Weber. Let's look at the future First Academic. Good luck, Susie, on "Best Man," and Betty, on "Precious Thoughts" in the coming horseshow. May they win as many blue ribbons as Ann Mueller always does. "Silent Butler," speak up! Janie, we like your new page boy. Here's hoping Babs, Liz, and Erbie get solos in the operatta! Stop shrinking Angie! Jobie, will you ever stop talking about Cheley? How are our wild Irish Roses, Dempsey, Sullivan and Rooney? Ritzy, please stop your back seat driving! Do you like your new mansion, Ann? Where's that New Orlean's tan, Fudge? Better stop changing your hair or it'll get tired, Annie. Hattie. control those laughing fits! Xvelcome back Joan from your long vacation! Your parties are loads of fun, Joanne. Nora, don't drown. Martha, those excuses! That ball's too hard Brown! Mary Ann better watch those long distance telephone calls. Gloria, where's your homework? Moloney, that Toni! And that's the Fourth Preparatory of '-l9! Page Fifty-fu The 'l'hird Pl'eparator, Lucx' ANN AND SUSAN CATHERINE AND MARY PAGE STANIJING: 0'Reilly, M. C. Palmer, M. Averill, D. Froellch, M. Homer, ll. Zcuschel. Srrrmcz M. W. Mullen, M, P. Ifuger fTrm.vurerl, S. Moss CPre.rirlenlJ, j. Petersen, l.. .-X. Renter fsrrwhlrlvj. MISSING: K. Corley Ufif:-Prexiflmlj. Page Fifly-fix The BGIIIIII Preilarator BARBARA ANN AND AND MADELYN CAROL IIANF 1 x STANIMNG: C. Smith, .-X. Vogler, P. O'Ncill, S. Kerckl10Hy,j. I.nmy, Thaxtclmer, D. Dimond. Srrrxxnz C. J. Km-st CSm-elarlvj, B. Zcuschel f7?'EflJlU'ff'D, S. Vizgnrd, A. Richards, A. Stocke fpftiititllly, N. l.oPiccoln Ufice-Pre.fiden1j. Page rfpyqfm, The First Preparator .IOAN AND CAROL BIARGARET AND MA RY ANN STANDING: M. Lzxmy, S. McCarthy, J. O'NeilI 13:4-relnrzvj, H. Bnkewell, J. Feinberg, S. Hamnegan. SrrrxNG: N, Mullen, M. A. Placio CTr:a,vurtrj, M. A. Vin, C. Dilschneider Ufirr-Prexideiztb, S. A. Heffernan, A. Constantin. Mlssnm: N. l'fei'Ter fPr:Ji1l'enIJ. Pug. Faffyfzgm The Fourth Primal' ii . . ' ,Qi 1 A r . Zfgilf T ' , r,,: an Q-Q: H,,w av , Vs' K, t ,I . . if ' , ' 15 i rf? , A li lfijfew 1 Xl z x .A ' ' I, M 5 li.. f . ' -' J gl ' 1 V H ..,,, , ,,,,. Y, 1h 5 I f. rx, Q? . ' Q -I 2' l 3. , nz . - iz. Mp.. ,QI JV Ki, 53, :L .14 ,gr ,Y , - . .1 A ll! 1' 1, 1 4 a 2,iQ .R x A .lg 3 . si' 9' 4 if 7 iii! . -1, ri wir I- .' xiii. . , 4,154 'z Yu -if , ' 5 - , , ? . v ,H - '- . A 1 '. ' . ' .. Z l l I I . I R g v . n , ' L I STANDING: P, Wilkerson, C. Gale, M. Gualdoni, P. Fnbic, l,. Gunter, B. Thatcher, N. Ebel- ing, Srr'r1Na: L. Kelly, B. Brown, M. l.. McDonough, M. McNulty, A. Hickey, S. Srrelxler, D. R. Smith. MISSING: K. Kerckholf, J. Bradshaw. Pug: Fifly-nine The Third Primar, ST,xx-um-zo: M. A. Weinrich, M. S. Magcs, S. Meyer, M. Boland, C. Gillis, M. -I. Kurs Slvrixn: Ii. Gunter, K. Ring, K. Hurrig, S, Powers, M. C, Weis, H. A, Renter. Pug: Sixly The euond Primal' Smxmxcz P. Fuchs, R. .-X. Brown, P. Ryan, R. Holloram, C. Neumer, N. L. Sshmelzle, A. Fletcher. S1T'r1NG: I.. Gardner, M. Swarts, M. Connell, K. Lunmghi, A, Nall, li. Mc- Carthy, S. Pow e 's. Page Sixty-our The First Primal' STANDING: B. L. Budke, S. A. Klein, O.Th:1tcher, C.J0llllllSCI1, A. Gillis, B. Berkley. Sl'l'l'ING M. L. Mrnzek, J. Schneithorst, V. Gunter, K. Ryan, S. Horan. Mxssmc: .-X. Kerckhoff. Page Sixry-iw The Kindergarten THlliD Row: T. Fuger, P. Lyrzon, G. Fletcher, K. Stuever, P. Hartenbzxch, F. Hatton, J. Fnbick, H. Mecller, N. Ebeling. SECOND Row: P. Sheehan, C. Walker, K, Goessling, T. Mullen, S. Petersen, M. Blnnke, Nelsel, P. Buss, J. Burton, Fmsr Row: C. Dimoncl, R. Horan, S. Missey, M. Fuchs, S. Muckerman, R. Mullen, M. C. Muckerman, V, Hough, M. Rvaxn. Page Sixry-lbrec 'l rs-:H , , , , W , ,, ,.,.. . . . 1. we E? --:gig A A Q y bg .xi i s 'N odalitie I A ,..,,,. H--4-Q Angels LAST Row: Misses Thomas, Mednrt, Curran, Moss, Burnidge, Piccione, George, Hickey, Gilmore. SECOND Row: Misses Sheehan, Huttig, Ruud, Wade, l.oPiccolo, Fulk, Stephens, Weber. THIRD Row: Misses Conley, Bick, Kautlmnn, Kilgen, Gafney, Erker, Ward, llloysians LAST Row: Misses lXflacken, Garcia, Stryker, Rapp, Danis, D. Smith, Allen, Wilmot, Nanion. Sscmm Row: Misses Richards, Taylor, Rowling, Larson, O'Reilly, Sloan, Guessling, Neutzel. Fmsr Row: Misses Gross, Switzer, B. Smith, hlollman. Page Xixlyvfve E Little Mar Ll1'rl.n lN'lARx': Bonnie Lon Budke. MA1Ds:M:1rgnret McNulty, Beth Brown, Susan Strebler, Carol Gillis, Tony Renter, Mary Swarts, Patty Fuchs, Ellen McCarthy, Kathy Ryan. First Uommuuion Class LAQT Row: B. Thatcher, C. Neumer, Father Golnthn, B. Berkley, A, Gillis. Fuzsr Row: L. Gardner, E. McCarthy, V. Gunter, S. Horan. Page .Sixty-:even ' 1 I E 4 r v I 9 1 1 i 2 I ' 1 f T .3 . J i F f .f', Q-131-.-H7 ,ir ' .V , , . W , e .3 W ff',i.t ' . . -,, as - ' " 9u.n8.'5I.,gv,,,, ..,:i..:.",w .. 1 ...