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Villa De Chantal High School - Crescent Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Q TIME Loo SWHCJE eele wx Bef fy ESQ H yfgw K wvff J KSZQ fx X J J J ,N H5357 94 LJ I 1 XX wf 9 M 5 XXQQ J X Nw W NQMA2 K rx xfijk ,Lf NL 1 fa K C Q 99 ff .ax ' f fwprrp . , k X X M V XX 1 L WA E ,f XTXQAMV .- W X Q I , xl 'M' F gil 1 r ff , . X 4 A X 1 , I U XX Xxx 135 XJ , X A ,fl hx. ' I 'Q NX f ,V 9? J' ' L - V ' uffk X 6 ' N M NJ -lm vwlf ,F , . fax If KL X k' 1 V ' xx 2 l 2 W 4 uf' , ff Q ' W ' WN aw' J X F2 Q - V ' 1 x 'X Y ff X Sf' Q 153 W A ff T - 13 ,Ni LT in 5 xbxxfyj-ik' Q K S 1 Q M. Q XS I JL! W V 5 , ,f 4 5 L ff I I X ' kj X J V FJ f K VM 1 X I ix i J, F K ft gxlmf - 1, ,KS , M ' K gf' -4 4 I I ',f' FN 33 K A Ae X 64 "Xf '- J Qi f , 1 RN XR X'-fn 4 Xjflgxv K If Z QXA fi I i' XX S L Y wa nf X5 N .al ! f . f -xg 'Eli L 'A ' r kg, x If ,V ' ' 1 X rv " , X1 A' fr, f , xf X fx X fx, 1 'il' X fp If i fx x YQ Q X SMB. L if if 'DP K Y.. I , I I A -1 -- -7- g- - V v - V v - Y' Y Y W - Y' P' "' .Yi -fa qi. ,' lf. bf, qqxhd 371 'Q -ws' I..44:, ,' avi-myvlt 1 -I '.,.s,,q- H 1. Y .dxf ,Ms Qflilaififf ff- gh-m 5 f ,,:'vi Q Q H ., ' A . , l . . - A . ' ' -'4 ' 2 4 ' Ftp """ ', ', 1" 'Vw 1 ' A 12' P lil , 1? 2' 1 if 1 af .I "-i 4 .10 f ' K 'iw 1 'xii W,lQ k' Q " x ' - A 4 we ' ' Af J " In ,itll V 11. f"-H ' . ' 4 gli - f f .:'.....---' ., N1 'Y' , X Y- f f ' 'J '29 X 17 'Wj ..-1 ,VI - - . ev- W I 7 ,,z D -n X Q, A, , .1 Elf.: ' ' , U ,. . ' -V5.-',' X. , oe C I-1 :Os 'P THE T e ZIULA RESCZENT 195.2 P tdbyth Semor Class of Villa de Chantal Rock Island, Illmols xl? Q 44A D Q Q ' S O "1 I I 5 4? 9 3 OF ,JN resen e e 3 " o Our Parents Our yearbook IS ded1 cated to our Mothers and that as txme marches on we w1l1 discover 11fe to be a mxxture of rxght and wrong good and had v1ctory and defeai that rxght w111 even tually trxumph It 15 to our parents that we g1ve our deepest love and devotxon for then' affectlon mol al guldance and under standmg Wh1Ch have bmght ened our 11ves 16552 , j g 5 'E l I2 l I l 10 . 2 9 5 8 7 4 , 6 b T VI Fathers who have taught us J' 'QP J winfm cene On flue campus xi X Hisfokti of Uiua be Gltanfal On this fair day in Spring as we the class of 1952 look at the Villa in all its June beauty, sur- rounded by the spacious grounds with their colorful flowers and gracious trees, it scarcely seems possible that fifty-two years ago this landscaped area was only a cow pasture. In 1899 when Sister Mary Agnes and Mother Francis Borgia came to Rock Island with the intention of founding an academy for young ladies, Rev. Thomas Mackin, pastor at St. Joseph's church, took the Sisters on a tour to find a suitable location for the school. On the very highest part of one of the hills overlooking the tri-cities and the Mississippi River Father spoke, with pride, to the two Sisters, "Here, Sisters, is where you will erect your throne". In 1900 the first brown dirt from the top of this very high hill was tossed aside to make room for the west wing of the new academy. Almost to the very day, six years later, a second spadeful of earth prepared the way for the main bui1ding's foundation. The beautiful chapel was dedicated on June 10, 1908, with Archbishop Spalding present. Twenty years of continued success followed, but it soon became apparent that more space was needed. As a result of the Sisters' fervent prayers plus the donations from the Alumnae, Villa Guild members and friends rounded out the check of 350,000 of Mr. Frank Lewis of Chicago and Lewis Hall was begun on July 26, 1929. Dedication exercises took place on June 10, and on Septem- ber 9, 1930, regular classes were begun in the modern, well-equipped structure. 1930 marked the end of the building program for a time. At present we cherish fond dreams of a Fine Arts building to be erected in the not-too-distant future. The Villa has been a member of the North Central Association since 1919. It is accredited by the University of Illinois and listed on the States' list of recognized high schools in Illinois. It has always maintained the highest standards of education in Religious training as well as in curricular and extra-curricular activities. The aim of the Sisters of the Visitation of Villa de Chantal has always been to send forth grad- uates with well-rounded characters, capable of meeting the requirements of life. To do this the school tries to develop in its students noble principles and a cultural appreciation of all that is true, good and beautiful. One has only to look at the outstanding records made by its graduates to realize how fully the Sisters have accomplished their purpose. We, the class of 1952 wish to thank the Sisters for all the memories that the Villa holds for us, memories that we should cherish all our lives. We thank the Sisters for implanting in us the rudiments of faith and courage. We pray that God will reward them out of the riches of his love. N 5 ' " I 1 H-' 1- -2 'Be -4 a 'fm fgzjy 5 ' 4 t' 9 x-an ,f2,fm israel N JL-JJ .1 :Q ggi: 413, C I. A ', U 551 ,. ' 1 I, 1 , ,QE ,.g' . fjww Q , Rf at Ii' ,tx ' I 'V l now ouna N , s ',! Cl THVI Shall 'fj each .thee f ff ZX 2 6 I 5 2 xg V x X xx 6099 YQ 'fr M J 'ff al I thin gg Tapper F 53 785 la -fs I '17 C '77 X. I-4 A.. ff , -fx , 2 . 3, 'lf' - -. H! ,VJ K , 1552770 , 1 ' f " 1 A 445 , , , f x , ' -5 ff -Q2 X 4 5 ' O' , fi ' ' f ff m, X ,f ' L ", X NX M x ' X! ,- x X '1' ,X l ,flax X xx 4 1111 ' 'Ig' NH XX N E J 2tt,'g0.4 X 1. 4 1 1' 1,3 N X 1 'J QU J " ' r -a -V K 0 ' X ' X 1 11 i X . pl, X.. W , I I I X ' 'I 8 'Xxx Q' . 1 X X X ' ' X3 ,' 4 X X M ' X N 'Q' 'g. X ' ' . '. xy .-.Ji .fg .1 1 ,F -Q? ".--7 -'-.'-.Ip K ffQXX Nj 2" 4-7t+'t,f:. ? , , X . , A v v ' . , ff , X -xx 1,1,.,1s. 