- ,, i s I g I 0ll0I'S R f Q 5 ' .... ,wg I Blne Ribbons STANINNG: Misses J. Broun, O'Brien, Goessling, Massey, Weld, Ring, Gallagher, Walker, Butler, E, Broun. KNEELLNG: Misses jones, Moon, Mairri, Boyer, Griesedieck, Michel. Sn"rxNG: Misses Grzilsbe, Muerh, Moran, Hnuran, Kelty, Green Ribbons l STANDING: Misses Taylor, O'Reilly, Wall, Nustzc-l. SITTING: Misses Rapp, Mnnion, Mnllmzxn, Allen, Wilmot. Page Jixzy-ninr Lhnln Green Ribbons STANDING: A. Sloan, J. Sullivan, A. Griesedieck, B. Bick, H. Switzer, C. Corley. KNEELING L. A. Renter, S. Moss, M. C. Palmer. Pink Ribbons THIRD Row: A. Richards, P. O'Neill, J. Thatcher, Lanny, B. Zeuschel, S. McCarthy SECOND Row: M. Placio, M. Lnmy, M. A. Vitt, S. Heffernan. Fxnsn- Row: C. Knrst M. LoPiccolo, N. Mullen. Pug: Szvenly Red Ribbons STANDING: H. A. Reurer, A. Hickey, M. A. Weinrich, M. Gualdoni, L. Gunter, M. S. Mages, S. Meier, C. Gillis. MIImI.I-: Row: M. Swans, M. Connell, R. Holloran, P. Ryan, M. L. Schmelzle, L. Kelly, P. Fuchs, M. C. Weis, M. J. Kzirsr. SITTING! K. Ryan, A. Gillis, League ofthe Saered Heart fa STANDING! Misses Kelty, Griesedieck, Michel, Ring, Sullivan, Evans, Jones, Moon, Massey, Gallagher, J. Broun, E. Broun, Falk. SITTING: Misses Kilgen, Kauffman, Gafney, Weld, Stephens, Cooley, Huttig, Bnrnidge, Bick, Curran, Moss. Page Srvenly-one Varsity Club BACK Row: Misses Stephens, Wade, l.oPiccolo, Cooley, Hickey, Falk, liick, Broun. FRONT Row: Misses Piccione, Nuetzel, Kilgen, Mzlnion, Moss, Huttig, Weber. Through the years the Varsity Club has held high its standard of promoting school spirit. In following its traditions many girls have assumed the leadership of the school in athletic and various extra-curricular activities. Our unanimous vote of thanks goes to Kennv for her never- failing help and encouragement. Congratulations are also in order for Marie Massey, our president, who has done a splendid job this year with the excellent aid of the other olhcers and members. THIRD Row: Misses Aubuchon, O'Brien, Walker, Boyer, Kenefick, Evans, Ring, jones, McGehee, Sscoim Row: Misses Linn, Michel, Kelty, Gallagher, Gerwitz, E. Broun, Griese- dieck, Burton. FIRST Row: Misses Houran, Moran, Mueth fTr.m.mrrrD, Massey CPr::idn1lJ, Goessling U"ire-Pre.ridmlj, Grabbe wzrrelaryj, Butler, Gutton. Page Scvmtwwn Le Carole Francais Ssconn Row: Misses Rowan, Ln Vizmrio, Linn fl'ife-Prcsidmlj, Michel 1Pr:.rirlrnIJ, Grzllulie fSI1'fElIlI:l'J, Xveld, Fox, Bick. FIRST Row: Misses Curran, Falk, Moss, Xvelser, Fleming, Reuster, Cooley lTrn1.f11rtrJ, Fowler. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS I1 6t6 fond6 dans le but de fixire connaitre lu culture frnngaise, le charms cle l'amiti6, la pens6e et la civilisation franguises. Pour avoir le plnisir de se promener dans le domains du beau et de l'utile. Que Dieu la devise du Cercle Frangaisz P. P. P. Patience, Persivihnnce, Politesse. Page Sevmlydme , R. K F ugh, Q MQSP: X W ' in vw Wim-,,, N 0'-Iaipaa m'Q'p vqqw N' 1 Q.. 1 in "" " Nr, 1, , 1 'n I 1,45 Fx 'V-.zxf "Taz:-,jgk snag. Q 5 -n M' xg . , 1-w "'algP:g N4 ,nj cg ' -.. Y X. 'wif 5 ' ' " .-if K. : ., Q, is ' 'Q Q Q K -.Ak Mya Q, ,, '-In . -- 'p .. , .rw Xl? 'J' ..- ., fix 1,8 'ks , S223 fs 1 I ..9. ,Eg4fEf1fCkT3nNi, NW M K .. MM ,f.:y,,,.Q-55 hai 5? x : .5 is ,. , 1 sm, -2 , -, ' A 5 ' Q. " 3 ,Q Q "W - "aw -' .K Us .3784 W . -Y-"ve Q ,111 - . W A ,S A F95 'kv ' ,tm..x!, ,i Y fc 'Q vw " ' ' il e ' -.2 4' Mg, . . - 3 xg, Ag 5,81 '3iS.lQ s, Q wg - 1- .: ' 2 ,Z 1 ,. 532, x ' , NL., ' S .Scif waifja ' I 1 . W Q 3551: sg- ' ' g.q,,'3s . -...u "X . 'J X-JR' A "--- Qgfhiglf-Bm 5 W . W, H,-.7 , I 1 md ? , :JV f - X s :' - -'Fifi ----, X . nf A I 1, v M +- QQ: in 1. ,. WI' 'fl P-H rg :rg r ,, Lge--Ig s ' -f' Fa , P ' xi A - . . 'era ' 5 wx E :ft..:f?' .fnfn ,W ,egfff1veg::f.y2'.2552gi5giQiffgf . X 1w+sw-wfefif-. xy -- W fa 4 Y'-5 5 g " , f -+i,'5r,.L5',j':.i3x , i 1 1 Q, X Q, 'TE if X . 4 , -3 fifskf' W ' M , 'Y ,g 'RL . ms ', 'Q f 'gf lf. L, x,' I I 5 'ffff P . gi fin Nfi Rf, K" 5- X x - 5 ,mm 4 .fn . "' xg1'3,51.fxn-0.01 Q X ' X X s Varsity Basketball V 4 Smntnlunz Misses Hickey, Aubuchon, Carr, Dunn, Goessling, Vogler, Bick. KNI-imma: Misses Metlart, Massey, Moon, Flynn, Marre, C. Stephens. SITTING! Misses Michel, Griesedieck, jones fCaplaini, S, Stephens, Sheehan. . The balls and the steady practice ufmany weeks have been put away with the season. Under the skillfull coaching of Kenny, and the able leadership of Captain Dolores jones, A Varsity displayed its usual amount of excellent teamwork. Victory followed victory through most of the season, climaxed by the parade to Maryville for the semi-finals of the tournament. The outcome of this tense game with Nerinx Hall ended in our defeat by the close score of '15-24. Without the wild enthusiasm exhibited by the cheering squad and their acts and prayers, the team could not have such a successful season. Better luck next year in the tournament! Villa-'16 .... .... N erinx Hall-I0 Villa-31 ..,. .... N 'isitation-13 Villa-45 .... .,... S t. Charles-12 Villa-24 ,,.. .... S t. joseph-17 Villa-33 .... ..... S t. Charles-19 Villa-31 .... .... R osati-Kain-23 Villa-29 .... .... C ity House-22 Incarnate Word-23 .... .... X 'illa-22 Laboure-34 ........ .... Y 'illa-'ll Thr TOIIVIIIIIIIEIIIJ Villa-35 ....... . ...St. Peter-l-l Villa-35 ......., .... L 'rsuline-I9 Nerinx Hall-25 .... ...., X 'iila-24 fv- - ff . X YTMW Lf5-F "1VfL'fi':"? . ,few 'ev YI.. ,YW A . ha I , Una M,.,.a ,hpri ' 'PW' 'f 'Z .3 Q'eSiffssNmQZ4.?f1Ku 1 ., .. L 'xi' if ' if Q 'Q 6 avg in , J 5:1 ' 17 - Q5 . ' yn .Xi-"i?., ffiwQ'?I'f2?3ffM .. . k ', ,, '. , 1. v 4-. . 1' ' x A +4 "W 'HZ ff. I ff , ig, FN. Q 1 " 1' -..,i,,,,, W V ' W K ,x.,g3, . , ' ' A ' I -,' - 31,41 - xr: N r",g,:+ig2Q' :j .4 g- . 1 T , ,wg 5 2 If YQ. at I fxg ' ' - ' , ' if 3 iv . '3 W, Mug Un xi at S J, f r. y, V .,,x wi. - X '-ff 2 f if 'Q 1 4 ' wd 5 i 5 ,. ,rg A! .W I, . , I ' aging. 1 it K - . .Q ,...V A 2 W, , :Nh ? . ! , W ' ' ' -1 ' ,fzii ?3'i YK . .X mzmegqrifqu, -u - 3 'U ,V algdgl ,,,,'."'- , X - ' .- ,w.p : Vi, P "'mwA' .w4' x N ' Yf ...- .u 'fn lu K. ln ijaifii jk. , 'T 'af 'F X .' al 5-QT" 'T ' 8 4 fit" ' I 33? l"' 1: ws""' 'f K"'4 1 ' 1 '9' -1-fx' 1. Yf. wv1, A Q 4 f .Q 5" 5 I' Y, 513 Q 1' ...4 ' an 5 - .q ' I Shffvfigzvi X712 5 J K V -..- x It - E4 . . 1 .. 1 - x x4.3..e. sq., .- x ,,,..fs ,,,- t v x ., , .b - gk' M gy X rr! f M 4 sq N 'A X- fii B4 3' awk Y 'E 21 'Wg .. X .. 1, X I ' ww ..., , 5- ' is . . 9' . . 3 'rn ' gn, , ..::g,, - - - 3,:9v65'ZL??R 3' 'Q .. .J ,M a ..Lvig4 sf -.W nf' I L X M Q., . 1 , ,QQ . ,I 'fum 'I 7 L M 0' 0 - Q . ' 4 07:3 .. ,X 4 M f W 1 7 . 'f W' : V - va A K :A ii' 5? f 'Af2T,a, - -Q-'lfzwtgiix 153 A Q 2 , Q X A in W NN ,A AY L b "Lx '. 'V - 1 v a Xyr- t X fig' 1'-1: xriififxl Q? .- x 5 ' 1 af:--v-w1fiw , S? 1. 2' ' 339' Q w?..41f'f'K'M? pf. V M :af 1 - mr . A, ,X zu' V ' l .49 N ,ff M., ., , . ,,. -.' ' 'x Q., 'clip' 4, ' Q 1' X V E Y'g 1 . . M. ff, ,gf 3 A WTR K" 1 5 A 3 is 2 .im H v k f. ' .a,.'? ., f...., ,,. 414' .4 1 Q 5 - Y im' 'n f Q txisalf E! 1 gig-QQ: Q T23 'Wg , sz gal.: gy' ,FY ',- 6, x . -xx-w 'rn' sq J' 4 Q ua.-bn ,F '51 v6.21 Q. fifiifl A- gl-3?!Qgr." A if x , vyfi M ,V 4 1 lx Y ' 22:2 , , , 931-af A ,Q-no .- " .galil wk-I a FSQW ..,.:3,.A 'Y , Q. fir' Q iff 5' g i vw? al . 51' gx ' 0- . 512 Q? 1 ,rigs Av Y W C' as , J 8 - , -Q X I ..,-. W I' - f ' - f I ' I 5 I , X N ' H 94 . """- Q. . ' b x ... 1 . 'b 1 . -1 5- - , . . a. S I -Q54 :I V i au., ff ec, if 122 - f I Q -"1 - ,. . F ' ' ,fe-Lei . 5- Q p. ,ff ,ev 6, .- A a Q 1 , , .Z " .1 J. ,-fl' ' ' -5- 11' ',1-1E'- W' x A ,njg pm' ' "'-:mfg XF 1: fl . , ' , , 4 "' ' I w Ml , Q ' 1 'H 'L ,ill .x,, A 1, fs f Q 'x -X sz. . K. r "I 3.4, I, E KQLMQQA W fx ! - V , X. 4 AA N :Q-.. I , 1' ' "' f L,. V' ,I 1 eva Q svgww ' X bm Ha., ' -N' 4, 'T g-- A if ' . I " ,LQ if Y .V U.. he ' 5' i ':. , fi-, . A . ,mgf 4 -' ,U M 1 fix. N . sv ,' N fl Qxxdl 3 i C lg ' A kk' '71 4 .. QA ' 'Q . .. . , A , dw, .. 1 15 ' A . . r. . 4 ft-, .L gl f x iffy XF ,xx ig. ..s ' A, ., 3 "."?v f gl! Y' 1143- f A if Y a 'T - A 1 "W 'i Q - W Q' . IZ 5.8. X ,X -, v fs V .:, , t M Y' TI 51 K. P ' X - ' N, .fi 5 M . fs' ff X f. A A -' .Q zkggx f' Q k 1 2 i ' ' '11 1 " X5 as 1' 3 ,im-' Q P' Jrw' . ,, . nffffw r .M sf -Qfffltif-Q,'i" 75", it 55 ' A ' Gr? .Q f iff J ff , Q. ' , ff1 "i3 1, MV x . N li- MQ? f v 'T A PQ, ' 5 e"fI"' Q V ' ' "' ' x . K '. ,W 'Yfi' 1' ii ' X ,IV ', xx: I E3 1' A , Ai re A gi lflwkif j,,,,, ,, hh Qi Q. , fix. , if ' , -1" 2? 'f ' K, ar. "x I 6' ,:':,L:'.,':f,i. Q . gf' +L l-Bk.. N ' ' f W Tv Eff? :Q :': . g UW. ms" S ,, ?' A 1' i. 25 We bf? ,iv-M' ' ' ,iw N j . ,f- " -Q, , f I X - , fy ' fffff X' .fs A fl , 15.41 r A , -,:,n a --Jig4:?1'1,3g?5?4?f 'z , ,. 'SEQ-1e,i X- V i . , -- - 2 b I-4,3 -ffyafgfffj pl :Z 5-: ., A ,. - 6- Q 29:12 ,, Q, W. 1'li. d5v.,q . gif' f x " 4: .-, 9 ' , .- ' ,fx :,, fu.. f 2 'Ln-:.f'sv" - W ff' N. kg z.:-Q Q: , A H - f-'wid QWW eff'fWGf" 'f1sei'."Qf M 2 ' f ' 'Q' . -. "' , W I 'x 1 'nk ., ' ' ,,Y gl, gigs? in a. ,E h , V .1 A ngfzx 1 J. LL' ,tx 'E ' 'I S MPI f viii ,359 ' f W af' ' 1 M. 4 . -mm , , :Qi-75 11: S ,. "5i:is'1. L15 4:52 , ' A ' ' f - ' , ,V Q:-aagggf. ,J Q fgj ww LZ -A -Ziwslfiff-i:ff.x5.i4 ' 3T'4" no- F- "f??4,x . ' ' 'x 'i7, I. 'a . Wat., x Q-Qc! H 1, - A I? f' . 'VJ' 3',, 3'i P'1g 0:4 .7 VU af' pf! 3-1. 'L , . 1 ' ' ' ll Y: 'S ' A ' -1,-L 1 fl ' ' , U Y . ,kv .b 3 3 an n AN rl U ?T:k'il'.ki K 7,-, "v 1 v ' :W 'I f'3xy Vx :Hl4'f" 1 , ' -- ,-llffyg, 'VY yi ni, 5, Q q A .l A M ' S 7Vi,Y MJ x NX x P 4,4 if f 'X 133- W , - iv U SQ 1 if fn 'F' 'Wi YV YY Page Eighty-four Riva Oh! hear thy loyal chilclren's voices With eager joy hailing thy name. Oh! see how every heart rejoices Thy homage proudly to proclaimg Our eyes are ever on thy lofty standards VVe salute thee with ringing praise, The light of faith and hope and honor Shall stand before us all our daysg Children all of a noble name, Xve love thy glory, thy beauty, thy truth, The inspiration of our youthg Villa Duchesne, let hill and glen Echo again, Villa Duchesneg Oh! let us praise our Alma Mater, Villa Duchesne . . . 9 v 1 I X I x W lx I - u 9 1 V ,af .. . 'NQ My ' ' V - Clin' , v a -rf.. S 32:2 .M a --'Y '. 1. ' if . 'Q ff. .,.I', , 1 ,, 1-K sl " Ali' """ 4532 " , . 1 ...ali m.. ,.-.44 , .. 1.4, -' gE,'f'Q5'g fb- 5 JJ., . , nxt: x. 1 - 2 'S 'Q W: C.