'nrt . .1 7: if Q X. nfl!! N rt, 'rgfgz-. ,. X, lx L 'ff' C 1' ,X f we ,. fx X K ' I , K-:I 5 ' I Sql.. r ll ' .2 45- if 'Qfxf f - 'I' , BW' Y -19 1 fi D 1 va' 1' - 'f gifs W Ljfuy' 52 - , ,271 7 .. hifi. - -be 2 'tw' -,, y W The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe SUE ALLEN This attractive little blonde has worked her way into everyone's hearts. Her sparkling smile, her wit and her personality make her the life of every party she attends. Sue has been on the Student Council three years out of the four she has been here She has been the chairman of any number of various committees and made a beautiful Fabiola in our class play Too Sue has been a good worker on the Crescent Staff and takes an active interest in each and every boarder God bless you Sue' -4 asf MW Tom Tom the Papers Son PATRICIA BURKE Patricia loves Chicago pumpk pie mail and Spanish class She made a beautiful model at our Senior Tea and 1S a capable president of our I R C Adding these together we have a wonderful girl Pat Her cheery smile and sparkling personality will carry her to success and a happy life Good luck and God bless you Pat' Was! I ' Q I ff ' 1 Dzllar, a Dollar a 10 oclock Scholar Q MARCIA CARROLL 1S the class comed1an She always has somethmg w1tty to say both 1n class and out Her love of sports of all kmds has made her a very capable G A A Presldent for the last two years Of course MaPC18 has a ser1ous s1de too She's a wonderful frxend to all and never has an un kmd word for anyone Marcla w11l be a success no matter what road she chooses to travel N 1 0 'N M I Had a Lzttle Hobby Horse CARYL CARPENTIER Cary1's sweet and dellghtful style of bemg a fr1end has endeared her to all our hearts She made a beautlful attendant at Mard1 Gras Cary1's voxce has added a great deal to the Glee Club and Choxr Horses of all types are her hobby and she IS qlllte an equestrlenne Best of luck Caryl 1n everythmg you do ff 4? N l-'I b ,EK !,', 1 X S1 g f N w- Lzttle Boy Blue, Come, Blow Your Hornf JANE COSGRAVE D1st1nct1ve 1n many ways other than he1ght well l1ked by all and one whose frlend sh1p 1S treasured 1S our 'llttle Jane Ann She's act1ve m all sports the Glee Club's star alto and xs a capable member of the Student Counc1l Jane's address next fall w1ll be Marquette UH1V6TS1ty M1lwaukee's gam w11l be our loss Mary Had a Lzttle Lamb MARY KAY FLATLEY Kay 1S one of those g1rls w1th a sparklmg personallty who offers to run errands at noon Sleepmg and eatmg are favor1tes w1th her durxng le1sure hours In school Mary Kay IS a good student As Presldent of the Student Counc11 her talkatlve ways and keen humor have made her admlred by all Bon Voyage after graduanon and God bless you' 7 sl I fi X1 no lf .x X., ' X I .. X 1 g X1 tj! ul lt! 'QQ X - A xel A fl 'K 1, ff 1 ,. f , . . 'I . ,gi -sei aw H ,tg 9' . fx , X f l WR f N 'AX' , 'r SY' QU-X , . . N A YI 1: ' ,I X :pri I -4. L- -A, I Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall NANCY GOODELL Our genial and efficient editor of the Crescent 15 a girl whose sincerity and friend ship have made her popular with all Nancy is always enthusiastic whether it be writing art1c1es for the school paper ushering for Civic Music or preparing for a piano recital She 1S enrolled at Stephens College for the fall term Good bye Nance and use well your fine talents in college' Ach? l'f fs 15' 522-:Lael g A M 'S Ainetecn, Twenty My Plates Empty PATRICIA HAYDEN Patricia is pleasant studious and athletic She has held many offices in her four years at the Villa Trisha has a knack for getting out of trouble almost as easily as she gets into it Behind her constantly laughing face is serious thought We will miss this lass from Woodstock who plans to attend Marquette University in the fall. Z ,gym Ili . V ' ff L 1 Em , gwk Hzckory Dzckory, Dock MARY JO HOFMANN The warmth of good frxend sh1p rad1ates from Joey's beautlful eyes She's very talented IH the art class as our Annual shows S1ncer1ty and kmdness add to her charm Her fall address 1S undec1ded but Mary Jo w111 uphold our h1gh standards wherever she goes God bless you' 'DOI l'5 R 51 M lf AS V Q 1 Frog He Went 4 Woozng JOAN KERKHOVEN W1th her beautxful blonde ha1r pleasant sm11e and graclous manner Joan made a lovely model at the Sen1or Tea Her ab111ty ln shorthand and hxstory class and her Tennessee drawl have made her a welcome add1t1on to the class of '52 We w1sh you luck and happmess Joan wr N ' . U Q h 1 as - - A 07 ' '- - ,L ' I A - -Q af A -1, K . --- x . ' r 0 I E, 7 Ls t ' Q . ' A Q " it ' ' ' . Q ss what ' ' ff-5. , 3 L3 . 5 s 0 1 nays., " 'af' I i ' x fl N N s ' 'fuk 3' . 4 'ilwev 45. 1 ' . . .f fr 1x X" . V . ' f' - N 1 5 , X f . I g' on . 1 4 x - QVVXN , .- ix f N -au K Si , ,A 5 , .-K.-4 .j .1 Ii ' t I -xi,,,,.,7 ' Q ' ' Y . Ah ,, --,. 3 5 . . , X I Q , . r A i 1 D . . , R K 4 . . - A x '- . , . .-ef f Q Tzu 1 QQFAF1 I Never Saw A Purple Cow MARY CLAIRE LINEHAN Clara w111 long be re membered for her g1gg1e whlch IS often unexpected Her ch1ef ambltzon 1S to be a nurse Clara ms a true fr1end of those who know her Too she IS the only one ln the sen1or class who can tell you who the pope laurate 1S 4 fl fix? f I Twinkle Twznkle Lzttle Star Jai n JUDY MCANDREWS Her congen1a1 d1spos1t1on and pleasmg personahty make It a treat to be a fr1end of Judy s As class V1Ce pres1der1t Semor Tea model and Mard1 Gras attendant Judy has had a full semor year W1th the assets of humor dependab111ty and charm success W111 be yours Judy x5 X A 7 ,. U X V lb- .. v V X i X X I vu'- fl 1 ll 1 n , . ' . 4 . . 4 H H ' 115' f 1' ,j 'A 'D f f h f 3"'v5 7 Y 'ft X . . . . hz! I . I ' . I ' V A- V ' I - I I 9 N4' ' L Ill fy'-'N Polly Put the Kettle On SUZIE MERCHIE W1th never a harsh word for any one her grac1ous manner and her w1ll1ngness to help Suzxe w1ll have good fortune wherever she goes Suz1e was secretary of the class and has had a lot of expemence Wlth a pen She plans to complete her educatxon at Marycrest College We know the g1rls at Marycrest w1ll welcome Suz1e's sweet dls pos1t1on and come to apprec1ate her as much as we do 'D l f" ff 'lfi.E3 X, ffl! N jf ZWN-V 41, lark Sprat Could Eat No Fat CARLA NOTH our tall attractwe able Sodahty Prefect 15 known for her w1ll1ngness to help others and for her sweet sm1le Carla 1S act1ve 1n all sports although volley ball IS her speclalty Carla 15 an excellent student and st1ll manages to engoy l1fe She W111 long be remembered for her v1m v1gor and v1tal1ty God keep you Carla l I Z K - ml X 3 Lzttle Jack Horner Sat m a Corner IRMA PONCE Petite demure and cheerful describes Irma She came to the Villa as a sophomore from San Antonio Texas and has made many friends As our tiny model at the Senior Tea her ability brought many ohs and ahs from the admirmg audience Good luck Irma VPQQCL -30x ..3fc:'!l1 3 ,A 7'-24W i Three Little Pigs we L Q BARBARA REED As Vice-president of the Student Council Secretary of the Sodality and staff member of the "Crescent Barbara has proved herself very dependable Too Barb is one of the talented few who plays the harp and takes an active interest in the doings of little Clarence We will surely miss you next year, Barb. ' J ,,, x Lzttle Tom Tucker Szngs For Hzs Supper JANICE ROSCUM Jan1ce has a never endmg supply of amusmg exper1ences to relate to her eager class mates She IS mastermg smgmg takes an act1ve mterest tn all kmds of sports 15 very fond of horses 15 Pres1dent of the Jumor D A R and Treasurer of our Senxor Class What more 1S there to say? Such a glrl 15 a cred1t to the Semor Class fig!! 