-if' .Ar-' .,,., THIRD ACADEMIC BANNIIJGE, MAEY HELEN 6925 Kingsbury St. Louis, Mo. Bxcit, CAItoL Lennox Hotel St. Louis, Mo. CAMVDENA, Downes 4518 Lakeside Drive Dallas, Texas Cooks, NANC1' 5287 Westminster Place St. Louis, Mo. CooI.Ev, HELEN 9 Maryhill Ladue, Mo. CU1lRAN,JAN!2 910 Kent Road Clayton, Mo. DEI-IMEE, DIANE 775 Pinehurst St. Jackson, Miss. EEKEE, GENEvxEvs 24 Crestwood, Dr. Clayton, Mo. FALN, LINDSAY 3 Southmoor Clayton, Mo. FLYNN, PATRICIA 1309 Cadiz St. New Orleans, La. Fu L'roN, Doao1'nY 49 Picardy Lane Clayton, Mo. GAFNEY, JANE 7055 Maryland University Ci ty, Mo. GEOEGE, KATHLEEN 39 Clermont Lane Clayton, Mo. GILMORE, Ross 25 Upper Ladue Clayton, Mo. GnoNEMEYEu, Lots 12 Georgian Acres Clayton, Mo. 1-1IckEv, M. ELLEN 9 Granada VVny Clayton, Mo. HU1'rIo, ANNE 37 Washington Terrace St. Louis, Mo. KAUEPMAN. MAE JEAN 14 Frontenac Clayton, Mo. Ksncxunrr, MARY ANN 4 Huntlelgh Woods Kirkwood, Mo. STUIIE T5 K1LoEN, MAEIE 7056 Waterman University City, Mo. LAVA7.zonIo, NANCY JEANNE 305 Barton Place Evanston, Ill. LDPICCOLO, TINA 69 Clermont Laduc, Mo. MAcuEcA, MANIANNE 20 Conway Lane Clayton, Mo. MEDART, ELLSN 45 Overhills Drive Clayton, Mo. Moss, MARY STELLA 265 Union Blvd. Sr. Louis, Mo. NEWELI., SALLY 1 Maryview Lane Clayton, Mo. PIccIoN E, JosEPHINE 6951 Delmar St. Louis, lVlo. RowAN, SALLY 15 Crestwood Drive Clayton, Mo. RUND, EMILY 6536 Dclor St. St. Louis, Mo. SHEEHAN, 1N1ARlAN 7206 Northmoor University City, Mo. S1-ELL, CECILE 1119 S. 26th St. Fart Smith, Ark. STEPHENS, CAxoI. 7152 Maryland University City, Mo. S1'oLzE, MAEILYN Fairmont Alton, Ill. TNoMAs, SAEA 4716 Westminster Place St. Louis, Mo. WADE, MARY CATI-IEiuNs 17 Crestwood Drive Clayton, Mo. WARB, MARY AoNEs 4 Brooltwood Acres Kirkwood, Mo. WEBER, JULIE 4 Bridle Creek Road St. Louis Co., Mo. WILxEasoN, Jo ANN 4950 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. - SECOND ACADEMIC ALLEN, MAEY RITA 10 Oaklcigh Lane Clayton, Mo. BuLLock, RosAI.INo 9701 Clayton Rds. Clayton, Mo. DANIs, JoANNE 7017 Kingsbury University City, Mo. FEEscI-II, PI-IYLLIs 83 Old Warson Rd. Ladue, Mo. FuNscH, JOAN 1149 Center Dr. Richmond Heights, Mo. GAIENNIE, ADELINE Route 4, Box 536 South Lakeshore Dr. Shreveport, La. GAI1cIA, GRACIELA Abasolo 814 Monterey, N. L. Mexico GoEssL1No, CAnoL 17 Upper Ladue Rd. Clayton, Mo. Gizoss, JoAN 9715 Litzsinger Rd. Clayton, Mc. LARSON, NANCY 5372 Cabanne St. Louis, Mo. LEE, LILY 315 Prince Edward Rd. Kowloon, Hong Kong, China MACKEN, JoAN 111 Tulip Dr. Webster Groves, Mo. DJANNIDN, Murrxz 7519 Wellington Way Clayton, Mo. MOLLMAN, MAEY GEETEUDE 5 Chaminnde Park Clayton, Mo. NEWMAN, IEENE 1109 Mcliinley Blvd. Alton, lll. NuE1zEL,JoAN 40 Signal Hill East St. Louis, Mo. 0'Bv.IEN, PA-rsv 6043 Gilbert Dr. Shreveport, La. O'REII.LY, Jane 5272 Westminster St. Louis, Mo. RAPP, JANE 12 Exmoor Dr. Ladue, Mo. Page Eigbly-:ix SECOND ACADEMIC-Continued RoLwING, PoLI.Y 33 Picardy Lane Ladue, Mio. SAILoR, PA1-RIcIA 9909 Inwood Rd. Dallas, Texas SLoAN, BERKELEI' 4904 Pershing St. Louis, Mo. SMITH, BARBARA, DONNA 7255 Maryland University City, Mo. STRYKER, SUE 7424 York Dr. Clayton, Mo. Su'I1'LER, SIISAN R. R. 5 Geyer Rd. Kirkwood, Mo. TAvLoR, JANET 38 Lake Forest Richmond Heights, Mo. WALL, HELEN 4914 Argyle St. Louis, Mo. WILMo'r, ANNe 2 Countryside Lane Kirkwood, Mo. FIRST ACADEMIC BARDENHEII-:R, ANN 6350 Pershing University City, Mo. BYRNE, CAROLE 4015 Magnolia St. Louis, Mo. CRozIER, ANNE 5-109 Drane Dr. Dallas, Texas DUNN, MARY FRANCES 6358 Pershing University City, Mo. FLYNN, MARY ANN 9 Godwin Lane Clayton, Mo. HAuss, RosALvN 44 Countryside Lane Clayton, No. HIooINs, SALLY B016 Rosiline Drive Clayton, Mo. KLEIN, MARY ANN 534 Warder Dr. Clayton, Mo. KLIILIII, PATRICIA 7749 Kingsbury Clayton, Mo. KNUPP, SHIRLEY 221 Hawthorne St. Louis, Mu. MACREN, Sur: lll Tulip Dr. Webster Groves, Mo. MCCARTIIY, KATI-IRINE 3 Wicltersham Lane Ladue, Mo. McKsNNA, DoRIs 7317 Northnioor Dr. University City, Mo. MILLER, PATRIeIA 7149 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. MoRAN, PATRICIA 407 East 12th St. Alton, Ill. RANnAzzo, JOAN 7740 Mohawk Place University City, Mo. Reese, CeI.Es-re 4961 West Pine St. Louis, Mo. RIcNARos, PA1'It-:Nos 4609 Pershing St. Louis, Mo. Sci-IwEIss, MARY ANN 8132 Pershing Clayton, Mo. STEPH eNs, SALLY 7152 Maryland University City, Mo. VocLeR, joAN 7144 Maryland University City, Mo. WIGNT, NANCY 29 Lenox Place St. Louis, Mo. RVILSON, ANN 7148 Maryland University City, Mo. YELDI-:LL, PA1'RIcIA 6903 Kingsbury Clayton, Mo. FOURTH PREPARATORY Blok, BARIIARA Lennox Hotel St. Louis, Mo. BRowN, EMILY 39 Washington Terrace St. Louis, Mo. BUTLER, juov 18 Upper Ladue Clayton, Mo. CARLe'roN, ELLEN 8 Tuscany Park Clayton, Mo. CoRI.I:Y, ERWIN 13 Upper Lndue Clayton, Mo. Des,gANI-: 4944 indell Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. Dem-ser, MAuReEN 1065 Berry Road Glendale, Mu. GAER1'NeR,joAN 2110 Brentwood Blvd. Brentwood, Mo. GRACE, GLoRrA 2907 Milton Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. GRIEsEmsck, ANN 201 Noyes Ave. Louisiana, Mo, Housx, KATHRINE 7000 Delmar Blvd. University City, Mo. jEANNE'I'I', SURANNE 4378 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. Kencxuorr, ANGELA 4 Huntleigh Woods Kirkwood, Mo. LoPIccoLo, Io ANN 69 Clermont Lane Clayton, Mo. MAcHt:cA, MARTHA 20 Conway Lane Clayton, Mo. MoLoNEY, ELIZAEETI-I 1 Carrswold Drive St. Louis, Mo. MenAR'r, joan: 45 Overhills Clayton, Mo. lV1usLI.sR, ANN MARIE 6364 Forsythe St. Louis, Mo. Nr-:LsoN, EI.I7.Aut-:TII 8101 Stanford Ave. St. Louis, Mo. Rooney, MoLLv 147 N. Meramec Clayton, Mo. Ross, NoRA 4905 Lindell Hlvd. sf. Louis, Mo. Sci-INEIDI:R, EI.IzARE'rI-I 19 Brookside Clayton, Mo. SLoAN, ANN 4904 Pershing St. Louis, Mo. STORR, MARY ANN 2714 Bostwick Alton, In. SULLIVAN, junv 8034 Gannon University City, Mo. SwI1'zER, HARRII-:T 36 Brentmoor Clayton, Mo. WI:aER, FRANcINs 4 Bridle Creek Rd. St. Louis, Mo. Page Eaghty-:even THIRD PREPARATORY Avrziuu., MAKGARI-:'r 7757 Davis Dr. Clayton, Mo. ConLt:Y, KA1'Ht:iuNl-: 13 Upper Laduu Clayton, Mo. Fitosucn, Domains Clayton Rd., West of Ballas Clayton, Mo. Ftrclsn, MAH PAGE 8 Wydown Terrace University City, Mo. Homes, MARIE 7000 Delmar Blvd. University City, Mo. Moss, SusAN 265 Union Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. Mutuan, RIARY WVNNE 5235 Lindell Blvd, st. Louis, Mo, O'RExLLY, JA Nt: 6322 Pershing Ave. St. Louis, Mo. PALmzn, 1V1Au' CAnol.vN 3934 Parker St. Louis, Mo. Ps1'lansEN, JANI-: 44 Fair Oaks Ladue, Mo. Reursn, Lucy ANN Z Kingsbury Place St. Louis, Mo. Ztsuscm-:i., Blavt-:nl.y 5602 Washington Court St. Louis, Mo. SECOND PREPARATORY DmoND, D1oNla 8 Country Life Acres Clayton, Mo. KAns-r, CAno1. 7 Frontenac Clayton, Mo. Ksncnnorr, SusAN lf! Oalzleigh Lane Clayton, Mo. LAm', J rm' 9530 Laduc Rd. Ladue, Mo. LoI"iccoi.o, MADI-:LVN 69 Clermont Lane Clayton, Mo. O'NEn.x., PA'riucrA 8012 Gannon University City, Mo, Rxcunns, AmcA:L 4609 Pershing St. Louis, Mo. SMITH, CAnoi. 'Zh Upper Ladue Clayton, Mo. Srocrua, ANN 7221 Nashville Ave, Richmond Heights, Mo. TuA'tct-mn, JAN: 15 N. Clay Ferguson, Mo. Vizoutn, STAR 9111 Clayton Rd. Clayton, Mo. Voouaiz, ANN 7144 Maryland University City, Mo. Zeuscuet., BARBARA 5602 Washington Court St. Louis, Mo. FIRST PREPARATORY BAxr:wei.L, Hei.eNe 5132 Westminster Pl. St. Louis, Mo. CnNs'rAN'riN, ALICE 6107 St. Andrews Dr. Dallas, Texas Dn.scuNt:msn, CAiwi. S049 Gannon Ave. University City, Mo. FEINBERG, Juni' I Kingsbury Pl. St. Louis, Mo. HANNEGAN, SALLY 5745 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, Mc. Herrr:nNAN, SAxAu ANN 15 Devon Rd. Glendale, Mo. LAMY, MAN' 9530 Ladue Rd. Laduc, Mo. McCAn'rHx', SHeLiA 6 Warson Terrace Ladue, Mo. MULLEN, NANCY 5235 Lindell St. Louis, Mo. 0'N:lLl., JOAN 8012 Gannon University City, Mn. Prerrsit, MAnoAxer 7 IYindrush Creek Lane Creve Coeur, Mo. 1'1.Acio, MARY AN N 7389 Northmoor Dr. University City, Mo. Vl1'r, MARY Auct-3 32 Lake Forest Richmond Heights, Mo. FOURTH PRIMARY BRADSHAW, Juni' Gray Summit, Mo. 11izowN, El.1zAnE1'H 39 XVashington Terrace St. Louis, Mo. Fmamxo, MARTHA St. Louis Country Club Grounds Clayton, Mo. l?AtucK, PA1'xlcxA 31 Picardy Lane Clayton, Mo. GALE, CAlux.lNE 21 Ilanicl Rd. Ladue, Mo. GUALDONI, MAME Dougherty Ferry and Lindemann Kirkwood, No. GuN'rt:x,1.Am' 6325 Washington Ave. St. Louis, Mo. Htcxev, ANN 9 Granada Way Clayton, Mo. Kr-:i.i.t', Luci' 6335 IYaterman St. Louis, Mo. Kmtcxunrr, KARLA Dunbara Lane Huntlcigh Village Kirkwood, MO. McDoNot'ou, MARY LEE 2-I Lauren Woods Ladue, Mo. McNut.'rv, h1AxcAns1' 4511 Laclcdc St. Louis, Mo. SMITH, DONNA RAE Spa-:de and Conway Clayton, Mo. S1'tu-:au-za, SusAN R. 2. Clayton Rd. Chesterfield, Mo. T1-lA'rcHt:k, Becky IS N. Clay Ferguson WiLNsizsoN, PA'riuctA 4950 Lindell Blvd. SI. Louis, Mo. THIRD PRIMARY BQLAND, MARoAkE'r Lindbergh Blvd. Clayton, Mo. Gitus, CAnoL 6320 Wydown St. Louis, Mo. GuN'r1-Ik, Bsrsy 6325 Washington Ave. St. Louis, Mo. I'Iu'l'rlG, KA'rHsniNE 37 Vifashington Terrace St. Louis, Mo. ,- KAns'r, MARY JANE 7 Frontenac Clayton, Mn. Kexcianorr, Knox, SuAr.oN Dunbara Lane Huntleigh Village Kirkwood, Mo. MAGES, MARY SUSAN S154 Stanford University City, Mo. Melon, SusAN i 326 Cannonbury " Webster Groves, Mo. Poweizs, SusAN 6250 Westminster Place St. Louis, Mo. Ram-ak, 'I'oNi 2 Kingsbury Place St. Louis, Mo. Page Eigbly-cighl THIRD PRIMARY-Continued RING, KATH Lexx lll2 Center Dr. Hampton Park Richmond Heights, Mo. WEINRICH, MARY ANN 2025 McCrcady Richmond Heights, Mo. WEIS, MARY CATH:-:R1NE 7479 Nnrthtttoor Dr. University City, Mo. SECOND PRI M ARY BROWN, Rt"rH ANN 30 Washington Terrace sr. Louis, MQ. CoNNELL, hfARIAN 92 Webster Woods Webster Groves, Mo. Fl.E'rcHER, ANN 7345 Westmoreland St. Louis, Mo. Frcus, PATRICIA 1282 Hamilton St. Louis, Mo. GARDENER, LUCETTA speed.: Ra. Creve Coeur, lilo. HoLLoRAN, RUTH 26 South Cuts Brentwood, Mo. Lt'uAom, KATHERINE 4470 Westminster Place St. Louis, Mn. MCCARTHY, ELLEN 3 Wickersham Ladue, Mo. NALL, ,loAN 25 Rio Vista Dr. Ladue, Mo. Nst'MER CATHERTNE 420 caifuma. Ave. Webster Groves, Mo. Pon-sus, SALLY 6250 Westminster Place St. Louis, Mo. RYAN, PATRICIA A 28 Ridgetop Richmond Heights, Mo. ScHMt:Lzt.E, MARY Louxss 10 Berkley Lane, Ladue, Mo. SwARTs, MARx' 25 Foreway Drive Clayton, Mo. FIRST PRIMARY', BAREARA 6 Willow Hill Rd. Clayton, Mo. Bvmzs, BoNHIE Lou 24 Silver Lane Kirkwood, Mo. GILLIS, ANN CARTER 6320 Wydown Clayton, No. GUNTER, BEATRICE 6325 Washington Ave. St. Louis, Mo, HORAN, SusAN 7120 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, Mo. JoHANsEN, CHARLo1'rE 6321 Pershing St. Louis, Mo. KsRcRt-Iorr, KATHERINE 4 Huntleigh Woods Kirkwood, Mo. KLEIN, SUE ANN 107 Flamingo Dr. R, R. 6, Route 252B Sappington, Mo. MRAZER, MARY Loviss 7070 Xvhitworth Court St. Louis, Mo. RVAN, KATHLEEN 28 Ridgetoit-x Richmond