'vt 9 fl' 1 ff Il X Little Miss Mujfet ELAINE RYAN Falr w1se good and happy 15 our Elame who w1ll take her college work at Marycrest 1n the fall As Afra 1n our class play E1a1ne was Ltops Her ass1stance on the Crescent staff has been 1nva1uable May Good Fortune ever sm1le on you and never her daughter "m1s fortune . i- W 'Aw E x l' 9183 5.-J xJ Mary Mary Quite Contrary MARY ANN SCHMITZ Mary Ann has been here at the V1l1a for 13 long years Next fall she w1l1 be settlmg down 1n Florxda at Barry College Though we may be separated by many m1les we w1l1 remem ber Mary Ann for her enthus1ast1c contr1but1ons 1n our class d1scuss1ons her cheerful d1spos1t1on and her fmendhness What more could be want1ng for a true fr1end'P 41" 1 XG, X BVLUS Needles and Pzns, Needles and Pms SHIRLEY SCHORPP Sh1rley w111 be remembered especxally for her umque Enghsh compos1t1ons always orlgmal and clever Sh1rley's 11lt1ng volce has made her the center of attractlon at many a party and get to gether She loves dancmg and all types of sports We w1sh you the best of luck ln years to come Shlrley Keep smllmg' 1 V e E , ,, xl .. ff 94 U ,I V tl- L Y 7 . I . . . - , X N ,Q I 4 M he We ax, , e x f S 9 f ' 5 ll un - Q Z-17 1 ' p, . . , 'ji ll ru ' . A W egfffl - - '. I Q , 'XJ t Q . . . . . '00 o 19 1-3 ,vig Q Q35 'N Hey Dzddle Dzddle The Cat and the Fzddle COURTNEY SMITH Courtney 1S better known by the name Court She has spent the greater part of her school days at the V1lla where she has always lent a helpmg hand to all projects When It comes to the art of sa1esmansh1p Court can't be surpassed The welcome mat at her lovely new home IS already pretty well worn by her school mates especlally by the boarders Courtney's amb1t1on IS to be a mathematxcs professor at a famous un1vers1ty that 15 unless she meets "Mr R1ght f1rst Good luck Courtney Xxevq 4' 1 3 'N Lzttle Red Hen JEAN TOOHEY Our pet1te charmmg red head has b1g plans for the future She 15 enrolled at Marquette Un1vers1ty ln the school of Engmeermg Jean made a beaut1fu1 attendant at Mardl Gras and 1n add1t1on she had a leadmg part 1n the class play was secre tary of Good Counc1l and on the Crescent staff Unl1ke most red heads Jean has no temper In fact she has a very sweet pleasmg d1spos1t1on To put lt ln a few words beauty plus brams descr1be our Jean all .J-QQ 6:55 5 Jack Be Nzmble Jack Be Quzck HELEN YEGGE We present our class president who has had a most successful year in class and extra curricular activities Helen was our attractive Valentine Queen and good St Peter in the early fall We will always remember you Helen and please don't forget us Vfclm to ill U 5353 it iffavv ff Rift The North Wind Doth Blow MIRIAM ZALLES is our gay seniorita from La Paz Bolivia She has attended the Villa for three years and in that time has learned that the English language isn't so bad after all She plans to attend summer school in Virginia and then travel with her father Classical music is her favorite and brightly colored clothes a must Miriam leaves many friends in the United States asf and esfamenf We the class of '52 bemg of gentle and s1mple m1nds, real1ze that our h1gh school days are bemg numbered Therefore before the class pxcture permanently takes our place we w1sh to bequeath our pos1t1on and pr1v1leges to the future class of '52 Item I In General To Mother Mary Pauline we leave our deepest apprecl atxon for her valuable sp1r1tual guidance g1ven m Religxon class and her never t1r1ng w1ll1ngness and xnterest as our Superxor To S1ster Mary Josephme our pr1nc1pal we g1Ve our endless gratltude for not only f1ll1ng our somet1mes empty heads wxth bountiful knowledge of Englxsh Llterature but also for bemg a most understandmg and tolerant class advxsor To the entlre faculty we w1ll always g1Ve our heartfelt thanks for the never ending mterest they took m each one of us They have made our learnlng qu1te a b1t easzer and much more 1nterestmg To the Jun1ors The honor of always havmg Seymour lookmg over your class Wlth a part1cular understand1ng The place of f1rst Ill lme leadxng the rest of the classes to the cafeterxa to movles to the chapel and an the Grand March The enjoyment of g1vmg the Sen1or play and Sen1or tea The Sen1or Room and chromcle w1th the admon1t1on that they keep the plants watered the Holy Water Fountam 11 ed and read m turn Three M1nutes A Day ' Twenty four worn Enghsh books accompan1ed of course Partxcularly however we bequeath the pr1v1lege of bemg the Sen1or Class at the V1l1a Item II ln Part1cular Our "Fab1ola Sue Allen has w1lled her actmg ex per1ence to Peggy B1llesbach Between an Al Jolsor 1m1tat1on and a Fabxola character1zat1on Peggy should no doubt cause qu1te a sensat1on Pat Burke's mad rush to the ma1l box after lunch 1S left to Mary Jo Moseley and Coral1ta Gonzales Remember don't spend too much tlme 1n the cafeter1a so you can be f1rst U1 l1ne for the "Ma1l Call ' MSPCIH Carroll leaves to Mary McCarthy and Barbara Thayer her knack of translatmg Old Englxsh Be partzc ularly careful of Whan That Aprllle You w1ll def1n1tely need Marc1a's secondary PHSSIVE concentrat1on Long 11ve the w1ld and wooly West Roy Rogers and horses mcluded! Never forget thxs Tracy Peska and Joanne M1ller for Caryl Carpentzer leaves th1s slogan and her undy1ng love of horses to you Kay Flatley leaves naturally Cornel1us to Marlene Neth and Nancy Flynn Please take good care of h1m g1rls s1nce he catches cold so eas1ly Nancy Goodell