eights, Mo. Sci-iHEi1-Hops-r, jour 9 Countryhfe Acres Clayton, Mo. TIIATQH ER, ODILI: 15 N. Clay Ferguson, Mo. KINDERGARTEN BASS, PAULA 33 Berkshire Lane Clayton, Mo. BLAHRE, MARTHA 10 Log Cabin Lane Lndue, Mo. Bum-ott, jov 6307 Alexander Dr. Clayton, Mo. DIMoNn, CELLA 8 Country Life Acres St. Louis, Mo. EasLiNn, Mutom- 4 Sunningclalc Clayton, Mo. FAEICR, MtLDREo 31 Picardy Lane Clayton, Mo. FLETCHER, GAY 7345 Westmoreland St. Louis. Mn. FLYNN, MIcHAt-:L 6239 San Bonita St. Louis, Mo. Fuct-Is, DoNNA 1282 Hamilton St. Louis, No. FUGER, ANTI-IoNt' R XYydown Terrace St. Louis, Mo. GoEssLtNc, KENNETH 17 Upper Laduc Clayton, Mo. HARTENRACH, MARGARET 15 Spoedc Lane Clayton, Mo. HA1'ToN, FUREST 29 Aberdeen St. Louis, Mo. Ht-:Rzoo, MARY ANN 43 Clermont Lane Clayton, Mo. HURAN, Et'ot:NtA 7120 Lintlcll St. Louis, Mo. Houcu, VIRotNIA 14 Conway Rd. Clayton, Mo. jAcHsoN, KATI-IERtNE 5 Lamcrton Lane Kirkwood, Mo. KDRE, DoNALn 7059 Lindell St. Louis, Mo. Koxs, PAUL 7059 Lindell St. Louis, Mo. Lv1'roN, PATRICIA 7507 Oxford Dr. Clayton, Mo. NIEDLER, HELEN jot' 7l'Z9 Lindell St. Louis, Mo. Mr:tsEL, joan 45 Fontenac Clayton, Mo. Misssv, SHARI-ion 6210 Columbia St. Louis, Mo. lhlUCKl-IRMAN, lNlARY CARot.x'N 39 Berry Rd. Park Glendale, lilo. MUCRERMAN, STErH EN R. R. S, Box 295 Chesterfield, Mo. MULLEN, EDITH 5128 Westminster Pl. St. Louis, No. MULLEN, RICHARD S235 Lindell St. Louis, Mo. PETERsEN, SusAN 44 Fair Oaks Ladue, Mo. RYAN, MARJORY '16 Ridgctop Richmond Heights, No. SHEEHAN, PATRtetA 7206 Northmoor University City, Mo. STuEvER, KATHLEEN 9929 Litzsinger Rd. St. Louis, Mo. Swt11ER, GEORGE 36 Brentmoor Clayton, Mo. Sw11'LER, 'I'HouAs 36 Brentmoor Clayton, Mo. WALKER, CELESTE 139 N. Bemiston Clayton, Mo, Page Eigluy mn: IMA, Me .7Aim! .!4caa,emic . . . wish To exlend our sinceresl llwonks fo our closs presiclenf, 'rlwe edifor of fhis "Au Revoir," ond her efficienl sfoff. We also wonl lo 'llwonlc Mr. Foul G-oesslinq, for wifhoui lhis uniir- ing help The yearbook would nol' have been possible. We are grore- 'ful loo, +0 all Hue porenls oncl od- verfising friends of Au Revoir for llieir generous cooperorion cigciin lhis yecr. Page N ineiy we 'N . . . To Help a Cl1ild's Dream Come True A candy castle . . . snowdrifts of marshmallow! What youngster hasn't seen them in his dreams? To the great candy industry of America, corn syrup is a necessary ingredient. Used in other foods as well as candy, it contributes much to the energy and nutrition of the nation. Many millions of pounds of corn syrup are produced each year by Anheuser-Busch tor manufacturers ot many essential products. Our Corn Products Division is an industry in itself. ANHEUSER-BUSC H ANHEUSER- BUSCH PRODUCES MATERIALS WHICH G0 INTO THE MANUFACTURE OF: Baby Foods 0 Bakery Products Q Confections 0 Table Syrups 0 Packaged Foods 0 Ice Cream 0 Soda Fountain Syrups 0 Hospital Diets I Vitamin Preparations 0 Food Starches 0 Tonics U Medicines 0 Animal Feeds I Batteries 0 Rubber 0 Paper 0 Soap 0 Machine Parts 4 Inks 0 Gums 0 Glues I Textiles 0 Adhesives U Flashlights 0 Carpets and Twine. . S T . L O U I S Page Ninzryone COMPLIMENTS OF PEVELY DAIRY CO SQ COMPLIMENTS OF C. W. BUSCHMAN INSURANCE SURETY BONDS 4l44 Lindell Boulevard S+. Louis, Mo. iules pierlow Ninrl COMPLIMENTS OF P. D. GEURGE CUMPANY O PAINTS VARNISHES AND ENAMELS SIMMW WZZMY COMPLIMENT S OF BLACKMAN 81 NUETZEL MACHINERY C0 Machine Tools St L K Cty T ls COMPLIMENTS OF MR. 8: MRS. WILLIAM E. NEWMAN Jos. Ward Painting Co. Painfing Con'rrac+ors MUlberry 2645 Complimenfs of EIIIIDHII CLINTON INDUSTRIES, Inc. Manufadurers of Produc'rs from Corn 0 Thanks! THE ACADEMIC FOURTH 7 Complimen+s of +he CON P. CURRAN PRINTING CO. nm n sooosx www HSN ..,.,, 1 SRX ,' , Com ph ments of - "' Disfribuiors of Concenfrcied Orange Juice Vegefables Fruifs Snow-Crop-Marketers, Inc. Nx COMPLIMENTS OF WILLIAM SAFRON COMPLIMENTS OF MIDVALE COAL COMPANY 1-ESQ! SALES S SERVICE OF CES li can Builders af ,Cubriratiug Systems for mjggljgm INDUSTRIAL'AGRICIIUURAL-AUTOMOTIVE cn-mo APPUCA TIONS cuvzunn nzmon FOSTER MOLMES ALEQQMCOX JONATHAN num Em GRANGE . veg. rf..a.4...v h : 4 rom womn . A KA ',,,.- Los Ancuss Q ' -Xxx , - ,V 4 muwwnsz X H- " " H , WW " f L E New vonx I V, ' " L ky 4 N" I OAKLAND i ,,4-' " I 'I "E rmunuvmn 9' M I 9 Pmsnuncn N -'X Pornuwn 'il' LINCOLN ENGINEERING COMPANY 0 sf. LOUIS 20, MISSOURI ,- -"l ' b p,g3'?'fLfwV'V N ,,.giQQ:H""f' Aw.. l.1xf'2'1,tm'3Z' I -'fx " jaw' 'tv "" , x4::8qq'455 211i"" l2xSnna1" 'A" ' 1 if SMITH-SCHARFF PAPER CO. 3732 Norih Bro adway CHes+nu+ 0254 P gf 0... Hundred on SECOND H-0023 .MON'Il'AlL1DOS.,.Q 99 EJIJCZUOILS 00111 WHERE YOU WILL FIND AN EXCITING COLLECTION INCLUDING SMART DRESSES, SUITS, COATS AND ROMANTIC FORMALS Misses Sizes Junior Sizes Wpfearddef QQ vefisgfem. Grass Seeds . . . . Farm Seeds Since l874 We supplied your greaf-grcndfafher seed 75 years ago PRUNTY SEED 81 GRAIN CO. 620 NORTH 2nd Sf. ST. LOUIS 2, MO Francis H. Bcrnidge Edw. C. Bcrnidge Pres. Trecs. Compliments of MR. AND MRS. ANTHONY CAMPDERA lag: One Hundred Tw: OF YOUNG FASHIONS POPULARY PRICED C For Hwe Fines? in -If-V . FOODS f SELECT ' W'NE5 FOODS - ucpuoras PRQM Serving Hue Epicurecn over 25 years H UROPEHII IIIPORT CORE - I923 Bemis+on Avenue C!ay+on 5, Mo. Phones: Pfkrkview 8220 - 8221 STENGEIQS Select Foodf 4753 MCPHERSON AVE. FO. 3454-55-56 Complimenfs of CARL'S SHOE STORE 5967-69 Easfon Ave. S+. Louis, Mo. UNDERWRITERS and DISTRIBUTORS of INSTITUTIONAL and CORPORATION BONDS and STOCKS Trading .Yrwire in All Local Corporal: Sccuritier . . . 0. H. WIBBING 8: CO. Mrmbcr: Sl. Lani: Slack Exchange 408 OLIVE STREET ST. Louis 2, Mo. WESTERN Umor: Pnoms Loma DISTANCE 7l TELETYPF SL 158 mg, our Hundred Th Rock Hill Quarries Company I233 NO. ROCK HILL ROAD Rlipublic 4200 Crushed Slone Iron Mouniain Trap Rock Haydiie lnsulaiion Blocks vim ggi' "' G I, 1: 'dt' 3 1 If M LN' 9, This Emblem Is Your Assurance of Safisfaclory Maierials and Service Huhig Sash Xi Door Co. Sainl' Louis Largesi' Selling Ham in Sf. Louis for many GOOD reasons M Qi' ' , I' DOLAN co. QQ-' . Realtors "LSL X. """ DANIEL F, SHEEHAN Delicious . . . Tellderdfed RAY R. DOLAN K R HAM Kre Packing Company Y ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI P-:ge On: Hundred Four Best wishes to you From the Class of '52! Thoughts from the Second Academic Remember: The V. P ..... M:uter's Literary . . . . Hockey Practices . . Der Veasels .... "Monday Blues . . . Christmas Holidays . . . l Those Midyears . . . The Tournament . . . . The Retreat .... Erzdlrsr Book Reports . . . l Fridays! Qalso Thursdaysl . . . April I3 .... The May Procession .... Field Day fevery claylj "Au Revoir". . . . Fourth Academic! TERRA- LITE PLANT AID for GROWING PLANTS . . . INDOORS AND OUT used by FLORISTS, GARDENERS FLOWER AND VEGETABLE GROWERS Compliments of The Fourlh Preparafory Page One Hundrrd Five INVESTORS! We specialize in CoI'I1oIic Church ond Insfifufionol bond issues. Wrife or cc1II for descripfive Iifercfrure. ECKHARDT-PETERSEN 8: CO., INC. ISI I S. Broadway CE. 7250 Sf. Louis 4, Mo. COMPLIMENTS OF MR. 8: MRS. J. REYNOLDS MEDART COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF CHesInu! I ES SA R II PRINTING AND STATIONERY COMPANY 704 NORTH NINTH STREET SHINT LOUIS 1. MO. The Corporation Stationer JEITerson 4727 BUTLER-KOHAUS, INC. LIGHTING FIXTURES I-IENRY J. BUTLER 2823 Olive Sheer PresicIen+ MISSOURI STABLES RENTAL - BOARDING - TRAINING Adiocenf fo Foresf Parlc Compeienf Riding Insfruciors Ony Indoor Riding Arena in Sf. Louis Saddle Horses Bought and Sold FOR INFORMATION CALL STerIing 2408 5200 BERTHOLD Page Ont Hundred Six COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND nmunii Zneulelrg lfiumpung ulniumunlls - Zlleumelrg - Special lflrrlers S. I. 5. Glass 'Rings -'Fins -hmednls -'Trophies 5i.E.uuis,om.n. I BARLOW SCHNEIDER Fine Interior Decorating 4944 Maryland FOres+ 8225 SMITH-COOKE CONSTRUCTION CO. BUI1.DING CONTRACTORS 4829 Euston St. Louis "IT PAYS TO PLAY" COMPLIMENTS or A FRIEND O H d STEINWAY - CHICKERING - EVERETT - GEORGE STECK STORY 6 CLARK - CABLE-NELSON PIANOS C ht-P RCA-V'I Tl" M.3':,z::,:. . .z'x'f:?5:,, A E O L I A N W. P. . COMPANY of MISSOURI 1004 OLIVE STREET CONGRATULATIONS ALTON BANKING 6. TRUST CO. ALTON. ILL. Member, Federal Deposit Ins. Corp, EAGLE PICHER ALUMINUM Combination Storm Windows and Screens EAGLE HOME INSULATION 2215 Macklind Ave. SI 8777 COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. ci Mrs. Ioseph A. Lemza IAY GEE DISTRIBUTORS, INC. Exclusive Seagram 's Distributors 702 West 10th - Phone 5757 I. GLIALDONI IOPLIN, MISSOURI LOCKHARTS, Inc. 4926 MARYLAND AVENUE On: Humirrd Eiglu PHONE 5305 IIIIIHIIIS FLIIIIISTS ONTHECORNER DECATUR ILLINOIS CompIimen+s of V. VIVIANO 8: BROS. Complimenfs of a Friend DONGAL CLEANERS 5603 Iulian Flreside 4120 Compliments of MR. G. S. FOWLER COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND H d IF ITS GOOD TO SERVE WE HAVE IT I. F. CONRAD GROCER CO. I B019 PORSYTHE BOULEVARD Since 1874 CLAYTON, MlSSOURl I w TOWN HOUSES PAINTING AND BODY WORK Specialists on Wreck Work COUNTY HOUSES All Makes COUNTRY ACREAGE Drive in for Free Estimate Mc:cCAR'I'HY MOTOR CO. P West End Ford Decxler 2 Forsythe Walk PArkview 8150 6153 Delmar Blvd- PA. 2526 You' Mom' O'BRIEN EQUIPMENT Your Mother's Mother Your Mother's Mother's Mother . I Your Mothers Motl1er's Motlzer's Mother 2832 olive SL St' Louis 3' Mo' ALL SHOP AT IEHerson 2091 MOLL'S msrnmurons Since 1858 iI.'2fIYfi1i2f.flifffQ.. i2i.1if,'l"1If.TiiQ',f,'fi'.f "9" Cnnmlidnted Safely Valves Mlxnn-Neilln Cmlkrall DELMAR AT DEBAUWERE mlm.. sylpn-m n.gumm Sims wmf Hnlzrs CENTRAL 4343 BARDENHEIE I IORDAN-SCHEID CO., INC. R S Complete Office Outfitters old Fashioned Grape wine Seventh and Market Street Y GIFTS xlib ATTIQHE? ll'ea'n'1'ng and Party Cake.: ou arc invi e a m istinr: ive s xo - y Sn.veu-Ponciixmws our 'S-m:C"'l1-3' Lake Forest Pastry Shop ' ov RD CHINA--PERIOD FURNITURE- A Gift from here is one of quality and authenticity ELIZABETH WATTS GALLERIES 4728 MCPHERSON AVE. "Olive" Univ. car passes door PARKVIEW 0966 7737 Cmir I Page One Hundred Ten ovER 25 YEARS EINE CLEANING MULTACK'S ODORLESS CLEANING 127 S. Kirkwood Road Kirkwood 22, Mo. IO. EDWARD MACNER Studio of INTERIOR DESIGN AND DECORATING 7733 CLAYTON ROAD CLAYTON 17, MO. Optical Goods Photo Supplies Moving Picture Machines GUTMAN'S X of -1' CLAYTON EQ' MERAMEC