leaves to Kathy Organ and D1ane Bowman her endless devot1on to Jerry Lew1s There's really qu1te a talent in crossing your eyes and saymg "I LIKE IT " To Margaret Mary McFarlane Pat Hayden w1lls her home town devot1on Ser1ously Maggxe 1f you can make Peor1a as well known at the Vxlla as Pat d1d Woodstock you really w1ll have accomplxshed somethmg Bunny Hansen 1nher1ts not only Joey Hofmann's art1st1c ab1l1ty but also her mterest 1n St Ambrose College Take good care of both of them, Bunny but please g1ve some attentxon to the Art Judy McAndrews reluctantly gxves up her ab1l1ty to be that th1rd man on all of those noontzme errands to Janet Mzltner It takes a strong power of persuas1on Janet Mary Cla1re L1nehan leaves to Anne Condon Arlyss Seaton and Pat Covemaker her abxllty to lose her Bxology book Clara w1ll tell you however that sometxmes 1t's easler to have a book 1n class w1th you Barb Seaholm 15 the proud rec1p1ent of Suz1e Merch1e's ab1l1ty to greet everyone wlth a sunny smlle even though xt may be ra1n1ng outs1de Carla Noth leaves to Karen Neu her ab1l1ty to cram all necessary homework mto a sleepy mind m the "study per1od" CP, from 8 20 to 8 30 Barb Reed gratefully leaves her G H S classr1ng and brown pen to Carol Freeze that 15 1f she IS able to f1nd tt Maybe you had better reserve a blackboard ln the Study Hall Sh1rley Ketelaar 15 the proud owner of Jan1ceRoscum s ab1l1ty to talk the polxcemen out of those unnecessary t1ckets It's qu1te an art 1f you can master xt Sh1rley Mary Ann Schmltz leaves her never endmg supply of good cookxes to Mary Al1ce R1ley and Yvonne Anderson Take lt as a proven fact that Semors are ALWAYS hungry Jean Toohey leaves two abilitxes To Ann Gallagher she how many sldes a cube has Ann bes1des the msxde and outs1de" To SUZIC Acuff goes the walk up the h1ll J ean's energy can be due to that extra glass of Mother Fletcher's m1lk 1n the morn1ng Helen Yegge leaves to Kay Normoyle her ab1l1ty of keep1ng her wh1te bucks clean You'll have to ask Helen some of those trlcks of the trade Nancy Grams recexves Jane Cosgrave s txtle of Shrxmp Boat " You should be able to flt mto those Buster Brown shoes perfectly Joan Kerkhovcn leaves to Jo Ann Conda her Art of play1ng the plano m the Study Hall It takes a lot of prac t1ce but 1f you can f1nd a partner those duets really echo through the halls Sh1rley Shorpp leaves to Pat Stul1r her ab1l1ty of wr1t1ng those clever Enghsh Compos1t1ons For a few h1nts ask Sh1rley about the fru1t cart peddler Lu1g1 Rochelle Roeder becomes the owner of Elame Ryan's prec1ous art of mak1ng frxends and better st1ll keep mg them Irma Ponce leaves to Mary Pecoraro her beautlful black ha1r and her ab1l1ty to have 1t always neat and 1n place Not even the homework seems to dxsturb Courtney Smxth leaves to Kay Colbert her art of tell1ng tall tales Watch out Kay the exper1ences that go wlth them can be qu1te lnvolving Kay Coyle 1nher1ts M1r1am Zalles' ab1l1ty to raise a d1scuss1on before those fearful tests beglfl. A good opener IS How many pxeces of paper w1ll be necessary ?' S1gned Stephen Fr1tz f ' T ' ' . . . . . U , I : , ' Q Q Q 1 Q ll 1 ll . . ' . . . I ' . I . . ' . . . , I a p I n I . .- . . . . . . , - . . - U . . . , . . , . . fl 1 u fl ' 1 I - a . by twenty-four empty boxes of "No-Doze." leaves that incredible knack of mathematics. Do you know . l pq . . - . . . ' ' ' . . Q I . . . . . , H H Z - . - . . I . . . l . . 1 A . ' . . ll . - I elm pales., As a spec1al glft from Father Txme the Crescent staff was loaned the use of an exqu1s1te crystal ball through whlch we peered to wltness the class of '52 in '62 The s1ghts we saw were so aston 1sh1ng that we were sure you would want to share them But f1rst we shall have to admit that It was no surprise to f1nd that all our charmmg seniors w1ll be br11l1ant successes Now watch closely and you shall see for yourself First to come in vlew is Sue Allen who looks back on her opening night of "Fabiola as the key to her Broadway accom plxshments This brxlhant actress is now play1ng for the third ear Ul the present hit 'Illini Blue The scene now changes and we find ourselves witnesses of a big crime someone is roaming the halls of the Villa m a sweater' Ah but close on her trail comes Pat Burke that world renowned secretary of the F B l furiously taking notes Such talent' We now flash to the capital of Wyoming where we observe Senator Caryl Carpentxer fighting for rancher's rights Just recently we also hear she has approprlated part of the state for her own use U1 raising thorough breds This IS the fulfillment of a life long dream Behind a maze of test tubes and steaming funnels we can Just distinguish the present head of the American Medical Association Mary Kay Flatley Her headquarters now seem to be divided between St Louis and Texas but wherever she may be Mary Kay may always be seen working on her latest proJect finding a more efficient way of cutting up frogs Such a problem' Extra extra read all about lt' Another issue of the Umted States Tribune has hit the stands publtshed by the nationally known editor Nancy Goodell Her fame 15 sand to have originated with her idea of sending lonely boarders free subscriptions to her pages fwhich ts published in French you knowj We can now make out a young lady wandering around in a Villa uniform Why tt's Pat Hayden still decldlng what college to go to She'll get there yet never fear In the meantime however she seems to have been developing her musical talents Right now she 15 engrossed in the unfinished symphony between cow milkmgs The scene now changes and we see an art gallery filled with critics and excited buyers Who else but Mary Jo Hofmann could be the center of such attraction with Just a few of her S20 O00 sketches of Old Mexico She is now the leading critic authority and lecturer on art in the whole country 'Calling Dr L1nehan"' That sounds like Mary Claire Line an and what a success story thts must be We are in one of the most colossal hospztals in the country and find as supervisor of nurses and doctors Dr Linehan herself who found nurse's traxmng such a snap she couldn't resist going on to medical school Our crystal ball now seems to bring nn to v1ew a court room with no other than Judge Judy