AND EORSYTHE sm ouvs sIa N. GRAND u. s. TIRES EXIDE BATTERIES Forest 6700 CLAYTON GENERAL SERVICE IOS. WITEK FLORIST REPAIRING - TOWING 7750 FORSYTHE BOULEVARD PA 8027-28 CLAYTON, MO. 4732 MCPHERSON AVE. ST. LouIs 8, Mo. A WATCH-THEN ENGAGEMENT RING-NOW HEFFERN-NEUHOFF IEWELERS 809 LOCUST STREET RAY F. MCCARTHY sells the best automobile in the World PACKARD on the Gravois Page on, Hundud El E COMPLIMENTS OF MR. 8 MRS. WM. B. KNUPP I-'Oresi 0926 vigllif' H CI-IENOWETH lull- xl' Wi ' Good Dry Cleaning THE AVENUE SHOP BOYD GIOMI MARYLAND AT KINGSHIGHWAY Distinctive Fashions for Iuniors, Misses. and Women 5835 Delmar if,'l.uQl'i.'f.xl.As?Iif'i'lsJr I I I I ROsedale 9101 310 North Euclid llyouwilh1oBuy.Cll.l. . . . . . . . ROBERT ROMO DU BOIS Sales Manager FL. 7850 GABBERT REALTY CO. 4706 Hun-:plan Blvd. EDNA BIIX BEAUTY SALON MR. Ssslmvss Professional Hair Cutting HEHMAN I.AUB'S BAKERY Decorated Cakes ol Distinction COMPLIMENTS OF 4918-20 Hampton lvo. St. Louis 9. Mo. N L Fbclnders 7705 FIRESTONE Self-Service Super Market COMPLIMENTS Groceries. Meats, Fruits, Vegetables l200 GOODFELLOW AVENUE MUlberry ooss Mulberry 0059 A FRIEND Where Quality Is Never Nlisrcpresented Mfx LADIES' FASHIONS 7914 Forsylhe COMPUMENTS OF Clayton MR. a MRS. WM. LEE MASSBY Scrvlre Gllmllmd Phillip, "ss" P fl Bilng ll in Us Phone xvmmol-Q 375 Compliments of LEE'S SERVICE STATION MATuE'S Spoede and Ladue Roads , . clmvls coaulz, MISSOURI Fashion Fabms Experl Towing. Road Service, Tlre Repairing. Cnmplen- Lubrica- DEI-MAR no-1. Quick Battery clmge. wunlw. Slmnnizing Cars Called tm ...ll Delivered CLARKE and GABLER, Inc OPTICIANS 522 North Grand Boulevard, Saint Louis IEFFERSON 9347 Quality. Yet Reasonable THE PARKMOOR All Cream Ice Cream Fine Sandwiches Pug: One Hundred Twelve Serving St. Louis with Office Supplies Over 74 Years MOORLAND S. G. ADAMS CO. MARKET 10TH AND OLIVE ST. MAIN 22l5 Best Wishes COMPLIMENTS OF of Muschmeyer-Richards Silver Co. A FRIEND Compliments Compliments O of . YACOVELLI HUMAN BROS. HARDWARE 375 Big Bend Road ROSEDALE 0647 KARL BISSINGER, INC. French Confections 4740-42 MCPHERSON ST. Lours, Mo. Office: CHestnIIt 7244-7245 Res: CAbany 5714 SCHMECKEBIER CANDY CO. 511 South Fourth Street Distributors of Schrafffs Chocolates Edward 1. Schecr Si. Louis 2, Mo. CA BANY 2472 GLENN SCHWING 3 Generations oi Floorcoverings I E M E U E R Photographer 7811 CARONDELET CLAYTON, Mo. Hanley Rd. at Wydown Dmmm 6712 E CLAYTON IEWELERS, R A D E R xpert Watch and Iewelry Repairing Prescriptions 20 NORTH MERAMEC STREET PArkview 1 105 Clayton 5, Mo. 301 N- unfcn St. Louis B, Mo. COIVIPTON MOTORS. INC. QFFMA Hl-land 4441-42 2207 Brg Bend Blvd. MARKET AUTHORIZED NASH DEALER S. W. Corner Maple and Aubert MAPLEWOOD 17, Mo. FOI-est 4602 seven Phones for service Compliments COMPLIMENTS or of Mr. G M . H P. Wink l VICTORIA CASSAN 'S em" e mm my one Hundred Trim, 'DON CJXCARTINEZ Beauty Studio BH! MARYLAND AVENUE CLAYTON 5. MO TELEPHONE DELMAR 6l79 SIDNEY SMITH PHARMACISTS Pfrsrripliulzs Fillrrl 30I SOUTH KIRKWOOD ROAD Call Kirkwood 300 WYDOWN , , MARKET Compllmenfs of a Friend GLADYLELIZANION Complimenfs of Apartments, Duplexes and Houses 8003 Forsythe Boulevard CAbany 4755 J. GLENN ANDERSON 86 COMPANY Insuranre Cdunselork 316 North Eighth Street St. Louis I, IVIO. CHestnut 0786 KILGEN ORGANS COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. and Mrs. Finis P. Ernest III "This Space Reserved" Frame Your New Home With Stran Steel LADIIE SUPPLY INC. 8870 Ladue Road 3.760 .Sauce Mnrefneruetln Iianhhplanh Complete lines of scale models and handicraft supplies and equipment 7803 FORSYTHE CLAYTON WALTER FREUND BREAD COMPANY 920 So. Taylor Avenue Bakers of Olde Tyme Rye and Tender- Crust Pies Page Our Hundred Fourlcen - V 3 ,, A A 2 . 1. 2 3 ' J- r fl ., ,. 1 I NQ , .' U' '. nr. '.- V V . - . 'P V1 4 ' 3- " 1 -, W x .:,.J 1 w .fm -'F .,- Q vi .,...aaA1an-Az.-1-A.. IP m.2"fEan.6:e: 112.852 N . .55 . K ig wg i"i 1-g 14" ...he-1 pm iii-FT:-gf'-lrjisi-'z-.1'L 'Ew ix-iff.. -,-14,1 1: ,L-:ian-1"-Q - " ' . '-.'..: , - .- . ' '-, ' 'lv- .if g,-qkux.-TQ'yf",1g-,.f"g"'f,-i-:M-..3305 rr:din-?-,xff..--v.J.-Ji"-,.1-''Mg1,351753.-1g!'5w. 1 5: , My x . ,w Neg. A ' - X f"wL!.":.?:Zf4'5' ' ' " gg.--' . 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Suggestions in the Villa Duchesne School - Au Revoir Yearbook (Frontenac, MO) collection:

Villa Duchesne School - Au Revoir Yearbook (Frontenac, MO) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Villa Duchesne School - Au Revoir Yearbook (Frontenac, MO) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 86

1949, pg 86

Villa Duchesne School - Au Revoir Yearbook (Frontenac, MO) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 25

1949, pg 25

Villa Duchesne School - Au Revoir Yearbook (Frontenac, MO) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 115

1949, pg 115

Villa Duchesne School - Au Revoir Yearbook (Frontenac, MO) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 98

1949, pg 98

Villa Duchesne School - Au Revoir Yearbook (Frontenac, MO) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 100

1949, pg 100

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