McAndrews presiding With a gift of arguing and winning her point Judy became the best criminal lawyer in the country soon after graduation from law school Due to such recognition she was then promoted to her present position of Supreme Chief Justice What ambition' What's this a meeting of the Umted Nat1ons" Yes and there as the chief linguist Suzie Merchxe As an expert Spanish trans lator Suzie got her first big chance at the Pan American con ferences where it was her duty to close each meeting with 'Adnos Amigo We now switch over to one of the most popular programs on television with that top emcee Carla Noth We all knew she would go places after graduation and if you doubt it just watch her interview the dogs every Sunday afternoon After witnessing her commercial we hear some one remark that Carla still hasn't discovered the secret of the little dogs staying little We seem still to be tuned in on a televxsxon program But what s this? Well couldn't you guess There's Barb Reed brmging life on the farm right into your lzvmg room every Thurs day Her programs are based on her recent best seller novel The Pigs and I Our crystal ball is now taking us to a foreign land Guess what 1t's the Olympics The United States horse back riding team is now taking the held led by Janice Roscum singmgan aria from "Carmen The combination has really brought her success though with the Metropolitan in wmter and horse shows all summer Our vision is now blurred by a spray gun but walt it is clear mg and there we find Elaine Ryan that internationally famous bugologxst She can track down any type of moth termite or insect you ask Inquirmg about this unusual vocation we fmd she attrlbuted it all to her early days ln Biology and a persistent ambition The scene changes and we see Courtney Smith who had dec1ded her career long before she graduated from Marymount College Her ambition has been fulfilled she now heads a Lonely Hearts Club Following in the footsteps of Richardson Court writes love letters for both the boy and the girl involved A view of the quad cities now comes in sight What changes hundreds of new buildings new bridges and air ports This can only be the work of Jean Toohey that brilliant engineer who has just completed the last of her expansion project for the new cos rrnpolitan quad city area Her next feat is a trans Atlantic hrldge The scene now switches to Boone Iowa and who else but Helen Yegge the efficient president of the class of '52 She is now the most successful economist inthe nation It is said that she learned how by trying to get the most out of her one hour downtown after school We now see in our ball of the future a young lady working with pen and paper Someone writing a letter? No 1t's Shlrley Schorpp the famous American humorxst who has completely captivated the country with her clever novels and in partlcular upset an ltal1an's fruit cart tn English class Well we have another television program commg mto view The theme song Over the Waves could mean the introduction of only one program and that is Joan the Story of one Small Wave on the Ocean In private life Joan Kerkhoven is com mander of Great Lakes Naval Traming Center Her face covered with a smile of good w1ll we can now make out Miriam Zalles that envied president of Bolivia She is now back v1s1t1ng the Vllla where her two chlldren are attendmg school We find she attributes all her success to her com prehensxon of English literature Marcia Carroll now comes into vzew Not too much to our surprise she is the National head of the G A A after servlng as president of this organization at the Villa Rtght now she is remakmg girls' basket ball rules to allow longer drxbbles walking with the ball and no fouls These seemed to give her a little dlffxculty during tournaments Mary Ann Schmitz is now the proud owner of a cham of travel agencies Strangely enough all her tours seem to center m Florida Could this be a Barry College mfluence'P What's this a fleet of shrimp boats? No 1t's a group of buildings and there is our friend Jane Cosgrave heading the largest physical therapy foundation inthe country We all knew Janie would go places after graduating cum laude from Marquette Unwersxty Well look at this At least one member of the class of '52 decided to settle down There's Irma Ponce and her 12 happy children Qcheaper by the dozen you know, After a successful career of modeling our friend Irma became a homemaker . ll . a . y . ' . 1 . H . ll - Yl - ll - - . I 1 - - . .. . . . . . . . . . ' those dealing with dialects. She attributes this to the day she 1 . ' l I ll ll . - I I . . . . . h ll . - Z . , . - l - I v ll 1 I ' ' . vw ' . n - I . h . Y-1 LLVllO'?.S left to right: Peggy Billesbach, Kay Colbert, Rochelle Roeder, Pat Covemaker, Yvonne Anderson, Jo Ann Conda, Anne Condon, Sue Acuff. Seaholm, Pat Stulir, Dianne Bowman. Seaton, Barb Thayer. Absent- Mary Pecoraro -J , left to right: Joanne Miller, Marlene Neth, Mary K. Norrnoyle, Kathy Organ, Mary Jo Mosely, Margaret M. McFarlane, Janet Miltner. Absent: Karen Neu. gn The time has come to meet the Juniors, the largest class in the Villa, a class filled to the brim with pep and vitality. In the many projects set before them, our Juniors have never failed to come up with something new and original. Their Halloween party was exceptional, as was their dance, the "January Jamboree". May Day was a complete success. Keep up the good record, Juniors, and good luck in your final year at the Villa! back row left to right Coralita Gonzales Nancy Flynn Kay Coyle Shirley Ketelaar Carol Freese Nancy Grams front row left to right Ann Gallagher Carla Hanson Mary McCarthy back row - left to right: Mary Alice Riley, Barbara from row - left to right: Tracy Peska, Arlyss goplwmotes Anne Olin, Margaret M. Weingart, Mary Smith. Sally Redmond, Theresa Miller, Margo Oslund. Pat Garrison, Rosemary Kapraun, Eileen Hughes, Jo Ann Forte, Carol Golofsky. absent: Nancy Reising. " A , wa, . ' , Q", c jf ,fl g 1 fa I M W "' Pat Patterson, Vee Ilean Nielsen, Charlene Mortell, Marion Leenknecht, Susan McCarthy. Ann Figge, Harriet Donahue, Penny Collatos, Angela Bulins, Roberta Elliott, Mary Ann Coryn. Our gay and happy sister class, the Sopho- mores have made much progress since their long ago Freshmen days. As Father Time now looks down in their midst, he sees them gracefully performing the May Pole dance, ably conducting the Aquinas Literary Society, or selling tickets for "Fabiola". Whatever they may be doing, however, we observe above all their class spirit and enthusiasm as they recite under a green and white pen- nant and class motto, "Up the Ladder, Step by Step! ". " I .X Q Ad 1 f ,W ' M Af -.H ' ' i , V M A 5- 'g' s rm - f, - l 1 . . 1 I mm .t ' ' AI' 'vi V ,lg 3 left to right: Betty Hart, Pat Janney, Myrna Castro, Ruth Kapraun, left to right: Dorothy Bowlds, Sandy Battles, Gerry Gall, Theresa Maryetta Leahy, Ann Meagher, Vicki Grevas. Freund, Midge Lear, Gloria Ewing. ,?'L8Sl4.Vl't6l4 For the Freshmen it's time to begin. Their new faces and gay dispositions filled the Villa's classrooms last fall. Now the girls have adapted themselves to high school life. As time is marching on we have gotten to know all these new students as friends. Playing an active part in school functions, the Freshmen gave us the four attendants for our Valentine Queen. These girls have been particularly interested in the Red Cross work and, not to be outdone by former classes, they were most cooperative in making May Day a success. Keep work- ing, Freshmen, and good luck in your three bright years ahead. left to right: Nancy Riggs, Karen Sternburg, Sheila Lawson, Monica Mary Jo Mueller, Carol Mannhardt, Sue Neavins, Carol Olson, Kapraun, Joan Reidy, Barbara Roberts. Margaret M. Monaghan, Sue Miltner. Joan Cox tis. ..! if fn ffl. There? a for some things Tlfvffraklts 5 E to great than 5 d 3 f Smali thin s 9,...,3 4 V Q1 L if-" if 3 0 h Hg 5 Q I r g , n an t OV' g . C,erv8hfC3 ll I2 1 Plc z i 93 7 6 5 - IE-fvffi h e e Gfgaf-Ht'O53.f 591' he "ff" A ' I t T 33 TQ I 51. lf1r fi 1 , I - ,fgi N 'f J get-h LR? ' x 3 S' i I ' X I V L .K J N Ili? U 'f 1 I . if iii' utff M ' y ....., .. 1 z v f 1? 1, ,MQ 1. g , 1 I , Aura 1 ML .--1r"T'i'- N Q5 my ,-.W -18 .r, 1 S ,ww th Pg 09a ch, 5 Left to r1g'ht Qbackj Jane Cosgrave and Barbara Reed. ffrontj Elaxne Ryan Patrlcla Hayden and Carla Noth I BMLYIZS. Q19 a n fcfefzaixi goccefx, Left to right' Irma Ponce, Jean Toohey, Mary .Io Hoffman, Marcia Carroll. Charleen Lftt gmJnCg A M gh C 11 thy, Patricia Patterson. fabsent fr p ct Na cy Re gp 003 council qfzoup uinas fifeiaml gocief Mortell, Susan McCar- Ea b R d M cxa 'I a Hayden, susanne Mercme, Jean Toohey qifzls Qflclefic gfudenf council Standing: Vicky Grevas, Jane Cosgrave, Sue Allen, Carla Hanson, Mary Jo Mosely Ann Meagher, Vee Ilean Nielson, Ann Olin. Seated: Barbara Seaholrn, Barbara Reed, Mary Kay Flatley, Patricia Hayden. qv vw V T elm t Y If ' in Front row-left to right-Jean Toohey, Mary Jo Hoffman, Helen Yegge, Patricia Burke, Sue Allen, Mary Claire Linehan, Jane Cosgrave, Mary Kay Flatley, Second row-Sue Merchie, Ann Meagher, Sue Neavins, Caryl Carpentier, Barbara Roberts, Patricia Garrison, Ann Olin, Marion Leenknecht, Rosemary Kapraun. Third Row-Mary Ann Schmitz, Rochelle Roeder, Margaret McFarlane, Joan Reidy, Judy McAndrews, Margaret Monaghan ' Mary Ann Coryn, Theresa Miller, Angela Hulins. Fourth Row-Janice Roscum, Harriet Donahue, Ruth Kapraun, Eileen Hughes, Monica Kapraun, Roberta Elliott, Sally Red- mond, Left to right: Margo Oslund, Nancy Reising, Mary A. Coryn, Leenknecht, Yvonne Anderson. Our Choir with membership open to all high school students traveled to Utica, Illinois in October to participate in the dedication ceremonies of the memorial monument to Father Marquette erected in recognition of his outstanding work in this part of the country. The Choir furnished the music for all the High Masses during the year, and took part in Sister Josephine's feast day program March 19th. Our two Glee Clubs have sponsored a number of programs, including a Christmas Tea in the libraries. TIME FOR PRAISE On March 15th, five Villa students participated in the District Music contest, sponsored by the Illinois high school Music Association, held at Alleman High School. Those obtaining superior rating were: Mary Ann Coryn, piano--Nancy Reising and Margo Oslund in voice. Yvonne Anderson and Marian Leenknecht were not far behind with excellent ratings in voice and piano respectively. Congratulations on your splendid work, girls. We at the Villa are proud of you! On May 2nd at the Illinois High School State Final Music contest Margo Oslund ranked first again, and May Ann Coryn and Nancy Reising placed second. Marion CZ cc fax IIJLJLIQ A HULIQ 636365 1 E X .f T E For Iau hier TN For Song W Sn X! SQL? I I T f IM 1 E gn U ...IVIHHSTOIY . 3 21:12:49 X ,f N W ig is P75 J " 5 fx W3 gf ff'-vs'5 ii M R N L A J GQ JV ! NX M- fx, A L1 FABIQLA V ' gp N I '17 Y""q-va g 'E 891.101 T6 Saturday December the flrst ushered 1n our annual Semor Tea whlch IS one of the most antlclpated events on the Vllla students' soc1al calendar Th1s year the Gold Room 1n the Blackhawk Hotel was the settlng The tea table was most at tract1ve the booths were well patromzed and the style show was par excellent The attendance was most gratlfylng Each and every semor and her mother de serves a vote of gratitude from the student body for a splendid performance valentine an., 71441 1 ,, ' 'rf '-ff ..,.. 'A 4-" 1. X ,J :5'fC'vJ:-69 al 14 rf' Helen Jeanne Yegge and her four attractive freshmen attendants: Ruth Kapraun, Roberta Roberts, Sandra Battles and Patricia Janney opened the Valentine party on Febru- ary 14th. Immediately after Sandra crowned our queen Helen led the Grand March. After the dancing each high'school class put on a fifteen minute skit which thoroughly entertained the students and the faculty. A hot covered dish supper was served in the school cafeteria at five-thirty. Amusing and attractive valentines, ranging from stuffed animals to mechanical toys, were at each girl's place so that she would have a memento of a happy afternoon. INITIATION "DAZE" Would that these heavenly visitors had lingered longer than their week of probation when the seniors initiated the juniors into Spalding Literary Society. Seated right to left are: Kathy Organ, Arlyss Seaton, Barbara Thayer, Katherine Coyle, Diane B owm an, Karen Neu. Standing: Joan Debrey, Carol Freese, Mary Kay Normoyle and Joanne Miller. Lower corner-Carla Marie Hanson and Mary .Io Mosely. l , ,hi Q ., . vm D , i ? g T Vim ission ax, Mission Day is always such fun. This year Patricia Burke of Chicago was our queen, Mary Claire Linehan, Shirley Ketelaar and Kathy Organ, all of Davenport, were her attend- ants. There were oodles of booths offering everything from root beer to balloonS. We cake-walked and bought grabs, in fact we had loads of fun spending our money for the needy Europeans. The check we sent to the Bishop's Relief was over six hundred dollars. fmission Dax' ueen 'U 1-- 64 I X-:Fa N I gg!! CZVICS 'zom 621062 mf-ff' X Working on the Christmas Float EDUCATION WEEK WINDOW DISPLAY Sponsored by the Student Council. ,Y W 5' f , ,'3,g,3g,.f', 4' I . fr,-L. 41 Bundles for Britain Villa Girls Help at Mercy Hospital del Y-' ix! ,ff .nit-fin if , f .--'L . N, 61 000 - 2 fx " ., W 'ffk fc- ? ' fl. x.:-'ff The qkaaefzs Glzfzisfmas play ww. 7, xnw-MM H U 1 I Q , I L' X' LY? Q ' y .., ui Vw "il Vi' 'H ' r LX -N ga, fe g M :V 4: V , i 1' I LD iv'-M 'Ti' V ML , ' ww' ' at-:I if , 4' , 'K 1 K in . ,. 5 g A Shy," Ax - . 45:-'I H , I ' 'T Af- . ax 4.5. 'Lip' .' ff ll I! 4 G n gpting qab. Reining? lam gone before your fagej 9 ,s a moments a little Space Q 131 X ni W An lj! I B W 9 YN 0 . f W, 'Q 1 A 'X 'a o Q e X Se AL' ' , . , 0' gl ' ' ' , . 4 X ' . C . . s if X 0 K 4,1 1 X XX 5 . . - ' ' - o- W4 A 'Y rl e 5 XXX ' . XB x ' at 1 ob' Aef 4 XXX , h 1 t IIXH jc W at ' ,xx ., 'A .O ,Lf AV N1 W ,T X 'j','y,,Jjj5i , X, , A 4 1-121 XX 1,7117 fl I 2,7324 . ' " N ff f' v 152 life f 6 ' - ' e ' J i,. ,. 5 o Y X ,JY V . 'QV' J , Qf f Q7 ff f e , - ' TY-XSNNQ-S1 'ififgfn G 'LOVUCIZ SEPTEMBER 5th School bells rang out th1s mormng another year IS 1D progress A Semor at last' 6th Mass of the Holy Ghost was held 1n the audxtorxum 7th Student Councll and class electlons were held today Mary Kay Flatley lS pres1dent of the Student Councxl and Helen Yegge was elected pres1dent of the class 13th Today we mtroduced our l1ttle slsters to the faculty at our annual Get Acqua1nted Tea held 1n the llbrarmes 17th Courtney d1d the Engllsh really flee fly flew fled?" Oh the Battle of Hastmgs' 20th We saw our f1rst musxc apprec1at1on movle today OCTOBER 10th What 1S your personal1ty'P The Sen1ors were gxven personahty tests today llth Our Sodallty we1ner roast was most successful today 14th A most enjoyable day was spent at Starved Rock We helped s1ng the Mass for the ded1cat1on of Father Marquette's statue 1n Ut1ca 15th Forty Hours began th1s mormng w1th a Hxgh Mass 1n the chapel 19th The f1rst V1lla dance sponsored by the Semors was held tomght at Blackhowk 29th The Jun1ors presented the1r annual 'Halloween Party We were very well entertamed w1th Sk1tS and treated afterwards Vxde Tests NOVEMBER lst No School All Samts day' 7th Seven of the Sen1ors gave the1r Democracy speeches over at Rock Island H1gh School 21st We had our Samt Cec1l1a program today lt was held ln the gym 23rd Chr1stmas on Wheels parade was held at 6 00 p m The V1lla placed fxfth out of e1ghteen 27th Semor volleyball team played the Freshmen at noon Sen1ors won 44 9 28th The models for the tea were on Mary Louxse Marshall's telev1s1on program th1s evemng DECEMBER lst The Senlor Tea It was a socxal as well as a f1nanc1al success The Senlor class ate dmner at Bogart's and then had a most enjoyable slumber party at Jean Toohey s house 4th The Semors ushered at C1VlC Muslc tomght "Fledermaus was on the program llth The JUHIOFS and Sen1ors played a game of volleyball The Semors won 13th Our beloved Father Healy d1ed HIS death was a great loss to everyone who knew h1m 18th Today was a busy day In the morn1ng we had a Spaldmg program The Glee Club Chr1stmas Tea was 1n the afternoon and Judy McAndrews had a b1rthday party 1n the evenlng for all of the Sen1ors ll ' ll v ' ' nu - - rv vw - A - - - . o I ll 30th The Juniors and Seniors spent the entire day taking "Illinois State X - ll. uv ' lv . - l , . . . ll If . I . Glsfzonicle 19th The graders Christmas play was presented to the pubhc 20th Chr1stmas vacatlon began at noon JANUARY 3rd We came back to school after a wonderful vacatxon We saw the mov1e M1racle of the Bells 4th The Jumors sponsored a dance at the Mohne swxmmmg pool 8th M1ss Halpm from Webster Grove College 1n St Louls talked to e Sen1ors today about college subjects 1n general 17th Semors and Jumors had Musxc Apprecxatwn FEBRUARY 3rd The Jumors and Semors started workmg at St Anthony's Hosp1tal today as Jun1or Nurses a1des 14th Valent1ne's Day Helen Yegge re1gned as Queen w1th four fresh men as her attendants 23rd Mardl Gras F1ve of the Sen1ors were attendants to the queen 25th Today the Semors took a tour of the East Molme branch of Inter natlonal Harvester through the courtesy of Mr Schm1tz 28th Today we had a v1ol1n recltal 1n the aud1tor1um 29th Leap year' V' MARCH 6th No umforms Mlssxon Day today Pat Burke was queen CIVIC mus1c tomght had a Jacques Abram pxano recxtal 7 9th Retreat 13th Helen Spaeth Vanm gave a lovely vo1ce recxtal thxs afternoon 17th St Patr1ck's Day No umforms' ' 19th Sxster Joseph1ne's feast day A program was held 1n the aud1tor1um 2lst Amer1ca on exh1b1t1on The hxgh school students went down to the Armory to see Alert 23rd We gave our Semor play 'Fabxola wh1ch was a great success APRIL MAY 3rd S1ster M Josephme and S1ster M Rose are 1n Ch1cago attendmg the North central conventxon 7th The Tr1 Cxty Symphony Orchestra enterta1ned us at Rock Island Hxgh School today 17th Soda11ty Receptxon A very 1mpress1ve ceremony 30th The Sen1ors gave then' recxtal tonlght Nancy Barb and Marcxa looked lovely th Mary s Day The maJor1ty of glrls went to Mass and Commumon today 24th May Day' It w1ll long be remembered 29th Jumor Day What fun we had' JUNE 5 Alumnae Day QQQ4 'ird Commencement Day We shed some tears f , 21st The Cxnderella Ball --re , X H , 'J , f"'x',,,A W, .34-f'1fi"if3'A:+,' v 1.4 4 . -Q., fe V- -. .. -N445 ,Yr '- , ' , 7 X o .- .ww W A A ,Q Q Q 'F-1 ,,' ww - eff " ,L H LI X ',--..-'-3'i'?f'L: . far- -'K -- ff ' '-K., -I.. ' -fn f -ir" ' f -'Av' . i. SW' - ' xx' ' ' A 'f "f , 'ig "' 'ix 'Z A'ji9..g' W ,U ' Z,gg2l'1Qf..f' Q A 1' A ,H .,'..,. ' ' . f ,-"QV: Rx"'Qf-151,551 hfqpi, ,ffffiii '1-"w, Q -QL, 'lg Swim ' r, A- 'I fl W ""' :W 'wg z f Lf,.,p3f"'i-f:' " ff ' Y 4. fx J, -,,fA3i,J', ,4 ra! .,,., v wg, ,,.,,,.. 2, H, , , ,, f, .. ,'-9: J- ,VZ .yszf - .Ex X .!ff'a.l,,...,'-avg, A wi Mk 3? - :Nc d:,!l,iff:.Qg3fga,,,gW,1 ,xv Zfqilx A "'e'- .," I, ,,f-X, fy W N . A v -fisffvlff f- 1 'ixfyff ' ff ,gif +L njgm. Vygz-Air. xrff -,,,. rt kvk 1 , ,. 'jv- ' 1,1 I uv- ',,,.,f 5 . , ' J dL5+.,4SL+ Vigzx ,KA 1 nw 1, ,kg f 5 Ld' X -2' af 1, .- I, L42 W 3 , 8 , " x ' ' ' ,fufwi jvy , Q' ' , 1' ' -' :' w f. - - 5 Y '. ' 93, ' X . f ,X - - qw '5 ,. Lx, pq A , R . 1 ' - .Ya , " MQ ,, . 9 I if A iw v 2 'IW , gf: fx? 1 ,I 1. fix F, wax Q ,SW - .wk , iw 4' ' v- fi fi 1 I1 7 . x 1 331: 'HE .Lf ... mf U . . V Y iw? f ' 4 Q sf we ka L ' '42?"f Q - R., 70, fu JH " 'f - ' :ff-if-f-...j, in ,fb ' wh ,JJ A nib i h If 'Hi . ,H -aa A af ri- .N X 1 w X .nv , g,' f j"'xd', X 5 e 7 M., 'Er wi ,leg QF' ,. X' ' ,,nW5"C? ylif. ' t . , , , . uwiffsaff I ,.'v, if Y -P' SU-'-, .95 Q . 1 , xx V . , pl' , I as 'PR X ,ggi v :fi 441 4 J., F. 1 It my T w fl -gfmfi ' ,..!-?n, 6r, Q,':f1,gi:i Q 45425: M , , .,QEQ5lHi.a.3MbgY aj 3-ff! QQWQW 14. v' ' ' W4 . W-Qg,W,,,m,:4 gwxyrv i mu 5, if . M ,- . H I. 15 ,.2,gy'5i23g3'.1 , f 1" . - yy V t W. qi 5.9 rt -. iHjfS39.?f,. , gatrkl of.. N ,--5,-1 , fc - 1 , u up W5 X ' . ' . Jkwgsf ,-f4g. .f fs' ff f-z A- .srgfwi - 1 A e. .,..-, ' ' -1 uN,.-K- , .., -M l V .Q v vf Front Row: Carol Berney, Sheila Neu, Jeanne Keeler, Kay Walsh, Emily Diehl, Marcia Deters, Peggy McDonough, Karol Farrell. 2nd Row: Joan Stewart, Mignon Manelli, Kathleen Kraus, Rosemary Hastings, Pamela Durr, BarbaraHutten. Barbara Downing, Judy Mosely, Nomie Budelier, Susan Van Horn, Genevieve Zeh, Sally Hargrave. 3rd Row: Joan Hinds, Peggy Wurzer, Connie Phalen, Marilyn Flynn, Barbara Buchwalter, Sharon Cook. evenflz and gcglaftm Qzabezs These leaders of the grade school have many activities - the beautiful Christmas play their parts in May Day, roller-skating and class parties and, last, but not least, their ban- quet which concludes their grade school days. Good luck next year, girls! i 'N-Q u P -1 iv. 4-v uf. Front Row left to rlght Carol Durr Suzanne Wagner Susan McDonough Allanette Downmg Mary Kay Gallagher 2nd Row Carol Kraftmeyer Jacquelme Hoyt Janet Hmds Margaret M M1ller Cecel1a Bernbrock 3rd Row Barbara Berney Patrxcla Purcell Mary E VanderVennett Patsy O'Ne1ll Kathleen McConkey 4th Row Laura L Offerman Jul1e Mmlls Cecxly Groth Kate Corken Suzxe Kmng Standmg Mary O Nexll Margot Trauten 7 f na S2 th Qiaaets "Extra, extral' These arnb1t1ous 1aSS1eS put out then' own class paper wh1ch contams the outstandlng happenmgs 1n then' busy Weeks Thelr work 1S well done We are proud to present the not too dlstant future staff of The Crescent Front Row Judy Corey Patsy Durr G1nn1e Dee Nlerengarten Sally Kraftmeyer Maryse Manellx and Patsy McGu1re S econd Row Sandra Roberts Conme Davxdson Sharron Rozes Mary Lee Blakey Jackxe Lexthner and Chr t S hl xs y c ack Thxrd Row Mmu Coryn Dee Louise Ashmore Mary Frances Bernbrock Nancy Rmk Roberta Schwmn Margy Wxetlxs ack S P tandmng Lynn Benson Pamela Dudley Sharon Karzm Ann Cosugan Melody Thompson Sh 1laD l e ryoe Margaret Mary Larson Lmda Martm Helene Bradley Joann Farley Marlee Jean F1tc.h and Sandra Plunkett 7-laid nd 'foufzflt fzadefzs Readmg, 'r'1t1ng and 'r1thmet1c, posters and projects, pagan bab1es and cancelled stamps dr1lls dances,and games for May Day, all of these are only a part of then' full schedule They love every m1nute of 1t, too Left F1rst Grade lst row Joyce Waller M1chele Rafferty Deanne Stutzel Susan Berney Juhe Zaber fsecond grade! 2nd row Kay Roblson Karen Karman Marcella Elliott Margaret Ann Sedlock 3rd row Karen Jo Patr1z1 Cheryl F1tch Susan Nutt Margaret Danxco 4th row She1la Murphy Susan Mann Paulette Whalen Margaret Ann Thomas Mlssmg Mary Beth Verhetzel Rlght Second Grade Znd row Candace Cox Martha Ann Josephson Vxcky Woloskx Cathy Danxco Judlth Holzhammer 3rd row Jamce Moran Suzanne Farrell Rosemary Herwxg 4th row Patty Ann Farley Margaret Lavery Kathleen Conrad Shxrley Grove Martha Ann McHugh M1ss1ng Patty Clark Sally Wurzer Mary Church Cassle German Beth Ann Nutt Cynthla Trlpp ?Uzsf an econ? 'za ets Can't you see that we are as happy as we can be? We love every mmute of the hours we spend at the V11la We study and play the easy way lst row-Margaret Mary Elliott, Jane Ann Porch, Georgine Menton, Kathy O'Neill, Susan McConkey. - a s. mmm 'U -.V-4 Back row Sharon Ingold Tommy Davls Sandra Stacey John Jones Jeanne Van Acker Leah Cox Dlck McConkey Pam Crxst Next row Kathleen Wmter Donna Straub Conme Palmer M1ke McClean J1mmy Schlrlckle Mary She11a Van Hecke Susan Clark Nancy Josephson 3rd row Juduh Houghton Kate Farley D1ane Josephson Carol Voss Jo Anne Baeche Candace McLaugh11n Mary Lou Wxetlxspach 2nd row Marguerxte Dowmng Vlctorxa Totten Dav1d Whlte Alexandrxa Wade Carol Jean Park Glorla Larkln Jams Walzem lst row Dav1d Sxms Terry Moran Ann Gannon Randy Woloskz Lmda Taylor Cel1a Kxrby Sally Starkweather S1tt1ng at table left to rxght Cynth1a Bahnks Bobby Calsyn Ellen Zukerman Steven Connor Bxlly Plerce Judy Trevor Cynthxa Caswell Out Kanaefzgafzfenefts The readlng readmess tests show that most of these tots w1l1 be flrst graders ln the fall Thelr plcture tells what splendld httle g1r1s and boys we have 1n our lovely kmdergarten ffsihe E f P3 SIYW and goodbye' ph C r U4,5ZzM.f7n-K X ff 3 I I WI Q g 17 Jhse on ad A t g p h f K LA r-v ff f af! ,I . 1-KQkrf figlfk . I MOL! A4201 ,fy 1511.4-fL4L, qpu-.. 'Rv x 'EQQPL

Suggestions in the Villa De Chantal High School - Crescent Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) collection:

Villa De Chantal High School - Crescent Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Villa De Chantal High School - Crescent Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 5

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Villa De Chantal High School - Crescent Yearbook (Rock Island, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 5

1952, pg 5

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1952, pg 16

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1952, pg 48

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